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Laptop (Toshiba and Acer) hilariously, both same issue

Q: Laptop (Toshiba and Acer) hilariously, both same issue

Hi Guys hope you can help me on my happy problem...
Got Toshiba Sat Pro and Acer Aspire, both having the following issue:

With/without battery

*Shuts down seconds after turned-on, and sometimes it arrives at Windows 7 logo and desktop but still unfortunate.

Tried doing these fixes but still unfortunate.

1. Clean fan.
2. Put new thermal paste
3. Reimage (still shuts down, so not resolved)
4. Replaced HDD
5. Interchange RAMs (checked thoroughly and cleaned)

But here's the confusing thing, when I tried backing-up the files using "Hirens - Windows XP", it does not shut down.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Please help...Thanks and more power to TechSpot!!!!
God bless you guys!

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Preferred Solution: Laptop (Toshiba and Acer) hilariously, both same issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop (Toshiba and Acer) hilariously, both same issue

Try removing the CMOS batteries to reset the Bios
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Well bothering people on forums for help was my last resort so here I am Bought a new PC half a year ago Nothing fancy no dual core ghz msi processor GB RAM DDR graph card ati radeon powercolor just wanted to have a PC to play some older legendary games such as Quake Counter Strike CoD Warcraft TFT Except I unsolvable spike hilariously A issue bought Windows Starter with it Now I upgraded it to Windows Release Preview when it came out and then updated it to Consumer Preview Everything was running cool and smooth I mean literally never expected to play CoD on max graphics with a single core processor and until before about a month ago when I started getting some awkward lags spikes glitches name it by your preferring Now at first they occurred every hour maybe hours sometimes wouldn't show up all day long Then their consistency raised to up to every minutes Every day In short I downgraded back to Windows Starter it continued I stopped the ATI event logger it continued deleted everything from the PC installed Windows XP SP scanned A hilariously unsolvable spike issue with antiviruses and antimalware stopped the event logger on different locations in the regedit It persists the scans found nothing by the way except that MSN Live could be a Trojan Now I searched through the internet for weeks trying to solve this problem and I don't seem to be the only person to have it but it's only Windows users that complain thus why I went back to XP SP The glitch description is this For minutes everything ALMOST freezes basically CPU usage goes up to for no reason whatsoever At all No A hilariously unsolvable spike issue programs seem to go higher than of CPU usage during that lag spike actually they don't change a bit before during or after the demonic intrusion which occurs only during game play and facebook apps use such as zynga poker Never while watching videos or movies I don't leave any updaters on not even MSN no music programs nothing It's the same programs I've ran for - years on an even weaker PC and never had this issue before I'm no computer expert but this can't be hardware related can it Looks like a graph card issue except it ran smoothly before no new hardware or software really was added since nothing broke or burned Thanks ahead for any help or ideas on what this might be

A:A hilariously unsolvable spike issue

You could try cleaning and re-pasting your cpu heatsink.
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Hi, Acer E5-511 laptop purchased with Windows 8.1  installed. After windows update was run, a Toshiba logo is now seen on the screen after Start screen at bottom right corner. There is a Toshiba laptop connected to the same wireless connection in the next room. Could this be the cause? Any idea how this has happened and how I can remove the Toshiba logo.

A:Toshiba Logo displayed on Acer E5-511 Laptop.

Is the Toshiba logo the very first screen that loads where it used to say Acer when you turned it on?
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Hey guys. I joined today because I'm deciding between two laptops and I thought I could use your help.

The laptop will be used for everyday use for the most part but I also play World of Warcraft. The game recommends at least 1g of RAM but most users suggest more. The Acer has more RAM but only a single processor. Any suggestions?

Toshiba - Satellite Laptop with Intel® Celeron® Processor:

Processor: Intel Celeron

Processor Speed: 2.2GHz

System Bus: 800MHz

Cache Memory: 1MB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM): 2GB

Type of Memory (RAM): DDR2

Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)

Computer Hard Drive Size: 250GB

Acer - Aspire Laptop with AMD Athlon? Single-Core Processor

Processor: AMD Athlon?

Processor Speed: 1.6GHz

System Bus: 667MHz

Cache Memory: 512KB on die Level 2

System Memory (RAM): 3GB

Type of Memory (RAM): DDR2

Hard Drive Type: SATA (5400 rpm)

Computer Hard Drive Size: 160GB

A:Toshiba Laptop with Intel Celeron or Acer with AMD Athlon Single-Core Processor?

both of those computers are pretty slow... and single core. the Toshiba is the better buy but the link is dead so you might be out of luck with that anyways. i don't play wow so i can't tell you what i would recommend for hardware. i will just go ahead and make the suggestion to buy something with a Core2Duo, 2GB RAM and a more high-end onboard video adapter for games. the more dedicated video power the better.
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Friend bought an Acer laptop E5-575-54SM Intel i5-6200U; Windows 10 Home; 4GB RAM; 1TB; WiFi featuring MU-MIMO.

When I connected it to his WiFi network it was very slow. I ran a speedtest. It only gets 1 Mbps where it should be 20 Mbps.

I connected my iPhone to the network but got the same results. So, I assumed it was a problem with the WiFi. However, a different laptop (Toshiba) does get the 20 Mbps speed via WiFi.

Well, that is just not possible.
Since my iPhone was also slow, I know the problem is with the network.
But, since the old Toshiba laptop connects fine, the DSL modem and WiFi router are okay.

Two days later, the new Acer was running fine on the network, only to come to a crawl today.

I am stumped.
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ok I am fixing my friends toshiba laptop Qosmio F -AV Vista Home Premium So I booted up the laptop issue laptop Toshiba and then I got a error So I booted back up with the recovery disc that came with the laptop It starts loading and then I get a message that says HDD can't be intialized intialize hdd and restart the installer So my first thought is the hdd is corrupted Well this laptop has x gb sata hdd's So I hooked up both to my desktop to see if there were any issues with the hdd Both are fine I was able to copy all docs pics ext to my storage hdd So knowing that both hdd's are fine I rebooted the laptop and stuck one of my Vista discs in and installed it without a key just to see if it would install It installed fine and works without an issue Toshiba laptop issue So I know it's not the hdd So I rebooted the laptop with the toshiba install disc and still same issue What the heck is this issue HDD can't be intialized intialize hdd If I can't get this to work soon I might just use one of my Vista discs to install on the laptop with the laptops key However I rather use the manufacture discs since thats the whole point of having them

A:Toshiba laptop issue

hi,, just a thought, are the discs origanal ones from toshiba or the type you mmke when first switcing on your pc,,,,, as i have noticed that with the discs you make your self hardly ever work properly,,, which is a fat lot of use,,, use your vista disc and then use the product key off the toshiba laptop,,, this should work,,, as its the key thats important not the disc,,, the disc will carry all versions of vista, and its the product key that determines which version it will install.
good luck.
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Hi there ... buddy just got an old laptop in horrible shape - we decided to fdisk and all is well - except - yesterday she was describing a lot of anomolies ... eventutally said she had had it on over 8 hours. I told her to turn it off, guessed it had probably overheated.
I know nothing about fans (I am a software nut, not hardware) - but this one does not turn on ever (she said she cleaned it with a qtip and it does move).
Are there special settings I should look for?
(she is not connected to the net to ask herself)
Many thanks

(no help from Toshiba at all - not even a manual available)

A:Toshiba laptop 2100 fan issue?

sounds like its gone need try to open case very carefully see if fan is removeable then look for replace ment
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I was wondering if anybody can help me with my current problem My laptop won t charge nor will it start up issue laptop power Toshiba I had recently had AC Toshiba laptop power issue adapter issues and had to get it repaired I had soldered a new tip for the old adapter and it worked for a time but the solder was a horrible job and it got loose again so I just decided to get a whole new adapter Before the solder had come off of the old ad adapter the laptop Toshiba laptop power issue ran fine receieved power and charged the battery Now with the new ac adapter plugged in the power blue LED simply blinks blue while the orange battery light remains off I was wondering if there was a quick fix for this I have already tried taking the battery and AC adapter out and holding the power button for well over seconds and I still receive the Toshiba laptop power issue same result- blinking LED Can anybody help me out here My laptop model is a Toshiba Satellite A -S As it is an old laptop it s really not worth bringing in getting it serviced and I have a little knowledge about the laptop itself Also a point of note it isn t the AC jack on the inside since i ve removed the casing and checked on the jack it s completely separate from the motherboard and when plugged into another ac source it worked fine The new AC adapter has a green LED lit meaning it s receiving power and it s also brand new so i don t think it s that But yeah any help here nbsp

A:Toshiba laptop power issue

Toshiba's are notorious for power problems. I had a Satellite P10-809, I paid a small fortune for it, and within 6 months I started experiencing power problems. I was also receiving a constant mild electric shock whenever my arm rested on the casing of the unit while typing.

I believe there is a class action law suit against Toshiba ( I was furious trying to deal with Toshiba as they denied any problems and more or less implied that I was imagining everything. In the end, I wrote off the £1,500 I spent on the unit and have never purchased Toshiba since. I have also warned every company I have worked for to boycott Toshiba.
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I am working on a friend s toshiba satellite a -s laptop computer She gave it to me telling me it was not even turning on I have worked with it and laptop power Toshiba issue discovered issues with the power supply First that the power cord is a bit loose going into the computer and not always giving it power however seems fixable when I plugged my Toshiba laptop power issue rocketfish universal adaptor into it piece was used Toshiba laptop power issue even though this specific computer is not on capatibility list which is what similar toshibas listed used However there is a second problem with the power supply that I am not sure how to even begin fixing When the cord is plugged in and the computer is off the power cord light on the front of the computer shows green and the battery light shows red While in this state the battery seems to charge some If I turn it on the power cord light and the computer on lights turn green and the battery light turns off The power is then drained from the battery and not from the power cord The computer shutting down from lack of power when the battery is drained and refusing to run completely if I try to run it without the battery How do I go about fixing this second problem or is it even fixable I do not want to suggest trying out a new battery unless I know for sure that would solve the problem otherwise it would be wasted if it does not work Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered nbsp

A:Toshiba laptop power issue

Does sound as if the battery is dead, however I can understand your reluctance to buy another should that not be the real fault.

I am sure there are other more experienced people here that know about electrical circuits. If it were me I'd try and get hold of replacement power cord,exactly the same as the old one.
I'd take my Tosh to shops selling second hand Toshes and ask to use thier power cord to test connection. Or even ask about trying a new battery before you buy.
I might buy a new cord from Ebay.

If its an old machine then it will probably be the battery. And Tosh batteries when they go they just go!

Let us know what happens, I have a Tosh so maybe my fate will be yours
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A friend's sons played around with his laptop and now the only way in is to use 'safe mode.' Every time he tries to get on it now, it shows the Windows XP Logo... Then a box pops up and asks for his user name and password -- and he never set up either one, so he can't do anything else until he starts it in safe mode... Any suggestions?

A:Toshiba Laptop Password Issue


Is this the password to get into WIndow's itself, if so and you can get in via safe mode then go to control panel and users and reset the password there.

oh and welcome to the TS Forum Would you please take a few moments to read the following. It will help to make your Techspot experience a more pleasurable one.

Techspot FAQ.

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SNGX1275`s A guide to making a good post/thread.

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i am having a similar problem as posted earlier but no resolution was posted. anyone with knowledge of how to resolve, please email me with advice. thanks. below is the error message i get and no matter what option i, safe with networking, last known configuration, normal...all reboot upon start-up and lead back to error again. HELP.

"We apologize for the inconvenience, but windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change may have caused this"
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I ALWAYS USED TO WORK ON MY LAP WITH CHARGER PLUGGED IN BECAUSE MY BATTERY DIE QUICKLY , SO LAST NIGHT I PLUGGED OUT THE ACE ADAPTER by accident and my laptop powered off even my battery was fully charged i i plugged it again and what happens it is powered on automatically without me press the power button !!

please help what can i do to solve this

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Hi I m not entirely sure if this is the right forum for this laptop With Issue Audio Toshiba since I have no idea if this is a hardware or software related problem but bear with me I purchased Toshiba Satellite C D-A- yesterday and I ve spent most of today trying to set it up First of all it came with Windows which is absolutely awful It is a nightmare to use and there are several weird bugs such as shortcuts added to the Audio Issue With Toshiba laptop toolbar Audio Issue With Toshiba laptop not working and the system requiring Audio Issue With Toshiba laptop a password even though I specifically changed it in the settings in a way that password should not be required when logging in on the computer However the real problem is that for some reason all sounds from whatever source YouTube Spotify Ableton are weirdly quot high-passed quot in the sense that no low or mid frequencies are audible I cannot understand what the problem is and I m starting to lose it since I ve tried to fix it all day I installed the latest Realtek driver which made no difference I tried to Google the problem but didn t find any similar results Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Audio Issue With Toshiba laptop

if you just bought it I would return it and request a replacement one.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop, and I'm having a problem with the internet. I just got it out of repair today because the screen wouldn't turn on, but the computer would run. But anways the problem is that my internet is disconnecting randomly, and then it says that there is no wireless networks avalible. So I have to restart my computer and then my internet works again and I can connect to my router.

Anyone help me?

A:Internet Issue With Toshiba Laptop

By the way this has happened twice so far, IDK if it will happen again, but...
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niot sure where to place this topic other than here, running XP pro:

Converted a Toshiba a305-s6905 laptop from vista to XP pro.
Got all the drivers installed working like a champ, Toshiba indicated there was a bios update form 1.80 to 2.20
So i ran it, seemed to go fine, then it rebooted, windows splash screen appears momentarily then a quick BSOD that i cannot read, then back to toshiba start screen.

It will continue that cycle if i let it.
Safe mode, last know good config dont work understandably.

during post it shows...insyde H20 bios

What, if anything can i do in this spot?

A:BIOS issue: toshiba laptop

I think you have failed updating BIOS...
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Hi all

I have two questions,
Customer has a Toshiba laptop that her 2 year old knocked off a work surface. Now it wont boot to Windows Vista it goes through the Toshiba POST. She says its making noises and i have heard it screech every now and again.
I am fairly certain shes damaged the hard drive, but does anyone else have any thoughts ?

Following on from that when using my Plexus USB 2.0 to SATA cable in Windows XP Pro i get the USB noise/ping to suggest its found it and it installs the driver, as it says in the windows pop up bubble. However nothing in disk management or explorer. Now is this because the disk is obviously damaged or because i am running XP and the Hard disk is Vista??

I didnt think it should matter as it should be seen as a USD device from my cable

Any comments would be great thanks

A:Toshiba Laptop Hard drive issue

its damaged alright,

try sticking it in the freezer overnight and it may work enough to recover data off it, then bin it
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An unknown piece of hardware is failing on my machine After running antivirus and malwarebytes running chkdsk and various other methods I did a reinstall from the Toshiba restore program hidden on the Hard drive The computer continually freezes becoming totally unresponsive This is usually has issue failing hardware Laptop Toshiba during light use and seems to not occur during heavier use like netflix streaming or video games The screen will usually go black and I will be forced to manually shut down The computer may run fine for minutes or hours I have done a visual inspection Toshiba Laptop has failing hardware issue of the portion of the laptop I can safely open and all seems fine HD seems fine RAM was tested with memtestx with Toshiba Laptop has failing hardware issue no problems to be found I can t figure out what is happening but it seems to be hardware It would also freeze when I ran Ubuntu from a liveCD that was not installed on the hard drive This is a Toshiba L D S ProcessorAMD Athlon II P GHz Dual-Core Memory GB GB max Hard Drive GB - Serial ATA- - rpm Display Type in TFT active matrix Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows Home Premium -bit Edition Optical DriveDVD RW R DL DVD-RAM Graphics ProcessorATI Mobility Radeon HD HyperMemory Video Memory MB Any help would be super appreciated nbsp

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Hi All,

I have the above laptop, downloaded Windows 10 - then uninstalled it as it made my machine mega slow.

The + and - buttons to alter the volume no no longer work on the laptop unless you press the FN key.

I went into the control panel to change that, did as I was instructed but I still have to press it to get any volume. I rang Toshiba helpdesk and they couldn't solve the issue either.

Also, the volume has to be turned up to at least 50 to get any sound out as you cannot hear it otherwise. Someone said to do something to the BIOS but i have no idea as I am not tech at all.

Any help would be great as I have tried You Tube and online and not had any luck.

Thanks all.

A:Volume issue on Toshiba Satellite pro laptop

This could be it:

I set it so that I can press F1 to F12 without holding the Fn key. When I did that then I had to press Fn key to adjust volume with the - + keys that are on the F9 and F10 keys.

Also you may want to open the volume mixer to see if other volume levels are less that the master volume.
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Hello - I have a new Toshiba A Satellite laptop Intel wifi card Vista Home Premium bit that is having difficulty connecting to my home network I started the machine up Friday night and have spent hours trying to track this problem down I tried updating the network card driver most current is now in use I've uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it and I'm at my wit's end The network consists of D-Link DI- wireless router Dell Home New Toshiba - Laptop Network Issue E Desktop connected via cable to the router Vista bit Dell Inspiron laptop Home Network Issue - New Toshiba Laptop wireless connection XP Pro Dell Dimension DWL-G wireless card XP Home Gateway L DWL-G wireless card Vista Home Premium bit Nintendo Wii Sony PS I can't believe that there is a problem with the router since all thos other machines including a Vista bit box are connected with no issues so I'm pretty sure that this problem is confined to the new laptop If I connect an ethernet cable to the Toshiba it connects to the network and internet with no issues If I disconnect the cable and attempt to connect via the wireless system the laptop attempts to identify the network and never connects The Intel WiFi troubleshooter passes all tests but the ping test I have noted that the Dell laptop and the Gateway desktop both show different IP addresses than the Toshiba The Toshiba has an autoconfiguration IPv of DCHP is enabled I have tried resetting all kinds of things using both ipconfig and netsh commands in admin mode with no success Toshiba tech support Level has no clue and I've been waiting for a couple of hours for Level support to call me back Any suggestions Thanks Steven Frustrated Toshiba owner

A:Home Network Issue - New Toshiba Laptop

PM Update:

I had two calls with Toshiba technical support. The first one couldn't do anything, and promised a Level 2 call back within an hour. Seven hours later, I called back, and was told that my problem was with my ISP, and I needed to call them. She also informed me that Level 2 support was only available to registered users, and when I pointed out that I'd registered the computer on Saturday, told me that I would have to wait 48 hours for the registration to go through.

So, I packed everything up, trundled off to Best Buy, came home with a MacBook, and my daughter had it up and running in about five minutes (connected to the network and everything!).

Problem solved!!!

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I have an Acer Laptop Aspire V5-571 series

When I try to boot the laptop, I get an error code 0xc000021a and the system continuously recycles. I wanted to reinstall Windows, but could not get into the BIOS to change boot sequence.
When I press F2, it asks for a Password/Unlock Key with an Unlock Key Hint Number 63DAF73

Can anybody help with getting into the system so I can reload Windows?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello there New to the forums I have an intriguing graphics driver issue that has come up since I did a fresh install of Windows Pro Laptop Driver Irking for Graphics Issue Toshiba with Media Center on my Irking Graphics Driver Issue for Toshiba Laptop Toshiba C - It seems that Toshiba does not have an quot updated quot graphics driver Irking Graphics Driver Issue for Toshiba Laptop for Windows The default Microsoft driver has a few issues The screen likes to flicker a lot and sometimes text becomes quot garbled quot and such I have gone though Intel's site looking for the driver but the download only updates the quot SATA controller quot not the graphics driver I have attached two images displaying what the graphics card is and the driver versions I hope someone is able to Irking Graphics Driver Issue for Toshiba Laptop help me find an updated Intel driver so that these icky bugs can go away It's the only true thing that is avoiding me from loving Windows on this laptop I can provide more information if it's needed Toshiba Satellite C - Windows Pro with Media Center -bit Pentium Dual-Core T GHz Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family at x Qualcomm Atheros AR Wireless Network Adapter Conexant SmartAudio HD GB Memory

A:Irking Graphics Driver Issue for Toshiba Laptop

You can try to install the windows 7 driver in compatibility mode..?
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Hello I recently had an issue with a Toshiba laptop that has me a bit concerned On (Internet Toshiba Satellite issues) + other Possible serious issue(s) Laptop. with the th of July I had decided to put my Satellite on standby to focus on other things at the moment sometime that afternoon Normally this didn t cause any problems and I was in fact able to save energy However though early that evening something did unfortunately Possible serious issue(s) with Toshiba Satellite Laptop. (Internet + other issues) go wrong I Possible serious issue(s) with Toshiba Satellite Laptop. (Internet + other issues) pressed the power button which woke the PC and got me back to the login screen I entered my password and for a bit things seemed to be going well And then it locked up in the middle of the process I waited a couple of minutes but to no avail I was forced to reboot After that everything seemed to be okay at first but then to my dismay the System Failure dialog came up I let everything run its course and after about half an hour it finally came up with the System Restore option I agreed to it and let it restart Unfortunately just when I thought everything was okay I noticed my internet connection was no longer available And neither was anything else network related for that matter Not even Help amp Support could start I soon discovered the ISATAP driver had stopped working code error but I doubt this was the only problem now eventually I discovered that although initial boot-up wasn t affected it now took up to minutes for Windows to load minutes I ve tried everything I can think of Safe Mode additional System Restores Disk checks sometimes w scanning for bad sectors and even virus scans no viruses at all Nothing s worked I am seriously considering either a format of the C drive or a clean re-install of Vista or possibly even both Can anybody offer any advice nbsp

A:Possible serious issue(s) with Toshiba Satellite Laptop. (Internet + other issues)
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Hello! I have the above laptop and just installed a replacement M'board since the original board failed. Loaded vista home premium and now cannot get sound. I've tried every possible audio driver with no luck. I loaded Linux and the sound worked immediately so I know the hardware is OK. The audio hardware is identified as Conexant (Waikiki). No matter which driver I attempt to load I get an error message indicating that the hardware media doesn't recognize the driver. I have no other issues with this Motherboard, just no sound.

Does anyone have an answer to this dilemma? Your help is appreciated.

A:Toshiba Laptop P105-S6217 audio driver issue

Have you tried loading XP? Perhaps Vista has no audio drivers for this board.
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Folks Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to offer My Laptop was working just fine last evening and this am is now not booting successfully Once powered off when the on button is pressed the following message appears quot We apologize for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully A recent hardware or software change may have caused this etc etc quot When safe mode is pressed a bunch of prompts run and then it freezes You must then shut off the PC and then restart to get back to the menu choices Another message we see now is General help in the Issue Booting Laptop Toshiba Windows XP A105-S4284 Bios quot Set up systems behavior by modifying the bios configuration Selecting incorrect values may cause system boot failure load setup default values to recover quot Toshiba Laptop A105-S4284 Windows XP Issue Booting Not sure where to head here any idea what is going on Additional input i HAD loaded in the last couple of days a new Quicken Premiere package but that appeared to be working fine and the laptop had been on and off several times before and after that load successfully Sorry I just don t understand what or why this condition so suddenly appeared the PC is perhpas months old and i regulary run Spysweeper and Nortons on it and had in the last day or had run both on it Thanks for reviewing this request nbsp

A:Toshiba Laptop A105-S4284 Windows XP Issue Booting

Try this first

Re start your PC and immediately on startup start tapping F8 about every second before the window screens and you should see a black screen with white writing....use your arrow keys to select Last Known Good Configuration and press Enter
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I have a Toshiba laptop running Vista Had it almost a year now I have two USB ports on the right side of the computer A couple weeks ago the two ports which are part of the same quot card quot or whatever it s called when it s in a laptop Kind of fell into the computer I think the soldering must have broke or something and the ports kinda just sank in a little The compute still ran fine for a week or so Memory Ricoh Phantom Issue Sticks USB, Toshiba Laptop. on USB and I was just waiting to get the ports put back into place A few days ago My comp started thinking things were being plugged and unplugged USB Issue on Toshiba Laptop. Phantom USB, Ricoh Memory Sticks into the usb ports even though they weren t When it s happening it makes my computer run pretty slow It seems to only happen while I am using a browser either Firefox or IE Also when I start the computer I see a little tab in the bar at the bottom that says quot cfFncEnabler quot and nothing else It doesn t say error or anything it just says the name of that name It s only there for about seconds and then goes away I know it s a Toshiba file and is safe but it never used to pop up when my comp started before the usb issue Anyways when I go to see what usb device is being plugged in and out it says it is a quot Ricoh Memory Stick Device quot I don t own one Never have Never plugged on into my computer Why is it saying that Is that the name of the usb port I don t think it is because when I google it all I find are things about flash drives If anyone here has any idea about whats up with my laptop please help me out here Thanks nbsp

A:USB Issue on Toshiba Laptop. Phantom USB, Ricoh Memory Sticks

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Hi there,
I recently installed Windows 7 and the mousepad on my Toshiba laptop stopped scrolling (when running your finger down the right hand side of the mousepad). Anyone have any ideas how to fix it?

A:Solved: Toshiba laptop mousepad issue after installing Windows 7

Yes. Go to Toshiba's website (, look up your laptop and download the Windows 7 drivers for your Touchpad.

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Hello folks my name is lynn I have been told on a different forum that my laptop does not have bluetooth on it So i went and bought a bluetooth adaptor made by targis It is a usb device I have it installed with all drivers I have a bluetooth iblue a gps receiver again all drivers installed on my 7 Windows issue on L505 connection Toshiba GPS Bluetooth laptop S5990 laptop for it For some unknown reason my computer sees the bluetooth adaptor but refuses to see the bluetooth GPS Bluetooth GPS connection issue on Toshiba L505 S5990 Windows 7 laptop receiver I have had it up at Office depot all morning since i bought the adaptor there but they could not Bluetooth GPS connection issue on Toshiba L505 S5990 Windows 7 laptop figure out the problem either The receiver can be seen when connected via a usb mini cable but the program i wish to use it with microsoft streets and trips requires i use it with bluetooth and not a cable The adaptor doesn t see my Windows Mobile phone either I know the GPS and phone are working properly and fully charged because they see each other and I can use my GPS program on my phone with no problem I am out of options and or ideas Can anyone suggest anything else i should try I do have an account on msn and would be happy to voice or video chatg there if someone needs to explain something lengthy to me Oh and i am blind so use a screen reader to operate my windows lalptop but that should not have any bearing on figuring this confounded thign out thanks lynn w

A:Bluetooth GPS connection issue on Toshiba L505 S5990 Windows 7 laptop

Hi -

Go to Targus support and see if updated bluetooth drivers are available. You'll need the product info from the USB device -

Regards. . .


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ok. so my toshiba a215-s5824 will not turn on, no battery charge light or anything. took out battery to no effect. Does this mean its the motherboard? and how difficult would it be to replace? tech shop tested dc power and power adapter and they are fine. please help!

A:Toshiba a215-s5824 laptop motherboard issue. no power light

Your "tech shop" would be better in diagnosing a possible bad motherboard and its replacement options. It takes considerable skill and knowledge to replace a laptop motherboard. If things aren't done properly, you could end up with a very expensive paperweight
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Hi everyone Fairly new laptop less than months which recently has been crashing in a really odd way when doing certain tasks No when plugged (overheating on hard issue?) crashes in laptop Toshiba Strange BSOD or anything just straight shuts down I use Skyrim to test it because it usually causes a crash within the first few minutes What usually happens is I start up the game get into gameplay past title screen loading screen etc it plays fine for a few seconds then the fan will start going Strange hard crashes on Toshiba laptop when plugged in (overheating issue?) apebleep Strange hard crashes on Toshiba laptop when plugged in (overheating issue?) and the laptop completely crashes a few seconds after that The strange thing is this only happens under a few conditions The battery setting has to be set to high performance and the charger has to be plugged in The crashes never happen when the machine is running on battery alone and they still happen when I remove the battery and just run the laptop plugged in It doesn't seem to be an overheating issue both cores stay around degrees even when the fan starts to go crazy max is and Changing chargers didn't help either both the one that came with the laptop and a store bought one lead to crashes Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite s t-B running windows Specs i U cpu GB ram AMD Radeon R M Really appreciate any help at all Thank everyone

A:Strange hard crashes on Toshiba laptop when plugged in (overheating issue?)

Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).
FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:
While waiting for a reply, please monitor your temps with this free utility:
Also, Please provide this information (even though you're not experiencing BSOD's) so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
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Acer Aspire WKMi series Model LA CPU - Genuine Intel R CPU T GHz IDE - HTS G SA - S IDE - HTS G SA - S IDE - MATSHIADVD-Ram UJ- S Display - NVIDIA GeForce Go PCI Express Mb GDDR VRAM Memory - two Gb Nanya sticks never heard of them before Link Acer Hardware/Driver issue Laptop (I think) it will not take you to exact but I can Hardware/Driver issue (I think) Acer Laptop not get it to copy exact http www acer ca acer service do tryISOCtxParam CA amp Hardware/Driver issue (I think) Acer Laptop ctx att k amp CRC Then select Notebook then select Aspire then scroll down to note you must also change OS from Vista default to XP Temperature not an issue because a reboot will return me to quot Setup will Restart quot on numerous occasions and run through to same spot - read long explaination attached Immediate Issue - Unable to install BIOS Chipset VGA drivers without Windows running and Windows will not complete setup repair - thus is not running This is a very short discription of the issue PLEASE read the full explaination attached as word doc Thanks in advance A very perplexed Jerry nbsp

A:Hardware/Driver issue (I think) Acer Laptop

bump please
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I had a working acer extensa 2200 laptop which had badly damaged hinges, covers, screen, bezel, so I purchased an identical one on eBay that had a dead mobo. I then put the good motherboard into the good body and powered it up last night and it was working ok, except the keyboard wasn't working. I left it charge up the battery last night and then today, took out the keyboard and rectified that situation except now, the power connector is not working. I plug in working adapter and it is not getting power, I tried both connectors from both laptops, no joy. It powers up alright, but only from battery. This is really frustrating as it was working. When I put the adapter into the dc jack, I notice a little flash of light just as it touches it, is this normal, well, I've never seen it before, what does this mean? any advice please?
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I have a acer laptop with Windows's 7 I attempted to do a complete system restore to factory settings the process goes through but never returns to the state to set up the computer to be used after the system says it is restores the black acer screen comes up and at that point all it does is say boot mgr failed press ctl alt delete to restart . I need to get this computer back to normal operating status

A:Acer laptop system restore issue

Do you have the orginal Windows 7 CD?
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Laptop is an Acer Aspire z with Windows Vista Home Laptop Synaptics Aspire Acer Touchpad Issue Premium -bit fully updated to current I installed an update to Avast's engine and Acer Aspire Laptop Synaptics Touchpad Issue after rebooting when I got to the Windows logon screen both the mouse buttons on both the built-in Synaptics touchpad and an external USB mouse will only select an item but nothing else happens In other words if I click on a user account it selects it but it doesn't allow me to enter a password Likewise if I click on the shutdown icon at the lower right of the screen it just selects it but nothing else happens But I found that if I hit the tab key and then the enter key to select something on this screen then the left mouse button starts working again on the touchpad and the USB mouse When I get into windows the left mouse button on both the built-in touchpad and the external mouse continue to work but the right mouse button on the built-in touchpad doesn't work However the right mouse button on the USB mouse works I have tried everything I can think of to resolve this - uninstalled Avast I'm now using MSE as the anti-virus on this machine - uninstalled and re-installed the drivers for both mouse devices multiple times using different versions for the touchpad one set of drivers from Acer another set from Synaptics - uninstalled the Synaptics device from device manager and let windows reinstall it upon reboot - updated the drivers within device manager it didn't find any that were more current - restored the system back to a system restore point before this started happening - dinked around with all the settings available for mouse - tried toggling FN F the Acer key to turn on off the touchpad functions - tried SAFE mode - same behavior - tried SAFE boot with nearly all services disabled I'm beginning to think this might not have anything to do with drivers since neither mouse device works correctly at the Windows login screen until I hit TAB and then ENTER I think the internals of Vista may be hosed somewhere Acer said that I should do a wipe and reset back to factory state I'd sure like to avoid this Any thoughts Thanks
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Hi all Is there any brilliance in the house I hope so The inverter on my Acer Aspire WLMi died after months No probs I bought a new one put the machine together again and started it up Perfect well almost What is happening now is that I cannot get maximum brilliance from the screen All the Windows option Laptop issue replacement on Acer after inverter screen Brilliance settings are set to the max and the are no other user settings available I can make to chance this Ok you'll be thinking there is an issue with the inverter but I'm far from sure that it is The picture is perfect apart from this issue Booting up Vista will have the screen bright and brilliant max Brilliance issue after screen inverter replacement on Acer Laptop brill Windows will continue to load and then as the machine continues to load the registry and gets to the bit where the screen brilliance is set the screen will dip and settle to about - of it's capable brilliance I feel sure this is a registry issue because of the boot up procedure which is clockwork and predictable Where can I inspect the reg to find these settings They must be there Other suggestions Many thanks Dave

A:Brilliance issue after screen inverter replacement on Acer Laptop

Are there really no takers on this?? How dissapointing.

For those that don't know what an inverter is. inverters create a hi voltage charge and light the screen bulb(s) on your laptop or monitor. When it don't work you will see a perfect but dark n unlit image on your screen.

Cum on sum1 help me out for gawd sake!

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Noted this issue over the past 2 months , rolled back to restore points several times but the issue returned. Used the Acer recovery for Windows 10 , no help. Formatted drive (0 and 1'd the drive) to start completely fresh. Used Windows 10 media creation to install Windows 10 X64 English version on to the laptop , upon logging into associated Microsoft live account the BSOD returned.

Attached is the BSOD files requested in the posting guide.
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Like the title says my computer's start up Slow Up, GMER DDS ready and Start Hilariously process is depressing Even after logging in it takes minutes after double-clicking the Firefox icon for the browser page to show up It's been Hilariously Slow Start Up, DDS and GMER ready this way for at least half a year now and tonight I've finally taken the initiative to try and fix things Whether you find that to make me either patient or just lazy the bad news is I really couldn't tell you what sort of stuff I got into to have my computer infested with malware I think quot infested quot is probably overestimating but I'll admit that I participated in some sketchy downloading I'm not sure what in particular though It's been a while Nonetheless I've learned my lesson and uninstalled all the crap I could find but unfortunately my computer could still use some work I hope you guys can help Here's my DDS DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Andrew Sharp at on Sat Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Running Processes Pseudo HJT Report uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext hxxp h www hp com techcenter HP SystemCheck hp syscheck htm BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper e f-c d - d -b d- b d be b - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelper dll BHO e a - - d f-beae-d a c - c program files common files symantec shared coshared browser NppBho dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper bb-d f - c-b eb-d daf d d - c program files java jre bin ssv dll BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dll BHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl Class e e f - ce- c -bc -eabfe f c - c program files java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dll TB C E A- F - E-B E- B - No File TB C B - - D - B - A CD F - No File uRun ctfmon exe c windows system ctfmon exe mRun NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE c windows system NvCpl dll NvStartup mRun NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE c windows system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit mRun nwiz nwiz exe installquiet nodetect mRun High Definition Audio Property Page Shortcut CHDAudPropShortcut exe mRun HP Software Update c program files hp hp software update HPWuSchd exe mRun SynTPEnh c program files synaptics syntp SynTPEnh exe mRun hpWirelessAssistant c program files hpq hp wireless assistant HP Wireless Assistant exe mRun QPService quot c program files hp quickplay QPService exe quot mRun eabconfg cpl c program files hpq quick launch buttons EabServr exe Start mRun Cpqset c program files hpq default settings cpqset exe mRun RecGuard c windows sminst RecGuard exe mRun ccApp quot c program files common files symantec shared ccApp exe quot mRun osCheck quot c program files norton internet security osCheck exe quot mRun Symantec PIF AlertEng quot c program files common files symantec shared pif b e dd - - c -b f- f fca a pifsvc exe quot a m quot c program files common files symantec shared pif b e dd - - c -b f- f fca a AlertEng dll quot mRun Adobe Reader Speed Launcher quot c program files adobe reader reader Reader sl exe quot mRun SunJavaUpdateSched quot c program files java jre bin jusched exe quot mRun AppleSyncNotifier c program files common files apple mobile device support bin AppleSyncNotifier exe mRun QuickTime Task quot c program files quicktime QTTask exe quot -atboottime mRun iTunesHelper quot c program files itunes iTunesHelper exe quot mRun UMonit c windows system UMonit exe StartupFolder c docume alluse startm programs startup blueto lnk - c program files widcomm bluetooth software BTTray exe StartupFolder c docume alluse startm programs startup hpdigi lnk - c program files hp digital imaging bin hpqtra exe IE E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - c progra micros office EXCEL EXE IE Send To amp Bluetooth - c program files widcomm bluetooth software btsendto ie ctx htm IE B FE D - AA - F - C B- A F E IE B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - FF E -CC A- E E-BF B- E D - c progra micros office REFIEBAR DLL DPF - E - D - - ED - hxxp supportcenter rr com sdccommon download tgctlcm cab DPF BCC -B - - C - D A B C - hxxp office micr... Read more

A:Hilariously Slow Start Up, DDS and GMER ready

I forgot to add: I do not have a Boot CD of any kind.
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Notebook information Toshiba Satellite L -S Windows Home Premium -bit About a month ago I was on my notebook browsing clipart on Office Microsoft com when a window popped up in the lower right corner taskbar The only anti-virus I was using was Windows Defender and running IOBit I will tell you Registration Toshiba Notebook infection issue Toshiba & what I remember The window borders in the pop up were red it presented itself as a Microsoft Windows product and it stated I was infected with a virus There were or buttons to click and I clicked one of them which prompted me to buy the product I did not do this I closed the window again and again and downloaded several anti-virus anti-spyware and anti-malware free programs in addition to system optimization software Several threats were found and removed unfortunately I do not have the logs for these events but the startup was getting slower and slower and I believe my settings were being hijacked Over the last several weeks I did a little amateur investigation to see what was running in the task manager I came across a process that I was not familiar with and that I had not seen previously taisregistpinger exe I performed about a half dozen factory restores which only seemed to make things worse until on after the last factory restore on the original factory hard drive the desktop was now a blue screen with big bold red font that read WARNING your computer is now infected with malware spyware I can t remember It had a couple more paragraphs that I did not read After weeks of headaches and frustration I purchased a new hard rive On I installed the new hard drive and ran the recovery media DVD s All went well and I proceeded to download Avir Anti-Virus SuperAntispyware Advanced System Care IOBit Malwarebytes and CCleaner Then I moved on to download the Windows Updates The first set downloaded and installed fine with a prompt to restart Toshiba Notebook infection & Toshiba Registration issue which I did Then I went back to Windows Updates to check for additional updates which there was a single download It was downloaded installed and restarted with no problems I went back to Windows Update again to check for more updates again and there was another individual update I downloaded and installed it This download did not have a restart prompt but I did anyway Upon start up an Internet Explorer Toshiba Registration window popped up indicating that it could connect to the internet Here s the problem with this window This window is not the same as the real original Toshiba Registration window as when I opened the brand new laptop and registered it for the first time in I located this quot file quot in Start All Programs My Toshiba Toshiba Registration When I open it I see Icons that do not seem to fit with the other legit Toshiba icons I will get to the outcome of this in a minute After that window popped up I left it there didn t click anywhere on it I ran a scan with IOBit which detected and removed Trojan Win BHO Registry Key HKEY CLASSES ROOT kt bho KettleBho - I was still not comfortable that either of these issues were taken care of So last night I contacted Microsoft to get assistance with the window and the Trojan At the beginning of the call I could not log into our home network to access the internet He directed me to go Internet Properties Connection click LAN Settings uncheck Automatic Detection settings check Use Proxy server Click OK then to Advanced tab and Reset I was then able to access the network and get the internet The Microsoft representative did his thing with remote access ran a scan which did not detect any viruses spyware or malware but fixed registry issues Then he scanned my notebook again which came up clean He confirmed that my system was free of viruses but I voiced my concern regarding the window He had me work on the system while he watched remotely to see if the incidence would occur again I proceeded to go to Start All Programs My Toshiba and Tosh... Read more
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I wonder if there are any Techheads out there looking for a challenge?

I have a new Toshiba LCD HDTV that I want to use as the primary and only monitor for my Toshiba Satellite laptop.

I want to eliminate the laptops screen altogether.

I would like to know if there exists a connector or some other way to connect my laptops ribbon cable output to a VGA output and then to the HDTV via a VGA cable; or if there is a better way to go?

The screen on this 4year old laptop got cracked so I have to spend at least $75.00 for parts alone and if I go that way I might as well buy another laptop, or use a desktop with a wireless keyboard which will cost more than $100.00 to set up.

Besides, this seems like a kinda cool fix so if anyone has any bright Ideas, please respond.

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Hi, I have a acer aspire laptop, and I asume Acer eSettings Management should be on there.

A:Acer eSettings Management is not on my acer laptop

Hi ... It is the Launch Manager software you are looking ... Can be fond on the Acer Website under applications ...
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Here is a link to a well-written article on obtaining Recovery Discs for your Dell, Hp, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo or Toshiba computer.

I did not write this article which means that follow-up questions or critique should be directed to Ed Botts.

Lost your Windows discs? How to get replacement media, legally | ZDNet

A:Dell, HP, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba Recovery Discs

Thanks for sharing, this article went directly to my bookmarks.

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i recently bought a used toshiba sattelite laptop while out of town - got it back home and found that its password protected, o.s. is windows xp home, how do i get around this ?

A:i recently bought a used toshiba sattelite laptop - help... password protected laptop
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i got a C855D-13N
at first it worked fine but now it keeps telling me to restart because it has some problem.
it shows up on a blue screen with a telling me it
BTW it not like it tell me to restart, it just restarts telling me that's what its doing
usually after restarting, the internet can not find any wireless connection things therefore I have to restart it again.

this is happening more frequently, what is wrong with it :S
please help me out
thanks in advance for any input

ps it kinda hard to say what the exact message says cause
A) it happens randomly
B) the way it goes to 100% is way too quick for me to write it down
sorry :S

A:Toshiba laptop keeps forcing me to restart laptop because of some problem :S

Often it's a driver issue. Since you are also having trouble with the wireless I'll take a stab in the dark and suggest make sure you have the latest wireless driver from Toshiba's web site.
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My Toshiba laptop has a display problem where the colours, links etc dont show right... I've attached screenshots of the same page from my Toshiba and my Thinkpad for reference. Any advice will be much appreciated!

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I have a Toshiba lap top. The my safe feature will not open. it seems I'm missing or not linking up with some files. When I click on the icon it turns blue and nothing happens

A:Toshiba My Safe issue

Welcome to TSF,

I had no idea what My Safe was, so I researched it for you on google and came up with this fix

Hope that helps you as it is an old thread!

kind regards,
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I have a Toshiba satellite s - and am having issues with the power I have looked up on countless forums and have been able to find people with similar issues but not the same Basically the issue is that it will not turn on sometimes and wont show any symptoms of having power Here is what i know about it The issue only comes up when i Satellite Issue Toshiba power off the Toshiba Satellite Issue laptop while it is unplugged None of the power indicators on the front light up however when you look at it in a pitch black room it is VERY faintly blinking indicator for when it is plugged in It turns back on usually after or so hours of messing around with it Pulling plug out and putting it back in Checking connections inside etc I have batteries as well as power adapters chargers trying different combinations of them do not seem to make a difference I have tried the method of unplugging and removing battery and holding the power button for around a minute no results from that method If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated

A:Toshiba Satellite Issue

Have you checked the actual power jack connector? May be worth replacing it, since it's only a $10 part:
DC Power Jack w Cable Harness Toshiba Satellite S855 043 S855 044 S855 S5290P | eBay
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I have toshiba laptot. function keys are not working and adjust brightness option is also not showing in the power section.
then how can I reduce the brightness of my laptop.
please help on this

A:toshiba brightness issue

To get the function keys working you can go to Desktop Assist (Toshiba) > Tools & Utilities > System Settings > Keyboard > Special function mode.
Even if it looks right do an Apply > OK that will probably start the service up again. Or you can reboot.

However you can simply use FN+F to access the functions anyway.

Other ways to the Brightness are Charms Menu > Settings > Brightness (Windows 8.1).
Or Control Panel > Display > Adjust Brightness.

You can go to Toshiba support and download the Function Key utility, and System Settings utility from them.
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Hi Everyone,
as stated in the title, I have a Toshiba Sat M60 running Windows XP Pro sp3 and the onboard gigabit NIC (after many years if faultless service) is now suddenly dropping to 10 mb (but no data seems to transmit after this point) after a initially connecting an 1 gigabit. This is a new occurance, st stated, the NIC was previously stable as a rock until this time.

I have tried to resolve this by updating with the latest drivers after uninstalling the NIC completely but it is still occurring. I have another PC connecting to the switch at a stable gigabit and I have tried swapping cables (two brand new ones tested) with no avail.

Anyone come across this and been able to resolve it?

A:Toshiba Sat M60 Gigabit NIC issue

It might be that the NIC is dying, it sounds like you tried the typical solutions.
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Hello everyone, 
I am having some trouble when I try to install the toshiba driver for the printer I got at work. The printer is a Toshiba e-STUDIO3555C so I downloaded the PCL/PS driver HERE as I got a X64 W8.1.
However whenever I try to install it I got an error during the installation "The Arguments are invalid". 
You can find the installation log attached.
Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Toshiba Driver Issue

I took your printer model number and googled my way to the Toshiba site where there seems to be a 'universal' driver for this printer. To be exact 'Universal driver'. Have you tried this driver ?
I will admit the site is somewhat confusing, and I am not certain that the above is the correct driver, but that is the one clicking on 'colour' and the model number comes up with even though it has the word 'Monochrome' above it.
Might be worth trying.
Chris Cosgrove
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I have a strange problem and I can't find solution on internet. My 2 years old son was watching cartoons on my Laptop, he got excited and start hitting buttons on the keyboard. Some letters and numbers stooped working even arrows sure what to do?

I have restated the laptop took off battery and did so many things What should I do?
please help

Thanks for your help

A:Laptop Keyboard main keys not working on Acer laptop

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

It is not hard to replace the keyboard.

See these search results for pricing and "hot to" videos.
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Apologies if this is posted in the wrong section.

I have a NB22-12W which I believe is no longer made. I attempted to install Windows 10 which seemed to download without any problems.

However after turning off and turning on again, I was faced with a black screen and a message that read: an operating system wasn't found.

Assuming the hard drive is corrupted is it simply

(a) replace the hard drive with a new one and
(b) install a new operating system.?

Any help would be gratefully received
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Hi fellas I'm just trying to downgrade [SOLVED] Please!!! ISSUE!!! HELP Toshiba-Conexant-XP or upgrade my Toshiba L -S to Win XP here's what's going on The chipset Intel Cougar Point HM Sandy bridge Processor Mobile DualCore Intel Core i - M Mhz Audio TROUBLE Conexant CX I successfully instaled Win XP Pro SP with all the drivers hard to find for XP But guess what there was NO sound And NO missing device either Then installed the KB patch Microsoft UAA and it immediately recognised the Audio device when I installed the audio drivers for the Conexant HD the sound is PERFECT But when I restart the system the drivers are all gone excepting for the Microsoft UAA but there is NO unknown driver either So I proceed to unistall the UAA search for changes it recognises [SOLVED] Toshiba-Conexant-XP ISSUE!!! HELP Please!!! the HD Audio missing device again and it's the same story all over again NO Audio NO [SOLVED] Toshiba-Conexant-XP ISSUE!!! HELP Please!!! device NO recognition NO drivers after restart PLEASE I BEG YOU TO HELP ME THIS IS DRIVING ME MAD

A:[SOLVED] Toshiba-Conexant-XP ISSUE!!! HELP Please!!!

Threads merged please do not make multiple threads on the same issue 1 thread is all you need for assistance.
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hey everyone ive been looking for similar problems but found none maybe you guys can help i have a toshiba satellite m and it has no hard drive even if it doesnt have a hard drive it should Toshiba satellite issue huge m40 be able to boot and tell me so my problem is st the laptop screen works sometimes meaning the laptop turns on but the screen is off but other Toshiba satellite m40 huge issue times it turns on fine now when the screen doesnt turn on i found that hitting it makes the screen appear and im not happy about hitting my laptop im just trying to get it to work nd when the screen does work the laptop gets stuck at the motherboard logo screen and does not move from there unless you hit it whats wrong with the dumb thing anybody help oh and like the thing is it does function the screen does turn on and the motherboard logo screen does change but u have to really hit it a few times other wise it freezes or the screen wont turn on ive ran linux off of a live cd on it so i know for a fact im right nbsp

A:Toshiba satellite m40 huge issue

It is time to have the laptop serviced by a qualified technician, or to buy a new laptop. If you are familiar with removing memory or hard drive, you can try reseating them. The video cable from the LCD panel to the motherboard may be pinched or loose
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Hi all, i hope i am posting this in the right place. anyway i just got a toshiba pocket pc 330 and i was wondering if anyone knows how i can use this online. Do i need to purchase any other accessories like a wireless card or bluetooth. any info would be much appreciated. thank you

A:Toshiba pocket pc wireless issue

Fastlane247 said:

Hi all, i hope i am posting this in the right place. anyway i just got a toshiba pocket pc 330 and i was wondering if anyone knows how i can use this online. Do i need to purchase any other accessories like a wireless card or bluetooth. any info would be much appreciated. thank youClick to expand...

to get it on the internet, run ActiveSync (microsoft) and place your device in the cradle (should be supplied) and the activesync on mobile 2003 should say connecting to USB connection'... et viola! if you go to pocket internet explorer you should be able to type in the URL and get onto a website...
if you dont have a cradle, you can get a Wi-Fi CF card and install a Wi-Fi router, but thats gonna cost you quite a bit of money.....

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My house-mate recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A60 laptop machine. It appears to have a bit of an issue booting correctly.
On 60-75% of boot attempts the result is an error meesage indicating the driver for the onboard ATI display adapater could not start correctly and that the system will restart. On this second reboot the system invariably starts normally.
Any ideas on what could be the issue? Does this machine require a BIOS update?.. or perhaps it is an issue brought on by the patching of the preinstalled XP home with service pack2.

Any ideas gratefully recieved

A:Boot issue with Toshiba Satellite A60

Have you guys looked for a video driver update?
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Opened my daughter's laptop this morning and it seems like the LCD has "dissolved" in the left bottom of the screen. There's no identation on the screen or any sign of damage. The liquid crystal just seemed "smeared" or something in the corner. Any thoughts? I'm not a technie so sorry if I don't know all the terminology... I purchased this for her for Christmas at Office Depot so it's only a few months old. Please help! Thanks mucho!

A:Issue with Toshiba Satellite Screen

The LCD screen could have been damaged by placing a heavy object on the top of the closed laptop or by bumping or dropping. It doesn't take much... The LCD panel might be under warranty. Its worth checking into. Otherwise, it is expensive to replace. They cannot be repaired
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Window 7 suddenly crashed recently and since then I have a message stating that my Windows copy is not authentic anymore (I never touched it). I used the regular procedure with cmd/slmgr/rilc and rearm to reinstall the licence but it seems the Windows key is not ok yet.

I lost it because it was on the sticker under the computer, too used to be readable.
What happend and how to recover a normal working machine ?

A:Authentification issue on Toshiba NB300-108

In your posting I?m missing most important info: is preinstalled OS version original one that you got with your notebook (WIN7 STARTER)?

Product key from the sticker cannot be used for OS activation if you use own OS installation. This key belongs to original OS version (recovery image) only.
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A friend has a P Vista Home Premium with DVD P300 issue Toshiba drive a DS A S slimline DVD drive Toshiba P300 DVD drive issue It plays commercial audio CDs just fine but does not recognise DVDs at all By that I mean that when a DVD is Toshiba P300 DVD drive issue put in the drive it does not show up at all - select the drive and the message comes up quot please insert a disc into drive D quot Also when I put a a CD full of MP s that I d burned into Toshiba P300 DVD drive issue the drive quot Properties quot reported that the disc was empty when on my own machine Win Pro it correctly shows as full I also tried a commercially produced MP disc one I bought from Amazon com and it played just fine There are no warnings in Device Manager selecting Driver Update brings up a message that the driver is already up to date I was thinking that perhaps it s not a mechanical issue since it does read and play some discs Any suggestions will be very gratefully received Thanks nbsp

A:Toshiba P300 DVD drive issue

Drive is faulty. Specifically the DVD laser. Time for a new drive.
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First time poster here. My daughter just got a new Ipod and was burning some cd's to a Toshiba Satellite a105-s4504 and she told me the burning was taking way to long. She turned up the volume and the audio was horrible. It sounded like the cd's were horribly scratched and there was skipping and popping noises during playback while ripping. The audio of files already in Itunes is fine, and the cd's themselves play fine on my surround system which leads me to believe something is wrong with my drive or something else.

Does anyone have any ideas based on the info above. I would really appreciate any ideas you might have.


A:Toshiba Audio/Burning Issue

Bump. Can anyone help please, this is driving me crazy.

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Okay so I ll explain what happened from the start I use Steam on my TOSHIBA laptop to play online games with my friends and occasionally my laptop loses connection to the internet which comes on about two seconds later now usually this doesn t effect anything and nothing bad happens however one night when I was using Source Filmmaker on my laptop the Internet dropped its connection for a minuet again I wasn t alarmed because nothing ever happens then the program closed on me as well as Steam I made sure everything wasn t open before I safely restarted the laptop one it booted up I clicked on the program again to open it Steam opened without error and then SFM said it had an disc read error when I tried to open it I simply validated its content files and discovered it had a new update it had to do however during this update it would tell me it was fully downloaded and ready to play yet it d still wth freezing Toshiba up screen Issue be in my downloads and it wouldn t Issue wth Toshiba screen freezing up let me use it then a disc read error would appear I assumed it was steam having a hissy fit on me and restarted it as an administrator Issue wth Toshiba screen freezing up the same issue kept happening I left it for hours before coming back home from town with a steam card to use to buy another game I purchased surgeon simulator which downloaded fine without error which lead me to believe there wasn t any issue with my laptops disc Being I had other games to play and other things to get done I left SFM alone and didn t bother with it Steam allowed me to perfectly play my other games without any error today I decided I d just check if there were any disc errors with my laptop and it came back and told me there was one so I repaired it and let the laptop do its thing and reboot After this however my laptop wouldn t let me do anything on it it was just stuck on the TOSHIBA leading innovation screen and has been for three hours straight can someone please help me with this issue I need my laptop for work and it s really getting on my nerves Note There is NO option to press any of the F keys at all the screen simply is black with TOSHIBA in red and leading innovation in white I am also unaware of how old the laptop is as it was given to me after my step dad decided he didn t want it anymore It runs windows currently since I didn t want windows nbsp
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The mouse, out of nowhere, starts to go to the right or to the left and there is nothing to do to remove it from the place. Sometimes it stops and others doesn't. This problem prevents us from working. It has nothing to do with the mouse (we tried several) or with docking station because it happens without the docking station.
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I just recently notice that the performance on my Toshiba laptop is decreasing.
The other say I decided to play minecraft and noticed it was lagging more than usual. When I tried to play on my friends server I could barely move. I've also noticed the fps drops in games like Cod4 and CSS. I've cleaned out my registry, cleared out some hard drive space, and ran gamebooster but nothing seems to work. Any help would be much appreciated.

Toshiba P755 S5320
Intel Core i3 2.20ghz
Intel HD 3000 graphics
6gb ram
640gb hdd

PS: I tried MC multiplayer on my sister's HP and it ran with no lag issues.

A:Windows 7 Toshiba performance issue

What antivirus/antimalware programs are you running?
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My Toshiba Satellite 1900-303 notebook shuts itself down after a few minutes of running and then won't start up again for another few minutes, and the fan is much quieter than usual. There is no fan setting in the bios menu, and I have set the cooling method in the Toshiba Power Management tool to maximum performance (at the opposite end of the scale to minimum noise.)

Can anyone suggest why this problem is occuring and how to solve it??

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So, the problem started when my dad told me various recharge lights would not come one. Low and behold after opening it up I noticed the Power Pin within the DC housing was not there, in fact it dropped directly into my hand while I was opening it... So after a great deal of experimentation in trying to fix it... I have given up, if I jiggle it for a little while the lights will come on for a second... Please look at diagram for what I believe is accurate~

The connector just behind the housing... is that a ground? my limited knowledge on, on-board circuitry prevents me from repairing this myself.


A:Toshiba Satellite A75-S209 DC Issue

if you can visually seek the break, then you know where it should connect in order to repair it. You need not know the polarity. But I don't recommend repairing this yourself unless you are good with a soldering iron. Take it to a shop.
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I am facing a problem in my toshiba satellite C655D S5126. when i plug in the charger it does not start charging and no light is on. when i remove battery and plug in power light turns on and if i put battery back only it starts charging for this only time next time i have to do the same E.g pull out the battery connect charger and than pull back the battery... please help
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two week ago my father bought this old acer laptop from someone who needed money I just found out that clearing need my father help the bought laptop, an Acer laptop old the PC perfomer installed inside says it has errors and its the at the my father bought an old Acer laptop, need help clearing the laptop ''Mauvais'' stage in french Yes my father bought an old Acer laptop, need help clearing the laptop my laptop is in french The laptop is an Acer laptop who has these stickers on it saying quot Intel Atom Inside quot quot Designated for Microsoft Windows XP quot quot energy star quot On two of the corners of the laptop is imprinted Aspire one What Im looking for is for the laptop to be just as if I just bought it from the store erasing most of the stuff without actually deleting some of the important stuff like Google Chrome Microsoft Word Paint and similar programs I don't own any usb drives except a really small one that is about two gigs or any disc drive thing I dont have much experience in computers nor can have contact with a tech savvy at the moment so please explain to me deeply what to do Also I did not browse the site So I do not know if a topic like this was already made Or if this is a the right place but yea help anyone

A:my father bought an old Acer laptop, need help clearing the laptop

The older Aspire Ones are unlikely to have drivers to let them run on Win 7 and XP's end of life is 04/08/2014. I had two Acer Aspire Ones and both were garbage (as were the Acer desktop, keyboard and mouse I had). Personally, I don't feel it's worth messing with. Hopefully, your father can get his money back.
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Please direct me on where to go. I have a Toshiba Satellite U305 running windows Vista Home with SP2. I am trying to connect my Sprint OverdrivePro hotspot wirelessly and will not connect to internet. Connects to the wireless divice with local only connection but not to the internet. I have assured that the wireless is turned on. This happened to another wireless router (netgear) and was wondering if there is a fix. All my drivers are up to date.


A:Connectivity issue with Toshiba Satellite and OverdrivePro

Might be that your TCP/IP protocol might not be enabled.

With the Sprint OverdrivePro plugged in go to Start type in CMD right click on CMD above select "Run As Administrator"

Type in

Ipconfig /all

post results here.
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Hi Guys I stumbled accross a problem that i can not solve Issue Toshiba Sattelite Windows Vista+XP in a timely manner It all started whne i took my friends laptop in for downgrade He was having issues with vista at the time The laptop will show a quick blue screen and shut down I wiped vista off the Drive by using Wipe Drive and then I laughed the windows xp CD Well it gave me a screen saying quot no hard disk found quot I immediately went to intell and downloaded the SCI RAID DRIVERS I have no floppy so i used a program to extract files from the floppy image and made a slipstream version of XP with nLite I ran Windows XP again and it detected the Hard Drive so I formated to NTFS Fille System I installed XP and everything went well but when Windows started for the first time it got a quick blue screen and went off LOL now i was mad but i kept my cool I decided to return the system back to windows Vista Ofcourse more problems lol After Vista installs and gets to the point were it is quot finalizing the installtion quot It shuts the laptop down and when i turn it on iot Windows Vista+XP Toshiba Sattelite Issue says quot windows can not proceed because your system was shut down unexpectedly durring setup quot Oh boi i was MAD lol but i still kept my cool I booted into command prompt with Vista DVD and Ran quot bootrec exe FixBoot MBR It said Windows Vista+XP Toshiba Sattelite Issue quot Operation successfully Completed Then I ran Format c and it formated teh Drive I restarted and ran Vista OS and the installation process did the same thing So i decided to take a different aproach and ran Chkdsk r and it ran for hour It replaced severall Clusters on the HDD Windows Vista+XP Toshiba Sattelite Issue I said oh boi i had alot of errors I restarted and ran windows installation again and same issue LOL I am using the first VISTA CD Minus SP However since his laptop is a Toshibal A - My last result is to download a Windows Vista OS with SP Intergrated I am currently doing that - - However I am not sure if it will work and it will take a while to Download So if any of you feel that i am missing something that i havnt tried and know how to solve this I will be most greatfull This is beyond my expertise THANKS IN ADVANCE nbsp

A:Windows Vista+XP Toshiba Sattelite Issue

You're going to need Vista drivers for all the on-board components from Toshiba.
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I bought a Toshiba Canvio USB TB Black about a week ago with the intent of using it for static data storage and system backups But the only big issue I'm having with it is that it keeps randomly disconnecting while copying files and even when it's not doing anything at all I'm in the middle of copying a file and BAM disconnect even though my laptop Randomly Issue /W Canvio Disconnecting Ext. Toshiba HDD hasnt moved at all and the cable is firmly plugged into a powered port And it is extremely sensitive to even the slightest movement Examples someone bumped the leg of a table earlier today just a little bit someone else barely placed their hand on the table a few feet away from me disconnect I had an external Western Digital awhile back Issue /W Toshiba Canvio Ext. HDD Randomly Disconnecting it rarely DCed unless the cable was jarred enough to knock it loose a bit from the port Not nearly as sensitive as what I have now I've tried different cables same issue with all of them I've also ran chkdsk on the drive it checked out fine with no bad sectors etc I know that drivers are included in Windows by default and that external HDDs are typically classified as plug and play I have searched the Toshiba website no drivers available I've also tried looking for rd party alternative drivers solutions etc Windows is fully up to date And I just checked my power settings and found something called quot USB Selective Suspend quot which I'm guessing is where Windows puts a drive to sleep after it's idle for a certain period I disabled that setting so that USB devices dont quot sleep quot I'm not sure exactly what it means just an educated guess is all Right now I'm still waiting to see if the issue resurfaces just need a little advice pointers on what might be causing this A last note the drive has partition on it that fills up everything and that partition is encrypted with TrueCrypt so I have to enter my crypto password every time I connect the drive Just figured I'd mention although I doubt that's the culprit My WD drive was encrypted and never had this issue UPDATE I noticed noone has posted by now so I figured I would add a few things In addition to disabling USB Selective Suspend I also opened up Device Management and checked all my installed USB devices After reading up a bit more I found a Power Management tab in the Properties section for each device driver and noticed an entry there called quot Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power quot I disabled it in each case that it was checked Now the drive seems to disconnect less often and doesnt seem to be quite as sensitive to movement But yet it still sometimes DCs even when I havent touched my laptop the drive the cable or the table that it's sitting on And I've also noticed that sometimes the light on the drive goes off after awhile Is this normal Is it an indicator that it might be quot sleeping quot Or maybe this only happens when stuff isnt being copied moved etc I've also read some complaints with others with similar or identical issues to mine and many of them stated they had the Toshiba Canvio drives SeaGate and WD seem to have much higher ratings One post implied that the connector board inside the shell casing which is separate from the drive itself might be bad It's the piece the drive connects to on the inside of the case I also found a HD enclosure shell on Amazon Amazon com StarTech com in SuperSpeed USB SSD SATA Hard Drive Enclosure Computers amp Accessories I'm thinking that maybe if the board is faulty then I can just pop it inside the enclosure and it will work fine It checks out with excellent SMART readings and no bad sectors so now I'm convinced the issue isnt the drive itself But I can never be too sure Well thanks for any help EDIT Well it's been over a day now Noone has anything to say
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I purchased a used Toshiba Satellite 1730. The laptop has an ethernet jack in the back. 700mhz/128MB/ATI Rage Mobility/10GB HD in case your wondering.

All hardware is detected by Windows XP with exception of any kind of NIC.

On Toshiba's website there are Mini-PC LAN drivers (for Windows ME), but the spec's for the laptop do not list any NIC. It does list "accessories" and several different NICs though.

Linux is also oblivious to any NIC.

I updated the BIOS for the shear "fun of it" and possible miracle that it might help. No dice there.

Doubt anyone has any ideas, but hey if you have any experience with older Toshiba laptop's maybe you've had an experience like this.

A:Toshiba Satellite 1730 - Ethernet Issue

Go to and get the free Everest Home Edition.
That should tell you what hardware is in that laptop.
If you open it up, do you see any wires going from NIC-port to mobo, or is it just a dummy-port?
Some models have their active NIC on a docking station. Alternatively, you should be able to get a PCMCIA NIC.

Also check with,Laptop,Network-Interface-(NIC).aspx
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I tried to install the last version of toshiba desktop assist
it says "You need to manually uninstall this component from your computer in order for this updated component to install".
unfortunately I tried to install it without uninstalling the older version and now when I try to uninstall the older version it says "The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it".
I tried to use revo uninstaller and it can't solve the problem and the Microsoft Fix it doesn't support Win10
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Ok, I am fully aware of the black screen of death issue, which I have along with everyone else who didn't pay attention when buying this comp, but this morning I tried to turn it on and I get a blinking battery light, but nothing else. I took out the battery and tired with just the AC Adapter plugged in, no blinking light, nothing. With the adapter unplugged and the battery in, I still get the blinking light. So I figured it had to be the adapter. I went out and bought a new adapter, but no dice. Anyone else have this problem? Know any possible way to fix this or what's causing it?

A:Toshiba Satellite A215 power issue

Bad motherboard... Or broken DC jack. You could try removing the hard drive and see if the notebook posts
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Hi In my street there are several wifi connected properties that use the same provider Myself included My laptop has an issue whereby if it picks up too many of these signals if Toshiba Issue signal with C50-B-13N wireless on Satellite they re in use when I m online I presume I can t get online Connection says limited in the Network sidebar If I un-select connect automatically on the company specific signals mine works again briefly As soon as I select another signal to un-select the previous one defaults to selected and my signal generally goes again Main question then how the heck to do I stop this laptop trying to Issue with wireless signal on Toshiba Satellite C50-B-13N automatically connect to the other signals My connection is not a public one nor are the others I ve looked for an option but I really can t work out where it is Could my TV which has a modem like a TIVO have an effect on it I m using Windows Google Chrome shouldn t make a difference but thought I d mention it The signal for my property is down as the default Thanks for reading hope you can help Andrew nbsp

A:Issue with wireless signal on Toshiba Satellite C50-B-13N

I don't understand. Do you have a unique SSID (name of wireless network)? If you do, and have none of the others set for "connect automatically"there should be no attempt to connect to any other network.

Please attach a screen shot of the Networks page (don't collapse the Radar, Connection or Signal History) of the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector. If you need help with a screen shot see TSG Posting a Screenshot. FWIW to take screen shots with Windows Vista or latter I prefer to use the built-in Snipping Tool.
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Please refer to recent article at:

Title: Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba computers at high risk from installed support-ware

I have an All-in-one Px30t. What is Toshiba going to do to fix the Toshiba Service Station security hole?
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I have a Code 19 error..tried to unistall and reboot and Im still getting a driver error.

A:Toshiba driver issue...Tsst Corp CD Dvd

Hi leannmcd

Try this link:

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
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So I just bought this new laptop with ghz a gb hard drive and gb ram for I have installed all drivers provided by toshiba including the latest bios update According to the online PDF user manual when the battery is charging it s supposed to say solid amber color but mine flickers It flickers very rapidly when the laptop is turned off in regular intervals When it s turned on it flickers about times a minute also at regular intervals On the laptop power options the battery always says but it won t even last one second when you unplug the laptop My question is is it the battery or the port receplicator on the motherboard that s out I was told by another guy that the board was bad if it did long flashes and then short issue battery 9100 Toshiba Tecra but it s not doing that I don t really trust this guy though cuz he was one of those snakey horrible people that are just out to get your money So is it the battery or port receplicator BTW I Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue ve Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue already called Toshiba directly and all they tell Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue me is to send it in to get looked at They arn t allowed to say the answer to this question over the phone nbsp

A:Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue

Doesn't anyone have any ideas?
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hello every one , ( i not so good in english but i will try to explain my probleme )
so i have a toshiba satellite p750-133 , whene i push the start botton it start , LED on , Fan work , but in 5 sec , it shutdown,
what's the problem ,
i checked the bios ( tried the hard reset ) , same problem ,
so please i realy need my pc , i'm programmer and i can't get new one ,

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D and had to run the 5 dvd set recovery disk set. It locked up after disk 3 of 5 on original Hard Drive. Just found out after testing Hard Drive it is knocking. I installed New Sata Hard Drive and was going to try to rerun the Recovery DVD's again. Problem: New Drive is detected. However, my usb and dvd rom now do not work so, I am unable to restore to Original state. Any Ideas?

A:Issue with Restoring Toshiba Satellite L505D

Hi and welcome to TSF have you tried reseting the bios to default and see if it then allows them to be discovered
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Hello I was wondering if issue L505 device - Toshiba Solved: Lan someone can recommend to me how I repair the Lan connection in my Toshiba L Laptop Windows kept shutting down suddenly and my laptop was feeling warmer than usual so i thought the fan needs to be cleaned I went in and I was able to remove the keyboard and lifted the area underneath the keyboard high enough to use an air spray to clean the fan It seemed to work but when I turned on the machine i noticed there Solved: Toshiba L505 - Lan device issue was no internet connection I went into the device manager and there were yellow highlights on all the items related to the Lan and wiredless connections I had the laptop confiqured wirelessly the machine could not detect any wireless connections I also connected the laptop directly with a wired connection and it did not work either I obviously disconnect something or permantely damaged it I was looking for a service manual for the laptop but couldnt not find one online Does anyone know where I can find something that visually shows me where the connections are and what they look like I can try to reconnect this way Many thanks nbsp

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Hi folks First time post long time lurker In a nut shell I have a Toshiba Satellite M running Vista Home Edition Looking at the other threads on the subject here is what I have - Netgear RangeMax Router Wireless Router WPNT connected via cable to main issue Another wireless and Vista Toshiba OS Solved: computer and working fine - Ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Laptop Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Intel R PRO Wireless ABG Network Con nection Physical Address - Solved: Another OS Vista and Toshiba wireless issue -CE- - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Solved: Another OS Vista and Toshiba wireless issue Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek RTL Family PCI Gigabit E thernet NIC NDIS Physical Address - F-B - E-BC-AD DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap E - BF- -BA - FB A br D Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap A D A- C - -AFDA- C A br F F Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description TO Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes - Wireless LAN Hardware and Driver Version Hardware Driver Version Intel R PRO Wireless ABG Network Connection - No exclamations in the device manager and the wifi card shows that it is working okay Any help would be appreciated as I am unsure if it is a Vista issue netgear or most likely me Thanks in advance Seals nbsp

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Hi I m hoping I m posting this at the right place if not please move A week ago my girlfriends laptop started giving an error "ACER" laptop Acer screen. stuck on message on boot saying quot No bootable device press any key quot I tried a number of suggestions I found posted online to similar issues but to no avail I didn t want to completely reset the machine since it was still under warranty so I figured if we just submitted it for repair someone might be able to save more of her files However girlfriend lost the warranty receipt We gave up searching today so I went back in to try and reset it I couldn t access the recovery partition of the hdd and gf didn t make a recovery disc So I decided to try a reset using a recovery drive I made from my own Acer laptop which like hers came with win This seemed to work so I let it do it s thing I checked back on it a while later and it was on but when I checked again it was stuck on the quot ACER quot boot screen It was stuck on there for a couple of hours not responding to any key input When I restarted it by holding power button to turn it off first it again got stuck on the Acer screen If I m quick enough I can get into BIOS during boot but not once it s stuck on the acer screen Do you have any ideas what I can do try to get this thing working again Specs Acer Aspire e - Windows HDD Toshiba MQ ABD nbsp

A:Acer laptop stuck on "ACER" screen.

Unless your laptop is the same model as you girlfriend's - or at least from the same laptop series - your recovery disk won't work, mainly because it will try to install the wrong drivers.

I think your best bet is to try to get it fixed under warranty. You may not need the receipt, you can check the laptop's warranty status here :-
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hi all,

im not an avid touch screen user ... i use it scarcely when needed or when the mouse battery dies in the middle of my work and i have to continue with the screen.

when i first bought my PC it was win8 and all worked fine... until yesterday and after about 2-3 months since i upgraded to win10, i realized the touch screen isn't working!!!!

i looked up the forum for any leads on this issues and i saw a lot are complaining about function keys being un-usable after the win10 upgrade. however i dont have that problem. only the screen got the touch element rendered un-usable.
probably, during win10 upgrade the system decided to disable this feature so no accidental touch on the screen could interrupt the upgrade process...

if anyone is aware of this problem and how to fix it ... i would truly be thankful.


A:Toshiba PX30t upgrade to Win 10 - HID touch screen issue

Originally Posted by Dhowayan

hi all,

im not an avid touch screen user ... i use it scarcely when needed or when the mouse battery dies in the middle of my work and i have to continue with the screen.

when i first bought my PC it was win8 and all worked fine... until yesterday and after about 2-3 months since i upgraded to win10, i realized the touch screen isn't working!!!!

i looked up the forum for any leads on this issues and i saw a lot are complaining about function keys being un-usable after the win10 upgrade. however i dont have that problem. only the screen got the touch element rendered un-usable.
probably, during win10 upgrade the system decided to disable this feature so no accidental touch on the screen could interrupt the upgrade process...

if anyone is aware of this problem and how to fix it ... i would truly be thankful.


so here's the deal, i went to twitter and got in touch with Toshiba USA,..
to make a long story short, he wasnt able to help me "but at least he tried"

i need the win10 64bit touch screen drivers

here is my conversation on twitter:
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I have a power up issue with my Toshiba Satellite A505-S6033. About a month ago my laptop suddenly shutoff and is showing no power incoming/charging. When I try removing the charger and plug and holdong down the power button it ends up not doing anything andiI've tried for about 5 mins. It does however light up for a split second when I remove the battery and plug the adapter in; it makes the power led flicker red and out again. I'm thinking it was just fried/motherboard dead but since its lighting up I'm hoping that's not the case.

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Hi I am trying to install Windows ultimate on my Toshiba Portege M and having issues It is currently running Windows XP tablet Raid Portege M400 issue Toshiba driver edition I start the installation and I first Go online to get the latest updates for installation I click custom installation not upgrade It ask me where I want to install windows and Toshiba Portege M400 Raid driver issue my Disk drive DISK PARTITION TABLET-OS C shows up I try to click on it and can t click next There is a message at the bottom that I click on that Toshiba Portege M400 Raid driver issue states quot Windows cannot be installed to this disk Windows needs the driver for device Toshiba RAID Click load driver and load the required device driver I click Toshiba Portege M400 Raid driver issue load driver and browse to driver that I have downloaded drivers I have downloaded util hdd protection util raid virtual device driver raid TC B EXE I get the message quot no device driver were found Make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers and the click ok I can t get passed this point I have downloaded every driver on Toshiba s website that has to do with HDD or raid drivers It looks like all the device drivers that I am downloading are exe files and not the actually driver I have called Toshiba and the are useless Please help THANKS BOBBY nbsp

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I'm a complete novice i'm afraid so bear with me...
The Toshiba Service Station told me to update Toshiba Display Utility. The comments said I'd have to manually uninstall this component in order to for the updated component to install. So I uninstalled this item but then the updated version was no longer there for me to install.
How do I get this back? Step by step guidance please.....
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My Toshiba laptop was working fine with the AC adapter plugged in the battery was on it s last breath and would not charge at all so I always had to keep it plugged it I had to move so I unplugged the laptop did not shut down After the move I tried turning it on and it would not The AC Led light is on so it s not the adapter The Battery light is amber and flickering it wasn t flickering before When I press the power button to power up the laptop - the Power and the CD DVD Led lights go on but not the HD light And the screen stays blank I hear no sounds seems the adapter issue in Toshiba AC power with pluged Satellite HD is completely dormant There are a few files on the HD that I absolutely have to have I m not too concerned with getting the laptop to be operational I just need to get those files and the laptop can be recycled Any ideas How to get it to power up at least once Toshiba Satellite power issue with AC adapter pluged in so I could copy the files nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite power issue with AC adapter pluged in

Try taking the battery out of the laptop and powering the laptop on (with the AC adapter plugged in obviously). Another option for recovering the files would be to get an adapter to connect the laptop drive to a usb port on another pc.

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Dear friends,

this is my first writing in this forum. I am not sure, that this part is the correct place for this thread.

Since one week i have big problems to download drivers from the Toshiba support servers. Maybe the real problem is depend of some locally situarion. The connection is sometimes down for up to 20 seconds. And because the Toshiba or R-Kom servers don?t accept more then one tcp-connection, the download is stopped.

This experience i have it with Chrome, Firefox and Free Download Manager. It is always the same.

Have you some ideas?

many greetings, willi
St. Elena de Uairen, Venezuela
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hey there, my a210/a215 toshiba all of a sudden starts up and goes to a screen that says
"system update: step 3:configuration 0% of 0% loading.. do not shut off computer"
then it shuts off and starts doing that again.
oh and the screen that is appears on is blue if that helps..

is there something i can do to stop this?

Thank You!

A:A210/a215 Toshiba, system configuration issue

Can you do a system restore?
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Ok I have done a ton of research online about what could be wrong with my laptop But I cant find anything about my situation When I plug the charger in I get a blue charge light on and it stays on I dont have a battery so I cant tell you if it will charge But to my knowledge I dont even need a battery to turn on the laptop I can use AC When I hit the power button the power light next to the charge light turns on for - seconds and then shuts off I can do this over and over till I am blue in the face By the way when i hit the power button nothing happens inside the laptop at all No sound or movement Now i have tried to hold the power button with out it being plugged in for secs to mins and still the same routine I reseated the memory and also taken out the hard drive and DVD drive Still nothing Can someone help S6337 Toshiba Satellite Power Issue. P205 me to troubleshoot this machine PS does the fingerprint reader have anything Toshiba Satellite P205 S6337 Power Issue. to do with it not turning on nbsp

A:Toshiba Satellite P205 S6337 Power Issue.

the fingerprint reader is for after post so not to actually turn it on
running off ac all the time may have knackered the connectrion where the power goes to mobo and also your cmos will be suffering also do you not get anything at all on the screen not even for a second?
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Hello all,

Here is my issue. I have a Toshiba Satellite 6100 that needs a new CMOS "RTC" battery. At the same time, the hard drive will not boot into windows. I can get as far as the screen that asks if I would like to boot into safe mode, or start windows normally. After I select one the computer is freezes.

Now, I have tried to install two "working" hard drives with no luck. I keep getting a IDE #0 error during the POST. I know both of these drives are working as I have tested them in different laptops.

I have set all of the BIOS settings to default after installing each drive.

The only thing I can think of is that the CMOS battery is playing a part in this.

Anyone have any input.


A:Toshiba Satellite 6100 hard drive issue

since your CMOS needs replacing, the BIOS is resetting and forgetting your hard drive bootup. replace the battery. Then reseat the drive and reset bios to what it should be. You should not have issues after that.
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My Toshiba sound/video seems to be on it's way out. All i get is crackling and video quality is slow and choppy. This has happened in the past but magically restores to good quality for no apparent reason. At start up sometimes the computer sounds like a Harley revving it's engine. The headphone jack gets the same crackling so I was thinking it isn't just the speakers.
Do i need a new motherboard?
I can still surf web and perform basic functions with it, just no sound/video.
Any help is appreciated.