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7 Home Premium upgrade to Pro still possible without Anytime Upgrade?

Q: 7 Home Premium upgrade to Pro still possible without Anytime Upgrade?

Want to upgrade Win 7 Home Premium 32bit to Pro 32bit so that, among other things, I can do backups to a network attached storage device. Anytime Upgrade tells me it is no longer available.
Home Premium was installed from a Reinstallation DVD for Dell PCs (I have a Dimension 5000) and I still have the DVD and product key from when I installed and registered it.
Is there still a way to upgrade (legally of course) or would I need to buy a Pro DVD (or download it) with a new product key and do a clean install?
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Preferred Solution: 7 Home Premium upgrade to Pro still possible without Anytime Upgrade?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm trying to find out the easiest way to go about upgrading from Windows Home Premium bit to Windows Ultimate bit and what issues I might run into I don't want to reinstall everything Or anything if possible so am looking for the easiest option to upgrade Anytime upgrade offers the upgrade at a bit expensive I found a seller on ebay selling quot Microsoft Windows Ultimate -Bit Full Digital Download Key quot for a lot less He has about feedback at My question is can I use the key from this and enter it into the 'Enter an upgrade key' Premium Ultimate reinstall? Upgrade Anytime from or Home - to Upgrade box during the Anytime Upgrade Will I run into problems doing this Alternatively I could get a copy of Ultimate from Digital River burn it to Upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium - Anytime Upgrade or reinstall? a disk or thumb drive use the key from the ebay seller above and try to do an 'upgrade' install over the top of my current Windows Home Premium install I don't know if this is even possible Any suggestions are welcome Thanks

A:Upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium - Anytime Upgrade or reinstall?

The best way for any install is ALWAYS a clean install. Believe me you will have less problems and headaches than an upgrade. It would be worth your while to reinstall your software.
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For a recently purchased PC, am considering purchasing a "Windows Anytime Upgrade" from Home Premium 64 to Utltrimate 64
Search of these forums indicate that there have been problems with this upgrade. But, could not find many such posts after late Summer of 2008.

Has anyone done such an upgrade withing the past 2-3 months, and if so, were any problems encountered?

SP1 came pre-installed, and some of the early 2008 "problems encountered" posts mentioned that SP1 was not on the Upgrade CD. Can anyone confirm that SP1 is now on the Upgrade CD?

Thank you.

A:Anytime Upgrade - Home Premium 64 to Ultimate 64

I have the same question exactly. I am thinking of an upgrade from Premium to Ultimate but my research indicated lots of confusion and problems. I have Vista 64bit Home Premium with SP1 pre-installed.

Besides wondering about whether the Upgrade comes with SP1 preinstalled I am wondering what this will do to my existing premium system (i.e. will it be "upgraded" leaving my minimal configuration intact or will it effectively be like a clean install ? )
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Hi Everyone - New here. I've searched and haven't seen this addressed specifically, so any help will be appreciated.

I currently am running win 7 home premium upgrade. I purchased this upgrade and have the media. I also recently purchased win 7 professional upgrade. Both versions are 64 bit. I'd like to 'change' from my retail copy of home premium to my retail copy/key of professional. Any suggestions on how I can do this without a clean install?

Can I simply 'enter new key'? Can I enter an "anytime upgrade" key? Can I do an upgrade in place using the Win 7 Pro media?


A:Change from Home Premium to Pro without Anytime Upgrade


This may be of help:

using a upgrade key with anytime upgrade
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After I got the anytime upgrade from Home Premium bit to Pro I am having problems W will occasionaly hang on boot up and I have to pull the plug to get it to reboot It will not recognize my Android phone in the USB ports and I have to use a different computer to copy stuff to the Android I only have the upgrade DVDs for W Home Premium so I installed it using the quot install twice quot trick I guess my question is Should I reinstall it using the new CD key I got when I paid for the anytime upgrade Or should I install it with the original key and then do the anytime upgrade again Should I wipe the SSD drive clean and start over doing the quot install twice quot If I do that should I use the upgrade 64-bit to Home after with W7 Pro from anytime Problems Premium upgrade key or the original one Should Problems with 64-bit W7 after anytime upgrade from Home Premium to Pro I forget about the pro version and just stick with the home premium My Home premium version is the family pack upgrade that lets you install on computers However to license it it wouldn't let me do it unless I said quot one quot when the recording asked me how many computers Crazy Intel i on Asus P X D Premium motherboard GB RAM GB SSD OS drive TB Data drive Nvidia Geforce GTX video

A:Problems with 64-bit W7 after anytime upgrade from Home Premium to Pro


You only have uprade win7 home premium as your base OS? Or did you mean you have the upgrade for pro and the regular DVD for Home premium?

If that is the case, you can try a clean install with an upgrade version: Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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So I recently bought a product key for Windows Anytime Upgrade, so I can get rid of Win7 Starter on my netbook and get Windows 7 Home Premium. I start the Anytime Upgrade software and it works great, but fails as the upgrade gets around 90%, at which the upgrade process "fails" and restores the OS to Windows 7 Starter. I've looked at a few guides that gave solutions, but I've had no luck. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this working?

The only thing I can find in the upgrade log that looks suspicious is:

Error: WAU | Failed to create WAU event due to error 0x5

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work? Thanks.

(I will give more infos if needed)

A:Windows Anytime Upgrade Failure; Starter to Home Premium (32 bit)

Try rebooting to run it again to see if it corrects itself.

Next try a clean boot: In msconfig>Startup uncheck everything (add AV back later), then do the same in msconfig>Services after Hiding all MS services. Reboot several times to make sure nothing sneaks back in, or turn it off in its Program Preferences or Uninstall it. One more reboot, try AU.
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My laptop has windows7 starter installed. i have purchased anytime upgrade to home premium but it won't install. The product key is recognised. Microsoft doesn't seem to offer any support without payment. can anyone help ?

A:windows 7 anytime upgrade from starter to home

Do you get any type of error messages?
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Hi there, i have the upgrade for windows 7 home premium, a member of the household has recently brought a netbook which has windows 7 starter. I am wondering if i connect an external dvd drive to the netbook, if i can do an easy upgrade to home premium on this netbook?


A:Upgrade from Starter to Home Premium with Upgrade DVD?

You can do any Anytime Upgrade for which you just need a key, you dont need any disk or external dvd drive.

How to Upgrade Your Netbook to Windows 7 Home Premium - How-To Geek

Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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Can anybody figure out what you get here:
Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Premium GBP 61.-
Is it fully functioning OS. why such a weird product title?
Is it crippleware you have to pay extra to upgrade to the cheapest Home Premium?

A:Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Pr

I think the link is messed up (if it was a link)...
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I am in the middle of another windows nightmare right now I just purchased an anytime upgrade for my laptop and desktop both OEM bit home premium to Ultimate and rebooted and everything was fine on both However I noticed that some elements of Windows were missing The Local Security Policy was not there and would just bring up an error I went on to Microsofts Technet help pages and found a fix for missing local security policy after anytime upgrade It was a regsvr command that reregistered all day next prem. Upgrade Successful Anytime Ultimate, Home to problems of the windows dlls This seemed to fix the problem on my laptop and as I went through the control panel and administrative tools everything seemed to be there I then installed the new version of Vmware Workstation and the Successful Anytime Upgrade Home prem. to Ultimate, problems next day new virtualbox and rebooted because virtualbox needed it for networking and it would just boot to a black screen I tried a system restore I tried using my macrium reflect system restore disc worked in the past by rebuilding the boot configuration I also tried my windows bit system repair disc and none of them changed anything- still booting to black screen after the windows splash screen I have an OEM factory restore disc set but there is no repair option on the HP disc set so I did not use them normally any problems booting are fixed by my macrium reflect boot disc or my windows repair disc that I had made from within windows Strangely my recovery partition was no longer recognized by Windows and I had no other repair options during boot up besides safe mode which also booted to just the black screen only Thank God I had a system image from August th which I have just resorted to restore but I am very nervous as it is stuck at after verifying install So that is still going on my laptop and I am on the desktop which has the following problems now No windows Backup And restore When I try to access Backup and Restore I get the error The page failed to load inside a blank box This worked before the anytime upgrade It seems on both computers that the anytime upgrade was successful but screwed up some key parts of windows and now I am mad that I did not perform a full backup and system image immediately before and after the anytime upgrade I can not find any other posts about people performing a successful anytime upgrade and then rebooting to a black screen after about a day This is making me want to warn anybody with an OEM computer that anytime upgrade may mess with the system - I can not think of any other reason for these problems Does anybody have a similar experience or some information on how I can fix this backup and restore error and also fix this local security policy error I am afraid that the regsvr command is what left my laptop unbootable

A:Successful Anytime Upgrade Home prem. to Ultimate, problems next day

Well if bootable, I would give this a go.
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Also verify in the system window that it did in fact upgrade properly and is now calling itself the proper version.
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I'm considering upgrading an old 530s from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit. Will an OEM version work and where can I get a fair deal on Win 7?

A:Dell 530s upgrade from VISTA Home Premium 32 Bit to Win 7 Home Premium 32 Bit

You are best to take the unofficial upgrade path to Windows 10 via the expired 10130 Insider Preview:→-windows-10-free-upgrade/
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My laptop has windows home premium on it and I'd like to do the free upgrade to windows however because I've only got the home premium edition of I'll only get the home edition of win in the free upgrade Win 8 Pro home key a 7 Win premium? upgrade upgrade Can So i've been looking for the cheapest way to get pro out of the deal and so far I've found a really cheap windows pro upgrade key for Can a Win 8 Pro upgrade key upgrade Win 7 home premium? sale on amazon I'm just wondering if it would work It doesn't come with any media just the key so I'd have to download a windows pro installation from somewhere I guess I know microsoft did release a windows upgrade assistant but no idea if that is what I should use or if I should just find an iso of the upgrade media and use that instead I'm assuming when I have the install media all I'd do is pop it in and run it and then enter the key I will buy and it should then upgrade my home premium to win pro and then I just need to get it all updated to and so on and then wait for the windows upgrade to pop up and go from there Is this right or am I completely and utterly wrong about all of this I don't want to buy the upgrade key for example only to find out it will only upgrade windows pro or ultimate for example I can't seem to find this specific info when googling either there's a microsoft article on upgrade paths but it just goes on about what if any files and user settings etc that can and can't be kept when upgrading from older versions of windows

A:Can a Win 8 Pro upgrade key upgrade Win 7 home premium?

You can download Windows 8.1 ISO file from here. The new Windows 8.1 ISO will now accept Windows 8 keys.

After the upgrade, you do not need to upgrade to 8.1 or install any updates. Make sure all the drivers are installed though.
Download the Windows 10 ISO. Right click on the ISO and choose Mount. Then open File Explorer and look for the new drive. Double click on the new drive to open it. You will see all the installation files for Windows 10. Double click on Setup.exe to start the upgrade. It will upgrade just fine from Windows 8. You only need to have Win8.1 installed if you upgrade through Windows update. There are less problems upgrading the way I just explained than going through Windows Update.

Windows 10 ISO download

You better hurry, July 29 is coming fast.
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I'm about to buy a new laptop from Costco with Win 7 Home Premium. On my old (now smashed) laptop I have a Win 7 Ultimate install. Can I just use the Ultimate serial key to do the Anytime Upgrade on the new machine? I keep reading that I need to buy an "upgrade key."


A:Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade with non-upgrade Ultimate license?

You will need an upgrade key to initiate the ultimate download, but if you can manage to obtain an ultimate installation cd your serial should work, also if you use this winisoutils - Windows ISO Disc Image Utilities

you can change a windows install cd (if you have one) into a universal edition one, very handy.

to answer your question an upgrade key is not the same as a serial, the upgrade key is just to download the installation while the serial activates it, and a serial from one edition will not work with a different edition.

hope this helps
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I purchased an upgrade key from Microsoft last year and used it on my Win 7 home premium 64 bit installation and upgraded it to Win 7 pro 64. Lately, my system has gotten squirrelly and I wanted to
do the "upgrade" (repair) install from my CD. The system will not allow me to do this. It says that
Windows 7 Pro cannot be upgraded with Windows 7 Home Premium.

So now I'm stuck unless there's a way to uninstall the pro upgrade and revert back to home premium.
Is there a registry key I can delete or something so that it will work? I don't want to lose all the neat programs I have installed.

A:Can't upgrade install after running anytime upgrade

You are going to have to do a few registry tweaks to fool the Windows Installer in thinking you have the previous version. Once you have done so you can continue doing the upgrade repair process however you must do it while the machine is currently booted. (From the Desktop).

This link provides a good step by step process which you may want to try.

Please note that I have not completed these steps so please proceed with caution.

EDIT: I had to attach the link into a text document since the URL could not be copied.

Hope This Helps,
Josh! =]
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Windows 10 Home x64 in use.
This W10 is activated after upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium.

Is it possible to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from Windows 10 Home
with a Microsoft Windows 10 Pro DVD and a valid key ?
The current Windows 10 Home x64 has applications installed.

In this case NO upgrade selected to W10Pro by entering a valid key under
Settings / Systems / Info / Upgrade option.

A:W10 Home x64 (via upgrade W7 Home Premium) upgrade to W10 Pro by DVD

Go to system, updates and security, activation screen. Change product key, enter the Windows 10 Pro product key.
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I was wondering --

I bought Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade when it was 1/2 price in July. I can also purchase Windows 7 Professional through the Ultimate Steal here in Canada.

I currently have Windows Vista Home Premium on my computer. I really don't want to do a clean install.

After I do an in-place upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, can I use the key from Windows 7 Professional to upgrade to that version?

After that, can I then install Windows 7 Home Premium on a friend's computer, using the same key I had originally used on my computer, now that I'm not using Windows 7 Home Premium any more?


A:Upgrade Vista Home Premium --> 7 Home Premium --> 7 Pro

It appears the Upgrade keys are much more flexible than in the past, so it is worth a try at install. The worst is that you would have to use the key that came with the version.

No one I've read knows for sure whether an upgrade deactivates the underlying O.S. key, and MS's own Technet MVP's say it doesn't in case of reinstall need. It violates the EULA, of course, which says the upgraded OS replaces it except for reinstall.

Since upgrade keys are working in clean installs, you might want to try this providing your Vista Premium is retail so that you can migrate it to your friend:

1) Make an image of your Vista Premium install so it can be easily restored.

2) Try a clean formatted install booting from desired Win7 Upgrade version, which should take the key, or require the double "upgrade over upgrade" trick so the key is taken.

3) If this works, you can migrate your retail copy of Vista to your friend's computer, if not just use your backup image to restore it for in place Upgrade.

You will need to make a backup image of the finished job to avoid having to reinstall both OS in the future.
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I currently have an 1156 mobo system which had Win 7 Hme Prim installed and upgraded to Win 7 Pro, on line , directly from MS through their easy upgrade policy.
Now I am in process of building an 1155 mobo, with 3rd gen i5 CPU, system to replace the old 1156 system.

Problem: I do not recall receiving from MS any email regarding a Key number for the Win 7 Pro product. How do I retrieve proof that I paid for the Win 7 Pro product and how do I install that product on the new SSD C drive on the new system?

All help appreciated.

A:Win 7 Pro upgrade from Win 7 Home Premium

Download Belarc Advisor, run it and inside you will see your product key for windows.

Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.
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I have Win 7 Home premium installed and activated.(it came on the computer) The non profit that I do work for allows us to buy the Win 7 Pro upgrade DVD for almost nothing so I did. When I try to upgrade from within Windows, it tells me that I need to use Windows anytime upgrade. When I attempt to use it, and type in the provided 25 digit license, it takes it, starts the upgrade, and then tells me that the license number is valid, but not for anytime upgrade.

When I try and boot directly from the DVD with the system BIOS set for DVD as 1st boot item, it skips right past the DVD and boots from the hard drive.

Is there anyway to do this upgrade from the DVD, or is it only good if I do a complete re install?


A:Upgrade Win 7 Home Premium to Win 7 Pro on DVD

It's not permitted to do an upgrade-in-place from Vista Home Premium to Win7 Pro. Only a custom (clean) install is allowed.

I don't know why Microsoft set it up that way.
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I just bought the $29.99 student deal of Home Premium.
I am currently running the Win7 Eval Build 7100.

Can that be upgraded, or am I going to have to go through the process of putting XP back on, and then doing the Home Premium Upgrade install ?

A:Can I upgrade the RC to Home Premium

the best you can do is clean install (since RC was Ultimate, you cannot do an in-place upgrade to a lesser version such as Home Premium).
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I'm starting Law School in a month and we are required to have either Vista Business or Vista Ultimate.

Currenlty I have a: Dell Studio 1537 wit 4GB of RAM and a 64-bit Operating System. It is a Windows Vista Home Premium.

I do not understand much about computers so trying to purchase the upgrade is becoming very overwhelming for me. From what I understand, even if I purchase the upgrade directly through Microsft (even though its like $70 cheaper on Amazon) I will not receive the version I need. I instead will have to go to a website that will not work to try and order the 64bit version.

PLEASE HELP direct me to what I need. Also please remember that this is all very confusing to me!

A:Help-Need to Upgrade from Home Premium

Hello Udsl12,
I would think the easy way would be to buy OS you want, either Business or Ultimate, save all your files you want to keep to disc, then do a clean install of the Vista you decide on. That way you get it cheaper and have the benifit of a clean install.
Hope this helps, if you need anymore help just ask.
Post your results and let us know how it goes. Good luck at Law School.
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Hi Everyone.

I wish to upgrade my pc from Windows 7 Home Premium 64 to Windows 8 Professional 64.

I have purchased and received the Windows 8 Professional (Upgrade Edition) 32/64 DVDs.

I have a few questions tho.

Do I need to disable Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2013, before I proceed with the upgrade (Keeping all apps, settings, and files) ?

Would I need to reinstall NIS 2013 after upgrade is completed ?

How long (on average) am I looking for the upgrade to fully complete from start to finish ?

And finally, does everything transfer successfully (as I'll be using the 'Keep all apps, settings, and files' option) ?

Many thanks.

A:Upgrade to Win 8 Pro 64 from Win 7 Home Premium 64

It's my understanding that Windows 8, like Windows 7, has all version content on every install DVD (or download iso for that matter) and you can use Windows Anytime Upgrade to go from Home to Pro to ... and I'm sure I remember reading you could use the key from a purchased Win 8 Pro DVD to do this. You would lose nothing doing it that way as all it really does is unlock the upgrade features.

Unfortunately I can't find the steps you need to do this with any of the Google searches I've made. Hopefully someone remembers what I'm talking about.
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Microsoft keeps popups saying to upgrade to Win 10. It goes thru all the motions of updating for 2 hrs or more, then starts the upgrade for another hour or more. Then all of sudden it has not upgraded because of some update. What is the update missing and
why?  Have automatic updates from Microsoft.   Merygold
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I'm new here, just registered.

I successfully bought the upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium N, downloaded and extracted it and now I want to install it.
When I choose UPDATE in the intallation dialog it tells me that I cannot upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium ???
Every website from Windows and other people tells me that it IS possible and even the Windows 7 Update Advisor told me that I should not encounter any problems upgrading.

Has anyone of you yet encountered upgrading problems of compatible Vista/7 versions?
Or any other idea what I can do to solve the problem?!

I know that I can make a clean intall of 7, but this would be a pain...

Thank you very much in advance
Elefantman (t?r????)

My system is:
Samsung Laptop R70
Intel Duo Core 1,8GH
3GB Ram
Windows Home Premium (OEM)
Service Pack 1
32 Bit

And I bought:
Windows 7 Home Premium N
32 Bit

A:Cant upgrade from Vista Home Premium to 7 Home PremiumN

I'm having the exact same problem. When I choose upgrade it checks compatibility and says:

"Windows cannot be upgraded because the hard disk partition is formatted with an unsupported version of the NTFS file system. You must restart the computer using the Windows installation disc, perform a custom install, reformat the hard disk partition, and then reinstall your existing files, settings and programs. Go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings."
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Can I upgrade to premium and have all my files,settings,programs etc carried over automatically or do I need to save them to a external hard-drive or something? I'm on a laptop,2gb,I've ran the Update Advisor which says I can update from my current V.Home Basic to Home Premium.

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Ho do I upgrade my Win 7 Basic to Win 7 Pro without using Anytime upgrade? I have bought a new Win 7 Pro CD with product key but dont want to do a new install.

A:Win 7 basic upgrade to Win 7 Pro without Anytime upgrade

Thanks for the input and support, got it sorted.
Used the new Win 7 Pro and after backup installed from start.
Seems there is no way around when buying machines with these cheap versions of MS products like Starter or Basic.
Suppose to be a money saver...but my thoughts will be ...its too much trouble.
Would rather suggest buying a machine with at least Win 7 Home Premium.
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Essentially I'm trying to figure out the best way to get to *cough*legal*cough* Ultimate, or at least Professional if that gets too expensive. I soooo do not trust what I'm running right now, but I wanted to try it out-- And I love 7. I do own a copy of both XP MCE SP2, and Vista.

Could I ever get a clean install from purchasing this "Anytime Upgrade" deal? I keep reading it's just a download- but of what? A disc image? Or just an installer? Or just some sort of key generator to "unlock higher versions" (as one person speculated)?

Or must I buy an "Upgrade Version?"

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

[And btw Hi I'm new here blah blah blah LOVE THE SITE! ]

A:Anytime Upgrade vs Upgrade questions...

I think this should answer your question.
If I'm reading you right.
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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I want to install a retail copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on a laptop that came with OEM W7 Home Premium x64. I have dozens of applications installed and don't want to do a clean install. But when I select "Upgrade" after running the setup program (within the running Home Premium installation), I get a message that says I must exit and select Windows Anytime Upgrade which directs me to purchase a new product id. I've already purchased two copies of Ultimate and don't want another. Is it possible to do an upgrade without Anytime Upgrade? Thank you.

A:Upgrade without Windows Anytime Upgrade

Yes, you can insert the Ultimate Product Key into Anytime Upgrade and it will unlock the extra features just like an Anytime key: Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to - Windows 7 Forums

I would save a Win7 backup image first of Home Premium so you have an easy path back if you decide you want to use your Ultimate Product Key elsewhere - retail keys can migrate anywhere you want for life as long as they're only installed on one machine at a time.

Likewise save a Win7 backup image of Ultimate after it's unlocked to use in place of reinstalls so you don't have to double reinstall: Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
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Hi all I have been wanting to upgrade my laptop from win7 home to pro for a while and now final going to get it done,
The product key which I am planning to use is from MSDN Academic Alliance Software Centre see link: AUT SCMS Microsoft Product Key Distribution Centre
Can I use Windows anytime upgrade with this key...I don't want it falling,
It's most likely a volume license and I know enterprise won't work with WAU and they are also volume licenses

Many Thanks


A:[SOLVED] windows anytime upgrade on volume license windows home to pro???

Do you have serial number for WIN 7 Pro also did you download and burn to your cd as an ISO file. I mean is it ready for installation.?

I had XP and i download same website win7 pro and i am using 3 computer very fine.
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After using Vista to upgrade from winXP which went without a hitch I immediately sent two e-mails and received three downloads from Microsoft at the same time which then advised me to restart the machine which I did and since then Vista has refused to load I get an error message i e Windows failed to start because the registry is missing or is corrupted During attempts to find the answer I discovered that Home Premium Vista (Upgrade) neither the BIOS Vista Home Premium (Upgrade) nor Device Manager can find the HD which is a Maxtor SATA disc model V F I was on the phone to Microsoft support and they came to the conclusion that I needed to install the drivers for that model I have looked at the Maxtor website but cannot find such a thing In the meantime I have fitted a second HD this time it is an IDE and installed Vispa on that This works fine and enables me to get on line Any help will be much appreciated Sunbuff nbsp

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I would like to do an in-place upgrade of my OS from Vista x64 Home Premium to Business but this doesn't appear to be an option, is that correct? Can I do an in-place upgrade to Vista x64 Ultimate? This is for a development machine and I have the OS available from my MSDN universal subscription.

A:Upgrade from Vista x64 Home Premium

Hello Weef, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Sorry, but you cannot upgrade from Home Premium to Business. You can only do a clean install instead.

Upgrade to another edition of Windows Vista - Windows Vista Help

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I checked the search, but no results. I am building a PC from scratch. I bought Vista Home Pemium, but did not know it was 32 bit. I want to utilize 64 bit, so I bought the 64 bit DVD from MS. Do I install 32 bit first, and then the 64 bit DVD? DO I just install the 64 bit DVD as a clean install? IS that even possible?

Gigabyte GA EP45 USD3
Intel Core 2 Quad 9550

CPU is a 64 bit processor. The hard drive is brand new.

A:Vista 32 to 64 Home Premium Upgrade

Just install the x64 like normal. Nothing special is needed. You are all set to go.

Just make sure you have at least 3 gigs of RAM to run x64 properly.

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I had a fully activated and legal copy of Windows Vista running on my computer 3 months ago. I formatted my disk to install Windows 7, thinking I will activate with the upgrade key I bought.

How do I upgrade now?
Please tell me there is way to do it from within Windows 7. I have installed all the programs I want and have it running exactly the way I want it.

Don't tell me I need to clean install Win 7 again?

A:How to upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium without Vista

Quote: Originally Posted by jackdawg

I had a fully activated and legal copy of Windows Vista running on my computer 3 months ago. I formatted my disk to install Windows 7, thinking I will activate with the upgrade key I bought.

How do I upgrade now?
Please tell me there is way to do it from within Windows 7. I have installed all the programs I want and have it running exactly the way I want it.

Don't tell me I need to clean install Win 7 again?

What version of Win7 did you install?

If it's the RC then you can do a clean install with the upgrade version. It has to be activated first.

This will be confirmed soon when people will probably try every variation and post what can be done.
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i using windows 7 home premium x64 sp1, so want upgrade to w7 ultimate x64 sp1..i just want to know what will happen to my installer and install driver on program file after upgrade windows.. do i need to reinstall new driver and software..Does upgrade process just only change version of windows..

A:windows 7 home premium x64 sp1 upgrade

To do what you want, type Anytime into Start Search box, choose Anytime Upgrade, insert Ultimate Product key to unlock the few extra (expensive) features in Ultimate which you should be sure you really need.

Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to - Windows 7 Forums
Compare Windows 7 Editions - Windows 7 Forums
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Hi, I know it is a bit late to catch on but I always seem to have got one operating system working the way I like when another one comes along!
I am running Wondow XP professional on an Athlon AMD64 with an Abit UL8 motherboard and Sata HDD.
I am trying to do a new install because Vista won't allow upgrade from XP professional.
I have reached the stage in installation when I get the blue screen with a 'MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION' warning.
Having restarted from this error message and rebooting from Hard drive I get the option of booting from 'windows setup' or 'previous operationg system'. If I select 'windows setup' I get the following error:
Status: 0xc000000f
The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in anticipation

A:Upgrade from XP pro to Vista home premium

Hello Abidan, Welcome to the Forum.

Originally Posted by Abidan

Hi, I know it is a bit late to catch on but I always seem to have got one operating system working the way I like when another one comes along!
I am running Wondow XP professional on an Athlon AMD64 with an Abit UL8 motherboard and Sata HDD.

The Abit Vista support for this MB seems to be very patchy at best are you sure that you will be able to find all the Vista drivers that you will need after the install?

Originally Posted by Abidan

I have reached the stage in installation when I get the blue screen with a 'MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION' warning.

This is normally an indication of hardware problems. As XP ran on this MB, it could be an indication that you will not be able to install Vista.

How far into the install are you getting?

If you are overclocking turn everything back to normal.

How much Ram do you have installed?

Check to see that you have the latest BIOS

Originally Posted by Abidan

Having restarted from this error message and rebooting from Hard drive I get the option of booting from 'windows setup' or 'previous operationg system'. If I select 'windows setup' I get the following error:
Status: 0xc000000f
The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt.

This error indicates to me that Vista did not install enough for you to be able to restart the (now old) install, The answer here is to reboot from the DVD drive ie. a complete new install

I would suggest trying again just in case the blue screen was a one off let us know how you get on. If it blue screens again there might be someone here who can still help you

I hope this helps

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It said it couldn't upgrade from my Vista Home Premium and had to do a custom install clean on top of Vista. I have not gone any farther than to see the installation finished and I see that it saved my Vista files in Windows.old.

I sure thought Win & would upgrade from Vista. Now I have to reinstall all my apps again. And if I'm going to do that anyway I might just as well install the 64 bit version instead of the 32 bit I installed.

Is this best?

I have MS Office 2007 as well to reinstall. Does it work under 64 bit Win 7?

Is this what others have seen?

A:Win 7 upgrade from Vista home Premium - not?

You can upgrade from Vista to 7, but it has to be an approved path.

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

Trust me - it's better to do a clean install than an in-place upgrade. Any problems you had with Vista will be present in 7. If you want to use x64, be my guest - but you have to verify that all of your hardware is supported under x64.
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i had windows 7 home premium 64 bit(original) on my laptop but then someone installed windows 7 ultimate 32 bits(pirated) i want my original windows back and i just have the product key written on the back of my laptop
plzzzz help me ASAP...

A:how to upgrade to windows 7 home premium

What make of notebook? It should have a Restore partition on the drive. It should of also had some type of utility to create a set of system disks but that may be gone now.

In any event you can download the correct version from My Digital Life website and use your key on that sticker to reinstall.
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I have a windows 7 home premium computer and am not sure the best way to upgrade to windows 7 professional now that Windows Anytime Upgrade (via control panel) no longer allows you to do this. I have also heard that the retail upgrade versions of win 7 pro upgrades through (relies on) Windows Anytime Upgrade not through the disk itself. Does this mean I need to buy the full retail version of Win 7 pro to do the upgrade? Note that I do not want to do a clean install. I want to do an "in-place" upgrade so I don't have to backup all files, reformat my drive, reinstall all software, etc? Will the full retail version of win 7 professional allow me to do an in-place upgrade from win 7 home premium to win 7 pro? Thanks!
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I bought the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade pack at christmas time to upgrade windows vista..

I recently found out i could have installed the 64 bit version instead of the 32 bit

My question is Can i upgrade my 32bit Windows 7 to the 64 bit version with these upgrade disks
If so How do i go about doing this.

A:Home Premium windows 7 upgrade help

Sorry NO, x32 to x64 clean install only.

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths - FAQ
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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my laptop has win 7 home premium installed but not activated (need to get a new key).

Luckily i can get the $30 version from DR. but i want to get the professional version because it's the same price.

what's the best way to upgrade?

can i do windows anytime upgrade using the key that i will get from DR?

A:upgrade from win7 home premium to pro?

Quote: Originally Posted by acegolfer

my laptop has win 7 home premium installed but not activated (need to get a new key).

Luckily i can get the $30 version from DR. but i want to get the professional version because it's the same price.

what's the best way to upgrade?

can i do windows anytime upgrade using the key that i will get from DR?

Welcome to Seven Forums, acegolfer!

If you have Home Premium installed and get the Professional version, and the Professional key, you should be able to load in the Professional version and activate it with that key.
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About six months back I bought a laptop from Toshiba that came Premium RC upgrade the Win7 Home over with Vista on it The tech guy who was helping me get all set up said that as long as Win7 Home Premium upgrade over the RC I was making the learning curve from XP I really should go right to Win Win7 Home Premium upgrade over the RC Rick said he had a beta version and we could make the full switch to the full release when the free upgrade came out Sounded fine to me Well he disappeared to Colorado somewhere not long afterward never finishing a number of parts of the job and being completely unfindable But at least I had a nice PC to use for some things until this week when a warning came up saying the Windows Ultimate build had days left til it would expire Rick added a bunch of customizing to the laptop and I've done a bunch more in all this time it would be just HORRIBLE to lose it all if I had to reinstall everything on my laptop because of a new operating system installation What's more since the computer came with Vista on it already I'm not sure how I'd go about reinstalling Vista even if I had to Which I sure don't want to do So Is there a way to make the leap from Windows Ultimate build to any version of Win to resolve this problem without starting from scratch Ideally with a free upgrade or if absolutely necessary by buying something to do so Seems it should be free since I paid for the laptop with Vista on it If Rick's choice to put me on Windows Ultimate build was a big mistake how can I move forward from here when I didn't receive a Vista disk from Toshiba I do have one that Rick left behind that says Vista Enterprise on it but I'm not sure he pulled it off my system Please keep in mind in your response that I'm okay around a computer but NOT a tech guru Thanks

A:Win7 Home Premium upgrade over the RC

You do not have any disk(s) that came with you laptop??

Check to see at least if you have the recovery partition from Toshiba.. To do that you should have two drives.. C and D in the Hard drive area.Where D is usually named Recovery..

If you don't have a recovery partition, You will have to re-install Windows Vista..Do you have a key for the Vista Enterprise?? if you don't have the key for Vista it will only be active of 30 days..OR You can Buy Windows 7, But I am not sure if you can upgrade from RC to RTM (I think you can but it is not supported by Microsoft) I believe starting March 1st all Windows 7 RC versions will start shutting down every 2 hours Then eventually expire on June 1st 2010..

Hope this Helps...
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I recently bought a new Windows key, a professional key and I wanna upgrade my home premium the to upgrade it. I tried to upgrade it from system page and clicking on windows anytime update but its not working.

any help?

A:Upgrade from home premium to Professional

Hi nerdi and welcome to PCHF,

Perhaps this post from Microsoft Answers will help.

If the license for Windows 7 Professional you have access to is either a retail upgrade or full version, you can use the product key and Anytime Upgrade to move from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional. Click Start, type Anytime Upgrade, follow the onscreen wizard, enter the Windows 7 Professional key when requested, click and restart your computer when prompted. Within 10 mins, you should be upgraded to Windows 7 Professional and your files and settings preserved.
Please note, if the product key is distributed under Volume Licensing, MSDN-Academic Alliance or OEM System Builder, it will not work.

Source: How to upgrade from Windows 7 Home to Professional? - Microsoft Community
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Greetings I have a Lenovo N laptop with Vista Home Premium pre-installed The Windows Update no longer will update itself which prevents any further updates to Vista I spent much time online and in emailing back amp forth with MS who promised to send me a Vista disk It never arrived even after I emailed about it and frankly I m about through with Vista My goal is to install Win RC and use it until the full version is released then buy it But After running the Windows Upgrade Advisor http www to Upgrade 7 Win Home from Vista Premium microsoft com windows windows- upgrade-advisor aspx it says I cannot install Win RC over Vista Home Premium until I have Upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 installed at least the SP I can t do that because the Windows Update has be updated first Hello Catch- So my question is other than restoring this laptop to its factory state which will wipe out all my apps and customizations can anyone think of a way to upgrade this to Win RC If it helps Lenovo included a Windows Anytime Upgrade disk with the system but paying for an upgrade to Vista Ultimate just so I can immediately dump it in favor of a time-limited Win RC seems foolish Any help is much appreciated

A:Upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7

I tried the Upgrade route from Vista64 to W7 64 bit and it didn't work out very well. My start menu was blank and a bunch of other stuff was hosed. So the reason for doing it, not having to reinstall stuff, didn't work out.

One thing I found is if you have a lot of portable applications or apps that just use an .ini file in the install folder instead of the registry, and you don't put them under Program Files, most of them will still be there if you do a "custom install" of W7.

It takes longer than a clean wipe and install, but then you have to set up all your programs again. I have a lot of small self-contained apps under the Utils folder.. so it worked out fairly well for me.

What happens is it gathers up all the system files and programs and moves them to a folder called Windows.old. Then it installs W7 and the default games and crap. To use my programs under Utils all I had to do was make a shortcut.

Any way you try it, I recommend getting an image backup program and making an image of your current system. As in the case where the W7 upgrade didn't work, in less than 2 hours I copied my Vista image back on from an external USB drive.

The program install business is like the biggest hassle that should be addressed. But I doubt anyone will tackle it anytime soon.
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Is it possible to obtain a 64 bit installation disk for my OEM version of Vista Home Premium that came with my PC? The microsoft page doesn't make it very clear, has anyone done this before? Or is the only way to do this is to buy a full version of Ultimate?

A:Upgrade from 32bit Home Premium OEM to 64 bit?


Call Microsoft and they should send you the installation DVD for the cost of the shipping.

Hope this helps,
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i have windows starter and GB of RAM i am wondering what change in terms of speed and performance of my netbook will it bring if any when i upgrade to windows home edition or etc cause i dont want the overall speed to be any slower what i mean is if i upgrade to a whole windows version there'll be more work to do and plus there'll be more software i would be installing like microsoft office is currently installed does not run on starter so more work lesser speed right the overall performance would be slower than before already to premium or Upgrade 7 Windows any other home sometimes the RAM usage out of GB is GB when a little more work is being done at a time like using the browser with more tabs and stuff not always is it that high just wondering if the windows was full then Upgrade to Windows 7 home premium or any other the RAM usage would be more resulting in lesser speed and performance the question is Is the theory above true or there are differences Can i upgrade and be happy And what about upgrading to windows - gt the start button on my netbook has the windows logo its a new netbook Acer Netbook - GB RAM Intel Celeron Processor

A:Upgrade to Windows 7 home premium or any other

Hi junior

Take a look at the link below . It might help you with your decision making

Difference Between Windows 7 Starter and Home Premium
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Does anyone know if the upgrade from home premium to ultimate is still available, and if it is how do I get it ?
I have looked at some prices around the net and they have shot up something awesome, plus it is no longer available via the upgrade option in windows cPanel
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Does anyone know if the upgrade from home premium to ultimate is still available, and if it is how do I get it ?
I have looked at some prices around the net and they have shot up something awesome, plus it is no longer available via the upgrade option in windows cPanel
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I recently bought a new laptop which came installed with win 7 home premium. On my desktop machine that it is replacing I have win 7 ultimate installed.

I want to transfer the ultimate license to the laptop but when I tried to perform an install from the W7 ultimate CD on the laptop I was directed to the windows store to purchase a W7 ultimate upgrade.

How can I use my W7 ultimate disk to upgrade to W7 ultimate on my laptop?

A:How can I upgrade from home premium to ultimate

you'd need an ultimate upgrade package to do that. With a full ultimate license, all you can do is a complete reinstall on the laptop.
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I bought two licenses for Windows Professional Upgrade when the Pre-Release special offer was in place One I used on With Valid Upgrade Win Key Premium Not Home 7 my laptop and the other has never been Win 7 Upgrade Key Not Valid With Home Premium opened My laptop died and I bought a new one with Windows Home Premium installed I want to use my upgrade disk but MS Canada Support told me that the upgrade key on my disk is NOT able to upgrade from Home Premium - only Vista She told me I had to buy ANOTHER upgrade to be able to use it with Home Premium This is even though the disk and the box say they include Anytime Upgrade It is the key that is wrong MS Chat support says the key is valid for a clean install or an upgrade from Vista - not from Home Premium They want me to buy a third license for to upgrade my new laptop How can this be Both the DVD and the case say the disk includes Anytime Upgrade and I fully expected - planned - on upgrading new computers as I got them Anybody know the best way to get MS to fix this As it is I feel ripped off - and out my plus tax Sheesh

A:Win 7 Upgrade Key Not Valid With Home Premium

Welcome to Seven Forums!

A clean install isn't viable for you?

MS Chat support says the key is valid for a clean install or...

How to Do a Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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Hi, Can anyone advice?

I currently have Vista Home Premium and have bought Windows 7 Professional.. only to find that I will lose all of my files if and when I upgrade. I have emailed Microsoft and am waiting for a reply... I have made a backup from Vista on to an external hard drive... but would still have to install all progarms etc... is there any version of Windows 7 that I could upgrade to that would retain all of my files?
I have ahad a rpoblem with Vista for months in that it will not install updates...

Any suggestions greatly received...

A:Upgrade from Vista Home Premium to 7


Have you considered using the Easy Transfer tool?

Windows Easy Transfer - Transfer To & From Computers

You can also fool Windows 7 into thinking you are upgrading from Vista Professional.

Open regedit, and navigate to HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version.

Change Edition ID to Professional, and Product Name to Windows Vista Professional.
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Has anyone upgraded their netbook from Win 7 starter to Home Premium? I am considering to purchase the anytime upgrade to enable the higher features.

-Can you revert back if you are unhappy?
-Have you noticed performance issues?


A:Netbook upgrade to Home Premium??

you may want to read this thread Upgrade win7starter>home premium on new netbook w/msdn? it should answer your question
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I the tech person for a university. We purchased the following Laptops with the following specs. Both are brand new.

Dell Inspiron 1545
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor Pentium Dual Core T4400 2.20 Ghz
x64-based PC
266 BG Storage

Here is a link on the Dell website to all of the specs.

Dell System Information / Dell Warranty Extensions & Upgrades / Dell Warranty Status

In case it prompts for the Service Tag = 31563K1

The university has a site lic for Windows 7 Enterprise (both 32 bit and 64 bit). Can I upgrade the operating system or do I have to reformat?



A:Upgrade Home Premium to Enterprise

Windows 7 Upgrade Paths - FAQ
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If I wanted to upgrade to Ultimate from Home Premium what do I need to do.


A:W7 Home Premium upgrade to Ultimate

Just click on start, programs and then click on Windows Anytime Upgrade. Everything else is follow what it says on the site.
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i have windows starter and GB of RAM i to or home Upgrade any other 7 Windows premium am wondering what change will it bring if any when i upgrade to windows home edition or etc cause i dont want the overall speed to be any slower what i mean is if i upgrade to a whole windows version there'll be more work to do and plus there'll be more software i would be installing like microsoft office is currently installed does not run on starter so more work lesser speed right the overall performance would be slower than before already sometimes the RAM usage out of GB is GB when a little more work is being done at a time like using the browser with more tabs and stuff not always is it that high just wondering if the windows was full then the RAM Upgrade to Windows 7 home premium or any other usage would be more resulting in lesser speed and performance the question is Is the theory above true or there are differences Can i upgrade and be happy And what about upgrading to windows - gt the start button on my netbook has the windows logo its a new netbook Acer Netbook - GB RAM Intel Celeron Processor

A:Upgrade to Windows 7 home premium or any other

Windows 8 would be a much better choice if you really want a good upgrade. Upgrading to Home Basic or Home Premium would result in needing more memory because you're already using 1.96 GB out of the 2 GB that you have installed. Windows 8 has a much smaller footprint, so it is the way to go - but only if you wouldn't mind the big change to things like the new user interface.
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Hi : Please help I can't seem to get an answer from microsoft on product keys.
I have Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade installed on my laptop and I want to install it on desk top. I realize you need another product.
On their website they have a product key for $90 would this enable me to have Windows 7 on desktop computer, or does this just upgrade the program.
thanks for your help

A:Windows 7 Upgrade Home Premium

Just go to the store and buy a windows 7 disc (office max, office depot, best buy, walmart, tons of other stores....)
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I mistakenly ordered a new laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium and as a result - am unable to add it to the work network domain - I just screwed up. Is it possible to "upgrade the O/S" (pay to have it unlocked) and change it to "professional" or whatever is needed? Thanks in advance.

A:W7 Home Premium upgrade to Professional possible?

You can upgrade from WIN7 HP to WIN7 Professional.

From Windows 7 - Anytime Upgrade to
Windows 7 Home Basic - Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
Home Premium - Professional, Ultimate
Professional - Ultimate
Starter - Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate

It's easy it takes 10 seconds to perform Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade

Just buy a win7 professional upgrade key
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Hello I am new to this, don't even know if I have the right forum? I have a HP computer with windows 7 home premium 64 bit installed when I had it. My problem is that I can not get the thing to allow me to upgrade to windows 10
I have done all the diagnostic on the pc and tried to ask HP what to do but as the computer is out of warranty They cant help me.
can I re install it some how? or will I have to bye another one. Sorry as you can see Im still learning.

Serial number: CZC118G6NJ
Product number: XT100EA#ABU
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Service Pack 1

A:windows 7 home premium and still cant upgrade to 10 ?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
If you don't know how to recover your present install I would advise not to upgrade until you do know exactly how too incase the upgrade fails

Here's a way to recover your present install if things go badly upgrading,
Imaging with free Macrium

But truth be told if you don't have a reinstall disk be prepared to buy either win-7 again or win-10 outright if you don't do the above link to create a system image and recovery cd

Both are running about for the 10 Home or 7 home premium if you shop around = Newegg/ Amazon..
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i have purchased an windows 7 Home premium CD from India and was using fine.recently i shifted to Qatar,and unfortunately my lap got crashed and i upgrade windows using CD,Now when I try to activate I got error message,that product key you entered is associated with other region..Any body please help me to get from this.I have purchased the genuine one and still helpless....

A:windows 7 Home premium upgrade..


I posted for some assistance.

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Hello All I just bought a new laptop with Windows Home Premium SP and ran Windows upgrade advisor to find out whether I can upgrade to W Pro or not As per W advisor I can upgrade to either -bit Windows Professional or Ultimate with Windows Anytime Upgrade Here is the questions I am looking for -bit W Pro upgrade dvd in case my laptop crashes in future and then I find out that my recovery dvds are useless I came to know that all versions of W are pre-installed and when you buy an upgrade you just get an upgrade key and not dvd I am NOT sure if this upgrade key will work once or always - to DVD Windows Home SP1 Pro Premium Upgrade 7 64-Bit W7 hence I want an upgrade version which comes with a dvd So what upgrade version shall I buy if I want DVD If the upgrade key can work more than once and this is a BIG If then probably I do not need this upgrade with dvd and pray that recovery dvds are not useless So is upgrade key valid for more than once installations Thanks a LOT nbsp

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Hello everyone, I just received a copy of Windows 7 Professional via MSDNAA. I'd like to upgrade my computer which is running 7 Home Premium.

Is there any tweaks that I need to make, as every time I try to launch the Upgrade process via the downloaded Win7Pro disk, it tells me to use Anytime Upgrade. However, Anytime Upgrade says that it can't upgrade to that version of windows after I enter the key given to me by the MSDNAA (it validates fine).



(Copied from NBR)

A:Upgrade Home Premium to Professional? (7)

Unfortunately, MS wants you to use Anytime to Upgrade between Win7 versions. You are left to clean install if you have another retail version.

However, there is a workaround which is achieved by adapting this popular fix for changing between the Ultimate RC and any other version: Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to any retail version Icrontic Tech

The same principle applies: you carefully change the reg keys to trick installer into thinking you are upgrading over the same version, which is a Repair Install in Win7 and therefore allowed.

It has worked every time tried so far, for many different combinations Starter>Premium, Ultimate>Pro, Premium>Ultimate, etc. All users report good performance.
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I recently bought a laptop with windows 7 home premium x64. Can this be upgraded directly to Windows Ultimate x64?

A:Upgrade from windows 7 home premium

If you've never used Windows 7 before, you might want to become familiar with Home Premium first before spending an extra $140.00 or so to upgrade to Ultimate.

You might also want to consider if you really need all the additional features in it.

You should be able to upgrade directly from Home Premium to Ultimate.

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I have Best Premium Pro? upgrade Home way to to computers 7 from become confused reading the various licensing situations so forgive me for posting what may have been asked before I volunteer at a local senior center Best way to upgrade 7 computers from Home Premium to Pro? where we have computers running Windows Home Premium of them have identical hardware These all have validly purchased licenses For various reasons we want to upgrade to Professional to use the security policies etc I thought we could purchase the Anytime Upgrade license for each one and then just perform the upgrade on one of them Then when finished we could make an image and install that image on the other identical machines and change the product key to the Anytime Upgrade key we buy for them But upon reading the various tutorials here I think the Upgrade license will only be accepted when we actually do the upgrade so it probably won't work to change it on an image Can someone help clarify this and what the best way to do this might be

A:Best way to upgrade 7 computers from Home Premium to Pro?

I think you will probably have to do each one. A few years since I did mine but I memory serves it only takes a few minutes as the new key only allows the extra system options to be added to the existing OS.
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I have Windows Home Premium amp bought the Windows Anytime Upgrade to Windows Pro which upgrades to Windows Pro When I rebuild the HD it's a tad laborious to have to install Home Premium then upgrade to Pro ISO images of Windows Pro are available for download from Microsoft which allow Windows Pro to be installed as a clean build but the key for the Windows Anytime Upgrade to Windows Pro does not work as it's intended for upgrade only Is there any way around having to install Home Premium st then upgrade to Pro which would allow me to install from the Pro ISO download converted into a boot DVD USB using the HP to Pro upgrade key Obviously my upgrade to Pro from Home Premium if different from buying an XP Vista to Windows upgrade so that's probably why the registry hacks rearms workarounds haven't worked If I decide to upgrade to Windows I hate to be in a situation during a re-build where I'd have to install of HP to Pro then to

A:Windows 7 Home Premium to Pro upgrade

Why do you want to reinstall?
Windows Anytime Upgrade is actually a few clicks and done in a few minutes.
What's the problem?
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hello to all, i recently had to take my dell dimension c521 back to factory set, using repair my computer on the f8 key advanced boot options (basic installed). everything loaded well and running basic no probs!!however i have an upgrade disk for home premium when i install it, it has disabled option to keep original settings and files and performs to install home premium and moves my old settings to (windows old folder).when i first got disk it just upgraded to home premium with settings and files no problem.have i done something wrong at factory set or is there a way to upgrade keeping my settings. any help much appreciated



A:upgrade from basic to home premium

an update to my problem!!!i have discovered it has disabled upgrade option because vista service pack 1 is not installed.however i have done all windows updates (up to date ) and cannot see service pack 1 anyone any clues as where to download this or a link to download .i have framework 3.5 sp1 in updates is this the update or am i looking for something .


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Hello hope this is a good place to post this I have been trying to upgrade my Sony Vaio Windows laptop from Home Premium to Ultimate using a license-only upgrade key purchased off Amazon Uk This looked promising because the supplier went out of their way to emphasise this was a legitimate to from (license-only) Ultimate Home Premium Upgrade boxed version origin Ireland and was Upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate (license-only) brand new At first windows appeared to accept the upgrade key but then came up with the Upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate (license-only) message 'Installation not successful' It also threw up an error code which I read online is usually associated with Service pack not being properly installed However this turned out to be a diversion as my version of Home Premium already had SP pre-installed so in fact there is nothing that can Upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate (license-only) be done to un-install or re-install it When I rebooted my computer the option to enter an upgrade code under 'anytime upgrade' had suddenly disappeared and the only thing that came up in the search box from the Start menu was the title 'anytime upgrade no longer available ' Is there any way to make this work I was aware that the fully online way to do an upgrade was no longer possible but I thought if I purchased a legitimate upgrade key from a retailer then this might work as Microsoft still provided the box into which you can enter an upgrade key Hope I'm making good sense here - a really frustrating situation

A:Upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate (license-only)

Appears to me that you are out of luck with said license, if THIS is what you refer to.  Note the comments near the bottom.
But you might take a look at and .  See the Notes at the second link.
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I upgraded this lunchtime from Windows 7 Starter to home premium via the Windows Upgrade Advisor which said my netbook was compatible, I carried out the upgrade via the windows upgrade advisor. It worked fine for a while but I was having trouble trying to set up my LAN and wireless connection to work together in order to get onto xbox live via BT Openzone. After a while the advice from the microsoft website was to carry out a system restore, so I did and used the recommended date, however on trying to restore the ugrade failed and reverted back to windows 7 starter. Tried again and had the same issue. Please help.

A:Upgrade from starter to home premium failed.

Quote: Originally Posted by Chris1982

After a while the advice from the microsoft website was to carry out a system restore,

A System Restore or a System Reinstall?
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I'm installing this for a friend and she bought a Windows 7 Pro from digital river. She's using Vista 32bit home premium, and it won't let me do an in-place upgrade. She has a lot of programs and I don't wish to re-install one by one, especially when they're programs in Japanese.

I'm comfortable with any work around as long as it has no problems upgrading.

A:How can I do an in-place upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Pro?

Hello, Dmak welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can not in-place upgrade Vista Home Premium to Seven Professional. From Vista Home Premium you can in-place upgrade to Seven Home Premium or Seven Ultimate; in-place upgrade to Seven Professional is possible only from Vista Business.

In this post you can find a chart about various in-place upgrade options. This tutorial shows then how to do in-place upgrade.

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I have a Samsung Netbook which came with Windows 7 Starter and I am finding that I miss the extras of Home Premium Retail which installed on my Desktop PC. I have the Home Premium installation disk which I used, but as far as I am aware it is a single use licence.

The Anytime Upgrade is available on the Samsung, but at a cost of ?70 from M$.
Is anyone aware of a more cost effective (legitimate) method?

Having Googled for it, I come up with this:
Microsoft Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade, Starter to Home Premium (Licence only): Software.
Anyone know of anywhere better?

A:Upgrade Windows 7 Starter to Home Premium

Yes, buy the home premium family family pack- you'll spend more initially but you'll get 3 retail licenses @ about $50 each.

If you do decide to do that, save an image of your starter install first.
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We are getting a new Dell Vosrto desktop computer Our only options were with bit versions of Windows like all manufacturers upgrade Windows bit Premium a pro Can install 64 on 32 Home 7 bit you now I know I will have problems with some older programs like Photoshop CS and want to install the bit version that will come in the Professional upgrade that we plan to upgrade to Since we will never increase the memory to the level of needing the Windows bit I am certain that the bit version is much better fro us My questions is can we install the bit version from the Professional upgrade in place of the bit Home Premium with comes preinstalled I would do this from the very beginning so we wouldn't have installed any of our software yet I don't think there is any bloatware form Dell that we will want I will make the recovery copies of the bit OS first and then hopefully upgrade to the bit Professional Things are quot tight quot and hopefully will not have to purchase a full version of Professional

A:Can you install a 32 bit Windows 7 pro upgrade on Home Premium 64 bit

Clean in install only:
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version

But you could upgrade to Pro & use XP mode for older app's
Windows XP Mode - Install and Setup

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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i am in the works on my new rig and my dumba-- bought windows upgrade without knowing it and tried to install it on my new hard drive so i was wondering since it needs vista to upgrade from is it possible to place my old hard drive from my vista computer and place it on my new motherboard and install the upgrade disk or am i going to have to buy the OEM?

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit UPGRADE issue

If your new motherboard supports the old drive, you should be able to put it in. You will most likely need to boot up fully into Vista and let it find the new drivers for the motherboard first, or download and install them yourself. It's been awhile since I've swapped HDDs from mobo to mobo, but I am pretty sure you will need your chipset driver for your new motherboard..maybe get all of your peripheral drivers ready just in case..
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A very quick question:

I recently bought a Compaq with Vista Home Premium SP1 installed in French (I live and work in Paris but am English), and want to change the language to English.

I understand that it is possible to change the language in Vista Ultimate using MUIs from Microsoft.

So, if I buy the Anytime upgrade from Microsoft, I should be able to change the language to whatever I like?

One last question:

Would I buy the French Version of the anytime upgrade (i.e. the same language as is installed) and then change using the English MUI?
Could I buy the English upgrade and install this?

Thanks for your help

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Hi all,

Just wondering if i need to do a clean install if upgrading from 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional 64 bits? Or am i able to just upgrade? Will it affect the current softwares on my PC and do i need to reinstall them? Thanks all!

A:Upgrade from Win 7 Home Premium to Professional 64 bits

No install files needed.
Only the Upgrade key is need.
Anytime upgrade only adds-on the Programs & Features from version to version.
Windows Anytime Upgrade - How to
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Hi Guys,
I'm after purchasing the downloadable upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium, but when I clicked on my downloads folder to install it, it wouldn't open. I downloaded this version last month on to my laptop without any real problems. My PC is a Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo L with Windows Vista SP 2 installed on it. Can anyone help?

A:Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Version

Can you be more specific as to what you purchased and downloaded and what exactly happens when you try to open or run something?
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I am going to be upgrading to Win 7 Professional 64bit Upgrade soon (been saying this for over a year). I am upgrading from Vista Home Premium 64bit. I plan on doing an in place upgrade so I don't have to manually reinstall many programs (which I run in specific configurations ect.).

I have recently been reading that it is not possible to do an in place upgrade of Win 7 Pro over Vista Home Premium. Is this true?

And can someone link me to an updated Digital River .iso with Win 7 Professional 64bit with SP1? Apparently the Digital River site has changed now. Hopefully my almost two year CD key of Win 7 still works.

A:Vista Home Premium to Win 7 Pro In Place Upgrade

Unfortunately, you can't do an in-place upgrade from Windows Vista Home Premium to anything other than Windows 7 Home Premium. For more information, see the two links below.
Windows 7 Upgrade Paths
Upgrade Install with Windows 7
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I downloaded the 64bit release candidate yesterday and tried the upgrade from Vista Home Premium SP1 64bit. Everything checked out fine and the upgrade started... when the last stage is around 66% complete I get the message:

Werfault.exe application error, the instruction at 0x76B93892 reference memory at 0x00000000, the memory could not be read.

The installation program rolled back, which was very nice! I made a few changes and tried it another couple of times with the same result.

My system has an Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard, AMD 9850 X4 cpu, 4GB memory, EVGA GTX 295, two Maxtor hard drives - 300GB and 500GB, 2 DVD drives, etc.

Anyone have any suggestions other than a clean install? I had tried the Win 7 beta version with a clean install and that had installed but that was all I did with it.


A:Upgrade From Vista SP1 64bit Home Premium To RC

hu, seems your dvd has file errors? ( IE corrupted)
the other thing would be your ram ( faulty ram causes these kind of errors )
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I just bought an upgrade version of Windows which I intend to use to upgrade my Vista Upgrade Vista from (home Windows premium) laptop I just want to be sure I do not make mistake in this upgrade I have a bit Upgrade from Windows Vista (home premium) Vista and I want to upgrade to bit Windows Is it possible Or do I have to use a custom installation I presume I can do a custom installtion since though the windows cover says quot upgrade from Vista quot it also says that one would have to perform a clean install if it was XP that was being upgraded Am I correct in this assumption I know one or two of Upgrade from Windows Vista (home premium) my programmes freewares would not work with bit Is there any way to run them in an environment which would allow them to run may be in a compatibility version In case I want to go back to Vista unlikely but always possible would the installation of Windows keep the Vista backup option on my HP laptop drive D Finally why should I use a bit version except that it is the most advanced Many thanks for your help I can back up all my programmes and data on a hard disk which I would before upgrading nbsp

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Hello. Im running now Vista Home Premium. I would like to change it to Vista Ultimate. Is there any disc upgrade ava for that??? I would like to go for the Ultimate 64(now Im on Home premium 32) so I think I will have to do fresh new instal but the ting is that I dont want loose my recovery partition on my hdd. So how can I do it withoute loosing that?? I mean install Ultimate 64 and keep the recovery partition?

A:How to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Ultimate

First of all, is the hardware 64 bit ready?

If you install a different OS, you will NOT be able to use the Recover method, but the partition and data is still there just no way of getting the Recover program to work. Why would you want this to be protected?

Also, make sure that ALL of the built in devices and external devices have 64 bit drivers available for them.
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Have run the Windows Upgrade Advisor would like to download the 32bit Windows 7 Home Premium or Ultimate. Is it possible to download?

A:Upgrade 32bit Home Premium Win. Vista

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

You can't just download Windows. You'll need to buy it from a store or either Microsoft's website.

If the Upgrade Advisor said it will run then you should be ok. What is the make and model number of the computer?
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I have a Compaq Pasario Notebook with a preinstaled Can premium ultimate? home vista from I 7 upgrade to vista home premium x And I have a HP-Compaq Windows only Ultimate x -x disc I once tried Can I upgrade from vista home premium to 7 ultimate? upgrading with a normal home premium PC disc but afther the second part Can I upgrade from vista home premium to 7 ultimate? of the instalation when the PC needed to restart the setup didn't continue pc just started up and normaly loded in Vista And it all most destroyed the keyboard and mouse quik lunch butons driver or may be it was an eror becouse I had an whirles usb mouse and keyboard connected to my notebook So now I'm trying to upgrade to a superior version and using a designed for my type of Can I upgrade from vista home premium to 7 ultimate? notebook I what to know if I must have my wirles mouse and keyboard usb device conected to the notebook in the instalation proces and can I upgrade from boot menu or I only must upgrade from vista desktop and allsoo do I need to move anything from Documents folder or there will be saved during upgrade I already run the upgrade advisor and it says that I can upgrade to ultimate but on soome microsoft videos pepole said that vista home premium must be upgraded to home premium busnies to profesional and ultimate to ultimate

A:Can I upgrade from vista home premium to 7 ultimate?

Note that you can only upgrade to the 32bit version using the inplace upgrade option. IMO I would do a clean install, especially if you are going to be using the 64bit version... Good Luck... ;
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I'm trying to upgrade from Home Premium to Vista Ultimate. When I run the setup the Upgrade option is not available and a message says "Cannot upgrade from staged to non-staged version".

I've tried this with and without SP1 installed (the Ultimate DVD has SP1 and refuses even to get as far as the above unless SP1 is on Home Premium). I'm running 32 bit and upgrading to 32 bit.

I've seen lots of similar complaints on various TechNet and other forums. Anyone here have any experience / ideas? I am on the verge of doing a complete new install, but can't face the amount of work that will involve.

A:Cannot upgrade Vista Home Premium to Ultimate

You need to do a clean install, you can NOT upgrade from on Home to Ultimate.
That said, on most OEM built machines there is a link to BUY, a upgrade from Microsoft. This is a file that will install the higher version.

Go to "Start, All Programs, Extras and Upgrades, Windows Anytime Upgrade".
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Hi all,
I have 2 laptops one which is a 32bit and the other which is a 64 bit. Now is there any POSSIBLE WAYY that i can upgrade to W7 on both of my notebooks? ( both notebooks current run factory installed Vista Home Premium in respect with its bit architecture) Any suggestion is greatly appreciated


A:Windows 7 home Premium Upgrade question.

Hello HPX,

Yes, you can upgrade both of them to either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 7 Ultimate. You will need two copies to have two product key numbers, or you can get a Windows 7 "Family Pack" that includes 3 product key numbers. Plus, you would only be able to do a upgrade from 32-bit to 32-bit and 64-bit to 64-bit, not 32-bit to 64-bit or 64-bit to 32-bit.

Upgrade Install with Windows 7

Hope this helps,
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I'm quite sure this is not illegal since the upgrade is automatic and happens without a choice.

I had starter on my netbook and tried upgrading it by using the app on the OS itself but failed.

One day I was searching for TV tuners and came across Media Portal. During the course of the installation it tells you it is better to have windows aero enabled for "tear" effects. I dismissed the dialog and installed it.

I check the OS later and voila it's upgraded, apps such as windows media center and all games like chess titans etc came out of nowhere. Also all the themes etc. I checked SYSTEM and found the OS name changed to home premium from starter.
Try it !
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Have installed this twice using the different options and the OS seems to drag considerably. The optical drive is not very responsive and the shutting down takes ages. I have installed enditall with no effect. Really need some help here Windows Advisor never threw up any issues. Plenty of HHD space and 4GB RAM. The laptop is only one year old.
Any help would be appreciated.


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Apologies...moved to more approapriate group.

A:unable to upgrade from home premium to ultimate

I am not seeing the new thread, so I have to use this one.

Are you trying to upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit? Because that's not a possible upgrade path due to the kernel being completely different. A clean install is required for that.
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I bought a new HP dv7-1175 yesterday and need to upgrade it to Ultimate from my July 2008 disk from my MSDN subscription (Vista with SP1 x64 and x86). When I put in my (valid) activation code is just says "An error has occurred" and to restart the installation. When I bypass the activation and choose the Ultimate x64 it disables the upgrade option. I do not want to do a fresh install because I know what a driver hassle people are having with that option and I am more of an XP experienced installer.

I have paid through the nose for the MSDN subscription, why doesn't it just let me use it?

A:Home Premium to Ultimate Upgrade Horrors

Hello Jerry, and welcome to Vista Forums.

When ever you go from a 32 bit Vista to a 64 bit Vista version, or in reverse, it can only be done from a clean install. It just is not compatible or possible to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit by the usual upgrade method. If you have a upgrade Vista installation DVD, then the tutorial below will show you how to do a clean install with it.

Clean Install From Upgrade Vista

If you do not wish to do a clean reinstall of everything, you should be able to upgrade to the 32 bit Ultimate from your current 32 bit version of Vista though.

Hope this helps,
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I want to sell my Home Premium Upgrade DVD because my old computer is too old to get drivers for.

I installed Windows 7, then removed it. I'm guessing MS knows the key has been used. Is there a way I can let them know I am selling it and have removed it from my computer? I've seen (on this forum) the phone in method of registering the key. I also hear that can be a real pain for the buyer, and it may not work.


A:Releasing my key to Sell my Home Premium Upgrade

what should have been done is you should have had your registration removed BEFORE uninstalling windows. while i'm not sure about MS's standpoint on a user reselling the software the EULA of many softwares says you can't(i know it's more a technicality than anything else but generally it's in their.) maybe a call to MS prior to sell to have the key registration removed would take care of any foreseeable issues, but personally i wouldn't mention my plans to resell the copy just incase. just tell them it's registered but not compatible with the system it was installed to and you would like it to be avaible for a future upgrade if necessary.
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About a year ago I bought Vista Ultimate upgrade to Upgrade SP1 Vista to Trying Premium Home Ultimate unfortunately my Sony VAIO laptop was only compatible with Vista Business so I couldn't use Trying to Upgrade Vista Home Premium SP1 to Ultimate it About a month ago I bought a HP desktop loaded with Vista Home Premium -bit with SP I learned from Windows Anytime Upgrade that I could upgrade Vista to Ultimate but when I tried it wouldn't let me upgrade it only gave me the option to perform a clean install I really don't want to do this because all of my HP software is on factory image on my hard drive and if I perform a clean install Vista will erase the partition and I'll lose it I've already burned a backup copy to DVDs but I still don't want to go through all the hassle of performing a clean install and then updating everything -- if I don't have to The problem is that my Vista Ultimate upgrade is the original version of Vista whereas the Home Premium is SP which is why it gives me the error message that it can't upgrade because my current version of Vista is newer than the version I'm trying to install I tried calling Microsoft support but they're closed at this time of night and I tried sending a message to Microsoft but it's giving me an error and to try again later Does anyone know if there's a way around this problem Ideally I'd like to be able to use my product key from Vista Ultimate upgrade to obtain or download Vista Ultimate SP which should resolve the problem

A:Trying to Upgrade Vista Home Premium SP1 to Ultimate

Try uninstalling SP1 from your current system.

1. Click Start, type Appwiz.cpl in the Start Search box, and then click Appwiz.cpl in the Programs list.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.

2. Click View installed updates.
3. Click Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB936330), and then click Uninstall.
4. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the uninstall process.

If you are unable to uninstall it that way for whatever reason, roll back with a system restore.

Once you have Ultimate loaded, load SP1 once again.
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Just finished my upgrade from Home Premium x SP to Ultimate x SP I've been lurking here on the forum for a while now and having seen quite a few folks having problems with their upgrades I thought a post sharing the steps I took which resulted in a Smooooth and problem free upgrade might be of interest to some In no way am I advocating or recommending ANY of the steps that are shown here i e turning off the firewall etc First phase -Purchase and download the upgrade to my Ultimate Premium from Home upgrade to Perfect hard drive shoparhive com was less costly than digital locker Since I live miles away from the nearest store I preferred the digital download -Extract the iso file using winrar to an empty folder on the desktop -Performed full system virus scan -Performed full system spyware scan Perfect upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate -Performed full system backup to the removable HP media drive -Burn the downloaded iso file to dvd and the extracted files to another dvd Second phase -Turned off Windows Automatic Update -Turned off Symantec Live Update -Turned off Anti-Virus program -Turned off Internet Security completely auto protect firewall protection center etc -Removed all programs from the Startup folder -Used sysconfig to disable Windows Live Messenger and my anti-spyware program -Configure Sidebar to not automatically start on boot Perfect upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate -Reboot system Third phase -Execute the Setup icon from the extracted files folder Made the dvd's just in case I needed them Never did -Dialog pops up requesting to look for and download any updates I allowed - very small update was found downloaded and installed -Dialog pops up requesting that I enter the product key I entered the key that was provided with the download Pressed continue -During the next hour and minutes the upgrade proceeded without any further input from me The system automatically re-booted different times as the upgrade continued -After the final automatic re-boot the system came up perfectly and error free Vista Ultimate x is up and running -During the upgrade Windows Automatic Update had been re-enabled by the system A few minutes after Ultimate was up automatic update found downloaded and installed important or recommended updates Re-booted more times while installing all the updates Fourth phase -Turned back on or re-enabled everything that was turned off in Second Phase -Performed full system virus scan -Performed full system spyware scan -All my settings Desktop programs etc remained intact just as they were in Home Premium Perfect upgrade That's it

A:Perfect upgrade from Home Premium to Ultimate

Nice job without any errors, I like your background.
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I'm a firm believer in clean installs of operating systems, but I wonder if that belief should be extended to upgrades in versions of operating systems???

I have upgraded all of our pc's to new ones with Vista. All have Home Premium except one. I'm thinking of upgrading the others to Ultimate (mainly for the backup program) so they will all be the same and I don't run into some glitch that puzzles me due to differences.

any advice or thoughts on this appreciated.



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So today after my friend suggested me upgrading my os to home premium to fix some of the errors , that's what i planned when I came home. So when I'm trying to upgrade for the fourth time now it says that The upgrade was unsuccessful. Now I'm absolutely pissed.. I paid 120 bucks so it would work. Now its not even working and I cant reach the Internet to fix it because my IPv4 Autoconfiguration is invalid...Can someone please help me..

I honestly don't mean to bump but I'd like to have this issue fixed asap..
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Hey again

A few months back I purchased Win 7 Home Premium 32bit from MS, I was given a student discount and I took it !

Anyway at that time I was given the opportunity to either purchase 32bit or 64bit version of the OS. Now I'm sort of kicking myself because I wish I would have purchased the 64bit edition rather than the 32bit.

My laptop fully supports 64bit.

Anyway is there anyway where I can get an upgrade for free or for a low cost ?

A:Upgrade to Win 7 Home Premium 64Bit from 32bit ?

You might check with your school and see if they would exchange it for you...
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I'm running an Anytime Upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Pro on a Dell XPS16. The installation has corrupted files that I have been unable to fix through the SFC utility or other means. I'm thinking my most desirable option would be to use the Home Premium installation CD that came with the laptop to do an "Upgrade" (repair) installation. However, my understanding is that because I upgraded from Home Premium to Pro, my only option, at this point, is to do a Custom installation, which will wipe out my applications and settings. Is that the case? Any advice would be much appreciated.

A:How to repair Windows after Home Premium to Pro upgrade

Thought windows anytime upgrade died a while ago, what exactly do you need advice on ?

Have you ever done a clean install ?

Clean Install Windows 7

Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Did the corrupt files start after the upgrade ?