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Headphone problem (?)

Q: Headphone problem (?)

I have a speaker installed in my cpu and it work just fine.
my computer is windows 7.
and my headphone does make sound when I plug it on my computer and work just fine with other device than my computer.
Question :
why is it only the right side of the headphone is working while the left side of it only make a static noise?
please help. I've tried everything I could find in youtube and other resource but none of them seems to have the same problem as mine


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Preferred Solution: Headphone problem (?)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Headphone problem (?)

Have you tried plugging the headphones into something else (radio, mp3 player, another computer) to see if it might just be a problem with the headphones and not the computer?
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Hello I just purchased a new notebook and I have a bit of a problem When I plug headphones into the side headphone jack the sound quality is downright terrible Very shortly I noticed that it didn't sound as good decent as my older notebook The speakers seem to sound fine well you know - as good as laptops can sound Right now I have two notebooks side by side a friends Samsung Series NP E C with Windows upgraded from W Microsoft - headphone jack quality icon sound Unacceptable headphone no High Definition audio my Toshiba L Windows Realteck High Definition I dont have my older notebook anymore but I do remember it sounding better Comparing this Toshiba to the Samsung both sitting on the desk side-by-side the Toshiba sounds a Unacceptable headphone jack sound quality - no headphone icon little better through the speakers but there is no comparison with the headphone - The Samsung is pretty decent while the Toshiba makes me cry Now granted I'm not expecting a symphony but if I cant solve this I'm going to have to sell the Toshiba I've tried uninstalling Realtek but I couldn't get the sound to work Re-installing Realtek solved nothing One thing I noticed there is no 'headphone' icon in the device manager Control Panel gt Hardware amp Sound gt Sound or simply right click the audio icon in the taskbar Are the headphones not high definition or something screen capture http img imageshack us img chm png The above link show the speakers playing when I actually have my headphones plugged in Not sure if this is unusual or not but I always remember there being a headphone icon Both show disconnected devices and show disabled devices are checkmarked right click please don't recommend me an external DAC external speakers or anything like that

A:Unacceptable headphone jack sound quality - no headphone icon

Well, I just went to Realtek's official website and installed their audio driver - still no luck.
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I have Lenovo Y laptop having Windows Home Premium installed on it Realtek HD Audio latest driver is is from not speaker detect both coming headphone headphone but & Sound installed But from the last days when I connect headphone through laptop following things happen - Headphone connected popup doesn't show up Mic of Headphone connected pop shows up When I play video sound coming from both headphone amp laptop speakers When I mute sound by muting sound icon in taskbar sound then comes only from headphone What I have tried Installed new Realtek HD Audio Manager Installed OS again Tried to change settings in Realtek Hd Audio Manager But Nothing changes When I input headphone amp mic jacks into laptop amp then check Realtek Sound coming from both headphone & speaker but headphone is not detect HD Audio Manager The following image shows this - The green in realtek hd audio manager is for headphone amp red is for mic In the image it is shown that headphone not connected amp mic connected But even headphone not connected shows up sound coming form headphone I want to get sound from only headphone when headphone is connected Is this a hardware problem Please help

A:Sound coming from both headphone & speaker but headphone is not detect

My Realtek HD Audio Manager has more options than yours.

Also, I notice you only have the microphone in the Recording Section of the Sound Panel. RIGHT click in an empty space in that Panel and then LEFT click Show Disabled and Disconnected devices. The Stereo Mix should be shown and you can enable that and make it the default Recording device.

Where did you get the RealTek driver that you installed? If you are not using the Lenovo supplied sound driver, get that and install it as a first step. I have a Lenovo Laptop and it has Stereo Mix and other functions. I haven't looked at the RealTek HD manager so I'm not sure what all it shows.
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Hello Eight Forums My trouble is the audio output through headphones jack want headphone Messed audio; up to headphone check - background is louder than foreground especially in music - I often cannot hear the vocals at all movies however are mostly fine for reasons unknown to me but generally the sound is always different in some way I only have one pair of headphones to test it with However these always worked fine with previous machines and still do work fine with my iPhone Although they are surely not the case I cannot with confidence say that if it were a loudspeaker instead things wouldn't have been different So this is either a software or a hardware Messed up headphone audio; want to check headphone jack issue Software My computer details at the bottom came with a SoundBlaster X-Fi MB equalizer program and RealTek High Def Audio drivers I've uninstalled SoundBlaster hoping it would fix the issue I didn't need an extra program like that anyway but alas to no avail Updating the RealTek drivers did no good still The only thing I haven't touched is the ghostly NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device can it be the source of my trouble - I only first noticed it now when copy pasting the Belarc data I'll try and find out about it in the meanwhile Hardware I wonder if it perhaps has something to do with my audio jack laptop's brand new but you can never know I have what appears to be mic headphone S PDIF and line in jacks Is there a way to use the microphone or the line-in to test the headphones To see if the headphone out is broken Any help appreciated I will gladly provide any additional information should you decide to help me and need any My computer is a version of XMG P mysn co uk xmg-p Some Belarc output Operating System Windows Professional x build Multimedia Bluetooth Audio Device NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device Wave Extensible WDM Realtek High Definition Audio Other Devices Microphone Realtek High Definition Audio Realtek Digital Output Realtek High Definition Audio Speakers Realtek High Definition Audio Microsoft AC Adapter Virtual Bluetooth Support Include Audio Bluetooth AVRCP Device

A:Messed up headphone audio; want to check headphone jack

First, the "My System Specs" is where you fill in what you have.

Does the internal speakers on the laptop work? Is the audio OK on the internal speakers?

The SoundBlaster program(s) is a software enhancement to the basic audio chip (ReaklTek). Many PC's now come with some type of enhancement such as the SoundBlaster or in the case of HP PC's its "Beats Audio".
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Really need help, im a DJ and use this laptop for it!! My headphones only have sound coming from 1 side, ive tried reinstalling drivers etc and everything else ive read online.  I need this resolved ASAP so any help is appreciated. Thanks

A:Headphone jack only plays out 1 headphone (Right side)

Hi @chadhogan121 Welcome to the HP Support Community! I saw your post regarding the problems with sound only coming out on one side of the headphones. I will be happy to help you with that. Have you tried a different set of headphones to see if the same thing happens? This HP document No Sound from Speaker will show you how to use the built-in Windows troubleshooter. Give that a try.
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Hello Guys, had this problem while,tried many of the solutions to resolve and failed,finally reset the system to factory settings thinking things will be back to normal,but still it exists!!

*Asus g74sx- windows 7 ultimate,Realtek Hd audio.

Just saw the new Realtek Hd audio driver release ,not updated yet,awaiting for your kind advise and suggestion.thanks.

A:Audio coming from both Headphone and Speakers when headphone used!!

thought here; have you checked all the settings to make sure the proper headphone/speaker settings are checked/unchecked?. i would consider updating to that newest driver. If it does not solve the issue you should be able to restore it back to the previous restore point which should undo the driver update.
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Hey everybody I bought the headsets They ve got a microphone as well Now I ve got three ports pink green and this colorless one My regular speakers go in the colorless port while the headphone microphone goes into the pink one and the headset speakers The thing is speakers on the headsets as well as my regular speakers worked but the microphone on the headsets didn t so I tried to fix the problem and eventually did that is the microphone works but the speakers on the headsets don t However by inserting the headphone s speakers into the colorless port where my regular speakers are put in that case the headphones work but why don t they work when I pluck them in the green port Previously when the microphone didn t work the headphone s speakers worked now mic speakers it - does, didn't work don't but headphone Headphone but after I fixed the microphone problem the headphone s speakers stopped working Headphone mic didn't work - now it does, but headphone speakers don't Please help me as this is of great importance and I ve been Headphone mic didn't work - now it does, but headphone speakers don't trying to fix this problem for several hours nbsp

A:Headphone mic didn't work - now it does, but headphone speakers don't

That colorless port might be for input devices, that does not include headphones. I had the same problem with my audigy 2 zs, had to plug my headset into a speaker port, its really the only way to get them to work, unless you have front panel ports for headphones.
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Dear TechSupportGuy Forum,

I recently bought myself a new pair of headphones, a Turtle Beach Z6A... anyways here is my problem:

Every time I turn off my computer or restart my computer my Turtle Beach Z6A microphone does not work. I have to manually disconnect the microphone from my computer and then replug it back in. Afterwards everything works perfectly fine again. Is there a reason for this happening? It is not a huge issue, just quite annoying seeing as I turn off my computer every night.

Computer specs:

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Motherboard: ASUS P6T
CPU: Intel Core i7 940
Display NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
Soundcard: None (Built in motherboard soundcard..)

Thanks in advance

A:Headphone Mic Problem

I didn't think they made those headphone for PC- I thought they only made them for PS3...
Did you install any drivers that came with the headphones?
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I have sony tmr-rf815r cordless headphones which are fine and work well with my pc.
I also have logitech z3e 2:1 speaker system working well.
Problem is if i plug the headphone cable into the volume control box,the speakers shut off as they should but no response from the headphones.
Something i missed in the control panel?

A:Headphone Problem

Solved . turn volume up almost FULL and it was ok!
Must remember to turn down before disconnecting headphones though.
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I have an Acer Aspire and the head phones have stopped working. The internal speakers are fine, but no sound comes from the headphones and even with the headphones plugged in the laptop speakers operate with full sound. I did some deleting recently and wonder if I have made a mistake. Help please

A:Headphone Problem

Hello Asmodeus,

There are couple of things that can be tried to isolate the issue further. Please try the following steps:

1. Try a good known headphones to the computer and check if that works. In case you do not have an extra headphones, try the same one on a different device. For example, different computer, cell phone or iPod. It would prove the functionality of the headphones.

2. In case you have an extra headphone jack on the system, try connecting to the other port and check the functionality.

Please try the steps an write back with results, would be glad to assist further.
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When I plug my headphones into my computer into the green socket at the front, I get a really frustrating crackling noise, the noise is there when there is actually no sound being played. This didn't happen at first, but now it does, and I don't recall changing anything...can someone help out?

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Im new to the forums ... looked through a lot of threads for info on my problem. Cant find anything to help me.

I have problem with my headphones.
They are plugged in blue jack,speakers in green and mic in red.
But Realtek HD audio manager cant rekonize ONLY headphone.
Mic and speakers works fine.So,he rekonize when device is plugged but he doesnt ask me are that headphone like on Win XP.
And yes,blue jack is ok,cuz he works on Windows XP SP2.

A:Headphone problem

Do you have your front panel jacks plugged in and working? If so then you should use the green audio out plug. If not. on my sound card blue is for audio in. and I know you stated that it worked in XP but that doesn't mean it will work on 7.
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Headphones broke off while plugged into my Laptop resulting in the little metal peice being stuck in the laptop, there is no way to pull it out with plyers.

Is there a way to play sound out of the speakers and headphones so I can still listen to sound?
Or a way to manually change the audio to run out of speakers instead while the metal peice is in the headphone slot.

A:Headphone problem

If you are really careful, you can pull the rest of the broken phone plug out of the laptop's audio jack. If you damage the laptops jack, you might trash the motherboard. With the plug in the jack, the internal speakers are usually disconnected
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i brought a set of headphones and they give of a screeching noise constantly now

I have tried them on another pc and there is no problem i have also formatted this pc just now and still the same problem so i guess it is hardware related? i have got the newest drivers just to be safe and i have also tried the headset in some other usb ports same noise

if anyone has any ideas that would be great.
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I used to be able to have my headphones in the headphone port, with the speakers in the speaker port, but something happened, and now I have to plug the headphones into the speaker port to make them work. It gets very annoying having to plug them in and out of the back of the computer. It used to be fine, but it just stopped working. I have the audio settings set on quadraphonic, so I should get sound out of both at the same time but I don't. I have tried just making it just stereo headphones, and that doesn't work.

Please help.
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Hey everyone. I've been trying to solve this problem for about a month now but just cant find what the problem is. I have a headset with a mic and I plugged the green plug into the green jack and pink into the pink one. A screen popped up saying what did you plug into the green jack and I selected front headphones and for the pink one i selected microphone. However when I tried talking to my friends my mic wasn't working but I could hear them through my headphones. I've been into control panel/audio/recording/microphone/properties and set the volume to max and it is not muted. I have tried absolute everything but NOTHING is working! P.S the mic jack is not broken because I go on a site where I can verse other people in singing songs and the mic works fine there. Please anyone please I need help ASAP! Thanks

A:Headphone Mic Problem Please Help!!!!

Which program were you using to talk to each other. Skype? MSN messenger?
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So I have desktop speakers, though i cannot always use them when other people are in the room. So I decided that i would just plug headphones in and use them when other people are in the room. I went to COMPUSA to ask them exactly how i would set it up so i could have headphones as well as speakers plugged into my computer. They suggested that a splitter would do the trick. So i buy the splitter, and it doesnt solve my problem. I still get sound out of my speakers, but only get quiet fuzz out of the headphones. What am I doing wrong? Am i missing some important step? Any help would be appreciated. I am not incredibly computer savvy, though i do know more than most and can follow directions well. Please help me.

A:Headphone problem

Welcome to TechSpot Forums

The easiest thing would be plugging your headphones to speakers' headphone jack, if they have one. If not, you'll probably have to unplug the speakers and plug headphones to your soundcard instead. A normal splitter doesn't cut out speakers, and different impedance between speakers and headphones causes the volume difference. You'd need a switch instead of a splitter.
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hello specs- Dell Inspiron laptop windows vista bit it used to have a generic sound driver but it was giving me problems so realtec said they had the update for it and i downloaded that one not sure if it helps but here is what happened yesterday i was playing DDO on my laptop sound was playing just fine through my headphones then unplugged them watched a movie and went to bed the next day i went to play on my laptop plugged the headphones in and now there is no sound so pulled up youtube my sound troubleshooter and watched a random video where i know there is sound i unplugged the headphones and the regular speakers work plugged them back in the regular speakers go off like they should but nothing comes out of the headphones i have tried sets of headphones and also used them on my ipod just to make sure they are not faulty they work also when i bring up playback devices only the regular speakers are listed weather or not i have the headphones in or out my driver does not require an update i have checked that i have also reinstalled the driver i have even searched this site and other forums for answers headphone yet another problem one told me to do a system restore so i tried that and nothing so it seems like it only partially detects that i have my headphones plugged in sorry if it is just a wall of text i hope you guys are yet another headphone problem able to read through it all Edit now after yet another headphone problem the th restart yet another headphone problem or more didnt keep count the headphone jack is working i wonder if its a wiring issue
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good morning My system is EMachine T AMD Athlon X dual-core -bit technology support with AMD technology GHz to up set - Trying Headphone Problem x KB L cache MHz system bus NVIDIA GeForce SE MB MHz DDR dual-channel Trying to set up Headphone - Problem memory MB GB SATA II rpm MB cache x DVD R RW Supermulti drive Up to GB with dual layer media NVIDIA GeForce SE integrated graphics Up to MB shared video memory -channel high-definition audio Amplified stereo speakers USB-powered - Audio rear Line-in Side stereo Front Headphone stereo Microphone - Audio front Microphone Front Headphone stereo I'm trying to use the front connections to hook up the headphones I plug in the two connections Mike jack and the headset jack into the proper holes The box pops up having me choose what I'm plugging in I tell it I'm plugging in the mic and the headphones I can hear sound from the headphones but the mike is not working If I plug in ONLY the mike jack I can talk into the mike and it works and then the sound comes out of the speakers But once I plug in the headset the mike quits working I don't want to use my headset as a mike and use the speakers I would like to be able to put the headphones on and talk into the mike and hear from the heatphones How can I fix this problem so I can use it properly thanks Barbara
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Hi there

First thank you in advance for reading and trying to help

I can hear audio through my speakers, however when i plug in my headphones there is no sound from anything. If you test the headphone it says that they are there and you can hear the test sound.

Anyone any ideas? Its been driving me crazy!!

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My headphones are having this weird glitch where it makes every audio I try to play through them sound extremely strange. How do I fix this?

A:Headphone problem?

Does it do the same through your speakers? Are they a 3.5mm jack head phones or USB head phones.
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The sound output I get from my headphone seems to be very feeble, even at max volume, but my speakers are working fine. Any suggestions? Does this mean there's a problem with my headphone?

A:HeadPhone Problem

try it in another source to confirm. It's possible that the jack is not going all the way in too.
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alright i found a fix for this before but cannot seem to find it again, i am using the Ventrilo program for gaming and my sound plays everything through the mic, like so and so joins the channel plays through the mic even if i have push-to-talk enabled any help is appreciated

A:Problem with headphone/mic :(

What soundcard do you have.
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hi I recently reformatted my PC and have reinstalled all necessary drivers and went well except that when I was trying out my headphones no sound is coming out but if you pullout the headphones the sounds is ok.. I went to the control panel to check the settings of the headphones and it says its working properly when I plug it in again and press the "testing" option sounds is coming out of the headphones but during movies or mp3s it wnt work..please help


A:headphone problem!

There are a few possibilities regarding your issue . First, is the analog sound cable connected to your sound card or motherboard (if your sound chip is on board)? This is usually the problem, so you will need to go into your PC case and connect it. Secondly, do you currently have installed an application your headphone plug or it's cable, or the female connector may be damaged.
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Hey guys I just got these headphones and their fine and all except for two things. The mic on it just completely sucks, its terrible. The way the mic works is its just a plastic mic with a audio jack on the back and you just plug it in directly to the headphones. So if anyone could show me a separate mic that is the same thing but with better audio quality that would be awesome. Or will this not even fix my audio quality? Secondly they hurt your ears after hours of do you guys think 5.1 headphones are a gimmick and I should just take these back and get a good pair gaming stereo headphones? Let me know thanks.

A:Headphone Problem

Haven't really tried 5.1's,but I know what you mean about them hurting your ears.
You might want to try some in ear headphones like they use for mp3 players.
Mic quality may have to do with your sampling rate.
Check your sound card software to see if you can adjust it.
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This may sound a little weird but I am having a stupid problem with headphones. If I have it plugged in all the way it doesn't work right. It sounds weird and everything but when I do sound test things it comes out perfectly. Right now the only way to fix it seems to be to not plug it in all the way.

The other headphones I have work when they are plugged all the way in so I know its not the computer. I really can't seem to figure this out.

A:Weird Headphone Problem

Redwards said:

This may sound a little weird but I am having a stupid problem with headphones. If I have it plugged in all the way it doesn't work right. It sounds weird and everything but when I do sound test things it comes out perfectly. Right now the only way to fix it seems to be to not plug it in all the way.

The other headphones I have work when they are plugged all the way in so I know its not the computer. I really can't seem to figure this out.Click to expand...

Those little 3.5 mm stereo input jacks are iffy. One good pull/leverage and the wires inside come shaky. I've got the same with a big headphone set for my stereo (6.3 mm). Plug in all the way and I only get the right channel, plug in not far enough and I get a buzz, somewhere half way they work. Annoying but I'm not buying new ones right now but rather work at hand-ear coordination.
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Recently im having headphone connection problem.  After connecting the headphone to the laptop i am not getteing any sound. But wothout headphone laptops sound is working perfectly. I have tried other headphones but every time the resalt is same. After connecting the headphone laptop shows the notification of connection. But no sound. What sould i do in this situation?
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I have a problem with my Logitech headset. When I play Counter-Strike or music, the sound sometimes crackles then plays stronger in the right ear and weak in the left ear. It really is frustrating.

I have a Soundblaster Live! 24 bit sound card, if that helps.


A:Headphone sound problem

Come on.. anyone?
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Hey guys thanks for taking the time to read Usually ok with things like this but dont know where else to turn i ll try map it as best as i can i have recently rebuilt a new PC old one was kinda dated everything is running fine until i try to use sound on my monitor speakers iiyama visionmaster pro the sound is coming out very crackly i play around with the sound moving balance to left speaker only testing that maybe one has blown sound was kind of better on the left I then decided to update my sound drivers which fixed the problem no more crackling A few days later i try to connect my headphone/speaker Right problem headset and now Right headphone/speaker problem i have the problem that sound is only from the left side i check the audio balance everything is how it should be i have reinstalled drivers downloaded realtek nothing seems to let me play sound from my right headphone i have tested headphones on my mp nothing faulty at all i have onboard sound graphics so i grabbed one of them small USB to headphones adaptors as they have small built in soundcards to them testing if maybe i have somehow blown my onboard sound now this wont even detect the USB headset i really dont know what else to do

A:Right headphone/speaker problem

What is your motherboard? Which hardware are you using? It's impossibole to give any advice without more information on the problem.

Regards....Mike Connor
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I play a game called "Americas Army" alot and I use a program called teamspeak to speak to my teammates. The problem I have is that they can hear exactly what's happening in the background in the game any time I talk into the mic. So they can pretty much tell where I'm at. Can anyone tell me how to disable that. I mean I'm sure it's not just the game, i'm sure if I was listening to music they could hear the music as well. I have a Plantronics Headphones and Mic combo.

A:Headphone And Microphone Problem

Hi too_sly.
Look in your audio mixer properties.
The only thing you want set to "recorder" is "microphone" while playing the game.
Also might want to make sure your speaker configuration is set to headphones only.
The settings will vary depending on your audio\sound card configuration so that's about as specific as I can get at the moment.
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About a week or so ago my headphone jack started to act up. I thought it was my headphones that were acting up so I got a new pair (I made the mistake of not checking them on another computer but at least the old and new phones were cheap. ) which also do the same thing. Moving around the headphone's jack causes the computer to start using its speakers again sometimes. When it doesn't do that, sound only comes out of one side of the headphones.

I checked the playback device's properties and both sides are set to the same level. I don't recall updating any drivers recently either. I was hoping to get people's opinion here on whether or not you also think it's an issue with the headphone port (and how I might go about replacing it.)


A:Possible problem with my headphone port

There are mechanical connections in a headphone jack and some even have an extra contact either for sensing or to route the sound to the headphones only.

Most (all that I've seen) PC circuit boards are multi-layer and require special desoldering/soldering equipment to avoid potential damage to the circuit board. Based on what you have posted it appears to be a problem with the jack. I haven't looked at this PC but many have a small board for the I/O and that is the best option - replace that "daughter" boardl
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hi, my problem is with headphones and speakers. I have tried plugging headphones in to the tower and nothing works. My old speakers are altec lansing and have no place to plug headphones into, the green wire goes into back of subwoofer, and with no hydro plug. My new speakers are same brand and have a hydro plug as well as a place to plug headphones into. I plugged green wire from new speakers into back of subwoofer and into a hydro outlet and nothing happens. Volume is set at high on speaker icon. What else can I try.
Thanks a lot

A:speaker and headphone problem

I cannot view a youtube video as I have dial up
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i just bought some new headphones that are USB to replace my old one that was also USB and i am having the same problem where they will not play audio. i looked in the playback and they are checked under
Default Communication

but when i try to change it to default device it dose nothing. also it says no audio device installed under mixer but it is installed
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Hey everyone! Sorry to post another question, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere, unfortunately :(
As you can see by the title, I have a problem with my headphone jack. What happens, is whenever I plug in my earphones (I've tried using a couple different pairs, the problem still persisted) I automatically get that blue screen with a sad face, that says that Windows ran into a problem and that it has to restart. What I wanted to ask of you, is there a way to fix this? I'd really appreciate any insight onto this problem, and if you can help me figure it out, it would be much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

edit; Probably should have made it clear that this problem started happening a few days ago, it was fine beforehand!

A:Headphone Jack Problem

Reinstall the audio drivers.
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Hi, I recently just re-installed Windows Vista on my Sony Vaio Laptop and it took ages for me to find all the drivers for it but say im listening to music online or watching a video on youtube and I plug my headphones in the Laptop the sound wont work, but if I refreshed the Webpage the sound will start working. It is the same with the speakers when I unplug the headphones, Does anyone know what is causing this.

A:Speaker & Headphone Problem

Be sure to upgrade Vista to Service Pack 2
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A couple of weeks ago, I had to unplug everything connected to my computer, while I moved it to decorate. Decorating done, and computer back in place, but now I have a strange, but annoying problem. When I plug my headphones in, I don't hear anything, and the speakers still work. First thought would be the jack socket, but if I go into playback devices, and select headphones, and run the test, they work perfectly. If I reboot my pc, with the headphones plugged in, they work, but I can't get the speakers to. Again, running a test, shows them to work. I have even tried updating the drivers, but apparently, I have the latest drivers. I'm totally lost now as to what the problem/solution is. Hope someone can help.

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I don't know how it happened, but the headphone jack on my dell computer got ****** up. I probably kicked it or something, I don't know. All I do know is that it'll now only play audio out of the left channel. I can try to jingle it around to play out of both, but the second I take my hand off, it's lefty again.
Please, can someone help? This was one of my main gripes with the old crappy computer I had and this one is too new to be going through this crap all over again.

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Hello I ve got a problem with my new Beyerdynamic DT Pro headphones inasmuch as when I plug the jack into either the front or rear phone slot on my PC no sound Headphone problem Solved: comes from them when I play Solved: Headphone problem a video or some music They work - I ve tried them with my Kindle and also tested them through the Realtek control panel but whatever I do I cannot get sound from them for video music files The sound system at the moment is connected to the optical socket at the rear of the computer There is nothing connected to the analog socket In the Realtek HD Audio Manager window under Speaker Configuration the Analog buttons on the RHS of the window are greyed out The Front Panel green and pink buttons are active The strange thing is that if I press the Auto Test blue button on the right of the Speaker Configuration box the test works through the headphones and that s the only time it works when plugged into the PC If I remove the headphones and do the same test for the speakers the test doesn t work yet the speakers operate perfectly using my normal viewing listening setup My computer details are AMD Phenom core T Windows Gigabyte GA A-UD mobo Realtek HD Audio Manager Logitech Z sound system I m sure it s just a question of a tick in the box but which box do I tick I ve spent the last hours fiddling around with things and come to the end of what knowledge I have so it s time to call in the experts I thought it would be just a case of plugging the jack in and it would automatically mute the speakers and operate the headphone as with the Kindle for example I know it seems I ve been a bit long-winded but I wanted to give as many details as possible so have you got any ideas please Many thanks nbsp
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Hello All, my sound output on my laptop (the headphone jack...) is broken, almost certainly a hardware fault, I've tried pretty much everything I know of within windows to no avail. It's only outputting to the right.

So, is there any way to configure windows so that it recognises my line-in or microphone (pink and blue ;D) jacks as a headphone jack?

A:Headphone Jack Problem - Help!

Hi psychfunk,

Sound cards are unfortunately not wired that way :/ Inputs and outputs are not interchangeable. You'll need to either buy a USB external sound card, or get your laptop fixed.

Unless of course, it's not a hardware issue - are you experiencing the right-channel-only issue with multiple pairs of headphones, different speaker sets, etc?


Windows Outreach Team
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I have a Dell Dimension E521 with Sigma Tell Audio built-in and SB Live as an add-on. My computer has headphone and mic jack(s) in the front and I want to run my headphone/mic combo from these jacks. I will use this headphone/mic combo for a chat program but want to keep my digital desktop speakers running through SB Live because I can't find a digital switch in Sigma Tell. I know I am missing something somewhere and just can't figure this out. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.
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Hi there,
already 2nd day suffering. All is ok on new Sony Vaio, but the left side of headphones is not working. The Sound is Realtek. I tried a lot of things. 1) uninstall install driver
(drivers from realtek latest or from sony vaio) the same shit.
2) restore point method don't work.

I see a lot of persons suffering out there in forums.

What can I do to solv the problem?

(I tried more than 1 headphones)

When I click headphone jack I don't see any headphone icon in sound settings. Also as I understood in late releases there is no realtek sound manager .... So what to do???

A:Realtek Left Right Headphone Problem

Are you inserting the 3.5mm headset plug fully? If it's only partially plugged in you will only get one side.
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Tried a set of HW-398M cordless headphones. Windows found and paired them but i got no sound. I went into all sound tabs and return to default and apply were greyed out on all pages. Even stranger when i went to the test sound tab all the frequency tabs were greyed out so when i pressed play nothing happened. yes i did set the headset as the main playback/record object. I would be interested to hear from anyone who had similar problems and what you did about it as i am now unsure about trying a different make in case the same thing happens again.
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So the cord on my headphones is too short to reach the back of my computer so I decided to buy an extension cable. I checked the specs on my headphones and the extension cable and it said that they both used 3.5 mm.

So I get the extension cable and it doesn't work, the headphone jack wont fully connect to the extension cable. I'm not really sure what the problem is so I was wondering if anyone could take a look at the two products and see if there is something I am missing or if I bought the wrong type of cord or something.


Ext. Cable

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Hi guys Im new to the forums looked through Problem time same the at Speaker+Headphone a lot of threads for info on my problem Cant find anything to help me Figured maybe i can sign up and post my problem hoping one of you smart guys might catch the answer The short audio plays through back audio jack and front audio jack at the same time Would like for my computer to recognize that the front headphones is plugged in and stop Speaker+Headphone at the same time Problem playing sound through the speakers Late night computer usage Details Motherboard Geforce m-m Using onboard sound Currently using Realtek Hd audio manager Version What i have tried pretty much ripped a hole in google by searching every forum Speaker+Headphone at the same time Problem on the subject -Opened my computer to check if Speaker+Headphone at the same time Problem my front audio jacks are plugged in -plugged in my headphones - no sound -found in article about marking quot disable front panel jack detection quot -sounds works through headphones in front jack YAY -now both speakers and headphones play sound -installed drivers from ECS website for my motherboard -installed drivers from realtek com latest Nothing worked to control the sound coming from one device at a time Weird things A lot of people have device advanced settings I dont - in those options there should be an option where it says quot mute rear output device when front headphones are plugged in quot -i wish i had that option but i dont get the advanced folder at all Realtek hd audio manager advanced settings image by Alucard on Photobucket -another thing when i conect my rear audio jack i get a message that new device connected i never get this when i connect or dissconnect my front jack -one more thing i noticed that i found wierd is that under Contol panel sound playback devices i only have speakers realtek high definition audio show up no HEADPHONES -when i go into properties for the speakers i find that the jack information shows the front and back under the one speaker Is that correct shouldnt the jacks be seperated Sorry for the long read i figured id included all my finding and research to help anyone who is trying to help me Bottom Line I have sound coming out of both jacks front amp rear would like to know how to make my headphones cancel out my speakers when plugged in Or a desktop option to mute speakers and have headphones playing Thank you so much in advanced If i missed anything please ask ill try to answer right away Thanks -Pawel

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I'm using HP8440p win7-32.
I tried using several headset but the laptop is not even detecting the device, I've already tried updating the drivers but still not detecting...please advise.
Also, is there a specific type of headset only that is compatible with this model?
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i newly  buy the hp15-ac122tui3-5th but on this note book  during plug in headphone it was not working/hearing  but sound was through on laptop  speaker  pls suggest me the setting of headphone . i already check the internal  sound setting but not find any option to play headphone  .no option of mute the laptop speaker and play the headphone
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Greetings I m new here so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I m sure to make if I m even indeed in the right place First off the issue is that randomly my center speaker on my LTB HSMT-UD True USB Headphones decided not to work as of today I noticed when all the sound was in place with the exception of the voices being muted Here s a link to the headphones that I Headphone Problem USB 5.1 Center Speaker bought http www amazon com LTB-HSMT-UD-T 5.1 USB Headphone Center Speaker Problem s electronics amp ie UTF amp qid amp sr - Now normally I would chalk this up to being broken however it interestingly decided to work for a few minutes Unfortunately the fix was only temporary However something is very strange and that s why I bring it up If I do this in the speaker setup There s a very faint noise for the test But if 5.1 USB Headphone Center Speaker Problem I turn it off like so Then test it It s crystal clear Just like before What in the world gives Is there still hope I ve tried to update the driver and uninstall and reinstall it to 5.1 USB Headphone Center Speaker Problem no avail Here are my computer specs if it s relevant Processor AMD Athlon II Quad-Core Processor Memory RAM GB Type of Memory DDR Operating System Microsoft Windows Home Premium -bit Video Graphics nVidia GeForce Sound Audio CODEC Realtek ALC S High Definition channel audio Supports one S PDIF digital connection Or for more specifics http h www hp com ewfrf wc cc us amp dlc en amp lc en amp jumpid reg R USEN N Anyway would really appreciate some illumination on this matter if at all possible Thanks nbsp
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I've had this for years and I never really cared for it. Now I finally decided to know why when I plug in my headphones, sound comes out of both headphones and my internal laptop speakers?

Does anybody else here who owns an Asus F50sv model, have a similar problem, and how do I fix it?
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I have a HP Pavilion dv9601au laptop that came pre-installed with Vista. I downgraded it to XP. As a result, even though my speakers work fine, the headphone jacks have become useless.

I have Microsoft UAA, and the Conexant High-Definition Audio Driver for my machine. My headphones work in other computers and mp3 players, and I've tried a variety of headphones in the ports. Putting anything in the port doesn't make the speakers switch off or anything, it's like they don't exist.

I've installed and re-installed the drivers trying to make them work, but there has been no change. Any help?

A:HP Pavilion dv9601au headphone jack problem

Have you checked the settings in the conexant HDA control panel?
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Hello guys. I bought new dell laptop yesterday and i already faced some problems with the headphone jack. Everything is working, but when i reboot my pc without unplugging the jack, i do not get any sound from my 2.1 system. I have to unplug the jack and then plug again in order to get the sound through the speakers. I tried to look for the solution but couldn't come up with anything helpful. Reinstallation of drivers does not help. Maybe someone could help me with this issue?

A:Dell inspiron 15R headphone jack problem

Hi ssvir,
Welcome to the community.
Please check the link below which would help you resolve this issue:
Kindly perform these steps and let us know, so we can advise you further.
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I bought a new Dell Inspiron 15R about two months ago now, and since I got it the sound has been messing up.

Whenever I use headphones, some sounds still come out of my speakers. It seems that if I'm listening to one piece of audio, for example a skype call, it's fine. However, if I start doing something else at the same time, for example watching a video, the audio from that video will play from my speakers instead of my headphones (looks as if some programs have priority to play out of headphones, and everything else will play from laptop speakers)

Please help, for the moment I've disabled my speakers so sounds are forced to play out of my headphones, however this disables the sounds for some programs (Minecraft, Spotify etc)

I'd love if somebody could shead some light on my problem

A:Speaker/headphone problem Dell Inspiron 15R, please help!

Hi Ryank94,
Welcome to the Community. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your audio drivers? To uninstall, click on start, right click on computer, click on properties, click on device manager, click on the symbol next to sound video and game controllers, right click on IDT High Definition Audio Code and click on uninstall, and confirm it, once it removed use the below link to install it. Let us know if this helped.
Thank you
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Hello everyone, I just bought a dell alienware m14x, I love it so far.

I pay the 20$ extra to have the Bluetooth option and I successfully pair my blackberry but when I am trying to pair my Bluetooth jay bird SB2 headphone with my computer, it doesnt work?

the computer find my device, and when I go to device and printer I see it there, but there is not option to ?use? or activate I also check in the sound option where you can choose the output(manage audio devices), but only the computer speakers are there.

I tried to download the driver installer wizard from Broadcom corp but it doesn?t find my headphone?

I am puzzled!!

Anyone had a problem like that?


A:problem pairing bluetooth headphone with alienware

Consider posting on the Dell Community users help special forum just for Alienware owners.

Alienware Club - Dell Community

There are many knowledgeable Alienware users there.
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hey,i purchased dell inspiron 3521 1 month  ago and i am facing this problem:
i have problem with headphones.whenever i attach my headphone my sound stops even i remove headphone, i face no sound problem until i restart laptop.the second problem i face while attaching headphone is that many applications/software stop responding.for example if i start any game, on the intro screen the game stops responding.also other applications like media players.3rd problem caused by attaching headphone is at shutdown screen laptop takes very long to shut down.even hour :(
i don't face problem when i am not using headphones.
i tried different headphones but got same result.currently i am using 3 segmented headphones.can any one help me that its my laptop problem software/hardware or i have to use special kind of headphones?thank you.

A:dell inspiron 15 3521 headphone problem,

I had same issue with my lappe,After that I was followed your instruction .Now its working fine for me .

Thanks .
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I've recently been having a problem with my headphones. The computer recognizes that I've plugged them in but it still uses the external speakers and there's no sound coming through the headphones. I've tried more than one pair of headphones and it still doesn't work. Restarting the computer worked once but not anymore. 

Go to Solution.

A:Speaker/headphone/audio jack problem

There is usually a hardware switch in the socket, which is engaged when you put the plug in. Seems like it might be mechanically broken.
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Had searching the internet for two weeks but still failing The closest solution I found is this How to connect wireless PC connecting to headphone Problem desktop wireless headphones to PC The problem is exactly the same as mine but using the solution given my wireless headphone still won't pair to my desktop PC Here is my Problem connecting wireless headphone to desktop PC devices - Wireless headphone Jabra Move Wireless - Windows Ultimate x - Bluetooth USB Dongle I don't think the other specification such motherboard graphic card etc is needed so I will not write them here unless they are needed to find the solution What I'm trying to achive I want to play music from my desktop PC using my wireless headphone through the USB bluetooth dongle Problems - Even after my wireless headset is already listed in control panel it seems that its still not completely paired The bluetooth headphone headset in quot Sound quot properties is still blank and nothing happened if the quot Connect quot option by its popup menu is clicked - In the Wireless headphone menu I still can't click quot Listen to music quot Nothing is happened Here is my wireless headphone properties What should I do to make my wireless headphone completely paired with my desktop PC and fully working Any kind of help is appreciated Thanks
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I just installed an ASUS Xonar DX audio card along with driver v The OS used is Windows XP Pro SP -bit I was hoping that by inserting the headphone jack into the appropriate front Headphone Problem (Front Panel Audio) panel audio port the audio through my speakers would be cut off and the only audio output would be through the headphone That is not happening Instead the audio through my speakers continues and there is no audio through the headphone Only after I launch Xonar DX Audio Center and under Analog Out select Headphone I get audio through the headphone and the audio through the speakers stops There must be some setting somewhere that I am missing right I can t find any help about this in the FAQ or Troubleshooting sections or Google PS Headphone Problem (Front Panel Audio) The front panel audio Headphone Problem (Front Panel Audio) connector is securely connected to the front panel header of the audio card If it weren t so I would not get any audio from the headphone at all nbsp
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Firstly I updated to Win about nbsp months ago and this problem only showed up yesterday nbsp nbsp Please read this first opens in new page and I pasted it just in case http h www hp com t Desktop-Audio HP-Envy-Desktop-headphone-jack-not-working td-p nbsp Scroll down to where RandShouse writes Click the Start button Type Beats Audio and select the Beats Audio Control Panel Select Advanced Settings from the top menu Under Jack Information uncheck the box that says Enable auto pop up dialog when device has been plugged in nbsp What's happening is that my laptop's audio is working with earbud headphones anything that works with the headphone jack But the problem is that terrible Beats software So if I watch a youtube video with the earbuds then remove them the laptop audio works perfectly jack beats headphone audio and Problem with fine nbsp Then Beats kicks in and recognizes nbsp that I just unplugged a device when it says You just unplugged a device Which makes pefect sense Because I just removed the earbuds nbsp And for a few seconds the audio from my laptop speakers works perfectly fine But then Beats audio malfunctions and says that You just plugged a device WHICH IS WRONG nbsp So I tried to follow the steps written by RandShouse but step is not even there For some reason I don't have the checkbox and I could go to Control Panel gt Sys and Security gt Hardware and Sound gt Realtek But I don't have realtek which has it's better way of disabling the popups when it detects a headphone so I am stuck with Beats Audio Control Panel which has no way for me for turning off the popup Is there any way to turn of the popups which would likely remove the Problem with beats audio and headphone jack malfunction that their software has nbsp nbsp I am sure that there is no hardware problem The speaker works just fine for about seconds until Beats kicks in and messes it up nbsp It just boils down to how i dont have the option to turn off the popup nbsp Thanks very much nbsp UPDATE also I did try to find an audio driver or anything to update either Beats or Realtek nbsp but I know the problem is with beats and I could not find a driver or update for either nbsp nbsp UPDATE AGAIN GOOD NEWS Just go to Task Manager and force quit that ugly program Realtek HD Audio that has the Beats logo Phew But Problem with beats audio and headphone jack actually nbsp a more permanent answer Problem with beats audio and headphone jack would be appreciated because I suspect that the Beats program will turn on again
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Hi all this is my first post so I feel a bit of a fraud getting help from here but Realtek problem. driver sound, No headphone it's driving me insane For a while now I've had the problem of no sound from my headphones This is the situation and what I've tried No headphone sound, Realtek driver problem. - Sound comes from the headphones when using the standard Windows driver that installs itself However this is too quiet for me and not what No headphone sound, Realtek driver problem. I want - I update to the latest Realtek driver from their website and sound stops coming from the headphones No headphone sound, Realtek driver problem. - Sound comes from the laptop speakers - I have done a clean install of Windows but it didn't solve anything - Windows detects the headphones are plugged in I get the alert that I've plugged something in the audio jack - The headphones work fine on other computers - The Realtek GUI also shows I have the headphones plugged in - I have always had the automatic detection unchecked on the Realtek manager - I have tried editing the registry as the pinned thread suggests but it has no effect My specs Dell Inspiron N Processor Intel Pentium T GHz Dual-Core Memory GB Hard Drive GB - Serial ATA- - rpm OS Microsoft Windows Home Premium -bit Edition Graphics Processor Intel GMA MHD Dynamic Video Memory Technology Audio High Definition Audio Device Thanks for any help This problem is seriously bugging me and is so frustrating

A:No headphone sound, Realtek driver problem.

Since you have a Dell, the first thing to do is install the RealTek driver from Dell. Non-Dell drivers, even ones directly from RealTek, may not work or work correctly. I did support on the Dell forums for 10 years and using the Dell sound driver fixed a lot of problems.

Driver Details | Dell US
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Windows XP home sp2
ECS K8T890-A (elitegroup)

So, I have Realtek AC97 audio(VIA?), and I have a problem.
I can't hear sound through the headphones setting, and I can only hear sound by playing Rear out on 4 channel or 6 channel or swapping the Mic for subwoofer output. My sound is lower than it should be, and even lower for audio streaming.
I've found Sound Effects/Environment to usually be part of the problem for the latter.

Can someone help me with this, please?
I don't know if this should of been posted in Sound Cards, It's integrated audio.
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Firstly I updated to Win about nbsp months ago and this problem only showed up yesterday nbsp nbsp Please read this first opens in new page and I pasted it just in case http h www hp com t Desktop-Audio jack Problem audio with SOLVED and headphone beats - HP-Envy-Desktop-headphone-jack-not-working td-p nbsp Scroll down to where RandShouse writes Click the Start button Type Beats Audio and select the Beats Audio Control Panel Select Advanced Settings from the top menu Under Jack Information uncheck the box that says Enable auto pop up dialog when device has been plugged in nbsp What's happening is that my laptop's audio is working SOLVED - Problem with beats audio and headphone jack with earbud headphones anything that works with the headphone jack But the problem is that terrible Beats software So if I watch a youtube video with the earbuds then remove them the laptop audio works perfectly fine nbsp Then Beats kicks in and recognizes nbsp that I just unplugged a device when it says You just unplugged a device Which makes pefect sense Because I just removed the earbuds nbsp And for a few seconds the audio from my laptop speakers works perfectly fine But then Beats audio malfunctions and says that You just plugged a device WHICH IS WRONG nbsp So I tried to follow the steps written by RandShouse but step is not even there For some reason I don't have the checkbox and I could go to Control Panel gt Sys and Security gt Hardware and Sound gt Realtek But I don't have realtek which has it's better way of disabling the popups when it detects a headphone so I am stuck with Beats Audio Control Panel which has no way for me for turning off the popup Is there any way to turn of the popups which would likely remove the malfunction that their software has nbsp nbsp I am sure that there is no hardware problem The speaker works just fine for about seconds until Beats kicks in and messes it up nbsp It just boils down to how i dont have the option to turn off the popup nbsp Thanks very much nbsp UPDATE also I did try to find an audio driver or anything to update either Beats or Realtek nbsp but I know the problem is with beats and I could not find a driver or update for either nbsp nbsp UPDATE AGAIN GOOD NEWS Just go to Task Manager and force quit that ugly program Realtek HD Audio that has the Beats logo Phew But actually nbsp a more permanent answer would be appreciated because I suspect that the Beats program will turn on again
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I am set up for dual boot with the headphone jack problem (Windows U56E 7) Asus factory default Windows partition and Xubuntu All software is fully updated everything is generally working fine Asus U56E headphone jack problem (Windows 7) and has been for quite some time I spend most of my time on the Xubuntu side but occasionally have to access Windows for some specific tasks I have a problem with no sound coming out of the headphone jack while in Windows This was working initially but somewhere along the line it stopped It is not a hardware problem because the headphones work just fine under Xubuntu Under Windows I have reinstalled the Realtek drivers to no positive effect The speakers cut out when you plug in the headphones but there is no sound I found a couple of mentions of this problem http en kioskea net forum affich- g-with-windows Here it is suggested to remove the IDT Audio software However that is not installed on my system http en kioskea net forum affich- amp cur amp url F Here it is suggested to activate the headphones from the Control Panel- gt Sound window However only the internal speakers are listed The headphones are not If anyone has seen this problem and can suggest something to investigate I would be very grateful Regards

A:Asus U56E headphone jack problem (Windows 7)

Have you tried updating the drivers by going to the manufacture of your computer's website and downloading the drivers for your computer make and model?

Go to device manager by going to Start type in devmgmt.msc hit enter. Is there and read or yellow marks present? If so go to the manufacture of your computer website enter your service tag number or look up the model number including Windows 7 32bit or 64bit and download the appropriate drivers.
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I didn't know where to put this or what kind of problem this is I have a pair of Bluetooth programs Headphone. to when connecting Have Problem: bluetooth restart headphones and an ASUS bluetooth USB adapter When I turn on the Bluetooth headset I have to manually go into the Sound settings and change the quot Default quot to the Asus Adapter Though ZId love to know if there is a fix Problem: Have to restart programs when connecting bluetooth Headphone. to this it's easy enough to live with The thing I cant stand though is when I do switch any default device in the Sound settings I also have to close all programs that were open when making the switch Otherwise the programs like iTunes and Media Player Classic will contiue coming out of the computer speakers or whatever the previous default was Ive only had the ASUS Bluetooth adapter and havent been able to try another adapter but I have used different bluetooth Headsets Headphones and they all react the same The program also exhibited on Windows so I doubt its OS specific Is there any way to fix this because this is absolutely annoying

A:Problem: Have to restart programs when connecting bluetooth Headphone.

Did you ever find an answer? I just found this post and I'm having the exact issue. And agreed; very annoying.

Edit: Just found this page on reddit. It works! Swich the audio playback in iTunes to Direct Sound rather than Windows Audio.
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Hi guys just found this site last night first post for me dont know a WHOLE lot about computer stuff but know some basics So my Toshiba laptop amp windows got that iStart virus browser hijacker sound problem? with Headphone coming no "tin-y" bass? is jack out Driver crap on it Headphone jack sound is coming out "tin-y" with no bass? Driver problem? a couple weks ago I followed a great Headphone jack sound is coming out "tin-y" with no bass? Driver problem? tutorial online on how to completly remove it amp that worked awesome While I was deleting removing stuff that was attatched to that I found a few other things in the registry that I didnt think belonged there so I removed those too I went to plug my computer speakers back in to the headphone jack amp the sound came out for lack of a better word tin-y sounding amp had no bass Sounds all funky I cleand the headphone jack amp that didnt do anything I plugged those same speakers into another audio source amp they sounded fine Does anyone have experience with this type of thing did I maybe delete a driver or something very irritating I use those speakers all the time Any info is appreciated thanx

A:Headphone jack sound is coming out "tin-y" with no bass? Driver problem?

Hi guys....just found this site last night, first post for me, dont know a WHOLE lot about computer stuff, but know some basics....
 So my Toshiba laptop & windows 8 got that iStart123 virus/browser hijacker crap on it a couple weks ago, I followed a great tutorial online on how to completly remove it & that worked awesome....While I was deleting/removing stuff that was attatched to that, I found a few other things in the registry that I didnt think belonged there so I removed those too
    I went to plug my computer speakers back in to the headphone jack & the sound came out, for lack of a better word, "tin-y" sounding & had no bass....Sounds all funky....I cleand the headphone jack & that didnt do anything....I plugged those same speakers into another audio source & they sounded fine...
    Does anyone have experience with this type of thing? did I maybe delete a driver or something? very irritating, I use those speakers all the time....
   Any info is appreciated, thanx...
Just guessing of course, I would try different head phones, it,s a driver issue for sure.
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I bought Lumia 640xl and I upgraded it from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 version 1157 to Windows 10 version 1607. Also my Lumia 550 which is Windows 10 version 1157 and upgraded to Windows 10 version 1607. There was no problem encountered during the upgrade, but when I insert the headphone, I don't hear anything, when I take off the headphone, there was sound. Bluetooth headphone works fine. Same with my Lumia 550. Any help
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Hi all I recently got the i7 version of this laptop and noticed that the speakers rattle a bit when vocals are being played and the headphone jack makes everything sound like it has REVERB added to it...??? It sounds like I'm in a chamber. I updated everything, anything I can do or no?

A:Dell inspiron 7559 audio problem. Speakers and headphone jack.

1 week now. Anything or should I call? This is terrible.
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MSI GS stealth pro Notebook Win to get played AUDIO be back headphone on "line PROBLEM Cannot in" home Realtec Nvidia I heard this is also somehow messing with audio I hope I post at the right place I am a desperate newbie here I use line in for my guitar and want to hear it in a headphone connected to the headphone jack When connecting the headphone a box pops up asking what I connected I answer HiFi headphone I set the headphone as default in Windows After AUDIO PROBLEM Cannot get "line in" to be played back on headphone that the audio from various programs gets correctly played back through the headphones but the signal coming from the line in still goes to the on board speakers I am used from other notebooks that once you connect a headphone the onboard speakers are quiet and everything comes on the headphones Interestingly when using quot guitar rig quot a SW signal processor for guitar it's output also comes on the onboard speakers but still the direct signal from the line in is also there So it somehow appears the line in signal gets routed directly to the onboard speakers but still somehow parallel gets used as a recording device Would appreciate any help on that since I already wasted quite a few hours tinkering with it without success Cheers Willy
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My internal speakers seem to work fine but I can't get the sound to go into my headphones when I plug in my headphones. Is there a way how to fix this?

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omg, I was switched to a different pc at my job and the person there previously downloaded realtek to the pc and im having a problem with the headphones, when i put the headphones in i get a pop up confirming the action but im still hearing music from the speaker...its really annoying because im use to just pluging in the headphones and everything being not even sure why she downloaded this program, anyhow if you can please help, i need my music to keep me sane at work, its sooo ver depressing. the operating system is microsoft windows xp
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Hey guys, i use skype on a regular basis, and my headphones won't change to my default device. So when i use skype, only that sound is played through my headphones, while the other sounds only play out of the speakers. i've tried disabling the speakers, but it just won't let me change the headphones to my default device. what do i do?

A:Headphone help

By the way, i use an hp Pavilion Entertainment PC (laptop), with 2 jacks for the headphones.
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I have installed Windows XP and use the Windows Media Player Version to listen to my CD's. I can hear the music through my desktop speakers, however when I plug in my headphones I hear nothing. Any suggestions how to rectify this madness?

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I have an audio slot on the front of my pc. When I plug my headphones in them the sound is horrible. It sounds like the voice is muffled and the actual music is just weird. I plug my speakers in the audio output in the back and they work fine. I am thinking it may just be the audio output in the front that is messed up. Please help with any ideas.

A:Headphone help!

Have you tried to plug the head phones into the port in the back and see if there is a difference?
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i have a HP notebook 15-ay079TX laptop serial number-(removed content)
I got headphone in Hp back to college offer , but It's not working
please help me to replace that product.
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Hi I am having a VERY frustrating issue I bought a Turtle Beach Earforce PX- link to headset here I use the headset for chat using teamspeak while playing games link to teamspeak here My motherboard is a ASUS SABERTOOTH FX R link to motherboard here The problem is pretty straight forward When I speak headphone through Mic I can hear myself through the speakers on the headset I have the headset set as the default device for sound I have the headset microphone set as default When I go into the sound properties for the headset there is no option to mute the microphone playback When I go into the recording settings there is no check in the quot listen to this device quot box I have gone into the settings for the external speakers and muted everything The sound issue can be heard weather I am using teamspeak or not Meaning the moment I turn on the PC I can hear myself through the speakers I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers Mic through headphone for both sound and recording devices I have downloaded and installed the latest drives for motherboard I have the latest motherboard BIOS One final note When Mic through headphone I have sound going through the external speakers I cannot hear myself coming through those speakers yet I still Mic through headphone hear myself in the headset at the same time I am completely lost
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Sorry if this is the wrong forum guys.
Im wanting to know if I can record direct from my headphone jack direct into my mic jack which is situated on the front of my ASUS laptop?
I am ok recordind from a tape deck to the works fine using AUDACITY.
I need to record a Czech radio progran which a friend is being intervied but my sound card wont allow me to record streaming so I am hoping I can go from my Headphone to my mic with a simple piece og cable with the same connecter on each end.
Thanks to all.

A:Headphone to Mic

It's depending on sound card. Most of the sound cards can record even without using connection between headphone and mic jacks. You should check your sound cards properties what it is recording.
But it should work your way too. Why don't just try. It might be mono though..
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The headphone port on my laptop is suddenly no longer playing through the headphones, but through the regular speakers instead. How do I fix this?

A:Headphone Port


You won't believe this, but the few words you used to describe the situation are a bit ambiguous

so, some questions:

1. Do the headphones (hp) work correctly in any other device?

2. When the hp's are plugged in do the PC spkrs CONTINUE to play sounds?

3. Are any items MUTED in the expanded sound controls?
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Hey I was just wondering how to set up or connect the headphone port on the front of my (mdg alexa case) I have a (gigabyte ga-x48-ds4) motherboard I also have a (xfi xtreme music sound crd. I am not sure "as I built this myself" if I have to hook up any wires/connectors iside the case to make the port work. I am running (vista 64 bit bussiness) w/ all updates and sp-1) I would like to get it running in such a way that when i plug the headphones in it auto mutes my surround sound and uses the headphones. thanks
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Hello everyone I just bought a new headphone its a Philips SHP I really liked the product I got one Onboard audio card and a very simple C-Media Offboard so that I can use my system What I wanna know is should I use Headphone Settings the headphone on the onboard card cause thats the one that got the front out Should I put it on the Offboard And if I Headphone Settings put on the offboard is there any way of plugin in both the headphone and the front speakers Please Headphone Settings keep in mind that I m aiming for the best sound quality Another doubt that I have is about the settings on windows I mean when I put the system to on the headphone the sound seems to come out louder but its a stereo headphone What should I do What are the best settings I know there are a lot of questions but its just for you to understand my issue I want to thank you in front for the atention and really if anyone could help me it d be great Thanks a lot really And I m sorry for my bad english I m not a native speaker nbsp

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I m looking to replace a small cheap headphone amp runs on x AAA batts I purchased from Maplin a few years ago to run in the car and on a pair of headphones used On an apple Touch and a Nano On Car Stereo via the Aux input - current amp works fine in the car I also have a USB charger Sennheiser PXC- Noise reduction headphones Bass boast maybe useful - when on noise reduction loses a bit of bass I have been looking at the Fiio E range and yep a little confused I would like to use while charging - I know some do - But if theres a big advantage for the modek that does not charge than happy to put up with that I like the extended battery life hrs mentioned on one of the models I will also purchase the ipod cable as this is mentioned in a few reviews as improving quality so what do i know I m tempted by the E - Batt life hrs no noise hiss can NOT be used while charging - Not correct found it can be used mW ohm E - much cheaper - still no noise hiss can be used while charging battery life hrs fiio AMP Headphone - poor build quality compared to F - but F has hiss E Approx can NOT be used while charging battery life hrs battery that is easily replaceable mW - ohm - so is this really twice the power of the E E now very confused so a little confused on what will work best Do not want for PC sound - just the headphones - May us on the laptop after all - fiio Headphone AMP not sure now I m actually now considering the E with an L Dock and the Ipod Cable any help will help - thanks also any alternative suggestions nbsp

A:fiio Headphone AMP

well, i decided on the fiio E7 and my daughter got it for me for xmas along with the dock and ipod cable - so just charging it up and will be playing later today / tomorrow
i have a 1.5 hr trip on my own tomorrow (taken motherinlaw home ) so will give it a good test in the car - which was going to be its main use
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Hey all.

I have, I hope, and easy question.

At work I listen to music all day but I like to only have one earbud in so I can hear the phone ring or notice when my coworkers ask me a question. Is there anyway to push all the sound out of one side? I can adjust the balance but I noticed that some songs on my pandora I only hear music on the left earbud, and the words to the song on the right earbud. It confused me at first then I realized that the balance must just turn the level down on the one side rather than pushing the all the sounds out one side.

Anyway to make this work?

I've got windows 7 and most of the time I listen to either spotify or pandora via the pandora gadget for windows 7.
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Okay so this has been an issue for a while and I ve found temporary fixes but for some reason they aren t working anymore playing around with the audio jack I can get audio on my laptop with normal non-usb headphones just fine but I get nothing out of the built in speakers despite the computer Headphone troubles! claiming that the speakers are working fine- even showing levels of the audio that SHOULD be playing when I look into it I even tried to uninstall reinstall the driver that I think is messing things up theres no updates for it and it won t let me rollback to Headphone troubles! any earlier version The oddest part is I get a split second of audio whenever I click any part of the mixer levels Oh- and I have an IDT audio driver so it couldn t be the Realtek problem everyone else is having could it From whats I ve read on this site alone if it is that problem you ll all simply tell me I m doomed and to wait for quot them quot to make an update If everyone had this problem for forever Headphone troubles! now and it hasn t been fixed yet I get the feeling it s never gonna happen Anyone able to help Headphone troubles! me nbsp

A:Headphone troubles!

It worked briefly after calling customer support and I drained the power by removing the battery and restarted the computer. They assured me it probably had nothing to do with the driver, but the problem returned right away. Anyone?
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Would like to get some new good/high quality headphones. Anyone have any recommendations on what models they have or used, and how good you would rate them? Possibly a link for them as well. If so, please let me know. Thanks.

A:Headphone recommendations

"In ear" or headset?

If headset, the most musical (and comfortable) phones I've used are the Sennheiser eH 350. Sennheiser eH350 Open-Aire HiFi Stereo Headphones: Electronics

Sennheiser EH 350 Reviews

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Looking for the best cost effective wireless headphone to use with podcast or skype?
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I have a GW M6307 with Vista HP 32bit. The headphone jack has suddenly stopped working.
I have done a restore back to when it was working..uninstalled and reinstalled audio drivers without results. The IDT control panel indicates something else is plugged into the jack both for the mic and HP. I also reinstalled the MS audio drivers that came with the machine. I cannot find any default anywhere to change any setting regarding this. The laptop speakers work but the default to HP when plugged in does not. The speakers conitnue to play with no sound in the HP.There are no indications of a loose connection and the laptop sits on a desk most of the time. I realize this could be a hardware failure but it's hard to believe and I know the headphones work with other devices.
Does any know where a default setting exists or how to confirm a hardware failure??

A:Headphone Jack??

If the HP works on other devices ..then its Ok....
So must be your pc .......
Go to device manager ... uninstall the sound card driver ... REBOOT IMMEDIATELY..."Let your pc install the original driver back"...
(BTW..When its plugged in..try to wiggle the cable ..see if it make any connection.?)
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How do I deactivate headphone driver? headphone jack stuck in there so no sound...thanks

A:headphone driver

Right click the icon in the systray. Select playback devices. That will invoke the properties dialog. Find the headphones device and right click it. Select disable.
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I have the oddest question about headphones I have a pair of USB Logitech headphones w mic I had purchased them with the intended purpose of working for a computer tech support company at the time The job fell through I did later on use them while playing Dungeons and Dragons online MMO While these headphone still work at years old they are starting to Headphone suggestions? show signs of wear So I need a new pair but I've a few hurdles to get past I know you get what you pay for and all that but I can't afford to buy the latest and greatest either as I am not working I am once more looking for another customer service tech reservation type position where I can telecommute from home using my home computer But Headphone suggestions? I also like to game a bit here and there as well or I wouldn't be telling you all this and I wouldn't be waiting for my turn to play our family's PS Get a ps for xmas if I get job quick enough So what I need is something PC compatible ps compatible ps compatible xbox compatible Not break the bank and with a mic that doesn't make me sound like I'm talking to you from Mars using an Headphone suggestions? old 's Ham radio Suggestions
Relevancy 33.97% my WinXP, i was able to use both headphones and speakers together, but here in Windows 8 I find the option to only use one of them at at time. Is there a setting which can play automatically with headphone/speaker whichever is plugged in or do I need to change the default everytime I plug in a device? Thanks

A:Speaker and headphone together

With a Dell you are, in most cases, limited to the available Dell sound drivers. Non-Dell sound drivers in most cases either do not work or do now work correctly. For example the generic Windows/Microsoft installed HD Audio Codec sound driver is just a basic function driver and does not have any extra options such as speaker configuration.

Download the available Dell Vista/Win7 driver (it will work for Win8) four your specific model and then check to see if you have the speaker option. This assumes there is a Dell driver for your model. You failed to include your Dell model number so I can't check or link you directly to the driver. Dell drivers are at
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guys i was searching for headphones on internet. when i came across many headphones with frequency response start ing from as low as 8Hz to as high as 29,000Hz. what is the point in making frequency response outside the audiable range of human ear. also what does sensitivity in headphones signify? is 98dB good enough for listning musics and for gaming purpose?

i want to buy some mid range headphone for long hours music and some gaming. plz suggest some? thanks in advance....

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I just installed my new video card. A Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 and I'm using HDMI.

I disabled HDMI audio on my monitor and disabled HDMI audio from sound devices. But I get echos and feedback through my headphones.

Anyone know how to fix this?
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Hi, my headphones are done. Can you guys recommend any good headphones which support 5.1/7.1 audio, price range is ?100.

In near future, I'll be ditching onboard audio and will be getting Asus Xonar DX.


A:Headphone recommendations

For music or gaming. It seems to me if your asking for 5.1 or 7.1 on a headphone than it's gaming. Audio I know in spades, gaming not so much. I use AKG 701's and love I LOVE them ! But on a budget the best phones for the money are Grado SR60's. Grado Prestige SR 60 - headphones - Ear-cup, Binaural
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I'm having trouble with my headphones. They will only play out of one ear, the right one. I have the settings to Stereo Headphones. I've unplugged the speakers that I was using, because they did the same thing and I just figured it was wiring problems.

I don't know the model/type of my headphones, and I've searched for hours trying to figure it out, but I couldn't. Any possible solutions? This is really annoying.

Windows XP

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I just received a sound system and headphone/mic headset for Christmas and I can't hook them both up at the same time. I use my motherboard's built-in sound card (ASUS P4P-800E Deluxe with Realtek AC'97). My front-end jacks don't work (I don't know if I connected them when I built my computer, although the front USB jacks work just fine). Also, when I try to reconfigure my rear jacks through ASUS's Realtek Sound Manager, they still do not work. Also Sound Manager does not even recognise my front jacks. I want to use Skype without having to unplug my sound system. Please Help me!!!