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Replacement for HD 4850

Q: Replacement for HD 4850

Hello, I'm pretty sure my 4850 is ready to bite the dust. I'm looking to replace it with a nvidia card around $100.00. any suggestions? I'm running win 7 64 bit, athlon64 5000,4mb ddr2 ,ssd. I do light gaming I.e. diablo series , icewind dale series , witcher series etc. thanks . mlmassie

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Preferred Solution: Replacement for HD 4850

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Replacement for HD 4850

Can you give us either the make/model of your mobo, or the make model of your computer if it is a pre-built.
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Quick question, would i be able to have an asus 4850 AND a powercolour 4850 in crossfire ????? both of them are 1Gb GDDR3 models. would there be any issues with them being different makes ? well kind of makes i guess..............

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ATI Radeon HD Asus P Q Pro Antec PSU OCZ Reaper g x Vista Ultimate Help - Please HD 4850 Need st time it happened was while playing a game nd time HD 4850 - Please Need Help was playing starcraft - th time was watching video or was idle Problem -Color Strips pop out on screen -Monitor has no signal -GPU fan is running loudly like its running speed - D light is on overhating but gpu temp was at - idle fan speed What i've tried so far -Switch PCI slots -Switch Ram slots -Replaced DVI cables -Replaced Monitors -Replaced pin connectors -Replaced HDD sata wires -cmos bat reset -cmos pin reset -cleaned the fan -reapplied thermal paste couple of times -while able to login to windows reinstalled ati drivers - cleaned registry and drivers event viewer seems to have nothing on it been to many forums but cant find a fix more info i have my pc working for - years now had overheating issues years ago and got it fixed was on vacation and my pc was not in use for months started using it again since feb problem occured weeks ago While Switching Rams did get me to BIOS msg but screen went blank in sec screen has color strips blinking again not reseating the GPU properly seems to work not seating it all the way kinda loosed but same problem happens in couple mins or so it happened before and i got it working again twice and it worked for - days and problem occured again nothing seems to work this time dont have another pc to try the GPU if it works Please Help Thanks

A:HD 4850 - Please Need Help

Hello and welcome.

First have you run a full updated virus scan if not I recommend you do so...

Download and run a full scan using malwarebytes if you don't have it, heres the link.. Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware, anti-virus and spyware removal download free version of course..

Fan's you might try these..

Core Temp

CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting

Make sure that you are not infected with malware or virus, then we look at the rest...You do have some things going on but lets rule out these first...
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second question.
Running win7 and phoshop cs4, how do I know gpu mode is used ?
Photoshop seems not to detect gpu it asks to consult a site
where no specific information is availaible

Would love to see the effect, or is photoshop cs4 picking up gpu automaticaly ?

A:ATI 4850 gpu

Photoshop picks it up automatically. The message PS throws up is simply to direct you to the most recent upgrades. The 4850 is major overkill for Photoshop.
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Recently i've updated video (3870 to 4850) but perfomance increase not so much as expected.
F.e. Crysis dx9 all high, without AA, 1600x900 nearly 30 fps, sometimes drop to 25 in hard scenes.

Other spec. CPU Intel Pentium Dual Core [email protected] 3.75 Ghz
Memory 3 Gb
PSU Coolermaster 460 W
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Hi Everyone,

I Just installed Build 7057 x64 and usually my GPU makes it to 7.9 in the WEI and now it's gone to 5.9 and gaming graphics to 6.0. There's something really wrong here.

I have 2 4850's

Can anyone help me out here.

A:4850 wei

Quote: Originally Posted by sandeep

Hi Everyone,

I Just installed Build 7057 x64 and usually my GPU makes it to 7.9 in the WEI and now it's gone to 5.9 and gaming graphics to 6.0. There's something really wrong here.

I have 2 4850's

Can anyone help me out here.

Hi sandeep.......
are the cards still performing how they should (gaming)..??

did you run any other benches prior to the install of 7057..?? (3dmark, vantage, pcmark) these will be a better judge of your rigs performance.....
remember its still a BETA & ppl can get different results from the WEI with the same H/W...

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ok so i have this ASUS Radeon HD 4850 1GB 4850 but its the 512 version and for some reason i cant get it to oc much if any at all from the preset 680/1050 clocks. i even uninstalled ccc and installed ATI tray tools but its not a verified driver or some crap with windows 7 which makes the low level driver thing flip out on me and reset the video driver. so what im asking is whats my best course of action to get this baby up to like 740/1105 or so.

A:OC my ati 4850 need some help

HI Klepto,
do you know how to disable driver signing?
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Hi guys

I'm getting a new pc in a week or 2 and I have a question about the graphics card drivers. I want to install windows 7 x86 version, but which ati drivers should i install with it? When I looked at the ati driver page, there were no drivers for windows 7 x86 version.

Can anyone help me out pls?

A:ati 4850

There you go (x32 is x86)

Drivers & Tools | GAME.AMD.COM
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I have and OC Athlon II X3 @ 3.5, an ASUS SILENT SQUARE for cooling it, i have a HDD fan RAM memory fan two 40m back case fans for pull air out.

But the case is that in my case rigth on the side where the VGA sit i have a 80m fan pulling hot air out.... should i put that fan taking in air? or its just my card it going too much hot!?

Heres is the exact model.$S300W$

A:XFX HD 4850 reaching 74C

Is the 74C idle/or under load? because 74c under load is a fine temp.
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This combination gives me the bsod and an error atikdmag.sys. I have the latest drivers. I have Vista 64 Home premium and 2 gb RAM
Any ideas?

A:MSI KN2 platinum sli and ati HD 4850

Welcome to the forums, pnrc5.

Where did you get those drivers? atikdmag.sys means that there is a problem with your driver.. Try googling that error and see what other people say about it. And, this is a question rather than something I know, but an nforce mobo with ATI GPU? Does that work together?:s ...

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Please with Problems 4850! help me I posted this in driver part but I think that here I might have better help I Have the ASUS M N-E SLI Motherboard wich has a NVIDIA Problems with 4850! chipset I just made a upgrade to a ATI Radeon and I noticed that every thing goes quot well quot until I install the ATI Driver After I install de driver the PC starts to crash not a blue screen just freezes after some minutes of use I am sure that is when I install the ATI driver because I just removed it the driver only catalyst still installed and I am using the PC with quot no problems quot I heard that was not possible to use the as principal grafic and de old Nvidia GT for physx but I did not know that a conflict would appear just because the onboard LAN is NVIDIA driver Please help me I need opinions I thought about these possible solutions - Disable the onboard LAN and remove its driver install ATI driver and see if the problem stops - Install MS Windows XP and see if the problem stops since I heard that the XP does not have problems with using nvidia and ati drivers at the same time What you guys think about it Thank you very much allready Edit I disabled the LAN onboard but did not solve the problem
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Is there any noticeable difference between the 512MB and 1GB versions of the 4850? Which one will I be better off buying?

A:4850: 512MB vs 1GB

I think I have been through this twice and rage has been through it about 10 times. Probably not with most games unless you're running a 24" monitor 1600x1200 res or higher. Unless you plan on playing crysis on full detail.
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hi am looking a an upgrade form my 9800 gt and cant work out which is better the hd 4850 or the 9800 gtx+ in performance? i use a 22" monitor if that helps
any thoghts?

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please someone help me, i'm getting nowhere with this.. i have my PC plugged into a new Samsung LED 6300.. and i see refresh lines on the TV... you know when you watch a tv show and in the background is a computer and you see the refresh lines going up and down it.. its very annoying. hardly noticable but when its there you cant take your eyes off of it...

im trying to use the catalyst control center to get this fixed but its not helping, the tv has a 120hz refresh rate, but i know only 60 can go in right? ... the card connects DVI to hdmi, and ive tried 2 different dvi to hdmi cords no difference, ive tried putting the tv in 16:9 and screen fit, ive made sure the resolution is 1920x1080p. nothing is working, im just confused... i dont know why it would do this

A:Help with HD Radeon 4850

could this be a driver issue... if so where do i get a drivers for a samsung c6300.... or is this like a, search microsoft for win 7 monitor drivers?
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hey witch card would run better in the hp m8430f i replaced the power supply with a 700w ocz and everything else is stock i run on a 22" monitor and i currently have 8500gt so witch card should i go with for the best proformance

XFX 9800GTX+ or XFX 4850

A:XFX 9800GTX+ or XFX 4850

um do you have a nvidia chipset? if so go with nvidia for that reason if not go with ati
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Hello everyone So I a while ago got a graphic card from a friend It was ATI Radeon For some odd reasons I saw videos up (Going 110 C) to ATI Radeon 4850 of it playing games like GTA IV on max and so on But from the day I got it It would never play any of those games So I gonna cut this and get down to the point my GPU temp always gets to C when playing games The most aggravating part is how it shuts off my computer in mid game I think that s the reason why I can never play any of thoses games without lag I have tried getting the dust out of the comp and what not So If you can help me That would be amazing btw I installed ATIExpert Tool Does not help when playing games EDIT Just want to add It Idles at c That is even when my room temp is pretty cool Also This is weird but I ATI Radeon 4850 (Going up to 110 C) can ATI Radeon 4850 (Going up to 110 C) play BF at max and stay at a stable c But I can t play BF Vietnam or BF without going over c If you do not know BF Vietnam was made in and was made in BF was made in Added some vide of what they look like In Game http www youtube com watch v YXtJP g lE amp feature related http www youtube com watch v qsxzRyrZ E http www youtube com watch v nkKIYeIpyrM nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 4850 (Going up to 110 °C)

I think that's the reason why I can never play any of thoses games without lag.Click to expand...

No its not, its the reason your computer turns off.
But it is too hot, if you can control case fans, turn them all the way up, and turn up your fan speed on the card.

You shouldn't expect the 4850 to run "all those games" on max.
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I'm in the process of giving my system an almost complete overhaul starting with the motherboard amp some new ram I PSU a a maybe or looking 4850 4830 my & I'm at hd already have a good case with a good PSU thats only a few months old being used on my current setup which i'm planning to still use in my new setup I have an Antec NSK which came with a Antec SU earthwatts watt PSU It has dual V rails at amps each Antec NSK Fusion Media PC Case silentpcreview com PSU specs I'm thinking of getting an ati hd when I next get some cash together which recommends a watt PSU Looking at the specs of cheaper watt PSU's shows they give off less amps per rail than my antec watt I'm looking at a hd 4850 or maybe a 4830 & my PSU PSU seems odd to me From what perspective are ati recommending a watt PSU are they assuming the worst case senario of Joe public with a cheap watt PSU onboard just to play it safe maybe Does any one think my current Antec PSU could cut it with a onboard from what i found out appears to be a rebranded Seasonic Super Silencer watt PSU Antec SU power supply in NSK case silentpcreview com

A:I'm looking at a hd 4850 or maybe a 4830 & my PSU

Is the 500 watt you're looking at a reputable brand, such as Corsair, Thermaltake, PC Power and Cooling?

Branded PSU's such as a 450 watt one will be more expensive than a 500 watt, 600 or watt or even 700 watts (700 watts are being sold for about ?20-?30 on ebay, but no brand) because they're generally a lot better quality in build and performance.

I'm not sure what "quality" of PSU it is when it says "recommended 450 watt", but it's always best to get a proper PSU. It is probably the only component in a computer you musn't cut corners on. I learnt that a few years ago when I bought a no branded PSU as a replacement and blue sparks started flying out the back of my PC.
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Hi 7 Forum members
I want to upgrade my Ati 4850 to something better ,
but i am not sure of the power supply I know its 425 watts
but i do not know what the amp ratting is . i need help in
trying to get the amps reading off of it i am not sure how to read the specks on the side !
The computer is a Dell XPS 430 thats all i know about the power supply .
if you could help me decide witch ATI card to get that would be grate !
i hope Someone can help.
Thanks for now !!!

A:Ati 4850 upgrade ?

425 Watt power supply is to small. First you will need to upgrade to atleast 600 Watt. I like the corsair PSU.

For a upgrade what is the budget.

For under $200:

MSI R6870 Hawk Radeon HD 6870 - MSI R6870 Hawk Radeon HD 6870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity

For over $200:

MSI R6950 Twin Frozr III PE/OC Radeon HD 6950 - Computer Hardware, Video Cards & Video Devices, Desktop Graphics / Video Cards, MSI, AMD

These two cards are amazing.
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I'm running Windows 7 Pro x32bit with 4GB RAM and an AMD Athlon 64 X2 DCP 4400+, 2200 Mhz. My Samsung SyncMaster 2443 uses an ATI Radeon Xpress Series (0x5954) Adapter and is uninstalled when it's time to install the proper drivers/software for the ATI RADEON HD 4850 Graphics Card (PCIe). After the reboot if I get a screen at all, it's effected by the weight of the card itself and must be adjusted by hand until the "green" goes away. After that is taken care of, within 5 minutes I get the BSOD!!! The Blue Screen Of Death informs me that a recent change to the Graphics card or adapter caused the problem. The computer is beyond the system requirements and should work fine, right? Any suggestions on how to handle this, steps to try or something I'm just outright forgetting here?

Thanks in advance any help that you can provide!

A:Ati radeon hd 4850

hi x51shadow, and welcome to sevenforums,

er, i think you are missing a poll option (or maybe two).

how about 'no - never had a problem with it?'

i used to have one and it worked great. at the time it was an absolute bargain, and i loved it. i only upgraded to a 4890 after i bought a 1920x1080 monitor, and found the 4850 didn't quite have enough oomph to push all those pixels about.

i sold it to a friend and he's still happy playing modern games with it on his smaller monitor.
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I purchased this video card with much fragging in mind.

However, when it arrived the card wouldn't fit in my motherboard. There's a capacitor in the way. If you've ever seen this card, the heat-sink and fan are huge.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? From what I can gather these cards run pretty hot, so I'm reluctant to run it without the fan.

I have a smaller fan lying around, no heat-sink on it though, that I could hack onto the board...maybe see if that would work.

Other than that...what could I possibly do? With all the brain power here, someone's got to be able to think of something!

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So here's the deal - I'm going to upgrade most of my system (CPU, mobo, RAM, graphics, maybe SSD) pretty soon but I'm still undecided whether to get a Radeon 5850 or get another 4850 and go Crossfire...

Buying a 4850 would cost 70, whereas a 5850 costs 220, minus the proceeds from my 4850 which gives a net figure of 150. Apparently the performances are pretty similar for these two setups, although obviously being a single card the 5850 won't have many driver issues and uses less power. I'm hoping that the 5850 will come down in price once the GTX 470/480 hit the market.

I'm interested to hear the thoughts of anyone who has either of these setups, and if anyone owns a DX11 card - are there any notable differences? Also if I get a board with 2 PCI Express x16 slots running at x16 and x4, will there be any significant performance loss?

A:Get a 5850 or add another 4850 in CF?

I presume by "notable differences", you mean between DX11 and DX10/9 ?
If that's the case then from what I've seen/played (DIRT2, Call of Pripyat) -then no, not a lot. There are differences but during gameplay I wouldn't say it's very noticable- not like the difference between static and full dynamic lighting for example, where the game just feels tangibly better.
The 5850 would give better AA levels and probably higher minimum framerates- although that would depend (slightly) whether you have 512Mb or 1Gb HD 4850 cards.

There would be some performance loss going with 4 lanes mechanical on the secondary card. Not so much with a HD4850 in the slot, but the 5850 would be handicapped to measurable degree. I'd probably skip the budget P55 boards (if this what you were planning on) and go with a board that can scale the PCIe lanes to x8, x8 if you plan on Crossfire. There should not be a large price difference involved.

With all that out of the way, whether the 5850 upgrade is worth the extra outlay would depend on what monitor resolution you game at, how much gaming you do (or will do), and whether the extra outlay is going to represent a financial hassle.
I would probably go with the 5850 now as AMD are not likely to lower prices any time soon, in fact prices could well go up if the GTX 470/480 stocks aren't great. You will most likely get a better price for your 4850 now as well, since the card is still currently stocked as a new part.
If you are planning on Crossfiring 4850's then I would likely keep them until AMD refresh the 5xxx series or introduce it's replacement either late this year, or early 2011.
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I'm getting a new PC. I decided on an AMD Phenom II X2 550 for CPU and HD 4850 512 MB for GPU. Please suggest an AM2+ motherboard. I don't plan to go X-fire and won't be doing much overclocking. It should support two IDE/PATA drives. My budget is $100. Will 4 GB 800MHz DDR2 be enough? I read in ASUS's website that Windows XP does not recognize more than 3GB RAM. Is it right?

A:Mobo for X2 550 and HD 4850

Windows XP will recognize 3 GB in some machines, and 3.5 GB of the 4 GB installed in a few others.
Any board designed for the AMD will work well if made by ASUS, Gagabyte, MSI, Biostar, ECS Elitegroup...
We like the ASUS M4A78 or ASUS M4A785TD, MSI 770-C45, and Elitegroup ECS GF8200A or A785GM-M which all slide under your $100 limit.
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I recently installed RTM Windows 7 Pro. Before i had 7000,7056 and 7100. On 7000 and at 7056 i've had similar problem i have now. When i try to refresh my Windows Experience Index my screen goes black with colour boxes and i have to restart computer. Screen goes black when windows try to test Graphics 3D performance. I experienced it in some games too, it happens when graphic card tries to change mode from 2d to 3d (when screen is blinking after entering game). Earlier, after clean 7100 install i did't have that problems. I don't think thats my PSU problem, because i'm playing many new games and computer is working fine. As i said it only happens when graphic card is changing modes. System is 64 bit, i have newest 9.10 catalyst drivers. Graphic card is Radeon 4850 Gainward Golden Sample.

Any solutions?

A:Ati 4850 problems

Try to locate a driver for your monitor(s) and install. Probably won't help. Can't hurt.
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I m trying to create a gaming machine on a budget Before I was using a Radeon HD which pretty much didn t allow for much primary game being WoW In the past week I have upgraded from DDR Ram to gb of DDR switched to a new motherboard in my system specs dropdown as well as a W low FPS a very with with Radeon Help 4850 PSU from a W PSU Help with very low FPS with a Radeon 4850 I ve gotten everything up and running but when I go to play games I still cannot get out of fps when playing WoW even when OC d and when I look Help with very low FPS with a Radeon 4850 at sample benchmarks from this specific card i should be getting MUCH better With everything I ve changed out I m only left with the fact that I have an old CRT monitor Help with very low FPS with a Radeon 4850 and I m using a Intel Celeron D GHZ processor Can either of those be the issue at this point or could there be something else that I am possibly missing Help nbsp

A:Help with very low FPS with a Radeon 4850

Ok, first thing;
it looks like your mobo has onboard graphics, is it definitely disabled?
If so, are you using the latest catalysts for your 4850?
I don't think your cpu would be a bottleneck for WOW gaming, but i don't play WOW so can't say for certain.
What res are you gaming at? is AA and AF on?
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Hi guys, im using a palit 4850 ddr5 512mb and win 7 ultimate 32bit.
well here's the problem, sometime i left my computer for a while like 30 minutes and so, turning off the lcd as i leave it. Then after I come back when I open the LCD, it will do like this vid (i cant take a picture, it turns on off fast and has PINK strains or stains,dots etc. all over)
YouTube - 4850 artifacts?

NOTE: This video was taken when I opened my PC, it already happened twice, after the windows logo appear and the lock screen, it will do what the video does, same as when I open the lcd after a few minutes leaving it off.


sorry for the wrong category, I missed the Graphics card section, please move this thread. tnx

A:4850 problem.

Sounds like your graphics card... Try reseating it and check the power cables to the graphics card!

But first... try updating and reinstalling your graphics card drivers!
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Long story short Computer was getting dusty inside so I decided to clean it out Was out of canned air so I used a brush and vacuum stupid but ive done it before with no issues Graphics card was really dusty and I could not get at the cooling fins and fan So i took it off and took off the heatsink and cleaned it if damage was done i think this is where it happened I installed the video card and in a rush to get online I forgot to insert the pin power connector So HD Not 4850 Posting! it booted up but nothing appeared on the screen I moved the VGA line from the video card to the on-board video card and all was good I powered it down connected the pin connector to the GPU and fired it up Nothing no post black screen All the fans run case CPU GPU The CPU is slightly warm to the touch the GPU also seems to have some slight warmth though its so minute its hard HD 4850 Not Posting! to say To clear it up it runs fine with the HD out of the system but when its in and I try to boot up all fans run but there is HD 4850 Not Posting! no other life signs outside of that I have cleared the CMOS and such Messed with numerous bios settings and have not had any luck My setup m a -m motherboard athlon quad core sapphire hd antec PSU WD GB HD Anyone have any suggestions I dont want to buy a new one when it could be something simple atleast HD 4850 Not Posting! thats what im hoping

A:HD 4850 Not Posting!

Try installing the 4850 on the other CPU. If it works fine there, could very well be your slot is damaged.
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I'm using a really crap system right now, Pentium D+7300LE. I want to upgrade the whole thing, but I'm short of cash, so I'm going for the graphic card only.

If I buy a 4850, will my computer be bottlenecked too much by my processor? I know there will be some bottlenecking, but will it be too much; defeating the purpose of the upgrade?


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This problem happened after I moved The box was ATI problems 4850 packed ATI 4850 problems carefully and I stuffed the case with anti-static bubble wrap The comp box was packed inside another larger box filled with more bubble wrap Anyway what s happening is this Everything seems to work perfectly fine I ve played a few games no shut downs or blank screens or any problem that I can see High FPS in game When the computer goes into sleep mode however when I wake it up my screen is filled with square red dots I can still move my mouse about and see a few things but if I say try to open a window that s in the taskbar the screen will eventually go black then turn back on and everything is back to normal and I get a message saying the GPU was unresponsive and was restarted What could cause this The only other symptom my computer seems to have is usually when starting it up everything will remain black and the screen won t ever get a signal the light flashes This isn t the GPU though I wouldn t think because it s before the BIOS even happens or whatever To get it to start up I have to push the reset button on my tower while it s in this state then it ALWAYS works fine Thanks for any advice or help you can offer nbsp

A:ATI 4850 problems

Some more weird things happened today, (btw this is a 4870, not 50)

Comp had some major issues starting up. The trick mentioned before did not work to get rid of the blank screen.

When it finally DID start up there were small artifacts (little red streaks/lines, not the big red blocks of before) and then the screen simply froze, and the screen went blank, but did not return this time.

I waited a little while, and it turned on perfectly fine, and I'm now typing this... installing the newest drivers aswell
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Asus 9800GT 512MB
Asus 4850 512MB

I'm getting a new video card and these two seem around the same, can i have some feedback on which one you think would improve performance, and also note the pros and cons of getting one or the other

Thanks Alot,

A:9800GT vs 4850.

Err.. Radeon HD 4850 competes with Geforce 9800 GTX+ and OC 9800 GTX, not with 9800 GT. Only reason why anyone else than a faithful and ignorant nvidia fanboy wouldn't buy a 4850 is the stock cooler's crappiness (not actually crap, it just takes 2 mins of your time to put it at optimal speed).
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I have an Antec TruePower Trio 430W. It has three (3) 12v rails, all 16A each.

My computers doesn't have a lot of things added onto it...two 160GB Harddrives, a dual core CPU, one DVD/CD RW drive, an all in on card reader, 4GB of RAM, one exhaust fan (80mm), and one intake fan (80mm).

Read several reviews and discussions, but there's a big difference (range from 22A - 32A for the 4870).

A:Will my PSU run a 4850 or 4870?

I think it is proberly best to buy a new one with about 600w just to be on the safe side. I wouldnt recomended a 430w psu for a computer of that specification.
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i have an HIS ATI HD 4850 (windows 7) we just got a new tv with hdmi...when i hook up the hdmi dongle adapter the tv works during post all the way up until i hit the windows log on screen then the tv says no signal.

is there a driver im missing or something?

also there is a message that pops up says that the adapter is not designed for the came with the card...

ive also tried different dongle and updating my catalyst driver from the ati web site....

any ideas

A:ATI HD 4850 hdmi

what is the resolution of your tv? the computer's resolution may be set too high for the tv to handle
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I had to reinstall the software for the scanner. Software finally recognized the scanner but it will not give me scanner options and the scanner will not scan.  any suggestions?

A:HP Scanjet 4850

Try this.  I have a Scanjet 4850 on a W7 HP e9260f.  The below solution works for me. Hello Phil,Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard's Commercial Solutions Center. From the details provided in your e-mail, I understand that you want to install the full software for your HP Scanjet 4850 Photo Scanner works with Windows 7 Operating System.I understand how upsetting this could be, let me straighten this for you right away.Phil, at present there is no particular software for your scanner works with Windows 7 Operating System. However, as a workaround you may try downloading Vista software and then change then compatibility mode to Vista and then install the software in Windows 7 Operating System.I suggest that you follow the below steps to install the full software in Windows 7 Operating System:1. Please click on the below link to download the full software: click on the above link and then Save it on Desktop.2. Once it gets saved on desktop, please right click on the Setup_full_4800.exe file and then click on Properties.3. Click on Compatibility mode.4. Give check mark for ?Run this program in compatibility mode for? and then select Vista.5. Click on Apply and then Ok.6. Install the Setup_full_4800.exe file on your computer works with Windows 7 Operating System.Once you have installed the scanner software in Windows 7 Operating System, please try scan from HP Solution Center and then let us know the results.
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Hi I am using Gigabyte 780 g chipset, does these card support the HYBRID !crossfire - SLi on the 780G ?

A:HD 4870 and 4850

Wait for them to be actually released before asking that. So far only the specs have been leaked so even them could be subject to change once the final products are released.
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here's my system stats
Q6600 2.8ghz
P5K Premium
4gb ddr2
750w psu
two diamond radeon 4850 512mb in crossfire

The problem is that I get horrible results for cards this good. 1360x768 res, Crysis on high, I get 10-20 fps on the intro. I cant even run 3d mark vantage, my display drivers crash at the beginning of the first test.
I know these cards are better than this, anybody have any ideas?

A:Crossfire 4850 problem

Have you hooked up the PCI-E connectors from the PSU to the card? Also, do you have the latest Catalyst drivers installed? Which OS are you using? And what is the brand and model of the PSU you're using? Lastly, how many fans do you have in your case?
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Periodically, I get BSODs which seem to be a result of my HD 4850 "ATI RAdeon Kernel Mod Driver".
I was going to update to the latest driver, but have read of people having problems with the latest driver v10.3.
Anyone here update to this newest driver--did you have any problems and which OS are you using?
I'm using Vista 64 bit.

A:HD 4850 driver 10.3 troubles?

For some reason with previous drivers I had a weird problem with my display, it was blurry for some reason on 60hz refresh rate specially in the middle of the screen but was perfectly sharp when using 75hz. With the new 10.3 drivers dont have this problem, and no new problems either.
Something with AA I guess.. but anyways I'm running Vista 32bit
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The following are my specs ghz Core Duo Intel DG RY Motherboard Memory GB DDR OS Windows ultimate -bit GPU ATI Palit 4850 ATI driver issues So yeah everything was working fine when I was in XP SP a month ago I upgraded to win fresh install and I've been having a ton of problems First there are screen-redraw problems in almost every application Photoshop and illustrator are the worst affected Sometimes when I type text it's 'streaming' Everything ATI 4850 driver issues was fine under XP Even when I drag on desktp it kinda' lags Second when I play games like ATI 4850 driver issues counter-strike the fps keeps spiking every minutes which was not present in XP I used to get flat fps on XP now it hardly touches I've updated to the latest graphic card drivers and installed hotfix etc still no avail I think this is most likely a graphic card problem so if someone could advise me or help me solve this that'd be much appreciated Thanks for your time

A:ATI 4850 driver issues

I've run Windows 7 on a machine with an HD 4850 graphics card and I'm pretty sure there is nothing inherently problematic with the combination. It's likely the driver did not install completely or properly for some reason.

I'd start by removing the current driver entirely...the easiest way is to go to c:\ati\support\pacakgename\driver\

then click on setup.exe to start the ATI driver manager. Select your language of choice, then select unistall and follow the prompts from there.

When the machine reboots it should come up with the standard VGA driver in some reduced screen resolution...don't worry about that now, and if the Windows offers to update or install new drivers select no or cancel or whatever it takes to prevent it from doing so.

click start, all programs and then Windows Update. Click on check for updates. This may take a few minutes. when finished, it should present a list of suggested updates and in that list should be the driver for the ATI HD4XXX graphics adapter. Make sure there is a check in the box next to that item and allow Windows to install that update. Reboot when prompted. Windows should detect your display and automatically configure itself for the optimal screen resolution and horizontal refresh rate.

If the display and adapter appear to be working properly at that point, I would resist the urge to further update the drive unless the release notes for the new version indicate a fix for a specific problem you are experiencing. Even in that case I'd wait a couple of weeks to see if Windows Update will pickup the new version...this will ensure you receive a package where the installer has been tested and validated against Windows 7.
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i have just replaced my Nvidia gt with the ATI Radion mentioned my psu is w in my HP elite an Asus mobo Q chip and gb of ddr Mhz on windows vista ultimate i uninstalled all the nvidia stuff using revo uninstaller driver sweeper and esuing cleaner to get all the left overs put the new card in securely and also connected the pin to molex adapter to Radion issue ATI 4850 the card and the power supply now this adapter has moles connections do both of these have to be connected to a power supply or just the like i have done with mine the reason i ask is when gaming with head phones i hear a constant crackling noise even when not playing on cod say ATI Radion 4850 issue i open the start menu and move the cursor up and down the options on the right side like over computer pictures etc i hear a vibrating noise like waving a light saber around that humming noise this is the only explanation i can think of lol all sound and graphic drivers are up to date any help would be much appreciated and thank you for your time

A:ATI Radion 4850 issue

both connectors should be plugged in. but that may not be the reason for the problem with the headphones. try adjusting the volume, also they headphones may be blown causing a static noise to be emitted with sudden louder emissions such as beeps or explosions in gameplay. does the same happen with your desktop speakers?
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I just got a Radeon 4850 HD card today and installed it and Windows won't boot up all the way. It will get past the Windows XP screen then it will stay blank. I also put a Rocket Fish 550w PSU in the computer. I had a video card in the computer before but I sold that and I put this one in and Windows won't boot properly and I thought maybe the old video card drivers were conflicting so I tried re-installing Windows but when it's about to get to the installation screen it will BSOD. What could be causing this? Thanks

A:Radeon HD 4850 BSOD

Please post your system specs. Plus make and model if a retail computer. This will help someone help you.
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Hello to all I m new to Win and this forum ofcourse but tis good to see i have a place in New problems Win7 Ati 4850 where to ask for help and maybe even fix something Before i upgraded to a Ati i had a nvidia GT that worked fine in Vista When i got the i did a clean install of Windows build RC I installed all the new drivers for mobo audio graphics etc defraged installed antivirus and my ussual programs and games All ok ultill i played my first movie in New Ati 4850 problems in Win7 VLC its very pixelated Other players work fine just VLC is pixelated i looked around its settings but nothing helped Another problem i discovered and its big I cant use hertz on my monitor If i use i get flickering red dots all over my screen in my desktop or in games Its very annoying since most games New Ati 4850 problems in Win7 come with standard hz i have to manually adjust them in regedit to use works great Before the upgrade i could use with my nvidia card Another problem i cant explain is somewhat bad performance for my video card Ofcourse ATI drivers for win now are bad but still i get same performance i got with my GT Around points in DMard Same score i was geting with the GT New Ati 4850 problems in Win7 Still posibly my CPU is draging me down but still thats to much draging down Hopefully the new Catalyst drivers will solve some issues but in case they dont what will i do Any advice or help maybe you seen these problems before i dunno plz tell me ty

A:New Ati 4850 problems in Win7

Well, I am not sure to help ... but, try this forum post : AMD Game Forums - 4850 / Windows 7 /after installing 9.4 Lost 75hz Refresh

I think it is a driver problem at all ...
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I just finished my new machine.after everything was assembled I ran 3dmark03(it`s old,Iknow.but didn`t have a newer)the first score was 38000 .
I continued to install stuff,and tried the benchmark again,reaching only 25000....
anybody experienced the same?what could have happened?
(despite of lacking driver support so far,CCC tells me its running my card on 500 core/750 ram....and that is way less than standard.overclockability was reported to go as far as 700/1060 by CCC)

my rig :
Asus p5q
Sapphire 4850
Be quiet 550
2gigs of kingston ddr2 800

thanks to anybody that can help

A:Sapphire 4850 issues

The core/memory speed reported are the idle speeds...the card throttles itself like the Intel processors do with speed step or the AMD processors do with cool'n'quiet when it is not under load. It is normal and actually described as a feature. When under load your card will use the overclocked settings you set without any performance penalty. I suggest you get the latest GPUZ which allows the recording of core and memory speeds over time so you can check if you wish. Also AMD has released a GPU overclocking utility.

As far as your benchmark is concerned I cannot comment.
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Hi guys,

My HIS Radeon 4850 (Not IceQ) has been getting REALLY hot recently, and I'm considering getting an aftermarket cooler for it. After playing 30-40 mins of CoD4, the core temp of it is in the high 90's (Celsius). I have manually turned the fan speed up from 25% to 100 using RivaTuner, and have plenty of ventillation and cooling in my Antec 902 case.
Is this too hot? Should I consider an aftermarket cooler for it, and if so, what one?

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I am new to these forums and need some help.
Crysis on my computer(running at 1280X800 all settings "High") is lagging really badly, I was just wondering why, I have looked at benchmarks for my graphics card and I am supposed to be getting near 40fps and I am actually getting about 15-17fps. I am running Vista 32bit.

Here are my System specs:

Processor: AMD Athalon 64X2 5000+ @ 3.01ghz
Graphics Card: Sapphire HD Radeon 4850
Memory: 4gbs of ddr2 800mhz Dual channel ram:
Power Supply: Xclio 460-Watt Stable Power
Motherboard: ECS 780g Black edition
Running Crysis at 1280x800 at All High settings I am getting 15 fps.

Could anyone tell me what might be wrong?

PS. If this helps:Every Other game runs fine maxed out(Brothers in arms hells highway with forced 24xAA and 16xAF runs at 60 fps)

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Hi all.

Soon i will be selling my 9600gt video card for a radeon hd 4850. I was just wondering if the hd 4850 would be ok with this power supply. It has dual 18amp 12v rails. My 9600GT works perfectly fine without any issues with this power supply. Does the hd 4850 use much more power? And will it work on this power supply?

A:HD 4850 on Coolermaster 460 watt PSU

Theoretically it should work fine. However, most people here are not really fond of Cooler Master PSUs.

I have been using my Cooler Master Extreme Power 600W PSU for a Powercolor HD 4890. No issues so far that I have noticed.. Earlier it used to power my XFX 9800GT.
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hi all, can someone explain to me how to i overclock this graphic card safely?

A:XFX Ati Radeon 4850 Overclocking

Ben81 said:

hi all, can someone explain to me how to i overclock this graphic card safely?Click to expand...

In my personal opinion there is no such thing as a 'safe overclock', any overclocking has risks and could kill the component.
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I ve been running FRAPS on my card to try and gauge performance and I ve run into a few problems After a lot of trying disabling process minimizing then booting ect I managed to get FRAPS to run with crysis once on default settings The benchmarks I got on that test were lower then should be expected at my resolution HD is I using right? 4850 too Am fast? My FRAPS I am running both on vista bit so that might be the problem When I disable the bit process sit runs fine but fails to benchmark By contrast running FRAPS on games like Mass Effect and the Witcher I ve noticed my framerates are too high I should be around or framerates on the witcher but with max AA and quality both in the catalyst control center and in the application I find framerates soaring past one hundred In Mass Effect I ve seen it dip to about for a second but usually hovers above and spends a great deal of time around Am My HD 4850 is too fast? Am I using FRAPS right? I using FRAPS right the yellow number appears over the screen pretty standard Is there something about online benchmarks that I am not understanding My movies show the frame at a steady and unwavering framerates with iron man I don t know My HD 4850 is too fast? Am I using FRAPS right? if that can be used as an indicator Anyway some information on this would be appreciated Some online benchmarks showing where my card should be http www tomshardware com reviews radeon-hd- - html nbsp
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Hi Experts,

Three (3) threads on this site imply that there may be a problem interfacing a Scanjet 4850 to 64-bit Win 7. Yet, the Hewlett Packard Support & Drivers site has a driver for this combination which I just downloaded and installed. However, on opening it up on my new Dell Inspiron I see with great dismay that it will only do photo scans in .jpeg and one other format. No mention of scanning documents to MS Word and then editing the now digitized document. Does this sound right, or have I done something wrong? Do I have to throw this 3- or 4-year-old scanner out now? I use document scanning 90% of the time and photo scanning only 10% of the time.

Looking forward to some insight on this,


H.L. deZeng (Larry)

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I did a clean install of 64 Bit Pro and it will start up fine the first time. As soon as it updates the ATI drivers, on restart it will crash as soon as the desktop appears. The card works fine on another system using Win7 RC. If I put a nVidia card into the new system it works fine with no problems what so ever.

Why is the 4850 causing the system to crash?


A:ATI 4850 crashes 64 Bit Pro on startup

Try updating your chipset drivers.

Install latest video driver from safe mode, using the device manager and pointing specifically to .inf. Reboot to normal mode and see how it goes.

Device manager ---> right click standard vga, update driver software, browse, let me pick, have disk, browse. Now navigate to the .inf and double click on it. Hit ok.
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Hi. I believe my vid card is bad. The wheel won't turn and it gets hot and there goes the graphics! Ok, so can you please tell me what card I need? The price on these things is out of sight and I know there are upgrades that maybe a better deal if you know what you are doing, which I don't. Will someone please advise me? What I have now is ATI Radion HD 4850 64 Bit 512 MB.
Thank you!

A:Solved: ATI Radion HD 4850

Might check to see if that card is still in warranty.
If so,you could send it in to the manufacturer and have
them repair or replace it.
A new replacement depends on your budget and what you use it for.
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Newbe: sorry trying to bdelete added in grafics
your remarks please

A:ATI 4850 Dual screen

I don't know what you are trying to say, but here are the latest drivers for your model.

Drivers & Tools | GAME.AMD.COM
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Hey all Made a post last week about problems with the new build I made for Palit Sonic HD 4850 my friend I have since sent off the HD I ve read quite a few other forums and found that quite a few other people are having the exact same problem with lines down the screen from when the PC turns on I was just wondering if anyone else had the same issue with this card Also the OCZ SXS w is enough for this card right I saw Palit HD 4850 Sonic people being able to run it on lower And also would only using the Pin v connector on the mobo make any difference to the graphics card I m using an E Finally I switched the card with an GTS in the system and that worked fine but thats only -pin not -pin Sorry for asking again just worried that when the graphics card does get replaced that nothing else was affecting it as it is my mates build Thank nbsp

A:Palit HD 4850 Sonic

"And also, would only using the 4 Pin 12v connector on the mobo make any difference to the graphics card. I'm using an E8400"...

You could try using a power supply that has an 8-pin CPU voltage connector if you still have trouble with the video when you get the video card back
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HI all

I have just purchased and fitted this Card. The problem is everytime I even try to start a game I get some bizare grren lines on my screen and the system Crashes.

XFX Radeon HD4850 1GB Gddr3

ASUS M3A-H/HDMI- Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+
600w PSU (30amps on the +12V)

Have installed all the latest drivers etc and no joy.

Also tried upping the fan speed and even underclocking the GPU using the Overdrive facility.

Have also done a clean install in case it was driver clashes.

Any help please would be greatly appreciated.

A:XFX Radeon 4850 Crashing

do you have the 6 pin power cable plugged into the card?
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I've a single ATI with dual monitor connections,
as Im using windows 7 and the latest win7 x64 drivers from ati (after installing all drivers in the latest history)

I lose my second screen(screen remains in sleep mode) after the sleep mode initiated . It seems to be a programming error in the driver...

I can get the second screen up by the following sequence simple logging out --->>
switch User ... logging back in ( it takes some time after loggging in though....

Is there a way to detect what sequence(command) is sent to the screen and if I could add that sequence in the loggin...

I've the impression service from ati is bad they've simular reports dating from the beggining of Vista and never bothered to change anyting (by the way never had such problems in XP)

your remarks please

A:ATI 4850 dual screen

Try drivers directly from ATI for Windows 7. Don't rely on the Microsoft default drivers for your card. Hopefully this will help if you don't already have ATI-supplied drivers.

For 64-bit Windows 7:

For 32-bit Windows 7:
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I'm in the USA. Without going to Newegg, where's the cheapest place I can get an ATI Radeon HD 4850?

A:Cheapest Radeon 4850?

Hello Cam, you could try Tigerdirect, I myself have never purchased anything from their site but I have heard as many good things about them, as I have newegg.

Are you looking for a 1 Gigabyte 4850?

Tiger Direct: 512MB Radeon 4850

Tiger Direct: 1GB Radeon 4850

Tiger Direct: 1GB Radeon 4850

Tiger Direct: 2GB Radeon 4850
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Hey all, 2 days ago i bought a sapphire 4850 x2. i wouls just like to know something.

would putting this card in a 680i board be a problem?

would i not see as good of perfprmance as an intel board?

would there be any crossfire conflictions ?

Its an awesome card and dominates all of my games. Its just on crysis 1680x1050 all on very high i get 20 fps. I dont know if crossfire is working in the game or not or if it is a driver issue or if it because of my board.

Your comments a much appreciated

A:4850 X2 in a 680i board

probably no conflicts, probably driver issue, try reinstalling or use a modded one like DNA, OMEGA, Xtreme-G
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There seems to be a blue coloured one, with a double slot fan and a red one with single slot. I don't use any of the other PCI slots on my motherboard, so I'm not bothered. But do both these have exactly the same performance?

Relevancy 40.42%

i wanna knw the indian prices of the 9800gt and the hd 4850..hv the prices been lowered recently?....thnx in advance

A:Prices: 9800GT and the HD 4850

Check out the Lynx India website. You'll find the required info there. In future, please remember that Google is your friend.

BTW, where in India are you located?
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First post in a loonng while !

I recently got hold of the XfX Radeon Hd 4850 1gb second hand and was wondering how good it was compared to my nvidia geforce gt240 512MB , i did a benchmark and all and that ment nothing to me but i was thinking what would you all prefer ,

The ati card has better cooling and a sleeker look also VERY bigger , but no HDMI ( 2x DVI + svidio.

Although its older ? it felt that it out performed Mt GT 240 OVERCLOCKED triple , on crysis HD photoreal mod ?

any ideas

A:Xfx radeon hd 4850 1gb gddr3

It should. The HD 4850 is anywhere from 1.5-2x faster than the GT 240 in most cases.
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I recently purchased an ATI 4850 (512 MB RamDDR3) I installed it and tried to run a newer game (DoW 2) but it tells me I do not have the graphical capacity to run it. I have updated my drivers numorous times, and when I use a program to check if I can run a certain game, it tells me my video card only has 128mb ram. I am very confused, and would apreciate any help, I have also updated my directX.

My specs:

AMD Athlon 7750 (Black Edition)
4 GB Ram
ATI 4850 (ATI 4550 before that)
580W PSU
(If you need any more info let me know)

A:I am having problems with a HIS ATI Radeon 4850

Any response would be much apreciated, I am very frustrated and need some help.
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So heres the problem i ve got my GPU set to stock memory and gpu clock speeds not overclocked at all andi t s over heating like crazy it s idleing at c while the fan is at manually set at if i don t turn the fan up during intense gaming eg crysis borderlands fall problems heating 4850 out etc the computer will just shut down or the game will bug out after a few minutes i guess to stop any insane damage being done to my graphics card but yeah i have to turn the fan up to to just to keep it around C while gaming what are ur guys thoughts on this i know a bit about computers and to me this doesn t really sound like something a new fan would fix it sounds like my video card is just fizzled and i might as well run it into the ground until it dies and then buy a new one lol let me know guys cause i m not super knowledgable on this subject nbsp

A:4850 heating problems

If it has the reference, single slot cooler, it will not stay at decent temps in any case that's not very well cooled. I would recommend either a new case for your computer, or a new cooler for the card:
The cooler installation requires quite a semi-decent knowledge on heatsink installations, but is doable if you're up to it. New case is the easier option. Something like... Antec 300, (Lian-Li) Lancool PC-K58, Coolermaster Centurion 590, NZXT M59, etc would be my recommendations for a low(ish) budget.
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When ever i play something intensive like crysis or aion, i can only play it for about 5 minutes before it crashes, whats going on ? someone please help!

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Hello Everyone - I am new to the forum and I need some help.

I have a Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H MoBo with Nvidia GTX 560 (also Gigabyte) GPU. I am currently limited to two monitors on the 560 and would like to add a third monitor. I have an old ATI HD 4850 that I was thinking about installing along side the 560 so I could run three monitors.

Is it possible to mix the two without killing either of the video cards and/or the motherboard? The 560 will remain the primary GPU for heavy applications and the 4850 will handle the light stuff.

Thanks for your help.

A:Mix Nvidia GT560 & ATI HD 4850

You cant, Unless you use your GTX 560 as your PhysyX.
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So jw im still searching for a graphics card can a 4850 play all these games at full spec
I dont really care for AA or AF and im running at resolution of 1440 X 900;.

3GB ram
2.7 Ghz processor
and 2.0 Pci E

A:4850 graphics card

Hmm. Not Crysis, at least not at that resolution... I've got one on display right now with an AMD X2 6000 and 2GB of Patriot.. It's ok with 3dmark 06, but not good enough with Vantage. Drop your res a little bit and it should be fine.
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Hey all, I've got an older 4850 that's perpetually stuck with CCC 11.2 drivers. I had issues when I originally put it in where it wouldn't install drivers at all which required a boot into safe mode alongside driver sweeper and some deleting of mucked up files in a system folder. But now when I go to do the automatic update through CCC, it says everything installs correctly but it doesn't actually install the latest drivers. And I've uninstalled CCC and reinstalled to no avail. I'm thinking something is broken deep down but I wouldn't know where to begin to look. Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

A:HD 4850 won't take new Catalyst drivers

Zach, have you tried driver sweeper in Safe mode? The reason I ask is that the drivers need to be COMPLETELY removed for a new install to work correctly.

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Just updated to win7 to try and wipe out a vista update loop that wouldn't die.  Oneof4 spent many days working it, and I ran out of time.   Now the catalyst center shows nothing but CPU data.  No video cards.   Dev mgr says something about corrupt files.  I have uninstalled the drivers, but this does not seem to change anything.  I have updated the drivers, but this too has no affect.  I uninstalled and tried driver sweeper, with no change.  Driver sweeper choked.  Instructions for manually removing files from registry look very risky.  Any ideas?

A:err...I'm back; ati 4850 problem

Where are you getting the drivers, how are you trying to remove them, and driver sweeper has been discontinued.;-ati-4850-problem/
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İ installed Win 8 9200 on my computer but i have problem with CCC i tried all drivers but none of all didn't install ati catalyst Control Center i use hdmi cable and i can not change scale options what shoul i do ?

A:ati 4850 CCC doesn't work

When I was using Windows 8 with my ATI 4850 none of the NEW ATI catalyst Control Center drivers would install CCC.
What I had to do was go back to the ATI 11.2 driver to get the CCC to install !
Hope this helps you .
Good Luck
Jerry W.
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so ive been saving my pennies these past few weeks with plans on purchasing an Asus ATI Radeon HD 4850.

I just went on newegg to check on it today, and noticed that the card i was going to get is only available as an "open box". what exactly does that mean? refurbished? returned item?

i also noticed on the "mid range buying guide" on techspot that they changed it from the 4850 to the 4870.

The 4850 was 180 before but now the open box product is like 135. Should i get that, or should i dish out the extra cash ($244) for the 4870.

My pc wont be specifically for gaming since i game mostly on my 360, but i still want to be able to play some of the latest titles on my computer.

any recommendations?

A:ATI radeon 4850 vs 4870

I would just get the 4870. Also, consider the Sapphire 4850 if you don't want to spend the extra cash.
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I was told recently that it is possible to crossfire an ATI 4850 with a 4870. Has anyone else heard this? The reason I ask is because I may be getting a 4870 and I already have a 4850.

A:Crossfiring a 4850 with a 4870?

Yes it is possible, that is the + side of crossfire you do not need the same gfx card and brand. Although you will not get a massive improvement in proformance such as 4870x2. It is a good idea, just make sure you have a PSU with enough W's and you should be fine.

Looking at your PSU I think 650W will be fine as the recommended for 4870x2 is 700W. Here is a picture I found on
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A:H.e.l.p.!!! Big problems with directx and ati 4850

Hello and welcome to the forum,

Are your drivers up to date?

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Well i'm thinking of buying a new video card on Monday and i'm stuck between the 3870 and the 4850.

3870 has more memory bandwidth and has a dual slot cooler which will help with temperatures while the 4850 is way more powerful but a single slot cooler which will increase the temperatures

So which video card should i choose?

I can get the 3870 for around $126 [ASUS, comes with Company of Heroes] and i can get the 4850 for around $195 [after instant rebate, comes with scratch and win card, comes with GRID]

This means pricing is also a factor if i need to get a new PSU.

Also is my PSU powerful enough?

its a Sparkle SPI 400W with 18A on one rail and this PSU has 2 rails which basically doubles the Amps.

As long as i can hold off a new PSU till i get more money, then i'll get the 4850.

My System is in my profile


A:ATi Radeon 3870 or 4850 & Is My PSU Enough

Actually, your PSU only delivers a combined total of 29A on the +12V rails, which I wouldn't recommend for that system with either card since your PSU does not come with two PCI-E power connectors and even if it can handle the card, if you try and convert a Molex connector to a 6-pin one, you will end up drawing power from the same rail as your other components and will probably cause the PSU to fail. Get new one with at least 32A on the +12V rails combined and two PCI-E power connectors. I'd recommend the Corsair 550VX as an excellent choice.
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i recent got a HIS 4850 i cooler
and did crossfire with my saphire 4850 512mb
i insatlled the 2 cards in my mobo and used only 1 crossfire connector because the new one doesnt come with one. i installed the laters 10.6 drivers and the crossfire x driver. after i enabled crossfire i opened up team fortress 2 and whenever i join a server i get the blue screen and when the game is launch there is a bunch of purple lines. then i installed need for speed shift and i get the same problem. however when i disable crossfire all is good =/
my rig:
asus p5q3 deluxe wifi
antec sonata 3
antec 500d psu
2gb of ocz3g13332gk
and the 2 gpus mentioned earlier
1x vertex ssd 60gb
please help im running out of ideas. thank you in advance

A:4850 CrossFire bluescreen?

You only need one crossfire connector, you can use two but it wont make any difference. try moving the crossfire bridge from the 1st to second crossfire out, or the opposite of where you have it, and see if that makes a difference
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I have note used this card in awhile and put it in a new build that I have put together. However when I go to switch to HDMI audio it says that my device is not compatible and that I have to use another cable. But I have used this card with the Sony TV before. I have the latest drivers and I want to see if anyone else knows how to fix this.

A:ATI 4850 and HDMI Audio

Try this.

Start> In search box type

change sound card settings


See if you have an HDMI source (the video cards hdmi audio out).

Set that as default might be your fix.

A Guy
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I was wondering if I should buy another 4850 and CF it as I am buying a 1080p 24" monitor. I am also visiting Taiwan for a week or so and was wondering wether I should try get one from there cheap? or will there be a problem since my 4850 is from Australia.

Also do you need to buy the same brand of 4850 to CF as I have a Gigabyte 512mb or will any brand 512mb one do.

I only have a 600W PSU, would that be enough for 4850 CF ?


(Check other stats in tab also its a Q9450 2.66ghz*)

A:Crossfire 4850 512mb

hm.... i'm not sure 600 is enough also..... you could get a 4870 to crossfire and i think they have to be the same brand but not sure...... i know some of you guys have crossfire.... so help him out
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I want to go into detail on this because I know that will help you solve my problem better so it might be long Thank you in advance My Computer is ATI problems 4850 HD Radeon a DELL XPS - Intel Core Q Quad-Core MB L cache GHz FSB GB Dual Channel DDR SDRAM at MHz - DIMMs ATI Radeon HD MB I have had my computer for year and it has never gave me any problems Today I got the new ATI Radeon 4850 HD problems PC game Final Fantasy XIV which is really one of the better graphic games I have ever seen and the system requirements were pretty high My computer fulfilled the minimum requirments and after played for about hours my game froze but I could still hear the sound I alt tabbed and my desktop was laggy and when I would right click on the desktop the pull ATI Radeon 4850 HD problems down menus were all plain white with no text I restarted computer and after it would say Windows and it was done loading the screen would stay ATI Radeon 4850 HD problems black but I could hear the sounds from the computer that it was running and I was receiving messages on AIM because it logs in automatically Restarted a few times and the last time I hit f to go to setup and the menu was really buggy with a lot of symbols in between the words and across parts of the screen After not using the computer for awhile it successfully turned on and I was able to see everything I used it for awhile with no problems but once I played the game I noticed the video card heated up even though the fan works and the game froze again and the same thing happened I cleaned out my computer with a dust remover etc and tried again now after a few hours of back and forth my computer stays at the black screen after windows loads even though its been off and the video card is cool I really don t know what else to try I updated all drivers and now I notice the video card gets pretty hot even when its sitting at the black screen after windows even though the fan on the video card is clearly running I m very frustrated since I waited so long to play this game and If I do need a new video card I dont really know what I should get and I keep hearing about needing power supplies for better video cards ANY helping will be greatly appreciated and I should be on to answer any questions that might help you solve my dilemma Thank you so much nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 4850 HD problems

update video drivers to Catalyst 10.9
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I have an Asus M2N SLI motherboard and have always been a customer of nvidia but have been considering a switch to Radeon. I like the prices and the performance of their current generation of cards.

Anyways, I was curious about whether or not performance would be effected by using the ATI card on the Nvidia mobo? I know that you can't run Crossfire on an SLI board but I do know that a single ATI PCI-E card should work just fine. However, I've been thinking about getting the 2GB Radeon 4850 which is essentially two cards in one running Crossfire no? So would I be able to use one of these cards by themselves in my SLI board or would it cause problems?


A:2GB Radeon 4850 on an SLI motherboard

You should have no problems, the controller to interface the two cards are on the board, so the SLI controller won't prevent you from running that card. Nor will that card require Crossfire alone.
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Hi i recently purchased a brand new HIS ATi Radeon ICEq Turbo I installed it fine disabled my onboard graphics hd from the BIOS The performance is OK but it isn t NEAR what it is suppose to be My friend has a regular HIS and can get - FPS on F E A R Me on with Turbo my Problem 4850 new ICEq the other hand can get near - and can drop down to On highest that is We both have the same prosesser and RAM My motherboard is a Gigabyte one with onboard ATi I m sorry that i cant give much info at the moment i m not at my house right Problem with my new 4850 ICEq Turbo now My only Problem with my new 4850 ICEq Turbo question is why is the preformance so much worse than my friends the only thing i can gather is my Harddrive i have a very old GB around RPM could that really effect about x less preformance than if i had a very good one its a IDe one once again i can t give much info because im not home We both have the same OS XP Pro SP I have disabled my onboard graphics I also downloaded the latest HIS drivers for the card Can someone give me some insight to why i get so much worse performance than him and no it isn t just F E A R He gets atleast x better performance on games like Crysis Farcry Mirrors Edge ect All help is appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Problem with my new 4850 ICEq Turbo

im sure the HDD has something to do with it but also sounds like a problem with drivers maybe uninstall all the video drivers take the card out then put it back in and make sure you disable the onboard video then install new drivres and should be good. also did you plug in the 6 pin power adapter?
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Ok, so my computer had a 4350 that ran perfectly fine. I just dropped in the new 4850 and now the driver isn't installing properly. Everything comes up on the display, but catalyst control center doesn't work nor does going into device manager And clicking to install the drivers. I downloaded the current CCC through the amd website and set it to simply install the video driver and it finishes with a yellow question mark and and nothing has changed. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail, but I was just able to find the old CCC disc that came with the 4350 for version 9.6. My best guess now is to uninstall CCC and reinstall it from the disc, unless anyone has a solution to this issue.

Thanks in advance

A:Problem with swap from 4350 to 4850

On device manager, change display driver to standar vga and restart the computer, once it boots into windows, go to control panel / programs and features and remove everything AMD/ATI related and restart again, this time, install latest catalyst 12.4.
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Hey All -

First time poster, long time stalker.

I just put together a new system, and everything is running swimmingly except for 2 things:

1) When i boot into vista, and there is that "transition" into the login screen, there is sometimes artifacting on the transition (I.E. black blocks in random patterns on the screen). Is this a normal occurrence on load? or?

2) When i play DVD's using WMP (and the default MS Codec that comes with Vista Ultimate) i will randomly get "Slow Downs" or "Dropped Frames" which although not affecting the audio, proves very distracting. This does not happen when i use VLC.

Anyway, any and all help/advice/etc... would be greatly appreciated!

Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
Sapphire 4850
4GB G.Skill PI Black ram (DDR2-800)
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I want to put this up just encase anyone had the same problem I did and if I remember correctly there were a few people that posted the same problem on other forums The problem When I ran anything very graphically intensive like crysis furmark or when I ran a game without vsync on my PC would crash and I would just see lines on the screen or just see blackness 4850 Crashing problem solved I even got a replacement for my card and they said it was faulty and sent me a new one but it still happened just less often Solution In your bios set the pcie frequency to not auto How came to this conclusion I had just helped my friend build a PC for the first time and he had done a lot of research and as we were overclocking his CPU he mentioned that he heard you should set the pcie frequency on your motherboard to not auto or it will overclock itself during intense graphics After I had a few more crashes I remembered him mentioning this 4850 Crashing problem solved so I tried it and no more crashing not even in furmark So thanks to him I don t have to worry about crysis cashing anymore and I can finally overclock nbsp

A:4850 Crashing problem solved

Hey thanks for posting this!
I have the same videocard 4850 and it gave the same problems and i didn't know why.
Thanks for posting this (I thought i was the only one).
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It is a real headache when I search reviews for the same graphics card and get different benchmark results (i.e. Crysis). For example: Here on Techspot, the Nvidia 8800GTS is about the same performance-wise compared to the ATI HD 4850. But on Xbit-Labs or Tom's Hardware, one of the cards will be significantly worse.
So my question is: From experience, is the ATI Radeon HD 4850 better than the Nvidia 8800GTS/GTX ? What would be the best card to get for the $150 - $200 price range?

A:Radeon HD 4850 vs Nvidia Cards

The Radeon 4850 is in the league of nVidia 9800GTX/+ cards so yes it is better than the 8800GTS/GTX cards.
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In general, which one of these cards is the best performer. I have them both and just trying to make up my mind which one to install. Thanks!

A:XFX Radeon 5570 vs His iv cooler 4850

4850 imo, even though it doesnt have DX11, it'll probably give you more fps.
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hi when i ran the re5 bench mark on windows 7 DX9 version and on xp i got full speed 60fpsbut on 7 im getting 10-15 fps. (look at the screenie) i really wanna run this with DX 10. and if the benchmark is goig slow on 7 so will the actual game. is there anyway i can fix this? im positive this is a 7 problem but other people are getting full speed.

(another question that i have )
is there a possible way that i can make the AA higher in games. in game i only see 8x when nvidia users can choose up to 16XQ.

A:ati 4850 super slow on 7 fast on xp

Quote: Originally Posted by buugtdbgt

hi when i ran the re5 bench mark on windows 7 DX9 version and on xp i got full speed 60fpsbut on 7 im getting 10-15 fps. (look at the screenie) i really wanna run this with DX 10. and if the benchmark is goig slow on 7 so will the actual game. is there anyway i can fix this? im positive this is a 7 problem but other people are getting full speed.

(another question that i have )
is there a possible way that i can make the AA higher in games. in game i only see 8x when nvidia users can choose up to 16XQ.

sys specs please,

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Hi All,

Is it possible to switch from onboard graphics and 4850. Now I am using Intel 945GCC motherboard and having HD4850 graphics card. I want to use 4850 while playing games and onboard graphics card for regular usage, So that I can save some power.

A:Using Onboard graphics card along with 4850

No, and the power requirement for the 4850 isnt taxing anyway.
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I recently built a PC and upon turning it on I found dashed lines going down the screen. I've tried replacing the monitor, cable with no luck, however when I replace the graphics card it does seem to work. Before I sent off for a replacement for the HD 4850 I was wondering if there was any known fault with that motherboard.
Secondly, even with the other card I put in, the 8800 GTS, installing windows seems to go really slow. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the power supply thats being used on has the 4 pin ATX_12V connector not the 8. However this shouldn't make a difference as it only has an E8400 in it. Also, the 8800GTS has a 6 pin powerc connector, not 8.

The only things I can think of is
1) Power supply being faulty, or not working because its not the 8 pin 12V connector.
2) Graphics card faulty

Any ideas?


A:Problem with GA-EP45-UD3P and HD 4850

Does the 8800GT have the latest drivers installed, or is it running off the ATI drivers?

I thought all PCI-E power connectors were 6 pin. or possibly (?)

Lines running through the screen are sort of classic bad video card thingys

You shouldn't need the 8 pin CPU plug the the E8400, it's mostly for the quads. (65 watts C2D vs 120Watts draw for the quad core).

I don't think there are any issues associated with that board, my goodness everybody's got one. (at least the UD3R)
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Like the title above says i need something more powerful than the xfx radei HD 4850 1GB but not to expensive, Sure it still chugs a long fine but lacks newer dx features, I only payed $130 when i bought that card a cpl years ago but I'm looking for something cheaper than can beat it in performance. That and ati just put that card in legacy support Model HD-485X-ZDFC rev.2.1 if you all want to look up the specs has double lifetime warranty one of the reason i bought it, Had it replace by xfx once when capacitors started leaking in an older revision of the card.

A:Need something more powerful than xfx radeon hd 4850 1GB card

well a 6770 is about 100 bucks new and would be a mild improvement in overall performance.
As long as you stay under the 100 dollar mark there's not a ton of options.

It may be possible to find a 5850 somewhere in that price range and it's about twice as fast.
It's also a tad older so the possibility of finding one in your price range gets slightly better.

Sadly 100 bucks just isn't a lot for a video card these days.
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Cliffs at the bottom BACKGROUND INFO I purchased my new computer on Christmas due to the sales they had that day When I first got it it work perfectly fine without even downloading the drivers I'm a developer for a game and I use various software needed for graphics editing I play a year old game Sony's Infantry almost everyday on average for to hours a day and my system temps are pretty normal Around - C temps when playing - a 4850 picture help! Saphhire won't display I use compressed air every weeks and my case is nice and tidy so there's no dust bunnies or anything of that sort PROBLEM ITSELF The problem arose during the month of August There were no Saphhire 4850 won't display a picture - help! artifacts or blue screens or anything like that The computer would just suddenly turn off on its own and when I tried to power it on it did not display a picture I saw the CPU fans spinning the HDDs were running all the cables are connected properly the video card sapphire fan was on and there's beep code I asked my friend to borrow his old GT and my computer worked normally He suggests that my PSU may not be supplying enough juice to the GPU I thought it might have been the mobo But my friend is more knowledable than I am I ended up buying a new PSU The PSU ended up not solving the problem Then I buy the same exact card that gave me the problem and a new motherboard and installed the drivers that didnt do it either With basically a brand new computer minus the RAM I end up with the same results Now I end up here asking for help I contacted Saphhire about their product They gave me info to ship the card back to them for a replacement but most other people said that the wait would take over a month for shipping I've checked googled and other forums but lots of people have been having the same issue with the same card and none of them resolved their situtation Can it be the RAM because I'm not certain that RAM effects GPU Somone want to enlighten me Is the NEW card bad too Original setup Intel Q Sapphire ATI HD Asus P E Antec W G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Antec W Continuous SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Windows x Windows Vista x nd setup Intel Q NEW Sapphire ATI HD Gigabyte EP -UD P G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Corsair W Modular PSU Windows x Windows Vista x Cliffs Video card wont display bios after starting up beep code no LEDs lite up swapped components trying to figure out which one died borrow friends vid card and computer worked fine bought new psu same exact vid card again mobo both old and new vid card wont work on new setup

A:Saphhire 4850 won't display a picture - help!

Look your motherboard bios beep code section ,, as System Support Speacialist I'd go and check your ram and possible faulty memory / voltage settings on bios.
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Hi I have installed a Gainward GS MB -graphics-card on my Vista -PC The graphics-card works fine under Vista But when I try to install Win either or Bit it is allways the same problem the installation-process succeeds up to the point when Win restarts after installing Then the Win -Startup-Screen with the LOGO is displayed correctly but then the PC tries to switch the resolution and I get a black screen The computer still reacts when in quot black-screen-mode quot MB) 7 refuses Gainward (1024 GS Win 4850 E g I can send him to sleep-mode and wake him up via my keyboard So I guess it s a problem Win 7 refuses Gainward 4850 GS (1024 MB) with my graphics card Anybody any ideas Here is my mainboard configuration System Hersteller MEDIONPC Modell MS- werden von MSI gebaut Version OEM Seriennummer Nr D CDB - B E E- - E E Geh use Hersteller OEM Typ Desktop Abschlie bar Nein Version OEM Mainboard Win 7 refuses Gainward 4850 GS (1024 MB) Hersteller MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD MP Unterst tzung Nein MPS Version Modell MS- Version Fab D Seriennummer OEM Win 7 refuses Gainward 4850 GS (1024 MB) System BIOS -Bearlake- A OM BC- Chipsatz Intel G x X x X x Bearlake Mainboardeigenschaften herausnehmbar Nein austauschbar Nein Hot Swap Nein System Speichersteuerung Ort Mainboard Fehlerkorrektur Kein e Anzahl von Speichersteckpl tzen Maximal installierbarer Speicher GB Bank - A DIMM Synchron GB MHz Bank - A DIMM Synchron MB MHz Bank - A DIMM Synchron GB MHz Bank - A DIMM Synchron MB MHz Chipsatz Modell Intel P G G Processor to I O Controller Revision A Bus Intel AGTL Unabh ngige FSB-Kan le Front Side Bus Geschwindigkeit x MHz GHz Maximale FSB-Geschwindigkeit x MHz GHz Breite -bit Crossfire-Technologie Ja EA Warteschlangentiefe Anfrage n Maximale Busbandbreite GB s Features TXT - Trust Execution Technologie Ja ME - Management Engine Ja AMT - Active Management Technology Ja VT-d - Virtualisierungstechnologie Ja EF - EastFork Technologie Ja AP - Agent Presence Ja CB - Circuit Breaker Ja Automatische L ftergeschwindigkeitregelung Ja Chipsatz Hub Schnittstelle Typ DMI Version Anzahl von Anschl ssen Ein Aus-Breite -bit -bit Multiplikator x Geschwindigkeit x MHz MHz Logische Chipsatz Speicherb nke Bank MB DIMM DDR - - - - - - T Bank MB DIMM DDR - - - - - - T Bank MB DIMM DDR - - - - - - T Bank MB DIMM DDR - - - - - - T Bank MB DIMM DDR - - - - - - T Bank MB DIMM DDR - - - - - - T Geteilter Speicher MB Maximal installierbarer Speicher GB Unterst tzte Speichertypen ECC DIMM DDR DDR Kan le Speicherbusgeschwindigkeit x MHz MHz Maximale Speichergeschwindigkeit x MHz GHz Multiplikator x Breite -bit Speicher-Controller im Prozessor Nein Auffrischrate s Stromsparmodus Nein Fixed Hole pr sent Nein Maximale Speicherbusbandbreite GB s APIC Version Multiplikator x Maximale Interrupts IRQ Handler verwendet Ja Erweiterte Unterst tzung Ja Speichermodul Hersteller Samsung Modell M T CZ -CE Seriennummer FA Typ GB DIMM DDR Technologie x Mx Geschwindigkeit PC - U DDR - Monitor Standard Timings - - - - - - Version Spannung Speicher V Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Speichermodul Hersteller Samsung Modell M T EZS-CE Seriennummer BD CD Typ MB DIMM DDR Technologie x Mx Geschwindigkeit PC - U DDR - Monitor Standard Timings - - - - - - Version Herstellungsdatum Dienstag August Spannung Speicher V Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Speichermodul Hersteller Samsung Modell M T CZ -CE Seriennummer A Typ GB DIMM DDR Technologie x Mx Geschwindigkeit PC - U DDR - Monitor Standard Timings - - - - - - Version Spannung Speicher V Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Speichermodul Hersteller Samsung Modell M T EZS-CE Seriennummer DA E Typ MB DIMM DDR Technologie x Mx Geschwindigkeit PC - U DDR - Monitor Standard Timings - - - - - - Version Herstellungsdatum Dienstag August Spannung Speicher V Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setze Takt MHz - - - - - - Setz... Read more

A:Win 7 refuses Gainward 4850 GS (1024 MB)

Visit Intel's website and let it scan your system. Install any chipset/motherboard drivers it may have newer.

Then install the video driver again.

Use safe mode plus networking if you have to.

Do you have any exclamation points in the device manager, either before or after?
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Hi i just built a new rig I put in two Visiontek s on a Gigabyte MA X board The specs for the board state that the Visiontek problem 4850/Motherboard two slots are indeed both x however when i look in my catalyst settings it claims they are only at x Anything i run gaming-wise runs laggy and falls apart of crashes after a short while I flashed the BIOS and there doesn t seem to be any other things i can think of to remedy the situation I run AMD Ghz Gigabyte GA MA Visiontek 4850/Motherboard problem X-DS GB Corsair DDR CrossfireX Visiontek s Running Vista- bit and FedoraCore And this is Visiontek 4850/Motherboard problem the output i get in Catalyst Control Primary Adapter Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by ATI Graphics Chipset ATI Radeon HD Series Device ID Vendor Subsystem ID Subsystem Vendor ID Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express x BIOS Version BIOS Part Visiontek 4850/Motherboard problem Number -B - BIOS Date Memory Size MB Memory Type GDDR Core Clock in MHz MHz Memory Clock in MHz MHz Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte s GByte s Linked Adapter Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by ATI Graphics Chipset ATI Radeon HD Series Device ID Vendor Subsystem ID Subsystem Vendor ID Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express x BIOS Version BIOS Part Number -B - BIOS Date Memory Size MB Memory Type GDDR Core Clock in MHz MHz Memory Clock in MHz MHz Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte s GByte s Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Visiontek 4850/Motherboard problem

The old adage 'RTFM' applies:

"(The PCIE_16_1 slot supports x16; the PCIE_16_2 supports x8.
The PCI Express x16 slots conform to PCI Express 2.0 standard.)", and

"(Note 3) When the CrossFireXTM technology is enabled, the PCIE_16_1 slot will operate in x8 mode. If you are installing a single PCI Express x16 graphics card, please install it in the PCIE_16_1 slot for optimum performance."

Using 2 cards they have to default to the lower x8 setting.
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Sigh so here we go I recently purchased a Radeon to replace an older model that I have currently I received it last night but have managed to make a mess of things Instead of going to drivers and disabling the drivers for the model I actually went to Add Remove Programs and removed the Radeon 4850 Issues installing catalyst drivers After restarting the machine nothing but a black screen is received even though I can hear that Windows starts fine I decided to go ahead Issues installing Radeon 4850 and put the new card in at this point After installing it and plugging it up to the Power Supply when I go to turn it on the fans spin for a half a second and then the computer does not boot up Removed the video card out of the slot but still plugged to the power supply and the machine boots up Placed the old card back in and it starts up but again with black screen Attempted to plug the monitor into the onboard video adapter and I just get a few BIOS beeps and then the PC turns itself back off At this point I have no idea what to do to get this new video card installed or even to get the old one working so I can try to do anything Any suggestions are greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

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My computer has a Radeon 4850 hooked up via VGA to Samsung LN32A650

Running Vista Ultimate 32 bit, no problem, TV is detected and native 1920x1080 resolution is supported.

ATI Catalyst 9.9 is installed.

Running Windows 7 64bit (updated with latest patches) and Catalyst 9.9 64 bit drivers causes a "Mode not Supported" message on bootup.

I can get the Windows 7 to go to 640 x 480 mode sometimes and then change the resolution to 1366 x 768 but no higher.

I have seen other people with similar but not identical symptoms but no clear solution.

Can anybody help.

If there is a solution already can somebody please point me to the correct thread.


A:ATI 4850/Samsung LN32A650 Problem

Have you installed the drivers for your display(s)? Is it showing up in device mngr as the proper display? Sometimes if it shows up as PnP it won't have the proper refresh rates for the native resolution.
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Purchased an HP scanjet 4370 which does not work with omnipro. The 4370 takes pretty pictures, but does not allow editing of a document.
I am now considering getting the HP 4850. It advertises OCR technology. Will it work with my existing software, Omnipro 14?

A:Does HP scanjet 4850 work with Omnipro 14

OmniPage should allow any scanner to scan into it Not sure I'm understanding the problem.
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I just installed a radeon 4850 into my PC.
however, as soon as i start a game, i get very faint horizontal lines going up the screen, i dont really no why, is it because of unstable drivers?? or is my monitor ****?? (60hz refresh rate)

Any help?

A:Horizontal lines with Radeon HD 4850

Can you explain a little more about your system. What video card was used previously? Which drivers are you running? Which type of monitor, LCD I assume? What resolution are you running?

Faint scrolling lines could be from some type of electrical interference.