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What pins should I short to start power supply so I can test it?

Q: What pins should I short to start power supply so I can test it?

This is an attempt at understanding what makes a power supply wake up.

I believe that you have to short a couple pins in order to make this happen.
Anyone know what pins to short?
Or am I on the wrong track?
I have a Power Supply checker that causes the PS to come to life when it is plugged into the molex connector. However, i am curious if, in the absence of this tester, if I could check the PS with a multimeter.

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Preferred Solution: What pins should I short to start power supply so I can test it?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What pins should I short to start power supply so I can test it?
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The Dell desktop motherboard has a front panel connection with a total of pins and a separate power switch connection Anyone know if it s just a matter of finding the power pins Motherboard What To Pins A Test I Run 7010 2 Do Short It? Dell On to short and start this up or is there more to it I ve tried shorting every pin setup in the front panel and power switch no luck although I suppose it could mean a bad motherboard However without knowing what pins are for power how am I suppose to know for sure Also is it possible that more then pins have to be shorted or touching to start this bleeping dell motherboard I m guessing the power pins that I would have to short are in the power switch connections and therefore I don t have to do anything to the pins in the front panel connections I m hoping there are no other pins that need to be connected besides power pins to get this to start I m not concerned with What 2 Pins Do I Short On A Dell 7010 Motherboard To Test Run It? any other pins except maybe restart nbsp

A:What 2 Pins Do I Short On A Dell 7010 Motherboard To Test Run It?

Hopefully the manual will help.
I would download the first one.
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I recently purchased an MSI kn7420 Motherboard and have most of it hooked up. But there are only three pins on the mb for the power supply fan plug. The p/s plug has four pin holes in it. The colors on the plug are yellow/black/black/red. I did notice that my previous motherboard only had three pins also so one of the holes wasn't used (the board only last several months though, could that be why?) is there anyway of changing the wires around on the plug so it would work well with the board or could I just plug it in as it is bypassing one of the wires (if so which one don't I use) I didn't want to just try that and see what happens just incase it was damaging.

Thanks for any response

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hi do any of you guys no where one would buy atx,p4,molex pins from as. i would like to make my own psu cables i have a modular psu already.but want to make the cables to how i want them and the length i want them.

A:power supply: pins/plugs

Allied Electronics Allied Electronics
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Hi there I m switching over to a different MOBO with a different Power Supply Cable different w/ shaped pins.... weird power supply I m having trouble with powering the GPU The GPU I have has two pin power ports I only have one cable The power supply that I have allows me to add additional cables to the Power supply I bought a cable from newegg but the shapes of the pins square or roundish are different I ve done some digging and I cant find any literature on the set of pins I bought All I can find literature on is for the one I need How important Power Supply Cable w/ different shaped pins.... weird is it to follow the guides for these connections I could mod the connection but would be off by one pin putting one round in a square on the power supply Cable from newegg ST PC CORP CB- F- F quot -pin PCIe Female to -pin PCIe Female cable GPU XFX GX NADF GeForce GTX MB -Bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Power Supply Thermaltake Toughpower W RU W ATX V EPS V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply GeForce GTX Certified One last thing Does it matter if I use the black V red V OR blue V slot nbsp

A:Power Supply Cable w/ different shaped pins.... weird

your "modular" power supply comes with all the cables needed.......... are u saying that u have lost some of the needed cables???
if so i would contact thermaltake and they might sell u a few of the cables (for that model psu) or maybe send u 1 or 2 free??
i would not go modding the psu cables...u r risking blowing your mobo
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A neighbor just showed up in my den/office with his computer.

In brief, with everything turned off......when the electrical cord is plugged into the power supply, the keyboard flashes and the lights come on the router and stay lit. Have not hit the "on" button yet.

What, if anything, is wrong here??

Thank you.


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This morning as I was attempting to shut my pc down for the day I noticed it was not responding Then all of a sudden an I was sitting next to the pc with the case short Can and Power smoke. Supply and pop literally out open a little to help cool it a Can Power Supply short out and literally pop and smoke. big pop Can Power Supply short out and literally pop and smoke. sounded and smoke and sparks flew and the smoke smelled electrical My monitor went blank Of course it scared the you know what out of me I noticed the green light on the front of the pc was still on and I quicked crawled under the desk and pulled the power cord out I pulled the case off to look and see if I could see the problem felt of the power supply and it was red hot The processer was cool and hard drives just a little warm normal So does this mean my power supply blew Is there a good chance that happened and do you think I did any other damage Hard drives god if Can Power Supply short out and literally pop and smoke. I lose them I am dead processor Your opinion Thanks Jo Hudson nbsp

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I'm assembling a new system and having power issues. When connected and the switch on the power supply is on, all my components receive power before I press the power switch. Fans turn, DVD drive spins and opens, yet I am not able to power up my computer. I stripped everything down to just the motherboard, CPU and RAM and I still get nothing. No POST beep or anything signaling a startup taking place.

I am wondering if this could be caused by a faulty power supply (ie a short inside the power supply) or more likely by a short in the case somewhere. Any help in resolving this would be appreciated!

A:Power supply/case short issue?

reassemble the minimum system components outside of the PC case on a non-conductive surface (eg the box that came with your motherboard). this will show you if its shorting to the case or an isolated problem.

What brand and model is the PSU?
Reseat all the components (ram, video card, etc).. you might want to try reset the BIOS at this stage since you've got nothing else to do

It is normal for some PSUs to start up the fans and/or other devices for a few seconds after puting in power to it or after shutting down the PC, but irregular if it doesn't die down by itself after a few seconds to a minute or if you can't manualy trigger it (shorting the two pins instead of pressing the power button to turn on the PC)
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Laptop hung on Windows start-up logo screen, so I rebooted and ran the start-up diagnostics: Start-Up Test:Memory Test: PassedSMART Check: PassedShort DST: Failed Failure ID: GG9XU2-64R86W-MFPX0J-60RB03Product ID: A8S60EA#ABU I guess that I need a new hard drive, but can I recover the data from the current drive?

A:Start-Up Test - Short DST: Failed

@Les1207? If you can not boot then remove the HDD and connect it to a SATA to USB connector.  Take it to any laptop/desktop and see if you can copy the DATA you need. REO
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How do I correct this?

A:dst short start test failed

Welcome to TSF

DST stands for Drive Self Test, If it fails the test it means your drive is failing. You will need to replace it.
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My machine has started randomly mysteriously rebooting on it's own. I've run scans, etc. One time in the past, the problem ended up being the power supply.

Is there a way to test power supplies to see if they are failing? I'm looking in the Cyberguys catalog, but don't see anything for that - or maybe I'm overlooking it.


A:Is there a way to test power supply?

There are power supply testors you can buy. You can also use the BIOS to monitor teh voltages its outputting or use Windows based software like Speedfan:

These aren't 100% sure things as they might not necessarily tell you if the power supply is just a little bit flakey. If it can't supply the right amount of power under heavy load, if its overheating, or if its just a sh!tty unit that isn't worth the materials its made from that randomly malfunctions.

PSU testor:
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Test power supply?

I have an eMachine T2642 that won't startup at all.

Was working before move.

Is the power supply the first thing to check?

The machine has a 20 pin connector and I have a multimeter.

Don't know how to check to see if that's the problem.

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I am working on a pc that will not power up. Plug everything up to the pc and turn it on and nothing - it's dead in the water. My initial guess is that the power supply has gone bad. What is the easiest way to check to see if a power supply has gone bad? Also, any other suggestions on what to check when a pc is dead will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I have someones computer that wont turn on. Im sure its the PS. But is there a way to test it before I go buy a new one? I dont have any other Computers that use the same kind so i cant put it in another one. Any other way??

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Here is a link to a test HardOCP did on 450-500 power supplies. I'm not very surprised at their conclusions.

A:Mid range power supply test

Good article. Tom's hardware also periodically runs PSU through torture tests. Brand name and price does not equal quality and effectiveness varies widely from model to model.
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A video tutorial I made on testing PSU. My first one so I wanted to shared.
to: mod, if wrong section let me know

A:How To: Test Your Computers Power Supply (PSU)

Not bad but not conclusive, either. I have seen (and replaced) many a PSU that test okay under the very light load you suggest. But once they come under full load they fail (even though the PSU may appear to be still working). You need specialised equipment to properly test a PSU. The easiest way is to test the system with another PSU - if it works then the original is faulty.
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I recently had to replace the power supply in my desktop PC. Can anyone recommend a free software program that will allow me to test my power supply and make sure that everything is running as it should?


A:Software to Test PC Power Supply

You can use a hardware monitor like HW Monitor to monitor it's voltages:
But there is no software that can test a PSU.

You can get a hardware tester too like this:

But really non of this will predict if the PSU will fail, if you have it overloaded, if its running at high temps, or if the PSU is a poor quality unit that can be prone to failure.

Best thing is to purchase a quality power supply and have the computer plugged into a Battery Backup/UPS that does AVR.
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I am helping my friend try to fix his computer ( it's a Dell latitude 600 with windows XP) and ran the diagnostic on the start up and got the start dst short test error code 1000 0146. It let's me load windows but some programs are slow and wont let me browse the Internet at all. I installed webroot virus scanner and it detected a win 32 virus and got ride of it but still having the same problem with the same error coming up. Any help would be appreciated.

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Ok, I have never seen a power supply test button. My client has a Gateway midel MFATXSTLELP500s P 4 atx form factor - it will not power on all - when I opened the case - there is a small buttin on the side of the power supply with a blue sticker pointing to it that states " test button" so I pressed held it and all the fans come on but no video - when I let ig go everything turns back off - what does this mean? bad power supply or mobo or what? any help?

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Suddenly my dell latitude d620 stopped working. Message when I boot the laptop is "Start DST Short Test - no hard drive detected - error 1000-0141".

I removed the hard drive (hitachigst travelstar) and placed another one from another laptop. The laptop worked well. I placed the 1st hard drive in the 2nd laptop. I got the same error as above.

So is something wrong with the hard drive???

When I shake it gently, I can hear a small part moving inside. This doesnt happen in the 2nd hard drive. So is something broken too?

A:Start DST Short Test - no hard drive detected - error 1000-0141

"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" (Sherlock Holmes)

Seems to be the case. But don't worry too much, hard disks are inexpensive and easily replaced.
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I left a -year-old Compaq desktop computer at my summer camp last fall Apparently the cold temperatures got to it When I returned recently it was completely dead No pilot light HDD spinup or fans Checked power at outlet replaced power cord and verified switch continuity All OK I remember from years past that power supplies typically contain a power good circuit that totally shuts down the supply if any voltage is out-of-spec Assumed stiff lube in a HDD might be way to simple Computer Solved: test Is a there Power dead- Supply? stalling the motor and overloading the power supply Disconnected power from all drives removed PCI cards and disconnected all USB cables Still dead I borrowed and installed used power supplies both of which are believed but not known for sure to be good Neither produced any change Thus I am assuming that the motherboard is bad and overloading the power supply Before jumping to that conclusion and probably junking Solved: Computer dead- Is there a simple way to test Power Supply? the computer I would like to verify Solved: Computer dead- Is there a simple way to test Power Supply? the power supply is OK Don t have another computer to try it in Does anyone know pinouts Solved: Computer dead- Is there a simple way to test Power Supply? on power supply connectors I m assuming a small load say a K resistor on each supply and shorting the power switch leads should make a good supply operate Is that correct Thanks for any insight anyone can offer FredVN nbsp

A:Solved: Computer dead- Is there a simple way to test Power Supply?
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I recently ran a scheduled diagnostic test of my PC with the manufacturer's diagnostic software. I received two error messages and the advice to promptly replace my hard drive. The first message was Failed (Error code: WHD20-1VR) and the second was Failed (Error code: WHD16-T57). The apply to Targeted Read test and Smart Short Self Test respectively.

So I ran Chkdsk for the C: drive and received no error messages.

Which is correct and what should I do about it? The error message won't go away on the software.

Thanks for helping.


A:Question: Failed Targeted Read Test and SMART Short Self Test

CHKDSK is a very basic check that mostly checks file system and can be set to scan for bad sectors. The manufacturer's diagnostics actually check the physical drive to make sure its operating within the designed parameters and is more thorough.

You should replace the drive.
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I ran the hardware test this morning and everything passed but the SMART short self test. It failed and gave me this code. WHD01V00G-BK7W0J It says to send to Lenovo but I don't know where. I also can't add my laptop to my products on my account. I keep getting a message #WL Service Busy #   What do I do?

A:Hardware test shows SMART short self test failure.

hi Smurfette,
Welcome to the Forums.
The image below is the breakdown on how the LSC error codes mean.
  - Link to picture
The SMART short self-test that failed may have detected some certain sectors on the drive that are bad and predicted an imminent HDD failure so I would recommend you contact the lenovo helpdesk and report your findings as you likely need to send the unit for service.
If you're in the US, this is the number to call:
Phone Number: 1-877-4-Lenovo (1-877-453-6686)
upported Language: EnglishHours of operation: 24 hours/day 7 days/week
Support phone list
Let me know how it goes.
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hineed help.....After running LSC hardware scan, both targeted read test and smart short self test failed witherror code: WHD01V00I-UL7BBJDevice: WDC WD10JPCX-24UE4T0-931.51 GBsby the way my lappy is LENOVO G50 with windows10 inbuilt.I've seen similar messages and most of them recommend for replacement... Do I really have to do that...Please help me out
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need help.....
After running LSC hardware scan, both targeted read test and smart short self test failed with
error code: WHD01V00I-UL7BBJ
Device: WDC WD10JPCX-24UE4T0-931.51 GBs
by the way my lappy is LENOVO G50 with windows10 inbuilt.
I've seen similar messages and most of them recommend for replacement... Do I really have to do that...
Please help me out
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G50 - targeted read test and smart short self test...

Hi there, Naveen-
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
The SMART Self-Test Unit means that the diagnostic utility failed to read some certain sectors on the drive and predicted an imminent HDD failure.
If with the test you did you are getting a SMART test or a smart short test failure then I believe you need to back up your data and be ready to replace the drive.
I recommend you contact Lenovo support and report your findings as you likely need to send the unit for service.
Update us how it goes.
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I am using HP Pavilion dm Notebook with Windows Home Edition installed HD TOSHIBA MK GSX Hard drive GB Recently my laptop started to reboot frequently with some error overheating and DISK usage always I have tried to format the hard drive and tried to re-install it with Windows boot-up disk But it is not responding even for the F - System recovery option to format it I have then tried to run the HP - System Diagonistics with running the quot Start-up Test quot first The result is as below Start-up Test Memory Test PASSED SMART Check PASSED Short DST FAILED FAILURE ID U L X - C C-XD U G- SF PRODUCT ID XG PA AB Hard Disk ------------------ As it looks like Hard Disk issue I ran the quot Hard-Disk Test quot but Hard-disk test shows all are PASSED It Failed DST: Test Start-up FAILED - Short is confusing whether it is really Hard drive issue Do I need to replace the Hard drive If so can I go for any hard drive or only Toshiba any issue in using other HD will have any issue with my mother board Please advise

A:Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED

Please check with HP Technical Support. They will know what exactly the Failure ID means and advice you on the next course of action.
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I am using HP Pavilion dm Notebook with Windows Home Edition installed HD TOSHIBA MK GSX Hard drive GB Recently my laptop started to reboot frequently with some error overheating FAILED - Short DST: Failed Test Start-up and DISK usage always I have tried to format Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED the hard drive and tried to re-install it with Windows boot-up disk But it is not responding even for the F - System recovery option to format it I have then tried to run the HP - System Diagonistics with running the quot Start-up Test quot first The result is as below Start-up Test Memory Test PASSED SMART Check PASSED Short DST FAILED FAILURE ID U L X - C C-XD U G- Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED SF PRODUCT ID XG PA AB Hard Disk ------------------ As it looks like Hard Disk issue I ran the quot Hard-Disk Test quot but Hard-disk test shows all are PASSED It is confusing whether it is really Hard drive issue Do I need to replace the Hard drive If so can I go for any hard drive or only Toshiba any issue in using other HD will have any issue with my mother board Please advise

A:Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED

Sounds like a failing hard disk, but the overheating thing is worrisome.

The TOSHIBA MK6465GSX is a 2.5" form factor SATA drive, 9.5 mm thick. You should be able to replace it with any drive with the same dimensions. (You probably can use a thinner drive, but a spacer may be needed to mount it.) That includes SSDs that are intended as laptop HD replacements.

I see that there are a couple of YouTube videos showing how to replace the HD for your model laptop.
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I am using HP Pavilion dm Notebook with Windows Home Edition installed Start-up Test DST: - Short FAILED Failed HD TOSHIBA MK GSX Hard drive GB nbsp Recently my laptop started to reboot frequently with some error overheating and DISK usage always I have tried to format the hard drive and tried to re-install it with Windows boot-up disk But it is not responding even for the F - System recovery option to format it I have then tried to run the HP - Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED System Diagonistics with running the Start-up Test first nbsp The result is as below nbsp Start-up Test Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED nbsp Memory Test PASSEDSMART Check PASSEDShort DST FAILED nbsp FAILURE IDU L X - C C-XD U G- SF PRODUCT IDXG PA AB nbsp Hard Disk ------------------As it looks like Hard Disk issue I ran the Hard-Disk Start-up Test Failed - Short DST: FAILED Test but Hard-disk test shows all are PASSED It is confusing whether it is really Hard drive issue Do I need to replace the Hard drive If so can I go for any hard drive or only Toshiba any issue in using other HD will have any issue with my mother board Please advise
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hp pavilion a w ram i can't look up cpu specs as it won't start win xp sp won't start pc failure? supply power - OK here's the deal I play an online game that would randomly crash and give me crc errors that would directly reference a file in that game thinking that was a game specific error i left it alone for the days i went visiting for xmas got home today powered on the pc and nothing it will not boot so i unplug everything except the tower pc won't start - power supply failure? and the monitor still pc won't start - power supply failure? won't boot up no PS running nothing so i unhook the monitor then it will boot all systems are go but i can't do anything with it cuz the monitor isn't hooked up so i go to hook that up and as soon as it touches the back of the case and there is no static here the box stops running completely as soon as i move the cord for the monitor its all good it'll boot again so any ideas on wth is goin on with this no i do not have another monitor to test with it its xmas eve and i doubt any of my frenz will think this an emergency to leave their familys over please please please please help me figure out what is wrong with this thing i have to get it working so i can trade it in for a better one or i'm SOL for a pc for the forseeable future haha thans bunches in advance

A:pc won't start - power supply failure?

Okay, this could be two things: the power-supply or the monitor, both of which you'll need to find another of, at least for testing purposes. If you get the power-supply then make sure it's the same type and make (look on your computer and give us the MODEL number for your specific computer, this'll give us the specs we need to determine what kind of power-supply you need). I don't think it has anything to do with your game, but it could very well have something to do with your graphics and/or your video card as well. Is it the power, or the dv15 pluggin (that's the plug where you hook it to the comp itself, NOT power, the other one) that messes it up?

Most likely this is a power-supply matter as you pointed out and that'll require a replacement. Those things cost alot, so if you can find a used computer at the dump or something or go to a local hospital and buy one for cheap, or have a friend with one they don't use cuz it's broke or something i'd do that, but make sure it's compatible!

God Bless and In Him,

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Hi there,

I've been having some power issues with my laptop for a while. For some time now, my laptop has been constantly losing power and shutting off, regardless of whether I am running off the battery or the power supply. There does seem to be inconsistency as to whether the computer is getting power from the supply (it will be plugged in and off, and sometimes the light that indicates that it's charging will be on, and other times it won't.) I've also noticed that the power supply, as well as the bottom of the computer, get extremely hot. Sound like a bad power supply, or something else? I just think it's weird that it dies regardless of whether it is running off of the battery or the power supply. Perhaps the battery isn't getting power and it thinks it is?

Thanks for your help!

A:Laptop will not start. Bad power supply?

You don't tell us which laptop you have, but the odds are that the power cable connection into the laptop has failed because the socket is coming off either the power controller or the motherboard. An unstable connection can arc and cause heat. You need to get this fixed before it does any more damage and becomes unrepairable. A decent laptop repair should do this for less than $200/100 or local equivalent.
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Good day everyone maybe someone can give me some light on this issue I have identified this as being a power supply problem however it may be related to another component within the mother board This is what happens Since a couple of weeks back I ve noticed that my machine sometimes just won t boot up The specifics of the PC hardware I assume are unimportant at the moment but just for the sake supply Bestec Power 250-12Z start ATX won't of explanation let me tell you that we are talking about a tower PC de-branded HP P which as you all know that means it has no support from its OEM Anyhow the problem is that sometimes it just did not start up by pushing the power on button Some of you may think it could be due to a problem with a loose cable or the sort believe that is not the case Well this has been Bestec ATX 250-12Z Power supply won't start going on and off but since yesterday my PC has been even more stubborn to power on Today after even removing all external cables and trying a few things it did not power up no fan no sign of life but just a green light I assume it s an LED just below its power connector that while the problem existed it was blinking green I even removed any cable from the HDD DVD and any other power connector and still the same behaviour Ok after trying this and that I could finally make it boot up by the way I m writing this from the same machine in mention but I m affraid this may happen again and probably it s a sign of something worse to come or just break completely Another thing I noted is that when the light is solid green I can power up which gives me the impression the power supply was in a sort of locked state I ve been looking for any manual or troubleshooting guide from the manufacturer Bestec in order to better identify the issue but have been unlucky so far I wouldn t like to replace it without having more info regarding what is causing it Any ideas or anyway I can find this power supply troubleshooting manual Thank you so much for any reply towards solving my issue regards Moris nbsp

A:Bestec ATX 250-12Z Power supply won't start

That Bestec is really a piece of crap. Go get a Fortron 350W or higher PSU, and your problems are over. Check first if the PSU to motherboard connector is a 20 or 24-pin version and get the appropriate 20-24 adapter with it if necessary.
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My power supply stopped working, so I replaced the power supply and the PC will start. There is power going to the motherboard, the fan is working fine, but the PC will not boot. The light on the front of the PC never turns green, it remains orange. Everything is plugged in OK. There are no beeps when the PC is trying to start. Any Suggestions?

A:PC Won't Start after replacing power supply

You need to be more detailed. At least CPU, video card and of course what PSU you replaced the old one with.
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I had some intermittent shut downs before the power supply finally totally crapped out I have replacement supply start power a after No an HP Pavillion I No start after a power supply replacement first bought a watt supply from Tiger direct but it wouldn t fit in my case BUT I did hook it up and make sure that the computer started up and ran ok It ran fine NOW to replace that the only thing I could find that would fit was a W diablotek My problem is this Now when I hit the power button the power supply fan turns on but nothing else When I turn it off a power surge spins the cooling fan and the cpu fan The side note would be that when I was putting in the power supply the heat sinc was in the way When I pulled it out I didn t realize that the cpu came out with it I jacked up the cpu when reinstalling the sinc I bent some prongs I have replaced it with the identical cpu and still have this problem Any ideas nbsp

A:No start after a power supply replacement

What was your power supply wattage that you replaced? Did you test to see if the Diablotech is functional, i.e. test it with a multimeter?
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I have a Packard Bell computer S610-Pentium 233mmx that had the power switch toggles on/off repeatedly by a 2 year old. Now the system will not start. The cpu fan and the power supply fan start to turn then stop when the main power switch is turned on. I figured it was the power supply, replaced it and the new one does the same thing. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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First of all this occured when the electricity went off one day I had my computer connected to a ups LED power won't and start PC supply Flashing and a safety power hub but i didnt manage to shut it down before the battery of the ups went off so it forced closed on its own After that the led of the power supply not the one on the psu but the one which is located in the chassis in front where the hdd led is as well started flashing and the computer wont start at all I started turning off and on the power supply button on the psu and i could hear a noise not a loud one like the one you get with a ram or w e problem but a silent quot quot vzzzz quot thinky After multiples swith off and on from the psu button the sound stoped Flashing power supply LED and PC won't start and the pc started However when i shut Flashing power supply LED and PC won't start it down again the noise is there again and now i cant start it again Now i want to buy a new psu in order to fix the issue but i am not sure if it s the psu s failure Any ideas if it s the psu or something else nbsp

A:Flashing power supply LED and PC won't start

That sound like a problem with psu to be sure get yourself a psu tester you can get a good one for around a 10 on ebay also take a look at your mobo to see if there is damage there also check your ups and safety hub.
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This is a problem I had since a few months, but back then it wasn't that irritating. Sometimes when I tried to start my computer it would start up mechanically, so to say; all the fans were working and so were the HDDs, but not the BIOS. Nothing would happen, and the monitor was ever idle. A simple cold reboot usually solved the problem.

Now, like I mentioned, the problem got serious. The computer won't start at all, i.e. nor the fans, nor the monitor, nor the HDDs will ever start up. It just keeps restarting itself every second without any enhancement. I also found a solution for this problem by setting the power supply to 0, and then back to 1 after a few hours(!). Restarting after just a few minutes doesn't work. What's the matter? Have you ever encountered such a problem?

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Hi. Recently got a brand new PC on an auction website and have had nothing but trouble from it. Today it's PSU started making a continuous extremely loud whining noise like a jet-liner taxiing on the airport, and the whole system was going crazy; the OS kept crashing etc, and before long it crashed again and could not be restarted. This prompted some Web research on the PSU (an ISO-500PP 420 Watts) and was not surprised to see that they have got an appalling reputation with fake "technical specifications" on the label. Am not writing this for help advice, as the PSU is stuffed. Primary reason for writing is to warn people, if you are buying a PC make sure that the PSU is not an ISO!!!

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So I just recently purchased a new desktop as my laptop fried. I bought this desktop with getting a new video card and power supply in mind. I purchased an ATI Radeon HD5750 which requires one of those 6 pin power cords. The new power supply had what I need.

When i switched out the old 250W for my new 500W, I received no results. The computer would turn on, all fans would run but I would get nothing on my monitor. The motherboard green light would also turn on. When i swapped back to the old power supply, everything still works great. Any troubleshooting tips? Im told that this might not be a great power supply either. Thanks in advance.

New computer -

New power supply -

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As my thread tittle, it freeze totally at random, i cant move my mouse or do anything, any solution? need help become mroe frequent.

A:Laptop freeze randomly, need to take off power supply and start again

bump..nid help urgent pls..
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Probably need new power supply as on/off switch on back of computer does nothing (won't turn computer on or off by that switch).

However, the ritual I seem forced to follow makes me wonder if that is my only problem--- Let me explain:

Hitting the switch on the front of the computer doesn't usually result in starting the computer-- but what does start it is to unplug the chord from the back of the computer and then plug it back in (unpluggin/pluggin in at surge protector doesn't usually have same results).

I leave machine running 24/7 and it works fine--- however, I am concerned that I want it repaired before it fails altogether.

Your help would be appreciated

A:Switch on Power Supply bad-- and need to plug cord in to start

Having to remove the cord to start is usually indicative of a PSU fault.
Though unplugging or turning off should have the same effect.

PS a "chord" is a series of three or more musical notes...
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computer for a few days you would press the start button on the tower and it wouldn t start right away but then power Windows new help, did start, not Home can supply someone won't XP sp2--Computer after a few sec would come on Yester day I tried it twice I pressed the start button on the tower and you could hear the power supply try to start but would die and the computer would not Windows XP Home sp2--Computer won't start, new power supply did not help, can someone come on so about the Windows XP Home sp2--Computer won't start, new power supply did not help, can someone thired time press the button and nothing would even try to start Windows XP Home sp2--Computer won't start, new power supply did not help, can someone I figured it was the power supply I put a tester on the power supplyh and it said it was bad so I bought a brand new one put it in and it still would n t do anything just dead I tested the new one and my tester sasid it was bad I changed it for another one and the store I bought the st one from tested the st one and there tester showed it was good so my tester must not be working Anyway I plugged the nd new power supply into just the motherboard and the harddrive and the little line that goes to the cpu and then plugged it in and still nothing the computer just acts like it is dead Can anyone help me with what else I could check I checked the cords and the wallplug in etc is there anything else I can do or is it the mother board the computer is only about years old its dell can anyone help OK I put another brand new power supply in it and pressed the power button on the tower or times it acted like it wanted to start then did I am on line like nothing is wrong now When it first started out when it started I caught a line that read the previous shutdown was due to a thermal event and said to press I think it was F to continue and I did and like I said I am online like nothing happened I am updateing some programs and then I guess I will turn it off and see if it will start again Any ideas what the thermal event could have been or is what I can do if it keeps happening Help nbsp

A:Windows XP Home sp2--Computer won't start, new power supply did not help, can someone
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Hi everyone- This is my first time here and I need help I m a newbie and not real technically advanced but here s my problem A few days ago I was trying to connect my scanner to a USB port and I noticed my mouse got stuck I hit the power button on the front of the computer to turn off I rebooted and then I couldn t enter my windows password because my keyboard didn t work either I then turned off the computer from the reset button in the back Then I flipped it back and tried to power on my computer and it has never turned on again I should mention that Power Supply? doesn't or Motherboard start Computer when I try to turn on the computer there are no sounds no fans moving It s just silent and dead It doesn t try to do anything Could it be the power supply or motherboard I tried using different outlets and changed out the computer cord that runs to the outlet My friend helped me build my computer about years ago I have left it Computer doesn't start Motherboard or Power Supply? running mostly which I guess isn t good Could I have worn out my computer faster I don t even remember Computer doesn't start Motherboard or Power Supply? what kind of mobo I have or really anything I have to look and my friend ordered the parts yrs ago The only repair I ve ever had to do on it was replace the fan about months ago My friend instructed me to open up the computer and see if the wiring from the power button to the motherboard looked ok and it looked fine I just wonder if the keyboard mouse problem first gives any hint to what could ve happened There were no weird sounds no smells nothing burned that I could tell My friend and I are going to look at it this weekend but we could use some advice I am going through computer withdrawal at home am posting from work right now Oh regarding the scanner I guess I should mention that my USB port I was trying is in the front of the computer below the power button However I noticed I can t fit it in the USB port anymore because it s bent or something Maybe this did something to affect the power button itself So I never succeeded in getting the scanner in there because it didn t fit in the quot bent quot USB port then the mouse froze etc Then I was checking my cords in the back to the mouse and keyboard and then the whole non-powering thing happened I also tried a suggestion where I unplugged the power button from the Mobo and put a dime on top of the two pins to try to power it on and nothing happened Help I m desperate nbsp

A:Computer doesn't start Motherboard or Power Supply?

It sounds like there was a short in the USB port and it damaged the motherboard. There is electrical current running through the USB port.
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I can t get my computer to boot at all not into CMOS not anything It doesn t power up And the green LED light that comes with the power supply is constantly flashing This has happened before normally when I wait a while before trying to boot I can get the fan inside the power supply to spin just a little bit The last time it happened I fixed it by taking out one of the memory sticks I have no other power supply to test so I don t know whether it s a problem supply won't Computer start, light power flashing. with the motherboard or the power supply However I notice that when the -count connector pin isn t connected to the motherboard the light doesn t flash it just stays lit green When I plug it in it starts flashing again Maybe it s the motherboard maybe the pins are bad I m not sure what that suggests Is there anything I Computer won't start, power supply light flashing. can do to diagnose this clearer nbsp

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I have a pc that s been sitting for jumper, supply wont power PC pwr fine with start about years now worked great before Went to plug it back in and it won t start I assumed the power supply was at fault at first The green standby light is lit on the motherboard but just to test I jumped the green and black cables on the pin connector and everything worked great Reset the CMOS still no luck Then I went to check the power switch by jumping the two PWR SW prongs with a screwdriver Now PC wont start with pwr jumper, power supply fine here s the weird part it started up fine the first times Went to connect the monitor and start it back up with the screwdriver nothing I used a different tool to jump the switch and strangely it worked just fine again Now its back to not working tried several different metal tools and nothing I have no idea why the switch is only working intermittently I just tested everything again by jumping the pin connector and that still works just fine nbsp

A:PC wont start with pwr jumper, power supply fine


Even more weird, I've found if I jump the green and black wires on the 24 pin, pc starts, remove the jump, pc shuts down, then I'm able to jump the PWR switch and the pc starts as its supposed to. I've tested this 3 times and it never fails
Why would the switch only work after jumping then removing the jump on the 24 pin???
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Here is my story First off all I am building computers for a couple of years now and I know what anymore Supply Switch closing with Power won't after it Computer start I am doing but This problem arrived the other day after changing my case Days Ago I bought A new Case and a new Burner for my Computer I unintalled everything and installed it in my new Case I plugged everything back up and was on my computer again without any problems I used the reset button but it was behaving oddly the computer was still running but the monitor turned itself Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch off So I though that maybe I had installed the reset Switch the wrong way I couldn t stop it anymore so I closed it with the Power Supply Switch So I opened my case to see if everything was ok Everything was as it was supposed to be I played with the connectors a little bit to make sure they were well connected I tried running the computers again but it wouldn t start It didin t make a noise no fan running no BIOS nothing I was very afraid to have killed my Power Supply or MOBO by closing it the wrong way I though that maybe it was just the power button of my new case that was the problem so I connected the Reset Switch connector in the Power Switch I tried turning it on and it worked I was very releaved that it was just that problem So I left it opened all night and went to work I also accesed my computer remotely from work almost all day But Last night when I finally came home the computer was closed I though it was weird but opened it again and went to see a couple of things on the net Went out for min max with my GirlFriend When I came back the computer was closed again and it wouldn t start again like it did the day before So I opened it again checking the reset and power switch button But now any of the didn t work anymore I thought that it couldn t be the PSU or MOBO because last night I was able to get it back up by switching the Power and Reset switch I started to unhook every power cable from HD to CD and floppy even the case fan Nothing Took out the Sound card and Video Capture Card Nothing Unhooked the HD and DVD Burner and floppy NOthing Took out the Video Card I also plugged out and plugged back in the Mother board and CPU Power connector from the PSU to be sure that they were well connected Nothing happened I even took out the Front of the case to look at the Power Button They looked ok but I am no expert in that I also took the MOBO battery out to clear the BIOS Now my computer is dead I can t do anything to make it work I am thinking that by closing the computer with the PSU switch I might have shorted something but with a good PSU like I have on a protected circuit it shouldn t happen I saw an existing post were someone had the same problem and had used the PSU switch But it is design to do that Not fry everything by using it The Antec PSU also has a protection against surges Tonight I will try to use a W Enermax PSU I have in another computer and see if it changes something If not than they are possible solution Maybe just the buttons but I doubt it or the Motherboard is screwed If it is the motherboard and my Waranty is not good anymore I will have to buy a new motherboard and a New CPU reinstall Windows and my Video Card which is AGP won t work in a PCIE MOBO So I will have to buy a lesser MOBO and if future upgrade have to come I won t be able to buy a PCIE Video Card If they still do the AGP by then By they way they still sell Athlon XP MOBO in my local computer shop but they are so cheap they don t have AGP X or DDR So what do you think it might be Any suggestion as to what I may Try Anyone with a similar problem AMD Athlon XP Gigabytes G A- L Motherboard nForce X MB of DDR Memory in Dual Channel Antec W SmartPower Maxtor GB MB IDE HardDrive Primary Master Pionner DVD- D New DVD Burner Secondary Master Geforce GT AGP w Additional Power plugged in Creative Live Soundcard ComproPVR Video Capture C... Read more

A:Computer won't start anymore after closing it with Power Supply Switch

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

If after trying your other psu it`s still dead, It`s got to be either the mobo or cpu.

I think for whatever reason, you`ve had a short circuit of some kind and it`s fried either the psu/mobo/cpu.

You`ve seem to have tried all the right things, so I can`t really suggest anything else.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I think this is a fairly simple question. I got a small power supply for a replacement for a dvr (this is kind of rigged together project to replace some damaged parts) Anyway, I only need the power supply to power 1 hard drive, but I plugged in the power & it doesnt turn turn on, there is no toggle switch to turn it on. There is a 20 pin connector that would normally plug into a motherboard. Are there 2 pins in that connector that I can short so that the power will come on right away when plugged in? Ill attach an image of the connector.

A:Solved: power on pins on power connector

try Pins 13 and 14 I believe
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My computer booting start/shot Computer - supply shut power - - down fans problems? off not died over the weekend It was working fine Computer shut down - power supply problems? - fans start/shot off - not booting before I left for work when I turn it off but when I returned home and was about to go to bed I heard a ticking like noise from the speakers almost like a heart beat power surging through the system The little lights on the wireless nic card and old modem card no metal plates to shut the hole so I left it in were blinking I unplugged it and was going to remove the modem in the morning thinking Computer shut down - power supply problems? - fans start/shot off - not booting that was the problem Next morning I tried turning it on but it wouldn t boot at all The PC started making some noise then turned off I opened the case and looked inside tried starting it again The fans were ticking like it was getting power turned off from the back and tried again System started up again then quit Several times the system would either Act like it was starting up but nothing displayed on the moniter with the fans running at full speed or run for a few seconds and die I have plugged the system directly into the wall as well thinking it might of been the power strip but get the same results Now that I think about it it could also be the fan on the processor but that spins normaly It normally would be loud as a rice burner going down the street at load up then quite down I had that replaced about a year ago guy said it could possible not be reset to the correct speed but since it gets quite after the whole boot process I don t have to worry about it unless I wanted to reset it Possible the processor is getting to hot to quickly during boot I hope its not fried system is about years old and I hope to get at least another year out of it before I replace it Anyway I am going to take it in this afternoon to the place I got it from Wanted to get an idea of how much the damages are from you guys before I did nbsp

A:Computer shut down - power supply problems? - fans start/shot off - not booting

Depends entirely on what the issue is. If the PSU is supplying power but not stably and the board isn't powering up because of that, you could be looking at just a PSU replacement, or various components.

What type of processor do you have? If it is an older model Athlon and the fan was not spinning fast enough, in theory it could have overheated and fried, though that is a rare occurence unless the fan outright stops spinning.
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So I turn my computer off one day only to find it wont start the next day. I open the case up and see the led is on. I flip the switch on the power supply off then on and quickly press the power button. My computer starts but the following time I shut down the computer it again wont start and now the led is blinking. I've never had any issues like this before, any help would be appreciated.

I don't routinely use many usb devices, only my mouse and keyboard and every now and then my ipod. I figure the issue is likely either the power supply or the motherboard. The ps is almost two years old while the motherboard is only about three months old.

A:Computer wont start, power supply wont start, blinking led

It sounds to me like your PSU is the problem, get a hold of another and plug it to your computer and see if that will make it start, if it doesn't it might be BOTH your motherboard and PSU. A bad PSU will burn a motherboard.
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what is Smart self test I was running system recovery and it failed

A:short self test

Your hard drive is failing...
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My power supply died

Before I install a new Power Supply ,where can I test for possible shorts?

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How do you identify the power-up pins on the motherboard and what to do to short it I have extracted some advice from the internet from someone who had the same computer problem as me and he fixed it with this method Just wanted to ask some of the experts here how to do that since i m not an electrician and are pretty much oblivious when it comes to these kind of tasks Here s the original paragraph from him which i didn t understand much of quot Try this once take pins Power-up the CPU out from the motherboard then short the power-up pins on the motherboard that is the pins Power-up pins to which your power-on switch of CPU is connected with the help of screwdriver I learned this just yesterday my pc was giving trouble and then it stopped booting nothing on Power-up pins the display fans running I took it to the vendor and he did this procedure and the pc started booting again Told that the BIOS hangs due to which this problem happens So you can also try this and see i if it works for you best of luck quot nbsp

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PC Hardware Diagnostics Test Failed:Test Name: HPAdvSysDiag_SystemFailure ID: 90C0XK-86J89R-XD7WMF-60WD03Product Number: M9V02PASerial Number: CND5310ZJ6Hp notebook 15-ac026txMy system is 1 year old , encountering problems like disk % is alwayd 100 , startup freezes, windows corrupts , local disk delete automatically .

A:hdd short test failure

Whenever the Hard Disk Short DST test fails that indicates that the Hard Disk Drive has failed and that requires a replacement to resolve the issue This issue could be due to Application or driver conflicts, virus issues, file corruptions due to incompatible applications, improper shutdowns, update failures due to conflicts, sudden power surges, if notebook is dropped etc.. HP will provide a replacement Hard Disk Drive if the Notebook warranty is Active, If not you need buy a SATA Hard Disk Drive from a retail shop nearby Please make sure you are getting at least equal capacity as the original one in order to use Recovery Disks. If you need you can buy a larger, but not smaller capacity Hard Disk Drive. For example if you have a 500GB Hard Disk Drive you can upgrade it to 750GB Hard Disk Drive but not 320GB Hard Disk Drive Please try the below shown troubleshooting steps once:Step 01. Remove the battery and unplug the AC/Power AdapterStep 02. Press and hold the Power button for more than 30 SecondsStep 03. Plug in the AC/Power Adapter (leave the Battery out for now)Step 04. Press the Power button and check if the Unit works normal If the above mentioned steps does not help, then you can try reseating the Hard Drive on your Notebook If the issue persists again please Contact HP if your HP Notebook is under warranty, HP would replace the Hard Disk Drive and provide you a Recovery media to restore factory operating system after replacement (if you've not yet created Recovery Discs/USB Media) Note: Back up all the personal data to an external drive if it's possible. Otherwise you could connect the failed HDD via SATA to USB adapter with another PC or same PC after replacement of HDD & re-installation of OS and try copying /recovering the files. You can also refer to the below shown link for further support Please click on the link In order to Identify, Prevent, Diagnose & Recover from Drive Failures on HP Notebook Hard Drives & Solid State Drives :  You can Check your warranty Here to verify the status and Click Here to order a new Hard Drive   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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I have a Dell Latitude D505 laptop and just yesterday when I try to open certain programs like Outlook, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office to name a few the program does not open and my computer locks up. Some other files open ok, its just that when I open certain ones it locks up. When I do a diagnostic I get an error at the DST test. The error I get is:

Start DST SHort Test
Test Results : Fail
Error COde : 1000-0146
Msg : Unit 0: DST Log contains previous error(s).

ANy one got any suggestions?

A:WIN XP DST short test fail

Run the System File Checker

Go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in:

sfc /scannow

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem.
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Unable to boot my computer this morning, I ran hardware diagnostics. The computer passed the memory check and the SMART check but failed the Short DST.Error code: UFH3HF-000840-XD7V7F-60SL03Product ID: G8B26UC#ABAI know generally a failed DST test means the hard drive has gone bad, but I have yet to see an error code similar to mine on the forums so I thought I'd check, just in case.

A:Short DST Test Failed

Hi, Unfortunately, the code does confirm a failure of the short Disk Self Test and would indicate that the drive should be replaced.  The error codes are unique as they contain a hash other information such as the time of the test. Regards, DP-K
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Hi, following a reboot, my laptop decided to not restart. Running diagnostics produced the failure id 0g9vuf-6gc88t-mfpx0k-60qf03 for the hard drive short DST check. Can somebody please confirm that my hard drive is dead and requires replacement. Thanks.

A:HDD failed short test

Hi, The error code does confirm a failure of the short disk self test and would indicate the drive will need to be replaced. Regards, DP-K
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can some one please help me my laptop dell latitude d was working fine until i got a Virus and my laptop started to slow down i ran virus scans and spyware bt suddenly a blue plz? DST test Short help Failed screen came up and my laptop kept rebooting itself and DST Short test Failed help plz? the blue screen kept coming up I tried to atleast get the windows to let me log on bt i cudnt i tried all the ways even in safe mode the blue screen kept coming up so i ran diognistics and it told me DST Short Test Failed Error code - unit DST log contains previous errors So i reinstalled windows xp and after tries i finally got it working but i still have the problem and my c drive has errors i can not even install anti virus it keeps saying the c DST Short test Failed help plz? drive is curupt and has errors ive tried doing disk chk bt the probs still there its not working Please help thank you nbsp

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HelloBefore replacing my harddisc, I'd like to know what this error means, exactly, I'd like some technical information. SAMSUNG MZ7TD128HAFV-000L1 - 119.24 GBs WHD00V000-UL7BYH -Simon K
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I have a Inspiron 15 3541 touch screen and "misplaced" my power cord and adapter. I'm using a Dell adapter from a different computer, but when I turned on my laptop, I get a message requiring a system or admin password even before it boots up. Is this because of the different adapter? How many pins did my adapter have? What problems does a different adapter create?

A:Power adapter pins

The password that is showing up before your computer boots sounds like there is a BIOS password set on the computer.  Unfortunately if you don't remember that password then you are probably stuck.  You can probably go online and search and see if there is a way to reset BIOS on the laptop and get it to default and remove the password that is set on it.  If there is a hard drive password though then the only way to remove that if you forgot it is to install a new hard drive as the password will follow the drive, not the computer.
Your power supply should have only 1 pin.  Dell used the same adapter for their computers for a while, they come in different wattage though and if you use an adapter that is too low then it may not be able to charge the battery while you use it or at all.  If the plug fits and it is a Dell charger you should be okay to at least get the computer up and running.  If it is a low wattage charger and the setting is set in BIOS (usually is by default) you'll get a message from your computer telling you that the charger isn't powerful enough to charge the battery while in use.
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Hey guys so i got a 780 GTX from my friend for cheap to give my computer a little bit of a performance boost from my older card which is a AMD Radeon HD6950.

Now my Radeon used 2 6pin PCI-E connects but the 780 power connector shapes comes look to be a 6 pin and a 8 pin connector. Looking at the cables that came with my power supply (silverstone strider 80 plus silver 850W (SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.INTRODUCTION?ST85F-P)) i am not 100% sure on what cables to use. I think where it says 2 x 8/6-Pin PCIE connector(550mm)in the connectors section refers to a 6+2 PCIE cable.

can anyone confirm what cable i need to use and include a relevant picture?

A:GPU's that have different connecting power pins (8 and 6)

Yep that's it an 8 pin power plug is usually already split on one end so you can use just the 6 pin or the extra 2 to make an 8 pin.
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Dell Inspiron 8600
Windows XP
Started up the othe day and got the "blue error" screen. Ran the diagnostic from F2 and got the following:

DST Short Status Test
error: 1000-0143
msg: Unit 0 - Drive SMART read command failed

Help please!!!

A:DST Short Status Test Error

SMART is a hard drive error reporting feature available on SOME (not all) hard drives, via hard drive firmware.

Check your BIOS Setup and see if it is enabled. IF the HD has the feature you will be able to enable it. It is an option usually in the same window listing your hard drives.
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Hi all,

I got my Compaq computer just 1 year ago. Recently, the monthly maintenence test ran and SMART Short Self Test failed(Failed (Error code: HD521-2W). What does this mean? I went online and many posts said that it meant my Hard drive is dying. Is that true? Are there no other ways to solve this problem except replace my HDD?



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i faced this error when i ran the diagnostic on my lappy.
can anyone tell me what it is??
how can it be solved?? 

A:smart short self test WHD16-0WV

Run the 32-bit diagnostics on the system (F12 a few times at powerup to get to them).  Please post any error messages you see, along with the full system model (i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5531, etc.).
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 220 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4863 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 598735 MB, Free - 178093 MB; D: Total - 11641 MB, Free - 1418 MB;
Motherboard: FOXCONN, 2AA9
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled
On my weekly Hardware Diagnostic Tool run I got the following. SMART Short Self Test Failed.
I ran my Disk Check Utility and it said all is well. Anyone have any ideas?
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Here is the message I am getting after running the lenovo solutions diagnostic  WHD01V000-UJ7WQFWhat does this mean?My computer is a week old, got it off ebay, new, but had been set up already.  It has been running quite slow, when I open 20 tabs in firefox it will glitch and sometimes freeze, sometimes I can't access my files, it just says file explorer on the top and displays nothing and I can't close them.  It has 6gb ram and a core i5, e431 model, so it shouldnt be running so slow and this diagnostic worries me.  I called Lenovo before running the diagnostic and they said it could be a hard drive failure.  Anyone know this error message?

A:SMART short self-test Warning???

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
If the result of "SMART short self-test" returns an error code, the hard drive has indeed failed or is about to. Then you may want to do a repair or have a new hard disk.
Take a backup of all your data while the hard drive can still be accessed and contact Lenovo Technical support if you are under warranty.
Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help.
Best Regards,

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I ran Dell's PC Checkup and it failed on the SMART Short Self Test. From what I get this basically means my hard drive is going to fail any time, true? When I get a new hard drive can I use the Windows 7 code that's on my computer or will I have to re-buy Windows 7? Are there any tutorials for replacing the main hard drive? Thanks

A:SMART Short Self Test Fail

Well the drive may fail sooner or later but its a good idea to get another. Yes, you can use the key on the sticker on the computer to activate windows. Better still, while the current drive is still alive, just save an image of the windows install using Macrium free or Acronis to an external drive, then you can just restore to the new drive- you wont even need to use the sticker code.

Imaging with free Macrium

Heres how to replace your hard drive:

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I recently had problems with my computer and I did a system test which came up with the failure Id 9gf14k-79j87h-qffv6k-60rn03. What does this mean and how do I fix it?

A:Short DST failure in system test

@JockoTheTaco?, welcome to the forum. This error message is telling you that your hard drive has failed.  Your only option is to replace it.  You should buy a HDD the same size or larger to assure that the Recovery media will work with it. Here is a guide to help you with the replacement. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T420 with a HDD Since I got upgraded to windows 10 unknowingly by MS , I kept on declining the request to upgrade from windows 7 but one day  it just started upgrading whilst I was away from the laptop, I've started occasionally hitting the error "2100: Detection error on HDD0" So I thought best to do a disk scan and have hit the warnings below on the SMART test. It went through 80% of the SMART test  quickly i.e. 2-3 minutes and then hung on the last 20% ....... shud I b worried ? Lenovo Diagnostics - Log5/30/2016 21:33:54 - SMART Status TestPassed (0.16s)5/30/2016 21:33:54 - Targeted Read TestPassed (1.16s)5/30/2016 21:33:55 - Random Seek TestPassed (89.64s)5/30/2016 21:35:25 - Funnel Seek TestPassed (74.27s)5/30/2016 21:36:39 - SMART Short Self Test5/30/2016 21:46:40 - Critical: Test has timed out: 600 s Warning (600.92s)5/30/2016 21:46:40 - SMART Drive Self Test5/30/2016 21:56:41 - Critical: Test has timed out: 600 s Warning (600.86s)
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  My Computer:   Compaq Presario Product name AY03011-ABL  CQ5320F  Error Message The device reported the following status: The previous self test completed having read the element of the test fail- 22/04/2012, 10:26:30 AMError Message The first failing LBA value is 16512590 and the failure occurred after the device had been operating power on hours. 22/04/2012, 10:26:30 AM Computer is aproximately 2 years old.

View Solution.

A:Smart Short Test Failed

Time to replace the hard drive. You can use a retail SATA hdd to replace the 500GB hdd you have. Hope you have burned your Recovery Disk set?
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Running Hardware Diagnostic Maintence and it is telling me that the SMART Short Test Failed what does this mean and how do I fix it
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I have read many times that when the Power button on a computer will not start the comp, take a screw driver and short across the Pwr pins on the Mobo. This is supposed to start the comp.
My question is how does that action make it happen? And, will the comp keep running after you remove the short? Is the power switch, then a momentary switch?
I have a computer that will not start either with the power switch or shorting the power pins. The psu is tested good. I believe that possibly the motherboard is bad.
Any thoughts?

A:Shorting across the Power Switch pins

will the comp keep running after you remove the short? Is the power switch, then a momentary switch?Click to expand...

Yes, and yes. Just make sure that you are shorting the proper pins.
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i ran a hp disk test i cant remember which one but i tried to run both, one passed and the other failed and i got this
failure id error code
hp failure id U30JJKL-67383U-MFPX0K-60RB03
i still can use my computer i have problems now and then
with overheating and corruption of files do i need to replace my hard drive?

A:Hard disk Short DST test failed

Yes. One day soon it will not boot up. At a minimum you should be backing up religiously.
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I have a Dell Inspirion operating on Windows XP with a new as of Test DST Short but Fail, Pass? ChkDsk four months ago Seagate SATA hard drive I don t remember the exact specs but it s G and I ve only used about half that A few days ago my DST Short Test Fail, but ChkDsk Pass? Seagate Freego external drive was taking forever to disconnect so I just pulled it out I promptly got the blue screen of death for the first time restarted my computer manually and everything seemed fine Today I tried to Hibernate my computer and it froze before completing the hibernation I shut it off manually and restarted it When it reached the quot Dell quot bootup screen I ran the onboard diagnostics test There it gave me the error code of quot DST Short Test Fail quot I ran chkdsk next to see if I could repair the problem and chkdsk said I was fine I restarted my computer correctly ran diagnostics again and recieved this error code quot DST Short Test Fail quot To the best of my knowledge my computer has never been jolted dropped has no viruses and has not been abused in anyway since the new DST Short Test Fail, but ChkDsk Pass? hard drive in April Is my hard drive really dying again Or is DST Short Test Fail, but ChkDsk Pass? my diagnostic test lying to me My last hard drive which had good cause to fail also gave me the error messages but in that instance Chkdsk found corrupted sectors I ve never seen a scenario like the one I have now before Thanks nbsp

A:DST Short Test Fail, but ChkDsk Pass?

The general consensus seems to be you're looking at HD failure soon.
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My laptop HP Notebook 15-r007tx  fails to load Windows.  The HP UEFI diagnostics for hard disk failed the Short DST test with failure id=Q88K1D-836864-XD7V7F-60XG03. Does this mean I have to replace my hard drive? My laptop's product ID is G8D31PA#ACJ and I have Win8.1 -64 installed on it. please give solution as soon as possible . Thank You,Hiren

A:Hard disk Short DST test failed

Hi, The 24 character error code does confirm a failure of the short Disk Self Test and would indicate that the Hard Drive is failing and needs to be replaced. If your notebook is still under warranty, contact HP and arrange to have the drive replaced - If needed, you can check your warranty status Here. If you live in the US, contact HP Here. If you are in another part of the world, start Here. If you are out of warranty and would like a guide on replacing the Hard Drive yourself, please let me know. Regards, DP-K
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I just ran the my dell thing on my brothers laptop and everything passed accept the HD smart short self test his computer has two hard drives a GB Samsung SSD mSATA and a TB Western Digital which is what has the failure Vendor Western Digital Model Number WDC WD JPVT- A YT Serial Number WXT CC Firmware Revision A Short failed HD Solved: Self Smart Test Size GB Rotation Rate RPM Cache Size MB Temperature C Physical Sector Size KB Logical Sector Size B Logical Sector Count Supported Standards ATA -ACS ATA ATAPI- ATA ATAPI- ATA ATAPI- SMART Short Self Test Test Started - PM Error Message - PM The device reported the following status The previous self-test completed having the read element of the test failed Error Message - PM The first failing LBA value is and the failure occurred after the device had been operating for power-on hours Test Finished - PM Failed Error code WHD -MYV so any ideas what this could be this is the first time this scan was ever run so not really sure if this has been a problem before Also I will upload the full report but this was the only problem it detected here is Solved: HD Smart Short Self Test failed his laptop specs Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics - Mb Also his laptop has this DirectX version GPU processor GeForce GT M Driver version Direct D API version Direct D feature level CUDA Cores Core clock MHz Memory data rate MHz Memory interface -bit Memory bandwidth GB s Total available graphics memory MB Dedicated video memory MB GDDR System video memory MB Shared system memory MB Video BIOS version C IRQ Bus PCI Express x Gen Device Id DE FD F Part Number Thanks Edit I also restarted the PC and hit F and went to diagnostics and ran a test that way and everything passed accept DST short Test on the same hard drive and it popped up with error code - validation nbsp

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My Dell Labtop can't detect the internal Hard drive
I get this Error Msg:
Error Code 0141
Msg: Error Code 2000-0141
Msg: Hard Drive- No Drive Detected
The Given error code and message can be used by Dell
Technical Support to help Diagnose the Problem.
My Question is 2 things : first What other information would you need to better help me with this situation

2nd ~ If its not detecting my hard drive at all ...does that mean I have Bad cells ?

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My laptop HP ENVY 15-j059nr Quad Edition Notebook PC fails to start. I ran the HP UEFI quick test diagnostics using ESC + f2 on reboot the  hard disk failed the Short DST test with failure code 64NC9H-6TA85K-MFGJWK-60ST03. What does this code mean.

A:Hard disk Short DST test failed

Hi, The 24 character error code does confirm a failure of the short Disk Self Test ( DST ) and would indicate that the Hard Drive is failing and needs to be replaced.  This is also consistent with your description of the issue. If your notebook is still under warranty, contact HP and arrange to have the drive replaced - If needed, you can check your warranty status Here. If you live in the US, contact HP Here. If you are in another part of the world, start Here. If you are out of warranty and would like a guide on replacing the Hard Drive yourself, please let me know. Regards, DP-K
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Hi, I've pavilion dm4 1150 laptop. I just completed the hard disk test and following results populated: Testing Drive: 1SMART Check : PASSEDShort DST : FAILED FAILURE ID : PU6E02-5B084G-XD6U2K-60RE03PRODUCT ID : XH126UA#ABC Hard Disk 1 ---------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know, is that hard disk failed ? Do I need to change my hard drive ? If yes, what kind of hard disk do I need to buy and from where ? I'm in Australia currenlty. the laptop is not in warranty. The warranty period has expired already.  I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your support. Regards,Ravi
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Hi my Hp notebook short DST test failed .Error code:gk441d-6rt84j-mfpwxp -60u503Product I'd:e9j77ea#abuWhat does that mean and what can I do now ?

A:Hard drive short DST TEST FAILED

Hi,            The failure ID refers to Hard disk drive failure. If the unit is under warranty, then you can call the HP Support to get the Hard disk drive replaced if not you have to get the Hard disk drive replaced yourself and then reinstall the operating system using recovery disk.
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HP diagnostics returned error code 9lhvwc-5rg85u-mfh15f-60t903 during a hard drive short self test this evening. Prior to the test, the disk drive was working very slowly, as if it had trouble reading data. I am able to log in with windows in it's normal mode, but the drive performs poorly. Safe mode is better. I own an HP dv7-6175us with serial number 5ch134ijx7.

A:Hard Drive failure during short test

I suspect it's an issue with the header, because the disk drive was also clicking, and it was the click you hear when the accelerometer halts the hard drive. I suspect it's impact/shock damage. It was repeatedly clicking for about 5 time before I shut it down manually.
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I ran extensive diagnostics. The Hard disk Short DST test failed with failure id 6APNXA-70585V-MFPWWK-60SK03. Does this mean I have to replace my hard drive? My laptop's product ID is  F6C92PA#ACJ and I have Win10 -64 installed on it.
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i have dell inspiron n 5010 ,and after starting 2-3 minutes later it completely switch offs and it happens every time .i ran dianostics from boot menu and found dst short test hard drive fail error code 2000-0146 but after starting i can easily open hard drive before it automatically switch offs.Please Help

A:Dst short test Hard drive failure

It sounds as if it should be replaced before it fails permanently.
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Model Name p6367c
Product Number AY691AA-ABA
Serial Number (removed content)
HARDWARE Diagnostic Tools 6.0.5247.34
HARDWARE Diagnostic Tools- Scheduled Maintenance
WDC WD10EADS-65M2B0 ATA Device (TurboPC EX)
SMART Short Self Test - Failed HD521-2W
Please recommend best solution: Clone and replace WD Hard Drive?  If so, what is recommended WD replacement model?
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

A:SMART Short Self Test - Failed HD521-2W

> Clone and replace WD Hard Drive?  If so, what is recommended WD replacement model? Your current disk-drive is 1000 GB.  So, any 1000 GB or 2000 GB drive will work, without any worries.Anything larger might have an issue, if the motherboard is "older". Note that WD offers a download of free "disk-cloning" software, as long as either the "source" or the "target" disk-drive was manufactured by WD. How "full" is your current drive?  Buy a new hard-drive, and backup all your data/files/music/pictures/bookmarks to it,while your current disk-drive is still working OK.  Or, "clone" your current disk-drive to the new drive. If the disk-drive is still under warranty from WD, WD will replace it.  You might have to pay for shipping it to WD. If the disk-drive is out-of-warranty, WD sometimes has a "customer loyalty" program.You tell WD the serial-number of the drive, and you get a discount on theh purchase of a new disk-drive from WD's online-store, and you don't have to return your current disk-drive.
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I'm wanting to know what I do to resolve these issues (attached). Do I need to worry? Thanks!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3894 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1723 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 461838 MB, Free - 408425 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0WXY9J
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

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A friend built HELP cycling, bent power Re seated pins, CPU, a computer nearly years ago for me It has recently started running hot I Re seated CPU, bent pins, power cycling, HELP was going to replace the stock H bans but I figured I would do a reseat and re apply thermal paste prior Re seated CPU, bent pins, power cycling, HELP to doing so Re applied the thermal paste cleaned it off of the H and put it on the cpu reseat it and put everything back together and it started power cycling I realized after re doing Re seated CPU, bent pins, power cycling, HELP everything that some pins are bent on the socket I am not sure if he did it or I might have I was EXTREMELY careful though So now I have power cycling I have cleared my cmos and tried different ram if I leave stick of ram in it makes it seconds if I put all in it restarts instantly but if I remove them all it lasts - seconds and then beeps once fast and shuts off to do it all over again I have tried bending them back still have the same issue I am going to the store to get a bigger magnifying glass soon and going to remove the mobo completely so I can see better How likely is it that this is not fixable I don t particularly want to buy another motherboard atm considering the new CPU comes out in months and would need another than also My specs are i k not OCed GB G SKILL Ripjaws X DDR gigabyte ga-p a-ud p-b Not sure what else you will need but I will be checking this regularly Thanks April nbsp

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I keep getting an error code that says windows is unable to run so Please 1000-0146??? Test - code : - Help! 'Fail' Short DST I have tried to start it up in safe mode and any other mode that it has given me an option to do but I still keep getting the blue stop screen I can t get anywhere beyond that point When the computer first began the reboot I Please Help! : DST Short Test - 'Fail' - code 1000-0146??? hit the F key to run the diagnostics and the error code that I got was quot DST Short Test - Fail - code - quot quot msg Unit DST Log contains previous error quot but I can t get into the thing to try to figure out the problem I m frozen once that blue screen comes up-- I can t access the command prompt or controls or anything Please Help! : DST Short Test - 'Fail' - code 1000-0146??? I have not installed or uninstalled anything so I don t know why it happened in the first place I m completely stumped Please Help! : DST Short Test - 'Fail' - code 1000-0146??? what should I do Please please help nbsp

A:Please Help! : DST Short Test - 'Fail' - code 1000-0146???
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My Desktop All-in-one Compaq HP 18-3204LA (or ID product: H5N68AA#AKH ) Fails when its trying to Start Windows 10 (64-bits) , I Checked The Diagnostic HP and i got a problem about the Short DST from the Hard Disk , As it got failed in the Test Progress The Fail ID was:  M0AFHT-000863-MFPNXG-60SE03  

A:Hard Disk Short DST HP Diagnostic Test Failed

@Nikoiro?, welcome to the forum. This error message means that your hard drive has failed.  You will have to replace it.  You should buy a hard drive the same size or larger than the one being replaced. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.
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I have an DST Short Test error code 1000-0146 It wont run in safe mode or any mode. I need help plz.
Thank you.
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Dell Latitude D600 will not boot. While running F12 diagnostics this error message displayed: DST Short Test Fail - Error Code 1000 - 0146. Can this be fixed?
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I have a Dell Inspiron with Failed Dell 6000 Test Inspiron DST Short Windows XP Professional When I turn it on a black screen appears with one of the Dell Inspiron 6000 Failed DST Short Test following messages Read failure on internal hard drive No Bootable devices Internal hard disk drive not found Internal HDD Hard error Both messages are followed by two options F to retry boot F for setup utility I went to the setup utility which said quot none quot after the hard drive option I tried to log on in Safe Mode but no luck tried with the F key and the control key I tried the F key and was able to do the diagnostics test The computer passed every test except the DST The test Dell Inspiron 6000 Failed DST Short Test showed the following information Device Hard Drive Test Start DST Short Test Status Error Detected Test Results Fail Error Code - Msg No drive detected I read previous posts on this subject which suggested trying a winxp CD boot Unfortunately Dell did not provide me with such a CD The Dell guide says you can just do a quot System Restore quot But if you can t log on or get to Safe Mode you can t do a system restore Does anyone know how to fix this problem Or where I can buy a winxp CD My laptop is no longer under warranty so I am trying to avoid calling Dell Thank you very much for whatever suggestions you might have nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 Failed DST Short Test

Hiya Sonia60610 sounds like your HDD is going down the pan,you can download the ubuntu live cd which will probably enable you to access your data/music/photos,go here to get instructions.
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Lenovo Edge Windows bit OSIntel Core i - U CPU GHz GHz nbsp Today my laptop seemed to be running slowly for a period of about thirty minutes It did not freeze but it did hang several times during simple tasks opening Microsoft Word minimizing browser I downloaded Lenovo Solution Center and ran the diagnostic Everything checks out except SMART Short Self Test which recieved a Warning nbsp Worried that this might indicate an HDD problem I ran HD Tune free version which returned the following information nbsp HD Tune WDC WD SPCX- HWST HealthID Current Worst ThresholdData Status Raw Read Error Rate Ok Spin Up Time Ok Start Stop Count Ok Reallocated Sector Count Ok Seek Error Rate Ok Power On Hours Count Ok A Spin Retry Count Ok B Calibration Retry Count Ok C Power Cycle Count 15 short Edge test Lenovo warning SMART self on Ok C Power Off Retract Count Ok C Load Cycle Count Ok C Temperature Ok C Reallocated Event Count Ok C Current Pending Sector Ok C Offline Uncorrectable Ok C Ultra DMA SMART short self test warning on Lenovo Edge 15 CRC Error Count Ok C Write Error Rate Ok F Head Flying Hours OkPower On Time Health Status Ok nbsp An HD tune quick scan for errors also gave a ok result nbsp Is there another way to check the health of the hard drive I have SMART short self test warning on Lenovo Edge 15 read that the Lenovo Solution Center diagnostic can be unreliable nbsp nbsp