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Updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1-drivers question

Q: Updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1-drivers question

I have just done a clean installation of Windows and then the update to Windows from Windows Store After Windows clean install I went to the Dell site and 8.1-drivers Windows Windows to question 8 Updated I installed chipsets and wireless network and nothing else sound was working as well so I didnt install any Audio drivers There were no other errors reported in Device Manager that needed sorting out So those were the only drivers I Updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1-drivers question installed Then I did all the Windows Updates Following that I went to the Windows Store and installed Windows Ive just checked in Device Manager and there aren't any errors at all so Im wondering if theres no need to Install any Windows drivers apart from obviously I'll update Nvidia Graphics as usual Am I right in thinking if there are no errors in Device Manager theres no need to update to the Windows drivers I know a lot of people say If it isnt broke dont fix it but I would appreciates peoples thoughts experience with this Thanks

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Preferred Solution: Updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1-drivers question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1-drivers question

Windows 8 and 8.1 wont require any special driver updates. If updates are required, they will more than likely be available in windows update (besides graphic drivers for special cards)
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I restarted my computer to update drivers and now when it boots up it is in the hp screen and after awhile it starts this and once it is finished it just stays here. Windows doesn't boot up at all. Anyone have this before? What do I do?

A:Updated drivers and now windows won't boot up

Hi there,

What is the model of your HP computer? Try and see if you're able to at least boot the computer onto "Safe Mode". Turn on your computer and keep on tapping the "F8" key bring up the Safe Mode menu. When the menu comes up, choose "Safe mode with networking" and see if your computer is able to boot into safe mode at least.
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I have one question and one issue and Updated Windows Drivers Upgrade 10 nbsp nbsp Here's the question nbsp I have an HPE- F which it appears you no longer support nbsp Consequently when I tried to upgrade to the free Windows OS it doesn't work nbsp Is there anything I can do or do I have to continue with Windows nbsp I have the Home Premium version of Windows nbsp If there is a way to get Windows please tell me how nbsp I talked with a Microsoft support guy and he said the BIOS needs upgrades that presumably you aren't providing for this model nbsp Here's my issue nbsp While I was surfing your website for info on upgrading to Windows nbsp I noticed driver updates available for my machine nbsp I installed many of these if they seemed appropriate and now when I reboot there is a message that pops up nbsp From my memory it says the Catalyst Control Center is not working nbsp Something about the monitoring isn't working nbsp Then a different popup says Windows is looking for a solution and then that message goes away nbsp Not sure if Windows fixes the CCC not working but if it does the fix isn't permanent as the same message pops Updated Drivers and Windows 10 Upgrade up the next time nbsp I reboot nbsp Is this a problem nbsp If Windows does fix it for that session I guess I don't care nbsp If there is a fix so the message doesn't pop up everytime I reboot what is it

A:Updated Drivers and Windows 10 Upgrade

#HPExpertDayFirstly the Win 10 update is from Microsoft. And while updating to Win 10 check if the unit passes Win 10 requirement. If it dosnt meet the requirement then you will have to make the changes as the update tool suggest.Yes, the drivers would be available once the sytem requirements are met for Win 10 update and is updated to Win 10.
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Hello everyone,

I have just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit on my old Gateway 400SD4, but there are problems with updating the drivers for it? Is there anything that I can do? I tried to download specific drivers, and I tried to install them under Windows XP SP 3 and 2 Compatibility Modes, but it still says that they are "not valid as a win-32 application." Is there anything that I can do to update the drivers? I have no sound, my video driver won't update so that I can move away from the Standard VGA Driver, and I have other drivers which have only become base and standard. I am not sure what to do.

Thank you very much, everyone. I would be entirely grateful for your input.

God bless,

Vince Lupe

A:Gateway 400SD4 to use updated drivers in Windows 7?

hi vince and welcome to the forums , here is a link to the drivers Gateway Support Drivers & Downloads as you can see they are all for XP , you say you tried to run them in compat mode but did you run them as administrator ?
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Sony VGN-T27GP/S Windows 7 Pro - Drivers to be updated

I have Sony VGN-T27GP/S Laptop originally with Windows XP Pro OS. Subsequently I changed the OS to Windows 7 Pro.

My problem is that the Display resolution maximum set at 1024x768 does not make the screen full and wide. There are black margins on both left and right side. I am not able to get the suitable driver even though I have updated the Vaio Update using the appropriate patches for Windows 7.

The Processor is Intel Pentium M Processor ULV 753 1.2 GHz and 1 GB Ram.

My Hardware Ids are


Please help me.


P R Sankaranarayanan
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System Specs Part Part Lenovo Ideapad Y GB RAM TB HDD Dual Nvidia GeForce GT M GB OK my problem is No version newer than the GeForce Driver will allow me to utilize SLI If you wanna see what I mean here s the before and after My problem isn Nvidia Drivers. for Support 8.1. Updated to SLI Windows No latest t really the fact that Updated to Windows 8.1. No SLI Support for latest Nvidia Drivers. a whole year s worth of bugfixes security and performance updates have gone away I can live with that My problem is if I use the old driver that allows for me to run in SLI mode any game that supports SLI causes my laptop to crash with no BSOD so I can t get Updated to Windows 8.1. No SLI Support for latest Nvidia Drivers. any sort of error code immediately after it runs One weird thing is see Part It still shows I have GB Updated to Windows 8.1. No SLI Support for latest Nvidia Drivers. of vRAM even though only one GB graphics card is actually being utilized Can someone help me or give me some advice It s a little frustrating It s the difference between holding steady at with vsync in high ultra on most games or being barely able to run it at all above medium high TL DR Updated to Windows SLI support went away for the last year of revisions of Nvidia GeForce drivers Crashes every time I run games in SLI mode on the driver that actually supports it nbsp

A:Updated to Windows 8.1. No SLI Support for latest Nvidia Drivers.

Seems to be common issue with this model:

Doesn't seem to be a solution yet, you will have to wait for fix from Lenovo or NVidia or go back to Windows 8 or 7.
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ok i changed from Vista ultimate have yes drivers audio XP updated i problem, windows [SOLVED] SP to WinXP SP to speed [SOLVED] windows XP audio problem, yes i have updated drivers up games fix a couple [SOLVED] windows XP audio problem, yes i have updated drivers bugs in various programs and basically i installed XP and downloaded installed all the latest drivers for everything but the audio quality sucks its so grainy and sometimes in say cod i only hear the guns but not the zombies but then when i stop i hear the zombies and my footsteps then my footsteps go away and i hear this staticy grainy jumpy sound which i assume was the music before the quality was destroyed i have tryed differnt headsets and a set of speakers all have the exact same problem so its not the headsets i have installed latest drivers but it didnt effect anything gt gt NOTE music sounds perfectly fine so im assuming it may have something to do with settings within the games or something i have had XP before vista with the same hardware and the audio was fine so [SOLVED] windows XP audio problem, yes i have updated drivers its not the soundcard sound worked fine in vista too

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Prior to installing SP1 I was wondering if there is a central application on Windows 7 that checks if all the drivers on my PC are fully updated, just like Windows update.

Anyone knows?


A:Is there a central place on Windows 7 to check if drivers are updated?

Quote: Originally Posted by rfe777

Prior to installing SP1 I was wondering if there is a central application on Windows 7 that checks if all the drivers on my PC are fully updated, just like Windows update.

Anyone knows?


No, but Windows Update will notify you when new hardware drivers are available
You should should not update drivers unless the current versions cause problems

Don't use driver scanners, they usually tend to cause problematic situations resulting in badly installed drivers and BSODs
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I have a disk that came with my mobo and it's drivers, however the drivers are out of date/ Is there a way to find out which drivers I need and make them in to a disk similar to the mobo on that I received. On the disk I have, I can choose to install the needed drivers by clicking ASUS install. Is that part even possible?

thanks all

A:Drivers in question and can I make an updated disk

If what you want to do is save off the set of updated, working drivers, then you should look into DoubleDriver. It allows you to save off all, or some, of your current drivers to a directory, with entries then for each of the devices.

Reinstalling these drivers is then a simple matter of pointing Device Manager at the top-most directory and allowing it to search all the subfolders.
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I ve just bought this XPS in Jan and I really enjoy it at first However one day microsoft as pushed the update to version of windows and the machine will always fail to install the update so I decide to download the image file and install it myself The installation goes smooth but after a few days use I found the computer is really slow when playing videos and games and I happened to find out the CPU speed shows on the performance label in task manager will always be ghz and ghz It cannot go above that I ve also found that the utilization of the CPU can not be larger and updated 15 10 after is as install all CPU as speed low 9550 XPS drivers installed BIOS windows with 0.75ghz mannually than I ve already updated my BIOS to reinstall the system a few times choosing the high performance battery mode etc and all these does not help I also downloaded the intel power gadget and found the power consuming for my CPU is always low and the CPU speed remains to be ghz Also I ve met the problem that after plugin the AC power the CPU speed will fall to ghz Anyone got any idea what s going on here and how can I fix the problem I ll really appreciate XPS 15 9550 CPU speed is as low as 0.75ghz after mannually install windows 10 with all drivers installed and BIOS updated it Thanks

A:XPS 15 9550 CPU speed is as low as 0.75ghz after mannually install windows 10 with all drivers installed and BIOS updated

I've got my problem solved. Please do the following:
1. download intel power gadget, you can search online for it.
2. Check the power rate for your CPU (package pw...) and open videos and applications that will constantly consume CPU power. See if the power is always low. 
3. If the power is always low, try update your BIOS (download from dell drivers and the newest version currently should be 1.1.20), and see whether things are getting better.
4. If the power is still low, you should contact dell technical service to replace your hardware (my computer has replaced the northbridge or southbridge, I forgot, but after replacing, the CPU works fine)
Note: If you are running games using your discrete graphic card, for example starcraft II and you found it's extremely slow, it's possible your cpu is capped.
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Greetings This is a general question for a fresh install of Windows on a computer Let's say we just completed the installation and we open up Device Manager we haven't used Windows Update yet Device Manager shows us that there are - let's say quot quot - devices that do not have drivers installed for them If we visit the computer manufacturers website though they'll have - let's say quot quot Windows Installed OEM - General Website Drivers Question Vs Drivers - different drivers to download If we only install the quot quot drivers for the devices that Windows couldn't find drivers for are we hurting our computing performance by not installing the other quot quot drivers that were available on the manufacturers website This is just good to know in general because I've faced this situation with every install of Windows since I began computing General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers with Windows But the reason I'm asking now is because the nincompoops at Acer - despite me entering my serial number - still offer me every possible driver for my model including drivers for hardware that's not in my computer Windows - of course - can't identify the hardware so I'm ready to rip out the last little bit of hair on my head Thanks

A:General Question - Windows Installed Drivers Vs OEM Website Drivers

Some manufacturers offer an utility that helps you identify what stuff you have in the laptop, I think Acer did.
You can also try the hardware-detection program this forum has, this tutorial

Also check the driver version, as some manufacturer list multiple driver versions and you only need the latest (usually, otherwise take the last version that works).

Also, installers of these drivers usually look up the hardware IDs of the hardware and if they don't detect anything that could benefit from them will abort installation. Some instead install anyway and you will have some drivers you won't need, but won't cause any issue as again Win7 knows that they don't match any hardware ID, and will leave them alone.

So, you may have noticed that I am talking of Hardware IDs, that are basically each device's own "calling card" integrated in each device, you can identify the hardware by looking up its hardware ID and then searching it on Google to convert that code into a human-readable device model and brand.

Open device manager, right-click on an unknown device, click on "properties", then go in the "details" tab of its properties panel from Device Manager, click on the drop-down menu and select "Hardware IDs". right-click on the codes you get on the text panel below it and select copy, then search the code on Google to identify the device.
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Hey Guys,
I just built this Computer and I installed Windows 10 on it. I wanted to play a game on it so I wanted to install windows 7 on the hard drive too. And know when the installation finished, none of my drivers from the other os didn't copy to this os. So would I have to re-install the Mobo drivers and my graphics card drivers?

A:Dual Booting Windows 10 and Windows 7 drivers question

As far as I know you have to install drivers for each OS
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I have just done a clean installation of Windows and then the update to Windows from Windows Store After Windows clean install I went to the Dell site and I installed chipsets and wireless network and nothing else sound was working as well so I didnt install any Audio drivers There were no other errors reported in Device Manager that needed sorting out So those were the only drivers I installed Then I did all the Windows Updates Following that I went to the Windows Store and installed Windows Ive just checked in Device Manager and there aren't any errors at all so Im wondering if theres no need to Install any Windows drivers apart from obviously I'll update Nvidia Graphics as usual Am I right in thinking if there are no errors in Device Manager theres no need to update to the Windows drivers I know a lot of people say If it isnt broke dont fix it but I would appreciates peoples thoughts experience with this Thanks

A:Updating to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8-Drivers question

Originally Posted by rickb278

I have just done a clean installation of Windows 8 and then the update to Windows 8.1 from Windows Store.
After Windows 8 clean install..I went to the Dell site and I installed chipsets, and wireless network and nothing else...sound was working as well so I didnt install any Audio drivers. There were no other errors reported in Device Manager that needed sorting out. So those were the only drivers I installed. Then I did all the Windows Updates.
Following that I went to the Windows Store and installed Windows 8.1. Ive just checked in Device Manager and there aren't any errors at all so Im wondering if theres no need to Install any Windows 8.1 drivers apart from obviously I'll update Nvidia Graphics as usual. Am I right in thinking if there are no errors in Device Manager theres no need to update to the Windows 8.1 drivers? I know a lot of people say If it isnt broke dont fix it but I would appreciates peoples thoughts/experience with this.

Well if everything is working correctly you wouldn't need to update any drivers unless an issue arises. However if you want your computer to run to it full capacity you might want to at least update the Chipset drivers, IME drivers. If your system is UEFI you'll want to install the latest IRST driver. Video and Audio and Wi-Fi Bluetooth if your have it. If your happy with the way your running I wouldn't worry about it unless you have a problems arise.
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ok so im reformatting my HP Pavilion G4 1125 dx and i want download the drivers before hand. so my question is on the HP web sight it has the list of drivers but do i really need to download all of them? there are 11 network drivers!!! so does anyone know what ones i really need to download so that everything works the same! thanks

list of drivers:

email for more questions [email protected]

windows 7 home premium 64bit
AMD phenom(tm) II P650 dual-core processor
4 GB ram


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Hello! I currently just installed windows 7 and I love it. However, Ive noticed that when doing basic things sometimes it freezes if i dont give it enough time to think. For example I am trying to enable an audio line input so I can play my XBOX 360 through my computer. However, when going to the sound option and click on a tap, it takes forever to load and if i click it again it stops responding or freezes. my question is that I still have my cds that came with my operating system. I know windows 7 installed drivers and everything is working but would installing the drivers and utilities from the cd be better since it has specific drivers for my sound card or graphic cards lets say? Would doing this help reduce these freezing sessions? Thanks

A:Solved: Windows 7 drivers question?

What are the specifics of the machine that you are running Windows 7 on, and what edition of Windows 7 are you running?

As for drivers, try going to the manufacturers website.
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I was trying to install some drivers for things I had been told were outdated using a program that checked this, and noticed that in a few instances there were XP drivers but none were for MCE specifically (It mentioned others specifically).
My question is, will patches for other kinds of XP work on XP MCE?

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ATI has released Catalyst 5.2 as an update to Catalyst 4.10 for the ATI Radeon 7000 - 9500 graphic cards. The driver version, however, is still to the text file, and which I've confirmed). It's no big deal, but I'm curious about it. The download site is here.
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I have a custom build and today I installed Windows 8.1 preview on my second HDD. My primary OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.
When I installed the preview it pre-installed all drivers for graphics, audio, etc. Is this the same if you buy new copy of Windows 8? because in Windows 7 you need to install all the drivers yourself.

A:Windows 8.1 Pre-installed drivers question

Hello Damstas, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Yes, it's normal for Windows to have generic and sometimes actual specific drivers included with it for your devices and hardware. Especially graphics/video drivers for preview versions of Windows.

This is also done since sometimes the Windows 8 drivers available for your devices and hardware may not work properly with the Windows 8.1 Preview. If you like, you could install the latest manufacturer drivers for those devices that Windows only installed generic drivers for.

Hope this helps,
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I've just installed windows 7 (x64) and i was wondering, when i download and install drivers and programs etc. the choice to download the choosen driver or program for windows 7 isn't always there since this OS is so new, so which version do i download then? Do i download the version for windows xp or windows vista? Or wont it work at all no matter which version i download? Will i simply have to wait till there is a windows 7 version to download?

Help appreciated.

A:Question about drivers, programs etc. for windows 7

Hi many of vistas drivers work with win7
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When you install Windows XP from an OEM (non-branded) Windows CD, does it analyze your hardware and SELECTIVELY install drivers accordingly OR does it just install the SAME basic plug-n-play drivers every time regardless of what type of hardware exists on the machine?

The reason I ask is that I'm wondering if you can create a test drive to swap in on ANY system to help determine if a problem is hardware or software related. I've always heard that using a drive from another machine will usually cause a blue screen because of mismatched drivers. But what about if you just leave the drivers that the Windows CD "chooses" to install?

Maybe I should just stick to booting up with an Ubuntu Live CD as one method of quickly seeing if the hardware on the machine is likely healthy or not?

A:Tech question: Windows XP reinstall drivers

I believe it installs the basic drivers from Microsoft for the particular hardware installed on the machine.
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Hello everbody I m in dire need of assistance REcently my computer hard drive got the blue screen of death so we got a new one We used the quot original outta the factory cds quot to reinstall it along with the drivers But the internet doesn t work So I went to device manager and found that under Other Devices of the drivers have been marked -Ethernet Controllorer -Multimedia Audio Controller -Multimedia Controller -PCI Simple XP Windows Marks Drivers Yellow - Question Communications Controllorer I ve tryd everything Uploaded them off dell onto a cd Nothing Uploaded Windows XP Drivers - Yellow Question Marks them to a flash drive Nothing Google searched for weeks on the drivers for help Nothing I finally woke up and decided to join this forum and ask and I m praying that someone here will be able to help me before i go Windows XP Drivers - Yellow Question Marks blow to get it fixed Computer Windows XP Drivers - Yellow Question Marks Specs Dell Inspiron Windows XP Professional Service Pack Downloaded it off dell and uploaded to pc to try and fix Pentium R CPU GHz This is the motherboard I belive and it s intell So yep thats all Currently I have a gb flash driver and a labtop at my disposal to fix the problem So hopefully someone out there can assist me Thank you nbsp

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Hey guys just a quick and simple question...

I have a laptop and I want to erase the hard drive completely (I know how) and reinstall my windows on it. I have backed up all the laptops essential drivers with DriverMax. Now here's my question..

Say I go about erasing the whole HD and reinstalling windows.. Will the keyboard/mouse work so I can go about reinstalling the rest of the drivers?


A:Quick question about reinstalling windows & drivers

quick answer - it all depends upon the installation disk you use. Generally you should have no problems with keyboard and mouse. If you use the computer manufacturers disk, then all the driver should be available though you may have to update through the manufacturers website. as far as other devices, you can go to their manufacturers website to download thedrivers, use the disk that came with it or if you saved the drivers folder, just browser to that folder during driver installation to install the driver.
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So short and sweet My drivers keep failing saying that my direct x crashes Im not to computer savvy and would really like some help I was playing starcraft and my Game freezes than shuts down Afterwards my desktop picture is Question X Gpu Issues Drivers Direct 8 With windows so laggy that i can barely do anything So i restart and than Direct X Issues Gpu Drivers Question With windows 8 its fine again i tried mutliple times to fix this issue i even tried to get repaired and it still happens any help or suggestions would be appreciated oh and the graphics card is gtx if that is needed Thank you in advance for the help P S I dint know where to post this internal hardware or somewhere else I think it might have something to do with windows thats why i posted it here But Mods feel free to move the post if i am not correct and sorry for Direct X Issues Gpu Drivers Question With windows 8 having to move P S S i talk to my graphics card provider and they said that it wasnt a direct x issue Still crash just crashed actually Tested My Memory with memtest Pass everything reverting back to old drivers to see if that will help Starting to think i got a shotty motherboard Is there any way to test this I look far and wide for a way but havent found anything solid
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Hi everybody,

I just would like to know if the drivers available for Satellite L850-16D under the title "windows 8 upgrade" are good also for a total fresh installation of windows 8 64 bit, or if they are only good for an upgrade to it from windows 7 64 bit.


A:Question about Windows 8 drivers for Satellite L850-16D


The Win 8 Upgrade Assistant connects to an driver server and downloads the Win 8 drivers for the notebook.
This should function also with clean Win 8 installation.

But don?t forget to create a Toshiba Recover disk before switching to Win 8.
The recover disk allows you to go back to Win 7 if you would like to use the Win 7 in the future..
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One of the most unpopular features of Windows seems to be auto updating of drivers I've read quite a few horror stories about Windows installing unwanted GPU drivers and causing issues I am very much of the mantra quot 10 policy Question updating about Windows auto of drivers? If it ain't broke don't fix it quot so the world Question about Windows 10 policy of auto updating drivers? of perpetual updates etc doesn't enthral me That being said I have a high end Nvidia ti GPU I received my machine well over a month Question about Windows 10 policy of auto updating drivers? ago and noted the Nividia drivers pre installed are circa September Now I know there are newer drivers out there but thankfully Windows has not found or tried to update them I do not have the option unchecked for letting Windows find and download drivers realistic icons So I am curious why I do not get offered new Nvidia GPU drivers It's great that it doesn't happen but it has got me thinking I still sit there checking Windows Update periodically expecting a rude shock as GPU drivers come down the pipe But it hasn't happened Have Nvidia seen sense and stopped Microsoft getting their hands on drivers via Windows Update This would be good as I would only want to update the GPU drivers when I am ready and if there was a compelling need to do so The thing is I don't want to uncheck that option either as certain Hardware components have benefitted from it For example plugging in Bluetooth USB dongle USB webcam So it is useful but of course it's an all or nothing scenario Given the GPU is a very sensitive area of the PC experience I would prefer to be able to prevent auto driver updates on just this one component Of course I am aware of the blocking tool MS released a while back but that is very much a fix and seems like a 'shut the stable door after the horse has bolted' scenario So two questions really are Nvidia stopping GPU drivers slithering in via Windows Update And can a single component piece of hardware be stopped from auto updating it's drivers in Windows Thanks Wayne

A:Question about Windows 10 policy of auto updating drivers?

havent seen those updates for last 3 or 4 months with GTX 550ti. changed to a GTX 950 week ago and still nothing. i have all automated on the insider version, different on the RTM then?
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Hi all, I went to the support site for my new tablet and the only driver available for download is the "USB" driver. Usually manufacturers list all the drivers for download (Chipset, Network, Graphics, etc). Does this mean that the other drivers are the Windows 10 default drivers? Or is it that Samsung does not want to offer the drivers for download?
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Hi all, I went to the support site for my new tablet and the only driver available for download is the "USB" driver. Usually manufacturers list all the drivers for download (Chipset, Network, Graphics, etc). Does this mean that the other drivers are the Windows 10 default drivers? Or is it that Samsung does not want to offer the drivers for download?
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yesterday i updated to windows 7 and i am having troubles with my resolution it is stuck at 640x480
i am not sure what has happened but please can someone help me

A:Newly updated windows 7 from windows xp ( screen resoultion problem)

Welcome to the forum, you need to install a driver for your video card most likely. Do you know what brand it is? If not please let us know the exact model of your Dell
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Hello!I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition with Windows 8 as it's default operating system. Since I don't like it that much, I plan to format the hard drive (by going into computer-> Right click on C: -> Format) and then to do a clean install of Windows 7 Home Premium on it.After the clean installation procedure, I was wondering if I could simply insert the Dell Drivers and Utilities disc into the optical drive and intall the drivers like I would normally do.Therefore, the real question would be: Will the Windows 8 drivers provided by Dell be compatible with Windows 7?Thank you very much everyone.FatLord

A:Planning to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7. Will the drivers provided on my Dell "Drivers and Utilities" be comp...

I did find this one "Inspiron 15R SE 7520" If that is your model then the Dell website has Windows 7 64bit drivers and Windows 8 64 bit drivers available for download.

I would use the Windows 7 Drivers for windows 7, Just download them ahead of time and burn them to a CD or store on a flash drive so you will have them handy to use.

I would also have my Antivirus ready to install before I went on the Internet.

3rd point. Windows will prevent you from formatting the drive it is installed on. So you have to do it during the install process.

Good Luck
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I just updated AVG. Then after a restart my taskbar, windows and color changed to Windows classic. I've used AVG for a while and this has never happened. When my desktop came up after the restart there was a notification saying something about "the system could not link." I wish I did not close that window for I could give a better description of what it said. Is there any way I can get back to the default Windows 7 taskbar and window aesthetic ei the start menu go back to to the circular windows logo etc? Now the start menu is the Start rectangle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Updated AVG. Taskbar Windows Changed To Windows Classic

Just restarted again and that did the trick. Now I can't figure out how to delete the thread.
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I upgraded from win 7 to win 10 and my built in camera views me upside down i tried to restore the drivers and and tried to download drivers from fujitsu web site and the drivers was not compatible  to win 10 can anyone can help me with this problem
I know there is away to flip it back.
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Build 10159
The windows upgrade tool put Qihoo 360 back on my system. But I assume it is the regular version, like I had before, not the one special for windows 10.
Do I need to reinstall 360 with the special version for windows 10, or am I okay as is?

A:Updated from windows 8.1 to windows 10.Do I need to reinstall Qihoo?

i think you should uninstall current version, then reinstall the one with win 10 compatible version, just to be safe
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1.1.1593.0 has been the current version of Windows Defender for Windows XP since May 2007.

1.75.1117.0 was released today and is available for download at the MAJORGEEKS site.

SP2 or SP3 is a requirement to use it with Windows XP.


A:Windows Defender For Windows XP Updated To New Version

Strange, Microsoft still has the old version linked on the Defender page
Have you ever used this?

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I tried to search the solution to this problem and many different options to no avail.
Some of the people had the same problem and fixed it thru Disk Management tweeks. Disk Management shows 4 drives and only one of them is named as C, the partitions were of different size before the update and those sizes have changed, and when right click on them no options are highlighted to change the name for them and it shows as 100% free space.
Please help or all my data would be lost.
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Hey guys, it's me again. I was wondering: If I had, say, an Intel 845G intergrated card with the Intel Extreme graphics drivers, could I use an Intel Extreme Graphics 2 driver for the 865G with this card? If I did (and it worked) would I see any performance benefit, or am I beter off leaving it with the current drivers I have?

A:Using Updated Drivers

You will not see a performance boost. The misuse of a driver can screw your video up pretty badly. DO NOT try to go with the wrong driver.
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Here is my Display info;

Name: ATI movility Radeon HD 3400 Series
DAC Type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Total Memory: 858Mb

My games run excellently when played on low or medium quality but aren't doing well on high, Plus they lag when any mods (models, textures, etc..) are added.
My drivers were preinstalled, Will any update make some difference?

A:My drivers need to be updated?

Which games are you playing?

I'm thinking that it's just the limitations of this GPU which is actually not all that powerful. It's also a very old GPU. AMD is on the 8000 series now:
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I have to rebuild my machine again.. So I am left with the old problem with ATI drivers.

The MB manufacturer still has not put any updated drivers for the chipset/video card. the ones that have are from 2009/08/14. Now I know that ATI has released many new versions since then. Am I wise to get the recent driver from ATI, or stick with a very old driver from the OEM web site??



A:Updated ATI drivers

I'd say if there are new drivers available and you are starting from scratch, you should use the most up-to-date drivers that are available for Windows 7 - Graphics Drivers & Software.

Microsoft Windows Outreach
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You guys i give you ATi updated drivers Quote - ATI Catalyst Beta Driver Package for Windows The information in this article applies to the following configuration s ATI Radeon HD Series GPUs ATI Radeon HD Series GPUs ATI Radeon HD Series GPUs ATI Mobility Radeon HD Series GPUs ATI Mobility Radeon HD Series GPUs ATI Mobility Radeon HD Series GPUs AMD G Chipset AMD V Chipset AMD GX Chipset Windows Operating System ATI Catalyst Beta driver package for Windows - includes the ATI Catalyst Beta driver for Windows and the ATI Catalyst Control Center with limited feature support To download the ATI Catalyst Beta Driver Package for Windows please click on the links below Catalyst -bit Windows Beta Driver Catalyst -bit Windows Beta Driver To view drivers Ati updated the release notes for the ATI Catalyst Beta Driver for Ati updated drivers Windows please click the link below Catalyst Windows Beta Driver Release Notes Note This Beta driver is provided as is and is not supported by AMD and may contain software bugs It has not completed full AMD testing Use of this software is at your own risk Rate this article DISCLAIMERThe Ati updated drivers information presented in this document is for informational purposes only and may contain technical inaccuracies omissions and typographical errors AMD reserves the right to revise this information and to make changes from time to time to the content hereof without obligation of AMD to notify any person of such revisions or changes AMD MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES WITH RESPECT TO THE CONTENTS HEREOF AND ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY INACCURACIES ERRORS OR OMISSIONS THAT MAY APPEAR IN THIS INFORMATION AMD SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE IN NO EVENT WILL AMD BE LIABLE TO ANY PERSON FOR ANY DIRECT INDIRECT SPECIAL OR OTHER CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE USE OF ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN EVEN IF AMD IS EXPRESSLY ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES Related Topics - Radeon HD series - Setting up a multi-player LAN game no longer results in corruption being noticed - Radeon HD series - color depth may change to bpp when enabling or disabling CrossFire for the first time - Radeon HD series - Enemy Territory Quake Wars Enabling Super AA and soft particles may result in corruption being noticed in the main menu and through-out game play Topic InformationTopic - Date Created Modified Times Viewed Subscribe to Topic Print Topic Email Topic Back Help Desk and Customer Support Software by Parature via http support ati com ics support d estionID thanks for everyone for reminding me about the error and grim for the link

A:Ati updated drivers

The drivers are digitally signed in this update.
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Hello this is my first post and well i have a question ^^ I just updated all of my drives including the Realtek HD Audio Manger...but it reset the audio manager and now i cant get the sound to work. I have been messing with the settings for 30-40min I dont know what is wrong. Please post back with any information that is helpful thanks in advance

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How do i get back windows 7 home premium 64bit(i think) when i updated to windows 8 consumer preview?? i have a sony vaio and ive tried to download the windows 7 iso to a usb and setup it but it just says No device drivers were found.Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers, and then click ok. now i boot it up with the regular hard drive and it goes to vaio care rescue. I tried to use it but when it is saving data and i dont have enough time i have a project due in 2 days but the projects on that computer and the rescue takes 3 days please help

A:How do i get back windows 7 when i updated to windows 8

If you did an in-place Upgrade to Win8 then your files should be there to back up now. If you did a Custom install it may have placed a windows.old folder in the C drive root where you can find and copy out your files.

The error is almost always a bad installer. Follow these steps exactly to Clean Reinstall Windows 7 Factory OEM, using the installer with SP1 ISO provided to write to stick with Universal USB Installer with WIn7 in dropdown menu.

Boot the installer from the Sony F2 BIOS Boot Menu key and follow the steps given.
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Hello, First of all thanks to anyone who can help.

Here is my problem: I just built my brother his computer for Xmas and everything is brand new and the computer is "working". Yet every time I start a game or try to get the system rating the comp either freezes, restarts, or blue screens. I've updated the video card half a dozen times and It says that it is updated yet problems still occur.

Here are the specs

OS- Windows 7 64bit
Video card- AMD Radeon HD 6900
Processor- AMD 6 core 6100
Motherboard- 990FX Sabertooth
Ram- 8gs
Power- antec 900w
HD- 2 terabyte

A:Drivers are updated, but PC keeps freezing

Although that processor is supported by the motherboard, it's possible that the BIOS is an older version, pre-FX.
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So I installed a fresh copy of Windows Vista assuming it would keep the drivers, how wrong was I!

Is there any way to easily reinstall them all?

I've reinstalled the wireless adaptor and it says it's functioning fine in device manager but... it won't pick up any wireless networks - any ideas on that one?

Thanks in advance!

A:Updated Vista - no drivers

When I go "diagnose and repair" it comes up with "A cable is not plugged into the network adapter "Local Area Network"" even though it recognises the Wireless Card under device manager...

Sometimes it will come up with "The computer does not have a wireless network adapter installed and configured" though. Which is even wierder as it's in device manager...
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I updated a few drivers in order to be able to play MapleStory an online video game, but now i do not recieve sound out of my speakers. Windows Sees them and has them as my Audio Output. The sound is up all that. Any ideas how i can get sound back?

Edit: I have Windows XP.

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I have Dell Inspiron 5559, when I use the Intel Driver Update Utility for scanning new driver updates, it find some new updates. The problem is that the can't be installed since probably they are not confirmed by the manufacture which is DELL.My question is why the Drivers page in the support page is not update the drivers as they are from Intel?(Focus on the Video drivers, but also the Wireless etc.)Thanks
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Hi Experts My environment DELL Latitude D Windows XP service pack As my logitech cam s picture quality Drivers updated the issues. following with was awful and after exhausting ideas I have updated all the Drivers from DELL as it s been a long time I have done that I made a mistake for not restoring the system Now I have the following issues I find that sound card is working as the sound test is working but I cannot get any sound from any other source like youtube or any web or cannot locate SigmaTel in the logitech cam I cannot do skype as well Please can you help me -- Tried to uninstall and install the SigmaTel drivers but no help when I open the control panel quot IPC error no server SM Drivers updated with the following issues. RC ENOSERVER quot this error is bothering me and system seems to have slowed down I regret that I have not restored the system Please help me get over these two Drivers updated with the following issues. issues nbsp

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Hello,Im using Hp Pavilion G6 2303-Tx model lap with 8.1 OS , Im lagging performance of graphics card beacuse hp is providing me with old updates , recently i downloaded a amd driver update version 8 from HP site , but after running amd update utility , its showing i have a new version 15.7 for my amd card.On installing this new version 15.7 im not able to acces my catalyst suite , its showing no amd driver is installed , because of that im experiencing performance drops on games im playing.Why do hp force to use their own customized driver if amd have a far better version than them?now im not able to see any drivers in the  hp support , its showing error message    "We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select ?Update? to try again."
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Is there any way to scan my system and just find all available driver updates? If not, is there any easier way to update drivers and/or firmware then just going to each manufacturer's website and downloading? Thanks

A:Is there a way to find out if updated drivers are available?

you can use Everest Home to tel you what version your drivers are. But when it comes to Firmware updates be careful. If the Firmware Update fails you could end up with a component that no longer works. Not all devices with Flash Upgrades to Firmware are reversable if it should fail.
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I share a computer and our old computer got hit by lightening and so we had to buy a used one it is an intel inside pentlum and it says designed for Microsoft windows professional windows NT workstartion windows When I drivers?? updated Need old computer. plugged my mp player up before a list of options came up or I could go to my computer and the folder would be there With this computer it says add new hardware and then it says it could slow the computer down and i click to go ahead anyway and it backs up the old files on the computer and then nothing Is there any other way I could get into my mp player files Ive tried to sync it with windows media player but it does not work there is no way I can get another one so please tell me there is some way old computer. Need updated drivers?? to fix this Will updating the drivers work If so how do I download drivers safely where I wont get another virus again nbsp

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I've installed new drivers for my display adapters, on a new mother board and still I get the error that the driver isn't working. What's going on?

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I was doing routine maintence on my rig when I updated to the new Omega 14.12, and now I cannot get my drivers to work on my card. I am having "requires digitally signed drivers" error messages to which I went in and disabled digital signed recognition, but I am still having issues.  Namely the device wont use the drivers so I'm stuck with my stock motherboard graphics and resolution. If anyone can please give my some heads up on this I would really appreciate it. My computer is an HP p6624y with a HD 5770. It's an older girl.

A:Updated my amd drivers and now its all wrong

So i am not going to touch on the compatability issue because im not sure if that could be anything but as for the certifications i found the problem/solution.
Windows just rolled out a heap of new updates also and they are the problem for the drivers, not AMD.  Clean off all the AMD stuff first (i use DDU, works great), then disable ALL windows updating for the time being, shut her down.  They will probably hotfix it by Monday but till then i am not sure if reinstalling the updates after the fact will cause issues so i do not know what to tell you there.  Next, go manually uninstall the 6-9 (i didnt count) updates that we just installed from under the Microsoft Windows category which is where the security and definitions chill, forgo restarting till all of them are dead.  now restart...
Now as long as you barred those dang updates from happening you should be good and the install should go fine.  It worked for me, took me about 5 hours to narrow  it down to that and im glad i got it...
Its dead week for me and i have a mountain of crap i need to finish so im gonna be pulling an all nighter now =D cheers
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I ran a scan from Drivers Headquarters it was a free scan and it came back as follows Modems Lucent Win Modem Update Available PCMCIA adapters O Micro OZ CardBus Controller good Display adapters Intel R Graphics Controller Update Available Universal Serial Bus controllers Intel r BA BAM USB Universal Host Controller - Update Available Intel r BA BAM USB Universal Host Controller - Update Available Sound video and game controllers Intel r BA BAM AC Audio Controller Update Available IDE ATA ATAPI controllers Intel r BA Bus Master IDE Controller Update Available updated Finding drivers USB Root Hub good USB Mass Storage Device good Network adapters Motorola SURFboard SB USB Cable Modem good PENTAX USB DISK Device good I have run a Microsoft Update and they didn t show I needed to update any drivers Where can I find the quot correct quot drivers to download I Finding updated drivers don t want to pay this service - year Do I really need to download these updates nbsp

A:Finding updated drivers

At the Mfg.'s web site for example
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hi a few days ago after a restart of my PC I didn't get any sound at all and still dont get it all my drivers are apdated realtek motherboard drivers graphic driver i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling realtek driver and software and - as you can see in the picture - windows media player is playing a song in the quot sound quot menu top left the speakers defined for realtek hd audio are also working the geen bars go up and down in the device manager down left i have realtek driver updated and all nvidia drivers sound at all, all updated no drivers as it always been and also i checked another pc and has it too realtek manager works fine recognize when i plug into the front or the rear jack using the green one at the rear everything seems ok but the quot volume quot menu down right doesn't have a green bar that goes up and down and - I dont hear any sound at all tried connecting speakers to iphone - the speakers are fine works well what can i do now

A:no sound at all, all drivers updated

Is the audio driver you installed is compatible with your audio hardware you use it ?
Please update manually don't use software update driver to update your drivers
It may cause incompatible drivers sometimes
Are you using external speaker ?
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Ok. Everytime I update my drivers past Catalyst 3.3 or higher.. when I get onto CS 1.6.. The screen starts changing colors.. From Regular to red to blue to green and it keeps on going. When I go to 3.2 and lower.. it works fine. I need to upgrade my drivers because Halo doesn't support the one that I have installed now.. and I have to go higher to play it. Thanks!

A:Updated Drivers.. result

Have you tried reinstalling Steam? Also, make sure you set your video settings appropriately, mainly just set it to OpenGL. I use the 3.9 Catalysts and Steam with no problems on my 9600XT....what video card do you have, by the way?
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First, & I have to ask this ; Who would download a driver update & NOT want to install it? In other words why is'nt there an embedded command that after I've downloaded the update ,unzips & automatically INSTALLS the update? Upon instruction I have failed to install the updates . I am definitely missing something here(other than a few brain cells). Help(In plain terms)would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:Installing Updated Drivers

That's more so a programming question. In general terms, it's a safety precaution for the user to select the correct installer so problems won't occur. I hope this answers your question.
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Sometimes after installing new hardware, I get a message from Windows saying that the driver I want to install is older than the one I already have. Then it asks do you want to keep this driver?

I am confused. Is it referring to keeping the existing driver or the one I want to install?

A:Installing updated drivers

Sounds as if they are telling you that you have the better of the two and they are asking if you want to delete the one you have.
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Hi, I have a HP Designjet 5500uv sp 60". I just bought a new computer with Vista 64x. The links on the HP site for upgraded drivers do not work or I'm doing it wrong. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Updated Drivers for vista 64x

Oh, too bad. Lots of mfg. don't have 64-bit compatible drivers, yet. They should warn you before buying a 64-bit system.
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Attached is my last mini dump. I need some direction on how to repair this...

Thanks in advance

A:Help...Updated drivers still get BSOD

Hi Jeremy. Sorry you are having problems. Please read these threads and post back. We will be glad to help you.

[1 - Novice] How to ask for help with a BSOD problem

We need additional information not contained in the dumps in order give better assistance.
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I have updated all the sound drivers in my device manager, still my pc is not giving out sound. pls help Dell latitude 120L

A:Sound problem, updated drivers

might sound silly but have u checked in your volume control as last week I had same problem then when I clicked on volume icon in task bar volume was down and on mute for some reason
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I have two dvd players, one that came in my laptop, and an LG slim portable USB dvd reader/writer. I'm running windows 7 home premium on an Acer Aspire laptop. I have went into device manager and checked for updated drivers on the drives, as well as fully updated the thing with windows update. The USB drive from LG is pretty new, but I even went to their website and updated the firmware!!! I rent a lot of movies from Redbox, and historically they all played, but lately fewer and fewer will play. My computer does not even "see" the disk. I know scratches can cause this because they cannot read the header, but a lot of these recent discs look new!!! And I try them in both drives..............still nada. Anyone have a thought????

A:DVD ROM not reading all dvds. All drivers updated

There is a "fix" for this type of problem, but it requires you to modify the Windows registry. Have you worked with the Windows registry before?
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Hey there for about a week my laptop hasn't been detecting my Memory Stick properly It appears under the device manager in the quot drivers USB not showing devices updated up, certain Other devices certain USB devices not showing up, drivers updated quot subset The same happens with my iPod as I discovered today but not my USB mouse Note the symbol Double clicking enters the following menu Something is wrong for the drivers are almost definitely fully updated - it worked find up to a week ago Also it doesn't pick up certain USB devices not showing up, drivers updated on my custom name for the memory stick The stick works fine on other computers and other memory sticks aren't working with my laptop If I follow through the menus and update the driver it says no drivers can be found and if I uninstall the device the same happens when I remove and insert it again Exactly the same screens happen with my iPod Any suggestions I've tried putting it up to my university tech support who are baffled by it and I've no idea what to do Kind of urgent as I've got a project due in a week or so and it'll be important to transfer files from uni computers to my laptop also sorry if this is in the wrong forum - I was unsure where to post it

A:certain USB devices not showing up, drivers updated

Welcome to the forum!

First, do you have a restore point before this started? If not, could try USBDeview: View any installed/connected USB device on your system

Uninstall everything and reboot. Things should re-install properly when you plug them back in if you have proper drivers installed. If not, a more serious problem.
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So i just went to the latest chipset drivers which i don't know if made any difference but at least they are updated, so was wondering if i should also update these things on my MSI Z77A-G45 mainboard,

Should i update this if so how do i get it as this is latest from motherboard manufacture, its the Intel(R) Management Engine Components i have version also should i update this intel rapid storage technolagy i have version any advice on these would be great just updating stuff i went with the new chipset as it look like it supports win 10 so if i update i will need it anyhow , but as far as these other drivers what should i do and should i update them if they have new versions.

A:i just updated chipset drivers should i update these too?

If your system runs stable, there is no need for updating. Updating these components can cause more trouble than benefits.
Your board manufactorer should offer the valid versions of Rapid Storage and Management Engine for you board.
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Hi nbsp nbsp I bought a brand new HP Envy Model nbsp -ae nia I didnt get any CD when I buy It came with after Available Envy updated Drivers HP Not 15 system Windows Home since Win home dont have Hyper-V The rd party supplier have downgraded the win home to Win Pro He didnt back Drivers Not Available after system updated HP Envy 15 up anything before downgrading process Now I am being told the win Pro is genuin and it worked fine for a week then i was getting error message Display Driver is not working the machine goes blank for a while then after days after doing the win updates Most of the drivers have become unavailable like sound internet drive etc nbsp nbsp This laptop is high config - Gb Ram nbsp and I Processor brand new laptop nbsp the problem is with laptop or windows nbsp what cause this problems nbsp nbsp what are the possibilities nbsp If i want to get the win home as it was before downgrading nbsp it to win pro nbsp Thank you nbsp

A:Drivers Not Available after system updated HP Envy 15

Hard to say what causes the problem. Windows 8.1 updates are the likely reason and since I do not know your 3rd party supplier I am not 100% sure you got legitimate software, but that is not likely. I don't understand why the supplier did not go ahead and do the free upgrade to Windows 10 if he bothered to install a legitimate Windows 8.1 Pro, but you can go ahead and do what the supplier should have done.  Windows 10 driver download page for your machine be sure to select Windows 10 from the pulldown menu. Drivers are posted for 7 and 10 only: Just do the Microsoft upgrade to Windows 10 and you will have Windows 10 Pro. You only have until sometime in July to do it for free. The other choice is to order recovery disks from HP for your model and wipe it clean. But then you will have Windows 10 Home and no Hyper-V which is the problem in the first place. The posted Windows 10 drivers will work on Windows 10 Pro. Generally the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 is seamless and in your case should be very smooth since yours is a Windows 10 native machine.  Just start the upgrade from here: If you have no internet on the laptop you are going to have to make a DVD or thumb drive from the Media Creation tool and upgrade using that media. Obviously you have access to a computer with internet or you could not post here. You might also want to put the Windows 10 network drivers on a thumb drive so you are sure you can get on the internet after installing Windows 10.  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Seems like a common problem based on my search online, but many causes. I updated my drivers using SlimDriver(supposed to be safe), and afterword my setting for 1280x800 resolution went disappeared. Could be wrong, but does this mean I need to use a different driver? How do I do that? What driver should I be using? I currently use an HP EliteBook 8730w.

A:Updated Drivers and lost my 1280x800

Actually guys I got what I needed. I used this link How to Add Custom Resolution to ATI | Though I have to warn you if you use it, windows seven is slightly different, but the base idea worked the same.

Please let me know if I did something horribly stupid. But the resolution is exactly how I want it.
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hello again in trouble land!
after my bios & fan trouble, i took the chance of letting driver genius update the drivers. it found some realtec, nvidia and some more chip and intel stuff to update.
did a system restore.
now suddenly windows cant recognize to HD's on the system.
i went to manage- and it shows them as unallocated !!!
and now i it tells me there's no system restore point!

*i won't do a thing until you advise me !

please tell me there's no harm! :

A:oh no- updated some drivers - to HD's turned unallocated !

please, anyone? i'm about to take my special occasion clonex...

* these two HD's are IDE - the system drive is sata..
tried disconnecting them and let windows recognize them again but it's the same.
i cannot find any reason for them to be suddenly erased due to some driver updates,
so i'm still trying to be optimistic.
however, this driver genius "told" me it's doing a restore point - but windows claims there's none. what the hell happened?? couldn't find any help searching here or googling.
and no, i didn't back up my drivers.
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Hi there.

I recently updated by AMD Drivers a few days ago, but this has left to graphic issues in games that were otherwise running perfectly normal.

This image shows a screenshot of Portal 2.

The models seem to have major issues, im not sure why this is the case.

AI am running a laptop with the following Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500/5100 Series

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I m aware that there are several other threads about a similar problem and though they have helped somewhat I m yet to find an answer to my specific question My video card died nearly two months ago and it ended up that drivers Need updated graphics adapters and it was Dell proprietary so essentially I could only buy a replacement from Dell and it was obsolete Need updated graphics adapters and drivers Luckily my local repairman had the same type of card and replaced our old one When I got the computer back however it was unable to play any games Here is the display message I received when attempting to play the Sims I downloaded Driver Detective and it told me that this driver was out of date So I went to the NVIDIA site and attempted to download the GeForce FX Series driver because I looked up the NVIDIA GeForce FX and the information said that it was also known as the GeForce FX Series However I got this message But now I ve found a download on the Dell website that applies directly to the card that I have NVIDIA GeForce FX but I ve tried downloading it and it just sits there loading Here are the specs when I ran the dxdiag I m at a loss Any help would be much appreciated Wield nbsp

A:Need updated graphics adapters and drivers

Are you running XP Service Pack 3?
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HP Pavilion Entertainment PC (laptop)
Built-in ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-bit


Using Driver Detective, it tells me that my ATI driver needs to be updated. So I downloaded the installation file and run the installation. It runs and installs okay, then asks to reboot the computer. When the computer reboots, it will not go past the "Starting Windows" display with the shimmering 4-color logo. It just sits there.

So I force a shut-down by holding the power button and try to start again. It comes up recommending to run the Startup Repair, which I elect. Repair is unable to do anything, so I end up electing System Restore of the last Restore Point.

Once the system is back online again using System Restore, I tried to update the video drivers again. Same problem.

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?


A:Win7 will not start after ATI drivers updated

Obviously the drivers are causing it. Make sure you have the right drivers. If they don't work then use the drivers you already have.

The new drivers may simply not work on your system. Troubleshooting faulty or non-working drivers is not a simple matter.

Often, the manufacturers of various "Brand name" machines set the machines to only allow their own drivers to function. Check the manufacturer site for new drivers.

Regards....Mike Connor
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I play a game called Runescape Runescape just recently updated their game client Upon nbsp starting their new client I get this message nbsp warning Your updated with assistance drivers graphics on graphics card drivers are over months old Please consider updating your drivers to receive nbsp the optimal assistance with updated drivers on graphics experience playing Runescape Click assistance with updated drivers on graphics the button below to be taken to the manufacturer s website nbsp I click on update the drivers Which then takes me to Intel Driver Update Utility I start the scan and the results are there are no new updates nbsp I have chatted with intell and they have stated all their drivers on my system are up to date They suggested i contact Dell assistance with updated drivers on graphics nbsp Moving on Runescape posted this tid bit of information for those of us whom have the message i mentioned above Their words and all are posted as follows Mod AwesomeJagex ModeratorForum Profile Posts by userRead this if you are having trouble running NXT and are unable to update your Intel drivers and have already followed the instructions in the quot Ready for NXT-Drivers quot thread This post will only be useful for people that use Intel graphics as their main graphics device If your computer has two then this is not recommended as the other device will likely be your main GPU for gaming Also the issues this is most likely to fix would be graphical corruption and other graphics issues It is not likely to help with caching loading sound issues etc It has come to our attention that some people with Intel integrated GPUs are having trouble updating to the latest Intel drivers The symptoms are that you are told your graphics drivers are out of date but when you try to update them you are told there are no newer ones to update to This appears to be happening because Intel allows some computer system manufacturers to ship PCs with altered versions of the official drivers The purpose of this is to allow them to add extra features but unfortunately the manufacturers do not always go to the effort to keep their drivers in sync with the latest Intel ones so they drift out of date and do not get the latest updates There is a solution to this and that is to uninstall the manufacturers drivers and install the official ones There are instructions on how to do this here http www intel com content www us en support graphics-drivers htmlNote however that doing this is at your own risk Intel say you quot risk losing functionality and causing other technical issues quot and it s very hard to predict what these will be if any Most likely if your PC manufacturer has added any extra features you will lose these The benefit is that you should be able to update to the latest drivers and get the latest fixes and updates from Intel If this works for you please let us know as it could be helpful for other people with the same problem Thanks Can you please assist me in getting my graphics up to date nbsp Thank you
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I have a compaq presario sr5413wm with vista sp2 32bit home premium
No modifications, the sound just randomly stopped working
I just deleted disabled my driver and downloaded a new one from hp
I have tried different speakers,
I am very confused!!! about to reformat.

A:No Audio, Drivers Updated, Everything Says its working, its not...

I need this fixed!!! I am going to just install XP Pro if I can't get this figured out tonight. I have went about a week without audio and just can't do it!!!
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Is there a website that will do a system check on my computer and tell me what needs updated drivers? I am just learning that after owning my computer for 2 years now, things are needing to be updated. I did a system check with "" and they told me exactly what was on my computer but that was all. Just curious about this. Thanks.

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I owe an Inspiron 1525 with Win Vista Home Basic , but for a couple of days there is no sound in the laptop. The Device Manager is showing both the sound cards to be working properly. But when I try to test one, it says Failed to play test tune.
What should I do? any solution?

A:No Sound despite Successfully Updated Drivers

hi how did you update the drivers ie windows update or dell if windows update then go to dells site support page for your model and get the drivers from there
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Forgive any typos as I'm post this via iPod. So after a weekend of horse crap Internet speed on the laptop (and not a hiccup in speed on the PS3). I figured I'd try updating my wireless adapter drivers. Atheros AR5007EG wireless network adapter. After downloading and installing, the computer doesn't recognize any wireless networks. I know mine is working and also know there are at least 4 others in the apartment complex. That being said I know it is on the computers end. I rolled back the driver to the one that worked with no success.

Laptops specs are as follows:
Vista home premium SP2 32bit
Toshiba satellite L355D
AMD Turion X2 dual core mobile RM-72 2.1GHz
Atheros AR5007EG version (new version)
Relevancy 51.6%

the 3TB drive is connected to the eSATA portion SATA portion of the motherboard [H55n USB3] Acronis 11 Disc Director for Windows 7 64bit and even Windows 7 64 Bit >>>> Manage Drives still show as a 2.00TB drive instead of 2.7-2.8+ drive. What is the problem if the drivers has been updated. Using Windows 7 64 Bit with SP1. The PC can see the drive [not formatted yet] but as the complete size. As a result of that I had not updated nor formatted the drive in case if I do so it will be only 2TB only. Suggestions? hope the drive itself is not defective. Strange as I thought Gigabyte software update would allow me to see the 3tb as at least 2.7 or 2.8tb instead of 2TB under windows disc management or any partitioning softwares...?? I believe I did the process correctly but not sure how to get it running.

A:Updated Gigabyte mobo with 3TB drivers etc but when

Have you checked your BIOS for an update?

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Today I attempted to login to my account, but upon the "welcome" disappearing I am met with a nice BSOD, I have the crash dump logs here.

I can run my computer fine in safe mode however.

Could someone be kind enough to debug them and tell me what the problem is specifically, I have updated my drivers to the latest versions.

A:BSOD upon login, all drivers updated

Hi Streecer welcome to SF

Please remove and clean avg from your system using the

Remove any Radialpoint Internet Security Services.

Download and install Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection | Microsoft Security Essentials

Enable windows firewall.

Finish with the above steps and post back with any results.
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Hi, I have two front usb 3.0 ports that used to work, but now it doesn't. I've already installed the correct drivers from the manufacturer's site and two of the same type shows up in device manager(ASMedia XHCI Controller). When I plug in my usb 3.0 flash drive, nothing happens, but it would read in a usb 2.0 port. i also have also tried the latest BIOS update. motherboard is M5A97 R2.0.

A:USB 3.0 not recognized even with drivers and updated bios

I had USB 3.0 problems on my custom built (by me) Recording Studio PC. The front panel USB 3.0 ports stopped working. I tried many things, including reseating the USB 3.0 connector on the motherboard and trying all USB 3.0 ports on the motherboard (it has 3 separate front panel USB 3.0 connections) and finally gave up. USB 3.0 wasn't a major issue for me but after the motherboard developed another problem I decided to send it back for warranty repair. The repaired board, which looks like a new board as there is no visible traces of any repair, now has working USB 3.0.

Check the connection to the motherboard, in case it has come loose (I've had that one time). If that is not the problem, the motherboard will have to be repaired/replaced.

Removing and reinstalling the motherboard is a hassle, but if USB 3.0 is something you need and the board is still under warranty, consider this option. Contact the motherboard vendor.
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On the Microtek website, I found the correct drivers to download for my system & scanner model.
There are five (5) disk selections to choose from. All are identical except the disk # 1 thru 5. Do I pick from one of them, or do I download all of them?

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Hi there,

Left my computer running Win 7 home premium on overnight, had just installed a fresh copy of windows. I saw a message saying the system was restarted because of windows updates. Now, none of my USB 2.0 ports work, neither the rear ports nor usb mobo headers work. the two usb 3.0 ports do work however. Any ideas what happened? Those 2.0 ports were working fine previously. Never seen update do this before.

A:Windows Updated, no usb

Have you tried uninstalling the USB controllers in Device Manager...and then rebooting the system? They should reinstall automatically on reboot.

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I did not expect this to happen. I didn't even sign up for the Insider Program and my OS suddenly updated. Is there anything to do so I could've avoided this?

Will report some problems in softwares that I use in here.

A:Windows 10 updated to AU itself?

Updates are normal. They happen routinely. If you search the web and look at the tutorial section here you can find ways to delay, disable, schedule restarts etc, even perhaps set them only to notify you of an impending update.

Settings includes scheduling restarts, and now active hours - which allows you only 12 hours in which to specify the system is note to restart. Hmm.

Setting your connection to 'metered' is a widely reported fudge to stop updates.

You have 10 days to roll back if you wish.
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Having a problem with my Display Driver I have a HD Graphics R but I don't seem to find an update updated windows to 8.1 from 10 for windows for that graphics card and when I play World of Warcraft the program locks up making it unable to get out of it or use Task Manager to close it All Im able to do is restart my system Very discouraged can anyone offer me some advice about how to get update or a fix for it that I might be able to do with some help Please understand I am learning disabled but understand computers just don't know how to work with drivers or fixes so if someone has a fix for an HD R Graphics card and has World of Warcraft too and it does it for them as well please paste the details of how to fix it step by step and make sure to write copy this or paste this in the stuff Thanks Kimberley

A:updated to windows 10 from 8.1

Have you downloaded and run the "Utility" here: Intel? Driver Update Utility ?
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hi I just updated my laptop to windows 8.1 I had several issues early this week and posted them on maintenance, so if you wish to read up on my progress please do any info is much appreciated. Fast forward to today, I updated to windows 8.1 successfully and it seem to fix all my problems all at once HURRAY. So I checked things out like anyone would do and saw I needed 5 more updates ( mouse and keyboard, windows defender and a few other) after they were down I manually restarted the laptop, but its been rebooting now for approx. 1 hour or so. all I see is the HP logo and the little circle is still going. I called HP for support and was told there would be a fee because my warranty just ran out. GOT A SUGGESTION?
Thanks Bailey

A:just updated to windows 8.1

Try to boot into Safe Mode, usually tapping F8 at boot on a HP, and the select a restore point prior to when you installed those 5 updates you are talking about. What is the full computer make and model?
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Windows 8 cant updated . Why ?

And market cant find windows 8.1

A:Windows 8 cant updated

Hi djpapi, Welcome to eightforums.

No offense. Is this copy of Windows genuine? As, pirated copies will not be updated and Microsoft will not be able to help.
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I updated my computer to 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium a few months ago (from 32 bit Vista), and have since worked out all the kinks (or so I thought). I saved all my documents and games, and all my drivers have been updated successfully. I installed OpenOffice, because I generally prefer it to MS Office, so I only now discovered my problem.

I didn't back up my copy of MS Office, and can't find my installation disk. I still have it in my windows.old folder that I've kept just to be safe, but I don't have the serial for it. Is there a way to recover it from the windows.old file? Or a way to pull my registration code from it?


A:Updated to Windows 7 - 64 bit

Actually, ignore this. I just, for the heck of it, opened up the MS Word I had downloaded (with its expired trial), and clicked on the "activate by internet button." It didn't ask me for any info, and just registered itself automatically. I don't really understand why, but my problem is solved. I honestly can't believe I never tried that before.
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Windows just updated without asking me. -Which is fine, really, but it also restarted my computer without asking.
I was playing a computer game and all of a sudden the computer restarted and started applying updates..

How can I disable this?

A:Windows updated without asking?

Try this tutorial:
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hi all i just updated windows 7 and now all the icons in my start menu have vanished. not really sure what to do. please advise. thanks in advance.

A:updated windows 7

Try System Restore, if necessary from System Recovery Options.
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Today I installed all the updates from microsoft,and I found out, know I have the GDR.

However hardware abstraction layer remains 16835.

I don't seem to have updates problems, like the other users, does this meens my copy is untouched, and what does 1941 represents.

A:Windows updated to GDR

GDR should be a kernel update.
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Having a problem with my Display Driver I have a HD Graphics R windows 8.1 to from updated 10 but I don't seem to find an update for windows for that graphics card and when I play World of Warcraft the program locks up making it unable to get out of updated to windows 10 from 8.1 it or use Task Manager to close it All Im able to do is updated to windows 10 from 8.1 restart my system Very discouraged can anyone offer me some advice about how to get update or a fix for it that I might be able to do with some help Please understand I am learning disabled but understand computers just don't know updated to windows 10 from 8.1 how to work with drivers or fixes so if someone has a fix for an HD R Graphics card and has World of Warcraft too and it does it for them as well please paste the details of how to fix it step by step and make sure to write copy this or paste this in the stuff Thanks Kimberley

A:updated to windows 10 from 8.1

Have you downloaded and run the "Utility" here: Intel? Driver Update Utility ?
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When I try to use Widows Update, I get the following error message: [Error number: 0x8DDD0002] To install updates from this website, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group on your computer. If you use Windows XP, you can see if you are an administrator by going to User Accounts in Control Panel.

Note: If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you using this website. Contact your system administrator for help with updates. I am using a Dell Dimension 2400 Computer with Windows XP SP2. I have two accounts: Computer Administrator and Guest (account is off). I am using the Computer Administrator account.

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Hello! As the title says, I updated the drivers (using DriverScanner) and my computer now has no sound.

I wanted to play the remastered Grim Fandango, which wouldn't work because it needed Open GL to run, and was told that DriverScanner would solve the problem. It did - partly. The game is now running - but there's no sound. In fact, there's no sound anywhere on the system. Which in this day and age is a nuisance.


Display adapters:
NVIDIA GeForce G210

Sound, video & game controllers:
HP Webcam Splitter
NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM)
Realtek High Definition Audio

As far as I can tell, everything seems to be working; the computer says that both Realtek and NVIDIA are working properly.


A:Updated drivers (including Realtek) - now no sound

My advice is two fold:
First use system restore to go back to good times. You will have sound again.
My second piece of advice, stop using software to do the updating. Get the best drivers, by going to the website and updating. Nothing done the easy way is the best.
Finally, there is no valid reason to be sure your drivers are always up to date, if not broken do not fix it.
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Hello guys,

I'm extremely unexperienced when it comes to debugging so I came here with hopes that someone more skilled may help me.

The BSOD's usually occur in pairs - that is, after one BSOD, upon restart, only a few minutes after start up, it BSOD's again. Then after a second restart, it will not BSOD until later, at a random moment (meaning, it's not when there's an explicitly defined command).

Attached is the zip with the dump files as requested; I really hope this can be resolved!

Thanks ahead of time,


A:BSOD Unexpected; Updated drivers with no Improvement :(

Please upload your msinfo32.nfo file. To get this: Start Menu -> Type msinfo32 into the Search programs and files box -> When it opens, go to File, Save -> Save as msinfo32.nfo and save in a place you will remember -> Let it finish the process of gathering and saving the system info -> Right click the .nfo file, click send to compressed (zipped) folder -> Upload the .zip file here.

Please upload your msinfo32.txt file. To get this: Start Menu -> Type msinfo32 into the Search programs and files box -> When it opens, go to File, Export -> Save as msinfo32.txt and save in a place you will remember -> Let it finish the process of gathering and saving the system info -> Right click the .txt file, click send to compressed (zipped) folder -> Upload the .zip file here.
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So I built a new PC last week looking to run with Constant PC updated Crashes drivers Build, New some newer games moderately well This was my original build PCPartPicker part list Price breakdown by merchantCPU Intel Core i - New PC Build, Constant Crashes with updated drivers GHz Quad-Core Processor SuperBiiz Motherboard ASRock Z Anniversary ATX LGA Motherboard SuperBiiz Memory Corsair Vengeance LP GB x GB DDR - Memory Newegg Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue TB RPM Internal Hard Drive SuperBiiz Video Card Sapphire Radeon R X GB Video Card Newegg Case Corsair Carbide Series R Windowed ATX Mid Tower Case Mwave Power Supply Thermaltake TR W ATX Power Supply SuperBiiz Optical Drive Asus DRW- F ST DVD CD Writer OutletPC Total Prices include shipping taxes and discounts when availableGenerated by PCPartPicker - - EDT- I have since upgraded from that PSU to a new one as someone else told me the PSU was the likely culprit behind my issues My issue is whenever I have the PC running from the X GPU with the latest drivers I get artifacts towards the bottom middle of the screen and my machine constantly crashes I can run the machine perfectly fine via on board graphics as I am now and even via the X but with a generic driver installed As soon as I update the driver constant crashes restarts and artifacts You can't see the artifacts all the time But on anything dark especially pictures or videos they are pretty clear I bought Windows to use on the new PC as I had never used it before and was curious I have even tried doing a complete clean install of Windows and running it from there Same issues I have run memtest on the memory and got no issues I have used the Display Driver Uninstaller from Wagnard to make sure I am doing a complete clean install of drivers I changed my PSU to this one a much more reliable PSU Every time the system crashes and restarts this is the Critcal error I get in the Event Viewer Log Name System Source Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Date AM Event ID Task Category Level Critical Keywords User SYSTEM Computer Our-PC Description The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first This error could be caused if the system stopped responding crashed or lost power unexpectedly Event Xml lt Event xmlns http schemas microsoft com win events event gt lt System gt lt Provider Name Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Guid C B A- - C -AC E- C D B gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID ThreadID gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Our-PC lt Computer gt lt Security UserID S- - - gt lt System gt lt EventData gt lt Data Name BugcheckCode gt lt Data gt lt Data Name BugcheckParameter gt xfffffa e e lt Data gt lt Data Name BugcheckParameter gt xfffff c cec lt Data gt lt Data Name BugcheckParameter gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name BugcheckParameter gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name SleepInProgress gt false lt Data gt lt Data Name PowerButtonTimestamp gt lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt This is what I see in a dialog box when the computer gets back to the desktop Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode BCP FFFFFA E BCP FFFFF B CEC BCP BCP OS Version Service Pack Product This is also in the Event Viewer Error log - The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck The bugcheck was x xfffffa e xfffff b cec x x A dump was saved in C Windows MEMORY DMP Report Id - - I really am lost as to what could be the issue Does it seem like a GPU issue or something software related

A:New PC Build, Constant Crashes with updated drivers

Hello bravo...all you need to do is to upgrade the driver using the updated driver for 280XGPU for great resolution and graphics performance..pls if notify me if this works..
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hi This past tuesday i downloaded a new patch for WoW I was all excited to play and found that my computer was freezing a minute after a logged in EVERY time So I looked online and everyone says that you should update video drivers as the first step I went to the Nvidia website clicked to have them read my system hardware to determine what driver i should update to saw that my current driver was version quot quot and downloaded the suggested driver I m running windows so updated Don't know to how drivers install card video :( i had to unzip it on my xp computer Don't know how to install updated video card drivers :( and send it back to this one I opened the program to install the drivers went through all the steps and finally restarted my computer When I went to get on WoW it froze immediately just like before So i went back to the Nvidia site and clicked again to have it scan for what driver i needed and again it told me that my current version was version quot quot Is the Nvidia site wrong in reading my video driver or did the new driver not install for some reason please help nbsp