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Cannot calibrate my new Acer T231H multitouch screen

Q: Cannot calibrate my new Acer T231H multitouch screen

I recently bought the ACER T231H Multitouch Screen. Earlier this Summer, I had problems with calibrating the Monitor. But eventually, I made it work. After a few days, I had many "Blue Screens" on my PC, and reinstalled the Windows 7 64-bits. And after that, I have had troubles with calibrating the Monitor....When I enter the Calibrating Section, and hit Calibrate, I am not able to prese the Cross in the Top Left corner of the Monitor....I have updated with the latest drivers, and the Monitor is set to Primary....Hope someone can help me with this issue.....

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Preferred Solution: Cannot calibrate my new Acer T231H multitouch screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot calibrate my new Acer T231H multitouch screen

Try uninstalling the driver and letting Windows install it's generic driver to see if that changes anything. If it does, then you'll know it's a driver problem. Also look into your video card drivers and update as nec. - something has an incompatibility issue. I never use software that comes with monitors if I can avoid it, because of issues like yours.
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So I've decided to update my BIOS on my laptop Acer E5 511 and afer that my touchpad lost the abilitiy to work on mutlitouch gestures. I can't scroll ,zoom or do the right click by presing with two fingers at the same time.I've tried isntaling the touchpad drivers from the official site, restarted my laptop a few times after but nothing helps.If anyone had the same problem and found the solution please share, I've gotten to used to the multitouch features that now I feel diseabled everytime I use the touchpad just for movin the cousor.

Go to Solution.

A:acer e5 511 multitouch not working after bio updat...

Found the soltion withim minutes after posting this.You have to go to your BIOS or UEFI settings py pressing and holding te F2 button while the laptop is powering on.There you find touchpad and select "Advanced mode", then just save the changes and after the laptop restarts the multitouch features will be back.

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Hello this is my first time posting on forum ever I got a problem with my acer v - g model I currently use win and I have tried to uninstall drivers and install official acer drivers for touchpad so far there are two drivers and I not toucpad acer multitouch working have tried them acer toucpad multitouch not working both none of them helped On other forums I have seen that some people managed to solve a problem by instaling new BIOS drivers Im not yet ready to install new BIOS drivers because of fear to make it even worse Many users solved it just by reinstalling synahptics I probably spelled it wrong lel drivers Some people also managed to fix it by updating IO chipset drivers which again I am feared to try to reinstall it Im prone to breaking things and messing up stuff so if you got idea how to simply fix this I will be really thankfull to you I have to mentioin whenever I try to uninstall drivers and ask me to reboot after reboot its somehow already installed again If you got any questions I will do my best to answer it
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In Lenovo started using the term multitouch to mean touchscreen via finger and pen then the iPhone came along and gave it a different common meaning two-finger touch nbsp It s important to understand this because in September Lenovo introduced new touch screens which support multitouch in the now common sense two finger touch This did not and cannot magically give two-finger touch capability to the previously released touchscreen via finger and pen tablets nbsp So Lenovo have bowed to the inevitable and started using the common meaning of multitouch but be careful out there because NONE of the multitouch tablets introduced prior to September have two-finger touch nbsp Check the Personal Systems Reference tabook if you are unsure In the display section you will see nbsp MultiTouch touchscreen via finger and pen lt -- multitouch Lenovo vs multitouch tablets: NO two-finger touch capability OR MultiTouch touchscreen support pen amp two-finger touch nbsp Lastly Lenovo's marketing materials refer to the new two-finger touch feature as enhanced multitouch nbsp March UPDATE With the release of the X Tablet the nomenclature has Lenovo tablets: multitouch vs multitouch become simpler If an X tablet is multitouch it nbsp is two-finger multitouch There are no single-touch pen or finger X tablets nbsp April UPDATE The X Tablet has two screen options multitouch or outdoor The multitouch screen supports finger touch and finger gesture The outdoor screen supports pen nbsp Kudos to the members of the community who have raised and researched this subject Hope this helps you tableteers out there

A:Lenovo tablets: multitouch vs multitouch

Hi Bananaman, Thanks for the link to the file. Unfortunately I can't see my device listed though (7453-6BG). I'm in the UK if this makes a difference. I specifically asked for the two finger multitouch screen (ie 'enhanced' multitouch!) - my tablet won't even recognise 1 finger - only the pen. I've tried downloading the most recent drivers but nothing works. Any advise would be much appreciated!!! Kind regards, Paul
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Hey folks. I do a lot of color-related work on my notebook, but am short of actually getting really high end calibration software. Was thinking you might be able to help...
Just got my AW 15 and am matching it against my 2012 M17x. It seems as though the screen is plenty good and can reproduce the colors perfectly, but it's the balance between the colors I can't seem to get right (sky is blue, ground is too yellow. Ground is right, sky is too red, etc.) with the super limited Intel color display adjustments.
Can you recommend any sort of free software that will allow me to set much finer color controls, save profiles, etc.?
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I need to allow non administrators to calibrate the touch screen. As you can see, the calibrate button causes the UAC login to appear. Does anyone know a way around this?

A:Allow non administrator to calibrate touch screen

Cant y ou go into its properties and change the permissions and allow a specific user full control? Dont have a touch screen so dont know options with it.
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My Acer Aspire 5612z, Dual-core celeron, 2GB ram, vista home premium 32bit, has two separate problems. Screen is filled with vertical red blue and white vertical stripes, if I tap the screen frame then the picture is ok for 30 mins or so, then goes stripey again. (Poss fault on FL board?).
Second, Laptop boots, 20 seconds, to Acer screen then stops.
Can only switch off power from that point.

A:Acer Aspire screen problem and only boot to Acer screen

Tapping the screen you could have a loose connection from the LCD Panel to the MOBO connector, but you see if you did the screen would dim out. In your case you have the the same issues that tell me that the LCD Panel is faulty. If this unit is still under warranty then have ACER service the unit or take it to ACER dealer who can either send it back to ACER or they can order the panel and replace it for you at no cost, but then it has to be under warranty. If not you'll have to pay the cost of ordering the part, labor to install it. Find out cost prior to signing any agreement.

On your other issue, did you replace or upgrade the battery or memory? If not then remove the battery and plugin the power only. Try this again does it boot the ACER logo and Windows. Can you put your ear down to the keys or palm rest and hear the HDD spinning up?
If not either the HDD is DOA or faulty power module on the MOBO or just bad MOBO. Again same as above if it's under warranty call or take it to ACER factory service dealer.

Make sure if you had a good battery on this laptop that all switches are switched to the lock mode for the battery.
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Hello, i have a packard bell easynote tj76-ju-130nc laptop with windows 7 and multitouch... but suddenly the multitouch gesture dosn't work anymore. Maybe i shall activate it, but i dont know how...
And i tried to read the manuel for the laptop and go into settings and options but didnt work...
I hope you can help me
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Hello, recently i've installed windows 7 ultimate on my Acer aspire one d255 netbook and i've only just noticed that the touchpad has seemed to have lost its ability to multitouch.

I'm not sure whats wrong with it, it doesn't seem to be driver problems because the touchpad works apart from that. If it's a case of i need some files from the orignal windows.old file there is no problems with that, but im not sure what files i'll need so could someone guide me onto how to resolve this issue?

Thankyou for reading my problem and hoping for a swift reply!

Love, Secret squirrel.

A:Multitouch isn't working!

Try updating your drivers for Acer aspire one d255 netbook from here:

Acer Support: Drivers & Support Documents - Netbook / Aspire One / AOD255
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I have an Elan Smart Pad and I'm not too impressed with the how their software makes use of its multitouch capability. Right now I have the 2 and 3-finger taps set to show the desktop. I'd really like to be able to set one of them to bring up Flip3d or switch between windows.

I was looking for ways to set that up and I came across an old procedure that has something to do with finding the .dll for Flip3d and writing a command to use it and then setting the touchpad to run that command. I feel like there has to be a better way though.

Would installing a Synaptics driver and their gesture suite on an Elan touchpad work? I saw that they have a much better array of uses for multitouch.


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Hello!My notebook: Yoga 900-13ISK2I have a problem: pressing on clickpad by two fingers does not work. Settings are ok (screen 1), laptop "sees" two-finger tap (screen 2), but "right-click" doesn't work. I've downloaded last drivers. Can anyone help me?

3.png ?267 KB
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I have a very old laptop we are running W8RP on (Dell Inspiron 1520).. I updated the synaptics driver, and now I have multi-touch! Plus, now I can swipe in from left/right and we get last program/charms.. I'm still trying to figure out pinch-to-zoom, but this is great.. It's not a touchscreen, but certainly breathes new life into it..

A:Update Synaptics driver: multitouch!

Yes, enjoy the Scrybe which is a nice addition, you can go in to it's properties and customize for your needs, I prefer an older driver for my Acer laptop
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Hi, Three fingers gestures are not working on my y700 and double finger tap to click right isn't working either..Is this due to the lack of multitouch gestures on the touchpad itself, or does someone have a fix for it? I've enabled all the settings in the settings of the touchpad.  Thanks
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Hi everyone I recently purchased an Aspire S - the core i version I S7-392 - Touchpad Aspire No Issues etc multitouch, Driver love the laptop itself but did not love Acer's OEM version of Windows so I installed a clean retail version of Aspire S7-392 Touchpad Driver Issues - No multitouch, etc Windows which was quite a task itself and I got LOTS of help from this forum This of course meant reinstalling hardware drivers I used drivers directly from Acer's support page for my model For some reason the page lists TWO touchpad drivers one from Synaptics and one from Elantech Since the S - has a Synaptics touchpad a Synaptics driver seemed to be the correct decision Unfortunately when I installed the driver I found NO settings for multitouch pinch-to-zoom etc Starting from the taskbar if I click Synaptics Pointing Device gt Pointing Device Properties gt Device Settings tab with Synaptics logo gt Settings for Standard Pointing Device on PS Port I only see settings options for my right- and left-click buttons I have tried using the generic driver from the Synaptics website but got the same result If I install the Elantech driver from Acer's site I am able to control all multitouch features through their GUI but the touchpad is a little finicky often if I hold down a finger on the touchpad the mouse pointer on the screen will jump around crazily-- not what I expect from such a pricey laptop I would love to use Synaptics drivers with my Synaptics hardware but I really love my multitouch especially for scrolling Anyone have a similar experience or possible fixes Thank you

A:Aspire S7-392 Touchpad Driver Issues - No multitouch, etc

On my ASUS laptop my touch pad worked right from the start but to get the scroll to work along with the other multi touch features I had to install the Smart Gesture utility. Acer may have something similar that installs on top of the standard driver.
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can anyone help, i restarted my aspire 1642wlmi last night. when i restarted it everything was going normal untill it got to the blue screen that says acer aspire series, before the users of the computer show up. it just freezes on that screen. i've restored all the default settings and that hasn't done any good. thanks for your help on the matter. i do appreciate any info that you can give me.
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I restarted my computer like normal and for whatever reason the computer is now stuck at the Acer boot screen. I try to press DEL to enter Setup and I even tried pressing F12 to go into the Boot Setup, but for whatever reason the computer does not respond to anything.

To shut it off I have to hold down the power button and eventually it shuts off.

Stuff to know:
- I have a wireless mouse and keyboard being used on that desktop.. Should I perhaps try to plug in a corded mouse and keyboard?
- I'm running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Dear community nbsp I recently bought a brand new HP EliteBook Folio because it's and 1020 issue EliteBook MultiTouch Ubuntu Folio with officially given as supported by Ubuntu MultiTouch issue with Ubuntu and EliteBook Folio 1020 OS So after installing this system I discovered that the Alps Forcepad is not fully supported by Linux nbsp Basically the mouse and click is working but MultiTouch features are not working at all I mean that my old EliteBook p supported the two finger scrolling perfectly with the Synqptics drivers but unfortunately this is not the case for this new computer nbsp After some research the problem comes from the psmouse module the touchpad is detected as a generic PS mouse some Google research give me some third party project to give better support for Alps device like https github com he per psmouse-dkms-alpsv and while the modules seems to be compiled corrected and then finally detected as a Alps device the multitouch feature still not working nbsp Is there any patch for psmouse that can be provided in order to support the muti touch feature at last the two fingers scrolling this is the minimum for having a decent usage of the applications nbsp Thank for your help and best regards nbsp Obitwo

A:MultiTouch issue with Ubuntu and EliteBook Folio 1020

That git project you're trying to build is for an old Linux Kernel (3.13). Firstly it will not build with any recent kernels becuase the source functions/logic have changed too much.In Linux 3.18 support for Forcepad was added in the drivers/input/mouse/synaptics.c file. But this supports the HP 1040 Forcepad. The HP 1020 uses another (perhaps newer) model of Forcepad. I too am desperately looking for a solution..
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I just updated my t460s and multitouch on the trackpad stopped working! I checked task manager and the Synaptics Pointer Enhancer is still running... honestly not sure if that's what I'm looking for. Obviously it was working just fine before I updated Windows so I don't imagine this being a Lenovo problem but I'm just wondering if anyone has this issue or has a fix, thanks! Edit: For whatever reason Windows disabled multitouch functions. That's weird. It's in device settings if anyone ends up having this issue.
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Is the 15'' screen from an Acer Aspire 5517 the exact same item found in a 15'' Acer 5742,I would like to swap in the 5517's screen.If not,where would one search for a new replacement screen for a 5742 in NorthAmerica (Canada)

A:Swap screen from Acer 5517 into Acer 5742

Looks like they may be close if the cables are the same. Here's a new LCD Panel:
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Hi I have been playing Aces High II a WWII flight simulator online game for years with my current PC I originally played it with XP Home with Cannot Calibrate Joystick no problems This last year I upgraded to XP Pro Currently have GB ram I had my joystick setup a-ok until a few days ago Mine Cannot Calibrate Joystick is a Saitek AV R- USB Plug and Play I realized I never had loaded up the drivers off the CD so I did If it ain t broke don t fix it Been kicking myself ever since I cannot get the TEST phase of joy cpl in Control Panel to calibrate it in Windows XP The joystick is necessary to be calibrated st in Windows then in Aces High II within the game program I have a dead stick in AHII some planes cockpits the stick doesn t even appear Since I uninstalled the Saitek program in Add Remove Programs and also searched and removed all Saitek items I could find in SEARCH When I go to quot joy cpl quot in RUN it takes me to Game Controllers in Control Panel and displays Saitek Aviator Stick Properties Test tab and there is no way to calibrate it there I removed everything Saitek I could find and yet the Saitek Aviator Stick Properties is still there How do I get the Windows XP calibration utility to reappear short of reinstalling Windows ugh I have spent several days in Google and other sources trying to find solution I found guys with the similar problem but nobody answered them with a solution Came across TechGuy org through Google searching out a different problem Since I got Norton last summer when I go to do a Restore nothing works I cannot do a Restore Found a thread here that says to disable the antivirus while manually setting a Restore point So needless to say I tried doing a Restore to no avail quot When it rains it pours quot Still working at the Restore thing but this post is addressing the joystick problem Thanks for any help Kurt nbsp

A:Cannot Calibrate Joystick

Found a solution to get my XP Restore to go back a week. In my Norton 360, under the SETTINGS dropdown is an item to uncheck in the right side column, bottom of list, titled: Tamper Protection. Uncheck that item for 15 minutes being off, allows Restore to function properly.

So, I get my joy.cpl back and the calibration wizard functions properly on the Windows side.

I still cannot get AHII
to recognize my joystick.

Still working on the problem...

PCs are so much fun when they are working properly. Even more fun trying to get them to work properly in the 1st place! LOL

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Please tell me how to calibrate the scanner. I have Microtek Scanmaker 3800.

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Hi Guys!

I have a Samsung 793s 17" CRT monitor. As I feel that the display needs to be adjusted, is there a goog software in which I can calibrate my monitor.

Thank you.
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HiI tried to calibrate my new Sprout today but i couldnt i tried every thing listed and even updated the sprout friemwear.The problem is that when it start to calibrate its out of frame i ajusted the mat and the PC its flat and fit but it didnt workout.I think there is a problem with the DLP lamp or the relflection mirror.Is there is a way to fix this problem?Thanks

A:Can't calibrate my HP Sprout is a pic for my problem dont worry about placing it on the edge its just for pic
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Hello My operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Model A E Product Name is hp pavilion a e Tried making Avery Business Cards and had a problem trying to get a reading from a calibration sheet while attempting to calibrate my hp printer with the instructions given by Avery I was advised by Avery that they could not assist since the program I was using is Corel Needed assistance on how to Printer hp Calibrate see the value required by reading the calibration sheet I folded as instructed on both sheets The fold Calibrate hp Printer lines or the crease that I made was exactly aligned with Calibrate hp Printer the vertical and horizontal fold lines and the vertical and horizontal printed scale That would give me a reading of zero Am I right in assuming this I then printed onto an Avery blank template The sides were aligned fine but the vertical aspect was to high About an half inch to high Avery tech s informed me that I required assistance from Corel in order to calibrate my printer correctly I cannot on my own find the values need to place into the dialog boxes as suggested Any help would be appreciated The Tech from Avery stated that if the axis was on zero then my printer was fine The dialog box stated that my printer was not calibrated and the blank card which was printed suggest the same Charles H McDonald nbsp

A:Calibrate hp Printer

If you 'calibrate' your printer to fit Avery templates, you may run into problems every where else.

Having an HP printer, and a fan of WordPerfect, I ran into the same problems.

My solution was to build tables for what I needed and saved those files. Once finely tuned, I found I had much more flexibility over what the Avery templates provided (i.e., better control of internal margins). Remember to lock your row heights and column widths.

Bear in mind also, you want each page to be able to fit on any printer if you're going to share the information or print it elsewhere. So make allowances for those printers that may have 'dead' margin areas (usually 0.17" Top/Left/Right and 0.46" Bottom). So 0.25" should be sufficient.

WordPerfect has it's own database, which I found really handy when I had a hugh amount of custom labels (hundreds) to make for a new filing system. Once I had my tables built and tested for perfect positions page after page, I used the database to type in my information. Then I set up fields in the table to be populated. I only needed a table with one row for this job, because I used the 'repeatrow' to create a new row when the current one filled up and continue to populate and grow the table until all the data was populated.

What was really neat was later I could use the database to sort and print just what I wanted, so none of the labels were wasted with misprints. The information was color coded to identify systems, but the information that needed to be typed in was not in order nor coming in at the same time. I saved time by typing all the information into the database and using the unique information to sort which printed on the color labels I had in the printer at the time.

If you think about it, that's all Avery did to create their templates. You're just making your own.
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I bought a Spyder3 Express to calibrate dual monitors for Photoshop and they don't really state for Win 7 but does cover Vista 32/64. I notice a few add-ons for win 7 are really vista support was wondering if any others here have tried any devices for Cal dual monitors.

A:Monitor Calibrate

According to their website it's states that it's for windows 7 32/64 under their requirements list.

Spyder3Express - Datacolor - Global Leader in Color Management Solutions
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I have bought a gravis gamepad pro, and I want to calibrate it.

I have tried the contol panel/game controllers/settings and test procedure but I cannot figure how to use it, I have looked in the help section but again no luck.

Any help would be appreciated, also how to do the test to confirm the calibration.


jean Bloom

A:how do I calibrate a gamepad

THIS might help you.

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I've had this laptop for a little over a year.  The indicator shows 3 hours, but it has never held a charge for 3 hours.  I'm lucky if I get an hour and a half without needing to plug in.  Any ideas on how to improve battery life?  Thanks!
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This is a HP 6720s notebook. I'm having problems with my battery.

The percentage indicator is not accurate.

It randomly hibernates below 40%. It's only supposed to do that when it's on 5%. It's supposed to give a "low battery" warning on 10% but it never does that.
Do I need to calibrate the battery? If so what's the best method to do that? Do I need to run it until it's completely empty?

A:Calibrate battery

With most modern batteries you really don't need to "calibrate" them anymore. Having said that.... I do mine about once every six weeks or so, but only if I remember. My battery is over a year and a half old now and gets used on a regular basis. It still charges to 100% so I guess I'm doing something right

I run mine till it turns off by itself or gets to less than 10%, then charge it completely. Or did until recently I should say. I've been running it down to around 50% and then recharge it to full now. No ill effects yet to the "new" routine.

I have a free program that includes a battery monitor .... but I am not on my machine at this moment so cannot recommend/remember what it was/is. Thinking it was primarily a HDD type program. Having said that I have never used it for the battery.

One last thought, have you considered running an sfc/scannow to find and possibly repair any corrupted system files? This may or may not help this specific problem but cannot hurt and may be worth a try. We have many excellent tutorials here written by some very talented people. Just click the link :SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Hope this helps.
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Hi people!

I have a small problem with my Gamepad.
It's new and not damaged.
Just the software calibration for it has gone.
Now I wonder how I can calibrate it correctly again.
I looked in the windows help and found the topic "Calibrate a gamecontroller",
there it says, go to Gamecontrollers in the control panel and chose settings on the controller to calibrate. Then click on the tab settings end click calibrate.
I tried that, but I found no settings tab, neither on the gamecontroller or the Joystick i had allready.
Is it possible to calibrate a controller in XP?

Thanks for the help!
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I have a new, Gateway FPD1775W TFT LCD Monitor, I really like it but I feel like the colors are off. How can I calibrate it to get the colors like they should be?

Thanks for your help.


A:How can I calibrate my monitor??

You can use Adobe's Gamma software ( ) if you have Photoshop. You can probably just download it anyway .. it's not the best mechanism, but its pretty good.

Check this article out on calibration:
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Have tried 50+ times and every time it's tries to calibrate it self it says failed after table turn 180 degres .it calibrates just fine wihtour the unit connected . so it's not dirty etc. It's aligned as the blue circle projects . I have 3 days left and I'm considering giving it back if I can't find a solution. Tried to get HP life help on pc and get no tech available tried. Calling get cracking service and after 20 M of wait gave up. Some one pls helpe here.

A:3d scanning platform won't calibrate

Hi there @cadash,Welcome back to the HP Support Forums! I am probably too late to help you with this, based on the timing you mentioned, but I will try anyway. Sprout by HP - Calibrating Sprout by HP After initially calibrating the Sprout without the scanning platform added, was the system requiring you to calibrate with the scanning platform installed? From what I can find normally calibrations is only done when there is nothing on the mat at all.  From what i could find, with the turntable installed you just need to start with a background scan to eliminate the turntable itself from any scanned image.  For your reference, here are some other documents you can check out about the process.Sprout by HP - Using 3D Capture with your Sprout by HPSprout by HP - Using the HP 3D Capture Stage with your Sprout by HPSprout by HP - FAQs for 3D Capture Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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I have never been satisfied with the color on my Win professional bit upgrade monitor calibrate win7 a Can't on on a vista machine I am a photographer and use photoshop extensively Here's what I've tried the Lacie professional lcd monitor with its own calibration couldn't produce Can't calibrate a monitor on win7 the brightness necessary so I switched it back to the XP and ran a calibration It was dead on I have tried calibrating the Lacie Blue Eye with the original driver and then with the new driver I just bought a spyder pro and calibrated the Samsung on the Win machine it gave me caution warnings that the brightness was too low and could not come close to the gamma I need Also had a Can't calibrate a monitor on win7 magenta cast Both monitors will calibrate with different hardware calibrators on the XP and will not on Win So it has to be a problem with the Win machine The video card I have is AMD Radeon HD I tried upgrading the driver but the site is strange it wants to upgrade all my drivers and charge me I would rather buy another card than play that game If it's not the video card I am clueless The newer Painter and Photoshop will not run well on the XP machine so I have to either solve with current Win or upgrade to Win or buy something else Any thoughts on this will be appreciated Thanks Carol R

A:Can't calibrate a monitor on win7

Carol I think you have been sucked in by one of those rotten driver helper sites (we all have from time to time) this is what you want 7 - 64

If you are not 64bit then Desktop 7 - 32

it si the top download Catalyst Center
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Hello again everyone I have yet another problem Yeah believe that or not My monitor a Samsung SyncMaster swx will NOT calibrate itself under Windows RC I m running it through Calibrate Monitor to REFUSES an ATI Radeon via DVI I Monitor REFUSES to Calibrate ve tried reinstalling the video card drivers but it does nothing at all I tried installing the monitors driver but it can t even get through the setup without giving me an Error message through Winzip I have not tried using the monitor s disk yet to install a driver or calibrate However despite that this is a strange problem regardless I should also note that out of the box my monitor had problems with Color Monitor REFUSES to Calibrate Management When Monitor REFUSES to Calibrate I tried to view photos in Windows Photo Viewer the screen would give me a yellow tint and Photoshop CS would be unable to properly read my Color Profile I had to end up removing the default Color Profile There are now no error messages in photoshop and the yellow tint has disappeared but now I can t calibrate apparently Someone please help I m a photographer and this is of extreme importance - Thank you for reading nbsp

A:Monitor REFUSES to Calibrate

Anyone??? *bump* :-(
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Hi, I want to calibrate my battery laptop. When I check critical battery action, I cannot find 'Do Nothing' (only three options: Sleep, Shut down, Hibernate). In order to calibrate, I need the battery to fully drained (I mean till 0%, because I cannot change Critical battery Level (5%), after my battery is 5% left, my laptop will hibernate). What must I do to drain my battery laptop fully?

For your information, my laptop is Acer. If it can helps.


A:Calibrate Battery Laptop

You can try setting critical battery action to nothing for the active power plan using powercfg.

How to set the Critical battery action to 'Do Nothing' in Windows Vista

For the non-current power plan slightly more complicated.

How To Lower the Critical Battery Level to 1% in Windows 7 - How-To Geek
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Still trying to calibrate this machine but I'm failing miserably. Can't seem to get a full grey and color and contrast scale. Tried it on a surface from MS. No problem. Help!!
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hey all,

bought Dell's U2414H monitor and all in all it's an okay monitor but the blacks really don't look that black to me.
also, seems a bit too bright but that i can fix sort of with brightness.

is there any way to calibrate it? a software maybe?
(tried the default dell software and in-windows calibration - no help)


A:a software to calibrate my monitor?

all monitors will have setting options on the monitors.

look at this manual from page 33
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Ok, today I finally took some time and tried my new LCD TV with my PC. TWO things:

1- First of all something weird happened: my TV is a NOBLEX 32LC831HT. Accordingly with the retailers and even (i think) the manufacturer this TV's resolution should be 1366x768, but my PC's opinion differs completely, it says that its native resolution is 1920x1080. Now i was doing some testing with a 1080 movie I have and I think I can feel the difference for the best if the TV is set to 1920x1080 than 1366x768.

2- Thre second thing is I don't know how to calibrate the screen in order to be able to read all text properly

Thanks in advance

A:How do I calibrate properly an LCD TV hooked up to my PC

How is the TV connected to the PC - VGA, HDMI, DVI, etc. ?

What does "in order to be able to read all text properly" mean?
Is the problem the text is too small, too large, too blurry, etc. ?

You can right-click on the desktop: then click "Screen resolution"
then click "Make text and other items larger or smaller"
You can then try adjustments and tweaks to see what works best for you.
If you have CCC installed, that also has a lot of options available.
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My system has 4 monitors all from a different brand and are driven by 2 different model Nvidia card.

I had to re installed Nvidia and since all color, and luminosity has changed. I just cant get back to what I use to have before.

What is the best way to calibrate the monitors?
- Via the monitors setting button
- Via Nvidia control panel
- Via Windows setup

Is there a good software application to help?

Any help appreciated


A:Best tool to calibrate lcd monitor

Hmm I guess really you have answered the query arjfca - it seems highly likely that the monitors will have to be adjusted individually to suit the others - what you do about the different cards I am not sure, but I would hazard a guess at using the NVidia control panel as best you can to get them aligned up.

The Windows system is not one of my favourite adjusters to be honest because each time I reboot the brightness contrast and gamma all seem to return to default.

Sorry I couldn't be of any more help but when this post comes up someone might just know what to do.
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Control Panel - Tablet PC Settings - Calibrate

I get this:

I try clicking the crosshair in the top left with my pen but nothing happens.

Any ideas?

A:Trying to calibrate my graphic tablet, nothing happens

I knew no one would have an answer to this. It's odd.
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Hi, I'm trying to calibrate my HP 130nr printer's colour. When I go to the option in the print settings however the option is always greyed out. I am running it via USB on my vista 64 bit system and there is no option to enable the button (see jpeg). I've calibrated it before on xp and got into the menu somehow and am wondering how to do so again!

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im on my friends computer who has vista 32 home edition and his mouse has down syndrome it keeps going back a few pixels everytime you move ill go half way across the screen & it reverts back 10% at the end of the movement

i have been using google to try & find a mouse calibration tool of some sorts, i set my scheme to none already but it didnt fix the issue

any ideas ?

A:calibrate your mouse in vista ?

That is strange. Is this a standard logitech or ms type mouse?
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My new HP all-in-one printer does not calibrate correctly and the help manual does not help either. You print out the test sheet then scan it back in and it is supposed to calibrate but the page printout still is cutting off and not lining up. Can anyone steer me in the right direction to get the page lined up properly? Thank you for reading this.
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I'm using Avery Design Pro V4.0. and I am trying to calibrate my printer. when I click OK it does not do anything. I am Running XP Professional SP3. I have an HP Envy 4500 Printer. Printer works on other functions.

A:Avery Design/Calibrate Printer

Sounds like a problem with the Avery software. You can try uninstalling, reboot, and performing a fresh install. You may also want to ensure you have any software patches (if there are any) installed.
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My knowledge and capability as an IT Manager should mean that this problem is a no-brainier but it has beaten me The second lower panel of my W needs re-calibrating but I cannot convince the device to do this I have accessed Tablet PC Settings and tried Calibrate - this allowed me to calibrate display panel top perfectly With the nd panel trying to tap the crosshair produced the usual sound and circle where my finger pressed but it would not acknowledge the 'tap' The only option was to press on Calibrate 2 Libretto W100 Panel Esc to exit When trying Setup within Tablet PC Settings it seems that the device cannot cope with the idea of having to press Enter to continue - whether on the virtual keyboard or an actual USB device As a result it is not possible to precede onto the actual calibration screen although I can get beyond the 'Touch this screen to identify Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100 it as the touchscreen' command Both touchscreens work perfectly the virtual keyboard works perfectly on both panels it is just that the calibrate process will only allow me to calibrate panel and not panel even when I have selected panel Is there a secret to which I am not privy Any help would be hugely appreciated

A:Calibrate Panel 2 on Libretto W100

When I tried to use the native calibration utility it screwed up the touch accuracy,so I reset the setting and it "fixed" the issue....Just hit Reset from the same control panel...


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I have a Sain Sonic Graphics Tablet and it won't calibrate to my computer it just says that "Touch the crosshairs" but when i try to, I can't! Does anyone know the problem and how to fix it?

A:Sain Sonic Tablet won't calibrate

Hi Spotted, Welcome to Seven forums.

I do not have any experience with graphic tablets. But, I can suggest you to check for latest drivers from the manufacturer's website.
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Presently operating a Sony monitor, colors set to True Color (32 bit). When watching some DVD's or websites, the colors appear a bit off. The monitor allows modification of the RGB settings (each element, R, G or B can be set to a number between 0 and 100. They are all presently set to 76. Is there an optimal RGB setting for monitors to ensure proper colors?

A:How do I properly calibrate the colors on my monitor?

I'm not sure if this may help you, but in a color palette that have RGB, the number of color use is 256. R (red) go from 0 to 255, G (green) go from 0 to 255 and B (blue) the same.
If I divide 256 by 4, I got 64, so 75 for what you have in your monitor, I going to assume is like 3/4 or 64 in the RGB color wheel. Now when I enter 192 (3*64) in each color (R=164, G=164, B=164) what I got is a 30% gray in another words, to light.
If you lower your RGB to 50% all, you will get a natural gray, therefor, all your colors (movies, pics, etc,) should have a more natural color.
I hope this may help you.
I'm interested in what other people will say about your problem.
Let see.
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Hi I check on the forum but I didn t see any answer to my problem So I try myself I just acquired a DELL W Monitor to match with my actual DELL E FP monitor and my custom computer nbsp I see a lot of difference between the qualities of the two monitors The calibration of the W brings 2408W calibrate to problem with and RGB on Photoshop me some difficulties and I still didn t find the perfect balance yet even after trying to use it with Flux it is really too quot shiny quot and it is exhausting to watch However I had a bad surprise when I used Adobe Photoshop when I use any tools the color inside the panel is quot buzzing quot two or three different saturation hue of colors are switching when 2408W problem to calibrate and with RGB on Photoshop I move use the tools It seems to be related nbsp to the RGB mode of Photoshop because this situation is not present in CMYB or Lab mode or with other software I never have 2408W problem to calibrate and with RGB on Photoshop this problem with any other monitor and nbsp I would like to know if it is linked with the propriety of the W and if someone already found a solution to this problem I tried different configurations but nothing seems to clear this situation
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I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for it, but it seemed appropriate as I'm trying to calibrate with the nvidia control center or the windows color calibration.

So I recently got a second monitor which is working beautifully, but the old monitor's color is off now. If I could adjust the colors via Nvidia or the windows calibrator it would solve the problem. When I adjust, for example, gamma, the changes occur as expected but then switch back to how they were after about a second.

The same thing happens with nvidia controls or windows controls.

Thanks for your time.
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I recently purchased a Windows Tablet and a Universal Tablet Pen which was sold separately The pen works with the tablet however it is terrible if you try to use the pen to write I suspect there is some issue with the calibration So my question is What is the correct procedure to calibrate a pen to the touch screen I know you go to Control Panel gt Tablet PC Settings gt Calibrate However I attempted this several times and I almost messed up my tablet At one point I could barely sign in The to Is Pen Proper the A Procedure Calibrate Touch To Sc Stylus What because the calibration was way out of alignment I could barely press any keys using touch because the calibration was off by several inches What Is The Proper Procedure To Calibrate A Stylus Pen to the Touch Sc For example if What Is The Proper Procedure To Calibrate A Stylus Pen to the Touch Sc I tried to tap any icon the input response indictator would show up on another part of the screen far from where I pressed Luckily none of this affected the mouse so I was able to log back in and reset the calibration settings to the original default If someone can please post some instructions or find a youtube video on this that would be great Thanks
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I recently purchased a Windows Tablet and Procedure Pen the Sc Calibrate What to Proper A Stylus Is To The Touch a Universal Tablet Pen which was sold separately The pen works with What Is The Proper Procedure To Calibrate A Stylus Pen to the Touch Sc the tablet however it is terrible if you try to use the pen to write I suspect there is some issue with the calibration So my question is What is the correct procedure to calibrate a pen to the touch screen I know you go to Control Panel gt Tablet PC Settings gt Calibrate However I attempted this several times and I almost messed up my tablet At one point I could barely sign in because the calibration was way out of alignment I could barely press any keys using touch because the calibration was off by several inches For example if I tried to tap any icon the input response indictator would show up on another part of the screen far from where I pressed Luckily none of this affected the mouse so I was able to log back in and reset the calibration settings to the original What Is The Proper Procedure To Calibrate A Stylus Pen to the Touch Sc default If someone What Is The Proper Procedure To Calibrate A Stylus Pen to the Touch Sc can please post some instructions or find a youtube video on this that would be great Thanks
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I'm looking to buy the Dell XPS 15 (9550) 4k to replace the XPS 15 I have owned for 5 years. This one really looks intriguing with the 4k monitor, but I'm reading blogs and forum posts all over the place with people saying they are having problems with the color, correct white and black settings, etc. with this monitor. I am an enthusiast photographer and print quite a bit. I mainly use Lightroom and PhotoNinja for processing my photos. I would really like to have a laptop with a color correctable display. I have an X-Rite i1Display Pro colorimeter. Has anyone tried to calibrate this monitor with the i1Display Pro? And if so, is anyone having any success? Or, is anyone having any success calibrating this monitor using any other method? Thanks guys, and really look forward to getting some good and positive answers.
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Im a photographer just starting my business, and wanted to calibrate my new monitor (Pavilion 22xw) to get accurate prints of my work. Is it possible to calibrate it using the Spyder calibration device? How should I do this? Thanks!
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I am new first posting Thank you for being here Askme com i Hp image color my to calibrate Freehand do Deskjet I How used for years and they quit I am even willing to pay your fee is much reasonable Anyways for my question and problem I have How do I calibrate Hp Deskjet color to my Freehand image a PC using Freehand ver and trying to print to my HP deskJet C my cartriges are new and the test page print decent but the printed How do I calibrate Hp Deskjet color to my Freehand image out put is nothing compare to my Freehand WYSIWYG My roomate pprinted the same Fh file from his computer being a MAC without doing anything to the image or setup How do I calibrate Hp Deskjet color to my Freehand image and printed the gradient colors perfect as seen I have only printed solid or some digal pictures colors on my Deskject and it seemed okay before and never challeged my printer for a specific color or blend before Is there a adjusting process to match printer to application or a place to start I have moved recently most of my things are still in storage many miles away still if i must I can find my HP manual but have n t yet Thanks nbsp
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Basic issue Battery is charging to and now only lasts a half hour It reports Plugged in not charging on A C power even after being plugged in with the computer shut down for hours nbsp Installed HP Support Assitant The Battery report says Battery (Plugged charg... any good? not How in... to calibrate? that it is OK Battery any good? How to calibrate? (Plugged in... not charg... The Design Capacity is shown as mah It says that Full Charge Capacity is mah and reports that the Remaining Capacity is mah Note that this is the i e nbsp Shouldn't the charge capacity be mah Does this indicate that the battery is down to half life What exactly is Full Charge Capacity nbsp nbsp It only lasts a half hour so that is WAY below half capacity which it seems to be saying is still there nbsp Is there some way to recalibrate the battery and get it to fully charge nbsp I searched here and found some links to recalibrate your battery but they all just lead to support hp com If I search from there I just go in an endless loop nbsp nbsp

A:Battery any good? How to calibrate? (Plugged in... not charg...

As a battery ages it loses the ability to reach full charge capacity. It also dies faster when on battery power only.Calibrating may help some but don't expect miracles:
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My laptop s screen has an overwhelming blue cast and all images that appear to be bright enough print very dark I m trying to fix up a few photos using Paint NET in time to have them printed for Christmas and it would be really helpful if I could Solved: settings stick - laptop Cannot monitor calibrate won't at least attempt to calibrate my monitor a little I understand that on-screen calibration utilities are limited Solved: Cannot calibrate laptop monitor - settings won't stick in their effectiveness but I m willing to give it a shot Every time I open either Windows calibration utility or the one that is part of my Intel Graphics Control Panel if I move a slider the display changes only for a split second and then reverts to what it was before When I hit Solved: Cannot calibrate laptop monitor - settings won't stick quot OK quot after changing settings nothing changes from default I haven t a clue what s causing this I have f lux installed but I ve been disabling it by checking the quot disable for one hour quot ticky box when trying to use these utilities Any ideas on what s going on OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc K IJ Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Solved: Cannot calibrate laptop monitor - settings won't stick

The ASUS K50IJ laptop appears to have Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family(Intel GMA X4500M) integrated graphics.

Go to Control Panel - Device Manager.

Expand the Display Adapters heading.

Advise what the exact name is of the device listed there.

Double-click that device to open its properties window.

Click the Driver tab.

Advise what the driver date and driver version is.


Version (released 11/16/2012) is the most current Windows 7 64-bit driver for the above listed graphics device.

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My acer aspire 5742 won't startup correctly, it goes from a black screen to a screen that says acer enter f2 for startup, then alternates between those two screens.Right this moment I have managed to get it going and am in the processing of backing it up to an external hardrive. I rang acer support and they told me this is due to me installing windows 10 (about six months ago) and even though it appeared to be fine it has been corrupting the (motherboard? i think that's what she said). the lady told me I have to restore the laptop to factory settings. Can someone please confirm to me that this is what I do need to do?
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I took my computer in to a computer repair place that ended up not being so good I had thought the backlight on the screen was going out They diagnosed it as the inverter I got the computer back from them ordered and replaced the inverter myself That didn t solve the problem My screen was still shutting down frequently even though the computer was Now Acer Screen get Replaced Laptop and Blue Screen still up and running So I took it apart and checked the connection It was Replaced Acer Laptop Screen and Now get Blue Screen good I ordered a new screen and installed it Very easy by the way and I have NEVER done computer repair I was very careful and did not touch the back other than connecting the computer to it Well my computer won t work now I get a quot start and repair or start normally screen quot I do the repair Then every time I then get a blue error screen that says quot System License Violation quot I then have to shut it down with the power button Why did this happen Is it a problem with the screen My other screen is not an option for connecting it to test I have time to send the screen back Should I Am I destined to have to restore to factory default now Help me please How do I fix this FWIW the screen seems good other than now my computer won t run The color looks good etc Thank you nbsp
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My acer aspire 5742 won't startup correctly, it goes from a black screen to a screen that says acer enter f2 for startup, then alternates between those two screens.Right this moment I have managed to get it going and am in the processing of backing it up to an external hardrive. I rang acer support and they told me this is due to me installing windows 10 (about six months ago) and even though it appeared to be fine it has been corrupting the (motherboard? i think that's what she said). the lady told me I have to restore the laptop to factory settings. Can someone please confirm to me that this is what I do need to do?

Go to Solution.

A:acer aspire 5742 goes from black screen to screen ...

The fact that you were able to boot normally after F2 into the bios menu, F9 to re-set the bios to factory default, then F10 to save this default bios setting, ***strongly*** suggests that the bios was losing it's memory of the specific hard drive that was installed.    Jack E/NJ

View solution in original post
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Hi! The rightmost 10% of my Laptop's display is broken; dead pixels top to bottom.
Therefore, I want to reduce my resolution from 1600x900 to 1440x900 and display this on the leftmost (working) 90% of my screen. Reducing the resolution is easy, but the resulting image is automatically centered on my display (the left- and rightmost 5% of my screen are black bars). I need to somehow slide this image to the right so that all unused pixels with the reduced resolution are on the right (coinciding with the broken section of my screen).
Does anyone know a win7, intel display driver or 3rd party software solutions that lets me recalibrate my screen's borders? Thanks in advance!

Specs: native res: 1600x900
Asus laptop K73SJ-TY031V
Windows 7 SP2
Intel core i5 2430M 2.4ghz
intel integrated graphics+geforce gt520m 1gb

A:Redefine/calibrate display borders to avoid dead pixels

Hello alvarowier and Welcome to PCHF

I see that you have a gforce video controller as well.
Open C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\nvstview

There is the option there to adjust your screen position.
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Hi I m hoping I m posting this at the right place if not please move A week ago my girlfriends laptop started giving an error "ACER" laptop Acer screen. stuck on message on boot saying quot No bootable device press any key quot I tried a number of suggestions I found posted online to similar issues but to no avail I didn t want to completely reset the machine since it was still under warranty so I figured if we just submitted it for repair someone might be able to save more of her files However girlfriend lost the warranty receipt We gave up searching today so I went back in to try and reset it I couldn t access the recovery partition of the hdd and gf didn t make a recovery disc So I decided to try a reset using a recovery drive I made from my own Acer laptop which like hers came with win This seemed to work so I let it do it s thing I checked back on it a while later and it was on but when I checked again it was stuck on the quot ACER quot boot screen It was stuck on there for a couple of hours not responding to any key input When I restarted it by holding power button to turn it off first it again got stuck on the Acer screen If I m quick enough I can get into BIOS during boot but not once it s stuck on the acer screen Do you have any ideas what I can do try to get this thing working again Specs Acer Aspire e - Windows HDD Toshiba MQ ABD nbsp

A:Acer laptop stuck on "ACER" screen.

Unless your laptop is the same model as you girlfriend's - or at least from the same laptop series - your recovery disk won't work, mainly because it will try to install the wrong drivers.

I think your best bet is to try to get it fixed under warranty. You may not need the receipt, you can check the laptop's warranty status here :-
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Screen started flickering constantly last night and goes dark when I unplug the charger, but it turns right back on when i plug it back in. What do I do?

A:My Acer S7's screen keeps flickering and screen sh...

If it were mine, I'd get BatteryInfoView from NirSoft and check the whole system. Bad battery could cause your symptoms.
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the pointer from my mouse - showing on the Acer screen - stops when it approaches the left margin, but disappears on the right margin!! how can I fix it?

A:acer screen


You can try adjusting the setting on the monitor.

Also what resolution are you using?

Also check the Nvidia Control panel settings and check the monitor setup.
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My acer v5-573 Died Screen cant you help how to update bios ? Spoiler (Highlight to read)
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Good morning folks I have an Acer netbook about 2months now and yesterday it froze so powered it off to shut it down, next day when(today) when I put it on there is a broken coloured line appearing at start up is there anything I can do?

A:Acer netbook screen

Hi trinishoes and welcome to TSF.

So you are able to boot into Windows normally again, but there is now a line appearing on the monitor?

Can you check you Device Manager for any warnings (yellow exclamation points) next to anything.
Right click on 'My Computer' and select 'Manage'. In the Computer Management window, select 'Device Manager' on the left and look for any warning signs.

I'm hoping that this is just a faulting driver issue and not a hardware issue. (Broken Screen) I take it that the netbook hasn't been dropped or knocked about?

If it does turn out to be a damaged screen, then seeing as it's only 2 months old, it should still be under warranty.
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hi my acer all in 1 touch screen is 14 months old. it has just started switching of and than sounding 1 long beep. just put in in to get looked at and the computer dude says he thinks the motherboard has **** it self. im not happy cause like i said its only 14 months old and i payed $2400 for it and will never have the money to buy a new 1. but shouldnt really have to after 14 months. does this mean that my computer is a a junk pile now and carnt be fixed. i brought acer thinking it will last than 2 months after warranty is out it dies im one very unhappy customer.
is there any way around this or any way to fix my computer thanks troy.
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I've sort of gotten used to it but am still wondering if there's any way to disable the Energy Star & Acer logo screens that appear whenever I turn on my Acer V206HQL. Any & all research so far just leads me to similar issues but with different models. So if anyone knows how I could disable those 2 screens I'd greatly appreciate it. If not don't worry, it does seem strange to me though that my other 2 previous older displays were able to instantly display a picture while this 1 doesn't.

A:Acer Splash Screen?

Normally it's in the bios
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hi hope someone can help me. my acer laptop got the blue screen and since then i have been unable to load it back up. starts tryin to load then screen goes blank. have tried all the options like alt F8/F10. tried to reloadwindows vista back on it but nothing. any advice on how i can get it to work as i dont have the orig reboot dics for the laptop



A:acer blue screen

Hello and welcome to the forums

For more information and better results go to the BSOD help forum (in my sig)

Best Regards

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My acer v5-573 Died Screen cant you help how to update bios ? Spoiler (Highlight to read)
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New ACER laptop 'Aspire 5732Z'

A few minutes after starting up, the screen turns white. I have to close down (sometimes several times) before it stays 'workable.'
I've taken it to "Tech Guys" in PC World and they thought I had contrasting anti-virus software installed so, on his suggestion, I uninstalled McAfee and installed Malware. This hasn't solved the problem.
I've read the forum pages but nothing there seems to help.

Can anyone please help me?

A:White Screen on NEW Acer

Open your Control Panel/Display/Desktop tab/click on the Customize Desktop button.
Now click on the Web tab/uncheck the box next to My Current Home Page and any other listed web items. Make sure the box next to "Lock desktop items" is unchecked.
Apply and OK
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Hi. I received an Acer Aspire 5250-0639 notebook for X-Mas and have been customizing it a lot. However, I cannot change the background for the user log-in screen. I tried using WinBubbles and Stardock Logon Studio, which have both always worked for me, but neither will change it from the default Acer logo background. Also, my sister received an identical laptop, but her's shows the default Windows 7 background screen. Anyone know a fix for this?

A:Can't change Acer log-in screen .

Welcome to the Seven Forums
Try this Tutorial Log On Screen - Change
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i got a new acer kav not last Christmas but the previous with the win upgrade It recently has started lagging on the acer splash screen for a min when it used to show it for a sec and go to the win screen I found out i can just pass it by going into splash Acer help screen the bios setting then pushing f to save and exit and it will go to the win screen like before That solved this problem but it gets annoying sometimes because my bios takes a while to load like seconds So is there any way i can disable this My friend that it Acer splash screen help could be a bios error I have dropped it one and the screen broke but it works fine know haven t replaced yet though but it still worked fine for months after the drop So again how and can i disable this splash screen or make it like when it went to Acer splash screen help the acer splash screen for a second Sorry if its in the wrong category I am new here i just signed up nbsp
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My dad had this laptop for work.. The model is travelmate 2700.

Im not sure if its the computer, or the screen, but if I dont firmly hold the top left corner of the screen, the screen will slowly turn white. But when i hold the corner, its still usable.

My dad tinkered with it once and took the top left screw out (he's a computer technician) and then it worked for a while. But then the sme problem resurfaced. Eventually he put th screw back in.

The computer is still functional when the screen is white/in the midst of fading. For example, even if i cant see whats going on, i can still type, and the mouse will still move. As im typing this, for example, the screen is completely white.

Thats basically the problem. Any help?
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Hi, When I power up my Acer Aspire ES1-311 I get no screen output at all (not on an external monitor either). Can the issue be fixed? I would like to be able to flash the bios but I cant as Acer no longer provide the DOS files.They only provide an executeable. Is there a website where I could download the DOS files for my laptop? Many Thanks
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My Acer Aspire one has Windows is around years old It does not have a cd drive and Windows is being prevented from starting even in safe mode or quot last good configuration quot Acer Screen Blue Aspire mode on the Advanced Boot Options screen These choices all end up after loading windows files completes at the Windows Error Recovery screen that Acer Aspire Blue Screen says quot windows failed to start quot This is followed by a long pause of black screen followed by the infamous blue screen with the tiny bird and the green branch over on the right side It freezes on that screen and stays At that point Cntl Alt Del won t even work and the only way to shut down and try restarting is to manually shut it down I even bought the repair cds from Acer along with a remote player but since the Acer freezes where it does I can t even load the cd software so that quot fix quot cannot be tried either nbsp

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Help me! There's an error on my netbook (error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (esif_lf.sys). Help me solving this please. I am using my unit in class.   -S_Z
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I was watching my acer laptop on youtube and all the sudden, the entire device freezes. I restarted it and all I got was a "windows boot manager" with an instruction to "insert your windows installation disc" what is that and how do I get one?

A:How do I fix the blue screen on my acer laptop?

Your system should come with a built in recovery partition that allows you to reload the operating system. Please view the article on our support site here for instructions: Use Acer eRecovery application to restore your system or create recovery media
Should that fail, you can purchase recovery media from our Acer Store website here:  eRecovery Media
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Please help!:  my Acer Aspire S3 MS2346 screen looking like this: 

A:Please help!: My Acer Aspire S3 MS2346 Screen loo...

It looks like the screen is cracked on your product. We would suggest contacting technical support in your region for further assistance with this issue.Acer Service and Support

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I have a black screen on my Acer Apire Laptop I am fairly good at fixing computer problems but this has me stumped This is what I have done so far Took off the battery and held down the power button for min then plugged the power back in without the battery and nothing happened tried this also with holding down the F and also again holding down the f button Nothing I thought it was the hard drive so I had bought a new one and put it in and hit F and my computer started to boot up So I decided to put my old hard drive back in and by chance it came on and started to boot up also I was very happy and I used the computer for day with my power cord plugged in but when I unplugged it and went to plug it back in later and use it again it was back to the dreaded Black Black Laptop Acer Screen screen As suggested I took my computer back apart and pulled out the both RAM Acer Laptop Black Screen memory cards and cleaned them and tried switching them in each others slot as suggested and re-booted the computer multiple times but to no avail Still nothing Another thing I notice My battery had gone bad a year ago and I bought another one and had been using it fine but it does get much much hotter than my old one as it runs So I don t know if it is shutting down over that or not I put it in the freezer for min as suggested by others and tryed turning it on again but still nothing ANY SUGGESTIONS IT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED nbsp

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I am having momentary screen blackouts, usually while browsing in Chrome/Opera with many tabs open. Do you also have this type of disturbing screen blackouts? I really like my R13 but this keeps bugging me that I even think of selling my laptop. I tried updating graphics driver myself but it said it was customized by manufacturer. I would appreciate if you could offer an update to fix this issue. Thanks.
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I have windows starter on an Acer netbook The picture is only showing on about of the screen - eg I have a Netbook screen Problem with Acer on huge black space on the right and the top of the screen is repeated tiled at the bottom I have tried system restore restarts several times switched on and off several times and tried to change screen resolution all with no success on the screen resolution box it says the display is x but the highest resolution is x I can t take the slider any higher up This has been an intermittant problem for some time but usually corrects after a few restarts and shows on Problem with screen on Acer Netbook the full screen again However I ve spent several hours today trying to do it and nothing seems to work Tech Support Guy System Info Problem with screen on Acer Netbook Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Starter Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Atom TM CPU N GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Acer Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Problem with screen on Acer Netbook

Hello PrehistoricCat and Welcome to TSG.

Restart the system, and on bootup start tapping F8 On the screen select Safe Mode. Do you have this issue there in safe mode? If not then I suspect corrupted video drivers. Uninstall the drivers there in safe mode and restart the system. Windows will load default drivers for the video. Now go to Acer and download the latest drive for your video.

If you do have this issue in safe mode, this could very well be a hardware problem with the display itself, and needs to be look at by a repair tech.
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My Acer r3 431 screen is upside down and my keyboard does not work HEEELLLPPPP I have tried to go into the intel graphics setting which was suggested in another post but as soon as i click apply and then exit the settings it turns back over. My keyboard also does not work so am having to use the touch screen keyboard and a flipped over laptop, which is fine if I want to use it like that while im on the lounge etc but so so great when typing up assessments and doing research.I really need help to fix this asap! Only started doing it when i turned it back on yesterday morning.... :\

A:My Acer r3 431 screen is upside down and my keyboa...

There should be a reset button (see the owner's manual for where - on my r3-131 it is next to one of the center screws on the back. Look for a pinhole. I'd try that first.
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i have a acer netbook ,model A0531h and i got a black screen when i tried to start it matter what buttons i press "nothing" ....i went on youtube with another computer to check for a fix and it seems to be the black screen of death.. and it seems something to do with the bios, so i went on to acer support site, but there seems to be four different bios's ...could somebody tell me which bios i need to try and use,i bought a 4 gig usb flash drive to use as it as no cd rom.thanks in advance.
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Where can I buy replacement screen for the ACER C720P??Not on the official Acer Parts Store...

Folks I'm back after a few months of Hiatus and I'm still posting about the Acer C720!!! GO ACER.

A:Acer C720P Replacement Screen

I am sorry to hear you do not want to purchase the part from Acer. I can suggest an Acer Parts Partners as they may have the specific parts for you unit.
Acer US
Capital Data
Skyline Engineering
1-715-688-2946 / 888-393-7223
Mundo Corporation
Acer Canada
Grand Tech

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The screen went to sleep...not unusual. But it wouldn't come back on. I powered it off and back on and the power light comes on and I can hear the fan, but I don't hear it accessing the hard drive. I tried holding down the power button for several minutes, but no change. No beeps and nothing at all on the screen. I also do not see the laptop listed as connected to my home network. Most of the suggestions I've seen involve removing the battery but this model doesn't have an easily accessible battery, so disassembly would be required. Model ES1-511-C59V Any suggestions as to anything else I can try before I have to pay someone to fix it, or replace it?
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I own an Acer 6920 Laptop. Recently if I open the monitor beyond a 90 degree angle - I get yellow horizontal lines and the screen is not readable. I am not sure if this is a monitor problem, inverter issue or something else.
Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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My mother is having problems with her laptop, she said she could shut it down last night so unplugged it and left it over night, and today when she started it up everything was fine apart from a dark screen.

I have been on teamviewer trying to get to the bottom of it. Fn and arrow keys apparently adjust the brightness temporarilly but it just defaults back. I ran some windows check for solutions and it threw up this warning which indicates to me it could be a video card issue.

It also said something about Skype, so I updated that. I ran CCleaner and the SF_diagnostic tool. I have attached the zipped file to this thread. can anyone offer any insight to the possible cause of this because I'm stumped?

She is using Vista.

A:Acer Aspire dark screen

hAVE YOU TRIED , oops, to update the drivers?
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Does anyone know how to disable the Acer logo screen that pops up everytime I start or reboot my Acer Travelmate 2480 (Windows XP)?

Thanks for any help!


A:How to Disable Acer Boot Screen

Is it the ACER screen that you see right before the windows screen loads or is it the image that flashes doing the BIOS startup?
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Most desktop monitors when inactive for periods of time usually preset in o s or altered for individual tastes saves electricity by powering down the monitor and let it quot sleep quot but any programs running on the cpu continue on unabated But with these Acer Aspire All-in-one compters are different i may be listening to an internet radio station and even though screen Aspire All-in-one black Acer it s not a computer program running after a time of inactivity of my manually working via my keyboard or something like that the screen goes Acer Aspire All-in-one black screen black and it kills the internet connection to the internet radio i am listening to Yes Acer Aspire All-in-one black screen if that happens i only have to jiggle or move my mouse to turn the screen back on but is a real pain to have to continually jar the mouse to keep the radio on Any ideas on how to avoid this black screen of killing my internet radio and downloads or anything going Acer Aspire All-in-one black screen on while the screen is active Thank you Tim nbsp

A:Acer Aspire All-in-one black screen

Control Panel, Power Options, click on Change advance power settings. In the box that pops up there is a long list of changes you can make. You could increase the time before your hard drive turns off. I have one for my wirless adapter with maximum performance down to low. Your lan may be listed if your not wireless. A combination of increasing the hdd time and lan may get you around the problem.
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Help me! There's an error on my netbook (error SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (esif_lf.sys). Help me solving this please. I am using my unit in class.   -S_Z

A:BLUE Screen on my Acer ES1-131-P238

Here is a thread that seems to have fixed the same issue on a slightly different ES1-131 model.
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Hi Gang,
my wife has a Acer 7736Z laptop that the kids got water on/behind the screen leaving a water outline after drying. is there a way to take apart the screen and clean it? or is it now permanent damage?....thanks

A:Acer water screen damage

You can clean it if you can get it apart... for a lot of folks, the first one is going to cause some damage as you learn...
But the biggest problem is convincing your spouse you should be allowed to do it.

You remove the keyboard, and other parts... remove the ribbon cable from between the bottom and the screen side,
Then it is a matter of removing the screw covers then the screws... Depending on the laptop model, there can be as few as 9 or as many as 33 screws holding the screen side together... and more to get to the back of the screen in some cases.
Easy enough to clean with a mixture of distilled water and denatured alcohol.
Even putting it back together is not that difficult, until the last part which is the replacement of screw covers. If you have never done it before, and if you do not have a new set of screw covers, the results can be a great deal more ugly than the watermarks in the back.

Shop/search for the replacement screw covers first... once you have those actually in hand, take on the rest. You will need high quality steel long, medium, and short #0 philips screw drivers. Some of the screws are held in with the blue screw sealing compound, so you may need some of that at the end.

First laptop will likely take four hours, if you are good with tools and your hands.
After that, you can do them in 20 to 30 minutes, start to finish.
Newer laptops may have new style connectors and screw covers... I haven't looked at an acer in nearly a year.