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Q: Wireless setup

Purchased a Epson WF-3540 printer for home use. Cannot get my computer to detect the printer on wireless network during software setup. Here is what I have:

1. Computer detects printer with usb cable connected and prints perfectly.
2. Printer detects wireless network and has 3 green bars.
3. Printer passed all its internal network connection checks and everything seems OK on the network status printout.

Installed software on my laptop and it too could not detect the printer on wireless network.

So I'm able to set the printer on my wireless network but can't the computer to detect or recognize it. Any suggestions?

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Preferred Solution: Wireless setup

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Wireless setup

Make sure you connect with ONE or the OTHER but never both.
I suspect you would rather have the wireless connection, so go to devices & printers and delete the USB connected device.
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Attempting to install D-Link Wireless G Router DI-524 after installing Actiontec DSL GT701 modem and wireless gateway. When I type in the URL address into my web browser it opens up the installation wizard for the Actiontec modem rather than the D-Link Wizard.

Both installation wizards have the same address.

What do I need to do to install the D-Link Wireless G Router?

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Let me start from the beginning. From what I've read and seen the best way to have a home network and Internet connection is this config. - DSL modem (mine is actiontec wireless gateway) connected to the Router (dlink dl 624) connected to a switch (dlink). I did disable the wireless portion of the dlink router but can only get Internet connection from one computer (xp pro). I can't get anything from the other computer (xp home). Plus I can't see any of the other computers from either machine. Also, I can only access the dlink router to change things and not the modem.

Sorry for the huge request...


A:Adding wireless network to DSL wireless setup

Please don't hijack another thread to post your problem. I've already answered this in your duplicate thread.

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I have a simple wireless router at my house that works fine with my laptop and my wife's. I've been working on my inlaws laptop this past week getting it rid of some virus and spyware issues (with much help from these forums).

My network issue is this: each time I reboot the machine, I have to restart Wireless Zero Configuration. Otherwise, it won't find my wireless connection (I get that error when I try to choose a wireless network that says windows can't set up a wireless network).

This laptop used to be hooked to a Linksys Easy Advisor router deal at their house. I uninstalled that, but I'm thinking maybe there is an issue leftover from that?

I hope this gives enough info to get started looking at some solutions so that this will recognize wireless signals without having to reset the WZC each time.


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I am setting up an older Dell C600 laptop. The hard drive had been formatted. I have installed XP but can't find the wireless modem to setup. I was able to activate the infrared port. The ethernet connection works. I'd appreciate help. Thanks, Scott

A:Wireless Setup - Where's the Wireless Adapter?

The C600 has an internal antenna for wireless networking, and Dell offers, for an extra $199 (direct), an internal Mini-PCI 802.11b adapter. Unfortunately, that card needs to be plugged into the same slot as the wired Ethernet Mini-PCI adapter. So to toggle between wired and wireless networking, you'll have to use a PC Card for one of them.

from a 2001 review
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looking to run a wireless setup for my sons PS3 via my NTL/Virgin cable modem

what do I need?

can it be done without the need for the PC to be on-line

all help appreciated
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Hi all,

so I can configure my wireless device to connect to my network at home and have no issues--everything is fast and good.

At work, I configure to connect, and things work, but not well. Gmail for instance has issues sometimes loading my mail, sending, etc. vpn connections same thing. This results in choppy performance and overall low productivity.

My colleagues with their macs have no issues on the networks, so it must be a configuration issue.

How can I even begin to diagnose what is wrong?


A:wireless setup

There are a bunch of things to do to test your connection.

** FIRST AND FOREMOST ** Fill in your system specs via UserCP
Post the results of a speed [email protected] - The Global Broadband Speed Test

Post the results of a line quality [email protected]

Post the results of "ipconfig /all" via elevated cmd.exeStart > Search for "cmd" > Right Click cmd.exe > Run as Administrator > Enter "ipconfig /all"

Post the results of a ping to GoogleStart > Search for "cmd" > Run cmd.exe > Enter "ping"

Post the results of a tracert to GoogleStart > Search for "cmd" > Run cmd.exe > Enter "tracert"
I'm sure others will suggest more.
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I remember reading somewhere that you can setup two wireless routers to intercommunicate. I own two linksys routers and would like to set one up as a receiver and the other one as a broadcaster. Does that make sense? The reason is that the original access point I have is two floors above me and I dislike having to carry computers up two flights of stairs in order to perform any updates after repairing them. Any help would be much appreciated.



A:help with wireless setup

Only some routers can work as wireless extenders. AFAIK you need custom firmware to make WRT54G work this way. Also, using another router would be a silly overkill.

You should get a wireless access point that can work as an extender.

Or, even better - run a cable down to your place. You can use weather-proof cable on the outside wall if needed.
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Hi all! I am trying to hook up a wireless connection to my laptop pc from my roommates Mac. I bought a linksys router and wireless card, only I am unable to install the router in the Mac. Do I need to get something specific to the mac? If I do, will it still work with my wireless card in my pc? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!!!

A:Wireless setup: Mac to PC

What wireless card you using on the mac? Airport?
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Hey all! I got a new Netgear router and I'm kind of lost on a few things. I've read the documentation (well, some of it anyway) and I just have a few questions.

1) Where do I start?

2) I have 4 PC's that I want to connect. All are Windows XP laptops except my main computer which is a Windows ME. Would this connection work with the XP's? If so, how would I start?

Thanks in advance guys.

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Issue with setting up wireless network I have the setup help with wireless following equipment a DLink DIR wireless router b Linksys WAP g access point c Linksys NR wired router d Buffalo Air Station Ethernet converter My setup involves two pcs upstairs one xbox one A V receiver with Ethernet port downstairs and a laptop that can be anywhere This is what I have done so far none of which worked First I hooked up Buffalo air station to the pc I was able to communicate to wireless router but the air station doesn t let me setup a WAP encrypted transmission Only choice was TKIP When I select this option I cannot browse the net In addition the air station keeps dropping it s ip randomly and sets it to Then I hooked the wired router to the pc Turned DHCP off and assigned a static ip- It does not let me change the subnet mask so it defaults to xxx After that I hooked help with wireless setup up the wireless access point to the wired router than the router to the pc The wireless access point does not see the wireless router What do I do Thanks for the help in advance nbsp

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I am looking for some setup ideas for a wireless LAN on a 22 acre mobile home park, to give internet access to all the residents. I was looking at setting a D-Link AirPlus Xtreme 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless Router(DI-824VUP) at the DSL entry point and 2 or 3
D-Link / DWL-2700AP / 54Mbps / 802.11g / Outdoor Wireless Access Point. I know that the wireless signal is impeded by walls and such, but being that these are mobile homes I am assuming that they are not thick at all. Does anyone have any suggestions that would make this work better or easier? THANKS

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I just purchased a laptop. I will be setting it up via a wireless network at home with my desktop. Both run WinXP home. We are also finally converting to DSL. My question is this. We should be receiving the networking kit and the dsl kit at about the same time. Does it matter which one I set up first? I know just enough about computing to be dangerous, so I have tried to read everything I can about networking. I haven't found anything about the above. I am assuming that the instructions that come with my router and card (Linksys) will walk me through the network setup. Any help you all can provide will be greatly appreciated.

A:Wireless Setup

Wait until your router arrives. This probably includes a hardware firewall, which will then be in place when you connect your DSL.

The instructions should be easy enough to walk you through setup.
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I just purchased a Sony VAIO Laptop, model PCG-K37. It is replacing my old laptop which does not have a problem recognizing my wireless router, model Linksys WRT54G.
I can't seem to get my Sony laptop to recognize the wireless network that is running from my desktop thru the Linksys router. It just can't seem to find it.
I must be doing something wrong.

Thank you for your cooperation.

John Harper

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Heres the scenario..

Got 2 buildings, one with existing network, and internet, other one approx 150-200 feet away, with 4 computers, and no internet.
Customer wants wireless from 1st building to go tothe 2nd building.
Now, all i would need is a wireless router at building 1, and a access point at building 2?
Building 2 has a 10/100 switch with computers ready to go to it.
My main questions 150-200 ft going to be ok? Should check out routers with mimo or such?
And is a access point what I need at building 2 to grab the signal and put it into a 10/100 switch for the other computers?


A:Wireless Setup

The device you need in the second building to "connect" the wireless signal to the ethernet switch is a Wireless Bridge.

If there are no obstructions between the buildings the distance is probably OK, but do some research on directional and high-gain antennas.
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I live in the outskirts of my town and was thinking that setting up my wireless router on the roof might get better reception than going through walls or other?

Also, I have two wireless routers and set one up as a repeater do I really lose speed? I just bought a second router (Netgear Nighthawk)and will try it out first to see if it has a longer range than my Netgear N600. Maybe I won't need to use the N600 aas a repeater. Speed loss can be 50% I have read. Can anyone confirm this?

A:Wireless setup help

you can lose speed -
I live in the outskirts of my town and was thinking that setting up my wireless router on the roof might get better receptionClick to expand...

why the roof ?
is this connecting with the mobile network rather than via cable/telephone or satellite services
if you are putting on the roof , you may want to discuss with an electrician on waterproofing and lightening protection, and any earthing or potential difference issues etc

you should not lose speed through an extender ,if the extender is in a good signal area and you are also in a good area with the adapter

xirrus will help you map out the sort of signals you are getting

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
( the site now appears to require a business email, and does not allow webbased emails like gmail,hotmail or yahoo etc )

Use the links below,77196-order,4/download.html

Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You need will need to have NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.
On windows 8 - (i do not have windows 8) but, it would appear that, When you first try to run, you may get a message that .net framework is needed, and included in that message is a link to download/install.

Run the program

A user guide is available here

post a screen shot of the program running.
if there are a lot of networks showing can you click on "networks" top lefthand area - so we can see all the network information.

post which SSID name is yours, its located in the list, under network "Adapter Name" (1st column)
For a reliable (or robust as the Xirrus user guide says) wireless connection you need a signal of about -70 dBm or better. "A desirable signal level for a robust Wi-Fi connection will be green".
note: the signal level is a negative number, so for example -88 is worst and -40 is better

To post a screen shot of the active window.

Windows XP
Hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application (Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint) and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.

Vista or Windows 7
you can use the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool

Windows 8
you can use the snipping tool > Open Snipping Tool (From the Windows 8 Start Screen, type "snip" and press enter.
>Press the Esc. key.
>go back to your Windows 8 start screen - Swipe from left or press Window Button
>Press Ctrl+PrntScr button to use Snipping Tool
see here
To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
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To start I have to be absolutely honest and say that setting up networks - wireless or otherwise is not one of my forte's but I thought I would have go and after hours of trying am beginning to think I will have to admit defeat My friend has a Bigpond Elite Wireless BroadBand Network Gateway device and was sold a TP-Link PCI express card TL-WN ND Mbps Wireless Lite N Wireless setup PCI Express Adapter to receive the signal Now it doesn't work and as I am not familiar at all with this sort of problem I was wondering if someone could give us a possible explanation or better a solution as to why and perhaps fix it He lives in a large town where the reception for mobile phones is good so am guessing that that is not the problem so what The device Wireless setup itself is showing good signal strength Wifi internet and the system out here in Oz - G wireless access It only works when I plug the device in to my TP Link switch which is via the TP Link router modem - by cable I have since replaced the previous adapter card with a TP Link TL-WN N a much larger adapter card have installed the drivers for it as I did the last one and still no net connection via wireless although again cabling it works fine I now cannot even bring up the to view the wretched things settings as I did on a couple of occasions before I was under the impression that this quot thing quot was just like a large wireless dongle but obviously it isn't I am of the view that he should have stuck to an plain modem router that has wireless capabilities as this thing is driving me nearly insane trying to get it to go Can anyone help me please - before I go potty er and am getting to be desperate for what to do Machine is running Win bit

A:Wireless setup

Did you ensure that you removed the old driver software before installing the new? If not, try uninstalling the newe software, then the old software. Reboot the machine, then install the new software, then install the card.
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Hey Guys. I need help. I now have DSL in my living room. I want to make a wireless network so I can get DSL on my upstairs without wires. I would Like a list of the things I need to purchase, routers, pci cards etc..... My upstairs computer does not have Ethernet, so I'm guessing I need a card for that. Please respond ASAP
Thanks, Tony

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We have just bought a wireless netgear access point to run off our network of 192.168.3.x gateway I have setup the wireless access point with the default setting of sub mask with gateway and dchp enable The wireless keeps cutting out do i have to set the netgear wireless access point with the same ipaddess of 192.168.3.x then the gateway of then disable the dchp from the access point

A:Wireless Setup

Well, that's what I'd do, not the same address of course, just in the same 192.168.2.x subnet outside the range of the router's DHCP server address pool. You do not want multiple DHCP servers running.
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I was setting up a wireless router for someone They have Road Runner for ISP and LinksysWRT G wireless router It was easy to set it up and during the initial set up I was able to set up protection type SSID name key everything was working good After that I tried to set up some other configurations through browser that with setup! wireless Issues is when I started having issues Whenever I would change some of the settings for example name Issues with wireless setup! key or disable SSID broadcast I ended up losing Issues with wireless setup! connection Than after that I never could log on Than I would have to connect through wire and try to change everything back but wouldn t work That is when I disabled to connection went from the beginning and created connection again Same thing happened again I left it at that Connection is secure it uses WAP and the key is needed to access it But I wanted to know how to change other settings I am thinking that when I change something that devices don t recognize each other When I got home I remembered that there is a option for setting MAC addresses which can access the wireless router If I was to store laptops MAC address in the setting first and then tried to change other things would I have connection than I am sure that it is something simple but I didn t have that much time to try everything Thanks for the help nbsp

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I just purchased a new router to take advantage of the wireless AC, but now I can't access the hard wired devices hooked to my original router.

My original setup was:
Cable modem/wireless router to wired NAS drive and wireless computer and wired devices

New setup is:
Cable Modem to wired NAS and wired new router and wireless devices to each router

Now I can't accesss the NAS if connected to the new faster router. Any thoughts on how to fix this?

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I'm going to display my ignorance and hope someone can help clarify my confusion Here's what I have A new Windows Ultimate computer connected to a cable modem A Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless N Router model WNDR An older Windows XP Home SP computer with at Wireless Help, Router Setup present no internet connection A USB wireless network adapter that I want to use on the old computer Cisco Dual Band Wireless N USB Adapter model WUSB N Here's what I want to Setup Help, Wireless Router do Connect the wireless router via a network cable to my new computer Connect the wireless network adapter to my old Windows XP computer Connect my cable modem to the wireless router Have both computers share the internet connection and if I can figure out how to do it have them also share files folders and printers I have two printers both installed on the new computer Now for the points of my confusion The VERY brief quick setup sheet that comes with the wireless router says Before you unpack or connect the router insert the CD into a computer accessing the internet via a wired connection It has a picture showing NOT to insert the CD into a computer with no internet connection Follow the CD instructions to connect and configure your router Although the manual on the CD has a lot more detail it is to me at least still confusing When I got the router I asked about compatibility with Windows and was told that I needed to download an installation CD from the Netgear web site to use to install in Setup Help, Wireless Router lieu of the CD that came packed in the box So the first point of my confusion I assume that I use the downloaded CD with my new Windows computer and the CD that came packed in the box with my Windows XP computer But trouble is I'm not even sure if once I get the router installed on the Windows system whether I even NEED to also install it on the Windows XP system Part of my confusion on this matter is that since my Windows computer is the only one that has a wired internet connection how I both run the router setup from there when there is at least at the beginning no connection between the Win computer and the router--the connection is computer network adapter to Cable modem A complicating factor is that my Win computer has a wireless network adapter installed though not currently in use Am I correct in assuming that if I want the router connected directly to my wired network adapter rather than to my wireless adapter it would be wise to disable the wireless adapter to prevent both a wired and wireless connection to the cable modem from the same computer This occurred to me since when I initially was setting up the cable modem my computer was showing a possible but weak connection through the wireless adapter which I later determined was my neighbor's router It may be that once I actually insert the CD that it will guide me unambiguously through the entire procedure However the ambiguity of the written instructions are not reassuring on this point And I hate to start the process and have to abort it halfway through perhaps leaving a mess behind and complicating the follow-on process As I said at the outset I'm displaying my ignorance Though I've been using computer for many years and feel I'm reasonably capable at configuring and managing them this is my first experience in the networking arena and I could use a little hand holding to tell me the steps I should take in what order and clear up some of the confusing to me anyway aspects of the instructions To any one who has some experience in this arena who is willing to share it I would be most grateful I'll be glad to provide any additional information that might be helpful

A:Setup Help, Wireless Router

Actually you can do what you want using the wireless connections on both PC's. I have 3 setup wireless 2 laptops and 1 desktop. I have my Belkin N+ router connected to my DSL Modem, my desktop is a DELL 435T 9000 Studio XPS running Windows 7 64 Ultimate using a Belkin N+ USB wireless device, the Alienware M17x is using the Broadcomm N wireless device and running Windows 7 Professional 64 and the DELL XPS Gen1 laptop is now running Windows 7 Professional 32 using a Belkin N USB device it had been running XP Professional SP3 using the DELL wireless device which connected at 54 Mbps.

All share 2 printers on the network which has 128 bit encryption and 2 of the network drives are USB hard drives, one is attached directly to the router the other via a USB hub off the M17x, the other is an eSATA drive off the desktop, the desktop is generally running at 270 Mbps as is the M17x. Having them all run wireless allows you greater flexibility in setting them up where you want them, your biggest hurdle will be drivers for the wireless device you want to run on the XP PC if you have those you should be golden.

Geez, I just looked at your SPEC's were nearly twins!
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I have three computers in the house desktops and a laptop and an internet connection divided to all three through a router by cable The connection used to require a manual connection by setup a router How wireless to the desktop icon but How to setup a wireless router once the router was installed it How to setup a wireless router was permanently on simultaneously on all How to setup a wireless router three computers Last week my internet provider had some work done in my neighborhood to update and modernize and I had no internet cable and phone for a day it is the same provider The next day the cable and phone came back on but the internet didn t I called them and they told me that it isn t their fault it is because of my router And they were right because when I went to Network Connections my Local Area Connection was on I was in a hurry so I simply setup my old internet connection PPPoE and inserted the computer s cable in the socket my Provider installed instead of the router thus disconnecting the router The problem is that this way I only get one computer connected at a time and it is driving everyone crazy I wasn t the one that first installed the router so I don t know how to do it just that at some point I will have to be asked for an user and password This is the info I can provide all the computers are running on Windows XP SP and the router is an ASUS Wireless-G Router RT-G that has the manual missing If you need anymore info let me know nbsp

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I want to setup an outdoor wireless LAN. I want to be able to allow 100 users to access and download/upload files through a webportal. A maximum range of 1 mile is sufficient range. This LAN will NOT have internet access. It should accessable through protocol a/b/g. I would appreciate any recommendations on hardware and Win XP software with low price and simplicity as key components.

A:Help with setup outdoor wireless LAN

For 100 users, a one mile range, and 802.11a/b/g compatibility, low cost and simplicity will not be part of the description! You're going to need a number of AP's and wiring to cover an area that large. Also, channel congestion will be a MAJOR factor unless dial-up speeds are satisfactory for this project.
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I have a high speed connection and I recently bought a laptop. I want to use my high speed connection with both my desktop and my laptop, with security features. Which brands are good to look at, and which are good to avoid? Or which models are the best bang for my buck?


A:Need some suggestions for the a wireless setup...

Just one man's opinion but I found the Belkin FSD7633 router, a Belkin wireless PCI card for the PC and a D-Link Air PCMCIA card for the laptop easy to install and set up. That gives me the 802G capability.

You'll do without the latter, of course if your laptop has integrated wireless technology. You could also leave the cable in your main PC and do without the PCI card. Check out somewhere like Newegg - your prices are less than ours in the UK but my three items as above came in at around 110 British.
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I recently got a laptop and D Link router and wanted to set up a wireless network with my desktop as well. All computers run Vista. I was on tech support with DLink but they couldn't help me--everything we tried failed. I'm wondering if the problem is with my DSL line. My broadband DSL is not always on. When my computer shuts down, my broadband connection closes, and does not start automatically when my computer restarts. I have to click connect to network first before I can get on line. Might this have something to do with my problem?

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Ok, you members seem to have a lot of knowledge, especially about free applications. My wireless is currently not secure. What would any of you recommend for securing my wireless network? Do I do it with the software that came with my DLink, manually enter it somewhere, or is there a good free program I could use. I have already found a free program to replace one that came with DLink that they want me to pay thirty dollars for. Any suggestion/guidance would be greatly appreciated. DC. PS This is only a start of many easy (I hope) questions that I have. PPS I promise that I will help others with the knowledge that I gain from here.

A:Securing my wireless setup

Hi, I'm not sure what to advise about using a 3rd party tool, but here is info on what you can do with what you have.

Ususally you can install WEP protection from within the Network adapter properties and then Advanced settings for your network adapter. You make a key for WEP and enable it.

I'm not sure you have a Dlink wireless adapter or router, your post is not clear about the details so:

Here's some Dlink types and info: Use the side links to find your equipment, or info on how to set things up.

Here's some help, for doing it without a router:

Hope that helps!
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Dear all,

I am attempting to setup a wireless bridge between two wireless routers that I currently own.

The two wireless routers are:
Belkin F5D8233-4 v4000
Netgear RangeMax WPN824
The Belkin wireless router is connected to my Motorola cable modem. The Netgear wirelesss router is located in another room.

Do these routers have the capability to create a wireless bridge?

How can I create a wireless bridge between these routers?

I greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you

A:How do I setup a wireless bridge

Consult the manual for one of the routers. Look for "wireless bridge" or "AP client" or similar. If you find something, read the instructions on how to configure it. If you find nothing go back to the first sentence for the other router.

If neither supports wireless bridging you are out of luck (at least with these routers).

Manuals can usually be found on the CD that came with the router and on the manufacturer's web site, support section.
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I am helping my inlaws setup a new wireless printer to their desktop pc. first of all, they don't have the internet hooked up yet. Do we need internet to do an in home wireless network which only includes pc and printer?

I have the computer hooked to the wireless router, that is all. I keep trying to find the printer from the desktop pc, but it does not detect the printer. I have also made sure the printer wireless radio was on, still nothing.

any advice? do i need to hook the printer to the router??

I am on internet at my house and have to go back to theirs to fix anything i may have done wrong. i took a mental break for now.

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I have a frontier dsl modem set up for wireless at home on my main computer on the main floor of my house in a back east corner. I have another computer in the basement which is about 40 feet away and it is setup with a new Lynksis pci booster card. I can get my signal from the dsl modem to the computer downstairs at about 40-60 percent but then I can't connect to the internet. Any suggestions as to what to do. I just spent 69 bucks for the dumb card.

A:Need wireless home setup help

Hard wire to the basement pc.
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I am setting up a wireless network hopefully using the XP Wireless Setup Wizard. However, when I get to the stage to use the USB Flash drive I do not have a USB port on my Access Point (Netgear DG834G). Anyone know how I get round this or am I missing something.


A:XP Wireless Network Setup

Right, what exactly is the reason for using a flash drive here? I don't see the connection (really not an intended pune there).
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I have a wireless router attached to my desktop and there are presently two laptops that we use with it. I was given a used desktop and have no idea how to get the internet to work on it. I assume that it is capable of connectiing, I can see the two lights on the back of although they are not lit and the antenna. Could someone walk me through the steps with to allow me to connect to the internet using the wireless router I have. I didn't have to do anything to the laptops for them to be connected so I don't have a clue where or how to start.
OS is XP and the router is made by Gigafast.
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I have a friend who wants to have wireless access setup in his motorhome.

He has a wireless Linksys router and a laptop with the centrino stuff.

He has a wifi modem from cingular hooked into the laptop.

What he is looking to accomplish is can he leave the laptop connected to the internet and allow other people that have laptops with wireless cards in them to access the internet thru his setup while in the motorhome??

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Wireless Laptop Setup

you will need to connect the linksys router (in the WAN port) to the modem via the ethernet cable. find how to configure the router from its manual, set your new security and encryption settings (WPA-PSK is recomended, unless you want someone you dont want leeching off your service), LAN settings and WLAN settings and dont forget the passwords for the ISP connection...

with the laptop(s) turn on the wifi adapter, find the router on it and set exactly the passkey, and any other unique info you set on the router
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I m new to networking and wireless Forgive problem setup Wireless me if I m missing something obvious I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running Win SE a new Linksys BEFCMU v cable modem a Wireless setup problem WRT G router and a WPC G notebook adapter Just connected to Cox high speed internet and this works fine wired through the modem directly to the laptop via a USB cable The plan was to set this up so that the computer was not wired to the modem or router I don t currently have a desktop so no computer would have a wired connection to the router Asked several salesmen techie friends and all said this should be fine The Problem The setup for the router says to first connect it to the computer with an ethernet cable I assume this means that to set things up you first need to establish a wired connection through the router - and not just from the modem I m happy to do that but I don t have any ethernet port on my computer I ve tried setting up the wireless adapter in hopes that I d be able to get them to recognize one another - but no luck Does this mean I m going to have to buy a PCMCIA card with a ethernet port just to set this up Surely I m missing something Thanks in advance TL nbsp

A:Wireless setup problem

It's certainly advisable to use an ethernet connection when configuring the router. For example, when you enable or change the wireless encryption, you immediatly lose any wireless connections. If you messed up the key, you find yourself resetting to factory settings and starting over.

But buying an ethernet card for Windows 98SE just to configure the router goes against my tightwad nature. Just be careful, and be prepared to start over sometimes.

A quick look at your router's manual says that the default SSID (wireless signal's name) is "linksys" and it operates by default in "mixed" mode--you can connect with either a 'b' or 'g' adapter.

So, with modem and router off, connect them. Plug in modem, then router. Then use your adapter's utility to view or scan for signals--you should see and connect to linksys. If successful, use you browser to login to the router, address

With my cable ISP and Motorola cable modem I have to visit an ISP web site to change from USB to ethernet (or vice versa) modem connection.
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I have USB b g setup Can't connection wireless wireless adapters I finally got Windows -bit drivers installed on both computers On one computer device manager says the device is working properly on the other there is a Code error When I try Windows' quot manually connect to a wireless network quot or quot manually create a network profile quot Can't setup wireless connection on the quot device is working quot computer I get the message quot an unexpected error occurred quot I have Linksys Network Magic running and try to get it to add a wireless adapter It reports that wireless is not enabled The attached jpg shows what Windows thinks The connection is enabled but no app will use it No matter what I do on the other computer the code remains I've seen a number of code threads but none seems to apply to my problem I consider that I'm fairly knowledgeable about wireless having setup several wireless computers and other devices on my network but this one has me Can't setup wireless connection tearing my hair out -- I don't have a lot to spare

A:Can't setup wireless connection

Quote: Originally Posted by bobsch

I have 2 USB 802.11b/g wireless adapters. I finally got Windows 7 64-bit drivers installed on both computers.

On one computer device manager says the device is working properly, on the other there is a Code 10 error.

When I try Windows' "manually connect to a wireless network" or "manually create a network profile" on the "device is working" computer, I get the message "an unexpected error occurred." I have Linksys Network Magic running and try to get it to add a wireless adapter. It reports that wireless is not enabled. The attached jpg shows what Windows thinks. The connection is enabled but no app will use it.

No matter what I do on the other computer, the code 10 remains.

I've seen a number of code 10 threads, but none seems to apply to my problem.

I consider that I'm fairly knowledgeable about wireless, having setup several wireless computers and other devices on my network, but this one has me tearing my hair out -- I don't have a lot to spare!

So assuming your wifi devices are working correctly and have the correct drivers in device manager, I can but ask are you runnign homegroup?

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I m trying to set up a quot Linksys Access Point Router quot on my network The model number Setup Solved: Wireless is quot BEFW S quot I currently have a wireless DSL modem from AT amp T On the back of the modem is the port for the DSL connection and LAN ports Currently I have devices connected One to each LAN Port and a Wireless printer connected wirelessly to the DSL modem I have been try to set up the Linksys Router off of one of the LAN ports so I can attach multiple laptops to the network using the Linksys Router as the access point The Linksys Router will be Solved: Wireless Setup located at the far end of the house well away from the DSL Modem but attached by one of the LAN cables I follow the instructions on the Setup program but when I get to the end of the setup steps I get a message that reads quot The Router is not able to connect to the Internet Try turning the CABLE DSL Modem OFF and back ON Do you want to try again quot Even if I try turning the modem OFF and ON I still can t get Solved: Wireless Setup it to complete the setup Does anyone have any suggestions This Solved: Wireless Setup is an old Linksys Router Could this be the problem The setup instructions does say that it will connect to a DSL modem Thanks for any help nbsp

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Hi I am sitting with a bit of a technical problem and I do not know how to go Wireless setup router about it to correct it or work around it I have a DLink DSL U a Netgear WG Wireless router setup and a aptop with built in Intel Pro wireless I setup the DSL router to function in bridge mode in order to have the authentication specs sit on my machine The result is that I am able to route local and international bandwidth seperately which is vastly different in price in South Africa to the appropriate place But I need to setup this network with the wireless WG as a wire is very inconvenient What settings do I need to activate on the wireless AP to get this to work The Netgear WG has point-to-point point-to-multipoint and repeater modes but I do not know the implication of each of these and from what I can see I am not sure whether my laptop will be able to connect to any of these bridged settings resulting in a wireless connection through the wireless AP to the bridged router Please help as I am struggling with this small little setup Both of the devices DLink and Netgear have a reasonable amount of settings but I do not know how to further set it up Thanks so much in advance I would really appreciate help on this one techie nbsp

A:Wireless router setup

Pretty much same issue.

Client has a WG602 WAP. Need to configure this page:

Looking for SBS 2008 to provide DHCP to clients through WAP as described in a similar article:;leftCol

Apparently bridging is teh way to go. With not much to configure on the Netgear screen, suspect second option with remote MAC address being the SBS 2008 internal MAC?

EDIT: Sorry for hijacking your thread. Been thinking and I think it's a non-issue (my problem). I don't think it matters if the Access point provides it's own IP addresses or the server as wireless clients connected to the AP should still have access to server/network resources.
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Hi there I m getting an Xbox soon and i want to set up a wireless network so i can connect it to the Live service from my bedroom My computer and modem are in the basement and my bedroom is upstairs There a few questions that i can t really seem to find answers for Is wireless networking just to network setup wireless a Want as fast as using wired networking cables or is it significantly slower How far can a wireless-g router access devices realistically I ve read ft or so depending on the brand but being that i m going from a basement to upstairs I doubt it would go that far What type of router would be the best for this type of setup I Want to setup a wireless network ve heard of devices called quot wireless range extenders quot or quot boosters quot that you can buy do these actually help at all The distance between the router and my Xbox would probably be about - ft and going through a ceiling with a lot of pipes wiring etc Should i bother with the wireless setup or would it be much better to go with a wired network mind you this would be a huge pain in the with drilling holes through the ceiling and whatnot Any help on this would be appreciated nbsp

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Hello.. I want to have wireless internet for my xbox in another room in the house and im wondering if I can do it with my current hardware. I have: A PC with XP, A modem with the big with cord connected to it, and the modem is connected to my PC, and I just got a free D-Link DI-524 802.11g Wireless Router. I am also thinking about network extenders or USB flash drives if needed. Any possibilities? Note: I am only going to use the wireless internet for my xbox, so does that eliminate the cards or whatever it takes and make it so that I just need the xbox adapter?? And Ive set it up before the right way (Im pretty sure) and its said something about an internet gateway in my network connections.. So did that mean that was wireless and I could use the adapter for my xbox to make it work?

Help Appreciated

A:Wireless Internet Setup Help

To make the game system go wireless you need a WDS (Wireless Distribution System) that are some out their that will make any wired device wireless. You won't need wires only the one you connect from the Xbox to WDS and that's it. Dlink makes a few of these devices.

wireless router }}}}}}}} {{{{{WDS (wireless bridge/access point) === Xbox
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Nite, Bruder...

we just purchased wireless router (owned line router previously)from linksys.
we like to create a network so we can play LAN games together just like last time when our line router still can works..
but it seems it is different on how to create a home network with wireless router, we just can't get it rite.

how to check default gateway in wireless router.
Any suggestion.
everybody using Laptop!!!

is it no body knows or no body knows what i'm talking about. because i kinda confused my self.

A:Wireless networking setup

The only difference is that you need to setup wireless security and SSID broadcast and the encryption on your laptops needs to match the encryption format of your router, ie. WEP, WPA or even MAC addressing.
Older laptops don't have WPA, so you have to use the lowest common denominator (WEP), but as long as they're all the same, and they can actually get a signal then it should be ok.
The rest is the same as a wired lan.
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Right, i have a Buffalo Air Station WLA G54C wireless bridge and a 4 port wired switch, which i want to connect to the routerin my house, so i can take my xbox, 360 and desktop online without running cables or buying a wireless adaptor for each of them, as this would get very expensive. try as i might, i cannot set the Air Station up as a bridge, it just doesn't work. it asks for the mac of the router it's connecting to, which i've given it, but surely it needs the ssid for it too? i'm at a loss, as i can't figure out how to sort it out.

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ok, so i reformatted my gateway MX7120 and i reinstalled all the drivers and everything. i have internet when i connect the wire, but i want to be able to go wireless. So if you can help you any way, it is very much appreciated.

my router is a Linksys, Model No.: WRT54G

so basically what im asking is how do i set up wireless connection so i can go and take my laptop anywhere in the house.

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Please can anyone help, i have a belkin wireless network card and installed on my xp home sp3 pc., all i want to do is let my smartphone connect to my pc wirelessly, my phone is able to see other networks in the area but not mine, please can anyone take me through the steps of setting up a simple wireless network, i have tried the zero wireless utility but it's not working, this is my ipconfig readout:

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : skyunlim-2y0qk4
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No

Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:

Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Belkin 802.11g Network Adapter
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-11-50-D0-2E-53
where do i need to go and what settings do i need to adjust ?

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See the attached Why aren t the files placed under quot Workgroup quot under quot House quot Can they be moved there I am finding it very difficult my setup re Questions wireless to find files for earmarking sp when I want to do quot SynBack quot backups or synchronizations If all were in one place the job would be so much simpler Another Some of the folders do no have as descriptive a name as I would like but I find I can t change names at least in some cases Is there a way around this impediment For example quot Cal quot under quot Toshiba quot Questions re my wireless setup is a folder to which I would like to give a descriptive name Thirdly how do I added a new quot place quot to quot House quot There is one important folder that I can not access because it is no where to be found in the quot tree quot Sorry to be back here again redoak nbsp

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I m fairly experienced in setting up networking especially on the cable modem side But I m lacking in DSL knowledge I ve heard too many scary stories about problems with it Also my Wi-Fi knowledge is kinda weak My friend she says she has a Wire HG DSL modem She uses SBC Yahoo ISP whatever that is I have not seen the Wireless 1701HG setup and DSL setup yet in person She tells DSL and Wireless setup 1701HG me she has multiple LAN ports on the modem and right now she has a Cat- cable going from of the ports to the NIC built into her Dell Latitude D She says DSL and Wireless setup 1701HG her Internet access is fine So she tells me that her Dell has built-in Wi-Fi and now wants to know how to connect via Wi-Fi so she doesn t have this -foot LAN cable all over her apartment Questions Do I need to buy and install anymore hardware to have her Dell communicate WI-FI to the HG Such as a wireless router If yes which wireless routers Linksys D-link make models will work best If no then does the HG have built-in Wi-Fi If yes how hard is that to setup so that the Dell can connect to it Thanks in advance for any advice on this --Robert nbsp

A:DSL and Wireless setup 1701HG


1. No you dont need to buy any wifi gadgets.

2. Not Applicable

3. Your 2Wire 1701HG is a wireless router modem. So you no need to buy any wireless gadget since you had already plus you also has build-in wifi on your dell.

-The setup is easy, disconnect the cat-5 cable from your dell to the 1701HG.
-Only connect the RJ45 cable that is your telephone line cable to the 1701HG.
-ON your wireless on Dell, Disconnect the LAN.
-Go to Internet Explorer and at the address bar type-in the default IP address for your router. That would be
- Turn ON the wireless function (check the manual of your 1701HG to find the settings)
- Set the dial-up pass and username in the settings.
- Finally, refresh your wifi connection on your Dell.

Your Dell would find the connection automatically and will assign an IP and you can access the internet.

Good luck
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I had virgin broadband installed yesterday and connected the modem to my laptop directly to try it out. But today when I try to set the wireless up with the disk that came with the router, I get to the stage where I have to name the network and enter a password but when I click next it cannot find the router. I have reset every thing but still it is not working. What can I do to resolve this problem? Thanks.

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Hi all,

I am trying to setup a HP Laserjet 4100N printer so that it can be printed to wirelessly. The printer is connected to the network by an ethernet cable. The tech guys told me to configure the printer as so...






I successfully set the IP, SM, GW but was unable to find anyway to configure the DNS1 or DNS2. Do the DNS's need to be configured for it to print?

Thanks for any help.

A:Wireless Printer Setup

It only needs a DNS server if it is trying to access the internet.
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I am the IT Admin at the Fire Department I work for. We recently installed a wireless network. When intended it to be for anyone on the department that wants to use it. But our network was first setup with Static IP address' and every time someone comes in from their house or some where else they have to put in an IP address. Thats where it gets to be a problem. It seems every time someone puts in an IP address I have to be looking over their shoulder.

Is there anyway to set it up where when they connect to our WiFi it automatically changed their IP?

DHCP is not an option....

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I've bought a Kodak ESP5250 printer which I have connected wirelessly to my BT Home Hub router, that was the easy part. I've then tried to add this printer on my Macbook, again no problems doing that. However, when I try to access the printer the Mac behaves as if the printer is not connected, and gives me a message via the Kodak AiO software (the printer manager) that says the printer is not connected.
Can anyone suggest where to start looking for a problem? There is some software called Bonjour involved somewhere but I've no idea what this is or what it does. All help much appreciated. Steve.

A:Wireless Printer setup

Have you installed the printer driver on the mac?
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I just noticed while trying to get into my wireless utilitys tray that 7 wont let it boot up. This laptop is older and the driver comes with its own utility so that you can manage diff aspects of your wireless setup. Ive done a reinstall of the driver and still nothing. Has anyone else had this issue?

The driver is broadcom 802.11g network adapter.

A:New issue with wireless setup

You'll probably have best results if you disable (either by removing the registry startup key or a setting in the software itself) the software utility that came with the driver and rely on WLAN AutoConfig service built into Windows.

Make sure it is set to auto and running. To do so, type services.msc in the start menu's search box.
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Anybody got a link to a good article explaining, in depth, how to network (file and print sharing) home computers. Got 3 XP machines and one Win98se, I want them to see each other.

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ok first off i have cable internet hooked up to my D-LINK di- router version c i have always used the router with wired hookup but now my ps has wireless and i want to setup w/ ps3 help to wireless Solved: use it i don t have any security enabled at the moment and my ps recognizes my signal from the router but it won t connect there is alot of steps but i use the automatic feature on the ps to advance because i don t know how to determine and enter all the info the test always fails and i know the connection is good and the ps has a signal strength of Solved: help w/ wireless setup to ps3 like so i figure the signal is strong enough but i don t Solved: help w/ wireless setup to ps3 know what to do to get my router to accept the connection i have never used wireless so i have no clue what i am doing i went to d-link and it really is crappy support i can t really see anywhere on how this connection is achieved it seems it should do it automatically i don t know any help would be appreciated as i am clueless with this nbsp

A:Solved: help w/ wireless setup to ps3

i have my mac address for my i need to add that to my router? what do i need to do to get my router to let my ps3 access it? any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
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Trying to connect two laptops by wireless setup. Was told by tech man at Staples, it was best to use a router and then if needed ,could connect to internet. Presently I do not want internet connected.
Can I just network these PCs and exchange data without connecting anything else.?

Each attempt to do so tells me to connect to the access point or router.
Any help would be great.

Have a wounderful day!!

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I need to relocate a desktop (Dell) computer to an area that has no phone line, etc. Does a desktop computer have a slot for a wireless card in order to connect to my modem in another room and allow me to work wirelessly? I don't know of a slot for this like on my notebook or do desktops come with an internal card?

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2 wire 1701 gateway hg. running on windows vista ops. Ethernet is working. Want to set up the wireless on lap top. Need instructions for wireless set up. Can someone help w/instuctions?

A:wireless connection setup

Login to the router and set the SSID (network name) to something you like. If there is another strong network on the router's default channel, change it. In North America the non interfering channels are 1, 6 and 11.

After you get the laptop connected via wireless you can then enable WPA-PSK (or WPA2) encryption on the router and reconnect.
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I need help with my router n wireless. 1 computer upstairs and 1 down stairs. Windows 98 downstairs(fathers) with the modem hooked up too it. My computer upstairs with wireless -linksys- and i'm constantly getting "spikey lag" in games, slows down, netgraphs going crazy. I was told that my router isn't boosting enough, or i need 2 get a stronger one. And i can't password my router because the windows 98 driver won't open. And i used 2 get warning of like five neighbors on my router...well trying to keep it short. If anyone got any tips or ideas, love to hear it.

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I was trying to connect to the net and I used the wireless network setup in the control panel. I was wrong.. I ended up with a secure wpa home network setup , which I do not need.
Now I want to delete it but I can't see it anywere ..Is there any way to remove it ??
Can you help me... Thanks

A:XP Wireless network setup

should be under connections
control panel>
netwrok connections>
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Just bought a Dell V305w wireless printer and want to connect it to my wireless network. I'm using a Belkin F5D7230-4 6000 router and when I step through the wireless setup on the printer it wants me to put a PIN in the router within 2 minutes so it can connect, but I don't see any place on the router web site to put it.
Dell offers an alternative by using a USB but I don't want to have my laptop tied to the printer via the USB.

A:Wireless printer setup

is it asking for the secruity key on the router to be entered
can you post the exact message

it may be asking for the security password

you could try logging into the Router and removing the secruity code

I have had a D-Link which asked for a PIN number when a Laptop first connected - this was written on the bottom of the router along with the Secruity code

I have also moved to Netwrok forum, where you will get more response, then in DIY Projects
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I just reinstalled Windows XP after a virus I have an IBM so I just went back with quot Access IBM quot Everything worked fine except for my wireless connection Every time I try to put my setup Wireless connection network key it comes up with this message quot the network password needs to be bits or bits depending on your network configuration This can be entered as or ascii characters or or hexadecimal characters quot My problem is that the router I m trying to connect to has a digit password The wireless card sees my router but won t allow me to put in the password without giving me the error message I also don t have the quot set up a wireless connection quot option under network connections I used to but since the reinstall it is different It seems to me that it is almost an older version of windows Wireless connection setup xp Is that possible My computer is from so I m sure that was taken back to that stage but the wireless connection just isn t the same as before I m not sure if this helps at all but in the lower right of my screen registry I think my wireless is indicated by the two mini green monitors with a big red x through them exactly the same as the wired connection indicator On most pc s that I ve seen and the way the computer used to be wireless is indicated by the one mini montior with the three waves going out I just don t understand why it isn t there Is it my wireless card xp or something I am doing I know it isn t my router since I have another computer working on it just fine Any help would be appreciated

A:Wireless connection setup

Hi, well my friend had a similiar problem and I had to fix his also.
Please could you ensure that the following are met:

i) click start then run and type devmgmt.msc
i) click on network adapters
i) if any are displayed here make sure that they are enabled by right clicking them
i) if nothing is displayed here you are missing the driver

To check whether a driver is missing from a machine is to, open run, then type cmd, then type
ping this ping your local host and it will display the result if it displays no connection lost and all packets are
delivered, your drivers are ok though an update won't hurt.

Now what you will need to is to make sure that this pc has service pack 2 installed, right click my computer and click properties then here it will display this. Now if possible go for service pack 3 which can be dosnloaded from the microsoft website, provides more security and more drviers will be recognised.

Any way if it required an 8 character I believe it is WPA so the reason why I say to upgrade you service pack is that it is not supported by sp1.

Click start then run and type
you network connections should be displayed if non are displayed here then it indicated that no driver is installed.
You can download the drivers from the manufacturer of you lap or computer make.

once drivers are installed and you still have an issue, try changing the encryption to wep less secure but it will work and if problems still persists reset the router.

Try connecting wired and the get hold of ip addresses and then manually enter this for wireless WAN
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Hi everyone i have bought my self a laptop and linsky router, my modem is a netcomm 1300 single port,i have my modem running to my pc via usb,im haveing problems setting the linksys up as this is my first time,my laptop is seeing the linksys router but just cant seem to access the net,i know there is a conflict as both linksys and netcomm configured at the same ip 192.168..1.1 ive tryed to change the linksys ip and done as much as what i can think of to correct the problem and running out of ideas,has anyone else used these two togeather or could they help me out in some way im realy lost now on what to try next.thanks for your time.

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I have a new bare bones desktop running Windows SP Everything runs great all the USB ports function without a glitch except for one thing The wireless for my DSL doesn t work I have to use a wireless adapter because the modem router is on the other side of the house but when I try to enable the wireless connection in the control panel the dialog box shows it s enabling then enabled but the icon stays gray and says disabled I checked the hardware manager and it shows the wireless adapter is working and the drivers are current and correct I ve uninstalled and reinstalled in and out of safe mode tried Linksys and Hawking adapters reset the modem router and checked every blog I could find Nothing I ve tried online tech chats with Linsys and Netgear emailed MSI motherboard manufacturer and even Microsoft with no change I m told I need to reinstall the OS but I m hoping someone may have a answer before I go through that Ideas

A:Help with wireless setup problem!

What is the make and model of the router and the wifi adaptor?
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Someone has asked me to connect their laptop to their broadband connection in a wireless network.
The Router they are using is the Dlink wireless DSL/G624M it says on the box it has
His laptop is a HP Compaq NX9030, on their spec it just says intregrated wireless LAN.
I would of thought their IP Tiscali would provide a CD, and i would just enter this and it would be very easy to set up.
He also wants his laptop to be connected to his laptop via a WIRE, so i guess its just install the drivers from the CD on the laptop, plug it in and thats it?

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Recently, since I've had my desktop from PC Specialist, the wireless connection on this has been fluctuating in terms of speed; sometimes it would give me the glorious speed of the fibre optic connection I have, while other times would make me want to smash the antennas off at the back.

All I am wondering is what I should do/get in this kind of setup to improve the connection. I have:
BT Infinity (VDSL) using the... Homehub 3, and I receive it on the desktop with a... TP-Link TL-WDN4800 N900 adapter.A spare ethernet cable: my desktop is facing perpendicular to the wall.

A:Recommendations for wireless setup

Install inSSIDer and post the results here so I can have a look. It shows which channels are best etc.

inSSIDer - Free download and software reviews - CNET
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I just got a new MacBook and would like to share my internet connection that I have on my PC.

I have Verizon DSL with a Westell 6100 modem. My PC is pretty old and doesn't have a wireless adapter.

I just purchased AirPort Express. It works great but I can't be simultaneously online on both the PC and the Mac.

I purchased a Linksys switch but I'm having trouble with the LAN connection. I think I should manually enter or change the IP but I'm not sure.

Can someone help with the connectivity issue or will it be easier to just get a wireless card for the PC? I'm nearly at my wit's end. Thanks so much.

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Had canon pixma mp990 hooked up wireless to a netgear wndr 3700 router for a year without any problems. Started getting print errors when trying to print, so deleted software and reinstalled. Now the mp990 software can not find printer on network and will not finalize installation and download drivers. Printer will find access point on netgear. I'm running window 7 64bit. I'm not very verse at playing with a router. Could really need some help if possible.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 26 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 12278 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 943161 MB, Free - 863888 MB; F: Total - 953867 MB, Free - 899330 MB; G: Total - 305242 MB, Free - 304924 MB; H: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 422423 MB;
Motherboard: DELL Inc., 0X501H, A03, ..CN697020550975.
Antivirus: Norton Security Suite, Updated and Enabled

A:lost wireless setup

Do you know if the printer is actually connected to and communicating with the router? If so then my top suspect would be Norton.
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Hi folks Been wondering about something and would appreciate any hints about setting up a high gain antenna so I can use a setup Wireless antenna neighbor s internet satellite modem with permission of course I live in an area with no cable or DSL so satellite is about Wireless antenna setup all that is left I tried Verizon Wireless with their external window mount antenna with no joy This neighbor has Direcway satellite and is willing to share I have been able to connect with my laptop when I m outside her house but I lose signal about half way to my house Wireless antenna setup My question relates to trying to understand just how this would work Since internet is a two way process would I need an antenna at both ends My impression from what I have been able to find so far is the antenna would connect to the satellite modem and transmit the signal to my computer wireless That seems to me to be one way only thus the basis for my question Raybro nbsp

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so I have a linksys wireless-G router... had connectivity issues... so my roommate reset it.
Now I cannot get it work. dont have manual.. everything I have read I have tried and its not working
when I went to the address and typed in admin as I have read on several sites nothing happens. wont let me in.
Can someone help me... I have been working on this for 3 nights and am not sure what to do.

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Recently, i tried to install "wireless zero connection" on my windows 7 pc. But when i try to start the service, it says:

Windows could not start Wireless Zero Connection service on Local Computer
Error 1083: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service.

What should i do to solve it ? Do i need to setup wireless zero connection again ? if yes, how ?

Thanks for any help

A:Wireless zero connection setup

Can you explain what happen prior? Are you installing a new wireless adapter? Best you delete the wireless adapter and driver and reboot Windows 7. Re-install driver then the adapter again.
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I work for a company that has implimented a more secure wireless network. We are using WPA with a RADIUS server to authenticate users. Is there a way to make a batch file to automate the process of setting up the client end laptops?

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I have a Paradyne 6218-A1-302 router. I can connect to the internet through LAN cables but not wirelessly. The 'LINK' light doesn't turn on and although i have tried to add a WEP key, my laptop still sees it as 'Unsecured' and connects with limited connectivity.

If its any help, I had wireless before this using the same router but I recently formatted my whole pc (had to install XP SP2 again) as it had been infected and after that reset, the wireless didn't work

Pls answer ASAP,

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I want to setup wireless on laptop with USB Stick connected to usb port. Please help meout as i want to connect internet in my mobile thru' WiFi.


A:Wireless setup using USB Stick

What kind of "USB Stick" did you buy? A wireless network adapter? How old is your laptop, and what operating system is installed? All new laptops sold in the last 5+ years have wireless network adapters already installed so you shouldn't have needed another one.

What is "internet in my mobile"? Are you referring to a cell phone? What phone? What carrier? Do you have a data tethering plan?

Or do you have broadband Internet like cable or DSL? Do you have a wireless router?
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I'm about to sign up to a new isp which offers adsl2+, and switch from a wired network to wireless as i have a few unhappy siblings with shiny new laptops and no wireless net

My current setup involves a dynalink adsl 4 port router/modem, which is wired to 3 comps and a network printer.
Now, with changing to adsl2+ i have buy a new router anyway and with the laptops decided to go wireless.

The isp is offering a wireless 'homehub' which when i requested further info was this:,1935,hq_en_0_126184_rArNrNrNrN,00.html
rental of this is 5bucks/month nzd so around 4usd.
Will it be cheaper/easier to buy a new wireless router/modem or rent that one?


A:Wireless network setup

I'd buy my own, you get to choose a quality product that way.
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I'm running XP with a Linksys wireless home network. I have an ethernet cable connected to router and this computer. All is fine. Now, without unplugging cable, I added a Dlink wireless PCI adapter. XP recognizes the card and installs it. Computer still connects to internet via cable. However, I can not connect "wirelessly" on this computer. I disconnect ethernet cable but nothing changes. How can I get this computer setup as wireless.


A:Wireless adapter setup

How is your wireless router setup?

Have you configured your wireless card?
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need set wireless IP adress

A:Wireless setup question

Even though it appears you're having the same problem, please start a new thread when you have a new issue. It's very difficult to keep two problems straight and who's working on what in a single thread.

I've created a new thread for your issue here.

Note: You will need to post complete details of your configuration and your specific issue in this new thread for us to help you.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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Hi guys I have a TP-Link TD-W8960N router, I am trying to use it as a wireless access point in my house to extend my wifi range. I have a router supplied by my ISP and this is my main router, now I want to use my old TP-Link router to extend my wifi signal. I have tried setting up a wireless bridge within the admin console of the TP-Link router, however it does not seem to be working. Do i need to TP-Link routers of the same model for this wireless bridge to work or can i use two different kind of routers?

A:Wireless Bridge Setup

the wireless bridge usually does not extend the wireless - its just a way to connect the two routers together

most routers do offer an extender option

see if you have a wireless repeater or universal repeater mode

i'll see what I can find out

EDIT - does not like you can load DD-WRT firmware onto the PC _ nor does the specification mention extender

the only was to use as an extended would be using a cable from the main router to this router to extend the wireless

would it be possible to run a cable ?
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I'm setting up a peer to peer home network on win xp. I'm using a belkin pre-N router. The computers can all see each other. They can access the resources on all computers but one. I get a message about the computer not being accessible, and i might not have permission to use this resource, etc.

I'm using zone alarm (free) as my firewall, but turning it off doesn't help.

I've got an NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller.

I have file & printer sharing enabled.

Where do I go from here?

Thanks for any help you offer.

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Hi All,
I have a odd question.
I just got a Airlink101 wireless 4 port router (AR325W). $15.00 at fry's. Great buy, and had to get it.
I want to just use the wired setup. Not the wireless.
How do I turn off the wireless part. I do not want to use it yet, and I do not want anyone else to use my connection over the air. My home computers are already set up in a wired network. This is my first router, so I'm a bit unused to router jargin. I did a quick scan of the complete manual, and saw how to set up the wired and wireless part, but nothing about turning it off the wireless. Maybe it is as simple as not connecting the antenna. I don't know. Anyone have any thoughts?
Thanks in advance for you response

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My parents want to set up a wireless network between my 2 brothers laptops, including internet sharing. What would be the best way to do this? I know how to set up a wired network but my mum doesn't wants cables all over the house and I know almost nothing about wireless technology. Thank you

A:Solved: Wireless network setup help

The best way is to connect a wireless router to a broadband modem and install a wireless adapter in each computer that is to connect wirelessly but doesn't already have Wi-Fi capability.
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I need to set up 4 wireless routers on the existing network which has 4 hubs located at different floors. These hubs will be replaced by wireless routers. The signal from each wireless routers will allow access to multiple computers on each floor. Any suggestion as to how I should set up new routers. If there is a diagram available I would appreciate if you could display or email.

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I just moved into a place and got COX internet I bought a used router to save on cost but its been a Setup Solved: Wireless Security and bit of a hassle since I don t have much experience setting up Solved: Wireless and Security Setup a network At first I connected my computer to the router and got wireless set up without much trouble That lasted about a week until I messed with my security settings I wanted to secure my network with a security password I didn Solved: Wireless and Security Setup t know how to do this but I thought I d try to figure it out on my own I went to quot connect to quot and right clicked on the wireless network I m using I clicked on the quot security quot tab and messed with the security type After I tried switching it I could not get back online I ve tried every combo of security options but I can t figure out what I had originally I never made any sort of password so I skip the options that say a password is required What can I do to get my wireless back up and running And once I do how do I get it password protected I know the router is working properly because I still get internet on my wii It must just be the settings on this computer that are screwy Thanks for your help These bits of info may or may not help Computer type yr old Toshiba running Vista Router Type Apple AirPort it still works though even though I don t have an apple These are my original settings that I had for wireless I created this on my computer with the wireless wizard then put it on my router with a jump drive Wireless Network Settings Print this document and store it in a safe place for future reference You may need these settings to add additional computers and devices to your network Wireless Settings Network Name SSID TANIBREE-PC Network Network Key WEP WPA Key P XKedMREWePNMfwfNJm Key Provided Automatically x Network Authentication Type WPAPSK Data Encryption Type TKIP Connection Type ESS Key Index To enable File and Printer Sharing on this computer run the Network Setup Wizard To set up your Internet connection follow the instructions from your Internet Service Provider ISP This load of junk comes up when I look up my IP config Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Tani Bree gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name TaniBree-PC Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Hybrid IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek RTL B Wireless g Mbps USB Network Adapter Physical Address - - - C- D-A DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Realtek RTL E Family PCI-E Fast Ethern et NIC NDIS Physical Address -A -D - - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Link-local IPv Address fe b e baf Preferred IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Thursday June AM Lease Expires Thursday June PM Default Gateway DHCP Server DHCPv IAID DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface Physical Address - - - - E- DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address e c f ff fefd Pref erred Link-local IPv Address fe c f ff fefd Preferred Default Gateway NetBIOS over Tcpip Disabled Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap DBC FE-CB - D-B E- E D span br span style color purple Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description isatap savvis net Physical Address - - - - - - -E DHCP Enabled No Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Microsoft ISATAP Ada... Read more

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Here is my situation. I worked with no. of diff stand alone machines. But setting up a LAN is completely new to me.

What i have :
3 machines -
1. DG33FB , Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz running xp,vista,ubuntu(1 onboard lan port)
2. D865GBF , Dual core win98 , xp , Ubuntu (1 onboard lan port)
3. D845... , P4 win98 , xp
All of them r multi-boot systems.
1 airtel internet connection that uses beetel 220bxi ADSL2+ modem/router
that connects to the system using lan cable.

What i need to do :
Setup a network between the 3 xp os
Setup a network between machine 1 & 2 (vista - xp )
Setup a network between the 2 ubuntu machines (optional)

I like some help starting with the shopping list. "Moderately priced"
What r the minimum things i need to have; to setup the network and also share the internet connection.

A:Setup a wireless network from scratch

First off, you should know that if you are networking these machines using wireless connections, any file transfers will be a LOT slower than wired connections. Unless the file transfers are fairly small, I'd seriously consider wired connections.
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I know that this is a dumb question and I should know the answer but sadly I don't

I have 2 computers. One running XP and the other Vista. Both are wireless enabled. I have a broadband wireless router and so can connect to the internet from either or both of the computers.

Now how on earth do I get them to talk to each other? I want to set them up on a wireless network so I can share files etc between them.

I am sure it is very obvious and easy but I have no idea where to start.


A:Setup Wireless network at home??

This TCP/IP Home Networking and File Sharing Tutorial should get you started.

In addition, for Vista specific information, see if this site: File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista helps you.
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Have a T-21 Thinkpad with dual boot setup, Win98SE and Xandros Linux.

Built in "win" modem works with Win98SE but not Linux, so I bought a wireless LAN cardbus adapter.

The accompanying paperwork is "heavy" on installation and wireless networks, so I took my notebook to the local strip mall and I'm detecting networks in the area, but here I am stuck.

Now that I'm in a "hot spot", how do I connect to my dial-up ISP ??

Can somebody post a "link" that explains notebooks and "hot spots" ???


I accidently posted this on the end of "K6BON's thread" please delete from there.

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I had mine set up with a cable internet connection and have moved back home so I need to set it up using our PPPoE connection.... Can someone tell me exactly what I need to do, I have tried to follow thier directions on the internet and it does not work. and i do not have my manual as I left it at my apartment... thanks

A:W-Link DI-524 wireless router setup

I cannot figire out what the problem is and its very frustrating.... any suggestions?
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Hey, today my friend gave me his old wireless router, (a Linksys WRT54GS) and I went home and tried to run the set up program, but I can never get past the password entering part. My friend gave me a password (6 numbers dash 6 numbers) but that doesn't work. Anybody got any ideas on how I can make this thing work, find out what the password is, or bypass the whole password problem all together? Any response is much appreciated. Thanks.

A:Wireless Router Setup Problem

On the back is a small hole, stick a paperclip in it and hold the button whilst powering on the unit, hold it for 10 seconds and let go, the unit will return to its factory standards.,

Username admin
password password (or blank).

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Hi Everyone,
This is my first post !
I was actually looking forward to setup multiple routers at our college(I know its quite late) where we have quite a good network of ethernet cables. Also, almost every cluster/lab has its own switch and we use static IPs with proxy to one network address( The user should be able to travel across multiple ROUTER/AP zones without changing connections.
I am sorry if I ask too much but after searching for several hours, all I got was I have to do something with MAC cloning and SSIDs.

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/// Edit: Problem seem to be resolved. I did a router reset to factory setting and redo all the process

Since few weeks, I got some problem with my D-Link router (DL-850). My devices (Iphone's, Android tablet, Ipod, etc,) do see both network and are authenticated, but won't connect to it

I'm able to go in the router setup page, but don't succeed to properly set it

What is the set-by step process to do it


A:Wireless router: seeking help for the setup

Please mark as solved so that it is clear when we browse through the threads.
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Hi. I was wondering what additional information is needed to configure a wireless router through a Roger's connection. When I setup wireless router for Xplornet Internet (rural highspeed) I don't need to make additional configuration with ISP; I just need to choose a network name, password and type of security but you need additional information to put in router for configuring with Roger's ISP...Would this be a username and password provided by Roger's?

A:setup wireless router with Rogers ISP?

If you're using Roger's modem/router combo unit, you need to disable DHCP setting so you don't have address conflicts with your own router.

The easiest way to do this is to phone Rogers. They can do it instantly over the phone.
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Hi all, been a while since I've been on here.

Anyway, I just formatted my PC, successfully installed a clean edition of XP Pro and made 2 partitions. I then installed my motherboard drivers which included the LAN driver too, and that was installed. I used a wireless network so I installed my wireless network adapter's driver, restarted, and the hardware isn't recognized (I went to control panel > system > device manager > collapsed the Network Adapters tab > and only the LAN connection was listed.) Furthermore in Control Panel there's no setup wireless network wizard to get connected to the internet, this is my main question, how do I access 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard' ?

If you need more details just ask I'll post them up.
Thanks for your time doods.

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Well I just bough myself a NETGEAR 54 Mbps Wireless ADSL Modem Router DG834G v3

I dunno how to set it up lol. It didnt come with instructions but it did come with a CD which had them on it. I have followed the instructions and it responds but I do not receive internet or doesnt pick up with my laptop as wireless. When I go to the Default Access website it pops up with the password and I type in the defaults and it says its incorrect.... What do I do?

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Hello I recently received a D-Link DIR- from a friend and attempted to set the device up I did with all the cables and whatnot The wireless is working GREAT After hooking it up through the cable modem and the PC I ve accessed the DIR-655 Failure Wireless Setup D-Link wireless on two laptops and an iPod Touch The only problem is I seem unable to access the Internet on the PC itself when the wireless is on The wireless D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Setup Failure works like a charm and the computer says that it the router and the cable modem are all talking to each other fine and the Internet is connected up and running Yet the Internet still does not work on the PC even though all the signals point to D-Link DIR-655 Wireless Setup Failure it working fine I tried reseting the device but it s either the wireless on everything else or the Internet on the PC at this point I believe it to be some software issue between the router and the computer because when the wireless is not hooked up everything works fine Please help Already tried cloning the MAC address as well rebooting and unplugging The router can supply wireless Internet to devices i e wireless works fine but when it is plugged in the wired connection to the Internet for the PC does not work Thanks for help Daniel nbsp