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Office 2013 (64bit) downgraded to Office 2010 (32bit)

Q: Office 2013 (64bit) downgraded to Office 2010 (32bit)

Hi, hope someone can help me..

We have installed Office 2013 (64bit) on 13workstations, but found out that clients require Office 2010 (32bit) for some programs that are linked.

We removed the Office 2013 (64bit) and installed Office 2010 (32bit).

Everything looks okay up until we try to do Office 2010 repair process.
We are getting the attached error screen..

I tried Wiindows Installer Cleanup utility but i couldnt find any traces of Office 2013.
Pls help..

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Preferred Solution: Office 2013 (64bit) downgraded to Office 2010 (32bit)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Office 2013 (64bit) downgraded to Office 2010 (32bit)

Hi majorbaluga, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Removing Office completely can be difficult. Refer to the website below. This explains how to remove Office 2013. You may have to remove office 2010 as well & then reinstall office 2010.
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SO close Help me get this ball across the goal line I have a old quot Microtek ScanMaker E quot scsi flatbed scanner that originally came with an ISA scsi interface to give you some idea of how old it is I connected it to my PC using a equally ancient Tekram F pci SCSI card c 64bit my got scanner Almost w/Win7 old working that I ve been using with bit WinXP Pro for years The scanner has an - quot x quot scanning bed dpi and bit color reproduction It works great and I see no reason to spend a few hundred dollars to replace it just for Win compatibility so I m trying to get it to work with the bit Almost got my old scanner working w/Win7 64bit version of Windows To complicate things the company that made my SCSI card Tekram went out of business years ago so the bit XP driver was the last they made But after MUCH Googling I found a bit Win compatible driver for another card using the same chipset and low amp behold Windows recognized it It then quot detected quot my scanner for the first time but didn t have a driver Again after much searching I found a Vista bit version of Microtek s quot ScanWizard quot scanner software with bit driver and now bit Windows detects my scanner Yeah But when I try to access the scanner I get an error telling me I quot must install Color Matching System first quot for the scanner to work I don t remember any such software being needed to use the scanner with XP and there is no such program in the ScanWizard software I just installed searching online suggests I will also need to run an quot ICC Color Profiler quot Anyone have any ideas So close yet so far I love doing things I was told were quot impossible quot Help nbsp

A:Almost got my old scanner working w/Win7 64bit

That Microtek ScanMaker E3 scsi flatbed scanner ... didn't even work well with Windows XP... and the cost in time and components to attempt to make it work are much higher than a decent Canon or Epson scanner which can be had fof $40... Less if used...

On what system are you runny SCSI ?
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Hello all!

I wonder if anyone could help me shed some light on the best process for the above subject.

I currently have a Dell Studio XPS 435MT (Vista 64bit) running two HDD's in RAID 0 (as from factory) I need to install Windows 7 64bit and would like to also install it onto the new SSD I have bought (Crucial 128GB) as an upgrade.

Could I simply take the current HDD's out (after backing up essential data) to keep safe as backup plan and add the SSD into slot 0 and install Windows 7?? Then possibly add say a 1tb storage drive to the system later?

One solution someone has sent my way is to clone the two 500gb RAID 0 drives to a single 1tb drive then install Windows 7 onto the new SSD and have both drives on a multiboot? Could this work?

I have seen/heard many versions of how to go about this install but no real evidence of a true way?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

A:Dell Studio XPS 435MT - Installing SSD and Windows 7 64bit

It takes 3-500GB drives to give you 1.3TB of storage space because of formatting over-head. 2-500GB drives will be considerably less than 1TB. Keep the 2-500's in a single RAID array and set the SSD as a separate partition for Windows 7
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Hi all

We're about to get fibre connected to our office building and the installation team have told us they'll be running Cat 7 cables to each office so we need to source a compatible router. I didn't even know there was a Cat 7 until last week, so don't know what I need to get!

I've been looking at AC Wireless routers but I have no idea if Cat 7 is compatible with them. Does Cat 7 use the same terminals as Cat 5/5e/6? Will I be fine going for a standard router or do I require something more specific?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: Now looking for recommendations on suitable routers, see post 3 for details

A:Fibre Router for Office

Same connectors as 5/5e/6, so any router that would be suitable for your office on 5e/6 will be fine for 7.
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I have operated a small one man IT company for the last several years Most of my clients are small businesses Lawyers Chiropracters non-profits Right now I have several client offices that are upgrading up from Pentium systems and a few others that want to add basic desktop systems to their offices to act as counterparts to their mobile computers that they use primarily These offices generally are interested in low cost systems that can adequately and relatively speedily handle their basic operations web browsing word processing email database and CRM access etc Anyways I have generally not kept a large number of systems in stock before usually reselling systems that clients trade-in to other clients or just helping an office choose a good system off of newegg or geeks Since I have had so many requests for systems lately though I have decided to start actively buying systems office to Processor resell suggestions systems budget for I have over a decade of experience refurbishing systems so I decided to shop around for used systems to fix up but I have been having a hard time deciding Processor suggestions for budget office systems to resell on a processor line generation brand to focus on I m considering the Intel Core Duo or a Turion or Athlon dual core Pentium D dual cores are very cheap but I know they are much slower than the core duos From their benchmark scores though it seems like a GHZ pentium d might be better than a Ghz core duo Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated in this regard My goal is to keep these systems under to sell and I don t need anything cutting edge nbsp

A:Processor suggestions for budget office systems to resell

I think a Pentium G2020 will bring you the best performance for $65. The AMD A4-5300 is another great choice for $55. I think the Pentium is probably the better choice because of the larger cache, but for web browsing, word processing, and basic activities, the AMD will be fine.
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Hello At the office where I work one view to office network DVR Using card there are two different phone lines each of which has a DSL contract On Using one network card to view office DVR one of the lines there is a dsl modem router which has a dvr connected for the security cameras I use the other router to Using one network card to view office DVR connect to the internet and for the local network sharing files with colleagues When I view the security cameras over the internet Using one network card to view office DVR using the router I connect to the image is really delayed I want to connect to the DVR v a local network with one network card so that the image is not delayed and use the other network card for the file sharing and accessing the internet How can I do this without creating a conflict I e having my computer try to connect to the internet using the network card for the dvr In summary I want to use one network card exclusively to view the security cameras and another network card for the internet and file sharing I m using Windows Home Premium Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Using one network card to view office DVR

You should be fine as long as the Internet NIC is plugged in first. Your routing table will confirm you have done it correctly.

jobeard can expand.
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I have been having issues with nfs for the longest time ok here s whats going on on different os s same specs let me break it down Windows XP q ti drivers nfs hot pursuit GPU usage x max settings - all the time Windows q ti drivers nfs hot pursuit GPU usage - x or x max settings - fps all the time Windows q ti drivers nfs hot pursuit GPU usage - x max settings - fps all the time Is this a CPU problem I swear nfs is the only game I own and tested and play that struggles on windows but works flawless on windows XP at x max On win you see the frames did increase when I play at and it works great but recording sucks Pretty sure once I upgrade my q to something better I wont have this issue but why does it run so good in XP also the gpu usage stuggles to get up to or but did slightly increase at in win just weird nbsp

A:NFS Hot Pursuit 2010 issue That is very odd because NFS: HP 2010 doesnt use DX11, and thus, should prove to perform equally well on Win 7. Try clean installing the 314.22 driver (custom install-->check the clean install checkbox)-->then install).
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Been working on next gen of PowerCode ROM Upgrade for Kyros Tablet from COBYUSA, COBY International and Visual Connect/Prestige from Visual Land along with the Skypad Alpha2 and Skypad Gemini from Skytex. Running Android Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

Results are as follows in

PowerCode WiFi 54 G+ on 720MHz, 256mb of RAM System
Test 1:

PowerCode WiFi 300 N+ 1GHz, 1GB of RAM System

PowerCode WiFi 300 N+ 1GHz, 1GB of RAM System
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Im getting ready for the games like Hitman absolution and GTAV and others great games toward 2015

what gpu should I take? gtx 560 ti or hd 6950 1gb or the affordable (very) hd6850??

I have a quad core q8400 and I'll playing at just a resolution of 1366x768.... of course I want to max

out the setting to see the beauty of games today


A:GTX 560 Ti for 2013-2015

Neither, they're all older generation cards. Since you're not in a rush wait for nvidia to release their GTX 650/660 and either go for one of those or a 7850. They'll easily max games at your resolution.
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Hi all So the situation is thus we are looking into getting a new office NAS server? for server for our office currently all individual desktops and laptops and have been given a quote that has come in considerably higher than we d anticipated Part of this is due to the addition of a tape auto-loader as a backup device which is coming in at including tapes The benefits we ve been given for this are tapes being more robust especially if being take off NAS for office server? site and more secure than hard drives but I have a concern at how accessible the data is should we need to resort to accessing the backup This got me to thinking would a NAS device or multiple with hot-swappable drives used in a similar way provide the same functionality as the auto-loader but at a much cheaper cost And if so what would people recommend for this I am fairly well versed on consumer devices from the likes of Synology and we already have a Lacie NAS in the office for general file storage though it s not been that relaible but I have no experience with multiple bay hot-swappable models Is there a particular brand I should look at that offer more commercial devices or would a -bay Synology be fine Thanks in advance grinthumb nbsp

A:NAS for office server?

You are into the area of planning called "Business Continuation"; how do you continue
when there are different levels of failure?

Consider (list in order of difficulty):

drive or system fails
building becomes unusable (fire / floor/ storm)
city takes a tornado / hurricane hit
county / state looses power

In addition, tapes per se are frail media and for long term storage, need humidity and temp controlled storage - - and regardless, the magnetic info degrades and/or 'imprints' from one layer adjcent to another. We saw this with IBM and tapes stored at Iron Mountain.

Local backups (ie store onsite) work well for all variations of (1) and off-site storage
only delays the recovery time.

(2) will likely wipeout all local backups (tape or otherwise) and is why off-site is necessary.

(3+4) makes the point that off-site storage is viable ONLY when it is outside the area of the disaster.

IMO, tape is a dead media - - what a mess if you need to use a backup set and find that after mounting several tapes in a restore you find that the nTH tape is unreadable :OUCH:

a) you ask the right question; which NAS systems are most reliable?
Google for "review scsi nas with hotswap".

b) get a SCSI enclosure with several bays and implement Raid-1 (mirrored)
with auto-rebuild to avoid hard stopping the system while a new drive is brought online.

c) determine the degree of effort to recover 'lost data'. It is impractical to take
a drive offline every day, so what period can you tolerate between HD rotations?
(suggest one per week + one per month = 8 drive in rotation pool).
Then keep last weeks drive local and all else offsite.

my $0.02
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Hello all,

Please feel free to comment on this hardware list.
Use : as above in title
No: O/C,SLI,Crossfire,movie downloads,on line games, etc.
Have: 1440x900 flat screen,mouse,keyboard,speakers
Budget;< $600

Thanks in advance for your kind input.

ASUS P8H61-M LE/CSM H61 DDR3 LGA1155 mATX PCI-E16 2PCI-E1 PCI VGA DVI B3 Motherboard

Intel Pentium Dual Core G620 Processor LGA1155 2.6GHZ 3MB Retail Box

Powercolor Radeon HD 6770 850MHZ 1GB 4.8GHZ GDDR5 DVI HDMI VGA PCI-E Video Card

Kingston 4GB Kit 2X2GB 1333MHz DDR3 240PIN DIMM Unbuffered CL9 1.5V Memory Kit

Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB 16MB Cache 7200RPM 3.5IN SATA Internal Hard Drive OEM

LG GH22NS70 Super Multi 22X SATA DVD Writer Black OEM

Coolermaster Elite 370 Black Mid Tower ATX Case 3X5.25 1X3.5 5X3.5INT No PS

Corsair Builder Series CMPSU-430CXV2 430W ATX Power Supply Active PFC 120MM Fan

A:Budget new build for home/office/casual gaming

Nice build

The Radeon HD 6770 has a requirement of "450 Watt or greater power supply"
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Not sure if this belongs here or on the networking board. Anyway...
We have a network of about 20 pcs. I recently installed four new machines that run Windows 7 with Office 2010. The server is running Server 2003. Three of the machines worked perfectly from the beginning, accessing the server and sharing folders and files. One machine will only open files in "read only" mode. I have shared all the folders and given every permission there is but it will only open the files in "read only". It is a critical accounting machine that has to share and change files. What am I missing?

A:Sharing folders and files in Office 2010

hmm; your wording is imprecise so need to make sure what you mean,

Office 2010 can not be shared other than the Calendar events and that's not done
via "sharing".

You don't state the application that is sharing the common file on the server,
but I assume some accounting system installed on multiple client systems are attempting
concurrent access to the same accounting data.

You don't say if this has ever worked before with this setup or if this is the initial install for the Sharing of the accounting data.

First action is to access that file by only one system at a time (ie: disconnect the mapped Drive letter) and get that working.
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Hello i want to know if i can play Medal of honor without lag online

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
3.5 GB Really 4 but on vista
GeForce 8400 GS
Btw on systemrequirementslab it says my video ram is 2.0gigs

on systemrequirementslab it says i cant play but i played in the beta perfectly
and i can play call of duty black ops on low no lag even though my vid card doesnt reach the reqirements

i dont mind playing the lowest possible graphics

A:Can I play Medal of Honor 2010 with GeForce 8400 GS?

You must be running Vista 32-bit. You need a 64-bit operating system to "see" 4GB or more of system RAM. With playing on-line games, your Internet speed is more important than your hardware. What type of Internet access do you have, DSL, Cable?
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Hi, firstly I have a working knowledge of home computers and have been asked to sort out our computers in the office.

At the moment we have 3 desktops and two laptops running off of a server. The problem is the server keeps crashing and we can't access any emails or the shared drive we all use to store company information. We are getting fed up with the IT company we contract to sort out our computer needs. I was wondering if we even need a network server - would it be reasonable in the short term to just have a networked hard drive or two that we can all access. Could someone explain to me in simple terms what the benefit of a server is ?
I will say this is a new company and our IT needs may increase rapidly in the near future.


A:Advice for our office network

A server is just another system, specially configured, to run Services and store common data.

A WEB server (aka has an HTTP Service running on port 80
and a backend process that find user search keywords in a database and returns an HTML output of those URLs.

A common 'Server' for business is the Windows Server {2000, 2003, and now 2008).

The Windows Server(WS) can be configured to provide

  1. a local DNS Service

  2. a local DHCP service

  3. an LDAP (or Active Directory Service)

  4. and frequently an Exchange Server (for email)

Services 1+2 then control your company hardware network and service lookups.

Shared data is usually kept on the WS and accessed as Shared Directories.

The brute-force simple network just uses a system to contain the Shared Directories

and everyone just does his/her own thing (ie no and no email server {which doesn't look good or show much professionalism} ).

If Joe Doe jr, IT-Guy can't give you a stable WS, get another. This time ensure that
you get refunds of the monthly service fee for every hour of down time (if they balk at this, select another - - they're not too professional either).
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We had a server die and had to move the virutal servers to a new vm host. brought up the servers now Exchange2010 server will not communicate with the PDC. Ran the dcdiag tool and output it to a file which is attached. Email has been down for 12 hours now! Any help would be great!

A:Exchange 2010 server not communicating with Operations Master

This may sound dumb, but did you check to make sure your network card is still programmed with the static info it had before? We've had issues when moving virtual pc to a new host where the original network connection was "hidden" because it was on new hardware.
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My home network consists of a 3com office connect and 2 PC connecting to it through wireless. In the 3com config, i can see the Internet IP address is but i am not able to ping it from my office network.
The router actually connects to the socket provided by my building, so i havent really subscribed to any ISP. I don't know if this IP is real and can be accessible from outside. Or the issue is that the router just doens't repsond to my ping. Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Cannot ping my 3com router from office

it looks like a external ip but it still could be internal only.
you buildings network could have ping or icmp disabled or disallowed..
i would assume that there is a router/ switch which distributes network access to everybody, managed by the building.

did you try an nslookup?
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Component Upgrade bit gt bit switch Hey guys switch? Component 64bit to and 32bit upgrade not sure where exactly to post this but here i go As usual i come here to seek out professional help from you guys and every time i get the support that i need which i gladly appreciate So here i am again asking for new advice First of all i would want to ask you if i should switch Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch? from bit windows to bit I am not sure how i am going to go on about switch from to bit and see if it is really worth it and if it will boost my PC s performace I have GB of total RAM i believe Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch? not completely sure so i know that bit can only recognized GB of RAM so i am pretty much wasting the other GB of RAM by using bit I currently use my PC for movies music and gaming in-game video recording as well as using adobe photoshop indesign dreamwaver flash and illustrator for my graphics work CS package I do have slight performance impact when using the CS software package but its not thing big only small laag which isn t effecting me too much The main point behind me wanting to switch is to squeeze out the most of my computer to get full performance when doing my design work or playing games Is switch bit to bit really worth it Is it easy to do or do i need to send it off to someone professional My computer specs are the following PSU http img imageshack us img imgp x jpg http img imageshack us img imgp k jpg The below screenshot includes BIOS Chassis Motherboard CPU speed general properties cache motherboard properties bios properties power management sensors the temperatures are pretty average you can give - degrees while on heavy use The highest i get never goes past degrees idle is about - DMI info and more http img imageshack us img mycomputerspecspart jpg http img imageshack us img mycomputerspecspart jpg Memory Information RAM etc http img imageshack us img memoryvideo jpg Network Information speeds http img imageshack us img networkinfo jpg Storage Information http img imageshack us img storagebw jpg http img imageshack us img storage n jpg CPUID http img imageshack us img cpuid jpg I know that s a lot of information and some of it if not most of it is pretty much useless but i though you may be interested If you need more information feel free to ask and il give it to your right away ofc not personal info xD hehe So overall here are my questions Can i upgrade from bit to bit Shall i upgrade to bit Is it really worth it or will be a performance loss or big hassle I never done this kind of thing before Should i overclock I could seek professional help instead of me doing it dont want to screw it up What components shall i upgrade Graphics card Processor Motherboard or PSU I think W or W PSU would be good Any other bits and pieces i should do Are there any bits and pieces that my computer is lacking in Low RAM for example etc Will i need to reinstall lot of programs so that they support bit version I love computers i love looking into them and fiddling with them I have a old computer which i took its fan out and wanted to put it in my quot new quot computer but i couldn t find any socket to plug it to there isnt much space to fit the fan I also have spare graphics card lame RAM sticks and few other bits and pieces I took the HDD out and had a trouble reinstalling and actually making it recognizable and with my poo knowledge it took me a week to figure it out since my step dads bro was busy his more of a computer expert then me hehe but i did it yay I have spent money on my kite gear so i am not loaded up and i am only so yeh that said i could get a job since i only go to school days per week which is awesome xD I would like to learn a lot more about building computers and its hardware so i guess overclocking the PC and putting new parts would teach me quite few bits and pieces PS I haven t included tags since the screen shots are fairly big and i didn t want to flood the... Read more

A:Component upgrade and 32bit to 64bit switch?

You'll need to reinstall an x64 OS in order to switch; there's no way around this.

You shouldn't have any issues IMHO, and using an x64 OS means you can upgrade your RAM later in the future without having to install an x64 OS at that point.

How much are you looking to spend on your PC in total? Also, will you be buying online or from retail stores?
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So I got a slingbox for Christmas and I need more ports.

I currently have 5 computers, a printer, Apple time capsule w/wi-fi AP, and a vonage box connected to a Netgear 8-port FVS318 connected to another Vonage box which is in turn connetced to my dsl modem.

So I'm looking to move to a 16 port router with some type of QoS support that I can prioritize the traffic from the vonage boxes so they don't cut out when I'm on the phone & transferring files or using my sling box.

I have been browsing around and I found Netgears FS116E but I'm not quite sure if this would be a good fit or quite how it would best fit into my network since it is a switch.

I have also been told I should look at a gigabit router.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


A:Upgrading home office network - need suggestions

Do you really need a 16 port router?
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I already have laptops, pocket PCs, mobile phones, and tablet PCs

A:What devices can you use for mobile computing in the office?

Need to describe What you NEED to do vs what you would like to do.

Have you ask the I.T. department about company standards/policies?
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Hi all. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with 2GB of Corsair XMS2 DDR2-800 memory.

I have Avast 5 and a few other programs running in the background all the time and i do use this PC for gaming

Will upgrading the amount of ram to 4GB give me a noticeable performance increase?


A:2GB vs 4GB RAM for Windows 7 64bit

Some games (like Crysis) would be benefitted if you add another 2 GB. SInce you're running a 64 Bit OS I would definitely suggest that you up your RAM.
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Hello I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network There are Router, - Office Network Small Modem, Switch RJ connections in every room which is cool these all feed into a -port patch panel which the last guys left behind Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes Q If our modem goes into a router and the router goes Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch into a switch box and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box will Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch this work We will be using one dedicated IP and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP So does Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch going through a router alleviate this Q Do patch panels have speed limitations Despite being entirely passive is it possible that the patch panel might only be Mbit I haven t bought the switch box yet so would like to know if there s any point going for Gbit over Mbit Couldn t see a model number on it unfortunately Thanks in advance Will nbsp

A:Small Office Network - Modem, Router, Switch

edanfalls said:


I am moving my small business into a new office in a few days and could do with some advice on configuring the network.

There are RJ45 connections in every room which is cool, these all feed into a 48-port patch panel which the last guys left behind.

Every PC on the network needs to be able to access the internet, our storage server and other network attached devices such as printers and faxes.

Q1). If our modem goes into a router, and the router goes into a switch box, and all PCs and other devices including the storage server are patched into the switch box, will this work? We will be using one dedicated IP, and I believe that if the modem goes straight into the switch box, each PC will unsuccessfully compete for that same IP. So does going through a router alleviate this?Click to expand...

you are correct on both points. the issue is where does the DHCP service originate {the router or a Domain Controller[*]}?

Q2). Do patch panels have speed limitations? Despite being entirely passive, is it possible that the patch panel might only be 100Mbit? I haven't bought the switch box yet, so would like to know if there's any point going for 1Gbit over 100Mbit. Couldn't see a model number on it unfortunately.Click to expand...

No, the panel is entirely passive and therefore invisible to the network. Active components, eg routers & switches could be factors.
You are at that point of an investment and cudos to you for asking before diving in :wave:

This is the time to create a Gigabyte backbone and use 100mb client access to it (not GBit). This will ensure the whole network gets good service an not single client can dominate it. The sole exception I would make is to use a GB nic in every server system attached.

[*] Instead of using the router to provide DHCP, a better choice is the Domain Controller server (provided you use one ). You can then configure static addresses from one location and set the DHCP range in the same place. DHCP and DNS typically are from the same server, while Exchange and Active Directory are elsewhere.
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Hello I am trying to access some files stored on an IDE hard drive in Windows I recently found out about quot drive management quot function which I can use to assign a letter path to the drive - however it now says quot you need to format this drive before you can use it quot and then quot F is not accessible the volume does not contain a recognized file system Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted quot I think it could be something to do with older file systems and compatibility FAT NTFS But I don t know really Maybe I have set it up incorrectly The hard drive is not corrupted as far as I am aware The last time I used it was around a year ago on an older computer which I no longer have access to and it has been safely stored ever since any ideas will be appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Accessing an old IDE HDD in Windows 7 64bit OS

Windows 7 should write and read to FAT32 formatted hard drives. Flash or thumb USB drives are FAT32.
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I've got Windows XP Pro SP 3 with a new XP install on it.

I'd like to partition my WD 120MB HD before I install
Acronis True Image Home 2010

Can I do this with out any problems later on with true image
if so whats the best way to do it & the software I need & should
I make NTFS or fat32 for a format.

A:How Can I Partition My HDD Before I Install Acronis True Image Home 2010?

Why do you want to do this?

Free Hard Disk and Partition Imaging and Backup Software
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Hi Seem I just keep having problems with PC s and I meant to be a PC guy as studying Computer Science Hehe So last week I acquired my brothers Intel Quad Core PC as he & Quad 8GB 2.62gb usable of out slow 64bit OS performance bought himself an i - Spec Intel Q ghz stock Asus P W DH Deluxe Mobo GB RAM PC- Geforce GT mb First thing I did was to backup Then I updated the BIOS and installed my new copy of Windows -bit Professional MSDNAA copy from Uni I installed -bit edition so I could make use of the GB of RAM for a bit of gaming and some video editing Now today Quad 64bit OS 2.62gb usable out of 8GB & slow performance I happened to have a look at System Information at see that Windows appears to show that gb is Quad 64bit OS 2.62gb usable out of 8GB & slow performance installed but gb is usable I previously had Vista Business -bit and it never said anything like that Quad 64bit OS 2.62gb usable out of 8GB & slow performance I know the graphics card can use up to GB from its stock mb I have Intel Sidestep disabled How come I am encountering this Also I am encountering it to be really slow at times it actually froze up for a while when installing Office haha my P never even did that Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Quad 64bit OS 2.62gb usable out of 8GB & slow performance

What happens if you install just 4GB of RAM?
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I know OS have to be 64bit, but I'm not sure about the hardware, what hardware need to be 64bit capable to fully support 64bit applications, OS etc?


A:What hardware need to be 64bit for building a 64bit system?

There's no hardware as such that you need to run a 64Bit OS. It's generally recommended that you have a reasonably fast system with 4GB or more RAM as 64 Bit applications are able to make use of it. More importantly, not too many 64Bit specific applications are available right now. However, that will increase in the near future as more and more people adopt a 64Bit platform.

Are you looking to build a new PC to run the new OS?
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Hi Windows 64bit Leadtek on 7 frames Choppy PX8800 with all been long time since i was last time here kinda work got me occupied to the point now have come across a small problem lately I have a relative ok Choppy frames on Windows 7 64bit with Leadtek PX8800 desktop core duo with gb mhz ram x px leadtek gpu card x gb x x tb hard disks and i consider it a Choppy frames on Windows 7 64bit with Leadtek PX8800 media desktop Choppy frames on Windows 7 64bit with Leadtek PX8800 Have installed last week Windows bit with latest updates and windows drivers I ve also used latest drivers from leadtek and community codec pack with media player classic However all movies mkv mostly format seem very very choppy I have not installed any other software or games to make system slower Also sound wise i ve tried a m-audio firewire and the onboard card but nothing changes Please advise as am getting depressed Thank you all for your info and ideas in advanced I will post some nice pics soon for wallpapers and mods Have a good evening all and cheers for the hurray welcome back p Gnigts nbsp

A:Choppy frames on Windows 7 64bit with Leadtek PX8800

You may have to upgrade the Leadtek video card, to a better DX10 card
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Hi guys!

A family friend has requested me to build 3 PCs for his office. His budget is really low. I need a processor, motherboard, RAM, HDD for within Rs. 10,000.

I was considering a build with the Athlon II X2 240. However, I will need a cheap motherboard that supports this processor out of the box as I do not have an older AMD processor to be able to update the BIOS.

Else I'll go with an Intel E5200 build.

You could suggest some stuff from this website:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Cheap Office Build

Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H Motherboard looks promising

at frys its 99

69 with a rebate

thats the cheapest i can find
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I have hard drives for my PC I am currently only using one of them Vista Hard 64bit Issues Drive it has the OS on it Both hard drives show up in the BIOS with the Vista 64bit Hard Drive Issues OS hard drive on SATA and the second hard drive on SATA Both hard drives also show up in the Device Manager -When I right click on the second hard drive I get options --Update drive already check that - non available --Disable --Uninstall --Scan for Harware Changes --Properties UNDER GENERAL IN PROPERTIES ----In properties it tells me the device is working properly ----Location Channel Target Lun UNDER VOLUMES --Disk is my OS hard drive OCZ Vertex SSD ----Unallocated space is only MB --Disk is the hard drive I want as a slave Samsung SpinPoint F TB ----Unallocated space is MB BOTH OF MY HARD DRIVES SHOW UP AS MASTER BOOT RECORD MBR --What does this mean Okay the SpinPoint hard drive is recognized everywhere but in My Computer I want to use as the storage hard drive How do I make it the slave or do what I need to do to have it recognized in MY COMPUTER Thank you If you have gone through this problem and can know exactly what I need to do feel free to email me at rj at hotmail com if not give me your advice here Thanks nbsp

A:Vista 64bit Hard Drive Issues

First there's no such thing as a master or slave in SATA operation.

If your new drive doesn't show up in "my computer" it's probably because you haven't formatted it yet.

I only know the file path in XP, but it's probably similar in Vista; go to: Control panel > Performance and Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Computer management > (right pane) click "storage" then "disc management"

You should see your new drive listed as "unallocated space". Right click on it, and select format NTFS from the context menu.
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What are you going to use the work Build office Cheap Comp - PC Comp Build - Cheap office work for - Browsing and office work MS or If possible also Comp Build - Cheap office work run Battlefield and Age of Empires How much is your budget - Lets say below sterling but the cheaper the better Where are you located aka fill out your profile - England Are you willing to buy online - Yes Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build - Nvidia GeForce graphics card a DVD reader and DVD re-writer i ll provde specs if needed monitor gb ram DDR Do you need other peripherals like a monitor keyboard and mouse among others - nope Have you already bought any parts - nope I have posted my previous problems in some other threads I wont go into it but I would like to know if it was feasile to save the new HD I bought This is supposed to be a completely new build so case is also needed nbsp

A:Comp Build - Cheap office work

Is the 6800 PCI-Express?
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i have this ram

in the task manager it shows i have 2557mb of physical memory but in control panel > system it shows i have 4gigs. is this ok or is something wrong. and when i right click desktop and got to personalize > display settings > advance settings it shows that my 980gtx+ has 1535mb total memory, 512 dedicated and 1023 shared system memory

sorry for the double post thing, kind of got my thinking about it after reading this

A:4 gig of ram with 32bit Vista

Because Vista is a 32-bit operating system it will not utilize more than 3 gigs (some say 3.5) It takes a 64-bit OS to recognize and utilize 4 gigs of RAM (or more).
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I have a problem which i have been discussing in another section of the forums http www techspot com vb topic html but have been advised to post here in hopes of finding someone with the same or similar problem solution - First I will describe the problem then i will summarize my attempts at a remedy - The Problem I have the following components and they and vista error Biostar TA790GX problem hardware 64bit are not meshing well together -AMD Phenom II x GHz CPU -Biostar TA GX A MoBo - x GB G Skill DDR PC -VGA SAPPHIRE HD -RAIDMAX W PSU - TB Hitachi SATA ----- After installing a fresh copy of Vista Home Premium Updating the Bios and installing all the most current drivers I was getting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death These BSOD s have occurred while the pc is idle without a user Biostar TA790GX and vista 64bit hardware error problem while I am using web browsers running games getting my vista score etc I see no pattern - Remedy Attempts Biostar TA790GX and vista 64bit hardware error problem In order to remedy the situation in the following order I uninstalled the ATI Drivers Realtec and NIC drivers Used a cleaner in safe mode and reinstalled the most current drivers again from ATI and Realtek This seemed to help because the BSOD trailed off in their prevalence But they were still there - I reinstalled the Chipset drivers from Biostar s website and the BSOD were occuring only once every - hours Lastly I installed the NIC and Audio drivers from Biostar and the BSOD s have multiplied in their occurrence there is a more detailed explanation on the forum linked at the top - Lastly as I am writing this and checking my components on the Newegg invoice I notice that even though my memmory checked ok with multiple memory tests I may have memory that is in compatible with my board I should have done better homework ugh http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk - - Can memory be made to work with only certain Chipsets What makes it chipset specific Timing Voltage - Any thoughts would be helpful I will continue my troubleshooting by replacing the memory I will also be checking back here for suggestions or even replies by others that have built a rig with the same cpu mobo combo so that i know it is possible thanks again this is a great forum nbsp

A:Biostar TA790GX and vista 64bit hardware error problem

Why do you think your memory is not right?
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Hi there,

Can someone help me with this. I've almost decided on these parts and I think they would be suitable for a basic office and internet pc(i've had a bit of a look and can't see why they wouldn't be). I would just like a second opinion. I already have the screen, a keyboard and mouse. just need the actual system. All the prices are from

Vantec ION2+ Ultra Quiet 450w SLI PSU 135mm Fan $55.00
Corsair Value Select PC5300 (667) 2048Mb/2Gb Module $55.00
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6Ghz AM2 Dual Core Retail Box $89.00
Coolermaster Elite 341 mATX $49.00
Gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2 AM2 $89.00
Samsung HD161HJ 160Gb 8Mb SATA II $69.00
Microsoft Windows XP Home OEM $135.00

+ $45 postage.
Total $586

Going for xp home as i'm on a very tight budget and each dollar counts. Hence the cheap parts and small hdd.

thanks in advance. Any comments would be appreciated.

A:Basic PC for office work, will this be good enough?

Yes, it will be fine.
But there are much larger hard drives available for less money. Look at,, and
Consider a Seagate first, or a Western Digital over the Samsung if the price is close enough.
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I have a very strange problem that I have not been able to correct...I have an office network with 3 computers. We can access every internet site with no problem except the company website. This problem also continues into our outlook. We cannot use outlook to check our work email which also uses the same domain as the company website. From computers outside of the office we can access our website and webmail fine.

Anyone have any ideas what would be causing this problem only on the three computers in my office?

A:Office Network Problem

with three systems having the same problem, suspect the gateway router and/or the server firewall itself
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I bought the sleek sexy and a little overpriced Dell XPS system earlier this year and now I want it to put out By put out I mean accept my input which I suppose is the same thing I want to use my huge it massive I a inputs? does 2010, have have XPS quot monitor on my laptop as a display for my xbox Now I know that this is something that tons of people want to do but maybe there s something that I m missing that will allow I have a massive XPS 2010, does it have inputs? it I m currently using a Adaptec Gamebridge and it works but its not the quality it should be on my screen and it only does full screen which is a crime on my wide screen monitor anyway I ll post up the specs for i o the laptop has and hopefully some one will be ably to deliver Expansion Connectivity Expansion Slots Total Free Memory - Type I II ExpressCard Multimedia card reader Interfaces x Hi-Speed USB - Hi-Speed USB x Modem - RJ- x Ethernet - RJ- x Display video x Microphone x IEEE a x S-Video x DVI-I x IR blaster nbsp
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Hey I am helping a family member setup a network and need help.

the setup is as follows

Store "A"
Store "B"
"Main office"

He wants to let Store A & B use the main sale software which is located in the Main Office. How can we do this, should I just setup a VPN for both stores so that they can login to the main office or would I need a back-end server. Thanks

A:Setting up branch office need professional ITs

And they are in the same building or contiguous?

I would to with the VPN... unless there are a lot of computers, meaning more than 8
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Hi this problem has currently just arrised for my Just 8800GTX not 64bit detetcted Vista Windows being under XFX recently something went wrong to my computer whilst my brother was using it i was XFX 8800GTX not being detetcted under Windows Vista 64bit not home at the time and he cant remember what the error said So i try using my computer gets to the point where XFX 8800GTX not being detetcted under Windows Vista 64bit Vista loads up the green loading bar and once this is done it then commence to load up windows at this point the screen just goes blank I try to restarting and get the same prob i manage to get into Windows and back up my files through safe mode but it would not start windows normally I thought i mayve had a virus but unfortuantly my virus scanner some stupid reason would not run under safe mode So with no idea why this was happening i decided to wipe the hard drive and do a clean install No Windows starts up normally but only installs standard VGA drivers and is not detecting my video card My specs are CPU Intel E Ghz MOBO Asus P N -E Plus RAM Gb Corsair PC C DHX VID XFX GTX HDD Seagate Gb drives running in raid stripped PSU Thermal Take W tough power OS Windows Vista Ultimate bit Now when i got my computer i installed windows myself was also a clean install and i got it working fine NOw it aint seems to detect my video card I cant remember what happened when i first installed windows on it as this was months ago The issue seems to lie in the OS as pre start up checks are detecting that the graphics card is installed Ive tried installing the drivers for the card but when i do this upon restart i get the blank screen Any help on this would be much appreciated as i currently need to use my computer and is very frustrating at the moment with a K box sitting on my floor nbsp

A:XFX 8800GTX not being detetcted under Windows Vista 64bit

Boot into SAFE MODE and select VGA, ... reboot. Make sure you are using the correct drivers for your model card. Don't use the drivers supplied on CD that came with the card
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Hi all,

I have windows XP 32bit, and I was wondering if I can get it to detect more than the 2.75 that it does now? I have 4x 1GB sticks in, but it doesn't see them all. I don't want to install a 64bit os because that would mean reinstalling most pieces of software/finding the right drivers. Is there any way I can do it through a tweak or something?


A:Windows 32bit XP and 4 gigs ram

Windows Xp 32 Bit maximum Ram allowed = 3Gig
Also it is unlikely that your machine will use 3Gig (or above) anyway
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i have a nvidia geforce 6200 256mb g-ram card which fits into the agp x8 slot.

when im in the middle of things say aim or the internet etc i get lost of red blocks and shapes flying all over the screen, if i move the card about a bit while switched on they do sometimes stop and all is back to normal, im not sure if this is to do with heating or the slot itself?

any suggestions


A:NVIDIA GeForce 6200 256mb ram 64bit ddr2 graphics card 8X AGP slot

Something is loose.
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and forgot to turn off my ATITool lol.

it was trying to make my FX5200 run at the settings i had for the X1300.

330MHz over the core of the FX5200 350MHz.

my screen was blistering lol.

didnt take me too long to figure out what the deal was

just thought id share this silly moment.

A:Just downgraded vid card...

Hehe, nice one. Reminds me of the time I got an old Pentium 2 to POST at 1.2GHz. It somehow lasted 12 minutes at that speed.
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I bought a used IBM Thinkpad T20 Thinkpad Type 2647-92U from eBay for use this semester on campus. It is in great shape and has a recent edition of Windows XP but an older version of MS Office which does not boot properly.

This computer was a part of a network and keeps trying to connect to it each time Windows loads. It came with a LinkSys Wireless-G Notebook Adapter 2.4 GHz 802.11g card.

The CD is an official copy; clean and has no scratches or nicks. The DVD/CD-ROM will boot other CD's such as music CD's and DVD films and data discs with MS Word files etc on them.

Any help would be appreciated!



A:IBM Thinkpad T20 Thinkpad Type 2647-92U Won't Boot my MS Office 2005 CD

That T-20 is pretty long in the tooth. I suspect your optical drive either needs cleaning, or is worn beyond repair.
Did you try the CD in another drive as a double check?
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after install in networking I no longer need to fill in dns for static
I can get on internet without it also a warning when closing the nic window says I have 2 systems something about multiple default gateways causing conflicts
and same machine but with 32 bit xp both service pack 2 does not do this
the nics are
3: mt1000;server100;1394 connection
mt is not configed yet
the server and 1394 use same gateways ,is this the issue
and why don't I need a dns ip address's anymore

A:Xp pro 64bit install weird thing

Are you sure you needed the manual DNS before? If you din't fill it in, the DNS server is taken from DHCP.

And yes, configuring multiple default gateways without knowing what you are doing is indeed a bad idea. (And you obviously don't know what you are doing if you are trying to configure your firewire port as a network interface... Or do you really have firewire netwok instead of ethernet?)
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I ve had a copy of Windows Vista for a while now and I installed it a while ago in hopes to finally have a bit OS to go with Intel E To my dismay when I had a look at the computer details on Vista I noted that it was only running on bit I wasn t aware that Vista had and bit versions though it would make sense that they would So does Vista really question 32/64bit OS have different versions or is it just that my processor can only handle bit OS o O I ve always been a little confused about that Moreover would running a bit OS improve performance drastically over a bit OS Assuming my processor can indeed support bit OS 32/64bit OS question which I ve read many times over that it can I d assume that using 32/64bit OS question a bit OS would be more efficient than using a bit OS in the sense that 32/64bit OS question I d be using the full capabilities of my processor Any clarifications on this would be extremely appreciated nbsp

A:32/64bit OS question

You need the 64 bit version of Windows. Do you have it. If the disc does not say it is, then it isnt.
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does it work??

i currently have Vista Ultimate 32-bit and i was wondering if this was better and compatible:

Here's one of the many i have seen:

also is my Mobo Campatible?? it's a foxconn, can't remember model number etc but i do know that it was cheap (about 30) so if i need a better one to use a dual core processor please let me know

A:64bit CPU 32Bit OS

I'd be careful with saverstore mate tbh.
Try these:
Cheaper and better.
Need the model no of the foxconn to help out on that one.
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Hi up setting medical a in help a office in need small network I just started my own office and would like to set u a network in the office I have setup networks mostly wireless at home I woud like to setup a hybrid network office will have one server about desktops printer scanner and one laptop i am setting up asterix pbx need help in setting up a network in a small medical office a friend is helping with that and voip phones have to run wires across rooms would like to have wireless networking for laptop use I have zyxel mimo router and plan to extend it by adding a switch I need a basic idea about how to run wires have to run wires across - rooms my understanding is that i need one cable for each computer So if i have a printer and computer in a room-- i would need to run two cables from two ports---right also need help with which cable to use cat cat e what other equipment do I need thanks appreciate your help much christy nbsp

A:need help in setting up a network in a small medical office

Basically the rule of thumb is one cable per device. I would use cat5e for this type of setup as it will give you room for expansion as cat5e is gigabit ethernet capable (assuming growth is always good instead of re-wiring infrastructure). This is the cable most often used in fast ethernet setups (100MBps).

Also keep in mind that the maximum length you can use for the cabling is 100M or your going to run into some serious issues.

You also need to use different ethernet cable types for the devices. For Example - If you go from Router to a computer, you use straight through. If you go from router to switch, you also use a straight through. The only time you connect devices using a crossover cable, is like devices. Ex - switch to switch, router to router.
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Which company or software are good and fast. To let me use my office computer from home. thank you.

A:Which site or software that will let me use my office computer from home computer

It would be the software that your work system administrator allows you to use.
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Hey guys,

I'm wondering about buying a surge suppressor for a small office. A recent electrical storm took out at least one power supply in my dad's office, so I'm thinking we should get a surge suppressor installed. There are five desktops in the office, each consuming on average 300W, I'm assuming. There are also two laptops probably consuming at most 150W.

There is already a UPS serving most of the computers, but that doesn't hold them for very long, as it probably isn't meant to power as many computers as it is. Anyway, I wanna talk to my dad about installing a dedicated surge suppressor. What brand, or better yet, model, should we be getting? I know nothing about surge suppressors.

Regards and thanks for any replies

A:Surge suppressor/protector for small office

Tripp, and APC are both good brands, andthe thing to look for it not just surge suppressors and battery backups but ones that have AVR (Auto Voltage regulator) capabilities. brown outs and such can be just as damaging as power outs.
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Hi This is my first post here on techspot com I ve searched the whole forum regarding the video card I am posting about Here s the story I had a radeon MB card which I had for about years Anyway Futureshop in Canada and a labour day sale I found the BFG Geforce FX OC MB AGP for about with a mail in rebate So I got home uninstalled my drivers for my old card made sure everything was whiped out I took out the card slap the new Help with AGP O/C Instead FX Downgraded Upgraded. of Geforce 256MB 5500 (BFG) one in installed the drivers and updated them on http www bfgtech com Downgraded Instead of Upgraded. Help with Geforce FX 5500 AGP 256MB O/C (BFG) Anyway I tried counterstrike source and Warcraft Frozen Throne only be to be disappointed it only seems it made my game less smooth and heavier Lower fps on counterstrike running at what i use to run with my other card anyway I m not sure exactly what it is I ve read reviews or other forums posts by some guys who bench marked the card and got awesome results I m wondering if it could be my hardware that could be messing this up or something else Perhaps other drivers they use or what not My Rig is at p GHZ MB DDR RAM ASUS P S -E Maxtor GB mb cache RPM Running the BFG Geforce FX MB AGP X X O C Isn t it suppose to make my game alot better in terms of FPS smoothness and visually look outstanding Anyway I hope someone here can help me out show me a few pointers or give me some advice on what to do Thanks alot Cheers Guys amp Gals nbsp

A:Downgraded Instead of Upgraded. Help with Geforce FX 5500 AGP 256MB O/C (BFG)

Even though the 5500 has more ram, I don't think you would see much of a performance increase, if any at all over a 9700. Their clock speeds are about the same.

See what some other say.
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I have a windows Xp 64bit on my computer with dial up connection, and it works so good until oneday i saw that no application could connect internet but of ie 64. one time i tried new version of opera and that worked for some time but after a period that stopped workng again i tried netscape and other browsers but no One worked, Even my antivirus couldn't update.

A:my xp 64bit doesn't let any program use internet but of Ie 64bit

Did you disable windows firewall?
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Hi. I have a small office network to set up for database but i dont know much about it.. im more on peer to peer network ( sharing files and printers from workgroups).

here is the current setup:

8 computers running MS XP pro media center edition. with internet connected in a wireless with 4 port router.

Planning to setup:

Install a server and create a domain which will connect the 8 workstations

I would like it to run only on Desktop server (Pentium 4 3.4 ghz, 1g memory, 250 sata hdisk, Mboard Built in lan, vidcard, sound).

which is better OS MS SBS 2003 or MS Win server 2003 standard edition SP1. if you can teach me a step by step setup how to create domain and connect workstations easy.

If anyone could give me some help I would greatly appreciate it. tnanks

A:Setting up a small office network

maybe better to use apache
most addon's free
and or make a linux server box if you can handle linux
apache is on the disc

my server now runs apache ,linux
are you going to have website to??
if not just need to go to SBS
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Hi all. I have a small office network to set up but im not TOTALLY sure how to go about it! I was hoping to iron out a few points on here.

As Im sure you'll ask for the details; here is the current setup:

4 computers running XP pro, networked together as a workgroup.

I am planning to install a server and create a domain.

The part where I am getting stuck is the email.

Basically, they all need email access, now Im wondering should I just set everyone up with outlook, or should I setup exchange server? - is exchange swerver useful in this situation or not?

If anyone could give me some help I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Help setting up a small office network

Truthfully in your situation I would just set up outlook and forget exchange. It will save you money and resources.
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I plan to build a 2nd comp for home. I want to do this really budget, but I want it to be ready for 64bit windows.

What is the lowest cost processor family/socket I can build this around?

Also, for a very basic mb to go with that processor,what would be good? It would be fine for this 2nd computer to have just onboard video and sound to keep the cost down. I plan to get 3-4 years of use from this, and I figure win64bit will be out by then.

A:minimum chip, mb for 64bit?

There is the cheapiest 64-BIT(X86) CPU

Cheap, but reliable Brand Mobo

Later versions of win 64 will need 1gb of ram
Antec is very reliable

A cheap, but stylish case
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Is the printer supposed to work? Mine doesn't follow what the manual says. Specifically, the toner save button doesn't work. When I press it it doesn't turn the light on and off. Print result is the same. The only way I can change the toner save is through the software.
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I'm going to overclock my PC (the second time)...well, more like I want to...but I want to end it at that, I want to reach some limit (it's not healthy to do lots of small overclocks over a very long time).
I want to set myself with a target, and take saturday to slowly get to it, but to set a target, I want to see what ppl have to say...where did they end up (and how much did it cost them in stability of course)

so, what can u tell me, what's the max overclock for that puppy that u've known of?

tnx in advence

A:max overclock for AMD 3200+ 64bit s939 (winchester)...?
Go to 3200+
From page:
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The doctor that I work for would like to install monitors in each treatment room of his clinic (4 rooms total) when going over x-rays with his patients. He mentioned that he had seen flat wall monitors in another doc's office and he really dug the 'coolness' factor that these monitors bring.

My question is: where do you get these monitors? Is this a tv that can be connected to a computer wirelessly or is it an actual computer monitor? Does anyone have any experience with setting these up? Thanks for your help in advance!

A:Hang up wall monitors for a doctor's office

It's just a plain LCD screen. The mounts on the back are standard, so you have to just buy wall mounts for them.
Some of them can accept video inputs from a VCR or cable box much like a projection monitor so you can watch TV or videos on them.

Stop by your local BestBuy or CompUSA...
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Dell Inspiron 2500 (laptop) Intel Pentium III 700mhz
384mb ram
Windows XP

I recently purchased a ATI TV wonder USB 2.0 capture card for my laptop. The problem is that when i open the ati tv capture program that came with it. A pop up saying "EZLOOK requires the color display to be 32 bit per pixel" the main problem is that I found that the Intel Graphics conrtoler 82815 on my Dell Inspiron 2500 doesnt support 32 bit color. With another computor i would just buy a new graphics card however i believe that is imposible for my laptop and the Graphis controler, i believe, is in the motherboard. Is there something i can do or will i have to buy a new laptop? Yes I've tried updating the driver from the intel support site. I had to do that before or the program would crash right durring the startup screen.

A:InteIntel Graphics controler 82815 and 32bit color problems for ATI capture card

I take it I wanted it to work id need to get a new laptop.
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Q: 64bit?

I have a 630 p4 and a Gigabyte GA-8I915G-MF i915G, how do I know if im running 64bit? Is it the operating system that make you run in 64bit?


No its ur type of processor. Only Pentium 4 660 Series and AMD Athlon 64 series CPUs are 64-bit and only Windows XP x64 Edition can take advantage of this feature.
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About a months ago I set up a connectivity Wireless office connection.Limited Small Internet broadband small office internet broadband connection consisting of computers connected to a Netgear router adsl The managers PC is hardwired into the router There is WEP hex secruity enabled and it is Open and the Wireless Small office Internet broadband connection.Limited connectivity router has been setup so that the controlled access list of machines isnt enabled so any PC can connect to it easily hardware wise it s quite a mix the router is netgear of the new machines have got belkin wireless cards fitted includes mine and the others are netgear Everyone is running windows xp sp Everything was working fine and connection speeds were great But since last week one of the computers is reporting the message quot limited or no connectivity quot This machine has a Netgear wireless antenna card fitted and is using Windows xp to configure it I found the software that came with the card was buggy with service pack so i didnt install it but purely installed the driver and it was working fine until last week There are no firewalls installed I have checked the WEP code and it is correct i ve checked TCP settings and imitated what I have for mine apart from where it says quot IP address quot Subnet mask default router and prefferred DNS is the same I have tried setting it to get IP address automatically but it still gives me that limited connectivity Have tried getting on the internet with the quot problem PC quot but it doesnt work and says page cannot be displayed I typed ipconfig on it and it gives me it s IP address as all the other IP addresses start I dont know if that is part of the problem I m tearing my hair out trying to solve this Any ideas or fixes please would be appreciated thanks in advance nbsp

A:Wireless Small office Internet broadband connection.Limited connectivity

169... IP address gets assigned when Windows can't get one from the DHCP server.

You either have the encryption settings wrong or the wireless card/drivers are bad.

You should try disabling the encryption temporarily. Also, try swapping the Netgear adapters between Netgear-using machines (if the cards are the same type) to rule out bad hardware.
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hello guys - I have a P42.4GHz Intel on an intel 845GBV mobo .

I am looking at upgrading it to an AMD 3200+ socket 939 winchester .
My problem is - I have a 128MB AGP 4x GF4 Ti 4400 video card . Is there a mobo for the socket 939 processor with AGP slot ? Can I retain this AGP card on the new mobo for the AMD ? I mean if the new mobo has an AGP 8x slot will it support my AGP 4x card ?

secondly what graphics card would you guys suggest which would give me same performance or better than my current card ( I am happy with current performance though ) .

pls help me out :grinthumb

A:Need help upgrading from 32bit to 64bit Processor !

1. You could always keep your board and just get an AGP to PCIe Conversion Card.

2. If you want to get a new GFX card, get a new 939 motherboard that you were talking about that has PCIe support, and but a Geforce 6600 or above.
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Im a lil worried and i did a search on the forums.

Is 3-4 pins near the edge of the cpu at the tip with the triangle icon. Is this something to worry about?

I straightened them out with my fingernail tips and they look prety strong and arent about to break off.

I put it into the holster and it seems to fit well.

Should I be worried and return it for a brand new one?

Or forget about it and it will work fine?

A:I accidentally bent 2-4 pins on AMD- 3500+ 64bit

As long as no circuitry on the chip was damaged, you'll be fine.
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what is up with the 64 bit processors? they are so so so expensive, its like 1000$ for a 2.6 ghz one, how would this 2.6 64-bit compare to a 2.6 32-bit?

A:64bit vs 32bit


64bit processors have the ability to run 64 bit operating systems(i.e. windows xp pro 64bit), and use 64 bit applications. 64 bit allows more system memory, among other things. Yeah the fx55 amd is over $1000 and is "only" 2.6ghz. But it is the fastest cpu in existance right now, so that "justifies" it's price. It beats an intel 3.8ghz. A 64bit 1.8ghz cpu, which is equivalent to a p4 3ghz is about $150. Not that expensive, and way cheaper than intel's new 64 bit chips.
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I am quite confidnt im right on this 64bit systems and hardware subjct but i thought id better check with you pros first before i went any further Right once i get some money together im planning on buying a new bit system Now the idea was to just buy 64bit systems and hardware a bit CPU an a mobo that could support it but i got people telling me you need bit 64bit systems and hardware ram gcards hard drives etc Now i m quite confident this is aloda pish cause u can get like bit gcards an ram dont hav a bit size as far as i know but i m kinda paranoid bout it now Would it be ok to buy a bit cpu an mobo an transfer what ive got over hres what ive got wont bother saying CPu an mobo Just say what im intending to transfr over hard drives g g DDR ram sticks Geforce Fx VE Dvd-Rw Cd-Rw An i wos jus gonna slap on xp bit would this be ok nbsp

A:64bit systems and hardware

You dont have to get 64bit hardware , its 64bit drivers for the hardware you will need. The only actual 64bit part is the processor. 90% of AMD boards will take a 64 proc. with just a BIOS upgrade but with Intel you will also have to get a new motherboard.
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As i'm sure many of you have had problems with xp pro 64 bit, i have but one remaining. I've downloaded the drivers for soundblaster live 5.1 and finally have the card working. However, either because they are lazy or because it is a temporary driver patch till the final comes out, creative neglected to include playcenter or audioHQ with the driver patch. There is no way to download these seperately unless i've completely missed it after about and hour of searching. i have logitech z640's 5.1 and i have set it as 5.1 surround sound speakers in the xp sound options. But i still have no sound from the rear speakers and the center. If i select matrix i get the center but i want the rears. I used to set this up via AudioHQ. Any ideas?


A:Soundblaster live with xp pro 64bit

When I was beta testing XP Pro I had all sorts of problems with Creative releasing buggy, half-assed drivers for the SB cards.
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Just yesterday they hit the market.

My workplace has actually had some given to us as demos from a few weeks back(We are an Intel Partner), but rather then let us employees play with them they were locked up in inventory.,1558,1777753,00.asp

(got the link from slashdot)

They top out at 3.6ghz. Can't wait to see how they perform against the Athlon64/Athlon64-FX. Oh boy!

So, who of you intel fans out there is going to gobble one up?

A:A year and a half after AMD, Intel releases a 64bit desktop CPU

Soul Harvester said:

Just yesterday they hit the market.

My workplace has actually had some given to us as demos from a few weeks back(We are an Intel Partner), but rather then let us employees play with them they were locked up in inventory.,1558,1777753,00.asp

(got the link from slashdot)

They top out at 3.6ghz. Can't wait to see how they perform against the Athlon64/Athlon64-FX. Oh boy!

So, who of you intel fans out there is going to gobble one up?Click to expand...

Meh, I wouldn't mind having one...


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had the laptop off my desk stolen some time ago which has never been replaced it always had no prob with network access file sharing email etc Since then we have added my PC! with access network office Cant my new broadband and only the select few have net access Now i Cant access my office network with my new PC! have my laptop in running XP pro with net access BUT i have never been able to access the network whatsoever you can ping the server and the server can Cant access my office network with my new PC! ping me without a hassle i have perfect net access which all runs thru the same server but i cant see the server as a network location and vice versa the server is running win - could this be affecting it does anyone know what setting i havent changed yet that will get me back in the network ive heard that using outlook will be a prob but i only want in for file sharing so i can store everything on the server rather than burning a disc every day and copying it over to the damn server any ideas would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Cant access my office network with my new PC!

Ask your system administrator, if you have one.
In Network Properties, check that File and Printer sharing is enabled.
In Internet Protocol/Properties, check that either:
Obtain IP... and Obtain DNS.. are both set to automatic, or:
Use the following IP.. and Use the following DNS.. settings are correct.
You must also be in the SAME workgroup as the rest of that Network.
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I've been hearing that the new windows system will run on 64 bit processors since its going to be a 64 bit program. Will it also run on the old 32 bit systems or are we all going to have to upgrade in the near future? I ask this cause I just built a new system with a 3.0E GHz P4 system and I usually dont upgrade for 3-4 years. My last system was a 750MHz athlon! I try to beat the dead horse, hehe. Anyway, was just curious about what you all think may be the benefits and all that about the upcoming change.

A:Info and opinions on new 64bit processors?

IMO, 64-bit computing is NOT ready.

I'm aware of 64-bit Linux and the upcoming Windows. What about the rest of software? They're still mostly 32-bit and some 16-bit. Even in 32-bit Windows, the computer is mostly waiting for the user's input and idling. Has anyone here tried to compile Gentoo from stage 1 tarballs? Takes days if not weeks. Who plays 3d FPS 24/7? Yeah, one guy did that in a Korean net cafe and died of exhaustion after 2-3 days.

I'm very satisfied with my xp 2500+. Your P4 is pretty good. The things you might want to upgrade would be 3D accelerator, RAM, HD with 16mb cache. Or maybe your chair. I've seen so many photos of pc's and one had a Alienware and a crappy chair.
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Hello and yes another question by the great Shaggster...Can i over clock my plain 'o AND 3000+cpu?? I have a 512 stick of low latency pc3200 DDR Corsair RAm(supposly some of the best ram of '03). I dont know exacly what my FSB is, is says intergrated on chip...and the motherboard(gigabyte nForce 250) says 1600mhz. I know it cant be that..I'm just wondering if it can be done, and how hard it would be and if i would notice any difference...thxs :grinthumb

A:Could i oveclock an AMD 3000+ 64bit CPU??

Take a look at AMDs support site it should answer your questions.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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I work in large firm which have its own informatical sector All comps r conected over LAN Now all comps have installed quot remote control agent quot I dont like that at all now one day some guy form LAN sector comes to my office and asked me where did i find on network some directory called quot allforall quot There havent been a chance surveillance how on office network? to avoid that he could known that i have been in that directory unless theres a log of users that download upload visit other comps over the network or he can see what i do on comp all the time In either way i dont like that he can know what i do with my comp or over the network Now I m asking how can i make my surfing over the office network more private How can i mask my entrance to other comps on work How can make them think that i m doing nothing with comp while i do what ever i want Nothing fancy just that he cant see what i do with my comp it there program for it or something Or program to see who how to avoid surveillance on office network? is accessing my comp And yes solution must not attract attention something like disabling remote control acces would attract attention My OS is Win nbsp

A:how to avoid surveillance on office network?

Ethernet is tranparent.
TCP/IP is transparent.
Networking solutions like Windws Networking are transparent and completely monitorable on the server side.

Unless you are going to install special client/server software on the computers you use (like SSH or other encrypting programs) all your application level activity can be seen.

Spoofing you activities on transport (TCP/IP) or network (ethernet) level is possible to some degree but it will be very messy and difficult to implement. Plus you'd need some very customisable environment like Linux and some serious networking knowledge.

If you have administrative privileges, you can disable the remote control service in Administrative Tools->Services.

And, unless your IT department consists of complete morons, any of your evasive tactics will be noticed.

One does not have to have access to your computer or to the computer on the other side to see what you two are doing over the network (see the transparency statements above).
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At the end of the year i intend on upgrading to an AMD Clawhammer, and getting Windows XP 64bit version. And i want to know, if i got 64bit Windows would i still be able to run 32bit applications??
And does anyone know if the 32bit performance of the Clawhammers will be better than current performance(Athlons)??

Any help would be great, thanks


A:64bit CPU/OEM Questions??

Of course a 64 bit processor can still run 32 bit applications.... Your 32 Bit processor can run 16 bit processes, can't it??? And it would be silly if Windows 64 bit couldn't run 32 bit code.... I should think there would be some kind of outcry if you have to rebuy Office in 64bit version just to run it on your new rig!

You don't even HAVE to run a 64bit version of Windows or Linux, you can run the 32bit.... It just runs it as a 32 bit process....

Its just that the 64 bit versions of these Operating Systems will be better optimised for these processors... And, of course, you can't run the 64bit versions on a 32bit processor.... But I am guessing you already figured that...

I imagine that there will be some compatibility issues, but not that many....

Oh, and I was reading somewhere that Mac OS X was being ported to the 64bit athlon as well.... so maybe you can run that alongside windows and linux as well...
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Get ready for a new selection of preview software from Microsoft to test out: today the company launched both the Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview, and the Skype for Business Preview.

Read more

A:Microsoft releases Office 2016, Skype for Business previews

I still have Office 2013 which I haven't even bothered to install yet let alone use, 2010 I use on occasion so I won't be taking an interest in 2016 for a while yet.
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I am trying to save a word document to pdf. I saved the document as a Word document first. Then tried to save as pdf. Somehow Microsoft Picture Manager has become my default. Same thing I have done a thousand times before. How can I get rid of this irritating problem?

A:Office picture manager default for pdf

If you are using Vista or 7, goto 'Start', then in the right hand part of the menu, click on 'Default programs'. Then click on 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program'. Scroll down the list to '.pdf', click on it once to highlight. Then click on the box at the top , 'change program' and choose the program you want to use with pdf's.
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Good afternoon,

I use a spread sheet which contains Check Boxes, that I manually tick to show a task has been fully completed. I have a basic formula that calculates returned items, and once it reaches 0 (all returned) I tick the box. I wish to have the Check Box auto-tick itself once the returned items count reaches 0. I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities. I know you can have formulas to display text once a Check Box is ticked, I am kinda trying to do it the other way around.

Thanks for any help


A:Microsoft Office Excel 2010 Check Box

Darrenbilly said:

I'm damned certain this is possible, but beyond my abilities.Click to expand...

You are correct, it is possible.

What you need to do is learn the Visual Basic for Applications coding in Excel. Then you can add code that runs every time the sheet calculates (basically when something changes on the page). The code can check the status of a cell and change the status of another cell (or object in your case) based on criteria you have coded.

I'm not a programmer but playing with Excel Macros (VBA coding) and manipulating excel cells is a long time hobby of mine.

The easiest way to learn is to record Macro's and then study the code. It is easier learning the code if know first hand what it does. After you are familiar with how the code works, you will be surprised at how easy it is to code your own macros. Once you have the macro working for you, it is easy to move the code and have it run every time the sheet loads, calculates, closes, or several other possibilities.
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After installing the latest Windows updates, I was unable to open any Word or Excel programs on my computer. The doc opened, but immediately an error message dialogue box came up:

Error message: Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this product. You should repair the Office program by using Control Panel.

The only 2 options available were to click the X to close, or click OK button. Both resulted in the doc closing.

Control panel --> Office did not display an option to repair.

I run Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and Office 2010 Home and Student ... both legitimate store bought products with product keys.

I even tried to uninstall and re-install Office with no change in the results.

I uninstalled the Windows updates with no change, then re-installed them.

System restore did nothing to change the issue.

I would appreciate any help with this issue.

Thank you.

A:Can't open Office 2010 docs;en-us;290301&x=8&y=11
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I have a Outlook 2010 User, when he sends and recieve email, the status box shows offline address book hangs. However, he can still send and recieve emails. I have tried deleting the OST, recreated outlook profile, and redoing the local profile on windows 7 .

A:Outlook 2010 hangs on offline address


If you are working with an OST file (with an Exchange server), then enable the cached exchange mode because somewhere it makes processing of Outlook faster.
If the above suggestion does not work to fix this bug, go and Uncheck the Download offline address book, and then click 'OK' from Define send/receive Groups.
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hi,is there a way for collecting avira's update files from system for use after uninstalling?i'm heared there is a software for doing that !!! tanx:grinthumb
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Just remember this I owns the retail cds of Office How can I find the precious information on how to merges the cds for office into a DVD I remembered that I did the AIO All - in - one and it wasn t working to my expectation It didn t runs a setup that contains all of office stuffs instead it shows me as ISOs I m hoping Modifying Office files 2003 setup to have someone to provide the valuable informations on how to decompile and repacks the MSIs so I could reduce the numbers of MSIs to one I basically extracted entire of the Modifying Office 2003 setup files CDs into one folder putting everything in there and I noticed there s MSIs in the setup folder The size for total of cds brings up to around MB Each MSI has it own same master names as Microsoft Office and sub-category has it own different names how to includes the remaining of Office programs beside FrontPage I tried to modify the setup ini at O TRANSFERRED Office FILES SETUP and includes the several MSIs but it didn t work I would like to understand how to includes or modify the MSI and loads the features that are ready to be selected and installed by the only one setup instead of several setups in a several numbers of CDs I also would like to know how to integrates the templates and fonts into Office as well Screenshot attached nbsp
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I've got office 2010 and for my calender I'm using outlook 2010's
but if I don't start outlook I miss a reminder that I have setup.

Is there anyway to have a calender always running in my task bar
to set appointments & keep an eye on my schedule during the day
instead of always having to start outlook or keep it running.
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I am trying to back up a partition 'N' on my hard drive to external hard drive 'G'.My operating system is windows xp. In the past I have never had any problem doing that.
Now I am getting a message 'Completed with errors'.
Expanding the message, I get following list of lines:
Operation Office_N started.
Priority changed to low.
Analyzing partition '0-0'.
Analyzing partition 'D'.
Analyzing partition 'C'.
Analyzing partition 'N'.
Analyzing partition 'G'.
Create incremental backup from NTSF 'N' to file 'G'\My backups\Office_N.tib compression normal.
Locking partition 'N'.
Operation with partition 'N' was terminated.\Details:\Failed to create volume snapshot.(0x70021).
Failed to lock volume snapshot.(0x10c449).
Operation has completed with errors.

I am also surprised why it says incremental backup when I gave it new file name Office_N to backup to.

I will appreciate any help.

Best regards,
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Hi guys,

In my Excel 2010 workbook there is a cell with the value of "90" in type of number/general. When I go to find and replace dialog box and try to find the number "90" by typing it in Find what rectangle, then I want the program looks for it in formulas (look in: Formulas). But it shows that "90" as the result! Why? I said it to look for it in Formulas not in values.
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Hey everyone -

This is my first post on Tech Spot, but I've used this forum to look up many issues that I have at work (I'm a desktop technician for an insurance company).

Currently, I have a user that runs a macro in Word 2002 (Office XP) that opens and closes several Word windows to merge letters together and then it will suddenly crash. It seems like its always in different spots as well.

Yesterday I decided to put Process Explorer from Sysinternals on the machine and have it watch Word. When word crashed I created a full dump of the WINWORD.EXE process. From what I can tell it crashes on a VBE6.DLL (I don't have much experience with dump files). I've attached the dump file with all the information. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks -


A:Word (Office XP) Crashes on macros

Hi Lurch,

Have you tried re-writing the macro from scratch? It might simply be that the Macro is caught in an endless loop somewhere due to a SYNTAX error.

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In my Excel 2010 file there are three sheets. I can navigate between them by clicking on the sheets on the bottom left hand side, next to Sheet tab scroll buttons.

But I can't use "Sheet tab scroll buttons" because when clicking on them they don't do anything. I don't know what is the problem.

Is there anyone who knows the reason please?

A:Sheet tab scroll buttons don't work on Excel 2010

You talking about these in the red box?

Looks like it depends on whether the horizontal scroll bar is hiding the tabs or not. In the 1st pic, all the tabs are visible. Clicking on the arrows did nothing. Whereas in the 2nd pic, only the 1st tab is visible, clicking on the arrows will move you to the previous/next tab.
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I tried installing MS Office 2003 on my laptop which has Windows Vista, but I got an error message saying something along the lines of that it's not compatible. But it also said something about how there is a way it can be compatible, but it didn't say what the way is.... How can I get it to install?

A:Unable to install Office 2003

Could you be any more specific (write down or provide a screen shot) of your actual error message. It will help alot for whom ever reads all this info in your, ummm, new thread
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I have office 2010 ready to install on my computer, but many people I work with still use office 2007. Am I likely to get into compatibility issues when we exchange files (mostly Word and Excel, btw)?


A:Are Office 2007 and 2010 files compatible?

You are very unlikely to have any issues exchanging those file types. I use both versions on different machines and have had no issues opening files I've created on either machine with the other machines.
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I was just wondering hot to stop all the automatic things in office 2007?

A:How do I stop all the automatic stuff in Office 2007?

I'm afraid you will have to be a bit more specific. I'm not sure what 'automatic' stuff you are talking about.
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So I had an issue where I couldn't access Microsoft Office 2010. I had recently installed a trial version of 2013 to open some documents that I had put onto my USB; I think this may have had a problem with the other version. Microsoft 2010 wouldn't open, though I can't remember what the error said. This Microsoft 2010 was already installed on my laptop and I'm sure it wasn't a trial version. I was told to uninstall Microsoft 2010 so I went to control panel>uninstall program>Microsoft 2010 English (I was told to not uninstall the Microsoft 2010 click to run). After I uninstalled Microsoft 2010 English, I couldn't find Microsoft 2010 click to run but I could still see it as an option of a program to uninstall. How do I get Microsoft Office 2010 back?

A:Microsoft Office 2010 issue

Download the copy again from Microsoft.
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Hi support,

Am still unable to retrieve my old emails after I rebuild it.

What could be the problem to this? How do I solve this?

A:Unable to find old emails after index/rebuild in Outlook 2010

Was it web based Yahoo, gmail,hotmail) or ???
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I am trying to export messages from Windows Live Mail Live Outlook to 2013 Windows Mail MS to Outlook Note I exported from Windows Mail Vista to Windows Live Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook 2013 Mail Windows I still have my old Vista machine with all my emails in Windows Mail I do Open Microsoft Outlook Open Windows Live Mail In the Windows Live Mail window click Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook 2013 the File button and select Exportand then select Email messages Select Microsoft Exchange as the format and then click Next You will see a message that all email will be exported to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange click Ok to continue This is where nothing happens except blink of the screen when I hit quot Ok quot it just goes back to step where the dialog box pops up to select Microsoft Exchange It exports nicely to Microsoft Windows Live Mail but when do Microsoft Exchange it does not even go to step to select All messages etc What am I dong wrong and or is there easier method to get all my email messages to Outlook please note the Note at top of page of still have emails on Vista machine Any suggestion - even to purchase a program to do this for me will be a help As did the export from Windows Mail to Windows Live Mail before - redid it as - when moved my imported folder inbox messages to an folder just under imported folder as had like for some reason all in tree form as in subfolders all me messages subjects remained the same however the message itself all read the same thing - strange I know Thanks ahead of time David PS I new I should of migrated long time ago to Microsoft Outlook but always used Outlook Express then Windows Mail - so much greef nbsp

A:Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook 2013

What worked for me was a program called Address Magic Plus. Like you, I was trying to go from Windows Live to Outlook and this did it for me. The Plus version exports & imports your address book, email, etc. It was worth it to me. It supports many different email formats so you can use it for other programs if you decide to change later on. It can be found at:
Hope this helps
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Need "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer"

Previously used WinXPsp2.

Now I've formatted and installed winXPsp3, after installing office2003 as usual.

The problem is I can not print using the "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" which is a virtual printer office2003 and "Printers and Faxes" does not appear, as I set it up or I can do.

If I have installed the "Microsoft Office Document Imaging"
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I m not sure if this is the correct forum for this but here goes About a week ago my MS Office did something strange -- when I opened acting is My strangely Office 2003 Microsoft the program the window flew off the left side of the screen and I could not click on it or get it back There is a shortcut showing on the task bar and I can minimize or maximize but either way I cannot see the page type anything or drag amp move -- it is just off the screen in limbo somewhere I tried My Microsoft Office 2003 is acting strangely again tonight and I COULD open it when in safe mode finally Is there any way I can fix this problem so I don t have to be in safe mode all the time I only use this desktop for PC gaming or creating word documents -- it doesn t go online at all I have a different computer I use for that Thanks for the help Oh another thing - I did try to system restore to an earlier date only to find that this program had been turned off so no go with that possibility Mikahmom nbsp

A:My Microsoft Office 2003 is acting strangely

Does your PC do the same thing with all the programs you open? Or just with Office?
As a first thought, you say it opens ok in 'Safe mode', so that seems to point to your graphic drivers being missing or the wrong version for your card.
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Hi, y'all!

I recently upgraded to Office 2010 Pro from Office 2007. All programs work fine, except the PowerPoint.

The program opens with no problem. I can open the presentation in the Normal or Slide Sorter view, but when I try opening it in the Slide Show or Reading View, all I get is a few colored lines, no images. Almost like the graphics are bad, which is not the case. Could it be some settings I can tweak, or is it a comparability issue?

I'm still running Win XP, the graphics card is fine. All other programs in the suite work fine.

Anyone have an idea? Thanks a bunch!
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Every time I open Free Mp3 Wma Converter by Koyotesoft or Startup Delayer by r2 Studios,
I get a Windows Installer window which says:
"Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007"
When I click cancel, another window appears with the same message! I need to click cancel 3-6 times to reach the program!
What is causing this problem?
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Can I load and run Microsoft Office 2003 in Windows 7 ? Will I get any issues?

A:Can I run Microsoft Office 2003 on Windows 7?

I run Office 2003 for Word, Excel and Outlook under Win7 32bit without problem (nor any problem with Windows updates for Win 7 either. i keep gettin and installing 'em)