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Processor fan blowing very hard

Q: Processor fan blowing very hard

I was just curious my processor fan seems to blow really hard and sounds like a jet engine taking off lol is that normal or should I be concerned?

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Preferred Solution: Processor fan blowing very hard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Processor fan blowing very hard

What motherboard do you have?
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For a week now, I have been working on a dell Inspiron 9200 that is running XP. 12 years old. It hadnt been used in like 6 months.

Everything was fine until today. The battery is dead, and when I turned it on this morning, I forgot to plug the power cord into the wall. It booted up fine, then I noticed the battery icon indicating low battery, and before I realized it, the computer shut off. This usually happens when the power cord is not connected. So now when I run the computer, the fan is going crazy and it's really working hard. It doesn't seem to stop, and I have let it run for like 6 minutes. I wasn't sure if I was hurting the computer so I shut it off. Any thoughts as to what is happening? The computer is not hot at all.

A:[SOLVED] Fan blowing so hard


If it hasn't been used for six months, its very likely installing MS updates and its actually the hard drive spinning faster than usual because of the extra work load.

Do you see any evidence that this is the case?
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I'm not too knowlegeable with hardware. The fan on my Dell Dimension 8100 is blowing out hot air from the back. Is that a good or bad thing? If it's bad, what can I do to remedy that?

A:Fan blowing hot air

good, as it is removing the hot air from INSIDE the case, keeping the interior cooler.

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On the side of my computer I have two fans; one 70mm blowing in which is over the CPU and another 90mm blowing in at the bottom of the case.

My cpu is currently showing 96 degrees C which seems a lot to me it is a AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black edition.

Is this correct or should one of them be sucking air out?

The power supply also has it's own fan as does the Graphics card.

A:Fan blowing which way

Further to my question above; which if possible I would love someone to answer fairly quickly to put my mind at rest, am I assuming correctly that the high temperature of the cpu is why it is only running at 1306Mhz which is half it's rated 2612Mhz.

I have just checked and the temperature is now 83 degrees C and it is running at full speed.
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I am about to put a fan in a case on a PII 400 Celeron.. on the front of the case. Should it blow in or out? I know this may seem like a silly question .. but I am not sure. thank you ..

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I must have caught something hack hack popup popup I m using Earthlink Protection software firewall etc but something must have gotten through Here is the hijack this log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved blowing Pop-UP are Blocker through Pop-ups at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess WENGINE wmonitor exe C Program Files EarthLink EarthLink Protection Control Center bin UpdateService exe C Firebird bin fbguard exe C Program Files Google Common Google Updater GoogleUpdaterService exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS system MsPMSPSv exe C Firebird bin fbserver exe C Program Files Common Files ADS ADSService exe C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess FastLane IPMon exe C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess FastLane IPClient exe C Program Files Picasa PicasaMediaDetector exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C Program Files EarthLink EarthLink Protection Control Center bin elnk pcc Pop-ups are blowing through Pop-UP Blocker exe C Program Files EPSON Creativity Suite Event Manager EEventManager exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition Apps apdproxy exe C WINDOWS system devldr exe C PROGRA AWS WEATHE Weather exe C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess TaskPanl exe C Program Files Google Google Updater GoogleUpdater exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard AiO hp officejet k series Bin hpoorn exe C Program Files KODAK Kodak EasyShare software bin EasyShare exe C PROGRA Webshots webshots scr C Program Files Microsoft Office Office msoffice exe C PROGRA HEWLET AiO Shared Bin hpoevm exe C WINDOWS system hpoipm exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard AiO Shared bin hpOSTS exe Pop-ups are blowing through Pop-UP Blocker C Program Files Hewlett-Packard AiO Shared bin hpOFXM exe C Program Files Common Files Command Software dvpapi exe C Program Files EarthLink EarthLink Protection Control Center bin ProtectionService exe C Pop-ups are blowing through Pop-UP Blocker Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Documents and Settings bower Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE X ZO AZ HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http start earthlink net R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http www earthlink net partner more msie button search html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http start earthlink net AL Search R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http start earthlink net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http start earthlink net AL Search R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http www earthlink net partner more msie button search html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http start earthlink net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant http start earthlink net AL Search R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - URLSearchHook SrchHook Class - F B - C- -A B -D BD DCBB - C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess ElnIE dll R - URLSearchHook no name - CFBFAE - A - D - CB- C FD - no file O - BHO EarthLink BHO Guard - - - - - - C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess Toolbar EScamBlk dll O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO EarthLink ScamBlocker V - F D - BAA- - -EECB CD E - C Program Files EarthLink TotalAccess Toolbar EScamBlk dll O - BHO EarthLink... Read more

A:Pop-ups are blowing through Pop-UP Blocker

You should print out these instructions, or copy them to a NotePad file for reading while in Safe Mode, because you will not be able to connect to the Internet to read from this site.

Please download SmitfraudFix (by S!Ri)
Extract the content (a folder named SmitfraudFix) to your Desktop.

Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :
Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu with options should appear;
Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press "Enter".
Choose your usual account.
Once in Safe Mode, open the SmitfraudFix folder again and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press "Enter" to delete infected files.

You will be prompted: "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry?"; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter" in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection.

The tool will now check if wininet.dll is infected. You may be prompted to replace the infected file (if found); answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter".

The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process; if it doesn't, please restart it into Normal Windows.

A text file will appear onscreen, with results from the cleaning process; please copy/paste the content of that report into your next reply along with a new hijack log.

The report can also be found at the root of the system drive, usually at C:\rapport.txt

Warning: running option #2 on a non infected computer will remove your Desktop background.
Download Superantispyware (SAS) free home version

Install it and double-click the icon on your desktop to run it.
· It will ask if you want to update the program definitions, click Yes.
· Under Configuration and Preferences, click the Preferences button.
· Click the Scanning Control tab.
· Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked:
o Close browsers before scanning
o Scan for tracking cookies
o Terminate memory threats before quarantining.
o Please leave the others unchecked.
o Click the Close button to leave the control center screen.
· On the main screen, under Scan for Harmful Software click Scan your computer.
· On the left check C:\Fixed Drive.
· On the right, under Complete Scan, choose Perform Complete Scan.
· Click Next to start the scan. Please be patient while it scans your computer.
· After the scan is complete a summary box will appear. Click OK.
· Make sure everything in the white box has a check next to it, then click Next.
· It will quarantine what it found and if it asks if you want to reboot, click Yes.
· To retrieve the removal information for me please do the following:
o After reboot, double-click the SUPERAntispyware icon on your desktop.
o Click Preferences. Click the Statistics/Logs tab.
o Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.
o It will open in your default text editor (such as Notepad/Wordpad).
o Please highlight everything in the notepad, then right-click and choose copy.
· Click close and close again to exit the program.
· Please paste that information here for me with a new HijackThis log.

This will take some time!!!!!!!!
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Hi guys, I have just received a new pc from ACMW, the website links here for free support? I plugged it in using the power lead supplied and it immidiately blew the fuse in the lead and tripped the main fuse switch in my hall. Any ideas what I should do next? I have tried to contact the company but there not there on a weekend (sensible people!!) I have searched the forums using the word 'fuse', so forgive me if this is answered elsewere. Thanks in advance for any replies!

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IE is having an issue with IFrame.dll and is blowing up in a continuous blow up and restart loop.

Is there something I can do a patch or something?

If not, how can I change the home page from the one it is on that is blowing IE. I cannot do it while it is in this blow up and restart loop.

A:IE9 blowing up on Vista

Do it in the Control Panel under Internet Options.
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Hey guys im a noob here Having a wireless crisis atm I can only connect to ONE wireless network out of about available Not one at a time just one period I could connect to all the others just fine up until a couple days ago after the latest windows update I can pick up the other networks and their signal strength but as soon as i try to connect it says unable Whenever i go my mind! Blowing back to my original connection it works fine I have an alienware m x all my drivers are up to date and appear to be working normally Im an air traffic controller in iraq and i transport my laptop from the tower back to my conex box where i sleep so the range of networks i see changes every yards or so Up until now i could connect to any of them Thanks if you can help I also unistalled all my wireless devices and reinstalled them with the proper drivers still having the Blowing my mind! same issue Norton hasnt found viruses or anything malicious and ive defragged the registry The computer is also in somekind of power management mode where it runs on auxilary power only not battery because i have it plugged on but this has been going on since way before this wireless bs Yeah i know shame on me i should get a transformer I also changed my network adapter properties to work on max performance regardless of power configuration Oh I also had a dream that i was hitting my computer in the dark trying to make a song stop and now im not so sure it was a dream I cant connect via wired connection because its not an option out here Ive resorted to posting here via my iphone a whole new level of frustration Thanks again anyone who can help Oh yeah ive tried to do a system restore but no luck it wont accept any back up point due toerror code x I dont have my sytem restore disc out here let alone an external disc reader since the m x doesnt have one

A:Blowing my mind!

Ahhhhhh, help me!!!! Srry, just wanted to reactivate my post, lol.
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Hi...I am having a problem with my computer. Every once in a while I hear a wind blowing noise. I thought at first it was my messenger programs but I closed all of them and I still heard it. It happens when I have nothing open or running, and I am not even at my computer. Anyone have any ideas, I think it might be some kind of spyware or something.

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Hi my PSU from the back of the computer is blowing out Cool air isnt it meant to be hot air help would be apreciated thanks..

A:PSU Blowing out Cool Air?

If your psu is blowing out cool air, then that`s a good sign. It means your psu isn`t getting very hot. My psu blows cool air as well.

Nothing to worry about.

Regards Howard
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I recently had a virus that was taken care of here http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic dwm.exe and explorer.exe blowing up html It seems like explorer exe gets bigger and bigger in size gradually as explorer.exe and dwm.exe blowing up does dwm exe and won t go back down until I restart the processes I m not doing a lot of heavy duty stuff here that s causing this either My explorer exe routinely gets up to k plus and it was up over k before I posted her about the virus Since taking care of the virus it seems to have been fixed for the most part but it still eats up a lot of memory gradually Currently the dwm exe process is at k and explorer exe is at k but I just restarted explorer exe for probably the th time today Is there anyway that I can fix this Oh and another thing I have noticed recently is a clicking sound randomly when I m not doing anything in particular on my laptop It s the sound that s used in IE when you click on a link or whatever

A:explorer.exe and dwm.exe blowing up

and another thing I have noticed recently is a clicking sound randomly when I'm not doing anything in particular on my laptopI suggest, you PM your malware helper and ask him to reopen your topic.
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Are there any specific programs out there that you can blow pics up bigger without getting it really blurry?

A:Blowing Up Pics

None that I'm aware of! I have used most of the major graphics programs and some minors to the same result.
In order to prevent blurriness you must start with a high resolution picture.
For instance when I work on wedding pictures such as the wedding party (keep in mind wedding photos are usually well defined and clear) I scan at 600dpi 8x10 and the photo will hold its quality up to 18x23. The size of file created from this scan is 80mb and sometimes greater.
If your using other forms of equipment such as digital cameras as a source you are bound to the cameras ability in regards to resolution.
Note: Even in standard photography the processing lab is bound to the same rules.
The density of the pixels in digital equates to the density of grains on a standard photograph. The more pixels per sq inch the better the resolution and the better clarity on expansion.
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I am getting ready to upgrade my PC from a Pentium II 450 to a Pentium IV 1.8 gig. I want to maintain my 20 gig hard drive but will be putting it into a new case, motherboard, CD burner, video card, sound card, etc...etc...

I know this will probably give my OS a lot of heartburn. I can always re-format and reload everything BUTTTTTT

Can I "upgrade" by OS with the 3.5 floppy disks I made at install and allow W2K to find all of my applications, software, settings etc.

I would imagine this would work better than just starting it up and see what happens..

I am really looking for some guidance or for some articles to read on this issue...


A:New processor/PC - Old hard drive

i would just back up and reload ..but if you want to play this is what you do 1st coppy you os (windows cd to you hd) 2st rebild your computer.3nd when you turn it on f8 to got into safe mode 3rd run regedit go hkey_local_machine, system, controlset or sets (must do them all ) look for the file enum this file contains all you hardware info deleat it ( deleat the enum file) then save and shut down turn your computer on it will be just like a new install but all your files will be still on your pc point drivers to the win cd o you hd or system or system 32 folder in windows caution this does not work all the time so make sure you have backed up all your data you want to keep incase you do have to format and reinstall good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So I have an HP Pavilion a710n and I haven't really done anything too spectacular to upgrade it, however my processor seems to be working wayyy to hard whenever I'm simply opening up an application. As I view the percentile in the ctrl+atl+del window, it shoots up to 100% for fun...

Anyone know whats going on and how I can fix this?


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Hi I run a small company I bought identical PCs from the internet all in bits and assembled them myself I have been assembling PCs myself for about years so I would like to think I knew what I was is in my blowing Something mobos system doing Intel Core Quad Corsair MB Mhz RAM x XFX nVidia i Ultra mobo XFX GeForce GTX g-card x SLI CoolerMaster w SLI PSU CoolerMaster Chassis LG BlueRay HDDVD DVD CD lightscribe Optical drive don t buy them they re crap WesterDigital G sata HardDrive Something in my system is blowing mobos can t remember the spindal speed doesn t really matter One day one of them froze up while scanning something in they don t really crash and certainly have never locked up like this one did I thought nothing of it and rebooted the system The mobo wouldn t post stuck on FF Read a few forums on these mobos doing it can be faulty ram fried CPU short on the board or PSU fault Easy problem to diagnose stuck the Ram and CPU in another one booted fine so I put them back I ripped the g-cards out the faulty machine and powered it with another known working PSU these mobos will still post with no g-card I tried it on mine still wouldn t post I pulled the mobo out and stuck it on an antistatic bag in case the chassis was shorting it although nothing was protruding and all the stand-offs were in tact and in the right place still not posting Got to be the mobo right WRONG I RMAed the XFX mobo they are now discontinued so I got an ASUS with the same chipset a striker II its called Stuck all the bits in the chassis tried it lying on its back turned on and posted fine I couldn t get it to go into the bios setup which was a bit odd and I had to manually restart but it booted into windows a few errors which looked like some driver conflicts nothing that concerned me So switched it off stuck the cover back on and stood it up plugged everything in mouse network monitor usb devices etc and it wouldn t post GREAT I ripped EVERYTHING out of mine replaced my motherboard with the new one and put EVERYTHING from mine onto the new mobo inc chassis screws CPU heatsink even the power lead Still wouldn t post it gets stuck on CPU INIT and from what I can gather on other forums its the same as FF and the same diagnostics ie PSU CPU Ram all of which I know work because they came from the computer I am talking to you now on So what is clear is that the mobo s gone and I think its safe to assume that something else in the computer is blowing them up The only things I didn t try is the PSU in my computer the installation of windows in my computer the g-cards in my computer and my computer in the chassis all of which I feel could potential blow my mobo so I m not going to try I am wondering if this story is familiar to anyone and if anyone has any suggestions I may of been putting computers together for years but this has never happened and lets be honest its not hard I probably need a REAL specialist to look at it but the problem is most quot PC Specialist quot only know what I do if that I hope someone can help and thank you for reading this far nbsp

A:Something in my system is blowing mobos

What can do it? Power supply. Improperly grounded board. Defective hard drive or other drive. Defective jack...
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I have a dell in the back of the house that has blown 2 power supplies this month the pc before it was a compact that worked fine for three years.I have a hp in the dining room that blew 4 power supplies in one month I bought a atx 450 power supplie for it two months ago and started unpluging it at night I have not had a problem with it for two months the one up front was only blowing when I turned the pc on before I started unplugging at night.

A:My power supplies keep blowing

even though I severely doubt this is the case... make sure the power supplies don't have a switch on the back that's set to 220, make sure it's 110.
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I'm not sure if this question goes in this forum so if it doesn't please move it to the appropriate forum.

I have a HP Pavilion dv6629us and where I live it gets pretty hot in the summer so the laptop heats up really easy. I am thinking about getting a cool pad but I am debating if I should get one that blows air under the computer or one that sucks air out trough one of the air exits. A few days ago I openned my laptop and blew compressed air on the fan and the air exits and it works a lot better now but it still heats up a lot. Anybody have any suggestions?

Cool pad that blows:

Cool pad that sucks air:



I believe you'll have more success with that exhaust fan device because it's drawing hot air out of that laptop.

Make sure you're not exposing that laptop to direct sunlight and that it's set on a hard flat surface with space between the surface and the bottom of the case.

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The company I work for owns property all around the country. We have installed T1s at these locations and have many managed switches as well.

Ocasionally we have ports that "blow" on the switch. What I mean by blow is they no longer pass traffic and they no longer appear to be up and running.

The people at the locations think it has to do with lightning storms but it's not all of the ports on the switch...just random ports.

Some of us at the main office are thinking it's heat related but we're just shooting in the dark.

Any suggestions/ideas?

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Could this be caused if an incompatible networking cable was once plugged in---and unplugged within 30 minutes?

This freekin thing has been demanding attention ever since I started this computer the first time.
It's a recomended update notice.
I ignored it because it was labeled as a driver for a blackberry handheld
-(this machine is a compaq desktop)
The update notice appeared again last nite......against my better judgement, I went ahead with it.
My compaq sputtered and coughed and spit out an error message:
"update could not install"
It was then that my internet went away.
I went down the list of causes and sure enough was related to that "recomended update"

I did a system restore........but I'm still being nagged about that freekin recomended driver update
see photo:

This just popped up 5 minutes ago
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Does anyone have a solution to why my motherboard is blowing power supplies? I read one post that had an answer that motherboards don't usually blow power supplies. WELL mine has blown TWO. I have a power supply tester and the second one I know was good just before plugging into the motherboard, now it energizes for about 2 seconds. If I turn the power supply off using the I/O switch on it I can get it to energize again. I have lighted fans, they light for about two seconds then go out, everything DEAD. I can repeat this process as many times as I wish with the same result. This problem just all of a sudden started. ANY HELP?

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DxDiag txt my What computer? without I up upgrade can blowing I would like What can I upgrade without blowing up my computer? help from someone who knows what they are doing to figure out what I can upgrade and how much to make this a better gaming computer ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name BLESSED-PC Operating System Windows Enterprise -bit Build win gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd System Model EP -UD LR BIOS Award Modular BIOS v PG Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GT Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS E amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model AL W Monitor Id ACRADA Native Mode x p Hz Output Type HD Driver Name nvd dum dll nvwgf um dll Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E E- - CF- F B- C C Vendor ID x DE Device ID x SubSys ID x E Revision ID x A Driver Strong Name nv lh inf NVIDIA Mfg NTx nv G x ci ven de amp dev Rank Of Driver EC Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeVC C ModeWMV C Deinterlace Caps CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY UYVY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY A A C -C EC- BD - EDE-F C DC B Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YV x Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB ... Read more
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Last night, my mom was using my desktop just to watch some TV shows for a while. I guess something happened because I came home from my friend's house early in the morning and found the computer blowing air and had a black screen.
I found the side button blue, so I knew it was on. I held it for at least three seconds to turn it off. I turned it back on and it was blowing the regular speed of the air, until it stopped, it the air blowed harder than usual. This computer HP TouchSmart. It only has a monitors. On the top of the monitor, it has the air holes where the air comes from.
After trying to restart it many times, nothing would work.
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I am running a Compaq Presario SR1420NX. Win XP Home. 512mem, 2.93 gigahertz Intel Celeron. Of late, this computer has started to make a lot of fan "noise" not rattling but just blowing. Previously, it was a very quiet machine. CPU usage is not out of line or running anywhere near 100%. Both fans are working. Any comments? Thanks for any input.

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Hello I need some help. I can record a video if need be. my touchsmart 300 recently stop working or has a black screen when turn on followed by air blowing noises.  Can an someone let me know what to I need yo fixed this as I have some files on the desktop i want to transfer to San externalthankAkilo
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I have my case fan set up right now to blow air in. I believe the fan in the power supply blows air out.
should I revert the case fan to blow air out as well, to keep the system depressurized?

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I have blown 2 powersupplys, at first i though it was the MB so i switched to a new identical MB, both boards have blown 1 power supply. 350W and a 400W. The 350W lasted about a week, and the 400W on the second MB lasted about 15 minutes, There are many other computers in the house that have never had any problems simmiler to this. Any thoughs or sugestions on what may be going wrong?

System specks,

Intel 3.2E
Intel 875PBZ MB
2048 MB PC 3200
2 Maxtor 250 GB SATA Drives
Nvida 5950 Ultra 256 MB
DVD-R/+R/RW drive

Thanks in advance for any sugestions.

A:Blowing Power Supplies

Buy a good name brand PSU, not a generic one.

If it actually is your mobo frying psu's no matter how high quailty they are, you should probably get a new mobo
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I ve been battling this one for the better part consrv.dll up machine blowing of a day It started with the consrv.dll blowing up machine machine not being able to connect ot oovoo due to Macaffee being expired least that s how it originally looked Removal of the expired Macaffee made oovoo usable again To ensure there was antivirus software on the machine I loaded AVG That s when the fun and games began AVG detected consrv dll as a trojan and removed it After that I rebooted the machine and the machine boot loops If I run a system repair it brings the machine back to a state prior to the load of AVG and it boots into Windows After that you have to reload the antivirus software again and when it runs its scan it consrv.dll blowing up machine finds the consrv dll again removes it reboot boot loop Here is the dds log DDS Ver - - - NTFSAMD Internet Explorer Run by EJ Spartan at on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT - SP Windows Defender Enabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E consrv.dll blowing up machine -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows System DriverStore FileRepository stwrt inf amd neutral afc f cfedd STacSV exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Program Files Dell DellDock DockLogin exe C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Program Files Dell Dell Wireless WLAN Card WLTRYSVC EXE C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows system conhost exe C Program Files Dell Dell Wireless WLAN Card bcmwltry exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files x Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C Program Files x Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack SeaPort SeaPort exe C Program Files x Dell DataSafe Local Backup sftservice EXE C Program Files x Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAANTMon exe C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Windows SysWOW ping exe C Windows system conhost exe C Windows system taskhost exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files x Dell DataSafe Local Backup Toaster exe C Program Files DellTPad Apoint exe C Program Files IDT WDM sttray exe C Windows System igfxtray exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igfxpers exe C Program Files Dell Dell Wireless WLAN Card WLTRAY EXE C Program Files Dell QuickSet quickset exe C Program Files x Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager IAAnotif exe C Program Files x oovoo ooVoo exe C Users EJ Spartan AppData Local Facebook Update FacebookUpdate exe C Program Files Dell DellDock DellDock exe C Windows system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files x Dell DataSafe Online DataSafeOnline exe C Program Files x CyberLink PowerDVD DX PDVDDXSrv exe C Program Files x Dell Webcam Dell Webcam Central WebcamDell exe C Program Files x Roxio Roxio Burn RoxioBurnLauncher exe C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files x Ask com Updater Updater exe C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files DellTPad ApMsgFwd exe C Program Files DellTPad Apntex exe C Program Files DellTPad HidFind exe C Windows system conhost exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows SysWOW Macromed Flash FlashUtil v ActiveX exe C Program Files x Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Windows system vssvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k swprv C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system SearchFilter... Read more

A:consrv.dll blowing up machine

Hello Matt Rosenlum and welcome to Bleeping Computer!I apologize for the delay.I am D-FRED-BROWN and I will be helping you. Please print or save this topic: it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps. Go ahead and disable any antivirus scans you may have running. As you noticed, they will attempt to quarantine the aforementioned file, and cause the system to become unusable. We'll take care of the file manually ---------Let's take some preliminary steps to ensure that we will be cleaning the computer safely :BackupYour Registry with ERUNTPlease go here, scroll down to ERUNT, and download.For version with the Installer:
Use the setup program to install ERUNT on your computerFor the zipped version:
Unzip all the files into a folder of your choice.Click Erunt.exe to backup your Registry to the folder of your choice.Note: To restore your Registry, go to the folder and start ERDNT.exe---------Please download SystemLook from one of the links below and save it to your Desktop.Download Mirror #1Download Mirror #2Double-click SystemLook.exe to run it.Copy the content of the following codebox into the main textfield:


Click the Look button to start the scan.When finished, a notepad window will open with the results of the scan. Please post this log in your next reply.Note: The log can also be found at on your Desktop entitled SystemLook.txt---------Please do the following:Download Registry Search (see the link titled RegSearch Download Link), and save it to your Desktop.Extract the files from to your Desktop.Double click regsearch.exe to start the program.Enter consrv in the top area of the form and then click "OK".Notepad will be opened with text in it (the file named RegSearch.txt will be saved in the program's folder as well). Copy/paste this file in your next reply.---------Please download Security Check by screen317 from here or here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.-------------In your next reply, please include:SystemLook.txtRegSearch.txtcheckup.txtHow is your computer running now?
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I recently changed my screen from my tv back to my lcd monitor. Now when i turn my computer on there are 3 second beeps constantly and my fan keeps blowing which usually blows for only 4 or 5 seconds. I cant seem to see what the problem is ??
Any suggestions would be much appreciated thanks.

A:constant beeps, fan keeps blowing

Do you know the manufacturer of the computer's bios? Below is a link to a site with common bios manufacturers and what their post beeps mean.
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I keep blowing out power supplies It happens usually with a loud snap or a fizzle and a snap I can see a flash come from the power supply through my case window It can happen once blowing power out supplies a blowing out power supplies week or twice in a day hot day cold day within a minute of turning on or within twelve hours I could be touching the keyboard or leaving the computer unused for hours What I m getting at is it seems random It s happened about twenty times Expensive high output power supplies have to be replaced Cheap watt supplies might survive one or two events before replacement I ve disconnected each of the two mirrored hard drives alternately and it still blows I ve disconnected the Fan speed contoller and the HP DVD RW I ve changed all of the seven fans The mirrored raid set flashes quot incomplete quot whenever I boot up I ve reset it once but it came up incomplete within a few starts So I think it s the Motherboard blowing out the power supplies I have a Soyo Dragon Motherboard P Ghz M P K HT RT and I haven t clocked it up Ti -VTD X video card two G Maxtor SATA HDrives in a Mirrored set DDR X MB Ram Sony Floppy It s the first computer I ve ever put together I may be slow but I m not dumb HHHeeeellllllp nbsp

A:blowing out power supplies

Well, you have two possibilities. Either you have a problem with the mobo, or a problem in the power outlet, surge strip, or the line itself. Since you seem to have at least a few dead PSUs, you might take one to a technician and have him look at it and tell you what is blown, this could help you figure out whether it was blown by the line coming into the primary, or if it was an overload caused by a fault in the mobo.
Just from the description alone, I'd say it was power spikes or an intermittent dead short on the motherboard. Look to make sure nothing is in the case that could be periodically making contact on the mobo that might cause a short, also look to make sure nothing is wedged between the case and mobo.
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I am buying an all in one desktop computer for everyday computing ... email, surfing the web, Facebook.
I see some have 5400 RPM and some have 7200 RPM. What is the difference between the two speeds?
One has a Pentium and the other the i3. Can I go with the Pentium chip? Thanks!

A:Hard drive speed & processor?

Depends on what the etc stands for at the end of your first line.

If it's nothing demanding then any new computer will do what you need.

BTW you will get better help if you stick to one topic so all the information is in one place.
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I recently dropped my laptop and ever since i got errors and had problems booting my computer. So i reinstalled windows 7 and everything seems to work except I'm having trouble with the performance of my pc. It randomly runs really slow and every time i restart it the check disc starts to run and i have to bypass it. I already ran it a couple times and yet it still continues to run every time i reboot it. I was just wondering if there is any way to check if my processor/hard drive is working properly.

A:How do i run a check on my processor/hard drive etc.

Welcome to the forum
If you only want to check your computer, download the (SIW) system information for windows from this site:

SIW | System Information for Windows by Gabriel Topala

Good luck.
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was wondering if it was at all possible to take the e-machines hard drive that has windows XP installed on it and run it on a new motherboard... and it be able to read the drives???

A:Hard Drive with XP to new motherboard/processor.....

you will be able to read the drives but you wont be able to run windows. You will need to reinstall windows on the hard drive after you install it in the new computer. then you will have to activate it also. It is also illegal to move the type of OEM version of WinXP liscensed to be installed on and Emachines computer on any other computer. It is called Piracy.
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My question is:
Lets say at a point in time the processor asks for a file called abc, does the processor manage the process of moving the hd head to the file allocation table, then getting th location of the file and ordering the head to go to the right place on the disk and reading the file....
Or does it just require file abc and the hard disk somehow manages to do th rest on it's own until it copies the abc file to memory?

A:How does a processor deal with the hard disk?

In most cases, the CPU passes on the request to the hard disk, and the hard disk controller takes over. It looks for the file in the master file allocation table, locates the file and loads it into its memory cache. It then signals the CPU that it has the file loaded and ready, and the CPU fetches it and does whatever it's going to do with it. The hard disk manages all of the head/sector management itself.

That's a bit simplified, but I hope it answers your question.
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About two weeks ago, while logged onto the net, every so often, it sounded like a door sqreeching and slamming on my computer. Now besides this, a horn will blow. It sounds like the type you find fans blowing at football games. Really anoying. Its almost like someone has acess to my computer and is trying to drive me crazy. Any of you have any ideas what may be going on?

A:Doors slamming, horns blowing while on the net

Is this one of the sounds you are hearing?
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Hello there,

This is the first time I have posted.
My PC power supply keeps blowing the fuse. it tends only to be when I am doing something that uses alot of memory, especially when trying to convert .avi files into .mpgs
The PS is 450w and I have an athlon 2400 processor and 192MB RAM
Do you think the power supply is inadequate as I have upgraded it recently and it doesn't blow the fuse as often now but it still does it when using alot of memory. I have tried it in different sockets and have the same probs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mitchy

A:PC power supply blowing fuse

What make of psu is it?
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Hi all got a hp media centre pc turned on and as loading it died and the psu went dead so ordered another one from ebay as it is rare psu hipro 5187-4875 got it this morning unwrapped it plugged it all in bingo turned on but then as loading it blew what can be making them blow . thanks in advance

A:Power supply units keep blowing

UPDATE I found out person I got it off they had a friend looked at it who said he stripped it is it possible he has put it back in wrong or something as it comes on for like 20 seconds then boom kills psu and then dont work after that psu is totally dead
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My PC has been working fine for a couple of years then all of a sudden yesterday the PSU failed. The fuse at the wall had blown so I replaced it and then plugged the 3pin kettle lead back into my PSU. Turned on the PSU and "Bang" a spark flew out the back of the PSU and so did a waft of smoke. Now its dead. I bought a new PSU and rewired the internals of the PC and double checked all wiring. Plugged it in switched on the PSU. Turned on the power button of the PC and "bang". The PSU emited a pop and smoke and again its dead. Could this be a motherboard problem. ? Please help. I'm about to order an new PSU but I fear it is doomed unless I change my strategy !

A:Power supply (PSU) keeps blowing when switching on

When a PSU fails, especially in the manner in which you describe not only does the psus die but it can damage the motherboard, harddrives, etc. I would not buy a new PSU at this point until you can determine if the mobo is good.
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Ok this is really getting too much ridiculus... this laptop is really pain now.... more and more problems every single day.... 
I changed really nothing, everything is up to date. From today morning, laptop is blowing ICE COLD air out of vent area. Fan is spinning so fast and loud i can not handle it... there is NO REASON AT ALL OMG. I just woke up laptop from sleep and even after 10 min of idle, fan is spinning fast and blowing COLD air!
Lenovo, do something about thermal managment! And also please fix another problems of users having in this thread ... you are totally ignoring users needs. This is not so cheap laptop.. in past Think pad mean something... look like today its all about yogas .... 
Moderator comment: Post edited to conform with the Community Rules. Keep it clean.

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Hi I have the Acer betouch e101 smartphone. I have a Wuvuzela app where I need to blow into my microphone.... However I dont know if my phone can do this....

Does my phone support microphone blowing?


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So I got on my brothers computer and I noticed that avast has been disabled and has completly stopped working so then I tried uninstalling it and it didn't work so then I tried updating it and that told me that it had no connection So then I just reinstalled the newest Avast version and then then rebooted my brothers pc But then Avast blew up Telling me that threats were detected in Svchost exe and the messages were flooding in I think by the type I managed to type all this up Avast has blowing Virus Svchost.exe up!) (Avast detected over this same problem times I'm pretty confused about this Being a computer guy i've never seen anything like this It would be nice if you guys Svchost.exe Virus (Avast blowing up!) could help me and my brother And another thing I only get to go to his house every once in a while so I don't know if I can update on this thread every days I'll try to maintain contact with him through skype and Svchost.exe Virus (Avast blowing up!) he will provide me with logs and other types of info so I can post any updates here

A:Svchost.exe Virus (Avast blowing up!)

Hi there,I think by the type I managed to type all this up Avast has detected over this same problem 200 times.Can you please post up the detailed description of avast on what exactely has been blocked?Also run the following scans:Step 1Please download TDSSKiller and save it to your Desktop.Start tdsskiller.exe with administrator privileges.Accept the EULA and the KSN Statement.Click on Change parameters.Make sure that all available options (except "Loaded modules") are checked and click OK.Click on Start scan.If any threats are found don't delete them but choose the Skip option for all of them.Click on Report to open the log file. (It is also saved at C:\TDSSKiller.<version_date_time>_log.txt).Copy and paste its contents in your next reply.Step 2Please download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to your Desktop.(If you are not sure which version (32-/64-bit) applies to your system, download and try to start both of them as just the right one will run.)Start FRST with administator privileges.Make sure the option Addition.txt is checked and press the Scan button.When finished, FRST will produce two logs (FRST.txt and Addition.txt) in the same directory the tool was run from.Please copy and paste these logs in your next reply.
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Hey guys new to TS and im in a bit of a bind I want to put a bit processor and a new hard drive processor drive Looking to add need a and finding install help them new hard with Looking to install a new processor and add hard drive need help finding them as much space as possible in my Looking to install a new processor and add hard drive need help finding them compaq presario laptop i have a buddy thats training to Looking to install a new processor and add hard drive need help finding them be a crt that can help both of these things i know you can get these things fairly cheap if you know where to look but i need to know whats compatable and maybe some suggestions on what to buy I have a compaq presario F notebook BIOS AMD Athlon x Dual Core Proc TK- hz avail ram and direct x half of that info was probably not even needed but it cant hurt after installed im sure i will put windows on here as much help and advice as i can get will be very much appreciated also off topicwhat do you guys think about uniblue power suite yes no i also need to upgrade my antivirus and spyware software if anyone wants to put in some input thanks so much guys and I look foreword to being a member of the site nbsp

A:Looking to install a new processor and add hard drive need help finding them

You won't be able to (about a 10% chance you even could) replace the CPU, because its unlikely the motherboard's BIOS will support any significant change to CPU to make it worthwhile.

As for the hard disk, you need a 2.5" hard disk. You could probably get a 1TB version, but its likely to cost you.

Anti-virus: I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, or AVG Free Edition 2011.
Spyware/malware: I recommend Malwarebytes.
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Hi guys Windows -bit user here and first-time poster For a little more than six months now my computer has behaved strangely during startup It runs incredibly slowly and at CPU usage for about two minutes then gradually slacks off to about for the next two minutes then connection hard network new runs Processor upon spikes to again falls to or so spikes again etc until the CPU reaches a normal Processor runs hard upon new network connection activity level about minutes after boot I ve unsuccessfully taken the following steps to figure out what s wrong I removed unnecessary services from my msconfig startup window I used both NOD and BitDefender to scan for viruses no results I looked through Task Manager for obvious issues I checked my chipset and wireless drivers Where I ve had some success was checking Resource Manager and finding that the processes svchost exe NetworkService and svchost exe netsvc are behind the spikes Ending them returns CPU activity to normal This leads me to believe that the problem arises during network connection so I tried turning off my wireless adapter and made a hard LAN connection to a friend s computer Sure enough the slowness and CPU activity I normally only experience during startup repeated itself There s a similar but shorter spike only about ten seconds every time I start Google Chrome no matter how long the computer s been running The minutes of high CPU activity that I get after turning my computer on also happen when I re-log in after letting it go to sleep I run a registry cleaner regularly and I take good care of my computer which I ve only owned for about months Though my antivirus scans report clean results I m stumped if there s something wrong with my computer other than a virus If these symptoms are something common then let me know If not give me the go-ahead to post a HijackThis log in the Malware forums-- I think something may be hijacking Network Service and netsvc Thanks a lot you guys I hope to hear back soon

A:Processor runs hard upon new network connection

Welcome aboard I run a registry cleaner regularlyBad idea....Registry cleaners/optimizers are not recommended for several reasons: Registry cleaners are extremely powerful applications that can damage the registry by using aggressive cleaning routines and cause your computer to become unbootable.

The Windows registry is a central repository (database) for storing configuration data, user settings and machine-dependent settings, and options for the operating system. It contains information and settings for all hardware, software, users, and preferences. Whenever a user makes changes to settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in this repository. The registry is a crucial component because it is where Windows "remembers" all this information, how it works together, how Windows boots the system and what files it uses when it does. The registry is also a vulnerable subsystem, in that relatively small changes done incorrectly can render the system inoperable. For a more detailed explanation, read Understanding The Registry.
Not all registry cleaners are created equal. There are a number of them available but they do not all work entirely the same way. Each vendor uses different criteria as to what constitutes a "bad entry". One cleaner may find entries on your system that will not cause problems when removed, another may not find the same entries, and still another may want to remove entries required for a program to work.
Not all registry cleaners create a backup of the registry before making changes. If the changes prevent the system from booting up, then there is no backup available to restore it in order to regain functionality. A backup of the registry is essential BEFORE making any changes to the registry.
Improperly removing registry entries can hamper malware disinfection and make the removal process more difficult if your computer becomes infected. For example, removing malware related registry entries before the infection is properly identified can contribute to system instability and even make the malware undetectable to removal tools.
The usefulness of cleaning the registry is highly overrated and can be dangerous. In most cases, using a cleaner to remove obsolete, invalid, and erroneous entries does not affect system performance but it can result in "unpredictable results".Unless you have a particular problem that requires a registry edit to correct it, I would suggest you leave the registry alone. Using registry cleaning tools unnecessarily or incorrectly could lead to disastrous effects on your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. For routine use, the benefits to your computer are negligible while the potential risks are great.Ed Bott's Webog: Why I don't use registry cleanersDo I need a Registry Cleaner?======================================================================================Download Process Explorer:, and double click on procexp.exe to run the program.Click on View > Select Colunms.In addition to already pre-selected options, make sure, the Command Line is selected, and press OK.Go File>Save As, and save the report as Procexp.txt.Upload the file(s) here: download link (copy URL: link):
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Wow I turned the 80mm heatsink fan around and pointed the air outwards away from the heatsink and now I'm getting about 13'Fahrenheit less than before (now at 107'F when using my PC -- browsing,etc).

Definately recommend trying this.

A:SLK-900 heatsink fan blowing OUT = 13 degrees LOWER temps

I used to run a YS-Tech 4500rpm fan inverted on my SK-6. It gave temperatures in the same range as a non inverted Delta fan at 6000rpm. I'll maybe have to experiment with this on my SLK-800. Thanks for the information. Note that trying any non standard configuration with a HSF are done at the users risk, even though AMD systems now usually have overheating prevention measures in place.
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Not sure if this is the correct forum or if I should be posting in Software but figured it was a good place to start I have an Hp Pavilion dv Laptop blowing - - fan HP overworked... Problems constantly seems notebook Intel Core Duo ghz Windows -bit gb installed RAM About - years old Mostly general computing - internet some streaming from hulu youtube itunes etc No serious gaming or anything I do use it a lot for photoshop and illustrator - when I use those programs it get s maxed out Recently the HP Laptop Problems - fan blowing constantly - seems overworked... fan has been blowing like crazy and it seems overworked Even if it s just sitting there and no one is using it I m wondering if it s a hardware issue or a software issue I have installed all kinds of things and have played around with stuff - like installing xamp and things I m not sure if that has anything to do with it Other information The battery had a significantly low life so I replaced it The replacement battery was a generic cheap-o battery and now it has died HP Laptop Problems - fan blowing constantly - seems overworked... too We have to have it plugged in almost all the time - about - minutes of battery life As a result it s died a couple of times which I m sure isn t good for it Please let me know what you think if you need more info if I should be posting somewhere else Thanks nbsp

A:HP Laptop Problems - fan blowing constantly - seems overworked...
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I am totally mystified I have a friends IBM Thinkpad R e laptop it had a XP pro license key on it but had installed So I thought an upgrade to XP would be no problem big mistake Running with the mains plugged in I installed XP pro validated the license key AOk and though I was home and dry Then noticed the battery was running low the PSU had blown no v on the output jack OK so I reasoned it had been doing a lot of HDD access and CDROM access maybe it was on its way out when I started the install and the extra load killed it off So I bought a replacement plugged it in great battery charging AOK started doing the insane number of XP updates to bring the install up to date noticed the battery said it would need to charge but seemed to be charging quicker that than that the charge bar since install needed, blowing help XP Urgent R40e PSU's was moving quicker than expected but that could have been just my perception anyhow left it to it Came back up new PSU blown OK any ideas anyone can a dodgy laptop battery kill PSU s I would have assumed that the charging circuits would have regulated the charging to Urgent help needed, R40e blowing PSU's since XP install avoid this is it a driver issue it appeared AOK with I am totally lost any ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated Cheers Lentil nbsp
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The main power lead fuse(power park) keeps blowingon my PC. I have replaced more than 3 now: please i need your help, what could be the cause? And how can i solve the problem?
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Hello all.

This morning I have a Windows 7 box that is "Denying access to all windows xp boxes"? I rebooted my Win7 box and file sharing was good again. I shared about 8-10 files across the network and now Win7 is once again not allowing access from any WinXP boxes. All other Win7 machines have full access.

Any ideas?

A:Windows7 and WinXP file sharing is now blowing up.

Go to Control Panel/Network and Sharing Center/Advanced Sharing Settings. Make sure Network Discovery, and File and Print Sharing are enabled. In HomeGroup connections, make sure User Accounts and Passwords to Connect is checked.
Make sure all computers have the same Workgroup Name not just the blank Workgroup. Also make sure all computers have User Names and Passwords, and that they don't log in automatically. Go to Start/Run and type the remote computers name (ex) \\computername and press enter or type the ip address (ex) \\ If this fails, go to the Command Prompt and ping the remote computer by name or IP address (ex) ping You may have to restart all computers for them to see each other
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The main power lead fuse(power park) keeps blowingon my PC. I have replaced more than 3 now: please i need your help, i could be the cause? And how can i solve the problem?
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Hi everyone Since One-two month the frame of my laptop under the keyboard began to blow itself Thus it is like a ball is under my keyboard my frame is completely deformed I send like messages on twitter to Toshiba France but any reply I send e-mail to the customer service same thing Just one reply to say that my demand has been forward to the technical service This is completly unacceptable from Toshiba I am affraid that this is due to the battery and that it comse to explode Could you please help me with this issue Toshiba should and My laptop is deformed are blowing! frame Keyboard solve this because it is their fault if their battery are not conformed I am stunned to don't have any reply Please see pictures attached It is much more impressive in reality than on pictures I will make a video this week https drive google com file d B V vKXb- x QmV YVdzZ My laptop is blowing! Keyboard and frame are deformed xCNHc view usp sharing https drive google com open id B XRtYnhYSzZVbUk Regards Lionel!-Keyboard-and-frame-are-deformed
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I got a thermal shut down message on my work computer. I work in a dusty shop so dust does accrue rapidly. A coworker and I carefully opened up the computer and blew it out with canned air. After putting it back together, the thing would not boot up.

Upon hitting the power button, I can hear the disk start up, then nothing. The power indicator light is on, but nothing happens.

Our IT guys didn't sound hopeful.

Any ideas on what might have happened?

A:Laptop doesn't boot after blowing out internals


Do you work in an IT shop or have much experience with computers?

What laptop were you using?

It sounds like you may have snapped a cable somewhere or dislodged one somewhere.

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I have recently purchased and installed a new hard drive It is a WD Caviar MB cache SATA rmp GB running as SATA writing hard drive to high very Processor usage when because mother board only supports SATA I have noticed that it is horribly slow when the drive is being written to also the processor Processor usage very high when writing to hard drive usage spikes to - during the writing I have concluded it s just during the writing because the computer boots fast and seems just fine when reading from the drive I have Windows XP installed and running the latest updates The driver for the the HD is a Windows SCSI driver I have looked on the WD website for their driver but have not had any success finding it The only software that came in the retail box is the WD Data Lifeguard application but it doesn t have an option for installing drivers I ve read some posts about DMA and PIO settings but I m not sure if that only applies to IDE drives Thank you in advance for the help nbsp

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I seem to have a pretty peculiar Run Connection Malware Processor Network To During Causes Unknown Hard malware probably problem For a little more than six months now my computer has behaved strangely during startup It runs incredibly slowly and at CPU usage for about two minutes then gradually slacks off to about for the next two minutes then spikes to again falls to or so spikes again etc until the CPU reaches a normal activity level about minutes after boot Where I ve had some success was checking Resource Manager and finding that the processes svchost exe NetworkService and svchost exe netsvc are behind the spikes Ending them returns CPU Unknown Malware Causes Processor To Run Hard During Network Connection activity to normal This leads me to believe that the problem arises during network connection so I tried turning off my wireless adapter and made a hard LAN connection to a friend s computer Sure enough the slowness and CPU activity I normally only experience during startup repeated itself There s a similar but shorter spike only about five seconds every time I start Google Chrome no matter how long the computer s been running The minutes of high CPU activity that I get after turning my computer on also happen when I re-log in after letting it go to sleep My original post is here where admin Brony was very helpful in checking this out from just about every angle http www bleepingcomputer com forums topic html Unfortunately we were unable to come to any conclusion beyond quot something is definitely wrong quot after trying almost everything possible except HJT log analysis and the like Maybe you guys can help me

A:Unknown Malware Causes Processor To Run Hard During Network Connection

And here are my logs. Since I didn't attach the attach.txt log and ark.txt log, they're through these Filedropper links. By the way, I'm running a 65-bit Windows 7 system.



DDS log:
DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSAMD64
Internet Explorer: 9.0.8112.16421
Run by Finn at 13:36:20 on 2011-11-16
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600.0.1252.1.1033.18.3956.2203 [GMT -8:00]
AV: ESET Smart Security 4.2 *Disabled/Updated* {77DEAFED-8149-104B-25A1-21771CA47CD1}
SP: ESET Smart Security 4.2 *Disabled/Updated* {CCBF4E09-A773-1FC5-1F11-1A056723366C}
SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Updated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-9E44-DA132C1ACF46}
FW: ESET Personal firewall *Disabled* {4FE52EC8-CB26-1113-0EFE-8842E2773BAA}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k DcomLaunch
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k RPCSS
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalService
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork
C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\armsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\LSI SoftModem\agr64svc.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Acer\Acer ePower Management\ePowerSvc.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation
C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer\Registration\GregHSRW.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel® Management Engine Components\LMS\LMS.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k imgsvc
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSVC.EXE
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAANTMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSvcM.exe
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPEnh.exe
C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVCpl64.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Intel\Intel Matrix Storage Manager\IAAnotif.exe
C:\Program Files\Acer\Acer ePower Management\ePowerTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Acer\Acer ePower Management\ePowerEvent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe
C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe
C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted
C:\Program Files\Synaptics\SynTP\SynTPHelper.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\distnoted.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CCC.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbamservice.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)&... Read more
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just installed a new motherboard and processor and now the hard drives not booting it appears in the bios but its not loading up any ideas would be much appreciated.
The motherboard is a ASUS P5LD2

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Here s the bottom line I have an HP PAVILION n and use XP The past few months my speed to move from one site to another or even to fill our forms on certain websites has gotten slower and SLOWER and S-L-O-W-E-R I ve already defraged and stopped certain programs from opening up and done my anti-virus and antispyware you name it NOTHING helps SO my brilliant son who this blowing gentille RELOAD spirit up without house??? WINDOWS Can the lives far far away tells me that he s sure I need to reload my windows But he says this You lose every setting you have you Can this gentille spirit RELOAD WINDOWS without blowing up the house??? have to reset everything reinstall everything from scratch reenter usernames and passwords back up all your critical data and files and i know you have no idea where most of this stuff is located so you d likely lose a lot if you weren t careful Can this gentille spirit RELOAD WINDOWS without blowing up the house??? This isn t a decision someone like you can take lightly Oh gee I m thrilled SOOOO can I really do this on my own IS THERE A STEP-BY-STEP instruction page somewhere just as step-by-step as a recipe for a great dish Or am I doomed here Janie nbsp

A:Can this gentille spirit RELOAD WINDOWS without blowing up the house???
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Hi everyone!
When powering up, the computer's fan is at full tilt, and beeps in 4 second increments, i.e., <BEEP> (1,2,3,4)<BEEP>, etc...The computer won't always boot up completely. Sometimes I can manage to get through to the option to boot in Safe Mode with Networking as I'm doing now. We have a 64 bit system so I figured I shouldn't run the GMER tool.
Thanks for all your help!

A:Fan blowing full blast, successive beeps, won't start.

Hello. I do not think this is a malware related issue. This sounds more like a hardware issue.

Please repost for assistance in the Windows Vista of Hardware section of the forums, without the logs.

"Install Date: 1/30/2012 7:20:31 PM"

A fresh install should not be acting this way. Again, this and the beep codes point to hardware issues.

Windows Vista/Windows 7 Support - Tech Support Forum
Motherboards, Bios & CPU - Tech Support Forum
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Hi everyone!
I've been told from the malware forum that my problem is probably not software related but instead hardware related.

When powering up, the computer's fan is at full tilt, and beeps in 4 second increments, i.e., <BEEP> (1,2,3,4)<BEEP>, etc...The computer won't always boot up completely. Sometimes I can manage to get through to the option to boot in Safe Mode with Networking as I'm doing now.
I tried simply freshly reinstalling Windows several days ago but the problem has remained.
Thanks for all your help!

A:Fan blowing full blast, successive beeps, won't start.

What is the make and model of your machine?
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This is only for the ones that like me love their old gear to bits and try to bring it up to a level, where it may still be of some use...

I managed to get this little sweatheart to run Win 95, got it networked and have it access the internet. But the next bottleneck is the capacity of its hard drive...only 220 mb, that means after installing win95, there is only 32 mb left to play with...I have one 1GB and one 4.3 GB hard drive, that I tried to install in this computer. They both would run, but unfortunately the bios does not seem to accept any larger hard disc space than 220 mb and uses only this amount on either hard drives...Is there a way around this problem or am I stuck with 220 mb for good????

Would be grateful for any advice that gets me out of this...


A:Can a Compaq Presario 433, 486SX processor accept hard drives over 220 mb?

One option that might work would be to get a pci controller card.
Here's one.
Not sure if it would work or not.
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I want to take my hard drive with the files (win98se) from a hp intel 500mhz celeron system and put it in a 1300mhz AMD board.
Before I do this should I remove most of the drivers etc before I switch over or should i leave it as is? I was just thinking that there would be a lot of conflicts if i don't prepare it for the move. What is the normal procedure? Thanks. Ed

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I m on a Sapphire Radeon X Pro MB PCI-Express video card A few weeks ago my card was running much better than now like an X should but then the power supply blew and i got a replacement from the manufacturer of the same power supply a very cheap w power supply that came with my case-Logysis Phantom Black and now my video card performs HORRIBLY even in COUNTERSTRIKE my frames are horrible they drop down to when i see an enemy and i cant even speak of playing need for speed underground or half life they frame very badly this really started happening after instaling the new power supply is it possible that the power supply blowing damaged the video card or worse the mobo i feel like killing myself but the comp is running fine just cannot perform in games P Prescott Ghz not causing blowing Power supply underperform?? to card video OC d EPoX EP- EPA Sapphire Radeon X Pro PCI-Ex GB RAM Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Power supply blowing causing video card to underperform??

First get a good quality psu from Enermax/Antec etc about 400w to 450w should be fine.

The name of the game here is quality not quantity as your videocard will be power hungry.

Secondly it is possible that your videocard has suffered damage due to your old psu blowing.

And last but by no means least I would recommend that you get antisurge protection if you haven`t already.

Something like this is what I mean

Regards Howard
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By the way this is all about IE DESKTOP version not Metro Mesh is uninstalled from ALL of my pc's AND I stopped any Mesh activity before I uninstalled it Then I turned OFF Browser Sync in pc settings on both my laptop reappear desktop. Favorites blowing sync in issue 10 magically Mind IE and desktop that are running Win RPThen I deleted the entire contents of the favorites folder from both machines now I have NO favorites on either one I wait a few minutes to make sure whatever sync operation Mind blowing sync issue in IE 10 desktop. Favorites magically reappear may be happening on the servers is done Then I turn Sync back on on the desktop and after about minute favorites begins to populate itself I turn sync back off then I delete the entire contents again I go over to the laptop and turn sync on over there Mind blowing sync issue in IE 10 desktop. Favorites magically reappear and favorites once again begins to populate itself So now I have a reproducible quot bug quot I THINK One additional clue and the one that led me down this path was that I make great use of the Favorites Bar at the top of the IE Window The links that reappear up there when I find their properties they say they are located here C Users Jimmy Favorites Links Even though I cannot find that location using Windows Explorer at all The files do seem to actually be located in C Users Jimmy Favorites Favorites Bar So here we are Any thoughts anyone Am I the only one JF

A:Mind blowing sync issue in IE 10 desktop. Favorites magically reappear

Hi. Are you signing into 8 with an administrator .Live account?
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I have a computer with the following specs:

Intel i5 2500K Processor
1TB Hard Drive
Nvidia GT430 GPU
Running genuine Windows 8.1 Professional

A few days ago, I thought I would clean the insides of the cabinet by blowing inside the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner.

I then saw almost a truckload of dust exiting the CPU and this made me very happy.

But what didn't make me happy was this, the computer started lagging while playing games or any video!

This is the first time I have used a vacuum cleaner to clean the insides of the CPU and I even tried reconnecting all the cables and wires inside hoping it would make a difference, but it didn't.

So could someone please tell me what I can do to first isolate the problem and then fix it? :(

A:[SOLVED] Computer Lags After Blowing Inside Cabinet With Vacuum Cleaner

First off, you should never use a vacuum cleaner inside a PC. They can cause static electricity and ruin parts on your system. Always use a air compressor or can of compressed air to clean inside the PC.

How is the PC lagging? Are applications slow to launch? Videos slow to watch?
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal The exact Error that s provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last Collaborative are for Power Processor Controls disabled Processor upgrade after one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb NOTE my laptop has an Nvidia GeForce m Chip as well but it did not detect that for some reason Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC N JN Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Have not had time to get antiviral software yet So is there Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade anything i can do or do i just have to wait and see if Asus pushes out an update thanks in advance nbsp
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power for Power disabled Collaborative Processor Controls after upgrade are Processor was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal I went into event viewer to see if there was any ACPI Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error's listed and this came up The exact Error that's provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Asustek N JN-MH Notebook Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Core Thread Ram GB MB Video Intel Onboard MB Nvidia GeForce m OS Windows Home Upgraded from Windows So is there anything that i can do or do i just have to wait for asus to publish a new Firmware Update even though it's probably likely they won't Thanks in advance guys

A:Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

See if this finds any new drivers:

Intel? Driver Update Utility
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I recently upgraded to a HP,Media Center editon pc, Windows XP, AMD Athlon 64 3800+2.4 GHz Processor.

When trying to install Photoshop Album 1.0, I receive this message, "This operating system is not supported by Adobe Photoshop Album. We support Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 , XP Intel Pentium III or 4 processor".

Could my problem with installation be the Athlon processor? When purchasing this computer, our salesman convinced us that the Athlon was just as good as the Pentinum Processor. Any thoughts on this? My computer is less than a week old and having serious thoughts about returning it. I have had problems with other installations. Am I to expect more problems with software and the Athlon processor. Any helpful suggestions will be appreciated. I am getting desperate for advice about the processor.

A:Athlon Processor versus Pentinum Processor in Windows XP

What the message is telling you is that Windows Media Center Edition 2005 is not one of the operating systems that Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 supports. It has nothing to do with whether an Intel processor or an AMD processor is installed. I checked the system requirements for the newer version 2.0, and it also is not supported by Windows MCE 2005.

By the way, Adobe Photoshop Album 1.0 has a 13.5 MB patch for it and will upgrade it to version 1.0.1. You can get it from here.

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Hi guys .....

I'm in need of a free font that looks like the wind is blowing it (kind of like "Gone With The Wind").

I'll be using it in Word. Googled but didn't find anything good.

Any recommendations appreciated!

A:Anyone know where to get a free "wind blowing" font?

Don't really know what you need, but there are many fonts to download here.
The one named Barbatrick might be something you are looking for.
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Quad processors are darn expensive You can have a hand in helping me build my new laptop Speed is a priority when I use my computer for PLEASURE I can deal with an occasional slowdown When I use my computer for a WORK or a SCHOOL project and I experience a slowdown I feel like breaking bodies or punching a hole in the wall I m buying a new laptop I ll be using it primarily for work and school I d say quad a buy I Decision processor? or time: should a processor duo of the time that I use the laptop it will be used for serious - business stuff primarily work and school That s why when I customize my new laptop I m going Decision time: should I buy a quad processor or a duo processor? to customize it with gigs of RAM and a quad core processor to have as much speed as possible and as high a flow rate as possible Is that a good build strategy My work school laptop will gt be used for heavy Internet duty gt be used heavily for programs like Dreamweaver Photoshop and Flash gt i will not be using it for computer games but note if i have to sell the laptop on Craigslist in a year or two I d like this laptop to appeal to gamers so I can sell it quicker faster gt i don t have a lot of disposable income The quad processor costs a few hundred dollars more Since I ll be using my Decision time: should I buy a quad processor or a duo processor? computer for work and school and since I might be making more money a year from now If I have to and with your advice I ll pay the extra cost nbsp

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I need to order a new desktop for my office to replace a 3 year old machine that runs at 3.2 Ghz. The new machines that Dell offers only has this option:

Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB L2 Cache,2.66GHz,1066 FSB)

I don't think there is a standard measuring stick that is used to compare all the processor speeds that I can find or understand. I work with CAD programs that use up a lot of resources and I typically get the fastest available and max the RAM. With all the latest software that I have to install, I need the new machines to run faster than the ones they replace.

Can anyone tell me how this 2.66GHz processor compares to my current machine? I don't have the exact specs for it, this is what it lists on the dell support site for my system - PROCESSOR, 80532K, 3.2GHZ, 1M, 533, M0.

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Can any body tell me the main diff between the core 2 duo processor and core 2 duo processor with centrino.


A:Diff between centrino processor and core 2 duo processor

In a word nothing, the centrino branding does not refer to any specific additions to the processor, it is simply a label that is attached to laptops which use intel branded processor, integrated graphics and wireless chips.

Centrino is more of a marketing tool that Intel use to boost sales of their graphics and wireless chips, so you can pretty much ignore it
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I am going to be buying a new computer in the near future and was wondering if backups, file copying, and defragging will speed up very much?

It seems like that at some point, the drives would not be able to keep up with the processor and faster processors would not be needed for many or even most applications.

I am using a 1 ghz Pentium 3 computer now and am going to get a new 3 ghz computer next.

Also, recently, I read an article about the new dual core Intel chips and that sounds like something that I would like but do not know if they are out yet, and if so, do not know what they are called.

A:Processor speed vs hard drive speed

The main point of having a faster processor is that it runs games smoother, compresses audio and video faster, and so on. These tasks are not particularly dependent on hard disk performance. Nearly all applications will benefit from a faster processor regardless of the speed of the hard disk.
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Hello everyone,

I want to build a new system, and I was wondering just what the differences between a sever processor and a desktop processor are.

Would I see gaming performance decrease by using a Quad Server Core or a Quad Desktop Core?

I wanted to build a dual socket server core and have 8 physical cores.


A:Server Processor Vs. Desktop Processor

I dont think any games are designed to take advantage of a dual socket setup. Windows Server OS's are designed to take advantage of dual socket setups. Some newer games are coming out which take advantage of single socket dual or quad core setups on desktops. A server based PC would not gain any performance for games IMO. You are better off investing the extra $ in a good video card.
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Well I Am Sticking With AMD Now So I Am Going With Socket 939 ( Plz Dont Leave Any Comments About Any AM2 ) And I Saw That The 3700+ Has A 1MB Cache And The 3800+ Has A 512KB Cache...Which Is Better


3800+ =

3700+ =

Thank You Very Much


P.S. Im Getting A ASUS A8NE Motherboard With This Processor And Also A 7600GT PCI-E


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I was trying to install XP Mode on my machine using the tutorial at How to Install and Setup Virtual Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 when I determined that I can't run it since I don't have a Hardware Virtualization Technology enabled processor. But it did say something about 64-bit architecture. Screenshots attached. Do I have a 64-bit processor? I haven't got the clue. My machine is an eMachines W3503 desktop.

the 1st screenshot is from the Intel Processor Identification program (or something like that) and the 2nd screenshot is from System Information for Windows

it would be nice if i added the screenshots, huh?

A:Do I have a 64 bit processor?

Right click on 'Computer' in start menu, select 'properties'

Go to 'device manager' on left, expand 'processors' and it will then show you what CPU you have
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I'm building a computer with an asus p5kpl-cm motherboard and an intel pentium dual core processor e5200 socket lga775. Is it true that I can simply install and run a 32 bit windows vista on this 64 bit capable processor and motherboard without changing any keywords? Something I found on an intel blog says it detects this automatically. If I must change a keyword (in the bios, etc.), which one? Thanks.

A:32 bit on 64 bit processor

Yes you can run 32Bit software on 64Bit Architecture

Bios just needs to be set to defaults, if any issue arises
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Hey guys, i have the Msi Amethyst-M Motherbord, and i wanted to ask aviadable Processors i could fit in? Not really Expensive ones just Better than Amd Athlon 64 3200+ 2Ghz, so im looking for 3Ghz or so. Does anybody know any processors, cheap ones im not asking for i7 hehe etc.. Also guys i wanted to know how to fit it in to my computer


It may be a little difficult to find a processor for Socket 939 at this point since it's been phased out for quite a while. Still, your best choices would probably be an Athlon FX-60 or an Opteron 185 if you can find either. Spotted this AMD Athlon 64 3500+ on Amazon but it's nearly $100 and only gives you a 200MHz bump. If I come across anything else will post back.
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Well, i've been reading threads
and i know the prescott runs really hot.
My 3.0 Ghz P4 runs at 47 C idol, and about 58 C at full load
and i'm using a Thermaltake Spark 7+
Now people are getting under 40 C with stock cooler?
if i'm reading right,
now how can this be?
Good ventalation in case? or better thermal grease or what!?

A:Is my processor too hot?

hmmm, lol time to put a sweater on i guess eh?
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I have a HP Pavilion p6654yDesktop.
Motherboard N-Alvorix-RS880-uATX
Processor AMD Athron II x4 630 2.8 GHz 4cores Socket AM3 4000 MHz
Processor upgrade info:
AMD Phenom II X6 10xxT Six-Core (Thuban core)
X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (Deneb core)
X3 7xx7/7xxe Triple-Core (Heka core)
I have integrated graphics using ATI Radeon 4200
I fly using FSX, Ultmate X, Plan G and online. My processor maxed out and the simulator was stuttering.
Would you suggest a new processor and or video card? Uses a PCI Express x 16 slot.
Thank you

A:New Processor?

Also, I have two monitors on line.
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Is the processor the Motherboard? So if I needed a better processor I would need a new mother board?

Relevancy 27.09%

Do you need a whole new computer? Mine is like 1.8 Ghz, and I think it's bottlenecking my 6600GT because I get some choppiness when playing half life 2 and CS:S. My FPS in video stress test was 75~ FPS
but I still get choppiness when there are firefights, and sometimes even just walking around

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I'm building a computer and I'm looking at a 2.5 GHz AMD Athlon 64 Processor.

Since it's a 64-bit processor, will it be compatible with the 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate I'm buying, and if it is compatible, will i be loosing quality that i paid for? But if it isn't compatible, what processor family shall I look in to?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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I purchased a processor, which arrived today. I took my old one out (Celeron) and put the new one in (P4). I put it in and turned the computer on, and, it just displayed the amber light and nothing showed up on the monitor. When I put my Celeron back in, the same thing happened... What's wrong with my computer? I'm using Windows XP.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi All

Which Processor or PC is better. I have 1 Intel Pentium 3(iii) Processor 933MHz and a intel(R) Celeron(R) D cpu 3.46GHz.
Could someone let me know which 1 is faster or better.


A:Which Processor is Better

i use this site to compare cpu - i have found it ok so far
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Core 2 Duo E6850

or the intel quad core 2.4?

might seem dumb but some one told me stick with my e6850 =/

A:Which processor is better?

depends on what you intend on using it for.

if you're a gamer - multi core cpus won't give you too much of an edge except on a few select titles.

if you multitask then more cores are better.

for cpu comparisons go to
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I may be getting a new processor for a really good deal (clearance sale). I currently have a P4 2.26ghz. I was wondering if a Celeron 2.6 ghz is better or worse or the same. Just wanna know.

A:Getting a New Processor

What kind of P4? williamette?, northwood?, prescott?
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I have an eMachines W3107, mostly stock except for a few hard drive, DVD, and RAM. I was looking for a processor upgrade. Possibly duel-core. Is this possible? It currently has an AMD Sempron 3100+ in it. Whats the best processor i can add to it?

Anyone know of a place to get 2x1GB RAM sticks for cheap?

Relevancy 27.09%

I need to install sp2 on Win 64 bit system with AMD processor.
pl assist for link & let me know if there are any known issues for the same.

A:sp2 for win 64 bit with AMD processor.

there u go
its 350mb, about 2 minutes download on 20mb connection, or an hour on 1mb
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i'm pretty new at building systems so you'll have to forgive me if i'm being stupid.


and when i came to fit it there are no pins on it. so it won't fit into its slot. am i being stupid by expecting there to be pins?

A:My Processor

Socket LGA 775 processors do not have pins, they fit motherboard sockets with spring loaded contacts built in to the socket.

You will need to return it (if you can) and exchange it for a socket 478 part that has pins, or get a new socket 775 motherboard.
Relevancy 27.09%

At the moment i have a 1499 p4, which as you can imagine is not that fast.
Could anyone reccomed a decent processor thats good value?

Cheers, Alex

A:What Processor


go to and search processors that fit your standards. The 2 gighertz processors are cheap now.
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I have an inquiry regarding laptop processors

I would like to know which of these,29733,27231, is better.

Also are they interchangeable?

Based on the fact that all three stipulate that the PPGA478 socket is supported my conjecture would be yes but there are other discrepancies in the line up such as two of them being embedded and one not which make me unsure.

Any help will be appreciated thanks

A:Processor help please

Most of them are plug compatible, but besides all of them being old/bottom end CPUs, you can't easily buy these.

Notebooks are not made to be CPU upgradable. The CPU is mostly non-replacable.
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I have 633 celeron with 512 megs of ram and was wondering what type and size of processor I would have to upgrade to before it would make any significant difference. thank you

A:new processor

Hi, welcome to the forum

What performance issues are you currently experiencing? I just ask because often, there is a misconception that processor speed makes all the difference. What types of functions do you want sped up? What do you use your computer for? (ie-graphic design, games, accounting, etc..).
I think that a Pentium processor ranging from 800-1000 Mhz should be an improvement, due to the increased cache. But it would only be noticeable for certain functions. (In other words, your internet downloads won't speed up).

Please post back with a bit more info.