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EMET 5.2 certificate pinning does not work in Windows 10

Q: EMET 5.2 certificate pinning does not work in Windows 10

I cannot get EMET 5.2 certificate pinning to work in Windows 10.
When I test it by pinning an invalid Root CA certificate to the website, EMET does not block website access in Windows 10 like it does in Windows 8.1
Has EMET certificate pinning been disabled in Windows 10 ? If so, has this functionality been superceded by a better technique ?

I have searched high and low, and this is the only anecdotal reference to this I can find:
"Windows 10 does not use certificate pinning, means someone can easily apply a man-in-the-middle-attack for each Microsoft cloud-access for example"

..... Para Dox
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Preferred Solution: EMET 5.2 certificate pinning does not work in Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I installed Word onto a new computer some time ago Windows Home Premium SP Pinning has Microsoft word) wrong (eg pinning to pinning not Office working/or adobe - pinning never worked I can drag I can right click and select pin I can do whatever I want but nothing appears and it just stays blank Neither do recently opened items show up on a right click of the icon Pinning recent items works on everything else Microsoft Office - pinning not working/or pinning wrong (eg adobe pinning to word) e g Adobe Explorer including Outlook I tried reinstalling but it still wouldn t Microsoft Office - pinning not working/or pinning wrong (eg adobe pinning to word) work I couldn t find much to go on so I Microsoft Office - pinning not working/or pinning wrong (eg adobe pinning to word) gave up and have done without pinning Recently I turned on quot store and display recently opened items in the start menu and the taskbar quot and suddenly I was given another clue as to what the issue is - Excel still shows nothing BUT in Word s recent items I m getting Adobe files see screenshot file names removed for privacy http i imgur com wOOU png I can pin adobe files to word s icon I googled again and I still don t see anything about this but I m just wondering if anyone has come across this and can help Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Microsoft Office - pinning not working/or pinning wrong (eg adobe pinning to word)
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http myonlinesecurity co uk emet- - -emet-detected-ssl-certificate-facebook-com-trusted Facebook buttons and links are embedded in so many websites that any user who has EMET installed will get the alert when generally surfing the web This alert does not mean in this particular case that there is a problem with Facebook or any hijack or divert is taking place All this EMET detected that the SSL certificate for facebook com is not trusted means is that the rule checking the certificates inside EMET has that detected SSL the certificate is EMET for * trusted not expired on December It does not mean in this particular case that the Facebook SSL certificate has expired or that anybody is intercepting or diverting your secure SSL connection to Facebook There EMET detected that the SSL certificate for * is not trusted are cures to stop the EMET detected that the SSL certificate for facebook com is not trusted EMET detected that the SSL certificate for * is not trusted alert message By far Cure is the safest to do All that option does is delay the warning until the new date you set Update EMET to by going to Microsoft EMET download and download and install EMET This installs over the top of EMET and retains any specific rules and settings that you have configured yourself Open up EMET click on TRUST CONFIGURE CERTIFICATE TRUST gt Click on the Pinning Rules Tab gt Under Rule Expiration for FacebookCA you can change the rule to expire next month or later and the message will go away You can set it to when the YahooCA rule will expire on if you like and you won t receive the message any longer this just delays the warning for a further short period of time Open up EMET click on TRUST CONFIGURE CERTIFICATE TRUST gt Click on the Protected Websites Tab gt Uncheck the box beside Facebook this option is potentially unsafe because it will remove the checking to see if your secure connection to Facebook has been tampered with nbsp
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I am in the process to deploy EMET in my organization. My goal is to set all the settings using GPO.
As it is indicated in the User Guide 5.2, I already copied the EMET.admx and EMET.adml in the domain server and I managed to set the settings. I run gpupdate /force in the client and it works flawless.
But now, I wanted to configure the Certification Trust as well using the CertTrust.xml included in the EMET package.
how could I manage this globally in the domain?  I dont see any option in the GPO... and unfortunately, we dont use SCCM.
Many thanks in advance.
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I just (March 30, 2011) installed the most recent Flash Player after the window popped up. Immediately the minimized Adobe window (in my taskbar) began to flash orange, and I could not close the page. I had to shut down and restart. And then I saw that all the documents that I had pinned to the Word icon in my taskbar had disappeared, and when I tried to pin a document, it wouldn't pin. Never happened before...awfully big coincidence... I just uninstalled Flash Player to see if that would fix the problem, but it didn't. Please help!

Thanks. As always.


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Ok, this has been driving me crazy... For some reason, I can't pin ANY programs to the start menu. I've tried everything you can think of.

Before you send me this link (or any kind of this page) I've already have tried this and it does not work...
So don't send me this -->

And this is what happens when I check the box that I want firefox to be pinned.

When I go back to see it again, It unchecks itself....

I also cannot drag and drop any programs there either.

Anyone know the problem?? Help would be very appreciated.
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If I pin a program on the superbar in windows 7 it doesn't work,
I hope that you guys can help me :S

Also if i press in the start menu on the black arrow that doesn't work.

I hope you can help me

A:pinning programs on superbar doesn't work

Sounds like corruption

Go to search, type cmd

Then right click and run as administrator

In the cmd prompt type sfc /scannow
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I have Win and I have created a vbscript file to launch Windows Media Centre - the script tweaks the registry settings for WMC window size and position so it always opens in the same position and size on my second montor before shelling to WMC which also includes command line swtches to open in they Pinning and how work? Jump do Shortcuts, Lists - the TV Guide The trouble is that I have created a shortcut to the vbscript file and put it into the start menu Shortcuts, Pinning and Jump Lists - how do they work? - but when I Shortcuts, Pinning and Jump Lists - how do they work? right click on it it doesn't give me the option to pin it to the task bar If however I edit target for the original WMC shortcut to point to the vbscript then I can pin it Interestingly when I do it this way the Jump List on the pinned shortcut on the taskbar still retains the WMC Jump List which is great although the Jump List doesn't appear to work on the Start Menu shortcut So the question is - is there any detailed information that someone can point me at to help me understand how the shortcuts pinning and jump lists work Specific questions are - How does Win tell the difference between the short cut I created for the vbscript file and the quot standard quot shortcut for WMC - Why does the pin-to option not appear on the vbscript shortcut - Can I programmatically or manually add shortcuts to the quot pinned quot area on the task bar - What controls the Jump List and can it be customised

A:Shortcuts, Pinning and Jump Lists - how do they work?

I've drawn a blank with these questions and not have any response to my post - does anybody think that I'll get more luck if I post it on one of the other forums?.
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We are upgrading to EMET 5.5 but also plan on moving to .NET 4.6.  The system requirements information for EMET 5.5 says that .NET 4.5 needs to be used.  It would be easier for us to go directly to .NET 4.6 if EMET 5.5 works withit.
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I am trying to resolve an issue where multiple client computers in the organisation are using an internally deployed Root CA certificate (before my time and no longer required) to sign the end entity certificate for external websites,
for example. All SSL sites appeared to be affected by this.

However this is not the case as sub domains of sites with issues show the correct cert chain, the below is for

Removing or untrusting this root ca cert breaks access to these sites.

I have reset root certs in various ways, removed machines from the domain, applied no GPOs, manually updated CRL and pulled down updated certs with rootsupd.exe.
It always attempts to use this rouge CA cert to sign the websites cert.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.
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I am trying to install CA root certificate on Windows 7, IE 9.
Encounter error: "Untrusted Certificate".  "This certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certificate authority."
I have tried to install the certificate to Trusted Root Certificate Authorities->local computer and import was successful. BUT on IE->Internet Options->Certificate->Trusted Root Certificate Authorities, I am unable to find this root CA on
the list.
On mmc->Certificates->Trusted Root Certificate Authorities->certificates, I am able to view this root CA.
I then restarted the IE and view the ssl site again but failed too, "Untrusted Certificate".
Anyone, any idea ?
Eye Gee

A:Unable to Install Root CA Certificate - Certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certificate authority.

May the following workarounds work for you:
Workaround 1:
Modify the Windows settings to allow the Update Root Certificate feature to update the root certificates automatically. For details, see the following Microsoft TechNet article:
Certificate Support and Resulting Internet Communication in Windows Server 2008
Workaround 2?
If the Update Root Certificate feature cannot automatically update the root certificates, you may contact the website vender to see if there is a hotfix can fix the issue.
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When Enhanced Protected Mode of IE10 is enabled, column of Running EMET become blank.

It is which about whether this is a problem only of a display, or whether actually not effective?

Such a phenomenon did not occur in version 2.1.

A:EMET GUI reports not Running EMET in IE10 when Enhanced Protected Mode enabled

It appears to be a problem of display.
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this is more of a bug report So On Windows x UAC disabledEMET installed If a user user account privileges launches the EMET GUI they will receive the following error and the GUI will crash lt image removed because account wasnt verified gt nbsp Here is the output from the error message See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time JIT debugging instead of this dialog box Exception Text System UnauthorizedAccessException Access to the registry key 'HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion AppCompatFlags Custom' is denied at Microsoft Win RegistryKey Win Error Int errorCode String str at Microsoft Win RegistryKey CreateSubKeyInternal String subkey RegistryKeyPermissionCheck permissionCheck Object registrySecurityObj RegistryOptions registryOptions at Microsoft Win RegistryKey CreateSubKey String subkey RegistryKeyPermissionCheck permissionCheck at MitigationInterface ShimUtil ctor Arch the is from account user message EMET start the an 5.5 EMET and tries to GUI a displays menu disabled. when launch error and UAC crashes SysArch at MitigationInterface ApplicationMitigations ctor SystemMitigations SysMits IReportingActions Logging ApplicationMitigationsMode mode RegistryKey emetKey at GraphicalApp MainForm RefreshSystemAndAppMitigations at System EventHandler Invoke Object sender EventArgs e at System Windows Forms Form OnLoad EventArgs e at DevExpress XtraEditors XtraForm OnLoad EventArgs e at System Windows Forms Control CreateControl Boolean fIgnoreVisible at System Windows Forms Control CreateControl at System Windows Forms Control WmShowWindow Message amp m at System Windows Forms Control WndProc Message amp m at System Windows Forms Form WndProc Message amp m at DevExpress XtraEditors XtraForm WndProc Message amp msg at System Windows Forms NativeWindow Callback IntPtr hWnd Int msg IntPtr wparam IntPtr lparam Loaded Assemblies mscorlib Assembly Version Win Version built by FX RTMGDR CodeBase file C Windows Microsoft NET Framework EMET 5.5 displays an error message and crashes when a user account tries to launch the EMET GUI from the start menu and UAC is disabled. v mscorlib dll ---------------------------------------- EMET GUI Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET EMET GUI exe ---------------------------------------- HelperLib Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET HelperLib DLL ---------------------------------------- System Windows Forms Assembly Version Win Version EMET 5.5 displays an error message and crashes when a user account tries to launch the EMET GUI from the start menu and UAC is disabled. built by FX RTMGDR CodeBase file C windows Microsoft Net assembly GAC MSIL System Windows Forms v b a c e System Windows Forms dll ---------------------------------------- System Drawing Assembly Version Win Version built by FX RTMGDR CodeBase file C windows Microsoft Net assembly GAC MSIL System Drawing v b f f f d a a System Drawing dll ---------------------------------------- System Assembly Version Win Version built by FX RTMGDR CodeBase file C windows Microsoft Net assembly GAC MSIL System v b a c e System dll ---------------------------------------- DevExpress XtraBars v Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET DevExpress XtraBars v DLL ---------------------------------------- DevExpress Utils v Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET DevExpress Utils v DLL ---------------------------------------- DevExpress XtraEditors v Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET DevExpress XtraEditors v DLL ---------------------------------------- DevExpress Data v Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET DevExpress Data v DLL ---------------------------------------- DevExpress XtraTreeList v Assembly Version Win Version CodeBase file C Program Files x EMET DevExpress XtraTreeList v DLL ---------------------------------------- MitigationInter... Read more
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Since deploying EMET via group policy and installed) (EMET 5.2 Photoshop.exe in crashes EMET.DLL taking standard application default values exept for EAF on IE So IE opens in Windows I have an issue with Photoshop opening on a users Windows Professional workstation nbsp The event log error is Faulting application name Photoshop exe version Photoshop.exe crashes in EMET.DLL (EMET 5.2 installed) time stamp x d d cbc Faulting module name EMET DLL version time stamp x c e Exception code xc Fault offset x Faulting process id x Faulting application start time x d df e d Faulting application path C Program Files x Adobe Adobe Photoshop CS Photoshop exe Faulting module path C Windows AppPatch EMET DLL Report Id b b - b b- e -a - b c babbe What would be the first thing you would change in EMET under the group policy to take off of Photoshop exe nbsp Would it be EAF because that fixed IE nbsp Would it be something else nbsp There's multiple things it could be but whats the most common protection that may solve this so I don't spend hours updating group policy gp refreshes and testing
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We have EMET 5.2 installed and configured via Group Policy.  I'd like to upgrade the domain GPO to the latest EMET 5.5 ADMX then follow with removal and upgrade from EMET 5.2 to 5.5 on all workstations.  During the time frame where EMET 5.2 is
still running will the EMET 5.5 ADMX settings work correctly on those workstations that have not been upgraded yet?  Also, it is unclear to me if there is any need to use the 5.5 conversion tool if all of our settings are pushed via Group Policy, is there
any need to use the conversion tool in this case?
thank you
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We have a GPO called EMET Deployment and Configuration nbsp Inside this GPO is a computer configuration gt assigned applications EMET nbsp Can I just repoint this to 5.2 5.5? via to EMET upgrade to GPO. deployed EMET How EMET and will clients automatically update at next GPO refresh interval nbsp Or will they update at next restart In here is also under Administrative Templates gt Windows Components gt EMET there are some application configuration default action and mitigation settings default protections for popular software reporting system aslr system dep and system sehop GP elements defined nbsp Will these elements automatically be configured in EMET nbsp I installed EMET on my workstation and when I click on the group policy element and click on the apps button EMET 5.2 deployed via GPO. How to upgrade to EMET 5.5? it just doesn't seem right nbsp It shows a list of the following devals APP APP APP APP APP APP APP Also when I refresh the main EMET screen it doesn't show that any process is running EMET nbsp I'm in chrome now and that I know should be running in EMET based on quot Default Protections for Popular Software quot set to enabled in the group policy Thanks for your help
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I am after a Certificate of Origin and Certificate of Conformity for the HP Integrated Work Centre for Desktop Mini and Thin Client G1V61AA.  I have tried  to find them at but with no joy. Thanks
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Using Windows XP, one can move anything on the desktop to the task bar. Why did the brilliant people at Microsoft change this? Using XP, I can pin a new folder to the task bar and then fill it with programs, files, etc. It didn't care. For example, using XP, I have a taskbar icon named MEDIA. When I click on it, a window opens with several icons inside, like Windows Movie Maker, Are Explosion Calendar Maker, Quick Time Player, VLC Media Player and so on.

This can't be easily done using Windows 7. Is there a way I can do this? I really don't need a whole bunch of icons on my taskbar.

Any answers beyond the dumb stuff that comes back on Google Search?

Thanks a bunch
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I want to keep the pinning option for program shortcuts.

However, I want to be able to minimize a program and keep it on the taskbar the way it would show on XP, instead of putting it behind the pinned icon. How do I do this?

A:Windows 7 pinning help

See here: Make the Windows 7 Taskbar Work More Like Windows XP or Vista

If this is what you were looking for please let us know and mark this thread as solved.
If this is not what you meant, please give a more detailed explanation.
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I have IIS 7.5 running in Win7 Pro.

When I install a certificate I first create a certificate request. The certificate does install fine. After a while the certificate doesn't work any more. I try to install the certificate again and it says it doesn't match the certificate request. What is deleting the certificate request and the friendly name of the certificate so the certificate doesn't work?

Could it be CCleaner that is deleting the info?
In what file/registry is that information stored. Maybe it's a bat file I created to delete temp files?
If I knew where it was stored I could possibly figure it out.


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Okay. I had IE9 beta since release. So far VERY Impressed buy it. Only for the past few days i have been getting this problem.. Basically the Facebook logo does not appear correctly when i pin Facebook to my "Superbar". This is just for Facebook and does not apply for other pinable websites as shown in the picture, Twitter is working as it should.

Jumplist shortcuts are still working fine, the specific icons for each of the jumplist shortcuts are working correctly. I have tried doing a number of things;

-Waiting for it to blow over (recently twitter changed their icon and that took about a day for it to start appearing properly)

-Re/Uninstalling IE9

-Deleting ALL Browser information/History

Has anyone got any idea how to fix this? i have done some light searching around on the Internet for this but did not find anything. Thank you

A:IE9 Windows 7 Pinning Problem

I got this problem too! But worse.
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Somehow my Windows Explorer is no longer on my taskbar. Don't even see an option on the right mouse to pin this appz. Sure could use some help please.

A:Pinning Windows Explorer

Hi! wyrman, welcome to 7F

Start Orb >All Programs >Accessories >Right click Windows Explorer
Half way down the Context Menu there should be a listing "Pin to Taskbar" Click on that.
Then if you want to move it left click-hold, drag an drop to where you want it.
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I have used pinning for a long time. With Windows 10, it appears that there is something broken with my installation, or Windows 10 in general.
I pin several network folders to windows explorer taskbar.  In Windows 8, they used to be able to be moved up and down.
I cannot get this to function correctly in Windows 10.  I have 6 folder pins on the taskbar for explorer, and I can't reorder them without unpinning all of them, and repinning them in the order I want.  Then if I want to reorder them again, because
of adding another folder, I'd have to unpin and repin again. 
Is there a setting that I have that is locking this functionality?  Can't imagine that MS would make this feature go away.
Doesn't work for Word either.  The pinned items at top won't move, neither will the frequent items below.
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Anyone know how I can pin my DotA 2 to Start Screen , I really wanna PIN it there for easy navigation ..

A:Windows 8 Start pinning DotA 2

Get the "Steam Tile" app from the windows store. It allows you to pin steam games to start with live animations.
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I want to see a number of Window explorer icons on my taskbar opening the folders I regularly use. However when I create a shortcut on my desktop it will not let me. It will only let "pin to Windows Explorer" not what i want.
I find it very easy to just see the few icons I want on the task bar and click those. I do not want to go through more menus to open Windows explorer where I want.
Is this possible please?

A:Not pinning shortcut to Windows Explorer

What folders do you want to pin to the taskbar?
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Hi, so I am familiar with the intrecacies of the Windows Explorer Jump List, I think.

I know that you need to pin folders from 'Recent'.

Problem is, nothing shows up in 'Recent' for me unless I have actually manipulated a file within that folder.

And so, trying to pin 'Computer' on the Jump List seems impossible, as it never shows in 'Recent' because (as far as I can tell) there are no files within 'Computer'.

On my last install, somehow I got it working, but I just formatted and can't get it back.

What could it possibly be?
Thank you much.

A:Pinning 'Computer' to Windows Explorer Jump List

Hello fakestreet, and welcome to Seven Forums.

It's not the jump list, but you could use the tutorial below to pin "Computer" to the taskbar if you like.

Computer - Pin to Taskbar

Hope this helps,
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Is there a rvkroots.exe available for download for the mentioned KB so that I can remediate a Nessus finding?
We are on a disconnected network so windows update is disabled in our network.
In the past we are able to just download rvkroots.exe and push it out to all our Win7 computers.
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This is driving me nuts. I have two email accounts on my phone. One is my work, and the other is my Hotmail. They use to both be on the start screen. But in the past month or two something happened. Now, my work outlook email inbox icon keeps unpinning when my Hotmail syncs its inbox.
This is driving me nuts. I'm fully up to date. I've tried every way of pinning my outlook mail that I know of, even the documented way through the settings menu. No matter what, if I add it, it is unpinned in the course of an hour.
I managed to figure out it is unpinning when Hotmail is sync'ed. For gods sake... please someone tell me you have heard of this and know of the solution! Thanks.
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Hi Really confusing one here Since this weekend July we have started getting Certificate errors on using against Subject/SAN certificate Certificate Netbios/FQDN issue some sites and applications This seems to be due to the structure of the URL compared to the quot advertised quot name IIS is presenting I'll try to explain I have a site Website This is in my domain domain com Therefore the FQDN is website domain Certificate issue using Netbios/FQDN against Subject/SAN certificate com IIS is running and I can access Certificate issue using Netbios/FQDN against Subject/SAN certificate this site through FQDN NetBIOS or IP address Good news I create a certificate for the server using the FQDN as the subject I add the Netbios and IP addresses in the Subject Alternate Names and Bind this to port on the server I browse to https website and all is good I browse to https website Certificate issue using Netbios/FQDN against Subject/SAN certificate domain com I get a certificate error Checking the certificate everything is fine no errors chain is trusted open Chrome and do the same I get that the certificate website domain com is being presented by Website and may not be the site I want Using either URL has never been a problem until this weekend but it seems that IE Windows IIS is not liking any URL that is not EXACTLY what IIS is presenting so my questions are - Is anyone else finding this Can we issue a certificate that covers all possible DNS resolutions for a site How do I control WHAT IIS advertises itself as SO far this has affected two major systems on our network and I can see that more will arise so any help would be appreciated
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This update addresses the "Certificate Renewal Wizard Concatenates Certificate" issue in Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0, and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q325827. Download now to correct this issue for IIS 5.0

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000

Internet Information Services 5.0
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server


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Hi I am new here, have been reading this site for some time. I need help with EMET. I installed EMET v4 on my windows 7 computer with no problems. I upgraded .net version 4 to have Client Profile and extended as that is what I read it needed. I do not find what windows 8 needs for .net. I have on my windows 8 computer under windows explorer .net 4.0.30319. Is this all I need on windows 8 to install EMET v4? Second question is I saw on a Microsoft page I needed to install KB2790907, which I do not find under windows update. Do I need to download and install this and if so has anybody had any problems with this update? Third and last question is I know windows 8.1 will be out soon, should I wait to install EMET after 8.1 to prevent any problems?

A:Windows 8 EMET requirements

Hello Lynn, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you do not have a previous version of EMET installed, then you should be able to install EMET 4.0 without needing to do install anything else. The tutorial below can give you more details to help.

Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,
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We are seeing EMET 5.5 closing office applications and IE automatically on Windows 8.1 (64 bit) and Windows 10 (x64 bit) during installation.
Anybody experiencing this issue during installation?
Any suggestions?
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I watch this forum and missed any announcement that a new EMET version was released that now supports Windows 10! Now knowing what to search for, I see a few others have posted about it under other threads, but this should have a thread of its own.  Released
on Oct 1st, 2015...
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.5 Beta
This link mentions EMET 5.5 beta support:
What's new in Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 5.5 Beta?
- EMET 5.5 beta release includes new functionality and updates, such as:
- Windows 10 compatibility
- Full GPO support for mitigations and Cert pinning functionality
- EAF/EAF+ perf improvements
- Untrusted font mitigation for Windows 10
- Various bug fixes (UI)
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I made security test to check build-in or free Microsoft security software for Windows 7.

"White side"
- Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit with all updates
- MS Security Essentials 4 with newest databases
- EMET 4.0 (high security + recommended during install)
- UAC on max. level

versus 20x 0-day ransoms (very popular Ukash/Urausy).
Malwares have been provided by tachion.

Unfortunattely, Microsoft security fail the test
Conclusion: I recommend to use better AV, that has more shields (reputation system, heuristics etc.).

A:Windows 7 64-bit + EMET + MSE4 + UAC vs ransoms

Majority of malware builds are tested against popular AVs automatically and re-packed once they are detected by many. MSE would be first in line of checks. It is not that AVs don't work (they do), but the key is patching exploitable holes (aka JAVA, Adobe, etc), good behavior scans and recovery plan
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Hi All I am putting this up for discussion as I do not have time to troubleshoot it I am in the middle of a desktop refresh project so I can't stop and work on this one Scenario - Windows IE EMET and the newly released App-V agent 5.1 Explorer App-V Windows 11 + Internet + EMET 5.2 + 7 We are rolling out a new Windows SOE we can't go or yet and are currently integrating all of the latest components With App-V just released I updated our Task Sequences to include it as well Previously we were using App-V SP Since adding it Windows 7 + Internet Explorer 11 + EMET 5.2 + App-V 5.1 to the Task Sequence we have had issues with IE IE no matter who runs it crashes when closed The symptoms of the crash are identical to those issues reported with the release of Windows 7 + Internet Explorer 11 + EMET 5.2 + App-V 5.1 EMET back in March The Application event log shows two faults Faulting module nbsp EMET DLLFaulting module nbsp NTDLL DLL I initially started targeting EMET As you can see below I tried all sorts of options with no luck Process Monitor showed that Internet Explorer was trying to access some App-V paths during the shutdown process At this stage we had no applications installed that are App-V'd We also do not have any IE add-ons that are virtualized I removed App-V and sure enough IE tops crashing I re-installed it rebooted and IE starts crashing again Before falling back to App-V SP I also tried removing all EMET mitigations for App-V and for IE This still yielded no results I have spent a day on it any have eliminated the following EMET - Re-downloaded EMET and tried again Problem still occursEMET - Disabled Certificate Pinning and tried again Problem still occursEMET - Disabled all mitigations for IE Problem still occursEMET - Went back to EMET Problem still occursEMET - Re-tried everything above Problem still occursEMET General - Remove EMET and the problem is resolved Not a solution Group Policy - Completely removed and problem still occursApplication Whitelisting - Completely removed and problem still occursIE Add-ons nbsp - Completely removed and problem still occurs We do not have any special add-ons right now because are still building up our base SOE AV - None installed at the moment I have seen no reports on this and will report it to MS Premiere Support at some point At some point in the future I am going to have to look at this again We ideally would like to rollout with the latest App-V client to save work in the future If MS or anyone else could verify this it would be great Thanks NSutton
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If you visit nbsp https isc sans edu forums diary VBA Shellcode and EMET you will see an example of how EMET protects against malicious Word file behaviour quot It will inject shellcode inside the Word process and this shellcode will lookup the 10 EMET - vs Windows Feature mapping API functions it needs This behavior will be detected by EMET's Export address table Feature mapping - EMET vs Windows 10 Access Filtering EAF and the Word process will be killed quot This is proof that EMET has a place in a business and personal environment However as per Microsoft official status on nbsp https support microsoft com en-us kb you are going to quot kill quot EMET End of Life Statement Feature mapping - EMET vs Windows 10 We have listened to customers' feedback regarding the January end of life date for EMET and we are pleased to announce that the end of life date is being extended months The new end of life date is July There are no plans to offer support or security patching for EMET after July For improved security we recommend that customers migrate to the latest version of Windows nbsp Testing on Windows without EMET installed does NOT conclusively prove that the malicious behaviour is blocked And without EMET we have lost all tuning logging and monitoring functionality Could you elaborate on the migration path that is recommended prior to the End-of-Life for EMET - and document how well you will continue to provide management and logging tools to enterprise administrators Thanks and regards Tor
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Good Day We have a problem where we encrypted files the missing is Private in Manager. Key Certificate on Certificate using EFS however we can't access or decrypt these files now We have the certificate in the certmgr msc but we do see that the key is missing I have reproduced this on another computer and was able to run certutil -repairstore -user MY quot Serial Number quot which worked in repairing the store and files was decryptable again However on the machine that encrypted the files that we need to access this Private Key is missing on Certificate in the Certificate Manager. is not the case as there is a popup asking for your Smart Card We are not using Smart Cards at all and have had a look at the following article regarding this issue but the hotfix didn't work https support microsoft com en-us kb I have software that can remove the encryption but will require the pfx file which can't be exported as the certstore doesn't show that it still has this It is a self signed certificate generated by Windows so I can't request a new one using the CA Thanks for your help in advance
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Hi Having some fun with a windows setup of DirectAccess have it configured to use ECC certificates on the client for the IPSec authentication which was working brilliantly we even have it loaded up behind a Citrix Netscaler to do SSL offloading of the HTTPS tunnel encryption But when trying to get Client Preauthentication working we hit a snag it seems that the NetScalers dont support ECC certificates which is a pain but something we thought we could work around by using an RSA certificate on the client to performed the pre-authentication as shown here nbsp https directaccess richardhicks com directaccess-ip-https-preauthentication-using-citrix-netscaler So we have three CA's CA issue RSA certs and CA is setup to do the ECC ones so nice separation of the chains So we have our Cert chain for RSA loaded into the load balancer and a new cert issued to the ECC when installed Certificate Client Authentication RSA certificate ignored client from CA But Client Certificate Authentication RSA certificate ignored when ECC installed every time the client connects to the server LB we see the handshake taking place the server sends a list of its Client Certificate Authentication RSA certificate ignored when ECC installed DNs CA https blogs msdn microsoft com kaushal client-certificate-authentication to the client but then the client looks in its store picks out the ECC certificate issued from CA and fails to authenticate saying no suitable certificate can be found its like its not even looking at the RSA one at all So thinking something was wrong with the way the LB was asking for client authentication Client Certificate Authentication RSA certificate ignored when ECC installed I tried deleting the ECC cert and tried again this time the client completes the handshake finds the RSA cert and passes it back to the LB for authentication So im left wondering why my Windows client is trying to use a Cert issued by a CA which isnt in the list of DN's sent by the LB nbsp To add insult to this issue trying this same scenario on Windows seems to work out of the box with an ECC cert and RSA cert in the Computer personal store the client looks and chooses the RSA one authenticates and continues through the process of connecting
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The company this week announced the officially Windows 10-compatible version 5.5 of EMET. However, it launches as a tool that Microsoft believes is now largely redundant, thanks to inbuilt security improvements it has made to Windows 10.

Microsoft is so confident of how it has hardened its Windows 10 Edge browser that it's dropped support for it in EMET 5.5.

"Given the advanced technologies used to protect Microsoft Edge, including industry-leading sandboxing, compiler, and memory-management techniques, EMET 5.5 mitigations do not apply to Edge," Microsoft's EMET team said.

Microsoft is just as confident that Windows 10 devices won't need EMET.

Microsoft: Windows 10, Edge so secure they don't need our EMET anti zero-day shield | ZDNet
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  We have installed and configured emet 5.5 on a 2012MS.
  When we execute the tenable 2012MS STIG, we get the emet findings stating that emet has not been configured.
   Registry settings show emet installed.  why do we still rec the 2012STIG findings? HELP
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Hello nbsp As per the subject I'm having a problem with EMET on 5.2 2003 R2 with Windows on Issue Server EMET SP2 x86 Windows Server R SP x nbsp Specifically whilst EMET appears to install successfully and its processes are running no applications that I've set up for EMET protection have a green tick next to their name in the quot Running EMET quot column in the EMET GUI I've tried a wide variety of things - un-installing all other AV Issue with EMET 5.2 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x86 and security software Issue with EMET 5.2 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x86 disabling everything except core MS Issue with EMET 5.2 on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x86 services on boot via MSCONFIG trying older x versions of EMET ensuring all possible available Windows Updates are installed trying different options for DEP and the other core mitigations and so on and so forth - but no matter what I do whilst EMET runs it doesn't seem to actually be doing anything nbsp Any changes I make to the rules and the startup of the EMET service are all recorded in the Application Event Log but no actual process protection seems to be happening as far as I can see Has anyone else encountered a problem like this or have any suggestions on how to proceed nbsp I realise of course that Server is a completely un-supported EOL operating system at this point but that was the main reason I wanted to get EMET running on this particular server to provide it with at least a modicum of protection for however long it has to stay on line nbsp Any input suggestions or ideas would be very welcome Thank you Kevin Drysdale
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Researchers have once again managed to bypass Microsoft s Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET this time by leveraging the Windows subsystem WoW WoW Windows -bit on Windows -bit is a compatibility layer in Windows designed to allow unmodified -bit applications to run on -bit systems While to Subsystem EMET Windows Used Bypass Microsoft it s very useful researchers demonstrated in the past that WoW creates an attack surface that can be used by malicious actors to Windows Subsystem Used to Bypass Microsoft EMET bypass antivirus software and exploit mitigations Researchers at two-factor authentication FA solutions provider Duo Security have found a way to use WoW to bypass Microsoft EMET a tool designed to make it more difficult and more expensive for attackers to exploit a system While EMET bypass methods have been presented several times in the past Duo Security says its method can be used to bypass all payload execution and return-oriented programming ROP mitigations in one shot in a generic Windows Subsystem Used to Bypass Microsoft EMET app-independent way According to Duo Security percent of browsers are -bit processes running under WoW on a -bit system This Windows Subsystem Used to Bypass Microsoft EMET is relevant in this case as web browser exploitation is one of the most common vectors used by malicious actors to breach systems In order to demonstrate their findings researchers modified an existing exploit for a use-after-free vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player CVE- - They successfully reproduced the bypass on a -bit version of Windows running Internet Explorer and the latest versions of EMET and beta While EMET provides support for both and -bit processes as a limitation of its design it does not explicitly handle the special case of WoW processes This makes using a -bit ROP chain and secondary stage a relatively straightforward method for bypassing a significant number of EMET s mitigations Duo Security explained in its research paper Furthermore -bit editions of EMET do not support any of the ROP-related mitigations further limiting EMET s effectiveness on -bit processes It appears that due to these limitations enhancing EMET to overcome them is likely a non-trivial effort Darren Kemp researcher at Duo Security has pointed out that the paper s goal is not to undermine the importance of EMET s role in defending organizations against cyberattacks but to highlight shortcomings in the current version EMET is largely effective at complicating a variety of exploitation techniques in true - and -bit applications often requiring attackers to find a solution to each mitigation on a case- by-case basis Most off-the-shelf exploits will fail in the face of EMET mitigations Duo Security said But due to the architectural quirks of the WoW subsystem mitigations provided by EMET are significantly less effective due to the way they are inserted into the process Fixing this issue requires significant modifications to how EMET works Microsoft has provided the following statement We continue to research new mitigations to integrate into the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET Deploying EMET helps make it more difficult for attackers to exploit a system which moves the balance of power in the customer s favor Windows Subsystem Used to Bypass Microsoft EMET SecurityWeek Com nbsp

A:Windows Subsystem Used to Bypass Microsoft EMET

I am not 100 % sure, but I think HitmanPro.Alert addresses the issues cited for 64-bit.

Someone should ask SurfRight developer, Mark or Erik Loman.
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Probably the biggest change in EMET is official support for Microsoft s new operating system Windows While EMET ran fine on Windows it never supported the operating system officially and this changes with the new release When you run the Beta version of EMET after installation you will notice another change right away provided that you run Windows and not an earlier version of Windows The main interface lists the new quot Block Untrusted Fonts quot option which is set to audit by default This is a Windows- specific feature that is not supported with support 10 Microsoft EMET launches Windows 5.5 Beta on previous versions of Windows Windows ships with settings to block untrusted fonts The feature is not enabled by default and can be set to on or audit if desired On prevents any font from being loaded that is not in the Fonts directory of the Windows installation while audit writes untrusted font events to the log but won t block access to them There is also an option to exclude apps so that they can load untrusted fonts regardless of the global preference Other EMET improvements The new EMET version ships with a handful of additional improvements Better configuration of various mitigations via GPO EAF EAF pseudo-mitigation performance improvements Bug fixes Microsoft notes that EMET mitigations do not apply to the company s own Edge browser on Windows due to quot the advanced technologies used to protect Microsoft Edge including industry leading sandboxing compiler and memory management techniques quot Now Read Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Microsoft launches EMET 5.5 Beta with Windows 10 support Toolkit Tips Microsoft launches EMET Beta with Windows support - gHacks Tech News nbsp
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Hi everyone. I am not an expert so i left EMET almost with recommended settings.
I managed to add programs like Firefox, chrome etc but I can't add metro apps ( those from windows store .. I hope you get it what I am saying because in Italian when we say apps we don't refer to applications like in English ).
I can't because i can't find ".exe" of metro apps.
Googling I found that Universal Windows Apps actually don't have ".exe"'files. So? How can I add them in EMET?
I'd really appreciate if you could provide help
Looking forward to hearing from you

A:How to make Windows store apps run under EMET 5.5 control on w10

Many programs are listed in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Menu Start\Programs
I don't know if this is the Answer you are looking for.
The folder "ProgramData" is by default hidden, to be able to see that folder, you need to unhide that Folder.
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Hi there,
Our workstation users do not have admin rights. We must enter admin creds to open EMET GUI. EMET 5.5 GUI crashes on systems running kernelbase.dll v 6.1.7601.19160, which seems to have been introduced by the abovesaid bulletin that addresses a vulnerability
with elevation of privilege.
Event id 1000
Faulting application name: EMET_GUI.exe, version 5.5.5871.31892
Faulting module name KERNELBASE.DLL, version: 6.1.7601.19160
Exception code: 0xe0434352
Faulting application path: c:\program files (x86)\emet 5.5\emet_gui.exe
Faulting module path: c:\windows\system32\kernelbase.dll
On systems running older kernelbase.dll v 6.1.7601.18939, EMET GUI opens fine.
Apart from not applying this security update, is there a workaround? Wait for EMET 5.6?
Other aspects of EMET seem to be functioning fine. 
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Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET Date Published January th File Name EMET Setup msi File Size MB nbsp nbsp Information The Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET is designed to help customers with their defense in depth strategies against cyberattacks by helping detect and block exploitation techniques that are commonly used to exploit memory corruption vulnerabilities EMET anticipates the most common actions and techniques adversaries might use in compromising a computer and helps protect by diverting terminating blocking and invalidating those actions and techniques EMET helps protect your (EMET) Toolkit Experience Windows Mitigation 10 Enhanced for computer systems even before new and undiscovered threats are formally addressed by security Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) for Windows 10 updates and antimalware software EMET benefits enterprises and all computer users by helping to protect against security threats and breaches that can disrupt businesses and daily lives nbsp nbsp Note Supported Operating Systems Windows Windows SP Windows Windows Windows Server SP Windows Server Windows Server R Windows Vista SP - EMET requires NET Framework - For Internet Explorer on Windows you need to install KB a mandatory Application Compatibility update that has been released on March th or any other Application Compatibility updates for Windows after that

A:Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) for Windows 10

Hi Brink.
Downloaded Emet, problem encountered, could no longer open Internet Explorer. though Edge was unaffected.
See attachment.

Rectified by uninstalling Emet
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Upgrade a Win pro machine to Win pro nbsp EMET survived the upgrade process nbsp It appears to be running in Windows but the issue I have is when you go to launch Internet Explorer you not launch - rtm latest build 5.2 10 IE11 Windows will in EMET get nothing nbsp You do not even get a message back or any other feedback that something happened nbsp When you go into the Event Viewer you EMET 5.2 latest build - IE11 will not launch in Windows 10 rtm see these events for every instance of clicking on the IE window Event ID Source Application Error Faulting application name iexplore exe version time stamp x f a c Faulting module name ntdll dll version time stamp x a a Exception code xc Fault offset x e Faulting process id x e Faulting application start time x d cb baa b Faulting application path C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe Faulting module path C WINDOWS SYSTEM ntdll dll Report Id feb - ca - a- - ad Faulting package full name nbsp Faulting package-relative application ID nbsp I uninstalled EMET and now IE fires right up nbsp I would not normally use IE but we have a few nbsp business nbsp applications that require it nbsp Any updates to EMET compatibility with Windows build RTM Build
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Just a heads up I found OneDrive wouldn't open from the Start Menu after the Windows Anniversary Update it crashes before it opens to your OneDrive location in explorer exe nbsp Reliability History shows the following Faulting application name OneDrive exe version time stamp x e Faulting module name KERNELBASE dll version time stamp x e Exception code x d Fault offset x d c Faulting process ID x Faulting application start time x d ecff b Faulting application path C Users UserName AppData Local Microsoft Won't After (EMET 10 5.5) 1607 Anniversary Update Windows Open OneDrive OneDrive OneDrive exe Faulting module path OneDrive Won't Open After Windows 10 Anniversary 1607 Update (EMET 5.5) C WINDOWS System KERNELBASE dll Report ID Faulting package full name Faulting package-relative application ID This is a long time problem I've nbsp noticed with EMET although it usually happens when updating EMET to a new version nbsp This time it was an OS upgrade that triggered it nbsp To stop onedrive exe crashing or any other applications you have set in the application protections list that are crashing you need to toggle the security setting in EMET which for some odd reason fixes it nbsp For example Turn 'Certificate Pinning' to the opposite of what you currently have it set to or change the 'Block Untrusted Fonts' to one of the other settings other than what you have it currently nbsp set to nbsp That makes the Quick Profile Name change to 'Custom Security Settings' Then go to Quick Profile Name and set it to 'Recommended Security Settings' Then set your settings back to how you want them Reboot PC ---------------------------------- Windows Version EMET Version
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I have a problem with install multiple digital certificate PKF format to allow access to one website with different account ID Every time I installed the certificate it is working and allow me access to the website with relevance ID However the installed certificate missing installed PKF was after certificate new certificate will be missing if I continue to install with another certificate The way I install the certificate is just double click on the PKF certificate that provided by the website admin then kept click on the next button until its finish the installation steps All the certificates will install to quot Personal quot certificate store folder but the problem is only one certificate will remain I ever try to import all the certificate with using windows certificate manager is allow me to import all the certificates and able to let me access to the website with select different certificate to login with selected account ID Anyway this method is only workable if the Internet Explorer is not close after install all the certificates once the Internet Explorer is close then all the certificates were gone The motioned problem PC is running on Windows XP SP with latest update And the using internet explorer is version with latest update PKF certificate missing after new certificate was installed as well I had try to reset the Internet Explorer to default but is not working so appreciate is anyone can guide me to solve this problem

A:PKF certificate missing after new certificate was installed

Under "Content" in Internet Options, are all your certificates there? Mine are. Either your Admin. or the issuer should have your answer. Some PKFs are not compatible with all OSs or Browsers. Try downloading certificates to Firefox or Chrome and see if that works.
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After application updates Problem EMET April due mitigation after with Windows 7 to hangs 2016 EAF 5.5 having installed the Windows updates today I found that I couldn't start Firefox anymore - it just hangs and uses up core Then I tried IE - hangs and eats up another core Same for Chrome and Opera Then I began to suspect EMET and started Word Adobe Reader Thunderbird WL Mail - all the same Applications not opted into EMET continued to work I then tried to deactivate EMET's mitigations one by one and found that I had to disable quot EAF quot mitigation to use my apps again I didn't yet try to find out which of the updates is the root of this by uninstalling by since WU took so long hours to find updates at all that I haven't yet dared Maybe later I'll try to install the updates manually on another machine and see if I find sth Is it just me who's seeing this System bit Windows Enterprise EMET Problem with application hangs due to EMET 5.5 EAF mitigation after Windows 7 April 2016 updates all updates from WU except MSRT installed
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Can someone explain how and where I go to obtain a certificate to digitally sign my Windows Mail emails?

Thank you.

A:Windows Mail Certificate

Hi Bazoni,

See if the following helps: Using digital IDs to sign or encrypt Windows Mail messages.

Here's one example of a free Digital Authority to get the certificate:

For others (many not free), check out:

Good luck!
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Hello, I work at a school where we use a filter program called BlueCoat this filter allows us to filter both http and https traffic. In order to accomplish this we are required to create an SSL certificate and install in on all our local machines. Without this certificate on the local machine the user is unable to use any SSL traffic. In Windows 7 and earlier installing the certificate in the Trusted Root Certification Authorities through internet explorer allowed the entire system to use that installed certificate. In Windows 8 installing the certificate this way only installs the certificate for Internet explorer and programs like the Windows Metro Store and Windows Update will not work because they are not seeing the SSL certificate. Is there someway to install the SSL certificate so the entire system can use it? I also tried installing with the certification manager with no luck.
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My SSD bit the dust and I've lost my EFS encryption keys There exists nowhere in windows old a pfx file to be found I do have the credentials from Quote EFS certificate or windows.old .vhd? from Recover C Windows old Users MyProfileName AppData Roaming Microsoft SystemCertificates My Certificates I have a vhd backup of the old drive but it wasn't bootable with the new SSD After two weeks of work I wound up re-installing windows and moving the old installation to windows old I need to get the encryption keys out of windows old so I can gain access to my encrypted files again I have the windows old directory and Recover EFS certificate from windows.old or .vhd? access to my old user profile I have the vhd file which had issues booting with Virtual Machine--never got around to using third party apps I also tried using quot cipher x quot from within the recovery environment when I was logging in with the correct credentials but it was telling me the system could not find the file specified How can I gain access to my encryption keys from my windows backup image or from my windows old folders Alternately how do I migrate the vhd to a new hard drive and actually boot the darn thing bare metal recovery Isn't that the point of a whole disk image--to be able to back up to a new hard drive when the old one dies out Thanks
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Hi everyone, installed new modem and router using windows xp but windows continues to display ' validating connection' and does not connect to the internet also it display the message 'cannot find certificate to log into sitecom' any advice???
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Could somebody tell where I can buy the certificate to sign Win7 drivers in now-days?
I've found that it's impossible to install signed driver with sha1 certificate we bought. Even unsigned driver is better - it gives one more warning dialog to user, but installation is possible. We've tried to install updates for Win7, but failed.
Thank you.
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Hi. I was using Windows 8.1 installed on my C: drive a few days ago. It got infected with virus so I decided to install Windows 10. I formatted my C: drive and installed Windows 10 on it. Once I opened my Windows and went to E: drive, I recalled that I had encrypted everything using EFS and had forgotten to take a backup of the certificate and now I need to recover it somehow.

Very little space on C: drive has been overwritten. I ran a deep scan to recover files and found about 3M files on it. Is there a way I can find out the certificate file? Any pattern or extension I should be looking for? I've already tried .efx but it gives nothing. Is there any other way to recover the certificate?
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I'm trying to set up my email account in the mail app. Incoming and outgoing connections are both IMAP using SSL.

The programme tells me that I need that "To use this account you need to install a digital certificate on this PC. Contact you system administrator"

The email settings work fine with Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail etc so why is the Mail app asking for this and more importantly, how do I get it working?

A:Windows 8 mail app and digital certificate

same problem here. even i'm confused. help please!
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I have a Win XP Pro system with multiple users. There are files/folders that I want to start using EFS with.

I am very reluctant to do so because I also want a Recovery Agent Certificate defined so that, if needed, I can user the Administrator account or other designated account as the recovery officer/agent.

My knowledge level is high-beginner/low-intermediate. This means that I've worked some of the tools available in the Win XP Utility box (i.e. Local Security Policy; Computer Management).

What I don't know are the tools required for a non-Networked PC to be able to create MS certificate files (.cer); and then use them when the Recovery Agent is configured in the Local Security > Public Key Policies > Encrypting File System.

If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
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I recently (foolishly) played around with my documents & settings drive trying to move it to another partition. In doing so I've managed to nuke my certificate store, and lost my EFS certificate. Given that I've just moved the whole folder from one partition to another and then changed the registry to suit, the store should still be on my hard drive just in the wrong place. Can anybody help with where the store is located and what registry key points to the location? I'm running a standalone XP Pro box, and by the time I realised my mistake the system restore had been overwritten .


A:Solved: Windows certificate store & EFS

Ok, I won't pretend to be an expert on this, but have you tried using the certificates snap-in in mmc?

I notice that if you right-click "Certificates - Current User" one of the options is "Find Certificates".
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I am trying to install a vendor?s 64 bit driver on my system running Windows Embedded Standard 7. I am getting errors that the Windows does not have enough information to verify the driver's certificate. 

The vendor has told me that their drivers are digitally signed and that the issue is that my system is not connected to the internet and therefore does not receive windows updates.
They said that if the Windows Root Certificate Program could connect to the internet my issue would be solved.
My system cannot connect to the internet for security reasons. I was wondering if there is any way to fix this issue without connecting to the internet?
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Hi guys. Just bought a secondhand PC without any software on it.
The case does have a certificate of authenticity (WinXP Home) stuck on the side with the product key. Does This mean I now have a valid licence for having Windows XP Home on this newly aquired PC. If so, Is it leagal to borrow my friend's disc and install it with my Product key
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Since upgrading to Windows 10 a few of our computers have been having issues. Sometimes when they are trying to access a specific website that requires them to submit a digital certificate to sign in it causes their whole system to freeze. They are using
IE11, but because the military likes to use old technology I have it set to run in an IE9 emulation.

The One X
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Unable to install certificate in windows phone

A:How can we install certificate in windows phone 8.1??

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Unable to install certificate in windows phone A detailed method on how to install certificate on your Windows Phone device
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according to the windows 7 booklet, right clicking any program should show "Pin to taskbar". In my case, I just see the standard window options:delete,send to, etc. with no mention of pin at all. I have had nothing but problems since downloading 7 several days ago. eg: "backup" fails to complete; Windows repair disc will not open, I have tried installing the windows 7 installation disc following the instructions exactly, this will not open either. Has anyone any suggestions?

A:Pinning, etc.

Quote: Originally Posted by wjt

according to the windows 7 booklet, right clicking any program should show "Pin to taskbar". In my case, I just see the standard window options:delete,send to, etc. with no mention of pin at all. I have had nothing but problems since downloading 7 several days ago. eg: "backup" fails to complete; Windows repair disc will not open, I have tried installing the windows 7 installation disc following the instructions exactly, this will not open either. Has anyone any suggestions?

OK, wjt, you have a couple of different questions here.

First, on pinning. Check out

Second, install problems. Try re-burning the DVD at the slowest speed. If you downloaded the student version (non-".iso") check here on how to make a bootable version. Make bootable iso from student d/l

Hope this helps.
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I pinned excel on my taskbar later when i try to pin an excel document it doesn't save it.
But when i am on the guest account it works.


Here's an odd solution:

1. Create an empty batch file (.bat) file e.g. in documents which will be registered as a program.
2. create a shortcut to this bat file, remember this shortcut file cannot be deleted, as the start menu will point to this shortcut.
3. drop the shortcut on start menu.
4. go to properties of shortcut and enter the \\full\path\to\notes.txt document. also edit title to Note
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When I right clik on IE8 on the taskabar all of my history and recent web pages are being pinned. Is there anyway to turn this auto pinning off?
nvm found it , its under task bar properties uncheck "store and display recently opened items"

A:IE8 pinning everything

Maybe uncheck this and see if it still does it.

Attachment 3297
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Q: Pinning

Hello, I have a problem which I'm sure there's probably an easy solution to; I can't seem to "pin" google chrome to the taskbar. I had it on there before but suddenly it disappeared and when I tried to put it back on I just got the red circle with a line across it. Any other programme works apart from google chrome.



Hello there.

Are you pinning a Shorcut to the taskbar? grab directly the executable:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe"

And drag it directly to the taskbar. or to any location you want
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Sooooo Here's the problem Two computers problem a 8 a Windows with Mail "There's server's certificate" a desktop and a laptop both running Windows both have all available updates installed both are connected to the same home wireless network On my laptop when I access my email in the Windows Mail app under Settings gt Account gt Gmail and Yahoo it jumps to "There's a problem with a server's certificate" Windows 8 Mail the bottom of the page under the section for the IMAP settings where it says There's a problem with a server's security certificate When I "There's a problem with a server's certificate" Windows 8 Mail click Details it says The certificate isn't from a trusted source Malicious servers might use fake certificates that cause this error That's it No error code It gives me the option to Ignore certificate errors which is not recommended It seems to be downloading the mail though so I'm not sure what's going on On my desktop with the same Windows account synced over both machines same email account information there is no error I've tried to Google this but I haven't turned up anything Does anybody know what's going on here Why are two machines with the same IMAP information disagreeing about the server certificate's authenticity This is for both my Gmail and my Yahoo account so I would think it must be Windows I've restarted the laptop twice to see if it would just go away but no luck Please help

A:"There's a problem with a server's certificate" Windows 8 Mail

OK - sorry. As soon as I posted this, I went back to Google and read somewhere online that changing your date/time settings can affect the Mail app's certificate verification and I was fiddling with my clock yesterday. There's a "real time" oriented PC game that I play and I was trying to speed it up.    I guess I won't do that any more...  
I removed both accounts and added them back, and the server error is now gone. So, we're good here.
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Good day I work for a company that uses an ethernet connection and a netgear switch to connect a bunch Windows root update certificate problem of trucks together and then software on the main computer to control all the different trucks and display the data off the trucks rates pressures engine diagnostics etc Lately I have had an issue with the software on the main computer locking up When I checked the event viewer the last couple of times I had a crypt error right around the time the software Windows update root certificate problem froze Now I understand why this is happening because windows is trying to update the root certificates and I'm not connected to the internet The questions I have are Do you think it's possible that windows trying to update the root certificates could interfere with the connection between the main computer and the pumps even for just a split second to interrupt the software And also how would I go about trying to recreate the windows certificate update to see if I can make this issue happen again Is there a program that runs to update the certificates I've tried searching the internet and can't find a name or anything This is the most important part of these questions Recreating this issue and seeing if it shows up in the event viewer is of the utmost importance to me Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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I have recently installed a fresh-clean Windows 10, but saved on the side my old Windows 7 installation folders and files.
Now I have found I am missing a certificate that I had at the previous, Windows 7 installation.
Is there a way/tool to extract the certificate (both public and private keys) from that Windows 7 installation?
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I have a Sansa e250 MP3 player, since the return of my repaired computer last week during which they had to reconfigure and reinstall windows, Windows does not recognize the Device Security Certificate!

I have tried down loading and installing the 'Firmware' upgrades, the system recovery tool has been down loaded however the pdf file down load on how to use the tool will not down load.

Can anyone help in how to overcome this problem and acquire the 'Certificate' Windows is looking for?
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I got this prompt today when I got home, not entirely sure why it would need me to do this. I've never seen this prompt before, and have been using windows 7 (on different hard drives) since its release. Should I just let it do the thing?
"Back up your file encryption certificate and key"
Creating this backup file helps you avoid permanently losing access to your encrypted files if the original certificate and key are lost or corrupted.
Then 3 buttons:
Back up now (recommended)
You should back up the certificate and key to removable media
Back up later
Windows will remind you the next time you log on
Never back up
you could lose access to your encrypted files

A:Windows prompt to "Back up your encryption certificate and key

The prompt suggests you have select to encrypt some files using the windows built-in encryption, to avoid losing your files Windows advise you to create a backup of the encryption key...
The following article explain how you determine which files are encrypted and revert the process if you did it by mistake.
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I tried to change my network settings from WPA to to network find was certificate log you unable on to Windows to the a WEP last night and like an I screwed it up I only wanted to change it over temporarily so I could access the wireless network with another device that isn t compatible with WPA I ended up having to restore the Linksys router to Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network its default settings I then tried to recreate the settings it had before with WPA before I messed it up It was on WPA -Personal AES and I changed the network SSID and passwords back from default Very basic I didn t set the Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network router up myself originally though so there must be something I m missing I am able to connect via Ethernet cable but when I try going wireless on both Windows laptops one XP and one Vista I get a message saying quot Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network my SSID quot Most of the searches I ran on Google had people suggesting that I uncheck quot Enable IEEE x authentication quot in the laptop s wireless Authentication settings but that is already unchecked Besides shouldn t the fix have to do with something in the router settings since the wireless was working before I mucked around with the router The laptop settings remain unchanged from the when wireless used to work so they should be okay right I also tried setting the router up using Wi-Fi Protected Setup but after the bar loads to the end it says it was unable to connect Anyone have any suggestions Or need more info that might help solve my wireless problems nbsp
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I reinstalled Windows earlier today with the backup disc I received from Digital River part of a student discount deal in However the product key I know stupid of me not to Certificate my 7 Key, of Lost Product Windows Authenticity but have write it down and the confirmation e-mail are now long gone I've tried calling Microsoft directly but they keep redirecting me to different departments in hopes of getting me to buy a whole new copy Lost my Windows 7 Product Key, but have Certificate of Authenticity of Windows rather than simply asking me to verify the product with the certificate of authenticity and handing me my product key I was wondering if anyone could assist me I'm just Lost my Windows 7 Product Key, but have Certificate of Authenticity looking to get Windows activated as soon as possible Thanks guys EDIT I e-mailed Digital River though their online student store has been discontinued since I am hoping their customer service is still intact So I e-mailed them hoping to find a way for them to re-send my confirmation e-mail from three years ago unlikely but worth a shot EDIT I managed to get in touch with a helpful Microsoft representative who said I should call Customer Support during business hours He didn't give me the number when I asked though so I guess I'll go fishing for it on google

A:Lost my Windows 7 Product Key, but have Certificate of Authenticity

It should be on the certificate of authenticity. Mine is anyway.
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Dear All

I am using Hp520 notebook with Win Xp. When i trying to connect to Wi-Fi, the message flash "Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on the network". I want to get rid of the problem.

I tried the following:
In the authenciation Tab, i tried to uncheck "Enable IEEE 802.1x" bt it is already disabled and also the box is disabled.

A:Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on the network


your wireless router is not setup for certificate security.


That's caused by improperly setting the encryption on the Router to WPA-RADIUS instead of WPA-PSK on the client. The router and the client are both trying to find a RADIUS server with which to authenticate. Since you
don't have one, it complains using Microsoft technobabble. Change the
encryption to WPA-PSK (pre-shared key) on both ends.
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Hi everyone

Im having some difficulty with a laptop.

It won't update because of error 80072EE2

If I use IE8 and try to go to the windows update site it tells me there is a problem with the security certificate.

I'm guessing this is my problem?

What do you think?
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I recently bought two Belkin F D v latest firmware Wireless G routers and I m having a very strange problem I set one a unable log to network you was to certificate on Windows find the to up to use WPA-PSK Using my laptop running XP Pro SP I find the SSID using the Windows Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network wireless utility then I double-click on the network I enter in my WPA key just like I always would and it goes through the process of acquiring a network address and all of that but as it s doing that I get Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network a bubble alert in the system tray which says quot Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network SSID quot The connection seems to still work though just I get this message I have tried a few different laptops and they get the same message I have other wireless routers secured with WPA and I have never gotten that message before using the new Belkin Out of curiosity I opened up the second identical Belkin router applied the same WPA settings and it seemed to do the exact same thing I seriously doubt it s a laptop issue as I have used the same procedure that I have used countless times to connect to WPA-secured networks and I have also tried this on a few different laptops with the same result I searched for this message and people almost immediately suggest that it means either the router or computer are configured to use a Radius server Well neither are as far as I can tell In fact here are the settings for my router Security Mode WPA WPA -Personal PSK Authentication WPA-PSK Encryption Technique TKIP Password PSK my WPA key That doesn t seem to suggest anything different from a typical WPA setup from what I can tell yet I still get this weird message Any thoughts on this It seems to be router-related but I m confused as to why both routers do it Unless it s something new on the router that I m missing And of course the network seems to work other than this bubble but I m just wondering why it s coming up and how to get rid of it Thanks nbsp

A:Windows was unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network

Each WiFi adaptor has it's own setup utility, eg my Toshiba can with an
Atheros AR5005gs onboad chip and the OEM installed its own connection wizard.

Lots of people have used the MS wireless wizard, but perhaps you need to try the
OEM version.
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There's something that I don't get about this process. If I click on the Window's orb, then All Programs, then Windows Update, pin to taskbar or pin to start is not an option on the right click whereas they are options on certain other programs. Two questions:

1. Why do some have the option and others not?

2. How do I get Window's Update to stick on Start?



A:Pinning to Start

Quote: Originally Posted by markg2

1. Why do some have the option and others not?

2. How do I get Window's Update to stick on Start?

1. System design

2. Create a shortcut (in a permanent stealthy location), pin the shortcut.
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Not a huge issue more of just something i was curious about, why cant the "computer" desktop icon be pinned to the taskbar? I know that it is possible to pin the windows explorer but i want it to have the computer icon or at least the c drive icon.

A:Pinning to taskbar

I haven't found the reason why it's not possible to pin the Computer icon to the superbar. Maybe it's because it belongs in the explorer - who knows. You can pin it, though, if you really want to. There are some guides already posted around here somewhere. You basically create a shortcut, then point that shortcut to where the My Computer icon points to, then pin it to the superbar.
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Hi guys,

I did a quick search and looked at the tutorial but I couldn't find my problem anyway, I hope it hasn't been covered already.

Anyway, I just updated my iTunes and for some reason (as always) the shortcut resets itself and my current pinned shortcut is useless. So I deleted it and pinned the new iTunes shortcut back to the taskbar but now when I open iTunes I get two icons on my taskbar: one to start iTunes and one for the iTunes program that is running. Before I replaced the shortcut, and for my other shortcuts, I always only had one icon for both. Here's a screenshot that better illustrates the problem:

A:Pinning Issues

Hello Smeg, and welcome to Seven Forums.

See if this may help. Unpin both iTunes icons on the taskbar. Now open iTunes, and right click on the icon on the taskbar for it and click on "Pin this program to taskbar" instead of from the shortcut.

Hope this helps,
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Since I last did a clear cache I can no longer get pinned pages to stay pinned in the form I pin them. In Facebook for example I pin it and it shows pinned but when I go out of IE it reverts to the generic page and I have to sign in again. This is the same with any of my sites that have a password and I have to sign in each please

A:Pinning to taskbar

OmaW welcome to Sevenforums,

This happens every time when browser history (cookies in particularly) is deleted.

Please go to Control panel - Internet Options - General Tab - Browsing history section
and make sure that option Delete browsing history on exit is NOT ticked.
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I'm not presently a user of IE 9, but---

here's are two links which you beta users will find useful.

IE9 power tips: the secrets of pinned site shortcuts | ZDNet


Internet Explorer 9 - Pin and Unpin Websites to Taskbar or Start Menu

A:Pinning IE 9 Shortcuts

Karl, I am not using it either. In my opinion the nominal improvements that will probably be offered by IE9 are not worth the bother, to be the first to try a browser that will have problems until fully tested.
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Hi guys, I'm having a serious problem here. I wanted to add a folder to my windows explorer pinned folders so that I can right click on the windows explorer icon on the taskbar and have my popular folders right there. When I first setup windows 7, I did this by right clicking on the folders I wanted and clicking "Pin to Taskbar." Now, when I right click on folders, there is no such option. Even libraries only have the option to "Pin To Start Menu" which is strange because I had already pinned a library to the windows explorer icon on the task bar, which means that must have been an option before because I don't know how else I would do it. Can someone please explain to me how I can add more folders to the windows explorer icon? This is very frustrating

A:Pinning To Taskbar??

Drag folder to the explorer icon on taskbar and it will be pined there.
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If I pin a file for easy return access in Excel it doesn't hold.
I have Excel Options > Advanced > Number of Recent Documents set to 17.
It drops off at varying numbers sometimes as few as one. Also, the pinned symbol does not stay "in" and green. It will change by it's self to horizontal and gray
This is a nice feature. How do I get it to last from session to session?

Microsoft Office Excel 2007
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You can pin programs to the Win7 task bar, but I want to have a pop-up that I can pin a few programs within the vertical alignment of a pinned program. If you pin a program beside the start button and you want to pin another program it would go to the right of the task bar. I want to pin it vertically so I click on a part of the task bar and I have a list of custom programs vertically.

A:Pinning vertically

You can create custom jumplist (menu, which pops up on right click on pinned item) and put your custom programs in such jumplist.


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Hi all.

I have on the taskbar of my screen a folder that takes me to things I have recently done or used and I also have pinned things in the folder so that when I right click it it gives me the option of going straight to stuff like 'Music' , 'Vuze Downloads' and 'Downloads.

It's a great shortcut for me to reach all the things that I want without having to go searching through menu's all the time.

The problem is is that I have recently unpinned my 'Movies' folder and I do not know how to pin it back.

Can anyone help me out on this, I'd be grateful.

Cheers, all the best, Ste.

A:Movie pinning?

Quote: Originally Posted by ste20man

Hi all.

I have on the taskbar of my screen a folder that takes me to things I have recently done or used and I also have pinned things in the folder so that when I right click it it gives me the option of going straight to stuff like 'Music' , 'Vuze Downloads' and 'Downloads.

It's a great shortcut for me to reach all the things that I want without having to go searching through menu's all the time.

The problem is is that I have recently unpinned my 'Movies' folder and I do not know how to pin it back.

Can anyone help me out on this, I'd be grateful.

Cheers, all the best, Ste.

Can you post a screenshot of your taskbar please.

If this is a toolbar then you need to find the "Movies" folder and put it in the toolbar folder.

Regards....Mike Connor
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I created facebook desktop shortcut from firefox version 12. How do I pin it to the taskbar?

A:pinning facebook

Hello Rose,

Are you able to drag the tab of the webpage and pull it over to the taskbar to stick it there?:

Taskbar - Pin or Unpin a Program - tutorial created by Brink
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Hi All

I am new to windows 8 but have been finding my way around, One problem I am finding is that some websites I visit to "Pin To Taskbar" seem to only show a blank icon! No name but text but when you change the text it doesn't change on the icon? strange one particular site is the Nationwide bank page cannot seem to get an icon with a name on it?

Anybody got any ideas as to why this happens on only a few sites?


A:Pinning To Taskbar

Hello Gatewaya, and welcome to Eight Forums.

It depends on what favicon is used by the site for what icon the URL shortcut will have on the middle of it's page icon. I have a icon for Nationwide bank for me, so you might see if deleting your temporary internet files and history and reloading the site may help.

If you like, you could also pin the site in the jump list of the browser's icon on the taskbar.
Jump Lists - Pin or Unpin Items - Windows 7 Help Forums
Hope this helps,