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Upgrading MOBO and processor....

Q: Upgrading MOBO and processor....

Hey just got a new mobo and processor to upgrade my current computer, will my OS work if I just replace the mobo and processor or do I have to take extra steps in order for it to work?

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Preferred Solution: Upgrading MOBO and processor....

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrading MOBO and processor....

It will if it's the same motherboard, but if it isn't you will need to reinstall the OS. You may get away with just doing a repair of the OS, but that's never a guarantee though.
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If I upgrade my mobo and processor and install my xp that has already been
"activated" for my old system will microsoft let me reactivate it in my new system? For that matter if I reinstall on the present system that it is already on will I have to reactivate it?
I'm kinda confussed about this activation stuff.

A:xp activation after upgrading mobo and processor

and welcome to the Forum

If you reinstall, which is the smart thing to do, you will have to activate . . it's quick and simpole, even if you have to call. Don't let it bother you
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I'm upgrading a computer and I'm having difficulties with loading. I am replacing just the mother board, processor chip, and the ram chip. I am re-using the hard drives, cd/dvd drives, and everything else.

I've upgraded from:
an AMD chip to a P4 3.0e w/ HT
an unknown AMD mobo to a DFI PS85-BL ver B1 mobo

I will be using 512 mb ddr 400 pc3200 kingston ram

I already called DFI and they said that I need to unistall the system drivers. Of course, I tried uninstalling all device drivers and then shut down and rebuilt computer. When I booted, the computer asked for safe mode or boot normally. No matter what I select, it automatically reboots.

Any ideas, instructions, or definite fixes?

A:Upgrade Issues. Upgrading from AMD mobo to P4 mobo.

Watching over Gotham City...hey it's dark out here

Why Do u Wanna Upgrade to Pentuim 4
Just Asking
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Hey guys, I am building my second system and am just wondering what mobo to get.

I don't full understand the advantages that a 64bit system will bring but I know that a dual processor will do wonders for my work flow (I have a 3D modeller who renders alot). I was just wondering if you know of a dual processor mobo which is also 64bit. That would be the best of both worlds in my opinion.

Any advice you can give would be great.

A:64 bit mobo vs dual processor mobo?

Any preferences between intel and AMD?

If you are going AMD, get a socket 939 motherboard with the nforce4 chipset, like this one for example:

Then pop a dual core, 64bit CPU in it:,,30_118_9485_13041,00.html
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I have a recent copy of windows 7 pro purchased online. if i install a new mobo, processor and graphics card will i have to reinstall or repurchase win 7?

A:new mobo and processor

If you purchased a copy then you can re-use it on your upgrade, but you may have to reinstall it if you changing the motherboard - ideally you should reinstall it so it doesn't have all the drivers and configuration of the old system anyway.
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Hey guys I'd appreciate some confirmation in my suspicions before I purchase a new motherboard tomorrow I had issues with my computer starting around four months ago Booting took forever and it I had to turn it off and on several times before it would boot into Windows I have an AS ROCK EXTREME Z mobo It eventually got to the mobo or processor? bad point where it simply wouldn't boot The error codes I received were fast and various I think I narrowed the issue down to bad RAM slots I noticed that if I moved the RAM to any other slots the computer would start and then die I switched RAM with a friend of mine and his computer would start but mine would repeat the process of starting and then dying with his RAM inserted The only thing which confuses me is that I thought I would receive a solid error code on my mobo instead of several fast ones if the RAM slots were bad Any help would be greatly appreciated
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In the near future I plan on replacing my P4 2.66 ghz (socket 478) with a AMD 64 3200+(socket 939). Which means I also will be replacing my mobo. Will I be able to use my current HD with XP or will I have to reinstall everything?

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I m rebuilding my PC and have all IDE connections hard drives DVD drives also have a rd new sata DVD drive if I could find a MoBo with IDE and Sata The board is dead need some help finding a new board to support what I have and something that will last I need speed and power I use my PS for gaming I m not building a gaming rig Need a processor for Best mobo IDE/best really good processor Was looking at the Intel Core i Thinking it might be a bit much Any suggestions there I have hard drives a GB and Thinking I don t need to upgrade there just yet Going to use the and in the new build for now I need memory I have sticks of now of which I m Best mobo for IDE/best processor using in another PC I have AGP video cards older parts laying around and PCI Going to get a new PCI-e card I have a w power supply I have to run a cable from router to PC would like to go wireless there Also buying a wireless printer nbsp

A:Best mobo for IDE/best processor

Need a really good processor.Click to expand...


I need memory. I have 3 sticks of 512 now, 2 of which I'm using in another PC.Click to expand...

So you have 512?

I have 3 AGP video cards (older parts laying around), and 1 PCI. Going to get a new PCI-e card.Click to expand...

So you'll need a pci-e slot? A new card isn't necessary since you're not gaming.

Whats your budget? Practically any motherboard has IDE support assuming you have a long IDE cable, which it looks like you do.
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I lost a motherboard recently. I decided to use this opportunity to upgrade to a dual core processor. I've ordered both the mobo and processor, but what I'd like to know is- what's going to happen when I boot up my old hard drive (XP Media Center Ed.)?

If I remember correctly, XP will basically freak out and say "New hardware detected - you must re-validate XP" (or something to that effect).

Can anyone confirm this for me?


A:New MoBo and Processor

I'm afraid so, but it usually only takes a telephone call.
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I just got a new motherboard and processor, and I was wondering if I would have to reformat my HD in order for them to work. The mobo is a Microstar MS-6712, and the processor is an AMD Athlon XP2000+. My old stuff was some crappy intel board with a celeron 766 (it was an emachines comp). I'm keeping my hard drive for now, until I can get a new one. My OS is WinXP.

A:New mobo and processor


Your new motherboard should detect the new harddrive and set itself up accordingly. when windows boots, you will just have to install al the drivers that came with your motherboard.
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Hello I m brand new in and New processor? mobo here I ll get to the point real quick I was dumb enough to buy a sony Viao from circuit city awhile back and after upgrading most of the components I have discovered that this computer is not meant to be upgraded I have posted my issue a billion times and I think it is a mobo compatability problem Basiclly my system runs certain games in slow mo most of the time Before anyone New mobo and processor? tries to help with that issue New mobo and processor? I have tried everything and the only way to get the games to work is by pulling the system battery and rebooting Now that doesn t work anymore Something is re writting cmos bios to make the system suck I have contacted sony and they said that my video card and ect are not supported so you are S O L I m tired of restoring defraging updating and everything else and I m almost possitive it is a processor board issue The sony guy also told me that the processer is quot matched quot to the mobo and I cant just buy a new motherboard This is what I know about what I have g pentium hyperthreaded g express chipset g ram gig is kingston hyper X pin X the other half is stock gt aopen video card gig hd watt ps the ram video ps and some case fan work is the only thing that I have modded My question is is it possible to use the processor and just get a new board Is an atholon better gaming wise Any suggestions on maybe a combo that will work with the vid card and memory that is equil or better than I have now I am not real tech savy so please use lamens terms ANY help at all would be appriciated Thanks nbsp

A:New mobo and processor?

To start with the sony guy is full of crap. All intel pentium 4 processers will work in any motherboard that supports them (socket 775 in your case.). However the Operateing System (Windows) is matched to the motherboard and you will need a new copy of windows if you replace the board. You will also need a new case and PSU as sony uses non-standard mounting holes and brackets.

An AMD athlon 64 3200+ or higher would preform better but realistically a 3.2GHZ Pentium 4 with a good video card and ram will run any game currently out fine.

If you do get a new motherboard I would recomend a board that supports the Intel Core 2 DUO (currently the best processr) so you can upgrade in the future if you wish.
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This just makes me mad. I had one problem that I was going to solve and then I run into this crap.

I power on and I don't video or anything. I don't think that it's even functioning, because I leave a floppy in there and the light doesn't come on.

I just set it aside one day to wait for my new floppy drive to come in (because I couldn't install RAID due to a broken floppy) and the next time I plug it in, I get no video. I have a PCI card, plugged THAT in, and that didn't work. I tried the S-video as well and nothing.

So it's either one of the two. Which one of these makes this problem?


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Just wanted to know if what im buying is campitable heres the motherboard-MSI K8T NEO2-F Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard-and heres the processor-intel Pentium 4 520 Prescott 800MHz FSB 1MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Processor 2.8ghz.

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Ok since my confusion and etc are still around I need to re-ignite this question here are my specs and wants I know all of you are trying to help me but I am confused and a bit frustrated You know what i got hopefully if not here Current spec motherboard is a Soyo Dragon Plus Kt- Processor AMD Athlong GHz Xp Ram two g skill gig DDR ram sets Pc- Video card Nvidia GT once Mobo more Processor and help with ram Two IDE hard drives PSU True antec W CD-rom x speed no burner Pioneer Dvd cd rom player and burner What i want A mobo processor and maybe ram that would let me use my current video card hard drives and at least my Dvd cd rom player burner I do not have the money now or for at least year to get a new PC therefore wanting to do this option So please let me know the best thing to increase the speed cause i doubt with over-clocking i could play a game like Splinter Cell double agent or Crysis or some others for a while If i can get this to be at least to GHZ great Now I need the best solution for this as far as the hardware goes without going to PCI-E untill i can get afford to get a NEW PC base which will be quite some time unless i can get a job So please let me know with links best solutions nbsp

A:Mobo and Processor help once more

ASRock Dual775-VSTA or their quad or whatever the latest edition of that board is. That is about your only hope. It is a budget board, but its solid, I ran it in my main machine for a while.

It will let you run an AGP card and DDR RAM still.

So you'd have to buy a new processor and that motherboard. You could keep your ram and video card. That motherboard is an intel board, so you'd want to go with a Core2Duo processor just because that is the best bang for your buck. Probably something like an E4500.

That board has the bonus of letting you run a PCIe graphics card if you want (AGP or PCIe), but you won't want to go crazy with a PCIe card in it, because its limited to 8x I believe (as opposed to 16x). That isn't a big deal for most games, but I think it would be for Crysis.

Speaking of Crysis, that is a tall order for any system out there now. Only the very very best are able to play Crysis well at max settings, and even then they can't at high resolutions. Crysis really won't run fantastic until the next generation of video cards come out.

Also don't be too concerned with Ghz, they are really only a good measure of performance between the same family of CPUs, outside of that they are relatively worthless. That 4500 I recommended is a 2.2Ghz (I think) and will blow the doors off a Pentium D (dual core) 3.0Ghz.
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I have a dell dimension with a Ghz P processor and from my research I believe it is on a socket mobo and recently I ve wanted to upgrade my video card and in the future the HD the dell only supports an gig drive The mobo doesn t have an agp slot and the tower only has a w power supply so putting a video card in doesn t seem a very feasible option especially only a pci card I ve decided to buy a new case Dell towers are not ATX and a new mobo then use the components from my current machine to New for processor mobo P4 my build the rest I ve never built a computer before but I ve been doing some research and I think this will work Since I don t have alot of experience I would like to pose the question here if this will work Here are some of the specs from my current machine that I would like to put in the new machine - Ghz New mobo for my P4 processor P processor socket - mb ram PC - gig HD I believe it s ATA -JLMS DVD rom -Sony CD burner -floppy disk drive Here s the mobo New mobo for my P4 processor I am looking at buying MSI PM M-V Socket VIA P M Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail AGP Slots x AGP X X CPU Type Intel Pentium Celeron DDR Standard DDR PC FSB MHz Maximum Memory Supported GB Number of DDR Slots x pin DDR P ATA x ATA up to Devices PCI Slots South Bridge VIA VT Supported CPU Technologies Hyper-Threading Technology Model PM M-V Item N E can be found here http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Thank-you in advance for looking and helping someone out new to the pc world nbsp

A:New mobo for my P4 processor

The problem you are going to be having is determining what in your old system is proprietary. That is ade to Dell specs and only usable on their systems and only replaceable with dell parts. Especially the power supplys and placement of lines on the 20 pin connector being non standard ATX configuration, and motherboards and their mounting holes being specific to Dell cases and not compatable with mounting holes on standard ATX mobos. Another thing is your operating system if it's on a proprietary Dell CD probably won't install on a new non Dell mobo. what I would suggest is sell the Dell and build one from scratch as you are almost going to spend enough buying new things, and for the few dollars more you could get with selling yours you could get hooked up with a nice case good power supply and a decent video card. There are plenty of forums like this one with a lot of knowledgable people that are glad to help you put it together. We all remember when we were new at this too.
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hi i have this motherboard, and i want to get a processor for it. i think this is the list that shows what CPU's are compatible with my Mobo, i think i wanna get a quad core, im looking for something in the 100-175 dollar range, can anyone suggest one or a few?

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I have a Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Plus! Motherboard with a Athlon XP 1.2GB processor running at 1.9GB. Im looking for a processor fan that will keep it cool, the one I have now is a bit loud for me... Im also looking for a case fan too, the one I have now is a bit loud for me too...

I was also thinking about upgrading the motherboard and processor to something faster and newer but not EXPENSIVE... Any suggestions on parts for the whole thing?

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i have come to the conclusion that most my problems stem from my mobo and processor, so in turn of knowing this i have decided to upgrade both. I play games simple so im looking more towards an nforce 2 or somethin, but im not sure really what i should get, any help here would be great seein as how i dunno to much about mobos and processors. i got about 500 dollars to work w/ but least money spent on what i need the better, if there is no gettin around it then so be it :/

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hey. I have narrowed down a problem here but i am still 5 % uncertain. Ok here is whats happening. I have an HP Pavillion Elite m9150f. Recently for some reason it starting malfunctioning. it worked fine and then was shut down. it never rebooted. it keeps restarting even before it sends a signal to the monitor. i thought the PSU was bad but that was wrong. becuase i used a PSU fromanother working PC and the smae thing happened. I then noticed when i left the 4 pin plug for the CPU off the PC stayed on. When i replaced the plugged the problem reappeared.
i took out the processor and the PC stayed on. Put back the processor the problem once again arose. Is it safe to assume that the processor is bad?

A:Processor or Mobo?

I would say yes to a bad CPU but this is very rare. Was the CPU fan/heatsink dirty? Did you apply new thermal compound after cleaning of the old compound?
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Hi, its been over a year now and I think its time for me to upgrade again to keep up. Anyway I am trying to figure what is the best processor that I can get for under $200. Thanks

A:Looking for new processor and mobo

Well, if you are going to upgrade your motherboard as well, you should be looking at the core 2 duo cpus from intel. Is that budget for just the CPU? You have a separate budget for the motherboard as well?

For $200 on the CPU, the E6300 is a great one, or if you can squeeze a few extra bucks out, go for the E6400.
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Okay i asked a question a few days ago pertaining to if my processor was fried or not now after a little troubleshooting and actually following the directions on the manual of the M B i see that it was shorted to the case Could this have effected the processor and cause it not to work I think it did or that it was Mobo or Processor damaged from the previous problems i ve had I have the M B out of the case and on the box it came in and it ll turn on no beeps or Processor or Mobo POST but when i hold the power button for secs it goes back off I ve had the board fixed b c it shorted and produced a burning smell RMA d and had it fixed replaced Now just to see what d happen i took the processor out and turned on M B and oddly it did exactly as it had with the processor in So you can see why i think it s the processor so before I went out and bought another i m wanting to know if anyone Processor or Mobo here could point out something else that might be the problem note nothing connected to board but RAM processor fans and power sw power LED etc nbsp

A:Processor or Mobo

so...can anyone help confer on if the processor is the problem?
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well my current board does not support the 45 nm quad so i have to buy a new mobo that does,thats a list of the supported boards that will support my new processor,which should i go with?

the processor i am getting tomorrow is the q9450...

my current board is the asus p5n3e sli plus

i was thinking of getting this board

or asus told me i can get any one of these..

my budget is 276 with shipping please help as i want to order it tomorrow and do next day shipping thanks

A:New processor/new mobo help

Holy crap that CPU is expensive.
What are you planning to do with this computer once you get it built?
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Just hooked up a new mobo (Gigsbyte G1.Guerrilla) and processor (i7 1366 3.2) and its not beeping... i have all the lights and fans goin on the mobo, but can't hear anything. When I had the vid card plugged in the monitor said no signal so I unplugged everything out of the mobo except power --- thats where it is sitting right now

Am i supposed to be resetting anything? Power issue even though lights/fans are on?

Please help

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I am in the process of purchasing a new motherboard for my PC. I just have a simple, possibly rhetorical question. Does the FSB of the processor have to match the FSB of the mobo? In other words I have a 1.8Ghz Celeron at 400Mhz FSB, can I get a mobo that is rated at 533/800Mhz FSB and still use the Celeron? If so, would there be an increase in speed going up to a mobo with an 800Mhz FSB?

Thanks in advance!

A:Matching FSB of mobo and processor

Yes, You need a Mobo that uses a 400 fsb. If you put that processor in a mobo that has a 533 or 800 you could damage either the processor or the mobo, maybe both.
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Hi everyone im kinda new to the multi processor area, and i was just wondering if it was possible to run a motherboard with 2 or 4 CPU slots with only 1 actual CPU?

Thanks for the help and advice.


A:Multi processor mobo?

Why not? As long as there's at least one CPU present, I don't think it would cause any problems (other than ur PC not booting )
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Computer shuts off seconds after boot Background Just installed new mobo an Asus M N -VM and upon first boot it shuts off This happened twice One happened with installed graphics card The second without the card PSU is fine Worked on other mobo Gigabyte mobo until I replaced it do to what I believed were sporatic power issues like powering off That also happened with a previous psu connected to the previous mobo BTW Asus led light on mobo is still on All fans worked including cpu fan and both case fans I have Mobo Processor Failing or DOA never encountered a DOA mobo so I don't know if that's what's Failing Processor or DOA Mobo going on I also don't know how a failing processor acts since this was what both PSUs and mobos have in common It's an AMD Athlon X All info about this machine is listed under my system specs Also could the CPU cooler not be completely seated on processor I have used thermal paste between them The tube of Failing Processor or DOA Mobo thermal paste is pretty old since having rescued it from a Circuit City firedog bench ASUS GeForce Socket AM mATX Motherboard w RAID eSATA Sound Video Supports Dual Triple and Quad-Core ASUS COMPUTER INTL M N -VM-GREEN

A:Failing Processor or DOA Mobo

Sounds very much like a poorly seated CPU, in thermal terms. However it could also be a badly seated or poorly matched memory stick.

Check your CPU, making sure you use a small amount of decent thermal paste (like Artic Ceramiqu?) and that all the clamps are physically pressed home (if you can take a look at the underside of the motherboard to make certain).

Be mindful of any solder on the board touching any other metal risers, or case parts.

If the problem persists check your RAM stick by stick, try booting with one stick in varied slots at a time.

Take a look at your BIOS and set safety defaults.
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Amd or intel ,want to edit with adobe.$1300_1700.Like Ati1900xt video card??All suggeston very helpful thanks.Also which would give me better rendering.

A:Help building NLE Mobo and Processor???

Maybe if you took the time to properly tpe out what you need/want, people will bother replying.
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Hi there,

I'm looking to upgrade in the next couple of weeks and would like to hear opinions on the following combination:

Asus A8V-E DELUXE & AMD Athlon 64 3000+

Also, would it be possible to keep my current graphics and sound cards to use with this combination? I don't have much money, but I want something that can grow as I go along.

Thanks so much for your help.

A:Opinions on mobo and processor?

I would like to state that all your hardware will carry over into the new system. There's only three exceptions (Memory and graphics, and power).

Your currently running sdram and your new system will use ddr ram. As for the video card this motherboard isnt backward compatible and only runs the new pci express video cards. So if you really want this motherboard you will need to buy a pci express video card.

I would go with the next model down the A8V deluxe. This will support your tnt 2 card but, you still need to purchase some ddr ram for any board you select. Since sdram is old,outdated, and isnt compatible with today's motherboards.

What can you tell me about the power supply?
Maker, maximum Watts?

When upgrading, It's a good rule of thumb to buy a new power supply depending on the age of the psu. If its a few years old its time for a new one. Plus with the new setup your power requirements are going to increase and your current psu may not be able to handle it. With that in mind, I recommend at a minimum a 400 watt power supply.

Do you have a case that's compatible with the amd64? This is a far cry from 650mhz processor. This setup is going to run alot hotter. Your current case many not be able to cool it properly and cause overheating problems.

I hope this helps.
Good Luck
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I have ASUS M4A78LTM_LE, but it has started to give problems now. I wanted to buy a new MoBo for my AMD Phenom II x4 965BE processor and i selected MSI 970A-G46. But after reading few reviews some said that this MoBo bottlenecks processors having wattage more than 95W and my processor is of 125W. So is this really true? If not i'll go for this but if yes please suggest me a good and cheap MoBo. My budget is $100 (7000INR).

Thank you

A:Will this MoBo work with my processor?

I'm sure it will work with a BIOS Update you shouldn't go wrong. Anyways, why not gigabyte?
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Deceased motherboard has set me on the path of a complete rebuild .So as I haven't had the excuse/justification to purchase the latest technology for the last 4 years I'm slightly struggling to match up the various components, I think I'm coming down on the side of a Phenom 11 X2 processor 550 Black edition as its review says ite good value for money. The problem is matching the correct chipset. I've seen a range of boards offering 770 chipsets and 790 chipsets as well as DDR2 and DDR3 RAM. Can anyone tell me the difference between the 770 and 790 chipset series? And is DDR3 worth the extra investment?
Ive got a decent if old graphics card NVidia 7900GT already so don't need integrated graphics
Thanks for any pointers

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this is a new/replacement mobo im looking at buying.

now on the website for the manufacturer,

that's saying my processor, which all i remember off the top of my head is a 2.6 ghz pentium 4 , isnt compatible because the speed of my processor isnt posted on the biostar site.

would my processor really not be compatible?

Ill try to find out more specific specs of my processor.

A:Is this mobo compatible with this processor?

Why question it when there are so many boards and so many processors available. Have you already purchased?
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Deceased motherboard has set me on the path of a complete rebuild .So as I haven't had the excuse/justification to purchase the latest technology for the last 4 years I'm slightly struggling to match up the various components, I think I'm coming down on the side of a Phenom 11 X2 processor 550 Black edition as its review says ite good value for money. The problem is matching the correct chipset. I've seen a range of boards offering 770 chipsets and 790 chipsets as well as DDR2 and DDR3 RAM. Can anyone tell me the difference between the 770 and 790 chipset series? And is DDR3 worth the extra investment?
Ive got a decent if old graphics card NVidia 7900GT already so don't need integrated graphics
Thanks for any pointers

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I have decided to build my own computer. I am not an extremely experienced hardware person, but I have decided to anyways.

I have read some magazine articles, etc., but have not come to a decision on what kind of motherboard/processor I want to start with.

I do know that I want a MoBo with support for at least a 1.4 GHz processor, a 4x AGP slot, on/off board sound (doesn't matter) and support for at least 512k of RAM.

I don't want to spend a tremendous amount of money, but I do wany my money to be well spent. Any recommendations on the processor brand and/or MoBo brand??

I'm leaning towards an Athlon XP instead of a Pentium IV, is that a wise choice or is it a matter of opinion?

Any recommendations would be well appreciated!!


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Here s my situation I have a pretty old machine and I need to upgrade some of the hardware I m Help New Mobo/Processor Needed!! pretty sure the motherboard is busted so that is priority number My processor is almost years old so New Mobo/Processor Help Needed!! I m looking for an upgrade there to go with my new motherboard I m looking for some recommendations on motherboard processor combos Here s the catch All my hardware New Mobo/Processor Help Needed!! is New Mobo/Processor Help Needed!! relatively old so I m not sure how hard it will be to find a new motherboard that is mostly compatible with my old stuff or at least easily cheaply adaptable I d like to spend under total for this upgrade Also I d like to stick with AMD processors because I ve had nothing but success with my old one Current setup PC Chips M A motherboard AMD XP Processor ATI Radeon video card IDE HDDs and an IDE DVD-R drive I m mostly concerned with the IDE drives as well as an AGP compatible video card Are good adapters out there Do quality motherboards exist that support some of the older technology Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I and MOBO Good Processor A am new in this computer building process and I have been looking around here probably seen me lurking in here constantly trying to learn as much as I A Good Processor and MOBO can to prevent ignorant questions I have been looking for a nice decent processor CPU to buy for a nice gaming computer I know I want to take advantage of hyper threading -bit advantages and also a socket heard it was very new and upgradeable I have - to spend on a processor alone I want to be able to play this and hopefully next generation of games I also don t get the FSB I know what it is but on the mobo it doesn t tell you how many multipliers you get Very confusing A Good Processor and MOBO on some parts of the computer I also want to get a nice MOBO for around I will probably spend around - in all for a A Good Processor and MOBO computer CRT screen mouse keyboard nice optional stuff and the computer I want a nice gaming machine I don t play FPS games Half-Life and so on so really don t play graphics hungry games I mostly play the RTS games War Hammer etc Thank you for the help nbsp

A:A Good Processor and MOBO

You're not going to get hyperthreading on a amd64 cpu, although an amd x2 cpu(dual core), will be better than hyperthreading. You mainly need ht or dual core for serious multitasking.

You can build a very good pc with your budget. A basic gaming rig will cost about $800-1000(tower only).

I can't really give specific advice without specific details of what you want to do. I like my 3000+, vnf4ultra, 6600gt, and 1gb ram. It works well for games.
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Ok people, I'm starting something new. I have seen some people try to start something like this, but it didnt work. Perhaps because everyone had the same opinions....
Here's the deal, you have $300.00, no more than that. You must use this money the bast way possible (in ur opinion) to buy the following items:

I will be posting my setup as soon as it is done!
Good luck, and have fun!

A:$300 - Mobo - Processor - RAM - Tower

Well first I'd definitely go AMD for the processor. I don't know where you're from but on the West coast we have a place named Fry Electronics that has great sales on Processor's and MOBO combos. I picked up a XP2200+ and ECS mobo with the SIS chipset (see my signature) for $79.99.

To meet your $300 limit you'll need to go generic RAM but you should easily get 512 pc2100 DDR in 2 - 256 sticks for about $69.00 ea with rebate now. EDIT: Come to think of it I thought I saw it even cheaper lately in ads. $70.00 could get you 512MB's.

The case is wide open but for about $60.00 you should be able to get a very good case with a 400 Watt PS. Yes, some will tell you that power supplys that come with a case are junk and a few years ago that was definitely true but I'd say now you shouldn't have a problem.

You're name implies you being a gamer so you have to know you're not going to build a super computer for $300 but you can do a good job of building one for a pretty good price that will serve as an everyday workhorse.

Good luck.
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NOTICE: The FSB speeds... The motherboard is 800, and the chip is "Integrated into chip" Will it still work? Will it be as fast?

AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester Integrated into Chip FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - Retail


GIGABYTE GA-K8NF-9 Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail


A:Will this processor + mobo work together?

It will work fine. Ignore the "integrated into chip" bit.
Relevancy 52.46%

Hey guys, my puter finally took a dump so I'm building a new one. The first thing I need help with is choosing the right motherboard/processor pair. I am looking at AMD, but a P4 would be fine too.

My budget: Processor- under $200 Mobo- under $100

Once I figure out a good combo for the processor and mobo, I can probably figure out the rest. The reason I'm asking you guys is because I want to make sure that the combo will work. If I pick out the stuff, I would probably pick 2 things that aren't compatible! Thanks!

I will be ordering all of this stuff from

Relevancy 52.46%

I bought my PC in '06 and it has the Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard
and it has the AMD Socket 939 Athlon 64FX/Athlon 64 processor.

It performs decently, but I'm considering upgrading to a more powerful processor and motherboard that can handle more power. I'm currently running XP Pro, but eventually I'll be upgrading to Vista or even the new Windows 7 when it comes out.

So, I'd like to have a motherboard / processor combination that can handle
having at least 8gigs of RAM, 1200+ front side bus, and large cache.

Anyone have suggestions for high end motherboard / processor combos to look at? And, is Intel now the king for fastest processors?

A:Best Mobo / Processor combo?

Well, assuming you have an unlimited budget, an Intel Core i7 965 and an X58 motherboard of your choice will be the most processing power you can get, pretty much.
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heheh funny topic title anyway um i have an emachines that me baught in i went story and My processor. mobo, by moi the a to the emachines website to figure out which one i have in hopes of figuring out waht motherboard i have My mobo, and the processor. a story by moi in hopes of figuring out if i can make a processor upgrade or not these are the specs of my computer when i first baught it in my sig are the specs of my computer as of now AFTER a couple of upgrades i did to it here is before Specifications of eTower i Intel Celeron MHz w KB L Cache PPGA CPU MB SyncDRAM up to MB USB Ports is on Front Serial Parallel Expansion Slot Audio In amp Out Game Port on Front Internet Ready Microsoft Windows Microsoft Works ATI Rage IIc D AGP with MB SDRAM Crystal CS D PCI Audio x Max CD-ROM Drive GB HDD Ultra DMA EIDE quot MB FDD K ITU V PCI Fax Modem PS Keyboard Mouse Stereo Speakers and after is in my sig anyway i still dont know what motherboard i have i asked some friends of mine if they new how much more can i upgrade my comp processor wise because i know not all upgrades will work especially with old computers ya know i can t just buy a brand new pentium and expect it to work and a friend of mine says that even if i do upgrade my chip the most i can upgrade is up to mghz which i think sucks only by another friand says the most is mghz which isnt that bad if i can increase it by i might buy it however i m wondering what is it that keeps me from getting a pentium II ghz processor i know its the mobo but what ABOUT the mobo so what i m trying to figure out is what is the MOST my mobo can take but to find that out i need to know what mobo i have lol and i dont know i went to belarc com and found this out though perhaps this will help BIOS American Megatrends is that the mobo or something bios i dont know what that is something or other gt lt anyway i was hoping if you guys knew of a way i can figure all this out or if its not too much if you can tell for yourself the more opinions the better so far i have which were from my friends i d very much appreciate more oh and i d also really appreciate it if you can also tell what the maximum is for a new video card aka d gfx card i have a cheap mb and i also know i can t just buy the best of the best for that either d card and processor are the last two things i would like need to upgrade my computer with but they are complicated because of my lack of knowledge so i d really appreciate any help input info you have thank you very much edit in summary incase this is all jumbled up for some people i just reread my topic and even confuzzled myself how can i find out the make model of my mobo the name or whatever it is i can refer it as and what is the MOST of the MOST it can take when it comes to processor and video card that s pretty much it thanks again nbsp

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I have a pcchips p21g and i wanna get a pentium d 930 3.0 ghz dual core for it.. socket 775.. will they match and work together?

A:Can this processor work with my mobo?

No, Here they say that it's only compatible for P4s and Celeron Ds.
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Hi TSG community So i m looking forward to upgrade my PC which is an HP pavillion small form factor and completely replace the mobo and processor and case and hoping to reuse the power supply if its sufficient I think its - w But before that I m gonna share to you guys what I am planning to do I have organized my upgrading into steps because I m still a student and not really earning enough cash just saving up My budget for gaming better processor mobo? and upgrading is only less than pesos Philippine currency since I am living in the Philippines st step Computer case planning to buy a case which are made by either thermaltake coolmaster or aerocool nd step mobo and processor I want this to be an AMD-ATI build so i ve researched a little bit and caught in between the AMD FX and AMD A - processors Between better gaming processor and mobo? these two which is better for gaming i m open to suggestions for other processors FYI I have a Radeon gb video card which I know is sh t but im also planning to upgrade later on Probably the last step Now the mobo I m not really familiar with the terms when I m looking at the specsheet of mobos and I m kinda confused on what mobo to buy But I know that ASUS MSI and GIGABYTE are very reliable and some are cheap mobos I m gonna need help in choosing one My budget for a mobo is probably around i know its cheap other brands im familiar but i do not know if they are good ASrock Emaxx and Biostar rd step Cooling systems haven t really done enough research to know what are good cooling systems i really wish I could afford a liquid cooling system and a case for it but i ll stick with the fans and or heatsinks So there are my plans for upgrading my PC I could really use some suggestions I know my budget is very little for a upgrading to a gaming PC I just want to play the new and upcoming games probably on a medium to high setting since I know my budget is short for ultra setting LOL So there Really sorry for the long post I just want to be specific Thanks in advance for the suggestions replies whatsoever I m open to anything Cheers nbsp

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I have an AMD Phenom X4 9150e processor with a cheap Foxconn board (part of a pre-built computer from best buy). I just bought a new Sapphire ATI Radeon 4870 1gb DDR5 and have installed it onto the Foxconn bored no sweat. But the Foxconn bored only has one PCI Express Slot X16 1.0 and I really want a board with a PCI Express Slot X16 2.0 so that I can use all the bandwidth of my new video card (because I can only use half with a 1.0 slot).

Can someone recommend an awesome board for my processor cause not using all of my video cards potential is killing me lol....

Thanks guys you have always been a great help in the past

A:Need a better mobo for my processor, ideas?

Hey any help someone could give me would be greatly appreciated.....this is the first time Techspot hasnt got back to me almost right away....going on five days now....
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Hey guys,
simple one today, I am planning a budget PC build and I wanted to know if this processor

Will work with this mobo



A:Will this Processor work with this mobo?

Yes, both are capable of 800 fsb. Those are decent choices for a budget build.
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ASUS P B LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Motherboard Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield GHz LGA Processor Model BX Q APEVIA X-ALIEN-BK Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case ATX W Mobo and processor conflict? dual fan w automatic fan speed control Connector pin Power Supply The story Bought those and a few other parts got it assembled and I power on Everything seems to go fine for about seconds before it powers off briefly and then restarts I get absolutely no video and the dvd drive Mobo and processor conflict? will not even open I thought it was a bad power supply so I spent bucks sending it in for a replacement I got that re-assembled and still have the same problem I asked a friend and he said my mobo needs a bios update before it will work with quad core or I have too small a power supply I figured I d ask for a second third and fourth opinion before spending any more money nbsp

A:Mobo and processor conflict?

Your P5B does likely need the most current bios to accept the quad core. When I changed from a 2 core to a quad core cpu, my p5w needed the most recent bios.

If you're booting all the way into the OS for 5 seconds, I'd say you have an adequate bios revision, and it's not a cpu/mobo conflict. Still doesn't hurt to update to the most recent version, plus it's free.
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I need a good RAM, mobo cand processor combo for about £150? AMD or Intel can any one help?

A:AMD ram, mobo and processor combo?

So you are talking about $136.93 in US Dollars...
There are some problems finding inexpensive memory with a board of quality... So you need to be very specifid about how much memory is acceptable for your system initially.
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Recentley a co-worker's computer was left on during an electrical storm and got zapped. there was no power going through the mobo to the components so I replaced mobo. Now everything gets power but doesn't boot, the monitor shows nothing. The hard drive is ok, Is it possible she needs a new processor? I would hate to waste her $$.

Relevancy 52.46%

I'm running an AMD 64 2800+ (sckt 754) and my mobo is an ASUS K8V-MX. Currently i've got two memory modules in my PC and they're both PC2700. I know my mobo should be compatible with PC3200, but i'm not sure whether my processor is.
The memory i'm getting is a complete upgrade, 2x1gb sticks corsair PC3200 DDR. i heard that DDR memory is all compatible (ie. a system designed for PC2700 333mhz will accept a PC3200 400mhz, although it may run at a slower speed).Is this true and will it work with my rig?
Thanks in advance

A:mobo/processor RAM compatibility

Yeah that motherboard is compatible with the pc3200 ram and it will run at pc3200.

So go ahead and buy the ram if you want to.
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recently acquired a free celeron 430 processor and am in need of a compatible mobo. nothing fancy as this will be a web surfer for the kids. there will be no gaming, video editing, etc. just using itunes and surfing, that is all. can someone point me in the right direction for a cheap/low-cost compatible mobo.

i have seen a few on various retail sites (newegg and TD) but was unsure of compatibility. Here is what the label on the box says:

Freq: 1.80 GHz Core: 135V
FSB: 800 MHz Socket: LGA775
L2 Cache: 512K PCG: 06

thanks in advance!

A:Need mobo for celeron 430 processor

would any socket 775 mobo work?

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Hey , I had an idea to upgrade my computer and decided buying MSI 915PL Neo-F Motherboard and Intel E5200 dual core processor. The question is that, if my mobo supports that processor, 'cause it is said on one page(that I couldn't link yet) that Compatible processors are Intel Pentium 4 and Celeron D.

Does it mean that I should look for Intel Pentium 4 instead of Dual Core?

Thanks ahead

A:Need a little help with buying new mobo and processor

Your motherboard does not support the E5200.

Check this link :

My advice would be to get a better motherboard than looking to get a Pentium 4.

Just out of curiosity, what do you use your computer for? Any reasons as to why you went with this particular MSI motherboard when you decided to upgrade? What were your system specs prior to this?
Relevancy 52.46%

I'm now not sure if these will all work together...

This is the mobo

and this is the processor

This is the ram

I know the mobo and processor will work together...but now I'm not sure if the ram is compatible...I was told it was...but on the back of my mobo's box it says "DDR2 1066 is supported by AM2+ CPU only"
any help would be great, thanks!

Edit: Never mind, I figured it all out, this can be closed.

A:Is this ram, processor and mobo going to work together?

Yes they will all work well together.
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I currently have a Q6600 processor with 4 Gig DDR 2 Ram.

I want to upgrade my Mobo and processor but still keep the DDR 2. I also have Win 7 so I will do a reinstall at 64 Bit.

Any ideas what Processor and Mobo I should get? I'm in the Uk, and have about 300 to spend. Any help would be great

A:Processor and Mobo upgrade

What motherboard do you currently have? A little hard to suggest anything when we don't know what you are currently using

What else do you have in the system, this will also have an impact on your choice of motherboard (although only marginally).

What speed is your DDR2 RAM?
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Hi, im going to be installing a new mobo and processor for my friend.
Ive only built PCs with windows 7 and i know that it automatically installs drivers needed for the hardware.

I was just wondering if it works the same with XP?

If not how would i go about doing it?

A:New mobo + processor xp install help

Hi Pauze, The answer is yes, XP Home and XP Pro both will install the most common drivers associated with your computer. You will however need to install the drivers for your mobo (These should be on a disk that came with the mobo). Those are the only drivers hardware wise that I can think of that you will need to install, but once XP is installed you will find that some of the devices that you plug in (Printer, speakers, ect.) windows XP might not have the drivers for so have the disk that came with those devices or download them from the internet and have them ready. If you would like some help installing your mobo correctly, post at the link below. Our hardware specialists are exellent. Once you have everything ready to install the OS you can if you wish come back to us over here and we will help you with the XP install.

Good luck
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I have a slot a thunderbird 1000mhz pulled from a dead system, as far as I know, the processor is not supported on many boards as the slot a system was being rapidly replaced with socket a. What boards will work with this processor, I found one on ebay; I have read one thread that says it will work with a thunderbird 750. Will this board work, and what other boards are compatible with this processor.

Processor- AMD Slot A 1000mhz Thunderbird AMD-A1000MMR24B

A:Will this mobo work with my processor?

It should work, BUT that selling price is far more than that motherboard is worth.
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Hi, im going to be installing a new mobo and processor for my friend.
Ive only built PCs with windows 7 and i know that it automatically installs drivers needed for the hardware.

I was just wondering if it works the same with XP?

If not how would i go about doing it?

A:New mobo + processor xp install help

No,the situation with XP is different.

Windows 7 doesn't "automatically" installs drivers.It just uses the ones issued by Microsoft(or something like that.I'm not too sure ).Microsoft seems to have included a lot of them in Win 7.I personally hasn't had to install any drivers at all on all the systems that I installed win7 on(though afterwards I always uses the official ones instead as those work better)Kudos M$ .

Windows XP is different.Despite recalling reading that XP 'includes a ton of drivers from the get go',I personally always had had to install drivers from a source,be it a download from the manufacturers' site or from an included CD.Only computers that I didn't need to are those from the stone age(for example,I didn't need to install anything when I reformatted my first computer,a Pentium 3 with 640MB of SDRAM and a geforce 2 card).

After you install XP,just pop in the drivers CD,if you got one.Otherwise,download it from the web
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Hey guys, This is my first computer build, so im kind of a n00b to the computer hardware stuff. Well anywho, I bought a cpu/mobo combo at Frys (it was a super great deal). The processor is a 3.2Eghz with a Socket 478. Now, the motherboard that came with it was this crappy ECS thing. It mentions Intel Chipset 878. Now, I'm getting a better motherboard because I absolutely hate this ECS one. The one I want to get is the ASUS P4P800 . It mentions Chipset 865. Now, what I want to know is, will this motherboard work ok with the processor? Again, This may be a super easy question, but I'm new, and I have to start somewhere....

A:Would this mobo work with my processor?

Yes, it will work fine.
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I have a socket 939 amd athlon 3800+ 64x2 that i would like to use in GA-K8NSC mobo its on order , i was wondering if any one could tell me if this is gonna work or ill be able to boot this computer.

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hey im romaan,
i have Dell Vostro 1015 with Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @2.20GHz 2.19Ghz with 3 GB RAM i want to upgrade my laptop to Dual core or Core 2 Duo.Can this can be done,or it has any defects on my laptop.Is this processor will run normally on my laptop.please tell me

(i want to upgrade my laptop's processor to Dual Core or Core 2 Duo for Gaming)

A:upgrading processor

It's not practical to upgrade a laptop. You really need to replace it with a new, better one.
Relevancy 52.03%

I have a GIGABYTE GA-X79-UD3 4x pci-e x 16 6x sata 6 gb/s and i currently have a i7 3820 processor and i got a new i7 4970 processor 4.0 ghz can motherboard support upgrade . video card has been upgraded most recently no problems. i have windows 7

A:upgrading processor.

Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 (rev 1.0)

Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 (rev 1.1)

This is the Intel Core i7 processor support list for both motherboard revisions.

The i7-4970 doesn't appear in the lists, but that doesn't mean it's not supported.

One of the hardware experts here can advise you.

Relevancy 52.03%

I have a hp pavilion DV7-1273CL. The processor is a Intel Core2 Duo Processor T6400. I want to go faster. Whats the next one or two steps up than my original processor, and what will fit my dv7-1273CL? Thank you

A:Upgrading Processor

In most laptops the Processor is not upgradeable. A Laptop of that vintage if it is upgradeable, the upgrade plus the labor would probably be as much as the laptop is worth. And it would not add appreciably to it's value.
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A:Upgrading Processor

The jumper settings would need to be changed.

The 120 used 2 x 60 to get to 120
The 166 would need to be set at a multiplier of 2.5 and a frontside bus of 66 mhz to obtain 166. You will need to find the jumper settings for your motherboard
Relevancy 52.03%

Hi, I currently have an AMD 64 Athlon processor, can i upgrade it to a newer version of the same processor, (e.g. the dual core version,) or is there something else i need to know about my current processor before i can upgrade it?

Thx alot

A:Upgrading my processor

You need to know whether or not your motherboard will support the new processor. Also, take care of the type of CPU socket you have, since you can only buy a CPU built for that socket. Also, your motherboard might need a BIOS update depending on what CPU you want to install in it. All the information will be available on the motherboard manufacturer's webpage for that particular motherboard. If you have an OEM PC from HP or the like, then you need to go to the page for your specific computer's model and see what CPUs you can use in it.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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I am quite a novice when it comes to computers. I have an old Compaq Deskpro EN with an 800 mhz processor, i would really like to upgrade the processor on this pc is there anyone out there who can help?

Relevancy 52.03%

I am planning to uprgrade my cpu but my pentium 4 has 3,2ghz and the core2 quad has 2,6 ghz so wich one is better???

A:help with processor upgrading.

The quad, try matching both of the cpu's against each other in the charts here CPU Charts | Tom's Hardware this will give you an idea of the gain.
Relevancy 52.03%

Hi All,

I'm wondering what I need to check to verify whether or not a new processor will work with my current PC?

There's lots of descriptive content that comes along with a processor..cache, lithography, etc.. and I'm certainly new to the idea of CPU upgrading. I'm distantly thinking that upgrading options are limited to the motherboard I have.

I have an intel Q8000 series at the moment and am thinking, for sometime in the future, to buy a Q9000 series unit. If the manufacturer is offering to sell my original PC with a higher spec processor, is that usually a solid sign that I can upgrade to that spec? My PC is a Dell XPS 430.



A:Processor upgrading, what to look out for?

On a mass produced machine such as the XPS 430 only Dell can tell you exactly what processors are supported by your product.
Relevancy 52.03%

I am trying to upgrade my processor up to a AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.0 GHz
I currently have a AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core 5000+ 2.60 GHz

Now my question is, since the Dual Cores use AM2 sockets, will my motherboard be able to support this processor which uses an AM2+ socket:
If you need any other information, just ask me and tell me where to look... never upgraded a processor before... all I know is don't want to buy something that isn't compatible with what I have...

Thank you inadvance

A:Help Upgrading Processor

You should have a look at your motherboard manufacturer webpage to see what cpu's is supported by your motherboard. Can't you afford a new motherboard or whats the reason for upgrading only the cpu? But, to be straight, I doubt the possibility that the Phenom is going to work on your motherboard
Relevancy 52.03%

My apologies in advance, but I am up to my earholes in alligators and do not want to take the time to figure this out myself...

Am I right in thinking that an installed processor can be removed from a board and replaced (with a faster one...)?

The processor is just glued on, right? And it can be removed, but is it easy to do that, and is it in any way not an advisable procedure??? Any compatibility concerns of the new processor with the old board?


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Hi! I'm just wondering if its possible to upgrade my 15 f211wm's processor to an i7?
Relevancy 52.03%

I'm currently running a Sempron 2800+ (1.6ghz) sckt 754.
My mobo is an Asus K8V-MX.
The manual says it can support: 64 processor with 800mhz FSb freq. and L2 cache up to 1mb.
Can anyone suggest a new 64 processor (NOT sempron and over 2ghz) that will run on this motherboard.(bear in mind i live in the uk)
Also, will i have to reinstall windows after putting in a new processor?
Thanks in advance

A:upgrading my processor

How about the socket 754 3700+ clawhammer?
Relevancy 52.03%

Sorry, this may be stupid question but I'd rather ask it here online.

I want to upgrade my processor to an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or maybe something better if I'm able.

I'm just unsure if I'm actually able to upgrade my laptop at all.

I'm not very good with computers so I'm just going to give all the specs I can:

Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Manufacturer: LENOVO
System Model: 28473ZU
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Dueo CPU T6570 @ 2.10GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11

I would also like to know if i can upgrade to an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
from my graphics card which i guess is:
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family.

any help I'll greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

A:upgrading processor

Not usually possible to upgrade Cpu or Graphics on a laptop.

Some have the Cpu and Graphics soldered onto the motherboard but even if they are removable putting a faster/better one in could generate more heat than the laptop is designed for.
Relevancy 52.03%

I currently have a Dell XPS 8100 with an i7. I am considering upgrading to the new i7, how complex would it be? What would I have to do?


A:Upgrading processor

Which new i7? If you're referring to the yet to be released Sandy Bridge versions of the i7, then no you cannot upgrade as they will be on a totally new socket (socket 2011).
Relevancy 52.03%

I'm thinking of upgrading the processor from a AMD Athlon 64 3400+ to an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (
I have a few questions:

1) If I replace the processor, will I need to reinstall Windows (like I would if I replaced the entire motherboard)?

2) Are there any issues in replacing a single core processor with a dual core (both are Socket 939)?

3) Would I see a noticeable difference if I replaced the processor (I do a lot of multitasking)?

Thank you in advance.

A:Upgrading my processor

As long as the motherboard supports dual core processing, you shouldnt have a problem
Relevancy 52.03%

i have an easynote f5 280. i thinking about upgrading from the celeron 2.80ghz it has now.

the motherboard is a SiS M661FX. does anyone know what would be able to work with the mother board? or if their is a list of processors anywhere?

thanks alot

Relevancy 52.03%

I ve had this Acer Aspire M desktop for a few years now and it s finally starting to feel a little slow Was thinking about putting in a new processor but I wasn t sure if processor my Upgrading anything was Upgrading my processor compatible or that it was even worth it So Upgrading my processor far I ve added an ATI Radeon HD graphics card Using AVG PC tuneup and optimized everything as Upgrading my processor well as constantly defragmenting and cleaning the disks If there s anything I can do to make the computer run smoother and quicker please let me know Any and all help is really appreciated Thanks Here s my current specs http support acer com acerpanam desktop Acer AspireM AspireM sp shtml Processor Intel Core Quad processor with Intel Viiv technology up to MHz FSB Memory Up to GB of DDR MHz SDRAM dual-channel support on four DIMMs System Chipset Intel G Express chipset with Intel Remote Wake Technology support I O Controller Hub ITE Expansion Slots Two quot drive bays Six quot drive bays two external four internal One PCI Express x slot One PCI Express x slot Two PCI v V slots Video Intel G on-die graphics solution DVMT technology support Enhanced D and Intel Clear Video Technology support PCI Express x graphics card support I added an ATI Radeon HD graphics card Storage Serial ATA hard disks up to TB Optical drive options BD amp SuperMulti burner BD reader amp SuperMulti burner SuperMulti with LabelFlash SuperMulti DVD-ROM Multi-in-one card reader supporting CompactFlash Type I and II CF Microdrive MultiMediaCard MMC MMCmobile Reduced-Size MultiMediaCard RS-MMC Secure Digital SD Card miniSD Card xD-Picture Card Memory Stick Memory Stick PRO Memory Stick Duo Memory Stick PRO Duo USB and IEEE ports Chassis W x D x H mm Power Supply Industry Standard Watt or greater Operating System Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium Linpus Linux console X-Windows version varies by model nbsp

Relevancy 52.03%

I have this for a mobo....
And I am looking to upgrade to a 3.06 p4. will this work...
I am not sure other than the GHZ and FSB what to socket type or anything else.....

Relevancy 52.03%

i`ve got a del optiplex gx1 with a p2 400Mhz processor with 320mb SDRAm
i wonder if it is possible to upgrade the same to a p4. How do i know if the processor is compatible. For instance i saw this on e bay.
Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Processor.
512 KB cache 800 MHz FSB SL6WJ. Hyperthreading
will it work.
would be really grateful for help

A:upgrading processor.

No, you wont be able to upgrade the processor without getting a new mobo and most likely a new Power supply as well. I know that P2s are in either socket 7 or slot 1. Pentium 4s are in socket423(obsolete), socket 478 (not obsolete but their not making any faster procs on this one), and the most current socket 775 or socket T. You will need to get a socket 478 or socket 775 mobo in order to upgrade the processor. Look em up on Newegg.
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Here s is my girlfriend CPU vitals gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name JODI-EJKIXQBNAS System Manufacturer Micro-Star Inc System Model MS- System Type X -based PC Processor upgrading help.... HELP, processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C windows System Directory C windows System Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpclient - quot User Name JODI-EJKIXQBNAS Jodi Time Zone Pacific Standard Time Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory MB Available Virtual Memory MB Page HELP, upgrading processor help.... File Space MB Page File C pagefile HELP, upgrading processor help.... sys gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt HELP, upgrading processor help.... gt gt gt gt gt gt gt gt Just upgraded the cpu from a pretty messed up win k pro to a slow winxp pro We re going to buy more RAM bump up to But the processor is weak The P isn t cutting it anymore What processors can I buy that will quot plug and play with this system Thanks in advance for the help great site for future reference -josh nbsp

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I was wondering is it possible for me to upgrade the processor on my laptop? I currently have Intel Celeron CPU N2840 @ 2.16 GHz ram size: 4GB. I want to upgade it to Intel core i3 or i5, Is that possible?
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I have a Duron 750 mhz processor on my computer. I would like to upgrade to a 1300 mhz duron processor. Is a how to web site or could it be explained to me here ? I built the Computer myself, except the cpu-motherboard were "burned-in:" at the vendor.

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Sorry, this may be stupid question but I'd rather ask it here online.

I want to upgrade my processor to an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or maybe something better if I'm able.

I'm just unsure if I'm actually able to upgrade my laptop at all.

I'm not very good with computers so I'm just going to give all the specs I can:

Operating System: Windows 7 Pro 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Manufacturer: LENOVO
System Model: 28473ZU
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Dueo CPU T6570 @ 2.10GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
Memory: 2048MB RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 11

I would also like to know if i can upgrade to an NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512MB
from my graphics card which i guess is:
Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family.

any help I'll greatly appreciate it.
Thank you.

A:Upgrading processor

The ONLY stupid question is the one you don't ask!

The cpu is upgradeable if...and only...if....the cpu you are trying to upgrade to has the same front side bus speed...Yours is 800 MHz and the socket type is the exact same!

Go here...

this should provide you the options for upgrading available via Lenovo's tech support site!
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Hello! I have a notebook HP Pavilion g6-2284er. There are Intel 76 Express Chipset and Intel Pentium B980 Processor.  Is it possible to upgrade to a proccessor Intel Core i5-3360M?Thanks

A:Processor Upgrading

You have the HM76 Express chipset and one gig of dedicated video memory. Here is the Service Manual: Manual The i5-3360M is not one of the supported processors, but you could install any of the ones listed on page 23 incuding any of these: Intel Core i7-3632QM (2.2 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.1 GHz, 1600 MHz/6 MB L3 cache, quad core, 35 W) 701658-001Intel Core i5-3230M (2.6 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.1 GHz, 1600 MHz/3 MB L3 cache, dual core, 35 W) 711903-001Intel Core i5-3210M (2.5 GHz, SC turbo up to 3.1 GHz, 1600 MHz/3 MB L3 cache, dual core, 35 W) 680645-001 If you need more help let us know.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Hey guys, i have an ACER SA90 with a 3.2Ghz processor and want to upgrade to a decent 3.5 or higher processor, iv looked high and low for the pin/socket number and cant find it anywhere. Any information on this would be a great help, and any websites with desired processors would be even better.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello HP community. I'm having a hard time with my laptop. It freezes non-stop and I am considering upgrading the CPU. What motherboard specifications should I know before starting to look for a new CPU? Could you please tell me? Thanks in advance.

A:Upgrading processor

Intel Pentium N3540 with Intel HD Graphics (2.16 GHz, 2 MB cache, 4 cores) That is what you have. The Pentium N is a very low end processor and I am sure the laptop was at a very low price point. The processor is soldered to the motherboard. No upgrade is possible for any amount of money that makes any sense.  They do make an i7-5500 motherboard for that model but they are hard to find and crazy expensive. By the time you buy the motherboard and pay somebody to install it, you could just buy a new laptop and if you sell yours to Aunt Millie for doing her Instagram (all the laptop is good for) and buy one with a real processor you come out way ahead.  I post here all the time and try to voice my opinion about why these low-end laptops with cell phone processors are even offered but the marketing people say that customers just are not willing to pay an honest price for a solid computer and the Geek Squad and other sellers do a very poor job of educating the public: yes it's a $250 laptop but what can it do? Will you get sick of it and just have to buy something else? Iron law: you get what you pay for.
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I was wondering if I was able to upgrade my Processor to the Intel Core 2 Quad Processor?

Motherboard: Dell Dimension 4600C.
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium.
DirectX: 10.1
CPU Type: Pentium 4, 2.66GHz
RAM: 512MB (Should this be updated?)
Motherboard Chipset: Intel Springsdale-G i865G
BIOS: Phoenix (09/19/03)
Video Adapter: Intel 82865G Graphics Controller (This too?)
3D Accelerator: Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (This as well?)

If there's anymore information you need, let me know. Would this all let me upgrade my Processor to the Intel Core 2 Quad or no? If not, what are some suggestions for the things I need to upgrade to upgrade my Processor?

A:Upgrading Processor?

According to Dell the processors supported by your system are:
Intel® Pentium® 4 with HT Technology that runs at 2.40, 2.60, 2.80, 3.00, or 3.20 GHz internally and 800 MHz externally or 2.26, 2.40, 2.53, 2.66, 2.80, or 3.06 GHz internally and 533 MHz externally
NOTE: Not all Pentium 4 processors support Hyper-Threading technology.

Intel Celeron® D processor 325, 330, or 335

NOTE: Dell™ Dimension™ 4600C computers with Intel Celeron processors are available only in Japan.
Click to expand...

My advice would be to buy a new barebones system (just the main box), since if you upgrade your motherboard to support a modern CPU, you'll also need new RAM and probably a new SATA hard drive at which point it is generally cheaper and less hassle to buy a new system and use your existing monitor, keyboard, mouse etc.


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I have an HP pavilion 6830. And on the HP website when I checked out the stats for my PC's processor, it told me that it was an Intel Celeron processor 700 MHZ, it has socket 370and that the front side bus is 66 Mhz and that it is upgradable to 800Mhz. Like, am I suppose to look for a ram that has the same number socket and front side bus # or can I get any Intel Celeron processor as long as it's 800 MHZ? I'm real confused here as to what to look for when purchasing a new processor. In addition, is it possible that you can use a processor from a labtop on a desktop PC if you wanted to?

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Hello I am new to this website and I hope to become more involved around the forums Here s my issue On Black Friday I bought a new smaller desktop for my bedroom Bestbuy had Processor? Upgrading My it for with a monitor and printer It s really good Upgrading My Processor? in terms of casual gaming web stuff especially when I don t want to go downstairs to use the computer I posted a link below for reference to the computer s basic information I know its an eMachines but it actually runs better than people have usually said I want to push a little more gaming into it but the processor is stopping me from doing that I can play games like Counter Strike and Team Fortress but in order for me to play games such as Left Dead and Call of Duty I need a stronger processor My goal is to possibly put a dual core processor on it if it is a choice I did a Belarc test and CPU-Z and found the motherboard information to determine what its available to take for cpu but no results popped up online Maybe you all could help me Here s what the motherboard is I believe WMCP M And here s the stats on it dxdiag Systems Manufacturer eMachines System Model EL - e Processor AMD Athlon tm Processor e GHz Memory MB RAM Tower http www bestbuy com site olspage l amp lp amp type product amp cp amp id THANKS IN ADVANCE nbsp

A:Upgrading My Processor?

Theoretically you can upgrade the processor for any PC that doesn't have the maximum allowable processor for the board but this is where the difference between a $300 machine and a $1000 one become very apparent. It probably won't let you do it without all hell breaking loose.
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I only recently have bought a Compaq Persario and it is now up-to-date enough to play most of the new games except for my processor. It seems to me that my Intel Celeron isn't cutting it. Even at 2.50GHz. I could just be mistaken and have something else not good enough. I was wondering if my processor will do for some of the upcoming games like Half-life 2 and such.

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Hi,I am using LenovoG50-80 laptop with 500gb hard-disk and 2gb ram model with pentium i want to know whether i can upgrade my processor to i3 or my lap supports the upgrading of proocessor.
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Is it possible for me, an intermediate computer geek, to upgrade my pentium III 600mhz to a faster processor?

If so what would this involve?

Here is my system:
192MB Ram (PC 100 it think)
20 gig OEM drive as master
60 gig WD as slave
Teac CDR (OEM)

I would also like to add a DVR and a USB 2 port.


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Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my processor without pulling out the motherboard or anything. Is there like a box i can just plug in or what? I am currently running an Intel Celeron which is way too slow for my games that I want to play. I am completely new to processor work so someone please help me out. If I could Upgrade, I would like a 2.6 Ghz or around that speed. Also, i would like a reccomendation on ehat brand of processor to buy. Thanks,Tony

A:Upgrading Processor

ynot6211 said:

Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade my processor without pulling out the motherboard or anything. Is there like a box i can just plug in or what? I am currently running an Intel Celeron which is way too slow for my games that I want to play. I am completely new to processor work so someone please help me out. If I could Upgrade, I would like a 2.6 Ghz or around that speed. Also, i would like a reccomendation on ehat brand of processor to buy. Thanks,TonyClick to expand...

Download and run Everest Home (free program) this will give us the info that we need to determine your needs, we need to know what motherboard you have so we can see what cpu you can use. It is quite possible to change a cpu without pulling the mobo, depending on how much clearance you have in that area. As far as brand, your stuck with Intel, AMD sockets are totally different than Intel, at least since the old socket 7 days.
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hello everyone!

i am looking into upgrading my processor. i am currently using a AMD Athlon LE-1620 2.4 single core. HP support recomends the Athlon 64 x2 4800 65watt. would i be able to use anything higher as long as i keep the specs for the AM2 socket and wattage?