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I am thinking about upgrading my CPU and switching over to Intel but...

Q: I am thinking about upgrading my CPU and switching over to Intel but...

So I am thinking about upgrading my cpu and switching over to intel but I cant really come up with any good reasons to buy a new cpu and motherboard other than my cpu is outdated and I would like to be able to record lets plays and gameplay. Are there any other pros to buying a new cpu? Like would the performance of my machine increase substantially or something?
P.S I was going to go with a:
Intel i5-3570k
ASRock Z77 Extreme3 ATX LGA1155

pc current specs:
AMD FX-6100-six core processor
16 gb 1033 mhz ram
XFX Radeon 6950
ASUS M5A97 motherboard
windows 7 ultimate

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Preferred Solution: I am thinking about upgrading my CPU and switching over to Intel but...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: I am thinking about upgrading my CPU and switching over to Intel but...

Depends on what you're doing - if you do a lot of video encoding or CPU heavy tasks then it might be a worthwhile upgrade but if not then either upgrade your GPU if your main focus is gaming or SSD if you just want a more responsive machine for general use.

Unless your current CPU is frequently running at 100% there's no real reason to spend so much on an upgrade to a 3570K especially as Intel's next gen Haswell processors are coming out in a few months.
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After two days of unsuccesful attempting to install Windows 10 (from Windows 7) the newest Windows OS software installed correctly on my Inspiron N411z with Intel i5 (and upgraded to a SSD HD two years ago). BUT, now it does not switch automatically between audio coming from the build-in speakers to a headphone connected with the headphone socket visa versa. The Original Smartaudio software interfered with Windows 10 and does not offer a new windows 10 safe version. After having read various advices I de-installed and de-activated the Original Smartaudio from my laptop. Default audiodrivers is now the microsoft audio driver. I can switch between speaker-sound and headphone sound "manually" by going to sound settings and setting either speakers or headphone as the standard. But this is annoying. Anybody a solution to get the switching done automatically like before?
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My recent BSoD issue has prompted me to think about making a major change in my computer. Currently I have a Q6600 G0 step, with 8Gigs corsair DDR2, on an Asus P5Q Mobo. The other hardware I am satisfied with but with the rash of BSoDs I had recently which I think is solved as of tonight removing a system device that was using asacpi.sys file I have thought of changing back to AMD.

I usually update/upgrade my PC every other year with tax refund money, this year would be my time to do so again, so I am thinking of going to a AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition and a suitable board that will use my current Ram. I left AMD use when CPUs hit the 1.5Ghz range ages ago and would like to hear some people who use them currently opinions on quality, speed and lifespan.

So AMD users, chime in please.

A:Thinking of switching...

Look at my Q6600 system specs. No Issues.
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Running XP SP AMD Athlon Gb Ram I am a lomg time Norton user I know it has always been a rude resource hog but the version was considerably less of a problem about interrupting my work and I trusted it pretty much Along with my AVG Anti-Rootkit AVG Anti-Spyware Spybot - S amp D Spyware Blaster and SUPERAntiSpyware I have never been infected They've all except for the anti rootkit caught a few bugs For you can get the AVG Internet security Thinking from of switching AVG Norton to suite Or for you can get the free version each of Firewall and AV What does the Internet security have that the Firewall AV does not If there is a free version of the IS I didn't see it at AVG com How big of a functional advantage would I see between the free and paid Thinking of switching from Norton to AVG versions I really don't mind paying for safety Thinking of switching from Norton to AVG Is there any way to assemble a suite that equals the IS safety-wise I know that it will be without some conveniences I understand I'll have to manually update them all but that is not a concern Other than reading up on un-installing Norton do any of you have an opinion about these options I really like to have a lean squeaky clean system Thanks Rusty

A:Thinking of switching from Norton to AVG

Oh well... I read in a couple of places that AVG was a memory hog too. My NIS 2008 was hardly noticable except when it decided to interrupt your work with Live Update; way better than previous versions. I wanted the paid AVG and it cost more than Norton. So I got NIS 2009 for $29.95 after rebate.
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I live in Michigan northwest of Detroit A while back I resolved to upgrade my internet I was on an AT amp T Megabit connection and wanted more I was also having disconnect problems I figured I would switch to U-Verse and if that had problems I d switch to Comcast Now I m thinking of taking that final step and switching to Comcast as soon as I get a new job I have frequent disconnects at night and these techs look like they ll never get things right I have to call them yet again tomorrow switching of U-Verse from Thinking to Comcast. Now I call Comcast the final step for a reason There s no turning back To switch over I d have to pay around bucks for equipment installation and the settling of an old Comcast Cable debt Needless to say this better be worth it I would need a stable unflinching connection at almost all times I cannot possibly exaggerate how much stability is the backbone of this decision So I need to know some things before I dive in from those of you with Comcast and possibly living in the Michigan area Does Comcast have any connectivity issues Any of you have the modem disconnect when gaming online Any online lag spikes Does the customer service suck as much as I hear Anything weird I really need to know The plan I m looking at has x the speed of my connection right now but that will be useless if the service is picking and Thinking of switching from U-Verse to Comcast. choosing when it wants to work like it is now Please let me know if you d like any more information OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor Intel Pentium CPU GHz x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel G GV GL Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc M CN B M Antivirus Avira Desktop Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled nbsp

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so im thinking of switching to windows from vista home premium but its been firs few of 7, need Thinking switching a to answers but quite some Thinking of switching to 7, but need a few answers firs time since ive reformatted and the times i did do it things didnt go so i have some things id like to ask confirm Please let me know if im right or wrong Thinking of switching to 7, but need a few answers firs or any easier ways around my messed up though process thanks Ill need to use windows easy transfer or the backup and restore center or do it manually to keep all my files Ill need to reinstall all of my games i e fallout portal etc as Thinking of switching to 7, but need a few answers firs well as any programs like utorrent The driver for my video card will also need to be reinstalled When i got this computer it had a recovery partition on it only about gigs How will i make one once i reformat with windows do i need to create the partition when im installing or is there an option or something to create a recovery partition once its up and running thats all i can think of for now i suppose but if anyone can tell me how far off i am that would be great thanks again

A:Thinking of switching to 7, but need a few answers firs

Be sure to make your Vista recovery disks off of that Recov partition as it will be disabled when you install Win7. There is no recovery partition created during Win7 install, although you can make a primary formatted partition to store the Win7 backup image in addition to storing it externally in case of HD failure.

Here is the best tutorial: Clean Install Windows 7

I think you'll be surprised at how driver-complete the Win7 installer is. It really isn't necessary to install any drivers except those missing in Device manger after install, or if performance dictates. Other drivers/apps can be found on your manufacturer's Support Downloads webpage for your computer model.
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I`m thinking of switching to Linux and I need advice.

Ive been always thinking of switching to LinuxOS these past few months...

Im getting tired of windows security issues..

I can't sleep anymore...

1.Im a gamer..

2.Im using XDA mini.. (which is windows mobile, that's why im planning to replace it with

Motorola E680 that uses linux)

3.Im a newbie.. (in Linux World)

I really need some expert's advice...

Edit: Please use proper thread titles from now on. Thanks.

A:I`m thinking of switching to Linux and need advice.

Ive never used Linux but persoanlly have never had any problems with windows... If you tell us your problem, we may be able to solve it for you.


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I am thinking of switching video cards but I don t know if it is of video cards switching thinking compatible The card is a GeForce FX PCI and here are my computer specs -inch CRT flat screen monitor AMD Sempron processor operates at GHz KB L Cache and MHz FSB MB DDR x MB SDRAM PC Expandable to GB GB hard drive nVidia GeForce MX Graphics MB DDR Shared Memory thinking of switching video cards Mbps Ethernet LAN integrated network Pair of desktop speakers eMachines BigFix feature identifies and resolves problems that affect the system before they occur Protect your new computer from the unknown with pre-installed Norton Internet Security Anti-Virus Anti-Spam Firewall and Parental Control McAfee Anti-Spyware and eMachines Easily create photo slide shows and burn CDs or DVDs with the thinking of switching video cards preinstalled Nero software Windows XP Home edition operating system pre-installed With the Double Layer x DVD - RW store up to GB of your favorite video music photos or data -in- Digital Media Manager for thinking of switching video cards Secure Digital SD Smart Media Micro Drive MemoryStick Memory Stick Pro Compact Flash Multimedia Card USB Mbps Ethernet LAN integrated Network K ITU V ready Fax Modem Modem Write max x DVD -R x DVD-RW x DVD RW x DVD R Double Layer x DVD RW x CD-R x CD-RW Reads max x DVD-ROM disks x CD-ROM disks nForce -Channel Audio Audio nVidia GeForce MX graphics MB DDR Shared Memory MB DDR SDRAM PC expandable to GB Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP Preloaded with Microsoft Works software Microsoft Money Microsoft Encarta Online AdobeAcrobat Reader Microsoft Media Player RealNetworks RealPlayer CyberLink PowerDVD Nero Suite Dimensions quot W x quot H x quot D Weight lbs Please I would like to know as soon as possible if I can use that card on my computer please and thank you nbsp

A:thinking of switching video cards

did I post this in the wrong section or something? If I did i'm sorry but I don't know where to post it it's about a video card.
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I'm thinking of switching over to Firefox from IE7. My coworker says it is much better all around. Currently, I have my IE favorites saved to a different folder from the default Windows location. I used TweakUI to redirect the faveorites folder location. Does anyone know if that is possible with Firefox as well? I carry my favorites folder on an external HDD that I store all my data to and take with me from the home PC and the office PC.



A:Firefox Favorites locations - Thinking of switching from IE7

Yes, the favorites (Called Bookmarks) are part of your Profile. See this link.
Managing Profiles
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I advice? Droid of Iphone to switching from X- Thinking ve had my iPhone gs for about a year and a half Love it really love it However there are a couple of things I hate about Thinking of switching from Iphone to Droid X- advice? it one of them being the obtuse confusing ITunes file structure Why since Apple is supposed to be so famously user-friendly did the design something so complicated when a simple FTP or similar structure would have been so much simpler I have heard that the Droid file structure way to import music etc is much simpler that you can simply drag and drop files back and forth between hard drive and phone I would much prefer that The other thing is that A T amp T service is very poor at least where I love Santa Barbara Ca area Everyone says Verizon service is way better so I d love to switch just for that alone The other reason is that I have come to depend on A T amp T navigator and it will no longer work on my phone talked to A T and T Apple all of them they can t get it working Thinking of switching from Iphone to Droid X- advice? again Apple says I should upgrade I know this is probably trivial as there are other gps apps out there but Thinking of switching from Iphone to Droid X- advice? this one was great Any ideas thoughts on Droid vs Iphone would be appreciated nbsp
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I need a new antivirus since Avast has become terrible*, I'm thinking of going with Bitdefender free. Any advice or caveats (pro or con) you guys could give me?
(*Avast's actual anti-virus is probably just as good as ever, but, Avast now automatically installs other softwares like a web browser even when you had it set to manual updates. I refuse to run any software on my computer that will randomly install other software whenever it wants to without asking me. That's malware behavior.)

A:Thinking of switching from Avast to Bitdefender, any advice?

Yes, avast has been becoming more of a disappointment for the past several years.Why avast is loosing customersSorry, but your product and whole company is one big messIf folks are looking for a free alternative I generally recommend recommend either Sophos Home Free Antivirus or Bitdefender Anti-virus Free Edition.For those who do not mind a paid for product, I generally recommend ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus or Emsisoft Anti-Malware as they leave a small footprint...meaning they are not intrusive and do not utilize a lot of system resources. Kaspersky Anti-virus is also a good choice for the same reason.For more suggestions see Choosing an Anti-Virus Program.See my comments at the bottom of Supplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools as to why I recommend Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
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First up nice forum you guys have here Looks good and has plenty of good info But anyway next week I start university Upgrading Thinking About and I might be getting Windows through MSDNAA for free Now I have a laptop that is currently running a bit version of Vista premium edition which runs everything I need well enough except I really want Windows for the extra performance and since it's going to be free Also I'm wanting to bit version too just to be clear But before I dive in and upgrade to it I have several questions I'm hoping some people here can help me with These being Is it worth upgrading to interms of how stable and how many programs work on it without any problems I'm doing web development and so the following programs will be used on a daily basis MS Visual Professional Microsoft Expression Microsoft Office Adobe Photoshop flash dreamweaver fireworks etc Bullguard Anti-virus software Thinking About Upgrading Audacity Sony Sound forge I take it I'll still be able to download all the Acer programs that came with my laptop from their site Just wondering if anyone else here has upgraded their laptop and to download all the Thinking About Upgrading pre-installed programs again How do games run on Thinking About Upgrading Windows Mainly Steam games like CSS TF DoD S and Battlefield Will it be possible to upgrade the W without having to format my HDD which will probably save me having to download and hunt for all my DVD with my files on them I take it the battery life on laptops is increased in Windows when compared to Windows Vista Can I still revert back to Vista should I need to for what ever reason I'll probably have more questions later but these are my primary concerns Cheers

A:Thinking About Upgrading

Quote: Originally Posted by QuackPot

First up, nice forum you guys have here. Looks good and has plenty of good info.

But anyway, next week I start university and I might be getting Windows 7 through MSDNAA for free. Now, I have a laptop that is currently running a 32bit version of Vista premium edition which runs everything I need well enough except I really want Windows 7 for the extra performance and since it's going to be free.

But before I dive in and upgrade to it I have several questions I'm hoping some people here can help me with. These being:

1. Is it worth upgrading to interms of how stable and how many programs work on it without any problems.

I'm doing web development and so the following programs will be used on a daily basis.

MS Visual Professional 2008
Microsoft Expression 3
Microsoft Office 2007
Adobe Photoshop, flash, dreamweaver, fireworks etc
Bullguard Anti-virus software
Sony Sound forge
2. I take it I'll still be able to download all the Acer programs that came with my laptop from their site. Just wondering if anyone else here has upgraded their laptop and to download all the pre-installed programs again.

3. How do games run on Windows 7? Mainly Steam games like CSS, TF2, DoD:S and Battlefield 2.

4. Will it be possible to upgrade the W7 without having to format my HDD which will probably save me having to download and hunt for all my DVD with my files on them.

5. I take it the battery life on laptops is increased in Windows 7 when compared to Windows Vista?

6. Can I still revert back to Vista should I need to for what ever reason?

I'll probably have more questions later but these are my primary concerns. Cheers.

I would run the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser first to check on your programs.

1. Most definitely, it's so stable and so much faster, you'll be so glad you did.

2. Of course you will.

3. That I don't know but I would imagine better if there is support for them yet, but don't worry there will be next month.

4. You can do an upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium, any other version would require a clean install. Like 32-bit Vista Home Premium, to 64-bit 7 Home Premium. I however recommend no matter what install you do, that you do a CLEAN INSTALL!

5. Yes, it does improve battery life.

6. Of course you can but trust me YOU WON'T EVER NEED TO.
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Hi there It s been a while since I ve put together my own system so I m out of touch with what s going on with pricing and options out there so I d love some suggestions or input here I have need of aid! upgrading- Thinking a store-bought system currently a VPR Matrix MODEL It s a Ghz processor I also have M Ram I messed up my order one time when upgrading to GB and ended up with instead Hehe- Oops I m not sure how to find out exactly what motherboard this system has I looked on the VPR website and it simply says that an Intel motherboard was used It has a soundblaster Live soundcard My saving grace is my video card a GeForce GT OC which makes most games still function fine on my system which will carry over to the new upgrade Anyhow I am a major gamer and it s long in the tooth now I m looking for an affordable processor and or mobo and definitely more RAM I either need to keep the mobo I have and upgrade RAM and Thinking of upgrading- need aid! the processor to a x or get a new Thinking of upgrading- need aid! mobo and processor Just something to extend the system another year or two max If I had a budget of say - what would be a good course of action I saw a nice processor that is a Dual Core for but it said it s a Ghz and I m not sure how games treat that from a specs standpoint- seems like having the dual core would make it work for Thinking of upgrading- need aid! games that require processors Anyhow what would be an affordable route to take here Any ideas are welcome I just don t have the cash to get a new system nbsp

A:Thinking of upgrading- need aid!


I am 98% sure that your video card is a AGP card wich makes your "Saving Grace" 6800GT the weak link in your chain.

Todays graphics interface is PCI Express. Problem is motherboards that you want to upgrade your platform to are not made with AGP anymore. Meaning you need a new graphics card.

But for a nice little system that performs rather well and dont break the bank id look at this article.
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hi here
I'm needing advise on upgrading from win me to win xp. Now i'm not a boff but do know a little but don't know if its safe to upgrade. At the moment my computer is a
Packard bell windows Me edition
and how much i'm i looking at/or what price should i pay

A:thinking of upgrading

as I asked when my mother decided she was going to upgrade, 'why?'. XP is safe enough when used in conjunction with user education (as is anything, I guess), and as I've used both, I'm pretty happy with XP.

Again, tho, if you are happy with ME, and happy with the way the PC is running, I wouldn't change a thing.

As for price, too many variables. Need a monitor/keyboard/other peripherals, how big a processor you need, how much RAM, what are you using hte pc for, etc etc etc.....basically if you buy off the rack (as opposed to building it yourself), and don't need anything too glamourous, I woudn't spend over $700 for a desktop.

hope that helps, if not, hit me with some more specifics.
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I got a lot of money for my birthday this year and I want to get some smaller upgrades and use the rest for games and other things I have been looking into the new graphics cards a lot and I refuse to get a new one until they sell cheap motherboards with Lucid s Hydra chipsets or at least until the gt series comes out and drives prices down My current specs are PSU bfg tech ls- certified when rage had that list in his signature about upgrading Thinking it ether said it had a or amp combined v rail output or something like that Motherboard gigabyte M SLI-s V gigabyte s site says its compatible with phenom and on am or am but Note Thinking about upgrading If you install AMD AM CPU on AM motherbord the system bus speed will downgrade from HT MT s to HT MT s spec however the frequency of AM CPU will not be impacted Click to expand so I m not sure if that will effect performance RAM Read carefully I have GB total but because Wintec sells Aeneon memory as if it was there own as in its got the same model number on newegg and has the same heatspreader I have ended up with gb of authentic wintec memory and gb of aeneon with wintec heatspreaders and they don t like to be overclocked together When I overclock my current windsoar not a black edition with the FSB clock to much sticks get ignored but still show up in programs like CPU-Z Unless this is a problem with my ancient motherboard ignoring ram slots I will not be able to overclock by changing the FSB clock by more than mhz Hard drives One excellstor gb hdd Cheap brand its loud but not sure about reliability and one western digital blue mb cache Very quite Video card XFX mb with an accelero s rev and zalman copper ram heatsinks all with arctic silver All temps stay lower than c after well over an hour of constant - usage but overclocks worse than anything I know of CPU AMD athlon windsoar mb l cache at ghz with a zigmatec hdt-S speedfan and coretemp seem to show weird temps like c idle and c with usage but easytune and my bios seem to show temps below c at idle so I m not sure which to trust Sound card Go ahead and laugh A creative soundblaster audigy SE Case Thermaltake armor JR I am trying to keep the price below but I can go over that I am almost out of space on both of my hard drives so I want to get a new one but I could just stop copying entire game installations to mod them completely Its for gaming I dont do much media editing though I do like to throw hundreds of objects around in the cryengine sandbox editor and I do mod real time strategies so they have almost no unit cap so I would think the extra processing power would help My proposed upgrade is based on the theory that a phenom would overclock and work well with my motherboard Tell me if there is a better route Phenom http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Western digital caviar green gb mb cache http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Fan to keep hard drive cage cooler http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Please forgive my horrible spelling sentence structure and grammar PS if you have had your head buried in sand here is a link about the truly amazing Lucid Hydra chips http www anandtech com video showdoc aspx i nbsp

A:Thinking about upgrading

I would recommend this hard drive instead.

It seems that the Hydra 200s will feature only on Intel boards for a while to come. So if you don't really need the performance boost right now don't buy a new AMD CPU as you'll eventually change to the Intel platform. However, if you are decided on a new CPU then the X3 720 is a great buy.
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I have an HP a305w Pc Intel celeron 2.7 gig processor,It came wit 256 mb of ram but i have upgraded to 1 gig,I have also added an Nvidia 6200 Vid card,But i am thinking of changing the motherboard to a intel pentium d processor with dual core,Where does the bios come in ? I have heard if you change the motherboard you need new bios,which i can totally understand,But does that come with the motherboard or do you have to buy that seperate?I would much rather buy a new pc but i cant afford all the cost at once,It would be nice if i could just slowly upgrade,One of the biggest reasons i want to do this is get a faster processor and ultimately get away from PCI! I want pci express . Any Help would be very much appreciated..Thank's........ Brian

A:Thinking about upgrading.

HP computers, usually, cannot be upgraded much.
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I'm thinking about upgrading my system, but I'm not sure what I want. I'm either upgrading my speakers or my graphics card. My current speakers are the cheap ( but decent) Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 surround sound speakers. My current graphics card is a GeForce 3 Ti200. I was thinking about either upgrading to the Logitech Z-680 5.1 speakers (to compliment my Sound Blaster Audigy 2) or the Radeon 9700 Pro. Both are about the same price, and I only have the money to get one. So, which should I get? Ahhh.... I hate hard decisions.

A:Thinking about upgrading...

Forget about upgrading speakers and go for a home hi-fi setup from a reputable local dealer. PC hi-fi is a con and not worth it, IMHO.

I would go for the graphics card. Never saw a GPU upgrade that didn't do some good.

And RAM, too. HDD space if you have a broadband connection.

But then its also nice to add some new feature through a PCI card as well.
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Hello all. Just wanted to get some advice on upgrading my MOBO, Processor, and Mem. My system specs are as follows:

Pentium 4 2.66GHZ processor
Soyo p4x400 Dragon Ultra Platinum MOBO
1GB Corsair XMS PC-2700 Mem
Soundblaster Audigy 2
Visiontek Radeon X1950 Pro (256MB vid mem AGP)
2 40GB Hard Drives
1 250GB Hard Drive
1 dvd burner
1 cdrw

I was thinking about moving from Intel to an AMD Processor. The reason I say this is because i just ran 3D Mark 06, and I noticed that on the CPU tests, my frame rate is just so weak. I did notice a good jump in FPS since I ditched my ATI Radeon x800, yet it still seems a bit laggy. I just want to know if someone has any advice to speed up my system a bit, or advice on an upgrade. Thanks in advance.

A:Thinking of Upgrading

personally i would stick with intel for the upgrade, the core2duos are a great cpu and i believe good value.

for the the chipset the 965 seem to be the way to, however i cant recommend one at the moment as i dont know of one with agp.

for ram i would go for 2gb. if your not going to overclock generic should be fine.
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I have windows 7 Home Edition on desktop and same for my laptop.
How much would it cost to go to win8 on laptop and would it be worth it?

I know Have to back up laptop buy and download win8 then download 8.1 or is there a cheaper way to do this?
Is there anything I forgot or need to know before buying win 8. Have the recover files on laptop on separate drive.
Pro's and Con's would be nice from all here in the forum.

Many thanks in the meantime and have a great week-end.

A:Thinking of upgrading to 8.1

The bggest problem is drivers & some software.

Windows 8.1 upgrade reboots to black screen of 'nothingness'. - OUC1TOO - Site Home - TechNet Blogs

Error 0xC1900101 ? 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1 - Microsoft Community

Originally Posted by Microsoft Forum Moderator

Error 0xC1900101 ? 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1


We understand that many customers are receiving error 0xC1900101 ? 0x40017 when installing Windows 8.1. This error is typically caused by an incompatible driver.

If you are receiving this error:
First, please double-check the error code. There are many variations of error 0xC1900101, each with a different location code -- the error extension, located after the dash. The information in this thread is intended only for location code 0x40017. If you are receiving a different location code, these steps are unlikely to resolve your issue.

Check that you?ve already updated all of your drivers. In particular, if you have an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, make sure you?ve installed the latest Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

Check that you do not have any Frequently Asked Questions - What devices are supported by the SteelSeries Engine? that support the SteelSeries Engine installed on your PC. The SteelSeries Engine software is currently not supported on Windows 8.1. Please uninstall the software before attempting to update to Windows 8.1

Error 0xC1900101 - 0x30018, Couldn't update to Windows 8.1 Preview - Microsoft Community

Can't Complete Windows 8.1 Install

New Windows 8.1 requirements strand some users on 8

Microsoft confirms some older AMD processors do not support Windows 8.1 - Neowin

Latest Win 8.1 ISO "Breaks" System Image Functionality

Backup can be big problem. look for a 3rd party ,Backup software, which fully supports Windows 8/8.1, uEFI, GPT & Secure Boot.
Which is signed by Microsoft.

The one's I know of at this time is
Paragon 14, Out November 2013.
Hard Disk Manager Suite ? complete system management | PARAGON Software Group - disk partitioning, resize partition
Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional - Overview
SSR Desktop Edition, Out Feb 2014.

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Hi, i was wondering if i could upgrade my pc to windows 7.
Pls check if my specs could handle 7 cuz i want to be really sure before i do something; Thank You.

OS:Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1 build 2600) Service Pack 3

System Model: Inspiron 1525 by dell

BIOShoenix ROM BIOS Plus v.1.10A09

Processor:Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60Ghz (2 CPUs)

Memory: 2038MB RAM

DirectxVersion: Directx9.0c
Please answer, means alot to me thank you.

A:Thinking about upgrading my OS to 7

Sure. You can run 7.

Run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor for detailed information.

Make sure that Windows 7 drivers exist for your hardware.
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Well hi everyone how are you all doing?

Anywho I have been thinking of upgrading my CPU to the best AM2 (FX62) , but as you can tell I'm having second thoughts. (Look in my pro for specs.)

Would it be a great upgrade from my 3800 X2 OC'D ?

I play a few games and do loads of dvd decrypting.

If you think I should wait for conroe then I geuss I will.

A:Thinking of upgrading my CPU

umm..your talking about a $1300 proccesor..i think thats kinda going overboard..i would just stick with the 3800 and get two 7900 gtx sli
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Currently I have a Pentium 4 506 proccessor and Im thinking of getting a Pentium D 805 dual proccessor. Im debating whether or not to buy the Pentium D or should i just buy a new motherboard so that i can OC my 506? Will i get better performance when it comes to gaming? Will i see the difference?

Thanks in advance.

A:Thinking of Upgrading

This is a though call. But before you even consider a Pentium D, make sure you Chipeset supports them. The 945 chipset is the lowest that will support the Pentium D.
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I m thinking of upgrading my CPU in my HP dv cl from a T g to either a T or a T because I can get these for around each more or less My question is which of these CPu s are compatible to my computer if any at all below are my and below them is the spec s of the two CPU s I m looking at buying T ghz L cache L Bus Speed MHz System board ID CB Version b It reads dv but auto-detection on HP site reads computer as dv cl T CPU Speed GHz Bus Speed MHz Bus Core Ratio L Cache Size MB L Cache Speed GHz T CPU Speed GHz On the site it says it s a but I m not sure Bus Speed MHz Bus Core Ratio L Cache Size MB L Cache Speed GHz Any help in getting me up and running would be greatly appericated Cheers F Z upgrading I?m thinking CPU my of nbsp
Relevancy 61.92%

Hi everyone:

I was wanting to upgrade my processor from a celeron 2.60 GHz to a 2.8 GHz intel P4 or a dual core AMD processor. I heard that a celeron wasn't the bet for games, so that's why I wanted to upgrade. Here are my specs:

eMachines T2682
Intel 845GV motherboard
PNY Verto GeForce FX5500 128 MB ddr dual vga PCI
Intel Celeron 2.60 GHz
Western digital 80 GB HDD
768 MB RAM
Windows XP home edition SP1
3 cooling fans, 1 mobo, 1 processor, 1 graphics card.

First of all, how do I put in the new processor without frying my computer, and secondly, how do I install the drivers without making my PC go permanently blank? Thanks for help in adavance.

A:Thinking of upgrading my CPU

U would need a new mobo first of all for an AMD processor or even a dual-core Intel.
As for ur processor question, why not buy it from a store near ur place and give ur PC to them to let them install the stuff? I would do that unless what I wanted wasn't available there. For drivers, go into safe mode and uninstall the old drivers. Then boot up XP normally and install the new ones. Also, I would recommend that u upgrade to SP2.
Relevancy 61.92%

Hi there! I was wondering if any of you could perhaps provide me with some insight about RAM compatibility with my motherboard. My current motherboard is an ABIT KN8 SLI, seen here:

I'm currently using DDR400 RAM with it, as that was the standard. Now, I've had motherboards before where I was able to upgrade the RAM to something better and faster without having to worry much about compatibility, but I want to make a jump to some DDR2 SDRAM, seen here:

I figured since my motherboard has dual channel support, that might mean that the upgrade path is possible, but I figured I'd check here before shelling out the clams for it. Thanks in advance!

Relevancy 61.06%

I have a default Dell Dimension E510... I don't know too much about computers but I need to know about compatability before I buy stuff.
I plan on buying this videocard as an upgrade. Multiple people have told me that I may need to buy a new powersupply for this graphics card... and Id like to go relatively cheap.
I was thinking of this one because someone mentioned 500 watt.
If you need any more info about my current motherboard... video card... ram... whatever... just tell me ( and how to find out) and Ill tell you!
Thanks for reading this and Special thanks to anyone that helps.

A:Thinking of Upgrading System HELP!

If you read the specs on the card it says minimum 550 watt psu required.
Relevancy 61.06%

I have this computer that was given to me in exchange for building another computer. It has a P4 CPU and 512 MB of ram, an all in wonder 9700 pro. and as far as the board goes I'm not sure, no PSU. I was thinking about upgrading to one of those 3.8GHTZ P4s and finding a cheap motherboard that supports it and can hold alot of ram. Also PCIE would be great. I think this could be done pretty cheap and it would be fun to overclock. If I mess it up then I would only be out $100 max. That's what I'm thinking anyways. What do you all think? would it be worth it? Can a really fast P4 still run games and apps in windows 7? Is there a board I can put that chip in and still hold 4 gig of memory and a PCIE videocard?

Relevancy 61.06%

Is it worth it? I never bothered to get Vista because there were so many problems I read about that it seemed like a bad decision. I have a dual core processor but can't get the most out of it with XP so if Windows 7 doesn't have the same issues that Vista has I'll buy it in a heartbeat. Any thoughts from those of you who have it would be appreciated.

A:Thinking about upgrading to Windows 7.

Vista itself has all those 'issues' you speak of worked out and it's a good operating system now. However, I suggest you wait until Windows 7 is officially released and get yourself a copy of it. Windows 7 has all the functionality of Vista and more, and runs just about as fast, if not, faster than XP.
Relevancy 61.06%

if I do, will I still be able to connect with the "G" card on my laptop, (I am pretty sure the answer is yes), but also, will my range be better? (right now my laptop is on the outer edge of the range, most of the time). If I replace the G (Linksys) with an "N" router (but without going and buying an "N" adapter card for my laptop, will I still get the benefit of greater range (being able to be further from the router and still get a signal)??

Anyone that can tell me a definite yes or no on this?


A:thinking of upgrading to an N router . .

Definite yes on the compatibility of 'N' and 'G'.

My experiments with an 'N' router and a 'G' router and a 'G' Wi-Fi adapter say that your range will definitely be extended by a significant amount. I'm assuming that your current problem is not an obstacle that will defeat anything short of drilling a hole in it.
Relevancy 61.06%

So I pretty much think that my card is starting to show it s age with how I can t run BioShock at normal settings without the game giving me some lag So I m thinking about upgrading I know the popular card right now is the GT GTS GTX but the Have a upgrading. of Thinking 7600GT: price of that is just a little too much for me I m trying to stick within the - dollar range so I thought about getting an GT Have a 7600GT: Thinking of upgrading. Before I continue further I have to admit I barely know anything about video cards The only Have a 7600GT: Thinking of upgrading. reason I m thinking of getting an GT is cause the higher number so I only assume it s a better card Anyway I m not totally looking to run anything major as of right now Half Life Episode BioShock and Oblivion are about the only things I m looking to run smoothly on higher settings and hopefully have a card ready for future releases as well But I d still like to remain within my mentioned price range nbsp

A:Have a 7600GT: Thinking of upgrading.

An 8600 isnt that much better than a 7600, to be honest. The only real difference is the 8600 supports DX10. Given th eprice range, I would suggest looking for a 7900 or a 7950 as a start point, and go from there.
I am assuming you have PCI-e, not AGP, in which case options are a lot less! But it may be worth waiting for a while until ATIs new cards have started circulating, and the nvidia 9000s are out- expect prices to come down a bit then (with luck)
Relevancy 61.06%

The model I'm looking at requires adding power from the power supply do I have the necessary sata connecting cable already installed to connect to the graphics card. I have a XPS 8700 2013 model with a 460watt Power supply and will the card work with my desktop

A:Thinking of upgrading to a Geoforce GTX 750

I'm going to give ASUS benefit of the doubt that they misunderstood what card you were putting in.
Max power draw under stress testing (non-real-world) tests was 74 watts.
It will work just fine with the OEM 460W PSU.
Relevancy 61.06%

What problems in downloading/setting up DirectX8.1A should I be aware of? And will Windows, & non-Microsoft programs on my comp. now still continue to run as they should.
Has this version got rid of some of the problems which 8.0 seemed to be filled with judging from what I've read around the web?
Don't remember what the program is to look at what DirectX is in this comp., but was told that version of Windows in mine came with Version 6. something.
VBrun files ... Do those have to be updated before DirectX8.1A is downloaded/setup?

A:DirectX8.1A .... Thinking of Upgrading to it

I don't see any reason you should have any trouble with dx8.1

Your video card certainly has the appropriate drivers available.

You may want to check for updated drivers for your audio but they will probably work just fine the way it is.
Relevancy 61.06%

Thinking of Upgrading RAM by 1 GIG. Its seems cheap just now but i dont know what type of RAM i have at the moment. I know i have 1 gig in one slot with another slot free. My motherboard can only take 2 gig max.

The question is how can i tell wich type of RAM i need without opening up my computer?

Thanks for Replies and vews.


Relevancy 61.06%

Hi I'm planning to upgrade my PC hardware I have the X for my next upgrade planes But ATI not supporting driver forcing you to move to Before I installed fresh install but I got all those problem the others having Slow booting up to min slow shutdown even with chasm trick slow startup programs issues with flash website like youtube no scrolling bar video control issues I found windows will be slow booting when I have my BT USB plugged or my android phone which I keep it charging then sometimes it would boot fast Removing all USBs devices the fastest boot I got was min Sometime it would boot that fast with everything plugged Spending week of nightmare fresh installing the same random issues over and over Since I installed months ago I got zero problems Booting to desktop in sec The most stable windows after XP better than to me I need advice if I'm getting X or should I get gtx I'm afraid of all those 8.1 to but upgrading again Thinking of troubles? random issues will occurs with me Wipping Thinking of upgrading to 8.1 again but troubles? my data for nothing and having un-updateable VGA X My current spec gt update P Extreme gt Z Mpower max i k gt i k Gtx gt X GB Ram rpm TB Samsung OS drive Thanks

A:Thinking of upgrading to 8.1 again but troubles?

ATI (AMD) drivers support 280 cards just fine, it doesn't have to be spelled out in the driver's name. Original AMD drivers Download Drivers v14.4 support 8 as well as 8.1 windows. For best results, install 8.1 driver before upgrading to 8.1. It even supports Win7.
As far as phones charging during bootup, delay may be caused by connecting to them, use cable just for charging (ones with just 5vDC connectors, no data ) and there should be no problems. BT, waiting for some connection can also cause delay.
Relevancy 61.06%

Howdy I currently have a AMD Athlon GHz Socket BFG Tech GeForce AGP Card ASUS K V-X SE Mobo Diablo Tech Demon case etc So what I want to do is upgrade the video card to PCI-e so I have to change the Mobo Here s what I want to get Seagate Barracuda of thinking computer... I'm my upgrading SATA NCQ ST AS GB RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive - OEM of these POWERCOLOR XT OEM Radeon X XT MB GDDR I'm thinking of upgrading my computer... PCI Express x Video Card - OEM Tuniq IC-SYMI-BK Black Aluminum ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Ultra X Connect -Watt ATX mm Fan SLI Ready SATA-Ready -Pin Modular Power Supply I hope to be using the two HDD s to set it up for RAID any info on how to do that will be helpful I need to know if these items are really good and also any suggestions for an ASUS mobo that supports Socket and has PCI-e slots optional supports RAID Any input is appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:I'm thinking of upgrading my computer...

I think this is a very nice motherboard.
Epox 754 nforce 4 Sli.
Relevancy 61.06%

Hi ya'll. I've got a HP pavilion 552w. It currently has a 2.0gig pentium4 processor. I was thinking of getting an upgrade to 3.2 or a 3.4 or something.
So here are my questions.

I don't know much about processor upgrading. I've upgraded my sound card, video card and ram before. So I'm not utterly without a clue. But I do need to know what I'll need for such a job.

Will I need a stronger power supply? Better cooling? Can I even upgrade that far on this paticular computer?

I believe my motherboard is an SiS650. Or atleast that's what the chipset is. I've little idea on how to get the proper information on all this. So I thought I'd ask you fellows. Thanks

A:Thinking about upgrading my processor

Write down your make/model info from your motherboard and google it. (unless you have manuals) The specs should tell you how much mem/processor it can take.

As for cooling - the cooler the better

Many places offer motherboard/CPU combo's. These are helpful in making sure that the two play nice together. If you go this route - take note of what type of memory you currently have and check that against the new motherboard.

Oh, and pay attention to your cards and available slots
Relevancy 61.06%

I have a 760k and a r9 270 and am thinking about upgrading the gpu to a 960 2gb as im looking to get back into pc gaming abit more and was wondering if this would work fine on arma 3 and dayz on medium settings ????
Relevancy 60.63%

The current setup is a 500 GB (5 400 v/min) SATA-drive with a 32 GB mSATA SSD used as cache for the HDD (RST) and I'm thinking about changing the SSD to a bigger one and using it as a boot drive (and therefore turning of RST).
Is there anything I have to think of when it comes to looking for a new SSD or will any SSD with the mSATA form factor work?
Relevancy 60.63%

im thinking of upgrading my Creative 5.1 speakers (no sound card, powered by onboard 7.1 sound driver) to the following:

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music sound card
Creative Gigaworks S750 7.1 THX speakers

i spend alot of time listening to music. im really just wondering if the sound cards any good for the money and where i can pick these up the cheapest

Many Thanks

Relevancy 60.63%

But I'm not too sure I need to. RIght now I have a Santa Cruz, and recently got logitech z-680s, so far, they sound great. But maybe they can do better. Is it even worth upgrading? If so, what would you recommend?

A:Thinking about upgrading sound card

Sound card upgrades are one of the few types of upgrades that are largely unnecessary unless you're looking for something specific. If your audio already sounds great to you and your current card supports the features you want, ie. surround sound, mic, headphones. There will be minimal noticable gain from a sound card upgrade.
Relevancy 60.63%

Ok well i have a laptop with windows vista 32bit on it and i would like to upgrade the RAM to 4gb ( the mobo can handle it) and i would like to upgrade to 7, but im not sure if i would need x86 or x64 can someone shed some light on this


A:Thinking of upgrading quick quesiton about x86 and x64

Difference between 64bit and 32bit

Just also keep in mind that not all 32bit apps play nice on 64bit OS.
It's not usually a big problem,, but it does happen, and should be a slight concern.

However,, 32bit OS's are (hopefully) on their way out and 64bit will rule for a while.
Relevancy 60.63%

ok right now i have the nivida geforce, the card i am thinking of getting SAPPHIRE HD 5450 1GB DDR3 PCIE HDMI

here is the specs on the card i have now..picture below

A:thinking of upgrading my card, witch of these is the better one.

Far and away the GTS 250 is the better card. The only thing the HD5450 has over the GTS 250 is DirectX 11, other than that is is much slower in every way.
Relevancy 60.63%

.... to take advantage of xbox 360 features. Will the install completely wipe my hard disk or just overwrite the necessary system files? Is there anything else I should know before I do this? Thanks.

A:Thinking about upgrading to media center....

Ni, theinstall probably won't erase any of your files-you should be able to do an upgrade installation.
Relevancy 60.63%

I am thinking of upgrading from windows to windows permanently but still keep my dual boot with linux My system already has digital entitlement I already know how to dual boot Windows lifecycle fact sheet - Windows Help Updates are cumulative with each update built upon all of the updates that preceded it A device needs to install the latest update to remain supported Updates may include new features fixes security and or non-security or a combination of both Not all features in an update will work on all devices A device may not be able to receive updates if the device hardware is incompatible lacking current drivers or otherwise outside of the Original Equipment Manufacturer s OEM support period Update availability may vary for example by country region network connectivity mobile operator e g for cellular-capable devices or hardware capabilities including e g free disk space My system is already out of warranty and no longer officially supported by the oem but has been tested to work with windows Officially My concern is an update may not work then I would have to go back to windows What happens with other updates when one update won't install When will the security updates stop installing My other concern is Grub Updates will have no problem with Grub upgrading to permanently of windows I thinking 10 but releases like the November will have a problem What it does if Grub is installed when you install an I thinking of upgrading to windows 10 permanently windows upgrade release or a new build it will install but it will fail and roll back to the previous operating system or previous build Disabling grub amp re-enable every time release happens will be a pain Note It does install without issue if Grub is disabled
Relevancy 60.63%

Microsoft s Windows Upgrade Offer Disappointing by Brandon Dimmel on to Read upgrading Windows Thinking 8? about this AM EST google it send to friends Filed under Business Microsoft related terms upgrade Thinking about upgrading to Windows 8? Read this microsoft pro vista pc According to a recent report consumers who buy a Windows PC between early June and next January will be given the opportunity to upgrade that operating system OS to Windows Pro At the moment however it appears that this opportunity to upgrade will not be free Back in Microsoft offered a similar deal when it released Windows At that time buyers of PCs running the company s previous OS Windows Vista were allowed to upgrade to Windows provided they purchased their PC Thinking about upgrading to Windows 8? Read this between June and the end of Microsoft also offered this same kind of upgrade opportunity in when it launched Vista Windows Upgrade Deal Coincides with Windows Release Preview The difference between the Vista and Windows launches and the upcoming Windows releases is that the former deals provided consumers with a free upgrade This time around Microsoft simply doesn t appear to be making such a generous offer Source computerworld com Experts expect the forthcoming Windows upgrade offer to become available in early June about the same time Microsoft will launch its Windows Release Preview At the moment it remains unclear how much the upgrade will cost Early reports also suggest that consumers will be allowed to upgrade only to Windows Pro rather than to the standard version of Windows Given that Windows Pro offers a wider range of upgrades and features having to pay extra for it is not that surprising However many consumers will be upset that there s no option to upgrade to standard Windows Microsoft Displeasing Many Windows Users In the end many consumers will be displeased with this news which comes only a week after Microsoft revealed that the standard version of Windows will not support DVD playback To get that capability consumers will have to purchase Windows Pro which is expected to retail for as much as more However Microsoft has yet to officially unveil Windows s pricing structure Reports suggest that Microsoft will be notifying interested parties about details of the Windows to Windows upgrade offer on the website windowsupgradeoffer com beginning in early June At the moment visitors to that site are merely being redirected to a Bing page showing results for a search on windowsupgradeoffer Sour
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I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with a GF4 Ti4200 which has served me well over the last year but I feel its time to upgrade, with games like HL2 and Doom III on the horizon I'm gonna need a new graphics card.

Im thinking of something like a Radeon 9800 what do you wrekon, I think my MB is only 4x AGP.

Im in UK, where would the best place be to buy my card?

A:Thinking of upgrading my Graphics Card

if i had the money i would buy that v.card too :grinthumb
Relevancy 60.63%

I got a computer in Dec of 2006. 3 months later a Vista upgrade disk came in the mail. I have had it ever since. I use this computer to store stuff and try new programs ect. I am wondering how much I will regret upgrading with this free disk. The system has a Pentuim 4 3.1 G CPU and only 512MB of RAM. I would really like to put vista on it but....512 MB of ram is not the 1GB they recommend. Is anyone running a system like this? What will happen? Will it just run slow and not have Aero because the graphics are not up to par either or will there be other problems? Thanks for any advice.

A:Thinking of upgrading old XP to Vista. Will it work?

You would have a better time if you got in on the Windows7 Beta. I put it on a similar system except mine had 1 GB ram. But I've seen others with only 1/2 GB say it runs ok. The thing is, the Windows7 Beta is the Ultimate edition. The install is likely to be a lot smarter than Vista Home Premium. I have an AMD dual core 5200 with 2 GB ram and I wouldn't want to run Vista with anything less. Plus Vista tends to run your HD a lot more than XP does. If you want to use Vista I'd suggest getting a PC with at least 2 GB ram that has Vista SP1 already installed. I don't know what your budget is but I see lately at Best Buy you can get a quad core machine with 8 GB ram for $700 and change. (Might be a good excuse to get a new PC)
Relevancy 59.77%

I would like to get a video from the Raedon HD 7000 series, more specifically, 7700 or 7800.

I managed to find my computer's specs online and want to ask if I were to get a new card, would I need to upgrade anything else, like a better PSU, or a better CPU to prevent the card from being bottlenecked. I don't mind if it's bottlenecked a bit, but I would like to run Skyrim (as well as BF3) on high or ultra and be able to play Witcher 2 more smoothly.

The computer specs can be found here on the official HP site. I hope this is enough information to answer my question.

If I have forgotten or you need anything else, feel free to tell me and I will update ASAP.

A:Thinking of upgrading my video card, can I get some input?

Well you'd definitely need a better PSU than that 300W one which came with the HP. What's your total budget for the card + PSU?

Your i7 2600 processor is fine... actually it's more than fine since PC makers generally always tend to make CPU-heavy and GPU-light machines.
Relevancy 59.77%

I'm thinking about upgrading the graphics card in my PC to an Nvidia GTX 295 either later this year or maybe early next year.
My computer is an HP a6500f with windows vista home premium 64 bit edition. The motherboard manufacturer is Foxconn and the motherboard name according to the HP website I got my PCs specs from is MCP73M01H1. There was a second name on the page as well : HP/Compaq motherboard name: Napa-GL8E. So what PSU would I need for an Nvidia GTX 295 and what is compatible with the HP pavilion a6500f? Thanks for any help in advance.

A:Solved: Thinking about upgrading my PC graphics card

Don't upgrade. Your CPU is most probably way too weak(which one is it actually?) to utilize effectively anything even near to the level of a GTX295. Also your case is NOT well enough cooled to put a 295 in there. Also, later this year or early next one, you will want a DX11 card (Radeon 5xxx and Geforce GT300 series). No point buying old extra high-end cards with a lot higher power consumption and heat production than the mid-high-end cards of the next series, as well as lacking features they have.
Also regarding your motherboard, it has a PCI-E 16x 1.x slot, which will reduce the performance of the card quite a lot. If you want a good computer, build one. A pretty much office level HP is not going to become one without replacing everything.
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I would like to know if I require any hardware piece in order to make media center work on my computer before I go out and buy the OS. Currently I have a windows xp home edition. Also, can I do ANYTHING I do on windows xp like installing and playing a game, run different .exe files, install all the softwares that I had installed, etc and do all that in media center? I kinda know I can but I'm not positively sure and I want to know before I spend bucks on an OS. thanks.

A:I'm thinking of upgrading to windows media center....

Hello theReaper0908

Media Centre is XP Professional with extra digital entertainment elements.


I would like to know if I require any hardware piece in order to make media center work on my computer before I go out and buy the OS. Currently I have a windows xp home edition.
If XP Home is running well you should be fine. I would suggest you have at least 1GB RAM for better performance

Also, can I do ANYTHING I do on windows xp like installing and playing a game, run different .exe files, install all the softwares that I had installed, etc and do all that in media center?
Yes you can do everything as the system is XP Pro.

Relevancy 59.77%

Here is an excellent spreadsheet showing the performance gains you can expect when upgrading from what you currently have, to another card.

By the way, Tom's Hardware has updated their Graphics Card Guide to include the newest cards. The above link is a part of that article.

A:Thinking of upgrading your PCI-express graphics? A MUST READ!

Nice find. That could be very useful. What is the spreadsheet based on though? Doom3? Far cry? 3dmark05? A combination? I'm surprised my 6600gt did so well, it was close to the x800xl, which is much more money.
Relevancy 59.77%

Hello Jim here I ve owned my Advent Laptop for more or less a year and a half now and have started to find myself using bigger more demanding software and games My GB hard drive is clogged with junk and my laptop is terribly slower e g Areo Advent Laptop My About Upgrading Thinking 9117 had to be changed to the basic theme Looking on numerous forums I ve found my laptop can have an extra Gbof ram and about mhz of processing power added I want to know extra information about these upgrades including what i Thinking About Upgrading My Advent 9117 Laptop ll need parts wise and if I can upgrade my graphics card I m also going to purchase an external hard drive to free my computer HD and also may de-grade my OS to xp as it uses less of my computers specs These are my system specs CPU Intel Pentium Dual-Core T GHz Chipset Intel PM Express BIOS Phoenix BIOS Press F to enter Memory GB pin DDR PC - SODIMM Memory Slots Max GB Hard Drive GB CD Drive Optiarc DVD RW AD- B Screen quot Widescreen TFT x Video Card Intel GM up to MB shared Sound CardRealtek High Definition Audio Network Card Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet RaLink Wireless Lan PC Card x ExpressCard slot also supports ExpressCard Ports x Microphone x Headphone x USB x Kensington Lock x ExpressCard Slot x -in- card reader Supports SD MS MS Pro and MMC cards x LAN x S-Video TV-Out x VGA Battery L - S -G L v mAh L - S -C L v mAh Dimensions x x HxWxD in mm Weight kg ColourSilver Black Made ByUniwill L II Thanks nbsp

Relevancy 59.77%

Hi. I am using a Compaq SR5113WM. I just removed my edition of Vista and replaced it with XP SP3 so as to use less memory, and I just started playing WoW. I'm buying 4 more Gigs of RAM, and I'm wondering if I should also add on a graphics card. I don't know much about graphics and processors, etc. Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. I know it'll play WoW as is, but it plays choppily unless I use the lowest graphics settings. I'd also like to get it up to maybe Oblivion proportions. Sorry for my vagueness. Thanks.

A:Upgrading my RAM on Compaq SR5113WM. Thinking graphics

"Integrated graphics using nVidia GeForce 6150SE" This is the on-board graphics chip. Your power supply is only 250 watts. This will severely limit any graphics card addition, so plan on changing the power supply if you add a video card. A power supply of 350 watts or bigger will work. Windows XP 32-bit will only support or see 3GB or so of system memory
Relevancy 59.34%

I did it!

i replaced the motherboard, the powersupply.

that's all.

an i purchased add in card (i plan on Getting a Radeon 9800 Pro for christmas)

it's a HARD thing to do, as it's an extreme thing that the average novice probably couldn't acheive.

but for me at 15 years old.

and i did it FLAWLESSLY! i thnk that's cool. lol


and my mom got this dell for FREE!

Relevancy 59.34%

Hey there guys. I recently bought a beast of a PC (check my updated specs ) but I kept my old gfx card. (Radeon HD5870) With my 750W PSU, I'm thinking of either SLI-ing or Xfire-ing these two cards.

a) GeForce GTX 570
b) Radeon XFX HD 6970

I believe my mobo has 1 16x PCI-e slot, and two 8x slots. What I'm asking for is some information and advice over which I should go for? Should I even bother with crossfire/sli? I'm new to the multi-gpu 'scene' so any sort of information would be amazing =)

Really appreciate it guys!

A:Thinking about upgrading graphics card - Main differences?

1680x1050 the resolution you will gaming at?
At your resolution, the 570 will dominate all by itself, and I would say the 6970 would as well.
I do not have a 6970 so can not fairly comment on them.

I would not SLI or Crossfire either of those 2 cards, unless your going to a much higher resoultion or plan on a multiple monitor setup.
Its not worth the addition headache, and there really isnt much to gain at that res.

A lot more FPS maybe, but keep in mind if you have a 60refresh monitor, then it can only display 60FPS anyway.
At 1680x1050, youll find your self needing to use Vysc in most games because the 570 will be drawing so many FPS, youll get horrible image tearing.
And thats with just a single 570, much less 2 of them.

I have a eVGA GTX570 SuperCloked edition.
And at 1080P, I have yet to find a game it has issues with. It keeps up with everything without issue.
Relevancy 56.33%

As i recently busted my cpu, i am getting it repaired. I was thinking of switching to an intel chip. If I do this (changing the motherboard as well) will i have to change anything on my HDD?

A:switching from AMD->Intel


You will probably have to reformat it. Backup everything and then strip it.
Relevancy 56.33%

Hey guys,

Just signed up although I have been following these forums for a few weeks now

Just after some advice. Basically I have the FX-8350 but I'm looking at switching to Intel (specifically the 4770k) as I've been told it's better for the GPUs I have, currently running dual-290x setup. Someone said the 8350 causes a lot of bottlenecking and that I would get a lot more out of them if I switched to the 4770k? Can anyone attest to that?


A:Switching to Intel

The 8350 is more than enough. The i7 could gain you a few frames per second (FPS) depending on the game (somewhere from 5 FPS to as much as 15 FPS). I would keep the 8350 until more attractive CPU options come out like Haswell-E or the next generation of AMD FX CPUs or even the 5th generation of Intel's i7.

The reason I am saying this is because the 8350, while it may not perform as well as the 4770K (not by much), the 8350 completely serves your needs and there is no need to upgrade to a 4770K at this moment since it wont bring you that much of an improvement.

I hope this helps.

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I have a Windows Bit HP Pavilion g t- Select Edition notebook PC I like to game on my laptop and I recently discovered that alongside the Intel Graphics card that my laptop uses there is also a Radeon HD Series graphics card I am trying to make it so that the games that I m playing run off of the Radeon instead of the Intel card I have done much research Radeon Intel Switching to into the subject and found out that I need to get into the Catalyst Control Center I have downloaded that and downloaded the newest drivers for my card Everytime I try to open up the CCC I get an error message saying that it cannot be started because there are currently no Switching Intel to Radeon settings that can be configured Also every time I turn on my computer Switching Intel to Radeon it says that there are no graphics drivers installed even after downloading them from the AMD site and installing Please help I really want to get into the Catalyst Control Center PS I have found out that pretty much all or atleast what I can find of the functions I m performing throughout my games run off of my Intel card because I have tried disabling that card in the Device Manager and trying to run the games leading to no avail nbsp

A:Switching Intel to Radeon

Hi, and welcome to TSG. Are you sure that your laptop has both video controllers in it? It may be that your g6t-220 had a purchase option to upgrade the motherboard from the Intel graphics controller to the Radeon part.
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The famous problems of switching graphics between ati and intel

i traied every thing :
-installing the latest drivers
-updating bios
-identify the drivers manualy

but nothing happened
does any one know how to solve this problem ?? tell me please

A:Ati/Intel switching graphics

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. What problems are you having ? ...
HP Support document - HP Support Center
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Hi If you can help me igp.sys to 6770M, BSOD INTEL when switching AMD from overcome this BSOD everytime I switch from intel to AMD M it would be great If not then can you please teach me how to manually configure switching back from AMD to Intel in safe mode to avoid the viscous circle of BSODs after each restart Here's the explanation I have an HP DV with an AMD M and an INTEL GPU switching between them usually works fine by right clicking on the desktop and clicking Configure Switchable Graphics It usually switches fine except a frequent BSOD when switching to the AMD card always showing the same error with igdkmd sys Sometimes the first restart will lead to the BSOD again because the system got stuck on the AMD card and cannot load its drivers properly and I can only go to safe mode once If the second restart after Safe Mode also fails in loading the AMD drivers BSOD when switching from INTEL to AMD 6770M, igp.sys Windows no longer loads and it takes me to the system repair screen which is a mess and I was about to lose all my data in a couple of occasions because of this To avoid this my question for you guys is this how can I manually switch the primary boot GPU from the stuck AMD card back to Intel when I make it to Safe Mode Is there a registry setting or a boot setting for that somewhere Right Clicking on desktop does not work in Safe Mode After I restart BSOD when switching from INTEL to AMD 6770M, igp.sys from Safe mode I want windows to load the Intel GPU and not the AMD Yes I do have BSOD when switching from INTEL to AMD 6770M, igp.sys the latest drivers and been doing a clean install of said drivers for years now the latets release reduced the BSODs when switching but did not eliminate the problems I am not directly asking for help with AMD drivers but on how to manually revert the switch using windows while in Safe Mode Thanks and hugs

A:BSOD when switching from INTEL to AMD 6770M, igp.sys

Before we can help you, you need to follow the instructions: Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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Hi there,

Tried in vain to find an answer to this one.

I have heard that maybe some versions of Windows 7, such as Starter or Home Basic, will not permit the automatic switching to a stand alone graphic card (Nvidia or ATI Radeon).

I wish to find out if this is correct and if so, which versions are restricted? I use Photoshop and play HD video files up to 2GB in size, so I want to ensure switching is performed for improved graphical performance. Based on this finding, I can then decide what O/S to buy with a new laptop I'm about to purchase.

Thank you,

A:Which 7 works when switching from Intel on board to Nvidia/ATI gfx?

There is no such restriction. It is a function of the hardware and drivers. But really why would you chose to use Starter or Basic in the first place? That would make no sense. Home Premium should be the lowest version you should go for.
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I have a P4 3ghz prescot cpu with Intel 915g chipset. Now it has a Integrated 900g graphics card and i also have a ATI x800 XT pci-express card. Does anyone know if its possible to switch to the integrated card without taking out the ATI card? i have looked through the BIOS and tried disabling the pci-express port which had no effect

Anyone have any ideas?


A:switching between intel 900g and x800 xt pci-express

I think almost all boards automatically disable the onboard video when a card is installed. You might have to take the card out, but why, a x800xt is much better than integrated?
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Hi, i have a similar problem with this person here

Yes, very similar. I tried disabling the intel display adapter from device manager, restarted and max screen resolute is 1024x768 and not 1366.768.

MY specs are,
Acer 4750G i7
Nvidia Geforce 540M

I pressed F2 to go into Bios but there isnt any menu for me to change primary adapters or etc. Or maybe it could be another BIOS?

Help would be greatly apreciated.

A:Problem switching Intel HD grapphic to Nvidia

Well, this is the nature of Nvidia's Optimus Technology.For basic tasks (usage) that aren't GPU intensive, the system automatically switches to Intel's onboard graphics to save power (better battery life). But when you decided to do some serious gaming or watch HD movies, the system switches to the 540M to meet performance expectations.While there isn't a definitive solution to this problem, you will find an option in the NVIDIA control panel to set the GPU (540M) as your preferred option. You will need to look for this.
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Hi All,

I have an Intel D975XBX motherboard which has 4 SATA ports that are on an Intel controller and 4 SATA ports that are Silicon Image. For some reason when my computer was built they connected my drives to the Silicon Image ports in a RAID0 configuration using a softraid instead of the intel hardware option. I would like to switch the drives to the Intel controller (the data transfer rate of the intel is 3 GB/s vs the silicon image which is 1.5 GB/s).

Can I do this without re-installing the OS?

Can I take a backup of my drive now, make the switch, setup the RAID0 partions (which wipes the drives), and then recover the backup?

Any advise is appreciated!



A:Switching RAID from Silicon Image to Intel on a D975XBX

You can do all of that with Norton Ghost. The only real problems I forsee are:

What are you going to store the backup image on? You can't store the image on a partition you're going to delete and then recover the image and you can't store the image on the same partition you're backingup.

You'll need to install the Intel RAID driver in your OS before you create the backup or when you do change disk controller cards and use the backup image to reinstall everything your computer will not boot.
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I upgraded my PC got a new graphics card, new ram and a new power supply. I switched everything out and I get no signal on my monitor and when switching to my on board card I get no signal as well. Fans and systems powers on my monitor shows no signal and goes back to black screen.

I need help I don't know what do to do.

A:Upgrading computer( no signal after switching graphics card)

I'd start by removing the sand box from the computer, that's way too dirty to allow the computer to run properly. That heat sink is filthy and will cause the CPU to overheat and throttle down performance or even shut down. A can of compressed air will fix that.

Aside from that you don't have the 4 power connector for the CPU and that absolutely needs to be connected.

The video card may also have power connectors near the back that need to be connected.
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I have been using AMD processors for quite some time so I'm unfamiliar with the current Intel Northbridges. I'm probably going to buy an Intel i5 2500K processor and am looking for a good motherboard for it. I will definitely overclock it so am looking at either a P67 or a Z28 motherboard. I am partial to Gigabyte boards. Do any of you guys out there have a preference between the P67 and the Z68? I see a lot of negative reviews on Newegg on boards compatible with the i5 processor. Looks like there are a lot of problems with lockup coming out of sleep mode. Which would you buy if given the choice and why? Would also appreciate any specific recommendations for anyone out there that has one of these boards that are solid. Thanks.

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Hi I am looking for a PCI-compatible graphics card that will replace my current Intel g graphics chip What would you guys recommend for this system System Properties System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Manufactured and supported by DELL Dell Computer Corporation Dell DIMENSION DIM Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz GHz GB of RAM DXDiag Display Tab Name Intel R G GL GE PE GV Graphics Controller Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip Type Intel R G Graphics Controller DAC Type Internal Approx Total Memory MB Current Intel from 82845g Upgrading Display Mode x bit Hz Monitor Default Monitor Power Supply Dell Model - DPS- PB - B Rev Input - V A - V A Hz- Hz Output - A - V A V A - VSB A V A Max Power W Max Combined Power on V amp V Output W V amp V W Think you guys can help me out A new graphics card that will allow me to play World of Warcraft at more than - FPS Upgrading from Intel 82845g would help nbsp
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Should I get the P4 2.6 or AMD 2800. (The Mobo choice is Asus for either.) The sales guy was talking up the AMD cause it "is faster" even though his store would be making less money. I can get the AMD chip and mobo for about $439(with DDR memory) or the P4 chip and mobo(with same memory) for about $50 more.

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Hi. I currently own a Ideapad Flex 14 Notebook and i mostly use it to play Videogames. However i was wondering if there is a way to improve the Performance of Inte HD Graphics since Flex Series usualy dont have a seperate Graphic-Card inclusive.I guess i need to upgrade my CPU Hardware but im not sure which one could give me a better ( or best ) Performance compared to my current one  ( Intel Core i5 4200U CPU ).Or is there a way to get a really tiny Graphic Card, since Flex Series are really thin and i actually dont see Space for some additional stuff :^).However my big Question is:New CPU? If yes: Which one ( should provide best Performance for Videogames ).Side Question is:Is there a Graphic Card out there that fits into the thin Case of the Flex Series? If yes: Whats the Name of it
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Pretty tired of having outdated graphics cards that can run only basic specs of old games etc, so wondering if it's possible to upgrade or replace an Intel G33/G31 Chipset graphics card?

Running a..
Zoostorm Intel Celeron E3500 2.7Ghz CPU
Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
64bit System

And not entirely sure about the PSU... Haven't mustered up the stones to open it up and take a peak under the hood yet... I'm not very tech savy with the hardware unless it's relatively basic...

Any help would be really appreciated! And if anyones had any experience with this model at all that would be a big help as well as I've found it suprisingly hard to find a good detailed description about this exact model.

A:Upgrading Intel G33/G31 Chipset Family

I had one of those some years ago ... Got it from Argos it did not have any expansion slots .. Your Model could be different the only way to find out is open it up .. Take some pics and Post them ... Your PSU should be 300w ..
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I am currently running a P cpu with i believe is an asus board well its a sony vaio that i ve had for years now anyways i recently bought a new mobo cpu ram and new Axio X case with W psu my problem is that when I boot the comp it boots for about seconds than the power just shuts off i ve made sure that the board is not touching the case with spacer and that it is not shorting out on me i m using my old G HDD but cpu to problem mobo/p4 intel upgrading i ve tried to boot it up w upgrading to intel mobo/p4 cpu problem o the HD plugged in and out but still have the same problem just wondering if any one might have a clue as to why the power supply shuts off after a few seconds My specs on the new comp is Intel GLC mobo Intel P E w HT Kingston Mb DDR ram Axio X case w W psu nbsp

A:upgrading to intel mobo/p4 cpu problem

Welcome to Techspot!

The X5 case should include ATX12v 480v... P4 and AMD Required a 4 pins for 12v extra power. check again and ensure all the plug are connected secured.

The picture is same idea for ATX12v square plug.

you might find it with only 4 yellow and black wire.

let us know if it still not working. P.S. If you look at the PSU information and you didnt find ATX12V, you should scrap the pSU and buy aother one with ATX12V. SORRY


OR your P4 possible have some of heat issues. Make sure P4 heatsink firmly on flat with P4 and ensure it include the thermal grease or Thermal pad.


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I am looking to upgrade this computer I got from onboard intelHD graphics to a card I am confused as to which type of card I should get I am looking for GB DX HDMI Other than those I have no other specific requirements but I am unsure what card will work with this system I just don t want to get something that won t work The model and all that is SYX Ascent MPC- Intel Core i Multimedia PC in case the specs are not adequate for a determination Thanks in advance for your replies Here are my specs Operating Systems Windows Home Premium -Bit Colors Black Platform PC Orientations Allowed Vertical Form Factor micro-ATX Bays - quot Drive Bays Internal Bays with PC HD graphics Intel Upgrading SYX onboard - quot Drive Bays PCI Slots Total PCI Slots Available PCI Express X Slots Total PCI Express X Slots Available PCI Express X Slots Total PCI Express X Slots Available Memory Type DDR Total Memory Size Upgrading SYX PC with onboard Intel HD graphics GB Memory Slots Total Memory Slots Available Memory Configuration GB GB Maximum Memory Supported GB PS Connectors - Keyboard Mouse Combo LAN Ports USB Ports Total Front Processor Brand Intel Processor Class Second Generation Core i Processor Number Processor Speed GHz Processor Interface Socket Hard Drives Included Interface SATA II GB s Capacity TB Hard Drive Types Hard Disk Drive Speed RPM Optical Drive Type x DVD-RW w Lightscribe Interface SATA Optical Drives Included Optical Drive Class DVD-RW with Lightscribe Supplemental Media Type Media Reader Capacity -in- Audio Description Integrated Audio Audio Chipset Realtek ALC Channels Channel Graphics Description Integrated Graphics GPU VPU Intel HD Graphics Video Memory Dynamically Shared Video Interface DVI HDMI VGA LAN Chipset Realtek E LAN Data Transfer Rate Mbps LAN Description Integrated Gigabit LAN Interface Type RJ- Mouse Type Optical Connection Type USB Mouse Scrolling Capability Yes Keyboard Type Multimedia Connection Type USB Keyboard Height quot Width quot Depth quot nbsp

A:Upgrading SYX PC with onboard Intel HD graphics

really need to know what case you have because dimentions will be a problem with most of the new graphic cards
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Hi I currently own a Ideapad Flex Notebook and i mostly use it to play Videogames However i was wondering if there is a way to improve the Performance of Inte HD Graphics since Flex Series usualy dont have a seperate Graphic-Card inclusive I guess i need to upgrade my CPU Hardware but im not sure which one could give me a better or best Performance compared to my current one nbsp Intel Core i U CPU Or is there a way to get a really tiny Graphic Card since Flex Series are really thin and i actually dont see Space for some additional stuff However my big Question is New CPU If yes Which one should provide Flex Upgrading HD 14 Intel - Graphics best Performance for Videogames Side Question is Is there a Graphic Card out there that fits into the thin Case of the Flex Series If yes Whats Flex 14 - Upgrading Intel HD Graphics the Name of it nbsp Mod's Edit System model added to front of Subject line to improve visibility clarity nbsp
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Hi everyone, I am going to buy a new computer this month. The one I have in mind is a dell inspiron i580-6736NBC with these specifications:
procesor - intel core i3 - 3.2 GHz
cache memory - 4 Mb
Ram - 6 Gb DDR3 SDRAM
graphics - integrated intel hd
power supply - 300 w
I would like to play some games, but I don't know if I can with this graphic card? I want to upgrade the video card in order to play games such as modern warfare 2, gta IV, or test drive. What graphic card do you suggest to me, without upgrading the power supply?

Thank you for reading!!!

A:Upgrading the integrated Intel graphics

I would like to play some games, but I don't know if I can with this graphic card? I want to upgrade the video card in order to play games such as modern warfare 2, gta IV, or test drive. What graphic card do you suggest to me, without upgrading the power supply?Click to expand...

Not very good ones...
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I have a refurbished Lenovo Y40 and I am happy with everything except the wireless card. It is an intel ac-3160 card but right out of the box it had many problems. Internet signal drops off significantly when I am more than 5 feet away from the router.

I know this is normal but my computer's internet speeds die down significantly faster than other computers with the same wireless card. For example, at around 15-20 feet away, this computer will have 0.5-1 mb speeds while a different lenovo (same card) will have around 8-9 mb.

I want to try buying a new wireless card such as the intel-7260 or a new intel-3160. Does anyone know how to make sure my computer is compatible with the 7260? I have read an article about checking the "BIOS whitelist" to see if it's compatible (Page Not Found (404) - CNET

Anyone have suggestions or tips?

A:Upgrading intel wireless card

What router do you have? Upgrading the card or going with a USB adapter is not necessarily going to change something or improve signal if you are using a public hot spot at say a College or University dorm.

The antenna is usually on the upper left side of the lid. My son swaps between his Intel Wireless-ac dual-band 7260 and a Netgear A6200 USB adapter, depending on where he is at on his school campus.
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Current system is i5 2500 cpu, DP67BG Extreme mobo, Nvidea Gforce GTX560 GPU, WIN 7 Home Premium, 64bit.

I built this just over a year ago and it's been a really good system, but now I want to overclock, thus the upgrade. Haven't been on the forum in quite a while, and need my memory refreshed:

I am upgrading the CPU to an i7 2600K, and hope some one here can confirm that I do not have to upgrade BIOS or drivers. I believe Win 7 contains the necessary drivers, but have not gone through the 12 BIOS updates to see if one applies. I don't think so, but-----?
Thaanks for any forthcoming help, John

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I have Compaq Presario 2002 home edition, 504 RAM, 2.4GHz, pentium 4, i dont know what else can help, but is there anyway possible to get a new video card such as Nvidia (dying to play WoW)

A:Upgrading from intel 82845g Graphics controller?

also money is an issue, and I live in a small town, so if i CAN upgrade, the card will have to be from walmart or radio shack (both with very poor selections)
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Hello nbsp I currently have the HP with Pentium P and I saw that it has socket PGA I also saw that the most Upgrading Or 630 to 560m? i5 from P6200 i5-... Pentium HP Intel cost performance worthy CPU for this socket is the i m but I can't find anywhere a place that officialy shows whether it is compatible nbsp I did see a few posts about it and even saw a manual but Upgrading HP 630 from Intel Pentium P6200 to i5 560m? Or i5-... from some reason the i m wasn't on the list although it's the same architechture same TDP same socket Is there a reason why the HP motherboard shoulnd't support it nbsp Also I saw here http h www hp com ctg Manual c starting at page that the old HP might even support the i m Which is far better and newer nbsp Or maybe they refer to a different version of HP If such exists nbsp nbsp EDIT Now I see that HP has different motherboards chipsets HM HM so I think I have the HM with Pentium P so it's not upgradable to i m or any nd gen CPUs But anyways why isn't i - m on the list if it's the first gen and it's similiar to some others that are on the list nbsp I'm confused nbsp Thanks

A:Upgrading HP 630 from Intel Pentium P6200 to i5 560m? Or i5-...

Look at page 21 of the Manual. Separate motherboards for Intel Core and Pentium processors so you have no real upgrade path without changing the motherboard. Sorry.
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hi yall
well im trying to make a fraink-n-stine

can I upgreading cpu from
intel p3 sl3xy 733/256/133/1.65v too
Intel celeron sl5vr 1300/256/100/1.5v

and is it an upgread or a down-gread cuse of FSB is lower ?

Gateway - 2510250 Intel (Fedora) motherboard
grafix : gforc fx 5200 128mb
Mem : 256 pci 133 , 128 pci 133 , 128 pci 100

any info will be grand
thanxs in advance

A:Upgrading CPU from Intel P3 sl3xy 1.65v to Celeron sl5vr1.5v ?


kenwas said:

hi yall
well im trying to make a fraink-n-stine

can I upgreading cpu from
intel p3 sl3xy 733/256/133/1.65v too
Intel celeron sl5vr 1300/256/100/1.5v

and is it an upgread or a down-gread cuse of FSB is lower ?

Gateway - 2510250 Intel (Fedora) motherboard
grafix : gforc fx 5200 128mb
Mem : 256 pci 133 , 128 pci 133 , 128 pci 100

any info will be grand
thanxs in advanceClick to expand...

well any-1 have any input..I realy need to know if the mobo can run ether cpu's ..dont want to fry any thaing >_< (1.5v vrs 1.65v)
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I was wondering about upgrading my video card for this online game ive been using. But i am not sure what type of video card should i upgrade it with. The Current video card i have is Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV. I plan on buying my video card at RadioShack or Waltmart and i only have a budget of about $50, so is there any upgrades i can find for this? The memory range i wanna get is 200-500MB of RAM

Hey im not sure what type/model video card i should get for my computer, Can you pelase help me out?

MotherBoard- Dell Computer Corp. Model:0C2425
Graphic Interface- Dosent show up?
Memory- DDR, 256MBytes
CPU- Intel Pentium 4
CPU Speed- 1595.4 MHz
Power Supply Model- MTC2
Watt output/Amperage- Dosent seem to show up

But this is what is listed on it :
V: 115/230
A: 6/03.0A
Hz: 50/60

A:Upgrading Intel(R) 82845G Video Card

You will need to be lucky to upgrade the video card for $50 at Radio Schack.
Shop online...,,,,,,,, etc.
You will find a few good deals on these sites. But you will need to know if you need AGP, PCI, or PCI-Express as you shop.
Remember that you cannot improve it a lot without also replacing the power supply.
Maybe it is time to save that $50 toward purchase of a better machine.
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Does anyone have a suggestion to what video card i can upgrade to with an old dell dimension 3000? i just installed windows 7 home premium 32 bit and I'm having a major resolution issues. the computer is old, so I'm looking to spend 30-40 clams. i have no idea what will work/fit, so any suggestions would be much appreciated!



A:Upgrading intel r 865G Video Card

Looks like this is it, Visiontek 3450 with 512mb VISIONTEK 3450 PCI 512MB DMS59 SFF DDR2 Dual Monitor SFF-Short + Tall brackets : Desktop Accessories | Dell
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I got a acer travelmate 2480, Just wondering the possibility of at all upgrading the processor,

did some checks, and intel nor acer will confirm whether it takes anything beyond celeron. Pin layout is confusing because I think it is based off the old pentium M 478 pins if I'm right.

if thats true then I should at least be able to handle a pentium at 478 pins with 533 FSB, or a core solo at that same rate.

If anyone could give me some insight it would help a lot
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Hi I am new to the upgrading buzz after recently replacing my DVD writer Prior to this I had never opened a case before despite using a PC on a near daily basis for the past years I would now like to upgrade my existing computer and would like to hear your thoughts advice and suggestions The reason for upgrading is that I like to do some video editing Premiere Elements not every day but often enough to know my computer Core E6300 upgrading-Intel or with 4 Pentium Help 2 Duo 3.0 needs some upgrades I Help with upgrading-Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or Pentium 4 3.0 like to multitask and have more than one application running at once i e firefox premiere elements itunes My specs MSI P m R Chipset Motherboard with a Celeron D GHz CPU MB DDR RAM gig Hard Drive My main question relates to upgrading the CPU What would give me more quot bang for my buck quot An Intel Core Duo E GHz LGA or an Intel Pentium GHz Socket They are roughly the same price in my country New Zealand I would also like to get a graphics card My gaming experience has being limited to a trial version of Rise of Nations but I would like to get a little more adventurous What graphics card AGP do you suggest is in the quot sweet sport quot right now Any reason to choose one brand over another GeFroce vs nVidia etc Go graphics card improve video editing or is the improvement more in gaming I will still do more video editing than gaming Finally any thought of hard drive brands I have heard some users have had some poor experiences with Western Digital and being told to stick with Seagate I thank you all in advance for taking a couple of minutes out of your day to share your hint tip suggestion advice feedback with me Bruce nbsp

A:Help with upgrading-Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 or Pentium 4 3.0

Is there a way that I can check to see if my motherboard can support an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300???
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Hi I hope someone can help me Since upgrading from Vista - Bit to Windows Pro i can no longer connect my laptop to my TV using the vga lead as I've done many times before I checked in device manager and sure enough there is a yellow triangle next to ---- please click on link http i imgur com nnm png when i click on the highlighted entry i get this message----- please click on link http i imgur com gb PZ png I've tried to disable other devices as instructed but to be honest i was not sure which ones to disable Any Ideas comments welcome Regards Dom Laptop Dell Inspiron details as follows-- OS Name Microsoft Windows windows Intel to upgrading Chipset Trouble with since 8 Pro Version Build Other OS Trouble with Intel Chipset since upgrading to windows 8 Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name DOMS System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Inspiron System Type X -based PC System SKU Processor Pentium R Dual-Core CPU T GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Embedded Controller Version BIOS Mode Legacy BaseBoard Manufacturer Dell Inc BaseBoard Model Not Available BaseBoard Name Base Board Platform Role Mobile Secure Boot State Unsupported PCR Configuration Binding Not Possible Windows Directory C WINDOWS System Directory C WINDOWS system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume Locale United Kingdom Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot Username Doms dom Time Zone GMT Standard Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions No Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions No Hyper-V - Virtualisation Enabled in Firmware No Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection Yes ALSO Name Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS AA amp REV amp D AA amp amp Adapter Type Not Available Intel Corporation compatible Adapter Description Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Adapter RAM Not Available Installed Drivers igdumd dll igd umd dll Driver Version INF File igdlh inf iCNT section Colour Planes Not Available Colour Table Entries Not Available Resolution Not Available Bits Pixel Not Available Memory Address xF B - xF BFFFFF Driver c windows system drivers igdkmd sys MB bytes Name Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS AA amp REV amp D AA amp amp Adapter Type Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Intel Corporation compatible Adapter Description Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Microsoft Corporation - WDDM Adapter RAM GB bytes Installed Drivers igdumd dll igd umd dll Driver Version INF File igdlh inf iCNT section Colour Planes Not Available Colour Table Entries Resolution x x hertz Bits Pixel Memory Address xF C - xF FFFFFF Memory Address xE - xEFFFFFFF I O Port x EFE - x EFEF I O Port x - x FFFF IRQ Channel IRQ Driver c windows system drivers igdkmd sys MB bytes

A:Trouble with Intel Chipset since upgrading to windows 8

EDIT: Done, Install the driver from this page since Intel has decided to stop releasing drivers for Mobile Intel Series 4
Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation
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I have upgraded my Sony Vaio E series laptop (VPCEG38FG) from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro and now I see that the Intel Processor is running high 3.00GHz all the time (monitoring it through Intel software) causing the laptop to run out of battery quickly and the fan is on all the time.

Intel(R)_Core(TM)[email protected]_2.50GHz

Does anyone know what is wrong or what to do?

A:Intel Processor is running high after upgrading Windows

Originally Posted by aelfarra

I have upgraded my Sony Vaio E series laptop (VPCEG38FG) from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro and now I see that the Intel Processor is running high 3.00GHz all the time (monitoring it through Intel software) causing the laptop to run out of battery quickly and the fan is on all the time.

Intel(R)_Core(TM)[email protected]_2.50GHz

Does anyone know what is wrong or what to do?

What power profile do you have? check your power options, if its high performance, change it to balanced or power saver.
If its still not going down, go to:
Control panel > power options > change plan settings (on the right of the profile) > change advanced power settings

Go to the bottom and look at the "Processor power management: Minimum processor state" and make sure its at 1%.

If it still not going down, you will probably have to enter the laptop's bios, and make sure the C1E state or intel speed step is enabled within the processor settings.
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Can I either upgrade the drivers for, OR replace my intel wireless-n7260 hardware, so that my Lenovo U330 will support 802.11AC please?
Best regards
Mod's Edit: Edited model name in Subject line.

A:Upgrading intel wireless-n7260 on Lenovo U330

Hi ade31 , 
Welcome to the Community Forums . 
Since based from the hardware list (item12 page 74) not compatible AC WLAN for the model.
Errors such us undetermined device is due to whitelisting of such to those recommended by the OEM and is managed by the BIOS , No updated BIOS yet on support site to upgrade accepted AC features and modifying it is not advised by OEM to avoid bricking the laptop although some would still pursue this on other sites. 
Hope this answered your query. 
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Because i am giving up trying to breng my Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1CZ wifi card model Intel wireless AC 3160 to work, i would ask you for help telling me which other intel wifi card model do work under windows 10 64bit.
And where can i order that? I live in the Netherlands.
Thank tou all in advance
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I brought the HP Pavilion x360 11-k132TU 11" 2-in-1 Laptop recently and found out that the processor is really slowing me down. Here is the product I brought from Is there any chance of upgrading this WEAK processor? How to upgrade it and what cpu I should get? Budget is not really a problem, I just don't want to waste this laptop because I loved its 2 in 1 features. Reply PLZ!! this is my first time handling HP products and I don't want it to end like this.... THANKYOU!!
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I've been running an HP slim desktop that uses an E5500 CPU. I want to upgrade to get a larger screen (been using 17" lcd want to go to a 23" LCD).

The two choices I've come up with are as follows:

1. Intel NUC and replacement monitor. NUC has a i5-5250U. This is going to get a little pricey considering the cost of the NUC, a new monitor, memory and SSD.

2. Lenovo THINKCENTRE M92Z - 3314D9U which has a i5-3470S CPU and is an all-in-one

The NUC setup will probably cost 3 times the lenovo setup. I'm wondering coming from that old E5500 will the Lenovo seem be good enough or should I go for the NUC? This machine does not do a huge amount of processing, it's a kitchen web/email/office machine but I do run a MySQL instance on it for very light duty DB work.

Thoughts? Thanks,


A:Upgrading hardware, deciding between intel processors and form factors

Go with the best you can afford, the Lenovo should be fine.

That i5 is fine.

ARK | Intel? Core?

Max out the memory, at least 8 GB if it will take it
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Hello guys.
I want to upgrade my 3 years old Sony Vaio (model vgn fz21e)... already updated ddr from 2 to 4 gb, and hdd from 160 to 320.
The Processor the system has now is a Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 2.00 GHz.
What processor would be a wise ugrade, to make it count for programs to load/work faster, use more programs same time, etc. I use alot Photoshop and sometimes takes a while to make it start...

this is the MB report from Lavalys Everest
it is necessary a bios update if i change processor for another model? I never updated it since i bought the notebook

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Hello all,
I'm planning to upgrade from my ancient Intel 82845G graphics card to a new one, but I'm unsure if the new ones are compatible with my motherboard. It's ASRock P4i45GX PE.

As this is my first post here, I can't post links of the motherboard specs. So, you can just google ASRock P4i45GX PE and check it out.

It says something that the maximum graphics memory is 64 MB, but I'm unsure about it. So, are there any geeks out there who can help? I'll be glad.

A:Compatibility Issues? Upgrading from Intel 82845G Graphics Card

Hello henson93. Welcome to Techspot.

It seems that your motherboard is based on the Intel 845G chipset. I cannot find your mobo's product sheet anywhere but it's likely that you have an AGP 4X slot. The most powerful AGP card that would be comaptible with AGP 4X is the Radeon HD 4670. However, they cost over $100 and definitely cannot provide the performance levels of newer (PCI-E) cards available at a similar cost.

It would be helpful if you could confirm whether you have that AGP 4X slot on your mobo. Also, what is the reason for your upgrading to a discrete GPU. Are you looking to play games?