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Belkin 85c wireless router, used as an access point. Guest setup?

Q: Belkin 85c wireless router, used as an access point. Guest setup?

Our internet goes from:

Comcast modem to a
Dlink DIR-655
To computers or through a switchbox to other parts of the house
In the basement, is another switch box, and off that switchbox is,
Belkin 85c Wireless router, that we use as an access point
Works well but it says it has the ability to have a guest login, that will allow visitors to get to the internet, but are blocked from our LAN.

I've spent hours trying to set the guest login up, the access point can be seen by a computer/etc, but when they connect, they cannot get to the internet.

the windows 7 computers try to set up an unidentified public network.

I'm sure there is something very simple I am missing, but I've got close to 20 hours invested in it, and need to protect my network.

the Windows 7 notebook said that it could not connect with a "homegroup".

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Preferred Solution: Belkin 85c wireless router, used as an access point. Guest setup?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Belkin 85c wireless router, used as an access point. Guest setup?

Hmm; I cant find "Belkin 85c Wireless router" on the Belkin Support site - -
Are you sure of that make/model number?
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Hi After a week of trying its now time to ask for help so am hoping someone on here can give me some advice I m trying to configure a Sagem Sky >Belkin point Wireless Router access Belkin F - -e router to act as a wireless bridge in order to connect my LCD TV to the home network I ve read loads of threads and tried Wireless access point Sagem Sky Router >Belkin to follow the instructions without success Current situation is that by connecting the Sage to the Belkin with an ethernet cable Lan to Lan port I can actually access the internet via my laptop connecting to Belkin However as soon as i take the ethernet cable out of the main Sage router i lose the connection This tells me there is no wireless connection between the routers Current set up Belkin is set set up to act as an access point Same channel as Sagem WEP activated same as Sagem Belkin LAN Subnet Sagem LAN Subnet DHCP - I saw on another thread that one of the router may need to poll the other I dont know how to do this Can anyone help I know i should probably just go and buy a dedicated access point or one of the plug sets but would really like to do it via the routers if possible Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hello all I m having a problem with my Belkin N Wireless Router model F D - I cannot seem to access the internal router s web-based settings and or log-in page and I m looking to see what I can do to get to N1 access Belkin Router page. Cannot Wireless setup these settings My router Cannot access Belkin N1 Wireless Router setup page. s default gateway IP address is and every time I open up a browser to type this in I come to this page There s absolutely nothing relevant on this page I m running Windows Vista and two of my other networked machines run Windows XP and neither machine could access the setup page via the IP address as well Our wireless broadband internet connection is working just fine - I just can t access the router settings Setting up our wireless security port forwarding etc is impossible without getting to this page I have the latest version of Java and Flash installed and my computer is as updated as it can be Any suggestions on what to do would be greatly appreciated - thanks nbsp

A:Cannot access Belkin N1 Wireless Router setup page.

According to my manual, your IP Gateway is, not

Try entering that into the web location in the address bar.
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Hey Belkin access a point Router an up as Setting I have a Belkin High-Speed Mode Wireless G Router F D - and I wish to use it as an access point for my main desktop for my wireless network I have followed methods supplied by both Belkin and users and have Setting up a Belkin Router as an access point had no success Instructions followed - Connect a computer to Belkin router using an ethernet cable - Reset the router to factory defaults The reset button can be found at the botton of it The reset procedure is given below - Make sure the router is switched ON - Locate the reset button inside a hole at the back of the router - Use a paper clip push the reset button and hold it for seconds then release the reset button - Unplug the Power cable from back of the router and plug it back again and wait for another seconds - Log on to router setup page by typing in the address bar of the browser - On the left under wireless click on the option Use as Access Point - Select Enable and specify the IP address as and subnet mask as and click on apply changes Every time the system crashes whilst applying the changes Any help would be appriciated nbsp

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Ok, Trying for weeks on getting this Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies Game to have NAT type OPEN and I've had nothing but moderate so far....

So i've tried EVERYTHING on my Belkin Router... Port Forwarding, DMZ, UPNP, Firewalls etc... THEN I attempted use the Router as an Access Point....... and still Moderate..... I'm thinking it's the ISP? Is that a possibility?

Or any other suggestions are welcome. But for the typical stuff online, I've looked at ALOT of tutorials/guides and nothing has worked.

A:Solved: NAT Moderate with Belkin Router on Access Point

Any ideas?
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I am trying to connect my old Linksys WRH G with DD-WRT firmware main router to my new Linksys E with Cisco firmware as access point However I want two SSID s available on my WLAN One is for my Home network and another is for my Guest network The Guest network should not be able to communicate with SSID's point (Home/Guest main broadcasted over router Network) Two and access my home network as to provide security for my home devices I have already created for my Guest network a separate bridge with a different subnet and a different DHCP range from the ones on my Home network I have configured these in my main router It works perfectly on my main router However I don t know how to configure my access point to duplicate both SSID s I understand that using the bridge mode and then putting a same SSID and password on my access point will provide a smooth handover for my mobile devices though I haven t really tried it yet However since I have two Two SSID's (Home/Guest Network) broadcasted over main router and access point SSID s my question is how do I broadcast on my access point the SSID s of both networks if only one can be registered Is this setup even possible If not do you have a different workaround Thanks I d appreciate all the help I can get nbsp
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I just got a used belkin wireless G router from a friend. it's version .8000 and i have a charter communications modem. my computer is windows xp.

ok well i followed the easy setup CD. but i got to the last step and it can not find an internet connection... i hooked it up just like the instructions showed but i think there is something wrong with it getting my IP address or something like that.

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I have an existing 2wire 2701 (ATT DSL) modem/router and like to disable router option (bridge) to fully run everything from Belkin N+ router. I currently have the belkin installed as on belkin instructions but believe the 2wire is still doing routing and I am having networking issues (delays, disconnects, etc). Can anyone help and suggest best way to configure these two devices?



A:2wire 2701 and new belkin N+ wireless router setup

As you said, bridging the 2WIRE is the best option.+

How to Bridge the 2WIRE 2701HG

After doing this, you'll have to enter the account name/password and PPPoE configuration for the WAN setup of the Belkin router.
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I recently bought a Netgear Wireless N router although I haven t Can router use my Solved: I wireless & wireless wired point? as router access set it up yet One reason I chose it is that I was told it Solved: Can I use my wireless router as wired router & wireless access point? can be used as a wired network between our two desktop computers and as a wireless access point for the laptop But frankly I don t always trust what the sales people tell me I ve read on many sites that wired computers have some advantages over wireless including security and speed so I prefer a wired LAN for the main computers they are within feet of each other and will stay that way But I would like the convenience of going online via the wireless connection with my laptop in the other room I ve never done this before I always just had a wired connection between the desktops and didn t bother going online with Solved: Can I use my wireless router as wired router & wireless access point? the laptop and I need to know if this setup will cause any problems I should know about Please don t suggest I go wireless for the entire LAN -- I m just too set in my ways to make that leap right now If my planned setup won t work I ll stick with my current one and forget the laptop Barbara nbsp

A:Solved: Can I use my wireless router as wired router & wireless access point?
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My brother lives next door to me and has a wireless router that I can barely get a signal from. He told me that if I can figure a way to make the signal stronger that I can connect to the wireless to do my school work. The main thing I can think of is setting up a wireless repeater, but can I set up a wireless access point in my house to connect to his wireless router? If so do I need to buy the same exact model router that he has? How do I go about setting this up?

A:Setup Wireless Access Point?

My brother lives next door to me and has a wireless router that I can barely get a signal from.Click to expand...

the ISP rules will not allow you to share with different premises and we do not support this activity
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Okay I messed with this a while ago and never got it completely figured out What I m trying to do is setup one of my machines as an access point by either using the wireless nic in this machine or by using a second ethernet nic connected to a second wireless router My setup XP Pro SP Ethernet Nic s Wireless Nic wrt gs v running dd-wrt v My internet connection ip range buffalo wyr-g router I would like to use as an access point My Wireless Access Setup Point machine with above specs is hardwired to the linksys and what I would like to do Wireless Access Point Setup is out of the second ethernet nic connect that to the buffalo and somehow bridge the internet access but keep the lan s separate if that makes sense Anyone connecting to the buffalo I don t want to be able to see any clients connected to the linksys I guess in a nutshell is I want both the linksys and buffalo to serve as wireless access points using dhcp but separate from each other My last alternative is to get a second modem but I d like to avoid that if possible Thanks for any input advice links in advance nbsp

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Hello My Belkin Wireless G Router software won t Wireless Access Router Can't G Belkin find my router I can access my D-Link modem throught the address I have my D-Link DSL T modem plugged into my Belkin Wireless G Router g connected to my laptop through a local area connection I have wireless connection Disabled I am trying to access my router so i can open my NAT Laptop info Windows edition Copyright Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved Service Pack System Manufacturer Dell Model Studio Rating Can't Access Belkin Wireless G Router Windows Experience Index Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU T GHz GHz Memory RAM GB System type -bit Operating System ipconfig all Microsoft Windows Version Copyright c Microsoft Corporation All rights reserved C Users Me gt ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Ashton-Laptop Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Broadcast IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection Media State Media disconnected Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Dell Wireless Wireless-N WLAN Mini-C ard Physical Address - - - - -C DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description Broadcom NetLink TM Gigabit Ethernet Physical Address - - - - - DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IPv Address Preferred Subnet Mask Lease Obtained Sunday February AM Lease Expires Sunday February AM Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled C Users Me gt Hope somebody can help me out thanks nbsp

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Okay I assigned the access point a static IP within the router IP range. My computer wireless card is detecting the access point but I can't get the belkin n600db to detect the access point.

A:I can't get my belkin n600db to detect my belkin f5d9231(access point mode).
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UK poster here - first time post
Recently installed Belkin Wireless Router to replace old 3Com 802.11b. Not changed any settings on either - all on default.
On hooking up the new one, only certain websites can be accessed from - it;'s the same for all peripherals, hence me focusing on the router.
Old router was OK, new router doesn't allow access.
Can't understand what the issue is. Have looked at router/firewall settings and nothing is obvious to me.
Appreciate any help.
Running Vista in the background, though other machines are XP. Vista is another story.

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In a few days time I will be changing my ISP in the UK from Sky to BT.

BT are providing me with their newest wireless router free of charge as part of the deal and I'll be using that to set up my wireless network, which will consist of an HP Pavilion desktop, a Toshiba laptop, a Sony Vaio laptop, an HP wireless printer and a Samsung HDTV.

This means my Sky wireless router is surplus to requirements, so I was wondering if I could convert it to a wireless access point to improve the range of my BT wireless network.

If so, how do I go about it?

I've read a couple of supposedly easy-to-understand articles on Google and have to say they left me more confused than ever.

Is there a straightforward way of doing this?

A:How do I convert a spare wireless router to a wireless access point


See if you can follow my own Tutorial on adding an additional router to your existing one.

Please let us know how that works.
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I just purchased a wireless router (Linksys) to set up as a wireless access point connected via an ethernet cable to another Linksys wireless router that is connected to my DSL modem. I know I need to connect LAN port to LAN port, but do I need a "straight through" or a "switched/crossover" cable? As I have done some reading, some directions say straight, others say switched, some don't say at all. I just want to be sure I don't have a cabling issue. Thanks in advance for any information.

A:Solved: Connecting Wireless access point and wireless router

Well, a crossover cable will certainly work. If either end of the routers have auto-MDX ports, a straight patch cable will work as well.
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Would it be possible to use an old router (Dlink Di624) as an access point on a wireless network, if I as to buy another router.

If a new router is connected to the modem and configured as the gateway, would the dlink be able to connect to it and keep transferring the signal, or is that out of the question?

A:Using old wireless router as access point.

You'd have to plug the (old) Dlink Di624 to the (new) router/gateway by wire; you could not use it to communicate with the (new) router/gateway wirelessly. But connected by wire to the (new) router/gateway it would still be able to operate wirelessly to all the wireless-connected PCs on your LAN.
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I am having an issue with my network that started when we got a new router The main router is the one that was replaced and it s a Netgear R v as Access Wireless Point Router It s plugged directly into the modem and has a wireless Wireless Router as Access Point network That is what I connect to with my laptop The other second router is a Netgear R which is set up to a a Wireless Access Point In the Modem port on that router I have a wireless adapter To have them conencted I use the WPS button on the main router and then press the WPS button on the adapter This worked just fine with the old main router but since getting the new one it will be connected for a short amount of time half hour to one hour and then it disconnects and I have to reconnect it I am honestly not very good with networking so not sure if there is Wireless Router as Access Point a better way to do this I am trying to keep it wireless nbsp
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I currently have a linksys router and am trying to add a wireless router to use as a wireless access point for a laptop. I got a D-Link (DI-324) wireless router and when I attempt to install it, I get to the configure router part & it goes through locating the network & restarting the network, but then bombs out on configure router.

I tried to enter the router IP address in the browser bar but it doesn;t do anything.

Any suggestions?

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I have a d-link wireless router as the main router. i have netgear wirless router that i want to use as an access point. will this work and how would i go about doing this?

A:Wireless router as access point

If you can disable the routing functionality on the netgear router to make it a plain old switch (not sure that this can be done) and then can connect the netgear 'switch' to the d-link router via a cable, it might work for you. But, I am highly doubtful...
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I have recently setup a small home wireless network It has Unable computer 54g access Belkin to router with host wireless been running flawlessly for about two months now A couple of days ago we had power to the house drop Unable to access Belkin 54g wireless router with host computer out for a couple of seconds while the host computer was on and connected to the internet and since then I ve had this problem Host is running XP pro MB has built-in network adapter which is connected to my Belkin wireless router The router is connected to a motorola cable modem My son s computer is running XP home It has a belkin desktop wireless card installed His computer can wirelessly access the internet Everything on his system works properly and was unaffected by the power flash The host computer operates normally on all local operations but cannot access the internet It cannot renew the IP address when I click quot repair quot connection I can t directly access the router by typing in on IE s address bar from belkin s manual XP tells me the network adapter is quot working properly quot I ve looked at all of the obvious to me settings in the various network settings tabs and everthing matches up with how it was setup before I ve uninstalled the network adapter though XP and let XP detect new hardware at startup and that didn t help The router and modem seem OK since they re both working for my son s system I have tried replacing the cable from the computer to the router too I have run the ping command to the router ping and it will occasionally pick up a packet but will usually fail I ve run it several times and a few times it has picked up of and once it picked up of Something seems to have failed scrambled when the power flashed and XP had an abnormal shutdown But I can t find it Any help would be greatly appreciated If more info is needed about my setup please let me know Thanks in advance dd nbsp

A:Unable to access Belkin 54g wireless router with host computer

go to command line and type ipconfig /release

and then ipconfig /renew

if this doesnt work try assigning static IP address set the default gate way to the IP of the router
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iam new to Wireless Router and i want to get one so i started looking for one and found Wireless Router & Wireless Access Point . now i need to know which one should i get and what brand . i don't want to get the wrong thing ang wast $$$. i have one pc & one labtop and Internet access(adsl) range to cover for the pc is 60feet from the Router & the labtop is about 80feet. can some 1 help me

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Hi all This is my first post and I would like some advice and for someone to tell me if what I want to wireless wireless Connecting router to point access do is indeed possible I would like to connect a wireless access point placed upstairs to my wireless belkin router placed in downstairs living room I want to place the wireless access point upstairs then connect a switch to this with an ethernet cable I will then be connecting a blu-ray player Connecting wireless router to wireless access point tv and xbox console via the switch to the wireless access point I m hoping this will also increase the wireless signal in the attic which would be a bonus but not hugely important I want to Connecting wireless router to wireless access point connect everything upstairs wirelessly because trailing a long ethernet cable through the house isn t possible which is why i m thinking of this set up I m thinking of using either the TP-Link TL-WA ND or the Edimax EW- APN because these seem reasonably priced with good reviews If any one can tell me if this sounds correct and if it will work before I go out and buy the gear that would be great Many thanks for any help in advance nbsp

A:Connecting wireless router to wireless access point

Sounds like you want a Wireless Bridge (or AP Client). If you get a decent signal in the desired location and the WAP includes Wireless Bridge mode it should work fine. I use one (now discontinued, so I won't recommend it) myself for a camera whose integrated wireless no longer works.

I'm hoping this will also increase the wireless signal in the atticClick to expand...

That requires Repeater (or Range Extender) mode. If the WAP includes Wireless Bridge mode it will (I'm pretty sure) also include this mode. I understand that some units can do both jobs (wireless bridge and repeater) at the same time.

I didn't look at the specs or manuals for the units you mentioned; just indicating what you should be looking for.
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I have a D-Link Wireless Router in my basement office that s connected to my cable modem I also have a D-Link -port gigabit switch connected to the wireless router Over the last few years I have wired many rooms in my house that Point to Connected Wireless Access Wireless Router?? all connect into the gigaswitch Everything works fine I am also using WEP encryption on the wireless router I Wireless Access Point Connected to Wireless Router?? now have the need Wireless Access Point Connected to Wireless Router?? to extend the wireless capability to an upstairs room but cannot seem to get a reliable signal that will stay connected I decided to try and plug an older D-Link Wireless Access point device DWL- AP into the Wireless Access Point Connected to Wireless Router?? wired RJ- ethernet jack in the room I went through the successful install of the AP and my wireless devices seem to recognizes it as an access point -along with the wireless router in my basement office I used WEP encryption again on the AP device - same key However whenever I try to connect to that AP I cannot get connected It simply will not connect to the AP device which is sitting just a few feet from my wireless device computer Why won t it connect One possible theory I ve thought of is that I have one wireless point the AP connected into another wireless point - both using the same WEP encryption and security key value Is this the probable issue Is what I m trying to do well doable Or am I way off base here Is there another way to do this Any help would be appreciated Thanks redjr BTW I m using WinXP Pro SP nbsp

A:Wireless Access Point Connected to Wireless Router??

You should be able to connect. If you configure the access point with no security, does it connect then? That's the way to narrow this down.

Remember, you need to use the hex keys for WEP, not the passcode, since that's not always 100% reliable.
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I need to replace my wireless access point with something a little faster. A friend of mine had a spare wireless router that he gave me for free. I don't really need another router as I have a custom gateway in place.

I was wondering if I set the router up and just plugged the rest of my network into one of the LAN ports if I could use it as a wireless access point? It should pass the wireless traffic across the LAN ports I think. Since I would have nothing plugged into the WAN side none of the firewall/routing/NAT functionality would available but that is basically what I want.

Am I missing some obvious reason why this would not work?

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Hello Some of us don't use just a wireless router but a combination of wireless and wired routers In such cases the configuration of the devices can be a little tricky But this thread it will be explained Router as Point Wireless a Access Configuration in depth each step how to set up a wireless access points for laptops This tutorial is going to explain how to set-up wireless for people who have setups similar to this model Modem - gt Wired Router - gt Wireless Router Modem - gt Wired Router - gt Switch - gt Wireless Router Note there are pictures at the bottom of this post use those for reference when going through this guide Supplies - Wireless router power cord - An ethernet cable to go Wireless Router Configuration as a Access Point from the router to the computer we'll be working with - Oh a computer with Internet Explorer or Firefox no chrome yet lol Step Getting everything ready - Take Wireless Router Configuration as a Access Point the wireless router plug in the power and take an ethernet cable from the back of the wireless Wireless Router Configuration as a Access Point router NOT THE INTERNET WAN PORT but any port labled plug the other end into the computer or laptop - Now once the laptop is booted up make sure its connected to the router WIRED not WIRELESSLY - Open up Internet Explorer or Firefox - in the address bar type in the default router IP address which for dlink's is for linksys products its usually and hit enter - if prompted for a username and password - dlink username admin password blank - linkys username admin password admin Step Wireless - Now there should be a button either on the top left or right margin of the screen with options Setup Status Tools Admin Network etc - Make sure that the we're in the Setup portion of the interface - There will be options Network Internet Wireless settings depending on brand etc - Internet will be best if left alone the areas of concern are the Network and Wireless portions - Go ahead and click on the Wireless link - Now this will load a configuration page with a chunk of information don't freak its simple - NOTE if it doesn't load a page with options choose Manual Wireless Setup - Now on this page we're going to change a lot of settings so make sure they're all correct before saving it - Starting with the channel more than likely its on or auto Lets change that to either or user preference - Change the SSID or Wireless network name to something familiar but doesn't have too much information house or media or something of that effect - Also if the wireless router has the ability of N lets use g and n if it doesn't lets use only g as its stable - Make sure the network is visible so its SSID doesn't have to be entered in - Check that wireless is enabled and enabled always - Here is the fun part Encryption - Basically there are types WEP WPA and WPA - WEP weak and easily extremely easily hacked definitely not secure - WPA stronger than WEP but not the strongest - WPA the best encryption method for non-commercial set-ups available if the devices connecting to the network accept WPA please please use it - So choose WPA Personal with a AES TKIP cyper or just AES AES will prove to be more stable in some cases - This step is crucial to network security - Open notepad - start writing an encryption key that is no more than characters long - it can contain numbers symbols and letters - make it random and make it long - Once that is complete copy and paste that key into the text field for the interface - Save the settings on the page by clicking the Save Settings button or Apply Settings button - SAVE THAT NOTEPAD ENCRYPTION FILE SOMEWHERE SAFE AND ACCESSIBLE Step Network LAN settings - Just like the above steps click on setup link in the interface page - Now find the manual network configuration link click that link - This will load a page that has a similar look as the last usually less options however - The router IP address is more than likely or if this is true and there i... Read more

A:Wireless Router Configuration as a Access Point

I'm guessing its not too useful or it needs to be revised lol
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I live in the UK and use Sky as my ISP The wireless router they supply is OK as far as the internet side of things is concerned but wireless a up point a second as access Setting router for a good wireless connection to my wife's laptop in the Setting up a second router as a wireless access point next room it sucks I have a spare Netgear DG N Setting up a second router as a wireless access point Wireless ADSL modem Setting up a second router as a wireless access point router and was going to use this instead of my Sky router in an effort to improve the wireless range Unfortunately Sky's T's amp C's insist that using a different router to the one they supplied could result in my internet service being withdrawn In an effort to prevent people using a third-party router Sky have encrypted theirs with a username and password not the username and password used to logon for e-mail etc that can be retrieved with a hack but I prefer not to go down that route What I would like to do is use the Sky router to handle the internet side of things and then use my Netgear router as a wireless access point to give us better wireless coverage around the house Is this possible and if so how do I go about it

A:Setting up a second router as a wireless access point

You could use your Router as a "Repeater" However Skys router may not support it

Multi Router Network - Configure

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A question came up before about using a router as a wireless access point, specifically the Belkin F5D7230-4. I attempted to use this router as a WAP, and was unsuccessful. It seems to configure fine, but I couldn't get a connection. OTOH, I dug out my ZyXEL P-330W and it happily configured as a WAP and allowed connections to my Actiontec router.

A nice bonus was that it appeared to make very fast connections! I did a speed test from using that WAP and on a laptop with a similar speed processor using a Microsoft 802.11g wireless card. The laptop managed 6mbit download speed, and the ZyXEL was able to get the full bandwidth of my FiOS connection, 15mbit as a WAP. I'm quite impressed, I had no idea it would work that well!

A:Router configured as Wireless Access Point (WAP)

Good to know. You're really talking about using it as a wireless bridge, right? That is, to extend an existing wireless network to ethernet.
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I am an *****, i was messing around with my routers settings, and i accidentally clicked"use as an access point". now the dhcp server is turned off and when i use it to connect with my laptop through wireless, i get the WAN ip instead of the LAN ip. and i do not know how to get into the settings. I have reset the router many many times, and i hjave tried entering the WAN ip into IE7 and i get a msn search error or w/e. I* have a cheap Belkin F5D7230-4. and im hoping that i do not have to buy a new router

A:Cant configure my wireless router/access point


Check out "" they have guides for using/accessing most routers, including forgotten passwords etc.

Regards, Ellgor.
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I recently set up a Wireless Access Point to Router Access Wireless a added Point AP in my home network and I Wireless Access Point added to a Router had some questions as to how exactly an Access Point works I currently have the following network configuration - Broadband Cable Modem in my den - Router in my den - Computer in my den - Wireless Access Point family room My broadband cable modem is connected to my router via ethernet cable I also have an Ethernet cable running from the back of my router directly into my PC My current setup is in my den I will explain In my family room which is away from the den I have my television and several other wireless devices Roku box etc My signal strength is low in my family room due to many walls between my den and family room I therefore installed a Wireless Access Point in my family room by running an Ethernet cable into my basement and connecting the router in the den to the Wireless Access Point in my family room Now here is my question I set the SSID or network name of the Access Point so that it is the same as my current network name that way I see the AP on the network Now here is where I need to understand how a wireless Access Point works If I have a laptop or other wireless device in my family room and search for a wireless signal am I connecting to my router that has a weaker wireless signal than the AP or to my Access Point stronger because my Access Point is a foot away from my wireless devices since they both have the same network name And if I connect at that strong signal and walk into another room where the signal is weaker does my laptop automatically connect to the wireless router How do I tell if both my router an wireless Access Point are using the same SSID or network name I guess what I m trying to ask is where am I getting my wireless signal from the Access Point or the Router or both assume I am in wireless mode

A:Wireless Access Point added to a Router

Did I post this in the wrong forum?

Would have thought this was an easy question
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Ok, not sure if this is possible but I am sure someone will set me straight. Here is the setup I currently have. I have a Netgear wireless router connected to a couple of computers, no problems at all with it, next, in another room, I have a desktop computer with a wireless card installed to access my network. Is it possible to hook my extra wireless router (D-Link DI524) to this computer and configure it to act like an access point to extend my signal further through my house? If so how is this done? I need detailed instructions. Someone told me I could do it this way with a crossover cable attached to the computer and the this true? Any help would be great. Thanks, Mike

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Hey Everybody,

I have a wireless router and a wireless access point that keeps freezing up on me. It seems to work for a couple of days and then drops out. It then has to be rebooted and they seem to come back up. When they are frozen, they can't even be seen from my laptop. What would cause this?

A:Wireless Access point and router keeps locking up

Brand and model?
Did you just purchase this item? If not how old is it?
What happen prior?

Make sure you have updated the firmware, before installing the update do a factory refresh then install the latest firmware.

If that doesn't solve the issue, replace the device if you just purchased it?
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Hello I m adding an old Linksys WRT G to Second point as access Solved: (WRT54G) wireless router my home Solved: Second router (WRT54G) as wireless access point network as an access point to get a stronger signal at Solved: Second router (WRT54G) as wireless access point the end of the house I ve read about other posts on how to do this so still probs When I change the second router ip address to the primary router is set up with a DHCP range of to and its IP address is I can t log back into it I ve reset the Linksys and started over a couple of times It s default IP is and I changed the settings to the I have a Comcast router SMCD GNV and have it wired to my second router - the WRT G All the example Solved: Second router (WRT54G) as wireless access point posts use the example home network of I want to keep the primary router network - which is using So it is set up with the Linksys IP of and the default gateway of My questions are What are the specific exact settings supposed to be on my screenshot attached What do I use to logon directly to the ndary router AP after all changes I have seen the tutorial at this link as well as others http m wikihow com Convert-Linksys-WRT G-to-Be-an-Access-Point Under Static IP should Internet IP address be Subnet mask Gateway Static DNS for all of them Thank You The primary router and its wireless network work great nbsp

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hi guys, my setup before was cable modem box outputs to hub. port 1 outputs to my computer. port 2 outputs to my wireless access point so i could roam my house. but to do that i have to pay brighthouse roadrunner for 2 ip addresses because i do an online sex webcam for partime work...please stop i know that using just a wireless router doesnt work because the website host cant see my webcam feed upload. i thought i read somewhere that i can setup my wireless router to be my hub and wireless access point. am i making apples taste like apples here? thanks...

A:i am buying a wireless router. can i also set it up to be an access point for webcast

Using just the router (and one IP address) should work just fine. You may have to configure some port forwarding and triggers - your website host should be able to help you with the details.

Some routers are clever enough to be able to use several external IP addresses too. Again, you ought to consult someone for the details and help on how to make it go.
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Hey all, I'm running Win XP Pro on two systems, I have an old Dell TruMobile 2300 router that I'd like to turn into an access point for my upstairs computer. I have removed all encryption on my Netgear wireless router, as well as mac address filtering. I gave the Dell router a static IP, and set it to act as an AP. They are in the same subnet, and their is no IP conflict, however I can't get the upstairs computer with the Dell router to connect to the internet, or even ping my Netgear router with is also the DHCP for the network. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

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first some quick background My cable modem is connected with a Linksys -port router with VPN router point connecting access to Linksys VPN wireless My wife s work demanded this for when she works at home with her company s laptop This set-up is upstairs I want to get a wireless set-up going for my laptop computer it is downstairs I tried hooking up a Linksys -port wireless-g router to it connecting Linksys wireless access point to VPN router but between me and Linksys email tech support we could not get it done Taking the VPN router off and just using the wireless router worked fine but then connecting Linksys wireless access point to VPN router my wife cannot work from home Here is what I want to do connect a the Linksys -port wireless access point to the VPN router I figure this is the best shot I have of getting wireless to work for me connecting Linksys wireless access point to VPN router while my wife has her required VPN router going also Here is the question before I go buy the access point I would like to know if there are any issues with getting the access point to work with the VPN router Is this an easy task If so are there any special steps to take in doing this Thank you for your help nbsp

A:connecting Linksys wireless access point to VPN router

don't know if this will help as i'm not using a vpn.

i run the wap from the hardwired linksys router to the lap top.

which linksys router?
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A while back JUST Turning access into router a wireless point Solved: I had trouble because my DSL modem was also a router and it wasn t communicating correctly with my Linksys wireless router http forums techguy org networking -solved-network-troubleshooting-ddns html I tried some stupid stuff like DDNS which obviously wasn t a correct Solved: Turning router into JUST a wireless access point solution On the nd page of that thread you can see a description of turning my nd router into a wireless access point instead of a router I succesfully did this but now the interenet is VERY VERY slow unbearably even while using a wired connection The signal I had while using the Linksys as a router was fine when it worked but very erratic I figured I d Solved: Turning router into JUST a wireless access point try using the Linksys as Solved: Turning router into JUST a wireless access point a wireless access point and then it became very slow Should this be happening Should I see such a decrease in performance Here s my ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name chris Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Mixed IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Description NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller Physical Address - - - -F - B Dhcp Enabled No IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Servers Primary WINS Server Secondary WINS Server I was thinking maybe my settings weren t correct in the quot advanced routing quot tab in my router config screen I did change the router from quot gateway quot to quot router quot as the menu described but anyways here s a screen shot Am I missing settings that are hampering my network speed As always thanks for your help You guys really know how to fix computer related things nbsp

A:Solved: Turning router into JUST a wireless access point

What speeds do you get when connected directly to the DSL modem/router?

What speeds do you get with the same computer connected to the Linksys via ethernet?

Use something like to test.

If they are not about the same a cable is bad, a connection is bad (loose, oxidized) or the ethernet switch part of the Linksys is failing. Of course, try different ports on the Linksys.
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Hi,i have a wired router at home.I bought a Tp link Tl-wa701nd wireless N accesspoint device,How can i set it up as an accessppoint.

Thank you

A:Configuring an wireless access point with a wired router.

I guess first of all you take the manual/User Guide out the box and read it, if you don't have one you can get the User Guide off the TP-Link website here. It will tell you exactly what you need to do to set it up.

My guess is that it will probably create its own wireless hotspot to begin with which you can connect to (settings usually on the label on the underside of the unit) and the manual will tell you the IP address you need to type in to configure it. TP-Link also provide a simulator for that model so you can mess around with all the settings first before you do it for real on your own unit.
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I just wanted to ask if it was possible to use a wireless gateway (modem and router combined) as a wireless access point. I know that I can disable DCHP on the gateway and plug in a crossover cable from my existing wireless router to the gateway and get connection like that, but I don't want to use any cables at all. Basically, I want to use it as a wireless range expanded. Since it is confusing I have drawn a picture below (please excuse the lack of artistic ability).

1) Is the existing Wireless router (Linksys WRT54G)
2) Is the gateway I want to use as the access point (D-Link DSL-G604T)

So, again, basically I want '1' to talk to '2' wirelessly, so that a laptop far from '1' will get a stronger connection.

Thanks for any help

A:Wireless Router as a wireless access point?

While some routers include a "bridge" or "WAP" mode, it appears that the D-Link DSL-G604T does not. That being said, you can't do what you are asking about.

You could run a cable between the two routers and put them in different locations to expand your signal coverage, that's what I do.

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!
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Bought a box on a sale and point Linksys access some have wireless questions Solved: router- it had a Linkssys Wirelss Access Point Router in it My question is can I use this just as I would a linksys wireless G router to setup a home network If so what is the difference between a router and a access point router This is a Linksys wireless access point router GHz Data Rate Mbps so Solved: Linksys wireless access point router- have some questions I guess my whole question is this Can I use this just as I would a wireless G Linksys router which I am used to setting up and if so can I just use the same cd that comes with the wireless G router to set this one up on the cd it gives you a chice of what router you using this one hasn t got the cd with it Maybe someone could explain the difference or point me to a site that will tell me in layman terms says it is a Instant wireless series model NO befw s VER Supports Universal plug and play capable of up to -bit WEP encryption access your network remotely over the internet through VPN ETC nbsp

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I have a netgear adsl modem which is not wireless.

I now have a laptop and want to use the net wirelessly around the house, but I like the netgear and paid 80 for it, so I don't want to just replace it with a wireless version.

If I add this wireless access point to one of the ethernet sockets on the router, will it let me connect with my laptop?

Cheers, Matt

A:Will a wireless access point let me use my adsl modem router wirelessly?
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I live in an association that provides WiFi (802.11b/g/n). It works fine upstairs, but my PS3 is in the basement, and doesn't get a good enough connection to stream netflix.

So I see two options, and I'm wondering which is better. It seems both would cost under $80.

Option 1:
Get a Wireless Range Extender that supports 802.11b/g/n, and put in upstairs.

Option 2:
Get a Wireless Access point and plug it into a wireless router (which I already have one lying around).

Which option is the best, and would give the best connection speed to my PS3 in the basement?

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hello, I try to connect to my router but i get error "Problem with wireless adapter or access point". The router and computer find eachother: - router.jpg

It also finds my phone (android in the image above) which it works on.

I have tried this: Problems with Wireless Adapter?
and I have tried disabeling other network related things in the device manager but nothing works.

Please help.

A:Connecting to router: Problem with wireless adapter or access point

Please could you provide more detail on this?
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Hey all I just came across these forums and I m trying to do a new networking config that I haven t done before Hopefully someone can help I have router point wireless Adding Netgear to a a Buffalo access an existing netgear router that is supporting my wireless network using WPA security and everything is working fine Now I just bought a Buffalo WHR-HP-G Wireless-G Adding a Buffalo access point to a Netgear wireless router router bridge that I want to add to my setup so that I can put it next to my TV that will enable the internet for my xbox and whatever else I might want to hookup in the future I have figured out how to access the web-based config on Adding a Buffalo access point to a Netgear wireless router the buffalo bridge but I can t seem to find out how to get that bridge to talk to my existing netgear router Is there a particular setting that I need Should I configure the buffalo bridge to obtain it s ip automatically from the netgear router instead of the default of I was thinking that the bridge would work sort of like a laptop that is trying to connect to a wireless router - I was expecting a list of wireless networks to connect to and then I would pick my netgear router This is not the case Are there any settings on the netgear router that I need to enable Thanks in advance for Adding a Buffalo access point to a Netgear wireless router any help Terry nbsp

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I am running completely wireless now. I have a Linksys WRT54G router and about 5 computers connected to it wirelessly (G).

I have a printer that has a built in network card, and you can configure the IP address from the setup screen on the printer. (Xerox C2424)

I'm trying to link the printer up to the router, wirelessly. I have been told that you can use a USB Print Server, but that would not be necessary considering that I have a built-in network card already in the printer. I just purchased a DWL-G700AP D-Link Access Point to hook up to the printer, but I am unsure of how I should configure it. I am trying to link the printer wirelessly to the router, and sharing that to the people on my network.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

A:Network Capable Printer with Access Point link to Wireless Router? Is it possible?
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I have just bought a D-link dl-614+ wireless router to try to connect my PS3 to the internet. I have just come off the phone to D-Link support team, and I hate them, they are totally useless. The problem is in the initial setup. The manual tells me to open IE, and type in, which i did... it asked me for a user name, and password, which i entered according to the manual: username - admin, password : (blank). When i pressed enter, it just popped up again, asking for username and password, as if i had got it wrong. D-link told me to reset the router, which i did, and now when i type the url, it comes up as a google search for that number. All the support line told me to do was to 'contact microsoft' - helpful eh? Please can anyone help, because i would really appreciate it. Tar,


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Really need some help here going crazy We have a Sagemcom FAST modem router from windstream our ISP and have been trying to get F7D1301 a Modem/router Belkin Sagemcom with Setup Fast router 1704 a servers going for Minecraft game with no luck So we thought that we could attach our Belkin router to the modem since we were Setup a Belkin F7D1301 router with a Sagemcom Fast 1704 Modem/router having port forwarding problems I have tried numerous times to set up the router with this modem and have even tried the bridge mode but then I don t get internet access through the Belkin router have no idea what I am doing wrong I am running Windows XP and my brother who I want on the same network is running Windows Vista which I really hate I had my XP connected but could not get the Vista connected then I completely messed it up and just am at my wits end can someone please walk me through this Let me know any info you need and how to send it to you Thanks a lot Deb nbsp
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We currently have a network set-up with a cable modem, wireless router, and several switches. We have one main wireless SSID that is encrypted for our family to use. However, we recently purchased a Netgear access point that we want to configure for a guest network. Is there a way we can make an unencrypted wireless signal but at the same time keep the information on the rest of our computers safe? In other words, is there a way to block access to everything on our network except for the internet just on that one access point?

If you need any specific model numbers or that sort of thing for any of our devices please let me know.



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I recently purchased a new Belkin Play Max N HD much different to my old Billion I m only on an ADSL connection but will be upgrading to ADSL soon Anyway I have a Netgear WG v Wireless Access Point and I was wondering am I able to put this somewhere else in the house and have it relay the internet connection to my devices iPhone for example I m in the User Interface of my Belkin Device but I have no clue how to actually set up this Netgear device to act as an AP I ve changed one thing on the Belkin device not sure if it ll make any difference I an set point N600? on my access do I up How Belkin changed the Wireless Band from Ghz to Ghz hoping that it ll strengthen the signal Either way can someone How do I set up an access point on my Belkin N600? help me with this I don t have a clue on how to do this I ve attached a print screen of how the User Interface looks like in case any of How do I set up an access point on my Belkin N600? the knowing would need some guide to where things are placed EDIT Also whenever I m downloading it s a bit slow I don t have the fastest internet only Mbps kb s but now I m downloading at about kb and from my computer at about kb These are at separate times nbsp

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I Have a Belkin 5D9230-4 wireless Router.

I have been trying to set this up and when I type in the router address
I get The message at the bottom of the screen Connected To
But no display on screen
any one help me please.
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Hi all new to the forums so please be easy on me I am trying to setup a sling box on my network and need to acess my router s screen Belkin problem setup router set up screen but all I get is a white and grey screen saying router setup in small lettering a Belkin link towards the bottom and the time in the middle of the screen No other tabs or links I have MSN Qwest DSL connected to an Actiontech modem router which is connected to a Belkin F D - Wireless router The sling box is connected via ethernet to the wireless router as is an old desktop running xp Also connected wirelessly to two laptops one running xp and one vista internet all works fine Have tried accessing the page both wirelessly and directly connected to the routers and I get the same mostly blank page More information that may be usefull Internet IP address IP address Subnet Maks Please let me know if anymore information is required and of course any and all help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Belkin router setup screen problem

Copy and pasted some more info that may be helpfull in diagnosis:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Documents and Settings\John>ipconfig/all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Prime
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcast
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
DNS Suffix Search List. . . . . . : Belkin
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Media State . . . . . . . . . . . : Media disconnected
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Cont
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-14-22-F6-A8-BA
Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : Belkin
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Networ
k Connection
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-13-02-81-77-F6
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, January 14, 2009 9:20:21
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Friday, January 12, 2018 9:20:21 PM
C:\Documents and Settings\John>
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hello everyone here goes i have belkin wlan router g plus mimo f :( problem.. router MAC causin belkin setup, id d ver belkin router setup, MAC id causin problem.. :( i have a laptop which has been configured to connect to my isp by a dial up but i dont have a modem of any sort belkin router setup, MAC id causin problem.. :( all i recieve is the cat cable my home i plug it in dial the connection and the internet is working belkin router setup, MAC id causin problem.. :( my problem i want to use this router so i can use this same connection over computers at the same time am i talking sense i mean is this possible its a pppoe connection according my tech support guy of the isp and yes more thing the lapptop i plug in the cable i recieve frm the isp its MAC id has been registered with isp but i have smthin like a clone mac id setting in my router P S -i dont know the technical part of it but i keep on trying by trial and error method i tried by connectin the router via the cable put up my id and pass in the pppoe section provided in router setup but it wont work nbsp

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Ever since i've gotten my lynksis wireless router, it had always worked, but the connection was never very stable. It would drop the connection every now and then, and then i'd have to reset the modem... which was no biggy. But a week ago my internet dropped, and ever since then it's given me the message "You are connected to the access point, but the internet could not be found" The other night, i actually got it to connect, i'm not sure how.. but i was connected for a good 45 mins, and then it dropped and went back to the same old message.. Has anybody else had a problem like this and know how to fix it? Well if somebody could help me out that would be great Thanks

A:Wireless Router- "connected to access point, but internet cannot be found"
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Hi... Just bought Belkin wireless router F5D8236ak4.

Used the setup disk to setup everything. Gone well so far.
The setup disk require a login... initially was blank (default=no password)..

I input a password... (I forgotten this password!... dumb me)

Please help if anyone can help me retrieve or reset this password.

Thank you

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

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Sorry but I m a total noob when it comes to this so here it goes I m using Windows XP I am typing this through someone s connection due to the fact that I m having problems connecting Brother around Setup Solved: with Router screwed Settings Belkin to my Belkin Wireless G Router I did have access to the main modem page of I previously had it had the default of but my brother changed it to Nonetheless used to work but now it does not My brother wanted to connect to a Counter-Strike Source server so he thought by messing around with this main page of the router and by forwarding some ports that he could fix it himself Not realizing he s a moron he was able to connect to the Counter-Strike Source server for about minutes but suddenly he lost connection to the internet It all happened when he turned DHCP server off changed the lease time from Forever to Half Hour http www voipmechanic com configuringabelkinrouter files image jpg After minutes he said the internet connection just went down Basically the IP is somehow lost and I cannot access the internet and I can t access the Belkin Cable DSL Gateway Router Setup Utility Page via which I normally use Solved: Brother screwed around with Belkin Router Setup Settings to go to it IPconfig all IP Routing Enabled Solved: Brother screwed around with Belkin Router Setup Settings No WINS Proxy Enabled No DHCP Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway When pinging both and it says Destination host unreachable Packets sent Received Lost Loss When looking at my real IP address it is Whenever I try to right click on the the Local Area Connection and repair the connection I get a message that it cannot connect to the IP I appreciate any response I get as I hope to resolve this matter soon nbsp

A:Solved: Brother screwed around with Belkin Router Setup Settings


My sympathies on the dullard in your midst.
Why don't you reset the router to factory state? You can either do this in the router settings, or by inserting a paperclip into the little hole on the back of the router for about 10 seconds or so. Then reset up your network the way you had it.

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I set up everything and if I have it wired it works fine but wireless it says can't find page when you try to get on the internet. I have set up networks before and never had a problem. first time I have used a Belkin router G+ I guess one of my question is this. I was reading on the Belkin site that it is already set for dynamic and that is for a cable modem and sounds like I should change it to pppoe for a DSL modem. would that make the difference. It is a brand new laptop and the wireless card is on and it sees the network and works when wired, it says it is connected wirelessly but wont get on the internet when not wired. Would the pppoe thing make a differnce? Please give me some help here. Thanks

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Hi all new forum user searched but cannot find this I have laptops - both run Win x Different brands Asus G and Alienware M x with different network cards I have found router access accounts Cannot on Guest that neither will access the guest accounts on different routers all different locations and different brands Tried latest versions of both IE and Firefox no go The tab shows the page is starting to load where you enter the guest passwords but the page never loads It just times out I can get into the main admin accounts just fine but ever the gust accounts I show a connection via the network icon in the taskbar then the yellow exclamation shows up I get the popup that states 'More information is needed to log on - click here to open your browser' But when I click on that the browser opens Cannot access Guest accounts on router but the page never does I've set the default browser to both IE and FF tried opening them via the click and via start button both and versions nothing Ideas Is this a Cannot access Guest accounts on router Win x thing as that seems to be the only constant between the two machines

A:Cannot access Guest accounts on router

Welcome to SevenForums SwissyJim. Tell us about your router, model, how is your home network set up as to sharing files, password or no, Homegroup?...
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Hi all,
I just connected with WiMax, problem is I have the wimax wireless router in the house(all good).

But my office is in the garage! I was hoping to run an ethernet cable from WiMax Zylex router to my Belkin Wireless Router.

Is this the way to go about, sharing my internet connection? Also can anyone
give me any pointers on how to go about doing this.


A:Connect WiMax wireless (Zylex) with my Belkin N wireless router

I am no expert but will try to help. If I have understood you correctly, you only require the one router.
If the router in the house is a wireless router and your computer in your office is equipped for Wi-fi you could connect wirelessly. You will need the access code for the router when you try to connect. I think it will be a WEP or a WPA PSK code.
Otherwise run a ethernet cable from your house router to your office and connect it direct to your office computer (not too a second router) This is probably the safest method anyway if you do not need wireless.
You will then need to set up a network by going to "Control Panel" and clicking on "Network Setup Wizard" and following the instructions.
Hope that is of some help to you.
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To Whomever Tech Geniuses That Have a Few Moments PROBLEM I m trying to set up my Belkin G Wireless Router Model F D - v Setup Connection Secured Wireless Belkin as a secure wireless home network I have it plugged into my Touchstone Telephony Cabel Modem Belkin Secured Wireless Connection Setup Model TM G CT It is emitting a wireless signal which I can connect to but ONLY as an unsecured network Once I connect to the network it asks quot Type the PIN from the Router to configure it I have located the PIN entered it only to have it say that it quot Could not configure the Router quot NOVICE SOLUTIONS I ve verified the device PIN I ve rebooted the device and the cable modem However it will NOT allow me to configure the device so that I can secure the network HELP ME If someone could PLEASE help me get a secure network established I d really appreciate not having Google doing any drive by peeks into my internet activity with their Google Earth vehicles THANK YOU FOR YOU TIME AND ATTENTION Have a great day Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc K J Antivirus Norton Security Suite Updated and Enabled nbsp

A:Belkin Secured Wireless Connection Setup

I don't see the point to that "pin" stuff, so I just disable anything in the router having to do with that. Then in the router's wireless section set the Encryption (or Security) Mode to WPA(2)-PSK and assign a strong passphrase (which mainly means don't use a dictionary word). Then when you try to connect a computer just enter the same passphrase.
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Belkin G wireless router ghz- g Dell Wireless WLAN mini-card I am having an odd problem with the wireless capability of my wireless router When I first got Wireless Router, Wireless G Belkin Problems Solved: my router I used the Software included Solved: Belkin G Wireless Router, Wireless Problems but that did not work so I set up my network manually For several months everything was working perfectly and both physical and wireless connections to the router were working Recently the wireless capability of the router has stopped working however it still emits a strong signal and functions perfectly as a non-wireless router The problem my laptop encounter when it is try to connect is that the connection status constantly displays quot Authenticating quot I have tried to rebuild the network no effect Have clicked on the repair button it sits indefinilty on the step quot renewing IP address quot I have tried physically entering my IP address no effect I am positive the problem is not my laptop wireless card because it still fuctions perfectly on all other networks Is this a networking problem or is it just time to get a new router nbsp

A:Solved: Belkin G Wireless Router, Wireless Problems

Reset the router to factory default settings and reconfigure. Initially try to connect wirelessly with encryption disabled.
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Hi there I know similar questions have been posted before but I ve searched the internet and these forums and haven t found a solution that works yet so I m hoping you guys could give me some Only" Solved: Wireless Access new Router: Setup "Local ideas I just set up a new wireless router I ve set up one before so I know the basics and it worked for about hours when suddenly while I was in the middle of Solved: Setup new Wireless Router: "Local Access Only" using the internet it stopped loading pages Now every time I connect to my wireless network it says quot Access Local Only quot or quot Limited Connectivity quot Solved: Setup new Wireless Router: "Local Access Only" and obviously won t let me access the internet It does this on both laptops in the house I ve heard of problems with vista which one laptop is using but since neither can connect I figure that s not the issue Any assistance you guys could offer would Solved: Setup new Wireless Router: "Local Access Only" be MUCH appreciated I ve been trying to figure this out for days now nbsp

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Hi I want to setup a network with four access points. My problem is my ISP only provides me with one Static IP address to access the internet. It is a sattellite internet company and I am located in afghanistan. What I've been able to do so far just to have it running is connecting the access points to a router that pulls the internet from the ISP. How can I get the access points to work off of the switch instead of the router. Please guide me thru this setup Ive been fighting this for over 2 weeks.

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I finally realized that my modem has been causing problems for me for a long time When trying to host stuff on my Xbxo I would always get a strict NAT setting but I realized it was because of my modem People told me I into for an my modem/router point my Making access router was double NAT ing No matter how much I tried with the DMZ Port Fowarding on my Linksys WRT G router Making my router into an access point for my modem/router it wouldn t go through the modem because of that double NAT ing On Making my router into an access point for my modem/router another forum it was suggested to me that I should try to make my linksys router into an access point for my modem The trouble is I m nervous about trying any suggestions because they don t seem very specific Here is my current setup DSL - gt modem Alltel Making my router into an access point for my modem/router Windstream Siemens Speedstream - gt into a Linksys WRT G v then into computers Xbox One other person suggested that I should bridge the two connections but I would just like to know which is more feasible for me to attempt today or tomorrow to get rid of this double NAT ing I am leaning more towards the side of using that Linksys as an access point but other than that I really have no clue where to go Finally one person suggested just hooking up one computer directly to the modem so I could access my modem s configuration page the person guessed it would be Thanks if you need any more info just ask nbsp

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Hi all, i configured a belkin wireless N1 router for 4 pc's. two of which are vista operated and the other two are xp's but the vista pc's connected to the wireless router easily when i set the security parameters. the xp's on the other hand will not even detect the wreless network lest talk of me configuring it. can someone please me here. it is very urgent. thanks.

A:Belkin wireless N1 router

You have to enable Internet and file sharing in XP. Are these XP computers updated to Service Pack 3? Are the Vista computers updated to Service Pack 1?
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can i use the belkin wireless router in the place of the wireless adapter to connect to the internet thank you much for your time

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Hello there,

I've installed a Belkin N1 Wireless Router for a client, and it seems to go down every night just in time for the morning. By go down, I mean that although clients are still connected to the SSID, no networking functionality (network drives, connection to the Internet) is available.

This is resolved by hard rebooting the router. Do you think there could be issues caused by cordless phones etc... that cause the connection to go down, without fail every night?

I've tried changing the Wireless options so that "Protected mode" (a setting that prevents interference from other wireless devices) is on, and I moved the connectivity to a different channel number.

Is there anything else that I could try?


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I have a Belkin Wireless Router model F D - I can connect Belkin Wireless Router to the internet wirelessly on both of my computers I cannot connect to the routers admin page even while i have the router directly plugged into my computer I ve tried using both of my computers to do it It just thinks and thinks and then says failure Belkin Wireless Router The IP address for Belkin Wireless Router the Belkin Wireless Router router is I ve reset the router factory reset the router and tech support was less than useful so I m here Here is what I believe I will be asked for soon let me know what else I need Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Brandon gt ipconfig Windows IP Configuration Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Belkin IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Belkin IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway C Documents and Settings Brandon gt ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Microsoft Windows XP Version C Copyright - Microsoft Corp C Documents and Settings Brandon gt ping Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms C Documents and Settings Brandon gt I ve tried finding the problem out by surfing the web but apparently I m special because I m the only person with this particular problem nbsp

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took the belkin back and they gave me a dynamde, works with one Laptop ireless, the other tel me it is conect but get the usual message cannot connect to the network, try looking at your connections , losig the will to live

A:Belkin wireless router

Try a firmware update, and or change the wireless channel to either 1 or 11.
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Can someone please tell me how to get my router to be "OPEN" for xbox live.

For years now I have been unable to rectify my NAT being closed.


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Hi, I wonder if someone can advice if its possible to increase the power ouptput of the above router I have an Advent 7201 laptop with a Ralink wireless lan card 2 in it; can the power of this card be increased. thanks Al
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i just recently installed a wireless router -------on my end its working but on the other computer i cant get on internet, when i installed it it had a security thing and i chose my pass word, now im not sure how to find it or unlock it, i think it may be the reason why i cant get online on the other computer (but not sure) the computers ARE close by each other and in the same. If soeone could please help me figure out how to get this working id realy appreciate it. I dont want to sound stupid here but idiot directions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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I tried to set up my password on my belikin wireless G router from the screen and once i did set it the router rebooted and hasn't came back on since. I have reset the thing every way I can think of and the wireless and the screen will not come back online the power button just keeps flashing but I can still access the internet thru the hard wired connections any help will be greatly apprieciated

A:Belkin Wireless Router

Reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button down for 15 seconds with power on.
Turn off everything, the modem, router, computer.
Connect the modem to the router's WAN/Internet port.
Connect the computer to one of the router's LAN/Network ports.
Turn on the modem, wait for a steady connect light.
Turn on the router, wait for two minutes.
Boot the computer.

When the computer is completely booted, you should be able to access it using the default IP address and blank password.
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I have this running with my xp but when I try to change any settings it asks me for a password that I don't remember creating.
How can i find this out.
Many thanks, Allan.

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Ok well first off I always come here for help and finally with please? Help Belkin Wireless Router I have a need to post P In for Christmas I got an HP Pavilion a w PC with a Belkin wireless router and adapter It has worked fine until recently I Help with Belkin Wireless Router please? noticed that I keep getting disconnected from my network and the internet My computer tells me that I am connected still and my Belkin Wireless Utility program says I have signal but I cannot access network resources or internet resources If I try typing in my router setup page it times out This happens about every minutes or if I transfer a lot of data and lasts for about minutes I have almost given up using my computer because I ran a networking cable directly from the router to my computer and there was no problem but Help with Belkin Wireless Router please? my dad wont allow me to do it again I do not know if there is some sort Help with Belkin Wireless Router please? of interference or if my adapter is going bad I have reformattes my computer several times each time reinstalling the driver I got on CD and the driver from the Belkin Website Still it does not work I have found that by using the Belkin Wireless Lan Monitor program and hitting Re-Scan it will search and find the network again and lets me stay on for about more mins It is getting really annoying and no one anywhere else can seem to help me By the way it is a Belkin b Mbps adapter - model F D discontinued nbsp

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I recently bought a belkin wireless g router, model F5D7230-4. How clever was I buying it on ebay for half the retail price! Step one was easy enough and I loaded the driver. Step two said I was to connect my existing modem to the router. My modem has a USB connector and the router has an ethernet port. How the hell do I connect USB to ethernet?

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Hey all,

I have a Belkin F5D8236-4.....
I completely forgot my password for my router and cannot find the disc that came with the router. I want to change my password. Can someone help? Pleeeaaase?


A:Belkin Wireless Router

You can reset the router to factory defaults and configure it using the web based setup, you don't need any disk. You can download the manual from Belkin's support site.
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want to connect my 2 laptops to the internet using an old belkin router that i found from a friend...

when i connect them only the xp got the internet connection no luck with my macbook pro i can see the routers name on the macbook but still no connection when i click the routers name it ask me the WEP password which i dont have idea what is it......BTW want the macbook pro to be wireless.

the question is it possible to connect the two laptops to the internet and do you have any suggestions or links on how to do set up this things, really no idea on what i'm doing please help.


A:Wireless set up with Belkin router?

I'm not an expert on wireless networking but I know just enough to be dangerous. You can connect several devices wirelessly to your router including your two laptops. However, everything does have to be compatible.

How did you set up your Belkin router? Did you set up a security protocol? WEP is an older less secure protocol. Perhaps your router was set up with WPA or WPA2 and the MAC is only compatible with WEP. Just a possibility.
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Hi all
i just installed my a adsl router on my network, easy to setup, had troubles so i turned off the DHCP. All my comps connect to each othr and the net but now i cant access my router. i type, but it just comes up timed out. does anyone know have any ideas how i can access my router??

thanx in advance


A:Can't access Belkin router

sorry all, its a belkin router.
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TerryNet d u remember ur work with Robson on the access point problem I followed that and understand the confusion which I am experiencing in a similar situation I wondered if you would take another stab at it I m running a Netgear WNR v router that Point Help, Specifics - Access Please. Setup is giving me insufficient signal strength to reach the opposite end of my small ranch house So I ve tried several options a Hawking antenna a Rosewill adapter Those helped me get my signal down to a - in my office I get occasional connection in the family room but nothing consistent So I found in my stash a Netgear WG v whose firmware has not been upgraded not sure how to do that I also have a WRT Gv router that a friend gave me I was thinking I could set up a wireless access point midway Access Point Setup Specifics - Help, Please. through the house or a repeater The Linksys router is probably more complicated to configure so I started with the access point And I totally agree with Robson I m going bald with this There appears to be no logic to the process I have a laptop which connects wirelessly thru my current Netgear router and Comcast modem setup This is the IPconfig setup of the laptop Laptop Vista Windows IP configuration Host name Medion Primary DNS suffix none IP routing enabled no WINS proxy enabled no Wireless Local Area Network Adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection specific DNS suffix none Description n Wireless LAN card Physical address - -AF-BD- - DHCP enabled yes Autoconfiguration enabled yes IP v address Subnet mask Lease info etc etc Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Server NetBios over Tcpip enabled Ethernet Adapter local Area Connections Connection specific DNS suffix description Realtek RTZ E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC NDIS Physical address - - - - A- DHCP enabled yes Autoconfiguration enabled yes Autoconfiguration IPv address Preferred Subnet Default gateway none NetBios over tcpip enabled So I go into the laptop OMG I think I see one thing I did wrong I configured the wireless card s IP address not the Ethernet adapter Did the Ethernet adapter first time around got access to the config page of the AP but wasn t able to change any info there except the name of the AP After that I must have changed the IP of the wireless card and I remember you saying to Robson that the wireless card is not part of this operation If I can just get back to that point where I can get access to the AP s configuration information that would be a giant step forward But then another point came up After going to all of this trouble does the AP still have to be connected physically to the router Kind of defeats the purpose Maybe should just go buy a range extender bite the bullet Sorry for the novel thanks in adv for any suggestions - and based on the above words of one syllable work best for me Sue Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Quad CPU Q GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card ATI Radeon HD Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB N Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard PEGATRON CORPORATION Eureka Antivirus Norton Security Suite Updated and Enabled nbsp

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I have a Belkin wireless router that fails to connect to the internet which is the final step in the installation process. All the connections are correct. It will try to connect to the internet up to ten times but still there is no connection. I even tried installing it on my wife's laptop but still the same problem. I already checked all the cables and they all work correctly.

My computer can detect the wireless connection, connect to it, and even access the control panel through but the green light (on the router, which refers to Internet) doesn't blink at all. I tried connecting the cable modem directly to my PC and it works perfectly.

Can you help me?

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I recently upgraded my router from a model - years old to the belkin N My previous model had some packet loss in one room but that was due to quite a few walls being embetween I started to use it in a problem wireless new N1 belkin with router different room and it performed perfectly Now I have upgraded I get often very bizarre pings to my router such as Pinging with bytes of data Reply from bytes time lt ms TTL Reply from wireless problem with new belkin N1 router bytes time ms TTL Reply from bytes time ms TTL Reply from bytes time ms TTL Ping statistics for Packets wireless problem with new belkin N1 router Sent Received Lost loss Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds Minimum ms Maximum ms Average ms I was used to this in the room with a bad signal but the software im using shows a good to very good signal with good speed The use of just browsing the internet doesnt seem too affected but when i try to play a game that ran fine with the old setup I get bad packet loss and a pretty unstable ping Tried changing the channel being used as netstumbler showed a different network using the same but the signal then just seemed to get worse just changed from the router setting couldnt find it within the network card advanced options Dont want to fiddle with any of the settings within the router options as i dont really understand them any advice or further questions welcome thanks ps my ipconfig all Windows IP Configuration Host Name Primary Dns Suffix Node Type Unknown IP Routing Enabled No WINS Proxy Enabled No DNS Suffix Search List Belkin Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection Media State Media disconnected Description Broadcom NetXtreme xx Gigabit Cont roller Physical Address - - -AE-F - Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection Connection-specific DNS Suffix Belkin Description Belkin N Wireless Desktop Card Physical Address - - F- B-D -B Dhcp Enabled Yes Autoconfiguration Enabled Yes IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DHCP Server DNS Servers Lease Obtained September Lease Expires August nbsp

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I have a Belkin n f d - v and I have reset the router and then I had to manually reconfigure everything and I may have messed something up The router has two blinking amber lights the modem and internet lights -I began with my modem Belkin wireless problems router booted up then I booted up my router while my modem and router were connected Belkin wireless router problems via yellow ethernet cable and another cable from my router to computer -First I set up a new password -Next I went to Connection Type and set up - Dynamic then entered my ISP host name and clicked apply -Next I went to MAC address cloning and just clicked apply as the boxes were already filled with characters -Next I went to Channel and SSID and left everything the same except I changed my SSID name and took off the box marked broadcast SSID then clicked apply The wireless channel was set to auto and current channel was and extension channel was set to auto Next I went to Security Security Type WPA-PSK Authentication WPA-PSK WPA -PSK and entered a new PSK and clicked obscure PSK then apply Next I went to Guest Access and enabled radio created ssid name Security WPA WPA PSK Authentication WPA-PSK WPA -PSK then entered the same PSK as before and clicked obscure PSK then apply For some reason when I go back to both of the previous two screens the new password I created does not show up only my old one but when I type the new password into my wifi network it connects This is as far as I have been and I m not really sure what to do now My internet connection from my modem is fine and I ve updated the firmware on my router nbsp
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I wonder if anyone can help I need to open a Belkin

I'.m looking for someone who can assist me in opening a Belkin Wireless Router.
If you have no idea how to do this please dont reply and dont 'close' this topic I will do that if I feel that I'm wasting my time on this forum, thank you. Allan



A:Openin a Belkin Wireless Router

Just stick a screwdriver in the side and crack it open.
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I am from Germany. As an internetprovider I have AliceDSL.
For 1 week I've bought new WLAN Router N from Belkin. Befor I had normal modem without wireless.

After I installed my new WLAN Router from Belkin i get everytime when I download something disconnected. So if I normal surf i get internet normally.

The same problem with a disconnect appears when I play the MMORPG games. I stand logged on about max. 1 hour and then get disconnected.

I have read this forum and did't find anything, which could solve my problem.

Hope for your help

And sorry for my bad english

My Router is this one:

A:disconnect with Belkin N Wireless Router

Quote: Originally Posted by SaschasWelt


I am from Germany. As an internetprovider I have AliceDSL.
For 1 week I've bought new WLAN Router N from Belkin. Befor I had normal modem without wireless.

After I installed my new WLAN Router from Belkin i get everytime when I download something disconnected. So if I normal surf i get internet normally.

The same problem with a disconnect appears when I play the MMORPG games. I stand logged on about max. 1 hour and then get disconnected.

I have read this forum and did't find anything, which could solve my problem.

Hope for your help

And sorry for my bad english

My Router is this one:

English is fine. COuld you tell us about your computer and network? Are you using "homegroup"?

Are there any other computers on the network?

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I have a two computer office network running Windows 7 Professional. We use a network printer/copier which is connected to one of the computers. I am trying to install a Belkin 8236-4 wireless router. Everything connects successfully and the wireless internet works. However, once the Belkin router is running, the network printer no longer works. The IP address for the Belkin router is The port for the printer is As soon as I disconnect the Belkin router, the printer will start working again.

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I'm looking for some sort of custom firmware that works on or is specifically for the Belkin Wireless G Router.
I've thought about installing DD-WRT but I'm a bit scared to, and i do not know the version of my router. The sticker that shows the version # is missing.

Basically I just need more advanced features like, most importantly the port forwarding. I have to forward lots of post and port ranges but this router does not allow port range forwarding and it only allows like 19 ports.
I don't have the money to just go buy another one so I'm wondering if there is any easy to install firmware for my router.

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I have a laptop and a desktop both using the wireless connectivity with absolutely no issues for over a year now About a month ago I purchased a new Averatec notebook Everything worked fine until Friday All of a sudden out of the blue my wireless connection one wireless Solved: pc's router 3 Belkin and the notebook is getting low and limited connectivity I Solved: Belkin router and 3 wireless pc's used to get Excellent and Good now it even loses connectivity quite frequently I downloaded the October update for this Belkin wireless router model F D - from the website hoping that would help I restored my new notebook to it original state at the time of purchase thinking perhaps a file became corrupt Checked the DHCP clients and lease time Everything looked good there However the new notebook was showing a lease expiration of January when I ran ipconfig all from the command prompt Since installing the latest firmware update that has now changed to January So at least that looks correct now Now here s the really strange part The signal is Excellent when I sit right next to the router but when I go upstairs it becomes low or very low or no connection at all Whereas my other laptop shows excellent at all the same spots in the house I even tried disconnecting that one just to see if the new notebook would get a better signal with that one turned off It didn t work As a matter of fact the wireless connection info window pops up constantly telling me I lost connection or I m connected again How many concurrent wireless connections are allowed at the same time One other thing I checked were the updates for my new notebook And since I just restored it I know I have all the newest updates I do have a wireless phone however it is a ghz phone not the old ghz ones that produced RF interruptions My new notebook is an Averatec series with a g wireless My old laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A with the same g wireless They are both running XP Home with all the latest updates They both have MB RAM Neither have any spyware or viruses I ran scans for all kinds of threats and came up clean Can you please help I m at my wits end here nbsp

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Hello all,

I wonder if you can help me at all. I have a wireless Belkin ADSL modem with Wireless G router.

I have spent the last two days trying to fix this and I haven't been able to unfortuantely.

Right so here goes....

I have reset my router several times and sometimes got the option of "Internet Status: Connected" on the belkin help page www.

However in the internet connections I have had the router is "aciring network address" I unfortuantely dont know what the hell this means...

I called Belkin up and they hung up on me as I dont think they knew what else to do. Tescos my ISP says that I am getting the internet. However I cant use anything when the router is connected... MSN, IE, EMAILS nothing will connect to the computer.

Can you please help me I am desperate!

Thanking you in advance!

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Hi guys,
I have a brand new Belkin N+ router. It was working fine from last 10 months. But recently , say from last 20 days happening a issue with the wireless router. the internet will work for few hours properly, suddenly Internet will cut off or wireless router hanged up for a few seconds. the led for internet will either go off or go orange. Sometimes even the modem led will turn off or go orange. It takes about 10 seconds then its back on or else I need to restart the router. After restarting the router, the Internet will work fine.

Any suggestions on what the problem could be?

Much appreciated.


A:Belkin n+ wireless router problems

If the modem is losing the connection, I'd start there. Make sure the connections to the modem and router are secure, make sure you have good power (a UPS is a good idea here).

Another thing that you can do is update the firmware to the latest available and then reset to factory defaults and reconfigure. You wouldn't happen to be using P2P applications now, would you? Those will drive many routers up the wall.
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I need help. I have a Belkin Wireless G router here at home which is currently set at:

ESSID Broadcast > ENABLE
Wireless Mode > 11g only
Wireless Channel > 9
Extend Range > ENABLE
Protected Mode > auto
Turbo Mode > enabled

I can access this network through my Mac laptop, although it cuts out now and then and then i change channels and get it back. but can't ever get my husband's Windows XP to connect. i have tried various channels - no luck. Any ideas?

A:Trouble with Belkin Wireless G Router

Which error message do you get when attempting to connect from the Windows XP machine ?