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Multiple monitor question

Q: Multiple monitor question

If my video card has 1 HDMI port and another port (Not sure which one, DVI or VGA) am I able to hookup two monitors using each of those ports? Or must I have both monitors be connected through HDMI or VGA/DVI?

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Preferred Solution: Multiple monitor question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Multiple monitor question

What video card is it? If it's got 2 outputs then it should mean you can just plug one monitor into each.
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I have a Windows 98 and I'm pretty sure that it can support multiple monitors. I need to buy an additional AGP or PCI video card for the secondary monitor. How can I tell what slots are available on the motherboard? What types of video cards do you recommend? I'm not looking for anything too fancy...

Any comments appreciated!



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Hello PCAdvisor Community I have recently tried to connect my Alienware R Laptop to a television screen not a specialised pc monitor to Problem Multiple - Cards Graphics monitor Multiple use as a second screen I initially had some problems getting the resolution right it cut off the corners of the screen but have since made it mostly fine by using a custom resolution which keeps the majority of the screen The problem occurs when I try to play games on the second monitor the games do not have the option for me to play at the custom resolution I am using x Multiple monitor - Multiple Graphics Cards Problem and if I try to use fullscreen I cannot see the whole game screen I was looking through my graphics properties for my display adaptors An Nvidia GeForce GTX M and an Intel HD Graphics and it seems that my Nvidia card can only detect my additional monitor whereas my Intel one can only detect my actual laptop one this means that I cannot really change the options on both monitors together or change how they interact etc Any help on how to control which adaptor controls which screen or anything else is very much appreciated Thanks in advance
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Hi there What I want to do quot extend my desktop on a second monitor but my second monitor is compounded by HDMI TVs monitor a setup up video and Set card primary monitor in multiple and a VGA LCD stage monitor both used as Duplicate setup in Windows quot How I have done this and it works -I have diplay devices HDMI TVs that are connected using a splitter and two monitors Set up primary monitor in a multiple monitor and video card setup both on VGA -I also have two quot video cards quot GPU one Amd radeon hd with VGA DVI and HDMI ports and Intel HD onboard aprox GB with VGA output port -I have connected the TVs with a HDMI x splitter on amd radeon's HDMI port and one of my VGA monitors this one acts as a STAGE MONITOR for the singer artist lyrics -The integrated Intel HD card has my quot Control quot monitor attached that I use as my primary monitor the one that shows me the Desktop and the lyrics control application Software aspect of the problem In Windows I use my Intel HD video card as my primary display then I can extend on a second monitor the desktop The second monitor is my VGA Stage monitor The Third display that appears in the setup is the HDMI splitter this one is a Duplicate of my stage monitor I use x resolution for my primary display and x for the second monitor I know this resolution is too small for my HDMI TV's Windows recommends me a x fullHD resolution but my STAGE MONITOR does not support that much so I need to use a small resolution PROBLEM EVERY TIME I DO THIS SETTINGS EVERYTHING WORKS SUPERBLY FINE AFTER RESTART OR SHUTDOWN THE PRIMARY MONITOR SWAPS WITH THE EXTENDED AND THE DESKTOP IS SHOWN ON THE TVs AND THE STAGE MONITOR AND THE RESOLUTION OF MY PRIMARY DISPLAY JUMPS TO FULLHD AND IT SAYS quot OUT OF RANGE quot WHY HOW CAN I MAKE MY SETTING PERMANENT NOTE My BIOS setting clearly say Primary video gt Onboard And yes the startup screen and the BIOS screen only shows on my Intel HD primary monitor After Windows Starts things swap each other If I don't connect any display on my AMD Radeon PCI-Express card the screen stays on my primary monitor At some point I have observed that if the display devices are started in a sequence first the primary second the splitter and the stage monitor the settings keep on But after numerous attemps this solution became inefficient because every time I start stop the HDMI splitter array the resolution changes and the displays swap each other Is there any registry tweack that can solve this Software problem Thank you for reading
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Hello, my laptop monitor recently was cracked and the screen is unreadable. I went out and bought a temporary monitor until I can fix my laptop's. Now the new monitor works in safe mode, but I can't figure out how to get it to run in regular startup. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated .

A:Multiple Monitor/ Cracked main monitor help

You may need to enter the bios and enable the external monitor, or there may be the user option on the keyboard of using a key marked "fn". If you have a "fn" key there will also likely be a key, such as one of the number keys, for example, that will have an icon on it that resembles a monitor screen, maybe two screens. Using that key while holding down the "fn" will switch between monitors in most instances.
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Hey guys thanks for reading this post For work I run software that can only be opened a single time on a computer - no way around it - however on my Windows computer I figured out that I can open the software on different user accounts on the same computer and the software runs perfectly on the accounts simultaneously when it is activated I am very annoyed by having to switch back and forth between three user profiles dozens of times a day to check up on the software and errors so my big question is Say my main user profile is quot Joe quot and my second profile is quot Multiple PLEASE Question Screens HELP Multiple - and Users Bob quot and my third profile is quot Teddy quot HELP PLEASE - Multiple Users and Multiple Screens Question is there any way I can have one of my monitors always display Joe's screen activity while another monitor always display Bob's screen activity and my third monitor always display Teddy's screen activity HELP PLEASE - Multiple Users and Multiple Screens Question - essentially I have three user profiles running simultaneously at all times and I want to see each of them individually on my three screens These user profiles on the same computer of course again just hate switching back and HELP PLEASE - Multiple Users and Multiple Screens Question forth Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jay

A:HELP PLEASE - Multiple Users and Multiple Screens Question

Hello Jay, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might consider using a virtual machine instead. This way you could have the program running in each separate virtual machine, and be able to view them as separate opened windows from within your account.

Hope this helps,
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So I'm finding myself pretty disappointed in the way that MS has dealt with multi-monitor support They're moving in the right direction I guess but still not what Monitor Each on - Behavior Monitor Multiple Different I'm ideally looking for meaning it's time to start looking for rd party alternatives as I did with Win So my ideal setup requires essentially setting up monitor as my quot Desktop quot monitor and the other monitor as my quot Start quot monitor The current iteration of Win essentially is Multiple Monitor - Different Behavior on Each Monitor that both monitors will default to either one or the other which seems very shortsighted to me So what I would like is this upon boot one monitor goes to my desktop and the other monitor goes to my start screen I don't want my desktop monitor to ever go to the start screen unless I purposefully open up the start screen with the start button Similarly I don't want my Start screen ever to go to my desktop unless I purposefully open the desktop on it What - mean together is that for example if I open a desktop application that is on my start screen it will be thrown over to my desktop-designated monitor rather than pulling that monitor i e the quot start quot monitor down to the desktop I'd like any notifications that I receive from the Win apps so for example my skype app or my FB app to occur only on my quot start quot monitor and keep them segregated over there Similarly if I close out all my applications in for example my quot start quot monitor I want it to go back to my quot start quot right now because I have my computer set to default to my desktop when I drag down an app to close it I get thrown back to my desktop which is obviously not the behavior I want on the screen that should have all my tiles So essentially I'd like to segregate my quot desktop quot and quot start quot monitors from each other and have each's respective applications only occur in that place unless I force it to do otherwise e g I drag a desktop application into my quot start quot monitor or vice versa I'm not sure if any or all of this is actually possible but I figured this was the place to ask in case some type of third-party software is available to make this work thanks

A:Multiple Monitor - Different Behavior on Each Monitor

In Windows 8.1 each monitor has a taskbar and a Start Button. Clicking the Start Button on that screen opens the Start Screen on that monitor. I have a 3 monitor setup. I can have the Metro Start screen on one monitor and desktop apps on one or both of the others. 8.1 will also let you run Metro Apps on more than one monitor at a time. I usually run Slacker radio and the weather app in snap mode on one screen IE on my main screen and outlook on my third screen.
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I just got a second monitor and want to drag the first window to the monitor and use another window at the same time. how can I do this

A:multiple monitor


I do not fully understand your question? However, if you are attempting to have the same display on your second monitor or you want to extend the display range of your first monitor? You can control those setting by the following,

If both monitors are functioning properly - go to your desktop and right click and select "Screen Resolution". In the window that appears, you will be able to control the display of both your monitors.
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I bought the Radeon 9250 graphic card..ok..I did the property,then went to setting ok...I got my desktop on my TV..pixel a bit off..but I dont know how on my windows media Player to drag the movie to play on my TV..tricky...anyway..someone on the phone told me something about Multiple monitor..How u do that one..

I got the S-video cable from I`m so close..

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i have a toshiba satellite 5205 S505 laptop running windows xp home sp1. the display is totally shot, so i've hooked up a second monitor. however, the laptop is set as the primary display. so, i need to configure multiple monitors through the keyboard. basically, i need a "walkthrough" of the keystrokes necessary to do this, as i can no longer see the laptop's screen. also, none of the fn key combos seem to work.

A:multiple monitor issue

please, i am desperate in trying to fix this problem. microsoft and toshiba tech support want to charge me money i cannot afford.
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I have a Lenovo Laptop in a docking station with two monitors, one is a Samsung which is connected to the VGA port, and the other one is a Lenovo which is connected to the DVI port.

My issue is that every few minutes, both monitors go black and then sometimes both come back on, but often only the Lenovo (DVI) comes back and the Samsung stays black. When I go to display settings, the Samsung is no longer connected as a second monitor.

If both come back after black out, all of my work that was on the Lenovo is now displayed on the Samsung.

I've updated all my drivers, and shut down all back ground stuff (i.e., screensaver, background, hybernation, and power options), each time it is ok for a little longer, but then does it again.

Any ideas or thoughts that would help me isolate this issue would be greatly appreciated.


A:Multiple Monitor Issue

Welcome to Seven Forums

What time do you have the monitor to go off set at ? 5 min, 10 min etc.
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My config I have a personal laptop and a work laptop I use the built in LCD screens on the laptops as the main screen for each I also have an external monitor that I share between the two laptops with a KVM switch So whichever computer is selected by the KVM has the external monitor as a secondary display I have happily used this configuration for months Recently I upgraded the personal laptop from Win to KVM with Multiple issue Monitor Win The work laptop is Multiple Monitor issue with KVM still Win Now when I KVM from my personal laptop to the work laptop everything that was being displayed on the external screen for the personal laptop is transferred to the main screen of the personal laptop This means that when I switch back to the personal laptop I have to move the programs I want displayed on the external monitor back to the external monitor It still works properly on the work laptop Win so I am concluding that the issue is Win Is there some setting that I can change so that when I switch from the personal laptop to the work laptop it doesn't move the programs displayed on the extended monitor back to the main display Thanks for any help

A:Multiple Monitor issue with KVM

After the upgrade to Windows 10, the graphics driver was replaced by generic Microsoft driver that doesn't support the external port. Download latest graphics driver from manufacturer's site and install it. You can then select the external monitor either by your notebooks's key combination or from Window's universal Win+P.
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I am working on a laptop using the laptop screen and a seperate montior I am running Win which I updated from Win In Windows I could toggle my f key and get my monitor screen on two monitors The key was that the Monitor Multiple Support workspace was large and you could move say Multiple Monitor Support an internt page to one screen and say set a word page in the other With Windows I am having problems getting this function The toggle still works but the workspace is different Waht is in one screen is in the other I have tested all the different screen settings and wnet through the help functions on the software to turn on the second monitor and make it primary or secondary The problem is that you cannot set up one large workspace and have the windows in each screen sized to appear like two seperate work spaces Several have commented that this problem was due to the montitor driver but I don t think that is correct as the driver updates do not change anything I have also called MS and tech support is no help what so ever Does anyone have any thoughts Thanks nbsp

A:Multiple Monitor Support

It was never supported in NT so my guess would be that it's not supported in Win2K either.
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Hello friends,
My problem is impossibility to pin something on any additional taskbars. Everything is ok on the primary tb. I guess this is impossible in Win 8.1... but how can I do this? May be with third party software?

A:Pin to multiple monitor taskbar

Hello Andy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Double check to see if you have your setting below set to show taskbar buttons on all taskbars to see if that may have been the issue.

Taskbar - Hide or Show on Multiple Displays in Windows 8
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Hi I just bought a new laptop specifically so I could have monitors in total the one on my laptop plus additional monitors The laptop has a video card with ports one VGA and one HDMI I was told I could set up the additional monitors by connecting them to these ports I have them all set up but can only get one of them to work so I now have monitors working including the one that is attached to the laptop I went to the control panel disply settings and problems monitor multiple played around with that for quite a while It shows images of monitors but the rd one is grayed out and I cannot get it to work I can switch between having or the other additional monitor to work but cannot get all to work It seems to me that all this should be straight forward but its not working for me Hopefully I have explained all this multiple monitor problems right Can anyone help THANKS

A:multiple monitor problems

Are you sure that the laptop can handle 3 displays running at the same time? Maybe to have both external monitors to work, the laptop display may need to be disabled.

This is taken right from Gateways Support page: (Gateway Support - Specifications)

Dual independent display support

I take that to mean that the laptop's display is one independent display and it supports another (external) independent display also.
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Hi Today I have linked up two lcd televisions to my Nvidia Gforce gt graphics card using VGA to VGA and DVI to HDMI connections One monitor can use a resolution of hz whilst the other will only allow hz I have tried them as the same and both at their optimal res and framerates My problem is that the second monitor is completely blurry i have attempted to adjust sharpness but it will not allow me to move the tab from zero I have also switched the connections Display Multiple Monitor and the television attached to VGA is always the clearest screen and whichever TV is connected via HDMI is always blurred - we have tried a second cable got both together today and still have the same problem even when in single monitor mode Possibly graphics card driver problems If someone could help me fix this issue I would be really grateful Have looked on google and seen that its a problem for other people with alternate graphics cards but cannot find a solution Thanks nbsp

A:Multiple Monitor Display

rapid help,
quotes in part:
'lcd televisions'
'completely blurry'
a pc monitor and a television may LOOK similar,
but if you check the specifications,
specifically the dpi for the resolutions,
they are pretty much two different animals,
while a pc monitor can be used for viewing media items,
such as movies and games,
the opposite is NOT necessarily true,
UNLESS the manufacturer has stated something like 'monitor / tv'
you will find that trying to view text just leaves a lot to be desired,
that's the simple answer,
the technical answer goes much deeper,
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thanks again. i think all i really need is a "walkthrough" of the keystrokes necessary to configure a multiple-monitor display using only the keyboard.

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hey everyone...
I'm running an ASUS ATI 9600XT with dual monitor out. What im trying to do is run my monitor and my TV at the same time, but I want them to be displaying the exact same thing. All I can get it to do is run them as if they were side by side where you can drag windows back and forth between the two of them. I had it working before with my old TV, but I forgot how I got it to work. My new TV is the same kind, only bigger. Any ideas???

A:multiple monitor problems

Are you using dual view rather than just enabling TV out on the display properties?
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I have a Dell Inspiron 530.  I upgraded from xp to Win 7 and cannot get my multiple monitor set up to work.  It worked perfectly on xp.  When I click on Screen Resolution, there is no choice for Connect to a projector.  Nor is there a Multiple Displays box.
I have tried to update BIOS.
I know both monitors work as I have changed the cables and both work independently.
Both monitors are Compaq S1922a and one will work fine, so I'm sure the drivers are there.
I know it's probably something simple that I'm missing, but I'm going mad trying to figure it out!

A:No multiple monitor choices

When you select Screen Resolution do you see two monitors?
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I work with multiple monitors a lot, and switch monitors a lot. One of my monitors is a Cintiq. When i switch to two monitors that don't use my former main monitor the Cintiq calibration window opens off screen.

I've tried to use the Right-click move option on the window and it doesn't do a damn thing, Iv'e also tried using the restore command, again it doesn't do a damn thing. I wouldn't be surprised if these commands are broke in windows 8. I would like to know if there is a working way of getting the window back onscreen.
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I have had my laptop (DELL XPS16) connected to an external display (32" LCD TV) via HDMI cable, and it was working fine when I had it as a mirror (both screens the same).
I wanted to change the settings so I could use the TV as the primary display when connected, so attempted to change the settings i evidently did something wrong, now it won't work at all, additionally when i plug the HDMI cable into the PC the monitor just starts flicking on and off and won't display anything on the TV.
Is there a way i can make the computer 'forget' the TV so if I reconnect it, it can go through the new display wizard again to start afresh?

A:Another Multiple monitor issue

Any ideas guys? I've trawled the net for ages trying to find a soultion but am not getting anything helpful... basically I'd like to reset my display settings so it can re-detect a new monitor and things would be lovely....
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I am trying to set up my Gateway DX4300-19 Desktop PC for dual monitors. The problem I am having is that the second monitor is not accepting the signal and or not getting the signal. I am not very tech savvy so I may be completely wrong with this so here it goes:

My video card is a ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated.

So this is how I'm trying to set it up and if I'm completely wrong please tell me what to do.

On the back panel of my desktop there is a VGA output and a HDMI output. I have the VGA going to my desktop Monitor its a gateway.

And Im trying to use the HDMI into my LCD TV as it is hung above my desktop anyway.

Am I doing something wrong or will it just not work?
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I have a GeForce 6600 video card that support ups to two monitors and I saw that I could set it up to display one really wide screen or to clone one screen but I want to have one screen always stay at my desktop view and only open windows with the minimze, maximize, and close buttons on top, while the other screen opens up my games. is there any way to do this.
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There was a time, back in XP, that one could choose to use different wallpapers on each of the monitors connected to a least two of them. Is that no longer possible?

A:Multiple Monitor Wallpaper

I don't know if it is natively possible with Win 7, but I have done it with DisplayFusion: Multi-Monitor Taskbar, Multi-Monitor Screen Savers, HotKeys, Multi-Monitor Wallpaper, Windows Logon Changer and more... (the free version).
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I would really appreciate some help with my current problem Here is what I have Dell Optiplex with onboard AGP disabled Radeon ATI PCI video Problems Multiple Monitor cards Multiple Monitor Problems Dell FPT monitors - connected to video card by DVI and VGA and the connected to the other by VGA UltraMon SoftwareAll connections have been re-checked Installed and everything worked fine for about a week Now I am having monitor just go black-screen on me The power light is still green not amber If I turn monitor off then back on I have a display for a split second and then it goes black again Rebooting fixes the problem temporarily but within minutes or hours the same thing happens At first it was happening to the monitor that was running off of its own video card I switched the configuration and it has since happened to the same monitor off of the other video card and even once I had a different monitor go black So it has happened monitor at a time on different monitors and on both video cards One other item It originally happened to the monitor I was utilizing the side USB ports on A couple of times it would go black screen when I would insert the thumb drive Almost like it was shorting out the monitor I then tried different USB ports on the back of the computer and that didn t work I have since disconnected the USB ports on that one entirely and haven t used my thumb drive at all to see if it would still do it and it has I am not doing anything graphic intensive no gaming This is happening with basically only Outlook running and maybe one or two other programs Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Sam nbsp

A:Multiple Monitor Problems


Maybe the PSU is underpowered and cant run the hardware, Thing is Dell PSU's on some of their units are Dell specific, not sure if that applies to your model though.

Be seeing you...
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I would like to have multiple monitors ( 2 VGA lenovo  stand alone monitors(L12223)) connected to my notebook.  I purchased a HDMI to 2 VGA splitter and it does not work.  The extend display setting is not picking up the third monitor.  I know the dongle splitter works because when I connect my monitors one at a time, it works.  I contated "belkin", the splitter company who informed me that my notebook does not have the capability to have 3 monitors.  Please help me someone!!!  Is that true?  What can I do?  Is there any additional software out there that would fix the issue?

A:Multiple Monitor issue

Hi, Your machine only supports ONE external monitor (+ itself = 2). You need a docking station or port replicator which supports 2 external monitors. There are many around, I did test few and posted around 2 years ago. Please buy one USB port replicator which is DisplayLink certified such as   Regards.
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I have done a clean install monitor problems multiple of win had se now I no longer have the right tab in the display advanced tab to control and set my lcd monitors The - monitor control screen The win book shows it should be there multiple monitor problems just like before NOT Have tried every driver available for the ati agp card Excalibur brand radeon Non Windows certified Is there a file or some thing to open to get my duI al multiple monitors to work Didn t find anything in the windows multiple monitor problems data base Some-body said to try another good brand win certified agp card Have found a Windows file called quot Multimon exe quot multiple monitor problems in up-date don t know what if I should try it img src styles default xenforo clear png class mceSmilieSprite mceSmilie alt confused title Confused confused div class messageTextEndMarker nbsp div blockquote article div div class messageMeta ToggleTriggerAnchor div class privateControls span class item muted span class authorEnd a href members celoehr class username author dir auto celoehr a span a href threads multiple-monitor-problems title Permalink class datePermalink span class DateTime title Jun at PM Jun span a span div div class publicControls a href threads multiple-monitor-problems title Permalink class item muted postNumber hashPermalink OverlayTrigger data-href posts permalink a div div div id likes-post- div div li ol input type hidden name xfToken value form div class pageNavLinkGroup div class linkGroup This thread has been Locked and is not open to further replies Please start a New Thread if you're having a similar issue br a href https techguy org welcome style margin View our Welcome Guide to learn how to use this site a div div class linkGroup style display none a href javascript class muted JsOnly DisplayIgnoredContent Tooltip title Show hidden content by Show Ignored Content a div div div id mjcThreadBottom style vertical-align middle margin-bottom px div class asSeen div As Seen On div a href https techguy org awards img src styles tsg as-seen png alt As Seen On a div div class mjcWelcome h Welcome to Tech Support Guy h p Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem a href register Join our site today a to ask your question This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations p p If you're not already familiar with forums watch our a href https techguy org welcome Welcome Guide a to get started p p a href register class button Join a span over other people just like you span p div div style clear both div div div id taboola-below-article-thumbnails div div id PreviewTooltip span class arrow span span span div class section div class primaryContent previewContent span class PreviewContents Loading span div div div div class discussionList section sectionMain similarThreads dl class sectionHeaders dd class main span Similar Threads - multiple monitor problems span dd dl ol class discussionListItems li class discussionListItem div class listBlock posterAvatar span class avatarContainer a href members robert-the-bruce class avatar Av s data-avatarhtml true img src data image png base iVBORw KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAADAAAAAwCAYAAABXAvmHAAAB klEQVRo u Z W SQRTA f su xTKFRqS utShqjJCbGa Pz hC QC shU k FaaVqxdlmX AUWvECIWGNSY MmOedudnZm fZmXOSVe eH ROAw DwEIQAACEIAABCAAAQjg sK YA r QtW OG chfjDC Xg mtf WDRt O wbP nVs x l OTyu APILhiHAyWbSjlkk GSedjFMqFvj ZzmtTPDjcMl DwSsShKKfzhiMkvc nv MVmEftyyVN m lozHOHhUYiO xvPHu hej EwpGk N FePu ihmJcHzSwHa DfT g NMpAz AMAy i n NvFkOqXV QKQisf PIUMpWaY rLQCWaVLIZQBwu VO b uK TIpKeYuoZTHwAy u NUFVCt VCt f zzegM E ZTKerC CHI IwXMoDlmly WpzVDtb Uy yANnF xrtRftB tZXh sk msEyT XisVy XFxu MSIQnuw LOZOzr CUCoWSMSi gFs PpdDGU ml S yuv zFTbzOTKphH AttfDdj UUlTK qWEvXGbBUK Qzra k BSj wSEAAQhAAAIQgAAEIAAB Gv AMEnoiCm hZAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC width height alt Robert the Bruce a span div div class listBlock main div class titleText h class title a href threads multiple-images-on-a -paper class PreviewToolti... Read more
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I would like to have a task bar on 2-4 sides of one monitor .. or maybe a couple on one monitor and a couple on another. Is there a way to do that? If not, then what is the reason behind it? Thanks!
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Well I for one love the new options for dealing with more than one monitor in Win XP kinda pretended no one had more than one but seems to be quite aware of the idea Anyway what I would like to know is this Can the power options be set differently for each monitor I'm only running and one of them has some kinda problem quot waking up quot I'd like to keep letting my main screen keep shutting off when Multiple monitor management idle Multiple monitor management but I'd like to keep the other one powered on Otherwise I have to go digging in the nVidia panel and disable re-enable the monitor so it finally comes back- power Multiple monitor management button on the thing doesn't work well the button DOES work as in it does shut the monitor on off but it doesn't get the picture restored- only disabling and reenabling in the nVidia options gets this acheived Can this be done with only the built-in controls in If not I've had UltraMon for years does it work with yet Thanks in advance It's an annoying problem with the screen it must be dying was a cheapo quot one served me well before HD widescreens became the norm I do plan on getting a nd bigger actually working HD display at some point but until then I'd like to keep this one more useful than annoying

A:Multiple monitor management

Windows does not provide a way configure power options for monitors separately. There may be third-party programs that can, though.
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I am using a laptop with a second monitor plugged in to the hdmi port. The display is duplicated on both screens but I am unable to get the display settings to recognize the second monitor. Detect indicates it cannot detect anything. My computer is an Acer and the system is windows 7 home premium. Anyone?

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I have a lot of icons on my desktop. Some pertain to certain tasks i do. I know if you have multiple monitors you can extend the desktop. But is there any way I can edit the desktop in windows 7 so I can have multiple desktops that i can pan through for instance with 1 monitor. I'd like to click an arrow to go to the next desktop, then have a picture that says Songwriting , and then have my music making programs, then scroll to the next desktop and have one that says Games, and have all my game icons there? If windows 7 can't do this is there any cheap program that can?

A:Multiple screens 1 monitor?


Welcome to the forums. Try DexpotDexpot | Virtual desktops for Windows
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Multiple Monitor Support I am working on a laptop using the laptop screen and a seperate montior I am running Win which I updated from Win In Windows I could toggle my f key and get my monitor screen on two monitors The key was that the workspace was large and you could move say an internt page to one screen and say set a word page in the other With Windows I am having problems getting this function The toggle still works but the workspace is different Waht is in one screen is in the other I have tested all the different screen Multiple Support Monitor settings and wnet through the help functions Multiple Monitor Support on the software to turn on the second monitor and make it primary or secondary The problem is that you cannot set up one large workspace and have the windows in each screen sized Multiple Monitor Support to appear like two seperate work spaces Several have commented that this problem was due to the montitor driver but I don t think that is correct as the driver updates do not change anything I have also called MS and tech support is no help what so ever Does anyone have any thoughts Thanks nbsp
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I am afraid it is my mother board =( but i dunno alot about repairing pc's
it only happens sometimes when i turn on my pc, it makes
a series of short fast beeps then my monitor power button indicator
goes from green to yellow the only way i can get the pc to turn on again
is to reset the jumper located near the CMOS battery i think its called.
after doing this the pc will run fine for a month or so and do it again.
any advice you guys may have would be greatly appreciated.

A:Multiple beeps and monitor blank

im at work atm the other thing i know its about 5 beeps and its an albit
board not sure whice type tho
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Is it possible to have 2 computers (or more) having multiple display on a single monitor? (not KVM, if you know what I mean?)

A:Multiple display on a single monitor?

Most certainly not without some very special hardware. What would be the point anyway? If you split a monitor in half, the resolution would be so low that it would be unusable with modern user interfaces.
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Hi all,

In a few weeks (I can't wait! ) I will replace my laptop with the Surface Pro.

Right now, though, I have my laptop connected to two monitors: One via VGA and other via DVI. I'm running Windows 8 Pro x64, so this all works great.

So the big question is whether it is possible to have multi-monitor support via the one-and-only DisplayPort that is on the Surface Pro? If so, what--if any--additional hardware would I need?

When I'm docked at home and using my Surface Pro as laptop, I really need to keep the functionality of using both external monitors (one is 31" and the other 29"). I would really hate to go back to only being able to use one.

If you can provide any insight, I'd appreciate it.


A:Multiple Monitor Support Possible via DisplayPort?

there are 2 options:

1) DisplayPort v1.1a hubs available today that allow you to connect multiple monitors to a single DisplayPort connector. Various output configurations are available for these hubs including DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI.

2) you need DisplayPort monitors that support daisychaining. DisplayPort v1.2, supports monitor daisy chaining.
DisplayPort v1.1a displays are fully compatible with DisplayPort v1.2 PCs and graphics cards. A DisplayPort v1.1a display can be the last display in a DP v1.2 chain.
Here’s an example:
A PC with one DP connector is driving two monitors via daisy chaining. The 1st monitor is a DP v1.2 monitor with input and output connectors. The 2nd monitor is a DP v1.1a monitor. DP v1.2 PC—> DP v1.2 monitor with in & out connectors—->DP v.1.1a monitor.
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I would like to setup three or four monitors on my computer. I want the screens to have individual properties but also be connected in a panoramic fashion. Can I add more video cards or should I get a ready made unit that supports several monitors? If so, where's a good place to look for one?

A:How Do I setup a Multiple Monitor Computer?

The Three main Hardware based ways to Setup Multiple Monitors

1) You can get a USB to VGA Adapter, or USB to DVI Adapter that will allow you to add an extra monitor to your computer via any USB2.0 Port. You can also add multiple extra monitors by using multiple adapters. This is a great option for viewing documents, surfing the web, using Microsoft Office and many other business tasks. This is not a good option for intense graphical situations such as HDTV, Blu-ray, Gaming and 3D / CAD Workstation applications. For those types of scenarios, it is highly recommended that you purchase a high-powered multi-monitor workstation or a Matrox Dual or Triple Head2Go.

Multi-Monitor Adapters

2) You can replace or add an extra video card to your existing computer, depending on how many monitors you wish to support. Although this sounds easy enough, this is a rather complex solution for a beginner, especially when trying to find a compatible graphics card. For this reason, I am going to write an entirely seperate post on that topic and will link to it here, very soon.

Multi-Monitor Video Cards

3) You can buy a pre-manufactured multi-monitor computer. The best place to purchase a multiple monitor computer is at:
They carry a multi-monitor computer line called SUPER PC that can support from 2 to 16 monitors.

Multiple Monitor Computers

Multiple Monitor LCD Displays

Once you have your multiple monitor system set up and ready to use, you will need to enable all of your monitors in your “Display Properties” Control Panel. Here is a great link to a complete and animated walkthrough of how to enable your multiple monitors in Windows.

How to Setup Multiple Monitors (Instructions)

This is what it will look like when you are done:

Multi-Monitor Video Demo

Good Luck!
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At our club we have a TV screen connected to a laptop via a VGA cable and running XP made monitor permanent Multiple The laptop runs an Open Office Impress presentation looping through and advertising events and the like The idea being the laptop runs x with the lid shut The screen should then be turned on and off and the looping presentation should pop up I ve set the action when the lid is shut to NONE in the control panel and that bit seems to be working I can turn the screen off and back Multiple monitor made permanent on when I m there and that seems to be working Trouble is whenever I return after a day or two either The laptop has shut down The second console has been lost and needs to be set again Ideally I want the laptop doing it s thing without stopping and always display to the TV screen as soon as it s turned on Maybe bin XP and run a copy if Linux nbsp

A:Multiple monitor made permanent

So has this worked ok for some time and the problem is recent ?

Not sure what you mean by "2. The second console has been lost and needs to be set again." please explain.
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I have a laptop and a separate monitor set up above my laptop. It runs fine but the only problem I have is that when I want to go to my 2nd monitor I have to run the mouse out to the right to go to this screen. As the monitor is placed above my laptop screen it would be more natural to run my mouse UP to the screen above rather than to the RIGHT. I don't see a place in the display settings where I can change this. Any ideas?

A:Multiple Monitor Issue- how do I configure up/down?

Hello Eric, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Could you post a screenshot of your Screen Resolution window?

Normally, you should be able to drag the monitor to the position you want and release it to have it snap there.

Screen Resolution - Display Settings
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I recently bought a AV receiver to connect all my sources to my TV via the receiver I connected my DVD-Player the cable receiver and my computer with an HDMI cable Also a stereo cable from my computer to the receiver The conflicts appear when I want to use my PC when the TV is turned off The settings monitor/AV multiple receiver conflicts with I use on my PC are normally at multiple monitors extend this display Everything conflicts with multiple monitor/AV receiver is working fine when the TV and the PC are on When I turn off the TV or only conflicts with multiple monitor/AV receiver turn on my PC my settings on the PC changes to extend displays and my monitor of the PC becomes the secondary display how ever the settings were before only one monitor multiple monitor duplicate or extend main or secondary display When I turn the TV on it re-changes and everything is fine I have searched for some solutions on the internet but all I found until now are not solving the problem Solutions like HDMI Detective cost some money which I don't want to spend yet If you guys have any ideas how to help I would appreciate it a lot Thanks Chris specs Win Geforce GT AV receiver Onkyo HT-R HT-S
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I started using a second monitor recently, and ran into an issue when opening a folder. When I try to open any folder both screens will flash grey and then go back to normal, but the folder won't open. If I try again then the folder will open with no grey flash. If I switch back to just one screen, the same thing will happen, along with all of my icons being rearranged. Not sure what is causing this one, most times is just a nuisance.

A:8.1 multiple monitor caused issue.

Are you running the second display in Extend, Duplicate or Second Screen Only? Laptop or Desktop? How are the two monitors connected? Filling in your system specs would help greatly so we aren't guessing.
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I have a Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop. I recently upgraded to WinXP-Home. I just plugged in an external monitor but when I go to Display Properties/Setup, I don't see 2 monitors pictured... so I can't run my system with a multiple monitor desktop... all I can do is display the same image on both the Laptop LCD and the external monitor.

Clues? Solutions?

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i recently built a computer, and everythign was working fine. then today i turn it on, and i have a collection of 4 desktops. the mouse only moves around in one of them, but you can see it moving in the others as well. anything i open in the one usable desktop opens in the others also. it's not just while i'm on the desktop, it's like this when i first turn it on all the way through start up, minus the windows xp loading screen. did i screw somehting up with the monitor settings? defective monitor? i have no idea. any help would be greatly appreciated

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We have the ATA evaluation running in our internal AD domain ( and it is using the internal DCs as lightweight gateways. We have a second domain that is used for our DMZ ( that trusts our internal domain.  Can ATA monitor
activity in that second domain?  Would I simply install the lightweight gateway on the DC's for that domain as well?
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Hi I wasn't sure where the best place for this was so took a guess I recently made the leap set-up Weird multiple monitor with issue to having two monitors rather than one I started with a Samsung syncmaster T and purchased two LG W 's My PC has a Radeon My issue is that for some reason having the Samsung and one LG plugged in works fine but having the two LG's doesn't - Windows doesn't detect the second display All three monitors work fine on their own and each LG works alongside the Samsung It isn't an issue with cabling as far as I can tell I have two VGA to DVI adapters and both monitors work with both adapters and VGA cables Obviously this isn't ideal as I currently have a shiny new monitor not doing anything so any Weird issue with multiple monitor set-up suggestions would be great Or if I missed any details out from Weird issue with multiple monitor set-up this then I'll happily add any if someone can point them out Thanks in advance

A:Weird issue with multiple monitor set-up

benji1987, welcome to the Seven Forums.

This is your problem right here,

I have two VGA to DVI adapters and both monitors work with both adapters and VGA cables.

Only one of the DVI ports on the card supports VGA via adapter, the other will be DVI only. Using a DVI cable (or 2) should fix it, and from what I can see those LG monitors have both DVI and VGA ports.
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I just recently started using a second monitor as an extended desktop and I was wondering what programs other people are using for their monitors.
I use Display Fusion to have different backgrounds on both monitors, I use the free version.

I also use Actual Multiple Monitors to have separate taskbars for each monitor, I use the free version.

OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3890 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1721 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 463566 MB, Free - 150790 MB;
Motherboard: TOSHIBA, NBQAA
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Best Multiple Monitor Tools and Tricks

I purchased a copy Displayfusion to allow different wallpaper on each screen as the programmers at ATI seem incapable of implementing such a common option.
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So if I move a window from my 144 hz monitor to one of my 60 hz monitors it gets laggy. I have also noticed that if I fullscreen a window on my 144 hz monitor that I will get some strange tearing in specific places when I scroll up and down. If I revert the 144 hz monitor down to 60 hz it goes away. It also goes away by switching to windows basic instead of aero? Does anyone else have experience with this? I am pretty sure it is a windows problem.

I looked it up and other people had a similar problem as well. Sadly not many people use monitors beyond 60 hz so I doubt that this will be patched anytime soon.

A:Wierd Lag With Multiple Monitor Setup

Could be Graphics card maybe, check and update drivers.
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Hello guys i am having problem with my multiple monitor setup under win10. I can connect my lg led monitor with hdmi and no problem but if the screen gets into sleep i can not wake the monitor up again. Is there a fix for this ?
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I've just replaced a CRT with a NEC MultisyncLCD1760vm.

The image on the display is split into 4 quarters - each quarter showing the full screen - ie I have 4 identical desktops.

I've re-installed drivers, (screen/video card) changed resolution to the manufacturers recommended settings - which results in 4 images which are unreadable (800x600 is the only way to get a half way readable resolution).

I've checked and ameded every display and resolution setting I can think of.

Plugging my old monitor back in results in a perfectly OK single screen image.

Using the new monitor with a laptop also results in 4 images.

Any clues much appreciated.

A:Multiple screen images on new monitor

Is it a setting on your monitor? Not in Windows, but the physical monitor itself?

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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I have a Dell Precision M4800 laptop connected to two Dell monitors through a Dell docking station. The laptop is positioned below the two monitors, centered. I mimic this layout in the Screen Resolution window, and hit Apply. The settings are correct for about 5 seconds, and then it all reverts back to the default (not what I want). Curiously, this time seems to be about equivalent to the time it normally gives you to hit "Keep Changes", but I never see that window (thinking that might be the issue). Any suggestions?

A:Multiple monitor layout not saving after applying

I solved the issue for the moment by bringing the resolution of the external monitors down to 1680x1050 (laptop is at 1920x1080), but it would be nice to have 1920x1080 on all screens (which they are capable of).
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I have a Dell inspiron 9200 which is very old about 8 years. Anyway, the laptop screen died a few days ago.

I connected an external monitor and the windows xp booted up fine to the external monitor. So I assume it was making the external monitor as the primary display.

Anyway, I was tweaking the Display settings from the control panel and checked on the extend monitor box and selected monitor 2 and clicked OK.

Now when I boot up windows it doesn't show my main desktop. It shows only the wallpaper background. I tried pressing F8 key which controls the LCD but to no avail. I can't access anything so I can undo what I did.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: I messed up the multiple monitor settings

I fixed it myself. Before I was pressing F8 only. This time I press Fn + F8 at the same time and I got my main desktop back. Very happy person.

Now I can backup my data and bookmarks and get ready to buy a new laptop.
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Hi guys,

I haven't posted in a while, but I have a problem that is really beginning to frustrate me!

I was recently running a setup with dual monitors. This allowed me to move toolbars and menus out of the way to maximise working area when 3D modelling. Unfortunately, I've had to temporarily rever back to a single monitor.

The problem is, when I load the application and open the toolbars, they open off the screen, on the missing second monitor. I'm sure there is a quick and easy way of fixing this problem, but I can't find what it is for the life of me! I'd really appreciate it if somebody could help out.

Thanks very much.

A:Change from multiple to single monitor setup

For XP.
Right click the desktop and click properties.
Click the settings tab.
Right click the monitor with 2 in it and click the attached
listing to uncheck it.
Click apply/OK.
May have to restart.
For vista.
Right click the desktop and click personalize.
Click display settings at the bottom of page.
Do the same as above.
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I am stumped by this and so is every tech support person so far I have video cards installed with monitor ports on and multiple card problem Video monitor each and I am running monitors All were were working fine for about months Now the second slot on both cards does not work The video cards both test fine I have uninstalled and resinstalled drivers done software restore etc and nothing changes I Video card and multiple monitor problem have Windows XP home When windows start the second monitor shows the startup but as soon as windows actually starts it goes blank When I look in the display settings either through the ATI utitlity or windows the second monitor is not enabled If I enable it the screen will refresh and still the show Video card and multiple monitor problem the monitor as not enabled The power supply is sufficient for the cards Everyones solution is to reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows - which I will only do as a last resort and I am afraid the problem will happen again Any suggestions would be most welcome Thank you all nbsp
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It seems like a few programs, such as Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 (seems to be limited to Adobe), expand past my main monitor, and reach the monitors to the left and right.

This happens when the programs are maximized.

I've included two screenshots of this issue. Notice the additional black border around the main screen (middle one).

A:Multiple Monitors - Program Expands To Next Monitor

Try UltraMon.
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I have just rebuilt my PC and decided to make the jump from Windows XP to Windows The jump has not been smooth Monitor Single detected Monitors as Multiple but it looks like I have ironed out my biggest problem incorrect installation due to not creating a system partition therefore WIN no DVD no boot rookie error Now I am stuck with an issue that is a real pain - windows detects my only screen as more than one Sometimes it thinks I have two more often it thinks I have or Installing the current nVidia drivers did not help What I have at the moment is generic non-PnP monitors and generic PnP monitors detected according to device manager nVidia control panel Single Monitor detected as Multiple Monitors calls them Dell SX VGA display i can't recall the rd one I'm on my laptop now and TV Windows display setup calls two of the SX and the Single Monitor detected as Multiple Monitors other two are either generic non-PnP or PnP monitors In nVidia control panel it looks as though I have a clone setup screens enabled with the Dell SX and the VGA Single Monitor detected as Multiple Monitors display In windows display setup it looks as though I have a clone setup screens enabled with Dell SX and generic monitor I have repeatedly unchecked the secondary monitors in both nVidia control panel and windows display setup leaving me with what should be a single monitor arrangement and disabled monitors This works until I restart my computer which then reverts back to what it was before This is OK as a workaround most of the time but sometimes when I boot up the computer it detects the wrong screen as the primary and I get a monitor which goes to power save mode The solution to this is Win Key P and change the display selection while blind which works now I know how Sometimes my screen will refresh installing programs or drivers and I get the same result Detect displays also results in no signal to my monitor Currently using DVI from the graphics card to DVI on the monitor What the hell System specs CPU Intel K stock clock MB ASRock Extreme Z RAM x GB GSkill VIDEO Gigabyte GTX OC MONITOR Dell SX x OS Windows bit Yes I know the is an older card it has come from my old system for economics reasons to be upgraded later but it was working perfect on that machine

A:Single Monitor detected as Multiple Monitors

Did you disable the built in video on the mother board?
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Is there a way of making sp4/win10 remember which apps were on which screen when connecting to one or more external displays. Currently if I am connected to an external display and the sp4 goes to sleep or screen turns off for some reason, all the apps appear back on the sp4 and I have to re-arrange them again on my external monitors.
Is there a way around this? Known issue?

A:Multiple monitors and OS remembering which apps were on which monitor

I'm on 14393.321 on my sp4, if my sp4 goes to sleep after x minutes with the monitor connected, when I wake it up, I unlock the sp4 via windows hello and everything remains as it is.
If I disconnect the monitor and then reconnect it, well, then I have to set everything all over again.
Even if mysp4 goes to hibernate... Once I power it on with the monitor connected, it resumes as it was,
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Hello For a long time I have used a multiple monitor with a hdmi cable A TV in my room so i can watch cable Multiple problem with monitor HDMI movies from my computer on the TV I also set the TV-monitor to default sound device Multiple monitor problem with HDMI cable so the sound would come from the TV and not the PC speakers Suddenly it just stopped working So i first tried changing the hdmi cable without any luck - then i tried connecting my xbox to the TV to check if the input to the tv was broken but it worked perfectly - then i tried connecting the pc to my pc screen with hdmi Multiple monitor problem with HDMI cable to see if the hdmi output Multiple monitor problem with HDMI cable was broken this worked perfectly - then i got a new TV and it worked ok but with minor problems there are problems When i only have the desktop showing the screen is perfectly still but when i watch a movie there is a little flickering on the screen When using the tv as default playback device for sound it goes on it of for example when listening to music the music plays for seconds then stops for a second or two then repeat Anyone know what the problem might be some settings probably i kinda spend most of my spare time watching film on the tv but this problem keeps stopping me - hope someone has a good answer for me and please write in a language i understand im not a computer expert nbsp
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Hey Fellas,

Currently at work we will possibly be ordering a 52? wide screen LCD to display a presentation and my boss would like it if we could split that LCD into multiple sections.

For example on the left half of the screen we want the power point presentation and then on the right side of the screen we would like weather at the top and news at the bottom. My question is this ? have any of you heard of any software/hardware we would be able to purchase that can send multiple projections from one computer to an LCD like the one listed above. We are basically looking for something to split a screen into multiple sections and would like to be able to pick how big each section is and where it?s located if possible.



A:Splitting A monitor screen into multiple sections?


Any ideas fellas? I found this:

However its hardware based and would require an aditional PC or two for the weather/news sections. But its a good example of what we want.
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Hello Community nbsp appologies in advanced if this appears a little off it is my first post here nbsp Here is the following set up I want nbsp My Laptop only came with ONE HDMI out no VGA out and multiple station HP15 docking monitor no DVI or any additional Video port For my set up in my home office I need HP15 multiple monitor docking station at least a second output to run my two monitors My HP15 multiple monitor docking station basement setup controlls a little mor and I need dual monitors and a port to duplicate the last screen to my projector I could run my laptop as one screen and the other one duplicates the projector but that would be inconvenient I spotted two universal HP docking station to plug in the USB port but the first seems to be to weak for my purposes nbsp Option https www amazon com HP- PR-USB-Port-Replicator dp B KMDVPQ ref sr ie UTF amp qid nbsp Option http store hp com us en pdp business-solutions hp-zbook- w-thunderbolt- -dock-p q ut-aba nbsp But Option seems very buggy but has enough ports nbsp If not something from HP I might have to go with a competitor https www amazon com Dell-Display-UltraHD-Universal-D dp B O M KO ref sr ie UTF amp qid nbsp Please help with advices nbsp Thank youB nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hi not Solved: gone Multiple one, monitor or problems flopbot. sure. First let me say that I have searched the posts and haven t found my exact issue I have also been in touch with Dell and they don t seem to have an answer I have a Dell dimension Intel R Pentium R CPU GHZ GHZ MB of Ram It is running XP pro version service pack I recently ran a bunch of Microsoft Updates and the next day my monitor went very weird The icons grew huge and chunky around Solved: Multiple problems or one, not sure. monitor gone flopbot. the edges my resolution went to the bottom and won t move When I go to display properties there are only colors and there aren t any other choices only default monitor shows up I can t get into the properties of the monitor I have tried going to the adapter properties it says vga adapter but the properties button is also greyed out But the monitor works better in safe mode I have been running in safe mode for weeks now until I have had time to work on this Problem not sure if this is because of same issue as above or related to being in safe mode but my print spooler service is not running either I tried looking for every solution mentioned in the forums to fix this but none of them worked so far so I am asking this too Thanks a ton for any help Rote nbsp

A:Solved: Multiple problems or one, not sure. monitor gone flopbot.
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I have a brand new netbook running win starter with an intel GMA I've raked about on other forums but couldn't find any specific answers relating to my specific problem The problem lies in that i can't seem to find an option to extend my desktop over monitors I've been through as far as i know every setting and i've even tried a few apps to make this happen but to no avail In the intel interface it only gives me the options of monitor or a clone And in the desktop properties gt display it says 'monitor ' or options of a single monitor It's really quite upsetting because my motivation behind buying a smaller machine was to be able to use a second monitor independently of the quot Any Ideas If its not possible to do this with the GMA is there perhaps some kind of external graphics adapter that would allow this Since its brand new i don't wanna go dicking about inside it Thanks

A:Win7 Starter Multiple Monitor support?

Windows 7 Starter doesn't support extended desktop across multiple monitors.

To use dual monitors you need to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium or above.
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Hi I have a Lenovo not Metro) Multiple DPI (Desktop Issues monitor Yoga pro with Win which has an ultra high resolution X and I am using it with a Targus docking station nbsp In order to see things I have the custom DPI Multiple monitor DPI Issues (Desktop not Metro) scaling set at nbsp Here is the problem when i use the docking station with an Multiple monitor DPI Issues (Desktop not Metro) external monitor that has a maximum of X Metro looks nice but anything on the desktop office and other desktop only programs everything is HUGE and unusable Multiple monitor DPI Issues (Desktop not Metro) nbsp If I try to set DPI scaling for multiple monitors I can no longer use my custom DPI for the Lenovo instead I am given a slider that makes the external monitor look nice but when the laptop is removed it is so small that I'd need a magnifying glass to see nbsp If I want to use a docking station I have to change the DPI scaling every time I switch between being docked and as a standalone which requires me to go through all of the steps to switch and then log out and log back in nbsp Is there a way to have custom DPIs for each monitor nbsp I think this will only become a bigger problem as more companies develop higher resolution devices Thanks Dean
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so we have this database app that someone has open full screen. you can click on a link and drag a file right to the desktop. problem is, she has the app open on the primary windows ( the one with the star menu) and the file does not "land" where it is dropped on 2nd screen, but where the next icon would go on primary display. have tried with align to grid, and auto arrange on and off. is there a setting somewhere else to set this?

A:multiple monitor drop file location

Do you have the 2nd monitor setup as extended display...if not, all icons will be on the first monitor by default.
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ok, i know i want to go multiple monitors in the future. therefore, i know i need more graphics card ram. i currently have this radeon 6870: - XFX Double D HD-687A-ZDFC Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

what i'm wondering is, would it be the same as this radeon 7870 that has 2gb ram if i just buy a second 6870 and run the 2 in crossfire?: - XFX Double D FX-787A-CDBC Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition Black Edition 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card

or should i not plan for the crossfire'd 6870's with 1gb ram each and instead plan for the 7870 with 2gb of ram? would it be the same? what would be better for multi monitor setup

A:multiple monitor future plans? $$$ coming soon

The ram doesn't increase when you crossfire, so you will still be limited to 1GB with a pair of 1GB 6850's.

are you planning on gaming across the 3 screens or do you just want multi screens for desktop use?
If you game across 3 screens, you will want a faster card(s) since you will be running much higher resolution.
If you plan on just doing multi screens for desktop use, and game on one monitor, then that 1 6850 you have is going to to be fine.
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A small amount of information first: I have four identical monitors arranged in a square, two using a Nvidia GeForce 6200 Turbocache and the others a Nvidia GeForce 7300 SE / 7200 GS, both of which have updated drivers. I'm also using DisplayFusion for the multiple monitor setup.

The problem is that the applications decide to move to the bottom two monitors a few times a day; it is a work computer, and applications are kept open in a certain layout all day. At first I assumed it was when the display was turned back on (the Windows 7 automatically display turnoff has since been turned off), but now it will move in the middle of normal use. Sometimes one of the programs will even move off all four monitors, somewhere off to the right.

I'm new to multiple monitor setups, so it's very possible it's something obvious I'm missing, but any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Multiple Monitor Problem - Moving Applications

Just in case this happens to anyone else: it was the Lenovo Power Manager application that came with the Lenovo machine. After 15 minutes of non-use it was resetting the graphics (or something), which caused Windows to move the applications / icons.
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I have a Sony VAIO VPCSB3S9E/B Windows 7 64 bit. It has a 1366 x 768 display. It also has the stamina/speed button switch which I had almost permanently on Stamina. Today, however, I switched to Speed and the resolution is odd. It's stuck at 1078x768. On the resolution screen, there are two monitors 'sharing' one screen. Check it (sorry, it's in Czech):

When I press Identify, I get the two numbers sharing the one screen with a border between the two.

I tried to alter a few settings here but to no avail - could someone throw me a bone?



A:In display settings, multiple monitors are identified in one monitor


Ok, so it seems your Laptop is detecting another display. First of all can you please verify that you do not have an additional monitor/tv connected? If not then check the display ports on the laptop (VGA, DVI, HDMI etc) for any dust of something that shouldn't be there.
If this seems all fine then select the option that currently says something like "Duplicate These Displays" and select "Show Desktop Only On 1" and see how that goes.

Post back with the information
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i'm living in a house with 5 people who all have a laptop. we share ONE wireless internet connection which works out pretty good all things considered.

as the owner i'd like to be able to monitor how bandwidth much each person is using, is that possible?
i can see everyone's IP and MAC address in the modem settings but am unsure how to monitor each one.

at the moment i use NETMETER and BWMeter to monitor my own connection. am i able to use any of those programs for my purpose?

i'm in australia and use iPrimus as an ISP and they supplied a iConnect Access modem.
all help is appreciated and thanks in advance
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I have just started having this issue within the last few takes on on/off multiple turn to cycles power Monitor weeks When I log out of Windows the screen immediately goes black It used to flash black then it would turn back on and I'd be at the log-in screen Now when I log in the screen occasionally goes extremely dark When I say extremely dark I originally thought that the screen was actually going black but looking at it in the right light you can very lightly see outlines of what would be on the screen If you hit the Windows key and the start menu comes up you can very vaguely see the outline of the start menu The computer functions normally you just can't see anything I have tried updating drivers swapping monitors changing power Monitor takes multiple power on/off cycles to turn on dim settings back to defaults as well as custom settings and none of that has worked I also went in Monitor takes multiple power on/off cycles to turn on to System Config and chose quot Selective Startup quot which seems to have helped a bit but it didn't fix it completely The power light on the monitor is always green assuming the computer is turned on It's never orange amber I used to have to power-cycle the monitor - times before it would stay bright like normal Now I only have to do it - times but it's still obviously not right I am at a loss as to what to try The build of the computer is Model HP B Microtower OS Win Version Professional Edition Service Pack Build RAM MB CPU Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz Model Stepping Monitor Acer quot v w Chipset G Graphics Chip Set Windows compatible

A:Monitor takes multiple power on/off cycles to turn on

First, is the cable connection seated all the way (firmly secure on both ends). What type of cable connection is it? What is the refresh rate set at?
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I was trying to set up my tv as an external monitor for my Toshiba Satellite laptop..but it wouldn't work so I just tried fooling around with the different functions in the display properties..I ended up selecting the 2nd screen and checking the box that says 'extend my desktop onto monitor' and then my laptop screen went black with my wallpaper on it, and then went totally blank with only my white mouse arrow. I can't click anything, and I think my screen is set on 2 monitors because the mouse disappears when I move it to both sides. How do I set it back to normal? or at least get my desktop back so I can fix this?

Help please!!

A:Multiple Monitor problem: laptop screen went blank!

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Im having problem connecting my Sony Vaio laptop to my external monitor .

my spec are :
Intel Core Duo T5800 @2Ghz
3Gb Ram
Ati Mobility Radeon 3470

The problem is whenever i extended my screen to the external monitor, it shows atikmdag stopped responding and after a few second it crashed into blue screen.

Any help ?

A:Multiple Monitor : atikmdag stopped responding then crashed

Btw im using Vista 32
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Hello..I am running the Windows XP home ed. OS. I physically connected a Samsung SyncMaster 750S monitor to my Dell Latitude C800 laptop. Upon booting up, the 2nd display monitor displayed an exact duplicate of what is on my laptop screen..

The problem is, I would like to have the laptop as the main monitor, followed by an extension using the Samsung, extending the horizontal field. I went into Help in Win XP and it told me to
click Identify on the Settings tab in Display to have a large number displayed on each monitor.
The Identify button or option does not appear though, so I can't set it up the way I want.

The video card in the laptop is supposed to be able to handle this kind of setup, so I suspect it's an adjustment in XP's control panel...any help would be gratefully appreciated...thanks,

A:Multiple monitor setup for Dell Latitude C800

Steve- You might want to take your email address out of your posts--the webcrawlers will be spamming you madly if you don't....

Your Dell--what video adapter is installed?
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ATI MOBILITY RADEON X issue Dell Latitude D DVD viewing on Needed Monitor Multiple Display Help Killed - my Setting Sony LCD TV via S-VHS cable Laptop display no longer works once Windows XP Professional is loaded Help Needed - Multiple Monitor Setting Killed my Display I hooked my Dell Latitude D to the monitor to my Sony TV via S-VHS Help Needed - Multiple Monitor Setting Killed my Display cable I watched a DVD from the laptop drive on my laptop monitor and the TV monitor full screen they were not split screen images It worked great until I decided to try and amp fine tune amp the image dimensions on the TV CONTROL PANEL gt DISPLAY gt SETTINGS gt SCREEN RESOLUTION amp DISPLAY I was playing with and boxes in the window DRAG THE MONITOR ICONS TO MATCH THE PHYSICAL ARRANGEMENT OF YOUR MONITOR I am not sure in what order the events unfolded but the TV monitor suddenly showed only the wallpaper image on screen but the laptop still had desktop items and task bar on with the wallpaper image In the DISPLAY field in SETTINGS I was scrolling between Multiple Monitors on ATI amp and Multiple Monitors on ATI amp I may have messed up with the settings in the ADVANCED tab too My laptop display no longer works once I am in Windows XP Professional F and F allowed me to run diagnostics all passed and a safe mode start that also loses the display once XP Pro is loaded Once XP Pro is loaded I can hear the laptop accepting my password entry with its cute little amp beep amp It sounds like a pop-up block shortly thereafter amp not sure that is relevant Once I successfully used the mouse pad to right click in the far lower left of the screen apparently opening the START menu and SHUT DOWN otherwise it was the unplug or remove the battery method Dell Tech Support walked me through booting my system from the Microsoft XP Professional Installation Disc but it failed to reactivate my screen I have tried enabling anything to do with video cards or lack of from F but to no avail When I increase and decrease the brightness I can see the screen glow ebb and flow Dell Tech Support suggests I go to Best Buy to have them back up my hard drive and then erase the hard disc amp something may be corrupted amp I am not sure that will solve the problem I attached my laptop to another laptop with the S-VHS cable and it split the display on the other laptop but mine stayed black I attached my laptop to other monitors and another TV and I got nothing I have recently added some extremely important files for work that have not been completely backed up and would like to feel secure about their continued existence while I play the less-than-omniscient God of the keyboard and mouse pad I would love to understand what happened and get it fixed ASAP Is there an Omniscient God Power User or Programmer who could work through me nbsp

A:Help Needed - Multiple Monitor Setting Killed my Display

Welcome to TSG....

Go into safe mode and try to remove the display adapter in device manager and then exit out and reboot and see if it re-installs the display adapter driver. This might reset the settings for the screens. Also if you get the screens in safe mode try to reset the procedure back to what it was or to a default setting in the same place you made the settings change the first time.
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How can I setup multiple monitor in Eyefinity?

My Card is Sapphire Dual-X R9 270x 2GB I Have 2
Connections are I have 2 Monitors connected on 1 Card then 1 Monitor for the other
All of it are in DVI
Problem is in Eyefinity I don't know how to setup for it to be only one whole desktop

A:Setting Up Multiple Monitor with 2 Graphics Card in Eyefinity

I would check this thread out:
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Has anyone seen this? I've had it happen to several T420s models. While connected to a docking station with the lid closed, the external monitors will just display flashing colors really quickly like in Kanye West's "All of The Lights" music video. Once the display is done, the laptop shuts off. When I first experienced it, it was on my personal laptop. I switched shells and popped my hdd into another one. It ended up happening again sometime down the line. It then happened to my boss' as well. Most recently I've had a colleague report the same issue. Does anyone have an idea as to what could be the issue?

A:T420s: External Monitor displays flashing Multiple...

I have the same problem too. I am not using any docking station. It occurs very rarely and I notice it happening when I connect to an external monitor or when in video calls. Happens both in Windows and Ubuntu. I tried switching to a different T420s laptop and I see the same behavior there too (but not as frequently as the other one). M_Wilson's description of the issue is spot on. The screen flickers colorfully for about 15-20 seconds and then the laptop shuts off completely. I also noticed sometimes that the laptop gets hot under the part where the display card is present (near the fan outlet vent on the left side). The laptop fan is running at full speed at that time.
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I recently upgraded to Windows Enterprise -bit and I'm having trouble connecting upgrade monitor 10 Docking and - multiple Windows station is... to via the HP W advanced docking station I Windows 10 upgrade - Docking station and multiple monitor is... was able to do this in the past without issues when I was running Windows I'm on a ZBook st Gen nbsp I know the laptop has display adaptors NVIDIA Quadro K M and Intel HD Graphics When connected to the docking station I usually ran monitors through the NVIDAI via Display Ports and the rd through the Intel adapter via VGA nbsp Now after upgrading to Win If I boot the laptop in the dock it says there is an issue with the Intel graphics adapter so I'm only able to use the NVDIA and therefor only screens I've tried updating reinstalling drivers for both adapters but nothing seems to work Tried versions from NVIDIA Intel and from HP Directly nbsp Whats funny is that if I boot up the laptop BEFORE I connect it to the docking station everything works fine Once I dock it all three monitors will come up and work just fine So I do have a workaround but it is a little inconvenient nbsp Any Ideas what the issue could be maybe I have something misconfigured in the BIOS I think I tried changing a few settings related to hybrid displays but no luck
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Hey everyone HD Multiple for &or plasma Radeon Monitor 4300/4500 ATI I ve got an Multiple Monitor &or plasma for ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 ATI Radeon HD card i had this working but the TV seems to be very picking on settings and i can no longer get it to work the TV is a quot samsung plasma which i had extended off from my Dell quot LCD the TV would go blank until i set the resolution to x the LCD is hooked by a white vga more pins and the plasma has a blue vga less pins i also tried connecting the blue vga to a nd quot dell monitor and had no success i d like this to work either on my plasma or at least the nd LCD and being that i did already have the plasma function I would think there is a solution also i have an HDMI hooked to a receiver it seemed like it would affect the TV when it was unplugged even changing the resolutions will mute my speakers for a moment the HDMI is situated next to the VGA inputs if that matters any ideas nbsp

A:Multiple Monitor &or plasma for ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500

I had my music playing while I turned desktop extension off (even though I couldn't see it extended), and my music quit and will not work again. So some weird stuff i guess...?
--I switched audio to optical and plasma to HDMI and everything seems to be functioning great.-
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I think I have to upgrade mine , the one used by pushing FN + F5

But I dont know which one ?



A:Protégé R930 - Which driver for display multiple monitor ?

Install Toshiba System Driver and System Settings.égé-R930-Which-driver-for-display-multiple-monitor
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I would like to view 8 student stations on 1 instructor station wirelessly. My lab recently changed and I have 2 monitor trees with 4 monitors per. They were hooked up via long VGA cables, but I would like to use the same equipment but use a wireless solution. Any suggestions would be great.


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Hello I am looking to setup a preview panel on a nd monitor which previews windows on monitor 1st? 2nd maximized multiple for on Setup will show the contents of each open window on the st monitor similar to how you can preview the window by scrolling over it on the taskbar st monitor is at p and the nd closer to p I have my desktop set to extend displays so they display at their native res My situation I have maximized windows for projects I work on all open and maximized at the same time It's a bit tedious to switch back and forth between them in certain instances when I'm just looking to see what a process is at for instance As a result I'm looking to use my nd monitor as a means of seeing previews of these windows I would like it divided into a x grid where each quarter of the screen is a preview of of the windows If this is possible how would I go about doing it Would I need rd party software Cheers

A:Setup previews on 2nd monitor for multiple maximized windows on 1st?

Not possible?
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I have 4 IDE devices installed in my computer . I need to add another but don't have another IDE connection available . Can I get a PCI IDE controller card and add ? Something like the Promise IDE controller card ? Thanks

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Okay guys, I will try to explain clearly.

HDD1: Corrupt Windows 7 64bit.

HDD2: Vanilla Windows 7 32bit.

Now, when I boot from HDD1, it gives me the option to boot either one of my Windows 7 installs. If I try to boot from HDD2, it says BOOTMGR MISSING. And forces restart upon user input CTRL+ALT+DEL.

My question: I want to install Ubuntu on HDD1 - Will Ubuntu act as a boot manager and let me select HDD2 Windows 7? Never ran into this before, honestly.

Thanks in advance.

A:Question about multiple OS's

Your BIOS should be the boot manger not the OS.
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If my ISP offers the option to purchase multiple IP addresses, is it possible to use the additional IPs on a single computer on the network and switch between the IPs easily?

A:Question About Multiple IPs

Yes, you can have a singly attached box to your ISP connection which answers to multiple IPs. Now, I don't know what you mean by switching between them as there is no switching. The PC/server will always be answering to the IPs configured on it. It's up to you on getting any services or applications bound to a specific IP.
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Hi everyone.

I thought this would be the best place for this question. I have a newer computer running Windows XP, and software I used to run on Windows 98. (The software is CorelDraw and Corel PhotoPaint, version 9)

My question is: Is it possible to run this software on Windows XP, or do I need an "emulator", or will it simply not work?

Thanks in advance!

A:Multiple OS question

Have you tried running it?

XP also has a Compatibility Wizard via:

start > All Programs > Accessories > Program Compatibility Wizard
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Hey guys,
Very recently my computer has been crashing with the jagged lines of death. After it reboots, the screen becomes split up into multiple "instances" of one screen, very similar to if you select the "tiled" option in windows background. Example:
| Normal| Normal Image|
| Image | |
| | |
______ _________ |
|Normal | Normal Image|
|Image | |

Where the box around the outside is my monitor, and four "normal" images (i.e. the desktop, mouse cursor, etc.). No idea what is causing this, however, uninstalling then reinstalling the graphics drivers seems to temporarily fix this. If anyone has heard of a similar problem or knows what to do, please help!

Comp info:
HP Pavilion dv2500 series
NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS 64MB Dedicated Video Memory (from nvidia control panel info)
160GB HD
Centrino Core2 Duo T7250 @ 2.0 GHZ
Windows Vista 32Bit Home Premium

A:HP Pavilion dv2500 series crash with multiple monitor instancing

this is videochip faulty(or video memory). afaik, since geforce 8400go, nvidia provides special MXMII videocards in most laptop models. so replacing seems to be simple, but in this model you can't do this. so you can replace MB or repair it
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I have discovered, that Windows 7 Pro doesn't support multiple monitor for remote desktop service, as it is featured only for Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions. See this article
I wonder, if this feature is now supported in Windows 8 Pro or does Remote Desktop work the same way as in Windows 7 Pro ?
I need to connect to my computer using Remote Desktop Client and use extended desktop on multiple monitors.  However current Windows 7 Pro support only desktop spanning ( /span), which is not that useful.
Thanks for your reply.
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okay, having trouble dual monitor setting up my cousin's pc. in the device manager, under display, it shows ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, and, ATI Radeon 4200 Series. now. I tried to setup a second monitor to it through vga, but it didn't detect the second monitor. monitor is fine. the original wasn't detected in the second one either. stays in power saver mode like it is plugged into nothing.

i am too a picture to show you the back of the pc. i know what to do once the monitor is detected, to enable the small greyed out second display in the display settings, but only ONE monitor box is shown.

much help would be appreciated =)

(the old monitor is plugged in to the left, and below, the lone bga port is the one we are trying to use.)
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I have tried to research this and am not finding the information I need to answer the above question so hope a networking expert can help I recently for the first time went over my monthly data cap for broadband and looking it to it a bit more it looks like a lot of the programs my kids are using are hogging the bandwidth I don't really want to pay for more bandwidth as I already pay way above average as I live in a small rural village but I don't want to restrict too much what my kids are doing The solution to me seems to be to see if I can monitor and if possible control to some extent the data on each of the IP connected to control monitor Can router connected i devices data??? multiple and the router if that is Can i monitor and control multiple router connected devices data??? at all possible I have looked at my router settings and unfortunately they do not permit anything more than traffic monitoring Can i monitor and control multiple router connected devices data??? and there are no custom firmwares to allows additional features of any use Is there any software that I could use to do this Can anybody help at all with any advice about whether this can be done

A:Can i monitor and control multiple router connected devices data???

It is almost impossible to restrict the total usage of bandwidth. To my knowledge there are no setting for that in normal routers/gateways.
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hi i tried to had Win xp as my multiple boot started with win question Multiple booting but when it came to quot installing hardware compnents part with some mins remaining it showed this your multi-funtional device Standard Dual PC IDE controller has some child device using -bit drivers and other using compatibility mode drivers This configuration is not supported so your computer has been halted to prevent corruption quot Multiple booting question i Multiple booting question m having GB SATA HD AMD athlon dual core then i had win XP amp server running successfully as my multiple boot option installed on different drive with drive C as my active partition having win in it i tried to install vista with DVD ROM as st boot device but it kept showing error some file driver missing windows system drivers fltmgr sys i tried to install vista after booting with XP installation started but after copying files PC restarted n then nothing happened blank screen not even the multiple boot options anymore i reformatted my HD installed XP amp then successfully installed Vista but then i installed win amp woof Vista was gone from boot option though the files were there in the drive but now i had XP amp as boot option is it possible to have all as multiple boot option if yes then whats the proper order of installation if no then which all Windows OS can co-exist with Vista as part of multiple boot have few more queries regarding multiple booting with linux but later looking forward to answers regards nbsp

A:Multiple booting question

In this order
Dos (up to you)
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows Xp
Sever 2003
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The general plan I'll use here will be to install each operating system as a solitary OS, make an image of it, wipe it out,

This is from this:
halfway down - Overview of the project plan 2nd paragraph...

What does "...make an image..." mean? Image, as in boot sector? As in recovery partition? Fake system volume information maybe???


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Hey guys.
I'd like to be able to run two instances of EVE Online at max settings without getting any stutter or lag and I'm wondering if that is possible with my hardware.
EVE System Requirements
My GPU (2xCrossfired)

Other system info:
Windows 7 Ultimate
Core2Duo @3870
8gigs RAM

Currently, when I max settings and open two instances of the game it stutters with max AA, but is fine with AA disabled. When I check the workload on each card it seems like one card is doing all the work while the other has little or no load.

I know its not a huge deal, but I would like to run both instances of the game on max settings if possible- am I just asking too much or is there something other than hardware keeping me back?
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i have a dual monitor set up. problem is whenever i make one application active, the other one minimizes. for eg. if im runnin an application on one monitor and watchin somethin online on the other full screen, when i make the application active the full screen on the 2nd monitor will minimize.

is there anyway to stop this happening?

i wasnt sure if this is the correct forum to post so im sorry if it isnt.