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Realtek HD cannot disable built-in microphone

Q: Realtek HD cannot disable built-in microphone

Hey guys. I've been searching around for an answer to this problem, but have found nothing. I recently bought a USB mic, and I am having trouble using it. I installed the necessary drivers and when I went into the Recording Devices window the Realtek microphone was still functioning. I couldnt disable it. So I tried to update the drivers for the sound card, then the sound card stopped working entirely. I had to do a system restore to get my sound back. I'm running windows 7 64 bit. Help please!

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Preferred Solution: Realtek HD cannot disable built-in microphone

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Realtek HD cannot disable built-in microphone

If you want to disable your on-board sound you'll have to go into your motherboard BIOS and simply disable the device.

Ah you wanna disable just the mic. Hmm I don't think you can do that easily even from the BIOS.
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I have a Dell Vostro 1500, running 32-bit Windows 7. It came with Vista, but I upgraded to Windows 7 a couple months ago, which I think is causing the issues I'm experiencing. According to whoever I'm speaking with, the sound for the microphone built in to my webcam fades in and out and gets really loud randomly. In an attempt to solve this, I bought an external microphone which also does not work.

The sound driver is the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC, version When I tried to update it through Windows 7's update driver software it says I have the best version for my system, but I still suspect that this could be what is causing the problem. I can't seem to find a better driver though.

Any ideas?

Thank you

A:Built-in Webcam Microphone and Microphone Line-in Not Working

Got the same problem with a Dell Vostro 1500 microphone line-in not working. I can't help I'm afraid; I am just posting here so I get notified of any responses.
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I feel like a fool for not noticing it before, but I just realized that there is a "microphone" function on my taskbar. I have no idea what it's for or how to use it.

I was going to buy a desktop mic so I could chat on YIM, but first I want to know what the built-in mic is for.

A:Built-in Microphone?

I believe you're talking about the Windows Language Bar.If you right-click on the Task Bar, then select Toolbars, yours is probably checked with a checkmark by it. I believe it's just a quick and easy way to use your microphone, instead of going into the control panel.I unchecked mine, since I don't need to have it displayed. I guess it's good if you do a lot of video conferencing or chatting online.
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hey all i'm trying to get this guitar program to work on my new computer i made, but to me it seems like there is a built in microphone somewhere on the computer because when i tap on the case or at the back around the sound card i can hear the tapping through the speakers, and i was just wondering if theres a way to turn it off and just use the microphone input on the soundcard itself? your help is much appreciated as this seems to be the main problem in getting this program to work thanks for your help in advance

A:Built in microphone?

You either have a loose connection somewhere in you newly built system or the Mic input on the sound card is turned way up... there is no built in Mic
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Hi everyone,

Does my PC have a built in microphone, and if it does, how do I use it? My PC is eMachines EL1200-07w.

Thank you,

A:Does my PC have a built in microphone?

That info should be in the user manual that came with the computer.
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my in built microphone on my compaq presario F700 is not working can anyone help plz

A:In built microphone

Hi -

Get the full model number from the label on the bottom of laptop. F700 is a product series number.

Look for updated audio drivers -

Are all Windows Updates installed including Vista SP2?

Regards. . .


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Please help. I have a Inspiron 530s and my son is trying to record. He says the mic doesn't work, and one of his friends tells him it is built in to Windows Vista. Is it built in, or how to I get the Microphone to work?? Thanks in advance.

A:Is microphone built in

Did a quick search and the Inspiron seems to be a desktop PC (I get mixed up with Dell laptops and desktops easily) and I don't think an actual microphone will be built in to the compuyer, or Vista (don't really think your son's friend knows what he's talking about when he says "it's built in to Vista") unless he means software, which for that matter you will still need to buy a microphone seperatley.

You will most likely be able to pick a decent one up pretty cheap, and just plug it in to the pink microphone slot on the back of the PC. It should work instantly, and your son should be able to record with it.

If not, then just have a look at the microphone options in control panel by going to "Sound>Click microphone and go to properties bottom right>levels" and just make sure the microphone levels are not muted or anything.
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Hi fellow BleepingComputers!

I have a problem. I have a built-in mic, however it seems it doesnt work when I tried video calling someone on facebook.

He told me that there are some settings at the bottom right corner, which lets you choose external mic or internal or integrated etc. However on my screen there was nothing there.

I can hear him perfectly fine, but cannot talk to him because he cant hear me.

Please help me, other programs I am fine, such as talking on Steam, or MSN. Just not Facebook.

Please help me.

Thank you

A:Help with built-in microphone

Could someone please help me
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Hi everyone Ive just bought my new Asus K f laptop wich works all fine But the microphone is terrible Using recording software or skype test-calls the sound is all pitched and muffled and even if I boost the mic sound and sets all the levels on high I problem realtek HD Built-in w Mic still only gets a vague voice recording while the backgroundsound it somehowe amplified Ive adjusted all the Noise suppresion and quot echo quot buttoms but that makes little different Basically its useless as a mic for e g skyping If I use an plug-in mic it works perfect Somehow it seems Built-in Mic problem w realtek HD to be the in-built mic or the software Ive read many threads on realtek mic problems in here but they all seems to be detached to older versions of either software or hardware Now that might not mean a thing but since Im no expert on cp I cant dechifer the Built-in Mic problem w realtek HD various suggestions and those I try do not work Ive spend and incredibly long time trying to fix this on my own being very stubborn by nature but now I must reach out for some help Can any of you tell me what to do Thanks nbsp

A:Built-in Mic problem w realtek HD

If the mic is really that bad, then it would probably be the fault of the manufacturer. Either deal with it and update the newest drivers, or get a headset with a mic.
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hello....i just upgraded my HP laptop from WinVista32bit to Win7Ultimate64bit with a 500gb(7200rpm) hard drive upgrade(Wow what a difference). Since I made the upgrade i decided to replace the integrated webcam because it didnt work. Replacement did the trick. Presto!. NOW onto the problem, the micophone.....I have looked extensively online for the answer but i am still having to use a plug in mic......the driver is working....i can go to device mgr and tap the mic and the green test bar has action...but it will not record audio....i am beginning to think i should replace it too....but i hope not...any help is appreciated.

HP Pavilion dv9627cl notebook
Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit upgraded to Win7Ultimate64bit
2g RAM 200-pin SODIMM, DDR2 PC2-6400
200gb(120&80) Memory upgraded to 580GB(2 drives 500 & 80)
AMD Turion 64x2 processors 1.9GHz
17" widescreen high definition monitor
NVIDIA graphics

A:Built In Microphone Support

I also have an HP laptop and if you go and open HP Media smart Webcam then click on About in the left pane then check Capture with audio.
Maybe that will solve your mic trouble.
Good luck
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The built-in microphone on my computer is not working. I just recently got this computer from a friend and had it formatted to Windows 8 (it's a Toshiba). I went to 'Set up microphone', and when it asked me to test the mic, it wouldn't work. It would not pick up any sound. Then, I looked to see if it was either disabled, dysfunctional (according to the system), or maybe if it was outdated and needed an update. Not only was it enabled, but according to the system, it was also "working properly" and "up to date". What more can I do to get it to work ? I cannot afford to get a new one. PLEASE HELP !

A:Built-In Microphone Not Working :(

If you want better help, then you need to be more specific than just Toshiba laptop with Win 8.
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I have a dell inspiron 1520 that runs Windows Vista Home premium. I had to reformat the hard drive about a week ago and it caused a lot of my built in hardware to stop working. One of the devices that stopped working was the built in microphone. I have tried right clicking in the recording devices window and showing disabled and disconnected devices, but it does not work. Is there a way for me to recover or download the program that I need to use the microphone again?

EDIT: Also having the same problem with my wi-fi catcher.

A:Built-in Microphone not Working

HI. Whats the make of your Soundcard? Find that out and then go to the manufacturers website and download the latest drivers for your card. Dunno if Dell themselves have the drivers on their website. Might be an idea to check first.
Alternatively, you should have been supplied with a setup CD with the drivers on (hopefully). Install them from that.
Once installed configure as normal via the sound control panel.
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So for xmas I got an HP Split 13 x2 Ultrabook and I love it except for the one little part where last night when I tried to skype with some friends, the volume of my mic was spotty between average sound and insanely quiet. I have no idea why it suddenly changed but now I'm working with the skype playback echo call thing and sound recorder adjusting all the settings on my beats audio control panel and even some in the windows control panel and nothing seems to improve the low volume levels. I'm at wits end and it doesn't help that half the time I can't seem to find what I'm looking for because of the windows 8 invisible menu thing. Please provide instructions for any directions because I have a hard time working the new OS for now. Thanks in advance!

A:Built in Microphone too quiet?

Have you tried to reinstall the mic driver?
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I bought Toshiba Satellite L305-5907 laptop that originally came with Vista.
However, I wanted to change to Seven and I did. Everything's fine except the fact that my built-in microphone doesn't work. Whenever I want to chat via Skype I have to plug-in my headset, which is kind of broken, so I tried to get the built-in thing to work again, but I couldn't. The weird thing is that when I installed Vista again, it worked fine.

Any advice?

A:Issues with built-in microphone.

Sounds like you might need Windows 7 Audio drivers for your Laptop.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-13P and I cannot get my built in microphone to work. I know next to nothing about computers so I've been googling and messing around with settings to try and get it to work, I've even uninstalled and re-installed the sound and webcam drivers, but nothing is going on. Basically, I'm trying to use Skype and I can see and hear them, they can see me, they just cannot hear me. I've tried the tests and stuff on the computer seperate from Skype, but it's still not working. Also, I don't know if it helps at all but the microphone is Realtek HD Audio? Please help me!

A:Cannot get my built-in microphone to work.

Hello and welcome to SevenForums.

Right Click on your speaker next too the clock and select "Recording Devices"
Right Click on the Realtek Microphone and select "Set as default Device"


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i bought a used monitor for $10 at a store. pcpitstop said it was manufactured in 2001 but does not give a name.

it has a built in microphone but i have no idea 'where to begin to use it'.


A:Monitor With Built In Microphone,how To Use It?

Is there a cable coming out of the monitor that you would plug into a headphone looking jack? If not then you would need one.
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My built in microphone will not pick up sound. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest driver multiple times now.
Here are a couple screen shots, displaying that the microphone appears to be working properly, despite the fact that it will not pick up any sound:,

Here are my computer specs:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3981 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -2041 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113993 MB, Free - 1361 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Built-in microphone not working

Most likely the device is faulty.

The only way to rule out a software/driver glitch would be a fresh install of the OS. But that's not likely.
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I was able to voice chat on my laptop but now now I can't voice chat on web no more and for some reason I can't open up webchat for this site. what could be wrong?
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I have a HP G6000 and have only had it about a year and i noticed that the build in microphone has all of a sudden disapeared. It makes no sense, i cant video call anymore and its really annoying me. i have tried many things and its just like it doesnt exist anymore.. have any ideas that may help???
Pleeaseee help me , its driving me insane.
Thank youuu x
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I have a new windows 8.1 laptop and my built in microphone does not work. When I plugin an external headphones that includes microphone, it works.
I have checked the Device Manager and the microphone is enabled. I checked and the driver is updated.
Any idea what is wrong?
Thanks in advance

More details:
Driver details:

Screen shot of the microphone state without headphones
Screen shot of the microphone state with headphones
Laptop - Asus R510-XX173D. Windows 8.1. i7-4500U

A:Built in microphone does not work

The first thing I notice is you do not have the driver for the sound chip in the PC. You only have the generic, basic function, Windows installed "High Definition Audio Codec". Although that may or may not fix your problem, the first step is to get the correct sound driver.

Check with ASUS for the correct driver. I can't be sure as they do not list the exact model you list, but the 510L that I looked at listed RealTek for the sound drivers.
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Hi I have a Dell Inspiron m I recently installed Skype and was setting up making sure the mic and headphones in knew never Built microphone I had I worked When I went into the settings to test the mic I noticed that the green bar was moving i e detecting sound BEFORE I plugged my actual microphone in Finding this very strange I opened Audacity changed the input device to Microphone and hit record To my amazement it was recording my voice and any sound it picked up Again there was NOTHING plugged into my microphone jack Is this computer supposed to have a built in mic or is it possible someone added it I bought it used My wife s computer on the other hand is an Inspirion D When I opened the Skype settings and tried talking it did NOT pick up my voice but it would pick up sound when I tapped anywhere on the laptop Does this mean it has a built in mic also If so how would I get it to pick up my voice Built in microphone I never knew I had Hope this all made sense Any help is appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Built in microphone I never knew I had

Yes, new generation laptops has integrated mic and web cam. You can check on Dell website or if you see a dot hole on laptop (usually being at under the keypad or top of the LCD screen), that means you have it. I think you don't have any Mike problem with Dell 600m. So Inspirion D600, can you tell me when you go to sound settings on windows what are you seeing in there for sound recording device?
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A:Built in Microphone does not work

Hi Anshu and welcome to the Forum. I didn't know the hcl me laptop was available in the USA? Anyway has the microphone ever worked and if so what have you done since it worked that might have a bearing on this problem? last worked
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We have Windows XP - Home - Dell laptop Inspiron 2500 laptop. I thought it would be neat to play a song from the Windows Media player over AOL Instant Messenger when I connect to "talk".

The problem is that they hear echoing on their end (they don't have a microphone on their computer).

How should I have my volume controls set so I don't get the echoing and they don't get it? It was working fine - but I started fooling around with the controls and now I can't remember where they were set when it was working properly.

Please help.
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I bought my Envy about a month ago but haven't had any occasion to use the microphone. Today I tried and it's not working at all - on Skype or in Windows Voice Recorder. I've been through the HP document ( multiple times and it doesn't help. The weirdest thing is that when I play sound on the laptop, it does get picked up on recording - even if I mute the speakers. So it seems like the 'external' microphone just isn't switched on, somehow. But in Control Panel > Sound > Recording it's definitely the 'Microphone Array' that's enabled and set to default. So I'm very confused about what's going on, but it's pretty inconvenient!
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I have installed Windows 7 Professional from Home Basic in my laptop about 3 months ago. The problem is, I cannot record any sound from my internal microphone after the installation. I think I have installed all the right drivers in my notebook and I have searched for troubleshooting my microphone. But the result is still the same. I only hear a hissing sound whenever I record a video.

Please help.

A:Built-in microphone not working.

Can you add your hardware specs please? Laptop make and model, soundcard details etc.
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Hey guys / girls.

Anyways, I've just recently installed Windows Vista Ultimate.
Updated it all, installed all the drivers and all was fine.
The only thing that didn't work was the Microphone.
I have sound just fine, but the Microphone isn't recording anything.
It says under the sound tab that it's working, drivers are installed, and I can even move the volume sliders, enable Microphone boost too.
When I try to configure my Microphone through Windows, TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, however, the bar does not move, indicating that my voice was detected. Anyone know what I can do to change this?

Using: Realtek HD ALC880 (1.75 Vista Drivers)

A:Realtek ALC880 Microphone

Resolved after switching to the older 1.72 Vista Drivers.
Not sure why, but it did.
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So, I have a realtek internal microphone, long story short, 2 days ago it worked, now it doesn't.
I tried to make a call from my computer and the other individual couldn't hear me, so I opened my sound recording software to test my mic and it didn't work.

I checked my settings and they all make it seem like my mic is working.

I even downloaded the newest Realtek driver. Nothing has worked. Someone please help me.

A:Realtek microphone problem

Hi, there's a possibility it's been muted, or that you have a setting in your Realtek audio controls to ignore the jack or port the microphone is connected to if certain other cables are plugged in.

There should be a Realtek HD Audio applet in your control panel...
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Two days ago I loaded iTunes and tried to play music Music refused to emit from my speakers although rarely a second of HD and Realtek microphone problem sound would come out randomly then Realtek HD and microphone problem disappear The windows volume control taskbar icon showed the volume indicator raising and Realtek HD and microphone problem dropping according to the music that was supposed to be playing I checked all the basics restarted my computer then went to the advanced part of messing with the drivers There was no error I uninstalled the Realtek audio manager drivers restarted reinstalled the HD audio drivers from Realtek com This solved that problem but introduced another incident My audio works fine now but my microphone refuses to work or correlate I m not sure if I m using the right driver either because my manufacturer doesn t have a link to realtek audio drivers When I plug in my headset mic it is detected as such but under recording devices the Microphone doesn t have a volume setting see picture Ventrilo presents two errors quot VoiceCommMixerStart Invalid voice mux selection - quot quot Unable to activate DirectSound for selected device DirectSoundCaptureCreate failed HR DSERR NODRIVER No sound driver is available for use quot Seeing this I know I must have a problem with my driver Could someone help me fix this I do not have the original CD System Restore is not a option Ventrilo is crucial for my raiding and I need to be able to speak since I am the MT Sorry if this seems intimidating Computer Specs Windows Vista SP Gigabyte M SLI-S Ver MCP High Definition Audio from PC Wizard it says Ac mode yet I always had HD audio drivers AMD Athlon X nVidia nForce SLI GB DDR Ram GB GB HDD s NVIDIA GeForce GT nbsp

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Ok so I recently got an Acer Aspire z with Windows My mic always sounds like it has a lot of static With noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation there is no static but it becomes very garbled and hard to understand It sounds like I m underwater when I m talking Messing around with only having one or the other on just results in garbled speech and static I also messed with the decibel boost It makes me extremely quiet Turning the volume up revealed just as much static as without the decible boost I have the stereo mixer disabled but I decided to go into the Realtek control panel There seems to be no options anywhere on the entire computer to mute everything other than the mic for recording I m using the built-in mic but I have tried Realtek problem microphone two other mics as well iMego headset and a webcam mic All have the same static filled garbled result I went looking around on Google to find a solution and noticed that everyone there had XP or a blue control panel for Realtek with has considerably more options Is there any way for me to get this control panel for the driver I m using driver version codec ALC X or even another way to dull out the static without also making me hard to understand nbsp

A:Realtek microphone problem

The audio driver and control panel software are probably bundled together. Try going to the Acer website to find and download the appropriate sound driver bundle. If you can find it (and you should be able to), be sure to go into Programs and Features to uninstall the old sound driver before installing the new one. Hopefully, the newest driver bundle will have a control panel with more options and clear up the garbled sound.
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hi, i'm new here. I got the A-Bit IP35 Pro Motherboard with RealTek HD 7.1 sound (not AC97). I plugged my mic in and when i test it, it echos extremly loudly, and after a while it turns into a sqeek like when a guitar amp is left on distortion and not being played. I tried it in a game (Counter-Strike: Source) and people said my mic echoed very loudly and i couldn't be understood. Tn the RealTek sound Manager, under microphone, i have Noise Supression and Acoustic Audio Cancelation both checked. can anyone help me make my mic work right?

A:RealTek HD microphone problems

First, try another mic... Maybe from a friend?
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Hi everyone until now I have been using USB Headphones with mic Genius HS- U and everything worked just fine But yesterday I dropped them with Realtek HD Microphone problem on the Microphone problem with Realtek HD floor and the mic isn t working anymore So I took my old head phones pink in green out and wanted to use those So I plugged them in started to speak on skype and everything is fine again But I use skype to communicate while playing games mostly and when I try to speak while im in game the friend on skype can t hear me or it is really bad - he can hear few words or not even that if I speak in Windows even when the game is started it s alright if I just stand in the game and don t move at all it works fine but as soon as I start moving or do anything in game the problem starts When I had the USB headphones everything was fine I have Realtek HD MSI GX Windows XP I have tried countless versions of drivers None of them fixed this Sorry for English mistakes Thank you for replying nbsp Microphone problem with Realtek HD
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Been having this problem with my realtek and my microphone first of all just wanted to say I put this in both the hardware and software forums because I m not too sure which one it belongs to Anyway I m using Windows XP black which is just like professional Running it on an Acer or issues Realtek Microphone Aspire g I bought a dollar microphone with a stand the other day I plugged it into my laptop which worked for awhile Then it stopped then it worked again then it didn t I use realtek HD audio manager for my laptop and I updated the driver which worked for it then stopped the next time Microphone or Realtek issues I tried to use it Problem is when I plug in my mic the realtek HD audio manager pops up which means it detects that something is plugged in but does not recognize it as a microphone this would be my due to my microphone being spoiled but on several occasions it does detect my microphone as a microphone so I m totally stumped as to what the problem is And if someone knows how to use a program or manually turn off the microphone that is built into the screen of my laptop that info would be appreciated nbsp

A:Microphone or Realtek issues

please do not duplicate posts - I will close this one and continue here
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Hello, i searched this forum for an answer but i didn't find any.
I run on Seven build 7000 but i can't get my microphone to work =s
I updated my Realtek drivers to R2.16 but nothing works.
My microphone is detected but it does not work, i tried to plug it on the front and rear.
I'm a little stuck and any help would be appreciated =p

Thank you =)

A:Realtek HD and P5N-D Microphone problem

Hi Tetsuya, i have this motherboard with build 7000 x64 Realtek HD audo drivers with similar problems. Open up realtek and choose mic. click on microphone boost and crank it up to +30.0 db. That fixed my problem with mic and i use Teamspeak, Skype and Xfire, but i could only get the headset to put out sound. I tried pluging in speakers to all of the outputs with no luck. Give me more specifics about your system and i will try to assist future.
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Hi guys I've had this problem since I built this computer Basically my microphone is not working at all on my PC When I plug my mic in Realtek detects that it is a mic and all but then Realtek Microphone Problems it does not pick up noises It's not like it can't really hear it it just thinks that the mic is disabled and is turned off or something Another strange problem is that I cannot enable or change any settings in Sound in the Control Panel I can make the changes and then hit ok but when I open up the window again Realtek Microphone Problems it's back to previous default settings I also cannot enable Stereo Mix and I also cannot open the quot Set Up Microphone quot wizard as it keeps saying it cannot launch So the first thing I did was download newer drivers for Realtek HD Audio Manager from the ASUS site It uninstalled the older ones and reinstalled the new ones Once it restarted there was no sound and the Speaker icon in the bottom right had a red quot X quot on it Windows automatically troubleshooted and found that my audio devices had encountered a problem So to get my sound back again I had to do a System Restore I'm now very confused on what to do next Could this be a hardware problem or is there something that I'm missing out I've had this problem for almost months and this is my last resort for getting this fixed Toms Hardware or even my PC Guru friends can't figure it out Thanks

A:Realtek Microphone Problems

I have a desktop with an ASUS P8Z77 LE Plus, which is probably similar to your motherboard. I have not had any problems with the RealTek. I'm using the R2.75 High Definition driver direct from the RealTek site.

However, just to see if it works with the Windows installed "High Definition Audio Driver" uninstall the RealTek and the drivers in the Device Manager. In the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the RealTek entry to highlight it and then LEFT click "Uninstall" Also check the box to uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts Windows should detect the sound and install the generic High Definition Audio Driver. This is a basic driver and does not have all the extra features of the RealTek but it should be enough to see if the hardware works.

If the High Definition Audio driver works OK, go to the RealTek site and download the High Definition Audio Codecs for Win 7 64 bit (R2.75).
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I have windows 7 64bit and I have:
High Definition Audio Controller [1002-AA38] [NoDB] PCI
Realtek ALC888/1200 @ ATI SB700 - High Definition Audio Controller PCI

When I put in microphone, nothing happens and detect only:
-Speakers (working ok)
-Digital audio (s/pdif) (hight definition audio device)

I'v download the latest realtek drivers (R 2.51)
My motherboard is Gigabyte Ga-Ma770-DS3


A:Microphone problem (Realtek)

Hi lebang and welcome,
Check out and see if the MIC is ON.
If the MIC is on,you probabally have the mic connected to the front panel,try to connect to the rear panel and see if the problem is solved.
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Been having this problem with my realtek and my microphone first of all just wanted to say I put this in both the hardware and software forums because I m not too sure which or issues Realtek Microphone one it belongs to Anyway I m using Windows XP black which is just like professional Running it on an Acer Aspire g I bought a dollar microphone with a stand the other day I plugged it into my laptop which worked for awhile Then it stopped then it worked again then it didn t I use realtek HD audio manager for my laptop and I updated the driver which worked for it then stopped the next time I tried Microphone or Realtek issues to use it Problem is when I plug in my mic the realtek HD audio manager pops up which means it detects that something is plugged in but does not recognize it as a microphone this would be my due to my microphone being spoiled but on several occasions it does detect my microphone as a microphone so I m totally stumped as to what the problem is And if someone knows how to use a program or manually turn off the microphone that is built into the screen of my laptop that info would be appreciated nbsp

A:Microphone or Realtek issues

i'm closing this post because I understand windows Black is a pirated version
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Well I ve been search for awhile - Realtek Issues Microphone couldnt find anything to help me so I finally Realtek - Microphone Issues decided to ask around anways heres my problem So My Microphone worked fine for awhile untill I tried using it in Day of Defeat Source it wasnt working but worked for Counter-Strike Source and ventrilo without issues so I decided to go to steam troubleshooting area of the site and it offered suggestions to make your microphone work just adjust things here and there So I fiddled around instead of making it work it made things worse Now when I turn on my mic for the steam games you get nothing but Realtek - Microphone Issues static if I go to the test mic area in steam you hear static and it gets worse and worse as you keep your mic opened Now it still works for Ventrilo but if people talk at same time as me everyone gets this really nasty staticy feedback cutting out what we both said Now this never happened before since my mic didnt playback any sounds except my voice but now it plays back any sounds and I use headphones and my mic is its own little thing so they arnt connected So I am not sure how this happens but I would like to fix it so it doesnt do this anymore I m not sure how I did this I think all I did was adjust the little volume dial in the Mixer for both playback and record so there should be a way to fix it since it wasnt like this prior to the fiddling I also do not have the mic boost thing enabled Would really appreciate if anyone could help me out on this nbsp

A:Realtek - Microphone Issues

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Hi there I ve recently upgraded my motherboard to a Crosshair V Formula and after setting everything up with a FRESH Windows install and installing all the chipset drivers etc etc Everything is working fine EXCEPT for my mic It simply records sound at a VERY LOW volume and sounds as if the volume increases the more you quot boom quot your voice into the mic and then fades away Now mic boost at dB will make my voice just about clear enough to hear well on things such as TS and Ventrilo however the static behind the gain is not great at all and Microphone (Realtek) quiet! really this problem never occured with my previous mobo M N TD Microphone really quiet! (Realtek) Evo I ve tried literally EVERYTHING I Microphone really quiet! (Realtek) can think of reinstalling all the drivers removing the Creative X-Fi and things that come with it putting in front and back panel changing all settings and enhancements and testing each one everything that I could think of Yes also tried using a different headset My headset is the Creative Fatal ty and as said before worked perfectly fine on the old mobo with no problems at all really apart from dodgy VIA software Here is my setup as follows AMD Phenom II X T ghz Stock oc ing later Crosshair V Formula FX Mobo x EVGA GTX s Microphone really quiet! (Realtek) GB SLI GB G Skill Sniper RAM mhz changing to vengeance mhz in a couple of days OCZ ModXStream W PSU Windows bit Ultimate I was just wondering if anyone has come across this problem before especially in the Crosshair Many people have reported the SAME problem with many different setups trying other headsets putting the headset into other computers and it works fine etc etc It is quite clearly a widespread problem especially with Realtek HD Audio drivers like mine The only idea I have is that maybe my W PSU is no longer strong enough for the new motherboard and therefore not pushing enough power to the mic The overall sound volume is fine was a little quiet before loudness equalisation but nothing major or bad This problem is a genuine NIGHTMARE never in all my life have I had such a problem where I do not have the soddiest clue in my head Some help or previous experiences fixes for this would be extremely appreciated Luke nbsp

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Hi All
My TECHNIKA autofocus webcam with built in microphone was easy to set up and the picture is ok - seems a bit in slow motion - but the microphone is out of sync with the recording and playback.
I have tried asking this on many sites, but since I have Vista I though one of you clever bods would have some idea. It is very frustrating.
The webcam is: Technika 1.3 Webcam model no: H16BD5 from Tesco. Frame rate 30 frames per second at 640x480 resolution, built in microphone, plug and play, no need to install software.
My PC is an Acer Aspire M3600 - Inel Core 2Duo cU E4500 @ 2.20GHz 2.20Ghz, 2GB Ram.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You!
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Good evening everyone,

I recently upgraded my HP Touchsmart IQ500 from Vista Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro. Aside from the lack of a media center or otherwise out-of-the-box-inability for DVD playback I've been enjoying the change. I solved the DVD problem with VLC, but I cannot figure out how to get my microphone to work now. It was fine before the upgrade, and now there's just silence when trying to Skype or record otherwise.

I've read a few articles that suggest updating the drivers in the Device Manager which I have tried, only to get a message that reads:

Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date.

Any help with this would be great. We've got family across the country and friends overseas that we keep up with via Skype and this is becoming quite the headache. Thanks in advance.

A:Built-In Microphone Not Working after Upgrade

Windows lies sometimes...

that being said, right click your speaker icon in the system tray

choose recording devices

Does it show a microphone with a green check mark under it?

Or does it say no audio devices are installed?

If it says no audio devices are installed then right click anywhere in that box and select show disabled devices

If the microphone shows up now but says disabled under it, then right click the microphone and select enable.

If this doesnt work then we'll look at your drivers.

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I just got this computer one year ago, and my microphone was just fine until I did a certain update and it suddenly had alot of static in the background. Is there any way I can reduce this? If so, what must I do?

A:Static on built in Conexant Microphone

First suggestion, go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click to higlight the enter for the sound device the LEFT click and "uninstall" the device. DO NOT check the box to uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it should detect and reinstall the sound.

If this does not fix it, get the latest sound driver from HP and install that.
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I ll try to give you as much information needed for anyone to help me troubleshoot my problem Problem is that the microphone is not working at all and I don t know if it ever did My sister in Mi just got a webcam and so we both trying to view talk to each other I could see and hear her but she could only see me not hear me Even though I have had this computer since October of I have never used the webcam or microphone that came with the laptop I spent about an hour searching for help on the Dell Support with no luck plus I am not able to ask for help I guess because I don t Need Microphone Troubleshooting Built in Solved: Help have the extra money to pay for support I have the owners manual and have looked for info about this in the book but there is nothing on the microphones except it only shows the location of them on the laptop I searched on here in Solved: Need Help Troubleshooting Built in Microphone the forums for about an hour looking for similar problems but didn t find one to resemble my problem I did go into the control panel sounds speech and audio device and did the TEST HARDWARE It does NOT seem to pick up my voice at all In the quot sound recording quot section it shows my device Sigma Tel Audio under quot microphone quot select IS checked volume is turned all the way up I don t know if this additional information will help or not but there are a few other things I noticed that don t work My quot Dell Media Direct quot button at the top Solved: Need Help Troubleshooting Built in Microphone of the keyboard and the quot Prnt Scrn quot button on the keyboard I only noticed this yesterday when I tried those two Solved: Need Help Troubleshooting Built in Microphone buttons I m new on here so I m not sure what else anyone would need to know in order to help me troubleshoot this I do have my computer specs listed when I set up my account so I didn t know if I needed to list them here or not Any advice would be greatly appreciated also if I have posted this in the wrong forum could an Admin please move it to the right one Thanks nbsp

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so how do I know I used to use Vista on my PC and it worked perfectly without me having to plug in an external microphone or anything Also right I'm dual booting Windows and Ubuntu the microphone works great in Ubuntu using the sound recorder but when I switch to windows the sound recorder doesn't work me built-in let doesn't use microphone. 7 Windows at all it won't take any noise no matter how loud I shout kinda silly yelling at my computer but still this is my first post so I'm hoping that all the specs show up in my signature or something so the reason I Windows 7 doesn't let me use built-in microphone. wanna use the built-in microphone is for Google talk cause they got that new voice calling feature and it keeps telling me I need to download the voice plugin even though I've downloaded and installed it like times already I've tried it in IE chrome and firefox and it doesn't work so I'm thinking it's because Windows Windows 7 doesn't let me use built-in microphone. doesn't recognize my microphone Here's what my current setting looks like Edit I forgot to mention I downloaded the driver from this site after the quot default quot audio driver didn't work after a fresh install of windows http download cnet com Realtek-Hig tag mncol pop

A:Windows 7 doesn't let me use built-in microphone.

That screen shot before or after you installed the Realtek driver? Reason for asking is that it is showing as using the default Windows driver.

Also are you sure that your laptop has Realtek audio? Again the reason for asking is because there is about 40-50 variations on the CQ60,

Compaq Presario CQ60-100 Notebook PC series*-* Download drivers and software - specify product name - HP Business Support Center

and not all of them use Realtek for the audio. I clicked on one of them at random and it uses Conexant for the audio. Might want to find the exact model number of your laptop and see what HP has for it.
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Hey, I have a compaq presario CQ62, and I have got Realtek Audio Manager. I have tried everything to make it work, but i have run out of ideas, can anyone help me out?

A:My in built microphone doesnt work!

Do you have the driver for it installed? What does it look like in your device manager? Any errors...
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Hello.. I have a new Acer Chromebook 15 and i can't get the built in microphone to work.I've tried pluggin in external microphone/headphones and that works.I've also tryied a reset, but still the built in mic does not work.Any suggestions before I contact Google Support?

A:Acer Chromebook 15 - built in microphone does not ...

If neither the internal mic nor an external mic are working then you may have a corrupt OS or bad hardware. 1. Do an EC reset. That resets the controller that manages the peripherals, including audio. Did that fix it?2. Do a powerwash. Did that fix it?3. Do a system recovery. Did that fix it.
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I recently wiped my laptop clean and reinstalled with windows 7 and the driver for my built-in microphone is not showing up and I can not use my microphone in any program.

I've tried updating everything.

Help ?

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The built-in Microphone for my HP G60 Laptop is not detecting audio. I can run an external mic without problems so I don't understand why I can't run the built in mic as well.

I am currently running Windows 7 Home Premium x64 with a Conexant Pebble HD Smart Audio sound card.
I've updated the drivers from HP's website and I have played with most of the settings, still nothing, not even static.

A:HP G60-530CA Built-in Microphone Failure

Go to the Sound Panel Control Panel/Hardware and Sound and finally Sound. In the Sound Panel click on the Recording Tab. The mic should be show and if its disabled, enable it. DO NOT make it the default recording device, the Stereo Mix (System Mixer) should be set as the default recording device.

You can RIGHT click on the icon for your internal mic and then LEFT click properties.
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dear sir,

my sony vaio laptop built in camera and microphone is notworking,

APRIL 30, 2012

A:Built in camera and microphone is not working

Welcome to TSF,

Go to your computer's Device Manager (right click My Computer, select Manage,locate Device Manager) find the devices in question and see if there are any symbols (? X or !) on the Webcam and any other devices. If found, right click and choose uninstall, reboot your computer and see if your computer will automatically install the drivers.

If that didn't work, please visit the Sony site and driver the latest drivers for the webcam and audio.
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I have a built-in microphone, Realtek audio drivers, and vista one of these is causeing the microphone not to show up. the microphone is not listed under audio devices and fails to work for recording of any sound.

I have fixed this one by installing drivers for a different audio card....this crashed the audio system and reset the system. the only problem is I can't remember how I did that.

I have also tryed system restore.

the line-in port works.

I'm am sure it's a soft ware problem.

I also lost my web cam last month and that came back on its own.

any idea whats causing this problem? any idea would be a great help.

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Ok last resort I have what I think is a simple problem but i can not find an answer anywhere I stream videos on BlogTV and I want to be able to use my usb microphone while Realtek stereo mix is also operating in Playback mode as the Video plays The mic works perfectly everything works perfectly except I am unable to combine my voice onto the audio I can switch on Blog TV to the microphone problem Vista Realtek Microphone option and just use the sound coming out of my desktop speakers along Realtek Vista Microphone problem with my Samson microphone but the sound quality is poor I know it is possible on BlogTV because several people are doing it I have asked these people numerous times with no response on how they are doing it Any ideas Thanks for any advice I use Windows Vista with realtek hi def audio I have tried changing some of the control options in playback and recording with no success Thanks nbsp
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I have the realtek ac97 with build in 5.1 audio and about a week ago I started to get a weird thing happening with my mic. Now i've already determined the problem is not the mic. But what happens is when I talk there is about 1.5 seconds of distortion then 1 second of no distortion and it just keep repeating like that. People say it sounds like I have a fan right up against the mic. Needless to say when i'm talking no one can understand me and i'm in a gaming clan so it's crucial to my success that I can talk. Anybody know what the problem is or what I can do to fix it?

A:Realtek AC97 Microphone Problems

Do you have the latest drivers from Realtek?

Also, distortion in audio could be caused by the internet connection. It can sound sometimes funny, like an alien sometimes. :dead: :unch:

Have you tried recording your voice in Windows using the sound recorders?
Try that, and if your voice sounds fine, then itīs an internet problem.

Good luck! :wave:
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Running Windows Home Premium x with the latest Realtek HD Audio Drivers and Realtek Audio Manager installed on a MSI K N Plat board I have tried my mic on multiple computers and it works on them Other mics do not work on this computer I had zero problems pre Vista If I unplug my mic and plug it back in the Realtek audio threads) Realtek Microphone in other (Not Problem manager pops up and ask my what I plugged in and the mic works fine in tell I reboot This is driving me nuts so any help you can provide would be apperciated I have checked several threads but nothing is close to my problem Threads that did have solutions I thought might work didnt work IE Realtek Microphone Problem (Not in other threads) turning off N C and DC Offset etc Microphone is set to default and the audio level are adjusted Input with db Gain on Ask me if I forgot to mention something and Thanks for any help you can give me this is totaly cramping my Left Dead play time lol
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Hello everybody!!

I just bought the new motherboard it's Gigabyte GA-MA78SG-S2H and the sound card is onboard Realtek ALC889A. When I plug the speaker (2ch) nothing's wrong with it. But when i try to set up the microphone, I plug the jack on and yes there's a pop up balloon appear "You just plugged a device into audio something bla bla bla". Then there's a pop up from realtek sound manager about connected device, then I tick "Mic In" (I plug it on the pink-microphone) :

see attachment (screen1.JPG)

I think it's done and I started to test the microphone. But I can't hear anything from it. Does anyone have some clue for this problem?
Please help me, I almost giving up ^___^

Thanks before,


A:Microphone problem with Realtek ALC889A

No one else can help ?
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I updated my realtek drivers and my microphone hasnt worked for the last 2-3 updates. I tried reverting to the original drivers and it still dont work. anyone have any solutions. My mic is detected, but the noise cancellation and suppression features are crossed out when theyre clicked to on. Right now I'm trying to use the version that emachie has for my model computer.The problem is when I speak into the mic I hear no sound and it doesn transmit either.
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Hi there I have recently built my own computer for the first time and it seems to have gone pretty well The only problem is that I can't seem to use a microphone and it's really frustrating First of all when I plug the microphone into the front panel the computer thinks i've Unplugged it Similarly when I take the plug out it thinks I've put it in I have Audio HD working microphone not Realtek checked the connection between the front panel sockets and the motherboard and all seems to be Realtek HD Audio microphone not working correct I've also changed to AC and changed the Realtek HD Audio microphone not working BIOS settings to AC and that hasn't worked The annoying thing is that when I plug the mic into the rear pink jack Realtek HD Audio microphone not working it STILL doesn't work it detects that there's a mic plugged in but the mic just doesn't work I've just reinstalled the realtek driver but to no avail Does anyone have any suggestions Thank you so much for any responses John By the way my specs are ASUS P H -M motherboard coolermaster elite case intel i core realtek HD audio I also have a Geforce GTX graphics card connected via HDMI to a monitor and the sound comes out of the monitor Could this be anything to do with the problem

A:Realtek HD Audio microphone not working

The HDMI may be the culprit. When you use HDMI, the HDMI audio is generated on board the video card and becomes the default playback device and your RealTek (listed as "Speakers" in the Sound Playback panel) is not used.

The HD Audio connector should be used as it has more automatic detection.

If you have a DVI or VGA connection to the Monitor (or another monitor you can use) try that and disconnect the HDMI cable. If you don't have regular PC speakers, you can use a headset to listen for testing.

Two other things, (1) Make sure you are using the RealTek sound driver supplied by ASUS and not the generic Windows installed HD Audio Codec. (2) in the Sound Panel, Recording section, make the "System Mixer" the default recording device (if its not set).
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Hi,I browsed trough hundreds of threads and I still haven't fixed my problem.
Which is mainly this - my mic is too low on volume (I use headphones).
If I install Realtek AC97 Audio Driver 4.06 the mic works fine,but then sound comes from the speakers AND the headphones as well.If I install the HD driver - then the same old low volume.
Don't tell me to go to control panel - sound and audio etc - Volume options enable mic etc etc - Did that thousands of times.
I also re-installed all AC'97 codecs and ALL of auido drivers.
I just can't seem to increase the volume.No mic boost thing works,no calibration in MicCal works.Nothing works.
Here is my dx diag
can someone please tell what is wrong.

A:Microphone volume is low with Realtek HD audio

did you try going to the control panel>>>sound and audio>>>Volume options enable mic etc etc?

What OS are you using? If Win 7, Try right-clicking the speaker in the bottom-right notification area and open volume mixer to adjust your output levels.
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Hi. I went to use gmail to make a phone call today and the people on the other end could not hear me. After making other calls and trying to do a sound recording I realized that there is noise but NOT my voice and its not really noise, just a sound, not high pitched or anything just like you know sound waves. Anyway I googled this for the past 8 hours tried to do EVERYTHING that every site says do, even what it says to do on here. Well nothing is working. you are going to wonder what all I tried, well I tried everything, is my mic broken, what is going on? I need to use my microphone, I am a musician. Its an INTERNAL MIC it came with my computer, PLEASE HELP!!!!!

A:Realtek HD Audio microphone working -- tried everything

omghelpmenow said:

Hi. I went to use gmail to make a phone call today and the people on the other end could not hear me. After making other calls and trying to do a sound recording I realized that there is noise but NOT my voice and its not really noise, just a sound, not high pitched or anything just like you know sound waves. Anyway I googled this for the past 8 hours tried to do EVERYTHING that every site says do, even what it says to do on here. Well nothing is working. you are going to wonder what all I tried, well I tried everything, is my mic broken, what is going on? I need to use my microphone, I am a musician. Its an INTERNAL MIC it came with my computer, PLEASE HELP!!!!!Click to expand...

look in your realtek sound program from there you can check your problem

its in the control panel , plus check your windows audio options..

you can try also update your drivers (after a cleaning the old one)
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Hey,new here, anyway here is my problem : I recently bought a new computer, got windows 7 ultimate, everything worked so fine xD till i got to try the microphone...seems like i have an ALC 889 Realtek HD integrated audio, and the funny thing is that it reads my microphone but no sound, only sometimes for 1 sec it works, then goes "dead" again, i have the latest drivers from realtek, and i tried 4 different microphones on jack 3.1 , anyway usb microphones are working.. but can anyone help me with this problem.. ? thanks in advance

A:Microphone not wroking[Realtek issues]

Have you tested your problem on different software?
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Hello There,

Sorry to bother you it's just I recently purchased a software called (Dragon Home 13) which has installed just fine, the issue I face currently is that my new headset (non USB) microphone is not working, I'm using a Philips headset and it allows me to listen to sounds via YouTube, however, when looking via: sound/mixer it does not show:

My Toshiba model: C75-A-10P -=>
Headsetup with mic: Philips (non USB)

I have looked inside the sound/default devices and it just shows the built in camera microphone, I can not find the new purchased one anywhere.

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After upgrading my Aspire M5-581TG from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 everything seems to work excepting the built-in microphone. The driver for microphone (Realtek High Definition Audio) is installed but the system does not recognise that the notebook does have a microphone. I know that my type is not on the list of officially supported Acer notebooks but I do hope that this problem can be resolved somehow. I appreciate any help or hint in advance! 

A:Aspire M5-581TG built-in microphone is not recogni...

I am having the same problem as well.
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I have a new Tecra A9 with Windows Vista. The built-in microphone doesn't work. I'm not sure what the problem is - an external mic works just fine. I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks

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Whenever you make video call on skype with friends your microphone volume just automatically changes by itself i will turn it up all the way to 80/100 and it always ends up going down to 20/100 and then your friends won't hear you.i also faced this kind of problem so here is an easy solution.

When you using Skype or MSN
Go to your Webcam and Mic/Audio setup and uncheck the box where it says to automatically adjust mic volume.
and your problem would be solved take care hope you like it.

A:Your built in microphone volume keeps changing itself on skype

Hello Niaz,

Here are some other solutions, as well.

Hope this helps,
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The built-in microphone on my computer (Acer Aspire) is not working after upgrading to Windows 7 (32bit). I have tried using windows update and looking for an updated driver, but I'm not having any luck. Any suggestions?


A:Built in microphone not working after upgrading to Window 7

need the exact model of your aspire to get the specs for it.
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Hello there

Here's my problem: Every time I use the microphone to talk to my friends on Skype, I hear static noises after about 2 to 3 minutes.

The noises are basically on/off and it tends to get annoying for both me and my friend.
Is there any way to solve this?
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I'm not sure if this problem came when I updated to Windows 10, but my built-in microphone is not working anymore. When I test it there is some residual sound (as some friends also tell me when I do TeamSpeak with them without a headset through the 3.5mm jack). I'm using an Acer Aspire 5741 (I'm not sure how to check the specific microphone specs or its driver). Isthis common? Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I hope someone can help me please! I recently had to reboot my notebook, I have Windows Vista OS which was upgraded to Windows 7 when I bought it. Ever since the reboot, my built in microphone has not worked. I use skype a lot and this is a real problem. Has anyone else come across it and managed to fix it? The speakers and the webcam both work fine. Any help much appreciated! Thank you.

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Hi there!

I have recently purchased Toshiba Tecra Z50-A-181 laptop that came with Windows 7 64 bit (have 8.1, too but never installed it).

Anyways, once I started using it, I have discovered that the built in microphone is not working or not recognized at all.
So, what happens is that, once I plug in my headphones into the combined audio/mic jack, whoever I am talking to (on skype, let's say) stops hearing me (and my camera is turned on).

I have tried several things mentioned in other topics, however, the problem does not go off. Moreover, there is no driver for the camera or the built in microphone, or whatever.

In the device manager there is no additional device, not recognized and in the sound/recording options, no other microphone to use is shown.

I will appreciate it if anybody can help.
Thank you in advance!

A:Tecra Z50-A-181- built in microphone not working/not found

Do you have problem using external microphone only?
Your notebook is preinstalled with original recovery image so all necessary drivers should be installed.

Can you use internal microphone? It should be listed under recording devices.
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I have a 2007 Sony Vio laptop and trying to use my built-in camera/microphone but it is not working. I get a message stating that another program is running so I turned off and removed the battery twice but still cannot get the video camera working or the built in microphone working. This is my first time trying to use this fuction and need help to get it working. I am trying to use skype video calling with my brother. Need your help.


A:Built in Video camera/microphone not working

Hi and welcome to TSF is msn messenger possibly connected to the issue ie the web cam etc is automatically linking in to it
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Hello community, Built-it microphone of my Lenovo Flex 4 touchscreen tablet/laptop is not working. It is completely new laptop.  I tried everything - Realtek drivers re-install, checked of all recording devices, etc. None of the programs that should use the microphone are able to work with it.Skype, ooVoo, etc..they all see Microphone Array, but people on the other side can't hear anything. External microphone works just fine. I tried to enable/disable this Microphone array as well - no help. Used F4 button to block/unblock - no help either. What esle I can do? Thanks,Hov

A:Built-in microphone in Flex 4-1470 is not working

Hi there, Hhov -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Please try the below steps:
control panel, sound, recording, right click and check 'show disabled devices' then click device and properties and 'enable', apply, ok and exit)
Check the Mixer/Audio settings whether Mic is turned on.
Depending on the used software it might happen, that it disables the microphone while ending the program (Skype, ICQ etc.)
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
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for some reason my built in microphone isnt working although the webcam is working fine. i cant seem to find any way to turn it on or to get it working again. iit used to work fine, but i think something might have been turned off disabled or deleted, and it is driving me crazy. any help will be appreciated!

A:my built in microphone in my presario cq56 is not working al...

@mobprop667? Go to Control Panel then click on SOUND. Make sure the Mic is enabled. REO
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Hi, just wondered if you could help me. I have a built in webcam with microphone and i can;t get the microphone to be recognised by the computer. My webcam works fine but the mic isn't being accessable. Any aditional information can be given, thanks.

A:Built in Microphone not being recognised after a install of windows 7

Make and model of laptop? Name of software that the built in webcam uses?
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I have problem with the built in mic for my brandnew laptop (3 weeks old), so don't think that it is a hardware problem. I tried to reinstalled everything but does not work. I was infected by a spyware, then install AVG and scan the system, but as soon as the spyware was removed, so was my mic.
Thanks for help.

A:built in microphone for Latitude E5510 not working

Make sure you have all the required drivers installed for your system, you can get them from here
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I have upgraded my windows 8.1 to 10 and updated auido drivers to latest version.  Now speakers are working not buit in mic and any external mic.-------------Sound Devices-------------Description: Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio)Default Sound Playback: YesDefault Voice Playback: YesType: WDMDriver Name: RTKVHD64.sysDriver Version: 6.00.0001.7746 (English) ---------------------------Realtek HD Audio Manager---------------------------Audio Driver Version: Version: DirectX 12.0Audio Controller: HD AudioAudio Codec: ALC3232 * Realtek auido is already in multi stream mode* Microphone works in Debian jessie* Tried uninstalling/installing* Tried older version of driver* Tried default driver of windows* Earphones mic works but not Hand Microphones # I think the problem it is not detecting the external microphone because when I use my earphone an additional external microphone shows up in device manager not in case of hand microphone and buit-in microphone.Please suggest me some solutions I don't want to downgrade my windows.Thanks in advance
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I have a problem with my volume on my microphone, it's very low. I can only hear anything if I blow directly into the mic, or shout very loud. No matter what settings I change the volume does not get any louder. Altered all the settings including mic boost but still it doesn't work properly. Any ideas?

A:Realtek AC97 audio low microphone volume

Could just be a lousy microphone.
Have you tried the microphone on a different computer or tried a different microphone?
Would try this first since it would at least give you an idea if the problem is the microphone or a computer sound issue.

Would also check to see if there are updated drivers for the Realtek AC97 at your computer manufacturer's site.
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Hi About month ago I purchased a packard Bell MC with realtek soundcard and Advent speaker - subwoofer Audio Microphone problem. echo Realtek Help HD set up From the start I m having problems with the audio microphone Realtek HD Audio Microphone echo problem. Help When doing the Realtek HD Audio Microphone echo problem. Help hardware test in Windows Voice recorder set up the testing of the microphone works ok although I have to keep it fairly close to my mouth but then the second test which is the playback test goes terribly wrong I say quot test quot one time and suddenly I hear myself saying test trough the speaker again and again and the sound becoming louder and louder It then automatically drops down the mic volume all the way to zero as the echoing keeps on going I know that one of the reasons might be that my microphone is too close to the speakers However I tried the same test with a headset with microphone and the regular speakers turned off and it does the same then I downloaded the latest realtek drivers and I tried to play around with the Volume equalizer of both Windows and the realtek audio manager but no success Any help is greatly appreciated thx niek nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio Microphone echo problem. Help

If it's card you can replace that with Creative Sound Card. If it's on the MOBO then you need to update the system chipset drivers and sound drivers.
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I have Windows 7, My sound is Realtek HD Audio and I have just purchased a Logitech Webcam C200, Picture is perfect, but I cannot get it to recognise to Logitech Microphone. I have uninstalled and reinstalled latest software for logitech to no avail. I have checked my sound system and the Logitech Microphone is not even listed. I have tested it on Skype and it cannot find the soundcard?? Can someone please help me out this is driving me nuts?

A:Can't detect webcam microphone with realtek audio

posted to the wrong forum, a thousand pardons.
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Basically when I try to record my voice all I hear is very strongly distorted sound, no speech is recognizable. I tried updating drivers, all mic settings I can think of but with no success.

When I open the Realtek manager and click the icon for playback on my mic settings the audio is crystal clear, and if possible I would like to have this instead of what is actually outputted. I dont know how to set that working

I clicked to "Listen to this device" and all I hear is VERY distorted sound, no speech is recognizable.

So from what I understand the mic is perfectly fine, the drivers should be fine but the quality that is outputted is terrible. Is there anyway to output what I hear from the playback on realtek?

Im attaching quick screenshot with some more explanation:

A:Microphone strongly distorted except from realtek playback

What version of Windows is installed?
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Hello guys well first of all i have read all of the threads related to microphone problems and i havent found mine i have bought a new computer and here are the details Windows XP SP Intel pentium Dual core GHz GB ram I have turned all my audio hardware connections in my back rears My columns my headphones and my microphone When i plugged my microphone it detected as Mic IN and it goes for INPUT connections Image is attached Realtek drivers audio microphone HD problem: Sorry but im portuguese Realtek HD audio drivers microphone problem: And i just put some english stuff to understand Image is attached The problem is When i talk to someone in any program MSN Ventrilo etc that person people listens to everything instead of my voice I m going to be more clear the person that im talking to in any voice chat program listens to -Every music sounds that i do in my computer ex deleting file to trash sounds even music is going in windows media player the sounds when i click in my foulders etc -Listens to himself i mean when he talks he is listenning to his own voice And when i talk he listen really quiet Thanx in advance nbsp

A:Realtek HD audio drivers microphone problem:

Woah, not a bad translation! Hope you can understand my response. . .

It sounds like your .wav out is being redirected to your recording line, instead of the microphone. Try this:

Open Volume Control (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control)
Switch to "Record" mode (Options -> Properties -> Adjust Volume For; select Recording, make sure Microphone is checked, then click "ok")
Select "Microphone"
Test your apps

Hopefully this'll help...
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Hi all Recently I purchased a Logitech h headset which has only one single jack as my ASUS laptop has only one jack used for a headset However upon connecting the headset although the doesn't microphone. external Realtek recognize sound plays through it perfectly and without issue the microphone doesn't seem to work I've tried multiple solutions - I went to the Realtek Audio Manager to try and find advanced options as I read that a possible fix to this is to go there and select an option to separate all input jacks However I cannot seem to find advanced options anywhere I have also entered the Sound section in the Realtek doesn't recognize external microphone. control panel and under the microphone section my external microphone was not detected even after showing all disabled devices As for the Realtek Audio Manager issue I read of several solutions to make advanced options pop up - from updating the driver to completely uninstalling it and such As you can probably understand I would rather not result to such things as messing with the drivers as I am not a tech-savvy person and will not be able to claw out of a technical hole should I get into one Does anyone have any other solutions to fixing this If not is updating uninstalling the drivers really the solution An early and useful response would be greatly appreciated EDIT I forgot to mention the internal mic is being used and can be detected of course

A:Realtek doesn't recognize external microphone.

Just to make sure...have you plugged in the headset into another device to make sure the microphone actually works , a phone might be a good test.

And when you right click the audio icon in the tray at the bottom right of the taskbar and choose 'recording devices' your headphone doesn't appear as an option?.
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I have a gateway computer with on-board sound and I can't find the drivers to upate the sound. Now the computer doesn't recognize the microphone input at all. I don't know what to put on the screen so I guess whomever responds to this, I'd need to know what info you need to help me.

thanks in advance
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Hi, the laptop i own is an Acer Aspire with Windows 7 and i have had it for about a year now. At first my microphone was perfectly fine and about 6months ago i realized that when my internet pages were loading my microphone would automatically turn on. Also when i watch Youtube videos or other types of videos it also activates itself. Yes, I have tried to right click on the sound button and I have disabled my microphone. Sadly the problem is still there. I'm not sure what the problem could be when it says my microphone is disable but somehow it still activates when i watch videos or my internet pages are loading. Is there a way to fix this problem or a way to disable compleatly my microphone without disableing my Realtek Speakers?

A:Realtek microphone automatically enabled when unwanted

Do you have Windows Live Messenger installed?
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Hi there,

I have a problem with my volume on my microphone, it's very low. I can only hear anything if I blow directly into the mic, or shout very loud. No matter what settings I change the volume does not get any louder. Altered all the settings including mic boost but still it doesn't work properly. Any ideas?

Cheers, Adam

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Hey I have an Asus P N-E motherboard with an onboard Realtek HD Audio soundcard I run Windows XP Professional SP My problem is that even though the audio card seems to recognize the microphone When I plug it in it asks me what I plugged in etc but it does not record any sound from it I got the boost on and everything that people have said in threads with similar problems I have CD Volume Line In and Stereo Mix muted in the record part of the mixer and Mic Volume unmuted When I try to record it just hears noise Like when there s no from microphone won't sound Realtek Audio record HD channel on a TV I ve tried latest drivers from Asus website and drivers on the motherboard s driver CD The ones from Asus website was version Another thing worth mentioning is that when I got it the microphone was working fine and the day after it suddenly was not anymore All the same settings nothing changed I know the mic works Sennheiser PC mic cause I tried it Realtek HD Audio won't record sound from microphone on another PC and it worked perfectly That PC has a Realtek AC onboard card nbsp

A:Realtek HD Audio won't record sound from microphone

Ummmm try un-muting line in.. Haven't used my mic in a while but i think you don't want that muted....

and go to Control Panel > sound and Audio and make sure ALL THE MICROPHONE configs in there are correct

ALSO if none of the above work check how it's plugged into your computer, make sure the plugs are in the right spots and re-arrange them and try them.

I have a glitched microphone it has 2 seperate inputs to go into my computer. Only one of them really matters but for some reason my mic won't work unless i have them both in and the main cord in the wrong sockets according to the directions and colors on the plugs....... It took me months to realize this..

I also have AC97 Realtek audio so maybe it's a glitch with them............

Anyways i would say more than likely it is because of your plugs in your computer, if your getting fuzzy sound from your spekaers when speaking into the mic i would definitely look at the plugins.

and if that doesn't work check all microphone and audio configs from your control panel

If your sound works but doesn't read your microphone means your sound card is working fine, your just doing something wrong
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I'm using a RealTek Driver and I'm having problems with my microphone. I'm using the microphone to talk with my friends through the Teamspeak RC2 Program. The problems are that when somebody talks, it'll echo back to the speaker, but I also can hear speaker's voice too.

I've tried several stuff, but it didn't work, so I decided to ask for some help.If anyone have the solution, please let me know.

Any further information you need, let me know.

My Audio Driver Version:


A:Having Problems with microphone while using RealTek Sound Driver

It may be the mic - some have a switch on them to adjust the impedence and therefore the response.
Best bet is to try a really cheap one that is designed for use with a PC.
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So basically I have a Realtek AC sound card and a pair of Turtle Beach HPA headphones The problem is if I so happen to touch the shaft of the mic I hear an insanely annoying buzzing sound Now this is where things get interesting the buzzing / AC888 Microphone Realtek issue buzzing sound will be at its loudest if my finger tips touch it but Microphone / Realtek AC888 buzzing issue if say any other skin on my body do then it is somewhat low and also if I press any object against it the noise won t be made Now i m concerned and I begin to troubleshoot the problem by removing devices from my computer and the noise is still there when I touch the mic and then I decide to uninstall the Realtek drivers and use the ones Windows provides and I can touch the mic all day Also the annoying background noise that is usually present when my microphone is at a volume of or more is gone Problem is I would prefer to have the latest audio drivers on my PC but it seems I cannot do so without my microphone freaking out any time I touch it Can anyone give me a reason as to why this is happening and possibly a way to fix it Maybe some suggestions perhaps Thanks nbsp
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Hello I want Audio Realtek is played when built-in first noise sound to ask a question about my problem I tried to search about my case but it's seems I'm the only one in this world who has problem like that I have Asus P W DH Deluxe motherboard with buit-in Realtek audio card ALC My audiosystem is connected via analog outputs A problem is When I start PC with Windows Ultimate first application that plays sound make huge noise to my audiosystem In background of this noise I Audio noise when first sound is played built-in Realtek can hear quiet sound that must been played After first noise played the other sounds plays properly For example - if you use sound themes - noise will play then your system is starting Except only one application only one that I recognize that doesn't play noise - small mediaplayer AmpView This noise plays only with Realtek I try to use my old SB Live - no noise at all but SB Live supports only audio And this noise plays only when I use mode in realtek in or mode - no noise but I don't want to use and I don't have audiosystem I tried to use different drivers - and Problem is still exist When I used this hardware with Win XP I doesn't have this problem Is there someone who has problem like mine What way I can solve this Thank you in advance

A:Audio noise when first sound is played built-in Realtek

I may have been experiencing a somewhat similar problem. For example, if I play some music and after that leave the computer idle for a couple of minutes, the next time I do anything to produce a sound: starting playback of another song, opening a folder, emptying the recycle bin-I can hear a short, cracking sound just before the sound corresponding to my action.
I am also experiencing a constant sound from the TV card stream in the background, but I can only hear it when I turn up my speakers pretty loud without producing any other sound...
I never managed to find out what's causing this.
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I have a Asus A7N8X-X mobo with a nForce2 chipset which brings a
Realtek ALC650 chip for the sound card. The XP drivers work fine until
I restart the system. Then, when I come to the logon screen, the 'logon'
sound plays about half-way through and the system hangs. If I restart
in safe mode and disable the sound card, when I reboot in 'normal' mode
I can login fine and re-enable the sound card to get sound again, but it is
a big PAIN. what am I doing wrong? what drivers are best suited for this

thank you all for your time.

A:nforce2 realtek alc650 built-in chip not working

Start here,


and work your way to the download page. You need the Realtek AC'97 driver for Windows 7 for that audio chip.
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Hi, I can't get my built-in microphone to work in windows 10. I checked the recording settings and it is the default device, enabled and the driver is up to date Any help is really appreciated Thanks
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Model Name: SATELLITE A200-1A9
Model NO: PSAE0E-01S025AV
Serial NO: 47193782K

I install Windows 7 on my laptop and the built in microphone stopped working. Tried everything suggested on all posts for not woking built in microphone and still I am not able to record any voice or to use Skype, etc.

When going to 'Recording Devices' I have two Microphones (one front and one ATAPI), but the green bar on the right does not move when making sound. I tried disabling the front microphone, still no success.
Also, I tried uninstalling and installing again the Audio Driver.

Any help will be appreciated!

A:Toshiba Sattelite A200-1A9 Built in microphone not working

Your laptop was shipped with Windows Vista. Yet it says in your profile you are running Windows XP. Your laptop is not compatible with Windows 7. Run the Windows 7 Advisor to make sure.
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Hi everyone! I am a new member to windows 7 forums and I came here having a problem with my built-in microphone on Toshiba Satellite L450-D laptop, so here is the story:
I used to have installed Windows 7 Proffesional on my laptop and the built in microphone was working perfectly but after upgrading to Windows 7 Ultimate my built-in microphone stopped working!
I tryed going into Recording Devices and enabling my microphone but no help it still doesn't work!I mostly use my microphone on skype chat so I need help! I hope for a fast reply

A:Toshiba Satellite L450-D built-in microphone problem!

Take a look at your device manager to make sure the correct drivers are installed. If not, head on over to Toshiba's website and download the audio drivers from there.
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I have the compaq LA2206xc monitor and as i've been trying to use skype, I found out my microphone and video cam aren't working.  I recently just moved so I am not sure if I'm missing something that needs to be hooked into the rest of the computer?  Would love some help!  Thanks

A:Monitor built-in webcam and microphone aren't working :/

Hello, You have to install the monitor driver: You must also install the Cyberlink YouCam software from the cd that came with the monitor. USB connectivity between the monitor and PC is required for the webcam to operate. Then, you need to check the user guide, check page Thanks,