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Motherboard BIOS update

Q: Motherboard BIOS update

Hello! I'm new here at Tech Spot. This is a great website.

Where can I get a copy of the newest BIOS update for my motherboard?

Model: Asus P5GD1-VM Motherboard
Version: 0602
Chipset: I915
Date: 09/06/2005-16:48:11
Onboard Sound: Azalia (swa)
Onboard LAN: Exist (wl)
BIOS Size: 512 K

I downloaded all BIOS .ROM files in the official website of Asus. But it weren't compatible with the BIOS to be flashed.

Please help me! Thank you very much in advanced!

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Preferred Solution: Motherboard BIOS update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Motherboard BIOS update

The latest BIOS for your board is version 1015. It's not necessary to load each BIOS in order, just load the latest. To load the BIOS you must copy it to a floppy disc and rename it P5GD1-VM.ROM If you didn't rename it, that's why it won't load. On the same Asus download page, you can get the user manual for your board, which goes into detail how to reflash the BIOS. It can render your motherboard un-bootable if you do it wrong, so I would read the manual before attempting it again, and follow instructions carefully.
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Hi Guys I have a REAL newbie question I ve tried reading a bunch of tutorials but they re a little over my head I think my question is pretty basic but Motherboard BIOS Drivers INCLUDES Update and Windows on M2A-VM? Update after Windows Update INCLUDES Motherboard Drivers and BIOS Update on M2A-VM? a couple hours research hopefully someone here would be kind enough to help I have an M A-VM motherboard and my system keeps freezing up no input from keyboard or mouse no ctl-alt-del nothing It freezes intermittently but never goes more than hours without freezing sometimes freezes in a few seconds with minutes being the average time it works before freezing Seems to freeze more often immediately when I m using the mouse than any other time but it will freeze on it s own just idling if you give it enough time I ve read a few things including updating bios and downloading the latest motherboard drivers My problem starts when I go to download the mobo drivers from this page ASUSTeK Computer Inc -Support- It lists driver updates there for my motherboard files found Qualified Vendor List BIOS BIOS History BIOS-Utilities Chipset AUDIO LAN Utilities Manual And apparently I m missing these Windows Updates Q - Important Q - Important Q - Critical Q - Important Q - Important Q - Moderate Question Do I download all Surely my machine can t need updates How do I know which ones to download and install Question Will a windows update select the appropriate motherboard drivers from this list or is that unrelated Question Will a windows update automatically select these particular updates for me or do I need to do anything manually to get them Question How do I update BIOS Which to choose there are listed above Is this something a professional should do or is it simple enough for a guy like me If anyone takes mercy on me and responds I ll be eternally grateful and I ll promise to help a lost soul in the future as repayment I ll take any help I can get Here are my specs Processor gigahertz AMD Athlon X Dual Core kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache -bit ready Multi-core total Not hyper-threaded Board ASUSTeK Computer INC M A-VM XX BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD ASUS M A-VM ACPI BIOS Revision Chipset Support AMD Socket AM Athlon Athlon FX Athlon X Sempron RAM Megabytes Usable Installed Memory OS Windows Professional build Thanks guys

A:Windows Update INCLUDES Motherboard Drivers and BIOS Update on M2A-VM?

I have the same board on another pc.

You only need to download and install only that which would make your setup current.

You really only need to update the bios if you will be moving up to a newer processor that is not currently supported by the current bios or if the newer bios fixes a known problem.

You need the latest motherboard chipset driver. (I would install this first if you haven't already)

You need the latest LAN driver.

The audio driver you can either download from Asus or from RealTek.
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ok so im sure i can manage to update the bios on my own bios motherboard update help from tutorials and stuff but i have a few questions that have me confused motherboard bios update help about updating the bios im about to buy parts for a new build and im going with the ASUS M A -V EVO motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E and im going to get the FX CPU cores and ovcourse all the other parts but thats not important my question is that that motherboard might need a bios update but i dont know when to update it i mean do i put all my pc parts together and boot up then update OR do i install my OS THEN update would my motherboard or cpu get damaged if i havnt updated the mobo and the CPU is inside and powered on so yeah those are my questions plz feel free to ask me if you need any additional info Thanx in advance so plz i really wanna know how to do this before i purchase these parts nbsp

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I have a PC HP pavilion p6725it s.n. (removed content) p.n. LL434EA with motherboard Cleveland-GL8. Can I update the bios version? As newer video card can I install? My video card doesn't work very well and I need to replace it.

A:Update bios Motherboard

If a new BIOS version is available then YES..
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Could someone tell me where I can get the V1.2 bios for the PT800CE-A board. I have problems with my video card and the tech from my video card company says that the card is fine, that it is just the bios that need to be upgraded.


A:PT800CE-A motherboard bios v1.2 update

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go to your mobo manufacturers website.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I am building a new pc, and I purchased an ASUS M4A88TD-M/USB3 MB a couple of weeks ago...I suspect that the BIOS is of around April - 2010...(302)....I will save the current BIOS to a Flash Drive, before updating current BIOS, but my question is....there are a lot of newer versions, with the latest being 901....If I download the latest version, does it encompass all the other version updates prior ? I intend to use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit....Thanks in advance....
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...but I really haven't any idea how. I'm not even sure what my specs are for those. What's the best way to find out?


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I have a GA-M68MT-S2 Rev. 3.1 mobo. I am having problems with the computer locking up at times so I wanted to update the BIOS from FB to FC. I put the file to (got it from Gigabyte website for that board for the OS I am running) ... update the BIOS on a flash drive. I have it in the USB port on the mobo. When I go to Q Flash and ask it to update the BIOS it tells me drive not found. Can't do it while in windows either ... what can I do???

A:Can't Update BIOS On Gigabyte MotherBoard

1. Is the flash drive formatted FAT file system
2. QFlash

Updating the BIOS with the Q-Flash Utility

A. Before You Begin

From GIGABYTE's website, download the latest compressed BIOS update file that matches your 1. motherboard model.

Extract the file and save the new BIOS file (e.g. X79UD7.F1) to your USB flash drive or hard drive. Note: 2. The USB flash drive or hard drive must use FAT32/16/12 file system.

Restart the system. During the POST, press the <End> key to enter Q-Flash. Note: You can access Q-Flash 3. by either pressing the <End> key during the POST or pressing the <F8> key in BIOS Setup

For full details please see user guides
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I recently bought a Geforce update 6600GT error/motherboard BIOS GT It s nice when it works but occasionally I get an error that prevents it from functioning The error seems to occur on an intermittent basis sometimes when I boot up it will be present and sometimes it won t be The only indication of the error is when the Windows is Starting up Loading your personal settings boxes pop-up when the error is occurring those boxes are distorted And then if any kind of program with d acceleration tries to run the whole system locks up And then I reboot and hope for the best It doesn t always occur but it s a pain when it does I m developing a reboot phobia Tech support for the card said 6600GT error/motherboard BIOS update to update my motherboard drivers tech support for the motherboard says to update my BIOS and the BIOS people want to charge me USD for a floppy disc I m guessing the BIOS is indeed the problem Award BIOS apparently from yikes But seems a bit steep in our modern age 6600GT error/motherboard BIOS update of miracles Are there sites out there with free BIOS updates or is this just 6600GT error/motherboard BIOS update the nature of the BIOS beast nbsp

A:6600GT error/motherboard BIOS update

I'm not totally sure how to help you, but I know in order for others to help you out, they'll need to know what kind of motherboard you have.
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hiI added 3Gb Ram and installed Window 7 Ultimate 64bit on HP Pavilion Media Center, I can not use all the RAM that I added. (6GB visas / 3.5GB usable)Searching the HP website is only updated bios for XP and Vista.On this forum recommended to make a partition with XP or Vista (no installs no system) what can I do?

View Solution.

A:Update the motherboard BIOS P5LP-LE, RAM 6Gb visas / 3.5Gb u...

The motherboard was designed to function with four 1GB modules. It does not allow more.
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hello i was half way threw a bios update on my foxconn a6vmx motherboard and there was a power cut,rendering pc dusbin material,some one told me theres a back up facilty on board?please can any one help thanx jez

A:foxconn motherboard bios update fail

Is this an AMI BIOS.
If so, and you can get the new BIOS onto a floppy, there is a possibility you may still be able to flash the new BIOS.

Most Mobos with an AMI BIOS will look for a floppy disk with a bios update on it.
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I know they went out of business or just stopped making MB but i cant find ANYTHING on this board. Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI Motherboard - NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI, Socket 775, ATX, Audio, PCI Express, SLI Ready, Gigabit LAN, S/PDIF, USB 2.0, Serial ATA, RAID at

Yep shes a bit old lol but its all i can do right now and its worked WELL for the last 4 years.

ALSO could anyone whos good at this stuff tell me if it supports ACHI on this MB.
Reason im here im having a heck of a time with an SSD i just bought from OCZ and trying to work out the problem

A:CAnt find bios update for this motherboard type

The second post here,

Trying to get AHCI working on 780i/Win7Ultx64 &bull;

should answer your question about whether it supports AHCI or not (hint: it does, but only partially).

As far as a bios update goes, forget about it. With Abit going out of business more than 4 years ago and their site shutting down, personally I wouldn't trust any site that claims to have a bios for that board. Going to have to live with whatever bios version it has on it.
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I am trying to find the latest BIOS update for this pc, MotherBoard: M2N68-LA The current version is rev5.09. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

A:Looking for AMD Motherboard BIOS update for Presario SR5152N...

Latest is 5.14 if you have an AMD processor which I believe you do:    If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I updated the bios on my Gateway E-3200 from the Gateway website.

Now when I try to reboot my system this message appears.

Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor 550 MHz detected.

WARNING: This motherboard is not compatible with this processor's higher frequency. This system has been halted.
Either upgrade the motherboard or install an Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor 450 MHz.

Before the bios update the computer was running with the same motherboard and processor.

MOTHERBOARD: Gateway Maverick 440BX NLX form factor
Serial Number: A
PROCESSOR: Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor 550 MHz

BIOS USED: 4J4NBOX1.86A.0043.P20

OLD BIOS: 4J4NBOX1.15A.0021.P13

I tried using the old bios, won't work, called Gateway, gave me
the run around, if anyone has any solutions to my problem,
I'd deeply appreciate it!!

A:After bios update--Motherboard is not compatible with processor

This is the reason why I no longer buy brand name "proprietary" PCs anymore. Too many problems with simple upgrades.

You should be able to flash back to the old bios unless gateway PCs don't allow that. You probably flashed to an incorrect bios.
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Right now I m running Windows bit on MSI P Neo Combo motherboard gigabytes DDR BFGtech Nvidia gtx other update won't things.. among BIOS Motherboard work mb gigabyte Western digital hard drive rpm Default BIOS version I m not sure just how much more is relevant so ask if you need more information on my system Here s my problem Today I got another gigabyte stick of RAM for Motherboard BIOS update won't work among other things.. my computer Putting into Channel B results in a strange error It tells me that quot the performance of overclocking is failed quot and refuses to boot windows It only offers that I can open up the boot menu or go into the BIOS to edit settings I deduced that since the memory chip wasn t dead that I was having an issue with the BIOS I did some research and found that my BIOS was outdated Version is out and it has improved memory capabilities which I assume means that it will support unbuffered sticks of memory Attempting to update my BIOS results in another error It tells me that the version of the file I m trying to install isn t compatible with my operating system and that I need to check for a version of the file that s compatible with bit My BIOS update however only has one to my knowledge download link on the MSI homepage and it says NOTHING with regards to whether it s necessary to have a bit version of it or not Please someone has to have some insight here I know someone has a clue on how to fix this Anything any of you can offer me will be very much appreciated I ve already tried asking MSI tech support for help but they ve been essentially useless thus far nbsp

A:Motherboard BIOS update won't work among other things..

What method of BIOS flashing have you tried thus far?

The official page for the mainboard specifies that it already supports two unbuffered 1.5v DIMM modules
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i've recently decide to update all of my PC components , and stuck on motherboard bios.
can you help me with it ?
i've red the manuals , and it says to download "asus update utility" on their site , but when im choosing "windows 7 64" and downloading the utility it says that i should download 64 bit application .
so is there any other way to update my bios ? or... im lost a bit

A:Asus m4a88t-m motherboard BIOS update

I suggest using the EZ Flash utility, rather than updating the BIOS from within Windows. It's invoked from within the BIOS setup. RTFM. (If you've mislaid the manual, it's available for download from

No download required, other than the BIOS file itself.

I think that EZ Flash is safer than Windows. It may be as good as flashing from DOS.
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Help! BIOS update IPISB-NK Motherboard 7.11 Rev A of Mar 2014 (file sp56743) for BIOS AMI 7.05 of Sep 2011 on 520-1070 Desktop of Feb 2012 - is it advised before Windows 10 upgrade?  HP Customer Support web says update BIOS before.  Procedure for BIOS update stresses importance of correct Motherboard SSID; followed procdure - found Motherboard IPISB (LavocoSB) - no SSID shown.  Also did startup interrupt and found Sytem BIOS LAV_705.ROM v 7.05. Are AMI 7.05 and LAV_705.ROM v  7.05 the same and should the BIOS IPISB-NK be downloaded and installed as a replacement for the AMI 7.05 BIOS?
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Hi people.
Can anyone tell how I would go about updating my BIOS?
I need to update it to fully support my AMD FX-4100 Processor.
This is the motherboard
I have gone onto where it says downloaded and I downloaded the latest BIOS
But when I clicked run nothing happened, Is this meant to happen?
and I don't want to have to flash my BIOS as a lot of places say its a bad thing to do, unless that is the only way of doing it?
Also, how do you find out what is your current BIOS? I thought it told you when you went in the BIOS but I couldn't see it anywhere?

Please could someone help me. Thanks!

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I have a compaq presario sr5130nx and I updated the bios, while updating it froze, I left it on for 5 hours and nothing happened, so I turned it off, now when I turn on the computer it will only load to a Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 screen. The reason I updated the bios was because I reinstalled vista.

The update i used was at this page

A:M2N68-LA Motherboard BIOS Update failed

Have you tried contacting HP? I've had problems before that their Live Chat Support service was able to fix. I know nothing about updating the BIOS but I know that that service can tell you if you need to bring the computer into a repair shop.
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I am trying to upgrade the BIOS on my p7-1267 using the upgrade downloaded from the HP website. The upgrade runs and report a successfull completion but the BIOS does not seem to be upgraded.  The goal of the upgrade is to allow installation of a GT-610 video card. Current BIOS: AMI 7.16, 10/5/2011OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bitBIOS upgrad executable: sp56122.exeBIOS upgrade Ver: AMI 7.16 rev. A, 4/21/2013 

A:p7-1267c IPISB-CU Motherboard Bios will not update

Hi,  Your PC has the latest BIOS already installed.  Forget about the post date. You can try clearing the CMOS. If that doesn't work then NVIDIA 610 is either bad or not compatible with your PC.
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hello!!where i find update bios?necessity for new vga card !!hp paviolion p6-2012itmi5motherboard - Foxconn 2ABF 1.20BIOS BRAND - AMIVERSION - 7.11DATE - 8/23/2011 PLEASE HELP ME!!

A:update bios my motherboard hp paviolin p6-2012itm

Dannymilk wrote:hello!!where i find update bios?necessity for new vga card !!hp paviolion p6-2012itmi5motherboard - Foxconn 2ABF 1.20BIOS BRAND - AMIVERSION - 7.11DATE - 8/23/2011 PLEASE HELP ME!!H-CUPERTINO2-H61-uA TX (Cupertino2) Motherboard Latest BIOS version:  7.16 Rev. A (Released 08/14/2012)
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OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free update Solved: detect Model to Need ! Motherboard BIOS for - MB F Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - Solved: Need to detect Motherboard Model for BIOS update ! MB J Total - MB Free - MB K Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI MS- To be filled by O E M Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Hi Bought my PC around yrs Solved: Need to detect Motherboard Model for BIOS update ! back and with time I upgraded it accordingly RAM from mb to Gb HDD from Gb to TB GB gfx Card and few more Now I feel the need to update the BIOS to adjust my MB accordingly with the new hardware The model number printed on my MB is GCM V MSI V When I googled it I found this http www msi com service search kw gcm v amp type product and this http www msi com product mb GCM html div Overview But ist one got me confused and didnt know which model is mine and nd one is not v I would really appreciate if someone points me in right direction Thanks nbsp

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Has anyone with this board tried this bios update? I believe the version # is 2205. Is it mainly important just for upgrading to the new 5th. Gen. processors or, is there benefits for the 4th. Gen. i7 4790k also? Thanks!

A:latest bios update for asus z97-a motherboard Questions

I own the Asus Z97-A motherboard and my instruction manual says not to upgrade the BIOS if my system is running smoothly. The manual clearly states to upgrade BIOS only when you have to, thus I have never upgraded my BIOS.
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I ve been trying unsuccessfully to update BIOS so that I can upgrade my processor from a MHz to a MHz pentium currently I have Unable to motherboard D845HV for Intel update BIOS a Pentium MHZ MHz bus MB ram windows XP To update BIOS the Motherboard is an Intel D HV with chipset I downloaded Intel s quot express bios update utility quot http downloadfinder intel com scr Unable to update BIOS for Intel D845HV motherboard XP Home Edition amp lang eng amp strOSs amp submit Go but when my computer boots it always say the upgrade was unsuccessful and it refers me to the readme file I have not been able to figure out what I m doing wrong - but I ve never tried this before One thing it says is to shutdown all windows programs I Unable to update BIOS for Intel D845HV motherboard have both Norton internet security and Roxio Go Back installed Could these programs be part of the problem Can I simply disable these programs or do I need to completely uninstall them a real pain Is there another possible cause Is there another way to do this Thanks nbsp

A:Unable to update BIOS for Intel D845HV motherboard

Just use the DOS-based update program.
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I am trying to update the BIOS and went here to use their update utility:

ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS P5Q-E

However, the software Afudos BIOS update tool V2.36 will not load (3rd item of the above web page's list)!?!?

What do I do now? Any other BIOS update utility compatible to the Asus P5Q-E?

I am having these problems:

A:Asus P5Q-E motherboard bios update utility software won't install?

You could have a corrupt file. I would down load a new copy and try it.

Here is a link to Asus for your board.

ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P5Q-E

If that doesn't work here is a link to an engineering ver of AFUDOS that may work.

Afudos Engineering - Download

Try those out as the first attempt. The engineering ver will let you downgrade if you need to.
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I updated the Bios for my Trigem IM GL motherboard During the system booted up sequence it displayed the new Bios software screen then just before booting up the operating system windows xp it said A disk read error occurred please press ctrl alt del to restart I think I might have installed the wrong Bios drivers I have checked the bios to ensure that the hard-disk is the main bootup drive and it is I have reset the bios by moving the jumper blocks leaving them in the - position for seconds replacing them to - position But it did not clear the bios Since the computer came with a specialised company software on two disks by setting up the bootup to be the cd-rom drive and putting in the disk it only has the option of deleting the data on the hard-disk and re-installing all the standard software I don t want to loose the data so this isn t a option Can anyone please help as this is really doing my head in nbsp

A:Trigem IM845GL motherboard Bios Update Problem, Panic stations

im845gl motherboard bios

i have the solution to your problem and can send it to you through an e-mail.
you have to put the information on a floppy disk and insert it into your computer at the start up then press alt + f2 and this will update bios to the original state.
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Hello to the BleepingComputer community First of all I m sorry I haven t finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide It s because these steps require a reboot e g Step Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation I m not sure if I have a type of malware dozen threat of - by folders, Unknown BIOS.sys - BS_Flash.sys, "Bios m... BIOS AVG a and virus/rootkit? Update\Award" which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process - If BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m... there is a good way to find out what is the problem and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present without rebooting shutting down this PC or at least without booting from this hard drive which I feel is probably infected then please tell me what should I do - If you know a place forum where I can get a specialized help for this seemingly BIOS-malware related situation please tell me where I could go - If there is no way to move forward I ll go ahead and risk the reboot and follow the other steps steps to in the Preparation Guide no problem I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me and the things I have tried so far The PC is AMD Athlon X Dual Core BE- GHz Motherboard Biostar TA G AM with AWARD BIOS GB RAM GB SATA HDD and an ASUS EAH card added a few years ago It s with WinXP SP AVG Free standard Windows Firewall and it s behind a router I can t recall exactly but I think on - - evening I ve left this PC with at least one account logged-in with many programs running online locked fast user switching screen and then found the em class 'bbc' PC non-responsive em in the morning so I had to power off it - it was frozen What I remember well is - on - - when I ve turned on this PC for the first time and logged-in with my account member of Administrators group While it was still finishing loading the taskbar icons etc I hit Win L fast user switching is enabled and logged-in to another account member of Users group Right then a bunch of previously unseen quot AVG Identity protection - threat detected quot messages started to appear C Windows system drivers - atkkbnt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then another message showed up C Windows system drivers - amdtools sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - bufadpt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Program Files BIOS Update BIOS Update Award - BS Flash sys threat name Unknown I doubt I have ever seen this folder before on this PC I clicked quot move to vault quot C Games ad binaries system aken sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BIOS sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BS I cIo sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - IOMap sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - ati sgag exe threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - EIO XP sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then AVG asked to reboot to finish the removal I ve let it to go rebooting but I ve paused the BIOS post screen and switched the PC off so I could research about what should I do next I was suspecting that booting process could infect the BIOS and or MBR After researching online with the keywords from these messages I was still puzzled While searching about if rebooting is risky if you suspect having a BIOS virus especially AWARD BIOS virus I ve even found out that it s possible to infect multiple PCs BIOSes... Read more

A:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks
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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...
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My Samsung series laptop has been sending out popup messages telling me I need a bios update I go to the Samsung software update site and this bios update has been software Bios Samsung update bios,update for fails failing I have made several calls and chats to techs at Samsung who tell me to do what I have already done they tell to ask for tier tech who can go in my computer and fix Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails it When I finally got a tier tech they told me the same thing I told him what I had been told about him and what he could do He said is it working I said yes but settings on computer change on their own like wifi turns itself on and that concerns me Anyway Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails He said that it didn t need a bios update even the Samsung website said this computer needed a bios update I posted this on hardware firmware concerns and they told me to post here I was going to go to a site that had a download that checked drivers I was told to stay away from this Thanks Jim

A:Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails

Are you getting a direct link from the notification update? Can you post the link/site next time?
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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?
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Hello everyone I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn t find any kind of solution update BIOS B590 failure! Lenovo BIOS FLASH! Black... for my problem Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system which also previously was Windows Ultimate x The installation went as usual and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site for my product When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i ve needed i Lenovo B590 BIOS update failure! BIOS FLASH! Black... stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop by the producer So i proceeded to install the upgrade restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing things that i did not understand at the time i have never encountered anything like that After that my screen turned black I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter When trying to boot it all up again the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else After doing a little bit of research it appears that somehowm i ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something and nothing else would work at this point I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back tryed resetting the bios by taking out the battery but nothing would work I would be really thankful if anyone would be kind enough to point me one way or another as i do not know what to do at all nbsp Around the webz i found some way of creating a bootable usb flash drive where i would put a compatible version of BIOS from the site and then install it onto the laptop but i do not quite know how to do that properly either as the software they are pointing me to wincrisis is not working by any means
Relevancy 46.87%


I have a old Tecra 9100 with years of good service, and this is my first problem, but is a great one, after a forced reboot the screen shows a BIOS block 1 damaged message. I have tried to repair the BIOS upgrading to the last version I have found, the 1.6 one, but its a Windows version (to upgrade from a running Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a FDD and upgrade BIOS, I cant, beacuse a Toshiba common modules message.

Its there any BIOS diskette image-archive I can dowload to perform the BIOS upgrade in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and how to update BIOS?


All you can find is stuff on Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can obtain all this for you. Make a call and ask for help. I am pretty sure they will help you to solve this BIOS issue.
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Dear all nbsp Since the beginning I got troubles with charging - plugged in not charging The easiest solution was just remove the battery but not for HP Omen I removed battery and destroyed the rubber on the bottom nbsp I had to open the laptop because one morning I got the massegae that my laptop is overheated and fan does not work properly Both fans works only during the lounch when windows works only one fan was in operations second one never starts again Looking for the solution in the internet I have found that this can be because of BIOS is not updated nbsp update vers... works Fan like helicopter-BIOS BIOS is a blocked I pushed F checked the the system everything is fine and then I installed only one version Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers... which I have found there No massages regarding overheating any more both Fans are working full power and very very loud Temperature of processors is C In my room C nbsp nbsp I followed all instructions but got massege BIOS update is blocked I downloaded the most previous version again BIOS update is blocked Current version of bios is BIOS version F Sep nbsp Can it be solved somehow nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers...

@YuraL? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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Hello all, this is my first time posting here so please forgive any mistakes/oversights. I've just updated my Samsung laptop's system BIOS via their software update program, and my Nvidia GPU (GT 650m DDR3) no longer seems to work. The Nvidia control panel is still there, and it still gives me the option to select which programs use the GPU, but there is no GPU actitivity showing up. Also,I've tried playing Skyrim (which auto-detects the PC's graphics cards) , and the game no longer seems to detect the Nvidia GPU (just the Intel integrated graphics).

My laptop model is NP550PC7, with 6 gig of ram, and an i7 quad core CPU, and the OS is Window 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I've tried looking in the BIOS but I can't seem to find anything related to the GPU or display options. Any help or avice is much appreciated.

A:Problems with Nvidia gpu post BIOS system BIOS update.


Have you updated your GPU with the latest drivers?

Please navigate to:

Start> Control panel> Swith to icon view> device manager.
Look under "Display Adapters"

Is the Nvidia GPU listed there? If so are there any yellow symbols etc?


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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS Had small MOBO usb prob and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something Wasn t too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong Anyway tried updating BIOS then system would not boot so the Backup BIOS didn t kick in btw the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K N Pro So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the problem - xp now freezes tried bios to - BIOS boots but update main bios OK now computer would boot but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes but always froze up Boots OK to safe mode even to the point of getting online so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios Same result Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode because XP wrongly states that this can be undone didn t find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo My tech support ABS Computer they rule thinks that the BIOS is now fine that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well I ll buy that anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install Is a repair install worth BIOS problem - tried to update bios - now xp boots but freezes a shot Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist bookmarks etc back thanks - I will now write the following times LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE even with Dual BIOS nbsp
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I have a five-month old HP Compaq Presario Laptop, which has been working fairly decently (I've had a few virus scares, and my Norton quarrentined something a twenty days ago). On HP's advice, I just updated the BIOS on my laptop. It's currently stuck at Verifying New Bios Image, and it's at 100% - It's been stuck that way for a half-hour plus. Any advice? What should I do?

A:HP BIOS Update Stuck at "Verifying New Bios Image 100%"

You have no choice but to force a reboot and keep your fingers crossed.
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HP software said there was a bios update and it ran through this one screen said it recommended backing up the bios in case of corruption and it created a partition. Computer will now not boot and as its new I dont have a recovery disk. How is it that an automatic HP update can kill the computer. Anyone know if removing the partition will solve it or if /i have likely lost everything on the C drive. Any help appreciated thanks
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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If you would like to show you appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below. I am glad that you joined in!  Have a great day!
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Hi, I saw the new BIOS version 1.25 dated ?14?.?09?.?2016 appearing on Lenovos support site. I did not check the version I was having on my system before downloading the "new BIOS", so I started the installer and the tool told me I already have this BIOS version. msinfo32.exe tells me I am having BIOS 1.25 dated 13.07.2016. So apparently the BIOS was released already some time ago and I already flashed it to 1.25. So whats the point of re-releasing the 1.25? If there are any changes of todays version compared to the 1.25 released some time ago, is it worth flashing? If yes, how can I do this if the tool tells me I am already having the latest version and it does not let me override my BIOS? Thanks and best regards,Martin
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i have a computer i got from my aunt, when the computer starts up, at the top of the screen it says award modular BIOS v4.51PG

at the bottom it says: 08/21/1998-ALADDIN5-2A5KKB0DC-00

i want to know if there is an update for the bios, because i want to use a Maxtor 80GB hard drive.

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I have a Lenonvo H50-55 desktop with an AMD A10-7800 APU (3.5GHz), 12GB RAM, 2 HDD's, and an Nvidia GTX 750 video card, running Windows10 Home x64. My current BIOS  version is IRKT54AUS, and the latest available version on Lenovo's update page for my machine is IRKT57AUS. When I try to flash my BIOS from the downloaded update file, I get the error message in the subject. I am starting everything with Admin privileges, but that makes no difference. If it's a Lenovo machine with stock BIOS, why am I getting an "unknown vendor" message? Inquiring minds want to know  TIA!
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a friend gave me his HP DV6500 Notebook to fix it. He said it made an update and then for hours nothing happened. He shut it and started again.

I could see that it tried to recover 2 times. The second time it was successful but it somehow resetted or returned the Vista to a fresh install!!! His data was locked in a previous User account, I backed it up on a usb-stick with a linux live cd.

I can't make a reinstall because now a bluescreen always appears even when I boot from Vista DVD.

ntoskrnl.exe corrupt when try to boot vista in the normal way.
How can I fix that without being able to use the repair option of the DVD?
Sorry, the title of the thread is wrong. I figured out already that the BIOS version is for an Intel. So everything is ok with the BIOS actually.

A:Solved: HP DV6500 Notebook wrong BIOS update by HP update function?

Ok, I could fix it after following instructions from this page:

The Txf-log had to be removed and afterwards I was able to use the repair function of the Vista DVD again.
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Motherboard BIOS Help Computer won t POST Computer ECS P Motherboard Intel Pentium L Prescott ghz Help Motherboard BIOS gb x Corsair Motherboard BIOS Help Value PC DDR EVGA GS DDR bit AGP x I recently purchased the EVGA so I can play Elder Scrolls Oblivion on my computer After Motherboard BIOS Help installing the card I tried out Counter-Strike Source and Brothers in Arms to test out the card it worked beautifully Before I installed Oblivion I went to the website and flashed my BIOS When I went to restart my computer it booted up but it did not POST I waited about minutes and after restarting I disconnected everything except memory and a Radeon video card It still did not post or beep I tried it without RAM and it beeped so the speaker works Then I proceeded to flip the jumpers on CLR CMOS to quot Clear quot and made sure BIOS write protect was off I turned the computer on same thing I repeated the process and this time removed the lithion battery and still nothing Is there something I haven t done I know the motherboard is pretty much crap but I can t afford a motherboard and I have a lot of important things on my hard drive Just wondering if there is a step I haven t thought of or might have forgotten Thanks guys nbsp

A:Motherboard BIOS Help

If your board is working the axiom is to 'not flash'. I'm sorry that this happened just when you've got a new card and all. Can you somehow locate the BIOS that you had ? Reinstall it. At least things would be working again. If you get that, won't your hardisk be O.K.? When I have a serious issue like this: I do my best to get to the product website & get an online tech chat going. There can be a lot of support out there if you really look. Try it. I know you want your PC back. Good Luck.
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i upgraded my Motherboard to the asus M5a99x evo. it looks like everything is in place and it should work but when i start it up it just shows a black screen the cpu fan is working same as my other fans. the led even comes on saying my cpu is working. Alos when it starts up i hear no beeps at all. I'm not sure what the problem is.

A:New Motherboard No BIOS

you probably need to go back and check all connections inc;
the 24 pin power
the 4 pin power
reseat all memory
check all the case-motherboard connectors

also list what board u had and processor....... etc ...etc
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Hi guys,

I'm going to find the following info about new/recent computers. Is there anyone who likes to help?

1-Where the BIOS is stored on the motherboard? Inside the ROM, EPROM or something like USB storage on the motherboard?

2- I have also heard that this (BIOS) is stored into CMOS and a battery supplies the power for the settings of the BIOS, correct?

3- Also I have read that in the new motherboards there is a jumper that can delete the settings of the BIOS. What's your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

A:BIOS & ROM on the Motherboard

1. See #2
2. CMOS is correct, sometimes these are removable chips.
3. Yes, many motherboards have a jumper to reset to defaults, this is pretty important for overclockers, because you can set the BIOS to settings that are so unstable the computer can't get to the BIOS.

4. Your definition of recent/new is not in alignment with what most people would say is new. Motherboards for a few years now have been shipping with UEFI rather than a traditional BIOS.
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how can i go through xp and get what bios version i have on my motherboard?

A:motherboard bios

Its not really in XP, its when the computer first turns on. It should display the motherbaord model and teh BIOS version.

However you can download software that can identify the BIOS version or date. Aida32 Enterprise edition is one such application:

Look under Motherboard -> BIOS -> BIOS date, its best to get it from the Boot up screen though.

Why do you want to know? Just asking because a BIOS update that can go bad can render your motherboard useless and it should only be used to fix a specific problem.
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Ok so here is my problem. I just replaced my motherboard and have the fan and everything connected and running expect when i turn it on there is no bios on my monitor! And i don't know what to do someone please help me tell me if i am doing anything wrong or if i didn't do it right

A:New motherboard, no bios!! Help!!!

When you say "no bios" I presume you mean it isn't going through power on self tests (POST)?

What IS it doing? Are there any lights that come on on the board? Does the fan start spinning?

What board? What system did you put it in? What power supply?

Most likely you hooked something up wrong, but lacking any details no one will be able to help you.
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Hi all. I need some help. I need to know what motherboard I have. I downloaded everest and used it to try and help. and it just confused me further.

I am mostly interested in 2 things.

1. Discovering what Motherboard I have so I know for the future.

2. Updating my BIOS before I fresh install 7229 tomorrow.

Can anyone help me? either just interpret this everest report for me, or if you feel comfortable with it seeing as I have never done this, find me the driver itself. I made it as far as the ECS website yesterday from this thing.

A:My MotherBoard and BIOS

I think that's an OEM (maybe HP or Compaq) board and most features are probably locked. You can check the BIOS version and flash it if you dare. I would not mess with it unless you are having problems. You can always get technical if you're good enough.

Is this it?
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I have a Winfast K7S741XMG mother board and I'm trying to boot off a usb stick (I'm trying to install an OS off it)

I can't seem to access my BIOS and/or the Bootup Selection screen. Is there a MB driver I need to install or something?

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Hi Been a long time since I needed some help but this time more of advice By PC info first MainBoard - Soltek nForce SL FRN L running c Bios updateInfo Here CPU - AMD Ram - x Sticks of MDT PC CL DDR Info Here Graphics - CLub FX Now my questions When my PC boots at early stage I get my AMD CPU size shown at This is normal and Memory Freq is at Dual Channel Activated MHz Now then the MHz should it be more or what should it be A friend of mine has Set and my system is a much greater performance Below I have given details of my Bios Settings for Advanced Chipset Options please can some one give some advice on how best they should be set and how they change the initial boot up Ststem Performance Options are Expert Turbo Aggresive and Optiomal FSB Frequency CPU Interface Options are Optimal or Aggresive Memory Freq Options are Auto or - Resulting Freq Otions are Auto or in MHz Memory Timings Options are Turbo Aggresive Optimal or Expert Some of these settings become greyed out Bios help please.... Motherboard and wont allow you to change unless certain things are set Im not a Bios goof so I have no idea what thye should be set at Im asking advice on how they should be set If settings are set to certain things the Memory Motherboard Bios help please.... Freq is changed greatly so what should my resulting freq be Thx in advance for any help Sifter nbsp

A:Motherboard Bios help please....

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Hello all I recently had a Nvidia graphics card burn out so i got a Gtx I placed the new card in and it will go to the first screen and won t process any further I can t tap on del to go to the bios screen I get all the lights on my keyboard and even put a new cheap keyboard on it to make sure my old one didn t mess up I ve pulled the Cmos battery and swapped my ram in the first slot with only stick in it I ve also tried another graphics card and hard drive but so far nothing will make the computer go to bios post or load past the bios screen After awhile it goes to another screen with a blinking dash at the top of the screen I m using the Usb keyboards in the correct slots so far nothing I ve tried has worked Original problem was screen tearing and graphics reboot with a graphic card fail and reboot warning I m running Windows Ga-X -UD motherboard Corsair power supply Evga gtx sc graphics card x gig corsair vengeance ram Intel processor Solid state and tb hard drives Any help would be appreciated sorry I really am not the tech savvy so forgive the mistakes in what I ve said Ty nbsp

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i updated my xp pro on line un hooked and now my os wont load i tried formatting but it loads onto harddrive but when it restarts it starts right back at the beginning. i cant get past the beginning
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My BIOS needs updating but my motherboard doesn't appear on the the GIGABYTE website
I seached it in google and it goes to Parkard Bell (the marker of my PC)
But this doesn't have any BIOS downloads that I need.
I need to upgrade my BIOS in order to put my new CPU in
Any help would be welcomed.

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Hi guys,

I'm going to find the following info about new/recent computers. Is there anyone who likes to help?

1-Where the BIOS is stored on the motherboard? Inside the ROM, EPROM or something like USB storage on the motherboard?

2- I have also heard that this (BIOS) is stored into CMOS and a battery supplies the power for the settings of the BIOS, correct?

3- Also I have read that in the new motherboards there is a jumper that can delete the settings of the BIOS. What's your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

A:BIOS & ROM on the Motherboard

The BIOS is a chip on the mobo. There are some hard wired default settings, and volatile user settings. The 1st time a mobo starts, the user settings are the default settings. If you change anything eg boot order, or overclock the cpu etc and click save (often F10) the new settings are used (not the default). The user data is kept alive by a battery. If the battery fails, the BIOS returns to default. Taking out the battery is one way to reset the BIOS to default. Another way is to temporarily connect a mobo jumper to clear the BIOS, or go into the BIOS screens and choose default settings.

When changing BIOS settings for overclocking, it's easy to screw things up so the pc won't even boot - solution is to pop the battery out for a couple of minutes to reset back to default.

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I have a HP 2000 Notebook PC that goes in a continue loop with a black screen.  The operating system does not load.  The fan works and the led power light is operational.  A current system check reveals the last bios update being F.20 and UEFI update being  I downloaded the most current BIOS on  an USB drive and attempted the BIOS update.  The BIOS upgrade did not recognize the usb drive and I was unable to load the update.  I downloaded the most current UEFI firmware and want to know how to upload it.  Can anyone provide some assistance?  Thank you and have a great day.
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I have on failed a... update Update System ThinkVantage bios or had a laptop purchased months ago therefore under warranty Yesterday the ThinkVantage System Update recommended a BIOS update After the traditional recommendations about what ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... should not shut down the computer the laptop is reset and started with the update During execution displayed on a screen command a message ERROR XXXX Press any key to continue ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... After press the key the laptop was freezedy was completely blocked After an hour without seeing response and no sign of life I decided to turn it off to confirm the disaster The laptop was dead The laptop began to beep and would not start Before the panic generated by the situation I searched the forums where I found several cases that refer to the same ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... problem and the insinuation that makes LENOVO about the customer's responsibility to avoid recognizing the warranty I was not looking for a BIOS update it was recommended by ThinkVantage System Update the software executed it and damage the equipment Besides being a damage caused by the ThinkVantage System Update the situation gets worse when the answer given by support insinuates that the customer turn off the computer so it is a CID Customer Induced Damage and therefore the guarantee does not cover it I do not understand how LENOVO may imply that the responsibility of the customer Really disastrous In conclusion if you are not needing to make a BIOS update it is preferable to omit the BIOS update messages given to ThinkVantage System Update unless it is willing to buy of your own money a new laptop
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Trying to download these updates. Have left computer on for hours to allow them to complete. It never does. Now I read in another post don't update for updating's sake. If that is the case, how can i tell the HP Support assistant (down in the right hand corner) to ignore these?
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Upgraded a friend's inspiron 9100 hard drive to a wd 320gb. Copied old drive to new with western digitals software. Put the new hd in and get a disk read error message. Bios only shows 137gb drive. Updated bios, didn't help. This bios won't let me in to adjust hd settings. Reinstall old hd (40gb), no problems. OS is XP Pro, P4 cpu, 2gb ram. Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I changed the the multiplier in my bios to try to get a little more spead out of my cpu. And when it rebooted I got nothing. I have turned it up before and didn't act up. I couldn't burn up the cpu that fast could I? Is there a way to bypass the bios and reset it's defaults. I can't get to the bios screen, only the fans come on, there is no boot activity at all.

AMD 1600+
Asus Av7133-c
Ati 8500 All-In-Wonder DV
512mb pc133

A:Motherboard and bios problem

Use this link on how to reset CMOS. The information you need is in the center section dealing with moving the motherboard jumpers or removing the battery.
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Hi guys,does anyone know how can i get the bios for this motherboard on the file specs?i tried to find it, but i do not know how to find it,because is a little older,from 2002 and still working but i really need to update this bios urgently,if someone know how and where can i get it, i'll appreciate it,the bios as an name i can't find it anywhere,thanks to all in advance.this i need for windows 7 or xp.
The file motherboard specs here:compaq.pdf

A:Compaq bios motherboard

Try here:

HP United States - Computers, Laptops, Servers, Printers and more
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[Please move this and alert me if its in the wrong section]


So today I got my first paycheck from a tech company I work for
Purchased a 8 core processor, tower and motherboard.

The motherboard is the ASUS Crosshair V Formula which has an original bios version of 0404
To use this 8 Core processor I have to flash it to 0813.

So just a question, dumb maybe but I'm curious, how exactly would I flash the bios without having a Hard Drive or Operating System on the machine?

I already have a 4 core processor which IS compatible for the motherboard to start the flash, now I'm just needing a guide on how to do it. Do I have to do every update from 0404 to 0813 (There's 3 or 4 updates), or can I just do 0813 instantly?

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Ok first of all HELLO everyone I didn't find the introduction area yet I am brand new here but not bios the motherboard Updating and brand new to computers I have computers both HP both with Windows XP Home upgrade edition First of all the computer that I am using right now is able to access the internet I don't remember if I did a complete XP install or a upgrade over at the Updating the bios and motherboard time I got the XP program I have had some problems with Updating the bios and motherboard the restart as there is a black screen that sometimes stays on the screen and won't move so I have to cntrl alt delete Then the computer will restart like it is suppose to I found out from HP that I need to go into the bios select boot tab hard disc select hard Updating the bios and motherboard boot as the first boot device Press F to exit the bios and restart Well I haven't done it yet Haven't had the time as of yet Is this the right thing to do My computer was bought at a walmart DONT LAUGH but it didn't come with a working floppy drive and only has one cd rom drive which means that I have to copy and burn on one drive The one question I have is can I still do a bios update or a mother board update NOT ORIGINAL MOTHERBOARD if I don't have a floppy I am sure that information is information but isn't it DOS on a floppy My Motherboard is a Processor AMD XP- DDR-SDRAM Memory Speed MHz PC Modual Maufacturer AMD VIA Technologies Inc Km Motherboard Model -Albatron KM Pro Motherboard Chipset - VIA VT P KM VT Motherboard Slots x PCI xAGP V Now I just need to know if there is a pretty easy way to get the updates I need for the motherboard and the bios Don't really know if I am getting the right information to do so Kinda scared I may choose the wrong thing So that is it for this computer Sorry so long of a post but it is all covered anyway Thanks in advance Conbon

A:Updating the bios and motherboard

For the first question I would say do what hp said to do. Couldnt hurt,
may fix your problem, or it may not.
In order to flash your bios you will need a working floppy drive. I would
not flash the bios just for the sake of flashing it. If you know of a specific
benefit you will get from that then go ahead. But it can be tricky and
risky.,make sure you have the right flash, and backup, follow directions.
again make sure you are using the right version for your board,
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i am having problems with my computer shutting down when i try to play certain games like red faction.
I rang the game helpline and they told me that i need to upgrade my motherboard bios as this has issues running multi core processers. My system is amd bulldozer fx 4 quad with amd 760g motherboard. Can somone send me too where i can do this. thx.

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This is my computer.

Now, will this:
work on my motherboard? I know how it is, get the wrong one and your computer is dead forever.
So want to double check. Version: 79AF1P13

Thank you!

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This is my motherboard, ,
ASUS M2V - Motherboard Based on VIA K8T890 (Socket AM2) Chipset
its pretty old, about 2005ish and i dont really know what im supposed to google for the BIOS driver. Can anybody help by telling me what I should google?

A:What BIOS driver am I looking for with this motherboard?

Are you talking about a BIOS Upgrade? Or are you talking about theChipset driver? If a Bios Upgrade, what is the reason you want to upgrade the BIOS? Is there a problem or is it just that you want to have the most up to date? Here is the Asus Page for the M2V Motherboards.
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Okay, I just bought a motherboard (havn't received it yet) but supposedly if it has the oldest version of the BIOS it won't support my AMD Sempron 3100+ (Socket 754) and will only support it if I upgrade the BIOS. Now my question is, would I be able to put the BIOS chip from the new motherboard in my old one since it's the same size socket and flash the BIOS on my old motherboard to work with my new one? This would save me 15$ and the time and effort of asking the motherboard vendor to send me an updates BIOS chip.


Here is the link for my new motherboard. 754&pPRODINFO=BIOS

A:Motherboard BIOS question

I believe you can download BIOS updates for free. I may be wrong. Should be able to download the latest BIOS and flash it for nothing.

I may have misunderstood something in your post but I don't see any problem here.
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Manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer Inc.
Model : P4SD-VX

BIOS Version: A M I - 10000429

Manufacturer: Sony Corporation
Product name: PCV-RS430G(UC)

Sony VAIO, 2.8Ghz p4.

Having some difficulties locating upgrades/updates for my BIOS and mother board. I am eventually looking to increase AGP aperture size but that option is not present in my current BIOS along with a lot of other specs I should see and be able to change.

A:bios and motherboard upgrades

Flashing the BIOS can be a risky venture. Looks like you have a stripped down Asus board made for Sony VAIO. In which case any BIOS update would be available at the manufacturer website. It is possible to flash with a modded BIOS but i strongly recommend you not try it.

Next time you want a computer either buy from a custom computer build shop like ABS, Velocity Micro, or Monarch computers or build one yourself. They use off the shelf(not proprietary) components in which nothing has been stripped out in regards to tweaking/upgrading the BIOS.
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Hello again before I ask for help on this I must say thanks agian for all the help the good people at this Boot To Won't Bios MotherBoard forum has given me on MotherBoard Won't Boot To Bios several occasions NOTE Testing without any memory nor drives attached I have an ASUS MB that will NOT boot to Bios Not even a quot BEEP quot I bought this board new and have used it in the recent past Board is an ASUS P board The power LED comes on and the MotherBoard Won't Boot To Bios FAN quot pins quot power-up I just got a new CPU P to test to see if the chip might be bad but the board does the same thing and the Chip does NOT even get warm I tried RESETING THE BIOS JUMPER AND REMOVING THE BATT OVERNIGHT but still no luck The power supply watt is new and I do have both the pin and pin power cables connected I have also tried a couple of different video cards also NOTE video card s fan spins while connected to PCI slot Any advice Thanks again jtbest nbsp

A:MotherBoard Won't Boot To Bios

When you have a problem build go back to the basics. Make sure that the ram, cpu, and video card are seated correctly. Note; the video card can be hard to get completely seated. Insure that the cpu fan is connected to the correct header [most modern boards will not power up if there is no fan signal]

If it still will not boot, pull the board from the case. Set it on the box it came in [do not use the anti-static bag since some of them will conduct electricity] use only one ram chip, video card and cpu / hsf. Connect both power connectors to the board; the normal atx power connector and the four pin connector. Now use a small screwdriver to short across the power switch pins; this will power up the board. If it posts and you are able to enter the bios, etc, inspect the mounting very carefully. If it still does not post [and you have already swapped cpus] the only other thing would be to swap other components ie power supply / video card to see what is bad.
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I'm in the process of trying to select a motherboard for another PC.
Is it possible to have a mobo which allows for a replacement BIOS so that if the BIOS ever needs flashing and it fails, I can plug a backup BIOS in?

A:Motherboard with replacement BIOS

Yes, most mobos will let you replace the bios chip. You can get more info at these sites.


Replacing your BIOS chip - how to update your system BIOS - PCTechGuide.Com

PC BIOS reprogramming, replacement, recovery

having said that, I've flashed bios innumerable times with a 100 % success rate. You just have to be careful and follow instructions to the T.
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Hi to all, I´m new to this site.

I wonder if any one can help me. I tryed the other day to update my MotherBoards Bios and Screwed up my PC. It doesn´t even restart now and when i switch it on, a load Beep sound blares out. i took it to a PC specialist and they told me i burn out the system. I´m peed off with myself....aaaahhhhhhh.
Is there any way i can reboot the system or are there any programs out there where i can put in a CD and hopefully restore everything back to normal.
Pentium III 500Mhz - Gigabyte MotherBoard Intel Chip 1998 Version.

Kind regard to all.


A:Bios Help needed Please for my motherboard

Welcome to TechSpot Forums

Some stores can replace / reflash faulty BIOS chips, that's probably your best bet.

If you have enough experience and another mainboard with the same chipset, you could try swapping the BIOS chips while flashing with the second board - but if you aren't sure what you're doing, you could end up with two broken machines.

Maybe this could be a good reason to upgrade the computer?
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As for the some of you that saw a few past posts about me making a low end system for a Friend its all put together and done the only thing I have left is to settings…… bios Motherboard put a fan on a video card For it but that s already been tak n care of in another post in here what this is about is a Problem I ran into when Motherboard bios settings…… I booted it up I noticed today that the screen went black when The computer was loading up and then the picture was back when windows XP started I Used the on board video and loaded up the defaults in the bios then I plugged it back into The video card and I was able to see the bios and windows a bunch of strange stuff if you Ask me but now things load up that were not there before and I don t know much about The following that I m going to list could people tell me what are some good things to Have enabled disabled in the bios I loaded fail safe settings there s only two fail safe and optimized In the mean time what do all of these do and should they be on CPU L Catche ECC Checking External Cache CPU Internal Cache Anti-Virus Protection Processor number feature Quick power on self test Gate A Option OS Select For Dram Non OS Video Bios Shadow nbsp

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I just bought some parts for a new computer; A new motherboard, chip, and a new harddrive. It's the gigabyte dual bios motherboard. I got everything to load up right, but it pauses on the bios screen. I tried to go to setup but it takes 10-15 minutes just to get into it. The problem is that I'm trying to install windows Xp through booting up from CD, I've already put the CD-rom drive as my first to boot, but the board or maybe bios doesnt understand. Anyone have any suggestions? or maybe ran into a similar problem and solved it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

A:Having problems with motherboard bios

can you see the h/d in the bios
have you formatted it and put an active partition on it
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I'm trying to install Windows XP on an old Compaq 5WV254 which has a UWAVE motherboard and I keep getting stoped dead in my tracks. I keep getting an error message "The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant.". I download the BIOS program from Compaq and created the BIOS floppy. I changed the BIOS and still I get the same error. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this problem?

A:UWAVE Motherboard Bios

Let me start by saying that you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. In this case the UWAVE mobo that ships with almost all Compaq's is the horse and Windows Xp is the water. I tried unsuccessfully to get Windows XP to run on my old Compaq and when it did finally get installed and running, the darn thing died. Dead like a doornail. What I should have done was gone here,;en-us;314830, and resolved the issue the easy way. I guess some guys have all the luck huh? Good luck to ya.
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sorry for the thread necromancy but I m now having the exact same problem among other problems I ve had this machine going on four years now and Motherboard problem / Bios have not made any changes other than I installed Vista back in January Vista ran fine on it until last week I started having problems At first my machine just started locking up in windows Then it started locking up on the POST Naturally I started thinking a heat issue so I checked all the fans and they re all working fine I also gave it a nice air bath and cleaned all of the dust out I have never received this overclocking message until two days ago I went into the bios and reset everything to the Bios / Motherboard problem defaults It booted into windows fine but the onboard NIC didn t Bios / Motherboard problem work I then rebooted it went back into windows fine but again the NIC was dead On this reboot I noticed that the link light was solid green Bios / Motherboard problem until windows started up at which point it died I tried removing and reinstalling the NIC drivers from the device manager and that worked fine but still no link light and still no connectivity I then rebooted the machine again and it froze up on the scanning IDE devices during the post Rebooted again and it froze up on the ASUS splash screen One other thing to note the clock stopped keeping time if the power completely fails to the machine but this started happening about years go I m just about ready to go out and buy a new mainboard but I m not sure that s the problem Can anyone provide some insight thanks Burr nbsp

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Hello. After recently reading a couple of websites on the internet that my motherboard of my brand new compute, the ABIT AN-M2r is incompatible with the video card that I just purchased, (8800 GT OC) I wanted to ask a question. A couple of websites that I viewed stated that they hoped that this issue would be fixed in an upcoming release of the bios. I was wondering if I could install a new BIOS. For example, if I could install a BIOS from ASUS, FOXCONN, ETC. ASUS has came out with a new bios verison that supports the 8800GTOC.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am really frustrated that I just bought a thousand dollar to computer and to find out that this graphics card is incompatible.

A:Motherboard BIOS question

It is Not advisable and likely not to install (wrong type error on update)
You would need two bios chips, one you can muck around with, the other- original

I'd also be concerned that the computer (bios) may not start again after flashing the wrong one; or the Video (bios) may stay blank after flash update

As for the next bios version (not released yet) may or will work. Ar Huh and that'll be when ? Maybe sell the card new (or computer !)
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once the update started it rained go maybe 15 seconds and just shut my computer off entertainment a bloatware screen say that the software ran in to an error and it would restart itself. I let the computer along for over an hour and finally restarted the system muse us in the power button.  once I went to restart the system I only got a blackberry screen my computer is out of warranty and your dell bios update killed my motherboard I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.  If I gave some on software I wrote and they installed it and it had no warning it would fry the I computer thatbwould be data to someone's personal property... DELL is this how you value your customers?
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once the update started it rained go maybe 15 seconds and just shut my computer off entertainment a bloatware screen say that the software ran in to an error and it would restart itself. I let the computer along for over an hour and finally restarted the system muse us in the power button.  once I went to restart the system I only got a blackberry screen my computer is out of warranty and your dell bios update killed my motherboard I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.  If I gave some on software I wrote and they installed it and it had no warning it would fry the I computer thatbwould be data to someone's personal property... DELL is this how you value your customers?

A:got the windows 10 free upgrade and used the dell diagnostics tool to upgrade driver and bios everything worked fine until the update of the bios!!!!

I called dell they told me in not so many words my motherboard was Fried and they would not replace it.

Dell just saying it's a "possibility" the motherboard might need to be replace. No one can tell you that motherboard is definite "Fried" without first looking at the system.
What is the system model number and version of windows before upgrading to windows 10? Example: Dell Inspiron 3543, windows 10
You're able to boot into BIOS(F2 key) and diagnostic (F12 key) ?
1. Power off computer
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping F2 key ( BIOS) or F12 key( BIOS) continuously
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Model: HP EliteBook 2560pOriginal OS: Windows 7Current OS: Windows 7 64 bit Problem:I tried to update the BIOS using this file: Jun 2016Version F.62 Rev.A After performing BIOS update with sp76188.exe (7.7 MB) the system won't boot. No power problems occurred during the procedure. I have tried creating recovery USB Key, power up pressing Win+b, but the only effect is Caps Lock blinking and CPU fan working. Solutions for Phoenix BIOS won't work, because it isn't Phoenix BIOS, am I right? Do you have any ideas how to fix this? Best regards,macio232 

A:BIOS corruption after BIOS update

Hello, please use the link below to download the link for latest drivers Please be advised there may be chances you will loose complete data while bios recovery  please download the bios file on empty USB Stick and create USB recovery by running that file from the USB drive then follow the instructions as below: with the USB recovery media inserted on the unit  Turn off the computer.Plug the notebook into a power source using the power adapter.Press and hold the Windows key and the B key at the same time while the computer is off.Still pressing the Windows and B keys, press and hold down the Powerbutton on the notebook for 1 second, and then release the Powerbutton and the keys.  

I'm an HP Employee.The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP.Click on Thumbs up if my post helped you.Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking an answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem.Regards,Vijay
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Now I don't want to shut down or restart my computer because I fear it won't boot up. This is awful. Is there anything I can do to restore my BIOS whilst my computer still works?

A:Just used @BIOS to update my BIOS, it failed at 50%

Argh is there ANYTHING I can do? I'm going to have to leave my computer on permanently otherwise.
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How do I reset the BIOS or update the BIOS and how can I make the USB drive boot in boot menu? I have been contacting Microsoft multiple times and they need this info to fix my problem.
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When I open setup,it shows: have acer aspire v3-571G  Windows 8.1 Pro
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Hello everyone. When I enter my bios and attempt to make changes the description for various options appear on the left of my screen which get cut off on my screen. I am not sure if there is an option to make all bios options fit my monitor screen so I can see evrything.

A:Motherboard Bios resolution does not fit screen

Try the Auto adjust button on your monitor.
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I'm wondering if my computer has a motherboard update.  My specific machine is
Model #: HPE-410f
Product #: BM424AA#ABA
Serial #: [personal information removed]
Software Build #: 10NAFMRW603#SABA#DABA
Service ID #: 122-710
For the past year something in the machine shorts out and I lose video to the monitor and contols for my keyboard and mouse.  The machine continues to run but I am unable to do anything but a hard boot by physically turning it off.  Usually it returns to life normally, but sometimes it will not operate and requires numerious hard ons and offs.  Are there any upgrades to the motherboard for this machine?
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I am swapping out my older X58 BIOS motherboard for a UEFI motherboard with a new Ivy Bridge i5. I'd rather not have to reinstall Windows 7, and just want to make sure I can swap the boards and CPUs without issue. Thanks!

A:Changing From BIOS Motherboard to UEFI

I don't know how likely that is.

Before you try any transplant, I strongly recommend that you image your HD. I've used Acronis True Image, although it's not completely foolproof.

You may be able to simply swap motherboards, Windows 7 detects the hardware changes, and off you go. You may have to install a few new drivers.

If that doesn't work, you may be able to use the sysprep utility on your WIndows installation, with the "generalize" switch. That's intended to allow producing a generic Windows installation for diverse hardware. (Drivers are removed.)

If all else fails, re-install Windows. I hope that you aren't using an OEM copy of Windows. Microsoft may not be willing to activate it on a new system.
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My board have dual BIOS so I guess it means the spare(?) BIOS is the backup in case of crash. If that's the case do I have to set it up or is it loaded with the defaults?

A:My Gigabyte B75 motherboard with dual BIOS

Yes its basically your spare tire as far as motherboards go. Lets say you are flashing your BIOS and the power goes out. In most situations with a single Bios, this will mean your MOBO is basically dead. If this happens, you simply restart the PC and it does it automatically.

For more information, check this out:
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I wish to change my system to use UEFI from the older bios system

but I have run into the single problem of changing the disk from MBR to GPT

I have lots of things I need to back up and i want my windows system to be how it is now. The problem is Windows system image apparently does not like applying MBR imaged disks to GPT disks.
So i want to know how i can change my disk from MBR to GPT and get it working with the UEFI without losing anything before i get my new motherboard.
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what does it mean when i boot up a computer and i get the message "not detected for main and 2nd on both slaves?" its on a computer with windows xp and wont boot into the os.. thanks .

A:bios problems? motherboard shot? Please help .

Are there any masters on because you need a primary and secondary master for it to detect because slave doesn't detect till the master does. had the same problem on secondary because both were on slave changed one to master and bang it detected and onward to the OS boot.
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The other day I was in booting not up Troubleshooting: BIOS Motherboard the middle of using my computer when the computer decided to restart Now at first I was a little concerned until I realized that the cpu was running hot the computer had been on for quiet a while and I just recently had increased the core speed to but since I m running a AMD athalon I felt it should be Troubleshooting: Motherboard BIOS not booting up able to handle it With the realization that the computer was at a critical level I turned the computer off and let it sit for a while Then after an hour or so I turned it back on and everything was working fine I used it for a while and decided that it probably wasn t smart to stay at the speed so I turned the computer off and reset the BIOS to return it to the default state Well when I tried to turn the computer back on the fans came on but other then that nothing happened There were no beeps to indicate any errors nor any other distinguishing noises events I have tried to reset the BIOS once more as well as pulled each part out individually trying to see if any of the peripheral devices were the problem Yet my computer has remained unresponsive to me The only thought that I have left is that my CMOS battery is shot and I need a new one or that maybe somehow I fried my Motherboard Either way if anyone else has encountered a similar problem or has any ideas for me to try out I would be extremely appriciative Thanks Siliton nbsp
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Okay, so I guess my original thread got locked...? Anyways, my old thread is HERE, if your looking for the back story on all this.  Short version: I flashed my AAHD3-HB's BIOS from 7.07 to 7.16 and it bricked the board. But..... It's back!    AND, it's running 7.16. Which appereantly this board was not supposed to use? -See other thread. No thanks to HP of course, I had to jump through hoops to flash the BIOS back. I re-flashed the BIOS by using the ROM Recovery header and this guide HERE. If anyone needs any info on how to unbrick there AAHD3-HB, feel free to send me a PM and I'd be glad to help you out.  Thanks for the BIOS bricking update HP!    

A:AAHD3-HB Motherboard 7.16 BIOS Fixed

Thank you for posting the solution for your problem.  It may help others with the same problem who are tech saavy enough to complete the process.
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trying to install a new video card in an older computer.  EVGA people say I need a BIOS update to be EFI compatible.  How do I go about getting this done and will it work?
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Hi i have an acer aspire 5535 and i need to replace the bios chip but dont were it is on the motherboard can anyone help me please

A:how to find the bios chip on the motherboard


Can you give a little more information on this?

Why do you think you need to replace the 'bios chip'