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Is it safe to overclock my PC?

Q: Is it safe to overclock my PC?

Everything on it is OEM, but I plan on getting a new gpu soon, because my current one sucks. Specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 GHz
GPU: Nvidia Geforce 6150SE nForce 430
Mobo: Pegatron 2A6C Chipset Nvidia MCP61
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. v6.01 9/29/10

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Preferred Solution: Is it safe to overclock my PC?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Is it safe to overclock my PC?

If its an OEM machine its likely that the options required to overclock your cpu in bios will be locked. Gpu should not be a problem with some third party software.

Read some overclock guides here at techspot, watch your temps and you should be good to go.
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I heard there's some certification to mount ESD safe equipment (ESD mats, etc) at computer workshops and other ESD safe environments. Could I get this certification myself in London? Is it expensive?

A:Is there some certification to mount ESD safe equipment at computer workshops, etc?

OR domestic (U.S)
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I'm new to the computer world, so could someone tell me what overclocking is, how it is useful, and how to do it? Also, what temperature should I be shooting for on my AMD FX 4350 Quad Core 4.2 4, and how do I measure said temperature?

A:What is overclock?

The purpose of overclocking is to increase the operating speed of given hardware. The trade-offs are an increase in power consumption and fan noise, the system can become unstable if the equipment is overclocked too much, and the risk of damage due to excessive over voltage or heat generation. In extreme cases, costly and complex cooling (e.g., water cooling) is required.
If you are new to computer world, don't bother about this. Overclocking is an advance topic.
Temperature and other will will take by your PC it self.
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HI, I was wondering if it is safe to use an atx psu on a motherboard with an eatx power connector. The motherboard has a 24-pin eatx and a 4-pin atx 12v connector. I bought the motherboard and started using an atx psu and everything seems to work ok then realized after it was an eatx power connector on the motherboard. Are there eatx psu's? Thanks

A:Safe to use ATX PSU on a motherboard with an EATX power connector?

EATX is a form factor (12"x13") not a power connector. I'm assuming you are talking about using a PSU with a 20 pin (old ATX) connector with a newer motherboard that has a 24 pin (current ATX) connector. If that is the case you will need to consult your motherboard's manual. Some 24 pin boards run fine with only 20 pins some don't. The issue is that each pin in only rated to carry a certain amount of current (Amps). If you overload one of these pins your risk burning or melting the ATX connector on either the PSU, Motherboard, or both.
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Unfortunately has been few years with no PC rig since I started working and carry notebook wherever I go. But I do remember the good old days where It was great to tweak the rig and squezze every Mhz our of every component. Unfortunately its not that much fun with a notebook

I have most of my components selected :

IntelCore i7-4790K
Cooler Master V8 GTS
Corsair HX 1050
980 AMP!
G.SKILL Trident X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
But Im wondering if this a good selection of motherboard / PSU / Memory
What do you guys think, considering I didnt overclock for quite few years now. I want easy but rock stable motherboard overclock..

A:Back to Overclock - Opinions needed

Never been to keen on MSI mobos. Bad experience in the past I guess..
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Hello guys So thanks to some awesome TS members valuable input I put together this PC knowing that I will be using the IGP for a while until I get - Cores Cores Underclock Overclock A10-6800K to CPU AMD GPU dedicated GPU s and I am actually really satisfied with the performance Essentially there isn t a game that s unplayable with the APU even AMD A10-6800K - Underclock CPU Cores to Overclock GPU Cores handling the newest titles with High graphical settings quite well Now I may not be getting incredible frame rates usually - FPS for a system without a dedicated GPU that s pretty damn good if you ask me Now my question is - I pushed the GPU cores on the CPU from default MHz to MHz and the system is working flawlessly I get no crashes while gaming If I push it to MHz games will start crashing and the system becomes slightly unstable Now is this the max I can push the GPU frequency If I underclocked the CPU cores is there a possibility I could crank up the GPU cores furhter Also I just adjusted the frequency I did not do anything with the voltage and I am not sure if I should but could it be a voltage issue Any input is highly appreciated but the MHz overclock makes a huge impact on gaming performance it would be awesome if I could push it even further until I get a dedicated GPU nbsp

A:AMD A10-6800K - Underclock CPU Cores to Overclock GPU Cores

Are you using the stock air cooler for cooling the APU or do you have an aftermarket cooler? If you are running the stock cooler, I would suggest NOT trying to push for the max stable overclock. What are your temps with your current overclock settings and running a demanding game?
I don't believe you can push the GPU higher by underclocking the CPU. Yes it will technically reduce some heat, but you will achieve best overall overclock by following directions below.
I suggest you overclock the integrated GPU before you overclock the CPU, since the GPU is the limiting factor here. If you go too high with the CPU clock, it can get really difficult to raise the GPU core clock. Start off with stock settings for the CPU and and keep bumping your GPU settings up until they are unstable. Once found unstable, take the settings down 1 notch and start overclocking the CPU settings. Repeat process as you did with the GPU. If you want to adjust the voltage after determining your max overclock with stock voltage, I would suggest doing so in small increments. Bump the voltage up a little at a time and repeat the same processes above with overclocking. Do NOT bump up the voltage above 1.5 volts (1.55v is the official max voltage supported by the APU before it gets damaged).
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I am working on a Toshiba L750 laptop with Windows 7, it was booting to the desktop for a few seconds and then turning off, if I boot into safe mode it works fine. Thinking it was software related I am in the process of reloading the software using the recovery partition software but it seems to be now doing the same now it loading the various programs on top of windows.
Any suggestions gladly received.

A:Toshiba laptop turning off but OK when in safe mode.

I would suspect the graphic card driver, or that the screen resolution is set too high.
Safe mode boots the pc with the minimum, but working MS drivers.
You could try safe mode, then device manager, and uninstall the graphic card driver. Then do a normal boot .
Windows should fall back to a reliable MS driver running in SVGA mode, or just above that. It should be stable.
I would also run 'sfc /scannow', to try to correct any simple Windows O/S problems.
Best source for the drivers would be Toshiba's site.
( Of course it could also be overheating but not if it's fine in safe mode.)
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I'm wondering whether I can overclock my ASUS R500VD notebook it has an INTEL sandy bridge core I5 3210M 2.50 GHz processor 4GB (max 8) of ram running puppy linux and windows xp home edition SP2 32 bit I have benchmarked it and ill email the results to anyone who replys and gives me their email and if you're wondering why I'm running windows xp read my article in the Alternative OS section of the forums called "If all else is too hard try puppy linux" bye

A:Can I overclock my asus notebook 17"

Nope sorry, the I5 3210M isn't OC enabled.
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Hi all,
I am writing because from few weeks I can not solve this problem of connection:
if the computer is in safe mode there aren't problems, while in normal mode, the following programs don't connect / update:
Internet Explorer 11, Dropbox, Malwarebytes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Flash player update, Java update, StartUp Delayer.

While Firefox, Chrome, Emsisoft Anti-Malware (Antivirus), Online Armor (firewall), and other programs work and update normally.

I've tried and tried various "solutions" found in the Web and in the Forums, but without any result.

I noticed that Dropbox and StartUp Delayer "tell" me that's is probably a Proxy problem.
I honestly have never used a proxy, and tried in every way possible to disable any proxy, but nothing changed, same issue.

I tried uninstalling antivirus and firewall, but the issue still remain, the same as resetting the connection settings and even Windows Firewall (which is usually disabled).

This problem is present both with ethernet connection and wireless.
I use a HP dv6000 notebook with Windows Professional 64bit.

I thank you if you can help me, because I really don't know how to fix this problem =/

Thank you,

A:Windows 7 - only connect to internet in Safe Mode with some softwares

I MIRACULOUSLY solved this situation!

Among the many details I forgot to say that for the connection I use a router, and after several attempts to copy the settings from a computer connected to the same network, I tried to enter the DNS entry of the parameter TCP/IPv4 (in connection properties) and ..and all began to work perfectly.

I can not explain, howeve, why the other computer works even without these two values.

But I'm happy that this (strange) situation is solved, and hope this can help someone else

Have a nice day,
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Ok heres my question I have those 2 CPU's, can you tell me which is better for overclocking
I have read some topic on this forum so I decided to overclock one of those CPU

my specs
GPU Name NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
CPU those 2 up wich want to clock
sorry if need something more tell me im new in this

A:Should I overclock AMD Athlon x2 240 and AMD Phenom x3 8450

Both are quite weak. Get a more modern CPU and dont bother overclocking it.
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I bought a i5-3570k for future proofing so I could eventually curious. I am a tad bit curious, is it possible to slightly overclock/turbo my processor? Is the slight boost worth it? I wish to know I fit is safe doing so with a stock cooler.

A:Safe overclock?

Waffe said:

I wish to know I fit is safe doing so with a stock cooler.Click to expand...

In my opinion, it is safe to slightly over-clock with a stock cooler. However I personally wouldn't even bother, until I had better cooler.
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I tried to update a network controller driver on a homemade XP Computer I got the fatal blue screen after the NVidia slash screen It was an nforce driver Windows would not start I tried to get into safe mode to do a restore But no mouse or keyboard is reading Is there a way to do a system restore at start up with out going to safe mode use Can't Keyboard or mouse safe mode in By the way I don t have a XP CD I do have a product key HELP you XP Gurus Oh and Can't use mouse or Keyboard in safe mode it is really hard to get into even safe mode I saw BIOS once when pressing the Esc button But now it just goes to set up Every F button give me the option of boot menu F or Set up Delete But no matter what I hit it goes into setup The keyboard works fine in that screen But as soon as the safe mode boots up Can t use mouse or keyboard Someone told me could Can't use mouse or Keyboard in safe mode be motherboard did I do thaaaat Again HELP HELP HELP Thanks Ynotbme nbsp

A:Can't use mouse or Keyboard in safe mode

You can download a windows 7 ISO onto a USB flash drive or cd or dvd. Contact where you bought your windows 7 and they will give you a link to download the iso. or maybe you can search the web for a ISO and enter your key later. I don't know if you will be able to navigate without a keyboard and mouse, maybe they will work in the windows 7 setup like your thinking.

Good luck!

p.s. I meant windows XP not 7. Iv done it with 7 I don't see why you cant with XP>
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Hi friends,

I want to overclock my AMD Athlon II X2 245 Processor Bus frequency in BIOS doing so will cause any side effects to my system? can I do so?

My Configuration:

Motherboard: ASUS M4N68T-M V2
CPU: AMD Athlon II X2 245
HDD: 80 GB

A:Is it safe to overclock CPU

It's almost always safe to attempt an overclock on a CPU, however it is unsafe to be careless with your overclock.

You're likely to be limited by your CPU cooler if you are using the stock heat sink, and it is not good for your CPU to overheat. However you can probably still get a decent overclock that should make a noticeable difference

Increase the clock speeds nice and slow, checking the temperatures each time whilst running a stress test (such as Prime95). I'd recommend keeping the temperatures below 80 degrees (Celsius) at 100% load, maybe a bit lower if you live in a hot place (the temperature may increase during the hottest part of the day). When you've reached a nice temperature, run Prime for at least 12-24 hours to ensure that the clock is stable.

I just noticed: Bus frequency? Why not adjust the multiplier? I'd do that first.
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How do I solve this? I have the following anti virus/malware programmes (I realise I probably have to uninstall some as I have too many, but which ones shall I uninstall?):

spybot - search & destroy


A:My laptop won't connect to the internet -- only will in safe mode

First, let's see about accessing the net itself - -

get a command prompt (start->run->cmd OR start->search->cmd)

enter PING

both of these should show timing results and neither should timeout or have errors.

post back with your results.
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The title pretty much says it all.

Here are my specs:

A:How to safely overclock an AMD Athlon II X2 240 processor

Amd makes a really nifty, comprehensive piece of performance software called AOD. It can be had here:
Most x2 2xx models will OC to between 3.5-3.8Ghz depending on the motherboard you are using. You should list the rest of your components so we know what we are dealing with, including the PSU you are using. assuming you have quality components, you have the advantage of many others OC'ing this model before you. using AOD is nice as you can shorten the time to OC before making the final stable settings semi permanent in the bios if you choose, or setup an OC profile in AOD to use only during intense operations or gaming if you like. If you want, you can jump right to a setting of 3.4Ghz by raising the HT ref to 242 and the V-core to 1.475 and running the built in stability test for 15 minutes. from there raise the HT ref by 5-10 Mhz and run the stability test until it breaks. You can then raise the Vcore in intervals of .025-.05 until stable. Remember your CPU has a locked multiplier so you will be OC'ing the whole system when you raise the HT ref clock (memory,Northbridge, etc) you may want to drop the HT/NB/CPU multiplier back while you find the maximum OC to eliminate it as a possible limiting factor. a couple things to keep in mind...

1) watch temperatures. Its a REALLY good idea to have after-market cooling (heatsink/Fan) while OC'ing
2) make sure you have adequate PSU, both in capacity and quality.
3) the maximum Vcore for this generation of CPU's is 1.55v, better yet, stay at or under 1.5v -1.525v
4) with very good cooling (and if you want to push up over 1.5 V) you may get over 4.0Ghz.

Here is TechPowerup's Oc of an x2 240, you can get an idea of the settings they used to get 3.8Ghz OC (typical OC for this CPU if you have decent MB,PSU etc)

Here is a look at the control screen of the AOD
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Okay I've been posting alot of treads about my 2.93ghz stock dell I want to get atleast 3.4ghz it has tons of fans in it it runs at 20C anyone know some programs to oc it? its a Optiplex 210L

A:Overclock Intel Celeron D in Dell desktop

Since you say your PC is a Dell, I don't think you will have any options to over-clock.

Celeron's are locked processors, so you don't have the option to increase the multiplier.
Dell as well as other manufacturers usually lock the BIOS, so you wouldn't be able to increase the base frequency either.
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I hav a intel core i5 2320 processor 3ghz,a NVIDIA GEFORCE GTS 250 graphics card,8 gb ram....
bt when I play call of duty 4 modern warfare and check my cpu temperature with speccy processor and graphics card temperatue is between 65-70c and sometimes processor temperature goes beyond 70c.......jst want to confirm whether its safe????

A:Is this temperature safe...

Are you using the stock CPU cooler or an aftermarket one? 70C on the stock cooler is probably expected and won't damage your CPU. 70C on the GPU is very normal.
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I checked the voltage with both BIOS and Intel desktop utilities, it's 1.6V when set at default BIOS settings. The RAM is APACER 1333Mhz (2 sticks, 4 GB each), and the motherboard is Intel dh67cl.
Why is the default voltage for my RAM 1.6V? Should the default voltage be that high?

A:Is 1.6V safe for RAM?

Well the only major difference between 1.5V and 1.65V RAM is that the 1.65V is a little hotter. also It draws more power.
I'm not a big RAM expert though, I only know the basics of latency and timings and stuff, so I'm sure someone else will be able to help you out.
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Hello Guys,

My first post here

System Specs:
CPU: AMD Athlon x2 II 240 2.8 Ghz
MotherBoard: Geforce 6100PM - M2
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 5770 HIS ICEQ 5 Model (Factory Overclocked)
Ram: 2 GB Kingston DDR 2
PSU: Cooler Master 500 Watts (100% Efficient)
OS: Windows 7 64 Bit

I want to overclock my CPU and GPU. Is it possible?
If you are in need of some other information to answer my questions, please let me know.

Thank you

A:Want to overclock :) (newbie)

My other questions is how to overclock? should I use the AOD?
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I m totally new to overclock and today I did it the noob way I overclock double boots after PC used ASUS uefi bios overclock utility to do it for me After it had finished I ran prime for an hour without any kind of problems and the highest temp being C I know I m supposed to run it for at least hours I was going to do it later today when I went to bed The thing is PC double boots after overclock that whenever I cold boot my pc it powers on for seconds powers off for another seconds and then powers on again logging into windows without any error messages or beeps I reverted to stock settings overclocked it again and then reverted it one last time to stock just to be sure it only behaves like that when overclocked and on cold boots never on restarts I checked other forums and understood that although it is a common issue it s not supposed to happen I could live with the extra seconds that s not a problem at all My only concern is the possibility of this behavior causing any damage to my hardware Anybody would have a saying in this So far I ve seen two solutions I m not willing to try because I have no idea what they mean - Disable PLL Overvoltage - Set Power on by PCI-E as enabled That s it for now I ll wait for any replies In the meantime I ll try to learn about the things I don t know My specs are Core i k Asus P P PRO revision Gigabyte GTX OC Geforce GTX Ti Barracuda Tb Sata III rpm Cooler Master Hyper plus Win Ultimate bit The changes I could notice after overclock is that my multiplier was set to and my BCLK was set to Resulting in cpu frequency being something like Mhz when in turbo boost nbsp

A:PC double boots after overclock

Sorry to double post, edit button was not available.
I spent the last hours reading "dos and do nots" about overclocking and I changed BCLK to 100.0 and it stopped double booting. I'll consider myself happy, for now. Now my turbo boost is 4200 Mhz. Pretty good for a noob.
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i got a dell optiplex GX280 tower style with 4 gig ram and navida quadro 4400 516mb gpu and a 1GB bigfoot enternet connector and a 500 GB hard drive with stock cooling please help dont have money to buy new just want to make better it 3.0 GHZ hypertreading im running I8kfanGUI program to turn up cpu fan to high

A:Can I overclock this PC?

You might have some luck with SetFSB like this guy did.
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can this be overclocking or not ???

its not the black Edition one 2

A:Can I overclock Phenom II x2 550?

That will depend on your motherboard. but it's capable.
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Hello friend first of all thanks for replying to my previous posts Your suggestions and guidance helped me a lot Now as i had purchased C D E i want to overclock it I am a total beginner in this field I searched a lot on net and forums got various ideas used clockgen but C2D my to overclock How E7500? i am not able to OC my cpu Then at last i tried from my BIOS I edited Bus Speed there Initially it was and multiplier is So i incremented Bus Speed with My system OCd very well upto the Bus Speed of but on it How to overclock my C2D E7500? got unstable after logging into my user account It so happened that PC logged in successfully but after mins a blue screen came and said quot Dumping to Trash quot or something like that At that time i remembered that somewhere on the net i had read that we also have to increase Vcore voltage and have to OC the RAM So i got helpless because i didn t saw any editable field in BIOS for the same So i request you people to please guide me in this field Please give me step by step instructions if possible And also tell me what softwares shall i use for it and how to use them The detailed specs of my PC are as listed below Also i am posting CPUZ screenshots without OC so that you could get better idea of my hardware Thanx Mainboard- MSI G M-P CPU- Intel C D E GHz MB cache FSB RAM- GB DDR Dual channel nbsp

A:How to overclock my C2D E7500?

First of all do you actually need to overclock the CPU? What are you using the computer for?

Before playing with the voltages you need an aftermarket CPU cooler and download a temperature monitoring software (realtemp, open hwmonitor, etc.) to make sure you don't fry your chip.
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Hi all I just got some proper to Upgraded overclock wanting now good advice on what cooler i needed to OC my pc and now i want to learn how to OC it safely hopefully reaching GHz My system is self built by me and here are a few internals listed Intel i LGA GHz GA-X -USB mb gig OCZ DDR MHz Triple channel XTC will be removed XFX Radeon GPU x TB Samsung F HDD CoolMaster Silent Pro W PSU Antec with case fans xExhauts xIntakes On Order Corsair H Hydro Series High Performance CPU Cooler Corsair Memory Vengeance Black GB DDR MHz CAS XMP Triple Channel RAM Cpuz added for further info Now i know diddly squat about OC ing so i am at your mercy so to speak I figure there will be much reading and learning to do but i am prepared to listen and Upgraded now wanting to overclock learn so i get it right All i know is OC ing is usualy done in the bios to which i am not afraid to venture into with your guidence but Gigabyte also do a utility program called quot EasyTune quot which appears to easliy OC the system but i await your opinions on how to do this the correct way Any further screen shots or info i will get for you so here goes i guess lol Thanks for any advice info offered Regards Lee P S before you ask lol i need to max out the RAM and get the max out of my CPU for the high end D software i use for modeling and animation Texture maps and lighting are very CPU and RAM depenant nbsp

A:Upgraded now wanting to overclock

If your board comes with a UEFI BIOS and has an auto OC feature it's as easy as clicking a couple buttons and saving and restarting. If you want to manually tune your OC, you will have to basically do a little trial and error. What setting is best for one CPU and GPU may not be for another. You may get a 1.2Ghz OC on your CPU but an identical one may only get a 1.0GHz OC.
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So i just got this nice little HP mini 110 netbook and i have a copy of the sims 2 double deluxe game. It's able to run just fine as long as i only play the base game if i go unto the nightlife expansion it's a bit laggy. systemrequirements labs says that my netbook cannot run the game because it requires a T & L capable graphics card. My question is, would it harm my netbook in any way to play the game without the T & L graphics card? And also why would it say i cannot run it if i can? My netbook has a intel atom N455 Processor (1.66 Ghz), 320 gb hard drive, intel graphics accelerator 3150 with shared graphics memory.

I f someone could please answer me, im so hooked on sims 2 but don,t want to ruin my pc playing it

A:Safe to play without T and L capable video card if required?

No, it will not hurt the netbook
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Hi there everyone.

I recently purchased a new PCI sound card, Asus Xonar DG 5.1, for my computer. I am pretty new to actually putting things in my computer lol and so I am asking for help . I have a GeForce GTX 280 and those who know about this card, its a pretty big video card and so I hardly have space for the PCI slot. I put in the sound card like this:

I was just wondering if this is safe and okay to do? Is it possible for the sound card to melt from the heat of the GFX card and the computer itself?

Thank you very much!

A:Is this safe and okay to use? (PCI sound card question)

It should be fine. It's not blocking the GeForce card fan
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Yo, all i could think of is to use keyboard menu shortcuts blindfolded, i found instructions from this forum to do so, but only for XP SP1 and SP2, which dont seem to work, i assume because i hvae SP3

A:Accidentally disabled display adapter and can't see, safe mode or VGA mode won't work

can you revert to an old save point in system restore?
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Hey guys, just got myself my first pc in years, I really wanna overclock this Q6600 but I have no idea what to do. I am aware of applications such as setfsb, and the bios methods but I have no idea of how to go about doing it. Soz for being so noob tho

If you guys need a screenshot of CPU-Z or anything like that please let me know.
Also, does anyone know what the PLL number is for the Q6600?? I would prefer not to open this case for the simple reason that it has been comprised in such a ghetto way that I don't want to go through the missions of opening this old rusted case.

Thank you so much in advance!

A:Help me overclock my Q6600 please!

What MOBO do you have? Does your board allow CPU overclocking? Start with reading this.
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How can i OverClock my AMD ATHLON 64 3200+ And 2.0 GhZ,
Please help.

A:How to overclock my CPU?

Tough to get any significant improvement, and you put the system at risk... better to upgrade from the AMD Athlon 64 to something designed for clock edits.
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So my problem with Windows XP Home 32bit is, I am trying to overclock my graphics card which is Diamond Radeon 5670 1GB which is currently set to the following:

GPU Clock: 850MHZ

Memory Clock: 1050MHZ

So my question is at this overclock using the AMD Overdrive built it in the Catalyst Control Center. So when I use MSI Afterburner to overclock my Memory Clock to 1150MHZ it sable in 2D Mode, but when I enter 3D Mode like a game it freezes & my pc reboot, so they something I could to do overclock my Memory Clock & GPU clock as high will go?

A:Trying to overclock graphics card

You really need to upgrade to Windows 7 32-bits
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Hallo, i've had this computer since about late 2005, and i'm wanting to overclock it but i don't know exactly how far i can go with it, i'm not wanting to go overboard just give it abit of a boost.

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 2.2GHz

And as far as my computer, here's all of the specs Directly from the HP Site.

i'm currently running on: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

2 Sticks of RAM: 1 Gig DDR2 400Mhz CL3
= 2 Gigs of Ram.

Basically i'm wanting to know how far i can take it(i'm only looking at taking it to maybe 2.5 tho) And what settings i have to put in, Also i have upgraded to a 500W Power Supply And my Graphics card is: GeForce 9800 GTX
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Hello ,

I am building a new rig. I can get parts from the US for free (no shipping cost), most parts are much much cheaper in the US. I am buying my video card here in The Netherlands. Will the parts be safe during shipping (by plane)? And are there certain parts that can easily break or might not work properly? I have seen some people on the internet complaining about parts not working properly when they bought them. In that case, I could send them back I guess, but that wouldnt be free. Any suggestions on what I do?
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Hey guys I recently upgraded my computer Here are the parts AsRock Extreme AMD Phenom II T Patriot G GB kit I don t Phenom overclock II My doesn't well think this is My Phenom II doesn't overclock well the problem Also I have a Noctua U B SE heatsink First I tried to overclock the CPU manually by raising the bus speed to MHz for GHz stress tested it and it crashed Then I raised the CPU voltage to which I figured was high enough I tried it again and it crashed By now I figured maybe I wasn t doing it right so I used the motherboard My Phenom II doesn't overclock well s own optimised overclock settings and set it to GHz This crashed again Then when I tried to boot it before this it booted fine it would load into Windows and show a black screen and a mouse the mouse worked if that means anything Am I doing something wrong The CPU s Turbo Core is supposed to let it run to GHz This has been quite disappointing to say the least especially after seeing others get overclocks of GHz with the same CPU nbsp

A:My Phenom II doesn't overclock well

Getting a bad CPU these days is extraordinarily rare. and yes the Thubans are relatively good OC'ers , usually good for 4.0Ghz+. The CPU not even making it to turbo mode sounds like a possible PSU issue. i would download the program linked below, and run the CPU test with report. I am curious how much ripple you have going there. I would stay away from the PSU test. it is brutal and if its weak, will possibly take it out.
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i got a o.c ram 1333 and my motherboard is 2200 so i downloaded cpuz and i had 2300 nb frequency should i change it or leave it here? i dont want to overlock i just want the correct speed.

A:Overclock RAM?

no this is normal ,don't change it
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Checking file system on C The type of the file system is NTFS One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency You may cancel the disk check but it is strongly recommended safe? log CHKDSK? data saying? SSD What my is Is the that you continue CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe? Windows will now check the disk CHKDSK is verifying files stage of file records processed File verification completed Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment Deleting orphan file record segment large file records processed bad file records processed EA records processed reparse records processed CHKDSK is verifying indexes stage of Index entry hiberfil sys of index I in CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe? file x points to unused file xa Deleting index entry hiberfil sys in index I of file Index entry pagefile sys of index I in file x points to unused file xa CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe? Deleting index entry pagefile sys in index I of file Index entry diagerr xml of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry diagerr xml in index I of file Index entry diagwrn xml of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry diagwrn xml in index I of file Index entry MainQueueOnline que of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry MainQueueOnline que in index I of file Index entry MAINQU QUE of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry MAINQU QUE in index I of file Index entry setup etl of index I in file x c points to unused file xa a Deleting index entry setup etl in index I of file Index entry setup exe of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry setup exe in index I of file Index entry setupact log of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry setupact log in index I of file Index entry setuperr log of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry setuperr log in index I of file Index entry setupinfo of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry setupinfo in index I of file Index entry SETUPI of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry SETUPI in index I of file Index entry MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase in index I of file Index entry MOUNTP of index I in file x c points to unused file xa Deleting index entry MOUNTP in index I of file Index entry Microsoft VisualStudio Tools Applications Runtime v ni dll of index I in file x b points to unused file xa b Deleting index entry Microsoft VisualStudio Tools Applications Runtime v ni dll in index I of file Index entry MICROS DLL of index I in file x b points to unused file xa b Deleting index entry MICROS DLL in index I of file index entries processed Index verification completed unindexed files scanned unindexed files recovered CHKDSK is verifying security descriptors stage of file SDs SIDs processed Cleaning up unused index entries from index SII of file x Cleaning up unused index entries from index SDH of file x Cleaning up unused security descriptors Security descriptor verification completed data files processed CHKDSK is verifying Usn Journal USN bytes processed Usn Journal verification completed CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the master file table MFT bitmap CHKDSK discovered free space marked as allocated in the volume bitmap Windows has made corrections to the file system KB total disk space KB in files KB in indexes KB in bad sectors KB in use by the system KB occupied by the l... Read more

A:CHKDSK? What is the log saying? Is my SSD data safe?

you might have had some corrupted files or sectors. if CHKDSK does it's thing, you should be ok.
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Dell XPS an GT Nvidia video card Computer will be fine then all the sudden i get all of these lines and weird colors at top and bottom screen and computer freezes I reboot and all through the splash screen and where i enter password i have weird lines and shapes When the logo comes up i have a double of it on side of the screen but its all distorted Right when Window goes to load my monitor goes dark and just get the orange lite on the monitors on off button When i again reboot and go into safe mode i still have all those wavy lines and if i move the mouse around the screen even lines mode! an colors in Wavy safe weird it clears it up some Its like im getting interfernce on my screen Wavy lines an weird colors even in safe mode! Now ive disabled through Device Manager my Wavy lines an weird colors even in safe mode! video card but still have the issue But i dont always Wavy lines an weird colors even in safe mode! have this issue Right now its working but then after awhile it just hit and freeze computer Talked to Dell and he just did the updated Drivers for Video card which i did a week ago He know wants to reset my computer back to factory settings which sucks cause i lose all the video s i have Is it my Video card going bad a Virus or something else Please help before Dell talks me into something stupid nbsp

A:Wavy lines an weird colors even in safe mode!

Normally a virus won't do such things.. It is your card but disabling the video card in device manager and continuing using the video card port wont change anything you must go back using the onboard card port if your mobo have any then you may see the difference.

Also if you recently update try to rollback to previous version to see and if the same then use the onboard video to see and if it work on onboard video therefore your video card is faulty.
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What are the maximum safe operating temps for most GPUs?

Namely I am talking about the GTX460 1024 MB or the 560 Ti...

You'd think this information would be easy to find but I can't seem to.
I just want to know what is safe and what isn't to see if I have to adjust the cooling in my system to accommodate these cards...


A:Safe GPU operating temperatures

Hi Belvadier,
Both AMD and Nvidia list the max TDP of their GPU's as 105C. on average most cards will run @ 65-85C under load.
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Gateway GM e Windows Vista Home freezing and Mouse mode safe in of out Premium Intel Core E dual core processor Installed MB DDR MHz PC - dual channel memory GB RPM SATA II hard drive All appears normal but after touching the mouse the problems are apparent The mouse freezes all over the screen I have to do a large sweep and then tiny micro-movements to select and icon The programs load super slow and the mouse is skipping all over the screen When the Pc is turned on the gateway screen is on for over a minute then the monitor turns off and then back on the loading bar pauses many times as it starts up It eventually loads but then the mouse doesn t move The pc makes a grinding clicking sound when the mouse moves but then the mouse freezes and the noise stops I am at a loss for words I have been through a lot with this pc from last month when it stopped turning on It has come a long way and I feel like it am almost done but something isn t right I am hoping it is not the motherboard but I cannot think of anything else it could be These are the steps i have taken to fix my pc Checked PC to make sure drivers were up to date Defragged the hard-drive registry cleaner Removed all dust replaced thermal paste on cpu Did a recovery that formatted the hard drive and reinstalled the OS Installed Antec PSU Replaced CPU Fan Opened safemode and mouse still freezes It seems that as soon as the Pc starts the problem is already at work It all started after I install some phone software but after the format I would think if it was a software issue it would have been resolved Thanks for any help you can Mouse freezing in and out of safe mode offer nbsp

A:Mouse freezing in and out of safe mode

First I would advise you never use a registry cleaner unless you know exactly what it is removing, they can do more harm than good.

My first thought is that your hard drive may be failing so please follow this guide to run the manufacturer's diagnostics.

Identify the make of your hard drive and then use one of the links below to get the manufacturers diagnostic for ISO CD. Burn the image file to a CD, boot the PC with the disc in the drive and run the diagnostics. You first need to set the CD drive to 1st in the boot order in the Bios setup.

If you do not have an image burner use this free software to make the CD.




Seagate, Maxtor & Quantum:

Western Digital:


Toshiba Fujitsu:

If you have a Toshiba hard drive I would suggest the use of the diagnostics from the Seagate link as this will work on all makes of drive and on any OS.Click to expand...
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A few weeks ago, my wife's laptop had a problem with malware. Microsoft security essentials took care of it. After that she ran a full scan. Ever since she ran that full scan, she can only connect to the internet in safe mode. Other than that, her computer seems to be working fine.

She has Windows 7 and Internet explorer 8.

A:Laptop can only connect to internet in safe mode

You are most likely looking at a driver issue. Tell us the make of your laptop.
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I have a 400watt PSU and I am wondering by how much can I overclock my current system?


A:How much can I overclock with my 400 watt PSU?

Well, it seems all of the smarter people that use Techspot's forums are currently indisposed at the moment (and have been for 3 weeks [?]), so you get me instead.
About your inquiry, it depends on which components you will be overclocking, and by how much. I'll assume you are overclocking the CPU, RAM, and GPU, and I will assume you are targeting a "safer" overclock (meaning no overvolting).

After checking your MB's manual, I believe it does indeed support overclocking, so at first glance I think you may be in the clear with 400W; but it may also be a bit too close for comfort, especially if this system is older, which some of your components may be (no offense). However if the system is already stable at peak load using a 400W PSU, I doubt overclocking it will have a serious effect. I recommend using an online computer wattage calculator, like the one found here (which I rather like, and seems to me to be the most popular online).
Now, I had to make up for some of the parts not listed, but after looking at your MB, and using the calculator under the assumption that your build is loaded with amenities (I added a slew of fans, cold cathodes, and even pretended you are one of the few that use a PCI-e X1 slot), I came up with the following numbers, all of which reflect a CPU ONLY overclock of 15%, which puts your CPU at 3220MHz [3.22 GHz] unless I am mistaken:

Capacitor Aging = 10% = 347W
CA = 20% = 375W
CA = 40% = 429W

These numbers could be higher or lower due to my having imagined up additions to your machinery, and they DO NOT reflect the overclocked RAM or GPU, so you will need to look up their default wattage consumption and get a percentage based figure yourself. As well the calculator could always be off. You may want to consider purchasing an actual physical device to measure the demand of your components. I don't own one so I would assume something like this maybe? I know I have seen other types of devices too.
I guess you should also probably ask yourself the following:

How old is the computer?
How has it been run (i.e. at peak load all of the time, over half of the time, etc)?
What type of components are hooked up (ODDs, HDDs, fans, and so on)?

I hope all of this helps someone.
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I cannot seem to be able to overclock my CPU in the AMD Overdrive. Here is a screenshot:

A:Can't overclock in AMD Overdrive

need to supply more details here. What exactly do you mean? it wont hold an OC? or the sliders are not active? It looks like you can move the HT ref at least.

....and first off, I see you moved the PCIE reference clock to 110Mhz...bad idea. keep it at 100mhz. it does not add any performance to speak of, and most systems will artifact if not crash at anything over 105mhz. I bet when you hit "apply' with the PCIE just sits there and "thinks" forever...right?
If this was at 110 when you installed AOD, go into your BIOS and set the PCIE to 100mhz.
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Hey, I'm new to overclocking but I need to know how I can do it to an Intel Celeron 2.6 Ghz. Since I have it in an older machine that runs quite slow and I was hoping that overclocking might help.

A:Need to overclock Celeron 2.6GHz

It depends on the options in the bios of your motherboard. Right now, we have no clue what your motherboard is. Can you help us with this?
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Alright, So today i began playing brink- Had everything on Max settings etc. My comp got pretty loud due to sucky stock CPU cooler on my AMD 965BE processor, so i decided to check the temperatures during gaming. I seen my CPU hit 55c , which i think isn't exactly too bad considering my cooling situation, but I'm not completely sure if i should game with it constantly getting that hot.

I do plan to replacing it in the next week or two, do you guys think i will be fine until i grab my new CPU cooler?

Thanks In advance

A:Safe CPU temperature?

At 55, I think you're fine.
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A buddy of mine built a new system the other day not too long ago And he decided to overclock the CPU specs below The problem Every time he starts the PC from the quot dead quot mode shut-down he gets a fan Unrecognizable POST overclock after POST error depicting quot CPU fan error press F to continue quot Although he simply press reset and then he s good to go no problems whatsoever But having this error popping up every time he starts the PC is very annoying for him and it costs him some seconds every time which ll add up in the long run Details Starting the PC from sleep-mode will not Unrecognizable fan POST after overclock cause this error The CPU fan is OK he can see it moving when he has Unrecognizable fan POST after overclock started the PC His PSU s power-coefficient is very high like W and it s a quot fancy quot model like those from Corsair Specs if insufficient let me know and I ll ask him for more specs Motherboard Asus Crosshair Formula IV CPU AMD Phenom X unknown model number CPU-fan Corsair H basic water-cooling fan rig Edit The CPU is not overclocked by much as per say possibly only a few hundred MHz btw nbsp

A:Unrecognizable fan POST after overclock

I've seen this in much older PC's without water cooling... Is the water cooling active? Can the fan "warning" be disabled in the bios?
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I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-920 processor (2.66GHz, 1MB L2 + 8MB shared L3 cache with QPI Technology) which came with the PC i bought back in late 09.

I'm wondering if there is an easy/very safe OC i can preform on it, and will it give me a good performance boost?

I have never OC a cpu but have on my gpu, but from what i read it involves changing things in the bios which sound rather complicated.

A:Easy overclock for i7-920?

Since the i7 920 has a locked multiplier a lot will depend on the capabilities of your motherboard and bios. Basically you will need to raise Bclk to increase the Cpu frequency, this however will also affect Qpi, Memory, etc. You will also need to consider cooling requirements as operating temperature will also become an issue.

Here's a link to a good overview for overclocking this family of processors:

Guide to Overclocking the Core I7 920, 930, 950 to 4.0ghz

Although this guides is aiming for a 4Ghz overclock you don't necessarily need to go that high to see a significant performance boost ... ie: 3.6Ghz would still be a full 1Ghz over the factory settings. Also, stepping is an important factor as the D0 is a much better overclocker than the C0.
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I seem to be experiencing really high GPU temps when playing Brink. I have a GTX570 Superclocked, with 2 24" monitors. Case and card are both free of any dust build up. The card is only 3months old, it idels at around 50c and max temp ive seen even running Crysis 2 is only 65c/68c. however when playing Brink(1980*1050, everything on medium) my GPU temp went to 85c! Fan speed was set manualy to 85%(cant go any higher using EVGA Precision). Can anyone tell me if this is safe/ok? My specs E8500, Asus P5N32-E SLI, 4Gb DDR2 667Mhz, Corsair 650W PSU, Antec 900 with 4 120mm and 1 200mm

A:Safe GPU temperature for superclocked GTX 570

Seems a little warm on idle but that may be because your house is warm.

Other than that 85 sounds about right at 100% gpu load.

I would however turn your fan speed back to auto, and monitor fan speed in game to see if it rises above 85% speed itself, and also your temps.
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I don't want to tweak voltages as I am a amateur overclocker. So what's a stable overclock at stock voltages?
I have a Hyper 212+ w/ 2 fans (push and pull)
Also, which one should I use to overclock? turbo boost multiplier or the core multiplier?
all replies are appreciated.

A:2600K stable overclock on stock voltages?

I think 4.2 Ghz would be ok on stock voltages. also use core to overclock.
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I have a Phenom II X2 560E on a Gigabyte 870-A UD3. The phenom is cooled using a Coolermaster hyper 212 plus. Any suggestion to overclock the cpu so i can see an obvious change?

A:How to overclock a Phenom II X2 560BE

Since this is a Black Edition processor it means that your Cpu multiplier is unlocked. A good place to start would be to bump up the multiplier one step at a time without increasing voltage to see how much you can get for free. You should do stability testing on each incremental step before trying to go higher.
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hello, all

I'm looking at a build based around the core i5 2500k. Usage is for general computing with light gaming (Starcraft 2). the the i5 2500k is probably overkill for that, but i also enjoy having a really good computer for no real reason! (this build is for personal fun as well)

overclocked 2500k
quiet pc, stylish look that won't scare off my gf

what is a good cooler that will sustain the 2500k @ around 4.4GHz? I've looked at the H70, but will something like the H50 (with one less fan) suffice? Or what if I change the fans on either of these coolers?

Im looking at the antec p183. does anyone have experience with how quiet this case is?

I appreciate your help. The overall budget is $1000 CAD before tax (which is 13%)

A:i5 2500k overclock, quiet cooler and case?

I'm running an i7 2600K at 4.6GHz with the H50 cooler. Have two Akasa viper fans on the radiator, but to be honest the default single fan that comes with it isn't too poor. Given that stress testing on the i7 version has to deal with 8 threads the i5 with only 4 should probably be fine with the H50 and default fan for running at 4.4GHz. Only thing is that I got mines with the hope of pushing the overclock a bit higher but find I'm up at 70C with extreme stress testing at 4.6 so mostly it's just a quieter solution to most air only coolers, if you want more headroom in the future I'd probably spend the little extra and grab the H70, or a proper non sealed loop water cooling setup.
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I have an IBM T41 XP SP2 that was connecting fine then connected for 5 min or so and had to reboot to get back on line. Now it wont connect at all unless in safe mode. Have 2 other computers in the house that work fine one is wired one is wireless. The one having issues will not work wired or wireless. Have tried adware virus scan search and destroy, and malware. Still no go. Thanks in advance.

Attached is my Hijack this log

A:Internet only works in safe mode

What were you doing that required you to reboot? A possible software installation or update that may have knocked the ethernet and wifi drivers out of wack.

have you checked your tcp/ip settings? are you getting an ip at all? is it set to dhcp or set to static ip?

Also when you open your browser in the network settings. It could be possible that theres a proxy ip in the settings. This can be caused by adware and spyware. Though you said scans came up clean, its still worth to check.

What browser are you running? Internet explorer, firefox, google chrome?

Also what antivirus/firewall software are you running.

I do see black ice in the hijackthis log.

Also have you checked device manager to see if there are any driver issues with the Ethernet card or wireless card? I highly doubt this is a driver issue. Not to often do i see both wired and wireless drivers go bad. But i have very rarely seen a computer lose all its drivers due to a virus.

Hijack this log really didnt really show me much that could cause the problem.
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Hi guys, I have a intel c2d E6600 and planing on overclocking it my board is a Abit ib9 775 and my case is very well ventilated (Lian-Li Case) but I have a stock heat sink.

A:How well does a Intel C2D E6600 overclock?

Nothing overclocks very well with the stock heatsink, period.

With that said, why does this machine need to be overclocked?

Your 8400GS video card is a huge bottleneck, at least if your end is to game with the machine.
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I just recovered from accidentally disabling my display adapter I logged into linux see, mode or Accidentally work disabled VGA safe adapter can't won't mode display and to get on the net and found the thread solved by Spike and also by glowingnissan on this issue and found that neither of these threads solved the problem exactly Spikes solution finally ended Accidentally disabled display adapter and can't see, safe mode or VGA mode won't work up working with one change and I thought I would post it here in case anyone else had the same gut wrenching experience thanks Microsoft Phenomena accidentally disabled the display adapter and after the XP loading screen you get nothing Dead monitor Safe mode hangs each time and quot VGA Mode quot does nothing different Solution Here is Spikes original solution thanks Spike with a note for step Also beware of quot found new hardware quot wizard etc popping up at system startup interfereing with these instructions I recommend pressing alt-f Accidentally disabled display adapter and can't see, safe mode or VGA mode won't work a few times after startup to make sure any startup programs get closed and then doing these instructions Good Luck Log Accidentally disabled display adapter and can't see, safe mode or VGA mode won't work in If you log in automatically all well and good if not use the up and down arrow keys to go to your user and hit enter to select if you normally have to enter a password then do it now and hit enter again press and hold the windows key and tap R this is the keyboard shortcut to the run box type quot devmgmt msc quot without the quotes and hit Enter this opens device manager wait a few moments to make sure device manager is open and then hit the TAB key once this brings the selection onto the device list cancel this step and jump to step with SP as you start in device view by type as default and pressing alt-v will pop you into the view menu new hit ALT V together which switches to viewing devices by type hit D TWICE which should bring you to Display Adapters hit the RIGHT cursor key to open the dropdown selection and right again to go to the first device in that selection hit Alt A together to open the context menu for your adaptor assuming it s the first in the list hit the Down cursor key which selects Enable note if you ve got the wrong device this will select disable for that device then hit Enter to enable it If you get a number of dialogues as I just did for a seperate device I m not about to disable my own display just use a combination of enter Y for yes until they are finished I found that pressing Y Y enabled the adapter and then proceeded to reboot your system Having speakers on may help for this process so giving you a few audio cues for what you re doing I just went through this entire process on my machin as I typed it so I know it works of course I know this because I was looking at it be carefull you don t mistype or hit the wrong keys nbsp

A:Accidentally disabled display adapter and can't see, safe mode or VGA mode won't work

The shortcut keys in Device Manager apply only to English OS, of course.
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i have uninstalled my norton and turned off every firewall i could find,turned addons off turned them on....can anyone help?

A:Internet only works in safe mode

Define Internet? Your internet browser or your connection?
into command promt and see if you get ping replies.
If you do, it means you have internet but your browser doesn't, so it's either set up incorrectly or something (a crash?) caused something to be damaged. Try either reinstalling your browser or trying a new browser.

If you don't get ping replies, and you're not connected to the internet at all, that means that something that runs in normal mode (that doesn't in safe mode) is blocking your internet, or causing your connection settings to change. If your connection settings are all correct, then it may be a malicious program? I'm just guessing I dont know much in this field, but I would advise scanning for viruses and see what happens.

Good luck
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Hey guys,
I have an HP pavilion dv2915nr laptop and I broke the screen so I removed that and hooked it up to a spare monitor.
Everything was going great until I accidentally knocked out the video cable when I was using the computer and now, every time I turn on the computer, the display shows there's no signal right after the windows loading screen. It'll only work in safe mode or if I uninstall the display adapter driver.
I don't really know what happened - I hope I don't have to replace the graphics card or anything. Please help!
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Turn computer on, it only gets to the black screen w dell on it and lower right corner shows f2 set up and f12 boot options but those don't work,will not start up n safe mode

A:Vista Dell Studio black screen froze can't start in safe mode

Were there any symptoms/problems prior to this?
Remove the battery. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Try to boot with and without the battery.
If F2 and F12 don't work you have a serious problem,
Have you tried booting from a CD/DVD?
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I'm working on a little Gateway that doesn't have a cd drive and I can't find a style name. The computer was dropped. It boots in a loop of the Microsoft logo and the Gateway logo. Can't get to safe mode and not getting a post beep. It has usb ports. Can I take out the hard drive and slave it to my desktop?

A:Can't boot to safe mode

It sounds like when the laptop was dropped the HDD was damaged, i have seen this happen a few times. Even drops from a foot or two can make the HDD useless. IF the HDD that you need to hook up to a desktop is SATA then all you need to do is put it into a desktop that has SATA too. then you could try to recover the data. If the HDD is IDE then you will need a Laptop 2.5" to Desktop 3.5" IDE Hard Drive Adapter Converter like this one for $8
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Well hey

I was gonna see if i could over clock this pc

I can play these games with no lagg

Resident evil 5
COD 4/MW 2
My Pc Specs:
Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 2.7GHz
Nvidia 9400 gt
Windows 7 Premium 64-bit
4 Gigs of ram
600 GB HDD

Only thing im worried about is,you can overclock laptops bc they over heat
MY computer is an all in one

Here is a picture

Do you think this would be ok to Overclock?

ive had one of these b4 and its just liek a reguluar rams and hdd inside,no like reduced size or anything

A:Should I overclock this PC?

Its still small form, laptop like, with a LCD on top of it as opposed to hinged on the end.

Personally I wouldn't unless you can change the stock coolers for something else that can handle overclocking.
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I have a new at amp t u-verse wire hgv router modem w wifi a b g dissabled linked via cat cable to a netgear wndr a b g n because its better I set my connected netgear to dmz plus mode in the the wire lan settings I could nt find a bridge mode or a way to disable pvc search and i my & safe linked Are routers? for netgear settings 2wire turned off the dhcp in the netgears settings my desktop pc is wired to the netgear and all wireless ipad Are my settings safe for linked 2wire & netgear routers? iphones netbooks ps wii and dsi s are also through the netgear The netgear has a firewall right Is my setup as safe as it was when it was a cable modem Are my settings safe for linked 2wire & netgear routers? through the netgear will the netgear firewall protect me everything seems to be working ok but i don t want any suprises just to clarify when turning on dmz plus mode in the wire settings I had to choose which attatched device to give dmz plus access opens the firewall to in amp out traffic for that device as I understand it to but the netgears settings are not set to dmz plus mode just dhcp dissabled The netgear is used only for wifi and shared internet connection and not a home network Your help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Are my settings safe for linked 2wire & netgear routers?

I think you'd be better setting up your AT&T router as a switch, and then running your Netgear router as your main router.

DHCP should be setup on the Netgear router, and then that used to assign IP addresses to your networked devices.

Your AT&T one should have wireless disabled, DHCP disabled, and be assigned a static IP address. You can then use a cat 5 ethernet cable to connect the two routers.

Most of all, I would be setting up the AT&T as a DMZ, because you want the extra security it provides by isolating the internet from your private network (Netgear router).

In your situation you want the AT&T router to act purely as a switch, and nothing more. Your Netgear router can handle everything else. You also need to be aware that setting up a DMZ is more for public network devices, e.g. for webservers, so you can place them in the "public" area for net access, and hide your private network (Netgear in your case) away from it. You do not want to be connecting any devices to your AT&T router if it has DMZ enabled.

Here is a good, brief read on what DMZ is.
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I'm having trouble overclocking my desktop. I can't find any settings in the bios that have anything to do with voltage and all the programs I've tried don't support the hardware. I've got a HP Compaq dc 7800p Convertible Minitower with Windows XP Pro SP3 on it.

A:How do I overclock HP Compaq?

Most pre-built systems do not support overclocking so there are no options in the BIOS.

If you want to get into overclocking build your own PC or buy a custom PC with hardware that supports overclocking.
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Okay first of all I know nothing about PSU s I ve been doing some research but everything is so damn confussing to me I only want to upgrade my PSU because somebody pcper com said a to want help choose me Anyone PSU? safe that the Q-Tek Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU? W that I have is very unsafe and will probably be the death of my new system and possibly burn down my house Lol Here is my system ASUS Crosshair II Formula This is all I really know that is connected Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU? to the mainboard Maxtor GB SATA HDD SONY CD-RW CRX E ATA Device x x x CD-RW NEC DVD RW ND- A ATA Device NVIDIA nForce a a SLI Onboard Video two mm V fans one mm V case fan I want to upgrade the PSU to a realible branded PSU that can handle my current setup and possibly will be able to handle -way SLI i ll doubt i ll ever need to go as far as -way my problem is that I don t know Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU? which brands are safe to buy and which PSU s will have the right connections for my mobo However i ve been told that this is my best option HERE but if i m honest I don t have - to spend right now on a PSU plus would it have enough molex connections as some i ve been looking at only have ONE and the rest are pins connectors I d like to spend something around - but obviously my biggest concern is how safe the PSU is when leaving the system running overnight Would any of these be okay HERE HERE HERE If not can somebody explain what wrong with these PSU s so that I can aviod similar PSU s also can anybody recommend a safe PSU within my price range Thankyou in advance nbsp

A:Anyone want to help me choose a safe PSU?

Its too low for SLI, but I fitted this to my missus' quad core PC the other day, and was seriously impressed with the number of connectors, and the length of them!

Looking at your spec's it would be more than adequate for use in your system.

For reference, my missus' PC:
Intel Core2Quad Q8200 (2.33GHz)
Foxconn motherboard mATX
2x DVD drives
2x SATA HDD's (160GB & 500GB)
2x 120mm Fans
Nvidia GT220 GPU

If SLI support is a long way off, I would highly recommend this PSU.

This would be handy for moderate SLI support (e.g. GTX460's): OCZ ModXStream Pro 500w Silent SLI Certified Modular Power Supply.

I plan on getting this for my system, my aim is for 1GB GTX460's.

In regards to your links, both from I wouldn't bother with, the OCZ is the same as I linked ironically, even though I never checked your links til after I'd replied.
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Hi Recently my PC a Dell Dimension E started having graphical problems The problem started when I had left my PC to make a drink when I returned to the PC the screen was in Powersave mode but when I moved the mouse and used the Keyboard it did not return to the Normal mode it stayed in Powersave at Corrupt safe Dell for in boot Dimension E520 screen and problems mode and the PC sounded Corrupt screen problems at boot and in safe mode for Dell Dimension E520 like it was still running at full speed The PC power button was non-responsive so I had to turn the PC off at the plug After booting up I noticed the screen was corrupt with lots of distorted multi coloured lines or blocks and random rows of symbols anyone of or a symbol I do not know how to type It would be like this all through boot and even in Safemode However when I get to Login the random symbols disappear but the lines remain making it almost impossible to use Once or twice at login the computer screen went back and locked in to Powersave Once at boot it came up with an error with a message stating a certain function was repeating itself so was closed but I cannot remeber the function and this has happened once out of odd boots I have tried searching for this problem online but I cannot seem to find an answer I have attached a picture of the problem at Boot PROBLEMS Streaky distorted multi-coloured lines at Boot and in Safemode Random lines of symbols and other unknown symbol at boot and safemode Streaky distorted lines persist at and after login Any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou nbsp

A:Corrupt screen problems at boot and in safe mode for Dell Dimension E520

looks like your screen card has failed.

is your computer still under warranty?
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Hi everyone this is going to be my virgin post for the very first time so hopefully I m doing help FBS, settings? - BIOS fan, Overclock needed Q8200, this in the correct forum So my question is Overclock help needed - Q8200, fan, FBS, BIOS settings? rather simple really but any additional info you guys have could be helpful I ll state first that I m pretty new to overclocking I ve assembled this computer myself over a year ago closing on two years soon and I think back then I had overclocking in mind for Overclock help needed - Q8200, fan, FBS, BIOS settings? the future but it s been a bit long now and I ve lost my memory I think I might ve had some help when choosing parts however I did put the thing together myself Nervously I might add To put it short I have no idea what sort of a cooler fan I should be getting on this processor to make it stay cool and hopefully not too loud Also I m not sure if I need anything additional to make sure the OC is a good idea like perhaps an even juicier PSU or better RAM I ll also list my graphics card if that makes a difference I should note that I did infact try an OC I got up to GHz but with over degrees it soon become unstable in games and crashed so in fear of doing harm to it I reverted back untill I would get a new cooler I thought this forum has some great advice I could ask here You guys seem to know what you re talking about Here s the setup Mobo Asus P Q Processor Intel Core Quad Processor Q GHz MB S - Stock cooler PSU Xilence W ATX V V cm Fan REDWING Ram x GB MHZ DDR CL - - - Graphics card Palit GF GT PCI-E GB GDDR SUPER OS Running under Vista -bit Case Cm Centurion Silver So I need some help in choosing a new cooler Nothing too fancy though just something that works and is affordable I m not too techy so try to use simple terms so I can catch up I know I need to increase some Front Buffer Size in Bios but I ve read some other topics stating that s not the only thing I should fu about with if I am to OC this All help is greatly appreciated EDIT I suppose I should add why do I want to overclock it if it works because it s a good question I can run games fine now and it s been a great setup However now I ve found myself doing live streaming and encoding a live stream tends to eat up a lot of CPU I use only one computer to both play a game and stream it so all the extra juice is needed Usually depending on the game of course the CPU is at at all times nbsp

A:Overclock help needed - Q8200, fan, FBS, BIOS settings?

What's affordable, how much are you looking to spend?

For a cheaper cooler I really like the Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro. Another good one is the Cooler Master Hyper 212.

Something to keep in mind is that overclocking is not going to free up CPU cycles. It'll make things run faster but if an application is currently taking 100% of your CPU, overclocking is not going to clear that up.
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so I was overclocking my amd x4 630 and managed a stable 3.6ghz with a fsb of
260 and a voltage of 1.55 i think. then Idecide to push for 3.8ghz (wrong idea) and pushed the fsb to 271 with Vcore of 1.60v.Then my pc goes into constant restart.
I did what I usually do when this happens, take the battery out then wait and put it back in again. Now my pc boots but "freezes" on the gigabyte startup screen. I cant press anything as the usb sockets dont work at all. Maybe it was a coincidence as I was going to replace my motherboard anyway, but I dont have enough for the 890fx board I want.

Anyone help me fix my pc?


A:Computer wont boot after overclock attempt

Which motherboard is it? Have you checked at the manufacturer website for reset pins with a removable bridge or clip or other reset device? Otherwise a removal of memory and cpu, then simple restart/reboot with a Windows XP Pro disk.
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Hey guys
I have a Satellite A55-S3061. It will not boot to up correctly.
So I install a FRESH copy of XP pro. But now during the XP setup first state when it restart the laptop automatically. Then when it starts it loop at Windows Advance Option Menu. Does not matter I DO, even tried installing windows with another copy that I borrow from a friend. Same issue.
BTW tried all option including Last known good configuration.
I did say I install a fresh copy with now file on the hard driver. ( Don't I )
I even remove the HDD from the laptop and place it into a desktop to make sure it was completely formatted correctly.
Even had the ram replace.
oh.......hmmmmmm the laptop keep beeping
Any ideas? :suspiciou

A:Satellite A55-S3061 loop into safe mode

The beep codes can tell you a lot. Look elsewhere on this site for Beep Codes

How old is the hard drive?
Could it be over-heating caused by air channels plugged with dust and lint?
How much memory do you have installed?
Did this happen after you upgraded something, or installed new software or a new device?
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Intel Core i7 860
Asus P7P55D
Cpu Voltage: 1.425
IMC Voltage: 1.25
BCLK: 187x21
Don't worry about my cooling and other stuff.
I can get it to 3.94ghz perfectly stable. All I want is 4.0ghz., but when i try it I get the BSOD.
Also what should the temps be at 100% load, and what's the highest I can set my voltage before it frys.

A:CPU overclock help

3.94ghz is 4.0ghz for the most part. the other 60mhz is nothing
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Hi ! I am using nVidia xfx geforce 8400se ! I know it is not a good gpu for gaming but i can increase my gpu performance using riva tuner ! So overclocking my gpu is one of my important job !

After installing the latest nVidia driver ( 197.45 ) i can't over clock my gpu using riva tuner ! now what ? I must need a overclock utility that support latest nvidia drivers ! can anyone help ? Without overclocking my gpu, i can't play race driver grid well :dead:! SO please help !

A:Can't overclock GeForce 8400se with RivaTuner

What are your full System Specs? Include Operating System...
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my pc never did this until now. it never showed any symptoms of anything.then when i turn it on it freezes on the bios screen, the screen with boot options, or if it goes successfully through all this it just goes to black screen and stay like that. the bios detects everything but when i insert the xp installation disk the pc doesn't even detect it. when i try to start safe mode it freezes on cfadisk. Please help me

A:My computer freezes on boot can't even go on safe mode

If you have another computer available and are able to burn a CD .iso download this

Burn to CD, boot to disc and run test. This is Drive Fitness Test and will tell you if you have a bad hard drive or not. It is free and easy to use. Be sure to run advanced test instead of quick test.

Good luck!
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Im trying to overclock my cpu. its AMD Athlon64 3000+ "Venice" 1.81GHz. I searched Google and i found a couple of sites that are overclocking this cpu to 2.6-2.7GHz. I want to overclock it with bios, but i dont understand how to set the multiplier, fsb, HT frequency, width... Its better to ask you guys if someone has this cpu, and can help me overclock mine as well. I dont have stability problems like before. My motherboard is MSI K8N NEO4 Platinum, i have 1,5GB RAM, 450W PSU.

I uploaded bios and cpuz picture.

A:Help me overclock CPU with BIOS

It's typically not a good idea to overclock if you don't know the basics; there's only so much we can tell you before you dive in. firstly, make sure your cooling system is up to par in order to cope with the additional power that the processor needs to consume. second, post the speed and timings of your RAM and brand if you know. CPU-Z can display memory information...
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I downloaded GAINWARD Expertool from teir website, but i cant move sliders to overclock my graphic card. It only lets me overclock Shader Clock Settings from 1400 MHz to 1410 Mhz. Thats not even overclocking. My graphic card is GAINWARD GeForce 9500 GT (not Golden edition).

A:Expertool won't let me overclock

Try EVGA Precision, it works with most video cards
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So last night I was on my laptop normal safe boot won't or Computer mode in Dell Latitude D and got a little malware pop up in the bottom right of the screen I knew from recent previous experience that this was a baaad thing I started exiting out of programs preparing to do a system restore or try something to prevent Computer won't boot in normal or safe mode a complete virus takeover Things started to freeze and in a panic I manually shut off the computer Then when I tried to start it up I get the Dell screen but after that there was just a black screen with a Computer won't boot in normal or safe mode white lined bar at the bottom which seemed to start loading something but then stopped I tried booting in safe mode and when I do that the about lines of the programming or whatever appear as usual but then it suddenly freezes and won t continue Can anyone help me Am I beyond help What did I do to my computer Also I run Windows XP I don t know if this matters but I m pretty sure Windows was doing an update when I turned it off not sure if that would make things worse perhaps Thanks for the help nbsp

A:Computer won't boot in normal or safe mode

boot directly off your os cd. if you have severe malware, you may need to reformat and reinstall.
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Hi all, I was looking for information on why windows won't start in safe mode and happend on a post from this site (thread closed though). After reading it, I attempted to follow the instrutions givin about using recovery console. After entering "fixmbr" I recieved a caution message that this could potentually damage the partion and render all partitions inaccessable. "fixboot says it will rewrite a new boot sector. My question is should I continue with "fixmbr" and 'fixboot"? and will this reformat the HDD?
I'm trying despratly NOT to reformat and lose all my info on this HDD.

(long story as to how and why I'm at the point I am)

can anyone help???

A:Unable to start in safe mode

First, see Troubleshoot: Windows Won't Recognize Your USB Hard Drive

As to fixing your hard drive... when you say it won't boot into safe mode are you saying the computer fails to boot? or just where during the boot into safe mode process does it fail?

As fixmbr only makes sense if disk failing on bootup.

Fixmbr only rewrites the Master Boot Record. (Corrupt MBRs are often the reason a disk won't boot up). Rewriting the MBR doesn't overwrite your data. (but is still wise to back it all up first)
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can i overclock my Intel(R) D CPU 3.33ghz ATI radeon xpress 200 series 662mb ram
bus speed 133.2mhz core 3333.5 Cache L1 16 kbytes, L2 Cache 512kbytes

*aint good at giving the right info*

A:Can I overclock this?

Given the context, I'm assuming you've bought this from some OEM vendor such as Dell or something.

The graphics card you mentioned is one that's built into the motherboard. This poses 2 problems:
1: the graphics card cannot be overlocked at all. If you can even try, I wouldn't recommend it since the cooling system on the graphics chip would not be sufficient, and this would cause all sorts of problems on that same chip (which unfortunately controls just about everything else on the motherboard).
2: the motherboard in question wouldn't be built for overclocking. Overclocking facilities will be minimal at best.

Also, the CPU in question comes with very limited cache, which will not be very efficient doing anything you want anyway. (ie: its crap).

Please note that overclocking isn't the panacea for crappy hardware: you usually have to start with decent hardware (note that decent doesn't mean high end) to overclock. Read my FAQ for some info about overclocking, and bear in mind that low end hardware is usually a whole different architecture altogether (i7, i5(I think), C2D all have different architectures, not to mention the dual core and quad core varieties)
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I have a 250 GB trascend external storage that I use for remote daily DB backups. I need to take the device every evening when going home. Every time I use safe remove, Vista is saying that the device can be safely removed, but the LED indicator in the device is still ON. I tried it in XP SP3 and the LED indicator will turn OFF if i use safe remove. is this a bug in Vista? hofix?

A:Vista USB Safe Remove Problem

Is this LED used to tell you that it's not alright to disconnect? I have one with an LED on it, and it just means it is plugged into the computer. Taking it out after doing a safe remove will not damage it.

It could just be that vista tells USB port to keep supplying power to it even when it has been safe removed. But that is just power, not an actual connection.
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I'm planning on overclocking my core 2 duo, which is 2.4 Ghz.
How high could I get it without needing water cooling?
Already got 3 fans, and pretty good air flow. Comp stays fairly cool.

A:How much should I overclock until I require water cooling?

Read: Simple Overclocking FAQ

That sticky was found at the top of the Overclocking, Cooling and Modding forum :rolleyes:
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Hi all I recently built my new computer and have been trying to overclock my AMD Athlon x CPU Not Black Edition But for some reason it wont overclock very 7750 overclock won't far Athlon X2 very far at all I cant even get it to ghz before the overclock fails and the bios resets the settings back to default Ive been reading online that this CPU can Athlon X2 7750 won't overclock very far easily reach Ghz on Athlon X2 7750 won't overclock very far air without any voltage adjustment I have an Asus M N -AM PLUS Motherboard a GB of Corsair XMS DDR - Memory I hear that this motherboard can overclock reasonably well and i know the ram can go a long way but i still cannot reach past even Ghz even if i adjust the voltage to Athlon X2 7750 won't overclock very far the cpu ram or chipset Does anyone know whats up with this I would really like to overclock my CPU to Ghz This is a full list of my systems specs Motherboard Asus M n -AM Plus RAM Corsair XMS DDR - Video Intergrated GeForce Graphics Upgrading to a cheap gt soon PSU Thermaltake watt PSU I know the gt is a very bad video card but at least its far better then what ive got Anyway any help would be much appreciated Thanks Nissanman nbsp

A:Athlon X2 7750 won't overclock very far

Hi Nissanman,
Unfortunately I can tell you why that is. i own a 7750 but mine is the BE. I had mine (before i replaced it) OC'ed to 3.4 by using the unlocked multi, the non BE versions however do not like to have their ref clock moved very far at all. if you are getting 2.95 you are doing very well for a non BE version. many non BE 7750 owners cant get their FSB past 208. it looks as if you have yours up to 222Mhz
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Hello there
basically my laptop freezes shortly after starting up (even before I can get to safe mode),in the shop they said it could be overheating, I changed hardrive and it didnt make any difference (that was before I was told it could be overheating), After couple of days I managed to started up to the point where it displayed line that operating system not found (new hardrive installed), I was pressing F2 and DEL to get to Bios so I could begin install OS but then after few minutes there was a beeping sound coming out probably from fan? When I tried to reboot it again, it got frozen in the beginning again. its 2years old fujitsu siemens Amilo2515 laptop.It used to freeze in past but worked properly after i reinstall system until now.. Any idea whats wrong? thanks in advance

A:Laptop freezes before I can go to safe mode

You need to press F6 (when prompted) during the Windows install, and then install your hard drive controller drivers
Here they are:
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I have had issues with my pc since I had it built in January but I ve just dealt with them and went on I should have never went to the local place that I did but you learn from your mistakes Anyway the main issue I ve had with the computer is that every once in a while it would freeze random times - never doing a specific thing and the screen would blink on and off I would have to force it to shut down and restart It sucked but it still worked very well Wedday night it got worse - the computer is frooze as soon as windows came up My backgroud appeared the icons appeared then shortly after it would freeze There was a couple of the times that I restarted that it would boot up completely then as soon as I would click on any program it would freeze I checked the fans they were working fine I blew out the - in Computer only Mode boot Will Safe Trouble dust and I checked the temp which was fine So last night I started in Safe Mode and ran Error Checking took about hours or so This morning - same thing - it froze as soon as windows came up I haven t installed any new programs in quite a while I haven t changed any drivers that I can recall recently I am just kind ve at a loss and don t know where to look next Sometimes my bios beeps but it s never consistant patterns I checked for an update and was told by e-support several weeks ago that my bios was current I have XP Nvidia GForce series and a Pentium Prcoessor Any suggestions what I might could do next Thanks Caren nbsp

A:Computer Trouble - Will only boot in Safe Mode

boot into safe mode then take off all drivers then see if it still freezes?
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HP Pavilion dv6z series

Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 1 (64-bit)

AMD Athlon(TM) X2 Dual-Core Processor for Notebook PCs QL-65 (2.1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache)

4GB DDR2 System Memory (2 Dimm)

320GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection

ATI Radeon(TM) HD 3200 Graphics

16.0" diagonal High Definition HP Brightview Display (1366x768)

LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support

A:Should I overclock my laptop?

Do you really need the extra performance from overclocking in the apps you use? IMO, without a good cooling solution OCing is not a good idea.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 with Windows XP. I changed the msconfig settings to safe mode to try to remove a virus. When I try to turn it on i get a blue screen informing me that there is a reason that will not let windows start and to restart my computer, when i restart again, I get the same blue screen. No matter what option I choose; safe mode, safe mode with networking, start windows regularly, or last known good configuration, I get that same blue screen, and I was wondering if there is a way I can change the msconfig back to regular boot even though i can not get passed the blue error screen.

A:Msconfig set to safe mode

Bobbye said:

You are looking for Errors that correspond to the time of the BSOD. Try to find Error from the last normal Mode.

You will see Errors that are specific to Safe Mode and don't give us the information we need- such as "DCOM didn't start. DCOM won't start in Safe Mode." You are the second person in two days who enabled Safe Mode using msconfig instead of booting into safe Mode using the F8 key. It most like will be an Error in the System Log.

Start> Run> type in eventvwr

Do this on each the System and the Applications logs:
[1]. Click to open the log>
[2]. Look for the Error>
[3] .Right click on the Error> Properties>
[4]. Click on Copy button, top right, below the down arrow >
[5]. Paste here (Ctrl V)
You can ignore Warnings and Information Events.
If you have a recurring Error with same ID#, same Source and same Description, only one copy is needed.
You don't need to include the lines of code in the box below the Description, if any.
Please do not copy the entire Event log.

Errors are time coded. Check the computer clock on freeze.

IF you continue on this old thread, only those who have subscribed to it or who open it will see your post.Click to expand...
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I have an older HP desktop that continually please continually mode, won't safe use reboots, allow to me help! Computer reboots when I try to turn it on I get a black screen and it gives me options of starting windows normally safe mode safe Computer continually reboots, won't allow me to use safe mode, please help! mode with networking last known configuration For every option I pick nothing works It just continunally reboots over and over again It s my kids computer but it does have some pics and stuff that I would like to get off of it If I do a system restore or configuration is that going to wipe out all the data I have saved It Computer continually reboots, won't allow me to use safe mode, please help! s an HP ghz MB GB Windows XP not vista It s a pretty basic computer about years old I would just chuck it but I want to be sure I get the data off it I have not added any hardware and wouldn t have a clue on how to do it I am not computer savvy at all other than the basics but any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Computer continually reboots, won't allow me to use safe mode, please help!

Remove the old hard drive and put it aside... Get a new drive and install it. Install Windows and go to HP's support site and download and install the chipset, video, audio and network drivers for your HP model. After the computer is up and running, install the old drive as a "slave" and recover any data you need from the slave drive
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Hi people, hope everyone is well...

I just noticed a strange buzzing noise coming from my computer a few days ago in the middle of the night so I pulled the power cable out and that fixed it, or so I thought.
Now when i start it up, it powers up, goes through post etc, but doesn't even start booting windows, then a sort of like dull click is heard and it turns off. Then when I turn it on again, it asks if I want to boot using last know safe config etc, and using the last known config is the only way I can get it to boot. Works absolutely fine other than that.

This leads me to believe its probably not a hardware problem but I have no idea what it could possible be...

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance,


A:Computer starts up but then turns off, but boots up as last safe configuration

buzzing noise? Was it a bios beep? Was it an overheating alarm? Is your PSU failing? have you done any hardware diagnostics?
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Last week My laptop crashed dont know why it just wouldnt log in amp only allows me to get in w safe mode Safe w networking is NOT available I cant run safe & know do Don't function to what can in only mode anything on it or Don't know what to do & can only function in safe mode any programs I dont know what to do I did check the Event viewer and it had a bunch of errors but i dont know how to address them Can anyone help point me in the right direction to at least start correcting them or fixing the issues while i m in safe mode Thanks Ghengisk PS- here is the list from the event viewer for System amp Application event viewer is after Type Date Time Source Category Event User Computer Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None Administrator O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None SYSTEM O-VAIO Error PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Error PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Error PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Error PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Error PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Error PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Information PM eventlog None N A O-VAIO Information PM eventlog None N A O-VAIO Information PM Browser None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None SYSTEM O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None SYSTEM O-VAIO Error PM DCOM None SYSTEM O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Browser None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Tcpip None N A O-VAIO Information PM Service Control Manager None N A O-VAIO Information PM Service Contro... Read more

A:Don't know what to do & can only function in safe mode

You are probably going to have to take this in for service. You have a missing/corrupt driver, hard drive, or memory failure
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Hello, sorry to say i have no idea with what im doing on overclocking a phenom, the whole hex thing messes with my head lol, but ya heres the full low down of current specs

XFX 750a 1.3 Bios
Phenom 9600 BE
2x2 Gig dual chan ocz sli ram 800 mhz < if u know about ram to that would be nice since the other 4 gigs are on the way xD
1000 watt ultra sli psu
2x 9800GTX+ in sli
1TB dying Seagate Barracuda 7200

A:Help Me Overclock My Phenom 9600 Black Edition

You may want to check these out :,2845,2188777,00.asp,2845,2249942,00.asp

However, the 9600 does not seem to be a particularly efficient overclocker. Be careful and ensure that you have replaced the stock HSF that ships with the processor with a far better one. Read a few more reviews and benchmarks. I could provide a few more links if you require.

Also, give a shot to the AMD Overdrive utility. You have an unlocked multiplier in your BE processor and it's a good utility to help you easily OC.
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Hi all I have a toshiba m -s laptop with a freezing problem It has ghz pentium celeron m processor gb ram usb ports two of which do not function for some reason i think they could be part of the problem had been running win xp corporate edition sp I suppose that is enough description anyways I have never changed any internal hardware only semi-dissasembled the thing to clean in Mode Laptop unless Safe Freezes - Toshiba the dust out I may or may not have messed something up while doing that a few weeks ago though today I read a how-to on dissasembling it and did it the right way and I feel like everything went back together fine For a long time the thing would sometimes boot up with the screen not at full resolution and just sit at the first screen that shows when its turned on Toshiba Laptop - Freezes unless in Safe Mode until I restarted it Also for a while if I closed the lid the screen would shut off when I opened it the screen wouldn t come back on had to restart As if that wasn t enough to go wrong weeks ago I came home to the computer sitting there frozen so I reach to hold down the power button for the seconds necessary to do the restart and it immediately shuts off I format try and reinstall different versions of windows it keeps freezing during installation etc So I do some reading online think its a bad hard drive so I bought a new one that wasn t the problem I then ran memtest on it and got no errors Today I tried it with and without the battery connected no difference it freezes either way Curiously it worked for like minutes earlier it usually freezes within a minute or two and then I pick it up to sit it in my lap and it instantly freezes But it never freezes in safe mode I know that was an essay anyone have some ideas Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Toshiba Laptop - Freezes unless in Safe Mode

USB port and freezing problem could be caused by corrupt XP software. Try repairing the XP installation
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I'm currently waiting on a replacement graphics card. The technician put in a temporary one while I waited. It's really, really old--an ATI radeon x550 256MB. I had trouble with it from the beginning. Strange drivers issues, graphics freezing in the middle of games, etc. Anyway...a game froze at one point, and I restarted the computer. It gets to the windows startup (where the bars run horizontally underneath the logo), goes blank, and reboots. I can't boot even in safe mode.

I'm wondering if this problem could be caused by the video card (and might, therefore, be fixed once my replacement comes in) or if this is indicative of a bigger issue.

A:Could a bad graphics card keep windows from starting in safe mode?

Yes the temporary graphics card is causing all your troubles... you will be ok once the new card is installed. Hopefully the old cards drivers won't interfere with the new card
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Ok i have a big problem with my laptop while surfing the web i accidently aquired a virus of somesort which repeatdly told me i needed to buy their software to stop viruses I googled it and was told how to remove it by using a certain malware removal program It also said its harmless however while trying to scan it closed a couple of times randomly and while i went on the internet again it crashed and restarted my computer It then did it again however when i turn it on i get stuck in an infinite loop It constantly restarts i have to choose wether to run it in safe modes etc or normal mode However all options flash up a blue screen after the windows loader and then restarts and i am back at the option screen Through i little googling i found it could be due to a power cord failure or something however im on a laptop so it still has recharged power I think its more likely to be a trojan called quot sasser quot talked about here cant post a link however if you google quot constantly restarting computer quot its the th result its by Pretty computer in problem, constantly big restarts mode even safe wikianswers Pretty big computer problem, constantly restarts even in safe mode However i cannot get onto my desktop or CMD in anyform even in safe modes it constantly restarts Im pretty computer illiterate but any help would be greatly appreciated Even if it is just to confirm my suspicion of it being completely screwed ps Sorry if this is the wrong section nbsp

A:Pretty big computer problem, constantly restarts even in safe mode

try booting into Safe Mode but elect to start from Last Known Configuration
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hi everyone i got this prob im trying to solve. When i start the computer it runs good then when i reaches the windows logo the computer shuts right down. I tried to go in safe mode but when it starts to load the drivers info the computer shuts down and that's the farest i can get.

I tried these:
Reseat the memory
Clean the heat sink fan
reseat the heat sink
Cant even get to safe mode to scan for virus
And none of these worked it still shuts down any suggestions anyone thank you

A:Computer Shuts down when it reaches windows logo and safe mode

Brand and model? Operating system? Age of the computer, hard drive, etc.
Will it run in Safe Mode?
Will it run long enough to run MemTest86 for four passes or more.
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i have an older acer travel mate 340 t i installed windows on it and now it just freezes on that screen any ideas what it could be

A:Laptop just freezes after the start in safe mode or last known config

You have a hardware problem. Reseat the hard drive and memory to see if this helps the problem first
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Is this normal. I increased core clock from 620-625 and my cpu score decreased with 3DMark Vantage.

A:Lower Cpu Score with GPU Overclock

put your video card back to normal and see if the cpu score changes. if you run the test 5 times with the same settings, each set of scores will be different
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My Specs:
Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200
Gigabyte S-Series G31M-ES2L motherboard
NVIDIA GeForce 9600GT
4GB Kingston DDR2 RAM

How much could I overclock with my dual core? Need instructions and etc. thanks

A:How much could I overclock?

Hi Waterproof,
the e5200 has a history of going to 4Ghz with a minor bump in voltage (1.415-1.430) check this out from bit-tech i would in no way shape or form attempt this without a very good aftermarket HS/F, and reading up on overclocking. and you are aware that when you overclock that there is always a chance that you could burn up your processor and the components attached to it right? a vast majority of time if you do it correctly you will add performance and things will be fine, but there is always a chance. enough of my soapbox! this article has good info on how to overclock the e5200. hope it helps
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My son went to put his E system laptop on this morning and it wont boot up. It gets to the windows loading page and restarts. It wont even let me start it in safe mode. I know i installed the drivers for his web cam yesterday but after it installed it said it needed to restart and it was fine then.
Any idea what it can be or how to get on to it to delete the driver in case thats what caused it.
I tried f12 but it just keeps running through some strange letters over and over. Also tried f8 but like i say wont let me start in safe mode.

Thanks in advance

A:Help, my son's laptop won't boot not even in safe mode

Have you tried, and will it let you start press F8 and choose restore Windows to a previous date?