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Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive

Q: Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive

I know enough about computers to follow advanced instructions but ive never dealt with WHATEVER my friend did to my computer and I dont really care but I need to reformat it and save read backup the hard drive heres exactly whats up simplified and I need a explanation of how to -Computer can turn on but it wont do anything - you cannot hold F or delete or anything because not even the first text appears - I cannot get a disk USB or anything else to boot from because it cannot get that far in loading what a basic computer is to even do that - it hard method access a externally drive to Explain computers can not respond to any kind of keyboard or mouse input and stays completly black altho a diffrent shade of black from either a off moniter or a Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive powered moniter with a off computer so I know the moniter is getting SOMETHING just nothing that does anything -it is not a faulty video cord it works fine on other computers I own and trying other monitors cords doesn t Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive work either -I have plenty enough space to do it the wrong way and install another OS while one is already installed and boot from that to backup the hard drive but the computer clearly cant even show anything let alone receive disk information or mouse or keyboard input to hit next anyway so that option is null -It is not overheated or underheated nor is it fan ishues or anything else stupid its clearly however more then a virus not to say a virus is also not present but unless some uber tier virus hit the net recently a virus is not the cause nor does it matter -I want to either preferably without taking it apart access the harddrive from another computer I have pretty much any cord it would require or to put it diffrently I have never needed a cord I did not own in the last year -I asume sence it stays powered on altho it doesn t do anything past that that the harddrive and disk drive the computer has are readable it just cant do anything about because it cant load anything to do anything so I asume theres some method to plug the computer itself into another computer and access the hard drive as a external or something to access it from another computer short of taking apart my computer with a screwdriver how do I access the hard drive externally and no I do not want someone to reply take it to a future shop or something thanks in advance I have never had a computer that couldn t emit video or rather cant even get to the process to emit video and honestly have no idea how to fix it il just reformat nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Explain method to externally access a computers hard drive

Lets slow down and backup for a bit. You don't even need a hard drive in the system for it to post a screen. Unless you are simply trying to recover data, taking the drive out and connecting it to another computer is not going to gain you anything.

Disconnect the power cord from the power supply.
Take out all cards within the PC. If you don't have on-board graphics keep the graphics card in the PC.
Disconnect all drives, DVD's and HDD's.
Take out your memory modules so you can test them one at a time.
Pull out the coin size motherboard battery and put it back a few minute later.
Insert a memory module (try a different module later if you have more than one).
Make sure the monitor is connected
Connect the power cord to the power supply
Try and boot the system and then let us know what you see happening.

Are there any lights blinking or illuminated?
Are the fans spinning?
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OK I'm having a hard drive problem I've never encountered before and well I haven't been very diligent on my backups it has been months so I'm very worried I externally access problem, to do? Hard what and - can't drive may lose some valuable files I'm hoping someone here can help me BACKGROUND I have an HP dv laptop computer running Windows that was working fine for a couple of years Then all of the sudden without any warning Hard drive problem, and can't access externally - what to do? I started to experience a peculiar hard drive behavior Upon launching a program rd party or Microsoft the hard drive would become completely busy causing the whole system to be sluggish and apps to not respond The drive would make a series of clicks and access sounds in a certain pattern that repeats every seconds Same exact pattern over and over Then after a while it would subside Yet it would repeat again and last longer I was able to run diagnostics on my drive and everything checked out I even booted up in a special HP BIOS diagnostic where it could check the hard drive -- no errors found I ran Malware Bytes but it turned up nothing significant I booted up in SAFE mode still same problem I posted about it but couldn't get any advice that helped OK I figured there must be a bad driver somewhere that was caused by a Windows update so I decided to roll back to an earlier checkpoint Well BAD MOVE The rollback worked but it made things worse Now I was getting this hard disk access loop DURING BOOT UP which didn't happen before Well that right there informed me that this is a hard disk issue Now if I do boot up there is a short period of time after the desktop initializes where I can launch Windows Explorer and see folders files I can even copy some files from C drive to D drive So the drive seems OK to a degree MY PROBLEM I take the drive out and mount it on a USB SATA III adapter attached to my Windows computer However it does not see the partitions as something readable It comes up with partitions and sees them as RAW I cannot get permissions So I'm perplexed The only thing I can think of is that maybe my hard drive is encrypted Is there any way I can check This is not a work laptop It is personal And I don't recall setting up any encryption on it MY OTHER PROBLEM OK I can boot up into Safe Mode command prompt and from there I'm able to copy files to a USB drive in between these long drive accesses it still happens However it won't recognize my Gb USB drive I can only use my Gb one While I was able to pull off a few important smaller documents I have some video media that I really want to rescue I can't do it with a tiny USB drive Is there some other mode I can possibly try Is there any way to get a multi terabyte external drive to be recognized in this mode

A:Hard drive problem, and can't access externally - what to do?

Thankfully I have been able to slowly but gradually pull off files that I really needed, now fiddling around getting other files that I'd like to have. The highest USB drive I could get recognized is 8Gb. So at least I was able to pull over around 7Gb of files with each swap. Still mystified why my 16Gb USB drive won't work. Anyway, it was clumsy having to use XCOPY... so I launched Explorer and was able to get the GUI interface going. The hard drive loop kicked in once or twice, but then subsided. The only strange thing is that the click+drag functionality would stop working after each drag... so I'd have to close the window and open a new one.

I'm still perplexed... as to why I could not access the drive externally, that it was seen as raw devices. There must be some kind of drive encryption. If a known encryption is used, is there some method by which the drive can be used externally? Or is it permanently relegated to internal use until decrypted?
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hi i tried earlier to access my laptop's hdd using hiren's boot cd but it would not recognize the hdd existence , further googling showed that i need to switch sata mode to ide than rather ahci in bios , despite that forums report this method to be effective it did not change anything in my case , i think its most probably poor compatibility of bios with ide mode , it is actually intel's phoenix bios and the laptop is lenovo and the hdd is hybrid (part ssd and part hdd) so probably it wont work on any lesser mode than ahci , so anybody know of any alternative to hiren's that can access disks of such nature ?
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i found this thread Hard Drive works internally but not externally which is opposite to my problem and its been a year since the last post So i make a new thread As you can see in the title My Hd drives works externally but not internally I have HD s ST AS WD AAKX WD AAKS ST DM this is my local hd the rest is my other hd drive but not connected Now i want to add atleast or hd to my computer So I start adding the first one which is the drive the ST AS I plug the cables to the hd then turn on my computer But its always freezes at the bios screen then it will turn off automatically I tried all the other hd drives from - drives i listed Drive not but works externally internally Hard above They got the same results So i searched about the problem and i found this thread Bios screen freezes on startup I also used the disk clean command To format my hd But the problem still persists That problem occured only when i connect it internally but when i connect it externally its working Hard Drive works externally but not internally fine What do you think is the problem I tried replacing the sata cables and connecting it to different sata port But got the same Hard Drive works externally but not internally results The Hard Drive J is the ST AS Connected externally and it s working fine SPECS OS windows Hard Drive works externally but not internally x bit CPU Inter Core i GHz Motherboard H H -M Memory Kingston KVR D N g gb overall GPU AMD Radeon Hd DDR GB HD ST DM Power Supply Generic watts

A:Hard Drive works externally but not internally

Hello hinaruu!

Just to make sure if I have understood correctly.

You have 4 internal hard drive, one of them (ST500DM002) is your OS drive, which is 500GB SATA III. You have only the OS drive connected to the motherboard and when you try to connect any of the other three HDDs to any of the ports using multiple cables, your BIOS freezes and PC turns off? But you can without a problem connect the drives externally?

Are you receiving any messages, or beeping sounds from the motherboard? I would first advise you to back up anything important from the OS drive to another one.

Then disconnect your OS drive and plug it to another port and start the PC. Does it work? Then power off again, and plug one of the other three drives on the first SATA port where the OS drive previously was. Try powering up again. This should give you sense if the ports have a problem or the drives.

Then reset your BIOS. Carefully pull the CMOS battery out for about 15-20 seconds then put it back on place. Be very very careful! Then press the power button of the PC for 15 seconds to discharge any remaining power stored in the capacitors. By discharging the power, the CMOS memory will reset, therefor should reset the BIOS. Then connect the drives again, firmly, to data and power. Test again.

I see your motherboard has 4 SATA ports, which are SATA II. Some of the drives are SATA III, but the ports are backwards compatible, so this shouldn't be the issue. But I believe that your motherboard ports may be damaged.

Do post back with results to troubleshoot further!

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I have one old hard drive that I do not have an enclosure for, nor do I want to put it into a box. My question is, how should I store the hard drive?
I thought about putting the HDD into an opened anti-static bag and taping it up (because it is not a resealable antistatic bag), but I'm aware anti-static bags have to be sealed and I'm not sure if taping it up counts as sealed.

A:Solved: How do I store a hard drive externally?

That is perfectly fine. There is no reason why an anti-static bag needs to be sealed other than enough to prevent dirt from getting in, just like any other bag. If you want, you could put that bag inside another, zip-lock bag. A bigger danger to external HD's than static is the ease with which they can be destroyed by dropping and bumping. Maybe wrapping it in soft material and putting it in a bag would be a good idea.

If this is to be for a very long time, silica gel or another dessicant may be wise, too.
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Hello everyone I've got a Seagate Momentus hard drive taken from a laptop that I intend to use not but works Hard internally, externally. Drive as an Hard Drive works internally, but not externally. external storage device When plugged directly into my laptop's hard drive slot it works fine When I try to use it externally with an enclosure it is not recognised on the same computer from which it was taken by either Windows Explorer or Disk Management yes I did a rescan When plugged into another laptop via the enclosure however it is detected in Disk Management although not in Windows Explorer Unfortunately Disk Management doesn't provide me with any useful options for reformatting it It simply says quot no media quot and doesn't detect any data or capacity When using SeaTools for Windows while still plugged in externally with this secondary laptop it fails virtually all tests and refuses a full data scrub I have since plugged the hard drive back into my primary laptop's hard drive slot from which it was taken and am running Seatools so far so good Any idea what's going on How can I get this hard drive to operate as a normal external drive Thanks in advance UPDATE - I reinserted the hard drive into my laptop successfully reformatted it via Disk Management chose not to assign it a drive letter and I still have the same problems My secondary laptop detects the hard drive when connected externally via USB hard drive enclosure within Disk Management but not within Windows Explorer More frustrating - when connecting the hard drive externally to my primary laptop via USB hard drive enclosure Windows will not detect it anywhere - neither within Disk Management or Windows Explorer By the way I am using Windows -bit Anyone have any ideas

A:Hard Drive works internally, but not externally.

Maybe the external enclosure or USB cable is bad, that prevents Windows recognizing the drive? Try changing the USB cable or the enclosure...
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I had a dual boot hard drive XP/W7. I tried all kinds of things to eliminate the XP partition and when finally able to do it, now W7 will not boot and even the install disk will not run. Error message says "missing bootmgr". The boot files are still in the W7 partition which is logical. Will converting this partition to Primary help the situation? Tried to boot from CD in several MBs without success.

A:Hard drive will not boot internal or externally.

Hello and welcome frak sorry for the wait now you list 7 32 and 64bit in ?two different machines?? as your can you please confirm which machine you are concerned about? before we go any further.
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I removed my hard drive containing Windows 7 from my computer, where it boots properly. I placed the drive in an enclosure and connected it via USB. It refused to boot, instead flashing a blue screen for less than a second and then asking if I wanted to attempt system repair.

Upon returning the hard drive to the inside of the computer it works correctly as before.

I regularly boot various Linux operating systems with hard drives connected internally or externally on this computer, so I believe that my BIOS settings are correct and that there is not a problem with the hardware.

Does anyone know why Windows refuses to boot unless it is connected internally?

Thank you for any help or advice.

A:Windows 7 does not boot when its hard drive is connected externally

Windows doesn't boot via usb natively. It is possible to fiddle with it to get it to work. Not sure of the point.
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Well the situation is this my Laptop monitor is fryed and i want to get all of my files off the hard drive and onto my desktop. the hard drive is from a HP Pavillion dv9000, the desktop is a ACER Aspire M5100-E5401A. i dont know much about this kind of thing so if theres anything else you need to know just ask.
B.T.W. the laptop is XP PRO SP2 and the desktop is XP PRO SP3

A:read a Laptop internal hard drive externally on my Desktop

If you can get the hard drive out there are many adapters or enclosures that you can purchase to turn it into an external USB drive that can be read from another PC. How comfortable are you with taking the laptop apart? A better option may be to see if the laptop has an external video port that will allow you to hook up to an external monitor so that you can save your files without having to remove the drive.

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Could anyone please explain me System Configuration Tool Method (what i can from there, ex. what are /NOGUIBOOT
/SOS?) or reccomend me which site can help me

Could you post more tutorials. There really usefull

Thanks Sakaman.
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Existing system is a pentium with a 4.3 gb hd and Windows 98.
It is getting to the point where age and time are demanding that I do some hardware upgrades but cash, as always is a factor. Can I install a larger Harddrive as a slave to the existing one, copy all the data from the master to the slave and then convert the slave to a master? This would be the first step with the second step being a faster cpu; a pentium 3 or 4 with matching mother board, ASIS comes immediately to mind, and more RAM, 1024 or so. The HD would be either a 10 or 20 gb, Samsung or Maxtor or similar. _NO I do not want a Western! muy bad joss with them!! Comments/Suggestions as to viability of this procedure?

A:What is the best method of upgrading a Hard-drive?

what doy you use the pc for 1gb of memory is a lot - unless you are doing intensive graphics etc 512m should be OK.
what do you save on the pc - a slave should do - just leave that in and copy all the data across- why swap about?
again what do you do

whats the motherboard / bios make/model/version that will dictate max size of hdd
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Hi all Working on a group lab project for a hangman game Java method Solved: paintComponent a trying a code; access method to in initial testing phase Flow of the game- user enters Solved: Java code; trying to access a method in a paintComponent method a word no try catches set yet of letters or less- if the second player enters an Solved: Java code; trying to access a method in a paintComponent method incorrect guess using a button- which tested works will draw a part of the hangman Three classes for the program one handles the logic one handles the gui setup including the main and the other handles the paintComponent As shown below in testing phase if a user enters an incorrect guess a call is made to the class that develops the hangman graphics drawLeg When running the program a null pointer exception is generated I ve thrown this code around a billion different ways with no relief- any pointers will be greatly appreciated Code for the main class Code import java awt import java awt event ActionEvent import java awt event ActionListener import javax swing import javax swing border public class HangmanHome public JPanel panelB public static void main String args Program opens with a dialog box control then goes to the interface This variable will be the vehicle for collecting the initial word- really it will be an array of char most likely String word word JOptionPane showInputDialog quot Hello lets play Hangman n quot quot Please enter a word up to letters in length quot Instantiate the interface JFrame frame new JFrame quot Test Hangman Interface quot frame setDefaultCloseOperation JFrame EXIT ON CLOSE Set up main panel JPanel mainPanel new JPanel mainPanel setPreferredSize new Dimension Top section of GUI JPanel panelA new JPanel panelA setPreferredSize new Dimension Border b BorderFactory createLineBorder Color blue panelA setBorder b JLabel message new JLabel HangmanLogic setBoard word message setFont new Font quot Arial quot Font BOLD panelA add message JPanel panelA new JPanel panelA setPreferredSize new Dimension Border b BorderFactory createLineBorder Color red panelA setBorder b message new JLabel quot Enter your word in the text box above quot message setFont new Font quot Arial quot Font BOLD panelA add message Center section of GUI JPanel panelB new JPanel panelB setPreferredSize new Dimension Layout manager used to place areas into panel BoxLayout layout new BoxLayout panelB BoxLayout X AXIS panelB setLayout layout Left area of center section JPanel panelb new JPanel panelb setPreferredSize new Dimension Layout manager used to place components into left area BoxLayout layout new BoxLayout panelb BoxLayout Y AXIS panelb setLayout layout First component JLabel l new JLabel quot Letter Guess quot panelb add l Add some space between components panelb add Box createRigidArea new Dimension Second component JTextField guessBox new JTextField panelb add guessBox Add a larger space between second and third component panelb add Box createRigidArea new Dimension Third component JButton btn new JButton quot Check My Guess quot panelb add btn Add space between third and fourth component panelb add Box createRigidArea new Dimension Fourth component- spaces added to give the button the same dimensions as the third component JButton btn new JButton quot Quit quot panelb add btn Add space between last component and bottom of area panelb add Box createRigidArea new Dimension Right area of center section calling designed class to accommodate hangman graphics JPanel panelB new JPanel HangmanGraphic deadMan new HangmanGraphic panelB add deadMan Add left and right areas to center section panelB add Box createRigidArea new Dimension panelB add panelb panelB add Box createRigidArea new Dimension panelB add panelb First lower section of GUI JPanel panelC new JPanel panelC setPreferredSize new Dimension Lowest section of GUI JPanel panelD new JPanel panelD setPreferredSize new Dimension Set up the alphabet labels JButton buttons new JBu... Read more

A:Solved: Java code; trying to access a method in a paintComponent method


your g is null. You have not yet initialised it.

public static void drawLeg()//Graphics g
g.drawLine(180, 150, 210, 205);
//System.out.println("access to the class");
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Hey Gang,

I'm using Norton Ghost 9.0. I'm trying to back up my C and D drives to an external drive. Its a WD Caviar 250 GB. Its Brand New. I got it today from Tiger Direct.

I've Fdisked, Formatted and Scandisked. However when I try to create a backup with Norton Ghost 9.0 I get the following error:

I have Goback on my machine but I've disabled it.

Can anyone help me out?


A:"Externally Altered" Error on Brand New Hard Drive

It sounds like something running on the system has changed a file that GHOST was trying to copy. I don't believe this has anything to do with the new drive, it's something running on your system. Try using the bootable CD to do the backup, that precludes any files being open and/or modified during the backup.
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Hey goes the file to...? - recovery Hard method drive best everyone I have a hard drive that does not seem to open when it is connected to any pc or mac computer A Hard drive file recovery - the best method goes to...? screen pops up which installs the driver but after that takes place it does not display under the normal location in the computer folder I did find it in the computer management area image Hard drive file recovery - the best method goes to...? at the bottom of post though I'd like to know Hard drive file recovery - the best method goes to...? if there is an easy way to gain the files off it or what preferred free program I should use to get to the files without the risk of losing too many I also would like to know if the drive is on the 'fritz' or on its way out Would reformatting be the best option to get it to work after removing the files on it first of course or if it has become a heavy paperweight It is one of those old huge and heavy HDDs Any help would be very much appreciated PICTURE from disk management PLEASE NOTE My Page File is on an unrelated SSD but I do have one if you were curious Also this problematic HDD was not originally connected to my current computer In case it is needed the problematic drive is labeled Disk in the image

A:Hard drive file recovery - the best method goes to...?

Seems like that middle partition doesn't have a letter assigned to it, did you try that ?
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Hi everyone amp ta for having a read I have just purchased a Dell PC online and delivery is expected drive not hard PC's so, &, partition new best the To or use? Solved: if method a to within a week or so My first question is whether or not I should partition the PC s gb hard drive when it arrives Solved: To partition a new PC's hard drive or not &, if so, the best method to use? are there any disadvantages to partitioning and if so would it be better to use a program like Partition Magic or should I do it through Windows Disk Management unfortunately I m not that familiar with using command dos prompts What would be the ideal partition sizes if I do end up partitioning and is it something that needs to be done before Solved: To partition a new PC's hard drive or not &, if so, the best method to use? anything whatsover is installed loaded particularly if not using Partition Magic I m of the belief that the Windows XP Home operating system will be pre-loaded on the PC and I can t say for sure whether or not I ll also be supplied with the OS disks although I suspect I will Apologies for the zillion questions in the one thread but I d be ever so grateful for any advice and info that s provided Looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts Sincerest thanks Sue Adelaide South Australia nbsp

A:Solved: To partition a new PC's hard drive or not &, if so, the best method to use?
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I looked through the tutorial section on how to perform a backup but I'm afraid the problem is not knowing which method to use based on what I want to accomplish So here it goes I have a GB internal hard drive which I run my OS from on my laptop I also have a GB external hard drive which I like to use for extra videos and stuff that I don't want on my main drive I want to back up my computer's hard drive onto my exteral drive I to Best method hard drive for backing external up also want to keep all of my preferences for my programs BUT I also want Best method for backing up to external hard drive to keep folders on my external hard drive that I maintain myself Best method for backing up to external hard drive like my extra videos and stuff that isn't on my main drive Every time I perform a backup I would like my external drive to only update those files that have changed on my main drive and keep everything else I have Acronis True Image and am not sure which setting I should use in it or if the program is completely unnecessary in the first place So what should I do and which software should I use Thanks in advance

A:Best method for backing up to external hard drive

In order to keep your applications and your will need software like Acronis which can "image" your computer.

For your data files...and your extra movies and such...I would suggest something like robocopy with the /mir switch. This mirrors everything on the source drive with the destination drive. This way when you delete from C:\data it also deletes from F:\data.

Here are some examples lines you could put in a batch file.
robocopy C:\users\stanley\music H:\Backups\laptop\Music /mir /dst

robocopy C:\users\stanley\Downloads H:\Backups\laptop\Downloads /mir /dst

robocopy C:\users\stanley\pictures H:\Backups\laptop\pictures /mir /dst
As requested, robocopy only updates, copies or deletes files that are new, changed or removed.
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What is the best method for transfering large files when formating a hard drive for a customer that doesn't have a burner.
I want' to be able to transfer all there drivers to some other media then reinstall them after. Thanks in advance for the help.

A:What is the best method for transfering large files when formating a hard drive?

Are you looking for the best or easiest? It is all subjective as to what is best. Persoanlly I would use another drive and either make a ghost image to the second drive or use the partition to partirion option.
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I dont just mean different computers doing different things. I mean the same computer will do something (talking about during bootup process mostly) one way and under the same circumstances and conditions it will do it differently the next time you boot.

For example:

My friends computer will bootup from cold and the sound will not work and he has to reboot for the sound to work.

whats up with that?

A:help explain why computers do different things

Welcome to TSG!
Windows boot process is pretty much cast in stone as far as the sequence of load. Where problems occur is if there are conflicts in hardware wanting to share what is called and Interrupt (IRQ). If your friend is having the problem mentioned then a good place to start would be to go to Start\run and type in msinfo32 then enter. Once you reach the msinfo32 display click plus sign to open "Hardware Resources" then click Conflicts\Sharing. You should find your audio adapter sharing an IRQ with another hardware item. Many times these hardware items will use the IRQ together and not have a problem but if they attempt to boot together one wanting the IRQ at the same time as the other one may not end up working properly. If that is indeed your case then you need to research the items that are residing on the same IRQ and see if they can be moved to another IRQ so they do not fight eachother a Boot.

Note: Msinfo32 will open a new realm to you as you investigate whats in it.

Here is an article that explains the Windows Boot Process in Detail. It is written for Win9x os's but much of it still applies to other OS's. As you will see the actual boot process is quite structured.


PS: Here is Thread that is running right now that MTBird is requesting to look at the IRQ's for a sound card problem.
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OK, I have tried many different ways to create 1 image for different computers using Ghost Enterprise, but there has got to be some easier way to do this.
Everytime the chipsets or HD controller chipssets get changed, I have to create a new Image.
Maybe MS RIS is the way to go or some other easy to use utility.
Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have about 4 different flavors of images I need to be able to push/ pull out. Hardware is
cf-29 and cf-30 panasoic toughbook computers running mostly XP Pro.
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I have an external hard drive that I have some programs on. It has two firewire ports and needs to stay plugged into the one computer at all times. When I plug another computer into the second port to share files, it only appears on one computer at a time. How do I change that so that it appears on both? thanx.

A:two computers on one hard drive

You don't. If you want an external drive that is visible to more than one computer, try something like an inexpensive NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution. A typical one is the Iomega NAS 100d, but there are many others.
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Suddenly, on the same network with other Win7 computers, on which I followed the same procedure that always worked before and could view back and forth between the computers but this time the D drive only can not be accessed.
On either Asus laptop using Win 7 or with a newer one (with Win 10). In both cases all the folders within D drive that I share (and security settings) are visible and usable, but not the drive D itself on either computer. All sharing and security settings are identical with the folders that work across the network.
In the sharing center I have it share without passwords.
It keeps saying Can not access drive D.
I think I tried everything but maybe someone can suggest something.
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I alwasy start these things with sorry if it s in the wrong place because I really don t understand most forums to be fair so once again my apologies if it is but any way I have a computer which crashed and I can get to the screen where I can log in but hard accessing another computers drive? there is no longer any user profiles for accessing another computers hard drive? me to log into and an error message said about the drive being damaged so I was wondering the computer still works it s just the drive doesn t so is there any way to access this computer through my laptop and take a look at the hard drive through accessing another computers hard drive? there to see if there is anything I can recover the only part im struggling with really is connecting the computers so I can explore the hard drive is this simple even if it s a case of there is no chance of recovering anything then still is it possible to do this as it might come in handy in the future any way although one last thing I must say is there any way of doing it without removing the hard drive as that is why im asking here as iv not found any method that means I don t have to take the computer apart thanks for ya help nbsp

A:accessing another computers hard drive?

Try this boot disc: Ubuntu Live CD to back up files from your dead Windows It should allow you access to the drive and to back up any important data to DVD's or an external drive as long as the hard drive is not completely inoperative.
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and i know it works just fine had it installed b on the same comp til it crashed and i had to reinstall windows now the drive doesnt show up in my comper but hard one drive my can showing computers not my help some second it show up in the device properties page on on bootup and i cant get it to work again gt CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP Logfile of Trend Micro my computers not showing my second hard drive can some one help HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop sched exe C windows system hpsysdrv exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Digital Imaging Unload hpqcmon exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C WINDOWS system dla tfswctrl exe C Program Files WildTangent DDC DDCManager DDCMan exe C WINDOWS System igfxtray exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avguard exe C WINDOWS System hkcmd exe C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe c Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exe C Program Files Nero Nero Nero my computers not showing my second hard drive can some one help BackItUp NBService exe C Program Files YourWare Solutions FreeRAM XP Pro FreeRAM XP Pro exe C Program Files Common Files Nero Lib NMBgMonitor exe C my computers not showing my second hard drive can some one help Program Files SUPERAntiSpyware SUPERAntiSpyware exe C Program Files Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter Wireless Network Monitor WLService exe C Program Files Compact Wireless-G USB Adapter Wireless Network Monitor WUSB GC exe C Program Files Common Files Nero Lib NMIndexingService exe C Program Files Common Files Nero Lib NMIndexStoreSvr exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http us hpwis com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http srch-us hpwis com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http srch-us hpwis com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http srch-us hpwis com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http srch-us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http srch-us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http srch-us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http srch-us hpwis com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch http srch-us hpwis com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http us hpwis com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride localhost O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO RealPlayer Download and Record Plugin for Internet Explorer - C E -B - BC - - C CA - C Program Files Real RealPlayer rpbrowserrecordplugin dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - c Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar hp toolkit - B E - D D- DEB- B - D BCF F - C HP EXPLOREBAR HPTOOLKT DLL O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - c Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - HKLM Run hpsysdrv c windows system hpsysdrv exe O... Read more
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I'm not sure if this is a hardware or windows question but here goes? I have about 20 computers from an accounting firm (recently updated with new computers) that I want to donate to charity IF I can erase everything on them TOTALLY. I would like to then install windows 98 back onto the computers so that they can be used again.
THere is information on the computers now from clients that were with the accounting firm for the past 10 years. I have to be very careful to erase everything (e-mails, tax info.....) before donating the computers to charity. Is there any way to do this? DO I need a certain software to do this or can I just simply uninstall everything?

Relevancy 58.91%

I have a home network. Win 7 Home Premium.
I have a desktop and laptop that I back up on separate USB hard drives. I need to use one of them for my Dish Network receiver and can't afford to buy another one.
Can I set up my computers to both use the network to back up to the same 1000 TB USB hard drive?
If so, I need very clear instructions as I am 80 years old and my brain is getting weak.

A:Back up 2 computers on 1 USB hard drive?

Hello nodsirrah,

Yes, you sure could. The Windows Backup from each computer will have their own separate dated "computer name\Backup Set" folder at the root of the drive.
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I m not sure if this is where I should ask my question but I really didn t know where else to put it I m working on my bachelors degree online and my computer is vital if I ever want to pass I ve been coming here for years and work Can drive in any computers? hard different not once has anyone pointed me in the wrong diredtion I have a Windows Vista desktop computer which is a couple of years old During the summer the hard drive just stopped working Right now I m using a HP Windows laptop with a broken plasma screen which is hooked up to my desktop s monitor Now to get to the point can any hard drive fit my Vista desktop Like everyone in the country right now I don t have the funds to buy a new computer I ve checked the prices of hard drives and compared to a whole computer the cost is within my reach I just Can any hard drive work in different computers? have no idea if they are interchangable in any way Thank-you for your help in advance nbsp

A:Can any hard drive work in different computers?

You can use an external enclosure (USB/eSATA) to plug your 3.5" desktop drive into your laptop for the purpose of accessing files.
Relevancy 58.91%

Since my main computer won't let me reformat the hard drive due to the shutdown while doing so, I done the reformatting on my second computer and it works. If I put back the reformatted hard drive to my main computer and power it up, will there be any device driver errors or problems?

A:Problem of two different computers use one hard drive

I have used that method many times. When you reformat there will be no device drivers on the hard drive to give you errors.
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So I was recently told that upgrading my hard drive may help increase performance My current hard drive is Size GB Interface SATA Rotational Speed RPM I have another computer that went out on me The bios got bricked when doing a system restore on windows So I sold off the ram and Compatibility computers different with Hard Drive the processor in the computer Since I know neither would be compatible with my Hard Drive Compatibility with different computers system However I do wonder about the hard drive It actually came with a SATA hard drive but it was TB I'm curious to learn more about upgrading hard drives I'm interested in learning What type of hard drives would be good bang for your bucks for upgrading How much of an increase in performance I should expect from each hard drive I currently have about GB worth of stuff on Hard Drive Compatibility with different computers my computer I only have GB free How much does free space play into how well the hard drive runs Is there a certain amount of space where the Hard Drive Compatibility with different computers hard drive starts really slowing down for example if I'm only down to GB it may start to get much slower I'm assuming if I move a hard drive in it won't boot up properly or work immediately I'll maybe have to boot from a usb drive and then wipe the hard drive out Then install windows Just how that process works Thanks I really appreciate all the wisdom I've gotten off of here The knowledge given to me here has been extremely practical to me and very useful and saved me hundreds

A:Hard Drive Compatibility with different computers

We'd need to know the make, model number, and size of any hard drive you have to properly comment on them.

Generally, the faster performance comes from 7200 RPM SATA drives made in the last 3 or 4 years. These drives will have high areal density and high capacity per platter--often 1 gb per platter. Western Digital "Black" drives and the most recent Seagate models are fast.

See some other comments below:

Quote: Originally Posted by zomboromano

1: What type of hard drives would be good bang for your bucks for upgrading. How much of an increase in performance I should expect from each hard drive.

Hard drive speed will have an effect only on operations that actually involve the disc. Fast drives generally are no substitute for a fast CPU.

2: I currently have about 150 GB worth of stuff on my computer. I only have 100 GB free. How much does free space play into how well the hard drive runs? Is there a certain amount of space where the hard drive starts really slowing down (for example, if I'm only down to 30 GB it may start to get much slower)

I've generally heard somewhere like 10 to 15 percent free space before it becomes noticeable. You are nowhere near that crowded. I've never noticed any slowdown on my drives due to space issues.

3: I'm assuming if I move a hard drive in it won't boot up properly or work immediately. I'll maybe have to boot from a usb drive and then wipe the hard drive out? Then install windows? Just how that process works.

Briefly, 2 methods:

1: Use a "clean install". You get the installation media in order. That could be an ordinary Windows installation DVD or a USB thumb drive you have prepared. You need the 25 character "Product Key".

You disconnect the old drive. Connect the new drive. Install Windows to the new drive. Update Windows through Windows Update. Re-connect the old drive through another cable. Copy personal data from the old drive to wherever you want it on the new drive. Re-install applications to the new drive. Disconnect the old drive and do whatever you want to do with it.

Or 2: you could "clone" the old drive to the new drive using an application like Macrium Reflect. Works pretty well, but not guaranteed. You could also make an "image" file of the old drive with Macrium and then "restore" that image file to the new drive. Works pretty well, but not guaranteed. The main advantage of this method is you don't have to reinstall your applications--it saves time. If it works.

Most would tell you to do the clean install method.

There are numerous tutorials on this site about how to do all of that stuff. Take a look at them.
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I used Acronis True Image to clone the C drive on my office desktop to a portable USB hard drive Then I took it home and plugged it into my laptop The laptop recognized the hard drive immediately and seemed to be able to popen all of my folders EXCEPT my main Documents Folder appeared as empty I took the drive back to my office and the Documents Folder is definitely NOT empty I think this has to do with quot sharing quot the folder but all the advice I get refers to networks rather than just taking a physical hard drive from one computer to hard drive two computers, portable one another What do I do to make the Documents two computers, one portable hard drive Folder available and editable on both computers FYI I used to have just a few key folders backed up two computers, one portable hard drive on this portable hard drive using synctoy and I could access them perfectly from both computers I did the full drive clone as an extra bit of safety thanks nbsp

A:two computers, one portable hard drive

You need to take ownership of the files.
The main trick is in XP Pro, you must disable Simple File sharing.
In XP Home you must boot up in safe mode.
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I just pulled out a HD from a DELL XPS GEN4 and connected it to another computer, but it seems like the HD doesnt even come up. It spins up and seems to be running fine, but my win XP doesnt see it. Tried on win 7 with same results. On the original machine, the HD works just file like a regular HD with Xp installed on it.

It is possible that it is a RAID because this computer has 2 HDs same size. If it's a RAID, how can I see whats inside the hard drive when I pull it out and connect it to a different computer?
Relevancy 58.91%

Is there anyway to externally attach an internal drive? I have a Sony Vaio Notebook pcg-705c and would like to attach an external cdrw drive. Does any company out there make some sort of case for the drive so it is protected? Or is this a bad idea from the start?

A:externally attach internal drive?

It can be done. I have seen external cases for internal drives before. The problem is you'll be going with either a usb or a parallel interface and will lose speed and performance in the process unless you get one for USB 2.0, SCSI,or firewire if you can support that.

I did find this kit for USB 2.0
I know there are other kits out there that are cheaper as well as parallel port kits.
Here are some others including parallel, SCSI, and firewire.
You may be able to find cheaper prices elsewhere.
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I noticed today that all my users have full access to any other computers c:\ drive on the network. I even have fully configured a new Windows 7 laptop and people have full access to its c:\ drive as well.

I didn't see anything abnormal on the Security settings of my c:\ drive. I couldn't find anything on the domain controller as well.

Any ideas what I should look at?

Relevancy 58.48%

I would like to increase my computers hard drive memory which is currently 50gigs. I admit I have little knowledge regarding this, please could someone advise how to increase this.
I have a bog standard Packard Bell.
Also what is the best way to increase from 196Mb to 256Mb?
Sorry if my questions are on the ignorant side!

Relevancy 58.48%

I replaced my WD SATA 80gb for WD 320gb in gateway laptop. Everything was fine excepted I wanted to use 80gb as a backup. Bought 2.5" enclosure but when I connected to computer, nothing. I don't see it in window explore nor disk management.

Thought the enclosure was bad, bought another enclosure and result was same.

Thought the hard drive was bad, switched the 320gb drive which was running fine in the laptop into 2 enclosure, nothing.

Switched usb cable nothing helps.

Tried in 3 diff. computers: window 7 and XP, nothing.

Put both hdd into laptop and OS(s) are running fine.

So frustrated. Please help.

Relevancy 58.48%


I'm connected to a workgroup via a wireless network. Some of the computers in the workgroup are windows xp and some have windows 7. We need certain harddrives on the computers to be accessible to all workgroup users. My problem is that in the windows 7 computers, I can't manage to make hard drives accessible, although I went to advanced sharing and to permissions, and allowed 'everyone' to read edit etc, in short, gave all possible permissions. I still cannot access those harddrives from other computers in the group, even though the computer itself (to which the drives belong) is part of the network, and I can access its public folders.

Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!


A:sharing a hard drive with other computers in a workgroup

Hello Lipkind and welcome to the forum.

In order to share an entire harddrive in Windows 7 you need to set the permission settings as you have already done but also the Security settings need to be set to allow Everyone to access it. This is an extra layer of security that has been added for drive sharing with Windows 7.

To share the entire drive:
Open My Computer -> right click Local Disk D or which ever drive letter your drive is using -> select Properties -> select Security tab -> click Edit button -> click Add button -> enter the name of the User you want to set Security permissions (it is the same user name you've set the sharing permissions for, ex. Everyone will set the read permissions to every user. Put check marks in the boxes for full access and control -> click OK hit apply-> select with check marks the desired permissions -> click OK -> wait while permissions are set -> and your Done.
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my 6 year old pc short circuited and i lost the motherboard and graphic card, so i decided to buy a brand new computer (but without an OS on it). Is there a way to boot from my old hard drive (which has a genuine home version of windows 7), or is it a problem that all the BIOS are completely different now? can the motherboard cd with all the drivers on it help in some way?

A:switching computers, keeping the same hard drive

Quote: Originally Posted by ramiHArami


my 6 year old pc short circuited and i lost the motherboard and graphic card, so i decided to buy a brand new computer (but without an OS on it). Is there a way to boot from my old hard drive (which has a genuine home version of windows 7), or is it a problem that all the BIOS are completely different now? can the motherboard cd with all the drivers on it help in some way?

I would try and simply plug the drive up boot to bios make sure it's recognized then reset BIOS to defaults save and reboot to windows and see if it can sort it itself out identifying the drivers as I presume you don't really have anything to lose data wise ??

It should in theory work without problem
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Hello everyone I m new here but have enjoyed reading the forums The advice is very helpful I wanted on from hard Help up backing on 2 computers drive external to get your advice before I did anything majorly detrimental Okay I have a laptop computer running WindowsXP Professional and a desktop computer running WindowsXP Home Edition Each one has GB of hard drive space I have had a couple of close calls with crashes but so far have been able to recover I have decided to be safe and have bought a GB Seagate External Hard Drive hoping to be able to backup both computers on this drive I wasn t sure how to format the drive so I checked to see which file system my computers used They were both the same On Help backing up from 2 computers on on external hard drive C drive it lists GB as healthy and is NTFS formatted On a drive that doesn t have a name it says MB EISA configuration and lists it as FAT doesn t say FAT Help backing up from 2 computers on on external hard drive just quot FAT quot -also healthy I m assuming that since most everything is NTFS that s what I should use --or should I allocate a small partition for FAT as well Also should I make separate partitions for each computer solely for backup I have backup software--Ghost BounceBack Express and Nero but haven t tried them yet And if I make the separate partitions just for backup how big should they be And should I have a rd partition just for files that I can use between both computers I m sorry if I have rambled It s just that I ve searched several forums and just can t figure out exactly what I should do I would greatly appreciate any help you could offer Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 58.48%

I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON. My Hard Drive can't be read by the computer but I can eject it.
I tried to use the Disk Management method but no luck.
Please bear with me... This is the first time that's happened to my hard drive so i don't know what kind of info's to say in this forum. Do you have any solution on how to fix it?

Sorry if someone already has a post about this. I may have overlooked it.

A:My computer and other computers can't read the hard drive.

Looks like it's not initialized correctly, or perhaps formatted with a non-Windows file system?

How large is it? It's a WD MyPassport external USB drive? If it's larger than 2TB it must be formatted with GPT. Else it should be formatted with MBR.

I'd suggest you download/install Partition Wizard. Also download/burn the PW standalone bootable CD ISO so that you can boot from it.

First, try the just-installed Windows version of the program (instead of using Disk Management), and see what PW thinks of your external drive if anything. Post a screenshot here if it's informative.

Then, try the PW standalone boot CD and again, does it see the external drive at all? If so, can you create a partition on it (to NTFS) and re-format it using PW? You right-click on the drive (if it's visible) and then select "create partition" from the popup menu, etc,

Just ideas...
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Is it possible? Like for example say i have 10 different motherboards, is it possible to store ALL of the drivers for all of them on one hard drive and only have the one OS. So that this way i could just unplug the hard drive and move on to the next comp without having to have a bunch of hard drives and not having to format hard drive every time i switch?

A:Drivers for multiple computers on one hard drive.

Would that it were that simple... Unfortunately, there are other factors involved. A complex little item called the Registry is the primary limiting factor in the scenario you propose. Its the real "brain" of the OS and is very faithful to a single hardware configuration way beyond just the drivers.
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I have 3 pcs ( all XP ) in my lan. I have just bought a external hard drive ( NOT A NAS). (All connected directly to netcomm nb9w router)

I want to share this hard drive on all three computers.

How do i do this ????

Plz help

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I have a PMD HD z that will not connect via plug and play in the internal bay but when I connect it externally it works as expected nbsp nbsp A little background it stopped working in the bay late last year but I didn't have time to bay Media in connects not the but externally, drive Personal futz with it nbsp A month Personal Media drive connects externally, but not in the bay or so ago I had to replace the motherboard due to swollen caps and I replaced it with an identical version nbsp I had hoped that would cure my ills but it didn't nbsp Then I upgraded to Windows bit nbsp Still no joy nbsp I can uninstall the root hub driver it's on host controller and when I reboot and the driver reloads the OS tries to install the device but fails repeatedly and you get that annoying connect disconnect noise until the drive is physically pulled out of the bay Personal Media drive connects externally, but not in the bay nbsp If I reseat it then nothing happens - it Personal Media drive connects externally, but not in the bay does not even try to plug and play nbsp So I thought maybe the USB cable was bad nbsp I found another bay cable assembly changed it out and have the same result nbsp If I plug it in externally to one of the front USB connectors it runs fine nbsp I have to think that something must be corrupted down at the OS configuration level nbsp Can you offer some assistance nbsp Also and ancillary question are ther any bit drivers for this device nbsp Thanks in advance
Relevancy 57.62%

Have joined to see if i can get some assistance noticed others have done this with success I have a seagate TB expansion Hard Drive which was firstly coming up with I O error and now the computer doesnt even register that its connected dispite connection noises from the drive itself on usb connection I have read through various topics and forums and carried out a number of the checks and processes to run through but still without success I have tried this on other laptops and issue is exactly the same I have another Buffulo expansion drive which is working fine in all USB ports The system is windows Vista and upgraded to service showing Seagate hard on not expansion computers drive pack I have cleaned up existing USB drivers on system also When disk management is opened the system doesnt read the drive is connected There is no excessive noises coming from drive but lights on and small amount of heat is given off Needing help as i use drive to back up important photos and files dont want them lost Can anyone help please nbsp

A:Seagate expansion hard drive not showing on computers

Sounds like the drive has failed as you had been getting warning signs with the I/O errors and now it has stopped working. There is a possibility that it is just the circuitry in the housing so you may be able to get it going again with a new housing. You could first test the drive by removing it from the housing and hooking it up to the internal connections of a desktop PC or by using a USB adapter.
Relevancy 57.62%

Whenever I connect my 2.5'' Hard drive via an enclosure, it causes power surge on the usb ports on multiple computers, does this mean that the hard drive is screwed already ?

Thanks =)

A:Hard drive causes power surge on multiple computers..

How do you know it causes power surges?
If you are sure it causes power surges on several systems I would first check the cables. If they are okay I would backup all data if you can and replace the hard drive. A hard drive can go bad any time.
Relevancy 57.62%

I keep getting messages saying that my hard drive is almost full. I know I dont have enough on my hard drive for this to be the case. I remember years ago (on an old computer I had) the problem had something to do with the swap file wrongly reporting file sizes. I cant recall what I did to fix the problem. Is there anything I can do to fix this problem this time?

A:Computers Hard drive wrongly stating it is nearly full

hi, there's a program called tree size which would help you find out if there is anything taking up the space; but I have heard of problems with a hard drive causing this to happen - perhaps if you try chkdsk /r to see if any problems show up.
Relevancy 57.62%

I think my motherboard has died - I was in the middle of working on a document when the screen just went blank on my laptop, although the light is still on, indicating it's still on, and I have to do a hard turnoff. Each successive time I've turned it on, it's shut down sooner and sooner. I took my hard drive out of my laptop to try and back it up, but it won't let me into the my documents folder. It says access denied. I've backed up all of my other folders. Can anyone help me with getting into that folder through another computer? I want to back it up before I send it in to have the motherboard checked out. thanks!

A:trying to read documents folder from internal drive externally

Start in Safe Mode. In the Documents and Settings folder>Security Tab>Advanced > Owner Tab > Under Change Owner To, put in the user name from the old Laptop. Now set the permissions for your account. Be sure to check Full Control. What you've done is taken over the "ownership" of the files so you now have authorization.
Relevancy 57.19%

Hello I'm stuck on something that I just do not understand I cannot get my external hard drives to give me write permissions over my local network in some directions I recently replaced our hard drives with SSDs and with the reinstall I had some difficulty getting the permissions on my external hard drives working correctly I did several Google searches and read a procedure that I needed to go through adding a user called quot Everyone quot to each of my drives that I wanted to access and share I did this and gave quot Everyone quot full read write permissions and also went into advanced options Permissions Not Local External Computers Hard Working Drive Across or wherever it is and chose the checkbox to give all External Hard Drive Permissions Not Working Across Local Computers child files and folders these same permissions It took ages but eventually it External Hard Drive Permissions Not Working Across Local Computers all seemed OK I had one folder which could not be corrected this way and ended up having go change each file individually Total pain Anyway I thought I was all set but if I try to move a file from Machine A to Machine B the drives are attached to B I get an error that I don't have permission to do this No overrides or Admin permissions are an option and when I check the specifics it is correctly shared with not only Everyone but this machine as well so it attempted to fix the permissions itself at some point However if I go to Machine B and grab the files from Machine A over the network I can drag them to the correct location without problem I want to understand why this is happening and what I need to do to fix it Clearly something isn't correct in the permissions somewhere but I cannot understand what or why Any help troubleshooting this would be so so wonderful and very much appreciated I love to learn as I do this and would really appreciate understanding what went wrong Thanks so much PS Both machines are Win Pro and are connected to the same local network Homegroup and workgroup
Relevancy 57.19%

I purchased an gb ipod classic th with classic external drive- Ipod switching computers hard generation about a month ago I got a seagate expansion external hard drive to sync it with I had successfully loaded songs on my ipod before moving and therefore switching computers Since I still want to use the external hard drive and keep all of the music that is already on the ipod when I installed itunes on the new computer I selected for my ipod to sync with the same external hard drive I was expecting all my music to be Ipod classic with external hard drive- switching computers there but I can t find it on the hard drive anymore I am concerned that I lost the music from the hard drive but I know there is a way to fix this since all of the music is still on the ipod itself When I hook my ipod up Ipod classic with external hard drive- switching computers to the computer a message comes up saying how the ipod can only have one music library at a time and asking if I want to erase and sync or to start over with just the songs purchased from the itunes store Most all of my music collection so far is on CDs and I don t want to lose all of the music I already have on there My questions are By selecting it to sync with the external hard drive on the new computer does that mean I accidentally got rid of the music on the external hard drive since the ipod can only sync with one music library at a Ipod classic with external hard drive- switching computers time If so how do I copy the music still on my ipod back on to the external hard drive without losing it on the ipod And then how would I proceed after that to be able to edit my music library and sync without losing any of the music I already have on the ipod When I download itunes how do I get it to sync with the external hard drive without losing the music that is already on that hard drive Any answers or help is very much appreciated nbsp
Relevancy 56.33%

i have a year old gateway laptop running windows vista a few days ago on data with strange drive hard computers issue multiople corrupt it crashed some of the OS files became corrupt and when i tried strange issue with corrupt hard drive data on multiople computers to restart it would get to the quot starting windows quot screen and never load windows wouldn t even load in strange issue with corrupt hard drive data on multiople computers safe mode i bought a new HP PC running windows a few weeks ago i bought an adapter to import data from the laptop s hard drive onto the PC when i strange issue with corrupt hard drive data on multiople computers plugged it in the PC couldn t even read the drive it knew it was there but thought that it needed formatted i found a program that reads hard drives by sector and was able to start the import halfway through the import my new PC crashed in the exact same way as the laptop it froze and when i tried to restart i couldn t get windows to load this was the day after the laptop crashed days later when i turned on my Wii i got a message that said something like quot system files are corrupt see owners manual for details quot after restating the wii it seems to be okay i ve lived in my apartment for years and nothing has changed recently i ve never had this happen before even once so i don t know what would make operating systems on separate devices within only a few days unless someone is breaking in while i m at work and dragging an electromagnet around my apartment while i m at work i m stumped nbsp

A:strange issue with corrupt hard drive data on multiople computers

Hi mastergorilla and welcome to TCG,

Hmm, did you think that there may be a VERY nasty virus on the laptop (like a rootkit), some of these can be VERY hard for the "average" AV program to detect / deal with.
There are a number of things that you could try:

1) Put the laptop HD in the dock that you bought, try to scan the harddrive with an online scanner like TRENDS's housecall.
2) Try scanning the laptop HD with a GOOD AV (like NOD32, SOPHOS), these "should" pick anything up, also try MALWAREBYTES.
3) If you can't get the drive to be recognised so that you can scan it, have you backed up the data ? If so, I would do a FULL FORMAT, and THEN scan for virus'.
4) To recover your windows install, have you tried a "repair windows instal" using the Windows CD, this can repair essential windows files and leave your windows instal intact ?

Let me know.
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I have an external Computers files read hard Important will help not drive! - external work hard drive that i use for my work files Both my computers have a problem reading my hard drive and i need these files This is what s going on If i go to my computer the hard drive is not there but it s plugged in via usb I right click my computer manage device manager devices i can see the hard drive I noticed in my computer i will get flashes of the hard drive It will be there for a second and disappear back and fourth When it does show for that split second it shows just drive H instead of drive H work files which is what i named it I also noticed that when it s plugged into my pc it s been slowing it down tremendously When i unplug it computer runs fine again I ve tried it on both computers and i get the same thing I don t know if the drive has a virus and i would like to scan it but i cant see Computers will not read external hard drive! Important work files - help the drive to do so Help please nbsp

A:Computers will not read external hard drive! Important work files - help
Relevancy 55.9%

My Computer freezes and stops working only when im downloading a torrent or try to stream!
The Red Blinking light (Which im sure is for the Hard Disk) stops blinking once these freezes happen
When it freezes sometimes i cant even restart it with the restart button on the case and have to take its cable out.The problem has been on my computer for a year but i havent tried fixing it.

I had a blue screen of death once but that was months ago.
Havent ReInstalled Windows even once since ive got it last year.

Sidenote: I sometimes have Administrator problems and cant do some stuff when i am the administrator could that be the problem?
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Hi Hope someone can help me Something happened to my hard drive and it ran checkdisk but I guess could not repair it it says there is not enough space to repair it There was about gb free on the drive it was a gb drive The drive is NFTS It is not my boot drive just one of my gb data drives music actually When I ran FileScavenger on the drive all the files are there and when I recovered some to another drive they were fine There are files on it I could transfer all the files off the drive but that would be a lot of work take a lot of time and I would have to buy another drive to put them on So the data is there and - in back? drive access Windows data to hard access get on to Lost how intact just for some reason it cannot be quot seen quot I assume this is file structure table thing issue pardon my Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back? technical jargon MBR FAT not sure exactly Is there a way to rebuild it so that the data can be seen again or do I have to do the transfer dance Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Lost access to data on hard drive in Windows - how to get access back?

You will probably have to do the "transfer" dance, and reformat the drive. Chances are good that the drive is ok. The Master Boot Record (MBR) may be corrupted. There are utilities out there that can repair the MBR without destroying data
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I have had my windows 8 laptop for bout 2-3 months and ever since I brought it I have had troubles with my games and apps staying open.

When I am playing games, not sure why but every now and then when I start moving the mouse around it minimizes the game and takes me back to the desktop.

This can happen 15 times in a few minutes it is really frustrating and I have no idea what it is to turn it off.

I know this is not a lot to go on but if some one knows anything can they please give me some insight I would like to play games without it flicking back to the desktop every 2 seconds.

Any tips will be very helpful.

A:Really hard to explain need help!!

I have no idea what your problem might be, but perhaps someof the other members may. MY only suggestion is that since you have had it foronly short while, maybe the place where you bought it might have an answer.
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Hello everyone For the past few weeks my PC has been acting strange Whenever I run a program whether it be Chrome MSN odd Bit hard an to explain... of problem, or a Game the programs keep locking up they appear as Not Responding in Task Manager but if I wait a minute or so they start running again Bit of an odd problem, hard to explain... absolutely fine This happens to all programs that are running every minutes or so even typing in an MSN window it'll freeze up I can keep typing and about a minute later all my text will appear and I can carry on as if nothing happened But it's very annoying Even when not using the programs they still Bit of an odd problem, hard to explain... pop in and out of Not Responding for example I was sitting there with Task Manager open just looking at Steam the Task Manager every now and again said Steam was Not Responding then it just popped back out of it and was working as usual So far I've tried getting the latest drivers for my PC the latest Windows Updates I've done a Disk Cleanup and a Defrag on both of my Hard Drives I've scanned the PC with AVAST and Malware Bytes and also scanned it in Safe Mode One of the other problems that have come to light as well is that when on the internet the connection is non-responsive for about a minute or so too When I open up a browser or type in a website it can take about a minute to recognise what I want it to do then it works wonderfully again for a few minutes then does it again I'm at a loss of what to do next to try and rid myself of this problem Please is there anyone that can help me Thank you

A:Bit of an odd problem, hard to explain...

Hello and welcome to TSF.

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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Dear all,
I noticed that I was getting tens and sometimes hundreds of hard faults, and I read somewhere that it is an error when reading the pagefile (memory on the hard drive). I figure I have 8 gigs of ram (64 bit) and my system is never going past 2.5, so I disable the pagefile and restart.

I am now getting sometimes thousands of hard faults. I get the feeling what I read about hard faults was completely wrong. How can it be to do with the pagefile if I have no pagefile now?

Perhaps I have bad ram? This is a brand new laptop.


A:Hard Faults - explain

Many programs aquire memory workspace using the paging mechanism. But as long as there is real RAM available, that is immediately mapped to RAM addresses. So what you are seeing are false page faults. There is nothing to worry about.
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So this one is kinda hard to explain but i try my best Now to start off i wanted to install Windows on a PC that had Windows on it so far so good But then came the problem HP likes to encrypt drives without one knowing it and then as i deleted i had Linux installed on another partition before the Linux Hard (Sorry) Explain sentence in one to partition Grub stopped to work but that is usually easy to fix its just Hard to Explain in one sentence (Sorry) to rebuild the MBR with a Windows install CD right Nope unfortunatly as i am unable to boot into either Linux or Windows i cannot decrypt the drive i got the password for the WinMagic tool that launches at bootup to decrypt the drive however the problem here is is that i cant find any boot cd like an ISO file wich i can burn onto a CD or USB wich i can use to boot up a tool that lets Hard to Explain in one sentence (Sorry) me decrypt my drive if i have the password like a decryption disk that you make with TrueCrypt only that WinMagic doesnt ask you to make that as it doesnt even ask you to encrypt the drive or not it just does So however now i need to decrypt the drive first so i can install any kind of system on it as Linux doesnt exist Hard to Explain in one sentence (Sorry) anymore and Windows cant boot as the grub recovery mode doesnt seem to understand quot chainloader quot so i cant boot Windows either Thats why this is hard to understand and its very very tricky unless WinMagic or someone else has made an external tool to decrypt the HDD with the provided password i wont be able to recover the HDD at all Thanks for the help you hopefully can provide me Regards -Yannic Schwarz

A:Hard to Explain in one sentence (Sorry)


The procedure to decrypt a "Winmagic Securedoc" encrypted disk seems to be a very difficult job as per this guide - Data Recovery and Drive Decryption - Enterprise Whole Disk Encryption. Honestly it didn't make any sense to me .

Do you need to save any important data ?. If not, wiping the disk and installing 8 will be the best course of action to do in personal opinion.

It might be the "HP Protect Tools" which came with certain HP machines activated Winmagic encryption on your disk.

Have you tried contacting HP support ?.
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The other day i went to format a partition(called drive D) of a hard drive in dos mode. Just after i pressed enter for the format to begin i relised that in dos my partitioned drive D was actually called drive G and my other hard drive which was drive E was called D, so I was actually formatting drive E. I quickly pressed restart and once in windows tried accessing drive E but it wouldnt let me because it sais it needs to be formatted because it hasnt got a File System. Ive used getdataback to access it but I want to know if there is a way to give the drive a file system name without actually formatting it?

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I have win xp,sevice pack 2 with 2 hard drive.

Recently my PC encountred a virus attack named ""
I scaned my PC with AVG and removed all virus,but after that I cannot access 2 partition(D-drive and E-drive) on 1st hard disk.
Everytime I click on both the partitions I get a error msg "The disk in drive D(name) is not formated Do you want to format it now?"
I cannot access through windows explorer and any of options shown on right click on the icon of D and E-drive(like "open" , "search" , "explore" & so on..)

If u have a solution please sen it to my e-mail ID: [email protected]

A:unable to access a partition drive of hard drive

The virus likely corrupted or deleted the partition information. I've used a few apps in the past with mixed results, you can give Partition Table Doctor a try.
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I want to copy an access database from a zip drive to a hard drive. Can I simply just select the database and do a copy and paste or is there anything else involved? Also, what would be the easist way to make changes to the database on the hard drive and have them update on the zip drive and vice versa?

A:copy access database from zip drive to hard drive

That should do it.
Copy/paste or click and drag.

To "back up" the database regularly?
Copy and paste over.
There is no EASIER way without getting very involved.
Since the drive is just for a simple backup, I would keep it simple.

Please make sure you're compacting your Access DB on close (Tools-Options, General tab, in 2000 and above), so that it doesn't unnecessarily get bigger and bigger.
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This problem I am having is very difficult to describe When I boot up my computer and it gets to the Microsoft Logo the background screen is filled with squares Problem Explain To Hard Computer in horizontal lines across the screen Each boot up is different Sometimes the squares fill the whole screen and sometimes they fill only parts of the screen around the Logo itself As I continue to let it boot when it gets to the Desktop the right half of the screen only has multiple horizontal lines of dashes that seem to move as if there Hard To Explain Computer Problem is information Hard To Explain Computer Problem being processed If I have a Window open maximized with information on it whether it is graphics or lettering it is distorted beyond recognition on the right half of the screen only The left side of the screen is unaffected The cursor Arrow has what looks like a horizontal Barcode across the shaft of the arrow and it stays there even if I move it to the left side of the screen Here s another example I printed out a draft copy of this message in Microsoft Word in a window that used only the left side of the screen The printing was normal I then moved the window to the right side of the screen The printing was unreadable I then moved it back to the left side of Hard To Explain Computer Problem the screen and it still was unreadable I then maximized the window and minimized it back and the printing was readable again What I would like know is this Can someone give me information on the procedures to take to find out what is causing this problem I would like to test my Hard Drive Video Card Monitor and Malware but I m not a computer expert so I ll need plenty of help I have a Dell Dimension Pentium MHz GB Memory Windows XP Home Edition SP Please let me know if any other info is needed Thank You gusgus

A:Hard To Explain Computer Problem

From your description, it looks like either your monitor or your video card is beginning to fail. If possible, try your monitor when hooked up to another computer; if it works there, then be prepared to replace your video card.
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Okay, so I got a new motherboard a while back, and I have had this problem since. When I plug headphones, speakers or anything in to my computer via the auxillary port, the sound only goes through one side (the left, if you need to know). I can plug it in halfway and it's fine but on stereo songs, when the sound goes to the right, you can hardly hear it. On Volume Control in Windows, if you turn the Volume control tab to the right, your can't hear it. That leads me to believe that something is making it Left only. The only program that has anything to do with sound control that has been installed since the motherboard was installed would be a SoundMAX Control Panel, but the problem originated before then.

I am running XP SP2, by the way.

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Bare with me, I am a bit computer illiterate. . .
I use a linksys router (I don't exactly know what type/version, but I doubt that matters when I have connected to older models, I believe). However, the only reason why my internet will not connect seems to be that I have encrypted my router with a WEP key! I say this because I can connect to unsecured routers just fine.

I have tried connecting manually, and it will accept the WEP key I type in (well, it doesn't tell me I'm wrong). . . But once I finish typing in the WEP and checking the two option boxes (start this connection automatically, connect even if the network is not broadcasting) and try and connect (to the existing network), it says I cannot connect.

I am just wondering if it's something simple. . . Making a new WEP key, perhaps? I really have no clue and I would like to figure this out soon.

A:Internet won't connect, hard to explain!

By the way, if there is any information that is needed to help solve this problem, please let me know! I'm a bit frustrated from this whole ordeal so I might have left out some crucial details.
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Well heres the deal This problem is very hard for me to explain Up until the th december everything was running fine until my game suddenly started running slow it stopped after i had the game minimized for a few minutes but i assumed it Hard problem! explain to Wierd, was just the game later that night i decided to try another game four minutes in the computer started stuttering again I looked on task manager and saw that my cpu kept jumping from around to about at almost maximum frequency whatever the heck that is My quot Disk quot was writung about bytes min for applications Wierd, Hard to explain problem! although the application is always changing Going at over mb s and at highest active time AND sometimes random applications start generating hard faults it also seems NT and Kernal System is using up quite a bit of my cpu and programs i am not running show up on the resource moniotr even though they are not in use Hopefully you'll get a link to some screen dumps i took and ill Wierd, Hard to explain problem! try to answer any questions the best i can I'm determined to get to the bottom of this thanks

A:Wierd, Hard to explain problem!

It may be just me and if so, sorry.
What were those documents created with?
In the second one I see that you explain
Im only running XXXXX
But the rest is machine language gibberish.

It may be that my machine is set default to open with something different but I cant read them.
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Ok, I want to get to the blanc area of the screen without using the mouse, the goal is not to take my fingers off the keyboard. I cannot tab to the blanc area, so each time I have to reach over to the mouse, put it on a the blanc area of the screen and click, then I can continue. Is my question clear?

A:Easy question hard to explain though

Keyboard Tabbing only selects or highlights icons/programs, it doesnt select or highlight blank areas.
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Hello all okay i have no clue how to explain what exactly is happening to my computer so i'll start from the top system specs are as follows Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack build gigahertz Intel Core Quad Q installed kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space PLEXTOR DVDR PX- A CD-ROM drive Generic STORAGE DEVICE USB Device Hard drive -- drive HDS VLAT with Windows.. to explain! Issue hard Hard drive GB -- drive s n VN ECDEWZ UD rev V OA MA SMART Status Healthy SAMSUNG HD LJ Hard drive GB -- drive Intel Corporation Board Intel Corporation D XBX AAD - Serial Number BQB XB Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Intel Corp BX J A Memory Megabytes Installed Memory Slot 'J H ' has MB Slot 'J H ' has MB serial number xF CA Slot 'J J ' has MB Slot 'J J ' is Empty HDD Drives c Issue with Windows.. hard to explain! NTFS on drive GB GB free d NTFS on drive GB GB free Display NVIDIA GeForce GTS Display adapter ADI P Monitor quot vis s n R July ALL hotfixes and security updates from microsoft are installed ---- anyway to explain my problem my computer runs amazingly well had problems until i realized some programs are not able to run on more than one processor setting the affinity values fixed that BUT whenever i load up Winamp version latest windows media player or watch any kind of video on computer or online - my computer starts doing funny things Mozilla Firefox AND Internet Explorer have this problem - lots of 'lines' begin to show on the screen between text boxes when scrolling etc here's an example http farm static flickr com c d o jpg besides being rather annoying watching videos online will result in a crash - every time playing any game when this happens will also result in that game crashing the only fix is to relog Windows a log off and log back in NOTE When firefox crashes the only way to get back in is to end the process through Task Manager - and then reopen firefox will usually ask if i want to restore my old session i've tried setting the affinity values to each program seperately - onto one processor - but this doesn't help though i do seem to crash less but i still crash i can't help but think its a specific program thats doing this but i can't figure out WHAT - i have tried this system with two different graphics cards ATI Radeon x x something or other then the nVidia i have now any ideas Will go through the forums myself and see if there's any questions i have answers to - try to give back and not expect only answers appreciate any help anyone can give and if i left out crucial info i'm sorry will post it asap had a read through the sticky i think i got everything i need -CS Cobalt Seeker

A:Issue with Windows.. hard to explain!

Hi CS..

sounds like a graphic driver issue to me but as you've tried two different graphic cards...that kinda rules that out.

Possible codec issue perhaps? May be an idea to remove any currently installed codec packs and individual codecs and try a stable version of k-lite?

Have you tried testing in other user profiles and in Safe Mode?
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My problem is that I want to do two or more things at the same time Like I am playing a game on one desktop while I leave a macro or something like that working on the other desktop I did some research about virtual desktops but none of them seem to do to - Desktops explain hard Virtual what I want Let s say if my macro is on doing Virtual Desktops - hard to explain something the requires the mouse and keyboard I wont be able to move my mouse or use the keyboard Therefore I wont be able to switch back to my game and play it What I really want is like or more individual desktops that can be operated at the same time by one keyboard one mouse and one computer I don t know i I made myself clear there By the way I am using WinXP Home and my computer is pretty fast so I think it could handle anything And I am also broke so I have no money for a second pc nbsp

A:Virtual Desktops - hard to explain

Virtual Desktop Manager might work.
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Hi im new here and it took me forever to get this Explain Hard Numberous Problems.. To account Numberous Problems.. Hard To Explain activated becuase of my problem I am running Windows xp Pro with service pack First of all i had BraveSentry and i used the tutorial on this website to remove it and everything was going smoothly for a while About or days after i had it removed i had been looking at virus protections and tried a few Kaparsky Mcafee Norton all trials axcept for Kaparsky I cant be exactly sure when the problem first began but i first noticed it when i had Norton on my computer I thought that mabey norton had cuased it so i removed it but the problem only seems to be getting worse probly becuase i am finding more things wrong with my computer as i try to fix it i would bullet this but the button wont work So Heres the problem Windows explorer is acting really weird most pages load but on alot of pages links wont work i click them but nothing happens On the same page that links wont work other links will It seems like every link i click on that could help me find the problem is the one that is not working This happened with my google email account everything would function but when i would click reply or compose nothing would happen also some emails including my confirmation email from this site open and show the sender info and subject ect but there is no message Then theres the pages that load and say done in the bottom left corner but the entire page is blank A odd thing that has started is when i try to log into my school email account and i type my password in it is no longer stars i can see my password in plain english my school account just shows a blank page next there is my windows search utility thing in start menu when i click the search button in the start menu it opens a window and i see the dog assistant but there are no feilds to fill in just blue i have a hunch this could be java related but im not sure PLEASE help thank you Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS system HPZipm exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exeC Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exeC Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exeC Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exeC Program Files QuickTime qttask exeC Program Files Java jre bin jusched exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exeC Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exeC Program Files iPod bin iPodService exeC Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqgalry exeC Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exeC Hijackthis HijackThis exeR - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocxO - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dllO - BHO Google Toolbar Helper - AA ED - DD- d - -CF F - c program files google googletoolbar dllO - Toolbar amp Google - C B - - d - B - A CD F - c program files google googletoolbar dllO - HKLM Run HP Component Manager quot C Program Files HP hpcoretech hpcmpmgr exe quot O - HKLM Run HP Software Update C Program Files HP HP Software Update HPWuSchd exeO - HKLM Run Security C WINDOWS WindowsSecurityUpdate exeO - HKLM Run iTunesHelper quot C Prog... Read more

A:Numberous Problems.. Hard To Explain

I hae fixed the problems with Internet Explorer and my windows search utility. Im not exactly sure what i did that fixed it but heres what i did.first i read somewhere that if i reset my internet security options in the internet options back to defualt that it could sovle my webpage problem... i reset and tryed a web page but no changeso i then installed Kaspersky from a install on my computer, updated it, restarted computer, and did a full computer scan. It Detected one right away that i deleated before the rest and then everything started to work again. The file was:deleted: adware File: C:\System Volume Information\_restore{DD4A63C1-117E-4DCE-B4AD-D2A13BA75D51}\RP167\A0025882.exeso i dont know if that file was cuasing the problems or if the security settings cuased the problems but didnt fix it until computer was restarted...some other files i found on my computer that i think are related to it becuase i think the above was also a win32.agent file are as follows:deleted: adware File: C:\WINDOWS\SecureWin31.dlldeleted: adware File: C:\WINDOWS\SecureWin33.exedeleted: Trojan program File: C:\WINDOWS\system32\vxga4m1et4.exedeleted: Trojan program Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.bdr File: C:\WINDOWS\system32\vxga8me6.exeJust to make sure thats everything i wouild still appriciate it if someone was to look over my hijackThis file and help me with anything else... i found a Twunk_16 and a Twunk_32 in my Windows Directory and read somewhere that it couold be part of a worm, but also read that it might be for scanners and digital cameras. I do have a HP scanner so i left it there for nowheres my new HijackThis file (i dont know if anything has changed): Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1Scan saved at 4:26:22 PM, on 3/2/2007Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16414)Running processes:C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\services.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\lsass.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\spoolsv.exeC:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0\avp.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\HPZipm12.exeC:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exeC:\WINDOWS\Explorer.EXEC:\Program Files\HP\hpcoretech\hpcmpmgr.exeC:\Program Files\HP\HP Software Update\HPWuSchd2.exeC:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exeC:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD\PDVDServ.exeC:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exeC:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11\bin\jusched.exeC:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0\avp.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exeC:\Program Files\Google\GoogleToolbarNotifier\1.2.1128.5462\GoogleToolbarNotifier.exeC:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqtra08.exeC:\Program Files\HP\Digital Imaging\bin\hpqgalry.exeC:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exeC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXEC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\NOTEPAD.EXEC:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exeC:\Hijackthis\HijackThis.exeR1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = - HKLM\Software\Mic... Read more
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I have a database (made by someone else) set up this way:

Location Year Poor Fair good
a______ 2007 1__0____3
b_______2006 1 __2 _4
c ______2007 0 __0
a ______2008 6 _5 _ 10

and I've been asked to produce a report like:

Location 2006 2007 2008
a __poor_ ____1 ____6
____Fair _____0____ 5
____good_____3 ___10
b __poor _1 __2 ____4
(you get the point)

I've been playing around with crosstabs queries and reports, but have only succeeded in confusing myself. I can produce a correct looking report for a single parameter (i.e. poor, fair, etc.), but cannot get each one displayed. Will I have to make cross tab queries and subreports? If someone could point me in the right direction, or give me some ideas what to read up on it would be great.

(i.e. Windows7, access 2007, totally beginner).

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I am creating a database from scratch as the database I inherited has more problems than are necessary and everything became a work-around when it should have been simple It is a time tracker Method? 2007 Access - Best Solved: database and I receive daily timesheets which I plan Solved: Access 2007 - Best Method? on using VB to pull into Access My question is this The major problem I see is in the import to fields in the current database in the date field Some of the employees are not in the USA and they often place their date farmat in the European manner rather than the mm dd yyyy which is asked Is this something that I should address in the import code or on the Excel side I have been trying to place a calendar select in the Excel file and will try it harder if that is the recommended methods The Excel file has tons of field parameters and code that will caution the user when completing the timesheet Thank you nbsp

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Hello hello. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what method I would be able to use in order to lock an .exe file, so that it wouldn't be able to be opened up in the standard way, except through the use of another program.

If somebody could give a me a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Some Manner of Method for File Access

If you're writing (coding and compiling) the exe, why not make it a dll? (I wouldn't know how to actually do this - just suggesting the idea).
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OK, Access gurus--

Is there a method in Access VBA to invoke a file-browsing dialog box, similar to Excel's GetOpenFilename method? I'm building a database that looks at another database and documents its tables, queries, forms, and the fields associated with each, and I'd like my users to be able to select a database for analysis using the standard Explorer-style interface.

Incidentally, this is one heck of a great web site. Keep it up!

--Don S.

A:Access file-browsing method--is there one?

Sorry, Access does not include such a control.

All is not lost however. If you have some other development program installed on your computer like Visual Basic or Visual C++, or (probably) if you have the development edition of Access you can use a Common Dialog Control which is exactly what you want. Access does not come with the CDC but if you have it on your computer from somewhere else you can use it in Access too under ActiveX Controls.
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I have a Dell All-In-One 2320 desktop.A short time after Firefox installed its most recent update, I found this dialog box hiding behind some other windows:'m not sure why Windows Firewall would be asking me to allow Firefox to communicate in a coffee shop, considering my desktop is a bit too large to take with me when I want a cup of joe. ;-)I've never seen this request with any other Firefox update. Can someone explain why I am getting this request now and how to respond? Thanks!message edited by DerbyDad03

A:Please Explain This Firewall Access Request re: Firefox

I agree, it should not be allowing this. It is most likely malware which has crept in and has changed some settings. The first step would be to change those settings over if possible.Next run these two free programs which are a great help at clearing the decks, at least initially, when you get malware:ADWCleaner: Download button near top - not anything else on the page).Download and "Save" the file somewhere. Go to the saved file then double click it to run the Scan. You then have options to remove whatever it shows under each heading in the table that appears below, although it is usually safe to run "Cleaning".MalwareBytes: Download button top right - not anything else on the page)Run the program but before doing the scan go to "Settings > Detection and Protection" and put a checkmark in "Scan for rootkits".If either or both find anything then please copy/paste the logs on here because even if the symptoms are cured you are likely to still have things lurking around that require further cleaning. If nothing is found let us know.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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Hi all I tried to (Delayed to Executables) Explain Problem Hard search for an answer to Hard to Explain Problem (Delayed Executables) this problem but am not sure how to word the search thus poor results Here goes When clicking on shortcuts to executable files in the start menu or quick Hard to Explain Problem (Delayed Executables) launch bar the program clicked takes about full minutes to run Once running the computer performs at normal speeds and does not have any further performance issues The machine is a Pentium Ghz with Mb RAM Plenty of free HDD space OS Windows XP Professional Edition with all the latest upgrades via live update Although the machine works hard at times the problem exists whether no other applications windows are open or whether many other applications windows are open The problem only occurs with executables files run from the start menu and quick launch bar - as well as the right click context menu for all files I would simply reinstall Windows but the thought of setting this PC up again is daunting to say the least If anyone has any suggestions what-so-ever it would be a great help Kind Regards Jokat nbsp

A:Hard to Explain Problem (Delayed Executables)

how many background processes are running. Plus, what programs starts up that runs and eats up resources?

It can also be spyware...maybe?
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Ok here s the rundown I have a desktop that I built years ago Everything was WTH Win7 to Explain Hard - Problem / Mouse SSD / / running perfectly until about a month ago Without any software or hardware changes the system developed a problem Bear with me it s honestly difficult to explain The most obvious symptom is with the mouse Sometimes and seemingly Hard to Explain - Mouse / SSD / Win7 / WTH Problem at random the mouse starts exhibiting weird behavior It never freezes or stutters but sometimes it s like the Hard to Explain - Mouse / SSD / Win7 / WTH Problem system refuses to acknowledge that the mouse is there For example I can sometimes move the cursor down to the start bar and nothing I do will have any effect If I move the cursor over something they don t do that highlight effect If I click nothing If I right click or middle click nothing Meanwhile my keyboard is functioning perfectly So while the mouse gets no response from trying to click the start button I can hit the windows key on the keyboard to make it pop up If I try to click on an item from the start menu after using the keyboard to open it It closes the start menu as if I clicked elsewhere Sometimes when it happens the window I was currently use starts showing this non-responsiveness Sometimes the window I was using is the only window that will work Alt tabbing to another window gives me unresponsive windows on top When I click on one of these windows that fails to give a response the window usually loses focus but isn t covered by another window Sometimes the system registers clicks that I didn t do Sometimes it registers them as the wrong mouse button I have been looking at the monitor without touching the mouse and seen the middle-click circle appear Now this seems to mostly revolve around the mouse I use a Logitech Wave K Keyboard and Performance MX Mouse with the Unifying receiver I connected a regular USB mouse When I noticed the problem happening while using the wireless mouse I grabbed the wired mouse and checked to see if the problem disappeared It didn t When the system became unresponsive it was unresponsive to both mice at the same time I do think the problem occurs less often when I use the wired mouse exclusively but I m not sure what that indicates I have disk drives There s a GB Crucial C SSD as my primary drive There s a WD FASS Western Digital TB HDD There s a GB knock-off brand laptop drive thrown in there from when my previous laptop died When I suspected that maybe there was an issue with my windows installation I decided to try a new installation I installed windows on the WD drive After booting into that installation none of these problems appeared again Everything ran perfectly albeit much slower due to not being a SSD Seeing this as a victory sign I proceeded to remove the original windows installation on the SSD and install a fresh copy As soon as I booted into the fresh win session the problems manifested in full force Everything described above started happening again I can boot into the copy on the HDD and it runs flawlessly I can boot into the copy on the SSD and it s deathly painful to use I m stumped I ve been using this SSD with this mouse on the same Win installation for over years and then the problem pops up out of nowhere Switching to an installation on another drive removes the problem but it s an unacceptable quot solution quot Using a wired mouse exclusively might help but it s also not an acceptable quot solution quot as my monitor is a quot plasma tv and my quot desk quot alternates between the coffee table in front of the couch and the tv stand if I want to sit insanely close for maximum immersion in a game If the mouse itself was broken then the problem wouldn t disapear when I switched to the HDD s win install If it was software related it would ve had to be triggered by the installation update of something but there was no such update change WIthout any driver install update the mouse and keyboard work with a fres... Read more

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Just as the title states my new bought laptop is extremely weird I am currently having issues and yes I ve searched already even though its hard to search when this is so confusing Whenever sound is played on the laptop WITH and WITHOUT HEADPHONES MIC plugged in the left side laptop speaker lets out a static sound for a while and if a sound on the laptop ends it ends after like - seconds The buggiest issue I am having is my computer refusing to be the screen with Hard to Laptop issue and explain quot actual quot screen What I mean by this is that if I Hard to explain issue with Laptop and screen screen capture my desktop the lower maybe th of the bottom and the right side is cut off the resolution being weird I E If i stream and capture a window and my mouse is in the middle ON MY SCREEN the stream will show my mouse cursor to the right and a Hard to explain issue with Laptop and screen bit below of where it should be in the middle Please help me as I ve already tried my Hard to explain issue with Laptop and screen laptop brand s customer service GIGABYTE and Reddit but to no avail and GIGABYTE takes forever for them to respond to tickets and all they ask for is if i installed anything etc when I got the laptop when the issue was from the beginning What I have tried Disable Enabling NVIDIA INTEL HD graphics cards System Reformat Updating drivers Change resolution Thank you for your time and I pray that someone has a solution for me this is extremely annoying nbsp

A:Hard to explain issue with Laptop and screen

Hi there

If you have tried a system format the chances are almost 100% hardware related.
You will have to take it back to the seller for inspection.

The will either repair the laptop or credit you.

Best Regards
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Hi all.

I have a cruel and unusual question for you all. My dad's boss copied his old vinyl records to his computer to be able to listen to in his car. However, when he burned it to CD, instead he burned it to DVD as a movie.

What I'd like to know is two things:

1. How the heck could he possibly do that?

2. How can I burn this "movie" back to an audio CD?

I have Nero OEM Suite 3 Version 6.6

Thank you in advance.

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First of all I explain Laptop issue Hard you read. to until have a Windows vaio bit To explain the problem I Hard to explain Laptop issue until you read. am going to have to explain the circumstances on which it occurs Any time I am typing using notepad surfing the internet or watching videos the window suddenly becomes idle I'll explain quot idle quot So the window of the program is still there but it just won't react to my typing anymore It's as if I had clicked outside of the window The only way to get it to respond is if I click back inside the window somewhere and continue typing Even if I have a full screen window it still happens This problem occurs so frequently it has happen like times while typing this It just doesn't happen when I am just typing It may just randomly occur Even when I'm doing something on full screen it takes me to my desktop My computer It is not infected with a virus as I have anti-virus program running and have done multiple scans of my comptuer THANK YOU for ypur responses

A:Hard to explain Laptop issue until you read.

Hello Ruben and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might be able to use system restore to roll back your Vaio to a date/time prior to the problem first appearing.

System Restore

Since this is affecting several things (typing, watching videos, etc) your computer may have damaged or corrupt system files. Try running a system file checker scan from an elevated command prompt (option two.) If problems are found, run the scan 3 times and reboot the computer after each scan.

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Please post back if anything helped or not.
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Ok, here is the deal. I had to restore Windows Vista with a new hd that got shipped to me from HP and I'm looking at the windows I have open and I don't know what the issue is but the left side of the Google Chrome windows and other programs I have open, on the left side it looks curved, like it's tilted a bit.

Like I said, hard for me to explain, it just doesn't look right as I'm sitting here lol. I know some must be thinking I'm on something but I've compared the screen to another laptop in the home.

A:Program screens look weird, hard to explain

Originally Posted by Holt82

Ok, here is the deal. I had to restore Windows Vista with a new hd that got shipped to me from HP and I'm looking at the windows I have open and I don't know what the issue is but the left side of the Google Chrome windows and other programs I have open, on the left side it looks curved, like it's tilted a bit.

Like I said, hard for me to explain, it just doesn't look right as I'm sitting here lol. I know some must be thinking I'm on something but I've compared the screen to another laptop in the home.

Hallo Holt, i dont know if this is of any help but i have been in the same situation on occassion even got a ruler out and measured things up

What it was for me was the graphics on the wallpaper i was displaying at the time was making my window borders look out of shape.

I dont know if this helps or not but i can assure you i wasnt on anything when it happened to me
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I am embarrassingly out of touch, and the Interwebs is no help (apparently I have let my vbax account lapse, too). I'm looking for alternative methods to wrap a form in a function using Access 2010. Northwind 2010 hasn't been much help.

I think in the past I tended to use a Show/Activate, Hide/Deactivate approach, but I also have some familiarity with the OpenArgs alternative. Are these still the main techniques to wrap a reusable form in a VBA function?

Thanks in advance,

A:Best method for reusable form in Access 2010?

Chris, can you explain what you want the Form to actually do or be made to do?

The VBA functions are me.visible = true to show and me.visible = false to hide the form.
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Here is the situation I have to look up about different values from a table in a row from a loop I can get the data easily enough but I am wondering which of the following methods would be faster lookup method Access Table 2000: Using ADODB Code Dim cn as ADODB Connection Dim rs as New ADODB RecordSet Dim Values as String Set cn CurrentProject Connection rs Open quot SELECT FROM Table quot cn adOpenStatic adLockReadOnly Values quot One quot Values quot Two quot Values quot Three quot Values quot Four quot For i to Ubound Values rs MoveFirst rs Find quot Name ' quot amp Values i amp quot ' quot adSearchForward If Not rs EOF Debug Print quot The ID is quot amp rs ID Else Debug Print quot The item does not exist quot End If Access 2000: Table lookup method Next i rs Close Using Dlookup Code Dim res as String Dim Values as String Values quot One quot Values quot Two quot Values Access 2000: Table lookup method quot Three quot Values quot Four quot For i to Ubound Values res Dlookup quot ID quot quot Table quot quot Name ' quot amp Values i amp quot ' quot If Not isnull res Debug Print quot The ID is quot amp res Else Debug Print quot The item does not exist quot End If Next i nbsp

A:Access 2000: Table lookup method

does anyone know of any books that help you connect Microsoft Access to VB?
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My hard drive crashed seemingly due to a trojan horse. Unfortunately I did not have a recent back up. So I hooked it up as a slave to another drive. I can access some of the data, but my most recent data is not accessable. I'm sure this is because of the password protection on a different profile.

I am using Windows XP Home Edition which does not have the administrator tools that professional does. Isn't there a way that I can get around the security and log in through DOS?

Do I need to use the old motherboard with the new drive in order to do this?

I know there has to be a way to do this and I am desperate to get my data off of the drive.

Please HELP!!!!!

A:Hard Drive Crash-Access from another drive

Background please: Did you try a repair install? No data loss with that.

Can you get hold of/make a Win98 startup disk?
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when I go to access my C drive an eror message pops up and says

"Windows cannot find "RECYCLER\'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click Start, and then click Search"

I've uploaded a print screen of the windo that pops up if that helps.

I don't know what to do can you help plz!?!?

A:[SOLVED] I can't Access my C drive (hard drive)
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I honestly didn t know how to search for explain in with certain 1 overlapping to (hard sentence) windows Problem help on this topic as it s somewhat hard to describe in brief search terms Sometimes Problem with certain overlapping windows (hard to explain in 1 sentence) depending on what I m doing if I have multiple windows open and one is overlapping another the one in front will seem to quot disappear quot but in reality the contents of the window behind it is being quot drawn quot over the window in front When the window in front is moved the quot drawn-on quot parts stay with it until one of two things happen The window will be redrawn properly if I drag it off the screen and back or if something on the window itself changes such as highlighting a selection or hovering over a button that has a mouse-over effect Only the parts that change or are dragged completely off the screen are restored to normal I notice this most when I m working in specific applications In Adobe After Effects if AE is in the back and I ve got something in front Problem with certain overlapping windows (hard to explain in 1 sentence) of it even one of its own dialog boxes this can happen In Valve s Hammer World Editor software this happens It Problem with certain overlapping windows (hard to explain in 1 sentence) can also happen with Media Player Classic if I have a video playing and have another window in front of it This problem seems to happen at random I updated to the latest video drivers but the problem persists Based on what I know so far I m wondering if it s some kind of codec or video rendering issue Before I go messing with my codecs I ll wait to see if I get any responses here with other ideas This problem is extremely annoying because while I m working on projects I m constantly having to drag my windows off screen and back just to get them to normal Thanks in advance for any help I uploaded a video that actually shows this happening It s here iframe It starts happening just after the mark The video is available in p so you can see everything clearly if you go full screen with it

A:Problem with certain overlapping windows (hard to explain in 1 sentence)

Hi -
Just a quick observation. You have about 50 processes open (and running) at the same time - (Bottom of screen)
Can you close the processes that are not being used or required at the same time ? ?
What happens if you only have 2 or 3 items open at the same time ? ?

Thank You -
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This may or may not be a word problem. It may be something that can be accomplish in Access.
I am doing a mail merge in word. The mail merge may produce 1 sheet or it may produce 10 sheets, depending on the amount of fields it needs to print. Example: I need to print coupons. One person may have 10 and another may have 100. The way I have been doing this, (and it is time consuming), I create an Access file with all the fields. Then I merge them into a Word doc. I have 12 coupons that will print to one sheet. The coupons with data, (all different), will print the amount on them and the fields that have no data will print VOID on them. I would like to know if there is a way to print only coupons that contain the data and the ones that have no data would just not print at all?
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Ok I have a 7 column table and I spread the colums wide, using a landscape. Problem is when i put lots of text ina column it doesnt go down. It just goes on wide. For instance it does this:

information information information information information information information information information

when I want it do do this:

information information information
informationinformation information

A:Text in Word table wont go under (hard to explain).

In Word 2007, Table Properties>Cell Options>Wrap Text needs to be checked.
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This may or may not be a word problem. It may be something that can be accomplish in Access.
I am doing a mail merge in word. The mail merge may produce 1 sheet or it may produce 10 sheets, depending on the amount of fields it needs to print. Example: I need to print coupons. One person may have 10 and another may have 100. The way I have been doing this, (and it is time consuming), I create an Access file with all the fields. Then I merge them into a Word doc. I have 12 coupons that will print to one sheet. The coupons with data, (all different), will print the amount on them and the fields that have no data will print VOID on them. I would like to know if there is a way to print only coupons that contain the data and the ones that have no data would just not print at all?
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In my workplace, my employer is able to restrict internet access to only a specific list of websites by using a paid service. (I forgot the name of it.)

Now, I would like to do the same to my home computer. Is there any free method of restricting my internet access to a list of trusted sites, and block everything else?

(I tend to be clumsy and accidentally click on ads, causing malware to spread to my computer.) Currently, I only use a few websites frequently. If there are more trusted websites that I need, I will add them to my allowed list in the future.

There are other computers connected to my home router, but I only want to restrict one computer only. Thanks!

A:Any free method of restricting internet access to certain websites?

it's a lot simpler to set up a blacklist and block certain sites using the hosts file than it is to have a whitelist.

are you sure you want to have to 'add to allowed list' each single time you want to visit a new site?

what model is your router, and which anti-virus and firewall programs are you using?

oh, and what browser?
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The photo should be self-explanatory. Whenever I takea screenpick WinXP takes the screen as normal, but then it "takes" another "invisible" part not seen from my monitor, to the right of it. See pic below. I use Windows XP SP2. Any explanations?


A:Solved: Windows XP makes an invisible second screen... hard to explain

Are you using PrtScrn key for the shots? Do you have a second monitor enabled in your display settings?
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Hi my name is Joe this is my first time on Tech Support Guy. Basically my issue is that whenever other devices are on websites like facebook or youtube my online game laggs terribly. The issue is partially the fact that my internet is horrible as i am on holiday in egypt. I am using a provider for my router called TE DATA and i would like to know if there is anyway in which i may designate a specific amount of bandwidth for myself so that the program i use on the computer "Heroes of Newerth" will always have sufficient bandwidth. So i would be setting a priority for my internet in a way so that my game would not lagg. Is this something to do with the Qos? Anyway any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Joe

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Ok Well Hi everyone I am new here and I have a very annoying problem that I would really like help on To explain the problem I am going to have to explain the circumstances on which it occurs Any time I am typing whether it be in firefox internet explorer microsoft office notepad or any form of thing that involves typing half the Issue. read) till (hard u Typing explain Weird to Very time the window suddenly becomes idle Let me provide Very Weird Typing Issue. (hard to explain till u read) more detail on quot idle quot So the window of the program is still there but it just won't won't react to my typing anymore It's as if I had clicked outside of the window The only way to get it to respond is if I move my mouse and click back inside the window somewhere and continue typing Even if I have a full screen window it still happens This problem occurs so frequently that it has happened times while I have been typing this I would appreciate any response EDIT It doesn't happen when I am just typing It may just randomly occur EDIT More information on my computer It is not infected with a virus as I have anti-virus programs running and have done multiple scans of my comptuer I have also tryed using ccleaner to clear out temporary files

A:Very Weird Typing Issue. (hard to explain till u read)

Welcome narproductions,

Can you give us your hardware specs, 32bit or 64bit win7 ?

What % CPU useage are you having at the time? How much ram memory do you have ?
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Hey all Sorry for the rather unspecific title however I'm having issues that can't really be described in a few words without causing confusion A while in see General in title, Hard thread. explain issue. to windows back I installed a theme called quot Dark Agility quot I'm sure a few of you may be General windows issue. Hard to explain in title, see in thread. familiar with it as I got it from around here I'm pretty sure This is what it looks like It's not an easy to install theme and came with various instructions on how to replace certain files one of which was Explorer exe Since then I hadn't had any real major issues but some are popping up now Whenever I try to turn network and sharing on it will enable but as soon as I close and re-go back into that menu General windows issue. Hard to explain in title, see in thread. it will show as disabled General windows issue. Hard to explain in title, see in thread. again This appears to be a regular occurence with any other menus that I can enable disable things using a radio button the little circle that when you click on it it will highlight Another issue that I'm having on this computer I'm on my laptop at the moment is this Every time I change my power profile Power saver gt High performance vice versa or any other possible combination my Minimum and Maximum CPU usage obtained my going into the power options gt more power settings gt change plan settings gt change advanced power settings gt Proccessor power management is set to That's of the CPU as the MAXIMUM that windows can use It underclocks the poor thing to around Mhz I was wondering if any of you knowledgeable chaps woul be able to help me out with these issues and perhaps get them fixed Thank you

A:General windows issue. Hard to explain in title, see in thread.

Run SFC -SCANNOW Command which should remove the theme's intrusion into Win7 System files, which would be what is causing the problem.
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Ok guys here is a daft one.....

Ok i have got a new HD and my old HD i now have as a slave. I need to get some docs from My Documents but when i set it up i set it up so that My Docs were private. Now i have the issue that i can not tranfer my files to my new drive.

I have had this prob before but i just used the special permissions tab and overwrote the permissions so that i could access, but now i dont have that option anymore.

I know that this option is mainly there on domain based clients but when i done it last time my client was not joined to a domain and never has been.

How do i enable this option or trick xp pro into thinking it is on a domain so i can get this option?

Thanks guys


A:Hard Drive Access

I told you it was a stupid one, Sorry guys i sorted the problem now.

I was not doing it in safe mode, hahaha

Thanks guys