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Windows 7 recognize HD but windows xp cannot

Q: Windows 7 recognize HD but windows xp cannot

I have on same HD-500GB win7 and win xp. I conect another HD-320GB in sata drive. Bios recognize both HD, win 7 too, but win xp recognize only HD-500GB. When I go to disk manager in win xp it's same problem I only see one HD-500GB. Please help me.
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Preferred Solution: Windows 7 recognize HD but windows xp cannot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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In Windows 7 the folder structure allows you to make "Other Libraries" under the "Library" folder structure. But these other Libraries that you make under the "Libray" folder structure do NOT appear in Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7?

There is a category labeled "Other Libraries" in Windows Media Player but it only seems to list other media programs like my Rhapsody account when I am playing it. Otherwise nothing appears under the Media Player Library category "Other Libraries".

Is there a way to make Windows Media Libraries other than the basic ones of Music, Videos, Pictures, Recorded TV and Other Media and to get them to appear in Windows Media Player? - To get them to appear under "Other Libraries" in Windows Media Player?

Anyone know how this can be done? Thanks.


A:In Windows 7 can Windows Media Player recognize "Other Libraires" that you make under "Library" folders?

Not sure what you're asking ... what other type of file/folder do you want to open with WMP?
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I purchased from does Windows Store 8.1 to upgrade recognize not Administrator when my to Windows 8 attempting User account a Inspiron directly from dell com on nbsp It was delivered on nbsp It had Windows as the operating system nbsp Store does not recognize my Administrator User account when attempting to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 I had assumed that it would have the latest version of Windows when it arrived since had been issued in October I opened the Store app and the upgrade to Windows was not available to me nbsp I understood that this was a problem for others and did not pursue it further at that time Store does not recognize my Administrator User account when attempting to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 nbsp I was out of town for weeks in January and did not use the laptop during that week period nbsp When I returned I opened the Store and found prominently placed the invitation to the free upgrade to I was signed in using the Administrator account and when I hit the download button for I was given the message quot You need to use an account with Administrator privileges to install Windows try logging in with the user account of an administrator of this PC and try update again quot nbsp I verified that my account had Administrator privileges and tried again and got the same message I created another user account and gave it administrator privileges and tried the download again signed in on that account and got the same message nbsp I called technical support and for over hours over different days the technician attempted to resolve the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling Windows updates When that failed to resolve the problem he quot refreshed quot my PC which I understood put it back to the status it was in at time of delivery He then had to do all the Windows updates approximately and tried to download again nbsp This did not change the error message when trying to download to nbsp At that point I was told that they were elevating it to a technical team who would research all the logs from my machine and come up with a solution nbsp They indicated that they would call me back when a solution is found Although my Administrator account was not recognized when attempting to do the download it recognized the Administrator role when the technician needed administrative approval to do all the uninstall and reinstall activities when trying to resolve the issue Has anyone else experienced this problem nbsp Has it been resolved and if so how was it resolved nbsp

A:Store does not recognize my Administrator User account when attempting to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

You are not alone. Several have had the same problem with no resolution. I think it has something funny to do with the User Accounts. Making a second account with admin privleges doesn't work. I would try to reinstall the OS from the hidden image and try again. A Refresh like Dell tried will not do the trick, as it retains much of the data from before the Refresh; you need a clean start. Don't do anything witht the Admin Account other than let Windows set it up and set your password. All updates need to be installed before the upgrade will show in the Store. I have upgraded five Win 8 installations and have had zero problems.
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Hi I'm not sure where Windows will 7 driver system 7 Windows recognize Bluetooth not as to start with solving this issue - so will ask here for some advice Bluetooth Windows 7 driver will not recognize system as Windows 7 I recently bought a new Sony laptop with Windows professional installed details should be to the side somewhere Yesterday I tried to connect some bluetooth earphones to the computer - and although the computer added the earphones I could not use them as it said no driver was installed I didn't have much time to do anything then however today I tried again Bluetooth Windows 7 driver will not recognize system as Windows 7 trying to pair my iphone with the laptop via bluetooth The laptop paired ok with my iphone however when I tried to perform some functions I got the following error So I downloaded the driver from the Sony site and ran it It appeared to be installing ok but then ran into this problem It would then roll back to the original state So I uninstalled the bluetooth software through the control panel and then went to reinstall it However when I try I now get the message that the update can only run on quot Microsoft Windows quot However my system is Microsoft Windows So what should I do

A:Bluetooth Windows 7 driver will not recognize system as Windows 7 is out I guess, try that one if applicable to your laptop.
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I recently purchased a new 1TB WD drive for my Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000 PC. I installed Windows successfully onto the hard drive, and naturally became the administrator. In fact when I go to User Accounts in the Control Panel, it lists me as an administrator. But for whatever reason, when I try to do anything, I get "access is denied" error stating that an administrator needs to execute the command. What in the heck happened? Is there any way to take ownership of everything on my PC so Windows will recognize me as an admin? Is there another place to check user accounts in more detail other than the 'User Accounts' section in the Control Panel? I'll take all of the help I can get. I'm lost at this point.

A:Why does Windows not recognize me as an administrator after a clean Windows 7 install on a new HDD?

Can you take a screenshot of what comes up?
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I did try to find this topic with a few searches; I hope this hasn't already been covered.

I bought an external bare SATA II drive docking station (BlacX Duet) and a WD Caviar 2 TB drive to go in it. I'm using the USB cable interface to attach it to my Windows 7 Pro laptop (MacBook Pro on Bootcamp).

Drivers installed automatically, etc., no problems. I created a single primary partition on the drive and formatted it NTFS. No problems/issues in Win 7 using the drive.

My intent is to use this for backups on multiple computers.

Well, I attached the unit to my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop running Windows XP Pro, drivers installed automatically. It recognizes the presence of the drive in Disk Manager, but it does not recognize the NTFS partition that I created in Win 7 on the other laptop.

What am I missing here, or what did I do wrong?

A:Windows XP Pro won't recognize external drive formatted in Windows 7

There is an older similar thread here, but no solution:

XP cannot access other drive with Windows 7 dual boot
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The DESKTOP running on Windows is setup connecting to the wirelessly (windows 7 recognize does Windows xp) (desktop) not laptop through a LINSKYS ROUTER used with a cable modem The LAPTOP Windows XP is connected wireless through the router I have set up the wireless network as described in the link below http www howtogeek com howto windows- share-files-and-printers-between-windows- -and-xp The desktop computer is set up with NAME AngusHP and WORKGROUP WORKGROUP The LAPTOP is set up as NAME HPLAPTOP and WORKGROUP WORKGROUP The network name is angusmdmclean As such when I view workgroup computers on the LAPTOP running on Windows XP I see ICONS for Windows 7 (desktop) does not recognize laptop (windows xp) DESKTOP Angus-hp and LAPTOP Hplaptop When I double click on DESKTOP Angus-hp ICON then the shared files resident on the DESKTOP appear and can be accessed from the LAPTOP The LAPTOP acts as a terminal for the DESKTOP but you can now save the DESKTOP document to the LAPTOP or print it to the printer USB Windows 7 (desktop) does not recognize laptop (windows xp) connected to the LAPTOP When I view the DESKTOP computer Windows under the Heading Network I do see both ICONS for the DESKTOP Angus-hp and LAPTOP Hplaptop When I click on HPLAPTOP I get the message quot Windows cannot access the LAPTOP Windows can communicate with the name resolution server but cannot find the host name quot Please can anyone comment on this lack of access Should Windows 7 (desktop) does not recognize laptop (windows xp) I be able to do this If quot yes quot any suggestion for resolution I wonder what they mean by host name The name of the laptop on the home network is HPLAPTOP ANGUS

A:Windows 7 (desktop) does not recognize laptop (windows xp)

host name is the name in "human" language for exaple angus-hp and the resolution is translation to computer IP address.. ipv4 32bit number example in decimal
can you connect using ip of the host?
type \\ip instead of \\name.
you can find your ip addres by runing ipconfig comand in command prompt.
open command prompt type ipconfig and press enter in given information find IPv4 address there should be numbers seperated by points something like this then from other pc in windows explorer address bar type \\ <replace this with the value you got.
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I just set up a simple workgroup on my central business computer so that I could create a shared folder (which is an external hard drive on the central computer).
The central computer is running XP.  My computer is running Windows 7.  Everything was workng beautifully for the first two weeks - the shared folder was shared between all computers (2 XP units and my Windows 7).  However, one morning, I could no longer see the shared folder or any of the network computers from my Windows 7 unit.
How do I get my computer to find this network / "workgroup" again?  I have already tried naming the groups the same thing and changing the encryption types (per another forum's suggestion), but nothing has worked.
I really appreciate any suggestions and guidance you may offer.
Thank you in advance!

A:How to get a Windows 7 PC to recognize a Windows XP workgroup

Have you tried "system restore" or "last known good configuration" ? If you have and still are having problems this may help:
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New 27 xw display not recognized by my system. windows 7 64 sets minitor to generic non pnp. I cant set resolution to max. I think it worked for 1 day. After windows restarted I am stuck.
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My DVD player is not recognized on my 10 Pro. It's funny because I installed Windows from a DVD, yet, now that I'm desktop, nothing shows. It showed in W7! I popped an older dvd anyway to see if AutoPlay would start it, but nothing!

A:Windows 10 Pro won't recognize DVD

Well, the same thing that happened to my laptop hp, I made a fresh installation via USB and it was successful however my DVD CDrom drive is missing. I tried all possible ways as suggested but in vain. Pls. help.
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http www neowin net forum index php showtopic amp hl My brother s computer is aging It is an older Dell with a P ghz CPU mbs of RDRAM D mb Radeon SE AGP etc The computer has been limping for years About years ago was won't Windows XP key recognize my when the original problems started The main Windows won't recognize my XP key hard drive a Maxtor L J gigs had a Windows error and my family didn t want to reformat and lose all their data So my dad stuck in a gig WDC AC L and installed Windows XP on it That was all well and good until SP came out and nearly filled that hard drive Ever since then my brother has been running Windows XP SP on the gig hard drive and storing files on his gig hard drive with the computer constantly telling him he is low on space always around mb Besides being insecure SP I am going off to college this fall and won t be able to nurse that computer when it has problems anymore I want to help my brother so he won t have to troubleshoot much when I leave Here is how the hard drives currently look in the computer I didn t pull them out to see which was the Maxtor and which was the WDC because I was hoping you guys could figure it out without knowing I want to remove the gig hard drive format the Maxtor gigs and install XP on it and get it fully updated to SP I hate removing hard drives on the IDE setup because I always screw something up with the jumper cables Can somebody help me do the process I listed above That was my original post Here is from today Ok guys major issue I changed the hard drives out and so it was booting from the gig one I popped in the reinstallation xp cd to the dvd drive and set my bios to boot from cd first I restarted the system and it tried to boot to the messed up XP that used to be on there bad registry I thought that was weird so I tried putting the disk in the other cd drive and it tried to boot from that drive but I forgot that that drive was busted It just continues to try to read the cd but nothing happens So I took out the broken cd drive so that only the working one was left Windows recognizes it in the bios but it will not boot off of it I put everything back together and got back to the desktop I checked the dvd drive the working one to see my windows xp disk is there the dvd is working like normal it just won t boot to it I then thought quot what the heck quot and I tried going through the XP installation right there I got to the product key entry screen and there is where the other problem came up I had already copied the numbers letters down from the properties screen of my computer but those are only letters numbers and the thing needs I tried the letters numbers on the windows xp sticker on the side of the case and that didn t work either Finally I downloaded a program onto that computer that shows you your windows xp key It showed me a different number than what was on the side of the case Anyways I put those numbers letters into the XP installation and they didn t work either What the heck is going on nbsp

A:Windows won't recognize my XP key

You might be able to call Microsoft and get that straightened out since the key on the side of the case should be a legitimate one. If not them then the maker of the computer, who could probably even supply you with recovery disks, although I don't know if you'd have to pay a small fee.
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So like the title says my second HDD HDD recognize 7 won't second Windows just refuses to be recognized by windows Or perhaps saying it won't initialize might be a better way of putting it The drive was all fine Windows 7 won't recognize second HDD it's only about months old at this point and has been working But I had some weird crash and on a restart Windows said it needed to run a repair and restore After doing so I noticed my second HDD wasn't being picked up While annoying not tough to fix But that when I ran into an issue I get this error message Screenshot by Lightshot I looked into Windows 7 won't recognize second HDD it and some are saying that means the drive is likely dead While other suggested running a tool from Seagate to confirm So I downloaded it let the tool do it's thing which took just over and hour but it came back with this Screenshot by Lightshot Neither of them seemed to comeback with any sort of issue Now I should add that the HDD installed via a bay or a caddy not sure which is the correct way to explain that but I'm not sure if that's causing my issue But at this point I'm at a loss Is the drive just dead despite what the tool turned back

A:Windows 7 won't recognize second HDD

The tool may have only issued read commands, whereas initializing the drive would involve writing. That could explain why the test passed; whether or not the drive is good or bad I couldn't say. If you have no intention of attempting data recovery, try an erase operation through the Seagate diag tool. The bootable DOS version has that feature, so I assume it's available in the Windows version.

If the caddy has a backplane or any other circuitry between the drive and the cable, you should take it out of the equation.
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I have four hard drives and two dvd drives on my system Its an ASROCK mobo with sata cables C is the default w win D is Winxp E is my DVD F WAS my DVD G is for backups F is for movies I didn t need one DVD and I needed a new hdd for extra storage so I took out the DVD f and put in a new HDD in its place Now the HDD is recognized in the bios but not in win The new HDD is a Seagate gb and recognize Windows won't HDD new 7 is formatted for NTFS Here is my mobo http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Troubleshooting steps I looked for it in the device manager no joy I looked for it in Computer management no joy When I was backing up my games partition to my backups partition the missing HDD showed up briefly but I wasn Windows 7 won't recognize new HDD t able to open it Then my pc froze and I had to reboot When I did this the drive was gone again What do I do nbsp
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Hi I'm using 8gb computer since 3 years ago
But yesterday, I found something strange.
I was using VMware, to use Ubuntu. but it was so slow.
So I checked my computer and I found the computer recognize only 4gb ram, not 8gb ram.
But I can racall that I checked my computer 2~3month ago and it said it is aleady recognize 8gb ram.
CPU-Z said it is installed that 8gb ram, but only use 4gb ram.
What is problem??

A:Windows 8.1 can't recognize 8gb ram

Do you have a 32 bit OS?
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I just installed the RC1 (Build 7100) from Build 7077 and my secondary 500gb HDD will not show up in explorer. I've checked my BIOS and it is listed there as a slave. How can I get Win7 to recognize my HDD?

Many thanks.

A:Windows 7 Won;t Recognize my HDD

The first step to take when any separate hard drive internal or external isn't seen with an assigned drive letter is to vist the Disk Management tool. That's found in the "Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Storage".

If the drive is seen "offline" that will mean you will need to see it initialized provided there is an MS partition on the drive like Fat32 or NTFS and not raw, unpartitioned or any other partition type for another OS like Linux. For Linux you would need a separate tool available to see it mounted in Windows.

Sometimes all you need to do there is click the refresh or rescan options if there isn't any prompting to format the drive. Then you simply right click on the visible partition and select the change drive letter option in order to select a free drive letter.
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I can't get windows 7 to recognize all my ram. I have 4 2gb sticks and all it says i have is 3gb in bios it says 2gb stick in all 4 slots.

Fresh diagnose shows one stick channel b dimm o at 0mb memory size, channel a dimm 1 at 1024mb and channel b dimm 1 at 0mb why doesn't it read right on windows but it reads it on the motherboard?

A:Windows 7 won't recognize all my ram

Is this a desktop or laptop? Whats' the exact make and model of this PC?
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Windows 2k will not recognize my cd drive that i recently installed its getting power and the IDE cable is fine. How do you get windows 2k to see it?

A:Windows 2k will not recognize

check disk management, make sure it's not trying to use a drive letter that is already in use or change the drive letter to Y or something.
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I recently installed 4 GB into my HP workstation. The RAM is DDR2 533. My motherboard has 4 DIMM slots and they are all taken up by 4 sticks of 1GB kingston RAM. The problem I am having is that Windows XP only recognizes 3.3GB and not the 4GB installed. Is there anyway I can modify this?

Thanks in advance!


A:Windows won't recognize 4GB of RAM

3GB of ram is a known limit on many motherboards. And I'm not sure XP can address correctly 4GB of ram (but another microsoft tech should correct me here if I'm wrong).

Check first on your motherboard manual how much ram it supports.

Have a look at this link on microsoft support :
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Hello, My father has an HD in an old machine, Windows 3.1 old. I tried hooking the old HD up to our newer machines with an external USB enclosure. The problem is Windows won't load it as viewable. It shows up under Computer Management, but I can't assign it a drive letter or anything, and have no way of getting to the files. The drive itself is small, I just want to be able to copy the contents into a folder on the current HD. Anyone know how to do this in Windows XP. Do I need special software?This is how the drives shows up under Computer Management.For whatever reason it shows up as one FAT and one FAT32 drive, neither with a drive letter.Thanks for any help or advice.

A:Any Way To Get Windows Xp To Recognize Old Hds?

Hi essentialTry, Go Computer Management click with the right mouse button on top of the drive and choose properties. In tab tools go backup now!I hope I have helped you Hug
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Hello everyone I have been trying to fix this problem for almost a month now I went to load up COD on my comp when I said the HDD had insufficient virtual memory and then the comp shut down I was using a gb HDD and when I went to restart it the HDD was clicking horribly so I figured it met it s life expectantcy I then plugged in a gb HDD that I was using as a slave and did a clean install of XP but right before I am supposed to get to the XP get Trying windows to to recognize HDD? Startup screen it will give the option to start in safe mode last known config and what not No matter what I select I get the Trying to get windows to recognize HDD? following BSOD A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer If this is the first time you ve seen this stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow these steps Check for viruses on your computer Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated Run CHKDSK F to check for hard drive corruption and then restart your computer Technical Information STOP x B xBA C xC x x I have tried so many different things including swithcing out the IDE cables re-installing XP chkdsk with and without the repair memtest with clean passes as well as a diag on the HDD that comes back fine If there is anything I haven t done it would be much appreciated for someone to help I have also gone to the Microsoft website regarding this particular BSOD but it all makes no sense to me and the last thing I want to do is start messing with stuff that I am not comfortable with Thank you all for your time and I hope something works nbsp

A:Trying to get windows to recognize HDD?

have you altered the jumpers on the hd
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Hello I'm new here and even when I checked the forums I don't really know if this problem speakers 5.1 recognize can't Windows 7 has been posted already and if that is the case I apologize I have a Logitech X- system and I just recently upgraded from Windows XP to Windows In XP the speakers worked fine and without any kind of issues but in Windows only the Windows 7 can't recognize 5.1 speakers ones in the front work the rest are dead In XP I had a Realtek Audio driver and I've tried all the recent updates for these drivers and nothing worked A lot of solutions say that I have to use the quot speaker fill quot option or other kind of configuration that implies the system is recognized at least somewhere but that's where my real problem is I don't even have that option it's like the system has determined that I don't have a sound system and gives me only the quot stereo quot options Does anyone have some ideas please

A:Windows 7 can't recognize 5.1 speakers

Look at the last page of this post .Audio 5.1 in Windows 7 Might help. Fabe
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When I attempt to install Windows 7 64-bit in a Virtual PC instance, I get the following error:
0xc000035a  Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode.
This is a mystery because I am running Windows Vista x64 on an Intel Core2 CPU.  The virtual machine's property page, however, shows a processor of "Intel Pentium III class" with "MMX, SSE2, Intel VT".  I have tried this both with and without hardware virtualization and with the maximum amount of physical memory.  The Virtual PC software that I installed is the 64-bit version, but it is reporting an incorrect CPU class.  Any help will be appreciated.
Kind regards,Opus

A:Windows 7 64-bit does not recognize 64-bit CPU in Virtual PC

This is a limitation in Virtual PC.
Virtual PC only supports 32bit guests.
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Hi All I wondering if anyone could help me when I'm playing a game on the pc I would like the sound to come from the speakers but use the front jack to plug in my headset and talk to friends on skype My problem is the sound from my game comes through my headset as well and it's very annoying Also if someone else is on the pc and i'm on a skype call I have to ask them to mute the sound on the pc I have Realtek Hd Audio Manager installed and it recognizes the headset when I plug it in but in control panel under sound it doesn't it thinks my headset is speakers I've searched and searched for a solution apparently older versions of Realtek had better options for controlling Windows recognize headphones won't 7 jacks the one I have even Windows 7 won't recognize headphones though it's all updated is very basic with no options to change any settings to do with jacks The annoying thing about this is this is a new pc and everything worked fine on my old pc so I know it can be Windows 7 won't recognize headphones done

A:Windows 7 won't recognize headphones

I've just discovered I haven't got a sound card just integrated sound from the motherboard, is this why i cant use speakers and headphones separately? Or should I still be able to?
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I have the version of MSDART for Win I forget which version OS 8 for does not MSDart Windows recognize number that is I have created the USB boot disk for it It will boot into the MSDART environment but many of the tools don't work MSDart for Windows 8 does not recognize OS such as regedit system restore SFC etc as it doesn't seem to recognize my installed legal Win Pro all the latest updates I forget what the error message is but something about not having found an OS I thought it worked earlier but I don't recall for sure I wonder if it could be due to the following The computer Lenovo X notebook came with Win installed on the installed HDD which is listed in the BIOS as Drive I MSDart for Windows 8 does not recognize OS installed an mSATA SSD and did a clean install of the OS on it and formatted the HDD which I use for storage The BIOS clearly lists the SSD as the boot drive and it boots up fine from it It is listed in the BIOS as drive however When I boot into MSDART I can still use Explorer in MSDart for Windows 8 does not recognize OS it I noticed although I had chosen the option to keep the same drive letters as the OS but I guess since it did not recognize the OS that the hard drive is listed as Drive C in it and the SSD is Drive D Therefore I am wondering whether MSDART only looks for the OS on the HDD listed as Drive in the BIOS even though the BIOS also lists the SSD as the boot drive Is there a way to fix that strange behavior

A:MSDart for Windows 8 does not recognize OS

How did you make the ISO or CD/DVD?
What version Legacy x32, Legacy x64, or UEFI x64?
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I have a dedicated video card.
Dedicated sound card(haven't even installed the drivers)
I've turned off the integrated card via BIOS.
No BIOS update is available.
4 1gb sticks of DDR. 2 are DDR400 and 2 are DDR333.
MOBO is Mach Speed msnv939.
Video card is Gefore 7800gtx.
sound card is creative xfi fatality.
BIOS sees all 4GB just fine. Just windows is messed up. And it's a fresh install.


A:Windows won't recognize RAM past 2.5GB

in task manager you get 2.5 total?
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I am trying to connect the above new printer to my computer not on a network single printer simple USB cable connection The software downloaded successfully the printer was installed and connected according 7 will HP Windows recognize Officejet not to directions and shows up Windows 7 will not recognize HP Officejet as the default printer on the control panel But I tried printing a Word document and nothing Windows 7 will not recognize HP Officejet happens I've consulted the HP troubleshooting guide and went through all the steps I checked the cable connections and everything looks OK I reset the printer by disconnecting and re-connecting the power Then I spent minutes on the phone with a patient HP advisor No success My gut feeling is that a setting in Windows somehow prevents the OS from recognizing the printer but I've installed other printers before with no trouble No other printers are now installed just the HP which won't work Before I exchange the printer and possibly run into the same problem I wonder if anyone has any ideas Help would be much appreciated

A:Windows 7 will not recognize HP Officejet

Try the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows.
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Ok recently we had a power surge which burnt our motherboard and power supply We replaced the power supply and motherboard SP3 doesn't recognize XP Ram Windows I don t know the new motherboard model Now Windows XP Pro SP will not recognize the ram in the motherboard above mb My husband ran Windows XP SP3 doesn't recognize Ram Belarc advisor and it sees all three ram chips at each but says that there is only mb usable ram I have tried changing max ram setting in the boot ini settings but it always resets back to mb I have tried several combinations of ram and using only stick of in each slot in turn but cannot get Windows to recognize the ram in the computer One of the ram chips was never in the computer that had the power surge and we did do a complete reinstall of Windows XP At this point I am ready to take a sledge hammer to the computer It was a custom built system so I don t have a lot of specs to give you but it is a AMD Semperon processor I have sticks of DDR PC double sided ram and stick of DDR PC single sided ram The person who originally built the computer gave us the replacement board and said that our ram would be compatable so I don t believe it is a hardware issue Bios is set for auto detect of ram Don t know if there is anything else I can provide to get a better answer but ask and I will try if it helps fix this computer I am trying to get a better job where I can work from home but have to have the computer to get the job nbsp

A:Windows XP SP3 doesn't recognize Ram

have you tried 1 at a time and see if the Bios recognise each 512K RAM Chip ?
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I am the only user of my pc. Now, when I attempt to modify some programs, it says that I have to be an administrator. Since I'm the only user besides "guest" (which I've never used), how can I get this OS to recognize me as admin? Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Windows 8 Does Not Recognize Me As An Administrator

Hello Ameretsu, and welcome to Eight Forums.

How were you wanting to modify them?

Is this a matter of not having access or permission?
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I have a Thinkpad T42 model 2373-c20 running Windows XP Pro. My hard disk crashed and I have had to reload my computer. I did not have a set of recovery disks so I had to use a generic set of recovery disk. I have had to manually install most of the drivers.

I am faced with the problem above which means that none of my USB external drive are recognized. I have been to the Lenovo support site and researched this problem with no luck.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

A:Windows XP Pro will not recognize new hardware


Make sure to download a program called TVSU (ThinkVantage System Update). Make sure to have at least your wireless drivers so that you can download all the updates that TVSU will find for you (usually 400-500MB). Otherwise, I do have a set of recovery CDs that I can make copies of for a nominal fee.

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I have a Scan disk mem stick and everytime that i have tried to install it i get the above message. I have windows vista home. When i go into device manager its there but nothing is happening, can anyone help plzzzzzzz, thanks Diane x
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I not a recognize as always 2nd Windows that is TV a used does monitor being have a laptop hooked up to my TV for the sole purpose of not purchasing cable ie I watch hulu anime sites other streaming video etc It s a Toshiba satellite and works fine otherwise The situation is the S-vid Windows does not always recognize that a TV is being used as a 2nd monitor to RCA Windows does not always recognize that a TV is being used as a 2nd monitor cable I have works fine but I have to instruct the computer to search for the TV every time I want to use it and then everything is fine until I shut off the PC I have another cable and this is not the case but it is adapted RCA to S-vid PC side and somehow ends up in black and white I would like to use the other cable and I really am just confused on why this would occur as the same video output is being implemented More than anything I am just really curious as to the cause even if there is no solution Again let me contrast the two cables Cable that only works when configured every time after windows starts RCA to S-vid cable Cable that is b w RCA to RCA with an S-vid adapter tacked on before it reaches the computer nbsp
Relevancy 47.73%

CD drive went bad on old HP PAVILLION 4440 machine. I only use for word processor, but need access to CD drive. I replaced original TEAC CD DRIVE with LITE ON MODEL LTN-529S CD ROM DRIVE. Pretty generic cd. When windows boots up, it will not recognize the drive. Will not find it using plug and play, will not find it using a driver I located for this particular drive. I can plug in the old drive and it see's it under MY COMPUTER, I plug the same cables into the new LITE ON DRIVE and it's not there? Desparately need this access...what am I missing?

A:Old 98 Windows Wont Recognize Cd

Did you make sure you had the jumpers set correctly. If it's the only thing on the IDE ribbon set it to cable select, if it is with another IDE device top is master and other is slave.
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Hi, I upgraded from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro using Microsoft's upgrade "app".  I'm finding that Windows 10 takes about 4 minutes from turning on the computer until the computer is ready for use after logging in.  I feel that Windows 7  took about 30 seconds to do the "same" task. My hunch is that Windows 10 does not recognize the 32 GB SSD.  I don't see the SSD under Computer Management | Disk Management.  I also don't think I see the driver for the SSD under device manager. I'm applied that latest updates from Microsoft.  All the HP updates from the HP Support Assisant have been installed.  The HP Support Assistant does not offer any drivers for me to install. 1. Is this how I check if Windows 10 recognizes the SSD?2. Where can I get the device driver?  Or get Windows 10 to load it? Cheers,  Rich

A:Windows 10 Upgrade Does Not Recognize SSD

Dear Rich, Did you find a solution yet?I think I am having the exact same problem.Already tried windows updates, HP Support Solutions etc.. Hope you found something! Lars
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I have a Toshiba laptop that I just recently restored to factory default. It came with Windows Vista and I have installed Windows 7 and have it as a dual boot system. When in 7, I have made an Icon for my internet connection but when I select it and try to sign in, it says it doesn't recognize that my modem is connected. Does anyone have any advice?
Please help!! Thanks!

A:Windows 7 does not recognize my modem

When in Windows 7, look in Device Manager. If there are any error symbols you will need to install Windows 7 drivers for those devices. One of the error symbols will probably be for the modem or for the port it's plugged into on your laptop.

Without the driver, your PC cannot communicate with that device.
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i had installed windows 8 before had a winload error, so decided to installed it to format it now i have nothing in my hdd but when i try to install win 8, win 8 cant recognize my hdd, the bios does.
help please? i would appreciate it

A:windows 8 cant recognize my HDD but the bios does

Try Cleaning the HD Drive, using Step one in this tutorial:
SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Forums
Than type> convent gpt ( for uEFI only)
& than Reboot PC to install.

Clean Install - Windows 8
If you have a uEFI BIOs:
UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) - Install Windows 8 with
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Due to a lightning strike I got a new computer with Windows XP. My previous version was Windows 2000. I have a Kodak EasyShare LS443 digital camera that I used with my old computer but I cannot get my new XP to recognize that I have a camera connected. I purchased a new USB cable thinking maybe it burned out in the lightning strike but that doesn't help me. I continue to get the error message that no camera is found.

A:Windows XP won't recognize my camera

Go to this site. Download the latest version of the software you need.
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Hi All here's a 8 won't Windows recognize partition my second hardware issue I have installed Windows CP on a separate hard drive This hard drive originally contained partitions This drive came with the OEM Vista as a part of the original Dell now all gone except for the drive therefore there is some small quot OEM reserved quot partition and two other one was system and one was data The system partition contained Vista but now it was wiped clean and re-formatted in the process of installing Windows Now it is the remaining partition that is the problem Windows does not recognize it It tells me it needs to be formatted quot the volume does not contain a recognized file system quot However when I use Windows on the same machine booted from another drive then there is no problem with this partition all data can be accessed without any problems the partition is formatted to NTFS and so on Any idea what might be a problem
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Hi Everyone I'm a newbie with an old problem I have Windows Media Edition and I want to take it off and replace it with XP Pro as many of my editing softwares don't like Media Center I have been at this for weeks Dell support are worse than useless and even Microsoft don't understand it Whenever I get to installing XP Pro a message comes up saying there are no drives to be found I have two GB drives and Media Edition is seeing them okay In fact I even tried re-installing Media Center just to see if the drives were seen they not will drives! Pro XP my Windows recognize were It's just XP Pro that refuses to see them I was using an upgrade disc but understand that won't work so I bought an OEM full install and I'm getting the same error message I've loaded all the possible SATA drives and still no luck Anyone have ANY ideas I'm going crazy Thanks in advance David

A:Windows XP Pro will not recognize my drives!

1. Can you see your drives in your bios? Are they detected / enabled?

2. What drives are they - ide, sata, raid, scsi, usb? What's their exact configuration?

3. You don't need to load "all the possible SATA drives" - if they are in fact plugged on a sata controller, you'll only need to have the specific WinXP driver for this specific controller.
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Hi everyone!

I have Toshiba satellite l750 notebook. OS is Windows 8 Pro. My notebook can recognize any CD/DVD except blank.
For testing I installed Windows 7 to it, then CD/DVD was recognized.
I think the problem comes from Windows 8. I bought Windows 8 directly from Microsoft as upgrade.
Toshiba L750-a057
Core i7 processor.
TSST corp CDDVDW SN-208AB Drive

Could anyone help me!

A:Windows 8 does not recognize blank cd/dvd

Hello keykavus,

Please visit the following link below:

Windows Media Center - Add to Windows 8

Sign up for the free product key and wait for your media center key. Install this first.

Then go to "Computer" > "Right Click the DVD Drive [E:] whatever you have it listed as" > Set Autoplay > Choose "Windows Media Center"

That should solve your problem. You are entitled to the free key as part of the upgrade promotion.
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I want to move photos from my phone to my SD card. Windows 7 shows the phone in the list of devices, but doesn't recognize it to open it.
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I just reformatted my hard drive amp reinstalled Windows SE but now Windows isn t recognizing my CD-RW Windows recognize burner won't I O Windows won't recognize burner Magic external CD-RW USB x x I ve plugged unplugged it amp turned it off on in various combinations but nothing brings up the Windows add new hardware wizard I ve also tried searching for new hardware When I ve used the quot get information from disk option quot using both the drivers on the disk that came with the CD-RW and the drivers on the website for the x x lt http techsupport iomagic com support cdrws magicwriter x x index htm gt and a variety of hardware types including storage device and other devices I ve repeatedly gotten a quot The specified location does not contain information about your hardware quot message The USB controllers are listed as working properly amp existing in all hardware profiles in the device manager When I d installed the burner prior to reformatting there was no problem Any ideas Thanks nbsp

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I have a DVD drive and CD-RW drive, with the DVD drive being the master and the CD-RW being the slave. I've had these two hooked up together since March and they have been fine. However, recently I have been having problems with both drives.

Lately my CD-RW has not been detected by Windows upon booting up. Sometimes the DVD drive isn't detected as well. As I type this, Windows isn't detecting either one.

Is there any way I can fix this so both of them always remain detected? It really is annoying to boot up a computer and not be able to use the cd drives..

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Hey guys, I was just browsing the internet last night, and the computer froze on me. I hard-killed it, and tried to turn it on normally. It didn't work, and once I rebooted again, it led me to "start windows normally" and "start up repair tool". It didn't recognize my OS, and I didn't know what devices to load, so I clicked next. It led me to the advanced system recovery options (startup repair, system restore, system image recovery, windows memory diagnostic, and command prompt). I've tried every single one of them, and none of them work except for command prompt.
I started looking up what to do when you're at the command prompt, but I have no partitions, and when I tried to create one, it said it couldn't because of an I/O device error.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

A:windows 7 does not boot; does not recognize OS

at command prompt type
chkdsk c: f/r
let check disk finish and type exit
reboot and see if it will start normally
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I have purchased a VuPoint Solutions FS-C1-VP scanner and have tried to install through the Hardware Wizard of my Windows XP..Professional system. Windows does not recognize the hardware when I connect the USB cable. This has never occured before. What do I need that I ma missing???
Appreciate some enlightenment...


A:Windows recognize hardware

Talk to
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When I hook up my external hdd, I get "USB device not recognized". It was working fine a few days ago. It also tells me that "one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned." My question is, is there any way to recover the files from this hdd? And if possible fix it completely, which i don't hope for too much.

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It says that the device has malfunctioned and Windows doesn't recognize it, and the only solution it offers me is to buy a new MP3 player. Since I can't afford that, I need help.

I can't see why it wouldn't be able to interface with the player now -- every other time it's worked fine. Any tips?

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just built a new computer and somehow between configuring my dsl connection and installing drivers for my audigy gamer, my sony 16x dvd just disapeared all of a sudden from my computer completely, my dvdr is still there but the sony drive wont show up in My Computer, or anywhere in Device Manager. im guessing this is somehow a windows xp pro related problem but im not certain why it would stop working like that w/no warning. anyone have any ideas? thanks

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I get to the part of the installation where you select a partition/drive, and there is nothing there. I have tried using different two different HDD both spin up but the installation doesn't see them. I have also switched out SATA Cables, used different power connectors, even tried loading drivers, and have reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS Battery. I am stumped on what the issue is, any suggestions? I have been working on it for the last 2-3 days but just cannot get anywhere, i'll take any advice i can get. Thanks!


GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 Intel Z68 Motherboard
Intel Core i5-2500 Processor
4x 1GB DDR3
Radeon 4870 Graphics Card
530 watt Power Supply
Seagate 320GB 7200 RPM SATA HDD ( tried to install first, no luck moved to the other HDD. Only one at a time connected. )
Maxtor 500GB 7200 RPM SATA HDD

No Disc Drive Atm Installing from Flash Drive

A:Windows 7 Installation does not recognize my HDD


Lets try something here. When you boot from the USB drive, and you get the Language screen, hold SHIFT+F10. A cmd window should open with the prompt showing X:

In that Window, type diskpart and hit enter. Now type list disk and hit enter. Please post back the output of list disk here.

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I have a 750 mhz processor with 385 mb ram. I reinstalled Windows XP on it. After Windows installed it wouldn't recognize my CDroms. After about 30 minutes. But, it installed from the drive.
Then yesterday I redone my son's Dell machine. After the install and reinstalling some of the drivers. It quit recognizing the two CDrom drives.
Can someone tell me what might be the problem?

Relevancy 47.73%

I just installed a new DVD/RW drive, but Windows isn't seeing it. It only sees it as a CD-ROM drive. All the cables are plugged in properly. I tried Add Hardware from Control Panel and trying through Device Manager, but no success. Usually Windows should recognize it when new hardware is installed.

Could someone please help?

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Thank you for considering my situation First the emotional state that I am in is punishment for the many opportunities I had to back up my work on cd I fear the worst for my Photoshop psd files that represent a year of the best work I have done to display my graphic design My computer is Ghtz with RAM and has a floppy zip and cd dvd drive At the time there were two hard drives both Maxtor I took my system to a private service to upgrade to RAM The serviceman booted with the hard drive in question and I replied that he booted the wrong drive I could tell because I saw my old wallpaper on the screen This drive is what does my Windows XP recognize not HD! Maxtor I have been using for storage When he booted to my new system hard drive he had to tell my that my comp suddenly could not recognize my storage hard drive I could see in the bios that it took a few seconds to auto recognize the maxtor drive But Windows XP clearly could not access the drive as I could see no D in My Computer This made me PARANOID and I made him Windows XP does not recognize my Maxtor HD! TAKE OUT THE DRIVE and put it in a safety bag Now my computer is upgraded and I can see for myself that Windows XP cannot accept the drive at all Bios can see that it is Maxtor but XP won t use it It was working fine before I took it to the service Now I don t care about anything but getting my stuff back from the invisible drive if possible This includes over a year of my work my portfolio and resume all my internet accounts and passwords FAQs and Tutorials I will never again trust Maxtor and will back up everything I have from now on Please give me some steps I could take that might lead to me getting my data back I am lost on what to do right now and can only think of typing long rambling impassioned pleas and posting it here I even put a quasi-hidden message in bold nbsp

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I am attempting to install a usb cable for my Kyocera kx16 cell phone, again. This is the second cable from a different supplyer. I installed the driver that came with the cable and get the message that the driver was successfully installed but when I plug in the cable I get the message USB device not recognized. I can see the driver in add or remove programs and when I go into the trouble shooting area of the error message it takes me to the device manager where it states no driver found. I have attempted to manually install the driver to no avail. I have also tried installing a second driver as was recommended by another website but that did not work either.
Thanks for any help.

A:windows xp does not recognize hardware

Is your cell phone able to hook up to your computer? Are you sure that the cable is specifically designed to work with your computer (computer, and operating system), or cell phone. (not a "works with all brands" cable)
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I recently got new computer with 64-bit Windows 7. I downloaded Apple 64-bit software Version of ITunes, and while it will download songs from ITunes Store, it does not recognize my IPod Nano under "Devices" on ITunes screen, and thus songs do not move to IPod. After uninstalling and reinstalling Itunes software again and trying different USB port (at Apple Tec Support's suggestion), it still does not recognize my IPod. Apple Support says I must have defective IPod, but I refuse to believe that as it worked fine on old computer with 32-bit Windows XP just prior to getting new computer. Does anybody know of a software or driver download that needs to be made yet for new computer to recognize my IPod Nano (3rd gen.)? I'm not ready to buy new IPod yet!
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I'm not sure if this is the right spot to post this, but here goes...

My iPod suddenly isn't recognized by Windows, let alone iTunes. It worked fine for the last year, and when I upgraded iTunes to version 7 it wasn't recognized by iTunes anymore. (windows saw it, tho) Apparently most everyone is having issues with v.7, so I went back to v.6. Everything was fine for 2 days, and now the iPod seems invisible to everything - exccept the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in the tray, that is. It does not show up in My Computer or anything. Any ideas? BTW I have posted in Apple's forums, but in 5 days I haven't received a single reply, and found no solutions in my searches there... Thank-you.

A:Windows won't recognize my iPod

G'Day Woodenhead,

Use the 'Safely Remove Hardware' wizard, and "remove" the iPod?; then, reboot the computer with the iPod? connected.
Now Windows? should recognise 'New Hardware Found' blah, blah.
The iPod? should be visible and operational.

Give it a try and post back with the results.
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My HP laptop(DV8000T) has gone crazy. Windows can no longer read EXE files. All my desktop icons show up as unknown white files. I can not due the reg fix for this I found online because I can not run regedit because it is an EXE file. Any clues?????

A:Windows XP does not Recognize any EXE files????

Take a shot at this
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i have a meade scopecam i bought last year. i tried to plug it in after installing the software and XP driver from and every time i plug in the usb cable a window pops up saying the usb device has malfunctioned and windows doesnt recognize it. i have 21 pictures on it and want to view them but cant can some1 please help me?i have a hp pavilion 513c

(this is a 2nd thread...sorry )

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I did a quick search on this site on quot Administrator not reconized quot and found the only threads mentioning this problem have both been closed My problem is that in trying to download the entire HP driver software disc for my hp printer psc series I was not able to download the entire software because I did not have Administrator s rights etc even though I was the only Administrator and sole user of this computer at that time I did some research online and followed one suggestion 7 Administrator recognize not Windows does that I followed which was to change the setting by going to Start typing cmd in search field and typing in net user administrator active yes This created another quot Administrator quot user which I am now finding Windows 7 does not recognize Administrator quite useless since many of my programs have already been downloaded on my first quot Administrator quot status I need to know how to remove the last one I created Administrator if possible As it stands right now the one I had before is the only one with the Windows 7 does not recognize Administrator option to delete Ugh In any case even having the second Administrator user status will not allow me to download the above mentioned software completely So I went full circle with the same problem with no solution Any help would be greatly appreciate to - Remove the second Administrator user and how to get Windows to allow me to download the above mentioned BTW I have already tried right-clicking the disc drive setup file and clicked Windows 7 does not recognize Administrator quot Run as Administrator quot - all to no avail Nothing seems to work I really need help LeLe BTW My computer is a desktop Dell Inspiron with Windows preloaded nbsp

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When I open Windows Explorer it does not recognize the CD\DVD drive. If I go to Device Manager, it says that the drive is working properly. I've tried to update the driver but it is the latest version. I have uninstalled the drive and when I reboot, I get the message that the drive is installed.. I have a restore point that I created that has the info needed for Explorer to recognize the drive. If I let the computer go to sleep, when I wake it up Explorer no longer recognizes the drive. Sometimes I have been able to reboot and get it to recognize the drive but not every time. Any suggestions?

P.S. I'm running Win 7, home premium, 64 bit with a terabyte drive and 6 gbytes of RAM.

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Dell XPS Gen 3 Core i7

AMD Radeon HD 7770

Main monitor: Dell Ultrasharp U2412M 24" - DVI

Secondary monitor: Acer 17" - VGA

System wont recognize the Acer

Any thoughts?


A:Ok. Now Windows 8 Won't Recognize The Second Monitor

I guess it was working under 7. Try the catalyst settings for using multiple monitors. Check Bios settings. If you have tried them switch dvi and vga monitor cables to different monitors. Thats all i can think of.
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So to bypass the waiting game for the new windows 10 upgrade, I went to the microsoft website and downloaded the available ISO. I am positive I have the correct version but when I put in my product key, it says product key does not work. I tried running lazesoft key finder and used the "product key" it found, which strangely was different from the one printed on the sticker on my PC, but it didn't work either.

I'm running:
Windows 7 home premium x64

I downloaded:
Windows 10 home x64 ISO

Any ideas why it gave me that error?

Ive tried this disc on 3 PCs now and none worked

A:Windows 10 ISO will not recognize my product key

The Windows 10 keys were listed on a website before the 29 of July
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I've been running Windows 8 on a Dell Inspiron 15R for almost two years. A couple of months ago, when logging on to my computer, it didn't recognize any keystrokes as I attempted to enter my password.
I was able use a mouse to use the accessibility option and then call up a screen touchpad to log in. I restarted the computer and then it functioned correctly.
This has happened two or three times since then. Once I log in as described above, the computer recognizes keystrokes for internet search but on at least one occasion I couldn't use my document writing program.
Any clues how to fix this?
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Hello, i want to ask. My windows cannot recognize my CD-R files. i put in my CD-R and windows recognize it as blank CD-R. while there's file (an autorun files and software installer) in that CD-R. i have pc and laptop, i try putting my cd-r on my pc (win xp sp2) my windows recognize the file, but when i try putting on my laptop (win 7 64bit) it recognized as blank cd-r. Can somebody explain this? Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Windows cannot recognize CD-R

Problem solved
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional bit Processor Intel R Pentium R Dual CPU T GHz recognize Windows does my touchpad.. not x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard TOSHIBA ISKAA AB Antivirus AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition Updated and Enable About months ago I opened and was cleaning out my laptop This is something I normally do every couple of months I connected everything back but when I turned it on I noticed my touchpad was not working I disassembled it again and while I was looking at the ribbon I noticed the connectors on the ribbon were messed up I found a new ribbon that was the same as the one I had in it and put that one in When Windows does not recognize my touchpad.. I turn it on the touchpad was still not working I check device manager but it was not seeing the touchpad My question is this could the messed up ribbon have fried the Windows does not recognize my touchpad.. on board connector for the touchpad or could the ribbon not be the right one nbsp

A:Windows does not recognize my touchpad..

I'd say chances are it's the wrong type of ribbon and it would work if you fit the correct one.
You say the one you fitted was the same as the original one, is it identical ?
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I have been having a problem with my CD DVD drive One day several months back in May my laptop a Compaq Presario F just stopped acknowledging the existence of my cd dvd drive When I ran the program from Microsoft that troubleshoots issues like drive Windows 7 CD/DVD won't recognize this it just tells me that my computer doesn t have one attached even though when I put a cd in the drive I can hear it spin Until recently I have just been living without the drive believing that it just broke or was misaligned or something and I was putting off getting a new one However last weekend my hard drive crashed We were able to rescue all of the info from the hard drive but had to replace the drive Somewhere in the process of all this the CD drive started working again We were able to get the new hard drive in then install Windows CD drive was working for a day or so after that was able to install Office and a couple of more programs Then something happened and the computer crashed again I had to do a system restore to get Windows to run again and then Windows 7 won't recognize CD/DVD drive everything I had loaded on CD from the previous day was gone and the CD drive was dead again Same thing Windows fails to recognize its existence We had an old dead laptop with a compatible CD drive so my husband swapped them The quot Windows 7 won't recognize CD/DVD drive new quot old drive has the exact same problem We are unable to figure out if we have broken CD drives and a new one would fix the problem or if there is some issue with Windows causing it not to see the drives The drive originally on the computer was a UJ- and the other one that we tried second was a UJ- From what we can tell there are no driver issues because they use a default driver The computer originally was sold with Windows Vista but it was compatible with Windows when I upgraded I have the original recovery disks for the computer that have Vista on them but when we first started to recover the computer after the hard drive crash it would seem that one of the recovery disks was corrupted I don t recall what the error was but if it is significant I could ask my hubby We could not get Vista successfully back on the computer but were able to install Windows Upgrade from the purchased disks without having Vista installed fully I really just need to know which direction to go with this buy a new CD DVD drive Wipe the computer and reinstall Windows I am hestitant to want to do this because if the CD drive still doesn t work I am really screwed then Talk to HP support about some kind of compatibility issue in the computer Would appreciate any help suggestions guesses anything at this point Thanks nbsp

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I have a laptop (Asus K55D) with two OS, Windows 8 and 7, operating through a KVM switch (trendnet tk-409). It is also connected to a Linux machine. Linux machine works fine. When booting the laptop, the Bios and the boot selection work fine too, and so does Windows 8 when booted. But when booted into Windows 7, while the display works, the keyobard and mouse do not. Any thoughts?

A:Windows 7 does not recognize a KVM switch

I think the problem is that your existing KVM is not recognizing that a keyboard and mouse is connected. I would recommend checking with the supplier of the KVM. I have used KVMSwitchTech's Cat5 KVM Switch solutions for multiple applications and they work great.
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I just bought a Toshiba notebook running XP home. It has 256 meg of ram but windows only recognizes 192 meg. Why is that?

A:Why does windows only recognize 192 meg of memory?

Well if the system has onboard video it will share the physical RAM, and thats what it looks like.
256-64 for the onboard =192.
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I have a fantom drive, 1tb, USB 3.0 external HD and after a clean install of Windows 10 won't get recognized. When I start the drive I hear the tones as if it has been activated but doesn't show up anywhere. I have tried resatarting, turn off turn on, unplug replug over and over but all I get is the tone that says Windows sees it but still can't find it anywhere. I have reinstalled the USB 3.0 driver and according to device manager it is working fine. I don't know anymore tricks to try. Can anyone help?
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I am having an issue with my HDMI Audio device not being recognize by Windows 10.The device does appear on the PCI BUS, see below. Only device I could fine in Device Manager when I view device by connection, is a device called High Definition Audio Bus with
device drivers amdkmafd.sys, drmk.sys, hdaudbus.sys, portcls.sys. Just no HDMI Audio Device? I read articles that this is a common problem with Windows 10?
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I just formatted my hard drive, installed Windows 2000 Professional and then immediately upgraded to Windows XP.

But it won't recognize my modem. No Found New Hardware (in fact it didn't do that once) or anything. And I found the modem drivers online (the model of the hardware is: 3COM 3CR29223) and put them on a disc to install. But it's only 4 files. I extracted it to C:\WINNT\system32\drivers and restarted but it didn't work.

any ideas?

A:Windows XP won't recognize modem

Upgrades can lead to all kinds of problems that are not present when a clean installation is done.

Just wipe your drive and install just XP from the upgrade disk rather than installing 2k first. The modem is probably just the beginning of the problems that you can thus avoid.
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I bought a Sansa e Windows E280 recognize my won`t just yesterday and so far I haven't been able to transfer musica videos or photos to it When I connected my e it said quot connected quot on the screen and the Found New Hardware icon showed up in my computer A short while after the Found New Hardware Wizard window popped up and said quot This wizard helps you install software for MTP Device quot I clicked on Install Software Automatically since it was recommended and then the window said Please Wait while the wizard searches So I waited while it searched for the MTP Device Once it stopped searching it said quot Cannot Install This Hardware There was a problem installing this hardware MTP Device An error occured during the instalation of the device The required section was not found in the INF Windows won`t recognize my E280 quot For some reason when I connect the device today it just connects and disconnects right after then connects again and so on How do I reslove it I have a XP SP and WMP Thank you very much

A:Windows won`t recognize my E280

Can you get into the sansa settings and set it to msc instead of mtp/mdm?

also heres the page for any firmware updates, check and see if they have one for you....
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Hi Here Not Norton Does Recognize Windows I am with my first set of problems I hope someone can help me I will try to describe as clearly as Windows Does Not Recognize Norton possible Here goes --- Since downloading Windows Service Pack and enabling Windows Firewall my antivirus system Norton Professional Edition is turned off in the Security Centre and a red icon on my system tray gives me a Windows Security Alert that my antivirus system is disabled When I go to the Security Centre Norton is turned off and the message says that Norton reports that the virus protection is turned off The Norton icon tells me it is enabled and when I open it all entries are green What can I do about this It makes me nervous that Microsoft does not recognize my antivirus system - is this important The Windows Firewall is on and automatic updates is on also My ISP is ca and I am on dialup I bought Turbo dialup from them and since then if I want to go to the automatic update site in Security Centre I cannot get in I receive an error message I have to turn the Turbo off and then I gain access I do not seem to get automatic updates now although is is turned on but since I asked for Microsoft Consumer Security Newsletters I get Download Notifications and then I turn the Turbo off and I go to the update site and ask for the updates right away As long as I have Turbo will this continue to be the case or is there something I can do about it I know I have dumped two problems at the same time Hope this is O K I would appreciate any help I can get Thanks Bondini

A:Windows Does Not Recognize Norton

This is the procedure I followed:

If you have a Norton product you will have to run Live Update Manually
twice after you install SP2. This will install an update to NAV itself and a WMI patch to allow
it to integrate with the Windows Security Console. You can now go back and if you
previously selected "I have an antivirus and will monitor it myself ." you can now uncheck it
and NAV will integrate with the Windows Secuity Console. NAV may ask if you want to allow
other software to be informed of its status. Approve this.
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I'm new here, and need help! I just did an upgrade from win 98 to win xp home edition and cannot get the modem recognized. When installing the modem manually, goes automatically to ports com1 & 2, but when doing a diagnostic of the modem, it cannot be found. I think the modem might be set to operate on a com 3, but how do you get the computer to recognize com 3?
Thanks for any help!!

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I have a new Acer Aspire X running Windows Home Premium I am attempting to connect my Blackberry via USB cable and 7 Recognize Windows Blackberry Not Will receive the following error message balloon from the icon tray quot USB Device Note Recognized quot Clicking this balloon lists the devices on the USB Root Hub with quot Unknown Device quot highlighted The Properties for this quot Unknown Device quot lists Device Status as quot Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code quot I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Blackberry Device Manager and Desktop Manager rebooted and have attempted Windows 7 Will Not Recognize Blackberry to use the Update Driver function from the Unknown Device Properties window multiple times Even after I manually direct Update Driver function to the correct directory it claims that quot The best driver software for your device is already installed quot Despite this when I click Driver Details it claims quot No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device Windows 7 Will Not Recognize Blackberry quot I have tried different USB cables and ports without success Also my Sony VAIO laptop continues to recognize the Blackberry without any problem Any advice would be appreciated

A:Windows 7 Will Not Recognize Blackberry

Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Sen

I have a new Acer Aspire X1301 running Windows 7 Home Premium. I am attempting to connect my Blackberry 8330 via USB cable and receive the following error message balloon from the icon tray: "USB Device Note Recognized." Clicking this balloon lists the devices on the USB Root Hub, with "Unknown Device" highlighted. The Properties for this "Unknown Device" lists Device Status as "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Blackberry Device Manager and Desktop Manager, rebooted, and have attempted to use the Update Driver function from the Unknown Device Properties window multiple times. Even after I manually direct Update Driver function to the correct directory, it claims that "The best driver software for your device is already installed." Despite this, when I click Driver Details, it claims "No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device."

I have tried different USB cables and ports without success. Also, my Sony VAIO laptop continues to recognize the Blackberry without any problem.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Raoul Sen.

Try right-clicking the Blackberry in Device Manager and going to properties.

Then click the "Driver" Tab and click "Update Driver".

From the two options, select Browse My Computer.

Then select "Let Me Pick From A list of Drivers on my Computer. Untick the "Show Compatible Hardware" box.

Choose a driver from the list that you think has the highest probability of working. And click Next.

Let it install.

If it works, close the window.

If I helped, click the scales at the top right of my post and click I Approve.
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This problem used to happen in Vista and just started popping up in my Windows 7 32 bit 7100.0.090421-1700. The drive is a 100gb Maxtor external usb drive. I've tried unplugging it and replugging it. Also I just rebooted with no luck. I'm going to boot to my 64 bit version to see if this problem occurs there.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't recognize USB HD

Well, I booted to my 64 bit Windows 7 and the same problem occured. It didn't see the external usb hard drive. I restarted and booted to Vista and the it saw the drive. I rebooted back into Windows 7 32 bit and it recognized the drive......................very strange.
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When I plug in my external HDD I hear the USB noise but it does not show up under My Computer It does however show up and it allows me to safely remove the device though it doesn't have the original device's name FlexDrive So not does external HDD 7 Windows recognize my instead of quot Eject Flexdrive quot it says quot Eject External quot I've been having this problem with this HDD for a while now but I would just eject it and plug it back in Windows 7 does not recognize my external HDD and it would recognize This time it was a different story it is not recognizing even though it lights up and the disk starts to spin This is what disc management shows as well also showing what I meant when trying to eject EDIT lol for example right now I just ejected it and plugged it in again and autoplay came up EDIT And now that I have it working this is what it looks like EDIT And this is what disc management looks like when it is working

A:Windows 7 does not recognize my external HDD

Glad to see you found your own solution and saw the drive initialized! GamerKingFaiz Welcome to the Seven Forums!

If you are now looking for seeing a drive letter remain longer even after unplugging and replugging the drive in you can reformat the factory Fat 32 if nothing is on it presently to switch that over to NTFS and assign the drive letter you prefer in the Disk Management tool.
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I have a microinnovations IC50C Basic Webcam. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver many times and Windows will NOT recognize the webcam, therefore it will not work even with the driver installed. It will say there is no webcam connected. Please Help. Much Appreciation!

A:Windows won't recognize my USB webcam.

if your usb works with other devices, then there is something wrong with the webcam itself. If not, your problem is in the USB
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I purchased a new HD in March and after copying the files from my old HD, I have been using the new one as the primary and the old one as the secondary. No problems. THe other day, I was updating windows and the computer was turned off. THe next time I go to use the computer, it freezes at the startup logo. I restart it, it freezes at the desktop. Then, I restart it, and it says something along the lines of "OS can't load" or "Trouble loading OS." I've been tinkering with recovery disks, but its now only recognizing my secondary HD, and it has it listed as C: (it had previously been D. Did my HD fry? I have no idea what's wrong.

Thanks in advance,

A:Windows Won't Boot or recognize my HD

Any chance of posting the exact error messages you see?
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I just (like a few minutes ago) reinstalled Windows XP because of a problem I was having. It fixed the problem, but all my programs aren't in the registry...obviously. Is there a way for windows to recognize all the programs I have installed...or is there another solution to my problem? I probably should have backed up my registry, I bet, but if there is a way to do this. Please reply.


A:How do I get windows to re-recognize my programs?

You'll have to reinstall all your programs to get them back in the registry...sorry.
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OK, this is driving me crazy. A user account expired, so I re-set it for another 3 months. However when attempting to log in it continues to say "account expired"! No matter where I attempt to login from, whether it's XP or 98....I have synced with the PDC, I have copied the account renamed it (at which point it tells me that account doesn't even exist), FINALLY I deleted the acct, re-created it with the same name....still says it's expired!!?? And I can login as myself or other users? HELP!!

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I have a Dell PC running Windows XP.

It has ports with Ethernet LAN cards.

I want to connect this to my cable modem which offers Ethernet via USB cable.

I downloaded the appropriate drive for the brand of cable Modem (Cisco).

When I connect the cable, XP does not seem to recognize it or connect my PC to Internet.

Suggestions? Thanks

A:Windows XP does not recognize Ehternet USB

Hi rgeller

Does the modem offer ethernet cable connections as well as USB? If so, try using ethernet cable to connect to the Dell. I find that ethernet cable is much more reliable. It just works. No drivers for the cable modem should be needed for the Dell. None at all. So long as the network device in the Dell (that provides the ethernet ports) shows up as OK in Device Manager = just plug in the ethernet cable & Windows XP should detect the Internet connection (as long as your cable modem is working).

Check the documentation for your cable modem device to see what connections it accepts. Also look to see if it is a combination cable modem/router/firewall device. Many are. If your Cisco device is such a combo unit, make sure that the firewall is enabled -- to enhance your online security.

If your Cisco device has neither router nor firewall, adding such a device will greatly enhance your online security ... and if wireless, provide an easy way for you to share your Intenet connection with other computers in your home.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

P.S. ... I'm assuming your Dell doesn't have a wireless network adapter. If it does have one, forget wires, & connect wirelessly.
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Windows XP (on my Sony Vaio computer) will not recognize a DVD-RW when it's loaded in my drive. I receive the message "Please insert a writeable CD". I've tried a few things, but to no avail so far. (I did try a hotfix from Microsoft which did not do the trick).
Any ideas ? Thanks !!

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I have tried several times, but my computer won't recognize my camcorder. I am using firewire connection, and it will alert when I plug it just doesn't recognize what is hooked up. Any tips for me...I know it is a driver issue, but i'm not sure what to do. Thanks
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Thank you everybody devices not recognize USB 7 will HDD Windows for sharing your advice I see many people have had similar issues and had it resolved Sorry if this sounds Windows 7 will not recognize USB HDD devices like a repeat but having read through many responses I have not found what will fix my problem Last week I installed Windows build -bit It's great except the issues with driver compability etc and now this I have two different Hard Drives both connected via USB that the system does not recognize at all Both have their own power source and previously worked in Windows Vista -bit and both are barely one year old with no prior issues The Black Widow below also is less than one year old is a Quantum Fireball lct in an Acomdata enclosure is a Maxtor SATA connected through a Thermaltake Black Widow docking station I do not have another SATA drive to test in it but am positive it is in perfect condition Both hard drives mentioned are for backups and I really need to access a b u set I have reviewed the information in the disk management msc the disks do not appear at all any ideas Thx

A:Windows 7 will not recognize USB HDD devices

my maxtor external driver wont appear also..
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I just purchased a 22cwa monitor to use with my HP laptop. When I connect via HDMI, Windows 10 does not recognize the monitor to allow me to Extend the display. I can only duplicate the laptop display. Is there a new driver for Windows 10?
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I am running Windows 7 Ultimate on a Macbook Pro, and I would like to use the laptop screen as well as my ASUS 23" lcd monitor. When I open the display > screen resolution window, it shows that I have only one display, and gives me no options for multiple displays. The same image is displayed on both screens. My 2nd monitor is hooked up through DVI, and worked just fine with Windows XP. Does anyone know what my problem might be?

A:Windows 7 will not recognize my 2nd monitor

Bootcamp is the problem here, Windows 7 is too new for it, but this is what I've heard, it's no proof.
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Please help. I'm putting together a computer and my operating system (Win 98SE) won't recognize my DVD as a drive. What do I do?

A:Need Help - Windows won't recognize DVD Drive

Did you install the driver and reboot?
Does the system BIOS recognize the drive?
Is the DVD drive on the secondary (port/cable) by itself?
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I have 3 system and they have in the network. all the systems having windows xp. My probelm is i had 2 external HDDs before 2 days back it is working fine. after 2 days it is not recognized in my systems even i cant see the drive icons in windows explorer, Device Manager, and Drive Management.. I check in removable media also.

can anyone solved this probelm ???

A:Windows not recognize External HDD

I had the same sort of problem a while back with an external HDD, my system wouldnt recognise it at all, just pluging it in, although the manual sed it would instantly recognise and install it.
There was always the problem of it being and unrecognised device.
Eventually i had to go online and download specific drivers for the device in order for it to be recognised. Works fine now though.
Id have a look online for your External HDD drivers and install them on the PC's not recognising it.
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I purchased a used computer running Windows XP yesterday, and last night discovered that Windows does not recognize either the CD or DVD drives. Both drives open, but inserting a disc into them has no effect. Windows Explorer shows only the C:/ drive. Suggestions? Thanks.

A:Windows does not recognize CD or DVD drives

Have you verified that they are connected properly? Do you see the drives listed in the BIOS or during POST?

If everything is good hardware wise try this:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
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For Christmas I got a pair of Razer Blackshark headphones/headset. It's great and the bass is kick ass. But for whatever reason Windows 7 does not recognize that I have it plugged in. I hear audio and what have you but it's using default system audio levels. So if I unplug my headset and turn up the audio and then replug them, I get my ears blasted because it doesn't auto adjust.

The funny thing is, it works fine on Windows 8.1. It is recognized as a headset and everything. Show disabled devices is enable on Windows 7 and it is not there.

Realtek Control Panel doesn't even detect it.

A:Windows Won't Recognize Headset

Hi Collin,

Try to update the drivers from here and after that try this.

1. Go to Start and click on Control Panel.
2. Click in Sound, then a new window will open up.
3. In the new windows click on the tab "Recording" and right click in the window and click on “Show Disabled devices”.
4. Now check if the Headphone is listed there and right click on it and choose enable.
5. Highlight the headphone and click on "Set as Default".
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This is a new one on me and after a search I can not find anything similar so here goes.When I put a blank DVD into my PC the small window that opens to ask you what you want to do with the media recognizes the DVD as a CD Here is a screenshot..........

I can still burn DVDs in Nero 6 and Nero recognizes the DVDs as DVDs so this has me bamboozled Anyone know why this is happening?and how do I get it sorted?

TY Colzie

A:Windows does not recognize my DVDs

Can anyone help me out with this problem?