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Motherboard at 87 Degrees?

Q: Motherboard at 87 Degrees?

So I made my first custom build pc recently and my specs:
Motherboard: Z97 GAMING 5
CPU: Intel 17-4790k
GPU: Gigabyte Geforce G1 GTX 970 4GB
Ram: 16gb ddr3

In my MSI software (MSI Command center) it goes around the 85 degrees when I play Battlefield 4 on ultra.
Is the motherboard temp the same as the CPU temp? and is 85 degrees too much?
I do use the stock cpu cooler.
Also I have a 200mm front and a 140mm in the back.

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard at 87 Degrees?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Motherboard at 87 Degrees?

Download HWiNFO64 and use this software to compare temps. Not saying there is anything wrong with the MSI software, but there is always a possibility that it is not reading the correct temps.
Also, do you overclock? Overclocking will affect the temps, especially if you are still using stock coolers.
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Hello. I have lately been noticing the temperature on my CPU and Motherboard is really high. Its usually 70 degrees C but once I start gaming and code Java in background it will go up to 80+ degrees C. I am really worried. What can I do to prevent this to happen? Why does this happen?

A:CPU and Motherboard Temp over 80 degrees C

Holy Symbol,
Welcome to SF. When was the last time you opened up the case and cleaned it complete? Understand that computers are really just room air cleaners and heaters so keep 'em clean ! Also a riser or laptop cooler helps...but not with dust and dust bunny's. I use air in the intake and a vacuum on the exhaust with the lappy turned off or better yet open it up and some designs allow direct access to the guts and makes easy to blow out and clean fan with q-tip!
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I just installed Speccy, and was horrified to find that my both cores of my 2014 Lenovo ThinkPad are running around 235 degrees! And that's with nothing running except normal boot programs.

I've opened up the bottom to check for dust, but the laptop's still only about a year old, and there was very little dust inside. I've checked my running processes with Process Explorer, and found nothing that looked untoward. What could be causing this extreme temperature?

A:CPU at 235 degrees F

Hi i would try using another program to check your temps as i do not believe it is reading right if it was it would not be running at those temps. try using hwmonitor(cpuid) HWMONITOR | Softwares | CPUID
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The ATI Readon 9800 XT 256mb.. core clock is 411mhz 364 memory clock. Ive got no problems with it but is this safe? If not what can I do to cool it down?

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They set a new world record with liquid nitrogen.

A:5.25 Ghz at -195 degrees

not bad , but lets see someone do a world record in a practicle enviorment ( where it be used everyday )
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for some reason my newly built P4 3.06 GhZ's temp is at 89d C i have the fan that come with the CPU. is that a big mistake?

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is my cpu overheating
it is a old 700 mhz celeron (copper mine core) and it is a 58/60 degrees permanently and that is only in the BIOS
seeing as some of the new core duos run at half that temp im worried
is this to hot and is there a prog that i can use to see my CPU temp when windows is running

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:wave: Hi earlier today i was playing battlefield 2142 speed fan told me that it was 60 degrees :hotbounce with the CPU, my cpu is the Intel 4 HT, is this ok?

im scared that i am destroying the CPU :dead:

please help:grinthumb

A:Cpu 60 Degrees!!!!

C or F

If you mean 60 C,thats too hot.Mine is 24 C or 72 F and OK.
The fan speed Should be over 3000 rpm.
A better fan and heatsink is a good investment.
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Hey, my CPU is overheating at 95 degrees, and I think that's what's causing my PC to shut down.

Any ideas?


A:CPU Overheating at 95 Degrees

Whoa 95 degreese!!! At load or idle? Your fan must have failed.. Be carefull you could fry it at that temperature!!! My cpu idles at 39C right now and the core at 28C
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium bit Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Around hot. 175 Processor degrees always Hewlett-Packard Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled I ve noticed my HP Laptop is almost always performing slowly even at simple task I have a CPU Temp gauge installed called quot SpeedFan quot and here are the results Hardrive F Temp F Temp F Core F I m not an expert but those temps in the s concern me That s darn hot I m certain it s not normal My laptop is in a very open area so that s not the problem And I hear the fan so that s not a problem If someone could assist me I d be much appreciative Also my CPU is almost always usage Thank you nbsp

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Hi all, I've got what could be a bit of a problem.

Basically I checked my CPU temperature using the BIOS system health section and I noticed my CPU was at 75 degrees C, which obviously got me a little worried, and it continued to increase whilst I was in the BIOS and got up to a little over 80 degrees C before I shut down the system for the night.

Bear in mind the system temperature was at 40 degrees C and only increased by a degree during the time I spent in the BIOS.

I was wondering if this is normal or if I should buy a new cooling system for my CPU?

Specs are as follows:

Motherboard: Foxconn 945gz 7mc ks2h.
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core E2140 1.6Ghz.
I'm running a 550v power supply as well if that has any impact.


A:CPU hitting 80 Degrees C?

I would check to verify the CPU cooling fan is turning, and that the heatsink is properly attached (sometimes the plastic clips on the motherboard break off). If those are both good you could try reapplying thermal paste.

I don't think your power supply would have anything to do with this.
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Hi! The past two days, the Infernal Machine (OS WXP Pro) has frozen stiff on two occasions, causing me to lose some hours of work. Everything has stopped dead, the light on my graphics tablet has gone off, no response from pen, mouse or keyboard. All restarted fine (using restart button) and I've had no error messages or anything else untoward.

Norton virus scan & Ad-aware say all is clean.... Is there some particular reason these things happen, are there many possible causes, or is it just "one of those things" and I perhaps should save stuff at more regular intervals in anticipation?

Grateful for any suggestions....

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Hi, I have a P4 530J Lga775 cpu and it was recorded at 100degrees celsius. Is this normal or is it too hot??.., on my temp program it says it is too hot

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Hi. I've been lately noticing outrageous temperatures on my CPU. When in idle, it rarely drops below 80 degrees, and when playing/browsing/basically multitasking and the CPU usage goes over 50%, it peaks to 105, 106, 107 degrees. I know I should be worried, and I am. What can I do? Dust the fans off? Other solutions?

A:CPU Temp over 80 degrees C

dust off the fan, check that airflow isnt restricted, and that any vents/panels arent obscured.

It could be that the TIM on the heat sink was poorly applied and or of poor grade. it might be worth buying some new thermal paste and reapplying it, but it would also be worth investing in an aftermarket cooler while your at it.

But if this is a laptop(as it isnt stated) then similar measures need to be done, but its far greater work. plus not all laptops use TIM, ive worked on a few that use other methods but meh.. i wont go into that
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I av heard from a friend and i got really worried that AMD proccecors run at 80 degrees and cause i am buying a new com and puttin on an amd i am really worries does anyone know if thats true?

A:Amd proccecors run at 80 degrees?

Its not true, look at my post in your other thread.
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Hello again. My computer keeps restarting on any windows- xp, vista, 7 X32 and X64 bit versions.

I have bought new thermal paste but it still is running hot! no change.

It hangs around 40~ alone in bios. i have reseated and it its tight that the motherboard kinda bends.


EDIT: Now in bios runs at ~45 degrees. Fan rpm is over 2000 and case is 31 degrees. OTHER CPU's have been running at 28 degrees

A:Pc restarting= cpu ~40 degrees

Hi nostaw5,

Perhaps you should check out the processor with Intel's processor diagnostic utility at: Processors — What is the Intel? Processor Diagnostic Tool?.

Are you absolutely certain this processor is compatibile with the rest of your system (motherboard, BIOS, chipsets, Vista 64-bit,...)? I'm unable to verify this one way or the other.

Good luck!
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Ok firstly Hi to all as I ve just joined P Prescot standard fan clocked to GIG Side case fan MSI PE Mobo mb mem mb radeon Creative sound TV card Well I ve been using Corecenter to monitor CPU temp etc and have had regular shutdowns after a bios Degrees Hot Prescot C 88 update now at degrees you would think that things would have gone belly up by now jet fan on order by the way but Hot Prescot 88 Degrees C this is what I ve found I have a digital temp LED built into the case with a flat probe that sits between the CPU and heatsink embedded in the heat transfer pad now at the time Corecenter reported degrees the case LED read granted still hot but with the TV card running defrag running Hot Prescot 88 Degrees C and playing a game the temp seemed acceptable Bios read degree by the way Unhappy with this I got hold of an accurate temp probe which I tested under my tongue first and with the CPU under load I got a reading of no more than degrees on the heatsink Degrees on the airflow from the side fan with the case temp at more like it perhaps So if the reading from the Bios and Corecenter are incorrect then I have no worries set the temp alarm on Corecenter to degrees and away we go QUESTION Does the CPU take a reading from the Bios tell itself its getting hot and then throttle back if so I m never going to get this Prescot to run flat out or does it know its not hot and carry on working regardless Comments Nice board by the way nbsp

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what is so hot?

any ideas? is it my power supply?


A:Yikes, 119 degrees C

That temp is linked to your power supply, but it's bugged for a lot of systems, so it might not actually be that temperature.

Especially when all of your over temps are fine.
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I work in a school. *say no more* One of our monitors now shows everything at a right angle to what it ought to be. I'm sure one of our "cherubs" thought they were being cute, but now the computer is unusable and I don't know how to undo the damage.

I tried fiddling with the controls on the monitor but could not fix it this way. The student who had been using the computer said it logged on normally, but that she hit some key putting her books down and it shifted the screen. I never heard of such a thing. Perhaps it was booby-trapped. (I did mention I work in a school didn't I?)

I loved the movie Sideways, but I don't like it for viewing material on the computer. Any help would be much appreciated. And people think being a librarian isn't a tech job.

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Hi I am new here My Specs are Windows bit Asus H Pro Gaming Motherbaord gb DD Kingston Hyperfury Ram mhz Core i ghz - ghz Turbo Corsair RM i Modular PSU Gb Samsung EVO SSD Coolermaster Hyper X CPU Cooler Western Digital TB Stryx GTX Graphics card Thermaltake V Case huge with plenty fans I believe my rig to be powerful enough to play the latest games and the fans on the GTX do not come on until it reaches a certain temp Not sure what but they do work And I play Assassins creed Syndicate COD Black Ops and I play Crysis in Nvidia D Vision and Star Wars Battlefront Whatever game I play whether in D degrees 950 up when to Heats gaming GTX 99 or NOT my Graphics card will Heat up to and Degrees Celsius Is this faulty or normal I even use MSI Afterburner to turn GTX 950 Heats up to 99 degrees when gaming fans up to when playing and it will still heat up that much and its brand new and like my PSU the fans only work when it reaches a certain temp and I have tried both methods of Auto and Manual with the same result with - degrees Celsius Is that normal Or is my Card Faulty Any help would be appreciated and thanks in advance as this is my first post here Please Help

A:GTX 950 Heats up to 99 degrees when gaming

Welcome to Ten-Forums ! Nice system by the way. No, this does not seem normal and fans should come on at around 50c. Maybe card is faulty or fans do not work. Is card close to any other hardware restricting airflow. My GTX 970 using benchmark software only reached 75c.
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I got done early today applying thermal paste and mounting my proccesor with the correct heat sink. I am now in BIOS and the temprature is level at about 150 degrees. Is that ok?

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I have noticed that my cpu wasn't always as cool as it use to be, but I have now noticed (since I installed my ram, whether that's coincidence or cause and effect I don't know) that the CPU is running at 50 degrees Celsius with a load of only 1-5%. It is an Intel i7 2600k with the stock cooler. Any suggestions? Is this normal? Because it use to be closer to 35 degrees at idle.


A:Cpu at 50 degrees when virtually idle

Quote: Originally Posted by Tomha

CPU is running at 50 degrees Celsius with a load of only 1-5%. It is an Intel i7 2600k with the stock cooler. Any suggestions? Is this normal? Because it use to be closer to 35 degrees at idle.


50 is certainly high at near idle, assuming you are in a room with ordinary temps.

But it isn't alarming and would probably run for many years at 50.

What happens at say 70% load?

I would wonder why it had changed.

Have you tried another monitoring application? Have you checked fans speeds? What about temps other than CPU?

The stock cooler is plenty good enough if you are not overclocking.
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So, today I opened up my computer case, to see that it's full of dust. After 20 minutes of cleaning all the dust from the cooler, video card, motherboard, etc, I started it. All went good, and now, when I opened Minecraft 1.8 it started to lag and after ~3 minutes of gameplay it crashes. No errors, just showing the "not responding text". Before cleaning the case, it went good, but still had framedrops, such as :

Before cleaning it : Playing with stable 55-60 fps
After cleaning it : Playing with unstable 20 fps, and after 2 minutes I have this shit. The frames drop from 20 to 1. ****.

When I checked my CPU Temperature I saw that I had and still haves 92 celsius degrees. My CPU didn't had so much termic paste. Could that be the problem ? Do I need to put another paste on it?

Specs :

Nvidia GeForce 210 1 GB GDDR3
Intel Core 2 Duo E2160 (1.8 Ghz dual core)
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I have an ATI Radeon 4800 series graphics card in my DELL Dimension e510 computer and was wondering if anyone has any ideas how to get my card to run cooler...

Despite all i have tried my card runs at about 85 to 90 degrees while idle and about 95 to 120 degrees while activity is higher.

Stuff I have tried:
-Kept my case open on the side
-Adjusted fan speed to 100 percent
-Changed thermostat temp. in my house down by 3 degrees
-Changed overclock settings
-Lowered FPS limit in games to 55fps
-Updated CCC

Stuff I am not willing to try:
-Adding fans to my system as I don't think anything else will fit in my small case

I noticed this problem while running starcraft 2 when my card completely shut off to protect itself from overheating. It now overheats anytime i play and runs very hot in other games as well...

Any ideas?

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Hello guys,

My PC was reaching 100 Cent degress and then I reassemble the HEatsink and place new thermal compound, after that, my PC is moving in an average of 88 to 92 Cent degress and sometimes is crashing with the blue screen showing the machine exception error and the code 0x0000009C.
I mainly reach these temps when playing Everquest 2, my memory is only 1 Gb, I dont know if this have something to do with this or what could be the reason and possible solutions for these high temperatures, please help!!!

A:90-95 Cent degrees when I'm gaming

man these are very high temps and your pc may not be able to last for a decent amount of time ,check properly that the heatsink is in contact or is above contact the manufacturer if it is still in warranty
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Hi, when I run OCCT my max temps after five minutes go up to 72 degrees.I have a 4770K running at stock speeds. I honestly expected much lower max temps from a H100, is that normal?

A:Is 72 degrees normal for a H100?

This guy over at says that his 4770K gets up to 60C when gaming. Your radiator might be dirty and may need to be cleaned. Also, I recommend replacing the stock fans with "Static Pressure fans". The fans on the H100 are less than stellar. When did you hook up the H100? If it was a while ago, the solutions I provided above may help.
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Hi !

I am planning to buy the Altek Lansing Vs 4121

I do not have space in lower portion of the computer table , the max height is 9" and the woofer height is approx 13".

Can I tilt the woofer 90 degrees to the side so that it fits well ?
Will there be any performance hit, I am not an audiophile,so this is a general question can woofers be tilted ?

Most of the woofers of Altek Lansing are pretty tall.

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Hi laptop go to hibernate mode during game, when I start up laptop after hibernate - it says laptop overheated, and temperature is 90 degrees Checked with speedfun - TEMP1  (ACPI) around 90 degrees. But I play the same games and it worked before. Even on startup ACPI temperature seems too highTemp1 (ACPI)~ 50-55 degrees, 90 during the gameCore 1 and 2 temperatures 30 degrees, 50 during the gameFan1 ~ 3400rpm, go up to 6000rpm during the gameFan2 ~ 100-150rpm always, and do not have higher speed even than temperature is up to 90 degrees during game Please advice
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I have a ECS PM800-M2 mainboard and a intel Celeron D Processor @ 2.4g using a stock (in the box) HS & HSF. The CPU temp in the bios reads 106 degrees C.

This doesn't seem possible for the puter to run at 106 degrees C and the air coming from the HSF and the case is cool.

I installed speedfan and have the following temp readings:
Temp 1: 36 degrees C
Temp 3: 20 - 40 degrees C
Temp 2: 105 degrees C

The puter runs fine, no shutdowns.

Anybody else having this problem?

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I took a look at speccy and it showed on system temperature 69 - 70 degrees. I am more-or-less running on full load. Is the temperature too high? I have no case fans.


A:Is 70 degrees C hot for the system temperature?

Max temp for your processor found here is 74.

I don't want to come off sounding rude. But I think Leeky? pointed out a day or 2 ago that nearly everything you ask can be found with a google search fairly quickly.

I also think its a bit foolish to overclock if you 1) don't know safe temps for your processor and 2) don't have anything to help out cooling. Sometimes with a minor overclock you can get by with just stock options, but thats under the general assumption you have at least 1 intake fan and 1 outflow fan.

Your post could almost be taken as you already knew your max temp for the processor and wanted to come here to brag you are 'only' hitting 70 with an OC and no additional cooling.
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i have a fujitsu siemens amilo xi 3650 laptop.
very nice laptop, though the gpu gets to 100 degrees celcius so quickly.
as this is a forum with lots of people reading, and as i hope lots of very advanced tweakers and windows 7 users.
i am hoping somebody knows how to get the fan of a laptop running faster.
(acpi somebody?)

thanks in advance.

ps sorry if i have posted this thread in the wrong sector.

A:9600m gt getting 100 degrees under load.

Hello Gnarly,

Unless your motherboard supports it, I don't think it is possible. Download Speedfan; that will show you all that can be done.

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Been looking for ways to lower overall case temps so I decided to see about lowering my video card's GPU temps degrees! by Lowered 6 temps by replacing the stock thermo paste with Arctic Silver's MX- The result was a degree temperature drop on the card Went from idling around - to - idle Cool The first image is with the stock paste - c the second image is with the Artic Silver MX- paste - c BTW even though the first image is old the temps were Lowered GPU temps by 6 degrees! the same as early as today Unfortunately I didn't think about quot before quot and quot after quot shots until I saw the results thus the old screen shot Anyways If you're handy with a screwdriver I recommend replacing your thermo paste if for no other reason than insuring Lowered GPU temps by 6 degrees! the old or stock paste isn't worn out or not properly applied The other reason is if your card appears to be running high temps at idle whatever high temps means as todays cards run hot even at idle At any rate my card always ran around celsius so it's nice to see now Give it a try Incidentally I replaced the Artic Silver paste with the MX- on my CPU cooler and it lowered my overall temps by an average of degrees Later

A:Lowered GPU temps by 6 degrees!

Yeah, I'm lovin the new non-conductive stuff. I use Shin-Etsu X23.
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Specs XP p ghz g ram x gfx card Opened up my case and cleaned the fan on my motherboard took the fan heat sink off and dusted and wiped them as I do every couple of months Turned PC on and it conked out when booting windows figured the fan wasn t perfectly attached so I take it on and off and wiggle it around a bit make sure it is on perfectly all is well degrees CPU games 5-20 70 getting and at temp fps and PC seems fine although the bottom two pins that connect the heat sink are slightly CPU temp at 70 degrees and games getting 5-20 fps more loose than the top two Nothing noticeably wrong with the PC and CPU temp at 70 degrees and games getting 5-20 fps seems fine just like every other time I have taken the fan off and given it a clean except now I am experiencing - fps in games and the bios says the CPU is running at degrees which friends assure me is way too high for the system I have although I don t know the temp it was at previous to giving the fan a clean What is wrong How can I fix it nbsp

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me, earlier this week I built a PC and everything is working fine with the exception that from boot my processor is around 90 degrees Celsius hot, and after running for around 20 minutes it reaches 100 degrees Celsius or above, I'm using the fan supplied by Intel that came with the processor and have a fan built in to my relatively cheap PC case (so it's probably not very effective)

Would you guys happen to know any solutions to reduce the heat of my processor?

(btw my specs are; Intel Core i3 550 @3.2 GHz
Sapphire ATI Radeon 5770 HD

Edit: I took a picture of the inside of my PC in case it helps;

A:Brand New i3 Processor Going 100 degrees>

Welcome to Seven Forums, Where are you viewing the temps from?
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Howdy, Long time visitor, first time poster.
Every time I game my computer gets hotter obviously and games seem to freeze and crash my computer and I notice it always happens when my temp guage is at 40-43 degrees Celcius.

Brand new computer, was hoping to dominate games, but the crashing is killin me, I can play in 30 min intervals, heh. dont laugh.

AMD X2 4600 AM2 CPU
Geforce 7900GTX 512MB x16
600W Aspire Dark Side Power Supply
2x 1G CORSAIR DDR2 6400 XMS2
250 GB, 3 Gb/s, 8 MB Cache, 7200 RPM

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My friend put a clipboard on his keyboard for a few minutes while he was moving something. When he came back to the computer the screen was turned 90 degrees, so that he would have to turn his head sideways to see it straight. Does anyone know which combination of keystrokes will get it back to normal? I thought I had tried all of them..but must have missed one.

A:Picture turned 90 degrees

Usually if you right click on the desktop you'll find nvidia control panel, intel graphics properties, or graphics properties. Click on that and go to rotation and change it frm 90 degress to 0.

If not that, then ask some people that have more experience.
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My kids did something to their computer and now the screen has turned 90 degrees so in order to view it , you must drop your head down on your left shoulder.


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dell latitude d630/winXP how to rotate screen?

A:screen at 90 degrees rotated

Hello and Welcome!
There is usually an option in your video card software that will allow you to rotate the screen. Look for that.. You could have Intel, ATI, N-Vidia etc. You may need to open 'advanced options' to see it..
Good Luck!
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Hi, everyone.

I am running a Gateway Windows Tablet. This afternoon, after moving the machine, I turned the screen around and everything had moved. The tool bar which had been on the bottom is now veticall on the right side and the icons which hade been vertical are now horizontal across the bottom of the screen. PLEASE help me to get it back to the "normal" orientation.

Thanks. Jim

A:Everything on screen has moved 90 degrees

Hello and welcome to the forum . .

You should be able to click on the Tool Bar, hold the click and move it to the bottom . . thay may correct the icons as well
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My son has Windows XP Pro on a computer. He has purchased a 22 in. LCD flat panel. He wants to mount the panel with the 22in. up and down. Can he rotate his screen display 90 Degrees? If possible how?

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I don't know what buttons I pressed but . . . now my screen is 90 degrees out of phase. In other words - all of my text, icons, and everything is sideways. Even my mouse. I'm sure there's a simple solution to get it right but I don't know how. Appreciate any help. Running Windows XP. Thx!


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Am not a computer expert by any means but have just put together a small form factor that i thought would rock.

Shuttle SN25P Barebones System
AMD Athlon64 3800 Venice
Radeon x700 256MB PCI-E
OS on 36GB Western Digital Raptor
2xBarracuda 7200.8 Hard Disk Drive 200GB (to be RAIDed but not yet done)
Corsair Twinx 2x1GB XMS3200 DDR

Running Windows XP SP2

Everything appears to be functioning correctly however in Bios CPU temp is staying around 111oC-113oC. The case temp is quite low around 20-30oC.

Have panicked and shut down system Am paranoid I can smell burning now too, but may just be a barbeque outside, lol.

Shuttle recommended this CPU for this barebones with their ICE cooling unit so I do not understand why temp is so high. The AMD heatsink provided with chip will not fit into this case. Am I missing something obvious?

All comments and help greatly appreciated.

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okay i am running a asus goldfish motherboard which i can not get any new BIOS update for it I CPU degrees temps celcius at 75 have a intel pentium k Ghz LGA processor and gb memory My cpu temps are spiking to about to degrees celcius I have not been able to update BIOS there is no new realease I am not overclocking it at all I have put a new power supply in it Cleaned it completely out about four times I have put artic silver thermal compound on it i have ran virus scans no viruses I have ran reg defense to fix registry errors nothing new if i open a web CPU temps at 75 degrees celcius page cpu throttles to and temps spike i dont have an excess of programs running either I dont know what to do i have consulted my computer hardware teacher and tried everything he knew please some one help i am ready to thrash the system and get a new processor and Motherboard nbsp

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the program i used said my cpu was running at 170 degrees, that seems just a little to hot

i got an amd athlon at 950 mhz not over clocked but had been overclocked at some point. with a coolermaster heatsink. why is my processor so hot is this somthing to worry about or am i just over reacting

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Hi folks,
I got a bit of a shock when I just opened Speccy to see how my graphics cards were going, because they (2x) generally run on the "warm" side (one at around 60C and the other around 80C) ... which, even though this PC was built "professionally" and has quite a number of fans ... is quite warm.

But the shock came when I saw that my CPU was running at 94 deg C!! At the moment, the current reading is ... 91, but it's fluctuated as "low" as 84 C a few minutes ago. It's never run THIS hot before, a bit over the max of 68C but this is now serious!

What's the best way to get the temp down in the future? Right now, I'm gonna turn the thing OFF, until there's been time for some replies from you good people.

A:CPU temp of 94 Degrees Celsius!

Hi and welcome to sevenforums.
You may need to reseat your cpu cooler with new thermal compound or upgrade to a better one would be my guess. Do you know what kind of cpu cooler you have? i7's need LOTS of cooling at the source. Personally, I'd look into water cooling. Since I swapped my old one for the Corsair H50, I've never had another heat issue.
Hope this helps
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I nbsp want to use Office nbsp OneNote and pen to take handwritten notes in class The Yoga is a little too thick nbsp in laptop mode to write well nbsp with the heel of my hand resting on the table top making it difficult to write along the bottom edge of the screen When I lay the Yoga flat i e nbsp the keyboard and the screen facing up and the unit is at degrees the Yoga is not too thick Also I want the Yoga to rotate at using 900 tablet as degrees 180 Yoga degrees and be in portrait In another words I want it to function like a piece of paper Not too much to ask for touch-screen computer Is there any means of getting the Yoga to operate this way At Best Buy the salesman and I tried locking the screen in portrait when in tablet mode then laying it flat It didn't work nbsp Any chance Lenovo will make this a feature in its next Yoga generation nbsp Thanks

A:using Yoga 900 as tablet at 180 degrees

Hi Zona,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
I really appreciate your feedback, it really helped! I will look a little closer at all the things you pointed out and forward this concern to concerned people!
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!
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dear tech guys,
i have a comp p3 866mhz 256m ram 40gb hdd and 8 gb hdd dual boot boot select from bios setup.
i have win2k pro installed in hdd0 and win98se in hdd1 which is the 8 gb hdd.

on every bootup i can see the hardware temp and voltages of various powersupplies.

my comp has 810 motherboard ide controller and all other controllers except nic integrated on the mother board.

on win98se boot up the processor temprature shows 53 degrees after 10 minutes of working.but the system works fine for whole day at that temp

for next chabge of boot in win2kpro it cools down to 43 degrees and remains
at that temp.
why so much difference i have installed almost same programs on both systems.

only ie6 crashes every now and then and closes.
any one can tell me why higher temp in win98 working.


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Hello guys,

This is my first post over here and I wanted a bit of help with an issue I've been having with my laptop for the last year or so.

Constantly its CPU temperature is over 70 degrees Celsius and the fans are always at top speed. It does not matter how long it has been turned on for. I could turn it on after several hours off, do nothing - just load the startup stuff - and have the fans working hard. I've checked the CPU temperature with RealTemp and it constantly scores over 70 degrees.

Does anyone have any insight on this? I have done some online virus checks and found nothing.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:CPU temperature constantly over 70 degrees Celsius

Have you ever cleaned the laptop from dust buildup that might be clogging the exhaust vent, fan, etc ?
Can you feel hot air coming out of the exhaust vent ?
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The screen on my Compaq (w/Intel video 82845G/GL) is flipped upside down. This happened when allowing the pc to be a host using PC Anywhere.
Does anyone know of some rotational hot key or registry setting that allows this? I'm guessing this is a feature of the video controller but I can't find any info on it. The OS is XP (non SP2) and the posting msgs are ok until XP starts up.

A:Screen has flipped/rotated 180 degrees

My gut says it will be in your video drivers or in your XP video settings. My Nvidia video software has this "feature" (as stupid as it is...). You should try just searching your "Help" files on your machine on text like "rotate video" etc...
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Hello nbsp I recently purchased the HP envy HP envy-13 C temperature CPU degrees reaching 97 with the i processor Most of the time I use it to work with but occasionally I use it for moderate gaming Now while doing the latter I ran into a problem While playing Total war Shogun I realised my laptop was getting very hot and checked with multiple programs such as Speccy and Realtemp to see the CPU temperature and it runs steady at around - degrees Celcius and peaking at Now I'm not a hardware expert but i know a CPU shouldn't reach these temperatures nbsp nbsp What can I do about this problem The hardware and HP envy-13 CPU temperature reaching 97 degrees C BIOS settings are standard and while a laptop can get hotter when it has to perform degrees seems way too high Is anyone else experiencing this The computer is standing on a wooden table with nothing blocking the vents nbsp Please let me know how to get the temperature lower the computer is only two weeks old and i don't want to ruin it already nbsp nbsp Regards Tom

A:HP envy-13 CPU temperature reaching 97 degrees C



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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This laptop is only a few months old now. I was hoping to find some information on HP's site but it seems as if it is currently down. I noticed today that the display will not come on unless is opened around 100 degrees or more. When the screen does turn off it doesn't seem to be going to sleep as if I had shut the screen. I also just so happen to have let the graphics card update it's driver's last night. I'm not sure if the problem stems from that or if I have a hardware issue. Does anyone have any advise?
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Hi yall i posted before where my pc wouldnt startup and got many help from u people.. i can start up my computer now !

I downloaded speedfan and it told me my Geforce 7800 XTR is 71 degrees with a burning symbol .......
So i shut my pc off without knowing what to do..
My Main power fan is not working atm, maybe it has an connection? anyway i was told to ' connect the cable from my main fan to my powersuplie fan, i had to cut the cables and then connect them.. anyway if anyone has some experience with this i would greatly appreciate any help i can get because what i am about to do i have never done before .. and i dont want to lose my system cuz of an major mistake. Money is the problem or else i wouldnt have asked u guys..
Thanks in advance

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Hello everyone thank you in advance CPU Cronic Overheating (100+ Celsius) Degrees for your help My Cronic CPU Overheating (100+ Degrees Celsius) family s computer has been repeatedly shutting down due to overheating and I am at a loss as to what to do Here is a brief history of the problem The computer which runs Windows XP is semi-custom we took parts from our old computer put in new memory Cronic CPU Overheating (100+ Degrees Celsius) and a new motherboard and put it in a new case we bought Shortly after we set it up however it started shutting down When we were doing something strenuous it would all of a sudden freeze up and then just shut down When it came back up it would say it had shut down due to overheating We tried many things including two new fans and a new heat sink but nothing seems to have helped the problem Just this morning I ran some diagnostic programs and discovered that the processor is running at an idle temperature of Degrees Celsius When I ran a stress testing program prime within seconds it jumped up to and stayed exactly at it making me think that the meter didn t go any higher The computer is not overclocked at Cronic CPU Overheating (100+ Degrees Celsius) all I ve found plenty of information saying how to cool down the cpu but I m already employing most of the tips my C reading was taken with immediately after dusting out the computer and with a cpu fan a power supply fan and two case fans running What I really want to know is why the computer would get so hot in the first place when all the cooling stuff seems to be being done right Thank You for your answers nbsp

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My co-worker (I swear ) has somehow changed her monitor display to rotate 90 degrees so that everything is sideways. She doesn't know how she made this happen and I can't figure out how to undo it. I tried the settings buttons on the monitor itself, but they don't allow you to rotate the display.

Can anyone advise me as to how to fix this, please?

Thank you!

A:Monitor Display Sideways 90 Degrees

just turn your monitor sideways, however if that is not an option

Try pressing CTRL+ALT+Up Arrow.
Check your adapter properties for screen rotation settings.
Right click the Desktop, click Properties > Advanced tab
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I would like to know if their is a way to put in a special charcter into a column. I would have three columns one for degrees one for minutes ' and one for seconds ". I know that I can select the column go to the custom menu and type ## (Press the alt key _ 0176 for the symbol, and 0039 for the ' symbol, but when I do my last column I type 0034 for the " symbol and I get an error). Microsoft Office Excel cannot use the number format you typed. How do I get around this error?
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The view of my monitor has fliped 90 degrees and is sideways. I have to put my monitor on its side to see things right side up. Everything, including moving the mouse, is working properly, yet conforming to the flip. Is there any way to flip it back?

A:Monitor help!:view has fliped 90 degrees

Hi babr, try ctrl+alt+arrow key to restore normal service :)
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I have a Sony laptop VGN-S170P that's a couple years old. I recently upgraded the HD to a Samsung HM120JC (5400 rpm). First couple of weeks was no problem. Then I noticed that the fan is always running on high gear and now I hear a few clicks (sounds like a slow shutter on a camera) and a beep here and there. I installed HDD Health to check things out and it shows the temp as 55-57 degrees. How can I cool this thing down before it dies?

Yes, I'm backing it up almost daily now.
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I have a question nbsp Not too long ago I on degrees putting CPU 3.87 running Rev A Bi... hotter 20 since put on the Rev A Bios update that was rated as a critical update on my Z Workstation running Windows Pro -bit and lately I've found that the CPU is running about degrees hotter than it used to at idle nbsp I used to hear squeaky noises coming from the computer which I learned normally come from the power delivery circuits on the motherboard but as long as I was hearing those the CPU would average around degrees C at idle nbsp I don't hear those noises anymore CPU running 20 degrees hotter since putting on 3.87 Rev A Bi... and now the CPU is average CPU running 20 degrees hotter since putting on 3.87 Rev A Bi... around - degrees C at idle nbsp CPU running 20 degrees hotter since putting on 3.87 Rev A Bi... Not sure what the connection is nbsp The HP Performance Advisor is telling me I am within normal range but I just want to make sure that with programs like Autodesk Maya on there it doesn't get too hot and shut the machine down nbsp I don't know what the upper temp range is considered the maximum for safety nbsp Could this change have been due to the Bios update Solved View Solution

A:CPU running 20 degrees hotter since putting on 3.87 Rev A Bi...

Thanks for your response and suggestions.  I did verify that in my BIOS settings the Power Management was set to Extended mode, but the temperature still hovered around 70 - 78 degrees at idle.  I checked Intel's spec for this CPU (E5-1650 6-core xeon running at 3.2 Ghz per core) and although it didn't say anything about TMax, it did mention that the TCase (what it defines as the maximum temperature allowed at the processor Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS)) was 64 degrees Celsius.  Now my case temperature, according to my HP Performance Advisor version 1.7.7517.0,  is only about  24 degrees C, but I set my CPU fan speed a little higher, about 2009 rpm.  It does make a little more noise, but my CPU temp has dropped to about 49 degrees.  Before the change the fan speed was just over 1300 rpm although the Advisor was still telling me it was in "normal" range.  Is it okay to bump up the CPU fan speed like this or should I go a little lower? James Holman
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It is normal to reach 95 degrees C temperature video card when playing Counter-Strike ?

A:My video card reaches 95 degrees C

What kind of card do you have?
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Every computer I get seems to have this issue after some time.
The idle temp runs really high, and my fan is always blowing.
Host processes for windows tasks is ALWAYS at the top.
What can I do?

A:60 degrees comp idle temps

 If a laptop, blow compressed air through the air intake ducts on the bottom.  If a desktop, remove the cover, and blow the dust out with compressed air, being careful not to touch components inside unless you are well grounded.
 Good luck.
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Evereything is turned on its side- mouse control is similarly changed- up is right and down is left. I am current writing from top to bottom of the screen. I was trying to get rid of those probably scam websites which say scanning for trojan- install Windows Defender- only total close of all windows would get rid of it. I was preparing to restart and the screen view went on its side. I restarted and its a bizarre as before. My wife will blame me big time.

A:Emergency- My screen has turned 90 degrees

The first two flash screen are normal- one saying Fujistu and the other Window starting (in Japanese)- then its back to bizarro world.
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I just recently bougt a new Sunbeam Samurai cabinet cabinet fans terminal paste and a CPU heatsink MIST Frostbite because I ve had some problems with my CPU running at degrees in idle mode Yesterday I moved all my hardware over into the new cabinet including my old power supply that came with my old chieftech cabinet But as a booted up my computer it only ran for about seconds befor it shut down I then tryed to reset the BIOS and booted the computer again This time detects BIOS my CPU degrees 100 over running at I got redicted directly into the BIOS it sayd that that my CPU was running on a too high frequensy and it might damage my computer So I set all my CPU frequensys to the lowest and checked the hardware monitoring in the BIOS There I noticed that the BIOS thinks my CPU is running at over degrees I then put my hand on my new heatsink and fealt that it was only slightly chilled I thought that I only I could logg into windows to look at my mobo utility I would get the right readings of the temperature But as I clicked on quot Exit and save changes quot my computer shut down As I booted it up again it only ran for about seconds and shut down again and then I was back at the beginning again BIOS detects my CPU running at over 100 degrees Now I have to reset my BIOS before every boot up to get into the BIOS and whatever I do it always shuts down as I click on the quot Exit and save changes quot button Motherboard ASUS A V X CPU AMD Atlon XP Graphics Card GeForce TI RAM TwinMOS DDR I know my CPU heatsink is connected BIOS detects my CPU running at over 100 degrees to my mobo and it works for the few seconds my computer is on and so does all my other fans as well And I ve tried to connect my reset led onto the power pins on my mobo something I read that should work somewhere else on this BIOS detects my CPU running at over 100 degrees forum Now I don t know what to do anymore I ve ran of good ideas I will appreciate all the help I can get nbsp

A:BIOS detects my CPU running at over 100 degrees

The Windows software will more then likely interrogate the BIOS to get the CPU temp values anyways. Remove the CPU heatsink, check if you've properly installer it. Put a thin layer of thermal paste on the CPU die only (the rectangle in the middle of the chip) & reseat the heatsink. Make sure you haven't installed it in reverse because when you do so the core does not have a proper contact with the heatsink.
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Is there something wrong with it?

A:Temp1 (Speedfan) is stuck at 85 degrees C

Speedfan reports a ton of temps, not all of them are valid. If it never changes I wouldn't be concerned about it.
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I was trying to figure out another problem when I noticed that my computer may be overheating. There's no problems except that some usb ports don't work. My computer is a gaming PC a couple of years old running Win 7. It's got a bunch of fans but I'm afraid I'm not too good with computers and I probably couldn't tell you what they are.

I've attached some screenshots from Speccy. If it is overheating could someone provide a real simple guide to fix it? Or would it be better to just take it into the shop and get them to have a look at it?


A:Solved: Graphics card at 76 degrees

Your temps look OK. GP"U is good up to 105c.
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my laptop's idle temperature used to be around approximately - degrees celsius though I dunno if that was the standard idle temp g6 temp degrees. idle I pavilion hp my 70-85 need help!! is but it was surely a lot better than my laptop's current idle temp which is around - i barely even open programs and apps And the worst part is the moment i turn on my laptop after - mins the temperature rises drastically from degrees to - degrees celsius which is worrying me a lot the fan sound is always loud this temperature problem only started a few my hp pavilion g6 idle temp is 70-85 degrees. I need help!! days ago I use my laptop on a daily basis for around a year and a half now and honestly it's usually on for long periods cuz i tend to play games a lot though every hour of use i try to let it rest for - mins atleast When i went to vacation a few days ago I was out for like days and the laptop hasn't been used much my sister was at home be she doesn't use it very often when i returned home and tried to use it i was very surprised it heated up so fast that I try not to open too much programs or play games like I used to which is restricting me to use its full capability I'm currently residing in manila It is usually hot here but the big problem here is the pollution Usually dust color is grayish but here it's totally black and greasy I think it has gasoline in it and cuz of the smell I dunno if that is what affects my laptops condition I don't exactly know where the problem is Is it the heatsink the fan thermal paste broken hardware please I need help or any suggestions or Ideas because if I don't do something any sooner it might be too late my laptop is still young I bought it last june I appreciate any help thanks just ask me if you need more info about my laptop's problem

A:my hp pavilion g6 idle temp is 70-85 degrees. I need help!!

Hello Kurokiri.  I understand you're having some issues with your notebook overheating.What is the product number for your notebook?  This document can show you where the number is located.  I will use this information to check for a BIOS update.  A lot of BIOS updates have changes to the thermal maintenance systems are handled by the notebook.  This will be a good place to start.So your region of the world has a high level of pollution?  From how you describe the material inside your notebook (black/greasy and smells of gasoline) it sounds like this is likely smog or other burned carbon material.  This is very bad for your notebook and is likely the root cause of the issue.  You need to give this notebook a thorough cleaning.  Take a look at this video.  It shows you the most important areas to clean with compressed air.You will probably need to do a more detailed cleaning of your notebook based on the description of the pollution in your area.  I will use your product number to also get your notebook's Maintenance and Service Guide for you.  This covers how to disassemble the notebook and where parts are located.  This will be very valuable in assisting you.  I will keep an eye out for your reply.  I hope you have a great day!
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The display on my laptop has turned 90 degrees to the right, every thing works. The only way to make sense of it is to turn my laptop onto its left hand side and view it in Portrait. I presume I hit some combination of keys to do this, but would like to know how to get it back to the normal Landscape mode as its quite useless as it is.

My Laptop is an ADVENT 8109 running Windows Media Center Edition (SP2)

Anyone out there that can help me?

Thanks in anticipation

A:Help, My Laptop display turned 90 degrees right

go to control panel then display then settings then advanced then rotation
try this
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I'm just wondering if this temperature is OK. It seems a little high to me. The room temperature is about 23 degrees Celsius. While playing a game like Doom 3 or America's Army it shoots up to 65+. I have yet to find out what temperatures are good. I'm just using the stock intel heatsink and fan. As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Comp: 3.2 p4 prescott, 1 gb ram, wd hd, Aspire case, 400 watt psu, 6 total case fans (1x 120mm) and an andy samuri cpu cooler (120mm).

This card used to run about 70-80 max under load and then I went away from gaming and computers for some time. When I decided to play some cs:s my comp kept locking up, but only for a short while(30-45 secs) so I didnt think much of it. Well it got worse until I decided to check into the problem. I found that my video card is now idling at 70-80 c and its exceeding 110 every time under load. My first thought was that the fan was off. Nope. But the air comming out was HOT. So I turn to these forums. I've been around comps for a while and have a few, but I havent experienced this ever. Any ideas?

A:6800 Ultra = 120 degrees C under load!!!!

Is the heatsink still making proper contact with the GPU ? Has the fan's speed lowered or stayed the same ? Any overclocking involved ?
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HI guys beforehand thanks HOT? GTX Nvidia's Solved: Ti ?! 560 GeForce 90 degrees for any help and feedback and forgive my English not my first language Question I have Install EVGA Precision and today playing my game it give me a read of LOAD at degrees Idle degrees I create and select at a Solved: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560 Ti 90 degrees ?! HOT? speed fan in the profiles I placed a mm fan on the back of the case quot Intake quot pushing in air flow On the side quot Intake quot a mm case fan pushing air just above of the Processor Another in the pci slot quot exhaust quot fan extracting hot air at the bottom inches away from beside of the videocard The front of my case is open above power button with a thin mesh for filter but none fan a x quot screen mesh filter ------------- Do you think degrees in LOAD it s a normal temperature meanwhile playing or is running to Hot And should I reverse the Fan of the back of the case to be exhaust instead of Intake And place another mm fan in front to create a good flow of air -------------------------------------- Or leave my back case fan as Intake Solved: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 560 Ti 90 degrees ?! HOT? and just place a fan in front as exhaust to create a better airflow ------------------------------------- I have the PSU in the top inside of the case I think I don t have a good airflow in the case nbsp

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I was experiencing some problems with my pc s performance and decided to dust it out I removed the graphics Solved: degrees 88 celsius CPU after cleaning card put the vacuum cleaner to it and put it back I Solved: CPU 88 degrees celsius after cleaning also vacuum cleaned the entire PC but didn t remove the parts for it Also had the vacuum cleaner above the cpu fan After that I started my PC again and it just shut down after start up Then when I started through safe mode which worked I was able to start SpeedFan and could see that my CPU was burning up to degrees celsius Before I shut it down again it even went as high as degrees I don t understand what Solved: CPU 88 degrees celsius after cleaning I could have done to make my CPU go from around degrees to degrees by just removing dust Is it possible the vacuum cleaner may have broken something I m not completely sure but I think SpeedFan told me the cpu fan was spinning at rpm I have no idea if this is high or low or if this should be adjusted or whatever Any insights are more than welcome and I d be happy to provide more information should you need it My specs E GHz not overclocked standard cooler GT sparkle standard cooler gb ram windows vista ultimate nbsp

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SPECS GHz PIV HT MB cache FSB Intel D BGF motherboard DDR- PowerColor Radeon PRO DDR Promise Ultra ATA card MadDog temperature degrees to rapidly changes My celcius! CPU CPU 47 from 70 soundcard NEC LAN USB Firewire My CPU rapidly changes CPU temperature from 47 to 70 degrees celcius! card GB HDD Fujitsu NTSF C GB HDD Wester Digital NTSF D windows E GB HDD Wester Digital NTSF F G GB HDD FAT I HT My CPU rapidly changes CPU temperature from 47 to 70 degrees celcius! LD CD-R DVD-ROM combo H Windows XP Pro SP Setup I have a quot Cooler Master X Dream III ICC-L quot heatsink PRODUCT INFO with quot Arctic Silver quot thermal compound PRODUCT INFO on a Intel Prescott GHz HT processor PRODUCT INFO on a Intel Desktop Board D GBF PRODUCT INFO My problem is that from idle to running a game the temperature jumps from degrees celcius to - degrees celcius The games that I run that changes the temperature rapidly are quot Stepmania quot quot Melty Blood ReACT quot and quot Guilty Gear XX Reload quot I don t know if these temperature read outs are accurate because if they are I m gonna worry I m pretty sure that I apply the thermal compound to the CPU properly and that the heatsink is on the CPU and motherboard properly Are these temperature read-outs normal Is quot Intel Active Monitor quot and quot Sandra quot programs that report temperature mess reporting these temperatures readouts Or is the heatsink and or the thermal compound not working for me Note As soon as I quit a game the CPU temperature rapidly goes down to about degrees celcius nbsp

A:My CPU rapidly changes CPU temperature from 47 to 70 degrees celcius!
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Is it normal for the fan speed on my Radeon 4800 to be 0 when the card temperature is 71 degrees C?

A:Radeon 4800 Fan Speed is 0 at 71 degrees C


Download MSI Afterburner, see if you can manually change the fan speed.
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I dont know what went wrong My brother was playing a full screen game 90 Please clockwise. help! Desktop degrees Rotated as usual i had Desktop Rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Please help! played it earlier also Every time we started it up to every time we closed it everything was fine But When my Desktop Rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Please help! brother was playing it he quit out of it using the ingame GUI and the screen made a few noise always does to show its closing But this time when the desktop was showed again it was completely rotated degrees clockwise lol I have no idea what went wrong but it is extrmely hard to do anything Oh and any full screen games still work normally normal screen except out-of-game is rotated So its not a monitor related problem i think Here s a screenshot the pic has not been rotated this is what the screen looks like img http img imageshack us img xl th gif I had a look at the settings from the desktop properties and it says that instead of the settings being x its x instead Except its not stretched its jut rotated My computer specs are Monitor Plug and Play Intel Pentium GHz MB RAM Windows XP Professional SP Any help and or suggestions would be extremely helpful Thanks in advance -Redxlll nbsp

A:Desktop Rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Please help!

I fixed it!!!

I searched everywhere on google and found a solution.

After reading the solution, my friend did it and it is normal now.

The solution was:

Right click desktop and (for me) just above 'Properties', it has an option saying 'Graphics Options' -> 'Rotate'.

And it was at '270 degrees' so just click on 'Normal'.

--Sorry for bothering anyone--
--I have answered this post just for future reference so if anyone has the same problem they can search it up--

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I am running windows XP.

My screen went black and I moved the mouse and when the display came back it had rotated 90 degrees.

I tried rebooting and when teh PC was coming up the display was OK. But as soon as the desktop appeared, it was rotated 90 degrees again. So I guess the problem is not the monitor.

Any suggestions?


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Hey all, I have had my laptop for maybe three years now. The temperatures never really bothered me up until a few months ago. They tend to get up to 62 degrees celsius (both cores) while watching YouTube and internet browsing, but up to 85 degrees celsius while gaming. I have heard of using a cool pad (In fact, I am using one now, except it doesn't do much, due to my laptop only having one fan on the side), thermal paste, and compressed air, but I do not have the money for any of those. If anyone can tell me what I can do, PLEASE tell me. Thanks!

A:HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC getting up to 85 degrees celsius

Other than a good cleaning, replacing thermal paste and make sure the fan is working properly their isn't much you can do.
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From a perfectly normal desktop screen, my computer is now showing everything (all icons) from left to rt rather than top to bottom.The screen flipped 90 degrees to the left.
I changed monitors, re-booted but the desktop icons won`t go back to normal.
When I open a file I have to turn my head horizontal to be able to read it. Is there anything I can do or is the computer dying???

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Running windows XP on a dell 15inch flat screen.

When loading the windows xp black screen when F2 setup possible screen is normal. Upon blue screen with user logons the screen has rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise.

A:WHY? My screen has rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise

no worries, simply ctrl alt up command
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hello guys...... i am using a computer with P4 processor,1 gb ram,msi motherboard n 160gb hard disk...... it was working all fine until one morning when i started it and it started to beep.....i opened it and took out the ram and cleaned worked fine but after i put back the ram but then it started to shutdown automatically

i checked out in bios and found out that processor is heating up rapidly n when it reaches 90 degrees it shuts down automatically...... so i cleaned out the processor with a blower but it didnt helped......i guess every component is working properly, but i think PSU might have a problem.......
does a broken PSU causes overheating of processor? and how would I check if PSU is not working properly?? Or any other reasons why my processor is heating up so quickly??
plz help me out guys
thanks !!

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Ok I have a 3200 64 bit processor and i just put it on my mobo (Abit KV8 max3) and am having cooling problems. I bought a Thermaltake Venus 12 and also Arctic Silver 5 to help, and i'm having 50 degree idle and 58 degree load temperatures. It doesn't make sense. I also have 2 intake fans at the front of the case, one intake fan at the side of the case to blow on the CPU cooler. i have an outtake fan on top and a 120mm outtake fan at the back. I have plenty of air going through the case and its still not helping.
What can you guys suggest for me?

A:CPU is still 50 degrees at idle even with arctic silver 5 and venus 12...

intel or AMD, my comp at idle is 50-53 60 under load, because I have a prescott which run incrediably hott it may be normal.
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hey people i need help i have a AMD athlon 7750 Dual core processor. Alright It's been completely fine until today i recieved that it's been over heating and when i start it up it says "Cpu tempurature hight" and Cpu fan error. I need help i don't want this thing to blow up. It's not over clocked or anything. So i opened it up and i looked and it was dusty so i cleaned it and... It was fine the whole day and now it just shut off again as if the power was cut out... And i checked my Temperature with PC Probe ll, For my Mother board and It's at 80 Degrees celcius right now and seems to be dropping by one but then goes up.. I think my fan it glitched maybe someone could explain how to increase my fan speed

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i have dell t5500.
using single xeon L5630 and doing prime95 for small ffts after 30 minutes its temps would be at 55 degrees for every core  even using the dell U016F with halnzyie hy880 thermal paste.

i attached small 60mm 12volts (0.16 amps ) fan to it. now its temps are 10-16 degrees cooler.
no noticeable increase in noise.
here are specs of the fan ,, the heatsink can accomodate 70mm fan as well.
screenshots of  hwmonitor and prime95 using default cooler and a fan attached to it are shown.

pics of how the fan is attached to cooler is also attached.

i hope this helps someone.
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My laptop suffered a hard degrees temperatures;upto celsius high 100 CPU drive crash last week I high CPU temperatures;upto 100 degrees celsius got the HD replaced earlier it was a toshiba gb rpm HD now it is a HGST gb rpm after i setup the whole laptop properly with all the drivers and all the softwares including basic utilities anitvirus etc the fan seems to be running all the time and specially when browsing using chrome it begins to sound very loud which it doesnt used to earlier before the hard disk crash Now to check the CPU high CPU temperatures;upto 100 degrees celsius temperatures high CPU temperatures;upto 100 degrees celsius i downloaded SPECCY To my surprise the MOBOs temperature is way below the normal thanks to indian winters P but at the same time the CPU temp all the cores is showing me degrees celsius though the base of my laptop is not even close to warm Even the GPU cores are at normal temperatures I have attached two screenshot of SPECCY indicating high core temps and high bus speed as well and the other showing way too normal temperatures for the MOBO I need suggestions whether SPECCY is showing incorrect measurements which it usually doesnt or there is some other problem which i should worry about configuration windows home basic bit AMD A- M GB single channel DDR RAM HP A single socket FT motherboard MB ATI AMD Radeon HD G M Dual Graphics HP MB ATI AMD Radeon HD M HP

A:high CPU temperatures;upto 100 degrees celsius

Could be that the heatsink was knocked off the processor when the drive was replaced.
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HELP!!! Suddenly, all the images on my desktop have turned 45 degrees to the right!!!!

How do I fix this???

Attached is a screen shot of what I am seeing (all sideways!):

Well, for some bizarre reason, the two screenshots I attached show the desktop images right side up.

However, looking at my screen, I see the bear's nose (in the wallpaper image) is pointing toward the TOP of the screen, and the deskton icons are all lined up across the top and the bottom of the screen!

Thanks for any help on getting this back to normal!


A:[SOLVED] Desktop view has turned 45 degrees to the right????

Try pressing CTRL+ALT+ Arrow Key (left, right, up, etc)
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i just need to add this numbers 132?58' + 26?22'13''.. how could i input this numbers in the calculator?? Thanks.

A:Adding degrees,minutes and seconds in calculator. HOW?

Take a look at Windows calculator plus.
Download: Microsoft Calculator Plus - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
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My cat walked across the keyboard and then the picture rotated 90 degrees. When I restarted the computer, the colors weren't right. The desktop is green instead of blue, orange things are now purple and nothing is the right color. No one else could help me get it back to normal! I use windows XP home version. Please help me!

A:Help! My colors are al weird and the picture's rotated 90 degrees!

Have you tried system restore?
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I just built this system last night and it seemed very stable I used it for hours and installed everything I wanted except my soundcard which I won t even mess with until I m sure the system is stable So I started playing a game and after less than an hour of playing it my system died So I restarted and checked the bios suspecting a heating problem It said my CPU temp was C which I know is pretty to a 3200 64 Athlon degrees a Could on crash? 60 C game cause high but I didn t Could 60 degrees C on a Athlon 64 3200 cause a game to crash? think that was high enough to cause an overheat in a game Could 60 degrees C on a Athlon 64 3200 cause a game to crash? All I have on this computer is windows the game World of Warcraft Mozilla and my video card and motherboard drivers So if it s a conflict it s gotta be my video card and motherboard so I hope that s not the case I m using the stock heat sink and fan the processor comes with in the AMD box It says Could 60 degrees C on a Athlon 64 3200 cause a game to crash? the heatsink and fan is quot certified quot for this processor and I m not overclocking so why would it be overheating nbsp

A:Could 60 degrees C on a Athlon 64 3200 cause a game to crash?

60C is pretty high if that's an idle temp. The stock heatsink that comes with Athlons really isn't very good, it normally works if your not overclocking and you have decent ventilation, but you might want to look into replacing it with a higher quality sink and thermal paste.

I'm not sure if overheating did or didn't cause your crash, there's just too many variables. I would turn off automatic reboot on errors by going into control panel/ system/ advanced tab/ startup and recovery, so that if it happens again you might get a blue screen with some info.

In your bios, there should be controls to throttle your cpu, or shutdown at certain temps.
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Somehow, navigating with my mouse I clicked something
and suddenly the display on my computer screen rotated
90 degrees counter clockwise.
I feel stupid in saying that I can't find a way to correct
this problem.
I have an HPG72-B60US Notebook.
I have the problem whether I am using
Firefox or Edge browsers. Not sure which version
of windows I have.
Please, HELP! I'm getting a pain in my neck looking
at the screen sideways.

A:Text on my screen rotated 90 degrees - can't get it back

Happened to me a long time ago when I was fooling around with Intel Graphics.  See if this helps:
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Yesterday I ran this same Symantec online scan and it discovered infected files see my Of Degrees Effectiveness Antivirus Porgram Varying previous post of today Today I Varying Degrees Of Antivirus Porgram Effectiveness ran it again and it found infected file My Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet program has NEVER found either Varying Degrees Of Antivirus Porgram Effectiveness the or the that Symantec always finds Orange Blossom suggested I copy Symantec s response here Any Varying Degrees Of Antivirus Porgram Effectiveness insight advice or instructions would be appreciated Thanks in advance And thanks to Orange Blossom JayVirus Status Safe Your computer is free of known threats Virus Status Infected Your computer is infected with at least one known threat Virus Status UnknownThe Scan was unable to determine your vulnerability status files scanned file s infected on your disk drives No viruses were detected in memory Your computer is free of known threats Virus Detection does not check compressed files Your computer appears safe for now For real-time protection from viruses hackers and privacy threats upgrade to Norton Internet Security No viruses were detected in memory The scan was cancelled before finishing To restart the scan click here Your computer is free of known threats Virus Detection does not check compressed files Your computer appears safe for now For real-time protection from viruses hackers and privacy threats upgrade to Norton Internet Security Search for the name of the threat s listed below on the Symantec Security Response site for removal information Warning The scan detected a virus that is active in your computer s memory The scan ended to prevent further infection You should shut down your computer immediately and restart it with an antivirus rescue disk or similar tool No viruses were detected in memory Your computer is infected with at least one known virus or Trojan horse Search for the name of the threat s listed below on the Symantec Security Response site for removal information No viruses were detected in memory Your computer is infected with at least one known virus or Trojan horse Note The scan was cancelled before finishing There may be more infected files on this computer Search for the name of the threat s listed below on the Symantec Security Response site for removal information A scan has not been run To start Virus Detection click here C Documents and Settings Jay Thompson D H C Application Data Sun Java Deployment cache javapi v jar jvmimpro jar- ad a - c d d zip is infected with Downloader Mod Edit Topic moved to more appropriate forum TMacK

A:Varying Degrees Of Antivirus Porgram Effectiveness

Ok it's just a fact of life that some scanners mis somethings. I'd like you to do this.Please follow the the instructions for using Vundofix in BC's tutorial: How to Remove WinFixer / Virtumonde .A text file named vundofix.txt will have automatically been saved to the root of the system drive, usually at C:\vundofix.txt.Please copy & paste the contents of that text file into your next reply.Then perform an Online Virus Scan like BitDefender Online Scanner.(These require Internet Explorer to work. Watch the Address bar in IE. You may receive alerts that "This site might require the following ActiveX control...Click here to install...". Click on that alert and then Click Install ActiveX component. If given the option, choose "Quarantine" instead of delete.)
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Hi everyone, first post here. I have a Windows XP - Yesterday my computer was on, the screen was turned off, and I put some laundry on the desk and it moved the mouse. The computer made a bunch of noise like it was thinking and when I turned the screen back on the entire desktop - including icons, taskbar etc - had been rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise. So the taskbar is now on the left side of the screen vertically... everything is off... I have tried to use my computer help guide but with no luck. Any suggestions on how to get it back to normal? Right now I have a stiff neck from reading sideways...
Thanks in advance everyone!
Have a good day.

A:Entire Desktop Rotated 90 Degrees Counterclockwise

Hi ahhhlexis.
Right click an empty area on your desktop and select "properties"
Click the "settings" tab then the advanced button.
Look for a rotate option in one of the tabs.
For example, if you had a geforce card, you would click the geforce tab then select "nvrotate" to flip the display around.
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I checked the bios it says my cpu is running at 88 it does not state whether this is F or C but I am assuming it is C. I installed everything correctly it came with its own thermal bonding pads already on the heat sink fan. It seems to run perfectly and everything else is cold so I don't know what can be causing this issue. PLEASE HELP!

A:Intel Celeron Dual Core CPU 88 Degrees

In this case, the thermal pads should be removed and thoroughly cleaned off. A good quality thermal compound like Arctic Silver should be applied sparingly. If you had to move the CPU heat-sink around even a little while attaching it to the motherboard, the thermal pad could have been rubbed off and it is not sufficient to cool the CPU now
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As the topic says my overall CPU temp is much lower than what the cores are, i'm wondering is this normal or something that i should worry about.

Overnight Idle Temps - This is when they actually match, they're both around 23-26
Light Use (Browsing Web/Watching A Movie/Texted Based Game) - CPU - Around 29-33ish Cores - 30-50ish
Moderate Gaming (Older Games) - CPU 34-40 Cores - 56-70ish
Heavy Gaming (Newer/CPU Heavy games like Attila/Rome II Total War) - CPU - 40-46 Cores - 60-84
Load Temps (Stress Testing) - CPU - 56 (rarely ever goes much higher) Cores - 90 -100

In the pic i'm running speedfan, realtemp and HW Monitor with the CPU load 43% (attaching it made it too small to read uploading elsewhere asap)

Any help is much appreciated

A:Cpu Temp 15-20 Degrees Lower Than Cores, Is It Normal?

here's the picture