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Laptop to TV no audio with VGA cord and y cable

Q: Laptop to TV no audio with VGA cord and y cable

Hey guys I have been trying to set up my tv so I can watch movies online... to say the least it is not going well.. I have been trying for over 2 hours and 2 trips to Best Buy to figure out why i have no sound on my tv.

My headphone jack does work.
There is a picture due to the vga cable.
I have a Y Cable plugged all in but no sound

Please someone help!!

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Preferred Solution: Laptop to TV no audio with VGA cord and y cable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop to TV no audio with VGA cord and y cable

Hey, I've tried to set this up at one point.. VGA doesn't seem to give sound at least on some T.V's so if you have a sound input you could try:
amazon [dot ]

sor maybe you could get something like:
electgadget [dot]

play [dot] com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/20708900/Trixes-HDMI-Male-To-VGA-Cable-1-8m/Product.html?_%24ja=tsid:11518|cat:20708900|prd:20708900

However I don't with to take the blame if any of these don't work
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So I my laptop is upstairs and my At&t Uverse cable modem is downstairs and I believe there is some interference in the ceiling because although the signal always reads as "excellent" often times it seems to run a bit slower upstairs than when i bring it one floor down. I was wondering if connecting the laptop to the modem directly would be more helpful. (I already have a hidden wiring route that I made to run a hdmi cable from my tv downstairs to the laptop upstairs) I bought a 50ft cable cord and was wondering if all i need to do is plug it in or if i have to somehow program the connection so it knows to run through the cable instead of the wireless signal. I don't have a router either...not sure if id need one as they didn't provide one. Detailed help is much appreciated!

A:How do I set up a connection to a cable modem with a cable cord?

Just plug it in at both ends. It should work fine.

Once plugged in, it will take a few seconds to detect the new wired network and get an IP Address. After that you should be all set.

Edit: You can disable the Wireless if you want. There is either a switch on the laptop or a Fn+Fkey combination to do it.
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Hi everyone, right now i have both my s-video cable and 1/8 to rca cable at 6ft. length, but i need some larger ones. I was just wondering how big they make them and where i can get the larger sizes?

best buy? circuit city? wal mart? let me know common stores that carry these!!!


A:longest s video cord and 1/8 to rca cable

This is where I got one They have them up to 24 feet and you can get a combination svideo and audio cable.
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Its a data gateway xp. With the cable cord it was working, but it possible that a failure happen on the hardware or maybe I had done something could of done it which I will not deny. For my own part, the wifi was not working and I was trying to fix it. I went to troubleshoot it and it said "try unstall and reinstalling the wireless". Maybe I unstall the wrong one or not because I did it a few times. It says it is connected but there is wifi with the cord. Trying to pick up wifi around the area will not show anything. Even when right next to the box.

A:Internet not working. Both with cable cord and wireless.

Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager are there any devices with yellow flags? If so, these devices need drivers installed. On an internet computer go to the Gateway drivers site Gateway Support - Downloads & Support Documents Find your make and model # and download the Chipset, LAN and Wireless LAN driver for your model and any other drivers you need in the Device Manager. Save them to a USB Flash Drive and transfer them over to the troubled computer.
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I am able to connect with my cable modem using the USB, but the ethernet does not work for some reason

It just started doing this a few hours ago

my ISP is charter communication

modem = Ambit U10CO18

whenever I try to go through ethernet I get "imited or no connectivity"

I need to use the ethernet so I can get my Playstation 3 online

it doesnt work with the PC or PS3 so it isint a PC issue

A:cant connect with cable modem using ethernet cord

If it's not a PC issue then it must be a bad cable or bad ethernet on the modem.
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So yeah, I use a HDMI - HDMI cable to my laptop whenever I want to watch DVDs on it.
It used to be that the audio would work, but now that does not seem to be the case.

I've tried rolling back to previous versions but to no avail.

And yes, i've lurked through all the previous threads but to no avail.
The default audio device has been set to the TV's, the HDMI audio has been enabled and i've tried everything. Nothing

Please Windows 7 forum guys, you guys are my only hope!

Here are the specs

Acer ASPIRE 4741G
Intel Core 5-460M processor 2.53 GHZ
4 gig ram
Windows 7 64bit Home premium

A:Need Help : Audio won't work when I attach my HDMI cable to my laptop

found this info for you,give it a go and let us know how it went
- Click on the "Start" button
- Click on "Control Panel"
- With the Control Panel in "Control Panel Home" view please click on "Hardware and Sound"
- Where it says "Sound" in green letters there are three options below that are in blue click on "Manage Audio Devices"
- This will bring up a window labeled "Sound"
- On the "Playback" tab there is listed the sound options available to you. One should read "Digital Output Device (HDMI)" Click on that.
- There should now be a check mark on that option.
- The Sound should then play through your HDMI hookups to the TV.
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Oh man where do I start I ve never had this issue with a computer before and it started like a week ago All of a sudden I wasn t able to get online We are using a cable modem from Cable America with an ethernet cord If my PC is plugged directly into it I can t get online If I take that same cord from the back of through online modem cord ethernet Solved: cable with getting Problems my PC and plug it into my husband s laptop I m able to get online That s how I m contacting you guys right now I took my computer to a repair shop and he told me my LAN card was bad and put a new one in He plugged it up and my computer was online at the store I get home and it won t work I take it back to the shop and he runs another test on it and he is very confused as to what is Solved: Problems getting online through cable modem with ethernet cord going on I ve called Cable America and they told me the modem is fine and that my media state is disconnected Well why does Solved: Problems getting online through cable modem with ethernet cord the computer work just fine at the repair shop but not at home After my son wakes up from his nap I m running out to Cable America and switching out the modem to see if it s really the issue I m using Windows Vista I know I know everybody s favorite OS I just bought this computer just under a year ago so I would love to get it fixed I ve even restored it back to factory settings and that didn t help Can anybody give me some ideas to try nbsp

A:Solved: Problems getting online through cable modem with ethernet cord
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Hello,This is the first time I am using an HDMI on this device. However the audio doesn't seem to be wanting to connect I tried to go to sounds and set the HDMI cord to default however the option is not there. SOS
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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L500D laptop. I am trying to connect my laptop to my surround sound using an Audio wire (one end has the 3.5mm jack and the other end has the red & white jack) but there is no sound coming out, I have the Realtek HD Audio Manager, when i go to insert the 3.5mm jack into the headphone port it will ask me what device have i inserted and i click >Headphone< but still no sound comes out. I have also tried with my Logitech 2.1 computer speakers and still no sound. what could possibly be the problem here. I am a learner DJ and would love to get this sorted. Thank You:confused:;)
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Hello, I have to utlize a dual monitor set-up and I'm connected to my additional monitor via an HDMI cord.  When connected I loose my sound.  Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Thank you,Curtis Jackson

A:No Audio using HDMI cord to connect to external (additional...

Hi, Curtis: See if going into the Control Panel>Hardware & Sound>Sound>Manage Audio Devices>change the setting from the HDMI audio device to the speakers, save the setting and see if you have sound again.
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I have a new Inspiron 7359 and whenever I am listening to something, and unplug the power, the sound goes staticy and crackles for a few seconds. It does this in addition to continuing to play whatever I am listening to. Plugging in the power does nothing, its only when unplugging it.
Is this a known issue with this computer, or do I have a hardware defect and I should return it?
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Let me start by explaining a few things first. First off, I have this old Lenovo laptop, which doesn't have a usable hard drive in it (It was formatted for Apple computers.. its a long story...)
I have an Ubuntu (Linux build) flash drive, so I wanted to be able to use my old Lenovo with it... BUT my cat chewed up part of the charger, it is on the adapter part (the cord attached to the adapter) (Output 20V).
The cord still functions, but part of the wiring is exposed.. I put some electrical tape on the exposed part, but I feel nervous about using it, as when I plug it in, the charger makes a sparking noise a couple times...
My question is, Is it safe to use this cord??? Or is it a fire hazard???

A:Laptop Cord Help

I wouldn't risk it and replace it, or patch it yourself by cutting the exposed part out, solder together the new ends and use heatshrink wrap to wrap the wire(s) inside, as well the outer sheath.
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My laptop does not start up any more.

The battery might be broken, but also with/wihout inserted battery, the laptop does start when powered by the regular 220V power cable.

What does this siound like?

A great many thanks in advance.

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My girlfriend has been bedridden due to an operation. I put my laptop on the bed so she can use it when I get up and put it in the case at night. I leave the power cord plugged into the wall all night but no PC plugged into it. There is a light on all the time on the rectangular thingy on the cord. Is it bad to leave the power cord plugged in all the time? Thanks,

A:Laptop Power Cord

No, but i'd rather keep the adapter cool.
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Need new Ethernet cord that attaches to my router. But I have a extra cord (yellow)  for my router. Can I use this cord? If not where and how to get new cord. Connection is  lowsy..
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I was using my laptop when I noticed the cord near the plug to the computer was smoking, as I reached to unplug it it actually caught fire.  The laptop itself appears to still be ok, but I am not certain as I quickly closed it to conserve battery after making sure it was not hot.  The fire was put out with only a minor burn to myself and no obvious property damage beyond the cord itself.  The HP part number is 740015-004 and CT: WEFQA0AGM7Q0ID Being that it appears to be after hours on the weekend I am having trouble getting anyone on the phone or finding a quick replacement.  Are these cords covered under warranty in the event of something of this nature?  I've seen information regarding recalls but from what I can tell this cord is not covered under the recall for fire hazard. 

A:Laptop cord caught fire



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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Running Windows 7, Dell Inspiron 1525, Used to work when it was Vista but ever since upgrading it doesn't work. I think there is something wrong with the drivers. Can anyone help me? Thanks.

A:No sound from laptop to TV using HDMI cord

A suggestion - go to the Dell website support and downloads pages, and download the W7 audio drivers for your Rig from there.
You could also visit the audio chip manufacturer's site to download W7 drivers from there.

All of these new drivers should provide the HD Audio driver which is required for the audio to be transported over the HDMI cable, provided that the cable is at least a "version 1.3" cable
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I tripped Mon my charger plug and pulled it out of the laptop. Now it won't charge. Is this computer doomed? 

A:tripped on cord and unplugged laptop. now it won't...

HI krisr971,
I'm sorry to hear of your problem.
Please let us know which model laptop you have and we'll direct your question to the right location.

Remember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.  Use the  Give Kudos button to offer a thumbs-up for good post content and a pat on the back to the author.
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Computer will turn on for a few moments via battery pack then goes into hibernate. Battery is low because AC power cord will not power laptop. I tried new cord, same issue. Took apart unit and nothing obvious like a loose or dissconnected wire / solder joint. Any suggestions? Please help if you can.
[email protected] Thanks!!

A:Please help, Sony laptop VGN A-250 won't power up from cord
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Sorry if I am a little vague with the details, but I'm not totally computer literate...
Anyway, I was using my Toshiba laptop, it's relatively old, and all of a sudden the power cord stopped supplying power. Everything was plugged in correctly and the outlet on the wall was working. My laptops battery only lasts like 10 seconds without a power supply, so it turned off relatively soon after that, and without power will no longer turn on.
I checked to see if the cords wall plug or the box (this thing) was the problem, but they worked fine with another computer.
I was wondering if the problem could be my laptops outlet or the part that connects the cord to the computer, and if there is any way to fix it / or if the problem could be fixed by replacing the cord.
Thanks c:

A:Laptop power cord fail

I would check to see if the connector on the back of the laptop is loose. The power adapter should plug into it and not move around very much. If it does, the power connector may be broken loose from the laptop motherboard.
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We have a half dozen laptop power cords lurking around our house and it would be nice to just station some by appropriate chairs and tables for any passing laptop to plug into We have four users in our house each with his her own current laptop plus a collection of dead dying being-transferred-from brought-home-from-work laptops in various stages of functionality The actual physical connectors all seem to fit the various laptops but I m laptop power interchangeability cord not sure about the amps watts volts issue all we did in high school physics was shoot rockets into the ceiling to see if they d stick in the holes in the ceiling tiles so I m pretty ignorant in this area My latest latop not purchased by laptop power cord interchangeability choice it was the natural consequence of one too many coffee keyboard interactions has Vista and a virtually toy battery that doesn t last very long The power cord that came with it has a label that says quot V A quot How can I determine which of our other power cords work with it If I plug in the wrong power cord will my laptop blow up in my lap I don t mind experimenting but I d rather not ruin my new computer right away nbsp
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So i broke my laptop cable a few months back by tripping over it and dislodging the part that plugs in the computer however i temporarily fixed it by smashing the piece back into place however recently its started to become loose and dislodge itself on occasion Now im asking where is the best place in southern ontario specifically hamilton where i can get it replaced for relatively cheap to clarify my laptop is a Toshiba satellite i got from my grandpa a couple christmases ago so i didnt buy it myself i just need to replace this one external part id use amazon but the post office where i live will not give us our mail of we get packages because we dont have government issues ID drivers licence for example also i dont have a steady income as i live at home with my mother and do not have a job which is why im asking for a cheap solution it doesnt have to be the lastest in cable technology it just has to work nbsp

A:Replacing the power cord for a laptop

If it is like many Satellites, you may be lucky. They have a standard jack so you can use any power supply that puts out 19 volts DC. Mine is 130 watts, but it wouldn't need to have that high an output to work. You may be able to find the power supply easily at a computer supply store since many laptops are 19v, but it may not have the right connector on it. You would have to pick that up at Radio Shack and attach it yourself.
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I have an HP laptop, but the power cord connection has become loose somehow and it makes no connection when I plug it into the laptop. The laptop has absolutely no power and no lights. I tried several different ways to twist and turn the cord into the laptop to make some kind of connection, but it doesn't do anything. What can I do?

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My laptop inexplicably stopped recognizing its power cord I have a Compaq Presario and I was just surfing the web last night when I noticed that it said I was running won't cord Laptop power recognize on battery power It never gave me an error message or did anything weird I tested the connections in all areas of the cable and AC adapter and everything was tight I changed outlets and that wasn t the problem The laptop ran out of juice as I was trying to figure out what was wrong It still flashes its lights when I try to turn it on so I know it s responsive but it s drained Today I got a new adapter and power cord but the problem persists so the problem isn t caused by a bad cord What do you think it could be I m not experienced with taking computers apart but I would like to have some ideas before I take it in for repair Oh and I got a universal power cable the kind you can use in the wall airplane and car Do those have a history of being flaky maybe I can hope anyway nbsp

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I was given a free Sony Vaio laptop yesterday and I tried hooking up my internet cord to it because the wireless people around here have crappy internet but when I did nothing happened. My modem does nothing on PC/ACTIVITY like its not even plugged in. I tried giving my laptop the same IP , Gateway, etc as my desktop and nothing happened. I tried everything I could think of but nothing has worked. Any help will be great. Thanks

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I got this laptop for christmas, and the power cord is already having problems. If I bump it, it looses its connection. I tried wiggling it, and I noticed that when I move it a bit toward me, it looses connection, but if I move it away from me it works. I have not abused it in any way (no yanking it out, tripping over it, or twisting it). What could be the problem? This was a refurbished unit, and the warranty is only good if the unit won't turn on at all.

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i got xp pro sp3.. when i run my laptop on battery it doesnt overheat. but when i connect my power cord, it overheats.. i tried 2 other powercords and thats not the culprit. it there a way to make the laptop stay the same temperature as when its on battery?

A:Laptop Overheats w/ Power Cord - HELP

When on battery power, the typical power profile is set up to run the laptop at lower performance compared to mains power (to maximise battery life), which means less heat is generated.

On mains power, everything is ramped up to give maximum performance = more heat.

So check that all the ventilation slots are clear of fluff and dust build-up. If that doesn't help there may be an internal build-up of fluff.
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My laptop cord power source started making this ticking sound whenever it was plugged in. After I finally found out what the ticking was, my laptop now won't turn on. The ticking sound is very strange and it is coming from the box type part on the power cord. I need help!

A:Laptop power cord failure?

HI ChaKarlMalone, and welcome to TSG.

That box type part is part is probably a power supply that converts the high voltage AC mains power to the low voltage DC power needed by your laptop. Is this the power supply that originally came with your laptop?

The ticking noise may be a circuit breaker that is tripping and resetting due to an overload. The overload may be inside the power supply or inside the laptop. The easiest way to figure that out would be to test the laptop with another known good and compatible power supply.
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Hello I have a quick question! what is the difference between Audio Cable and Aux Cable? Is there any difference in sound quality or in Left Right Channel Sound? I'm asking because I recently bought Edifier C2 2.1ch Sound System for my PC that has an External Amplifier that has Aux Input as well. Reason is I'm asking coz I want to hookup my PS3 with it as well that through the Audio Cable as PS3 sound output isn't working on the Aux but I primarily use this audio system with my PC as I use it more frequently.. so was wondering to hook the PC with Aux and PS3 on the Audio input.

A:Difference between Audio Cable and Aux Cable

Depends on what type of audio signal you are dealing with. Low level audio should use "shielded" audio cable. Speaker links can use "speaker" cable.
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When i plug in the power cord to the side of the laptop the icon on the bottom right says the cords in the it also says not charging. I have a HP computer and when its charging a light comes on. But the lights not on and my battery dies even though its plugged in.

A:Solved: Power cord not charging laptop

If the cord is good the pblm should b the battery
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I have an HP/Compaq nc6320. For some wierd reason after the power cord is pluged into the laptop for a few minutes it starts to interfere with the touchpad, making it skip or sometimes not work at all. As soon as I unplug the power cord it works just fine. Is this something that can be fixed? The power cord is a replacement, but it has worked fine up until now.(I have had the new cord for about a week or so)

A:Laptop power cord interferes with the touchpad

Try updating the drivers for the touchpad.

Or get an external mouse ;-)
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Apologies if in wrong thread Hello I plug my Laptop into my TV with the VGA cord and everything works fine I can duplicate screens extend screens show only on laptop or show only on TV BUT When I want to end unusual cord Solved: trouble vga TV Laptop and this Solved: Laptop and TV vga cord unusual trouble session I press Show only on Laptop which works it Solved: Laptop and TV vga cord unusual trouble shows only on laptop Then I unplug the VGA cord The second Solved: Laptop and TV vga cord unusual trouble I do this my laptop screen goes black The screen comes back when I plug the VGA cord back in WHY How do I fix this My screen only appears on laptop now when the VGA cord is plugged into my TV or other pc monitor that i used to test I just want to end this session and disconnect from the VGA cord I ve tried Shutting down gt unplug VGA gt turn on gt starts up but then suddenly the screen disappears DOES work when I plug in VGA at this point As I am right now I am tied down to a second monitor connected by VGA This is not portable at all as you can imagine nbsp
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If you can answer this you will have earned my undying admiration Well in truth you already have but still this is strange My brother power Laptop but crashes battery cord not on has a Dell Latitude C which recently started giving him the blue screen quot Laptop crashes on power cord but not battery memory dump quot crash He had the hard drive replaced because that is what the tech told him it was Still does it but he just noticed something He ran it for over three hours this morning on battery only and it was fine then he plugged in the power cord and within minutes it crashed He charged the battery and tried the same thing with the same results only quicker to crash once he plugs in the power cord It seem obvious that something is amiss here but I haven t a clue I thought the power cord charges the battery which then powers the computer Anyway this is totally unfamilar to me I have heard of power cords failing to provide a charge but this is a new one Any thoughts Thanks as always to you nbsp

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My letter to Mr Michael Dell Dear Mr Dell I realize that there is an extremely small chance of this letter ever reaching your desk and I guess that is the reason I have never written a letter of issue or complaint to a company I have little faith that it will ever make a difference However I am so extremely disappointed at the moment and I feel I must do something for my own peace of mind I am a single mom raising kids alone I have desktop computers quot hand me downs quot from friends I have been able to fix almost every single problem that has ever occured with all my desktops I have replaced fans installed hardware set up a complete wireless networking system etc I understand this may not be impressive Laptop cord issue Power Dell to you but I have had no computer classes or nor have I ever been taught anything Six months ago I made the decision to purchase a laptop I was looking for small convenient and inexpensive This would just be a luxury for me to check email and have a few files on Dell Laptop Power cord issue hand for when I go somewhere I did a lot of research and talked to several Dell Laptop Power cord issue friends My brother has HP s and loves them but he started having problems with one of them it was TWO years old I wanted a more reliable laptop LONG story short I decided on DELL I purchased the Dell service tag MFXZ on Feb It has been less than six months and a few days ago I started having problems with the Dell Laptop Power cord issue powercord The connection became loose I would jiggle the adapter prong and it would be ok Last night it completely turned off and the jiggle would not work anymore I purchased a new powercord and it did not work I spent all morning on the phone with technical support and on the computer MY HP trying to figure out what to do I find out that my warranty ran out after months I was told that the mother board needs to be replaced and that it would cost I am in total and complete shock There is NO WAY even IF I HAD the money that I would invest that much more money in a computer that I do not believe in I have not even had the laptop for months lt gt I was using the laptop to create scrapbooks for my sons baseball team I had scanned over pictures that the parents had got together for me and I was supposed to have everything ready by Thursday Needless to say I never expected this situation to happen and I am not ONLY out of a computer but I have lost weeks of work and will not be able to have the scrapbooks in time for our party The saddest part of this whole situation is I DO NOT THINK IT IS THE MOTHER BOARD gt the back connection is loose it is the CONNECTION that will not let the power get to the computer and CHARGE the battery I tried to explain this to the DELL technicians and they proceeded to tell me that they were not authorized to tell me it is the connection and that they can give me a deal of to repair the MOTHER BOARD gt I just do NOT understand this I have been reading all the comments on the dell website community boards and it appears that this is a HUGE problem and I am not the only person to ever complain I know that my situation is no less more important than anyone else but I can t remember EVER being this disappointed in a product that I have purchased And for the service help I have received I will never EVER purchase another Dell and although I have never been a trouble maker or CRUSADER I will be sure that anyone ever needing a computer and asking my advice will NOT be advised to buy a DELL thank you for your time nbsp

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Hi there, I suppose this issue could be seen as a need for a tweak (but apologise if I am posting in the wrong forum).

I have had this issue for a while with my Dell Studio XPS 1645 laptop.

It is a guess, but i'd say 5/10 times the power cord comes out of the laptop (for whatever reason - moving it etc) then the laptop will simply black screen and instantly restart and boot up again without an error message or any information as to why.

This doesn't make any sense to me because every time I do have the battery pack inserted into the laptop and over 30% battery life (this is when ill plug the charger in).

If anyone has any ideas, please do post that would be super.

Thanks a lot, Nick

A:Laptop restarts 50% of the time when the power cord comes out

The power cord issue could just be a red herring.

How long have you had this computer? The reason I ask is that it's quite possible the CMOS battery wants changing.

The batteries normally have a life of three to five years depending whether it is a rechargeable battery or not.

You mention inserting the laptop's battery pack. Is there any particular reason why you remove it in the first place?
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just happened this morning.  accidently removed the plug from the laptop.  and the laptop shutdown.  weird because this happened before and no problems.   however, it laptop would not turn on.  only after i plug in the laptop's AC cord would the laptop power on.  i checked the battery is the the meter shows 100% charged.  in windows, it is 100% charged.  but as soon as i unplug the laptop the computer shuts down. i have windows 7 and my computer is the HP dv6t Quad Ed.  any help would be much appreicated.  

View Solution.

A:Laptop shuts down when AC Power Cord is not plugged in but B...

Plug in the power adapter. Log into Windows and open the HP Support Assistant and run the battery test. Post your results here. If you have the newer UEFI (v 5.1 or greater) environment installed --> press the power button --> tap the Esc key to invoke the startup menu --choose F2  the System Diagnostics  --> HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI --> choose component tests --> Battery Test.   Post your results here in your thread. Best regards,erico
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I was having an issue with the computer off AC if Cord Power Laptop shuts I unplugg going into SLEEP MODE without any warning for about a month I kept changing the POWER SETTINGS to a higher percentage but nothing worked I decided to download a Battery management software to see if I could get THAT problem solved nbsp It didn t I Laptop shuts off if I unplugg AC Power Cord m guessing the computer went into SLEEP MODE at around That software decided to do a Battery calibration depleting the battery and recharging it about times and there is where the Battery started to give me problems It charges up to that s it no more and the display says calculating nbsp it never gets past that From what I can tell Laptop shuts off if I unplugg AC Power Cord looking at the diagnostic that although it says that the battery is OK the th cell doesn t have a charge Could this be a Software problem I know it s farfetched but the problem started after I installed that battery management software nbsp Thanks in advance for the help nbsp nbsp
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My laptop just developed a problem. It immedately boots after you've inserted the AC cord. It used to require pressing the power button.

Does anyone know what happened and how this can be fixed?


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I am Laptop Power Cord and Adapter Supply AC writing this from my desktop I just got a new HP Laptop Pavilion which came with a W power adapter The power Laptop AC Power Supply Cord and Adapter cord section which plugs into the adapter is shorter than the one on my older HP Laptop G - OUS Notebook I would like to have a longer power cord section or in the alternative could I should I use an extension cord to reach the wall outlet I want to use The older laptop has a w power adapter I Laptop AC Power Supply Cord and Adapter have questions - Can the power cord section from the w adapter be used in place of the one that came with the new laptop I would in effect be mixing the two because the w adapter plug is too big for the hole on the laptop - Can I get a higher power adapter for the new laptop or should I leave it alone Another question I have is regarding the use of cordless earphones to watch TV while working on the laptop When the laptop is plugged in to recharge the battery I get static noise in my left ear When on battery only there is no noise Is there a solution to this nbsp

A:Laptop AC Power Supply Cord and Adapter

#1 Yes, if the older adapter's power cord fits into the new adapter you can use it.

#2 There's no need to get a more powerful adapter, the new laptop must not need as much power as the old one.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L650 that is almost two years old. About a month ago the laptop started shutting off immediately after the power cord was disconnected. I have since bought two new batteries and one power cord to see if either of those items were causing the problem but it still keeps shutting off. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!

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I have a Toshiba satellite a -s I ve had it for two years and this problem arose about months ago Sometimes my power cord stops working I m not sure what s going on but basically the light on the front of the laptop that indicates wether the cord is connected turns off and my laptop failure laptop Toshiba power cord goes into long-life battery mode as if I ve pulled the cord out At first jiggling or twisting the cord helped More recently I ve taken to inserting the cord at different angles until the computer recognizes the charge I tried another power cord one of those all-in-one laptop power cord converters It didn t work either but I m not sure if it was the wrong type or if the problem is with my laptop Is there something I can do to my cord that will help Is it my computer that Toshiba laptop power cord failure s not working Any info or tips are much apreciated nbsp

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I recently misplaced my AC charger for my IBM Thinkpad T20 TYPE 2647(PentiumIII 700mhz 128mb ram 60g hd XP Home svc pack 2). After pricing new ones I looked to Ebay and found MANY with different specs than what is on my machine. The ID sticker shows the power requirements as 16v 3.36a. I viewed a few chargers advertising 16v 4.5a and assume they would not fry my power supply but am not sure. Any advice you can provide would be appreciated.
Thanks, Brad

A:Replacement Laptop AC charger/power cord

They should work fine. As long as the supply is capable of providing the rated current for your machine, any excess will simply not be used. The supply will only provide the power you require, up to it's maximum capacity.
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I am looking for a power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, to use in my car. On line I have seen two - one with output of 19v 3.42A  and the other with 19v 2.1 A. Which one would be best?Thanks for the help!

A:power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, for ...

Hello, As the original AC adapters are 40 or 65W, I suggest you to use the second:19x2.1=40W19x3.42=65W
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I have a Dell Latitude notebook. In the lower right hand corner it shows a plug that indicates that the notebook is plugged into the wall directly. However, now and then a lightning bolt will appear over it indicating that I am on battery If I shake the cord sometimes the bolt will go away and sometimes will not. Does this indicate I need a new battery, i.e. that it no longer can hold a charge or do I need a new AC cord?


A:Dell Laptop New battery or cord needed??


Check your AC adapter connector on the laptop to see if it is loose. Plug the AC adapter into the laptop and where the connector goes into the laptop see if you can move it around and how much play it has. It sounds like a typical problem that I see all the time on laptops in our shop.

If that is the case, then you will have to have the laptop serviced to fix the problem.

I hope this helps a little.

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I am looking for a power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, to use in my car. On line I have seen two - one with output of 19v 3.42A  and the other with 19v 2.1 A. Which one would be best?Thanks for the help!

A:power cord for my Acer Aspire E1 -572 laptop, for ...

Hello, As the original AC adapters are 40 or 65W, I suggest you to use the second:19x2.1=40W19x3.42=65W
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I have a Vostro laptop just over a year old O S Windows XP Pro SP RAM gb CPU Intel Core Duo ghz A few days ago as I unplugged the power cord to move to a different room as I have done hundreds of times over the past year the laptop rebooted Thinking this power when reboots Laptop unplugged. cord was odd I let it boot completely off of the battery then plugged it in Nothing happened apart from the computer registered that it had been plugged in and was working off of AC So Laptop reboots when power cord unplugged. I unplugged the power cord again after checking to see that the batter was in fact fully charged Again it rebooted So I decided to check the Event log to see if it logged any errors The event log didn t show anything out of the ordinary for the laptop So I decided it might be a hardware issue To check I manually rebooted the laptop while it was plugged in and then unplugged it at the BIOS screen To my surprise it kept booting up So I plugged unplugged it at regular intervals partway through loading Windows the action of unplugging the cord once again caused a reboot I am clueless as to what is going on other than it must be a problem with a Windows component Does anyone know anything I can try Thank you Tyler Sweet

A:Laptop reboots when power cord unplugged.

More Info: I've played around some more, it has the same behavior when booted from a Ubuntu Live CD, but NOT when you boot from the Dell Utility CD, which asks you to unplug the adapter as part as the tests. It also did not find any errors, even when running the test seven times.
Please, Most of my day is moving my laptop between jobs and rooms, I'd really like to not have to shutdown my laptop just to move from one room to another.
-Tyler Sweet
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I'm not sure where to post this.  I bought it in July.
The power cord which  was original received a "we cannot determine that the power X  is part of Dell.   Or something very similar.   And the sales company sent out a new power cord. 
Now,  3 months later, I got the same comment;  except that this time, the light on the front edge began blinking yellow.  Or orange.    I  checked the cord completely and the plug-in at the wall that it uses. All is well, except that now, the light informing me it's connected no longer lights except at the very beginning of the boot process.
I read of various issues online about this and nothing was similar.
HELP!  & Thanks in advance.
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Hi again fellas,

I've been having a problem with my laptop. When I plug it into the back, I have to be very super sensitive otherwise the computer will die on me, but still be on. The screen goes blank. It's as if the entire thing fries. Up until now I've been real cautious as to where I put the laptop so it does get touched and ends up freezing. Yet, it gets really annoying when it does.

Just to clarify things: when anything touches the "outlet" itself that goes into the laptop, the entire computer just freaks out and freezes on me. Screen goes blank. I'm curious as to whether or not this is typical with them or not. I find it hard to believe its typical considering I have a battery running with the laptop. It's uber annoying.


A:Laptop A/C Problems - Wiggle cord, and it dies

1. It could be that the power supply in the laptop has become loose or unsoldered on the laptops mobo
2. try using another AC adapter to see if it is not the adapter it self that has any frayed or damaged wires. You can usually find universal AC adapters at stores like best buy circuit city and many office supply stores like office depot and staples. You could buy one, try it and if you are still having problems you can return it.
3. check your outlets with a multimeter and see the voltage in the outlet isnt spiking. The outlets should run about 120 volts on AC (plus or minus 5 volts is okay)
4. you could try to discharge the laptop of any built up charge by unplugging the laptop and taking the battery out and holding the power button for 30 seconds
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Want to plug my laptops power converter into a extension cord and then into wall?

How big a no, no is this?​

A:Plug my laptop into a extension cord and then into wall?

I wouldn't see it as a problem....what are you concerned about?
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Hi, I've just purchased a refurbished Dell E6400 laptop a couple months ago, OS is OEM Win7 Pro. It is

working fine with no service affecting problems. There is one issue I've been unable to find a resolution for,

when using ac power the laptop powers up immediately when the power cord is plugged in. I've looked and

looked through the choices for power options, plans, etc... and haven't found anything about this particular

setting. I'd like it if when I plugged it in it would wait until I pressed the power button, I haven't found

anything indicating this is default with no option to change it, if it is I can live with it but would rather use

the power button to turn it on.

A:Laptop powers up immediately when power cord plugged in

Not a built in windows function,
You would most likely need to go through the dell utilities to find the feature,
Where did you buy the model ?
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I have a compaq presario 900 laptop.

When I plug the AC cord into the laptop, the cord makes a beeping sound and then there was a bad electronic burning smell..... and the Computer does not recieve power. It is NOT the cord. I bought a new one and same thing happened.

Can I replace this part of the laptop - the reciever of the plug.
At least, can anyone telling me what this part is called and so can ask others about this with correct lingo....


A:AC reciever replace? (not the cord, but where AC plugs into laptop)

You are probably SOL if the laptop smells burnt. That "receiver" is nothing more than a small VRM. Did you accidentally plug in an AC adapter that wasn't meant for that laptop?

Either way, your best bet is to see if you can get it rma'ed.
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Some power cords for HP and Compaq and mini notebook computers sold from September through June may be part of voluntary recall and replacement program launched on August nbsp The impacted power cords have the potential to overheat posing a fire and burn hazard nbsp To see if your cord may be affected look for a LS- marking molded into the connector that plugs into the AC adapter nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp If you see a LS- marking please go to nbsp http www hp com support PowerCordReplacement nbsp nbsp nbsp Please note that there are two parts needed to charge your laptop nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Cord Safety Replacement Power Laptop Recall HP and nbsp nbsp nbsp The first part is the power cord that plugs into the wall nbsp Figure nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp The second part is the adapter Figure nbsp HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement HP is ONLY recalling the power cord used with HP and Compaq notebooks and mini notebooks and accessories such as docking stations See Figure nbsp To qualify your power cord and request and replacement go here nbsp Since power cords for laptops are compatible you can use another power cord with your AC adapter until the replacement one arrives nbsp

A:HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement

None of the links shown in your post are active. I have three HP notebook cordsets with the LS-15 Marking, and I don't have any other compatable cords at the moment since these are the first IEC 60320 C-5 (Mickey) cordsets we have. All the rest are IEC 60320 C-13 cordsets which seem to be more prevalant in the USA. What is the timeframe for getting the replacement cordsets and the links working? What is specific warning signs of possible trouble with the cordset?
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A free and DIY solution nbsp nbsp The power cord never stayed plugged in nbsp It fell out with the slightest movement of either laptop or cord nbsp Worthless because I could never rely on the laptop being either charged or charging nbsp In warranty HP replaced the jack but that had little effect and made no great laptop out cord easy Power falls often. of easily and ... This improvement nbsp Finally I found that squeezing the shaft of the power plug itself fixed the problem nbsp Apparently the plugs are made of inferior quality and guage of Power cord falls out of laptop easily and often. This easy ... metal I used the cutting blades of ordinary pliers to do it nbsp But be careful nbsp The mtal is so thin think layers of aluminum foil that it is easy to crimp too much nbsp Start out with slight pressure and test it until it firmly seats in the laptop jack nbsp When that happens it will probably be the first time it has ever seated properly nbsp Because of the inferior quality of the parts used nbsp I have to do it about once a Power cord falls out of laptop easily and often. This easy ... month now nbsp But that is much better than buying replacement power cords from HP nbsp Particularly since they will send you the same type and quality of cord

A:Power cord falls out of laptop easily and often. This easy ...

nice one dude, i was using a small piece of card before. Your fix is MUCH better.
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Hi guys I m cord, out?! now then laptop battery, Failed power blacks hoping some of you will be able to tell me what is going on with my laptop Here s what happened- about a month ago while I was in London for a weekend I wiped Vista from my Toshiba Satellite M it s about years old and replaced it with Windows Everything was great for a couple of days then I came back to Amsterdam and plugged it in to charge and realised it wasn t charging at all I removed the battery completely and tried to turn my laptop on and it seemed to be a problem with the power cord- it was totally dead So I ran to the nearest computer store bought a new generic power cord and my laptop was back on track Or so I thought With the new power cord the battery seemed to register that it was charging but only briefly each time I plugged it in As soon as the battery drained which didn t take long as each attempt to charge it didn t go very far the laptop would switch off So I removed the battery I Failed power cord, then battery, now laptop blacks out?! have been using my laptop sans battery for a Failed power cord, then battery, now laptop blacks out?! month now which isn t a huge problem However over the last week my laptop has just completely blacked out a handful of Failed power cord, then battery, now laptop blacks out?! times The first time it happened I thought it was because I d somehow pulled the generic power cord out without noticing When it happened again I realised that my laptop really isn t happy but I have no idea why Each time I have started my laptop after a blackout it seems to be ok One time however it went into startup repair After that it was ok but things looked kind of serious there Could it be that this is all linked What are the chances that both the original power cord and battery would both die at the same time Could it be related to the installation of Vista etc One suggestion was that it might be the hard drive that is trying to pack up and take early retirement I m really very technologically-challenged Thanks a million Kate nbsp
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I need a replacement power cord

A:Re: HP Laptop Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement

Hi @Deejay011,Welcome to the HP Forums! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums, I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that you need a power cord replacement. Please check this document for the power cord replacement:HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Safety Recall and Replacement Program Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution". If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me Kudos. Regards,
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I have inspiron-15 N5010 model laptop. these days I have observed that after charging the battery, when I remove the power cord the laptop gets shut down on its own. can anyone help me with the issue please.

A:My laptop gets shut down automatically when the power cord is removed

I have inspiron-15 N5010 model laptop. These days I have observed that the laptop gets shut down automatically when the power cord is removed from the laptop. The battery works fine but after charging it and removing the power cord the laptop gets shutdown. I tried removing the battery and checking for the bent connections etc. Everything is fine. Can anyone help me with the issue please.
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Hi guys I know this question has been asked a lot before in similar ways however Laptop Shuts MSI Removal off after GE70 Cord AC Immediately I m going to MSI GE70 Laptop Shuts off Immediately after AC Cord Removal describe my situation separately I have an MSI GE laptop thats a little over years old now About months ago is when this problem began I began not being able to unplug my laptop without it shutting off immediately More recently it has gotten to the point where it shuts off even when plugged in I ve replaced the battery twice the power cord once and the DC power jack cord as well I replaced the power jack cord a week ago hoping that the wiggle in the old one was the reason for the missed contacts not charging I was wrong When I pulled apart the entire laptop to replace the power jack cord I didn t visually see any wires that were frayed damaged so I m kind MSI GE70 Laptop Shuts off Immediately after AC Cord Removal of lost as to what it could be The only thing I think that could ve happened was that the fan blowing so hot gaming laptop melted critical components to the battery charging circuit The fan already melted the side plastic guard off and is right next to the power cord hookup Additionally right before it turns off I hear this quot metallic electronic quot CLICK once or multiple times and then it shuts off Sorry for the long post but I wanted to be as thorough as possible Cheers TL DR - Laptop shuts off when unplugged When plugged in and under heavy load hear a metallic CLICK and then it shuts off nbsp

A:MSI GE70 Laptop Shuts off Immediately after AC Cord Removal

I was going to suggest replacing the battery, but you already done that, so

If you melted critical components on the charge circuit you need to replaqce the charge circuit, that circuit is not just for charging the battery, but also for distributing power. If you know how to work a digital solder gun then you may be able to fix the damage to the board.

Electrolytic capacitors, resistors, diodes, (and if you know what your doing) fets and transistors are all replaceable but before doing anything look for any damage to the charge board PCB, if there is damage there you need to buy a new charge board,
7k to fix damage to the PCB is not worth it.
However if there is no damage to the PCB and just to components on the PCB than you could fix it for 5 and have spare parts.

Additionally before doing anything, get the model, serial and vershion numbers from the charge board and download a To Scale Schematic of the board so you can print it out and trace out the power rails and V's that will be involved in any components you will be working with.
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Hello!  Just wondering if someone can help me find a new power cord and brick for my old laptop.  My 12 and 9 year old boys are going to be using it and I would like to get it running again.    Any help would be greatly apprecitated.  Thanks very much,  ctharry.
[edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, email addresses, phone numbers, full serial numbers, etc.]
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I have replaced the battery, but my wifi will only work if the power cord is in my computer, this is driving me crazy. When I take the power cord out, it'll work for maybe 15 minutes then it says connection is limited and boots me off while resetting the wifi, and unless I put the power cord back in, it just keeps doing this. Only to my computer, my husbands computer, xbox, my phone, no other issues, its only my computer. HELP!

A:Laptop only staying connected to wifi while power cord is in.

First of all - welcome to BC !
Can you give us a little more information please - such as make and model of your computer and confirm that you are running Win 8/8.1 as your operating system ?  The reason I ask is that I am not entirely convinced that your topic is in the best possible place for help and would like to improve your chances of getting help. At the moment i could guess at possible causes for this, but that is all they would be - guesses.
Chris Cosgrove
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Hello, I have a Y510P notebook and I am having some problems with it. Once I was playing on this laptop and it suddenly it turned off. The power cord would make a weird noise and it wouldn't turn on. After a while it started to work normally. It was probably a high voltage spike in my house, since we already lost a cellphone. After that I notice that the laptop would turn off, as soon as I plugged the power cord. I ordered a new power cord and battery, but this issue is still happening. Anyone has an idea? Thank you!

A:Plugging power cord turns laptop off (Y510P)

Hi Tiagoramosleite,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
You can initially start isolating the issue using the power checkout guideline (page 21). 
Try to notice anything on the DC port like bent pin , unusual appearance / marks or smell of burnt . 
Would any led status light (page30) still be lit when plugged in. 
It would be best to have it further checked for further isolation for dc in port issue against failure on the systemboard itself with nearest service center or call in technical support for further recommendation. 
Update us how it works best for you.
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Hi my laptop is behaving very strangely, while on battery the screen gets brighter and immediately when I switch back to mains power the screen gets darker. It's supposed to work the other way round if anything...

My power plan is set at maximum performance with screen brightness at 100% for both battery and mains however there is a noticeable difference as described. I also tried other power plans and had the same problem. Anyone suggest a solution to this?

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i have an old composite audio and a broken pair of ipod headphones. i want to put them together to make a converter basically. i have an old tv tuner card and no way to put composite audio into my computer because i bought the computer used and the guy who had it before me lost the y adapter.

How would i put those together ?

thanks in advance,


A:Making an composite audio to 3.5mm audio cable

Have you looked at some of the sites like and, as well as audio and broadcast sites?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4009 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1812 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 182271 MB, Free - 134049 MB; D: Total - 271787 MB, Free - 109124 MB;
Motherboard: SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO., LTD., 300V3A/300V4A/300V5A/200A4B/200A5B
Antivirus: Norton 360, Updated and Enabled

A:downloads/uploads very slow only when power cord is not plugged in laptop

Try adjusting the power settings for the network adapter to maximum performance. Everything is in the link below.
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hello,i am  using hp 15-r201tx notebook since 1.5 year with intel core i3, geforce 2gb grphicscard and  windows 10.My laptop screen goes black when I plug in the power cord to charge it. If I remove the powercord from laptop the screen comes back on. It does still charge the laptop however, even though the screen goes black. so i thaught i have solution for this problem if anybody really have intrest and want to know the solution for this  problem please contact me
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I have a Lenovo Laptop Win 8.My laptop crashes or froze everytime I am watching a video online and only when I don't have my power cord connected. Could this just be some kind of plug-in issue or windows issue, or browser issue?

A:Laptop Crashes only when there is no power cord connected and watching videos

How old is the battery ? ?...any error messages ? ?,153785.0.html
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I have had the computer since May and all of a sudden the power cord will not plug into the computer, thus the laptop cannot charge.  I had no issues until this last weekend when I went to plug in the power cord, it just fell out.  I can't tell if somehow the receiving end inside of the computer got moved, or if the metal end of the power cord got pushed deeper into the hard rubber part of the cord.  It appears the cord cannot reach to connect.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 300 series power cord won't plug into laptop anymore

Hi Scxc1638,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Do you have another power adapter to try or to test this on another system?
please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address and a picture of the adapter port.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information
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My desktop with Windows Vista is connected to the modem with a standard ethernet cord, and when I try to plug the same cord into my laptop I don't get any internet access. My laptop is running Windows 7. I have tried powering the modem off for 15 seconds multiple times, but to no avail. I am just trying to make this connection work until I purchase a router.

A:Desktop connects fine to internet via ethernet cord to modem, laptop doesn't
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Basic Specs

Brand New Toshiba Satellite C855
Win 8 64-bit

Display Adapter: Intel(R) HD Graphics (2000)
Driver: Intel

Playback Devices
Show Disabled Devices - checked
Show Disconnected Devices - checked

High Def Audio Device displays as not plugged in

Cable is plugged inCable has been tested on backup laptopCable connected to HDTVVideo is fineNo Audio

I have spent hours installing and uninstalling drivers from the Toshiba and Intel sites. Tech support said to return it but I have just spent 2 days installing software. I never took a break to watch Netflix. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

A:Audio Over HDMI Cable Not Working - HDMI Cable Not Plugged

The video is apparently not detecting the HDMI cable. Assuming you have a good HDMI cable it suggests a hardware problem in the new PC.
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It's either considered an audio cable or an auxiliary audio cable--that cable that attaches to the CD/DVD drive and connects to the motherboard. What is it for? What does it do? If I disconnect it I can still play music from either the hard drive or a CD from the optical drive just fine. Can anyone explain to me what this cable actually does?

A:Audio cable? Aux cable?...What is it for?

This is just a wild guess but that maybe where it gets power from? Or for a sound card maybe?
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Hi All I have Laptop Toshiba Satellite L windows I used cable DSL Solved: back cable modem modem-now interne Cable can't laptop to my connect to to modem Motorola SURFboard SBG and it was working fine Then I changed my ISP to Century Link and used their DSL modem and still everything worked just fine Now I moved to another city and used same cable modem SBG Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne and Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne connected my business PC thru ethernet and it is working fine The problem is with my laptop which I tried to connect wirelessly but coudn t so I tried to connect it thru ethernet but it does not even recognizes it Funny thing is my hard wired computer has picked up same network name thru modem and is working fine both thru ethernet and wifi this computer I am using first time with this modem My laptop find available networks and when I select my network with password some time it Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne says connected with limited access and some time quot windows was unable to connect quot message I tried most of the solutions by calling Suddenlink and Motorola but no luck I am wordering if it has to do anything with centurylink s DSL modem being used on this laptop before and somehow blocking cable modem Any help nbsp

A:Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne
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hi i have some wireless headphones and i was wonderng how i could listen to the tv with them.

would i plug them into my cable box? or tv?

if so, what jack?
the base can be 3.5mm and n rca jack.

A:Cable box Audio out help.

AV out (Audio) on the TV, Red and White RCA sockets.
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Have a DVD ROM and installing DVD burner. The burner will be the master. There is 1 CD input on the sound card. Do I just need the audio cable from the burner; or, do they both need to be connected?

Dumb question, but cannot find any documentation to guide me.

A:2nd DVD audio cable

If you are using XP, neither cable is necessary . . XP captures the sound output via the IDE cables.
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Does anyone know of an "adaptor" cable that will make it where the audio RCA connectors can plug into normal speakers? (the 3.5mm cable)

I'm trying to think of a way to get sound from Xbox 360, but cannot find any speakers that have rca inputs. Most just have the 3.5mm


A:Audio Cable

There are tons of them, Radio Shack has quite an assortment of them.
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Wow I haven t posted on here for months good to be back Anyway my problem is thus I am trying to plug a CD-Rom audio cable into my CD-Rom drive and from there to my motherboard onboard audio The cable has one four pin black end and one smaller pin white end The problem is the pin black end fits into both the motherboard and CD-Rom audio plug yet the white cable CD-Rom does fit Audio not plug CD-Rom Audio cable does not fit fits into neither of them This cable is from my older AMD K - Mhz system In that system the black end went into the CD-Rom drive and the white smaller end into the motherboard Do I need to buy a new cable or something Why doesn t this work I m trying to plug it into the part on the motherboard labelled quot CD quot its beside the quot AUX quot plug I hope I get this working my Age of Empires music isn t working because of it nbsp

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ok couple general questions regarding the audio cables that is plugged in the audio jack in the CD ROM....

1. when i burn audio CDs, does the audio cable have to be plugged in to work?

2. it seems when i have multiple CDRoms, its a pain to figure out which CDRom to plug the audio cable to use for audio and music. is there a cable that will plug into multiple CDRoms? the sound cards dont seem to support more than one CDROM audio cable jack ... whats up with that?

3. if i encode MP3s from an audio CD, does the audio jack cable have to be plugged in?

i thought i had more, but guess not. if so, i reply back with more ...


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I'm adding a CD writer along with my already installed CD ROM and I'm looking for an audio cable with two input jacks and one output. This way I can listen to either CD drive without headphones or changing drives.

Ideas where I can get such a cable? Any problems to expect if I do this?


A:analog audio cable

I've never seen a cable like that but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Are you sure your sound card doesn't have two inputs though? A lot of them have more than one for example mine has three.

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Hi team - I've had this new 550-114a tower for a week. It's connected with an HDMI lead, and for the life of me I can't get any audio. I'm a techno numpty - but have followed what I can find online. But the HDMI output is showing greyed out (not connected), so I can't set it as a default. Any ideas thatmight help? Thx
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i have my pc connected to a LG flatron 22" tv by hdmi cable the picture is fine but the audio does not play through the tv, a jack cable from the pc to the tv does not work either, if i use the jack plug into separate speakers it will play the audio through the speakers. i have checked in play back devices that the tv is default device, checked audio and graphics card drivers they are all up to date.

pc specs are:
cpu: amd phenom ii x4 BE 3.4ghz
mobo: asus m4n75td
graphics card: 2 x nvidia gefore 8800 gs in sli

stuck on what to try next any help would be appreciated

A:hdmi cable to LG tv no audio

billyc, welcome to the Seven Forums.

You can't get audio over HDMI from the Nvidia 8xxx/9xxx series of cards without doing the following,

Guide: 8800GT/9800GT/9800GTX Sound over HDMI (Now including Creative cards)
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Request please help me match up the proper connection

motherboard labels

line out-r
line out-l
audio cable markings


motherboard ASUS p4p800dlx
case chenbro pc6616
cable p/n 26-031303-009
cable description
unverisal audion cable for all FPIO AUDIO CONNECTORS
Thanks for the help !!!!!!!
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Browsing today I came across a post claiming you did NOT need an audio cable connecting to your CD/DVD drives to the motherboard to get sound from these drives! I've never heard of this.

3 questions:

1) Is this true in absolute terms?

2) More specifically, does it hold true for the Lite-On CD & DVD rom drives and ASUS A7N8X deluxe motherboard I recently purchased?

3) If it is true, will using the EIDE cable for audio transfer, as this post claimed, use up CPU processing time or interfere with a burn operation on a CDRW?


A:audio cable NOT needed?

1 and 2 yes its true if you are on WinXP. #3 yeh it will affect transfer, not so much as cpu processing time, but more of cable time, but if you have a burner with burnproof or equilivant technology then you have nothing to worry about.
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Hello, i have win 7. My hdmi cable is connected from my pc to my tv. I have picture however no audio. I have already made sure the audio driver is updated in device manager. I have also set hdmi as my default device in playback. Hdmi cable is good because i get the audio when i connect my lap top. I have troubleshooted as much as i could without any recourse. Please help, thank you

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This is probably very simple, but I can't figure it out. Iam building a system around a new Intel D955XBK motherboard, which has the integrated audio, and I cannot determine where to plug the little audio cable that connects to the CD-ROM drive. In my old system there was a port on the audio card for it.

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I am trying to connect a 10' VGA audio video cable from my apple laptop (Mac Book) to a Samsung TV, but nothing is happening. I change the tv input to AV but the message on tv screen says "weak or no signal".

A:VGA Audio Video Cable

to a Samsung TV, but nothing is happening. I change the tv input to AV but the message on tv screen says "weak or no signal".Click to expand...

IS AV the correct input for a VGA connection - often its PC you need to select ?
whats the exact model of the TV
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i have 2 PC's and i need a adapter. So i can hook 2 PC to one set of head phone. like it shows in the picture. now i found this one but its a One 3.5mm Stereo Male to Two 3.5mm Female Stereo Y-Cable. can i use this one in reverse? with out getting feed back?

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This has been going on ever since i replaced my motherboard like nine months ago. I get a message first thing right after i boot up.. before i even get to the sign on screen. The screen is black and and my computer makes a beep and at the top of the screen the message reads in white letters .. "Alert! Front panel audio cable not detected." Then my computer goes on to the sign in screen and everything is fine. My sound is fine. i would like to know how to get rid of the message and if anyone has any ideas on the origin of it. Can I get rid of the message with regedit? I have no idea. I just have to keep plodding away to learn more about my computer.

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Does anyone know where I can find a 9 Pin internal cable. It's to connect an audio input/output card (optical & rca connections) to the onboard motherboard sound chip.

It originally came with the motherboard, but I can't find it. I've googled for it, but can't find the right cable. Am I SOL, as it maybe a specialty item?

A:Where do I find this audio cable?

I Looked on the site of the Soyo and it is a discontinued product...but I would send them a email and see what they say.
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Can anyone tell me where the audio connector is on an ancer aspire t180 mb?

A:Audio cable problem

I don't know this motherboard specifically but on most motherboards it's labeled "audio." You can also recognize the header pin configuration although if your motherboard has a firewire header, it looks similar but it too should be labeled.
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does anyone have the schema of the connection cable between a digital out of a Soundblaster card and a RCA digital in?

I'm trying to get the sound from my new media center pc to my Bose audio system...

Many thanks

A:5.1 audio digital out cable

Have you tried the creative labs website?
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I recently bought a hdmi-dvi cable to connect my xbox360 to my monitor. I have a cheep set of speakers, not ideal but the best I have, and I decided to try and connect them to the monitor for sound. Nothing happened. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this problem. Thanks.

A:No audio when using HD-DVI cable for Xbox

Both ends will have to be native HDMI for sound to transmit. DVI doesn't carry sound.