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Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD

Q: Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD

Hi I got from a friend his old computer that according to him it wasn t working anymore The MB its a Gigabyte GA- I p-G I got it running My idea for the computer is to use it as a small media server to stream to my tv s Now HDD motherboard IDE regarding about Home SATA question server & here comes the Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD question this motherboard has Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD IDE ports and SATA ports Can I use ALL of the ports I want to get it fill with HD s to save all my media thats why I am asking Will it work with all the ports full I dont want to spend money in a entire new computer right now I dont know if it can work with all IDE used plus adding SATA HD I want it to end like this IDE GB HD MASTER DVD DVD-RW SLAVE IDE GB MASTER GB SLAVE SATA TB SATA TB I am Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD just missing right now the sata HDD s and plan on buying them but I want to be sure I have the manual but it doesn t say anything about conflicts or something do you guys know anything about it Here is the link for the MB specs and manual http www gigabyte com products product-page aspx pid sp nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Home server question about motherboard regarding IDE & SATA HDD

I recall comments re mixed IDE + SATA but don't recall the specific reference.

What should work is:

bootable system on one device (eg IDE)
storage device(s) shared (eg SATA)
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Hey Guys,

Currently I have an older desktop running IDE HDs. I checked, newegg, few other places and it seems the largest PATA (IDE) HD I can purchase today is only about 320 GB.

So I decided to think about it differently, and see if my Motherboard could accept SATA HDs....but got a bit confused. Here are the specs for my old MSI Mobo:
MSI P7N SLI NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI Socket 775 ATX MSI MS-7380 P7N SLI

It lists "4 Sata Ports," but I wasn't sure if that was for HD's or something else. If someone could let me know, if I can connect up a new 1TB Sata HD to my old computer, that would be greatly appreciated.

If you need any additional information, please let me know! Thanks in advance!


A:Motherboard Question - Can I run SATA HDs?

Those SATA ports are for hard drives. You should be OK.

You will need SATA cables. They might be included with your new drive or you may have to buy them separately.
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I have a Bedrock-M1 installed into a PC using PATA drives, and it works great. I'm going to be putting together system next week that uses an SATA drive. SIMEREC.COM says that Bedrock-M1 will work with most SATA motherboards, but I am wondering if anyone here has experience with this and can recommend a compatible mobo/BIOS ?
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Hey guys i have 2 sata hard drives and i need to know how to duel boot windows xp home with windows server 2003?

A:Solved: Dule boot windows 2003 server with windows xp home on 2 SATA hard drives?????
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OK so first Help home / server network with exchange question basic of all I m a noob to this stuff so please Help with basic exchange server / home network question bear with Help with basic exchange server / home network question me Here is what I m wondering I just opened an office for my new business This office will have an always-on cable internet connection We intend to have one central computer on which we do all of our production work herein referred to as quot The Office Computer quot We my business partner and myself will also be carrying laptops around with us all computers will be on Vista We would really like to be able to have an email server on The Office Computer that we can access on our laptops when we are away from the office Potentially we would also like to be able to get emails immediately from our SmartPhones or maybe Blackberrys Is there a reasonable way to do this Can a regular desktop be used as a server AND as a work station I ve read up a little bit on Microsoft Exchange Server and it seems like overkill I also see a lot of offers from various companies to host my exchange server but the monthly fees seem excessive I know there are ways that you can connect to a computer remotely but that isn t really what I m trying to do It s mostly about email and perhaps some file-sharing Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated If you can even point me in the direction of some good resource material I m not opposed to reading it and educating myself Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Help with basic exchange server / home network question

You probably don't want the security headache of hosting an e-mail server locally. You can go through g-mail and one of their hosting services and set up a domain and accomplish everything you are after without the security headaches.

If you want to setup and in house mail server you need and IDS system running on your network and be able to understand what it is telling you. If you have a mail server it will get hacked and you need to know when and what to do about it.

As for the file sharing install a VPN router to get remote access to your network.
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Yesterday I had a PC technician around to see why my PC was not booting-up properly and also to change my SSD to a larger SSD. As I am visually challenged I cannot do hardware upgrades etc, so I got a Techie guy in.

We used Zinstall HDD by-the-way and I would highly recommend this application for such a job plus, it is extremely fast.

Anyway, while he was diagnosing my boot-up issue he discovered I had a malfunctioning network card; while removing this, he noticed all the SATA settings were set to SATA 2.

When he reset these to SATA 3, the PC would not start-up! When he set them again to SATA 2 there was no problem and it worked fine?

Can anyone illuminate me on this please?

Thanks for any/all imput

A:SATA 3 not working on Asus P6X58D-E motherboard with SATA III support

Many people have had issues with the Marvell controller on that MB.
You may want to live with SATA 3g/s. Easiest path, no real difference except for benchmarks, and no chance of data loss.
But in case you're not satisfied with that, here's something to look at.

AHCI-mode on Marvell 9128 controller in Windows 7 Ultimate x64


[Solved] ASUS P6x58D-E, Win 7 (64) Marvell AT 91xx - Asus - Motherboards-Memory
A fellow name Jaquith seems to know what's up.

Bottom line is you need the right drivers.
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I wanted to know if there is a way to connect a SATA hardrive to an older motherboard that has no SATA connection

A:Adapter to connect SATA HD to motherboard with no SATA connection?

You can always use one of these PCI SATA adapter cards:

A computer as old as you're describing will likely have an old type standard PCI slot, and NOT a PCI-E (PCI express). be certain to verify which slot you have, before you make a purchase. These are two entirely different interfaces, which are not interchangeable.
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Even though the following is a question I do welcome opinions on what the right answer is to my situation I have an IDE type motherboard The motherboard model number is SV M See http www newegg on (SATA work IDE) Motherboard Solved: Will Sata to Bridgeboard IDE com Product Product aspx Item N E Date accessed - - PM I am not sure but I believe my motherboard was made in Is there a way I can connect a Terabyte Sata Hard Drive to my SV M motherboard I have heard of a Sata Bridgeboard SATA to IDE I have not used one before A matter of fact I have only seen the Youtube Video below How to connect SATA devices in a PATA IDE only PC system https www youtube com watch v BwRClahcUCI Date accessed - - PM They even sell this bridgeboard SATA to IDE online Kingwin SATA to IDE Bridge Board ADP- http www amazon com Kingwin-SATA-Bridge-Board-ADP- dp B SZDOM Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard Date accessed - - PM The bridgeboard above above has a out of stars However I am not sure if this bridgeboard would be compatible with my motherboard If there is a better bridge board SATA to IDE that you know of please let me know Do you think the Bridgeboard SATA to IDE would work with the SV M motherboard nbsp

A:Solved: Will Sata Bridgeboard (SATA to IDE) work on IDE Motherboard

They sometimes work and sometimes they don't. To make things worse your motherboard is really old and uses a VIA chipset which had a lot of compatibility issues.

You may want to look into a PCI SATA Controller card instead if you need to use this dinosaur: 600022728
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Relatively new hdd disappears after some time.
(1Tb WD black sata3 jumpered to sata2)
All cables are sata click.
The drive is used for storage and is accessed only few times a month.
So is any way to test somehow what is the problem
hdd, cable or mb sata connector (GA-EP43-DS3L).
It's all start with annoying red hdd activity light lighting all the time when a drive disappears.
After a reboot all is back to normal for some time.
Tested a drive with hd tune pro and it seems ok.
-up normal
-down 1Tb missing

A:Sata Hdd / cable / motherboard sata / problem?

a few things to try first.

-use a different sata cable
-use a different power cable
-try the drive in a different sata port on the motherboard

my first thought was a motherboard fault, which it may well be but try the above first, if nothing else you can eliminate three things as possible faults in the mean time.
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Here's the question --
I had a Dell Dimension IDE XP SP3 PC but the memory/motherboard is gone. I ordered a Dell Inspiron 530S that only has 1 320 Gb SATA drive. I have access to older Dimension PCs at the office, and could use some direction or web shortcuts on taking my old HD, which has XP Home SP3 and pictures and financials and resumes (Word '03) and adding that to a PC that can "see" my home PC hard drive as a secondary IDE drive so that I can copy files to a flash drive/CD to transfer to my new Dimension SATA/Vista Home SP1 drive. Thanks in advance for your response.
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Quick question, my motherboard has 5 SATA 6gbps ports. Can i find a plug that will connect a 3gbps hard drive into a 6gbps port.

A:SATA 3gbs and SATA 6gbs question...

Bumping post up...
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has the motherboard goto be sata 2 compatable or is it just the hard disk thats faster or what not?

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I have 2 servers; windows 2000 & windows 2008, I can always access them via XP but my system 7 home can't authenticate. It appears to add the domain name as a preamble my user name in the authentication....does this make sense?

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I'm thinking of buying the,

Corsair Force Series 3 90GB SATA 3 6Gb/s Solid-State-Drive.

Force Series

Info "" Corsair Force Series 3 is Compatible with SATA 2 3Gb/s.
Haven't yet moved to SATA 3? Like all Corsair components, Force Series 3 SSDs are designed to last through several system upgrades. Adding a Force Series 3 today means that you'll still get incredible storage performance now, and your SSD will be ready for your next upgrade.""

Well,is future proof.

My GA-X38-DS4 motherboard is Sata 2.

Here we have some good experts in SSD installation.

So,i need your opinion\advice. Good idea? Bad idea?

A:Sata 3 ssd on Sata 2 Motherboard.

It should work just fine on a SATA2 port, but it will be limited to SATA2 speeds.

For example, youll Probably see Seq. Reads in the 250-275ish range.
To take advantage of the speed its capable of, youll just have to upgrade to a Motherboard with a SATA3 port.
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I'm considering the purchase of a new PC since Black Friday is right around the corner. However, I currently have a Dell PC with two IDE HDDs. If I were to get a new PC that has a SATA HDD, does it still have the connections for an IDE device? e.g. HDD, DVD-ROM, etc.

A:Motherboard Using SATA

totally depends on the pc mate.
Most motherboards DO have sata and pata (IDE) controllers, but seom don't. So make sure you get ones that does.....simple as that really.
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Hi guys,

I am interested in knowing when a motherboard that only has USB 3 and SATA III will be out. Call me greedy, but I find it frustrating that even top end motherboards at the moment only have two of each of these. Yes, it's probably all I need, but certainly not all I want. Especially if I am going to spend hundreds of dollars on a motherboard.

A:Motherboard with USB 3.0 and SATA III only

There are motherboards with SATA III only already (many come as 2 SATA II and 6 SATA III but that's close enough as far as I'm concerned lol), but having only 2 USB3 is partially in part to the controller implementation and sluggish adoption rate. Rather than having all USB3, I'd personally be much happier if I had at least 1 USB3 header (or two) so cases with USB3 available on the front panel would not have to route the cable to the back of the case (ie to the IO area)
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Hello and sorry if the title isnt the best I wasnt really sure how to word it I m afraid Having used search for the last couple of hours and seen many threads its clear I m in the right place You all have a lovely forum I m looking for a solution to a rather annoying problem in our household We have upwards of - computers laptops in our house and documents media are fast becoming a nightmare We ve decided to go along the route of purchasing building a server to basically use as a fileserver to centralise our documents media and thus enable access to either user account from any one particular computer we have Below is what I m looking to be able to do Fileserver Advice use specs regarding home for server recommended help server and mainly comprising of centralised documents on the server itself accessable by each person individually but private from others Central backup of all crucial computers to prevent data Advice and help regarding recommended server specs for home server use loss stored on the server and done by the server on a regular basis A dedicated server firewall to place in front of the internet before the network A web server so I can run image copies of my own personal forum websites and test any changes BEFORE doing them to my live site To download torrents large files etc directly on the server Like an automated nightly backup of my web hosting server online for example Stream full HD from the server to our media centre pc and onto a HD TV I was thinking along the lines of using older seperate servers the first being the firewall server The nd being a fileserver backup server and the rd being a intranet only web server to test new software etc on I plan to wire the entire house with cat cable and run everything at gigabit speed all computers have gigabit capable hardware already I have been reading online for weeks now but unfortunately the answers I seem to need aren t explained in posts I ve been reading The servers whether built or bought will run Ubuntu Server and we have a mixture of Ubuntu Vista W MAC OSX operating systems Shortly it will be only Ubuntu MAC OSX and no Windows at all Basically what I need to know is Can a fileserver backup solution firewall web server be all run from the one server acceptably Am I wiser to split these up into seperate servers for security reasons If I seperate them as above can I just get away with using old servers say with twin xeon or Opteron - ghz CPU s with - GB RAM I have a now spare Dell Vostro desktop PC with a Intel Q Quad core GB non ECC RAM and TB of storage x TB as I now use an Imac I recently purchased Would this be stupidly overkill for use as a server above I would be sincerely grateful if someone could be kind enough to explain about the required specs should my idea be well off I don t want to spend thousands but I don t want to waste money on something thats useless either I plan to purchase a rackmount cupboard to house these into along with the gigabit switches so rackmounted servers would be an advtange I can put my pc into a rackmount U case if needed Any advice is welcome If you need more explain please do get in touch Thank you for your time Lee EDIT Not sure if it needs mentioning or not but we use a Virgin Media mb broadband connection so whatever solution needs to be able to utilise this speed fully nbsp

A:Advice and help regarding recommended server specs for home server use

Do you have this network in place already?

This is mine below done with Cisco Virtual Network Design Tool.
For web server I use IIS 7.
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Okay so I was looking around at server motherboards. (I want a server, and I'll hopefully eventually get the money to buy one.)

I noticed that apparently this board doesn't state what type of power connectors it uses.

Now, they may be assuming that everyone of course would know what type it uses, but this seems presumptuous to me.

A:Do I need a server PSU to go with a server motherboard? If so what type?

Well here is your board's complete technical specifications along with recommended power supply; I hope this will help, and good luck for your build.
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Presently trying to install Win 7 x64 on a Sata 2 drive connected to a ga-ma69vm-s2 motherboard.

The BIOS SATA modes available are

legacy IDE
native IDE (default)

I actually wanted the drive to work in SATA. With SATA -> AHCI selected, the PC crashes whilst booting for the initial install. The boot process only works with one of the IDE modes selected.

Does anyone know how I can get the drive working in SATA mode ?

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Hi This is my first post here so please bear with me as I get the ins and outs of it I m trying to build a system with the specified components but I cannot get the MSI PT Neo-V motherboard to recognize the drives I WAS going to install a SATA DVD-RW drive as well but Recognize SATA Motherboard HD PT8 MSI will Neo-V Not both that and the SATA- Hard Drive are not recognized The IDE DVD-ROM I installed for now will load the MSI PT8 Neo-V Motherboard will Not Recognize SATA HD info to install WIN XP Pro but when it s time to install it it tells me quot Set Up did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer Set up cannot continue blah blah blah the usual stuff if a hard drive is missing or faulty I have tried to install this hard drive into a system I know is functional and it DOES recognize the drive I ve changed SATA cables checked the BIOS says SATA is enabled and have done everything I normally do but I cannot get anywhere Nothing seems to be booting up correctly even the FDD says there s an error - PLEASE help Thanks in advance Cindy nbsp

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If I wanted to add more SATA ports on my motherboard, would I get this, and stick it in my pci slot?

And how would I set it up?

I know nothing about this and I need help

Any help appreciated

A:How do I more SATA ports on my motherboard?

You wouldn't need to set it up, just plug and play.
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I have an Asus A8V-E Deluxe motherboard, which I bought during the summer of 2005. I'm interested in getting a new hard drive, but I already have 4 devices connected via IDE. I noticed that I have two free SATA connectors on my motherboard, but I'm not sure which standard it is compatible with. Newegg has hard drives listed under Serial ATA150, and SATA 3.0 G/s. The instruction manual and the specs for my motherboardaren't giving me much help. Does anyone know?

A:Motherboard compatable with SATA 3 G/s?

3.0ghz SATA drives will run on a SATA 1.5ghz connection, so this shouldn't be an issue. The worst that can happen is you'd have to jumper the drive for 1.5ghz operation, but most of the time it's not necessary.
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My computer motherboard Gigabye 7nnxp would not boot with Seagate Baracude SATA drive any more. Nothing changed since last use. I tried all troubleshooting techniques and found no problem elsewhere. The SATA plastic cable has a crack on one end. When remove the power cable and SATA connector, the mobo will boot. As soon as the connector and power cord are connected. The computer just has front power switch light on, the computer won't boot. Does this mean the SATA drive is fried or I need to replace with new cables. I know the sATA cable is very flaky. Is this the source of the problem.

A:Motherboard and SATA drive

What it presently means is your Sata cable is cracked and may be shorting or at least confusing your OS so it needs replacing.

After that, then other things may come into play.
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I bought a mobo with only one IDE parallel connector.
I have use that IDE for the DVD and CD drives.
SATA needs to be hooked to the HDD. I have a 40g master and 250g slave hdd.
I found adaptors or convertors, on the i-net that allow me to use my IDE HDD with my SATA motherboard.
do they work and will they affect gaming? Any one have any experience or know?

A:Ide HDD to SATA motherboard convertor

They work well, i'm using one right now. I have a 200gig ata connected to it.
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Below is a picture of my motherboard. Bottom right in purple are 4 x SATA connections, just above it in a lighter blue is 1 x SATA connection.... What's the difference?

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Hey guys,

i have a motherboard problem with my sata device, i have onboard sata but im not sure how to use it as theres no prongs or watever is need to use, theres a picture attached of the area where my sata is, the barcode looking sticker is where the second sata is.

the IDE3 and IDE4 is what is written next to the 2 sata devices

Thanks RuBBeRduCky

A:Motherboard SATA Problem

hook up one end of your sata cable to the hard drive, and the other to a sata port on your motherboard. don't forget to connect your power to the drive though. if the bios still can't find a drive, with a powered one attached, you have yourself a hardware problem.
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HelloFor SATA requirements, in this PC, there are on the motherboard:- 4 SATA ports (3 red and one black)- 2 "SATA PWR 1" and "SATA PWR 2" connectorsThe PC is sold with one SATA hard drive and one SATA DVD burner drive.I have 2nd SATA hard drive already connected and SATA SSD to be connectedI connected 2nd SATA hard drive to the 3rd red SATA port and to the latest power connector available on the S-ATA Power Cable itself connected to SATA PWR 1 on mother board.Now I would use SATA SSD on the 4th SATA port (black) but there is no longer any connector available on the S-ATA Power Cable.So I inquired about a 2nd cable to put it on the SATA PWR2 (4 pins) but in fact it is square instead of being straight and therefore not standard at all. The corresponding cable is not available on the market.Would it be possible to get this cable?
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I am using a new Biostar N68S+ (NVIDIA nforce [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]serial [COLOR=blue ! important]ATA[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] controller) with an AMD 7850 processor.

It has one std. IDE channel and 4 SATA channels

It seems to boot fine with two IDE hard drives; when I added the SATA DVD/CD RW drive, at first boot, the system (BIOS) recognized this; but it got hung up - computer locked up.

Upon subsequent boots, the DVD/CD was not recognized.

I also remember earlier that when I had one IDE HD connected , the system would recognize the one SATA device - meaning a DVD/CD drive

What gives here? I have heard of this problem before but never saw a solution - is there an inherent problem mixing IDE and SATA devices on one motherboard? Or just on this [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]Biostar[/COLOR][/COLOR] mboard?


A:IDE AND SATA do not work with new motherboard

In your BIOS, can you see a setting for AHCI?
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the board is DFI lanparty DK P45-T2RS PLUS
i'm trying to install the sata driver, but i have no idea which of the controller i need to update driver for:

A:SATA drivers for DFI motherboard

Quote: Originally Posted by Shayx

the board is DFI lanparty DK P45-T2RS PLUS
i'm trying to install the sata driver, but i have no idea which of the controller i need to update driver for:

First a question:

Why do you want to update it? Isn't it working?

Your screenshot shows no problems.

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Ok so my original computer was a Windows Home Premium and that's the PC I used to work I had REMOTE DESKTOP on it it to need Home connect on Windows to I home job's server from 7 Prem my worked fine and yes it was a Windows Home Premium but yesterday my I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem original pc got fried and smoke came out of it so I am afraid to turn it on I am now using my back pc it I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem is also a windows home premium build and I remember I use to have remote desktop on it but I right clicked disabled one day a long time ago and after that I was never ever able to get it back Ive been reading online that Windows home premium does not have the remote desktop option odd because my other pc had it Point is I need to connect to my job's server asaaap but I am unable to find a way to connect to I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem their server I have their ip address and a special login pass the same way you do in windows remote desktop I have tried downloading those rdp patches and stuff and it just does not work I cannot find the remote desktop anywhere even have the install said quot listening quot and quot remote desktop successfully quot etc etc Is there a program I can use to connect to my work's server my boss uses windows remote desktop I tried using teamviewer and added the ip address but it doesnt work idk if you have to both be using the same program please in need of help here

A:I need to connect to my job's server from home on Windows 7 Home Prem

My last option is to upgrade to windows 7 pro and pay the $80 above for it JUST to get remote desktop
I'm trying everything possible though before that.. but I really need this to work in order to start my job
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Hello all Due to horrible noise from my desktop computer cannot put the case on because of an attached hard drive enclosure which has to connect home for server file home Create computers! to power adapters i ve decided to designate this Create home file server for home computers! desktop computer with its attached hard drives to become Create home file server for home computers! my home file server This home file server will be moved downstairs into the storage room so I won t have to hear it and I would like to use it wirelessly attach a usb wireless adapter This one runs Windows XP SP Here s my setup questions that I need advice info on the main points are home computer access ability amp restrictions setup email stored on network drive and backup solutions Once I set the computer downstairs and have it connected to my wireless router how do I get all my other computers to recognize it amp be able to read it see list of computers and OSs below Can I have all computers OSs have full write access to the home file server ONLY if the correct password is supplied Similarily can I DENY even read-only access to certain users or due to lack of password pr n not to be shared with all a at the same time can all users atleast have access to read-only access to certain directories ie music directory available to all in house Can the above be done with my computers if the home file server remains as Windows XP SP a and can above be accessed by my other computers to read write that are on different operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows Vista My main computer I will use is my laptop which has a dual boot of ubuntu and windows vista i want to be able to be free to roam in my house and access files freely on the home server no problem right a With this laptop can I have e-mail stored on home file server ie install thunderbird email application and have all the archive amp live email files stored on network drive on home file server also on the hard drives of the home file server how should i back things up there are gb hard drives and one gb hard drive with music videos and everything i ll have nearly full gb taken up right now all i ve done is a simple copy of one drive to another is there a better easy to setup way for a backup solution if it can be done how do i do it if the above cannot be done and if i should change Operating systems on the home file server what do i change and how do I do it Computer identification computer -home file server windows xp sp has bay hard drive enclosure attached therefore cannot close tower case computer -main laptop windows vista amp ubuntu linux computer -roommates desktop windows xp sp thank you in advance any advice would be appreciated nbsp

A:Create home file server for home computers!

ineedacookie said:

Hello all!

Due to horrible noise from my desktop computer (cannot put the case on because of an attached hard drive enclosure which has to connect to power adapters), i've decided to designate this desktop computer with its attached hard drives to become my home file server!

Click to expand...

I can't fathom why you can't put the computer's case on.

This home file server will be moved downstairs into the storage room so I won't have to hear it and I would like to use it wirelessly (attach a usb wireless adapter). This one runs Windows XP SP 3.
Click to expand...

Having your server connected wirelessly is a lousy idea performance wise. Moving on...

Here's my setup questions that I need advice/info on (the main points are home computer access ability & restrictions, setup email stored on network drive, and backup solutions):

1) Once I set the computer downstairs and have it connected to my wireless do I get all my other computers to recognize it, & be able to read it? (see list of computers and OSs below)

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You can map it as a network drive on each computer. (Use SAMBA on Linux.)
2) Can I have all computers/OSs have full write access to the home file server ONLY if the correct password is supplied?

3) Similarily, can I DENY even read-only access to certain users or due to lack of password?
3a) at the same time can all users atleast have access to read-only access to certain directories (ie music directory available to all in house)?

Click to expand...

Yes, but the extent depends on the version of Windows running on those PCs (you don't specify home/pro or the plethora of Vista versions)
4) Can the above be done with my computers if the home file server remains as Windows XP SP3?
4a) ...and can above be accessed by my other computers to read/write that are on different operating systems like Ubuntu and Windows Vista?

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Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it. I would switch to a server OS. Ubuntu Server is fine.
5) My main computer I will use is my laptop which has a dual boot of ubuntu and windows vista. i want to be able to be free to roam in my house and access files freely on the home server. no problem, right?
5a) With this laptop can I have e-mail stored on home file server (ie install thunderbird email application and have all the archive & live email files stored on network drive on home file server)?
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Should be fine.
6) also on the hard drives of the home file server, how should i back things up? there are 3 500gb hard drives, and one 40gb hard drive. with music, videos and everything i'll have nearly full 450gb taken up. right now all i've done is a simple copy of one drive to another. is there a better, easy to setup way for a backup solution?

6) if it can be done, how do i do it?

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Well, outside of automating it, it sounds fine. Make sure to have at least 2 backups of important stuff. CD/DVDs are good too for the monthly backups.

7) if the above cannot be done and if i should change Operating systems on the home file server, what do i change and how do I do it?

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I'd suggest a server OS. Again, Ubuntu is fine.
However, in all seriousness, you'd probably be better off with a NAS. The D-Link DNS 321 would be perfect for you. Plus, it uses a heck of a lot less power.
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Hope this is the right place to post this

Just set up server 2008 r2 on a older box I had that I was using for a few things. Tried Linux but became tThanks of a pain for such simple tasks. Here is what I'm using it for.

Csgo server
Mumble server
Media server?

My main concern was for media server to stream to few devices in the house. I was thinking plex. Does anyone have any other ways I can go about it.


A:Server 2008 for home server... Opinions please.

Not sure what opinions you want. All I can say is that you don't need server 2008 R2 to complete your desired tasks. Any basic Windows client OS should work.

EDIT: It should be noted that Windows Server OS's are enterprise standards therefore a lot of home license applications will not install unless it is open source. You will need to purchase enterprise licenses of software for them to be installed on the server. This is particularly important with Anti-Virus solutions.

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I'm trying to decide between Windows Home Server and Windows Server 2008 R2 for my home server PC. Ordinarily it would be a clear cut choice, but I've got a free copy of Server 2008 R2 through my academic MSDN subscription. I'd like to avoid spending extra money if Server 2008 R2 would do the job. But I'm willing to buy Home Server should it prove necesary. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Windows home server vs Server 2008 R2

Server 2008 R2 is a more fully functional product. You will be able to do similar things, but it might be a little more involved getting it set up and working. Plus, if you are interested in IT, you could use the Server 2008 R2 experience....but you won't get hired for your knowledge on Windows Home Server.

My vote is Server 2008 R2 without a doubt.
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Hi I have an old ACER EasyStore H which figured out it v1 - Home restore Windows of Server Server should crash on me the other day In the unit I have HD's for OS and for DATA I have done restore not factory reset on the unit earlier and that has been successfull However I never had the amount of data on it as I do now So in a mildly panicked state I need to restore Windows Home Server v1 - restore of Server again I started with that yesterday and restore seems to be OK but when the WHS v connector software shows after restore it's just hanging and do not Windows Home Server v1 - restore of Server continue the installation so I can set a password on the unit So my questions are Would the connector software struggle due to my Windows Technical Preview version Does it make sense to remove data disks restore and put in data disk when done If possible for WHS to reckongnize the data drives afterwards Am I screwed tl dr - Server recovery WHSv doesnt complete and hangs when Connector software is about to be installed on Client computer Thanks
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Gday again My new tower arrived yippeee now I am having problems with the motherboard recognising the SATA harddrive I have SATA not Motherboard the harddrive. recognising followed the motherboards Motherboard not recognising the SATA harddrive. directions to the bios setup motherboard GA-M SLI-S rev I have pulled out the sata connectors and replugged them back in still no joy so now I have swapped on the motherboard the actual sata connection which Motherboard not recognising the SATA harddrive. was on SATAII over to SATA Will this make a difference or not I also Motherboard not recognising the SATA harddrive. need to recheck the slave master settings on the new DVD Burner I have a broken leg at the moment which makes it impossible for me to move the new tower from the office to kitchen and back again I so badly want to use my new PC Tower however when it comes to this SATA stuff I have no idea IDE no problem thats old school like me I have the SATA floppy ready to go once I can figure out why the harddrive isnt being recognised and from memory the DVD Burner wasnt being recognised either As I only have the use of one monitor and a broken leg it is extremely difficult to do anything Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Yours who is NOT A BLONDE Susan Please use proper thread titles from now on Thanks nbsp

A:Motherboard not recognising the SATA harddrive.

you DID install the SATA drivers?
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Greetings, i have this terrible computer that has a motherboard that i cant get to accept any SATA drive.

It has two sata ports, so i bought a new hard drive for it, but once you connect it, it cant boot up.
It gets to pass memory check, than it gets to Detecting IDE drives and simply freezes there.
bios has only two options when it comes to SATA

OnChip Via SATA which is Enabled

SATA Mode which has noly ywo options, IDE or RAID, it stands to IDE.

I updated Bios, tried everything i can come up with, nothing helps.

Is there any way i can get this piece of .... to accept Sata drive?

A:Motherboard wont take any sata drives

So it has a VIA chipset? Is so they had a terrible SATA controller and one of its issues was that it could only detect SATA I(1.5Gb/s) drives. Many newer SATA II or III drives have a jumper that can be set to limit the drive to SATA I, you'd have to look at the documentation that came with the drives or go to the manufacturer's website to get the jumper settings.
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A while ago (about 7 months now) the motherboard in my desktop computer went bad and I haven't had the money to replace it. I haven't particularly needed anything off of the Hard Drive until now. I went on Amazon and bought a SATA to USB kit so that I would be able to do it. I got everything hooked up and the drive powered up and I plugged it into my laptop. When I did this, it failed to install drivers for it and would flash the drives in Explorer for a second and then they went out and it said that I needed to format each one before use. I can't really do this because I need the information on them. Even when I click to format them, it can't bring it up (Says that Windows cannot access the drive and it is not connected properly). Help please! I could really use those files.

A:Motherboard fried, need files off of HDD. (SATA to USB)

When you connect the hard drive to the USB adapter, can you hear the hard drive spin up? Lightly put your finger on the drive - can you feel it moving? The adapters are pretty much plug and play. But there's always the chance the drive you're trying to access has died.

Right click on My Computer and select Manage. Scroll down to Disk Management under Storage. Do you see your USB drive listed there?

As a test, try your adapter setup on another computer or with another hard drive - just to make sure the connections are all working.
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I recently purchased a new WD5000aaks sata hard drive, and I've tried to install the hdd, but during windows xp installation, I found that it can't recognize any hdd connected.
I also checked bios to see if there was any option for sata, but I couldn't find any. I really don't know what to do at the moment. I would like to know what I should do to make the hdd work.

I would appreciate all the help I could get. Thankyou very much for your time

A:I see the sata ports on my motherboard, but I can't install my new hdd..plz help
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Hi to all, im new on this forum and i was hopping you can help me.
I have a ASUS P4P800X-S Motherboard on my pc i know that is a lil bit old but it still works great. Im using 2 hdd IDE on it and I was thinking to install a hdd SATA .
Is that possible ????
Thanks to all of you.

A:HDD SATA on motherboard ASUS P4P800S-X

Yes but it is pointless. You dont get the benefit of a sata confuration b/c (unless your board had sata ports) you'll buy a converter to take ide connection to a sata connection but you're limited to the speed and features of IDE since that is the connection on the board.
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Hi im planning buy an Intel SSD 520 Series SATA 3(60gb), I looked at the website of my motherboard(Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3 ) I'm not sure if it has SATA 3 since I won this motherboard in a contest. I also want to know if I can see any difference between loading at startup in Windows and especially loading at games like Bf3, Dota 2, Diablo 3? VS my 1TB Seagate? Thanks in advance.

here is my current spec:

Intel Core i5-2500k. 3.30GHz Turbo boost 3.70Ghz
Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3
2X4GB Kingston HyperX T1 CL9
1TB Seagate

A:Intel SSD 520 Series SATA 3 is it ok to my motherboard?

The Gigabyte site for that board says this, under "internal I/O connectors":

2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors

I believe SATA 3.0 is 6 Gb/s, so yes, it supports 3.0.

I don't understand the rest of your post. Games will load quicker on an SSD, but I don't think you'll see much improvement in playing the game.
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well i bought everything and im having trouble with my motherboard. Everything turns on fine the screen shows the bios and stuff but none of the sata ports on the motherboard are working. GA-MA785GT-UD3H sata ports not working my hdd wont show and my cd rom drive wont open as well what do i do

A:Motherboard sata ports won't work

Hello Farbods0, and welcome to Seven Forums.

On page 49 of your motherboard's manual (PDF file), check in BIOS to make sure that you have the Onchip SATA controller enabled with the type set to AHCI.

Hope this helps,
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Hi, I'm using an older motherboard that has no SATA 3, so I installed a SATA 3 card on it. Now when I try to boot Windows 7 on it (the SATA 3 card), using 120g OCZ ssd drive, it gives message "bootmgr missing". I have another hhd and an optical drive on this computer using SATA 2. When I reconnect to the SATA 2 on the motherboard, it boots with no problem. Suggestions please. I know just enough to be dangerous, so please keep it simple. Thanks, Frank

A:SATA 3 Card on older motherboard

Unless the BIOS supports booting to USB i don't think this is gonna work...
Unlikely it does on an older MBoard.
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As my system spec says I have a H61 motherboard, which only supports SATA II

When Ivy bridge comes out I plan on getting an i3 or i5 (whatever is suitable and has HD 4000) and a 60-100gb SSD for OS and applications (the 1TB will still be used for videos and stuff, and it is only SATA II)

I don't really do THAT much gaming, and I don't think I'll be doing anything that requires superduperfast read/write to the boot drive.

So: would SATA II be a bad bottleneck for my system?


A:Is SATA III worth upgrading my motherboard for?

nah, youll still see a massive performance leap from an normal hard drive to an SSD. it certainly wont create a bottle neck.
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I am trying to rebuild an older computer with an Abit NF -S motherboard All the hard drives were removed except the cd and dvd drives which the motherboard detects and are functional My problem is that the MB cannot detect SATA drives only IDE drives It does have two onboard SATA plug-ins I have used SATA drives in the past on it with no problems but that was through a drives Motherboard detect SATA cannot Promise Raid card which Motherboard cannot detect SATA drives eventually died and caused irreparable damage to the MBR of the hard drive with the OS Windows XP This is why I am starting over Motherboard cannot detect SATA drives I have never used the onboard SATA plug-ins I read the MB manual but it says very little about SATA except that it is set up for two Motherboard cannot detect SATA drives SATA drives which includes a onboard SATA controller which I made sure was enabled in the bios settings I have searched the web for several hours and found no solutions I am hoping that perhaps somebody on this forum uses or is familiar with the NF -S and can help me figure out the problem Thank you TCMGO nbsp

A:Motherboard cannot detect SATA drives

You need to install the SATA/RAID drivers for the motherboard. Windows XP does not have support for SATA so you would need to reinstall XP and use a floppy disc to install the drivers during the installation. This is done early in the install process when a message appears at the bottom of the screen asking you to hit F6 to install additional drivers.

This guide will show how to integrate the SATA drivers with XP if you do not have a floppy drive
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hey guys im basically buying a new mobo for my pc and was looking at this one : (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard

what i cudnt find was that if it supported SATA II because i have 2 samsung SSD 32GB which are SATA II and wanted to put them in Raid 0. If this motherboard cant do that do you guys have any suggestions on which one to go for.

Here is the other specs of my pc:

CPU - Intel E9450
GPU - 280 GTX
PSU - 1000w OCZ EliteXstream
Case - Zalman LQ1000
RAM -DDR3 OCZ Reaper X 2x2 (4GB)
HD - 1TB Westen Digital And 2 Samsung 32GB SSD SATA II (which i want in Raid 0!!)

Any suggestions will be very helpful as i need to place the order today!!

thanks again i know u guys will help me out.

A:Motherboard Supports SATA II & Raid 0 for SSD

So what did you get?
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My Aloe-GL8E motherboard has 6 SATA sockets of various colors - Black, white, blue, yellow, red . What do the colors mean on this board, since I think they are all 3 GB/s? I want to add a second HDD - does it matter which socket it goes in?

View Solution.

A:motherboard sata socket identification

The sockets are numbered 1 thru 6.  The boot order will follow these in succession.I did find a reference.  Can you verify the color and number?Dark blue - Disk 1White - Disk 2Light blue - Disk 3Yellow - Disk 4Red - Disk 5Black - Disk 6
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I have Asus motherboard with a SATA WD 250gig harddrive......i`m upgrading my motherboard and processor with another Asus motherboard.I replaced the motherboard and set everything up but for some reason the new motherboard doesnt see the SATA harddrive.I`m trying to figure out why.....i know all connections are correct.If i put in a IDE motherboard the bios sees it with no problem....the thing is i want to use this SATA drive.....does anyone have ant suggest to why its not seeing it?

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Hi I just had a thread recently about a DVD rom drive that was not recognized by my PC and when I opened up the case of my PC I noticed something about the SATA ports on my motherboard which led me to open this new thread I noticed on my motherboard there are two different kinds of SATA ports one kind is red there is a total of six of these and then there are two orange swap ports motherboard? I my on SATA can SATA ports and in the manual of my motherboard it says the orange ones are mean t for hard discs and can be used to configure RAID I do have two discs in RAID and according to the manual of my motherboard these discs should be connected to these orange SATA ports which in my case they currently are not By the way the hard drives in RAID set up are just data drives NOT OS-drives can I swap SATA ports on my motherboard? not sure if that makes a difference though My question to you guys how do I fix this My RAID can I swap SATA ports on my motherboard? setup seems to be fine but if these two SATA ports are meant for RAID I think I should hook up can I swap SATA ports on my motherboard? my two RAID discs to them BUT could swapping the ports my drives are connected to mess up my RAID set up or mess up anything else on my PC And I mean swapping from a red port to an orange colored one I'm hesitant to try this because I am cared I could screw things up Thanks Lars
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My HP p f went black and would not boot up When I tured it on I instantly got the following error quot Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press enter quot I falsely assumed that my hard drive bit the dust I buy a new hard drive and oem windows but same thing Long story short I figured out that the motherboards sata controller went to heaven I bought a pci-e sata controller installed it and conected my new HD and DVD to it Same error code I then swaped to the old HD and I see the following for about seconds PCIE x Gps Bus Dev Mode PassThru AHCI Port Disk Name S SATA WDC WD EZEX- Y A S SATA HP DVD-RAM GH L The next screen I see is Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the Cause To fix the problem Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer Chose your language settings and the click quot NEXT quot Click quot repair quot your computer quot If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance Status xc f Info The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible When I press enter I am back to the quot Reboot and select quot error When I turn on the computer using f I see that my BIOS does not detect either device Do I need to change Bios settings or HP Pavillion p f OS is Windows Motherboard is a M N -LA violet nbsp
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I have an old EIDE Seagate drive I would like to use as an external USB backup. I have an external USB connector for the Seagate drive. If I connect the Seagate drive via USB, will the drive work without causing data loss to the internal SATA drives? Thank you in advance for your replies.

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I am finally going to replace my DVD drives, and use 2.

Could any of you guys check out the Specifications of my Motherboard from this link and let me know if I should buy SATA or IDE DVD drives, whatever works for the Motherboard. I am guessing SATA is what I should use. Heres the link:


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Msi 875p Neo Fis2r Motherboard
AmiBios version 3.31a
2 Gigs of RAM
2 DVD Drives. One is CD and DVD-RW and one is DVD Read.

Currently I have two hard drives. One is a Samsung 80 Gig harddrive with the older gray data cable.

The other is a SATA Hard drive, 300 GB. SATA cable, that plugs into the
SER4 orange slot on my Motherboard.

Right now the Samsung is my main boot device and has windows installed on it.

I want to make the SATA Hard Drive my main boot device and make it to were I can install a fresh copy of windows on it. I want to make it my master drive. I have an older Mother Board. It is an AGP Model.

How do I get this done?

A:Getting this SATA HD to work with older motherboard

Further information

My bios lists the SATA Drive drive when I want to select the boot up device, but not in the CMOS section when it lists all the drives connected to my computer.
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I'm trying to connect a SATA hard drive to an old motherboard that only has EIDE ports. What's the best approach? I might need to connect 2 SATA hard rives, so would my best be be a raid controller that connects to a PCI slot?

A:SATA harddrive, EIDE motherboard

That's probably the best option. Some offerings @ Newegg;

The 2 port cards are quite reasonably priced, and "The Egg" has been running such items in their Email flyers.

I suppose it depends how far you intend to go with this machine, as to whether it would be worth springing for the much more expensive 4 port controllers.
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Asus A7V400-MX Motherboard
Win XP

I have an ordinary IDE HDD running my desktop PC.
I recently picked up a Hitachi 1TB HDD (very cheap deal).
I thought the easiest way to use it would be through an external enclosure (Newlink 3.5 Sata/IDE combo)

My system does not bring up the drive in MyComputer
I have also checked the BIOS but can't see anything there, although I know very little about the BIOS and may have missed something.

Does anyone have any ideas? Am I doing something daft?
I can supply more info if needed

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My specs on my current PC are below in my signature, and I feel it's time to make the leap to SATA. My motherboard only supports speeds for SATA up to 150 MB/S, but newer SATA drives are faster. Will buying a SATA drive faster than the allowable speed rating on my mobo cause problems? I'll eventually pull out this dinosaur of a motherboard, so I want something that will upgrade itself once I upgrade the mobo.

A:SATA 3.0 gb speed on old motherboard...doable?

Once again, the hard drive interface speed is totally irrelevant - the seek time and sustained throughput are all that matters. The claim that newer hard drives are somehow "faster" than SATA150 is bollocks. No SATA hard drive can do more than 100 MB/s, which is well below the SATA150 limit.

You can use a SATA300 drive no problem and the performance loss will be nonexistent.
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mine motherboard is gigabyte P55-US3L
intel H55/rev 2.1

A:usb and sata 3.0 pci card compatible with old motherboard?

Quote: Originally Posted by game01

mine motherboard is gigabyte P55-US3L
intel H55/rev 2.1

You mean a PCIe card for USB3?? yes it should work with no problems
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Hello i have a custom built computer with MSI PM8M-V class v mother board and cannot get it to read my SATA hard drive. I have had this computer running before from the help of a no more available friend. I remember having to do something with a floppy driver and now tried to boot from the floppy i thought would do it but does not work any suggestions?

A:how to get motherboard to read SATA hard drive

You need to put the SATA drivers on a floppy.
Press F6 when prompted to install SCSI or raid drivers early
during the loading of the windows CD.
It will prompt for the drivers.
Follow the instructions.
The sata drivers can be downloaded from the manufacturer website,
or are on the motherboard CD.
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Hi, I just got a GA-M750SLI-DS4 motherboard and im running 2 seagate 7200.11 harddrives on it in raid 0, and that works fine.

When I attach another harddrive (seagate 7200.10), just to run as a normal storage drive, it shows up as raid 5 with error when the coms booting.

It seems that all the sata ports get set to raid, when raid is enabled.

Anyone know what I should do?

A:Sata harddrive problem with GA-M750SLI-DS4 motherboard

If the BIOS based raid manager or one supplied by Gigabyte won't let you define the array, your stuck.
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I know this topic is very old! but I have the same problem now!
But I don't have any other hard disc on my PC and this SATA 3 supported hard drive is only one! I don't have any OS on my pc. when I connect hard drive to my p4p800-x mother board it doesn't recognize my sata 3 drive! please help me what should I do!

A:Motherboard doesn't recognize my SATA 3 drive

Hey Andromec. Is the drive being detected in the BIOS.
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Ok heres my story PSU went out on my computer and took the motherboard with it comp would not power up even with new PSU I got hard SATA Motherboard not detecting drives a new motherboard exact same model as before so my windows xp would work installed it and it powered up Everything gets recognized except my hard drives I have Western Digital SE gb hard drives that had in a RAID I have them both plugged into master just like it was on the other MB I have set sata as Motherboard not detecting SATA hard drives RAID set in the BIOS I ve checked the connections which seems pretty simple so I am at a loss Am I missing something I have never replaced a motherboard before so I am just wondering Could my old PSU have taken BOTH HDs out along with the old MB Thanks for any insight you can offer Here are my over all specs ASUS P GD mb P ghz cpu Western Digital SE gb HDs Windows XP Home nbsp
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I don't have a problem but wanted to share an experience I had while doing a clean install of Windows I have a three year old Gigabyte motherboard with both PATA and SATA connections and have my primary drive on the SATA connection with a small PATA drive I use for data backups I recently did a clean install of Win on my dual motherboard and owners with SATA PATA please read both boot system which turned out fine in the end but the journey there was a little scary C and G hosted dual XP installs but I wanted to clean install Win on C and keep XP on G So I booted from the W install disc wiped out C and proceeded to the screen that allows me to select the install partition Only the C partition wasn't available for installation Crap I just wiped my system partition with the bootloader and now its telling me I can't use that partition to install What OK calm down there is a perfectly good explanation Reboot with the W disc and go through the install process again it will be fine Maybe it was just a dirty spot on the DVD that it couldn't read Nope disc is motherboard owners with both SATA and PATA please read fine Alright boot from the DVD again maybe it was just a glitch these things happen you know OK now all I have to do I select my install parti--- Where the crap is my C partition Wait a minute here this was a perfectly working computer system just a few minutes ago and now it is an expensive doorstop All I did was wipe C like I ve done many times before and now I can t access the freaking drive This can't be happening Maybe the data cable came loose and I just need to reconnect it then everything will be fine I ve read about it happening somewhere to somebody right Yeah these things happen - not very often but they happen Yeah it happens if your computer is strapped to the wing of a fighter jet or to the outside of an industrial rock crusher Please God let it be the data cable Grab the flashlight take off the cover and OMG the cable is connected Eeeeek Wait a minute It has to be something simple Something I m missing I just need to check the BIOS and make sure it still sees both drives There could have been a power surge when the DVD drive spun up and corrupted the hard drive setting in the BIOS All I need to do is re-detect the drive and it will be fine A power surge while the optical drive spun up that corrupted the hard drive setting in the BIOS Did I actually just think that Beam me up Scotty Alright reboot re-detect the drive and install That s all there is to it Except it already lists both drives Something is seriously wrong here Now this is crazy OK time to get back to the basics Let me disconnect all non-essential peripherals reboot and see if I can get it to install Boot from disc next screen choose my install partition and THERE IT IS THE FREAKING C PARTITION IS THERE WOOHOO OK WTF just happened So in the aftermath of all this I figured the install program saw my PATA drive as the primary and just ignored my SATA drive even though it was really the primary and had an active partition to install to After I did the install I reconnected the second drive and Windows assigned the appropriate drive letters Done Whew Sometimes when you are trying to figure out a problem people have a tendency to believe the unbelievable in an effort to explain a problem which they can t figure out And since one can t come up with a logical explanation for the problem you start drawing conclusions you know are wrong out of frustration and anger That was a well learned lesson that I will never forget Just go back to troubleshooting basics and it will usually steer you in the right direction Thanks for reading Now where did I put my copy of Acronis True Image backup

A:motherboard owners with both SATA and PATA please read

Thanks for sharing that with us as the solution may help others down the line.

+rep from me.
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Hi i recently bought myself a new socket a soltek motherboard (SL-75FRN2-RL) i installed everything fine then i plugged my SATA hard drive into it and set the jumper as it said but it wont start the raid setup, and the motherboard doesnt detect the drive, i used it with a different motherboard b4 so culd this be the problem? my system is amd athlon 2600xp+ 768mb ddr ram, 80 gig seagate barracuda SATA hard drive, geforce 6 6800 graphics.
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I have a problem and it's driving me nuts I am new to Windows and I'm not sure if I am missing a setting in to get this to work Here's the problem I just bought an HP drive to connect hard SATA motherboard IDE Can't system see specs with SATA connections only I have an IDE drive from my Windows XP system that I would Can't connect IDE hard drive to SATA motherboard like to install in my new system I have tried a controller card and an adapter Neither have worked When I start the system I get to the start up screen that gives me the option of entering BIOS Boot Menu and a couple others Lately it just stays there If I leave it alone it will go no farther If I select either of the options it says quot enter xxxx quot but it goes no where If I disconnect the drive it starts up normally When I can get into BIOS the drive is recognized and the original drive is set as the first to boot I have even tried all the SATA Controller settings IDE RAID AHCI and nothing There had been a Can't connect IDE hard drive to SATA motherboard few times that I actually reached Windows but the drive was listed as unallocated and I could do nothing with it If I tried I got the error message quot Device not ready quot Unfortunately I can't even get that far anymore A format was suggested so I copied all my data to my external drive and formatted in XP No luck I keep hearing that either setup should work but it doesn't The system is completely updated and the drivers for the controller card are the Windows drivers from the manufacturer Any thoughts on what to try I do want this installed internally not by USB Thanks Mike

A:Can't connect IDE hard drive to SATA motherboard

When you say you have tried a controller card do you mean a PCI card?

Same with "adapter" is it an IDE to SATA adapter that connects to the drive itself?

I am wondering if you need to change a PCI setting if it's a PCI card controller.
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Hi 0. to Instead of SATA Connector C Motherboard Connected 3 Drive my Intel SSD which is my OS-C drive is C Drive Connected to Motherboard SATA Connector 3 Instead of 0. connected to the motherboard SATA connector designated as SATA connector On initial C Drive Connected to Motherboard SATA Connector 3 Instead of 0. install of W I had a problem where the MBR was installed on my internal N drive connected to motherboard SATA connector instead of on same drive as OS I have sorted out the problem some time ago so the MBR was migrated to the same drive as the C drive That problem sorted out What I need to know is are they any problems consequences with my OS-C drive being on motherboard SATA connector designated as SATA connector rather than in the traditional position of using SATA connector on motherboard for C drive Also if I swap them around so C on amp N on on motherboard will this cause any problems and will the PC boot up as normal with C being disk and N being disk within the Computer Mgt Window Should point out PC is running fine without any obvious problems Thanks in advance Gary

A:C Drive Connected to Motherboard SATA Connector 3 Instead of 0.

It makes no difference whatsoever. Upon booting, when the POST has completed, providing that you have a bootable OS present, the system will boot from that disk regardless of which motherboard connector it is attached to (or if it is attached to an expansion card, like mine is). On one of my older systems, I couldn't use ports 0 and 1 because they were obscured by my graphics card. There was no problem in booting with the drive attached to one of the other ports.
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Hello OK while I consider myself to be quite an expert at most things PC related the SATA an IDE Booting on a motherboard (headache!) from XP drive hardware side of stuff usually goes Booting XP from an IDE drive on a SATA motherboard (headache!) right over my head and I can t figure this one out at all I recently bought a new computer with a SATA motherboard Booting XP from an IDE drive on a SATA motherboard (headache!) I managed to connect my old IDE hard drive to it using some sort of connector adapter thing that I bought This IDE drive has an installation of XP home SP on it Now this works fine as a slave drive and I can access all the files on it from my main SATA drive s Vista installation But when I try to boot XP from it I get the list of options of how to boot xp safe mode last known good config etc and then the blue screen with error x e It then just restarts itself Now I don t want to lose my files on there so I d rather not just reinstall windows xp especially as its an oem version or whatever but I would still like to be able to boot it I tried using my dodgy xp installation cd to get on the recovery console and using fixboot but nothing Should I be installing sata drivers on there or something Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you ps im pretty sure my motherboard is an Nvidia nForce but i could be completely wrong nbsp

A:Booting XP from an IDE drive on a SATA motherboard (headache!)

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

The problem is, your old hard drive/Windows installation will have all the drivers/hardware configuration for your old mobo and won`t work with the new mobo.

If you`re really lucky, a Windows repair as per this thread HERE might work, with the emphasis on might. The only other option is top backup your important data and reformat and reinstall from scratch.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I have gotten a load of spare parts im building a PC for friend just an old thing with P Gb - but thing is the MSI motherboard MSI Solved: drive? see SATA wont motherboard MS- keeps going into RAID mode or something tried drives and forcing SATA mode Solved: motherboard wont see SATA drive? on one of the drives to - there is not settings anywhere in the BIOS to change from IDE to RAID or SATA - theres just On CHip SATA and its on - ive been through every single setting what happens is on POST it only sees the IDE DVD drives - if I go into Boot Order it see s the SATA drives there labelled as SCSI MAXTOR Gb or SCSI WD Gb depending on drive - if I go to load an OS it just says no drive exists if i dont press anything to get into BIOS it says something about RAID and to press TAB to go into it - when I do it says only drive connected needs another theres no option to disable raid anywhere can anyone help with this thanks nbsp

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The other night I started my PC up I got Hard disk failure.

I've tried One of the Two sata drives in another computer and it works.
I've tried the Sata to motherboard plug in another computer that works.

I plugged everything back in my computer and when I booted it didn't work not even Cdrom, I then changed the plugs from motherboard to Harddrive and cdrom around and got one Hard drive coming up.

I'm unsure what to do next it doesn't seem to like me at all, this computer is barley many months old. Please help if you've any idea.

A:SATA Plug Issue with Gigabyte Motherboard

talk to Gigabyte about a RMA. that should cover this. I do not have there e-mail but u can get it on there site if u look.
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I am having problems with my Windows install - It seems like I get conflicts when having several hard drives connected I am a Linux user and have several linux installations on my hard drives - and now I have installed Windows on my fourth SATA drive in addition to my SATA DVD reader If I ASUS several bluescreens drives SATA motherboard, and run with all harddrives connected I get blue-screens with stuff like MEMORY MANAGEMENT IRQL LESS NOT EQUAL PFN LIST CORRUPT ASUS motherboard, several SATA drives and bluescreens very soon ASUS motherboard, several SATA drives and bluescreens when running Windows Sometime I can log in on my user account but sometimes I don't even get to the user selection screen Now I have disconnected harddrives and only have the SATA with my Windows install and the DVD connected and everything seems to work fine Is this some problem with my SATA Motherboard drivers I am having a ASUS P H -V motherboard Anyone have any ideas on what might be wrong I very much doubt that it is memory problems since I run both Windows XP and Linux of several flavors without problems I am not sure if this is the proper forum feel free to move the topic if it is in the wrong place edit I am using a -bit windows edit

A:ASUS motherboard, several SATA drives and bluescreens

I experienced similar oddities with a DFI X58 motherboard when I was setting up to dual-boot Windows 7 and ubuntu 9.10. The most stable and workable solution I found was to connect the boot drive (C: drive) to the SATA-0 connection. It had been on SATA-3, but GRUB gets confused in spite of my attempts to fix it logically by editing the configuration files. The best choice was to move around my SATA cables to make the boot drive the first one and GRUB and Windows 7 were very happy. I have also read that GRUB and Windows 7 can get confused with SATA DVD drives in the mix too. I don't have that on this machine, but do have that on another all SATA system that I dual-boot with GRUB for ubuntu 8.10. Note that the older GRUB worked better for me than the newer one.

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Good day everyone it s been awhile Recently updated my 5th sata usable 4th and not for port motherboard m3n78-vm computer with a new processor and board I m using m n -vm board with windows xp bit This motherboard has sata ports first red last two black All the 4th and 5th sata port not usable for m3n78-vm motherboard first sata ports were used up with sata hard drives and they were all detected and working fine When I added a sata dvd writer for the fourth sata slot it wasn t detected in bios and in disk management tried it in the fifth slot same issu I searched in google and an option was to change the mode in bios to ahci and now the dvdwriter was detected in bios however when i tried booting to windows blue screen of death and that runs in a cycle until i return the settings to original i can boot up nicely use my pc But can t use the dvdwriter Is there a workaround fix for this If there is I appreciate any advise please do give me step by step instructions Also posted this in the asus forum Thanks nbsp

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Does the motherboard for a HP Pavilion a c TV PC have support for EIDE HDDs as well as for SATA nbsp I bought this computer for at a thrift Pavilion For Motherboard HP SATA Support ... a1777c Native Both store and it has no HDD By the loose cables inside it's clear that the original HDD was SATA I do not have any spare SATA HDDs but I do have some EIDE drives sitting in a few old computers that I no longer use I've seen a few pictures on the HP site that identified IDE EIDE HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ... connectors on HP motherboards that look pretty similar to a couple empty connectors on this MB I just want to find out for sure from someone here since I can't seem to get a definitive answer on my own investigation I would like to try to fix this computer up as a PVR It has a Hauppauge Wintv HVR TV tuner already All things being equal I would rather get a new SATA drive but I would hate to spend the money when I don't even know for sure that there isn't something wrong with HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ... the machine that won't show up HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ... until I install a HDD and try to install Vista the OS it shipped with and all the drivers Currently I don't have another computer that I would want to put a new SATA drive into as a secondary if this HP doesn't work properly On the other hand I think that the biggest EIDE HDD I have is GB -- and used Free is great but I'll have to sort out my priorities myself but first I need to know whether it's even possible to use a EIDE HDD in this computer without an adapter Also the DVD drive is still hooked up with SATA cables Providing that the MB supports EIDE as well is there any reason why the DVD drive could not be left with the SATA connection while the HDD runs off EIDE Thank you for your interest Grant

A:HP Pavilion a1777c Motherboard Native Support For Both SATA ...

Your motherboard does have suppport for EIDE and SATA hard disks.  I suggest purchaseing and using a new SATA drive. You never know when a EIDE drive is going to stop functioning and really disappoint you.
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Or, more specifically, will my old hard drive work with my replacement motherboard?

Likewise for PCI Express 2.0 16x and PCI Express 16x? Old graphics card

Also, if anyone wants to look at a couple other replacement parts I'm thinking of getting and let me know what they think, I'd appreciate it.



Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Solved: Would an SATA 1.5 Gb/s hard drive work in a 3.0 Gb/s motherboard?

Yes the old hard drive will work at 1.5 Gb/s transfer rate, and the old PCIe graphics card will work at PCIe 1.0 speed.

Regarding the 8GB RAM, I assume you plan on running a 64-bit OS? If running a 32-bit OS, it won't recognize more than 4GB.
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a friend of mine has bought a seagate sata150 hard drive to add storage capacity to his packard bell pc. the motherboard is an msi ms-6511. i cant find any help on the msi website and the packard bell website is hopeless. i doubt it is compatable but can someone confirm if i am correct....thanks

A:Will sata hard drive work on a msi ms-6511 motherboard

No it won't, he will need a ide drive for that computer
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Installing XP on an HP Mini 210-1076NR which is designed and came with windows 7 Starter. Im installing it from a usb drive (Netbooks,hps, dont have cd drives). Upon installation i always get the bluescreen of death. I was told that i need to slipstream the SATA drivers into the windows installation, so that windows can detect the harddrive. I tried to look in the bios setup and do it from there but there wasnt an option. Question?? Where do i find the SATA driver?? Is it a single file?? or multiple?? Thanks for any help!

A:Need Sata Drivers to Install Windows XP on new date Motherboard

You may try getting the driver straight from the manufacture from HERE The one you need is probably the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver
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Hi, I have exactly VN7-591G-70FN. On this image you can see hdd that is disconnect from same laptop as mine(Found on internet).I want to upgrade my hdd storage, but i have only 255 SSD in M2 slot. So I bought 2,5'' WD HDD (same like this), but I cannot find cable SATAIII to MB.(cable/connector on the image). Somebody know what kind of cable do I need ? Thanks for help.
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I seem to have Sata hard drives going on me all the time but not the IDE drives and I was thinking is it all possible that it could be the Sata port causing this? Can an Sata port damage a hard drive?

A:SATA motherboard port killing my hard drives?

It's most likely a power supply issue, not SATA ports...
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Hi can somone tell me if a PCI sata addon card would work in an older socket A motherboard.



Sata card

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hi all. i just got an asus a8r32 mvp deluxe crossfire board, and it has tons of options in the bios im not used to seeing. one of them, under storage, allows you to run your sata drives in 'emulated pata mode' or 'AHCI mode.' i have read that AHCI is faster, but what exactly does it do, and how do I get my computer to support it, because everytime I enable it my system reboots and will not load windows. thanks.

A:Sata Drives - How Do I Enable My Motherboard To Run Them In Ahci Mode?

answered my own question yet again, i need to install the sata drivers during a windows install, and ahci is not recommended for single machines anyway.
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I m reloading XP Home onto a fairly old essential Is GA-8S661FXM-775 SATA on motherboard? a Gigabyte RAID hyper threading Gigabyte GA- S FXM- motherboard Included in the driver downloads from Gigabyte for this particular mobo is a SATA RAID driver After Windows was up and running when I checked the Hardware in Device Manager there was a yellow question mark indicating that drivers were needed Consequently I ran the SATA RAID drivers and the question mark went away so obviously this was an integral part of the mobo as I had no other programs or hardware installed When I opened the SATA RAID program from the shortcut in the Notification area I had no idea what it s about I ve tried to read up on the technology of it but I m afraid it s beyond me Can anyone advise me in very simple terms Exactly what SATA RAID does Is it essential to the proper running of the motherboard Are there any dangers inherent in the use of it With unknown quantities I prefer to leave them out unless they Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard? are really needed Any help would be appreciated Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard? but please keep it really simple Thanks PB nbsp

A:Is SATA RAID essential on a Gigabyte GA-8S661FXM-775 motherboard?

You can read about RAID here:

No it's not needed for the motherboard to function. Some motherboards have standard SATA ports and some RAID SATA ports.
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Hi guys I have a hand-me-down PC talk SATA shot? drives to Is ports. motherboard totally my on Won't that I ve been working on in the hopes that I could install MineOS Custom Linux build and use it to replace my Minecraft Server Originally the box belonged to my aunt and uncle who gave it to me to try to fix about a year ago Most of my early research indicated that the hard drive Is my motherboard totally shot? Won't talk to drives on SATA ports. had failed so I got them a new one After installing the drive I booted up the computer expecting to install a clean copy of Windows and finish the job but the new hard drive didn t fix the problem The motherboard seemed to be unable to access the drive properly and would freeze at HP s bios Is my motherboard totally shot? Won't talk to drives on SATA ports. splash screen when started I got busy again they bought a new PC and the tower sat for a year or so Recently I got the idea of upgrading my server in my head and decided to see if I could get it running I ran into the same problems - the BIOS screen froze most of the Is my motherboard totally shot? Won't talk to drives on SATA ports. time However on one attempt I managed to get into the BIOS settings and boot from the flashdrive containing the MineOS image After this I was pretty consistently able to actually boot the PC but was never able to see a hard drive in the partitioning tool so I couldn t install the OS to the HDD Also though I was able to see the HDD in the BIOS settings screen at first I can t any more I have tried a ton of different things to get the box working to no avail Through all these steps I think I ve narrowed the problem down to the motherboard sucks and since it s not worth it to me to replace the motherboard I m thinking the computer s shot I just thought I d post here and see if anyone had any ideas about other things I might try before I give up on it Here s a list of what I ve tried Reset the CMOS - both by removing the battery and with the jumper Three different known good SATA cables Reformatting and partitioning all three drives I ve tried on my main PC - which interacted with each of them without any problems booting into Linux from a flashdrive and trying to see the drives failing trying to see the drives in BIOS and failing And here are the specs about this machine HP Pavilion Magnesium Gray Edition p y Motherboard M N -LA Processor AMD Phenom II X RAM GB Check the above link for more detailed specs Here are the models of the three drives I ve tried in it Samsung HD GJ GB - hard drive from old Minecraft server WD Green WD AZRX GB - hard drive I purchased to fix this PC WD Caviar Green WD EADS TB - hard drive original to PC Hope you guys have some insight into the problem Please let me know if you need any more information I m about sure the motherboard s sata controller has failed but I d like to be closer to before I consign it to the junk closet nbsp

A:Is my motherboard totally shot? Won't talk to drives on SATA ports.

The fact that it freezes at or before the BIOS screen, indicates a hardware fault preventing the system from completing POST.

Unplug/reseat all hardware and cables, just in case something is loose. Otherwise, based on what you seen and done I agree with your assessment in that the motherboard is faulty.

You could try flashing the BIOS to the same or a newer version (if available). You could also try swapping out the power supply with a spare. Power issues can have all sorts of symptoms.
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Will it?

It has the same exact connectors as a desktop SATA hard drive. I also notice many people who are into silent pc's call it 2.5" hard drives instead of notebook\laptop hard drives meaning it works in a desktop motherboard?

A:Will a laptop SATA hard drive work on a desktop motherboard?

Yes. It is a SATA drive like any other, only smaller.
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Anything to know?


A:Solved: Connecting an IDE slave drive to SATA motherboard, with converter kit
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Hi, I offered my friend a hand to solve this strange problem with his serial ata port. It seems one of the Sata wont work properly, the hard drive has windows 8.1, with uefi bios available. The point is, after switching sata ports it boots from dvd by default, can I set to boot from hdd first,
? I tried a lot of times to set boot option #1 hdd
Boot option #2 to disabled but the system still boots from dvd, the next time I enter the bios appears by default dvd drive
I went to cd dvd boot option and set It to disable the drive
Then I went to hdd and set to default the hdd
I even disconnected and booted without the drive dvd
But there is not any changes. If I insert a boot capable disc into the drive, it boots from the dvd drive.
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Hello, gigabyte motherboard after switching Sata cable would boot from dvd drive

Is the time and date correct?
This could be caused by one of these.
A connection problem between the motherboard and the hdd.
A problem with the operating system, like a problem with the MBR.  But you should receive an error message like boot device not found, or hdd not recognized.
A problem with the hdd.
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Hi, I would like to know if this motherboard/BIOS is supporting new SATAIII 3Tb hard disk. Do I need to update BIOS? If such is the case, where could I dowload the update and how should I proceed to do it? Thanks!

A:MS-7613 (Iona-GL8E) motherboard/BIOS is supporting SATA 3Tb ...

Hi: The drive won't run at the SATA III speed with that chipset, and if you don't have a UEFI BIOS, you will not be able to use the 3 TB drive with a single partition. A 3 TB drive has to be GPT formatted to use one partition, and you need a UEFI BIOS to do that. I think you would have to partition the drive into a 2 TB and 1 TB for it to work. I would just stick with a 2 TB drive to be safe. No SATA III drive will run at the SATA III speed however, only the SATA II transfer speed will be supported. SATA III comes supported with the Intel Series 6 chipsets. Please read the info at the link below for more information.
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can anyone tell me if an asrock k8vm800 supports sata hard drives?

A:asrock k8vm800 motherboard compatible with sata hard drives?

yes it does. it has two SATA150 headers

but I thought you are going to upgrade that board.. have you changed your mind?
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I recently ordered two T hard drives a Seagate and a WD Caviar black I have an Asus P VD -MX motherboard which only has two Sata Up Setting Back Connectors Drive Sata on 2 with Motherboard Up a with 0 Raid connectors and Jmicron connector I orginally canceled the order for the Seagate as I read some bad Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors reviews which put me off but Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors the store sent it anyway so i m now thinking of keeping it which leaves me with Hard Drives including my original maxtor gb My question is considering I have two Sata connectors and Jmicron connector can I use all three hard drives What I want to do is set up raid on the Seagate and WD Drives and use the maxtor for backing up files not part of the Raid Can I use the Jmicron connector as a normal Sata connector to attach my backup drive The only other option I have is to use the Jmicron connector for drive and the eSata connector for an external drive set up in Raid which would allow the drives to run at the optimum gbs but I don t want an external drive really Please help as I am new to all this but really want to get the best use out of my two new drives without having to buy a new motherboard What s the best solution nbsp

A:Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors
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Hi, I am looking to replace my HDD with an SDD, but I want to know what SATA inferface (II or III) my motherboard has. The motherboard installed on my machine is HP 181E. Does anyone have this information? Many thanks,P

A:SATA interface of DP Envy Dv6t quad core - motherboard HP 18...

Hi: The Intel Series 7 chipset in your notebook supports sata III (6.0 GBPS) speeds.
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At home a friend has a server w/Server 2000 and an xp pro sp2 computer that work fine together. She has a laptop w/XP Home sp2 that wont connect.

Is it a limitation of XP Home to not work with Microsoft Server 2000 ?

What effect and/or use is VNC Server software. Its on the server, does the laptop need THAT to get connected to the server? (If thats the case, could anyone point me to a crash course web site on it ?..)

Thank you all very much in advance...


A:VNC Server ? // XP Home w/Server 2000 ?

Yep, XP-Home will not connect to a domain server. You can connect directly to shared folders/drives in that server, you just can't do a domain login.

VNC is a remote control package, it has nothing to do with standard Microsoft networking.
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Just want to share my music, videos, and documents around the home network.

Been using W7, and seems to work well enough.

I am not planning to upgrade the hardware, so while I am at it, is there any advantage of moving to a Windows Server setup?

A:Home File Server (W7 vs W Server)

Good ones:
- More stability
- Less prone to software problems

Bad ones:
- Will require more knowledge from the owner.
- Will require setup (accounts, shares, passwords etc)
- Pricey
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Hello all I consider myself to be an intermediate user I have built a few systems however I have never tackled RAID or SATA My question is using the motherboard described below will I be able to to SATA not question or To the SATA?--that be attach two SATA drives to the board WITHOUT using RAID basically just C and D drives I have been reading some of the horror stories of getting windows to load on a SATA drive I would use the drivers required at F I guess I wonder if I would do better by using one IDE drive as the boot drive and then use just the one SATA drive Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated System I am currently building Mother Board ASUS A N X-E DELUXE CPU AMD Athlon XP Video ASUS A GE TD Memory Corsair GIG x M DDR PC Hard Drives To SATA or not to SATA?--that be the question W D GB RPM SATA subject to change DVD Burner ASUS X Dual R RW CD R RW ASUS x x nbsp

A:To SATA or not to SATA?--that be the question

You can use most MB RAID controllers in a non-RAID configuration if that floats your boat. Personally, I'd go for the SATA drives, since that's the new form-factor, and newer systems are all going that way.
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Hello everyone. I am going to buy this Hard drive enclosure Dynex DX-HD303513 USB 3.0 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Enclosure Kit: Everything Else today and I was wanting to know. If a SATA 3 drive will work in this since it only says SATA 1 and SATA 2. I know SATA 3 is backwards compatibility with SATA 1 and 2 on motherboard but I don't know it its the same for enclosures. So can someone help me?

A:SATA 2 and SATA 3 Question

Your SATA 3 drive will work in the enclosure at SATA 2 speed.

My question: if you are buying a new enclosure, and you have SATA3 drives, why are you looking at SATA2 enclosures at all?
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I have an HP Media Center m7077c that I am setting up for my wife. I have installed an additional tuner for a total of two. It has colors on the SATA connectors on the main board, Blue, Black, Yellow, White.

What is the significance of the colors?

I think I know the meaning of blue; but, what about the others?

A:What do colors mean, Blue, Black, Yellow, White SATA ports on motherboard?

As far as I know it is just to make it easier to identify the ports. Black is SATA1, White is SATA2, Blue is SATA3, Yellow is SATA4.

Limk to Motherboard specs at HP.