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Sound card for gaming and making music

Q: Sound card for gaming and making music

Hey guys, I've recently ordered a new PC and it should be here in a week. I'm a gamer and I like to write music and will finally be able to record with my new system. I'm just lacking a sound card. So basically I'm looking for a card that will be awesome for gaming and music. Any suggestions out there? I know I will need a PCI-E card. I'm looking to spend $150-200. Any help would be much appreciated

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Preferred Solution: Sound card for gaming and making music

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sound card for gaming and making music

This is probably the best one out there:

That is the best of both worlds. There is a better card for gaming, but the Essence above is much better for creating music and phenomenal for gaming.
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I am just trying to come to grips with possibilities using my new Asus Xonar DG Soundcard.
It's a well reviewed but low cost card @ $28 & I selected it to replace my failed on-board Card.
So I now have my desktop amplified speakers set up, but they are budget variety & somewhat limited, although I do not expect or need high volume.
I happen to have several small (ex car) amps, & several pairs of reasonably sized reasonable quality speakers, so I thought "what about a 4 speaker set up"?
Is this possible & how can it be wired up?
If done this way should I hook up a double gang log pot to control volume rather than use the on screen slide control which is not that easy when you are doing other things.

A:Making best of 5.1 sound card without 5.1 audio files

There should be a 'speaker fill' checkbox or similar in your audio manager.

Alternatively, you can use a splitter to split the L/R audio between the front jack and rear jack, giving you the same sound coming from the four speakers.

Or, you may find that it's annoying....
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The topic explains it..

I've restarted twice and this problem stops,

im 1, worried and 2, the sounds annoying.. what do i do?

A:Video card making a vibrating sound?

Tighten the screw?

If it was a cheap card, then it may have a lousy fan on it. Try putting the computer upright or flat.
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Is this possible? I mean by plugging headphones into the jack on the cd-rom drive. I've never had a problem doing it in Windows 98, but when I try it on any XP machine without a sound card, I cannot. I've tried using both media player and winamp to no avail.

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okay i want to know how do you play music while on cam thru your sound card without using a mic

for vista

if you know what stickam is well i want to use it on there
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i want to know how do i play music thru my sound card without using a mic
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I am new to the forum. Just bought a new computer with vista ultimate 32 bit. I use an E-Mu 1616m pro-sound card, and need to install it in my new machine. It is a PCMCIA card that worked great under Win XP. It will not install under vista. And yes, the machine has a PCMCIA slot! I think that the driver and card are not installing due to a problem with the irq. Can anyone help me manually set the irq? When I install the card, my NIC goes down. I think that the internal nic and my sound card are conflicting.


Art G
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I received Siberia V2 yesterday and it truely sounds RUBBISH when gaming with my Onboard SoundMAX i read a little section somewhere at a forum saying X-FI Xtreme Audio sound better with Siberia's, did some researching and the card i'm thinking of is an 'X-FI Xtreme Gamer'. What i want to know is would this card be able to support headsets that have rear, side, centre etc connectors ?

Thank you, please add your opinions of this card aswell as experience.

Merry Christmas

A:Gaming Sound Card

Not sure what you mean a headset has 2 speakers?????
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I am looking for a good gaming sound card to replace XtremeGamer by Creative Labs. Since upgrading to this newer build of Windows 7 I can't get the driver to work and it never really worked right anyway. The beta driver or the Vista ones in compatibility mode. Daniel K people also said to try, they didn't work either. Always will freeze the computer and then I will have to go into Safe Mode and remove the driver to be able to boot again. So any ideas for a good card? What about the Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Audio Card? Will it work with Windows 7?

A:Gaming Sound Card

HT Omega - The Next Generation in Audio.
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Hi all, I have a new Asus N61J Laptop with windows & 64 bit o/s. Im wondering if anyone can help me with setting up to play music through my soundcard in yahoo chat. When I have set up to play through the sound card , in my many attempts to get it working, i get no sound at all,, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I'm talking about music sound cards here guys, like names like M-Audio and such.

I want an internal soundcard but I dunno what brand to go with and has no problems with Windows 7 (x64), could anyone tell me?

PS: I heard M-Audio is really crap for support on W7, true?

A:Music Sound Card - That is compatible with Windows 7?

I have an M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI stereo I/O card that is working well with the latest M-Audio drivers. Also and older RME PCI 8 in/out card which also worked well but is living in another computer. Also have a Presonus Firestudio for mobile recording, haven't tried it with Win7, the non-beta release drivers were just posted.

I keep the M-Audio separate from functioning as standard system audio, have it set to only work with Cubase and Winamp.

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I often play music threw my sound card on paltalk this was on windows xp but now since I bought a whole new computer with windows 7 .. how would I do that ??

A:How can I play music threw sound card ?

Welcome Daspawnx!

I'm not quite sure what you want to do. Do you have an external device you are wanting to hook up and play through the speakers?

Try hooking the device up, and open Windows Media Player. In the left pane, see if you can find your device.
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Hi Advice needed I have a new motherboard in my machine an ASUS SABERTOOTH FX R AM AMD FX SATA Gb s USB ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS - Newegg com and my soundcards the older Adigity ZS with all the bells and whistles locsk up the machine and the X Fi Gamer SB in the PCI slot has very low audio to the stereo system playing in music Stereo Card Sound for Another Sound Card for playing music in Stereo PC with he same card is considerably louder I had a PCI e Recon D but it had a faulty line input so I could not plug my other PC Sound Card for playing music in Stereo into it essential It was plenty loud enough but not hi fi I have a Yamaha RMS per channel surround sound hi end unit RX V and a pair of B amp W DM monitor loudspeaker which I listen to music on from CD and the computer FLAC kbs mp and some lower resolution not many Another machine hooks up as a media center for surround sound from Blu Ray DVD's and HD over the ai TV and Netflix Amazon etc I am looking for the sound card in this machine to be for Stereo playback only The other machine does the home theatre movie experience I sometimes listen to cheapo headphones at low volume late at night but mainly this will be fairly moderate listening levels I have read about Asus cards and some of them suffer from high pitched whistling and hum from ground loops I am interested in the obliviously being phased out Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD -bit KHz PCI Express x Interface Sound Card powered by THX TruStudio Pro - Newegg com I also like the Assus ASUS Xonar Essence STX dB SNR Headphone AMP Card - Newegg com but do not want to have to replace the tweeters again in my B amp W DM speakers as they are no longer available and I spent and a lot of research coming up with a suitable replacement from Dayton Audio Anyone got any experience with those cards from a stereo point of view

A:Sound Card for playing music in Stereo

OK so I took my own advice and ordered the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD 24-bit 192KHz PCI Express x1 Interface Sound Card powered by THX TruStudio Pro -
I have installed it and I am testing it through the hi fi whilst tweaking options, the driver disk I got seems to be bang up to date with Windows 8 7 drivers only and more updated than drivers on the web. I'll post a further diagnosis after a few days of testing but I am impressed and that is pretty hard to do to this old fart.
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Hi, I really need to update my sound card (I have an onboard Realtek ALC888) and I need to stay within a $100 price range. I want a good, clear card that won't crackle or anything like that, and is good for gaming. It doesn't need to be perfect, but anything that's good for gaming and better than a Realtek ALC888 would help.

So, any suggestions?

A:A good sound card for gaming?

Is ALC 888 that bad? I thought ALC has 5.1 setup already? (20-bit)
I suggest that you put a 24-bit card like X-Fi, but the most important thing is your speakers, if your speakers level is higher than the soundcard (in terms of quality and price), then upgrading to X-Fi is a good choice.
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Hi There,

My friends Nvidia Gforce 2 is making a constant static noise He is running XP Pro. does anyone have any ideas why or how to remedy this?

Thank you in advance for your help,knowledge and talent,

Miss Metro

A:NVidia Gforce sound card making constant static noise

Is it coming from the fan by chance?
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Hi. I have an HP media center PC- m7470n. My X-Fi soundcard works, but the software that comes with it won't insatall. The driver installed, so I hear sound, but there are many applications on the CD that I can't use, because they won't install.

Any ideas?

Thanks. GT
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Hello.. I currently like my onboard sound card.. it has surround and many 1/8" in/out plugins.

However, I would like to professionaly record, acoustic guitar, vocals, with video also.

Im looking for a sound card solution where i can plug in directly a mic, and guitar and record with 0 latency and with effects too (chorus, reverb, echo etc...)

Does anyone know of a mid-range price solution, or has any experience in suggesting a good product for recording quality audio (want to get this going first) and then video?

The reason i mentioned my onboard sound card.. is becuase i would like to keep on using it, while also using the new recording card if i can.


A:Music audio recording and sound card question

I would recommend either the Presonus Firebox or the M-Audio Firewire 410. Both of these are firewire, and can be used on both your desktop and laptop, in case you want to go play live at a gig w/ your workstation. They also work perfectly for your home desktop recording studio.

I am personally going to be getting the M-Audio Firewire 410, as it allows Dolby DTS passthrough which I will be using as part of my home theatre system (coaxial into my reciever/amplifier).

As for using your onboard, I would recommend not. The firewire audio interface is going to be much lower latency. When using your onboard what you'll notice is a delay between when you play your guitar and when your computer spits it back out. This is your onboard audio "cheating" by processing your sound slower and playing it back later. For mp3's and stuff its fine, you won't notice anything, but in audio recording/playback environments its very annoying. I ran into this problem today using Ableton Live.

Both the Firebox and the Firewire 410 have at least enough outputs to power a basic quadrophonic system. The Firebox has better preamp/phantom power for mics and an overall better sound, but the Firewire 410 allows for more output channels, and also allows Dolby Digital DTS (digital theater surround) passthrough to hook up to your reciever, which is the reason why i choose this one over the Presonus.

Bottom line: they both cost around $260-$300, and are well worth the investment

Hope this helps!
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ok, i currently have a intel motherboard model D845ebg2 and it comes with integrated soundmax sound cards.

what difference would this make in gaming as opposed to buying a 100 $ sound card?

I rarly use 2:1 soundsytem for gaming. And mostly use headphones.

A:Sound Card, what difference does it make in gaming?

It's really up to you, a separate sound card like SB live or Audigy will sound better and not chew up any mobo resouces. You certainly don't have to spend $100, SB Live cards are going for $17 to $50 depending on where you look. It's not something you have to have, that would be air and water.
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hey guys right iv recently built a gaming pc with the help of the people at TechSpot forums and until now iv used the standard sound card that came with my ASUS Maxiums SE Formular Its a SupremeFX II as its a gaming pc and Advice a on decent/top sound card gaming everything else is top spec i figure why not upgrade my sound card Its currently connected to my surround sound in my room in the form of a Denon AVR-F Its connected to speakers need a center speaker Iv currently got it hooked up to the pc via a coaxial cable I don t really play games loud enough to notice any deficiency in my sound card but then again i don t know how it should sound in the first place Advice on a decent/top gaming sound card So i need some advice on one of or the best gaming sound card available I don t mind spending a decent amount on it Is there a difference between a PCI or a PCI-E sound card Thanks guys PC Specs if it helps Intel Quad Advice on a decent/top gaming sound card Core Q G Ghz Advice on a decent/top gaming sound card Watercooled ASUS Maxiumus Formula Special Edition Intel P Socket Watercooled NB OCZ DDR PC - Reaper HPC Edition GB X GB OCZ GameStream Watt PSU ATI Radeon X Pro GB GDDR EK Waterblock hopefully upgrading soon X Samsung Spinpoint T GB MB Buffer nbsp

A:Advice on a decent/top gaming sound card

Creative makes some nice cards.

Depends on how much you want to spend but I'm guessing you'd want something like 24-bit, 96KHz+ with 5.1 channels or more for what your doing. You can spend a little more for a card with 192KHz. I'm sure this will improve your audio quality but from what I hear I don't notice much difference between on-board and a sound card, I figure they are better for people who deal more with audio editing and such, just to keep in mind if you buy a 200$ card you may not notice much of a difference. For gaming I'm sure it will help as well though.

The difference between PCI and PCI Express is that PCI Express has more bandwidth, its much faster. I'm not to familiar with sound cards so I don't know if buying a PCI Express card would make to much of a difference over a PCI one.

Take a look here and you can read up on it, their is a nice chart a bit down that tells you the speeds of the different PCI slots.

That looks like one crazy build you've got anyways, lucky >;D
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Bit confused as ive read that when u use the SPDIF output on soundcards they will not process the audio but act as a through put. If your watching a dvd in 7.1 sound then thats fine by me, but if i'm playing music in mp3 connected to a stereo using the spdif cable just for stereo sound output, will the card process the sound so i can use effects like the new Crystalizer to improve mp3 sounds ?

Great card from what ive read but why they never included connectors for front pc case audio jacks is just an oversight, albeit an intentional 1 to make people by the breakout box.

A:Im thinking of getting a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music card

Nice enough card, but Id recommend the Auzentech Prelude. Most highly praised card in the audio community and well worth the money IMO>
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Hi I have a GA-F A XM-D H I have been told that although it supports channel this unfortunately is different to virtual good ?50 gaming sound card approx a suggestion 7.1 for for surround sound is this correct when I connect my headset Windows has options to test out virtual surround speakers and each seems to give the required response in my headset ie surround sound I had a turtle beach x which gave very good surround results until it went faulty I bought a hyper X cloud headset which gives poor surround with and without the USB inline sound card I play counterstrike mainly and there are many suggestion for a good gaming 7.1 sound card for approx ?50 comments that say this headset is bad with this game whereas the cloud gives very good surround there is possibly a performance difference between the two regards cabling the other thing is that many of the views of good suggestion for a good gaming 7.1 sound card for approx ?50 surround results with cloud may be from players with good sound cards people with a cloud are unlikely to have a good sound card or they would have bought cloud So I am considering changing my cloud for a cloud and either a- use the built in soundcard of my motherboard or b- buy a reasonaby priced gaming soundcard which will give virtual surround sound and give good results with the cloud sorry for such a long story but have been trying to resolve this for some time thanks
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I am trying to broadcast music (Rhapsody) from my computer to an FM channel on my stereo using a "Beam It" device. I have a Soundblaster "Live" Card in the computer (about 4 years old). The output from the computer is digital so I am just picking up hiss on the stereo. Any ideas about how to work around this would be appreciated.
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Does anyone have a suggestion as to which freeware can be used for making music CD's?

I want to be able to mix songs together that I have on CD, and then burn to a CD.

A:Making My Own Music Cds

When you say mix them together what do you mean? What exactly are you trying to do.
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Can anybody tell me anything about creating music on a pc? Things like home industry standard software? (Cheap) hardware etc etc.

Just out of interest really,
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I received email with several audio cd's attached which I play through my hard drive using windows media player.

I would like to copy this music to a CD. Is there a way to do this? In the file properties it says file type is windows media player audio/video playlist. Can they be converted to mp3's or wav files?

Thanks for any help.
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Need help with burning mp3's
Running windows Me using Roxio easy cd creator 5 for the last few months not able to listen to any music burned to cd used to work fine. When i use the program it looks like it works fine and i finalize all the cds but there is no volume when i play them in the same cd burner or in a stereo on the hard drive it lists the files as mp3 when i look at the files on the cd after the burn and they play but no volume they are cda files. WHY PLEASE HELP

A:Making music cd

cda files on the CD means you have created a normal audio CD not an mp3 CD. To put your mp3's on a CD as mp3's you need to create a data CD, just as you'd burn any computer file.
Don't know why your audio CD still shouldn't play though. Do any audio CD's work from that specific drive on the computer?
Also unless your home stereo is specifically able to play MP3's, and most don't yet, it won't be able to play an mp3 CD.
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after recent/last update of groove music app in the month of july 2016, my handset do not show any music stored in my sd card. i have reset my phone no.of times. it either shows few of the music or it shows finding your music.because of this handsets gets too hot and at the end my phone battery end up very fast.pls help me in this

A:afterlast update of groove music app in july, my handset do not show any music stored in my sd card.

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question after recent/last update of groove music app in the month of july 2016, my handset do not show any music stored in my sd card. i have reset my phone no.of times. it either shows few of the music or it shows finding your music.because of this handsets gets too hot and at the end my phone battery end up very fast.pls help me in this Your phone is desperetly tryin to update all its core apps to 10 last vrs., then cachin and syncin them. Let it finish his work plugged and wifi connected, don't make too much reset too close!!!! It will take a couple of days for stabylizing
That's a general rule, especially for older models
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I'm looking to buy a computer. I also want to create music with it and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations: which software, how much HD space, etc. Also I'll need a soundcard that will allow me to connect an electric guitar and record live on HD. I noticed the SB audigy2 ZS platinum pro has an input for guitar/microphone, however it's the most expensive mainstream soundcard at the moment - are there any cheaper alternatives?


A:Making music with PC: any recommendations?

Check the best: QBASE at

An alternative soundcard would be the Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 and Philips have a decent card going around as well.
I personally don't like SoundBlaster because of dodgy drivers.
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First post in this part of the forum. If my post violates site rules, mods please delete it.

I have a large collection of music CDs. Typically, there are a few songs on any one of them that I really don't like. What I want to do is make my own CDs containing the songs of my choice. While generally computer savvy, I know nothing about audio stuff. How do I best do what I want to do?

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Is there a special way to burn a Music CD to make the quality better? I have several burnt music cds that constantly skip in my car stereo with the slightest bump. At first I thought it was the unit itself in the vehicle that was at fault, but after playing several store bought cds that didn't skip once, I'm thinking it has to do with the way I burn my music?

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I am having trouble making music cd s I have a Phillips series cdrom drive I have used various cd-r disks Sometimes they Music! Cdrom, cd-r, Making cd-rw work ok I am still in the learning process I figured out you can t erase and use a cd-r But the problem comes when the files start downloading and something maybe the Making Music! Cdrom, cd-r, cd-rw music files cause an error and the copying stops Then the disc shows there are tracks on it but it won t let me play it because it says it s not closed I can t figure out how to go back in and close it It won t let me add more songs and close as it says I have open sessions or says I need a blank cd-r Now I have piles of partial useless discs I bought some cd-rw discs and have tried to use them When I put them in the drive they spin and try to work then stop The program tells me my M drive is not ready Now maybe all discs aren t compatible with all drives If so it would be nice if the manufacturers could spell that out in simple English Can anyone tell me does it sound like I have some compatiblility issues or something else Thank you Pearl nbsp

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I ve had an ATI Radeon HD Series for a few years and I m sure it s time gaming my a pc. pc, Making old to upgrade and I ve had my eye on a GeForce GTX or And I have Making my old pc, a gaming pc. a Intel R Core TM CPU GHz CPUs And I ve had that since i got the computer which was I swear years ago But i heard my processor wont be able to handle the GTX and i was told a good gaming processor was a Intel Core i - K then i was told that my motherboard wont be able to handle that and i was told a Z P and H will support it But the H will not let the processor overclock and the P will allow you to overclock but don t allow you to use the CPU s built-in graphics card Which I don t think I will need if I get a GeForce GTX or But the Z will allow me to do both And this is all very confusing to me I have an ATI Radeon HD Series and a Intel R Core TM CPU GHz CPUs And I would like to get it up-to-date to play Diablo and the many other games being released soon and I want it to work right I m sure a new processor is a must and same thing with the graphics card I m just not that informed about how all the hardware works or are rated on what is what So I d just like some help but i would like the Geforce GTX and I do have my eye on an Intel processor Just well you know I need some help I don t know what I need Thanks for the help and yeah Oh and I don t have a huge amount of money to work with tho I m sure i can come up with any that is needed or save a bit if a bit extra helps out in the long run nbsp

A:Making my old pc, a gaming pc.

Are you purchasing a new case or are you reusing your old case?

Are you purchasing a new pw supply or are you reusing your old pw supply?

A Z68 chipset asus board and 2500k work very well together; that is what I am using right now to type this reply. Here is a link to the board I am currently using; as I said it works great with a 2500k AND you can upgrade to the ivy bridge if you want.
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i am making a new pc and i just needed some advice oh the items i have selected. so far i am looking to get 2x 8800gs (384mb) sli with ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe AM2 NVIDIA nForce 570 SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard and AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ Brisbane 2.6GHz Socket AM2 65W Dual-Core Black Edition with 2gb ddr2 ram. i dont know what kind of power supply i need to get? please help thank you

A:Need Help On Making A New PC For Gaming

I'd say at least 600-700w for that setup. Those 8800gts are gonna need a lot of power to run at full capacity.
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Im building my first computer mainly to play games on and was wondering if these parts are able to handle a game like CoD 4 and Crysis well.

motherboard- Pro&manufacture=ASUS


video card- Multimedia Inc.


A:Making a gaming rig

They would handle those games quite well. However, the RAM you chose at Newegg is out of stock at the moment.
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This is kind of a crazy question but in our server room we have a few Dell Win K servers running Just the other day one of the girls 2000 Music Win Server Making at our office Win Server 2000 Making Music heard some quot musical tones quot in the form of a score from Beethoven or Motzart coming from one of the servers She told me which one it was and I checked the event log only to find a w time warning about not synchronizing with the domain controller The time of the event is very close to when she heard the noise However the same music went off again this morning around the same time but the warning showed up well before the sound kicked in I checked every machine and verified that they all have no Win Server 2000 Making Music audio playback device activated I know there are internal speakers in those servers but I m just curious as to why it s being so cryptic Anyone heard of this before nbsp

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yea I am trying to make a list of my music library which is setup so that 1 folder=1 album so I am trying to take these 500 folders or whatever and somehow copy just the name of it to something like word, or excel or I can make a list of them to send to other people, print or whatever...I tried to copy and paste them to word, excel, wordpad, notepad, and I just tried to click and drag them to those programs but no luck...and yes I realize I could type them all out but that's a little too much like work... here's an example of how I have this all set up

A:Making a list of my music library help

From a command prompt go to the directory where all these folders exist.
Type: dir > list.txt
the list.txt file should have all the directory names for you. It'll also have couple of extra lines you might want to remove for current directory and parent directory.
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I've been running XP since it came out, but now I'm getting to a stage where I think I need to upgrade. I did try 64 bit vista over a year ago, but found there was no drivers for my soundcard (m-audio). Happily there are some now, but the big question is....

Is vista 64 bit really good enough for music production? I rely on a lot of VST's so I need at least 4GB of ram, maybe more with vista I'm not sure thats why I'm asking for help from fellow musicians.

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Hi guys recently I killed my Dell XPS M by letting some water drops which came from the can of compressed air onto the motherboard Now I won't buy another laptop because I have a netbook and I only do US$ gaming me making 1,000 a machine Help some word processing when I'm not home Now I'm trying to build a custom gaming and video encoding PC using a budget of k US I have never custom built a PC before so I need some help What I want the computer to have - GB of RAM DDR - Help me making a 1,000 US$ gaming machine A decent video cards I don't know the prices for desktops - Intel Core i with - cores - Nice KRPM GB or more hard drive - Motherboard I just don't know which one to choose What I already have - I have a DVD ROM drive from my older desktop so I won't need a new one - Samsung Monitor p So no new one will be needed And I can't think of anything else I really need something that gets me out from the netbook I can't use Firefox Opera and Flash Dreamweaver altogether at the same time Thanks in advance for all the help

A:Help me making a 1,000 US$ gaming machine

I doubt that it's practical to build a Core I7 system for $1000. If you want 6 cores, that's ridiculous: the I7-970 (the cheaper of the two Intel 6 core desktop CPUs) is about $880 ( by itself.

This article is a little dated (July 2010), but it gives you some idea about budgets:

Build the Best Gaming PC for Any Budget - How To by ExtremeTech

Note that the AMD six core CPUs are much less expensive than the Intel 6 cores, but their performance may be comparable to similarly-priced Intel CPUs.

The Core I5-750 (or 760), with a Socket 1156 motherboard, is a popular choiuce for gamers. The Socket 1156 I7s have hyperthreading, though, so they may be better for video encoding. (It's not something I do, so I can't speak from personal experience.)
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Hi all im a new user i like this place. any way i am making a new computer on a limited budget. I am sick of not being able to play all the new games seamlessly and without lag. I would greatly appreteate some links to sites that can teach me the dos and donts of making a comp because i have never done this before.
thanx lots

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I recently acquired a MadCatz MC PS steering wheel from my local community pedal gaming for Making a outreach They let me try it before buying it I volunteer there and using a USB-PS adapter my PC let me know that Making a pedal for gaming every function on the wheel is fully functional The only problem is that it didn t have pedals with it The pedals connect via a DE- connection That told me the connection had to be very basic I thought it should be relatively easy to build a device that can work as a pedal and hook that into the DE- connector Obviously this will be a -part build Figuring out the wiring configuration for connecting a pedal to the steering wheel Building a box case to hold the circuit board and push-button switches potentiometers Now at the same time as I m thinking this all through I started wondering what the cost would be There s the wood plastic metal or whatever material would be easiest to use to encase this with The pieces necessary to make a functional Making a pedal for gaming pedal The parts necessary to make a functional PCB The proper wire and connector to connect it with the MC wheel Now even if it s cheaper to buy a used pedal off of ebay feel free to post links to websites that can give me pertinent information about how to do this I m interested in DIY projects in general nbsp

A:Making a pedal for gaming

I've made a make-shift schematic in an attempt to show what I found when I opened up the steering wheel:

Edit: I got around to finding out what pins the pedal uses in connecting to the wheel base: 1 is yellow, 5 is blue, and 7 is green.
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Windows 8.1

Any suggestions on free download for making a video with music using my photos

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Im currenlt using Windows Live Movie Maker to encode music into movies and its terribly slow... these are 15 minute long, extremely low bitrates and they are taking an absolute AGE!! - the video is a still image so cant be the low bitrate encoding, as it does not move it has no info to encode.. quite simple it should FLY through it - i have to WAIT before being able to start the next one

Iam splitting 2 x 1 hour radio shows into 15 minute segments then creating video to put on YT

any help be great
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I dont get it.I put in this cheap but good copy of Salsa classic music on my pc right...

it plays find,and I have it DL on my PC..ok..BUT..this blows me away..When I use the Dell,Musicmatch to burn..It burns...But when the CD is done and I listen to it...I hear..

Click,click,click,click,click........What gives..Crap..I dont get it..the cheap music disk plays fine...and is DL...I lost 4 Cd trying to figure this out..any clue why ...thanks.this is my first time..I ever saw this.I normally have no other problem with other CD`s.
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GripS said I Gaming transition Intel the Making to ve been running a quad for a few months now Dual core is enough for general use and gaming Quad core absolutely owns in applications that take advantage of multiple core Video editing and encoding machines would benefit highly from a quad If you are looking to build a new machine now you really should hold off for about months The new nm chips from intel will be out This means the nm chips will likely come down in price significantly It s a sad fact but Intel is STILL owning AMD and they have since C D was released So when you Making the transition to Intel Gaming do buy your new chip Make sure it s something from intel The new Phenom chips AMD s quad are proving to be quite disappointing in performance compared to Intel Click to expand Quoted from the other thread I m really aching to upgrade my computer so I can play Crysis with maxed out settings but everyone is telling me to wait until so and so is out early next year and so and so will be cheaper I understand that Intel gt AMD for gaming now and I want to make that transition with my future upgrade Heres my current Set up I built at the end of my first comp having trouble trying to find most of the parts on newegg anymore EPoX EP- NPAJ NVIDIA nForce ATX AMD Motherboard One of the fan blades mysteriously got bent so I had to break it off because it wasn t functioning properly eventually I took the entire fan out because of the noise and just put mm fan in front of it the fan is sitting on my videocard AMD Athlon Venice GHz Socket Processor Model ADA BPBOX - Retail A quot bang for your buck quot cpu that can OC to ghz CORSAIR ValueSelect GB x MB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model VS GBKIT I doubt this is optimal gaming ram but its done its job right from my experience EVGA -P -N -TX GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x SLI Supported Video Card - Retail Was the best bang for your buck back then APEVIA ATX-AS W-BK ATX W Power Supply Western Digital Raptor WD GD GB RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive - OEM Microsoft Windows XP HOME Edition with Service Pack - OEM I want to upgrade to EVGA -P -N -A GeForce GT Superclocked MB -bit GDDR PCI Express HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail and eventually get a second one for sli I m just having trouble figuring out which intel sli mobo Core Duo processor and gaming ram would be the best I want to experience Crysis and future bench mark type games at the highest settings without lag or quot bottlenecking quot vga cpu performance Price is secondary for me for now I m going to be buying a part here and there at my own pace so I can afford moderately priced hardware nothing too crazily overpriced though I just wanna be prepared for Q market One thing is for sure I want a dependable SLI Mobo that has heat pipes instead of shotty fans nbsp

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ok as of now i have a
gateway performance pc
p3 processor
128mb ram
12 gig hard drive
voodoo3 grafix card (omg this thing sucks)

i want to be able to play jedi knight 2, max payne, and medal of honor correctly. as of now i get major lags, colors off, blending, and the textures just dont seem right in the game. its just sooooo slow.

please tell me what i should do to upgrade my pc to make it helluvalot better than it is now. cost is a problem, but dont worry about it unless you have a killer deal somewhere. please help guys

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Hi guys , I was wondering if the surface pro 4 256gb i5 8GB ram varrient would be able to handle video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Hitfilm, Sony Vegas, or Power director ( haven't decided which yet ) . I won't be doing any 4k editing or gaming and I will be mainly having the surface just at home connected to the charger.
Music Production: for music production I will be probably be using FL Studio ProdEd
Im havening a debt between either getting a Macbook Pro ( 128gb varrient , just in case if you were wondering ) or getting a Surface Pro , There both in the same price range of $1,300 so my main question is , " Would it fit my needs ? " .
If you can help out , that would be really really awesome. Thanks
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I just have some qestions about everything,but im wonder which way to go, crossfire or SLI for the new gaming PC i plan to biuld. i want to, at some point, dual up on graphics cards and need to make a desion right off the bat. just curious if any one out there has some personal experience, or any helpful information on the topic. i know its a loaded question because underneath it is the desision between ATI or NVIDIA. but for the most part im wondering which appears to be more compatible, if that make any sense. The CPU i want is the Atholon 64 X2 4400+. ive read some many reviews about CPU, Mobo's, and everything to the point where my whole project has been put into question. ive made several complete shopping carts full of goodies, and canceled the checkout do to indecsion. If you have any helpfull tips, please pass them my way.

A:Quick question about CPU's and MOBO's & the making of a gaming PC

nVidia. I don't own dual video cards but AMD is best suited for nVidia video cards and Intel is best suited for ATi videocards.
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ever since i put in my ge4 ti4200 i have problems keeping my resolution at 1024, when i exit a game it makes my res go down to the lowest possible and puts colors on 256 and i have toi keep reseting it, not only that but i cant ALT TAB during a game or it just goes crazy and ends up closing the game. i got the newest drivers from nvida so i dunno what the problem is.........

A:ge4 ti4200 making resolution back to 640 after gaming

Not all games will allow you to use the alt tab key's. If you want to you need to use alt enter first to put the game in windowed mode, then you can use alt tab. alt enter again will put the game back to full screen.
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Motherboard: BioStar TA970XE

HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD

Ram: Kingston HyperX Blu 12GB DDR3-1600

GPU: XFX FX-775A-CGFV Radeon HD 7750 2GB

PSU: ThermalTake TR2 500Watt

Case: Three Hundred Two

A:Making a gaming/editing pc for a friend. Please review

Nobody can help much without knowing your budget and your possible source for parts--Newegg, Amazon, Ebay, whatever you are using.

Is that an Antec case?

Thermaltake PSUs are average; you can do better.

I wouldn't choose Biostar unless forced into it for budgetary reasons.
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I can't seem to get my custom music to work in games :S what i mean by that is i use Foobar for my own music then i go ingame en turn down the game music so that i can listen to my own music while playing BUT every time i do that the game is muted No Sound at all? must i disable/enable something to make it work? thx in advance

A:Can't play music while gaming

nevermind i fixed it close this
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I ve noticed that when I m watching some videos the audio of that video will occassionally sound like it s buzzing or being scratched like Music Like Noise Making Or Scratching Buzz Dj Audio Or Files Video a dj does to a record It s sounds like it s happening due to Video Audio Or Music Files Making Buzz Or Dj Scratching Like Noise some lagging of the system not being able Video Audio Or Music Files Making Buzz Or Dj Scratching Like Noise to handle whatever load it s under It seems to happen especially when I am photo editing at the same time as the song file playing in the background But it still happens even when just watching videos on facebook and moving my mouse around or typing at the same time I think it has something to do with the graphics card I m currently using an old one NVIDIA GeForce GT My audio is RealTek High Defintion Audio and I also NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device Wave Extensible WDM showing up in my device manager I m not exactly sure which is it that s causing it Does anyone know how to Video Audio Or Music Files Making Buzz Or Dj Scratching Like Noise fix this buzzing scratching sound Windows Ultimate SP AMD Phenom II X T mobo A GU DDR GB nbsp

A:Video Audio Or Music Files Making Buzz Or Dj Scratching Like Noise

Ok I figured it out with some more researching.

It's apparently the GeForce Experience installation. It has process called nvstreamsvc that seems to be the culprit.

I just disabled the service from starting up and it's not causing that buzzing/scratching lag in audio anymore.

Hope it helps anyone in the future.
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Looking for the best headphones for gaming and music... Noise canceling preferred so I can use them in a work environment also. Planning on spending no more than $100. Don't need a mic I can just use a separate one.
What do you guys think?

A:Choosing the best headphones? (gaming/music)

I'm considering using a few more dollars to get the Audio-Technica ATH-A700's, hmm what do you guys think.
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Well i've read a lot on this forum about this and tryed the sets mentioned in this thread .

Temp on load:

Pent 4 - 2.66
1024mb pc2700 (2x512)
ASUS P4800 Deluxe
RADEON 9600xt

I had this problem on my older comp, and the only hardware i carried over to this was the CPU,HDDs and the RAM.

Included four minidumps.

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.

A:BSOD - Happens when gaming, playing music etc.

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

3 minidumps crash at SACMXP1.sys. Your usb modem driver. They have a bugcheck of FE. They also reference bf2.exe.

Try updating your modem drivers, or use a different modem. Do you only get the problem with BF2?

1 minidump crashes at USBPORT.SYS. Usb port driver. It has a bugcheck of 44.



Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Each time I try to play a song or video in wmp, itunes, VLC media player, InterVideo, etc. I get absolutely no sound. Videos play, I can see the images perfectly fine, but there's silence.
However, if I want to watch a video on youtube or anywhere else online, the sound works. There's got to be a simple solution to this but I can't seem to find it. Any help? I've been putting up with this for a long time and I'd really like to finally get it sorted out.
Oh and before you ask, the media players are not muted.

A:No sound when playing music or video, but internet sound works fine

Originally Posted by withherlipsonly

Each time I try to play a song or video in wmp, itunes, VLC media player, InterVideo, etc. I get absolutely no sound. Videos play, I can see the images perfectly fine, but there's silence.
However, if I want to watch a video on youtube or anywhere else online, the sound works. There's got to be a simple solution to this but I can't seem to find it. Any help? I've been putting up with this for a long time and I'd really like to finally get it sorted out.
Oh and before you ask, the media players are not muted.

Try vista codec pack:
Shark007's Codecs Homepage
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My specs:
Hdd:250 GB

I runned memtest and it always passed it...when i play games or listen to musik or do something else it never happens.....Just when the computer is idle and rarely when i am browsing...The most interseting thing is that i used to have XP on my machine and it never crashed in the beginning and it all went well 2-3 months without crashing before that same problem started.Then i installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 and it worked without BSOD for months and then it started to happen now, too...sometimes 2-3 days past without any problems and then sometimes it happens twice a day...Very unusual are the last two dupms
Thanks in advance

A:BSOD when idle,never when gaming or listening to music

The second BSOD suggests an issue with your Kapersky protection program. Also, your Kaspersky Lab BOot Guard Driver - klbg.sys - is from 2008 and should be updated

Anti-Virus Removal:
Please do the following:
- download a free antivirus for testing purposes: Free AntiVirus
- uninstall the Norton from your system
- remove any remnants of Norton using this free tool: Download and run the Norton Removal Tool
- IMMEDIATELY install and update the free antivirus
- check to see if this fixes the BSOD's

If you wish to reinstall Kaspersky after the troubleshooting is done, please download a fresh copy from the Kaspersky website.

Also, please update your Adobe products (if there's no update available, uninstall them and then install a freshly downloaded copy).

Here's a summary of the BSOD's:

Built by: 7600.16385.x86fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Sat Jan 23 12:36:04.286 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 1:08:44.252
BugCheck 1000008E, {c0000005, 82cf02cd, a2fe9b60, 0}
Probably caused by : hardware ( nt!KiEmulateAtlThunk+1c9 )
PROCESS_NAME: spoolsv.exe
Built by: 7600.16385.x86fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Debug session time: Sat Jan 23 22:22:25.832 2010 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:08:41.799
BugCheck A, {0, ff, 1, 82c3a86c}
Probably caused by : hardware ( nt!KiServiceExit+7c )
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"System encountered uncorrectable hardware error" BSOD error 100000124. Happens while gaming or listening to music. Need help figuring out the exact cause of the BSOD. Greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD error 0x00000124 During gaming and music!

Welcome to SevenForums

Your dumps indicate BCCode 124 which is mainly caused by defective hardware especially the processor or RAM.

Stop any overclocking if any. Run Prime 95 to test your CPU. Carefully the instructions in this tutorial: CPU - Stress Test with Prime95. Run 3 separate tests, one on each of the settings (Blend, Small FFTs, Large FFTs).
Note that this test may overheat the CPU, ensure proper cooling.

Run a RAM test for at least 7 passes: RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Post back with your results.
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I have a PC-Chips M848 ALU V2.1 motherboard with an onboard soundcard, C-media CMI9739A 6 channel audio.
I have downloaded the latest driver from the PC chips website, as the one that came on the CD didn't work at all. I also have the AC97 Realtek drivers installed.

My problem is that if I try & play an MP3 or a DVD the sound gets really jumpy or if it's missing part of the track out. It sounds like when there is a thumbprint on a CD & it skips over it.

Now I'm new to this so it might be something simple like it is set up to play through 6 speakers or something & as I only have 2 that is the problem, if it is great but can someone tell me how to do this. If not can someone suggest some other solutions??

I'm running XP Pro.


A:on board sound problems - sound keeps jumping / dropping music.

Onboard audio can use alot of system resources and you will get audio artifacts when there are programs running in the background, system memory is low or you have an under powered processor. Win XP Pro has alot of crap running in the background. What are your other system specs? You may want to think about getting a sound card. Good ones run $20-30.
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So i'm trying to work on a video project in Camtasia Studio However the option to record from your speakers what you hear is not an option After searching the net I found one common respond is to go to Control Panel gt Sound and then the Recording tab and then make sure that all disabled and hidden objects are shown However I still can't get Sound Mix or What you hear to show up which is quite frustrating as I am sure that is why I can't select the Speaker audio option when i'm working in Camtasia Studio that option is grayed out which leads me to question is this a possible driver issue I sound no sound recording, making Help mix option was thinking about installing the Realtek Audio Driver but not sure if that would do anything different or not Otherwise i'm lost as every place I have looked online just Help making sound recording, no sound mix option suggests this as an option checking to make sure all disabled and disconnected devices are shown in Sound So not sure really what to do anyone have any suggestions or advice I've posted some pics that might help explain a bit better

A:Help making sound recording, no sound mix option

Im having the same exact problem and when i tried to install the realtek drivers vista wouldnt let me ! .

Ive tried to record using Audacity , Camstacia and adobe but need to enable this option but how?
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I think the title says it all, when I log into Windows 7, it sitll makes a sound upon login even though sounds are set to none.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

A:Win 7 making sound on login sound scheme is set to none

Along with the "no sounds" scheme, there is a separate box to uncheck for the startup sound.

See this:
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hey guys

i just recently bought a new rig for gaming and it keeps freezing,
ive managed to narrow it down to playing music in the background while playing games, ive updated all drivers, chipset, gfx, sound etc but it keeps happening.

im getting no logs in the eventviewer, no BSoD, just full system freeze and have to power off by the button.

any ideas?

pc specs;

intel core 2 quad q9400 @2.66 ghz
2x 2gb ddr2 ram 800mhz
nvidia geforce gts250 1gb
onboard sound
asus p5n-d 750i sli mobo
500gb hdd
700W EZCool Tornado

when freezing all core clocks are around 35~50c if that means anything atall

i been pulling my hair out over this for 3 days and have no idea what to do

A:Windows freezes playing music in the backgroung while gaming

just managed to get it to happen again sorry for double post, with eveything displayed on screen,

windows task manager:
CPU Usage 27%
memory 1.36gb

pyshical memory:
total 3325
cached 2221
free 1

kernel memory:
total 128
paged 82
non paged 45

performace and reliability monitor:
CPU 26% 100% maximum frequency
Disk 0kb/s
network 48kb/s
memory 0 hard faults/s 42% used physical memory

Core Temp:
core #0 51c
core #1 50c
core #2 47c
core #3 44c

full system freeze playing music in background
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WELL i went ahead and ordered these for my pc tell me what you think and how good they will be..

* 1 of: Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 5-Piece Speaker System with Subwoofer

* 1 of: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic Card ( 70SB046000007 )

from what i heard these 2 together will be loud as hell and those speakers are the best out by give me your ideas on these items i got..should be getting them friday did a 1 day delivery.

A:Are these speakers and soundcard good for loud music and gaming?

Well those speakers are generally for people that like good sound rather then just "loud" noises but it's also very capable noise-wise so you should be fine.
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A lil' confused so need some expert adv.

Just wish to reconfirm, this USB PNP, IF it will record/SAVE
from my audio cassette player to my desk top,using WIN XP PRO ! I wish to transfer songs from audio cassettes to my desk top which does not have a sound card.I have the COOL RECORDER in case that helps, does it ?
Earlier I have used the TV tuner card which did the job of such a transfer but that went kaput.

Thx for yr help.Cheers

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I have a Compaq pen computer in I have this as a sound card Realtek AC Audio I dont have any specifications on that sound card so i assume it was state of art Card VERSUS the state 2003 2008 Sound card of Sound the art for the year I notice the Diamond XtremeSound bit Sound Card specifications below for sale at Staples for Should i consider buying that Sound card to replace my sound card 2003 state of the art Sound Card VERSUS 2008 Sound card I use my speakers almost exclusively for listening stream media I have a Magnovox home stereo speakers hooked up to my computer Realtek AC Audio -to- Diamond XtremeSound bit Sound Card Diamond XtremeSound bit Sound Card Allows the user to experience high level theater quality sound while watching videos listening to music and playing games all in true channel surround sound Dolby EX and DTS formats channel DVD playback virtual speaker shifter providing surround sound for CDs and MP s Audacity multi-track recording editing studio included channel audio output bit KHz playback Karaoke support band equalizer with presets Mic and stereo line inputs Front left right rear left right and center subwoofer outputs nbsp
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I have a new-to-me desktop dell pentium windows xp pro SP dvd player tsst corp cdrwdvd ts-h no player music Dvd sound movie a cd, a with sound with has b also has samsung cd-rom sc- c software avast free malwarebytes spybot s d scan only spywareblaster currently off spywareguard currently off zonealarm free firewall hi techspot i am trying to solve another problem over Dvd player has sound with a music cd, no sound with a movie at bleeping computer having to do with streaming video on this computer i read about you--you were highly recommended for someone with a driver-related problem which this may be in trying to figure out my streaming video problem i tried out the cd player and the dvd player today for the first time the cd player works fine except sound is weak even at Dvd player has sound with a music cd, no sound with a movie top settings dvd player has pretty much the same sound as the cd player with a cd in it that is weakish sound When I put in a movie there is beautiful video but zero sound I tried a few different movies to make sure of the problerm other info default media player is wmp a former user seems to have used powerdvd i can play a movie using either wmp or powerdvd Neither have any sound i am happy to add new drivers etc but will need help Not sure if related to streaming video problem shuts down browsers explorer and firefox for you-tube and hulu as soon as video loads some short commercials ok video and sound appreciate ideas thanks wannabegeek nbsp

A:Dvd player has sound with a music cd, no sound with a movie

Sounds like you are missing some sound codecs, at the very least. Luckily Techspot can provide them for you...

Hope this solves your problem.
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Hi, guys how you doing? My question is, regarding the sound in my computer. when am trying to access a file, it starts sound and continues until i close it. so please guys how can i solve this problem? i need your help. thanksHi, guys how you doing? My question is, regarding the sound in my computer. when am trying to access a file, it starts sound and continues until i close it. so please guys how can i solve this problem? i need your help. thanks

A:Why My Computer Is Making Sound? Too Much Sound

Please describe the sound as best as you can. Is it grinding, ticking, etc?
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Is there any software I can buy to make my mp3's sound better?? I saved my cd's onto MP3 onto my hard drive but when I play them back they sound shallow and flat - not good stereo/hard to pick out certain instruments etc. Is there any software that highers the quality of mp3's. thanks

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I downloaded some Music Videos which i'd like to put onto VCD's.

I've tried using Nero and TMPGEnc, followed the instructions, converted them to VCD standard, but most of the Video's end up with either no sound or black & white (and slightly fuzzy)...

I'm scratching my head here ...

If anyone can throw me any ideas i'd be grateful.

I've also had a look at (which is a brilliant site) but i still can't fathom it out...

A:No sound when making VCD's

use virtualDub/nanDub. You probably didn't pick process audio.
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My laptop frequently makes the "Device Disconnect" sound -- that little sound you get when you pull something out of a USB port -- for no apparent reason.

The laptop can be sitting there completely still -- without my doing anything or even touching the keyboard or mouse -- and it'll throw that sound out randomly. It happens several times an hour.

Is there anyway I can find out what's causing this?

A:Why does my computer keep making this sound?

Bootcamp does not like Windows running on your MacBook. When you are using a Virtual Machine like Bootcamp, you really need to address your questions over at the Support forums. They are more familiar with Bootcamp.

If I had to make a fair guess, your Macbook is dropping a virtual USB connection while you are using Bootcamp. As long as it does not do it in Mac OS-X. Then your problem lies with the Virtual Machine.
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This pc is less than 6 months old. It just recently started making this noise. Sounds like a timer ticking starts fast and slowly goes away or when I flip upside down it went away. This has me a little worried, I am working on posting a video of it as soon as I get the link I will include it
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It sounds like a fan in my computer tower speeds up and than slows down to normal. What causes this?? Please Advise -- I am the type of chick that likes to jump in her car, push the gas pedal and go. Therefore, I am not very computer savvy - LOL!!!


A:Fan Making Weird Sound

The fan's RPM's are adjusting to the system's temperature , that is what I think. When was the last time you " cleaned " the fan out with some canned air? Always good to keep that stuff clean
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Just did it for the first time. A high pitched humming, almost a continuous beeping was being let out.

Happened on restart, and windows XP would not open, only saw a single unscore or hyphen on the dark screen where I think think XP pre-loads/bios opens and it held there on it and wouldn't budge. Powered off the pc and it did it again. Once more, and I'm now using it.

Thought it may be a fan but the high pitch seems to suggest not. Could a fan cause the system to lock/XP not open? Would it have to be the CPU fan to shut it down for safety?

Could of sworn it was coming from the front of the case, where drives are stored. But this didn't seem like a mechanical sound. (unless the platter arm/head wasn't making contact altogether?) Sounded more like an alert.

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My G WesternDigigital drive recently took a dump and started making a strange siren sound and I m hoping although I should know better that I can recover from this At the very least I d like to get the data if possible Here s what happened I m running XP and while trying to shut down my PC it would reboot itself During one of the boot cycles I decided Sound HD Making Strange that I would shut it off manually Now that I think about it I did this right around the memory check but probably more around the HD check When I rebooted the BIOS popped up giving me an error about having the CPU speed mis-configured I hadn t changed the settings that had been running fine for years so I did a save an exit During the HD check my PC started making this strange siren sound and the boot failed I assumed that the siren had something to do with the CPU being mis-clocked so I wen t back into the BIOS to change some things around HD Making Strange Sound with no luck After a few reboots trying different things and now both of my HDs failing at boot I was starting to get worried The siren sound was starting to drive me nuts so I disconnected the speaker on my tower When this didn t stop the sound I went hunting for the source I came to find that it was my HD making the sound Removing it from the IDE chain got me past the CPU issue and eliminated the problem so at least I m up and running The only problem is that the HD is toast I have tried to hook it up with just power no IDE in towers and I see the same symptoms every time I wast about seconds and the drive makes the siren sound What could this be I ve heard of drives making clicking sounds but never a siren sound like this I have a lot of data there that I d hate to lose Luckily I did a backup a few months back of most of it nbsp

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I found  a wireless a/c card that is compatable with my AMD processer. It is on pg. 14. After doing searches I found this one Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 3160HMW+Bluetooth 4.0 up to 433 Mbps 802.11 ac at : It looks like the right one but I would appreciate it if someone could give me a second opinion. Thanks !   Essentially the manual says this Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 802.11 ac 1x1 WiFi + BT 4.0 combo adapter (with dual antennas)And every search says thisIntel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160 3160HMW+Bluetooth 4.0 up to 433 Mbps 802.11 acIm like is HMW the correct one ? Thanks!
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hey everybody:

My emachine T3104 has been making an odd sound from the HD for a while now. but if i sort of "tip" it from one side it stops, or if i kind of smack where its coming from it stops as well.

any advice?


A:Hard Drive making odd sound

AMDIsTheBest010 said:

any advice?Click to expand...

Back up all important files,run checkdisk.

If it is about to die you`ll be ready,if it isn`t,at least you`ve made that back up
you`ve been meaning to do,but never quite got `round to.
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This is totally bizarre. I know. but I walked into my computer room, and there my cat was. Licking the computer fan. After almost peeing my pants, I noticed that now it is making a low buzzing noise occasionally. Does it have to do anything with the cat?

P.S. I realize the typo. I meant to say *Licked*

A:Cat liked my computer fan.... Now it is making a weird sound?

fur ? which fan btw ? psu ?
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Every time I have iTunes open, it will constantly make this honking noise at random times. I don't understand why because it's not alerting me or anything, it's just making the noise, and it's incredibly annoying.

Anyone know how to make it stop?

A:Why does my iTunes keep making a honking sound?

Have you updated your sound drivers? Or reinstalling iTunes
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Hi, I have windows 98 se on a HP Brio ba410, for about a week and a half now my harddrive is making weird clicking sounds. Like if you ever get the blue screen of death, the clicking sound it makes right before then is the sound it is making now only it does it every few seconds, sort of like every action the computer is processing creates the clicking sound. When I play a game the game actually stops for a second with every clicking sound. Does anybody have any idea what this could be? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Just bought a brand new CM GX 750W PSU, after 2 days of use, an on and off electrical buzzing occurs, it's not constant. But after i shut down the com a less loud buzzing sound is heard from the psu I'm sure of it.It's non-stop, i have to switch off the main socket to eliminate the noise. What is happening?

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Today i noticed my laptop started making weird sounds, to describe it its almost like the sound you hear from a television when there is no signal and you get that static screen.

It only lasts a minute and seems to kick in when i open outlook, windows explorer etc then it goes back to normal after a minute, i'm currently backing up my whole hard drive in case its something bad but any ideas, once i back it up ill open it up and take a look and see if i see anything obvious

A:Laptop Making Weird sound

Possibly a dirty fan, have you blown out the vents/fans with compressed air? You can pick up a can at most computer, electronics, or hardware stores.
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hey , i have a 5.1 speaker system by creative and i have a question ;
is there any program that can make my normal speakers sound quiter but to leave my subwoofer the same loudness ... i might not be very clear and i cannot express myself very good but i have an example : in the sound section in control panel you can make the right speaker louder or left (and such) and there is also an option for subwoofer but it wont make it louder... so basicly my question is can i make my subwoofer sound louder compared to the other speakers ?

A:Making Subwoofer Sound Louder

you could try messing with the EQ in your media player. boost the bass frequencies (125Hz and lower). i recommend against this though, you are changing what the music is supposed to sound like.
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I recently bought a newly assembled PC for myself with a VA UPS that I thought would support the load of the PC Turns out that annoying clunking making sound FDD it far from does that - I haven t had the time to go purchase one that suffices yet The last time the main power supply to my house got cut the UPS kept the PC from switching off completely but the monitor and the CPU remained on while not really quot working FDD making annoying clunking sound quot as always The light indicating power for both the monitor and the CPU remained on but at the same time the monitor wasn t displaying anything neither was the CPU processing anything - sort of in a state of limbo It sounds weird and I hope I ve put it across as well as possible Anyway so once the main power supply returned this time around the PC s been working fine which it normally does in these situations but my FDD has been making an annoying clunking sound that kicks in only right from when I run Windows XP - the kind you hear when it s running a floppy disk And I can t seem to get rid of the noise it s extremely irritating If I right-click on the Floppy A option in My Computer the sound grates even more Any ideas how to remedy this The reason I mentioned the UPS in this is because this difficulty has arisen only after the power last got cut nbsp
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I am having problems with a set of computer speakers. They make a crackling sound when the volume is turned up. I don't seem to notice the noise when the speakers are turned way down. The volume setting in the computer are set at half and I have tried another set of speakers and they too make the same noise. The computer is a 2 year old HP using windows xp as the operating system.

Any help or insight anyone one might have on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

A:speakers are making a crackling sound

You'll get that when the audio driver is corrupted or if another device is on the same IRQ.
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Hi, I just bought a brand new HP Probook 430 G3 laptop and I noticed that when the fan is operating (not all the time), it's making a wavy sound and not constant as it should be. I suppose it's not normal? Thanks for your answer in advance. Best regards,Maccepi  

A:Fan making a wavy sound / HP ProBook 430 G3

I bought the same laptop today and the fan keeps on making loud buzzing noise all the time though I am hardly checking couple of email website together.  Are you facing similar problem? Is fan noise : Continuous  (Always) when you browse ?/ Sometimes and Sometimes not -  when you browse you hear fan noise ? I am trying to figure out if its dead on arrival problem for my laptop as its continuously making fan noise even on low usage Regards,Chirag
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I have a Pionex computer with Windows 98... Yeah, I know it should be trashed, but it is all I have at the moment. My computer made this terrible car alarm sound about two months ago and did not do it again until this weekend. Today, it has done it about every 45 minutes to an hour. It seems to only do this when I'm on the internet. However it did it when my son was playing a Jumpstart game this weekend.
What the heck is going on?

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Ive recently got a Motorola A835 mobile phone which has Mp3 capability on it. The only problem is that it can only take about 10 songs however i have recently downloaded a song which was considerably smaller than othre mp3 files. It was a WMA file however it was a 5 min song with very good quality and it was only 646kb.

Does anyone know if it is possible to compress song files to anything like that size.

Thank you

A:Making sound files smaller


MP3 is already compressed, usually a normal song mp3 of 3/4mb has been compressed from 40/50 mb. I know of a program called mp3pro, which was supposed to compress the contents of a mp3 by a further 50%, but I have never used it.
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Hello This is my mother in law computer Its acting really crazy since long time ago It is Slow Some times The processor is always like working and the computer make sounds like when sonthing is poping up or thing like that but nothing popop This hapen even when nobody is working in procesing using Computer sound even is making is it and when nobody the computer When you open Internet explorer now is Computer is procesing and making sound even when nobody is using it not showing the bar where you can write the web page address I hope you can help me to resolve this problem The most my Mother in law use this computer for is AOL and some search My daughter also use this computer yo play in weeworld or internet games that she download Here you have the log from the DDS and the attaching files Thanks DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Owner at on Mon Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Computer is procesing and making sound even when nobody is using it Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV McAfee VirusScan On-access scanning enabled Updated FW McAfee Personal Firewall enabled Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv Computer is procesing and making sound even when nobody is using it exe C Program Files Common Files AOL ACS AOLacsd exe C Program Files Linksys Linksys Updater bin LinksysUpdater exe C PROGRA McAfee MSC mcmscsvc exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mna mcnasvc exe c PROGRA COMMON mcafee mcproxy mcproxy exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcshield exe C WINDOWS SYSTEM java exe C Program Files McAfee MPF MPFSrv exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files Viewpoint Common ViewpointService exe C WINDOWS wanmpsvc exe c PROGRA mcafee com agent mcagent exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C windows system hpsysdrv exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C WINDOWS system VTTimer exe C WINDOWS AGRSMMSG exe C WINDOWS ALCXMNTR EXE C Program Files Common Files AOL ee AOLSoftware exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe C PROGRA McAfee VIRUSS mcsysmon exe C Program Files Java jre bin jucheck exe C Documents and Settings Owner Desktop dds pif Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www aol com src toolbar uSearch Page hxxp www google com uDefault Page URL hxxp ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop uSearch Bar hxxp www google com ie mDefault Page URL hxxp www yahoo com mDefault Search URL hxxp www google com ie mStart Page hxxp www yahoo com mSearch Bar hxxp ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd pavilion amp pf desktop mWindow Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Comcast uInternet Connection Wizard ShellNext iexplore uSearchAssistant hxxp www google com ie uSearchURL Default hxxp www google com search q s mSearchAssistant hxxp www google com ie uURLSearchHooks IAOLTBSearch Class ea - - db- f -d ca fb c d - c program files aol toolbar aoltb dll uURLSearchHooks Yahoo Toolbar ef bd -c fb- d - f- d f - c program files yahoo companion installs cpn yt dll uURLSearchHooks H - No File mURLSearchHooks IAOLTBSearch Class ea - - db- f -d ca fb c d - c program files aol toolbar aoltb dll BHO amp Yahoo Toolbar Helper d -c f - efb- b - eca - c program files yahoo companion installs cpn yt dll BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class e f-c d - d -b d- b d be b - c program files adobe acrobat reader activex AcroIEHelper dll BHO B CA - A - D -A DF- BB - No File BHO SSVHelper Class bb-d f - c-b eb-d daf d d - c program files java jre bin ssv dll BHO AOL Toolbar Loader c - cb - a -b f - ea c f - c program files aol toolbar aoltb dll BHO scriptproxy db d a - - e -b d- f c - c program files mcafee virusscan scriptsn dll BHO E D - A- EC-A ... Read more

A:Computer is procesing and making sound even when nobody is using it

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I recently got a Samsung NP-R519 that had a broken screen,after replacing the screen i installed windows 7 ultimate 32bit, but while installing it it started making a buzzing noise, its coming from the fan, and it also does it while on windows, but will stop and start again at intervals, but i dont know how to stop it, can any one help me solve this problem?

A:Laptop making buzzing sound?

Its probably a fan on your video card, assuming your laptop has one. My laptop does the same thing until it warms up, but it doesn't do it at intervals like you describe. The only way to make it stop is to replace the fan. You might also try a can of air; it may need to be cleaned.

If you think this is something you could take on, and depending what fan needs to be replaced, this is a project that shouldn't be too difficult. All I have to do on my laptop is remove one panel to expose the video card fan. Its just 2 small screws and a plug from there.

You will have to get the replacement fan from the manufacturer, though. It won't be something you can get off the shelf at Fry's.
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hey i just woke up this morning and found out that my speakers were making this horrible repeated bell sound, sounds like when u r playing a music and ur pc just crashed.

Everytime i load up a mp3 it just plays this sound and when i close it it takes about 2 secs after for the sound to go away

i left my comp on thru the night and it was working perfectly last night, i tried restarting it but it just doesnt seem to work properly.

It isnt just the mp3s, it also does it on the window start up and error messages

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Hello,Today when I plugged my computer into the wall, I heard a faint fizzing sound coming from my computer charger. Is this normal? I have been reading up on it online, and multiple websites have said that my charger is now a fire hazard, and that I should contact support. Unfortunetly, the person that I got on with had no clue what I should do, so I hung up.Thank you.

A:Charger making a fizzing sound

Hi @jaw12346,  if you feel that adapter is making buzzing noise while you working, you should ask for a replacement adapter. Do it while your  PC is under warranty.
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Has anyone ever heard of a network card making sounds? I have an old ShuttleX PC that I have rebuilt, and when I access files over a LAN it sounds like the card is screaming. It is a very faint sound but it is really weird.


A:Solved: NIC making a screaming sound

At times a bad capacitor will whine.