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Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

Q: Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

I clicked something and was greeted by malware that created https popups in Explorer.  Below are the my attempts to correct.
1. Deleted the new programs from the change and remove programs. 
2. Ran Mcafee - nothing noted
3. continued to get popups
4. deleted directories with same name "tool bars and extensions"
5. continued to get popups
6. downloaded Malwarebytes and found several pups and quarantined  all.
7. rebooted. 
8. No longer can i log in, language seems to be Arabic.
9. I tried to refresh but would not work- it made me log in. this is where i noticed that the language was set to ARABIC 2. 
The computer boots fine, I cant read the language and my password does not work. 
Would a restore to a restore point reset the langauge? Is there any way to recover this PC?
The computer is a Lenovo laptop, running windows 8.1. 

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Preferred Solution: Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Win81 - Language Changed to Arabic, after Malware Attack.

What tool did you run prior to the change?
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Okay so I am having an issue working out if my case will be able to hold my motherboard and graphics card Case Details Available Color Black Materials Steel body plastic Dimension x x mm x x inch (I Computer Building my First setup) changed W x H x D Net Weight kg lbs M B Type Micro-ATX ATX quot Drive Bays exposed quot Drive Bays exposed hidden quot Drive Bays hidden I O Panel USB x int USB x Mic x Audio x supports AC HD Audio Expansion Slots Cooling System Front mm fan x optional or mm fan x Building First Computer (I changed my setup) optional Rear mm black fan x pre-installed Side left mm or mm fan x optional Side right mm fan x optional Building First Computer (I changed my setup) Power Supply Type Standard ATX PS EPS V optional Maximum Compatibility VGA card length mm inch with HDD cage CPU cooler height mm inch Now Ill list my other parts I have They should Building First Computer (I changed my setup) also be links if they are not links just search the name WD quot Green TB WD EZRX SATA M RPM HDD Patriot Signature GB Kit Gx DDR - - PSD G KH Samsung SATA x Black DVD RW Gigabyte N - GI N SL- GL DDR GT PCI-E VGA Card Intel BX G Pentium G GHz MB LGA ASRock H M Anniversary Motherboard nbsp

A:Building First Computer (I changed my setup)

From the case details you have supplied (Motherboard type: Micro ATX or ATX and maximum video card length of 320mm) you are well within the parameters of having everything fit.
ASRock H97M motherboard is a Micro ATX board.
Gigabyte N730-2GI video card is 185mm in length.
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Hi all

Not sure if I'm posting this in the correct place, so please move if need be.

I have a VPN for connecting to my work server, but we've recently changed our ISP and with it our static IP address. I need to connect to copy some files over today but don't know what the new IP address is. Is there any way I can find this out remotely, or would I have to be on that network to find it?

Thanks in advance

A:Static IP Address Changed

My guess is if you don't know the IP or Domain Name, you would need to be on that network. If you know either of the two, you could cross reference them.
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My mom gave me a Dell Dimension 4700 computer that was acting up. She said it would turn it's self off randomly and she thought it was a virus. When I brought the computer to my place, it powered on once, then I went to turn it on again and nothing. No lights, no power what so ever. So after doing some research I bought a new power supply for it. I just replaced the power supply and plugged the computer in and now there is a blinking amber light in the front and a solid green light on the motherboard but it won't turn on. I have checked all of the connections and they are properly seated. Any ideas what is causing the problem?
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What do u think of this headset I am alot into gaming and I am in a tight budget and these seem to fit right in it they have the sickest style theyre cheap and they have good sound quality is it worth it or are there any other headsets which outclass these if the are please Message me them down below

Budget is 50 euros top I know its not alot but I have to work with those
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I have two SanDisk flash drives (8 & 32 GB) and a 32 GB SanDisk Micro SD card and, as of yesterday, the folder icons have changed to shortcut icons that refer to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe F/c "start %cd%\sony.exe && %windir%\explorer %cd%\Extras". 'Extras' is just one of the folders on my 8GB flash drive. My files are still on all of my devices, but I cannot access them. After seeing the C prompt statement, I figured I am way out of my league. What do I need to do to restore my folder icons and directly access my files again?

My thanks in advance for your help.

T Smith

A:Folder icons changed to shortcuts

The files have been corrupted, so I don't think they will be recoverable. Always use SD flash drives for temporary storage, and back up important files also on a DVD or on a second standard hard drive
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I m having a weird problem with my router malware? Do or get viruses routers Its an SMC Do routers get viruses or malware? SMCWGBR mbs Gigabit switch model Works perfectly except several times a week when I m on ebay the pages will start showing up in Chinese I get directed to ebay cn or I get Forbidden It lasts for about minutes and then goes back to normal This only happens with ebay I called them about it and they knew nothing but a web search shows this is a very common problem on the east coast with people using Verizon I m on the west coast using Centurylink It also happened when I had Cox I tried returning the router to factory defaults and upgrading firmware but that didn t help I ve taken my desktop off the SMC and connected it to a Netgear and the problem went away on the desktop but still happened on my laptop so I m sure its just the router I ve run virus malware and rootkit scanners on all PC s and they come up clean I hate to get rid of this router it runs every internet enabled device in the house like a champ but I run a business on ebay and its caused some major problems lately Would flashing it with Tomato or something like that help Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Do routers get viruses or malware?

vegasgmc said:

This only happens with ebay. I called them about it and they knew nothing but a web search shows this is a very common problem on the east coast with people using Verizon.Click to expand...

Then its not an issue with you specifically.

Take this as I'm thinking out loud as I don't know for sure. The virus would need to overwrite the router's firmware and be specific to each model they infect. A BIOS or Firmware virus would be a non-productive effort in creating them.
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Im having a few connectivity issues I am unsure if it is malicious in nature A few people told me that in their opinion it was possibly a DoS or DDoS attack I called my ISP and was told that from their end signal from my modem was strong but the packet loss was huge I am able to connect to not Possible DDoS sure attack, the internet now however it is VERY slow This all started about hours ago yesterday while browsing the web I started to experience slower and slower speeds until I was unable to connect to the internet at all and it finally allowed me to connect again around midnight last night with these very minimal speeds Here is the results of a few tests I ran recently speedtest net This is a test from today This is a speedtest ran about a week ago Traceroute Results Pinging with bytes - gt ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms Request Timed Out ms ms ms Request Timed Out Request Timed Out ms ms ms Request Timed Out ms ms ms Request Timed Out ms ms ms ms ms ms Request Timed Out ms ms ms ms ms ms Request Timed Out Request Timed Out Request Timed Out ms ms ms Traceroute complete Destination is hops Possible DDoS attack, not sure away Latency Test Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Possible DDoS attack, not sure Pinging with bytes - gt Request Timed Out Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Pinging with bytes - gt bytes time ms TTL Ping Possible DDoS attack, not sure statistics for above hosts Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times RTT in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms I preformed a quick scan with malwarebytes that came out clean I also ran tdsskiller with clean results Is there anymore more tests I should run Thankyou for taking the time to read my post nbsp

A:Possible DDoS attack, not sure

When this starts to happen, what happens if you disconnect all of the other pc's on the network except yours? Then try connecting the others back 1 by 1 and see if the packet loss jumps back up.
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Hello tech forums My friends computer has been having a very odd issue regarding cpu usage I noticed it when trying to play DC universe online and noticed big fps issues in character creation all settings being turned down After that I monitored resources to see if anything is amiss and soon enough I saw my cpu usage randomnly spiking Also it easily hits and is probably trying to use more when DC Universe is on The other odd thing I saw was that the cpu usually operated at a higher frequency than actually being used in resource manager I have uninstalled Startup toolbar updater thinking it was using too. reason. Already for no malware overused CPU free tested being too much resources and have used the malware tech support to see if it was a infestation of any kind No dice all scans came up relatively CPU being overused for no reason. Already tested malware free too. clean My only other thought is that it might be DMA being reverted to PIO or some software issue This is my last shot before I reformat this frigging labtop gt lt Only thing stopping me is the possibility that it might be hardware though I can t imagine why On another note maybe the cpu is just messed up Whenever it spikes i don t see a reason why nbsp

A:CPU being overused for no reason. Already tested malware free too.

Okay some new observations. With a room temp of 12 C my CPU idles at 45 C. Mobo is seeing 25 C during this. Also just watching the CPU usage through speed fan for a couple of hours I noticed that it likes to dance between 2% - 5% constantly. Occasionally spike to 30% or 50%. Also, it can't hand DC universe at all. Through CPU-Z The processor seems to be acting normal. It runs at half power when it's not being used much and jumps to normal speed. That might explain a little bit of spikage, but it's performance overall doesn't make sense. It shouldn't be jumping so high when I start DC online.
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My counter strike graphics suddenly changed and i can't see clearly the pixels are to little i think !!! plz help mee!!

A:Counter-Strike 1.6 graphics suddenly changed

i cant understand what is the problem , it is in resolution or what
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Hello, when i plugged in my memory stick this morning to finish off the last of my college work and to back it u to my computer i was greeted with all of my folders and files names being changed and unable to open any of them, is there a solution to fix all this as there is my years worth of college work on here. Also when I try to scan and fix my memory stick and attempt to recover bad sectors it stops and says "Windows cant check the disc while its in use" and asks if i want to force dismount.
I have no idea how to resolve this and would appreciate any help at all as my assignments have to be in for Tuesday. Thank you.

A:Need help with memory stick thats changed all my folders and files

Welcome to Techspot.

Have you tried this?

You can find more informations from here too:
More info too:
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Let me explain My pc windows ultimate bit quad core home build has been running relatively perfectly for a while but I decided on an upgraded graphics card - HD rather than the older HD Anyways I got it on I now PC is graphics card changed and dead eBay as I changed graphics card and now PC is dead a used item So it arrived today and I installed it as I ve done loads of times before attached all the connectors and booted up with no problems Although the resolution had changed to a very low setting which I ve seen on changing other graphics cards I soon realised I had forgotten to plug in the keyboard so did that and with no response from the keyboard I rebooted Although I d left the room for a few minutes when I got back the pc was off I tried switching it back on but without power to the tower The green light on the mobo Asus P N -E was lit for a while then went out So it doesn t power up it seems dead to the world Even when I replace my old graphics card there is nothing I ve read a few other threads asking to try to boot up with only the cpu and memory I have corsair x gb but I get nothing at the power button The psu is a w Alphapower unit and it s only about months old I ve got a sneaky suspicion it s this though But I don t understand why it would blow after changing the graphics card Any ideas will be much appreciated nbsp

A:I changed graphics card and now PC is dead

really depends on weather the psu can output enough power for that card never heard of that brand probably the psu IMO.
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I have an Acer Aspire 5100 and it used to have a single not dual amd turion 64 2.0 ghz cpu socket s1. i bought a amd turion ii ultra 2.5 ghz socket s1. I installed the cpu and turned everything on. The power light and fan look and sound like they are running but the monitor wont turn on. i switched to the old cpu and the monitor turns back on but not with the new cpu. I dont kow whats wrong with it and why the monitor wont turn back on with the new cpu. Please help

A:Changed CPU on my laptop but monitor won't turn on

The handbook for the Aspire 5100 you can find here in PDF format says:
Platform ? AMD Turion? 64 X2 dual-core TL-50/TL-52/TL-56/TL-
60/TL-62 processor or higher with 1 MB L2 cache,
supporting AMD PowerNow!? Technology and AMD HyperTransport
? Technology?

Mobile AMD Sempron? 3200+/3400+/3500+ or
higher with 512 KB L2 cache, supporting AMD
? Technology and AMD HyperTransport? Technology, 64bit OS support.

even though the new CPU is the same socket doesn't necessarily mean it will work with that system. Other times it may work but requires a BIOS update to develop compatibility for the CPU. Your best bet is to talk to ACER directly about whether or not that CPU is compatable with that model.
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i have a Compaq F700 laptop which is about 2 years old. recently i played on it (a lot) so much so that the processor completely burned out. since my model is not supported in India and no private engineer seemed to know what to do, i had the processor changed for a pretty hefty sum. two months down the line and my computer is acting all funny again.
1. it shuts down and restarts at odd hours .. sometimes after 2 min. sometimes after 2 hours.
2. sometimes the screen kinda distorts... like that "thread" slide transition in MS PowerPoint.
3. it hangs at odd hours.. sometimes before sometimes after it shuts down.
4. and when it shuts down it restarts continuously till it gets it right.

do you think its because of the processor ?

A:Changed laptop processor screwed again?

Well it certainly needs work... a good cleaning out of all the debris, dust, firch, mogus, and grunge... first..
Then make sure all memory banks are filled with good quality memory.
The processor should not need replacement, but the CPU fan might need it, if you use it a great deal.
But I would start by a clean reformat and reinstall of the hard drive... and then work up from there.
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I've been getting signals coming through randomly, but I think it's some kind of malware. Does anybody have clue?

A:Ok, unwanted signal... I think it's some kind of malware that's installed. Anybody?

If you could give a little more specific information it would be helpful.
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for some reason i am having sound issues inside games like team fortress wich are related to having set speaker settings to surround sound when using stero speakers im using head phones windows XP I try to change the settings to headphones but the problem persists here is what happens when i change the setting in lt windows gt control panel gt sound from to headphones then return to the menu it has change back from maybe settings, malware? will change audio OS not headphones to this problem started about days ago all i want is stereo sound I also suspect that the IDT audio OS will not change audio settings, maybe malware? program which is not starting on startup anymore may also be a problem but i can still run it from control panel its also possible that some options in the IDT program like quot headphone virtualization support quot which i cant remember if i changed recently are the problem I know very little about audio software i cant hear windows sounds either right now but i can hear most of a Cd i have in the Cd rom but it cuts out a bit just rebooted and there is not Audio at all windows can no longer see any audio devices on device manager MICROSOFT WINMM wdm audioo compatibility Driver is quot not working properly quot quot A driver service for this device has been disabled An alternate driver may be providing this functionality Code Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device quot did a system restore i have sound but not system sound will do the normal maintence and check back here to see if anyone has any suggestions nbsp

A:OS will not change audio settings, maybe malware?

See if this helps Reference Guides to Help Setup and Troubleshoot Windows Audio and Sound Cards
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Hello Everyone This is my first time posting here and I need some help I have a custom built PC which I constructed in I turn MB, won't PSU on, PC CPU, and changed have have had problems in the past with Power supplys going out on me I buy the cheap ones lol This morning I woke up to my computer turned off usually its PC won't turn on, have changed MB, CPU, and PSU on When I pushed the button to power on the LED lights of my case blinked for sec and then nothing happened I though oh crap my power supply again I went and bought a power supply and still it didnt work same thing blink PC won't turn on, have changed MB, CPU, and PSU for one sec then nothing I was running with an Abit IP -E Motherboard with a ghz core duo like i said its been working for a few years I then decided it had to be my motherboard and processor so I went and bought a new one I am now running a PC won't turn on, have changed MB, CPU, and PSU Gigabyte GA-EP -US L motherboard with an Intel ghz core duo I wasnt looking for an upgrade just a fix for my PC Well I installed the motherboard and chip plugged everything in and once again the light blinks and then nothing I have all this in the case I posted the link for below Could it be my case Can someone please help Fortunately I have a backup computer which I am using now but it sucksssss I have exhausted all my ideas other than its my case My theory is that even though I got my new motherboard processor and power supply if the stupid button on my case has shorted out or something then the other components cant recieve the signal to turn on I need someone smart on this one thanks in advance and if u fix this problem I will paypal u dollars lol ha This is a link to the case I have apevia com images products X-DISCOVERY-AL- jpg nbsp

A:PC won't turn on, have changed MB, CPU, and PSU

...if the stupid button on my case has shorted out or something then the other components cant recieve the signal to turn on.Click to expand...

If your case has a reset button, it will work the same as the power on button. Connect the cable from the reset button to the power header pins on the motherboard. Whether it works or not will help narrow down the problem area.
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Hi, i have a system with the following specs:
Intel C2Q Q8200 @2.33Ghz
Intel DG35ec mobo
kingston 4gb ram
Nvidia 9800GT
500gb WD caviar green
80gb seagate barracuda
cooler master 500W eXtreme power plus PSU(bought it this morning)
so i hooked up my psu and ran the game (crysis warhead) hoping the fps would increase as previously my psu supplied only 230W....but now with the new PSU the frame rate in the game has not changed....can anyone explain whats going on?

A:I changed my PSU but I still get low fps on Crysis Warhead

a new psu wont increase your fps, what fps are you getting in crysis warhead
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my monitors recomended resolution was 1280X1024, but it seems to have changed over night to 1680x1050. it still looks the same, however, when i try to play a game it auto switches back to 1280X1024 and only displays half of the game on my monitor (the left half of the screen is on the right of the monitor, and the right half is gone compleatly). could it have been an update? i tried changing my resolution to 1280X1024 but it looks terrible there a way to get it back to how it was before, when 1280x1024 was the defualt?

if it matters im using a nvidia 8800gt 512
my monitor is about 21-22 in

A:Monitors recommended resolution changed over night

Try reinstalling the video driver from Nvidia's support site
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Alright herein Wiping MBR or record drive OS Malware Boot on lay my conundrum sp I got the notorious quot Personal Anti-Virus quot somehow installed on my PC torrents im thinking I found a few ways to remove it and was thought to be successful as my PC already booted for me once after the modification removal of the malware Now I get a message about a failed OS load or something to that effect I was able to connect successfully thru an external enclosure but my drive now says that it isnt formatted and asks me to format every time I plug Malware Wiping MBR or Boot record on OS drive the drive in weather it be via an usb eSATA or directly back into the computer I ve used Active Boot to explore and attempt a recovery of my files but the file system is still in RAW format and my recovery looks Malware Wiping MBR or Boot record on OS drive as if nothing has gone wrong with the drive at all aside from it being unallocated But I have to use the recovery tool in Malware Wiping MBR or Boot record on OS drive order to see the Data And there is absolutely no data loss whatsoever It s all there Is this a malware issue or has it become a hardware issue Thanks amp Regards -Crackalack nbsp

A:Malware Wiping MBR or Boot record on OS drive

viri are covered in the security forum
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Hey there I m new to this I purchased a computer from MDG and fried my power supply and motherboard and CPU has my changed mobo Replaced have warning: I found another power supply and peplaced the old one and found an identical biostar m -m mobo and switched that up as well thinking it would just boot as normal When I started up I get Intel R Pentium R GHZ x k OK M TSeg memory Intel R Pentium R CPU GHZHyper-Threading Technology CPU Detected Hyper-Threading Technolgy Enabled DDR DIMM Speed PCI Express Slot x Lane Widths IDE Channel Master Optiarc DVD RW AD- a IDE Channel Slave None IDE Replaced my mobo and have warning: CPU has changed Channel Master None IDE Channel Slave None Replaced my mobo and have warning: CPU has changed Sata Device None Sata Device None Floppy disk s fail Warning CPU has been changed or CPU Ratio changed fail Please re-enter CPU settings in the CMOS setup and remember to save before Press F to Enable system Configuration Press F to Select Booting Deviceafter POST Press F to continue DEL to enter SETUP -P M - a- a l B C- Now I have no idea what to do The Mobo looked to be identical and same model but I noticed the board was blue instead of green and PCI slots were Orange instead of white but all in all looked the same Any ideas to avoid paying a hefty sum to take it into a computer shop and dumping a whole whack of money I don t have Plus I love learning Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you Bill nbsp

A:Replaced my mobo and have warning: CPU has changed

Have you entered the BIOS and set the optimized defaults ?
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I bought a language CD set, and I do like it. The one thing I do not like is using the CDs every time I want to work with it. I have a Dell inspiron mini 10 with the external CD drive. The reason I bought the mini was for portability, but carrying the CD drive negates some of the advantages. How can I load the CDs on the hard drive and work from it, rather than the CD? I appreciate any help with this.

A:How do I save my language CDs on my hard drive and work from there?

This all depends on the software.
Not all programs let you copy the CD to your HD to make it work. If you tell us what software it is, it may help. What does the program access the CD for? Is there an option in the program, of where to look for certain files?
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Hi guys, I downloaded a movie (Asterix and the Olympic Games) but found that the sound track was in French. I was wondering if there was a way I could change the language of the track or download either english subtitles or sound track and then combine it with the video.

Thank you.

A:Video Sound Language

You won't be able to combine them. Even if it were possible with editing software (it may be) the timing would be off. You have to try to find another copy in English...
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I took my laptop into futureshop about a month ago as the screen was not working and also not working on an external screen They told me it was the motherboard and changed it I took it home and it worked just fine It wasn t until I had used the laptop not plugged in and then plugged getting After not changed charging. Plugged in, motherboard it back in that I noticed it wasn t charging and Plugged in, not charging. After getting motherboard changed it showed quot plugged in not charging quot I took it back to future shop weeks ago and I finally got a call saying it was back however it was an issue with the battery and I am liable I am wondering if it s possible a its not the battery and the new motherboard affecting it I ve read this can often be an issue b somehow while future shop had it in their possession the battery got screwed up OR Plugged in, not charging. After getting motherboard changed c it was installed incorrectly Plugged in, not charging. After getting motherboard changed and somehow killed it I find it highly unlikely that hours after returning home it just HAPPENED to break I m frustrated because I m a broke student and it has a great battery that lasts through hours of lectures I need the battery and don t really have the cash nbsp
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After isolating my audio issues, I cannot seem to find the source of the error that is generating a sound that sounds exactly like the phasers from mars attack the movie. I looked at the drivers and all seems to work with wav files that play with the phaser sound in the background.

Anyway, if anyone can help me gain some sanity in this issues would be much appreciated.

I am running:

Windows xp pro 2002 service pack 3
MSI k8t Master 2 far motherboard

A:Realtek ac 97 audio problems - it sounds like mars attack

Try reinstalling your sound drivers from the motherboards website... Is your system clean & free of malware or virus infections?
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Hi I want to tell my story on my problems If you DON T want to hear the INTRO story move to the nd paragraph I had a problem before application error referenced memory could not be read I tried a card changed Feedback on for settings vid thousand fixes and solutions went to numerous fixes wihtout any budge As i was exploring this my problem got worse i was getting the BSOD Some Feedback on changed settings for vid card people were trying to help me thank you without any fixed solution So i decided to reformat my computer finally haha i don t give in until i put up a fight So i reformat my computer There Feedback on changed settings for vid card were things that needed drivers my LAN card Video card and sound device-built in with the mobo The lan card was easy because i had the CD instant driver nd problem was the video card I got stuck here My video card is an ASUS N series my mobo is an ECS P M PRO-M My CPU is Intel Pentium D GHz with MB RAM OS XP Pro SP If you DON t want to hear the continuation move to the rd paragraph after this Moving on i tried numerous drivers but nothing stuck the effect was something like this the computer would restart somewhere in the middle or after installation It would boot up with normal single beeps one after the other Next the windows logo would come out However i saw the windows logo still having quot lines quot like the monitor had something wrong or low quality images same as when the computer first booted after reformating After this i SHOULD see the image of my mouse then the loading screen I didn t it goes blank the monitor then tells me there s no connection and then i hear a beep my computer REBOOTED I let it run and again again it STILL rebooted i knew this was a problem- i go to safemode uninstall the driver then reboot It s BACK to the VGA compatability driver but it s still the safemode-ish laggy-type screen This cycle goes on for almost all the nvidia drivers i tried i believe i tried all getting the same result so so- I always just reach the windows logo screen I contact ASUS and they give me more drivers i try so i tried them same thing But i noticed in safemode that the some of the drivers i tried were successfully installed Device manager told me that it is installed but when i reboot it just reaches the windows logo I go into the CMOS setup utility And i change some things CMOS Setup Utility - AmericanMegatrands Inc so you know what interface i have I go to quot CPU PnP quot setup and change my DRAM frequency Current settings under that tab CPU overclocking feature gt disabled default CPU frequency Mhz default and unchangeable by options DRAM frequency gt Mhz PREVIOUS setting was Mhz IT WORKED I got it to load to the main page and i can download stuff and continue You know my specs mentioned above is this acceptable though I do NOT understand what i just did therefore i m kind-of scared Pls reply Thx nbsp

A:Feedback on changed settings for vid card

FYI: In case you don't know, this is my PC, i have 1 pc and 1 laptop. Those who are helping me with my laptop problem (cardreader and usb slots not working), please continue, help
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Good afternoon to all this is my first try on your site.We have a Hp 3200 all in one,some how my wife has it speaking in some foreign language and we would like to get it back to English.Is there any one out there who can help me.Thank you for any and all help.
Thanx Again,

A:HP LaserJet 3200 language help

All HP drivers here:

Just click Start Detection
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Hello, my dvd rom wouldn't open so I took another one and put it in. That does open and in My Computer sometimes reader as a dvd r and sometimes cd rom. My game exe for Empire Total War and other games shows up the icon that looks like a blank flag and when clicked messages something like this is not a win32 file or I/O error. I tried updating the dvd - a Liteon model - but the message said it wouldn't flash the dvd rom. Help would be appreciated, as ever.

A:Changed DVD player but new one not working, help please

Maybe you neglected to set the jumper at the rear of the drive to the same setting as the old DVD drive, that is, master, slave or cable select.
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This will be the third time this has happened since Christmas and nobody has a clue what has happened I hope this is the right forum for this post To try and cut a long story short- Decided to build a computer I am new to this and dont know much themselves. changed NTLDR is missing letters Drive but got help putting it together Worked fine for a week or so then wouldnt boot Got NTLDR file missing errors Took out TB drive found it faulty dealer replaced it Installed new drive it was faulty from the off I could hear it and was changed for a different make of drive TB Now weeks after install and working fine I turn off one night turn on the next morning and the computers asking for a boot disk Went to do a reinstall over the top of the old OS and discovered that what was my C drive with Windows XP was now the E drive and the D drive with XP was now the C drive Drive letters changed themselves. NTLDR is missing And it wont boot up from it because quot NTLDR is missing quot I have a feeling this is what happened to the first install but I never noticed the drive letters Any idea what may have caused this Hardware- Asus P Q Deluxe Motherboard CPU Intel Quad Core Duo Q overclocked to Zalman Reserator V Fanless Water Cooling System X OCZ GB Reaper Mhz PC Memory Coolermaster W Real Power M Powersupply BFG GTX OC Graphics Card TB Samsung SATA HD GB Samsung PATA Drive GB Seagate SATA Drive Creative Fatlity Platinum sound card Internal card reader PCI-Express x FireWire and x USB Ports I O Card Sony DVD Rom Drive LG DVD Drive Dual boot if it would ever work properly Windows and XP nbsp

A:Drive letters changed themselves. NTLDR is missing

Hi Chegwell,

My first reaction to this is that the battery that holds the PC's BIOS settings (and system date, etc.) whilst the machine is switched off, is faulty.

Try accessing the Bios (usually by hitting DEL or F1, F2) while the PC is booting, set the hard drive priority to SATA, save and reboot.

Good Luck,

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I have a Toshiba M700 tablet PC running Windows Vista ultimate 32-bit edition.

I wanted to run a program that requires me to have the non-unicode language set to Japanese.
I changed it to Japanese, and then proceeded to try and run the program.
Program runs fine.

I tried to connect my bluetooth headset to listen to my music. No luck. I get an error message about copy protection.

What's odd is that if I change the non-unicode language back to English, the headset connects just fine, and it doesn't complain about copy protection or anything.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. I have no clue what I'm doing wrong.

A:Bluetooth malfunctions when language is changed

The bluetooth program you have installed is set to work on one user only
By changing the language it thinks you are another user

I think ipod software does that too
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We here at the shop have an ongoing debate about usb flash drives being able to harbor malware (smitfraud, vundu, virtumond, etc...) can a simple flash drive harbor such malware, and what about the U3 smart dives, can they?
By harbor I mean hold an active malware the will transmit to another computer upon insertion into the usb port , not just hold an infected file.

A:Flash Drives and Malware

They can all hold Virus/Malware
But they can not do anything, like hurt files on the USB drive or anything
They need Windows for that (or some other OS)

The real issue is when the drive is mounted and they autorun
But if autorun is off, again they cannot hurt anything

Until you access it ! (through Windows)
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Warning CPU has been changed.
I needed to put a new power supply in my computer. Now it does come back up but with this warning...

Warning! CPU has been changed. Please re-enter CPU settings in the CMOS setup and remember to save before quit!

If I click on F1 it brings me to my desktop but says I need to restore desktop, but it will not allow me to. I have tried everything to get into the setup, but have no idea how.

Any ideas? I am not a pro at this stuff, and simply do not understand it. I will try anything you say, but to please try to be as clear as possible for me. I would greatly appreciate that.

Thank you.

A:Warning cpu has been changed

Wow, that's weird......

You probably need to reset the CMOS in your BIOS. The motherboard battery may have failed (how old is the computer), or the oddball voltages from a failing PSU may have scrambled something up. Usually the CMOS is reset by removing the the little button battery and waiting a few minutes, then reinstalling it. It is possible in a worst case scenario that the motherboard failed and took out the PSU. First, either dust off your instruction manual or visit you motherboard manufacturer's site and download the manual. A quick read through will get you the proper procudure for the CMO(S reset for your particular board. Let us know how you make out.

Also, recheck all of the connections on your new PSU. You may have inadvertently left the 4 pin plug off your CPU (if it's an Intel), that also might cause the symptoms you describe.
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Hi there My first post and thank you for having me here I have a Dell Inspiron A couple of problems I changed the memory from to gb recently ddr kingston I got a message not long after I changed Laptop changed on XP Startup? Dell Have HE on Restore Memory Windows the memory saying I should reinstall change not sure drivers so I downloaded R which I ran on startup Window I now get option to start using Windows xp he or restore windows xp he Restore Windows XP HE on Startup? Have changed Memory on Dell Laptop I downloaded a da vinci theme from dowtheme and now I can t get rid of all of it I am still left with Mona Lisa on my start page where the account names are displayed and if I choose not to restore windows xp he it goes to a da vinci drawing and then boots to Mona etc I never thought I wouldn t like seeing Mona so much I tried to install my logitech webcam and got the blue screen of death with an lvs something message So I did a system restore to the day before I did that The ram was changed first from all of the above can anyone can tell me where I m at and am I in a lot of trouble Thanking you in advance and I m not sure if I m on the right forum board here nbsp

A:Restore Windows XP HE on Startup? Have changed Memory on Dell Laptop

try reinstalling the old RAM... Some laptops are very sensitive to memory "upgrades"... And the max RAM could only be 1GB
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i have a problem >_<

currently im using ATI Radeon 9600XT edition and for some odd reason i cant run this game (Condemned: Criminal Origins) without having the game black out, so i wanted to change to my older gfx card just to see if it'll work... ( ASUS Nvidia Geforce 6200) but my computer won't stay on long enough for me to instal the drivers from the CD... at first at thought it was a video ram problem so i made sure i turned off skins and deleted some icons and made sure all background applications dont start when windows start-up.... but it STILL won't stay on long enough >_< it boots to desktop for about 5 seconds then restarts itself... for a half a second i can see a blue screen with letters on it but it went by to fast to read anything... plz helpppppppp plzzzzz

thank you in advance ^_^

A:Changed gfx card, PC won't stay on long enough to install drivers

It could be that the 6200 is faulty, Have you tried putting the 9600 back in and see if you get the same problem ?
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I ll try to be as brief as possible I replaced a non-working mobo D GVSR on an emachines pc with a mobo model D GERG After booting the computer when Windows mobo, down/hibernation Windows, shuts computer access can't Changed got to the log in screen with the user Changed mobo, can't access Windows, computer shuts down/hibernation names it loaded in low resolution I believe it was x and colors The computer would then shut down before I could even log in I tried doing a windows repair a couple of times with the Windows XP CD This didn t help much except now the computer went into hibernation instead of shutting down still low resolution Also when coming out of hibernation I would get this error ----- STOP x E xC xF BF xF x ialmnt sys - Address F BF base at F E DateStamp fbcf f Beginning dump of physical memory ----- What I did next was use a BartPE bootable CD I accessed the i folder that was on the computer and ran winnt exe to repair windows xp again this time using windows oem which was in that folder Things went a bit better this time The log in screen now displays in normal resolution and full color However it keeps going into hibernation as soon as the log in screen appears I no longer get blue screen errors when it comes out of hibernation It just displays the log in screen and once again into hibernation I ve been trying to fix this for about a week and I m becoming very frustrated Please help me figure out how to fix this Thank you nbsp

A:Changed mobo, can't access Windows, computer shuts down/hibernation

Possibly driver corruption.

Because you have repaired a couple of times, you could backup and re-install clean (format and remove partition too)

Otherwise, download all the updated drivers and try re-installing them
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hello im encountering a lot of problems with my pc since last month my pc was always slow and hanging i guess it was because of a virus that it time, there's error a (40), CMOS has change changed Floppy and etc in disk also affected the system folder and so i decided to format my hard disk and install new OS but while installing i encountered lots of errors and so i always try to install it again but still it cant finish the installation i check my hard disk but it seems ok i try to remove the memory drives etc and then put it back when i opened my pc this quot floppy disk error quot came out on the screen just as before it boot from else where i tried to remove the floppy itself and the IDE cables thats connected to the floppy but Floppy disk error (40), CMOS has changed and there's a change in time, etc it still there i removed the cmos battery and bring it back but the problem is still Floppy disk error (40), CMOS has changed and there's a change in time, etc the same and now its not only the floppy disk error but also this quot theres a change in CMOS blah blah blah quot i cant boot from anywhere since then even if its from CD HARDDISK i cant even go to the BIOS and anywhere else its all stuck up there i cant control anything even if i press F F F DEL or even ESC i also tried to reset the BIOS and another problem just occured now there are three problems that being showed when i open my pc and nothing else what will i do i cant even fix my OS i dont know where is really the problem is it in the mother board already power supply please help me this is the first time i encountered this kind of problems my pc is PIV and its been with me for about years and now i dont know if im about to trash it and buy a new set waahh who can help me nbsp

A:Floppy disk error (40), CMOS has changed and there's a change in time, etc

Are you certain it is not just a failure of the floppy drive media... that stuff goes old and brittle, and will not hold data, or read right.
But you likely have a hard drive failing... five years on one drive is a very long time. The symptoms you describe could be exactly that.
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Bear with me, I'm new to posting these things. I just installed a new motherboard and I get the CPU ratio change fail error every time. I have tried everything I have read on all the forums and nothing seems to work. I have swapped the battery, selected and saved the optimized CMOS settings, reset the CMOS, swapped the ram. Everything I've tried fails. All I can get is the Windows start screen for a split second. I hope someone has some insight for me.
Here are my relevant system specs: (as far as I know)
Biostar P4M80-M4 motherboard
SL6VV Celeron processor 2.6Ghz (Northwood)
512MB-DDR PC333 ram
ATX 250W power supply


A:CPU has been changed or CPU ratio change fail error

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your hard drive will have all the drivers on it for your old mobo and won`t work with the new mobo.

You can try doing a windows repair as per this thread HERE.

If that doesn`t work, you may have to consider a format and reinstall.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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hello, I have a new issue. I got this mobile phone from my german friend, it's used and on german, ofcourse. now I wonder is it possible to change it to english, I've already tried but I cannot find language setup and how can I do that. I'm beginner and if it requires software change i'll need your help. I forgot to add that it is O2 xdaII mini

A:Xda pocket pc language change

I didn't find any settings where you can change the language and I donno if it is possible to do that with the phones software.
you could try to reset the device. press and hold the power on button and at the same time press the reset button with the stylus (see attached pic)
if you need the data try to make a backup first. all data that have not been installed originally will be lost on reset.

you could also ask help & support at for an "english firmware" !?

hope this helps you a little
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Hi all, I am new here so nice to meet you.
I have annoying problem. I was reinstalling xp and I created a new partition (not very familiar with what this means), and so now my c drive has changed its name to e. I have been to windows website none of the processes work (disk management ect), the computer just wont let me either delete the new partition or change the names of the drives. I know this is touchy buisness so I dont want to proceed until I know what I am doing.
Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Changed C drive's name to E by accident

Personally, I'd find it much easier to figure out what's going on here if I could see what Disk Manager says. You don't seem to have a very good grasp on disk terminology, so if you could take a screenshot of a fully expanded Disk Manager, (right click My Computer, select manage, on the right side of the screen choose disk management) then I can get back to you with much more specific advice.

Edit: To take a Screen shot, press print screen on your keyboard, and then paste into an image program such as paint. Save the resulting file, and then upload it to a site such as photobucket which will host the image for you for free. (You have to sign up for a free account first.) After uploading to an image hosting site, the site will provide you with several links that you can use to post the image here on this forum.
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O k well I got my computer about months ago and my CPU is a Q that I overclocked up to ghz I used Intel s TAT to read the temps and I was then and got has is the it hotter nothing day I CPU now changed 10C+ idling around - C Now I m noticing that I am idling around C I used AS and still have the intel stock fan and I don t know why my temps are so much higher I clean out the dust atleast every other week if not more and I bought my computer in the summer and its cooler out now Not that that would CPU is now 10C+ hotter then the day I got it and nothing has changed even change my temps by degrees The only thing that I could possibly think of being the culprit CPU is now 10C+ hotter then the day I got it and nothing has changed here is the CPU is now 10C+ hotter then the day I got it and nothing has changed AS bought alot of people have been saying that it doesn t quot creep quot that much and it should be lasting a lot longer than months What do you guys suggest I do to get my temps back before I go spend bucks on a after market cooler nbsp

A:CPU is now 10C+ hotter then the day I got it and nothing has changed

Well, considering that in my original post I said I got my computer in the middle of summer, and its cooler now then it was then. And even though, 10-15C is a bit more than it should be rising. We have AC in my house so the temp doesn't fluctuate to much.
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Hey people
I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 Service Pack 1
I would like to know how I can install Polish for spell checking
I can speak Polish but can't write it

A:How do I install Polish language for spell checking in Outlook 2007 SP1?

I think installing Proofing Tools from your Office CD and then install Polish proofing tools.

More info here:

And here:
And here:
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I have both the 7900GS and 7900GT, and I am wondering if I can somehow mod the BIOS of one of these cards so it thinks it is the other (since the only difference in the cards IS the name and BIOS).

I have NiBiTor and NVFlash, so how would I go about doing this? I have their stock BIOSs saved to my HDD already.

My reason for it is I want to SLI the two cards, but GS and GT are incompatible I guess. I want to change the GS to a GT or the GT to the GS, and then I can do regular overclocking form there.

A:Changed nVidia BIOS

"Inside Rivatuner, there is a function called NVStrap, which allows you to modify a card's deviceID. For example, if you've got a 7900 GT and a 7900 GS (which are based on the same G71 core), you can get the deviceID from the 7900 GT and force the 7900 GS to use that deviceID via NVStrap.

However, because of the way NVStrap works, you can only change the deviceID on the card in your primary PCI-Express slot. Once you've forced the deviceID to the same as your 7900 GT's, you should be able to turn SLI on in your driver control panel.

Performance won't be quite as high as it would be with a pair of 7900 GTs, but it should be higher than two 7900 GSs. GPU load balancing works pretty well in this situation."

I was looking at similar forums and this is the best I could find as quoted above, hope it helps.

You can find Rivatuner here

Good luck ;D
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i bought an antec W neopower blue to replace wont Changed psu now computer start a crappy icute w power supply i connected it up and my computer started up fine then i changed my cpu fan to a zalman flower cooler it then started fine again but after tighting up all of the screws and closing my case up and starting it up agian my computer doesnt start there is power to all of the parts as the case fans drives cpu fan motherboard light are all on the lights on the front of the case for when you power on the system dont come on thought not sure why so basically everything appears to be running but i dont get anything on my screen and case lights done turn on my screen is still working by connecting it up to my laptop so that isnt a problem i have already tried putting my old power supply back in just to be sure and didnt make a differance Please help aint got a clue what is wrong nbsp

A:Changed psu computer wont start now

Hmm can you just swap that fan back too, as a test

arran, I can't believe this. I do feel for you, you finally got a new PSU and now this !
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My computer (Hewybilt, Core two e6600, 4g ram, msi p965 neo mobo) just changed its clock to Jan, 2003. BIOS will let me change date and year, but not month!!??????? changing reset jumper has no effect. Anybody? Please? :blackeye:

A:Computer clock changed itself

You have a defective motherboard... Replace it
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I just swapped a Radeon 8500 with an All in Wonder 9800 Pro. The PC won't power up. I have to unplug the power supply for a few and disconnect the power cable from the card before it will boot up. Then I get and error message saying I haven't plugged in the power cable on the card. With the card plugged in to power the PC won't fire up. Is the card bad?

A:Changed card, now no bootup

what power supply arre u using?
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My mother's notebook's mobo crashed a while ago and so she put her HD onto a portable one. She then hooked her old HD into an externale device that connected to our other laptop. When she tried this, It changed her C: drive to E: and now nothing will work pretty much because it cannot find C: which is now E:

and P.S.-

she already tried changing the drive letter and path through disk. manger. and this did not work.




A:C: drive changed to E: HELP!

Unplug all other external devices and take out he CD/ROM/DVD drive out of the mod bay and shutdown the laptop and turn it off. When you turn it back on go into the BIOS.. Remove the battery also. Use the AC adapter to turn back on the laptop do the follow next below...

DELL - F2 (Setup)
Other brands F1 or ESC or F10 Setup Some or F1 - Delete key. I don't know which brand you got so those are the choices. When you get in see what drive is showing for C: is the main C:? If yes exit out of the BIOS and boot up Windows it should see C: and it should go back to normal.
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Ive lowerd the screen resolution and now all i get is a blank screen how can i change it back i normaly use 1360x768 think and i changed it to 1280x768 i didnt thik this would happen hahaha
i only thaught at the most the screen woud be off center

A:Changed the resolution, all i get is a blank screen

If its a flatpanel, its driver would have stopped the problem.

Have you tried booting into safe mode and changing the resolution or refresh rate?
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I recently purchased the

Wintergreen PM800-M2 Socket 478 Barebone Kit / 52x32x52x CD-RW / Modem / 350 Watt Power Supply / Keyboard / Mouse / Speakers

I put in the Prescot 3.0E 1M L2 Catch CPU and 512MB Kingston 3200 DDR ram also it has a Maxtor 60GB 7200RPM hard drive

When I start the pc it gives the message above, also it does not let me save the cmos settings for cpu i.e. it just hangs but it does let me change the settings for date time etc so I think it rules out a bad cmos battery.

I have also double checked the heat sink and fan connection + the memory.

The CPU is running at 58 degrees according to the cmos/bios

Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Warning! CPU has been changed or CPU ratio changed fail.

I had the same problem (but on an Abit board) - it turned out to be defective memory so I siggest you run memtest for an hour (, which is a bootable CD or Floppy.
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Alright for about the last CPU SVCHOST.EXE Spike - Possible Malware? two weeks I have had a program SVCHOST EXE running up my CPU usage anywhere to - of its capabilities SVCHOST.EXE CPU Spike - Possible Malware? I have tried disabling Automatic Updates using My Computer and Process Explorer and seeing no change SVCHOST.EXE CPU Spike - Possible Malware? I have updated to the present in Microsoft Now last night I ran SUPERAntiSpyware Ad-Aware SE Personal and McAfee Virus Scan For some reason when I woke up and checked my SUPERAntiSpyware was not running anymore and neither was my McAfee Virus Scan My Ad-Aware SE Personal scan finished before I went to bed showing critical objects all deleted quarintined and replaced with clean files No change Now also when I try to run tasklist svc or chkdsk using Start gt Run and typing it in the window pops up for about seconds and then disappears Now I noticed in Process Explorer going to the SVCHOST EXE one of about five or so and going to the Thread tab that the threads causing this were labeled kernel dll CreateThread x there - of them going at a time at the top of the CPU usage threads in SVCHOST EXE program taking up from of usage to about For about two days I tried just suspending the threads causing the problem but my computer started not being able to open programs until I unsuspended the threads and also my keyboard and mouse starting getting in a sense a mind of their own they are Logitech Wireless and use Bluetooth I also rolled back IE to IE and Windows Media Player to as someone said to do on the forums I have been reading So I don t want to do that anymore and last but not least I system restored to before my computer had this problem July th and it still had the CPU problem My HijackThis log file - please help I really don t know what else I can do And if this is MalWare what program would you recommend me using to delete it all nbsp

A:SVCHOST.EXE CPU Spike - Possible Malware?

I doubt it. MS is more likely

Try switching back to windows update. Visit microsoft update and hit customize select stop using microsoft update. Reboot and see if the problem is fixed. visit here for more info
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Well i boguth a new pc, its a 2.6 ghz dual core processor. but none of that important. it runs on xp and it has 2 hard drives. one called C (the main one) and the 2nd on called E. when i tried to install any programs it would say invalid drive G. so i googled the problem foudn a site and it told me to chnage the drive names. so i chanegd the names and i restarted. nwo my pc wont boot because i changed drive c name to drive g and drive g to drive c. please help me wiht this porblem. i spent 3 thousand on this pc and dotn want to spend any more. thanks. btw i cant boot in safe mode either. i cant boot up at all it just gets stuck at the windows xp screen.

A:I changed the drive name and messed my pc

Try booting into safe mode pressing F8 a few times before the boot error occurs... right click on My Computer and select Manage, Disk Management. Select the drive that used to be C and put it back as the C boot drive. The other disk doesn't matter what it is, as long as it is mounted and active. If this fails, you may have to reinstall Windows
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Hi, I wonder if someone can help me? I accidently cliked a few keys in the keyboard, and when i try typing some keys are not appearing properly, for e.g. if i want to type the word "p" it comes as "-"(the symbol above that word). This problem is only for a few keys. I am typing properly now by holding one finger on the "Fn" key next to "ctrl". How can i change it back to normal?

I am using a laptop incase u want to know.My laptop is an acer aspire 5610, OS windows xp.

A:Accidentally changed keyboard symbols!! Help!

I don't know a lot about laptops BUT that could be the 'euro' switch - see here:
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Hi all Situation is as follows Netgear modem router wired PC s connected All can connect to internet All can see each other but not access System PC - can't Network 6 settings changed Mechanic all can connect to each other PC is the System Mechanic 6 changed Network settings - can't access PC main PC that had the router software on it not sure this matters PC - can transfer files to and from the other PC s PC and PC can see each other haven t tried file transfers BUT PC and PC cannot access PC - i get access denied contact admin Now they were all working fine last week and the only thing that i can think that might have affected it is i installed System Mechanic - maybe changed some settings I ran a security wizard and my safety rating is now higher so it must have changed something I have looked around but can t see anything obvious i am assuming it won t have changed router or firewall settings each PC has a different user and PC name but same workgroup name - this all worked fine before so i don t really want to change anything here The PC that can t be accessed is XP pro and the others XP home Any suggestons as to how to fix Many thanks Doc nbsp

A:System Mechanic 6 changed Network settings - can't access PC

try uninstalling the program
I tossed out my copy of SM
nothing seemed to work right
had problems with defrag
optimize internet made it go slower
the file shredder kept files and locked up the trash
3rd party spy removal virus separate fee's
the only thing that seemed to work (half assed) was the move a program app.
after uninstall just see if you can add network through wizard
my rant is over
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I have an Inspiron 1100 with 512k (2 chips). A couple of months ago, it started displaying a ?Memory configuration has changed? message when it booted. Sometimes it found 512k, but mostly 256. I swapped the chips, eraser?d them both, tried one chip in Dimm A, then B, swapped the other chip into A & B with no change. With both chips installed, it only sees 256k. The chips are original from Dell. It will only see 256k no matter what. I have not changed any hardware or software, although I refreshed XP (SP2) just to be sure. If I just need a new MB, so be it! Any ideas?

A:Memory configuration has changed
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my computer says cpu has changed please enter cpu speed cmos setup how do i do this

A:cpu has changed

post a detailed description of the problem and your computer. no one here can help you much by reading what you've said thus far.
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I clicked on the my computer icon yesterday and noticed that the icon for one of my hard drives had changed to a different icon. It is the one that is like a piece of paper with the corner folded slightly and has another picture of a screen or whatever. It is the one you get when your computer doesn't know how to read it. It still opens fine but how do I change it to its original icon? I have xp pro.

A:Hard drive icon has changed. How do I fix it?


This happens due to any of the following reasons:

1.Presence of the file named Autorun.inf in the Drive's root folder (say C:\ )

2.Uninstallation of a third-party theme or an icon library has failed to remove the drive icon settings in the registry


Enable Windows to Show all files(Tools/folder options/view/) and then locate the file Autorun.inf and delete it from the root folder.
Restart Windows.

If that does not help, try this:

Open Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and navigate to the following location:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion \Explorer \DriveIcons \<drive>


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Explorer\DriveIcons \C

Backup the key by exporting it as a REG file (right click/export).

After backing up the key, delete the <drive> key from the registry.

Navigate to the following key, backup and delete the <drive> key:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \Applications \explorer.exe \ Drives\<drive>

Close Registry Editor and restart Windows.
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i was having trouble with time slowing so i changed the cmos battery as directed by forum now pc will only beeps all drives have power but no display on monitor and pc keeps beeping
Relevancy 27.52%

Hi all, i booted up my pc today and left it whilst i had breakfast, and when i came back i had a screen resolution of 640x480 and colour depth of 4 bit.

Last night it was working fine, and my 2nd hard drive (which i'm on now) is ok, but yesterday i did a "Disk Cleanup" which included "compress old files". I don't know why windows would do anything to damage itself, but hey, it is windows after all

Whenever i try and change the resolution back, it automatically changes back. I was going to format my drive anyway, so maybe that would be the best fix, but if anybody has any ideas so that i can get back to normal it would be great.

A:Resolution changed itself and won't go back

Have you tried re-installing the video drivers? It may be that something happened to them during the drive cleanup.
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My Ip adress yust changed not so long ago. It had XXX.XXX.XXX.X Letters in it but now only XX.X.X.X Letters. Internett connection is still good and all,
but since it has changed I can`t create game anymore.(servers) Like on games like warcraft3. Yust dosent work. Also my Torrents arent getting connection, it says I need to open a Port, although I am not using any Router, am direcly connected.
I know from before that this community is very helpsome, so I turned to you for help, after failing other places. Hope you have any answers, sorry if I dident explain it well.
Thank you for ur care!!

(maybe the IP change is not the problem here?)

A:IP yust Changed? Please Help!!

You have 0 thru 254 to use..


You must state what you want to be more clear, you need to relax and state what you want.
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I just changed my cpu from a Pentium 2.0 to a Pentium 2.8. It worked good for about an hour , then froze. I shut it down and rebooted, but it goes as far as the XP page then goes black. In setup it says it is 127 degrees F. My mobo is an MSI MS-6580 10A, buss clock 100 mhz. The Newegg # for the cpu is 19-116-215.
I am throwing myself at the mercy of all those that are wise. I have meddeled in things that I don't understand. Please Help

A:HELP,I changed my cpu and think I killed it

Did it come with a heatsink and fan?? If so did you fit it properly??

Please explain how you fitted it and exactly what you did!!!!!
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I recently formatted my comp and have been reinstalling all my software. but i have noticed that my processor has changed. it used to be recognized as an amd 2400, but now it changed to an amd1800. any ideas y this happened or how i can fix it?

A:Processor changed

Try updating the drives you may have the incorrect drive which could cause the system to make a mistake
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Dell Latitude D Service Tag B ZQ Express Service Code cn-ou - - BT- Rev A I purchased this laptop from ebay When it arrived and I went to turn it on for the first time the screen came on saying that there was a password on the primary HDD Hard Disk WJ A - B Then after pressing F or F I managed to open up the bios screen Only to find out this too needed an Administrative Password in order to change any of the settings After exhausting my computer know-how trying to figure it HD/Bios Asset Needed a Password Changed on D610 & Tag out Asset Tag Changed & HD/Bios Password Needed on a D610 I was persuaded by a friend to let them try and get it When I picked it up a few days later it was in the exact same state but somehow the Asset Tag had been changed to quot SATAN quot Now my quot so-called quot friend said they had no luck on getting past any of the passwords But if that was true then how did the Asset Tag get changed I guess they just assumed that because I am a year old blond female that stands quot tall and weighs lbs that I would be stupid enough to believe them My first question is it possible to change the Asset Tag while the computer is locked with an Administrative Password And my second question is can anyone out there figure out a Master Password for my HD amp Bios using my service code tag Thank you for your time nbsp

A:Asset Tag Changed & HD/Bios Password Needed on a D610

Thank you for your response.

I have been reading some of the threads, and one of your members by the name of "Rustam " seems to be able to figure out the Master Password via the Service Tag Number. Do you think his methods would be of any help in my situation?
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My computer started crashing when I would try to run Norton AV . Then it started crashing when viewing pictures and videos. Took to repair shop and they could only find some spyware. I told that that everything was backed up so to just refomat. They also tested my ram and said it was fine in the testing but suggested changing it if the problem continued. It started crashing agian soon after getting it home. I replaced my ram and it still crashes. However yesterday I did get a successful virus scan.. everything looked fine with that. It is and Asus bourd, AMD 2200, Win XP with all the current windows updates. Any help would be appreciated.

I had this problem a year ago and it seemed that replaceing a ram stick fixed it. When researching that someone suggested it could be the cache on the mother board. Could that be possible?


A:Computer crashes. Have reformatted and changed ram, still crashes

hey dude i got a thing u can do first of all start the computer in safe mode then run your antivirus program and scan
next if there are any viruses that have been found you can then remove them
once done reboot and try scaning again but in normal mode to see if the problem has been fixed
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i just built this computer and it was to small on the cpu's cache 3.06gig 256 cache its a celleron. so i put a p4 1.8 with 512cache and now i have only black screen when i start the computer? so now neither chip will work to bring it up i dont know what to do now can anyone help me?

A:changed cpu now i get only blank screen

Can your motherboard handle that CPU?
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ok, so i'm pretty sure i'm hooped. on my barton 2500 (or somewhere around that) asus a7n8x-x computer, i changed the memory frequency to 200% so that the resulting frequency is 400 MHz (2 stix of pc3200 512Mb RAM)after saving to bios and exiting, the computer showed no response. assuming the values were incorrect, (i reset the computer, and it wouldn't post) i cleared the bios (RTC) and figured this was enough. wrong. the computer wouldn't post still, and obviously, no video signal. i tested the ram in my current computer and it works. am i to assume that i fried the MOBO by altering the ram settings?

A:Computer won't post after i changed bios memory settings

perhaps you didn't fully reset the CMOS, i'd take the battery out for awhile. PC 3200 memory is the same as DDR 400 and it is supposed to run at 200 MHz.
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Recently i was changing the fsb of my cpu, and when i restarted the computer...the monitor will not turn on. I tried a different monitor, same thing... It has power..just will not recognize when i turn the power on.

A:Changed CPU FSB Now no monitor

i need help on how to fix it please...
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Newbie here just getting into working on my computers I have an old eMachines T and changed now & PS Emachines mobo recognized fried, device audio not GHz celeron GB Hdd Mb DDR RAM Realtek ALC onboard audio chip running on XP home Here is my issue The notorious eMachine power supply fried taking the mobo with it The old mobo is an MSI GV I replaced the PS with a good one from newegg I found a used mobo from a supply house but it was a newer revision Emachines mobo & PS fried, changed and now audio device not recognized mobo Its a MSI GVP After installation everything works fine except no audio devices recognized or listed Reloaded drivers from manu website but nothing Could it be that the hardware is not added Where is the add hardware options located Could this be because the mobo was previously using a sound card If so how do i change the settings back to onboard audio Can anyone suggest why audio devices aren t being recognized or what my problem might be All help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Emachines mobo & PS fried, changed and now audio device not recognized

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Un-install any audio software.
In "device manager" look for any "yellow "?" ", if none, check the bios for audio settings.
If it had a sound card previously then the onboard audio has been disabled in the bios.

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System MB Asus K V SE Deluxe CPU AMD Athlon MEM Kingston Gb DDR VIDEOCARD sapphire radeon x XT AGP PSU Nexus NX- STORAGE sata harddrives ide harddrives dvdram floppy memorycard reader STORY My computer hanged about a month ago yellow squares appeared on the screen and no rebooting and turning on off would Changed XP hangs --> PSU help First I thought that the almost new x video card had died but after Changed PSU --> XP hangs replacing it Changed PSU --> XP hangs with older PCI card I found out that hard-disks weren t found So in the following panic I Changed PSU --> XP hangs tried to figure out what was wrong and after testing components was pretty sure that the problem was in motherboard or in the cpu Tried to install the cpu onto a new motherboard and then the system wouldn t start up at all Cpu and chassis fans turned on but nothing else happened or nothing appeared on the screen with either video cards Then I got myself a spare PSU to test the system with and it turned on as if nothing had happened ofcourse xp noticed the new motherboard etc So the problem seemed to be in the antec sonata W PSU PROBLEM Then I got myself a brand new nexus NX- PSU On the box it read W but on the label in the unit that is the peak voltage and it should be W normally Ok It should still be plenty even with all those things inside the machine So I assembled everything and fired it up I had in the panic also cleared CMOS just in case The windows started fine though it was a bit slow and then after few seconds it hung First mouse pointer stopped and then black screen and no response to anything but power-switch The fans work but screen is empty I tried fiddling around with the BIOS settings and managed to get it to hang even before the windows has started Different settings seemed to effect a bit on how far it would go on startup Every now and then I can get even to see my desktop The funny thing is that if I start windows in safe mode it works like a dream Like a safe-mode dream though Tried to load a restore point and tried to find every power source settings windows has but no use it will hang if I try to restart windows in normal mode I ve took out the cpu and checked that I put it in there correctly never tried that before this event and applied the thermal paste by the book little grain of rice and managed to get it run a bit hotter C with the rice-grain -- gt C when spreaded the stuff all around the die But I think it should not be too hot even at Also checked that memorystick and video card were properly installed So the fact that it runs in safe mode could indicate software problems Reinstall windows from scratch On some forum I read that PSU should provide minimum of A to V rail and on that nexus it states maximum of A Too low for my cpu I could see my desktop after I disconnected all but the system drive but it still hanged after a while Trying to repair windows installation when I have managed to install XP on SATA disk is a bit difficult too since when booting from cd it doesn t find the system drive After all this fiddling around different things will propably make it necessary to reinstall windows in any case but i d like to be sure that this isn t hardware problem before I go on doing that So if anyone has any ideas of what went wrong with my computer and how can I repair it i would really appreciate any help A friend suggested that the fault still lies on the PSU Could it be that my cpu eats more amps than the power is capable of on nexus site it said that maximum load is - amps a little low nbsp

A:Changed PSU --> XP hangs

I would install only one stick of RAM, the processor, and the video card to see if the BIOS can be accessed.

If so, then add only one hard drive with XP on it - or formatted so that you can install XP on it.

Does the motherboard have the 24-pin connector and the power supply a matching 24-pin connector, or did you fit a 20-pin connector from the power supply to the motherboard?

And did you connect the additional 4-pin plug to the motherboard from the power supply?

You should check to make sure that nothing is shorting the board, such as an unused standoff screw under it, etc.
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I am new to working on computers, and I have an eMachines T2895 2.8 Celeron D, 512DDR that fried the mobo. I got a replacement mobo and installed it. It booted up and ran fine but after 3 times hitting the power switch. After I shut it down, it will not boot now. When you press the power switch, the led will light but then the computer will immediately lose power. Then nothing if you press the power switch again (unless I unplug and replug the computer in). Sometimes the fan and LED will stay on for about 5 seconds before losing power. What could be causing this? Power supply? power switch?

A:Changed Mobo, now computer wont boot

WHat was it that fried your first mobo? if it was a faulty power supply and you didnt replace it guess what is going to happen to your new mobo?
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Warning cpu has been changed. Please re-enter cpu settings in the comos setup and remember to save before quitting. I go into bios and do the settings but when I hit f10 to save it won't let me out?? ???

A:Warning cpu has been changed. Ok, what now?

with some motherboards the F10 doesnt work so navigate tot he exit setting and choose save&exit then press enter.
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PC has & changed) processor CPU (WARNING fan reseated message been getting is powering off after - sec Please help Hi my pc is powering off after being on for sec does nt get to windows before this started hapening I was getting the message during boot up WARNING cpu has been changed check CMOS settings in bios what could cause this I am about to take everything apart and put back together again from scratch is this a good idea is it powering off for safty reasons Everything is new and I individually switched parts for ram video cards motherboard hard drive My buddy works at compusa and I have access to new parts to try or replace but my main concern is reseated processor & fan getting message (WARNING CPU has been changed) why was I getting this WARNING message and why does it power off after sec Please help Thank You Kindly Craig My Setup Fatal ty a n-sli amd gb ram Corsair - - - - mb w power supply bfg geforce gt oc wd gb sata mb cache xp pro sp nbsp

A:reseated processor & fan getting message (WARNING CPU has been changed)

think it is ok now!

I just reinstalled everything and it seems ok now I am going to reformat hard drive and I hope this issue is resolved but if someone could let me know what this WARNING is all about I would appreciate it!
Thank You Kindly!
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changed integrated sound card for Sound Blasster Live but it is not working right. It shows up in the device mnager, but when I go to Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Sounds & Audio Devices, it shows that there is NO AUDIO DEVICES.....why. I am running Windows XP Pro, on a P4-1.8, which has an Asus motherboard model P4S333.

A:changed integrated sound card for Sound Blasster Live but it is not working right

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First. Go into your bios, and disable your onboard sound, and save and exit bios.

Once your computer has booted up, go into contol panel, and double click the sounds and audio devices icon.

Click on the audio tab, and set the sound playback device to your new soundcard.

Do the same for the sound recording device. Click on the voice tab and do the same. Click apply/ok.

Make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your new soundcard, and that your speakers are plugged into the new soundcard.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I motherboard, now Changed won't HD work and/or monitor ordered a Chaintech and got subsituted Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work with a Shuttle I installed it in a new case with a new power supply and a new floppy drive and used the old hard drive and CDROM My first problem was that the new case came with it s own wires for special things like temp control and lights I really don t know what to expect because I can find no place to hook in the single prog ends each Where on a motherboard can extra wires be attached Second problem is that althought the computer turns on the monitor won t respond I tried bypassing the onboard video connector and installed a video card I still could not get a response from Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work my monitor So now I think the monitor is confused because of the old hard drive Is it mandatory to format a hard drive when replacing a motherboard If I got a new hard drive I suppose I could install Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work the old hard drive as a slave although my computers are old and I have never had any luck with that before Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated Sandy in FL nbsp

A:Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work

you shouldn't have to format the harddrive just because you got a new motherboard. If you have another harddrive test it in the computer. If you have another monitor test that too with the computer. if both don't work its probably your motherboard...
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I changed my PSU on my Dell now at Changed new old it one. won't or with power PSU, Help! up all Dimension to Help! Changed PSU, now it won't power up at all with new or old one. a Antech W Along the way I tried to put the mobo in a different case that came with a PSU in the process Help! Changed PSU, now it won't power up at all with new or old one. removing the CPU I m new to all this so I dont know if I majorly screwed up or what but since that didn t work I put everything back in the Dell box returned the case bought the PSU stuck it in the dell with a little modification of the case so the outlet could be accessable and then tried to power up Nothin nada I thought I may have not seated the CPU properly so as I hit the power button I applied a little pressure to the heat sink and the fans started sputtering and I heard a few nasty beeps before it stopped altogether Now its as before except nothing will stimulate that little response Please any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated I don t need a dead computer right now no money to replace it just spent more than I could afford on the video card and PSU nbsp

A:Help! Changed PSU, now it won't power up at all with new or old one.

That PSU is not compatible with the crappy Dell motherboards.
Dell have their own, proprietary, PSUs made, and they use different wiring from anybody else.
Buy a new, standard motherboard that can accommodate your current CPU and Memory. Everything else should fit the way it is.
You'll have to reinstall Windows and the rest from scratch (NOT with any Dell recovery disks!)

Alternatively, compare the wire-colours on the 20/24 pin connector that goes to the motherboard. Change the Antec PSU wiring according to the Dell PSU wiring, and you might be lucky. It's a bit of a fiddle, but should work.
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I HDD changed restore after has on Size system of free space did a system restore on my computer due to a driver misbehaving that was not allowing me to boot at the normal speed After the restore I attempted to delete some files that I had previously deleted because I Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore needed to Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore make some space on that drive Before the deletion I had gigabytes of free space on a drive that contained gigs of info Now when I go to my computer and click on the C icon in order to assess the statistics I notice that the amount of free space has changed to gigabytes of info However all the programs and some of the data I had originally are all in place Can someone show me or give me a hint as to what happened and how to restore this disk to the original amount of free space Here are my specs Soyo Mobo PX Ultra Zenith Data systems CRT monitor Watts Thermaltake Power supply GEforce MX video card Audigy sound card Primary IDE is c gigabytes HDD the one that shows the difference in free space Secondary IDE Lite-On DVD RW drive Terciary IDE RAID array containing Gigs HDDs configured as G Thermaltake wireless keyboard and mouse USB devices and LAN have been disabled in the BIOS I did run Spybot and corrected a few problems Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide kshroben nbsp

A:Size of free space on HDD has changed after system restore

If everything is working, why do you want to have less free space?

Sounds like you got rid of 20GB of junk. Be happy I say.
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My family computer and personal computer had been able to both access the internet for about two years while I was connected to SBC global but when I changed my ISP to Earthlink about a month back only the family computer continues to connect I did not change any of the hardware settings from the time i discontinued SBC and started Earthlink Now I tried to tinker around with the IP config and my router setup trying to follow sites such as this and I m getting nowhere I tried to reconnect and disconnect the plugs problem Having since connects comptuer one I Only now. changed a ISPs, router I restarted computers I tried to make bridges connections one thing i might mention is when I am running command on my personal comptuer and type ipconfig renew It gives me an error I realize I may have left out information I am not Having a router problem since I changed ISPs, Only one comptuer connects now. completely clear as to what I need to put but if you direct me on the information to give i will be able to retrive it Help would be greatly appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Having a router problem since I changed ISPs, Only one comptuer connects now.

What router do you have?

It sounds like you don't have a DHCP server running and you might be just using the router as a switch.

If you do an ipconfig on the working computer, is the address something like 10.0.x.x or 192.168.x.x? Or is it something else?
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I'm not very technically gifted, so any help would be of use here. Basically on MSN Messenger, halfway through conversation my shortcut for Shift+2 changed, so that instead of giving me a ", I am given the @ symbol. Likewise, Shift+' does the opposite, giving me ", when I want @.
This isn't a huge problem, and it is restricted to MSN Messenger. But I'd like to switch them back, if possible, and maybe someone could tell me how they switched in the first place, because I don't remember touching anything.
Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

A:Shift+2 shortcut has changed

Try Alt+Shift. Happens to me constantly.
Perhaps I should just turn that damn thing off...
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one day I went to appearance and themmes changed the number of colors and after that a message moved around saying something .Now each time I turn on my computer it turns on show the emachines part go to the windows xp loading screen or whatever and where it usually asks for my username and password it goes completly blank someone help.

A:changed a setting now computer can't run

Try booting to safe mode (hold down F8 while booting till you get a startup menu - choose to start 'Safe Mode with Networking'. No third-party devices will work in safe mode, but it should allow you to get to Control Panel and change colors back to 16bit (medium) or 32bit. The startup menu also gives you 'Last Known Good Configuration' which may be all you need to do (try Last Known Good ....first, if no joy try safe mode with networking.
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EDIT: very sorry ive put this in the wrong forum it should of gone in OS support. Please could the admin delete it thank you.
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I got a new hard drive to install on my family pc after copying everything off my old pc. I used Ghost. I installed it on the family pc that has room for only one hard drive. Now my new hard drive is F: instead of C: and many of the programs won't run. Where did I go wrong?

A:changed harddrive to other pc..problem

You need to take an 'image' of the 'old' drive. This would be the WHOLE content of that drive.
Then you 'restore' that image onto your new drive, which will then also be C: when you put it into your PC.
Just copying (like you did) is not going to work, you need to 'clone' or use 'image' as above.

If that family PC has a floppy, you could get a program like "Data Lifeguard" from Western Digital. That can clone HDs. If you'd open that PC, you could probably temporarily hook up that second HD, using a piece of cardboard under the new HD to stop it from making false contact. Then clone as described.
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Hello My ASUS m b seems to have changed the reading on my prossessor I have a Pent III gig but the computer is NOW changed speed CPU, is 1 600mh a from Computer of gig reading different to reading it as mhz We built the computer and have not made any changes Computer is reading a different speed of CPU, changed from 1 gig to 600mh to it I did have one of the hard drives crash and wipe it self clean just before I noticed the difference in speeds I Computer is reading a different speed of CPU, changed from 1 gig to 600mh know that it was correct before this happened OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Type X -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Computer is reading a different speed of CPU, changed from 1 gig to 600mh Mhz BIOS Version Date Award Software Inc ASUS CUV X ACPI BIOS Revision SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS System Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp - quot Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys dx c GeForce MX with meg SB Live Would anyone be able to help me figure this out I have used the restore feature with the Windows XP home but that did not change it Thank you nbsp

A:Computer is reading a different speed of CPU, changed from 1 gig to 600mh

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Have you checked in bios to see whether the fsb is set correctly?

Dpending on which version of the pIII 1gig cpu you have depends on whether it runs on a fsb of 100mhz or 133mhz.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Thanks in advance for any help I live in Japan and recently purchased a drivers with issues DVD-RW and drive language dvd-rw drive Iodata DVR-UM A external model It seems to be based on the Panasonic SW- drive It came with a Japanese setup DVD My OS is English and it would not run Where can I get English drivers I think I need the DLA drivers I checked the English iodata site and they do not offer the software for download My computer recognizes the drive through PnP as Mat a sw- but I cannot access the drive I tried installing the drivers off of my working dvd drive but they seem to be language specific They appear in a subdirectory under drivers in the Japanese folder And the drivers also seem to add menu items in Japanese to the tool tip copy to dvd-rw write these files to dvd etc This is what I see on my Japanese os version In addition when I search for drivers to update and put in the location on the dvd windows cannot find any I would rather not have to buy software to get the hardware I paid for to work If there are any other work arounds I would appreciate that too Cheers nbsp

A:DVD-RW drive and language issues with drivers

CD and DVD drives don't need drivers. Is that a SCSI drive?
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Hi, I'm running a DLink DI-604 with two computers. I have ZoneAlarm on both. I set up trusted zone as And Internet zone as I heard that by performing NAT, the router is supposed to block external attacks right? But, when I run shield's up on GRC, I seem to fail. Anyone here to help me how to setup the router/Zonealarm properly?

A:NAT not blocking external attack?

What are the failures?

Security is not black and white and some of the "vulnerabilities" in those online checks are just ridiculous.
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I recently changed the drive letters of my DVD ROM/CD-RW dirve and my DVD-RW drive. Since that change when I put a blank DVD RW disc in to the DVD-RW drive it states in My Computer that it is now a CD-ROM and so won't let me write anything to the blank DVD RW disc.
If I put a DVD film in to the DVD-RW drive then it plays OK.
I have tried changing the drive letters back to what they were but the problem still exists. The drivers are working alright.

Any ideas please?

A:Changed drive letters, now DVD RW not working

did u try reinstalling all the original drivers and stuff from the original cd's that came with your drives?? might help.
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hello ,

i have LG M-DISK 256MB , i formated the drive and the size changed to 64MB , and idea how to restore the old size ( i use WINDOWS XP)

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uhm i was wondering why My Computer 'Properties' have always said 2.13 Ghz and i looked at today and now it says 1.25 Ghz..... can anyone explain this??? i'm worried

A:Ghz changed

Your system specs would help us to help you quicker.

What cpu/mobo etc do you have?

Check in bios and make sure that your fsb is set to the correct frequency for your cpu.

Regards Howard :rolleyes:
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I installed a volcano 12 heatsink and fan tonight, and thought everything went OK. I haven't done any overclocking yet.

But I seem to be rebooting every few minutes, and I am getting all kinds of windows error messages coming (internet explorer).

Did I mess up my CPU?

If anyone can help me out with a checklist of what I should be looking at, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

- Please use proper thread titles

A:Changed HSF now system doesn't work (Oh NO!!! Help please)

It does not seem to be from overheating. I have motherboard monitor installed, and I am showing temps at around 104 - 110 F at the time the system suddenly reboots.
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I recently compressed my hard drive. It saved me 3 Gigs, and this morning, when I booted my comp, my monitor was on 4 bit color and the res was 640x480. I couldn't change them back to normal. I went to the "Screen Saver" tab and on the preview comp, it said something like "Direct3d device not compatable." That's not exact, but can anybody help me? System Specs: AMD AthlonXP 2600+ Windows XP SP2 Nvidia GeForceFX 5600+ 768 DDR RAM anything else you want to know? Just ask, please!
Thanks, LRC
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I recently added a radeon 9600pro 256mb to my system and have been confronted a drastically annoying problem in which all the textures become odd green, purple, and other colored block artifacts. A friend suggested the power supply might be the problem, but the new 450w PS doesn't do any good. Furthermore, the system doesn't seem to be running too hot. It can get up to 45 degrees C, but normally hovers around 40. If I set the card to optimal performance in the control panel it helps a bit but after a while the strange atrifacts return. Please help!!!
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In desperate need of help

Someone told me to update my sound drivers, to maybe fix a mic problem which i did, and so i installed the newest 2k/xp drivers (im using 2k), for sound blaster live !, and after i installed them, my sound is totaly different than what im used to, no matter how much i try to configure it, i still cant get the same sound i got with my original drivers. So i tried add/removing the new drivers, and the sound is still the same. Maybe all of the new drivers wernt deleted, but i dont know why its doing this. So i put in my original sound blaster live cd, installed that, and still, same sound. PLEASE HELP. all i want to do is get my old, original drivers back. Thanks

A:Audio not the same anymore since I changed soundcard drivers.

Oh man what an informative topic. This will help people who have the same problem as you to find their solutions.

What exactly is different about the new sound? Quality? You may have some EAX Environment enabled - either you did then or you do now. Or some equalizer settings jumbled around.
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"After long weeks of impatient waiting, it has finally arrived. NVIDIA has distributed the first GeForceFX cards to the press. Now, NVIDIA has to prove that it really has what it takes to topple ATI and its successful Radeon 9700 PRO from the throne. Also, check out our MP3 downloads for an assessment of noise levels between the test systems. This is one graphics card you want to hear!"

New article on Tom's Hardware -


A:NVIDIA GeForceFX: Brute Force Attack Against the King

Think this has been covered in the front page news and other Geforce FX threads.
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Before I list the softwares in consideration, are computer protection suites even necessary when matched against freeware? If they are, which one of these 5 suites do you recommend and why: AVG, BitDefender, Kaspersky, MacAfee, and TrendMicro. I chose the first 4 because they were among the higher rated in Consumer Report; TrendMicro was included because I have had decent personal experience with it. Thanks for your consideration.

A:Optimal anti-malware/spyware/virus software and their necessity

You'll find the free products officially recommended by TS here: