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cell phone unlock

Q: cell phone unlock

anyone know were i can get cellphone unlock codes for free

Im tryin to unlock my blackberry pearl, so help would be great.

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Preferred Solution: cell phone unlock

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: cell phone unlock

caution: see this link

free? hum; google for unlock cell phone and there are a few for $5usd --
that's cheap enought?
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I am seeking help either immediate help or as soon as someone gets a chance... please.

I bought a usb flash drive (my laptop recognizes it as a generic usb mass storage device) from the library... cheap I know... anyways I was using it prepairing to restore my pc... I removed it without clicking on the safely remove button and now it says cant remove files because its write protected... and it wasnt before... did I mess it up if not then how do I remove a write protection if I have no lock/unlock switch deal? I scaned it for viruses/malware etc... I can view all the files but cant delete them and I wanted to clear them off so I can use it for another purpose... can anyone help please...

A:How to remove write protection of USB mass storage with no visible lock/unlock

insert the USB device, then

control panel->Admin Tools->Disk Management

Your boot drive will show as C:\ and under
Layout will be Partition
File System will show NTFS

How does your USB show up?
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I'm trying to connect my PC and my Asus Zenfone 2 with Bluetooth. When I use the "add a device" wizard on Windows 8.1, my mobile phone is detected, but when I try to add it I get: "Windows doesn't have a network profile for this device".

Also, when I try to detect my computer with my mobile phone, itīs not detected.

I'm using a Trust USB 2.0 dongle Bluetooth adapter (the little one you insert on the usb port) that came with a keyboard and mouse Bluetooth set that I used. Could that dongle be designed only for the bluetooth keyboard and mouse set?

A:I cannot connect my phone to my PC (Windows 8.1) with Bluetooth

The Bluetooth device seems fine as it already detected your keyboard and mouse. However, your phone seems not supported with the current Bluetooth device and you might need to take another look.
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Angry!!!Last week I bought a mobile phone named HTM ?and the model of the phone is XH292W.

But when I receive this phone, it seems the quality is not good, although phone?s functions are complete,it has 5MP camera?1GHZ dual core? but it always delay to running.

I searched some info about it on the Internet. Someone said that the phone is producted by a OEM named Wingtech?But I never heard about this OEM . Do you know?

Now, I wanna returned goods.And buy other one.

Who can help me to recommend a mobilephone? Thanks a lot???

PS.Never buy HTM's mobilephone .

A:The HTM phone is really weak burst

What's HTM? Is that GrayHandset copy HTC?
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I've tried multiple smartphones over the past few months, but the more I use them, the more I hate them.

Phone: they have buttons on the side and front, so unless I hold the phone like some delicate photograph, the phone goes crazy with unwanted buttons pressed. Useless.

Web browsing: the screen is too small to read, even with reading glasses on. Useless.

Music: the battery dies after a few minutes of music. Useless.

Texting or email: the tiny keyboard is constantly hitting the wrong keys. Or sometimes, the autocorrect will change words I typed correctly. Nobody can figure out how to turn off autocorrect, including phone salesmen. Useless.

Battery life: the phones often die after being unplugged for an hour. Useless.

Glass surface: despite daily wiping, the glass looks greasy, encrusted with slime. It makes me hate looking at it or touching it.

Camera: the unwanted camera takes several unwanted pictures a day while I am trying to do other things.

So what should I do? If I get a non-smart phone, then people call me a geezer.

A:What phone should I get?

I'd call you a geezer after reading this post tbh.
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Well I am accessing my remote router via and it works access work via phone, Remote PC doesnt via ok when I am using my Phone s Remote access ok via phone, doesnt work via PC browser chrome or IE on Samsung however when I am at computer at work I cant access my router I ran Tracert and I am getting up to hoops and th says quot Request timed out quot lt ms lt ms ms lt ms lt ms lt ms lt ms lt ms lt ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms Remote access ok via phone, doesnt work via PC ms ms ms border ge - unitedair- chg pnap net ms ms ms core te - -bbnet chg pnap net ms ms ms ae - chi ip gtt net ms ms ms xe- - - chi ip gtt net ms ms ms c-eth- - - -pe ecermak il ibone comcast ms ms ms he- - - - -cr ecermak il ibone comcast ms ms ms ms ms ms te- - - - -sur mortongrove il chicago com net ms ms ms te- - -cdn mortongrove il chicago comcas t Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Request timed out Trace complete Anyone would know why it works on the phone and doesnt really go through all the way to the end nbsp

A:Remote access ok via phone, doesnt work via PC

Ok I have to ask first when you are using your phone is it always using mobile data or do you connect it at work via wifi? When reason that makes sense to me is at your work they maybe blocking the remote port. I guess it all depends on what you are using also. If you are just using standard RDP then they might be blocking port 3389. If you could give further information on how you are connecting remotely whether using software such as teamviewer or just standard RDP. Also how do you have your router configured. I can better understand witht is information thanks....
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Quick Facts:
Seattle has at least 10 cell phone theft cases daily, authorities say.
Prosecutors say thieves using cell phone buy-back kiosks.
Police say to write down IMEI number before your phone is stolen.
Phones with IMEI numbers reported stolen are useless to thieves.
My question is what if it don't have an IMEI number but a MEID number? Are they one in the same?

A:Cell phone thefts: How you can protect yourself

Found my answer
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Hi I'm not a tech-y person so I'm just hoping that someone can help me.

I recently bought a new laptop it's a Lenovo G40

Intel Core i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40 GHz
RAM: 4.00GB
64-bit Operating System
Windows 8.1 Single Language
I got home, downloaded and installed Firefox for me to use as my default browser. I got to use it for awhile (about 3 hrs) then I tried going on Facebook and it was taking too long to load. Then I tried it on my phone, it loaded faster than on my laptop. I tried searching (on both devices) random stuff on google (e.g. Miley Cyrus) and it took my laptop about 3 mins to load and my phone only took less than a minute to load. I did a speedtest on my laptop and I got 3.4mbps as a result (that's fast enough right?).

I really hope someone could help me with this because I'm currently student and I have a lot of requirements to do and I can't do that without a laptop and internet.

A:Slow internet on laptop but fast on phone

So, all 3 are on WiFi. Can you run a test with either of the laptops connected with an Ethernet cable and let us know the results? I suspect your wireless router has 802.11N, and that your phone supports it but your PCs only support 802.11G. 802.11N and G don't always play nicely together, and no 802.11G implementations is ever going to deliver 49Mbps of application layer throughput.
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Have to choose a new work phone but I have a hard time deciding ... Friend's Galaxy S5 and 8200 mah battery seems awesome so Apple and Microsoft are not up to my mind. Since the new phone is supposed to live with me for like 2 years, so..what's the average life span of Samsung phone?
Anyone have opinions? Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy S5?

A:Need a phone to live with me for like 2 years

A smartphone can last for numerous years as long as you don't abuse it. It isn't a matter of lifespan since most phone hardware gets dated after 2-4 years and you are going to want an upgrade. It will still work even after the cell service is ended.
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Hello, totally noob to phone networks. I am going to have a US version of Galaxy S5 and order an extra battery for it on mpj. Can I use both of them on overseas carriers? Thank you for any kindly help.

A:Can I use my phone on overseas network?

The specs shown here declare

Also known as Samsung GS 5
Available as:
Samsung SM-G900F - for Europe
Samsung SM-G900I - for Asia
Samsung SM-G900K/G900L/G900S - for Korea
Samsung SM-G900M - for Vodafone
Samsung SM-G900A - for AT&T
Samsung SM-G900T - for T-Mobile
Samsung SM-G900V - for Verizon
Samsung SM-G900R4 - for US Cellular
Samsung SM-G900P - for Sprint
​General 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

So yes, it is compatible with EU providers. Caution however; your current provider will bill you for roaming charges. When in Europe, I always buy a local SIM card and fund it with enough credit to last the trip - - that will also give you a local phone number. If you book theater events or need to call for reservations, they will be more likely to answer the phone.
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Good day mates! Quick question, what smart phone are you using for gaming? I use a Samsung S Duos and it seems fine to me. Getting rare delays and hangs but works good in my gaming. I play Kingdom of Legend and it runs smoothly in my phone. I can also play other games but I really liked this one because I don't get lags or any internet connections problems. Suggest me any phones and the price so I can budget things out lol.

Thanks in advance!

A:Games for smartphones? What is your phone?

Samsung GalaxyNote3
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Hi I m relatively new to this new choosing phone Dilemma forums but chose to join to ask your thoughts and opinions regarding my situation My iphone s has come time for an upgrade and I absolutely refuse to get one of the new iphones to me they are bland boring and have no appeal other than the build quality So after some browsing and shopping I came to the conclusion on a few smartphones that I would like After constant research on each phone I couldn t come across Dilemma choosing new phone an actual decision so here I ask what you think I should do Do not limit choices due to price because that doesnt matter at the moment So here are my choices HTC one - I love the look of Dilemma choosing new phone the phone the feel of the phone Its sleek yet simple The thing stopping me from getting this is the fact that the new one is a few months away so the hardware is SOMEWHAT outdated I d be getting a phone for a year contract so I m stuck with whatever choice for two years Galaxy Note - I love the look the features and the S pen The S pen is sweet in my eyes I could see myself using that feature for so many things What I don t like is the size I feel as though people will see the phone and comment mock at the size calling it a tablet I also hear that samsung phones are slow or have bloatware Which I truly don t know what that is so if somebody may inform me that d be cool too Would I be able to fit this thing in my pocket would it be cumbersome On the plus side though I can go get this thing right now and not have to wait a few months Wait for HTC one two or one - I could wait for the sequel or the next HTC flagship The problem with this is nobody knows what the things supposed to look like and the quot RUMORED quot specifications aren t exactly too great The specifications are rumored to be about what the Galaxy Note s are Some speculate a new processor I m not sure Another downside is I d have to wait a couple months for it Wait for Samsung galaxy S - I could wait for the sequel or the next Samsung flagship type phone These are speculated to have a metal case etc etc However it wont have an S pen which I really would enjoy blah blah blah Well those are my choices and I ask you which you think would could be a best bet to last me Please don t offer any other phones I m definitely NOT getting a god forsaken iPhone Thanks nbsp

A:Dilemma choosing new phone

I'll add my 2cents

1) Seems there's always something nicer, better, faster on the horizon... my take: Unless you really know something is out in the next 30days or so I go for what I know instead of stressing on the "next thing"

2) I know several people who LOVE their Galaxy Note 3 - but their all women and have a purse to keep them in. I can't make your decision but you really need to weigh how much you really need/want the pen vs. convenience of a phone that slips into a shirt or pants pocket

p.s. that's why I went with the S4 instead of the Galaxy when I recently upgraded my own phone
p.p.s. I'm very happy with the S4 but will add I also bought and like the flip cover. I also know someone without the "S cover" - and their phone sometimes thinks the have the S cover and "blacks out" into the S cover phone screen
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I need a smartphone that I can put a document with addresses and phone numbers on and the smartphone will hyperlink the number straight from the document.

I currently use iPhone 3gs and a app (Documents by Savy Soda) and it works: wifi doc to phone; open app; open doc; touch phone number and WaLa! it calls the number

I tried Windows phone thinking with Word and Excel on it, the phone would call from the document. NOT! I sent a file to a friend who has and Android phone and it won't do it either.

I'm not fond of Apple, so my question is:


Moderator note: drgerry, no need to shout.

A:Smartphone that will hyperlink phone numbers from document?

Stick with the iPhone then. But I know with Gmail if you open a doc with cell number on it will launch Android phone apk. I haven't tried that with Window smartphone with Gmail.
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This is not intended to be a sob story but I just want you to know what it is all about. I have a niece that is slowly deteriorating from MS. She does not have much that she can do anymore but one of her enjoyments is playing a game called WSOP Challenge (world series of poker challenge). Right during Christmas the game stopped working and Sprint can't seem to help her get it back on her phone. She called me asking if I knew what to do and I tried but could not find any info on what she needed to do to get it working. Sprint told her to delete it from her phone which was not a good idea because I have found no where that she can download it from and put it back on her phone. Would anyone be so kind to give me some advice on how to fix her problem. Time is not on her side but what she does have left I want it to be very enjoyable. Thanks so much for your help.
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My phone( T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII ) always losing connection maybe because I am living at the edge of the signal coverage. Battery get eaten very fast because of weak signal strength. It is still manage to last over one day with my mpj extended battery though, I have to reboot frequently just to get connected. How can I boost the signal enough for it to work consistently? Please help and thank you millions in advanced.
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Do you guys remember the first time to wipe your phone and what probems did you encounter When my first time to wipe my BB I thought I had performed a security wipe to it but I was terrified that phone? the first your Remember wiped time it won s switch on Cuz it was my first BB and I did not want to screw it up Then I tried to find ou why the device not powering on Actually before the wipe I already had some trouble with wi-fi scanning it either show the previous network it was connected or no network found so I decided to wipe it out After the wipe when I turned it on the display showed logo like shredding something and I waited and waited but it won Remember the first time wiped your phone? t turn on Then I tried to remove the MPJ battery which I bought for extending battery life for several minutes and then switched on again but the same logo appeared I felt hopeless and pissed so I decided to left my phone aside and Remember the first time wiped your phone? did my own thing Several hours later I picked up my BB and surprised it was able to turn on Then I googled the meaning of the logo and there was nothing wrong of my phone just not patient enough nbsp

A:Remember the first time wiped your phone?

I don't like the Blackberry without the keyboard, the best BB is 9930 and the keyboard is so good that I can not help to writing something all the time.

BB10 is a little expensive now and maybe I will buy a second hand one in the future.
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Would anyone know if there's help on techspot for cell phones?

A:Cell Phone

Ask away. The worst that can happen is no one knows the answer but someone might. Not me necessarily but someone.
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Brand new WD TB myPassport - My wd drive unlock appears to be conflicting when connected to usb giving me the error Unlock problem usual... not mypassport the message quot you must run the WD Drive unlock application from the WD drive unlock CD associated with the drive you want to unlock quot The drive shows Unlock mypassport problem not the usual... in disk management Unlock mypassport problem not the usual... as unallocated and not intialised I ran a test and connected my old passport to USB and it offers me the password which I enter - but the point is before I enter my password the drive also shows in disk management as unallocated and not intialised - leading me to assume this is a problem with my wd drive unlock Here are the facts I have an old gb passport which works on usb and usb ports My new tb passport works on usb I can connect both to the usb ports and both work fine Occasionally after changing drive letters I got the new one to unlock via usb but then after one successfull unlock it goes back to the quot you must run the WD Drive unlock application from the WD drive unlock CD associated with the drive you want to unlock quot error message So I am just not getting past the unlocking stage when connected to usb I think it may be super relevant that the new passport doesn t recognise its own WD Drive unlock exe program - why would it suggest I use the drive unlock application from the CD associated with the drive - that s exactly what I am doing obviously It s as though there is some sort of conflict All I want to do is connect my new passport to my usb port and I have been struggling on this for hours Please help nbsp
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I am using iphone5 currently what phone you are using.

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Hi Friends ... I have this laptop that has been given to me by my company and the USB ports have been blocked in manner such that I can copy stuff from my USB drive on to the machine but cannot copy in the reverse direction, ie. from the hard drive to the USB. Obviously it is to safeguard against theft of data. However, I do not deal with any confidential data and like to back up things every few days. Please tell me a shortcut to unlock my USB entirely even though I do not have administrator rights on the machine.

A:How to unlock USB ports without admin password?

Sorry, we will not assist in circumventing such security features, especially when the machine belongs to someone else.
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Anyone have a best practice for user who wants to change there password on there Windows machine (on a domain) and phone at the same time without locking there account?. Most of the time the user change his password on Windows then by the time it change it on his phone his account is lock due to the fact that the phone is trying to login with old password.

A:Best practice to change password on Windows and phone

Log out on one machine before you change your password on the other.
Log back in with new password.

This post made my brain hurt quite a lot! its like chicken Vs egg ..
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My zte n290 phone wont turn on. As the power button is pressed the loading bar comes up(loads up by % 1-100) and then the phone turns off.I think it had to do with the Uart 2 settings in the engineer menu when it was set to uart 2.

A:Phone won't turn on

Can you 'reset the device'?
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I recently got a zte g n290 phone,TV phone, but its locked to a particular network/ service provider. I got some info on how to unlock it and did, before I did it said invalid sim but now it goes through and now it searches and then says Emergency / select a network. I've tried other codes and stuff.
If there is any other way that I can do this please inform.
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Hi there.

So, I'm buying a phone. Details aside, I've found these two for ?30 at a local retailer:

Vodafone 858 Smart
ZTE Xiang
These are each one's specs shown in a comparison:

and another one:

From what I understand here, it's tough really. For a start, I really like the keyboard aspect of the Xiang, on the other hand everyone is buying phones like the Vodafone, and Android is another bonus. I'm asking for your help. I'm just that average young guy who communicates and uses the Internet a lot, and games as well, but because of school I'd like to be able to work as well. Can your recommend me the best one in your opinion?

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Hi guys,

I got an old Samsung M580 Replenish but I set a password on it. My new phone broke and I need to unlock this phone to use it again but I forgot the password. Does anyone know of a software or any way I can hack back into my old phone?

Thanks guys!

A:Hacking an Andriod Phone

There is no hacking needed. Just put the phone through a hard reset. I have added a link on how to do it with a Samsung M580 Replenish.
Hard Reset Samsung Replenish
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when i unlock the cores the bios doesnt recoginse the cpu i have updated the bios but still no change

A:Phenom II X4 960T unlock to X6 help?

Mostly AMD locks CPUs to cut on production costs, but sometimes they lock specific cores because they know they are defective. Try locking them again and see if it solves the problem.
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My cellphone is experiencing something I don't know about.

When it is open, sooner or later it lights up again. I check whether it is a message, but no. It is just turning on.

A:My cell phone problem

I'd say Google using your phone's make and model and problem you're experiencing as the keywords. Depends on the popularity of your phone, you might be able to find forums dedicated to it.

Have you tried resetting your phone or update the firmware to see if the problem goes away? Or taking the battery out?
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is it possible to unlock a hf 4850x2 to say a 4870x2?

A:HD 4850x2 unlock

I very much doubt it, but I'm willing to stand corrected should I be proven wrong.
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Hi I have been looking forward to purchasing a -core cpu to replace my phenom II X that i ve had for like years lately but I decided to try to unlock it and maybe I could save some bucks My CPU-Z screen is in the attachments Basically I have a Gigabyte GA-MA G-US H revision mobo with F bios My cpu is Phenom II X Black edition codenamed Callisto According to wikipedia Callisto archs have cores locked so unlockable maybe So I changed ACC to auto and EC firmware to Hybrid saved settings and rebooted Surprisingly the machine booted fine However when I check on CPU-Z nothing s changed It s still Phenom II X with cores and threads I checked in msconfig as well and there are only cores Can t say that the machine is really Unlock x2 on II 550BE GA-MA785GM-US2H? Phenom Gigabyte stable though It IS stable but not like when ACC is disabled Because the machine booted fine I assume that the dormant cores aren t really faulty right Or are they Is there something more I need to do to have those cores unlocked nbsp

A:Unlock Phenom II x2 550BE on Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H?

Sounds like you did everything right..... strange..

Have you tried setting acc to all cores?
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Guess this is the right place to put this So I m tasking with trying to replace our -Line phone system for work Right now we have an RCA Executive Series systems basses model RE -A with a cordless tethered to each base and they system phone 4-Line expandable have served us well for the last or years But the cordless are dieing and some of the basses are getting cross talk between lines We found some replacement ones on eBay a few years back for a good deal and kept the phone system running for a few more years But the system is discontinued and finding more replacement handsets is hard and expensive I think they were about new for the cordless handsets and are going for or so So I m looking into a new -Line system for our shop But I don t really have much experience with them I m finding a lot of options but not much for info on which systems are good and which are crap I don t 4-Line expandable phone system want to try to screw with a Voip system would rather 4-Line expandable phone system stick with something I can hook into the existing phone jacks in the building So anyone have any experience with these and can point me towards a good one nbsp
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Please i don t know wat s wrong with my windows ultimate i have been enjoying it peacefully sorry if i opened this thread in the wrong section the board is so wide so i just felt if i might get some help cause i got this wonderful site on google so i normally use my nokia n to connect to the internet via external bluetooth but some few days ago a friend gave me a usb mouse nd i installed it in the same port where the usb bluetooth was installed but surprisingly after using it nd inserting my usb bluetooth back The problem started nd dis have happened to me once when i was using win basic nd i formatted Problem with USB the Bluetooth of connecting my use external phone n70 my pc but i don t wanna do dat anymore i want to find the solution to the problem surprisingly my nokiapc suite no longer Problem connecting my n70 phone with the use of external USB Bluetooth see my modem i now have to remove the modem from the pc Uninstall the bluetooth from device manager nd even deleted the pairing with my fone then inserted back the bluetooth During installation of the bluetooth the blueetooth peripheral device wasn t installed successfully But it s normal nd my modem worked like that before then after installation i now tried to add my n device via the bluetooth But my modem isn t detected after the adding Please i really need some help cos am messed up ryt nw Pls if u need money to help me out Indicate Thanx sobs nbsp
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Tyring to figure out for friend (for real, a friend):

He runs no landlines nor DSL/Cable Modems only connects through this Tmobile personal Hotspot through his MyTouch 4G.

Just purchased new Blu-Ray with all the bells and whistles requiring internet connectivity, either Cat5 or Wi-Fi (with additional Adapator, yet acquired).

Wants to create access however for Blu-Ray (and possibly printer) utlizing Hotspot and Cat 5 connectivity. Which type of equipment, least cost, known ease of use under this type of access/provider)

Thanks for any insights. Regards.
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I have a new 12 cell battery for my acer 5535. Computer beeps a warning and shuts back down on start-up. Incorrect battery message. battery is a 12 cell, 10400mAh, AS09A41. The battery is made for an Acer 5517-5535. Does something need to be re-configured in the computer to accept the battery? The battery will run the computer if the computer is plugged in to the AC first and then the battery is installed, then unplugged from the wall. Both batteries are 11.1v

A:Acer 5535 won't accept my new 12-cell battery

The Acer Specs say "48.8 W 4400 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack" The 12-cell may not work here
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How do I unlock my at&t windows mobile 6.1 without calling at&t support?

A:Unlock Samsung AT&T Windows mobile?

I noticed that no one has responded to this post, and one good reason is that, in most cases, unlocking a phone is against the carrier's Terms of Service, or ToS, and many members would rather not give the know how to break the rules, so to speak.

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Hi guys,
I brought a Telstra MF636 USB modem about 2 years ago.
Would like to unlock the MF626. Telstr (Bigond) is costing.a arm and leg to recharge. I've just brought a amaysim with allow 4GB per moths. BUT
I have to unlock the Telstra mf636 before I can use the sim.
I am currently Using windows 7 32bit.
Any help is gratefull. Thanks
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Hi all. i have been searching all over the internet to try and find a working shader unlock for my xfx 6950. I do not want the 6970 unlock as i hear bad things about the cards dying. i have tried to the winflash way of doing it but it never seems to work.
If anyone knows of how to do the cmd way step by step i would apprechiate since i dont understand how some people have explained it.


A:XFX HD 6950 shader unlock

well, first question, is the graphics card a reference design card? If it's not you'er out of luck

If it is a reference design then this would be your CMD steps.
And this would be the whole flashing process.

Hope that helps
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i recieved the installation messages for my phone from the service providers for the mobile web setup upon installtion my phone constantly restarts upon trying to enter the browser, tried every thing reset all that plzz help...
its a samsung t239..

A:Browser restarts phone

Take the phone back to your service provider and have them take a look at it
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It would appear that there was some type of caulking holding the digitizer down. I've managed to hold it in place with 4 drops of superglue in select places. didn't do a heavy duty job, I just want it to stay in place till I can get my hands on the right stuff. Anyone know what kind of glue it is and where I can get some?

Also, when I replaced my digitizer sometimes the screen is unresponsive. It works about 95% of the time but I would like it to work 100% of the time.

I have the LG quantum C900 if anyone needs to know.

A:Replaced my digitizer in my smart phone, need special glue

yRaz said:

It would appear that there was some type of caulking holding the digitizer down. I've managed to hold it in place with 4 drops of superglue in select places.Click to expand...

Do you know what happens to Styrofoam when you put a drop of Super-Glue on it ?

yRaz said:

Anyone know what kind of glue it is and where I can get some?Click to expand...

I don't know what they use on mobile phones however the electrician whom I took my *shower proof* battery powered shaver to, for a replacement battery. Said that stuff was just 'nothing more than hot melt glue' see HMA wiki-link here

If you don't have a *Hot Melt Glue Gun* you don't know what your life is missing :haha:_
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I am using wireless net from a router that is far from my computer and my phone has 3g hotspot capabilities so I thought hey maybe I can use both at once.

A:Can I use my phone to make my Internet even faster?

treetops said:

I am using wireless net from a router that is far from my computer and my phone has 3g hotspot capabilities so I thought hey maybe I can use both at once.Click to expand...

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Lookout and wheres my droid need you to have text through your carrier. I do not. What app can I use in case I lose my phone that doesn't need text?

if no one here knows does anyone know the a techspot of cellphones type site ?

A:What app can I use on my Droid to find my phone if I don't have text?

Your carrier should be able to help you with this...
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so i am going to buy a phone pretty soon . and i was thinking for

samsung galaxy 3 or samsung galaxy pop .

so as galaxy pop is much cheaper and almost has the same features as galaxy 3 .

but for most of the review i read on the net it says that galaxy pop has horrible battery life . so is the battery really so bad . ?

so which phone should i buy ? galaxy 3 or galaxy pop
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I had been away from here for a while. I'm back with a problem. I would like to know how can I unlock GSM phone by myself??

The model: HAUWEI G2010
IME: 354093041304731

Hope I can get your help soon,

Relevancy 27.95%

so heres my network modem/router (provided by my ISP) , it does not have wifi so i have another wifi router ethernet cable from the isp modem is connected to the WAN port of the wifi router...both DHCPs enabled and all my network clients are connected to the wifi router...everything works flawlessly but my phone, (Sony Ericsson W960) doesnt work when i use this network setup...but if i make the wifi router act simply as a switch, then youtube works on my phone...any idea why this is happening? i want to use the setup that i have because it gives me greater control over the network.
Relevancy 28.38%

ok i have agreat pc the only problem is that i want to send faxes to the pc and my pc doesnt have a phone jack noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! bumer. well that sucks so i thought were or better what could i do to solve this problem. i vr tried looking at efax but im not sure i could send the fax from the fax itself to the email adress, so what should i do i have a dsl modem is there a way i could use this to solve my problem??

A:Fax to pc without phone jack pc doesnt have a phone jack...Click to expand...

That just means it doesn't have a modem card. Have you considered getting one? They're very inexpensive.
Relevancy 34.83%

Can you say that IF phenom 965 BE may be Locked from Begining , or its Pure Quad Core that is Fully unlocked from First !

for example i5 760 is Unlocked & there is nothing to Unlock , i wanna know if Phenom is just like that & wont be Locked !

A:Will Phenom 965 BE be unlocked or we should unlock it via mobo?

The Black Edition AMD processors are all unlocked from the get go ... nothing to worry about.
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With proliferation of internet phones, does anybody have any idea how HyperTerminal used via dial-up through a traditional land line can be done with these new internet phone?

A:Using HyperTerminal over Internet phone

hmm; I think there's a problem with the concept.

Hyper Terminal is like Telnet; it accesses a shell account at the remote site.

*IF* a remote site would still have modems AND allow dial-in access, then one might
be able to make this work and your question then gets solved on the smartphone with the right App.

I think the premise is not very probable any longer - - who allows dial-in when 99.9% of the world is not DSL or Cable connected?
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i have recovered some of my deleted videos with a recovery software but most of the filles can't oppen with any of the palyers that i have down load even down load the codec pack but still not working.. need a help on this as these videos are very important !!!!!!!!

A:Some videos I have recovered from my phone is not working!

A file doesn't get permanently destroyed and eradicated from your memory by simply deleting it from the directory structure. Instead, it is kept safe in a free memory area, stored in case you change your mind and need your file back. What gets deleted is the link pointing towards the file, so if you would compare a file to a book page, deleting the file does not tear the page out of the book, but rather deletes the page's index from the table of contents, represented by the file system here.

Still, your hard disk space is not infinite, so eventually the space your deleted files gets crammed into will fill up and no more "closet" space will be available. What the operating system does in such a case is overwrite the old deleted files with newer deleted files, so there's a certain time limit in which you could recover your lost data. For example, if you deleted a file from your hard drive a year ago, the chances are slim that you'll find it intact
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I play alot of fps games. I was thinking of using my phone to connect to the internet on my laptop when im on the move. But my data plan is only 500mb. How much bandwidth do games like Call of Duty and Team Fortress 2 use typically. I'm talking just unmodded vanilla servers. Will the 500mb be sufficient to play games on the odd occasion? Please note I rarely if ever use any of it on my phone.
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Hey, I've got O2 Home Broadband and it comes through my phone line via a DSL cable which plugs into my router which is downstairs in the kitchen.I also have a phone line in my bedroom where I am now, and I was thinking if I brought the router upstairs in my bedroom and plugged the DSL cable into the phone line and into the router up here would I still have an internet connection? both phone plugs are on the same phone line with the same phone number, I'm hoping to have a wired connection to my PS3 as I've been having some connectivity issues lately.

If I've confused you

-I've got a router downstairs, internet comes through DSL (Phone line to router)
-Bring router upstairs, plug it into phone line up here
-Still get a connection?

A:I get O2 broadband through DSL (phone line)

As long as the phone line in the bedroom is an extension of the phone line downstairs, or the other way around your fine.

Remember you need a DSL filter in each phone line (which should already be fitted). So if your moving the modem/router upstairs, but leaving the phone line plugged in downstairs, you must connect the phone via the DSL filter.


Wall socket > DSL filter > Telephone plug

Wall socket > DSL filter > modem/router (and phone if your connecting one too)
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Using Windows XP Home and a Motorola RAZR phone camera I have an older RAZR and a new one I just bought With the older phone Sending pictures to my desktop as an attachment to an email Each picture shows up in the email with it s own number name under the picture e g - - I Problem sending to pictures from desktop phone download the pic to My Documents then I use Open With gt Photoimprission and all is well With the new phone In the phone each pic has a number name When the pics show up in the email there is no number instead under every pic it says Preview If I change the name I can download multiple pics to My Documents When I use Open With gt Photoimpression Photoimpression opens but the pic does not show up The problem is with the new RAZR I removed the battery amp sim from the new phone put them in the old phone and it works fine nbsp
Relevancy 30.96%

I have a 256Kbps ADSL connection, my router is SMC.
whenever i do a connection speed test at ( ) i get 150KB downloaded in 9-10 secs in my PC ( connected via ethernet ), and 2.9MB downloaded in 18-19 secs in my Nokia n95 ( via WiFi ), so the question is how is that possible ? i repeated the test many times and always the same result....

Thanx in advance......

A:Why my cell WiFi is faster than my PC Ethernet?

u must be using a browser like opera mini on your mobile phone wihch connects through a proxy server, so the speedtest displays the download speed of THAT server and not your internet connection
Relevancy 27.09%

Okay, so my friend has a prepaid cellphone from Virgin Mobile.

Sometimes we'll be having a conversation, and then something happens with the phone service or whatever, and I get the same text message maybe 20 times over the course of 5 hours or so, and during that time she can't receive any texts from me.

Then after a while, it goes back to normal, and her phone gets a flood of texts that I sent over the past few hours.
What the heck is going on?
Why does this happen?
Can we do anything to fix it?

I'm not so sure how cellphone SMS messages work exactly, so I would love some more information.
Is anyone else having this problem or had this problem in the past?

A:Virgin Mobile phone sends same text message over and over again

Did you check with Virgin Mobile?
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So I just moved Cell phone repeaters? into a new apartment It s a really nice place even has it s own fitness center for the community a car wash and free coffee will explain later with pictures I shall post but not in this thread Anyways the building s structure here totally messes Cell phone repeaters? up any signals inside the apartment except for right by the window of my room I get a bar of G signal And I mean RIGHT there like press the cellphone against the glass So I went online looking for a cellphone repeater to buy but there are so many models many of them ridiculously expensive or they seem to be I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for what to buy I just want to use my cellphone indoors not out on the porch I use voice texting and data services thus I really would like to make it so that G signal from AT amp T s tower gets there The apartment is square feet Yes it s huge but there are people living here though I want to hopefully be able to use the cellphone relatively anywhere in the apartment If I can t have that I ll settle for the back bedrooms mine and my mother sister s bedrooms Any information on these things would be useful I don t want to spend the - and find out that it doesn t do what I want it to nbsp
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kk so i got this new phone LG Neon TE365

at first i thought this phone was gonna be amazing and all but it ended up being a real bugger

first off... the phone did not come with any usb cables installation cd what so ever

luckily i have bluetooth on my computer and i am able to transfer files to the phone

secondly, i can't set anything as a ring tone which is pissing me off

it gives me this "DRM FIle Only"

so basically i was wondering if anyone ever gets DRM File Only when setting ring tunes on LG Phones or any other phones

i found out unlocking the phone has nothing to do with it so please help =]

thank you
-friendly noob nosebleedXD

A:Need help with phone LG Neon te365

First, get the USB cable then download Bitpim and read the instructions for connecting your phone. Make sure your phone is supported first. The software is free and the USB cables are less than $10 US
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i have only put this thread here because i couldnt find anywere else to post it i do appologise if it is in wrong place.
does anyone know why i can t send texts , everytime i go to send text message it comes up with a message saying service not available i can receive text messages & and use phone to make calls on .
i would be greatful if anyone knows what might be the problem.thankyou

A:Samsung sgh-v200 mobile phone

You will need to have a texting option opened by your cell provider...
Relevancy 28.38%

So my phone is messed up it s battery dies all the time it shuts off for no reason etc I need a new phone but I don t know which phone to get and I thought maybe someone here could point me in the right direction I use AT amp T as my carrier and unfortunately can t change that right now I currently have a Samsung A The following things the phone must have Bluetooth G and able to be linked to my laptop with Bluetooth so that I can what a Need phone... get clueless about new to use it as a modem and dial out to get internet access on the Need a new phone... clueless about what to get go Currently my phone has an unlimited data plan on it so I just dial out using the number that the phone uses to get it s internet and I don t get charged extra for tethering Play MP s Micro SD slot Decent camera Preferably have a POP email client Preferably have voice dialing I really REALLY would like it if the phone had a full qwerty keyboard I was thinking about the Samsung BlackJack II but wasn t sure if it was worth it I was also looking at the Samsung Impression A but it s a bit pricey Does anyone know if the Samsung BlackJack II s GPS navigation requires an additional service from AT amp T Or does it simply work like my car s navigation system purely off the satellites and a map database nbsp

A:Need a new phone... clueless about what to get

I don't use ATT so can't give you the exact answer you're looking for.. but can provide a couple comments

1. When you use your phone as a modem do u use BT to your computer?
> BT 2.0 (as i recall) is only 3 megabits/sec vs.
> USB cable is like 480 Mbits
So BT is fine for contacts and synchronization, etc. but you might find USB far better if you need a serious computer data session (vs. just a quick connect where speed is offset by convenience of no USB cable)

2. If your phone is Nav capable, then it also just works off of GPS satellites and a map database. It's only a matter of whether Nav is a feature included in your ATT plan
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Its plain and simple. How do i disable ALL java security exeptions on my motorolla k1 cell phone?

Im trying to use BTdiscover to hack my girlfriends phone and download all her sms into my cell phone but the java security exeption will not let me wrote on my phones MMC.
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I am still using dial-up as my main source of Internet access I use a PCI SoftV Modem hooked up to a home phone line This is the only line into my house I have a slitter plugged into the line with two ports one has a line plugged in that is is Activated Phone Disconnects When PC Modem Line connected to the modem on my PC the other PC Modem Disconnects When Phone Line is Activated has a line that connects my telephone The telephone is a dual-system it has a cordless phone and a base phone not cordless My modem worked normal with my phone ever since I had my PC Normally when the modem was connected and one would lift the phone off the hook you would hear the various noises of the Remote computer on the other end If someone called while the Modem connection was active they would hear a busy signal Recently I had to reformat my HD So of course I had to reinstall windows So of course I had to reinstall the drivers for my modem This was about days ago Ever since if someone lifts the phone of the hook the modem will automatically disconnect This is true with both the cordless phone and the base phone If someone calls they still get the busy signal and the modem does not disconnect but if someone lifts the phone of the hook or turns the cordless phone on like one would do to get a dial tone noises can still be heard from the phone but the modem disconnects I have searched through the various settings on Internet Properties modem options connection settings and stuff like that on my PC The phone does not seem to be doing thing out of the ordinary and the only thing that has changed recently is the reinstallation of the OS and drivers I am guessing it is some sort of setting that I haven t been able to detect yet So to be clear Internet worked fine beforehand now when phone is picked up modem disconnects if someone from outside calls they get busy signal and modem does not disconnect any advice would be great thanks nbsp

A:PC Modem Disconnects When Phone Line is Activated

Disconnect all splitters and phone lines except one for your computer. Make sure you disable call waiting and see what happens
Relevancy 28.38%

Hi guys I know it s not really PC related but I know the people here are the best S60 wi-fi via Using broadband phone when it comes to help I plan to buy Nokia XM soon and I have a question about wi-fi connectivity I use wireless internet Using wi-fi broadband via S60 phone at home I have an outdoor antenna which is connected to a D-Link AP to which I connect my PC via LAN cable and I connect to internet from my PC using a PPPoE Using wi-fi broadband via S60 phone connection with username and password given by the provider now the network is filtrated by MAC addresses but I turned DHCP on my AP and I can use it to connect via laptop also using a broadband PPPoE connection I tried my friend s N and I could not connect it to internet it connects to AP but there is no internet Is there a way to set up such a connection on the phone or I have to Using wi-fi broadband via S60 phone buy a wi-fi card for my PC and create my own wi-fi network and use that to go online with the phone It would be great if the phone could connect directly to their AP s since I would be able to use internet wherever I go I hope that the point of the question is clear and you will give me a good answer before I do the shopping thanks nbsp

A:Using wi-fi broadband via S60 phone

You need a router between the modem from the IPS and the AP to which your wifi devices connect.
That will allow multiple devices to share the single IP addresses controlled by the ISP.
You would get new LAN addresses for all devices and the sharing comes via the NAT feature of a router.
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Originally Posted by fatbird OK after an hour or so of faffing around knock I think that I have found a possible solution The problem seems to be something to do with Microsoft s SP Here s what worked for me sorry for the s Guide approach but I used to hotbounce hate it hotbounce when I used forums and couldn t understand what the technobabble meant - Start gt Run gt type regedit without the speachmarks gt Enter - Single-click on My Computer gt File gt Export gt save it to the Desktop Always best to have a backup - Go to the following My Computer HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control StorageDeviceP olicies There seems to be some spaces here in StorageDevicePolicies in the text above there shouldn t be OK - Double click on the string WriteProtect and change the Value Data box to - Then File gt Export gt save somewhere useful as something like StorageDevicePolicies reg - You also need to do this for the strings in any folders called ControlSet any Digit i e for example Everything is the same just change CurrentControlSet to ControlSet My Computer HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM ControlSet Control StorageDevicePolic ies There seems to be some spaces here in StorageDevicePolicies in the text above there shouldn t be OK - Save these to the same place as before SD Windows XP cards phone protection usb, Write as StorageDevicePolicies The saves are in case Write protection Windows XP usb, phone SD cards it Write protection Windows XP usb, phone SD cards reverts at a later date just double click saying yes to importing these to the registry on all of the files and it will all work again YOU are a legend mate hrs scrolling through useless help topics i knew it was Write protection Windows XP usb, phone SD cards a windows error and now the answer all my control settings for groups were set to not all of the usb sticks i have bought now work I have xp sp THANK YOU nbsp
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i have a nokia 5310 express music locked to optus in australia

serial number (imei):354171021031589

please help me unlock it asap

A:Can someone help me unlock my mobile phone

Try this


or this one:

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I have a hp ipaq 111 which I am typing on it now.I am having trouble creating a modem with my envy 2 it makes the data call but it stops
what's wrong
Relevancy 27.95%

Okay so I have figured out that I can use AT amp T s G phone network for internet for free because my phone Samsung A has an unlimited data plan Now when we re in the car on a road trip I d like to share this internet with my friends I ve developed this idea Create an ad hoc network make sure all the computers are connected and can ping each other Connect the G phone to the host computer via bluetooth Dial out to the network enabling internet access on the host computer Share the dial up connection over your wi-fi adapter in Windows Vista s Network Connection Settings internet for phone once. several Using on at laptops 3G a Internet should be working on all the laptops Right Wrong It apparently isn t working What am I doing wrong guys Every time I ve tried to share an internet connection like this its worked Using a 3G phone for internet on several laptops at once. but it doesn t work with the cellphone Any ideas EDIT I ve been at this for days now and finally have internet through one G phone split between laptops running Windows Vista Ultimate Here s what I did Determine your host computer Whatever laptop is going to interface with the phone DISCONNECT from any wireless networks you re currently connected to Make sure the IP of your wireless adapter is set to Using a 3G phone for internet on several laptops at once. quot Automatic quot for now Enable Internet Connection Sharing on the G phone connection In Windows Vista s Internet Connection Settings Right click connection gt Properties gt Sharing gt Check the box that says quot Allow users to share this computer s internet connection quot and then select Wireless Network Connection for quot Home network connection quot Make sure to check what services are allowed by clicking quot Settings quot Check that Web Server HTTP is enabled at least Connect to the internet on the host computer via the G phone Create an ad hoc network and connect all your computers On every computer change the network type in the quot Network and Sharing Center quot to a quot Private Network quot instead of the default quot Public Network quot If you get it working right you should be able to ping the host computer and the host ping the others Note you may have to F with the ad hoc network to get it to do this just what ever you do DO NOT CHANGE THE IP ON THE HOST MACHINE You should now be able to use the internet on all the computers in the network Troubleshooting Delete ad hoc network profile on ALL the computers Disable Internet Connection Sharing on the G phone connection Restart all the computers Follow steps again This sounds dumb but it fixes stuff oddly enough nbsp
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I recently connected my laptop to the internet via banda ancho (I'm in Chile). The laptop has wireless capability as does my iPod Touch. Is there any way to get the ipod to connect through my laptop?

A:Ipod touch and cell phone internet

Did you solve this problem yet?
Relevancy 35.26%

I bought a BT voyager 190 adsl ethernet modem off ebay which was locked to AOL. Being a Tiscali Broadband customer (I'm from the UK) I needed to unlock it to make it work. I am frustrated with the unreliability of the usb modem provided. I found this software and elsewhere on the site it said all you had basically to do was point your browser to and update the firmware to the unlocked version. Easy, I thought. This is what I did:
1. Disconnect my usb modem completely and connected up the voyager.
2. Turn the power on and wait for 4 green lights.
3. Open IE and type in
4. Went here and tried what they said but ipconfig just came out with "Windows IP configuration" and no ethernet recognition it seems.

So basically my computer dosen't seem to realise ethernets connected (I'm on xp). Any solutions anyone?

A:BT Voyager 190 unlock problem

Sorry no solutions...
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I have a problem with my home wireless network. My network operatates at 2.4 GHz and so does my home wireless phone. Everytime my phone rings I get disconnected from my wireless network. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem?

A:Everytime my wireless home phone rings I get disconnected from my wireless network.

Welcome to Tech Spot

Do you have 802 B or 802 G wireless?

When I was in Best Buy, one of the sale people mentioned how 2.4 GHZ phone interferes with 802 B Wireless networks (uses same frequencies).

He mentioned that 802 G wireless network were not affected with the phones.
Relevancy 27.09%

I am a user of a Compaq 2510p which has due to company policy had Vista removed and XP SP3 installed. I also use a Nokia N82.

So far have failed to figure out how to use the phone as a modem to connect the laptop to the internet. Can someone please advise if I am trying to do the impossible. If not then how to successfully do this.

A:Using 3G mobile phone to connect laptop to internet?

I can't tell you info as to details for your specic computer and phone.. but can tell you in general (as i do it with a dell laptop and a Motorola phone)

First and most important, is you probably need a software application that targets this functionality. i don't believe you're going to get it work "right out of the box"
The phones can be "tethered" to your laptop or not (and sometimes that's the wireless carriers choice and not a matter if the hardware can do it)
Tethered means it requires a cable to connect phone and laptop
Un-tethered is the obvious then. No cable. In my case, i use bluetooth on my phone and computer. Nice advantage is not having to plug/unplug a darn cable as u walk in /. out of the room. I;ll walk out and lose my Bluetooth connection, and then walk back the beeping 10 secs until they reconnect
Relevancy 28.38%

can somebody please tell me how to get my contacts off of my e720 and onto my u900. (phone memory, not sim). driving me crazy.

A:Samsung phone

By using a pen and a piece of paper
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hey guys,
ive been having random internet connection issues for the past year or so...they were bad, but now theyre not so bad. I unchecked the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option in my network device properties, and since then the drop-outs have become less frequent.

i was talking to a mate about this and he said i might be over-loading my phone line. I have one line at my house, and it is feeding 2 phones, 1 foxtel/pay tv, and my ADSL modem. so thats 4 devices on 1 line. At all the outlets there are ADSL/phone line splitters.

Do you think that this could be the cause of my problem? how many devices and you use on 1 line?

any help is much appreciated.


ps: i didnt know which board to post this thread on, so i hope i made the right choice.

A:How many phones/modems can I have on one phone line?

Probably the "1 foxtel/pay tv", but it may be by any message bank service (on your phone)

The absolute best test would be to disconnect all other devices (ie 3) one evening, and then go on the Internet to see if it cuts out (depending upon how intermittant this is)

Regarding how many devices on one line.
According to most telecommunication networks it's one ! Unless they say that you can have more. (note this may be due to money, isn't it always?)
Anyway, a city office block has hundreds (through an internal digital exchange) to one line. So not sure on the max. again it's up to your provider to inform you
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Is there one standard blue tooth that can work with most all cell phones?

If not, what is the best out there, where do you get them, and what price did you pay?


A:What is the best bluetooth to get for a cell phone?


I assume you mean a Blue tooth Headset, if so prices will vary from how they look to who makes them and how long you get on things like standby time and talk time, i was bought a plantronics one by the kids for xmas and it works great and lasts for a long time and it was about Ģ20.

If however you want to pose with a designer model then expect to pay upto Ģ100 for one.

Ask around the people you know who have one and see what they say.

Relevancy 33.97%

Hi there as I stated I cannot get past the unlock ur computer page or past the f12 system bios info page! please help me! i need to use my computer! thanks! melissa

A:Cannot remember my dell 610 laptop administrative password to unlock it at al

Next time write down your passwords and put them in a safe place that you will not forget. Call dell support and let them help with this
Relevancy 57.62%

So i have an LG VX8100 and I'm trying to convert a video off my laptop and I'm trying to convert a wmp to a 3g2 format. I have a video i want to convert and put on my cell phone. Anyone know of any free software? Thank you.

A:Cell phone video converter software

Searching gave me "Movie2x 3GP Converter". I've not downloaded it but people say it works and its free as well! I hope it does what you want it to do.
Relevancy 34.83%

I have no idea how you are able, but I would like the ability to unlock Hdd's, especially mobile ones. I build PC's as a hobby, for people, and also on a business level. I have run across this situation many times, especially with disgruntled employees turning laptops in. I have a HITACHI Travelstar hdd locked. The model number is HTS541060G9AT00. If you could help me find a way to get this thing cracked open, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Daniel.

A:Hitachi Travelstar unlock HDDs

It's easy. You just put in the password and then unlock the drive.
Relevancy 57.62%

i recently changed the face plate on my palm treo 650 and after doing so i can only use speaker phone option because i cant hear anyone if i dont, however they can hear me perfect. so therefore i have to use speakerphone option to even answer my calls?

A:Palm treo cell phone problem

Take it to your Cell provider, and see if they can fix it for you
Relevancy 34.83%

Hello all,

I need a little help with a Dell inspiron 8200 laptop. I recently bought it from a computer auction. when I got it home I found the the bios is locked out and I get the following gray screen that says: This computer system, #48BR321-595b, is protected by a password athentication system...Please type in primary or administror password.

After reading a bunch of old (2005/06)posts on this site. I have a clouded idea what I need to do, BUT, one I can't seam to locate the EEprom to short out for starters. I also can't seam to locate the recommended password generator to crack the password.

Could someone help me out and point me in the right direction or provide me with some details on what i need to do.

Thanks a bunch,


A:Need help to unlock a Dell inspiron 8200

Here's another TechSpot thread on Dell laptop password help (Jan-Mar 08) it's also the current one.
You may wish to search through.
Relevancy 34.83%

I bought a new computer when the CPU of my old hard How drives? to from old unlock folders computer suddenly failed I pulled out the old master hard drive from my old computer Hoping to retrieve some old important documents from this old drive I put it How to unlock folders from old hard drives? in a USB hard drive enclosure and hook it up to my new computer using USB I really do not want to open my new computer and install the old drive as an internal drive The new computer is able to read this old drive with no difficulty However I am not able to access the quot My Document quot folder in my old hard drive I have attempted to solve this by creating in the new computer the same user name that I have used in my How to unlock folders from old hard drives? old computer and log on using this old user name However I still How to unlock folders from old hard drives? cannot access the quot My Document quot folder in the old hard drive Is there any way of quot unlocking quot this folder from my old hard drive now connected to the new computer using USB without opening the new computer nbsp

A:How to unlock folders from old hard drives?

i've never encountered such a thing before, check for encryption, viruses, or security settings that may cause this.
Relevancy 28.38%

Does anyone out there have any experience of Ez Phone (from LG Nortel).
We recently had this installed and it works fine most of the time but occasionally it throws up a "Line open error" and refuses to do anything useful.
The only solution I have found so far is to shut down the relavent PC and leave it off overnight.The installers and manufacturers havn't a clue and their only suggestion was to disable the Firewall.............not an option!
Relevancy 30.1%

Hey guys my friends nec versa cannot hdd" OS "Warning: into boot unlock Can't primary - Versa E gives her quot Warning cannot unlock primary hdd quot whenever she starts her computer It has had an history of being nasty and she has had to play with BIOS settings before in order to be able to boot in such as the master password but she says that this is a different problem as it is acting differently I spent the "Warning: cannot unlock primary hdd" Can't boot into OS last "Warning: cannot unlock primary hdd" Can't boot into OS few hours searching around on the net trying to find a way to solve this she lives far away from me so I can t get hands-on otherwise I might have been more help This problem only occurs after bios has done it s thing when it "Warning: cannot unlock primary hdd" Can't boot into OS tries to boot into windows She says that it just randomly started happening although her norton anti-virus was refusing to update before hand -Edit wow quick huh xD http support necam com mobilesolu VersaUltraltDaylt Docs - - web pdf is her BIOS if anybody is interested also when searching through the official site found her error code she found it now me iono where the official page even lies google didn t pull it up when I searched it xD and has now moved onto quot operating system not found quot I am completely out of my league and if you have an ideas or suggestions they would be warmly welcomed DarkFireKnight nbsp

A:"Warning: cannot unlock primary hdd" Can't boot into OS

Physically plug the harddrive into IDE1 (The CD ATA cable) unplugging the CD
And try again
I believe m/b fault, swapping the IDE ports may fix it.
Temporarily !
Relevancy 34.83%

This Toshiba Satellite have a password in bios.
I apreciate your help to resolve this problem.
Thanks in advance!
Relevancy 34.83%

Pls help me to unlock my latop the tag number is #FNTVRD1-595B , ill be 100 % thanksfully..

A:Bios Unlock Dell D430

please post your information here
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I've recently been trying to get an older computer hooked up to the net somehow. It really is too old to have a built in Ethernet card and because of the age, I'm not willing to go out and buy one.

So I was wondering, is it possible to use a phonecord connection? The way I'd like it to be is to have my new PC hooked up to my Old one via phone cord, and the Old PC share the connection (Albeit dead slow) that the New one has. Pretty basic I believe, just not sure if it is possible.

Thanks for all the help!

A:Networking PCs with a Phone Cord (Rather than Ethernet)

Hi there,

If your Old PC has a PCI slot then the cheapest and easiest way to network it is to find a redundant network card (a visit to some friendly internet cafes often have old cards from old pcs stored somewhere).

Buy a CAT 5 CROSS-over cable and connect the two computers up. If your old and new computer has XP on it set up is easy by running network wizard on both.

To answer your initial question... telephone cable won't work (ie. modem to modem).... easily.
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I have 3 plug in in the back of my computer one speaker i can unplug and hook up my head phone and it work fine. But when i hook the head phone to the plug in the front of my computer and i listen to a song like a rap music i might hear the 1st rapper but the 2nd and 3rd rapper i dont hear but i can hear the beat and everthing the 1st rapper is raping. And some video i hear alot static. Also i just had new motherboard put in could that be it.

A:head phone dont work right

You probably have 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, so this gives out different parts to each speaker/plug.

You need to go into your sound preferences and change it to stereo sound.
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Hi all
Is it possible to use my mobile phone as a modem to get online with my pc at home, on my new contract with t-mobile i have unlimited internet but i would rather use my pc. How do i do it?
Thanks in advance

A:How do i get online using my mobile phone as modem

You connect the modem to your computer either through a cable, via infrared or over Bluetooth. The computer should find many pieces of new hardware and recognise one of them as a modem. After that you just dial your mobile provider's 3G/GPRS/GSM dialup number just like with normal dialup.

* Depending on your phone and connection method, you may have to install the horribly bloated, slow, evil etc software suite from your phone maker to make things work

* Some quirkier phones/providers may require you to put in some special modem init strings. See your provider's support pages or call them for help.
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Hello all,

I'm having intermittent problems with my router.
My set up is: 360 connected to router; vonage phone connected to router, access point connected to router through which I access internet via PC. The router is connected to cable modem.

For some reason, sometimes I will be able to connect to internet but not to Xbox Live, and sometimes I'll get Live but lose my internet. I've been running the same system for about a year with no problems up until the last 2 weeks. Whenever one of them goes down, I CANNOT access the router's set up page. (So, for example, I can access the internet, but not the router page)

When everything works, I can access the router set up page.

Can anyone give me some advice please?

Thnkas in advance

A:Linksys RT31P2 - phone & 360 connects but no internet


I've very recently been having similar problems where by my internet for some reason wont pick up - after a while itll bother to look for an IP address and sometimes fail. I've got a BThome Hub to where everything (including the wireless 360) connects to. I've not checked the XBox since this problem though - ill see if that is affected by my hardware change.

I've only got these problems since i added my old DVD-Rom drive. Have you added any new hardware or made any configuration changes recently prior to your problem - it may be a conflict somewhere...
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You know when you get a phone call or a text message and you can hear the interferance in your speakers.

You know what I'm talking about....

Is that in anyway bad for your speakers or anything?

And what the hell is with it?

A:Phone Interferance

Not really a bad speaker, those are just waves the affect the components in the speakers and it normal, u cant avoid that by fixing in a ceramic non polarized capacitor, at the power supply output. but i don't guarantee that coz if its analog, it may need it a fully designed circuit.
Otherwise, don't waste time on that.Just keep yo phone away.
Wish u luck

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I'm not sure if ya'll do phone stuff but i am willing to give it a try. I just got a Cingular LG CU500 and I bought a sandisk 1gb mini disk for storage. When I try to access how much memory is on there is says card not ready. I bought a data cable and it does not work either. So what should i do about the memory card to get it to work right? And if anyone knows what data cable should I buy that actually works. Thx Josh

A:Memory card problem on phone


Is there an option on your phone to format the card ? also on some there is a little lock slide to prevent accidental writing on.

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I am looking for a FREE mp3 converter that will allow me to convert my music form my pc to a format that will work on my phone any ideas?

A:Cell phone ringtones

What format does your phone require?

Regards Howard
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I am running xp on a p4 3ghz intel motherboard with 512 ram. When on yahoo voice i can not use a VOIP USB phone because the listening party can hear me with a thin hum accompanied with my voice. The voice is heard but with a hum. it doesnot happen with a normal microphone. It also doesnt happen when i use it on my low end laptop.
what could be the problem.
darrel from sri lanka

A:VOIP USB phone with Yahoo voice creates a hum

this is caused by bad grounding and/or RF interference.
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I have 3 wireless BT phones and a Wireless BT router, im not too much of noob on computers dont worry , anyways basically when someone rings and/or answers the phone it lags me out of xbox live, disconnecting me.

I could try changing the wireless channels, but is there any alternative ways???


A:BT wireless phone lagging me out of Xbox Live1

what type of internet connection do u have (cable, dsl, etc...) ?
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If I bought a cheap razor off of ebay and it said it was for verizon, could I plug in a cingular sim card and it work regularly? Thx Josh

A:Cell phone ?

It would probably be SIM-locked so no.
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i bought the SE z i the other day and when i was out camping i dropped it in my glass of water i took it out and was about to turn it off and i got a message this gave me hope that it would still work i left the phone outside drying all any mobile phone masters? day and just put the battery in my any mobile phone masters? tent for some reason i didnt think it would need to be dried then after the nd day of drying i put the battery in and turned it on it started up fine camera works mp player and speaker works messages work calls work everything i got to check worked but after about any mobile phone masters? mins a message thing came up saying something like quot battery error stop charging quot or something like that i cant really remember and then it turned off so i left it till i got home and started charging it but it still dosnt turn on i was just wondering if a new battery would fix it or am i going to have to send it away to get reapaired thanks nbsp

A:any mobile phone masters?

hmm maybe the battery should be replaced but beware of other phone part that maybe damaged. Refer to this link for all sony ericsson assistance: