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Q: Tethering Issue

I am trying to use FoxFi with my ASUS TF101(jelly bean) and my HTC Desire C. I cant seem to get the Tablet to see the phone in the network settings. Can anyone help me please or recommend another free tethering app that will allow me to pair my devices wifi?

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Preferred Solution: Tethering Issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Tethering Issue

The web site doesn't offer much info, but found the following on the Market. See if they help if you haven't tried already. My Samsung Fascinate (GB 2.3.5) is rooted and I have Barnacle installed. I've connected my Transformer Infinity and Dell laptop to it w/o issues.

Here are some tips to help your usage:
1. On some models if you run into WiFi problem after using the Hotspot, simply reboot your phone and rename the hotspot before activating to clear the issue.
2. For some Samsung phones if your computer is not able to get an IP address, try to turn on WiFi on the phone first and make sure it does not connect to any WiFi network, then turn on FoxFi.
3. FoxFi is tested on non-rooted phones. If your phone has a rooted ROM it may or may not work.
4. When WiFi hotspot is activated you may also see a hotspot notification of the built-in WiFi hotspot feature. Please ignore it. As long as you do not sign up for a tether plan you won't be charged.
5. If you enter or change the hotspot password, make sure you rename the hotspot also before activating.
6. Sometimes Windows need a "repair" on the WiFi menu to get a correct IP address.Click to expand...
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Hello all and first of all as always thank Malfunction? XP Machine: Tethering USB Issue on you for taking the time to be here and help us all out I recently had to move back to another state and could only take my five year old Dell Dimension E which is of course Running XP Media Center Edition Before putting the system into mothballs I returned her to her factory state besides installing a free antivirus and firewall just in case it ever had to be used in hurry as well as running Decrapifier etc As I am right now very poor the only way for me to use the desktop online is to tether it to a T-Mobile My Touch via it's USB Tethering option I grabbed a configuration file from this website here Android Devices Tethering and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots - Google Mobile Help It works It is how I am making this post now but USB Tethering Issue on XP Machine: Malfunction? at times I get a Windows error message quot USB Device Not Recognized One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it For assistance in solving this problem click this message quot Usually after I play around with restarting and turning the tether on off it works But I need to use this to fill out job apps and the like and I can't afford a site to time out on me while I play this game any ideas

A:USB Tethering Issue on XP Machine: Malfunction?

Go to Start/Run and type devmgmt.msc and press enter. In the Device Manager, any devices with yellow flags need to have drivers installed. Even if you don't have any yellow flags, Update the Chipset Driver (for USB support)for your computer at the Dell Site
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Windows7 laptop has been hacked and they have got in via administration and i use my android phone tethering for data, can they hack into my phone through the tether. Thanks
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Okay..... I work on computers and I have been asked a couple times about tethering cell phones. The last one was about tethering Samsung Moment. I have been to all the other web sites and forums. I am still trying to get some update info.

1. Does this still work for this model. I heard that they (the company) might try to block it.

2. If it still does work, would it be easier to go bluetooth or USB.

3. I heard that the speed is really slow. Or is it.... with 3G and 4G coming out.

People are trying real hard to save money and tethering has been around for a couple years. First I have heard of it. Any up to date info can really help.......

A:Tethering... Some help

This provides a bit of extra info
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So I have a s phone and it's connected to my aunt wifi who is my neighbor and there's a tethering option on my phone so I use that tethering option to provide internet to my desktop computer. when I connect the phone and turn on the tethering option "Presto!" I have internet connection, BUT every few seconds, minutes or hours, I don't know what happens all I hear is the disconnection sound on my pc and no more internet which then I have to unplug the usb cable plug it in again and tick the tether option on my phone to have internet again. Is it a USB driver problem or something? I already downloaded SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_v1.5.45.0. for what I think could be usb driver problems but still it disconnects from time to time.

A:USB Tethering

I also have tried the turning of the selective usb power suspending option.
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we are having trouble tethering our phone and PC. phone is Samsung nexus s, and PC is running windows 7. any help?


Not without a description of the problem.
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I'm trying to tether my driod x with my laptop and/or desktop, but have forgotten my network key to allow my driod x to tether. Can anybody help me in finding a way to figure out how to reset my network key or what I could do in getting my systems to tether? Thanks.....Steve

A:driod x tethering

ibemrsteve said:

I'm trying to tether my driod x with my laptop and/or desktop, but have forgotten my network key to allow my driod x to tether. Can anybody help me in finding a way to figure out how to reset my network key or what I could do in getting my systems to tether? Thanks.....SteveClick to expand...

What device are you tethering from? Laptop or Phone?
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so the same as usual when it comes to my luck I'm trying to tether my internet connection from my note to my PC via USB and it doesn't work here are a few details that I Not Working??? Still Tethering USB can give you of what occurs when I try to do this I plug in my phone via usb and it recognizes it off the bat I go to my settings in android and enable usb tethering windows makes the sound that happens when you disconnect a device then proceeds to slow down WAY down I hover over the network icon in the system tray and it just shows the line for loading or identifying USB Tethering Still Not Working??? clicking on the icon or trying to open the network and sharing center while I'm in usb tether mode results in nothing I did however manage to disable tethering them open the network and sharing center then enable my usb tethering from there it shows my device in the center but says that it is disabled I right click and select ENABLE it says quot ENABLING quot then quot ENABLED quot but does not actually enable my device

A:USB Tethering Still Not Working???

Check with your cell provider to see if terhering is allowed with your package.
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My computer has bluetooth compatibility but not a bluetooth device or card. I had herd of tethering before but only for internet I want to know if there is a way to tether my notebook to my cell phone and use it as a bluetooth card replacement (example: Connect my phone to my computer via cord turn on the phones bluetooth abilitys and use them on the computer to connect to bluetooth devices such as Ipod, other phones, computer remote controls, other bluetooth computers ect.)

A:Tethering for bluetooth

No, but for about $10-15 bucks, you can get a BlueTooth dongle to put in your computer. It's a standard device so the drivers are already in Windows.

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The security team of a customer is in the midst of testing Windows 7 security features and came up with the following queries.

While conducting some tests on desktops using Windows 7, our internal audit department observed that it is possible to transfer data from a Windows 7 desktop to
an android device using Media Transfer Protocol even if the USB port is blocked through AD Group policies. Similarly it is also possible to perform this operation on windows XP desktops if media player v 10 is installed on them. They
also observed that if a phone is connected to a Windows 7 desktop, USB tethering allows the user to bypass the proxy and access internet unrestricted.

I wanted to check with you if these are known issues on OS 7 and whether there are any solutions available to prevent them through AD policies on Windows 7 OS?
Would appreciate any help in this regards.

A:Prevent MTP & USB tethering


Please check whether other UBS device could work after you applied the policy.

In addition, please try to enable it again and run ?gpupdate /force? in command prompt to ensure it has been applied.


Vincent Wang
TechNet Community Support
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when i try to conect to my g1 phones internet computer just shuts down or goes to that blue screen.....the other laptops in my house works just can connect ...or sometimes this computer goes to that blue screen

A:tethering problem

Sounds nasty, and weird given the fact that the other laptop can use tethering off it and this one can't. Take a shot of the bluescreen error (perhaps with a phone), and post the image here.
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Hey i m trying to set-up ICS off iPhone Tethering - ICS my netbook using the connection off my iPhone being tethered I have created the ad-hoc network but when I click Share Internet I get the quot Do not have ICS - Tethering iPhone privileges quot message I have turned all the way down I think that meant off my UAC rebooted and still no luck I m not sure what it means by needing two network connections But this will happen even when Wi-Fi is avail and even when trying to share using Wi-Fi which i m not interested in just problem shooting My iPhone connection is Local Area Connection but since windows it has no sharing tab I have read countless forums and seems everyone asks for the following information so I have posted it now just so maybe someone can read and understand this better Thanks in advance for any help Dustin Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Dustin gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Dustin-VAIO Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Apple Mobile Device Ethernet Physical Address C-C - - - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe dd bb aca e Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Thursday August PM Lease Expires Thursday August PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DHCPv Client DUID - - - - -C - - A- C-EE-E -FE- - B DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Physical Address C-EE-E -FE- - A DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description JMicron PCI Express Fast Ethernet Adapter Physical Address - -BE-B -FC- DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Bluetooth Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Bluetooth Device Personal Area Network Physical Address - - -E - -C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description n Wireless LAN Card Physical Address C-EE-E -FE- - B DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap C EA- E - - F F-D EA A D Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap E B ED - F- -AFFB-D CD FB Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap A -C - -ADE - CEA Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter isatap - EE- E -ACC - DEFBF Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e c e f ebfd Pref erred Link-local IPv Address fe c e f ebfd Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter TO Adapter Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft to Adapter Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address ac a ac a Preferred Default Gateway c c DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter isatap CFB - - ED-A EE-C DCC C B CE M... Read more

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Does anyone know why I can't download from my android while doing reverse tethering?

A:Reverse tethering

Is the Android device Rooted?
Is the Android device in USB Debug Mode?
Did you setup your PC to with the Android Tool so this process can work?
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Hi I am tethering HTC Aria trying to tether my htc aria to my dell vostro AT amp T had me download a sync program to my pc Then they said that they had to transfer me to htc for the rest HTC Aria tethering htc told me to download one of the tethering programs to my phone I did that I downloaded Android Tethering to my cell phone Then I was to download AndroidTethering adb zip and save to my sdcard The options were for x and amd I don t know what I have So I downloaded both versions to my sdcard I hope that was okay Then hooked up the phone to computer found the androidtethering zip file and unzipped and stored on my computer According to AndroidTethering I am to install the driver I don t see how to do that After installing the driver I am to check a file to make sure the driver was installed Can someone tell me how to unzip a file and then how to tell which file to run I have contacted AT amp T again htc again and AndroidTethering and no one seems to know how to help me Thank you Maggie nbsp

A:HTC Aria tethering

I'll save you some time. I called all around and finally found out that AT&T had sold me a tethering plan for the aria and they do not support tethering for it. If you root your phone you can then use some tethering software but AT&T won't let you do it on a stock phone. I rooted mine, even got the cwd6 mod running on it, but never did as well as this which works without root or any mods. In fact, I stopped before writing this sentence and spent the $18.95 for a lifetime license. It's a usb tether but it has bluetooth tethering capability too as an alternative to the wire.

junefabrics dot com / android / download.php (gay no link until 5 post rule!)

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Hi all,
On windows 7 I used to use my iPhones hotspot to connect to the Internet. I recently purchased windows 8 and the install went fine. But now when I try to connect to the Internet through my phones hotspot it's not working. It's connected through USB by the way. Please help me set up the network connection. Thank you

A:iPhone 4S tethering

This happened to me as well. I went into settings on the right hand side of the start screen and selected devices, at the bottom of this page is an option regarding metering. Turn this on and try tethering again.

Let me know if this resolves the issue like it did for me.
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For quite a while now I have been tethering using the G connection on my Android phone and the App PDANet It wasn t idea but it was my best option Often Problems tethering... times I would connect my phone to the computer and everything would work fine for a few minutes and then the speed would start to get slower and slower until I was basically dealing with dialup speeds This has basically been the norm for quite some time ever since I started using more data by playing World of Warcraft when tethering Since the speed seemed to also be slow when just using my phone Problems tethering... whether it be the browser or watching videos etc then I just assumed that it was something that Verizon was doing throttling my usage since I m using so much data Well now all of a sudden G is available at my house I hoped this would solve my problems In a way it did but it has also just presented new ones Now when I tether my phone to the computer the speed is great but again only for a short time maybe seconds maybe minutes but eventually the internet seems to sort of quot lock up quot It s hard to explain It clearly isn t a problem with the speed It isn t slowing down In fact if I m running a program like a Problems tethering... Java program such as a fantasy football draft or a chat room or something then that will just continue to work fine for as long as I want it to but if I try to open a new tab or start doing something else then I just get a quot Waiting for lt site name gt quot message and it almost never loads The same thing happens when playing World of Warcraft If I am playing the game it will be working great better than it ever did before but after I ve been on a few then if I try to quot zone quot or do anything that requires a brief load screen then that will basically lock it up and I ll have to log all the Problems tethering... way out and restart my tether connection to get back in I m sorry if I m not explaining this well enough It s a bit difficult I m just trying to say that it clearly isn t a problem with the speeds slowing down it s more like it just quits trying to load new things When I just use my phone this doesn t happen The speeds are great there and don t seem to slow down or have any issues at all so this leads me to believe that it isn t something Verizon is doing and is a problem on my end I ve tried using a different tethering app EasyTether as well and it does the same thing If there was some information that I didn t give just let me know I would really appreciate any information or help that anyone can give me This having to disconnect my phone and restart my tether connection every minute or so while just browsing the web is getting old fast Thanks in advance Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor AMD E - APU with Radeon tm HD Graphics AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD D Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION ACF Antivirus Norton Internet Security Disabled nbsp
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I just recently tethered my desktop internet through my laptop internet because my desktop doesn't have wifi. It was working for a while and now it's not and I can't seem to fix it. I have even tried connecting to a different wifi router. Any ideas?

A:Internet Tethering

Connect your desktop PC to the router with an ethernet cable instead of using the tethering method.
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Hi there, sorry but its another question about 'limited' connectivity!!

Just signed up to mobile contract and was given a Sony Xperia T especially good for tethering, I was told (!).
Followed the setup on the phone - all good. Except my laptop running windows 8, shows limited connectivity - strong signal though.

I have scanned forums to try and find an answer and have none so far.
I get wifi connection from the flat share that Im in, works pretty well, never limited connection.

I am ok with computers, but pretty basic to be honest i,e i may need high end explanations! -

Would appreciate any help as the reason i signed this 2 yr contract was for the tethering abilities as I may soon be living in a van!

A:TETHERING! from Xperia T to laptop

Oh my word, ive worked it out through research - checking the box that enable FIPS...worked!! and my connection is faster than my wifi connection that my flat mate has?!
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Problem Can't identify networks both WIFI amp cable except tethering from my phone Background A few months back i started experiencing a couple of network issues after installing the VPN client from Private Internet Access amp a DNSLeak fix I could only connect to networks if tethering All except unidentified, networks I used that software Now I can't even identify any WIFI network I try to connect to and the one I have tried with cable What I have tried Restart PC Update drivers Reinstall Private Internet Access Uninstall DNSLeak fix CMD - gt netsh int ip reset Ipconfig all Code Windows IP-konfigurasjon Vertsnavn Laptop Prim r DNS-suffiks Nodetype Node-til-node IP-ruting aktivert Nei WINS Proxy aktivert Nei Ethernet-kort Lokal tilkobling Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse TAP-Win Adapter V Fysisk adresse -FF- - F- - C DHCP aktivert Ja Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Koblingslokal IPv -adresse fe f c Foretrukket IPv -adresse Foretrukket Nettverksmaske Leieavtale inng tt august Leieavtale utl per august Standard gateway DHCP-server DHCPv -IAID DHCPv klient-DUID - - - - - B- - -B - -E - - - DNS-servere NetBIOS over Tcpip Aktivert Ethernet-kort Lokal tilkobling Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device Fysisk adresse B - - F- - F-D DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Koblingslokal IPv -adresse fe bc b a f c f Foretrukket IPv -adresse Foretrukket Nettverksmaske Standard gateway DHCPv -IAID DHCPv klient-DUID - - - - - B- - -B - -E - - - DNS-servere fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Aktivert All networks unidentified, except tethering Ethernet-kort Lokal tilkobling Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Broadcom Virtual Wireless Adapter Fysisk adresse C - - -F -E - DHCP aktivert Ja Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Tr dl st LAN-kort Tr dl s nettverkstilkobling Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Broadcom n nettverkskort Fysisk adresse C - - -F - - DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Koblingslokal IPv -adresse fe f a b Foretrukket Automatisk IPv -adressekonfig Foretrukket Nettverksmaske Standard gateway DHCPv -IAID DHCPv klient-DUID - - - - - B- - -B - -E - - - DNS-servere fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Aktivert Ethernet-kort Lokal tilkobling Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Broadcom NetLink TM Gigabit Ethernet Fysisk adresse B - -E - - - DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Ethernet-kort VirtualBox Host-Only Network Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse VirtualBox Host-Only Ethernet Adapter Fysisk adresse - - - - C-AD DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Koblingslokal IPv -adresse fe a c a d Foretrukket Automatisk IPv -adressekonfig Foretrukket Nettverksmaske Standard gateway DHCPv -IAID DHCPv klient-DUID - - - - - B- - -B - -E - - - DNS-servere fec ffff fec ffff fec ffff NetBIOS over Tcpip Aktivert Tunnelkort isatap E D-DB E- - A-FC E E EC Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysisk adresse - - - - - - -E DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Tunnelkort isatap B - D - B -AE -D B BF E Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysisk adresse - - - - - - -E DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Tunnelkort isatap FFB CE - - D -BC - A C CCAACB Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysisk adresse - - - - - - -E DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Tunnelkort isatap E E - EC- D D-BBD -F C D D CFF Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Tilkoblingsspesifikt DNS-suffiks Beskrivelse Microsoft ISATAP Adapter Fysisk adresse - - - - - - -E DHCP aktivert Nei Automatisk konfigurasjon aktivert Ja Tunnelkort isatap F C- A- - DC-A A A E Medietilstand Medium frakoblet Ti... Read more

A:All networks unidentified, except tethering

Your first ethernet adapter does not have a default gateway but it received an IP address via DHCP. Is the DHCP server ( a router?

Your second ethernet adapter has a fine address stack however it has invalid DNS servers so you won't be able to browse the internet with that interface.

Your wireless adapter isn't receiving a response from a DHCP server and has an auto configuration IP address. I am assuming that this is because your DHCP server is on the subnet.

Your virtual box machine also isn't receiving a valid response from the DHCP server however this should be the least of your worries and upon correction of the above this should also resolve itself.

Can I ask, are you able to show us a network map at all so we can see what devices are connected to which and where your current machine is in relation to other devices? It appears as though you are trying to use your machine as a router, can you confirm this?

Many Thanks,
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So just recently got a new phone Samsung Galaxy S I'm going through all the basics which eventually leads to plugging it in and sending things back and fourth from my computer I plug it in and it asks me if I want to install some or other Verizon software so that my phone could interact with my computer more easily I accept it and half way during the installation my computer just completely blue-screens I try once more to install the software after a restart to no prevail another crash At that point I did a bit of research and although nobody else had my problem the software wasn't necessary to connecting the phone to the computer I follow the directions Went to settings found tethering quot Share your device's data via USB quot Its supposed to make the phone basically just a USB stick and you can access the data that way I plug my phone in once again click the tether button and blue screen Tried once more this is when the picture was taken Anybody have any ideas on whats causing my computer to act this way

A:Galaxy S3 Tethering crashed PC

Your stop error: BSOD Index | STOP 0x00000035: NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONS Points to a device driver then memory.

Can you check to see if any of the verizon software was installed on your machine? It might be causing this.

Tried a restore point to before your first attempt then checking if 7 can see it okay?

Tried running a sfc /scannow, then checking?

Tried "Last Known Good Configuration", then checking if phone works?
According to my wife's galaxy nexus manual (verizon), If you're using 7 you don't need verizon's software.

Here are two passages:

Connect to a Windows computer via USB
You can use a USB cable to connect your phone to a Windows computer and transfer music, pictures, and other files in both directions. This connection uses the MTP protocol, which is supported by most recent versions of Windows.
If you are using USB tethering, you must turn that off before you can use USB to transfer files between your tablet and computer.
When you connect your phone to the USB port on your computer, its USB storage is mounted as a drive and appears on your computer screen. You can now copy files back and forth as you would using any other external device.
When you're finished, simply disconnect the phone by unplugging the USB cable.
Related settings
Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot
Settings > Device > Storage > Menu > USB computer connection

Share your phone's data connection via USB
If your computer is running Windows 7, Mac OS X, or a recent distribution of some flavors of Linux (such as Ubuntu), you can follow these instructions without any special preparation.
If you're running a version of Windows that precedes Windows 7, or some other operating system, you may need to prepare your computer to establish a network connection via USB.
1.) Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable. A USB icon appears at the top of the screen, and the notification Connected as a media device or Connected as a camera appears briefly at the top of the screen. For the purposes of tethering, the type of connection doesn't matter.
2.) Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Tethering & portable hotspot.
3.) Check USB tethering. Your computer is now sharing your device's data connection.
4.) To stop sharing your data connection, uncheck USB tethering or disconnect the USB cable.

We're running wi-fi to her phone, but we haven't had the need to have a physical connection between her phone and our machine, yet.
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I have usb tethered my andriod phone to my windows 7 lap top in order to use the phone internet on my lap top. I am unable to connect to internet. I am sending and receiving packets. I turned off fire wall. My network connection area reads Remote NDIS based internet.

A:tethering usb samsung galaxys4

Quote: Originally Posted by ginia

I have usb tethered my andriod phone to my windows 7 lap top in order to use the phone internet on my lap top. I am unable to connect to internet. I am sending and receiving packets. I turned off fire wall. My network connection area reads Remote NDIS based internet.

What software (if any) have you installed on your Android phone?

I have installed PDANet+, which has a component that runs on the PC as well as a component that runs on the phone, to support the USB Tether mechanism.

I also have installed the FoxFI addition (it's part of the bundle), but have never been able to get Bluetooth connectivity to work, although USB tethering works fine (in experiments anyway, as I never truly use this because of my 2GB data plan from Verizon and also because I'm always running my laptop as wired/WiFi in an inside location and never need my phone for out-in-the-world portable use).
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Here is what I would like to do if you guys can tell me if it's possible and how that would help me out alot I have an embedded Gobi Needed Info Please Tethering card where currently I am getting my mobile broadband from Verizon I am on the road all the time and I mean ALL the time I would like to be able to use other wireless Tethering Info Needed Please capable devices in the car pulling from my laptop with Verizon If my memory serves me correct I believe I need some type of special modem I know alot of people that seem to do this from there crack berries but I have no idea if my situation is different or how to do it I have full power in my vehicle so that would not be a problem About a year ago I was taking my son to school and he had his Apple Touch with him He said that he was picking up my signal but could not connect That does not work at this time I have no idea what or how he was able to do this but it was there Thanks for the help

A:Tethering Info Needed Please

Well if you are getting mobile boardband from Verizon you might want to look at their USB dongle for that service I know they are about $100 bucks then some kind of mail in rebate deal.
If your looking to Tether a phone to your laptop you will need to see what your phone requires to in order to hook it up 60% of the time its a special cable or some type of bluetooth setting. The issue is a lot of companies charge extra to do so I know Verizon wants to charge me another 30 bucks a month to do this with my blackberry even tho I pay for unlimited broadband on my phone. Best bet go see your local Verzion store and see what the deal is in person before just doing so that way you wont get extra charges on your bill.
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Trying to tether my Windows 10 1151 to my Android 5.1.1 device over Bluetooth. I swear it used to work before 10...

Tethering enabled on Android. Devices paired successfully.

On Windows - Clicking Taskbar - Bluetooth - Join a PAN - Click Device - Connect using... only shows direct connection... What happened to Bluetooth?

What's the trick?
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BSOD issue on tethering with phone and blackberry software

event log as follows

Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP2: FFFFF80003677260
BCP3: FFFFF88003169988
BCP4: FFFFF880031691E0
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 768_1

kernel power 41 (63 )

A:BSOD crash on tethering with bb ( help )

follow this
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Long story short I recently started working from home due to some health problems My problem is that I live about miles out of town in the middle of nowhere we have to pipe in the sunlight After years of living here we finally got a landline type internet connection instead of either satellite which scores no better than dial-up at twice the price of fiber optic or tethering our cell phones Requirements for accessing the company website software adapter for usb tethering Looking virtual a for is being hard Looking for a virtual adapter for usb tethering lined to the modem Mbps Download and Mbps upload my connection is averaging - Mbps download and - upload Our tech support suggested quot bridging quot for lack of a better word basically leaving both the wireless and wired connections on coming off my one router After thinking about it I just don't see getting any more speed that way but if I was to add a cellular tether on top of the regular ISP speed it just might push me up close enough that I can work without being kicked off the system because my speed just isn't fast enough For about a year and a half before getting AT amp T U-verse we turned off the satellite internet and just tethered the cell phones which was faster more stable and even cheaper than satellite so tethering isn't a big deal My question comes down to what can I do to hard line to the modem router which is required and run the wireless to the modem router plus usb tethering my phone Or am I looking for something that doesn't exist and just need to hard line then wifi the phone Any other options or ideas I can get will be greatly appreciated

A:Looking for a virtual adapter for usb tethering

Don't they offer a 3G modem for their service ? That's usually faster and more efficient than tethering a phone.
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Hi guys, I have an unusual problem. I have a Toshiba A305D running windows 7 enterprise, and I tethered my phone last night and was able to connect to the net via my phone. However now I am unable to connect to either of my previous 2 networks. For some reason I can now only connect to my phone tethering. The networks show up as usual but when I try to connect it says unable to connect. When I try and diagnose the problem it does not show a problem, or cant find a solution.

Strange thing is my wife has a Compaq Presario with the same os and it does the same on hers now also. Neither computers are able to connect to connect to either of our old networks, only to the phone via tethering.

I have searched high and low for solutions but cant find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thanks in advance..

A:Cant connect to networks after tethering !!!

Resetting your router comes to mind...and use DHCP because it makes it easier to connect.
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I have a problem where whenever I connect to the internet using usb tethering with my phone(Asus Zenfone 5 LTE) my laptop will crash after a certain amount of time. Using other connection didn't cause the crash. This has been going on for almost week now and I really need to solved this problem immediately.

Here's the spec for my laptop:


AMD A10-5750M


500GB Hard Drive

Windows 8.1 64-bit

I have also attached the SF Diagnostic Tool zip file.

Hopefully this problem can rectified as soon as possible.

A:BSOD dpc_watchdog_violation while usb tethering

Sorry for the delay in responding. There just aren't that many people who do BSOD analysis, so at times we get a bit overwhelmed!

You have a D-Link Wireless G DWA-110 USB Adapter and an ASUS Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS device

I do not recommend using wireless USB network devices. Especially in Win8/8.1 systems.
These wireless USB devices have many issues with Win7 and later - using Vista drivers with them is almost sure to cause a BSOD.
Should you want to keep using these devices, be sure to have Win8/8.1 drivers - DO NOT use Vista drivers!!!
An installable wireless PCI/PCIe card that's plugged into your motherboard is much more robust, reliable, and powerful.

Nearly all of the memory dumps in the WER section of MSINFO32 are involving USB devices (usb8023x.sys)
The same goes for the memory dump analysis' that I ran.
Please ensure that you have ALL available Windows Updates - as these drivers (the one's that are blamed) are Windows drivers. Windows drivers aren't often at fault, but it's best to have all updates in order to be sure.

Please remove the Western Digital software from your system. The wdcsam64.sys driver dates from 2008 and is known to cause BSOD's on some Windows systems
Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

lirsgt.sys Sun May 17 09:06:57 2009 (4A100BF1)
part of a Copy Protection platform developed by Tages SA

atksgt.sys Sun May 17 09:36:34 2009 (4A1012E2)
part of a Copy Protection platform developed by Tages SA

ASMMAP64.sys Thu Jul 2 05:13:26 2009 (4A4C7A36)
LENOVO ATK Hotkey ATK0101 ACPI UTILITY (also found in Asus systems)

npf.sys Fri Jun 25 12:50:58 2010 (4C24DE72)
NetGroup Packet Filter Driver (part of the WinPcap packet capture library)
npf.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

Please note the drivers below that date from before the release of Windows 8.1 (17 Oct 2013) - check to see that each and every one is compatible w/Windows 8.1 (at the manufacturer's website). If not, you must either remove the device and it's software - or locate a Windows 8.1 compatible update on the web. Removing some drivers may make the system unstable - so if you're unable to find updates, post back for info on the one's that can/cannot be safely removed.

The drivers that are struckout don't have updates available (AFAIK).
DO NOT delete them, just leave them be.

If all of this doesn't stop the BSOD's, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings

The following is for informational purposes only.

**************************Wed Sep 17 15:47:55.486 2014 (UTC - 4:00)**************************
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\091814-45953-01.dmp]
Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (4 procs) Free x64
Built by: 9600.17238.amd64fre.winblue_gdr.140723-2018
System Uptime:3 days 18:28:57.813
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for usb80236.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for usb80236.sys
Probably caused by :usb80236.sys ( usb80236+2caf )
BugCheck 133, {0, 501, 500, 0}
Arg1: 0000000000000000, A single DPC or ISR exceeded its time allotment. The offending
component can usually be identified with a stack trace.
Arg2: 0000000000000501, The DPC time count (in ticks).
Arg3: 0000000000000500, The DPC time allotment (in ticks).... Read more
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I have an HP dx years old Vista Home Premium bit I access internet through tethering my phone and have had no problems in the past Recently Symantec amp Norton have been blocking the ISP that my phone provider uses to connect the internet from the phone to the help dial - Slow up tethering computer Now - I can connect to the internet through my dial up tethering BUT it is super slow there is no other way to describe it When I access the network amp Slow dial up tethering - help sharing center it says I am connected excellent strength amp when I click 'view status' I am receiving around bytes vs sending bytes I'm not sure if this is the problem but it looks like it is I have Norton Security Suite and I already modified the firewall to allow the ISP from my phone provider for unhindered access to the internet When there is wi fi available I am able to get on the internet and it is FAST so something is wrong with the dial up and I don't know what it is but I need help to fix it Any suggestions would be really helpful I don't know a whole lot about computers network connections Thanks so much

A:Slow dial up tethering - help

Here are the reasons that dial up can be slow.
What Causes Dial Up To Be Slow?

Maybe some apply to you.
In most cases not much that you can do, that is why people are spending so much for DSL and Cable.
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Hi all,
I am Using Windows 8.1 (Update 1). Whenever I connect My android Mobile to USB and activate USB tethering, the Whole taskbar becomes slow and lagging. Though I can click them, it takes 5-10 Seconds to Switch to other programs.However alt+tab switches to other program with ease. Pressing Start also is lagging. I Cant Click taskbar notification icons also. All these lagging stop as soon as I turn off my USB tethering. I Cant use wifi hotspot also as its connection drops every 10 Minutes or so. I am sure the problem is cause by Windows OS only, because I restored my windows 8 Backup and USB tethering works without any problem.
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Unfortunately despite my best efforts to find a better alternative where I live my only option for unlimited internet with any speed whatsoever is to tether my DROID DNA phone to my computer Android phone. Tethering using my using the app PdaNet I ve been doing this for over a year now without any problems I have an unlimited data plan through Tethering using my Android phone. Verizon and although I only have G at my house it is still far better than anything else I ve found Recently I started playing the online game World of Warcraft Obviously the speed isn t ideal but it worked perfectly fine for about weeks One night the game started to get really slow and after a minute or two would freeze up entirely When this happened I would have an error message on my phone at the PdaNet screen that read quot Communication with client has been broken quot Despite restarting things this continued to happen I assumed that it was because the weather was bad outside but the problem didn t go away the next day When I noticed that my internet speed when browsing the web had slowed down as well I figured that although I supposedly have unlimited data that Verizon must have slowed me down for crossing over a certain download barrier I ve heard that they do this So this went on for the next week until the first of the month when my data was reset through Verizon Well I m still having the same issue when trying to play the game It will work alright for anywhere from seconds to minutes and then all of a sudden start to get slower and slower until it freezes completely and I have the quot Communication with client has been broken quot error screen on my phone I m not sure if my internet speed in general is back to normal or not because I haven t spent enough time online to know for sure but at the moment it seems to be I m sure there is some detail I m leaving out but if anyone has any experience with tethering or PdaNet especially when gaming or any familiarity with this error message that I m receiving I would really appreciate any sort of help or advice On a related note if anyone knows of a better option for unlimited high speed internet than having to use an app to tether my phone then I m definitely open to hearing about that as well Thanks a lot in advance and sorry for the length nbsp

A:Tethering using my Android phone.

I'm still having slow internet speeds. I tried doing a factory reset on my phone but that hasn't helped. I also tried a few of the other, lesser known tethering apps and I'm not having any luck with those either.

I'm pretty much about of ideas at this point. Anyone out there who can give me a hand with this? Thanks.
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I can connect my iphone via usb and get an internet connection.
What i want to do is share this connection with my brother.
He has an ipod touch and can connect to my phone and tether.
I want to use his ipod touch as a mini dongle that connects to my ipod, so we both can use the gaming etc.
Is this possible?
Can i have a step by step guide.
I have connectify (doesnt seem to work)
Theres no option in networking centre to create an ad-hoc connection either....

A:Iphone Shared Tethering Problem


A guide is below:
How To Set Up iPhone Tethering | iPhone.AppStorm

I dont think it will be very good for games though as the connection speed will be very slow.
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Right now I am using my phone for internet tethiring and I would like to set up a wifi network on my pc so I can connect my xbox 360 to it so I don't have to go a week without Xbox LIVE while my line gets reconnected. Running Vista. Please help
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I haven't ever created a thread before, so sorry if I'm in the wrong part of the forums, but here goes.

I currently use PdaNet to tether my iPod to my PC using USB mode. This allows me to have internet on my PC without a real adapter. But recently, I bought Windows 8, and PdaNet didn't work with it. You can't do anything on a PC without interwebz. Any programs I can install on my iPod AND Windows 8 that will allow me to continue tethering? P.S. I'd get an adapter if I could. I'm smarter than the average

A:Windows 8 to iPod/iPhone USB tethering?

PDAnet hasn't updated their software yet, you can try the Wi-Fi functionality perfectly though. If you are anxious to use usb tethering, look for Tetherme in the Cydia store.
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The Wi-Fi chip on my phone is fried, and only bluetooth is working.
Right now, I'm using an old phone to share my home internet connection via bluetooth to my main device.
I'd like to do this on my PC instead, since I leave it on 24/7 but there is virtually no information on how to do this no matter how much I search.
Windows 10 has a built in hotspot feature for Wi-Fi, but nothing for bluetooth.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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I know that it's a fairly common question but I have just not found a way to make it work.

I want to use my iPhone as a modem but do so wirelessly through Bluetooth.

After downloading the latest Centrino drivers for my laptop's Bluetooth adapter, I successfully paired my iPhone and my laptop. The problem is that I can only share music files. For some reason, I can't share Internet access over Bluetooth. It's not coming up as an option in the "Devices" section once both devices are connected.

Am I doing anything wrong or do I need to create a network from within Win7? I tried setting up the drivers using Microsoft's internal database of drivers but it couldn't find any drivers for my Bluetooth adapter. As a result, the two wouldn't even pair up. Downloading the Intel drivers fixed that problem. But now, I find myself not being able to tether without USB.

A:Tethering iPhone to Win7 using Bluetooth


Unfortunately Apple restricts the bluetooth use of it's devices & therefore it is not possible to do that.

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Dear Experts

My Windows 7 laptop connected to internet via my mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 by tethering portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

I am a technician field and I need to connect my laptop via USB port to an Ericsson MiniLink (telecom NE) node to do configuration.

Whenever I connect the USB cable from the laptop to Ericsson my internet gets dropped, while this didn?t happen to my coworker who is using the same laptop brand as mine.

By the way the Ericsson software that I installed on my laptop create the attached socket called : "Ericsson USBLAN adapter" on my computer's network and that would be used for the USB communication


Any advice what should I do to avoid this problem


A:Laptopís internet via tethering gets dropped

If you do ipconfig /all when connected to the Internet then do it again when you connect the usb what changes
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just upgraded to win10, i couldnt find a windows 10 forum, i was wondering if i should be looking to another web site or if someone here can help...

i would like to share my internet connection comes in thru ethernet card to usb port to android nexus 5 phone.

i dont want wifi hotspot, i work in camp and they are stupid enough not to want us to do this...

anyone have an idea how to do this?


A:reverse tethering on usb port for android

Quote: Originally Posted by paascal


just upgraded to win10, i couldnt find a windows 10 forum, i was wondering if i should be looking to another web site or if someone here can help...

hi here is win 10 forum Windows 10 Forums
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I need to connect my laptop to the internet using my android phone. I've paired both devices and I've enabled bluetooth tethering on my phone. My phone is listed when I navigate from 'join a personal network' in bluetooth options in taskbar but I cannot connect using access point, only direct connection is listed as the option.
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I just set up tethering on my iPhone (firmware 3.1), and it works great with my laptop, which is what I set it up with. I connect with a USB cable, and my laptop is running WinXP SP3.

The problem occurs when I plug into my Desktop PC, also running WinXP SP3. Also using USB. It recognizes the iPhone as a camera, which my laptop also did, but, unlike my laptop, under Network Connections, there is no Local Area Connection icon that represents the iPhone, and of course the iPhone does not have the blue band at the top of the screen that says "Internet Tethering", and it is not functioning as a modem.

How do I get my PC to recognize the iPhone as a modem?

A:How to make PC recognize iPhone for tethering

Have you tried the New Hardware Wizard?
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OK I have a desktop PC a few laptops an Xbox with a wireless adapter and a new Asus Eee Pad I also have Comcast Cable internet with an Apple Airport Extreme N Router My desktop is a Windows Vista machine My Comcast service has been a bit sketchy lately and they ve been working on it but I really need internet all the time because of work and recreation I have a Moto Droid and a Droid both of which have Easy Tether installed I want to be able to tether one of the Droid s to the desktop and share that connection across the network to the other devices through my router I ve tried for Tethering, Vista... ICS, confused I'm Router, so a couple hours to get Internet Connection Sharing ICS to work with this setup with no success Can someone walk ICS, Router, Tethering, Vista... I'm so confused me through step by step how to make this ICS, Router, Tethering, Vista... I'm so confused work Please leave no details out I need to know what settings need to be configured on both LAN adapters and the Router I have a good bit of Tech knowledge but this one seems to be slipping past me nbsp

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I have a strange tethering problem that I can t figure out I have tried tethering over USB with my Sprint Touch Pro on several XP PCs and it works fine On my Vista laptop it mostly works I have no problems with normal things like internet browsing and the speed is good However I m having major issues when I try to run a Cell tethering Vista on phone game Final Cell phone tethering on Vista Fantasy XI FFXI The issues don t seem to be network related Everything about the game slows down even things that don t depend on your internet connection like animations in the mens The game is impossible to play -- in fact it was so non-responsive I wasn t even able to type a single letter I ve never seen anything like it FFXI is designed to be playable over a dial-up modem and the game servers cap your transfer rate even if you have broadband The game normally works fine on tethering for the last few years I was able to play it my old T-Mobile MDA with Edge speeds It also works with my new Touch Pro on the XP systems I have tried So it seems like the problem is with Vista In addition I used a program called WMWifiRouter which shares the connection over wifi instead of USB I can play the game with no problems using this method but I d prefer to use a wired connection The issue with FFXI behaves very much like when you have a runaway process taking up of your CPU But I checked it and there is - idle time with FFXI hovering around I m wondering if maybe there is some conflict between FFXI and the USB network driver used on Vista for Cell phone tethering on Vista tethering I m at a loss as to how to troubleshoot this further Anyone have any ideas nbsp
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Having real trouble with tethering wifi I have new Samsung Galaxy Note Android which I am trying to tether to a new Lenovo Yoga Pro Since I have tried lots of stuff without success I've replicated my testing across two computers the other a Lenovo X and also tried both with my work phone which is an to mobile tethering wifi, USB, with BT - W8.1 problems iPhone for comparison and to hopefully help someone smart come up with a diagnosis Having tried x laptops Yoga X both running Windows -bit with x phones in each case trying both wifi tether and USB tether I can report the following X iPhone wifi - W8.1 tethering to mobile - problems with wifi, USB, BT OK X iPhone USB - OK X Note wifi - quot Can't connect to this network quot X Note USB - OK YOGA iPhone wifi - quot Can't connect to this network quot YOGA iPhone USB W8.1 tethering to mobile - problems with wifi, USB, BT - no response at all - no error no message no connection YOGA Note wifi - quot Can't connect to this network W8.1 tethering to mobile - problems with wifi, USB, BT quot YOGA Note USB - OK As a sidebar I also tried Bluetooth connection on the Yoga - literally nothing I was able to pair the devices the Android phone reported quot you are sharing the internet over Bluetooth quot but I think that's only because it was paired and the share mode was turned on - but not a peep not a failure message or an error and certainly no internet connection I suppose the 'good news' since my main goal here is to get online on the Yoga laptop using my Note for internet access is that it works with the USB connection - so worst case I have to carry a wire around with me However it really irks me that this is necessary Can anyone suggest what I need to do to get the wifi tether working I saw a post earlier today about how to manually set up access by manually configuring an ad-hoc AP in Windows don't know enough to know whether or not this is how a phone configures wifi to tether it probably does but we're getting a past my level of competence b beyond what should be needed to make something so quot simple quot work Thanks in advance Alastair
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I just set up tethering on my iPhone (firmware 3.1), and it works great with my laptop, which is what I set it up with. I connect with a USB cable, and my laptop is running WinXP SP3.

The problem occurs when I plug into my Desktop PC, also running WinXP SP3. Also using USB. It recognizes the iPhone as a camera, which my laptop also did, but, unlike my laptop, under Network Connections, there is no Local Area Connection icon that represents the iPhone, and of course the iPhone does not have the blue band at the top of the screen that says "Internet Tethering".

How do I get my PC to recognize the iPhone as a modem?
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Forgive me this is long nbsp We're testing Tethering and Driver RNDIS USB (MiFi) out and Dell Rugged laptop Latitude E and I'm working on getting it ready to go for the user They USB Tethering (MiFi) and RNDIS Driver use L MiFis out on the road usually tethered nbsp This amp thing will NOT install properly I contacted Dell and Verizon to get things sorted out which didn't happen nbsp The situation I plug the MiFi in via usb The driver begins installing Initially it says quot MiFi L quot then converts to USB Tethering (MiFi) and RNDIS Driver quot Remote NDIS based Internet Sharing Device quot driver Things appear to be going well until the yellow exclamation point pops up and Windows alerts you that the driver installation failed When reviewing the driver in Device Manager the driver details indicate quot The driver could not start Error code quot I have nbsp Uninstalled reinstalled the driver Uninstalled reinstalled the USB drivers nbsp Removed any potentially conflicting software Tested the device on a known working computer Panasonic CF- with Win x - MiFi works fine on the old laptops Tested a known working device on the Dell Win x - same problem - can't tether Attempted selecting a different but similar driver via Windows Searched automatically for driver updates Checked for updates to the MiFi - it's up-to-date Scoured the internet using a variety of search terms and nothing definitive Ran CCleaner to detect any possible registry snags that may have negatively influenced the driver installation Tried on all four USB ports on the computer Ran SFC and chkdsk multiple times Rolled back the BIOS versions all the way to the first Reviewed pre-boot system settings for any possible options that may be impacting the start of the driver Uninstalled Intel devices and reinstalled Copied the drivers from a known matching working computer without change Performed a clean boot to Windows and the problem still occurs Performed a factory refresh on the computer and the problem with tethering occurs straight out of the gate It seems that the driver should just work It can't be installed from anywhere It's not meant to be installed like that It's supposed to be plug and play nbsp Dell nor Verizon really know what's going on The information is being passed along to the network engineers with Verizon to see if they have additional ideas nbsp So Do any of you nbsp
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Ok so here it is I am new here and I want to set up my windows laptop so I can vpn into my XP pro shares I have the VPN server started on my XP machine I have the router configured to allow pptp to pass through and the vpn client set up on the laptop it is connected vpn, windows tethering, xp, help! Iphone 7, router, to the internet Iphone tethering, vpn, xp, windows 7, router, help! via iphone tethering and that connection works The home network address is X I am not Iphone tethering, vpn, xp, windows 7, router, help! sure what ip to enter into the client when it asks do I enter the Ip of the XP machine Iphone tethering, vpn, xp, windows 7, router, help! or the routers address I would imagine its the routers address its the only one that is unique Sorry if this info is all jumbled around the router is also set up to port forward port When it asks for an ip in this section I entered the Ip of the XP machine and it also asks for a computer name here I also used the xp s name Any ideas I am stumped every attempt has failed Thanks so much nbsp

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I successfully tethered my blackberry so my laptop can now use the data on my phone, but only when it's connected via usb cable. I tried setting it up with bluetooth but it doesn't work. I paired both devices but I keep on getting "Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem"

My phone is the blackberry 8330 curve. My laptop is running windows vista and I purchased a IOGear Bluetooth dongle so it can connect over the air.

Your help is much appreciated!
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Hello I have an iPhone iTunes version downloaded and Windows XP service pack via XP Troubleshooting with tethering USB 4 internet iPhone Windows It says Version build Troubleshooting tethering iPhone 4 internet via USB with Windows XP psp - sp - service pack No wireless card I have plugged in the iPhone to tether the internet Via USB Personal hotspot is on and ready to go Shows connected to computer internet It says in the internet and network connections window in the control panel that its there apple iphone connected and is connected - showing bytes receiving etc However when I connect to the internet it says working offline I have unchecked this in the menu but still can not connect no matter what I try I can use the Telstra USB to connect fine Is it compatible is there something else I need to do to connect I m trying to set it up for my mum I use Windows all I did with mine was plug it in and selected the connection and away I went I m not familar with XP What else do I need to do Thank you for your help nbsp
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Hello and thanks in advance for any help you might time? same possible iPhone Is a tethering it use at and to router the wireless be able to give even if it s quot sorry can t do that quot I use a tethered Is it possible to use a wireless router and iPhone tethering at the same time? iPhone to access the Internet We live outside of Is it possible to use a wireless router and iPhone tethering at the same time? the Is it possible to use a wireless router and iPhone tethering at the same time? DSL service area so this is really the only high speed internet connection I have available Unfortunately the quot wireless hotspot quot feature of the phone isn t very consistent I can get all of my computers to connect to my phone this way but the connection is constantly dropping and I m always having to reboot the phone to get the computers to pick it up again The most reliable way to use the tethering is to just plug the phone in to whichever computer I happen to be using This does create a problem though If I want to print to the network computer or access a file off of one of the other computers I have to manually connect to the wireless router because that s the only way the computers can talk to each other In the meantime though I can t use the internet because my computer thinks it needs to try to connect to the internet through the wireless router and when it can t find the internet that way it just tells me there s no connection Nevermind that my phone is still plugged in for some reason it doesn t want to use that connection if it can see the router Is there any way to connect to my wireless router and simultaneously connect to the internet using my iPhone tethering I don t need all of my computers to be able to use the internet connection I just want to be able to network the computers and be online at the same time Thank you nbsp

A:Is it possible to use a wireless router and iPhone tethering at the same time?
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I have recently purchased an Acer Aspire One AO756-4890 11.6 Netbook PC - Intel Pentium Processor 987 with 64-bit Windows 8. Using EasyTether on my Samsung Galaxy III, I can browse the contents of the folders on the smartphone but cannot tether the laptop to the internet although I can tether an older model of Acer One to the internet using the same smartphone. I am inclined to ascribe the problem to the compatibility of the software with Windows 8 and have tried other tethering software with no luck.

Does anyone know any tethering software compatible with Windows 8? Please let me know.



A:Any compatible Android-Windows 8 tethering software out?

EasyTether works for me flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I think it may have to do with the specific carrier. I'm using Verizon Wireless and my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C655-5225.... All I did was follow the on screen instructions in the EasyTether application on my phone and it worked seemlessly.
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I did a system restore on my win 7 laptop, after which it could only establish a partial connection with my android device. I've tried to play around with the connection settings to no avail :/. What am I going to do next?

A:USB/wifi tethering not working after system restore

If you are talking about System Restore Points you can un-do the restore.
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Hi all
I am trying to use the internet connection on my Xperia Z3compact from my XPS13 9350 using Bluetooth.
I can setup the connection and I do get internet connectivity on the XPS13. However shortly after I set up the connection between the two devices, I get a blue screen on the XPS13 with the message "INVALID_MDL_RANGE". This happens every time. I have found the following reference to this stop code:
I am using Windows 10 1607 with atest updates on the XPS13 and 
Android 6.0.1 build 23.5.A.0.575 on the Xperia Z3c
Has anyone else encountered this issue?
Thanks a lot for any help.
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Is this possible? I have internet sharing on my mac turned on, so trying to get the PC to read the laptop as an access point via said cable. I know this has been done on XP, but I'm having issues with Windows... Any suggestions for this n00b would be greatly appreciated

A:Tethering a PC to OS X to gain access to wif via Ethernet Cable

You could try using connectify for Mac.

Connectify Like App for Mac OS at WLAN
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A few moment ago I use my phone's USB tethering to connect to my PC like I always do, however it suddenly drained my 2GB worth of data empty in just 30min, I had never had this problem before.

Is there a way for me to check which software had cause this problem?

A:Is there a way to check data usage on USB Tethering connection

Welcome to the forum if it's an android phone most have a tool in settings to give you the details
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Hi for me USB tethering of a Galaxy Note and a Toshiba Satellite Z -A do not seem to work well with an almost out of the box system I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite Z -A with Windows which has been updated through Windows Update to the very latest Microsoft patches and through Toshiba tools to the latest updates there The McAfee software product has been removed I can work with the Galaxy Note just fine in MTP mode charging Alas the moment that I switch on USB tethering on the phone the Windows networking subsystem goes into blocking mode and nothing comes good out of it I tried disabling the complete IPv stack in Windows but did not have all that much success I am using the right Remote NDIS driver by Microsoft I remember having successfully used USB tethering before and it seems to sort-of work on an aging Windows installation with the same phone on a different laptop Any suggestions on how to get USB tethering to work reliably and quickly in the above setup would be greatly appreciated I understand that I am facing work Z30-A 3 not - USB Smartphone does tethering Galaxy Note Satellite too many variables including operating system networking stack the Toshiba system utilities USB implementation and the Samsung Galaxy Satellite Z30-A - USB tethering Smartphone Galaxy Note 3 does not work Note firmware

A:Satellite Z30-A - USB tethering Smartphone Galaxy Note 3 does not work

So ...

Windows 8.1 decided to update the Samsun USB modem "drivers"

Windows 8.1 decided to update the Visual C++ runtime library which I had had to install Samsung Kies

I decided to remove root from the phone ("unroot")

NDIS network comes up immediatedly
12 MB/s down, 3 MB/s up

Which is when I noticed that I had run the speed check on the mobile network, not WLAN -> mobile -> laptop.
Which now also works.

*Problem solved.*

Sorry for the noise.
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I have problem in connecting WiFi in laptop...then I came to knw dat wireless driver is not installed in my lap...I want to know how to install it...I also have additional prob dat wen I connect my lap thro Bluetooth tethering it shows dat Bluetooth network connection doesn't have valid ip to resolve these both...plz help me guys

A:how to install wireless driver and problem with Bluetooth tethering

closing duplicate, please do not start duplicate threads for the same issue. Original thread is at


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I have problem in connecting WiFi in laptop...then I came to knw dat wireless driver is not installed in my lap...I want to know how to install it...I also have additional prob dat wen I connect my lap thro Bluetooth tethering it shows dat Bluetooth network connection doesn't have valid ip to resolve these both...plz help me guys

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Dear Experts

My Windows 7 laptop connected to internet via my mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 by tethering portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

I am a technician field and I need to connect my laptop via USB port to an Ericsson MiniLink (telecom NE) node to do configuration.

Whenever I connect the USB cable from the laptop to Ericsson my internet gets dropped, while this didn?t happen to my coworker who is using the same laptop brand as mine.
By the way the Ericsson software that I installed on my laptop create the attached socket called : "Ericsson USBLAN adapter" on my computer's network and that would be used for the USB communication

Any advice what should I do to avoid this problem
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Dear Experts

My Windows 7 laptop connected to internet via my mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 by tethering portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

I am a technician field and I need to connect my laptop via USB port to an Ericsson MiniLink (telecom NE) node to do configuration.

Whenever I connect the USB cable from the laptop to Ericsson my internet gets dropped, while this didnít happen to my coworker who is using the same laptop brand as mine.

By the way the Ericsson software that I installed on my laptop create the attached socket called : "Ericsson USBLAN adapter" on my computer's network and that would be used for the USB communication

Any advice what should I do to avoid this problem


A:Laptop’s internet via tethering gets dropped when connects to Ericsson MiniLink

How is the S3 tethered (Wi-Fi, BT, USB)?

In the Network Connection screen can you press the ALT key + N and select Advanced Settings.
Take a screen shot of the Advanced Settings screen and post in your next reply.
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Okay so short story time A while back I had to reformat R D lappy number two as described in profile If you re unable to mobile) (web 'service pack Can't install order EasyTether DL in tethering 1' from to read the stats tell me and I ll Can't DL 'service pack 1' in order to install EasyTether (web tethering from mobile) post them here because I couldn t decide Can't DL 'service pack 1' in order to install EasyTether (web tethering from mobile) on any virus software and a virus basically killed it Before that I was able to tether my internet from my Motorola Droid using EasyTether what I use on this laptop Ninja Spy Lappy I don t remember how exactly I got it to work last time though And now after reformatting it and getting it all running it won t let me install EasyTether There s a certain Verizon program that is required to be installed in order for it to work so I did that The error message that displays when I try to install the program says I need to install Vista service pack or higher I ve connected to the internet using a different connection and tried downloading it online It led me to update my system but after all was said and done it still gives me the same error What the blast Do I need to install service pack or something Surely I don t have the wrong bit version of the EasyTether installer See somehow my laptop wasn t living up to it s full potential in it s quot past life quot The guy who gave me the laptop had some other cheapo version of Vista on it and it was being used as a bit even though it s a bit computer Oh gosh bear with my poor tech jargon So after my dad reformatted it for me he ordered and installed the correct Vista system or WTF EVER I m only mad because just when I thought I understood got complicated So anyway My point is maybe that has something to do with why the EasyTether program won t install I DLed the bit installer so why should there be a problem Surely the problem lies specifically in the whole Service Pack issue The funny thing is my dad said he already installed SP Why does my computer hate me Why does it want to make me miserable Any thoughts Suggestions Ideas Sure-fire solutions EDIT For some reason you can t view my computer stats in my profile as of yet so I ll post the stats for the laptop of concern -Lappy number two- Name R D Brand HP Pavilion Model dv apparently OS Windows Vista Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz Memory GB Total storage GB nbsp

A:Can't DL 'service pack 1' in order to install EasyTether (web tethering from mobile)

Here are a couple good free antivirus applications,you will need one.
Next download and save these to your desktop and install them in

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Hey all As the thread title says I need this device driver and I need it fast As I don t have an active broadband connection anymore I am trying to connect to the Internet using my Android device as a modem USB tethering But I am curently stuck here It seems I need a driver for this to work I am using for on Request: 'Android Windows driver device USB Vista 64- tethering Phone' Solved: Windows Vista -bit with SP and a HTC Desire as modem When I Solved: Request: USB tethering device driver for 'Android Phone' on Windows Vista 64- connect the phone Windows is looking for drivers for a device named Android Phone It fails to find it and asks me what to do I obviously can t let it search for it on the Internet And I don t have a disc with drivers I didn t get one I am using the Android phone to type this As I have limited screen size and no mouse or keyboard it s really hard for me to do a Google search to track down this driver issue As far as I can tell this should work out of box on Windows Vista It seems that only Windows XP users are having this issue Even on the Google Help it says that Windows XP users will need a special driver to enable USB tethering But then again why am I having this problem on Windows Vusta then I need to get back online fast as I have bills to pay and things like that Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Solved: Request: USB tethering device driver for 'Android Phone' on Windows Vista 64-

Hi again! I just wanna let you know that I have solved this little problem. As it turns out it does pay off reading the manual. Also, it is not completely true that Windows Vista comes with appropriate drivers pre-installed. You still need to install these, even on Windows Vista, and on Windows 7. But I still wish that things like these could just work out of the box. But for that reason alone, I may need to switch to a different operating system.

The solution was very simple. I did need to install the device drivers. But I didn't need to download and install them separately, they came pre-packed as part of the HTC Sync tool. And this thing comes cleverly stored on the MicroSD of the phone. So I just installed that and I was able to use the phone as a modem. It worked very good. The Internet connection did hang up on me once, but after a reboot of the phone it worked again and I was able to do my business effortlessly.

The thing is, I have terminated my old subscription, and I completely forgot about it and when they were supposed to shut down my connection. So it just happened, unexpectedly. But I have ordered a new Internet subscription with my new carrier and I am expecting it to be activated in couple of minutes.

Thanks anyway!

P.s. Just for the record, the HTC Sync tool is stored on the root of the memory card, the MicroSD card of the phone. It should say something like 'HTCSync_2.0.28.exe'. Just plug the phone to the computer in USB mass storage mode and locate that file, run it, install this tool and it should be all set for tethering.
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Hi Windows N amp S center is slow initializing connection and Sharing extremely new Network when (Tethering/dongle) center really Network and Sharing center extremely slow when initializing new connection (Tethering/dongle) slow I have no idea what s causing it Symptoms not present when I connect to my wireless router But when I tether get a connection from a USB device the N amp S Center stops responding for about minutes Network and Sharing center extremely slow when initializing new connection (Tethering/dongle) At some point it will come up with the quot Public Network quot box How can I debug this Even after the network is initialized the N amp S center is still very slow I assume it s doing some automatic something or other that keeps pinging this that or the other The USB device would serve an internet connection that has a reasonably high latency Lots of network tools seem to slow down especially while the connection is configuring itself This is probably because all of the services involved Network and Sharing center extremely slow when initializing new connection (Tethering/dongle) are interlinked somewhere and are waiting on the same mutex to be released or something On Ubuntu however same hardware the internet connection is ready to go in seconds Thanks x

A:Network and Sharing center extremely slow when initializing new connection (Tethering/dongle)

Has this happened since you started trying to tether? If not, can you think of anything that changed between the time it worked and when it didn't?

It sounds like a driver that either is poorly written or had a bad install.

What is the Manufacturer and model number of both the PC and the tether device?
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Good morning everyone!

This is my first post and i decide to do it cos i didnt find any solution! I hope, you guys, can help me.

My first problem is: 
I have W7 laptop and W10 tablet, so when i connect the tablet to the laptop via USB, the laptop doesnt detect the tablet. My Pc just charge the tablet but  doesnt recognize it

The second problem i know...if i connect my android device to my laptop and i active USB tethering, this create in my laptop an interface (RNDIS). So, my question is, How can i do this with my W7 laptop and W10 tablet?? Is there any option
in my Windows 10 tablet to activate USB TETHERING, which gonna create an interface RNDIS in my laptop??

Thanks everyone!
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Greetings to all members of TechSupport I am a new member with a new problem I call it new because inspite of a lot of surfing I could not not find a solution to this problem or even a close reference to it I hope it is of interest to members of TS forum My apologies to the administrators if I have posted this message on the wrong forum I am residing in UAE I have a lenevo laptop model Z running windows home premium service Windows to iphone on tethering run windows 7 unable update pack I also have an iphone with a GB per month data package model s running iOS version the latest I assume I dont have any other internet connection like broadband etc I use my iphone data package for my internet use by the usual method of what is called tethering I am not an ITexpert but I understand a few things and a little better than a novice I would need some instructions though not in great detail My problem is that I can do anything with the internet connection that people normally do except that I cannot update my windows OS nor update the Mcafee antivirus that had come along with the laptop A few notes My colleague has an HP laptop running windows professional and he is able to update using his iphone To exclude iphone issues I tethered my laptop to his iphone but no success my laptop updates when I had connected to the usual wireless broadband available at homes Windows 7 unable to run windows update on iphone tethering offices shops etc Actually I had Windows 7 unable to run windows update on iphone tethering gone to Carrefour from where I had purchased the laptop and the person there connected to the wireless broadband of Carrefour and presto-windows update was functioning I have tried tethering with wireless with bluetooth and with usb connection after downloading and installing itunes but the problem remains The service provider here has no issues like in US etc and I can download any file size without any problem In an earlier attempt to solve this problem I had installed Spyware Doctor with anti-virus after unistalling Mcafee Then I had downloaded about mb of data Surprisingly Spyware Doctor could update itself without any issues I hold a license After that I had used the one key recovery option and reinstated my laptop to factory shipped condition So currently I dont have Spyware Doctor there is only Mcafee The windows update returns the error ee The download speeds are quite good by standards here not like in US though and should preclude time-out possibilities The OS and the Mcafee came with the laptop and are legal and valid I have tried Microsoft fixit and a few other solutions available on internet regarding windows update but as it updates on a broadband connection that should not be a problem Any solutions will be greatly appreciated Suddenit

A:Windows 7 unable to run windows update on iphone tethering

Welcome to TSF! I assume you are using IE to browse the web, right? Try opening the windows update site and see if it loads. If it loads all the way, u should be directed to a page that advices you to use the Windows Update feature in Control Panel. Am also curious. Whenever you connect to a network, windows asks you to place that connection in a category, either Trusted, Home, Public etc (not sure about all the categories). These categories are crucial because they decide how the windows firewall regulates network access of various windows components and programs. Which category have u placed your tether connection? The McAfee suite that u run, does it include a firewall, or it's the antivirus package only? The reason am asking is because these bundled security softwares sometimes come with firewalls that may not have the windows update sites in their exception lists. About mcafee not updating, does it allow you to register and activate? Usually it prompts you to activate before it can update. The registration process requires internet connectivity. Also check proxy settings on mcafee if there are any, and make sure they are set to direct connection AND NOT PROXY.
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Hey I recently put together a PC and I ve been having problems with it since When I initially built it the specs were i GHz Asus p t Motherboard gb RAM gb Sata II HD ATI Radeon Mobo issue? during restart PC PSU issue? tasks. issue? graphic-intensive GPU HD x the card PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue? with with GPU s W unbranded PSU added m coolermaster fan Shortly after I started using my PC there was a power surge that knocked the power supply out I recently got a new PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue? power supply A PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue? W Silverstone PSU that I thought was more than enough for this The problem that would occur now is that the computer would restart during games and sometimes while processing rendering videos in adobe premiere When I would enable the crossfire option on my card to enable both GPU s to work the computer would no longer just restart the entire screen would hang or the colours would go out of sync shortly after which I d have to restart the computer This having happened I assumed the problem was with the graphics card not the new W silverstone I got I upgraded to a newer card Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX mb The specs are now as follows i GHz Asus p t Motherboard gb RAM gb Sata II HD Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX mb W silverstone PSU added m coolermaster fan After upgrading games like modern warfare will restart in missions that has a lot of smoke during a standard windows assessment process the computer will also restart There is no overheating issue the temperatures are normal Total power requirement falls well below W The graphics card is brand new So now I m thinking it is either the PSU that is faulty or the mobo that got screwed during the surge or possibly given my general luck in things the new graphics card is faulty but since i was having the exact same problem with the old graphics card that seems unlikely Any help would be appreciated I ve been at this for over weeks now with no end Thanks -A nbsp

A:PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue?

You've got Asus motherboard, hence the first thing I'll look at considering the issues you are having, is at RAM settings/voltage in the board's BIOS, these should be exactly the same as on RAM packaging, but even that doesn't guarantee that it may not be the issue, so basically you'll need to fiddle around a bit with settings/voltage in case default specs doesn't work.

You may also consider stress testing your graphic card using OCCT (including vRam). Regards
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Hello all and Happy New Year,

Recent problem with a 5 year old HP desktop.

Turn it on it goes through the BIOS and starts up as normal. Once it gets to the Windows 7 introduction screen it freezes. It never makes it to the desktop screen.

What do you guys think? virus? HP problem? win7 problem?

opinions please.


A:Windows 7 issue? Virus/Malware issue? or HP issue? i don't know

Hi test the hardware memtest 86 + for the ram and seatools for dos on the hard drive if they pass ok then you could try a start up repair from your install or recovery disc.
download the pre-built iso zip from here Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool and burn to a disc unzip it first use imgburn The Official ImgBurn Website to burn the iso to disc Guide to using Memtest86+ - Geeks to Go Forums
SeaTools for DOS tutorial
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Ok I ve checked a bunch of sites and seen people with similar issues but none have exactly the same problems I m having I have Windows XP and frequently used ZoneAlarm Spybot Adaware and Spywareblaster HJT did not solve this problem for me My computer freezes at the log in of the time unless I login in safe mode if I m able to log in safe mode or not I get a RPC error that says the PC will shut down in seconds of the time I cannot run install antivirus because I get a quot not a valid issue, rpc issue... issue, freezing help networking win application quot message cannot connect to wireless connection and shows error message when the wireless adapter loads there s a spot for it next to the clock but the icon s invisible sometimes reboots randomly without the rpc issue, freezing issue, networking issue... help win app message sometimes goes to a black screen and then comes back then showing a quot system has recovered rpc issue, freezing issue, networking issue... help from a serious error please tell Microsoft quot message shows a blue screen at startup saying win autocheck didn t work then finishes startup through the login screen cannot system restore because no restore points are visible before infection So far I ve been able to keep the PC running in safe mode occasionally thanks to Run gt shutdown -a The disc drives weren rpc issue, freezing issue, networking issue... help t reading for awhile but I ve gotten those to load again I tried to uninstall my wireless adapter to reinstall but I get an error message quot InstallShield Engine iKernel exe could not be launched The RPC server is unavailable quot I m pretty sure I already disabled the RPC years ago so I m wondering how this is even a problem I managed to successfully run HJT once and it didn t do much for me Since I don t have networking I can t transfer my HJT log to this post but I can ID every file except O - HKLM Run KernelFaultCheck systemroot system dumprep -k I m pretty much out of ideas on how to fix this and could really use some help I tried to install the patch for w blaster worm and it s not a valid application I tried Symantec s removal tool and it said that worm is not found on the system So the only thing I know for certain is that it s not w blaster or at least the SAME w blaster Any help would be much appreciated

A:rpc issue, freezing issue, networking issue... help

Oh boy, that is a lot of issues, it would most likely take less time and effort if you just backed up your data and do a full wipe and reformat.
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Every since windows 10 upgrade i have been having issues with my audio. When i start a video for the first time i will hear crackling and poping noise then it will catch up after i pause the video and play again.  Then the audio slowly goes out of sync.  At first i thought that were my speakers, but it was happening over headphones as well.  I tried the latest version of driver along with switching to the windows 10 generic audio drivers.  Anyone else having issues with this?
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The computer's a year old running XP and my incredibly card slow. mode issue? Driver Safe issue? Video boyfriend and I have no idea what's wrong with it it's his I'd put in hardware support but I don't know which piece of hardware may be corrupted exploding as we speak or what It began last night He's done this before -- he has two monitors one meant for a TV I believe and another old computer screen Normally it runs on the TV one because it's bigger He switched to the older one to show me how he can adjust the settings so that it's all vertical That was great and dandy and we didn't expect any issues He's done it before and it really isn't doing much to the computer Later after midnight he goes to switch everything back to normal First the computer acts like Driver issue? Video card issue? Safe mode incredibly slow. the monitor is there but that it can't do anything -- it tries to go into sleep mode or something Then I suggest he unplug Driver issue? Video card issue? Safe mode incredibly slow. shut down plug things back in normally and power back up This appears to work I was a bit happy then until we got to the XP loading screen It's going and then after it flashes then goes black Nothing comes up nothing does anything And so the three hour saga of last night begins We restart we spam F we get into safe mode he disables Nvidia but can't open the application Nor does his mouse function in safe mode I know some don't but it really doesn't help the situation I've used my laptop to bring up shortcut keys and we're functioning through everything that way He restarts after disabling Nvidia and nothing's different Spam F repeat We go to the device manager and look for any signs of danger He re-enables Nvidia restarts nothing different He tries looking for updates and he tells me that Nvidia doesn't need any nor does anything else in the device manager so far as he can see I'd written down the driver for Nvidia prepared to find any updates online and download it and somehow get it to him since even in safe mode with networking it didn't seem like he could get to the internet He's already started trying things again today but I think he wants to give up and just throw it out which we really can't do This makes no sense either so I refuse to give up until I find out what the heck is wrong with it in the first place Furthermore in safe mode everything is running incredibly slowly I don't know if this is normal since I've never had to do this but I'm talking - minutes between each command sometimes We also could not enter VGA mode for some reason nor are we able to normally boot He went to F and possibly F as well and couldn't find anything there that looked helpful but I just don't know what's going on or where to look because nothing appears to be wrong besides the way that it's acting Please and thank you so much I'll greatly appreciate anyone who can quickly assist and stick around for a little while for our answers as they'll take some time with the speed of the computer right now The Nvidia driver is Nvidia GeForce SE nForce I'm on my laptop if that wasn't clear which is a separate computer
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Hi I'm hoping someone can help me out here because I'm majorly frustrated at this point Regardless of the device I use I can preview photos on the device and they are the correct color 'I'm losing my issue? this Photos or change - Is an a issue mind' graphics color They are also the correct color when viewed in paint photoshop or quicktime windows preview However they get fuzzy and green when viewed in a windows gallery or when uploaded to a site such as imageshack I can open the same file side by side one in photoshop and one in windows live photo gallery at the same time and one will be the right color and the other will be green Here are examples This photo appears blue to me Photos change color - Is this a graphics issue or an 'I'm losing my mind' issue? This one is slightly green and fuzzier The same file in the same format was used to upload both What really confuses me however is that I viewed the link to the green photo on a different computer and it looks the same as the blue one So as far as I know everyone who clicks on those links is thinking quot But they're the same and you're crazy quot Which is arguable depending on the crowd but they really don't look the same to me I'm using a Slimline s n with Windows Vista Home Edition and NVIDIA GeForce SE Graphics This is a fairly recent issue and is apparently inexplicably selective I have played around with saving the files in various formats but it doesn't make a difference and also doesn't explain why I view the same file in the same format differently depending on what program I use and when I upload it Anyone have any idea what's happening here

A:Photos change color - Is this a graphics issue or an 'I'm losing my mind' issue?

Hello, yes, they looked the same to me, as to why one program shows blue, and another shows green is weird tho.
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Whenever I click on a link in google I get sent to over click and other sites such as lt http www info com gimp cmp amp cb amp affiliate a f f aebbe e gt throgh a bunch of sites that have Trjoan Redirect (Suspected Issue) Issue Rootkit/Backdoor Firefox a green globe as a favicon and overclick sometimes My logs Firefox Redirect Issue (Suspected Rootkit/Backdoor Trjoan Issue) are below I use Windows XP Home Edition and have the latest Java BTW DDS DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Jonathan at on Fri Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV AntiVir Desktop On-access scanning enabled Updated AD - F - A-A -FDD C Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost exeC Program Files Windows Defender MsMpEng exeC WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcsC WINDOWS system svchost exe -k WudfServiceGroupsvchost exesvchost exeC Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop sched exesvchost exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Program Files TortoiseSVN bin TSVNCache exeC Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avguard exeC Program Files eMachines Bay Reader shwiconem exeC WINDOWS system igfxtray exeC PROGRA COMMON AOL ACS acsd exeC WINDOWS zHotkey exeC Program Files Windows Defender MSASCui exeC Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exeC Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exeC Program Files Avira AntiVir Desktop avgnt exeC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC Program Files SweetIM Messenger SweetIM exeC Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exeC WINDOWS system ctfmon exeC WINDOWS system cisvc exeC Program Files DNA btdna exeC Program Files Orbitdownloader orbitnet exeC Program Files Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack SeaPort SeaPort exec Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlwriter exeC WINDOWS System svchost exe -k imgsvcC WINDOWS wanmpsvc exeC Program Files iPod bin iPodService exeC WINDOWS system cidaemon exeC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS system rundll exeC Program Files Veoh Networks VeohWebPlayer veohwebplayer exeC Program Files Java jre bin jqs exeC Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exeC Documents and Settings Jonathan Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp search orbitdownloader comuSearch Bar hxxp www google com ieuSearch Page hxxp www google comuSearchMigratedDefaultURL hxxp search live com results aspx q searchTerms amp src referrer source uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext iexploreuInternet Settings ProxyOverride localuURLSearchHooks Yahoo Toolbar ef bd -c fb- d - f- d f - c program files yahoo companion installs cpn yt dlluURLSearchHooks SweetIM ToolbarURLSearchHook Class eee c d- - dc- c - c - c program files sweetim toolbars internet explorer mgHelper dllBHO Octh Class b - b - -b f -f b efc - c program files orbitdownloader orbitcth dllBHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper d -c f - efb- b - eca - c program files yahoo companion installs cpn yt dllBHO Megaupload Toolbar e bd f- b d- e-ccb -b eedbe c - c progra megaup MEGAUP DLLBHO B - C- ECC- A B- AF DDC A - No FileBHO C C A-E - b - D - CECB - No FileBHO D CB -C CD- c f-BFDC- B AFBDC C - No FileBHO Search Helper ebf - f- bff-a f-b e aac b - c program files microsoft search enhancement pack search helper SEPsearchhelperie dllBHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper d - c - abf- ecc- c - c program files common files microsoft shared windows live WindowsLiveLogin dllBHO Google Toolbar Helper aa ed - dd- d - -cf f - c program files google google toolbar GoogleToolbar dllBHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO af de - d - -b fa-ce b ad d - c program files google googletoolbarnotifier swg dllBHO Google Dictionary Compression sdch c d fe-e d- -bb - c e e c e - c program files google google toolbar component fastsearch A FB BD dllBHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dllBHO Windows Live Toolbar Helper e a dc - - a - ea-dc ec acf - c program files windows live toolbar wltcore dllBHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl Class e e f - ce- c -bc -eabfe f c - c program files java jre lib deploy jqs ie ... Read more

A:Firefox Redirect Issue (Suspected Rootkit/Backdoor Trjoan Issue)

Hello ArrimanTheKid,Uninstall these old verson of Java, as old veriosn are malware magnetsJava™ 6 Update 4Java™ 6 Update 5Java™ 6 Update 7Download Security Check by screen317 from here or here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt.Please post the contents of that document.*****************We need to disable your Windows Defender Real-time Protection as it may interfere with the fixes that we need to make. Open Windows Defender. Click on Tools, General Settings. Scroll down and uncheck Turn on real-time protection (recommended). After you uncheck this, click on the Save button and close Windows Defender.After all of the fixes are complete it is very important that you enable Real-time Protection again.Please download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware from one of these places: Click mbam-setup.exe to install the application. * Make sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select "Perform Full Scan", then click Scan. * The scan may take some time to finish,so please be patient. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When disinfection is completed, a log will open in Notepad and you may be prompted to Restart.(See Extra Note) * The log is automatically saved by MBAM and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM. * Copy&Paste the entire MBAM report (even if it does not find anything) in your next reply along with a fresh HijackThis log.Extra Note:If MBAM encounters a file that is difficult to remove,you will be presented with 1 of 2 prompts,click OK to either and let MBAM proceed with the disinfection process, if asked to restart the computer, please do so immediately.
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The issue is simply everytime I've used Etrust virus scan when in Internet explorer (have to be) I minimize it, and when I bring it to normal it's fine, but minimize it and bring it up when it's in the Java folder it freezes, should I do an individual scan on the Java folder to see if it has viruses or just make it a special do not scan folder and un-click it when scanning?

A:Solved: Etrust Viruscan does not like Java Program folder: not virus issue but scanning issue

Hi, Often the applets stored from Java usage will trigger either a detection or an issue as you are seeing from antivirus scanners.

I'd suggest clearing the Java cache: see the attached screenshot, your version may be slightly different but you should be able to see where to look, and what to do. (The attached pic is from a slightly older version of the Java...the steps below are up to date, though)

Control Panel> (Switch to Classic View)> open Java

Find the Settings tab/button, and open that...then find the Delete Files button and click that.
It's just deleting the temporary files left from Java applet usage.

Then, after clearing the cache, run your scan again and see if it works correctly.
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Typing this super quick. As I'm sure, the stupid popup will appear again. When trying to access any websites, a message comes up. It isn't an error message or the "unresponsive script" message. It is different. It has lots of code on it. Probably the url of what it's trying to access. This would normally happen in the background, and the user shouldn't see it.
I googled part of the message, and it mentioned something about a user agent...whatever that is. I just want the message(s) to stop popping up! Any help is much appreciated.
Here is a screenshot of what I'm seeing:

A:Firefox Issue - Constant popup - User agent issue?

User agent info is identifying information about your browser, system, and region plus a unique identifier that your browser sends to websites it visits. I would try resetting your browser if you don't have settings you are worried about losing by doing that.
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I upgraded to Windows 10 today. I have two issues.

1. I play a game called "Starcraft II" and I have a problem with the game minimizing and maximizing sometimes very slowly, every 5th attempt or so. During this time it takes up to 40 seconds for the game to go through with the maximizing/minimizing process, and ending the task with task manager is not possible.

I have tried messing with MSConfig and reinstalling the game. No luck. Any suggestions?

2. I have an old HDD on my PC installed with windows 7, and on my windows 7 SSD installation I could simply search for shortcuts I placed from my HDD into my SSD. This is no longer possible. Any advice?

Thank you!

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I waited until the last minute (literally) to upgrade from Win7 to Win10. During the wait I kept up with all the Win10 HP blogs. My HP all-in-1 printer works great thanks to the support blog but I am still having difficulty getting my BOSE speakers to sound as they did with Beats on Win 7. I have downloaded and installed the compatible IDT HiDef Audio CODEC driver but the sound quality is still poor. The "Speakers/Headphones" property sound setting is "24-bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality)". I would like to adjust the treble/bass settings as before - I want my BOSE speakers back!! Any recent recommendations?Thanx!!
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nbsp Attach txt nbsp nbsp KB Wall Format Issue Redirect Issue Internet My Security and nbsp nbsp downloadsMy computer was infected with the fake program Windows Vista Recovery I followed the instructions on the removal guide and it fixed the issues with the computer I downloaded and ran TDSS killer Rkill Unhide and I have Malwarebytes Pro and scanned the computer and removed all infected files that it found Internet Redirect Issue and My Security Wall Format Issue then I also went through my registry and deleted all files on the removal guide that were associated with the fake program I ran Internet Redirect Issue and My Security Wall Format Issue the TDSS killer and nothing was happening no window no results nothing was happening when I open the program Internet Explorer is redirecting me to sites when I go to google and search and click on a link that have nothing in common with what I have clicked on Also I am getting random popup windows with out clicking on the internet link on my desktop I can not enable my protection on Malwarebytes because Windows Security center is saying that My Security Wall is reporting a format that is no longer supported Thanks for any help Here are the logs from DDS DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Internet Explorer Run by Wowa at on - - Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium GMT - SP Windows Defender Enabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system nvvsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system svchost exe -k GPSvcGroup C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Windows system svchost exe -k hpdevmgmt C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows SMINST BLService exe C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Windows system DRIVERS xaudio exe C Program Files Yahoo SoftwareUpdate YahooAUService exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exe C Windows system WUDFHost exe C Windows system svchost exe -k HPService C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system nvvsvc exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files Uniblue RegistryBooster rbmonitor exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files HP QuickPlay QPService exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP Wireless Assistant HPWAMain exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update hpwuSchd exe C Program Files Ask com Updater Updater exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqwmiex exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Hewlett-Packard HP wireless Assistant WiFiMsg EXE C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceAndNoImpersonation C Program Files Hewlett-Packard Shared HpqToaster exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnetwk exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging Smart Web Printing hpswp... Read more

A:Internet Redirect Issue and My Security Wall Format Issue

Hello and welcome to the forums!My secret agent name on the forums is SweetTech (you can call me ST for short), it's a pleasure to meet you. I am very sorry for the delay in responding, but as you can see we are at the moment being flooded with logs which, when paired with the never-ending shortage of helpers, resulted in the delayed responding to your thread.I would be glad to take a look at your log and help you with solving any malware problems.If you have since resolved the issues you were originally experiencing, or have received help elsewhere, please inform me so that this topic can be closed. If you have not, please adhere to the guidelines below and then follow instructions as outlined further below:Logs from malware removal programs (OTL is one of them) can take some time to analyze. I need you to be patient while I analyze any logs you post. Please remember, I am a volunteer, and I do have a life outside of these forums.
Please make sure to carefully read any instruction that I give you. Attention to detail is important! Since I cannot see or directly interact with your computer I am dependent on you to "be my eyes" and provide as much information as you can regarding the current state of your computer.
If you're not sure, or if something unexpected happens, do NOT continue! Stop and ask!
In Windows Vista and Windows 7, all tools need to be started by right clicking and selecting Run as Administrator!
If I instruct you to download a specific tool in which you already have, please delete the copy that you have and re-download the tool. The reason I ask you to do this is because these tools are updated fairly regularly.
Do not do things I do not ask for, such as running a spyware scan on your computer. The one thing that you should always do, is to make sure sure that your anti-virus definitions are up-to-date!
Please do not use the Attachment feature for any log file. Do a Copy/Paste of the entire contents of the log file and submit it inside your post.
I am going to stick with you until ALL malware is gone from your system. I would appreciate it if you would do the same. From this point, we're in this together ;)
Because of this, you must reply within three days failure to reply will result in the topic being closed!
Please do not PM me directly for help. If you have any questions, post them in this topic.
Lastly, I am no magician. I will try very hard to fix your issues, but no promises can be made. Also be aware that some infections are so severe that you might need to resort to reformatting and reinstalling your operating system.
Don't worry, this only happens in severe cases, but it sadly does happen. Be prepared to back up your data. Have means of backing up your data available.____________________________________________________Rootkit UnHooker (RkU)Please download Rootkit Unhooker from one of the following links and save it to your desktop.Link 1 (.exe file)Link 2 (zipped file)Link 3 (.rar file)In order to use this tool if you downloaded from either of the second two links, you will need to extract the RKUnhookerLE.exe file using a program capable of extracing ZIP and RAR compressed files. If you don't have an extraction program, you can downlaod, install and use the free 7-zip utility.Double-click on RKUnhookerLE.exe to start the program.
Vista/Windows 7 users right-click and select Run As Administrator.Click the Report tab, then click Scan.Check Drivers, Stealth Code, and uncheck the rest.Click OK.Wait until it's finished and then go to File > Save Report.Save the report to your Desktop.Copy and paste the contents of the report into your next reply.-- Note: You may get this warning...just ignore it, click OK and continue: "Rootkit Unhooker has detected a parasite inside itself! It is recommended to remove parasite, okay?".NEXT:Running OTLWe need to create a FULL OTL ReportPlea... Read more
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I have four computers that are connected at any given time to the home network. I believe have two issues here.

The first, all of the computers connect and surf the Internet at very slow speeds. Sometimes it seems like I'm back on Dial-up. My MacBook (which is my main computer I work from) connects to the Internet with an Ethernet cable directly into the DSL box. Even if I turn the other three computers off in the office I still run slow on the Internet. Any thoughts on how to improve this? My DSL provider says its an issue with our setup. Great thanks for the help!

Second, my Mac overall seems to be running very slow. I have over 14GB of available space so I would not think that the computer is in overload.

Any support would be greatly appreciated.

A:Moving at turtle speed - Internal Network issue or DSL issue?

If you have more than one computer, and all exhibit the same symptoms, it's hard to believe they're all bad.
Pick one that doesn't exhibit any other issues and do this:

Register at DSLReports and run their Line Quality Tests. It's best to run this test with a direct wired connection to eliminate any wireless issues from the results. It's useful many times to run this test several times, and we'd like to see each of the results. Post the results link from the top of the test display page for each test run here.

The link to post is near the top of the page and looks like:

If you wish to post this result to a forum, please copy/paste this URL <- sample only, yours will obviously be different!
and your IP will be disguised.

Copy/paste that link here.

Note: You will have to enable PING (ICMP) request response either in your router (if you have one), or in your computer's firewall for direct modem connections. This is very important to get the most important part of the test to run.
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Hey I just got a new motherboard cpu smaller case really nice looking media center edition black case It all booted up fine got most the drivers I have an gb HDD on SATA and a gb on SATA bit on bit on Default to bit It was all working fabulously before and I fried my CPU so I decided to go the extra mile for a new mobo and case as well My bit XP is fine has all the drivers everything is tested USB front and back front and back audio and everything else On x though it had all the drivers I even saw it in Device Manager previous to the chaos and from what I think did it and Issue Play Issue/Device Manager Windows SP2 XP x64 Plug was GlarysTools or something like that I uninstalled it so it has no 'recovery' backup from before Long story short I have no Windows XP SP2 x64 Plug and Play Issue/Device Manager Issue device manager that properly works the console will open but no devices show I've done work with it I've researched and such and found out that it might have something to do with Plug and Play I have no 'Plug and Play' service that could be an issue though I don't know for sure but I have Universal Plug and Play Device Host and SSDP Discovery Service though both of those are started and properly working on 'automatic' setting have restarted the PC numerous times and restarted the services numerous times with no avail I also get the message quot Configuration Manager The Plug and Play service or another required service is not available quot when double-clicking ANY service It still goes to the properties prompt but it displays that beforehand Any knowledgable input is appreciated thanks Right now I just finished downloading Service Pack and I'm going to reinstall it see if that helps at all I'm doubting it will but its worth a try I have nothing of value with this install just don't feel like REinstalling it since I have done MY customizations with it added my own programs etc Hope some people could help me out thanks in advance

A:Windows XP SP2 x64 Plug and Play Issue/Device Manager Issue

Hey again... sorry, I'm very impatient, so I just decided to reinstall everything. So... problem resolved, mods can close the thread.
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I posted the same on their tech support forum but I'm beginning to think the issue while it may have been exacerbated by the game Guildwars is likely on my end but I have a memory issue? (GW2 space GPU update can't Also, HD crashing) driver Odd issue? number of suggestions none of which has worked Also tried my own stuff Anyway here is what I posted on their own tech forum ------ Having a lot of issues getting into gw I have bits and pieces Odd memory issue? HD space issue? Also, can't update GPU driver (GW2 crashing) of problems others have had in the past but nothing seems to work so I m re-downloading the game basically All I want to do is play the freaking game why does it have to be so much trouble Once in awhile I will get that blue and yellow graphical glitch on something Just more info for diagnosis If and when this happens it s always immediately apparent at character select However The biggest problem I have with GW is also on login it either crashes or bluescreens my computer right after clicking play and the client tries to load for - seconds For the past few days of the time it just crashes If I try to patch after that point the patcher stops at Downloading KB and will not budge from it Not even to log in I have to reboot my computer to get it past Downloading KB One post I found said that they started having all these problems after downloading a number of games on Steam which I have done off and on due to a friend getting me a few gifts until their HD shrank down to gigs Same here and the problem got worse around that same time frame Since downloading Chivalry last week which put me down to gigs I ve been crashing times However after deleting Tera and Aion then having around gigs of space I m still having the same issue I tried updating my video card nVidia s GTX driver but for some reason it just continuously failed So I tried a slightly older version Failed So I tried the oldest video card driver installer I could find in my folders still failed So I went and dug up the freaking basic driver CD installer that came with it That worked Tried updating drivers again failed again So I had to run the CD again I also tried restoring my computer to last week prior to downloading Chivalry prior to updating any drivers That too failed Your system cannot be restored to this date and changes were reverted or something to that effect Yes I picked one of the ones it told me to pick Since running the CD for my oldest driver my screen also flashes black initially after my desktop appears when booting my computer As an additional note for the past few weeks whenever I want to get on GW it seems like it ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE THE FIRST THING I DO PERIOD OR IT WILL CRASH However if it s the first thing I can use my computer just fine as normal But if I say load up Google Chrome and surf for a minute at all GW was guaranteed to crash However if I loaded GW first before absolutely anything else it would usually load not always and with the game still open I could browse do whatever with absolutely no issue at all I just want to play the game anyone have any insight ---------- In addition here is the information from the error crash log of the game itself that may help with some insight Crash lt Fatal Error Fatal disk-error on read App Gw exe Pid Cmdline BaseAddr ProgramId Build When - - T Z - - T - Uptime days Flags System lt Name ZEKE-QECX F PA IpAddr Processors GenuineIntel OSVersion Windows bit System Memory lt Physical MB MB Paged MB MB Virtual MB MB Load CommitTotal MB CommitLimit MB CommitPeak MB SystemCache MB HandleCount ProcessCount ThreadCount Process Memory lt Private MB WorkingSet MB PeakWorkingSet MB PageFaults DbgHelp dll is C WINDOWS system dbghelp dll DbgHelp dll version -bit compatible ThreadPoolFile Thread xe lt Trace lt Pc c f Fr fcc Rt e Arg ea e ea b aa Pc e Fr fcf Rt f Arg feb aa db fa fe Pc f Fr fe Rt f f Arg db fa fe db fa fac Pc f f Fr fe c Rt fe Arg db fa fe a db fa Pc fe Fr fe Rt a Arg db fa fac Pc... Read more

A:Odd memory issue? HD space issue? Also, can't update GPU driver (GW2 crashing)

Unfortunately, though I thought I did, I have no images of the odd cyan/yellow graphics glitch, and I have no way of getting one (google didn't turn up any that looked the same as mine, granted some were similar).
Edit - I also noticed after re-enabling page memory on my primary drive after freeing up some space, that in the error logs, the amount of paged memory in use is for some reason higher. I can't imagine why this is, but maybe I don't understand the process.
*--> System Memory <--*
Physical:   845MB/ 2047MB  41%
Paged:     5375MB/ 7009MB  76%
Virtual:    822MB/ 2047MB  40%
Load: 58%
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Hello I am was wondering if someone could help me determine if there is an infection with my computer The most recent issue is that I am getting an C WINDOWS winstart bat is offline - it is currently not available error on two recent - Infection Chrome issue, with Issue avast! Potential scan Quick Scans using avast in the past two days I've run SUPERAntiSpyware SAS MBAM Spybot S amp D MB Anti-rootkit and have found no issues other than tracking cookies In Potential Infection - avast! scan issue, Issue with Chrome addition I had tried to install amp run Kapersky's free one-time scanner but was unable to install twice due to insufficient permissions and once where the installation stopped during the download phase some message about server connection Note if I look for the winstart bat file using Windows Explorer it doesn't show the file even with the option of seeing hidden files yet when I run show-hidden -f it shows the file as being hidden in that location I e C Windows winstart bat Note that the only virus issues I have had over the past months have been when ComboFix was compromised with Sality I believe I isolated that issue as AVG SAS SpyBot and CCleaner were able to eradicate most of the issues In addition in the past I have had issues with Chrome which were unusual The first occurrence was during August last year where the Facebook title of a Most Visited tile was a name of person I had not visited recently If I understand the mechanics properly there is a local name of a tile associated with a screenshot capture Then Chrome will get the title of that URL from a DNS server after about - seconds after running and the title will be re-named Again what was odd was not that the Facebook tile was a title other than Facebook it was for a person who I had not visited in some time months honestly I inspected the element and saw that the title was this person's name and opened the 'Top Sites' file using SQLite Database Browser and the title of that URL was the person's name Eventually I uninstalled Chrome and it finally went away I thought nothing serious of the behavior until it started to happen again recently But this time not only was the Facebook tile people's names this time whose pages I had visited but I was getting strange titles such as 'hero' or 'Ye Jin ' I can say that I have never visited Facebook pages with those names and that I am very careful about clicking on links in Facebook so as to avoid apps and or viruses In addition normally if you hover the tile in the bottom-left corner the associated URL will be displayed normally for a person's page it would be https www facebook com FirstName Lastname but in all of these cases it was for the root URL i e just https www facebook com Then I continuously got Chrome crashes whenever I closed Chrome and these persisted until I disabled RealPlayer Downloader extension However when I visited Chrome's History page I would see that it showed me visiting Facebook pages for people I had not visited again this is after a full uninstall and after I had cleared the cache and database using CCleaner Again when hovering over the History URL entry that was named a person whose page I hadn't visited it would show the root URL And lastly if I visited the history a few minutes later that entry would be gone I have begun to use Firefox over the past two weeks so I am unable to say if the issue remains but given the recent avast issue with winstart bat I thought I would mention it as odd behavior that may or may not be related Thanks for any help you can provide Tucan

A:Potential Infection - avast! scan issue, Issue with Chrome

Hello as I see others had this same issue with Avast.. The solution is a new topic for a deeper look. Please follow this Preparation Guide and post in a new topic.Let me know if all went well.
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I am trying (in vain) to issue a net start command "net start - "C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\utorrent.exe", on the command line. The error message is "the filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect". I believe the 3 details are correct, as i am looking at the utorrent.exe file right now, which is sitting on that path. The only issue i can think of is that, since i am running win7 64bit, there nay be some sort of problem with the "(x86)" bit in the path name.

Any ideas?



A:net start command line issue - 64bit issue?

Hello Andy,

If you were just wanting to run the utorrent.exe file, then you would just need to use either command below to do so instead. The net start command is for services instead.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\uTorrent\utorrent.exe"


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Hi Chemist has been kind enough to help me in the virus trojan sub-forum and issue Aero Centre and Catalyst Control issue has given me the all clear I have Aero issue and Catalyst Control Centre issue a couple of other issues with my laptop if anyone has the time to help I have windows installed on my laptop Let me know if more details and which are needed if any I think Aero has stopped working Saw some error message which went away pretty quick but now my background is set to fill colour and won't let me change it to anything else Aero itself must be working as if I click Alt Tab I can still skip through the programs in use by Aero issue and Catalyst Control Centre issue me which I believe is an aero function When I start up my computer or restart I see the following message Catalyst Control Centre Host application has stopped working Microsoft is checking for a solution to this problem It stays for about - secs and then disappears I haven't noticed anything else stop functioning and admittedly this error has been showing for some time but I haven't been able to find any solutions by browsing the web but if there is a fix error would be great Thanks
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Hello I bought a Windows Asus laptop about a month back and have been running into a few issues I actually have tried asking the Microsoft tech forums directly but issue issue + Full Sleep Screen Video with a Sleep issue + Full Screen Video issue lack of responses I feel I need to ask elsewhere There are two issues I have here that I'm trying to fix Neither are laptop breaking at the moment but I'd like to fix them for the purpose of fluidity etc First off I'd like to explain that I managed to find a work around for my touchscreen not working after the laptop went into sleep mode only for a different issue to crop up I recently noticed that the time my laptop was taking to wake up from sleep wasn't actually it waking up from sleep It restarted the laptop The laptop goes to sleep just fine but upon opening the lid OR if I leave the lid open and hit a button to wake it up the laptop takes about - sec to quot wake up quot but in reality it appears to reboot the laptop Secondly I've encountered this issue from the very moment I downloaded Mozilla Firefox The video on fullscreen mode for any site and any streaming agent Update all addons drivers etc use to stutter I worked out a fix where now it lags or stutters now and then I'm not sure how to remove the issue altogether I've tried safe mode and fresh installations of firefox but the issues remain As of now the hardware acceleration is disabled alongside opengl This issue does not present itself on microsoft Edge on the same sites videos Same resolution for the video But as a long standing user of Firefox and someone who loves my scriptblocker switching to Edge doesn't seem possible I've tried

A:Sleep issue + Full Screen Video issue

For your first issue:

The ASUS drivers have been known to cause problems with the Windows 10 sleep process for some systems. One of the ASUS system drivers is an Intel Management Engine driver and this has been known to cause the behaviour you describe. You can temporarily disable it to see if it makes a difference. If it does you can try uninstalling it and allowing W10 to replace it with the generic driver from the Microsoft driver database.

I can't provide any guidance for your second issue, I use Edge and am growing to like it.
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Hi guys i ve got a problem reboot issue graphics and issue NVIDIA card with my toshiba qosmio g I reboot issue and graphics card issue NVIDIA ve had it running sweet on xp and i recently upgraded it to vista ultimate lite It for some reason won t read my graphics card geforce it says the best driver is already installed for you called standard graphics adapter but thats wrong so i can t play games so im gonna put it back to xp but to do that is a mission this laptop has raid harddrives so I need to install a driver so i press f or whatever it is can t remember to enter the menu thing this is at the blue screen before you enter the partition menu it comes up with something like quot please enter you manufactuers disk into the A quot but i don t have a floppydrive built in to be able i ve tryed usb floppydrivebut it doesn t read as A so can use on of them I ve heard about useing nlite to put the drivers in a cd with the rebootstuff but i can t getit to read the drivers too it was easy enough going to vista as you could insert a flash drive with drivers on it Please help me fix this or ill have to take it into a shop and pay them nbsp

A:reboot issue and graphics card issue NVIDIA

Do you have AHCI or RAID as an option to select in BIOS?
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a Dell Dimension 9150 and I have a couple of problems.

Firstly, when the PC boots up, there are squares / dots on the monitor similar to the following picture:

Secondly, I have tried to re-install Windows XP twice, and if I leave the CD in it boots into Windows - but if I remove the CD and reboot the computer it says 'no boot device available'.

Any ideas / comments would be very much appreciated.

Thank you :)

A:[SOLVED] Graphics issue / Hard drive issue? Help!

Also, I've just run the hard drive diagnostics and it looks like the hard drive is fine - so not quite sure what's up with it
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I have an HP M1522 NF multi function peripheral attached to a PC running

Windows 7.

I needed to re install the drivers and software the other day but now it

will only install the printer drivers and not the scanner drivers or any

of the accompaying software?

I have tried deleting as many registry entries as I could find and any

files and folders accept any dll files in the system32 folder beacuse I do

not know which ones to delete and everytime I try and install the new

software from the HP website it almost finishes then I get a Fatal Error


It says that it has found a newer version of the same software please go

to the HP support website for help Fatal Error: MSI.hpp.l Service?

I have posted to the HP forum but have received no replies for quite some

time now?

Any help would ne really apprecited.


A:HP Multi Print/Scan Issue Re Install Issue?

Hello Fool Monkey. Welcome to the Forum.

You don't say what W7 OS you're using (Home, Premium, etc.) or whether the new printer drivers are from CD/DVD or download, or whether this is a USB connection. That info could be important.

You might want to perform a System Restore to a date before you tried upgrading the drivers and deleting files and keys. This is a general rule in making any system changes with me. I always create a restore point before any system change. If I don't like the results I go back, then try something else. The reason for this is that you don't "dig yourself a hole", where one bad change compounds with another, etc etc, and you've got a mess.

It is not unusual for a driver package to not install a "new" scanner driver. That is simply because the one you have on your system is the same as the "new" one. The package will update the (newer) printer driver and that's all. If you try to force older or incorrect drivers into the system you could trigger those errors.

Try this:
Find where the driver files are located on the DVD or download (if it is a zip file) and note the path.
Go to Devices & Printers > Add a Printer (top bar)
Choose "Add a Local Printer" (is it a local printer?) > Next
Use an existing Port > Choose USB001 from the drop down box (is it connected by USB?) > Next
In the Install The Printer Driver Window, navigate to the folder where the printer drivers are stored > Next
Plug in the printer and test.
Let's see if that works.
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Hi there I initiated transfering a domain I have to a new host Still in the day window before the transfer actually happens I should be able to edit the site not developed yet just parked Renamed the nameservers to point to the new host Everyone can connect to the site but me I was unable to connect to the new host cpanel unless I use the host's direct link If ISP error one site issue? to Redirect issue? Windows I use the site link I'm redirected back to the old host's homepage If I try to connect to the site Windows issue? ISP issue? Redirect error to one site directly I always receive a redirect or loop error message - on all browsers I have tried clearing out the cache and deleting cookies No joy I have uninstalled and reinstalled a browser - no joy I have tried other computers on my home network - all have the same issue Even tried my Iphone on wifi same problem Off wifi no problem connecting Everyone else can connect to the site without issue I can ping the site via command prompt without issue I powered off on the router - no joy I powered off on the modem and router - no joy I used a computer hardwired into the router - same issue I connected one computer directly into the modem - same problem If I use a proxy server I can access the site Otherwise I get the error message Firefox The page isn't redirecting properly Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete Chrome This webpage has a redirect loop ERR TOO MANY REDIRECTS Explorer This page can t be displayed I'm at wit's end Please help
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i have two computers, one of which i am typing this on, the other which is haveing BSOD problems. The BSOD after about 12 mintues of run time. which is why i am having troble getting the mini dumps on the computer. I have no idea what could have caused this but i am sure it is not a ram issue becuase i have checked both my 1 gb sticks and the both work fine. i have more mini-dumps however i can upload them due to space on forum.

A:BSOD issue on Vista (not a RAM issue) will try to include minidumps

here are some of the remaining minidumps.
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Hi The old adage of quot when you re in Avgssie.dll and be Issue. to seem issue. Malware/Spyware fejokt.dll the a hole stop digging quot seems highly appropriate for me I got a virus malware issue from an exe file I rather unwisely ran I couldn t run MalwareBytes software or seem to Malware/Spyware Issue. Avgssie.dll and fejokt.dll seem to be the issue. access any websites Iused an uninfected PC to find a solution on some antivirus forums and using a couple of their ideas I cleaned my PC so I thought I have used SuperAntiSpyware Vundofix RemoveIT SDFix I cannot use or access Malwarebytes Software Kaspersky AVG or even the SuperAntiSpyware in quot normal quot mode - I have to load it in Alternate When I cleaned the PC it said I had a virus file which was deleted and Malware/Spyware Issue. Avgssie.dll and fejokt.dll seem to be the issue. several infections upon reboot I seem to be quot clean quot for or minutes before it starts acting up again I have attached the log below Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at on - - Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Hp HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe C Program Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons QlbCtrl exe C WINDOWS system VTTimer exe C WINDOWS system S trayp exe C WINDOWS system AccelerometerSt Exe C Program Analog Devices Core smax pnp exe C Program iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program InterVideo DVD Check DVDCheck exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program SUPERAntiSpyware f d cb- fee- e -ac - fd ce exe C Program Option Telenor Mobilt Bredband Telenor Mobilt Bredband exe C Program Delade filer Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program FileZilla Server FileZilla Server exe C Program Option Telenor Mobilt Bredband GtDetectSc exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqwmiex exe C Program iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons Com QLBEx exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName L nkar O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Delade filer Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO WormRadar com IESiteBlocker NavFilter - ca f - f e- b -a e- e e c c - C Program AVG AVG avgssie dll file missing O - BHO no name - C C A-E - b - D - CECB - no file O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Delade filer Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - HKLM Run Cpqset C Program Hewlett-Packard Default Settings cpqset exe O - HKLM Run SynTPEnh C Program Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe O - HKLM Run HP Software Update C Program Hp HP Software Update HPWuSchd exe O - HKLM Run QlbCtrl exe C Program Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons QlbCtrl exe Start O - HKLM Run VTTimer VTTimer exe O - HKLM Run S Trayp S trayp exe O - HKLM Run AccelerometerSysTrayApplet c WINDOWS system AccelerometerSt Exe O - HKLM Run SoundMAXPnP C Program Analog Devices Core smax pnp exe O - HKLM Run SoundMAX C Program Analog Devices SoundMAX Smax exe tray O - HKLM Run Adobe Read... Read more
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I am on a Dell Inspiron and when I boot the system most of the time I get an error before the BIOS loads that reads as follows quot The Device in the system modular bay cannot be identified It may not be completely inserted or may have some other problem Please read and complete the following steps Press the device completely and firmly into the bay Press the ESC-key -- wait issue issue/boot-up bay Dell modular Inspiron for the system to power Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue down Press the power button to retry detecting the device quot My BIOS version was just recently updated as I Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue ran into the problem to BIOS Revision A I Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue called Dell Technical Support and the support told me to remove the optical drive and reinsert it I did as told I booted the system up and before the BIOS loads bam error once again The technical support didn t even know what to do The support said that I may have a failing mobo Now how would one go about seeing if their mobo was failing I d really love to check this before actually going to purchase another mobo Hell purchasing a brand new computer or building my own considering I am sick of Dell s erroneous electronics nbsp

A:Dell Inspiron modular bay issue/boot-up issue

You should first try a second hard drive with a full install. That usually fixes the problems with the 1100, 1150, 5100m, 5150, and 5160 which all seem to have the same problems.
Remember that this optical drive is fragile, and has a history of failure. New models are available with DVD RW that are quite reliable, on eBay. They range from $72 to $85 to $89 to $95. If you are good with tools, you can get the generic one, then revise the hardware to make everything fit just fine.
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Hello forum So I just updated my Nvidea graphics card and for some reason after restarting my laptop in order to install these files to the system the quot System Thread Exception Not Handled quot BSOD card Issue? Graphics issue/Avast Blue screen error flashed on my screen and later redirected me to an automatic repair screen which attempted to fix this issue I ended up restarting the laptop on safe mode uninstall my Nvidea graphics card and completely reinstall it from scratch But for some BSOD Graphics card issue/Avast Issue? reason it keeps giving me the same error each time I restart my laptop After some research online apparently there's an issue with Avast and Nvidea You will find attached the SF Diagnostic Tool grab all option files needed to view the issue at hand Any help would greatly be helpful Many are saying that I've not been installing the corrent drivers but that's not possible as it's directly from the MSI website GT NE linked to the official Nvidea website saying that the driver includes my graphics card M While other people are saying that maybe Avast is causing some issue towards the graphics card I have the Avast Professional Antivirus Laptop Specs Windows MSI Dragon Edition GT NE Intel Core i - QM CPU GHz bit NVIDIA GeForce GTX M Intel HD Graphics Any help would greatly be appreciated I'm currently running my laptop without the nVidea Graphics Card Drivers and seems to be fine so far Regards Ic d

A:BSOD Graphics card issue/Avast Issue?

This appears to be a duplicate topic
The other one is here: BSOD System Thread Exception Not Handled Error/Nvidea Card

I responded to the other one.
You may want to PM a staff member to have this one deleted (to prevent confusion)
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I am at my absolute wits end with this I have built many computers but never run into anything so persistent or destructive to my sanity Almost exactly year ago Extremely issue/shutdown issue. power persistant I built a computer here is the original configuration - year old case exact name manufacturer unknown is gone now Apevia ATX-AS W power supply w - carried over Extremely persistant power issue/shutdown issue. from old build Gigabyte GA- FXA-UD motherboard AMD FX- Black Edition Vishera -Core GHz G SKILL Ares F - C D- GAB x gb ddr GIGABYTE GeForce GTX GB WINDFORCE gfx card WD D AALS- L B gb standard HDD - also carried over from old build Running windows ultimate bit Computer is built runs fine no issues for if I recall at least the first few months One day it shuts down Extremely persistant power issue/shutdown issue. randomly No power down no BSOD no power surge no extreme load no extreme heat no freeze screen artifacts nothing that would give a clue it simply instantaneously almost faster than pulling the plug ceases to be on I search for error logs check wiring check PSU seating of cards etc install CPUID HWMonitor to watch heat etc Issue does not repeat itself for days then happens randomly again Over the course Extremely persistant power issue/shutdown issue. of a couple of months it recurs constantly but never for a quot reason quot there s no power issues no loose wires not based on heat not based on load not based on specific software or anything I can find So assuming it s a PSU issue I replace the PSU it now has a Corsair GS w power supply Issue does not recur for a while seems fixed Few weeks later happens again Sometimes it happens once in a week sometimes it happens times in a night and is barely functional at best Of note it often would require shutting off the PSU switch or unplugging it before it could be rebooted assuming I needed to discharge capacitors Another note is that it would sometimes require to repeat this process many times before it would power on repeatedly it on pressing power button it would power on for lt second before instantly shutting off Additional testing is done memtest is ran for hours on each stick of ram individually They do not fail at all Graphics card is swapped for a much older but still compatible ATI Radeon Thing sounds like a wind tunnel and is like years old but it works Failure continues to happen occasionally Motherboard is RMA d - unable to find a reason for failure that makes any sense at this point I RMA the motherboard It takes Gigabyte a rather long time weeks if I recall to process and send back but they do so in the end sending me the exact same motherboard with no information I call them and find out that they had sent it back saying quot no failure quot The hard drive is replaced with a gb Sandisk SDSSDHII- G-G SSD Windows is reinstalled for probably the th time After having a brand new issue with PCI-e power save setting messing with my hard drive - which gets solved the old roblem persists This has been going on now for nearly a year though occasionally I ll have several weeks of daily use without failure One day while pulling my hair out and wondering what gods I have offended to deserve this I notice that just barely touching the motherboard power connector is enough to trigger the failure Eureka I ve found it I m not going through that RMA again so I decide I m going to buy a new motherboard I get a GIGABYTE GA- FXA-UD R as a replacement Having noticed high but not within auto-shutoff range heat I also get a new CPU cooler - a cooler master Hyper EVO and my ratty old case is replaced by a Corsair CC- -WW I thought maybe faulty wiring or something New components arrived last week were assembled together Monday morning - with a surprisingly similar motherboard and the installation of some new drivers for it I am able to avoid having to re-install windows Computer works great now temps are down a solid degrees with better airflow better wiring and a better cpu... Read more