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New board, no sound from front or rear jacks

Q: New board, no sound from front or rear jacks

I got a M5A99x Evo Re2.0, brand new board and the audio from the rear doesnt work at all when I plug the pink and green plugs. I have an HDMI connecting from my TV to my Gcard, I get audio through the TV but cant seem to get those jacks working. Ive used two different headsets to see if it might have been the headset itself. im really stumped.

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Preferred Solution: New board, no sound from front or rear jacks

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: New board, no sound from front or rear jacks

Have you gone into the sound menu in your control panel and set your default audio device to your headset?

If, under the "playback" tab, the HDMI output is ticked, then this is the problem.

Just click on the correct device(It should either list your headphones or say "high definition audio", or something similar) and then click "set default".

This should solve the problem.
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I can not get sound from my front jacks but I get sound through the internal speaker. If the rear jacks are enabled then they will work.

Device manager shows: 2 high definition audio devices (not realtek). One for the rear jacks and the other for ATPI Inernal ATPI jack. No playback device listed for the front jacks.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the devices but the front jacks wont install

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

A:HP400 sound from internal speaker and rear jacks but not front jacks

High Definition Audio Drivers are only the generic, basic function, Windows installed sound drivers. They are not the full feature drivers that the hardware drivers provide. Check HP for a correct sound driver, if available.

ATPI (ATAPI) suggests this is an old Windows XP PC that was upgraded. There may not be any better drivers than the generic ones you have now.

Also check the front panel audio connection to the motherboard (reseat the connector).
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Hey guys I installed Audio and Jacks No Front via Rear Output the Hyper this weekend but after installation the audio stopped working Thinking that this was a hardware issue No Audio Output via Front and Rear Jacks I went back and replugged some of the cables back into the mobo to make sure they were securely in there No luck My setup other specs in profile - Phenom x - Radeon - ASRock Extreme Sound appears to work green bars move Windows doesn't detect any problems but there's no output Here's what the Sound control panel looks like Note that I do indeed have speakers headphones plugged in I also went into the Realtek HD Audio Manager to see what's going on and it lists only Digital Output None of the analog jacks appear to be active in the Manager window unless I disable front panel jack audio detection Here's what it looks like with front panel detection enabled And with front detection disabled I've done a couple of things so far - Tried headphones and speakers in front and rear audio jacks - Even tried microphone in front mic-in jack - didn't work A USB connected to front panel mic did work however - Restored BIOS to factory defaults - Disabled re-enabled onboard audio in BIOS - Installed uninstalled reinstalled audio and video drivers I've also messed around with the Realtek HD Audio Manager itself - I disabled front panel jack audio detection This added two additional in ouputs Speakers and FrontMic Neither work - Changed default device to speakers Nada - Tried enabling quot Make front and rear output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously quot I even looked at the registry after checking out the Changing Jacks stickied thread in this forum but not all the jacks are listed So anyway I have no clue what the problem is other than maybe it's outputting the sound digitally via SDPIF for some reason and I can't figure out how to get Windows Realtek to detect the analog output jacks instead Help anyone

A:No Audio Output via Front and Rear Jacks

flaergr, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Might help if you set the Speakers as the default device instead of the digital one. Unless you're specifically using the optical/digital connections on the back, both the regular and front panel jacks are analogue.
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Hi all,

I'm currently having trouble using the front/rear mic jacks on my computer. Working microphones plugged into either of these jacks will be recognized by the computer (through Realtek Sound Manager Connector Sensing), but no sound will be received through the mic (testing through Sound Recorder for example).

I've checked through all the sound options, and there's no indication that the mic volume is too low or muted. Is there any way to diagnose or solve this problem? I searched through the forums and couldn't find the answer, so any help is appreciated.

Here are my system specs:
AMD64 3700+, 2.21GHz
Windows XP Pro
ATI Radeon X800
DFI NF4 Lanparty Ultra-D
Coolermaster Centurion case

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This just started yesterday. I installed Windows 10 two months ago, so I can't blame that. I did all the recommended in computer repair steps with drivers and the speaker icon, but the computer says that the speaker or headphones are not plugged in. They were tested and do work. There are two jacks in the front, and the speakers work through one of them. I thought maybe the sound card was fried, but with the front jack working, what gives?

A:Inspiron 545 rear audio jacks not working, but front ones do.

What model sound card--integrated or separate? Check the ports in the back again with a flashlight. Make sure you are using the light green port in the middle for the speakers. The blue and the green look very much alike. 
Brave of you to install win 10 on such an old model.
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I am trying to listen to both at the same time so i can hear double the kick in the bass you know? when i plug both in it mutes the rear and i can only hear the one jack in the front.
i have an Emachines windows 7 64 bit

Please if you have any feedback i will take it! greatly appreciated

A:How do I use 2 audio jacks simultaneously(front and rear)for 2 systems

BruteDubstep welcome to the Seven Forums.

Even if you can do that it won't double the bass. You want more bass in your sound you're either need to play around with the bass/EQ settings, or get a set of speakers/headphones that have more bass.
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Right, i've been having this problem since I THINK starting to use a HDMI wire. But now, i cannot get any audio from the audio jacks, they are detected, but no sound is produced and I just cannot figure it out.
I've disabled the HDMI, installed, un-installed, re-installed audio drivers and pretty much any method and i can find thus far and nothing at all has worked. I'm a huge lover of music, and the is driving me insane!
Note: The speakers are fine, they work with my iPhone.

Any help will be greatly appreciated and i pray it be swift!

A:Front&Rear Audio jacks not working, can't find a solution!

Right click on the little speaker icon on the taskbar, select playback. Do you have it set to Speakers ?
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I am fairly new with W7 so please excuse my inexperience with this.

I have headphones connected to front headphone jack (Dell Inspiron 560 W7 Home 64). I want to have cable connected to rear jack (for speakers in other room). I can't get audio from the rear if anything is connected to the front jack. I do get about one second with the rear pink jack and the yellow jack - but not the green jack - but after one second it stops.

The sound card is RealTek High Definition Audio, driver from 10/09 Vers

Note that when making a similar connection to my XP machine the RealTek card/jacks do play in both front and rear at the same time.

I have attached screenshots of the Control Panel ->RealTek image (annotated with mouseover text) and the Volume->Properties image.

A:Can't get Rear Audio jacks to work While cable connected to front jack

I do a lot of support on the Dell users forum. Dell uses a custom implementation of the RealTek audio, only the Dell RealTek audio drivers will work or work properly. Some models of the RealTek audio chip have the capability to do what you want and some do not, on others it's up to the PC/Motherboard vendor whether to implement certain functions or not. It may be possible but I don't recall seeing any posts on the Dell forum about this particular item.

Usually, the default setup is to mute the rear connected speakers when a headphone (or whatever) is plugged into the front headphone jack.

Here is the Dell on-line manuals for the 560/570 models
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Hi there first of all nice job on this forum as it seems this one is one of the most active for windows help I hope you guys can help me out My problems began after I clean re-installed W My rear audio jacks are not being recognised in device manager and plugging in my headphones won't help I disabled my front jacks audio No rear from installing sound W7 after audio panels because the front and rear jacks cant be used at the same time and my rear jacks have surround sound options so I'm using those This setup has been working fine for years with me using the rear jacks for my surround sound headset Specs - Windows Ultimate x - ASRock P M PRO motherboard ASRock gt P M Pro According to ASRock Audio - CH HD Audio VIA VT S Audio Codec What I've tried to do done already - Checked volume sound ON OFF and all that basic stuff - Looked at Device Manager see screenshot - Updated windows with windows updater - Checked my headphones they still work on other devices - I enabled the on board sound in BIOS maybe I did it wrong - Downloaded the No sound from rear audio jacks after installing W7 drivers from the asrock website however No sound from rear audio jacks after installing W7 after using the setup exe for the driver and restarting No sound from rear audio jacks after installing W7 my computer it's as if nothing changed - Did the same for the drivers from the VIA website NOTE sometimes after restarting after setting up a driver I get a black screen prior to logging onto my desktop saying 'General Serial ATA Driver diskette Y N ' saying NO will restart the pc and then into the black screen with the question again YES will say that it's not possible and restart all over again Screenshots See how there's only devices listed where there I guess should be jacks listed as well This doesnt change when plugging in my headphones The fact that nothing shows up in my device manager and audio device manager is something I haven't seen yet when googling my problems Also the fact that the downloaded drivers don't seem to work bothers me maybe I'm using them wrong I usually extract them from zip files and then run setup exe I hope you guys may know what I can do next I will check this thread as often as I can to provide more information if necessary

A:No sound from rear audio jacks after installing W7

Sounds like something is amiss with the device itself or possibly the jacks themselves(possible hardware issue). But; i would try completely uninstalling all the devices that have the issues; reboot; and let windows try and reinstall them. If you have disks for any of the devices you might have to use the disc to load the drivers and then update them online if needed. If that does not work then it sounds like those jacks may have just bit the dust suddenly in which case you could try sending the board in to the manufacturer to have them fix it; or just get a new board which i know is not what you want to hear but if it comes down to that you may have to.
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My system, Asusu mobo M3A, AMD x2 64 3.0 ghz, 340 gig's hdd space, 2 gig ram, Radion vidcard hd 3850, Vista Business,
I have front sound jack and mic jack. the don't work i check control panel find the front jacks listed as high def audio device check mobo book find there is a setting in the bios to change the front jack setting from high def sound to regular jacks, cheanged the setting rebooted and no joy. both jacks still listed in device manager as hifgh def devices. tried to delete in device manager and reboot still the same no sound or mic out the front jack's ?????
Any ideas would be much appreciated,


A:No sound or mic from front jacks

I can suggest reinstalling the drivers.
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New rig with GA-h55m-usb3 mobo with Win 7/32 pro SP1 - back panel sound fine. but trying original front panel jacks (AC97), and Silverstone fp94s jacks (HD or AC97) nothing. HD recognition should be automatic! Audio is integrated on board Realtek, driver r2.49-6121.

I have upgraded the bios and the drivers. I have tried changing the switch to turn off automatic recognition for AC97. I can see that the system playing, I have ensured the voilume is up. Tried different speakers.

Having read other forums, come to the conclusion that this is a win 7 issue, and/or a mobo issue (however I gather this happens on other mobos).

Any suggestions?

A:No sound from front panel jacks

Do you have the correct cable connection between the motherboard and the case front panel jacks? When I assembled my home built PC, I had a problem with the front panel assembly in the case and had to get a replacement front panel assembly (and cables) from the case manufacturer to fix it.

As this is a new system, it could be anything - from the connection on the motherboard to the cable and /or front panel, to a hardware problem with the integrated audio.

Go back and verify that you have the HD Audio connection connected to the motherboard pins and that it is connected correctly. You may have to take an ohmmeter and try to trace out the connections to the front panel headphone and mic jacks to ensure continuity in the cabling. But the wiring is the first thing to check.
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My Computer Purchased Feb SONY VGC-RA G Processor Brand Intel Processor Class Pentium Processor Processor Number J with HT Technology Processor Speed GHz Bus Speed MHz Duel Gig HD w Raid Gig HD Total SATA rpm Op system Windows XP Media Edition Current on M S Security updates according to Microsoft I have Norton Internet Security in Set Jacks Front Sound Head No with automatic update Version And Trend No Sound in Head Set Front Jacks Micro Anti-Spyware My Problem My question is How do I download the latest greatest version of M S Master Volume and make it work on my computer M S Master Volume is corrupt and I can t find it on the M S update website to reinstall I use to be able No Sound in Head Set Front Jacks to listen to Music CD s on the front of my computer s headphone jacks now I can not I click on the Volume Control and all that shows in the window is Master Volume Wave SW Synth and CD Player This window use to show many more controls front and back speaker Sub Woofer Mic and Front Mic controls but Master volume does not show this any more I went to Control Panel gt Sound and Audio Devices to set up the front Mic and it would not read hear it I have done this many times before always with great success My question is How do I download the latest greatest version of M S Master Volume and make it work on my computer Thanks PS My Speakers work out of the rear of my computer I do have sound out of the back

A:No Sound in Head Set Front Jacks

This is wrong and needs to be reloaded

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Hey everybody, I just installed Windows 7 and everything works fine, but I am not able to get my sound from the jacks that are on the back of my computer. The front jacks are working and all but my audio one is broken, so the sound is horrible. I tried to fix it with drivers and all, but I just can't find anything to solve my problem, and I haven't seen anybody else having this problem. Please help me guys, I want to listen to my music D:
EDIT: Okay guys, I fixed it... Because there was a thingy broken in the front jack, the computer was thinking there already was a headset plugged in the front jack, so it didn't play the two sources. Thanks anyway !
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My computer came with on board sound. I disabled it in the bios and installed a Sound BlasterAudigy4 sound card. Now i can no longer use the front sound Jacks on the computer. Is there any way to connect these easily to the sound card i installed?


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I have a Gigabyte ma770t-ud3p board and My headphones and stuff were working fine until my realtek kept asking me if i was plugging things in even when i wasnt, now my rear sound ports dont work and my microphone ports wont work either, When i went into the Realtek jack information the plug for the front and back microphone port is lit up.

A:Help, no rear sound or microphone front or back!

Go ahead and install the latest realtek drivers for your sound card.
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I have an expensive motherboard ASUS P N -SLI SE Deluxe with sound Realtek AC' IO on the back panel and an internal pin with pins missing AC' header to which I in panel Front + sound rear vista should be able to attach the AC' lead from my case's front panel headphone mic sockets However when I plug in the internal header I lose the front left and right speakers from my back panel socket without getting it out the front socket either I assume this is something to Front + rear panel sound in vista do with the way vista has only one quot speakers quot thing in control panel's quot sound quot thing and how it detects if things are unplugged The only way I have been able to get the back Front + rear panel sound in vista panel sound back has been to unplug the front panel from the internal IO header Does anyone know how to fix this so that I can use both the front panel headphones and back panel speakers without turning my computer off to attach a lead to the motherboard

A:Front + rear panel sound in vista

try disabling hd-audio in the BIOS
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Good Evening,

I currently am experiencing the following problem with my speakers. I have the ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe motherboard. I have Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers plugged into the built-in jacks on the MOBO. However, my system only recognizes the right front and right rear speakers has being connected and will only play in 2.1 Stereo. Any ideas on how to correct this?
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I bought sound system and JVC receiver connected to PC via S PDIF All components work play sound speakers problem-rear 5.1 front sound through surround but the problem is that for example in game when i must hear something behind me i hear it from the front speakers left cntr right balance works fine but rear front the receiver adjusts the mode to LINEAR PCM automatic and the mode goes to DOLBY DIGITAL only in sound options where i can test the DD when i test it everything s great i can hear every single speaker playing alone for itself but thats only from the test in the applications i hear the sound not but the rear speaker work but they work at the same time with the front And so any ideas how 5.1 surround problem-rear sound through front speakers to adjust the thing correctly to have a nice surround sound is it from soundcard or maybe some codecs driver s are the latest btw or maybe some options on the receiver i dont know can i make somehow the receiver to work in DD mode all the time or it make s it only automatic i don t know I just want to hear sound from behind when someone talks behind me sound Realtek HD audio pls help nbsp

A:5.1 surround problem-rear sound through front speakers

what game was it?
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Ont he back of my computer I have Audio Jacks Two of them are In s so we won t be discussing them much The other are as follows Line Out Rear Speakers Side Speakers Center Sub The only one that works is Line Out I never checked the other ones because I didn t think I would Rear Motherboard Jacks On ever need them I just got a new Subwoofer today it s for a Home Theater but I was able to rig up a compatible cable I know the cable isn t the problem because I tried it with my MP player and it worked great But when I plug it into the Center Sub channel nothing Just to make sure I played a song and tried plugging my main speakers into the other jacks with no sound Computer Specs Custom Built by me Intel Rear Jacks On Motherboard Pentium D Dual Core GHz GB RAM MB single SLi Graphics Card Gigabyte Gigabyte GA- N-SLI motherboard Windows Vista Ultimate Edition Drivers all updated fully Windows Vista edition drivers if available The sound is Realtek AC with AC codec Now if I plug the subwoofer into the Line Out that works too it s just these other jacks that don t work I ve tried to get them to enable in the software that came with my motherboard but there is no option for that I guess it s just supposed to work and that s exactly what it s not doing Now I said we wouldn t be talking about the quot IN quot jacks much so here s that little bit Int he software those two I can change to be In s or Out s and with the subwoofer and regular speakers neither of those worked when I tried The Line Out works great I ve tried to configure my speaker arrangement in Windows not the program but that didn t help and I made sure everything in my BIOS checked out alright it s just this it s really bothering me that I bought this sub and now my computer won t let it work And I ve tried a splitter or using the Front jacks both work to my sub using just the Line Out but I lose all my right side speakers when I do that

A:Rear Jacks On Motherboard

Now, if I plug the subwoofer into the Line Out, that works too, it's just these other jacks that don't work. I've tried to get them to enable in the software that came with my motherboard, but there is no option for that, I guess it's just supposed to... work, and that's exactly what it's not doingYou are probably in two channel audio mode.In control panel>sound effects manager>speaker configuration tab, you should see the option to enable more channels. As you do it, you will notice the port functions for the sound card change. For 3 output ports, you need to set it to at least 6 channel.I don't have my vista system in front of me now (xp) but the directions should be close.
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Hi everyone,

I recently reinstalled Windows 7 pro on my PC. Sound was working fine before. Now Windows only shows a front jack in the sound playback device settings. There is no front jack, however, only a rear jack and it is not working. If I play music the levels monitor shows sound playing, but nothing comes out the rear 3.5mm headphones jack. Drivers all claim to be correct and up to date. I tried disabling the "Audio legacy front panel" in BIOS, and left audio set to enabled, to no avail. I attach a screenshot. Any suggestions?

Many thanks for any ideas!

A:No sound - Windows only showing front jack and not rear jack

bobsy welcome to the Seven Forums.

You need to install the driver for your sound, as it is currently running on the default Windows audio driver. Can;t tell you what it is you need as you didn't include the make and model of either the computer or motherboard.
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Hello. As you can see in the title, I have 2 jacks in the front (1 audio 1 microphone) and 2 jacks in the back (also 1 audio 1 microphone). I would like to plug my headphones into the front jacks, and my speakers into the back jacks.

However, Vista doesn't seem to recognize my front jacks. When I plug in my headphones, there are no new devices detected or anything, and the audio keeps flowing through my speakers. When I unplug the speakers, the Realtek HD Audio playback device displays "Not connected".

So the only choice I have at the moment is going over to the back of my computer and switching cables, which is quite annoying.

Any help?

My playback devices are:

"Litexmedia Virtual Audio Cable" (9 of them)

"Realtek High Definition Audio" <<<SET AS DEFAULT

Realtek Digital Audio
"Realtek High Definition Audio"

A:Got front and back jacks, but Vista only recognizes the back jacks.

hi you may need to get the motherboard manual and open your comp to check the wiring for the front jacks is correct
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I have upgraded this with ssd's and harddrives; started losing surround sound several years ago, was having a hard time switching between surround sound and headset/microphone (which works very well), have uninstalled/reinstalled audio manager and files over and over, d/l files from dell, but still can't get my thx back; yes, i did d/l the thx trustudio pc and installed and the interface is on my computer, but it does nothing, still no surround sound, tried talking to dell, they wanted $ to fixit, i said no, i can live without, but it would be nice to have it back, i did a new install of windows 7, 2 new ssd's , one for 7 itself and one for my games, then a new 2 tb hard drive for stuff in general;
thanks in advance

A:XPS 8300, NO THX TruStudio, doesn't recognize rear audio jacks

Did you install the two Chipset drivers before installing any audio driver? On the XPS 8300 driver page, I see several Audio items. Which did you install?
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Help would be greatly appreciated. My sound and microphone are working perfectly on the rear jacks of my desktop, plug into the front jacks and NOTHING.I am runing windows xp home edition with service pack 3and Realtec HD audio manager.

A:Front Mic jacks not working

Have you opened the case and checked to make sure the front panel audio cable is hooked up
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When connecting the front panel (mic, headset) of a case to the mobo, is it possible to plug it in backwards and still have it work. I ask only because in my VIA HD screen it lists the back panel and front panel. In it the green jack is highlighted where my speakers are connected to. In the front panel I have my head phones w/mic plug in and in the VIA HD panel it's not showing up. So when I use my headphones it does not mute my speakers.....sound comes from both speakers and headset. If I plug headset in to jack on speakers it mutes speakers and sound comes only through headset but I can't use my mic. So I have to use front panel w/headset and turn off there a way to work around this or a fix.

A:front panel jacks

is it possible to plug it in backwards

Probably not, but seeing as the case is from Ultra who knows. Anyway check you bios settings under "Onboard Devices Configuration" and make sure the "Front panel Select" setting is set to AC'97. Reason being is that your case doesn't have/support HD Audio through the front panel, only an AC'97 connection. Couldn't find anything on Ultra's site support/manual-wise (they are willing to sell it to you though, at nearly twice the price as from Tiger Direct; go figure, one owns the other), but I did find this review on it,

Ultra Products E-Torque Midtower Case | Maximum PC

that at least says which it has. Probably find once you make that one change in the bios (HD Audio is the default), it should work as expected.
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I have an Antec Sonata II case with ASUS P5LD2 motherboard.
I have some problem with the front audio jacks, at first there isn't any response when I plug in my mic/headphone, but then I checked an option called "Disable Front Jack Detecting", now there is input/output. But I want the detection to work like the jacks at the back, because I want my speakers to shut off when I plug in my headphone.
Is there anything I can do?

A:Front Audio Jacks

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread. Thanks for your cooperation.

Assuming that you have a standard case, you probably have not properly connected the front case jacks to the audio block on the MB. There are usually several jumpers on the audio block that are removed when you have front speakers/mike to allow the front jacks to disable the rear jacks. These must be removed and replaced with the front panel wiring.
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Hi, just bought a webcam & headset to use skype but cant seem to get the headset to work on the front audio in/out jacks on my computer.
Is there some setting I need to adjust? (Vista!) I didnt get any software with the headset only the webcam but that seems to work (after a fashion!) the image is very slow! Is there some adjustment for that too?

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I have a HP DV 2000 notebook that is about 3 months old. It is running windows Vista business. Yesterday i noticed that the front headphone jacks will not work. I have tired all the drivers i could find however the ports still will not work. I here a pop when i insert headphones into the jack however sound still ONLY comes from the PC sneakers . Any ideas??

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hi i recently purchased a xblade case the trouble is i dont where to connect the font usb and audio jacks as i cant find a manual for my motherboard it is a epox ep-4plmi but i cant find a manual anywhere please can anyone help

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hi bas i have problem here hope u can tel me a solution.i am using asus p5kpl-am/ps motherboard and iam using on board sound card that is realtek alc662 6-channel high definition audio, whats the problem i am having is i am not able to use my front panel audio jacks(both headphone and mic).all the wire connections are given correctly from the motherboard to the cabinet audio detection is been occurring in the front side when the pins are i have attached the audio manager snap.please help me.thank you

A:front panel jacks

Have you checked your BIOS to make sure the front panel jacks are set to AC'97?
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alright the fng has sumthing for u computer masters....i have an hp pavilion dv6000....running windows XP...i installed active x on my computer from microsofts website with the intetion of downloading updates....after active x installed my front heaphone jacks cease to work but my speakers are fine....ive tried rolling back sound card drivers, updating drivers, deleting the original drivers and then reinstalling them...ive gone through system properties and changed things around countless times via hp's troubleshoot website/ instructions...ive even tried system restore and then finally system recovery....ive worked with an hp technician; they said the jacks are shot...but i beleive other wise giving the circumstances....the computer is not even a year old still got the warranty....but without sending it back painfully enough to hp.....has nebody heard of this problem??? is there a going crazy here...please help me!!!!!

A:front headphone jacks on hp notebook

And why do you believe otherwise? Do they work in other circumstances, e.g. when you boot from a CD? From what you describe I'd agree with the HP tech-your jacks are shot. (Or maybe headphones now that I think about it-you say the problem is with the front jacks, are there other jacks which do work?)
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The front audio jacks of my tower won't work. The USB ports are working fine. I opened the casing and re-checked the wiring, and everything is where it should be, but still I don't get a detection from the Realtek software. The back panel works btw.

Could anyone please help with this issue?

A:Front Audio Jacks won't work

Can anybody help?
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hi. i have recently had to wipe my computer and now the front audio jacks for the microphone and headset no longer work. this is driving me crazy cause my husband plays WOW and now he cant ventrillo chat with his guild.
not sure what stats to post, this is a gateway desktop running windows vista.
any help would be appreciated!! thanks in advance!!!

A:front audio jacks not working

Need the exact model number of the Gateway, please
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I finished setting up my own custom built PC 2 days before and i noticed this problem.
There is no sound output from the front audio jack. I'm using Asus motherboard. There was a similar question in their FAQ. I tried it but it didn't help.
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support-

Please help me fix this :/

My CPU configuration goes like this :
CPU : AMD FX8350
RAM: Corsair 8GB x 2 = 16GB
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 270x 2GB
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R2.0

Any kind of help is highly appreciated.

A:No output from front audio jacks :(

Did you plug the front audio connector to motherboard yet?

There should be a little plug called HD Audio or something similar, plug it on the appropriate connector on motherboard. Check manual to locate it. If it's AC97 then plug that one.
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I have a problem similar to one posted earlier this year. I have a sound blaster live card that I took out of a dell and I've put it in an HP dc5000. Everything works except the front audio panel. I know that I need to connect them to the card but the headers don't seem to be compatible. Is there any way around this?

A:Front panel audio jacks not working

Assuming your Live has the connector shown here,

Connecting the SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS to the Front Panel

the easiest would be if you still have the Dell case to pull the entire wire harness (from the front plugs to the connector) from the Dell case and swap it with the one in the HP case (if possible that is). Or you can follow that guide and make your own cable as the pinouts for that connector are the same on all Creative cards that have it. One other option is to buy one ready made (pretty sure I have seen them cheaper on ebay),

The X-Tap -- Sound Blaster Audigy/X-Fi Harness
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I have this motherboard and get no audio when I plug in headphones in the front or back ports I'm running win so there aren't compatible drivers available on asus panel from Audio jacks. back No or front site I tried downloading the vista x and installing them in compatibility mode but the device manager shows quot High Definition Audio Device quot so I No Audio from front or back panel jacks. think it's still using a generic windows driver Also tried these Realtek Sound gt Playback shows Digital Audio S PDIF and sound bars move while playing a mp or movie but still no audio Usually speakers and headphones show up I though I don't even see them when I choose show disabled devices I tested usb headphones and got audio but I really need those jacks to work The audio on this board is Realtek ALC -CH High-Definition Audio CODEC I've also reset the bios and the mic shows up and receives data when plugged in but still no sound Thanks in advance for your help

A:No Audio from front or back panel jacks.

I'm still looking for suggestions. I'm wondering if buying a newer sound card would work.
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Ever since i upgraded to my new case, the front mic and headphone jacks have never worked. The computer doesnt recognise anything at all when i plug something in

A:Front headphone and mic jacks dont work

Are you sure the front panel sockets areconnected correctly to the motherboard?
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I have a eagletech Dragon Case and i would like to enable the front Mic and speaker ports on the top of the system (near the reset button)

Sorry This is out of warranty and I when i plug them in they (the speaker and microphone) don't seem to work from this port. They do work from the main port on the back of the system but that is to much hassle to reconnect all the time.

I have tried searching this forum but don't appear to find the answer, also the

website does not have this model listed ( i will assume it's an older obsolete model)

Thank you for your help in advance.

Kind Regards

A:Unable to use front microphone and speaker jacks

You'll need to connect the wires for the front ports to the corresponding header on your motherboard. Post pics of the wires and your motherboard model and I'll see if I can tell you step by step what to do...
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We have a few systems where the front audio jacks are not working correctly on the not Front working on NF68-A1 audio jacks NF -A boards Bios updated latest realtek audio drivers for vista installed One of the systems strangely enough only the mic is working the cases are not the same on these systems and it is unlikely the ports are all bad Specs Front audio jacks not working on NF68-A1 for system Bios recent audio latest Power Supply W Thermaltake SLI Compatible Silent Toughpower Edition Processor Intel Core Duo E GHz MHz Front Side Bus MB Cache Motherboard eVGA Core Quad Chipset nForce i SLI Compatible Quad Core Conroe Memory GB DDR Super Talent at MHz High-Performance Floppy Media Sony MB Floppy Black Edition Hard Drive GB Western Digital MB Cache RPM SATA Hard Drive - No Thanks Raid Option - No Thanks Optical Drive Sony DVD-ROM CD-ROM DVD Reader x CD Reader x Optical Drive Sony DVD R RW CD-R RW DVD Writer x CD-Writer x Network Card High Speed Network Port Supports High-Speed Cable DSL Network Connections Modem - No Thanks Video Card nVidia GeForce GTX MB By eVGA PCI-Express TV Tuner - No Thanks Sound Card Motherboard Multi-Channel High Definition Audio Channel Physics Card - No Thanks Cooling Air Cooling Certified Digital Storm Heat-sink and Fan Stage Cooling Case Lighting Blizzard Internal Lighting Blue Edition Cold Cathode Tubes Round Cables - No Thanks Windows OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Specs for system Customer is currently updating bios and reinstalling latest realtek audio drivers Case Stacker Power Supply W Thermaltake Quad SLI GTX SLI Compatible Silent Toughpower Edition Processor Intel Core Extreme QX GHz Quad Core MHz FSB MB Cache Motherboard eVGA Core Quad Chipset nForce i SLI Compatible Quad Core Conroe Memory GB DDR Super Talent at MHz Dual Channel High-Performance Floppy Media Digital Media Card Reader Black Hard Drive GB Western Digital MB Cache RPM SATA Hard Drive - No Thanks Raid Option - No Thanks Optical Drive Sony DVD-ROM CD-ROM DVD Reader x CD Reader x Optical Drive Sony DVD R RW CD-R RW DVD Writer x CD-Writer x Connectivity High Speed Network Port Supports High-Speed Cable DSL Network Connections Modem - No Thanks Video Card nVidia GeForce GTX MB By eVGA PCI-Express ACS Overclocked Edition TV Tuner - No Thanks Sound Card Motherboard Multi-Channel High Definition Audio Channel Physics Card - No Thanks Cooling Extreme Liquid Chilled CPU Enhanced Performance Tuning Artic Blue Coolant Case Lighting - No Thanks Cabling - No Thanks User Manual FREE Personalized Elite Digital Storm Binder Paperwork Benchmarks CDs Manuals Windows OS Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium nbsp

A:Front audio jacks not working on NF68-A1

the evga board in question only supports HD audio, so cases with ac97 front connectors will not work!! solved.
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I m a bit confused here My mobo is an MSI K N-Ultra Currently the connectors on the motherboard for the front audio panel look like this see attached document jaud jpg Here s a description of each connector from to MIC L Microphone - Left Channel GND Ground MIC R Microphone - Right channel PRESENCE Active low signal-signals BIOS that a High Definition Audio dongle is connected to the analog header PRESENCE when a High Definition Audio dongle is connected LINEout R Analog Port - Right channel MIC JD Jack detection return from front panel microphone JACK Front JD Jack detection sense line from to help getting jacks panel Need audio front work the High Defintiion Audio CODEC jack detection resistor network NC No control you can see from the attached diagram that its empty LINE out L Analog Port - Left channel LINEout JD Jack detection return from front panel JACK However for the wires from my casing all I have are L OUT R OUT L OUT R OUT MIC IN MIC POWER GROUND in total Yes it s not a typo - I have x L OUTs and R OUTs I have no idea what wires to attach to which connectors Need help getting front panel audio jacks to work besides GROUND I ve tried various combinations but I can t get Need help getting front panel audio jacks to work my audio jacks especially the microphone one to work I really need some help here please nbsp

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Hello. My audio / headset jacks on the front panel of my PC running Windows 8.1 will not work. I had the Beats Audio Panel installed and was using the IDT High Definition Audio Codec and had rear sound through my speakers only. After checking your forum, I unistalled that driver (and Beats Audio) and installed the High Definition Audio Device driver only (no Beats Audio) and both rear jacks work. So, I can get sound and recording in the rear, but not it the front. I hope you can help me. Thank you.
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My problem is that I can't seem to make my speakers (plugged into back panel) and my headphones (plugged into front panel) play normally at the same time.

I'm using the latest Realtek HD Audio manager on Win 7.

I managed to do this thing on Vista before, but no I somehow can't. The reason I want this is to simply be able to mute the device I don't use and switch between speakers and headphones without any plugging.

I hope somebody can help.

A:Unable to play back and front jacks at the same time.

I also would like an answer to this.

I have dual monitors each with an audio input for their speakers.
The obvious solution is to get a Y cable and hook them both to the rear output but if you don't have one, then we should be allowed to use the front output at the same time as the rear.

How do you enable this, I've fiddled inside Realteks manager but nothing helps.
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It shows my front jacks. But when I plug in my headset nothing pops up, and I can't manually click the jack. Having to pull out my entire computer every time I want to plug in my headset it really really annoying, which is the whole reason I got jacks on the front of my they don't work?

A:Realtech HD Audio Manager not working with front jacks

Originally Posted by Megz

It shows my front jacks. But when I plug in my headset nothing pops up, and I can't manually click the jack. Having to pull out my entire computer every time I want to plug in my headset it really really annoying, which is the whole reason I got jacks on the front of my they don't work?

Hi Megz,

Welcome to the Forum,

You need to check that the front speakers are connected to the motherboard. There are up two connectors one is for HD (mine is yellow) and the other for AC97. You now need to Enter the Bios and check that Front Panel Audio is selected to the same HD or AC97
I hope this helps

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Hello all I recently built a computer over the summer and have got most of it working Unfortunately I am still having a problem with the sound for this system I am using my motherboard s Asus A N X on board sound and the back ports work perfectly thus far The problem is that my case headphone help/cable front to run jacks AND Need speakers back NZXT Guardian has front ports for headphone microphone To connect the internal wires for these ports to the Line out L and Line Need help/cable to run back speakers AND front headphone jacks out R I have to take off the jumpers that connect them to BLINE OUT L and BLINE OUT R Doing so disables the back sound ports From talking to others it Need help/cable to run back speakers AND front headphone jacks appears this is a common problem with many soundboards cases How have you guys gotten around Need help/cable to run back speakers AND front headphone jacks it Or alternately does anybody know where I can buy an internal audio extension wire that has one male end and two female or a jumper end Thanks for any advice Ruvan nbsp
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I?m having a problem with the front panel audio of my new Antec One case. While the headphone jack plays sound fine the problem is that it doesn?t detect when headphones are plugged in and does not mute the rear speakers. Jack Sensing is not working at all and Realtek HD Audio Manger marks both the headphone and mic jack as permanently plugged in.

I?ve tried re-installing the audio drivers many times and can verify that an HD Audio header is plugged into the mobo and not an AC?97.

Anyone else have any ideas what the problem could be? This is a very minor but rather annoying problem. Thanks.

A:Front panel audio jacks not muting speakers

On some systems, The RealTek HD Audio Manager will give you the option of muting the speakers when you plug in a headset or give you the option not to mute the speakers.

Its found in the Control Panel/Hardware and Sound. I'm not sure how to access this in Win 8 without a Start button. I have an add on program (Start8) that adds the Start Button and Windows 7 look so I can access it on my Win 8 system.
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Just bought a Dell XPS 8900. I cannot get any jack to pick a microphone. I have tried several different microphones that do work on other computers. 

A:Dell XPS 8900 Front Jacks will not pick up Microphone

Do you mean the top right microphone jack? Did you test the microphones on the rear red microphone jack?
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The Specifications Computer type PC Desktop Computer Manufacturer Model Number Custom Build OS Windows Ultimate x CPU i - K Motherboard X -A Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX x GB DDR Graphics Card s Either GTX STRIX or GT Monitor s Displays BenQ GL H Screen Resolution x Hard Drives A Front Audio Don't Realtek Issues Jacks Work; WD EZRX that is still trying to tell me Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues it has TB of memory Yeah yeah PSU Corsair CS M Internet Speed Optimistic Please tell me Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues if you need anything else on this front The Issue So I'm finally finishing up on installing a load of new components and the last pressing issue seems to be that for some Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues reason my audio jacks do not work Both the front and back ports do not register my headphones or my speakers Neither of these are defective and I've tried them in a friend's laptop to verify this I tried reinstalling both my NVIDIA Audio Drivers as well as the Realtek ones that came with the motherboard NVIDIA reinstalled fine but Realtek comes up with errors during the install such as x FF but 'completes' regardless That is to say when I restart it can be found and uninstalled via Control Panel but it can't be found in device manager I'm pretty sure that's the culpit but I've no idea how to deal with the issue Side Note Due to the issues laid out in this thread I am working on backdated NVIDIA drivers I don't think that's the issue but if they are updating them at least to their latest version might be a bad idea

A:Front Audio Jacks Don't Work; Realtek Issues

The audio jacks don't work, obviously because the sound driver is not installing.
Does the Windows installed "High Definition Audio driver" install? (instead of the regular hardware Realtek) If that is not installing there would seem to be a hardware problem or that the sound is disabled in the BIOS.

Another remote possibility is that you are using the HDMI port, which in that case Windows automatically switches to the HDMI for audio. The regular sound should still install, but this is one remote possibility.

The last possibility is a hardware problem on the motherboard.
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Hey, my headset was working fine in Windows XP but ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 it hasn't worked, I've tried pretty much every setting in the Realtek command center, updating drivers and so on but nothing seems to work, all I can record is static noise

Any chance someone can help me out here.

A:Mic not working in front or rear panel.

Any chance your using an ASUS board?
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Hello I'm having a rather annoying problem i use this surround system Z- Digital Speaker speaker Front problems. rear and System Z- Digital Speaker System And recently something has gone wrong the front speakers have stopped playing and only my rear centre and bass are working my first conclusion would be they failed ofcourse but there Front and rear speaker problems. is still a humming sound coming from both of them they stopped working at the exact same instant Realtec HD audio still recognises all of my speakers and if i do a soundcheck on my front speakers it Front and rear speaker problems. plays sound but the sound is played through my Front and rear speaker problems. rear speakers and when i test my rear speakers the sound is also played through my rear speakers only softer I didn't used to have this problem and i'm not aware of any changes i've made Thanks in advance edit i have tried to plug them in and out I've also checked the wiring if i put the wires of a front speaker into a rear one the front speaker still refuses to work and the rear speaker works so i doubt the problem lies there

A:Front and rear speaker problems.

Have you checked for the windows automatic updates. Go into the settings for your speakers and try to reset them.

Have you tried this speaker system on a different computer?

Do all the speakers connect to the base system like The Creative systems.

The Humming sounds like feedback or electrical interference, have the speakers been moved or an ac source or cable added.
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W7 does not seem to recognize front or rear mic jacks. Tried with 2 mics, one brand new, I am using built in W7 recorder.

Thanks, Luis.

A:Cannot record from front or rear jack

Hard to say. Please fill in the My System Specs so we have something to go on.
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Hi all,
I recently upgraded to Windows 10 from Window 8.1. My desktop has a front audio and mic jack and also a rear audio and mic jack. While watching movies , I connect my rear jack to a large set of speakers and for better voice clarity I plug in earphones onto the front audio panel. This setup was working fine in Windows8.1 and below. But now after upgrading, if I plug in rear audio jac, I loose the sound in the front and vice versa. Kindly help.
In addition, during the fresh install of Windows 10, I did not install any drivers for monitor, default inbuilt sound card of motherboard,inbuilt lan card,etc. Do I need to install these as they seem to be functioning except well except for the audio part which I mentioned above.

A:Front and Rear Audio cannot be used simultaneously !

This was resolved by installing latest Realtek Audio Codecs for Windows 10
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Hey all I have a really annoying issue with Vista Ultimate SP My in rear panel Microphone or not working front PC specs are as follows Intel Core Quad CPU Q Ghz Nvidia i SLI PCI-E x Geforce GS HD Realtek Audio onboard GB RAM My issue is that I can't get any non-USB microphone to be picked up on any input front or rear panel I have installed the newest Realtek Audio HD drivers and just recently did a fresh install of Vista with SP thinking that that would solve the issue My system is fully up to Microphone not working in front or rear panel date according to Windows Update However though the sound manager realizes when I plug in a microphone there is Microphone not working in front or rear panel absolutely no level of input no matter how much I yell into it I have two separate microphones both working on other computers i e my laptop's Vista install which are not picked up at all I have cross checked and triple checked that the sound settings are all unmuted and corresponding within Realtek's sound manager as well as Vista's This solves nothing There is still no recognition of a working mic I am totally stumped as the microphone used to work on Vista when Microphone not working in front or rear panel I had the automatic HD Audio Driver installed from Microsoft and then suddenly stopped However I have since tried to revert to the old driver but to no avail Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Microphone not working in front or rear panel

Hi, ezisk, and welcome to the forums.

First off, I moved your post as you posted in the general informational post about the RealTek drivers, which is not really a help thread.

On that motherboard, have you verified if you have all the connection correct for using the HD audio with the front / rear panel? I know the rear is automatic, but with the front panel, IIRC there is a specialized place for connecting the mic and speaker out jacks for HD versus non HD....
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I would like to seperate the front and rear audio panels on my audio card ( Dont ask model all I kn ow is it is Realtek), how would I do this? Is there a program I could download that will do this?

A:Separating Front and Rear audio panels

Is what you are asking how do you determine which plugs to use for a 5.1 channel speaker system? or how to set it so you can use it? if the latter you should look in Control Panel for something like Realtek HD Audio Manager or Realtek Audio Manager.
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Hope I picked the right forum section please let me I Working Panel Jacks Audio/Video gateway Not GM5664 Front Think? know if not I have had this Gateway GM model for over a year and am pleased with it Just recently I decided to gateway GM5664 Front Panel Audio/Video Jacks Not Working I Think? plug audio video cables into the front jacks Alas nothing shows I don t hear the sound or video of it I don t know if I am missing a step like opening a program or something to view what is plugged in I don t even know where to start since i have never used them Gateway no longer provides support for my comp because MPC acquired the divison of Gateway that produced it MPC then went belly up and closed shop sometime after so I have no support lol Go figure Here are the technical details of the comp http reviews cnet com desktops gateway-gm - - html tag mncol psum The only change I have made is replacing the video card with an ATI Radeon Evrything is the same and the computer has ran perfectly with no problems as of yet I have no idea what do or what I am doing wrong Thanks in advance for any help offered and let me know if you need any additonal info nbsp

A:gateway GM5664 Front Panel Audio/Video Jacks Not Working I Think?

I am not sure about the front jacks, but some of the back ones are universal and can be used for either imput or output depending on how they have been configured.. You would need to go into Control Panel, Sound/Video and check to see if they are set to be used for imput or output.
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hey guys,

i use a couple of speakers which is plugged to the rear speaker port, I'm using windows 8 pro atm and i cant access my front panel audio port to connect my hp, so can some one suggest me an app to control the audio ports which will allow me to plug my speakers and headphone and just to make 1 audio output,

reply fast thanks

A:Front and Rear panel audio ports control

That Motherboard number of G41d3b in your System Specs indicates a Biostar board [which should have been included]. Have you checked the maker's site for any software they might have that will do that?
G41D3B :: Motherboard :: BIOSTAR
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My speakers are connected to the rear audio output panel and my headphone in the front audio output panel. I tried changing the setting in sound/playback devices.  I can only use my speakers as default devise. My headphone can only be set as default commucation device but not default devise (click set as default devise but nothing happens). Beats audio control setting doesn't seem like there is anything to switch default devises. This computer does not have realtek control. I like to be able to switch all audio output between speaker and headphone. Please share with/enlighten me how I can go about this. Thank you.

A:switching audio output between rear and front panel

Hello @EasyEnemy, and thank you for your post.I understand that you are having some issues with the audio outputs on your computer. I am happy to help with this. On checking the support page there are not any specific drivers for Windows 10 for your computer. With that in mind there are a few things you can try. Try out the HP Support Assistant to see if it can find any other drivers that could be compatible.HP PCs - Using HP Support Assistant (Windows 10, 8, 7)HP PCs - Troubleshooting HP Support Assistant (Windows 10, 8) If not, or if any drivers it finds do not help, you can try in installing the Windows 8.1 drivers again from the support page. HP ENVY Phoenix 810-192d Desktop PC Another option would be to try installing the older drivers using compatibility mode in Windows 10. This Microsoft forum page shows several things you can try: How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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Every time I wanna use speakers instead headphones,I have to use the same headphones output (green one - back panel), and therefor to disconnect and connect cables.. not very comfortable

I've tried to use the black output, and it worked, but only as a 'rear speakers', both left and right channels worked!

Is it possible to make the rear black output to work as FRONT speakers ?? this way ill be able to have both speakers and headphones available at the same time

In other simple words:Can I use rear speakers as FRONTS ?(when connector to the black rear output)

BTW;I don't wanna use the front panel, only the back panel

Thank you!

A:REALTEK|using front speakers through rear output jack - possible?

Easiest way would be to use an external speaker switch, since you do not want to use the conventional method with the front panel headphone jack.

With an external switch you could select either the speakers or headphone.

I don't know what sound you have but the only option is RealTek audio is to mute or not mute the speakers when a headset is plugged into the front panel headphone jack. There's no way, that I know of, to route primary audio to some other jack.
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Asus M A -EM motherboard using Realtek drivers from Asus site The front headphone jack did not work until I installed the Realtek drivers from the Asus site Actually they didnt work until I checked on Disable Front Panel Detection That got it going but the headphone not mute jack does speakers Front rear rear speakers are still playing Mute the Rear Output Device When Front Input Is Plugged In is checked on From what I've read this is simply a result of having the front audio panel set up as AC instead of HDA wires versus or is it I'll include some pics First one is how the wires are currently configured and the second is a page from the manual ImageShack - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack - Online Photo and Video Hosting With extra pins on the left end of the front audio board not being used I'm wondering what they might be for Are they not used or would running wires from Front headphone jack does not mute rear speakers those pins to the Presence and Sense send Front headphone jack does not mute rear speakers connectors on the audio header on the mb do anything Or are there an extra wires used on an HDA front panel Presence Sense send Sense Retur and Sense Retur TIA

A:Front headphone jack does not mute rear speakers

Hi FrostyWinnipeg and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Have a look at this: AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts
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I have a really frustrating problem...
My front panel/jacks won't work..
I tried installing realtek audio drivers..
But no audio manager..
I downloaded the drivers from realtek website
Others say it is already packed in with the codecs..
I mean the audio manager is already packed with the codecs.
There's no icon on the taskbar
and no realtek control thingy in the control panel
My headset and my mic doesn't work on the front panel
The rear panel is fine
But I want my front jacks
Tried searching on the webs.. But couldn't find any audio manager
I installed the drivers and restarted over and over..
Still nothing.. Mind helping me out?
Please... I really need assistance..

I have ASRock G31M-S for my motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo
Nvidia GeForce 9500
Memory is 4GB

I'm really pissed... But I'll check out the BIOS

A:Windows 7 Home Premium 32xbit front jacks/panels doesn't work

This is probably a silly question but have you checked to be sure those front panel jacks are connected correctly?
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This doesn't work. Very irritating.
(I don't know if this RealTek sticky at the top of this forum is a solve for this, I'm not hot on registry changes and I'm not sure if this is a fix for this issue.)

Firstly I have to turn off the front-panel detection in order for the front panel to be detected..?

Secondly, I can't get the speakers to mute when the front phones are plugged in. I can do a manual switch from one to the other, but the front panel won't detect when things are plugged in.

Is it fixable?


A:Realtek Mute Rear output when front input is plugged in

Sorry, but no. You will have a Realtek HD codec on board, and, like many others (myself included), are having to use an AC'97 front panel. These will work, but there are limitations like you have mentioned. The only way that you can have the speakers that are connected to the rear panel (the motherboard connectors) mute automatically when plugging headphones into the front panel is to have a HD compliant unit.

See AC'97 and HD audio front panel layouts for an explanation.
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They don't work. I can't remember a time when they did work. The only ports that work on my system are the two ports in the back that are connected via PCI. I have an MSI Mainboard 865GM2. Help would be appreciated.
Edit/Delete Message

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Hi All,

I want to know in Vista,

At the Same time,
How to get the Head Phone Front Jack on, output
the Rear output for the Speakers -5.1 Surround
a USB Headset for another Mic ONLY that is USB.

Three things all Going at once?

Is it possible,
I cant even get the Headphones front output-pink and the rear speakers playing at the same time

A:How to use front Pink Headset, USB Headset, and Rear Speker outputs atthe same time?

Hi Dash,

I know its possible with Realtek HD devices...What type of device do you have?

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My front USB slots work and every connector on the rear works fine yet when
i plug headphones into the front audio jack and nothing is detected.

My Bios are updated to the latest version, i have also tried switching to AC97 but makes no difference. Swapping between HDMI and s/pdif doesn't also does nothing.

The case is a fairly cheap case being a SHAW GT-M2 although it is new.

I have a dual boot of Windows 7 and OSX Lion the front doesn't work with either.

All drivers are up to date with no yellow ! in device manager

A:No front Panel audio detected but Rear Audio works on Asus P8H 61-M LX

Check to make sure that the front panel audio cable is actually plugged into the audio header on the motherboard. If the motherboard has HD audio and the front panel has a plug marked HD-Audio, then plug that into the motherboard. Make sure that it is correctly lined up, otherwise the front panel won't work correctly.
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Need info old board P4SD-VL


<I'm trying to fix a very old pc; it's almost ready but I can't set front USB ports.>

That´s what I said. But more than a simple thing I need; USB frontal ports are working now. The matter is I can´t find drivers to set Sound, LAN, Modem... The pc is working fine, I've installed operating system, office programs and some other software without trouble.

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Need old board P4SD-VL front USB pin description

Who made the motherboards chipset? VIA?
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I recently done a new build, not with the same specs I have on here;
i5 2500k
p8z77-m pro
sapphire radeon 6870

I cannot get any sound through the front+back headphone jacks, realtek doesnt detect any audio devices, however i can mess around with the settings to get windows to say i have speakers+mic and 2nd audio devices plugged regardless if anything is plugged in or not. I have tried everything!

A:No sound via audio jacks, but sound via hdmi.

Hiyya and welcome aaron mate sure the board is hooked up right?
Otherwise drivers? or failing that a decent sound card I use a cheap Asus Xonar DG which gives excellent audio and mixing features but my next build is having the Asus Xonar DS or DX .

Another option would be one of those card readers in a front bay but am surprised you cannot get sound off the board connections?
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re JAL Cb VS system 2 from a No on rear sound sound surround speakers setting running Win Xp Home- Altec Lansing speakers- surround sound quot I bought this system months ago i am concerned that I may not be getting the full sound When I went to play a DVD film with the bass woofer speaker set to the rear speakers produced no sound It is only when i switch back to setting that they work but I suspect are just duplicating the front L amp R speakers to simulate surround sound Is it anything to do with how i have wired them No sound from 2 rear speakers on a surround sound setting up the back of the base unit doesnt correspond to the system booklet The top vertical connections back of base unit are marked from the No sound from 2 rear speakers on a surround sound setting top cntr lfe pink rear purple s pdif-yellow No sound from 2 rear speakers on a surround sound setting The leads are unhelpfully BLUE GREEN and YELLOW so do not match Also the yellow jack is too small to take any lead The horizontal set of below are coloured yellow green and blue Yellow has a microphone symbol green has a quot tree quot symbol above it as has the blue Help please so that I can get all the speakers working as they should with the sub woofer switch in channel position quot Well I sent this email to the PC supplier and talked to them on the phone they confirmed that connections OK and sound card fitted to operate channl sound Checked Sound properties in Control panel and even the test zone dialogue box tests all speakers as OK but still no sound from rear speakers on the channel position All they could offer was for me to send speakers back to them for replacement Before I do this i am wondering if there is anything else I could try It seems like an odd gremlin if it is a faulty channel switch on the sub woofer help anyone many thanks Woodcutter nbsp
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Well, i have 5.1 creativ speakers got about 2 years back. they worked fine with wxp but when i upgraded to wvista and w7 all hell broke loose. at a point in time in vista i got the rear speakers to work. when i upgraded to w7, i also got the rear speakers to work eventually. i now have a new motherboard with shitty drivers and can't get the rear speakers to work. in the tests they work but when i play music, watch movies anything nothing comes out of the front centre or rear speakers. any help guiz?
p.s. the drivers my mobo uses are VIA HD Audio deck. i've tried uninstall all sound drivers and reinstalling but to no aveil
p.s. also at one point in time few days ago everything was working but the next day the rears just stopped...

A:5.1 Speakers rear and mid sound not playing any sound apart from test

did all the speakers sound when test in via hd audio deck or windows 7 audio control panel?

if yes, most likely you will need to enable the 'upmix' feature of VIA. I'm not sure what is it called, but in Realtek it is called Realtek Speaker Fill or Dolby ProLogic IIx. If there isn't any, you may want to try Channel Mixer for foobar2000.
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I updated to the latest drivers for Intel AVStream Camera on my tablet / laptop. After the update, only the front camera works now.

Hope someone can help solve this problem.



A:Front camera working but main (rear) camera is not

Can anyone help me?
I've tried updating my camera drivers in device manager, uninstalling the camera and booting windows 10 no avail. Still no main camera....only the front camera works.
Does the rear camera need seperate drivers? How do I check this?

Thanks again.
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This is a brand new custom built PC for web browsing for a motel lobby.

Win7 Home Premium
AMD A4-3300 Llano
MSI A55M-P33 FM1
Rosewill FBM-02 MicroATX Mini Tower

Running latest BIOS and latest drivers downloaded directly from manufacturer's website.

I tried switching between all 3 internal headers and none of them would detect the flash drive.

If I plug the drive in the rear ports it detects right away leading me to suspect the case's ports might be defective but I don't have another USB 2.0 card lying around to confirm.

Based on this info does it seem likely that the front ports themselves are faulty?

A:Front USB ports not working, but rear USB ports work…

You might check to see if the case end of the USB cables are properly plugged into the front panel holding the headers. Some board need more than one brand of USB drivers, Renesas, NEC, etc.
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I have created a couple of message boards on an existing site with FP (I know, not the fanciest thing in the world, but my only option at this point!), and I have the header and footer working on all the pages, except the actual post pages......can't figure out where they are and how to get them to use the header/footer being used on all the other pages of the board. Any guesses?? Here's a link to one of the boards, if you care to post a message, you'll see what I mean. (Please keep it NICE's a CHURCH message board! )

Any and all input appreciated! Thanks!

A:Front Page based web, message board question

i dont think its actually possible to include headers or footers on a pages using only html (i could be wrong, but html is really just a basic language, im suprised you managed to create a message board using just frontpage!). i know it could be done if you had support for other programming languages though, such as php.
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Hello The ASUS and case Connecting of panel to in front MIC board EAR short of this is that I am having problems with things in setting up my MIC and EAR for the front panel of my case There is a GND wire from the case wire that I do not know where to put which is from the EAR phone wires and I m confused about MIC VCC or v for the MIC-VCC I think what I have layed out below is so far correct I Connecting MIC and EAR to front panel of case in ASUS board have more detailed info below I have an ASUS A N X E-deluxe motherboard http tinyurl com el g which I am trying to connect to the front panel for Microphone and Headphone of my Sky Hawk case http tinyurl com rg On page - or reader page of the manual it Connecting MIC and EAR to front panel of case in ASUS board says front panel audio connector - pin FP AUDIO and I have to remove the jumper pins Now the motherboard pins are setup Motherboard pins setup from left to right MIC AGND MICPWR VA Line out R BLINE OUT R NC Line out L BLINE out L And the CASE wires Connecting MIC and EAR to front panel of case in ASUS board are MIC bunched together MIC GND MIC-VCC Mic IN EAR bunched together Ear L Ear L Ear R Ear R GND I have a few guesses but I have to say I am a little confused So it should be MIC MIC IN AGND MIC GND MICPWR or V MIC VCC Line out R Ear R BLINE out R Ear R Line out L Ear L BINE out L Ear R GND so that leaves a choice of MIC VCC or v for the MIC-VCC AND one ground wire with no pin if I am looking at this right THe motherboard has pins but is NC and the case has wires for the MIC and EAR So the only thing that is left is the confusion around the MICPWR---- VA and the lonely GND wire for the EAR phones But that should about do for the most part Thanks nbsp
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The board is Intel D845EPT2 with Intel 845 SE chipset. I found an English manual at the Intel site; but, it has nothing in it about the front panel LEDs, power switch, reset, etc. in all of its 80 (+/-) pages. I guess this board was originally intended to be used in a case that had a front-panel wiring block.

I did a Google search and came up with a plethora of irrelevant information.

I guess there might be a standard arrangement that Intel uses; but, I can't find anything indicating that either.

Thanks in advance.

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I have just finished installing a refurbished M266A motherboard when I ran in to a small issue while trying to connect the front panel.

I need to connect the

Power LED
Reset Sw,
DC. Sw
COM Led.

I have the manual but I don’t see any information in how to, or in what order to connect all of the plugs.

Can anyone tell me where to find the information on proper way to connect the front panel?

A:M266A System Board Front Panel Setup

There should be a chart or diagram somewhere towards the front of the motherboard manual that has a layout of the pins.
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I recently re-installed Windows Vista on my Acer, and the entire set of jacks and USB ports on the front of the case don't work. All the USB ports etc on the back of the machine respond fine, but the headphone/mic. jack and USB ports on the front don't work at all.

I've tried re-installing the drivers from the Acer website and it still doesn't work. Help please
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I have recently restored an HP DV7 3063cl laptop that died from an overheated motherboard (MB). I replaced the MB with a new board from HP when the price was reduced to about $100, upgraded the CPU with an advertised as new AMD 640M, and applied Arctic Silver on both the CPU and Graphics chips. I put in 4 G of fresh memory, got the computer to operate, and installed Windows 10. There is no sound through either of the headphone jacks. When I insert the plug into the jack, the sound from the speakers usually stops. I have done the following several times without success: uninstalled and re-installed the sound device in Device Managerrun the windows troubleshooterverified that I have the latest driverinserted different earphone into the jacksmade the headphones the default sound device Any more suggestions, other than replacing the headphone jack assembly?

A:no sound through either of the headphone jacks

#HPExpertDayAs suggested earlier, call HP support.
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soo i have a 5.1 system for my computer

it has 3 jacks

i know green is for the headphones

but what is black and orange for?

a little program i have, has both of them set for "front speaker out"

so i guess my question is, is this correct? or should one of them be set for "rear speaker out" or something along those lines?

A:Solved: sound jacks?

Orange should be: Sub+Center (or just center), black should be Rear out. Green is actually not for headphones, but front channel (which includes also headphones, as well as the front pair of speakers in a 5.1 setup and any stereo speakers)
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I am planning on buying the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer Sound Card, but was wondering if there was any difference between the front panel audio and the rear panel audio. Is there any difference at all? If so, which has better sound quality?

Link to sound card:

Thanks in advance.

A:Front Panel vs. Rear Panel Audio

The sound is comparable from fron and back as they
are processed by the same hardware.
With my X-FI extreme audio card,the front panel header
is only compatible with intel based HD front panel jack assemblies.
You may want to check that you have that before expecting to be
able to just connect the front panel connections.
It won't work with AC97 jacks.
It needs to have the autosensing built in for the jacks.
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I see where several different people have made distinctions about which USB connections to utilize. Would someone please explain why the rear panel connections are more desirable and maybe more significantly what (if anything) should the front panel connectors be used for?

Are these connections not all from the same data buss.

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Building new computer ASUS P C -E Deluxe board For the board connector I was able to match them up but there are less wires from the front panel port USB & Question, Board 1394 Panel Wiring Matchup to Front than there are pins on the board The board has two V pins the panel has one The board has three GND the panel has two Any problem For the USB in the front USB & 1394 Wiring Matchup Question, Front Panel to Board panel - don t know if the panel is USB or not for sure I do know the board is - Board has USB V USB V USB P - USB P - USB P USB P GND GND Frt panel has D D -D -D VCC VCC GND GND The numbers in above actually are numbers shown inside an O on the schematic Except for the GNDs I m pretty much stumped there I think that s the last mystery I have to solve to get my board all hooked up Thanks for any help nbsp

A:USB & 1394 Wiring Matchup Question, Front Panel to Board

USB+5V to (1)+VCC
USB_P5- to (1)-D
USB_P5+ to (1)+D
any GND to any GND

USB+6V to (2)+VCC
USB_P6- to (2)-D
USB_P6+ to (2)+D
any GND to any GND
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Hello All I ve been having this issue while playing on Asus P4P800S-X Sound On-Board Board games lately I just got an Intel Ghz Prescott with Gig of DDR ram and I m now using an ATI Radeon by Sapphire MB DDR I dont have a sound card so I m using the one on-board that comes with On-Board Sound on Asus P4P800S-X Board the Asus P P S-X motherboard SoundMax While im playing a game after a reboot everything is fine for about a minute then the video starts lagging and lagging and getting worse and worse Its like it locks up more and more and the sound cuts alot To the point that its not even close to being fun playing anymore The game On-Board Sound on Asus P4P800S-X Board im playing is Guild Wars which requires alot less than I have I also talk on Skype at the same time and when I m fighting or more guys I cant even hear anything on Skype I have a mbps connection on cable And this is with the game graphics at the lowest Now get this If I disable the audio in the Bios and load up the game with full graphics smooth nice game play I ve tested playing a long time and its perfect with no lag at all Now I m guessing that is pretty conclusive Should I get a Sound Blaster Live or could it still be something else Conflicts Im also running windows xp sp Thanks for taking the time XeroVariX -- lt SYSTEM CONFIGURATION gt -- On-Board Sound on Asus P4P800S-X Board CPU Pentium GHz Mhz FSB MEMORY Gig DDR RAM MOTHERBOARD Asus P P S-X Intel Chipset Mhz FSB CASE Watt Power Supply VIDEO CARD Sapphire ATI Radeon MB DDR AGP HARD DRIVE Quantum Fireball GIG RPM ND HARD DRIVE Western Digital GIG RPM DVD-R DRIVE LG X DVD Burner SOUND CARD SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio NETWORK CARD On-Board Realtek RTL Family PCI MONITOR Viewsonic quot M B KEYBOARD Key PS MOUSE Logitech MX Optical Mouse USB CONNECTION Mbit Cable OS Windows XP Pro Service Pack nbsp

A:On-Board Sound on Asus P4P800S-X Board

Have you loaded the motherboard makers sound chip drivers, or is it just limping along on the default Windows drivers? Might make a difference.
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Recently purchased a new Gateway PC, Windows 7, 64 bit. Originally, the sound was very limited, and now has become unevident. Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI, and Realtek High Definition Audio are the two items listed under Sound, Video, & Game Controllers in Device Manager, and BOTH give the Windows message that the device is working correctly, and that the driver is up to date.
The speakers that I am using work perfectly with my other PC, and I even went out and bought additional speakers, with the same result.

A:Solved: Sound Jacks-Low 2 No Sound!

The issue is SOLVED! Also, the fix was totally incredible (though a novice could have done it)!!! I found out through a "Geek Squad" associate, since the computer was purchased at Best Buy, that newer computers do not produce the necessary power for speakers that are not "self-powered" (that have to be plugged into an electrical outlet). I now have the correct speakers, and am "BLASTING"!!!!!!!
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I have a Dell Dimension E51O and there are five 1/8th in. jack slots in the back of the computer. They are different color - one is black, one is blue, one is yellow, one is red, and the last one one is green. I know that the blue one is an input for playing sound from an amp or something, and I know that the green one is for speakers or headphones. The red one is for a microphone, but what are the black and yellow ones for, surround sound (kidding, I have no idea)?

A:Solved: Just a question about computer sound jacks

Green: Stereo/Front sound. Black: Rear speaker of 5.1/7.1 sets. Yellow/Orange: Center/subwoofer of mentioned kits. And one that you're missing, gray: only used in 7.1 setting for side speakers (a pair between front and rear)
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Alright, pretty sure this is the right forum to post this one in..

I have a computer that has jacks in the front of it next to its usb jacks for headphones and a microphone.
I have two sound cards, and it seems that it only wants to let me use the primary crappy one with those jacks, but I want to use the front ones for my better soundcard for a bit more mobility for my cords.

So, the question here is, how can I make the front jacks on my computer be assigned to my better sound card?
I went through the sound/audio option, and everything including primary decice is set to my better card, but for some reason it still feels the need to use my crappy card as a default here.

A:Assigning Sound Cards To Computer Jacks?

Am I correct to say that the primary sound card is a built-on sound card and the second one is an Add-on card?

See the thing is those front jacks are connected to your motherboard thus connected to the on-board sound card.

What is the make and model of your mother board and second sound card so we can better help you?
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My laptop has 2 headphone jacks. One of them has a guitar amp hooked up to it, the other has regular small computer speakers hooked up to it. I want the sub woofer to only play bass waves and the computer speakers to play only treble. Is there some kind of a program I can use to direct certain sound waves to different jacks?

A:Send different sound waves through different headphone jacks

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Hi Vista Jacks. In/out Issues Sound/Audio with i recently whiped my desktop that is around months old of XP and Had to Install Vista Home Premium Before the new Vista installation i was able to use Ventrilo and Teamspeak with no worries over the period of many many years All of a sudden since Vista is now in Charge of my PC i can Plug my -HP Premium Stereo Headset- exact brand and brand new In to the rear in out jacks pink and green And hear vent and the game but not be able to talk through the Mic same goes with Voice recognition and Skype etc etc etc Now before i get a bunch of answers just know i have been at this for over days now researching it every last waking minute Vista Issues with Sound/Audio In/out Jacks. i am not at work I have done the Driver Updates Currently there are two High Defenition Audio Drivers which i believe are Vistas and also done the Recording Devices and Sound Playback etc adjusting the levels I have noticed that when i tried to Install Realtek to replace the Vista drivers since they don t have front rear jack control panel or w e it goes through the whole process then it restarts comp like normal and Vista Issues with Sound/Audio In/out Jacks. whalaa Nothing back to default Sound Devices I have been into Device Manager as well and checked both the HDAD and neither have a yellow innactive symbol near them I have also uninstalled and reinstalled both And along with this i have done MANY MANY other things trying to solve this It isn t my comp everything is good here And Can t be my headset mic those are brand new Unless Vista does not support normal rear in out audio jacks and only USB ports Here is my dxdiag and system specs for you guys and Thanks in advance here is praying this issue ends here Operating System Windows Vista amp Home Premium Build Service Pack Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor BE- CPUs GHz DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found Card name ATI Radeon HD Series Sound Devices ------------- Description Speakers High Definition Audio Device Default Sound Playback Yes Default Voice Playback Yes Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN amp DEV amp Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name HdAudio sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Microsoft HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No Description Digital Output Device HDMI - High Definition Audio Device Default Sound Playback No Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN amp DEV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name HdAudio sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Microsoft HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No Description Digital Output Device SPDIF High Definition Audio Device Default Sound Playback No Default Voice Playback No Hardware ID HDAUDIO FUNC amp VEN amp DEV Manufacturer ID Product ID Type WDM Driver Name HdAudio sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail WHQL Logo d Yes Date and Size bytes Other Files Driver Provider Microsoft HW Accel Level Basic Cap Flags xF F Min Max Sample Rate Static Strm HW Mix Bufs Static Strm HW D Bufs HW Memory Voice Management No EAX tm Listen Src No No I DL tm Listen Src No No Sensaura tm ZoomFX tm No --------------------- Sound Capture Devices --------------------- Description Microphone High Definition Audio Device Default Sound Capture Yes Default Voice Capture Yes Driver Name HdAudio sys Driver Version English Driver Attributes Final Retail Date and Size bytes Cap Flags x Format Flags xFFFFF If you need any other info at all PLEASE let me know... Read more

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I just got a Hurcules Fortissimo 7.1 sound card as suggested by someone on this forum. Now when i play games that support EAX, i hear no rear sound. Ive played Halo, BF1942 DC Mod, and Americas Army. Evertime I throw a gernade and turn around to try to hear it blow up behind me its complete silence. Firefights in BF1942 cannot be heard behind me either. In Halo the plasma rifle sound cuts out(assuming its trying to channel rear sound). Of course my sound card settings are enabled for EAX and im using the optical input to my external receiver. My reciever is an AIWA 5.1 with an optical and coaxial spdif inputs. One rumor i heard is that EAX cannot pass through this digital output on the card. My reciever does not have any special inputs to accomodate front/rear/center/ect. Is it true that my EAX usless?

A:no rear sound FX using EAX

Some sound cards require you to use the analog outputs for EAX surround sound. The digital output is sometimes used for DVD playback so that the receiver can decode Dolby Digital signals. Consult your soundcard manual to see if this is the case. I have an audigy 2 card connected to a 6.1 receiver, the receiver does have 5.1 analog input however.
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Hi I used this forum trying to get my problem solved but i couldn t do it by viewing other threads about simillar problems Well i recently upgraded my SO from WindowsXP to Windows Before this my speakers worked fine but now they don t I ve made many tests and configs changes had some results but none is what i want I can tell that my headphones are - Realtek sound problems switched(?) Audio jacks working fine when i listen to music or sounds in the web that stuff so i think they re fine On the other hand my speakers don t make any sound when i listen to media player or youtube I ve made tests on the speakers and of my columns and the bass do sound but the front speaker don t make any sound on the tests instead the headphones do the sound I also tried changing the green jack from the front speakers to the green headphones jack and Realtek sound problems - Audio jacks switched(?) then they made sound but still the other columns didn t Realtek sound problems - Audio jacks switched(?) work playing music I have a sound system from creative Device Audio IB IR IH ICH Family HD Audio Controller from Realtek PC Wizard info Also my drivers cd is incompatible with this SO so i ve downloaded the drivers from the web Any help i can get i d be very thankfull Filipe Fonseca nbsp

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I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x32, Realtek HD Audio and now just connected my old (2003) DELL Altec Lansing ADA995 System. It has a subwofer, 2 Frontspeakers, 1 Center Speaker and 2 Rear Speakers, however I get NO Sound in these 2 Rear Speakers, can Somebody please help?

A:No Sound in 2 Rear speakers

This is the Dell users/setup manual for the speakers. Documentation

There has been a change in color coding for 5.1 speakers, compare what Dell shows to what you have on your new PC.

Also, check the Speaker Configuration in the Sound Panel, in the Control Panel, and verify you have 5.1 speakers selected.
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Hey there. For some reason I can't get any sound to play from my computer to my rear speakers. It works find when I run a test from the speakers, but not if I run a test from the computer. I have an X-Fi Elite (I Think, either way it's X-Fi) hooked up via optical cable to the front bay, and I have Logitec Z-5500 speakers. When I run the test from the X-Fi control panel/wizard/diagnostics, when it says "Rear right, rear left", it comes out in the front right/left speakers. Also the sub-woofer test doesn't work either; it comes out through the center speaker. I've uninstalled/reinstalled the drivers and what not a couple times but to no avail. Everything is wired correctly; the test on the speaker system itself works fine. Any ideas why this is happening?
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i have a Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround FPS2000 speaker system and my rear channels don't work in music match i have tried all the settings my rear channels wok fine with kazaa lite.

A:no rear speaker sound

ok the speakers work i unplugged the front and rear channels and switched them and the rear speakers worked but then the front didn't so it's eighter the sound card or the program but if kazaa can use both channels then it's the music match right?
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Finally got my new build to a point where it boots and i got the os on but now there apears to be no rear panel sound.
i've installed all the correct drivers and checked all the volume settings and device manage to make sure that the device is joy.

the mother board is an asus p5p800 see with soundmax onboard sound.

anyone got any ideas?