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GTX 660M black screen after installing driver

Q: GTX 660M black screen after installing driver


I own a custom laptop on an MSI 16F2 platform. Few weeks ago my GTX 670M card died.

Out of better options, I bought an used GTX 660M from an acquaintance.

I had it installed, started Windows and everything looked OK. Then I installed the Nvidia drivers and after reboot, right after the loading screen, I got a black screen (with the screen still lit).

I went into Safe mode and uninstalled the driver. Then installed again and got the same result. Went into Bios, change settings, tried resetting CMOS, nothing worked. Installed Windows 7 Ultimate again, then Windows 8, same thing. I also tried the driver modding instructions on this forum, still nothing.

I have no clue what is wrong. If you have any idea, please help me with this.

Thank you,


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Preferred Solution: GTX 660M black screen after installing driver

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: GTX 660M black screen after installing driver

I have connected the laptop to an external monitor and it works with the Nvidia driver installed. The laptop screen works just fine without the drivers. I would really appreciate any form of help. Is it maybe the BIOS?

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I want to play the Crysis Demo and they recommend the Nvidia 169.01 driver. I have an 8800GTS 320mb. I downloaded it and then ran the driver. About half way through it slows down, and then the screen goes black. This isn't to unusual, other driver updates have done this before. However, this continues for hours, and there is an intermittent beep from the mobo. Any ideas?

A:Black screen when installing 169.01 Driver

anybody got an idea?
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I am new to this forum and i hope this is the right category So i was playing heroes of the storm when suddenly my screen went all weird with a sort of horizontal purple-ish lines across the screen My computer didn't respond to any mouse or keyboard input so i restarted it hoping it would be gone when it booted causes screen. Installing driver black AMD up it was until shortly after it happened again First those now flickering lines and then they were gone and came back and Installing AMD driver causes black screen. then a complete crash i restarted my system again and the same Installing AMD driver causes black screen. thing happened and right before it crashed it gave me the following warning Installing AMD driver causes black screen. ''amd display driver stopped responding and has recovered'' I have an AMD radeon HD series video card So i thought that it must be something with either my driver or my video card When i booted my pc up again it never got to the login screen just a black screen I tried booting up in safe mode what worked and disabled the display driver Booting up normally it worked until it didn't Back in safe mode i checked the display driver in device manager again and it wasn't disabled any more I now uninstalled the driver completely but when i booted up black screen Back to safe mode and sure enough the driver was reinstalled I then disabled some windows function that automatically re-installed it and when i now boot up normally it was fine Checking the device manager i see that i am now using Windows Basic Display Adapter So i go to the AMD site to download the newest drivers amd-catalyst- beta and install them and as soon as it is installing the graphics driver my screen goes black I looked around on the internet and someone suggested to use Display Driver Uninstaller So i did and when i re-installed the drivers it was wrong Could this be a problem with my videocard itself And if so How come i can still use my screen BTW I also use a DVI screen and nothing changed So now i can use my computer but only in a way that doesn't stress videocard so no games My specs Operating System Windows Pro -bit CPU AMD FX- RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC M A L-M LX V AM R Graphics AMD Radeon HD Series Microsoft Basic Display Adapter Storage GB Seagate ST AS ATA Device SATA Optical Drives HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH NS ATA Device Audio Realtek High Definition Audio I really hope someone knows the answer

A:Installing AMD driver causes black screen.

This very well could be a hardware problem, I have seen this countless times with bad video cards and or power problems, rarely a motherboard pci-e problem. Likely, this is either psu related or the video card itself, these were the 2 most common causes if no software changes took place. If you happen to have a different video card to test with, that would be the fastest part to replace to start with.
One thing you can check for inside your computer is for blown or bulging capacitors, check the motherboard and the video card.
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i decide to reinstall my computer from windows 7 32 home bit into windows 7 64 bit,
everything works fine until i decide to install the lates intel vga driver, after restarting the computer, the screen keep showing grid lines like this pic. the only solution to fix this is to remove intel vga driver,is there anyway to fix this problem thx

my pc spec:
Mobo :msi h67ma -e45
RAM : 2GB Ram
Procesor: intel core i5 2300

A:Black Screen after installing Intel VGA Driver

Quote: Originally Posted by Stabillo

i decide to reinstall my computer from windows 7 32 home bit into windows 7 64 bit,
everything works fine until i decide to install the lates intel vga driver, after restarting the computer, the screen keep showing grid lines like this pic. the only solution to fix this is to remove intel vga driver,is there anyway to fix this problem thx

my pc spec:
Mobo :msi h67ma -e45
RAM : 2GB Ram
Procesor: intel core i5 2300

Welcome to Sevenforums,

Does it make the same with the Intel vga drivers Msi provide for the motherboard ?

Those were x32 or x64 VGA drivers?

I also would upgrade my Ram to 4gb even if the minimum requirement is set to 2Gb for Windows 7 x64bits
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hi i just joined and this is my first post anyways my computer nvidia need black driver installing screen help - appear after is the HP Pavilion a c heres the specifications http h www hp com ewfrf wc amp lc en amp dlc en amp cc ca amp lang en amp product Driver update file desktop win winvista bit english whql exe anyways every time when i try to the latest Nvidia driver whose file name is mentioned need help - black screen appear after installing nvidia driver above i immediately get the black screen and or the monitor itself just closes in the middle of the install surprisingly if i hook up another monitor the second monitor will work while the first one will stay black closed however the furthest it goes is to the desktop which has no icon no taskbar only wallpaper shows also right-clicking works but none of the options appeared in the right-click menu works after that no matter how many time i reboot the computer it stays the same although safe mode works flawlessly i haven t tried uninstalling the driver in safe mode after it started black screening me since i didnt thought of it at the time and this is my th reformat from last reformat even though the driver provided by Nividia causes the black screen problems the one provided by HP didnt cause any problem and sicne the last few black screen problem and reformat my computer stopped showing the HP s splash screen when turning on it just stays black until to the login welcome screen i also did some googling around as far as i know there isnt any solid fixes or work-around to this problem or one that im aware of im not sure if this is some video card hardware incompatibility or just the driver s fault thanks nbsp

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Hey all having some graphics card problems and would appreciate any help I built two identical computers for my parents from spare driver? graphics screen after installing Black parts and some new components just to give them something to use until they can buy something newer Both work fine with the onboard graphics but video Black screen after installing graphics driver? play back Black screen after installing graphics driver? performance is obviously low very choppy Trying to install an upgraded graphics card and does the same thing in both systems System specs Dell Optiplex GX Windows XP home SP GHz Pentium GB ram Onboard graphics is Black screen after installing graphics driver? Intel G Graphics card I m trying to install is a PNY VCG APG This is a Nvidia Geforce card ddr mb x AGP interface Should mention the card was new last winter and hasn t been installed in any other PC s When I install the card and boot up it shows the specs of the graphics card in the upper left corner Goes through the normal bios and windows boot screens Windows opens in a low res graphics mode says found new hardware etc etc loads nvidia driver from windows update and prompts a reboot After the reboot it goes through the load screens again and shows the windows boot screen with the progress bar for about seconds then just goes black Monitor says quot no signal quot and goes into stand by If I restart in safe mode I get a signal back and can open windows but in low res of course Tried updating driver with the newest one from nvidia s website and no go Does the same thing All other drivers on the system are up to date Tried going into the bios setup too integrated devices-- gt primary video controller gives option for quot auto quot or quot AGP quot when the card is plugged in With the card removed it gives quot auto quot or quot onboard quot options Tried setting it to AGP and still nothing Help nbsp

A:Black screen after installing graphics driver?

Did you get this fixed?
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hi there everybody .

i've a really big problem with my graphic on windows 8!

i've a NVIDIA Geforce 9500 GT brand . and when i'm trying to install the new version of desktop graphic driver ; it's crash after about 30 seconds and have a black screen. or when i'm trying to reboot or shut down the system after installing this driver , system is freeze or crash. so what is the problem? what do i do?

i've tried and found out many ways to solve this problem , but nothin..!

plz help me.

A:crashing system and black screen after installing R310 (ex: 310.90) Graphic Driver!

umm.. no body wants to help me??
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Hey guys, the title actually says it all. I installed the nvidia geforce 310m driver and everytime its enabled and I try to switch the notebook on theres only a black screen...

Ive looked for solutions but most of them are for computers where you can easily take graphics cards in and out, but I can't do that because im a newbie, i dont wanna open the laptop because I might mess something up

Please help!

Also sometimes it does work, but when the Nvidia driver IS enabled it goes laggy and i got this "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" blue screen of death, help please!

A:Black screen after installing Nvidia GeForce 310M driver on my MSI CX623 notebook

Could be an unsupported driver. Uninstall the drivers and try using the version available from the laptop manufacturers website.
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i am using hp pavillion nbsp g - tx last day i nbsp formatted nbsp my windows win ultimate so i downloaded all the drivers installed it after when i restarted after installing the graphics nbsp driver of AMD the screen nbsp are showed nbsp driver not properly installed after couple driver problem, blue ... display screen black out , screen then of minutes the screen will be black out and will be back in secthen after couple of minutes the screen will be turned blue with some display driver problem, screen black out , then blue screen ... writing nbsp and it will restart and happen the same process seeing this i went to safe mode and uninstalled the AMD graphics nbsp nbsp then restarted it then there was no screen black outs or blue screen but the laptop was working slow as mb ram but i am having gb ram i tried to install intel graphics then the answer was this laptop cant meet the nbsp requirements so i tried to install from internet nbsp site of AMD as well as INTEL but no change was done so i hope there will be a solution for this
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Im new to this forum.
I tried to install WINDOWS 7 build 7600 64 bit on this system:
CPU - E8400
Motherboard- Gigabyte EP43DS3L
Video Card- HD4870 512MB conncted to samsung T220P via DVI
PSU-Thermaltake thoughpower 600W.

so installation was fine. but just after install was completed
after the symbol of Windows 7, there was just Black Screen,
nothing else.

it's somthing with configuration of my bios because its 64-bit version?
maybe its somthing with my graphic card?.

please help me (helton jhon XD)

A:Black Screen after installing win 7 64-bit


To futher diagnose

Boot from safe mode, does it work? if so probably video driver

If not, do you have a win 7 dvd to repair install?

Do you have a backup we can restore from?

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I recently re-formatted my pc, and installed a new graphics card also. I chucked in the XP windows PRO disk after the instillation was complete and after POST, and the graphics card pci-e etc... loads up. Where the XP pro screen pops up (and the blue bar goes across) nothing pops up or loads apart from a dull black screen. (Screen still lit up - Green).

Not even the onboard grahpics work, same as the current card.

Any help?


A:Black Screen after installing XP PRO?

Check your BIOS settings. There may be a setting for what type of graphics card should initialize first, AGP or PCI.

Was the new card different from the old, and did you disable the onboard graphics?
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hi i have installed the windows supposedly and it restarts my computer during process then starts up saying starting windows then after that goes to a black screen and never recovers from it can any one help

A:After installing black screen

Robbie Please fill in your system specs at the link in the bottom left hand corner of your post.

This could be many things. Are you clean installing or doing an in-place Upgrade? Did you boot the DVD or run from previous O.S.?

If you have more than 2gb of RAM, please remove the extra and try again.

Once we see the specs, other things can be addressed.
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I installed Win-7 in my laptop 5GB. Now my screen shows nothing, remains black. How can I format my HD. Please help.

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hi guys,

i have just purchased 4 sticks of 2gb ddr2 800mhz ram. i installed the ram and the pc refused to start up. i took all the ram out and tried just 1 stick in all of the slots, i tried all of the modules seperatly in all of the different slots with no luck. there was no beep sound either. i swap back to he 667 ram and it works fine.plz help

my pc is-

Asus P5N-e sli
Intel core 2 quad q6600
4GB 667 DDR2 667 ram
Nvidia 8800GT 1GB
500GB hdd

widows vista 64x ultimate

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Hello Everyone This is my first post but I wish it was under better circumstances I have an HP M N computer Videocard new Black Screen installing that came with an NVidia GeForce SE Turbocache video card I recently purchased a PNY GeForce GT Video Card and tried to install it It was tricky to figure Black Screen installing new Videocard out the little clip on the back but I managed to get the old card out and the new card in After starting the computer I got graphics on the screen in a low resolution and XP installed what the installation booklet called the quot Standard Graphics Driver quot In the middle of this process I got called out of the room When I got back I was expecting a quot restart quot menu Instead the screen was black I tried to tighten connections etc but the monitor seemed dead Eventually I put the old card back in and everything worked Thank God According to the little installation book after restarting I was to put in the installation CD uninstall the old driver through the CD s wizard and install the new driver Why did everything go black Now I m afraid to re-install the card Should I take it back Black Screen installing new Videocard or is there a trick I m missing Thanks for your help Gordon nbsp

A:Black Screen installing new Videocard

Try uninstalling the old video cards drivers, then shut down and install the new card... and it's drivers
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hey guys i have a problem with my ati graphic card nearly for two months two months earlier i was playing crysis and suddenly screen had freeze and then restarted itself so i had discover the ati driver had crash and stopped working i have two graphic cards- Ati radeon and intel hd graphic card but when i was reinstalling ati driver again my screen went black and i had my black screen while drivers goes i ati installing to restart my laptop so i went to safe mod and i had uninstall the ati driver and i could solve the black screen by using intel graphic card then i saw in the device manager under the display adapters the STANDARD VGA GRAPHICS ADAPTER had a error if you want while i installing ati drivers my screen goes black please see the attachment the device cannot start code so i think the problem is the standard vga graphic adapter because ati drivers are installing on it so can guys PLEASE help me to fix the error with the standard graphic adapter things i have tried--------- installing latest version of ati driver sfc scannow

A:while i installing ati drivers my screen goes black

Hello unhapp sorry for the wait. Mate if you can run Speccy and post back the temp on that card.

Next go to Start and type in "msinfo32" without quote marks and in the screen that opens open out as I have done in my machine - see pic and see what is in problem devices / components.
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Just got a netbook Asus 1005PEB (Specs: ), bought the Corsair Gaming Laptop memory 2 GB CGM2X2GS800

was wondering if it wasn't compatible? when I replaced the asus pre-installed one with the new one, only a black screen came up and the boot screen nor the windows screen came up.

Thank You,

A:Black screen before boot up after installing RAM

But it still works with your old RAM?
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Hi i recently purchased an inno3d 6800 agp 8x card, i installed it into my computer and plugged everything in, pressed the power button and lo and behold the screen was black, i have tried uninstalling all my pci cards and devices, tried the graphics card by itself with no cd drives in, switched my ram around, bought a 650 watt power supply, bought a new monitor, still nothing. I also tried it on my friends sytem and it worked:/ i cant send the card back and im really stuck for ideas, anybody got a clue? by the way my setup is an ms-6590 motherboard, 768mb of pc 2700 ddr ram, amd ahtlon 2600xp+ processor, 80gb sata hard drive. also my motherboard has no onboard graphics so thats also out of the question SOMEBODY HELP ME

A:black screen after installing my new 6800 agp help!

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

What was your previous graphics card?

Did you uninstall all the drivers for your previous card, before you attempted to install the new card?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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hi i have been trying to install windows 7 recently and it gets through loading files and installing then restarts then says starting windows then goes to a black screen and my monitor goes to sleep can and i cannot get any further when i turn on my computer anyone help i have been looking at people with same problem but cant find any answers so please help thanks an
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Disk boot error please insert system disk and press enter

Hey everyone.

I just recently installed a rocketfish 500W ATX PSU and a GeForce 9800GTX+.
However, whenever I turn on the computer I don't get a signal for the monitor at all. I can't even boot into BIOS or anything, the monitor just stays blank. I've tried the old video card, but even that no longer works. My monitor is blank either way. I've triple checked all the connections, and everything is in place. I'm completely stumped.

I have Windows XP SP3 btw.

Now the video card fan won't even start. What the hell is going on?
edit: fixed all of that, see

A:Black screen after installing new PSU + Vid Card

gud day!
check the fan of your psu is it functioning? if not.. try testing it with another psu..!maybe your psu is faulty
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Probably an easy fix...........but, after reformat i installed sp2 for xp pro, keep getting black screen on reboot, any ideas out there

A:black screen after installing SP2 after reformat??

Ouch, try clean re-install again but with SP3.
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I have a friend (no - honestly!) who installed NAV 2005 on top of another AV product. The minute she installed NAV 2005, the screen faded to black and has stayed black since.

I went round to have a look at it, booted up the pc and I can hear the boot sequence taking place. But the screen stays black. The monitor led comes on however. I'm guessing the NAV 2005 has messed up the display driver.

I tried booting into safe mode by pressing f8 but the screen remains black. Without seeing the screen, I can't remove the NAV 2005 software to try and fix the prob.

She is running winXP home.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

A:Black Screen After Installing NAV 2005

It;s strange that you cant boot into safe mode, My next step would to reboot again using the f8 key but choose last know good configuration.

sorry not a lot of good I missed this ( tried booting into safe mode by pressing f8 but the screen remains black)
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I installed Nero 6 and rebooted. XP makes it all through up to the progress bar, then the screen goes black. Light on monitor is still green.
Booting in safe mode works fine every time, but earlier today it did boot up normally.... then reboot,.. and screen is black again.

xp professional
dual MP AMD 1800
quadro 900 xgl graphics board

any ideas?

A:XP black screen after installing Nero

I believe there was a Nero 6 patch for XP SP2.
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hi i am installing xp pro on my pc. it has had a black screen for about 10 mins. and the monitor is receiving no signal is this normal

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I get a black screen right after start-up when installing the newest ATI Catalyst 5.6 on my Radeon 9550. System works fine until I install these drivers. :unch:

A:Black screen after installing new ATI Catalyst 5.6

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Is there some reason why you want to install the latest drivers?

If your system is fine with the drivers you have been using, then leave it at that.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I just recently bought a new 64gb SSD and installed it into my computer as the case manufacturer said in the instructions. I did everything as planned, then plugged my computer back in, to turn it on and get a black screen. No bios or anything. I tried plugging it into my alternate display to see if that was the issue, and it was not the issue. I later tried booting the computer without the SSD plugged in which yeilded the same result as before. I hope to get help soon so i can get my rig running and install my Windows 8 onto it.

*NOTE: if this post is in the incorrect section of the forums, i ask that a moderator move it to the section that is right.

A:Computer getting black screen after installing new SSD.

Eh, I don't know what you did and it doesn't even really matter.

Here's what to do.

1) Power off.

2) Remove SSD physically.

3) Boot to Windows.

4) Follow this:
Exit all Windows-based programs.Click Start, type regedit in the Start Search box, and then press ENTER.If you receive the User Account Control dialog box, click Continue.Locate and then click one of the following registry subkeys: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci

In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, and then click Modify.In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK.On the File menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor.

5) Power Off.

6) Re-attach SSD.

7) Boot to bios.

8) Change the SATA mode to AHCI and save.

9) Boot to Windows.

10) Format the new SSD.

11) Research for yourself the best care procedures for it.
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So I just purchased and installed a new mobo and CPU My issue is I'm getting a black screen whenever I try to plug in my GPU I'll lay out everything I've done so far to troubleshoot Let me preface with this The CPU GPU RAM and Power Supply guaranteed work First off I've fresh installed windows Updated the drviers from the mobo disk I can boot just fine to the integrated graphics card I can boot the box when Installing options. When Screen Black all GPU. Exhausted the GPU is inserted if I make the integrated GPU the boot priority From there I've installed and updated all drivers for the Nvidia GPU Tried to switch the boot priority to PCI and still a black screen I've Black Screen When Installing GPU. Exhausted all options. checked in the bios to see if the mobo is recognizing the GPU and it is It clearly stats there's a Nvidia GPU in the PCI slot I'm using the correct PCI slot x I've also tested in the slot The GPU's fans also spin when it's inserted I have a wire component speaker - that I've been trying to test the beeps with but the prong JFP is confusing and I can't get it to work I've updated the bios with the latest version and reset the CMOS prior to that I've tested DVI VGA and HDMI connections when using the GPU none which work I've checked compatibility for all of the components They are as follows CPU Intel i K GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX MOBO MSI Z G Gaming RAM DDR x PSU APEX Solytech ATX W SL- EPS My only thought is perhaps the PSU isn't enough voltage I know it has enough watts I've double checked that Any thoughts Edit Few Black Screen When Installing GPU. Exhausted all options. other things I've tried Disabling the default driver for the integrated graphics and restarting

A:Black Screen When Installing GPU. Exhausted all options.

can you attach some dump files please.

Tutorials can be found in the Tutorials section.
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I have a new i system with a fresh install of Windows x and a good old AMD graphics card I have been using AMD Crimson drivers for Win x No overclocking The system has worked flawlessly the last six weeks A couple of AMD installing Black video drivers when screen days ago I had Black screen when installing AMD video drivers my first crash when the PC locked up loading a game I rebooted the PC and the BIOS came up Black screen when installing AMD video drivers fine It started loading Windows then came a black screen just before login no cursor no light like there was no signal to the monitor Same problem upon successive reboots But the PC would reboot into safe mode fine After some Googling I began suspecting the AMD video drivers So I used Display Driver Uninstaller DDU in safe mode to remove all the AMD video drivers Windows then booted to the desktop and works great but only with basic Microsoft video drivers Whenever I try installing the AMD video card drivers I get the same black screen lockup no signal just at the point the new driver is taking over After that I cannot boot into Windows again without first going into safe mode and then using DDU to clean up Then it will boot to Windows I have tried installing Crimson and Catalyst drivers for Win x all with the black screen at the later stage of the attempted install Does anyone have an idea of what I could try next I don't have a similar graphics card I could test to rule out the hardware
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Hey I m not sure where to start but a while ago I bought a desktop and a monitor and they are black Screen after card a installing graphics goes while after new Desk Top Newegg com - Acer Aspire AX -UR P PT SG P Desktop PC Athlon II X GHz GB DDR GB HDD Capacity NVIDIA GeForce SE Windows Home Premium -Bit Monitor newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E But the graphics card that came Screen goes black after a while after installing new graphics card with the computer sucked it simply doesn t support D games So I went ahead and bought this graphics card Graphics Card Newegg com - GIGABYTE GV-N SL- GI GeForce GT Fermi GB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card Here note that the maximum power my computer has is W but the graphics card needs at least W for it to run So I bought this power supply unit Power Supply Newegg com - Antec VP- W ATX V v Power Supply Here s the story After I bought my computer and the monitor I bought the graphics card It took me a while to figure out how to install it but I worked my way out and installed it So I followed the general guide to installing graphics card remove driver first install card the computer didn t have a card so the pci slots were empty then I started my computer and tried to install the new driver with the disc that came with the graphics card The first time it went so well that I thought it s gonna work but after a while the screen suddenly goes back and on the top right corner it says quot VGA then DVI quot It s the screen you get when the monitor isn t plugged into a desktop So after that I went to look at my computer and the card and I found out the card needs more power it needs W but the computer has W So I bought a W power supply unit also took me a while because my case is micro ATX board I have to leave the power supply unit outside the case So after I installed the power supply and the graphics card the first time trying to install the driver also went pretty smooth but the screen then went black after a while So I m wondering what exactly I should do I m pretty sure the power supply is working Atm I m using the power supply but not the card and I can run my computer fine Addition details When I tried to uninstall the original graphics card driver it kept automatically installing itself when I restart Could that be why But after I uninstalled it I switched to the VGA port on the new graphics card but it still didn t work I have my directx updated to version Please if you re confused about anything I said tell me which part you didn t understand and I ll try my best to describe it Thank you for your time Ads by Google nbsp
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I did a clean install of windows 7, then i installed firefox, avast and utorrent. I then downloaded the newest graphics drivers from nvidia, I have a GeForce 7300, and installed. After I rebooted the screen went completely black after the "starting windows..." screen. And the monitor goes into sleep mode displaying: "No signal input"

Anyone know how I can fix this?

A:Black screen after installing graphics drivers

Hi Muscar

Try SAFE MODE, press F8.
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So I just added more RAM to my computer, then I wanted to install windows and it only displayed black screen(did not show the installation window). After that I removed the new RAM and it still did now show the installation window only black screen.
Computer works perfect until the instalation window, any ideas whats wrong with computer? Or am i just doing something wrong .

(Sorry bad English)

A:Black Screen when Installing Windows after adding RAM

First of all, no one has any idea what we are attempting to fix/troubleshoot. Post ALL of your exact system specs; ie exact mb, exact cpu, exact ram, etc, etc. If this is a big box system ie dell, hp, whatever, post the exact make and model# If you have a service tag# then post that as well.

Next does this system complete POST; do you see POST data then it goes to a black screen OR do not get any display?
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Hey guys!
So like a lot of you, I wanted to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10. But when the laptop was in the middle of installing Windows 10 and had restarted a few times, as it does during the installation, it suddenly went black screen with NO cursor or anything. It has been like this for 2 days now, and I don't know what to do.
I can clearly see that the laptop is still on and "working", so it has not just shut down.
I'm afraid to force the laptop to turn off, because it's in the middle of a system upgrade. So I'm wondering if there are any alternative solutions or is my only option to force the laptop to shut down and then restart it and hope for the best?


A:Black screen with NO cursor while installing Windows 10

What's the brand name and model name and complete model number of your laptop?

Is it upgrading from Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?

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I have been doing much searching to reslove the issue but no luck. My system is Windows Xp Pro. I had recently installed VMware player 3.1 and after finishing the installation it had prompted me to restart and when I did the computer went through the boot sequence normally but after the windows logo disappeared I was just left with a black screen. I have tried safe mode with the same results. I have tried to run a repair from the Windows CD and it will not load. The only way I can get a prompt is booting to Windows system recovery option.
I am left at the C:\windows prompt and a short list of commands available. I was wondering if there is a way to use system restore without booting windows? Any other possible solutions are welcome as I am stuck. Also any other info that I can provide please let me know.

A:Black Screen after installing VMware Player 3.1

At the prompt, try running the chkdsk /r an effort address file problems.

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Hello all. I am trying to install windows 8.1 on my old windows xp laptop using a bootable USB from the universal USB installer, and when i press f10 on my laptop, and tell it to boot from my USB, it pulls up a black screen with a blinking line(like a terminal). i tried pressing a bunch of keys, and the only one that i got a response from was the enter key, which made a beeping noise. can anyone help me out here? should i use a different program to put the ISO on my USB?

thanks in advance for your help.

EDIT: I'm going to try a program that i used a long time ago when the UUI wasn't working called Rufus. I'll let you all know if it works. Also I'll set it to NTFS instead of fat32 and see if that helps.

A:When installing windows 8, it boots to a black screen.

Windows 8.1 upgrade reboots to black screen of 'nothingness'. - OUC1TOO - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Error 0xC1900101 ? 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Community

Originally Posted by Microsoft Forum Moderator

Error 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1


We understand that many customers are receiving error 0xC1900101 – 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1. This error is typically caused by an incompatible driver.

If you are receiving this error:
First, please double-check the error code. There are many variations of error 0xC1900101, each with a different location code -- the error extension, located after the dash. The information in this thread is intended only for location code 0x40017. If you are receiving a different location code, these steps are unlikely to resolve your issue.

Check that you’ve already updated all of your drivers. In particular, if you have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, make sure you’ve installed the latest Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Check that you do not have any Frequently Asked Questions - What devices are supported by the SteelSeries Engine? that support the SteelSeries Engine installed on your PC. The SteelSeries Engine software is currently not supported on Windows 8.1. Please uninstall the software before attempting to update to Windows 8.1

Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018, Couldn't update to Windows 8.1 Preview - Microsoft Community

Can't Complete Windows 8.1 Install

New Windows 8.1 requirements strand some users on 8

Microsoft confirms some older AMD processors do not support Windows 8.1 - Neowin
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I'm helping my friend with his laptop.
I'm currently trying to install graphic drivers.

The laptop is an ASUS A52J. There's a sticker saying there's an Radeon HD 6370M inside.
I went to Radeon's website and downloaded the latest drivers. When I install them the driver asks me to reboot. After rebooting the screen turns black after the "Starting Windows" screen (just before the login screen.) I hear the sound of being logged in, but I can't see anything.
I am forced to restart Windows in failsafe mode to see anything - then I can uninstall the drivers and run on the "default drivers" that Windows install.

Anyone know how to fix this problem?

A:Screen goes black after installing graphic drivers

presumably, you downloaded the 15.7 driver..?

it should run ok..
- did you run the installation as administrator?
- also, did you opt for the (full) express install?
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Hello I have a Samsung NP-N mini notebook that I have been trying to install Windows starter back onto when from installing 7 of USB. death screen Windows Black I do Black screen of death when installing Windows 7 from USB. not have an external disc Black screen of death when installing Windows 7 from USB. drive that I can use so I followed a Youtube video and transferred my files from the Install disc to an GB USB flash drive I changed the boot order to show the USB flash drive as st but when I go to power on with the USB drive plugged in all I get is the black screen of death with the flashing cursor in the top left corner I have wiped the HDD in another computer and tried installing with the USB again and still just the black screen of death I saw a post stating to change something in the BIOS but there is only setup and recovery options when the computer Black screen of death when installing Windows 7 from USB. boots up no BIOS option If anybody has any suggestions or ideas that could help me out I would greatly appreciate it Thanks in advance

A:Black screen of death when installing Windows 7 from USB.

Forgot to mention as well, that before I wiped the HDD and before I decided to re-install Windows at all, the computer worked and booted just fine. Only reason I was wiping was due to the fact that I got the computer given to me and I always start with a fresh install of Windows.
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So when I bought this video card today GeForce GT if you didn't read the title everything seemed to be going well until the reboot after the installation of the drivers Everything starts up fine then it suddenly turns into a black screen after the Windows loading screen The screen is black for a minute or two then goes into a blue screen and reboots itself I've done many of the procedures other people has posted but nothing seems to work If anyone can help me out that would be wonderful Computer Dell Inspiron Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU GHz OS Windows Ultimate Installed last week from -bit Vista I'm not sure how to find the detail on my motherboard so if GeForce after Black screen GT220 installing someone can help me out on that thanks These are the minimum requirements for the Video Card GeForce GT Black screen after installing GeForce GT220 - PCI Express - GB DDR - MB of system memory GB Recommended - CD or DVD-ROM Drive - MB of Available Hard Disk Drive space for basic driver installation - Microsoft Windows Vista or XP operating system - PCI Express or PCI Express compliant system motherboard with one vacant PCI x slot - W PCI Express complaint system power supply with a combined V current rating of A or More Minimum system power requirement based on a PC configured with an Intel Core Duo processor

A:Black screen after installing GeForce GT220


You can use CPU-Z to find your motherboard info.

Do you know the wattage rating of your current power supply? And did you connect the internal power connector to the card, from the psu?
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Lenovo Y shipped with Windows I purchased Windows Ultimate x installed from USB DVD-ROM drive Last year the hard drive died no longer had the DVD took a picure of the key thank gods or Win7 with Black cursor from USB screen installing USB DVD-drive and to reinstall I needed to download the Digital River Windows ISO make a bootable USB drive and reinstall from there My backup computer is WinXP SP -bit so it couldn't create the bootloader I eventually had a friend create a USB installer using their Win computer and it worked I forget what other troubleshooting I might have had to go through The new hard drive failed so I replaced it again but don't have a Win computer from which to make a USB installer CURRENT SITUATION Need to install Win on Lenovo Y Have a USB drive appropriate iso image and a working XP SP -bit machine Here are my steps - System was already in Legacy BIOS mode default was UEFI fixed this to first install Win - Downloaded Win USB installer on XP SP -bit machine - Googled and found I needed bootsect exe so I went and downloaded that too - Copied bootsect exe Black screen with cursor installing Win7 from USB to the correct folder and created a Win USB installer USB Win Installer creates without error PROBLEM Booting to Win USB installer gives NTLDR missing error - Did some Googling used my -bit version of bootsect to run quot bootsect nt h force Black screen with cursor installing Win7 from USB mbr quot where h is the drive letter for the USB stick on the XP SP -bit machine Fixed NTLDR error PROBLEM Booting to Win USB installer gives black screen with mouse cursor indefinitely after loading bar then very brief loading logo - Did some Googling disabled AHCI mode on the SATA controller -- Did not resolve the issue - Tried creating the USB Black screen with cursor installing Win7 from USB installer with Rufus -- Did not resolve the issue I don't know how to resolve this issue HARDWARE CHANGES - Between st and nd install replaced SATA HDD under warranty - During nd install GB memory module of GB and GB became corrupted replaced both modules with x GB MUSHKIN R memory kit - Between nd install and present attempt replaced SATA HDD with SSD CRUCIAL CT M SSD HARDWARE ANOMALIES - Unit contains an integrated GB SSD drive I have moved this to the lowest boot priority so it will stay out of the way

A:Black screen with cursor installing Win7 from USB

Is this 16gb SSD on an MSATA drive? Install Windows on MSATA (SSD) Drive - Windows 7 Help Forums
Install Windows on System with MSATA and ISRT - Windows 7 Help Forums

Is there an EFI BIOS? If so you'd need to format flash stick and boot it as a UEFI Device. Check in BIOS setup for Secure Boot, EFI, UEFI, CSM, Legacy BIOS or boot.

Otherwise confirm the ISO and use the Download tool discussed in Step 1 of Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

If this doesn't help then Troubleshoot Windows 7 Installation Failures - Windows 7 Help Forums
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I just finished building my ideal video editing machine
with P4 3.06 Northwood and 2gb ram. It runs well with
on board graphics and has intel 845GE chipset with
the latest driver from intel. But when I come to install
Geforce 6600 (256) on AGP nothing works. Mostly it
won't POST - sometimes it does. By doing a lot of resets
I can get to XP welcome screen before it freezes. I
tried disabling on board graphics and then I had no
monitor and had to flash the bios to get my graphics
enabled by default. I only have a 220W psu (Its an
Ice Cube) but nothing else is running except HDD and
I've studied the reviews of this machine and it runs
other graphics card no problem. I see others on this
site had the same trouble - how did you sort it?

A:Black screen installing Geforce 6600

Hello and welcome to techspot!

I am pretty sure your problem is the PSU. Almost positive. A 220W psu running a 256Mb 6600?!
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Hi Ive just built my first PC and I m trying to install a new graphics card The motherboard I have is a Gigabyte AMD G GA- GM-UD H with a built in graphics card which works perfectly fine when I load it up However I plan to use my PC for some gaming so I decided to buy a XFX Radeon GB Graphics Card The trouble is when I fit this into my PCI-e slot and go to turn on my PC the screen stays black I see absolutely nothing and there is no signal to my monitor Everything powers up and all the fans start working including the one on the graphics card Ive changed the BIOS so it boots video from the PCI over the on board graphics as well I ve tried researching online all I can but to no avail Like I said this is my first build so I m fairly new new screen Black card when video installing to all this and I have no idea what else I can do I d be extremely grateful to anyone who could help me with this I Black screen when installing new video card m pulling my hair out trying to get it working Might my graphics card Black screen when installing new video card be faulty nbsp

A:Black screen when installing new video card

Hi, i think is just some power issue to the card, or fine you may have changed to pci, but would suggest that you put it into AUTO mode so that the system can select the default display of its own, the other would be to make sure that the card is working fine, is it tested to meet standards or it those fake chinese cards, i would try it in another computer to be sure that its not bad.
Try all you can think off...
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Help, I windows 8.1 installed an update on its own and when it restarted I can see only a black screen with a cursor flashin time to time, and i get black screen in safe mode as well is what a tried and didn't work :
-safe mode(giving black screen too)
-Restore point(saying impossible to restore)
-fix with a windows 8 cd (some error )
-runing cmd through the recovery tools and tried different commands but nothing worked (sfc/scannow, bcdedit /delete value safeboot)
-run through vga card too but same probleme,
my pc is hp probook 470 with switchable graphic cards intel 4000 and amd hd 8750

A:windows 8.1 black screen after installing an update

Hello shafi19,

Your issue sounded exactly like mine. Even to the point of me, also, using the same fixes. (save the VGA try)

Good news! I got my computer back up & running by finally getting the System Restore to work.

For reference let me explain my whole situation in 2 parts. 1) ISSUE & 2) RESOLUTION


Last night I saw I had two updates from Windows Update. A "Security Update for Windows 8.1 for x64-based Systems (KB2964757) without KB2919355)" AND "Windows 8.1 Update for x64-based Systems (KB2919355)"
(see pic)

*EDIT* Also I notice now one updates says without the other? Never seen something like this, so maybe this was my issue???
I downloaded the updates, started installing, & went to bed. This morning I started my laptop up and it finished installing the update. I was able to log in and it loaded (seemed slow). ONCE LOADED it only showed a black screen with a working pointer/cursor.

I was able to access Ctrl + Alt + Delete, the Task Manager, & eventually restarted my laptop. Hoping a restart would fix it & eventually hoping to access the advanced controls from the boot screen.

This being my 1st issue with Windows 8, it took me 30 minuets to just figure out to use F9 to access my Advanced Startup Options.

Tried to restart using safe mode with & without networking. But everytime it kept showing the black screen. Just like shafi19, mentioned.

Anyhoo, jumping ahead of all my errors I'll focus on my eventual solution using "System Restore."


After gaining access to the Advanced Startup Options, I then made three attempts (not consecutively) to do a system restore. My first & second attempt to restore failed; 1st time I think I might have mistyped my password (my guess), & the 2nd time was an actual error 0x80070005. Googled 0x8007005 & it turned out that my Kasperky Virus Protection was somehow blocking the system restore... so I had to somehow turn off my virus protection.

I restarted my PC & logged in. When I got to the main page there was a system restore update, again. saying the system restore failed & asked if I would like to restart (good, at least I didn't need restart to try again (I thought)).
Once again I used Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the task manager. I figured I could force stop the my Kasperky Application... Sadly I was WRONG! I was met with Access Denied =O

It seemed I needed to disable Kasperky from the actual program. What I did then, felt like a long shot but it actually worked ( & made me question about what the issue really was for this Black Screen).
I right clicked the Kasperky Application and chose "Open File Location." Lo & Behold, the folder came up with the Application.

I accessed my Internet Security protection & disabled it, much to the pain & notice of the program. Kasperky was so concerned that it started a countdown to automatically turn off my Internet connection!

I suppose its good that I had trouble turning the virus protection off, via the task manager. & it's good Kasperky wan't to keep me safe. But it's sorta scary that the program has so much autonomy on my laptop...
Also on another note. Once the Kasperky "File Location" was open I was able to access my whole computer & do what I normally would do. It seemed that the only thing not working was the Windows skins, however the OS seemed to be working find behind the scenes.

Anyway, I started the System Restore for the 3rd time & after 30-45 minuets the computer restarted. I logged back in & like magic everything was working again! (See image)
Hope this helps the community & if anyone wants to venture to guess why my laptop had this issue I'm all ears. (I for one guess that it's that security update saying to update without the other... but idk)
PS: Thanks to my wife for having another laptop. I would have been screwed I think, were it not for hers.
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hi guys,
i'm a new member here and i really need help solving this problem

my laptop is "hp pavilion dv2700" os was windows vista..i installed windows 7 on it
and after the installing ! my screen went black !!
i restarted my lap many times
but the screen is still black !! i tried to go to the safe mode but i still can't see anything
i also tried to connect the lap with my lcd tv woked only once"tried many times but it woeked only once" and the screen on my lap worked !

so i don't really know what to do

please help ..i will really appreciate it

thank you " and forgive my bad grammar :P "

A:black screen after installing windows 7 on my pavlilion

did you install windows 7 and reformat your hard drive (it goes through this step with you in installation), or did you upgrade from windows vista?
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Hi the first time I installed Windows Professional clean install not upgrade and installed the catalyst drivers for my HD video card http game amd com us-en drivers catalyst aspx p win windows- - bit everything worked fine I ended up formatting my hard drive and doing a reinstall though had a major compatibility issue with Anti-Virus software and Microsoft Office so decided ATI Catalyst Drivers installing after Black Screen to format the hard drive and did a reinstall After doing that and installing the Catalyst driver I'm having the following problem The install goes fine the computer restarts but when it boots up and windows starts I have a black screen and Black Screen after installing ATI Catalyst Drivers nothing displays My monitors' indicators also change from blue to amber as if there is no computer turned on or connected to them I've started the computer in safe mode and the monitors work I can then uninstall the driver but then I can't extend my desktop using the standard VGA driver or get the Black Screen after installing ATI Catalyst Drivers full resolution of my monitors x It's pissing me off Somebody please help Below is my computer set up Case Thermaltake M ATX VI BWS Motherboard EVGA X SLI LE ATX model -BL-E -TR CPU Intel i - BX Video Card Sapphire Vapor-X Radeon HD gb GDDR PCIE x Memory Corsair TR X G C D x gb - mhz DDR - Triple Channel Power Supply BFG -Watt ATX BFGR WGXPSU Operating System Windows -bit Monitor Dell quot LCD SE WFP x TV Card Hauppauge WinTV-HVR- TV Tuner PCI Primary SATA HDD Western Digital WCAV Caviar Green GB Secondary SATA HDD Western Digital WD LSRTL Caviar Black TB Primary SATA DVD LG-GH LS Internal Double-Layer DVD -RW CD-RW Drive Secondary SATA DVD LG-WH LS K Internal Blu-Ray DVD BD-R BD-RE DVD R DVD-RAM

A:Black Screen after installing ATI Catalyst Drivers

Well, its not your monitor or your card, so is software - the drivers. Can you try a different set of Catalyst drivers?
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I used BCD to XP installing screen Windows Black when Home!! create a bootable windows xp install cd slipstreamed with sp from the i folder in windows which was saved before I lost windows with an accidental disk reformat The cd boots up fine and everything copies over and installs correctly with no errors It then says it will continue setup after reboot but after reboot Black screen when installing Windows XP Home!! all I get is a black screen with a flashing cursor in the top left with Black screen when installing Windows XP Home!! no errors I have no idea ho to get setup to continue Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be amd athlon gb PC Ram radeon x xt PS I am running Ubuntu Linux just now but on a seperate partition and with Grub on a seperate partition and NOT on the MBR and also Windows is on the First and active partition so i don't think this has anything to do with it but just in case Black screen when installing Windows XP Home!! I thought I should mention it

A:Black screen when installing Windows XP Home!!

sounds like you need to load a driver with f6 during the install
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Im new to this, so hopefully you guys can help me. I have a Dell XPS 410 running windows vista. Yesterday my computer was downloading and installing some updates for Adobe Acrobat. After I restarted the computer it boot up and I was able to put my password. But after putting the password it gives me a black screen showing the mouse pointer, even in safe mode balck screen with mouse pointer and safe mode on all four corners. It doesn't let me do anything, any help is really appreciated. Thanks!!!

A:Black screen after installing Adobe updates

Try booting up in SAFE MODE - keep hitting F8 when booting up.
If you get in do a System Restore to a point prior to your Adobe updates.
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I have tried everything I know of to install an ati radeon pci video card into my dell dimension I have disabled the on board video card in the device manager Also checked the bios setting which is auto Everything I try I get a black screen at boot up I have even put a new w power supply in thinking I didnt have enough power I can hear windows start but the screen remains black The video card is an ATI Radeon pci M My system is M Processor Black video when card installing screen M Pentium Prescott Black screen when installing video card Dt D N Keyboard Key UNITED STATES Silitek LC MIDNIGHT GRAY W Kit Mouse PERSONAL SYSTEM Button Wheel Logitech J Dual Inline Memory Module M X K D Kit Speaker V NMB A Ship In Box C Modem V Data Fax Internal PC Interface Dell Americas Organization N Hard Drive G I K G P HITACHI M Assembly Black screen when installing video card Floppy Drive T Kit Software WP-PRDCT-STE English V H Kit Software Overpack WXPHSP Compact Diskette W Documentation English D Assembly Compact Disk Read Write X Half Height Hitachi LG Data Storage CHASSIS D Assembly Compact Disk Read Write X Half Height Hitachi LG Data Storage CHASSIS D Display Flat Panel Display Dual Voltage E fpf DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION Flat Pannel In Box Does anyone have any ideas is the card even compatible nbsp

A:Black screen when installing video card

The PCI video card may just be bad
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I deleted all of my old ATI graphics card drivers, and even used a 3rd party tool to whipe out the traces in safe mode after. I then installed my new nvidea GeForce 9800 GTX+ graphics card. I installed the drivers as well as active X.

During my first gaming session with the new card, it randomly cut to a black screen and the fan started to spin at a pretty high rate. (Fan on graphics card)

Anyone have any clue what I can do here?

(First time posting by the way, so be gentle)

A:Black Screen after installing new Graphics card

System Specs (MB, CPU, Memory, PSU, OS)?
Are you running two monitors?
Have you considered the possibility of adjusting the screen refresh rate?
Do you have anything overclocked?
Are you generating any minidumps?

More information would be helpful.
And I am sure someone here can help you track down the issue...
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Okay i have a lenovo ideacentre K B screen signal Installing black Card No Graphics just machine type cpu G gb ram integrated graphics intel hd i installed a cougar cmx watt because i got a killer deal on it and Installing Graphics Card No signal just black screen i install a gigabyte radeon i have tried everything i know that i can do for this i have tried looking into my bios and no option to for the pcie also tried booting into safe mode and disabling my integrated graphics through device manger i am having trouble finding a bios update for my motherboard but once i plug the power to my graphics card and try to boot up its just stays on a black screen and the its displays no signal but once i unplug the power my computers works as normal so i figured maybe i bought a messed up card put it in my buddys computer and boom works like a charm can someone please give me advice on something i can do without having to buy another motherboard

A:Installing Graphics Card No signal just black screen

Use your intel HD 1000 and install the drivers for the card.
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My laptop boots to a black screen after installing video drivers. When I install intel drivers first then amd driver installation will hang the pc, so I started with the amd driver and then the intel but after restarting, I boot to a black screen. When I install the intel driver only, I don't get this problem but I need the amd driver for gaming. Drvers are intel hd 3000series and amd radeon 7400M. Please help, is there somefix?
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Motherboard: ASUS A8N-E
Video Card: ASUS Radeon EAX500
Memory: 1GB
CPU: Athlon 64 X2 @ 2Ghz
Operating system: Windows XP

Here is what happened. I went to the ASUS site and downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the video card. I then restarted as instructed and from then on, I get a blank screen when turning the pc on. I cant even see BIOS.

I have tried using a different PCI slot, a different video card, a different vga and dvi cable, and resetting BIOS but nothing. I have access to another PC and external enclosure if I need to use it. Thanksin advance

A:No video, just black screen after installing drivers, even in BIOS

Please give me some details. The bios doesn't even post because of black screen so would I have to connect the mobo to a different PC and update? If so, how would I update it. This isn't something I've done before but I have enough experience to understand instructions. Thanks.
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Hey all,
Upgraded to Win 8 yesterday that I downloaded from Microsoft, and everything was fine and smooth until I installed Nvidia drivers and restarted the PC. Appearantly this is a common problem, and after some googling people suggested to run Win 8 in safe mode and restore the PC to an earlier point. So I did, but it didn?t work.

Now when I try to enter safe mode, I don't get into normal safe mode, I automatically get a "preparing automatic repair" screen. Now it's just running and trying to repair the system. Is it possible to run safe mode instead, and when I'm there, how do I remove the driver?

Thanks for any help!
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Hey guys I don't know what's wrong when I booted up my computer no beeps went off or anything it seems fine, just my monitor has no display I can't even see bios or anything. What should I do? Thanks. Oh and I'm on my iPod tough right now sorry for any grammar mistakes and lack of information..

A:Black screen on monitor after installing new CPU, ram, case, and mobo

Hello doctor,

Go back through, checking all cables - make sure they are secure, triple check that they are plugged in all the way, and that they are in the correct plugs. Reseat your graphics card, your memory, and everything. Make it snug. retrace and go over everything you replaced to make sure it is fully plugged in. Let me know if you can see anything after this.

Did you apply new thermal paste to your CPU? Is your CPU fan connected to the CPU fan port on the motherboard (specific, won't let the computer start unless it is).
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I'm using a Toshiba Satellite Laptop A105 - S4254, Windows XP Sp3. I've had it for a couple years but for the past few months it's been crashing any time I tried to download or install large games like World of Warcraft, or just about anything larger than 1g. I at first thought that reinstalling the OS would fix it so did that, and it wasn't fixed. I even tried Linux. I'm back to using Windows XP now though. I think it might have to do with the hard drive, because I sometimes hear clicks coming from that area before it crashes. It almost never crashes when I'm not downloading or installing something.

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Hi My laptop is an old Samsung R with an AMD Radeon HD GPU I followed this installation guide https www youtube com watch v Wqh AQt nho Everything went fine until I restarted the laptop and noticed the screen didn't turn on I was quite confused and worried so I quickly shut it down and tried to restart it again It didn't work so I tried connecting it to an external Monitor and this time I got an image on the external monitor but it was strange because it seemed like it was skipping the Samsung BIOS entirely and goes to the GRUB screen After selecting an option in the GRUB screen it starts loading Arch but then fails with lots of errors similar to drm uvd v laptop linux Black installing after screen arch start ERROR UVD not responding trying to reset the vcpu please note I don't remember exactly the errors but it was very similar to this I assumed that maybe Arch has no built in drivers supporting that GPU and that's why it gives errors and doesn't turn on the laptop screen and since I don't know enough about this distro or linux in general I decided to install a different distro I am a little bit more familiar with and I know it worked on that laptop in the past This fixed the Samsung BIOS not showing at startup but didn't fix the screen issue I then went on and tried to install other different linux distros and windows multiple times but the problem persists I can't Black laptop screen after installing arch linux get the laptop screen to turn on I tried using the function keys for switching displays and changing brightness levels but it had no effect I tried shutting down the Black laptop screen after installing arch linux laptop Black laptop screen after installing arch linux taking off the battery and holding down the power button for min and then connecting the battery again and turning it on I tried removing and reinserting the RAM even though I don't really think it has anything to do with the RAM because the computer runs fine when connected to an external monitor The Reason I decided to try removing and reinserting the RAM is because I noticed a weird behavior in DOS applications There are many quotation marks displayed all over the screen and some words have wrong letters in some places I have taken a few photos of that issue and attached them so you could see what I mean This also shows when I am loading my bootable windows disk in the screen where it asks you to press any key to boot from the disk drive In windows I tried to install amd catalyst but it resulted in my laptop not even booting into windows and going to a BSOD with an error in atikmpag sys instead After formating and reinstalling windows I tried disabling the display adapter in the device manager Needless to say It didn't fix the screen Please help me Thank you

A:Black laptop screen after installing arch linux

IMO post a link to this post in the Linux section, that may bring more assistance.
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Hi Lenovo Forum, Yesterday when I started my computer it showed the lenovo splash screen and the screen then turned black and nothing happened. I tried restarting the computer etc. but nothing seemed to help, so I decided to do a complete reinstall of Windows 10. Everything went fine until Windows Update installed the Intel® HD Graphics 4400 driver. About 80 % into the insatllation it plays the windows sound of something getting unplugged and the screen turned black (like before the complete reinstalllation and format). I have been able to get into the computer again by forcing it to shutdown and turn it on in safe-mode and disable the Intel® HD Graphics 4400 driver. I have tried to install an older version of the driver but it did not help.Therefore I am asking all of you if you have experiened anything like it and if you have a solution? Best regards,Rasmus Villebro
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so long story short one time my pc just crashed totally froze I though there was nothing really wrong about that so I just restarted my pc and noticed that BIOS pic and windows logo lacks a few pixels and after windows boot logo there is no welcome screen or anything screen just flashes every few seconds and nothing happens Then I started windows in safe mode and it was perfect no missing pixels no artifacting nothing I thought what the deal is but couldn t figure it out so I just went and reinstalled windows it was alright no problems until after installing all drivers I restarted my pc and same thing - black blinking screen blinking black after installing drivers video screen after that I figured it out that my video drivers might be messing it up they were working before without problems so I uninstalled them and voila everything works Then I read a lot of threads on forums but couldn t anybody who has exact problem of mine but because booting is kinda messed up missing pixels from logos I thought I should try blinking black screen after installing video drivers fixboot and fixmbr which none of them worked literally as soon as I typed y into console the process was done which shouldnt happen obviously So after losing all the blinking black screen after installing video drivers hope I zerofilled my hdd BUT I blinking black screen after installing video drivers still get the same problem It really isn t a huge deal that I can t install any video drivers because without hardware acceleration I can t easily surf watch videos or play browser games but I still wonder what can I do My PC recognises my video card when I install drivers and then run safe mode Everest recognises too I m running XP and my video card is LE Where s the problem nbsp

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I used to have windows 7 64 bit I decided to dual boot with Kali Linux I installed Kali Linux without partitioning I lost windows operating system so to get it back installed windows 7 os I lost my entire hard disk worked fine for sometime and then suddenly it got stocked and I restarted it, from then black screen(no error message) with blinking cursor installed windows 7 again to try doesn't change anything while installing windows 7 it is booting perfectly I installed my friends hard disk and it is working perfectly fine

Tried the following methods
In repair computer bootrec commands fixmbr,fix boot,scanos,rebuildbcd
Doesn't changed Anything

Checked bios settings
Boot order unplugged other devices other than hard disk
Resetted bios

F8 and f10 are not working
Computer config
I3 2nd generation 3.2ghz processor
4gb ram
500 GB hard disk
Nvidia graphic card geforce 210

Waiting for reply
Please help me

A:black screen with blinking cursor tried installing Windows 7 again

Hmm just so I have it right you cannot install 7 back on the drive you put the Linux OS on? Plus have you any data you need backed up? Because I reckon that you will need to complete wipe that drive using diskpart clean all or Partition Wizard - wipe and reformat it before you can do a proper install.

To reinstall this is a good way of doing that and gets the freshest ISO of the version of 7 that you had originally.
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

Let us know what you want to do and we can give you specific info on doing all that.
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I just started up my new computer and everything was fine. The monitor i'm using that's getting this problem is a Wacom Cintiq 21ux drawing tablet, and the video card i'm using is Asus GeForce GTX 780 Ti.

Everything was fine until I installed the latest Asus drivers, and after I restarted my computer this big black bar appeared on the side of my Cintiq screen. Using the monitor controls to adjust the display did nothing, nor did going into the nvidia settings and attempting to push the screen over that way. My second monitor is unaffected

For a while I was able to get it back to normal by reverting to a smaller resolution, but after trying to push it over with the nvidia settings even that doesn't work any more.


Edit: Just to note before the drivers were installed I didn't have dual monitors working, so that might have something to do with it?

A:Big black bar on side of screen after installing geforce drivers

It should be with the aspect radio set in the Control Panel.

You must ask NVIDIA GPU users because I forgot how and I'm using ATi graphics card atm.
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So here's the problem, i have Pavilion tx2500 with a new hard drive 750GB wich had linux on it.I've installed windows 7 over linux, after installation completed it got me staight to login screen and requested password which i actually didn't set. I wans't able to log in, tried to restart, same thing. Then i restarted again, this time i had no bios loading screen, no windows loading screen ofcourse. So now i have no video and only numlock is flashing with a period 4-5sec, caps isn't. Hard drive indicator isn't flashing at all, every other one is lit. Wifi indicator is red. Fan is working as well. Please help, i've tried some stuff like bios reset or switching ram modules, also tried connecting external monitor, nothing helped.
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I recently decided to upgrade my Software Black Card Installing Screen After Video video driver for my nVidia GeForce FX mb Black Screen After Installing Video Card Software graphics card Everything went ok until it finished instal where it asks to reboot computer it just went blank with a black screenand a blinking cursor in the top right corner After this we rebooted the computer it would load up normally even the part with Windows Xp icon loading then it would stay black you could even hear the buttons and errors through the speakers indicating i think that it was booting everything up After that we did a recovery it brought it back to normal except now without any software for the graphics card so when we put in the disc and loaded it up it gets halfway through and does the same thing when we reload it back up Thinking it was the video card we take it out and buy the same one except with mb now and try installing it Again it did the same thing It works kinda good until we instal the software and it is recognizing the hardware b c it says it has found it I have read the refresh rate needs to be hertz mine is when I install it I am about to hit my computer with a sledge hammer does anyone have any idead on what the problem is It would really be appreciated Thank You nbsp

A:Black Screen After Installing Video Card Software

What Sort Of Motherboard Is It And Was You Using Onboard Graphics Before Card Install ?
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I go a computer in today and it needed a chkdsk then maybe a repair so I was looking for the vista disk and couldnt find it my boss told me to put in a XP disk and just run chkdsk so i put it in pressed R then type chkdsk /P /R it stopped at 58 percent and it was the end of my shift so i left and the next afternoon i came back and it has a BSOD so i restarted it and winload.exe was missing or corrupted so my boss finally gave me the vista disk and I popped it in booted from the CD/DVD drive and all it does is go to a black screen with the cursor. So confused I put the XP disk back and it started booting properly...Whats going on?

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Hi there I have a relatively new ACER Predator G which came with a new BLACK video while crash SCREEN! installing / card. PC Radeon HD video card I ve just bought a GTX Twin Frozr II to replace it As a bit of a PC crash while installing new video card. / BLACK SCREEN! newbie I think I ve made a bit of a mistake installing it I opened up my computer case took out my old video card and put the in it s place attached the DVI lead to my SONY TV which is the only monitor I have The computer loaded up fine - and a low resolution picture came up The drivers were out of date on the disk as I have windows so I had to go on the net and find some up to date ones During downloading the driver the PC then crashed restarted itself When it came back on there was no video at all just a black screen Extremely frustrated at this point after pressing the power on off button to try my luck a few times still just a black screen infact PC crash while installing new video card. / BLACK SCREEN! it doesn t even say no signal So I then put my old card back in Radeon HD I originally used a HD cable to my TV with my old card THERE WAS STILL NO VIDEO What makes it even worse is with all the Predator models the manufacturers have disabled the normal VGI port for the dedicated on-board graphics So I can t even just use an old VGI cable n hook it up to my tv to install the drivers and see what s up with my video cards I don t know what to do It s extremely frustrating having just a black screen when the PC is booting up just fine all lights blinking fans working and everything running smoothly as normal JUST NO VIDEO Please help I have a W power supply GB RAM i Processor nbsp

A:PC crash while installing new video card. / BLACK SCREEN!

P.S. I have used this site for a long time to help me with my tech problems for over the years. You guys are great. Any help would be much appreciated
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hi,my computer has suddenly been crashing to a black screen (everything else is still on) while im in the middle of browsing the web. i reformatted and tried system restores... they all worked until i installed my driver for the AMD gpu. after instaling the gpu and rebooting, i get to the log in page and will get a black screen again after seeing my desktop for a few seconds. i tried different drivers , 6800 series, catalyst omega, beta... all dont work. is there a driver specifically for 6870? whats gone wrong. hopefully u can help here please.

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Hi all So I have dealt with this problem several times now A few times getting through it fine but always get too excited and don't log how I managed to get through it I recently reformatted and can't get my drivers right I had spent hours looking on forums and have had no successful answer I have tried different gfx drivers old and new So here's my basic issue I get my mobo driver installed and for a fx saber tooth with log on install to black get without driver screen can't Ati an and fx chip then I reboot as it asks for I go to install my gfx driver next and it loads all well Then I reboot and hit the brick wall I can't get past the win logo screen to the log on I know it is there as the sound plays the log on toon My monitor basically resets and flashes dvi as a new input and then goes blank as If it is turning off My thing is that I know it isn't the driver or the card Ati driver install can't get to log on without black screen or monitor It has worked before effortlessly I feel like it is software side that something isn't clicking right Or is it power that's not working properly Anyways I'm open to hear any suggestions or troubleshooting methods I am about to uninstall my gfx driver and try to go back to basics Turn off the computer unplug it and remove sticks of ram currently running sticks of gb each used to have monitor display running until recently then I am going to make sure I only have one of my hdd's plugged in and try again Thanks in advance Ps I read in a forum to adjust a bios setting on the north bus from peg pci to pci peg instead and I have done this to no avail

A:Ati driver install can't get to log on without black screen

Hi Bestdetested, Welcome to SF. Can you get in Safe mode? If yes, uninstall the GPU drivers from their and use Guru3D - Driver Sweeper to remove all the bits of old GPU drivers. Try to reboot in normal mode and see if you can get past the logon screen. If you are, then you can install the new drivers and enjoy your PC.
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My screen was going black a few moments after the windows log in process began and I could only use the computer in safe mode While trying to problem solve I pulled out the monitor cable driver HELL Black ATI screen and reinserted it to get a blue screen with the ati dvag rave This was the only Black screen ATI driver HELL time I Black screen ATI driver HELL have got this message so wondering if it is not the actual problem but more a result of pulling out the monitor cable while the machine was on In any case I googled quot atidvag quot and from a number of solutions decided to unistall then reinstall the ati driver from the original CD This seemed to work - the computer was usable in normal mode However today on booting up the black screen was back My graphics card is a series Raedon A friend suggested downloading the driver from the ATI site as it would be the latest offering I downloaded the Raedon driver from the ATI site and ran the installation process Midway through it informed me I needed the NET framework version from microsoft before launching application I then downloaded this and rebooted again My screen appeared in normal mode - it seemed to be working - and then the cursor vanished I rebooted in safe mode uninstalled the ATI stuff thinking the installation process must not have gone through properly with the microsoft interruption I then ran the ATI installation process again but this time it informed me that hardware or software components were not there and the drivers could not be installed So I appear to have made things worse I have since put the monitor jack in the standard socket on the tower so I can at least use the computer but I am in a worse hole than ever with my graphics card Does anyone know what might be going on nbsp

A:Black screen ATI driver HELL

Try installing the card via the systems control panel. Click on START -> CONTROL PANEL -> SYSTEM -> HARDWARE -> DEVICE MANAGER. Check under the heading DISPLAY and see if your card is installed or has errors. Select the card and click delete or remove and then reboot the system. Your computer should pick it up on restart as recognised new hardware.

If you are still having problems, you may have to check your system registry to remove any trace of the drivers. Click on START -> RUN and type regedit into the box, press enter. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE and check for any ATI reference, you should be able to delete the key by right clicking on the main ATI folder and delete the key and all sub references. Reboot the computer once more and try installing the software again.
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Hey there I've just got windows 8.1 pro 64 bit. I have been having a problem where the laptop will have a black screen and run without a display. I used an HDMI to plug it into an external (TV) display and it showed up fine. In this state i found an answer online saying boot in safe mode, disable my display and monitor drivers, and reboot, which i have done. This allowed me to see the display. However i'm now using some basic windows display driver that doesnt allow me to change my resolution. My display looks really ugly and blurred. I've tried reinstalling windows (same issue) and installing the latest drivers (leads back to black screen).

How can i fix this problem? I think i need a display driver but im not sure which one to get as they all seem to give a black screen.

Im using a dell Vostro 3550
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I was installing the AMD beta driver and suddenly, black screen. It somehow restarted and I logged in, but I saw a black screen and after a few seconds, I was thrown back to the login screen. It was the same in safe mode! Please, is there any way to uninstall the driver without a complete wipe? I don't want to start from the beginning again 😭

A:Black screen after driver install

Forget about it... I managed to restore most of the data and I'm doing a fresh install.
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My PC was running fine, had my Geforce 9800GT running with Windows 8 Pro 64bit since December.
Today for some reason when I turned my PC on it was just black after the Windows logo, and every now and then the Start menu shows up for a few seconds but no mouse pointer or keyboard input was possible. So I downloaded latest nVidia driver 310.90 and it still has the same problem. Currently using onboard graphics and removed the 9800 from my PC. The graphic card is working I tested it in another PC with Win 7. The black screen only appears after installing nVidia driver.

A:Black Screen Nvidia Driver

Common problem with nVidia driver, roll back to the previous version, or uninstall anything related to nVidia in program's an features, uninstall the driver and let Windows install its default nVidia driver at restart, then block Windows update, driver updates.
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Am trying out an MSI NV 6800 video card and having problems. I can get the computer to boot in standard VGA mode but when I install nvidia drivers I get a black screen. Sometimes I can get the drivers installed but when I change resolutions the sreen goes black. Reboot gets me to win xp screen and then nothing. have to go to safe mode and uninstall. Any ideas??

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I completely uninstalled AMD Catalyst under Programs and Features, also I uninstall the driver from Device Manager and completely removed AMD files using Display Driver Uninstall in Safe Mode.

I have the same problem with this guy in this video:


R9 270X

A:Black screen during AMD Driver installation.

There is no fix, if your GPU does not like that driver, you have to use a different version.
If you were trying to install 15.5, reverse back to 15.4 or to the latest stable version 14.12.
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Hi I have a problem with my graphics driver I have two display adapters in my laptop HP TM - eg an integrated Intel adapter and a dedicated ATI Mobility Radeon HD I am currently running on this terribly old driver Today I tried to update to the new quot legacy (ATI-Driver) of Death Black Screen quot driver amd catalyst legacy win exe It allowed me to install the Black Screen of (ATI-Driver) Death Display-Driver-Update which gave me a totally black screen I connected to my laptop via RDP and opened the Device Manager which gave me this warning on my ATI adapter Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code I tried disabling the adapter which normally switches me to the Intel adapter which didn't have any effect I was able to roll back the driver using the device manager which made the RDP'ed screen flicker a few times and after disabling and re-enabling the card again I finally got back my laptop's screen I already had a similar problem with the preview-versions of Windows which I wasn't able to resolve But since I'm running the RTM now and am using official ATI drivers intended for Windows that probably shouldn't happen Is there any way I can install the newest available display driver without losing my screen Thanks for your help Felix Freiberger

A:Black Screen of (ATI-Driver) Death

Hey , I have the same problem , u find fix ? And u have also Touchsmart tm2 , looks nice with Win8 but this drivers ...
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Hey, I just updated my Nvidia 9800GT drivers, but forgot to uninstall my previous drivers, since then, i've had a black screen when I turn on my PC. I'm on XP. does anybody know a way to get back into my PC?

A:Possible driver conflict, black screen

Start Windows in safe mode. Tap the F8 key a few times as the PC is booting. Once Windows starts in safe mode go to Add and Remove Programs to uninstall all of your graphic drivers. Restart and then install the Nvidia graphics driver again.
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Hi all,

I'm not particularly experienced in dealing with errors like this. Yesterday I had some issues involving my Nvidia drivers (the repeating 'display driver nvlddmkm has stopped working and has recovered' errors), so tried reinstalling them. That failed to resolve the issue, so I rebooted in safe mode and did a system restore to earlier this week.

Now, when I restart, I get a KSOD (black screen with cursor) after the windows logo. This occurs in both normal and safe mode.

At the moment, I've managed to run the my Vista Installation disk, but my attempts to system restore from here come up with the error 'system restore failed due to an unspecified error. The device is not ready (0x80070015).'

I get the feeling I'm missing something obvious here. Can anyone shed some light on where I've gone wrong?


A:Black Screen - Driver issues

Hi Greg147,
To start with I would like to know what is model and make of both computer and video card.
Also, you can try the follow steps to see if that help:

Disconnect any external device from the computer then try to turn on the computer and check if you are able to go in safe mode with networking.

1. If yes, try to uninstall the nVidia drivers from safe mode with networking.
2. Restart the computer and go in safe mode with networking.
3. Then download the latest drivers for nVidia card which is present in the computer using nVidia website.
4. Install the driver in safe mode with networking.
5. Restart the computer in normal mode and check if the computer is working fine.

If no, then run the diagnostics on the computer and check if the hardware is working fine.

Though you have uninstalled and reinstall video drivers would request you do the same in safe mode with networking.

Please post back with the results.
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Ok so my old vid card crapped out and I had to replace it Np or so Black installation & screen? Driver I thought I bought the XFX Radeon HD on the box it also says quot AGP x quot and quot GB DDR quot I get the thing home remove the old video card and it s drivers then install the new one and as soon as I install the drivers for the new card my computer won t start It takes about - reboots in order to get past the black screen I have uninstalled the drivers cleaned them in safe mode restarted again for good measure and then reinstalled the drivers from the disk I have tried this same procedure several times I have tried using the drivers from the XFX website but according to them the card is too new and therefore the most recent drivers are not yet compatible with it I have a watt Mushkin PS motherboard is an ASUS A N X Processor AMD Athlon XP MMX D Now GHz MB Ram and I m running Win XP Pro The place I bought the card from has replaced the card itself once so I know that is not the problem There is a message when you install the drivers from the disk that basically says it was never tested with windows and they don t know if it s all that stable I have contacted XFX they say the drivers are fine with windows So now here I sit I have tried everything Driver installation & Black screen? you can think of When I bought this video card I made sure it was compatible with the motherboard because I know Driver installation & Black screen? that my computer is a few years old my bf built it a few years ago for gaming I have installed the video card correctly bf was watching me and he s the one who builds our computers The place I bought the card from basically says quot bring in the computer and pay us to make it work for you quot Does anyone know what is wrong nbsp

A:Driver installation & Black screen?

Look on the motherboard manufacturer website to assure that you have the latest Chipset drivers... there are sometimes two for some Asus boards.
Describe how your old video card crapped out? Perhaps your motherboard is going to the happy hunting ground?
But I suspect the problem will be found in the motherboard manual at the ASUS site.
The big mystery: What did the place where you bought the card say when the second card didn't work either?: Did they not offer to give your money back?
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my windows 8 pro x64 was running normal until i added a logitech cordless rumblepad 2 which uses a USB receiver for the joypad, and after installing the drivers and pluging in windows 8 shows a black screen on first boot but boots normal after a warm reset, this happens everytime i switch on until i do a warm reset.


A:black screen after driver install

change the port where you have the numberpad connected.

If that fails, then uninstall the drivers and reboot then reinstall them.
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I had windows 7 before then i updated to windows 8.1. But my intel driver gave message that it does not meet system requirements.
Then i downloaded latest 4000 HD drivers and installed it. Then when i restart i see black screen and sometimes mouse flickering.
What should i do?
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On the grub menu windows and ubuntu are both listed as they should be, All windows options even in f8 after the load screen with the bar goes into a black screen with my cursor instead of my login screen. Repair you computer works start up repair says nonthing is wrong. I can acces ubuntu fine. All my windows files can be accesed in ubuntu i can even use some of them with wine. Start up repair says there is no issue.

I checked this in command prompt btw.This mite be helpful how my hard drive is set up acer hds come like this the patrition is split on 2 hds I feel this is the issue.

Or could it be disk 0-4 which is my built in memory card reader I can go inside and disconnect that.

A:Windows boots into black screen with cursor after installing ubuntu

Bump I checked more is this right should any of that stuff be in d and not c or is that for ubuntu
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So I tried to tune up and clean my friend's laptop a couple of days ago. I removed some spyware with AdwCleaner, turned Windows updates on, installed CCleaner, MalwareBytes and Avast (she used an old version of AVG), every scan was fine.Today she called me to say that when she opened a second tab in Chrome, all of a sudden a few porn sites popped up. She ran Malwarebytes, there was nothing found. And just now she called me that after 61 updates were installed, there was the message "configuring windows" and then it restarted and she got a black screen. She tried to turn it on again,and the same thing, only a black screen. Can you help me, and please fast, since this is her father's working laptop and he needs it and I feel like I'm to blame :/

A:Black screen upon startup after installing Windows updates ASAP.

Turn off the computer and unplug everything from the computer except the power cable. Boot the computer and let it sit for about 20 minutes and then shut it back off. Plug everything back in and boot it. It should start working again.
I have had this happen to a couple computers at work and that is how I fixed it.
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I get Black Screen with mouse pointer after installing malwarebytes antimalware on windows 7 home premium x32.
If I uninstall malwarebytes and login desktop reappear!?!?!?!?!?! 
I scan system with other anti malware and antivirus but it seems that it is all right!
Thing to crazy!!!!
Anyone can help me?

A:Black Screen with mouse pointer after installing malwarebytes antimalware

First try over in the Am I Infected forum.
If they say you're OK, then let's see this report:
Please do the following:
- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)
- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")
- right click on Administrative Events
- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."
- save the file as Admin.evtx
- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")
- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).
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I just recently purchased an inno d Nvidia agp mg of agp mind... im get my 6600 screen... going black out NVIDIA I installing card, card i was upgrading from a when i install the i installing NVIDIA 6600 agp card, I get black screen... im going out of my mind... get a black screen say mid install the screen goes black and the suspend light goes on when i install in safe mode i restart windows after th windows splash screen the screen goes black and the suspend light goes on on my monitor also there is this little white line in the top left corner before it goes black I have flashed and upgraded my bios for my mobo i have reformated my hard drive installed a fresh copy of windows I have done everything prior to reinstalling windows it did this as well and then one time it just worked out of nowhere and installed fine but then i still wanted to clean out my comp and reformat and such so i reformatted thinking it qould be just an easy install and from a fresh copy of windows on an empty hard drive it did it again but i can stick my in there and it worked like pie im going crazy i cant figure it out I also thoguht it was power supply so i went and bought a watt power supply thinking it would fix it and it didnt i have tried diffrent monitors i have done everything i could think of but i just get the black screen no matter what I do and i cannot figure out what i did the first that made it work ive used driver cleaner time after time thinking it would work if i tried it one more time i dont understand what the deal is if anyone knows what is going on or has an asnwer please for the love of god help me before i go crazy my comp specs are p ghz asus p p mobo Inno d geforce ago meg card gig of ram soundblaster bit it just keep going to black screen no matter what I do anyone have any suggestions respond here or email me at pocketbomb gmail com thanks nbsp

A:installing NVIDIA 6600 agp card, I get black screen... im going out of my mind...

your problem is with your monitor refresh rate.

your monitor going into standby mode is its way of saying that it does not support that high of refresh rate. while in safe mode windows loads generic video driver at 800X600 @60hz. go back into safe mode and set your refresh rate to 60hz and apply/ok settings and reboot.
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Ok I have been trouble shooting this for ever to np help Anyways let me be very descriptive so I dont get told to do something I already did or something thats not part of the problem I installed ubuntu with wubi I can acces the grub menu it shows windows and ubuntu I can log into ubuntu fine I can access all my windows files on ubuntu useing wine well the very few that work in wine When I select Windows cursor with black ubuntu after screen boots Windows into installing it gets pass the splash screen and Windows boots into black screen with cursor after installing ubuntu were usually my log in screen shows up I now get a black screen with my mouse cursor I tried ctrl-alt-Delete did not work all f options except start up repair go to this screen I can access start up repair just fine Repair your computer option says nonthing is wrong Hold on I will feth the results from check disk it says everythings healthy just want to list the partrition order to see if that could be a issue I wouldnt know

A:Windows boots into black screen with cursor after installing ubuntu

Your Windows 7 partition can be having inconsistencies go back to the startup repair as you did before.

Reboot or turn on the machine. As soon as you see your machine's name logo splash screen keep tapping F8. Go to "Advanced Options" or "Repair Computer" Select your language then "Repair Your Computer" An installation of Windows should be detected after that select "Next"

If that does not fix the issue. Do the same as before go to Next again go to command prompt type in



Also you do not need Wine to access Windows files Ubuntu can access all Windows partitions and files via the Ubuntu GUI alone. Wine is used to install and run some Windows programs mainly games written for Windows but experimental at best.
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Hi all I have been trying multiple times to install Windows to my hp pavilion g - laptop from an installation DVD but with no success so far The problem is that I can't proceed with the installation Every time I put the DVD and boot from there first I see that black screen with the bar at the bottom saying quot loading files quot And after it finishes it gets to a black screen with only a cursor present and then it does nothing more than that It hangs there no matter how much time I wait The DVD-ROM also throttles down and the HDD activity LED stops blinking at all I thought about a crappy image so I downloaded the repair disk iso and burned hangs cursor with screen Re-Installing a Process in Win7 black / a CD with it but then I got exactly the same behavior I'm thinking now of perhaps trying to install from a USB stick Re-Installing Win7 / Process hangs in a black screen with cursor as a last resort I know that there are some similar posts in the forum about this situation but I wasn't able to figure out what finally the solution to this problem might be Could someone advise me on that

A:Re-Installing Win7 / Process hangs in a black screen with cursor

Are you running any virtual drives, or DVD decryptors? If you are, disable them and try again.

I have found those to mess with booting from discs. I remember AnyDVD in particular giving me some dramas.

Obviously you've set the boot order in your bios?

Here's a guide on how to make a bootable flash drive.
USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

It's always good to have an OS flash drive in your laptop bag anyways.
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Hello First post Please forgive me and direct me to the solution if there is one I have an hp pavilion dv - sl I'm trying to install the display drivers on install remains driver black amd during screen my laptop amd i mean the problem is as follow i hape gpu's one a intel hd and the other a amd radeon hd m gbtried to install intel hd drivers firstafter amd - during installation black screentried to install amd firstafter intel during amd driver install screen remains black - black screentried changing windows - reinstalled windows the during amd driver install screen remains black same passes like before - nbsp black screentried leshcats drivers fixed mode driver - my laptop only has fixed mode no dynamic black screeninstalled windows intel hd automaticly installswhen amd automaticly installs - nbsp black screendisabled automatic update of drivers of windows installed manuallyblack screeni forgot to mention that i tried with the drivers from your support siteonly amd works to actually get a setup runningthe intel drivers gives me the error that the computer does not meet the minimum system requirementstried latest drivers downloaded from amd com and intel comblack screen please helpi want the amd to work nbsp
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So i had to reinstall Windows 8 on my PC, and as usual i install Drivers and such first. Normally it worked, now after i restart the Computer to finish the Driver Updates, i get Black Screen after Windows 8 loading Screen. Can someone help?

A:AMD Driver Update. Black Screen after Restart.

If the harddrive is busy/active youll have to wait it out.

Sometimes theres allot to do and unfortunately its doing it while there is no display making you believe something's wrong.

If the harddrive is calm, and there is still no video, then you'll have to start the computer in safe mode.

Depending on your laptop this may be easy or difficult depending on how new your laptop is and the boot speed..

Get into safe mode and uninstall your video drivers, then reboot.

Safe mode is usually entered by repeatedly pressing F8 during boot, but on newer systems it moves too fast..

Others have has success wailing on the spacebar during boot causing windows to respond as if a boot error and gives you the diagnostics option and safemode.
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Hey guys, please help!

Laptop starts and runs, but displays nothing on screen. (it remains blank/black)
Connected through an external display and it works fine on other screen.
On first load up an error message tells me, 'AMD Graphics card not detected'

Any suggestions on problems/ solutions?

I have a relatively new (a year or so?) HP Pavilion g series laptop.
Windows 7 64 bit.
DualCore AMD Radeon Graphics card.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding my laptop spec.

Thanks for your help,


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Good morning.... I was using my computer, then I saw an Intel card driver update in Windows update. I clicked "install". After that, Windows screen became black and I can only movel the cursor. If I click the power button, the computer screen turns off, but When i click it again, there is the black screen again. Is there some way of switching it off and accessing the bios? (to install Windows again), or to solve this problem?. Thanks in advance for your help, technology is rebelling to me

A:Windows 10 black screen after driver installation

Insert your recovery disk and boot into safe mode then do a system restore.
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Hey all,

I updated my sound driver, andduring the installation my xp 64bit restarted, got to the windows loading screen once, then stayed there, so i rebooted, and now i get in to startup information things and at the time the windows loading logo should come on, its black.

safe mode or any other options don't work, and when i enter my windows installation disk, and i want to boot from there i get --> disk boot failire - insert system disk and press enter
I have got no idea what to do, and don't want to lose all my files.


A:black screen after updating sound driver

Try to see any key can call the bios boot manager to choose to boot from the DVD..or you need to go to the BIOS and change the bootup to DVD...

After that choose System Restore from the DISC...
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After uninstalling and cleaning with the driver cleaner pro the drivers for my new ATI Sapphire HD 3650 AGP graphics card I restarted the PC only to get a black screen after the windows xp splash screen. I used the card for about a day, but had a problem with freezeing and decided to install older drivers. Now here's the problem. I can not boot in normal, safe, agp or any other mode. I tried it all a couple of time but still get the black screen. I have tried with the windows cd, and tried to repair, reinstall, format and reinstall my Windows xp but again with the same result. I have changed the card for my old one but still the same problem. Since everything was fine (except for freezing) for about a day I assume that it is not a hardware problem.
I would use some help right about now.
Thank you.

A:Black screen after video driver cleaning

i'm having a similar problem with windows vista, try removing the graphix card, doing a fresh run without it, then restarting with it in, should detect new hardwear and, may solve ur problem... maybe :\
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I have been having this problem for about a year cant find a single fix Ive googled so much tried so many things nothing Its driving me crazy Idk when this started or what caused it i just know my gfx card use to work normally So basically whenever i install a driver for my nvidia GeForce gt it installs properly till i restart After the windows logo my monitor gives me quot no input signal quot or quot disconnected quot Im using a dvi cord and an S-video cord to my hdtv While my monitor is giving me the errors my tv will work fine with the drivers Ive tried messing with the resolution frame rate etc nothing Ive tried just about every driver available nothing Although the reason im trying to get this to work is so i can play skyrim Im running windows bit gb ram Idk what it can possibly be considering my tv still works fine ive gotten it to work before but i forgot what I did nbsp

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I have an HP DV8T entertainment laptop with an Nvidia GeForce GT 230M. The current driver is version 267.67. The latest from Nvidia is 280.26.

When I install 280.26, everything appears to go great...until I re-boot. I get the boot screen with the windows logo and the swirly dots. After that, nothing. Just a black screen with the cooling fans screaming.

I tried to uninstall the current 267.67 driver and then install the 280.26 version but I get a pop-up that says "No compatible device found." I also tried to "Uninstall current driver" from the custom install menu on the Nvidia installer. Again, everything appeared to go well until re-boot. Logo, swirly screen.

Thank goodness for the ability to create system restore points or I could possibly be re-installing Windows.

Any insight as to why I am unable to successfully update this driver?

A:Black Screen After Nvidia Driver Update

Usually, you will want to do a clean installation. Sometimes going from one version of driver to another might cause some issues.

Who manufactured your card? In some cases, specific manufactures 'tweak' their cards and sometimes the reference drivers are not recommended, but to use the manufacturer's drivers. But one thing you might want to also consider is a driver cleaner after you uninstall the current driver you are running with.