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Cant Copy a folder no matter what !

Q: Cant Copy a folder no matter what !

Hi guys,
I know there maybe already a topic here of this problem but believe me i have done everything on the internet to try to copy the Desktop folder to backup ... but it always says Access is denied
most of the folders were hidden as system files - that I fixed
All titles files and folder are green in color
here are the things I tried - XP sp3
Tried to take ownership - which i think i succeeded
give permission
Ran combo fix
tried to decrypt - access is denied
Run scandisk
Took out HDD and connected to windows 7 PC - did the same things still failed
no matter what I do The Folder just doesnt copy
Access is denied !!
any solutions ?!

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Preferred Solution: Cant Copy a folder no matter what !

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cant Copy a folder no matter what !

The green color indicates that the folders are encrypted....without the proper key, the files cannot be accessed.
The question I have is how did the files become encrypted?
If encryption is the result of malware, you should initiate a new topic, following Steps 6-8 of Preparation Guide, Before Using Malware Removal Tools and Requesting Help - and submit the requested DDS log, along with your ComboFix log, in the forum containing the Preparation Guide.  In your new topic, please provide all pertinent details leading up to evidence/notification of the files being encrypted.
Once that is done, this topic will be closed and your new topic should be pursued to conclusion.
Thanks for understanding .
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Hi guys I made a topic here http www bleepingcomputer com forums t cant-copy-a-folder-no-matter-what of this problem but believe me i have done everything on the internet to try to copy the Desktop folder to backup but it always says Access is denied most of the folders were hidden as system files - that I fixed All titles files and folder are green in color its a desktop folder of a user that i want to backup because i need to do a clean install here are the things I tried - XP sp Tried to take ownership - which i think i succeeded give permission Ran combo fix tried to decrypt - access is denied Run scandisk Took out HDD and connected to windows PC - did the same things still failed no matter what I do The what Copy Cant folder ! a no matter Folder just doesnt copy Access is denied A moderator told me to Cant Copy a folder no matter what ! create a new topic here and post DDS and Cant Copy a folder no matter what ! Combo Fix logs here they are attached please help

A:Cant Copy a folder no matter what !

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I had Windows it your if get where Windows copy your of Does you physical authentic? matter XP OEM and upgraded to Windows Pro Upgrade I just upgraded my motherboard and bought a new version of Windows XP and plan on migrating my Windows upgrade over to the new system Now when I Does it matter where you get your physical copy of Windows if your authentic? bought the upgrade it was via download only Apparently I never saved a copy of that file and now the link is dead I've found a website offering downloads of the Does it matter where you get your physical copy of Windows if your authentic? ISO files for all versions of Windows and plan on using that software as the upgrade since I no longer have access to the original upgrade materials Does it matter where you get your physical copy of Windows if your authentic? My questions are My licenses for both the new XP and Windows upgrade are both genuine and authentic Will it matter if I got the software from a different location I would imagine no but I'm just looking for verification Is there any difference between the software you get when you buy Win Pro Retail vs the upgrade version Or are they the exact same software with different licensing rules Thanks for your help guys

A:Does it matter where you get your physical copy of Windows if your authentic?


I've found a website offering downloads of the ISO files for all versions of Windows 7 and plan on using that software

There's a zillion sites out there that sell pirated software for cheap. Just search for "Buy Windows OEM" and the top search results are usually all illegal sites. Usually these sites are run buy thieves in places like Russia.

All Windows XP Pro OEM CD's are the same
All Windows XP Home OEM CD's are the same
All Windows 7 Home OEM CD's are the same
I believe the same goes with the more expensive retail CD's that allow you to move the OS from machine to machine.

The product key is what matters. With OEM if you install on a different machine, then it will not validate, and after 30 day's you're done unless you buy another product key.
With retail you're only allowed to have the product key on one machine at a time.
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What is the preferred location to have WoW installed? It is currently installed under: c:/program files/World of Warcraft.

Should it be under program files(x86) or under the games folder? It is working perfectly right now where it is (just having issues with ventrilo).

A:Does it matter what folder????

It really doesn't matter where you install programs or games. I just use what the installer has pointed to unless I don't have any space left I go for a different drive.

What is happening with ventrilo.
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I have THE Music Folder located in Libraries and inside this Folder i have another Folder called All Music that no matter what i do, i cannot open the damn thing. It's not locked, It's not restricted, I've tried right clicking on it and doing Open. I've tried doing Open in New Window. I've tried Deleting the damn thing and then Restoring it.

I don't even get an error. It just simply sits there. Yet i can open every other Folder on my Computer. Except this ONE Folder.

Help, please?

I have Windows 7 Home Premium x64, My Virus Scans are up to date and so are my Computer Updates. I've closed all Programs and tried opening it, too.

This isn't "Super" important. I'm more concerned that there's something wrong with my hard-drive than the actual Music (although there's over 700 Songs in this one Folder..)

A:One Music Folder will not open no matter what

This also happens due to multiple codes installed on the PC. Try uninstalling all video/audio players like VLC, K-Lite, Shark codec, itunes, etc. and then try opening this folder.
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Hello Wow this is the most annoying thing I hate about windows and up I have created a homegroup and all my computers are in it I have a folder under the user name directory users username shared folder I right click the quot shared folder quot under the user name directory and click quot share with quot then quot homegroup view and edit quot Then I go to the homegroup computers and look in the shared folder on that computer from another pc on the network and it shows the whole quot users quot folder including public folders appdata if i show hidden files and the quot default quot user folder or sometimes it will not show the whole users folder but still shows the public folders appdata folder and quot default quot user folder ohh and public folders are even set to off in quot advanced sharing settings quot It seems that if I share any one folder under the username directory users UserName shared folder it auto shares that whole user directory won't folder no stop what matter User sharing documents videos contacts music etc This is sooo freakin annoying I have User folder won't stop sharing no matter what even tried removing the quot Everyone quot group from the security tab on the shared folder and then tried sharing it again but same thing happens Any help is much appreciated

A:User folder won't stop sharing no matter what

Hello mate now are you using 7 or 8? as your specs suggest if so you would be better posting in the sister forum - 8 - same folks and admin as here.

But for starters you could try these < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2 (safe mode)

if no go then
ADW download from bleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
(NB If one is running Kaspersky security it may rant about ADW - just ignore it or disable Kaspersky while the ADW is being used)
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have an extremely weird problem occuring nowadays. i'm not sure why, but somehow my copy/paste function is now semi 'hard-linked' to my downloads folder. i'll try to explain it here.
Downloads folder : F:\Downloads
which contains a bunch of random files and folders. 
Let's say I choose to copy 2013.docx from C:\ to E:\, now it copies the ENTIRE Downloads folder together with 2013.docx to E:. 
This doesn't happen all the time, but MOST of the time it does and it irritates me - because i have to delete the redundant copy of my Downloads folder. 
sure, i might be able to get away with it by renaming the Downloads folder, but i want to understand WHY it happens and HOW i can prevent it in the future. 
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I've had this problem for a few months, just lived with it. In the attached screen shots, you will see I have no folder trees in any of the pop up Add, Move, or Copy pop ups in Explorer and Windows Media Player. I have no clue if this can be restored to show again. This has happened before I upgraded Media Player so it shouldnt be that. I'm thinking Windows Corruption somewhere. I have not and do not have any malware on this machine or any other that I have networked. My system is clean and runs 1000%. Any ideas on how I can restore the folder trees?

A:Solved: Folder Tree MISSING from Copy, Move, Add Folder popup

Click start > run > type regsvr32 /i shdocvw.dll and click ok. If you don't see immediate results, reboot.
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I can't seem to predict when XP Pro SP2 will let me move a folder from SharedDocs\My Videos
to C:\ and when it won't! I don't get it. If I'm Owner don't I own it already?

Sometimes I can just grab the folder that I copied from another machine and placed in My Videos and just
drag it with the Left Mouse Button into another folder on C:\ and it just moves it by changing the directory entries. Then sometimes when I do that, it copies all the files!! Well with video files that's pretty slow!!

Anyone have a clue? Seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

A:Move Folder Out Of Shared Folder Same Drive Wants To Copy?

Hello MilesAhead,I'm not absolutely sure, but some of the phrases in your problem description seem to indicate that this might be a variation of the "XP + mouse movement + mouse buttons + keyboard keystrokes" behavior described in the following post. The post deals with the unexpected copying of files when trying to delete them, but I thought the same (or a similar) principle might apply with respect to moving files/folders. "Multiple Deleting Of Files Doesn't Work.":
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I'm new to this sort of thing so I hope I do this right!

I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with SP3.

Recently, I noticed when I tried to move to/copy to from the Explorer window, my folder tree was blank in the little box that pops up. Regardless of whether I use the links to the left of the window or if I go into Edit - Copy To (or Move To), it happens with anything involving the explorer - documents, photos, etc. The only changes made recently was I had made an account on the computer for my kids, then deleted it not long after, without saving their folders (because they never used the account). Any other changes (installing programs, etc) happened after I noticed the blank box. It's not a major issue but it is slightly annoying.

Any ideas? And thank you ahead of time!
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Hello I have just discovered this forum and I have to say I only have Win XP but I don't know of another forum where I could INDIVIDUAL to icon another copy How to folder folder? get How to copy INDIVIDUAL folder icon to another folder? help with my question not DC anyway I tried Perhaps you could answer for XP specifically or for Win and I would have a look if your solution works similarly in XP then I know you can assign individual icons to folders instead of the default one but I want to make groups i e some folders red some folders blue etc for hundreds of folders so I want to do this by an AHK script working on such groups I know AHK but don't know anything about folder icons except for the fact there are several concurrent tools both free and paid but as said I would like to work by scripting the things to do Now I started with the Folderico tool and I saw that in each folder you reassign the icon of it puts a desktop ini and the icon file desktop ini with ShellClassInfo IconFile ShedkoFolderico ico IconIndex ConfirmFileOp or with ShellClassInfo IconFile ShedkoFolderico ico IconIndex ConfirmFileOp and then the icon files ShedkoFolderico ico and ShedkoFolderico ico respectively First discovery Even when it was the very same icon Folderico named the icon files differently most of the time but not in every case and even in some instances it gave the same name quot quot to different icons in different folders of course Then I played around a bit with these ini files and with the ico names and my second discovery was that I was free to rename the icon files as I pleased whenever the ico file name was identical with its listing within the ini file the icon of the respective ico file was shown not the default one But it's important to bear in mind these were ini files originally created by Folderico Then I replaced those ico files by other ico files i e I took the ico file of a quot blue quot folder copied it into a quot red quot folder adjusted the ini file of the quot red quot folder to the new ico name or vice versa renamed the freshly imported quot blue quot ico file to the one listed in the quot red quot ini file and indeed my third discovery all this worked perfectly i e the individual icon went to quot blue quot But again it's important to bear in mind I did these renames of the ico files and within the respective ini files with folders to which I had originally assigned individual icons by Folderico These remarks are so important because my fourth discovery now was my tries to copy existing ico files and the assorted existing ini files from one of these folders to another folder to which previously I had NOT assigned an individual icon by Folderico the icon remained the default one and I tried this with several such combinations So this playing around of mine was successful only with folders having been properly assigned any individual folder icon beforehand but not with quot virgin quot folders with their default icon yet So this indicates that Folderico or any of its competitors does not only create those ico files and the respective ini files for these folders but does something more within the dephts of Windows What might this be It is evident the tasks mentioned above could easily be scripted and depending on what would have to be done in Windows additionally that could also be scripted even to the point of API accesses and such but I need to know what is the missing element here such tools do on top of just copying ico files and creating the respective ini files within those folders in question I would greatly appreciate any help hint explanation link

A:How to copy INDIVIDUAL folder icon to another folder?

This might get you there,
Folder Icon - Change Windows 7 Default Folder Icon
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I have about 600 files in a folder but I need to put each one in its own folder so I can use the jukebox function on my media player. Is there any way it can be done without having to transfer each file to an individual folder one by one?

A:Is it possible to copy individual files in a folder to its own folder?

Are you talking about mp3 files in a folder and moving them into individual folders? If yes - then I could help.
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I have about 400 video files in a folder but I need to put each one in its own folder so I can use the jukebox function on my media player. Is there any way it can be done without having to transfer each file to an individual folder one by one?

A:Is it possible to copy individual files in a folder to its own folder?

Why have you duplicated this thread that you've marked as solved? Is it possible to copy individual files in a folder to its own folder?
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Hello all , i am new to batch programming.

I wish to have a batch file to read .apk file from folder and then copy it to another folder. Then it should rename the copied apk file to test.apk

i have a file in folder e:\apps\angrybirds.apk , I want to copy this angrybirds.apk to d:\apps and rename it to test.apk

Here the file names in the e:\apps\ will be changing. So what ever may be the name , it should read the name of the file from e:\apps\ folder , copy it to d:\apps\ and rename it to "test.apk" . Test.apk is a fixed rename

A:Solved: Batch file to copy a file from folder and rename it in another folder
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Is it possible to change the file transfer box/picture??

For example: You transfer files from drive to drive and a copy icon/box/picture comes up. I want to change it to the following picture.

I don't know if it is possible...and if it is does anyone know how to do it? Thanks in advance

A:Copy Folder gif

It might be easier just asking this question.

Does anyone know in what .dll this transfer box .gif is kept?

the thing around the box is just my background pic.
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Have 2 computers side by side . One when I right click on an item the drop menue opens and 2 options are " copy to folder " and " move to folder ". The other computer does not have these 2 options. They are both XP Pro with IE7 . Anyone tell me how I can add the 2 items to the other dropdown menue.

A:copy to folder

Add "Copy to Folder" and "Move to Folder" to Explorer Context Menu

FileTargets - quickly copy and move files to favorite folders,22942-order,1-page,1-c,alldownloads/description.html
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Firstly i guess tat my pc was effected by the virus But i dun know what kind folder Copy same name name and the solution to clean the virus Hope that someone can help me Now i would like to descript the effection Under a folder it will automatic copy a exe file which is same name with the folder name Eg I have a folder Copy same folder name which is call abc and the virus will automatic creat a exe name inside tat folder which also called abc exe I unable using google to search the keyword which is related with some antivirus program name eg norton antivirus avg once i search those name in the google the browser will automatically close I am unable install or un-install the new anti-virus program into the pc it will automatically close it too I am unable to open regedit msconfig norton protected recycle bin and anti-virus program I was search the solution for few day I still unalbe to allocate the solution So pls help me nbsp
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My Laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000 operating on Windows XP) recently crashed. When I rang the Dell help line they told me I needed to do a system reboot, which would wipe the hard disk. Nearly everything on the drisk at the moment is pretty important to me so I needed to back up all of the files on it. To do this I bought a hard disk-case with usb interface and intended to transfer everything on the hardisk to another desktop pc at home.
When I tried to transfer the My Documents folder an error message appeared which said that this folder was copy righted and that I couldnt copy it to its destination.

Is there any way I could lift the copy rights on this folder without using the original laptop.(it wont turn on!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot think of any more curse words!!


A:Folder Copy-right!!!

Hi Crocklip

Have you tried the steps in this article:
How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP

Let us know.
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i want to copy a folder that contains about 10 pics to a cd. when i go to the "support" on my computer it tells me to click on "copy folder to cd" but this option does not come up in the pictures task box? i sent them by email to my wifes computer and she was able to do it. why can't i?

A:copy folder to cd


you do have a cd burner in your computer?, correct?
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how can I copy the info on 3 dvd's that I have to a single folder? When I try to drag & drop, the first dvd copies ok but the next one says this will be a sub folder. I dont want this. It has to be all in one folder.
When I insert the dvd I dont get any window asking what I want to do.

any ideas?

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i have just downloaded a picture and was unable to copy it to my picture folder so i copied it to my videos the problem now is how do i copy it from my videos to my pictures could not see my pictures folder to copy it to any advice thanks

A:Solved: copy from one folder to another

If you just downloaded it you should be able to find it in your recent downloads as well. Depending on what browser your using:

With FireFox, it's really easy. Tools -> Downloads.
With Internet Explorer, go to internet options, under Temporary Internet Files in the General tab, click Settings -> view files. To view recent files, order them by date.

Once you locate it in the downloads list of a browser double click it to open it (again). When it opens right click it then choose "save image" at that point you will see another window which opens up and basically wants to know where to save it. Your picture folder should be somewhere in the vicinity of Computer>C drive> My Documents>My pictures. Hope that helps
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can anyone tell me why vista does this when you try to move files or copy then off my computer[are you sure you want to copy this folder without its properties],coz its driving me mad and you download a file and it downloads it but without any,exe file so you cant run the programme.
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I'm trying to copy files from my documents into my CD folder but it won't let me copy them. I'm using Windows XP Professional and I looked up info about permissions but still having no luck. It says "windows encountered a problem".

A:I can't copy files into my CD folder

It's not recognizing the blank DVD-R's that I'm putting in.

What kind of DVD's should I get? It's one of those with Lightscribe technology and it's on a compaq presario sr5130nx computer .

I got DVD-R's from Fuji and E-gear and neither are being recognized. It recognizes CD's though. Or is it the software? I'm running Windows xp professional. When I was running Windows vista, it recognized the e-gear long enough to make recovery cd's.
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Is there a way I can change the Capitalization on that? I'm very anal about it and I don't like that it says Copy to folder, I'd like it to say Copy to Folder

A:Copy/Move to Folder

I'm confused. What exactly are you talking about? There are all kinds of things that can be changed in 7. Might want to look in the customization part of the site.
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I was trying to copy the stuff in Documents to an external hard drive and inside this Documents folder is a folder called E; inside that, is Documents... which is exactly the same as the other other Documents.

I tried to delete it but got errors. There's also a .doc file in there who's name is too long to delete.

How do I get rid of this problem?

A:Folder has copy of itself in a subfolder...

Do you mean you have a folder that has the same file name with the folder where it is under?(sounds confusing. . . hope you got it. . .)
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I have several hundred files in a folder : C:\Users\Walter\Contacts\Desktop\WACdsfo

Please note this is not the normal Desktop !
Can I use DOS COPY to transfer these files onto USB Stick
and then use that on my new Windows 10 computer which I hopefully  will but=y from DELL
Please give me full spec of COPY
Is the full spec of all DOS commands available on internet and/or suitable Microsoft book

Many thanks


Walter Carson,
You can click the links below for DOS commands.
Command Line Reference A-Z
Essential DOS Commands
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Hi , Im using win7 64 ultimate . A program I use installed in tne (x86) folder runs OK and I can save and delete files from within the program but I cannot see these files from Windows Explorer to make a backup . The files display the infamous yellow lock icon (from within the x86 program) and I cant change this no matter how far I go into the owner/permissions rigmarole .
Anyone have any clues?

A:cant copy files from (x86) folder

have you tried the advanced settings in the permissions properties ,
there is a checkbox to adopt the parent folders permissions or words to that effect.
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I want to copy drives as part of a regular backup schedule One of these has my data files the other has a VM I already use System Image to copy my C drive I want to copy these drives separately as this uses less space and is quicker Most of the files that are in the drives do not change between backups Others are updated newly created or have been deleted since the last time I did a backup copy How just up to when a backing I what folder want from After the first full copy is there a way I can make an incremental backup of just the changes When I've tried using copy amp paste to do this I've been prompted to say if I want to replace a file that already exists and is exactly the same but I've also found that if a folder already had a file and I've since deleted it it doesn't get deleted when I re-copy the folder the next time From what I've read about File History I'm not sure if it would recognise that some files have been deleted A lot of the deleted files are videos and photos so they take up a lot of space I have them saved elsewhere How to copy just what I want from a folder when backing up and don't need or want multiple copies Also when I used File History before I had regular problems where it wouldn't recognise the external drive Frankly it was a pain and I would prefer a solution that doesn't use it I feel sure there is a simple solution something I'm not doing quite right

A:How to copy just what I want from a folder when backing up

For data files you may want to look for a file manager with Folder Sync capability or a dedicated Sync program. For example Total Commander has a folder sync feature. But I don't think there is a way to avoid doing individual deletions. A dedicated sync program may have rules where you can automatically delete files in one folder that don't exist in the other.

For the system partitions an imaging program with incremental backup saves a lot of time. I use Macrium Reflect Server 6. I have about 75GB used on my C: partition and of course with GPT it has to save the hidden partitions that support it. The first image may take about 45 minutes to produce. After that depending on the changes, the incremental may take from 5 to 20 minutes.

I would look on the big freeware download sites for a dedicated folder sync. Some may be automatic where they watch the source folder and copy over any changed files or deletions.
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I was preparing to re-install my OS by copying all my important files, installers, etc. into one folder. When I copied a folder from My Documents to this new folder on my desktop, one of the subfolders disappeared. I've been unable to locate the missing folder or files through either windows search or Pandora Recovery. I'd really appreciate help locating it because it contains the source code for some tools I've written.

A:Sub Folder Missing After Copy

Hello and welcome to the forums hairycheese!

Have you tried using WinDirStat to look for the missing subfolder?
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One of the things that is bothering me, is the difficulty I have when I copy a file from another folder, and then try to past that file into another folder that is full of other folders.. etc.. It can be quite difficult to find a place on the screen in explorer, that I can paste to, that will actually put the file in same folder, and not one of the sub-folders.. This was easier to accomplish in prior versions of windows..

For the most part, I love this OS.. and would certainly say it trumps any prior version of windows.. Yes, there are some 3rd party apps that should be installed to make it even better, but this is the best Windows yet, and it has not even hit the market..

A:Copy and paste to folder

Hi Musiclover,

I agree it can be difficult to get used to but there is a distinct area at the far left and right side of the detail pane that moves or copies to the actual folder
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I am trying to back up my important files and get an error message of Can't copy. I never saw this before when trying to back up

A:Back up can't copy folder

This should help.
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ok so i ran out of space on my terabyte so i copied some stuff over to my 500 gig and now the original folder i copied from on my tbyte wont let me delete it. under security tab all it says for everything is cannot show, access is denied. and if i try to take ownership it says the same thing. i also tried "takeown" in the cmd prompt and it still says access is denied in the elevated command prompt

A:cannot delete folder after copy

Try Unlocker in Safe Mode.
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good day to all

i just want to share my problem regarding with the folder copying with the same permissions.

here's the scenario i installed domain server in my company and create a users ofcourse and in client pc we make 2 partitions in it(hard drive) C & D on drive D i make a folder USERS with the permissions.

C Drive OS Installed and basic programs
D Drive(with USERS folder) this is were i want to put the profiling on every users login on a client pc.

my problem is..

1. how can i copy the USERS folder in every client pc with the same permissions so i don't need to set in one by one on a client pc.
2. if there's a software or simple program that can do such thing transferring a folder to another pc over network with the same permission.

hope you could help me

A:Copy Folder with the same Permission

Quote: Originally Posted by zaldhie

good day to all

i just want to share my problem regarding with the folder copying with the same permissions.

here's the scenario i installed domain server in my company and create a users ofcourse and in client pc we make 2 partitions in it(hard drive) C & D on drive D i make a folder USERS with the permissions.

C Drive OS Installed and basic programs
D Drive(with USERS folder) this is were i want to put the profiling on every users login on a client pc.

my problem is..

1. how can i copy the USERS folder in every client pc with the same permissions so i don't need to set in one by one on a client pc.
2. if there's a software or simple program that can do such thing transferring a folder to another pc over network with the same permission.

hope you could help me

You will want to use the inherit permissions box for this. The tutorial below explains the process.

In order to have the same permissions on every machine you would need to add those machines to a User group which has the desired permissions set.

Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups
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Please let me know : how to copy or burn a zip folder. Thanks

A:How to copy/burn zip folder

Copy it, and then burn it, or just how to burn it.You don't need to copy it, to burn it.What burning program are you using?Most programs just allow you to drag the file (which is basically a copy, of the file) into the program window, then click Burn.
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I have 2 folders on C:\ drive. One is Car (C:\Car) and the other one is Bike (C:\Bike). I want to copy folder Bike (C:\Bike) to folder Car (C:\Car). I have successfully copied folder Bike to Car if Bike folder is in another folder something like this C:\Truck\Bike. But if it is on C:\ i cant. Example: C:\>xcopy Bike Car (nothing), C:\>xcopy /E Bike Car (nothing), but C:\>xcopy /E Truck Car, folder Bike (C:\Truck\Bike) is copied to folder Car (C:\Car) and then i have C:\Car\Bike.

A:Cant copy folder with DOS command

The old Dos commands have been removed. What is wrong with just using File Explorer to do the move.
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Howdy. Apologies my first post is a problem not a solution.

Laptop running XP SP3.

I was copying a bunch of folders to from my laptop Hdd to an external USB HDD. No problems at first. I then start copying the next folder and notice that the progress is really sluggish.

I disabled windows search indexing. No improvement. Ran a lavasoft adaware smart scan to check for bad processes. Nothing there.

Copy finally completes, so I double click the folder to be told the 'folder is not accessable - file or directory is corrupted and unreadable'

I downloaded undelete plus and at present it is recovering the items that were on the laptop hdd being copied over, however, the files that were already in the destination folder (several Gigs worth) on the external drive are not being detected by undelete plus.

Any ideas on how to recover these files?

Thanks in advance

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I can not copy a file to either the Program Files or Program Files(x36) folders.
My account is suppose to be administrator. How do I set up sharing so I can use
my computer and not be told I can not do certain things. I am on a home group
what ever that is. When I try to share the folders I am told I do not have permission to share that folder. And I do not have permission to share or stop sharing the folder.
I am confused by Win 7

A:can not copy a file to folder

what you can do is copy the file you want to share into an already shared folder. If you prefer an option free of windows 7 then is a wonderful fileshareing option. just have you and the person you are trying to share with create an account and upload the file.
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I try to copy a document folder to server through the lan, but i didn't notice that one of the file still open, there is an error message appear and disappear, afterthat i can't find my folder anymore, very appreciate if any one can help, the document is very important to my.
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In Vista one could move files within a folder to whatever location manually simply by dragging the file to the desired location within the folder. In WIN7 everything seems to be locked and moving a file (for example image file) to the end of a row of other files within a folder won't work. How to solve this. Any setting I overlooked?

A:Cannot move/copy files within folder

They don't give you that option in Windows 7 yet and not sure if they will in latter builds either.
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On my work computer, I have a directory with about 300 folders in it.

For a filing project, I want to make an exact copy of that set of folders, without the content of files and folders currently kept within each of the 300 folders. I just want the 300 empty folders to start from fresh.

I don't know of a way to do this using Windows XP's usual copy commands without a lot of manual filing work. Is there a DOS command, or any other way that I can accomplish what I want?

Thanks a million in advance!

A:Solved: Mass Folder Copy

Looking at the problem a different way, is there some way for me to rename a whole directory full of folders en masse?

I can duplicate 300 folders from 1 in a matter of a few minutes, and I can copy the whole list of names of the existing folder directory, but AFAIK, Windows XP will not let me paste a long list of folder names over a new list of folders.

Is there a command line, or freeware tool for that purpose?
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My user folder seems to have some corrupt files in it. It's 8 GB after a significant reduction in junk building up over the years. Now I want to copy it to another drive but it hangs at 40% through. Can't figure out why but suspect corrupt file names (too long) and possibly other corrections. Can I run an analysis against the user folder to try to identify possible suspect files? (Note: I am not logged into the drive I am copying to or from)

A:Can't copy over user folder to another drive

You can check for paths longer than 260 with this tool:
TLPD / Discussion / Open Discussion:Update for Unicode?

You need to download AutoIt3 to run it and/or "compile" it.

Or you could try RichCopy
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An application I have running on a Windows Advanced Server had an odd occurrence the other day A folder changed properties DOS Copy File Changes Folder Type after a file was copied to it by a DOS Copy command Here s the scoop An empty text file called HL DOS Copy Changes Folder File Type Rejct DOS Copy Changes Folder File Type txt is kept in a folder called D data default errors and each day it s copied to another folder called D data errors The command that is executed is as follows DOS Copy Changes Folder File Type copy quot D data default errors HL Rejct txt quot quot D data errors quot Nothing too fancy or complicated The other day when this command executed the rest of my application failed on trying to write another file to the D data errors folder Why Because it was no longer a folder It had changed such that it now had a file type of quot file quot I deleted and recreated the folder and things have gone fine since then But I m a bit worried Has anyone heard of this happening before Is this a bug perhaps that there is a fix available for Thanks nbsp

A:DOS Copy Changes Folder File Type

I have seen this once or twice, no rhyme or reason. The "solution" is to be very explicit in the command as it is interpreting the copy operation to copy the file over "D:\data\errors" instead of into it. Use the command:

copy "D:\data\default\errors\HL7Rejct.txt" "D:\data\errors\HL7Rejt.txt"

I know you shouldn't have to be that explicit, but every now and then, it thinks it is smarter than you and gets it wrong.
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Got hal.dll corrupt message. Removed HD and put it into an external Drive case and booted another computer running XPSP3. Now want to copy a good hal.dll file from machine that's running to the HD that I removed.

For some reason I can't see the sytem32 folder on the OS drive F that I connected via USB. Made sure that view files had view all files and show all extensions. Can see system32 folder on c:\windows drive but not on the F: drive even tho the F:\drive has winXP Home OS and windows folder.

also searched for hal.dll file and only the cab versions showed in the search; the one I want to rename and replace in the system32 folder did not show in the search. Is is conceivable that some virus wiped out the system32 folder?

Any reason why this approach-- copying a good hal.dll file from one drive to another-- wouldn't work?

A:Copy hal.dll file to system32 folder

put your HD back in original tower and fix with windows cd.
there is a way to copy a file through command prompt. look it up it's a bit more complicated
open command prompt
you get c:\document and settings\administrator>
(find your good hal.dll and type)
c:\document and settings\administrator>copy c:\windows\system32\hal.dll d:\windows\sytem32
and that should do it

say i want to copy a file called test.txt from drive d: to drive c:
dir d:(here you see test.txt)
copy d:\test.txt c:\
1 file copied
dir c:
test.txt is now there as well
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Need to COPY [full CD of files] to folder ...

A:How COPY files, (filling CD)->folder

Hello Bos, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could right click on the CD in the "Computer" window, click on Copy, right click on the folder, and click on Paste.

Hope this helps,
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Hello are there any shortcut to copy folder name to the clipboard ?

A:Hello are there any shortcut to copy folder name to the clipboard ?

Right click the folder name and select rename. (You don't actually rename)

Then Press CTRL + C
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So I want to replace the explorerframe.dll (theme purpose) but everytime I try to replace the dll I get an error saying I need some kind of permission. I used the search function and found this Take Ownership Shortcut.
I installed it and took ownership of the system32 folder but still I'm being asked for some kind of permission, what else can I do ?

P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

A:How to copy a file into System32 folder...?

Quote: Originally Posted by Redz

So I want to replace the explorerframe.dll (theme purpose) but everytime I try to replace the dll I get an error saying I need some kind of permission. I used the search function and found this Take Ownership Shortcut.
I installed it and took ownership of the system32 folder but still I'm being asked for some kind of permission, what else can I do ?

P.S. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.

You are just determined to make your life difficult.

You have taken ownership of a folder whose owner should be TrustedInstaller which is a special account used by Microsoft. Don't be surprised if you are plagued with occasional problems.

Next time you get such a wild idea, let us know what your objective is and perhaps we can help you.

For right now, I'm going to suggest that you choose a restore point prior to your "taking ownership". After doing that, let us know what the real problem is.
System Restore - How to use
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I checked my network sharing center and network discovery, file sharing is on, and password protected sharing is off.

I checked the public folder, the icon has a lock sign on it, every time I try to change it from read only to write, it doesn't change but stays as read only

How do I change the permissions for my public folder with a lock on it?

A:Other users can't copy into public folder

The easiest way I know for this is to simply navigate to the public folder right click - properties - security
Then you'll have to give the guest or everyone group full permissions.
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I have a folder that I want to copy to all the subfolders inside a specific folder
i tried some things with XCOPY but this feels like way out of my league

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i am using local area network, when i try to copy a document folder to another computer which is also using windows xp, i din't notice that one of the file is still open, sudently there is a message popup and disappear, the folder is missing and i can't find it anymore, can anyone help pls, thank alot.

A:Window XP, Copy folder problem, help!

Under normal conditions, the copy operation should have ceased at that point.

But knowing what the "message popup and disappear" actually said ...?
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I would like to create a rule in Outlook.
When I send a message; after it is sent, it automatically puts it into the Sent Mail of the Account.
I would like Outlook also to copy the e-mail (from all accounts) to one folder.
How can I do this?
If I can't do this from all accounts, how can I do it from one account?
'When I send an e-mail, after it is sent, copy them to Folder X.'

A:'Copy all sent items from all accounts into one folder'

In Outlook, if you go to File > Rules and Alerts > New Rule, does creating a rule similar to the following screenshots do what you are trying to do?
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Using Roxio Cd Creator, I copied to the CD RW disk, every single
font which I had deleted from "Windows - fonts".

There are 3 fonts on that disc which I would now like to reinstall
{ copy back to the folder C:\Windows/Fonts }. Is there a way
to do this and if so, HOW. ???
Thanks in advance, ......... missfuffyreinstall

A:copy from CDRW disc to C:\folder

Put the cd in your drive and open My Computer. Right click on the cd drive and select Explore. That should show everything on the CD. Find the Font you want, right click, select Copy, then navigate your way to your folder on C: and right click on the folder and select Paste.
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Good evening all: I have a video folder that is quite large and I don't want to lose the files in it. I copied the folder to a separate drive but the drive is small(160GB) and will not allow me to copy the folder twice to it. I add more files to the original folder and when I go to coy/backup I end up having to delete the folder on the separate drive so the original folder with new files will fit. My question is: Is there a way of 'Syncing' the folders so only the new files are copied? Or should I use Windows Backup just for this folder? Thank you in advance.

A:Sync/Copy huge folder

Since video files(video captures mainly) tend to chew up drive space fast I made sure I had large storage as well as large OS drives when first putting the present case together. It won't take long to fill up a small drive when you keep adding new files however.

Even with the 1tb dirves in use here the oldest files are deleted to make room for the new after so long to avoid crowding. For keeping a growing number of files for lengthy periods of time if all are the same type you would still use one main folder possibly with a few sub folders to keep the new and old separated rather then having two root folders for the same.

To keep the oldest indefinitely then you have to start looking at increasing the overall storage capacity of the secondary storage drives internal or external in order to still be able to add new files as you go along. At some point however the files will still be more then the total storage capacity where some will simply have to go or be burned to removable media in dvd form.

What periodic scheduled backups will do is simply add the new with the old files as you go along by overwriting the existing files in the same folder with the same plus add the new in at the same time. Simply copying each new file over to the folder on the other drive will see that done.

Once all the latest files are backed up there you simply start nuking the older files from the C drive to avoid running out of space fast and seeing things like the "out of memory" error when there's not enough room for the paging file to be created. But 160gb is "tiny" when considering what you are trying to back up! Even a 500gb drive can fill rather quickly.
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I have a large collection of car photos spanning several years and growing, +300,000. I am now trying to combine them by year of make. There are many files with the same name like "1930 CarMakerName." I cannot take the time to review every conflict at transfer time, much quicker and easier to see them in an Icon view.
Is there any way to have them automatically renamed like every other previous version of Windows that I have used?

A:Copy files to a folder, how to rename to name(2) like in 7

When there are files names conflicting, click on let me decide for each file. It will show all the files like this :

To get all files renamed check both folders at the top and it will rename them automatically like you want. It is slower than the old system though, more clicks involved.

If you really miss the old explorer features, you could try PerigeeCopy, it brings back the old way of copying/moving files to Windows 8. It's free (open-source). And here is a review/guide about it : Queue copy and move operations in Windows with PerigeeCopy | Winaero

Or you could try an Image Organizer, they are usually designed just for this task, and usually give much more options than the simple File Explorer. I haven't used ACDSee in years, but back then it was very good at this sort of thing. I prefer IrfanView, it's free and has some amazing batch capabilities, it can automatize crop/resize/convert/and much more on multiple images just in a few clicks.

Here is a pic of Irfanview's batch window :
and here is one of the Thumbnail Viewer :
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Dear All,

I am using Win 8 Pro 64-bit. I am unable to copy some sys files inside C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder.
Getting message Error-Access is Denied. I have taken the ownership of the entire 'Windows' folder via the Add_Take_Ownership.reg file (which I got from this forum). Even that did NOT help. I am getting the same access denied error. Any idea guys?


A:Cannot copy to system32\drivers folder

Since that is not something that one normally would do, could you please explain why you would want to do that so I can learn something new?
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This Quesiton may be asked serveral times but i m looking for something crazy that's make no sense but that will help me in testing my REGEX programing

I have a directoy :c:/testing

in which there are serveral files or subfolder's which contain
- movie files (.avi , .mpg , wmv)
- some html file

I want to copy the folder structure as well as it will also copy the file name of movie file and create textfile with same name of movie

Like :

Original Folder :


i want output like this (Just create a empty textfile)


Suggest me how to do

- Any software
- Any Trick
- Any Dos prompt prograaming

I just want to do this


A:Copy folder structure and filename only

Have a look at this link, and scroll down to Filenote

Perhaps this, along with xcopy, can do what you need.
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I'm trying to make a copy of the C:\ folder by clicking and dragging. It's failing on an error saying pagefile.sys is in use. I don't need to copy pagefile.sys, but I don't know how to get copy to ignore it. Even if I turn off display of hidden files it still wants to copy it. Is there a simple way around this?



A:Copy folder fails on pagefile.sys

You can always try to download a fresh copy of the file incase the original is corrupted from here:

If it doesn't help, try something else.
If you can't access the file right now, try killing the process in the task manager, then safe mode but after that I'm out of ideas. Wait for another responce perhaps?
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That is to say, I have an m3u file that calls mp3s from different folders. I would like to burn those mp3s, about 640MB worth, to a cd with ImageBurn. I don't want to spend time finding and adding each mp3 to the list in ImageBurn. I once had a program on Windows 2000 that would read an m3u file and make copies of all its mp3s in a new folder, allowing me to just select that new folder in the burner. I can't find anything like that for Windows 7 (or even my old one for win2k). Does anyone know of one?

A:Copy mp3s to new folder using an m3u file

Hmm, this is probably the one you used on your Win2k machine all those years ago.

m3u Playlist Copier - Programm m3u listis olevate lugude kopeerimiseks (don't worry the page is in English)

Basically, search the internet for "copy mp3s from m3u to another folder". I remember opening my m3u playlist a while ago, it's a readable text file with each song's entry being a path to the song file, should be trivial to write a utility to parse this to do what you want. I don't move my song files around much so haven't had the occasion to try this out.
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I'm trying to create the UBCD4Win boot disk. I need to copy the XP CD contents into a new folder(that I create) so the build will run properly. Can I simply open up 2 MyComputer Panes (1 showing the D drive with XP contents and 1 showing the empty C drive folder I want to keep the XP files in) and just drag the files from one pane to the other? I tried it once and somehow screwed it up. When I dragged individual files they showed a small pane 'copying i386 to i386' (or whatever file was being dragged). Maybe I missed dragging a file cause the iso build failed.

A:How Do I Copy Xp-cd To Hard Drive Folder?

Yes, it should be that simple.however you need to be sure that you can see all the files.In My Computer, select from the menu: Tools > Folder Options > View tab. Check that the show hidden files and folders radio button is selected and the hide protected operating system files is unchecked. Now try Copying. Also, make sure the Windows XP disk is SP1 or greater. If not, then read this.The UBCD4Win is a fabulous, useful, indispensible tool. I love it! The creator(s) should win the Nobel Proze, in my opinion. Thus: don't give up! You want this CD more than you know!
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Hi All

i want to move few files which have some account numbers in common to another folder kindly help me as to how can i create a batch file for these

A:copy some files from one folder to another using batchfile

This isn't a Vista issue. You're talking about DOS batch programming. Just look up tutorials on-line for this topic, specifically on the "move" command. If you go to the command prompt (cmd) and type in "move /?", you'll get a brief detail about the format of the command.
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Hi, today i wanted paste a file to system32 directory in win 7 but i must have some kind of permission. What kind, how to enable it?. On Win xp i get communicate of access denied.

A:How to copy file to system32 folder

Do it as administrator and if UAC asks choose yes. This must work.
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I hope this is a network question??? It may just be a Windows question. If anyone can help, that would be great!!

On our network I want to be able to click a button or use a batch file to move a folder on one of our computers to another folder on that computer.

Let me try to explain why.
This person checks their "Daily" folder everyday. If I can move a file that is in a different folder called "Work" then they can check it. I know I can email etc. etc. But I really want to do this is way.

Any help is greatly appreciated,

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Hi. I have a new install of W7 Ult. On my old HD (still intact), I have many fonts in my Windows/Fonts folder that I had found and d/l-ed over the years. I would like to not loose these - am trying to avoid picking out the non-standard fonts one by one. Can I just take the fonts folder from the old installation and merge it with the folder from the new install?

Thanks in advance.

A:Can I just copy old fonts folder from old installation to new?

In principle that should work.
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What would prevent me from copy/paste a folder or doc?

I've tried the "send to" option.
"Right click" or "Ctrl + C" doesn't work

What am I missing?

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Hi All,

What I'm trying to achieve is this:

Watch a folder, including the subfolders, and whenever a file over a certain size appears, copy that automatically to a different location.

So for example, if the folder structure is C:\watch folder\sub folder1\File I want It will go to C:\Destination folder\File I want.

Is there an easy way to do this? Would also be good if it could be scheduled to only do this at night. I think this is fairly easy, it's only the subfolders part that might cause problems.

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I have a networked folder at work. It is our scan folder, so if we scan something on one of our multiuse printers, the file is sent to this folder and then anyone on the network can access it from their PC.
When I go into this folder to retrieve a file, I click and drag it from the network folder to the area on my computer where it will remain, but the original file stays in the network folder. I'd really like to configure the settings so that the file will move, not copy, but I don't know how to do this. Any help is appreciated.
Hope this makes's 4 PM on a Friday so my brain isn't working at its peak

A:Need files in folder to move, not copy...

Does your user have permissions to delete/write on the shared folder?
Where is the shared folder created (windows server, Linux server, NAS, etc.)?
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Hi everyone I am in a bit of trouble here I have collection of movies All these movies are folder it's How to move/copy with together files mixed some are in SD format avi and some in full HD mp format All these movies are located under one folder My Movies Collection Underneath it all the movies have their own respective folder for example Movie Title Movie Title and so on Under all this Movie Title X there are the files Movie title avi mp movie title srt etc I am using Media Center Master software to automatically create the folder and rename all the movies accordingly Now I am planning to separate these movies to SD and HD folders Therefore under the My Movies Collection folder there are folders How to move/copy files together with it's folder My Movies SD and My Movies HD Since the files folders are more than it is quite hard for me to differentiate between which folders having the avi or which one having the mp How to move/copy files together with it's folder Could you guys suggest is there any rd party tool to help me on this matter Or built in Windows apps Just now I tried using Windows search function avi but when I How to move/copy files together with it's folder move the files onto the My Movies SD folder only the file is being moved not the whole folder I would be very grateful if you guys can help me on this Pardon me for my English since I am from Malaysia Cheers guys

A:How to move/copy files together with it's folder

TSR Copy Changed Files

This software will copy the files and re-create the folders. You can filter by file type too.
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"C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\App Launcher Gadget" F:\Backup\Common\App_Launcher\AppLauncherSettings /i

I want to copy "App Launcher Gadget" folder to "AppLauncherSettings" folder. I have tried several ways and only get the files copied or invalid directory.

A:Cannot get Xcopy or Robocopy to copy folder

xcopy /h /e "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\App Launcher Gadget" F:\Backup\Common\App_Launcher\AppLauncherSettings /I
Relevancy 45.15%

i am trying to copy a 300 bg folder from one hdd to another

all i get is effor message "cannot copy file"

is there a reason for this

i have actualy copyed this folder before so i no not understand


Relevancy 45.15%

I run Win XP and I wonder if there may be a way to copy one file to multiple folders in one go in the explorer? And with the possibilty of overwriting or not overwriting the files in the separate folders?
What do you say?
Relevancy 45.15%

Is it safe and will work just fine to copy the entire user folder to a new installation?

We have a W7 installation with user Admin. Can I just copy the Admin folder in C:\Users\ to the same location on a fresh installation of Windows 7? The old was Ultimate while the new clean installation is Home Premium.

A:Safe to copy entire folder?

You can copy user files and folders from OLDPC-C:\Users\Any_Username to NEWPC-C:\Users\Any_Username. Source (OLDPC) username must not be the same than target (NEWPC) username, user Adam's files and folders can be copied to user Eve or both to Adam and Eve and so on.

Do not copy the whole user folder! It copies also the hidden AppData folder and several protected system files and folders which include application data and information about the old OS. These can cause severe complications on your new system.

YES: Copy any user's personal files and folders, including "My ..." folders.
NO: Do not copy the hidden and protected system files and folders.

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hi, i dj and i have a folder with all my remixes, its not something that i can find in the internet, i made them, i can find only a few that are uploaded there too. Whenever i open this folder, the mp3 wont load, the green line above takes forever to load and sometimes windows explorer stops responding, pls help? ;/
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I would like to copy an e-mail to a desktop folder, but when I right click on the message (under Search for Message) a drop down box opens showing all items listed in the extreme left pane.
For some reason I recall being able to save e-mails to another folder

A:Copy an e-mail to desktop folder

From inside your eMail client (Windows Live Mail??) just drag the eMail item (from the list) from your inbox to your desktop or any other folder.
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I'm trying to do the equivalent of xcopy /t /e in robocopy.  That is, I only want to copy the folder tree, not the files themselves. 

A:using robocopy to copy folder structure only

It looks like the  /e /xf * switches are what I want.  /e copies empty directories.  /xf * tells it to exclude all files.
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i need a script or command that can help me to do a backup from one file on every week basis.

I know that this commands works nicelly

# Copy-Item -recurse d:\test \\servername\d$\install\Test

but I need that the folder when its copied have this kind of name Test-Monday or Test-1 or something like that.

I search over this page for a solution but everything that I found was only for files like txt or log.

Thanks on you help.
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Is there a way to copy protect a folder in windows Xp?

I've got some useful stuff on local disk D which i want others to use... But i dont want them to make copies out of it.

plz help.

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I never had any problems with this in the past whenever I make an image backup copy can't 'WindowsImageBackup' & folder: USB paste external to I copy the whole folder to an external USB drive in case of internal drive failure On 'WindowsImageBackup' folder: can't copy & paste to external USB one of my Win x PCs this still works but on the other I am now getting an error message when I try to copy and paste the folder of the large vhd file copies then I get the error quot The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation quot All the other files and folders copy across OK I am not trying to extract any data from the file just copy it to an external drive Why has this PC suddenly decided it won't allow it I have tried copying the whole folder from the drive where it was created shared drive to another drive on the PC not shared and copying from one drive of the PC to another worked fine no error messages but I still can't copy more than c of the vhd file from there to my USB drive plenty of space on it I'd have thought a simple copy and paste exercise should be straightforward As I say it worked fine last time I tried to back up the image folder in this way Is the fact that the drive on which the image folder is created by Windows is now shared across my wifi network to other PCs in my house the problem Thanks for any help Martin

A:'WindowsImageBackup' folder: can't copy & paste to external USB

Use Robocopy (go to a command prompt to use).
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I just had to reinstall windows. But before that I took a copy of my Users\[Username] folder. Is it dangerous, may cause instability if I directly copy and overwrite files in the fresh user folder with my backup? I'll install most of the applications on my old windows so those programs may use data and settings stored in my old profile.

A:is it dangerous to copy user profile folder?

It's OK to backup by copying User folders or named User Account folder, however to copy the files back in, open each individual User folder (Docs, Pics, Music, Downloads, Desktop, etc), from the Organize tab Select All, then drag the group to the corresponding User folder in the Explorer bar at left.

Make sure you don't release left click while dragging until the Explorer bar stops unfolding and it confirms in the hypertext your destination folder.

The reason you must do this instead of paste the actual folders in is because these are System Shell folders and the fresh install will have it's own set which cannot be overwritten.. So it's best simply to copy the contents over instead.

Someone else may know a workaround that will replace the shell folders with the ones you copied, but I wouldn't want the hidden AppData folders anyway since these are a corruption path into a fresh install.

Other tips for getting a perfect Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7
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how can i copy this dvd set to my external hard drive? i just can't copy the files as i think the .vhd files are split and i do not know how to join them. i currently have a windowsimagebackup folder on my external drive which contains my most recent image, but the older one on the 5 dvd's has some files that the new one does not and i really need to retrieve them.

is the only way for me to get them is to restore this previous image from the dvd's; then copy the files to my external drive; then restore the most current windowsimage backup?

any help would be very appreciated..


A:Copy WindowsImageBackup folder from the 5 DVD set To a External Drive

Hi and welcome to SevenForums!

Don't know if this will work for split DVDs, but maybe someone else knows??

System Image - Extract Files Using Disk Management
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Hi there, im new here and could do with some help but not sure where to post this?

Basically, i need to copy a folder from one partition on my hdd to the other using cmd prompt, i dont know much about cmd prompt so i could do with the line i need to type to do this:

I just need to copy from C:\Documents and settings\users\rich\desktop\'folder name'

to d:\


A:[SOLVED] Copy folder via command prompt

Welcome to TSF

Go to Start and right click>explore
A window will open (tree)
Select the folder you wish and right click on it>COPY
Open MY Computer and open the D:\ drive
Right click within the D:\ drive> Select PASTE
The folder you copied should now be in the D:\ drive
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Hi I m running WinXP Pro SP fully updated and trying to create either a manually run command line tool or a bash script for later use The objective is to go through my root music folder and copy all of the zunealbumart jpg Recursive or cmd folder.jpg script to copy bash and or zunecustomalbumart jpg files and paste them into the same directory Recursive bash script or cmd to copy folder.jpg now named folder jpg So far I have gotten this command to get close but it comes back telling me that quot The system cannot find the file specified quot Any ideas Code C Documents and Settings insanity FIDO Desktop Temp Music gt for R d in quot c Documents and Settings insanity FIDO Desktop Temp Music quot do copy dz jpg d folder jpg This is in a test directory but I ll eventually be running it on an external hard drive in a similar directory tree Cheers Edit - oh and I got that idea mostly from here http forums xkcd com viewtopic php f amp t nbsp

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When I try to cut or copy a file or folder my machine will sut down to the desktop showing, then load back the desktop icons, then the taskbar and program apps that i was using

A:computer shutdown when I cut or copy a folder or file

Suggests that Windows Explorer is damaged.

Assuming you run XP, then try a System File Check

Start - Run - type "SFC /scannow" and enter
Do not type the "", and make sure you have a space between "SFC" and "/scannow"

A dialogue box should appear if you get it right and advise on progress. Takes a few minutes.
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I am watching for some time that copying of folders is working extremely slow on my system ( I really wish back the times of Windows 98 when this worked quickly ).

An Example : copy of 696MB onto an USB Stick.
A flash tool tells me about the writing speed of 4,2 MB/s.
But what happens/is shown in the detail of Windows 7 :
it will probably take 23 hours (!) to finish and the speed is believe it or not 45-50 KB/s (!!!) ?
Why are these programmers lying in such a way ? If calculators would similarly work we wouldn't be satisfied I think.

If I copy with e.g. robocopy I can't see any acceleration.

If I shut off the virus scanner I also see no effect ( perhaps a little bit faster...? ).

BTW : if I copy from partition to partition I also get poor results - so 5-10 MB/s.

Is this normal ? Can I in any way tune the system to copy faster ???

A:Folder Copy by Cut&Paste : extremely SLOW

It's a bit hard to comment without knowing exactly what you're doing. But clearly on the surface of it you have a problem with your PC!. Transfer speed depend on number and size of files etc but 2-4MB/s is reasonable for a drag & drop to a USB. eg I can drag and drop a 100MB zip file in 20secs to a USB 2. flash drive/stick.
I can suggest some standard checks:
1) Check device manager for any warnings.
2) Check you HDD (Computer,Properties,Tools or chkdsk)
3) Run a speed test on your HDD.
4) Try a USB flash to USB flash copy (using different USBs)
5) Run memtest
6) Run Malwarebytes

Edit: I had to leave - but as I said in 1), 2) Check out your HDD performance. Also use the disk manufacturers diagnostic utilities. For speed check try
For other disk info (SMART data) try CrystalDiskInfo on the same site.
Sata partition to partition drag & drop copies should be on the order of 50MB/s or greater. The sequential tests from Crystal Disk info should be on the order of 100+MB/s.
The fact that your HDD partition to partition performance is poor makes the HDD the first thing to check.

USB to USB slow transfers may show may point to USB controller/driver issues.

Memory tests (use the inbuilt Windows) and malware testing are obvious things to check.

Then report back your findings.
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When trying to burn files to my cd writer, using XP Pro I receive the following error message:

**Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this folder - Retry - Skip**

I have tried various different files and all produce the same error message? When using Nero, this seems to hang as well when trying to burn?

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I recieved an exchange of my tower from the manufacture the mother board had burned up Both OS windows XP old one was Pro new one Home I connected the Primary drive that was in the old tower as cable select in the new system and copied over most of the files I needed except for one folder in the path Documents and settings as you know this folder contained my Desktop favorites and files and folders that were on my desktop When trying to copy this folder I get the message quot F Documents and Settings Tim is not accessible Access denied quot I'm assuming for PW Copy to protected new system? folder/files the moment that I get message when trying to copy these over because I had my user account password protected but I haven't been Copy PW protected folder/files to new system? able Copy PW protected folder/files to new system? to find a work around and neither can the techs at Dell anyways I can't be the first person Copy PW protected folder/files to new system? to have this problem any clues going safe mode and trying to access it in Adminstrator account didn't work Thanks

A:Copy PW protected folder/files to new system?

There are 2 ways that I would try.
The first and easiest would be to recreate same user account with same password.I imagine you may have already tried tho.
The second,somewhat more of a pain,is to change old drive back to primary.
If it was me,I would do that anyway as I prefer xppro.If you don't,you should at least be able to access and copy needed file this way.
Good Luck,
Mike Hanson
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so im backing up my computer and i copy paste my "users" folder over to my hard drive. the folder with its contents is around 80 gigs, but during the copying process windows shows 23 gigs. i need my files copied cause im formatting this drive, what do i do???

A:Vista wont copy entire folder?

That is not the way to go. With free software, you can copy your entire hd
Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download
and then image back.
Or another pereferred method and it works vista to vista, I did it
Download: Windows Easy Transfer for transferring from Windows Vista (32 bit) to Windows 7 - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
Back up first, regardless of what you try.

LOL I see that you read my post on the importance of an image of a hard drive. Did you see that even I had a problem. Image is always needed and can be used to your advantage, now.
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Hello, so this issue started happening about a week ago:

Whenever I make of a copy of some folder to a different location, the "Date Modified" attribute of that new copy of the folder gets set to that exact time that the copy has been created.
This never used to happen.
Usually, whenever I made a copy of a folder, that copy used to keep its original "Date Modified" attributes as the original folder.

Why is this happening now?
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This issue started happening a few days ago.

Now when I make of a copy of some folder to a different location, the "Date Modified" attribute of that copy of the folder is set to that exact time that the copy has been made. This didn't use to happen. Whenever I made a copy of a folder, that copy used to keep its original "Date Modified" attributes.

Why is this happening?

A:Copy Of A Folder Doesn't Keep Its Original Attributes

So why is this starting to happen?
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WHEN I DRAG A FILE OR FOLDER, for cut it, may press any key to copy it, rather ?

A:WHEN I DRAG A FILE OR FOLDER, for cut it, may press any key to copy it, rather ?

Hello Lse123,

I'm afraid that I not understand what you are trying to ask. Could you please give more details on what you are trying to do or ask?

In the mean time, this may be helpful.


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I am trying to use this .bat file to copy folder "X" from a pc on my network to folder "Y" on the local pc
but it does not work ??

echo off

echo Would you like to do a backup X ?


robocopy "\\***.***.*.*\C:\X" "C:\Y"


A:.Bat file to copy folder from network to local pc

Obfuscating the IP address is pretty pointless. Your lan is using private IP addresses that are not routable to the Internet.

Regardless of that, it looks like you are trying to access the administrative share of the server. Administrative shares are accessed using a dollar sign.
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Hi Friends,
I am facing one issue facing and need ur help on this.

Many times i have opened many folders in windows 7 and want to save a text file from a editor(say editplus) to a specific folder from the above list.
I do Alt+tab and open that folder session (see the attached file folder_to_save.png)
So here i need to have the path(path_sample.JPG) . I am tired of selecting the path using the mouse.
Can you please suggest a shortcut key using keyboard this? I googled a lot but couldnt find a solution

A:How do i copy folder path in windows 7 using shortcut-key(from KB)

Guys someone could suggest here please ?
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Somehow I can't Move or even Copy a data file folder to a USB harddisk in Windows explorer (even after clearing the Read only attribute). It is Windows XP home edition. Some one please explain. Thanks

A:Can't Move/copy A File Folder To A Usb Harddisk

Have you tried it in Safe Mode