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LAPTOP BLACK SCREEN (power + fan OK, HDMI to TV OK, touch screen OK)

Q: LAPTOP BLACK SCREEN (power + fan OK, HDMI to TV OK, touch screen OK)

Hello I have a Sony Vaio T-series laptop model SVT CXS running windows As of yesterday the touch TV + OK, SCREEN BLACK to (power OK, fan LAPTOP HDMI OK) screen screen is black it doesn't display anything Laptop powers on lights are on fan makes noise etc I was able to plug an HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV and I am able to use the laptop using my TV screen laptop screen is still black but displays on TV works And the odd twist this is a touch screen laptop so I am able to touch my laptop screen and it makes clicks and moves cursor on my TV for some reason the track pad doesn't work while its on TV LAPTOP BLACK SCREEN (power + fan OK, HDMI to TV OK, touch screen OK) display though Any help would be greatly appreciated If you can give me steps into diagnosing the problem that'd be great I live in a small college town and there is only one computer repair shop and since it's a monopoly he rips people off Charges for a diagnostic if you get it fixed it goes towards the repair if not it's Charged my friend for macbook charger and it wasn't even an genuine Apple product
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Preferred Solution: LAPTOP BLACK SCREEN (power + fan OK, HDMI to TV OK, touch screen OK)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi all Toshiba Satellite U - Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core TM Duo CPU T GHz RAM GB Display Adapter Mobile Intel R series Express Chipset Family Stage Laptop connected to Panasonic LCD quot with HDMI cable Both LCD screen and laptop monitor diplay correctly Able to change display settings and control cursor at laptop Everything is working fine Stage two weeks later When HDMI cable is connected Laptop screen goes black but the LCD screen works fine and the cursor appears on the LCD and can be controlled by the laptop Stage two more weeks later When HDMI cable is connected Laptop to when HDMI TV via connected Black screen laptop screen goes black LCD screen is blank no cursor visible I right click laptop screen go to Graphic Properties gt Display settings and try and change the Operating Mode from Single display to Two Primary Device LCD But these choices are not available Black screen when laptop connected to TV via HDMI I go to Control Panel gt Personalization gt Display Settings Drop-down menu shows Generic PnPMonitor on Mobile Intel R series Express Chipset Family Select down arrow Default Monitor on Mobile Intel R series Express Chipset Family appears Connected HDMI cable and try again I have two Black Screens Have tried restarting comp then TV and vice versa before and after connecting HDMI cable but nothing works all other independent operations on the laptop and the TV work perfectly well Yelp help please TIA Mukund PS I did not post correctly so I am doing it again lest I get no responses Sorry about that

A:Black screen when laptop connected to TV via HDMI

Hello, Do you have another HDMI cable to try , if not, do you have a VGA cable to use ?
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My screen is half black. It is a touch screen. Cannot bring it back to normal. Tried shutting it down and re-starting, many times, no joy, help.

A:Toshiba Laptop Touch Screen half black

Try an external monitor on it and let us know if that is the same.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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My laptop's screen goes black when I connect it to the TV via a HDMI cable, however this is completely new as it used to work fine. I can still watch things on my TV but I have to look at the TV screen where text comes up quite small and it makes it hard to do stuff, so I was wondering if anyone would know why my laptop's decided to start doing this, and how I can get it back to both screens working at once? The volume and everything else works ok, it's just a bit annoying is all!

I have Windows Vista Home Edition, not sure of the details, but I got it just when Vista first came out.


A:Help needed: Laptop screen goes black when HDMI cable is connected

do you have your drivers set to "clone mode" in your CP? (the bit where you set up multiple displays
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I have an acer 4530 laptop running on vista basic. The problem is screen is black even it has power.
Tried connecting an external monitor but nothing shows up.Usually i just leave it on and once it becomes
idle for some minutes it automatically go to standby mode.But the last time i left it on and after sometime
when i went back, saw its not in the standby mode.I tried to move the mouse so screen will be active again.
But it didnt,Tried to turn power off and on again.It powers on but screen remains black.Tried to remove batteries
and power and push the power for 60 seconds but still screen remains black.But power light is ok.Can hear fan
rotating.What could be the problem? hope someone can help me.

A:laptop power up but screen is black

Hi! Here's a place to start!!
Can you get into safe mode??
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Been a great help here...helping my limited knowledge of computers improve.

Toshiba satellite L355D.....turns on lights up...but no screen display. Screen remains completely black. I switched the memory to see if it improved, but still nothing. Even took memory, still black screen. Rolll up your sleeves...where do I start?

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Hi we have a compaq laptop that is about 5 years old. It's a basic laptop and was quite inexpensive when we purchased it. I think it was like $300-$400. Anyway, we had a power outage and now the screen is blank (black to be specific). When I turned it on the lites flash and it sounds like its running, but nothing, I mean nothing shows up on screen. My question is what could be wrong? Would it be worth paying someone to fix it? Do you think I lost the pictures downloaded on the laptop? That's the only data I care about recovering! Thx in advance for your thoughts.

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My laptop has a black screen fan works for a few seconds then stops as it usually does when I normally start it up, I tested my RAM sticks and still nothing. Any suggestions?

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Hi Guys,

Im having some problem with my Packard Bell EasyNote TJ61 - I powered it on and the fans whirred like normal and the lights on the keyboard came on like normal - the power button lit up. But the screen stayed black. Then the fans went silent after 5 seconds and it sounded like it was switched off but all the lights were still on - the power, hard drive and keyboard ones. I noticed if I run my finger over the touch pad buttons for volume etc they light up so im not sure whats wrong.

I replaced the screen on the laptop the other day and it was working fine until last night and this has happened. Any suggestions?

I've tried replacing ram / replacing hard drive / pulling the cmos battery for 30mins / unplugging and trying the 30 seconds power button trick but nothing.

Any suggestions?

A:Laptop Power On - Screen Stays Black - Fan Goes Off 5 Seconds

If you have a PC monitor connect it to the laptop and see if you get a display on it.

Also check the laptop screen for a dim image, shining a light onto it may make it more visible.

What was wrong that made you replace the screen ?
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Hello all I am using a dell studio xps with ati mobility radeon HD inbuilt Problem i have been with black Laptop crashes screen when AC connected to power facing past few weeks is that my laptop screen is going black and is crashing a few minutes after booting up when i connect to ac power I did a few diagnostic tests It is working perfectly in safe mode It is working perfectly when i disable my graphic Laptop crashes with black screen when connected to AC power adapter and boot in normal mode The tricky part is that it works perfectly with graphic card enabled when im using with battery As soon as i connect AC power it crashes with black screen in a few minutes seconds I also uninstalled and reinstalled the graphic drivers and BIOS is also up to date I recently updated my graphic card drivers but still it worked well for a few days I could play games with no problem at all I used to have a heating problem aswell The screen would lag and audio would distort I have cleaned my heat sink now but cannot test it out as my laptop crashes Also my battery is pretty old now and gives only min backup Any help would be much appreciated

A:Laptop crashes with black screen when connected to AC power

Can you try another AC adapter there? Does it behave the same?
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After I finish my game and shutdown my laptop in the next day I try mint to open my laptop when I press the power bottom and nothing happens the power bottom still on but screen is black I trying take the power off and wait then put is back is not working but I wait the fan to get warm then I shutdown and open again is work but everytimes I need do the same thing wait like 20mins then open it and sometime is not working very well.can someone help me out and tell me how to fix this please!!!
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Sir I usally running my laptop through ac as my battery is dead.last night my laptop wont start it is not even showing that lenevo boot screen .only i guess laptop fan is running.Then i keep trying to turn it on but it is showing that black screen only at very begining.laptop not allowing me to enter a bit keeping there.
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I am having serious issue with another laptop (used for church work). I turned the ACER on,
had a noise, screen remained black, and power went off. I removed the battery, waited, turned it
back on-same result. This laptop is not under warranty. and is only used with a church application
software. The laptop is always plugged in, but with power off. Only used once a week for an hour. TIA.

A:lose power on laptop within 5 seconds-black screen

1. What kind of noise? A beep, hiss, grinding...

2. So you never see a thing on the screen? If this is true, the video chip might be gone.

3. If a computer shuts down, 90% of the time it is due to a heat issue. How old is the laptop? Has it ever been cleaned of accumulated dust?
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Yesterday I was on my laptop and before I shut it down it went into what looked like a different mode. I booted it up this morning and it is still in this mode. It looks like touch screen mode but I do not have a touch screen.  The icons on the task bar are spaced out and there is a back button on the task bar too which is not normally there. When i right click against the task bar, one of the buttons says "Show touch keyboard button".  All of my files are spead out as if to have room for touching if I had a touch screen but I do not. I am finding this very annoying because I cannot get onto my desktop properly and is not in the right mode. Please help!
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hello,i am  using hp 15-r201tx notebook since 1.5 year with intel core i3, geforce 2gb grphicscard and  windows 10.My laptop screen goes black when I plug in the power cord to charge it. If I remove the powercord from laptop the screen comes back on. It does still charge the laptop however, even though the screen goes black. so i thaught i have solution for this problem if anybody really have intrest and want to know the solution for this  problem please contact me
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I can't find the answer to this anywhere and I am not sure this is the right forum..but..I have a Toshiba notebook that has been giving me problems and worsening.

I push the power button and it lights and nothing screen. I push it again to turn it off, then I am constantly pushing the button on and off. After about ten minutes it will go right into the normal boot mode. Not sure why it is taking longer to get into this normal boot mode I have windows 7 and I have a Toshiba Satelite T 115-S1100. I would be so grateful for any help. Thanks.
Mike in St. Louis

A:Power button lights, but laptop does screen, no boot
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I think it's OS is Windows 10, every time I switch on it starts to power on for a couple of seconds and then the light just starts flashing every 3 or so seconds and there is a popping noise. The screen stays black nothing changes with that. I have unplugged power cord and taken the battery out
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Computer Specs Processor Intel th Gen nbsp Quad Core i - HQ GHzGPU attaching 15ISK Screen ... dead Y700 HDMI after Touch nVIDIA GTX M w GB DDR VRAMMemory GB DDR RAMHard Drive TB HDD GB SSD nbsp nbsp Hello I received a Y Touch ISK as a replacement for another Lenovo computer that broke under warranty After about a day and a half of use I decided to try attaching it to my External monitor a x p monitor by Acer which I had used with multiple other computers with no issues As soon as I plug it in my screen turns completely black I waited a few seconds for something to happen Nothing Neither screen shows anything I hook up my desktop to the same monitor and it works fine nbsp nbsp I can hear sounds like the sound of an Y700 Touch 15ISK Screen dead after attaching HDMI ... Administrative confirmation or a external device being plugged in Therefore I know the computer itself is still functional However I cannot get any image at all nbsp nbsp Things I have tried Fn F to check that the backlight was not turned off Also flashed a light on the screen and got nothing Fn F to try and see if I had the computer on external monitor only This also showed nothing nbsp Hard reboot holding down power key Nothing Even the POST screen did not show nbsp nbsp nbsp I called Lenovo and they are taking forever as normal to do anything I just had to go through a week warranty claim for my previous computer and the one they send me breaks almost as soon as I get it nbsp nbsp Has anyone else had this issue Are there any basic fixes I teach a class on Monday and absolutely HAVE to have a computer to teach nbsp Any help would be appreciated nbsp nbsp Thank you Matt nbsp nbsp
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I've been trying to get my games running at full screen on my TV via HDMI, which does work - but I also want to be able to have an internet window, or Skype windows etc open on my laptop screen at the same time, to continue chatting/surfing etc. Whenever I activate full screen mode in-game, the laptop screen just shows my wallpaper, with no option of showing other windows. Is there a way to do this?

Laptop is a HP Pavilion DV6.

A:Laptop screen = desktop, TV through HDMI = full screen game?

this is generic, u'll have to 'tap out' the game to do this anyway, normally takes about 5-15 seconds to go back into full screen,

but the general setup issue with bill your monitor settings, check your display manager nvidia/ati
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When i run maplestory my screen goes black and my screen light power button blinks.
What can be the problem?

A:When i run maplestory my screen goes black and my screen light power button blinks
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I want to buy this mouse to better work with my laptop.
Can somebody give me some feedback on how this glas pane works instead of a scrollwheel? Handling, etc.

A:Logitech Touch Mouse 400 for a Laptop with no touch screen

Sorry I can't answer your question, but this post piqued my interest. I use the Logitech 620 touch mouse on a Windows 7 box at work. I find a little touchy and has to tweaked. But I haven't tried the 620 on Windows 8. Because I'm always looking for the perfect mouse, I think I might just pick up the 400 tonight and let you know.
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so far have tried everthing reseted the ram tried only one stick of ram removed the cpu and reinstall it. also graphics card too. removed hard drive and reinstalled still no boot up. so it turns on but will not advance. and screen is black.any help will be appreicated.
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Hello guys, maybe somebody had the same problem, my friend has a hp hdx 9300 was working fine the all of a sudden the laptop switched off and when rebooted the screen is completly black, tried an external vga, its black, tried an external hdmi and its all black. We can hear the hd working, dvd running.... all lights are ok, tried everything in the trouble shooting of hp web site ... nothing. Anybody can give us a hand?
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So i today i switched from VGA to HDMI now everything is set fine the sceen looks way better than what i had on VGA but every 5min or 10 the screen goes black for 1-2 seconds then returns any ideas ?

A:Black Screen every 10minutes after using HDMI

firstly id try another hdmi cable!
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Hi Lenovo Forum, Yesterday when I started my computer it showed the lenovo splash screen and the screen then turned black and nothing happened. I tried restarting the computer etc. but nothing seemed to help, so I decided to do a complete reinstall of Windows 10. Everything went fine until Windows Update installed the Intel® HD Graphics 4400 driver. About 80 % into the insatllation it plays the windows sound of something getting unplugged and the screen turned black (like before the complete reinstalllation and format). I have been able to get into the computer again by forcing it to shutdown and turn it on in safe-mode and disable the Intel® HD Graphics 4400 driver. I have tried to install an older version of the driver but it did not help.Therefore I am asking all of you if you have experiened anything like it and if you have a solution? Best regards,Rasmus Villebro
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I get a black screen (with backlight).No hard disk access,input output system does not work (It does not turn on/off CapsLk or NumLock).The CPU is not working! Only a long holding the power button turns off the computer.1) my OS installed from the Microsoft Download Center (?winver? into: release 1511,build number 10586,494)2) all drivers are updated from the support center Y700 Touch-15ISK Laptop (ideapad)   (including (ACPI) Driver.)3) I do not install any utility from Lenovo.4) I get a black screen when my laptop is connected to AC power and when running on battery power.5) Power plan is set up by default (Not Configured) 6) I never get problems in High performance mode with connection to AC power (Minimum processor state : Plugged in 100%). I attach my system log

Y700-15ISK Touch/BIOS: CDCN35WWi7-6700HQ/GTX 960M/(RAM) 16,0 /LITEON CV1-8B512

A:Y700 Touch-15ISK .Black screen.The CPU is not work...

You can press the novo buttonGet into the bios and set legacy boot up .And insect the Windows installion cd to fix
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Hi everyone!

Recently I bought a new Full HD TV, it's a Samsung LE40B530. I'm trying to get this TV connected to my Compaq Presario CQ50-100ED laptop from hdmi output to the hdmi input on the TV. The videocard is a GForce 8200M. The latest drivers are installed.

The problem is that when I connect the two, the laptop screen goed black and the TV says 'No signal.' Pressing the FN F4 does not work. Also I'm not able to get back into vista on the laptop. The screen stays black even after unplugging the HDMI cable. I have to hold the power button to switch the laptop off. Not a good thing.

Any tips or advice?


A:Black screen after plugging in HDMI cable

More info, are you using the right input screen on your Samsung? Why a laptop? Does anyone use a tower computer anymore??
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hi my laptop screen is set to turn off after 5 mins, when it does i cannot wake it, no matter what buttons i push or using my mouse. this black screen also happens when i restart my computer, it logs me off the the screen goes black and computer power lights are still on and it does nothing HELP! haha thanks


A:laptop screen goes black when i restart, and screen wont wake up after it turns off

Boot the computer and press F8 in the Advanced Boot menu choose Last Known Good Configuration.
What is the make and model# of the computer? Go to the manufactures support/download drivers site and download the Chipset and the Video driver for the computer.
Go to Start/Search and type powercfg.cpl. Right click the powercfg results and Run As Administrator. Click Change Plan Settings/change Advanced power settings. Reset your power settings to your liking.
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Hello and thanks for reading I have a year old HP pavilion dv series laptop running windows Yesterday I turned it on and it started normally but when I tried to browse on Firefox it gave me the blue screen for the first time ever and it shut down Fearing I had a virus I ran it in safe mode blinking Laptop blue cursor crash HP screen screen black with now and started a scan and began HP Laptop blue screen crash now black screen with blinking cursor transporting my pictures via Dropbox just in case it died on me Sure enough a weird error message couldnt HP Laptop blue screen crash now black screen with blinking cursor figure out what program made the message pop up popped up saying I had a bunch of urgent viruses I didn t click on it at all and before I couldn t think of what to do the blue screen popped up and it shut down When I tried to restart it the HP splash sign popped up and the screen flickered black and a blinking HP Laptop blue screen crash now black screen with blinking cursor cursor started in the upper left corner So this is where I stand now Black screen with blinking cursor Set default setting in BIOS didn t work and F safe mode or F system restore does nothing The black screen just stays there Any ideas Is it a gonner I m hoping to get back on and get my pictures if possible Help please nbsp

A:HP Laptop blue screen crash now black screen with blinking cursor

sounds like a bug -click report and ask to move to malware forum
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when I connect to screen mirroring device my laptop screen goes black. The screen mirroring device screen also stay black, it does show it is loading but it never mirrors laptop. Need to enable laptop screen to mirror not turn off.
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I recently did a factory restore on my laptop since it was giving me really bad problems before BSOD on boot unable to start in safe mode etc I assumed that black failure; Laptop followed random by screen colors screen it was caused by a bad video driver installation Once I did my factory restore this problem was solved but it seems like a new one arose In the first few days the laptop was working fine but I recently realised that if I unplug my AC Laptop screen failure; random colors followed by black screen Adapter my laptop would work for awhile but will eventually die The screen would just go black then I would see weird colors and then it would go black again and I would be forced to hold the power button and restart The funny thing is this never happens when I have it plugged in I then realised that it happened when I plugged it out and moved it around so I assumed it had something to do with the wiring inside my laptop But it seems that isn t the case since even if I move it around while it s plugged in it doesn t happen I m pretty sure it has something to do with my power supply at this point but I m not really sure If anyone can help I would really appreciate it EDIT It just happened to me as I tried to access my task manager I did CTLR ALT DEL and my screen went black and my laptop simply restarted itself nbsp

A:Laptop screen failure; random colors followed by black screen

EDIT: It seems it has gotten way worse. It happened while it was plugged in, and not only that, but when I tried to turn on my laptop again, the screen remained black and I heard these beeping noises. (6 beeps in succession, over and over) Sometimes I turned it on and it didn't even beep. I managed to actually get my laptop to boot, but I'm afraid it will happen again.
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My smart touch desktop starts up but the screen stays black as if it's still off. I can hear it runNing but nothing turns the screen on.  It worked fine yesterday I have even left it unplugged for hours but nothing is turning my screen on.   Please everything is on there!!!!

A:My smart touch desktop starts up but the screen stays black ...

Hi there @JeniS,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the black at startup. I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number of your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? Please get back to me and I will do all I can to help.
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Hi I just got my Thinkpad P k with Nvidia Quadro M M graphics this week running Windows Pro I have run into a lot of issues regarding HDMI output - switching to discrete graphics disables the HDMI Output HDMI and Screen Issues Black Thinkpad P70 output and i can no Thinkpad P70 Black Screen and HDMI Output Issues longer change the resolution or scaling nor does the Nvidia Control Panel show up nbsp In mixed graphics mode the HDMI output works and Thinkpad P70 Black Screen and HDMI Output Issues i can change the resolution nbsp but after waking from sleep the image only shows on the external HD display connected over HDMI I have to disconnect the HDMI cable to get video on the laptop screen and the reconnect it to get video on both screens I suspect that the Intel Graphics runs the Laptop Screen in mixed graphics mode in the Nvidia Control Panel I can only control the external display nbsp nbsp I am running the latest BIOS and updated the Nvidia Drivers directly from NVIDIA nbsp nbsp On another note I also had a black screen issue after updating the BIOS to no idea what version came installed everytime i rebooted and had to disconnect the Bios Battery twice but that somehow got resolved after taking out a SD card from the Card Reader nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hey guys.. so I connected my other SA350 monitor from my other broken computer to my main one, and it shows a black screen. They're the same monitors, and the power to both are on. I'm on Extended, the other monitor's input is HDMI and the output port on the computer is DVI (Amazon Basics). Main monitor is VGA to VGA. What should I do? Updated system specs for your convenience.

A:Second monitor connected by HDMI to DVI shows black screen

Solved. Sorry, it seems the monitor is just Pfftt. It's dead, and it's going to the Samsung Service Center ASAP.
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I open up the Laptop and the screen is blank with the power button blinking. I press the power button but it continues to blink and the screen stays dead. Help!
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Can we replace the capacitive touch controller or is it fixed?

A:Can one capacitive touch screen be replaced by a resistive touch screen?

Can you please provide more details?
What device do you mean?
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I have a gateway laptop (SOLO 5350) and the screen was horribly ripped off(during car accident). Well when I connect my desktop 17" monitor to the port on the back of the laptop and when the windows xp home edition boot screen is finished I get a black screen although the cpu is still workig properly and the monitor is still on. I reboot and press f8 and try to go into safe mode but it just hangs on the screen with all the driver names on it. Can someone guide me in a good direction before I take it to a repair shop?

A:Laptop screen screen at boot

Normally there's a Altfunction+key that switches the desktop from the LCD to a external monitor.. Look around on the top row of keys for a monitor symbol, then use the alternate function key with that key to switch to the monitor.
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First post, but I have tried to uninstall video drivers, system restore, random registry fixes, and so forth. I also did a virus scan, showing 17 Trojans (I know, very bad). I am guessing that is how this happened, not sure though. Uninstalling the video drivers helps, until I need to restart it due to new software. Then I can sometimes get to the log in screen, but even after that, It just goes black after a few seconds. I have searched and searched all over, and have not found a fix. Any help?

A:Laptop with Vista has black screen after loading screen

Hi Hackrtanman,

firstly welcome to the forums

Can you post detailed specs of your system.

And can you try to boot into safemode and disable the video card drivers on the system from Device Manager and then restart the system and check.
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I'm having a weird problem. My laptop will show a black screen when booting. It seems no matter how long I wait, nothing happens. When I attach an external LCD to the laptop, it shows the Windows load or Windows resume graphics on the external monitor, but not on my laptop screen. As soon as the Desktop Screen with the Windows Login appears, it then appears on my laptop as well.

I also can't seem to get to safe mode. I push f8 and it never comes up I haven't installed any new software or hardware to cause this.
Any thoughts?
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"For Dim display issue if you use a flash light and point it on the screen you'll actually see the screen behind....And for display cable failure there will be no display or blurry..lines etc.."IF this is true, when flashing the light on the black screen, I was able to see it, although it was very dim, So, what do i need to do in order to fix the screen?
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Confused - help!
I get black screen when booting right after splash-screen w. Windows 7 (64-bit sys. in dual boot w. XP-SP3) - but the problem is only there when i have a HDMI-cable attached to the HD4670 card (with or WO my Samsung PS50C7700 hooked up at the other end of the HDMI-cable?).
With no HDMI attached to the grafics-card Windows 7 boots fine!
(EIZO-monitor S2110W on DVI all the time).

So no HDMI in Windows 7 - or what?!?

I have the HD4670 card running on the exact same hardware in Win XP-SP3 (same machine, dual boot) - and it's working just fine in XP-SP3 (WO sound on HDMI though...). What is this all about - pls help :}

Asus P5Q-Pro (BIOS v. 1613), Intel E8400/3Ghz, 8 GB OCZ PC-6400 DDR-2, Sapphire ULTIMATE HD4670 (512 GDDR-3) w. Catalyst 12.2, Windows 7 Home Premium (dual boot w. XP-SP3 on separate HD's). RAID-enabled system w. 1 GB RAID-1 storage attached.

A:HDMI on HD4670/Win7-64 = Black Screen on Start-Up! (works on XP-SP3?)

Had exactly the same problem.

I did two things to fix; First I lowered the resolution to 1280x1024 and it worked, but that drove me crazy, so I bought a Intel card with 1gb of video memory, which I'm told is the minimum one should use if one wishes to use HDMI HD 1920x1080. It probably would have worked fine with an ATI as well, but with at least 1gb of RAM.

The card I bought was a Gigabyte GTX 450 and I might have been able to go lower, but since it was only $90 I figured it was worth it.

If you have a card with 1gb perhaps you could give that a try, or try lowering the resolution and (maybe), color depth.

The machine in question was Windows Server 2008 R2, but hey, it's essentially the same as windows 7.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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The problem started as a HDMI-cable was plugged into my running Satellite T - E and the screen was closed down From that point the notebook screen stopped working When booting the perfectly Satellite -Black T130 works HDMI screen- windows start-up logo is on for a couple of seconds and just before the entering the desktop the cursor is visible on the screen But except from these short moments there is no action on the notebooks screen When I reinstalled the driver to the graphic card there was some short moments less than sec when the screen was active Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly I can use the notebook without any problems via HDMI to my TV And Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly when I adjust the screens brightness FN F F the black screen can get more back-lighted When I turn off the HDMI-output or plugs it out - nothing happens on the notebooks screen Can some of you please try to help me out as I really need my notebook to work normal Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly again If you can help me sort out this problem I'll be very grateful- Kind Regards Jacob Lindberg

A:Satellite T130 -Black screen- HDMI works perfectly

Hello Jacob

Start your notebook with HDMI cable and wait until windows is fully loaded. When you see the desktop on the TV use FN+F5 key combination and switch to the LCD back.

Can you do this?
Does it work?
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my E5-571P laptop screen keeps going black.  i have to opne/.close ro jiggle the screen up/down to ge the screen back.  sometime it last 5 minutes but usually 1-10 seconds only.  Very frustrating.  it seem like it must be the lid sensor.  How do i fix this????
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When i press the power button evrythings looks ok all fans starts the led on my keyboard flashes but the flashing led on my screen that indicate that it s sleeping does nt stop flashing which mean it does nt receive any information When i press restart it often solve the problem and my screen computer starts perfectly I JUST INSTALLED A BRAND NEW POWER SUPPLY hight quality the problem still there If someone know how to get a log file that would help me to determin the problem - you BLACK!!!(black know PITCH i mean?) screen press you when power what Does reseting de cmos could solve sumtin - To reset cmos i need to remove the bateri for PITCH BLACK!!!(black screen when you press power you know what i mean?) about second - does a poor batery could make such problems - I need hlp Or if someone have already experienced that problem and could tell me what you did to solve the problem i just baught a power supply antec but i didnt solve anything my d card is brand new and my cable looks fine but who knows pls HLP ME information about this error must be written in some log files Thanks for replies nbsp

A:PITCH BLACK!!!(black screen when you press power you know what i mean?)
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I have a HP laptop 15b 129 wm touch screen with windows 8.1I put in some new memory and now I don?t have a touch screen I tried the delete in the device manager/ Human Interface Devices then restart but no touch screen driver came back I have looked In the Control Panel under System it says "No Pen or Touch input is available for this display." and in the UEFI hardware diagnostic test and no touch screen is there. The HP wed site has no driver for this modelDoes anyone no wear to get this driver?Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Bob
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Hi there I see more and more What is use laptop a screen TOUCH on laptops are being sold now with Touch enabled screens -- Now using a laptop in the Classical position I e with the screen at RIGHT ANGLES Vertically to the desk what possible use is touch Now if it has a detachable screen or can work in Tablet mode as a convertible that's fine but as a standard laptop -- what would you USE the touch facility for even if you were running Windows Touch is fine on accessory devices such as drawing devices What use is TOUCH on a laptop screen which you would have placed HORIZONTALLY on your desk or if you were using quot Electronic Drawing table quot type devices - but on a bog standard laptop screen But on a standard Laptop - Maybe on a Train Plane if you were using the computer as an e-book reader What use is TOUCH on a laptop screen - but if you just wanted to read would you be using a computer anyway -- e-readers are ridiculously cheap now All it does is just push up the price of the laptop for NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER Am curious - anybody here got a laptop with Touch - and what are they actually using touch for Cheers jimbo

A:What use is TOUCH on a laptop screen

I totally agree with you jimbo. I bought a new laptop a few weeks ago and specifically looked for one that did NOT have a touchscreen. I tried out the touchscreen models in the stores and decided touch is not a good interface for larger screens. Works great on my phone and tablet but requires too many exaggerated arm movements on the larger screen. Constantly moving between touching the screen and going back to the keyboard was a pain as well.
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So today i woke up to find my laptop has a lovely greeny-bluish vertical line through the screen. It comes and it goes when i move the screen so its probably something that can be repaired, right? (Thats question 1 over with).

I have always wanted a touch screen laptop but unfortunately the price was out of my league when looking for a laptop. Now i have a 15.4inch laptop which is fine (apart from the screen problem above^) and i was wondering if i could purchase a new screen which has touch screen capabilities. I really don't know where to look for answer so i thought i'd ask here.

A:Laptop touch screen?

davidude36 said:

So today i woke up to find my laptop has a lovely greeny-bluish vertical line through the screen. It comes and it goes when i move the screen so its probably something that can be repaired, right? (Thats question 1 over with).

I have always wanted a touch screen laptop but unfortunately the price was out of my league when looking for a laptop. Now i have a 15.4inch laptop which is fine (apart from the screen problem above^) and i was wondering if i could purchase a new screen which has touch screen capabilities. I really don't know where to look for answer so i thought i'd ask here.Click to expand...

Question One: Could be a prob with the pixels, or the cords are playing up :S

Question Two: You could either get a new laptop with the touch screen, or you could get another screen and plug it into the vga port.
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hi guys.please i need your help.

A:How do i use touch screen on my laptop

Hi timishi, welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can connect a touchscreen display to your laptops external monitor port (VGA) and use it normally. Your laptops display is not a touchscreen.

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Boot device not foundPlease install an operating system on your hard disk.Hard  Disk (3F0)F2 System Diagnostic For more information, please visit\go\techcenter\startup  how do i get a new hard drive i dont have a warrenty on it i need help plz. here is the serial number 5CD4386QOS
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Touch screen began to experience phantom touches in the lower and upper right hand corners of the screen. It interferes with the use of the laptop entirely, preventing me from even turning off the drivers to disable the touch function of the screen. I can only power the laptop off by pressing and holding the power button for several seconds. On reboot, PC behaves normally for up to 1 minute until phantom clicking resumes.  I would have have emailed support directly, but it seems I have no options but to call, which will not resolve my issue.
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hey guys, im thinking of getting a laptop with a touch screen, and i was just wondering if there is any way to also hook it up to a normal pc and use the laptop as a tablet?

A:touch screen laptop capabilities

The only "touch screen" laptops I'm aware of are tablet PCs. You don't really hook them up to a "normal" computer. A tablet PC is a computer unto itself. If you just want to use the tablet interface to enter input on another computer, I can't think of a way. The input-related software and drivers have to be running on the tablet itself. You can buy separate tablet hardware for connecting to any type of computer. That would be far more effective and cheaper.
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I have a touch can't my the I Laptop screen fine touch for HP laptop but accidentically my naphew smashed the screen I have called the compney which I have bought laptop for them They gave me a number but the guy told me that they have not this touch screen then I have contacted many laptop traders but I did not scucess after that I have brought my laptop to a repair shop he brought few touch screen but one touch screen I can't fine the touch screen for my Laptop was working without touch and other screen graphic was not good Then I I can't fine the touch screen for my Laptop have decided to go to other repair shop but they told me it is hard to fine touch screen with this model even with some screens the laptop was not working I mean no power then they gave me a screen with Rupees like UK Pounds So the laptop is working I can't fine the touch screen for my Laptop without touch now they told if you install drivers mighgt be it will work nbsp I have overall very bad experience with HP and their Laptop parts I still want to know why it is so difficult to fine the HP nbsp Touch screen or I bought the wrong produect please give me some idea
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The screen of my laptop is cracked and the touch screen feature is jammed. I can not type in my laptop password and so I can not deactivate the touch screen feature. The cursor keeps on going around the screen.  Is there a way to deactivate the touch screen feature without logging in? Can I deactivate the touch screen with just the hard ware or the keyboard short cuts?  I was able to use the laptop before even with the cracked screen as I was able to deactivate the touch screen feature. But when I upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10, the touch screen feature went back again. How do I deactivate it again?
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I bought a new HP Pavilion 13-s102TUx360 laptop. Unfortunately its touch is not working.Kindly help me.Spoiler (Highlight to read)  

A:My new laptop Touch Screen is not working

sairu wrote:I bought a new HP Pavilion 13-s102TUx360 laptop. Unfortunately its touch is not working.Kindly help me.Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Hi, Kindly follow the steps here

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Hello I've bought a Lenovo Y70-70 Touch laptop.It worked well but the screen started flickering black and showing horizontal lines with rainbow color.I've Updated Video Card drivers for the both cards but it didin't work.Please help me to resolve this issue.My laptop is new I have it from like 2-3 months.

A:Y70-70 Touch Laptop (Lenovo) Screen flickering

Hi there, Mons   -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
To fix the flickering problem, you should first check the laptop cables for loose connections. So engineer have already diagnosed and confirmed, it was not the lcd cable which is faulty.
Another possible reason for the flickering problem in computer screens is interference of magnetic fields from other gadgets. Yes, check if near your laptop, you haven't placed speakers, fluorescent lights, cell phones, radios and any other electrical device. If it is so, you must remove any such interfering electrical gadgets away from your laptop. Studies have proved that cell phones do cause screen flickering.
Try and identify when you face this issue, when on Battery power, mains AC adapter or in both scenarios? Is it for a particular power plan or for all power plans? Also check if this happen when you enter BIOS and in Safe Mode too.
Please follow the below steps:

If updating video drivers does not help, uninstall and reinstall the Video drivers.
Open Control Panel\All Control Panel It ems\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings and restore the default power plan settings by clicking on Restore default settings for this plan. Do this for all your Power Plans.
Change the refresh rate and see if that helps.

Update us how it goes.
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Someone else already posted this same question and never replied to the person asking questions nbsp So here's my attempt nbsp I have a HP ProBook G with the i - U processor and it does not currently have a touchscreen nbsp nbsp I would like to consider adding the digitizer which I am finding for sale online but I cannot tell whether or not it's just a matter 450 Probook laptop ... of HP non-touch G2 Replacement my screen of buying the digitizer or if the whole display would need to be replaced nbsp This is the digitizer i was looking at or a similar one http www ebay com itm New-HP-Probook- -G -Laptop-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Glass- - - - I -T - nbsp My Product Number is L E UT nbsp printed under the battery nbsp Also nbsp second question related to the first nbsp nbsp If I can just install that digitizer does it rely on the LCD Panel being the x resolution Replacement of my HP Probook 450 G2 non-touch laptop screen ... nbsp nbsp nbsp I was contemplating upgrading to a P panel from LG instead like others have done nbsp I know this is completely unsupported just not sure if the digitizers were resolution specific Replacement of my HP Probook 450 G2 non-touch laptop screen ... nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp Brian
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Hi, my laptop running 8.1 (came with 8 from factory, updated when 8.1 came out) was updated a couple of days ago, through an official prompt. Since the restart, I am getting a Touch Keyboard icon on the taskbar, Office apps have a touch mode and the pointer keeps disappearing. It never did this before the update. My laptop is NOT touchscreen, it is a series 5 Samsung, I don't mind the new icons to be honest, but can't stand the pointer disappearing and having to reboot every time. Any ideas as to why it happened and how I can fix it/avoid it in the future? TYIA

A:Laptop thinks it's touch screen after update

If you go to the bottom left of your screen, right click, then click on system, does it say that there is pen and touch support?

Also go to Device Manager, and check to see if there are any Pen and Touch devices installed.

If you can, post a screen shot of your device manager, Your system Window, and your desktop, that will help me, and others to find out the problem to this issue.

Its strange if Windows has loaded drivers for a device that isn't present, or installed the wrong drivers for a device on your system.
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For a whie now my laptop has been randomly turning itself off And while the screen is black it will then what seems like turning on will start to make the loudest fan noise sounds as if it's HP my shutt... laptop (touch screen) Why does ProjectSmart keep overheated - but it doesn't feel overheated at all It will continue to do this until I Why does my HP ProjectSmart (touch screen) laptop keep shutt... hold down the power button and then restart it again nbsp Sometimes it will start back Why does my HP ProjectSmart (touch screen) laptop keep shutt... up normally other times it will go straight to the black screen loud fan noise when I press the power button I've tried to start it up without the charger plugged in and it will still shut off and do the same thing this also happens when I try without the battery attached but just the charger plugged in nbsp My laptop can then go days without this happening everything in working order and then out of no where it will decide to do this It's starting to become very very frustrating since I have important exams coming up where a dying laptop is not ideal nbsp nbsp Someone please help this poor student out
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I m looking for a desk top replacement I m pretty much decided on Windows touch screen on the reasoning that touch screen appears to be the future and Windows is designed for touch screen and should only get better I use my computer virtually all day everyday and want a machine that I can use in my home office in the day and also take into the lounge in the evening to use while my touch laptop Buying please screen - advice wife is watching TV or to pick up during commercial breaks if I m watching TV I use it for ebay work general browsing amp email Buying advice please - touch screen laptop a lot of listening to music and watching HD video - youtube i-player etc a lot of photoshop amp occasional video editing I m not a gamer at all I want a laptop with a Buying advice please - touch screen laptop large screen that will do what I want with power to spare With all that in mind I have narrowed it down to theHP touchsmart -j sa from John Lewis http www johnlewis com hp-envy-to - tb- - -touch-screen-natural-silver p I can t find much info in terms of reviews either pro or user for this Buying advice please - touch screen laptop particular model other than the reviews on the John Lewis site both of which criticise the quality of the keyboard the feel of which is probably not that important to me as I m not a touch typist - although obviously I don t want the keys to be falling off I have found reviews of models with very similar specs but not touch screen models some of which say that they run very hot and I wonder whether that would necessarily apply to this model too as I do want to use on my lap when not at my desk I really like this laptop on paper and am on the verge of buying it but don t want to make an expensive mistake I use my computers a lot but have very little technical knowledge and am really looking for some one with experience or knowledge of this particular line to either confirm my choice or to warn me off and suggest an alternative Thanks for reading my post - Chris nbsp

A:Buying advice please - touch screen laptop

certainly looks like a reasonable machine
i have played with a couple of HP desktop and laptops and the touch screen did not seem that great, although it may be a calibration issue

i7 is a good cpu and with 8gb memory should be ok, for the uses you have described

I'm not sure about video editing, although I do a little bit on an i5 with 6gb, but it is only minor editing

do you need a firewire connection at all for any video you have ?
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I have been using windows 8 developer for a few days but can not get the snap feature to work at all. I place mouse over to the left and hold an app than release but than the app just shows full screen on its own.

Please help

A:windows 8 snap using a non touch screen laptop

Try dragging it a little past the edge of the screen and release. It should work. 8 Isnt so much of a "snap" as it is a "drag and place it there" thing.
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Why because my Samsung ATIV Book plus screen has a slight crack I mean barely noticable but it totally wrecked the touch screen as in it starts to freak out little circles come up on it as if it is being touched and so it seems when I disable the touch screen that does not happen But when I restart the permanently touch my would screen disable laptop like I to computer it I would like to permanently disable my laptop touch screen enables itself Also sometimes it enables itself in the middle of the computer being I would like to permanently disable my laptop touch screen on I have gone to the Human Interface Devices and even clicked on the uninstall of the touch screen but it installs itself right back in minutes I can disable it then if I restart it is enabled again And it can mess with things when it is enabled as it starts flipping out So I want to be able to have it permanently disabled somehow Is that a possibility and it is incredible if it is not I do not want to spend for a new laptop screen The crack is barely visible actually but it is there from top to the bottom of the screen but barely visible Lara

A:I would like to permanently disable my laptop touch screen

Using Autoruns, you have to hunt down all the EXEs, DLLs, etc etc etc that involve the touchscreen operations, and disable said files. I did that for my extra antivirus program [now mummified] -- and it has not come back to life since then.
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I aquired an HP TX1305US convertable touch tablet. it seems to have some issues with the touch screen. first of all, half the time, the touch doesn't work. anytime i flip the screen around into tablet mode, the pointer goes haywire and when i go back to laptop mode, the pointer is stuck in the corner, and it can't be moved. also, the application toolbar comes up and the only way to fix it is to reboot. i uninstalled the tablet functionality through windows and reinstalled and the problem is still there. additionally, when the touch screen was working, i had to use alot of pressure. i was kind of expecting it to work like an ipod touch or pda. i'm not sure if this could be hardware or software. the laptop has vista ultimate. i checked ho for all the updates and everything should be current. any ideas of what could be the problem?
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I have an HP Pavillion DV9010us. It's a 17 inch widescreen laptop that I am interested in adding touch capabilities to. I've seen several different ways to do so, and it seems adding an overlay strip to the screen (under the from bezel) would be best.

Is this correct, and if not what would you recommend instead?

Are there any manufacturers that are preferable to others?
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This is my third time making this thread with no working solution being posted.I purchased a Lenovo Y70 Touch Laptop several months ago. Since a few weeks after its initial use, it has had constant horizontal white lines flickering across the screen at random intervals. I updated the BIOS and it fixed it temporarily. The issue came back once more.I am running Windows 10. I have updated my NVidia and Intel drivers. The BIOS is up to date. I have tried to change the power settings with no luck (the recommended options are not present).Many others seem to have this issue and also have not been helped. I really don't like causing a fuss, but these computers aren't cheap and the lack of help has been very alarming.
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This is the second time I've bought a new laptop in 2 weeks, because my old Dell's hard drive crashed.  The first replacement HP wouldn't connect to Wifi and Geek Squad couldn't help from the store, so just traded out for this new one, and that problem is solved.  I'm not sure if my Win 10 is 32 bit or 64 bit, BTW, and don't know if it matters for this issue.  I was on my laptop last night and the keyboard kept acting wonky--slow response and I'd have to hit a key a few times to get the letter/number to type at times.  Also, even though I hit the numlock key, it wouldn't stay locked.  Please tell me this is a quick driver reset.  I really don't want to go back to Best Buy again. 

A:HP - 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop keyboard issue

Hi ,Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I understand you are having an issue with the keyboard not responding. I will be glad to help you. Please download and install Synaptics TouchPad Driver.  I know this is for the touch pad, but sometime the touchpad can slow down the keyboard. As both are input devices. Here is a document for Notebook Keyboard Troubleshooting (Windows 10, 8). Please keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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Hi i have an acer aspire zg with radeon hd series gigas of ram windows today when i turned on my laptop everything was working as usual then all of a sudden after a few minutes the working laptop screen and not HDMI whole screen got covered in some zigzag lines yellow then pink and after that the screen went black i forced shutdown my laptop tried to restart but the screen wouldn t turn on i tried unplugging the laptop removing the battery and pressing the turn on button for seconds also tried removing stick of ram then the other but it didn t work then i tried to plug my laptop to an external screen via hdmi but it didn t work either i know the laptop is on i can hear the sound and the hard drive light works what could be the problem i don t understand why the hdmi is not working either yesterday i plugged my laptop to the tv to watch anime laptop screen and HDMI not working and was just fine any help would be appreciated thanks nbsp

A:laptop screen and HDMI not working

Based on the description of the failure, it sounds like the video chipset has failed.
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my HP ProBook 4710s when I turn on it sits with the black screen but the power is on and it doesn't proceed to boot
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I have a dell inspiron mini running with ubuntu 11.10. It has been working the entire last week until i shut it down for the weekend. But today it has a black screen though power is on and have tried to remove static build up (20-30 sec pressing power button with both battery and AC cord OUT). Is there another trouble shoot procedures since it cannot even boot ?
Regards, Oonganga
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I have a dell inspiron mini running with ubuntu 11.10. It has been working the entire last week until i shut it down for the weekend. But today it has a black screen though power is on and have tried to remove static build up (20-30 sec pressing power button with both battery and AC cord OUT). Is there another trouble shoot procedures since it cannot even boot ?

A:Black screen while power is on

closing duplicate, please respond at
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Good Mornig, I have a Pavilion p6-2247el,this morning after power up the monitor going up but I see only black.The fans run normally. I tried to remove the backup battery but nothing happened.I tried to remove the ram and when I power on I hear the bips.The lan connector blink orange but no green.How can I fix the problem?Thank youCristian
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Hi,Having an issue with my HP G62 laptop. The computer will power on, but the screen does not turn on, but the power on button light is blinking. The indicator light next to the charging port is red, as is the light next to the wireless button.  Thanks,Anahit Serobyan

View Solution.

A:HP G62 - Black screen on power on

Hello AnahitSerobyan, Thank you for posting on the HP Forums! I understand the computer will not start properly and a black screen remains. I apologize for the delayed response, but I will do my best to assist you! To troubleshoot the issue, please try the steps in this HP document: Troubleshooting Black Screen Displays with No Error Messages During Startup or Boot The document lists useful steps starting with resetting the product. More specific steps are explained depending on your issue. I believe this troubleshooting will resolve the issue. If not, I would contact HP phone support for further assistance. You can utilize this website to learn how to contact HP appropriately, based on your region: Contact HP WorldwidePlease let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!Mario
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Hey guys I have an old screen power Black at on cpu its a p HT socket pe asus p p se agpx with gig ram It was always on d l stuff and what not It has some parts in there that are like years old One day when it was on the screen went black I rebooted and got black screen at power on So i dont even see the bios image or press Black screen at power on del to enter set up I took the cpu apart and reassembled it Cleaned and added some thermal paste to heatsink cpu I looked at the mobo and the parts it all looks fine I reconnected everything and tried with video cards mb ati radeon pro and a mb ati hd or something like that same results Just black screen at power on All the fans are on and the cd player ejects close and the lights are on for the led displays in front So if everything is working fans lights cd player why am i not getting an image Is it the video cards doubtful that wont work and they used ot work Black screen at power on be both of em Maybe its the mobo But it all seems to work Can some help me nbsp

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I'd appreciate any advice on where to start with this problem.
My Toshiba Satellite Laptop (SA60-108) when powered on has no display at all - no POST messages or splash screens etc - no hdd lights activity 0nly the green power on & plugged in light. Will try to load my boot up cd but still doesn't display anything. Is this just the end of the road for the screen? Thanks for looking.

A:Black screen at power on

Perhaps the screen but I would put my money on the gpu. Does it make any sounds when you power it on?

Also, plug a monitor into it and see if you get anything on the monitor. If you do then I'd say it was the screen that was bad.
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I have had this labtop since december and this morning the power button and caps lock button comes on but screen is black... the caps lock button is flashing!! Wifi button is also on just nothing is coming up on screen at all!! I do not understand!! I have unplugged it and powered off and on several times!! I need help please...

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I've just reinstalled Windows 10 on this laptop and the touchscreen no longer works or is recognized. The device manager does not even list a touch-device under human interface devices, and the settings app reports that Pen & Touch is unavailable. I manually installed the intel chipset and display drivers from the support pages, but it has not made any differences. Does anyone have some insight as to why this might be happening?
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I bought the computer working just fine for a week I did a computer reset I guess it erase everything on the computer I have done every type of test is telling me to see which driver is working or which driver should be working I wish there was a number to call and get someone on the phone I think I'm going to have to reinstall Windows 10 anybody else have this problem thank you in advance
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I purchased my Laptop 8 months ago with Windows 8.  Worked perfectly. Upgraded to Windows 10 after 1 week, and still worked perfectly for 7 months.Now the mouse and the touch screen does not work properly.If I hook up external mouse, it works perfectly.Tried to resolve with HP support, but after getting cut off on the support line 3 X finally talked to support who said it is a Windows 10 issue with their drivers, even though it worked perfectly on Windows 10 for 7 months.Told me it is not a hardware issue, even though it obviously is, works perfectly with an exteranl mouse, and that I would have to pay $100 for him to supoort looking at the OS Drivers.Should I do a wipe, re-install Windows 8, and then phone to get support since HP will not support any issues if you are running Windows 10?Thank you
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I tried connecting my computer (laptop) to my 47" philips tv and i get picture fine but no sound to my tv and it would be nice to get the sound through the tv instead of the laptop speakers.

A:No sound when using hdmi with flat screen tv on laptop

Well...tell us exactly how you made the connection.

The video output is what normally goies to a monitor...did you make a sound connection to the TV?

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I've seen an NVIDIA laptop use a "Resize Screen" program that works majestically. Unfortunately, I do not have a laptop with an NVIDIA graphics card (It's a Radeon, I a Sony VIAO). Is there a program out there that will resize a screen to fit the TV? As you might have already guessed, when I use an HDMI cable from Laptop to HDTV, the screen just doesn't fit properly! Annoying...

A:How to resize screen? (Laptop to HDTV w/HDMI)

Well there is a chance that your computer does not have the right resolution for your tv... but...

See if you can't make that work for you.
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Hello friends, I recently got the Gnome desktop environment on the Ubuntu Software Center, and I used the gdm and startx command as said by another forum site. Nothing wrong, they said to logout, tried to login again, goes to a black screen and sends me back to the Ubuntu login screen. Tried again, same result, panicked. Looked up video tutorial on how to fix it, they said to access the control panel via ctrl-alt-f1 or f2, went to a black screen, no text at all, computer runs fine, no crashing. Is there a special way to access the terminal in a System76 computer, I really don't know very confusing? Is there a way to login with the guest session? I use Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf on my laptop. What causes this, I read on Ubuntu forums it's driver issues with Ubuntu and Nvidia, but I have my suspections with the Gnome desktop environment.
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Hello i have this problem: yesterday i was using my pc when sudden power cut happened, now today i try to turn on monitor and it showed weird screen, i restored to factory defaults on monitor that fixed the problem,but then i started pc and i got black screen it doesnt show "no signal" message.

ps: sorry, im really bad when it gets to explaining things

A:after power cut black screen on monitor

Do you have another monitor or even a TV that you can hook up to your PC to see if it's the monitor or the PC giving issues?
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Can any one help with my start up problem For my desktop pc I have a power and boot up problem that does like this Turn on main front power button BIOS screens run through all OK Windows startup screen runs OK with the flashing green yellow bar Then what normally happens is a pause of one or two seconds before the Windows iconappears and I can login What has been occurring recently is at this pause the screen stays black and the computer goes into what can only be described as a low power mode I sense this as the fan speed reduces sometimes uneven and the screen and on Black screen power startup low stays black Nothing else will happen BUT if I turn the pc off at the main power button at Black screen and low power on startup the rear and switch on again it will boot up all through the processes with no problems However if I do this at the stage above I have effectively forced a shut down and Windows enter via ther ecovery but this still works fine Windows etc works then with no problems atall Also if after shutting the PC down correctly I turn off the rear power button and turnit on before start up all starts OK No devices are connected and powered on at start up Black screen and low power on startup other than Netgear router I have disabled the devices Control panel Device manager Properties to wake the computer mouse and keyboard and also the Network Adapter all of which were causingp roblems in waking the computer This was a while ago and has been working fine for many months Any goodi deas would be appreciated Could it be a software problem drivers or ahardware problem power supply

A:Black screen and low power on startup

Hello , Microsoft Fix it Solution Center: troubleshooting software issues In step 2, highlight the performance , errors or crashes and have it run some diagnostics for you.
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I'm using an Computer Still Goes - Power On Black Screen HP notebook nw with windows XP SP and an external monitor ViewsonicVX WM When I am working it could be several hours or less at times I suddenly get a black screen There is no warning no error messages the computer seems to be functioning normally The power for the laptop is still on just the screen is black The system seems to be in a hybernate state but it does not come back on by pressing any keys The only way to power back is to press and hold the power button for several minutes Then everything loads fine and I start working again and several hours later the same thing happens I was told it could be a virus or something so I completed steps - to rule this out Thanks in advance Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved Computer Screen Goes Black - Power Still On at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode NormalRunning processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system csrss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exec Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSvcHst exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AppCore AppSvc exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exeC Program Files Lavasoft Ad-Aware aawservice exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS System SCardSvr exeC WINDOWS system msdtc exeC Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exeC Program Files Symantec LiveUpdate ALUSchedulerSvc exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exeC PROGRA NORTON NSR Agent VProSvc exeC PROGRA NORTON NORTON NPROTECT EXEC WINDOWS system nvsvc exeC WINDOWS system HPZipm exeC Program Files Common Files Intuit QuickBooks QBCFMonitorService exeC Program Files Spyware Doctor svcntaux exeC Program Files Spyware Doctor swdsvc exeC PROGRA NORTON NORTON SPEEDD NOPDB EXEC Program Files Spyware Doctor SDTrayApp exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system mqsvc exeC Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNetwk exeC Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqwmiex exeC Program Files Common Files Pure Networks Shared Platform nmsrvc exeC WINDOWS system mqtgsvc exeC WINDOWS System alg exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC WINDOWS SMINST Scheduler exeC Program Files Analog Devices Core smax pnp exeC Program Files Common Files Pure Networks Shared Platform nmctxth exeC Program Files Pure Networks Network Magic nmapp exeC WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXEC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files Siber Systems AI RoboForm RoboTaskBarIcon exeC Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exeC Program Files Microsoft Money Plus MNYCoreFiles mnybbsvc exeC Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exeC Program Files Textual anagram anagram exeC Program Files Data Deposit Box Data Deposit Box startup exeC Program Files Data Deposit Box Data Deposit Box backup exeC Program Files Data Deposit Box Data Deposit Box restore exeC WINDOWS explorer exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exeC WINDOWS system wbem wmiprvse exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page file C specialty-lights com reference htmR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http h www hp com techcenter HP Sy hp syscheck htmR - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - ... Read more

A:Computer Screen Goes Black - Power Still On

Hi and welcome to Bleeping Computer! My name is Sam and I will be helping you. I apologize for the delay getting to your log, the helpers here are very busy.I don't see any signs of malware in your log. I recommend that you post into the XP forum if you are still having problems.;s=&f=56
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I've has thisl issue with a Compaq Presario cq56-115dx black screen at power on,everything else seems to power up, caps light blinks showing what it could be that's not working as noted above on hp's support link however this model of laptop/notebook will not make a beeping sound, never did when the monitor would power up correctly. I installed ssd new mobo still black screen replaced ram,checked connection ac/dc you name it still black screen no Compaq logo nada. I contacted hp no reply. HP no warranty and no assistance policy. I'm think its lg LCD/monitor not sure if customer overheated unit, no spills where found inside reply please thanks ahead guys, Rpd p.s. reosted in thread thanks greg

A:Black screen at power up Compaq

Blank Screen LED Error Codes Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)
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I went to use my laptop and it wouldn't turn on, the only thing that was running was the fan and it was much louder than usual. When I returned to the laptop a few hours later, the fan was finally off and the computer was unresponsive, no lights or sounds at all. I tried the hard reset and that didn't work. I tried numerous outlets and still no power. What else can I possibly do?

A:Black screen, no lights, no power

Hello @Khelm2701, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I read your post about the notebook not starting, and wanted to assist you!  I understand that the fan was running very loud, and now the notebook is not responding at all. First, try reviewing the following document, and let me know how it goes:HP Notebook PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10) Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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the comp will not boot when powered. power light is on. can hear the hdd running. dvd-drive runs. the hdd has been formatted but would expect a bios screen to show. power seems to cycle on and off. This was a neighbors comp and the problem started with it in their possession. screen remains black throughout. 

A:Black screen/no boot on power-up

Hi @hotpops, May the Forums be with you! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that the computer youare using will not start properly. I am happy to give you a hand with this. As a start, please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? But for now and assuming that you are running either Windows 8.x or 10, try going through this document: HP Desktop PCs - Computer Does Not Start (Windows 10,8). Just read through it very carefully, as there are parts that apply to desktops and often a link to follow for an All-in-One. Please let me know whether that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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Hello,Yesterday I was restarting my laptop, it was taking to long to restart, then it the screen went black but the power button light is still on. I tried holding the button down, bulgur nothing worked. I do schooling online and I need my laptop.

A:Screen went black but power light still on

Leave the charger unplugged until the battery completely discharges, reconnect and boot it.
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My Mother in Law seems to have done something to her laptop causing the following to occur.

As I understand it, she has on a couple of occassions closed the laptop whilst it was in the middle of shutting down. A few hours later she opened it up and it semed to be stuck on the shutting down screen.

We managed to get it to power off but now the following happens:

You turn on the power, the Vista screen appears as normal and asks for the password, you enter the password which it accepts, it says welcome as normal, acts like it is behaving normally but after a few seconds goes to a black screen and the only thing which remains is the cursor, it will go no further than this.

If anyone could help me with this it would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks


A:Vista black screen after power up help!

Try pressing and hold the fn key in a manner of trail an error press other f keys (f4, f8 etc. to reset the screen.
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Dear friends,
I am having problem with win7 Dual core processor it keep crashing, screen goes black , power stays on. If i boot the system next time on restart screen stays black, but if i press the power button once, i noticed that after a while computer shuts down and on restart it works fine for some times then repeat the above process.

Crash report is included in jpeg file.
Hop some one here could help.
Thank you

A:Win 7 freezes, black screen hence power is on

Click on the button below ....

It will download the DM log collector. Right click on the application and run as administrator. It will generate a .zip file on your desktop. Upload the .zip.
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black screen     power is ok at pc. blue led on when ac is pluged in. push on button on pc and the other blue led comes on. no sound from hd. i tried battery reset proceedure,paper clip inserted in hole on bottom of pc. hold reset button for 4 seconds and let pc set for 5 mins with no power. i tried this 3 times and did not work.      a minor thunder storm was going on when pc shut down. a spike or transient may have entered pc. i hope problem is bios,etc and not a cooked pc.  thanks guys for any help.   jb