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Gigabyte ud3h bk mobo - realtek ac1150 onboard sound issue (very low volume and crackling)

Q: Gigabyte ud3h bk mobo - realtek ac1150 onboard sound issue (very low volume and crackling)

Hi everyone A few days ago I replaced my cpu motherboard and hdds on my system OLD System main components Case Antec v Cpu i Mobo Asus onboard realtek mobo low crackling) bk volume (very ud3h sound ac1150 issue - and Gigabyte p x d-e RAM corsair vengence gb x GPU Zotac GTX Boot drive Intel Gigabyte ud3h bk mobo - realtek ac1150 onboard sound issue (very low volume and crackling) gb ssd Win HDD WD TB black New System main components Case Antec v Cpu i k Mobo Gigabyte z x - ud h-bk RAM corsair vengence gb x GPU Zotac GTX Boot drive Samsumg evo gb ssd Win HDD WD Gigabyte ud3h bk mobo - realtek ac1150 onboard sound issue (very low volume and crackling) TB black I was able to clone the ssd and hdd samsung migration for ssd and Easeus todo backup for hdd Initally I had some driver conflict when I Gigabyte ud3h bk mobo - realtek ac1150 onboard sound issue (very low volume and crackling) booted up the computer on the new mobo I managed to uninstall all the old drivers and then used the driver cd to install the mobo drivers and even updated all of them to the latest version I The conflict I m still having is with the back panel audio for the onboard sound I get very low volume and and crackling at certain frequencies tried on both my generic creative speaker and Audio technical headphones When I m plugging in the speaker into the green port and have it plugged in half way or accidentally touch the jack to the I o plate I get really strong loud static noise Here is the list of solution that I tried with no success Updated the Realtek HD Audio Manager app I e the one installed from the driver cd to the latest one Used DPC latency checker and it is showing all greens didn t test it for more than a minute though should I be doing something while the app is on to test for interference Installed Generic Realtek driver for ac codec Disabled C E and EIST in the bios Played with the equalizers on Realtek HD Audio Manager helped to reduce bit of static but its still there and the volume is still very low Disabled all line in devices Checked audio with a ubuntu live cd and the problem still persists does this indicate a hardware issue What I find strange is that my front panel that is connected to the HD audio pins on the motherboard works fine with the same speaker and headphones I still have some more solutions I need to test out like Update the bios currently on F version the latest is F I have a spare asus xonar dg PCI so will try to install it and test if audio will works fine But this is not a permanent solution as I only have one PCI slot which I m using for my wireless card adapter Edimax g Run Memtest can this ever be a problem for sound related issues Driver Sweeper I believe I have properly manually uninstalled all the mobo drivers but going try this app to be sure Can someone please point me in the right direction on how to solve this This is the first time I m installing replacing a mobo and cpu so should check if there is a wiring issue when I replaced all the parts back into the case Please let me know if more information is need to help resolve this I have a few more days left incase I have to RMA the mobo so any pointers would really be helpful before I decide to send it back if at all TIA Sreejit S nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Gigabyte ud3h bk mobo - realtek ac1150 onboard sound issue (very low volume and crackling)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hey, I recent put together this new rig. I'm using the onboard sound card for my Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Rev 2.0 mobo. The sound chipset is Realtek ALC889. I've updated the latest drivers, but there is crackling/static noise when I play music.

Currently I mainly use a 2.1 speaker system. But Ive tried testing it with headphones the static/crackling noises persists. It is not constant, but it shows up periodically. Furthermore, when there is no music/sound playing the noise is not there. This leads me to believe its a hardware/driver issue and not so much a speaker/interference issue.

I'm stumped on this and any help would be appreciated, the noise is annoying.

A:Realtek onboard sound card: Static/Crackling noises

Do you have a wireless (wi fi) connection? They have been known to cause this. A cordless phone or cell phone sitting close by is also a potential. Video card/drivers have also been another issue.

There are many possibilites and many forum posts about this problem, here, on the Dell users forum and other internet computer forums. No "one fix" for the problem.
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hi folks
id just like to pick some brains on this 1 plz.
i hav just upgraded my mobo to a gigabyte 880GA-UD3H but i had a friend do the fitting.
he put my x-fi extrem music soundcard back in too and i was wondering if there is realy any point in using the sound card as its a brand new mobo and i would think that the onboard HD audio may be better than the old x-fi card.
any suggestions folks??

A:x-fi xtreme audio or gigabyte 880GA-UD3H onboard

Only way for you to determine that is to try both and see which sounds better to you. If you have anything resembling half way decent speakers or headphones I'm betting that you'll still use your X-Fi.

If you're connecting digitally (optical or coax) to a receiver then it doesn't matter which you use, as it will be the receiver that will be doing the digital/analogue conversion.
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Hi all,

I'm trying to run two monitors in Win7 using my Gigabyte z77x-ud3h. If I install NO drivers, I get a mirrored display; if I install either the Gigabyte Intel VGA driver or the native Intel driver, however, I get dual monitor performance... but only when the driver is freshly installed and the computer is still on.

If I restart or reboot, Win7 "forgets" the second monitor and only uses the VGA monitor.

If I uninstall the drivers and disconnect the VGA monitor, Windows will use the DVI monitor with no drivers installed.

But if I install the drivers again, Windows -- even if the VGA monitor has never been connected -- will "use" the VGA monitor and the DVI monitor will stay dark.

Is the motherboard defective? Or is this something about Windows 7?

A:Gigabyte Z77X-UD3H onboard Intel graphics - DVI issues

after the reboot, can you rightclick on the desktop and select "screen resolution" then click on "detect" and see if it then detects both screens, then set them to work how both are supposed to work, click on save and then see if on reboot it works.
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Using Win 7 64-bit with AMD SATA drivers with a strange issue.

When this board boots up it does an AHCI initialization which shows the attached sata drives. After that, Windows 7 loads and runs without a problem. However, when I reboot Windows it sounds like the hard drives spin speed is slowing down then speeding up again. It does this about 4 times then the computer shuts down. When the computer restarts and goes back to the AHCI init screen it now shows "S.M.A.R.T. Error", but Windows boots without a problem. If the computer is shut down (powered off) the next boot will not show the error.

I've had Windows 7RC 32-bit, and currently also have XP-64 and XP-32 partitions on this machine with no problems at all. If I set the machine to Native IDE instead of AHCI everything goes back to normal with no shutdown issues.

Any ideas?

A:SATA driver issue w/ Win 7 and Gigabyte GA-MA785G-UD3H

Have you Disabled the S.M.A.R.T. in your Bios.
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I recently upgraded my computer and moved all the onboard switching 7 w/ Realtek static after Win to Crackling, components to a new case and later switched to windows While I was on my old OS vista with same hardware as I have today I had no issues with my sound Then I upgraded to windows clean install I downloaded the latest Realtek drivers R ALC for my on-board sound Gigabyte G M ES L Mobo and I noticed that my iTunes music made a crackling static sound that was previously not there Since I thought the problem was only with iTunes music I looked for a solution regarding iTunes and found that there were some issues with purchased music and a crackling sound on iTunes but I am hearing it on imported music as well I also hear this crackling sound on skype and sometimes when I watch online videos Crackling, static w/ Realtek onboard after switching to Win 7 from you tube and the like I have heard it a little during gaming I have not really heard the sounds while watching DVDs which is weird I don't think the problem is my speakers because I am not hearing the crackling sound all the time with every application i e watching DVDs as I have stated above and I tried a pair of headphones and I get the same results My specs Mobo Gigabyte G M ES L CPU Intel Core Quad Q GPU Gigabyte ATi Radeon HD Ram GB DDR PSU Seasonic M II W Case Cooler Master Elite OS Windows Home Premium bit Speakers Creative SBS Please help me Thanks

A:Crackling, static w/ Realtek onboard after switching to Win 7

If you look around you will find hundreds of posts on here and other forums with this problem. Some of the problems are related to wireless devices (especially a wireless wi-fi), some can be related to video card/driver issues and since you have some type of SoundBlaster sound card there have been issues with more than 3GB of RAM and some models of SoundBlaster sound cards.

Having worked OK in XP and not in Vista/Win 7 can also be related to the SoundCard as there are some sound functions that are handled differently in Vista and Win 7. Also many SoundBlaster sound cards, that are Win 7 compatible must have Windows 7 specific drivers, not Vista drivers.
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Hello everyone My audio has seem to quit on me I updated to the newest drivers for my mobo biostar A U from their OnBoard RealTek No Sound - Sound Issue download page and now I get no sound whatsoever from my speakers I have tried uninstalling all of the sound devices from the device manager and letting windows reinstall them but to no avail I have also made sure that the onboard sound is on in the bios When I uninstall the sound devices it defaults back to the windows default audio driver which won't recognize something is plugged in It greys out my speakers and then defaults to the Digital Ouput but I have no such device I then have also tried downloading the onboard audio drivers from the mobo download page and installing them They install but it then defaults to the Realtek Digital Output RealTek OnBoard Sound Issue - No Sound once again I don't have such a device If I go to the realtek HD audio manager and disable front RealTek OnBoard Sound Issue - No Sound panel detection it doesn't even recognize any of my back panels being plugged in Even if I try to plug in my RealTek OnBoard Sound Issue - No Sound headset mic the manager doesnt pic it up If I play music at this point the speaker shows the level volume changing but I dont hear anything I've tried switching back and forth all configurations in the manager and changed the levels of things still nothing Can anyone help Or am I gonna have to go pick up a sound card That picture also shows it trying to use the front jack which I dont have hooked up because I want to use the back panel So I'm assuming that may be part of the reason And those disabled High Def Audio Devices where from my video card and where sound output from it but I uninstalled those as well seeing if windows installing them would help I don't use it anyway so I disabled them

A:RealTek OnBoard Sound Issue - No Sound

The first thing I see is four HD Audio devices in the Device Manager that should be uninstalled (RIGHT click on the entry for the device and then LEFT click Uninstall) then restart the PC. Get rid of them to eliminate any possibile conflicts.

If there is a "default" setting for the sound outputs, set it to default and see if that helps.

I notice a web cam that is also showing up. They can tend to cause issues too so temporarily disconnect that from the PC while you are trying to get the system audio setup.
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Current BSOD? Realtek onboard causing Gigabyte specs are Gigabyte EP -UD L Intel Core Quad Q Ghz Corsair w WD Velociraptor gb other storage drives Radeon HD gb G-Skill Win -bit I can not get my audio to properly work Windows start up and shut down sounds work just fine As soon as I try to play music in Itunes or start a game the computer gets BSOD If I disable the sound game starts don't crash My basis for tests were WoW Lich King installer when the screen pops up with music playing and the button to click install would crash Disabling realtek in Device Manager worked fine and I could click install Those are my current PC specs which are what I currently have after replacing parts trying to figure out what's wrong I've reformatted tried different hard drive for my OS different graphics new bigger PSU diff ram bought Gigabyte onboard Realtek causing BSOD? a new motherboard previous Gigabyte onboard Realtek causing BSOD? was also Gigabyte onboard Realtek causing BSOD? Gigabyte with same issues new mobo is different model On my last recent Windows install I used driver sweeper and reinstalled the realtek drivers stickied in this forum I've of course tried the drivers on gigabytes site as well I also have a Sound Blaster audigy card I tried buying previously but I believe there were issues with that as well I haven't tested that yet with the creative drivers in this forum but regardless would like to have my onboard working if possible Please any suggestions or ideas what I should do or try If you need any further information let me know Tonight I will disable the realtek in bios and install the audigy and see if the same problems persist or what if any issues arrive I recall it having a similar issue so maybe the onboard audio isn't the issue Thanks

A:Gigabyte onboard Realtek causing BSOD?

[1 - Novice] How to ask for help with a BSOD problem
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Hi Guys I'm having a problem with my network card I have a realtek onboard network card which i have been using for over a year with no problems Over the weekend i upgraded my psu and gpu now every few hours i lose network connection (Gigabyte NIC Onboard with mobo) Problem What happens is that ill be on the net or playing wow and ill lose connection and Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo) i look in the taskbar and the network icon Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo) has a X on it and telling me there is no network cable plugged in even tho there is The only way to fix it is to restart the pc or I have to go into device manager disable the nic and re-enable it and it gets fixed again The problem is that I dont mind this happening but when it happens in arena I cant get back on time and I dont know Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo) why its happening I deleted the original drivers that came with windows and downloaded the drivers from gigabytes website for my realtek that didnt change anything i changed my cable and ports on the router that did nothing as well but i know it has nothing to do with router or cable because there is other people using the same router and nothing happens to them Anyone have any idea why this would happen also power save mode on the nic is disabled before anyone suggests that this is driving me insane

A:Problem with Onboard NIC (Gigabyte mobo)

1st if you still have your old psu, stick it back in for testing in and see if you get the same problem. If the problem goes away then you might have a faulty PSU. If the problem persists with the old PSU then the on board network card might be knackered ... let us know how it goes
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Hey everyone i got this laptop And now the crackling problem when i installed Realtek problem crackling Sound Win audio drivers installed automatically and Realtek Sound crackling problem crackling appears when i play a song in winamp and then scroll up and down in a folder full of pictures or scroll a site with pictures and gifs when i play a video on youtube when i stream a video from any other site etc Tried DPC Latency checker it had green bars even when crackling appears red bar appeared maybe once or twice after some time Sound crackling also appears Realtek Sound crackling problem when i use headphones But when i install Realtek driver it sounds way worse like this https www youtube com watch v qd CWVEvx A Not my video Asus site does not have support for this laptop ASUS Notebook Pro Series Drivers Download for Windows amp XP Task Manager shows this Aida Extreme shows this Dxdiag shows this I noticed that Dxdiag shows that laptop Realtek Sound crackling problem model is F SL i checked the Asus site it also does not support Win it looks like my laptop only the camera part is not the same I tried to run a bootable Ubuntu from my usb sound works perfect today i gave up and installed Windows XP and i installed an audio driver from Asus site for a laptop Asus Pro SR and it works perfectly Someone said to me that the problem is in power management of the Realtek sound chip i tried to do it but i could not find the option in the Registry Editor Also when i install the correct graphics driver on Win showed that it was mb and worked perfect but now on XP in desktop properties it shows mb and i have an option for a slightly bigger resolution and i experience screen tearing when i play a video on Media Player Classic But leave the graphics issue audio matters to me most so please help i will try to install Windows again if you can find me a solution
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Hi guys, I've currently ordered the MSI Mobo (in the title) and it's overdue, I wanted to build my PC yesterday, contacted Amazon and they said they can offer a refund, but it's in the post so it may turn up still.
Because of this, I accept their refund (rather than opting to wait until Jan 10th for the earliest replacement shipping date) and ordered the Gigabyte Mobo also in the title on Amazon Prime (gotta love free trials) to have it delivered tomorrow.
My question is, which one should be better? - or rather, what's the main differences? I'll keep the one I prefer, and arrange/ cancel returns where appropriate.
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I would really appreciate some help not being super techy at all The problem first showed itself whilst playing just one game when the game was graphics heavy the sound would begin to crackle then slow down incredibly eventually disappear completely and then and 7 with Realtek Sound slowed AC97/Windows crackling crash the game and computer I checked all the specs for the game which were all good updated graphics card driver no driver update available for sound card The problem is now evident across the system where graphics and sound are intensive Eg Playing music and browsing the web Everytime I scroll the web page the sound goes slow and crackly Then I have a bsod I have now disabled my soundcard and have not yet Sound crackling and slowed with Realtek AC97/Windows 7 crashed Elsewhere Wikipedia I have read there are compatibility issues with windows and Nforce chipset Any help guidance to Sound crackling and slowed with Realtek AC97/Windows 7 resolve the issue or indeed throw my computer in the nearest bin much appreciated CPU Amd Athlon Motherboard ASUS A N SLI Deluxe Chipset Nvidea Nforce Graphics card Nvidea Geforce GTX Soundcard Realtek AC Operating System Windows nbsp

A:Sound crackling and slowed with Realtek AC97/Windows 7

More Info

After the crashes, I requested a solution, i found this in messages today.

Address a problem with Game Port
This problem was caused by a compatibility issue between your computer's Game Port and your 64-bit version of Windows. The Game Port is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows.

This problem is not critical, but you can prevent it from occurring again by disabling the Game Port in your computer's BIOS. Refer to the instructions that came with your computer that explain how to access the BIOS and turn off Game Port support. So.... ?


Can anyone translate that into english? If the game port is on the soundcard, will it stop the soundcard from working?
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Hello first I would like to say that I have searched lots of threads about sound distortion crackling or bad quality and haven't found any solution Specs of crackling and and Realtek SB Ti Asus X-Fi Sound P8Z68-V, distortion, my computer are MB Asus P Z -V CPU Intel i k GPU GIGABYTE N OC- I PS Corsair HX Sound crackling and distortion, Asus P8Z68-V, Realtek and SB X-Fi Ti W Windows Professional -bit Since I bought my computer I started to hear little crackling during listening to music watching movies playing games or looking videos on YouTube Even Facebook pop sound when you get a message is distorted I have started to search what is the problem and googled any solution Unfortunately nothing After a year of torture Sound crackling and distortion, Asus P8Z68-V, Realtek and SB X-Fi Ti because Sound crackling and distortion, Asus P8Z68-V, Realtek and SB X-Fi Ti I am recording a lot I have bought Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium sound card and hoped it would be better It is not It is the same as it was I have even turned off the motherboard sound card in BIOS Nothing Does any one know any soulution please Thank you very much for any answer

A:Sound crackling and distortion, Asus P8Z68-V, Realtek and SB X-Fi Ti

I have a Sonar X2 recording studio.

There is no "one fix" for the problems you have. Each one can be different. Drivers are one item, including video card drivers. Wi-Fi can cause this, close proximity to a cordless phone or cell phone, etc.

Download and run the free DPC Latency checker and see what that shows for your system. High DPC latency (different from audio latency) can be an issue.

If you are using a separate sound card, the integrated does need to be off in the BIOS or they can conflict.

Some types of motherboard monitor programs can cause problems. I have a gigabyte motherboard and it came with a program to monitor and control some BIOS (UEFI) items from Windows. That program caused very high DPC latency spikes in my new PC when I was debugging it for recording.

DPC Latency Checker
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Hello,i recently upgrade my system from xp to windows7,i use the same realtek driver and get distortions!I try severall drivers,disable all enhancements/levels on speakers properties with no result(2.1speakers-),i configure them in stereo mode,i reduce the default format to 44100 16bits(cd quality)!What should i do,there is a fix,something?On windows xp i had NO PROBLEMS!

A:Distortion sound using onboard realtek sound card on windows 7ultimate

This is an older motherboard. The RealTek is Realtek? ALC662
Have you tried the driver from RealTek? The "AC'97" Codecs are the ones to use.
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i have logitech pc speakers, and sound is pretty good. but when i turn the volume somewhat louder, i hear a crackling sound, when music is played, either youtube or mp3. when the sound is at normal volume, there is no crackling sound at all.

A:crackling sound at higher volume

It sounds like a bad connection somewhere but only close visual investigation will tell you if it`s something simple like a loose jack or damaged wire or whether it`s possibly more in-depth like a `dry joint` on a PCB (mobo or inside the speaker)

Another possibility is that it`s picking up interference although that often happens at lower volumes as well so I doubt if it`s that but it`s worth checking the immediate area for potentials.

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Hello techy people I got me a problem on upgrading my system to AM Gigabyte GA-MA GT-UD H mobo with a x AMD cpu Seems my mobo has Gigabyte Motherboard GA-MA785GT-UD3H PS2 USB issues only one PS port and looks to be for either mouse or KB and i guess UBS port for the other input device I Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues have used a port KVM for about years or so to control my PC s and now it seems i carnt with this new mobo The mouse in the KVM is USB but i use a converter to PS Keyboard on the PS port works fine with the KVM but using a PS to USB converter on the UBS port doesn t At the moment i use a second USB mouse to use the PC So the PS to USB converter didnt work So i bought a Konig USB to PS adapter giving me two FEMALE PS sockets This also didnt work Using both PS sockets Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues for the mouse KB and just the mouse on its Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues own also failed KB into the mobo direct using the PS port works but the mouse using Konig adapter still fails Infact my mouse on the KVM into the gigabyte doesnt work unless the mouse is direct to the USB port on the mobo If your eyes glazzed over then i m sorry but im now open to offers ideas or even a solution P S Though i use the mouse right handed and been left handed It doesn t give me too many problems using a second mouse with my left I just want my desk space back for more junk to collect on nbsp

A:Gigabyte GA-MA785GT-UD3H Motherboard USB PS2 issues

You can try a PCI card like this:
or this:
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I am looking for drivers for Ethernet Controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller, SM Bus Controller, and 2 Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controllers. When I use update driver in the Device Manager, they will not load automatically. I do not find them on the Gigabyte or Intel websites.

A:Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H drivers not loading

Have you seen this page on the Gigabyte site for your MB drivers?
GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-Z77X-UD3H (rev. 1.0)

On that page select from the "Choose your OS" dropdown list.
If the drivers you want are available there, have you downloaded them?

Have you tried updating drivers using "Browse my computer for driver Software" rather than "load automatically"?
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I've had my new sound card for over a week now, and I've had constant problems with the sound since then. It's better than the complete lack of sound I had before, but now it's starting to get on my nerves.

My SB 5.1 VX card constantly makes crackling noises when in windows and other audio is not playing besides regular windows sounds (folder opening, errors, etc) and even with all volume set to maximum, it's still incredibly quiet all the time.

I use a pair of headphones, although the speakers have the same issue when I use them. Neither speakers nor the headphones have drivers or anything of the sort. They're both plug and play.

Any assistance fixing this problem would be appreciated.

A:New Sound Blaster 5.1 VX card crackling and low volume...

Upgrade your drivers, which version of windows are you running? I had a similar problem with a Sound Blaster card when I moved from 32 bit to 64bit windows, that turned out to be a driver issue.
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Hello I recently upgraded my PC with a gigabyte GA- VA-C motherboard and an AMD Athlon XP The motherboard has an on board sound card Avance AC from Realtek-ALC Everything seems to run well apart from the sound no sound In device manager there was a black exclamation mark in a yellow circle at the sound device The message I receive when I click properties is a Code This device is either not present not working properly or does not have all the drivers installed I tried almost everything Remove the device unistall the drivers re-install them either by using the realtek with sound ac'97 no onboard CD that came with the motherboard or by leting windows find the appropriate drivers or by downloading drivers from the net but nothing seems to work The device does not appear to have any conflicts but I also tried to change the slot of another device that was using the no sound with onboard realtek ac'97 same IRQ However windows assigned again the same IRQ so nothing changed I have also tried to remove some devices and although the IRQ assigned to the sound card changed there was still no sound I finally no sound with onboard realtek ac'97 downloaded the updated drivers from realtek s site After I install them and reboot the computer freezes When I press ctrl-alt-del I can see that the program that is running is cmdninst exe Apparently there is something wrong there and windows cannot process this operation I need also to mention that I disabled from no sound with onboard realtek ac'97 BIOS the games port because if this is enabled the computer will again freeze exactly in the same way I mentioned before After rebooting and starting in safe mode and removing all the devices the games port was finally installed BUT the problem with the sound remains exactly as before Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Wasn't exactly sure where to put this question.
I have a machine with a h67a-ud3h-b3 MOBO abd an currently using both video outputs. Nice board. Does anyone know if I can add an addtional video card to the board without having to disable the on-board video. Yes, I'd like a 3 or 4 monitor system. Everything I've found on the subject is very vague.

A:Can I Add Additional Display Card to Gigabyte h67a-ud3h-b3?


I assume you are using the onboard graphics only?

Yes, you can add a graphics card to the PCIe 16x slot on the motherboard which will allow for a 3rd monitor, and it will not disable the onboard graphics.

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Hi there all Edition Gigabyte RAM Black issues GA-890GPA-UD3H Iv got a problem with my new Black Edition RAM from AMD Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H RAM issues Black Edition OCZ PC - AMD Black x GB OCZ BE C LV GK timings are MHz Motherboard is Gigabyte GA- GPA-UD h Out of the box both DIMMS plugged do not work One DIMM with all ram settings in the bios set to quot auto quot will work in any DIMM slot THe second DIMM will not work by itself in any DIMM slot at settings set to quot auto quot If i install the one DIMM that works i change the Voltage only and increase to V THEN both DIMMS installed will work I then have to increase the voltage at a time to increase the speed both DIMMS runing v MHz Question - Why do i have to increase the voltage for the RAM in order to make both sticks work Question - Why does the one specific DIMM not work by itself but when paired with the other one it does Sorry for the long post but any help or insight would be greatly appreciated Thanks all nbsp

A:Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H RAM issues Black Edition

That is not an uncommon problem... From our experience, they are designed to work that way on some motherboards.
What did the Gigabyte site tell you about that board and its idiosyncracies?
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hi guys, new here and is my first post,
so i have a dell comp, with a realtek ac97 onboard sound card, now running windows 7, but have no sound coming from pc.
have uninstalled sound drivers and reinstalled new ones, have done this 3 times now, but still no sound,
finally i have sound going to my head phones but still no sound coming from the on board speakers.
I do not have any desk top speakers as very short of room, and wife would flip in bed room lol.
any suggestions.

A:realtek ac97, onboard sound

If you are using your headphones, the pc speakers will not work... if you unplug your headphones, do you get sound??
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I have onboard sound and it randomly freezes up most of the games I play. I know its the onboard because I tried a friends soundcard and the games worked fine. I got the updated drivers from the realtek site, and to no avail. Can anyone direct me to a source of information or a set of drivers that work?

Games that work:
Call of Duty

Games that do not work:
Counter Strike: Source
Far Cry
Alien vs Predator 2

A:Realtek AC`97 Onboard sound problems

AC97 Counter-Strike Problem

Disappointing - installed new ASUS A8V-e deluxe. Sound system (5.1) wrosk from disktop, meaning I can validate all channels. Then, in Counter-Strike, only center, subwoofer work. Any suggests would be appreciated. The A8V-e has limited PCI slots, not much room for a sound card! Plus, I bould the board so I would not need a sound card.
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Hi I am running XP Pro x and have Realtek HD onboard sound All was working fine and I HD Onboard problem Realtek sound had just managed to get the Onboard Realtek HD sound problem front panel working so my rear panel sockets worked fully with my speaker system A couple of re boots later I got three error messages at boot one after the other for realtek exe's that run at bootup from the msconfig startup page They are alcmtr exe alcwzrd exe and rthdcpl exe and all had Onboard Realtek HD sound problem the following message 'failed to initialize properly x ' I have de installed and re installed the latest realtek drivers deleted the microsoft UAA bus driver but every time I re install the same arrors appear Sound works but only at basic level Any ideas greatly appreciated Mobo ASRock N PV-GS gb gigahertz AMD Athlon X Dual Core Bios at latest level Running Windows XP Professional x Edition Service Pack build at latest update level Nvidia mobo divers and graphics at latest levels Avast

A:Onboard Realtek HD sound problem

download driver sweep to clean any peices left behind after you uninstall your hd sound driver.
Then reinstall it.
Make sure you have 64-bit drivers.
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I m having problems with my sound on my computer I had downloaded the latest drivers from the via web site and everything was going fine I have made no changes to the computer except for installing The Sims and everything was working fine Now the problem is that I get some sound but not all Best description is quot choppy quot It happens w sound efects and music files The only thing I have not tried is playing an audio cd Of course I removed the sound device Now this is the strange part I run the driver install that I downloaded and I get a message on the computer that says the via chipset has not been enabled in the bios This is incorrect choppy. sound mobo, elements onboard via chipset, sound The chipset is enabled The onboard sound is enabled So after removing the sound device from device mgr I reboot the sound choppy. elements mobo, via chipset, onboard sound computer The comuputer recognizes a pci sound choppy. elements mobo, via chipset, onboard sound communications device and locates sound choppy. elements mobo, via chipset, onboard sound and installs the drivers for it Wow Imagin that Of course I get the same problem Any suggestions Need more info let me know Thanks nbsp

A:sound choppy. elements mobo, via chipset, onboard sound

I'm guessing an IRQ conflict. Any devices fighting for the same IRQ?
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Hi, I can't get 2-channel sound with ABIT AT7-MAX2 motherboard, integrated Realtek AC'97 sound. I've tried those drivers from, but those ain't working neither. I have 5.1 Creative surround sound. I get sound from every speakers except the 2 channel ones, which are connected to green phohe jack (Front Speaker Out), everything is connected correctly but i just can't get no sound. The problem came after i had put my pc together into another case. Before that the sound was working. My headphones doesn't work either in that green phone jack.

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i jumped from Win XP to Windows 7 but the problem now is i have no sound device installeed on the taskbar i tried to install my original driver but i have install a Kb888III.exe hot fix to install my driver properly but the installer says 'u require a minimum of windows XP sp2 to apply this fix' i tried trouble shooting compatability but no use .........
Pls help me out

A:Unable to install hot fix for my onboard realtek sound

Go here and download the latest W7 Realtek driver and install -
download from

Hope this works - I'll check back - forget whatever driver your trying to use - i'll get your driver page and check to see what's availabe there. Hmmn just been there and there is a realtek driver version - is that what you were trying to install? See if you can get the above driver to install firstly and post back.

Your driver Page -
Select software and drivers Compaq Presario SR1630IL Desktop PC - HP Customer Care (Australia - English)#
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Problem I am having issues with the on-board audio where there is intermittent static that seems to be only present while playing any audio while in Windows - event sounds or WMP but disappears when using other applications either gaming or streaming video like YouTube As an observation it seems to increase when using peripherals mouse keyboard and - (Rev. Static GA-X58-UD3R ALC889 Noise 2) Issue Gigabyte Realtek inputs while in Windows but that could be subjective Moreover the static is present both in speakers or when using a headset Any help would be greatly appreciated Computer Specifications Audio Device - ALC Speakers - Logitech Z Processor Intel Core i - GHz Video Card Palit GeForce GTX GB Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R (Rev. 2) - Realtek ALC889 Static and Noise Issue SLI GB Memory A-Data GB GBX DDR MHz Motherboard GigaByte Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R (Rev. 2) - Realtek ALC889 Static and Noise Issue GA-X A-UD R PSU Corsair HX W Hard Drives X TB SATA III Gb s WD FAEX and X TB SATA II Gb s WD FALS Case Azza Hurrican Full Tower CPU Cooling Asetek LX Liquid Cooling System w mm Radiator Push-Pull Configuration Optical Drive Lite-On x DVD Burner OS Windows Professional -Bit Attempted Solutions Updated BIOS - FC Fresh Install of Windows Professional -Bit Updated Realtek ALC Driver - High Definition Audio Codec R Installed Third Party Codec Cole k or K-Lite Uninstalled All Audio Drivers Codecs and Reinstalled Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R (Rev. 2) - Realtek ALC889 Static and Noise Issue Tried w and w out Third Party Codecs Ran DPC Latency Diagnostic Program and Shows No Significant Drops DPC Latency Checker

A:Gigabyte GA-X58-UD3R (Rev. 2) - Realtek ALC889 Static and Noise Issue

You might try uninstalling the drivers from the mfg and installing them from Realtek.
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Been using a Creative X-Fi Sound Blaster Extreme Music sound card for about a few months.
Then I bought evga's 780i motherboard.
I decided to remove the sound card, and use the onboard SPDIF to my Pioneer 7.1 receiver via optical digital cable and I'm amazed.

So...what would you use and why?

A:Onboard mobo sound or dedicated sound card?

Originally Posted by grimreaper

Been using a Creative X-Fi Sound Blaster Extreme Music sound card for about a few months.
Then I bought evga's 780i motherboard.
I decided to remove the sound card, and use the onboard SPDIF to my Pioneer 7.1 receiver via optical digital cable and I'm amazed.

So...what would you use and why?

Hey Grimreaper!

Sounds like you have a killer setup for sound. (I won't say what I'm using ).

If it were me and the onboard sound system is working great, then I'd stay with the onboard system. If you change your mind in the future, you can always add the external back in.

Best of luck with your new mobo
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Hi Firstly thanks for the forums and support I ve used this forum before searching problems finding solutions But alas this is the first time I ve not been able sound Sound Asus onboard MoBo - Solved: No to rectify my issue after searching on the forums My Spec AMD Phenom Quad core Asus m a deluxe GB ddr Corsair Dominator RAM nVidia GFX card Windows There is no sound coming from my computer There once was sound but the computer was dormant for months and I replaced the Power Supply and now there is no sound I Solved: No Sound - Asus MoBo onboard sound ve tried uninstalling reinstalling updating all Solved: No Sound - Asus MoBo onboard sound drivers I ve tried configuring my audio devices Currently there are listed Speakers RealTex HD Audio nd Output Digital Output RCA Optical and RealTek Digital Output When I play sound levels are shown going up and down indicating that the audio devices are aware of the sound but no matter what speakers I plug in I still don t get sound I ve tried different outputs of which were headphones all of which didn t work I have also tried accessing my PC remotely from my iPad through SplashTop which plays the sounds from the PC weirdly I don t know what to try now and would appreciate any help or input Thanks seikooc nbsp

A:Solved: No Sound - Asus MoBo onboard sound

I'd suspect a faulty audio chipset. The hardware being recognized and the drivers installing aren't an indication that the hardware is actually functional.

With that being said, try a different version of the RealTek drivers. Try using the latest version available from Asus. If those don't work, try the latest version directly from RealTek.
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Hey everyone On Thursday I received my copy of Windows Home Premium I skipped the Vista bandwagon so I Realtek onboard issue High latency adapter was moving directly from Windows XP Service Pack -bit to Windows Home Premium I opted to install the -bit version of Windows as I had no issues when running the -bit beta As it turns out I seem to have encountered an issue with my network adapter on Windows Using any speed test site such as speedtest net I get an extremely high ping ms I have tested another machine behind my router running Windows XP and there is no problem Also on the speed io website which tests connections per minute I can only get around on Windows whereas I could get on Windows XP with the same hardware Strangely in games like Counter-Strike Source my ping is normal and in the - range on most nearby servers Also when running the ping High latency issue onboard Realtek adapter command from the command prompt most servers return a result lower than ms which is also normal So I don't understand why on speedtest net pingtest net and dslreport's flash speed test I get a ridiculous ping time of ms Web browsing does seem to be slow as well as images take longer to load then they should I'm not sure whether this is a driver issue or what I have tried disabling both my firewall and AV software so they are not at fault I've tried different version of the drivers for my NIC One from the Gigabyte website and two from Realtek's website they released an updated version yesterday My motherboard is High latency issue onboard Realtek adapter a Gigabyte GA-EP -UD R rev I have all of my system specs listed on my profile if anyone needs to know more I'd appreciate any help or ideas from anyone I tried posting this on a different forum and didn't get any responses maybe this one will be different While it's not a huge issue web browsing does seem to be slower than it should because of the increased latency I just can't figure out why it doesn't affect games traceroutes etc Just to make clear The high latency issue has been tested and occurs on the latest Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome and Internet Explorer - although on Google Chrome the latency is around - ms - a little less than Firefox I tried these tests with AV and firewall software disabled as well no effect Also my desktop is connected with a lt ft ethernet cable directly to my router The router is NOT the issue I was having no problems on Windows XP SP -bit Ignore the variation in speedtest results - it's a result of my ISP's PowerBoost technology - my actual bandwidth package is Mbps Mbps Also a wireless Windows XP SP machine gets better connections per minute on speed io - Why is this Ping to yahoo com ping yahoo com Pinging yahoo com with bytes of data Reply from bytes time ms TTL Reply from bytes time ms TTL Reply from bytes time ms TTL Reply from bytes time ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms Traceroute to yahoo com Tracing route to yahoo com over a maximum of hops ms lt ms lt ms unknown ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms ms - - - dia static qwest net ms ms ms jfk-core- inet qwest net ms ms ms jfk-brdr- inet qwest net ms ms ms ms Vlan icore AEQ-Ashburn as net ms ms ms if- - - - core AEQ-Ashburn as net ms ms ms if- - - - core DTX-Dallas as net ms ms ms ix- - core DTX-Dallas as net ms ms ms ae -p msr mud yahoo com ms ms ms te- - fab -a-gdc mud yahoo com ms ms ms UNKNOWN- - - - yahoo com ms ms ms b www vip mud yahoo com Trace complete

A:High latency issue onboard Realtek adapter

I have encountered issues from speed test sites. Such as high ping. It is something I have grown used to. Mainly its just the speed you have to worry about for the most part. You can try to disable ip/v6. you wont need it unless your connected directly to the internet.
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I have a self-assembled desktop PC - full specs in the signature below but in short it has an AMD Phenom II X T processor on a Gigabyte GA- A-DS P mainboard which uses a Realtek Azalia ALC on-board sound system I have no loudspeakers and listen to the computer sound exclusively through a Microsoft LX- headset I also have a Logitech C HD webcam that has its own microphone My PC has GB RAM a SSD and a large HDD It runs Windows Update with all Windows updates Patch Tuesday was this week but my problems had started before that and I'm sure they're unrelated Everything is working fine except the audio which started behaving strangely a few days ago The problems started suddenly and I can't think of anything that could have caused them There were no hardware changes or any intervention in the hardware nor did I install any new software that could have messed up things When playing music it sounds muffled with strange-sounding not Realtek Gigabyte audio, working mic audio, mobo: the volume very low and the voice and several instruments muted while Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: strange-sounding audio, mic not working other instruments in the background arrangement sound louder No graphic equalizer is on and this happens with any player software Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: strange-sounding audio, mic not working Windows Media Player VLC Media Player Classic etc and any source MP music audio CDs DVDs videos etc There appears to be no hardware problem with either my headset or the onboard audio when I run both Windows' native and Realtek's driver sound output tests the test tune comes out loud and clear in the tested channels Neither microphone works to record audio either - neither Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: strange-sounding audio, mic not working the headset's nor the webcam's with any recording program I have connected the headset both to the PC case's front connectors linked to the mainboard by a cable and to the rear ones which are parts of the mainboard itself no difference YouTube videos are also mute both when played in Chrome or IE using HTML and in Firefox using Adobe Flash all in their latest versions Curiously however the YouTube-hosted videos from a local newspaper's Web site play the audio of their initial vignette which appears to be synthesized or MIDI normally but the rest of the video with the news story is silent I normally use quot No Sounds quot as my Windows sound scheme but I've tested other sound schemes they all work but volume is very low as with the music There is no sign of any abnormality indicated either in Windows' Control Panel or in Realtek's control center window The driver correctly detects when the headset is disconnected or reconnected all tests work fine like I said both Microsoft's and Realtek's speaker tests come out loud and clear through my headset I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Realtek drivers several times both the version supplied by Gigabyte with the mainboard - which in spite of a different numbering system appears to be the penultimate one from Realtek - and the latest generic version from Realtek's Web site no effect I have installed a new codec pack to see if there was any trouble for applications to communicate with the driver no effect I have changed every possible configuration option on both Windows' and Realtek's control panels also to no effect What could be happening and what could be done short of reinstalling Windows which of course I don't want to do It surely looks like a software problem because of the passed hardware tests and the strangely perfect vignette in the newspaper site's videos But which software where As you can see from what I wrote above I've tried everything I could think of Thank you very much for your help

A:Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: strange-sounding audio, mic not working

First thing to do is disable or disconnect the Web Cam. They have been known to cause various sound problems. It may not be the problem, but eliminate it as the problem.

Stereo Mix needs to be set as the Default Recording Device.

Refresh the RealTek by going to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the RealTek entry in the Sound section then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will reinstall the sound. This usually fixes any Windows/Sound corruptions. If this does not fix it, download and reinstall the RealTek sound drivers.
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Hi all Recently moved apartments and as part of that I shut down and packed up my computer Upon sound stops working, onboard no audio Realtek getting it set up at the new place I found that the rear panel audio was now displaying quot Not plugged in quot and not producing sound the front panel headphone jack was no longer working and I had numerous playback devices from AMD presumably for the HDMI audio I've found several other threads online describing a similar problem but I haven't been able to fix my issue I've tried a Realtek onboard audio stops working, no sound few basic troubleshooting things in isolation as well as in combination Confirmed the speakers worked Uninstalling the Realtek High Definition Audio device from Device Manager without removing the driver Uninstalling the Realtek device and Realtek onboard audio stops working, no sound removing the driver files Installing the latest Realtek drivers Installing the latest AMD drivers for my graphics card System Restore to a known good date Editing the registry to disable jack detection - this did allow me to set Speakers as default but didn't otherwise help I'm completely out of ideas and considering just buying a sound card but I thought I ought to ask here first Any information or suggestions would be very helpful I've attached a DxDiag export Thanks
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Bought a new ECS KV2 Extreme Skt939 MoBo for a new build that i've nearly finished off but can't get the onboard sound to work!

XP is not recognising that there is an audio device.

Any ideas?

A:ECS MoBo - No onboard sound ?!?

Enter the bios.. Go to Integrated Peripherals, highlight "Via onchip PCI Device" press enter.. Make sure AC97 Audio is set to "auto".
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I'm putting a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H ATX LGA1155 mb into a NZXT Phantom White ATX full-tower case. Been a while since I've done this and this was never really my thing, so forgive my ignorance.

I have two wires/connectors on the case that I'm not sure what they're for:

A male molex connector. Could this be for the fans? The case comes with four fans with external controls that are on top. The fans are all connected via three-prong connectors to wires that are labled for each fan control. I don't see any other wires to connect them individually to the mb.

A SATA connector. Perhaps for the case esata port?


A:Solved: NZXT Phantom White Case & Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H MB Connections?
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I have a self-assembled desktop PC - full specs in the signature below but in short it has an AMD Phenom II X T processor on a Gigabyte GA- A-DS P mainboard which uses a Realtek Azalia ALC on-board sound system I have no loudspeakers and listen to the computer sounds exclusively through a Microsoft LX- headset I also have a Logitech C audio, no mobo: mic Gigabyte audio, input Realtek muffled HD webcam that has its own microphone My PC has GB RAM a SSD and a large HDD It runs Windows Update with all Windows updates Patch Tuesday was this week but my problems had Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: muffled audio, no mic input started before that and I'm sure they're unrelated Everything is working fine except the audio which started behaving strangely a few days ago for no apparent reason The problems started suddenly and I can't think of anything that could have caused them There were no hardware changes or any intervention in the hardware nor did I install any new software that could have messed up things When playing music it sounds muffled with the volume very low and the voice and several instruments muted while other instruments in the background arrangement sound relatively louder No graphic equalizer is on and this happens with any player software Windows Media Player VLC Media Player Classic etc and any source MP music audio CDs DVDs videos etc There appears to be no hardware problem with either my headset or the onboard audio when I run both Windows' native and Realtek's driver sound output tests the test tune comes out loud and clear in the tested channels Neither microphone works to record audio either - neither the headset's nor the webcam's with any recording program I have connected the headset both to the PC case's front connectors linked to the mainboard by a cable and to the rear ones which are parts of the mainboard itself no difference YouTube videos are also mute both when played in Chrome or IE using HTML and in Firefox using Adobe Flash all in their latest versions Curiously however the YouTube-hosted videos from a local newspaper's Web site play perfectly the audio of their initial vignette which appears to be synthesized or MIDI normally but the rest of the video with the news story is silent I normally use quot No Sounds quot as my Windows sound scheme but I've tested other sound schemes they all work but volume is very low as with the music There is no sign of any abnormality indicated either in Windows' Control Panel or in Realtek's control center window The driver correctly detects when the headset is disconnected or reconnected all tests work fine like I said both Microsoft's and Realtek's speaker tests come out loud and clear through my headset I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Realtek drivers several times both the version supplied by Gigabyte with the mainboard - which appears to be the penultimate one from Realtek - and the latest generic version from Realtek's Web site no effect I have installed a new codec pack to see if there was any trouble for applications to communicate with the driver no effect I have changed every possible configuration option on both Windows' and Realtek's control panels also to no effect EDIT I have also uninstalled the device and drivers and tried to use Microsoft's default drivers No change the same problems happened meaning it's not a driver problem either I'm confused I also checked Gigabyte's Web site and there is only one stable BIOS version for my mainboard model and no newer audio drivers so that's not something I could try there is a newer beta BIOS but I don't think I should try that risky as it is The current BIOS only has an option to enable or disable the audio What could be happening and what could be done short of reinstalling Windows which of course I don't want to do It surely looks like a software problem because of the passed hardware tests and the strangely perfect vignette in the newspaper site's videos But what software and where As you can see fro... Read more

A:Realtek audio, Gigabyte mobo: muffled audio, no mic input

This is a duplicate of what is posted on the Seven Forums.
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i am planning to upgrade to a 5.1 sytem to be more precise:-a creative inspire 5.1 m5300 speakers(it in not the normal 5300 speakers it is an m5300)

i have an asrock dual 915gl motherboard .

i am willing to find out that does my mobo has good or at least decent sound quality.

hope my choice of the speakers is also good.

A:Does my mobo has good onboard sound.

Your mohterboard has onboard Realtek AC'97 Audio. My last three motherboards have had this sound. These soundcards have decent quality sound, better than some cars and SUVs. So yes you should have decent sound quality.
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I recently bought a new M800 with Windows 7 Pro. After a few days, the onboard audio became muddy with low volume. I disabled/enabled the audio speaker device and noticed that the Realtek driver updated in the Lenovo system patch. But there is no improvement in the audio. Can anyone suggest a solution? Thanks
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I recently installed a new motherboard Asus Sabertooth FX It has an on-board sound card quot Realtek ALC -Channel High Definition Audio CODEC quot I'm using surround speakers from creative Speaker fill Realtek card 5.1 speaker problem with sound fill onboard surround with windows update driver or Realteks driver from Asus' website has the same outcome The problem is that the back speakers when playing music sound like an mp playing at kbps or something of the sort This is not the first time this has happened and ever since windows vista this problem Realtek onboard sound card with 5.1 surround speaker fill problem has occurred in every on-board sound card i have dealt with I have heard different reasons such as DirectSound D Hal in Windows Vista being removed on-board sound cards just sucking drivers sucking etc The only time the rear speakers sound right is when i test the speakers with windows with the software from Realtek Or using some media player that i cant remember the name of anymore that had an option to fix this problem only for music played in that media player But I just want all sound to play through them right I don't watch movies on this computer and usually don't play any games so i don't really care about the surround affect I just want all the speakers putting out sound in stereo At this point I really don't care if i need a third party software to fix this issue and just for the record no I do not have room in my system for an internal sound card and I really don't want to deal with an external one either I'd rather just never fix the issue and use only two front speakers for music and such I am using windows bit on this system

A:Realtek onboard sound card with 5.1 surround speaker fill problem

The first step once confirmed that the correct drivers and by the way sound app is installed is to set to the speaker settings for 5.1 or 4 speakers depending on preference. You may want to check on the Windows sound mixer settings as well since many often forget about that other mixer being there.

The first test once the settings are looked over is going into the Control Panel>Sound section there to run the test/configuration wizard which will verify each pair of speakers first front then back as you go along. That is found in the Playback tab when first clicking on the CP>Sound and seeing the popup window appear.
(refer to attached images for both Windwos sound mixer, Sound configuration wizard)

As you will see from the second image there for the configuration wizard I use a separate expansion card(preferred here) while you would still look through that wizard. With the Creative Audio Console/Volume Panel you generally expect a move evolved mixer.volume control panel while most onboard sound setups also provide some smaller form of mixer app you would need to look at as well.

Another trip up found with some 5.1 speaker sets is on the center speaker or other volume and balance controls where sometimes tweaking them is required when it seems sound will drop off from the rear speakers. If the bass is up a bit the quality of sound from the rear pair despite having a woofer below can suffer! Then you have to tweak the tremble if these controls are present to clean up the sound from the rear.

As for 3rd party audio mixers you can find a ton of those. Power Mixer however replaces the standard volume control/mixer included in Windows. Volume control for Windows - Power Mixer
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I don't know how to title this too well but yeah.
I have been using a USB headset for quite some time but I recently purchased some Audio Technica ADH-700's. I've plugged them in and woolah!..
Just kidding.. No sound at all

I have an Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card and with getting it to work with a usb headset there was a few things that were required to be done.
as seen in this thread below:
How to: Avermedia Live Gamer HD and streaming BF3 (PC) | Oscar Mike

But now I've got a 3.5mm jack headphones and a 3.5mm Microphone in the mail I don't need the usb way. So I've gone back (Well I hope) to the settings before the thread but nothing happens.
I have tried reinstalling multipul Realtek HD Audio things..

Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Realtek onboard sound. No sound

Have you reinstalled the ASUS supplied Realtek driver? In most cases the vendor (in this case motherboard vendor) driver works best. Non Vendor drivers can either not work or not work correctly.

Do you have the Audio Playback set correctly? The "Speakers" (in this case Realtek) should be set as the Default Audio Playback Device in the Sound Panel.

Also while you are in the Sound Panel, go to the Recording section and set the Stereo Mix as the default recording device.

Finally, make sure you have the front panel headphone/mic jack correctly connected to the motherboard front panel audio jack. The "HD Audio" connector from the front panel should be used (some also have an AC97 or only have an AC97 and that should only be used if there is no HD Audio).
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Greetings I m trying to resolve an issue with the onboard sound device for my Onboard sound Mobo for not P5GPL-X Asus working ASUS P GPL-X motherboard not working Onboard sound for Asus P5GPL-X Mobo not working Here s the message that I sent to their tech support The sound device built into Onboard sound for Asus P5GPL-X Mobo not working the motherboard won t work Windows is recognizing it only as a quot PCI Device quot but has no driver When I run the SoundMAX ADI A Audio Driver software Onboard sound for Asus P5GPL-X Mobo not working on the install disc it returns an error quot The audio files do not support your computer hardware quot I called yesterday and was advised to reinstall Windows I did that no improvement This is a new install on a new PC so it seems unlikely that old drivers are the problem Click to expand Their unhelpful response All the drivers on the support cd will work for your motherboard If it will not allow you to install the driver then this has to be because it s conflicting with other devices If you show pci device in device manager that indicates that the driver has not been installed When you first setup this system you have to limit the system down to the bare minimum components Videocard memory processor hard drive cdrom and fl oppy Format and reinstall windows Once windows is installed then you have to install the support cd that came with the motherboard and install all the drivers on the cd in the order that they re listed Videocard drivers would be installed last Once doing that you should be able to look in device manager and there shouldn t be any conflicts or question marks except for universal serial bus controllers Click to expand I m kind of at a loss here Reinstalling Windows won t help since it was a fresh install both times The system itself consists only of the minimum components so there s nothing that I can take out and still turn it on I suppose that I could just get a separate sound card but that defeats the purpose of buying a mobo with onboard sound Anyone have any suggestions Thanks Alan nbsp

A:Onboard sound for Asus P5GPL-X Mobo not working

WHen you reinstalled windows did you install your motherboard drivers before trying to install the sound drivers?
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I have a strange problem with sound outputs It affetcs all sound outputs itunes movies and games The sound crackles skips It please help Issue Sound 'Crackling' - seems to be related to computer internet activity ongoing while listening to a song etc For the first few hours after re-boot all is fine and I can run loads of programmes without affecting the sound After a few hours maybe it starts but infrequently x a minute with very small skips after about hrs it s got so bad that things are unlisteneable - literally Once the problem has started I ve tried turning all other programmes off but it makes no difference It s not the heaphones and I ve tried with speakers other phones and it s still there I ve checked the sound thing drivers realtek and updated it doesn t seem related to any particular combination of programmes or computer activities but the fact it gets worse 'Crackling' Sound Issue - please help over time is a constant It s a Compac machine only months old and has no other issues I m aware of I m now restarting the machine every hours or so or using it without music Any ideas suggestions etc much appreciated nbsp

A:'Crackling' Sound Issue - please help

Any ideas? Please

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First off here is what I am using Hardware Windows x RealTek ALC - gt R volume RealTek - Low ALC888 issue drivers RealTek ALC888 - Low volume issue for Windows bit Headphones Creative Fatal ty Audio settings Loudness Equalization enabled bit Hz DVD Quality Mixer Volume Issue Recently I noticed my volume has significantly decreased especially in games L D being one I hadn't changed any hardware installed new drivers or updated windows Whatever caused this is lost on me However I have noticed one thing I plug-in my headphones jack is set as Headphones In RealTek HD Audio Manager Speaker configuration is quot stereo quot I then click quot test quot and it shows it playing the left speaker - I hear a very faint DOO pause DOO a bass sound it plays the second speaker and I hear that midi scale thingy It seems like my headphones aren't playing in stereo at all rather mono and one of them thinks it's a sub woofer or something For some reason I have a feeling this is what is also responsible for my loudness issue Any help would be appreciate thank you

A:RealTek ALC888 - Low volume issue

Also tested headphones on other computers and they work fine. Strange.
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Realtek ALC Windows here I've been everywhere from BIOS to new limiter (realtek) volume/sound Low old Low volume/sound limiter (realtek) drivers equalizing desequalizing been to every menu on sound I could find And certainly deactivated that quot conversation setting quot supposed to bring your volume down when in calls Yet Low volume/sound limiter (realtek) my sound is terrible I'm pretty sure the quot awesome quot new sound processing system on Windows Vista is screwing me over When listening to music I can reach generally the volume Anything above that is dead I can roll to or even and there will be no change The music is playing If a MSN sound for example is played too loud my music will forcedly play at a lower volume at that moment That's valid for EVERY sound If I play a louder youtube music my mp will be lowered It's awful Everytime the dullest random sound is played my music will go down Obviously the music is awful as even louder parts in the own song are enough to push this quot volume down quot thing on the whole playback Is it a driver issue I know a lot about the cracking sound some people experience so my solution is also to wait for the correct drivers like them I have seen more of that problem around than mine but still Or is there a setting I'm missing that keeps on dragging louder sounds down Thank you all for the time

A:Low volume/sound limiter (realtek)


I realise this reply is late, but having discovered a fix I thought I'd share it with whomever may still be searching...

I've had my new PC for only a few days, and although I am liking Windows 7 enormously, the volume fluctuation was really aggravating. As Patemos describes, it isn't random - it's like some sort of automatic volume normalisation. It is especially noticeable when listening to classical music, as the quiet parts become almost as loud as the genuinely loud parts. Patemos' note (2) above is the obvious symptom to check if you think you have the issue.

Anyway here is the fix...

1) Right click on the volume icon in the System Tray
2) Select "Playback devices"
3) Double click on "Speakers"
4) Click the Enhancements tab
5) Check "Disable all sound effects"
6) Click OK
7) If you are playing any sound/music, stop it for a few seconds, then try again.

This took me no less than 9 hours to find... I had tried this option before temporarily, but unlike all the other buttons, the change wasn't instant, so I hadn't realised it would work. You do actually have to press stop in WMP/Winamp, and wait a few seconds before playing music again to notice the change. What is also nasty is that even if the box of enhancements has nothing selected, you still need to check "Disable all sound effects". It would appear that there is some other normalisation effect that is going on in the background which you can't see in the list of options. (The last option is marked "Loudness Equalization" - this sounds like it is the culprit, but it isn't. Leaving it unchecked doesn't make the problem go away (unless you have checked "Disable" above), and checking it just makes the problem even worse.)

Hope this helps a number of you,
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Hi i have a new MSI mobo H61M-P31(G3) that i used to replace a Dell mobo(unknown model) everything fit right and all drivers installed right but still have no sound. I'm not sure if this is due to a driver conflict because i did not reinstall windows or if it is a fault on the board. Yes i have tried everything from different speakers to different driver versions to no avail. I guess what i am asking is would this be a problem caused by the old windows install and should i reinstall windows.

A:New MSI mobo with realtek sound not working

TBH im surprised it worked without a reinstall, did you sysprep or prepare the OS for hardware migration ?
If not then its hard to say, chances are the wrong/no audio drivers are installed but it could also be something else
Have you checked device manager for any unrecognised devices/caution marks
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Hi all
I recently posted a thread about pixelated lines when i play games as I have just upgraded my machine.After much hunting I found out from the onsite tech that there is a compatibility issue between the gigabyte 81945g motherboard and the jetway Geforce 6600 256 pci-xpress.So just a friendly heads up to all those considering this option. :suspiciou

A:Warning compatibility issue: gigabyte 81945g mobo & Jetway Geforce 6600 256mb pci-e

Hi G A Hunter - thanks for the warning - I was thinking of getting the same exact motherboard!
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Hello after one year sound problem ocured on my laptom. Everytime I swap between tabs within no matter which web browser strange sound arise form both speakers. Its not only due to flash but also winamp/vlc ... I have run latency meter dpclat.exe and it goes to RED every time the crackling sound arises. I tried all drivers (intel graphics, chipset, contextant...) then clean instalation of windows 7pro and sound is still crackling ....  does anyone have similar issue ? 

A:E320 sound crackling / popping issue

Hi Martiner, I have a similar or the same issue and it's driving me crazy. Now I know at least that a New Installation of Windows won't help fixing it After hours of desperate search, I have found what's the source of the problem. It is the Power Management Driver not the Energy Manager. I would like to use the Energy Manager because I do think it's a great program which manages the battery life perfectly, but without the PMD it is no use. How did you manage to get solve of the crackling/popping issue??? An Answer would be highly appreciated, I actually just signed up in this forum because of that issue...
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So I just recently noticed this problem. Every time I startup my system, that's when it occurs. It seems that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue since I've researched the issue and others are experiencing a similar situation. I tried playing some audio, but speakers seem to be fine. 
Anyone know a resolution?

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 sound crackling issue

Thank you for writing to us. I would ask you to provide us with some more information so that I can assist you  better ,
*Check if  the problem completely goes away when the computer goes to sleep and comes back.
*Is the noise heard when you try to boot into safemode with networking.
*Have any recent changes ( software/hardware) made to the system.
*Which is the operating system installed on the system and have you tried using a headphones to hear if the same issue is seen during system startup.
Awaiting your response to proceed.
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Hello all Let me first start off by saying I'm a very advanced PC user so no need to dumb anything down unless otherwise crackling/distortion sound Windows issue x64 under Another 7 stated Here is a list of my hardware EVGA i Ultra SLI Motherboard onboard sound disabled Intel Core Quad Q GHz GB Corsair Dominator DDR Two EVGA GTX 's currently not in SLI due to bug being mentioned Creative X-Fi Elite Pro Operating on Windows Ultimate x Now onto the issue I recently purchased the remnants of a friend's PC after he upgraded he assured me everything was in working order and he had no trouble and his word rang true The only issue he claimed to have was in a strange combination of attempting to run World of Warcraft and Skype at the same time Another sound crackling/distortion issue under Windows 7 x64 while SLI was enabled I unfortunately have had worse luck with SLI Upon enabling it and starting any D heavy application or game a strange crackling begins to occur whenever anything even slightly bass heavy plays and then grows worse from then onward I've first tried the simple stuff reseating cards dusting them off making sure they don't share any power leads with one another Then went on to more advanced stuff downloading Daniel K's if that's his name can't remember Support Pack for the creative cards on Vista It didn't do anything to improve it My Another sound crackling/distortion issue under Windows 7 x64 friend said he never had an issue like this but he was using a Razer soundcard I had given him for his birthday at that time That is why I'm confused as to if it is a hardware or software issue If someone anyone could shed some light on this situation I would be greatly appreciative as what is a PC if you cannot fully utilize its hardware A sub issue that I've noticed arise is that it appears that Windows has a volume setting that is otherwise 'louder' than normal or at least that I'm used to Back in Windows XP I had the volume of both the main and headphone jack set to maximum with no issue Under Windows I've had to reduce the volume output on the headphone jack to and the main to to get clear sound without any kind of distortion through my headphones or headset This issue is not as important as the other that I desperately want resolved as what is a PC if you cannot fully utilize the hardware in it Thank you for your time hopefully something will come of this

A:Another sound crackling/distortion issue under Windows 7 x64

An update for something I just attempted, which was to swap the video cards in the event that was an issue, same result. An added symptom I forgot to mention was that if I let it go on long enough, the crackling and distorting will eventually force all sound to quit, or only stick to the left channel.
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I have now installed Windows 7 on my R500 to prepare for Windows XP's end of life.
I experienced that now with Windows 7 the sound does not really work.

The build-in loudspeaker does not work and an externally connected speaker with amplifier can just get some sound in max amplification. I googled and saw many people having similar issues.

Does anybody know if Toshiba has a fix for this ?

Do other people with Portege laptops have the same issue ?

Thank you

A:Portege R500 - Low sound volume with Win 7 and Realtek driver

As far as I know the Portege R500 supports the Realtek ALC262
I've googled and found people having problems with low sound volume on other laptops from other manufacturers using the ALC262 chip

But I found the solutions :)
Download the small ?Sound Utility to Turn Mute Off After Upgrading to Vista?
[Sound Utility to Turn Mute Off |] and unzip it using WinRAR or WinZip
You will find a small file called 'MuteOff'. Run this file as administrator and check if your sound would work.

Note: All drivers should be installed as well as the Realtek sound driver.

Feedback would be appreciated
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I've been trying to figure out my problem for months and months now. I even contacted Realtek but have no luck getting a reply back.

The sound and all works perfect. It's just when I try to record sound from the sound card from my computer for MSN voice clips. It doesn't detect any sound? - I have tried everything from settings to updating drivers. Updating drivers just cause my recording to not have "Stereo Mix" anymore. Also when I'm mastering a song or something it sometimes get a popping sound. I'm still wondering to this day what is the problem? Did Realtek make a crappy onboard card which can't function perfectly on the 64bit system and now avoiding it?

Anyone know what is the go?

A:Gigabyte EX58-UD3R (Realtek ALC888) - What is wrong with Realtek?

Bumpity bump!
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i just received my new PC with a brand new Gigabyte UD3H Wifi motherboard and a HD7950 GPU.

I installed all the drivers available from the Gigabyte website for some reason the wifi function simply does not work. Also, the screen plugged into the 7950 works fine but the other screen connected into the motherboard gets the message "no signal detected".
How can i fix this?

A:Gigabyte UD3H Wifi doesn't detect WiFi or second screen

Also, when I try to install the VGA drivers from gigabyte, I get the message "PC does not meet minimum requirements"
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I have had Win 7 installed for almost a week. I like other posters on here have had a problem with Win 7 and onboard audio. I have read alot of websites, downloaded alot of drivers and put alot of time into the issue. This morning I solved the problem and thought I would pass it on to you. I would guess that this solution will apply to only a very small percentage of you, but the way that I solved the problem was to plug the wire into the speaker..............

A:Onboard Sound Issue

If you have a Zotac Geforce 9400 GT 512MB,. why would you want to use onboard sound?
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Hello I have an MSI K N Neo platinum motherboard with onboard sound and I am having a hard time figuring out what is wrong The board is about two years old I have done everything that I know how to do as far as adjusting settings I Onboard issue....please sound help! reformatted my drive and days later began having sound issues I have sound in Windows media Onboard sound issue....please help! player and programs such as any video game and teamspeak What is not working is any IE based sound as well as windows sound My microphone also will not work while using teamspeak but while running the sound hardware test wizard it registers fine I have also found that using the control panel to play windows sounds will not work either The black gt symbol that you click on to play the sound is now greyed out I have reinstalled my drivers and probably triple checked every setting that I know to check I am ready to rip my hair out over this If someone could help me you would be my hero for sure LOL Thanks much in advance nbsp

A:Onboard sound issue....please help!

Welcome to Techspot!
1. please post all your PC specs here or in your profile, just in case they are needed. 2. go to start>run>type in services.msc this opens the windows services panel. scroll down the list to "windows audio" make sure it is enabled and running. 3. go into control panel>system>hardware tab>click on deivce manager>go to sound, tell us what it says about your sound card. any additional info here would help. good luck!
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Hey Guys So here it goes I normally have my Logitech z- speakers connected to the onboard sound output green yellow and black as well Defition sound audio High onboard No Audio) from (Realtek as my Plantronics connected to the front panel USB port I used to be able to play music through any one without any problems just had to select which one I wanted as my default playback device Now my problem is I get audio fine through the but I get no sound what so ever from any of the onboard ports No sound from onboard audio (Realtek High Defition Audio) I have searched online for hours trying all the suggested solutions check below but I'm hoping its not a device failure What's weird is that just like all other posts I've read when I plug anything into the onboard jacks I get the speakers as connected and the audio level moves with sound but I get no output from my speakers What I have tested removing and reinstalling audio drivers from Asus website - no luck trying a headphone in the different jacks to see if any would give audio - no luck went into the BIOS made sure I was up to date and the sound device was enabled - no luck I can post screenshots of anything that may help in trying to resolve this problem and would appreciate anyone assisting me Thank you

A:No sound from onboard audio (Realtek High Defition Audio)

Ravir mate do yourself a favour and install a sound card I have the exact same board and I fitted an Asus Xonar DG after spending a load of time trying to make sense of the Asus site, RealTek site and the Windows feature which are all a crock of crap.
The GUI for the Xonar card is great for sound (up to 7:1 support) and effects and mixing. Best of all it is cheap. I have them in three of my machines and would not be bothered with the onboard rubbish. Sound Cards and Digital-to-Analog Converters - Xonar DG - ASUS
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Okay well i helped a friend put a pc together because i ve done several of them and he s not the board for this is M A -EM with realtek channel onboard sound ALC the operating system is xp sp slipstreamed version to save some time sound issue M3A78-EM onboard so after installing the drivers all signs showed they were installed and worked however after he got it home and setup he found that there was no sound and there was a driver error for the realtek audio driver i ve given him links to the drivers right off of asus website both trying it manually and auto installs once it actually did install it told him to restart but still is not functional currently i have sent him right to the driver file from the realtek website but my hopes at this point are low i mean i ve had issues with drivers before but to me these are just overly weird any help is extremely appreciated nbsp

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This weekend I built a PC reusing parts like the GPU PSU and HDD that were in my old HP sound PC new Onboard with build issue pavilion but replaced everything Onboard sound issue with new PC build else I also kept all of my files and windows installation using sysprep Everything is fine except the audio onboard which has a weird problem with the volume It seems the volume is inconsistent and instead of a flatline volume for all sounds quiet sounds are too quiet and loud sounds are deafening This makes watching videos and playing games a pain because the sound is just not right and constantly hurt my ears I've tried the loudness equalization setting in windows but that didn't help much I also tried the demo of a sound enhancing program called breakaway and that almost fixes the problem but all sound lags and the full program is so I don't think I'm going to use that Is there a way to fix this problem or am I going to have to buy a sound card

A:Onboard sound issue with new PC build

Did you install the Gigabyte supplied drivers, and specifically the sound driver. The motherboard vendor (in this case) drivers are the preferred. Non-Vendor driver drivers can not work or not work correctly.

I have a recent built system, using a Gigabyte motherboard, and after installing Win 7 I installed all the drivers from the Gigabyte supplied disc. Win 7 will install some drivers, some with be the latest and correct, some will be old drivers and some will be just generic drivers. Given that you used the Win 7 installation from the old PC I suspect the drivers are the problem.
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So I am in sound Solved: issue Onboard the midst of rebuilding upgrading my computers At the moment only one is operational Basically but with the drives Solved: Onboard sound issue of The strange thing is when I put the HDD from into the system I get no sound It boots up fine and all else seems to work except no sound -- and no broadband internet connection even though my modem implies it has made a connection but no pages open Solved: Onboard sound issue With the HDD from everything works perfectly I change nothing else except for the HDD Because I have recently had all sorts of issues and troubleshooting that went on with to eventually find that the MB had gone bad I have even done both a windows repair install and a clean install including formatting the drive Same thing still happens I posted a similar thread in the networking forum for the internet access part of this issue last night with no answers so far but I wasn t sure if some of you stick to only certain forums and figured I d increase my chances of an answer this way My apologies if that is not acceptable nbsp

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I ve had some problems with my old SoundBlaster Live card namely for some Onboard P4PE Issue ASUS Sound reason when I happen to open minimize or close certain large applications Newer games mostly my microphone will sound all static and robot-like when talking to others over any form of VOIP until I close and open said VOIP program and even then it won t fix and I ll have to shutdown the game as well Thus I ve begun trying to see ASUS P4PE Onboard Sound Issue if onboard sound d help me yet whenever I try and install the drivers for the onboard SoundMAX Digital Audio System it aborts the installation because it says the drivers aren ASUS P4PE Onboard Sound Issue t installed Yet what I m trying to install are the drivers I ve used both those on the CD that came with the motherboard and the latest drivers I can download off of the ASUS site and I get the same error with both Anyone know why this could be or think they could help out gt As well I m currently running Windows XP Pro and if any more information is needed feel free to ask for it nbsp

A:ASUS P4PE Onboard Sound Issue

G'day Nightfyre, when you have a sound card fitted as well as onboard sound it can have odd problems.
There are settings in BIOS for enabling the onboard sound and conflicts can occur unless the PCI sound card is removed.
Check you motherboard manual for suggested settings for the onboard sound.
When you reboot after resetting in this circumstance it should find new hardware and load the respective driver, if it doesn't that driver should be on your motherboard CD.
It is possible that some audio software program you have loaded is becoming involved and causing your problem, possibly one of the Creative things.
That is a guess!
Cheers, qldit.
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After re-installing Win XP Professional, Windows unable to install on-board soundcare, can any one help me on this, no sound card driver available on the net and asus site.
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This problem has the configuration listed in my system specs below which have just changed recently My OCZ Vertex died RMA'ed but sold and replaced with the Transcend SSD quot SATAIII GB Also sold my GPU Now trying to get everything back on track I reinstalled my OS on the SSD but I can't for the life of me get the HDMI working When reinstalling I knew it was normal onboard mobo Mobo HD - HDMI? ATI detecting not Radeon ASUS 4250 for only my Dell CRT to show up via its VGA connection but then the main ViewSonic HD monitor never came on I finally realized it wasn't responding to anything The ViewSonic HD monitor is the only thing plugged in right now on both VGA amp HDMI but Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo will only work on the VGA It had been working fine before the OCZ SSD died No VGA problems The onboard ATI Radeon Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo HD is fully updated and all the drivers are installed and updated to the best of my knowledge There is an update for the BIOS on the ASUS website that I had never installed ever but the only change from before was the SSD so that should not matter I've even made sure I installed the specific driver for the monitor from the disc it came with I tried playing around in BIOS and for once no matter what graphics device order I set i e IGPX-PCI-GPX-etc it always reverted to the mobo's VGA And obviously Device Manager is showing no yellow question marks and is generally no help right now Again there is NO longer a standalone GPU video card in this system just the ASUS M A TD-V EVO USB 's onboard internal graphics ATI Radeon HD Is there something I'm missing Anything I could possibly try Any ideas FYI I knew my OS image was horribly out of date so I didn't bother trying to reinstall that Also since the GB size of the SSD is smaller now wouldn't it not work anyway Well that's moot

A:Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo

It's plausible that your HDMI port on your MOBO is dead. Is it possible to obtain a GPU and try it's HDMI port?
It could be your monitor as well, do you have access to anything else supporting HDMI and see if your monitor connects?
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Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium Sound Onboard Realtek Not sure of the name exactly Hello So about a month ago I inserted Issue Sound Realtek a WAN Card into my PC and after doing so am having an issue getting sound out of both of my speakers If I slowly slide my speaker plug into the motherboard it will play out of the left speaker only Once I slide the plug all the way in the sound only comes out of Realtek Sound Issue the right speaker I do have front jacks that work fine but I m trying to avoid using those as I have a one year old who has learned how to walk Realtek Sound Issue and loves to play with things in her reach Things I ve checked I m reopened my computer to see if I happened to knock anything loose during my WAN Card installation process I ve checked the balance setting for my speakers I ve plug in a headset to make sure it wasn t a speaker issue I ve ran the quot Speaker Setup quot wizard offered by the Realtek software multiple times I ve removed the WAN card and tried to use the speakers then Is there anything missing or am I just out of luck Thanks nbsp

A:Realtek Sound Issue

Go into the Control Panel, System, Device Manager and delete the Realtek sound device. Restart your computer and see if Windows picks it up and reinstalls it
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I just started having an odd issue that in my 20 some years working with computers have never encountered. The issue has to do with my realtek HD Audio. It started with games, that I wouldn't get any sound from. I went and did my normal trouble shooting and found nothing wrong. During the tests the sound worked fine. So I went and tried playing an MP3, and no sound happens. Music plays but no sound. I then tried skype. That worked fine and I heard sounds.

I've never experienced issues like this. Where one program has sound and another doesn't.

Anyone have any ideas?


A:Realtek Sound - Odd Issue

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the driver?

This is about as odd as the issue that I am having on a vista machine where the sound from the internet browser will just stop working periodically.
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Hi all,
Im having a bit of trouble with sound on my PC system. There seems to be a bit of distortion when i play music through either my head phones and through my hifi system via the mini jacks on the rear panel and the front. Its very bad when I listen to Coldplay Clocks (the piano rift at the start). Through both WMP and Itunes. When I attach my iphone to my stereo and stream the music from the pc it is floorless. Also when I play music via my tv throught the HDMI it is distorted too.
Has any one experienced this before and know a solution?
Thanks in advance.

A:Realtek ALC887 sound issue

If is the same with both HDMI and the PC's speakers (sound card) that suggests something other than the sound devices. HDMI audio is generated by the Video Card, separately from the PC's sound card (whatever that is, you didn't list it in your specs).

Is this file the only one that is distorted? or is ANY music played on the PC distorted? If its "any" music is it full fidelity wav sound files or MP3 files (which are something less than full fidelity).
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Hi. I have a problem with the quadraphonic sound in my computer. I've installed Windows 7 RC and the realtek HD audio drivers just yesterday, and when I configure the quadraphonic sound in the Realtek audio manager it seems to work fine. In the tests, the four speakers sound clear, but when I play music on the Windows Media Player or Winamp, or any program or game, it just doesn't recognize the two rear speakers. Please, tell me if there is any other info you need to give me a hand.
Thank you all.

A:Quadraphonic sound issue with Realtek HD audio

Hmm, did you set the sound driver to "speaker fill"? Here is also a plug-in that might help (not sure though)
MP3 Accessories, DFX Audio Enhancer, Best MP3 sound enhancer -
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My kids broke the surround sound system I had set up before. So I went out and got a new subwoofer with built in amp and 5 speakers.

HAVE SOUND in the front left, rear right, and the sub.

NO SOUND - center, front right, and rear left

That makes no sense to me as I have been through all the settings and obviously not balance if there is out put on opposite sides and front/back

Any Ideas

Edit: on 2 channels only the sub and front left work, the rear speaker goes out.

A:Realtek AC97 / Vista sound issue

you can try downloading the latest driver for your sound from
your motherboard's manufacturer's website.

if you're using the on-board sound,then i guess there's an issue
for sound drivers in x32 & 64 vista version for set ups on 6ch to
8ch speaker systems.

your latest sound driver available is both for x32 & x64 vista.
not really sure if they're only in beta version.

is the replacement one (speakers) are same model as the old one?
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Hello I installed Windows the other day and Gigabyte rev.2.0 onboard Audio HD GB-965P-DS3 (Azalia) everything is fine and dandy except for my sound The drivers for my onboard audio card simply will not work Gigabyte GB-965P-DS3 rev.2.0 onboard HD Audio (Azalia) My motherboard is Gigabyte GB- P-DS rev And it has Realtek High Definition Audio Azalia on it It is definitely turned on in BIOS I've tried drivers from both Gigabyte's and Realtek's websites neither of which worked The device manager shows quot Realtek High Definition Audio quot with a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it The device status is quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code quot I've also tried looking for Vista Microsoft UAA drivers but was unable to find them Not that I actually know whether or not I need them If anyone has the same motherboard and has successfully gotten their audio to work could you please tell me how you did it Or otherwise perhaps someone out there has some better ideas than me Thanks in advance OS Version Windows Build bit My system specs are CPU GHz Intel Core Duo RAM gb gbsable because of bit system Hard drive gb Video Card nVidia GTS - mb GDDR RAM EVGA

A:Gigabyte GB-965P-DS3 rev.2.0 onboard HD Audio (Azalia)

I have install the R2.22 from Realtec. It works fine. (Win 7 x64 965P-DS3)
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I get crackling/popping sounds it my games. It's very annoying because it also affect my fps. I tried different driver version and different audio settings but no luck. I notice that it all started after I installed Battlefield Bad Company 2, after I installed my new video card (ATI Radeon HD 5770) the crackling/popping got more worse. I uninstalled BC2 to see if that was the problem but no. The crackling/popping stops when I return to desktop. I have ALC888s

A:Windows 7 Realtek crackling/popping sounds.

Maybe a dumb suggestion, but my son had a similar problem. It turned out that he had the volume level on his monitor turned up (he is using integrated sound from his mobo, not the monitor). We found that once we set that to 0 the popping in games and iTunes stopped.
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hey mobo issue new sound folks just put together a new computer- motherboard processor video card etc everything sound issue new mobo has gone great went through bios set up with no issues but when i hooked up my sound issue new mobo yamaha cdrw to the internal audio connectors to the on board quot sound card quot i found that i only have mono output on the right side no balance and the cdrw and music on my hard drive will play through win amp but i get absolutely no sound from windows media player which may be a gift in itself since i cannot stand that program funky after puuling every rabbit out of my hat i suspect that since the onboard sound is six channel audio and that the quot green quot output is the center channel for channel out put just might be the problem but when i loaded the software from the factory disc there is no provision for changing the settings to some other config like the manual says there is of course the green output input plug is the correct jack for two channel stereo here is a rather lengthy summary of my system- sorry- -------- EVEREST Home Edition c Lavalys Inc ----------------------------------------------------------- Version EVEREST v Homepage http www lavalys com Report Type Quick Report Computer RIKJON family room Generator john ward Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition WinXP Retail Date - - Time -------- Summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack Internet Explorer IE SP DirectX DirectX c Computer Name RIKJON family room User Name john ward Motherboard CPU Type AMD Athlon MHz x Motherboard Name Asus K V SE Deluxe PCI AGP WiFi DDR DIMM Audio Gigabit LAN IEEE- Motherboard Chipset VIA VT Apollo K T AMD Hammer System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type AMI Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce FX Microsoft Corporation MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce FX Monitor Plug and Play Monitor NoDB Multimedia Audio Adapter VIA AC Enhanced Audio Controller Storage IDE Controller VIA Bus Master IDE Controller SCSI RAID Controller VIA Serial ATA RAID Controller SCSI RAID Controller WinXP Promise FastTrak tm Controller SCSI RAID Controller WinXP Promise RAID Console SCSI Processor Device Floppy Drive Floppy disk drive Disk Drive ST A GB RPM Ultra-ATA Disk Drive Maxtor D GB RPM Ultra-ATA Optical Drive YAMAHA CRW E x x x CD-RW SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions C NTFS MB MB free E FAT MB MB free Input Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse Microsoft PS Mouse Network Network Adapter Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Base-T Adapter Copper RJ- Peripherals Printer Acrobat PDFWriter Printer hp officejet series fax Printer hp officejet series Printer PIC NT Fax Printer USB Controller VIA VT C PCI-USB Controller USB Controller VIA VT C PCI-USB Controller USB Controller VIA VT C PCI-USB Controller USB Controller VIA VT C PCI-USB Controller USB Controller VIA USB Enhanced Host Controller just wondering if anyone has any ideas to try i ve done everything i can think of oh yea the cdrw has a seperate digital plug area although i ve never used anything but the pin analog jack maybe that has something to do with it please help and thanks ahead of time jake nbsp
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My Specs:
EVGA P55 LE motherboard (LGA 1156)
Intel i7 processor
8GB G-Skill RAM
9600 GSO video card
Windows 7

Every hour or so, my computer will lock up, followed by a BSOD. After the BSOD, my system hard drive (solid state) can not be detected. I have to turn the computer off completely, then on again in order for that hard drive to be detected by the BIOS.

What I've Tried:
-reinstalled the OS (this wasn't the worst thing in the world, seeing as it helped me get rid of a stubborn rootkit virus that I have had for a couple months)
-reset the CMOS.

Other Info:
-My CPU temp seems fine. It's a little high at 50C, but that shouldn't make any difference.
-No hardware changes have taken place recently.

Still having the issue.
I'm really just looking for confirmation before I drop money on a new mobo.

A:Does this sound like a MOBO issue?

Its very possible the problem could be the harddrive and not the motherboard.But id have it checked out to be sure before u spend money on something that might not be the problem.
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Greetings So I installed the Windows Seven RC x today on my desktop machine after having a great experience on my notebook Most things worked out just drive Can Gigabyte Raid-Controller find not for Onboard fine but the onboard raid Can not find drive for Gigabyte Onboard Raid-Controller controller is giving me alot of trouble I got two hard disks connected there should be raid my mainboard is a Gigabyte GA-P -DS an this is SiSoft Sandras report on my disk controllers Code Disk Controller Model Giga-Byte ICH port Serial ATA Storage Controller Interface SATA Revision A Maximum SATA Mode G SATA RAID Support Yes RAID Enabled No Channels In Use Channels Port G SATA Disk Controller Model Giga-Byte ICH port Serial ATA Storage Controller Interface SATA Revision A Maximum SATA Mode G SATA RAID Support Yes RAID Enabled No Channels Disk Controller Model Giga-Byte JMB X PCIE-to-SATAII IDE RAID Can not find drive for Gigabyte Onboard Raid-Controller Controller Interface ATA Revision A Channels Disk Controller Model ITE IT ATA RAID Controller Revision B RAID Support Yes RAID Enabled Yes Channels Browsing this forum I found severel interesting posts for example I tested the drivers of Driver and I tried the mainboard drivers for Vista in compatibility mode but nothing works I also looked for the quot ITE IT ATA RAID Controller quot drivers directly but there was nothing concerning Windows Seven After that I tried the Released Intel Chipset Software but that still did not solve anything Ah everything works just fine Can not find drive for Gigabyte Onboard Raid-Controller in Windows Vista Any help at all would be really appreciated

A:Can not find drive for Gigabyte Onboard Raid-Controller

Hello Nhdn, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Have you already tried the SATA Raid drivers from Gigabyte for your motherboard to see if they will work?

GIGABYTE - Support&Download - Motherboard - Driver - GA-P35-DS3 (rev. 1.0)

Hope this helps,
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I just bough a xonar ds card to replace the onboard realtek I had some minor issues with the cd that came with the soundcard as it only had Vista drivers Didn't realize at first and let it install Sound did not work at all I then uninstalled both realtek and vista drivers in safe mode and downloaded win in sound and ds out Xonar fading volume issue drivers from Asus's website I've got sound and gaming sound is excellent especially in wolfenstein but when i play music no matter what i use be it j river media center through ASIO or WASAPI or if i use win media player when the song starts the volume fades in and out Xonar ds sound volume fading in and out issue For example when listening Nightwish - storytime at the begining the instrumental is made of high notes sounds clear but when the guitar and bass kick in the volume fades down all together and then the high come back at the normal volume I'm not sure if i expressed it right but i get this issue with most of the songs i listen Some are mp others flac or wma lossless The issue is there regardless if i use headphones or speakers Could it be due to the sound card or would a win reinstall solve the issue Thank you Running AMD Athlon II X XONAR DS Win x

A:Xonar ds sound volume fading in and out issue

The XONAR DS Audio Center is set to Audio Channel: 2 channels
Sample Rate: 192Khz
Analog Out: 5.1

Note: issue appears with both 192Khz and 44.1 Khz
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Hello guys,

I searched the forum for common problems but unfortunately I could not find any useful information for this issue.

I hope you can assist me as the Windows 7 volume mixer is freaking me out and I cant seem to find a way out with this...

I run Windows 7 on a Dell Inspiron 6400 and I use the volume buttons on front a lot to increase/decrease/mute the sounds... however this feature is not working with Windows 7 or maybe I have not fixed the correct settings.

Also I have a Logitech MX610 mouse with volume buttons on it that don`t work as well.

Here is a screenshot of the volume mixer.. I`m not sure if that`s helpful..

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance guys

A:Volume mixer issue / sound control

viachy, welcome to the forums.

For the volume buttons on the laptop, is there or did you install a driver for it? It may or may not be needed, but from the sounds of it, it is.

For the mouse, what version of Setpoint do you have installed? The latest is 4.80 (for Vista, but works well in 7),

Logitech > Support + Downloads > Downloads > Mice > MX?610 Laser Cordless Mouse
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SPEC's Intel DP DP C Q Q Nvidia gt w Weird mobo issue in sound DP35DP PSU Onboard sound included it due Weird sound issue in DP35DP mobo to the sound issue Hello everyone I about a month or so upgraded clean install myself from vista to win x ultimate It was very exciting to see the new features and the performance of the OS compared to vista as it boots open programs faster and manages processor and memory much more nicely Getting used to this new OS was very fun but after all that stuff I had problems due to Intel because Weird sound issue in DP35DP mobo it didn't release all the new drivers needed Weird sound issue in DP35DP mobo for the OS bloody hell So I got very much disappointed but i thought it was no big deal as I'm missing only one driver The quot PCI simple communications controller quot which I presumed to be the Intel ME interface and the sound driver is not a problem as it is given to me by windows and it works good but not quite nice as there's no dolby support Now on to the problem Im having this weird sound issue which basically comes from both the CPU and my headphones that I constantly wear It's sounds like a High frequency pitch sound that is not quite loud but audiable and gets annoying after hearing it for a long time To summarize it It's not constant It's not the fans I started the cpu with all fans off except the PSU and proceesor fan but I cleaned them and still have that issue It's not a hardware fault I replaced the video card PSU etc and still have the issue It only seems to play when i use Firefox opening tabs scrolling webpage loading and paint scrolling but no issue on IE or any other software It does not come when I play games or any other CPU GPU intensive program It seems to be an issue after the upgrade to windows x as with vista i had no problem like this I ran many benchmarks and tests to make sure but didn't had that issue So right now i have some suspects regarding this issue It might be the drivers but I'll appreciate it if someone has the board like this with no issue on win x also This problem came only after the upgrade to win because i used win vista with firefox and other software with no issue like this and I even reinstalled vista to make sure and i didn't had that problem there but upgraded again as vista felt slow and had loads of updates to complete So now i have shrunk this issue to the drivers but im not so sure and I will really really appreciate it if someone helps me here because this problem is getting on my nerves and even after a month im unable to solve it Thanks EDIT Found out the problem It was caused from upgrading the bios to ver and somehow it was bugged How I found out was by changing the processor by borrowing my dad's e processor and installing it into the board Hoping not to have a same issue and seemed it worked no noise clean and stable running system Then putting on my own core quad it came again That made me wonder and I tried to mess up the bios settings hoping to find the problem So after much disabling enabling testing I came across this option dubbed quot Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology quot Disabled it and rebooted then what No more noise and the system ran smooth without any problems Went to learn about this particular technology and found out that this option when enabled will automatically down-clock and up-clock the processor clock frequency in real-time due to the condition it's in for example it down-clocks the frequency when to ghz and when running on full speed to ghz on my processor This makes efficient power consumption and reducing heat that seemed a good technology but it caused considerable problems for me For a checking reason i installed cpuid pc-wizard and checked my processor and it showed Mhz current clock and by checking the technology tab on the details list it showed that speedstep is enabled but dynamic fsb is disabled So dynamic fsb caused problems on this processor huh But I happy that my problem is now long gone and i tha... Read more

A:Weird sound issue in DP35DP mobo

That can happen with onboard audio solutions, unfortunately. That's why professional audio uses Firewire interface, outside of the pc.

What you can do is go into the bios and see if spread spectrum is enabled. If not, set it so.
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i am looking for the new driver for:

Realtek RTL8168B 8111B Family PCI-E Giga

pitstop states the driver version is


i have look every where anyhelp

i am not buying a scripition to d/l drivers

any help here

A:driver for gigabyte-realtek lan

Hi njnitehawk,

According to the Realtek website (link below), the latest driver available is version 6.208 dated 2008/8/25 (2 days ago).

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So i've been struggling with some audio problems for a while now and i've found out that the problems are not related to the microphone as I've tested several microphones that all work on other PC's but have problems with mine

I have a Xonar DGX soundcard and no matter what kind of microphone i plug into it, the volume is very low and i have a horrible crackling noise, if i turn mic boost on, this effect is amplified.

As you can see here the card is properly connected in it's slot

idk what kind of information would be required to fix this, but i'll be sure to respond quickly if some kind of specs are needed.

I would love for this problem to be fixed as i'm currently in a long distance relationship and i use Teamspeak/Skype every day for Gaming.

A:Solved: Xonar DGX Crackling and low volume

Crackling issues are almost always driver related.

Try manually updating/reinstalling the drivers. You could also try using an older version of the drivers.
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I was playing wolfenstein and every now and then the volume would increase in one go which made me . Now it's doing it with music too , every now and then the volume would shoot up didn't happen in vista.

X-Fi Sound Card issues - Neowin Forums

Seems i'm not the only one

EDIT ( Eax & Svm are off ) , put the crystalizer on 50% from 100% lets see what happens now

A:X-Fi Sound Card issue ( Volume Fluctuation ) in windows

I also have an X-Fi card and have not had this issue. Are you sure you have the latest drivers and updates for the card?
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After waiting for nearly weeks I finally after Popping/crackling changing noises mobo got a replacement for my fried mobo Gigabyte P A-UD It's a different board but practically same as my original one except it has two eSATA ports P A-UD R Ultimately after replacing with the new one I'm experiencing noticeable popping or crackling noises while playing any videos via any media player Popping/crackling noises after changing mobo streaming such as youtube gaming I currently use a headphone via USB DAC More importantly I don't hear these noises while idling or Popping/crackling noises after changing mobo doing anything that doesn't utilize audio After surfing for solutions I was able to find few simple troubleshootings though non of them fixed the problem - Used different USB cables - Used different USB ports as well as external hub - Have latest driver version for the DAC - Disable SPDIF from quot recording devices quot - Disabling other audio devices from quot device manager quot - Set sampling rate to something else I also eliminated my headphone and DAC as the problem still happened for other devices The DPC latency checker didn't help either as it showed constant green results with no drop outs With the new installation of mobo every drivers and BIOS are up to date with newest version As a result I'm starting to suspect the problem is caused by the mobo itself after all all of my headphones and DACs worked fine with my previous mobo with no issues With that being said this isn't the only problem that is happening for my newly replaced mobo as there are all sorts of big small problems which is just driving me nuts atm I'm in a verge of buying a new mobo and CPU because I don't see the point of returning this mobo again and waiting another weeks for the replacement which God knows if that board will have the same issues or not Though before I do that I'd like to try one last time so I'd appreciate it if I could get more solutions to try

A:Popping/crackling noises after changing mobo

Did you happen to install the Gigabyte "EasyTune" program? If you did, uninstall that. It caused me audio problems in my recording studio system that uses a Gigabyte motherboard (GAZ77X UD5H).

Other things that can contribute to the problem: Wi-Fi, a cordless phone or cell phone close by. Video card drivers, sound card drivers. Also a power supply can cause this.

But, as you have found out there is no "one fix" for the problem.
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Hello My on-board Soundcard stopped working a while ago I did have a USB headset but In) HD Realtek Plugged Onboard (Not that broke wire clipped Now the only audio I have is media shared to my Xbox and would like to know if I can fix my on-board Soundcard I have seen this problem on many forums as I have searched some have been resolved with drivers enabling the device enabling in BIOS I have done all I have needed to completely un-install and disable the device and reinstall The others have not been resolved with either a useless request for help or a useless reply The posts I have found similar on these forums are No Audio Output Device is Installed - Basic tasks I have already done with re-installation of drivers Message says quot Speakers are not plugged in quot - Not resolved don't need to say why back panel not working for latest realtek driver Onboard Realtek HD (Not Plugged In) - Does not look resolved but this is the problem the back and the front I did wire the front panel to see if it was just the back panel I could then by disabling front audio jack detection make it output but I think I only got a hissing sound If you need any more information just ask however I'm going to be away for a few hours after this post Thanks in advance
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Hi folks,

I am running Windows 7, on an Abit IB9 mobo which has Realtek HD Audio on board.

I have just installed Skype and cannot get the sound playback in my headphones to work.

Sound plays fine in the 2.1 speakers

My mic works fine using the generic MS drivers from Win update.

I have tried various drivers from Realtek (R190 Vista, R211 Vista, R211 XP) but cannot get my headset to work!


P.S. If you need more info about my rig, it should be in my profile, otherwise just ask...

A:Realtek Onboard HD Audio

Try Win7/Vista R2.30 version from here:
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Once upon a time, on a system I used to own, I recall a way to make the sound coming from the speaker jack different than the headset jack. For example: I could play Pandora through my desktop speakers but only hear Ventrillo in my headset. Is this still possible? I can't figure it out.

A:Realtek Onboard HD Audio

You can select the output of Ventrillo to go to your headset, while the output of Pandora to go to the speakers, yes.

The settings to do so should be available in Ventrillo. Just tell it to have the output go to your headset.
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Hi guys, I have a quick question, I am buying a new case..
just wondering if my mobo will fit in this one, I have a Gigabyte S Series am2 socket ATX..

this is the case.

newegg . com


A:Gigabyte Mobo

No, that case is a mini case designed only for microATX, you want one from this list: 1054808287&name=ATX Mid Tower, those are all ATX mid towers.

Its recommended that you do NOT use the built in case powersupplies.
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When trying to use my Bose Soundtrue headphones with inline mic and a Y splitter for sound and mic it stops working in windows 7. I thought it just wasn't compatible somehow but I did a driver upgrade and then all of a sudden it works swimmingly for a while. Then it stops. Reboot doesn't fix it. I have my monitor hooked up via HDMI and I do have a logitech web cam. Attached is a picture of my recording devices.

A:Gigabyte Realtek HD audio mic port stops working

P.s. I have Windows 8 setup as a dualboot and the mic works in Win 8.
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I do not often check this (it's been months and months) but when I right click on my speaker icon and select Volume Mixer I no longer have all the items that used to be there. I have the latest drivers installed (V. 1.81) and have also tried the updates from the HP website. I used to have several choices...line in, microphone, main, midi, etc. Now I only have "device" and "applications". There is a website that I frequent and it has lessons in midi format that you can click on and they play. I can no longer play those links. Where did my choices go and how do I get them back. Midi files that can be downloaded or "save this file as" play thru Windows Media Player 11 without problem. Thank you.
(I do NOT want to install a sound card, the onboard sound is quite adequate)

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Is anyone having a problem with their ALC658 chipset? I bought a motherboard that came out of a Compaq with that chipset and am having no luck using the Realtek drivers. No audio whatsoever. Also, I'm trying to manually install the .inf files and Windows 7 doesn't recognize any devices to install from the .infs in the drivers which say they support ALC658. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Onboard Realtek ALC658 no audio

If you hadn't already, I would've suggested that you get the latest drivers. However since that didn't work, I'd just suggest taking it to the place you got it, and asking them to order a replacement.
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Hi guys this is my first post in this forum Sorry it is gonna be a long one So here it goes Recently i re-assembled my computer Everything was working fine until yesterday when I decided to put a sound card creative vx and then a graphics card ati raedon hd in The sound card was my friends and i PLUGGED audio 'NOT always says hd HELP! PLS IN' realtek now Onboard wished to check PLS HELP! Onboard realtek hd audio always says 'NOT PLUGGED IN' now the quality so I put it into the pci slot checked it then removed it and gave PLS HELP! Onboard realtek hd audio always says 'NOT PLUGGED IN' now it back Then I put the gfx in which i just bought for myself Upon starting the pc it installed some hdmi audio and pci slot driver thingy sorry I'm kinda noob in this via auto-update and since then a red cross appeared beside my volume icon and sound went off Since then its always showing 'not plugged in' in my playback devices no matter whether I plug in my speakers headphones or not I have been searching net been through various advices with no avail What I did so far un-installed re-installed both audio and gfx drivers a thousand times Always the latest updates from manufacturer sites doesn't fix disabled hdmi audio in device manager and disabled it in the playback devices I couldn't 'set default the realtek hd audio that and the configure option are always grayed out Didn't work Went to control panel- gt realtek hd audio manager but the window came up with a white screen it said something like 'you are seeing thee white page because no device is plugged in you will be able to access the gui when you plug in a device unplugged the graphics card plugged into MB graphics un-installed and reinstalled all A V drivers nothing Went to BIOS the onboard sound was already enabled I re-enabled it anyway came back nada reformatted drive installed win fresh installed all drivers fresh Same problem unplugged gfx card reformatted drive installed win and all drivers fresh didn't work what I didn't do so far install a pci sound in the motherboard and check if sound is coming from there I am at my wits end guys I can't think of anything else but to use a pci sound any Ideas

A:PLS HELP! Onboard realtek hd audio always says 'NOT PLUGGED IN' now

See my response to your other post. If you want to use the Creative PCI sound card, you must disable the Integrated Audio (RealTek) in the BIOS or there will be conflicts and problems.
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I have checked the system volume updated drivers checked the BIOS even went as far as checking to see if audio with Trouble onboard Realtek AC'97 the windows audio service was started Still i get no sound out of my speakers When i turn Mic Boost on in volume controls i hear a loud fuzzy sound that is how i know it isn t Trouble with Realtek AC'97 onboard audio a hardware issue My system Specs are Field Value Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack DirectX DirectX c Computer Name BRANDON User Name Compaq Owner Motherboard CPU Type AMD Sempron MHz x Motherboard Name MSI RS M RX M MS- PCI PCI-E x DDR DIMM Audio Video LAN IEEE- Motherboard Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress AMD Hammer System Memory MB DDR SDRAM BIOS Trouble with Realtek AC'97 onboard audio Type Award Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter Radeon X Series Secondary MB Video Adapter Radeon X Series MB Monitor Compaq FP quot LCD CNN L S Multimedia Audio Adapter ATI SB - AC Audio Controller Storage IDE Controller ATI IDE Controller IDE Controller Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller Disk Drive ST A GB RPM Ultra-ATA Disk Drive Generic USB SD Reader USB Device Disk Drive Generic USB CF Reader USB Device Disk Drive Generic USB SM Reader USB Device Disk Drive Generic USB MS Reader USB Device Disk Drive Multi Flash Reader USB Device MB USB Optical Drive LITE-ON LTR- S x x x CD-RW SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions C NTFS MB MB free D FAT MB MB free Total Size GB GB free Input Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse PS Trouble with Realtek AC'97 onboard audio Compatible Mouse Network Network Adapter Realtek RTL x Family Fast Ethernet NIC Modem Agere Systems PCI Soft Modem Peripherals Printer Fax Printer Microsoft XPS Document Writer USB Controller ATI SB - USB Controller USB Controller ATI SB - USB Controller USB Controller ATI SB - USB Controller USB Device USB Mass Storage Device USB Device USB Mass Storage Device Problems amp Suggestions Problem Disk free space is only on drive D Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Trouble with Realtek AC'97 onboard audio

That noise is often a sign that the speakers or the sound card has been over-driven and burned out.
Have you tried testing with a different set of speakers? A different sound card? Do you have any red or yellow flags in your device manager?
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Hello! My problem is that I am unable to configure the Realtek driver or audio controller to the ASIO driver that I downloaded. In both the Realtek HD Audio Manager and under the vista Sounds folder there simply is not any option to change the drivers.
Does anyone know how I could change it?

Thanks a lot!
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Hi All,

I've just joined and need to update my profile with my hardware details but for the moment I'll just say it's in relation to my A-Bit motherboard and the Realtek AC97 on board audio.

When trying to capture audio streams from Monty Python's Holy Grail (Camelot song) I noticed that there is only what can be described as a "wee-woo"in in the background.

Usually this noise is un-noticable but increasing the volume and editing the wave causes this to become really prominent.

Can anyone tell me if this is a standard problem with the onboard sound or if this is something I can resolve by updating the drivers?

Hope someone can help as it's really annoying.


A:Realtek AC97 Audio (Onboard)

How are you trying to record the sounds. By plugging the output into the microphone on your sound card or are you using some software.
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Is anyone having a problem with their ALC658 chipset? I bought a motherboard that came out of a Compaq with that chipset and am having no luck using the Realtek drivers. No audio whatsoever. Also, I'm trying to manually install the .inf files and Windows 7 doesn't recognize any devices to install from the .infs in the drivers which say they support ALC658. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Onboard Realtek ALC658 no audio


Enter bios and check if the onboard audio is enable,if is not the enable it,press F10 to save and exit.

Remove the realtek software\driver,restart.

Download and install the most recent software driver from here >---> Realtek


Finish with the above steps and post back with results.
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local shop won't stock gigabyte mobo's because of problems.
is this justified??

looking at GA-7VAXP, any suggestions



A:gigabyte mobo's reliability

so what you really mean is, that if the mobo has everything you want it to have, you can't go wrong really. I was wondering though, because they stock asus, and looking quickly at the titles on this board they raise the most quistions.

i perticularly like the GA-7VAXP because it has a game port build in.