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Dell Inspiron 3437 Battery Issue

Q: Dell Inspiron 3437 Battery Issue

My Dell has been acting up pretty recently (6 months old and still under warranty), and the battery does not charge past 80%. Once it get's near the 80% charge, it immediately fills up to 100%.

I've remembered using the laptop for more than 6 hours under moderate use but now it barely lasts 2 hours.

Please give me some advice because I'm really dependent on this laptop.

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Preferred Solution: Dell Inspiron 3437 Battery Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dell Inspiron 3437 Battery Issue

You have 6 or 8 cells battery. If 6 it's normall. Should work about 2-max 3 hours when new. On 8 cells could work till 5 h.
Producers give only 6 months of warranty on bateries
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Hi Guys,

I would like to seek help regarding my laptop (Dell Inspiron 3437). I oftenly encounter a very slow start up/booting and also there are times that shutting it down takes too long also as if it is not responding, which will result to forced shutting it. I need help in this.

Thanks you very much.

A:Dell Inspiron 3437- Startup and shutdown problem

Which Windows and how much free space do you have?
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I have been using my Inspiron for several years with no problems Just recently I had to leave an application running when I went to bed The computer was on battery power and at some point must have died In the morning when I plugged the adapter in it came on with the battery status lamp giving groups of orange flashes ie flashes - pause - flashes etc The battery would not recharge The computer still worked fine from the adapter I searched the internet and could not find a matching circumstance nor reason for this failure So I purchased a new -cell battery The new battery works fine though I don t think the life is as good as the old one was when new However I have a new problem I now tend to use the computer on battery until it is low and then recharge it I got this method from an internet search that it is better for overall battery life So this is the sequence of events I use the computer for a session until the battery icon on the screen is on its last third I then plug in the charger The computer may still be on or I might switch it off In either case when I return later the status light is continuously flashing orange If I now switch on the computer the battery icon indicates full charge If I remove the adapter wait a few seconds and then plug it in again the issue 1300 Inspiron Dell battery status light blinks green once every seconds or so Any ideas of what is going on Dave nbsp
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hey guys! im back again with another issue. My dell laptop (the one u guys recently helped me reformat) is having a battery issue, im supposed to have a 1 hour and 30 minute battery life when fully charged but it only gives me 10 minutes when fully charged. id love to have full battery power but i dont have the money for a new one. f you guys can help me get my full battery that would be great thanks guys!

A:dell inspiron 5100 battery issue

Hi Mo, unfortunately laptop batteries are like that. I have to plug my laptop in for the same reason. Battery is shot, and I don't have the money to replace it LOL. Once they start to go you just have to replace them. Now if it were me I would look for a replacement on E-Bay. I have replaced a couple of mother boards that way and it has saved me a bundle. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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Dear Sir,
I have upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 its running smooth after a USB install  I have all the necessary system drivers installed and everything is running perfectly, but the issue is wifi not working and still on airplane mode wifi buttons fn and every thing i check but wifi not working and still no response from pressing wifi button and the second issue is the battery when its plug the power it charging but when i open my laptop next  day its totally drain and no power on if untill i plug the charger to on it.
Kindly help out me regarding the above issues.
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Hi All,

Recently a friend of mine dropped off her Dell Inspiron M101z netbook (3months old).. The dang thing doesn't want to turn on for some reason. I've tested the ac adapter with my MM and it's getting a clean 19v.. I also tested the adapter in a similar laptop and it worked fine. I did that with and without the battery, and for some strange reason when I push the power button two times fast with the battery inserted, the power LED blinks once. When I try this with the ac adapter plugged in, the LED doesn't blink... What do you peeps think?

Thanks All
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Dear Sir,
I have upgrade my laptop to Windows 10 its running smooth after a USB install  I have all the necessary system drivers installed and everything is running perfectly, but the issue is wifi not working and still on airplane mode wifi buttons fn and every thing i check but wifi not working and still no response from pressing wifi button and the second issue is the battery when its plug the power it charging but when i open my laptop next  day its totally drain and no power on if untill i plug the charger to on it.
Kindly help out me regarding the above issues.
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Over the last 2 days I have been having a problem as indicated in the title of this post. The fault has rectified itself 3 times, but again today, it is back to "battery plugged in, not charging." As I am running the laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium; 32 bit) on the adapter without problems, I assume that the adapter itself may not be faulty.
I also have a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop running Windows 7.  Can I safely use that adapter with the Vista laptop, without causing damage to the Vista ?  If it is safe to do so, and the battery on the Vista starts charging, then it would indicate that the Vista adapter/charger has some kind of fault.
Hoping someone can give me some guidance. Thanks.

A:Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop. Battery plugged in not charging. Can I use adapter from a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop ?

If the adapter has the same plug and the same or higher power rating, you can swap them.
Check to see whether the 1545 recognizes the AC adapter or whether it shows unknown (F2 at powerup).  If it shows unknown with two different adapters, you have a bad power jack or a bad mainboard.
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Can someone help me with this problem So I just received 3315 15 Status at Inspiron Stuck 0% Charging, Battery Dell Idle? Battery my brand new Dell Inspiron and the battery is not charging It says it s quot Plugged In Charging quot but it never goes up and stays at At first Dell Inspiron 15 3315 Battery Stuck at 0% Charging, Battery Status Idle? I thought I just need to plug it in for several hours but it s been hours now and still the battery stays at nbsp I tried running the BIOS Diagnostics just to see if there are problems and there s none The battery status says everything is running normally and the Battery State says it s Idle I tried draining the flea power several times removing and reattaching the battery but to no avail I m getting really frustrated and I m really close to throwing this laptop back to Dell nbsp I read somewhere that I have to update the BIOS but it won t update unless the battery is charged at least Someone also suggested that Windows is causing the problem I haven t even started using this laptop and it s already giving me a ton of problems nbsp Any help would be much appreciated Thanks guys
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My Dell laptop will charge and operate for several hours off a new 6000 MAh battery but the icon in the tray inidcates that it is always on line power. Although both the CD and floppy drive work when installed in a bay the system not indicate that they are present. I have updated the bios from Dell but that does not help. Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Dell Inspiron 3500 charges and runs on battery but cannot find battery or bay devices

Still under warranty, isn't it? Call Dell for a repair trip.
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In a recent visit with my sister, I noticed she did not have a battery installed in her Inspiron 600m laptop. After I demonstrated the advantages of having battery power available at times, we ordered a battery from which arrived a few days later.

Installed the battery, left it to charges overnight and had the same indications as was present with an older battery. Control Panel/Power Options/Power Meter Tab indicates "No battery Preasent" ????

The battery LED flashes Red-Red-Green ??? the computer definately does NOT operate on battery power.

Any ideas out there????


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Hi, i have an Inspiron 15 7559. Last week my battery  was damaged and can't use it anymore, since then I have low fps while gaming (gta v, witcher 3, etc.), I've read there is a kind of throttling when there is no battery, maybe the turbo boost is not being enabled.
Is there a way I can make the laptop work again like before, I can't buy a new battery yet because I live in Peru and is hard to find this battery model.
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Does the Inspiron 3252 has any internal battery that can't allow to carry on in commercial flights?

A:Battery in Dell Inspiron 3252?

Hi Rafito,
Thanks for writing to us.
Inspiron 3252 desktops have only a CMOS battery inside.
Do let us know if you have any other queries.
Provide us your system tag#, name and  email via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message for records purpose.
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have not used battery in about eight months. charged it, took to library for wifi, computer guy there worked on it to get it to take the wifi, ok. got home, plugged it in and about hour later used it and the area of computer near the battery was hotter than i ever felt. took out battery and heat gone. library guy said nothing about a hot sensation. (computer is not one on list of exploding batteries!)

upgraded from 512kb to 2gb memory. could that cause it to be hotter? and just curious but not enough to start a new thread: would the memory upgrade have anything to do with the difficulty in getting wifi to work? perfect last summer but today no detectable wifi until the library guru worked his magic.

thanks for your help.

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I replaced my existing battery which only had a lifetime of just over a year with a new battery but I cant get it to charge beyond 57% any ideas

A:dell inspiron 6400 battery lap top

new adapter?? is a good source.
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Have an older DELL 4100 with a new battery. New battery because the "old" one would cause the machine to "lock-up". Only way to fix this was to remove battery from bay and run on plug-power. Sort of defeats the Notebook PC thing. New battery does the same thing in the battery bay, but 4100s can take the battery in either bay. When I do this, the machine runs but the mouse is "herky-jerky... basically unusable.

What up?
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Hello guys,

My Dell Inspiron 1525 battery died 4 days ago. I am going to buy a new one. If I buy it from Dell it will cost me about $150, but if I buy it from Amazon it will be $50. So do you recommend me to buy it from Amazon, and if I buy it from there is it going to affect my system or the motherboard of the system.

Please help as soon as you can

Thanks alot,, Salam Alshaikh

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Is there a way to use a latitude battery in a inspiron. The batteries are the same ratings. I have 3 latitude batteries that I would like to use in a Inspiron.
I put the batteries in but they will not charge.

A:Dell Latitude battery in Inspiron

Go here:

Be a detective - check out your model comp and see if the same battery fits it as the Latitude the batteries were for originally.
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would someone share the download link for the battery meter app for Dell inspiron 15 3521 win 8.1?i cant find it on driver downloads :( battery meter app that disables charging when battery is full.
thank you in advance.
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My dell inspiron 1520 says no battery detected . and i also noticed that the fan is not working.the problem happened just 4 days ago.when my laptop was totally dischharged 2 times in a row.Then first it didnt charge more than 40%.then increases a little bit to 43%.and today when i was using it on battery power and it showed warning that 11 min left i shut it down .when i restarted with AC power critical battery charge led was blinking and showing only 29% charged and charging. but the charge remained 29%.and now it is showing no battery detected.if i disconnect the AC charger the laptop immediately turns off. My laptop is abt 18 months old but never gave any problem before. i opened the battery and again reattached it .but nothing warranty was 1 year. . can someone tell me what to do??

edit: i have noticed that bios is loading very slowly sometimes at startup now.

A:Dell Inspiron 1520 says no battery detected


sounds like the battery has failed, 18 months isnt bad in the world of laptops.
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I have a brand new dell inspiron laptop which was delivered yesterday. First day worked fine. Have woken up this morning and the ac adapter is not charging the battery. I did a diagnostic boot and when scanning the battery the error message read:
I have no idea what has caused this fault and how to get it fixed. Please help, ive had this laptop less than 48 hours.
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I just bought a new Dell Inspiron a month ago The first week it was amazing with no problems at all nbsp Then when I was working on it left it plugged in and left is for a while then came back to it after hour or so I noticed that the battery was discharging nbsp Did not mind it until it went to quot plugged in charging quot and it shut off completely nbsp I tried to turn it on several times and it did Problems Inspiron Battery 15 I Dell 7559 or think So not turn on nbsp Called Dell service center and advised to remove the battery I cannot remove the battery completely because of the screw type but managed to remove the cables nbsp I turn it back on and it worked again But after a few days the probem kept recurring nbsp Its going like quot plugged in charging quot but it is not charging Or quot hour minutes to full charge quot but after an hour it will be quot hour minutes to full charge quot I mean what gives nbsp Have done Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Battery Problems or So I think all that was advised in the internet but not hing is working nbsp I have done restart task manager uninstall Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Battery Problems or So I think API and all that but the problem is recurring BIOS was updated recently also So is it hardware of software nbsp Please help for anymore ideas Its brand new it rocks when it is working but I dont have the patience to kept on checking for hte battery status It is Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Battery Problems or So I think getting annoying also nbsp Thank you nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Battery Problems or So I think

Are you using an original Dell OEM Adapter? When you plug in the adapter to the system, does the adapter stay firm or does it fall off easily? Is the adapter frayed? Is there any damage on the system? Could you test with another power adapter if possible? 
Restart the system and press f2 key to enter BIOS - check the adapter status in BIOS with and without the adapter plugged in. Also, wiggle the adapter cable at the end and see if the status changes in BIOS at any point. Check the battery health in BIOS (if applicable).
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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I recently bought a new battery, thinking my old one which was a refurbished battery just packed up as it was on the way out. When i put new battery in the power meter reads 52%. The battery is not charging however! When the power plug is pulled out the battery light does not come on! The battery is a brand new 9cell, so im sure it is not the battery. I suspect this is why refurbished battery died, or has it? Any thoughts suggestions would be appreciated as im not so savvy at the tech stuff!
The computer has been running abit slower recently after upgrading memory 3 months ago to 2gb, so wondering if its caught something! I have avast protection. Cheers for ya help!

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I have a Dell Inspiron 4000 laptop. I suddenly started getting a message that my previously fully charged battery was not and was dangerously low. Unclear if the problem was battery or machine or both, I substitued a charged battery from my aunt's Inspiron 2500 (compatible) and put the dubious battery in her unit to charge. next morning the old battery was still not charged, the fresh one did not work in my laptop, and when returned to her laptop now read 14% and charging (apparently discharged in my laptop overnight).
I don't want to buy a new battery if the problem is the laptop. how do I figure out the source of the problem & the solution?

A:dell inspiron 4000 battery problem

Sounds like your AC/charge cord has seen better days...either that or the pin connector for AC on the lappy is bent damaged.
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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop that is about 3 years old. Recently, the battery will only charge to 35%. It then will stop charging though it remains plugged in. I have tried letting the battery die completely and recharging it. Again, it will charge, but only to 35%. Is this indicative of the battery being old?

A:Battery in old Dell Inspiron won't charge past 35%


See this link:
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Hi All

Im running Windows Vista. The original battery wouldnt hold charge and could only use while AC adaptor was plugged in. Since then I bought a non original replacement battery and the system does not recognise it. I have tried closing the UAC and downloading the BIOS off Dell Support but for some reason the battery is still not charging and the battery indicator flashes from red to green.... On start up it displays that it does not recognise the battery and to continue have to hit the f1 key. I have also tried reseating the battery but to no avail. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Ok, I wanna see if I get a different answer. My laptop is about a year old and when I went to turn it on yesterday morning it wouldn't turn on without the powerpack plugged in. So I plugged it in and it worked. But the battery light is blinking non-stop(orange warning light). I took out the battery and put it back in and nothing changed. I pushed the battery life button on the bottom of the battery itself and there are 5 lights but only the 1st,middle, and last light, lights up and blinks. What is the problem? Is it a dead battery?

A:Dell Inspiron 9300 Battery question

sills18 said:

Ok, I wanna see if I get a different answer. My laptop is about a year old and when I went to turn it on yesterday morning it wouldn't turn on without the powerpack plugged in. So I plugged it in and it worked. But the battery light is blinking non-stop(orange warning light). I took out the battery and put it back in and nothing changed. I pushed the battery life button on the bottom of the battery itself and there are 5 lights but only the 1st,middle, and last light, lights up and blinks. What is the problem? Is it a dead battery?Click to expand...


I am guessing that there are some bad cells in the battery, If its a year old try ringing Dell direct and ask them, it may still be a warrantied item.

However if you bought it second hand then Dell wont deal with it and your only course is to buy a new battery.

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I bought a new battery for my Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. It is a 9 cell battery (supposedly) and it charges fine....shows 99% charged and 5 hours usage on power meter when fully charged. It works great for about 3 hours usage and then just shut down (no warnings shown). When I put onto mains power, it shows it is 28% charged and has around 1 and a half hours usage left but will not "use this last bit of power". It will not operate computer at this until i recharge it again and it seems fine again until the same thing happens. Any ideas on actions?

A:Dell inspiron 6000 Battery Problem

Even though the battery is new you might have a bad battery. not charging fully or at least showing there is charge left but in reality isnt might be a sign for you to go and get a replacement. also make sure you are using name brands and not a knock off ...ex. Dell needs an actual certified Dell battery ...not a dell compatible...although these compatibles are cheaper they cause the problems such as you are describing.
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I have a Dell inspiron 5521 and it's 8 months old. Today when I opened it this message appeared : "Your battery has experienced permanent failure and needs to be replaced. I can open the notebook when ac is on but the red led of battery is blinking and the battery can not be charged. Also in bios i get the same message about battery. Is this really a permanent failure ? It's just 8 monts old. What can I do ? 
I burrow with my friend to check the battery when i replace the battery it works is that battery suddenly death ?
I have updated the Bios also
Also I diagnostics

A:Dell Inspiron 5521 Battery not Working

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please boot into BIOS <F2> and check on the status of the battery listed.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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I installed a new battery on my Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop. The computer was on most of the day. After it had been shut down the battery light flashed constantly. The same thing happened the next day. Is there something else I should be doing? Surely it doesn't take that long for the new battery to charge?

I have Win7, FF, MSE and Malwarebytes. I also run Word 7.
Can anyone advise me please?

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Hi there, my sister has a Dell Inspiron (3521), which she bought brand new about 2 years ago. About 3 months ago her battery stopped working, as soon as the power adapter came out, or was unplugged, the laptop would instantly shut off. She bought a new battery but had the same problem.
She took it to one of those computer repair shops and was charged lmost 200 and it's the same now as when she put it in.

When I switch it on I get a warning saying: Warning: The battery cannot be identified. The system will be unable to charge this battery.

The battery is the same as the one that was in it when she bought it, so I doubt that that is the problem.

Could it be a driver problem or something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello I have had my dell inspiron e for about years now I have gone through two batteries but won't battery Dell Inspiron e1505 charge actually currently have the original battery back in my computer because it lasted longer than the replacement However my computer will no longer charge the battery My friend has the exact same computer so I Dell Inspiron e1505 won't charge battery have done a few tests For help in communication here is some Dell Inspiron e1505 won't charge battery annotation My computer computer Dell Inspiron e1505 won't charge battery A Power cord A Battery A Friend computer B Power cord B Battery B I put my battery A in her computer B and her computer B charged my battery A with her power cord B but not with my power cord A I tried to use her power cord B on my computer A but my battery A still would not charge I put her battery B into my computer A but it would not charge with EITHER power cord A or B So I think I have come to a conclusion that something is broke inside my computer Is there something on the motherboard that chatges that battery Or could it possibly be something easier to fix I am a student studying abroad in Rome right now and computer parts aren t really readily available PLEASE help Carrie nbsp

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Does anyone know where I can find a manual showing how to open a Dell Inspiron 4150 and replace the CMOS battery? And - I see batteries sold without the battery connector. Is the original connector reusable? Is it soldered to the battery leads?

A:Dell Inspiron 4150 CMOS battery

Try this link:
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I have a Dell and can say I have left it on for long periods of time, sometimes until the power is drained and it shuts down. Recently I have noticed the power slowing down as I have fully charged it multiple times. It used to max out at 2 hours but has slowly made it's way to 20 minutes. I also found myself recentlyangling the AC cord in the back to keep a steady charge. The cord became harder to connect over time as well. Before you know it my CPU was dead but my AC power cord remained green. Is there a chance my battery is dead and needs replaced or I need a better AC pwer cord Connection. Or could it be something worse?

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 battery power

The DC Jack (where you plug in the AC adapter) may be broken inside the laptop. The battery may also be worn out
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right guys hi again

new problem for you this time

ive recently had the iamfamous.dll virus on my laptop and it had deleted many files including startup files

i got my dad to fix it and now it is working fine

im not that good with computers but do have some knowledge in them.

i am using a dell inspiron 1300 and in the bottom right corner where the date and time is, there should be a battery icon telling me how much i have left, this isnt there and is replaced by an 'on ac power' icon. even when i unplug the charger the icon remains there.

i desperately need the battery icon again and don't know what to do, i am running xp professional and have been through the control panel and power options and cant find a solution.

if anyone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction please post


A:Dell Inspiron 1300 battery problem

You might be able to handle it yourself by going to the Dell support site, entering your Service Tag number, then downloading and installing the latest BIOS, and all of the drivers, one at a time. You will not need all of the downloads as some are for other configurations, but the computer will decide what it needs. One of those downloads will likely fix the problem you report.
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After a year, my DELL INSPIRON 600m battery does not charge. The battery indicator flashes red. I found out that my battery is one of the product recalled so I purchased new one from Dell. I got it last week, installed it but I still had the same problem. My laptop still run with AC so I don't think there's a problem with the charger.Can somebody help me with my problem?

A:DELL INSPIRON 600m battery won't charge

My name is Rick and I work with Todd who posted above. Sounds like the part of the motherboard that connects to the battery may be bad. If the system is working on AC power but not battery, and you are using a new battery. Most likely your motherboard will need to be replaced. You can check to see if your system is still covered by putting the service tag here:
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So my laptop's low battery light keeps flashing orange even when I have plugged in. Is there something I can do to stop it from flashing? I've never had a problem with this before. If you can help...GREAT!!! THanks in advance.

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 low battery indicator

The battery is reached its expected life, you need to replace it.

If its under warranty call Dell and ask to have it replaced. You could remove it and use the wall power that way you wont see alight flashing....
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Hi i have a Dell Inspiron 1100 that i use as a secondary computer. Just recently i formatted the hard drive and re-installed windows. It was fine for a while, and it still is, but recently the battery light flashes as if it is ultra low... Green, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, green. It only is supposed to do this if it is really low battery. i can't even tell if it is charging cause that light sequence never stops. your help is appreciated!

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 battery lights...

oh by the way the battery is fine... i have a cheap 4000 mAh battery that will last about an hour.
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Hi Gang,

This might be a stupid question but does the cmos battery imbedded in the mobo of my Inspiron 7500 as stressed out by Dell Tech support?

I have stripped it down to pc card heat sink attached to mobo attached to bottom casing and I still couldn't find any exposed battery that I could pull out and replace.

Thanks in advance!

A:Dell Inspiron 7500 cmos battery

many CMOS batteries in laptops are hard connected. You need it professionally replaced.
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My laptop won't power on. When I press the power button the yellow power light flashes for a second & then nothing. Someone told me that it might be the CMOS battery since I've never replaced it. If any knows I would like to know where it is located & what exactly is involved with replacing it. I have removed every screw on the bottom but can only open halfway. I don't know what is preventing it to open. Hope someone can help. If it sounds like a serious problem then it might not be worth fixing. Thanx

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Well my girlfriend has a Dell inspiron e1505 and she told me that she has been having a major problem with it for awhile. Her battery will a lot of the time refuse to charge, meaning right when she unplugs it, it shuts off. However, sometimes it will charge, but when it does this it last for an hour and half. But most of the times it does not do this. She has told me she looked up the problem and many people experience this problem and that even if you buy a new battery it still will happen. She has yet to ever replace her battery and i know she has had it for more then a year now. But before i go out and buy a battery for her what do you guys think could be wrong with it?

A:Dell Inspiron e1505 battery life

The battery !
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Hey all I have someones laptop that I cannot seem to get working Heres the scenario When Dell 5000 Inspiron problem a Battery with plugged into the wall the computer works fine and the battery shows that it is charging and is at If I unplug it the computer will not boot up at all even with the battery saying its fully charged in windows Battery problem with a Dell Inspiron 5000 AND the LED indecator on the battery itself saying that it is full Now I read that some of these batteries have been recalled due to a defect so im wondering A Give me some suggestions on what I can do to get the battery working or B Try to get the battery replaced by dell via the recall I Battery problem with a Dell Inspiron 5000 checked the number on the battery and it qualifies for the recall so this may be my whole problem Clicky here for the link for recall Anyways hope to hear from someone im off to work so I ll check this tonight have a good day nbsp

A:Battery problem with a Dell Inspiron 5000

If your battery qualifies for the recall, DO IT!!!! And if the battery is displaying 99% when plugged in, and not moving up to 100% after 5-10 mins, then there is definately something wrong with the battery. You may want to run the battery calibration utility, which may reset that, but I would still go through with the recall and get a brand new battery....
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The battery charging light is flashing orange and green which according to the helpfile means that 'the battery is too hot to start charging'. I have switched the machine off for half an hour - it is definitely cold, but this light continues to flash and the battery will not charge. The laptop is about 8 months old and battery use has been fairly light.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


A:Dell Inspiron Laptop - battery not charging.

it sounds like a defective battery. if the laptop is only about 8 months old then it should still be under warranty. you should contact dell about the problem and get a replacement battery.
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Well while running Dell's maintenance software it showed that my battery was failing hmm. I have never used the laptop w/o it being plugged into the Ac charger and when used probably under a hour a day. It was new in 2013.

Does anyone know how Dell determines how the status of a battery is? Perhaps its just how old the battery is? I doubt that Dell's software actually has a Volt/Amp load tested built into the laptop??

With that all said if I do have to buy a battery who would handle the best bang for the buck? I see that the prices are all over the place ;-)
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My Dell Inspiron 6000 wont run on it's battery. The battery says it's charged, and 100%. The battery charge indicator on the battery is 100%. I've checked the power cord and it will run the laptop without the battery connected. However when the A/C power is disconnected and the laptop jumps to battery power, it immediately dies. I've checked and updated the BIOS, and everything checks out...any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi All
I have a Inspiron Ultrabook 14z which was giving me a battery backup of 5+Hrs about 2 weeks back. I did not use the laptop for 2 weeks and today the laptop is not turning on. When I plugged in the adapter and tried there is a black screen with an error "The battery has permanently failed..." The system is just out of warranty but it is hardly used for 100 hrs.
Dell service center said they would need about INR 1.5k to look into the matter. INR 7k to replace the battery and if things did not work, then another INR 14k to replace the motherboard and see if it helps.
Anyone has a smarter idea? Please help me out.

A:Dell Inspiron Ultrabook 14z Battery Error

Good day, Thanks for writing to us.
The battery removal in the machine is a little complicated. 
When you get the message The battery has permanently failed, does it gives you an option to press f1 or f2 ?? If yes press f1 to continue boot up. 
Do you have another adapter to try?
When the machine stays blank , are you able to toggle caps or num lock (do they respond?). 
Also you can try power up the machine with 1 memory at a time (if there are two), to rule out memory issues. 
If you wish to try remove the battery , you can watch this video for instructions .. 

Please bear in mind , any damages during the battery removal process Dell will not be responsible. Its at your discretion to remove the battery and power on the machine without it. 
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I have to date had no problems with this laptop but this problem is trying my patience I normally have the laptop plugged into full power via socket so its rare I use it by battery alone However last week battery did run out and i recharged it and it has been operating absolutley fine However the battery light will not stop flashing amber times then a green flash which holds for a couple seconds It will continue flashing like this all the time I have it on and plugged into the mains or whether I use it via battery power only It will still be flashing for a few minutes once I have shut the laptop down completely also I can not find anything helpful on the web so I really really need your help before I end up throwing it out a window Software and security is all up-to-date and there are no other issues with it - please help Thank you SG nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 Battery light problems

The light should stay solid green until the battery starts to run out then it flashes amber, from what you say it sounds as though one of the cells is faulty and as such isnt charging fully.

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Hi Need some help, I have an inspiron 5100 that I bought couple of year ago. few month back I noticed that the machine is not charging the battery when the laptop is on. as sson as I shut down and turn off teh laptop, teh charger stats working on the battery. So I don't beleive it is a battery problem but rather a charger one, I'm wondering if someone know if it is a software related and how to fix it.


A:Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery Charger not working

Check very carefully for full contact from the charger points, and the best way to clean them is with a pencil eraser, followed by denatured alcohol and a queue tip. The contacts do become weak or bent, which can cause the problem.
There is no software that affects that model, but there is a chip in the battery that counts the number of full charges. Onces it reaches that magic number, it stops further charging even though good otherwise. This is to prevent fire and other damage as the battery ages.
Otherwise, you need someone with experience using a soldering iron, to replace a couple of doohickies inside the case.
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Hi everyone
i recently purchased DELL N5010 INSPIRON, but now it give one problem. It is not run without AC power. and when i point the battery through mouse it show
"17% available (Plugged in, Not Charging).
and battry light flashing 4 times with orange light after a second. It is the bug or any hardware problem, becuase the bettery may be only 2 month old.
I search on the web, but found fake solution which is not applying to solve it.
If any one have a solution then i appreciated it before solving this one.
Thanks and Appreciated in Advace.
Haq Nawaz

A:Dell N5010 inspiron Battery (plugged in , not charging)

I had the same problem with my dell inspiron 5010. The problem is most likely with the connector on the back of the laptop. There are 3 type of connectors, +19.5v, ground and sense.
I resolved it by bending the pins towards outside leaving the center pin (sense) free.
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I have a Dell Inspiron which for the last days will not start using the power adapter It adapter Inspiron but with battery, not Dell starts 1100 with will start and works fine with a charged battery However my battery is now out of charge If I take the battery out and try Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter and start the machine all three lights go on at the front but Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter then immediately everything goes off I think with machine switched off and power supply plugged in it is charging the battery but the ac power adapter makes a wierd clicking ticking noise so I m not keen to leave it on charging too long My Dell Inspiron s warranty ran out in Dell were very pleased to tell me this and tried to sell me an adapter for However I m not sure that replacing the adapter will fix it The green led is on and as above it appears to be charging the battery AND all lights light up for a split second at least so some power is getting through I have read other posts with similar issues but can t find exactly the same issue Any help ideas would be greatly Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter appreciated nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 1100 starts with battery, but not with adapter

It is possible that the motherboard has developed problems, but you must try another AC adapter first. An AC Adapter is much cheaper than a motherboard
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The battery light on my Dell Inspiron 6000 is flashing orange/green in a pattern (orange-orange-orange/green). It is a fast-fast-fast/slow flashing. What does it mean. It also says my battery has 69% charge and is charging, but the percentage does not increase. Time for a new battery?

A:Dell Inspiron 6000 battery light is flashing

The battery status light means the battery is too Hot to charge, let it cool overnight, then try charging, if it does it again, then the battery needs replaced.

Page 64 of this PDF

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First things first, Dell Inspiron 1501 NOT 1505. Ok? Now, this computer is pretty used, and long lived somewhat at 3 years, one battery. Last year, it completely accpeted no charge. I am on it, using AC power. I wouldn't mind AC power too much, but the power cord providing AC power, is sooooo mucked up. (will it stay in long enough to post this message???) I COULD buy a new battery (100$!!?!?), yet my dad has no job ATM. Any suggestions? PLEASE!

A:Battery problems, not charging Dell Inspiron 1501

If the Charger is in bad shape, dell sells the factory replacement charger for $59. here
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Hey, folks. Love any suggestions on this one: My boss has a two year old (appx.) Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. It seems to run fine plugged into the wall when the battery is removed. However, when I insert the battery and plug into the wall the charger gets fried after a few days. Two new chargers and a new surge strip (thought that might have been the issue) later, still same issue. Checked the parts number for recalled batteries and his removable battery is not one of the listed models.


A:Dell Inspiron 8600 frying battery chargers

You need to get that Inspiron 8600 to the hospital. This is a known problem which Dell should still take care of...
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Bar code
Made in china
DP/N 0U150P
kindly help as its an urgent case

A:I want to know if the battery i bought for dell inspiron n5010 is orginal or not

Hi Jokervirus1
Thanks for writing to us. 
All Dell batteries serial number start with either CN or KR .
We have checked the serial number you provided and its a Genuine Dell battery part. 
Nothing to worry.
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Hi, I have several problems with my laptop. It began when it sometimes stuck on first logo. I did recovery but it didn't help. So I tried to flash new bios A13(I had A06) from windows. After restart I could see only black screen. After unsuccessfull trying of everything I disconnected CMOS battery to reset bios and since this act I get 5 beeps at startup even if I changed battery for new one. I finally boot to windows but: Bios stayed unchanged(A06) and my battery is now on 0%, it says charging but it doesn't charge. I did DELL diagnostic tests from boot menu with 100% success. In these tests battery show 1%. I tried to flash bios again(from DOS, v. A08) and the same result, black screen at first (for long time)and after boot BIOS stayed the same - A06. Thank you for any help or advice. Martin

A:DELL Inspiron 14Z 5423 - 5 beeps, battery 1%, cannot flash bios

Hi Maca76,
I’d advise that you load defaults in the BIOS. Please follow the steps mentioned below to load the BIOS to defaults to check if then you are able to update the BIOS to A08 version on the system.

Reboot the computer.
When prompted during POST, press the <F2> key to enter the setup screen.
On the System Setup screen, press the <F9> key.
Press the <Enter> key on Yes to Load Optimized Defaults and restart the computer.

Also, Check if the AC adapter is detected under AC adapter type in BIOS.
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Last week it became apparent that the battery in my Dell Inspiron was not charging The battery light flashes yellow intermittently while the computer is plugged in both while it is on and while it is Battery Dell Issues Inspiron 6000 Charging/BIOS off and flashes orange if I unplug the AC Adapter Here is what I ve done Checked the Dell Inspiron 6000 Battery Charging/BIOS Issues Dell Quickset Battery Metter -- all the fields total battery charge primary and secondary were grayed out Checked my Power Management settings It s set to activate a low battery quot text only quot alarm at and to go into hybernation at the critical battery charge of Checked the Power Meter -- The total power remaining is quot Unknown quot Under the batteries available it says quot not present quot Pressed the status button on the battery -- all lights lit up Ran Dell Diagnostic Express Test -- got the quot Error Code F C - IDE device failed Blank media or no media is present in optical drive quot Ran Dell Diagnostic Symptom Tree and chose the symptom quot System will not run off battery quot -- All tests passed Ran the Dell Diagnostic Custom Test for the battery and the sensors -- All tests passed Downloaded the Inspiron BIOSFlash A and tried to run it -- Got the message quot AC Adapter and battery must be plugged in before the system BIOS can be flashed quot over and over again I have removed the battery replaced it etc I don t want to buy another battery if it s not necessary And I don t want to buy another battery and then still have this problem Any ideas nbsp

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So recently, after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (I think), I turn off my Dell Inspiron 15-5547 at night fully charged, only to find it drained by the morning.  Yes, I turn it completely off, not to sleep or hibernate.  Fast Boot is disabled.  When I turn it back on in the morning, the screen displays the "Battery Critically Low" error message and the battery indicator is orange, which means it is low.
The battery life itself is fine.  Lasts at least 2-3 hours while working on the laptop.  Even my 10 year old laptop with a 30 minute battery can last for weeks without being turned on.  So the battery couldn't have gone bad.
Samsung EVO 500 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, Intel i5 4th Gen Processor, Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Any suggestions?

A:Dell Inspiron 15-5547 is draining the battery overnight while powered off?

How old is the system and battery?
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My uncle sent me a Dell Inspiron 600M for my birthday last year to do my junk work, but my DELL INSPIRON 600m battery does not charge. The battery indicator flashes red. But it still works with AC Power when i take it off the indicator start flashing red.PLEASE HELP

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My colleague decided to replace the battery for his Inspiron so I helped him by visiting Dell s replacement it compatible was says a Inspiron it but not 5420 for does!) Ordered battery (Dell website inputting the service tag and let it find all compatible batteries http accessories us dell com sna genselector aspx c us amp amp cs amp amp l en amp amp manufact amp amp s bsd amp amp stype amp amp DGC IR amp amp CID amp amp LID amp amp ck mn amp amp redirect I found that there s a high-capacity battery Type NHXVW WHr so he chose Ordered a replacement battery for Inspiron 5420 but it was not compatible (Dell says it does!) to go with this one He ordered it from local distributor it came with Dell s documents and stuff Ordered a replacement battery for Inspiron 5420 but it was not compatible (Dell says it does!) so we re pretty sure it s genuine https accessories dell com sna productdetail aspx c us amp cs amp l en amp sku - We installed the battery it fits but it did not snapped in like the standard battery But the problem is the laptop lid could barely open It got stuck after opening for nbsp a few centimeters the extra battery I don t know how to call it was blocking the way While we are waiting for our distributor to get back to us we want to inform everyone not to believe Dell s website The battery can be installed but it s not possible to open the lid
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i am using Dell Inspiron N5110. I am using the dell original battery and charger. when battery is fully charged. Just after 2 minutes it shows replace battery. it decreases very fast. when it reached up to 3-5 minutes remaining. but actually it last almost an hour. but it keep saying 3 percent remaining or 5 percent remaining, is it battery issue or i should need to update bios.
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I have had my Dell laptop for almost two years now I battery Power cord Dell charging not - 1545 Inspiron replaced the battery before the warranty expired year The battery was working fine but I was starting to have to jerry-rig the angle of the power cord in the socket to charge the battery I purchased a knock-off AC adapter replacement Dell Inspiron 1545 - Power cord not charging battery I started getting error messages almost immediately when booting up that cord might not be compatible with the laptop As it was working I didn t worry about it The power light start flashing in a particular pattern then which it has been doing for months three fast orange flashes and one long white flash Historically a white light has meant quot charged quot and an orange light has meant low power The AC adapter became increasingly less efficient in charging the battery until it ceased to charge it at all I purchased the Dell AC adapter recommended for the newest version of my laptop model There was no noticeable change I understand from Dell that the problem may have been that I purchased a W adapter compatible with newer versions of this model but that I should have purchased a W adapter as my laptop is older I returned that adapter to Dell Dell Inspiron 1545 - Power cord not charging battery and then purchased a re-furbished Dell W AC adapter through Amazon Again no noticeable change The battery is taking absolutely no charge from these cords As I remove the power cord from the socket the computer instantly shuts down When I hover over the battery icon it says the battery is charged and that it is not charging When I right click and select the Battery Meter it says that my quot battery is performing normally quot but it lists the battery status as quot idle quot If I had to guess I would say this is a problem with the communication between the power cord and the battery I m concerned that I messed that up irrevocably with my continued use of the knock-off power cord I would appreciate any thoughts as to how I can improve the situation Thank you nbsp

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Well the charger is plugged in but it says not charging This has happened twice I would have thought bad battery or bad charger except luckily the first time it occured right after buying a new hard drive I did a hard reset on the plugged the for my worked Battery charging...(found Dell not fix that in, Inspiron battery and that worked Now it has happened again I tried the regular battery reset but that did not work I tried uninstalling device and reinstall did not work either Oddly what did work Battery plugged in, not charging...(found the fix that worked for my Dell Inspiron was the following I had Battery plugged in, not charging...(found the fix that worked for my Dell Inspiron about battery left I unplugged the power cord from both laptop and wall outlet I removed the batter Computer went dead I wiped the battery connectors with a clean cloth several times I put the batter back in and turned the laptop on with battery only I plugged power cord into side of laptop then into wall outlet Immediately the laptop began charging again nbsp I am not sure why this worked Maybe some techy out there may know When I tried the battery reset I turned the computer off before taking out the battery Then took it out Plugged in laptop with power cord and powered it Then shut down and placed battery in I turned back on but nothing It may have to do with having the laptop already on when taking out the battery or placing back the power cord or could just be the wiping the battery with cloth

A:Battery plugged in, not charging...(found the fix that worked for my Dell Inspiron

Hi thelights007,
Please share the system model and the operating system installed. The error 'plugged in not charging' can be caused due to various reasons such as faulty adapter or faulty charging board.
You may try below mentioned steps which may help in fixing the issue. Steps to perform Flea Power are:

Power off the system. 
Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer.
Disconnect the AC Adapter and remove the battery from it.
Press and hold the power button for 20 to 30 seconds to release the residual charge from the laptop.
Reconnect the battery and the AC Adapter.
Once the system is powered on and booted properly, re-seat the battery. Check if you still get the error or not.
Boot the system to BIOS, tapping the F2 key on the Dell logo screen when you power on the system.
Press F9 key to load BIOS defaults. Once done, press F10 key to save and exit. System will restart. Check if the error is still there.
Try and wiggle the AC Adapter cable and check if that makes a difference.

If it still doesn't work, parts replacement may be required.
Hope this helps. Please share the findings.
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I have purchased Inspiron AMD 3000 series from Amazon. From beginning battery drain out within 2 hours after full charge.
Kindly solve the issue.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series AMD battery drain out quickly

If you're actively using the system for that period of time (i.e., continuously working and/or viewing videos, etc.) that's probably all you'll ever see from a very low-end system with a CPU that's not particuarly power efficient.
If you lower the screen brightness and slow the CPU, you may be able to eke out another hour -- but 2-3 hours from a low-end system like this is about all you can reasonably expect.
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I have a Dell E1405 Inspiron laptop with a 100% battery charge. The issue is that the computer will not function without the adapter plugged in, rendering the battery as dead-weight. In the boot menu, the battery is showing as "Idle: 100% charged". However, Battery health is telling me "This battery can no longer provide sufficient power to your system and needs to be replaced'. So, I'm wondering, is my battery bad or is my PC not synchronized with the battery?

A:Dell Inspiron E1405 will not function on Battery Power, only AC Adapter

Could be a faulty battery or more likely it might be the jack thats gone faulty its quite a well known fault if the computer is getting on a bit, the contacts inside the jack tend to stick ....
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Every since windows 10 upgrade i have been having issues with my audio. When i start a video for the first time i will hear crackling and poping noise then it will catch up after i pause the video and play again.  Then the audio slowly goes out of sync.  At first i thought that were my speakers, but it was happening over headphones as well.  I tried the latest version of driver along with switching to the windows 10 generic audio drivers.  Anyone else having issues with this?
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Hello everyone My son brought over his Inspiron he said it was quot dead quot I tore it down and found a loose DC power board I put it back together and it booted right up Yay He brings it back weeks later saying the battery won t charge It runs perfectly using the AC adapter but only with the battery removed So I began testing I removed the battery and plugged in the AC adapter It booted right up into XP I then inserted the battery and the laptop changed from adapter power to battery power this should not happen The battery low indicator came on since the battery charge was low 8100 issue Inspiron battery plus charging and it was not getting charged from the adapter Inspiron 8100 battery charging issue plus I removed the battery laptop is still plugged into the wall and the laptop shuts down this should also not happen I press the power button and it boots back into windows under the power of the AC adapter Here is what I do know Just weeks ago the battery held a charge for hours I replaced the AC adapter and I know it works Putting a battery into the system forces it to use Battery power instead of using AC adapter power Inspiron 8100 battery charging issue plus and charging the battery as it should I have a pretty good idea what the problem is but I don t want to lead anyones thinking so I won t say yet Here is your chance to shine What do you guys think the problem is Thanks in advance nbsp

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I've recently started receiving 'Battery not present' message on my Inspiron 3543. The device works completely fine at times without any issue but then suddenly would start displaying this message. What strikes me is that even as it displays this message, the laptop continues to be in a working condition, except the blinking X mark on the battery bar and the blinking LED at front. Shouldn't the laptop shut down all by itself if it fails to detect a battery? While displaying this message, the laptop also fails to take any charge from the adapter but as soon as this message is gone, the charging process begins without me having to do anything. Is there a solution to this problem?

A:Battery not present issue on Inspiron 3543

If the system is in warranty, call Dell for warranty repair.
If it's out of warranty:
Unplug the system, remove or disconnect the battery and hold the power button for 30 sec.
Is the AC adapter recognized?  F2 at powerup to check. If it's not,  try a new OEM Dell adapter.  If that doesn't get the adapter recognized, replace the DC power jack in the system.  That should get the adapter recognized.  If not, replace the mainboard.
If the AC adapter IS recognized, next step:  replace the battery with a new one.
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I bought of these laptops with Win installed and opened them both at Staples yesterday to upgrade to Win One just does the -times beep and won t boot The other upgraded easily - by the Staples tech beeps while booting indicates a possible dead CMOS battery as per the Dell website How do I replace the CMOS battery It looks like it s under the keyboard and soldered to a wire nbsp There s a youtube video nbsp https www bing com videos search q dell laptop inspiron replace cmos battery amp amp view detail amp mid A F BE A E EDC A F BE A E EDC amp FORM VRDGAR nbsp that makes the replacement look easy my Inspiron is different The battery is not under behind that on-the-bottom removable panel Other people have posted about this problem but there are no solutions posted Dell do Dell 15 times: Inspiron 5 beeping I 3541 replace battery? CMOS keeps How won t help me as I can t find the receipt They claim the unit shipped in late so its beyond any warranty period anyway Yes - they were unopened boxes until yesterday Any suggestions
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any help or explanation to a symptom like this ?
pushed power button then over night, the battery is completely drained, also no boot, repeatable.
shutdown the machine but no goes into sleep mode, the battery is safe without overnight drained issue, but still some leakage about 10% overnight. The battery report generation mechanism has wrong ? or really the PC hardware fault ? or Win10 bug ?!

A:win10 battery drained so fast unexpectedly, Dell Inspiron 15-5559

Turn off Fast Startup. Under Windows 10, your computer does not totally shut down with Fast Startup on. It can actually be running processes when you think it is "shut down". If you leave it off AC power for any length of time, it can drain your battery. With Fast Startup off, your computer will boot slightly slower, but it should not make a big difference.
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Recently bought a new Inspiron 3541 everytime I boot the laptop makes high pitched series of 5 beep as long as the bios loads. I have replaced the CMOS battery twice and I still get the same effect. If there is a solution please tell me, if none I'll be happy to call it defective.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 3541 keeps beeping 5 times, CMOS battery replaced at least twice.

Hi Insporonist,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Disconnect AC adapter & Notebook Battery and then remove the CMOS, start the laptop once only with the adapter and check if the beeps are observed.
Please update the BIOS to the latest version available on Dell Support site.
Please private message us the service tag of the system.
Kindest Regards,
DELL-Akshatha M
Social Media and Community Professional
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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and the battery life as what it is saying usually reaches about to hours depending on usage Suddenly this (not detecting BIOS) Weird Dell on Battery Inspiron 3542 15 Behavior evening while working on some codes I noticed that the LED light at the front right edge side Dell Inspiron 15 3542 Weird Battery Behavior (not detecting on BIOS) is blinking white and red When I plugged out the AC power the laptop nbsp went dead At restart the BIOS program or whatever it is called is saying that my battery has experienced a permanent failure Dell Inspiron 15 3542 Weird Battery Behavior (not detecting on BIOS) nbsp and needs to be replaced and seems not to be detecting the battery at all But on Windows the battery is being detected I even managed to run a powercfg batteryreport on it and it is said to be working fine The OS is also reporting battery OK no quot the battery needs replacement quot or any problems are being reported Even the DELL diagnostics found no problems on my battery nbsp My BIOS is now on the latest one and the DELL utility is already refusing to re-flash the bios
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I recently experienced a permanent battery failure on my Dell Inspiron 5548 laptop, and it can now only work while plugged in. The advice I found after perusing online would be to update BIOS. I've gone to Dell Support, had the site detect my Service TAG, and downloaded the manual BIOS update file(s). However, when I try to click on the new program, it brings me to this thing called "Insyde", which A.) asks for an ID and version and B.) won't work at all anyways since it says my battery needs to be at at least 10% for BIOS to be flashed. Now, I can't charge my computer at all since the battery is fried, since I'm basically running on electricity.
Not only am I unsure if a BIOS update will even fix my battery failure issue, but I can't even test it.
My Version: 10.0.14393 Build 14393
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I am on a Dell Inspiron and when I boot the system most of the time I get an error before the BIOS loads that reads as follows quot The Device in the system modular bay cannot be identified It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem Please read and complete the following steps Press the device completely and firmly into the bay Press the ESC-key -- wait issue issue/boot-up bay Dell modular Inspiron for the system to power Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue down Press the power button to retry detecting the device quot My BIOS version was just recently updated as I Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue ran into the problem to BIOS Revision A I Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue called Dell Technical Support and the support told me to remove the optical drive and reinsert it I did as told I booted the system up and before the BIOS loads bam error once again The technical support didn t even know what to do The support said that I may have a failing mobo Now how would one go about seeing if their mobo was failing I d really love to check this before actually going to purchase another mobo Hell purchasing a brand new computer or building my own considering I am sick of Dell s erroneous electronics nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue

You should first try a second hard drive with a full install. That usually fixes the problems with the 1100, 1150, 5100m, 5150, and 5160 which all seem to have the same problems.
Remember that this optical drive is fragile, and has a history of failure. New models are available with DVD RW that are quite reliable, on eBay. They range from $72 to $85 to $89 to $95. If you are good with tools, you can get the generic one, then revise the hardware to make everything fit just fine.
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my laptop battery light is flashing orange. I'm running Windows10.
I checked the battery health meter and the battery is 100% charged and the meter indicates that it is functioning normally. The laptop is only a few months old.

I saw another post that suggested rebooting the laptop with the cable unplugged. I'going to try that next.
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I Dell Processor battery unless hot disconnect sink I 3137, Inspiron heat 11 stays have Dell Inspiron 11 3137, Processor heat sink stays hot unless I disconnect battery a Dell Inspiron that has served me well up to this point nbsp Upgrade to Windows went well no prior issues Recently and possibly after some driver updates I noticed the laptop was having problems waking from sleep mode nbsp I usually leave it plugged in overnight with sleep mode nbsp In the morning it would not wake opening the lid and or pressing the power button nbsp The only option was holding the power button for about seconds and then pressing it again and it would normally restart nbsp That was when I noticed something I have never seen before on any laptop I have ever had nbsp I decided not to use sleep mode and turned the computer off completely nbsp To my surprise the computer stayed warm on the bottom but not by the battery nbsp It was up higher by the processor nbsp I removed the AC adapter power and waited for it to cool but it did not nbsp An hour later the computer was still hot on the bottom near the processor nbsp I removed the bottom cover and sure enough the copper heat sink from the fan to the processor was very hot with the computer turned off for over an hour and the AC adapter removed nbsp I disconnected the battery and of course the copper heat sink clipped to the top of the processor then cooled almost immediately I did some research and doing a battery pull is one of the suggested reset guides for a number of problems with this laptop so I gave it another try nbsp Things worked okay for about two days then it happened again just now nbsp I had to remove the battery connector to stop what must be power going to the main processor with the laptop turned off and causing both battery drain and the heat sink to get hotter than I would like to leave the laptop unattended nbsp Obviously I would never put it into a case or my backpack under these circumstances I have tried resetting the BIOS to the default setting and testing the AC adapter voltage is good nbsp Drivers are all correct and current nbsp Note nbsp the battery itself does not get hot and shows as being good nbsp Only the processor or more accurately the heat sink over the processor gets and stays hot while the computer is turned off Any ideas nbsp Thanks Art Penrose
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Just bought this model a month ago. At first, I thought there isn't any LED Indicator in this model for charging/ HDD activity modulation but later when I saw the guide, I noticed an indicator just below the touchpad. But, the catch is that it isn't glowing at all. Even while charging, I tried the hotkey combination (Fn + H) to toggle that light but to no avail. Any idea as to how to activate this light?
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Hey everyone! Hopefully someone can help me. I've been having this problem for maybe 2 months now where my laptop would shutdown randomly and give me a real time clock error. I googled around and found that replacing the cmos battery would fix the problem. I tried it out but still i am getting this problem. Any ideas?

A:Dell Inspiron 17 7737 - Still getting real time clock error after replacing cmos battery

If the system is in warranty, call Dell for replacement of the reserve battery.
If it's out of warranty, try replacing the battery yourself (it's a CR-2032 button cell).  Manual is linked below.  If that doesn't solve the problem, the clock chip has failed and the mainboard will need to be replaced.
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So i'm having a bit issues with my inspiron 530 desktop. My computer has been working fine until I decided to switch my current power supply. I got the other power supply from my other pc which I do not use anymore. After plugging cables in my pc turned on by itself and then turned off after a split second. After that it didn't turn on. I switched back to my other power supply which was working fine. My results was that my pc turns on itself when the power cord is plugged into the wall. Now there is no display shown but everything was working fine before. Also, the power button does not work either after. Im not sure if everything is plugged in properly. Can anyone show me the inside of their inspiron 530? Please help!

A:Dell Inspiron 530 issue

Hi itsmetri,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Is there any other activity on the system like fan spinning or hard drive been read?
Do you have another monitor to try?
please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information
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Hi all,
My new (3 months old) Dell Inspiron laptop is having a pretty bad time. Until Sunday, I'd never had any problems with it, not one crash, freeze, not one thing. Now, everytime I start it up, give it 2-3 minutes, and it will BSOD with a stop 0x00000050 error.

I hadn't installed any new drivers, software or hardware on the Saturday, so am unsure as to the cause of the error. I can't run any checks, as the computer will BSOD, and cannot restore the computer, as again the computer will BSOD, even in safe mode.

I've backed up all my documents to CD's, but am reluctant to re-install Windows.

Here are the mini-dump files. Hoping someone can interpret them and help me out!

Any help would be fantastic!

Thanks, Tom.

A:Dell Inspiron - BSOD Issue

All 18 minidumps are the same:
Could be a memory or hard drive problem. The laptop should ave some recovery or hard drive/ memory checks built-in
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I got a dell Inspiron 6400, when I turn it on it's turning off immediately after the bios loads..

Sometimes it loads to the windows and if I try to load a CD it just turns off or if I try to boot with a CD it turns off, also I managed to do a diagnostic test and got the DST Fail error code: 1000-0146

You have any idea what the problem could be?


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I have an Inspiron 1525, and I recently updated to Windows 7 x64 from Vista. Obviously I have to update the drivers, and I am having trouble getting the trackpad to work. Well... it works, but I dont have editable settings for it. I want to disable the touch to click feature, but my mouse settings do now have a "Dell Trackpad" option. Where is the driver to download this option? Or is there some other way I am missing?

Thanks so much.

A:Dell Inspiron Touchpad Issue


Welcome to Seven Forums

Have a look at this SF Thread - Touchpad Driver for Dell Inspiron 1525

Hope things work out and regards
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I opened my new Inspiron 7559 today, after updating all the drivers including the NVIDIA one, so I installed league of legends, upon playing the first game, I noticed my FPS was around 130 and would cap around there, I found this odd as the laptop I had returned before this was an older model by Dell and it ran the game completely fine at 215 FPS another thing I noticed is the game would freeze randomly, overall it feels like my laptop isn't keeping up even though it has really good specs, what is the possible issue?
EDIT: Last night the game completely froze and I had to manually turn off my laptop and back on again.

A:Possible GPU issue on Dell Inspiron 15 7559

I have the same problem with my Inspiron 15 7559 playing The Division. Game hangs with fans at full speed and laptop won't turn off even when holding down the power button for more than 10 seconds. How do I manually turn off the laptop? It's still running as i type...
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Hello Dell support team,Jimco,
I am facing some problems with Audio in my Dell inspiron 5559 only after updating to Windows 10 AU. Audio is not working after turning ON pc. But It will work fine after restarting PC.So every day I have to restart my PC before doing any work in it.Drivers are up to date(Realtek) and installed Dell update utility too. I tried audio trouble shooter from control panel also but its just doing nothing.Could you please suggest me any  possible ways to rectify it.
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Dell Inspiron Laptop issue I bought this laptop in the month of December and I Dell Inspiron Issue 15 5547 have warranty up to December Last week I noticed a damage at the right side corner of the laptop just below LAN port Its just because of a screw There Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Issue was no screw and I din t noticed it till last week Yesterday when I called customer service they said like they will not cover it under warranty and we have to pay for it in-order to get it repaired I explained them it was nbsp damaged because there was no screw When I went through forums for this laptop in dell support website every post is regarding this issue I don t know what to do If I get this laptop repaired what if this same issue arise again They will not give any warranty for this This is not a physical damage This is just mistake by the DELL nbsp Why does DELL doesn t care about their customers nbsp As we purchased DELL products do we have to face this nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5547 Issue

Hi samrat2252,
Thanks for posting.
From what you are posting, the damage does sound like normal wear and tear, and not something that would be covered by warranty.  I'd be interested in looking into this further, so please contact me privately and send your information.  Thanks.
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A few months ago I began to have a problem where the laptop would not power on When plugged in the charging light is present When the power button is pressed the lights will turn on but right after all except the first light and charging light if plugged up will go off then a second or two later the first will turn off and there will be a clicking sound followed by the laptop turning back off The screen is at no point responsive and the DVD compartment will not open There are no beeps 15R Inspiron issue startup Dell the only sound other than the single click on the right side of the laptop is the fan as the laptop attempts to start up I m hoping to be able to resolve the problem on my own to prevent the eminent crying and depression of buying a new laptop Only joking but I do hope to be able to fix my laptop as it always works well and laptops are expensive
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Hello! I have a issue on my laptop anyone know this issue please help!
My dell Dell Inspiron n5050 having a issue when i press power on button it shows the dell icon and loading win8 also displayed but after that display blank screen with beep sound,I ran dell diagnostics, and it stopped with this error code:
** Hard drive 0 - dst short test** Test results : fail Error code 2000-01 42 Validation 14321 Msg: hard drive 0 - s/n S2W1BA6Z, self text unsuccessful. Status = 7

A:Dell Inspiron n5050 issue

Answered here
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i m trying a new touch interface on my new Dell Inspiron Duo because the Stage Interface was just awefull the only thing that worked on hardware issue duo inspiron dell the dell stage interface was starting automatically when swiveling the screen im now using the Thinix Touch interface but im unable to start it automatically when swiveling the screen i already called Dell and hours later dell inspiron duo hardware issue i was exactly where i started now know there must be a possibility to use the hardware magnetometer that detects the swiveling but there is no visible setting dell inspiron duo hardware issue to do so i ve tried to contact the developers of the Dell Stage Interface but i cant find out who made the software Dell wont tell me and they tell me they probably can find out but for solving my problem they would have to charge me bucks no way in hell am i paying for something like this so i m trying to figure this one out for myself no luck so far so i would like to ask you all for help so if anyone has any idea i would dell inspiron duo hardware issue be forever gratefull BTW this is the only thing bothering me about the Duo so far its the best machine i ve ever had not counting my custom rig at home of course

A:dell inspiron duo hardware issue

Janno, you have my sympathy.Unfortunately, I know nothing about the touch interface, But I do know a lot about Dell. I have had my issues with them as well. They are the reason I built my current rig. My Dell runs pretty well as long as I stay away from Dell tech support. The last ratings I saw said Dell had the best tech support. If that's true I feel sorry for the others. But, sorry I can't help you.
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Hi all I bought a Dell L X laptop off eBay around months ago Its worked fine till now with no issues or problems I recently had the quot Plugged in not charging quot issue with the battery it was fixed with a charger off eBay that wasn t Dell made I ve since ordered a new original Dell charger off issue Dell battery L322X Amazon it worked fine for around - weeks However the battery has since reduced its capacity on what seems like a weekly basis First it stopped charging at and kept on going down by around - a week It would charge up to and then stop and say it would take - hours to fully charge the battery Even when left overnight on charge it wouldn t go any higher then It now stops at but when I hover over the battery icon it displays the quot Plugged in charging quot message I ve Dell L322X battery issue used the Dell detection program and it says there s no fault with the battery so I m not sure what the issue is here Do you think its a battery issue and I need a new one That s what the local computer shop suspected Dell L322X battery issue was wrong but I ve read that it may be a software issue with Windows and was wondering whether anyone knows anything that could help me here I m a student so need the full capacity without having to charge it every few hours Thanks

A:Dell L322X battery issue

Thank you for writing to us!
We would like to inform you that the system ( L322x ) is an end of life system and the issue describe confirms the system battery is at fault or failing. Since this is a sealed system and end of life we would not be able to tell you if we would be able to source the battery to offer any service,however private message the service tag and email address.
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First time poster In searching for an Battery Replacement Issue Non-Dell answer I discovered this website I ordered non-OEM Dell batteries for cost savings from Non-Dell Replacement Battery Issue two different on-line suppliers and the batteries appear to be non-compatible with my Dell D The batteries were put through a complete charge and discharge cycle - Non-Dell Replacement Battery Issue times to ensure proper operation Also they were removed and re-installed several time to Non-Dell Replacement Battery Issue ensure they were seated properly They hold a two hour charge when using the laptop to surf the internet which is said to be normal discharge time In both purchases the supplier sent a replacement battery and when the second battery acted in the same fashion a refund So this has nothing to do with the seller My issue is that when the battery is charged overnight or - hours my laptop s charging illumination light continues to blink GREEN every six seconds and never ceases IMHO this indicates the computer continues to trickle a charge to the battery I have not found anyone to tell me otherwise Is this a proper assessment on my part If the light continues to blink is this a concern for the charger on the motherboard or for the AC adapter The original Dell battery does not have this issue nor does the battery I borrowed from a friend If is this is a non-issue I would like to pass this information on to others and re-order a non-OEM battery Thank you for any and all responses L nbsp

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The combination of keys Alt + PrtScr in not working to capture active window screen in Windows 10.
I have tried Fn + Alt + PrtScr/ Alt + S/....; reset bios default; update bios; install Windows 8.1 again and Windows 10 again but I still can't capture it.
The PrtScr key to capture whole screen is ok.
I have tried a new Dell 5999 but still get that issue.