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Microsoft Mouse and Trackball cables compatible?

Q: Microsoft Mouse and Trackball cables compatible?

I just need to know if the Trackball Mouse cables Microsoft and compatible? USB cable in a Microsoft button optical mouse ends in an internal plastic plug I have a Microsoft Microsoft Mouse and Trackball cables compatible? button optical trackball with a broken wire than can t be repaired When I looked online to buy a replacement only then did I lean Microsoft stopped making selling their optical trackball s WTF so there are no replacement parts out there to be had They are so rare now even broken trackballs fetch a premium I opened it up to see if I could fix it and the cable ends in a simple five-connector plug so fixing my trackball couldn t be easier If only I could find a replacement cable Microsoft still makes sells their button optical mice but doesn t sell parts If it uses the same cable I figure I can buy a cheap one just for the cord and use it in my trackball Anyone out there ever open up their Microsoft button optical mouse that can confirm for me if the cable just plugs in inside nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Mouse and Trackball cables compatible?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Mouse and Trackball cables compatible?

Go ahead and try the cable... I hope the wire color codes are the same. I use a wireless Logitech. Maybe it's time for you to switch to a wireless mouse
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sorry if this is wrong fourm, i dunno where to post

what do you all advise to do to clean my trackball mouse? what mothods, such as cotton swab, blowing it out, etc?

my mouse seems to get stuck when i move up and down

A:trackball mouse

I clean mine with rubbing alcohol and q-tips. Make sure the computer is off and when you take the ball out there are about three different little contacts that need cleaning. make sure it is dry before you start using it again. When it sticks it does need cleaning.
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Has any one any views on trackball type mice. I seem to be having great difficulty in accurately pointing with " conventional" mouse. I was wondering if one of the types with a thumb opperated ball could be the answer. Its difficult to make a decision
when the stores don't have them on demo.
BTW-I have cleaned my mouse's ball.

Any comments appreciated.



A:{RESOLVED}Mouse vs Trackball

I'd recommend an optical mouse. They're very accurate, and there's no ball or rollors or mechanical parts that can fail. Trackballs function very differently, and it's all about personal preference. Someone can't tell you what works best, you need to decide for yourself.
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Hello everyone, I have a Microsoft cordless optical mouse (the leather one) and would like to add a trackball as well because my right shoulder is injured.
The question is; can the mouse and trackball be installed on the same computer without problems?
The trackball is a corded Logitech Marble mouse with a trackball on top. The Microsoft cordless mouse is plugged into a PS/2 port and I wish to plug the corded Marble mouse into a USB port on the front of the tower.
The Microsoft mouse has its own software installed.
Would this setup be OK?

A:Mouse and trackball clash?

Two pointing-devices?! Mice & Trackballs are pointing-devices.

Of course not.
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I am looking for a cordless trackball mouse that has the usb receiver you can stick in the side of your notebook pc. All the ones I have found has a cord attached to the receiver and is made to sit on a desk.

A:Looking for a Cordless Trackball mouse for Notebooks


cordless mice are nothing but trouble batterys that can leak they are ,heavy they arent really practicle and expensive just a matter of opinion i would go for a mini
usb infared scroll mouse then there is no signal involved via infared that will interfear with you lappy
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I have a Microsoft Trackball USB mouse that I've been using on my new laptop for about 2 months with no problems.  All of a sudden yesterday, the mouse just shuts off.  I have to unplug it & plug it back it to get it working again.  Sometimes
it will keep working for hours sometimes it will shut off in seconds.  I've uninstalled the mouse & HID drivers & re-installed them but the problem still persists.  I've also tried different USB ports & it still does the same thing.  Anybody
know why my mouse all of a sudden has gone crazy??
Thanks in advance,

A:Trackball Mouse just stops working

It should be a hardware issue, but not related to Windows 7.
I think you may check if your battery in the mouse still have enough power.
You may access the following website to see if there is any help.
Mice Solution Center
If the above suggestions do not work, please contact technical support and check hardware issues.
Microsoft Contact Us Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?
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I installed Win8 on a separate drive to give it a test run and to see what it is all about.
So far I'm still undecided and neutral about it.
There is one problem I can't find a solution for.

When I boot into Win8, the scroll wheel on my MS trackball scrolls 20 lines for each click, that is too much.
So I enter the settings and adjust it to 10 lines per click, apply it and all is good until the next reboot.
It seems to revert back to 20 lines per click every time I reboot.
Any ideas?


A:Mouse/trackball wheel resetting

still haven't found a solution to this.
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Does anyone know if you can purchase a cordless trackball mouse that has the usb receiver you can stick in your notebook? All the ones that I have found has a receiver w/a cord attached that is made for you to place on your desk. I want one that has the usb receiver dongle you just stick into the side of your notebook w/out the cord????? Cannot find it anywhere. Only other comparable item is the bluetooth trackball but my notebook is not bluetooth.
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I m having a problem Possessed Pointer Mouse Trackball with my mouse Possessed Trackball Mouse Pointer Details Trackball Dell Logitech brand ps connected Winxp Dell computer year old The problem is intermittent at worst so I decided to post here before I did anything For the past couple of days after a few hours of activity my mouse pointer begins to jump up erratically to the top of the screen I can barely control it just enough to open other programs like the trouble shooter for the mouse The problem usually stops after about - minutes Sometimes the problem is shorter System restore has done nothing to resolve the issue A fully updated Norton Anti virus finds nothing after full system scan but strangely when I open the troubleshooter for the mouse and try to open the task manager from one of the links in the troubleshooter Norton warns me that quot script blocking has detected suspicious activity quot Norton s log ends with the following FILE HelpCtr exe OBJECT File System Object ACTIVITY Get Special Folder I was previously hijacked by cool web about a week ago but as far as I can tell cwshredder and a system restore cleaned that out pretty thoroughly My logs on Hijack This Adaware and Spybot don t appear to have changed since before the mouse problem My background processes on Task Manager don t look suspicious Is this strictly a hardware problem Should I uninstall reinstall the device driver for the mouse I was planning on a new optical mouse anyway This is really an annoyance Any help on either the hardware or software front would be appreciated Thanks nbsp
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all of a sudden my trusty trackball mouse is not being so trusty. Sometimes it gets stuck down in the taskbar...sometimes it slows to a crawl or just stops responding all together. I took the ball out and wiped it and wiped thesocket it sits in but if anything, that seems to have worsened my problem. Any suggestions.


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I'm running Windows 7 (64) with 12Gb of RAM: Everything is working great - except the MS Trackball Explorer. It works in it's standard button configuration but when I try to customize the buttons for different functions - It accepts the changes in the MS IntellIpoint software - but the hardware doesn't respond to the remapped buttons.

Running the Mouseinfo Utility shows the buttons are working correctly, and I have taken this same trackball to my XP system - and the remapping works fine.

This leads me to assume that the IntellIpoint software that Microsoft has released for Windows 7 is flawed.

Anyone have any experience or solutions? I have sent MS a trouble report but I'm not holding out a lot of hope.


A:Microsoft Trackball Explorer - Help

Bump for attention!

Anyone else have this trackball / problem?
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If you own and have used a Microsoft TrackBall Optical mouse have you had problems with owners Ms mouse optical here! trackball check the ball sticking Have you also had problems with the software I can use the mouse for a while and Ms trackball optical mouse owners check here! it may work fine then all of a sudden I find a hard spot when trying to turn the ball I clean the thing clean my hands do everything I think would cause the problem but no luck I ve had two and both do the same I m about to check out the third one I also have problems when I assign the buttons in a specific program like Word Sometimes I click the left button which is the normal left click and the scroll wheel will turn one click highlighting a half page Sometimes when I m on the desktop I left click and the right click menu comes up What I m wanting Ms trackball optical mouse owners check here! to know is are there others experiencing the same or other problems If so and you have found solutions please post them Thanks nbsp

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hi excuse if ive posted on wrong forum section im using kensington orbit optical trackball mouse its so sluggish and eratic ive looked everywhere for drivers my system os is windows xp sp3 edition thank you

A:kensington orbit optical trackball mouse

As good as they are touted to be, it may well need cleaning.
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I have used for the last 8 years a logitech trackball I like the fact I dont have to move all over the table to use it just a thumb. I was wondering if a laser mouse is that much better to the point should I switch to a laser mouse with 800 resolution from my trackball with 300dpi would I notice it in gaming?

A:gaming hardware ,Laser Mouse or Trackball.

Personally I have never wormed up to the trackballs, but I can tell you that my Revolution MX is very comfortable and at the beginning was incredibly precise but after a while it started glitching unofrtunetly I bought it in the us and I can't get a guarantee over here:-(
All i can tell you is that when the mouse was in perfect shape it worked great on various surfaces. soemtimes I would watch movies from my bed which is about 3-4 meters from the computer and on the nonsmooth drapes (Not even straight) it would still work perfectly.
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I have installed multiple drivers and my trackball will not work on my computer. Device manager recognizes it and say its working properly but the Microsoft software that comes with the download does not recognize it. I have installed ,unistalled but nothing. Have been at this for about 4 hrs, by the way it lights up when computer boots so its getting power and I know it works. Please help!

A:Somebody help please. Issue with microsoft trackball optical on win 7

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .... Which Model of the Mouse do you have ? ... It seems the Software Download does not work ... Read the Link below ..
Updating driver and software for microsoft trackball optical 1.0 USB - Microsoft Community
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I've put a new MB (for a Duron 800) in a system that used to have a Celeron 300 (there or there abouts). I'm getting the "Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter" message and it's not detecting any drives - either on startup of through the bios. I'm wondering if the ide's from the Celeron Board are compatible with this new board (as they are the ones I'm currently using) - would that stop the bios from detecting the drives - if not, what's next?

Thanks for any response.

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Tried this on XP SP2, XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate.

This trackball installs fine with or without Intellipoint software (tried multiple versions including latest) but the ball itself fails to move the mouse pointer at all. The buttons and scroll wheel works fine, but not the pointer.

I've searched extensively on and generally on Google without seeing a hint of this problem.

BTW, I have a second trackball (both are model D67-00001) that is doing the very same thing on all three computers. I am completely out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Bizzare problem with Microsoft Trackball Optical

Bumping this up as it's only had 13 views. I've been working on this constantly for more than 2 days now. Is there anyone at all out there that still uses a Microsoft Trackball Optical?
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Please read this, sorry, I would copy and paste but like I say I'm using a Wii for internet due to no working PC, and there's no copy and paste (yes, I'm actually typing this damn long URL by hand):

Thanks for any help! Hopefully this forum will have more people online at this late/early time (I'm UK based and so is the previous forum)

A:Complete hardware beginner: How to remove power cables, ribbon cables and HDD drives?
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topic i got a sata 2 hd and a sata drive and some one told me the cables for sata 2 will work on my sata so i ordred 2 uv green sata 2 cables 10 inch.thanks in advanced for the help.

A:Sata 2 cables compatible with sata?

I don't see any problems, they are the same connectors....
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Is there a way to assign the ALT+TAB key combination to a mouse button in the Mouse & Keyboard Center?
I select the "Key Commands"-> "Key Combination" field but I can not find a way to enter a
TAB keystroke.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Assiging ALT+TAB to a mouse button with the Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard Center?

I changed the timing on the TAB press to 1 second. Still doesn't work.
Here is how it looks now:

I just remembered that we have seen this deficiency before. 
Sorry for the confusion.

Robert Aldwinckle
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Lately I have been having an annoying problem with my wireless mouse. For some reason the pointer will lag, and be very sluggish and jumpy. I've had this mouse on this computer for about a year and I've had no problem. Out of nowhere this problem is happening. I've tried re installing drivers with no luck. I tried uninstalling intellipoint and re-installing it, but when I tried I got the BSOD, and then it completely disabled my mouse and keyboard so I had to use wired peripherals to go in to safe mode and do a system restore. Now everything is working again, except my mouse is still jumpy.

Thanks for any help.

A:Annoying mouse lag - Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500

Erratic behaviour from wireless peripherals, especially keyboards and/or mice, particularly where they were working correctly before, generally points to a dying battery in the peripheral. Have you tried replacing it? If it is rechargeable, it may no longer be holding charge and will also need replacing.
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This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse the Notebook mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center I have my PC ran to a monitor and a inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc The problem is the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but with mouse. 5000 Notebook Bluetooth Microsoft Issues Mouse issues I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw didn't come with the mouse the mouse actually comes with no dongle Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse go into bluetooth devices delete it and readd it all over again WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol It's very annoying I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing Help

A:Issues with Bluetooth mouse. Microsoft Notebook Mouse 5000

Quote: Originally Posted by kdogg

This is really starting to annoy the hell out of me. I just picked up a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse, the Notebook 5000 mouse to be exact for my home entertainment center.

I have my PC ran to a monitor and a 55 inch Samsung LED LCD TV for watching movies etc. The problem is, the HDMI cord is run threw the wall so the PC is in another room so I cant use the normal mouse on the PC. I bought a bluetooth mouse due to the increased range but I'm having nothing but issues.

I have the Microsoft Bluetooth dongle btw, didn't come with the mouse, the mouse actually comes with no dongle.

Anyway it connects fine but if I stop using it for like an hour or whatever it disconnects and nothing I do will reconnect it unless I take my other mouse, go into bluetooth devices, delete it and readd it all over again.

WHY THE HELL does it keep doing this lol?

It's very annoying, I sit down to watch a movie and discover I cant start it without first going into the other room and readding my mouse.

I'm well within range and I've tried moving the bluetooth mouse to the same room as the PC to use it with the PC and it still does the same thing.


It's your dongle. I have the same mouse and it works absolutely fine. I'll bet you have the USB option set to power the dongle down when unused. How's the radio in the mouse supposed to wake up a sleeping dongle?
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Hi I recently purchased a Microsoft cordless keyboard and mouse which I am quite happy with I had to download stuff from the Microsoft website to get it up and running properly but there were download options The first one I clicked was the PS compatible mouse but this came back with an error report cannot install this etc So I tried the other option without a problem Ever since then my PC starts up with a Wizard installation hardware report cannot install PS compatible mouse which wastes Compatible Get Mouse Rid Installation [email protected] Hardware? Of How To times and is annoying I have searched everywhere I can think to find where I can remove How To Get Rid Of [email protected] Compatible Mouse Installation Hardware? this object but since it did not install it is difficult to locate I can only locate it under hardware installation but this leaves me no option to delete and only offers to try to install whilst reminding me that this could damage my existing driver I do not want it How can I make it and its annoying How To Get Rid Of [email protected] Compatible Mouse Installation Hardware? pop up reminder go away Please help

A:How To Get Rid Of [email protected] Compatible Mouse Installation Hardware?

Try using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility and look for any remnants of the errant installMark
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I have a Logitech compatible Optical Wheel mouse. I have the latest Mouseware from Logitech. The mouse is recognised and it allows me to set it up. I have a multiboot system 98se,2k,Xp etc. The mouse is set up the same in all.
Now the wheel works and allows me to scroll in 98se but not in 2k SP4 or XP SP1a
Does anyone have any ideas?

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I m going to the store today to try to find a wireless mouse for my laptop for gaming There doesn t seem to be any ports on my laptop compatible with the wireless mouse I currently have I have a Logitech wireless mouse not sure of exact model know ? my I How laptop mouse a do is if compatible for wireless it does not have a USB signal device It has green and pink circular connectors which How do I know if my laptop is compatible for a wireless mouse ? I used for my desktop comp along with the wireless keyboard I m thinking maybe I have some kind of Bluetooth in my laptop and How do I know if my laptop is compatible for a wireless mouse ? there may be a wireless mouse I can purchase that is compatible with my laptop s Bluetooth But my question is how do I find out if my laptop even has this so that I know what to look for at the store It s a new laptop an HP Entertainment PC with Vista So I don t see why it would be impossible to connect a wireless mouse to it Thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to help me out nbsp

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Hi guys,

I have an hp 430 pro book with Windows 7. It comes with the ps/2 compatible touchpad. Couple of days ago when I was dragging some pictures the touch pad stopped working. I can still scroll and the right button works but I can't click with the touch pad and the left mouse button.

Tried uninstalling the hardware from device manager but it just reboots my computer twice and I don't think the mouse got uninstalled.

I've been told to update my drivers but I'm not sure whether my copy of windows is genuine.

Any advice is much appreciated

A:Ps/2 compatible mouse(touch pad) not working. Hp/430, win 7

I can move the mouse pointer as well.
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Hi guys. I have windows updates set to manual. Yesterday i checked for updates  and found more that 10 important updates. I selected all for installing. I recieved two _80070103  error
messages for  "Microsoft - Pointing Drawing - Microsoft Hardware USB Mouse" and "Microsoft - Keyboard, Other hardware - Microsoft Hardware USB Keyboard" updates. I looked at update history and found out 8 similiar update failures !
 I have windows 8.1 and i use wireless keyboard and mouse.  Shall i just unistall that failed updates or it might affect my mouse and keyboard performance? Thank you!

A:microsoft - pointing drawing - microsoft hardware usb mouse download fail.

Hi Alona,
If you receive Windows Update error 80070103 while installing updates, you might be trying to install a driver that is already installed on your computer or a driver that might be less compatible than one you already have installed.

So, if you did not encounter any performance issue about mouse and keyboard before, you can hide these updates and don't install them again.
Best regards,Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected]
Niko Cheng
TechNet Community Support
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Hi I m really hoping someone here can help me My logitech corded optical mouse was working pretty well but it was a little slow so I decided to switch it out with a microsoft comfort optical mouse I XP, freeze! microsoft Mouse to from logitech switched mouse have another machine and both mice seem Mouse freeze! XP, switched from logitech to microsoft mouse to work perfectly there But on Mouse freeze! XP, switched from logitech to microsoft mouse my main machine they both lock up after a few minutes and the only thing that fixes it is rebooting I was highly suspecting it was a conflict between logitech and microsoft software at first I tried this http support microsoft com kb several times to clear the registry and start fresh But each time I ended up having to use system restore after I can clear everything out and then the USB hub is detected when I reboot but the mouse is not I check device manager and it says it has an HID compliant mouse and the mouse lights up like it has power but won t move at all Does anyone have any ideas Is there any more information I could give that would be helpful to troubleshoot Thanks so much Airmide nbsp
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Hello Everyone! ,
My touchpad is not working and it's driving me crazy. I tried installing ELAN Driver from Acer Driver section and it didn't work. So I downloaded Synaptics driver, still no change! . I just realised that the PS/2 compatible disk is not working and it shows error (Picture Uploaded) .I tried Re-Installing and nothing happened. I have no idea how to fix this.

Please Help.

Laptop : Acer Aspire V3-571G
OS : Windows 8.1 64bit
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my daughter got me a wireless mouse for xmas, a usb version. you dont get instructions with it but hey i thought simple just plug the usb into my pc and away i go, wrong.

i plug the usb in and it said something like found drivers etc but i just cant get it to work,

this is what it says on the header card that it was attached to.

version - USB

variable resolution - 20dpi-6400 dpi

hardware resolution - 800dpi

technology - optical sensor

system requirements - windows 2000/me/xp/vista mac OS 8.6 or later

IT DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WINDOWS 7 maybe this is the problem as i am running windows 7

any thoughts please ?

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Recently I have tried to install my Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse onto my dell computer(running with XP), replacing the Intellimouse 1.3A PS/2 Compatable mouse that came with the computer. I went into "Help and Support" and found the appropriate article to tell me how to remove mouse.

"IntelliMouse: The Mouse Pointer Moves Erratically or Does Not Respond with Windows XP (Q321122)"

After following the instructions I tried to install my optical and it still refused to work. One thing that I noticed is that some of the files that they told me to delete were'nt there in the first place. Would all the mouse need to be unpluged while i did this? I'm not sure if anyone could shed some light on what i did wrong with the info i'v given but any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Can't intstall Intellimouse Optical USB and PS/2 Compatible mouse :(
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I have been a member of this site for all of 3 mins, and having read some threads I realise that I really am very untechnical. I recently treated myself to a new pc, an Advent running Windows Vista. This was to replace my dinosaur laptop with keys missing that I threatened to throw out of the window on numerous occasions.

I need to load Word to allow me to write reports, download documents from email and so on. BUT, alas I have heard that Word is not compatible with Vista! Is this correct?

Forgive my untechnicality, I really am quite embarrassed as everyone else seems like Einstein to me!

Thank you for reading.


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Hi All Run into couple more promables and got good advice before and I thank Spike for take time to help me I have a Compaq computer Windows 98 S E Have on start up a message Rem C Windows setup MSCDEX.Exe and then on my log I also seen this message Is it big trouble? Detect ACPI BIOS : ACPI BIOS is not compatible with Microsoft windows
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I've got Word at work and the Windows XP(home edition) Works word processor at home -- but they don't seem to be compatiable when I bring a disk home with a Word file.

Any tips?

A:Microsoft Works and Word -- compatible??

In Word 2000, there's a Save As Works 2000 option. If your file is anything other than very basic, you'll be prompted that "some features may be lost". I just tried it with a Word doc containing a table (Works WP files doesn't do tables), sure enough it came out pretty screwed.

You could always download OpenOffice for use at home -- it opened the file (Word version) no problem.

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I bought a laptop with Windows 10 on it. I don't know which Office product to buy. I am writing this on my Kindle Fire because I haven't got the new laptop completely set up.
I want to install Office on two HP laptops both with Windows 10. Thanks

A:Which Microsoft Office Is Compatible with Windows 10

Office 2007 and 2010 are for sure, I have them installed on Windows 10 x64 and Windows Pro x64.
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I've just upgraded both my computers to Windows 8. On the laptop it's great, but on the HTPC my input device is showing it's limits.

I have a Logitech k400, which i like because it's a one piece keyboard with built in trackpad. the problem is that the trackpad is crap. it doesn't support any multitouch scrolling is done in the firmware and is... erratic and imprecise.
The closest equivalment would be an apple keyboard and trackpad hooked together by this thing: Twelve South MagicWand - Apple Store (Canada)
Problem is, I don't think the drivers will support advanced features like edge swiping, like synaptics trackpads will once the new driver rolls out.

Is it possible to use synaptics drivers? because that would solve my problems.


A:Is the Apple Magic mouse compatible with synaptics drivers?

Hmm, interesting. When I get home, i will try to remember to borrow the magic mouse from my mac mini and test on my laptop.
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I installed Microsoft Flight Simulator on my new desktop with Windows 8.1.
Flight Simulator runs for 5-10 minutes and than it stops (or is being stopped by windows.
Please help!
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I'm using Windows XP SP2 and Microsoft Office 2002. Is Microsoft Office 2007 Compatible with Windows XP SP2? Can I install it on my PC?

A:Is Microsoft Office 2007 Compatible with Windows XP SP2?

Yes.2007 Microsoft Office system requirements
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I would like to know if Windows 7 is compatible with Microsoft Office XP Professional version 2002. If so, could you point me in the right direction where I could upgrade and/or install drivers? Your help is most appreciated. Thank you, Ray

A:Is Windows Compatible with Microsoft Office 2002?

The answer yes just follow my instructions below.
Insert the Office XP disk
Click Start > Computer
Open the Office XP computer
Right click the Setup file, click Troubleshoot compatibility
Follow the on screen wizard
Select a suitable version of Windows, Office XP is known to work in, try Windows XP SP2
and proceed with the installation.

Outlook is known to not save passwords, so please see the following:
Outlook not saving password:
Outlook on Vista (and Win7)

Personally, I would take the plunge and upgrade to Office 2003 or Office 2007 which both work with Windows 7.

Please give rep by clicking the middle icon (silver scales) near the top right. Hope This Helps You
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How to find out if these printers are compatible with Win7?

HP LaserJet 2100TN
HP Business inkjet 2250
HP LaserJet 2200dn
HP LaserJet 2100
Kyocera Ecosys FS-920
HP Laserjet 2100
Kyokera Ecosys FS-1920
HP Color LaserJet CP3525dn
HP Color LaserJet 6p
HP Color LaserJet CP3505n
HP LaserJet 1150
OfficeJet G85
HP LaserJet 1150
HP LaserJet 1200 Series
HP Laserjet 2100
HP LaserJet 1150
HP LasetJet 2100TN
HP LaserJet 1150
HP LaserJet 1000 series
HP LaserJet 1200 Series

A:Are these printers compatible with Win7 (and Microsoft Office)?

you could try this website
Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads
for windows 7 compatibility
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Hi, I run a Windows XP Media Center Edition (2005 Version), and recently purchaced the Microsoft Office Small Business Suite upgrade version for this computer. Because it is MCE, I cannot access my work domain network (MCE blocks this application). Kind of defeats the purpose of having the suite, I wanted to link my Full Outlook version to my Web Access version. Anyway, my question is, if I purchased a new computer with a Vista operating system, would the office suite I've already purchased work?

A:Solved: Microsoft office suite compatible with vista?

Office 2003 is supposed to work with vista if that is your version.
You would need the original install disk along with the upgrade disk.
The upgrade is not a stand alone product and can't be used for
a cean installation.
Have you checked your firewall to make sure the needed ports aren't blocked
or possibly looked into setting up VPN to login?
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the email offered an update to windows live mail ,so I did it and now mail will not stay open ,,, I cant even get to the email to copy its contents here ,I will have to look on my other machine to get it ... I never line the new mail app ,just because it new maybe and not use to it, I will use instead for Microsoft mail..

live mail staying open now , but I think the email said ,changes made in the next few weeks will make it use less in win8.1 and win10 .

A:microsoft windows live mail Not compatible with New Email systems

the email I received

Dear user,

In a few weeks, we will be making some changes to our email services that might impact your, @hotmail, @live, or @msn email account. Those changes will prevent your email from being delivered to the Windows Live Mail 2012 application you use.

In order to continue using Windows Live Mail 2012 to send and receive email for your account, you need to install the latest update published here.

If you use Windows Live Mail 2012 on Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, we recommend that you switch to the built in Mail app in Windows to stay connected and get the latest feature updates on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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Since more and more people are working at home, I had assumed that someone would know how to get a home printer to print documents from their work computers on their home printer when the printer driver was incompatible with the Remote Desktop. But alas I have gotten no answer. I finally found the answer at the following Web site:

Using Your Local Printers While Using A Remote Desktop Connection by Thomas Swaney Milestone Computer Solutions, LLC.

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I just bought a new monitor a couple months ago and then decided to upgrade to a Surface Pro 4. I just received it and found that the Dell website only shows Windows updates through Windows 7
Will the Windows 7 driver work with my Windows 10 machine? Please help!
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I need software for a PC Trackball II manufactured by Mouse Systems Corp in 1995, compatible with Win-98. Thanks for any help.
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Ok this is my first post but at my wits end trying to figure out the problem This is the story about five years ago I built my first computer and purchased the MS Trackball Explorer From the time I finished building my computer everytime I started up the computer I had to press Ctrl Alt Del then Cancel to get my trackball to click icons to open them I just dealt Issues Trackball with that issue thinking it must have been something in the bios that I did Trackball Issues wrong and didn t know how to fix it I was using XP Now I bought a brand new computer from Dell new everything OS Vista Keyboard monitor EXCEPT the trackball Now I have the same problem with the new computer I have to press Ctrl Alt Del and cancel to get my trackball to click It moves around fine just no clicking I downloaded the latest drivers from MS It has to be the Trackball right but how do I fix it I love the Trackball and don t want to get rid of it Anyone ever heard of this Thanks for your help nbsp
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Kensington's web site says "With the release of Microsoft Vista there is no further need for the Mouseworks application as many features and functionality formerly provided by Mouseworks is incorporated into Vista."

My trackball, which is a couple years old, doesn't even show up in the device manager.
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As I am writing this I am the new owner of a Sanwa MA-TB Mice Trackball BK Trackball Mouse Before this I was using the Logitech - Trackball Mouse I had purchased it off of ebay because I liked the brand and I especially like trackball mice It had only one problem with it that I fixed by cannibalizing an older Logitech mouse that had similar components It went well for about a year or two until it developed a problem where I Trackball Mice would press a button on the mouse Trackball Mice and the signal would be intermittent The best way to describe the problem is similar to the way Morse code works The button reacts like I m constantly pressing and unpressing the button even though I m holding the button down This was especially frustrating when I played some games As such I finally gave in and purchased the Sanwa mouse I mentioned When it arrived I was rather nervous because the majority of the writing on the box and in the manual was in Kanji Apparently it was an import from the Japanese market in the most literal way Anyways the mouse works and is fully functional What I am interested in now is if anyone knows of other modern trackball mice Obviously there will be left-handed and right-handed mice So either one is allowed The only requirement is that the trackball be controlled by the thumb As such no top-side ball or ball in between buttons nbsp
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I just installed the MS trackball optical and I can't get the back-forward buttons to work. They only work if I'm in the USER'S GUIDE or in Explorer. I went to the web page and I downloaded the newer version of Intellipoint(version4) and I also downloaded their user guides. When I tried to access them the computer said "file hh.exe could not be found." I am a novice-please go easy on me-I need details. I have an eMachines computer and Windows ME.
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anybody working on a bluetooth trackball??

Logitec has kb/mouse combo but I am in an 18 wheeler and trackball a must.

I am assuming bluetooth a lot less prone to interference (I suffer a lot of pointer freezes) from CB *****s blabbing away in the truckstop. Currently running Logitec RF wireless Kb and trackball.

A:bluetooth trackball

Wow - not to sound stupid and sorry about getting off topic, but do a lot of truckers have computers/laptops in their trucks these days? It's just kind of hard for me to picture but it would be a pleasant surprise if so.
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Installed the mouse not too long ago and everything seems to be going fine. So, the time comes for a little cleaning and guess what? Darn thing wont let me do anything when I boot into DOS. A DOS prompt works fine but MS-DOS only shows the mouse name and a blinking line. Tried google, no luck, help files, no luck, all of the options, nothing. Ideas?

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I just ran my Microsoft Windows Update a couple of days ago which included Microsoft - Keyboard - Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard (Mouse and Keyboard Center). I think this is the culprit causing my problems. Now both my mousepad on my laptop and my mouse are active at the same time and I am unable to uninstall or turn off the mousepad. I've tried uninstall two different ways and neither worked after restarting and shutting down as per instructions. It is driving me crazy because it is extremely hard to type as the cursor will jump on the page and insert my typed letters into the wrong place. I have to get it uninstalled! Typing this is a nightmare and I am not dragging my thumbs on the pad or touching it in anyway. Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft - Keyboard - Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Update
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I use a trackball with Photoshop Elements5 on an XP Pro machine. I have the sensitivity set the way I like it for normal use but find it too sensitive when trying to select areas in an image. The really nice solution would be to have a keyboard shortcut that would reduce the sensitivity by a factor of 3 or so when needed. Does anybody know of a utility which can do this? Is it even a possible thing to hope for?


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Ok this is Issues Trackball Explorer my first post but at my wits end trying to figure out the problem This is the story about five years ago I built my first computer and purchased the MS Trackball Explorer From the time I finished building my computer everytime I started up the computer I had to press Ctrl Alt Del then Cancel to get my trackball to click icons to open them I just dealt with that issue thinking it must have been something in the bios that I did wrong Trackball Explorer Issues and didn't know how to fix it I was using XP Now I bought a brand new computer from Dell new everything OS Vista Keyboard monitor EXCEPT the trackball Now I have the same problem with the new computer I have to press Ctrl Alt Del and cancel to get my trackball to click It moves around fine just no clicking I downloaded the latest drivers from MS It has to be the Trackball right but how do I fix it I love the Trackball and don't want to get rid of it Anyone ever heard of this Thanks for your help

A:Trackball Explorer Issues

Buy a Logitech Trackball - I've got 3 and have been using them for years (since Win2K).

Seriously, have you installed the Win7 drivers for the Trackball?
I couldn't locate the exact drivers - but suspect that these would work
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I have had this mouse for a couple of years and really like it. However, the ball is getting sticky and doesn't roll easily. I have tried cleaning it with water, glass cleaner, alcohol, etc with no luck. Does anybody have a good solution for cleaning the track ball?

A:Trackball Optical Maintenance

If youve had it for a while and didnt clean it regularly it could just be shot. THey only cost a few dollars. Try cleacning off the whole mouse with compressed air.
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I have one of those Logitech Trackman trackballs that have the problem where the cursor takes off across the screen on its own. Can you recommend a trackball you're happy with? Thanks

A:Solved: Trackball Recommendation

Go to Control Panel,Double Click on Mouse

In there you can adjust what the Curser Does...Speed up Slow Down...ect......

Hope this helps....
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How ironic I go to make this post and it stops working again this is oh maybe the fifth time tonight So here's the issue I've searched through the forum and I've posted elsewhere no resolve for my issue though Maybe some new insights Cause I'm going crazy I have a Dell Inspiron all details in my profile and I actually spent about an hour and with Dell itself on the phone They seem to be less technically not Trackball ~ Device USB recognized adept than myself so whatever I keep getting a quot USB Device not Recognized quot error I have a Logitech Thumb trackball and said trackball has zero issues on any other computer I got this computer as a christmas present and it's been happening ever since I'm running Windows premium home bit and frankly I'm going USB Device not recognized ~ Trackball batty EVERY time this happens I have to shut down my computer unplug it and take out the battery wait a minute and then put it back together It's quite USB Device not recognized ~ Trackball the hassle when I'm trying to do USB Device not recognized ~ Trackball my homework I've updated drivers there's zero hardware issues I even DL a supposed fix that I got the link for here and zip zero zilch nada I don't have a disk for Windows as it came installed on the laptop I have a year warranty with Dell but frankly it's been happening since day one so what would a re-install do for me I'm so friggin frustrated it's unreal It's hard to do college math when you have to shut down and restart your computer every minutes Please someone anyone help me out here I'm half tempted to just say screw windows and install my XP I've had to shut the bubble telling me that what isn't plugged in anymore isn't recognized ARGH please help goes to power down entirely and reboot the system AGAIN Tracy

A:USB Device not recognized ~ Trackball

Quote: Originally Posted by dragonblade81

How ironic... I go to make this post, and it stops working again.. this is.. oh, maybe the fifth time tonight..

So here's the issue. I've searched through the forum, and I've posted elsewhere, no resolve for my issue though. Maybe some new insights? Cause I'm going crazy.

I have a Dell Inspiron (all details in my profile) and I actually spent about an hour and 1/2 with Dell itself on the phone. They seem to be less technically adept than myself, so whatever.

I keep getting a "USB Device not Recognized" error. I have a Logitech Thumb trackball, and said trackball has zero issues on any other computer. I got this computer as a christmas present and it's been happening ever since. I'm running Windows 7 premium home, 64 bit, and frankly I'm going batty. EVERY time this happens I have to shut down my computer, unplug it, and take out the battery, wait a minute and then put it back together. It's quite the hassle when I'm trying to do my homework. I've updated drivers, there's zero hardware issues, I even DL a supposed fix (that I got the link for here) and zip, zero, zilch, nada. I don't have a disk for Windows 7 as it came installed on the laptop, I have a 2 year warranty with Dell, but frankly it's been happening since day one, so what would a re-install do for me? I'm so friggin frustrated it's unreal. It's hard to do college math when you have to shut down and restart your computer every 20 minutes.

Please, someone, anyone, help me out here. I'm half tempted to just say screw windows 7 and install my XP. I've had to shut the bubble telling me that what isn't plugged in anymore isn't recognized..ARGH please help.

*goes to power down entirely and reboot the system AGAIN*


HI Tracy

have you checked to make sure the device is win 7 compliant?
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I am trying to get my scroll buttons to work on my logitech trackball to work on windows 7 OS but i cant find drivers does anybody have suggestions

A:logitech trackball buttons 3+4

Here is a link I found while searching for a solution to getting my trackball explorer to work with Windows 7. Haven't tried it because I found out that my IMac "magic mouse" works for windoes 7 for me. I am running win 7 on my IMac through VMFusion3 and the trackball would work perfectly under the IMac OS system but when I switched to Windows 7 it would not work. I eventually went with the magic mouse because I could not even get a right-click button to work with the trackball and right-clicking is a function of using the compatibility mode mentioned in the text in this link. Good luck.
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I have an old trackball marble FX mouse. It is the wired type terminating in a PS/2 connector. I would like to use this mouse in my new Windows 7 laptop which is equiped with USB ports only. In anticipation of a potential problem, I procured a PS/2 to USB adaptor. But the mouse is not recognized by Windows 7 as a new device. I have already downloaded the mouse software from Logitech. The mouse does not operate the cursor et al. Any ideas out there?
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1. Yes, it's an NE 2000 network card.
2. It can be connected to either but used the PS/2 port.
3. Microsoft Trackball Optical

Hope this helps.


A:Trackball/network incompatibility

Closing duplicate.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech
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Since I loaded SP2 for XP home, everytime it reboot the Microsoft trackball no longer does anything in response to the right click button.

I open Mouse on control panel and simply click OK and my options are restored.

How can I get options restored on boot?
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window xp
combo keyboard and trackball
i need:
when i click on download and the "download window" pop out, my mouse automatically move the either Run or Save or Cancel clickable icon - save me time to move my mouse - i think xp have this feature, just can't find it

want to make F1 or any keys to act like the middle mouse click (combo keyb/track b does not have middle click implemended) - this might be a seperate software

A:need 2 things for my keyboard/trackball combo

You can use Autohotkey to remap a keyboard key to some mouse button :

Don't know about your other question, I've never heard of a program that would do that. You could use the keyboard if you want to go faster : the arrows or the tab key will allow you to select a given button, pressing enter will perform the action, pressing esc will cancel and pressing alt will underline the keyboard shortcut for the other buttons.
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I am trying to get my trackball to play nice with Vista While rooting around in Google for an answer I came across a post on this forum by derekge dated - - saying he had a workaround that worked for him Quote- I just installed Kensington Mouseworks on Vista and everything went fine except on reboot Mouseworks didn t think I had a Kensington mouse plugged in The fix is to look under Human Interface Devices in Device Manager upon reboot and update the driver for the mouse Just point it to the folder where you extracted Mouseworks and it will load it up Now you can use all the nice features End quote Please explain in more detail He may have had the bit version which does play nicer with legacy drivers I have the bit Kensington Vista 64 bit Solved: trackball in version of Vista and I finally got the Kensington MouseWorks past the Windows Installer screening process but alas no joy I even uninstalled the default mouse drivers hoping a reboot would get it to recognize the trackball Any help would be greatly appreciated Including alternate manufacturers drivers that might work so I can reassign buttons One other suggestion if everyone who owns a Kensington K Trackball would go to their website customer service and beg them for a Vista driver maybe we can brow beat them into making one Thanks Gazer nbsp

A:Solved: Kensington trackball in Vista 64 bit

Ok boys and girls I've found the cure, it has been tested and it is effective.
Go to:
and follow the first set of instuctions if you have the 64 bit vista, no chord funtions but my primary concern was swapping button assignments. No need for Kensington's drivers or their lack of support!
Hope it works for you.
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I have a Kensington trackball with two button. But this mouse haven't scroll bar.
This: Kensington orbit trackball

How can I scroll in win7 (professional)?

This trackball's software isn't compatible with seven

I would like scroll with the right button + the ball on mouse. That's a good idea and can I use that?


A:scroll with kensington orbit trackball

I have a similar trackball mouse that I use with my laptop. Here I can scroll with the trackball when I hold the left clicker on the laptop down.
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I am using AOL 9.0 Recently installed logitech duo with wireless keyboard and mouse. When web page is opend and use the wheel to scroll the screen will disappear.

AOL remains connected but cannot use anything within AOL. Buddy list, address list, web page etc. Must sign off and sign back on to find them again.

Any ideas? Emailed logitech but no solution yet.

A:logitech cordless trackball problem using AOL

i am afraid logitech cannot help you, you need to ask aol what is up with their program
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I just purchased a MS Trackball Optical mouse. I was using a Logitech optical trackball. I was expecting this to be very smooth but it not (the cursor movement on the screen). The cursor movement is much less smoother. Something must be wrong. I notice that if I remove the IntelliPoint software (ver. 3.2) the cursor motion gets better (more smooth).
Has anyone had this similar problem? Has anyone fixed the problem. I like the additional buttons this mouse gives me but it's not worth it if I'm going to have to settle for choppy motion.

Athlon 800
Win ME
Using USB port

Thanks for anyone's help,


A:MS Trackball Optical choppy-unsmooth movement.

Did you totally uninstall the Logitech drivers before isntalling the MS drivers?

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
LarryCore begs for money
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I am using a intelleye mouse and it hangs up and beep I have increased the packets an I have checked the port to make sure the mouse is plugged in?No its not a wireless mouse either.
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Yesterday around pm EST my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB mouse it started losing connection It has a light on it and it Mouse Microsoft Problems keeps going on and off Sometimes it makes the disconnect hardware and reconnect hardware sounds But right now i had to put in a back up mouse because every time i would touch the other mouse it would go off But even after a while the back up mouse starts to do the same thing I'm starting to think it is a Windows issue I just did a clean install of Windows on Tuesday June th and until yesterday it worked fine and it also worked fine before i clean installed I think it is a Windows issue because my webcam resets about every - minutes even though the software for it is installed as is its driver Microsoft Mouse Problems But when i installed Windows on Tuesday i did not install IntelliPoint I did this last night and it fixed my problem It has worked since then all the way up to about minutes ago At first it starts disconnecting for a split second maybe every two minutes but it quickly escalates to it going off for seconds every time i touch it I really need help because i need to have a Microsoft Mouse Problems mouse Any help at all is appreciated

A:Microsoft Mouse Problems

Quote: Originally Posted by jmixmaster

Yesterday around 10pm EST, my Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical USB mouse, it started losing connection. It has a light on it, and it keeps going on and off. Sometimes it makes the disconnect hardware and reconnect hardware sounds. But right now, i had to put in a back up mouse because every time i would touch the other mouse, it would go off. But even after a while, the back up mouse starts to do the same thing.

I'm starting to think it is a Windows 7 issue. I just did a clean install of Windows 7 on Tuesday (June 29th), and until yesterday, it worked fine, and it also worked fine before i clean installed. I think it is a Windows 7 issue, because my webcam resets about every 1-5 minutes, even though the software for it is installed, as is its driver. But, when i installed Windows 7 on Tuesday, i did not install IntelliPoint. I did this last night and it fixed my problem. It has worked since then, all the way up to about 45 minutes ago. At first, it starts disconnecting for a split second, maybe every two minutes, but it quickly escalates to it going off for 10 seconds every time i touch it.

I really need help because i need to have a mouse! Any help at all is appreciated!

I think you are right about it being 7 and not just the mouse since it affects your webcam.

Tell me more about your copy of 7 and where you got it.
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I have just bought a new mouse for my computer, its a microsoft optical wheel mouse. It seems to work fine on the desktop but when i get into a game such as CS it seems to freeze in places, particually when im aiming. It will move fine but when i try and aim at someone sometimes the mouse wont move as if its kinda frozen, its hard to explain but if any of you have any ideas why this might be would be very much appreciated!

A:Microsoft Mouse Problems

The "lag" you are referring to is fairly common in lower priced optical mice. what model do you have and what kind of surface are you using it on?
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Hi all! First post to ask for help

My problem is with this Microsoft Habu Laser mouse. Almost every time I RESTART my computer and get to the desktop my mouse does not respond even the "restart button" at the bottom of the mouse does not help, all I can do is unplug the mouse and plug it back in and it works. This happens also sometimes when computer has been powered down for a while, not always but sometimes.

I even changed this mouse to new one when it had warranty left, but now it's over and not an option anymore.

It does not make a change if I install the Habu drivers and software from the CD or Microsoft's web page.

Is the problem in the mouse or is it some kind of a problem with my computer?

Thank you in advance !

A:Microsoft Habu mouse

Have you let the computer sit for a few minutes before unplugging? It might just be taking the computer a minute to read the mouse.
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Hi everyone, i'm a newbie here so hi!

I wondered if anyone could help me, I just bought a Microsoft wireless mouse for my ASUS notebook as I have it connected to my tv via hdmi and wanted to be able to browse the net and control other things from my sofa rather than sitting on the floor! (as the hd cable is v short)

If Im using the mouse, how would I get the onscreen keyboard to stay onscreen so I can type? my laptop is touchscreen and the keyboard only pops up when I tap the screen.....

think I might have wasted my money!

A:Wireless Microsoft Mouse

You'll have to bear with me as I don't have a touch screen device and therefore don't use the on-screen keyboards, however do any of the following ways help?

1) Right click on the Taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, then go to Toolbars > Touch Keyboard. That will put an icon in the Taskbar, which you can click to toggle the on-screen keyboard.

2) From the start screen, type OSK, then click On-Screen Keyboard in the search results. This will launch an on-screen keyboard that will stay on screen until you close it.
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My mouse was working fine until I had Not Mouse Working Microsoft to move my pc around for painting after setting it all back up I think I put the USB for the receiver wireless mouse in a different USB slot than it was before - I had to install the software again Ever since then my mouse has been playing up it has Microsoft Mouse Not Working been lagging and not working for a few seconds I have since tried putting it in different USB slots but this seems to have made the problem worse Earlier today my mouse stopped working well the mouse is fine it just wont respond on my PC - I plugged it into a different USB slot and it worked again still with lags though Just a minute a go it packed in on the other USB slot and wont work on any of the others I think this may be due to conflicting drivers or something seeing as it s installed on loads of different USB ports I m probably wrong I don t know too much about these sort of things If anyone could help me on this as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated my PC is currently useless without a mouse I had to navigate to this page on the keyboard bit of a mission I am using a Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer which uses the Microsoft Mouse software Thank you in advance nbsp

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I found a thread but in the process of joining tech support I lost it...I need assistance on making my microsoft cordless mouse work after changing the batteries....I tried to check in the hardware in control panel as suggested but can't find the device I need to know how to replace the driver I guess??

A:Microsoft cordless mouse

Welcome to TSG!
If the batteries were dead, or out too long, the mouse will forget the channel it was using, and you just need to let them search again.
There should be a button on the transmitter (part connected to the PC) and another button on the Mouse (may be marked connect).
Press the button on the transmitter, then press the button on the mouse (you have 10-30 seconds to press the mouse button).
You might just need to press the button on the Mouse, so I'd try that first.

They will then scan the radio frequencies they use until they find each other and agree on what channel to use.


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I cannot get my computer MS-XP,ComPAQ sr1110nx to see my new mouse. I have a wireless keyboard also and don't like the fingerpad to play games,
How can I get both to work? I had wireless mouse that worked fine before it didn't. For some reason it would not hold a charge and could not find anyone to sell me a new battery pak. (Gyration ULTRA GT)
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Hi, my girlfriend bout a Microsoft wireless mouse: Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000.
She seemed to like the mouse, and used it for about two weeks for her desktop.
One day, she called me crying, saying she burned her hand by the "melted" mouse receiver. So I went down to her room and saw the receiver all melted down on her HP desktop. I had to pull out the metal part of usb receiver by tweezers.
I am so mad! How can this happen? Seems like short circuit or something... I want to even sue microsoft .. at least to get a refund or replacement. Can anybody tell me what I should do? Thank you, Jeff

A:Microsoft Mouse Meltdown!

"Get on the horn to MS and let them hear about it!" would be one answer. Another if you have the receipt is return for refund at the store it purchased from. Obviously it was due to a manufacturer's defect that got out.

Typically MS is a software company where other companies are under contracts to manufacture the hardwares they sell. Aparently some QC slipped up and missed that one!

It's a shame seeing that one since generally their hard wired models are durable as well as the keyboards. I would advise trying to get the refund if not exchange for it however.
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I have a microsoft mouse 2.0A, it used to work ok but now when ever i move it it always jumps diagonally left really fast. This is very irritating as i like to click on things with my mouse and this makes it difficult to unless i am very quick. Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft Mouse problem

Go to device manager uninstall that device.reboot and reinstall the driver for that mouse. Maybe they have an update driver for it. Check connections also.
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I am having up Mouse Slowing Microsoft a problem with my Microsoft wireless optical mouse It doesn t capture items I click on most of the time I have tried to reload the driver and software but have had no success The Microsoft Mouse Slowing up keyboard appears to work fine Here is my Hi-jack this log Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer Microsoft Mouse Slowing up v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System WLTRYSVC EXE C WINDOWS System bcmwltry exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe c program files common files logitech lvmvfm LVPrcSrv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support bin AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Symantec LiveUpdate AluSchedulerSvc exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Program Files Google Common Google Updater GoogleUpdaterService exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared PIF B E DD - - c -B F- F FCA A PifSvc exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files Norton AntiVirus Norton AntiVirus Engine ccSvcHst exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system MsPMSPSv exe C Program Files Wireless-N PCI Adapter WLService exe C Program Files Wireless-N PCI Adapter WMP N exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus Norton AntiVirus Engine ccSvcHst exe C WINDOWS system SearchIndexer exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared PIF B E DD - - c -B F- F FCA A PifSvc exe C Program Files Microsoft IntelliType Pro type exe C Program Files Microsoft IntelliPoint point exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Windows Media Player WMPNSCFG exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local O - BHO no name - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - no file O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO EWPBrowseObject Class - F E- - E - AAF- BC A A BE - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint EWPBrowseLoader dll O - BHO Symantec Intrusion Prevention - D EC - AAE- -AEEE-F F C - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus Norton AntiVirus Engine IPSBHO DLL O - BHO SSVHelper Class - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO Google Toolbar Notifier BHO - AF DE - D - -B FA-CE B AD D - C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier swg dll O - Toolbar Easy-WebPrint - C -E D- c -AA D- AC BABA C - C Program Files Canon Easy-WebPrint Toolband dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run RoxioEngineUtility quot C Program Files Common Files Roxio Shared System EngUtil exe quot O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run CanonMyPrinter C Program Files Canon MyPrinter BJMyPrt exe logon O - HKLM Run Symantec PIF AlertEng quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared PIF B E DD - - c -B F- F FCA A PifSvc exe quot a m quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared PIF B E DD - - c -B F- F FCA A AlertEng dll quot O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run PrintServer Diagnostic C Program Files Print S... Read more
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First let me say that my Win installation is working perfectly - except for one minor problem I am currently booting Win 7 stops Microsoft mouse using a Logitech wired keyboard together with a Microsoft quot Natural quot wireless laser mouse I prefer to use a Microsoft wireless Microsoft mouse stops Win 7 booting laser mouse and this is where the problem starts If I connect this mouse while Microsoft mouse stops Win 7 booting Win is running it installs the drivers and works perfectly When I reboot the system gets through all it's POST checks then goes to quot Starting Windows quot and freezes The only solution is to change the mouse to any other I've borrowed several to try and Windows boots as normal All the correct Microsoft drivers are loaded The problem mouse works on other computers just not mine Please don't get me wrong this is not a life threatening matter and if I can't find an answer I won't exactly be heart broken I'm just curious is all Any replies will be gratefully acknowledged

A:Microsoft mouse stops Win 7 booting

Have you tried uninstalling all the drivers you downloaded and removing all the drivers in Device Manager?

Maybe the generic drivers will work better.

Hope this helps,
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Hello. Can anyone help me? I also have a Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical. But now it's been having some problems recently. The red light inside keeps turning on and off mysteriously and I suddenly can't move the mouse pointer anymore until it turns on again. It does very frequently now. Does this mean that the optical mouse has already gone bad and I have to replace it with another one or is there a way I fix it? I tried installing the Intellipoint CD Software but that still didn't work. I plugged it into the PS/2 Port even though it is also USB compatible. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Just got a MS Habu mouse, as I wanted a razor tech mouse, but the MS one feels wonderful. I have put it into Vista, with all software, updated to latest driver, and installed the firmware update. The problem? Damn Vista wont recognise it. If I go to mouse in control panel, it shows nothing... I get awarning panel telling me I wont get full benefit until I installan MS mouse, when I get to the the mouse bit, it tells me I have a wireless 5000... doesnt even LIST a habu.
Any ideas how to fix this? I spend good money on a MS product, and it dont work.. damn you microsoft, damn you!!

Oh.. I checked th eMS site, under drivers for habu, they apparently dont have one, not even listed.
And yes, I AM teed off

A:Habu mouse- damn microsoft!!

Have you tried here
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Hi, I have Vista Home Pemium. I installed a Natural Wireless Laser 6000 mouse and Intellipoint 6.1. The mouse function is very erratic - it works well sometmes and other times you have to click a few times to get any response. Very frustrating.

Any solutions will be very welcome.


A:Microsoft Mouse/Vista/Intellipoint

First, because it is easy, check Device Manager and see if there are any flagged devices. Make sure to check "show hidden devices". Report any flags here.

If no flags, then you need to find out if this is hardware or software. The mouse could be bad, or there could be a problem with the software. Uninstall the software. The mouse should function as a basic PS/2 mouse without the software. I have a Logitech G7 (high-end gaming mouse) and I didn't bother to install the Logitech software. Works just fine.

Try using the mouse (with no software installed) on another computer. If the problem moves with the mouse, it's hardware. If not, software.
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I have two identical monitors for one computer running Vista with two identical graphics cards. My arrow indicator jumps to the wrong monitor screen and is hard to return to the intended original monitor. Can the Microsoft Programmable Mouse, or other mouse, be programed with arrow indicator to left monitor/arrow indicator to right monitor switch? How? I have a Dell mouse now.

A:Microsoft Programable Mouse for Two Monitors

Hi and welcome to Vista Forums!

Can you tell us which graphics cards and how you have connected the monitors?
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When my Windows 98 Second Edtion starts in the "Safe Mode", my Logitech mouse (First mouse,3 button) is driven by the Microsoft device driver. Can this driver be used to drive the mouse even in the normal mode by replacing the Logitech device drivers with it therein?

If yes, then can you please tell me the location and the file-name of the Microsoft device driver and how to replace the Logitech one with it?

Thank you.

A:Microsoft device driver for mouse

You could just go to control panel and delete the drivers from the mouse then reboot to see if windows will pick it up and install its own drivers. You will need the cd for 98 and that is no guarantee that the drivers are even on it.
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Hi Guys I recently bought this microsoft laser mouse quot bluetooth quot I bought it to replace my logitech laser mouse which was giving up on me after years I thought it was just because it was old that it was not working right as i tried everything i could It would work fine for a while and then the cursor would just slow down and go really slow across the screen for a few mins then it would work fine then it wouldnt and on and on Finally it stopped working alltogether so i brought it Mouse Microsoft Laser 8000 to the shop and got the microsoft one to replace it Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000 I ve had it for less than a month but right from the off it is doing the same as my logitech did The cursor just randomly slows every so often and is very annoying it just gets worse and worse till i have to revert back to my cable mouse which i dont like at all So im wondering at this stage is there something wrong with my pc The logitech worked fine for nearly years I have all updated microsft mouse software and drivers I have tried uninstall and reinstall several times The microsoft mouse works via a bluetooth dongle that came with it which works fine when sending and receiving things with it I dont think its the recharable battery in it because i tried putting a brand new battery in it when it goes funny like microsoft suggest bit it still doesnt work right Ive also installed on different profiles on my pc aswell to see if any difference The mouse has a light on it thats green and goes red when battery is low on mine it is sometimes red when it is on the charger and is never on when its off the charger I have a microsoft wired keyboard aswell Im using a dell inspiron Windows Xp with sp home edition GHz mb ram I cant think of any programs i installed that would affect it either So im wondering now if i have another faulty mouse or is it something to do with my pc I really am stumped and have tried all i can think of I hope you guys can help me Thanks a mill robobobo nbsp

A:Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000

Has anyone got any ideas?
Please Help
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Been awhile since I posted here Anyways I have a Microsoft optical mouse Link Its a plug and play never installed any software nor had any problems till now Depending on if I use it or let it sit idle it will turn off if you will If I start using it it will just turn off on me somewhere between - minutes If I take it out Microsoft Optical Problems Mouse of the usb port and plug it back in it works again If I let it sit idle it wont turn off Theres not cuts or anything wrong with the wiring as far as Microsoft Optical Mouse Problems I know I can move the wire around all I want and it wont go out I tried installing some drivers and updating them for the mouse no luck there I click on mouse properties and it says this device is working properly even when its turned off Soo any suggestions Maybe the usb ports are faulty or the mouse is losing power -Thanks nbsp

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I have just bought the HP pavilion and a microsoft bluetood arc mouse. Love the mouse BUT it keeps turning off and you have to turn on and off to get it to work again. I have searched for answers with most saying it is a power saving option however there is no option on the mouse for power saving selection. If anyone could this would be great otherwise its going back to the shop.
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Is it unusual for a 3 month old wireless mouse to quit working?

I tried three different batteries and the light on the bottom still doesn't light up.

We hooked my son's mouse up and it works so I know it is not the pc.

I have already purchased another one as I didn't feel like going through the trouble of trying to return it to MS all for $39.99.

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I have just purchased a new laptop which came with windows vista basic. In addition I have purchased a Microsoft wireless laser 8000 mouse. For some reason I cant get the scroll wheel to work. I have ticked the enable vertical scrolling in the mouse properties but it still does not seem to be working. Can any one please help????
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Hey guys Most of you might 8/8.1 this? Windows adressing Is lag. mouse Microsoft have heard about the mouse 'lag' that was introduced with Microsoft's new OS According to some analysts the lag Windows 8/8.1 mouse lag. Is Microsoft adressing this? is described as 'negative acceleration' This weird and unpredictable acceleration curve of the mouse makes it pretty much impossible to work with with the mouse as fast and as accurate as you would be used to on previous OS'es let alone play games at the same level There are several articles on the web concerning this Here are a few Windows introduces mouse lag that renders some games unplayable Games Geek com mouse lag in video games since updating to win - Microsoft Community Seeing as there are some MVP members on here i was wondering if any of you would happen to know if this issue is actually being adressed by Microsoft at the moment I know when i was MVP myself at my previous employee i did have some strings to pull with local microsoft contacts employees just to find out stuff like this but sadly for me i work for a different employer these days in a different sector so this is no longer the case for me

A:Windows 8/8.1 mouse lag. Is Microsoft adressing this?

You can shut it off - This issue came up recently, it has to be shut off from "PC Settings" but I forget exactly where.

Same thing, the guy could not press any keys while mouse was clicked. I'll dig it up and try to get the procedure to shut it off.
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I have come upon a problem wherein my Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1 (P/N
X801524-100) will not type (or for that matter, continue to register a button press) while I am moving any mouse. Note that the mouse need not be the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 (P/N X806939-007) that came with it.

The same issue does not occur with the manufacturer-supplied PS/2 keyboard when used in conjunction with any of my mice.

The issue occurs on Windows Server 2008 R2 (obtained from DreamSpark), with IntelliType and IntelliPoint software/driver suits installed, and on Windows Vista, where the mouse/keyboard are merely recognized as HID-compliant mouse/keyboard.

This issue is driving me crazy, as I can not play any of my games (obviously) as they often require me to move my mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Thanks in advance for any help - if you need additional information, ask and I will add it.
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I got the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse. Every 5 minutes it lags and the lagging lasts for 20 secs, which is annoying as hell. How do I fix this?

A:Microsoft Mouse Lags every 5 Minutes - How Do I Fix It?

Is it only that mouse? Are you using a mouse pad? Have you tried a different USB port?