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Upgrading my desktop after a while (on a budget)

Q: Upgrading my desktop after a while (on a budget)

I currently own a dell XPS 8300 with the following specs:

Processor: i7 2600 3.4 ghz quad core
RAM: 12 gb
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6670
PSU: 460W
I am a computer science student and plan on using unreal engine 4 for some game development. I also plan to do some gaming over the next 4 months.

What do you guys think I need to upgrade, if at all? I don't want to spend too much money, I recently received a $75 gift card for best buy and would prefer to use that towards my purchase.

What do you guys think of the following:

ZOTAC GeForce 750 Ti 2GB

Diamond Radeon R7 250 OC 1GB GDDR5


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Preferred Solution: Upgrading my desktop after a while (on a budget)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I'm looking for a motherboard for my current ATX case. Currently, if you look at my specs, I am using an ECS L7VMM v1.1 with an AMD Athlon XP 1700+ processor and 512 MB DDR SDRAM. I will upgrade the RAM soon enough but I'd like to know what would be the best solution on a $200 budget, maybe $300 if I can get a halfway decent processor on the cheap. Must have AGP 8x/4x as I currently use GeForce FX 5500 and would like it keep it that way for now. Wouldn't be for anything special other than DOS playability via WIndows 98 and VB programming via Win 2K/XP.

Just some thoughts amongst the community about which one would be the better overall product for me.

Thanks in advance.

A:Upgrading on a budget

Well, are you hoping to recycle any parts from your current setup or are you wanting to have 2 total?

Take a look at this bit I stole from Rage_3k_Moiz in this thread.

Try this build:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz 2 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Processor - Retail - $59.99
GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail - $79.99
G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail - $34.99
Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD6400AAKS 640GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - OEM - $74.99
Antec earthwatts EA380 380W ATX12V v2.0 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply - Retail - $39.99
Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail - $54.95
Grand Total = $303.92 without considering shipping on some items (Shipping is free for most of them). A nice sturdy system that will last long and will do everything you want it to effortlessly. It gives you expansion options too, with a PCI Express slot on the motherboard and a PSU capable of supporting any card upto an 8800GT (Just in case you think of delving into the addiction that is PC gaming ).Click to expand...

I think you'll have some difficulties getting 98 to run properly on a modern system, so you may be better off running 98 in a virtual machine from within XP on that.

That machine obviously doesn't have an AGP slot, but its not worth buying a motherboard now that has one because it limits you so much on everything else, trust me, I did it once. Plus that FX5500 probably isn't any better than the onboard video on the motherboard.
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hello all i just had to announce that i have finally bought some hardware from newegg com to upgrade my pc i tried to balance performance and cost so no GB of barton to on budget a upgrading Ram yet okay i know u all are dying to know what i bought here it upgrading to barton on a budget is MAXTOP Case its got fan slots rear front top and side fan also cheap ASUS A N X Deluxe Retail this is the only high end part i bought mobos are the most important part of a pc imo AMD ATHLON XP quot upgrading to barton on a budget Barton quot FSB PROCESSOR CPU- RETAIL To me this is an excellent deal for a KB cached chip for arrhhh they raised upgrading to barton on a budget the price by dollars thats like half a frozen pizza Samsung GB RPM Hard Drive Model SP N - OEM DRIVE ONLY i really had to think out this one i knew the western digital special edition hard drive was very popular however this samsung is exactly the same as the aforementioned hard drive warranty cache spin speed seek time EXCEPT for the ATA which the western digital only went to ATA also much cheaper than western digital s hdd GEIL MB PC- MHz DDR RAM Layer Ultra Low Noise Shielded PCB here i was really stuck i knew i wanted at least MB of ram but also wanted to run them in dual channel since i was on a budget i had to look on the cheaper side while trying to not limit future upgrades thus two sticks of pc ram here are the latency settings i have no idea what they mean CAS - - T x total w shipping is damn fedex dont wanna drive through the ocean to deliver my package in Hawaii gotta take a plane to Hawaii nbsp

A:upgrading to barton on a budget

Originally posted by conradguerrero
damn fedex dont wanna drive through the 'ocean' to deliver my package in Hawaii, gotta take a 'plane' to Hawaii.Click to expand...

Haha, that's funny.

You may good choices on your parts. I would have gotten a "better" brand name of RAM or a more "higher quality" RAM. I'd give that stick a good change of being defective.
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First off before I go into the hardware I just want to say you guys rock I ve been out of the loop the last year or two on hardware but lately WoW has been going slow on my PC and I decided to upgrade my box finally built it in So here is what I m getting Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA Processor Model BX E - Retail http www newegg Upgrading budget, thoughts a Your please! on com Product Product asp item N E BFG Upgrading on a budget, Your thoughts please! Tech BFGR GTOCE GeForce GT MB GDDR PCI Express x OC HDCP Video Card - Retail http www newegg com product Product asp item N E CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN X - C - Retail http www newegg com product Product asp item N E Western Digital Caviar SE WD AAKS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM http www newegg com product product asp item N E Just getting the basics memory cpu motherboard harddisks I currently have an Allied watt power supply need replace maybe and an Audigy soundcard I m not planning on upgrading my soundcard because I use a headset and its working great still Thanks in Advance Johnney fps nbsp

A:Upgrading on a budget, Your thoughts please!

First of all this would save you $1 and give you 4 meg cache.
Forget Allied psu...junk go with Antec, Enermax or Thermaltake.
What are you thinking for a motherboard, rest looks fine.
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Hi I m new to the site and have had a quick look at the forums and articles Have found them very helpful I am now looking to get some experienced help with upgrading the video card capabilities of my machine Will try and on and card Upgrading video a PSU budget stick to the upgrading question framework as much as possible so here goes Gaming limits - I will mainly be playing RPG s and RTS s Am hoping to be able to run Dragon Age and DOW at a decent level not necessarily maxed out Also looking to purchase Starcraft Diablo and The new Star Wars MMORPG in the future Budget - to Current PSU - This is all the info Upgrading video card and PSU on a budget I could find but I am looking to upgrade this as well Power Provided - Watt Voltage Upgrading video card and PSU on a budget Required - AC V Hz Computer Specs Motherboard - NVIDIA nForce i Graphic interface - PCI-E Memory - GB PC - mhz DDR SDRAM CPU - Intel Core Quad Q CPU Speed - GHZ For a bit more info the model of PC is - Fujitsu Amilo Pi Tower Country - United Kingdom Hope I ve given you enough info to help me out Thanks Guys nbsp

A:Upgrading video card and PSU on a budget

here you go

GPU - Club 3D ATI Radeon HD 5770 512MB £112.99 inc VAT £96.16 ex VAT
PSU - Corsair VX 550W £75.99 inc VAT £64.67 ex VAT
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What I have Dell Dimension Motherboard without AGP or PCI-E slots mb PCI Radeon video card ghz Pentium processor mb DDR RAM What I want New motherboard that is cheap but upgradable New case to fit said motherboard New video card so I can play games like Battlefield and Neverwinter Nights Probably a second a budget Advice Dell upgrading on on my RAM chip so I can upgrade to a gig What I am asking What kind of motherboard and case can I get for cheap Advice on upgrading my Dell on a budget Obviously the main feature I am looking for is just PCI-E slots and that Advice on upgrading my Dell on a budget the motherboard fits in the case and or more RAM slots I can t figure out how to tell if my current processor and power supply will fit the new motherboard Is gig of RAM enough these days has been doing me just fine with games like Half Life Call of Duty FEAR etc What video card do I need I m looking for the cheapest one that will work with games like Neverwinter Nights Battlefield and similarly demanding games The main problem I seem to be having Advice on upgrading my Dell on a budget with my current graphics card is that it is not compatible with Pixel Shaders And that not only is it an older card but PCI is also less efficient nbsp

A:Advice on upgrading my Dell on a budget

That's not an upgrade.. That's replacing the whole system

If you are looking for an upgradable mobo with a future, then your current RAM will probably be useless and your current processor too. So basically you are looking for a new computer here.

What is your budget? We need to know that in order to give any useful advice.
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So I posted a thread on whether it was possible to build a gaming PC for $250, it was not. I'm wondering if it would be better to upgrade some of my PC's hardware so it can run games?

Here's my current PC specs;

And here's the HP page for my PC HP Media Center m7000 Desktop PC series*-* HP Business Support Center

Could you guys recommend hardware that would be compatible with my computer?

Thanks, jloc.

A:Upgrading my PC to run games smoothly, budget of $250ish

No point of upgrading that computer with your budget. For example if you upgrade your CPU (which would cost ~$250) you will still have a bad graphics card, bad memory and I assume a bad PSU and vice versa to upgrading the rest. And if you did increase your budget I wouldn't upgrade that computer but make a completely new one as all the hardware on that is pretty much outdated.
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I've been running my small business on a Pentium III small system budget on business a Upgrading - mHz machine with W SE for years now with reasonably good Upgrading small business system on a budget stability maintained more or less until lately when it began to deteriorate a bit and I run out of resources too quickly and too often by now I want to go to a new computer and go to XP but I don't know if I have the budget for it quite yet I have a number of apps that I need to use in my business and a good deal of custom configuring I think most of my apps should work on XP but I'm not really positive MS Office PageMaker a bit old GoldMine well that's pretty old by now PhotoShop Elements should be XP-ready Nero Burning ROM Cool Edit an old credit card processing program ICVerify Dreamweaver Peachtree Complete Accounting version years old I'm told that until I have the money to buy all of the latest versions of all of the programs I use I shouldn't take the plunge into a new system with XP because trying to run older programs on it will be worse than what I have now Is that really the case I guess that any programs that are less than a few years old are probably already XP-ready and are going to run fine on XP right Of course I'll check each one first to make sure Also is the Professional version of XP generally going to be more practical for a small business than the Home version Thanks

A:Upgrading small business system on a budget

PIII-500 will run XP OK if you have enough ram. (256mb to be useful. XP is a memory/resources hog).
It really gets down to HOW low your budget is.
XP will give you more security & stability, but slower performance, usually requiring a ram upgrade to compensate, on any machine built for win98.
The cheaper solution would be to back up all the important data, make sure you've got all the apps software, then wipe the hdd & do a fresh install of Win98 & all your apps and data.
If your requirements haven't changed, and it does averything you need, it just needs a Spring Clean, so to speak. Win95/98/ME is inclined to collect all this junk over time, and routinely needs a fresh install every 1-2 years, usually.
When you can afford the new PC, XP will cost less when it comes packaged with the new one anyway.
But you could put XP on the PIII-500, and it will work.
If it's just a home office PC, and you don't need it to act as a file or web server for a network, then XP home will be plenty.
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I ve been running business a Upgrading on budget small system my small business on a Pentium III - mHz machine with W SE for years now with reasonably good stability maintained more or less until lately when it began to deteriorate a bit and I run out of resources too quickly and too often by now I want to go to a new computer and go to XP but I don t know if I have the budget for it quite yet I have a number of apps that I need to use in my business and a good deal of custom configuring I think most of my Upgrading small business system on a budget apps should work on XP but I m not really positive MS Office PageMaker a bit old GoldMine well that s pretty old by now PhotoShop Elements should be XP-ready Nero Burning ROM Cool Edit an old credit card processing program ICVerify Dreamweaver Peachtree Complete Accounting version about five years old I m told that until I have the money to buy all of the latest versions of all of the programs I use I shouldn t take the plunge into a new system with XP because trying to run older programs on it will be worse than what I have now Is that really the case I guess that any programs that are less than a few years old are probably already XP-ready and are going to run fine on XP right Of course I ll check each one first to make sure Also is the Professional version of XP generally going to be more practical for a small business than the Home version Thanks nbsp

A:Upgrading small business system on a budget

You can download and run the XP Upgrade Advisor here:

It should tell you which programs are compatible . .

And you can compare the two versions here: . .

I usually reccomend the Home version because it costs half as much . . but the Pro version does have some features that make it worth the extra cost if you use them ( but frankly, most folks do not . . they just like seeing Pro on the startup . . and that is gone with sp2 now)

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Ok so I m on a mission to get this old eMachines good enough to play Far Cry FEAR and the likes FPS s decently low medium The parts I m reusing are MicroATX eMachines case soon to to play old newer 5-year budget: Upgrading tight eMachines games Extremely be modded for a side fan DVD-ROM CD-R Floppy pretty much it I also have a W new powersupply that is simply sitting here under my desk in its box since I m not using it So count the powersupply as FREE since I m gonna use this one compared to the -year old W one Here are the current specs Foxconn SiS chipset mobo socket A AGP x SiS integrated crap AthlonXP Socket A generic ram Now I can do anything you say Change it all just add in some graphics card whatever you say I do not have a quot specific quot budget Let s just say that the lower we can get it the better So uhh yeah no E GT GB ram k I m open to suggestions I already have some ideas of my own but I want to here what YOU would do in this case Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Extremely tight budget: Upgrading 5-year old eMachines to play newer games

Hi man,
I'd get an Athlon 64 3000+, then a Radeon X800 card, and a good, cheap 939 mobo, like THIS ONE. MicroATX, even SLI support (for future upgrades), and great EVGA brand.

And finally, a cheap 512MB Corsair Value Select RAM (1GB highly recommended), and a fast 80GB 7200RPM Western Digital IDE HDD.

Regards :wave:
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I have a Monitor with me , looking for phenom x3, which one is best in my budget, suggest a good mobo with sufficient onboard graphics
Thanking you

A:AMD desktop in the budget of $700

Why AMD? You can build an Intel system that is much more powerful for the same price.
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I haven t bought a new computer in like years and i m a bit out of the loop on pricing Here are my considerations -Light gaming I mostly play league of legends heroes of the storm hearthstone and starcraft Fairly low a a recommendations $500 for On new please desktop, budget graphic intensity -Will be On a $500 budget for a new desktop, recommendations please doing a good deal of work from home This is mostly spread sheets and word processing -Watching movies netflix -My memory storage requirements are pretty low I had under g of memory used on my last computer -Longevity I would like a computer that will last at least years So probably no refurbished -Price Any recommendations would be great ------------------------------------ This is my best find and probably not a good one since things labeled gaming tend to inflate the cost in my experience iBUYPOWER Gamer Power WA B Desktop PC WA B iBUYPOWER Black Gamer Power PC with GB Memory Key Features and Benefits AMD Quad-Core PC FX- Processor with TB Hard Drive GHz MB L Cache GB DDR SDRAM system memory expandable to GB Gives you the power to handle most power-hungry applications and tons of multimedia work TB SATA hard drive Store photos songs or hours of HD video and more x Double-Layer DVD -R RW drive Watch movies and read and write CDs and DVDs in multiple formats Gigabit Ethernet Connect to a broadband modem or wired broadband router with wired Ethernet via the iBUYPOWER Desktop PC including Windows Home Premium Monitor Not Included NVIDIA GeForce GT GB Graphics With GB dedicated graphics memory nbsp
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Hey guys first Building StarCraft CA budget (for -- desktop my $600 II) this is going to be my first ever attempt at building a computer so any advice or feedback Building my first desktop (for StarCraft II) -- $600 CA budget is greatly appreciated My budget is CA Ideally I would like to be able to run Starcraft Building my first desktop (for StarCraft II) -- $600 CA budget II along with other multimedia software such as the Adobe Suite with ease I quickly browsed TigerDirect last night and here are the parts Ive chosen I could use some of your help and expertise on whether I should replace anything Ive picked out Here goes CPU Intel Core i - BX I Processor - Dual Core MB L Smart Cache GHz Socket H LGA Retail Motherboard MSI H M-P B Intel H Motherboard - Micro ATX Socket H LGA Intel H Express MHz DDR SATA Gb s -CH Audio Intel HD Graphics Gigabit LAN Graphics E - EVGA G-P - -KR GeForce GTX Ti Video Card - GB GDDR PCI-Express x Mini-HDMI Dual DVI DirectX Dual-Slot SLI Ready Includes Digital Creativity Suite Bundle w Registration Memory PNY MD KD - -X XLR Dual Channel MB PC DDR Memory - MHz - - - Non-ECC Unbuffered x MB Power Supply Thermaltake W RU TR Series Power Supply - Watts ATX Hard Drive Seagate ST AS Barracuda Hard Drive - quot RPM SATA G GB MB Cache OEM Case Thermaltake V Black Edition Mid Tower Case - ATX Micro ATX mm LED Fan x Bays x Bays CD DVD Lite-On IHAS - Internal DVD Writer - DVD R X DVD-R X DVD RW X DVD-RW X DVD R DL X SATA OEM The total comes down to without tax or shipping which I ll end up covering Thank you for your time and support Edit I tried to post links but unfortunately I m unable to with lower than posts nbsp

A:Building my first desktop (for StarCraft II) -- $600 CA budget

Ive made a few changes.. I'll bold and underline them.

CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 BX80623I32100 Processor - Dual Core, 3MB L3 Smart Cache, 3.10 GHz, Socket H2 (LGA1155), Retail

Motherboard: ASUS P8H61-M LE CSM REV3 Intel 6 Series Motherboard - Micro ATX, Socket H2 (LGA1155), Intel H61 Express, DDR3 1333MHz, SATA 3.0 Gb/s, 8-Channel Audio, Gigabit LAN

Graphics: E145-0550 ::EVGA 01G-P3-1556-KR GeForce GTX 550 Ti Video Card - 1GB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), Mini-HDMI, Dual DVI, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot, SLI Ready. Includes Digital Creativity Suite Bundle w/Registration

Memory: Corsair CMX4GX3M1A1333C9 XMS3 4GB DDR3 RAM - PC10666, 1333MHz, 4096MB

Power Supply: Corsair CMPSU-600CX Builder Series CX600 Power Suppy - ATX, 600 Watt, 120mm Ultra-Quiet Fan, Single +12V Rail

Hard Drive: Western Digital WD5000AAKS Caviar Blue Hard Drive - 500GB, 7200rpm, 16MB, SATA-300, OEM

Case: Thermaltake V3 Black Edition Mid Tower Case - ATX, Micro ATX, 120mm LED Fan, 4x 5.25 Bays, 5x 3.5 Bays

CD/DVD: Lite-On IHAS124-04 Internal DVD Writer - DVD+R 24X, DVD-R 24X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, DVD+R DL 8X, SATA (OEM)
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I m trying not to spend over especially since I need a monitor too I m leaving the video card out for now Here what I got so far I ve only looked at newegg suggestions are welcome LOGISYS Computer CS BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Enhanced SOHO Computer Case W Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx item N E Sony Optiarc Black X SATA CD DVD Burner LightScribe Support - OEM http www newegg com Product Product aspx item N E Seagate Barracuda GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive http www newegg com Product Product aspx item N E Budget - Suggestions? Custom Desktop Build - Crucial Ballistix GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR http www newegg com Product Product aspx item N E AMD Athlon II X Rana GHz x KB L Cache Socket AM W Triple-Core Desktop Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx item N E ASUS M A XTD Budget Build - Custom Desktop - Suggestions? EVO AM AMD X ATX AMD Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx item N E w mail in rebate TOTAL w mail in rebate I think it s pretty decent GB should be fine for now especially with room to upgrade and I should be good with ghz triple core what do you think nbsp

A:Budget Build - Custom Desktop - Suggestions?

Either buy a case without a pw supply and then purchase a decent one OR buy an antec case with a pw supply. What you have selected is what I call a junk unit. Really just think about it for a min or two. A decent 500W pw supply alone is going to cost you $50~75 or so. What kind of quality do you think you are going to get for $29 case and pw supply?

This is one item you do NOT want to go cheap. Here is an example of a quality pw supply for an average build.
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I don't really know a lot about upgrading my computer. Any help would be great. Thanks.

A:Budget upgrade for HP/Compaq Presario CQ5000 Series Desktop CQ5802

I forgot to mention I am trying to make it run games like CS:GO and DayZ at a reasonable level.
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Hello Just became a member here last nightm Looking to upgrade my desktop The one that I have running is an oldish one that I upgraded to windows from the existing windows It's a biostar mother board and desktop my Upgrading has only the option of GB ram So looking for something more up to date and maybe futre proof for the next years Been looking at quite a few on line but not educated enough on computers to make a final decision So maybe some member here can help me out with some knowledge on the new desktop I would like to have the O S on a ssd then all other doc's on a second internal drive Been looking at one here Any thoughts on this Please Sorry cant seem to get the link in forums Maybe copy and paste into your browser Buy Zoostorm Core i GB TB GB WiFi Desktop PC at Argos co uk - Your Online Shop for Desktop computers and all in ones

A:Upgrading my desktop

Looks good but doesn't seem to list a graphic card, onboard one is not enough for gaming.
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I ve been living off my laptop for a while and now I need to desktop Upgrading work on Upgrading desktop my desktop but it s too old and weak and hopefully can use an upgrade This is the motherboard that is displayed when I boot up ASUS P L-VM- I want to upgrade the CPU GPU RAM I might need to upgrade the power supply I have yet to open the box up and I dont really know where to start I would really prefer to get everything ready open the box up once and then put it all together The most demanding thing I will want is to play SC without lagging What kind of processor should I be getting and what kind of graphics card slot type can my motherboard handle What type of RAM should I buy Will I need to update the BIOS Short but clear instructions would be helpful I m looking to get things secondhand off of craigslist ebay friends Thanks nbsp
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Link to this pc:
This pc runs on a 95 watt power brick, it doesnt have a battery inside of it also that motherboard in that pc doesnt even have a pci slot on it! Or any other graphics card slot, so i was wondering what motherboards i could put in that pc that accualy have and support pci express, also would there be room to mount a 500 watt power suply?? And i noticed that on the back of the case that there were no wholes where usually the graphics card sticks out, so i was wondering if i could like change that back pannel out, and if i could where would i get the pannel??

A:Upgrading a hp 110-023 desktop pc?

If you are looking at a significant upgrade like that, then you would probably be better off getting a new case anyway, you can get reasonable ATX cases that don't cost much. I would assume that it is currently in an Mini or Micro ATX case, similar to alot of HP units at the moment. They are small and restricted on space internally which can significantly impact the which graphics card will physically fit. Ideally a Full ATX tower is better for a gaming machine as it provide more space and generally better airflow for cooling.

Are you sure its a 95w PSU? Seems a bit small to me. Regardless of that, a new PSU is highly recommended for a GPU upgrade as you appear to be planning anyway.
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I will do the following upgrades:

- New ASUS M5A78L-M LX/BR AM3+ mobo;
- New AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz CPU;
- 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz Corsair Vengeance RAM Kit, for a total of 8GB.

I'll be doing virtualization (e.g., run two VMs and allocate 2GB of RAM for each) and casual light-to-moderate gaming (Flightgear Flight Simulator for example).

I don't plan to do overclocking or anything like that.

My PSU is a 650W with a real power of 460W.

A:Upgrading Desktop - Is the PSU enough?

I'd think that is sufficient power but also of consideration is the number of fans in the case. There is the CPU and power supply fan and probably a big case fan or two but there may be a fan on the video/graphics card [I didn't look up its specs], all of which add up to how much power is needed.
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So I'm using my desktop quot Rex quot right now in place of my laptop while I wait for parts to come in to fix it I'm thinking I want to also look into updating my desktop to be able to keep using it as a work station after I fix my laptop It is after all perfectly fine I want to upgrade it though because right now it's a bit of a dinosaur hence the name and runs like one even at its best Acer Aspire AST -UA B desktop AMD Athlon GHz CPU GB ram GB HDD RPM NVIDIA GeForece GT graphics card HDMI DVI VGA Coolermaster W PSU COOLING CPU fan stock MM fan side intake PSU fan rear exhaust MM fan top exhaust Right now I have my laptop's GB HDD hooked into the second SATA port on the mobo and all my libraries switched to that upgrading Desktop drive so I can keep working on school stuff Anyway I don't have a big budget so upgrades will be coming a bit at Desktop upgrading a time But here are two options I'm entertaining right now OPTION Keep the Desktop upgrading motherboard and graphics card the same upgrade to a newer dual-core AMD CPU that will fit the same slot on my mobo Upgrade the RAM to GB Upgrade the HDD to something GB RPM OPTION Get a new motherboard convert to Intel my personal preference anyway Intel i quad core CPU GB RAM or GB GB RPM HDD GB SSD Keep the graphics card the same for now Obviously option would be the more preferential option without taking budget into consideration but my budget isn't very great either That's why I'm entertaining option one and thinking about it What would y'all recommend and why If build price estimates could be included that would be great If you have a better idea than what I've listed that would be great too I can always plan for a budget adjustment if necessary Here's a picture for your entertainment PS Yes this is the same desktop I posted threads about in regarding the case modification and fan installation PPS This should probably be moved to PC builds not hardware sorry mods

A:Desktop upgrading

Throw me a budget and I'll see what builds I can find for you.
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I just bought a HP Pavillion DV - us notebook a month ago it has a ATI Radeon HD Graphics RS M card in it and I was wondering if there was anything on the market that is an upgrade from my my desktop and laptop Upgrading this Specs are General Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium -bit CPU Type AMD Turion X RM- GHz Screen quot WXGA Upgrading my laptop and my desktop Memory Size GB DDR Hard Disk GB Optical Drive DVD Super Multi Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon HD Upgrading my laptop and my desktop Video Memory shared memory Communication Modem LAN and WLAN Card slot x Express Card Dimensions quot x Upgrading my laptop and my desktop quot x - quot Weight lbs Other Features Security Kensington MicroSaver lock slot Power-on password Accepts rd party security lock devices In the box HP Mobile Remote Control CPU CPU Type AMD Turion X CPU Speed RM- GHz CPU L Cache MB Display Screen Size quot Wide Screen Support Yes LCD Features High-Definition BrightView Display Type Wide XGA Resolution x Operating Systems Operating System Windows Vista Home Premium -bit Graphics GPU VPU ATI Radeon HD Video Memory Shared system memory Graphic Type Integrated Card Hard Drive HDD GB HD RPM rpm HD Interface SATA Memory Memory GB Max Memory Supported GB Optical Drive Optical Drive Type DVD Super Multi Optical Drive Interface Integrated Optical Drive Spec LightScribe Super Multi X DVD R RW with Double Layer Support Communications Modem K LAN Mbps WLAN a b g n Wireless LAN Ports Card Slot x ExpressCard slot also supports ExpressCard USB x USB th port shared with eSATA Video Port x VGA x HDMI Other port Consumer IR Remote Receiver Port Replicator notebook expansion port Audio Ports headphone-out microphone-in Audio Audio Integrated Sound card Speaker Internal Altec Lansing speakers Input Device Touchpad Touch Pad with dedicated vertical and horizontal Scroll Up Down pad Keyboard Notebook keyboard with scroll bar and integrated numeric keypad Quick Launch Buttons-HP Quick Play Menu and DVD Supplemental Drive Card Reader -in- integrated Digital Media Reader for Secure Digital cards MultiMedia cards Memory Stick Memory Stick Pro or xD Picture cards Webcam Yes Power AC Adapter -watt AC adapter Battery -cell lithium ion Physical spec Dimensions quot x quot x - quot Weight lbs When I get home and check the specs on my desktop I will post them and ask about upgrading it I want to use dual screens and upgrade it video card wise and possible power supply if needed nbsp

A:Upgrading my laptop and my desktop

um, you got a brand new system! What the heck! It's a pretty decent one too. There's not much nor can you upgrade much.
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Hi, I have a Gateway sx2110-Ew358 Desktop with Windows 8. I would like to swap out my processor and video card with something more powerful but I can't find a list of Compatible processors for my Motherboard, nor can I find any specs on my motherboard anywhere! CPU-Z just says "Gateway Sx2110" under motherboard. I'm very confused by this. Anyways, Here are my specs:
Gateway sx2110-EW358
Processor: AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (1.7GhZ)
Memory(RAM): 6.00 GB
Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7340 Graphics
DX Version: DirectX 11 or better
Gaming graphics: 2924 MB total available graphics memory
Primary Hard disk: 908GB Total
Manufacturer: Gateway
Model: sx2110

So I would definitely like to upgrade my processor and GPU, Any advice on what I can upgrade if anything, and where to start would be much appreciated.

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Hello everyone! I have a lenovo Erazer X700 Desktop, I currently have the i7 3820 installed. I am more than happy with the power of my chip at 4.3Ghz. Although, I want to change my CPU in the future.Is my motherboard updated enough to use LGA 2011 X79 IVY-E processors? 4820K/4920K/4960Xis my motherboard compatible with other Sandy-E enthusiast processors? 3930k/3960X/3970XThank you! All help is much appreciated!

A:Upgrading CPU on my Lenovo Desktop? Can I use this...

Hi. I have the same problem. Wanting to upgrade to a Intel Xeon 2680, but afraid of compatibility issues. What did you do finally? Greetings and thanks
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Hi all.

I want to upgrade my GT5228 Desktop Computer for the new expansion pack for World of Warcraft that is coming out. The game already runs bad at low settings max 8-10 FPS in crowded areas.

I want to upgrade the Graphics Card and get a new PSU also expand my RAMM to 4 gigs.

My issue is I am unfamiliar with computer hardware and can use some advice. I am frightened at the thought of replacing the PSU as I think my PC will be ruined. But I will have too. So if anyone has suggestions on compatible PSU and a good graphics card, it will be greatly appreciated. Also is the process in installing PSU long alongside the video card? I hope it is not more than 3 hours.

My budget is about 250ish give or take.

A:Upgrading Gt5228 Desktop

Wait so you want a new CPU, new RAM, a new graphics card, and new powersupply for 250 USD?
This is your computer right?
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I want to upgrade my computer or maybe just buy a new one if you believe the upgrades would be too much for what I'm asking for.

Anyways, I upgraded the video card from Radeon Xpress 200 to GE force 8400 GS which helped out on some of my games but it's still acting a bit slower then what I like. So basically what I need some advice on is making my CPU run faster without it costing a fortune. So here are the specs and I'm open to any and all suggestions: Intel 3.3 ghz, Memory 512 MB, Hard drive 160 GB, Network 10/100 Mbps.

Thanks so much!

A:Upgrading my desktop, what to start on first...

Upgrading memory is fairly inexpensive these days. If your PC supports dual-channel RAM, get two identical 512MB or 1GB sticks of RAM. You don't want to mix your old RAM with new RAM though (it may not run in dual-channel mode).

There are also some tweaks that will improve performance. A couple of my favorites:
In Display Properties > Themes, use "Windows XP (Modified)"
In System Properties > Advanced > Performance Settings, choose Custom and uncheck everything except "Smooth edges of screen fonts" and "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop".
Note of caution: These two tweaks will make Windows XP look a lot like Windows 2000.
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So I acquired recently a GX620 small form factor desktop machine.
I want to upgrade this thing to its max potential...but what are its limitations?
1. What is the best CPU that I can insert? Currently it is a Pentium 4 at 2.80 GHz.
2. Could I insert a low-profile video card, such as the GT 730 in it?
3. Is the maximum RAM 4GB? I hear that it is somewhat possible to add up to 8GB with updates of BIOS.
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Hi everyone!!!

I currently have a Dell Dimension 2400 and I want to upgrade it by getting a new motherboard that has an PCI-Express slot and more RAM slots than 2. Any suggestions to a good motherboard?

Oh..I forgot to mention, I believe it is a Micro ATX motherboard I am currently using....


A:Upgrading my Dell desktop

What OS are you going to run and are your upgrading for game use or just a little more speed.
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I plan to move to the latest Windows 10. How could I keep the same toolbars and desktop organisation?

How about drivers for printers and other equipements. I'm still using an HP1020 printer. Hope to be able to keep it.

How about this forum. Will it be a Windows 10 forum too and managed with the same organisation? Hope so because I'm always "stunt" by the quality of expertise given by it's members

If not, thanks to all, with some patience, had helped me to resolved my problems

M. Theriault
Montreal, Canada

A:Upgrading to Windows 10: How to keep same look on desktop and tak bar?

It has been around for awhile waiting for the official release:

Windows 10 Forums

I don't think Windows 8 or 10 has the kind of Glass support Windows 7 has. It is possible to get transparency for Taskbar etc.. but I think you need UXTheme patcher to get anythibg more. I have it on Windows 8. It doesn't hold a candle to Vista and W7 afa Aero. But it is better than nothing as the saying goes.

Edit: You may want to ask here for W10 customizing:

Customization - Windows 10 Forums
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Hello I m looking to upgrade the ram on my pc the Desktop RAM a FX6840-01e for Upgrading motherboard is a little older I have a friend who is upgrading their pc RAM Upgrading for a FX6840-01e Desktop and has x gb RAM sticks he s willing to part with for a sizable discount to me because they re used This is my computer rig as I bought it years ago - http www ascendtech us gateway-fx - e-windows- -desktop-pc i pcgwfx ew aspx Processor Intel Core i - Processor GHz Operating System Genuine Windows Home Premium -bit Memory GB DDR Dual-Channel MHz Memory x MB Memory Capacity DDR Slots Total I have upgraded the power supply to a Corsair w and the graphics card to a Gigabyte r I ve been googling for about two hours trying to find a definitive answer as to whether the motherboard can handle the upgrade some websites are telling me the maximum is gb total while others say gb total I found a forum also with someone stating they updated to as well but it was an offhand comment by the poster I ve also seen posts on some websites stating that my machine will only recognize ram made with certain chips Here is the RAM set he s willing to sell me in question http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Any help would be truly appreciated I don t want to purchase the sticks and then not have them work in my machine Thank you for reading nbsp
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Hi All
Just looking for some expert opinion on upgrading 24 Desktop computers running windows xp.
computer specs:

Dell Percision 390
xp professional
service pack 2
Intel core(TM)2 CPU
6300 @ 1.86GHz
1.86GHz 2.00 of RAM

I want to upgrade to windows 7, so my question I add RAM and install windows 7 on all computers? Or is there any other way around this? any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,
P.S All pcs need to have solidworks running.

A:Solved: upgrading xp desktop


The Dell Precision 390 WorkStation desktop is a very old model that originally came with Windows XP Professional. however it will run Windows 7 32-bit.

Here are 2 of them on the site that have been refurbished and set up to run Windows 7 32-bit:

As you can see, they have a faster Intel Core 2 Duo processor and have 4 GB of RAM.

One problem you'll be dealing with is the cost of the Windows 7 32-bit disc and the cost of additional RAM for each of those desktops - which adds up to a LOT of money.

I'm not familiar with SolidWorks and how system-hungry it is, so I can't advise you if that desktop can run it properly.

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Hello This is my first post Ok i have a powerspec g that is use as a work computer I run GIS and MatLab software Sometimes it takes - suggestions upgrading for my need desktop days to need suggestions for upgrading my desktop run a single code with big quot while quot in MatLab and i would obviously like this to take less time what i have- Processor Intel Core i - Processor OS Windows Ultimate Bit System Board Intel DX SO Memory Kingston HyperX GB Kit x GB Modules MHz Hard Drive TB RAID - x GB SATA HDDs RPM DVD R RW Drive x Dual Layer DVD need suggestions for upgrading my desktop R RW Drive Video Dual Radeon HD PCI Express cards in Crossfire Power Supply Watts I upgraded the ram about months age Also I recently bought a GB patriot inferno SSD to put my OS on It should be here in a week I notice that my total processor usage will be - and ram usage GB when running some codes Any suggestions to make this thing run faster Would getting a couple of velociraptors help thanks

A:need suggestions for upgrading my desktop

exodortch, Welcome to SF. First off you have quite a bit of stuff running off 500w PSU what make and model is that? I like you system and was wondering have you tried the ReadyBoost feature? As soon as you add your SSD it likely won't need it but till then do you have a RB usb or sd flash drive and try it?
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like the tittle says i want to upgrade my desktop and gladly appreciate if you guys help me hands down these are my specs right now Processor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk - - Memory http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E target Hard Drive Help desktop my upgrading guys http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E target Graphics http www newegg com Product Product Help upgrading my desktop guys aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E target Power Supply http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E target Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E target Cooling System http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp Tpk N E target as you see most of the hardware has Help upgrading my desktop guys been DISCONTINUED well i wanted to see what can i upgrade with keeping my processor case and hardrive and cooling system according to newegg i only have two options in motherboards http www newegg com Product Produ amp isNodeId amp Description LGA amp x amp y on the LGA socket help guys also my budget is around to spend on a MOBO GPU and ram if possible something i can play BF in the highest video settings maybe with this system im able to play it on the lowest graphics and x res so help my guys please edit the graphics card and the ram are the main concern if i can upgrade these with no biggie then it s all good nbsp

A:Help upgrading my desktop guys

Good Motherboard. I have that board and it performs rather nicely.

I would suggest a RAM upgrade. I have 16GB of DDR3-1333 Patriot Sector5 on mine.
..and bump the video card to at least a GTX 600-series.

Video Card:
Memory: buy 2 sets.
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Please advise the most suitable and supportable RAM(brand name) upto 8gb which can be easliy used in hp slimline 455-001in desktop to upgrade the memory?

A:Upgrading the RAM for hp slimline 455-001in desktop

Hi, Please use the following information: That means you can use 8GB each slot max (total 16GB max). Regards.
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The old computer is a HP Pavilion upgrading Trouble in desktop memory Mhz P with two ram slots currently each with a Mhz SDRAM for total of mb Specs indicate this system has maximum ram of mb so I got two SDRAM chips Trouble upgrading memory in desktop of mb each Notice they are Mhz and the computer bus I think is Mhz Does this matter Trying them nothing happens nothing on the screen either But I do get a series of audio beeps in this pattern - - - My large PC repair book does not give this pattern but I feel sure it is just indicating memory error Duh Trying to enter BIOS setup on bootup does not work either I have also tried another mb chip on hand and so far none of the mb chips work For some reason however I think they are good chips and that the problem lies elsewhere such as incompatibility With the old chips in BIOS setup the memory recognition appears to be automatic Does one have to somehow change the number of MB s shown in setup to match the chip total This option does not appear available to the user and is probably just automatic Any idea how to get mb on this system nbsp

A:Trouble upgrading memory in desktop

The error that you're getting is called an "Autosize DRAM" error. Basically, it means that the computer is not recognizing or unable to allocate the RAM. The possibilities are that the motherboard is bad, the RAM is bad, or it's simply incompatible. I would like to assume that you've already tried to reseat the RAM? Also, since the computer works with other RAM, it's obvious that the motherboard is all right. If you've tried with multiple sets of RAM, or have tried the RAM in other computers, it's most likely that the computer is just not compatible with the RAM. While trying to find a 'for sure' answer for you, I came across cases where RAM with the exact specifications, but different brand names, did not work in one computer, while the other one would, and the first one would work in a different computer. Interestingly enough, the examples given were also HP. I would guess that this is most likely the case. HP appears to be more "picky" about their RAM than some other manufacturers, at least from what I've been able to gather. Your best bet would probably be to obtain RAM from HP themselves, and make sure that the RAM will be compatible with your specific system type.
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Hello Guys,
Please help me, i just want ask what are the parts needed to buy for upgrading my computer. I want to make the function fast and the storage is big. I bought it second hand. the Model of mother board of my Pc is P5P800-VM.
Please see attached spec of my computer..
thank for your help..Edit: Moved topic from Windows 7 to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal
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Can Someone help me with my Processor Upgrade....  At the present time, I have a AMD ATHLON II X 2 IN MY HP COMPAQ CQ5222UK DESKTOP & I Would like to upgraded my Desktop Procressor from a AMD ATHLON Il X2 to one more prowerful than what I have A presentMy Computer Desktop is the - HP COMPANQ CQ5222UK DESKTOP  I have read several article's saying I can do this but my problem is that I keep reading Conflicting information.  I.E. One Company says,  You can upgrade to a Intel Core Processor but some other Companies Say, I could upgrade to a AMD ATHLON X4 860K. I would very much appreciate some help & advice upgrading my HP Compaq CQ5222UK Processor from a Expert......... Kindest Regards Pedro 10

A:Upgrading My Desktop Processor from a AMD ATHLON II X2

On the support page for that model, it states:Motherboard supports the following processor upgrades:Socket type: AM3TDP: 95 wattAMD Phenom II X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (Deneb)AMD Phenom II X3 7xx/7xxe Triple-Core (Heka)AMD Phenom II X2 5xx (Callisto)AMD II Athlon X4 6xx/6xxe (Propus)AMD II Athlon X3 4xx/4xxe (Rana)AMD II Athlon X2 2xx/2xxe (Regor)AMD Sempron 1xx (Sargas)As for the statement "One Company says,  You can upgrade to a Intel Core Processor"  Processor upgrades cannot cross from AMD to Intel.  The motherboards are completely different as well as the processor sockets.  As to the Athlon X4 processor stated, NO.  But the motherboard does support the AMD Phenom II X4 9xx/9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (Deneb) or the AMD II Athlon X4 6xx/6xxe (Propus)
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Hi all, i'm trying to upgrade my Dell Dimesnion 3000 Desktop (due to tight budget and being unable to buy a new computer) so it's able to play some more modern pc games (i.e. civ iv or civ v) but i'm not really much of a tech geek when it comes to computer hardware upgrades and i was wondering if you guys can recommend what i should get to upgrade the dimension 3000 best.
My PC Specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz
RAM: 512 MB
Video Card: Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller
Sound Card: SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
70 GB of Memory Available


A:Need help upgrading Dell Dimension 300 desktop

Well I hate to be that guy, but your PC really outdated. I understand being on a tight budget but upgrading that machine would cost much more then buying something a bit more modern.

The motherboard (Socket 478) will limit you to the older Pentium 4 CPUs.
You are also limited to DDR RAM and a PCI (not to be confused with PCIE) video bus.

Honestly it is not be possible to upgrade the machine to play Civ 5.
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Howdy, I'm interested in upgrading my power supply and graphics for my K450e, it's my first time installing hardware by myself and not sure how to go about it. I am thinking of using the following power supply and graphics card to upgrade to. My system specs:? 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4790 Processor (3.60GHz 1600MHz 8MB) ? Windows 8.1 64 ? Intelģ HD Graphics 4600 ? 16.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3 SDRAM 1600 MHz ? 2TB 7200 RPM + 8GB SSHD ? DVD Recordable ? Broadcom 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi wireless ? One year ? Optical ScrollPoint I would like to know if this set up would work/fit inside the case and any other tips you guys might have. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
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Hello, here's my PC,

I want to improve the speed, I tought upgrading my memory heres my questions

does all these parameters have to be the same? for exemple
Memory Module Specifications

Memory Type DDR3 Memory Speed PC3-10600 Memory Speed MHz 1333MHz Total Memory Size 4GB Memory Slots (Total) 2 Memory Slots (Available) 0 Memory Configuration 2GB + 2GB Maximum Memory Supported 16GB - 64 bit
So its mean it HAS to be DDR3 & PC3-10600 & 1333MHz thats a must ? otherwise it dosnt fit and its going to ''burn'' ???

Another question, would that fit or is this any good ?
or this ??

Im kind of lost in my shopping, dunno what criteria matters and whats not compatible

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Hello HP Support Forum,I would be grateful if you could tell me whether my pre-built HP ENVY Phoenix 860-000nj Desktop PC should be compatible with NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card or not. I should note that this desktop of mine has been running a GTX 980 Ti on a 500W power supply for almost six months now without a single problem. I've added a link with the full specifications below.Thank you!
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Hello Guys,
I'm new to this place & just looking for help to upgrade the CPU(processor) on my old desktop. I don't want to replace my desktop, so thought of upgrading the CPU as I curently have a Celeron 2.2 in my box.
I have an eMachine T2240 Machine.
MotherBoard and CPU in this machine is
CPU: CPU, CEL-2.2G/128K/F400,mPGA478,SL6RW CPEMIN100155


Can any one of you guys suggest me a CPU which will be compatible with the MB mentioned above, I also don't want to spend too much money for this upgrade.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


A:Need Help upgrading CPU in eMachine T2240 Desktop

You're very limited to what processors that board will support. You can only use 400Mhz FSB processors and they haven't been made in years and only went up to 2.6Ghz or so - and there's no guarantee that an eMachine would support any of those processors. And the only place to find such processors would be eBay. You're better off saving your money for real upgrade.
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I m not a huge gamer and there is only one game that I want to be able to run on my desktop Microsoft Flight Simulator X I love aviation and this is really the only game that I want to run on my desktop Here is my system Dell Dimension Series Intel Cleron D Processor GHz and cache MB DDR SDRAM at MHz Integrated Intel D AGP Graphics GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive RPM What do I need in order to have an enjoyable gaming experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator X I want the game to run smoothly on my desktop with graphics Card for Upgrading Video Desktop my that aren t distorted Please inform me as to what I need for upgrades Type of upgrade exact make and model where I can purchase and the price that I should pay I don t want to spend a lot of money enough to help me run this game and have an enjoyable time Upgrading Video Card for my Desktop playing it without any hick-ups nbsp

A:Upgrading Video Card for my Desktop

You will want a new graphics card but im fairly sure your pc only has pci slots!!!!
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Hello.  My friend has a p6-2285eo desktop. It works fine and all. However, he would like to upgrade his gpu, since the GT 640 is detremental to his performance in games.  Hence I sold him my old R9 280X (XFX model). And I got him a new power supply, an Antec 700w (80 plus bronze certified).  But for some reason his motherboard (Hp Pavilion 670960-001) will not work with his new gpu. Everything but the gpu turns on. Do you have any ideas about what is wrong? -Sumsar
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I was wanting to know if it s possible to compaq the my processor upgrading desktop in upgrade the processor in upgrading the processor in my compaq desktop my HP Compaq Presario SR F with a processor from another computer The processor in my Compaq is an Intel Pentium Processor E The processor I want to replace it with is an Intel Core Quad Processor Q I checked which sockets each processor supported and they both support the LGA type socket Both processors also run at a voltage of V- V So would it be possible to just replace them Here s the web pages for each processor s specs Intel Pentium Processor E - http ark intel com Product aspx id Intel Core Quad Processor Q - http ark intel com Product aspx id Additional information I have a windows operating system MB of RAM GB Hard Drive and an Intel graphics media accelerator If there s anything else you need to know upgrading the processor in my compaq desktop please ask I would love to get this figured out as soon as possible Thank you for your time nbsp

A:upgrading the processor in my compaq desktop

Processor upgrade options are listed here:
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i want to upgrade my upgrading the HP Pavilion a4311f Desktop PC to a great gaming pc but i dont know what i should by because not every  thing is compatible and i know wattege is a factor so i need a better video card a better cpu and ram i am doing this because i want a pc that can run fallout 4 which is very demanding game
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Hi all I m looking into upgrading my Gateway DX - PC desktop and was wondering what would be the most price efficient way to do so My kids use the PC for gaming and schoolwork I currently have GB of memory in the machine Just wondering how to buy memory a TB HD and an upgraded graphics card for this machine Do I need all three What s the best combo for bang for the buck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here s the current specs Phenom II X GHz GB DDR TB HDD Windows Home Premium -bit ATI Radeon HD Gateway DX - General Spec Brand Gateway Series DX Series Model DX - Type Student Home office Processor AMD Phenom II X GHz Processor Main Features bit Quad-Core Processor Cache Per Processor x upgrading desktop Gateway a PC DX4300-22 KB L Cache Memory GB DDR upgrading a Gateway DX4300-22 PC desktop Hard Drive TB upgrading a Gateway DX4300-22 PC desktop SATA Optical Drive X DVD R RW SuperMulti Drive Graphics ATI Radeon HD Graphics with MB Dedicated Video Memory upgrading a Gateway DX4300-22 PC desktop Audio High-Definition Audio with -channel Surround Sound Support Ethernet Mbps Ethernet LAN Power Supply W Keyboard Multimedia Keyboard Mouse Optical Mouse Operating System Windows Home Premium -bit Motherboard Chipset AMD G CPU CPU Type Phenom II X Installed Qty CPU Speed GHz L Cache Per CPU x KB CPU Socket Type AM CPU Main Features bit Quad-Core Processor Graphics GPU VGA Type ATI Radeon HD Graphics Interface PCI Express x Memory Memory Capacity GB DDR Form Factor DIMM -pin Memory Spec GB x amp GB x Memory Slot Total Memory Slot Available Maximum Memory Supported GB Hard Drive HDD TB HDD Interface SATA HDD Spec Green Product - variable RPM Optical Drive Optical Drive Type DVD Super Multi Optical Drive Spec X DVD R RW SuperMulti Drive Audio Audio Chipset Integrated Communications LAN Chipset Integrated LAN Speed Mbps Front Panel Ports Front USB Card Reader Multi-in-One Digital Media Card Reader with Photo Frame Button Back Panel Ports PS Rear USB Rear IEEE RJ port Rear Audio Ports ports Expansion PCI Slots Available Total PCI Express x PCI Express x PCI nbsp

A:upgrading a Gateway DX4300-22 PC desktop

For school work its already more than enough.

For gaming it would need a proper gaming graphics card and probably a quality high wattage power supply to replace the junk 300 watt unit the system shipped with originally. A good gaming graphics card would likely run close to $200 with better ones even more, a power supply will be at least $60 to $90 for a good unit.

Why do need another 1TB hard drive?

6GB of RAM isn't a bad amount, I probably wouldn't change that.

However if you want a proper gaming machine then this one will never be it. You'd be better off selling this one and build or buying a new one designed for gaming.
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Windows 10 pro on both desktop and laptop. The laptop upgrades every few days but the desktop never does. What's going on.
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I have a dell dimension 8400, purchased 2.5 years ago. It has a radeon 300 pci express x16 (128mb) video card. I am running windows xo with media center 2005. Picture quality is poor. I have started looking for better video card. Dell sales rep says, the card to use is radeon x1300 256 mb ddr2 pci express graphics card. Turns out most cards won't fit slot. Is there a better product out there that will fit? i am looking to keep it down to less than $150. Dell is selling the above for $99 + shipping. I am not much of a gamer, this is used 99% for cable tv and recording programs to dvd. Thanks, brad

A:Upgrading videocard on Dell desktop

You can do an online scan

Which may also help you determine the best card sort after

Once you have allowed and ran the scan (you may have to re-run it after installing ActiveX so forth)
You can then select your Video card on the LHS, which will in turn show updates on the RHS.
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Specification Intel R Core TM i - CPU GHz Package platform ID Socket LGA x CPUID A Extended CPUID A Core Stepping D Technology nm TDP Limit Watts Tjmax C Core Speed MHz Multiplier x Bus Speed x MHz Stock frequency MHz Instructions sets MMX SSE SSE SSE SSSE SSE SSE EM T VT-x AVX L Data cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line RAM Need upgrading desktop PC. Advice on H420 Lenovo in size L Instruction cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line Need Advice on upgrading RAM in Lenovo H420 desktop PC. size L cache x KBytes -way set associative -byte line size L cache MBytes -way set associative -byte line size FID VID Control yes -------------- Memory type DDR Module format UDIMM Manufacturer ID Hyundai Electronics AD Size MBytes Max bandwidth PC - MHz Nominal Voltage Volts EPP no XMP no AMP no JEDEC timings table CL-tRCD-tRP-tRAS-tRC frequency JEDEC - - - - MHz JEDEC - - - - MHz JEDEC - - - - MHz JEDEC - - - - MHz ------------ The above is my machine specs and current RAM in Slot OEM I'm thinking of upgrading by adding x GB or x GB sticks Will the Need Advice on upgrading RAM in Lenovo H420 desktop PC. following work in Slot Total GB or should I replace both sticks GB Kingston Technology ValueRAM GB MHz DDR Non-ECC CL DIMM Desktop Memory PC Kingston Technology ValueRAM GB MHz DDR Non-ECC CL DIMM Desktop Memory PC KVR D N G at Amazon com Thanks for any advice

A:Need Advice on upgrading RAM in Lenovo H420 desktop PC.

I always recommend using a kit of ram. Kits are tested to work together and individual sticks are not. Plus, when mixing brands, it is asking for trouble.
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I recently upgraded both my laptop and desktop to win 10 and I am having exactly the same issue on both.

Every so often the desktop and teaskbar will refresh. It doesn't seem to be associated with having anything open, it happens randomly anytime whatever I'm doing. if i'm playing a game it will take me out of the game to the desktop too, it won't close the game though.

I found some information about it possible being AutoCAD 2014 software which I had, but now have unisntalled to try and eliminate the issue but it still persists.

Any help would be awesome

A:Taskbar & desktop randomly refreshes after upgrading to ten

I have the same issue.. I think its a bug in Windows 10, maybe its gonna be fixed later in a update...
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Will I see any benefit upgrading gpu (GTX 750 Ti , GTX 1050 or GTX 1050 Ti). HP p7-1240 MSI MS-7778 (Jasmine) motherboard apu A10-5700 with integrated HD 7660D graphics10 GB RAM 240 GB PNY 1311 ssd,300-watt psu Used to surf internet, approx 3-4 hrs daily (unless researching specifc item).  Hooked on installed Bejeweled 3 (approx 4-6 hrs daily), Solitaire, MONEY Plus for recording incomes and expenses. SSD shortened bootup time some, but nothing exciting.  Used gift card to purchase it - so no big deal. Thanks for any pearls of wisdom.
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I recently upgraded both my laptop and desktop to win 10 and I am having exactly the same issue on both.

Every so often the desktop and teaskbar will refresh. It doesn't seem to be associated with having anything open, it happens randomly anytime whatever I'm doing. if i'm playing a game it will take me out of the game to the desktop too, it won't close the game though.

I found some information about it possible being AutoCAD 2014 software which I had, but now have unisntalled to try and eliminate the issue but it still persists.

Any help would be awesome

A:Taskbar & desktop randomly refreshes after upgrading to ten

I have the same issue.. I think its a bug in Windows 10, maybe its gonna be fixed later in a update...
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I will post a link to a computer that was purchased for me I have been out of computer gaming for awhile and have recently started playing a game called Dayz It is gaming Upgrading desktop retail for Acer my a modifcation for a game called Arma The computer runs most things that I have played fairly well However Arma is a high demand game which typically gets me under FPS I was thinking of getting rid of the computer and buying a new one or upgrading some parts inside From what I have been reading processor video card ram and power supply would be good places to start I haven t taken the computer apart yet to look inside and see what I can add to the current motherboard Budget is a concern and I don t want to go crazy I don t need to play on ultra settings Upgrading my Acer retail desktop for gaming but normal or high would be nice Any suggestions would be great Here is the PC http www walmart com ip Acer-AM Windows- -Home-Premium-Monitor-Not-I Thanks nbsp

A:Upgrading my Acer retail desktop for gaming

Without knowing your full system specs I would say, you could probably get by with a GPU and power supply upgrade. Do you know what size power supply you have in the machine? I'm also assuming you don't have a dedicated graphics solution, since you have an AMD-A6 CPU.
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hi all basically i think i ve screwed up big time i after 8?? to desktop the where EMERGENCY!!! files from win7 upgrading are from my was running win EMERGENCY!!! where are the files from my desktop after upgrading from win7 to 8?? as normal editing some photos when it suddenly froze and logged me out when i logged back in i couldn t EMERGENCY!!! where are the files from my desktop after upgrading from win7 to 8?? do anything with the desktop- just wouldn t let me click on anything on there i m a pro photographer and needed to get to the photos on my desktop i called up a guy out of gumtree and he came round to sort it basically he didn t really know much he just ignored the virus and said he d install win for me and said that that would get rid of the virus my stuff would be back and i d have win after a few HOURS he finally managed to install win but couldn t see my photos or programs or anything looking in the windows old folder there s nnearly pounds worth of photos on there didn t get chance to back them up any ideas thanks nbsp

A:EMERGENCY!!! where are the files from my desktop after upgrading from win7 to 8??
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Can I upgrade my RAM and GPU for this system ? Is there any limit to the upgrade ( Maximum ) that my desktop pc can support? If so what would be correct product to buy? Thank you, Ar.Jerome Benhur
Relevancy 43%

Hi all I m new here I just finished typing up a well thought out post only to be asked to log in after hitting post and to find I had to start again GRRRRRRRRR Ok so I will start again and keep it short and brief this time I need help please I want to upgrade my computers RAM I m a begginer Upgrading Desktop Acer Help Ram T300 Please? on Aspire by the way but try my hardest to understand and research all I can I m glad to have found this forum cause it s a speedier Help Upgrading Ram on Acer Aspire T300 Desktop Please? process having people experienced in the area to look to for advice apposed to trying to learn it Help Upgrading Ram on Acer Aspire T300 Desktop Please? all on my own and figure it out Anyways my computers details are Acer Aspire T Desktop PC Windows XP Home Help Upgrading Ram on Acer Aspire T300 Desktop Please? Edition bit Intel Celeron CPU GHz mb Ram I m a beginner and have been doing extensive reading on how to upgrade Ram ect Basically my computer sucks and it is forever out of virtual memory From what I ve read the amount of Ram I have is pathetic So I want to upgrade to the maximum amount of Ram my computer can handle GB I ve been on crucial com and it recommended that to do this I get two of these GB -pin DIMM DDR PC memory module CT Module Size GB Package -pin DIMM Feature DDR PC Specs DDR PC CL Unbuffered NON-ECC DDR V Meg x I ve been looking around locally as I live in New Zealand for compatible Ram that I can get to upgrade and have come across a few places But one that I found new and cheap on a online auction site and I wanted to ask if it was compatible with my computer The details of these modules are HYS D HBR- -B ADJ GB p PC CL c x Registered ECC DDR DIMM Now I know the GB pin PC CL DIMM is what I want BUT The ECC x Registered c specs are what have me confused and unsure because Crucial com s recommendation has NON-ECC while the online auctions site seems to have ECC quot quot has x quot quot has x quot quot has Unbuffered quot quot has registered And the online auction sites module specs c I don t even know what this refers to I think unbuffered ist he opposite to registered Is this right And if so does that make this module incompatible Also the difference between the x vs x does this also make it incompatible And NON ECC vs ECC incompatible I ve just been trying to find some reasonably priced Ram modules to upgrade my computer localy in NZ however failing that I will bite the bullet and order from crucial if I have to assuming they accept international orders and shipping is reasonable I simply want to be able to multitask doing things such as having a couple tabs open in Firefox listening to music on windows media player having Windows Live Messenger running and active Having a software program open that I use Also a document or spreadsheet ect All while being able to do them all simultaneously and not have my computer lag and become inefficient I need it to do what I require and Upgrading Ram seems like a very cost effective way that I hope will solve this problem I have already read many articles on disabling unnecessary startup programs and services and done that I make an effort to keep my PC tidy and clean with regularish quot house keeping quot of my computer Disk clean up CC Cleaner Updates Removing Unnecessary files and programs Degragging when necessary ect With upgrading my Ram alone from my current Ram to GB allow me to multitask in the way that I need to Or is there more involved that I m unaware of As much as I d love to upgrade my whole system that s not really feasible at the moment due to finances but I think Upgrading Ram is doable if it means that It will allow me to multitask like I need to Any feedback advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you for taking the time to read my post and I anxiously look forward to any replies Thank you in advance And this time I m going to copy this whole post before submitting in case the same damn thing happens lol Miss CrazySexyCool nb... Read more

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Hello folks my son inherited a Compaq Presario SR5210NX desktop which has basic came with it hardware. I want to upgrade his machine upgrade his memory add a graphics card and if possible add a better CPU . My question is since the mother board is generic I can not get any more specs except that the CPU slot is a socket 775 series socket for this machine. Which would be best CPU for his system and would not melt down his system ill post link to the site that had the best info below.

Compac Presario SR5210NX

Well I found motherboard specs but it has a few different CPU that can be used the question now is which would be the better one for gaming?

Mother Board Specs

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Is it possible to upgrade the Inspiron 660s slim desktop to a better processor after purchasing it?  The Dell specifications say it is compatible with Core processors up to i5, 2nd and 3rd generation processors, but I'd eventually like to up it to a i7-2600k.  I have the brand new boxed processor from a computer build i was going to do, but never got to do.

The dell specs also specify it uses a Intel B75 express chipset, and according to the Intel website is compatible with i7-2600k.  the 2600k processor is a 95W processor, while it looks like the smallest processor, celeron is a 35W processor.

is it possible?  Has anyone else done this?

A:Upgrading the dell Inspiron 660s slim desktop

Hi jlerng,
According to this Intel page, the i7-2600k is compatible with the B75 Express chipset. However, your system specs say only up to an i5 for the 660s. This is probably due to a power limitation. This is one of the many reasons we do not recommend the slim desktop systems for those who are thinking about later upgrades.
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I have a HP nbsp P f Win Pro desktop Couple years ago I added a WD green TB internal HD as a simple Hard Win drive my WD Pro after upgrading A failure desktop P6522f Windows 7 HP 10 to volume for pics and vids storage Never had any problems couple months ago I upgraded to Win and the WD drive became nonfunctional and disappeared from the my computer drives list I opened disk manager the drive was there but missing some of its info It could not be initialized or formatted Infact not even function worked I went into the disks events list It stated the quot disk could not be migrated quot several times then quot disk was deleted quot and then quot could not be migrated quot again I used a hard drive plug and play and tried it on my surface pro and got the same negative results I took the drive to Micro Center and the tech plugged it in to a computer there the drive booted up and was initialized with no problems The drive had in deed been deleted but I did have the files backed up the drive then reformatted and was working fine I went home and installed it back on my HP and it A WD Hard drive failure after upgrading my HP P6522f Win 7 Pro desktop to Windows 10 still would not work It had the same problem as before I brought it in to Micro center Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be I have seen a similar type problem on a message board that suggested there could be a conflict with older HP desk tops and hard drives larger than TB But there was no solution written If anyone has a solution I would really be greatful nbsp
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Hi all Basically the problem is when I upgraded to the new version of Windows Live Messenger a folder called quot WindowsLiveMessenger quot appeared on my desktop Inside it is something called Transport log which contains the text quot F C ADVCED Module Transport DLL-version Retail Adv quot I think the numbers at the beginning change sometimes maybe the time or something I can delete this folder if I close WLM but the next time I run WLM it just appears again I asked for help on the Windows Live site and received an e-mail which told me to upgrading Windows Messenger folder after new Please on to Strange appeared desktop Live the help? check for spyware and gave me instructions on how to uninstall and reinstall WLM including doing the following The following commands delete files that are used when you sign in and the Contacts Cache folders i Click Start click Run type USERPROFILE Application Data Microsoft and then press Enter Delete the IdentityCRL folder ii Click Start click Run type ALLUSERSPROFILE Application Data Microsoft and then press Enter Delete the IdentityCRL folder iii Click Start click Run type USERPROFILE Local Settings Application Data Microsoft and then press Enter Delete the Windows Live Contacts folder andClick Start Please help? Strange folder appeared on desktop after upgrading to the new Windows Live Messenger click Run type CMD and then press ENTER to open the command window b Type the following commands exactly as they appear below Press ENTER after typing each command to execute the command Note In some case you may encounter the error that the key does not exist If you have typed the command correctly this may be because the key has already been removed earlier or does not exist on your machine REG DELETE quot HKLM Software Microsoft Windows Live Messenger fREG DELETE HKCU Software Microsoft MSNMessenger fREG DELETE quot HKCU Software Microsoft Windows Live Please help? Strange folder appeared on desktop after upgrading to the new Windows Live Messenger Communications Clients Shared quot fREG DELETE HKCU Software Microsoft IdentityCRL fI did all of this but when I reinstalled WLM next time the folder came back I know it s not such a massive problem but arghhhh I want it to go away lolI m on XP Pro Version SP apparently Any ideas Thanks

A:Please help? Strange folder appeared on desktop after upgrading to the new Windows Live Messenger

Did you take their advice and check for malware? Deleting the registry keys should have fixed this provided there are no traces of malware hiding some place deep and dark inside your system...I would suggest posting a new topic here: their expert advice in checking that you don't have something like that going on...
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Original ACER desktop with Windows 8 and it was upgraded through the Windows Store to Windows 8.1
The upgrade came up with errors "the Secure Boot watermark".
I tried various things suggested to fix the error but was unable to.
I backed up the computer data.
I formatted the drive and installed Windows 8.1 from a thumb drive and it installed correctly without errors.
I was unable to install a Product Key Licence as the computer had it imbedded in the bios and I have no label with the key on the machine.
I should not have to purchase another licence. How do I find the original licence key?
I would appreciate any help. Thanks in advance

A:ACER Desktop with Windows 8 upgrading to Windows 8.1

Originally Posted by Postie71

How do I find the original licence key?

How to clean install Windows 8.1 if you have OEM computer with UEFI firmware (BIOS) embedded Windows 8 product key?
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I am eventually going to build a budget pc, but for now im trying to understand the parts as much as I can. For the cpu i wanted to know what the discription of the cpu
is, for Ex. "Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 2500 BX80637i53470"
For the "3470", I wanted know what that means, like if its overclockable by that much. as well as the "Intel HD Graphics 2500", does that mean what type of graphics card it is compatable with are something else. If any one can help explain these things to me I would be very much greatful. those discriptions above are the only ones I need thank you.

A:Budget PC

Start by Googling & reading.,2817,2405044,00.asp
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Hi Everybody I need some help with my HP Compaq Presario SR NX Desktop PC Lately I have noticed that it has been running low on memory and the performance has been slow I have already upgraded my RAM to the max capacity GB GB max and I have been running into problems when trying to do general things like surf the net run WMP and some general multitasking WMP will start skipping as I am running an application or browsing the internet or I will have slow loading times I am just wondering if there is anything I can do to improve its performance by not breaking the bank I have thought about buying a non integrated graphics card to free up memory but I would also need a new PSU since I am working with stock Could buying a new Mobo with more RAM expansion and a faster processor help or is there anything that you all could think of I use my PC for listening to music surfing the internet needs Budget PC help editing videos and business applications Here are a few of my specs Desktop PC HP Compaq Presario SR NX Processor Intel Pentium GHz Type amp Installed Size L cache MB Chipset Budget PC needs help type Intel GC Express RAM GB GB max PC - DDR SDRAM Hard Drive GB Serial ATA- rpm Graphics Intel GMA OS Windows Vista Home Basic Security Utility Software Norton Internet Security always on PC Tools Spyware Doctor occasionally on PC Tools Registry Mechanic occasionally on nbsp

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Greetings everyone. As a result of my recent lemon from CyberPower, I have decided to just build a new gaming rig myself.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tonight I am going to tweak and further research some build ideas, but there is always some one on here who has some useful insights to offer.

A:$1,900 budget

Hi PYGMUS. I'm assuming your budget excludes the cost of a monitor and peripherals such as mouse, keyboard and speakers.

Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz - $299.99
ASUS Rampage III Formula LGA 1366 Intel X58 - $299.99
G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) DDR3 1600 - $139.99
Seasonic SS-850HT 850W Power Supply - $119.99
2x MSI N460GTX CYCLONE 1GD5/OC GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 1GB - $439.98
Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB - $74.99
COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Black Steel ATX Full Tower - $139.99

Total - $1,514.92

With the remaining cash you could get yourself a good aftermarket CPU HSF and other components of your choice and requirement. You could look towards getting a Blu Ray Drive or SSD if you're interested.
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I just bought the HIS HD 4670 IceQ Edition 1GB graphics card and its bottle necking on my pc..

My current cpu is intel pentium 3ghz..

I got £100 was less.. Which cpu would be best ??

I need intel socket 775

I want to play my GTA IV... I no my NEW graphics card not amazing.. But it can play GTA IV.. Its on youtube.. reviews etc.. But it lags.. and my current cpu was like 98 usage in benchmark test :L

Also play cod4

A:What CPU should I buy on a £100 budget?

I was thinking maybe
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I have $700 to use for a PC setup. I originally was just going to customize a Dell from the Dell web site until I saw how severally overprice many components were and even way outdated! Therefore I want to build my own with parts through Newegg.

Here's what I have so far:
I already have a Sata hard drive and THIS power supply so those 2 items can be excluded.

Can anyone tell me for sure the processor,motherboard,memory and case that I picked would all be compatible with each other?

I play on adding a video card down the road also. I remember reading but not sure if it was this specific motherboard, but one of them said it didn't have integrated video so I'm curious as to how you'd even install a video card with no video to install the drivers?

A:$700 Budget for a PC

$700 is a bit more than a budget computer...

You have an OS to install? At least until Windows7 comes out?

I would go with the following (order of your list)
1 - Case: Pretty much anything that is Rosewill = crap. Want a good basic black case with good airflow, try this:
Antec 300 $55 - (IS your PSU 24pin and 4pin wires very long? Many of todays cases such as the 300 has the PSU on the bottom)

2 - Keyboard, $7 keyboards won't last long. A good cheap keyboard is an HP or Logitech for $15+ But none of them are as good as what was made 10-15years ago.

3 - Spend $40~50 more on a 24" Samsung. Acer tends to be washed out. Over at Costco, they sell the 24" Samsung for $200. $250 with HD-Tuner and HDMI input. (Add $50 from newegg)

4 - With AMD DDR2 boards, its generally best to go with DDR2-800mhz: RAM 4GB DDR2 800 - $47 - G.Skills are good, I use them.

5 - Mice : Check out Logitech... $5~10 mice tend to live for a month or so. Spend at least $15+ Good mice are $30~50.

6 - Motherboard The 790 doesn't have onboard graphics. Not sure what you're asking. If you buy a motherboard without on-board graphics and you don't add a video card, you DON'T get video. If you buy a motherboard with onbaord graphics, you do. Here are two ATI 785G boards with onboard video... they are quite good. Cost less, just as fast and newer than the 790.

MB Gigabyte 785 $90 - (ATX 2x 16x slots)
MB Gigabyte 785 $80 - (mATX)

Your 500w OCZ PSU is good enough for ATI 4850 and 5700 series video cards. I'd go for a 5770 or 5750 which comes out next month.

So spend a bit less on the mobo and case, put a bit more money on KEY / mouse and monitor. A 24" screen is sweet.
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My current computer:

Dell Dimension 4550

Penitum 4 Northwood 2.4ghz s478 (does not support prescott cpus )
350w Power supply
Nvidia 6600 OC
2 gigs of RAM (Max on Mobo)

I have $200, what can I buy to get decent FPS on TF2, currently I am sitting at 20fps.

Thanks in advance.

A:$200 budget what can I do.

Basically nothing. TF2 relies too much on the CPU for a graphics+power supply upgrade, which you could afford, to make any difference. A new motherboard, CPU, RAM and OS are out of your budget. ~80 $ for a decent motherboard, 110$ for a really good one, 50-80 for RAM, 80-130-150-190 for a CPU, 90-150 for an OS.
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So this computer that I m thinking about started out cheap but has gotten a little more expensive over time This is the first build I will be attempting so this is pretty cool for me Budget Rig After Budget Rig having multiple computers from places like Dell I ve decided to just build my own This computer will be used for a range of things including some gaming stuff Budget Rig like Tomb Raider Legend Internet Music Video School and so on Here is what I have so far just Budget Rig looking at Newegg right now - Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- - GIGABYTE GA-EP -UD L LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard -- - Intel Core Duo E Wolfdale GHz MB L Cache LGA W Dual-Core Processor -- - Rosewill RC- IDE to SATA Mini Vertical Bridge for IDE device -- I have IDE drives and port devices on the mobo - Thermaltake Purepower W RU W ATX V Power Supply -- after rebate - G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBNQ -- - SAPPHIRE L Radeon HD MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card -- after rebate Totaling I am using from my old computer - GB Seagate SATA HDD - GB WD Caviar IDE HDD - D-Link WDA- PCI Wireless Card - Some Hauppage TV tuner I don t remember the model - DVD RW drives Pioneer and TEAC - The amazing Dell e c CRT monitor I ll upgrade later So how s this look Based on some reviews I m a little worried about the PSU Does anyone have experience with it I m open to change anything here except no AMD please I m an Intel guy Also I may be doing a little overclocking later on but it may be a while down the road By the way are anti-static wristbands needed Keeping in mind that this is my first build nbsp

A:Budget Rig

Try this as an alternative build:

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Callisto 3.1GHz Black Edition 6MB L3 Cache CPU - Retail - $102 + free shipping
ASUS M3A76-CM AM2+/AM2 AMD 760G Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail - $59.99
OCZ Fatal1ty Edition 4GB (2 x 2GB) DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit - Retail - $49.99 ($39.99 after $10 rebate) + free shipping
XFX GeForce 9800GTX+ 512MB PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card - Retail - $89.99
BFG LS-550 550W PSU with Active PFC - Retail - $68.49 + free shipping
Antec Nine Hundred Mid-Tower Gaming Case - Retail - $111.22 + free shipping
You can go with the Corsair 400CX instead of the BFG PSU if the latter is out of your budget.
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I am building a low budget PC for a friend of mine. He would like the system for a couple of music mixing programs and to play a few lower end games. Here is what I put together from NewEgg. Let me know what you think.





Hard Drive


For the graphics card, I have an old PNY GF4-4400 w/64MB that I can give him. Do you think this would be a good barebones system for him? Any problems that you might see?


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Making new computer 6-8 monitors (8 preferred) for 80% business 20% gaming.

Need a completely silent case so I don't hear the fans or whatever.

Right now I'm looking at 2x for videocards.




and what kind of monitors should i get? I use 2 ultrasharp 20.5" dell ones atm (1600x1200 res)

any recommendations is appreciated. also wanna hook up a wiimote and a wireless internet card.

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Hey everyone im looking for parts to uprgade on a budget because my old parts arent workin to run many newer games. I am currently running a 2Ghz P4, 2Gb Patriot ddr400, an ATI Radeon 9800 PRo, and a cheapo MSI motherboard. Im looking to get a new motherboard, video card, and processor. what would you suggest for a 500-700 dollar price range? I play Oblivion. Counter Strike: Source, and fear all on medium right now, but i am preparing for the next gen of games. Thnx!

Relevancy 36.55%

Hi im currently in the process of building a PC that will replace my old PC this computer will be used for gaming and watching films Budget around I have a keyboard mouse and a monitor at the moment I have come up with Procesor i k GHz http www ebuyer com -intel- b-cache-retail-boxed-processor-bx i k Motherboard gigabyte GA-Z -D H http www ebuyer com -gigaby mi- -channel-audio-atx-motherboard-ga-z -d h DVD samsung X DVD http www ebuyer com -samsung-sh- bb-sata-dvd-write-optical-drive-oem-sh- bb-bebe Case Coolermaster plus http www ebuyer com -coolermaster-haf- -plus-case-rc- p-kkn RAM GB G skill DDR MHz http www ebuyer com -g-skill- gb-ddr - mhz-ripjawsx-memory-f - cl d- gbxl CPU Cooler akasa K http www ebuyer com build, £700 PC budget -akasa-k -intel- PC build, £700 budget - - -processor-cooler-ak-cc ep GPU saphire HD GB http www ebuyer com -sapphi -displayport-pci-e-graphics-card- - - g PSU corsair TXM w http www ebuyer com -corsair-txm- w-modular-psu-cp- -uk HDD seagate GB http www ebuyer com -seagate- gb-barracuda-internal-hard-drive-st dm I will appreciate any help that I can get nbsp

A:PC build, £700 budget

Overall a decent choice of components. I'm not a fan of Akasa products at all, this CM Hyper 212 Evo has great performance for the price.

Not sure how much budget you have left but I'd try to work an SSD into the build, when it comes to general PC usage it will be the most noticeable difference from your old PC. 128GB drives are really cheap nowadays. If you need to save some money then I'd say reuse your old hard drive as a storage drive, £40 for 500GB isn't great value anyway.

The 3570K is £14 cheaper on Amazon btw.
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Case: APLUS Case Qubic, Black Midi tower
Mobo: Asus M2A-VM HDMI
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600
RAM: Corsair TWIN2X 6400 DDR2, 2048MB
TV Card: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1300MCE KIT

Generally using it for multimedia purposes. Wondering is there anything else needed. I already have hard drive, disk drive and 400w PSU.

Any comments, much appreciated

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i am saving up like bucks for a custom build pc that can multitask and be able to play light games like WOS so here budget Is a good $500 this pc? are the parts i am looking foward to website newegg com asus cd dvd burner http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp cm re asus cd- - - - - -Product rosewill challenger computer case http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re challenger- - - - - -Product amd athlon II x ghz triple core http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E samsung spinpoint f http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re spinpoint f - - - - - -Product gskill gb x drr pc http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re g skill gb- - - - - -Product asus M A TD-V EVO motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E amp cm re v evo- - - - - -Product Rosewill Green Series RG -S W psu http www newegg com Product Produ amp cm re rosewill psu- - - - - -Product so this is the parts i am intrested in so let me know if its a good build for a budget thanks nbsp
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Okay so I m interested in putting together a PC for gaming So I ve asked around a couple of forums and I seemed to be getting a lot of mixed messages Some say I can put together something for around my budget around or so others suggest otherwise I don t know who to listen to but I obviously hope the former is correct And I think they are Maybe it s just wishful thinking on my part but I mean I m fine not being able to play EVERY game just being able to play SOME is fine with me Now I should mention that I m not completely comfortable building from scratch I am however interesting in purchasing a BareBones Budget gaming PC kit Budget gaming PC which if I understand correctly includes most of the parts pre-installed and working from there I saw one containing the case motherboard power supply processor RAM and hard drive So I d imagine I just need a graphics card operating system cooling fan monitor keyboard mouse and I don t know is there anything else I d need Anyway here s the link to the one I was looking at http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp Sku A - L Now again I know very little about these things I m not especially tech saavy but that seems decent and it s only It s got MB of RAM what I think is a good processor isn t it it supports PCI-e cards so I figure if I got another MB of RAM a good graphics card XP and everything else I could use some of the stuff from my current PC such as my monitor keyboard mouse etc that would be good enough for most games Again I know very little about these things but from looking at the recommended specs for some games I d imagine that would be sufficient Wouldn t it Also I wanted to ask is it common for most online stores to allow money orders as a form of payment I looked on the tigerdirect website and I didn t see an option for money orders there might be but I didn t see it so I d imagine they don t accept money orders but is it common for most online stores to accept them nbsp

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I am going to use this for gaming.
budget is 550$
located in USA
yes willing to buy online specifically newegg.
Im not sure of any parts i can use off my old rig.
Do not need mouse or keyboard. Maybe speakers.
Haven't bought any parts yet.
no os on me.
I don't know if ill need any cooling.

I need a rig that has everything i need for decent gaming including graphics card for under 550$.

A:Need a budget gaming pc

Hello Tech,
try this configuration, leaves you room for speakers,optical, etc

good for performance at 1680x1050 on high for most games

If you really need to start shaving the cost down because of peripherals, a few suggestions:
go with the 7750 or 7850 BE and OC it. (will need a different Motherboard i believe)
two, if you have a little faith the 4830 is different in two ways from the 4850 it has 4-shader clusters for 640 total, and 8 less texture units (32). the major vendors of ati cards (in order to get a competitive advantage) have turned on the 5th shader cluster, and the 8 texture units to make them effectively 4850's. and can be had for $89.00. i would also recommend the 4770, if a guy could find one.
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greetings i know this topic has been covered in a million threads i have searched and read many so far i would like to build a comp from scratch for myself budget is For Self Budget Build or less if possible i don t need anything fancy for gaming or a high end system --i currently use my comp for surfing photo music storage burning and office applications for school i have asked on other boards and they simply laugh at my budget please don Budget Build For Self t laugh and insist that i purchase this and that to quot future proof quot my system --currenty i have a tower from an old emachine comp monitor mouse keyboard and - GB HDD IDE i am open to ideas and willing to purchase new parts to make the system run more efficient and smooth if the budget is too low as i have been told before let me know and i can auction off some of the old equipment to contribute to the comp fund please be understanding and thanks in advance nbsp

A:Budget Build For Self

Content removed - you can't use TS as a place to sell your products.
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Hi xD I m in desperate need of a new computer my current Dell-apitated comp PC Budget Quest is held together by bubblegum Being a poor student I drew up this list and am hoping to get it critiqued I don t have much money and I think this is the best system I can get for under I m gonna salvage my monitor sound card and DVD drives from this computer so that s not an issue Please give me some feedback thank you Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz M shared L Cache LGA Processor - Retail http www newegg com Product Product asp N E ASUS P B LGA Intel P Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail http www newegg com Product Product asp N E COOLER MASTER Centurion RC- -KKN -GP Black Aluminum amp Mesh bezel SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail http www newegg com Product Product asp N E Rosewill RP - ATX V v W Power Supply V CSA CB TUV FCC UL - Retail http www newegg com Product Product asp N E CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory - Retail http www newegg com Product Product asp Budget PC Quest N E EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTS MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail http www newegg com Product Product asp N E Seagate Barracuda ST AS Perpendicular Recording Technology GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM http www newegg com Product Product asp N E nbsp

A:Budget PC Quest

Choose another Power supply... a real 450~500watt type.
Coolermaster, Zalman, OCZ (i recommened) make 500watt PSUs for about $90~120.

Rosewell = crap. (in nice words)
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I'm after a new processor, on a budget. I've been told this - - will suit my system, but I'm wondering whether it's good enough? I mostly use the relevant PC for just general web browsing and listening to music..


A:Budget processor - is this the right one?

Hello there.

Are you building a new computer or are you replacing a CPU in the computer you alread have?

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I only have about $80 bucks US to spend on a vid card for some casual gaming. I was thinking about a FX5200 with 128 mb ram. What are your guys' sugestions on what to buy?

A:budget gfx card

Stay away from the 5200. It'll just dissappoint you.

I'd recommend looking for a cheap GeForce4 Ti 4200. You might be able to find one under $80 now.
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Hi I m new here and would like to start of by saying thanks for this helpful forum When it comes to computing I m far from a expert so I though what better place to learn and get advice hope all are having a fine day If someone could give some help or point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated I want to buy a laptop powerful enough to run programs such as Cubase or pro tools and 450 pounds :) budget, help please to do other things like video editing Firstly I need a laptop and I can only stretch to pounds I have been looking all over and its mind boggling I want to make sure that I get the right laptop and don t waste my money Would a laptop with core i be powerful enough to run such programs The laptops that fit my budget seem to have i with around gb RAM here is a link to a laptop I have fund on ebay please forgive me if lining isn t allowed http www ebay co uk itm trksid p m l amp ssPageName STRK MEBIDX IT Does that seem like fair value and is it powerful enough for my needs Also is there a risk with buying a refurbished laptop from ebay Thanks for any help nbsp
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I just finished setting up my 2006-2007 budget. When I call-up a Profit & Loss Report or a Budget Analysis Report there are expense and income items in these reports that are NOT included in my budget. How do I rid myself of these items. They have already been de-activated in my Chart of Accounts. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Hi I need a budget gaming PC that can run World of Warcraft on ultra high settings with a high considerable frame rate I don t really want to build it since I m only and pretty inexperienced with fitting all the hardware into the case Also the website needs to be able to ship to Australia internationally with a preferably small postage if possible I m not looking for anything that s able to run Crysis on high settings just a simple game like World of Warcraft I ve seen some pretty mediocre gaming rigs that can handle WoW on high ultra settings with a good frame rate so I think should budget PC $700 gaming be enough as long as you pick the right hardware Here are some of my options http cgi ebay com au $700 budget gaming PC New-Intel-E pt AU comp dekstop amp hash item aa f e - I want to upgrade the RAM which is available in the seller s description and get a good gaming video card - and maybe if necessary which is going to be from another source and maybe even a HDD upgrade Given the details $700 budget gaming PC in the seller s description can upgrades of these sorts be applied I m not exactly certain I d also like to mention that the operating system monitor keyboard and mouse are all covered already not inside my budget http cgi ebay com au New-Intel-E pt AU comp dekstop amp hash item dd ab - This is my second option I d like to upgrade to GB of total RAM available in the seller s description and upgrade the video card with one in the similar price range of the model posted in the last option $700 budget gaming PC The thing is one user told me that this model s motherboard sucked for gaming Is this true If I m deluded please feel free to enlighten me with better cheaper models Thanks nbsp
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I want to start budgeting my money monthly.

Is there a good program to help me with this?

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Ok I thought I had to go AMD for price so I purchased AMD Athlon X GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core black edition Foxconn A GM-S AM AM AMD G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard Now I am getting a lot of feedback that I should have stuck with Intel for my new build So who can come up with a better Intel CPU amp Mobo at around E with mobo AMD CPU Budget Intel or Would it be worth it to send the AMD back Would I need a cooler for whatever you can come up with or is stock ok Which would be better upgradable Am adding it to Crucial GB DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Western Digital WD AAKS Caviar SE GB SATA II Rpm MB Cache SATA Hard Drive Group Blue Storm II W ATX SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply GPU Radeon X PRO MB PCIe GDDR I already have purchased these other AMD or Intel CPU Budget components AMD or Intel CPU Budget and got many at better prices than NewEgg so not inclined to change them except maybe add memory This will be a XP system with only occasional WoW AMD or Intel CPU Budget gaming ect nbsp

A:AMD or Intel CPU Budget

7750 or e5200, the difference your not going to see.

go with whats cheaper.

i tested the 7750, it is no doubt amd's best dual core chip in the athlon x2 line.
i tested it against the x2 6400.

clock for clock, the 7750 came out on top, and the temp difference was amazing.
the 7750 ran 10C cooler in the same system.

3.4Ghz is a good stable overclock on the 7750. (2.7 stock)
thats a 700mhz overclock.

i cant speak on the e5200 overclocking, because i have not owned one myself.
im sure it can overclock past 3.4 tho, given you have a good cpu cooler.

but what im trying to say, either chip you get, the performance is almost identical to the other.

here is my 6400 vs 7750 chart i made @ another site after a couple of bencharmarks were completed.

test system:
asus m2n-e 570 ultra mobo
ocz platinum ddr2 800 ram
evga gtx 280
x2 7750 and x2 6400

the 3dmark score is cpu score only, the actual scores both are in the 12k range, but that is thanks to the gpu.

edit: get a getter video card than that x1900 series.
if your going ati, grab a 4830 if you can afford it, its about $100
if you want nvidia, grab a 9600gso, its less than $100, and its a great budget card.
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Hello everyone. I am trying my hand at a first build. I have a low budget and already think I am over it. Check out what I came up with and let me know what you think. It is mainly a Home computer for the internet and some WoW and City of Heroes gaming. thanks for any suggestions.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 2.7GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core black edition

Foxconn A7GM-S AM2+/AM2 AMD 780G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

Crucial 2GB DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) Desktop Memory

Western Digital WD 3200AAKS Caviar SE16 320GB SATA II 7200 Rpm 16MB Cache SATA Hard Drive

RAIDMAX XFORCE ATX-728WS Silver Aluminum Front Panel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

Group Blue Storm II 500W ATX 2.2 SLI Ready Active PFC Power Supply

Rosewill RCX-Z1 Long life ball bearing for over 45,000/hrs CPU Cooler

Need help with a graphics card. 2600XT or 3650 perhaps.

A:First Build Low-budget

Nice build there. You could go with this cooler instead though, for $10 more. The added cooling performance is worth it, as is the better reliability. You can spend less on the PSU too and get this one, which will also be more than sufficient.

As for a video card, go with an HD 3650 over a 2600XT. Runs cooler and has better features to boot.
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I ve finally come into enough money so that I can buy myself a desktop No more using moms Anyway the most I can spend is US money I don t know a lot about computers I m still learning from reading things so I was wondering if I could get help from people who knew more about it than I do Currently I m looking at this http www bestbuy com site olspage jsp skuId amp type product amp id pcmprd I figured that anything budget doesn t have Buying Need help Budget: a good graphics card so maybe I can invest in one of those later I do like play games even if I have to have them run at less than the best options Basically I Buying Budget: Need help want to be able to multi-task without having to fear a dreaded slow down The last comp I got was e-machine and it short-changed me on RAM so it had some problems running XP I don t want to run into that problem again The sites I ve been looking at are Bestbuy and Newegg Any and all help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum and would like some help picking my christmas PC. Obviously on a low budget I can't be looking for an amazing gaming PC. But I would like something that could run things smoothly such as WarRock, and WoW. I've been scouring Ebay and have found some interesting PC's but cannot differentiate them enough to understand whether or not I am being ripped off. I am 16 and on a budget of about £350 (do not include anything apart from the actual PC no screen keyboard or mouse needed).

Any help would be seriously appreciated


Links for ebay:

Those are just a few I have found... Any other suggestions appreciated... Also home build could be a possibility if cheaper.

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Heya there, I have a budget of around about £150 and I'm looking for the best AGP card to fit that price, preferably NVIDIA as I've had issues with ATI in the past. I want to be able to run games like Half Life 2, or Elder Scrolls Oblivion on high quality.

The rest of my PC is pretty decent, 1GB ram & 3.4Ghz P4. Just need a better GCard.

So, any recommendations? And thanks for any help you can offer

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I am doing a budget build for a client for his small business. His budget was 600.00 for the pc with the OS supplied by him, my labor will be negotiated.

This is what I have for him, nothing major mainly invoices, quicken, etc...

Let me know if you see any issues before I place the order.

Thanks yall

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A Friend asked me the other day what he should look for in a budget Laptop The first thing he said he thought about was Dell I quickly stated never to buy a Dell becuase Dell desktops are a pain in the rear to work etc Then he said that he would only need it for internet and typing documents He also said he wanted a laptop so he could easily move it to and from home and work He wanted the cheapest laptop he could find but didn t want to be suckered into for Laptop? What in budget I should look buying a heap of junk I don t have much expeirence in the world of notebooks and wasn t sure what to tell him The kind of notebooks laptops that I see for sale are all monsters Any more it seems like laptops might as well be used as a desktop computer becuase they are so big and fast The smaller notebooks are so much smaller and easy to carry that the price goes up on them becuase there is so much packed into a smaller area Also I figured AMD would be better becuase they run much cooler and have a higher fsb speed but then agian I have heard a lot of good What should I look for in budget Laptop? things about intels mobile processors Anybody have any ideas on where to look or what I should recommend nbsp

A:What should I look for in budget Laptop?

Well I like Toshiba but this site is a great place toget laptop reviews
Averatec is another decent budget laptop