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WINDOWS 10 B10240.B10532: Folder does not refresh and views old file names sized at 0KB. Is it Windows 10 or Acrobat 11 at fault?

Q: WINDOWS 10 B10240.B10532: Folder does not refresh and views old file names sized at 0KB. Is it Windows 10 or Acrobat 11 at fault?

Windows Folder will not refresh Either it is Windows x B and B OR Acrobat when using nbsp their 'Convert' button an Acrobat nbsp add-on in Internet Explorer The associated nbsp Window Explorer folder lists existing and old now non-existing PDF nbsp files the file list keeps expanding The Convert button nbsp coverts nbsp a Web page to a PDF file Typically I use the Desktop to store the PDF after not it old does at Windows Acrobat and Folder file 10 names Is B10240.B10532: refresh 10 WINDOWS 11 views 0KB. fault? or sized at conversion and then either delete that file or move it to an alternate folder for archiving On WINDOWS 10 B10240.B10532: Folder does not refresh and views old file names sized at 0KB. Is it Windows 10 or Acrobat 11 at fault? pressing the Convert button an Explorer Window appears which allow for renaming and selecting nbsp a folder to store the PDF It is this window that nbsp is not refresh and F has no effect also The nbsp non-existing PDF files are nbsp sized as quot KB quot and the list is getting larger At one point I actually nbsp had six real nbsp PDF's and the Explorer Windows listed and additional nbsp files phantom PDF's
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Preferred Solution: WINDOWS 10 B10240.B10532: Folder does not refresh and views old file names sized at 0KB. Is it Windows 10 or Acrobat 11 at fault?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Probably it doesn't and my question is a long shot - but I recently toasted a drive, and it had many folders and files which I have little memory of. I also never used one of those nice apps that makes a list. Any help appreciated. Much obliged.


A:Does Windows save logs somewhere that shows folder names / file names?

Windows does not maintain such a log.
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If I open a folder and scroll to the bottom, then minimize and do something else, when I restore the folder it's always back at the top again. I can prevent this by pressing F5 before I minimize but that's really getting annoying. In Folder Options I've got "Remember each folder's view settings" enabled. It does it on the C drive as well as my USB drive. I've got Vista Home SP2 32bit. Can anyone explain why it's doing this or if it can be overcome? Thanks a lot.

A:Folder views don't refresh automatically

I can't explain it. What happens if you restore the defaults in the folder options?
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Directories and file symbols are just shown without any text name beneath them It is and Folder Names Show File Won't Windows Vista only in the DVD drive Windows Vista Won't Show File and Folder Names drive E and only in the root directory at that not in subdirectories The only posts I could find were people who claimed it could be fixed by going to properties and telling me to set the directory type to pictures and videos under properties customize and then when I right click and then go to view that there would be a quot hide file names quot option which I could uncheck and get it to therefore SHOW file names But they are all wrong No such option appears As you can see in these screen shots I found another post that said I should go to Organize Folder and Search Options View Tab and click the Reset Folders Button Apply OK and close and restart the explorer window or possibly kill windows explorer with the task manager and then try again to see if the hide file names option is there Either way it doesn't So how do I REALLY get it to show file and directory names

A:Windows Vista Won't Show File and Folder Names


At some point you appear to have customised this folder?

Click on the Sort by option (First picture & see if the options are the same as mine?
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I am using the SDLC Threat Modelling tool 2016 by Microsoft on a Windows 10 virtual Box 32-bit.

When I am trying to generate a final report, it discards all the different risk ratings for each threat, and instead of having the respective high, medium, low levels next to each threat, it produces a html report putting only high next to each
one of them.

Any help?


Ioannis (Yannis) Kostakis
Cyber Security Specialist
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Is it possible to sort a folder's contents with both File names and Sub-Folder names intermixed?
I have projects in sub-folders, and 'support' files like this:

projabc (sub-folder)
projabc.txt (file)
projabc.bat (file)

amongst other projects.
I would like all the 'projabc...' items to appear together.


A:File Explorer Sort File names With Sub-Folder names

I don't know of a way to get Windows Explorer to do it. But XPlorer2 is supposed to have that sorting mode.
Edit: scroll down to "Folders sorted" in the table.

Edit2: Here's a Tutorial how to disable auto-arrange in W8:
Windows Explorer Auto Arrange - Disable in Windows 8
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Please can anyone help Supposing I have created a folder and inside this folder are a number of sub folders each containing various text files images etc etc I would like each sub folders content to be arranged in the same way So have used VIEW ARRANGE ICONS BY TYPE SHOW IN GROUPS This setting places all JPG BMP GIF TEXT etc in groups and looks quite well ordered and neat Probably not everybody s first choice but it works for me However to achieve this layout I have to visit every single folder and it s sub folders individually in order to make the necessary adjustments and so that they all view in the same way This can and does take hours Is there any way that I can specify how I would like the contents of Folder XP Views Windows all sub folders within a main folder Windows XP Folder Views to be set up without having to make the adjustments for each one over and over again What s more I have an Windows XP Folder Views external HDD connected to my P C as additional storage and when I transfer any folders to this external drive whilst the contents remain intact the settings for how each folder should view appear lost So back I come to the same old layout issue again Any suggestions on how I may overcome this issue if indeed it can be overcome I am running XP Home SP nbsp

A:Windows XP Folder Views

Go to: Tools -> Folder Options -> select "View" tab -> click "Apply to All Folders"

This will make all folders viewed the way your current folder is set up.

As far as I know, this cannot be different for different heiarchies of folders (ie: it is global)
eg: you can't have one folder and all it's subfolders viewed one way, then another folder and all it's subfolders viewed another way. Once you click apply to all it will view all your folders (everywhere) like that.
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I have problems with folder views continually changing from Icon to list or whatever. I read once that this has happened because I have used up the number of folder memories set in the Registry and you can edit this function in the Registry by increasing a value.
Can someone please advise how this is done.

A:Windows XP Folder views

XP forgets your folder view settings?
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Is it possible to for XP to save my settings for how I view different folders?
I've done the tools > folder options > view > advanced settings > save my preferences..., but it never seems to remember.

A:Windows explorer and folder views

From Kelly's site :
Go to - Start/Run/Regedit and Delete these two keys, reboot then re-set your folder options.


If you prefer not to deal with the registry, you can use the edit from here:

Restore Folder Views (Line 2)

Good luck,
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I just got a brand new PC with Win 7, and it won't save my folder views. I want some folders to have a 'list' view, others to have a 'thumbnail' view, etc. But whenever I change the view for one folder, it gives every other folder the same view. What's wrong with this? It appears to have nothing to do with saving folder views in the folder settings.

A:Windows 7 won't save folder views

read above about half way down page
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The title is badly worded, but I'm not sure how else to describe this.

I have Windows 8.1 and just noticed this behaviour after reinstalling Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. Say I have a document called A.pdf. I want to rename the file so I right-click, click rename, and type B.pdf. The file still appears in the folder as A.pdf and when I double-click it to open it, I get an error from Acrobat: "There was an error opening this document."

This only happens with PDFs, not with DOCs or TXTs.

A:Acrobat does not show changed file names by default.

If its a registered copy, best place to ask would be in Acrobat forum at Adobe probably.

Is it the default program for opening pdf files? If you right click on the file and choose "open with" will it open? Did you reinstall it recently. Seems to be allot of issues for people that have "reinstalled" Acrobat
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My favorite folder view setting in XP is "Details".
After trying out some tweak apps, Windows Explorer shows every folder I open in "Icon View". I change it back to Details but later it reverts to Icons.

I know there's a simple way to:
1. globally change all folder views to Details...and
2. Preserve the setting.

But it escapes me! Help.......

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For some reason, all of my set folder views keep changing in Microsoft Windows Vista. I keep having to set them the way I like them multiple times a day, but when I open the folder again, they've reverted to another view all together.

Is anyone able to tell me of a way to stop Microsoft Windows Vista from doing this?

A:Solved: Folder Views Constantly Changing In Microsoft Windows Vista

Hi there,

Open 'Explorer', set the icons etc exactly how you want

Press 'Alt' in Explorer, top left, tool bar options will appear. Click on 'Tools', 'Folder Options', middle tab 'View', then top left click 'Apply to Folders'.

It should then apply the current view to all of your Explorer folders and sub folders, shouldn't have any more problems. If you do, re-post here

Thanks, Danny
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I've recently had two problems with my system which I believe are both due to the same underlying cause The first problem is that no folder views are saved If I change the view exit the folder and re-enter the folder the view will have reset to 'Details' This applies to every folder including libraries I have already tried several things which solved this for others none of which have worked for me The other problem is that file association does not save chosen programs and won't even open files at all when 'Open with' is used If I click 'Change ' Opens with under a file's properties it allows me to choose a program After choosing nothing changes Similarly to the first problem I have tried every solution I can find and all have failed I believe this may be something related to file permissions or registry permissions as I first noticed these issues when I disabled UAC completely through the registry editor see Disable UAC completely It may have started before so don't assume this is definitely the root of the problem NOTE I have since re-enabled UAC through the same method and this has not fixed either views file Folder associations and not saved of the problems PS I'm a very experienced computer user so to save both my Folder views and file associations not saved time Folder views and file associations not saved and your own keep solution instructions to a minimum

A:Folder views and file associations not saved

The other problem is that file association does not save chosen programs, and won't even open files at all when 'Open with' is used. If I click 'Change...' (Opens with) under a file's properties, it allows me to choose a program. After choosing, nothing changes. Similarly to the first problem, I have tried every solution I can find and all have failed.

of course the option will change depending on the file type.
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Hey all,
Question regarding some very peculiar folders. So I was digging around my dated computer and went to My Comuter>C Drive>WINDOWS and found a lot of folders (plain) with names all beginning and ending with $ and within that was "NTUninstall." Here's a sample: $MSI31Uninstall_KB893803v2$

Within these files are many more and from what I noticed all had "Uninstall" folders in them. I hope I'm not waisting anyones time but since I've had to re-install Windows because of problems I was concerned. Thanks for your help in advance.

A:Strange Folder Names In Windows Folder

The $MSI31Uninstall_KB893803v2$ folder for example stores the uninstall information for the "Windows Installer Hotfix"
So you don?t have to worry about them.

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Hi everyone. I have no idea what I did but for some reason, the folder and file names in my My Music folder are not showing up. I tried reseting folder settings to default but to no avail. Please help!
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I know the easy solution would be to turn when names them? do windows i i have folder's opened see how of the several off desktop when i have several folder's windows opened how do i see the names of them? composition but that would be like disabling visual styles in windows XP going back to windows look for me the most important thing about the desktop composition is that it let me when i have several folder's windows opened how do i see the names of them? choose colors if not it is fixed to the green bluish windows default colores and cant be changed unless desktop compositiion is enabled but when desktop composition is enabled i mean by default it is enabled when i move the cursor over the taskbar over the folders i get a very nice thumbanil view yeah pretty cute but how do i know which one is the one i am looking for of when i have several folder's windows opened how do i see the names of them? course there are thumbnails but come on they are thumbnail of folders check the images of what i sayhere i can t see the names until i go one by onewithout desktop compositionbut here with windows at minimum desktop composition turned off with just moving the cursor over the folders in taskbar i get the menu with the names and i go to the one i need fast and without confusion is there any way i can have the names with desktop composition ON or at leas the names offer the thumbnails

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Ive been searching the net for help with this and i just cant find what im looking for.

Im still new at excel macro's so still learning everyday.

I need help to wright a macro that will search in a folder for a file with a specific keyword that can be in the file name.

example: lets say i want to open a file that is in a folder that has "leadership" in the files name.
Because i send the file to people called "leadership.xls" and i recieve files back called "copyofleadership.xls" and different other names but there will always be leadership in the file name.

Can anyone please help me with this.


A:Excel macro to open a file in a folder with a specific keyword in the file names
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I am trying to write a batch program the list the current directory files that end in *.dwg
into a file on my C drive.
I have used the following code:
dir *.dwg /b >C:FileListing.txt
start notepad C:FileListing.txt

This code only gives file names in the current directory.
I need to have a list of path and file names in the file FileListing.txt
Is there a way to do that without including subdirectories??

Thank you,

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I restarted my computer after ripping some cd's and when it came back on I began ripping another before I opened a window and clicked on a folder only to notice it was working as shift-click. The rip finished and I restarted again and this problem was gone but a new one had replaced it - Windows Explorer no longer displays folder names. Please help if you can because reinstalling windows is a big hassle. Cheers.

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I'm stumped. A certain folder or directory fails to display its contents. The scroll bar just blinks over and over like it's trying to update.

Here's the weird stuff:

1. When I rename the folder or upstream folders, the problem goes away for a while but eventually the problem returns.

2. When I copy the folder to another location, the problems doesn't come up (yet).

3. I have no problem looking at the folder through the Command Prompt Window.

4. Scanning the hard drive turns up no problems.

5. Defragmenting the hard drive has no effect.

6. Does not seem to be a virus issue.

I guess I could go on re-naming the folder or upstream folders occasionally, but I'd like to figure out what the heck is going on before it becomes worse.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:Windows Explorer Doesn't Like Folder Names

That looks to me like a rights issue. Did you change any rights from System files/folders or anything in that area?

Give an example, in what path it doesn't work and where to do you copy it so it'll work again, please

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Hi All,

I've got a problem creating long named folders or files on a Linux network share.

I can see and log in to the share without any problems, but if I try to create a folder that is longer than 8 characters, I get the following error message:
The drive that this file or folder is stored on does not allow long file names, or names containing blanks or any of the following characters: \ / : , ; * ? < > |

Also, I can not see files on the share that have long names...

I only have this problem when I use my Windows 7 machine. XP and Ubuntu work just fine.

I am using Windows 7 Professional.


A:The drive that this file or folder is stored on does not allow long file names...

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Hi, for a long time I've been having a problem where windows 7 does not refresh the folder or desktop views when I do things like copy/paste files, rename files, create a new file/folder, etc. I have to press F5 in order to get the correct view.

After maybe 5-10 minutes of dealing with this problem, it seems to sometimes go away. Other times I reboot to end the problem. Also it seems that this problem arises when working with my computer after it has been asleep.

I have seen other people on the internet have been having similar issues for I think a year with windows 7, with no conclusive solution being reached to fix it.

Anyone know if a solution been reached to this issue?

A:has the windows 7 explorer folder refresh bug been solved?

I've never had that problem, but if I have time tomorrow I will look if there is a solution to this.
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Updated windows and suddenly can't access certain files in the file explorer. They have what looks like a shortcut symbol on the directory name. I'm logged in as an administrator. Any ideas? virus scans all clean.

A:Updated windows now seeing what looks like shortcuts in my computer folder names

I'm having grief with many computers and file access since that last update.... Restarting is helping a lot.
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I just noticed that W10 had changed the name of 2 of my folders on my D Drive!! D is where I keep my Data Files.

Besides what I would consider an incredible case of big brotherism worthy of the North Korean government, it has prevented these folders from being backed up as my back up does recognize the folders. One of them is my Favorites folder which MS renamed Documents and the other is my Photos Folder which MS renamed Pictures. This latter folder is critical to me and contains thousands of images. That's why I back it up regularly to 3 different hard drives.

What right does MS have to go into my personal drive and my personal files (no operating system stuff) and start messing with them. How can I stop this? Do I have any legal rights?

A:Backup Disaster: Windows Changing Folder Names

Wow,i would call a lawyer, if I knew Microsoft got into my computer and renamed my folders,,,
but I think its just clutch with a windows update,, or something like that, but lm not sure what, or how to deal with it
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I just noticed that W10 had changed the name of 2 of my folders on my D Drive!! D is where I keep my Data Files.

Besides what I would consider an incredible case of big brotherism worthy of the North Korean government, it has prevented these folders from being backed up as my back up does recognize the folders. One of them is my Favorites folder which MS renamed Documents and the other is my Photos Folder which MS renamed Pictures. This latter folder is critical to me and contains thousands of images. That's why I back it up regularly to 3 different hard drives.

What right does MS have to go into my personal drive and my personal files (no operating system stuff) and start messing with them. How can I stop this? Do I have any legal rights?

A:Backup Disaster: Windows Changing Folder Names

Wow,i would call a lawyer, if I knew Microsoft got into my computer and renamed my folders,,,
but I think its just clutch with a windows update,, or something like that, but lm not sure what, or how to deal with it
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Hello people

I always need to rename lots of subfolders so i do this by alfabetical order, the problem is that sometimes i rename a folder from "aaa" to "Files 06-10" and then when i finish renaming explorer auto refresh it and the folder goes to the "F" folder section.

How do i disable the auto refresh in windows explorer?

A:Can i disable Windows Explorer auto folder refresh?

I would also like to do so for the very same reason.
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WinPatrol has identified ACROIEHELPER quot Adobe Acrobat IE Helper Version for ActiveX quot on my pc (Adobe on views ACROIEHELPER Any Acrobat)? I ve googled for this and found http www neuber com taskmanager process acroiehelper dll html Any views on ACROIEHELPER (Adobe Acrobat)? where there are notes such as Its from ADOBE Not needed uses large amount of memory I say shut it down Click to expand and Acrobat Reader plug-in - intrusive but useful in the unlikely event that you are obsessed with keeping your PDF reader at the cutting edge Click to expand As I can well do without memory hogs I m wondering if there is anyone here who has had positive or negative experience of removing it The advice on Win Patrol Plus Yep skinflint that I am I ve Any views on ACROIEHELPER (Adobe Acrobat)? sprung for the for thePLUS version is AcroIEHelper ocx and AcroIEHelper dll install with the -bit versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader This free reader can be used to read Adobe Acrobat PDF format files The ocx file is a browser helper object that let s you view PDF files within your browser window With all the PDF formatted files on the web these days we d recommend against removing this file Click to expand nbsp

A:Any views on ACROIEHELPER (Adobe Acrobat)?

I expect that it will consume nada until you actually use it to view a web PDF file.

If you remove it, I don't know if that now negates your ability to view one.

BTW When dear old "Winpatrol" identified the file, what was the reason given.
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This one is getting really annoying I have noticed that sometimes when using Windows Explorer if I rename a folder the right hand pane shows the correct new folder name but the left hand pane still displays the old folder name As a matter of fact even if I right click on the folder name on the left hand pane and choose quot Rename quot folder Explorer changes names Windows left-pane not to showing and then rename it there when I hit Enter to save the name change the folder name on the left that was just highlighted and changed will revert back to the original name but the name in the Windows Explorer left-pane not showing changes to folder names right hand pane will show the change For some reason it just doesn't seem to want to update the view in the left hand pane And then to top it off after some undetermined amount of time the left hand pane will quot refresh quot to show the new folder name but it will STILL show the old folder in the list as well If I right-click the parent folder and choose quot Open in New Window quot the view is correct but the original window still shows the old folder names This may only happen after my Explorer windows I usually have or up have been open for a long time as I tried to reproduce with new windows and the behavior is normal left hand pane updates view immediately I've reported it already but just curious if anyone else has experienced this odd behavior

A:Windows Explorer left-pane not showing changes to folder names

Hi CorrsFan

I think this is just a part of it being a Beta still. I have tried to delete the HomeGroup section, and while it goes for awhile as soon as it refreshes it's back. Just like some sections of the Registry is locked out and some permissions can't be changed, these things will all be sorted out by RC1. Renaming any system item is locked down in the registry and Left (Navigation) Pane items seem to be a part of this lockout.

Make sure to send MS Feedback on this so they know what works and doesn't.
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This may not be the right place for this question but I couldn't find a better one. I have a lot of files with very long names such as e61888d55aa19d8a3cbe9dfd7898c1. Some are folders and sone are files. They may or may not have any data in them. Anyone know why these are generated and if they don't have any data can I safely delete them. Thanks for tha help.

A:What Are These Really Really Long Folder & File Names

Looks like HEX to me.
Where are they located?
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See this screenshot? How can I make my Windows Explorer display the text names? Normally in Thumbnail view it shows the names too ...

A:How to show file/folder names

Click on the down arrow on the circled icon and select details view:
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Hi all, today I received a zip file that had been created on a Mac. When I extracted the file on my Windows 7 machine, it resulted in a folder with a number of files.

Oddly, when I browse it in Windows Explorer, the folder name appears in green type, rather than black type like the rest of the folders/files in that directory. If I open the folder, all of the filenames inside are in green.

I've never run across this before. What would cause the folder/file names to appear in a different color? How do I undo it?

A:Folder and file names appear in color?

Hello Frank,

Usually when the text is green, it indicates that the files in the folder are encrypted. You would need to decrypt them using the same method/program that was used to encrypt them to return the text back to the normal black color.

Hope this helps some,
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In one particular partition of my hard drive, files and folders names are not visible. Other partition of the hard drives are all right. I formatted the system drive and re-installed the xp, but problem still exists.

A:File and folder names are not visible

Do you see "unallocated space" in the Disk Management Utility ? Right-click My Computer and select "Manage..."
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Does anyone know how to create colored Folder/File names in XP. I have always wanted to do this and thought it was impossible until I accidentally did it by creating the Heidi folder - that now shows up blue - see pic.

Thanks for any help you can provide.



A:(ttt) Colored Folder/File Names in XP

picking up on the by accident
is it blue because it has been compressed - right click - properties at the bottom there may be a tick for compression
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Like I said in the title. In one of my folders, (and only that particular one), all file and folder names are missing. I don't know if it's a design feature or a bug, but I really want those names back. Can it be caused by malware?

However, all other folders are fine. For example, one folder inside the Problematic one has pictures with filenames displayed.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
Also- on a separate matter, is there a way to remove the original virus-ridden installation of XP? my pc has two partitions, with her old XP on D:\ and the new XP on C:\ I was hoping to delete the 2nd partition and merge it with C:\, but I'm afraid of messing up the MBR, as the Bootloader displays both copies of XP.

A:In one folder, all file and folder names are gone

Katylar, To restore your file and folder names, simply hold the shift key down while opening the folder and the files names will be displayed. To turn them back off just close the folder again and reopen it while holding the shift key.

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Like I said in the title. In one of my folders, (and only that particular one), all file and folder names are missing. I don't know if it's a design feature or a bug, but I really want those names back. Can it be caused by malware?

However, all other folders are fine. For example, one folder inside the Problematic one has pictures with filenames displayed.

Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
Also- on a separate matter, is there a way to remove the original virus-ridden installation of XP? She has two partitions, with her old XP on D:\ and the new XP on C:\ I was hoping to delete the 2nd partition and merge it with C:\, but I'm afraid of messing up the MBR, as the Bootloader displays both copies of XP.
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I don't know how I managed to make the names of my folders and files in My Documents disapper but they did. I've tried things like holding shift and switching to medium icons but it doesnt work. Any help?

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How can I truncate the START of all file names in a folder by a specified number of characters? e.g. Remove the first 5 characters of filename from 12345ABC.txt to change it to ABC.txt, and do the same for other files in the folder (23456BCD.txt to BCD.txt, 34567CDE.txt to CDE.txt etc.)

A:How to truncate the start of all file names in a folder

Have used FileRemaner : free version has it limitations but worth a try.Use the "Preview" to check the outcome of the changes before you "Apply"
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Hi Folks I have a Missing and Folder Vista File names Dell Vostro running Windows Vista Ultimate Recently the file and folder names disappeared The only thing left in any folder is the icons I also noticed that the search facility now states that it failed to initialize and the system icon under control panel Vista Missing File and Folder names is not working Vista Missing File and Folder names Apart from that the PC runs fine I first suspected a virus or malware so i have ran Malwarebytes Avast antivirus and Superantispyware Only the later picked up a few items which i removed to no avail I have also ran a repair from the Vista Disk I have tried all combinations of holding shift alt etc while toggling through the view settings and selecting different folders I have tried customising folders and changing templates I have tried removing the Hide filenames option where I could find it I have ran combofix just in case the registry was corrupted None of the above has made the slightest difference Actually when I toggle the hide Filenames option on and off I can see the icons move as if to make space for the folder file names This lead me to believe that perhaps the file names where there but perhaps in a colour like transparent crazy as this seems Needless to say that lead me no where Couldn t find any option for text colour on files folders If anyone has experience this then please help as i have no other option than to now reformat the system and re-install Windows This is really a last resort as loads of data and apps on the system Thanks in advance

A:Vista Missing File and Folder names

<<I have ran combofix just in case the registry was corrupted.>> malware tool, it is not designed to be used to attempt modification of the Windows registry.

For your information: ComboFix usage, Questions, Help - Look here -

I'll move this to the BC Am I Infected forum, where the more knowledgeable will try to assist you .

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Hello all ... does anyone know of an easy way of changing the name of a number of different files or folders at the same time? For example, I have a CD Rip (legally obtained of course!!) and the MP3 file names all are in this format: (band_name)_(album_Title)_(TrackNumber)_(Name_of_the_Track).mp3. Can I change the MP3 File names to this format: (TrackNumber) - (Name of The Track).mp3 without going in to change each file name individually? I.E., I would like to eliminate the Band & Album name from the file names, and change the underlines (_) to spaces ( ). I'd like to do the same to a number fo folder titles at once.

Is that kind of "batch" utility available?

As always, Thanks!!

A:Changing Multiple File/Folder Names

Get Mp3/Tag Studio a freeware Mp3 tag editor (although it does have a nag screen). Use the direct rename files option.
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Awhile back I was organizing my picture files and accidentally pressed a few keys, which seems to have caused my file and folder names to disappear in that one folder. I can see them fine in list, icon, tile, or detail view, but in filmstrip or thumbnail view they have disappeared! I use WindowsXP. How can I unhide the file names? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Solved: File and folder names disappeared

Hold SHIFT and switch into "Thumbnail" view.
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I hope this is the right spot for this question If it is not please feel free to move it to the appropriate section Blue About Folder File Names Question I have two questions for you first of all When I first bought my computer when I went into my C drive all by file folder names were black Now when I go in there some of them are black some of them are blue I was just wondering if that was normal or if there was something wrong If there s something wrong what can I do to fix it My computer is a Pentium and I am running windows XP My next Question About Blue File Folder Names question is when I am doing a virus scans and ad ware scans I keep seeing a file folder called C uploads I don t have a file folder with that name I go to try and find it and there is no file folder with that name There is a whole bunch of teams in that folder and none of which I have on my computer I m guessing that file folder is hidden is there a way that I can make it on it so I can delete it Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Question About Blue File Folder Names

I do not have an answer . But i have SOME file names that are like that, they are in blue colored font. I think it means like it is Compressed or someting.
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Accessing a folder system that starts with with quot W Shared folder Projects etc etc quot over a network seems to fail using the FileSearch Code Set fs Application FileSearch countit With fs ' this is a lookfor If left could quot quot Then LookIn quot W Shared folder Projects quot Else LookIn quot W Shared folder Projects Archive quot SearchSubFolders True Filename quot - quot If Execute gt Then For i To FoundFiles Count t InStr FoundFiles i quot Drawings quot If t gt Then countfirst Mid FoundFiles i t possibles AddItem countfirst countit countit Next i Else MsgBox quot There were no files found quot End If End With basically with quot quot in the folder name it fails I can do nothing with the folder system - it is set by people who can t program and think it is stupid to I have tried a trailing quot quot and for space and similar for the dot Any ideas round this I have succeeded with ChDir amp ChDrive amp Dir but to find all instances of files with the specific file identifier quot - quot say would require a lot more programming and I may just have to do this Win XP Excel network or USB VBA Excel odd file names??? search with folder stick makes no difference nbsp

A:Excel file VBA search with odd folder names???

Here's a kludge... a cumbersome, inelegant workaround.

Rather than asking the system to search for a name (that it doesn't like), you tell it to tell you all of the names it has and then you stop when you find the one that matches what you want.
In other words, rather than searching for a specific file/folder name start at W: and iterate through all the child folders. When you find one that matches the name you want, then iterate through all of it's children again until you find the one with the name matching etc down to the actual file you're looking for.

I know... awfull, time consuming terrible practice, etc but might be the only way to get what you need until you can convince them to change the folder names.
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Just this morning the My Documents folder on employees computer will only show the file names of documents in the folder up to documents starting with the ltter "D" all documents after that are not listed in teh folder, however the documents are on the drive becase I can access them with a "recent documents" or through the programs such as Excel in the recently used docs area. If I save a document that starts with say and "O" or "M" it does not show in the folder but the file is there as I can reopen as above.

Show Hidden files is checked and I have done a chkdsk /f as I figure is is some kind of corrupt index or file that is stopping things to be show after it, but I cannot figure out how to find the culprit.

A:My Documents Folder Only Showing Some File Names

Are you logging on as an Admin?
Try CHKDSK again.

Start | Run | CMD

cd "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents"
md C:\Backup
xcopy *.* C:\Backup /s /h

Hope this works. I really suspect its a corrupt filesystem though.
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Anyone else have this problem with long file names?
When using the folder view of list, it cuts off the file name past a certain point. I've looked around and can't find a setting that allows me to modify this setting.

In Vista and previous versions of Windows after switching to list view you could just hit refresh and the cut off file names would appear and the invisible list columns would maximize accordingly.

Just wanted to see if there was any way to resolve this before submitting it to MS.

A:Folder view - list (file names cut off)

Quote: Originally Posted by Cyphon

Anyone else have this problem with long file names?
When using the folder view of list, it cuts off the file name past a certain point. I've looked around and can't find a setting that allows me to modify this setting.

In Vista and previous versions of Windows after switching to list view you could just hit refresh and the cut off file names would appear and the invisible list columns would maximize accordingly.

Just wanted to see if there was any way to resolve this before submitting it to MS.

Maybe its because your viewing it in libraries? See if it acts the way you want it to in a normal folder.
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I am running Windows 7 and have been using Asian fonts in the titles of files for over a year with no problems. Something in the latest service pack update (which automatically updated this week) turned these all to boxes. (The Asian fonts still worked just fine in documents and on the internet, but not on file/folder names on my computer desktop and libraries.) I backed out of the entire update and everything is fine again. How do I identify which of the multitude of updates is causing the problem so that I can ditch just that portion?

A:File and Folder Names in Boxes for Asian Fonts

Latest automatic update this week had no problems and file names in Asian fonts work just fine. Please close thread as solved.
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Hello, I have had this problem for a couple of years now, even in a few different computers. I have a folder with files I am keeping, copying it from computer to computer when I change computers. In this folder I am unable to see folder/file names unless I mark them. This has irritated me to some extent since there are around 12-13000 files in this folder by now. I have asked around at computer-tech stores, and some of my more or less nerdy friends. One of wich is mostly always able to help me... but not with this.

EDIT: I should probably add that the same thing happens to every file or folder I add to this folder.

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Hi everyone IME: Folder & Correctly Not Foreign File Names Displaying I m having this issue on Windows XP SP I ve run a few searches but not turned up any useful results though it can be hard to judge IME: Foreign File & Folder Names Not Displaying Correctly what keywords are popular to search for Here is the issue I m attempting to view the correct names of some Chinese files and folders on my harddrive I have gone into Regional Language properties checked the box to install East Asian support and rebooted I have also set quot Chinese PRC quot as the language to use for non-unicode programs in the third tab of the properties dialog and rebooted again Unfortunately I m still only seeing files and foldernames with nothing but underscores like quot txt quot and I m not sure what else to try This is a fresh Windows XP custom installation I m NOT sure whether IME has been installed properly - the only steps I ve taken are detailed above Perhaps I need to manually download something in addition to this - and if so could somebody point me in the correct direction Thanks for your help By the way I do know that the files are not infact just named My previous Windows XP installation showed them with proper Chinese characters nbsp
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I am unable to view Folder or File names in one of the drives, tried changing views and resetting defaults, no Luck
i can see the name when i click on the folder, attaching screen shot.
Any help appreciated
Kind Regards


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I need to paste a lot of Outlook messages into folders for the sake of archiving. When I try to do this, however, the file name tends to get contracted.

For example, yesterday when I tried to paste a message called "SD06012-01 - Power Pack for Lightweight Laptop_RRIT-10-31312 - new", its name got contracted to "SD06012 -.MSG".

The information in the name that gets missing is of such nature that I cannot afford to lose.

This only seems to happen, however, when I am using my Vista Ultimate x64 based laptop. When I use an XP-based one, no such thing occurs.

Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

Thank you for your time!!! Your help will be deeply appreciated.

A:Vista contracts the file names when I paste them into a different folder

Could you go to regedit (windows key and R, type regedit)
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System,current control set,control,file system.
Take a snapshot of that page or tell me what the value of these two keys are.
NTFS Allow Extended Character 8Dot3Rename
NTFS Disable 8dot3 Name Creation

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Hi When I turned my computer on today it seems that all of my filenames have 'disappeared' - the files are still called the same that I named them but instead of them showing the titles they either show the date modified or only certain details I mainly have music on my hard drive and now the folder looks like this As changed? File Names view Disappeared / Folder you can see on the left in the folder tree the path is showing up the files are still there etc but instead of the track titles there is now only the artist and album I have tried shift and view tried different views tried changing the folder view to pictures and videos etc I have also completely scanned the drives and there doesn't seem to be any problems Under File Names Disappeared / Folder view changed? 'folder options' I have tried showing all extensions etc showing hidden files different customizing of views Seems strange but 'title' isn't an option for the folder view anymore As here The folders now look like this Furthermore the desktop now looks like this All the icons work nothing has moved but now they are all called the dates modified rather than the names however if i go to rename any of them i can it File Names Disappeared / Folder view changed? shows the original name briefly then reverts back to the dates modified names instead What has happened Can anybody shed any light as to how I can fix this Thanks

A:File Names Disappeared / Folder view changed?

Hello Jow, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might try applying METHOD THREE in the tutorial below to reset all the folder view settings to see if that can help fix this for you.

Windows Explorer Folder View settings

Hope this helps,
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My dad is organizing our family photos a few thousand on the PC and earlier file All one sudden my the of a in folder...a on disappear names virus? he goes into one of his folders with pics in it and there are no names under the files but the files still All of a sudden the names on my file disappear in one folder...a virus? have their original name if i go to properties i could see it i tryed renaming it but nothing changed if i move all the files to a different or new folder then the names are there Does anyone know what could be the problem Heres a screenshot All of a sudden the names on my file disappear in one folder...a virus? of what im talking about click here to see the screen shot P S When i came to my dad to quot fix quot the problem i couldnt open the photos in the folder and when i tryed to deselect multiple items that were selected and in that blue frame by just clicking on an empty spot they wouldnt deselect I fixed this by toggling off single click to open an icon and toggling back on i dunno if this additional info helps thanks in advance nbsp

A:All of a sudden the names on my file disappear in one folder...a virus?

If you can move the files to a new folder and all is resolved -- what's the problem? Just delete the old, damaged folder.

It's not symptomatic of a virus -- just some kind of file system damage. You should probably run chkdsk /f on the drive.

Your image doesn't display for me by the way...
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I have noticed I have a number of long (looks like hex folders) file names contained in my C:\windows directory each containing a file WiseCustomCalla.dll. I was just curious as to what they were. I assume its some lazy install software leaving things behind. Can anyone confirm this and are they safe to delete?

A:Long file names in C:\windows containing WiseCustomCalla.dll??

Those look like leftover files which should have been deleted after something was installed. They can probably be deleted, but to be safe I would move them to a separate folder and leave them there for a few days just to make sure something doesn't need them. Try making a folder, give it a name you'll remember, then cut/paste them over. If nothing goes amiss after a few days, delete the folder.
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I picked up an older Compaq computer running XP from a friend and am trying to change the windows system file located in C:documentsand settings from his name to mine.  I have already renamed the registered owner using regedit.  Any ideas how I can rename this folder? 

A:Changing Windows Systems File Names

System file? You mean the profile folder I presume. I don't think that's possible or feasible.
You just need to create your own profile and then delete his. Here's how...
Open Control Panel, User Account and create a new account. Make it an administrator account.
Log off his account and log into yours.
Go back to User Accounts and delete his account. If I'm remembering correctly it will ask you if you want to preserve his profile files. You should just nuke it all but the choice is yours.
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I know this must be possible but for some reason I just can t figure it out I have a file path that I calculate - what I want to know is if in that folder there exists a file with the word minutes in the name What I have is file Access 'reading' vb folder and names path in from Solved: an application that has to keep track of the various committee and faculty meetings at the university From the meeting dates I create a folder days after the meeting the committee secretary has to have posted the minutes or I need to send her a reminder To date this has all been done manually I want to be able to read Solved: 'reading' file path and folder names in vb from Access in the files in the folder and if one of them contains the word minutes or Minutes in the name then mark the minutes as done on Solved: 'reading' file path and folder names in vb from Access my database prefarably with the date the file was put in the folder if that can t be done then just a Done If a file with the word minutes or Minutes in the file name does not appear I want Solved: 'reading' file path and folder names in vb from Access to send an email to the committee secretary to remind her to post the minutes This I know how to do via vb and I have her email against the committee in my Access DB How do I read or put those files fron the folder into an array so that I can interrogate the name nbsp

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I just recovered from a malware problem with Win TrojanDownloader LCTGMFCtrojan by way of another malware forum virus Icon, names Folder, visible and not infection following File I was assisted in cleaning my Icon, Folder, and File names not visible following virus infection computer to their satisfaction but have been left with Icon, Folder, and File names not visible following virus infection some issues Icon, Folder, and File names not visible following virus infection that they were not able to fix I am running Vista Home Premium sp on Dell Studio laptop The initial signs of the infection which still remain after clearing it are All icons folders and files on the desktop and within Explorer window view pane are absent their file names If I rt click and check properties their names still remain and are shown but just are not visible otherwise in the regular viewing pane Also the folder names ARE visible in the Folder menu portion of the Explorer window File names of recently used files ARE also visible in the Recent Items menu in Start The Start search function and the search function within the Explorer window view pane no longer work The top of the Start search function pane states Search failed to initialize I can not access the UAC Early on in the infection before it was cleared when I logged on I saw a Switch user button which was new but clicking on it did nothing and when I checked for a new account in the task manager none was apparent Windows update no longer works and access to the update download website remains blocked but not re-directed never was redirected I can access regedit and CMD via Help and Support in the Start menu but this work around doesn t work for Windows Update or accessing the UAC Things I have attempted thus far are unhide exe SFC scannow from CMD Some files were corrected others were not A log of the scan is available upon request hold down the shift key while double clicking the C drive Then open C again http www howtogeek com howto windo ng-file-names and http www vistax com tutorials -settings html plus changing file attributes in the options for viewing files Downloaded and use UVK utility from http www carifred com uvk help It is a great little fixer-upper utility but was unable to fix my problem

A:Icon, Folder, and File names not visible following virus infection

I have managed to fix most of the issues that my computer was having. I decided to work on the error message, "Search failed to initialize". That took me to the Microsoft instructions for fixing the search function, at Basically, it instructed me to delete the current indexing and to re-index. I rebooted after that, and found that not only was the search function now working, the names of the icons, folders, and files were also now visible. Windows update also works again.

I don't know enough about computers to know why the re-indexing fixed my other problems as well, just glad it did. Hope this helps someone else.
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I have a CD with a bunch of folders with a bunch of files and subfolders with a bunch of files on it.

Does anyone know of a free utility to capture those folder and file names into something that I can manipulate (Text, Excel, Word, etc.)? I have found a couple but the ones I found only do 1 layer at a time. I would like to get all the information in a tree structure format.

A:Solved: How to convert folder, subfolder and file names into text.
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Hey guys

I recently bought a 64 GB micro SD card for my phone, a Moto G3. Mounted it, formatted it, it worked fine, then yesterday when I tried to play some of my music and noticed that there were no songs in my library.
The file manager on my phone said that the SD card had "0.00 B" of space left.

After plugging it into my computer I found that all my files were still there, music playable, photos viewable, but the download folder contained the below:

When I tried to delete or rename the files I got this message:

I searched up online and found a supposed fix for it, did this

Now the other folders are like this

And I have no idea what I'm doing so any help would be really appreciated please help
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There is a same Thread and its telling very clearly how to do this task but my problem is if file is in another Language then how to do this task. Thanks In Advance.

A:Solved: How to convert folder, subfolder and file names into text.

There is also a /A switch that uses ASCII instead of extended characters. This let's you redirect output directly to a text file. Not quite as nice looking, but easy to automate.

Tree E:\ /A /F >"%Userprofile%\Desktop\Tree.txt"
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Hello there!

I was wondering if there's any way to change the font color of file names under Windows XP. For example, in a folder with 20 pictures I'd like to have the names of 5 pictures in pink and 5 in blue, the rest can stay black. That way it'd be easier for me to mark certain pictures.

If anybody knows how to do something like that please let me know.
I'd greatly appreciate it!

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I hope someone can help me out, and I apologise if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find an answer to my problem when I looked.

I am running Vista Home Premium 32 bit SP2. When I am using files in "Pictures" they automatically show up without the file name underneath the thumbnail (in any kind of icons display). I know to right click in a blank space within the folder and then on view, then untick hide file names, but as I have over two hundred folders on the computer, and many hundred more on an external drive, this is very time consuming. Is there a way of making it so that instead of "hide file names" being ticked as default it is NOT ticked as default?

Hope someone can help, and I will be very grateful if you can.

A:Un-Hide File Names in Pictures in Windows Explorer

Hi Redruthd and welcome to the forum

Have a look at this post.
Please, let us know if you have anymore questions about your problem...

Kind regards
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I work mainly on two computers My laptop which runs Windows XP Home Edition and my desktop which runs Windows XP Pro names recognize XP files won't long Windows with file Both OS's are fully up to date Windows XP won't recognize files with long file names with all windows updates and security packs installed sp I have a portable hard drive which I keep my music on I renamed some files on there while working on the laptop some of which have pretty long file names I had no problem renaming them or editing them after I had given them the long file names on the laptop But when I move my portable hard drive over to my desktop XP seems to have a problem with files that exceed characters in file name length I cannot rename them I cannot edit them I cannot move copy them to another folder I cannot even right click on them and ask for 'Properties' on them If I try to access the files through other programs than Windows Explorer i e iTunes Windows XP won't recognize files with long file names or Winamp it's like the files aren't even there The programs will not recognize them as files either Can anybody please give me some help with this What could be the problem here Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Windows XP won't recognize files with long file names

sounds like the drives are formatted to fat instead of ntfs
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Ok I'm totally at a loss on how to word this so I'm just going to write it out the file file grabs batch folder to File that into names Batch insert from best that I can Batch File that grabs file names from folder to insert into batch file First I have a batch file that I'm writing that will convert mp files to mp files I have a lot for a buddies band using ffmpeg Here's the code that I'm using ffmpeg -i folder video mp -f mp -ab -vn quot different folder music mp quot what I would like to do is add to this so that I don't have to write out this code for every file I have I have the mp files in one folder and than the mp files are saving to another folder So here's an example of what the code will do if it isn't clear yet Folder video mp video mp video mp what it should do is grab video mp and convert it ffmpeg -i folder video mp -f mp -ab -vn quot different folder music mp quot and than move onto the next one ffmpeg -i folder video mp -f mp -ab -vn quot different folder music mp quot and than the Batch File that grabs file names from folder to insert into batch file next one ffmpeg -i folder video mp -f mp -ab -vn quot different folder music mp quot It's going to have to grab the name from the mp file and insert it for the mp file I can get around pretty good in cmd if it's basic commands but when it comes to something like this I'm a little confused Thanks for the help in advance I'll see what i can do about searching some more on what I would have to do and if I find the solution I'll post it here if it isn't already answered

A:Batch File that grabs file names from folder to insert into batch file

A DOS "for /f" loop should do the trick, although changing the filename extension for the output to do everything in one line escapes me at the moment.

Perhaps you could do a dir .\folder\*.mp4/s/b > mp4s.txt, then make a copy of that and edit each line to rename the file to the destination name, and save it as mp3s.txt. Then you just feed both the source (mp4s.txt) and destination (mp3s.txt) filesnames into the for /f loop which handles the ffmpeg conversion.

Quite a crude solution and you'd have to handpatch the destination filenames, but i can't think of how to get a source mp4 filename and then just change the extension.
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Firstly my employee s are running into a problem where they cant save their files because the file is quot in use quot according to way & Any folder in File use views cannoter to save save name windows What i ve File name in use cannoter save & Any way to save folder views narrowed it down to is the fact that windows uses the files to display details or even a preview of the file whether it be a thumbnail or a window pane preview of the file or even simple details barring it from saving the file after it is opened File name in use cannoter save & Any way to save folder views edited and ready to be saved I have disabled File name in use cannoter save & Any way to save folder views all the obvious frills that might be conflicting such as quot file previews show thumbnails etc quot just cant quite get this resolved Also windows and its short term memory loss wont allow some of my employees to save their favorite folder views I understand that windows tried to implement a more functional window mode allowing users to have multiple view for their different folders but the quot pick one and stick with it option quot of quot Apply to all folders quot the obvious approach doesnt work Or merely works for a few days then reverts I ve seen regedits about changing the quot bag size quot and such but that looks a little more involved than i want to get with the registry also potentially affecting something in the process Any tips DRMWBT
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I work with a lot of animation sequences, and when using Win explorer it has always irked me that if I want to view anything but list or details view then the filenames are truncated.

This is a problem because the sequences I work with often have long(ish) names and numerically iterated, generally being suffixed by a padded number.

Is there a way that I can view tiles, or content, or icons without having the filenames truncated?

(Bonus question: how come sometimes I get the option to view 'content' and other times the option is not there?)

Thanks peeps.

Example image of what I'm talking about:

A:Windows explorer - How do I view full file names AND see an icon

You could try these options:
Increasing the Icon Spacing (horizontal and vertical) can allow for longer filenames.
Setting the icons to the largest size can also allow you to view longer names.
Also you could use Details view and have the Preview Pane active.
That program seems to be using the old style Windows dialogue boxes, so I'm not sure if any of the options (I listed above) will have much effect.
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Outlook 2007, personal/archieve folder files does not display file names - How do i correct the problem so the files will display names vs just the file size.

A:Outlook 2007, personal/archieve folder files does not display file names

Hi, Please go through this link which might help you:- further help please reply.Thanks and Regards Deepa_REdit: Changed link to actual URL to remove perception of link obfuscation and increase link transparency. ~ Queen-Evie
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Hi there,
Since this afternoon, I've updated two of the computers at home from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Since then, i tested them and everything is fine on the first one (except a little bug with the address bar in Google Chrome) but not on the second one.
Let me explain you what the problem is. In the File Explorer, each time i scroll down to any location in the folder, it's scrolling up after a few seconds, but also prevent me to rename a file or a folder, because when I do, it seems some kind of refresh happens and I'm back to the top of the window and the file name (or folder name) is again in view mode.
Can you help me ?
Thank you in advance,
Kind Regards,
Meng Yi

A:How to solve issue with auto-refresh in File Explorer? (Windows 10)

do you have a mapped network drive that is no longer reachable?
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In another post I mentioned my problem already but I ll re-post it here for easy reference My desktop appears to have been hijacked or something When it first happened a website praising quot Spyware Solutions quot was lockled on my desktop Through some spyware and virus removal tools I was able to get rid of most of the problems and errors that I was experiencing including the website on my desktop Unfortunately I am unable to right-click on the desktop or in any other explorer based program except the Start Menu Right-click functionality is normal in any other program and you wouldn t be able to to tell anything is wrong Originally the desktop was hijacked and was reading from a quot C Desktop quot directory which I got rid of Using TweakUI I was able to restore the proper folder reference Even after all this my desktop is still beyond Protection Desktop Windows Problem File and Fault my control it remains blank and within the Display Properties in the Control panel I can change the background colour in the dropdown menu but the background remains blank As I said I ve run lots of different tools including several online virus scans McAfee Ad-Aware Windows File Protection Fault and Desktop Problem SpyBot SD HijackThis among others I also tried a reapir install and all it did was restore some default settings that I would rather have kept off My only clue comes from trying to update windows I was given a quot Windows File Protection quot window which says that some of my files are no good and need to be replaced with the originals I m guessing these are the files that are causing me so much grief but it is unable to find the files that it wants to replace the bad ones with It says quot The Network location from which the files should be copied C WINDOWS ServicePackFiles i controls man is not available quot quot Contact your administrator or insert Windows XP KB Source Files now quot I m stumped anyone have any suggestions nbsp

A:Windows File Protection Fault and Desktop Problem


Have you got this update:

You should be able to see it if you go to Control Panel | AddRemove and scroll down to the bottom of the list, and look for KB890047. If its not there, try installing the update.


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screensaver settings in Windows 7 does not to contain option to trace photo files in the slide show. I understand this is not possible, unlike XP, but can anyone recommend a utility to do the job?

A:My photos screen saver with path of file names showing (Windows 7).. fix or alter

go to the start icon

using the run / search programs & files "bar' type personalization,

select from the menu (under control panel),

scroll down to screensaver,
click and choose photo's,
click settings ,
click browse and choose your photo folder source.

you could also add a link to your photo's in "Library" and select your photo albums from there.

sorry .. just realised that you must know this and want to se where the photo's are located.
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Certain un-resizeable windows occasionally come up on my HP Pavilion dv laptop usually from simpler older-looking installer applications The windows become so large as to be impossible to navigate Over-sized windows to or see anything on the window that can be selected I ve consulted this forum before with a more serious window problem where a lot of the Over-sized windows words describing programs on my screen were completely blank http forums techguy org windows-xp -solved-windows-menu-text-coming html so I had some sort of Fonts adjustment done and it seems that has only partially solved the problem as I ve always had these occasional issues with over-sized windows Over-sized windows I ve normally been able to just deal with this nuisance but now I have law school exams to take and the exam software windows are coming out over-sized and unworkable I ve attached a picture of what I am dealing with in case my describing is inadequate it is a bit hard to describe Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

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Things to consider:
1. I had a problem with my fonts, I had installed a corrupted font which in turn messed all my other fonts up.
2. To solve this problem I Deleted ALL my fonts, and pasted the default windows fonts back in.
3. All is fine, but when I proceed to use certain programs, certain windows come up in a really big size, and I'm not able to re-size some of them. (Examples - Photoshop CS3 Save As, Dreamweaver Page Options)

I think while deleting the fonts, some files were removed which keep the windows of a certain size - thus causing this problem. Does anyone know where I can find the files, and/or how to solve this problem?
Below you may find a screenshot of my problem:


A:Help: Over-sized windows!

Have you tried a system restore back to before you deleted ?
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I noticed recently that my system and other folder names have changed on their own! What the -h- happened? I have never seen anything like this before. These folders appear on all of my drives c:, d:, g: and they are random. It looks like they are of another language, maybe? Actually, the wording makes no sense at all...> It looks like most of these folders previously existed.

Things I have done: Ran Anti-V program + Ewido Suite = No viruses, trojans, malware, etc. Ran three adware programs (ad-aware, spywareblaster, spyware doctor) = Clear. Checked all running processes and startup tab in mscofig = no peculiar programs detected. Ran regseeker = Phenominal amount of invalid keys, etc. (3,000+) very unusual to the norm!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

System Spec's: WinXP SP1-current updates, 384 RAM, AMD 1.15 GHz processor

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Hi all

After a virus attack last week i had to reinstall windows xp and most other applications onto my machine and whilst I have got everything up and running all the displays are about 2/3 times what they were previously to the extent that I cannot get a full web page on the screen and have to navigate around. I suspect the problem may be in that I originally set my system up on a standard monitor then went onto a tv as a sustitute monitor. On reinstalling the system I awas on the tv monitor which is a 32" model and maybe this has thrown the computer into oversizing everything. I have tries most things available in the control panel and setting but no success.

Has anyone any ideas/usefull suggestions.

A:After Reinstalling Windows Everything Is Mega Sized

Make sure there are no question marks or exclaimation marks in device manager, video drivers need a chipset or agp driver
to function properly

try to set your display output to match the native display of tv monitor
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I'm getting really annoyed that I have to keep resizing my windows. It's especially apparent with my control panel window which gets used more than most. I've been using windows since 3.1 and NEVER had this issue. Did Microsoft decide to make this resource cow, which is a pain to use, and then decide to remove the ability to remember window sizes just to spite us or are they just plain stupid?

So far I give Vista a 3 out of 100! Yet another version of windows dumbed down for the American people.

Vista 64
Amd 6000+
eVGA 9800 gtx+
4 Gig Kingston HyperX PC2-6400
500 Gig WD 7,200rpm

A:Why aren't my windows remembering how I sized them?

Maybe this help you:
Brian Scott : How to set the default size and layout of all Windows Explorer windows.
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HI I'm having some strange issues with my windows x system lately I've always had the occasional Window edb file expand to some crazy size and eventually give me a message about not having enough space on my ssd Now only after I tried using WinDirStat did I see that windows is creating the Windows edb file in C ProgramData Microsoft Search Data Applications Windows but also an equally sized and growing Windows edb file in C Users All Users Microsoft Search Data Applications Windows I have rebuilt the index restarted and the process starts all over again I've run sfc scannow without getting any issues I have not changed the permissions on either of these folders or created some sort of a junction symbolic link at least without knowing I did so Screenshots will be attached as to hopefully help with what is going on --- on a similar note I've asked before but didn't get a response that was helpful - is there a way to reset the default settings of the File Types in the nd tab of Advanced section of the Index Options I am positive I made changes to these file properties in the past and Two created Windows.edb equally sized being files would love to reset them to their Two equally sized Windows.edb files being created default state since I wonder if what I changed is causing this issue Simply rebuilding the Index rebuilds the Index based on the current settings - which makes sense I want to reset the File Types then rebuild my index to see what happens Any help would be much appreciated I'm going crazy as every couple of days the SSD gb gets overloaded I ran out of room on C and the process begins again Thank you
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After using Remote Desktop from a computer set at 250% into this computer set at 150%, windows show up either enormously huge or so tiny they're unreadable.

This only happens after using RDP, and fixes itself on reboot but not automatically.

A:After using RDP, bizarrely sized windows of opposite sizes

Mark it up to another problem with RDP, that you just found out.
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I downloaded Acrobat Reader 5.0 but when I try to open it I get the following message:
ACRORD32 caused a general protection fault
in module USER.EXE at 0011:0000001d.
EAX=00000000 CS=172f EIP=0000001d EFLGS=00000246
EBX=00000010 SS=2f8f ESP=00000000 EBP=009e8f6c
ECX=00143846 DS=0000 ESI=009e8f6c FS=318f
EDX=0000000e ES=2f8f EDI=00008f50 GS=2397
Bytes at CS:EIP:
00 00 20 02 0c 00 00 20 5b 3a 0e 87 9a 8b 02 62
Stack dump:
00000000 00000000 00100000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
I tried uninstalling and downloading again but I get the same message. Has anyone seen this before?

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I cannot open pdf files. I have previously installed adobe acrobat program which has gone corrupt. Icannot uninstall and reinstall this program. I get following error message,
Error 1402. could not open key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\OptionalComponents\MSFS
Verify you have sufficient access to that key.

operating system is Windows XP

A:Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 installation fault

Try the solutions here:
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So I used obytile to make some shortcuts and that worked fine!

That is until I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and they where all gone!
Seeing as I have only 4 rows I used the smaller tile size(1/4 regular)

Now is their anyway to make some smaller sized tiles on 8.1?

obytile does not make smaller sized tiles!
Also I tried obytile with Windows 8.1 and the tiles don't come up!
Even searching for them does not get results
Any ideas?

This would be something great for someone to consider making if it is not done already.
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I have a GB HD NTFS DOS accepted Long names Short ok not file names file system with GB free space My Documents and setting folder has GB with Files and folders that are many layers deep The problem Every so often my XP professional OS will not accept a new long file name less than characters and spaces but will accept an character DOS name What is wrong Have I reached a Long file names not accepted Short DOS names ok limit because of the long file names Or too many files in a single folder Or I Long file names not accepted Short DOS names ok run into the same problem with by back-up Hard Drive which has a FAT file system The problem seems to go away at least for a while if I restart my Dell Dimension PC Thank you Supportbob I have replicated my problem both for my NTFS drive and the FAT drive I also finally got an error message which tells me the problem The maximum character and space limit of includes file name plus the names of all the stacked folders after My Dicuments The whole file path It can be very confusing because I was able to make it more than characters and spaces but all of sudden it reached a threshold where it will no longer work until I shortened the file name back to Going between hard drives seemed to make it recover sometimes when I had a longer than path but then all of a sudden it stopped working I need to keep my folder names shorter and be cautious on length of file names too when I have many stacked folders nbsp

A:Long file names not accepted Short DOS names ok

From what I recall the WinXP limits it to 255 characters, filenames written command prompt are 253 characters, and those include the filename and extension.
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Hi everyone,

I'm on a Win2K network, and we have an old folder that contains archival files and folders from some old Mac computers that we used to use. I'm trying to archive that folder onto a CD, but most of the burner programs I've used (Nero, etc.) won't do this, because there are lots of file and folder names with strange special characters in them. I'm assuming this is because these came from Mac filesystems. Is there a way to get rid of all these characters in a batch or global way, a program I can use??

Thanks in advance for your help!

Billy Chen,
Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center
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I have this happening for a while now. Forget restore. When I click any of my website shortcut, the window opens half screen. If I open the browser first (on Google search page for example), then the window opens full screen when I click the shortcut. It only happens with websites shortcuts, not with applications shortcuts. I tried everything I found on the web: stretch window with CTRL key depressed or open 2 windows - close 1st then 2nd, or right click task bar and select "show windows side by side", or reset IE, etc... nothing works (also right click shortcut - properties - open maximized, doesn't apply to website shortcuts since there is no such option).... Another thing that is happening: the command "send to Desktop (create shortcut)" when right clicking a Favorite doesn't work either. However everything works fine in Safe Mode. Please advise. Thank you.
I run W7 64 bits - IE9.

A:Desktop website shortcuts opening half sized windows

Found the solution for this issue with W7 pro 64bits, IE9....
1.-Open a website from your desktop shortcut,
2.-Look for a link on that website (ex: Contact us, Policy, etc...),
3.-Right click on that link and select "Open in a new window",
4.-Resize that window
5.-Minimize it and close the other window
6.-Go to File and press Exit with CTRL depressed.
The first time may only adjust the width but not the height.... if so, repeat the same as above but after step 3, repeat step 3 one more time, then apply steps 4,5 and 6.
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Hi all,

I have been hammered by several viruses. The result of the attack is that Windows Explorer now shows the file type for an exe file to be a file folder instead of an application. I assume there is something not right in the registry but I do not know where to start looking. Can anyone help? Thanks very much.

A:Windows Explorer Is Defaulting "file Folder" File Type For Registration

I'm not sure this is what you are talking about, but you can change the icon:
Tools -> Folder options -> File types
Mark the file and press "advanced".

*edit stupid mouse
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Hello, can I change the default view for ALL folders to "list" at one time?
Thanks for the help.

A:Folder views


Please try the following:

- Open a folder
- Click the View menu
- Select the type of view you this case 'List'
- Click the View menu again
- Select Arrange Icons
- Select the type of arrange and if you want Auto Arrange
- Click the Tools menu
- Click Folder Options
- Click View tab
- Click Apply to All Folders

Hope that helps ;-)
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How do I make it so that every time, whenever I open a window containing files, they show up in "details" mode all the time, every time?

Running Win XP Pro.

A:Folder Views

Open any folders, Change the view mode to "Details".

Next, Click on Tools > Folder Option. Under View tab, click "Apply to All folders". Click Apply, and Ok to exit.

This should help you.
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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. I am having issues setting views, for instance....If I want things in a list, and choose that it stays however when I go into folder options in control panel the apply to all folders is greyed out.

Got any ideas?

A:Can't Set Folder Views

Hello Stu,

You would need to open Folder Options from within the same folder you want to apply instead.

Folder View - Apply to Folders


Folder View - Set a Default for All Folders
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Is there any way (other then apply to all folders) to pick a group of folders to have the same view options. I have several hundred cds on my computer and i want to be able to pick all folders, set there views to details and have only name and duration in the columns. Id also like to have a default size for all the windows. If anyone can help me out with this it would be greatly appreciated as i dont want to have to pick each of hundreds of folders and have to manually resize, pick details, and change the columns, this would take hours. Thanks in advance.

A:Folder Views..

oh, I don't really know. Just a suggustion to try is put all the folders under the same main folder and set the default window size and details, ect for that one, and it might do it for all its subordinate folders. It might be worth a try. Other than that, I think you are stuck. Maybe someone else has ideas.
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Hey guys hope all of you are still doing well. This may be a little unnecessary or stupid but those of you who like your stuff organised and perfect would understand. When you have music in a folder, usually the folder picture would be that of the album art of the music in the folder or just the file. Usually it would be just one picture sticking out of the folder. Recently when I gained more music, some of the album folders displayed two pictures sticking out instead of one. I have tried everything and also checked that all the tags and details are identical but made no difference. If anyone knows how to fix this and has the time please help. I attached two images. The first is how I would like the folder to look like, the second is how the wrong folder looks like. All music files are .mp3

A:Folder Views

No. The folder with the unwanted graphics contains 11 songs and a jpeg image of the cover. The one on the left also contains 11 songs and a jpeg image of the album cover. Both are in .mp3 format.
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hey, I want to apply these following folder views to all users :

view > details

arnage icons > type

arange icons > show in groups ( true )

how would I do this ?

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I'm trying to format my explorer view so that the left panel in every folder displays the "folder view". For the life of me, I can't figure out (or remember) how to do it.

thanks in advance


ps I'm running windows xp w/sp2

A:folder views

Actually you could make a shortcut to Windows Explorer on your desktop. Click Start, go to All Programs, go to Accessories, right click Windows Explorer and send to Desktop(create shortcut).