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KVM issue with monitor

Q: KVM issue with monitor

Ever since I setup a KVM switch to have 2 computers sharing 1 monitor/keyboard/mouse, I have had monitor problems.

There is a subtle but noticeable wobble/ wavey-ness thing happening across the screen when connected to one of my computers (my AMD).

Also, my display (with AMD computer) has a stretched horizontally look. I have tried different screen resolutions but they all give this stretched look which I didn't have before.

And my AMD used to give 1920 x 1080 as an option for max resolution, but this is now capped at 1600 x 1200.

Please help as this is very annoying & looks awful. The specs of the KVM switch say "Max. Resolution: 1920 x 1440. Bandwidth: 200MHZ"

My AMD computer:
Windows 7 64 bit SP1.
AMD Athlon II X4 620 2.6GHz.
4GB Ram.

Philips 226V3L.

Video card ATI Radeon HD 4350

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Preferred Solution: KVM issue with monitor

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: KVM issue with monitor

What is the make and model of the KVM switch you purchased? I have tried lower quality switches at my work and found similar results. Ended up having to get one of the more expensive / better brand ones that solved the issues.
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I have a dell laptop Connected Monitor Screen Resolution Monitor Laptop Issue External To that has x resolution However i connect it to an external monitor Laptop Monitor Screen Connected To External Monitor Resolution Issue that has x resolution Basically almost everything i do is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen which is the secondary monitor My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen I want to have x resolution but its way too big I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows x Can someone tell me how to change this to x I googled what is my resolution on the external monitor and it does show x which is correct My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the x Its windows but im assuming this should be very similar to windows to fix this issue
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I have a dell laptop that has x resolution However i connect it to an external monitor that has x resolution Basically almost everything i do Connected Screen Issue Monitor Monitor Resolution Laptop To External is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen Laptop Monitor Screen Connected To External Monitor Resolution Issue Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen which is the secondary monitor My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen I want to have x resolution but its way too big I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows x Can someone tell me how to change this to x I googled what is my resolution on the external monitor and it does show x which is correct My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the x Its windows but im assuming this should be very similar to windows to fix this issue
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I have a dell laptop that has 1920x1080 resolution. However, i connect it to an external monitor that has 1920x1200 resolution. Basically almost everything i do is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen. Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen.
My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen. I want to have 1920x1080 resolution but its way too big. I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows 1536 x 864. Can someone tell me how to change this to 1920x1080?
My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the 1920x1200.
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I have just did a clean install of Windows ultimate from XP and I am unable to get my dual monitors to work like they Dual monitor is secondary undetectable monitor issue, did in XP I have a DVI Radeon graphics card plugged into the agp slot and a Nvidia geforce vga adapter plugged into a pci slot of my dell optiplex When I am in the screen resolution settings the second monitor cannot be detected In bios I have options under primary video adapter and they are auto and onboard card When set to auto the Nvidia card gets a signal but the Radeon does not There are no conflicts in the device manager and all of the drivers are up to date When I change the bios option to onboard card the Radeon adapter gets a signal but the other monitor cannot be detected and in device manager there is a yellow exclamation mark next to Standard VGA adapter and a code error that Dual monitor issue, secondary monitor is undetectable states the device could not be started I have powered down and unplugged every cable I also tried to use the integrated VGA adapter to the Intel G G Q Dual monitor issue, secondary monitor is undetectable Q Graphics Controller but the computer will not even boot I get quot System Halted Attention Unsupported Video Configuration Detected quot I have two monitors both work fine as standalones but Windows will not detect either as a secondary Please help me someone I am so used to having my helpdesk email open in one monitor and all of my other work in the other monitor

A:Dual monitor issue, secondary monitor is undetectable


Try updating your card drivers. Go into Device Manager and right-click on your display adapter.

I suspect that the cards are too old, though. We will see.

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I have an HP monitor HP w 2207 that comes with a VGA cord. It worked great with my windows 7 laptop but
now that I have a new windows 10 that does not come with only usb connections I bought an adapter VGA
to USB and connected the monitor to a USB 3 port.
The monitor comes on for a second and says Monitor Going to Sleep and then the screen turns black.
The VGA adapter said I didn't have to install any drivers so I don't know what to do now. Help!
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Here is my problem. I have a primary monitor and then I run S-Video out to the TV so I can watch video clips.

With Vista, I had no trouble starting a video clip in media player on the primary screen and then dragging it over to the second monitor (TV) for actual viewing.
However, I tried to do that with Windows 7-it won't let me drag Media Player over to the second monitor. I can drag other applications to the second Window (Word, Browsers), but not any media program. Even tried another media player application.

Not sure what to do-how can I get this to work? I want to be able to watch TV/Movies on my second monitor.


A:Dual Monitor Issue-Can't drag MedPlay to Second Monitor

Actually update. I have a hard time dragging anything to my second display. I never had trouble dragging things to my second monitor before. When I get to the right edge of my main display, the window dragging stops..I can't get it to the second monitor. What am I doing wrong?
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I have the dual monitor thing working and everything. I have my laptop and attached it using HDMI to a HDTV. The problem is that i cant get my desktop to my laptop. The HDMI cable, when plugged into my laptop makes the TV display the desktop automatically. Because of this, when i enable the dual screen, it extends my desktop to my laptop screen, and uses my tv for the main monitor. Does anyone know how to fix this?

A:Dual Monitor Main Monitor Issue

There's a nice guide here
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Hi guys,

I just got a new monitor, it's a Samsung SyncMaster931B. I plug it in, and I just get a blank screen with a blue blinking light around the power button. No visuals on the screen at all, menu etc.

I then plugged it into my computer, booted it up and got the same thing. Just a blank screen with a blinking light around the power button.

I don't think it's my computer, other monitors work fine. I think the monitor is in standby mode, but after pushing random buttons, and moving mouse/keyboard nothing seems to wake it up.

A:Monitor Issue

Does it say anything about this in the manual? I would call customer support if you can't get it to do anything. Are you using VGA or DVI outputs on your video adapter? Make sure the monitor is plugged into the right port! Monitors are the one PC component that should just "work" when plugged into the video card so I'm stumped.
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Ok, whenever i have my monitor on 16 bit color, 2 cursors show up onh my screen, but when i have it at 32 bit color, the right side reflects something thats on the screen. please help

A:Monitor issue

Try lowering the video refresh rate
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Hello Me and my monitor are at war lol i suspect that it s dying seems like some kind of power failure but wanted to double check before going out and getting a new one Every now and then completely Issue Monitor randomly my monitor a Digimate L- WD quot Widescreen will go black and come back on instantly sometimes multiple times in a row sometimes once or twice and will do it while I m working or playing games or even when I m nowhere near it and its just sitting idle The power light goes from blue to off back to blue which is why I m assuming power failure as if it was losing signal it would go orange My nd monitor which is on the Monitor Issue same graphics card is working perfectly I ve swapped power cables around and the problem persists I d also like to mention that it can happen once a day or several times an hour completely random Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Monitor Issue

You can also swap the video connections (assuming they are both using the same type), just to rule out the video card. Aside from that, it sounds like a failing monitor.
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A couple weeks ago my monitor issue?? Monitor began faintly but rapidly flashing and eventually the screen went black Not Monitor issue?? off no messages just black Upon toggling the power switch off then back on the monitor would Monitor issue?? work for less than seconds then go black again For awhile rebooting did the trick for a length of time but the monitor would always go back off Eventually the rebooting stopped working altogether Now it will flash for - seconds and remain black upon reboot Things I ve tried- Separate cable separate power cord different monitor this monitor said it could find no signal and a combination of this and all cables- display remained dark on this as well removed the graphics card and used original port separate outlets new power strips I even bought A NEW COMPUTER and tried all of the above AGAIN with the above and again with the other monitor it says quot no signal quot I am so stupefied upset and desperate I really hope someone has an idea There was no prompting it just during regular use it randomly started happening Thanks in advance to anyone who helps nbsp

A:Monitor issue??

Seems you've proven this to be a bad monitor? Accept your findings.
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typically leave my PC on but yesterday I did some upgrades to the video hardware which required a PSU upgrade from - W depending on which number you believe on the label to W Since the new PSU is using almost twice the power at peak I m becoming concerned about how much that s costing me on my monthly power bill so I shut it down before Issue Monitor I went to bed last night Fast forward to -ish this morning I go into my office and turn on the computer Since I m awake anyway I might as well do stuff The monitor power indicator is doing its blinky thing indicating no signal from the PC since electricity is our friend and at the moment the interface between the PC and video card ain t gettin any I hit the power switch on the Monitor Issue PC and it powers up The monitor power indicator goes steady on but no display comes up I can hear the POST beeps and even Windows startup sounds but I have no display I hit the monitor power switch off and on no luck I hard powered down the PC and back on several times I Monitor Issue disconnected the monitor cable from the video card and reconnected it Still nothing Pull the PC out of the cabinet a little and work with the cable and finally I get video and everything is fine I m naturally concerned that these hard power downs are going to wreak all sorts of fun havok with Windows I just left it on after that and let the screen saver do it s thing I don t really like using standby because I ve always found that Windows has a hard time with bringing things back up quickly enough for me but maybe that s much better in Windows than in previous versions I admit to not having tried it in years My question is has anyone else seen this kind of behavior It may be that the cable is getting pushed to one side or the other when I slide the PC back into its compartment in my desk but my wife s computer does the same thing and hers has no such space issues Specs Intel P SG motherboard Intel Core Quad gHz GB DDR x GB WD HDD s x BD-ROM DVD-RW x ASUS EAH video cards with CrossFire Samsung quot widescreen LCD monitor sorry don t have the specific model in front of me Windows Ultimate x Any advice would be appreciated nbsp

A:Monitor Issue

Okay, some stuff that I forgot to mention because I'm just that tired today.

The monitor is connected to the HDMI out on the video card through a DVI -> HDMI adapter.

I experienced the same behavior before yesterday's upgrade when the monitor was connected to the DVI out on the video with the anchor screws in place so I'm thinking it's not a physical connection issue.

Thanks in advance.
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A7N8X deluxe Mobo
athalon XP 2600
sony (EP440?)19" crt
belkin 1200 UPS
MSI Ti4200 64MB Video Card

Built this system in January. In June, system went to standby and never came out. Had the processor tested and confirmed defective and amd replaced. Just put new processor in and now my monitor is changing intermitently in color hues. White to purpleish. Did notice another post which seemed to point towards the monitor but I can't but wonder if any other possible causes due to new processor? Also been having heat issues with my UPS but the voltage/frequency seem fine as reported by the belkin software. It's a high watt model so I'm kind of surprised but it is summer and of course the UPS literature says use only in controlled enviroment (who has that?) Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

A:monitor issue?

I assume you mean psu , power supply unit .
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On Dell Dimension 3100, why does CRT monitor not work in VGA video connector suggested in setup guide, yet works in PCI slot graphics card video connector?

A:CRT Monitor Issue

If you are testing the on board VGA output while the graphics card is plugged in, have you checked the motherboard specifications to see if it supports simultaneous video outputs using both video controllers? Many motherboards do not support such operation.
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I have just been given an ACER 1714 17" LCD Monitor (2nd Hand) Installed it no problem but once PC turned on, regardless of what setting I put it on it resets to show huge ICONS on desktop.

I have loked through it menu and does not seem to be able to be chnaged form there. Got setting on 1280x1024 to enable me to get then to a reasonable size can anyone help.

My e mail is

[email protected]

Thanks a lot all.

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I have dual monitors setup with a docking station one using VGA and the primary using a DVI cable. The DVI seems to work fine, however, the monitor hooked up using the VGA cable which is setup using extended desktop shows tiny squiggly horizontal lines on it like it is interfering with some other device. It is hard to see but can become annoying. We have tried swapping out cables, monitors, surge protectors and power cables. Also the docking station. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this? The monitors are HP 1940T models. The laptop is a HP 6910P.

Any help is very much appreciated.


A:Monitor issue

brent87 said:

I have dual monitors setup with a docking station one using VGA and the primary using a DVI cable. The DVI seems to work fine, however, the monitor hooked up using the VGA cable which is setup using extended desktop shows tiny squiggly horizontal lines on it like it is interfering with some other device. It is hard to see but can become annoying. We have tried swapping out cables, monitors, surge protectors and power cables. Also the docking station. Does anyone have any suggestions on what could be causing this? The monitors are HP 1940T models. The laptop is a HP 6910P.

Any help is very much appreciated.

BrentClick to expand...
Are the symptoms re the monitor hooked up via VGA port recent or were they always present? If recent, did they present coinciding with something?

If you run the lappy without the docking station on its own with both monitors, does this change anything? If you hook up only the monitor showing the symptoms without the one connected via dvi, does THAT change anything?

Absent more info, feels kinda like some voltage issue.
Edit: If I found the right lappy, it is very new, core Duo, yes? Also indicates U have a 3 year warranty, yes? if so, I would SOOO immediately call HP. Serious investment, this setup, boy....and part of it paid for the WARRANTY.

THESE HIGH END LAPPYS...even my Alienware Sentia.. ARE PITCHED AS "DESKTOP REPLACEMENTS." WHEN PIGS FLY. Think JUST how many sleazoid parts are jammed into that pancake case and in wut proximity; think THERMAL ISSUES.

Think WARRANTY!!!!!
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Hi everyone,
I've recently started having an issue where after I exit a game, my second monitor (laptop screen) returns to normal but my main monitor (Samsung 21.5", not sure of the exact model) displays a black screen. The standby light on the monitor is off, so the monitor is powered on however the screen remains black, with not even the backlight. I try turning the monitor off and on again but the problem persists, until I unplug my HDMI cable and plug it back in again. Although this might not sound like such a big deal, it's quite annoying because once I do get the monitor back up, my desktop icons are muddled up and my desktop background changes back to my old one (something that also happens while installing GPU driver updates).

Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

A:Monitor Issue

Some games/programs do not return everything to previous state, try hitting F5 (desktop) refresh.
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Greetings !

I hope I am in the right section . I am having a problem with my monitor display on some games.

I have installed games like Matrix, vietcong , bhd etc with no problem under xp and me
Just yesterday i installed battlefield 1942 demo and medal of honor and the problem in xp is that the game does start but the image is shifted to the right by 1 inch and is pushed down by 1 inch .
Gameplay there is no problem but somehow I can't seem to view the bottom and right side of the image.
Please advise.


My config
win xp pro
amd 1.8
512 ddr
gforce 4 mx

A:Monitor issue !

Sometimes this can be caused by the program controlling the refresh rates. Some cards have options to force refresh rates instead of letting the program control it. Check the advance properties of your vid card by right clicking on the desktop, choosing properties/ settings/ advanced button, and leafing through your graphics card settings. Next is to try to match the games to your desktop resolution, look in the game options to do this.
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Here's a picture of what my monitor looks like at the moment:

I've noticed that my monitor has some kind of imprint in the background, like it's taken some kind of damage. It's been there for about a year but recently it's gotten much worse. I can only see it on some background, like I can see it very clearly on a webpage with a grey background but I cannot see it on a white background. It is very distracting and annoying when I'm trying to watch videos or even just browse the web on my computer.

Anyway, what kind of damage does my monitor have? Is this a part I can replace, or will I have to buy a new monitor?

A:Need some help with a monitor issue

I think I can safely suspect that this might not be a monitor issue at all, the problem may lay with your video card or adapter. Sometimes with older video cards or video adapters something with them goes all screwy. I've seen your problem once, maybe twice, and if I remember right, I think we had to shell out some money for another video card. I think the tech at Best Buy told my friend something about video adaptive ghosting, which is a problem created when some of the video cash or memory doesn't clear all the way, and an image is pertinently embedded inside the memory of the video card.There for leaving a ghost image of one of your prior wallpapers or such.

One sure quick way to tell if this is a monitor issue, take your monitor and hook it up to another computer, see what it does! Other than that, I'm suspecting a video card or video adapter issue!

Ps- while we are at it, why not tell us what type of computer your running, what video card or video adapter your using, what operating system your running and maybe how much RAM your using?
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I have a Dell Monitor. Dell E172FP - Flat panel display - TFT - 17" - 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz - 0.264 mm - VGA (HD-15). It fell on the floor and was fine for a while then it started to go blank every once and a while. The power button would turn orange then turn off, repeatedly. When I wacked the sides of the monitor while the orange was lit it would go back to normal. One day when I came back it was just all black and the power said it was on. When I turn it off then back on, it is on for a second then turns black. However it isn't completly black. If you look really hard in the light you can still see everything on the screen. I don't know what is wrong and any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Help, Monitor issue.

ethieopia said:

... When I turn it off then back on, it is on for a second then turns black. However it isn't completly black. If you look really hard in the light you can still see everything on the screen... Click to expand...

The backlight isn't turning on and staying on, probably due to a problem with the inverter that powers it. "When I wacked the sides of the monitor while the orange was lit it would go back to normal" could just be a loose connector. If you have experience repairing electronics equipment you might be able to fix it. Otherwise, contact Dell if it is under warranty.
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Got a monitor issue, and I'm wondering if anyone could maybe narrow down what the problem is a little bit.

After my computer has been on for a little while, the screen will intermittently jump left and right, maybe a pixel or two. It will do it two or three times then stop, then do it again a little while later. Has a tendency to get visually annoying. The monitor is a Gateway 2000 EV700.

Any suggestions? I know this is rather open ended, but I'm hoping to narrow down the issue to a certain area at least.

Thanx in advance.

A:Monitor issue

Its probably the monitor. Can you test the monitor out on a friends PC or try a different monitor on your pc? Then you can be sure where the problem is. If the problem follows the monitor its probably best to buy a new one as repairs inside a monitor are dangerous due to the high voltages inside and you can probably buy a new one for what it costs to have a monitor repaired.
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After using my monitor for about minutes it will go black I have to turn it off for about minutes before I can turn it back on and have it run normally again Then the proccess repeats It s not me being idle and the monitor turning off by default because it happens when I Issue Monitor am using it Also if I look very very closely when the monitor goes Monitor Issue black Monitor Issue I can see that the monitor is actually displaying stuff it s just not lit up at all and I need to move my head about in from the screen to see that it s displaying and it s still unclear but I gaurantee you it s there Could this possibily be a graphics card problem or is it just the monitor I sent it into ViewSonic for repairs and it came back and it still Monitor Issue had this problem I m actually quite angry about that and thinking about some nasty letter words I would like to say to them because my main computer is useless without a monitor Thanks nbsp

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Just installed a new HP Monitor, Model # 27vx IPS. I now have a pixel line along bottom of screen.It looks like the top of he task bar when it's hidden. In certain games it also appears on the right side of screen.
I tried updating driver and its still there. I even did a fresh install of window 7 and it didn't fix the issue.
I'm thinking I might need a new graphics card. My current card is a ATI Radeon HD 4200. Any suggestions ?????

A:New Monitor issue

It looks like you have the wrong screen resolution. According to you System Specs you are using 1600x900. Most of the latest monitors use 1920x1080.

Right Click on the Desktop & select Resolution & there you will see Resolution which you can change. Check it out & get back if you have any problems.
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we have a laptop and it has two external screens hooked up to it (so we are using the laptop screen, and two secondary screens). one of the screens is a 4k tv. we have it hooked up to the pc using an hdmi cable (hdmi in tv, then hdmi in the laptop). the other screen is connected display port to mini display port. we are able to set the resolution correctly on the 4k tv, and see the desktop correctly, however if we drag an application over to the screen (like internet explorer), then maximize the app, the tv goes blank and says no signal. any ideas? the other screen works fine. and we had another monitor in place of the 4k before that worked fine (though it wasn't a 4k tv, just a regular monitor)
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Hello there Today I installed another set of DDR ram to my pc i made sure i was grounded and the system was completely turned Issue's Monitor off and unpluged As soon as i had seated and Monitor Issue's clipped in this ram imade sure all connections Monitor Issue's inside the computer were fine amp i continued to boot The computer turned on fine all the fans were spinning on the cpu and AGP ultra and the Hard drive light at the front of the computer was flashing as usual but my CRT monitor is now just staying in Sleep mode Again i checked all connections made sure the ram was seated correctly and there did not seem to be a problem I tried to boot up again only to be met with the same problem I then took out the newly placed ram and tried again with no hope I then tried -Taking out the bio s battery for minutes -Trying diffrent combos of Ram to make sure one had not died -Trying another AGP Graphics card -Trying another monitor -Trying the monitor on another pc to find out it worked fine The computer itself is loading into windows as i have to hold in the power button to turn it off where as during start up i can normally just press it once for it to power off Im currently all out of ideas and hoping the brains of this forum could help me out of this situation Regards Kyzou nbsp

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Just purchased brand new Dell XPS with windows 10 and have been trying to hook up two (1 new) monitors. Windows only recognizes (1) monitor. Have tried to update drivers and that has not helped.

A:Win. 10 monitor issue

Which exact XPS did you buy? Provide either the model number or even better the Service Tag.

What ports do each of the monitors have, which ones are you trying to use, and what ports does the computer have?

Does the system have a dedicated graphics card and integrated graphics? If so make sure you are connecting both monitors to the graphics card and not one to each, in most systems if there is a dedicated graphics card then the integrated graphics will be disabled and not usable.
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I have a problem with my new monitor and XP/Vista

I have 3 PC's hooked to the same keyboard/mouse/monitor through a KVM switch. I used to have a 19" CRT at 1280x1024. I would power up each PC at the same time and then log them in 1 by one switching the inputs. No worries on any of the PC's.

However since I got me new HP LP2475w 24" LCD monitor which likes to run at 1920x1200 I have been having issues. The PC that has the monitor active boots fine into 1920x1200 but the others boot into a 1600x1200 mode and make the screen offset. If I boot each one with the monitor active then there is no issues but it takes much longer as I have to wait for each one.

How can I force them to stay in the 1920x1200 mode that I have set in the display options?

A:Monitor Issue

when the screen gets offset, have you tried to press the AUTO button on your monitor, to bring the screen in place? It must memorize this setting and keep it for later views.
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I'm using Samsung LCD 17'' SyncMaster 710N monitor.
I'm having some problems with picture on my monitor. The edges/borders/margines are
going curvy, but the text stands normal position.
It's like this shown on screenshot, letters in this box are in normal position, but
edges of this box are curvy. Anyone know what the problem might be? Monitor?

ps: You're going to see normal edges of this box, bcuz I took screenshot
so you won't be able to see the true state of problem. But those black lines shows how it really looks on my monitor.

A:Monitor issue!

I would try to update the NVIDIA driver and then sometimes Samsung monitors come with their own drivers, try that as well. Also, check that the output resolution coincides with the optimal resolution of the monitor.
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Good Day I have a Monitor issue - My system Acer AX W x My Monitor start light suddenly started to flash between orange and blue and will not start at Boot-up After switching the Tower off and on from Power switch it finally comes on but then of course all the Hassle of 'Your Computer did not shut down properly do you want ' error messages Point is I googled MONITOR ISSUE the issue and quite a few people have same issue and the consensus is - the Monitor is on the way out get rid Only remedy I saw was to try updating the driver which I did but computer said it had the latest Driver I'm now using a spare Square Monitor but if there's a chance to revive my Widescreen I'll take it I plugged it in outside of the PC and the 'on' switch flashes between Orange and blue BUT when it's warmed up a bit it starts to work normally Shall I dump MONITOR ISSUE it


Can you plug it in to your pc in a way that can allow it to be turned on seperately from your pc? In this way it may have a chance to warm up, and may work properly.
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I'm having a problem and I think it's my monitor (details are in place).

From a cold boot, I turn on my monitor and the display goes black after 2-4sec. I know its not going into Sleep mode as the light behind my power button flashes in Sleep mode and it's not doing that here.

After turning my monitor off, it does the same thing again a few times before it stays on. After that its ok for however long I use it, even in games and whatnot.

My monitor is over 5yrs old so I'm guessing it's just that time, but wanted to ask here first.

Thanks in advance....

A:Monitor Issue

I agree, it might be failing, but you could try installing your driver for it, reboot with monitor on and see if Windows can grab a better driver.
Try the monitor on a different PC if possible. If you get the same issue I would say that would fault the monitor.
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My flat-screen monitor died, and I borrowed one from my old computer until I could get a new flat-screen. Now, my computer isn't recognizing the new flat-screen and won't let me use any display settings other than for the old monitor. How do I remove the old monitor information, or force my computer to recognize the new flat screen?

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Purchased the HP U 160 about 2 years ago.  VERY PLEASED with the performance.  Now suddenly, the device driver says "malfunctioning device" when I connect to USB.  Monitor did come on once (for a few seconds) as I was trying to adjust "display settings" on my desktop.  Unit does have power (power switch is lit up).  I have tried to update the driver and attempted to install on a second computer.  Any other options or suggestions?  Is there a different driver I can try?

A:USB Monitor issue

Hi Fdonl, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A great place where you can find solutions for your issues with help from the community!The following HP support link may help you to install appropriate driver: Thanks.

I am an HP Employee.
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Whenever I boot up my computer the screen will turn on for a second, then go black, but the power light stays on. While it goes through the BIOS screens, Window screens, will keep flashing on every time it reaches a new screen, but instantly goes black again. It also makes a very slight beeping sound coming from the back of it. I tried shining a flashlight to see a dull image, but I don't see anything. What could this be, and is it worth replacing or just buying a new monitor? Thanks!

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When I upgraded Win 8 to 8.1 I lost my 2nd monitor.Computer doesn't recognize second monitor No hardware was changed and both monitors still hooked up to computer. When I go to "screen resolution" via desktop it only shows a #1 .
When I flipped the monitors around so that my #2 is now #1, it sees that. So I know it's not the hardware.
Ideas OH WISE ONES????
Thanks in advance

A:2nd monitor issue Win 8.1

Microsoft has posted an article on your exacy problem. Please see below
Set up multiple monitors - Windows - Microsoft
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Just installed a new HP Monitor, Model # 27vx IPS. I now have a pixel line along bottom of screen.It looks like the top of he task bar when it's hidden. In certain games it also appears on the right side of screen.
I tried updating driver and its still there. I even did a fresh install of window 7 and it didn't fix the issue.
I'm thinking I might need a new graphics card. My current card is a ATI Radeon HD 4200. Any suggestions ?????
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Hello all of the tech guy forums. Im currently making this post on my phone due to issues im having with my computer. The computer powers on, but doesn't recognize the monitor and thus I have no display. I have a converter connected to my video card and monitor. I tried cleaning out the tower mutiple times, check power cords and connections, and have had zero luck. The last things I did on my computer before restart was dskchk via cmd and update realtek audio driver. - if that is useful
Full system specs at my twitch profile. Couldnt get phone to properly copy/paste.

Please help!

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monitor goes blank for a second when i close or open a program. Is this a graphics card issue?

A:monitor issue

Yes !
It is directely related to the Graphics Card.

Install the driver of Graphics Card or VGA.


If you have installed already please select the resolution by rightclick on the blank destkop and choosing properties >> go to Settings >> move slider to 800 * 600 .

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hello everyone. i did i really stupid thing i pluged a usb cable into my computer incorrectly and the computer shut down now when i turn it on the monitor doesnt work it says no signal i think it's fuseing everytime i switch the comp on. becuase my wireless adapter thing for my keyboard/mouse is on with the power cable in but turns off when i turn the computer on.

does anyone know how i can solve this problem?

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hey all, i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but you guys always have such great solutions.

I'm using a samsung 40" LED TV for my computer monitor, however, i'm noticing something that i cant seem to fix..

has anyone ever come across pixel lines when they use a tv like this as a monitor? pixel lines being horizontal lines, like thousands of them stacked on top of each other to make the whole picture, its noticable extremely with certain colors like blue's and oranges, and in my web browser... is this because i'm connected to a pc?

i'm using a DVI to HDMI cord to connect my pc..
HD Radeon 4850
AMD Phenom II black edition 3.2ghz.

the tv has a 120 hz refresh, and comp is puttin out 60 hz im sure.. anyone know how to fix this?

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Hi there I m having an issue with my monitor After a few hours it will decide that it s quot unplugged quot and black-screen After the first occurance of this it ll then reoccur within a much shorter timescale As far as I m aware it only seems to happen while running games first while leaving it in bios and then browsing the internet it seemed to Monitor Issue work fine Turning the monitor off and then on again didn t fix the problem I ve updated the graphics card drivers to the latest ones that I could find and the problem continued to happen I ve checked the power settings in the menu the Monitor Issue monitor s set Monitor Issue to never turn itself off I ve tried cleaning the inside of the computer and opened the side of the case in order to try and improve airflow It seemed to help a little the reoccurances seemed a little more spread out though it may just be me being hopeful I guess My graphics card is a Nvidia Geforce SE and the monitor is a Sony SDM-E D The operating system is windows XP SP Thanks in advance for any help you Monitor Issue can give nbsp

A:Monitor Issue

shippy321 said:

Hi there, I'm having an issue with my monitor. After a few hours it will decide that it's "unplugged" and black-screen. After the first occurance of this it'll then reoccur within a much shorter timescale. As far as I'm aware it only seems to happen while running games, first while leaving it in bios and then browsing the internet it seemed to work fine.

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Howdy shippy321...

Since it seems to work when not being tasked (for lack of a better term), it would seem to me that the video card is on the way out...

A question if I may...

Are you over clocking the video card, and can you check to see if there is a fan on the video card and see if it is running?

Sounds like the video card is over heating to me...

Of course you could try another monitor (if you have one) and see if the problem happens on that one as well...
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I have a Dell 19" monitor connected to my compaq tower. The video card went out, so I installed a new pci card. The Monitor the gave me a 2" wide backgroung on the left side of the screen, and the rest of the screen was white. I Moved the cursor of the mouse over it, and was able to drag the background bigger (which I have never seen before). I can get the background up to about 1" away from the right side of the monitor, then it stops. I've been trying to fix this for the last 3 days. anny suggestions?

Everything works fine, windows, icons, start up etc...

A:Monitor issue

try the monitor on another system. if you still have issues, the problem is your video card or motherboard. Even if you replaced the card, your system may still have something wrong. I would also try a new video cable.
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I'm new! when I upgraded from vista premium 64 to to windows 7 (same) my 23" inch monitor developed a 1" wide black boarder there by reducing the entire size of the monitor how do I remove it, I hope I am in the right place with my question.

A:monitor issue

Change the refresh rate. Higher isn't always better; experiment until you find the balance between size and viewability.
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Well I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new monitor It s a Samsung quot Full HD x LCD to replace the quot monitor I have had for the past five years and is starting to have power supply problems Setting the monitor up was easy enough just unpack it put the base on connect it to my computer via the DVI cable and go I am having a problem getting the display set up and I have run into this in the past When I first turned the monitor on I had to turn the Brightness way down because it was glaring and straining my eyes Out of the box the Brightness was set to and I now have it set to I am used Monitor Issue to having to fine tune Monitor Issue my monitors and my experience was that the LCD monitors needed to be set lower than the CRT monitors but a setting of for the Brightness seems low What is everyone else s experience with monitors Do you find that you need to set the Brightness this low or am I doing something wrong Any comments will help Thanks nbsp

A:Monitor Issue

Factory settings on the monitor are mighty fine with me. Maybe it's with your eyes? I dunno...
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I just went out and brought a brand new flat screen Samsung monitor. It's exact specification is the SyncMaster 753dfx. Anyhows the screen keeps sort of flickering around the edges. Nothing too drastic, but annoying never the less. I installed the driver on a number of occasions but nothing seems to work. It's a brand new monitor so it's not a sign of aging or anything like that?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much


A:New Monitor Issue

I have the same monitor and had to change the refresh rate. If i remember right I had to set it to 75. Check your paper work for the range on the refresh. Also did you install the driver from the disk that came with it??
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Hey, so towards the beginning of this year I purchased a refurbished HP pavilion f1703 monitor from a local fix shop. One day while playing a game that ran somewhat slow due to my old computer it shut off and went black on me. Ever since I have tried to find a solution and have had no luck. The monitor will load the dell startup and show bloot into safe mode/startup repair (sometimes) but may randomly cut out. Also tried factory resetting the monitor for lower resolution and it might stay on abit longer before turning black again. The PC works on a TV, but the monitor shutting off after loading screens and even more delayed after lowering resolutions confuses me. Any ideas? Thanks.
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When i woke up this morning, well you can't see in this picture, but on the far left side of my desktop screen, there is a bright white looking line, its like part of the monitor size is cut off or something, can't really explain it. But if you look at the ati thing, the screen resolution is in the middle. The screen refresh rate is at 60hz, even tho i get a warning message in pcwizard that i should change it to 70hz, but i don't think that is accurate.

Anyone know what the issue could be?

I am using a 14inch monitor, when i was using my old gateway 15inch montior, never had this issue. Does 14inch monitor support 1280x1024? I mean it was working fine last night, but when i woke up this morning, turn on my computer well now this.

A:Monitor issue

Do you have the correct drivers for your 14in monitor installed?
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I turn on my PC and I hear the proper sounds that its booting up but the monitor doesnt come on. When I plug out the power source to the tower and plug it back in everything comes on perfectly.

Anyone know what exactly this could mean? To me it sounds some sort of eletric charge that seems to linger in the computer? Im not that knowledgable on how the eletric current is handled but this seems to be the problem.

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My computer monitor will sometimes take 15 minutes to turn on when starting up my computer. It will flash on for a split second, then go black for a couple seconds and then flash back on and continues like this for some time and then will finally turn on and work all day like nothings wrong.

I use bittorrent for music downloads and believe my computer is infected.

Any advice? Thanks!


A:Monitor issue

Hello Matt and welcome to the forum!

Are you sure that this isnt a monitor/connection issue?
Whats the make/model of the system?

If this is a tower (I assume it is) turn off both the monitor and computer then reseat the video cable on both ends.
Make sure that the connections are finger tight, just enough to hold them into place.
If the issue persists see if you can try another monitor on your system.

You may well be infected but to me this sounds like a monitor.
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My monitor won't display anything, thought monitor was bad so hooked another one up and same problem, but I found that I can start in safe mode and the monitor will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Need help with monitor issue

Mikayla Dawn said:

My monitor won't display anything, thought monitor was bad so hooked another one up and same problem, but I found that I can start in safe mode and the monitor will work. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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You have either display settings that are outside of your monitor's capabilities or corrupt video drivers.

In safe mode, look over the display settings. If those look normal, uninstall your current video drivers and/or set the display adapter to use standard VGA drivers.
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i have this older packardbell monitor
and whenever the monitor is used for 5-10 minutes, it starts turing off and on? is this caused by lack of power, or.. ?

A:monitor issue

possible heat related and on the monitor - as it heats up with use a component goes faulty.

On some monitors the video card appears to turn the monitor on/off and you get a yellow/green led change - when it goes off does the led go off - you could try unplugging monitor from the video card and leave it on its own - if it goes wrong after 5-10mins then at least you know its not the PC video card causing the display to go on-off
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After upgrading to Windows 10, my HP monitor suddenly doesn't work correctly. The screen is "shrunk" and doesn't extend all the way to the edges. Checked driver and says it's current driver. Please help.
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Hello all,

I have an issue with my pc that after a period of time my monitor looses its connection...Just checking to see if anyone has any ideas on what would be the cause of this. I have to reboot my pc to gain the monitor to recognize the connection. The message that pops up is saying that the pc does not have a monitor hooked up. I am in the process of running a couple virus scans, but this has been happening the last couple days now. I do appreciate all the feedback. Thanks....
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I just installed a new television in my room and its basically beside my monitor...and now when i have the monitor and television on at the same time the screen on my monitor goes a bit....well fuzzy...the screen is readable but a bit fuzzy. Does anyone know why this is happening, what is causing it, and how to fix it.


A:Monitor Issue

How do you get video signal to TV? you have composit out on your video card?
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ViewSonic monitor suddenly taking 2-3 minutes and sometimes several tries before coming on. I usually don't turn the power off to my monitor - just turn computer off. Last few weeks monitor does not come on when computer boots up. I have to push power button and wait a full minute or two, and lots of times have to push power button multiple times before it responds... any suggestions as to what the problem might be?

A:Monitor issue

If you can hear windows starting up when the monitor does not come on I would say the monitor is dead or dying.

Try a diffrent monitor if possible, not much you can do to repair monitors unless your handy with capacitors and a soldering iron.
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Hello everyone I m new to the forums so bare with me ha Earlier today Monitor to issue. No Signal I decided to check out my sisters computer It booted No Signal to Monitor issue. just fine everything was working nice and dandy so I decided to see if I could get my new EVGA Geforce GTX to work on her computer I decided to air out all the dust too while I was at it She already had a EVGA Nvidia Geforce of some type in her computer already So I went on my with my business and installed it also noticing that her power supply was only watts and the new graphics card needed watts I decided I should take the extra measure and install a watt PSU as well Everything hooked up just fine but when I finally got it running the monitor wouldn t start up I ve tried another computer with the same monitor and everything ran just fine I ve also reconnected all No Signal to Monitor issue. of the connectors and even wiped down my RAM as sometimes that could fix that issue But to no avail I m still stuck with nothing Any suggestions I wish I could get the specs but I unfortunately can t get to them since I can t get the computer screen to pop up ha Thanks in advance nbsp

A:No Signal to Monitor issue.

have you tried replacing the old graphics card and also replacing the old PSU - its possible there a fault on the PSU or graphics card you installed

or you unseated something during the installation - check all models are correctly seated and cables are in ok
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I just upgraded to Windows 8 on my HP Pavillion dv6815nr. I am not having any luck connecting it to a second monitor. I followed the basic steps under "screen resolution", but my computer is not identifying the second monitor. I read that you need to go to Nvidia's control panel to connect to a second monitor, but I cannot seem to find that with the driver I currently have installed. HP's website does not have an update for the Nvidia driver for Windows 8 for my particular computer. I am using a VGA cable if that makes any difference. The computer originally had Vista and I never had any issues connecting to a second monitor. Does anyone have any useful pointers?

Thank you!

A:HP Dual Monitor Issue

I take it you have the Microsoft nvidia drivers installed?

These drivers are very generic....

Install the latest nvidia drivers from either nvidia or from your laptop manufacturer.

That should give you the full nvidia control panel.
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I just upgraded to Windows 8 on my HP Pavillion dv6815nr. I am not having any luck connecting it to a second monitor. I followed the basic steps under "screen resolution", but my computer is not identifying the second monitor. I read that you need to go to Nvidia's control panel to connect to a second monitor, but I cannot seem to find that with the driver I currently have installed. HP's website does not have an update for the Nvidia driver for Windows 8 for my particular computer. I am using a VGA cable if that makes any difference. The computer originally had Vista and I never had any issues connecting to a second monitor. Does anyone have any useful pointers?

Thank you!

A:HP Dual Monitor Issue

When i installed Win8 on my Compaq Presario, Windows update offered a new Nvidia video driver to install.

Did you go into Control Panel - Display - Screen Resolution, then click on 'detect'?

Mind you, i'm using a USB adapter to connect a 2nd monitor since my video card only has the one output. Even then, when i connected via USB, Windows automatically installed the driver.
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i have a windows 7 machine with a dual monitor setup. i have a 19 inch monitor and my tv as a secondary monitor via svideo. the problem im having is; whenever i have any windows open on my main monitor and the computer goes to sleep( after 2 hours), after i go to use the computer all my windows shifted to the tv. so i have to turn the tv on and move the windows back over. anyone else with this issue? any help would be appreciated! TY
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I am running a Lenovo X60 thinkpad with XP Pro, along with an external Viewsonic monitor connected through my docking station. I used to use the Viewsonic as the primary monitor, and the laptop monitor as secondary. Then a few weeks ago when I re-docked my computer the external monitor wouldn't come on. When I go into display properties & try to make it my primary (or my only monitor), it just comes up with a no signal message & goes black. I can activate it as my secondary monitor, but not my only or primary. Also, if my eyes are right, the resolution on the viewsonic seems worse than before.

Any ideas as to what the problem could be?

A:dual monitor issue

hello & welcome to TSF,

please go to your (device manager) you will then want to select the (Veiw) opion from that windows tool bar / then select (show all hidden devices)

now if you see any (red or yellow) quotation marks make a note of what they are & get back to us

these marks normally mean driver issues

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First just wanted to say thanks to Monitor Issue Recognition any help before it comes Here is my issue I Monitor Recognition Issue bought a new Viewsonic quot monitor for my Windows XP computer No big deal I Monitor Recognition Issue plugged the monitor in Monitor Recognition Issue ran the software added the driver and everything was running fine The new resolution was exactly what it was supposed to be I then went online and got the newest drivers for my Nvidia FX card I uninstalled my old drivers as told by Nvidia and was forced to reboot When I rebooted my new monitor was no longer recognized and I could no longer run the installer or have my PC recognize the drivers on the install disk At this point I was unsure what to do so I plugged in my old monitor a basic plug and play Dell monitor and had issues with it as well In properties instead of saying quot Plug and Play Monitor quot like it had said in the past it said quot Default Monitor quot and I could also not install any type of drivers for that monitor In trying to install any driver to recognize the monitor I must have mistakenly disabled all monitors some how or so I think I reboot again and when I load I get my bios scree my windows screen and then just a grey screen I can hear the windows jingle and I can see that everything has booted but I can now no longer see anything on the screen What I have since done to try to resolve the problem is I booted up in safe mode but I still had the same issue I can tell that safe mode boots but I cannot actually see the interface I then also plugged in yet another old monitor and I heard the quot beep quot of the quot detected new hardware quot function of Windows but doing that did not force the PC to install the drivers to show up So my assumption is that now somehow I have turned off my quot monitor hardware quot and I have no clue as to how I could possibly get it back on and start over the process of adding drivers to my PC for the new monitor nbsp

A:Monitor Recognition Issue

The problem you have is not with "monitor" drivers, but with the video card drivers or perhaps another setting. I think you are saying that with the old Dell monitor you can get into Windows and see something? Is that correct?
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Ok here is my setup AGP Matrox G Melinnium Dualhead AGP slot PCI S ViRGE DX GX PCI slot PCI S Trio PCI slots and Im tring to get a monitor setup going to display information stocks mostly Im running into an error quot This Device cannot start Error quot on the Trio cards and I have found that it only starts the card in the first PCI slot it gives these errors no matter what cards are in the nd rd slots This is a MicroATX board so it doesn t have any more PCI slots to put it in only slots So far I have found that it might be a problem with the IRQ s because windows complains if graphics cards are on the same IRQ ACPI compliant or not I was thinking of fixing this but I cannot change the IRQ on any of the PCI cards I have windows installs on this machine one with a Multiprocessor ACPI HAL I have a hyper threading P and one with a MTS Multiprocessor HAL I would prefer to use the ACPI HAL if at all possible because it seems to be the one that works with my HT cpu best the MTS multiprocessor setup monitor 5 issue doesn t recognize the HT at all I would appreciate all information given Thanks --Nathan Ladwig nbsp

A:5 monitor setup issue

I once tried to use a Trio card in a dualhead setting.. Never got it to run. Maybe it's the Trio chip/firmware/drivers that don't play well?
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Windows 7 with I.E. 11
I used an old flat monitor, 'Generic Non-PnP Monitor' when I started using a refurbished but fast running PC with Win 7/I.E. 11 without any issues attached.

Two days ago, I changed the monitor to an old but in excellent working-conditioned CRT monitor, 'Acer ACT713' with more sharp images in which I prefer. However, whenever I shut-down for more than an hour and starts PC up again, it throws back to 'Generic Non-PnP Monitor,' even though there is 'Acer ACT713' running.

In order to make an rightful and running monitor/Acer ACT713, I need to access, 'Display < Change Display Setting.'

My question is;
How to stabilize an rightful Monitor permanently?

Any help would be trully appreciated.

Thanks, ​

A:Monitor Recognition issue

So is it just the description that's wrong or are the resolution or color settings also changing?
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At home, I run dual monitors. So when I am there, there are programs that open in the right screen. Before I left the area (and intended on bringing just one monitor) I used my setting to change the setup back to using 1 monitor.

However, while Trillian seemed to recognize this change and moved over to the left screen, Vent did not - it opens off to the right (where it can not be seen as I am now only using one monitor). So the question is, how do I get Vent to open on the single (left) screen I have now that I am away from home (and dont have access to another monitor to plug in to simply move it back).


A:Dual Monitor issue...

Hi, welcome to TSG.

Right-click on the taskbar button for Vent, click Move and use the arrow keys to bring the window into view. If Move is greyed out hit Restore first.
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I came back from a weekend away My monitor was all black except I could see my arrow cursor when I moved my mouse Keyboard functions did nothing So I restarted monitor (driver?) issue hard restart by pushing in power button Initially everything was fine But at the point where I should type in my password all black only able to see the cursor around a black screen I restarted again and went into safe mode Works Ran spybot and monitor (driver?) issue mcafee removed some minor things no virus detected Now I m in the process of backing up data in safe mode ready to call it quits I tried opening the restore center in safe mode but it wouldn t start I m running windows vista home premium service pack I m not keen on how to muck with driver info or even how to test one component or that or even how to find out if I hit an update while away Any help will be much appreciated Thanks OB nbsp

A:monitor (driver?) issue

Ok. So I rolled back my driver for my nvidia GeForce 6400 and I still had the same problem. I typed in my password at the black screen (assuming it was working) and logged in to my desktop (which took a lot longer than usual). None of my desktop icons load. No program can be started. Control alt delete gets me back to that black screen. I have to operate in safe mode to get anything.

Any ideas..
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Hi I have a rather specific and yet glaring issue that's recently come up after some modification to Dual Monitor Issue my MacBook Pro mid- running Windows I run W on a second hard drive that I installed in order to add more storage space to the GB SSD that I use for its speed The problem is I use an external monitor connected via DVI from the MiniDisplayPort that works all of the time except when I try to use it as the only monitor Dual Monitor Issue I'm able to run both at once or just the laptop's screen but when I close the laptop and try to use only the external monitor the monitor claims it's not receiving a signal The CPU fans are still running and the keyboard lights are on so I assume the computer is running there's just no picture going out Alternatively when I used the Dual Monitor Issue Nvidia settings to switch the Dual Monitor Issue external to main monitor the same thing happened until I unplugged it and it used the laptop screen again EXTRA INFO This issue only came up recently after I switched from a GB rpm extra HD to a GM rpm HD I tried doing a clean install on the partition that I made for W to fix this issue but it didn't work and neither did a driver uninstall reinstall I also believe a part of the cause may be the attempt I made to install Kubuntu during the partitioning stage I accidentally did not make the partition for Linux large enough for Kubuntu so the install failed The next time I turned on the computer I was forced to run a chdisk on startup and reboot at which point it worked again I'm willing to try a complete wipe of the HD which I did not do before in order to save the data I had on another partition if that could help it would simply take a long time Thanks

A:Dual Monitor Issue

I think it might have something to do with when you shout the lid on the laptop. Once the lid is closed there is no power to that screen and subsequently no power to 2nd monitor because of the lid being closed. There might be a setting to change/play with on the laptop as to what happens when you close the lid of laptop.
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Ok I am using my tv as a second monitor. Ever since instlaling Windows 7, it identifies my desktop monitor as 2, and the tv as 1. If I use the shortcut Win Key + p, to switch monitor setup (extend, duplicate etc...) to "Computer Only" It will make the tv the primary, not what I want. I can switch the connectors at the back of the card for this to function correctly, but then when the computer boots it treats the tv as primary (so boot up sequence shows up on tv), this is also not what I want.

So is there a way to manually set the identity? (so that my monitor is 1, and tv is 2). I tried unplugging the tv, and using a single display which gives the monitor an identity of 1. As soon as I plug the tv in it gives the tv an Identity of 1.


A:Monitor Identity issue.....

Quote: Originally Posted by adamdz

Ok I am using my tv as a second monitor. Ever since instlaling Windows 7, it identifies my desktop monitor as 2, and the tv as 1. If I use the shortcut Win Key + p, to switch monitor setup (extend, duplicate etc...) to "Computer Only" It will make the tv the primary, not what I want. I can switch the connectors at the back of the card for this to function correctly, but then when the computer boots it treats the tv as primary (so boot up sequence shows up on tv), this is also not what I want.

So is there a way to manually set the identity? (so that my monitor is 1, and tv is 2). I tried unplugging the tv, and using a single display which gives the monitor an identity of 1. As soon as I plug the tv in it gives the tv an Identity of 1.


Yep drab the screen you want as #1 to the left and the other automatically becomes #2. Verify by Identify

Hope this helps

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Good Morning,

I am running windows xp sp3, and am set up for dual monitors. I have one user who is having issues. The screen on her laptop is fine, but the other monitor she is using (should mirror her laptop) the background picture is all distorted and the contrast is majorly off. Other users can log on the computer and it is fine, so must be the individual users settings. However I can not find any setting differences, between users.

Would really appreciate any assistance you can provide...

(not an SA just forced to play one at work)

A:Dual Monitor Issue

In general, when dealing with issues that are User Account-specific, one should always consider the option of simply creating a new User Account and transfering the settings from the old one to the new one, as a most-effiecient means of fixing the problem.
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Hi computer new issue Monitor on a I recently got a Monitor issue on a new computer new Dell computer Intel Core i - processor Windows ATI Radeon HD video card My issue is that my Acer monitor Model AL W occasionally will turn off and then turn back on It seems Monitor issue on a new computer to only be the monitor the computer keeps running and I don't notice anything peculiar about it - it's almost like the monitor goes into power saving mode and then comes back out of it after a couple of seconds It happens whenever I install any software and the User Account Control dialog box comes up saying quot Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer quot - the monitor will turn off like this each time right before the dialog box comes up However this issue occurs at other times as well like when I'm simply surfing the net or using another program and I can't see a pattern for these occurrences The monitor is years old and it worked fine on my previous Windows XP system I checked my monitor driver on my new computer and the computer says it is up-to-date I looked at Acer's website and the drivers are said to support Windows XP and Vista so I thought perhaps it is a Windows compatibility problem I called Acer and they said it is an issue with the computer not the monitor driver They said the monitor is plug and play and should be Win compatible The agent said that I should update my video driver and maybe this would help Any thoughts or suggestions Does this sound like a video card driver problem If so how do I update that I'm a bit of a computer novice I'd really appreciate help I'd definitely prefer not to buy a new monitor especially if the same thing happens Thanks a lot - I've really appreciated this forum

A:Monitor issue on a new computer

It could easily be a video driver problem. Check out the following site : –
download from

I would suggest that you download the following drivers: –
AMD Catalyst 10.11 Win 7 | Vista (64-bit)
They are not the latest but should work well with your card.

Follow the simple procedure shown at this site: –
GPU-33: Graphics Driver Installation Instructions for Microsoft Windows 7

Best of luck.
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I have had my laptop (DELL XPS16) connected to an external display (32" LCD TV) via HDMI cable, and it was working fine when I had it as a mirror (both screens the same).
I wanted to change the settings so I could use the TV as the primary display when connected, so attempted to change the settings i evidently did something wrong, now it won't work at all, additionally when i plug the HDMI cable into the PC the monitor just starts flicking on and off and won't display anything on the TV.
Is there a way i can make the computer 'forget' the TV so if I reconnect it, it can go through the new display wizard again to start afresh?

A:Another Multiple monitor issue

Any ideas guys? I've trawled the net for ages trying to find a soultion but am not getting anything helpful... basically I'd like to reset my display settings so it can re-detect a new monitor and things would be lovely....
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My monitor resets itself(like when you do a resolution change, where it flicks off and on) every time I interact with anything to do with a video setting, or right click any movie file(mpeg, avi, etc). Tried updating my drivers, but this didn't help, Just started recently, and I'm totally stumped as to what would cause this.

Nothing hardware wise has changed, and I havent installed any new software of which I'm aware. Preliminary virus scans havent shown anything, and I plan on a 'just in case' defrag tonight. Running XP pro on an AMD Anthlon 2400+ with a Geforce FX 5700 Ultra and a gig of ram(single stick).

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I am not too familiar with Windows but have to work on a project using a Sony Vios running XP I need a nd monitor and installed an ATI Radeon PCI video card along with the factory video card I confirmed each card works and can drive either monitor independently But can t get them to work at Dual issue Monitor the same time In the quot Display quot control panel settings both video cards show up and two monitors are there in the screen arrangement window but which ever monitor is plugged into the stock video port will not work and is grayed out on the arrangement window The Dual Monitor issue cursor does not go off the edge of the primary monitor either I click the box to enable the second monitor to extend the desktop and when I hit quot apply quot nothing happens It asks if I want to have the changes take place right away or after re-start but neither work After restart or any type of setting change the second monitor goes gray again and the box to extend the desktop is unchecked It never seems to apply the Dual Monitor issue new settings I tried every combination of video card monitor Dual Monitor issue primary and secondary settings but only the new PCI card will work when installed Remove it and the stock card works again I must have the correct drivers since each card will work one at a time Am I missing a step to adding a second video card Thanks nbsp

A:Dual Monitor issue

"If your PC&#8217;s graphics capabilities are built into your computer&#8217;s motherboard, they will often be disabled when you add a graphics card. You may need to disable it via the system BIOS (Basic Input/Output System)

Does this mean I cannot use my built in video card?
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Hi, my dad has an old Dell monitor that has vertical white lines and the screen is squished left and right. The hard disc seems to be working ok. If I turn it on and move a window left and right, the window looks like it's passing a convex glass to a normal glass and then back to convex. Left and right side of monitor are distorted but the middle seems fine. Is this a video card problem? If so, how much will it cost to replace?

Thank you guys!

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Yes I m Monitor issue Help Display using a Monitor Display issue Help compaq mv monitor yes its old ona windows pro OS with a nvidia tnt meg graphics card and i took my eyes off it for about seconds i turned back and I honestly cant describe it all the colors bleed to the right of the screen none of the menu buttons on the monitor mount work either Instead they change the screen to yellow or blue or lower the brightness extremely low to where it looks normal but you can barely see anything note menu buttons do not bring up monitors usual menu and routinly it switches between the many faces I took some screenies but since the monitor is displaying these bizzard colors the pics only display the bleeding effect Anyone witnessed this before Solutions i ve tried Uninstalling all display drivers and reinstalled Attempted updating all display drivers Safe mode boot Last good known config boot Dxdiag all checks out fine - - nbsp

A:Monitor Display issue Help

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Sounds like you monitor may have gone bad.

Can you try your monitor on a different system?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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A friend of mine that is not what I would call, "Computer savvy", changed his Nvidia settings to set his monitor as his TV. Without having any visual on the television he saved the settings on accident. At this time, when we start the computer, the POST screen loads on the working monitor but once Windows starts the monitor turns off.(Like it is switching the the TV that is not plugged in and is not working properly.) I am able to log into safe mode and VGA mode, but unable to load the Nvidia control panel in either of those. I need to know how to set his monitor back to the default monitor without being able to log into Windows regularly.

P.S. It's Windows XP, I am not at the computer at this time so I do not have any other specs right now.

A:Nvidia and Monitor issue

Is it onboard graphics or a graphics card? If its a graphics card you can try to unplug the monitor from it and plug it into the onboard graphics port
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hello guys,

I bought a new PC two days ago along with Gforce 9600 GSO 384 mb DDR3 and I am running windows Vista. My problem is that when vista ask for permission to open any program my monitor blinks for a nano second( monitor turns black) otherwise the system is performing good. Is it the problem with the old CRT monitor or some kind of driver problem. My system configuration is written below.

Intel dual core 2.5 Ghrz
DG35Ec Intel mother board
Gforce 9600 GSO 384mD ddr3
windows Vista Home premium Sp1

thanks and waiting for your help.

A:Monitor blinking issue

Hi harmonSmith and welcome to Vista Forums

This is normal for some systems, depending on the hardware and drivers. When the display comes back on, is it dimmed with the UAC dialogue box present? If so, then this is known as the Secure Desktop. This is not the desktop itself, rather it is an image of the desktop which contains no clickable content, save for the UAC dialogue box.
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I recently bought a new monitor (Benq XL2430T) and sometimes it goes to this(Look at the picture). I wanted to check wether it is a pc issue or monitor issue so I switched the 2 dvi ports (I have 2 monitors now) and the monitor still looked the same once it got connection with my computer, while it was disconnected it gave me a black screen. My computer is 4 years old and is pretty outdated since I never upgraded it. It had some issues with it in the past so it wont suprise me if it was computer's side. Can you help me? Thanks in advance!
!!BTW, this always happens in the beginning of when I start up my pc, once it has been running for a while (aprox. 15 min), it wont happen.
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I've been experincing some trouble with my monitor. 19" Widescreen. I know that the issue is to do with the settings I have the nVidia 9800GT set to. Okay what happened was I moved my AcerPower FH over by my HD TV. The computer booted and displayed things on it, but when I was fiddling with the resolution and dpi, I acidently set something too high and now the TV won't display anything other then Startup and nothing past that, (The welcome screen). So I switched back to my regular monitor and I got the same thing. I tried switching back to integrated graphics to reset the drivers, and nothing happened at all. I know that the issue is with the programmed settings, but how do I restore those settings to somthing that will work on my computer? Any help please?

A:[SOLVED] Monitor Issue.

You need to load in to F8 on boot and select "enable vga mode" and press enter. This will likely help. If not than do F8 ->safe mode and uninstall the display adapter driver and reinstall it (make sure you have the driver cd before uninstalling the driver).
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I'm becoming seriously frustrated.

My problem is very akward and hard to clearly explain, so please bear with me.

On the right side of my screen it is possible for my cursor to venture into nowhere. Also it is possible and happens almost all the time, that whole programs start up on the right side of my screen and beyond. This is very frustrating because I have to repeatedely click and drag to the left to attempt to get my program on the screen. I know this is somewhat confusing, but please give your time to help me out. Thanks!

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This is a strange issue I have not come across before Today I was on youtube watching a video whilst on facebook on another tab google chorme and Java I think asked to update during the update parts of some images of one tab were on the display of another tab and wouldn't disappear when i went between tabs I closed google chrome and the dektop display had small red waves and crashed I restarted my laptop and there was no display on the monitor but I could hear sound as normal I plugged another monitor into the vga port and Monitor/software issue when I startup on that I can choose safe mode and that monitor will run in safe mode During normal startup the laptop crashes but if I select diagnostic startup the laptop starts up properly and Monitor/software issue even the monitor will have a display but then I select to run my startup services the laptop booted with display so far then restarted itself and then started without Monitor/software issue a display on the original monitor again returning to original issue of no display except through vga port and won't boot up unless in safe mode Is this a hardware or software issue I thought it may be an issue with a startup service or application but i have unselected everything since except microsoft services and have removed java from the laptop and still the same issue I have even tried removing some microsoft from startup but not all and I dont want to run with the diagnostic startup as it has no network connection or anything There has been a microsoft update lately I'm running an asus g vx rx laptop with windows vista I apologise for the length of the paragraphs I suck at punctuation and tried to keep everything together

A:Monitor/software issue

Reboot tapping F8 there should be an option on the options screen "Repair Your Computer" follow the process Windows will attempt to fix any problems. If it can not find any problems in the list of other options, select "System Restore" Select a Restore Point prior to install Java or any option regarding java before the issue started.
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Hi I have an issue with HP Pavilion Dv laptop monitor I need your expertise in diagnosing the issue so I can attempt to fix it It started one day when I connected the laptop to my tv via hdmi cable which I had done several times previously all of a sudden the display disappeared I re-booted and still nothing I connected to an external monitor and managed to see it booting however even the display on the external monitor disappeared when it was about to monitor issue Laptop load windows very strange I m using Vista btw don t think it matters So I was Laptop monitor issue able to boot into safe mode using external monitor and messed around there with display settings and system restores and then got display working on laptop for initial boot options up to point where it launched windows Eventually I got it back again This happened about weeks ago and I thought all was ok but then it started happening more frequently purely random Same symptoms as above had to boot into safe using external monitor could see Laptop monitor issue initial boot bios Laptop monitor issue options on laptop sometimes then disappear Screen would never go when I had it working would only not work if I re-booted or if I turned on first thing in the morning could do several re-boots in the day sometimes I could see display on laptop monitor sometimes not without changing anything Eventually got very fed up and re-installed Vista prob knowing that it wouldn t make a difference it didn t it made things worse can t see display on laptop monitor at any stage now but can on external monitor with no difficulty Sorry for long winding post but just wanted to paint a picture so you could diagnose what issue is For me I would think hope it s the bulb that lights the monitor that s blown but is that the symptoms that it goes over period of time not like an ordinary bulb that just goes I don t think it s inverter because I would see faint picture on monitor if it was inverter I don t see anything it s pure black Or is it something completely different - with my initial symptoms I could not even see a display on external monitor when it tried to launch windows it showed initial bios screens and I would have to boot into safe mode to see it even on external monitor Please help HP chat were useless nbsp

A:Laptop monitor issue

Have you tried here, drivers page at HP ?

Or at the HP forum, here ?
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Today I upgraded from Windows to Windows before I upgraded I issue. monitor Triple had been running monitors Everything Triple monitor issue. was copasetic however after the upgrade I can no longer run screens but Windows Triple monitor issue. is not really telling my why Pre-requisites - Windows and my AMD vision control centre detect that the other monitor is in fact there but will only allow me to run at a time screen shot provided - I have updated to the latest driver for my video card screen shot provided - I have checked all monitors and cables on another machine in my house everything works perfectly - I have used the all mighty Google to search for anyone with a related issue came across articles with similar problems none resolved - edit I am using DVI input HDMI input AND display port I also tried using an active display port adapter to no avail Any help advice would be greatly appreciated to help resolve this issue as I am out of ideas

A:Triple monitor issue.

I have resolved this issue now so I though I would leave this comment behind help people in the future.
All I did was unplug my computer take out my video card completely and re-seat it.
After that I booted up and presto! all worked as normal.
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We have about computers here at work all of which I am responsible for fixing I ve had a problem with one in particular for a few dim Issue Monitor (goes randomly) weeks and I heard that this problem has existed before I started working which was about months ago Problem Monitor quot randomly quot goes partially or completely dim The only thing I ve found that fixes the problem is unplugging the power cable from the monitor and computer for about one minute then plugging them Monitor Issue (goes dim randomly) back up Sometimes this works sometimes it doesn t Tried -Changing monitors -Changing video cards -Attaching to a different surge protector -Changing BIOS energy saving settings -Changing Power Schemes everything to quot never in Display Properties Monitor Issue (goes dim randomly) -Changing power cables Not sure what else it could be I m in the process of reimaging Monitor Issue (goes dim randomly) a computer to replace that one but I would still like to know if anyone has ever seen this occur before or knows what may be causing it Edit Changed the PSU If that doesn t work I m going to replace the PC with another nbsp

A:Monitor Issue (goes dim randomly)

my computer has the same problem somewhat (screen stays dims and becomes bright occasionally) I tried changing my monitor's output level from 0.7v to 1.0v and back with no permament change, changing this level will temporarily fix it, but after a few minutes it dims (or brightens) again .. I'm no electrician, but I think it may be faulty wiring

my monitor's model number is VS G90f
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Turned on computer...monitor screen is black.
Shut off and restarted.
You can hear it booting up but screen stays black.
Tried to restart, hitting the F8 key but computer did NOT stop and go to c: prompt screen so I could try to restart in safe mode and select a restore date.
What does this mean and how do I fix it?
Can not access to provide most of information below since I am working on a Laptop to resolve the desktop issue.
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Dell Dimension 4600
Processor: Intel
Graphics Card:
Hard Drives: C:
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: eset Smart Security
Use Malwarebytes & Antivirus't

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This started a couple of days ago and has been getting worse have a FPD TFT LCD Gateway Monitor A dew days ago I started having a problem with the monitor not showing me dekstop instead I d get a series of lines After a couple of mnutes it would work normally This has gotten worse and continues to be a problem a couple of times I ve had to shut off the monitor and turn it back on and it would be okay Once it s displaying normally it s Issue Monitor Solved: fine but if I stop using the computer the monitor shouts off from non-usage the same problem happens Tonight the monitor was a hatchwork of greys and I had to manually Solved: Monitor Issue shut it off - times before it displayed correctly I noticed that the power light was glowing a dull blue while this was going on and that it almostfaded out while the monitor went from grey to black when it started to work correctly the light was it s normal bright blue This seems to indicate to me that there might be a problem with the pwer source of course I could be wrong IF it is a power issue what should I do It ll most likely not be till Friday before I have a chance to read any responses so if you answer don t think I m ignoring you long day at wok tomorrow Thank you nbsp

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Hi, I'm new to this whole computer thing, but when I use my computer, my screen gets these random pink boxes that pop in and out. and I have no idea what's the cause. I dont know how to put a picture on here, but you can email me and ill show you what I mean, help!

A:Monitor/Display Issue

Click the "Reply" button. In the button bar of the message window, click on the paper clip icon.
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i have a toshiba satellite 5205 S505 laptop running windows xp home sp1. the display is totally shot, so i've hooked up a second monitor. however, the laptop is set as the primary display. so, i need to configure multiple monitors through the keyboard. basically, i need a "walkthrough" of the keystrokes necessary to do this, as i can no longer see the laptop's screen. also, none of the fn key combos seem to work.

A:multiple monitor issue

please, i am desperate in trying to fix this problem. microsoft and toshiba tech support want to charge me money i cannot afford.
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I have PC s an old one running Windows ME and a new one running Windows XP that I recently had made for me and Issue? Monitor/Power I ve had the Monitor/Power Issue? following problem from my new PC from when I first switched it on When I first switch on my new computer running on Windows XP after about an or hour period the monitor doesn t switch on the light on the monitor is orange instead of green after Monitor/Power Issue? switching the computer off and then on from the mains the monitor Monitor/Power Issue? is fine this happens everytime the computer has been off for about or hours can anyone tell me what s causing this to happen Note I ve never had this problem with my old PC running Windows ME I ve tried using a different monitor different power lead making sure everything s connected properly before hand but the problem is still there I ve tried changing various display and power settings in Control Panel but there s still no change the problem still happens I noticed that the time and date in the BIOS was a day behind after being set correctly before I bought it could that be anything to do with the problem I hope someone can help me find what s causing the problem Thanks in advance Grant nbsp

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I've just installed Vista Beta 2, and I'm having trouble with a dual monitor setup. I'm using an nVidia GeForce FX 5500 graphics card (128 MB of memory, 2 VGAs out, and one S-Video out).

My goal is to connect two monitors like this: my main VGA monitor running at a very high resolution, and a TV at a lower resolution, connected via S-Video. I've successfully gotten the desktop to span the two monitors like this, but every time I reboot, both screens show the same desktop, both at 600 x 800. I need to manually change the resolution and desktop settings each time I reboot.

Is there some way to get my dual screen settings to "stick" from session to session? Any help would be appreciated.

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the main menu keeps on blinking I can't shut down the main menu and make it go away. The constant blinking is make me crazy

A:emachine monitor issue

Hello and Welcome to TSF

Does this happen in Safe Mode?
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Hello I'm having an issue using two monitors on my PC A bit of background info Ive been using dual monitors for about a year by plugging one into my on-board GPU VGA-VGA and one into my external GPU VGA-VGA-DVI-I using an adapter For reasons which I can't be bothered to explain because it's not important my on-board GPU no longer works and Dual Issue Monitor I must use my two DVI-I ports on my GPU Now here's the problem Both screens are identical with VGA-VGA wires I am using an official ATI VGA-DVI-I adapter that came with my GPU NVIDIA GeForce GT to connect the one screen However I purchased a cheap VGA-DVI-I adapter off eBay for the second screen But my problem is that when I connect either screen with the eBay adapter it doesn't work properly Here's a bit of elaboration I can connect EITHER screen in EITHER of my GPU ports using the official ATI adapter and they work fine However when I connect EITHER screen in EITHER of my GPU ports using the eBay-bought adapter it either doesn't detect any screen or it caps me at x resolution When I go to change my resolution it calls the not-working one quot Generic non-pnp quot Dual Monitor Issue where-as my working one is called Packard Bell Ws This leads me to believe that there is an issue with my eBay bought adapter I just wanted someone to clarify that this is the issue I don't want to pay the prices that places like PC World charge for Dual Monitor Issue a good adapter so I want to check here first that the adapter is the issue What would you advise Also the adapter is pins DVI-I MALE to pins VGA FEMALE Thanks in advance Gee EDIT Is it possible that my GPU can't run two screens at x The GPU is PCI-E connected NVIDIA GeForce GT Mb This is the exact one I bought http www ebay co uk itm ht wt

A:Dual Monitor Issue

I'm no expert but it sounds to me like the e-bay bought adapter is missing a few wires that would be used to ID the monitor. If you download the manual for your video card from the manufacturers web site you should be able to figure out what max resolutions are supported. I think its the adapter not a screen resolution problem.