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BIOS shows 640k base memory and 126m extended memory

Q: BIOS shows 640k base memory and 126m extended memory

My windows xp 64 bit runs super slow after windows loading sign and it takes me 2 hrs to open up the desktop and transfer 6 images. I use 2 RAM's of 2gb (kingston DDR2). When I opened up BIOS, it showed 640k as base memory and 126m as extended memory.
There are no details under the computer title if I try to check the properties of computer or maybe it is just taking too much time to display. the desktop is fine, my computer still works but takes hours to do a simple task. it all started all of a sudden. Also I would like to know if 'unganged mode' is fine as it is displayed when the system boots. I tried to check another different RAM on the computer, but still no change, so I am confused regarding the problem.
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Preferred Solution: BIOS shows 640k base memory and 126m extended memory

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi - running patch current Windows and am having an ongoing but not always constant issue regarding how much memory I have available to me on any given boot of Windows I have GB of memory installed on the computer and yet almost GB of that is not available to me and is shown as Hardware Reserved when I look at the Physical Memory in the Resource Monitor I have validated the memory is error free through multiple runs of Memtest have removed memory strips and blown out any possible dust from memory slots and SOMETIMES it properly will show me around GB available however most boots it is showing pretty consistently that GB is flaged as Hardware Reserved I did some searching and have tried some of the suggestions such as making sure the Maximum Memory box is not checked in MSCONFIG and have also tried editing nbsp ClearPageFileAtShutdown in the Registry to change it from the default value of ' ' to a new value of ' ' nbsp Nothing has worked thus far I DO need access to as much of that GB of memory as possible due to this computer using huge amounts of memory as a Digital Audio Workstation recording music with huge volumes of samples loaded fully memory Reserved Windows half shows as of Approximately but full and detected by memory installed BIOS Hardware into memory nbsp Approximately half of installed memory shows as Hardware Reserved but full memory detected by BIOS and Windows Performance suffers greatly when half of what is installed is not available I have also looked in the BIOS for any ways to adjust video memory and memory mapping and neither exists in the BIOS at all for me to try anything with nbsp The CPU happens to be an AMD A with multiple cores and video is embedded in the CPU with no way Approximately half of installed memory shows as Hardware Reserved but full memory detected by BIOS and Windows for me to control its memory usage Thanks in advance for any additional suggestions Bob Bone
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I different XP memory up memory Bios and shows got a new laptop which im using now came with gig ram i got another gig ram and swapped out the old gig so i now have gig ram When i right click my computer and look at the ram it says Bios memory and XP memory shows up different gigs still but when i go into bios it reads as gigs is this a problem i should worry about can this be fixed am i running gigs or gigs is this a problem at all or normal I swapped the new ram out and left the original gig in and it read as gig i took the old one out and put in the new gig and it read as gigs i put the old gig and new gig and it read as i put old gig and old gig in and it read as but when i put both gigs in it reads as in xp while all other configurations show up properly in both bios and xp If you need more information on comp just ask nbsp

A:Bios memory and XP memory shows up different

Hi MysterioMask,
the short version is that it is something called MMOI, memory mapped I/O reservations, its an architectural design and decision made long ago when the idea of having a full gig of ram was thought to be preposterous and would not ever happen or be needed. in a 32 bit os
it lets you use somewhere between 2.75 and 3.25 Gb of 'working memory' and reserves the rest for things like pci buses, installed hardware, etc. the other Gig is there, you just don't get to use it as working memory. your bios shows you physical Ram installed. and XP is showing you the "working Ram" you have availible.
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Whay bios show 640KB on System memory?

Go to Solution.

A:Lenovo 3000 N200 System memory shows 640KB in Bios...

Does the operating system show the correct value?
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Hi, i recently bought a 1GB VERBATIM usb memory key like the one shown in the photo below. The problem is that when i plug it in windows recognizes it as being a 600mb memory. I don't know why is that, i went to manage on my pc to see the partitions but it doesn't let me erase or create anything. Any help i would really appreciate it, thanks!

A:Windows shows 1Gb memory as a 600mb memory

Check to make sure it's not Write-protected.There should be a switch somewhere on it.
You should then be able to reformat /repartition it. If not then it could be a defective product. I'd return it and try another.
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Hi! I have HP probook 440 g1. By default I have 128MB video memory. Then I tried to increase video memory size to 512MB from bios. But it's not working. It still showing 128MB. Can you help me please?Thank you!
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I recently did a new install of Windows 7 64 bit. I noticed windows showed 4Gb of ram (2.75Gb usable). I read tons of articles after googling this and tried several options to free up some more ram.

I have 2 options in bios to change memory remapping over 4GB. S/W and H/W.

When I enable S/W remapping, windows boots everything seems fine but I get a crackling sound from speakers. Bios shows 4Gb (3Gb usable). Windows shows 4Gb ram (3.0 available).

When I enable H/W remapping, windows BSOD during boot, but bios shows 4Gb ram and all 4 Gb available.

So, does anyone have any suggestions as to how to eliminate the BSOD after enabling H/W memory remapping? Try installing Windows 7 again? I read some people saying bump up the voltage on ram perhaps? I've never done any overclocking, but would try if someone thinks it may help.

I've tried several different setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:4Gb memory (2.75 Gb usable) memory remapping in bios causes BSOD

This sounds almost like a bios memory compatibility issue to me.
Have you tried checking the ram in both modes using memtest?
RAM - Test with Memtest86+
Since the memory is obviously the center of this I think it bares testing.
Keep in mind you'll need several passes each way with memtest to get any kind of accurate result and will take some time
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hello madame and sirs,

Ihave got 128 mb ram on my pc. when i start my pc it shows 32mb shared memory. windows shows 96mb ram. i am not able to install some applications which require min.128mb ram.(windows 2000 pro)&(windows98se)

i once used KNOPPIX LIVE CD and then created some swap file as prompted..... which i deleted later on. i dint notice the ram showed my windows then. incidently i have even formatted my c: drive lateron .... but windows shows 96 mb ram

I want my ram to be fully utilised.. pls help

A:RAM (Random Access Memory) - "Shared Memory" , Windows shows less RAM.

128 - 32 = 96

Shared memory means that a part of your system memory is used by the video card and is not available for programs. You should be able to adjust the amount of shared memory in BIOS setup. Note that you will never be able to get the full 128MB unless you get a proper video card.
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I'm trying to put Win95b on to an old PC,
but i don't know how to handle the XMS,
(the extended memory system)

I get a message saying that
"Setup needs approximately 2816000 bytes of free Extended/XMS memory"

Any help would be welcome ...


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I'm running XP Pro SP3 and a diagnostic, it tells me that the Base memory "Detected" is 636 k and "Cmos" is 640 k, How do I fix this discrepancy?
According to the manual of this diagnostic software (Micro-Scope 2000) it says it maybe a virus. I've ran a full virus scan (Avast), Malware bytes, Spybot...and no viruses so far (that I can tell).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated

A:Base memory discrepancies? Help!

There is not a lot of information regarding 'discrepancies', but it may simply be that 640K is reserved BUT only 636 is used.
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When i run Hard-Disk Mechanic (demo version) i get:

Found an Extended Memory Handler!
Reboot computer without XMS Driver


A:Found an Extended Memory Handler

Hmm, that sounds a lot like a dos error message.

Is this a dos proggy? If so boot clean (hit f8 then shift+f5) and run the program.

Otherwise I would try to email the place as windows needs an XMS driver to operate, in XP you can't even separate it from the os.

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I recently added G of Hynix memory HYMP F CP N -Y to 8 free with GB acpi 24 compatible bios: find after sees server memory 32G, 16G adding sees I dmidecode missing memory, a Dell t workstation after adding 16G compatible memory, I find 8 GB missing server memory with acpi bios: dmidecode sees 32G, free sees 24 that contained Gof memory as originally shipped M T AZ -CE dmidecode -t grep Size grep MB Size MB Size MB Size MB Size MB Size MB Size MB Size MB Size MBAlso the Dell mboard ACPI bios sees all G Memtest passes after adding 16G compatible memory, I find 8 GB missing server memory with acpi bios: dmidecode sees 32G, free sees 24 on all memory modules of mbeach So reordering or reseating the memory modules won t solve this Itried this already I m using the last bios posted to Dell s support pages gt dmidecode -s bios-versionA gt dmidecode -s bios-release-date After I boot into linux the system sees only G dmesg e BIOS-provided physical RAM map BIOS-e mem x - x c ff usable BIOS-e mem x f - x fffff reserved BIOS-e mem x - x cfe abff usable BIOS-e mem x cfe ac - x cfe cbff ACPI NVS BIOS-e mem x cfe cc - x cfe ebff ACPI data BIOS-e mem x cfe ec - x cfffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x e - x efffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x fe - x feffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x ffb - x ffffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x - x fffffff usable which is only bytes gt free -m total used free shared buffers cachedMem gt grep line sys devices system memory state - gt all onlineBut memory - are not detected total lines Why x M - gt Gonly But x M - gt M not enough to account for the missing ram Arememory - reserved gt dmesg grep eserved BIOS-e mem x f - x fffff reserved BIOS-e mem x cfe ec - x cfffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x e - x efffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x fe - x feffffff reserved BIOS-e mem x ffb - x ffffffff reserved e update mem x - x fff usable gt reserved e update mem xcff - xffffffff usable gt reserved DMA zone pages reserved Memory K K available K kernel code Krwdata K rodata K init K bss K reserved Kcma-reserved Looks like the reserved memory is not nearly enough to account for thediscrepancy MTRR gt dmesg grep MTRR MTRR default type uncachable MTRR fixed ranges enabled MTRR variable ranges enabled dmesg gives no warnings This machine also runs an ancient copy of Windows Vista Business Thatproduces the same pattern the Dell nbsp bios sees all G but the OS only Adding the boot parameter mem G has no effect because by the point thatthe boot process loads the kernel the visible memory is already reduced So apparently something happened when the bios created the physical ram map Which causes the loss of G

A:after adding 16G compatible memory, I find 8 GB missing server memory with acpi bios: dmidecode sees 32G, free sees 24

The maximum RAM compatibility for Windows Vista Business is only 4GB. a different OS will utilize the remainder.
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Hi I am Bios Memory Test Kill - Memory Displayed Cannot Not Solved: Test running Windows Solved: Bios Memory Test Not Displayed - Cannot Kill Memory Test Xp SP gig of Ram and am having an issue with my Gigabyte Motherboard model number P-G-RH and my BIOS version is F I have recently noticed an issue on my bios post screen when my PC is started the PC does the memory test where it should say Memory Test XXXXXXX x amount of RAM all i see on my screen is Memory T I can not see the test being undertaken after about and a half minutes the memory test will complete at which point i can see the full words Memory Test and how much memory was tested as well as my master and slave drives listed I CAN NOT skip the memory test by pressing space bar or esc i can only enter the bios via the delete button and i only enter the bios once the memory test has completed I can still run windows normally but i do not like that i am having to do a memory test everytime i start my PC I would like to point out while in XP the same amount of RAM shown when the test completes is consistant with what is shown in the quot My Computer quot properties I have tried all versions of my bios but still it is doing the memory test I would appreciate any help in getting this fixed I have not been able to find away to disable the memory test in the BIOS I hope you get back to me at your earliest convenience thanks nbsp

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This problem still is not solved Well I did installed SP today Everything the installation went fine After it finished I checked again the WU and got the update for my Realtek AC' which I was trying to avoid Although I ended up installing it because I read of 1GB my SP1 I 8GB shows have instead of memory somewhere that it needed to be updated for the SP Now this update Realtek doesn't fixed anything since now every time I right-click on the little speaker and select Playback Recording Devices then I get a message with quot Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems Realtek blah blah blah quot Can anybody explain that But now the real good one I SP1 shows I have 8GB of memory instead of my 1GB have only GB of memory but when I go into the properties of the computer then it tells me that I have GB installed Don't I wish So I thought hmmm maybe if I remove the GB and try only MB then Vista will recognize its mistake Well guess what I got then instead GB available showing on the properties Strange Very strange I thought to myself Funny is that the task manager shows the correct amount of memory Have any of you had such a situation too I did already an uninstall of the SP which came from the WU and installed the one from the download link in Microsoft website But as you guess it made no difference Any comments and or suggestions will be more than welcome Thanks

A:SP1 shows I have 8GB of memory instead of my 1GB

It must be that SP1 is making a much more efficient use of your memory!

It would be interesting to see how much virtual memory Vista is allocating based upon this memory reading. Try CPUZ to verify the actual amount of memory Vista is picking up. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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--------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce M GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce M GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory Memory,Dedicated consistant Memory,Shared not Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name NICK-PC Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build Service Pack longhorn rtm - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer Inc System Model G S BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode A person in my thread here http forums worldofwarcraft com thread html topicId amp postId amp sid said That doesn t look right my GTS displays Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Could you have bad videocard memory Or maybe reinstal direct X Click to expand So I m not sure where to start and I Display Memory,Dedicated Memory,Shared Memory not consistant m hoping someone here can point me into the right direction as to what it is I need to do to fix this problem I ve been having with graphical Discrpencies in World of Warcraft I haven t notice any in Call of Duty nbsp

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I'm not really sure if this is a XP problem or a memory problem. I recently formatted to XP from Vista and now my memory shows 500MB less then what's actually in there, and what showed on Vista. I have 4GB Memory and when I show them properties on My Computer it says 3.5GB... my bootup screen says 4GB available so my motherboard recognizes it.

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Hai ,
I have a system with a 200gb and 80gb harddisks and 1gb RAM.. my 80gb harddisk showed 184kb of bad sectors n i fixed it..
Now, today when i start my computer, i saw my ram memory as 1088mb..(.98gb) ... i checked BIOS settings.. there the ram is shown as 1024 mb..

My computer -properties - General -shows ram as .98gb..

What may be the reason for this.. n how could i rectify it..
Plz help me..

A:Ram memory shows a difference..

They are the same, just expressed differently. Don't try to make any alterations anywhere, it is perfectly OK.
Some folks consider 1GB = 1000MB, others do it correct and use 1GB = 1024MB.
As the system uses some memory for itself, sometimes it shows less than what you actually have.
Forget it, in other words.
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After chkdsk completed I ran memory diagnosis from installation disk. Laptop restarted and just black screen with high fan. Nothing shows up on the screen.

A:memory diagnosis nothing shows up

Welcome to Seven Forums

How did you run chkdsk if nothing shows on the screen ?

What is the problem ? Please explain.

Please fill in your specs.
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Hello everyone I have this issue value half the installed shows Memory that Memory shows half the value installed no matter how much ram i have installed it only shows half on my Windows bit system when i bought it it had gb installed but i could only use so i installed GB more from my old computer which had DDR ram as well but now it shows Usable with GB installed in BIOS it also shows thousand something and showed k something with only the original parts and yes i'm sure i run a bit system and not a bit as it says so below how much ram i have installed and can use anyone know what causes this and knows how i can fix it had blue screen - times now cause to much memory was used and its bugging me so to speak any help would Memory shows half the value installed be great i will call the support over the new year tho but would be great to get help if anyhone know why you can see my specs on my profile Thanks Jade

A:Memory shows half the value installed

Quote: Originally Posted by Jade

Hello everyone,

I have this issue that no matter how much ram i have installed it only shows half on my Windows 7 64 bit system.

when i bought it it had 4gb installed, but i could only use 1.99,
so i installed 2GB more from my old computer(which had DDR3 ram as well) but now it shows 2.99 Usable with 6GB installed.

in BIOS it also shows 3 thousand something. and showed 2k something with only the original parts.

and yes i'm sure i run a 64bit system and not a 32bit as it says so below how much ram i have installed and can use.

anyone know what causes this and knows how i can fix it? had blue screen 2-3 times now cause to much memory was used. and its bugging me so to speak.

any help would be great. i will call the support over the new year tho, but would be great to get help if anyhone know why. you can see my specs on my profile.



Jade Hi and welcome

Nice post. You may have a setting in bios called max mem. check and it should be unchecked.
Let us know if that doesnt help

Ken J+
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Hp Pavilion g7 notebookWindows 7 Pro sp1 Problem: installed 8Gb memory. System information shows all 8gb by says only 3.48GB available to windows.  How do I get Windows to access all memory. Thanks in advance, I having been looking at this problem for weeks.

View Solution.

A:Memory upgrade to 8GB only shows 3.48Gb available

found solution.  you need to install the same manufacturers memory in both slots.  I installed new memory all from the same company and I finally have the 8 GB.
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hey guys i got 4Gigs of memory when i cheek BIOS it says i got 4Gigs and in properties in my computer says i got 4Gigs to but when i hit Ctrl+alt+esc task manger it says i only got 3gigs of memory how come? anyone know how to fix this problem?

i installed latest bois

A:[Help] task manager only shows 3 gigs of memory

Hi Soldier,

Can you post a screenshot of Task Manager with this? It may help it determining what may be going on.
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Please be relatively new to this!
A friend advised me to upgrade the memory in the PC as I was experiencing a problems whilst editing photos.
So I looked at the existing memory - 512mb DDR 333 2700 and puchased a single 1GB DDR 333 2700.
Only when I install it (in any slot), it comes up at the memory check saying 2gb and then hangs.
So I put the 512mb back in and it works ok.
I have a Leadtek K7NCR18D Pro2 motherboard,which has 3 slots and can be expanded to 3gb acording to their website.
Any help/ suggestions would be much appreciated.

A:Memory check shows double and hangs

The gig stick may be bad.
Try this
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I turned on my computer this is than Windows shows memory there [SOLVED] crashed less and HD morning and Windows would not boot it [SOLVED] Windows crashed and HD shows less memory than is there said a system file was missing [SOLVED] Windows crashed and HD shows less memory than is there or corrupt and couldn't boot I tried System Recovery pressing F and after a while it sorted the problem out but appeared to leave the computer as new I checked the hard drive and it showed that I had about GB out of GB left I checked the Programs folder and everything was still there However my administrator account was gone and I could no longer access anything that I had downloaded on the account and saved to the My Documents folder I had in there I had a friend who knows about computers take a look at it and he said that the files were no longer there but that the hard drive was still registering them as being there for some reason To correct the problem he suggested a program called [SOLVED] Windows crashed and HD shows less memory than is there Advance System Care It fixed some problems just fine but not the main one that of how to get my hard drive to stop thinking that it only has GB of space left How can I fix this problem so I can get my excess space back Thanks in advance

A:[SOLVED] Windows crashed and HD shows less memory than is there

Just a shot in the dark...Run a disk defrag off the Start/Accessories/system tools/Menu.

If nothing else, you'll be able to "analyze" the HD and "see" where your files are.
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Hello Sevens!
I have new problem with my PC. Long tiome ago I have bough Trust 5.25" Media Connect Bay CR-3600. From few days ago I have problem. My SD card slot doesn't work propertly. I can see (open) fiels prom Card SD, but I can't move or delete them. I have also MS and CF slot and I can open, move and delete files. I have changed USB slots, which connect bay is connected to and problem still exists.. I have reconnected wires in Connect Bay and it didn't solve problem.
What should I do to solve this problem and be able to move/delete files from SD cards. I'm using frequently SD cards, so I need to repair it.

A:Memory Card HUB shows problem with files entry

Ok, I have solved the problem
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XPS MT i processor extreme thats what Dell is calling it core GB DDR Memory sticks Gigabit Ethernet Windows Vista Home Prem bit upgraded to Windows odd Dell XPS configuration Shows and 435mt proc Memory Home Prem Bit Ok in the original Vista and now in the Windows the customer upgraded to it Dell XPS 435mt Shows odd Memory and proc configuration shows in the properties box and in task manager that gb of memory is available When I tested Ram I pulled all but stick in the Black slot closest to the proc I inserted gb stick and booted I get beeps pause beeps as if there is no ram inserted Dell XPS 435mt Shows odd Memory and proc configuration I installed a Gb stick in that slot and get the beeps in the next slot which is white it boots but says GB Dell XPS 435mt Shows odd Memory and proc configuration installed gb usable the i core shows as a dual core I swapped out an i dual core and it shows a single core I ran an MRI Hardware test on it Eurosoft pc-check and it shows no errors and ran as a core I pulled the heatsink to replace the thermal paste and checked the numbers it is indeed an i extreme core proc With all of that I am going to assume that the motherboard is hosed I just am hoping for either a confirmation or a direction for testing

A:Dell XPS 435mt Shows odd Memory and proc configuration

The Dell community (users helping users forum) would be the best place since there are people there familiar with Dell hardware.

The desktop hardware section would be the place to start.
Desktop - Dell Community

I used to work the Dell forums (10 years) and Dell's have had a history of memory compatibility with non-Dell branded memory. For that reason we always recommended Crucial Memory as it was guaranteed to work in Dell's. Other brands will work but its hit or miss.
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I have a drawing programme on an old PC that I want to transfer to my new PC, the old PC is running on Win98 and the new one on Win XP. I copied all the files in the programmes folder and transferred them to my new PC.

When I try to use the undo feature in the drawing programme it does not work. Looking at HELP - ABOUT box on the programme the Free System Memory and Free Disc Space figures both have a minus sign in front of the figures and I think it's this that is stopping the undo feature working.

Anyone offer any advice or help please.


A:Free System Memory shows minus figure

It surprising it work at all. You need to reinstall the application. The reason is when installed it setups the environment, which includes adding the required registry setting and work files. Hopefully you have the original software disks.
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Control Panel, General properties window shows memory available as 3.25 gb. I have 4gb installed. The recommended virtual memory is supposed to be 4096 mb. Why is there a difference? If the General properties is showing only 3.25 gb available can I or should I still set the virtual memory use to 4096mb? I have XP2 Pro installed.

A:Control Panel General properties shows memory but

You have the 32-bit version of Windows XP, so it's not going to recognize and use more than 3.0 - 3.25 GB of RAM. More than 2.0 GB of RAM is overkill anyway with Windows XP.

Set virtual memory to "System managed size". There's no need to manually set it.

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Need to deal with the excessive memory usage on my desktop. As you can see on the screenshots the total memory usage doesnt add up. What I dont understand is that is it being used as memory cache or is it cause of any adware or malware? The antivirus softwares and the protective softwares I have does not detect the fault. And I got advised that it might be RAM damping or something. So really need help on this.

A:Excessive Memory usage than the process manager shows.

Have a look into Resource Monitor > Memory tab. That will tell you exactly which process uses what.

Btw: your snips do not show. Use the paperclip to attach them.
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Im running windows 98 se ( sometimes it say running sever edition of windows ???? ) whatever that means?, 96 mb RAM dial up connection, ????

A:XMS driver version 3.9 Extended memory speification version 3.0 not installed

The most common cause of this error is faulty RAM.
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Hi guys,

I have had win2k running on my pc for the last 3 years. I observed some random reboots during the last few days but today, in the midst of using Firefox, the pc froze completely. Since then whenever I tried to restart it, I saw the following error message:
"Windows NT has not found enough extended memory. 7Mb of extended memory is required to run Windows NT. You may need to upgrade your computer or run a configuration program provided by the manufacturer."
I searched the MS knowledge base and the only similar issue reported was with Win95.

I am using an ECS nForce3-A MB with Sempron 2800 CPU. I have two sticks of 256MB crucial memory. I tried reseating/removing the memory sticks but it didn't help.
I cannot reboot with an OS cd also as this error appears during boot process itself. Please suggest what I should do now.


A:Cannot boot - "Windows NT has not found enough extended memory"
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I have two sticks of 4gb PNY RAM (8gb total) installed in an Asrock A75M motherboard, which supports 16GB of RAM. I've already flashed my BIOS, thinking that may be it, but it didn't work.

Windows 7 as well as my BIOS show that 8GB of RAM is installed, but only 3.73 is usable. I have an onboard video card, so 256MB is dedicated to that, which makes sense, but why isn't the other 4GB showing up?

A:Windows 7 64bit shows 3.73GB usable memory with 8GB installed

You need a setting in the BIOS called Memory Remapping.
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Windows 7 Ultimate computer is idle as everything is closed and I click on the Task Manager to check on
Performance and I note Memory been used is 1.22GB CPU usage fluctuating between 0 - 1%

Total Physical memory is 3GB
Cached 1378
Available 1831
Free 507

I clicked on the Resource Monitor and its showing 38% Used physical Memory

Is this how its supposed to be? Why so much being used up while I'm not using the computer?
How Can I minimize memory usage

Thanking you all in advance

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Has Windows XP professional on it.  Recntly, that is this morning, when I tried to boot up the computer, it goes past the splash screen and then gives me an error 'Windows NT has found only 500K of low memory.  512K of low memory is needed to run Windows NT.  You may need to upgrade your computer or run a configuration program provided by the manufacturer'
What does all this mean, and why did it happen suudenly and how do I fix it

A:Built computer shows 'Windows NT has found only 500K of low memory'

It has been suggested that you reset your BIOS to 'Default' values.
How much RAM is installed on your system, and what is the make and model of your computer ?
Chris Cosgrove
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I have an Acer laptop that is about years old It has a P quad core processor running at GHz and GB of DDR memory It has been running slower for a while so I downloaded Ccleaner and AdwCleaner and ran them They found some items Shows Memory Errors Monitor Hard Windows Resource to clean up but the speed did not increase appreciably I don't know much about the Windows Task Manager but I decided to open it and check out things as best I could At the bottom of the Performance window I saw a button labeled Resource Monitor I clicked it and saw that I was able to view more detailed information about the ways that Windows Resource Monitor Shows Hard Memory Errors the system components were being utilized I started playing a YouTube video and then looked at the Memory usage It was only about but at the bottom of the screen was a window labeled Hard Errors with a graph scaled from to Errors Per Second There seemed to be a continuous stream of hard errors sometimes going completely off of the graph Is this telling me that the memory has errors that the Processor needs to correct before using the data Could this be Windows Resource Monitor Shows Hard Memory Errors what has caused the computer to slow down as it gets older I ran a similar test on my other two computers and Windows Resource Monitor Shows Hard Memory Errors while a few hard errors showed up on them they were negligible compared to the laptop

A:Windows Resource Monitor Shows Hard Memory Errors

1.  Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
2.  Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download.  

When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.
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Hi sir
During a normal working my computer shows the blue screen and displays the message like " dumping physical memory to disk " and gets restarted and this may in occur in a week or 1 to 15 times in day.This behaviour is random.
In the event viewer it give sthe message like
"The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was : "
and After that it gives some memory location and the dump was saved in and gives the memory location on the harddisk.
Sometimes it shows the trap exception at the startup and also shows the contents of various registers like cs,es.

I do not know what is happening.
I am facing this problem from 2 to 3 monthes.
As for the example i will give the dump files as an attachment

A:My Computer shows the message like dumping physical memory to disk and gets rebooted

You are getting BSODs or Blue Screen(s) Of Death. Please post the files that are saved to the location that it gives. Upload them as attachments so that members can analyze them. I do not have the skill to do so, but many other people do.
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I recently helped a friend upgrade a Dell Dimension e521 PC running Vista Home Premium with 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM to 2GB of DDR2 SDRAM.

The computer working, However when I reviewed the total memory installed in Vista Computer Properties Page It only shows 1023MB / 1GB - 1 MB.. Not 2048MB / 2GB As Shown in the image attached to this posting. Here's the odd part. When I check the BIOS & run a memory count scan it shows 2GB. As shown in the image attached.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? If yes, what did you do to correct it?

I'm trying to fix this problem for a friend, as Dell has not been any help to him at all.

TIA for the help

A:Solved: Vista Home Premium Memory Count Error - Shows 1GB Not 2GB
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For about two weeks now when I put my SD Memory card in my computer nothing pops up to allow me to upload videos I have tried to go to quot My computer quot and look for the device but unfortunately it says there isn t a memory card in Though the light is on memory to nothing up in, help pops but Computer is pictures/videos upload card shows next to where you insert the memory card telling me it s in there The pictures look fine when they are on my camera I don t see a problem with my memory Computer shows memory card is in, but nothing pops up to upload pictures/videos help card and it is not on lock So I tried using a USB cord for my Polaroid camera my memory card in the camera as well When I go to my computer it says it recognizes the device but it tells me the file cannot be formatted Only photos on my camera not on my SD memory card can be uploaded The pictures on this memory card are important to me and I do not know why they are not uploading Please helpp nbsp

A:Computer shows memory card is in, but nothing pops up to upload pictures/videos help

Sounds like the SD card has died to me, i'm not sure if it's possible to get the pics off of it, maybe someone else on here knows more about that side of things.
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I Bought a gateway NV laptop days ago and it Memory BIOS Help! has been working perfect i have not been downloading any programs or any new stuff so BIOS Memory Help! it came to shock when a blue screen came up giving me an error now im not a big techy so i searched google but found geeky techy answers that never helped me so hopefully someone can help me out the best way they can the error message says a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated if this is the first time youve seen this screen restart your computer if this screen appears again follow these steps check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed if this is a new installation ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates if problems continue disable or remove any newly installed hardware BIOS Memory Help! or software disable BIOS Memory Help! BIOS Memory options such as caching or shadowing if you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components restart your computer press F to select advanced startup options and thenselect safe mode Technical Info STOP x F X XFFFFFA AEB xFFFFFA AEB xFFFFF EF D so if anyone can tell me how to locate the BIOS memory and how to delete shadowing and caching and help me it would be greatly appreciated thanks -Joigga I Bought a gateway NV laptop days ago and it has been working perfect i have not been downloading any programs or any new stuff so it came to shock when a blue screen came up giving me an error now im not a big techy so i searched google but found geeky techy answers that never helped me so hopefully someone can help me out the best way they can the error message says a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated if this is the first time youve seen this screen restart your computer if this screen appears again follow these steps check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed if this is a new installation ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates if problems continue disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software disable BIOS Memory options such as caching or shadowing if you need to use safe mode to remove or disable components restart your computer press F to select advanced startup options and thenselect safe mode Technical Info STOP x F X XFFFFFA AEB xFFFFFA AEB xFFFFF EF D so if anyone can tell me how to locate the BIOS memory and how to delete shadowing and caching and help me it would be greatly appreciated thanks -Joigga nbsp

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I checked my bios, and the L2 cache is enabled for "ECC" , I have "Non-ecc". Should I disabled it, it isn't doing
anything is it if I have Non ECC and the L2 Cache is enabled? Doesn't that slow down the computer if enabled for
reading memory?

A:memory and bios

The L2 cache is the memory on the CPU I don't know whether L2 cache in CPU's is ECC or not but I would advise you leave it on because ECC checks for errors in the L2 cache and if one gets through due to it being turned off it can corrupt files.

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hi pls tell me how to disable bios caching and shadowing.
i cant find these in the bios settings

A:regarding bios memory

Some won't let you. If you don't see the option in any of the bios menus you won't be able to.
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Hello Sir / Ma'am

Im Cyril Paul, nowadays my computer shuts-down automatically and i get this note - Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing". What could be the problem. Under technical information it showes as - *** STOP : 0x0000008E...and many numbers like this.
Please help.

Thank You

A:Disable BIOS memory

I would run a memory tester

Download the prebuilt ISO, burn it to CD as an Image (not data), boot from that CD and run the memory test for a couple of hours or overnight to stress test the memory.

If the memory test has no errors, update your drivers.

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K so I am completely new to any advanced modding and stuff...or basic...I have no idea. Either way I would like to know how to access the bios for my ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 igp video card(shared memory) so I can bump up the memory from 64mb to 128mb. I have checked my system specs and I should be able to do it. But I just don't know how to do it. Help is muchly appreciated.

A:Bios? Shared Memory?

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Is this a Laptop?
What make and model?
Generally the bios will have the settings for this, hitting "delete" durring boot up will get you there. Laptops are different.
Look for thr agp aperture & shared memory, they are not the same thing.
Set aperture to 1/4 of video ram. If you set the shared system ram to 128 then aperture would be 32.
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I have an intel b940 processor i need new bios for the current bios dont support what i need to do with them...they are EXTREMELY basic bios!! I need over clock setting so i can adjust the memory timings and voltages....heres a doesnt say jack about bios updates for this processor...HELP PLEASE!!
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I purchased ??????? Memory/MoBo/BIOS a p c -E Deluxe MoBo and have installed a Intel P E GHz Prescott MHz FSB MB L Cache HT Processor a GB of Ram Below and a ATI AIW Video Card MB DRAM Kingston ValueRAM Dual Channel Kit Pin G x DDR PC- Specifications Manufacturer Kingston Speed DDR PC Type Pin DDR SDRAM Error Checking Non-ECC Registered Unbuffered Unbuffered Cas Latency Support Voltage V Bandwidth GB s Organization two M x -Bit Memory/MoBo/BIOS ??????? I have all the MoBo settings in set-up on standard auto and the latest system BIOS installed yet the system is running my memory at quot DDR Frequency Mhz Dual Channel Linear Mode quot How do I get the system to recognize that the Ram is DDR and runn accordingly I ran test on the memory and am even more confused now I ran Microsoft s freeware quot Windows Memory Diagnostic quot and the memory failed every test I thought that odd and ran the test per chip bank The test showed bank A as generating all of the errors I took the DIMM from bank B and placed it in bank A leaving the bad DIMM from bank out of the system I again ran the test and again the memory failed all test So now I extracted the memory that was originally in bank now in bank and removed it from the system I replaced it with the memory that was originally in bank and put it back in bank while keeping the other out of the system Again the memory failed all test I also tested all memory with the cache turned off as well as on and always the same results I have also run Memtest Pass and received no errors Is there a problem with the motherboard - possibly Bank A In addition before testing the memory I updated my BIOS and received an unexpected message quot Check Sum Error quot I was given the choice of pressing F to go to set-up or F to reset defaults I choice F and later entered setup and switched it back to Plug and Play by OS Could the BIOS be the cause of the memory errors MS Mem Diag is reporting nbsp

A:Memory/MoBo/BIOS ???????

Thanks to you guys that viewed my question even though no one had a response. I wrote ASUS Help Desk and they said to RMA the board - sounded like a dead memory bank. I just built the machine two weeks ago and the last thing I wanted was a DOA MoBO. I guess I should have suspected something sooner as the memory usage was never over 30% even with games and video editing. I suppose it saw the memory - just couldn't use it. Weird!!! I have a new question if someone has experience I would be thankful if they shared it. I yanked the MoBo and plan on replacing it. I have a 0 RAID on the promise SATA connections. I am running XP Pro Sp 1a. Is it possible to just plug up the new MOBO and go. I haven't activated the OS as I suspected something wasn't right. Thanks again to those who stopped to help.
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Hi I just bought a new pc and asked for Corsair 16GB pc3 1200 1600MHz 4x4 GB DDR3 to be installed but when I checked the bios it lists
Memory frequency 1337.68MHz
Total Memory size 16384 MB
should the frequency not be 1600MHz ?

A:Memory speed in the bios

Quote: Originally Posted by baccini

Hi I just bought a new pc and asked for Corsair 16GB pc3 1200 1600MHz 4x4 GB DDR3 to be installed but when I checked the bios it lists
Memory frequency 1337.68MHz
Total Memory size 16384 MB
should the frequency not be 1600MHz ?

On a lot of PCs the RAM frequency is set to DDR3-1333 by default. To get something different, you may need to set the BIOS to use the XMP (extreme media profile) settings, or manually set the RAM frequency and timings.
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well i think i got a big trouble here here some note from the screen --- A problem has been detected and / allocation memory BIOS windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer the BIOS / memory allocation computer seems to be cause by the following file ACPI sys PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA if this is BIOS / memory allocation your first you ve been seen this stop error system restart your computer if the screen appears again follow these instruction check to make sure any new hardware or software is property installed if this is a new installation ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you might need if the problem continue disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software disabled BIOS memory option such as caching shadowing if you need to use safe BIOS / memory allocation mode f advance startup options bla bla bla technical support STOP x f d x xf f b x ACPI sys - address F F b base at f e data stamp d dd f ---- so how to solve this problem i don t have any ideals to solve it recently i try to use system restore to restore back what i ve done previous date but it may go through to the windows after for a while without any alert it totally restart the computer and then display the above message again again sometimes the computer is not responding before execute to the windows i tried to repair the windows at the windows startup but it was failed and the system was hanging right there for your information i m using award BIOS system and windows XP so may someone to figure this problem out is it my motherboard s getting some problem here or it might be motherboard has damaged nbsp
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So i have this weird issue where after a windows update I dont know if its the cause or not but i dont nothing to my bios cant all find z cpu can. Bios memory my and it only see gb ram I have x mhz and x mhz they are the same type This used to work Bios cant find all my memory cpu z can. before This is what cpu z shows Size MB Type DDR - - Triple Channel Frequency MHz Timings - - - Slot Module Corsair - MB Slot Module Corsair - MB Slot Module Corsair - MB Slot Module Corsair - MB Slot Module Corsair - MB Slot Module Corsair - MB Nvidia detects gbit ram speed which means all are detected it also shows Direct D API version Direct D Function Data Rate Memory MHz Memory Interface -bit s s Bandwidth Memory GB s Total Available Graphics Memory MB Dedicated Video Memory MB GDDR System video memory MB Shared system memory MB gb shared system memory gb vram thats wrong Bios cant find all my memory cpu z can. i have gb vram Whats wrong i have the newest version of bios i tried another version too I know the speed is not the same but it had worked before and i dont want to pay for another ramsticks when its not needed Their both Corsair CMX GX M I did increase the ram voltage to Didnt help nbsp

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Hey gang I got two new sticks of OCZ Ram for Christmas and I stuck them in and my mobo picked them up without a hitch but I had forgotten than the old memory I had isntalled was in Memory BIOS Timings a tiny bit over clocked So the manual settings remained the same for the new ram I d like to run the Memory Timings in BIOS new ram at it s factory settings of - - - but in the bios I m Memory Timings in BIOS not completely sure where to put those numbers I had a buddy help me out the first time around but he s home on vacation now so I m looking to you this time I think the numbers that are in parentheses are what I should have ASUS A N-SLI Premium mobo Memory timings are something like this CAS Latency Tras Trcd Trp Trc Trfc Trwt Twr T T Let me know if you need anymore information Im headed to bed and won t be back online till tomorrow sometime so do your best until then Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Memory Timings in BIOS

check this thread, I think it`s what you need. If not, then post at the OCZ forums, get the right answers the first time around from the guys who made the sticks.
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I had a question about my memory timings. I don't know much about them, and my research on the net hasn't helped me any.

Basically I wonder why the listing in my BIOS for the individual timings (tCL, tRCD, etc.) are different from the 'Current Memory Setting' of 5-5-5-15. I have PC5300 DDR2. Can I increase the timings to get better performance? I don't want to mess with them and fry something. Thanks.

Here is my BIOS settings:

Current Memory Speed 667 Mhz
Current Memory Setting 5-5-5-15
Memory Frequency 667 Mhz
tCL.......... 4
tRCD....... 5
tRF......... 5

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Does anyone know what this setting in the bios is, I have Sli memory but this setting only works in the disabled position ?.
Thanks Adrian.

A:Bios (Sli Ready Memory)

This is fairly new and very few memory makers offer it. From every thing I have read is that it was mostly a Marketing thing and not much if any improvement.

Download CPU-Z to see how the memory timings are. If everything looks good I would forget about the SLI memory.
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hey everyone!

i just need to check something with you all: when the bios show a memory amount such as 256mb, could windows show it as being 512mb or does windows get the memory amount from the bios?


A:bios memory amount

Is this a hypothetical question, or are you actually seeing a specific result?

I personally would expect the opposite, if anything...less found in Windows, than elsewhere.
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Last night I installed 2 G to my Dell Dimension 9100 machine and cleaned out the dust.

Turned machine on and received a BIOS message and can do nothing.

Any ideas to help me? I am almost incompetent in regards to computers!

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Hi all,

I am currently working on upgrading my OS to Win7 64-bit Home Premium.

These are my system specs:

System Configuration:
MB: Asus SK8V
CPU: Athlon FX-53 (socket 940)
RAM: 8GB Samsung Registered Buffered ECC
Harddrive1: Samsung Spinpoint 7200.10 SATA 120GB XP Pro 32-bit
Harddrive2: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 Sata 320GB (16MB cache) Windows 7 64-bit
GPU: Gigabyte HD4650 AGP
BIOS: SK8V1002 (AMIBIOS derivitive)

This motherboard with this BIOS supports memory remapping and up to 8GB of RAM. Unfortunately, 1002 does not support dual core CPUs.

BIOS rev 1003 supports dual core cpus but, Asus in its infinite wisdom appears to have disabled the memory remapping feature.

If I flash to 1003 will Win7 64-bit acknowledge 8GB independent of the BIOS?

This will limit if I upgrade the CPU or the whole machine. I know the machine is older but I enjoy torturing every last ounce of service from my hardware.

Any input regarding the BIOS Win7 RAM question is appreciated?


A:Memory, BIOS, Windows 7 64-bit question

Welcome aboard!
I'd check directly with Asus. Memory remapping may be disabled by default but may be user selected. Only way to know is to try it.
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1. There doesn't appear to be an option in BIOS to disable memory caching/shadowing. No advanced options, just Information, Main, Security, Boot and Exit. It's Phoenix SecureCore version 0.3204.
2. Also, my memory usage has been a lot higher since running ToolWiz Care tuneup program. I don't have any restore points from that period to reverse it.
Any help on how to remedy either or both of these issues would be really appreciated, 

A:Can't disable memory caching in BIOS etc

Why do you want to disable shadowing? All that does is at boot up, instead of mapping the (slow) BIOS flash RAM of adapters and the mainboard BIOS into the HMA (High Memory Area) at the top of the first 1MB of system RAM, a tiny amount of system RAM is mapped to that location and the flash RAM contents copied to it. That means any access to BIOS code is much much faster, and uses basically no resources - the entire HMA is only 384 kilobytes of memory.
The use of system "Tuneup" utilities is a recognized potential hazard for a system, and can result in either misreported "errors" being supposedly corrected without anything actually being achieved, or some harm being done to important system functions, such as the Registry. Bleeping Computer recommends avoiding the use of such utilities.
Since I don't use them at all, and have no direct knowledge of their operation, I must leave it to more experienced techs here to offer suggestions as to the best way to deal with possible problems when there is no restore available.
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I have a dell insprion 8200 I can get into bios but registry - error blue screen hell it say to disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing? can't find it in safe mode and won't boot past reg error screen help. stopx00000051 (OX00000001,OXE15D9008,OX005CE000,OX000001D6)
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Hello I have an old PC BIOS, Optimise Old Memory, Swapfile, PC etc DMA, which BIOS, DMA, Memory, Swapfile, etc Optimise Old PC whose performance I wish to optimise as best I can This is not a request for overclocking advice as such since I do not have the skills to start messing around with jumpers and voltages etc Since this is an old yr old PC I realise I should replace it or at least upgrade some of its components unfortunately I do not have the funds to do so So this is a request for advice on how best to configure my existing hardware and OS environment My Pc details BIOS Award V AMD K Mhz Alladin GA AX HDD GB UDMA HDD GB UDMA RAM MB OS Win SE Monitor standard VGA ATI Rage II Mach graphics card MB Onboard K dial up modem Primary usage Single user home based pc WP spreadsheet database apps Email surfing web site design minor graphics work scanning etc Minimal games use Tetris Freecell Chess etc I am using SIS Software Sandra for benchmarking and testing I have already made some changes to the BIOS settings Sandra does not report any significant change in either processing or hard disc read write speeds as a consequence of these BIOS changes Although an improvement in memory speed is identified this does not seem to be reflected in any noticeable improvement in real world performance Although my hard discs are correctly identified as UDMA there does not seem to be any significant differance in performance whether or not DMA is enabled within WIN I am currently looking at swapfile caching virtual memory issues much of the advice I have found appears to be contradictory possiblely a legacy from Win and earlier DOS principles for memory configuration Ulitimately I shall probably reformat and partion my C drive creating a dedicated swapfile drive and then reinstall windows Not so such a hassle since I have the OS amp app CDs and downloadeded and save all the Win updates and data such as IE favorites My Docs database amp spreadsheet files are all stored on my secondary hard drive I have obviously done what I can to reduce WIN bloat by removing all those elements I do not need I have considered using WINlite as a cut down windows environment but decided against it on the grounds that some of my apps might not like such a degree of customisation Any advice on the foregoing reports on similar experiences or sugeestions about things I have not considered will be appreciated I have the necesary report tools to post any technical details that might be helpful even if I dont undertsand their meaning Many thanks for reading the foregoing Nick nbsp

A:BIOS, DMA, Memory, Swapfile, etc Optimise Old PC

Hi Nick... As you can see by my system specs below, I'm not running exactly a new system either. However, I find it quite adequate for my needs.

For what it's worth, here are some suggestions:

1. When you create a dedicated partition for your swap file... for any real benefit from this, it needs to be on the slave drive. Putting it on the same physical drive with the OS, but on another partition doesn't really do much. Putting it on the slave drive allows both drives to read/write at the same time. That is the time saving mechanism. In any event, it has limited value with as much RAM as you have since the swap file should get little use during normal activities.

2. My swap file partition has adequate space for the TIF folder, which I relocated there. Like the swap file (when it's in use) the TIF folder gets a high level of read/write activity when you are on-line.

3. In Internet Options>Advanced tab. Scroll down to Security and put a tick mark on "Empty Temporary Internet Files when browser is closed". This stops build up of trash in the TIF.
BTW... Empty the TIF folder before doing this so you start clean.

4. To control the usual build up of cookies, download CookieWall. This great little utility lets YOU choose what cookies are loaded into your computer.

5. I have found using MyIE2 as my default browser to get away from all those popups (built in popup stopper) and IE errors. It also has tabbed web paging (great idea) and handy plugs ins like RoboForm. It's free Here. MyIE2 runs on the IE shell, but with way less bloat and much cleaner operation.

6. The Win98 defrag tool is pretty inefficient. The ME defrag tool is way more better and it works with Win98. Go Here for an article and a download link if you like what you read.

BTW... Run ScanDisk before you run defrag.

7. A clean Registry is always and aid to your system running better. I use jv16 with satisfaction. You can get the older (and free) copy of v1.3.0.195 Here

8. Activate DMA on both drives.

9. Forgot to mention this... Set your history file for 5 days. Same idea as the TIF folder being emptied. Keeps down buildup of unnecessary trash.

None of these items by itself will provide any real noticeable improvement, but the aggregate effect will be a smoother running system which translates to faster.

BTW... I detected a noticeable increase in speed when I installed a 7200 RPM, 8mb cache HDD.

EDIT... When you get your system up and running, you may want to run HiJackThis and post a log file here for a look. HJT will tell you just about all you need to know about your system and what's starting with windows, what's running and you can isolate any bad guys downloaded from the Internet without your knowledge. Get it Here, unzip the file to it's own folder (create an HJT folder before you unzip the file). Close all windows, including browser. Open HJT and click the Scan button. When it's done the scan button will change to Save Log. Click that and save the log in a convenient place. HJT's default app for the log is NotePad. Open the saved log, copy the entire log file and paste it into a post here. DO NOT FIX ANYTHING YET. Most items on the list are harmless or even required for windows to operate. Wait for an evaluation and recommendation from someone on this forum.
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I have Toshiba NB520, and I want to know if it's possible to change the Ram memory by new one 4Go ??
When I replace the 4Go memory the Computer can't restart !!
do you know why ? I trying to upgrade the Bios without success.
if some body can help, thank's
Best regards

A:NB520 - upgrade BIOS an memory RAM

Yes it is possible. I have NB520-11. After reading many threads here I?ve made my own experiments.
Using 4GB RAM on original preinstalled Win7 starter will not have any affect because only 2GB will be usable. I?ve installed my own Win7 32bit Home Premium and now system shows 4GB installed and around 3GB will be usable.

For upgrade I?ve used 4GB RAM from my Satellite P500. It has part number PA3677U-1M4G.
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Over the past few day there have been some lockups on my computer, and then yesterday the motherboard beeped twice after the single beep at start-up, I found this out to be memory parity error. Today the computer boots up and has only 320mb out of 512mb. Is there a module on the memory gone?

1Ghz Athlon
512mb ECC (single chip) 133Mhz
40gb HD
G3 ti-200

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I can only configure two things...

1. dram timing (for each bank) from 7.5 ns to 10 ns or turbo*.

2. cycle length 3 or 2

* note in manual says "turbo mode reduces CAS access time by 1 clock tick."

what settings are best?

A:Memory settings in BIOS are limited, what is best?

Depends on the type and quality of the memory you have installed.

7.5ns is for pc 133 memory, 10ns is for pc 100.

3 would be cas 3, 2 would be cas 2.

7.5 and cas2 would be best but only if your memory is fast enough to handle it, if not it will lock up
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frequent appearing of blue screen.

A:disable bios memory options

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

You need to give us some information about your problem in order for us to be able to help you.

Information Microsoft support members need from you
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248 Megabytes Installed Memory

Slot 'DIMM_1' has 1024 MB
Slot 'DIMM_2' is Empty

for belarc advisor.

Dell Computer Corporation Dell DE051 2.53 gigahertz Intel Celeron
Main Circuit Board b Board: Dell Computer Corp. 0WF887
Serial Number: ..CN7082167301AE.
Bus Clock: 533 megahertz
BIOS: Dell Computer Corporation A01 01/03/2006

i had 256mb memory installed the sticker on old memory says 256mb ddr-400mhz-cl3 promos pc3200-3033-Ao

i bought a crucial 1gbb184-pin dimm 128mx64 ddr pc3200 unbuff memory chip installed it and went to bios and said 1054mb installed but when i went to system properties only said 248mb ram
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I downloaded an exe called flashv73.exe from my motherboard manufacturer's site, as well as a .bin file to go with it.

When I put the two on a bootable floppy disk, and I boot from dos, and run the program, I enter in the .bin file name, and it starts doing something, then complains there is insufficient memory, and quits.

I tried copying the files to the c: drive and running it there, but it still happen. Any idea what's going on, or if you need more details?

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1. There doesn't appear to be an option in BIOS to disable memory caching/shadowing. No advanced options, just Information, Main, Security, Boot and Exit. It's Phoenix SecureCore version 0.3204. Is there any other way of disabling memory caching?

2. My memory usage has been a lot higher since running ToolWiz Care tuneup program. I don't have any restore points from that period to reverse it.

Any help on how to remedy either or both of these issues would be really appreciated,
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Hi I was hoping for some help - I ve been working in safe mode for a month of the battery and am at my wits end I have a Dell inspiron laptop About a month ago I reset the wireless router from the main computer the laptop accesses wirelessly and that is the last thing that I can recall that started the problem It worked after I reset the router and password The computer restarted internet explorer came up needing an update The computer was shut off and the next memory BIOS Disable options time it was turned on it stopped working normally If the laptop is plugged into the AC adapter it doesn t turn on and make noise there is just a black screen with a white cursor flashing If the laptop is on battery then I can get into safe mode If I Disable BIOS memory options just turn it on with the battery it will not go to the login rather has an error message about the IRQL driver and recommending that I disable the bios memory options such as Disable BIOS memory options caching or shadowing If I am in safe mode I can use most programs and the internet Any thoughts I feel like it is related to the wireless router somehow months prior to this when the wireless router was reset the next day the same laptop had difficulty starting and eventually did but all of the folders were moved around just an aside not the current problem Any help would be great Jewels nbsp

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I have 16gb of Corsair 1600mhz RAM, however the bios says it is 1439mhz. I know the bios does this for safety reasons, but when I go to change it to 1600mhz, there is no option for it. The closest ones are 1439 and 1728ish. If I move up to 1728ish, I have problems with the cpu overclocking. Is there really much of a performance difference between 1600 and 1439mhz? Should I bother trying to fix it? My motherboard is an Asus M5A99X Evo. Any help/advice would be much appreciated.
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I was just wondering about setting up memory voltages. I am using the Gigabyte X58A-UD3R board and it says that the memory dimm slots are "6 x 1.5V DDR3 Dimm sockets", but my memory, OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold Tripple Channel (8-8-8-24) is tested at 1.65 Volt. What would i put down for the memory voltages? is the 1.5 the maximum i can use for the dimm slots? or is it able to go up to 1.65V?

A:Solved: Bios memory voltages

You should be able to set the memory configuration from
auto to manual in the BIOS setup and set voltages and timings
manually as needed.
Are you having any stabilty problems at 1.5?
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Due to some issues with my PC restarting and getting blue screens all the time it has told me a number of times to disable memory chaching and shadowing in the BIOS, and I could not find these settings so was wondering how about I can do this.

Two of the blue screen errors I have had are:

A:BIOS Memory Settings Changing...

Any suggestions as to what this may be? Should I purchase a new motherboard?

System Stats
Soltek NForce 2 Motherboard
Leadtech GForce FX5200 Graphics Card
2x 512MB DDR RAM & 1x 256MB DDR RAM
Segate 80GB HDD
Windows XP Pro
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Hello There

I installed new memory yesterday on a PC and the BIOS is apparently so old it won't automatically count it. How annoying!! Can anybody tell me how to get into the BIOS area(s) so that I can tell it to do that? Thanks loads!


A:Enter BIOS? to count new memory

You don't. Either the RAM is not installed correctly or is the wrong type, or defective.
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Hello I have a Dell Studio laptop Runs Vista Bought in A month or more ago the battery stopped working I haven t replaced it yet because It went from working to not working very abruptly and I m not sure that s how batteries die Checking online I read it might be my BIOS I know someone who replaced her battery and it only worked for a week or so So her computer must have another issue going on maybe mine does too The last weeks the laptop has been freezing at random times When it s not freezing it s running great I run virus and malware checks often Paid Avast free Malwarebytes ADWcleaner CCleaner and I ran Windows Repair All in One I ran a diagnostic or memory Battery, module? BIOS test Battery, BIOS or memory module? at Dell it found a critical hardware failure--my memory module isn t working properly and should be replaced My System Info says that my -- RAM is GB Total physical Battery, BIOS or memory module? memory - GB Available physical memory - Total virtual memory - GB Available virtual memory - GB Question-could this memory module issue cause the battery issue and or the random freezing I also attempted to update my BIOS at Dell which was a recommended update It wouldn t allow me to complete the update because there was no battery Any advice would be welcome Thanks marber

A:Battery, BIOS or memory module?

Hello - Yes batteries can die abruptly.. normally you would see a decrease in how long it stays charged and then it would simply fail.  But it could be yours just decided to die.  Also your computer's freezing can be attributed to bad memory and if their memory tester found a problem you may indeed have failing memory, but I would try replacing the battery first ( just in case somehow the lack of battery is affecting the memory circuit. (unlikely but possible).
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Probably a stupid question but need assistance. Just upgraded bios on my Gigabyte GA68A-D3H-B3 motherboard to UEFI version u1b, from F12. I upgraded the memory's voltage to 1.65 volts as is required for my memory. I set the memory frequency manually to 1600, which is its standard frequency. When looking at final memory settings on CPUZ, it says my memory frequency is 800 mhz. Is my frequency set incorrectly in bios, or am I just supposed to double what I see on CPUZ and assume I have the correct frequency at 1600 mhz? The memory, by the way, is Patriot DDR3 1600. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but I am unsure about CPUZ software. Thanks for reading and responding.

A:Solved: Bios setting for memory

DDR = Double Data Rate, so 800Mhz real rate doubled is 1600Mhz effective rate. It's correct and that's what CPU-Z normally shows.
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I have Windows XP OS installed on my HP Pavilion 753n Desktop. I currently have 512MB SDRAM loaded, and want to upgrade with another 512MB. Is it necessary to update my BIOS settings (current BIOS on computer is dated 11 September 2002) prior to upgrading the memory? I have heard mix reviews about this on other forums/websites. Just want to know the true story about this.

Thanks in advance for the assistance!

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Hey So issue, probably. CMOS/BIOS memory I m running a year-old desktop that has crapped out on me again It was a custom job by cyberpowerpc and I don t remember too much about it One day it crashed I have the above screen whenever I startup after the initial boot menu comes up I managed to fix it by repairing the memory with some cleaner but that was a year ago and I have completely forgotten exactly what I did I know I agonized over it for weeks because I m a flat broke loser with major depression and anxiety issues that are so bad I can t leave the house Thing CMOS/BIOS memory issue, probably. s CMOS/BIOS memory issue, probably. basically my lifeline Anyway I really need a bunch of the files on it soon for important personal reasons I can access the CMOS screen but all the fiddling I ve done with it doesn t do much I tried removing the CMOS battery to reset the memory that way but it didn t work Honestly that s probably not the real problem at its core but I just need a quick solution enough to access what files I have left pull them off and transfer them to a new laptop An actual fix would be preferable I know that I haven t given much information but I m not entirely sure what would be relevant to share I m really only asking here as a semi-last resort Solutions I ve tried from searching the internets haven t been helpful and have basically what led me to the CMOS BIOS path Since quot repairing quot it worked before I m inclined to think it s related but I m not sure Anyone have any ideas Thank you in advance for your help and patience with a halfway noob nbsp

A:CMOS/BIOS memory issue, probably.

You can pull the hdd and install it in n external enclosure or into another computer to access the files you need. We need to know what the hardware is to really go any further with trouble shooting.
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I have a year old pc memory and mobo Bios, problems that im trying to sort out for my sister specs below the motherboard had failed it was taking an hour to even send a signal to the monitor so i replaced it with an identical one previously i had been told it was a processor problem so i had also replaced that it was definatly a motherboard problem as the new one has fixed it the cpu made no difference it now starts up straight away but where it would usually count up the memory on the opening screen it says quot Dram Clk mhz quot with a flashing cursor below the z in mhz i cant enter the bios by pressing delete presumably becasue the keyboard hasnt been detected yet it just sit there with a Bios, mobo and memory problems flashing cursor i cant Bios, mobo and memory problems do anything to it from a friends advice ive tried resetting the bios using the jumper switches and it made no difference ive also checked the memory and tried many different combinations I really do have no idea about this im totally lost Specs Mobo NMC VAX slot A CPU Slot A Athlon Memory mb mb X mb X mb X all P Graphics Geforce mx Sound Gamesurround fortissimo original mobo was an EP- KXA which failed and was replaced with the identical NMC VAX the CPU was also upgraded from a athlon to a at the same time as the motherboard please help if you can Thankyou nbsp

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When I attempted to install Windows XP the installation quit saying there was not enough memory (I had 2 GB installed). I ran Memtest86+ and when it used the BIOS memory size it only tested 1MB ! When I told it to probe for memory it found the full 2GB and tested it finding no errors after more than four full passes. I set all BIOS settings to default but it didn't help.
I've seen this before but it was a LONG time ago.

Biostar NF325-A7 motherboard, nVidia nForce 3 chipset, latest BIOS upgrade.
A64/3000 processor (socket 754)
2GB (2 - 1GB) PQI PC3200/DDR400 2-3-2-5 single channel SDRAM
XFX 6600GT 8x AGP video card
Creative SB0060 sound card, PCI
Western Digital 80GB SATA 1 hard drive
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HELP!!! The bios freezes at the memory test (MEMORY T.....FREEZE). A couple weeks ago, I pulled the RAM out and changed slots, no difference put it back in the original slot and it went fine. It's gone for good this time. Is this a simple fix and how to would be muchly appreciated. :approve:

A:Bios Freeze At Memory Test

Well.... try going into your bios settings and 1st check to make sure your ram is recognized correctly there...(correct MB showing)

if possible load fail safe options or set memory timeing to SPD or AUTO if you have the options in your bios to do so.

otherwise i would recommend trying a different stick of ram in that box.
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I'm trying to resolve a slow performing laptop.  In the process, I noticed that there is 16 GB of memory installed from Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  But the BIOS (Insyde F.13 09/07/2012) says that it only has 8 GB of memory.  Not everything in Windows is showing 16 GB, some displays only show 8 GB of memory.  I looked for a newer BIOS but could not find one.  Can this memory mismatch cause a performance issue?  The motherboard (Hewlett-Packard 181C), operating system (Windows 7 Home Premium) and processor (Intel Core i5-2450M) all support 16 GB of memory (DDR3 1066/1333/1600).  I have a matched pair of dual channel DDR3 1600 (2 x 8 GB) memory installed.

A:Memory recognition between BIOS and Windows

The 8 GB could be RAID drive. Please check if the computer has SSD allocated for RAID.Also please check and confirm the storage space and RAM memory. What you are looking at could be RAM memory and not storage meomory.Also check if the memory modules are same. If the modules differ, then the BIOS will read only the primery memory module.
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Maybe a stupid question but I haven't been able to Google an answer and I'm not that au fait with the intricacies of video cards/subsystems. My laptop has an ATI IGP-340M video subsystem which uses some of system RAM for its buffering. This can be set to 32MB, 64MB or 128MB in the BIOS. It was originally set to 64MB but I recently changed it to 32MB with no obvious ill effects. Can somebody esplain what impact the different BIOS memory settings might have? For what it's worth I'm not doing any multimedia/gaming stuff on this laptop so if the main impact is graphics processing performance (the lower the memory the lower the performance) then I don't really mind. Thanks.

A:ATI IGP-340M BIOS memory config impact?

The lower the memory allocated to the video card, the lower the video performance. If you don't do any kind of 3D gaming then you can set this 32MB and you won't notice the difference with regard to video performance. However by adding the other 32MB back to the system you may improve overall system performance.

Here's a useful read:
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I need to know how to Make sure your agp in enabled in the bios, and memory is allocated to it because I have the problem where I get the "Not Available" glitch in my dxdiag.exe. I run WinXP. I think it could be my mobo cuz its Very first Athlon soyo board... The SY-K7ADA.

A:How do you make sure your agp in enabled in the bios, and memory is allocated to it?
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I have a Dell Dimension 8200, pentium4 2.0GHz, 512 MB RDRAM, using Winows XP, home edition. The other day I got a "missing NTLDR file" error. Instead of choosing to repair, booting from CD ROM, I decided to delete the single partition and create 2 NTFS parttions, and re-install XP on the first one (C. During the installation, the formating part went smoothly. However, after that I got few "setup cannot copy the file <filenames>". I kept pressing ESC to continue without copying the files until I got the blue screen of death. I took the XP CD out, cleaned it, turn the power off. Then I retried to install, but got the same results. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Hard drive, Memory, BIOS ? problem

If you see setup seemingly suspended after copying a given file, while your CD-ROM drive is spinning madly and making noises, then setup says that it can't copy the file, then most likely your XP instal CD is damaged or just dusty. Try to clean it, or use a backup copy, if you have one, or borrow a XP CD from a friend.

If your CD-ROM behaves normally, and setup still can't copy, maybe your hard disk is failing. A disk surface check should be done. I don't recommend Scandisk for this purpose. Try something else, which boots from floppy, and doesn't use windows components to access hard disk. Spinrite, for example.
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i canot find dedicated vedio memory in my bios and my bios version is J01 v02.15i find option it's name is vga config. but it was locked and it's colour is gray
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Hi all I have seen a lot of different posts on similar issues but it appears that each error is rather computer specific So here goes My computer was acting up a bit I got one blue screen of death I thought I just had some viruses or something Whenever I listed to music watched videos etc everything would be really choppy Sometimes it would go in slow motion or sound like a skipping record So I reformatted my CPU deleted all files and then reinstalled windows I reinstalled genuine windows and then Microsoft Security Essentials Everything seemed to be working better So I went about downloading the BSOD memory Error: Disable BIOS programs I needed Google SketchUp AutoCAD Microsoft Office Google Chrome iTunes etc etc and then all the Plug-Ins I use Flash Java Veetle for watching streaming sports on ATDHE net Last night BSOD Error: Disable BIOS memory when I was watching the world cup BSOD Error: Disable BIOS memory on ATDHE net right in the middle of the match my computer started making loud noises Dhuk dhuk dhuk dhuk really fast It would go for a second or two then stop A minute later it would go longer After - times of doing this it eventually BSOD Error: Disable BIOS memory crashed and went to the hated Blue Screen of Death The error message on the BSOD was similar to what I see on a lot of other google searches It said Disable New Software Disable BIOS Memory Options Caching Shadowing STDP x a xc ba ftdisk sys-Address F -base at F SE datestamp d etc etc I obviously couldn t copy and paste message but I wrote down some of it However the Dhuk dhuk dhuk dhuk sound was super loud and annoying and busting my balls It was am and my gf was getting mad at the sound so I wrote down some and then held down the On button to restart the cpu When it restarted it didn t have a problem and I went back to watch the match However the live feed was choppy when I went back to watch it So i have gone back and uninstalled the Veetle TV Program which is the only one not from a major company microsoft google etc where I shouldn t get a virus from Don t watch porn or go to shady sites How can I Disable BIOS memory Caching or fix the ftdisk sys error Does the loud sound mean my Hard Disk is f d Especially since I just reformatted two days ago and I am having htese problems strait away I am using a DELL VOSTRO with Windows XP Thanks Soul man nbsp

A:BSOD Error: Disable BIOS memory

It does sound a bit like the hard drive crashed.
Windows probably shifted it to PIO mode due
to bad reads and that caused the video slow down.
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I want to disable BIOS memory such as cashing or shadowing.    Was told to do this on a computing net forum because of system memory dump on sign off

A:BIOS disable memory cashing or shadowing

   What model computer? This is advice we used to commonly see in the old 486 and Pentium I days and you don't see the option to enable and disable cacheing  any more as it is not really an issue.
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A:bios upgrade problems because of memory managers

pls turn off the caps lock and put a line space/hard return in there somewhere - really hard to read

don't think you can do that from windows

are you booting with the 98 boot disk, then using the bios flash.exe on a floppy?
(hope it has a utility to save your existing bios, you may need to go back)

unless you're having difficulties that are bios related, usually no need to flash a bios

try it from a boot disk
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Erm hi all I usually lurk because I don t know what I m doing and now I ve finally gone into the big quot oh no quot zone Recently my computer has been freezing PC Help! Bad does memory error: boot up not past BIOS. now while downloading Bittorrent mostly and I usually have to hard reset it Today it just resetted again No biggie hit the reset button But instead of Bad memory error: PC now does not boot up past BIOS. Help! booting up as normal it instead began whirring loudly and my monitor remained dark Confused I reset it again to no avail I then tried a hard power-off Holding the power switch for seconds but it IMMEDIATELY powered on again the moment it powered off On one of the attempts to power it off it actually rebooted up quot properly quot and my monitor Bad memory error: PC now does not boot up past BIOS. Help! turned on I thought I was saved Instead it booted up to my BIOS and gave me a screen that said something called quot Memory issue error Memory reset to automatic quot and the only option I get is to go into the BIOS settings Doing so I don t see anything wrong but hey I know jack so I say quot Save and exit quot Which then returns me to the black screen and whirring O M G I am panicking here right now because it s gone down JUST BEFORE my half a year backup schedule which means alot of my files haven t been updated in quite a while Yes yes I should probably be backing up more often but nevermind that right now Someone PLEASE help me out here nbsp

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I was thinking about updating my bios to support more memory but im not sure exactly if this would work. I currently have 2gb of 4200 533 (2x1gb dual channel) and im after 4gb of a higher speed but the site details are a little urm.. not detailed lol. I know it says it only supports 2gb with 4200 with the original bios but one of the updates does say this if its any help. "Fixed Install The 4G memory of frequence 800 will hang issue" does this mean they have updated it to 4gb at 800mhz? like i say very murky heh

could someone please take a look and find out exactly what the updates have to offer in a little bit more detail like memory speed and capacity and processor update support etc.

would be much appreciated. here is the link


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Runnin windows 7 64, when I install 8gb's of ram the bios will crash and wont let me reinstall via Crashfree bios3 using usb, I'm using a RAID 0 with 2 hard drives, please help, thanks

A:ASUS M2R32-MVP - can't get into bios after installing 8gb of memory

Bad ram? Try with one RAM module at a time. And if you are overclocked reset BIOS to default before you do any testing.
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When I turned on the PC,the BIOS telling me there is memory size change,decrease in memory size.The actual size of the RAM is 128MB but the PC reads 78MB only.Sometimes the system reads the whole 128MB.Some other time it turns to 78MB.In the BIOS, there is no way to adjust the size.When I change another RAM,the system works fine.
The system is Dell GX110 mini desktop case Pentium III PC.The operating system was Win Xp.The harddrive is IDE type Western Digital.It is jumper setting is works fine when the setting is cable select(CS) not Master (M).Please give me some help about the problem

A:Solved: BIOS memory reading error

If memory functions correctly with one memory stick and not with another, then I would say you have a defective memory stick. Aside from replacing, there is no fix for defective memory sticks.
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Anyone had trouble with Vista Ultimate not reading BIOS physical memory. I have Asus P5B deluxe, E6750, GeForce 8500 GT 512, and 2x2gb ddr2. Bios has been updated, and reads 4096 Ram, Vista only sees 2048, I can remove/swap ram modules and it still only sees 2048, it just does not read 2nd module. Ram Modules are in slot a1 and a2 for dual channel. I'm out of ideas short of trying to reinstall Vista. Maybe install Linux to see if it reads the BIOS, I dunno.


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can anyone tell me why my Windowx XP sees only 1024 MB memory while I've increased the original memory of 512 MB by 2x 512 MB ?

My motherboard has three DDR-slots. It had from the beginning a Kingston K 512MB PC2700 module in slot #1. This week I've added two Kingston K512 UDIMM 512MB PC2700 modules in the slots #2 and #3.
All three modules has the type name KVR333X64C25/512, so I thought they would be compatible.

What have I done wrong ? And what can I do to let Windows XP know that it has 3x 512 MB at his disposal ?

Please help me...

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Hi everyone,It's has been few months that I have bought a Lenovo X240 (i5-4300U).It came with Windows 7 Pro, I used it till Windows 10 came out and then I upgraded it.The problem is that there is an option in the BIOS which allow to choose Graphics Memory for Internal Adapter (256MB and 512MB).But the changes do not apply. I mean it doesn't matter which value I choose (256MB or 512MB), the VRAM is still the same. In Windows 7, it would be 64MB but now in Windows 10; it became 128MB.Can someone tell me what is the problem ?And yes, I know that increasing the memory will hardly have effect on graphics performance. I am more concerned about why it does not work.Specs:- i5-4300U- 4Gb ram- 500GB HDD- Windows 10 Pro (14393 Build)Thanks!