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How to change Logon screen Picture frame (before logon)

Q: How to change Logon screen Picture frame (before logon)

Hi there,

I have a windows 7 pc in a "domain", so when you get to the initial windows 7 welcome screen (prior to logging in as a user), you get a blank transparent Picture

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Preferred Solution: How to change Logon screen Picture frame (before logon)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How to change Logon screen Picture frame (before logon)

Its ok, managed to get it working, seemed to work when i did it again, strange. No blank picture frame now, just a customised "picture frame" that appears prior to logon, just what I was after. Hope this helps anyone else trying to achieve this.
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Is there a way to remove the logon picture.

or make the picture smaller.

it ruins my logon wallpaper
let me know!

A:Logon screen, change/remove logon picture

There are some links in this thread which may be of help - Remove the Login Screen Icon

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Windows 7 User Picture Frame Changer is very cool tool for windows se7en users but could anyone tell me where to get a cool frame?

A:need a logon screen picture frame

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Here is 3 from the maker of the app Windows 7 User Picture Frame Changer - User Picture Frames - door2windows Forum
You could use them to make your own.
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Does anyone know if there is a way to change the user picture frame on the logon screen, similar to the way you would change it on the start menu?

A:Logon Screen User Picture Frame

Oh wait... no. :/

The only way I know how to do it is by going to to Start> Control Panel> User Accounts and Family Safety> User Accounts> Change your picture
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Hello I found this nbsp nbsp Quote Originally Posted by Zoppa First of all I did this on my x System so the following explanations are meant for a bit System The solution for a x will be similar only the file or folder names will probably be different IMPORTANT NO WARRENTY CAN WILL BE GIVEN It worked for me it PROBABLY will work for you PLEASE read ALL steps before actually doing any of them to make sure you understand what I try to do so nothing is missed misunderstood All changes made to your system and its files are at you OWN risk as always It is assumed that you know how to change check ownership and permissions on files If not please read at least something like the folowing link or check other sources Windows Take Ownership amp Grant Permissions to Access Files amp Folder Very well let's get to it then Step Locate authui dll in the dir quot C Windows System quot and make a backup in some other folder Note the rights permissions and the ownership will be changed for the backup Check out how the original settings on the original file in System are before you copy it in order to restore them after the changes I did it this way so restoring the original settings I don't know if it works without resetting logon Remove picture screen frame the ownership permissions afterwards Step Download a tool to modify resources like exe dll I used quot Resource Tuner quot which comes with a day trial Resource Tuner R Download The Best Resource Editor Search and replace icons and text Icon edit Another possibility seems to be quot Resource Hacker quot which is completely freeware I haven't tested this yet Resource Hacker And of course install it Step Open the copy of authui dll with the Resource Tuner and navigate to the quot folder quot UIFILE and expand it Inside there will be some files named with the earlier mentioned numbers - For me there were only files named from to Step As Blizarro stated here http www sevenforums com customiza ml post add the bold red part to all of the in Step located files Searching for the first part of the string purple works like a charm Code lt ZoomableElement id quot atom PictureContainer quot height quot quot layout quot filllayout quot gt In Resource Tuner you need to select the file e g and then click the quot Resource Editor quot icon in the toolbar in order to edit it The content that is shown to the right after selecting the files is not editable Then after hitting quot Remove logon screen picture frame Ok quot for each file choose quot File gt Save File as quot and save it under the same name being authui dll Note If you overwrite the copy you need to copy the original again or simply rename the original in the next step in order to keep a backup I used the second method as overwriting the original with a modified version within System resulted in an error-message Step Up to now you should have the original in System a copy of it that has been modified in the previous step and optionally a backup of the original dll Now in order to proceed you have to change the ownership and some permissions of the original file in System So take ownership and set the permissions to full control If you do not have the optional backup then rename the original to something like authui dll or authui backup dll If and only if you have a backup delete the original now and replace it by copy-pasting the modified version into your System folder Step Reset the original ownership permissions For me I opened the quot Security-Tab RC on the file gt Advanced quot and added quot NT SERVICE TrustedInstaller quot with Full Control permissions Then I removed all but the read exec permissions from all other users Then in the Owner-Tab I resetted TrustedInstaller as owner Note this can be different on other systems keep to your notes from Step After this I rebooted maybe -logging off- will work too and it worked like a charm Only thing I maybe would like to do in addition to this is to center the input-boxes But that's not for now ... Read more

A:Remove logon screen picture frame

I dont think thats possible.
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I'm running identical Vista Enterprise computers in a lab environment on a Windows Domain and am having an issue with the user Logon in Picture Frame Domain Vista Account Screen User Empty - account picture Namely on the user logon screen just above the fields for the username and password there's a giant empty frame where the user account picture should be I've already replaced the user bmp and guest bmp so that our company logo will show up for users in the start menu after they've logged in and will show up in the logon window for their user name if they've locked their session but I'm unable to get the picture to show up on the original logon screen before the user logs Vista User Account Picture - Empty Frame in Domain Logon Screen in Some group policies we have include Interactive logon Do not display last user name Enabled Vista User Account Picture - Empty Frame in Domain Logon Screen Interactive logon Vista User Account Picture - Empty Frame in Domain Logon Screen Do not require CTRL ALT DEL Enabled Always use classic logon Enabled So far I haven't found any good info that refers to this problem I've only seen two posts on these forums that come close to the problem I'm having but neither touch on it directly and provide a solution They are http forums microsoft com TechNet ShowPost aspx PostID amp SiteID http forums microsoft com TechNet ShowPost aspx PostID amp SiteID Does anyone know if it's even possible to force a user account picture to be displayed on the Vista logon screen when on a domain Thanks in advance Trelf
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I didnt do much looking around for this because I didnt know how to word it. But is there a way to change the logon picture frame for the user? Maybe a registry thing? I'm ok with editing system files if that's the case.


A:Logon Picture Frame?

They are bitmaps in the authui.dll in C:\Windows\System32 and if you are using 64 bit they are in both C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64

1 user

2 or more users
#12219 when pressed 12220
#12222 when pressed 12218

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Hi everybody,

I've been trying to change my user account picture in the control panel, it worked, and it showed up in the start menu, but it didn't change in the logon screen (still dell default icon). Does anybody know what's wrong?

My system is Dell precision M6600, win7pro 64-bit. My user account has administrator right (in fact I am the only user).


A:can not change user account picture on logon screen

I hope this tutorial will help you to get rid of Dell's stuff.

Clean Up Factory Bloatware
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I am trying, with no success so far, to change the picture on the Windows Security screen that comes up when I log on to a network location to the same as my User Account picture. Anyone any ideas.

A:Change the picture on Windows Security logon on screen

Welcome to the Seven Forums

Can you post a screenshot of what you are trying to change?
And post how you get to that screen also.

I did not have a network to login to but I will try to help you.

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I am currently building a Steam Machine with Windows 8.1, so I try to hide as much as possible Windows
Currently only one element is a problem for me, the user picture on the logon Screen.
I know it was possible to remove Windows 7 via editing the file authui.dll, but in Windows 8.1 this method is no longer functional
I'm looking for a way to remove it or just hide it ? (I already try to put a black image, but there's still the edges that are still visible.)
thank you. (...and sorry for possible spelling mistakes)
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I have what I hope is a simple question---the logon image on XP is a set of chess pieces and I would like to change it to a photo I have in my pictures. I have gone to appearances and screen saver but I am stumped as to how it can be done. I am sure there is a simple answer but I must be missing it simply by not being able to see what to click on. Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]

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Hi, I found this pic on the internet:

I was wondering how to put a picture in the box which on the picture has a laptop and how to change the text of the words "Username" and "Password"

Do I need to change a registry or edit a file.



A:HELP! How To Add A Picture To The Box In The Logon Screen!

To answer your first question (how to change your login picture under Windows 7):
This tutorial by Brink will help you:
User Account Picture - Change
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This has probably been asked, but I couldn't find it...

Is there any code available or a way to remove the logon picture or icon on the logon screen?

So, only the password would show?

A:Windows Logon Screen Picture

You could use the Logon Wallpaper Changer to change the background, but I have never seen an option to remove the user account photo.

Log On Screen - Change
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My method for automatically changing the Windows logon logoff wallpaper with every logon Step Use one of the many guides on the web to enable custom oem logon wallpaper such as Brink's Log On Screen - Change Step Copy whatever JPEG images you want to use for logon logoff wallpaper in to C Windows System Wallpaper w/ change automatically Logon logon every - oobe info backgrounds You do Logon Wallpaper - automatically change w/ every logon not need to rename them -- just so long as their file extension is JPG or JPEG they'll be fine Step Copy the following into C Windows System oobe info backgrounds rand vbs Code ' 'rand vbs 'Random logon logoff wallpaper generator 'Author ltwally gmail com ' Option Explicit Dim objFSO objFolder objFile colFiles Dim min max result aWallpaper Set objFSO CreateObject quot Scripting FileSystemObject quot Set objFolder objFSO GetFolder quot quot min max Set Logon Wallpaper - automatically change w/ every logon colFiles objFolder Files For Each objFile in colFiles If LCase Right CStr objFile Name quot jpg quot Or LCase Right CStr objFile Name quot jpeg quot Then If NOT CStr objFile Name quot backgroundDefault jpg quot Then max max aWallpaper max CStr objFile Name End If End If Next Randomize result Int max-min Rnd min objFSO CopyFile quot quot amp aWallpaper result quot quot amp quot backgroundDefault jpg quot True note if you have more than images change aWallpaper to a larger value such as aWallpaper Step Create a custom task in the Task Scheduler with the following properties You need to set the permissions here for an administrator account that has access to C Windows System oobe info backgrounds Add arguments C Windows System oobe info backgrounds rand vbs Startup in C Windows System oobe info backgrounds It's a bit more complicated than just installing a program to do it for you but after you get it going it zero-management just drop whatever images you want to use in that folder

A:Logon Wallpaper - automatically change w/ every logon

You may want to link to this in your thread: Task Scheduler - Create New Task
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Hi there people!!!!!!

I was wondering if there is a way in which you can change the size of the user picture in the logon screen... What I mean here... is that, no matter the picture you use for it, the logon screen shows it at a "fixed" size... but sometimes, it is shown in a little frame, while in other PC's, you can see it bigger... I don't know if it's matter of resolutions... I hope I'm getting understood...

Is there a way to control or change that?

Thanks in advance people.

See ya!!!

A:Logon screen user picture size

Not without a funky res hack.
Which logon screen do you mean? There is the classic and the new one...

I did also notice that the user pic is a little larger if you're logged in and have locked the workstation.
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Ok so I went in and changed the back ground pic in Windows/System32/oobe/info/backgrounds folder, changed the name and instead of it changing to the one I put in there it changed it to some pic with flowers on it and a bird. I have made sure it is Jpg format I made sure it is the same size as the first one as well. Any idea what might be going wrong?

A:Failed at changing Logon screen Picture.

Welcome to Seven Forums FoxAnderson. There are restrictions on size and such. I was going to do it manually initially, but found such an easy automated method that it was not worth it for me. Try this small, free program. It only changes the background. It doesn't need to be installed, and doesn't run in the background once the image is changed. Logon Changer for Windows 7

A Guy
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Not that this is an earth shattering problem grin but I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with their local account picture not showing up on their Welsome screen in Windows I am the only person that uses my desktop PC and it's located in a secure environment so I chose to continue using my local account on my system vs my LIVE account In addition my environment is secure enough that I also chose to have the system automatically log on so I don't have to enter my password each time I start my system Prior to the release my system would start up and jump immediately to my desktop just startup picture on screen logon showing Personal during not as it did in Windows After the Welcome screen momentarily displays before it displays my desktop When this Welcome screen momentarily is displayed instead of displaying the photograph of me above my first name it instead displays the person symbol that Microsoft provides as an account default in the event that the user does not provide Personal picture not showing on logon screen during startup a picture of their own Now I have a laptop that also is running Personal picture not showing on logon screen during startup Windows that's setup the same way as my desktop PC and when I power up my laptop it does show my photograph of me above my first name on that Welcome screen I've double checked my desktop PC and the my picture does properly show up if I go into account settings so I'm clueless as to why the picture shows up on my laptop during startup but not my desktop PC Again not an earth shattering problem but I'd like to fix it if possible
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Hi everyone I am so glad to have found this forum and to see that others in the past with similar problems have had them resolved looking forward to nutting this one out ISSUE The computer is a win XP with RAID that freezes the mouse and the keyboard if a mouse or keyboard button is touched at the logon screen The mouse works fine until a button is pressed screen freeze with KB logon, Unable at RAID, XP to & mouse logon Win you can even click on a user but are unable Unable to logon, Win XP with RAID, KB & mouse freeze at logon screen to Unable to logon, Win XP with RAID, KB & mouse freeze at logon screen enter a password due to the keyboard and mouse freezing at Unable to logon, Win XP with RAID, KB & mouse freeze at logon screen this moment NOTE originally happened with a USB keyboard and USB mouse using PS keyboard and mouse BACKGROUND I am writing about my fathers old computer which suddenly started freezing up at the logon screen after he wasted weeks trying to get it to work he decided that it was a hardware issue and bought himself a new computer Since then I have proved that there was no hardware error by putting an extra HDD in and installing Ubuntu LTS Everything functions fine under Ubuntu and the files are able to be accessed on the RAID DESIRED OUTCOME While i can access and copy files as needed from the RAID i would like to return access to the win XP install and let my father use it again STEPS TAKEN SO FAR I first attempted to run Live rescue CD's but they could not find the RAID drive - Bit Defender Rescue CD Saw the ubuntu drive no RAID - Kaspersky Rescue Disk Didn't see any HDD's So I ran the following AV programs from ubuntu LTS - Bit Defender NO THREATS FOUND - ClamAV THREATS detected all quarantined Documents and Settings USER Local Settings Temp -RR-Market Bulletin-LJR pdf Heuristics Encrypted PDF Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender updatesrv exe Win Trojan Zbot- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender AntiSpam as fun slf HTML Phishing Card- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender installer psstatemgr dll Win Trojan Zbot- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender bdselfpr sys Win Trojan Jorik- Program Files Common Files Adobe ARM ReaderUpdater exe Win Worm Agent- Program Files Common Files BitDefender BitDefender Firewall bdftdif sys Win Trojan Carberp- Program Files Common Files BitDefender SetupInformation DEE- D - -A -CA E BBC C bdselfpr sys Win Trojan Jorik- Program Files Common Files BitDefender SetupInformation DEE- D - -A -CA E BBC C gzflt sys Win Trojan Delf- Program Files Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox crashreporter exe Win Trojan Shell- Program Files Internet Explorer Connection Wizard icwtutor exe Win Worm Runouce- Program Files QuickTime QTSystem QuickTimeUpdateHelper exe Win Worm Chir- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender gamemodeal dll Win Trojan Zbot- Program Files Microsoft Office Office excelcnv exe W Virut Gen D- RECYCLER NPROTECT EXE Win Worm Chir- WINDOWS ServicePackFiles i extrac exe Win Worm Chir- WINDOWS NtServicePackUninstall mspaint exe Win Trojan Resur- WINDOWS Installer b d msp W Virut Gen D- WINXP PRO CD I ICWTUTOR EX Win Worm Runouce- WINXP PRO CD I MSPAINT EX Win Trojan Resur- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender avckf sys Win Trojan Cossta- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender proxymgrui dll Win Trojan Zbot- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender AntiSpam as es slf HTML Phishing Bank- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender AntiSpam as fr slf HTML Phishing Bank- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender AntiSpam as fun slf HTML Phishing Card- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender AntiSpam as es slf HTML Phishing Bank- Program Files BitDefender Bitdefender AntiSpam as fr slf HTML Phishing Bank- I then attempted to logon to win XP with the same result of KB amp mouse freezing at logon screen after a button press I then ran - ESET NOD Antivirus NO THREATS FOUND

A:Unable to logon, Win XP with RAID, KB & mouse freeze at logon screen

So you are able to run the machine  using PS2 keyboard and mouse.
Step 1: 
Download and install LogonFix
Click the Highlighted button.

When prompted select yes.
Allow the program to reboot your machine as well when prompted.
Step 2:
Download to your desktop.
CLICK HERE to determine whether you're running 32-bit or 64-bit for Windows.
Once the determination has been made open either the 32-bit or 64-bit folder.
Right Click the .exe on the inside of the folder and run as admin.
A command prompt window will open telling you what has been removed upon completion.
Note: All usb devices must be removed from your machine during this step, except your keyboard and mouse of course. 
Step 3:

Download TFC by OldTimer to your desktop.
Close any open windows
Double click the TFC icon to run the program. (Vista/7/8 Users, Right Click and select Run as Admin)
TFC will close all open programs itself in order to run
Click the Start button to begin the process
Allow TFC to run uninterrupted
Once its finished it should automatically reboot your machine, if it doesn't, manually reboot to ensure a complete clean.
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Vanilla Dell Inspiron 1720 laptop running Windows Vista. It has never had a login account or password protection, and is only used in single user mode.

Yesterday, start-ups fine, no password. Today, I'm presented with the user logon widow prompting me for a password, and cannot logon to Vista!

No-one has meddled with the laptop. Don't know if SP1 was automatically downloaded
and installed - whatever the factory defaults were from Dell. I've not seen any references to this kind of issue on Vista, but have heard about a similar thing with NT.

Any suggestions how this could have happened?

Yes - I know I can reset passwords using the NT Password Editor (

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1 month ago, i've installed windows 7 and i'm lovin it.
I have already changed my logon picture but i saw one thing that interested me.
someone knows how to do what is seen in the picture, how to move that

A:logon screen change. help

Quote: Originally Posted by pajolool

1 month ago, i've installed windows 7 and i'm lovin it.
I have already changed my logon picture but i saw one thing that interested me.
someone knows how to do what is seen in the picture, how to move that

How to move that?
What that are you trying to move? that background is built into win 7
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Hello, I'm using vista Home Premium 32 bit. I want the logon screen changes into Vista Ultimate. Do you know how to do that?
Please help me!
Thank you.

A:Change logon screen

Hello Steven, and welcome to Vista Forums.

This tutorial below can help show you how to.

Logon screen - Change

Hope this helps,
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Hi I want to change my logon and boot screen in xp and ever since i did the xp updates it will not allow me to do this it actually crashes my os and i have to format to recover. Anyone got any suggestions?

A:cannot change logon screen xp

Try logging on as an administrator to make the change,if it works,then your problem is that your user account needs to be given administrative access.
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Hi guys! I was wondering how to swith my logon screen. My current logon screen is like this:But I want to change my logon screen so it looks like this:Can anyone help me with that. Also I found this way typing net user in cmd to change others users passsword so I tried it on my account and it did work but that's the day since my logon screen changed to the classic logon screen like this:So basically how do I change my logon screen back to look like this considering I had tried that net user command to look like this:ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!THANKS.

A:How to change xp logon screen?

You need to go into Control Panel, and hit the button on the left to switch to classic view. Then open up User Accounts, and change the way users log on and off. Then check "Use the welcome screen" and "Use fast user switching" back on (or just do the first one, your call). Then log off and you should have the normal XP logon page.
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Hi all,

I?ve changed my login screen and was wondering if anyone knows how to move the buttons (for typing in the password, one for my finger print reader and the switch user button) to a different part of the screen. I just want to lower them a couple inches so they?re not on a good part of the picture. And a bonus would be if anyone would know how to change the size of said buttons, but all I?m worried about is moving them.


P.S. -- Does anyone know where the screen that loads when returning from Hibernation is located at? Which .dll?

A:Logon screen change

I dont think you can move the buttons.

BUT there are Softwares which allow you to make your own Login Screens,perhaps you could use them and make your own ones with the buttons placed wherever you want.
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Is there an app that can shuffle through a folder of pic's and then change my log on screen by it self?

A:Is there an App that can change the logon screen auto?

Try these 2:

Logon Changer Customizes the Windows 7 Login Screen

7 Logon Changer: Change Windows 7 Login Screen on the Fly - Tweaking with Vishal
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I've installed Windows7RC with local regional settings language. There's no " \ " character in the keyboard for this language, so I have to use ALT+"92" ASCII combination to type that character. I tried to change system language, regional settings. Nothing helped.So, how can I change it?thanks in advance.

A:How to change Language at Logon Screen

Salam dearhope you are change the Welcome Screen (Logon Screen) open Region and Language options in control penal and then point to Administrative Tab and then click on Copy Settings Button the a window will appear in that window:there are three lists.1) Current User Language2)Welcome Screen Language3)New User Account Languagein the middle (second one) Welcome screen Language you can change as:on same windows there is an option at bottom as "Welcome Screen and System Account) if it is checked mark dear uncheck it or if it is not then check mark it then click on okay you welcome screen or logon screen language well be changed..Thank youBest RegardsRoohullah Afghanistan
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I use the 'Welcome to Windows' (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and the 'Log on to Windows' screen to login in XP (so not the default, but the w2k-like GUI).
These screens are located in the middle of the desktop.

Can anyone tell me if I can change the coordinates of both these screen, probably somewhere inthe registry. But where ???

Does anyone have a clue.


A:change position xp logon screen

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I want to change the logon screen in Windows 7 to the Windows 98 style (picture attached)
Are there any sites I can either download a theme like this or a site that I can make one like it on or software to make a custom theme like the windows 98 logon screen?

A:How can I change the Windows 7 logon screen to a very different look?

Hello emerald,

I am not sure if you can get that actual dialogue box or not, there are tons of programs that claim to change the logon but usually its just changing background pictures and what-not. You can experiment with some of them and see if you can get that specific one. Just be careful downloading them and make sure you google each one to make sure its legit before trying it.

However, I can get you close. You have Win7 Professional so thats a plus. Please type "gpedit.msc" in your Search (in Start) and then follow the first set of instructions here:
Change the logon screen - Microsoft Community

Next, if you want to change the background to that color, follow this:
Log On Screen - Change

Just substitute the picture added in the tutorial with a solid background or any image you wish.

Hope this helps!
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I would like to have the welcome screen with my windows xp (laptop)
and i don't know how to have it.
I have this logon screen:

PLease Help me!!!

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Greetings thanks for your help I am using Windows Pro bit I want to change my Windows logon screen not my desktop background Presently I have the default flower or something I want to man it up a bit Now I have tried at least times using this method to no avail Open the Registry Editor several tried screen, ways. could logon Wish change the 7 I Click the Windows Start button type regedit into the Search box and press Enter Search through the registry and find the following key HKEY Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Authentication LogonUI Background Change the value of OEMBackground to in the input field to the right of the key name Click the Start button again and type windir system oobe without the quotes into the Search box Press Enter Copy the image that you want to use for your new logon screen here Right-click make a new folder and name it info Make a subfolder under this and name it backgrounds Place your new background image here and rename the file to backgroundDefault jpg Reboot your computer Your custom Windows logon screen should appear Same old flower thing shows up after I reboot It wont go away I have also tried different rd party login changers as well and they did not work either so I removed them When I look in the info backgrounds folder the cool image that I want to use is there and the flower one is not so the default flower is coming from somewhere else Yes I made sure that the new image was less than KB in size I have also tried using the Wish I could change the 7 logon screen, tried several ways. Group Policy Editor gpedit msc that did not work either Please help me man up my log-in screen and get me out of the pretty flower thing Thank you

A:Wish I could change the 7 logon screen, tried several ways.

Are you talking about changing the icon picture at the logon screen? I say this because you mentioned flower so I am assuming it is the flower icon at login you want to change.
You can do it as shown in these steps.
The pictures are located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures and new ones can be added. You just have to make sure the size is the same.
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i have a problem changing my logon screen wallpaper although i have use the windows 7 logon wallpaper changer.... how to reset back to default wallpaper?? help me...


A:cannot change logon screen wallpaper

Hello Khairi,

OPTION THREE in the tutorial below may be able to change it back to default for you. If not, then you could also use the program to select the default C:\Windows\System32\oobe\background.bmp log on screen image instead.

Log On Screen - Change

Hope this helps,
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found the following video to disable the request for a password when logging into win 8.1 which is great, but i would like to know if there is any way to use a custom image and not just change the color on that screen, or if i can make it more like the win 7 logon screen? thanks
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found the following video to disable the request for a password when logging into win 8.1 which is great, but i would like to know if there is any way to use a custom image and not just change the color on that screen, or if i can make it more like the win 7 logon screen? thanks

A:Remove Or Change Win 8.1 Logon On Screen

Hello The Nude Dude,

This would be better asked at our sister site instead. )
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Just want to know how to change the logon screen font to another one installed on my computer.

Did a search on the internet with no info.

Do I have to modify a registry or something?

Can anyone help me?


A:How To Change Logon Screen Font

Not the registry. You have to modify protected Windows file (MUI in this case).

Windows 7 Logon Editing Guide - Neowin Forums ____ Scroll down to Changing fonts
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i have tweakslogon and that changes my background on my main display. i recently got a 2nd display and when i lock my pc, my 2nd display is black. is there a way i can add a background there or what?

thank you.

A:How can I change backgrounds in the logon screen across 2 desktops?

Hello sileemo, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Unfortunately, the logon screen only displays on your main display.
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Hi guys

It looks like I'm in a minority of One here -- but I really don't like the logon screen in build 7057 -- looks pale and insipid compared with previous build (especially on a laptop with one of those Ultra-Brite screens)

It's the same screen you see when you lock the computer -- horrible.

Any way to change this -- sometimes there is a way to add an OEM customisation.

Anybody had a chance to tinker around with this and get a nice background

(If the Guy who used to develop the "Windows XP Black Edition" is on these Forums pleas do your stuff here on W7) -- If you've ever seen his excellent work you'll know exactly what I mean).


A:Minority of one I don't like 7057 logon screen - can we change it

1. Download LogonStudio Vista or LogonStudio Xp from stardock and install. (i forgot which one it is i think it is vista)

2. run with compatibility Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 1).

3. just get the logon screen you want and put it on .


There you go hope it helps.
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I've followed the instructions on changing the logon wallpaper w/out issue (thanks!) but the problem i have is our logo that we use for the logon wallpaper...never was a problem with XP but now with W7 the font color is white...which is nice with the default blue background but not when the majority of the company logo is white. i've already adjusted the shadow to dark, yet it still is not easily readable (we have to remember i'm dealing with users that have a hard time with logging in as it is on XP not to mention older users with bad eyesight).

i've done a search and have come up with nothing for changing the font color...if i've searched incorrectly, i'm sorry, but if you could point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it!

A:Change font color on Logon Screen

All the fonts and colors are hardcoded into the UIFiles. If this was for personal reasons, then I would tell you to simply edit it using various methods, but since this is a work enviroment, if MS updates the authui.dll file via windows update, then your back to the same white font colors on all those machines. Now if its a small amount of pc's, then you might be able to get away with it.
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A:How to change windows logo on logon screen?

Hello Kjbmarr, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be able to help you do this.

Log On Screen - Change or Remove Text Branding

Hope this helps,
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Hi It took me a while logon wallpaper screen change Automatically to discover that the lock screen and the logon screen are not the same thing Thankfully I know know that they are different things Whenever I startup windows I always land on the login screen perfect for security reasons the password because I'm the only user of my laptop and I dont want anyone else using it without my permission But there is a problem I get tired of seeing the same login wallpaper each time I log on Like the lock screen wallpaper and the desktop wallpaper can automatically be changed to a quot new quot Automatically change logon screen wallpaper picture Id like to have the same functionality with my login screen Does anybody know how I can do this And I dont mean to change the picture on the login screen to just a new picture but to cycle between pictures in a folder of images or even better windows spotlight pictures as in the lock screen wallpaper Thanks in advance
Relevancy 90.73%

but how? I use the same software to try to change it back and it wont let me, is there a way to get it back, I used logon controller to change, logon controller has an option to put the defualt logon screen back but it doesn't seem to work at all, please help.

A:I change the default logon screen and I want it back

have a looky here pal

Log On Screen - Change
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I've studied Microsoft's instructions for the above and a couple of others tutorials but the process is complicated to me, especially fooling around with the registry. I am terrified of the registry. Does anybody know of a more simple method to change the blue logon screen color? Thanks for any info you can give me. ellenc

A:Windows logon screen color change

Try this program, it seems to do what you want. I have not tried it myself.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer
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I've studied Microsoft's instructions for the above and a couple of others tutorials but the process is complicated to me, especially fooling around with the registry. I am terrified of the registry. Does anybody know of a more simple method to change the blue logon screen color? Thanks for any info you can give me. ellenc

A:Windows logon screen color change

Try this program, it seems to do what you want. I have not tried it myself.

Windows 7 Logon Background Changer
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how can i change windows 7 logon screen words like "WELCOME", LOGGING OFF". I wish to change these words.

Operating System: windows 7 Ultimate

A:change windows 7 logon screen words


There's a handy little tool about called Resource Hacker which will do what you're after.

Make sure that you back-up all changed files in case if errors. We cannot offer 100% support to a changed OS in this manner.

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Hey fellow Windows 7 Users. I was thinking about changing my logon screen and I was wondering if it is safe. I just don't want to be dealing with missing files or errors. Is there a safe way I could change it? Also, is there a way where I can change it to a a picture I want? Thanks in advance and enjoy Windows 7!

A:Change Windows 7 Logon Screen - Is It Safe?

Oh yes, it's perfectly safe.

Read this tutorial for instructions: Log On Screen - Change

Have fun!

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I am trying to use a Corporate logo on my Win 7 Enterprise build default picture instead of the flower

I can replace the user.bmp for the default user profile and that works fine in that each user that logs on get the company log displayed when the are logged on or lock their PC

but the issue is when the PC is booted there is a new user or "other user" - you still get a transparent blue background - is there a way to change this ?

A:Change "other user" logon picture

Hello iburnell,

If you like, double check using the tutorial below to see if you may be able to get rid of the "Other User" on your log on screen.

Logon Screen - Fix Showing Only "Other User" and Last Logged On User

Hope this helps for now,
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I do a lot of remote administration after hours and I often login as an admin user into client workstations to fix various issues One thing that I do to eliminate confusion is to edit the registry of a Win machine and change the HKLM Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Authentication LogonUI LastLoggedOnUser registry value back to the user's username That way inattentive users don't keep trying their password with the Admin username when they attempt to login the next day I see that Windows has the same key but changing that value doesn't appear to quot stick LastLoggedOnUser displayed username logon at screen Change quot It appears to be overwritten when you logout reboot shutdown I've also tried deleting the SAM entries in the same key but that seems to have no effect I've seen several posts on how to show all users or none on the logon screen but I'm trying to minimize the changes that end users will experience complain about I'm also hoping for a solution that will work with both domain and non-domain joined computers

A:Change username displayed at logon screen LastLoggedOnUser

Hello Bastionpoint, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you like, you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to always have all users show on the sign in screen instead of the last user. It's a bit of work though.
Sign in - Show All Users or Last User in Windows 8
Another option would be to have user sign in with both their user name and password to not have any users listed on the sign in screen.

Sign in with User Name and Password in Windows 8
Hope this helps,
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BAsically, I've 2 accounts:

Admin- 'A', Standard- 'S'.

When the logon screen appears, the admin account 'A' is selcted by default i.e. a border surrounding the username, everytime I've to manually select my account and enter password.

I just want my account 'S' to be highlighted by default when the logon screen appears. Is it possible? Would appreciate any help.

And no, i don't want to use the automatic login option. Just what I mentioned above.

Thanks & Regards


A:Default Account selected at Logon screen- Change?

I don't know if this is possible, but if a setting for it exist it would be in the logon and/or security policies.
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I there a way to change the location of the password box on the Windows 7 logon Screen.

I managed to remove the Picture Frame on the login screen using instruction found on this forum months ago, but now, I am an assassin's creed fan, and I have changed the background screen to the Assassin's Creed Logo and would like to move the "password input box" down so that It does not end up n the middle logo.

Thank you.

A:change location windows 7 password box on logon screen

There must be, but it either involves knowing a programmer/hacker that crafted a program for you, or doing some intense studying of Window's inner workings and twiddling knobs here and there, heh.

Could that information you used to change the picture be used to guide you in a somewhat correct direction regarding the window position? Beware things can probably be ruined horribly if you twiddle with knobs of unknown origin . . .
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I have three users (all with local accounts) on my PC and some time ago I disabled the auto-login using the process described here:
Solved Help with multiple users login screen!

This worked perfectly as the users appeared in alphabetical order as follows:
UserA (with the user picture in the centre of the screen)

Recently, the order has changed to (I don't know why!):
UserB (with the user picture in the centre of the screen)

I would like to change the order back to how it was originally, as UserA is the primary user of this computer. UserA currently has to click on 'UserA' and then 'Sign In' rather than just 'Sign In'

Note: UserB is the only account that is password protected.

Does anyone have any ideas how to do this?

Many thanks
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Hi all - my first post here This site has helped me IMMENSELY with my transition Logon Color (not How Background wallpaper)? Change Screen To from XP to over the past few years I always found exactly what I was looking for but today I am stumped In Windows XP there was an option to change the logon screen background color HKEY USERS DEFAULT Control Panel Colors You could change the string quot Background quot to any -digit RGB color code you wanted i e black etc This color would show up on CTRL ALT DEL plus it would show up when you logged in remotely using Remote Desktop Changing the logon screen background wallpaper is great when you're physically at the machine and I've already done this How To Change Logon Screen Background Color (not wallpaper)? but you don't see it when you're connecting via Remote Desktop Instead you're stuck with the OEM blue background color The same key I mentioned above does in fact exist in Windows but it doesn't appear to have any effect Does anyone know how to do this Thank you Windows Ultimate x

A:How To Change Logon Screen Background Color (not wallpaper)?

Hello and welcome deckard

I guess you know how to change logon screen : Log On Screen - Change

Now, open the logon wallpaper with an image manipulation program like Photoshop, or GIMP, change the color as you want and apply it ?

Not quite the thing you are wanting, but the output will work.
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Hi -- have just bought laptop for my son (Satellite L500-19X with Win7 Home preloaded) and am getting it ready for Christmas.

The logon screen is the Toshiba logo with white background. This makes the drop shadow font very difficult to read that is used for usernames; and the 'switch user' list etc after <ctrl alt del>.
What is the name of the file that produces this logon screen background please so that I can replace it to make the text readable?

n.b. the same issue arises on the desktop but this can be prevented by unticking the 'drop shadow' box in visual affects & changing the wallpaper.

Many thanks

A:Change welcome/logon/splash screen on Satellite L500


I have googled a little bit and found this:

The procedure is a little but tricky.
You have to change the registry.

- Start registry (Regedit.exe)
- go to
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Authentication \ LogonUI \ Background

- Create a new DWORD value named OEMBackground
- Double-click OEMBackground and set 1 as its value data
- access registry

This allows you to include the wallpaper image (jpg)

In C:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds you could include the jpg file.
The file should be named +backgroundDefault.jpg+

Note: info and background folders don?t exist by default. You have to create these folders manually. Furthermore the images must be less than 256kb!!!!
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Trying to fix my friend's laptop. She claims she was watching a youtube video and all of th sudden the computer started acting up and so she rebooted the computer and now it won't boot past the xp logon scren. Comes up with the error: "data execution prevention; userini logon application" with the only option of close message. windows does not contiue to boot and just sits there. I have tried to boot into safe mode but it only gives the option of booting into normal xp media center. tried last known good config and same results. any ideas?

acer aspire 3050-1594
AMD Sempron 3400+
xp media center
Relevancy 88.58%

When i boot up the system hangs at the blue 'Windows xp' screen, the 'Windows is starting' is missing and it goes no further, the logon screen does not appear so i can't get in. I have recovery console on and i can get into the drive by booting in from another drive/operating system. how can i rectify the problem?
This happens in safe mode as well, can anyone suggest how to recover from this.


A:XP Does not get to Welcome logon screen, unable to logon

if you have a windows xp cdrom the easy way around this is with a repair install of windows xp
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I want to get a full screen screen shot of all the different OSes including NT, 2000 and XP the problem I have is print scrn button does not work until your officially logged in. I want to send screen shots to some of my users who cannot follow directions. I have searched online for awhile but either am missing the right keywords or am just a little slow.

I would make my own if anyone can tell me how to get screenshots before your even logged on to the PC.

Relevancy 85.57%

Okay first hello and thanks for any info you could provide.

First my screen resolution is 1920x1200

The logon screen is this same resolution, thus the User Account Picture on Logon Screen size looks about 1 inch squared

Is there anyway to change this to make it larger

Note: I'm talking about the User Account Picture not the logon screen

A:User Account Picture on Logon Screen size "Windows 7 Ultimate x64"

Quote: Originally Posted by ZeroProfile

Okay first hello and thanks for any info you could provide.

First my screen resolution is 1920x1200

The logon screen is this same resolution, thus the User Account Picture on Logon Screen size looks about 1 inch squared

Is there anyway to change this to make it larger

Note: I'm talking about the User Account Picture not the logon screen

If you're the only person that uses that pc, set a password and it will help make your pc more secure, plus you will have a bigger user account picture.
Relevancy 82.56%

Does anyone know the size of the Default logon pictures? I wanted to change it to one of my own pictures, however, it is always blurry, after I set it.

A:Size of Logon Picture

Hello Eric,

This can help show you how to change the log on screen to your image with the correct size. OPTION ONE is the easiest way of doing so.

Log On Screen - Change

Hope this helps,
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I accidently screwed up the administrator account and once, i tried to install a software and it came "You need a administrator password to proceed"so i typed it then it came the error"this user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer i tried a lot but its still not working and i cant install please help me

A:Logon failure:this user has not been granted the requested logon type at this compute
Relevancy 81.27%

I've tried every fix that I can find on the internet to get around this issue. I've identified the problem to be the local policy on the 2003 server that allows incoming access erases the accounts I add after a few minutes, therefore I can no longer access the server from another computer in the workgroup. I can always access any computer from the server. I need help....please. TY
Relevancy 81.27%

Hi, I have this on login attempt

The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
It then logs off and directs me back to same screen.

As I stupidly only have one account I have no access to play with any windows options!!!

Please he lp
Just turned on other PC on home network and was able to access the shared folders on problem pc.

Is there any way to correct without a clean install?

Thank You

SOLVED....... Big apologies to all staff at TSG.. I didn't search enough posts.

But I found this and followed exactly. Don't know if it was for Vista, but workedlike a charm on Win 7 x64 Ultimate.
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Windows 2003 server local policy keeps loosing the users that I set so that it can be browsed accross the workgroup. I can browse the server from the other pcs in the workgroup only for a few minutes until the policy looses the users all by itself. I cannot find anything that can explain what's going on. BTW - I can browse the other computers from the server with no problem. The local policy on the other computers don't change themselves. TY

A:logon failure: the user has -been granted the requested logon type at this computer

Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer

If you see this message the following should be done on the computer containing the shared files:

Download the following and install it

Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools

after installation is complete, click on: Start, All Programs, Windows Resource Kit Tools, Command Shell

Then enter the following commands. (Attention: they are case sensitive.)

net user guest /active:yes
ntrights +r SeNetworkLogonRight -u Guest
ntrights -r SeDenyNetworkLogonRight -u Guest

The first command enables network access for Guest, the two subsequent ones change two different policies to allow network access for Guest.
Relevancy 81.27%

Please help! I am trying to logon to my computer and am getting The User Profile Service failed the logon message for both my Lucy and Lucy Administrator profiles. I have looked on here to find a solution and have tried to do a system restore but it tells me that there are no settings to restore to ?? Most other messages just dont make sense as Im not great at dealing with computers when they go wrong! I would be really grateful if anyone knows how I can sort this out. The only thing I can do is log into Safe Mode and I have no idea where to go from here!

A:Vista logon issue - The User Profile Service failed the logon ???

Hi Lucy

The following tutorial will give you instructions on how to fix this - The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.
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Hello all This is my first ever post usually with a bit of searching I can find the answers to most computer related issues I have but no matter how hard I look I cannot find the answer I need granted not has Logon requested the logon this compute user failure: type been the at to solve this rather annoying problem So here is the low down I have my desktop PC running Windows Ultimate I also have a cheap old Asus netbook running Windows XP home edition SP not much on it so it runs ok I am trying to share files between them so my Mrs can access the music on my PC So Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this compute far I have been able to access the shared files folder from my netbook on my PC I can also detect the PC under the Workgroup tab of 'My Network Places' on the netbook However whenever I double click on the 'Richyv-pc' icon in the Workgroup folder is comes up with an error message that states quot Richyv-pc is not accessible You might not have perrmission to use this network resource Contract the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions Logon failure the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer quot I have granted full share access to all the wanted files from my PC with access to 'Everyone' with read write control I have tried many different things from many different forums but none have fixed this problem Im sure Im missing something obvious but I just cant see it My PC is part of a homegroup because of my work laptop that I bring home from time to time but I dont think this is causing the problem Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Richy V

A:Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this compute

Hi and welcome to TSF see the steps here and check that you have followed them Share Files and Printers between Windows 7 and XP - How-To Geek
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We are getting dozens of these Alerts generated at our Exchange Server What is causing it and more importantly what procedural steps do we take to prevent the alerts from generating ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details Windows Event Alert was recorded Time Date Time Windows Event Time Date Time Windows Event Log Security Windows Event Source Microsoft-Windows-Security-Auditing Windows Event ID Windows Event Severity Failure Audit Windows Event Logon Process: ID w3wp; 4625; Events Failed Advapi] [Event Procss Type 8; Name: Logon Message An account failed Failed Logon Events [Event ID 4625; Logon Type 8; Procss Name: w3wp; Process: Advapi] to log on Subject Security ID S- - - Account Name EXCHANGE SERVER Account Domain DOMAIN Logon ID x e Logon Type Account For Which Logon Failed Security ID S- - - Account Name Username Account Domain DOMAIN Failure Information Failure Reason Unknown user name or bad password Status xc d Sub Status xc a Process Information Caller Process ID xd c Caller Process Name C Windows System inetsrv w wp exe Network Information Workstation Name EXCHANGE SERVER Source Network Address IP ADDRESS Source Port Port Detailed Authentication Information Logon Process Advapi Authentication Package Negotiate Transited Services - Package Name NTLM only - Key Length This event is generated when a logon request fails It is generated on the computer where access was attempted The Subject fields indicate the account on the local system which requested the logon This is most commonly a service such as the Server service or a local process such as Winlogon exe or Services exe The Logon Type field indicates the kind of logon that was requested The most common types are interactive and network The Process Information fields indicate which account and process on the system requested the logon The Network Information fields indicate where a remote logon request originated Workstation name is not always available and may be left blank in some cases The authentication information fields provide detailed information about this specific logon request - Transited services indicate which intermediate services have participated in this logon request - Package name indicates which sub-protocol was used among the NTLM protocols - Key length indicates the length of the generated session key This will be if no session key was requested ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Any help would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Failed Logon Events [Event ID 4625; Logon Type 8; Procss Name: w3wp; Process: Advapi]

Account For Which Logon Failed:
Security ID: S-1-0-0
Account Name: [[Username]]
Account Domain: [[DOMAIN]]

Failure Information:
Failure Reason: Unknown user name or bad password.
Status: 0xc000006d
Sub Status: 0xc000006a

Process Information:
Caller Process ID: 0xd5c
Caller Process Name: C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\w3wp.exe

Network Information:
Workstation Name: [[EXCHANGE_SERVER]]
Source Network Address: [[IP_ADDRESS]]
Source Port: PortClick to expand...

I would start there. Where is the source of the attempt? Inside or outside? If inside, it should be easy to determine who the source is (assuming that this is an internal server). If outside, you may have someone trying to hack an account.
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I have two win xp sp2 pcs. Both of them are in the same workgroup. I can ping each one from the other. I can access the shared folders of one pc from the other. But the reverse is not true. I cannot access shared folders of the other machine.
I am attaching the error message here.

A:logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type

After going through a similar thread I installed windows resource toolkit and entered the command mentioned in that thread. But now I am getting Access Is Denied instead of logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type.
Relevancy 80.84%

Hie guys Iwas looking on some postas with regard to this topic and tried to implement the suggestions I followed the suggestion below To resolve this problem on the remote computer select Administrative Tools gt Local Security Settings gt Local Policies gt User Rights Assignment right-click on Access this computer from the network gt Properties gt Add Users or Groups add everyone or any users you want to be able to access the computer from the network This fixed the problem on the interim and at The Logon Failure: the user logon requested granted been not type has t I could access my file shares and printers However when I restart the machine or even log off nad log on again the prblem resurfaces and all the user accounts Iand groups i wolud have added to Administrative Tools gt Local Security Settings gt Local Policies gt User Rights Assignment right-click on Access this computer from the network gt will be removed and the field empty hence I suspect spam the disallow remote access Logon Failure: The user has not been granted the requested logon type at t by editing these entries Any ideas on how Logon Failure: The user has not been granted the requested logon type at t this can be resolved would be appreciated
Relevancy 80.84%

I have a Gateway MX6920 that had Windows XP preinstalled on it, I formatted and installed Windows 7. it only has the basic Windows 7 programs on it +Firefox, Google Chrome, TeamViewer, & an Anti-virus, but I have an ongoing issue where the computer completely freezes. the mouse doesn't work, no programs open, and I cannot bring up the task manager. if I press ctrl+alt+del it will still be frozen for about 5 more minutes, then give me the following message the "logon process was unable to display security and logon options when ctrl+alt+delete was pressed" and then just keeps being frozen until I cold boot shut down.

I scanned for viruses, ran sfc /scannow, with several programs but they all report clean

I am at a loss and this is a daily issue

Googling this error message brings up limited but unresolved issues

A:the logon process was unable to display security and logon options whe

according to the following link:

Failure to display security and shut down options. The logon process - Microsoft Community

it looks like the windows winsock needs to be reset. Hopefully doing that will solve the issue: to do that; do the following:

open a elevated command prompt(click start, programs, accessories, then right click on command prompt and select run as administrator) type netsh winsock reset hopefully that will help. If not that then in the same command prompt; type the following: netsh winsock reset

try one of the above commands and see if that helps to resolve the issue.
netsh winsock reset
Relevancy 80.84%

When I turn it on it boots up normally, and when I get to the log in page all that shows up is the shut down and restart button and the button that helps people with disabilities access the computer (I can't remember the name of the button). It's the color I set my computer as (not a black screen). I was trying to get some malware off of my computer so I had it in safe mode, I used malwarebytes, but I was also trying to delete the files I thought the malware programs might have been using. I'm worried that I might have deleted some critical files help please!

A:No logon picture or password entry thing

right click the shutdown, hold down the shift key and click restart
from there go to the troubleshooting menu
from there go to advanced
from there go to automatic repair
it can take up to an hour - do not force shutdown while there is disk activity
if that fails go back again and go to a restore point
SO you do this
Hold down either SHIFT key while tapping or clicking on Restart, available from any Power icon.
you then get a window with refresh or reset and advanced options
Choose advanced options
On that window choose automatic repair
if that does not work go back to the start
and this time on the window that had automatic repair
you will see that there is also system restore - to a restore point
select that option
The cause was likely to be you attempting to delete files after running malwarebytes
especially of course if it booted ok after the MBAM run, but not after your deletions
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desktop wallpaper location: network drive s
OS: windows vista home basic 32-bit (was upgraded from xp to vista)
my desktop picture keeps dissapearing after each logon

A:My Desktop Picture keeps turning black after every logon

Hi there Logan.
Maybe you have a box checked in your Control Panel under Make the computer easier to see.
Here is how to do it.
Go the Control Panel
Then click Make the computer easier to see
Scroll down and find Make things on the screen easier to see
Then UNCHECK the box that says Remove background images(where available)
Relevancy 80.84%

Hi everyone I'm fairly technical and was a network and tech Director for a few years so have some familiarity with prior Windows versions but Win is On Own Its User Picture Logon Windows Changed 7 a bit new to me I went to login today and my login picture had been changed Looking in Windows Event Viewer under Security I can see it occurred at in the morning I was on another computer at that time Windows 7 User Logon Picture Changed On Its Own and running a utility from Microsoft on the PC in question that just collects system information I was trying to figure out why it changed and reviewing the event logs I don't see the reason only that an account change occurred I replicated it by changing my picture again to another one and the Windows 7 User Logon Picture Changed On Its Own same system event occurred confirming its identity So basically I had a flower as the login picture On its own it changed to a fish I didn't make the change I wasn't even using this machine at that time however a Windows utility from MS was running -- but -- I reran that same utility tonight it's one that just reports system usage and it did not change the picture so I believe that is coincidence So my question is why would Windows change the default logon picture for a user on its own to something else To help with information the utility that MS had me run was the Microsoft Product Support Reports There are also multiple instances on this computer the one where the picture changed on its own of another PC that was running Windows logging into it as a SYSTEM and then logging back out then in and out continuously but not in a pattern that would make me think it was a process My other machines on the network do not have that issue in the log file I checked the McAfee Firewall and it was enabled It has been catching attempts to login to VNC but they've been denied VNC is also disabled I'm a little freaked out about what could have caused this Any thoughts Why would this change on its own Thanks Danielle

A:Windows 7 User Logon Picture Changed On Its Own

Hi Danielle

What firewall and antivirus?

Is it a new install or upgrade?

Any shares on it?

Other users?

Are you logged on as a std user or admin?

Is UAC enabled?

Relevancy 80.84%

Hi all I'm specifically Logon remove/change? logo "Windows 7" Screen looking for a way to change the logon screen Windows logo from its personally ugly appearence to white both Logon Screen "Windows 7" logo remove/change? examples attached I'd rather not remove the logo because I have it in my head that a plain white logo would match the quot Windows Home Premium Ultimate etc quot text at the bottom of the screen I have opened authui dll in notepad although I'm not too sure if it is possible to edit this dll with notepad I really do not want to use a resource hacker program to do it I mean I'm quite happy going into the registry to activate my own logon background and as happy editing a picture to fit nicely to my resolution Hell I go into the registry to do what most merge a downloaded reg file to do I am perfectly happy customizing Windows manually as I believe its a perfect way of being able to undo any problems that occur Excuse the length of this post and an apparent rant I really am hoping that there is an quot offline quot method of customizing the logon logo EDIT I don't mean the Boot animation I just realized it may seem so by the attached images Cheers

A:Logon Screen "Windows 7" logo remove/change?

Is this what you are looking for?

How to Change the Windows 7 Log On Screen Background

Relevancy 80.41%

I Want To Change"Windows 7 Ultimate" On Logon Screen To Anything I Want Is There A Way To Do That If So How(BTW Id Rather Not Use Tuneup Utlities)

A:Change"Windows 7 Ultimate" On Logon Screen To Anything I Want Please H

Hello Dylan, and welcome to Seven Forums.

This may be able to allow you to do this.

Log On Screen - Change or Remove Text Branding

Hope this helps,
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Ok, this one isnt as easy as it seems.

I know about the temporary user problem when a user has their folder deleted & try to log in again & get a Temporary User profile. However, my problem is a little more servere.

Any new user that tries to log on gets the Temp profile.
3 previous user profiles work ok. However, one of them changed their password & they then got the Temp profile.
The PC is connected via a Domain, so i removed the PC from the Domain, added it to Workgroup & logged in locally as a new user with Admin rights & I still get the Temp profile.
I've checked the permissions & the registry & cant find anything wrong.
This is what gets reported in the error log:

Thanks in advance.

A:Vista logon problem, Users only get a 'Temporary Logon'

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i have face with the following problem..i joind with domain successfully but when i created a user in domain and to logon client 
computer the follwing error occure plz help me with a few simple step in windows 8 or 8.1
i have windows server 2012 r2 in Domain computer
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I'm running Windows 7 Home edition. I did as instructed by various sites and modified my registry. However, I couldn't find an image file of Windows Aero so I had nothing to insert in c:\Windows\System32\oobe\info\backgrounds.
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Can some one help me understand what seems to be the problem.
I can log on the domain using my credential as admin. But any user with less then admin gets the following error:
Can't logon because the logon method you are using is not allowed on this computer.
Does anyone know what needs to be done?
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I am receiving this error message along with a user name and password logon boxes everytime l attempt to change anything remotely related to user settings...I am thinking maybe l need to logon to an old works server before l can change these settings...? OR am l speaking nonsense...?

I cannot use disk cleanup, msconfig, or change any user account settings....?

I am completely lost and getting extremelly frustrated as to what to do next...

I am running Vista Business with Service Pack 1.


Thanks in advance
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Dear All I am at work and Looping Problem, Logon/Logoff Logon I am now having serious problem with my computer I can't log on to my computer running WinXP Pro sp in IBM Thinkpad T When turned on the computer boot up smoothly to Welcome screen awaiting for password After enter the password and hit enter It shows quot Loading your personal settings quot which is normal Yet second after sucessfully logon I got kicked back to the login screen It seems the computer logoff my account automatically showing quot Saving your account settings quot and then it is waiting for password This repeats every time I try to Logon Problem, Looping Logon/Logoff logon always got kicked back to welcome screen after second I tried to logon as computer administrator too but no hope Then I tried to open up a safe mode by pressing F Well Safemode exhibits in the same way as normal mode I also tried the command prompt option The wried thing is I got the Welcome Screen instead of command prompt Basically all options in the Logon Problem, Looping Logon/Logoff F menu lead me to that evil Welcome Screen and autmatically log me off after logon I absolutely have no control over my computer now T T I believe it's some sort of virus that's tricking me but I don't know its name Would someone help me Thanks in advance Joe

A:Logon Problem, Looping Logon/Logoff

I have the same problem now with my Windows 2000 Pro on a Compaq Armada M700. Did anyone ever help you? What was the solution?!
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Im a newbie
We recently bought a new cisco e3000 router and connected our Domain Server ie 2008 and the router to the same switch. Now when you logon from a client say windows 7 or 8 client, this message appears "no logon servers available to service the logon request".

Dont know whether I have to disconnect the cisco router which inturn would prevent us from accessing our ISP's modem internet.
Please help

A:no logon servers available to service the logon request

If no other variables in the network has changed it does sound like some kind of routing or DHCP mismatch which needs reconfiguring.

Would you know what I mean If I said can can you logon to a profile local to the client (i.e not on the server) and 'ping' the domain server IP address from a command prompt? Equally can you ping an internet address such as
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My friend has just been given a PC, its WinXP and the logon name at
startup is not his name, its the previous owner.
Could you tell us how to change the logon name please.


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This is how to configure the logon screensaver to use PhotoScreensaver to display images at the Windows Vista logon screen Begin with a new Vista image Put the PC on the network and logon as Administrator Right logon How change to screensaver click on the new desktop click Personalize Screen saver Select Photos and change the Wait time to minute for quicker How to change logon screensaver test Click Preview to make sure it works click Apply OK Wait minute and allow the Screen saver to run once Escape out of the Screen saver and return to the logged on desktop Click Start in the Search bar type Regedit and open the Registry editor Expand HKEY USERS Expand the top S- - - -xxxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx key Navigate down to Software Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Slideshow Screensaver Right click on FolderPath and Modify to C Users Public Pictures Navigate back up to Software Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Right click on the Windows Photo Gallery key and click Export and give it the name of Photo and save to the desktop Navigate back to HKEY USERS S- - - xxxx-xxxx Control Panel Desktop Right click on the Desktop key and click Export and give it the name of Desktop and save to the desktop Close Regedit and return to the Desktop Right click on the exported Photo reg and click on Edit When the file opens in Edit mode highlight the entire S- - - -xxxxx-xxxx string and copy Ctrl C Click on Edit Replace In Find what press Ctrl V to enter the entire S- - - -xxxx key name In Replace with enter DEFAULT yes include the dot Click File Save as and name the edited file DefaultPhoto needs to remain reg NOT txt Repeat the process of editing Photo reg and this time edit to replace the S- - - -xxxx key name with S- - - Save this edited file as Photo needs to remain a reg NOT txt Repeat the process of editing the Desktop reg file and save one edited file as Desktop with the respective edits find amp replace w S- - - save a second edited file as DefaultDesktop with the respective edits find amp replace w DEFAULT Right click on the PhotoDefault reg file on the Desktop and click Merge Continue Yes OK Right click on the Photo reg file on the Desktop and click Merge Continue Yes OK Right click on the Desktop reg file on the Desktop and click Merge Continue Yes OK Right click on the DefaultDesktop reg file on the Desktop and click Merge Continue Yes OK Continue in Regedit and Expand HKEY USERS DEFAULT Control Panel Desktop In the Desktop settings in the right pane Right click on ScreenSaveTimeOut and Modify the time to desired length of time Repeat the process in HKEY USERS S- - - Control Panel Desktop and use the same time entered for DEFAULT Close regedit restart the PC Once the PC is at the logon screen wait for the photos to appear after the amount of time set in ScreenSaveTimeOut
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This may seem stupid and random but its been bothering me that i don't know how to change it. You know the user picture box on the logon screen, well it's a square and I want to change it to a circle, like on the macbooks logon. Does anyone know how to do this?

A:Windows 7 logon box change?

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Those are in IMAGE folder and Bitmap folder in authui.dll that is in C:\Windows\System32 and if you are using 64-bit it will be in both C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and C:\Windows\System32
You will need a resource hacker of some kind so you can extract, edit and import the images in the authui.dll
If you need more help with this let me know.
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If you see the post title, you may not understand well. So I attached the photo.
In windows 7's logon screen, there're many screens. For example, just changed photo or changed structures and I have a curious that how to edit logon structures. How to change it?

A:How to change logon style?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
See if these are what your looking for,
Log On Screen - Change
Custom Windows 7 Log On Screens
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I'm the only user on my home computer, but I've started getting a sign on screen (which I never used to get)

there's a box that has user name : Administrator and password: *****

then on top of this is another box that says "logon message. The system could not log you on. make sure your User name and domain are correct, then type your password again. letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case"

If I then replace "administrator" with my name (no password), it logs me in.

I don't know what I did to change the login protocol , but any help to undo it would be appreciated!

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I read in here someone else had that happen, it happened to me when I logged into my pics app & I didn't know it'd change the logon password. I'd like to remove/delete it if I can on my W10

A:How to change logon password

There are programs that can remove passwords so that a person can create another that he or she can remember especially if they were to write them down and keep where they can find them again
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I installed Win7 HP and some how named the PC and my network or user name the same.

The PC name is Wilife and the user or log in name is Wilife. I want to change the user name to John like all the other stations on my network.

A:How Do I Change My Logon/ User Name

Try control panel
User accounts
Change name
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Using a batch file to logon users. Want to bea able to use DOS in my .bat file to change the registry setting for the proxy server name. I have found the path of the key I want to change, but I need help with syntax to accomplish this. If anyone could help me on this, would be very appreciative. Also, if anyone could point me to a good reference for writing batch files, that would be appreciated too. Thanks.
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i need a small help....

while we restarting our system,we used to get a message that is welcome

is there any way so that i can edit that message and change it as i can?

A:[SOLVED] how to change logon message

No that would take changing Windows login and winlogin system files which is risky. Plus it would be again Microsoft's EULA I believe.
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Microsoft added per-user dpi settings The problem DPI 8.1 Logon Windows in Change setting this has created is that there is no adjustable dpi setting for the Lock Logon screen Let me explain you can Change Logon DPI setting in Windows 8.1 change the dpi setting to be the same across all displays and this does affect the icons and Change Logon DPI setting in Windows 8.1 font on the lock logon screen However it does not affect any app program that can run on the lock logon screen Ex I use a quot flat screen tv for my monitor on my desktop Big enough for me to sit in my recliner and use my comp But I don't have a wireless keyboard And it sucks having the wire from the keyboard running across the floor Plus I really don't want to keep a keyboard next to me So I use the on screen keyboard for logging in and quick typing search web address etc So the problem is that with the new dpi setup my on screen keyboard takes up nearly half the screen I tried looking through the registry to see if I could find a setting for it In the key HKEY USERS DEFAULT Control Panel Desktop there is a string value named quot LogicalDPIOverride quot with a value of - I have a feeling this is where I can fix the issue I tried changing the value to and to with no change in the result Instead I noticed that after logging out and back in the - value was back in the registry So now M has also added a way for us to not be able to change a setting in the registry They are making it harder and harder for us power users to be able to do anything with the settings in windows Soon we will all have the same exact Windows with absolutely no customization How can I change this default dpi crap Can I use the LogPixels string that worked for dpi in Windows Here are Screen shots of the Lock Screen and of the Logon Screen Any help would be greatly appreciated
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I am desperately trying to change windows 7 logon and logoff sounds on my daughter's laptop.

I have followed different instructions via control panel and it doesn't take place!

What is the easiest, simplest way to do this please as am getting really frustrated, and really do not want to go down the line of renaming dll files etc as some have suggested!

Please could some kind person give detailed instructions and also if one has to be "admin" to do these things?

I really do appreciate the help, for a silver surfer!

regards to everyone


A:Change windows 7 logon+off sounds

Hello Steve,

Option One in the tutorial below can help show you how to change the Windows Log on and Windows Log off sounds. Sounds - Change
If you meant to change the startup sound instead, then the tutorial below can help with that. Startup Sound - Change in Windows 7
Hope this helps,
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Good Day

ladies and gentlemen

I have been Happy with windows 10

But I would Like to change my window Logon password

through the user account it wont let me

Any Advice
Thank you

A:Cant change windows Logon password

Hello Ngavmot, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If this is for a Microsoft account, then you could use Option 6 or 7 in the tutorial below to change your password.

Password of User Account - Change in Windows 10
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I changed my computer from a domain to a workgroup. It warned me that I had to have administrator proveleges and logon password. before proceeding I verified that and when i made the change it inquired for username and password and accepted it. It welcomed me to the workgroup and said the computer had to be restarted. I restarted and now can not logon!!

A:Cant logon after change Domain to Workgroup

You'll probably have to ask your IT department to rejoin the computer to the domain. And they should know the proper way to change from domain to workgroup.