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USB mouse problem

Q: USB mouse problem

Well here is my problem.........wen I connect a mouse through the usb ......the mouse's light , lights up,but wen im moving it,it stay in its spot , so I went the store and he got me another one...I told him try it b4 I leave,and it works,wen I came back still doesnt work.............................NVM it just worked,if u have a mouse that u wana connect with the usb......wait atleast 15 minutes then try moving xDD

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Preferred Solution: USB mouse problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: USB mouse problem

Download USBDVIEW installed it and run it as the Admin. Now you look at all the disconnected USB devices. Those devices need to be removed. Do not remove connected devices such as external devices. Make sure there are not USB devices attacked except for keyboard and mouse. Since your are having mouse issues then use the internal one. Once done reboot the system. Then when you bootup again try the mouse again.
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Hi guys New here so I hope I'm not out of line asking for help and that I'm asking correctly I've exhausted my own ideas on this but the problem is driving me IN SANE THE ISSUE When using an external USB mouse with my ASUS Win laptop the mouse randomly lifts up and re-clicks while clicking or while dragging despite the button remaining consistently depressed resulting in selection of the wrong objects inadvertent double-clicks and incorrect dragging From what I can tell this affects only the left click and not the right WHAT I'VE TRIED Laptop touchpad - no problem Everything works fine with the built-in touchpad Another mouse - same problem These are wired mice so it's not a battery or connection issue Another USB port - same problem in all four There's no visible issue with the motion of the mouse cursor so it seems to be communicating OK via USB Safe Mode - no problem from what I can tell The wired USB mouse seems to click and drag as normal in Safe mouse. Mouse external Mode. OK. OK problem: Mouse Any Touchpad in Safe Mode Mouse Settings - no effect Adjusting the click double-click drag settings doesn't seem to change anything System Resources - no effect Clicking dragging seems to show the same results in the RAM CPU monitors whether I'm Mouse problem: Any external mouse. Touchpad OK. Mouse OK in Safe Mode. having the problem with the mouse or performing the same actions without the problem with the trackpad WHAT I CANNOT FIGURE OUT What Mouse problem: Any external mouse. Touchpad OK. Mouse OK in Safe Mode. haven't I ruled out What else could be causing the issue The problem came on suddenly after about a year but I can't pinpoint the moment because I didn't use an external mouse for a while maybe eight weeks and when I plugged it in again the problem had appeared In that time I don't think I had installed any new software or made significant voluntary changes to the PC As a designer illustrator it's frustrating to use the touchpad for detailed vector work so I'm pretty crippled by the loss of the external mouse Does anyone have any ideas at all about what I've overlooked Even a clever workaround would be really helpful if there is such a thing I'll be very grateful Thanks

A:Mouse problem: Any external mouse. Touchpad OK. Mouse OK in Safe Mode.

Hey mate, and welcome,

Possible problem:
1. Mouse itself is bad. Either the button itself or internally
2. Driver is not at its best

Going to the mouse manufacture website to download the most recent driver for your Windows 7, either 32 or 64 bit. If it doesn't work, try without any driver (so that windows driver takes over).
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I am new to these forums so I have no idea where to post this.

Anyways, here's my problem, every few or so seconds my mouse cursor will have the spiral circle and it will act as if I clicked onto the toolbar at the bottom. For example, if I am typing an assignment, I will have to constantly click on the text box to start typing again. This is a very serious and annoying problem.

Please help me!

A:Serious problem with mouse/mouse cursor

Maybe uninstall and update your mouse drivers:
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The problem started out of nowhere.I have windows xp and I noticed that my whole computer is been running kinda choppy.anything that has audio will skip,including music,aim sounds,videos,video games,anything in general.also my mouse moves choppy.It will pause for a second and then start moving again with no problem and then pause again.The mouse mainly moves choppy when I load up certain programs.
I tried scanning my computer with spybot ad-aware and avg antivirus and it found nothing.I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling Realtek ac97 and that didnt work either.
I have a cable modem so I know its not my internet connection speed.
I had my computer over a year and it was running with no problems.I started having these problems about 3 or 4 days ago.
Can somebody please help me fix these problems with my computer?

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Ever since I migrated from WinXP to Win my mouse dpi has been noticeably slower because for problem looking Mouse = mouse new I use to be able to amp up the speed and or acceleration via the Logitech Mouseware software which isn t compatible with Win There is no software update that is compatible with Win either Now I tried messing with the mouse settings on Win but configuring the speed to maximum is no where close to the speed and sensitivity as it was before when I was on WinXP The mouse is only used for desktop applications internet browsing etc It will not be used for gaming Now I want to upgrade to a better mouse to get Mouse problem = looking for new mouse faster and smoother and more accurate mouse movement I think I need a mouse that has higher dpi than no If so what mouse should I buy that would be considered quot bang for the buck quot My budget is to USD relative prices that I have briefly found on Amazon and eBay I have also looked into gaming mouses Razer Logitech MX GX Avatar MS etc but I don t know if these are overkill for my needs or if there are economical options out there that would better suit my situation I would like there to be an middle button scroll that is easy to click and has hyper-scroll mode extra programmable Mouse problem = looking for new mouse hot buttons that I can use for keyboard commands I don t need anymore buttons Wired Laser or optical a higher DPI than I don t know how much greater in DPI is required to meet my needs Noticeably better precision accuracy and speed than my current mouse nbsp

A:Mouse problem = looking for new mouse

I'm the same when it comes to mice; I like mine wired mostly. As it happens i'm on the hunt for a new mouse myself at the moment. My front runner's the Trust GXT 32 gaming mouse, even though i'm not a big gamer.

Wired, 9 buttons, looks great, 2400 dpi, laser...and only 15 ($10)...For the money alone it's worth a try.
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Have a Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse M/N M-R0006
Works just fine; no problems.

Have a new radio program that controls a sw radio.
It uses the right-hand button to change frequencies.

Cannot get it to work.
Apparently nobody else using the program has any problems.

There is nothing to "configure" in the program.
No additional drivers apparently required, etc.

So, what might be my problem please ?

I looked in their Setpoint Software, and also what come up in W10 for configuring the Mouse, but I see nothing that looks applicable. Again, the right hand button works fine for everything else.

Must be related to "some" Mouse setting I would imagine.

If anyone has any thoughts on this, would be most appreciative.


A:Mouse Problem: Right Hand Button Problem ?

Hello Bob,

Your "System Specs" show you have Windows 7 installed? If so, you may want to update this, or post this at our Windows Seven Forum site.

Check in Device Manager of conflicts. Make sure you expand the view there to show "Hidden Devices."

Please, provide a link to the SW Radio software you downloaded, we would like to take a look at it.

You could try uninstalling the SW Radio software, then reinstall.

If you are running Windows 10, the SW Radio program may not be fully supported. Third party software which has not been certified by Microsoft may not always function properly.

Hope this helps,
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As the title says I'm having an issue with my mouse, although I don't believe it is my mouse because I have tried 2 different mice with the same problem. The cursor will randomly move , randomly rightclick , randomly think I'm holding down the scroll , as well I will be unable to click on anything. That is until I hit CTRL + ALT + DEL then it will magically work again for a short time.
Things I have tried; rebooting , uninstalling/reinstalling drivers , changing usb ports , switching mice, cleaning registry, as well as virus scanning (malwarebytes and avast both show up with nothing)

I am running Vista home premium 64bit

Any help would be extremely appreciated

Just to add, This started happening around 3 days ago randomly , visiting my standard sites , no downloads / installs

A:Mouse problem, or rather cursor problem...

As well as to add running in safe mode did not help
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My 2 yr. old grandson was playing with my Microsoft wireless mouse and it stopped working. The key board works so the receiver is connected and working. I changed batteries, restarted the computer and "no go". I used a wireless USB mose from my laptop but the original still won't work.

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I notic when i turn my computer on mouse work fine for 20 minutes .Than when i go to click on some thing it wont let me but i can still move the mouse around i try use a different mouse same thing.

A:Mouse problem

Never heard of that can you do a system restore to before it was happening?
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I m having an odd problem where my wouse will quot freak out quot for Mouse Problem about - seconds not show the cursor but randomly select objects circle around the screen and leave me with out control After about - seconds it goes back to normal i even bought a brand new logitech mouse because i thought maybe my old mouse was to blame i did a system restore to a date when i wasnt having the problem but that didnt work this Mouse Problem problem not only effects my desktop or surfing Mouse Problem the web but is transferring over to other programs like games its quite hard to play a first person shooter when your cursor is flying around the screen and making you do circles i first noticed this problem about Mouse Problem a week ago and have run all my antivirus and anti spyware programs which havent fixed the problem i am using windows xp on an amd athlon bit processer with gb or ram and a geforce pci express if anyone knows how to fix this problem that would be awesome nbsp

A:Mouse Problem

post a hijack log in the security forum
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Im having this strange mouse problem. When I start win2K the mouse starts to act strange. It moves different and it starts clicking by it self. But if I goto hardware and remove the mouse and reboot, it will be fine, but it will ask me to reboot because it found new hardware. I just say no. and it will work fine. But if I reboot the same problem happens. What should I do?

A:Mouse problem

Did this just start and do you have the current drives for your type mouse?
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my optical mouse is giving problem.
in last two years i changed mouse twice.
problem is : recently, if i click single, it actually clicks twice thus instead of selecting an application it runs the application.
all mouse properties are ok.
what precautions should i take for an optical mouse.

A:mouse problem

All mice will one day fail, however getting a quality one will most propably make them last longer. Logitech mice are quite fine, it seems. Yet, I've used the cheapest wireless optical mouse that was available 3-5 years ago when I bought it with no issues at all til this date. (I've used other mice when playing, so it won't run dry at an awkward moment.)
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there's no known virus. i have uninstalled the drivers and no luck I have to click the scroll button witch unlocks it so i can click and no matter what it closes all my tabs in my browser so i cant switch from tab to tab. what do i do?

A:odd mouse problem

What mouse, drivers and browser are you using?

Do you have any addons/extensions installed for tab management or mouse buttons in your browser?
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Ive got a logitech Multi Media Mouse,and the problem is my mouse pointer has a tendancy to go flying off the screen

Also,on the mouse is a button which when is pressed will open WMP.

Whats happening is ill be working away and WMP will open up on its own and the volume goes right up.

Its like somethings interfering with it.

Ive tried the crappy standard mouse and i dont experiance any of these problems,which is why i feel it is mouse related.

The wireless adaptor is a USB stick which is plugged into the back of the tower.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advanced

A:Mouse Problem

try a USB extension to bring the mouse in sight of the receiver
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I had a Microsoft InteliMouse Explorer 4.0 Usb/Ps2
Posted to me the other week and as i'm a gamer
theres a slight problem. It has a intentional Click on the
right Button.

So is there anyway of "Removing" the intentional Click
from this device. Even If it means Tinkering Around inside.

A:Mouse Problem

What do you mean by an 'intentional click'?
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when i use my computer, i get this weird and annoying problem with my mouse: my mouse randomly (but frequently) spazzes out. its almost looks as if im taking my mouse and flicking it up in the corner of the screen and i dont know whats causing it. ive tried a few different mice (ibm, targus) and they all do it. im thinking that its a connection problem in the usb port but then again ive tried different ports. its not the drivers because, like i said ive used different mice. anyone have any clues as to what might be causing it?

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I have a Dell Dimension 4400 that I got a few years back that came with an optical mouse. For some odd reason lately the mouse I have keeps turning itself off somtimes when i move it, the red light turns off but it's fixed by unplugging it and plugging it back in, but then it happens again, so sometimes I have to keep unplugging and replugging, sometimes it won't happen at all but it at least happens five times a day even more sometimes when I'm trying to do alot of stuff, what's the deal?

A:Mouse Problem

Maybe the cable is working itself loose. This happens alot with Micro$oft mice I think. Check to see if the cable is loose.
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I've been having a problem with my mouse the passed couple of days, I'm not sure what the cause. Sometimes when I close a window out, the window behind it will close also, or sometimes when I single click it's like a double click (i.e. a program will open with one click) is there anyway to figure out what the problem is?

A:Problem with mouse

Hi kura
It could be dirt in the mouse button contacts. The easyest way to see if its the mouse causing your problems is to try a different mouse. You can get a new one pretty cheaply.
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my compuetr will not recondized my mouse.

A:mouse problem

my labtop can not reconized my mouse.
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Every so often, my page scrolls all the way to the bottom. When I try to move the page up with the mouse, it just keeps going back down. I have to hit the Home key to get it back up. I've tried to uninstall the mouse, reboot, but it still happens. It's a Logitech model. Any help appreciated.

A:Mouse problem

ernieb said:

Every so often, my page scrolls all the way to the bottom. When I try to move the page up with the mouse, it just keeps going back down. I have to hit the Home key to get it back up. I've tried to uninstall the mouse, reboot, but it still happens. It's a Logitech model. Any help appreciated.Click to expand...
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I am using a Dell Pc windows XP- my mouse is not working. Another mouse that I know does work also will not work. When I boot up I get to the screen where I can select one of the 4 users, but can not get past that. Help

A:mouse problem

Does the mouse work if you hit F8 (?) when booting and choose Safe Mode?
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I've had my computer for soon 2 years and I actually had this problem from the start but lately I found this forum and then I tought to my self: Maybe I should try to get rid of this problem once and for all and these guys seem to be able to help me.
First of all I just want to say I've tried diffrent mouses and there is no drivers to download to them.
Atm I'm useing a Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse.
Here is my problem:

The pointer,for no reason, slides around the screen like it had a life of it's own. It especially like's the top right- and left corner.
It doesn't really sound like a big problem but it is when you are playing games like Counter Strike and BF2.

Please help!

Thank you.

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Hi, I use a Trust GXT25 mouse and it works perfectly. Yesterday, I got an Xbox 360 Wireless reciever, plugged it in, installed it and everything worked fine. However, when i restart the system, the mouse cursor doesnt show up. The mouse is powered, indicated by the lights, but the cursor doesnt work/aint visible. The cursor becomes visible only when i plug the mouse out and back in. If i remove the wireless reciever and restart the PC, the mouse works normally, so there must be an issue with the reciever conflicting with the mouse. What should I do? Im running Windows 10

A:Problem with mouse

I would assume it's the mouse driver, or the Xbox receiver driver. I had a somewhat similar issue where my laptop would not show the mouse after restart, hibernate, wake up from sleep, etc and the screen would flicker. Fixed by reinstalling display drivers and mouse drivers, so I'd try that before anything else.
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Hi everyone I have been having a problem with my computer for ages but can never find anyone else on the web who reports the same problem Having finally had enough of it Problem mouse with IE7 and now I want to ask if anyone else has encountered the same problem Problem with IE7 and mouse and can anyone Problem with IE7 and mouse think of a solution My problem is as follows When I start using IE or IE for that matter the programme initially works as expected however after a period of time if I have been opening many pages in new tabs or windows using the right mouse button there comes a point when the right button stops opening up its Problem with IE7 and mouse menus as normal The left button continues to work however I have found that if I close all my web pages and then restart the programme the right button will start working again I have also found that If I minimise the windows and go to say the desktop the right button also works despite not working when I have IE on screen However upon restarting IE after a few mins and several tabs the problem starts again however this time closing the programme does not solve the problem as the right button then refuses to open even on the desktop with the only solution being to restart the computer Now I know this sound strange but does anyone know what may be the cause and how I can stop this Please don't simply reply to say my mouse is faulty as even if I switch to using the laptops built in mouse or plug an alternative mouse in the problem continues I am using a dell inspiron laptop with gb of ram and dual core ghz centrino processor I am running vista home premium with IE Any suggestions would be much appreciated Cheers Jim

A:Problem with IE7 and mouse

hi try going to dells support page for your model and download any updated for drivers for your mouse
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I'm still having a problem with that mouse freezing up while dialing out on a 486/66 mhz. Have tried using other online connections, dialing a different server, and reloading drivers for mouse and modem ... but to no avail. Device manager shows no conflicts anywhere but once connected to the internet ... the mouse pointer will not move on the screen. Have spent hours upgrading drivers, replacing drivers, changing mouse & driver, and still the same problem.
HELP !!!!!

A:mouse problem


Is the mouse connect through one of the serial ports?
It could be using the same IRQ as your modem. You could try swapping your mouse to another COM port if you have one, this should help.
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I cannot make my house highlight text. I click and hold the left button, then mouse over the text, but it will only highlight one or two letters, then it stops, even though I am still holding down the left button. Occassionally it will highlight an entire line, but when I go to the next line, it stops highlighting.

This is a simple problem, but very aggravating, and I can't imagine what's going wrong. Thanks for any help.

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Hello all,

I don't know whats up but my G9 Mouse is now showing a blue square on screen when I press the middle mouse button down to scroll pages, it used to show a circle with 2 arrows within one facing up the other facing down if I remember rightly.

Now its just a blue square, its uptodate software and driver wise, so I really do not know what else to try, I just tried setting the wheel to a different option, it is currently set to Autoscroll, but nothing else makes the problem stop and go back to how it was.

I am stuck and if anyone knows why this is I would be very grateful

Many thanks

Jekyll and Hyde

A:G9 Mouse problem

Don't have that mouse mate, so I don't know what's causing it. Perhaps try uninstalling the drivers and software and then re-installing them.
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Ok I need help when I right click my mouse tow things happen first if I cut then paste something it pastes the wrong word. Second when I right click it freezes xp.

model awrdacpi
bios phoenix-awardbios v6.00pg
intel pentium 4 cpu 1.80GHz
memory 256MB ram
page 162MB used, 455MB avaiable
NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro
Chip Type RIVA TNT2 model 64
DAC type: integrated RAMDAC
plug and play monitor
service pk2
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from time time my mouse will just go nuts when im not touching it it will fly around my screen clicking on things and opening them ive just tried reinstalling windows and it is still doing it any ideas

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Im having a weird problem with my mouse on windows 7 build 7600 x64. I have three 24 inch moniters connected to two radeon 4870's and sometimes i randomly get a graphical glitch where my mouse pointer turns into a sort of line. The weird thing is if im on my right moniter, the mouse looks normal, but then if i move it to my other moniters it looks all distorted and i have to wait until it goes away. I tried to take i screenshot but it looked normal in the image so i had to take one with my phones terrible camera:

anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?

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Does anyone have an anwer for me please? Suddenly I am unable to download a web page or upload photos etc., without keeping my mouse on the move. If I keep my mouse still the download or upload stops! Perhaps its something simple (knowing me it is)!!!!!!
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I had a Pc passed on to me from a friend but he never took the time to tell me that the mouse won't work... The Pointer is just in the middle of the screen and the mouse is plugged in but it jsut won't move... is there an update I need to install... the pc runs on Windows Xp that is all i can tell for now...i really neeed help though... and response would be appreciated!

A:Mouse Problem!!!

Without actually going into device manager there isn't alot to advise. If you have another mouse you should try that.
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I am a non-techie and need help desperately My Dell Dimension desktop is running Win XP Media A few days ago the mouse simply stopped working and on a reboot it did not fix Mouse problem it I was using a Mouse problem wireless keyboard and mouse and noticed the light was not coming on on the receiver transmitter so thought that perhaps that might be the problem At the time I did not have another keyboard with a usb plug my childs pc had a ps keyboard and i do not have a ps port So I used my childs pc and my wireless keyboard and mouse work perfectly on it including my transmitter receiver The problem is obviously not with the hardware since they do work on her pc I did however purchase a new keyboard and mouse - usb this time I get the same issue The keyboard works fine as I am able to boot in safe mode enter the set up etc and can move around in those screens As soon as it hits the XP log in screen though I am screwed the keyboard is useless and with no mouse I am unable to click on my user name to log in I guess the problem is twofold how can I bypass the log in screen so I can fix the mouse problem what is the mouse problem and how do I fix it I am a single parent with no entitlement to financial aid and because of the ages of my kids I am forced to work from home online Having my pc up and running is vital as my childs is not good enough to run everything I need to earn a living Any and all advice gratefully received Please bear in mind though my limited technical knowledge I know more than a beginner but am by no means an expert I am not sure if this thread belongs here or in the operating system section so am posting to both Carolyn nbsp

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My mouse is an IBM USB optical mouse, model MO27FO. This is the most comfortable mouse I've ever used, and it would be the best mouse ever, except for a few problems it has. Whenever the computer boots up, the mouse seems to not get enough power...I have to unplug it and re-plug it several times to get it to turn on. Other people have had this same problem, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/thoughts about it. Once it's on, it works great, no problems or anthing, but it's annoying having to reach back to unplug it every time I restart the computer. Thanks for your time!

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The pad on my laptop (Compaq CQ7--127NR) will operate the mouse when I am not online, however, when I go online it will not move the mouse. My wireless mouse works both online and off. According to Norton Security it is not a virus problem? Any idea? I'm a pretty low tech guy. Is there a way I could have locked the mouse?

Thanks in advance for help.

A:Mouse problem???

I found enable and it now works. Though I do not understand why it worked offline when it was not enabled.
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Hi I have a problem with the mouse I'm using Whenever I plug it in the computer doesn't always detect it And when it does the Firefox browser acts weird I can't click tabs even when the mouse is working responds when I move it around problem Mouse I try using the laptop mouse to click tabs and it doesn't work either The cursor does move wherever I direct it but left and right clicking won't work with either the external mouse of the laptop mouse I can't also click the tools in the browser like FILE EDIT VIEW etc This doesn't happen with just the browser Just about anything I click doesn't respond Excel and word Mouse problem files folders I have to wait for a few minutes and they start to respond to the clicks But after Mouse problem a few seconds they don't again I thought maybe the Genius mouse I was using which I just bought was defective So I tried using a different mouse older but the same things happened I did a full system scan with Avira Free Edition and it did detected a couple of things I already deleted them from the system But the mouse was still not acting right HOWEVER this morning I had the older mouse plugged in before I turned the laptop on And everything worked fine with the old mouse Then I thought maybe since the antivirus detected and removed some meanies the newer Genius mouse would work fine too So I plugged that in and everything started acting up again I plugged the older mouse back in but it wouldn't work well any longer I'm really sorry for the long-winded explanation I guess what I'm asking is if a mouse could bring in a virus or something Because the browsers and stuff only start to act weird after I plug in that new Genius mouse I hope someone can shed some light into this mystery

A:Mouse problem

Hi Rizqe, Im not too sure if I can help or not but Ill try. We really are going to need some more info to be able to diagnose and fix your problem 1rst. What kind of computer do you have, try to tell us the processor speed and type and the amount of RAM you have in your computer if your able.? Did you install the drivers that came with the new mouse or did you just plug it in and let windows install the drivers? Is the plug on your new mouse a USB or a serial connector. Have you messed with any of the settings in the control panel/Mouse? Please post back with this information so that we are better able to help you. I dont think its a virus at all and in fact I think it might be as simple as installing the right drivers for it but we shall see.

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I have just installed "hotel giant" onto my computer. The game seems to run fine but have one problem that is puzzling me. In the game my mouse will not left click and drag ( so cant build walls etc) and to roate view and zoom in and out you have to hold down right mouse button while moving mouse but this doesnt work either. The mouse works on everything else in game...its just these two problems. My computer meets the games specifications and the mouse works fine on all my other games ( sims, mall tycoon etc). I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling game. I am using an E Machines running windows ME. I hope someone can help as I am totally lost here. Thanx.

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Hello all,

I am using Windows XP on an AMD XP 2700+
I have 1GB RAM

The problem is while using my optical mouse I sometimes get a jump in the cursor. For instance. When moving my mouse around the pointer will suddenly shoot to the bottom of the screen. It does this quite frequently. This is annoying when playing video games. The problem happens all the time. I have an IBM optical and Microsoft optical and it happens to both mice. The problem happens while moving my mouse in video games and during normal windows operations, esentially all the time. Could this be a driver problem? I don't think so. I use the updated drivers from the respective sources. (IBM and Microsoft). Please Help.


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I recently downloaded Yahoo for games,etc. Now when I move my mouse it jerks, all over the place.. As i write this, I type the word, it eventually prints it letter by letter very slowly. If i move my mouse from top of screen to bottom it moves slowly in little jerks.
Windows 98-Laptop-Netscape 7.1 Taken me 5 min to write this. HELP
Things load slowly on screen

A:mouse problem

Closing duplicate.
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Every time when i start my computer. My Cursor doesn't move. But my left and right button works. When i unplug and replug my mouse everything works perfectly. Anybody has Idea?/?

A:Problem with my Mouse or ????

tuladhar said:

Every time when i start my computer. My Cursor doesn't move. But my left and right button works. When i unplug and replug my mouse everything works perfectly. Anybody has Idea?/?Click to expand...

usb port or PS/2 prot? your port from your motherboard may be jacked up somewhat, i have that same problem with my old computer, my usb ports are jacked up and i just have to keep trying to stick it in and pull it out until the mouse works.
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Hi, im new here so hello to you all.

This is probably a really simple problem to resolve but i can't seem to fix it.

Right well, when i right click on an app or window (my music) etc, and hold down right button and drag it drags the app/window this means when playing some games which require right click to move it moves the game around my monitor. How can i stop right click dragging windows and apps.

A:Mouse Problem, Help please.

Does your mouse have software associated with it? If so check there.
My mouse right click drag only works on icons (Copy here, move here etc) not windows It is left click drag which does windows for me.

You may want to try going to control panel / mouse and changing from left hand to right hand mouse. (Buttons/ button config / switch buttons).
See if that affects windows but not the game.
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Greetings to all i have a win k pro SP soyo sy- ba III memorex mouse scrollin wheel system my problem is that the mouse will not work it all started after i tried to upgrade the mouse drivers usin the memorex mouse drivers i was usin Primax drivers before becuz the memorex Problem Mouse that came with the mouse caused much headaches I used the primax drivers before i upgraded to win k on win Mouse Problem and they worked fine after move to win k after tryin to upgrade the memorex Mouse Problem drivers i started to get problems no cursor appeared after the reboot for the driver install i uninstalled the software and the drivers and tried to reinstall my old drivers and get the error quot error occured during installation of the device quot quot the class installer has denied the request to install or upgrade this device quot the mouse is ps btw it appears in the device manager the yellow exclamation so i am assuming that the ps port on the mainboard is workin ok though tryin another mouse yields the same problem any help in resolvin this would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Mouse Problem

Have you downloaded and try to install their latest driver?

Here's a link:

If you have problems installing it try doing it within VGA mode, which is like Safe mode for WIN9x. Good luck.
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I'm not sure what's going on with my mouse. When I try to select more then one item on desktop, or anywhere (by left clicking + holding) It won't let me select more then one of anything, file,text,etc. But when I click more then 3 times.. it works, after that it stops working again, then i'll have to click multiple times again to get it working. I can't move windows either nore drag. Is possiably a infection? of something?, I scanned with NOD32 and found some viruses but.. nothing big, then I did spybot, only 2 things and cleaned it. Still having the problem.

A:Mouse problem.

Hi Genuis !

If viruses were found the first thing is to make sure your infection is gone for good :
Read the instructions carefully and post your final logs in a new thread in the HijackThis section. Be patient and our security analysts will contact you as soon as they'll have reviewed your logs.
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Hello I m using Windows XP but having trouble with the light sensor mouse I bought from Dell mouse problem about - years ago When I turned my monitor on this morning it didn t light by moving the mouse as it usually does By shutting down and rebooting I got the monitor lit and am now using an old ball mouse Overnight mouse problem all the programs I had open had closed down This happens about once a week The light-sensor mouse doesn t seem to work though trouble shouting says that both are okay I d like some help but am not very tech-savvy and sure don t want to get in more trouble trying to follow advice I may misunderstand I like the light-sensory type mouse but am uncertain if buying another will fix this problem How can I be sure the mouse only has really gone bad It s staying lite most of the time but has gone dark several time since morning Hopefully Mossy nbsp

A:mouse problem

I'm guessing it's not a wireless mouse (if it is, replace the batteries)

Most likely the USB cable connecting your mouse to the PC has been damaged. This would mean that if you move it a bit in the wrong position, the conection gets broken and the mouse stops functioning. If this is the case, a new mouse would do the trick.

It might also be a problem with your PSU - power supply unit. What kind of PC is it?

Overnight all the programs I had open had closed down.Click to expand...

It is unlikely that a mouse would cause this. More likely it's Windows XP having trouble with the hybernation/sleep functions or programs crashing or anything else really.

BTW, none of my mice survived for "3-4 years", I've had to replace it twice in the last year. It's a good thing they're cheap.
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I am having a rather strange issue with my Mouse problem mouse that I wondered if anyone had any experience in dealing with Basically it tends to lag from time to time it lags for about half a Mouse problem second and then moves suddenly in the direction I was moving it It seems to be during CPU intensive situations but it is not consistent Also while monitoring the CPU while this lag takes place I've noticed the usage is rather low I was expecting to find that it would spike up to causing this problem but I did not I've also noticed that sometimes if I haven't used my mouse in awhile the moment I touch it it jerks all the way to a corner of the screen before I regain normal control This is a Dell optical mouse I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers multiple times with no luck Strangely the thing that seems to set it off the worst is using Firefox IE is much better My system is AMD Athlon X GB DDR Ram GB Sata II MB Integrated Video controller which I'm wonder may have something to do with it Any ideas Thanks as always

A:Mouse problem

Hi onewaylife4all !

First thing would be tro try another optical mouse to make sure the problem is not with the mouse itself. If it's an USB mouse try to plug it to another USB port, preferably a rear one.
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This is really frustrating My mouse and other mouses are doing the same thing when connected to a USB port I don t have a serial mouse so I can t try that Other USB devices work fine so it s not the port Besides I ve already tried uninstalling and reinstalling both USB ports but no luck The problem is this after first Mouse Problem powering up the mouse works fine If I don t touch the mouse it will still work after being left alone for any amout of time The problem is when I use it it Mouse Problem will work for a minute or two or maybe a few seconds and then it won t work anymore If I unplug the mouse connection and replug it then it will work again for a similar short amount of time I ve tried using the Windows troubleshooting tool but it always says that the mouse is working fine I ve uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse and drivers with no luck I know the mouse is getting power because it s optical and the light still works when moved What s going on with this thing Any help at all will be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Have Compaq Laptop 2700. For some reason mouse doesn't work, and I've tried restarting, tried safe mode...Can't get mouse to work--any suggestions??

A:Mouse problem

Cannot see your question

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I have a mouse problem. If I click on anything in order to select it, the selected item flickers and often as not doesn't let me click on it because it's no longer "selected." I've got lots of old mice (mouses?) and the same thing happens with all of them.

With my limited knowledge I think it may be the drivers. I'm running Windows 7 Home Basic. Where can I find new drivers? I use a mouse i the shape f a sprts car (a past Xmas gift) and it has no ID of its manufacturer. Can the existing one/s be fixed? How do I remove them prior to installing new ones?

Thanks in advance

Larry (MoreProblems)

A:Mouse problem

Windows uses a generic driver for most mice. So there isn't a new driver.

In any case, it doesn't sound like a mouse or driver issue. Drivers are used to control operation (ie: movement, use of buttons, etc.). Items such as highlighting I believe are a function of the OS.
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I have a Questin How come my mouse
Doesn't work?
I need help with this please 0~0
If you Help meh I wont to say Tysm
PLEASA Help me :(
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Recently did a clean install. Now my USB mouse is in hyper drive when I left click it. For example click once to delete an email and it deletes two or click once to open IE and it open two copies. I have changed the mouse settings to double-click fastest settings and experimented with full range of settings to no avail. I was using it with a PS/2 adapter but also plugged it in a USB port for troubleshooting purposes. Any suggestions?

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When I go in to Windows it cannot detect my mouse it brings up a screen that says if Mouse Problem I have a serial mouse I can insert it now and if I have a PS mouse I will have to restart my computer I have my mouse on a serial port and I had a plain old serial mouse that worked fine and then started having this problem it didn t work so I bought a Belkin PS to Serial Mouse Adapter and a Microsoft Basic Mouse Problem Mouse Button PS I plugged it in and still nothing The mouse has worked for me before it just doesn t now SPECS CPU DX MHZ MB RAM DTC Data Technology E ISA-Bus to IDE and Super I O Controller with serial ports game port floppy IDE parallel port More in depth information on Serial ports places to connect them but only one serial port and one parallel port on the card and then a thing not an actual PCI card you just connect it to the actual card it holds a serial port and a game port but I don t have that part Is it possible that I have to use the jumpers to mark these ports as disabled or do not use both settings on the jumpers MB Trident Video Card -Bit MediaVision ProAudio Sound card OS Windows Any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

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Win 98SE computer won't detect any PS/2 mouse (but there's no problem with any mouse when using the standard comport).

I had this problem once before but can't remember what I did to fix it ??? I really don't believe it's the motherboard and wonder if there's a way to test the PS/2 port???

I tried the "add new hardware" in Control Panel but everytime, I got the "Windows did not detect ..." message. :-(

I checked the BIOS and PS/2 is enabled ! Anyone remember what the easy fix to this was ? Thanks in advance!
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Hi there i just got my new Razer Lachesis delivered to my door and im having some trouble getting my computer to recognize it I assumed that plug and play would be standard by now but it seems this isnt the case i unplugged my old mouse which was working fine except for the mouse scroll hence new mouse and plugged in the Lachesis The first thing i noticed was that mouse problem New the lights didnt turn on and the cursor was non responsive I restarted my computer and as expected the lights on the mouse came on and i thought i was in business not so Windows booted up and my cursor was dead centre and there it has remained all morning ive installed uninstalled REinstalled the software for the mouse contless times and still cant get it working This is where im confused ive plugged my OLD mouse Razer Copperhead back into the computer and its having the same drama lights up but non responsive cursor Any advice nbsp

A:New mouse problem

Ok, after some troubleshooting i have discovered that Windows now refuses to recognize any mouse in the household atm.

When the computer is booting, ihave all lights showing on any of mice i use, however as soon as Windows loads, lights go off and the cursor remains stationary.

I have tried some things already such as messing with some power settings in device manager, making sure Windows can no longer turn the usb ports to conserver power (still no change), i have reinstalled my motherboard usb drivers (still no change).

Im desperate for help, this is REALLLLLLY frustrating.
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I have an old Pentium 166MMx that I use as a spare computer and use it to scan and save important information. I am having a problem with windows not finding the nouse. I have re-installed Win 98 to no avail. I have tried different mice and that has not cured the problem. I am not even showing a conflict in device manager. I tried switching the ribbon cable on the board from Com1 to Com2 and that has not helped.
Any help would be great.

Thank You

A:Mouse Problem

It may be a problem with the PS2 port on the motherboard, if thats the case try a serial mouse or if u got some spare cash and a pci slot get a pci to usb converter and a usb mouse..
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Hi. I have an HP Pavillion laptop. I bought a Microsoft IntelliPoint 4.1 (wireless optical) mouse for it. I installed this software, and uninstalled the Touch Pad software that came with the laptop. The other day, I dropped the laptop and this fall caused the computer to think that the touch pad was the mouse. Basically, my mouse no longer works, the touch pad does, and the computer thinks that the mouse is still installed and working properly. I have tried uninstalling and restalling the software, but nothing seems to correct this problem. Can anybody help me? I desperately want my mouse back!


A:Mouse problem

Most touchpads enable/disable when a mouse is removed/added. This might be the case - it could be that the mouse connection is damaged and the mouse no longer works - was this a P/S2 mouse or USB - I would suggest trying a new USB mouse and see if that works - borrow any mouse for a test form a friend.
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Hi -

I'm hoping that you might be able to help once again. I've gotten some great advice before sou here it goes. I have a mouse that jumps all over the page making typing quite difficult. Regardless of where ever the flashing icon is that guides typing it will jump to whereever the solid icon is.

I have a gateway laptop w/windows 7. Please keep in mind that I'm computer illiterate

Thanks - Kelly

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My mouse quit working, keyboard still works when I plug in to USB port it says device malfunction, mouse works on other computers. Can anyone help? Thanks

A:Mouse problem

Go to device manager, find all USB devices (including 'hubs), right-click, uninstall. Unplug everything USB from computer, restart (via power button, since mouse/kb won't work).

You should get the "installing driver" balloon on bottom-right when Windows loads. Plug devices in one by one, making sure they all connect and register successfully.

If that still doesn't work, do the above again, but at the shutdown part do this: pull the power plug, clear CMOS (small battery, google it), press power button to clear residual energy, then boot it up and continue.
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I was in the middle of my normal day to day CS life last night when all of a sudden my mouse stopped responding *It will not look right or left ... just up and down* .... I tried to disable mouse and enable it on the options but still no luck!!!
Could you please help me what exactly is wrong ? If there is any commands i need to insert it on the console in order for the mouse to look right or left
Keep up the good work !!

A:Mouse problem

Have you tried start>control panel> will find all your config options in there..or have you already tried that?
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I have both a USB and PS2 mouse(s) hooked up and both work just fine interchangeably (most of the time). However, occasionally my PS2 mouse will become non-functional without any warning or for no good reason. Any ideas. I have an older computer which has been upgraded with an AMD266k6 sys. bd., USB port, 64MB RAM an running Win 98. Chuck

A:Mouse Problem

Are both plugged in to the same PC at the same time then they are probably conflicting with each other try them seperate and see how you get on
Relevancy 34.4%

Just recently, about an hour ago, my mouse pointer froze in place whilst playing WoW. I windowed out and my mouse was still stuck in the same place. I am not able to still use the mouse, I can basically right and left click and that's it.

I'm using a wireless mouse, I've already checked the connection and got some fresh batteries but to no avail. The point is still stuck in the same place.

I broke out an old non wireless mouse and it seems to work just fine, so I dont know if it has something to do with the laser or what.

I don't believe it has anything to do with WoW seeing as I have restarted many times now and it is still stuck on the screen without even running the game.

If anyone has any ideas on what is happening I would appreciate the help.


A:Problem with mouse

Test the wireless mouse on another computer. Report results here.
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I have a problem with my PS/2 mouse. I use WinXP SP2, and I had the same problem with SP1.
Every once in a while the left and right mouse buttons refuse to select anything, (often when I'm running EDonkey or EMule, but not exclusively). During these brief 'episodes' the keyboard seems to work fine. The problem can be fixed by pressing alt-tab to re-select the program or window I'm currently running, until of course the next time it happens. Any idea why it's behaving like this?


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Hi all
well here I am again, you guys were so helpful last time I thought I would try again so here goes...
I have a pent 733 with 128mb ram 20 gig HD ....everything is working fine on it with the exception of a software program called ACDsee, whenever this program is used the mouse becomes very irratic and and hard to use, none of the other programs in the pc have this issue, I have uninstalled it 3 times amd installed it making sure that nothing is running in the background and even done a minimal install and it does the same thing, now I know that it is some kind of conflict but how can I find this out and correct it .
I have this same program on another pc and used the same install disc and it works fine.
thanks again

A:mouse problem

Do you have this same problem when you use a different mouse on the affected system?
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I have a IBM thinkpad 600 laptop with Win98 installed. I use a regular microsoft 2 button+scroll wheel mouse and have loaded the drivers from the CD that came along with the mouse. Unfortunately the scroll wheel does not work. I have tried another mouse manufactured by Highmark and that too does not work. However when the two mouses are used on another Win98 machine, they work fine. I am not sure what could be wrong with the laptop. Any help will be appreciated.

A:Mouse problem

Go here:
and check you have the correct driver updates for the model you have.
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Hi, My mouse has gone crazy, Its opening everything with a single click instead of a double. Press back on a web page it goes back 2 pages, delete a email it deletes 2 at a time etc. Yes this is very annoying.

A:mouse problem

Weird, I would try a different mouse that is known to work. Just to make sure it is your mouse and not a software malfunction. If it's a cheap mouse (like the ones i use) I would just get another. If you spent a good amount on it, check for a warranty. If there is no warranty, maybe try cleaning out the dirt. My mouse always acts funny if I let the dust buid up. Hope I helped.
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I had a wireless optical mouse, it worked fine for months..then about a month ago, it stopped responding very quickly. It'd kinda jump from one spot to the next, pause between movements. Occasionally it would just stop working period for a few minutes. So today, I finally went and bought a brand new one. It's doing exactly the same thing. If anyone has any advice on how I can solve this problem, it would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Everytime I turn on my computer a window pops up saying:

Windows did not detect a mouse attached your computer. You can safely attach a serial mouse to your computer now. To attach a mouse to a PS/2 mouse port, youmust first turn the computer off.

And then it says OKAY. This never used to happen before. I just BOUGHT this mouse so nothing could be wrong with it. I tried unplugging and plugging but still nothing happened. Please help me as soon as possible.

Thank You

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So my comp was having problems, so I deleted everything off the hardrive.....I have a del and I went to their site and download drivers I needed when I installed everything again......So I installed everything and my mouse worked fine for a few weeks, now it's not working, but it works fine in safe mode.....I am not sure what it is, it just freezes up when the comp starts and won't move around.....Any ideas?
Thanks for looking at this...

A:Mouse Problem...

if it works in safe mode, then there can only be two things: program conflict or a driver issue. If this is a USB mouse, try using a PS/2 adaptor and use the oldskool plug. Vice versa with the PS/2 mouse..

Check for software apps like mouse/keyboard drivers or desktop managers eg intellipoint or logitech setpoint etc and try disabling them
Relevancy 34.4%

ok, I'm having a mouse problem: i can move the pointer around the screen (althought it jerks alittle), but I can't click on anything (the only clicking function that works is to click and drag a file/window)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse, I have done a system restore, I have done a spyware and virus scan (to see if any virus has prevented it from working) i have installed a newer driver, but each time the same problem occurs.

The mouse is a "Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse" thats connect via USB. The batteries have just been changed also, and I am running under Windows XP.

I have searched through google as best as I could, but using the keyboard shortcut keys didn't help. If anyone can help then I will much appreciate it...thank you!

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I have this annoying problem with my mouse cursor It has started to flick to the left side of the screen and it stays there I can move the cursor up and down but not left right center or wherever I would like to click and use it Sometimes the cursor jumps to the left Sometimes to the right It isn't erratic or anything It seems to stay on Mouse problem. either side of the screen and then sometimes if I put my computer into hibernation mode and then out of hibernation mode the cursor performs perfectly then it starts again after a minute or two I don't know what it is Is it a Mouse problem. corrupt mouse driver or something Is it because I need more memory I've checked the mouse itself and gave it Mouse problem. a good clean It's just a ball mouse ps microsoft made Not a laser mouse The mouse driver is microsoft too I tried looking for an update for the driver but couldn't find one ANYWHERE As I'm writing this it is working okay but soon as I have another window open or looking at a Youtube page or performing a virus scan it starts to play up Could it be memory Could it be corrupt driver Could it be the mother-board Do I have a virus I've checked for viruses and it's clear I've checked for spyware and it's clear It started to a jump a bit now as I type this sentence Can anyone help Thanks Martyn

A:Mouse problem.

I noticed just now that when I press "refresh" to refresh this page, the mouse cursor jumps like mad left to right. Could it be a memory/RAM problem?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 450 @ 2.40GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 37 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3062 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 310M, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305142 MB, Free - 245179 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc.,
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled
I have a Gear Head mouse, wireless, that the left button does not work on certain fields on a page in IE. It is brand new from Wal Mart and it replaced a wired mouse with the exact same problem. It doesn't seem to matter which page but the print or help field will not usually work even though the other fields will.

Relevancy 34.4%

Everytime I download, load a page, or even type(as Iam doing now) my mouse flickers not stop. Oddly it won't flicker when I put it to the very far right side of my screen where the scroll bar is. I uninstalled and reinstalled the software for the mouse, but it continues to do the same thing. It's a brand new mouse so I don't see why this is happening. If it helps it's a Tangent - model:W-35G.
Relevancy 34.4%

A mouse by Ednet. Article nr 81050. Connected to PC with USB - doesn't work, although this red laser turns on, but cursor doesn't move, click also doesn't work. Windows says Unknown Device.
Now when plugging on USB to PS/2 converter and connecting, mouse works as it should.
Tried on two different PC, same results.

Frustration level: 9999

A:A Mouse problem

Hiyya Abmaster and welcome. Just wondering mate when you first plugged tis device in did it start up with the usual pop up saying installing new hardware device or a similar message?

Have a look in Device Manager in in Control Panel in any case and right click on the device then click on Update driver software it wll probably ask whether to search your machine for it or on line choose the online and see what happens.

If it comes up with right driver already installed try the port you were using (USB) with another device and see if the port is working as should be.
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Hi guys, I've had a CM Storm "Spawn" mouse for almost a year, everything working fine until a month or 2 ago. At first it would momentarily lose connection, then it got to the point where it would stop working until it got unplugged then plugged back in. Now it hardly ever works, and i'm occasionally getting a warning that the USB device plugged in is drawing too much power (th mouse is the only device plugged into the laptop). At this point it doesn't work at all on 2 ports and it works 10% of the time on the 3rd, but i'm not having any problems with any other device.

Any help is much appreciated.

A:USB mouse problem

sounds like you need a new mouse
have you got a second ,mouse, you can try
hardware, especially mice do go wrong & cause problems.
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Has anyone else found that the "Snap To" under Mouse/Pointer Options doesn't work? Or does anyone know how to get it to work? It worked fine in XP and I have tried in W7 with old mouse and with a new one but it doesn't work. Not a major problem but I would like to get it to work.

A:Mouse Problem

Hello mbannon,

Welcome to Seven Forums. Works fine here. Have you got the latest driver for your mouse?

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Hi I got a really annoying problem that are really hard to solve I've asked many forums and people that are pretty good in computer cs stuff And no one got an answer So cs Mouse in problem 1.6 I turn to you guys in hope of an answer to this damn Mouse problem in cs 1.6 problem So to the problem It's delay in the mouse when I play cs There's nothing wrong with the mouse in windows but in CS it seems like it's little after Like it's delayed And it's generally really slow If I turn up my sensitivity it just gets more delayed I don't got any mouse acc I got the noforce commands in the launch options The rates I use is the quot normal quot ones I play on a CRT dell quot monitor HZ in windows and -freq in Launch options -I've tried on different mices one razer deathadder one razer diamondback and a Ie -Same problem on two different computers The old one had XP and the new one has vista bit -Two different monitors one TFT and one CRT -Two different keyboards If that matters -With and without driver to the mouse - different mousePads One QPAD CT Large one Razer Destructor and one SteelSeries qck I don't got Vsync on either It's off always

A:Mouse problem in cs 1.6

If you change mice and drivers, the problem doesn't go away, I would suspect the game.

I used to play a number of online games and noticed the mouse and keyboard responded differently from game to game.
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Hi Tech Support Guy Forum,

I have been having problems with my mouse -- I think it is a software problem, not something mechanically wrong with the mouse. Last night I was using the mouse and suddenly the "navigation" became inverted. If I move my finger on the touchpad to the left, the pointer on the screen will move right, if I move my finger on the touchpad up, the pointer will move down.

I've already restarted my computer and deleted the device in the hope that Windows Vista will re-install the device correctly. What else can I do?

Relevancy 34.4%

Hi, when i have, lets say My Documents open and i hold down the right mouse button anywhere on My Documents and drag it drags my document around with it, it has never done this before, it does it with all panels and apps. The only way to stop it is to hold down Ctrl and then right click drag. This is really annoying in some games which require the right mouse button to move as it moves the whole game around my screen. Does anyone know how i can stop this from happening? Thanks.

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it works fine, usually. when i try to open links that open a new window, i have to right click, open window. this gets very annoying, especially in flash links, cause you cant rightclick to open a window. help please.

Relevancy 34.4%

Hi !!!

I'm using an optical ps/2 mouse...the problem which is arising from last 2weeks is that when i left click the mouse to select anything instead of selecting that file it opens it...i.e. instead of performing the action of 1click it performs the action of 2clicks...i changed my mouse but still facing the same it any kind of bug/virus ??? or is it some problem in mouse? or ps/2 port ?

Relevancy 34.4%

I've been using a retractable mouse with my computer (runs Vista) for the last 4 months, and it has worked fine until recently, where whenever I plug in the USB cord, the computer either does not recognize it or does nothing. Occasionally, pop-up windows will say something about an unrecognizable device in a USB port, but other than that, the cursor doesn't move. Any thoughts? Thanks!

A:USB Mouse Problem

Most PC's have multiple USB ports. Does the problem persist if you use a different port?

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Hi Guys this is with Mouse. Problem USB my first post I have searched the forum and the web but not really a solution that works for my problem Anyways I recently bought an OCZ Eclipse mouse And so far I have two problems Problem occasionally the mouse would freeze and ONLY THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON works the cursor moves but I Problem with USB Mouse. cannot click anything with the left mouse button This problem resolves by itself after a while Problem It seems that sometimes when I restart the computer the mouse would stop working I have to unplug and then Problem with USB Mouse. plug it in and it works again For a while and then go back to Problem So what is the problem here I have tried this mouse on several computers One has Windows and one has Windows XP so i doubt it is the O S that is causing the problem I doubt I can convince my retailer that this mouse is faulty since the problem is really irregular and sometimes the mouse works fine for hours sometimes it freezes every minutes I cannot ask the retailer Canada Computers to stand there and try out the mouse until the problem occurs Their policy is that if the product is not faulty they will charge me for refund or exchange And OCZ Technical Support is telling me to go back to my retailer since I purchase this mouse just last week What should I do guys I really want a solution to this problem As it is simply impossible to actually game with this gaming mouse Imagine you playing a FPS and suddenly you see an enemy and you cannot even shoot Any help would be appreciated

A:Problem with USB Mouse.

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

Have you tried installing the latest drivers for your mouse?
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Before I say anything, I'd like to note that I've had this problem for about a year but I never really bothered me to get it fixed.

The problem with my mouse is sometimes for no particular reason when I begin to move the cursor around or am moving it, will drift at max speed in any direction, lets say up, and I can't do anything. Then it might move up or down, or left and right really fast for lets say 1 or 2 seconds, then stop. I find this really weird, because it happens occasionally but it does happen. Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem with the cursor just racing in a given direction for a second then stopping. Thanks

A:Mouse problem

What kind of mouse do you have? How does it connect to the PC? We need more details.


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I'm not really sure this is a hardware problem or a hardware configuration problem or neither. When I have a couple windows open and they are listed in my taskbar and I want to go from one to another. Once the mouse leaves the taskbar area the window closes. If I click on it twice in the taskbar it stays open provided I don't leave the confines of that window. Does this sound like a configuration poblem? Has anyone encountered this problem and how did you resolve it? Thanks in advance for any advice.
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I have a REALLY strange problem that I've never seen before.

My other mouse appearently stopped working (laser) so my brother plugged in a different one we had (also laser) except it acts really weird. When moving it in a direction (for example up) it'll start jumping in other directions, it's very hard to try to click specific points becase it keeps jumping in other directions.

How do I fix this!?

A:Mouse Problem!

Simple solutions first - try this:
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Hi !!!

I'm using an optical ps/2 mouse...the problem which is arising from last 2weeks is that when i left click the mouse to select anything instead of selecting that file it opens it...i.e. instead of performing the action of 1click it performs the action of 2clicks...i changed my mouse but still facing the same it any kind of bug/virus ??? or is it some problem in mouse? or ps/2 port ?

A:Mouse Problem

Hi Style Mantra, and welcome to TSG.

Duplicate posts are frowned upon here. You should pick only one forum that best matches your problem. A moderator or admin can move it if it is in the wrong place

Dup of:

Sounds like it might be an operating system settings issue. So your post in that forum may be a better choice.
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Hi - I've just installed a new Logitech Pilot Optical Mouse and it is not working properly. Generally the mouse is fine but the problem is that, for example, when surfing the net the mouse flickers a lot and often moves to parts of the screen that I have not pointed at. I've tried uninstalling the driver and reinstalling but it has not helped. The driver I'm using is Logi_mwx.exe, file version 9.79.024 - it uses the PS/2 port. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.


Steve W.

A:Mouse Problem

try it on a mouse pad or a sheet of paper, some optical mouses don`t like some surfaces and can`t read their position or movment right.
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Two days ago my LogiTech USB Wireless mouse just suddenly stopped working. I was using it when playing LoL (League of Legends), and just went to restroom and when I came back, it's not working anymore. I have thought that maybe it's just the batteries, and I've change it but still not working. I convinced myself that maybe it just died. I bought today a MS Wireless Mobile Mouse 3000, to my surprise it doesn't work. I've checked all my drivers and they we're up to date. If anyone could give me advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Mouse Problem!!!

Have a look in Device Manager to see if your mouse is showing. It could be that your old mouse just gave up the ghost (try it on another pc and see if it works)

Your new mouse may not be installed correctly though I doubt it. Post back with your findings.
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I run windows 7 64 bit desktop. My mouse, all of a sudden, decided it's not going to use the right button---right click "computer" and all i get is properties. Same all around. Please somebody, help! Joenamvet

A:problem with mouse

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Have you tried a different mouse? . . have you updated the driver for theone acting up?
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I posted this in Hardware, but I closed it because I feel the majority of users check this forum out the most. Any idea why this happens?
My mouse seems to click when I don't want it to click and scroll when it shouldn't. It seems like there is a delay on it and then it clicks again. I have looked in the mouse properties and I don't see anything out of the norm. Any ideas what's going on?

A:Mouse Problem....

Is it a ball mouse or laser?
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i use a compaq/hp laptop and i recently got an optical usb mouse byt toshiba... its just plug n play... however, it worls well for a few mins, then begins to get stuck... ive tried diff mouse pads n things but i dont understand why its so great for a few mins n then doesnt work? it gets stuck and slowly dies on me .. then i have to pull it out and put it bak again... its a usb mouse but it has a lil attachment so i can connect it to the mouse port.

compaq evo n1020v
toshiba 3d optical mouse DS/5016