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Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - How to remap tilt-wheel

Q: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - How to remap tilt-wheel

I have the latest IntelliPoint drivers (5.5), but there is still no way of re-mapping the tilt wheel functions at all. It would be great for games if i could remap to arrow keys for example, because horizontal scrolling isnt recognised in many programs, or ANY games.

Please someone help if they have any idea...


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Preferred Solution: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - How to remap tilt-wheel

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 - How to remap tilt-wheel

not too sure about remapping tilt wheel, but i would try a google search and check with M$
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I bought a new wireless mouse 2.0 keyboard combo thinking I could customize the tilt wheel to do the job of the back/forward buttons you find on the sides of some mice. But you can't. the tilt switch can only be assigned one function and that's horizontal scrolling. Does anyone know of any way to hack this so I can assign custom functions to the tilt?


I've scoured the web in search of a solution but with no luck. This is surprising considering the back/forward mouse shortcuts are the most used shortcuts in a browser. Amazingly there doesnt seem to be a single utility designed for customizing mouse wheels or tilt switches. The closest I got was an extension for Firefox turning the tilt into back/forward, but it's so bug ridden it's unusable.

A:customizing intellimouse tilt wheel

Your wireless mouse and keyboard should have come with a software CD, which should make it work. Did you install it? I have one also and it works great.
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My optical mouse recently died and I couldn't find one like it with the 2 extra buttons on the left and right. I use these extensively when browzing on the web or folders in explorer. So I bought a new wireless mouse 2.0 thinking I could customize the tilt wheel to do the same thing. But you can't. the tilt switch can only be assigned one function and that's horizontal scrolling. Does anyone know of any way to hack this so I can assign custom functions to the tilt? Thanks.

A:customizing intellimouse tilt wheel

I've scoured the web in search of a solution but with no luck. This is surprising considering the back/forward mouse shortcuts are the most used shortcuts in a browser. Amazingly there doesnt seem to be a single utility designed for customizing mouse wheels or tilt switches. The closest I got was an extension for Firefox turning the tilt into back/forward, but it's so bug ridden it's unusable.
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Hi All

Just got a M$ Wireless mouse with a tilt wheel.

Firstly the wheel works for un and down but does scroll left to right as it should. But my main problem is that on my old mouse I could move backwards and forwards on webpages with the extra buttons on the mouse. Is there anyway I can get this tilt wheel to do the same.

Maybe you can program the mouse from somewhere but I really can't work it out.

Any help would be great.


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hope I can get answer here
was wondering whether wireless mouse can be good gaming mouse,cuz I quite like this tilt wheel mouse,have you test the function?
my hands are large,so the size matches me.

A:Tilt wheel mouse?

I have a wireless Logitech Darkfield mouse. it suits me just fine. I do game too. I prefer Logitech. they're a good brand.
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I have a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer - about 2-3 years old. Today it
has frozen twice - I just wondered if it was wearing out - or what do you
think? Why would it suddenly freeze twice in one day?


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I was given a USB intellimouse explorer, that didn't seem to work properly and now doesn't work at all. The problem that I have is that the red LED that lights up the camera piece doesn't work any more. if I replace the LED do you think I would have to replace it with one of the same colour?, or just use any colour?
the only thing that I can think of that I can do is to take the one from the back of the mouse that works without a problem and then put it where the other one is.
Any suggestions are welcome, as my cordless mouse is really annoying me!
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I've had my computer (Dell Latitude Core i7 x64) running Windows 10 32-bit for over a year and have been using the same mouse for many years, as far back as 2 computers possibly. In the past week the mouse will disconnect and it will not come back on if I unplug and reconnect it or switch ports. The only thing that will restore it is turning the computer off and then on. Any ideas what could be causing this?

It seems like maybe it happened after a recent automatic update..
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Just got a new super duper Logitech LX7 tilt wheel scroll mouse. Everything working except horizontal scrolling in Excel 2007. The horizontal scrolling works ok in other apps and Excel 2003, just not 2007.

Anyone with a similar problem ... or any ideas?


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My MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 has detents in the scroll wheel operation which cause the scroll to jump two or three lines with every use. However, my MS Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 has a smooth continuous scroll wheel operation which is much preferred. Both mice are wired USB devices.

Is it possible to change the Explorer Mouse to scroll continuously without detents or do I have to just give up and buy the other mouse? I recall reading somewhere that this detent could be changed or removed or maybe I read wrongly.

A:Change resolution of scroll wheel in MS Intellimouse?

Quote: Originally Posted by mendopaul

My MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 has detents in the scroll wheel operation which cause the scroll to jump two or three lines with every use. However, my MS Comfort Optical Mouse 3000 has a smooth continuous scroll wheel operation which is much preferred. Both mice are wired USB devices.

Is it possible to change the Explorer Mouse to scroll continuously without detents or do I have to just give up and buy the other mouse? I recall reading somewhere that this detent could be changed or removed or maybe I read wrongly.

Control Panel -> Mouse -> Wheel

Set it as you want it.
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I know, us Netscape users are a vanishing species, but....

Bought a new MS Intellimouse Explorer Wireless mouse with Tilt/Scroll Wheel. Very nice, except the scroll wheel magnifies instead of scrolls but ONLY in Netscape (I'm using Netscape 7.1). I was told elsewhere that someone had this problem with IE and fixed it by installing the Intellimouse v. 4 software (current version is v. 5), but that didn't make any difference.

Can ANYONE help???

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Mouse is 5-6 years old: "erratic movements"

This USB mouse runs off a 4-port BUS-powered USB Hub. Within the last week or so, the mouse jumps around erratically. I've tried it attached directly to my Sony notebook's USB with the same effect, so it does not seem to be the problem--though I am considering getting a hub with external power.

Any idea? I've got a new Logitech G3 ordered, so I can say goodbye to it if I have to...

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Does anyone know if microsoft will ever release a Serial version of their IntelliMouse Optical? Yes, it's sad, I only have a serial port, and nobody seems to make mice that are compatiable with it(they're all USB and/or PS/2).

Take a mega-byte out of my mega-chip!

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

I'm not sure about this, but i think it'd be tehnologically impossible to make a Serial optical mouse. I don't thinik the Serial Port would be fast enough.

Just remember, i could be wrong.
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Hi all, my computer is all fine and dandy now. Yea! Except for one thing.. I just went out and bought an Intellimouse optical and I installed it. It works and all except the two little side buttons. In the quickstart guide it lets me choose the mouse as the Intellimouse Optical but it only tells about it. Then in the Intellipoint software v4.0 it doesn't have the option to choose intellimouse opt only intellimouse. I'm thinking of downloading v4.1 but it has LOTS of bad reviews. What do i do?

A:Microsoft intellimouse optical

I had trouble with the cd that came with my last one, ended up downloading the newer version, that one worked. 4.1 I beleive
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I tried to contact Microsoft Tech Support but they wouldn't help me since I was out of the 90 days for Free Tech support, go figure! Anyhow, I keep getting an Error 1101 when I install the software for this mouse. It says the following: Error reading from file c:\windows\TEMP\_isA164\1033.MST

How can I resolve this error so I can use the full capability of this mouse?

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical

What OS are you using?

And what mouse were you using before? Does that one still work?
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A friend gave me a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer yesterday so I plugged it into my systems USB port the light came on see pic but I can t move the cursor I can click and use the wheel but that s it I ve tried all sorts of things at the moment I have my old mouse cordless PS amp the [SOLVED] Microsoft Intellimouse USB USB Intellimouse both plugged in the [SOLVED] Microsoft USB Intellimouse cordless works fine but as I said I can click with the other some of the things I have tried -Deleting the cordless mouse and starting the system up with only the Intellimouse -Deleting the USB and letting it re-detect that and the mouse -Just starting the system with the Intellimouse without deleting anything The Intellimouse shows up in the mouse section of the control panel I m running XP Home Ed but I simply can t move the cursor I actually thought that the mouse was ment to have lights under it but I m not sure my guess is that the camera in the mouse is dead my friend didn t know if it worked or not but I just want to make sure before I dispose of it Could it be worth trying it using a USB to PS coverter With the picture that should appear with this post I have put a red box around where it lights up nbsp

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Hi this is my first post here I have just installed a Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer under Windows ME and Im having many problems After install it runs something cordless Intellimouse Microsoft called hidserv With hidserv Microsoft Intellimouse cordless running it unloads my other USB devices my scanner and printer Hidserv is loaded weather I use the instellipoint software that came with the mouse or not The only Microsoft Intellimouse cordless way I can get my scanner and printer loaded again is to completly uninstall the mouse and software and delete the file hidserv exe off my system Then I can load my scanner and printer all is fine until I pulg the mouse in again When I reboot I get all kinds of errors and one that says the registry has problem which windows will correct and reboots Upon reboot windows shows conflicts in the device manager for my USB scanner and printer Hidserv is once again running I can see that the mouse conflicts with my scanner and printer anyone have any ideas on how to resolve the conflicts Thanks nbsp
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Hello there good people running this website Have an issue with explorer exe in windows running CPU at all the time Have ran Spyware Doctor Ad -aware and other recommended programs from this site and cannot nail the problem Even with the windows explorer shut down and the absence of an internet connection it just keeps on running full tilt What is the likey cause of this Would reinstalling explorer fix this I hope i dnt have to do that and was hoping one of you guys can check this hijack log out to found something out of place Waiting thankfully in anticipation Computer currently rendered useless Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files CA eTrust Vet Antivirus ISafe exe C WINDOWS full Explorer 99%CPU tilt Windows running System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS system PSIService exe C WINDOWS System tcpsvcs exe C WINDOWS System snmp exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files CA eTrust Vet Antivirus CAVRID exe Windows Explorer running full tilt 99%CPU C Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite cctray cctray exe C Program Files Common Files Ulead Systems DVD ULCDRSvr exe C Program Files Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband BigPond CM exe C Program Files CA eTrust Vet Antivirus VetMsg exe C Program Files Messenger MSMSGS EXE C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system wscntfy exe C Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite ccprovsp exe C Documents and Settings Neville My Documents HiJackThis exe C WINDOWS system taskmgr exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www telstra com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http ninemsn com au R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft Windows Explorer running full tilt 99%CPU com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId Windows Explorer running full tilt 99%CPU R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Telstra BigPond Home Internet Explorer R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride localhost O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO BigPond Wireless Broadband Auto Dial - DB EC F- D- C B- A B- ABBD D A - C Program Files Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband bpwbb ad dll O - Toolbar Easy-WebPrint - C -E D- c -AA D- AC BABA C - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint Toolband dll O - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run CAVRID quot C Program Files CA eTrust Vet Antivirus CAVRID exe quot O - HKLM Run cctray quot C Program Files CA CA Internet Security Suite cctray cctray exe quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run BigPondWirelessBroadbandCM quot C Program Files Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband BigPond CM exe quot -tsr O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger MSMSGS EXE quot background O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - HKCU Run NBJ quot C Program Files Ahead Nero BackItUp NBJ exe quot O - Extra button Research - B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - C PROGRA MICROS OFFICE REFIEBAR DLL O - Extra button FlashGet - D E... Read more
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I bought Intellimouse optical yesterday. I installed the software. I prefer using Netcape
rather then the explorer. My mouse doesn't work that has the back and the forward on my
mouse. I clicked on explorer and It works. Which version of Netscape will I have to use for the
back and forward?

Thanks a lot,

A:Microsoft Intellimouse optical problem?

I have a Wireless Intellimous Explorer and all 5 buttons work in every program that uses a back function. A little advice: I don't use the forward button much, but do use the back. I changed the forward button to function as the close button... because I use that one a lot... works great. Back to your mouse... it is possible it doesn't work with netscape because microsoft made it... and you know how microsoft is. It really should work though, even if you are using netscape. Try upgrading to the latest version and maybe even upgrade your intellimouse software, if there is an upgrade. Also, make sure you have the correct mouse selected in the settings of your software. If you have the wrong one selected the regular left and right buttons should work without software because they are basic, standard functions.
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Just recently, I've been having trouble with my mouse.

Sometimes, when I single click something, it double clicks it instead. For example, when I want to press the back button, it goes back two pages, even if I click once.

And other times, when I try clicking a link, it doesn't respond. And it takes me a few clicks to actually go to it.

When I open up dropdown menus, whenever I click it once, it goes back up. It takes a few times for me to click it and it stays.

I have no clue what the problem is. It just started happening.

Is there any way I can fix it or any small little tests I can do to check it?


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My razer deathadder recently died and I couldn't afford another one, so I went for something cheaper

I got the intellimouse 3.0 and i'm not too impressed

I have the pointer speed set on the fastest setting, but when you are moving the pointer around slowly it jerks in increments of of a millimetre or so, and its quite frustrating when gaming, especially in sniper situations

Is there any way to make it smoother?

A:Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 - making it smoother?

If you haven't already, install the intellipoint driver. Although the mouse will work using the native Windows driver, you will have fuller use of its capabilities if you install the latest driver.
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I am using a Dell Dimension E that I upgraded to Gb of memory and then upgraded from XP Media Center to Vista Home Premium I m having a problem with my wireless mouse I purchased and used without a problem on XP a Microsoft Elite Bluetooth keyboard and mouse Since I Bluetooth Intellimouse Problem for Microsoft upgraded to Vista I have been having problems with the mouse When I opened an internet page the second I moved the cursor out of the toolbar and into the page the page would begin jumping and flickering up and down Twice now I ve deleted the mouse amp keyboard problem and re-installed them and they seem to work for a while Microsoft Intellimouse for Bluetooth Problem I finally figured out yesterday that this occurred after I ran that IOBIT Windows Cleaner free program so I deleted that program deleted the Microsoft bluetooth program and then re-installed the Intellitype and Intellimouse programs and everything seemed to be working well This morning I can t get the mouse to work at all The system reads the keyboard OK I m typing on it right now and it tells me that the mouse batteries are good so I believe that it sees the mouse but the cursor will not move with the mouse Can anyone help me with this Thanks nbsp

A:Microsoft Intellimouse for Bluetooth Problem

Try updating the mouse driver.
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I have been using this mouse for about a year now problem 1.1A IntelliMouse Microsoft Optical I was just surfing on the net today when the mouse froze and would not work light at the bottom did not light up like usual I usually connect it to the computer with a PS converter and Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem decided to unplug it from the converter and just plug it in the computer Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem using its original USB plug and it worked However after every about minutes it stops working every minutes I would need to unplug the mouse from the USB port and reconnect again I have tried my other USB ports all did the same Everytime it disconnects on the right bottom it would pop up a message saying quot Unrecognizable tool connected quot something along those lines however when I do reconnect it it ll recognize it sayin the mouse model I was wondering is there a problem with the mouse or is it the computer Anyway I can quot fix quot this problem I m broke at the moment haha and have no money therefore can t get a new mouse at the moment and this problem is annoying me nbsp

A:Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical 1.1A problem

Have you tried downloading and installing the latest MS Intellipoinit drivers? the latest version is ip5.4
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I just got a new wireless mouse and keyboard set. My mouse today, has begun registering only a half of the clicks that I make. Say I click "submit" sometimes I will have to click it 3 times. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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I'm very used to my 5 button mouse selecting, copy and paste with 1 hand is very convenient against the short cut Control C and Control V and single clic for double clic So I wonder if there is a solution to get a Windows 10 driver Or do I have to quite with this mouse? What can we expect from Microsoft to one of his own products ??
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I am accustomed to using the WinKey+E to open up Explorer but I recently installed SpeedCommander and I was wondering if it is possible to replace the behavior of Win+E to open up SpeedCommander instead of opening up the default Windows Explorer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:[SOLVED] Is it possible to remap WinKey+E (Explorer)

Try this app:
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I can't use my middle mouse button when playing games.I have up to date drivers version 5.any ideas

A:intellimouse explorer

If you mouse is working fine in windows (ie the middle button) then its a matter of configuring it in the relevant games. I.e. in something like Unreal tournament go into the options and assign a key command to the middle button.
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Im just putting a thread out to anyone who can find, or has found an optical wired Intellimouse Explorer for under 35 stg? My standard Intellimouse has packed in and funds are running low. Thanks!

A:Cheap Intellimouse Explorer?

Are you into Ebay at all?

On Ebay, new Optical Intellimouses run for about 20 pounds.
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Hey all,

Long time listener, first time caller!

I apologize if this is in the wrong subsection.

I swapped out mice from a Logitech USB optical to a MS Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 (favorite mouse of all time).

The mouse freezes after the pc has been asleep for a while. Disconnecting then reconnecting the mouse via usb resets it and it works; however its quite frustrating to have to do this every time. My suspicion is a faulty driver, but I've tried to reinstall the drivers to no avail. I've also tried disabling hybrid sleep and usb suspend without success.

The logitech worked without any issues.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!
Additional info:

windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
i5 2500k
asrock extreme 3 gen 3
16 gigs of gskill 1600

just downloaded and installed intellipoint 8.2 to see if that helps at all

A:Intellimouse Explorer 3.0 Issues

the drivers i mentioned installing did not solve the issue.

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I'm having trouble getting all the buttons for the intellimouse explorer to work with the scroll. I'm running Gentoo 1.4rc1. I can get the scroll to work when I set ' ZAxisMapping "4 5" ' but the extra buttons won't work. If I set ZAxisMapping "6 7" in my XF86Config file, the scroll in apps like Mozilla won't work. Is there any way to get this working as well as all the buttons?

A:MS IntelliMouse Explorer Problem

Hello Kyred, welcome to Techspot forums!

Have you defined the number of buttons in XF86Config? Not just ZAxisMapping but "Buttons" in the same section?
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I spent on a Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer because I wanted to go optical and I wanted lots of buttons for gaming After working fine for a good months about months ago I started noticing my mouse would just stop responding Even during a game The red light on the mouse would even go out indicating a loss of power After returning to problems... Explorer Intellimouse Windows the problem would often fix itself I would see a little USB icon with a comment that Intellimouse Explorer problems... the device was having a problem But I couldn t click on it so I would have to start opening up the Control Panel Before I could ever get the Device Manager open to look at this the problem would fix itself This is a USB Intellimouse Explorer problems... mouse so I tried a different USB port but the problem persisted Driver uninstall reinstall didn t work either I had just installed Windows on a fresh partition in this machine so I didn t think it was a driver problem The only driver EVER installed on this WindowsXP install was the most current version I was starting to think there was just some USB problem on this motherboard In any case I switched to my old PS mouse and focused on another project Building a brand new machine When I was done with the new machine I plugged in the MS Mouse It worked great so I figured it must have been the other computer The other night it started happening on my brand new computer So I looked on Microsoft s website to figure out how I could send this crappy thing to them for repair or replacement Can this be done The only way of contacting them seems to be a service call How can you return defective hardware to them Also I looked on their knowledge base and they actually say their USB mice won t work on ASUS motherboards They don t get specific as to which boards or boards built before a certain date They just say ASUS motherboards They say ASUS underpowers the USB ports Well my new machine is based on a A N X Deluxe ASUS motherboard These boards are brand new and I can t imagine that ASUS wouldn t have addressed a simple issue like underpowered USB ports These ports are USB Does anyone think I have a chance at getting Microsoft to replace my mouse Or do you think they will claim it is the Asus board and refuse even though the other PC was a Dell Sorry for rambling but I spent my available cash on the new PC and can t afford a new mouse to replace my relatively new mouse Thanks in advance for any replies FingerDemon nbsp

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The mouse will randomnly turn off and on the laser Explorer Intellimouse MS is out. spazing and eventually shuts off indefinetly untill i unplug MS Intellimouse Explorer is spazing out. and then plug it back in agian It happens usually when MS Intellimouse Explorer is spazing out. I am playing a pc game but it has happened while just browsing the internet before I thought it maybe be a bad cord connection type problem but when it goes out for good i shake the thing like crazy and play with the cord on both ends and nothing happens yet unplugging and plugging it back in will always get it working again for about minutes Now my mb had a bunch of usb patches for xp and usb and i uninstalled and reinstalled these and nothing changed I dont think this is driver related becuase my keyboard is also usb and it has not gone out on me yet Broken part maybe I hope not I havent even had the mouse for a year yet and it IS a very nice mouse indeed I really dont wanna buy a new one only to find out I needed some other driver or the bad part is the mb plug in nbsp

A:MS Intellimouse Explorer is spazing out.

have you tried it in a different usb port?
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Ok, I have a REALLY strange problem, when I plug my MS Intellimouse 3 into the usb port on my laptop, it detects it as the intellimouse, then when it tried to install the drivers, it cant find any. This is really weired, i have used it many times on many different desktops and it autodetects and works, why is it doing this? it is running XP pro. Please help, thank you!

A:IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 and XP on laptop

ttt please, anyone?
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I have a MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer, and I'm running Windows XP. Does anyone else have this mouse or has used it? It doesn't seem as precise as the corded version of the mouse. The movement is slightly jerky. I expected better from a $70 mouse. Is this normal?

A:MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer

I just read a review of this mouse, and it has a documented slow response time. It's a trade off I guess, but not one I'm willing to make. I'm taking it back. The difference between the wireless one and it's wired counterpart is significant.
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Can anyone explain to me how to program custom keystrokes into the buttons on this beast? I'm using driver version 5.0. The User Manual is absolutely useless. It says it can be done but offers no details on how to do it. The alternatives included in the pulldown menu for each button are very limited and there is no explanation on how to customize with keystrokes that aren't in the list. I'm not trying to do anything fancy, just ESC, F3 and F8.

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So I just got my new computer today and for the past four hours or so I've been troubleshooting it I noticed my CPU was idling at Obviously this seemed puter owns my IntelliMouse 4.0 Explorer strange so I booted her up into safe mode and it idles normally much to my dismay since now I have to go hunting through various services IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 owns my puter to figure out what the deal is I reboot the computer again and start disabling services until I narrow the problem down to PnP I turn Plug n Play off reboot no more problem But of course now I don't have any PnP This is a problem for me as one would expect so I turn the service back on and start unplugging things from the back of my computer As soon as I unplugged the IntelliMouse it worked perfectly again This seemed odd as I've never heard of a mouse of all things causing this sort of trouble so I plug a different mouse in and the computer works perfectly So I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my IntelliMouse would be the problem However it's a good mouse and I don't want to put it away if I can avoid doing such Anybody ever run into a problem similar to this and know any kind of way of fixing things without having to replace the mouse I have an Asus A N-LA motherboard with a Athlon X and I'm running Windows XP media center

A:IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 owns my puter


Originally Posted by Hoorahville

So, I just got my new computer today, and for the past four hours or so, I've been troubleshooting it. I noticed my CPU was idling at 50%. Obviously, this seemed strange, so I booted her up into safe mode and it idles normally, much to my dismay since now I have to go hunting through various services to figure out what the deal is.

I reboot the computer again and start disabling services until I narrow the problem down to PnP. I turn Plug n Play off, reboot, no more problem. But, of course, now I don't have any PnP. This is a problem for me as one would expect, so I turn the service back on and start unplugging things from the back of my computer. As soon as I unplugged the IntelliMouse, it worked perfectly again. This seemed odd as I've never heard of a mouse of all things causing this sort of trouble, so I plug a different mouse in and the computer works perfectly.

So I've pretty much come to the conclusion that my IntelliMouse would be the problem. However, it's a good mouse, and I don't want to put it away if I can avoid doing such. Anybody ever run into a problem similar to this and know any kind of way of fixing things without having to replace the mouse? I have an Asus A8N-LA motherboard with a Athlon 64 X2 +4200, and I'm running Windows XP media center.

Dam. Rats are cheap. Why not buy a new one?
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put this in microsoft tech companion for windows even though it is an 2.0 windows 10 and (wireless) explorer intellimouse issue in windows nbsp If there is a better forum please direct me I have suddenly lost the magnify function of the second button on the side of my mouse Mouse - Microsoft windows 10 and intellimouse explorer (wireless) 2.0 intellimouse explorer also model Windows bit The mouse has a right and left button and a wheel These work as they always have - left for click right for options wheel for scroll both up and down and right and left There are two thumb buttons on windows 10 and intellimouse explorer (wireless) 2.0 the left side The one to the rear is the windows 10 and intellimouse explorer (wireless) 2.0 back button and works just like it always has The button in front of it until a bit ago month maybe would toggle the magnify screen option on and off All of the sudden this toggle function just stopped I looked in the mouse settings and can't find anything that recognizes the second thumb button so I could add a quot what do you want this button to do quot to it There is plenty in the ease of use area that explains the magnify function but I can't see any way to assign these to the mouse The mouse control panel lets you set the left and right finger buttons and the wheel but not the back thumb button or the other thumb button I looked at microsoft's site thinking there might be a missing driver but the only options I see are for windows and before and when I try to use these I get a message about how the download is lower than the current driver and the new stuff won't install I installed windows when it became available for free and the mouse worked just fine under windows but not any more I'd like to get the mouse button function back on the mouse not with three-key-shortcuts Suggestions S Moore
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My wireless intellimouse explorer sometimes just quits working. After a while, it starts working again. The batteries are good and I downloaded new drivers.
...anybody got any ideas?


A:Wireless Intellimouse Explorer quits

Maybe time to try a new one?
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Alright heres the story girlfriends comp won t load her wireless logitech mouse I disconnect my optical explorer bring it over and let her use that until she buys her own No problems works fine on hers She gets her new one I bring mine home and reconnect it boot up umm no mouse wha Yeah me angry So basically I ve tried lots of junk regedit stuff may have missed a few files possible updated intellipoint software tried USB ports This is what has happened it gets detected in the USB port however Win XP doesn t know Explorer (Optical) Woes Intellimouse what the device is doesn t even know its a mouse The lights work the camera light and the back one So it doesn t seem to be the mouse It worked fine on this system only days ago Is it possible for viruses to spread to hardware peripherals like my mouse I ve included pics from quot msinfo quot different shots one showing I have no IRQ conflicts another showing that I have an quot ERROR quot and the other telling me what my error is quot Device Cannot Start quot real helpful you d think it d tell me why My computer is an Alienware P Gig mouse worked fine days ago on this computer and fine on my girlfriends recently bought Dell machine don t have the exact specs on hand Any help nbsp

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I have been trying to remove my Microsoft Wireless Intellimouse Explorer from my computer. I thought this would be easy but has turned out to be impossible. I removed the receiver to the mouse from my usb port and rebooted. Trouble I'm having is I can't reboot. When the computer starts up all I get is my graphic card info and that's it. I have to plug the receiver in before the startup sequence will continue. Intellipoint software installed, not installed, no difference. Any suggestions?
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I purchased my Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2.0 about 2 years ago and had no problems with it working. But, about 1 year ago, I reformatted my hard drive. Now, when I go to change my mouse pointer from the usual white arrow to a 3D Bronze arrow or some other pointer option, it states that the particular pointer option is missing or corrupt! So, I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it from the Microsoft web site. But, it still is acting the same way!?! Does anyone have a sollution to my problem? I would appreciate it! Thanks.
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I have Intellimouse Explorer mouse and am using it with Windows Xp on my new Abit 865chipset system (I have latest BIOS). It works fine except that speed often kicks down after system has been up a while. I have two monitors hooked up and I have mouse set to a high speed so that I can move cursor from one monitor to another without having to move mouse all over keypad too much.

Anyhow, it works fine after bootup but sometimes will slow down to regular slow speed after it has been on a few hours. I looked at Mouse control thing and acceleration and everything seems to be set in place.

The only way I have found to fix this is to reboot. I'm wondering if anyone has a fix for this?

A:intellimouse explorer movement speed

Not sure.....but it would be interesting to check Device Manager when that mouse slows down...see if there are any exclamation marks next to the device listing. This isn't a USB mouse is it?
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i did a clean install of windows xp and my wireless mouse was working just fine. after updating to SP1, it stopped working. during bootup, the light on the receiver would turn off and i don't know what the hell is wrong with this thing. im thinking of just getting a mouse with a wire this time. any solutions are appreciated. thanx.
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Hello again guys Long time no post blah blah Anyways I ve been noticing strange activity on my computer The Start gt Search isn t working for filename I use exe Lookin C Search Options problems XP and Strange Search IntelliMouse Explorer All Files and folders search system folders hidden files and folders and subfolders I hit Search the button depresses and greys out like it s searching but in about seconds it pops back up and still says quot o start your search follow the instructions in the left pane quot it says that in the right pane Ive tried doing exe txt etc no results which it Strange XP Search and IntelliMouse Explorer problems SHOULD give something but aint Issue my IntelliMouse Explorer A USB mouse has been acting weird when I do a quot Strange XP Search and IntelliMouse Explorer problems single quot left click Strange XP Search and IntelliMouse Explorer problems it will trigger as a double click for some reason and it s REALLY annoying lol like if I got IE windows open for example and close the top using the X it has a chance of somehow triggering the single left click as a DOUBLE left click and closes both windows Or like when selecting the first file in a group to group them together with CTRL or SHIFT when I left click it it will trigger it as a double click and execute instead of highlighting it It s really messed up attached is both my startuplist and the HJT logs Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Strange XP Search and IntelliMouse Explorer problems

For search open Explorer and go to the Windows\Inf folder. Locate the srchasst.inf file. Right click it and select Install. You'll need your XP CD or the files from the I386 folder. (This fix will require you to have your Win XP CD).

The Windows\Inf folder is a hidden folder. You can adjust your Explorer Folder Options (View tab) to Show hidden files and folders. You can also click Start, Run and enter %SystemRoot%\Inf to open directly to the Inf folder.

For the mouse go here:http:;en-us;q96016
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I have Intellimouse Explorer optical mouse from MS on NT4 system. The problem is with two side buttons (fourth and fifth), after a while they stop working. Their functions restore after reboot. If I try to re-enter settings using systerm utility, it usually does not work before reboot.
I have the latest driver 3.2 from MS.
M/b A-Open.


A:Intellimouse Explorer addit. buttons problem

I have the same mouse and have never had any trouble in NT 4 with it.

Well, wait - I had one problem. I turned off the mouse icon in the system tray and my settings (double click for pusing the wheel in) stopped working. Do you have the icon turned on?

You say "after a while"... what does that mean? Are you sure it is based on time? It is more likely a software issue - you are running something else that is killing the mouse driver. You can test this by booting up and not doing anything - just let the machine sit for a few hours.
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New computer a month ago running -bit Win Home Premium Plugged in my existing Microsoft wireless combo Wireless Natural Multimedia Keyboard Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer which both go through the same USB receiver connected to the computer and all worked stopped 2.0 morning one IntelliMouse working Explorer Wireless well Installed latest drivers for both from the Microsoft site Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 stopped working one morning and I'm happy Then after a couple of weeks I wake up the computer from sleeping one morning and the mouse no longer works Batteries were new but I tried new ones anyway but no good It simply doesn't seem to connect to the USB receiver The wireless keyboard still works A wired USB mouse works But not the wireless mouse even after re-installing the latest drivers and numerous restarts of the computer POTENTIAL CLUE Numerous times I've tried to force the mouse and receiver to re-connect by clicking the sync buttons on both No good But here's the thing when I click the receiver sync button and the lights start flashing as it tries to find a device AS SOON as I click the sync button on the mouse the receiver's lights stop flashing In other words the mouse and receiver seem to be able to talk to each other but they aren't connecting ANSWERS TO OBVIOUS QUESTIONS Yes the mouse keyboard combo still works on my old computer And yes the mouse and the receiver are close inches Ideas anyone Thanks in advance

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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Racing Wheel + Pedals

For some reason, in my racing games, whenever I stop pressing the accelerate pedal, the car goes in reverse until it stops by hitting something, I've calibrated it a couple of times over as well as trying the default settings, I can't find any drivers for it anywhere.

Help would be appreciated, thank you.
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Strange, seeing this is a Microsoft branded mouse, BUT yet according to "Device Manager" it is showing the correct mouse, BUT also it is saying this mouse has NO buttons, nor the ability to double click. Went over to MSDN to record this event, but couldn't find a listing for Windows Developers preview...very STRANGE.

A:Microsoft USB mouse (scroll wheel)

uninstall the driver and reboot, tell us what you get...
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Strange, seeing this is a Microsoft branded mouse, BUT yet according to "Device Manager" it is showing the correct mouse, BUT also it is saying this mouse has NO buttons, nor the ability to double click. Went over to MSDN to record this event, but couldn't find a listing for this Developers preview...very STRANGE.
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Hello. Can anyone help me? I also have a Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. But now it's been having some problems recently. The red light inside keeps turning on and off mysteriously and I suddenly can't move the mouse pointer anymore until it turns on again. It does very frequently now. Does this mean that the optical mouse has already gone bad and I have to replace it with another one or is there a way I fix it? I tried installing the Intellipoint CD Software but that still didn't work. I plugged it into the PS/2 Port even though it is also USB compatible. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I'm trying to use a Microsoft Sidewinder wheel with London Racer, but can't select the wheel in control options. If you select game pad, joystick or wheel the configure button doesn't light. The makers of London Racer could only suggest going into Control Panel / Gaming Options and clicking on Advanced tab to make the wheel the preferred controller. Trouble is there is no advanced tab to click on in Gaming Options on Windows Me.

London Rcer people have no more suggestions, I have up-dated direct X and checked for new drivers.


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I recently found my old pc steering wheel. I plugged it into the computer and it responded. I can even see it in the device manager. So I tried using the steering wheel while playing GRID, but no response. What can I do?

I'm using XP SP3.

A:Microsoft Sidewinder steering wheel.

Look in control panel> game controllers>
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I purchased a Microsoft Optical wheel mouse and installed the Intellipoint 4.1 software. Then I connected the mouse to the USB port. Nothing happened. I rebooted the computer and got an advice box "unknown usb device detected loading driver". I still did not have an operable mouse. Checking the device manager I found an unknown device under the usb hub. I am stuck here. I tried the mouse on another computer and it works ok. I am running windows 98SE. Where do I go from here?

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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Mouse, I love it for the most part. The scroll wheel is frustrating me at the moment, when I roll it it is not very smooth, this doesnt really bother me, the issue is when I scroll down a web page etc the smallest movement on the wheel scrolls down most of the page. I have tried updating the software and have played with the settings but cant seem to work it out.
Does anyone else have an X8 or any ideas what could be causing it?

Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft Sidewinder X8 Mouse wheel issues.

you have to clean the mouse roller inside
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I recently purchased a Microsoft Wheelmouse Optical. It has been working great for about 1 month, UNTIL I started using it to play games. After about 30 mins of playing Quake it makes a weird noise then completely stops working. Can't the mouse handle games? Please help. Have I got a faulty mouse or are they just not designed to handle games? Please help.

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Hi guys first post here on the forums,
I bought a new Microsoft mouse 1850(Its a wireless mouse) and opened it today and plugged the usb into one of the usb ports and waited for it to install everything it needed.Once it finished,I tried using it and the mouse did move around and I could I could use the right and left click button but the wheel mouse button didn't work.
Please help me!

A:Microsoft mouse 1850 scroll wheel not working

Hi welcome to the forum

Chechnya the mouse settings in control panel. Try mouse on another computer if still not working then return the mouse. Try another mouse on your computer.
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When i first upgraded to windows 10, the mouse was fine.  I really liked how when i clicked in the wheel button i was able to scroll through all the applications i had open.  I recently factory reset my notebook to improve performance and these settings are now gone.  I went to the hp website and installed all the drivers under the keyboard, mouse, and input devices tab but nothing has changed.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse and nothing has changed.  I went to the device manager and tried updating the mouse driver and it is all up to date.  i really would like that function back please!

A:microsoft wireless mouse wheel settings windows 10

Hi!, @OceanicBlue10: Welcome, to Forum !. See, this link ... Too ...
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Hello. Is there any way to replace the rubber on the wheel? I have a Microsoft 5000 mouse and the rubber has stretched and broken off.

~ Russ

A:Microsoft Mouse 5000 Wheel Rubber Has Broken

In the United States and in Canada, you can contact the Microsoft Supplemental Parts team at the following telephone numbers:

United States: (800) 360-7561, Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific TimeCanada: (800) 933-4750, Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific TimeTTY customers: (800) 718-1599, Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Pacific Time
Ref:, Windows Entertainment and Connected Home MVP
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I just got a optical mouse to replace my standard one but when I try to install the intellipoint software I get this error message:

error1101.Error reading from file: C:\Windows\Temp\_isF114\1033.MST. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical install Problem

check this out click here
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Hey all I have a Microsoft Ergonomic Laser Mouse http www microsoft com hardware mo s aspx pid I really love the mouse but I am having issues with the scroll wheel in certain apps e g Cubase Syncback in Scroll Microsoft Problems Vista/W7 Mice Lazer Wheel Digsby audio plugins since Vista Note This does not happen with my old optical mouse I never had this issue with any mouse in Windows XP I'll try to explain my findings and would love any help to try and completely Microsoft Lazer Mice Scroll Wheel Problems in Vista/W7 resolve the issue After a fresh install of Vista or W RC the scroll wheel does not behave correctly Microsoft Lazer Mice Scroll Wheel Problems in Vista/W7 in these apps You must spin EXTREMELY fast to make it move or it behaves erratically After some research I found that MS have implemented a quot high resolution quot scroll wheel behavior since Vista which is obviously not supported by all applications I found this document on the Microsoft site which explains all the details http download microsoft com downlo f b Wheel docx The document suggests changing some registry values to disable this high resolution behavior Thus I did just that and added the Microsoft Lazer Mice Scroll Wheel Problems in Vista/W7 following entries to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Enum HID Vid xxxx amp Pid yyyy lt instance ID gt Device Parameters VScrollHighResolutionDisable HScrollHighResolutionDisable This actually fixed the issue after rebooting and I thought I had it all sorted I then thought it would be a good idea to install my Intellipont drivers v beta for Windows to get all the benefits of the mouse The drivers are also very helpful because the scrollwheel is usually far too sensitive and the drivers fix this Of course just my luck after installing the drivers the problem re-appeared The registry entry I had entered above was still in the registry too If you kill ipoint exe and then disable enable the mouse driver in Device Manager the problem goes away As soon as you start ipoint exe again the problem re-appears So the main thing I want to figure out is how to disable this high resolution behaviour with the Intellipoint drivers installed Can anyone assist There are quite a few threads on the net about this too but no resolution WINAMP COM Forums - Mouse Scroll not working in Vista OpenOffice org Forum Scroll wheel not working in Vista java net Forums Windows Vista and mouse wheel problems Mouse Wheel does not work Microsoft Laser Mouse - VirtualBox This is currently my biggest gripe with W I really REALLY hope to find a resolution If anyone can help I really would appreciate it Cheers Zambz

A:Microsoft Lazer Mice Scroll Wheel Problems in Vista/W7

I have made an additional discovery today. This problem only starts after ipoint.exe is launched. If you disable ipoint.exe at startup and reboot Windows, the scroll wheel behaves correctly.

Thus, I am trying to find a way to set ipoint.exe to start without enhanced scroll wheel support.

If anyone can help at all, I really really would appreciate it.
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Im using a microsoft wireless mouse wheel to scroll through web pages on IE9 and win 7.
I set its speed to the lowest possible in control panel and it works fine.

When i restart my laptop, the speed is back up to full when i scroll, but when i check in control panel >mouse settings, the speed shows that its still set to the lowest setting. I move the slider, click apply and it works again.

Anyone got any ideas on how i can get my mouse wheel speed to be consistent between reboots?

A:Microsoft mouse wheel speed goes back to super fast after reboot

Did you right click on the desktop and select personalize, then in the left column select mouse pointer, there is a tab for wheel that will allow you to select how many lines for the wheel and other attributes for the mouse. If you have tried that, see if the manufacturer of your mouse has software that can adjust what the mouse does.
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Hi everyone I have googled for this and found a couple of threads on the subject but they skim over the actions needed to do what they suggest Can anyone please Not Microsoft Sidewinder Feedback win7 Force drivers. compatable wheel fill in the gaps in English that Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel drivers. Not win7 compatable a year old can understand SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel USB quot some threads I've seen have recommended software solutions to get Force Feedback working Try PPJoy or GlovePIE and let me know if either one helps quot PPJoy - Parallel Port joystick driver for Windows Me XP Glovepie - cannot display the webpage Say It's not so Sidewinder quot Hmmm I just plugged mine in and Win x installed the drivers and it appears to be in working order though I've yet to try it with a game quot I plug mine in and it doesn't do anything At first it brought up the autorun from the disc and that just gives an error message saying quot The version of this file isn't compatibile with the version of windows you are using quot But above he said it installed what was the difference quot I was able to calibrate my USB force feedback wheel and it works fine quot quot this solution actually worked for me running in compability mode for xp service pack quot I have tried to run compatability mode but I can't find in the quot D quot drive properties Where else would I look I could carry on but can anyone help with a solution that works please Mike

A:Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel drivers. Not win7 compatable

I suggest you to install the XP driver in compatibility mode and check if it helps.
Follow these steps:
1. Right-click on the installation file and select properties.
2. Now click on the compatibility tab.
3. Under compatibility mode, check “Run this program in compatibility mode for”.
4. From the drop down menu, select Windows XP(service pack 2).
5. Click Apply and then click OK.

Fine in theory, but which file is the installation file?
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I need to know whether Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center - Windows 10 differs in any way to the 8.1 version. Specifically with regard to the settings for an Optical Mouse ... does it have a setting whereby I can turn off Vertical Wheel Scrolling ? [see image]

Thanks in advance.

A:Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center - ? vertical wheel scrolling option.

I don't know about your particular mouse, however Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Centre shows that option for my Microsoft Comfort 6000 mouse. The version installed is (64-bit), which I think is what automatically came through Windows Update when I clean installed Windows 10.

I also just installed (64-bit) from their website and that's the same as the screenshot too.
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Hello To jump right to my question I have a wireless USB mouse the microsoft wireless mouse for those concerned When in windows explorer win I often find myself using my mouse's physical back and forward hardware Mouse Remap Explorer.exe Function? "Back" - USB keys This is obviously a shortcut to clicking Explorer.exe - Remap USB Mouse "Back" Function? the screen's provided quot previous and next quot buttons provided What I've noticed about these shortcuts is that they take you to the last folder you were viewing in explorer I often use the side menu and navigation bar for getting around faster and my biggest pet peeve about the quot back button quot is that instead of taking me to the next highest parent directory the back button instead navigates me to the last folder I was in My question is if there is a tweak I can perform that would affect the back forward buttons in Windows 's explorer to direct me to the preceding parent folder that I'm currently viewing as opposed to taking me to my previous directory Thank you in advance EDIT Moderators please feel free to move this topic if I placed it in the wrong section Thanks

A:Explorer.exe - Remap USB Mouse "Back" Function?

I have two of the same Microsoft mousses and as far as I know it can't be done.
Your back and foreword buttons will work just like the back and foreword arrows at the top left of the page.
Windows 7 doesn't know what you want to go back to. It only knows where you were and will take you back there.
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This is an image of what I want to enable in Windows Explorer, it is a feature in web browsers and some other programs but it doesn't seem to be available in Windows Explorer. I am wondering if there's a utility that will let you use this when pressing the mouse wheel.

A:A utility that will enable the mouse wheel in Windows Explorer?

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Hi. Very new in this forum. Glad if you would be able to offer any help.
I've had this problem for some time now and it has been getting worse and worse.

Explorer seems to randomly freeze making all the processes super slow. I can still work inside the open applications, but saving any of the open files takes forever.
When I hover the cursor over the taskbar it is a spinning disk. The only way to recover is to restart the computer. I can't find a pattern to these freezes. Sometimes it happens immediately after restarting, sometimes I can work for days with no incident.


A:Explorer randomly freezes, slows computer to a halt, spinning wheel.

Hello rainok and welcome to Seven Forums.

First thing I'd suggest is running a full scan with your anti-virus of choice. Malware likes to hook itself into Explorer. Even if your full scan comes back clean, I'd suggest running some additional free scans because no anti-malware product will be 100% effective 100% of the time. (If there was such a product we'd all be using it. ) Some of the recommended free products are Malwarebytes, ESET Online Scanner, SuperAntispyware, and Comodo Cleaning Essentials.

After checking for malware you could also install a fresh copy of Windows Explorer by following these steps:

1. From the desktop, open Task Manager by either typing taskmgr.exe in the Start Menu Search Bar, pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Right-Clicking on the taskbar and selecting Start Task Manager. Then click on the Processes tab.
2. Highlight explorer.exe by clicking on it one time and then click on the End Process button (lower right).
3. You should get a prompt asking "Do you want to end explorer.exe" so click the End Process button again.
4. All desktop icons and the taskbar will disappear. This is normal.
5. Task Manager should still be open. (If it's not, follow Step 1 above to reopen Task Manager.) Click on File (upper left corner) and then click on New Task (Run...).
6. Type in explorer.exe and click on OK. A fresh copy of Windows Explorer will be installed. Your desktop icons and taskbar should reappear within a few seconds.
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Hi there,

I recently migrated my OS to an SSD using Samsung's included migration software. After the migration, everything worked great except that I now have the "thinking" mouse cursor permanently, starting about 15 seconds after startup.

I stopped all services and the spinning wheel went away, so I narrowed it down to one of those (and further to one of the many "Microsoft" services), but I can't for the life of me figure out which one. Is there a way to repair them all without doing a full windows reinstall? Or, is there another option I'm not aware of?

Appreciate any help/advice!

A:Microsoft Service Causing Permanent "Spinning Wheel" Cursor

disable one service at a time until the circle goes away, it may take a while but you will get tere in the end.
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Hello everyone,
I've been wating to get the ATT Tilt for a while now, but i wanted to be informed before I dish out 300-400 bux on it. I've done some research and it sounds like it's a great buy.
It seems to be a very powerful smart phone with many capabilities.

I just wanted some opinions about it, If anyone has it, or have used it.


A:ATT Tilt

I've used AT&T as a cell provider for years and I've had good service wherever I travel domestically (Nokia 6102i).

Word on the street from iPhone users is the DATA portion of their network is slower than should be expected.
The other issue (for the iPone) is that AT&T is the only network upon which it will operate. (check out your options for the Tilt!)
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Hello there! My thinkpad P40 has Lenovo Pen Pro with no "tilt" recognition. Are there any styli with tilt on the market compatible with P40?             

Go to Solution.

A:Thinkpad P40 - stylus with tilt?

Greetings!   I've managed to collect all the compatlble pens (Incuded Pen, Thinkpad Pen Pro, Bamboo Smart Pen) that I know of, and sadly, none appear to recognize tilt. Reports about the pen from CES seem to suggest that the feature isn't built into the pens yet.  Winbeta's review from CES.  Hopefully, the next iteration of the AES Wacom pen has all the things.
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Hi !

I am planning to buy the Altek Lansing Vs 4121

I do not have space in lower portion of the computer table , the max height is 9" and the woofer height is approx 13".

Can I tilt the woofer 90 degrees to the side so that it fits well ?
Will there be any performance hit, I am not an audiophile,so this is a general question can woofers be tilted ?

Most of the woofers of Altek Lansing are pretty tall.

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Does anyone know where I can download a [full] copy of Full Tilt! and Full Tilt! 2? The closest I have come are some demos at various places. It is a shame that Maxis' games don't work on Windows 7. I wish that they did because I could play Marble Drop on my tablet PC then. I think that it would be interesting to play that game with the pen. I would imagine that playing Pinball with the tablet pen would be quite a challenge. Fortunately, my tablet PC is a laptop with a screen that swivels and folds down into slate made (which is how I use it most of the time). Because the laptop mode, it has a keyboard and a touchpad. These (though mores, the keyboard than the touchpad) would make playing Pinball doable (since I do not believe that Pinball's controls can be mapped to mouse buttons.

A:Full Tilt! Pinball

I don't recommend downloading anything without taking the proper precautions...

Scanning and making sure the program does not break any copyright laws is always a start...

But check out the second reference on Wikipedia's page on Full Tilt! Pinball
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I am trying to install the active sync 4.5 on my computer. I removed 4.0 using the add/remove programs and upgrade to 4.5. When I try to install any activesync it gives this error:

Error. Could not write value CLSID to key \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{2EAF5BB1-070F-11D3-9307-00C04FAE2D4F}. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact your support personnel.

I deleted the registry value listed above. I had two of them. It still isnt work. What do I do now. The HTC folks refused to help me fiddle with the registry keys.

A:Avtic Sync for Tilt

This is being installed on Windows XP?
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Greetings !

i have been using a Viewsonic E-641 14" for about 4 years now no problem , lately I have upgraded to a 17 " Lg and the user controls are very good.

I shifted the viewsonic to the office :

There is one intermittant problem with this monitor(Viewsonic) :- the entire image is slightly tilted upwards from the right side ( Image area where the clock shows) , this has happened before when I have shifted the monitor from place to place . but I didn't pay attention >now I have seen that the new LG monitor has an adjustment to undo such a tilt ( under shapes)
I was wondering is there any way to do some adjustment in the Viewsonic as well.

About the new monitor(Lg) should I just let Win xp detect it or should I use the driver that came with the monitor

any help would be appreciated.


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So I m tying to fix something on my mothers pc She has this problem where the chrome app does not open In task manager it looks like is already open but im :S on tilt) or open uninstall won't Chrome (an i cant manually shut it down The same occurs if Chrome won't open or uninstall (an im on tilt) :S I restart the pc It even shows up as running in task manager even if i dont try to launch it after a restart I then tried to uninstall usin windows uninstaler but it cant execute because chrome acts like its running I then tried using REVO uninstaller same thing happens I tried downloading and installing chrome again but that wont happen because it act like it s running I tried running anti-virus and anti malware nothing helps I tried manually deleting the chrome exe from programsx still acts like chrome is running I even tried what this guy suggsts with no luck I am now at a point where i m so tilted I feel like the easy way out is to throw the pc though a window pour a can of gasoline on it and light it on fire travel hours to an electronic store spend money i dont have to buy a new one all just to aviod having to deal more with stuff that doesn t work D x Or just format the pc and call it a day D I would really love some help on this but please dont suggest that i open chrome to delete extention x Also if anyone can suggest other forus where there is actual helpful users it would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp
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Is there a way to adjust pan, tilt, zoom on Realsense camera? 

A:Looking for a way to tilt, pan and zoom Realsense camera

Hi @FredJaborski,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are have questions about pan, tilt, zoom. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me and I will do all I can to help,
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hi. i just bought a new logitech lx7 cordless mouse. it has a scroll wheel that can tilt. i want to be able to switch between tabs in firefox by tilting the wheel. there is no option or shortcut in the help menu. i was wondering if anyone knew how to do it. i am running vista, if that matters. i saw a way to do it through ubuntu, but i dont use linux. so if any one has any idea that would be great.
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Originally Posted by gavin31103

So I have downloaded the Fulltiltsetup application from the Full Tilt Poker Website. When I try to execute the application it pops up an error message......
@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.6000.16640

I'm completely and utterly lost, please help.

I am also haveing the same issue on my mother in laws pc, I have put the game on both mine and my husbands pc and it works fine, but on hers it throws up that same error. I have tried to zip it and send it to her and nothing works! Please let me know if any of you have found a solution.

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so far this has been my only windows 7 RAGE yet, so overall not bad.

However, W7 likes to automatically install device drivers at start up, and this is preventing me from installing my ati drivers on a clean slate.

Yes, I have tried turning off the automatic updates, and the problem persists. I even turned it off from the Group Policy Editor and the damn thing still insists on installing its filth on my machine.

I've also tried unplugging from the internet and rebooting and it still installs, so the default driver must be stored locally.

Someone suggested entering the task manager on startup and disabling the process, but it is impossible for me to get there in time.

Any ideas? I'm tilting pretty hard at this point.

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Hello I was reading the thread and having the similar problem with FULL TILT POKER. I can surf the internet but having problem using the FULL TILT POKER and also my FIREFOX browser doesn't connect. Please help.

A:Full Tilt Poker Problem

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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So I have downloaded the Fulltiltsetup application from the Full Tilt Poker Website. When I try to execute the application it pops up an error message......
@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.6000.16640

I'm completely and utterly lost, please help.

A:Full Tilt Poker Installer

Hello Gavin, Welcome to TSF!

This sounds like the download is corrupt...I suggest that you uninstall the original download and get it again from the website.
If it is a large file, perhaps using a Download Manager might help.

Kind Regards,
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I am having the same problem I think as you did. This is my error message,

>SetupNew\setup.cpp (135)
@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 6.0.2900.2180

I deleted the old file and then tried to download from the Full Tilt Site three times, but I got the same message. Now I can't play the game: eek: Help if you can. Thanks!
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Hi all,
About a week ago I accidentally tilted a webpage differently than the default way, so when I open a webpage, it is tilted differently that usual. I would like to get it back to the way it was before. When I maximize the page, it is fine, but not before maximizing it.

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I have an MSI Wind 123 netbook and, for some odd reason, MSI put the Fn key to the left of the Ctrl key on the far left hand side of the bottom row. This is a real nuisance.

Can anyone tell me how to swap functionality of the two keys, so it is consistent with my other keyboards?

Thanks in advance.

A:Remap Fn key

Not sure it will work/do what you want it to, but it's worth a try
Map Any Key to Any Key on Windows 7 / XP / Vista :: the How-To Geek
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My up arrow key is broken, I didn't keep it. And placing a new one in it's place doesn't seem to work.

How can I remap one of my useless keys to an up arrow key?

A:Remap key?

Remapping Keys and Buttons

If you like you can "compile" the script as an exe so it will work on machines that don't have AutoHotKey installed. The hotkey sits in the task tray. To get rid of it you just click Exit from the Tray Icon Menu. Also you can use "#IfWinActive" directive so that the hotkey is only in effect when certain windows are active. But in your case you probably want it on all the time.
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My friend had installed windows XP onto his computer twice. Because of this it gave the option to choose between the 2 identical versions everytime you started up. I fixed this by going into system and selecting one of the versions of windows and unchecking the 2 boxes that bring that screen up. I believe I choose the wrong box. Now after restarting the computer I only can get to this screen:

Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem.
Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware.
Please check the Windows documentation about hardware disk configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.

I can get to DOS through the dell diagnostics disk and am wondering if I can tell it to go through the other windows and how I could do that.

A:Remap my XP

Use one of these boot disks to get into XP and then remove the entry from boot.ini (not in msconfig--go to Control Panel > System > Advanced tab > Startup button > Edit button.).).

Bootable XP Sysboot Floppy
XP Sysboot CD Image

Or try booting with the XP disk in the drive but don't press any keys.
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I got one of these netbooks with windows 7 ultimate 64bit. the keyboard is of course extremely poorly laid out. Does anyone know if theres a way to remap a key? I'd like to take a specific key like the backslash (in the worst possible place) and make it be a shift now. anything like that?

A:remap key?

You may try this tool: The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator
Not 100% sure you can remap the Shift key though.
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Ack I ve had running tilt full safe CPU fan mode. in so many problems with this damn thing it s ticking me off CPU fan running full tilt in safe mode. I recently got a bunch of viruses cleaned off this computer a month or two ago and for awhile everything seemed dandy though it s seen faster days But I CPU fan running full tilt in safe mode. wanted to run a chkdsk to see if it could clean some problems up maybe get it running a little less sluggish But when I got into safe mode the CPU fan started running full tilt No real explanation either I checked to see if anything was taking up a large amount of CPU and there was nothing System idle process was almost always at and only the bare essentials were running I also notice the CPU runs louder on most games lately even on low def Windows games performance isn t that badly effected though it doesn t behave that way when I m doing normal stuff in fact right now it s perfectly quiet I just don t understand why it s doing that in safe mode I ve scanned my computer in normal mode with Avast ESET MBAM and Super Anti Spyware with results In safe mode I ve only scanned with ESET so far since I was concerned about leaving it running like that any longer still no results I did still run chkdsk before I restarted as well Could it be Malware Or should I just be looking at old hardware gone bad Hugh One of these days I m going to reformat all the computers in this house at once I swear

A:CPU fan running full tilt in safe mode.

Fan bearings go bad...IMO, typical noises emanating from a system are likely to be fan or hard drive related.

Safe mode should have no logical consequence on fan function...are you saying that this perceived increased activity...doesn't ever happen in normal mode?

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i dono how to figure out wats wrong, can anyone point me in some directions?
i can download it but once its done i dont see the icon save on my comp and if i press to run program after dl it doesnt work too. i have vista
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I just got an X1 Yoga today, and sometime the start menu just opens by itself which is super annoying. I found it seemed to happen when I tilted the screen back and forth (even if I wasnt pressing any buttons). I updated to the latest software. Has anyone else had this problem and can someone please help me? Thanks

A:Start Menu Windows 10 opening by itself when tilt ...

Chiming in - sometimes my start menu and desktop will just flash back and forth for a while, seemingly without rhyme or reason but mostly when the system is rotated flat for notetaking. I'd love to know how to make that stop.
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Hey all, I own a Samsung ATIV 700t tablet PC. This PC has two physical buttons on the upper left corner- one serves as the power/sleep button and one is an auto-rotate on/off toggle. I used to own an Asus Slate, and it had a physical button that you could press that would open the Windows on screen keyboard.
Is it possible to remap this auto-rotate toggle to an on screen keyboard button? I have googled extensively, and the closest thing I've come across has been KeyTweak which is outlined here: The Best Key Remapper for Windows
however I don't think this does exactly what I need it to do. Perhaps if I knew the keyboard button mapping it would work.
This isn't a critical issue, it just that a keyboard toggle would be much more useful to me than an auto rotate toggle...
Thanks in advance.
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Further to a successful re- isntall of XP i have trouble with my keyboard.
Some of the keys are mixed up and i need to remap them.

Anyone tel me how to do this please? (laymans terms if possible)

A:remap keyboard

this software will do i believe. it is not hard to use at all.