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Upgrading 3.33GHz 512MB RAM Windows XP PC

Q: Upgrading 3.33GHz 512MB RAM Windows XP PC

Hi all I have an eMachines W Ghz MB RAM Windows XP Media Center PC bought in - ish It s not my regular computer it s my old computer that is at my parent s house I visit them every - months depending on my schedule so those are the only times that I am on this PC I do not game or do heavy intensive type things I am a full time nurse and part time student so the majority of what I do is browsing the internet Microsoft Word documents for homework email etc I don t stream music videos or any other type of media I d like to make this computer work a RAM 3.33GHz XP Upgrading Windows PC 512MB little faster if possible I know there is Upgrading 3.33GHz 512MB RAM Windows XP PC controversy over upgrading the RAM in older computers so I m wondering if my situation would benefit from that at all To even click the start menu you can hear the computer crunching and it really gets on my nerves Switching tabs in Google Chrome loads slowly from top to bottom like I m trying to load a large photo from Google Image Search Aside from all that I don t see a need to purchase a whole new computer simply for - weeks usage for - times per year If this is the best speed this computer can do I can put up with it however if there is anything I can do with the RAM that would be nice as well I deleted a lot of programs in the Add Remove Programs list ran a registry fix and changed some settings on how things load in the computer I really don t want to change the visual to the classic mode I did a scan with Crucial System Scanner and it located my MB of DDR RAM and suggested GB of DDR PC or PC RAM -pin DIMM I have Amazon Prime free shipping and found Komputerbay GB x GB DDR DIMM PIN Mhz PC for with free shipping This seems like a fairly cheap upgrade also advertises a lifetime warranty not sure how legit that is but I m concerned that it will actually help and also be compatible Suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Upgrading 3.33GHz 512MB RAM Windows XP PC

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrading 3.33GHz 512MB RAM Windows XP PC

eriley1987 said:

Hi all,

I have an eMachines W3503 3.33 Ghz 512 MB RAM Windows XP Media Center 2005 PC (bought in 2005-2006ish). It's not my regular computer, it's my old computer that is at my parent's house. I visit them every 3-4 months depending on my schedule, so those are the only times that I am on this PC. I do not game or do heavy, intensive type things. I am a full time nurse and part time student, so the majority of what I do is browsing the internet, Microsoft Word documents for homework, email, etc. I don't stream music, videos, or any other type of media.

I'd like to make this computer work a little faster, if possible. I know there is controversy over upgrading the RAM in older computers, so I'm wondering if my situation would benefit from that at all. To even click the start menu you can hear the computer crunching and it really gets on my nerves. Switching tabs in Google Chrome loads slowly from top to bottom... like I'm trying to load a large photo from Google Image Search. Aside from all that, I don't see a need to purchase a whole new computer simply for 1-2 weeks usage for 3-4 times per year. If this is the best speed this computer can do, I can put up with it, however if there is anything I can do with the RAM, that would be nice, as well.

I deleted a lot of programs in the Add/Remove Programs list, ran a registry fix, and changed some settings on how things load in the computer. I really don't want to change the visual to the classic mode. I did a scan with Crucial System Scanner and it located my 512 MB of DDR RAM and suggested 2 GB of DDR (PC2700 or PC3200) RAM 184-pin DIMM. I have Amazon Prime free shipping and found Komputerbay 2GB (2x1GB) DDR DIMM (184 PIN) 400 Mhz PC 3200 for $34.99 with free shipping. This seems like a fairly cheap upgrade (also advertises a lifetime warranty, not sure how legit that is), but I'm concerned that it will actually help and also be compatible.

Suggestions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Click to expand...

Upgrading the RAM is probably the only solution for such a dated PC. I would say upgrade to Windows 7, but that will set you back $100 bucks and it wont run that fast on such an old PC. I would say go with Crucial RAM, they have good support and good quality. Go for either one of these:
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Hi guys.

I'm thinking of upgrading my Pentium 4 660 3.60GHz processor to a Pentium Dual core E6800 3.33GHz.
Would there actually be any point in changing CPU or would it actually improve performance significantly? Also would my system be able to handle the CPU itself or not?

My system specs are as follws:
Operating System - XP Home Edition SP3
Current CPU - Intel Pentium 4 3.60GHz
Motherboard - GA-8I915PM-FS
ROM - 1x230 GB
RAM - 2GB PNY DIMM DDR 400Mhz PC3200
Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT

If you need any other info then please just ask me and I'll let you know.
Hope someone can help please. Thank you.

A:Pentium 4 3.60GHz upgrading to Pentium Dual Core E6800 3.33GHz

I'm absolutely certain you won't be able to do that, period. That newer Pentium Dual Core is not in any way, backwards compatible with your motherboard.

Well, it is the same socket. So, it would go in, but it surely won't run. Intel 915 chipset is 32 bit only. Thus, you couldn't even go forward to Cedar Mill core P-4s, which are 64 bit.
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I'm running Win98 SE on my computer with 256MB of SDRAM. I recently got hold of another 256MB SDRAM card with the same specs as the one in my computer. Will Windows 98 have trouble handling 512MB of RAM?

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I currently have 512MB of memory in my Dell Dimension 2400. Will adding another 512MB significantly improve performance? It seems there are a lot of programs running in the Task Manager and the machine is terribly slow.

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Hi all My parents have a Dell to 256MB from Upgrading 512MB RAM Dimension pc that i recently just replaced the cpu in the celeron i think was making the system lock up after minutes of use installed an old p and its fine now The system only has mb ram and i was wondering if getting another mb module ddr to make mb ram would make much of a difference in performance The system runs extremely slow as it has avg running all the time Plus it is running IE and MP So would MB ram improve the performance of the computer much Building or buying a whole new computer is not an option i tried to tell them that that is the better way to go they would rather keep this one I dont think my parents would be willing to Upgrading from 256MB to 512MB RAM pay the extra for gb ram either Bit overkill for what they do anyway web surfing and spider solitare is all it is used for The system is running Windows XP Pro Service Pack nbsp

A:Upgrading from 256MB to 512MB RAM

Idunno 20-30 bucks for1gig of ram could be worth it, another 256 would show a performance increasse, but nothing flashy.
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i am thinking of buying a dell xps 420. There is a choice of graphics cards and i cant decide between two of them, the ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4 or nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB. I have really no idea which of these cards is actually better for playing games like cod4 and C&C. Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Steve

Oh just in case you need to know this is everything i want to get with it
- Intel® Core™2 Q6600 Quad-Core (8MB L2 cache,2.4GHz,1066FSB)
- Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium w/ Digital Cable Support SP1
- 4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz - 4 DIMMs
- 1TB Performance RAID 0 (2 x 500GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM HDDs)
- Dual Drives: 16x DVD-ROM Drive + 16x DVD+/-RW w/ dbl layer write capable

A:Solved: ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4 or nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB
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Hi all,

was looking to get a new PC. intending

Core 2 Quad 6600
4gb OCZ Reaper 8500

but cant decide between the aforementioned cards. i've decided not to go the crossfire/sli route as these cards deliver better performance for the same price and will eliminate the scaling issues i've read about with some games and allow be to xfire/sli these cards in the future.

also the cpu and mem shouldn't bottleneck? i'm running 2ghz athlon 32bit 1.5gb ddr3200 and 7600gt agp at mo and mem is definately bottleneck

i have been using charts on
for gfx card speed reference please change

thanks for your advice


A:Need help choosing ATI 4850 (1024mb) or 4870 (512mb) or Nvidia 9800GTX+ (512mb)

ATi 4870

Now i wish i had that kind of budget, my budget is leaving me between the 3870 and the 4850 XD
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Bought a used mobo chipset RAM back in Nov had a bugger of a time getting it running Finally formatted the hd and got it up Unfortunately since it s used I don t have all the documentation but I know it s an Asus AMD Athlon supposed to run at The previous owner had it at and says it should work together fine Getting into the BIOS there s an option to switch to the ghz but if I select that the computer won t boot it just hangs with a blank monitor So I reboot and swap it back to ghz in the BIOS and then it boots up fine There s no error message and we checked the jumper settings so we re not sure what the problem could be or how to fix it Tried swapping to up run will ghz 1 Getting at 1.33ghz processor only speed: out the power supply to W ATX was told this should be more than ample and that power wasn t the problem Have Maxtor HDs x DVDRom and am running WinXP Pro mobo chipset came with ATI AIW mb x AGP video card but upgraded to an nVidia GeForce x AGP although mobo is only x Couldn t get it Getting up to speed: 1.33ghz processor will only run at 1 ghz up to with either Any ideas what the conflict could be or what to try would be appreciated Was told Getting up to speed: 1.33ghz processor will only run at 1 ghz it had to be a hardware conflict or a BIOS setting but I haven t a clue where to look Thanks nbsp

A:Getting up to speed: 1.33ghz processor will only run at 1 ghz

what sort of ram/dimm do you have in it? because if it is generic, or not the specified ram, then it may cause your cpu to run at a lower frequency, ie 1ghz..
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A friend complained that her pentium u5600 @ 1.33ghz 2Gb ddr3 is very sluggish. I suggested upgrading to 8Gb ddr3 ram. But after that, I found out that this particular cpu is rather slow for nowadays and I have my doubts that even with such upgrade it would get much better.

What you think?

A:Pentium u5600 @ 1.33ghz 2Gb ddr3 - Upgrade

Alpha Gamer said:

A friend complained that her pentium u5600 @ 1.33ghz 2Gb ddr3 is very sluggish. I suggested upgrading to 8Gb ddr3 ram. But after that, I found out that this particular cpu is rather slow for nowadays and I have my doubts that even with such upgrade it would get much better.

What you think?Click to expand...

Slow for what purpose? Basic computing or are we talking about something more?

My suggestion would be upgrade to just 4gb of ram and then go from there if the needs are just basic. You could also grab an inexpensive SSD and upgrade it with a fresh install to add some better load times.

Beyond that it would just come down to what the machine is used for.
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hello, i just bought a 512MB 400MHz DDR Azenram stick of ram and put it in the empty slot in my motherboard.. booted up and my properties on my computer still says 512MB of ram.

p4 2.67 GHZ Gateway computer, but I'm unsure of the model.

any idea's on how to get my computer to recognize this ram?

A:bought 512mb of Azenram ram, but my computer still says it only has 512MB still

it would help if you listed your hardware spec's particularly your Motherboard make and model. if you dont know what it is download SIW and it will tell you.

also what kind of ram and what speed is the ram you allready have?
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the titles says it all
i tried to install windows 7 32bit from a usb key, i got to the installation
but i couldn't proceed because i got a message saying 512MB is the minimum required and i have 360MB.

i saw some people on the web installed it on 128Mb and less so i'm guessing there's a work around for this issue...

kind regards for you help

A:Installing windows 7 on PC with less than 512MB ram.

Our local GURU will be with you momentarily....
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Im kinda new here so dont eat me alive please. okay i have this problem and i tried ignoring it. Now i need a solution because i want to buy new ram. Dell bios say i have 1gb installed. but when i do to direct diagnostic tool it says i have 512 ram. Is there a way to solve this. I am running a Dell dimension e521and on windows xp.

A:Dell bios says 1gb but windows says 512mb

The are a number of free utilities that will tell you how much RAM you have installed. My favorite is SIW. you can get it here My personal choice is the 'Stand Alone' version since it can be launched without an install process. Just launch it after downloading it.

Other progs include AIDA32 and Belarc Advisor. One or any should give you pretty dependable info about what kind and how much RAM you have in your machine. As to why the difference between what BIOS says you have and whatever diagnostic tool you have run, I have no clue.

As a last resort, you can always open your machine and see just what you have installed. RAM sticks are usually clearly labeled.

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My System is

Pentium IV 2.4 Ghz
512Mb Ram (DDR 266)
Intel Motherboard 845GE
Windows 98 SE

I have 512mb Ram installed but Windows 98 SE shows it as 511.0 Ram in the properties of my computer. There is no memory test fail in bios, it reads as 512mb Ram.

Does anybody know what the problem is.

A:Windows shows 512mb Ram as 511mb

I don't think its a problem. Windows reports my processor as 1010Mhz when its 1000Mhz according to the BIOS.
As long as you aren't having problems I wouldnt' worry about it, you could always dl memtest and check it out to be sure though.
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can anyone tell me why my Windowx XP sees only 1024 MB memory while I've increased the original memory of 512 MB by 2x 512 MB ?

My motherboard has three DDR-slots. It had from the beginning a Kingston K 512MB PC2700 module in slot #1. This week I've added two Kingston K512 UDIMM 512MB PC2700 modules in the slots #2 and #3.
All three modules has the type name KVR333X64C25/512, so I thought they would be compatible.

What have I done wrong ? And what can I do to let Windows XP know that it has 3x 512 MB at his disposal ?

Please help me...

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I was under the impression that Lumia devices with 512MB RAM weren't going to be get getting the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, however today I turned on my old Lumia 635 to double-check a question I replied to on this forum earlier and it updated itself to the Windows 10 Mobile 1607 Anniversary Update. Well, can't complain at that.

I have no idea why though, before updating it would have been on whatever 10586 insider build it was on back in about March when I reset it back to defaults and threw it in a cupboard.

Has anyone else received the 14393.67 update on a Lumia 635?

It seems a bit, err, confused... LOL
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I just wanted to share with anyone my experience with Windows I couldn't get my GeForce to run Windows Aero in Windows Every driver installed in fact didn't even get my GPU to start Thanks to a tip by quot johngalt quot I used DriverMax to save the working driver in Vista and brought it over to Seven I used an older driver to have complete Aero experience beware one driver I had gave me clear windows but no clear taskbar make sure you have complete aero However Vista updated and Aero stopped working So I rolled back to a driver from I used DriverMax to export it moved the DriverMax installation and driver exported file to my Seven partition and restarted I booted into Seven installed DriverMax registered and then imported my Nvidia driver Took secs After a reboot I went into System Aero running 6200 AGP GeForce 8X 512MB Windows Solutions Center and did the Aero Theme Wizard It evaluated my GPU and Windows Aero popped up in all it's glory It really does make a difference It sets the mood I don't know what it is about it I like really fancy and appealing GUIs and aero is the best by far It's neat clean and gorgeous If there is anyone running the same or similar card or having a similar problem I will gladly make a step by step tutorial

A:GeForce 6200 512MB AGP 8X running Windows Aero

Again, credit where it is due - see Windows 7 driver solution
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I am going to purchase some Kingston HyperX PC3200 DDR400 ram.

I dont know whether its better to purchase (2) 512MB sticks (Dual Channel) or (1) 1gb stick.
I have 4 slots total, I dont need to max out my ram I just want 1GB total for a long time.

Anyone have a suggestion?

A:What RAM is better, 1GB or (2) 512mb?

2 x 512 for dual channel.
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i have a ECS K7VTA3 v6 motherboard. the manual says it can accommodate 2 DDR SDRAM modules up to 1GB each; total memory capacity 2GB.

i have one 1GB module installed, but its only posting 512MB.

Its doing this on Windows98 SE and Winows Xp Pro

can anyone help me?
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I had a 512 mb ram before, which is about 1.5 yr old. Recently i purchased a 2gb ram. I have two slots for ram. I was using both at a time and windows was showing 2.5 gb ram. Yesterday one of my friend told that it is not wise to use an older ram with a new one. Moreover he told that i can place 2 gb ram with another 2 gb or 1gb but this 4:1 ratio will harm computer performance. So i removed the older one. But since then i have found no change in performance.
Should i put the older ram again. Please suggest..
Thanks in advance..

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ok im searching the web and bam ATI has a card with one gig of memory. im thinkin wow thats really cool but, can it possibly be worth the $1,500 asking price? wouldnt two 512 cards be about the same? and cheaper? ATI's x1900xtx is only $500 (of course ATI doesnt have sli as far as i know). nvidia makes cards that compete with it....
all im askin is do u think it would be worth the money to get a card with one gig of memory or will 512 be more than enough?

A:1GB vs. 512MB

Where did you find that card??

Also, 1GB of graphics memory would be completely useless right now. Still, 512Mb is too much.

Anyway, I recommend a 512MB Radeon X1900XTX or Geforce 7900GTX (very expensive ones though)
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I know this is a stupid question, but how much does 512MB + 1GB of RAM equal?

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Hi every body,
My system have two numbers of 256MB Ram (DDR 266) + one 512MB
Ram (DDR 333). Like this combinations of different bus speeds will give optimum capacity of Ram or not? Please reply
My system Processor is P4 with 2.4 and Mother board is Intel 865 GBF

Thanking you
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Hey all i heard from somone, not sure if they know what they are talking about or not...But they said that 512MB of memory is just barely enough for WinXp pro. They said i should get atleast 1 gig. Anyone know if this is true or not? BTW My machine runs pretty smooth...

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I've got 2X256mb sticks of Samsung PC1066 RDRAM. I'd like to increase it to at least double, and get two more 256mb sticks. My question is, if I decide to get two more 512mb sticks instead, and add them to the two I already have, will this work, (2X256, plus 2X512)? Also, what if I mix brands, does it have to be the same brand, although, from what I've checked on so far, there's not much choice for my type of ram anyway, and it's not cheap. I know this has probably already been answered somewhere in the forums, but I couldn't find it.

I've got a Pentuim 4, 3.06, Intel D850EMV2 motherboard, rest of specs in my profile.

A:Will 256 and 512mb ram work together?

Thanks Rick. Another question, in view of how much two 512mb sticks of this ram costs, I've even been thinking about a new motherboard and some DDR ram, (if I can afford that much).

Since I have a Gateway comuter, can I buy whatever motherboard I want, or do they use proprietary motherbaords?
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I have a Samsung 2033 syncmaster 20" 1600x900 res screen. Now I just want to know, is it necessary to get a gpu above 512mb or will a decent 512mb run my screen perfectly?

Posted via Mobile Device

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Hola fellow puter Ppl ! Wondering about getting new stik of RAM"(512DDR)" to replace my old stiks of 768SDRam . Now plz give me suggestion on which is the BEST 512DDR Ram available ? I`ve heard - Kingston 512ddr 400 / 512ddr 533mhz / etc... Would like to get the best for my 98se Gaming system . Thx + hope to hear UR suggestions Dean

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A good buy? I"m looking to spend as less* money as possible to upgrade my GT 220.

EDIT: I wasn't awake yet. My bad :-/

A:Gt 240 512mb gddr5?

Quote: Originally Posted by Fhadso

A good buy? I"m looking to spend as much money as possible to upgrade my GT 220.

Not much of an upgrade for wanting to spend as much money as possible.

Pending on your power supply here are some suggestions.
Planning to upgrade your Graphics Card? Read First...
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Is there any noticeable difference between the 512MB and 1GB versions of the 4850? Which one will I be better off buying?

A:4850: 512MB vs 1GB

I think I have been through this twice and rage has been through it about 10 times. Probably not with most games unless you're running a 24" monitor 1600x1200 res or higher. Unless you plan on playing crysis on full detail.
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I have an nVidia Geforce 210 and the packaging said that the card was 512MB. I ran GPU-Z and it also says 512MB. However, CPU-Z and System Requirements Lab both say that I have 1GB. What's going on here? Which is correct?

A:Is my card 512MB or 1GB?

Hard to say what's going on but if the package says it's 512MB and GPU-Z says it's 512MB I'd think those are correct. Check the Nvidia control panel, I would expect that to be correct.
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Hello Everyone,

I have old system which i use as HTPC, my system comprises:

Intel P4 3GHz. (Sokcet 478)
ASUS P4S800D (AGP slot 1.5V)
1Gbyte Ram
Windows MCE 2005

and FX5200 AGP.
But i can't play 1980x1080 movies smootly, my question is:
If i will upgrade my graphic card to HD3450 AGP 512MB, could i watch 1980x1080 movies smotly....or sould i upgrade my system to ASUS ION such as: AT3N7A-i.
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Is it better if you get two 512MB Ram sticks or just get a single 1GB Ram stick

A:Two 512MB Ram sticks or 1GB

17RiCkE17 said:

Is it better if you get two 512MB Ram sticks or just get a single 1GB Ram stickClick to expand...

I prefer two 512s--the advantage being that you can troubleshoot problems by swapping out the one or the other stick. Two may actually work a little faster (athough I've heard the opposite), but its neglible. To me, the troubleshooting aspect is the key. Also, if you have only one stick and it goes bad--your computer may not boot at all whereas with two, only one will go bad at a time.

Anyway, I was faced with the same choice and opted for two stick rather than one. Now if you are going to have two Gigs of Ram, then you are of course better off with two 1 Gig sticks. But if you have only one Gig, then you are better off with two 512s.
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Yep, im stumped. Ok, so my PC currently has 1GB of Ram, however most of the time it only shows as 512MB in the system information. Occasionally i get lucky and it shows it's whole 1GB but im just wondering why it's only comming up with 512MB when it chooses to do so.

I have the exact same PC model as my mother's although she isn't experiencing any problems.

The model im using is:

Any ideas? Note im pretty computer illiterate when it comes to these things. Though my mother's a bit more educated in this department.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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OK, so i had 1GB of ram which worked perfectly before,now its tellin that its only 512MB ( 511MB usable) ... can you help? i cant seem to get it back to 1GB


A:1GB ram now showing only 512MB

Go to your BIOS and check how much ram is shared with the system!
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When I recieved this desktop computer it was already used. It had nearly everything wiped clean off of it. However it was not formatted. Then later because, I decided to try Windows 7 on it, I erased all of the data. Is there some special kind of driver for the ram that I need to install? I have Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3.

Intel(R) Pentium(R) III CPU 1200 MHz
1.20 GHx, 512 MB of RAM.

I have experienced problems before, and as such have downloaded programs to export my full system specs. If they are required or would much aid in the solution to this problem please let me know.

A:Before reformatting 2GB RAM afterwards 512MB?

Boot into the Setup (Bios) and see how much RAM the computer is reporting. Also run the crucial system scanner which will tell you how much RAM you have.
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I'm getting a new camera/camcorder and i was wondering how long will a 512MB sd card record continuously without dying i need to know I'm really stressed that it wont be long enough for the documentary I'm making.

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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to add some more RAM to my machine. Currently it has 512mb of DDR2. Someone told me that because I have 512mb in there already, I need to add another 512, no more, no less. I personally think (or at least hope) that's not true, but I just want confirmation either way. I basically want to add another gig in the other slot, making it 1.5 gigs ram altogether. Can I do that?
Thanks in advance


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I made an topic here abou GeForce 9500 but now im thinking in buy this one.

I take a look at some foruns and I see that, in many cases, the ATI HD 4650 do the job (in games) better than the geforce9500gt 512mb 128bits.

What can You tell me about this video card?

Im thinking in get the ATI HD. can You tell me something about it?

I wanna play any games but I dont care about "best graphics". I just want to play with medium profile and constant fps, with the resolution up to 1024x768.

A:What about ATI HD 4650 512mb 128bits?

And im sorry about my english. Not speak verywell ... yet.
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I bought a custom built computer from about 6 months ago, great prices for the spec i ordered but it has never worked properly since it arrived.

Without going on about why it never used to work ill just start with what it is doing now.

Bascially everytime i reformat my pc and install windows it works fine UNTIL i install the graphics card drivers then it never laods up again unless its in safe mode, i have tried lots of different versions of windows from xp home edition, xp professional, media center and even vista home premium. But the computer wont work properly, i have tried other graphcis cards, they work fine for about 2 weeks then this problem starts happening, any suggestions?


3.2Ghz Celeron D
2.00 GB RAM
ATI X1600 pro agp 512mb

Help please,


A:X1600 pro agp 512mb, broken?

Are the "other graphics cards" the same brand and model, or have you tried other models from other manufacturers? If it happens with other video graphics cards and drivers, you may have a serious Windows problem, or a defective motherboard.
Do a full reformat and reinstall, then reinstall the graphics drivers. If they don't work, go back to the previous driver issue. It that doesn't work, lay it back on the builders, because it is probably a hardware problem difficult to resolve that should be their responsibility.
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First off my goal is to gain Gaming Performance. I have mobo MS-6378X-L. The specs say (Athlon XP up to 2000+). I'm hoping Im wrong but that means the "Limit" is an XP 2000+ right? If so then would an additional stick of 512mb help in gaming performance? or should I save for a better Video card? If not, what is the CPU limit? And would the CPU > 512mb RAM?

A:Better CPU (if applicable) or another 512mb Stick of RAM

What video card do you currently have,
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I just bought an Ati Radeon X1600 Pro 512mb AGP and replace my old 9800, now I'm getting weird screen flashes and every time I startup my PC the Video Card fan makes a loud noise for like 2 seconds. I tried averything: uninstalled old video card drivers, installed new ones, etc.. I have a Gateway 500S and I got the video card from Gateway too.

P4 2.4Ghz
1Gb Ram
PSU 300W
Ati Radeon X1600 Pro 512mb AGP (At 4X)

A:Ati Radeon X1600 Pro 512mb AGP Help!

Sounds like the Bearings in the HSF could be cactus...

Either way I would take it back for a replacement.
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Will this work with windows 7 aero? - PNY VCG84512SPEB GeForce 8400 GS 512MB 64-bit GDDR2 PCI Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards

A:GeForce 8400 GS 512MB

Yes it will...that is the reason that I recommended that very card to you a few hours ago. For Aero support, you really need DX9 and at least 128MB of RAM. This card has DX10 support and 512MB of RAM.
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Hi ya, everyone,

Installed: 2) 256MB cards in 98' pc, (512MB total) but machine only shows 128 in system properties... The cards are both new, & I have installed ram many times before. Tried "swapping" and "one at a time", but never shows the right amount of ram. Old card was only 32MB, & shows correctly. What the heck?

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Hello people.I just installed Windows 7 and they are great exept one thing.The monitor's quality (sorry for my English) is not as good it was on Vista or Xp.It's poor, it's nervous and my eyes are killing me after some minutes of using the windows.I don't know if the problem is my graphic card and that's because i can't find drivers for win 7. My card is MSI 4650-D512 512MB
Is there anyone who can help me?
Thanks a lot.

A:Msi 4650-d512 512mb

Welcome Prasit!
Before we can do anything, you need to fill out your system specs located in the lower left hand corner of your post...

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Hello peeps

ok i'll bring my issue to the board, i have a gecube x800xt 512mb graphics card and when i play any games ie BF2, Fear i get a crazy blue checkered pattern and the polygons, loss of colour and system crashes so please i need help, i have tried a lot of things, reformatting, new drivers etc etc and its still fragged, before i send the card back i would like to see if anyone has any suggestions

my system is an ABIT AA8-duramax mother board, pentium 4 processor 630+ 3ghz, 2 gig of ram, 2x250 gig hdd, gecube X800xt 512mb and an onboard realtek sound card and i think a 550watt psu

any help would be great thanks

A:gecube X800xt 512mb

What type of PSU is that? If it's a generic crappy it will not perform well. That could be you're problem right there.

Also I'm unfimilar with that card so bare with me, but it may need the extra power cable.

It looks like this
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anyone know how well it runs?

A:win7 on laptop 512Mb

You can get it to run on 512Mb, but it probably wont be the most satisfying experience you ever had...
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Dear Friends;
I have a Desktop PC PIII for home purpose having 933Mhz processor, 128MB RAM, 20GB HD and Windows XP installed. I want to speed up my PC by increasing its RAM. Can anybody guide me which RAM would be suoitable for my system 512MB or 1GB?
Thanks in advance.

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I read many reviews and as of now the Geforce 7800GTX 512mb is the king of the hill. Now: What manufacturer that makes this card is the best?





Which one???
They all cost bacically the same, and come with games etc. I was thinking XFX, but then again I heard bad things about XFX...

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I'm getting more ram for my computer. I have three slots, two of them have 256mb SDRAM in them. I used the Crucial System Scanner, and it says that my slots can only hold 512mb Ram each. Why is this and how can I change this?

A:Why can my ram slots only hold 512mb each?

Also what would happen if I put in 1g of ram in one slot?
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hey i have this: and there is no website for the drivers/firmware andybody know where i can get this?

A:Nexxtech 512MB MP3 PLayer

Why do you think you need firmware or a driver? You just plug the USB cable into an ME/2K/XP system and transfer the music or data files to the new disk that appears in My Computer. No drivers required.
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Ive been fitting a new PSU and graphics card,there is a 3-way connection wire for the graphics card...1=PSU,2=grapics card and 3 to the hard drive.
Is the connection to the hard drive necessary?
i have a 3 way connection wire from the PSU>Floppy drive>hard drive and dont see how i connect the grapics card also to the hard drive.
thx jack

A:Fitting a 512MB Sapphire1650Pro..

As far as my knowledge regarding PSU goes.
I believe you don't have to connect it to the hard drive,
You just have to connect it to the Motherboard, Video Card.
You're not supposed to connect the graphic card to the hard drive,
The graphic card is connected to the mobo, which is connected to the hard drive ^_^.

The graphic card requires power, so it requires a direct connection from the PSU.
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Hi, I've heard that 512mb of RAM is too small to run vista. Is this the case? I have a new laptop with 512mb - i know its small but i only need it for study and it was cheap!! ) and its running on vista but it is really really really slow.

Should i format and reload with XP or is there something i can do to speed it up.

Cheers, Katy

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I recently bought a 512MB DDR1 400Mhz stick of RAM.
Previously I had 512MB of RAM already installed on the my PC,
but when put the new RAM in, my computer on shows 120 MB
instead of 1024 like it should have been.Then I took the new RAM
out, but it still shows 120MB. Pls help.

A:512MB RAM showing as 120MB

Boot into Setup (Bios) how much does the RAM show here? Also, run the Crucial System Scanner. This will read your RAM and tell you what type it is and how much is installed etc. Did you remove the stick closest to the Processor?
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Hey Guys once agian i found a review for a new graphics card I guess julio or the rest of the gang have not found it yet soo i ll post some info of it and ill give you guys a link to it http www tweaktown com articles The following has been taken from www tweaktown com articles ENJOY Regards Josh Thoughts on the card It shouldn t come as any real surprise that the new G based GTS is quite the performer This really opens up a whole lot of questions though and how exactly NVIDIA attack the market with this card will be interesting as well NVIDIA reviewed 512mb (G29) 8800GTS New The always takes pride in having stock when the NDA is lifted and it doesn t look like this is going to be any different A few suppliers have told us that they have ordered their stock and The New 8800GTS 512mb (G29) reviewed come December th they will The New 8800GTS 512mb (G29) reviewed be shipping their cards off to the local The New 8800GTS 512mb (G29) reviewed retailers This is all good and well but the GT had stock for about five minutes Will we see the same issue with the new GTS MB Well for starters the card is going to cost about - USD more than the RRP of the GT The problem is that the GT is in such short supply that the card s price has been jacked up - USD meaning that the card could almost come in at the same price This is what I personally think will happen all over again the GT MB will be gone NVIDIA have released it and caused a big drama by getting everyone excited and taking the attention away from the The MB version of the GT will come out and of course it won t be as good as the MB version though it should run off the already well established name The GTS will come in on December th and be fairly well priced at around - USD We all know that the majority of graphics card purchases are going to happen between now and probably up until around the th of December After that retailers are going to hit a dry spell for the simple fact that if you could hold off from purchasing a graphics card just before Christmas you can hold off until we see the new NVIDIA based DX cards come in January I could be wrong though maybe the GTS MB will come out on December th and we will see a bucket load of GT MB stock pop up at the same time but with local Australian distributors back orders sitting in the s and stock coming in the s I can t see how that s going to change in the next week or two With all that said though what are our thoughts on the GTS MB Well quite frankly we love it It s a good step up from the GT if you re venturing into x territory and the card also manages to do better with less noise and heat which is always great The and GT will continue to battle it out but even with a decent driver update it s probably safe to say that performance isn t going to catch up to the GTS MB That s ok though as the card is not only cheaper than the GTS but also the GT What s more stock availability is much healthier We thought we would do a quick little overclock of the card before we wrapped things up With a core speed of MHz and MHz DDR on the MB of GDDR we managed to climb up and over in DMark It will be interesting to see what the likes of BFG and ASUS do with their OC and TOP models respectively GTX stock has pretty much dried up and is overpriced now The Ultra is just an absolute sick waste of money and the really has nothing on the new G based variant of the GTS This means that if you re looking for a top video card this Christmas the GTS MB is probably going to be the card you re looking at Talking Spec SPECS Getting down to the nitty gritty there are some key details we should make mention of Based on the new G core we have the standard features to come with it such as PCI Express a nm die and texture addressing units texture filtering units These are the features we know to be standard across all of the upcoming GTS G based graphics cards but as far as model specifics go we have in this case MB of GDDR memory That MB comes clocked in at MHz DDR wh... Read more

A:The New 8800GTS 512mb (G29) reviewed

Wow thats a great review! I think im still going to go with an xfx 8800gt, the speeds of the xfx version are slightly higher than the other 8800gt models.
I wish i had the extra 70 bucks or so for the new 8800gts.

Thanks man !
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Guys I gave an option of going for one of these cards (XFX NVIDIA 9400GT (1GB) OR INNO3D 9500GT (512MB), please advice which one should I choose for Gaming. I seriously am clueless about these cards. Do you think XFX is better than the INNO3D. Please advice......Thanks in advance

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I can't install the drivers, when i run the setup it only installs AMD Catalyst Install Manager, no drivers the ATI Techonologies folder is empty. I tryed installing it manually from device manager but it says "The driver selected for this device dose not support this version of Windows". I really hope that i don't have to revert to Windows 7.

A:ATI Radeon HD3450 512mb AGP

Goto the link and use the pull-downs to select your graphics card and the version of Win8 drivers you want (32-bit or 64-bit): AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

BTW, ATI no longer exists; they were bought out by AMD. The folder on my "C" drive in Win8 is "AMD", not "ATI".

UPDATE: on that same page, you will see links in the lower right for the HD4000 - HD2000 series. You can try those instead of using the pull-downs.

But then, I recalled you said you had an AGP card -- and I don't think these work for AGP cards, sorry.
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Im having trouble getting my new X1800XT 512mb to work properly. Whenever i attempt to run the 3dmark05 bench test it fails on the second scene (everytime!). When i say 'fails', basically it appears to get graphical error lines up and down the screen, if i dont exit the test it will crash altogether.

Now my first thoughts were it was a driver problem, i did have version 5.13 + CCC, but after installing the latest drivers 6.1 from the ATi website im still having the same problem, which also occurs in games like Battlefield 2 and COD2, games that i used to play ok on low settings with a 9800XT.

My Spec Is:
AMD 64 X2 3800+ (bios updated to 1009)
A8N-SLi Premium nforce4
ATi Sapphire X1800XT 512mb
250gb Western Digital HDD SATA 7200rpm
500w Antec NEO Power Supply
17" TFT LCD Monitor

Please, Can Anyone Help...?

A:X1800XT 512mb Problems... :(

Hi Wardy,

you might want to check out the new radeo Omega Driver with the latest catalist.
Myself, i 've got a dell 8400 with a x300, and i didn't want to get the dell driver.
Installed the omega, which works on ALL radeons. It includes an overclocking tool, and much much more. As i've read it should make beter use of ccc, or just bypassing it.

It even has a soft mod profile for some radeon cards. Which can be chosen at installation. I chose normal install for my card, of course.
I have to say it works flawless with my card. Gets more out of my
x300 se.( about 10 fps more when clocked over).

Be sure to uninstall everything else (ati control panel, catalist control center and other stuff).
And when installed make sure, you don't install anything else.
But there's no need to since this driver will make you smile :slurp:
no issues here.

Let me know what you think,

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i thinking about buying one, does anybody know how good they overclock. would i need to buy a new heat sink for if i do overclock it

A:Radeon X1650PRO 512MB

You will need to assure you have an adequate power supply, and good case cooling... Your system will run hot so you need everything to be closer to perfect.

The X1650Pro comes in both AGP and PCI-Express models... 128 bit, 587 MHz, DDR3, 256MB Image, good 3d graphics, excellent performance... reasonable price.

There are plenty of reviews with a Google search.

You might want to search out and use a power supply calculator to determine what is needed.
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I've just created my first build :

AM2 X2 5200+
2GB OCZ DDR2800 PC6400

This is the specification.

The problem is that when I turn the PC on the monitor replies 'No input signal' and I've got no idea how to fix it. The card is connected to the auxiliary power supply slot on the motherboard specifically for pci-e cards, so it should be getting enough power. It is in the right slot and is pushed in solid and deep, and I cannot see anything wrong with it.

Please help

A:7950GT 512MB issues - help please

Do you get any system beeps ? Have you tried turning on the system with the bare minimum (take out HDD, use only memory module, etc.) ?
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Right i recently bought a Powercolor Radeon X XT mb PCI-E My system spec is in my sig except of course its not a x i have any more Now i installed this card and booted up my machine and im getting some strange activity The first one was that my screen keeps flickering while windows is booting once its fully booted it seems ok Although it tends to flicker when the screen rez changes eg when im closeing a game Normally goes a black screen then restores back to normal but its jus flickering although im not getting this in games so much luckly But as for games they are performing poorly not any better than my last card sometimes a bit worse when i HELP!! PLEASE PROBLEMS WITH X1800xt 512mb know this card is MUCH better Ive tried alot of drivers but no difference I made BIOS tweaks before but ncase that was it i restored them back to normal Now i get the logo as my PC is booting its what it uses instead of showing a POST and the picture is WREAKED Looks all horrible and distoreted Colors all messed i know what it looked like before the colors an that were fine So i dont think it is a driver fault Any ideas My thoughts are I am useing a converter as this card only has DVI ports i m using a VGA-DVI converter but i didnt think that would make any difference This card has a passion apparently for being noisey But for me it is only noisey for seconds after i turn on the pc The fan starts spinning fast on the card make a bit of a noise then goes away and doesnt come back This is linked to my next bit This is the first card ive had that PLEASE HELP!! PROBLEMS WITH X1800xt 512mb needs power attached to it I used the converter it gave me PLEASE HELP!! PROBLEMS WITH X1800xt 512mb an there is power going into it But i think mybye there isnt enough Mibe it isnt getting enuf power as my PSU is a w i think and i have HDD s CD-RW an DVD-RW And now that card Could a lack of power be causeing this problem nbsp


If it si a good quality PSU then 400 watt should be fine. if it is a cheapo generic model or even worse one that came with the case then it could be a PSU problem. it could also be a defective card.
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3DLabs Wildcat VP990 Pro 512MB AGP 8x Graphic Card w/ 2-DVI & S-Video
holy cow!

and.. there's a $2000 video card.

A:512MB video card

I'm happy with my raidon 9200/128. For serious, exciting and realistic gaming with intense graphics and realistic adversaries I simply jump on my motorcycle and try to get to the mountains without getting hit.
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I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop that's running Windows Vista Home Basic 32 bit. The system came with 512MB of Ram from the factory. I recently purchased 2GB (two 1GB sticks) from Cruicial but when I install the memory it is only recognized in the Bios. Windows Vista still shows that it has 512MB. Can someone explain why this is happening? Isn't the memory capitable being that it's recognized in the Bios? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hey guys I have 4 Slots of ram DDR1. 3 of those are filled up with 512mb's If i buy a DDR1 1GB, Would it work? and make it 2.5Gb Ram ?

A:Can I add 1GB stick to three 512MB sticks of RAM?

Krystianb said:

Hey guys I have 4 Slots of ram DDR1. 3 of those are filled up with 512mb's If i buy a DDR1 1GB, Would it work? and make it 2.5Gb Ram ?Click to expand...

Technically it should work. Make sure you purchase ram with the same speed/timings though.
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I recently got a new pc, not very fast, but it does the trick. Right now I'm planning on buying a new Graphicscard. I've fallen for a geforce chipset, they seem like the best to me, only problem is, I have to choose from a 8500GT with 1GB VRAM and a 8600GT with 512mb VRAM. Anyone has any idea on which one to choose?
Thanks in advance.

some specifications:
AMD Athlon 3000+
512mb RAM

A:GF 8500 GT 1GB or GF 8600 GT 512MB

Hello, Int13h, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

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With regards to your question, exactly what processor do you have? Saying AMD Athlon is no good because there are about 6 different types of Athlons and you could mean any of them. If you have what i think you have then there is not much point getting a card that good because your cpu will not run fast enough to accommodate it, and you will get bad performance.

Also, whta windows version are you running and do you have PCI-e 1x or 16x?
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Hi, around last week or so, I bought the x1950 pro, but in AGP. After trying to cool it with water, and replacing heatsinks, something went terribly wrong. After placing heatsinks on the VRMs (Voltage Regulator Modules) of the card, booted up, the card blew. Smoke came out of one of the three vrms. Now my question is: Could I RMA this card or not? I bought it from Infonec Computers on February 9th 2007.

A:Sapphire X1950 Pro 512MB AGP

Was it under warranty or anything like that?

I'd contact them, but they should allow you to return it.

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i've recently bought an usb stick with 1GB. The stick had some problems, so the manufacturer sent me an firmware update to solve the problems. After applying the new Firmware, the software told that the data area has to be formatted to proceed. Afterwards the sticks capacity was only half the size (512MB).
What can I do to regain the full capacity of 1GB?



A:1GB USB 2.0 Stick Formats only 512MB

Your best bet is to call the company back and tell them what happened. The firmware upgrade may have been for the 512meg version of the stick.
When you go messing around with firmware things can go wierd, its kinda like a bios flash, you don't want to be doing that if you can avoid it.
I don't think there is any way short of a new firmware to get your 512 back.
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I bought the 8800GTS 512Mb a few months back. I bought it at Newegg when they were offering a free copy of Crysis with an EVGA graphics card. So now my question is, should I get the new 4870 and try and sell my 8800 GTS or will I really not see that much of an improvement in gaming and it would be a big waste of money? I have an Asus Maximus Formula motherboard and a Q9450 chip.

I did pay $350 when I bought the card back in January. Would a 4870 be that much of an improvement or should I save my money and use it elsewhere? Any suggestions would be great.

By the way, I love my system now. There are no problems. But I am always looking for ways to upgrade and become faster and more efficient. Would this be worth another $300?

A:Keep 8800 GTS 512MB or get the new 4870?

What are your current specs?

Here is a comparison of the two.

Crysis 1280 X 1024 High

4870 = 41.6 FPS
8800 GTS = 32

Crysis 1920 X 1200 High

4870 = 32 FPS
8800 GTS = 20.7

You can see more here
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i bought the 8600gt 512mb card last year, im runnin xp sp3, and upon installation it was sayin that windows vista wasnt found, and that when i install ill have to expect to have some issues due to not running vista...i thought that both versions of windows was supported....same thing happened when i had to reinstall windows also......there were times when not all the memory wasnt being recognized also, the asus fanspeed app was recognized only 256mb on occasions...was using the drivers from the disc. can anyone give insight to this installation error/incident?

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I read thru the 20 Oct. 2012 "What's the difference between DDR3 memory and GDDR5 memory" and nearly all of that is way beyond my comprehension so I believe I am relatively a newbie on memory! ( My question is probably simple for a memory expert but if I have a choice of buying one graphics card and hypothetically they sell for the same price - which card should be my choice --- 1GB DDR3 or 512MB GDDR5? Thank you.
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I just bought 2 x 512MB PC100 Toshiba SDRAM but when I installed them in my old P3 WIN98 desktop, my monitor remained on power save mode. I used a Generic 128MB and I was able to confirm that my PC still works. I tried the 512MB one by one and still the same problem was observed. My 512MB can't be both busted. Is there a compatibility issue between WIN98/Pentium 3 and 512MB SDRAM?

A:No display when 512MB SDRAM was used

But - did the computer actually boot?

If the RAM prevented a boot, there would be no display.

I would be surprised if a P3 could handle 512 sticks actually. Those genre here will take 128 max per slot.
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Hi ive had 512MB Doesnt RAM =/ Works, 1GB stick of MB DDR RAM for a 512MB RAM Works, 1GB Doesnt =/ few months and everything has been running fine but its been a bit slow at loading so i decided to buy an extra MB DDR RAM and just to be extra safe i bought the exact same RAM as i already have It came through yesterday and so i put it in But now when i restart my PC it doesnt boot The monitors light is orange should be green but the PC seems to be on fans work HD works The only way i can actually use the RAM is if i reset my CMOS but i have to do this every time i turn off my PC Whats really annoying thought is the fact that when i do this my GHZ CPU now only works at GHZ So i can either have more RAM or faster CPU but i would rather have both Anybody got any ideas By the way i recently updated my BIOS to see if that works but it doesnt Thanks Joe EDIT Also ive checked my manual and it says it can hold a maximum of GB RAM so thats not the problem either nbsp

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I was wondering if I should buy another 4850 and CF it as I am buying a 1080p 24" monitor. I am also visiting Taiwan for a week or so and was wondering wether I should try get one from there cheap? or will there be a problem since my 4850 is from Australia.

Also do you need to buy the same brand of 4850 to CF as I have a Gigabyte 512mb or will any brand 512mb one do.

I only have a 600W PSU, would that be enough for 4850 CF ?


(Check other stats in tab also its a Q9450 2.66ghz*)

A:Crossfire 4850 512mb

hm.... i'm not sure 600 is enough also..... you could get a 4870 to crossfire and i think they have to be the same brand but not sure...... i know some of you guys have crossfire.... so help him out
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my cousin got a computer with only 256mb RAM. So now i was thinking i get him a stick of 512mb. My question is can if i put in a 512mb stick will it combine memory with the 256mb stick? here is the LINK to the memory im going to get him.

A:Memory help 512mb + 256mb???

yes it will, it will giver you 768mb of ram, but it is not recomended to mix different size, speed ot brand of ram

your optimal soultion if you can afford to get 512x2mb or ram and get 1gig
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I have been hearing mixed messages, are they out yet or not? If so can someone provide me a link to some information on one/them? It's amazing the rate at which technology is upgrading these days.

A:512MB Video Cards

Regards Howard
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will this graphics card work on older motherboard with bios from the year 98

amd thunderbird 1400mhz
80+120+160 gb disk
660mb ram
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Memory Stick Pro or flash. I'll put my homeworks in it and go to the J.C to print them out. Which memory or flash do I order ?

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i have an oem sony board an asus A S-LE the only suport info i can seem to find for it is from the sony site but that s not for the asus board specifically it s for the model of my computer sony pcv-rx i d like to support 512mb for ram board know if i can place a stick of pc mb sdram in one of the dimms it says that the max memory it supports is mb but then it also says that it works in quot any quot combination of that amount then has a list of the possible combinations one mb in one dimm my current config mb two mb in two dimm slots mb one mb in one dimm slot mb two mb in two dimm slots mb two mb in two dimm slots mb then i would expect it to board support for 512mb ram say one mb in one dimm but it doesn t does this mean that the dimms won t hold nbsp

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I purchased a

... It is a Powercolor Radeon HD 2600XT with 512mb of dedicated memory. People have reported it displaying 1GB of memory on the card instead of 512mb so I did some research. It appears the card uses Hypermemory even though it is not a low end card.

* Does Hypermemory actually "take" your system memory like shared memory? For example. If I have 4GB of DDR2 memory in my computer, will it display 3.5GB in system properties under windows?

* Or, does it just use my memory when needed like other high end graphics cards with dedicated memory.

A:Hypermemory with HD 2600XT 512mb

This is a low-end card, and it is the memory buss size (128-bit) that will be the most limiting memory factor... It shouldn't take away from you system memory though
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Im having cyberpowerpc do my build. I will be running a Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6850 CPU @ 3.00GHz as my processer but I need to know which one is better for my app. I will be using my 62" DLP. It has HDMI, S video and HDTV imputs. Whuch card would perform better and be more crisp?

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Yesterday i ordered my 1st ever graphics card a BFG 9800 GT OC 512MB from for ?117,as i wanted to buy a few games n memory as well.

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Core Clock: 625MHz (vs. 600MHz standard)
Shader Clock: 1566MHz (vs. 1500MHz standard)
Shader Model: 4.0
Texture Fill rate: 35.0 Billion/sec.
Processor Cores: 112
SLi etc etc

so will my card play games ok? I also bought 2GB PNY DDR2 667Mhz for just ?12
I wont be able to buy a new motherboard till febuary which sucks as i can only go as far as 2GB Ram on the 1 I've got Oh yeh some of the other BFG cards at come with a 425W power supply,but no mention of it with mine,would i need 2 buy 1 straight away?

A:BFG GeForce 9800 GT OC 512MB

112 processor cores?
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I recently replaced 2-256mb modules with 2-512mb modules, installation was successful and the machine ran faster for a while, but now my system properties in windows xp, only show 512mb of ram. I went into the BIOS and it also shows only 512mb. So I upgraded the bios to the latest version, but to no avail. Could this have anything to do with Winxp service pack 3? I also tried replacing one of the modules with the old 256 unit to see if the module itself was maybe defective, but the system still reports 512mb with one 512 chip and one 256 chip. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:Lost 512mb ram in IBM thinkpad T30, winxppro

No it can't be SP3 because ram is detected at the BIOS level and if your only seeing 512 ram installed in the BIOS then it has nothing to do with the OS at all.

More than likely you have a defective memory slot on the MB of your laptop. This is really backed up by the fact the other known good RAM sticks you removed also don't work in this slot.
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I've just seen a stick 512MB of RAM PC133 (Kingston) put into a Dell computer. I dont know which model it is but it has a Pentium III CPU. It wouldnt boot up. The monitor wouldnt turn on. We have tried another stick of the same RAM so, it's not the RAM itself.

I'm wondering if this mobo supports a 512MB stick. Is there anything missing here?

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I am trying to upgrade my computers ram from mb to gig and when i have to 661 7mi Foxconn 1gig upgrade 512mb from the new memory stick in the slot and switch computer on it posts and loads all the way upto just after the windows loading screen and then get the dreaded bsod blue screen and reboots and constantly does that have tried booting in safe mode and will only boot upto log on screen but Foxconn 661 7mi upgrade from 512mb to 1gig wont actually let log in Mobo specs are - Processor Intel Pentium D Pentium processor Socket T LGA Chipset SiS FX Front Side Bus MHz Memory Support Max GB Single Channel MHz MHz MHz DDR x DIMMs VGA on Die Integrated Expansion Slots x AGP X x PCI slots IDE x ATA Serial ATA SATA RAID x Serial ATA with RAID JBOD Audio channel Realtek ALC AC interface LAN M LAN Broadcom AC KML IEEE N A Back Panel I O Ports set channel Audio jack jacks x VGA x PS keyboard x USB ports x PS mouse x RJ port x parallel port x COM port Internal I O Connectors x USB headers support ports x S PDIF out header x CD-IN header x COM header x IrDA header x speaker header reserve only x Front audio header x buzzer x Intruder x AUX IN x Front panel header BIOS Features Mb flash ROM PnP a DMI WfM SMBIOS ACPI b Support CD Chipset Driver Device Driver RAID Driver DirectX C Adobe Reader SuperUtilities Norton Internet Security Standards Manageability PCI USB WfM DMI Special Features STR Suspend-to-RAM STD Suspend-to-Disk SuperSpeed SuperBoot SuperBIOS-Protect SuperRecovery SuperStep SuperLogo SuperUpdate Form Factor Micro ATX quot x quot Ram am trying to put in is - Buffalo PC u- -z GB Mhz CL Ram currently installed is - Slot Samsung Mb Mhz Slot Mb pc Mhz I would be greatful for any help nbsp

A:Foxconn 661 7mi upgrade from 512mb to 1gig

Did you take out the old memory and insert the new stick by itself?
in order to set the new memory timings correctly ?
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my computer has 1gb and i got a 512mb radeon X1650Pro
can my computer handle it right now i got 609.99 mb available so is my computer going 2 need more ram or is the 512mb the ram to run the games? it says 512 mb of availble system memory or more on the box so do i need more?

A:can i run a 512mb video card on a 1gb computer?


I think your a bit confused

your PC has 1GB of ram, this has nothing to do with.....

Your Video card which has 512MB of ram......

The system ram (1GB) is used by the PC for its own use.

The video card has its own memory of 512MB so that it can process video graphics without the need to use the PC memory.

Clear ??

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Hi, well I messed up here a bit for starters. I d/l the latest Radeon HD 3650 drivers to install on my laptop, uninstalled the current drivers and tried installing the new one. After it wouldnt install I realized that Radeon and Mobility Radeon arent the same. Now I have no graphics drivers on my laptop and can't actually find the mobilty radeon driver I need if it exists somewhere. I did come across some modding program to change desktop driver equivelent into notebook drivers, but I'd like to steer away from that if I can. If anyone knows where to find the right mobility driver for vista64 please let me know, thanks.

A:Mobility Radeon hd 3650 512mb

Nevermind all, found new drivers through manufacturer's site.
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I put a graphics card, and write my Generic PnP Monitor on Standard Graphics Adapter, and my resolution is bad ....
You can give me a link, where do I download drivers? pls

A:ATI Radeon Sapphire HD5670 512mb

Quote: Originally Posted by Nebo

I put a graphics card, and write my Generic PnP Monitor on Standard Graphics Adapter, and my resolution is bad ....
You can give me a link, where do I download drivers? pls

AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

Choose the appropriate choices for your card and OS, and then install the drivers.
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Would there be any performance gain from running SLI with 2x 256mb cards that cost $400 each over 1x 512 card that costs around $800-$1000?

No specific cards in mind.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:2x 256mb cards on SLI VS. 1x 512mb card

depends on gpu. If they are the same than the 256MB SLI setup would be faster, simply because your rendering frames using twice the gpu power. and a 256 SLI setup would total 512MB in graphics memory anyway.
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I am looking for a new graphics card to match my system below, I am thinking abt the £150 (i think $280) mark. PCI Express.

I am looking at:

Gainward 6800GS GLH 512MB
7600gt 256MB

These both are in the price range that I want, obviously the 7600gt is the newer model but the 6800gs has twice the ram.

Which would you suggest??

My system:

AMD 64 3200
2GB DDR400
MSI NEO4 Platinum Mobo
XP + Suse Linux 10.1

I currently have: ATI X550 128MB


A:6800GS 512MB vs 7600gt 256MB??

In the usa, you can get a 7900gt or a x1800xt for $280

but out of those to get the 7600, its newer and preforums a little better then the 6800, if you want to get a better compison, check some benchmarks
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Hey Guys Okay i have this XFX gtx it would working AWESOMe and cool just before this 512mb 7900gtx Artifacting Bootup XFX thing happened My Friend Installed Assassin s Creed and starting playing it He said he was facing Artifacting but not XFX 7900gtx 512mb Bootup Artifacting that much Suddenly the computer froze and he had to restart the PC After the reset all he could see is snow on the Monitor screen I mean i can see the Artifacts but i can also see the booting being done After a while of booting i get a Blue Screen All i can read is BIOS on the Blue screen I cannot enter the windows with the Card or infact i cannot see anything with my gtx on the board There was no burns or smell or anything related to burning Right now im using gs and its working fine So that means the gtx has the problem Please let me know the possible fix in it thank oo Best Regards talha nbsp
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I ve been having a slight problem running Far Cry on my computer lately seems to be my video card I have tried running the game from Medium all the way to Very High settings and the result is the same After about min or so of smooth gameplay my fps start to plummet almost making the game Far Slow Cry HD4870 Runs 512MB 2 with unplayable fps I m pretty sure this video card should be able to chew right through this game no problem so I am a bit concerned with the performance I thought it could just be the HDR effects and AA I was using but I ve played with everything and this happens Far Cry 2 with HD4870 512MB Runs Slow each time I have checked the GPU temps which do not rise above c so I don t think that it s the card itself The game did install Far Cry 2 with HD4870 512MB Runs Slow a new version of DirectX so maybe a fresh reinstall of drivers would possibly do the trick Thoughts Also I am running my Q Ghz which is mhz above the recommended CPU speed for this game nbsp

A:Far Cry 2 with HD4870 512MB Runs Slow

Well I guess the problem isn't with the drivers or DirectX because I tried it again today and it was worse than ever. Total slide show during firefights, couldn't be more than 5fps in some spots, which is absolutely unacceptable for this system considering what I've put into it. I have to say that the game itself isn't all that great either so I'm not gonna cry (no pun intended) about it. This card ran Crysis just fine so I'm just confused as to why this game runs like sh** on my system.

On a side note, I ran Driver Sweeper on the previous install of drivers and now CCC doesn't work at all, won't even open! So now I'm using the latest build of RivaTuner to adjust the card's settings (which didn't make a difference). I thought that was a little peculiar as well...
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I ordered two of these 1GB Crucial brand RAM boards from Newegg but my PC only registers them as 512MB each, both in the BIOS and operating sysem (WindowsXP Home Ed. SP2). I have this ECS motherboard which should support the RAM. Anyone have any ideas for a fix?

Since I had a problem, I read through all of Newegg’s buyer feedback and found someone else with a related ECS model MB (P4MB80 pro) who had the same problem so I suspect it's an unfixable hardware incompatibility glitch