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Radeon HD 7970M vs GeForce GTX 580 (desktop)

Q: Radeon HD 7970M vs GeForce GTX 580 (desktop)

Was wondering if the AMD 7970M outperforms the GTX 580 desktop card. I am only asking this since I heard it on some forums, just wanted to double-check (google no yielding any search results).

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Preferred Solution: Radeon HD 7970M vs GeForce GTX 580 (desktop)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Radeon HD 7970M vs GeForce GTX 580 (desktop)

Iv read that the 580m loses heavily to the 7970m, Not sure about the desktop version.
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Hi, I was playing a video game when suddenly my laptop crashed and powered off. After powering in back up again I got BSOD. I reinstalled Windows but ever since, when I install AMD drivers for Radeon HD 7970M upon completion the laptop freezes and I get a blank black screen or BSOD. I have tried using updated drivers and those that came on a disk with my laptop, both crash the laptop.

Today I tried installing AMD drivers again and crashed. I removed the AMD drivers and can use the laptop normally with Intel HD Graphics 4000. Could it be a hardware issue?

Attachment 335963

Computer Type ACPI x64-based PC (Mobile)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
CPU Type Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i7-3720QM, 3400 MHz (34 x 100)
Motherboard Name Clevo P15xEMx
Motherboard Chipset Intel Panther Point HM77, Intel Ivy Bridge
Video Adapter Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 (2112 MB)
3D Accelerator AMD Radeon HD 7970M (Wimbledon)

A:BSOD after installing drivers for AMD Radeon HD 7970M

Perhaps this file will be more useful.

Attachment 335964

I created it in Safe Mode after installing AMD drivers. Laptop screen went black during installation with an Underscore flashing in top left corner. Nothing else was happening for minutes
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Greetings everyone here at the Windows 7 Forums,

I have a Dell laptop system that has an AMD Radeon HD 7970M Graphics Card. I have recently completed a clean install of Windows 7 SP1 x64, and I need to reinstall all of my drivers. When I try to install my Radeon's drivers from the resource CD, it appears to install successfully until I reboot.

When I start up my computer again, a balloon flashes saying something along the lines of 'Installing device driver software'. After a few seconds, it says something like 'Device driver installation failed'. I don't remember the exact titles, but these should do. When I click on the balloon for more info, it shows a red X next to 'Device unplugged'.

What do I do? Does this mean that I cannot use my Radeon graphics card? I would really appreciate support and instructions on what this means and how I can fix it.


A:AMD Radeon HD 7970M Graphics Driver Not Installing

I would get the drivers from the dell site it could be outdated and they have a updated version available
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I found an older thread here with the exact same problem on your forums but a solution had not been found then I was playing a video game when Radeon AMD graphics driver after installing 7970M BSOD HD my laptop crashed I restarted it and got BSOD On other attempts I would get to the Windows loading screen but it would then result in a blank black screen I reinstalled Windows Home Premium x and as soon as I install drivers for M the laptop crashes BSOD black screen I tried installing the driver version that came with the laptop when I originally purchased it and I also tried latest versions from AMD's website The laptop crashes when installing any of those versions Wondering if anyone knows the cause for this and possibly a solution Computer Type ACPI x -based PC Mobile Operating System Microsoft Windows Home Premium Bit CPU Type Mobile QuadCore Intel Core i - QM MHz x Motherboard Name Clevo P xEMx D Accelerator AMD Radeon HD M Wimbledon D Accelerator Intel HD Graphics

A:BSOD after installing AMD Radeon HD 7970M graphics driver

Hi there,

Could you please post your issue in the BSOD Help and Support - Windows 7 Help Forums section and follow Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions. An analyst will then be able to help you with your issue.
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Which should I choose? They all go around the same price...

A:ATI Radeon 9800XT vs GeForce 6800 vs GeForce 6600GT

It depends on which maker, really. But in general, the 6800 is the best of the three listed, followed by the 6600GT, then the 9800XT.
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Is there a difference? I just bought a GeForce FX 5200 and installed it... the requirements I'm looking for are ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX. Did I get something equivalent or is the one I have not good enough?

Please help...


A:Difference between a GeForce FX and ATI Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3 or 4 MX
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well i know that the 8600M GT will be better than the other two but i need to know by how much of a difference.. and i would like to know which of the 2 radeons is better. the X2500 or the HD2300 and also by how much of a difference. or if anyone could just drop me a link here to tell which of this graphics card is better...

A:Mobility Radeon HD 2300, Mobility Radeon X2500 and the GeForce 8600M GT comparison

2.5x + to 1 if not more.
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I personally think Geforce is the way to go but there are obviously other opinions out there. What do u think? I'll hopefully get some replys in here

cheers goin out to poertner_1274

A:What is better Geforce or Radeon?

You can check out this thread to help with your question.
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i wanna see what all your opinions are on this. im a geforce guy, but some ppl swear upon their radeons, why?

A:geforce or radeon?

It depends on which generation...from the DX7 generation, nVidia wins, DX8, it's a tossup, and from the GeForceFX series/9600 and up, Radeon wins. From the 6800/X800, nVidia picked itself up, but Radeons are still much better for those looking to save space, and power.
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which card in the geforce series is comparable to radeon 7500

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My bro has a pc running Athlon XP3000+, Gigabyte board. I have said I will buy him a graphix card for around the Ģ70 ($140) mark. He plays games continually, but I have zilch idea of decent cards for gaming.

So guys, what are you ideas of a decent card for that kind of price.. and since there doesn't seem to be much of a divide between GeForce and Radeon, any preferences there?

Cheers for your help!

A:GeForce or Radeon?

GeForce all the way. You get way more card for the price.
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What do you all think is best? GeForce or Radeon chipsets on a video card. I am building a new PC and need advice on a video card. What chipset is the best?


A:GeForce or Radeon??

On newer cards (Radeon 9500/GeForceFX and up), Radeons are usually better. For older cards, like GeForce 2, 3, and some 4's, nVidia is better. Personally, I like the Radeon 9600XT, you can get an OEM version for $170 at newegg, it's a great card, and will play pretty much anything you throw at it.
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Hey guys so i'm definitely going to get one or the other
i know either one is an upgrade from a radeon 9000 series but im not sure which one to get or which one is better. what do you guys think? i only have pci slots

Compaq Presario
2.5gb ram
radeon 9000 series

please respond as to what you think would be better for my computer

A:Radeon vs GeForce

i would say grab the 9500 its a great pci card
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Should i get a:
radeon 9800np128mb.-256mb but with 256bit(or pro is i could find one on ebay)
Geforce 5900 256mb.
I have an HP a220n and Hp said i could change my psu. That is good. I ahve 8x agp.

Or Radeon 9500 pro 128mb. plus either silent hill 3 or mafia for $70 total inc.shipping.

A:Radeon Or Geforce?

how much money you got for disposal??
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I have GeForce 7300LE and i was wondering if the ATI Radeon XP1600 PRO is better for playing games like FEAR, CARBON and stuff like that?

A:GeForce VS Radeon

soulkolektor said:

I have GeForce 7300LE and i was wondering if the ATI Radeon XP1600 PRO is better for playing games like FEAR, CARBON and stuff like that?Click to expand...

cmon, i know somebody know the answer to this.
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Which of these 2 is better? ATI or Nvidia?
And which is better out of these two graphics card?
Nvidia Geforce 7600GT

Or ATI radeon X800GTO?

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Ok I ve got an issue I recently got a Radeon se and am attempting to install it into my to 9600SE Radeon Geforce 2 CPU Upon installation it noticed changes and asked for restart -- which I did And upon restart it made my monitor go black screen and I had to put in my old graphics card -- and then it went back to working after installing the Nvidia drivers I have read my guide that came with it and it said this was possible because I dont have the updated AGP drivers on my computer however I can t seem to download them I looked in my quot system devices quot and couldn t find anything that said anything about Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE an AGP However there was a familiar name in the devices -- VIA Tech -- so I went to www viaarena com and downloaded the drivers which I Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE thought would corrolate with that driver in my devices and when running setup it said installation couldn t be performed I know my little explanation of the Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE problem above is a bit confusing but the problem confuses me so that s the best I can explain it Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Geforce 2 to Radeon 9600SE

What kind of motherboard/chipset do you have? Does the screen go black when windows boots up or when you turn on your computer. I am thinking at the moment that it might be some BIOS settings. AGP drivers have nothing to do hen post booting. make sure it is either AGP 2X or 4X. Make sure your motherboard has updated BIOS. Try to get older 4X.XX drivers and not those new Forceware drivers. and if you don't have a KT400 chipset don't use any Hyperion drivers too as they were for the newer chipsets. Get v4.43 or older.
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Quick question here I'm helping my girlfriend's sister buy a new PC She's looking at the Dell XPS If she buys it on Dell's website she can get or GTX 645? HD GeForce Radeon 7570 the GeForce GTX installed If she buys it at Best Buy she would get the AMD Radeon HD She's not really into serious gaming but she does play some games She won't be doing any first person shooter or racing games mostly shmups shooters peggle-type games Luxor HD etc - right now her old HP PC can't even handle Luxor HD at x She does play Future Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645? Pinball tables which Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645? does require a bit of graphical Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645? power With that in mind which will be the better card I think from what I've read the GTX is better but I wanted to double-check in here The processor will be the Core i - either way Will the GTX be enough for her Keep in mind she got by the last years with HP integrated graphics but it did hold her back a bit She's really not interested in upgrading beyond either of these cards

A:Radeon HD 7570 or GeForce GTX 645?

From what I can find about those two cards (they are both OEM only cards), the GTX 645 is slightly faster. Neither will be up to any of the latest and greatest, but should be more than enough for the type of games you said she likes to play.

Pretty much comes down to which is selling the computer the cheapest, more than the slight edge one card may have over the other.
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I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I spent a good chunk of change on a GeForce 4 MX 440-SE video card.. and now I'm having second thoughts.

I read a lot of information across the net and I seem to find more disappointing info on the card than I do enjoyable info. Getting this feeling I probably shouldn'tve bought it in the first place.

I'm looking at getting an ATI card (for $100 or less.. not rich here..) and I'm looking at the Radeon 7500. Is that just as good, if not better, than the GeForce MX 440?

Also.. GF4 card I bought seems to hate XP.. >.<

A:GeForce 4 or Radeon 7500?

A simple reason why the GF4 MX is bad is because it isn't fully DX8-Compliant or doesn't use the core features that makes a true GF4 DX8-Compliant. It's a budget card, the next best performing GF4 is the TI4200 which is more of an average level gamers card that can be O/C to TI4600 with a good HS&Fan to maintain stability.
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Which one is better based on the price ??

My mobo:

Thanks and happy holidays.

A:Which chipset is better Radeon Vs GeForce ?

I have to amit to being a little confused. You state this set of specs:

Pentium 75 mhz
EDO 8 MB ram
1 BM Trident Video Card
1.6 HD
A Drive
OS: 3.11
Monitor: 13 inches VGA
Modem 14400

That machine can't possibly have the mobo you posted can it???

It has = Built-in Graphics System
Onboard 128-bit 2D/3D 100MHz Host interface AGP Graphics Accelerator Complies with AGP V2.0

The two vid cards you asked about in the machine you have listed would be a waste of money. Now that's just my opinion but it is a little weird to put that mobo (it certainly didn't come with it) in that machine.

Sorry if I'm misinterpreting things.
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Ok im just wondering, since they both have 64 megs, and are almost the same price, which is better.

A:geforce 4ms 420 or radeon 7000

The MX420 by MILES! The 7000 is = to a TNT2 Pro in benchmarks & such.

Having said that: the GF2 MX400 is only a little behind the GF4 MX420 & is also better than the 7000. The only *plus* the 7000 has is DDR & it still can't keep up w/the MX's.

I can tell you're 'stuck' w/a PCI card (that's what the 7000 & MX420 are) & I'm in the same boat. Get a GF & not the 7000. I did & since I've seen comparisons: I'm glad I didn't get the 7000! :grinthumb

I've spoken to PNY & was told that when the 'new' nVidia chips come out: there will be a hi-performance PCI card in the release. I got a GF2 MX400 in the meantime.

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I'm looking at purchasing one or the other tomorrow. They are both $99 at Best Buy, and I'm wondering which is better. I couldn't help but notice that the GT520 has more memory.

Could anyone help?


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if everyday use.... about 6 hrs a day
who will long last or better durability
the ati radeons or nvidia geforce

and pls give me some tips to make them long last


Last longer......physically? Or last longer, as in which will run new games at an acceptable level the longest amount of time?

Either AMD or Nvidia will last a good while physically. Both makers have produced bad cards at some point, it is something that just happens and you can't fault a company for sending out a bad card here and there. I would say heat is the biggest factor in whether a card has a long life, or goes tits up. Overclocking can reduce the lifespan a bit as well.

The best advice I have for you to make sure a card will last is to keep it clean and cool. Don't overclock it and occasionally take it out and gently clean the fans/heatsink to keep dirt/crud from building up and making it run hotter than it has to. Good ventilation in the case will indirectly help keep the card cool also. Unfortunately, there is no voodoo that I am aware of to make a card last is an electrical component and is susceptible to degradation just like everything else.
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A:GeForce GT 220 1GB or Radeon HD 4670 1GB


Umm, let me see, both cards excel at mediocrity. I'm going to speculate that since the GT-240 is often on sale in the price range of either of these cards, you should buy one of those instead.

Take for example this EVGA; Forty bucks after MIR.
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I m making plans for buying myself & GeForce Comparing Radeon a new video card I held onto my Radeon X XL for as long as I could But I m finding Shader requirements an obstacle I can t overcome I ve been recommended Comparing Radeon & GeForce a card from the Radeon series But after finding out and series cards have come out I decided to do some investigation into Radeon and GeForce cards Most everyone seems to say that visually speaking some of the cards have a quot slight edge quot over the others As such it seemed to get down to personal preference At that point I decided to go with specs After looking up specs on Wikipedia on all the cards from the Radeon HD - and GeForce - Direct D Shader Model OpenCL OpenGL Other than maybe a or difference none of the cards seemed to give a significant graphical advantage over the other As such I looked at some more information and discovered that the main advantage the cards might have over each other is in three difference categories Power consumption Additional processors Amount of heat given off Now I am all for having these kind of advantages with my next card So with that in mind along with some personal preference I plan on playing games I m not intersted in overclocking I m Comparing Radeon & GeForce not interested in Comparing Radeon & GeForce D I ll only ever use two LCDs I don t mind setting my graphics settings in-game to being - I m sure some machines can do But I d rather have fps of the time over amazing visuals Can anyone point out a detail that I missed that can tell me why one card is better than the others nbsp

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Hello I ve got an issue that needs resolving 6850 Ti GTX GeForce <or> 550 HD Radeon but please take time to read and understand the problem or don t bother replying at all I m anxious about Diablo coming out soon and I m considering buying one of the mentioned video cards to replace my current GeForce GT Those two have a power consumption that my PSU - Corsair VX will meet GeForce GTX Ti -Pros Lower power consumption of the two PCI Express PhysX Cheaper -Cons Worse performance GeForce GTX 550 Ti <or> Radeon HD 6850 Radeon HD -Pros Better performance -Cons Higher power consumption PCI Express More expensive - The is undoubtedly better but the main issue with it is GeForce GTX 550 Ti <or> Radeon HD 6850 whether it will work on my old Asus M N -SLI Deluxe WiFi MB since I ve for PCI express a slots and I ve found many people on the net having issues with compatibility - The Ti on the other hand isn t as good but still is a lot better than what I have It s cheaper requires less power and is PCI Express - haven t found people complaining about compatibility with PCI Express MBs - I m worried how much will my other components bottleneck each of those cards My PC http www fileden com files Report txt So finally a little background I ve played titles like Crysis Skyrim and StarCraft on my PC with x resolution and lowered detail I ve played the Diablo open beta too x window mode low detail but I d like a bit better gaming experience since I d be playing it a lot after work in the weekends holidays I know my PC is old and a new one will be a lot better but I just wanna spend as little as possible since I m a rather causal gamer nowadays To wrap it up Which of those VGAs will be the right fit for my PC if any Should I expect compatibility issues bottlenecking Thanks nbsp

A:GeForce GTX 550 Ti <or> Radeon HD 6850

I have a M2N32-SLI Deluxe and ran a 6870 in it for a few months with no problems. It currently has a 6670 in it and runs fine no issues with either GPU. I know you can play Crysis and Skyrim on it. I don't play Diablo.
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Hi, i am trying to decide what brand of graphics card is better radeon or geforce. i have a p4 motherboard with 8x agp. i would just like some thoughts on witch is better. Thanks,

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My specs:
Celeron 1200 Mhz
Gigabyte 6VA mobo (via apollo pro chipset)
512 MB ram
ESS soundcard
Windows Me

A couple of weeks ago I replaced my Geforce 256 by a Geforce 4mx. But as several people advised me I brought it back and bought a Radeon 8500 instead. But after I had built it in I didn`t get a significant performance boost. I got about 30 FPS in JK2 timedemo with both Geforce4mx and Radeon 8500 and about 6000 marks in 3Dmark 99 max also with both cards (vsynch off). In 3Dmark 2001 SE I get about 5100 marks with the Radeon (I donīt know about the Geforce 4mx). What could be the problem or is this all the performance I can expect from a Radeon 8500 and a Celeron 1,2 ?

A:Geforce 4mx = Radeon 8500 ?

Indeed it might be the Celeron the culprit in this equation. Do you know the exact type of Radeon 8500 you have bought ? What drivers are you running ? There are OEM versions circulating with lower specs then the Original Radeon 8500.

Radeon 8500 -> 275 mhz Core / 550 mhz DDRam
Radeon 8500 LE -> 250 mhz Core / 500 mhz DDRam
Radeon 8500 LELE ->225 mhz Core / 450 mhz DDRam

I haven't tested a GF4MX but I've installed 2 Radeon 8500 cards & I must say they worked very well ( granted they were running on AthlonXPs ).

Have you tryed any other games ?
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What one do you think I should get?

They both have the same pixel pipelines but the Geforce has a higher clock speed for core and ram.

Anyone heard anything bad about either?

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hello everyone i need to pick a Graphics card my choises are
MSI Radeon HD 5770 or EVGA GeForce GTX 260

also on another note pick your favourite (also on my new build)
EVGA P55 ForTheWin or ASUS Maximus III Formula

A:Radeon HD 5770 or GeForce GTX 260?

HD5770 is around the same performance as the 4890 and supports DX11.

What CPU are you using?
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Hello forum,
I'm buying a new card. My current (XFX 9800 GT) decided to stop working for some reason.
The two choices i have are between:

Geforce GTS 250


Radeon HD 5750

I dont plan on overclocking at all, if you were basing your decison on OC capabilities.

Also want to know if:
The Radeon one is DDR 5. As far as i know thats new tech. Will it work on an ASUS P5E-VM DO mobo ?

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Hi guys,

I will be upgrading from a defective ATI Radeon 9800XT to a new XFX nVidia GeForce 7600GT, for the AGP platform.

When I get the new card, how do I uninstall my ATI card and all the software as to avoid any conflicts during the switchover to nVidia?

Then when I get the new card, how do I get it properly configured? I've never done this before.


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I have two cards ATI Radeon 9200se and Geforce Fx5200.Both are of 128 mb. Which one is better.I want to replace one of them.

One more thing i also want to buy a good 3d card (better than ATI 9200 and Fx 5200) but i have a limited money so plz tell me which one is better for me. I have a motherboard with agp 4x.

A:[HELP] Which is better Radeon 9200se or Geforce Fx5200.

Both the 9200se and 5200fx are obnoxiously obsolete by today's standards. It's really a toss-up, with the 5200fx likely being a hair slower in some games, but offerring PS/VS2.0 (DX 9.0) whereas the 9200se offers PS/VS1.4 (DX8.1). So... it's up to you and your games. Both cards are severely fillrate and memory bandwidth strapped.

As far as a new videocard goes, the 6600GT is pretty hard to beat for an AGP system. If this is a tad out of your pricerange, the 9800 Pro has been reduced in price to staggering lows at NewEgg. I'd recommend a 9800 Pro from NewEgg (due to price vs. performance), or a 6600GT if you can afford one.
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I am going to be adding a new video card but unfortunately don't have an AGP or PCI express slot. Therefore, I am limited in my choices. Should I go with the GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 9250?

A:GeForce FX 5200 or Radeon 9250

I have 2 computers ones running Geforce FX 5200 agp, and ones running the Radeon 9250, so far ive found the 5200 faster and more reliable then the radeon.
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Hi guyz ...
I'm planning to buy a new desktop soon, could you guyz give me suggestion which one would be better ?

ATI Radeon 9600 PRO 128 MB
MSI GeForce FX 5600 128 MB

A:ATI Radeon 9600 Pro vs GeForce FX 5600

Search for benchmarks
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NVIDIA GeForce 6150 or ATI Radeon Xpress 200
which is better? i know both "suck" as they kinda old and onboard.. but just curious
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I am tired of my graphic card, as it is underpowered. I am trying to decide what to get in place of it and I'm looking at the Radeon 9800se 128-bit 128mb video card. My GeForce is 64-bit 128mb video card. Should I stay with my vid card or get the Radeon. My budget is between $60-70. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:GeForce 6200 vs. ATI Radeon 9800

This would be a good card, better than your 6200 and better than a 9800SE:
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hello all , I have a small dilemma at the mo , my brother has given me his Ati Radeon 9600 XT card as he has just upgraded to a new system with ATI X1600

now my old system runs most games fine but struggles on a couple but overall its fine for me.
However If i replace my current Geforce 4 4600ti with the Radeon card would I see any benefits , I seem to recall they were around at the same time so are they pretty much the same or does one or the other whip the pants out of the other.
Which one shall I use Arrggghh

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I have the option to jump from a GeForce 6150 Integrated GPU to an X300 GPU, and I was wondering if it is worth the jump (if I would see a significant increase in performance)?

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Hi I ve been looking for the last while for a laptop and graphics is one of my main concerns Before I start I want to make it clear that I m not GS? 8400m 3450 Radeon or ATI Geforce HD looking for really high graphics quality because I m limited by budget and on laptop you can t upgrade above the two ATI Radeon HD 3450 or Geforce 8400m GS? mentioned cards So basically I had been thinking about getting a Dell Vostro with Geforce m GS but just recently saw the Dell studio with ATI Radeon HD It would cost me about more to get studio atm but will also get extra Gb Hard disk space and a GHz core duo over the vostros GHz In terms ATI Radeon HD 3450 or Geforce 8400m GS? of performance I basically want ATI Radeon HD 3450 or Geforce 8400m GS? to know is the Radeon better than the Im not looking to play the newest games like crysis etc but do want to play some like call of duty which i know works on the Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:ATI Radeon HD 3450 or Geforce 8400m GS?

"is the Radeon better than the 8400?"...

In this case, I would say yes
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I just built my own computer afte going crazy for a few years with the Dell Optiplex Gx110, and now have decided to upgrade my S3 UniChrome integrated graphics with something better for playing modern games. I am looking at a 128mb. 64-Bit EVGA e-GeForce 6200 agp 8x, and a 256mb ATI Radeon 9600xt (or tx?) agp 8x. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I am wondering which is better. I play mainly games like The Sims 2 kind of games as well as Action RPG's (like Oblivion, but less demanding). Which is better suited for me? Here are my computer specs. straight from the DirectX Diagnostic Tool:

Intel(R) Celeron(R) :dead: CPU 2.66 Ghz
224 MB. Ram (next on my list to upgrade)
DirectX 8.1 (will be upgraded to 9.0 by the time anyone reads this)
Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600)

A:e-GeForce 6200 vs. ATI Radeon 9600xt

Out of those two, the 9600XT is WAY better. But, if you like to play modern games, I`m afraid you`ll need better CPU and GPU. The 9600XT isn`t very good for Oblivion.

You need at least a Geforce 6600 GT for that game, and of course a good CPU (Athlon 64, P4) to run Oblivion. Very demanding game.....

Also, Welcome to Techspot!! :wave:
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Dear All,

Need a quick suggestion before i seal the deal.

I intend to buy the Radeon HD 5450. It has PCI-e 2.1 x16 bus interface.

My motherboard model is Foxconn WinFast NF4K8MC. It has PCI-e 1 x16 graphics slot.

My query is- will the graphics card work with this motherboard or not?

Thanks in advance,

A:Geforce GT 210 or Radeon HD 5450..better in gaming??

to answer your question... neither would be a choice for me for gaming..

both cards are so low down on the budget scale, they would only jsut offer better performance than built in graphics.

unless your aim is to play mine sweeper lol
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im getting a new video card and i dont know which of these to choose. both are same price at compusa, which 1 is better?

-GeForce 6600GT-
Platform: PC
Type of Video Card: 2D/3D Video w/TV Support
Slot Type: PCI Express x16
Chipset Brand: NVIDIA
Chipset: GeForce 6600
Core Clock Speed: 500 MHz
Installed Video Memory: 128 MB
Memory Technology: DDR3
Memory Speed: 1 GHz
RAMDAC Speed: dual 400 MHz
Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
Refresh Rate at Max Resolution: 85 Hz
Flat Panel Max Resolution: 1900 x 1200
Video Standards: HDTV

-Radeon 9800 Pro-
Platform: PC
Type of Video Card: 2D/3D Video w/TV Support
Slot Type: AGP
AGP Support: AGP 4X
Chipset Brand: ATI
Chipset: RADEON 9800 Pro
Installed Video Memory: 128 MB
Memory Technology: DDR
RAMDAC Speed: 400 MHz
Max Resolution: 2048 x 1536
Refresh Rate at Max Resolution: 85 Hz
Color Depth at Maximum Resolution: 16.7 Million Colors (24-bit)
Video Standards: HDTV NTSC (Full)

A:GeForce 6600GT or Radeon 9800 Pro

As I don't own either one of these, I can't say which is the best, but I can tell you this. The GeForce card that you list, shows to be a PCi Express card, and you have to have a motherboard that supports that. Unless you have a pretty new computer and or motherboard, you can rule that one out. I'll bet you have a AGP slot, so if you do, be sure and look for AGP cards only. IF you need an AGP card the 6600GT also comes in AGP version.
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A:Geforce 8800gt vs. Radeon hd3870

I'd say the Geforce 8800GT from those two by a little bit, but depending on your budget you may also want to consider the Radeon HD 4850 which outperforms both of those cards and several others above those two at just a little bit more then the 8800GT you linked too.

Here's a benchmark that has both the HD3870 and 8800GT, as well as the HD4850:

Tom's Hardware also has an interactive VGA charts with all the common cards but their site seems to be experiencing issues at the moment.
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So which one do you think is better? Radeon X1650 Pro : or GeForce 7600 GS: ?

Thanks in advance.

A:Radeon X1650 Pro VS GeForce 7600 GS

My choice

I plan on getting the X1650 PRO,but i don't know much about the other one.
I have used ATI since W95 and stay with it.
The best way to get this kind of comparison is with magazine articles.
So try this forum.
Great Magazine.Fantastic annual subscription price.$34.97 CDN.63% off.
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I would like to know which one is better? I was surfing on and noticed the had a 256 mb ddr 9200 that runs at 200mhz(core speed) and 400mhz(Effective Speed), but they had a FX 5200 256 mb ddr that runs at 250mhz(Core) and 332mhz(Effective). I couldn't find a 5200 with 256mb that runs the same as the Radeon... if you know of a webstore that has one plz give me link, if the FX 5200 is better. So can someone plz tell me which card would be the best. Link to Geforce, and link to Radeon

A:Radeon 9200 Vs. Geforce FX 5200

Dude, with the X800 cards now becoming available on the market, prices are dropping fast on vid cards. Hold of for another couple weeks at least.

Both of the cards you are mentioning are junk, to be perfectly honest. Well, at least if you play PC games they are. Wait, and get yourself a 9800 Pro as the price comes down!
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Comments on which is better.

I am going buy one of these but I do not know which is better.

A:ATI Radeon 9600 vs GeForce FX 5200


Actually, it depends upon which version you get of the ATI. I would always recommend the ATI card over the 5200, unless you are planning on buying the LE version. If you are planning on this cheap LE version of the ATI, then I would recommend the 5200. I have a 9600 Pro and it is a great card.
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I am wondering which card I should get. Both cards are AGP. The x800 out preforms the 6800 in the benchmark tests on "Toms's hardware guide" site. It also out preforms the 6800 in hardware as well having GDDR3 memory while the 6800 has DDR. My question is how important is having SM3. The 6800 card has SM3 while the x800 card does not. I know that soon ATI will soon be coming out with a new line of cards that all have SM3 which makes me wonder how important the technology is.

Thanks for your time.

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Which one would be a better fit? Both are about the same price, though 7750 was released a year after GTX550Ti. The only thing 550 has advantage in are the clocks, which are told to be twice as fast as 7750. Would that make any difference, significant or not?

These are the cards in consideration - EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti &#40;Fermi&#41; FPB 1GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card - ASUS HD7750-1GD5-V2 Radeon HD 7750 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

A:Radeon HD 7750 vs GeForce GTX550Ti

Basically flip a coin. In some games the AMD is faster, and in others the Nvidia is. Good place to start is here,

Video Card Comparison -

Check some of the reviews of the HD 7750 as most will also have the 550 Ti, and you can judge for yourself.

One big advantage that the HD 7750 has over the 550 Ti is it requires/uses about half the power, 55 W for the HD 7750 vs 116 W for the 550 Ti.
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i have Athlon XP 2000+ 512 ddram and a Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb
and im planning to upgrade to an AMD Athlon64 3400+
this complect, which i will buy, has 512 dual ddr and a Geforce FX 5900XT.
what will you suggest, put in my old Radeon, or leave the GeForce ?
I know, that we can compare Geforce FX 5900Ultra to Radeon 9800 Pro , but i think u know the problems Radeon users have with Counter-Strike.
Now, with my specs, i have between 40 and 70 fps in CS/CZ and 100 fps in closed places ... so, will the fps be 100 all the time with this PC, and i'll be able to play newer games with high frame rates, or will it still be sloppy with radeon ? should i choose geforce fx 5900 XT then ? cause ill have more time playing CS than Doom 3 or Far Cry or something... ( ofcourse i WILL play them, that's why im upgrading )

A:Geforce FX 5900XT and Radeon 9800Pro

Keep your "old" 9800 Pro, you fool hehe
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I just bought a radeon 5770 that runs sc2 worse than my old geforce 7900 gs..

I have a dell dimension 9150:
Intel pentium D 940 dual core processor
motherboard= DXP051
psu = 600 W by OCZ streamx
ram= 2 gig DDR2 533 MHZ

running windows 7 x86.

Question is, what is the bottleneck? I know other people are playing this game on ultra with this card and i can barely play it on medium settings... could it be the driver compatibility or something? because I do hear ati drivers have issues with windows 7

A:Radeon HD 5770 being outperformed by GeForce 7900gs?

Intel pentium D 940 dual core processorClick to expand...

Here is your problem.
The 5770 is even stronger than the 7900gs, and your processor can't handle it.
I'd expect performance to be about similar, but it's conceivable that it could be worse.
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just installed an Asus M4A88TD. it has quite impressive (to me at least) on board graphics - ATI Radeon HD 4250 with 128MB DDR3 1333 memory.

this is a budget-limited upgrade, so would i be better off with this graphics set up, or with my old card, an NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT? (until i get a new card)

my main use is for 3d modelling - the on board graphics works well so far

A:ATI Radeon HD 4250 vs Nvidia GeForce 7300GT

any thoughts on this?
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Hi this is my first post here im just a student about to start university and im looking to buy a computer for around - and im thinking of getting either this one http www nice-pc co uk acatalog scaleo pa bundle html or one from X1300 Pro? Radeon 7500LE nVidia GeForce or ATi dell which has a spec of Intel Viiv Core Duo e nVidia GeForce 7500LE or ATi Radeon X1300 Pro? ghz mb Cache MHz FSB gb Ram gb hard drive mb ATi Radeon X Pro ive done some research and as i understand both graphics cards are fairly low end but im not really too fussed about getting a super powerful computer i just want something fast which can play some simple games right now i really only play Counterstrike sometimes and also use Photoshop CS and Reason every now and again so in your opinions because of people here know alot more about computers than i do lol which system is better Dell Fujitsu i dont mind about the price to be honest but if dell computer is just as good or even better then it would be nice to save a few quid P thanks in advance to whoever replys P S Really only thing swaying my decision here is graphics card hence the post in this thread as i am not really too bothered about Ram or processor or even hard drive size the smallest out of the two being gb which for me is pleeenty as im on a really poor system right now and coping fine nbsp

A:nVidia GeForce 7500LE or ATi Radeon X1300 Pro?

Intel Viiv Core 2 Duo e4400 (2ghz, 2mb Cache, 800MHz FSB)
1gb Ram
250gb hard drive
256mb ATi Radeon X1300 Pro

would be the best in my opion, but if u or they would upgrade that video card I think u would like the computer a whole lot better.
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EDIT Read bottom of post Hi I am looking to get a new video card for under untaxed from this store Link to store http www hypertechcomputer com You can access the video cards page by going to Video card Video conference-- gt PCI-Express My type I would supply the link but the Which do recommend, one vs. Radeon - of why? GeForce you video and cards these website is frame-based The two I am eying are Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why? the ATi Radeon and the Geforce GT for around the same price I am currently using a Geforce GS that has died on me System AMD Sempron Processor gb DDR Ram Buffalo watt peak power supply w amps on the volt rail Windows XP Kubuntu Operating systems K N Neo motherboard I believe has a PCI-Express x slot I use it primarily for d modeling and playing games such as Counter Strike Source and Half life Episode level games My previous video card before death could Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why? not handle Counter Strike Source on a reasonable resolution without lag and had a lot of trouble with multiple moving objects on the screen I would prefer an ATi card Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why? my past experiences with NVidia have all been negative considering every video card I have purchased from them have failed within several months and were not purchased from the same store The only ATi Radeon card I have owned was an ATi Radeon pro which ran faster then my Geforce for both CAD and Gaming at the time lasted over two years until the video card had coffee spilled on it by my friend My case is well-vented I am open to other suggestions but I would prefer not to order them from online and all the chain retailers nearby overprice video cards like crazy Which one do you recommend I get and why Edit Well I made a deal with the owner that I would buy both cards and he d take the one I liked least back since they were the same in-store price I tested them all on different things The ATi was faster on everything but Battlefield Both cards made my GS seem like a dust-collecting rat that needs to be put in a chest and discovered a couple hundred years from now Here are the results for the three cards - The new cards both made a big difference Battlefield x high settings no AA Fail under fps fps HD fps Counter Strike x high settings x AA FAIL system crash fps HD fps zero change Oblivion x x AA high settings FAIL frames per minute FPS HD FPS Call of Duty x x AA Ultra high settings SYSTEM CRASH took minutes to BSOD SYSTEM CRASH also took minutes to BSOD HD SYSTEM CRASH took minutes seconds to BSOD Doom fps Error message quot Go get a voodoo you quot HD Error message quot You re kidding right quot I took the GT back and am enjoying the nbsp

A:Radeon vs. GeForce - Which one of these video cards do you recommend, and why?

I use the 8600, I stopped using ATI some time ago but I am running Vista
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I'm trying to decide on a graphics card for my system. I've got an AMD Athlon 64bit 3200 processor and my choice of cards are the geforce 6600 with 256mb, the 6600gt with 128mb or the ati radeon 9800 pro with 128.
Any recommendations?

A:Geforce 6600, 6600gt or radeon 9800 pro?

you should defenitely go with the 6600gt. just make sure you power supply is at least 350 watts.
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Guys,I m planning to buy a new cpu.Just come to know that very soon this series will release.I have budget about 255$ for gpu.can u tell me when will it release?so I can afford more powerful gpu with this money.

A:When will the Radeon 8000 or GeForce 700 series be released?

Well, I wouldn't expect to see any HD 8XXX series card this year. However, I'm not so sure about Nvidia.
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Getting a new Dell....Made all decisions except one....which Video card is better.....128Mb ATI Radeon X800 SE or 256 Mb GeForce 6800.

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hi guys, i am having a trouble upgrading one of my customers video card,
he has a nvidia 8400 before, and when we tried to upgrade from 8400 to 8700 the video wont work, thats why i recommended to change the video card to radeon ati. will that replacement work? havent yet tried to install the ati, we will be doing it on tuesday, hope nothing wrong will happen

A:Upgrading from GeForce 8400GT to Radeon HD 4650

There is no particular reason the Radeon card shouldn't work provided everything else is working and up to the task. You should uninstall the old Nvidia drivers, of course.
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Hi people, I need your advice once again!

I recently upgraded my graphics card so I have a spare GeForce 7600GS 256MB PCI-E.

I want to pass it to a friend who is currently using a Radeon X1600Pro...Well I know that those cards are pretty close in performance but since the 7600 is PCI-E I guess he would benefit, even slightly...

I remember that around the time I bought the card, most benchmarks showed that the GF 7600GS had an advantage over the Radeon X1600 Pro...

So what do you think? Is swapping the cards worth it?

A:Solved: GeForce 7600GS vs Radeon X1600Pro

So... His X1600Pro is AGP and your 7600 GS is PCI-E? Feel free to give the card to him, but don't except it to fit into the AGP slot. It won't. Sorry.

However if the X1600Pro is PCI-E, even then it's very debutable if any of them is any better than another.
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I'd like to know which one of this graphic card is better than the other. It would be best if it wasn't a biased opinion since a lot of people just go for one based on the brand or simply haven't tried out the other, so they just pick the one they're familiar with. Based on it's specification could someone give me an opinion and a reason as to why it's better? I don't quite get the benchmark section either.

Thanks in advance.


A:Nividia GeForce 105M vs ATI Radeon HD 3470

the nvidia card beats out the 3470 in 3dmark05 by 300 points, it would make the difference in some cases, but not many at all, I'd say if you're pinching go for the cheaper one, its extremely difficult to visually see the difference between the two cards. Without running benchmarking software. The nvidia card is about a 10% increase in performance in 3d applications.
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is the 6800 Ultra really THAT much better than the 9800XT?

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Hey there,

Quick question: Getting a new graphics card for my Gateway, and I've heard good things about both the GTS 250 and the Radeon 5750. They're both about the same price and seem to have nearly the same performance, so which would you guys recommend? Thanks!

A:Solved: nVidia GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon 5750?

Let me quote from the current Tom's Hardware video guide:

"The price of the 1 GB Radeon HD 5750 is quite low, and this month, it's enough to take the recommendation from the 1 GB versions of the Radeon HD 4850 and GeForce GTS 250.

Although it costs a few dollars more, the 5750 is more appealing due to its DirectX 11 hardware capabilities. There are other benefits too, such as Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD Master Audio bitstreaming and Eyefinity triple-display output support, making this card an easy $125 choice on all fronts.

Read our full review of ATI's Radeon HD 5750 for more information on the card and its underlying architecture."
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Can someone help me make the right decision on what graphics card to take?
Radeon R9 380x 4g or GeForce GTX 970 gaming overclocked 4g?
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Hi guys if anybody answered this question already as comparison between those is pretty common I would imagine please redirect me thank you so here is the thing I decided to upgrade my computer which now has only quot ATI Radeon HD Graphics quot which 5750 (+ or Radeon GeForce compatibility 250 question) GTS HD is integrated in my motherboard ASUS M A PRO motherboard and I m stuck between those two graphic cards GeForce GTS Radeon HD it seems that they re pretty much the same in performance or GeForce slightly better but Radeon supports DirectX which is better than NVIDIA PhysX or so I have been told Radeon seems to have smoother performance eats less energy and have gb instead of mb And least GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 5750 (+ compatibility question) but not last Radeon is a bit more expensive - dollars I think that said I dont know which GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 5750 (+ compatibility question) one to go with if we compare price and performance than GeForce is better I think but I dont know since it is pretty old model if it has any perspective to buy such card I dont know if it is compatible with my motherboard or where to find that out thanks for any hints btw here are some more specs for my computer Motherboard - ASUS M A Graphic interface - ATI Radeon HD Graphics Memory - mb dual CPU -AMD Athlon X CPU Speed - overclock from bus speed MHz Power Supply Make Model - Watt output Amperage - not important since I obviously need a new one for this graphic card OS Windows XP Prof bit nbsp

A:GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 5750 (+ compatibility question)

If i have to choose between these two; I wouldn't be bothered thinking about Geforce 250GTS in any respect at all because it would be waste of time, beside 5750 is fine for reasonable gaming performance nothing more.
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ama take either 2 again! thought if i was gonna spend that much money on a computer why not make it the best? which would you perfer the 2gb dual ati radeon 5970 or the dual Nivida GeForce GTX 295?

A:DUAL Radeon 5970 vs Nividia GeForce 295

Quote: Originally Posted by Diabolical

ama take either 2 again!


thought if i was gonna spend that much money on a computer why not make it the best? which would you perfer the 2gb dual ati radeon 5970 or the dual Nivida GeForce GTX 295?

Single 5970. The 'dual' refers to it being two cards together on a single PCB, making it a single physical card.
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Which one?.the 6800 is a tad cheaper. But what would be best value for the money?Which would suit my current specs?.
My current specs:
Intel 2.66 p4
Ram 512mb ddr
GFX radeon 9200 pro 256mb
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Motherboard


A:GeForce 6800 XT or Radeon X800 GT 256MB

i prefer the the geforce 6800 but i am not shure wich one will best suit your specs!
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opinions, and why?


A:ATI Radeon 9800 XT or Geforce FX 5950 ultra?

if you plan on playing DX9 games go with the one that the DX9 capabilities work on which would be the radeon.
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http www techspot com review -asus-radeon-hd- since julio hasnt found it yet i guess ill post this its apparently the first review the following Radeon Geforce HD vs 8800GT Nvidia 3870 has been taked from http www legionhardware com document php id amp p for the full review check the site out It has Radeon HD 3870 vs Nvidia Geforce 8800GT been a rough road for AMD and their R architecture and while we did quite like the Radeon HD XT it was far from perfect After much delay the new Radeon HD series was released on the th of May some six months ago now However in that time these graphics cards have failed to do any real damage as Nvidia s GeForce series continued to sell like hot cakes Making matters worse was the recent release of the GeForce GT which costs less than a GTS yet performs much like a GTX Today we have AMD s swift answer to the GeForce GT which is based on the RV XT core using a nm design process This version features just MB of onboard GDDR memory clocked at a staggering MHz using a -bit wide memory bus Combined with a core clock of MHz the Radeon HD has a memory bandwidth of GB s which is greater than that of the GeForce GT In fact on paper the Radeon HD looks to be a more impressive product when compared to the GeForce GT The GeForce series brought a shift in GPU functionality and capability moving away from the traditional pixel and vertex shaders we had become so familiar with to a collection of floating point processors also called Stream Processor Units SPUs The GT version features SPUs clocked at GHz Then we have TAUs Texture Address Units of which the GT features along with ROPs Rasterization Operator Units The Radeon HD on the other hand features a staggering x SPUs while there are TAUs and just ROPs While the GT features a core speed of MHz the runs at MHz which is a increase in core frequency The GT features GHz GDDR memory while the operates its GDDR memory higher at GHz The GT is a DirectX compliant graphics card while the does support DX which is interesting Finally while the GT did move to a smaller nm design the die has been shrunk down to just nm which should help make the a more efficient product Interestingly the Radeon HD is said to go on sale at just US making it even cheaper than the GeForce GT AMD has made claims that the will in fact be faster than the XT and really for them to have any kind of real success with this product it has to be Already we know very well what the GT is capable of and for the vast majority of games out there it is superior to the XT So while it is crucial that the be priced extremely aggressively it really does need to outperform the XT and it needs to do so convincingly Should this be the case I am confident AMD can deter many potential GT buyers with the nbsp

A:Radeon HD 3870 vs Nvidia Geforce 8800GT

While I'm a big ATI fanboy, this is truly disappointing. I think ATI's been going to the pits ever since AMD bought them out. I still have my Radeon X850 Pro because it performs very well even at its age (and lack of shader 3 and above... ). But the test scores show that the new product is still a hunk of junk. ATI must be screwing something up in the firmware, drivers, memory management or something. I hope ATI can turn things around
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Man yesterday i got sick of thinkin what to get !

NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT or ATI Radeon X1600 Pro?? i read the review and it even get me confuser! Can Any one help me here??? who tried both????
btw are they DDR2??

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT or ATI Radeon X1600 Pro?

Hi FoL,

out of those 2 choices, I would go with the 1600Pro. It has 4 more pixel pipelines and faster clocks than the 7300GT. and yes, they both use GDDR2

wikipedia has very good spec charts to compare cards. Nvidia spec chart and ATI spec chart

cheers :wave:
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my pc is amd athlon xp 2000+ with chaintech motherboard nforce2 chipset with 512 mb ddr ram. currently i'm using a nvidia geforce2 mx400. should i upgrade to a nvidia geforce fx 5200 or ati radeon 9250. i use my pc basically for animations (3ds max and maya) and occationally in gaming. please suggest me which agp should i go for?

A:nvidia geforce fx 5200 or ati radeon 9250?

both those cards will be bare minimum for maya and 3D studio max, if u r serious about those u can go for a slightly better card like perhpas Geforce 6 series or Ati 800 series , between if those are out of budget try waiting a little while as nvidia is bringing in a new card the price for the cards will some down :grinthumb
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Hey folks, I was thinking of buying myself a Geforce 7600GS for my other rig.

It's currently running with a Radeon HD 4350, and Ii was wondering which card is more powerfull: Should I keep the ATi, or is the Geforce 7600GS a better card?

All help much appreciated! ^^

A:Nvidia Geforce 7600GS V.S ATi Radeon HD 4350

Despite the 4350 being the lowest of the HD 4xxx series it is still going to be a bit quicker than the 7600 GS. They don't have the 4350 in the list but the 4550 is which is only just slightly faster than the 4350 (5% or less), and the 4550 is quite a bit better than the 7600 GS according to here,

Charts, benchmarks Gaming Graphics Charts 2008-Q3, Call of Duty 4 v1.6

scroll down and find the 4550 and the 7600 GS then click compare at the bottom to see them side by side in a wide range of tests.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 531s with Vista Home Premium, AMD Athlon(TM) 64x2 dual core processor 4000+, 2gb memory, 32 bit operating system, integrated GeForce 6150se video card. I would like to upgrade the video card to run Lego video games, GeForce 6150 is not a supported card. I contacted Dell with my service tag number and they recommended a few upgrades that would work in my computer. Since my psu is only 250 watts there is not much to choose from. Video cards that are supported by the video game and are compatable with my computer are Radeon x1300 and GeForce 8400gs. Which one, if any, is best?

A:Upgrade Geforce 6150se to Radeon x1300?

8400 GS is better, because the second digit of earlier graphic card represent their level. first digit represent their year.

X1300 is on a level with nvidia 7300. 8400 GS is thus way to go, not only newer but also at higher level.
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Hi guys
I recently purchased a new PC from HP that came with an ATI Radeon 5570 installed. I don't like this card, and I have an older PC with a GeForce 7900 GT OC in it. Would it be possible to do a clean swap-out with these two cards? Do i need to download the GeForce drivers onto the PC first? I'm a newb and have never switched video cards out before so I don't really know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

First you need to uninstall the ATI drivers and software, then you can shut down the computer and replace the ATI Radeon 5570 with the GeForce 7900 GT. Turn on the computer once you have it back together and get into windows. From there go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads to download and install the right drivers for your OS. After that you should have to reboot the computer and then your done.
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What video card is better?
Radeon 1050 or the 7800gt?

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i have both of these graphics cards and I am wondering which one is better. the nvidia has 512mb while the ati has 1 gb. i have put them both in the computer and I can't really tell the difference. The windows experience index rates the nvidia as a 6.3 and the ati as a 6.7, but the nvidia performed much better in the 3dMark Vantage program. Any clues?

A:nvidia geforce 9800 gtx+ vs. ati radeon hd 4670

WEI is a poor example of the differences in the card. You're comparing what at the time of their respective releases a high end card to a mid-range card. This review is as good as any,

techPowerUp :: Powercolor PCS HD 4670 512 MB Review :: Page 6 / 30

and shows how both cards perform. So to answer your question, yes the 9800 GTX+ is a better card than the 4670.
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Can anyone tell me if the Graphic Card Asus NVIDIA GeForce GT640 (PCI-e, 2GB GDDR3 RAM, DVI, D-Sub, HDMI, 1 GPU) (Asus 90-C1CSB0-S0UAN0YZ) is any better than: OnBoard Graphics ATI RADEON HD 7660D (Asus F2 A85-M Pro motherboard) ?

it's for gaming (War Thunder / World of Tanks / Minecraft and such like)

yes I know it is low end - but so is budget (and its a second-hand one)


[Desktop Computer : Quad-Core! AMD A10-5800K 4 x 4200 MHz | 8192MB DDR3 | 1500GB S-ATA II HDD | AMD Radeon HD 7660D 4096 MB Displayport/HDMI/DVI/VGA mit DirectX11 Technology | USB3 | eSATA | ASUS FM2 Mainboard | Windows8.1]

A:is NVIDIA GeForce GT640 better than ATI RADEON HD 7660D ?

Check out this site for comparisons of video cards

I didn't see the HD 7660D (but I didn't look real hard). Here is a comparison of the HD 7660M and the GT640M.
If the 7660D and 7660G are similar, then the Radeon is a better choice.

EDIT: I assumed you are looking at laptop graphics (but now re-reading your post I think you are talking about desktop cards).
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Alright,I have an ATI radeon 9200 128 mb AGP 8x graphics card at the moment.I want something better because this card is giving me bollocks.So I went online and for a reasonable R1250.00 I can get a Nvidia geforce 6600GT 256mb AGP 8x.My motherboard doesnt support SLI PCI-Express so i have to go the AGP route..Do you guys reckon this is a good choice or not?
A friend of mine said Geforce cards were unreliable and give problems,the only Cards i think are full of crap are the Radeons so far.

A:Is A Change From Ati Radeon To Geforce A Good Idea?

Both nvidia and ATI make excellent video cards. They both have very low performers, and they both have extremely high performers.

Your 9200 is pretty dated, and I'm not surprised that you aren't enjoying gaming with it. An upgrade to the 6600GT would make a pretty big difference. Of course it matters what your CPU and ram specs are as well, but assuming they are adaquate, you will feel like you have a new computer when after plugging in that 6600GT.

But keep in mind, the 6600GT is pretty much the lower level of what is considered good these days. It can handle today's newest games with good frame rates on medium settings. But it won't be able to hold on for too much longer. I'd give it another 6 months or so before it starts choking on the games that'll be coming out about then.
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well i have a 300$ budget for a video card so i was thinking of getting the 8800gts 320 mb's but then i cae across this link
and found this card which i think is a better card :S
now i am a Nvidia fan and i dont believe in any graphics card if it wasnt nvidia so i am asking which one will be the better choice?

A:GeForce 8800 GTS or Radeon HD 2900PRO, I am confused

Have a look here
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Very interesting article with interesting results Throughout this year we ve looked at several previews and technical demos of DirectX technologies both before and after the launch of Multi-Adapter DirectX 12 + Radeon GeForce Previewing : Windows in July As the most significant update to the DirectX API since DirectX in GeForce + Radeon : Previewing DirectX 12 Multi-Adapter the release GeForce + Radeon : Previewing DirectX 12 Multi-Adapter of DirectX marks the beginning of a major overhaul of how developers will program for modern GPUs So to say there s quite a bit of interest in it both from consumers and developers would be an understatement In GeForce + Radeon : Previewing DirectX 12 Multi-Adapter putting together the DirectX specification Microsoft and their partners planned for the long haul present and future DirectX has a number of immediately useful features in it that has developers grinning from ear to ear but at the same time given the fact that another transition like this will not happen for many years if at all DirectX and the update to the underlying display driver foundation were meant to be very forward looking and to pack in as many advanced features as would be reasonable Consequently the first retail games such as this quarter s Fable Legends will just scratch the surface of what the API can do as developers are still in the process of understanding the API and writing new engines around it and GPU driver developers are similarly still hammering out their code and improving their DirectX functionality Of everything that has been written about DirectX so far the bulk of the focus has been on the immediate benefits of the low-level nature of the API and this is for a good reason The greatly reduced driver overhead and better ability to spread out work submission over multiple CPU cores stands to be extremely useful for game developers especially as the CPU submission bottleneck is among the greatest bottlenecks facing GPUs today Even then taking full advantage of this functionality will take some time as developers have become accustomed to minimizing the use of draw calls to work around the bottleneck so it is safe to say that we are at the start of what is going to be a long transition for gamers and game developers A little farther out on the horizon than the driver overhead improvements are DirectX s improvements to multi-GPU functionality Traditionally the domain of drivers developers have little control under DirectX DirectX s explicit controls extend to multi-GPU rendering as well It is now up to developers to decide if they want to use multiple GPUs and how they want to use them And with explicit control over the GPUs along with the deep understanding that only a game s developer can have for the layout of their rendering pipeline DirectX gives developers the freedom to do things that could never be done before That brings us to today s article an initial look into the multi-GPU capabilities of DirectX Developer Oxide Games who is responsible for the popular Star Swarm demo we looked at earlier this year has taken the underlying Nitrous engine and are ramping up for the release of the first retail game using the engine Ashes of the Singularity As part of their ongoing efforts to Nitrous as a testbed for DirectX technologies and in conjunction with last week s Steam Early Access release of the game Oxide has sent over a very special build of Ashes What makes this build so special is that it s the first game demo for DirectX s multi-GPU Explicit Multi-Adapter AKA Multi Display Adapter functionality We ll go into a bit more on Explicit Multi-Adapter in a bit but in short it is one of DirectX s two multi-GPU modes and thanks to the explicit controls offered by the API allows for disparate GPUs to be paired up More than SLI and more than Crossfire EMA allows for dissimilar GPUs to be used in conjunction with each other and productively at that So in an article only fitting for the week of Halloween today w... Read more
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Which is better in what ways, i haave asked a coulpe people and many of them have come up with different answers.


A:GeForce 6600 GT 128MB VS. Radeon X700 PRO 256MB
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Hey there I m trying to squeeze just a tiny bit more life out of my aging PC which I use almost exclusively for gaming Just added another Gig of RAM to make it Gb Now I m looking at video cards - problem is my motherboard has no PCI-E slot AGP only it s an Asus - still perky except for the lack of PCI-E I know AGP is on the way out the door - but can t afford to upgrade video card PLUS mobo at this point - hoping someone can share their thoughts on dropping around on a Radeon HD Mb the best AGP card I can afford Will I see a huge improvement over my GeForce GS Mb Will I HD 3850, => good radeon geforce idea? 7600GS be able to play Crysis it s gathering dust on my shelf - unplayable even at x geforce 7600GS => radeon HD 3850, good idea? on my current rig even if it s at low settings STALKER Clear Sky with Dynamic Lighting enabled Just how much will this extend the gaming life of my PC I know I should just wait until I can afford card mobo upgrade but there are some great games coming out that I want to be able to geforce 7600GS => radeon HD 3850, good idea? play all-shiny-like Dead Space Far Cry FALLOUT right now Any thoughts opinions input welcome Other specs WinXP AMD Gb DDR nbsp

A:geforce 7600GS => radeon HD 3850, good idea?

It would be quite a huge improvement, yet, the coming games will prove problematic with that card, too... 2 GB of slow RAM and a 3500+ don't make things any better.
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I'm having difficulty deciding between these two cards, and am upgrading from an EVGA Geforce GTX 650TI Boost Superclocked 2GB. Please help me in deciding which of the three cards is the best, the prices and links are listed below:

EVGA GeForce GTX 660 FTW ACX Cooler 2GB - $159.99

ASUS Radeon HD 7870 1.0GHZ 2GB - $154.99

I would appreciate any quick responses, as these sales are bound to end very soon!

A:EVGA Geforce GTX 660 FTW Edition vs. Asus Radeon HD 7870

The ACX cooling blows the heat right into your case, I had the 760 4 GB w ACX cooling. But it was still a good card.

You should go with a 700 series card, bought directly from EVGA.

EVGA | Products | Graphics - GeForce 700 Series Family

That price for the 660 is after a mail in rebate, something I never even consider when buying pc parts. You have to look at the total price you`ll be charged, shipping and tax included.

I`m thinking the 7870 would be the better of the 2 cards you have listed. AMD owners would have to chime in.
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Wondering which is better....I have an idea but want to ask in here first. Thanks.

A:ATI Radeon 9000 vs Nvidia geforce mx400 question.

Neither one will provide satisfactory performance when it comes to gaming. Otherwise either one should work fine for surfing the net and checking your e-mail.
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I just bought a computer (ya I shoulda built it, im too lazy) and it has a NVIDIA GeForce 9100 for the graphics card. Last year I had to upgrade my old machine and I went and bought a VisionTek Radeon HD 3650 that is currently installed. My question is, if I use my machine primarily for gaming, should I leave the GeForce 9100 in, or should I install the Radeon HD 3650 out of my old machine? Please help me out as I am a retard in these things. Thanks.

The dirtiest bird

A:Comparing Nvidia GeForce 9100 to Radeon HD 3650

The 3650 should be a good bit faster. From what I have seen, it performs similarly to the nvidia 8600gt.
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I'm deliberating between these two graphic cards before buying - which one is better and why?


A:Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD4850 vs nVIDIA GeForce 9800GT

4850 is about 15% better in general, at least. I highly recommend it, my new 4850 totally brought my games alive. It's about the best bang for your buck today.
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Dear TechSpot Community Computer Spec N U- A Athlon XP Barton GB OCZ PC Optimal Setting FSB Antec Power Supply I would like your Pro FX GeForce 9800 with N2U-400A Radeon and 5200 Problem help advice on solving the following problem I had recently installed a ATI-Powered Radeon Pro mb which took about an hour to install because the motherboard N U- A kept on beeping or the LCD would just give me a No Display Problem with N2U-400A Radeon Pro 9800 and GeForce FX 5200 message the Radeon Pro worked fine and I used it for hours but I decided to return it since one of the screw joint was missing for connecting a CRT display So I removed it and replaced it with my old GeForce FX mb Gainward which had been used since I had built my computer above configuration However the motherboard would keep beeping and the LCD shows no display when I boot my computer I did reset my CMOS but I can not even get to the BIOS menu I would like to know what the problem is and how I can solve it Please let me know if you need more information Thank you nbsp

A:Problem with N2U-400A Radeon Pro 9800 and GeForce FX 5200

Sounds like the mobo just happened to fail, amybe a bad AGP slot. The only way to check for sure is to swap in another card.
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Hello I have an Intel 845GLVA motherboard with 2.4GHz 512 Ram and a Diamond Stealth S80 Radeon 9200se 128mb video card. I can run half life 2 on Medium texture with soft shadows and high Modles detail (No AA)and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I was Wondering if i should upgrade to a GeForce FX 5200 128mb or FX 5500 128mb or a Radeon 9250 128mb? Note: I only have PCI slots sorry, and also my parents hate me spending money

A:Upgrade to Radeon 9250 or Geforce FX 5200 or 5500?


I think a 5700le would be better than all the cards you listed. It is a pci card.
Read the review by Irv on the above link.
Here's another card to consider, it might be a little bit better.
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I need help deciding... I'm either going to get the ASUS Radeon X850XT PE, or 2 ASUS GeForce 6800 Ultras (SLI.) The X850 is around $700, and the 2 Geforces are around $1400. Please help me decide which is better in PERFORMANCE, I am not looking for value.

A:ASUS ATI Radeon X850XT PE VS. nVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra SLI

Apples & Oranges

Well the only flaw in your thinking is that a 256MB has a snowball's chance in hell of competing with a 512MB dual video card setup. With SLI using the 6800 Ultra, you are not just doubling the memory, you are effectivly using two 1.1GHz GPUs to reak havok upon any game you could possibly throw at them. I know you said that you are not looking for best "value" but overall system performance. Hands down, the SLI config would be the obvious winner here.

With that said, the X850XT-PE is a smoking fast card. It boasts more features than the 6800 Ultra, and actually has a faster GPU when comparing against only one 6800 Ultra. For $700 you are no doubt gonna be the big boy on the block for quite a while. Most casual gamers are not going to drop that kinda look for a video card, for that matter, many of them may not have even spent that on their computer.

In summation, for raw brute-force power to handle anything you throw at it, the 6800 Ultra/SLI config is clearly the victor here.
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Hi first post here and I was wondering if someone can help me out with this problem I have The computer I use is a Dell Dimension running Windows with just regular PCI slots Last week I old SLOW Geforce HD Radeon 4350 running is MX4000 to compared bought an ATI Radeon HD 4350 is running SLOW compared to old Geforce MX4000 Radeon HD to replace my old NVidia Geforce MX graphics card and I noticed a huge drop in performance with basic tasks such as surfing the Radeon HD 4350 is running SLOW compared to old Geforce MX4000 web and watching videos on youtube The Geforce is an OLD card that only does DirectX but while using it I never felt like it had any problems watching videos or playing older games But on the Radeon it struggled to play Plants Vs Zombies I thought to myself quot No wonder people think these PCI cards suck MY geforce mx is way faster than this quot After updating the drivers catalyst controls and tweaking the settings of the card and on VLC media player I was able to get the card to play P videos smoothly Even stranger I loaded up Doom and Silent Hill and I was able to play these games flawlessly at high settings Silent Hill had screen tearing though With youtube videos I found that ATI cards have problems with adobe flash and they need to have hardware acceleration disabled Which is weird because supposedly AMD states that watching youtube on an ATI card is an amazing experience and that these cards supposedly utilize hardware acceleration If I do have hardware acceleration enabled the screen shows up green and it hangs my browser I m just curious why games run very smoothly and look great but the card struggles to use basic web functionality and play videos I also feel uncomfortable turning off all the bells and whistles such as hardware acceleration and dropping the quality down on VLC media player so that it can play HD videos smoothly On my old Geforce MX I never had to do any of these tweaks and it was able to play p videos just fine When I had bought this card I wasn t too sure about the DDR DDR type memory for it People said that it did not matter and would work as long as it fit into the PCI slot So I ultimately went with the DDR type memory But now I think my computer was made sometime before DDR or any of these other memory types were released My computer also only accepts DDR RAM So I m wondering if my computer is bottlenecking any of speed on this card I also notice in the AMD overdrive section in catalyst as well as GPU-Z that the speed of the card drops it ll say operating at MHz then it ll drop to MHz What do people think I should do Should I return this card to Newegg and go with the highest spec d card I can find with DDR type memory Was thinking of a Geforce People online have said that they have experienced a drop in performance like I have when going with another memory type other than DDR while others say that it does not matter Also should this card be running at degrees celsius nbsp

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Hello HP nbsp I have been offered a nbsp better GPU than the one my desktop came with originally nbsp I am currently having issues understanding if it would work with the current motherboard I have just as the old GPU HD6670 --> Radeon Upgrade h8-1111 GeForce NVIDIA 560T... to Radeon GPU did Spec reading is confusing so I just wanted the insight of someone else who might have a better understanding of all the words I am reading both from HP and NVIDIA nbsp So far all I can get from this is -I need two nbsp x -to- pin PCI Express power connection adapters to power this beast since my desktop only came with a bunch of pin power connectors-My power source is only W internal not so sure if that is the nbsp amount nbsp of power available for the hardware whence spec readings of the NVIDIA card recommend W power source nbsp So here are Questions What potential risks are there to asking too much from my power source i e conecting a more power hungry GPU nbsp Does this NVIDIA card seem to phisically fit on that motherboard using the PCI x port This thing is huge its basicaly times the colume of my card nbsp nbsp Spec sheets I have used-- h8-1111 GPU Upgrade --> Radeon HD6670 to NVIDIA GeForce 560T... gt My original desktop nbsp MotherboardRadeon HD GPUGTX Ti OEM from GeForce GTX Ti installation guide PDF from NVIDIA this one is for a slightly different card yet it shows the same ports with the exeption of the mini HDMI port

A:h8-1111 GPU Upgrade --> Radeon HD6670 to NVIDIA GeForce 560T...

Hi, Rule #1: Stick with the graphics card manufacutuer's PSU wattage size recommendation.Rule #2: If you PC is not running a version 8 or higher BIOS then you will need to use a legacy graphics card.  The NVIDIA GTX 660 or 670 would be excellent graphics cards for your PC when supported by a 500-600 watt PSU.
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Which gpu has better graphics performance. I have the choice between those two (Geforce 630m or Radeon 7670m). I'm looking to buy a new laptop soon and that is the two I have choices from. I'd like to know which would be better. It would be for gaming some, Photoshop (graphics design and image editing), Skype, and so forth. They're both around the same price range, so I'd like to get the best for the money. They'll both be equipped with a Intel Core i5. The Geforce is priced a little higher than the Radeon, but not too much. As I said, they're around the same price. I've always liked Geforce, but I'd like an opinion.

A:Laptop graphics comparison (Geforce 630m vs Radeon 7670m)

I figured someone could shed some light on this. It's not that difficult of a question.