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Disable ACPI

Q: Disable ACPI

Building a computer for a friend and every time I got to the setup screen to install XP I could do nothing at all and legacy USB support enabled in BIOS and I tried many things and I read something about disabling ACPI in the BIOS and I tried that and it worked. What I don't understand is I had the exact same motherboard before and I never had to disable ACPI. What is the reason ACPI would be interfering with the install of XP or is there something more to this?

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Preferred Solution: Disable ACPI

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Disable ACPI

XP is an old Operating System and it was designed for use on much lesser hardware than is available today. I imagine that XP will install with ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) enabled on some motherboards/BIOS and not on others
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how do you disable the acpi in a HP a620n computer

A:[SOLVED] how to disable acpi

You need to go into the BIOS Setup to disable ACPI:

How to Disable Acpi in BIOS |
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Hello My laptop CPU was alwys high usage and when check it through task manager it shows system interrupts. I install LatencyMon and it show me that driver for ACPI case this issue. I disable ACPI through device manager and laptops go to restart but after than can not boot at all.When I turn on laptop keyboard LED will be on and Capslock and numlk light blinking for 3 time after that fan start working with high speed.Can some one plz help me to understund what is issue?
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Hello, i have a Compaq Armada 1700. This computer is from 1997 or 1996, so it doesn't support ACPI. I just want to make sure, to disable ACPI, when i install Windows 2000, when it says "Press F6 to install a third party SCSI or RAID driver", i should press F7 and this just disables ACPI so when i turn my computer off it says "It's now safe to turn off your computer". So i should just press F7? I just want to make this sure. So i don't start up my computer, and when 2000 boots, i just get a BSoD that says i should press F7 during the text-based part of setup or something.Thanks for any answer.

A:How to disable ACPI during Windows 2000 setup

Becuase some websites says that i should press F5. And some websites says that it is F7 i should press.
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My old XP has been acting up, I don't use this one much anymore. When it starts an error screen appears. It reports that the BIOS in the system is not fully ACPI compliant and to upgrade it, the problem is there is no BIOS that will upgrade this feature for the rvision of the mobo I have. THe message also says I can disable ACPI mode during "text mode setup" by pressing the F7 key when prompted to install storage drivers.

I have tried the last known good configuration but to no avail.

I don't wish to update BIOS but how can I disable ACPI during text mode setup. When I boot hitting F7 nothing happens.
how do I get to tex mode setup?

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Y700-15ISK Laptop (ideapad, 80NV)Newly installed Windows7 x64have unknown device ACPI\VPC2004have unknown device ACPI\INT33A3have unknown device USB\VID_8086&PID_0A66&REV_2780&MI_04???
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I ve been troubleshooting random errors most of which were resolved when I corrected the jumper settings for the CPU mostly freezing during bootup and ACPI Difference Uniprocessor ACPI between or problems with the ATA RAID driver My original set of problems can be found here http forums techguy org t amp highlight acpi uniprocessor html The Difference between ACPI and ACPI Uniprocessor computer still freezes one out of every bootups while the Windows splash screen is showing and I have gotten the occasional blue screen quot Driver IRQ not less or equal quot the only recurring one A friend of a friend is certain that the problem is the HAL driver and I m curious about what the difference between the drivers is My AMD XP Soyo board single processor board under Win K SP is using an ACPI Uniprocessor setup he says it should just read quot Advanced Configuration Power Interface ACPI PC quot is there a difference Is it possible that I should switch to the second one to change any issues my computer might be having If not what should I be looking for that might be causing the freezing on bootup nbsp

A:Difference between ACPI and ACPI Uniprocessor

anybody have an answer?
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Hi does anyone have an idea how to disable or remove the Windows 7 calculator. I want to disable this feature due to cheaters using the calculator whilst doing maths homework? Bloody desperate here. !!!!!!!!!!!

I find it ridiculous its not that easy to do . - Ijust want to Ditch the Calculator.

Thank you

A:Disable calculator in Windows 7 - Remove, Disable, Delete, Ditch.

A user could just use any spreadsheet application or online calculator so I don't get why you think that this will work.

Yes it can be done either via Group Policy or via a registry edit.
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How do I disable access to Printers and Faxes in XP Pro or disable access to printer preferences?


A:How do I disable access to Printers and Faxes in XP Pro/disable printer preferences?
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I have a HP Pavilion dv7, I want to disable the touchpad. I am running Windows 10 64 bit. The options to disable does not exist through any of the mentioned methods in the forums I have researched. It does not show up in the mouse enable or disable as described.This touchpad is very annoying to say the least. I am very close to taking the laptop apart and pulling the ribbon connector off to permanently disable it.Hoping someone has the answer to shutting it off?Thank you for the assistance.

A:Disable Touch pad running windows 10 disable option does no...

Hi Have you tried this? Double tap in upper left corner of touch pad.The LED should go on,and touch pad is disabled.
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Is it possible to command line disable disable USB selective suspend setting? or even regedit it?

I've read this :

Powercfg Command-Line Options

and this : USB Selective Suspend - Turn On or Off

and couldn't find a way to disable that specific option, unless I am missing something. I want to disable it when the computer is on battery, and wall plugged (laptops).

On battery is key, haha. Any ideas?

A:Remote disable - disable USB selective suspend setting

Odd question, I know
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Exactly what the title asks..

Nothing in mouse properties.
Nothing in device manager.

What am i missing? How does one disable the mousepad?!

A:how to: disable mousepad on win8? no 'disable' button

That is not a Windows function so you cannot disable it in Windows without disabling the entire driver, which is not a good idea. Sadly you failed to tell us anything about your computer. Assuming a notebook, you need to look at your key labels or in your manual to see how to disable the pad. It typically is a Function key combination. On my Toshiba, Fn + F9 will disable/enable the touchpad.
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Q: Acpi

Hi there, can someone help me here? When you go to device manager, under 'Computer' it should read 'Advance Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC' ok? Well, after much messing around a few months back I had this changed to read 'Standard PC'!!!!!!! Don't ask me how I did it but can someone tell me how to revert it back to ACPI?

Also, my PC never shuts down totally, the screen goes off but the PC is still running.!


Actually, come to think of it, this may be related!


Welcome to TSF

Go to Advance Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC > Properties and Rollback the Driver.

Also try this:
Click Start>Control Panel and then double-click Power Options.

Note If you are using Windows XP, click Switch to Classic View in Control Panel to more easily follow these steps.

Click the APM tab.

Note If you are using multiple monitors, the APM tab may not be available.

Select Enable Advanced Power Management Support, and then click OK.
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I have a problem with my windows 2000 server.

I turn it on and asks me to insert boot disk.

I don't have a boot disk so I inserted the Windows 2000 server disk into the CD-ROM to see if it could/would resolve my problem.

It went throughthe set-up process (blue screen) and then came up with a ACPI.SYS CORRUPTION ERROR.

How can I resolve this - any advise would be appreciated.


Steve Campbell
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So yea, I have another PC, my second pc, my old on that I built. It's running an iWill DK8N motherboard with dual opterons in it. Now the board SUPPORTS and the Bios says ACPI 2.0 is turned on and all that, except if you try install windows Vista or windows 7 on it, it instantly BSOD's with some error that leads to microsoft's site that says something about checking if it's ACPI 2.0.

Any ideas? I have the latest bios update that was available from the site.


A:Acpi 2.0

I guess, you haven't turned it on in the bios then!

Atleast in my AMI bios [I have an ASUS mobo] I have to select it as shown below:

So, just enter the appropriate menu in the CMOS Setup and turn it on!

Hope this helps!

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TRying to upgrade to win7 evaluation copy. but it's stopping mre at first screen saying i do not have an acpi power supplyy. I do and have upgrded before. thanks max
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Q: acpi

hello folks

are there such a thing as acpi driver? i got a dell 2400 and cant find one anywhere'
help me if you can

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Q: Acpi

My system hangs when trying to install Warcraft III onto my computer, which i just reformatted and installed win2k. It worked fine when i was running 98se, but now it hangs. tech support said to "disable acpi" but i have no idea what that is. Anyone know anything about it?



Here a link to a MS article that explains it:

But running games within Windows 2000 is difficult. I recommend you reinstall Windows 98 then Windows 2000 and dual boot. Reason being many games will not work under Windows 2000.
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Q: Acpi?

What is it? And how can I enable/disable it?


Hi BiggerBen,
Not sure but this may help!
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i have window xp and when i done with my computer i somtimes like to turn off my computer for the night since my screensaver wont work on my computer so i turn the computer off but then a few mins later my computer come back on with out me turning it on. i thought maybe it had something to do with ACPI what ever that meens if it does have something to do with it please help thanks

A:what is ACPI

Did you enable any settings on the BIOS with regards to ACPI (Advance Configuration and Power Interface) to turn on the PC with regards to incoming fax etc... Also did you do a shutdown on your PC or just sent it to hibernate.
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Q: Acpi

In my Event Log on XP Home I have an error that seems to occur everyday I don t have a clue what this means and I am not having any problems with the computer whatsoever In fact I am blessed with a very good O S read no errors or crashes I only noticed this error after reading the log Any help please Event ID Source Acpi Message ACPI BIOS is attempting to write to an illegal IO port address which lies in the protected address range This could lead to Acpi system instability Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance Explanation The system BIOS attempted to Acpi improperly access hardware resources concurrently with the operating system This type of access cannot be synchronized and can cause system instability User Action Contact the system vendor for an updated BIOS and follow the vendor s instructions Acpi for installation Also can I clear some of this log It goes back to February nbsp

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When loading windows XP upgrade over ME it shuts down with a nice blue screen that says my system is not fully acpi compliant and that i should update the bios if one is available....well one isnt so here i am...screen also says that in text mode setup I should push f7 when prompted to load storage drivers and as i recall text mode setup resembles getting a shuttle into orbit so i'd rather not go that route if at all

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When I try install TurboV for my mother board I get "fail to install ACPI Driver"

Any ideas?

A:ACPI Driver help

i have the same problem, i updated my p5k-e bios first and then install but its there the same error
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Are they the same thing?

A:ACPI vs AMD phenom x4

ACPI is a set of functions built into the motherboard.
Phenom X4 is a CPU(processor).
The X4 is ACPI compatable.
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Need driver for unknown device ACPI\SMO8800\1 for DELL Laptop


Hi caul,
Without knowing the model of system or the O/S you have it's difficult to say for certain, but it's more than likely you're looking for  the Free Fall Sensor driver. You can download it by following the instructions below:
1. Go to the support site,
2. Choose your model or enter your service tag
3. Choose Drivers and Downloads
4. Click on Chipset to expand the list and download the ST Microelectronics Free Fall Sensor driver
5.  Extract and Install the driver
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Hi there I own a Toshiba p my ACPI.Sys constantly uses cpu of 15% t laptop and recently I replaced the ACPI.Sys uses 15% of my cpu constantly internal HDD with an SSD Samsung then I purchased an Internal caddy and removed my old optical drive and chucked in the new internal caddy with my old HDD inside in it Shortly after this i noticed that my CPU fan ACPI.Sys uses 15% of my cpu constantly is constantly on and the laptop overheats I checked in the task manager and noticed that the cpu usage is even if no application is running After some google-ing i downloaded some kind of resource monitor which broken down the quot System quot and showed me that the ACPI sys is using my ACPI.Sys uses 15% of my cpu constantly CPU I suspected that this extra hard drive might be the culprit but could not prove it After several reinstalls experiments I realised that as soon as the second HDD goes in my CPU utilisation jumps to I also realized that if i remove the HDD and the caddy too the problem goes away I have also tested that if i plug in the HDD via the USB port using an USD to SATA converter the cpu stays or when the laptop is idle thus i am pretty certain that for some reason the internal hdd caddy is causing the issue Could you please help me to fix it i am not too sure what do i have to do - install new drivers fine tune setting Any help is much appreciated Cheers csorlala csorlala gmail com nbsp
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I have an IBM with Windows XP I have installed Speedfan on it and it shows the ACPI temp to be 78C. Both fans are running good and CPU temp is 43C and internal temp is 33C. anyone know what needs to be replaced?

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Hi!Sorry for disturbing.I am working in russian laptop seller firm.Recently we received new HP laptops and they have a problem.The problem is: unknown device with id "acpi/hpq6000"What is this? Need to install proper driver.Thank's for your help.God bless you!

View Solution.


HiI had the same issue, but found the driver at last. HP 3D DriveGuard 5: Peter
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how do i get my computer ACPI compliant I have only 326128 kb ram there are two slots for ram as of now one has a 256 the other 128 I removed the 128 and put in a 256 that my friend gave me and the computer said that i was not ACPI compliant the computer then said hardware update or f7 I have no money to buy hardware is there some way to say download a program that will update the bios any help would sure be kind thank you now that there is comcast high speed on my computer it just is not fast anough

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We had a power problem and my wifes computer a pentium 111 froze up, so I tried to reboot and could not so I put in the XP CD and tried to boot from disc but got a blue screen with a your ACPI sys is corrupted message and setup cannot continue. Everytime I retried it seemed to get worse, then on black screen the message read, txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 32768. Now a blue screen with File SETUP.HIV could not be loaded.
The error code is 32768
How can I even reconfigure if I cant even boot up.
The problem started the same as tonylg with the same first page giving the start up options
Please help
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Hi folks.

After a recent conflict with my soundcard and XPs ACPI, I had to go into the registry and disable ACPI altogether.

Creative have now sent me a CD containing unreleased drivers, that have solved the problem. Only thing is I can't remember the key I added to disable ACPI, and can't find the website that told me to do it !

Any help would be great, as I have a nasty habit of hitting shut-down, and leaving the room, only to find my PC whirring away telling me it's safe to turn off !


A:Windows XP & ACPI

Mabe check this site out,>>>
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I own a notebook ACER aspire 5920G with Vista premium os and i recently tried to install VistaSP1.Before the installation is finished i had a message about ''error at ACPI.sys'' with no further installation available.Is it probably a BIOS problem and needs to be updated or something else?
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Thanks to all who read this I humbly request you read my question vey carefully I really want working, to ACPI not know I why is really want to KNOW why my computer does not have access to the ACPI I really want to know why ACPI is not working, functions that are built into it I KNOW there are a lot of things we could look at or try but after a week or so I really want to know why ACPI is not working, of TRYING to find the problem I ve probably tried many of the ways to eliminate this problem I would like a diagnostic tool or a log entry believe me there s nothing about this in the event viewer or the system information or the device manager I have used many versions of the bios flash bin files and many versions of the intel chipset inf drivers The last time I had a standby icon on shutdown was after a repair install After installing the windows updates it was grayed out again If you read this and want to help thank you but please bear in mind that I m quite frustrated by it and have tied many tweaks and efforts to restore the standby and hibernate functions to the power options menu or the screensaver power options menu or the shutdown menu I really want to see via a diagnostic or log what the actual problem is My bios is listed by sisandra as AWRDACPI and my computer in device manager shows ACPI multiprocessor PC and there are no errors or conflicts in the device manager anywhere I have an ABIT AI with a Pentium ghz Hyperthreading processor running as one physical processor two virtual processors The board has i G P PE chipset they use the same chipset driver which I ve used many of The Bios cannot disable Standy or ACPI but there are options to monitor and shutdown based on temperature and fan speed I ve tried every Setup CMOS combination I can think of The board has UGURU patented contol and I ve tried loading several different versions of the Uguru driver I m running Windows XP home edition w sp IE WMP and all updates installed Firewall up I ve tried UPNP on and off and reinstalled sp net framework I d like to know for sure what is causing this and I REALLY don t want to perfom a clean install I could have done that a week ago but I wouldn t have LEARNED nuthin Yes I realize that I m overthinking the problem I have an ATI X AGP x graphics card and I have updated the graphics drivers TIA paj nbsp

A:I really want to know why ACPI is not working,

It was the freakin' USB keyboard. ARRRR! Unplugged and had my sleep mode functions back. Like I said, I was overthinking it and it usually turns out to be something simple... (me!) I'd still like to know why, since the keyboard has a sleep button on it. It didn't ship with drivers included. That should have been my first clue. TIA paj692
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Hi i can't find the driver: ACPI\VEN_ACPI&DEV_000C Can you please help me.
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After doing a fresh install of windows xp on an e machine, I noticed that the fonts on the desktop and most apps are noticeably smaller than normal and changing them via system properties does nothing. Upon power up, the display flashes repetitive horizontal lines until powered on fully and same thing happens when opening or closing apps. Also, the standby button on the power down screen is greyed out. Device manager shows all devices installed and configured correctly. Help, and happy holidays

A:ACPI problem?

Try an updated display driver. What adapter do you have?

System Information for Windows (SIW)
Belarc Advisor
Mitec System Information
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Hello guys!

I recently got 2 BSOD referring to Acpi.sys. I couldn't found out what were causing these BSOD's and I'm asking for Your support. Just before the BSOD appears, the PC is sluggish.

My computer is a DELL PRECISION T5500, hex core processor XEON 5675, video card: Quadro 4000, 12GB RAM ECC, 1.5 TB HDD and Im running Windows 7-64 bit

I have the latest drivers.

Here's the link of the uploaded BSOD's.


If someone can detect the cause I'll be very grateful!

Thank You very much!

A:Acpi.sys BSOD Please Help!

I would prefer not to download the files from a 3rd party site. Also, the .dmps do not tell us nearly as much as the full collection of reports.

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I'm having a curious problem I have a homebrew machine using in ACPI Problem 7 Win an MSI mother board and gpu I processor ACPI Problem in Win 7 gigs of ram and Win home premium I started out with a problem ACPI Problem in Win 7 in a Seagate USB hard drive It disappeared from windows explorer ACPI Problem in Win 7 A little experimentation revealed that the problem was it wouldn't turn on if I either rebooted the machine or turned it off and back on The only way it will work is if I turn off the machine power down including the power to the disk drive and turn it back on Then everything is fine While searching the device manager I found something curious there are two entries labelled Microsoft Windows Management Interface for ACPI Both have the yellow triangle Both show this error message Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged Code I could use some assistance here Could this be the cause of the usb hard drive problem It works on another machine using Win What do I do about this It seems to imply that the registry needs tinkering While I have done that before I know that it requires absolute precision and I'm not certain what needs to be changed and how Any assistance would be appreciated

A:ACPI Problem in Win 7

Instead of tinkering with the Registry { Not Advisable } , uninstall the exclamation { Yellow Triangle ] drivers and if prompted remove from PC.
Then reinstall the drivers from your Mobo Disc or from the Mobo Website as applicable.
Then when done Reboot PC and connect USB External Drive and it should install ok.
If you still have issues , rescan Device Manager , and any with issues , right Click and select Properties and select Details tab then in  Properties List select ID , this will give you the Driver required and you can download it manually from web and install it.
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When I try to install RC, I get the message
This computer is not compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard. Windows must be installed onto a computer that supports ACPI.

However this is a relatively new computer whcih is ACPI compliant, at least according to the BIOS screens. What am I missing? When I run the Win 7 compatibility test it says that my machine is ok.

A:Can't install RC - non-ACPI

Quote: Originally Posted by drosen

When I try to install RC, I get the message
This computer is not compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard. Windows must be installed onto a computer that supports ACPI.

However this is a relatively new computer whcih is ACPI compliant, at least according to the BIOS screens. What am I missing? When I run the Win 7 compatibility test it says that my machine is ok.

Maybe a setting in bios is checked. try booting into bios and looking around

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Hi all,

I just read on another forum about o/clocking Core i7 CPU's that it is recommeded to turn ACPI 2.0 on as it stops the multiplier jumping around. However further research only served to confuse.

I installed Win 7 Pro 64 bit with this turned off in the Bios (the default on my Asus P6T M/board). Is there any point turning it on now? If so, what would be the benefits. Would there be potential negatives?

Thanks in advance!

A:ACPI 2.0 Question

Don't know if you have seen this one yet,

Tech ARP - ACPI 2.0 Support

about the best I came across when I went looking for info on that setting a while ago.
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Tried to install windows 7 on my pc. Recieved a message that it was non acpi compliant. I have a brand new ta790gxe biostar board, with an amd athalon cpu.
Any help would be appreciated.

A:acpi compliant

Make sure ACPI is enabled in BIOS and that you have the latest BIOS version update.

If that fails, try reseating RAM. Test your RAM using memtest86 CD for 5-6 passes.
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Does anyone know what a ACPI LED cable is. I'm buying a new ABIT motherboard and the manual says it's supposed to go on a three pin connector on the board, in the spot where the case power and reset always wires go. Trouble is my case doesn't have that wire and the closest thing I have to itis a three pin Power LED wire. Should I put that on there or just leave it alone?

A:ACPI LED cable

It sounds like an optional capability, I personally never heard of an ACPI LED.
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Hello, over the past few days, when starting my computer, it will give a blue screen while booting up, and say windows is shutting down to prevent damage. It will tell me that ACPI.sys is the cause, or ACPI_DRIVER_INTERNAL or IRQL_less_or_equal. Usually after 3-5 tries of start comp normally, it will boot up and work just fine, but just today it has taken me over 2 hrs of trying. I've looked all over online and cant find anything helpful on restoring my ACPI.sys file. Any ideas on how i can solve this?

A:ACPI.sys issues

Download BlueScreenView:
unzip downloaded file and double click on BlueScreenView.exe to run the program.
when scanning is done, go to EDIT - Select All
Go to FILE - SAVE Selected Items, and save the report as BSOD.txt
Open BSOD.txt in Notepad, copy all of the content, and paste it into your next reply
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After flashing to new bios CDCN WW error Event ID occur in Event viewer nbsp The description for Event ID from source Application Popup cannot be found Either the component that raises this event ID Event 56 ACPI is not installed on ACPI Event ID 56 your local computer or the installation is corrupted You can install or repair the component on the local computer If the event originated on another computer the display information had to be saved with the event The following information was included with the event ACPI the message resource is present but the message is not found in the string message table nbsp Is there any solution to this ACPI Event ID 56 error It also appears than fans is runing most of the time even if system is idle Details follow nbsp nbsp System nbsp nbsp -Provider nbsp nbsp nbsp Name Application Popup nbsp nbsp nbsp Guid bfa ACPI Event ID 56 b -bd - fac-b b- ca f nbsp nbsp nbsp EventSourceName Application Popup nbsp nbsp -EventID nbsp nbsp nbsp Qualifiers nbsp nbsp nbsp Version nbsp nbsp nbsp Level nbsp nbsp nbsp Task nbsp nbsp nbsp Opcode nbsp nbsp nbsp Keywords x nbsp nbsp -TimeCreated nbsp nbsp nbsp SystemTime - - T Z nbsp nbsp nbsp EventRecordID nbsp nbsp nbsp Correlation nbsp nbsp -Execution nbsp nbsp nbsp ProcessID nbsp nbsp nbsp ThreadID nbsp nbsp nbsp ChannelSystem nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Security-EventData nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp ACPI nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp C C ThanksAlso I can't revert to previous BIOS even if I enable it in BIOS options beacue the utility after reboot says its done but the new bios is still there
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I had still have some hanging problems and read in some forums that people had solved similar issues by disabling ACPI I was getting two acpi errors every time I booted So I went to device manager and instead of ACPI set the quot Computer quot to quot Standard PC quot I didn t really even know what ACPI was except it had something to dowith power management Now I can t shut down my computer the easy way It says quot it is now safe to turn off your computer quot and I have to hold down the power button for secs to shut it down It used to be so easy when I could just press the button once and press enter to log off all users and then it would shut ACPI getting back... down Is there any getting ACPI back... way of restoring ACPI without reinstalling windows Could System Restore be able to do it I ve never used it before so I m hesitating nbsp

A:getting ACPI back...

There may be some ideas in here for you - especially in the powerdown section -
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First off all, the first error I had was about ntoskrnl.exe, I replaced it then I get a new one: hal.dll, I replaced it too, then I get the acpi.sys error with the path (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\acpi.sys.

When I replaced this one, I get finally this error and I'm stuck:

What I did so far:

Chkdsk /R /F
Rebuild BCD (All kind, bootsect /nt60 ..., bootrec /fixboot & fixmbr, I also writed all the boot with bcdedit)
Replace files like (ntoskrnl.exe, hal.dll, acpi.sys, msisadrv.sys, pci.sys, volmgr.sys, volsnap.sys and disk.sys)
Antiv?rus check, malwarebytes and spyboot check.
SFC /scannow with and without OFFDIR.
I think I did some more things that I can't remember now.

One week is passed and I spent about 20h trying to resolve this issue.

Any sugestion? Thank you

A:acpi.sys 0xc0000098

Hi fckool,

Welcome to the 7forums.

Please test your hard drive, this can be done offline (outside of Windows)

Diagnostics Test


Run SeaTools to check the integrity of your HDD. SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use

Do not run SeaTools on an SSD as the results will be invalid.

Run chkdsk Disk Check
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acpi,advaced configuration and power interface, changed by update. how do i fix this?

A:acpi configuration fix

could you tell more detail about ACPI change?
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Hey guys

I've just had a new hard drive installed on my computer. Windows freezes because there is an error with ACPI (found using the event log). After some research on google it says that this is something to do with power management, I've tried changing some of the settings in the BIOS power management setup but it hasn't helped at all!

Has anyone had a similar problem / knows a solution to this??


A:Problems with ACPI in Win XP

btw what does the tick / check next to my posts on the main forum screen mean?
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hello i would appreciate any help at all as i am a Corrupted Acpi.sys novice computer user firstly i spent alot of time researching this topic but as i said im a novice and its not making sence my problem is this i understand the need for as much information about the computer in topic but cannot provide any details as it was given to me and i cant Acpi.sys Corrupted boot it up when i turn the computer on it seems as though it is starting as i see a black screen with windows xp on it the it turns to a blue screen with a small win xp logo on it but thats it nothing else happens ive tried booting from a cd and it appears to work but after about sec it says acpi sys is corrupted and installation failed any help would be greatly appreciated thank you oh by the way great name for this site ive used the phrase many times now

A:Acpi.sys Corrupted

Manufacturer and model of system?

Do you have an XP CD?

Can you access the BIOS?

Are you given any options onscreen when this happens?

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I currently have a eMachines T6216 Desktop computer. With an AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+. The system was pre-configured as an ACPI PC. I was having problems with the OEM Windows. So installed a copy of Windows XP Pro that I had. But Ive since had problems with certain applications. And its because now the PC is a "Standard PC". Ive tried different methods such as updating the driver to fix this problem, but that doesnt work.

How can I properly install Windows XP Pro as an "ACPI PC">?

A:Standard PC to ACPI PC

I think this site/info might be what you are looking for .;EN-US;299340
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I have had to downgrade from Windows 10 to 8.1. I have installed all drivers except this ACPI\VEN_INT&DEV_33FFACPI\INT33FF*INT33FF I have searched and searched. Can anyone please tell me where to go to find this driver? Thank youRobert


Hi, Please try:   Regards.
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I have a problem with instalation Ai Suite. Fail to instal ACPI driver.

Any solution?

A:ACPI problem

Hi mascot and welcome to the forum!

We'd be much more helpful in diagnosing your issue if you could take the time and fill in your system specs on your profile. As there, we could see your motherboard and other peripherals that might contribute to what you're encountering.

Off the bat, have you tried going to your motherboard's manufacturer's website to obtain the latest driver?
You could also try running the program in compatibility mode.
Did you check the error logs and error number encountered that might point you to the exact problem why it's failing the install.
Did you run the application as administrator?

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im having an issue installing windows 7..

This computer is not compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard. Windows must be installed onto a computer that supports ACPI. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update or install Windows on an ACPI-compliant computer.

im using an updated evga 780i sli mobo with the newest bios i check the bios and acpi is on... any help would be great..

A:ACPI error!!

I spent 14 hours on this topic yesterday, he never posted back to my last question in the thread. Please read all the posts & see if any pertain to your problem. then post some additional info & questions. Welcome to SevenForums.

Win7 setup ACPI not compatible?

" Doc "
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Hey all,

My BIOS came with ACPI 2.0 disabled. How critical is ACPI 2.0 for system stablity/crashes, etc? I've read (today, of course, lol) it is almost required.

And is it true that you have to install Vista with ACPI 2.0 already enabled on your BIOS for it to work correctly? Meaning I would have to re-install Vista?

I'm currently having crashes and instability problems, perhaps once or twice a week, while playing games. This is down from around 5 times a day before I RMAed my power supply and manually turned up my GPU fan to 100%.

All timings/voltages are set to manual. All updates/drivers are current.

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i want to install driver 
pls help me
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Hi Well I m having endless annoying problems with my pc It all started last week when afer a reboot it came up with the BSOD STOP x A quot STOP x ACPI error A Parameter Parameter Parameter Parameter The ACPI Bios in this system is not fully compliant to the specification Please read the Readme txt for possible workarounds or contact your system vendor for an updated bios The bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant Please contact your system vendor for an updated ACPI error bios If you are unable to obtain an updated bios or the latest bios supplied by your vendor is not ACPI compliant you can turn off ACPI mode during text mode setup ACPI error To do this simply press the F key when you are prompted to install storage drivers The system will not notify you that the F key was pressed--it will silently disable ACPI and allow you to continue your installation quot This is the error I have searched the web and I found the exact error but with a new install of windows xp I tried downloading a new bios for my motherboard GA- va rev but when i run the update it says it does not match my chipset despite it suite clearly stamped on my motherboard I have also tried installing XP again without ACPI but that proceeds in crashing with another BSOD x I would also like to point out that no new hardware or software has been installed Any help would be greatly appreciated Steven nbsp

A:ACPI error

Try physically resetting the CMOS using the onboard jumpers -- and make sure the battery itself is good.

The error can also occur due to faulty ram.

Beginners Guides: Diagnosing Bad Memory

Windows Memory Diagnostic
Memtest86 - A Stand-alone Memory Diagnostic
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i m getting an acpi sys BSOD i have found this site as a result of trying to fix this on my own STOP x E xC xBA D xBA D ACPI SYS - Address B E D base at B E E DateStamp b the BSOD acpi.sys sequence of events so far has been attack by security tool and antimalware xp ran malwarebytes in safe mode at the end of scan it said it found potential threats and i clicked to remove all prompt to restart and began getting the acpi.sys BSOD BSOD referenced above which at the time included PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA i was still able to access safe mode at this time started recovery console and ran chkdsk r which reported at end of scan that it found one or more errors that it had fixed reboot still getting BSOD and no longer able to access safe mode please any acpi.sys BSOD help would be greatly appreciated are you out there fabar anyone

A:acpi.sys BSOD

Hi, could you please try the following steps?OK this file is big Print these instruction out so that you know what you are doingTwo programs to downloadFirst ISOBurner this will allow you to burn OTLPE ISO to a cd and make it bootable. Just install the program, from there on in it is fairly automatic. Instructions SecondDownload OTLPE.iso and burn to a CD using ISO Burner. NOTE: This file is 292Mb in size so it may take some time to download.When downloaded double click and this will then open ISOBurner to burn the file to CDReboot your system using the boot CD you just created.Note : If you do not know how to set your computer to boot from CD follow the steps hereYour system should now display a REATOGO-X-PE desktop.Double-click on the OTLPE icon.Ensure the box "Automatically Load All Remaining Users" is checked and press OKOTL should now start.Press Run Scan to start the scan.When finished, the file will be saved in drive C:\OTL.txtCopy this file to your USB drive if you do not have internet connection on this systemPlease post the contents of the OTL.txt file in your reply.
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I'm currently trying to upgrade from windows xp to windows 7. Every time i try the install it tells me "This computer is not compliant with the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) standard. Windows must be installed onto a computer that supports ACPI. Contact your computer manufacturer for a BIOS update or install Windows on an ACPI-compliant computer."

I checked and the BIOS is updated and i have the ACPI option enabled.

My mother board is an MSI K9A Platinum and IS (supposedly) ACPI compliant.

Other notes: I built this computer about three years ago with some friends and have at one point had the Windows 7 Release Candidate installed so i know it works.


A:ACPI Compliancy

Are you booting from the Win7 DVD? You want to select Custom install, then use Drive Tools to delete XP, create new partition(s) as you wish, format before installing Win7 to first partition.

If you are booting DVD, then try resetting CMOS: Clear CMOS - 3 Ways to Clear the CMOS - Reset BIOS You may need to set DVD drive to boot first afterward.
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I had to replace hdd and installed os. my device manager shows other device and under 2 entries unknown device.  The product ids are: ACPI\ENE0100ACPI\HPQ0004 What are these and what do i need to do.


Hi, The first one is for the receiver: and the second one is for HP 3D DriveGuard Software  (7, 8, 8.1) or Regards.
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Under Devices and Printers it says my PC needs Troubleshooting so I did and this showed: "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled.  An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)" How do I fix this?

A:Bluetooth ACPI

Is something actually broken or are you looking for an item to *fix* ... if you are just looking for an item to fix I have a couple registry cleaners to sell you.  Sorry bad joke, but is an item broken (like you can't do something)? because several item will appear as disabled when turned off or not immediately in use ... most common being wireless printers
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I have a spare computer running Windows Vista Ultimate that has started having some issues.
It crashed previously with a bluescreen saying the system32/win_boot didn't exist (or something along those lines, it was a few days ago) and I managed to get it to run by reinstalling VIsta and then proceded to install Avira Free 2013 and ran a full scan, and it came out clean.
It worked fine for a few days and then suddenly, upon booting past the HP screen that gives me the option to go into setup and the boot menu, it will crash with a BSOD (Which only stays up for like half a second) and then it just restarts right away by itself.
I managed to make out "Acpi.sys error" or something along those lines.
Any help would be wonderful.
Thank you!

A:Acpi.sys BSOD

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We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.
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Information on A/V control can be found HERE.As I am just a silly little program running on the servers, please do not send me private messages as I do not know how to read and reply to them! Thanks!
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I get the above message when I try to start my Extensa 5620-6846 laptop.  I tried reformatting but when I try to get to the BIOS settings, it wants a password and I have no idea what it is.  I habe had this for quite a while (original owner) but do not remember what the password is (or if I even had a password to begin with).   HELP!!!  TIA Candy

A:WMI ACPI is not supported

If it has a BIOS password that is not know, the only way to remove it is with repair. If you private message me I can work with you to get it set up for service.

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.
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PC Chips M MB with Cyrix C - XP-Pro sp months running great except when quot shutdown quot displayed message quot Now safe to turn off computer - APM (?) Boot No ACPI quot and had to depress case power button last week I checked a box on the APM tab of Power Options properties quot enable advanced power option profile quot which to my knowledge is also enabled in BIOS as default setting however ACPI is disabled by default Later when I shut down it powered off immediately and I was elated Now it won t power up First I got nada like it was unplugged reset CMOS reseated ATX plug still nada Hooked up new PSU just APX plug got green light pulled plug and installed new PSU W both Grn amp Amber LED s light bright amp flicker no beep no video no boot HDD not spinning up depress and hold PWBT nada disconnect-reconnect powers right back up no button bright lights HDD spins up but no video repeat and nada press PWBT and nada let it sit for two days tried same thing but now just softer LED APM - ACPI (?) No Boot with flicker and no HDD spin no video no boot any ideas at all Any helpful hints to check if the original PSU is good power-on outside the computer nbsp

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Hello guys!

I recently got 2 BSOD referring to Acpi.sys. I couldn't found out what were causing these BSOD's and I'm asking for Your support. Just before the BSOD appears, the PC is sluggish.

My computer is a DELL PRECISION T5500, hex core processor XEON 5675, video card: Quadro 4000, 12GB RAM ECC, 1.5 TB HDD and Im running Windows 7-64 bit

I have the latest drivers.

Here's the link of the uploaded BSOD's.

If someone can detect the cause I'll be very grateful!

Thank You very much!

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SpeedFan gives me my ACPI temperature. Any ideas on what this may be referring to? It varies from 29C-36C.

A:ACPI Temp?

Normal, and good, temperature range, so all is good... Assuming you have set it to report this information.
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My son just called me, can't get computer to boot completely. It starts to boot, gets to the desktop, but before all the icons appear it shuts down. I told him to go into his BIOS and see what he could see and he got the error.........acpi.sys is corrupted. Any suggestions on how to help him? Thanks!

A:acpi.sys corrupted

Tell him to try a safe mode approach and select "last known good configuration" or a system restore if it happened recently.
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After i updatet from win 8.1 to win 10 i have a device in devicemanager that says older unit.
in information it says
ACPI\INT0800\4&73ea035&0 no driver installed.
what is this and where do i get a driver for this
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I installed windows 8 dev privew on my netbook (Asus EEEPC 1001PX)
After installing keyboard filter and hotkey service in order to use Fn hotkeys(both from Asus), an error message that sayid "missing ACPI driver" kept popping out evertytime a key was pressed. So I tried installing the latest version of ACPI driver from Asus's website hoping it would fix the problem. However during the last step of installation, it would fail and rollback the installation. I have also tried a few different versions of the driver as well as running them under compatibility mode. Unfortunately none of them worked. Any suggestion?

A:ACPI driver

Try replacing the drivers with \Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\ACPI two files acpi.sys and acpi.inf
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hi all,i have any problem again in my toshiba L510 with spec intel core i3 m330 windows 7 ultimate 32bit,in my device manager all of the driver was installed but if i see in device and printers,in the computer logo have a yellow sign that mean's need to troubleshoot,after i run the troubleshoot,there's detect one unknown device not installed and that device is ACPI/TOS1901,
i have try look for the device in toshiba site's and search in google but i didn't got the solution,can somebody tell me how to solve that problem,please???

thank's before


First link has the solution :

After the installation of Windows Vista a unknow device is visible in the Device Manager

From the below forum :

Toshiba Support Forums: Unknown device ACPI\TOS1901 in Vista on ...

Bing search :

ACPI/TOS1901 - Bing
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I have un unknown device in device manager ACPI\ALP000D. Who can help me with the driver fot Windows 7 64 bit?Thanks


Hi, Should be the driver on the link below. Regards, DP-K
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Hello Xp acpi.sys bsod guys i came here for help after Xp acpi.sys bsod doing every possible thing i could do to install XP PRO on my new Dell Studio with Intel i processor It came Xp acpi.sys bsod pre-installed with Windows bit Now i m trying to install Windows XP Pro and after loading all the files it gives me quot acpi sys quot blue screen of death I have AHCI selected in bios so i switched it to ATA mode and i get the same error I have done f f f method but no luck i bypassed it with F and XP is installed but with the MPS MULTI-PROCESSOR HAL which is not good because my fans are running on full speed like crazy and laptop is getting HOT and its so SLOW so i think HAL should be ACPI instead of MPS i installed with AHCI enabled with xp pro sp with AHCI integrated drivers but no luck same stupid error with f it doesnt give me any option but quot other pc or standard pc quot i cant even switch it hal to acpi in device manager cuz there are no options but MPS and standard pc WHAT SHOULD I DO GUYSSSSSSSSS i m going krazy lol pplease gime some ideas i will be very THANKFUL to whoever help me out

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hello to all members

I have an HP Pavilion dv6 8GB total DDR3 memory and 700 GB

HDD HitachiHTS727575A9E364 of 698.64 GB SATA II

Windows 7 Ultimate (X64) Service Pack 1 installed

I want to install XP on the D: (which is empty)

Disk 698 GB HDD (divided into 3 partitions)

C: Win 7 = 252 GB (Windows 7 installed)
D: Empty = 155 GB (XP to be install)
F: Archive = 289 GB (here I store various documents, music, programs, etc. ..)

All goes well until you reach the middle of the installation the computer stops on the blue screen with the following error:

STOP: 0x0000007E (0xC0000005, 0XF73B8D66, 0XF78D1EA0, 0XF78D1B9C)
error acpi.sys address F73B8D66 base at f73ad000 dateStamp 480252B1

Really I'm a little lost due to research on the net
I'd like your help to solve this problem.

I would like your advice step by step to get to install XP.
Thank you in advance

A:error acpi.sys

I haven't done a dual boot in ages. But it is generally recommended that the OS's are installed by age (ie: oldest to newest).

Search for dual boot and you will find numerous guides.
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I get the above message when I try to start my Extensa 5620-6846 laptop.  I tried reformatting but when I try to get to the BIOS settings, it wants a password and I have no idea what it is.  I habe had this for quite a while (original owner) but do not remember what the password is (or if I even had a password to begin with).   HELP!!!  TIA Candy

A:WMI ACPI is not supported

If it has a BIOS password that is not know, the only way to remove it is with repair. If you private message me I can work with you to get it set up for service.

Important Links: US Driver Downloads | Knowledge Base Articles | Service LocationsRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will make it easier for others to find the same information.
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Suddenly I am unable to boot up my pc and have been getting the following blue screen message:
"The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant."

When trying to boot I get about 3 seconds to chhose Windows Setup or Windows 7. Problem is it won't recognise my keystrokes at this page so I can't use the direction arrows to get off Windows Update and onto Windows 7. Nor can I press f8.

I had been recently unable to update Windows and tried to repair my Windows with my Windows 7 Update disc. That wouldn't complete. Now I can't even turn it on.
Any ideas?

A:ACPI compliant

Have you installed any new hardware or software lately? Please make a list.

That error message probably indicated that your BIOS hardware isn't compatible with ACPI (ACPI is something that controls the electricity given to the components inside your computer (Gave me a headache reading about it, so i might not be spot-on))

Also, insclude your computer's specs please

Read about ACPI:

EDIT: Here's how to disable the ACPI, maybe that'll fix your problem:
You can disable acpi under power management in the bios. It's usually on the top line, and you just hit enter and change from enable to disable. When you do, windows will reconfigure your operating system, and you may have to reload some drivers.

Good Luck!
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Hello,can you help me please?
I have problem with
Uknown Devices ACPI\ECS2 driver...i can't install this driver????

I Have Llaptop , FUJITSU SIEMENS- ESPRIMO MOBILE V6555; Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T6500 @ 2.10GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
i need for help please, how install this driver, end fix this problem????

Thankyou for your help....


Hello and welcome,
you can find anything you need from the official website of Fujitsu:
There's even a tool from Fujitsu called Deskupdate, which will download and install(or update) all the needed drivers for your system.

Locate your model, then download the appropriate driver. It's supposed to work after that
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1st of all my cdrom and my cdwriter drivers are not loaded in the device manager properly ..i am running windows xp pro..i have a biostar mv7kb mobo....i am getting an error under system events that says

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ACPI
Event Category: None
Event ID: 4
Date: 5/7/2002
Time: 5:13:34 PM
User: N/A
Computer: DC-Y48K8TDQI8WJ
AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an illegal IO port address (0xcfc), which lies in the 0xcf8 - 0xcff protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: 00 00 00 00 04 00 52 00 ......R.
0008: 00 00 00 00 04 00 05 c0 .......
0010: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0018: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........
0020: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........

ive looked at microsoft and at biostar and find nothing that solves this this acpi error whats causing my cdroms to not be loaded properly and if so or do i fix this??

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Hi.. I need some help...
When I turn on my computer, a message comes up saying: " WMI ACPI is not supported!" ... It's has been like this for a while, and I don't know why ..

Can someone tell me why, and what can I do to fix this problem ...

Thank you,
Relevancy 36.12%

I recieved this error message when I was optimizing my system on the Mcafee clinic. There is no quick fix on that site. What is it,what does it mean, and what can I do to fix it? Thanks :

The "ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering" device has a problem.

(Pent III 355mhz 128mb memory Win98SE)

A:ACPI error

Personally I would ignore it.

It is a power saving feature of windows and your motherboard, and most people have it disabled anyway. If it is off, who cares if it has a problem?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech

7/9 added two pay to listen to music sites

I've gotten 5 $18 GCs in 4 weeks listening to music!
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First let me wish you and yours a most happy holiday season and please give me a gift of telling me if and how to make my Windows XP Home Edition ACPI Compliant so that I can use desktop properties to set this machine to turn off monitor and turn of hard disk.

Thank you for you attention to this Christmas request, Rodney

A:ACPI Compliant help

You need a BIOS update, which you should be able to get from your PC or motherboard manufacture's website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
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My computer will not boot up, and can't get to safe mode. It tries to diagnose and fix itself and I have discovered ACPI.sys is corrupt. I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop running Windows 7 Pro. Of course I can't find a recovery or Windows disc. Can someone please help me? I purchased this laptop from a friend, and it is a legit copy of Windows.
Thanks in advance!
Relevancy 36.12%

Ive got a comp that i restored using norton ghost....however when i try to shut it down it does not completely power off until i hit the power button. I checked the Power options and so forth and eventually determined that Windows XP was installed without ACPI support. Ive checkd all the hardware bios (version adn if it was enabled)and motherboard... and everything seems to be in compliance and enabled. So im not sure why its not there.

Im trying to find a way to install ACPI support without having to reinstall the operating system all over again.

If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated


A:ACPI Support

You might want to read THIS about half way down the page in the box.
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hi so i mainly use my laptop for music recording i ACPI Standard PC XP went since i ever rebooting from to PC have a MOTU ultralite which i can plug my mics into and that goes into my laptop through a firewire card anyway i was having a bunch of latency issues and i eventually solved everything XP rebooting ever since i went from ACPI PC to Standard PC except for this one spike that i kept getting every seconds i researched a bunch and found that ACPI stuff tends to send interrupts or whatever every seconds to check how much battery power is XP rebooting ever since i went from ACPI PC to Standard PC left i tried disabling XP rebooting ever since i went from ACPI PC to Standard PC the ACPI battery in device manager and i killed the ACPI process using this program that i think was called process explorer but no dice finally in device manager i double clicked on computer and opened the ACPI PC properties and set it back to Standard PC and rebooted it worked the only issue was that if my laptop wasn t connected to a wireless network the latency would be off the chart but once wireless either connected or was disabled everything looked good i also can t use the power settings now but i don t really care about that and NOW i m finding that sometimes when i use the internet or am connecting disconnecting my computer reboots very suddenly and randomly no warnings nothing like that is it possible if a ton of requests are sent or whatever causes latency my computer could reboot does anyone have any ideas what i can do about it there doesn t seem to be any real pattern to the rebooting today it hasn t done it yet yesterday it happened or times in the span of about minutes i ve got a copy of vista running on this laptop as well which still has ACPI drivers and it seems about as stable as vista can get thank you nbsp

A:XP rebooting ever since i went from ACPI PC to Standard PC

Have you tried updating your "wired" network card drivers?
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I recently had performed a Windows Update on my HP laptop. I shut it off before it was done (Pretty stupid of me), and now it will not boot. It keeps coming up with a message saying ACPI.sys is corrupted and I'll need to use recovery tools.
Can someone please help me fix this?

A:How do I fix 'ACPI.sys is missing or corrupted'?

Here's some repair/recovery/restore options (in this order):
1 - Startup Repair.  Run it 3 times, rebooting in between tries.2 - System Restore to a point before this started happening.3 - DISM/SFC repair (DISM doesn't work with W7, although SFC does)
DISM /Online should only be used when running from within Windows. Run this command instead:Dism /Image:C:\ /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
Did you also try doing SFC scan while booting off of Recovery Environment or Install Disk? In those cases, the commands are slightly different:sfc.exe /scannow /offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\windows
4 - RESET using the "Keep My Files" option (W8 calls this a REFRESH; W7 and earlier doesn't have this function)5 - Repair install of the OS (Thanks to FreeBooter!):
"How To Perform a Repair Installation For Windows 8, 8.1 and 10"
    "How to Do a Repair Install to Fix Windows 7"
    "How To Perform a Repair Installation For Vista"
    "Non-destructive reinstall of Windows XP"
6 - RESET using the "Remove Everything" option (W8 calls this a RESET; W7 and earlier doesn't have this function)
If using W7 or earlier, this can be accomplished by resetting the system by use of the recovery partition/recovery disks/recovery drive.
If you don't have them, you can usually order them from the OEM manufacturer of your system ( US points of contact here: )7 - Wipe and reinstall from the Recovery Partition (if so equipped)8 - Wipe and reinstall from Recovery Media - to include deleting all partitions.
If you don't have them, you can usually order them from the OEM manufacturer of your system ( US points of contact here: )
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V64,In Device Manager, under "other devices" see "unknow device" ACPI\AWY0001 as not installed (Code28).
Does anybody can help me what it is?

A:Not Installed ACPI\AWY0001


is the driver needed,, I have had the exact same problem,, don't worry if you do not have an msi motherboard it will work on any board with that string,, I have used it on msi, asus, and abit so far ,and it fixes it every time
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I upgraded my HP M N with a Pentium D with gb of ram to Windows and then to It hasn't been too bad except for the video card driver but wanted to put gb more of ram in to help it out as it is a GeForce turbocache I ordered GB pc sticks which are the same as what I have in it At first it wouldn't boot and had the ram replaced It still didn't work and was about to send back for a refund and acpi get bios error Add ram but then put the sticks in the original ram slots and it booted Heartened I put Add ram and get acpi bios error the original ram in the slots that were originally empty and then got an ACPI BIOS ERROR and it said it was gathering info but it never left I am updating bios right now but the fixes listed on the update didn't say anything that I saw would be related What can I do to try and get the ram to work Thanks in advance

A:Add ram and get acpi bios error

Well I updated the bios and it now sees the 4gb and boots! Awesome!
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I am running windows XP with all the latest everything Earlier today I got hit by a malware attack from the AP manager ransomware I use zonealarm pro but at the time it was turned off as it conflicts with problems BSOD ACPI.sys a game I was ACPI.sys BSOD problems playing When i saw apmanager launch itself i immediately started zonealarm This allowed me to block a huge amount of crap that was trying to install itself or access the internet I then ran a scan with zonealarm which identified a lot of infections I deleted and quarantined them and then re-booted When I finished rebooting i was hit by the ap manager ransomware which was still functional It completely locked out my system I rebooted in safemode followed some tutorials and ran some anti spyware malware programs which succesfully removed ap manager I then left safemode and returned to normal mode I was running in normal mode for about three minutes when I blue screen of deathed I rebooted but this time I BSOD'd while windows was loading I am now always BSODing when i try to start normally I am able to run in safemode just fine I am getting two separate BSOD errors depending on if i start normally or start using the last known config When i start normally I get a ACPI sys page fault in nonpaged area stop x When i do last good config i get a ACPI sys stop x I have read up on both these errors and found very little in the way of solutions I know both can be caused by either software or hardware problems Considering that my system has had nothing new added and I just went through a large malware attack i'm going to assume it's software related So how do I go about fixing these errors I have googled both extensively but the other people having them seem to be people installing windows for the first time on a new computer or end up having it be due to hardware issues I haven't been able to find any instances of it being software related I do not currently have access to my windows install CD I cannot system restore as the malware deleted all my restore points

A:ACPI.sys BSOD problems

Hi, and welcome to TSF.

I think it very likely that you still have remnants of the malware on your system. I am waiting for advice from a colleague and shall get back to you shortly.
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Hey guys I'm just here to make sure I'm doing everything right I read up on some other people having ACPI issues with their computers and I ended up with Resolving ACPI Issues some the on At first it was just crashes but it got to the point to where I had nothing but ACPI compliance BSODs I read on here that some guy reinstalled from XP to Win x and had no problems so I'm doing that now in hopes of the same Resolving ACPI Issues resolve I've also read where a guy had issues with his M-Audio drivers and that it was causing all the issues Going back to my thoughts the last drivers I installed were drivers directly from MSI for my Big Bang x motherboard It also installed the Utilities they have with it which may need Resolving ACPI Issues to be considered Is there anything else I should consider doing while I install I already updated the BIOS so that's out of the way I checked my memory already so they are good to go Anything I missed

A:Resolving ACPI Issues

Great. While installing XP, I got a Memory_Management Bsod. I'm guessing I need to run memcheck?
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I've been trying to solve this fan issue for quite a couple of days now and I came to the conclusion that if there's anyone who will probably have a solution it's Brink.

The issue specifically is my CPU Fan is always on when idle or gaming(Exact fan noise level), resulting in consistent noise. I'm certain this is an ACPI problem that is causing this. Please help.

My PC Specs (Dell XPS 720):

2 Gigs of ram
Windows Vista 32bit

A:ACPI Causing My CPU Fan To Always Run(Even at idle)

It's a bios issue, lookup the vendor and download the latest bios for your motherboard. Google "flash bios" for a how-to
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When I turned my computer on today, it has told me that it found new hardware and wants to install drivers. I haven't added anything for a long time, since I put 3rd hard drive. Because it couldn't find the drivers it came up with ACPI IRQ holder error but I don't know what it is referring too.
I googled it but there are so many, that is very hard to pick which one it is. In my device manager I don't have anything that doesn't have a driver or not identified.
Can you please shed some light on the matter


A:ACPI IRQ holder error?

I have the same problem. I just replaced a customers HDD and ran the factory image and im getting that error. How do you like that?
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AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to create an illegal memory OpRegion, starting at address 0xffffff00, with a length of 0x100. This region lies in the Operating system's protected memory address range (0x100000000 - 0x130000000). This could lead to system instability.

A:Event Error ACPI

The Microsoft support page for that event error in Windows XP is here: Error Message: ACPI BIOS Is Attempting to Create an Illegal Memory OpRegion
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after I uninstall it it comes back again. how do I stop it from coming back.
can the windows work without the acpi compliant control method ?
some advice is needed.
I find it kills my battery or the charging circuit inside the laptop misbehaves
in reporting battery status and yellow light blinking. upon uninstalling acpi control driver restarting battery works fine only until next cold restart
or I want a bat file to remove the acpi driver every time I shut down the computer my laptop for the night.
can anybody help ?
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Hi I have been having this rootkit problem for a while now and just cant get to the bottom of it I have been trying to get the disk zero and a Bios some Rootkit and really help! do Acpi / need Dos clean install for ages now but every time every boot on a few defferent computer its doing the same loaded Bios / Dos Acpi Rootkit and really do need some help! up something totally different from the source and upon looking at it further its loading up this winre wim from boot and wanting socking connection for stream and same for booing into linux too ond on android phone And am guessing its some kind of hardware base Dos bios ACPI rootkit and calling INT INT buring Bios / Dos Acpi Rootkit and really do need some help! boot well actually i did Bios / Dos Acpi Rootkit and really do need some help! discover a ext filesysystem in dos and This is a fresh window install hours ago and I did know the issue from the start of the install but had no other option but to carry on like how this rootkit planned coz it will just fail the installation everytime i done anything As far as i know socket stream is bit by bit so am going to have to leave this short And here are the logs few more info from the install Thanks so much for helping and Standing by also here is the html code i get from my browser loading this page thanks

A:Bios / Dos Acpi Rootkit and really do need some help!

Please post all logs directly into the thread rather than attaching them.