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Clearing 'administrator privileges'

Q: Clearing 'administrator privileges'

I have asked about this before but did not get an answer.  Every so often when I try to open some apps and in particular the Store itself, I get this message running the full width of the screen:
"Store can't open while File Explorer is rumming with administrator privileges. Restart File Explorer normally and try again.   Close"
How do I do that?  I know how to open things as Administrator, but I have not found out how to remove the status of Administrator already granted!  I am now going to try shutting the PC and restating, hoping that will clear Administrator status / remove administrator privileges.  If it does it will of course only be a temporary stop-gap until I have learned how to do it properly.  If it does not then I am somewhat stuck!

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Preferred Solution: Clearing 'administrator privileges'

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Clearing 'administrator privileges'

Hi clayto From what I found, this is something new in Windows 8/8.1 due to the "AppContainer" mode/method. Here if you want to read more about it: is what's happening here:Now Windows Explorer normally runs in medium integrity mode, and explorer.exe is the parent process from which all other user-initiated processes inherit their access token. If Explorer is running with admin privileges i.e. at high integrity level, then any Metro apps it launches will inherit that administrative access token, which is obviously a strict no-no as it will violate the sandboxed environment provided by the AppContainer integrity level. Hence the error message thrown.Windows Explorer isn't launched with Admin Rights as far as I know too. It could have something to do with the "Priority" in the Task Manager, but this doesn't affect the access level.
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Hello everyone. I know there's probably been posts similar to mine, but I have not learned all I wanted from previous posts. Recently, my hard drive gave out on my XP computer. The issue seems to be that it will not be read as a master drive, but will run fine as a slave on my other XP computer. That being said, I can view the general program files, ect. on the drive when viewed with Explorer in my Computer, but cannot access my pictures and music and such. As mentioned in similar post, the same amount of usage is being reported, but not all of that data is viewable or present. How can I access my pictures and music? (I understand from other posts that it might have something to do with it being password protected if my previous computer installation of XP was password protected?)

A:Unable to view administrator files on slave drive

User Permissions

Its more down to user permissions, you dont have permission to access it, Personally i would take the hard drive and slip it in a computer with windows 7, then reset the permissions to whicherever user i want ( this is done by right clicking the drive/folder and changeing under the permissions tab)

God luck
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I have a 8GB USB that I am trying to put files on to. However in Finder it appears there is nothing at all on it. In the information section it says 7.99GB is used but where are the files that are using this space? How can I clear these mysterious files?

A:Clearing USB

Sounds like you're using a mac pc, so I can honestly tell you I know next to nothing about your OS seeing as South Africa is mostly Microsoft and Linux reliant, but I can try to give you some general tips.

Usually what you have means that there is a virus on your USB stick/flash drive. It takes up all available space on the drive and then hides itself. In windows you would simply select the options to reveal all hidden and system files and folders and then delete the offending virus files.

I don't know whether mac has an option like that, but it should if it's worth anything.
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trying to set up an xbox live connection through a laptop with a mobile broadband usb dongle. I've set up the connection no problem, now i just need to set the MTU settings.

I'm doing this through command prompt with the command "netsh interface ipv4 set subinterface "Local Area Connection" mtu=1364 store=persistent"

and it came back with the message "the requested operation requires elevation <run as administrator>"

this doesn't make sense as I am logged in with the ONLY user account, and i checked the account settings, and it is definitely the admin account (it would have to be, as it is the only account on the laptop)

i dont understand the problem

can anyone help?

thanks in advance for your time

A:Trying to set MTU settings - it says "run as administrator" - I AM administrator

I could be wrong, but do you not need to elevate to admin to do that command in cmd?

I didnt think it ran as admin all the time, but I'm more of a linux person...

This might be of help...

It looks like you could shortcut cmd.exe to the desktop and in properties select to run as administrator...
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PC will not POST or Boot consistently Hi guys first post so please be gentle Had my PC running for over months with no probs but with an Boot not CMOS (daily) without will POST PC clearing or oem XP installation from my desktop I have since found out that I shouldn t have done this and so went out to buy a copy of XP home for the desktop Reformatted both hard drives Installed windows OK then went to bed Next day PC would not boot Fans started Floppy drive gave very short clump sound Hard Drives and CD Drives woud not spin up No nothing on monitor green light went to amber and stayed there No beeps Thinking that this could be a device problem PC will not POST or Boot without clearing CMOS (daily) I opened the case removed all PCI devices reseated memory reseated AGP card removed heatsink to check contact area and for damage to chip then reassembled checked PSU voltages at PSH and on HDD s all seemed OK but no boot Removed CMOS battery for a day reinserted no boot Cleared CMOS jumpered for hour reset CMOS then hey presto all came back to life great I thought until I turned it on the following day only to find that I had to clear the CMOS again before it starts done this PC will not POST or Boot without clearing CMOS (daily) times now and wondering what is wrong any ideas greatly appreciated Basic System MSI KTS Ultra MOBO AMD Athlon Palomino XP Mb PC DDR RAM Q-Tec W PSU Radeon SE AGP x Gb HDD DVD Reader DVD R RW nbsp

A:PC will not POST or Boot without clearing CMOS (daily)

I think your CMOS battery may be too far gone, to hold the BIOS info, so replace that, and see what happens. We have to rule that out, as the culprit, before going any further.
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i got windows xp pro i was missing around with computer management and did something now i cant log into my mind administrator account i try to reboot on safe mode i get the administrator name but i try to create a another accuont or change but i get a asses denied i try i to Ctrl Alt Delete and nothing i think i my have deleted something and messed everything up ..when i go to my user account from control panel i dont see a quest account or administrator all i see is that small picture off a bass guitar and its says administrator but under it says guest account i have no privilege for nothing . how can i change that guest under admintrator account ?

A:Administrator account problam

Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Repair Install step by step

Microsoft's Windows XP Home Repair Install step by step

Vista Repair: (index page) (guide)

Or use UBCD to back up your data and re-install clean
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I have recently recieved a bunch of *free* very small (128mb) flash drives. They come preloaded with advertisements in some cases and wierd programs in others that winXP is telling me not to install. Is there anyway to wipe these drives clean, reformat them or somehow "fix" them so they are more usable?
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Clearing Preloaded Fash Drives

easy. Either manually delete the files or go to disk management under computer management in the control panel and format the drives. Remember to format them in FAT32.
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Hi guys,
today i bought a C600 laptop (second hand) and now i donīt have the administrator password. On the system is "Win XP Professional", now I want to install my own. The win is secured by a password and @ bios you have to type a administrator password to change the boot device.
"This computer system, #26JT50J-595B", is protected by a password...blabla.."

I have already changed the primary password but i dont know how to get the admin pw.

Please help me! PS I already have read most of the Dell BIOS Password thread.

A:DELL C600 Administrator Password

Dell C600 Admin Password

Hi I had the same problem so I telphoned Dell Tech they said in order to delete the password I had to install an earlier bios and the reistall the updated bios they said this would delete any passwords.
Hope this helps
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I need help on my notebook. I have a latitude CPx latitude and i need the administrator password... i need change the boot secuence. Can someone please help me!!!
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Please I have problem on my Laptop,
Please Can you Help me out,Because i could see you have help a whole lot of people..

Service Tag #DM7GQ1J-595B



A:Administrator Password On Dell Latitude D510

Hi Indubious_ashie and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

have you read this thread here ? or been to my website, if not then do so and all the help you need is there.

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hi ive just finished building my first pc but it wont boot up and i got an email back from asus telling to take out the cmos battery and move the jumpers to clear the cmos but i cant see jumpers anywhere near the battery my mobo is a barebone asus v2 pe-2 and ive been through asus's site looking for a detailed pic of my mobo but cant find 1 please help

A:clearing cmos

Just taking the battery out for a few mins will reset it any way. also the jumper may be a really small switch on the mobo that u might be overlooking?

some are them 3 pin things and some use switches, well my second computer does any way.

it is a really small red switch in quite a random place on the mobo...
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I work in an office where the IT manager has limited restrictions on certain things where an error message comes up saying you need an administrator password to install certain programs such as spybot and spyware blaster. Also my msconfig access has been restricted but weirdly enough I have access to change the registry. Is there anyway, other than knowing the admins password to be able to run and install these programs and get my msconfig back without him knowing.

any help will be awesome

thanks in advance

A:Need help getting past administrator restrictions

Gaining unauthorised access to computer systems is most certainly against your company policy and I'm pretty sure it can be considered illegal too.
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I have a dell inspiron 4000 and i have been using it for about a year but all of a sudden i turned it on one day and it asked for an administrator password...but i never set a password. Is there a secret for getting past this or do i have to reinstall windows or something? PLEASE HELP i need to use the computer!!!

A:Lost administrator password!!??

There is a way to fix this. If you look on the Microsoft Web Page you see that you have to make a CD which allows you to change the administrator password. Just follow the steps and you don't have to re-install Windows.
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I have this 4gb USB memory that I need to empty with WinXP. The problem is, the files either say: 'Cannot delete: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect' or it 'cannot find source file or disk.' These files are taking up atleast 3.6gb of storage. The write protection is on, with no switch to turn on or off. I'm not afriad to lose any data so anyway to get rid of everything would be nice. Thanks

A:Clearing USB Device

Gn2me said:

The write protection is on, with no switch to turn on or off.Click to expand...

hum; how did this happen? Usually there is a small slider on the device.

Check the disk manager for a READ/ONLY setting and reverse it if present.
If that works, then repartition the device and reformat it TWICE.
(some have found a lost capacity after the first format pass. I found
that a second formatting recovered the full device space, at least for me)
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i need to get into the administrator account on this laptop.

i barely know any information about this computer.
i am on a limited account.

it is a dell inspiron 1100.
& i am using windows xp pro.

obviously, i need to get the password for the administrator account.

i would really apprececiate some help on this matter.
please & thanks.

A:I need into my administrator user account but don't have the password.

Ask the administrator.
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Hi All,
I am in the process of upgrading my CPU (Mobo Gigabyte GA-7VTX) and I have been told that I have to "clear CMOS" to get the new CPU to work. Can someone please explain to me, a novice, what this means and how and when I do it. I am upgrading from an AMD Athlon XP 1500 to a 2400. I am tempted to go to the local Computer Workshop but really I would prefer the satisfaction of doing it myself.

Grateful for any assistance/info.


A:Clearing CMOS when changing CPU

Before clearing your cmos. I suggest swapping the cpu and seeing if you have any problems. Your bios may well recognise your new cpu without the need to clear the cmos.

Clearing the cmos is quite a simple procedure and there are two ways of doing it. Turn off your computer and unplug it from the mains.

1 There should be a clear cmos jumper on the mobo(see your mobo manual), which you move the jumper over to the next pins for a few minutes, then move it back again.

2 Take out the cmos battery for a few minutes, then replace it.

Either of the above, should reset your bios to the default settings. It might be a good idea to go into your bios first and make a note of the settings you currently have. That way, it`ll make it easier to reset things after you`ve cleared the cmos.

Regards Howard
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My PC ran great when I got my motherboard, PC crashed and trying to solve some problems. I really narrowed it down. It has something to do with the bios. I updated, not happened. I want to flash but little nervous. What will NVRam sweep, will it help.
thanks rebs51
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Is there a way to always run COMMAND PROMPT in administrator mode? I'm using windows XP Pro.

What I want to do is launch CMD in ADMINISTRATOR mode and restart a few machines using 'shutdown -r ' command. The only way I can do that is if CMD is in ADMINISTRATOR MODE.

My current batch file looks like this at the moment but it does not work.

runas /user:administrator cmd
shutdown -m \\pcsample -r

This doesnt work because the second command does does not get inserted into the second CMD (administrator mode).

A:Run CMD as administrator

put the shutdown -m \\pcsample -r into a foo.bat file

now RUNAS /user;admin foo.bat
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Hi all,

This is quote from the "Microsoft Excel 2010 by John Walkenbach" book:

"Clearing formats doesn't clear the background color in a range that has been designated as a table unless you replace the table style background colors manually".

But, When I create a table and right click -> format cells -> Fill -> background color and then chose a color then OK.
After that I chose all cells of that table (which now has a background color) and the Clear->clear formats.
But the background color also will be cleared. Why? The wrong is with my work or the book's text please?

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Hello all, I am encountering the following issue when trying to install XTU, "verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services".

I am trying to install on a newly purchased Asus ROG G751JT running Win 8.1. I have been trying to sort this out for days and its driving me crazy!!
I have tried everything I know over the past 24 hours but to no avail and your help would be much appreciated.

A:Installing XTU, "verify that you have sufficient privileges to install system services"

XTU? What is this?
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As administrator I would like to grant a user use of my roboform and some other apps. How do I do that? I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

A:Windows 7 - As administrator how do I grant a user priviledges to use my Roboform?

where did you install 'roboform'? \Program Files\??\??
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Explorer.exe-application error-the instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000.the memory could not be written
the problem happen when I try to sign n to my administrator account on windows 8.1 professional 64 bit.please if you know a solution contact me
this is my email address and also my facebook page:
[email address removed]

A:Problem with administrator account on Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit

Have you tested your system memory?
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Hi all So the situation is this I had to setup an existing PC in Admin Privileges Lost the office for a new starter and decided to be lazy and simply change the user account name Lost Admin Privileges I know that was a schoolboy error Since doing this the computer allows me to login fine with the new username password but keeps asking for the Admin login details whenever I try to make system changes update software etc The user account I changed was the admin account so not sure why this is happening I ve tried using every username password that has ever been assigned to that PC but nothing works Is there any workaround to get Admin privileges back so I can fix this FYI - The PC is a member of our work domain so figure this has further complicated things Really hoping this isn t going to need a full re-installation of windows fingers crossed someone out there can give me some good news Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Lost Admin Privileges

The prompt for Admin during installs is actually a good thing (that is the UAC and you REALLY want it to prompt) BUT you can almost always use any log in the Administrators Group

use CP->User Accounts
add user
set type = Admin
*must* add password to it

save and close

runas /user:$whatever$you$just$created cmd
give that password

it will then create the %profile% for that new user

From then on, you can reply with $whatever$you$just$created and its password
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I recently purchased a new 1TB WD drive for my Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000 PC. I installed Windows successfully onto the hard drive, and naturally became the administrator. In fact when I go to User Accounts in the Control Panel, it lists me as an administrator. But for whatever reason, when I try to do anything, I get "access is denied" error stating that an administrator needs to execute the command. What in the heck happened? Is there any way to take ownership of everything on my PC so Windows will recognize me as an admin? Is there another place to check user accounts in more detail other than the 'User Accounts' section in the Control Panel? I'll take all of the help I can get. I'm lost at this point.

A:Why does Windows not recognize me as an administrator after a clean Windows 7 install on a new HDD?

Can you take a screenshot of what comes up?
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This is a strange problem that I'm not sure how to approach. All the browsers on this Windows 7 Pro system, since its install, loads certain websites and videos painfully slow. The problem is resolved, temporarily, if I clear cookies on the browser.

At first I assumed the slow websites were misusing cookies in some way, but my laptop, which is running Win 7 Home, doesn't have this problem on the same websites.

Any idea what this might be?

A:Strange problem, slow loads on all browsers, temporarily fixed after clearing cookies

Any specific time of day or all the time? If its time specific, it could be traffic.
Try a speed test
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We have a server that was put in by a company that Windows Cannot Administrator? 2012 Server Update: Controlled by likely no longer exists and may not have even been a legitimate company in the first place Server came with the OS installed but we did not get any documentation on the authenticity of the Windows license nor is there a sticker on the machine seems fishy to me The server runs Windows Server It Windows Server 2012 Cannot Update: Controlled by Administrator? will not update as it says that updates are disabled and does not allow me to enable them as they are controlled by the administrator What Windows Server 2012 Cannot Update: Controlled by Administrator? s worse is that any computers joined to the domain that this server controls are also plagued by the inability to update There appears to be the following problems Phantom update server - The computers that are members of the domain try and update from some source elsewhere than the regular Windows Update servers from Microsoft The computers do not let me change update settings if they are joined to the domain They say the setting is controlled by the administrator The server will not get updates as they are disabled and does not let me enable them because they are controlled by the administrator I am the administrator so that doesn t make sense I can t seem to figure out why this is the case as I went into the group policy editor on the server and changed all the Windows Update settings I could find back to not configured I restarted the server and the workstations and still I cannot enable updates on the server nor will the workstations update properly Update Found some sneaky settings hiding in group policy that were under system instead of the other category I was looking in Now it says that the update status is download only in the server manager window that pops up at logon but if I try and go to the Windows Update settings in the control panel the window just freezes nbsp

A:Windows Server 2012 Cannot Update: Controlled by Administrator?

Really nasty -- sorry to hear of your fate.

You might check out How to disable GPOs.
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I tried to change my administrator password- the only account on the computer- and while doing so- something went wrong It took a very long time and then finally an quot unable out of Vista computer Password-Locked Administrator to change password quot message popped up My computer then went dead After turning it back both the new and old passwords will not work I cannot get into my computer at all I tried the previous password as well as the new which I absolutely know that I typed in correctly as I had to re-enter the password to match I ve tried Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer safemode I ve tried burning ophcrack onto a cd- I went in and changed the boot options in my Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer system settings to make it so the CD drive was first I put the CD in and nothing happened I have some papers due that are on my computer and desperately need in Please please please- someone explain this to me I am not computer savvy thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:Vista Administrator Password-Locked out of computer
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Hey guys.I have Internet Explorer. I know how to delete my browsing history,and data forms. How can I delete transaction out of the address bar from when I'm on the sites? Like if I don't type www. in the address bar first and just type in a letter,it'll pull up anything that has been typed beginning with that letter. So how can I clear that out? Thanx

A:Clearing IE history/data in Vista

Which version of IE are you running, and how often do you clear the browser cache?
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I upgraded a machine running Vista to Windows 7. Now when I try to clear the cookies using that feature on Internet Explorer, they don't clear. I have to delete them manually.

I am also having a problem with installing updates for programs like Adobe and the error I get is that the installer did not have permission to modify a file in a folder, but when I check the permissions for that folder, everyone has access to and can modify the folder's files.

I am not sure if the two issues are related, but it seems to me that maybe Internet Explorer for some reason doesn't have permission to modify the cookies folder maybe?

Any thoughts?

A:Internet Explorer not clearing cookies after Vista upgraded to Windows 7

If you want to clear cookies use something like ATF Cleaner or CCleaner if you have trouble with IE try Mozilla Firefox or if you prefer IE try reinstalling it.
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When I want to clear my cache, I use the option in IE to clear all the Temporary Internet Files.

But when I go to C: >> Windows >> Temporary Internet Files, there are four folders with lots and lots of images and other sorts of files still in them.

Is there any way to clear them? Or is it safe to delete them manually?

A:Files in Temp Internet Folder won't go after clearing cache

I know it's a silly question, but still could someone answer it with just a 'yes' or 'no'? Thanks.
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I sent a hp nc laptop to my corporate office for someone to use until they received a new laptop when i sent it as I only used it once in a while I never set Password Administrator the passeword or user I always left it administrator and password as sign in I got it back with adminidtrator as user but the password password does not let me in I asked if anyone Administrator Password knew the new password and it seems that noone is remebering I can boot in safe mode and get to regedit but Administrator Password not sure what to do from there to fix problem on another note every time i turn on this lap top i get the message windows must be activated do you want to activate now Yes tells me that it is already activated click ok you click ok and you get the stupid music and a administrator logo click on administrator agin and you go back to the windows activation notice sorry for being so long winded but at a loss thanks nbsp

A:Administrator Password

You have a problem for which we can offer no help. Password recovery are off limits to tech support folks. Someone stoopid may have cost your company $300 for a new system board.
The other problems are fixable, but not without a repaired password issue.
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I am using windows 7. Some downloaded file folders required me to use the Hidden Administrator account privileges to delete it instead of the created Administrator. What are the privlege differences?

A:Hidden Administrator vs Administrator

Good question, but that is life with Windows. While you can create a login with ADMIN rights,
it is NOT the same as the default ADMINISTRATOR login.

In addition, all logins with Admin Rights are in the Administrators Group.

If you right-click a shortcut or any *.exe-->run as administrator, you will be presented with a choice of all IDs in the Admin Group.

Technically, there are Parent-ID, Effective-ID, and Current-IDs for processes and using run-as sets Effective-ID to an Admin-id but allows the Parent-ID to be that used to really login. It is my belief that Parent-ID <> Effective-id is how the two are differentiated.
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I have had issues with this Acer Aspire ever since I did a clean Administrator Windows limited Pro - 7 privelages install of windows pro My user is an Administrator but in order to use my payroll program that requires a certificate I have to actually log in as Administrator This is a personal machine but if I stay home from work I inevitably receive quot urgent quot calls with questions and I need to be able to log in to my ADP Portal That isn t the only issue I am currently struggling to even open the network and sharing center I read in a microsoft forum to try going to Windows 7 Pro - Administrator privelages limited computer management and Windows 7 Pro - Administrator privelages limited doing some things there I can t even get that far I get the error quot MMC cannot open the file C Windows System compmgmt msc This may be because the file does not exisst is not an MMC console or was created by a later version of MMC This may also be because you do not have sufficient access rights to the file quot I am also not able to access drives via VPN or connect to a domain I have also lost my wireless access at home probably not related but equally as frustrating Any ideas would be of great help nbsp

A:Windows 7 Pro - Administrator privelages limited

Suggest you first get control of the Admin ID.

Safe Boot using F8 - - login as the DEFAULT ADMINISTRATOR - - that may be very different than your day-to-day ID - - or maybe not.

go to Control->User Accounts and verify every account as (Admin or Limited) and (password protected or not).

Your regular login should be Limited and I created a login with Admin rights (thus able to leave ADMINISTRATOR alone).

You should enable the UAC feature which will then prompt for a user/password when necessary while running from the limited account.

IT SHOULD BE RARE that you need to login as ADMINISTRATOR.

Once that's correct, you may need to fiddle with OWNERSHIP and permissions of some critical stuff, eg the compmgmt.msc
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I've been to multiple other site telling me steps on how to access the real Administrator account, but none of them work, since I don't have the "Local Users and Groups" option under the "System Tools" in Computer Management. Also, pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter doesn't work in cmd, another tip people said to try. If there's any way to get the administrator account, I really need it, I can barely do anything on my Vista I installed.. Any help?

A:How do I log on as an Administrator - Vista

You didn't set up this Vista computer? Create a new account with full Administrator rights. Under USER Accounts
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We have major malfunction. Cannot go into my program files or windows files. Will not let me change what ever the administrative commands are, wherever they are, so I can access my files.

Please help soon. Now my type wont let me make capital letters every time.

What the hell.

A:Desperate Administrator

sounds like a virus or spyware.. if you don't have virus protection i suggest downloading f-secure antivirus and client security and for spyware get a hold of lavasofts ad-aware se v1.06.

if these don't work give more specific info as to what happened when the malfunction occured. if you could maybe try a system restore..
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i have a problem

my father has left home recently after making himself sole administrator of the computer system
this therefore means that i am prevented from uploading any new software or downloading any software what so ever.
this is a huge problem for me seeing as i have just brought a new SONY MP3 player

my fathers section is password protected as is the administrators section

any ideas on how to crack open this joint and how to


A:HELP administrator problem with software

Afraid we can't aid or abet you with breaking into someone's property.
That's against forum policy.
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I'm trying to install Media Manager 2.3 to go with Sony Vegas 8, but when it reaches the actual install process it instantly pops up a message saying:

Please make sure you have local system administrator privileges on this system. Cancelling the installation.Click to expand...

And does so. I've tried starting Vista in safe mode and installing, and I know that I have admin privileges. Any ideas what might be stopping it from running?

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I'm on Windows XP. Every time I try to make a change from msconfig, I get an error message "An Access Denied error was returned while attempting to change a service. You may need to log on using an Administrator account to make the specified changes". However, I'm then asked to reboot my system, and generally the changes get done, barring NvCpl which I can't disable from start-up using msconfig.

Also, when I use services.msc to stop a service that I no longer require, I am not being given the option to stop the service.

I am the only user and the Administrator on my computer. Can't fathom what to do about this. If someone can help me out, it'd be great.

A:Administrative Privileges

Download RatsCheddar

It contains a program written by Rathat, and it is a Policy Controller.
Save and extract this program to the desktop.
Once extracted, Double click on the RatsCheddar.exe file.
Enable everything, then click Exit
Reboot your Computer.

This can also be a warning sign of Virus/Malware infection

Have a look at:

Viruses/Spyware/Malware Preliminary Removal Instructions
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I just inherited someone else's old computer and i have a small question...

when I hit the START button, at the top of the window, I see the name 'Administrator'.... is there anyway that I can change this to another name?

PS: I've already been to Computer Management/User Groups and renamed the Administrator account. But this doesn't change the name at the top of the page and also at log on...

A:How do you change name of administrator?

what OS running on pc?
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I don't know for what reason but running 32 bit Vista and Internet Explorer 8 RC1 it only works when I right click and choose run as administrator, but unless I do this it freezes and nothing loads up. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

A:Internet Explorer 8 only works when run as administrator

I could be wrong about this, but have you tried logging into the computer as admin and reinstalling internet explorer? Make sure you remember to enable access to other users as you see fit. I had a similar problem on my 32bit vista system with my internet explorer and also my world of warcraft. this actually solved the problem with my internet explorer.

Something else to keep in mind; vista uses virtual storage for settings for each profile on the computer. I found that i could use totally different mods for my different programs based on the login to the computer. Just remember there is a difference between altering these settings in admin mode and editing them in another profile that is LIKE an admin. I hope your issue works out and i hope maybe something i have said might be useful and accurate
good luck
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thanks for reading

so i'm just trying to install something, 4OD to be precise, and i get this message:

Error 1303. The installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Deliveries. The installation cannot continue. Log on as administrator or contact your system administrator

now i'm presuming here that it wants to create a folder named 'My Deliveries', but heres the problems:

1. I am the administrator on my computer
2. I don't have a folder named 'Documents' where it should be, although there is one named 'Shared Documents'

can anyone help?


A:Insufficient privileges to my documents?

The path for the installation is wrong. (if this is Vista)

You need to change the installation path to:
C:\Users\username\Documents\My Deliveries (where "username" is your account name you are currently logged on with)
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clean installed XP Pro but cannot when logged in as administrator user make system changes i.e.
add drivers etc. getting message when installing device drivers as " you must be logged in as
administrator "to install... several attempts to log in in safe mode resulted in a message
above the login box " this computer is locked- can only be unlocked by administrator etc."
no idea how or why computer would be locked.. any suggestions would be very appreciated,
i've spent two days searching online for clues

A:XP Pro administrator priviledges problem


"1. Place your Windows XP CD in your cd-rom and start your computer (it?s assumed here that your XP CD is bootable ? as it should be - and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)

2. Keep your eye on the screen messages for booting to your cd Typically, it will be ?Press any key to boot from cd?

3. Once you get in, the first screen will indicate that Setup is inspecting your system and loading files.

4. When you get to the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to Setup Windows now

5. The Licensing Agreement comes next - Press F8 to accept it.

6. The next screen is the Setup screen which gives you the option to do a Repair.

It should read something like ?If one of the following Windows XP installations is damaged, Setup can try to repair it?

Use the up and down arrow keys to select your XP installation (if you only have one, it should already be selected) and press R to begin the Repair process.

7. Let the Repair run. Setup will now check your disks and then start copying files which can take several minutes.

8. Shortly after the Copying Files stage, you will be required to reboot. (this will happen automatically ? you will see a progress bar stating ?Your computer will reboot in 15 seconds?

9. During the reboot, do not make the mistake of ?pressing any key? to boot from the CD again! Setup will resume automatically with the standard billboard screens and you will notice Installing Windows is highlighted.

10. Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen and when you see the Installing Devices progress bar, press SHIFT + F10. This is the security hole! A command console will now open up giving you the potential for wide access to your system.

11. At the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter. Voila! You have just gained graphical access to your User Accounts in the Control Panel."

I suggest you read the whole thread.
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Hi everyone I don t know how to name this issue or problem I think is not an issue or any other problem at all Is just that i would like to know how or what make my reinstalation of Administrator as Start Reinstalation WinXP after my Windows XP start as Administrator after the reinstalation is done For example every or moths i do a fresh reinstalation of my Windows XP i always choose a WinXP Start as Administrator after Reinstalation name for my computer But at the end after the reinstalation is done i find out the name of the WinXP Start as Administrator after Reinstalation computer is quot Administrator quot now my question is how WinXP Start as Administrator after Reinstalation does this happen and why or when does this happend and how can I prevent this by happening in evey reinstalation in my Windows Normally when i name my computer quot Sam quot for example Then when i go to quot C Documents and Settings quot i see three folders in that zone as fallow All users Default User and my PC name quot Sam quot But when my reinstalation is only as administrator there is nothing i can do to change back to the name i give at the very bigninning of instalation and if i go to quot C Documents and Settings quot all i see is the quot Administrator quot folder name Any advice or help will be very appreciate Thanks in advance nbsp

A:WinXP Start as Administrator after Reinstalation

There are two questions that are similar in the Windows setup
Name of the computer
And logon username

I suspect you are naming the computer, but not setting up a username.
Next re-load be a bit slower, and read the questions fully

Anyway, it's easily fixed.
Just go to user accounts in Control Panel, and create a new user
Log off and then log back on, to the new user account
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I want UGS nx5 to open part files with adminstrator rights by default. Currently I modified the shortcut to the program so when I run it, it has admin privileges. But sometimes I want to double click a part file in explorer and have nx run with admin rights instead of opening nx first and then opening the part file from within the program. I tried modifying the exe (ugraf.exe) by right clicking it, choosing the compatibility tab and ticking the "run program with adminstrator rights" box(Ejecutar este programa como administrador"), then I click apply and then ok but when I execute the program it doesn't run with admin rights. Rightclicking the exe again to look at its properties the box is ticked off. Anyone know why Vista is doing this?
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I have all the same rights that the MIS Manager does, and she can go into Network Neighborhood, and go to a computer on the network, and view that users cookies. I try to do that and cannot. We do not know what we might be missing. Can anyone help us with that. Thanks.

A:System Administrator cannot see users Cookies

Cookies are relative to \Documents & Settings\user-profile
so you need access via $IPC share to get to C:\
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I would appreciate Administrator & Problems XP Profile it if someone could please help me I cannot XP Administrator & Profile Problems access my Home XP not password protedted primary Administrator account not on control panel or when I login with Ctl-Alt-Del Also I am having problems with my second administrators account I can login to my second administrator account but it no longer has administrator rights and it too does not appear on the control panel I created a third account with administrator ability This profile gives me adminstrator rights but it does not give me access to all my programs I am prompted for registration numbers I tried creating a new account with administrators rights and copying the profile from my non administrator profile followed MS instructions but it did not work profile did not change Is there a way to reset adminstrator rights to a profile that exists and is not on the control panel Is there a way to create a new adminstrator copy a non administrators profile and activate all the non adminstrators programs desktop ect Thanks any ideas or suggestions will be appreciarted Ronnie nbsp

A:XP Administrator & Profile Problems

Actually the main Administrator account is called Administrator

You can enable the "Administrator" named account, on the normal welcome screen by viewing this guide

Note: All administrators should have the same rights as all other Administrator accounts
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I have Windows XP Pro and the Administrator (there is only 1) account obviously controls downloading capabilities for other users. Unfortunately, the Administrator on my home computer is not reachable AT ALL at the present time and I need to be able to download applications but it requires administrator verification. Help??

A:Changing Administrator Passwords?
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I have got a strange situation, I had three accounts on the computer one been the administrator. The problem is that someone changed that account to a normal account, now I can?t do anything because I don?t have administrator privileges. If I try to change anything it asks for the password, I didn?t use a password as administrator! Is this a default password? Or is there a way to make a new user with administrator privileges.
Thanks for any help.

A:Administrator password on Vista

User Accounts Password Recovery

Try Offline NT Password (Xp and Vista)

Try Ophcrack Live CD (For Vista)

Create a password reset disk in Vista (before you password protect your useraccount)

Read Microsoft policy about lost or forgotten passwords

How to log on to your Windows XP-based computer if you forget your password or if your password expires

Try Offline NT Password (Xp and Vista)

Try Ophcrack LiveCD (For Xp)

Here's another one that many Users have reported as working
PC Login Now
Some screen shots H E R E
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Hello all,

I've been looking for some time for a $subject but I can't find anything so far

This f... sucker of PalmDesktop REQUIRES to run as an admin in order to do anything, with all the security problems that this implies... So, do I have a solution other than changing the ACLs on all of the PalmDesktop directory, ie a correctly written piece of software that can do the same things as PalmDesktop, but as a user?

A:Palm PDA<->Outlook sync software that DOES NOT REQUIRE admin privileges

I have found that you only have to install it under Admin , mine all run fine After I revert the user back to normal.
eg. I add my wife " User Limitied " to the Admin group . Install the software logged on her account . Hotsync. then Remove her from Admin .
It's a small pain , but it works.
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Hello all,

I've been looking for some time for a $subject but I can't find anything so far

This f... sucker of PalmDesktop REQUIRES to run as an admin in order to do anything, with all the security problems that this implies... So, do I have a solution other than changing the ACLs on all of the PalmDesktop directory, ie a correctly written piece of software that can do the same things as PalmDesktop, but as a user?

A:Palm PDA<->Outlook sync software that DOES NOT REQUIRE admin privileges

I have found that you only have to install it under Admin , mine all run fine After I revert the user back to normal.
eg. I add my wife " User Limitied " to the Admin group . Install the software logged on her account . Hotsync. then Remove her from Admin .
It's a small pain , but it works.
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Hi I "User you not NOT what might privileges" access have - think does ve "User does not have access privileges" - NOT what you might think got a problem so annoying I re-imaged my computer in July All of a sudden the problem is back and I m about to scream I ve got Windows XL Dell PC about years old I ve got approx GB of memory is free on the c drive and another GB of memory I added last spring in partitions drives E F G The problem only seems to affect the c drive and only in my account my husband s account seems to be okay If I save something any type file from any program on my c drive I can open it no matter where it s located If I choose to save that file no matter what type in a new location I can still open it BUT if I drag and drop that file any type into a new location I can no longer open that file I get the following message quot Program name cannot open document user does not have access privileges path information quot Once it has been moved I also cannot delete it copy and paste it or move it from it s new location It makes organizing files and tidying my desktop impossible I m the administrator so I should have access to everything in theory If memory serves I finally had to log in as Administrator in Safe mode and permanently delete all of the files to get them out of my life I ended up making copies of everything I wanted to keep and saving it to one of the partitions so I could re-image without losing everything This problem seems to have reappeared in the last week or two The only possible thing I can imagine is that about two weeks ago I assigned a password to my account and I seem to remember my account being password protected at the time this nonsense happened last time I had never had a password before and I did not assign one when I re-imaged the computer so I thought perhaps that had something to do with it I pitched the password created a test document in Word and saved it on my desktop Then I drug and dropped the doc into another folder on the desktop I got the same stupid message again I went to microsoft using the link at the bottom of the error window but quot Currently there are no Office Assistance articles available for this error message quot Please tell me somebody knows how to solve this problem before I lose my flippin mind Many thanks to anyone who can assist me with this situation nbsp

A:"User does not have access privileges" - NOT what you might think

boot into safe mode, use an admin id

find the folder in question, TAKE OWNERSHIP (as admin)

then add read/write priv for your normal user id
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Hi all,

I got a problem on my Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop which is running Microsoft Vista Home Basic. I try to removed a software from the Control Panel but it prompted me a message saying that ?The system have prevent the action since you are not the Administrator, please contact the System Administrator?, but I?M LOGIN AS A ADMINISTRATOR!! Can someone tell me how to overcome this problem, many thanks in advance!!

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I was using the "Windows XP Services Tweak Guide" in the OS Resources section of your website.

I followed the instructions in the guide and modified the services using the services utility.

I restarted my computer. When I logged on, I was greeted with a message saying that I had modified my services and that I could revert back to using the default services or continue with my modified ones.

I clicked ok to continue and got the message that the changes couldn't be made because I was not on an admin account. I am however using the only account on the desktop and have checked to make sure it is an admin account many times.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A:Running administrator account but cannot change certain features.

The Administrator here should reply to this but use
Sight Feedback.

Go to Start Menu,Settings,Control Panel,Users accounts.
It's all there to configure.
Take your Users control back.
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Hey all,
I was just wondering if anyone could help me out with getting rid of unused and unknown start up programs that appear under msconfig - startup tab. I have about 30 programs that I have had to remove from my boot up process. Many of them I know what they are, and many I have no clue at all. Is there some way to:

a) Remove the programs that I know I'll never use as start up.
b) Find out what the programs are that I'm unsure of.


A:Msconfig start up tab - clearing unknown programs

Rather then using msconfig you might find it easier/simpler to use Startup Control Panel by Mike Lin. It also allows you to delete entries (and more)
If you really wanna see everything that's being started on your computer download Autoruns by Sysinternals (and, yes to all, i know they have a new name now that it's Microsoft but i always prefer remembering all those tools as belonging to Sysinternals). However, unless you know what you're doing, suggest you use Autoruns just to view it all and not to manipulate it all.
There are many sites that provide detail about all those startups (many of them use the same input source if their output looks similar).
Here's a link to a good presentation along with the common input source used by many sites Click here.
You can also look here
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I thought my user account had all the privilege, but I guess not. I can't disable auto-update of windows with this user. the options are grayed out. Plus I forgot how to change that in safe mode.

A:Is there a way to use the administrator account in normal mode in XP Home?

You can go to "start-> logoff" then logon as administrator.
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Ok, so i'm using windows xp and i have 2 accounts my Administrator and my acount . It says in order to delete the administartor i would have to have another acount with administrative powers and i do. But no matter how hard i try i cant find out how to delete the main administrator acount. Any help?

A:Can`t delete the administrator account.

Lookiammikey said:

Ok, so i'm using windows xp and i have 2 accounts my Administrator and my acount . It says in order to delete the administartor i would have to have another acount with administrative powers and i do. But no matter how hard i try i cant find out how to delete the main administrator acount. Any help?Click to expand...

First your in the wrong section to ask this question you should put it in the Windows OS section, secondly to answer your question you can't delete the main Admin account as it is the one that lets you use the PC in the first place, you can only delete secondary accounts that have admin rights but not the main admin account.
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I am having problems because the file NTUSER.DAT is missing from the Documents and Settings\Administrator folder. I can log in with username "Administrator" so that user profile is enabled.

I have another account with administrative privileges. Would it be OK to delete the Administrator account in Computer Management/Local Users and Groups/Users and then recreate it later while logged on under the other account with administrative privileges?

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Am running Xp Home edition and for some reason when I try to Ctrl-Alt Del, it says the system administrator won't allow it. I have done nothing with the settings and am the only user on the computer. (I AM the system administrator)
The computer also locks up ALL the time. RAM problems? Thanks!

A:XP Home Edition--system administrator does not allow Ctrl-Alt Del??!!

Methinks you are infected.Download, update and run this and then try this If problem persists,run the first of those in SAFE MODE(instructions here Restart computer to get back into normal mode.If none of that
works,it`s time for plan B.
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A friend of mine has managed to "lock himself out" of the original Administrator account of his own XP Pro machine.

Story: He decided to password his machine, but rather than password the original Administrator login he had been using, he opted to create a new user, also titled Administrator with his new password. Now he cannot get back into the original Administrator account, so cannot access his documents etc etc. When he boots up in Safe Mode, he can see the original account, but on logging in normally he cannot access this account. It does not show up on the Welcome Screen.

Any ideas would be gratefully received!

Cheers chaps!

A:Problem accessing XP Administrator

Probably the easiest answer is to take ownership of his files whilst logged on to the present admin accunt.

SeeRick's post.
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I am using XP pro and have recently been refused when trying to close folders, saying I don't have administrator priviledges. My XP pro is the Spanish version. This happened after I did a registry cleanup recently.

A:XP administrator priviledges denied

Did you backup your registry before you changed things in it? That is a good rule of thumb, for cased like this if something goes bad you can always revert back. That said you might need to repair XP to fix this. Have a look at the READ: thread at the top of this forum.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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I'm sure this is a stupid question but still: There are 3 people using one computer. Only one (me) has administrator priviliges. Sometimes I must install software or updates that require me to check and/or change settings for the other users. All accounts however are password protected. Is there anyway to bypass these passwords other than resetting them? If not, what's the use of having an administrator-level?


A:Whats the use of an administrator?

doubl clik the user icon in Control panel There you can temporarily shutoff passwrd .There are ways of affecting all users on the same machine ,but it does depend on what you need to set.Check help file for Default user eg.Look at the All users folder under Documents and Settings.
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Hello everyone An elderly relative of mine recently fell for the 'this is Microsoft and your computer has a virus' phone call scam She gave them remote access to her PC and when she didn't pay they essentially locked her out I now have her machine and am trying to undo the damage First they put on a start up sys key password which I have managed to remove Where I'm having trouble is that they also added an extra administrator account or just renamed her account to Compaq Administrator With some software on a bootable CD I have reset the passwords on all accounts on this machine to lt blank gt I checked and re-checked that the passwords were set to lt blank gt However when I reboot the login screen for just the Compaq Scam, Two [SOLVED] Microsoft Accounts Administrator Administrator account comes up and still tells me to enter the correct password They put the password hint as 'asdf' which of course is the first four keys [SOLVED] Microsoft Scam, Two Administrator Accounts on the middle row of the left side of the keyboard just for their convenience I guess So I'm stuck Her machine is an old Compaq desk top that runs Windows XP Media Center Edition I am trying to preserve her data obviously but also her OS I can retrieve her data but she does not have rescue restore disks to re-install her OS I don't remember seeing a restore option in the HD itself while in safe mode She can't ever seem to afford a new PC so I have been keeping this one alive and kicking for her for years I would appreciate any suggestions thank you -

A:[SOLVED] Microsoft Scam, Two Administrator Accounts

In "Computer" is there a D:? It could be a recovery partition.
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So I have two user accounts on my Windows XP computer. One is the administrator account that comes with the installation of windows, and the other is the one I created with administrator privileges. When I logon with the original administrator account, everything works fine. However, when I try to logon with my created account it brings up an error saying windows explorer stopped working and proceeds to tell me something about Data Execution Prevention. When I dismiss the error it only shows a blank screen where then I would CTRL+ALT+DEL to bring up task manager and logout using CMD. Anything that I can do to fix the windows explorer problem?

A:Windows Explorer doesn't work for any account other than Administrator

Restart the computer and press F8. In the Advanced Boot menu choose Safe Mode. Login as your created Admin account.
Go to Start/Run and type sysdm.cpl and press enter.
Go to the Advanced Tab
Performance/Settings/Data Execution Prevention.
Check Turn on DEP for essential Windows and services
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My sister got a laptop a year or so ago with Windows Password / Forgot Administrator - update Can't Laptop Professional installed on it Laptop - Forgot Administrator Password / Can't update I set it up and they are able to use it but I don't know what the administrator password is This means they can't install any programs or updates or even update there browser as it asks for admin password to do any of these things I was wondering if the only way to sort this Laptop - Forgot Administrator Password / Can't update out would be to re install Windows or not The Windows licence sticker has rubbed away so I can not see the licence number How would I retrieve it I have a CD copy of Windows Home edition that I used for my PC install x amount of years ago Could I use this to install onto the laptop and then could I use the retrieved licence Because it's different versions of Windows I wasn't sure if it would work or not Also if there is another way without having to reinstall everything that would probably be the better option Thanks

A:Laptop - Forgot Administrator Password / Can't update

Forum rules prevent us from assisting in bypassing passwords.
On your other points, you cannot use the existing product key for a different version of the OS.
You can use Belarc or Magicjellybean to retrieve the key.
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I did not set up an Administrator Password on a relative's HP laptop but now it is asking for one before we can do anything. She recently wanted to download Adobe Reader and it asks for Admin password. I have tried to fix the problem, but it asks for the password for everything. Also I noticed that her security checker is off and it won't let me turn it on. I can not download, upload, make any changes etc. I have read everything online and tried the "cmd" prompts some have suggested, etc. It says the administrator is "active:no". What else can I do? I'm afraid it has a virus to prevent me from doing anything, but can't even check that. Help! She can't afford a repairman.

A:Lost Administrator Password


We will not provide any user with information about the location of websites that assist with the following activities

* software pirating
* hacking
* password cracking
* keystroke recording software

We will also not offer advice, assistance or instruction with regard to any of the above activities, illegal or otherwise.
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My son set up the administrator account and he doesnt remember the password and when we try to reset he doesnt remember the yahoo email anymore. How can I reset the password for the administrator account or disable it. I am needing to download an anti virus and can not due to this

A:disable administrator account


You may not ask for assistance with any deemed illegal activities such as but NOT restricted to the following::

* software pirating
* hacking
* password cracking
* keystroke recording software
* assistance with accessing copyrighted software programs
* Leeching on private or public WiFi/Broadband connections
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My friend asked me to fix a system restore problem he has in windows8. When I go to system protection there is a message 'the administrator has disabled system restore' can anyone tell me how to re-enable it. I know there is a registry fix for this but a person has to log on as administrator to do it. If someone can tell me how to do this as well it would be appreciated.

A:system restore administrator has turned off

Does your friend have access to a user account with administrator privileges on this PC? There should always be one Admin account which is typically configured when you first setup the operating system.
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I am the only account holder on my laptop and therefore by default the administrator but I do not have full control over the system. Sometimes e.g. when I try to save files in some folders I am told I do not have permission and to contact the administrator.

A:[SOLVED] Non Administrator

If its a Windows locked file, you sometimes need to get ownership of that file:
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All the methods I have found to Change the password for my Administrator account bring up a dialogue box that requires me to insert the password I have forgotten!!
Is there any way I can retrieve it without encountering this stumbling block?

A:Forgotten password to run as Administrator

This for the 8.1 system listed in your specs?

Remove and reset passwords on Windows 8 and later
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So I turn on my CPU and 10 boots up. By default it prompts me for a password described as:

(my name)

After repeated attempts to figure out the password (I have only a few passwords that I use), I give up and try logging in as:

(my name)
(my Email address - the one connected to my Microsoft account)

Now, I have - obviously - activated the administrator on Windows 10, but how can I: a) login as administrator and b) merge my Microsoft account user with the administrator.

Once that's done. How can I get rid of the whole password system altogether?

A:Windows 10 Administrator vs. Username Passwords

OK, update to question...

Apparently Windows is trying to login as the Administrator, as when I turn the unit on, I am automatically prompted with a "password is incorrect" for the Administrator. It asks me to enter the correct one, but I am still clueless to it.

The only way I can login then is with my username.
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I am working on a project I have to replace denied am administrator Access a folder; I to that project with a backup that I have and I discovered that I am unable to remove the folder I cannot remove it because I for some reason do not have appropriate permissions to access a subfolder When I double-click that sub-folder a pop-up box appears saying quot C directory is not accessible Access is denied quot First of all I am administrator on the computer running Windows Enterprise nbsp When I right-click the folder and going to Security gt Advanced the pop-up says quot You must have Read permissions to view the properties of this object Click Continue to attempt the operation with administrative permissions quot When I click quot Continue quot the new pop-up basically says the same exact thing quot You do not have permissions to view or edit this object's permission settings quot In the first pop-up under Owner nbsp it says quot Unable to display current owner quot and when I try to click quot Change quot to change the owner to myself the same window as when I clicked quot Continue quot appears nbsp This is very frustrating
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I recently dealt with a minor malware issue, uninstalled and cleared out Google Chrome of some "isurf" or sth similar which was on my Chrome a start page.

The issue I have now is I can't run anything as administrator... I cannot get into My Computer/Manage to get into regedit, Command can't run as admin, Run/regedit or Run/msconfig for that matter.

This is really annoying and I have tried all the solutions here, but none of them worked.

Apart from re-installing Windows (as this is a company lap-top), is there anything I can do to make this thing go away?

I hate this McAfee AV, btw

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: When I double-click to open programs or .exe files normaly (not right-click/Run as Admin), nothing happens.

A:I can't run any program as Administrator

Is the UAC turned on?
User Account Control - UAC - Change Notification Settings
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For the last few days, the search data in Google Chrome has been failing to clear all the way. I have all the boxes checked off and set to begining of time. I did not have an issue with clearing data up until a few days ago. Now, the half the search is coming up in bold. I will attach a screen shot. Also, is there a new version of Chrome out by any chance? Any help is appreciated here. Thank you

A:The Search Data is not clearing properly in Chrome

Now Internet Explorer is coming up in half bold in the searches.
I don't understand why it doing this for.
I even resetted the internet connection. Still didn't help.
Perhaps, there is a temp file that didn't delete in the folders somewhere?

Also, there is this Icon Cache: Data Base File that 7.863 kb. Is this anything, i should be concerned about?
Relevancy 22.79%

I've definitely looked my way around the net for this one but alas she's a hard one for those search engines amp me to make any sense of for what I'm specifically trying to find a way to do I've made a few of my own context menu shortcuts copy file path create dir filelist reg backup create sys restore toggle firewall block status toggle hide protected system files file folder unblock cuz I do a lot of things repetitively amp they really make things much quicker for day day tasking So basically I have questions for the smart ones out there who could teach a noob like me a few things If not teach then just share lt Like title says BUT without opening it I want to skip having to go to properties of the file - gt click compatibility tab - gt check quot Run this program as an administrator quot under Privilege Level - gt then click option menu? compatibility "Run as from context Toggle Administrator" quot Change settings for all users quot - gt to then click the box again I know i can just click the nd box and skip checking the st but ya kno wut i'm saying making sure both get applied - gt clicking OK - gt then clicking OK just to make sure that particular file will always run as admin whether thru a shortcut or not Can I make a bat file or must I do a wscript for that I can then take that amp add into context menu to my preference but not important or maybe even Toggle "Run as Administrator" compatibility option from context menu? a less-intrusive method You will save my neck some sweet sweet second fractions guys also if u have the time to spare How would I have been able to find these Toggle "Run as Administrator" compatibility option from context menu? options out on my own If this is the harder question of the feel free to skip Here's a quick example if I'm talking too much to be clear Thanks a ton everyone LONGGGGG time viewer first time poster Hope ya'll are good

A:Toggle "Run as Administrator" compatibility option from context menu?

Hi Arrestme, and thank you for joining Seven Forums,

And nice image there.

Those compatibility configurations are saved to the registry. Specifically to the key ofHKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
or insteadHKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers
if the settings should apply for all users. Note that that second location, in HKLM, is a virtual key (a.k.a. "hidden registry key") so don't expect to be able to search it through RegEdit.

When a compatibility setting is configured on an application, the path of that executable is written to the according registry key, as a value. And the value's data contains the compatibility configuration information for that executable, in the form of a space separated list of strings, each string called a 'flag'.

The flag for configuring an application to run with administrative rights is 'RUNASADMIN'.

E.g. Instead of using the gui to set the "Run this program as an administrator" compatibility setting for all users, one could alternatively choose to run the command

reg add "HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers" /v "C:\path\to\FL.exe" /t "REG_SZ" /d "RUNASADMIN"
to succeed the same effect. (N.B., generally, writing to the HKLM hive requires local administrative rights, so an elevated command prompt would be needed.)

Quote: Originally Posted by arrestme

Can I make a .bat file or must I do a wscript for that? (I can then take that & add into context menu to my preference, but not important)

Yes. If you can do the adding-to-the-context-menu part, I may be able to create some VBScript that aptly writes to the registry for you.

However, unfortunately, you'll have to abandon the idea of being able to configure the "Run this program as an administrator" compatibility setting for all users, because you'll have a hard time getting the script to run as administrator, launching it from the context menu (as 'HKLM\Software\...\Layers' requires administrative permissions to modify).

Toggle Run as Admin.vbs

' ToggleRunAsAdmin.vbs ExeFile
' Toggle the "Run this program as an administrator" compatibility setting on 'ExeFile'.

Function PromptForElevation
If Not CreateObject("WScript.Shell").Run("Net Sess", 0, True) = 0 Then
CreateObject("Shell.Application").ShellExecute "WScript", _
"""" & WScript.ScriptFullName & """" & " " & """" & WScript.Arguments.Item(0) & """", "","RunAs",1
End If
End Function

If WScript.Arguments.Unnamed.Count = 0 Then WScript.Quit(1)
If WScript.Arguments.Item(0) = "" Then WScript.Quit(1)

Const HKCU = &H80000001 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER


Set reLetters = New RegExp
reLetters.Pattern = "[a-z]"
reLetters.IgnoreCase = True
reLetters.Global = True

Set reRunAsAdmin = New RegExp
reRunAsAdmin.Pattern = " *RUNASADMIN *"
reRunAsAdmin.IgnoreCase = True
reRunAsAdmin.Global = True

hDefKey = HKCU
strSubKey = "Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers"
strValue = WScript.Arguments.Item(0)
strData = "RUNASADMIN"

Set objReg = GetObject("WinMgmts:\\.\root\default:StdRegProv")

objReg.GetStringValue hDefKey, strSubKey, strValue, ExistingData

If IsNull(ExistingData) Then
objReg.SetStringValue hDefKey, strSubKey, strValue, strData
If reLetters.Test( Replace(ExistingData, strData, "") ) Then
If reRunAsAdmin.Test( ExistingData ) Then
objReg.SetStringValue hDefKey, strSubKey, ... Read more
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Under Win I set up an additional user account named quot admin quot which is member of the user group quot Administrators quot The predefined account quot Administrator quot is disabled I did this on all four PC's in my home network All PC's are using Windows pro except one which is already upgraded to Windows pro All PC's are members of a work group On one PC I set up some shares which can be accessed by all users for reading very easy because all accounts exist on each PC and the passwords for the accounts are the same on each PC What shares Admin Access account not Administrator does to using instead work now happens or Access to shares using account Admin instead Administrator does not work better to say not happens is the following A normal user on a PC can access the shares on the Win PC providing the shares without any problems The user quot admin quot can not access The error message tells me that the account is not enabled This happens on the Windows PC and on one Windows PC It works without Access to shares using account Admin instead Administrator does not work any problems from the Access to shares using account Admin instead Administrator does not work third PC When I enabled the account quot Administrator quot on the Win PC providing the shares it works It seems that Windows uses the wrong credentials to connect to the share It is confusing that it occurs only on two of three PC's If someone could help I would be grateful

A:Access to shares using account Admin instead Administrator does not work

Hi Biker, 
Thank you for your question. 
For troubleshooting, we could do the following steps: 

Configure the share file on other PC, then use this account which has admin permission to check if the issue persistDelete this account profile on two PCs which share didn?t work, then rebuild the Windows profile to check if the issue persistTurn off Windows firewall on two PCs to check if the issue persist 
If there are any questions regarding this issue, please be free to let me know. 
Best Regard, 

Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]

Jim Xu
TechNet Community Support
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  I just read this on another forum, that it is very unsafe to operate a windows computer as Administrator all of the time. It said you should set up another account and use the computer as that person. Is this true?

A:Using Computer as Administrator?

In a word... yes.
Primarily because any malware you come across will automatically have administrator rights to install itself if it runs as the logged in user. This will include malicious adverts and nasty email attachments.
To add to this it could be considered wise to add restricted execution policies or use a program like Cryptoprevent to stop specially crafted malware running as admin despite your active standard user profile.
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couple of times I can't delete a file due to this abnormality in windows 7... I have all updates installed and also I am the only one using my computer.... If i'm the admin then why do i need admin rights to delete a file??

A:I am the administrator of my computer but I have no admin right to delete a file

Could you let us know the path to the file and the file name, also where it came from, if known? And the specific error message when you try to delete it. I could give you something that would delete it, but I would feel better if I knew what it was.
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When I try to change the local administrator password in a Windows XPSP3 client using Ctrl+Alt+Supr is not possible and get a notification with:
It is not possible to change the password of this account currently.
It is the local administrator and the PC is in an microsoft network domain.
Why this happen? Could somebody help me?
Best Regards and thanks in advance.

A:Administrator password change

Hi pimpo:
Do you have administrator rights on the computer or the network domain?
From M$ suggested method:
Membership in Administrators, or equivalent, is the minimum required to perform this procedure.

To change the Administrator password in Windows XP
Log on to the computer using the Administrator account.

Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts. The User Accounts dialog box opens.

In User Name, select the account that you want to change, and then click Reset Password. In New password, type a new password, and inConfirm new password, retype the password, and then click OK.
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 Not sure why or when it started but Microsoft will not give e my user password, administrators password. I  no longer can down  load programs. It did let me to do windows updates but no defrag, nothing. Can anyone help?

A:Lost administrator password for my Windows 8.1

Is this a local account or a Microsoft account?
Is this a legitimate copy of WIndows?  Has it been activated?
Just FYI - we will not help with bypassing passwords on these forums.  It's against the forum rules.
Our advice will be directed towards helping you retrieve your password from Microsoft.
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My Downloads Folder has a lot in it, using up memory.  Most of it is SetUp files, etc.  Often anonymous because that is  usually all they are called  ---- Setup.  Is it a good idea to delete (most) of these to save memory, especially on small machines like my Tablet, or is there an important reason for keeping them?  If one needed to install a program again it should be easy to do it from the interne (which also makes sure it is the latest version).

A:Clearing the Downloads Folder

Hi clayto To be honest, you should never keep anything in your Downloads folder. If you need to keep something you downloaded, you should move it in an appropriate folder, like Documents, Music, Videos, Pictures, Desktop, etc. If you downloaded a document only to see it once, you should delete it right after. It's safe to delete everything you have in Downloads that you downloaded if you don't need these files anymore. If you need the installation file for a program, I would redownload it to make sure that I have the latest installer anyway.
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I have apps which say they cannot open as long as File Explorer is running with Administrator privileges.  Why?   How do I run File Explorer ' without  Administrator privileges? (and how do I reverse that?)  I did it once, in the same situation, but I cannot remember how.
Is File Explorer the same thing as Windows Explorer, under a different name?  Or are they two separate features?  After a search when I click on Windows Explorer what opens is the same as when I click on File Explorer.  Confusing.

A:How do I remove Administrator status?

Hi clayto Your situation is confusing me a bit here, File Explorer is pretty much the same thing as Windows Explorer. Can you screenshot the error message you're receiving and post it here? Also, can you tell me which program(s) you're trying to open that displays that message?
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When trying to delete certain programs I am told I need adminisrative privleges, how do I do this? T.I.A.
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I bought a new Dell pc with windows 8.1 about a year ago and immediately set it up to log on without a password. Problem is that I have now forgotten the password. This is not an immediate problem because it logs on without the password. The problem is, if I log off accidently at any time, I will be stuck.
I have gone to "change password" where I am requested to enter the old password. It fails and I had hoped to be given a password "hint", but no.  I think I would need to log off to get to the password hint, but I am not presently brave enough to log off. Can I somehow retrieve the hint without logging off?
I am hoping that it may be possible to retrieve my password from my "logged on" environment?
I have searched for answers but cannot find anything that relates to finding passwords while logged on.
Any suggestions?
Many thanks.

A:windows 8.1, lost administrator password

well since you have already tried to guess your password by changing it while logged in you are kind of stuck but not really. 
I have an answer that will work but just glancing at the forum rules it might not be allowed. I'm not sure though. 
what I was going to post is in an article at pcworld. Search for  "Locked out? Get back into Windows 8 by resetting your password." Your not really locked out but might be at some point and this is the only way I know of that will let you reset your password when you don't know the original. 
I've done it a few times. It works.
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Somehow, I have been locked out of functions in control panel. When I try to click on many of the tools, it tells me this app can't run on your pc. I have used several (adaware, malwarebytes, Microsoft) anti-virus tools in safe mode, but each reports no problems. I tried to restore (I know, I probably shouldn't have), but all I managed to do was lose Google Chrome. Most install exes I can't run, because I get the same message, about can't run apps. Can anyone here help? Thanks,
ps My operating system is windows 8.

A:lost my administrative privileges

How many user accounts do you have?
Are you using an administrator user account to do these things?
Try creating a second administrator user account, then see if you can do what you have been attempting.
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I am helping a friend Administrator Added User Menu and with Problem Start that has a HP Desktop Computer and was running Windows When he first set up the computer he contact Microsoft and said he did not want to have a password Microsoft in all their wisdom set up an administrator account that had no password Problem came when he went to the Problem with Start Menu and Added Administrator User Start Panel and found he could not access any of the aps No weather news etc He brought the Problem with Start Menu and Added Administrator User computer to me I was doing some clean up on it when a message came up saying it was updating to Windows It came through just fine I went into account settings and put a password into the administrative account but found it still would not me to access the apps I then set up a new Microsoft Account using outlook com and made a new email address and password All look fine and when I got to the start menu after setting up the new account Problem with Start Menu and Added Administrator User and password I find that there is NOTHING I REPEAT NOTHING IN THE START MENU There are no apps weather news etc to see if they work or not I did read that it is extremely difficult to get rid of the administrative local account If anyone could help me I would sure appreciate it Thanks Steve Bell Test to see if replies works It says No replies to this question

A:Problem with Start Menu and Added Administrator User

I am guessing that when you use a microsoft account to log into your windows 8 machine, it creates a profile local to your computer.  You might have an issue when you setup the users account and all the "data" is setting in a different user profile. With Windows8 you can do a referesh without losing your information.  Give that a try.
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If you have a lot of entries in the event logs, depending on your system, it can take a bit to open the logs.  Here is a way to clear all the 4 main event logs quickly.
Open a text editor (e.g. notepad), and copy the following into it.

@echo on
wevtutil.exe cl Application
wevtutil.exe cl Security
wevtutil.exe cl Setup
wevtutil.exe cl System
@echo off
Save it as "clear_logs.bat" (no quotes).  Now, just double click on the file, and all 4 main logs will be cleared.  It will not work on Windows XP.
This will work on Windows 8.1 for sure.  It should work on Windows 8, 7, maybe Vista.
Have a great day!
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In elevated command prompt Windows 8.1:
net user administrator /active:yes
but account doesn't show
Hi all,
Why does the Administrator account not show up on rebooting the computer and how can I make it appear?

A:net user administrator /active:yes but account doesn't show

That should have worked. Did you type CMD in the search box or Command? CMD is for 32bit commands and Command is for 16bit.

Type CMD in the search box Run As Administrator and try the command again. Then Reboot
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It seems to be system processes that cannot open for some reason. If I open a third party application like Process Explorer and run that as administrator I can, however, if I open task manager with administrator rights it never opens and consent.exe just hangs. I tried this in safe mode and everything works just fine.
I had just finished doing a malware scan (Malware Bytes, SuperAntiSpyware, JRT, Combofix, etc...)

A:Having an issue with consent.exe hanging when opening with administrator

Try running "sfc /scannow" in an elevated CMD prompt with out the quotes.
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What does this mean? And how can I unblock this thing and be able to install Firefox and use it?
Many thanks.

A:System Administrator?

It means that something is screwed up with your Windows 8 profile.  Are you using Windows 8.x home or Windows 8.x Pro?
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I recently got a brand new PC a Dell T Workstation with Windows However after setting up the account I forgot the password Can't even remember it with the working nothing administrator password many tricks Forgot Windows :Tried 7 password hint and unfortunately I didn't create the password recovery disk I cant' open Forgot Windows 7 administrator password :Tried many tricks nothing working the computer in safe mode or safe mode with command prompt because both of them asked for the admin credentials there is no default admin account either I have the Windows installation DVD and tried to get the PC back to factory settings but then also it asked for the admin password Then I tried several password unlockers I guess most of them are Linux based and all failed it appears to me that they can't find the hard drive I guessed my only hope was to reset a password using the Sticky Keys trick as mentioned in this tutorial https Forgot Windows 7 administrator password :Tried many tricks nothing working onedrive live com view aspx resid F A E D amp app WordPdf I booted from the installation disk however I cant copy anything from to the C drive as it shows the device is not ready error I checked the list of available drives by using the following command wmic logicaldisk get name A list of drives appears including the C but when I tried to look into its directories the device is not ready error appears Note that the Disk name and Windows DO NOT appear under the system recovery option as shown in the pic taken from the tutorial mentoned above Can the experts tell if I can still reset the Admin password or Reinstallation of Windows is the only option left Thanks

A:Forgot Windows 7 administrator password :Tried many tricks nothing working
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Hello! As the title says I can't do anything that requires admin privileges on my computer whether it's running a program as admin or deactivting my firewall/antivirus etc etc. Whenever I try to deactivate my firewall/antivirus nothing happens, and when I try to run a program as admin I end up with a window giving me an error message (I'll add a picture of it). So if anyone has got a clue on how to fix this then please help me, I would appreciate it so much!
EDIT: It's exactly the same error for every program that I try to run. The only thing that isn't the same is the file path shown, it shows the program that I'm trying to run.

A:Can't do anything that requires admin privileges!

Hi Joelmosen First of all, I want to give you a warning about one program you have on your desktop, ComboFix. ComboFix is a very powerful reporting and scripting tool that was developped by sUBs, used by members of the malware removal team here on BleepingComputer (and also on other forums). This tool can easily break a Windows installation if poorly and/or wrongly used. It can make the whole system unbootable and also delete everything present on your drives (leaving you with close to no chance of recovery) or damage your Windows installation so badly that you would be forced to reinstall it. Therefore, you should not be using ComboFix unless you are in one of the two situation listed below:You have been trained in an online malware removal forum to use ComboFix;You are using it under the supervision and instructions of a trained malware removal professional on BleepingComputer or another recognized malware removal forum (UNITE forums for example);If you already ran ComboFix on your system and need assistance with the log, you will have to post a thread in the Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs section of BleepingComputer, where a trained helper will assist you.If you have any questions or concerns about ComboFix, quietman7 wrote a FAQ on it and you'll find all your answers in it.ComboFix usage, Questions, Help? - Look hereAlso be aware that BleepingComputer doesn't provide any advice on how to use ComboFix on your own, due to the nature of the tool and how dangerous it can be when used without supervision or proper training.Is the error message the same for every programs you right-click on and select Run as Administrator? Did you ever run ComboFix on your own on your system?On a side note, that version of AdwCleaner is outdated.