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HP Envy H8 freezes while booting up

Q: HP Envy H8 freezes while booting up

Hoping I can get some help with this I have an HP Envy H that HP while Envy H8 freezes up booting I bought two years ago March to be exact I use the PC constantly and it's on as I use it as a media server for the house and stream music to every room have PLEX installed to watch movies etc So the PC is never off for more than a few minutes when I reboot it every - weeks or so Today when I came home I noticed that the PC had frozen and wouldn't wake up When I tried to boot it I get the HP logo screen and the swirling dots going around at the bottom once or twice and then the dots freeze and the PC stops booting and won't do anything else I've rebooted it several times the PC has actually tried to fix errors itself it says Preparing Automatic Repair but can't seem to do anything it just kicks me back to a menu that gives me several options including to continue HP Envy H8 freezes while booting up to boot into Windows but nothing works Anyone can help me fix this Or is it just dead I'm hoping it's not just dead as I've not backed up the HD in a while and will lose a lot of photos and data and things fingers crossed
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Preferred Solution: HP Envy H8 freezes while booting up

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Whenever I connect my external hard disk to my laptop, my computer freezes as soon as I My Computer to access it or click on 'Open to view files' in the autorun menu. I cannot do once this happens. Not even task manager can be opened. The computer unfreezes and starts working fine after I unplug my hard disk. But it works just fine on my friend's laptop.
This started happening a few days ago. Till then I could use the hard disk normally without any problems. Can anyone please help me out with this problem?
My operating system is windows 7 and I am using Avast Internet Security 7 antivirus

A:My laptop freezes when I connect an external HDD

What type of external HDD is it? Of what Brand?
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Hello Yesterday I got a virus on an Acer Extensa laptop Said virus was turning on a fake antivirus whenever I opened a file which wanted me to pay a price for a quot cleanup quot I wasn t able to Acer Extensa 5235 booting problem turn anything on Luckily I managed to turn it off through msconfig and delete the virus files Right now however the laptop won t even turn on The Acer Extensa 5235 problem booting quot Acer quot screen goes on the flickers a few times in the upper left corner and the laptop resets I won t even get to a safe mode The notebook had minimal differences from the factory preset had Win Acer Extensa 5235 problem booting and worked until yesterday I have a OEM Win XP home CD at my disposal at the moment I have already tried Booting through BartPe and an iso image of Windows XP on an USB flashdisk To no avail I get to the BartPe layout but the BartPe file explorer shows no disks available Boot through the disk itself At first it didn t load with the error quot STOP X B xf d Xc X X quot which I was able to circumvent by transferring from a SCSI mode to IDE mode in BIOS When I installed Win XP however I had an error concerning a few uncopiable files described for example here - http forums penny-arcade com discussion cant-install-xp-from-any-disk-to-any-disk I skipped everything and the PC now resides in a quot minimal quot Win Xp preset With the former Win configuration of course absent I think I d be able to fix this if I found the MSCONFIG settings for the Windows I used before and which I mistakenly modified I probably turned off something that now blocks the system from starting Is it possible to do so through the new Windows Xp installation The former Win folder is untouched Win Xp runs from another folder Thank you very much for all help nbsp

A:Acer Extensa 5235 problem booting

I had to look up BartPE to see what it was but I think it's unlikely to save the day in your situation.

Assuming that your priority is to get Windows 7 back I'd first check that you have the Microsoft authorisation code for your copy. If it was pre-installed on the laptop there will be a hidden restore partition and you could try holding down the Alt key while tapping F10 to access it. Failing that option I'd download a Windows 7 SP1 ISO, burn it to disc, reinstall the OS and hope that there are no serious driver problems. Both options mean that everything you have installed and saved will be lost unless you have already made backups.
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Hello...I will start from the begining .

I bought the Acer V5 and tried booting it came with boot-up Linux which means nothing to me so I made a Windows 8 bootable USB and the problems started. First I could'n find the USB and after enabling the Legacy mode it finally found it and booted from it. Turned out the partitions are GPT and as I made the USB MBR it couldn't install so I canceled which I guess was my mistake but there was no other option. After that I created the bootable USB with GPT partition scheme and tried again. Unfortunately this time I got something called GNU GRUB....wth? I googled around and found the commands required for booting - root (hd1,0), then chainloader +1 and finally boot. Then I get the famous The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors with Status: 0xc000000e. Of course tried that couple of more times but still to no avail. I cannot recover or repair as Windows was never really installed, so I don't know what to do....Hopefully someone here would be able to help. Thanks in advance guys.

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Please help me with my laptop seems fine when im using it without internet.but when I open my browsers after a few seconds it will freeze so I have to restart my laptop again.I dont know what seems to be the problem.

A:My laptop freezes when i try using internet

Does it happen to all browsers (e.g IE, Chrome, Firefox, Palemoon)?
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Howdy all The amazing folks at Tech Spot saved my bacon many moons back helping me fix a virus laden laptop for Brand New to can't HP connect 17 Internet Envy Quad Touchsmart my sick kid And so I turn to Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet you with my latest computer nightmare and beg of your assistance once again I just bought a new HP ENVY TouchSmart t-j Quad Edition Notebook PC ENERGY STAR for my daughter for Christmas It arrived yesterday and I opened it up to start preloading her software onto it so she can have it ready to go Christmas morning Unfortunately the thing just won t let me get connected to the internet via wifi It is using an Intel Wireless-N adapter running Windows factory installed I have tried everything I could think of - using Intel drivers instead of Microsoft ones resetting WINSOCK flushing the DNS using a static IP instead of dynamic the works Nothing appears to be working The device can clearly see my network - it shows up on the list of connections and validates my security information running standard WEP security - not the best I know but it s easier for the multitude of tech I have on my network all of which connects fine but it only gives me limited access and does not want to connect to the network or the internet My base system is running Windows My router is a Netgear Rangemax Wireless-N Gigabit Router WNR v I have not tried a hardwire connection yet as I really need this to be a wireless device Help me TechSpot Gurus you re my only hope nbsp

A:Brand New HP Envy Touchsmart 17 Quad can't connect to Internet

Hey Mark. I would connect to the Net by cable and allow it to get any OS updates and/or driver updates before I change any settings.While online,try to connect wirelessly to see if it finds any updates quicker.
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I have this Hp Probook 4540s i3(windows 8, 64bit) for about a year and it was working fine but recently, I noticed that it had a problem. At times, the touchpad would freeze and I wouldnt be able to use it for a few seconds. At first this wasnt much of a problem due to the fact that I had an external mouse but now im travelling more often so this became a problem. I was jsut wondering if anybody knew what caused this problem and if they do, if there were any quick fixes towards it.

A:Touchpad Freezes

Go to the HP driver support for your model and get the latest drivers for the touch-pad.
You might have to find out who makes that touch-pad and get it from the manufacturer
Or see if there is Windows update for it.
Did you update to Windows 8.1 yet?
Also there are known issues with Windows 8 and some touch-pads know working correctly.
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My laptop has been freezing up, even when I would boot in safe mode.

It has a history of hard drive problems, so I just replaced the hard-drive.

But it still freezes up when I try to boot and run Acronis.

Is there anyway to tell what is causing this?

Thank you.

A:My Laptop Freezes

Is it running hot?
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I have a Western Digital drive and it keeps freezing the transfer process around 15 seconds remaining. I am trying to transfer my movie files to it. The files are around 750 megs to 2.5 gigs each. I am trying to do them one at a time. I have got it to transfer about 3 movies to the device. When the transfer locks I have to turn off the computer and turn it back on to get it to stop. Its I think a 110 gig external.

A:Western Digital Drive Freezes Transfer Process

Some details you have left out.
Age of PC
Desktop or Laptop
How much RAM?
Single, Dual or Quad or high CPU.
Size of HDD
What source are you using to transfer file to the HDD?
Are you using a network LAN?
Speed of the LAN 10, 100, 10000?

When you do this type of work make sure the PC doesn't go to sleep and keep an eye on it.
Make sure the HDD doesn't have any bad blocks do a check disk (CHKDSK C: /F
Make sure the HDD is de-fragmented
Make sure the HDD has done quick or full optimized (use ULTRA DEFRAG FREE)
Make sure the system is cleaned using JetClean Free

The condition of the HDD is very important also the source your transferring from too it.
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Hey guys,

I'm needing some information that is extremely hard to come by.

The 740m in the HP Envy 17t-j000, does anyone know, or does anyone know WHERE to look (Google failed me, or I failed Google!) to find out whether it needs ACTIVE displayport -> HDMI adapters?

I question this because I know the 57xx series from ATI required active. The card only supported 1 RAMDAC signal (or something?) and the Nvidia's tech seems different. According to HP support, passive will work fine. I need to have the adapters ordered ASAP, but I do not want to order the incorrect ones.

Any assistance is appreciated.
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SO my old hard drive wouldn't boot anymore, I think the error had something to do with MUI not being full or something? So I bought a new computer and pulled the drive from my old computer and put it into an enclosure. It is registering on my new computer as I:, but I get an error I:/ is not accessible The request could not be performed because of an I/O Device Error.

I am guessing I need to put a master boot record on the external drive to get it to be recognized? I have a ton of pics on that drive, most are backed up, but I got a few months behind and CHristmas and a few other important months of pics are on there and I don't want to lose them (or pay $3000 to recover them either). Any ideas?

A:Old HD not booting, now external drive, need to get files

Take the drive out and get a USB HDD Hub for it and buy a new HDD install the new OS on that system to replace it. This way you can still use the HDD as external device with USB connection to get your files off.

USB HDD cost like $36 bucks
Uspeed USB 3.0 & eSATA to SATA External Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5 or 3.5in HDD, SSD [UASP and 4TB Support]

Supports ALL 2.5" & 3.5" SATA HDD and SSDs; Hot-Swap; Plug and Play; Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8, Mac 10.2 or above
Offers eSATA and USB 3.0 interfaces with data transfer rates up to 3Gbps and 5Gbps respectively (cables included); Backward compatible with USB 2.0 /1.1 connections
Seat bare SATA drives directly into docking station without wires or tools necessary; Gain immediate access with no driver or installation needed
Free Lifetime Technical Support and 18 Months Manufacturer Warranty
Package Includes: 1 USB 3.0 & eSATA HDD Docking Station, 1 USB 3.0 Cable (Approx. 1M), 1 eSATA Cable (Approx. 1M), 1 12V/2A AC Power Adapter
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Hey guys, I need some help, I wanna play LoL but I'm having a problem because the game freezes, the screen goes black and all I can hear is the sound of it.
I play on a pc with Windows Vista Business 32bit/ 2GB RAM/Intel Core2 CPU T7200 @ 2.0GHZ/ NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400.
I can't seem to get the proper drivers though, because the nvidia website says there are none available for this graphic card.. Ideas anyone??

A:Game freezes, the screen goes black

I would either get a new graphics card or try lowering the settings as soon as you appears in a game. Change your resolution all the way down and make sure shadows and everything else is on low or very low and sound off if you like.
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I have a brand new computer which is much capable on computer new regardless Game OS of freezes brand of doing what I ask for Unfortunately it kept freezing very early in games I tried BF shogun and dead island The outcome is the same At first I thought it might be because I was using a win and it had some compatibility problems Then I installed win ultimate after deleting everything on C applied Game freezes on brand new computer regardless of OS all updates for windows and video card drivers then tried dead island again You know what it crashed on character selection screen Then it also crashed in the end of my first battle on shogun What I mean by crashed is that it is totally frozen and I can t even do ctrl-alt-del It leaves the only choice to me as reset So I guess it is not because of the OS so I would definitely appreciate if you can help me with this Here is my build G SKILL Ripjaws GB x GB DDR PC DIMM RAM Cooler Master Hyper EVO Cooler mm CPU Cooler AMD BullDozer Eight Core FX- GHz AM Processor CPU LG GH NS X SATA Internal SATA Game freezes on brand new computer regardless of OS DVD Writer Sapphire HD XT G GDDR PCI-E Dual Fan Video Card Graphics Card Cooler Master K Mid Tower Gaming Chassis quot Samsung LED Monitor LED FSP Aurum W ATX PSU Active PFC Black Asus M A EVO R Motherboard Socket AM AMD xDDR xPCIe- xPCIe- Firewire RAID ATX Any help you can provide is very much appreciated Thank you nbsp

A:Game freezes on brand new computer regardless of OS

There are many things that can be the cause of this. I first thought it was the GPU, but as I read on, I think it could be either a RAM, temperature, or HDD issue. It is most likely a RAM issue.

Another issue could be overheating, but since the games crash basically instantly, it doesnt seem to be an issue. Just to make sure, can you download RealTemp and tell me temperatures on the CPU? Also, download GPU-Z, and tell me the GPU temperatures (sensor tab of GPU-Z, under "GPU Temperature").

Most likely cause: It could also be bad RAM (this is the most likely reason). Download Memtest86, put it on a flash drive, and boot into it. Run Memtest about 5-10 times and tell me the results.
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When I bought this computer it had windows 7 on it. it ran everything lag/shutter free. I have since upgraded to windows 8 then to 8.1. The problem is the audio and video noticeably lags/shutters. As if the entire computer is pausing. I have talked to HP tech support and they only reinstalled the drivers. All drivers are current. I am fairly sure it has something to do with the HD4k graphics but I do not know for sure. I was hoping the 8.1 would resolve the problem but it has not. I have this problem whenever I watch videos (on the internet or from file) and when I play World of tanks. Any help would be great

A:HP envy 1038-nr

I seen similar comments re "since upgrading to Win/8" and (imo) think the drivers are not 'fully compatible' with the new system.
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Hello My HCL ME laptop is not booting. Last night it was working properly and when I tried to start it today morning it,s not starting. For a second power button gets on and then every thing is dead. Please help me to get out of this problem. I tried to open it with and without battery and with and without power cable. I drained its power by pressing power button for 45 seconds but nothing happens.

A:Laptop not Booting

It could be anyone of these things . Bad memory, Motherboard, Power supply. The only real way to know is to have it checked out. Buy taking it to your local computer store.
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Hello comunity ,, earlier this week I had a problem with my cpu , and this site is the only site who helped me correctly, and im thankfull
Today I had a wierd problem with my computer ,, I had a graphics card ' Nvidia 7100 gs '
I removed it cz I wanted to get a new one , more powerfull ,, and now im working on my internal video card - Intel Q965/Q963 Express Chipset family
Intel Gma3000 . 256 Mb
the problem is , once I started to use the internal one ,, once I play Avi files ( 45 ) minutes , the computer freezes for couple minutes ! tried multiple video players and the same problem
P.S I never had problems with internal v,card
---- By the way my computer is Pentium D 3400/4M ,,, 3 GB DDR2 ram ,, 500 GB/HD ,, WIN7
Many thanks in advance

A:Computer freezes when playing .Avi

Correction ** not only AVI files ,, its just any video files ! no problems with audio files
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So my laptop has started to freeze a minute or two after start up even though it was working fine a few hours ago hours laptop working fine freezes up, after a VAIO start Sony was few ago I was sat talking to a Sony VAIO laptop freezes after start up, was working fine a few hours ago friend over facebook chat when my laptop started screaming with a really high pitched noise I had Sony VAIO laptop freezes after start up, was working fine a few hours ago to turn it off to stop it When I restarted it and booted it back up it said it was defragging something Sony VAIO laptop freezes after start up, was working fine a few hours ago it was a while ago and I cant remember what it said after that I logged in and now it freezes after a couple of minuets I ve tried system restoring it and using the built in memory repair and it still wont work However once I disabled all the non microsoft services it boots up and doesnt freeze untill I try to open a program I can start it in safe mode but thats about it I ve spent the past couple of hours searching for a solution but can t find one so ay help will be much appritiated I m using my Xbox to access the internet at the moment but I can turn on my laptop incase anyone has a possible solution nbsp

A:Sony VAIO laptop freezes after start up, was working fine a few hours ago

Try running Memtest86 a few times and tell me if any errors come up.
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Hi I ve got a XPS M Vista Dell crash up on booting M1530 XPS SP and I have recently experienced some problems This morning the screen would remain black while the laptop made the usual start up sounds and then did nothing The power button remained lit After some googling I had found a solution heating the gpu I found the info in a thread on this forum So I opened up my laptop but I was not able to remove the heat sink a screw that just wouldn t open so I Dell XPS M1530 crash on booting up determined through pictures where the gpu was and heated the area of the heat sink under which the gpu lies with a hair dryer I did this till the area above the gpu was too hot to touch Afterwards I started my laptop up and I didn t have the black screen it just booted up as usual However before I got past the dell screen it crashed I assumed it was overheating but after waiting some time I booted up again and got past the dell screen and had a boot up screen asking me to do a diagnostic and recovery thingie because there might be a software or hardware failure It proceeded to do this but after some time during the test it crashed again After booting it immediately back up it crashed before I got past the Dell screen After waiting a long time I tried again and this time it got further through the diagnostic test but eventually crashed again Now when I try the load bar on the dell screen goes extremely slowly and the laptop crashes before it gets past that stage it crashes slowly if I didn t try to start it before rapidly if I just experienced a crash Sorry for the long post but does anybody have an idea what I can do about this nbsp

A:Dell XPS M1530 crash on booting up

heated the area of the heat sink under which the gpu lies with a hair dryer. I did this till the area above the gpu was too hot to touch.Click to expand...

Where did you get the advise to do this You should have come here first for some honest advise.

Heat is not a good thing for any electronic device. What you have done may have finished off a processor that was already half baked. I doubt if there is a way to recover from this other than replacing the GPU.

When you quote the GPU are you sure you are not confusing this with CPU. As far as I can see from your sytems manual, on the Dell site, the gahics card has no heat sink so you probably cooked your CPU. The heat sink is there for just one reason, to get rid of heat.
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I have a Sony Vaio VGN-FZ18E which is experience some major problems at the moment.
Firstly, I get 'nvlddmkm' problem about every 10mins or thereabouts which causes the screen to lock, go fuzzy, blank the screen and then revive and become functional again.

This can eventually, or straight away, lead to a total fuzzy screen lock-up where I simply have to hit the off button to restart the computer.
This is also interspersed by various other screens such as those below; mixed pages, blue screen, which seem to have come from the Matrix.

The computer is about four years old and the front left of it can get very hot.
Is it just knackered?
Would a re-format and re-install do the trick?

Any ideas or solutions?


A:Major Sony VAIO problems - graphically, freezes, blue screens etc

The Nvidia graphics chip on the motherboard is probably over heating. The CPU/GPU cooling port may be clogged with dust or the thermal pads or paste need to be cleaned and replaced
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I've started building a new system with a M5A78L-M usb3 motherboard , I've fitted the basic components in and wired it all but when I try and turn on the system all that happens is the fans receive power for a second and go dark. There is no boot up process occuring , BIOS doesn't appear on my screen.The power Led is showing green on the motherboard which shows it has power, I've tested it with the hard drive and without in case it didn't recognize the hardware as well as the RAM. I don't suppose anyone has any ideas because I'm stumped?

A:Fans rev yet no booting occurs

Is this your first build? If you have connected all the power supply wires to the motherboard properly, pull out all the memory and power up. You should hear continuous beeping. If you don't, the motherboard may be defective
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Hi all got above named laptop but when I turn it on it freezes every time when it get to the black screen where it says start windows normally or other options such as safe mode etc is this hard drive failure thanks in advance

A:Acer Aspire One freezes at 'start Windows normally' screen

Update-- on black screen if I click on safe mode or safe mode with networking it does its thing but then after loads of things it just restarts back to that screen if I click last known config it get to the loading windows screen then I see a hint of blue screen then it restarts back to black screen start windows normally screen
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My D531 has failed to boot. I tried doing the flash light diagnostic boot (Fn+Power) and get the following result :
Right light (Down arrow) is stable.
Left & middle lights (9 and A) are flashing.
Dell support said that its a video card issue and that I would need to replace this. Since its integrated, it means replacing the motherboard. My computer isn't under warranty anymore (4 years old) and I'm wondering if I have any alternatives.


Thanks =)

A:Dell Latitude D531 not booting

"and I'm wondering if I have any alternatives" Yes, you can buy a new laptop... The motherboard can be replaced for around $200-$250
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I am trying to reformat my PC with a version of XP that has been ripped (and I have been told works).

I have a GIgabyte motherboard MA77OT-UD3P and when I try to boot to CD-rom it won't - it will just restart my computer normally. I have tried changing the settings in Boot **** priority in BIOS settings, but this doesnt seem to work.
When I do this, the screen goes black, it starts loading devices/drivers etc, then says Boot CD/DVD ...
and then the CD runs in my computer (I can hear it spinning) and then it thinks about it...and then reboots normally as though it tried and could not.

Is this an issue with the CD rom?


A:Reformatting PC -- issue with booting to CD-ROM

Oops, I typed the wrong word - **** is meant to be disk! Boot disk priority in BIOS settings
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My phone has a screen lock on it. So the phone boots up and reaches the screen lock part where I can go about unlocking it and doing whatever I will with my phone. however the screen wont respond to any touch. It is an Android and the phone is a Samsung intercept.

also... :/ 3 days ago I dropped in it a puddle. I've been drying it out for few days under weak heat from a heat lamp but I tried it yesterday and I had the problem mentioned above ^. any suggestions, or am I screwed?


A:Smartphone touch screen won't work after booting up

I'm afraid you will have to get a new phone. Who is your wireless provider?
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Hi all, I just purchased the Razer naga 2012 from bestbuy, but having issues. For every 2-3 minutes, the cursor freezes and the after 5-10 seconds it is back to normal. I have installed the software Synapse 2.0 and it updated it self, And it seems the firmware is automatically updated, and we cant do it manually. Dono how to fix this please...

OS : Win 7 64bit
PC : M15X


A:Razer Naga 2012 cursor freezes

I have exactly the same issue. Brand new Naga 2012, the cursor freezes for 5-10 sec at random intervals.
I have an AMD Athlon II X4 620 CPU,4GB DDR2 RAM,MSI 785GT-E63 mobo,ATI 6850 graphics card.
My OS is Windows 7 64bit.
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So I have PCs My main rig that is as HD Sata seagate TB HD Sata Maxtor TB RAM DDR PC- MHz GB Corsair XMS DHX CM X G C DHX two GB sticks CPU QuadCore Intel Core i GHz MB VGA XFX ATI Radeon HD GB DDR MHz MOBO P P D LE Windows professional x And my old PC that is as CPU Pentium Hyper Threading GHz MOBO ASUS P V -X RAM GB DDR PC- VGA GeForce Booting DVD-ROM and problems FX XT MB DDR HD x IDE Seagate GB Windows XP professional x My old pentium was there leaning on the other room and my mother asked me to prepare it for her to use It s been a year since the last time I turned it on and as far as I remember it was working fine despite the huge noise that the power supply was making Therefore I decided to enhance it a little by replacing the shitty W power supply of the CLONE brand lol by the W power supply that came with my also shitty Satellite X-Blade k case that I hadn t used yet I also swapped my old VGA GeForce FX XT for the GeForce FX MB ddr that was from my brother s old PC and added two more RAM sticks of GB DDR PC- When I turned it on it made beeps and hang up then I read the motherboard manual asus P V -X that this mobo supports up to GB of ram but if they are pc- it can only support a max of two simultaneous sticks then I took one of the sticks and it worked but then it hanged up in the initial black screen saying quot NTLDR is missing quot I searched on google and found that it refers to a boot file Booting and DVD-ROM problems that should missing in windows and that could be solved using the repair function from the Windows XP CD The problem is that my Pentium hadn t a cd-rom drive then I d have to take the one I have on my main rig and put it on the old one I started to prepare the Pentium for that changing Booting and DVD-ROM problems the flat cable connections on the HDs so that left over one cable to connect on the DVD-rom that I would put there Before putting the DVD-rom there I decided to Booting and DVD-ROM problems try turn on the PC again after changing the cables just to see if I had connected everything right and now it gave a different error Now it showed a message that the date time of the bios weren t set to press F to run SETUP or F to load default values and continue I pressed F and to my surprise it not only worked but also went into Windows But while I was rooting around the folders there after one or two minutes it crashed then after resetting it went into windows again but crashed even faster than before and the third time onwards it began to get stuck on the initial black screen again giving these messages There are times when that line about overclocking doesn t appear but the rest yes Then I pressed F to load default values like I was doing before then it began to load and such but crashed before entering on windows I thought I d just connect my DVD-rom on it already and try to do the repair like it was asking before about the lack of the NTLDR so I connected it put the CD and went to do that but now it started to freeze on the screen that asks to push F or F not giving time for me to boot from the CD or anything And the strange thing is that the keyboard doesn t hang up because I press Num Lock and the LED on the keyboard turns on and off but even so the pc does not recognize the command of F or F to proceed on that screen and it don t go further than that As if that weren t enough when I returned the DVD-rom for my main rig it stopped working The bios doesn t recognize it it is as if it wasn t receiving power It is not listed on the setup screen of the CMOS and neither on windows not it open and close the CD door as it isn t working anymore From nowhere I tried swapping cables and everything but it is no longe giving sign of life It s funny that it even worked once before the PC start to freeze on the F F screen opening for me to put the CD but after that it died and I couldn t even get the CD back This problem of the bios unconfiguring alone and sending that message at the beginning I guess it s... Read more
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Hello everyone,

The problem that I?ve been facing is my laptop just freezes, the screen freezes, the audio distorted, not able to move cursor, keyboard does not work. Had to force power off.
Here are the specs:
Laptop Lenovo Ideapad Y450, bought around October 2009
CPU Intel centrino 2 dual core 2.53 ghz, P8700
GPU nVidia geforce GT240M
Ram 4 GHz
Wireless Intel 5100 AGN 802.11

Operating System: Tried both Windows 7 32 bit and Windows XP
CPU temp monitoring software: Speedfan 4.xx
Anti virus: Avira free antivirus

Next reply I will post problem history and details
Please request information if needed more, I am willing to provide.

Thank you,

A:Laptop freezes randomly

My questions and doubts:

How can it be solved?
Can we call this ?overheating? since it freezes when temperature is not over 60 C? but it freezes more when the weather is hotter.
Is the temperature during safe mode normal or too high?
Am I abusing my laptop?

Please request information or pictures if needed more, I am willing to provide.

Problem history:
It works fine with Windows 7 since 2009, when I?ve been recovering from spine surgery, I?ve been using it more than usual since December 2011 where the problem occurs first time, then it occurs more often since March 2012.

Computer usage behavior:
I usually use Autodesk Inventor and Autocad software for 3D and 2D designing, along with web browsing, playing music with iTunes, watching some concerts and South Park by windows media classic. I play occasionally play games like Left 4 Dead 2, Elder Scrolls Skyrim (once-twice a week).

The laptop is placed on a 30 degree inclined stand, due to my surgery I need to only lie down to use the computer. It is turned on about 4-10 hours a day.


It?s been working fine since bought, when I play games, the temperature of CPU and GPU goes up to 75 C for about 1-2 hours, no problem, usually I don?t play longer than 3 hours.

Since March, it freezes randomly about 1 hour after startup when I?m using designing software along with web browsing. Temperature is about 48-53 C, I have screenshots of the temperature software before it freezes. This happens at least once a day.

Since March, it freezes about 5 minutes after start running left 4 dead or skyrim.

During safe mode, the temperature stays about 70 C and sometimes freezes.

After forced shut down and power on right away sometimes it freezes during boot, or even 5 seconds after power on.

It rarely freezes when watching videos and when turning the computer on all night for downloading.

I never finish a full system virus scan, it freezes about 20 minutes after scanning while temperature is about 50 C.

Weather condition: Thailand, hot and humid.
No air conditioning in room, temperature during of months Dec-Feb: 20-30 C, Mar 30-35 C, Apr 35-40 C (hottest of summer). My laptop in this temperature works fine in the past 2 years, other older laptops are also working fine.

Suspected causes and solutions tried:
Replace thermal paste at CPUs and GPU, dust removal at CPU fan, got a cooling pad underneath laptop: temperature slightly drops (3-5 C), no significant improvement in freezing.

Tried updating drivers to the latest possible for the right OS, reformatted partition to change OS to Win XP but problem still occurs.

Thank you,
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Hello all!! I am a computer technician and recently my father just dropped the family laptop who then tried to turn it on which was a failure. A couple hours later I took a look at it and it turned back on for me and let me sign in, however 30 min. after the boot up it just froze and had to be manually rebooted. I already ran a check disk and everything seems to be fine with the hdd I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to fix the issue? The laptop is a Sony Vaio VGN-NW240F running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

A:Dropped laptop, now it freezes

Try removing the hard drive and memory and re-seating them... Is the LCD damaged?
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Hi all I got win7, win xp, win vista and xp pro all as rars im looking to put them on my usb stick to boot on laptop and pc that not got disk drive can someone please help on how to do this .. am I right in saying I need to un rar to get iso then copy iso to stick or am I far off the mark .. thanks in advance

A:Wanna put copies of OS on Transcend USB stick for booting

That depends if the ISO is actually contained within the RAR archives. The methods for putting them on a USB stick vary depending on the OS to be used.

You'll find most USB sticks far too small in capacity to run the later OSes though, and given the fact they need drivers for specific hardware as part of the install process on each individual machine its unlikely you'll get them to work reliably, if at all.
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Everytime I turn on my laptop the mouse freezes in the middle of the screen. The loading symbol will appear next to it but I cannot actually move it. I am still able to navigate using the tab and arrow buttons but I am forced to restart it before I can use the mouse.
Anybody have any ideas on what is causing this? I have searched for updates for the driver and have enabled it then disabled it.

A:Mouse freezes each time laptop is turned on

Brand, model, age, and configuration of laptop?
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goodday computer lovers,i hav this hp530 that is not booting on.i changed the memory slots,i even changed the memory to a trusted working one,it didnt still boot.i now tried reloading the Xp but it says no hdd found.i used another hdd and its the samething.
pls help and thanks in advance.
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i think there is something wrong with my hardware..i have noticed that when ever i move the screen or move the laptop then it either freezes or crashes..

do you have any idea which hardware may be faulty??

Relevancy 24.08%

I have had this computer for almost 3 years now and have had no problems with the hardware before. I went to start my laptop earlier this week and it keeps loading without coming to my screen where I enter my password to go onto my desktop. It returns to an error message after trying to load with no success. The message says:

Windows failed to start.A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:
Insert windows installation disk and restart.

Then it asks me to choose a mode: Safe mode, etc.

What's wrong with it and why am I getting this message?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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It turns on but the screen doesnt The backlight is not broken because when turn Asus and laptop screen it freezes on when randomly G73 doesn't does it does turn on randomly everything works Pushing down on the screen works but only as long as I m Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does holding it really So I ve come to the conclusion that the lcd cable has loosened somehow or there is a problem with the program that starts the computer I ve only had the laptop for about months and the problems started about month after buying it And when it does turn on it randomly freezes Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does I have no clue why I m no computer expert and I ve only built a single computer I have already ran defrag and c disk cleanup ran Norton and turned off unnecessary programs The vents are not obstructed and I ve already done what I think is a hard reset Removing the battery holding the power button for seconds and then putting everything back together I m about to throw the thing out the window and I cannot afford any parts to replace or take it to any computer repair shop I only make about a week nbsp

A:Asus G73 laptop screen doesn't turn on and randomly freezes when it does

Was able to turn it on

Its in safe mode right now and I'm checking the event log 8,894 errors. They are 7023, 7031, 7034, 10010, 14329, 6008, 55, and 8003. The 7000 event ID all occur when im trying to turn my laptop on.
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Hello Guys I am having trouble with my graphic freezes colors! with suddenly weird Game card nvidia gts it was working fine few days ago but suddenly a problem arose When i start any game it opens smoothly everything works fine but after - mins it freezes with wierd colors all over the display I started Witcher to show my error it appears Game suddenly freezes with weird colors! like this Scanned my computer via antivirus for malware but in vain I am really confused what is causing this to happen or my graphic card is no more I will be very thankful to you guys ----------------------------------System Specs --------------------------------------- OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM GB x GB Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free Game suddenly freezes with weird colors! - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd H M-S H x x Antivirus ESET Smart Security Updated No On-Demand Scanner Enabled Using Cooler Master power supply W nbsp

A:Game suddenly freezes with weird colors!

It might be overheating. Does the graphics card fan work and come up to full speed?
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hey guys, well for a few days now i have been trying to solve this problem, since i installed crysis and tried to play it my graphics driver makes my monitor loose connection randomly and causes my computer to freeze, i have uninstalled crysis, used system restore, and re installed my drivers, but this only seems to happen when i have drivers installed, and works just fine without them, i have also checked the motherboard and graphics card to see if they have overheated and been damaged, but nothing, my fans are working fine, it seems to be an issue with the driver software, oh and also with the drivers installed i get colour bars on the BIOS and the WinBoot screen, i have tried all i can to find how to fix it but nothing

A:Monitor looses connection and computer freezes

Can you give us your computers complete specs? Take a look at my specs to give you an idea of what we need
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I can't get access to my laptop. When I boot my laptop, nothing is displayed and only blank screen is appeared. also no error messages are displayed. The hdd led blinks for sometime and then goes off. The dvd-drive spins for sometime.

can anyone help me for this problem.... is it a corrupted bios?

A:No display while booting my laptop

Use a flashlight and see if you can see any faint images at all on the LCD screen
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I am having this problem recently...whenever I am watching video in youtube
or talking in skype, my entire laptop screen becomes fuzzy and then it cursor/keyboard...nothig works. I can only get rid off it by turning the power off.
I have the feeling it might have something to do with removed it...but
still it happened! I have dual-boot systems (Vista+ windows 7)..I hardly used
Windows 7 as my laptop does not support it I checked if it also happens in Windows does not.

I do not know how can I get rid off THIS PROBLEM:

Any help will be very much appreciated.


A:Screen becomes fuzzy and it freezes in Vista

Try updating the video driver. You should be able to find it on your laptop vendor's site.
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Im having trouble with my newly built computer freezing at random points during my startup and if it does boot up all the way it always freezes on the "Shutting Down" screen. Im running Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and have reinstalled it two times.
Here is what I currently have in it:

AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
G.SKILL Value Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3
500W Power supply

A:Freshly built computer freezes at random points during startup

Sounds like there could be an issue with your BIOS... either needs to be flashed to a newer version to fully support the X6 processor or the settings just need to be tweaked. Make sure your memory is running in accordance to factory spec and that your voltages for both CPU and RAM is within acceptable range.
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My synaptics pointing device freezes after about 10 - 15 minutes of not using my computer. I tried making the computer wait longer before hybrinating, but it still does it. Any suggestions?

A:Synaptics pointing device freezes

Is it a wireless mouse, if so check the batteries.

If it is chorded try another mouse and see if the problems persists.

Check these settings:

Go to the Control Panel and select Mouse. From the mouse properties screen click the Hardware tab. on the next screen under the Genral tab click on Change Settings. Then select the Power Management tab and make sure it is set to "Allow this device to wake the computer" and not "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

This is correct instruction for Windows 7, if you have a different OS (which you should have stated) there may be some minor differences.
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After I formatted my HDD, re-installed the same Windows 7 I had before I've been getting brief and random picture-freezes. They appear to be more often and last longer when playing a game or so forth, although they even pop up while using a browser or MSN. I have no idea what might be causing this, as the PC itself is fast as usual. If anyone can help me...I'd be eternally grateful.

Short and facty:
1) Brief picture freezes, more often when PC working hard
2) Just did a format

A:Having random and brief picture-freezes

What do you mean by "random picture freezes". What kind of picture or pop ups?
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Good evening everyone, I've been having lots of trouble with this gigabyte motherboard.. I took everything apart to clean it because it was dusty.. I reconnect everything together and everything such as fans and CPU fans seem to run fine, however there is no signal to the monitor.. Everything is connected fine

I have a duo core intel e8400
550w psu
4gb gskill ram
Radeon HD 5770
Gigabyte GA EP45 UD3R mobo

A:Problem booting with the Gigabyte GA EP45 UD3R

Does it beep and load Windows, or does it just fail to POST? Is power connected to the video card?
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as soon as i install password,the cursor freezes

A:Netbook cursor freezes

Sounds like the software is incompatible with your system. Have you got the correct version for your OS. Is the PC otherwise working without error?
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Each time i plug a usb device my toshiba A135 laptop hangs until i reboot.i tot it was virus so i formated the system but the problem persist.pls help me out. Thank u

A:Toshiba A135 system freezes

Go to Toshiba's website, find your exact model and update the latest drivers for your system.
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my issue is so like other posts but a smidge different. my dell 1735 has two hdd bays. i stripped my original hdd and loaded it with ubuntu. i placed it in my secondary bay and hooked it up. i recieved another hdd from dell, preloaded with vista and put it into the primary "original" bay. How do i boot up my secondary hdd? i think i may be missing the forest through the trees. thank you. sincerly, tommybee.

A:Trouble booting up second OS/hard drive on Dell 1735 laptop

you need to set up your system to dual boot.

just google "dual booting vista and ubuntu" and you'll find lots of guides on how to get you set up.
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Hi, I Have An Emachines E525 Laptop Which Has A Problem.
It Freezes Briefly For About 2-3 Minuets And It Gets Very Annoying, Its Running On Windows 7 Home Premium (x64), 2Gb Of RAM And Has A 1.90Ghz Dual Core Celeron Processor.

Anyway, It Freezes For About 2 Minuits Then Goes Back To Normal As If Nothing Has Happened.

I Go To The Task Manager And Look At The Processes But Only 4% Of The CPU Is Used But The RAM Is Almost Used Up Could Somebody Help Please

Kindest Regards Coreyy

A:My laptop freezes for about 2 minutes

Network likely

Though Win7 is much more tolerant of enabled/disabled Networking, my experience has typically been that when a PC "freezes" for a couple of minutes, it's usually because it is attempting to access a Network resource that's not there, and it takes about two minutes for the system to "time out" and give up polling the network.

Whether you've ever had your notebook on a wired or wireless network, you didn't say. But when a Windows PC chokes for two minutes, that's almost always the cause.

Check your Home Network settings, and make sure your notebook isn't trying to access any remote drives/resources.
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well I can't find a topic on this .
what I want to do is have 1 boot on master HDD and have 1 to 4 boot's no slave HDD if I can ?
reason being I have a 20gb 7200rpm and a 40gb 5000rpm(or what ever the slower speed is)
My pc's are dinosaurs so I have endipendant prosses per a boot >_< (hard times)

anything to help me is always appreciated
thanks in advance

A:Booting from a slave HDD


just remimberd how to install to the slave..just swap places with master. Install then return it to slave..
can xp have more than 4 boots thow ?
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On one rig I got GTS mb and it works flawlesslly However on another machine I got GTS Not 'oh really. so you GTS it crashes, BSOD, Gainward 250 name freezes... great'? gb which Gainward GTS 250 'oh so great'? Not really. BSOD, crashes, freezes... you name it earned the quot Piece Gainward GTS 250 'oh so great'? Not really. BSOD, crashes, freezes... you name it of sh t quot sticker The issues are usual for the gb model blue Gainward GTS 250 'oh so great'? Not really. BSOD, crashes, freezes... you name it screen restart games freeze crash audio loops inifinitely strange psychodelic colorful lines swarm the monitor cubes of various colors do the same And yes it happens in many games and to many people at least according to what I ve found browsing forums As with other people in my case too the issues happen with Bad Company Assassin s creed GTA etc It appears that the problem is with the nV drivers I ve found somewhere that installing a much older version of nVidia graphic drivers solves the issue but I d rather search for help on what to I ve updated BIOS Chipset Audio Lan DirectX nVidia GPU driver is Event Source nv Event ID Minidump files are bellow The error in the Event Viewer appeared on July th EDIT Forgot to mention tha powa is Thermaltek w Forward thanks Kreinzer nbsp

A:Gainward GTS 250 'oh so great'? Not really. BSOD, crashes, freezes... you name it

If its the 1gb model, just use a 512, you get like .01% less performance. And you could just update to the latest drivers, maybe Nvidia has since fixed the issues.
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First the parts MOBO ASRock FX Deluxe RAM Kingston HyperX x GB -pin DDR SDRAM DDR Memory Model KHX C D K GX GPU XFX HD A-ZNFC Radeon HD GB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP CPU AMD Phenom II X Black Edition PSU Seasonic x Gold W ATX V v EPS V v CPU Cooler Coolermaster V I m having a boot problem I was able to start up once and go into the BIOS no problem I didn t change anything except the time and date I figured it was time to install Windows after that Put in the disc turned the system off to reboot and nothing Deluxe4 ASRock PSU booting up 890FX not with new The case lights fans turn on for a brief second as well as the MOBO lights and CPU cooler then nothing You can hear the PSU click as if it wants to power on but won t or can t I don t have anything up to date like this setup as my other system is yrs old So swapping out parts is a no go I tried the newer psu on the older computer and had the same results Fans spin for a second as well as lights and then ASRock 890FX Deluxe4 not booting up with new PSU nothing I then removed the ASRock from my new case hooked up the psu to the cpu mobo gpu no gpu and still the same result Would it be safe to assume that the psu is bad Or am I missing something else nbsp

A:ASRock 890FX Deluxe4 not booting up with new PSU

Yes, it sounds like the PSU is bad. If you swapped in the PSU from the older PC and it starts up fine, then you have a solid case to replace the new PSU under warranty or exchange with wherever you bought it.
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hi folks,
just a few questions,
i have an acer aspire 4530,when i try to turn it on,it powers on then back off in about 5 times when it powers on i can not get the power turned off,and it does not boot up at all,any ideas or suggestions on how i can get this rectified
Relevancy 23.22%

Whenever I try boot it it shows the Advent screen then quot Windows failed to start a Vaio Advent Sony booting VGN-NW26M Milano W7 and not recent hardware or software change might be the problem quot and then all the boot Advent Milano W7 and Sony Vaio VGN-NW26M not booting options Then after that screen it says quot bootmgr is missing quot and then all the stuff about putting a recovery cd in and restarting and it says that the error code is xc I tried putting my recovery cd in I can get to the screen where it says quot Fix Startup Problems quot quot Restore computer to an earlier time quot quot Open Command Prompt quot and the rest I tried quot Fix Startup Problems quot but that wont work when I open the Command Prompt and do Bootrec exe FixBoot it does nothing about it I also tried bcdedit export C bcd backup gt C gt CD boot gt attrib bcd -s -h -r gt ren C boot bcd bcd old gt bootrec rebuildbcd but that doesn t work it s Windows I also have a booting error on my Sony Vaio but its different from the Advent Milano problem it shows the Sony boot screen then just shows a black screen with a white underscore on the top left the underscore moves line down after seconds then line down again after about - seconds then it just gets stuck on the rd line When I try plug my computer into the wall socket via the AC Adapter the line first appears on the rd line and stays there I have tried recovery options on my Vaio too but it wont work Please help nbsp

A:Advent Milano W7 and Sony Vaio VGN-NW26M not booting

The laptops hard drive may be bad, and will have to be freshly formatted or replaced
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I have an 80 GB hardrive with windows XP service pack 3, and everytime i start the computer, the mouse will freeze along with the keyboard until I restart it, but than it repeats. Help!

A:Mouse and keyboard freezes after a few minutes of start up

Do the keyboard and mouse freeze at the windows logon screen or after? What kind of keyboard and mouse do you have?(PS/2, USB, wireless)
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One of my friends laptop is being booting (Vista) Inspiron not 1525 Dell a bit temperamental It s a relatively new Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista Home Premium bit SP installed Anyways the computer turns on normally but when the OS goes to load it gets stuck at a black screen with just the mouse cursor moving around Safe Mode doesn t work and the same thing happens if I select quot Last Good Config that Worked quot I ve seen this problem before with updates but my Dell Inspiron 1525 not booting (Vista) friend said it was working fine and he didn t install anything I popped in the Dell OS disk so I could try a repair recovery but that was unsuccessful as well The setup program didn t detect any problems with the OS and there were no restore points to revert back to I have no idea what the computer is doing when it sits on the black screen There is a little bit of HDD activity here and there but I think that s the normal behavior Any ideas I m sort of at a loss here Thanks in Dell Inspiron 1525 not booting (Vista) advance for any help nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1525 not booting (Vista)

If I get a Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 OEM disk can I perform a repair install without being able to boot the OS normally? I can't do anything with this computer at the moment--it just sits and does nothing. I slaved the HDD to another system and was able to read and write normally, so it's definitely a problem with Vista. Problem is I have no idea what is causing the computer to hang so I can't pull any errors and startup repair says there's no problems.
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My Sony Vaio suddenly shut down and when I turn it on, there's only a black screen with a blinking white underscore on the top left, the underscore after 10 seconds moves down a line, then after 10 seconds again moves down a line, then it just stays on the 3rd line. I've tried using my recovery disk and the Bootrec.exe > bcdedit /export C:\bcd_backup > C: > cd boot > attrib bcd -s -h -r > ren C:\boot\bcd bcd.old > bootrec /rebuildbcd > y. But all that doesn't work, I'm accessing internet through Splashtop right now, please help.

A:Sony Vaio not booting

which model vaio? ...sounds very similar to a problem i was having awhile back. turned out that there was a problem with the battery. does it do the same thing if you leave the battery out and plug the computer into the wall? this will rule out the battery's involvement in the problem...
Relevancy 24.08%

The pc was working fine yesterday, this morning I switch it on and the pc starts (all the fans, LED's are working) but the monitor says No Signal.

I took out the graphics card and plugged the monitor in the onboard graphics, but still no luck. The monitor still says No Signal.

So what should I do next? Get a new graphics or new System Board?


A:PC booting, but 'No Signal' on monitor

Have you checked your monitor in other PC?I don't think their is problem with your GPU as onboard graphics is also not working.
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Hi, I have a Hp DV4 laptop, its ok but it heats up quickly and pretty high, I tried cleaning its interior and I found out the HDD heats up the most, or atleast stores the heat for long durations.

My solution was to remove the drive and connect it externally through a USB or a firewire. In my PC bios I have a feature (I never tried) to boot from the USB drive, but my laptop doesnt, isnt there a way to make this work?


A:Booting Windows from an external drive

Hi B44g6,

If your BIOS has no Boot from USB then the odds are the laptop doesn't support it. All boards are different and you can try booting from it but i dont think it will work,

If you find your laptop is overheating i recomment purchasing a laptop cooling pad they are not that expensive and have fans in them to keep your laptop cool.

hope this helps
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Hi I have a friends laptop that once again broken The last time I fixed it the psu was broken and now not HP booting 530 I believe that the psu is gone again and then there is something else too Some times the laptop quot goes on quot and sometimes the power light just blinks times and that is psu fault if HP 530 not booting I m not mistaking Anyhow when it goes on I get this message -------------------------------------------------------- Non-System disk or disk error replace and strike any key when ready -------------------------------------------------------- And I guess that s the hdd that has gone bad -I not last time but the time before that when I fixed this laptop I changed the hdd to a new one So the hdd is - months old and the psu is months old hp original So the real question is that is it worth fixing this laptop or just get a new one and is the does that message mean that the hdd is dead or just that the laptops mobo is fu ed up thx in advance nbsp

A:HP 530 not booting

First I got an other PSU so I got the laptop running and battery charged but the message above always appear. The BIOS can't find the hdd and I also ran a xubuntu 9.10 live cd but it didn't find anything (I also ran a memory test even to see if it could find any other problems). So when the laptop can't find / do anything I took the hdd out an connected it to my computer but still nothing. First I just connected it when the computer was on but it didn't recognize any hardware changes so I rebooted but my computer can't boot when the hdd is connected so I disconnected the hdd and when I got the cable disconnected my computer booted up as normal. So I connected the hdd again and rebooted to see if my BIOS was slow or something but still nothing...

So I guess the hdd is dead? -again

btw, the hdd is a Seagate 120Gb SATA drive
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My computer is freezing up on me whenever i play StarCraft2 (and any other game for that matter). Once it freezes I turn it off and then back on. It then gets stuck at the windows XP loading screen.

If i let my computer sit for a few hours I will then be able to get back into xp(not all the time). Everything seems to work fine until i start playing a game(usually. sometimes it freezes even when im not playing anything but, for the most part, only when i'm in a game). I'm using a NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT. ASUS M2N-E motherboard.

Any ideas what could be wrong?
(no onboard video card)
Relevancy 24.51%

I am having a bad run of failing to boot HDs.

After trying to repair the spare Sata W.Digital HD it will again NOT Boot on its own, but boots with a boot floppy program called "fixntldr.exe" I found here:-

Simple "ntldr is missing" fix with boot floppy, CD-R, or USB flash

Somehow I blew it & ended up with 2 Wins XP, as shown below in HD Manager, one in E primary & another in J logical shown in image below.

Can I delete the J logical partition?.

Can anybody see a way of getting this HD to boot on its own.

If I go in Safe Mode is there anything I can do to change things.

A:Another HD not booting proper

Is BIOS correctly identifying the hard drive?

Is the hard drive from this machine previously, or from another one with a XP install?

We really need to know more information about whether it worked before, what you did to it, and how this all happened if possible please.
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ok some one brought around a presario c700
it starts to boot then goes to blue screen, so can i get some thing to reset the bootstrap ????
as the restore is on the hard drive that will not work

A:Not booting

ok had root about and it has a #45 crc error
can i fix this with software for free help me. sos sos
the hdd is w/d
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Hello We have two computers in my house One day the older computer stopped booting past bios and since we had the other one we didn t care The problem is that we think that it stopped working because of the hard drive When we pluggled the hard drive into my computer it also woulnd t go past bios Now I am not very sure if we installed it right It wouldn t show anything at all if it wasn t installed right correct Anyways The hardrive a WD Cavier Blue - WD BB has tons of pictures of my baby that I would be devastated to lose and since I have no idea how to retrieve those pictures I am here for need files recover Hard drive to not booting, help The hard drive doesn t make any clicking noises which means that it probably doesn t have physical problems I read that somewhere Sooo what do I do Sorry I don t have much information to give I have no idea what kind of information you guys Hard drive not booting, need to recover files need or where to find it I don t have very much knowledge when it comes to hardware so please use quot dummy language quot with me Thanks nbsp

A:Hard drive not booting, need to recover files

I'm sure you didn't mean to write "pluggled", but I think it's great word.
What's the make and model of your computer?
This is a PATA drive, so the jumpers must be set correctly. Slave or Cable select should work if it's on the same channel as the other HD.
Do know if the HD is spinning?
Relevancy 24.51%

When the PC is started I get "hal.dll is missing". Please install hal.dll.

I put it in another PC that boots OK but the faulty HD shows in Bios but in Win.Explorer.

How can I install hal.dll ? ...........nick
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Hi All I m having a problem with a new PC I bought recently PCI-E -> issues - IDE card controller booting It has an ASUS P H -M USB motherboard which doesn t have any IDE PATA ports My DVD device is still IDE PATA and I didn t want to buy a new SATA DVD device as my current one is still pretty new I decided to rather buy a PCI-E - gt IDE controller card PCI-E -> IDE controller card - booting issues The model is the Sunix Ide card which uses the VIA VT chipset The card is marketed as being bootable So the setup - I PCI-E -> IDE controller card - booting issues have a Seagate GB SATA drive connected and my LG DVD device connected to the IDE controller card I switched the PC on went straight to the BIOS PCI-E -> IDE controller card - booting issues and set the boot sequence to my DVD device first then the SATA HDD I m trying to boot from the WinXP CD as the HDD is still empty After showing the MBs own POST screen it shows a POST screen for the IDE card It detects my DVD device but doesn t boot from it Furthermore when a CD DVD is in the drive when booting it just hangs after detecting the DVD device If there is no CD DVD in the device it doesn t hang but it gives me a message saying that I need to insert bootable media If I then insert the WinXP CD and press a key it doesn t boot but just keeps giving the message about inserting bootable media I want to play around a bit more before I go to plan B - just getting a SATA DVD device I first want to perhaps try another PCI-E slot there are and also maybe play around with the jumper on the DVD device It is currently set as the Master Perhaps I should try Slave and Cable Select Also could it perhaps be a jumper setting on the MB Or a BIOS setting I m missing Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp
Relevancy 20.64%

My Dell Latitude D630 freezes and has green vertical lines and also a wide line about 3-4 inches wide when i reboot. The laptop wont even load anymore. I am hoping that it is the video card or something. I have tried everything but have ran out of ideas. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

A:Dell Latitude D630 freezes and has green vertical lines

Safe Mode doesn't load, either?
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I have been given an HP laptop to look at originally the sound was not working so updated drivers and rebooted laptop on reboot it would not boot up I have tried booting up from recovery partition F but it just black screens I have tried booting Pavilion not dv9500 HP booting up from Vista disc but it just comes up with the first screen with copying files along the bottom and then it black screens Sometimes it willl restart I will press a key to boot from cd it goes through copying files with the white progress bar along the bottom and the stops with a blank screen or restarts I have tried the same with a Win disc which does the same but stops on the next screen with quot starting windows quot displayed I have run memory checks and disc checks and both were fine This has me puzzled so I am hoping you guys have a clue whats going on here nbsp

A:HP Pavilion dv9500 not booting

Defective hard drive is my guess.
Have you tried removing and reinstalling the partition? If you cannot do that, you should try another hard drive as a test.
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Hello guys...having a freeze issue and it has started just a few days back.
My system freezes with the hard disk light glowing solid bright(no strobe effect at all). The only way to find a solution is to restart the system. CTRL+ALT+DEL does not work.
This usually happens while installing applications...and happened while installing Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I was able to move the mouse arrow around though. I am using nVidia's 195.62 WHQL certified drivers.
Antivirus is Norton Internet security 2010.
Any idea?

My laptop config:

Intel Core 2 Duo P7350(2.00GHz,3MB L2,1066MHz FSB)
3GB DDR2-800 RAM
[email protected] HDD...Fujitsu
nVidia Geforce 9600M GT 512MB DDR2(NO OC)
Vista Home Premium 32(SP1)

A:Laptop freezes with HDD light glowing

Load the system into safe mode without networking and leave it on for 1 hour then come back. Do you have the same issue? If not then it might be NIS10 causing the issue or registry errors. Download and install IOBIT Advance System Care (free) you can install that then run it under Safe Mode. See what it finds on your system that needs attention to fix.
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When I try to boot up my desktop computer the lights come on and fans start working but it has a clicking sound. Then after several seconds I get a error message. I have a Gateway computer with an Intel D 915. The error message I get is:
Intel Agent FE V4.1.17
Pxe base code (pxe-2.1 build 085)
ce53 no boot filename received
c-mof exiting Intel boot agent.

Any ideas on what is the problem?

A:Computer not booting up power on but nothing else

The clicking sound could be a bad hard drive.
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So I have a acer aspire 7520 laptop running Windows 7 2 gigs RAM 160 gig hard drive any way I boot it up all the lights come on fan comes on but screen stays black about 4 or 5 seconds in it shuts off and does it again and just keeps repeating this untill I turn it off.
I have researched this and tried everything I have read and nothing works.

A:Acer laptop starts booting then stops and turns off

Have you tried clearing CMOS?
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I know it sounds wierd but its happening my computer will freeze and my dvd will corrupt and make a sound and after that I cant do ANYTHING I had a friend of mine who help me build my computer come over and help me fix it when he put his ram in it worked fine but than again i didn t check all of the areas that made it freeze I checked games and they didn t of Computer a areas game in certain freezes freeze in those areas so I thought hmm it works But unfortunately it still freezes in some parts of the game of which I never checked when I put my Computer freezes in certain areas of a game new one in that i just bought today it worked fine no freezing no nothing Now it just froze again Same spots I bought gb ram gaming ram its good ram In example when I play WoW it only freezes in night elf starting area and other places like Warsong Gulch and some random zones like hinterlands and in lil zone in swamp of sorrows only when I walk there I reinstalled wow I reinstalled OS I did everything It s a hardware problem It s also doing it to a game called FSX when I take off from Juliana airport it only does it ummmm Napolean total war it does it randomly that I see It doesn t overheat its cool when i check it I got a nice cpu fan that keeps it cool at around c I m sure it does it to other games that have incredible amount of D Action It Computer freezes in certain areas of a game doesn t do it to like my splinter cell games that i play its just wierd it freezes on specific games and i know theres more out there that if i played them they would freeze I also tried running the computer without the dvd drive in because when it freezes the dvd drive makes a sound like it shuts off but it still works fine after it makes the noise meaning i can open it while the computers frozen might be a power supply problem i dont think so I could really use some help no one can help me solve this mystery diagnosis Info x gb OCZ GT Nvidia AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor Socket AM Windows BIT -Could it be the motherboard corrupting something like the ram graphics card -Could it be any type of hardware problem -Could it be a software problem -Could it be FIXED nbsp

A:Computer freezes in certain areas of a game

Did you put in first tier RAM or Value Select or other low cost RAM... are all memory modules matched?
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I have an eMachine. There was a power outage, then it wouldn't power on. I bought and installed a new PSU. When plugged in again, the power button glows green, but it will not boot up. Need help please. I don't know what to do next.

A:New PSU on eMachine, not booting up

Power button glows on the motherboard and no further activity? Looks like it's fried. Time for a new mobo.
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Motherboard is M ASD-T Deluxe ADI Soundmax on board audio Microphone freezes computer Windows Microphone freezes computer XP My speakers work fine I had a gigaware microphone and it caused Microphone freezes computer my computer to freeze up when I plugged it in After I checked the pop-up box confirming the microphone was plugged in So I uninstalled and reinstalled the Soundmax audio driver from CD maybe there is a newer version I m not sure and I even went and got a new microphone also gigaware to make sure it wasn t the old microphone that was damaged I still have same problem now When I click the pop up box check it to confirm that I have plugged in a microphone with in a matter of seconds my computer completely freezes up As soon as I click on Start it doesn t even open I am forced to turn off the computer with the power button It s almost as if my microphone is conflicting with the speakers and causing a frequency loop I ve never had this problem before but I haven t used a microphone in a while I do however remember using a microphone on this computer in the past year and it worked Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Microphone freezes computer

What operating system? What is brand of computer, and age.
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General Specs MOBO - Intel Essex Pentium no booting PC but properly video - GHz Part Storage Western Digital Caviar SE GB PC booting properly but no video - Video Card - NVIDIA GeForce Ti -MB AGP Graphics Card Part Memory - MEM DDR MB PC PC booting properly but no video B X R Part -Watt Power Supply I turned my computer on and no video I had tried to add more memory but I didnt get right one so i replaced old one I thought it would all return to normal but nope There is no video First thing i did was tried the Ti on my old dell and it works fine so than I tried video card from the dell but still no video Asked some folks they told me reset bios onboard video make sure ram is snapped in and wires are all connected but no video I mean all three keyboard lights flash green power button is green MOFO light is green light on PSU is green fans all work what am I missing guys nbsp

A:PC booting properly but no video

What do you see in the Device Manager... any red, gray, or yellow flags?

Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager

If no flags, i would remove the install, reboot, and reinstall.
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My Dell Inspiron 1100 is over 6 years old at this point, quite the dinosaur. However, I still have a bit of old data I would love to remove before it really bites the dust.

When I boot up the machine, usually the display is clear and bright. However, after no more than a minute the screen goes black and only a faint outline of the desktop remains. What is the problem and what do I need to do to solve it?


A:Dell Inspiron 1100 screen goes black 30 secs after booting up, faint screen outline


backlights or invertor board is failing (failed).

If there is an external monitor socket on it use a monitor to see the screen and then you can backup your data.
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As alluded to in the title my PC freezes when I play pretty much any D application especially session Freezes per PC - though once Intermittent only games where it freezes almost immediately forcing me to restart my computer using the reset button Afte the computer finishes rebooting from this I Intermittent PC Freezes - only once per session though can then run any application fine without it freezing - until the next session of using my computer It doesnt matter whether I access the D app straight away from startup or after hour of use the freeze still happens for the first startup of any D app The freeze can happen anywhere up to or minutes of playing a game - somewhat frustrating at times I have checked as many drivers as I know how and there really are not many external bits attached to my pc it has usb kb and mouse logitech usb data dongle and monitor The crashes did not appear to be happening when I bought the computer and it was running windows xp although I only ran xp for about a week before installing vista The problem has occurred over a full install of vista and more recently a full version fresh install of windows Any help would be much appreciated Please find below the DXDIAG printout Matt ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name --------------------- Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Build win gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd System Model X -DS BIOS Award Modular BIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GTX GTX Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GTX GTX DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS DE amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model Acer X W Monitor Id ACR A Native Mode x p Hz Output Type DVI Driver Name nvd dumx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvd dum nvwgf um nvwgf um Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- F - CC C Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x DE Revision ID x A Driver Strong Name oem inf NVIDIA SetA Devices NTamd Section ci ven de amp dev Rank Of Driver E Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeVC C ModeWMV C Deinterlace removed D D Overlay Supported DXVA-HD Supported DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Enabled ------------- Sound Devices ------------- Description Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback Yes Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS A amp REV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name RTKVHD sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d n a Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Realtek Semiconductor Corp HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No Description Realtek Digital Output Realtek High Definition Audio Default Sound Playback No Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN EC amp DEV amp SUBSYS A amp REV... Read more

A:Intermittent PC Freezes - only once per session though

Hi Matt,

Does this happen with particular games or just any game (or 3D app)?

When you say that the PC freezes, can you still see the image on the screen (ie, not a blue screen)?
Does the sound stutter?
How long have you tried leaving it to recover? Maybe the PC is doing something in the background?
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My dell e1505 laptop, which I've had for a little over 2.5 years, won't start up. I turn it on, and it loads past the screen that says "PBR 2... Done" and then the screen with a gray loading bar at the bottom appears. The bar fills up about 1/4 of the way, then the laptop freezes.
It doesn't budge after that until I turn it off, and when I turn it back on, it does the same thing. I don't want to have to reformat, I don't even know if reformatting would help, but I'm lost at this point.
Any help would be nice. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 won't finish booting up

Pull the hard drive out and see if the laptop boots up any further. If so, the hard drive is probably bad
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My Toshiba Satellite M65 has been working well for years. This morning it won't boot up. I press the power button and the "power on" indicators light and the fan spins for about six seconds and then it powers off.

The AC adapter light stays lit and the battery indicator is lit a steady green. I removed the battery and same thing on AC only. I removed and reseated the memory cards. Did the same with the HD. Also removed all power and held the power button down for 15 seconds. Also tried booting from CD with HD uninstalled.

My first thought was that the HD had crashed. But I suspect the CMOS battery. Is that likely?


A:Toshiba Satellite powers off before booting

CMOS batter is not a likely cause until long after you have replaced the hard drive twice...
I suspect the hard drive or a memory module.
The Toshiba M65 came out in early 2005... and if you have had it for five years, your hard drive is likely worn out.
Open the case plate where the hard drive is stored, and tell us the brand and model of hard drive, memory configuration, and programs you are running.
You may still have a chance to recover data from the old hard drive by putting it into an external USB enclosure.... IF you do not make it worse by trying too many attempts to restart.
A new hard drive can be found at,,,,,,,, and many others for $50 to $80 depending on capacity and whether ATA or SATA drive ... the external USB enclosure will cost anywhere from $18 to $35 depending on brand and model.
If you do not have the Toshiba recovery disk set, you will have to order that from Toshiba... cost is about $35 including shipping.
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Hi About a week ago my system froze while playing a game it had never done this before during the years I ve had it and when I freezes Random tried to reboot there was dots going in symmetrical lines all over the motherboard and windows bootscreen not in bios and not on post It managed to boot in safemode I checked temperatures Random freezes and everything seemed normal After a couple restarts the dots disappeared and I could boot normally This problem have since come back a couple times a day Sometimes I can play for hours before it crash sometimes it crash almost immediately It seems to almost only crash in games but that can be because when the computer is on I ll probably be playing a game When this problem occurs it can always boot into safe mode can t boot normally and it always works to boot normally if I uninstall my graphics drivers first When it fails to boot it comes to the windows loading screen and then it dissapears and seems to freeze leaving only these dots going in symmetrical lines on the screen I ve tried cleaning away dust increasing fan speeds to try and ensure that it s not a temperature issue and I don t think it is I ve ran prime for hours on occasions without graphics drivers without crash or error I ve ran a hd test without errors I ve disconnected everything that doesn t need to be connected like cd player extra hdd etc My parts are Gainward GTX Gigabyte GA-X -DQ Intel Core Duo E xOCZ DDR PC gb Corsair W Windows Vista -bit The dots on screen and the fact it works without drivers safemode and seems to be stable in prime leads me to believe the graphics card is broken But I would like to hear what you guys think before I order a new one and if you have any ideas on what else it could be Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Random freezes

After two years of operations, there is a good chance that your video graphics card has failed, or if the computer is older than two years, that your hard drive is starting to go...
Tell us more about age and configuration... memory, what programs are installed, etc.
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Hey guys, got a problem for yall! Let me begin with my setup:

9800 GX2 GPU
Q9450 CPU
ASUS Striker II extreme 790i
DDR3 OCZ 1gb 1333 platinum series (2 sticks)
Zalman fan
900w akasa psu

Now here's the probelm: The pc locks up anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. I've switched graphic cards, tried the ram individually and today replaced the motherboard - which made no difference whatsoever (probably should have tried tech-spot beforehand). I have also installed and reinstalled several different versions of windows on the system; the crashes take place as I'm installing and if i get it passed the installation it crashes soon after.

It just freezes completely, keyboard and mouse unresponsive, no blue screen or anything, just a freeze (mouse doesnt move etc).

Any help is much appreciated! Thnx

A:Strange freezes/lockups PSU?

Are all settings on your system at stock?

Have you tried running on a different PSU?
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Hi all hope someone out there can help me with this problem Last year my Inspiron not booting Dell up e1505 girlfriend gave me her old Dell inspiron e laptop to fix Dell Inspiron e1505 not booting up I had my buddy test it and we figured the motherboard was the problem After a few months and motherboards eg wrong one sent back original for repair I got the correct motherboard from eBay Dell Inspiron e1505 not booting up refurbished from Dell put it together and it s still not firing up I get the battery light on and when I hit the power button the other three lights light for a second and then they go out and nothing happens I don t hear any signs of life either Of course needless to say I could buy another laptop but thats not the point I need to figure out what s wrong with this one its about not letting it win Oh and also my girlfriend came up behind me to console me an attempt to keep me from crying and I shot a static arc from somewhere on the computer after it already wasn t booting up doesn t look like there was any damage and it s still behaving the same way with the three lights I don t think this caused any damage Anyone have any ideas Thanks Jon nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 not booting up

I also have a E1505 and I always get a blinking dot for about 2 minutes before windows loads. any suggestions?
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my pc never did this until now. it never showed any symptoms of anything.then when i turn it on it freezes on the bios screen, the screen with boot options, or if it goes successfully through all this it just goes to black screen and stay like that. the bios detects everything but when i insert the xp installation disk the pc doesn't even detect it. when i try to start safe mode it freezes on cfadisk. Please help me

A:My computer freezes on boot can't even go on safe mode

If you have another computer available and are able to burn a CD .iso download this

Burn to CD, boot to disc and run test. This is Drive Fitness Test and will tell you if you have a bad hard drive or not. It is free and easy to use. Be sure to run advanced test instead of quick test.

Good luck!
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So my laptop can't boot...or it can't even get the power on, the "power" / "charging" light blinks 8 times and nothing...

where can I find some instructions or do someone know what's the problem?


A:HP 530 Notebook PC not booting

Did you check the HP forum?
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Awhile back i bought a laptop for the kids.i used it a little bit and recently...somehow..they crushed the screen

i took the HDD out (HM500LI) and bought a caddy so i could get some of my stuff off of there..

its a USB (2 usb to PC 1 to caddy) and when i plug it in...PC recognizes it as an "External HDD" but of course it has an OS on it and wont let me access the files

i went into BIOS and made the external HD my first to boot....but still goes straight to my current HD

the caddy HD is Vista...current PC is Win7

the external HDD is running and the light is green...but thats all i get out of it

any suggestions?

i can provide more info if needed

A:Laptop HDD not booting in PC bios

"but of course it has an OS on it and wont let me access the files"
Explain this a little more. Do you get an error message?
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hi everyone this is my first post since joining and drive after not by booting Windows E-Sata recognised 7 I have high hopes that someone can help provided that E-Sata drive not recognised by Windows 7 after booting my external drive is running before i boot it is recognised and is useable but if i switch it on after booting then it is E-Sata drive not recognised by Windows 7 after booting not recognised i understand that this procedure is similar to hot swapping with a usb connection and for this to work with a SATA drive AHCI has to be enabled in the bios setup my bios has four settings available - native ide which is the default setting that i normally use raid legacy ide and ide-ahci i set it to the last option which would appear to be the one i need and the only difference that it made was to increase the boot time from a normal minute to in excess of minutes i tried all the other settings in turn and none of them did what i want which is to be able to switch the drive on and off as i need it i also found in another forum that msahci driver should be loaded at boot time it is normally not by default microsoft KB refers the bios file and the motherboard drivers are up to date so can anyone see anything that i have missed or perhaps it is not possible nbsp

A:E-Sata drive not recognised by Windows 7 after booting

Turn off all Legacy IDE and USB settings in the bios
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One of my friend have a DELL system which have MB RAM recently he bought a GB RAM and tried to add it with existing as he says both are of same DDR type but any way it did not accept and then he return back as before that with MB RAM all things were as upgrade booting not RAM before he didn t delete or add any file or change any settings but windows not boot up only the black screen with options of safe RAM upgrade not booting mode safe mode with command prompt windows start normally windows with last good configuration etc but when selecting wny option it return back to the same screen with this options what may be the problem he cleaned the RAM slot and press it correctly he can t even go to safe mode is there any chance to change any settings in bios automatically while changing the RAM or what may be the reason is it need to format or any other way nbsp

A:RAM upgrade not booting

It could be compatibility issues. Double check the physical connection and verify that it's seated correctly. Go into the BIOS and verify the amount of memory detected with the amount physically installed. If that's all good, ther shouldn't be any beeps and it should take you to the menu with the options. Select last known config that worked, and if no go, turn off the pc and reset the CMOS or pull out the battery for a minute and reinstallng it to see if that fixed it. Upon restarting, make sure everything in the BIOS is set to how you've had it configured.
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hello friends.....

today i bought a new dvd writer......but to formate my system.....p.c is not booting from windows c.d......

also i checked the first booting device......its c.d rom there......but still its not booting from c.d..

what to do now.....please help me professionals......

thanks and regards !!

A:PC is not booting from Windows CD to format

some more information....

hi friends.....

2 days before i read an article on internet " install windows via usb pendrive "......
so as my cd drive is also not i thought to formate my pc and install new copy of windows through pendrive......then accroding to the article i downloaded 3 application from internet usb_prep8, petousb and bootsect.....

then i copied a new copy of windows cd on my root directory ie. c

then accroding to article i run usb_prep8 application which on further runs petousb.....which formated my pendrive then i run bootsect...which further created bootsectors on my that it could be assumed as hard disk.... as this was mentioned in article...........

now after few steps my pendrive was ready with windows setup file with boot.ini, nltdr, and ntdetect...and so on

then i according to the article changed the first boot device and hard disk boot priorities........i made everything first to pendrive......

now the windows setup begins......everything was fine....till now......i deleted one of my partion but not the c drive.....because i was not sure of working this technique of installing windows via pendrives........then after deleting my e drive......i made windows files to copy on that e that my previous window remain case if this technique won't works i can run my pc from the previous window........

then after finishing the text setup of windows installation.......till the first reboot occurs after copying files to the selected partion ie e drive.........everything was after reboot the gui based windows setup installation would have to begin.........but guess what happens........after rebooting......that means after the text based windows installation........two choices were appeared on the screen........1. gui setup of windows installation.

2. text based windows installation setup....

till now i was having no problem because everything was happening according to the was written in the article after the text based installation of windows.......that means after rebooting........choose the gui setup of windows installation..........

so according to the article i choosed the gui option........then it should begin gui windows installation..........but instead to doing that ....... my windows starts up normally.........i think this was happened because i was having my previous windows.....which was in drive c.

so from then i am running my pc switching it on......then make it boot from changing hard disk boot priorities....and making first boot device pendrive........

and if don't change the boot devices ..... and hard disk boot priorities........a black screen occurs with this message...." windows could not start because a computer disk hardware configuration problem.

could not read from the selected boot disk. check boot path and disk hardware.

please check the windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manual for additional information. "

so this message occurs.....if i don't change the boot devices....and hard disk boot priorities........

so today i bought up a new d v d that i could install a new copy of windows though windows c.d....

but it dosen't reads from c.d ....... i mean i changed the first boot device as cd rom.........

now when i insert windows xp c.d in dvd drive.........then the message occurs.....

boot from c.d ...

i press keys on keyboard......but nothing just switches to the next screen
where two choices were mentioned...

1. windows xp professional sp 2
2. windows xp professional sp 2

if i select the first one..........the same black screen with the same message...." windows could not start because............................................................. manual for additional information...&qu... Read more
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hi hoping to get some help here my desktop manchine would not boot today it is a xfx 680i LT sli motherbored with a intel Q6600 in it, a xfx 8800gts graphics card and 3gb of memory.

when i try to boot it, it get as far as saying "main processor" and then just stops.

anyone got any ideas?


A:Freezes on the post test?

Failed hard drive...
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Related to the problem that I posted about here:, this is a little more urgent. The Compaq will frequently, sometimes regularly lock up: screen freezes, neither mousepad nor keyboard respond, and the harddisk parks the heads. Lately, it locks up when it's on the charger, and then is fine (at least, so it seems) when on battery-power. It's also sensitive to being touched--not bumped, it's that unpredictable. Sometimes, I can move it around without problem, other times, if I even touch it, it freezes.

The fans still run like normal, so I don't think that it's overheating. I'm afraid it's a motherboard issue, which I wouldn't be surprised at, considering that it's about 6 years old.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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My home computer was out of commission for quite some time since April in fact booting up Issues I bought a new PSU Watt and new -pin motherboard that supports the CPU I chose It supports my Q and RAM modules and everything is plugged in correctly However when I boot up my system lights flash on and the fans all spin for half a second and then everything stops Any further attempts to power on the system doesn t even cause Issues booting up the lights or fans to power on for a split second which I assume is my motherboard or PSU preventing me from frying my system by cutting off power entirely I read about Issues booting up this feature somewhere in one of the manuals for the PSU or mobo My computer does not make any beeps of any form Essentially I am unable to get to POST I have tried several other power supplies and none of them work I was told by a teacher a few years ago that some computer parts deteriorate over time if they re not used and I m wondering if this is just a wives tale of the PC world or if it s legitimate Do you guys think it s the RAM or CPU that s not working I have tried other motherboards as well so I don t think the PSU or mobo are defective nbsp

A:Issues booting up

Could possibly be a dead CMOS battery- unlikely if the board is new.
Next I would try to clear CMOS:

clear cmos

Remove power from the system.
Hit the power button to discharge the capacitors.
Move the CCMOS jumper to the clear position- or reset with CMOS button if the board has one
Remove the battery from the motherboard.
Do something else for an hour.
Replace the battery.
Place the jumper back in the normal position.
Restore power and boot up immediately into BIOS.
Select "Load Optimized Defaults" and set the recommended voltage for your RAM
Save & exit.

It could also be a short. You can eliminate this by assembling the basics of the system out of the case (on top of the motherboards anti-static bag and box):
Make sure you are doing the antistatic protection thing.
I usually keep the PSU plugged in at the wall but turned off so that the PSU is grounding the chassis-touching any unpainted surface occasionally will discharge any anti-static buildup.
Ideally the PSU should be checked first-you need a voltmeter for that though- you can effect a quick check if the PSU seems faulty
Disassemble the system -remove power connectors, cards, cables
Remove the motherboard from the chassis and check that you have no "extra" motherboard standoffs connecting the back of the mobo
Visual check of board for burnt/severed traces, blown capacitors, and whether the cooler is definitely seated correctly. If all good the remove the cooler and cpu
Check socket for bent or broken pins-if you check from all angles any bent/broken pins should be apparent. If you have keen eyesight then check the gold contact pads on the underside of the CPU- they should have slight indentations/scuffs from making contact with the socket pins. All good then...
Reassemble outside of chassis with bare essentials for POST
-1 stick RAM
-keyboard (pref PS/2 esp. for older boards)
-connect GPU to monitor
Power up. If no POST then recheck with remaining RAM
Retest with remaining RAM sticks.

This is a basic guide for preliminary troubleshooting.

Your next post should ideally include your motherboard and RAM manufacturers and models, unless your next post is entited "thanks guys, I'm up and running"
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Hi, this is my first time. I have a gm5045e gateway dual core. i got it from a guy who said the mobo was fried. well, i hooked it up and it didnt post. then, i proceeded to take all ram out. after turning on, it beeped and i shut it down. after replacing the ram, the computer POSTed. after a few shutdowns, it wouldnt POST anymore. after trying multiple other things, such as taking the CMOS batt. out, it finally POSTed again. I then preceeded to format a harddrive and try to load Windows. The computer froze and wont POST anymore. Ive researched this to the best of my ability and am fed up. help PLEASE...

A:Intermittent POST. Freezes when loading windows

Remove the motherboard from the case and make sure it was not shorting to the case standoffs
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So i seem to be having small 10-15 sec freezez during gameplay. (seems to happen on all games) Im running vista 64, asus p5n32 mother, nvidia 9800gt, and 6gig of ram. also including the fan on the graphics card im running 6 fans. Sor far i have defragged, checked all ram cards, cleaned regestry, and replaces graphics card. I do very little internat on this comp, mostly gaming and occasional e-mail. Hoping someone can give me some insight

A:Small 10-15 sec freezes

Uninstall your graphic drivers and completely remove them from system using driver cleaner, then download and install the latest drivers from nvidia. Also check your GPU / CPU temps; with that many fans it shouldn't be a problem though.