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Asus x555ld built in camera not working

Q: Asus x555ld built in camera not working

I have an asus x555ld-x0549h, it has a built in camera that does not work. I have been searching for a driver all day and didnt find a thing...
then I tought that the camera was being blocked and I enabled it and... still noting...
can anyone help me please?
I'm using windows 8 and the camera app says that I need to plug in a camera... so.... wtf?! :S

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Preferred Solution: Asus x555ld built in camera not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Asus x555ld built in camera not working

How old is this laptop?
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Ik have a Z70 with built in webcam that does not work in any of the programs. I believe I have checked and updated what ever had to be checked and updated and yet no luck. Anybody know what I may need to do to get this camera to work again?  IIt pretty much says i have the latest version and it cant find a camera. Im lost?

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Hi, My built in camera is working since the day I bought it and It has been reformatted last 4 months and it's still working until last month. I can't find the icon anymore where I used to click if I'm gonna take picture or record a video. And even in video calls, it stopped working. The driver just disappeared. I can promise I never had deleted it or anything. Please anyone, help me out on this one :'( My notebook is a Toshiba NB300 and the name that says beside the built in camera on top of the screen is "Web Camera" Heeeeeeeeeelp pleeeeeeeeaseeeee Oh and I've tried downloading web cam drivers from the internet but it doesn't work. I have WIndows xp

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dear sir,

my sony vaio laptop built in camera and microphone is notworking,

APRIL 30, 2012

A:Built in camera and microphone is not working

Welcome to TSF,

Go to your computer's Device Manager (right click My Computer, select Manage,locate Device Manager) find the devices in question and see if there are any symbols (? X or !) on the Webcam and any other devices. If found, right click and choose uninstall, reboot your computer and see if your computer will automatically install the drivers.

If that didn't work, please visit the Sony site and driver the latest drivers for the webcam and audio.
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Ik have a Z70 with built in webcam that does not work in any of the programs. I believe I have checked and updated what ever had to be checked and updated and yet no luck. Anybody know what I may need to do to get this camera to work again?  IIt pretty much says i have the latest version and it cant find a camera. Im lost?

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A:SOLVED!! Built-in Camera not working

Webcam is not detected or unable to turn on the camera. Before going to the below troubleshooting flow, please give a quick check. Try different apps to identify whether it is a hardware problem. Different apps include Youcam, Skype, Line, Facebook messenger, etc.The issue may be caused by:Camera driver is out of date or not installed correctlyCamera was disabled in Device ManagerCamera was set off under Privacy or Lenovo SettingsHardware is brokenConfirm webcam is on under PrivacyIn Windows 8/8.1, open Charms Bar via the desktop and click on Settings option. Click on PC info or Change PC settings -> Privacy -> Webcam. Slide on the webcam or configure to Let these apps use my webcam.In Windows 10, open Settings -> Privacy -> Webcam. Slide on the webcam or configure to Let these apps use my webcam.For models with Lenovo Settings installed, open Lenovo Settings and ensure camera is onCheck the camera is recognized correctly in Device ManagerOpen Device Manager. Navigate to Imaging devices.If there is no imaging devices, it indicates no camera modem configured or camera hardware failure. Suggest to contact Lenovo local service provider for more help.A yellow exclamation means indicates camera driver not installed properly or is out of date. You can right-click and select Uninstall. Then right-click Imaging devices and select Scan for hardware change.If the yellow exclamation mark still exists, go to to search your product name and find the responding camera driver to install and update. For certain model, there is no seperate camera driver, instead you need to install Windows inbox driver.)Check in Device Manager if camera was disabledUnder Imaging device, one of these two options Lenovo Easycamera or Integrated camera will show up. If a down arrow shown, it indicates camera device was disabled. Right-click Lenovo EasyCamera or Integrated camera to select Enable.Hardware failure is of high possibility. Contact Lenovo local service center

Give some Kudos, if you find my post helpful. #Lenovo-NeverStandStill
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Hi, I have no idea what happen. I went to go use my camera for the first time and it said no webcam found. It is built in. So I went to the site, and downloaded the driver, and it says no webcam found. I tried going to device manager and clicking on the hardware changes, still no luck. MY mic works just fine, I just can't get the webcam to work. Please help!
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Hello everyone nbsp I have problem with built-in camera that is not working at all nbsp I have a Lenovo G Laptop with operating system Windows Pro -bit - Lenovo built-in working camera not G500 nbsp My built-in camera is not working Widows Photo app asks me to connect camera and Skype reports that it hasn't found any camera device nbsp When I go to Device Manager there Lenovo G500 - built-in camera not working isn't such tab as Imaging Devices but there is a tab Other Devices where is one Unknown Device Device location is listed as Port Hub device status reports Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code and hardware ID says only USB DEVICE DESCRIPTOR FAILURE I am almost sure that this Lenovo G500 - built-in camera not working is my malfunctioning camera Automatically find drivers for it doesn't work I've also tried uninstalling driver for that unknown device and run scan for recent hardware changes resulting only in re-appearing of mentioned unknown device nbsp I've tried to download driver from nbsp http support lenovo com sk sk products laptops-and-netbooks lenovo-g-series-laptops lenovo-g -no however when I try to install it an error message appears no appropriate driver to be installed nbsp I've tried DriverScanner app as well But this found only unknown device just as Device Manager nbsp I am sorry to bother you but I am really hopeless now Am I really Lenovo G500 - built-in camera not working forced to buy external camera or is there a solution fir this issue

A:Lenovo G500 - built-in camera not working

I have exactly the same problem...word for word. I see that sadly no one has yet offered any help. Can anyone tell me how to contact Lenovo direct?Thanks in advance.
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hi, hope someone can help me as just as i am about to use skype, i find i have no web -cam light which is usually on at the top of my screen.thanx

A:advent 9112 built-in web camera not working

now working but i would like to be able to access web camera control through control panel, device manager, but it doesn't show up on my list! can anyone kindly help please, as my web cam still only workd intermittently. thanks much.
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I have a 2007 Sony Vio laptop and trying to use my built-in camera/microphone but it is not working. I get a message stating that another program is running so I turned off and removed the battery twice but still cannot get the video camera working or the built in microphone working. This is my first time trying to use this fuction and need help to get it working. I am trying to use skype video calling with my brother. Need your help.


A:Built in Video camera/microphone not working

Hi and welcome to TSF is msn messenger possibly connected to the issue ie the web cam etc is automatically linking in to it
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I have an Advent 9112, but cant seem to be able to use the web cam. I searched on the web, and someone suggested to press Fn+F10 together...and a green light where the webcam is came on...but no pic

Can anyone please help

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I contacted Lenovo support about a month ago because my laptop's built-in camera didn't work. A team member took remote access/control of my laptop and fixed the problem by turning off a certain privacy setting. After that, my camera worked.  However, I think I'm having the same problem again but don't know how to change the setting. My drivers are up to date so that is not the issue. Does anyone have any idea what setting he changed and how to get there? Thanks!!
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am using Asus n61jv, i bought it since 2010, ihave been suffering from this problem for three years... but finally i've managed to make the web cam work!!!
In one word this problem is a mechanical problem caused by the manufacture and it has nothing with other softwares or updates.. what i did was so simple, i've squeezed the area around the camera jus before running the program (in my case i've run lifeframe3 and smartlogon manager) and keep squeezing untill the camera start to show and then leave it, for most of cases camera wont stop by it's own, but if it did then simply close the program, squeeze and run again. i know it's sound annoying a liitle bit but it is better than no camera at all !!
I hope this will work for you all and good luck
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It didnt use to show as "USB2.0 camera" but it says its working properly.
it showed as something else before... biso something...
but just today I tried using the webcam it wasnt working for the life of me. I restarted the computer, turn the webcam on and off, checked to see if there is new drivers. I couldnt fix it

help me

A:Laptop built-in webcam showing as "USB 2.0 camera" and not working anymore

1. What's the make and exact model of your computer?
2. What version of Windows is running on the computer?
3. Have you gone to the computer provider's support site and looked for a hardware specific web cam driver?
4. The current name "USB 2.0 cam" sounds like it might be using the Windows generic driver. Open Device Manager, right click the cam->Properties then Driver tab. Who is the Driver Provider? (if it says Microsoft, that's the generic cam driver)
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It didnt use to show as "USB2.0 camera" but it says its working properly.
it showed as something else before... biso something...
but just today I tried using the webcam it wasnt working for the life of me. I restarted the computer, turn the webcam on and off, checked to see if there is new drivers. I couldnt fix it

help me
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Hello while I tried to use my built in camera on MSN it cant read it and I also tried to open the camera from the Program files and this message keeps poping up "Camera is not installed or camera is occupied by another user". what I dont understand is why it keeps saying this cause no other user is using it and the camera is installed, I also downloaded the camera software and tried to repair it but it still didnt work, can any one help me with this problem pls .

My computer is an Acer Aspire 5820T

A:Built In Camera

If its still on warranty, I'd say send it in, although, my friend, who is super paranoid, always puts tape over her web cam because if someone hacked your computer, they could use it. Silly, I know.
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My new netbook has a built in camera that I'd like to use - however, there doesn't appear to be any on-board software to do so.

When the netbook was new the camera would show up in "My Computer" but now it doesn't - which I believe was caused by my disabling a number of services. The only other cause I can think of would be the removal of bloatware, but I tried to be very careful when doing this by researching everything first.

Anyway, the OEM tech support was no help at all (send it in? sure thing - NOT!). Device Manager shows the camera as functioning properly. Can I simply install an app to use it?

If so, can anyone recommend a good piece of freeware so I can use the camera's basic functions (taking pictures and video)?

Thanks Much

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I just bought a Toshiba satalite laptop with a camera built i.
I don't know how to turn the camera on or how to use it HELP
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On Nov 13th I packed up my computer which uses Window Vista and flew from Atlanta, GA to Costa Rica. I used SKYPE program just before I packed and it, as always, worked perfectly. Once here I connected to the Interet that we always use and tried to SKYPE. My friend in Florida called in and I responded for video contact. I can see the contact in Florida perfectly...but they can't see me. The message comes on and says "web cam not installed". Since it's been working for over a year in Georgia, what do I do to get my built in camera to show me ???? PLease help//// PAUL
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A:cant get my built in camera to work

If you can see an error for "imaging device" in Device Manager, try re-installing the driver from the laptop maker's website.

If there is no error in Device Manager, and your webcam is not listed there, that's usually a sign that the webcam itself is faulty so Windows cannot detect it - effectively it doesn't exist any more.

A easy remedy is to buy an external webcam (Logitech, Microsoft or Creative). don't buy a cheap brand with an obscure name as it will not last long.
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Hi, My built in camera doesn't work. Applications, such as Google Hangouts, doesn't show my camera in the drop down list in their config screen. Can you please advise? Thanks,Zoltan 

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I've a brand new Satellite P50-B-11V. After one day I detected a problem with the built camera and microphone. The camera works fine and the microphone too if the camera is not connected. Connecting the camera boost the microphone to maximum creating a terrible noise...So it's impossible to use camera and microphone together. Reducing the microphone boost to 0% does not solve the problem.

Is this an hardware problem? Does someone have this problem too? Drivers problem?

This is very annoying and disappointing, a day after the purchase this happens! This is not acceptable even more in a laptop which is not cheap.

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I ve recently been having some troubles with my built-in Web Built-in Camera Problems. web cam I have a Built-in Web Camera Problems. Gateway LT series u netbook with windows XP When I first got it the webcam worked just fine I don t know what happened but I didn t use it for a while Built-in Web Camera Problems. and when I started using it again it had some issues If I made any sudden movements while using the webcam it would freeze or if I moved the laptop adjusted the moniter it would freeze and I would have to refresh the internet browser I was using Often times it would display a striped pattern I would restart the computer and then it would work fine But just this evening it didn t show up under the list of webcams or my computer but it showed on the Add remove programs I looked around for a bit and read somewhere that I should try uninstalling and re-installing the driver I un-installed it but didn t realize I didn t know how to re-install it Yeah stupid It still shows up on the add remove programs page though I m not sure how to get it working again nbsp

A:Built-in Web Camera Problems.

Here are the XP drivers for the webcam Webcam Driver Version:
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my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop built-in camera doesn't want to work for anything, i have reinstalled the drivers about 10 times - not a single difference, when i try to use it on MSN it comes up as a blank white Screen and it doesnt work in skype or Dell Webcam Manager either, i've completely uninstalled it through Device Manager and reinstalled it (and reinstalled the drivers(still no difference), im running outta idea's i've googled a few pages and beginning to give up.

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Hello Masters I Setup Cannot Built-in Camera already upgraded my laptop so I could play Counter Cannot Setup Built-in Camera Strike Source just like what you have told me on my previous post hehe Now I noticed that this laptop has a built-in camera However I checked add new scanner or camera device and was not able to locate this webcam I checked Device Manager and seen something under 'Imaging Device' which is an HP Truevision HD I was wondering if this is the build-in camera already If it is then how could I make it work Do I need to install another program I was trying to ask Google to no avail unless I'm just quite noob with wholesome search techniques Pardon me Or if it is not the HP Truevision how could I know that this thing is still working or a display and needed to be ignored already Moreover I would like to thank you all in advance for checking this post and letting me know what to do Sorry for this thing just feeding my curiosity humbly bows

A:Cannot Setup Built-in Camera

Does it work here,

If it does you just need a program to interact with it.
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i have upgraded my operating system and then my built in camera is not detected .skype and other applications are unable to detect t again .help me please wat do ido
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lap top is not recognizing the built in camera,windows 7 Home Premium
64 bit

A:lap top is not recognizing the built in camera

What is the make and model # of the laptop?
Go to the laptop manufacturers support/download drivers site, type in your make and model # or service tag# and download the Chipset and Web Cam driver for your model.
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I have a Toshiba satellite U500 that has a built in camera like all the new laptops.

I noticed 2 circles next to my camera on both sides, the one on the left is the light when the camera is on it turns on. But I couldn't figure what the circle on the right does?!

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hi there im having a problem with my vaio webcam most of times it doesnt work in the device manager it appears as quot other drivers quot inside have two - U device the device my TT with a camera problem having VAIO I'm built-in status says The drivers for this device are not installed I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT Code There is no driver selected for the device information set or element To find a driver for this device click Update Driver - I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT unknow device this one appeared after i tryed to install another driver not from vaio website this one says I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT No drivers are installed for this device ps after installing this second driver the next day the camera was working again after a long time then stoped again and every time i try to install it says windows couldnt install or say this driver is for windows vista eventhough i took from the right place for my model and OS in vaio website however rarely the cam with apparently no reason starts to work again then in the devices manager it apear as quot image devices quot if im not wrong with these drivers arcsoftksufilter sys ksthunk sys usbvideo sys i already sent my laptop to the assistance they said they changed the webcam but the problem still i checked in the system information components problem devices and shows this U device USB VID CA amp PID FF amp E ED amp amp The drivers for this device are not installed i already installed original config many times also uninstalled and intalled the driver many times please help me i most use my computer to video conference and at this moment im thinking in throw this in the river thanks nbsp

A:I'm having a problem with my VAIO built-in camera TT

please anyone give me some ligths
is that message too confuse?
what should i do
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I'm been trying to make skype video calls but it says my camera is not connected. Every time I open the software ArcSoft Webcam Campanion 2 to see if my camera is connected. It says "A webcam was not found or is not working properly. Please click Connect button and try again." When I click on the Connect button and it says "Camera not found. The camera is either being used by another application or is not connected. Make sure the cam is connected and working properly." I tried to go into setup or BIOS to enable the camera but the camera is not even listed on the components. Please I would appreciate your help. Thanks

My laptop is a Sony Vaio model VGN-CR260F operating system Windows 7 Professional

A:Built-in camera doesn't work

a) Make sure device are connected and powered on
b) Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
c) Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
d) If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
e) On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
2. download and install the latest driver for your webcam from official website
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Hello Brain Trust nbsp I just purchased a HP Envy laptop days ago and it has a built in Intel RealSense D Camera The apps that in RealSense 3d Intel Camera built come with the computer can't detect the D Camera at all The device manager is telling me that it is functioning I thought maybe there is a button or setting I am just missing to make this thing work I can't tell Or it could be something interal as the camera wasn't connected nbsp the RealSense Training just Intel RealSense 3d built in Camera says there is an issue connection with the camera and no error code or message is given past this point nbsp I have been waiting for hours now to talk with HP Chat Support and the one time I got connected I was quickly disconnected So I figured I would try here nbsp Since the computer is only days old If there isn't an obvious easy fix I am just going to return it nbsp Thanks for any help or information you can send my way nbsp Davey

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4202Y CPU @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4022 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 2043 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 107713 MB, Free - 67880 MB; D: Total - 13595 MB, Free - 1414 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 2152
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

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I recently purchased my first Vista machine, an HP Pavilion DV6700. After deleting the HP "bloatware", I have had a very pleasant experience with Vista so far.

I am looking to "upgrade" the camera software that came with it. Free is always good, but if the product has rave review I would pay for it.

A:Laptop built in camera software

What camera software came with it?
Once you list it then google a review of free camera software.
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O k this is a long and probably repetitive request has anybody figured out how to make the webcam work on Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 64 bit?
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I'm running Vista on this acer aspire 5610z laptop.  Noticed my built in camera (orbicam) is not working.  I went to device manager and under imaging devices there is usb2.0 camera?  Is that the correct thing that should be there?  I've looked all over the web to try to find a fix for this?    Apparently it's a common problem...just no real soution that i can find.  Anybody on here have a clue?
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I updated to the latest drivers for Intel AVStream Camera on my tablet / laptop. After the update, only the front camera works now.

Hope someone can help solve this problem.



A:Front camera working but main (rear) camera is not

Can anyone help me?
I've tried updating my camera drivers in device manager, uninstalling the camera and booting windows 10 no avail. Still no main camera....only the front camera works.
Does the rear camera need seperate drivers? How do I check this?

Thanks again.
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my bullt in video camera on my samsung computer stopped says" connect camera" do i so this...thanks ron

A:my video camera stopped working,its says connect camera

Try re-installing the webcam driver for your laptop model from Samsung's website.If that doesn't fix the problem. the webcam may be turned off. Look for a combo key (Fn key) which toggles the webcam on and off.message edited by phil22
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Built in SD card reader and camera doesn't work after Windows 10 upgrade. I've installed all driver uppdates recomended by the Acer Care Center. I would really need some help with the SD card reader!
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When I start the built-in laptop camera i get the Blue Screen, my laptop is an Acer Aspire 5114(WLMi) and I installed XP Pro SP2 on it. The built in camera is made by a 3rd party vendor called "BisonCam".


A:Bluescreen when starting built-in laptop camera (BisonCam.sys)

same error here, but it was working perfectly before, i think this started when i installed the latest driver
also it only happens when i use msn messenger.
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How do I permanently delete or uninstall the built in Camera above the screen? We use a sepparate USB camera and have gone to the Device Manager to Uninstall the HP Cam but it keep comming back. We can not use the Logitec Camera every time the HP camera reloads in devices. It efffects our business since photos have to be taken of all of our gym members and the built in camera faces the desk attendant and not the member. Please help us to permanently remove the HP built in Camera. Thanks RobLive Fit GymSan Francisco
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Last night my nephew pulled down the netbook from center quite samsung after built camera n150 of blurred fell is in table and the maid got it isaw here handling the built in camera of samsung n150 is quite blurred after fell netbook with battery is alredy in the floor i fixed the battery and on it later when i used it the screen became blurred and wen i pressed it it return to normal color later to know that the edge of lcd monitor isnt lock so i heared it clicking upon pressing i saw that the spring type black that conects the lcd monitor to the keyboard right side is open so i took a closer look and clip it i use camera and see myself in the monitor clear but tonight my friend said built in camera of samsung n150 is quite blurred after fell i am not seen so clear like before quite blurred and i saw hi also not so very clear sometimes what does this means pls help me i beg of you huhuhuhuhuhuh what would i do a help would be highly appreciate thank you Atila nbsp
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guys i keep getting bsod when i plug this dell monitor usb cable (SP2208WFP) the usb cable is for builtin webcam+mic and also 4 usb port i tried download&install monitor webcam driver, that it said compatible for win7/8 but no work, it install webcam proggram okay, but it always end up error when installing driver for unknown reason i did tried few times reinstall and the result same error on driver part what make it harder is that, i cant even disable it on device manager because as soon as i plug that, it will bsod... i think related windows adding register it or something maybe i can go safe-mode and disable it ... havent try anyway to fix this ? or need to wait till microsoft fix this ?

A:BSOD ks.sys dell built-in camera (creative driver?)

BSOD - Posting Instructions
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My build in web camera is not working. I have windows 8.1 OS install on my computer. When i launch the camera app, the screen is black, Im able to take a picture but when i click the previous arrow to see my picture, it say " The file cant be open, the file may be damaged".

A:Build in camera not working in Windows 8.1 camera app

Hi, and welcome to TSF, we need more info than that. What is the make and model number of your computer, have you checked in device manager for any error flags, either a yellow ! or red X, have you tried reinstalling the web cam software or driver.
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ASUS built-in cam not functioning. Hello,

I have an ASUS N61Jv, running Windows 7 Professional 64bit (legal, pre-installed).
The built in webcam is suddenly not functioning anymore. I can't recall changing anything, so I'm not sure why this is happening. When opening the cam in skype, windows live messenger, or lifeframe3, it keeps saying that the cam is in use by another application. I've reinstalled the driver, but to no avail. I have also reinstalled the software programs. Could anyone help me out with this? Thanks for any help!

Here's some information:

USB2.0 UVC 2M WebCam

it was repost., admin closed the topic and not yet solved., please help us!

A:ASUS built-in cam not functioning

If you go into device manager, do you see any yellow error marks anywhere there?
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I have an ASUS N61Jv, running Windows 7 Professional 64bit (legal, pre-installed).
The built in webcam is suddenly not functioning anymore. I can't recall changing anything, so I'm not sure why this is happening. When opening the cam in skype, windows live messenger, or lifeframe3, it keeps saying that the cam is in use by another application. I've reinstalled the driver, but to no avail. I have also reinstalled the software programs. Could anyone help me out with this? Thanks for any help!

Here's some information:

USB2.0 UVC 2M WebCam


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I can not start my integrated camera or my external Logitech pro hd. I notice that I have exclamation marks next to USB root hub drives in device manager. I have unistalled the drivers and restarted on many occasions but they are still there. I ma running an Asus laptop on Windows ten. I have tried refreshing, but it wont do it, have also tried reloading windows 10 from a flash drive, it nearly completes and then says there is a problem and the programme will close.. Also can not run windows sys internals. I have run antivirus (Avast) Mbam anti malware, Hitman Pro, but they all pick up nothing.Have updated chipset drivers Etc. Can anyone help me solve this, It would be most appreciated.
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Hi all I'm new here so let me first start of by saying HI Ok so here are my specs Operating System Windows Vista Business System Manufacturer ASUS Processor Intel Core Duo CPU T GHz CPUs Memory MB Ram Display Graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Memory MB Webcam USB Megapixel UVC Webcam built in Ok so the problem is the Webcam is just darn slow And I'm NOT referring to internet connection here I'm talking about using any webcam software recording and Webcam Is Asus In SLOW Built playing back It's so slow motion and looks crappy I have even tried closing all programs and ONLY operating the webcam software Same outcome I have tried to play with the settings Turned off backlight compensation and all that jazz Same outcome I read somewhere that it might Asus Built In Webcam Is SLOW be because the webcam is running of my internal system memory and not the memory card heck knows if that matters I really hope one of you smart folks can assist me I'm want my webcam to play smoothly Kind regards Ryan

A:Asus Built In Webcam Is SLOW

Hello and welcome, ryanm123 .

A webcam of only 1.3 megapixels is already going to be dragging, and ontop of that you probably have lots of processes running, along with services . This could be "normal" .

I have a 0.3 megapixel camera on my laptop, actually, on both, and they work great, even with processes and services, I think I even pulled it off with Photoshop CS3 running .

What software are you using to record your work in ? Try VirtualDub, it's literally the best video editing software, except Adobe After Effects, for sure .


Also, what software are you using to playback your work in? If it's the same software you use to record in, I'd seriously recommend trying to playback in another media player .
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I have a asus k52f that I bought from best buy new, running win7 64bit, I recently upgraded to win10, now my camera is upside down, tried loading all the different drivers for win 7 from asus web site but none will correct the issue in win 10. I had this problem in win7 once and got the rite driver from asus web site and fixed it, what can I do to turn my camera right side up in win 10????
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I have an Asus U50A that I got at Best Buy the day before Thanksgiving. It works perfectly except the webcam will not work. Every application I try, including the Asus Lifeframe Utility states the camera is in use or has some unknown error. The only time it works is when using the Express Gate utility, which is a preboot utility allowing me to use skype. I have uninstalled lifeframe, asus virtual camera, and the camera driver. After uninstalling all of these and reinstalling, the problem persists. The light goes off when the comp is locked but the second you log in again the webcam light turns back on. I searched through the processes and nothing obviously controlling a webcam appeared to be active and no start up utilities appear to be involved. I figure it must be some Windows 7 utility but I have no idea what.

A:Asus Camera Problem

Hi -

What is the date on the webcam driver? Did you go to Asus site and see if an updated driver is available?

Regards. . .


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Camera dont work!
I had Windows 7 Starter so I installed Ultimate.
Now the camera doesn't work and I downloaded the driver from their web. I think so... It was from here:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

what am I suppose to do? Skype dont get it and noting works!
Its some built-in USB camera...

A:ASUS eee PC 1005 HA camera

Scrub the drivers / installation related to the device completely and attempt a reinstall of the drivers fresh again.

Barring that you may have to actually deal with ASUS they've been kind of hit and miss with proper support for 7... at least that's been my personal experience with them.

...I'm jaded though you may want to wait for another opinion.
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I cannot seem to find a driver for my built-in webcam.
I tried searching the manufacturer's site but all they have is the webcam utility, not the real driver.

My notebook is an Asus G53SX.

Hardware Ids

help anyone?
thanks in advance

A:Cannot find driver for my Asus built in webcam

Welcome to SevenForums orbine


Kindly check this link related to your concern.

And also this one to take a read

Hope this one helps.
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Hey everyone Alright so my ASUS laptop has been getting a little slow lately so I decided to reinstall Now I know my PC has an ASUS recovery partition which re nstalls ASUS to recovery Unable use partition built-in the pc with all the tools drivers etc since I've Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition used it before But now when I restart the computer and press F and reset it doesn't work This is what I do This is where it was supposed to give me the option to restore whole drive or just install windows to the primary partition But now it asks for a CD which I don't have This PC never used to have a recovery CD just Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition a recovery partition Then I read somewhere I could do the same from inside Windows so I tried that as well by going to the charms bar Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition then Settings and then quot Change PC settings quot Then I selected quot Update and recovery quot from the left and then went to Recovery where I pressed the button to remove everything and reinstall windows This is what I got So I tried to see if EaseUs Partition manager showed the recovery partition I started ASUS and these are the partitions it found I saw it found both a quot Recovery quot partition and a quot Restore quot partition Now I assume the Recovery partition is the one Windows boots into and the Restore partition is the one created by ASUS So these are the contents of the Recovery partition And these are the contents of the Restore partition As you can see outlined in red it does contain an install wim file so I know the recovery data is there However the Windows recovery environment just isn't able to find it So I'm lost here Does anyone have an idea on what I could do to make the recovery partition work again If any system information is needed I'll be happy to provide Thank you very much in advance PS If this is in the wrong category I'm sorry I couldn't find one related to recovery so I decided to place it in here P

A:Unable to use built-in ASUS recovery partition

Have you repartitioned that drive in any way since you got it? If yes, that likely broke the link to the factory recovery partition. All your left with now is the basic refresh reset options that ask for your install media. It sounds like Windows can only see the small windows recovery partition. I don't know the answer though as to how you make use of it now.
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I have an Asus A3H laptop that came with a built in webcam. When I try to use the cam with MSN Messenger its states that I currently do not have one. I think its a missing driver as I have several yellow warnings from my device manager... I tried serching the ASUS website, but i really dont know what im looking for. Please help.

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I have an Asus Laptop with a built in camera.

When on skype/facebook chat I can hear the other person and the box in the top corner with myself in it, but I cannot see the other person. This is to many people, not just one so I know the issue must lie within my laptop.

When I click on >programs>lifeframe it comes up with the message " Multi Language Files are corrupted. Please re-install Life Frame 3"

but how do I do this?

A:ASUS built in webcam not showing other people

To help us help you,please use the TSG System Info tool to let Tech's know the specs of your computer: Copy and paste the results here in your thread. You can use the TSG Info to fill in your computer information in your user profile as well.

Also, if its a brand name system like an Acer,Dell or HP, please post the exact model of the system.
You could just try installing it again.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3884 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics, 1718 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76308 MB, Free - 5322 MB; D: Total - 211935 MB, Free - 211891 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., K52F
Antivirus: Kaspersky Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

The internal camera on my Asus K52F laptop no longer works. I cannot find the original disks and cannot work out which driver I need.
Any help will be appreciated

A:Asus camera no longer works

have a lookin device manager and see if the camera is listed

Device Manager

Please Post back the results in device manager as requested below

You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the screen shot and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.
If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply

how to access device manager for different windows versions

Hold the Windows key and press Pause key, should open to allow device manager to be seen, see the menu on the left hand side

on a laptop you may need to use Hold the Windows key and press FN key + the pause key

If the above does not work then

For Windows 7 or Vista
Click on the Start Orb > In the Start Search box type > device manager and then press enter
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager
​For Windows 8
If you happen to be using a keyboard with Windows 8, the quickest way to open Device Manager is via its shortcut on the Power User Menu, accessible by pressing the WINDOW key and the X key together.
If on a touch screen - have a read here
​Once you are in device manager then navigate to:

Imaging Devices click on the + > post back the devices that are listed under Imaging Devices
are there any yellow ! ? or a X​
post a screen shot of the device manager - Imaging Devices

To post a screen shot of the active window.
For Windows XP
Hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application (Start> All Programs> Accessories> Paint) and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
​For windows Vista or Windows 7
you can use the "snipping tool" which is found in Start> All programs> Accessories> Snipping Tool
​For Windows 8
you can use the snipping tool > Open Snipping Tool (From the Windows 8 Start Screen, type "snip" and press enter.
>Press the Esc. key.
>go back to your Windows 8 start screen - Swipe from left or press Window Button
>Press Ctrl+PrntScr button to use Snipping Tool

To upload the screen shot to the forum, open the full reply window ("Go Advanced" button) and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here.
Full details are available here
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A couple of weeks ago I was messing around with using a PS controller as a computer controller through Bluetooth This of course required a lot of messing with drivers I tried both PPJoy and Motionjoy I wasn't having any luck with PPJoy so when I got MotionJoy it worked like a charm I remember doing something like registering a 'psudo' driver in order to let the controller work properly Sometime after getting it all working I rebooted the machine and my Bluetooth driver no longer worked I tried reinstalling from the manufacturer disk which has always worked before with no luck Is there any way to fix this because now my computer doesn't even recognize it under Device Manager although Linux sees it and uses it just fine so I know it's not dead hardware Any suggestions I have an ASUS F A -I Deluxe mother board from which I don't know exactly what type of Bluetooth I'm running Win -Bit The text file included is one generated from Speccy which provides more verbose information about my machine

A:Built-in ASUS Bluetooth adapter refuses to install

otacon239, welcome to the Seven Forums.

If you haven't instead of what is on the motherboard disk, try the latest from Asus,

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS F1A75-I DELUXE
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I have recently attempted to reset my laptop to factory and i get this issue
Computer specs:
Asus VivoBook S550CM 8gb Ram


HELP, Need more info? please post on thread

A:Unable to reset to factory - ASUS Partition ( Built In )

Take a look at this post: link

Originally Posted by le011

easy way to solv this problem

hi all
i had same problem after update to win 8.1.
after reading this post (which was very usful),i went to asus web site and find solution for this:
pogram cald "Backtracker" fron Asus that will let you to acssec and backup and restor from the recovery partition
even after update to win 8.1. heare is the link to the program:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support-

i used it to recover my computer and worked perfect and very simpel to use.

i hoop it will help all
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I'm having a lot of problems configuring the built-in sound cards in ASUS Mother Board like P4P800 and other ones, Does any one have a list for every card and the realted mother board.

A:built-in sound card in ASUS Mother board

Try downloading drivers from here:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-
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i think it does i was looking around the BIOS and saw something like that. also if you make a RAID array of 2 Hdd's and one of them already has data on it will that be deleted?

A:Does the Asus P5q Pro Turbo Motherboard have a built in RAID chip?

Yes to both.

There is on-board RAID (the RAID sata slots are the two different coloured ones)

And you will lose any data on an existing HDD if you created a RAID setup.
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Okay so for the past several hours I ve gone through the throes of attempting to get my Asus laptop s built-in webcam to work I took a on laptop cannot Windows 7 webcam the built-in Asus detect my look at Device Manager and had found two items titled quot Base System Device quot or something to that effect I don t quite remember and I thought that one of them would be the webcam Well after searching for the mystery items Hardware ID on Google I had Windows 7 cannot detect the built-in webcam on my Asus laptop discovered that these devices were in fact not the webcam Then I had used the quot Add a Device quot option under Devices and Printers in the Control Panel to try and find the webcam After letting it churn for ten minutes it appeared that Windows wasn t even searching anymore and I was staring at a blank window for nothing The only clue I have about the situation is after running DriverEasy it listed quot USB M UVC WebCam quot as a needed update but it also said quot unplugged quot beside the selection and was highlighted in red After attempting to download and install the driver the program had given me some Packard-Bell webcam driver that is most definitely not correct Packard-Bell still exists This had all started however when I made a clean install of Windows I had just spent the last two days scouring the web digging up my lost drivers and programs that had come with the laptop Everything s been successful save for this one element My webcam is lost somewhere in my laptop I just can t get to it If anyone has any ideas as to what s happened and yes I know it s a possibility the wiring is shot and how to fix the issue please give me any tips that you can I ve done everything possible in my power including trying to find the drivers but you obviously can t install drivers for devices that Windows doesn t even detect Oh before I forget my laptop model is Asus x v B if that helps in any way nbsp

A:Windows 7 cannot detect the built-in webcam on my Asus laptop

Was this laptop purchased with Windows 7 as the OS that was installed on it ? Or did it come with Windows Vista and you just wiped it out and put Windows 7 on yourself??
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Hi Guys,
Win7 (32bit) cannot find my webcam after an update. Devce manager shows it as an unidentified device. msinfo32 shows following problems:
NAVEX15 ROOT\LEGACY_NAVEX15\0000 This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed.
Unknown Device USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&1C78ACB5&0&5 43

This issue started with skype not being able to detect the webcam (says being used by another program)-previously uninstalling skyp and reinstalling an older version worked. not this time
Also tried reinstalling drivers from ASUS (maybe i am not using the correct one??)

my computer model is ASUS F50SV
Any help is appreciated. Need my webcam to keep in touch with my family.

A:Asus Windows laptop does not detect my built-in webcam

Try here:

or here:

Don't pay attention to the model numbers
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Hi I've been having trouble with sound for a while The in-built speakers play sound perfectly but in-built ASUS headphones N53Jg, Sound none from speakers, from - Win7 when I plug headphones into the side jack everything is silent The system is detecting when I plug unplug the headphones - the ASUS N53Jg, Win7 - Sound from in-built speakers, none from headphones systray quot Realtek HD Audio Manager quot gives notifications when I do and the system volume changes accordingly The sound is also not muted anywhere I am certain that the problem lies with Windows and not the port headphones because they work fine in Linux Things I have checked tried - sound is not muted anywhere - from Device Manager uninstalling reinstalling various versions of Realtek HD Audio drivers - now using R - booting with the headphones plugged in and with them not plugged in initially makes no difference - BIOS is already latest version - sound is fine in Linux so I'm pretty sure the hardware has no faults Once in a blue moon it will work but I have not worked ASUS N53Jg, Win7 - Sound from in-built speakers, none from headphones out how to replicate this success If anyone knows anything that may help fix this I would be grateful

A:ASUS N53Jg, Win7 - Sound from in-built speakers, none from headphones

Hello Pete and welcome to TSF,

First thing I would like you to do is perform a "Clean Boot" and try your headphones. What we are trying to accomplish with the "Clean Boot" is to either implicate or rule out a third-party process or service from causing the issue.

To perform a clean boot...
Close out any programs you are using and save any unsaved work.
Click the Windows button.
Type msconfig.
Select the Services tab.
Select Hide all Microsoft Services.
Select Disable All.
Select the Startup tab.
Select Disable All.
Click Apply then OK.
The system will prompt you to reboot... Select Yes.

Test your headphones and post back with the results.
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Hi this laptop has fingerprint software when u login or you can type a password. i am about to sell it so i need to get rid of my details. They can change the typed password so thats ok. I saw that there is something in Asus security protect manager but nothing specific to get rid of my fingerprint. I can disable i think for the applet to show at the welcome screen?! i am not sure really what that is called. I am new to the whole fingerprint phenomena. Thanks appreciate the help"The meaning of life is to be happy and useful" Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama

A:uninstall Asus laptop built-in fingerprint feature (POST 1)

Use the factory restore feature and reset it to the way it was shipped from the factory. Look to your online manual to see the combination of keys to access the feature. this way all of your personal settings are wiped.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.
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when ever I try to open camera I find black screen
I tried different programs and it's the same
laptop came with windows 10 pre installed
I have ASUS ROG GL552JX laptop

USB2.0 HD UVC WebCam

Hardware IDs :

Compatible IDs:
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I have an Asus N50VC laptop. I changed fro win 7 to win 10 and the built in camera turned upside down.
Asus does not provide a new driver, probably because this laptop was bought in 2009. Windows updates for windows 10 has not solved the problem. Ive gone into device manager and tried to upgrade driver nad it says I have the latest driver. The camera worked fine before the win 10 update. It still works but camera is upside down. Is there a driver somewhere that I can use to fix this problem? I would appreciate any help.Thankyou.
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HI, I am having a issue with my inbuilt webcam on Asus G74s. Since couple of months i am unable to use the webcam, I tried downloading and installing Virtual Camera Utility from ASUS website, but still no luck. Also all devices under Device Manager are shown as installed correctly, nothing with an Exclamation mark or Question mark is found in there. Please help !!!
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Hi there, I am new to this site... I have been having trouble with my webcam. It works for Skype and I just removed Virtual Camera and installed LifeFrame. It works sort of now. I still can't get into tinychat or userplane, It tells me it's not available or that it is in use by another program.. I am starting to get frustrated!! Help please?
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I have a HP Pavilion dm4 on windows 7. it has a "HP TrueVision HD" camera built in, and it's worked until a couple months ago. Randomly, I was trying to skype someone, and it said there was no detectable webcam. I've tried all kinds of applications for my webcam, and nothing works. I've gone onto my laptop settings and it says that everything is working fine. any tips on how to get it working again? thanks in advance
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I am using native camera API in an android app development, the camera preview doesnt display the camera's best resolution, it looks dull, compared to how it looks when using the native camera of the device.
How can I fix this? I am sing the android's native camera api, and not intent, as I need the API usage to performs some functions with the camera.
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I've formatted the C drive on my laptop lately and when I got it back I tried to setup my built-in mic but it didn't work and I don't know how to fix it.please help!

A:Built-in mic not working and I can't fix it

you probably need the drivers for your model laptop,
got to the lenovo drivers page and input you model to find the specific drivers you need.

Lenovo Support - Drivers & Software (GB)
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Hi everyone I have just finished building my gaming pc I have used a Dual Vsta Motherboard Dual Series Asrock Motherboard GB Ata Maxtor Hard drive gb of Blitz Ram A pentium Hyper Technology ghz Processor Heatsink I am also using a Nvidida Geoforce GTX mb Gddr Graphics Card Which looks Excellent And last of all a Lightscribe Lite on Dual layer Dvd Rw Drive Anyway I have built it all up Like connecting Working Built ! but Not all the power connectors and the wires for the hard drive and dvd drive to the motherboard I have inserted the ram and the graphics card into the pci-express slot Anyway when I switch it on it will power up and there will be a small beep and then after the beep it will Built but Not Working ! go off So when i switch it on all the fans start spinning and then it goes off after only seconds the monitor does not go on at all Could anyone tell me what the problem could be as I really want to get started with it I havent installed the Built but Not Working ! motherboard drivers or windows as obviously it hasnt powered on for more than seconds Thanks for your help and it is well appreciated nbsp

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I know this question has been answered a million times already but none of them have resolved my issue.

I have a hp pavilion dv9000 series and a few weeks back any program that could use the mic would freeze my system. I updated the drivers and everything and now the system doesn't freeze but the mic still doesn't work.

Is there anything else I can do?

A:built-in mic not working

Make a full anti virus scan
Download and make a full scan with Malwarebytes. If negative
I would go back one week before the freezing problem with System Restore.
System Restore - How to
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So today i went on skype and my internal mic was not working, yesterday it was working fine so i restored my computer to yesterday but nothing changed still my internal mic not working.

A:My built in mic is not working

Ok, now does it work in any other applications? Is it listed the sound settings?
What may be wrong is that some other mic or device bumped it from skype, so in skype
click on the call menu>Audio Settings...> and then check to see if the proper microphone is selected.

Hope this works, feel free to ask any other questions,

- Thewierd1
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Umm, well Ive set up the PC correctly (I think), and Ive plugged it into the mains, and switched it on. The fan works, the lights flash, the CD Drive can open, but nothing appears on the monitor?

I will give a list of my components if you need them.......thanks

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need help please, my HP Pavilion dv6324 built-in mic not working though device driver is upto date, i even rolled it back to the previous one. further, it doesn't have any sign of being disabled nor any mark in the device manager. when i use an external mic or headset, it's working fine. what could be the problem? what should i do?

A:built-in mic not working

by the way, it's Conexant HD audio, driver version, dated 05/01/08, i need help to make it work please........
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I ve been through the issues already discussed on these forums but could not find a solution to mine I have an HP Omni all-in-one computer Windows with an in-built web cam My computer is two years old and I have only recently attempted to use the web-cam I have spent nearly a week trying to find solutions Drivers all updated web-cam displays as quot working properly quot in device manager When I open the HP MediaSmart webcam software the light displays at the top of my screen and a clicking sound can be heard when I select quot snap shot quot but the screen in MediaSmart not working In-built web cam is just like a window - showing the background on my screen I also tested the webcam in Cyberlink Power Director but although the light displays when I select capture with web cam there is just a black screen and no picture detected It was suggested by someone on Youtube that a common problem in HP computers is a loose connection for the web cam and demonstrated that In-built web cam not working removing the frame around the screen would reveal the webcam enabling a fix to the issue It looked very simple but I have not been able to get the frame around my monitor to budge and I don t want to scratch it by trying with something sharper than my nails Surely though if the connection is loose there would be an error message or some indication that the web-cab is not connected If anyone has any other suggestion or advice it would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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I use TeamSpeak 3 and I was trying to talk, but friends could not hear me, everything is fine with TeamSpeak and I have done everything to help, like turning up the microphone volume on my laptop.
It is an MSI Wind U135 DX (I don't know if the DX part counts or not)

Help would be appreciated, however I am trying to download a driver off of the MSI website at this moment. *Edit* The driver did not work And by the way I am using Windows XP, it sucks but you know



A:Built-in mic isn't working

Finish downloading the MSI Drivers, normally it's the drivers. If you've got more than 1 Audio output, you need to change the settings on TeamSpeak control panel. I can also help you with that if this doesn't work. Come back if you need more help.
Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound
Control Panel > Speakers Properties > Microphone
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Hello everyone, I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 computer with Vista on it. I tried to go on skype yesterday but for some reason, my mic isn't working.

I went and checked the sound and made sure it wasn't on mute or anything, and it's completely fine.

I looked around on the internet and the only information I could find was that people had this problem after they reinstalled their computer. A couple months ago I reinstalled my computer, and before I did I could use the mic.

A:Built in mic not working.

try this . right click on your speaker icon (next to clock)
choose recording devices.
make sure the microphone is set to default.(click on microphone & click on set to default)

good luck
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My microphone was working fine with vista installed, after clean-installing windows 7, it stopped working. All my drivers are up to date ( I guess) after scanning with third party software. Anyone, please help me!

A:built in mic not working

Hi Kimlou,

Please fill out your System Specs as completely as possible so we can better assist you.


Windows Outreach Team
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About 2 months ago my laptop's camera is working perfectly fine. All of a sudden it just stopped working. I can view other people's camera but they can't see me ( this is every time I go on facebook video chat or using skype). My laptop's brand is Fujitsu ( Lifebook AH530). The system says the camera is working properly but I don't know how that's possible since I can't use it. Please help me.
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Hi I have just built my first Pc .Everything powers up the there is a little green light that lights up on the motherboard the fan turns on the cd rom opens and closes i have checked the usb ports and they all work my problem is when i connect a vga cable from the PC to my monitor nothing happens the monitor stays in sleep mode .What am i missing the 1gb ram is in the first Dim rail seems to be in fine its doing my head in any advise would be great it is a Intel desktop board LGA755 the hard drives are ones i was using as external drives and have files on them i was hoping just to instal windows over it

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ASUS Notebook G Vx Series Windows Home Premium -bit Intel R WiFi Link AGN A few days ago my internet suddenly stopped working I plugged in the ethernet cord and everything worked fine Checking the properties in the device manager showed the device was working properly I also tried resetting it to make sure it was working Wifi working fine LAN ASUS on not laptop, enabled but it did not work Upon troubleshooting Wifi not working on ASUS laptop, LAN working fine the quot Windows Network Diagnostic quot said the problems was that the Wireless adapter was not turned on Using the switch Wifi not working on ASUS laptop, LAN working fine on the front of the laptop as well Wifi not working on ASUS laptop, LAN working fine as the function keys does nothing Usually a graphic pops up showing if the WiFi is on or off changinging transparent to show the WiFi is disabled Now when I turn the switch on it always appears transparent effectively going from off to off So I know the computer reads both the function keys and the switch on the front but both methods never actually turns the adapter on I just finished a system restore and nothing has changed Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Wifi not working on ASUS laptop, LAN working fine

Maybe the switch or adapter is defective. Some other ideas ...

Do you have an ASUS utility to also turn the wireless on/off? (I have an HP utility on one of my laptops that will individually control the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if the physical switch is on.)

In Device Manager right click on the adapter - Properties - Advanced tab. Sometimes there is a Property in there that allows turning the adapter on/off.

If the card is easily accessible through a cover on the laptop's bottom remove and carefully and firmly replace the card several times to fix any potential looseness or corrosion problems.
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Hi I built my new computer today and it wont work it turns on fine but nothing comes up on the monitor and the monitor says quot no signal quot I thought it was a problem with the videocard but now im thinking its somthing else because i cant open the drives and cant turn it off useing the power button or reset it useing the reset button also the lights are lit up on both dvd drives so i def think somthing is wrong Im It Built Get Please Me!!!! Cant Help And New Working!!!! Please Computer Please really mad too because i worked my a of to get the money to build this computer you can see how upset I am somthing I think might be a cause is my powersupply does not have a quot atx v quot coard on it but my motherboard does I dont know if that would have any effect on it but maybe please help me out i Built New Computer And Cant Get It Working!!!! Please Please Please Help Me!!!! really could use help below are all the parts of my computer if you could look and possibly see any problems that would be great thanks soooooooooooo much- Nick Processor AMD Built New Computer And Cant Get It Working!!!! Please Please Please Help Me!!!! Athlon X Windsor GHz x KB L Cache Socket AM Processor Power Supply APEVIA ASPIRE ICEBERG ATX-IB W-BL ATX V EPS V W Power Supply HD Western Digital Raptor Built New Computer And Cant Get It Working!!!! Please Please Please Help Me!!!! WD ADFD GB RPM MB Cache HD Western Digital Caviar SE WD KS GB RPM MB Cache Video card XFX PVT JYHE GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP ExTreme Edition Video Card RAM G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Motherboard ECS KA MVP V A Socket AM ATI CrossFire Radeon Xpress ATX AMD Motherboard DVD Burner SONY Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM IDE DVD Burner Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP b pk w Upgrade Coupon for Vista - OEM Case APEVIA ASPIRE X-Plorer ATXB KLW-BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower nbsp

A:Built New Computer And Cant Get It Working!!!! Please Please Please Help Me!!!!

Your motherboard MUST have a 12vATX connection from the power supply or you will not be able to post.

I just checked the PSU maker's site here, and it does have a 12vATX power cord. Find it, pop it in and you should be good to go.
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My built in microphone will not pick up sound. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the latest driver multiple times now.
Here are a couple screen shots, displaying that the microphone appears to be working properly, despite the fact that it will not pick up any sound:,

Here are my computer specs:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3517U CPU @ 1.90GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 58 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3981 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000, -2041 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 113993 MB, Free - 1361 MB;
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Any help is greatly appreciated!

A:Built-in microphone not working

Most likely the device is faulty.

The only way to rule out a software/driver glitch would be a fresh install of the OS. But that's not likely.
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I have a toshiba satellite x205 with a built in mic. I had vista for 2 years with no problems with my mic. Upon reformatting my labtop and installing windows 7 as a clean install, my mic does not work. It's not muted. It's enabled. The volume status on the right side under recording devices does not move. My mic jack device is enabled, but says that it's "currently unavailable." I've done google searches trying to find a solution. It sounds like a bunch of guys have had this problem too, with a few minor exceptions. I need a solution. This is driving me crazy!

(SOLVED) Apparently all it was was updating my drivers. :P Still learning about this whole drivers deal

A:WINDOWS 7 64 bit and built in mic not working

I have that problem too, people can't hear my voice in the skype. when i checked my sound recorder and i tested recording my own voice, but could not hear anything, any advice much appreciated.
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Hi all Fairly new Built not well webcam working in dv i HP with a webcam that used to work great inside the house Now the screen is Built in webcam not working well just about all black except for the dim outline of a light using the HP TrueVision HD cam Machine came with Cyberlink YouCam and I updated it to and still same thing I really don t want to have Built in webcam not working well to use the USB webcam which works fine inside the Built in webcam not working well house I went to device manager and found the HP TrueVision HD driver and updated it and it says that I have the latest driver Maybe I should delete this and re-install I cannot find what I need or rather I do not know what I need HP is of little help since I went to an SSD which runs well but according to them it messes up the entire system and I am a bad customer The problem existed before the SSD and I really do not wish to deal with HP tech any longer BTW the cam shows up outside so something is screwy and I cant put my finger on it I have adjusted all the settings up down and everywhere in between then back to default which always worked well I hope the cam itself didn t go bad and I am leaning toward thinking that Thanks for any ideas

A:Built in webcam not working well

Yes, please try reinstalling the driver for it.

Uninstall the driver, restart your computer and Windows should automatically the detect the webcam and prompt you to install a driver. Pull out the Driver CD or point to the location of the driver and let Windows install everything for you.

Restart your computer again and give the webcam a whirl. You may also want to use different programs to test out the webcam.
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Hello all,
I have a custom made 4 years old laptop with Win XP Pro OS. About 6 months ago, out of the blue, the integrated webcam stopped working.
I can't find anything under: control panel > scanners and cameras.
I checked: device manager > universal serial bus controller > all 'Intel USB universal host controller' properties indicate 'This device is working properly'.

Please help.

Thank you.
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my advent 4213 recently crashed n i lost my webcam now it wont work at all ....i am not that good at finding out about this and how to fix this problem could someone pllzzz help me .......thanx

A:built in webcam not working

can you do a recovery to before the crash
all programs>
system tools>
system restore>
choose a date before the issue

also post back a device manager screen shot
{Device Manager}
Post back the results in device manager
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Start > control Panel {Vista set to classic view}> system > {Vista, device manager on left hand side} {XP hardware Tab, device manager button} >
windows 7
start > control panel> System and Security> Device Manager
are there any ! ? or X
post a screen shot of the device manager

To post a screen shot of the active window, hold the Alt key and press the PrtScn key. Open the Windows PAINT application and Paste the screen shot. You can then use PAINT to trim to suit, and save it as a JPG format file.
To upload it to the forum, open the full reply window and use the Manage Attachments button to upload it here
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I got windows 7 for Christmas and I love it! It's everything I need, however the only problem is that my built in mic won't work. It worked fine in vista and I'm not sure if I need to set it up again.

I hope someone can help

A:In built Mic not working in Windows 7

Welcome to sevenforums !
what is your mic/audio device? Have you checked in the device manager? Use the windows update utility to see if it can detect a potential driver. In this case, it is very likely a sound driver (realtek, altec lansing/conexant, creative, etc)
Also, check your manufacturer's support page to find out the specific specifications of your computer, including the name of your sound card (onboard or not)
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Built-in webcam not working... So I was trying to use my Webcam on Skype and it said it wasn't working. So I checked the ArcSoft Webcam Campanion 3 to see if my camera was connected. It said "A webcam was not found or is not working properly. Please click Connect button and try again." So I click on the Connect button and it tells me "Camera not found. The camera is either being used by another application or is not connected. Make sure the cam is connected and working properly." I have no idea what to do!

My laptop is HP and the model is G62 361-TX. I use Windows Ultimate and Norton Antivirus.

A:Built-in webcam not working...

Serial No. CNF0396XZC

Product Name - HP G62 Notebook PC

Product No. XT795PA#ACJ

pre-installed os was Windows 7 home basic..
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I'm trying to use the built in webcam that I have and it keeps saying that the connection to the webcam was lost....

Anyone have any ideas about what I can do?



A:Built in webcam not working

Try re-installing the webcam driver from the laptop maker's website.
However, If it's an external webcam, download the driver from the webcam maker's website.

If that doesn't work, the webcam itself could be faulty.