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MB and case compatibility issue

Q: MB and case compatibility issue

Anyway that I can make the Thermal Element G case compatible with the ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155? I know the case doesn't have a USB 3.0 front port but the motherboard does. What can I do to get around this, because this is the only case that I can find that I really like.

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Preferred Solution: MB and case compatibility issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MB and case compatibility issue

Ah, good to see you have received your components . I dont really get what you mean. The case doesnt have front USB3 ports? This may be because the case is an old model.
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Will the rugged case for the latitude 7275 fit and work on the xps 12 9250?

A:case compatibility

No.  The two have completely different chassis.
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I'm about to upgrade a few of the older systems here at the office and have a question about compatibility between motherboards and cases. Will any ATX motherboard fit into an ATX form factor case? Or are there other things to take into consideration?

I'm hoping I can swap out the motherboard and processor in these systems without having to replace any of the other hardware. Currently, they're all running 1.7Ghz P4s, looking to upgrade to around 2.6Ghz P4s or possibly comparable Athlons. Anything else I should keep in mind before doing this?

A:Motherboard/Case Compatibility

Unless you have a Dell case or another manufacturer who uses a proprietary set up an ATX MB should fit any ATX case. With a new motherboard you may or may not be able to re use your RAM. If you have a separate video card that could be a problem depending how old you present system is.
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Im lookin into building a computer and Ive picked out all the parts, but I just have a simple question. The case Ive chosen, Aspire (Turbo Case), I noticed that there are two USB ports and one Firewire port in the front middle of the case. On the Mobo, Intel Motherboard, I noticed that there are two front USB ports and one front Firewire port located near the top of the motherboard. Wouldn't this mean that the slots in the front of the case wont line up with the ports on the board? If so, is there a way to fix this? Thanks for any help.

A:Case and Mobo Compatibility

Normally the usb and firwire on the front of the case are just sockets that connect to the mobo via cables already inside the case.

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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Hello all I am putting a new computer together and have all of the parts aside from the Motherboard CPU and case Could you please let me know if the following parts all compatible with one another I know it s not the best setup in the world but it is for a budget PC and we have limited resources at our disposal unfortunately Case http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CPU http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E And the Ram already owned is question (mobo/CPU/Case PC compatibility setup) US Modular Dual Channel MB PC DDR MHz Memory pin -- is that compatible as well I would really appreciate it if someone could PC compatibility question (mobo/CPU/Case setup) help me here and I apologize if I am using the wrong forum for this post I have been searching for days and cannot come up with any definitive answers at this point Thank you in advance nbsp

A:PC compatibility question (mobo/CPU/Case setup)

Not impressive as you have said but it's your money, your choice... Yes they will all work
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I am buying a new case which is called Thermaltake Soprano Vb 1000 Bws Black and i want to know if it is gd and mostly if its perfect on cooling

A:Case issue

Thermaltake make very descent cases. The soprano however, even though it is a very descent case, has a very flimsy door at the front and top mounted USB ports which I dislike. It also has quite good cooling but depends on what is in it.

I like Antec cases such as the sonata II better but the soprano is still a nice case.


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I want to install the Windows 7 RC, but upon scanning my system everything was compatible except this: "Texas Instruments PCIxx12 Integrated FlashMedia Controller - Not Compatible". How can I fix this in a Gateway laptop with Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GHZ, 2GB Ram? Thanks!

A:Compatibility Issue

I have a Gateway FX 7026 desktop and the compatibility check told me the same thing, but once loaded up there was no problem. Now, if after setting up 7 you still have the same problem then attempt to fix it by using the drivers disk that came with the laptop. Then attempt to install the Vista driver. If that doesn't work check with the Gateway web site to see if they have come up with drivers for your specific laptop.

Last but not least if you can setup the laptop to dual boot until the drivers are available for your laptop.
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I choose to install Windows 7 on one of my computers and i'm having a compatibility issue with a program. The program is called iLinc. I use it to attend my college courses online, it's like a conference call service. The error message that I am getting is this "iLinc was unable to retrieve necessary fiels from the server. (832)

I'm not too sure what this means. I never had this problem with Vista or XP. I've tried the compatibility mode but nothing has worked so far. I have choosen all options (Vista, XP, even 95 just of the hell of it) but nothing works for some reason. When I went to the iLinc web site they have a neat compatibility test and it says that I passed. But the problem is that they tested me for their version 10 and my college is using version 7.7

Any suggestions?


A:Compatibility issue

I looked for an iLink configuration guide, but could only find a user guide. Can you provide a link to the support site? I will give it a once over if you do.
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Hmmm okay As a writer my editor wishes me to use a template to write in I open the saved rtf template file save it under the book name Compatibility issue and start Compatibility issue working When I save the file Compatibility issue I am working in the page changes from rtf to compatibility mode and I get an information box that says The following features in this document are not supported by earlier versions of Word These features may be lost or degraded when you save this document in an earlier file format Click continue to save the document To keep all your features click cancel and save the file in one of the new file formats Under that there is a space and it tells me Summary Some custom properties that are stored in this document will be lost Number of occurrences Even when I save the document in a new rtf file I get the same message box My question is does that box mean that there is an issue with the way my editor formatted the template or is there an issue with my software I have checked the Word update pages and it tells me everything is up to date which makes me think that it is in the way my editor designed the template My editor and I have discussed this issue and she sent me a new formatted template and I still get the information box Can anyone confirm or deny my thought

A:Compatibility issue

Are you both actually using the same version of Word?
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I have recently installed a Memorex 52x CD-RW in my Win98 machine which already contains a DVD ROM. After installing the recommended DOS drivers for the CD-RW, my machine has become unstable. I am unsure what DOS drivers need to be in both autoexec.bat and config.sys. My Computer is showing 2 "ghost" drives and none of the drives are labeled "DVD" or "CD-RW".

A:DVD ROM/CD-RW Compatibility Issue

Why would it "recommend" DOS drivers for? There are no drivers for CD drives for Windows98 and up.

remove drivers.
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Hello everyone

Recently I have built my first computer (yay!) but it seems that something is not 100% correct compatibility wise. I have an Apple TV so I have iTunes installed as my default app for music / movies.
My headset is a Razer (with jacks) which sounds fine when I'm chatting on Skype / TS but when i want to listen to music or watch vid clips on YouTube the sound is choppy and distorted.
First I thought that it was the headset so I bought a new Logitech (usb) -- same issue, distorted, choppy and bloody annoying.
Is there a setting that i need to change or is the comp faulty?
The motherboard is a MSI A88 gaming mATX fm2+ and the CPU is a AMD Athlon X4 860K

thank you for the assistance, I'm all out of ideas :/


A:Compatibility issue?

Likely a driver issue. Ensure you have all of the motherboard drivers installed and that you are using the latest versions. The motherboard drivers should be manually downloaded and installed, don't rely on Windows or Update. Windows often doesn't install all of the drivers for your hardware, nor the latest version.
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I was told that if i have xp SP2 my 1.1 usb ports would be upgraded to 2.0, but they wont upgrade. Is this a hardware problem, if not how can i get it to work? And there arent any ? marks or ! marks under the Device Manager.

A:USB 2.0 compatibility issue, HELP!

they may be upgraded but they will still be sending data and receiving dats at 1.1 speeds.
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Can someone please help me out and tell me if this is all issue Compatibility doable Areca RAID card - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E GB so-dimm for cache - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Areca battery backup module - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Intel server Compatibility issue board - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Universal quot Hard Disk to quot Bay - http www provantage com datastor- DTTS N htm x GB ECC DDR - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E WD RE GB - x in the array and a hot spare http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N Compatibility issue E Hitachi k system drive another for RAID would be nice as well - each http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E DVD drive - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Pentium D dual isnt absolutely necessary but its very little extra on top of a single core - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E SATA DLT internal drive SATA is a bit unusual on tape drives but it saves the cost of SCSI - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E PCP amp C - http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E Etech sale CODEGEN SERVER BAY NO PS - http www etech sale com hardware partinfo-id- html I am trying to keep the cost below I would reaaly appreciate some help on this please Thank you nbsp

A:Compatibility issue

A $3500 budget proposal:

Areca 1230 RAID card - $730
Model Brand Areca Model ARC-1230 Specifications Type SATA II Internal Connectors 6 Multi-lane connectors Support up to 12 Serial ATA II drives Interface PCI-Express x8 Transfer Rate 300MB/s speed at each SATA-II drive ports Cache Memory One SODIMM socket with default 256MB of DDR333 SDRAM with ECC protection, Upgrade to 1GB. An ECC or non-ECC SDRAM module RAID RAID level 0, 1 (10), 3, 5, 6 (if RAID 6 engine supported) and JBOD
Multiple RAID selection
Online Array roaming
Online RAID level/stripe size migration
Online RAID capacity expansion and RAID level migration simultaneously
Instant availability and background initialization
Automatic drive insertion/removal detection and rebuilding
Greater than 2TB per volume set
Support S.M.A.R.T, NCQ and OOB Staggered Spin-up capable drives Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003
Redhat Linux, SuSE Linux
Solaris 10x86
UnixWare 7.1.x
Netware 6.5 Features Features Intel IOP333 I/O processor
Write-through or write-back cache support
Multi-adapter support for large storage requirements
BIOS boot support for greater fault tolerance
BIOS PnP (plug and play) and BBS (BIOS boot specification) support
Intel RAID 6 Engine to support extreme performance RAID 6
NVRAM for RAID event & transaction log
Redundant flash image for adapter availability

1GB so-dimm (for cache) - $94
Model Brand CORSAIR Series ValueSelect Model VS1GSDS333 Type 200-Pin DDR SO-DIMM Tech Spec Capacity 1GB Speed DDR 333 (PC 2700) Cas Latency 2.5 Voltage 2.5V ECC No Buffered/Registered Unbuffered Heat Spreader No Warranty Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime

Areca battery backup module - $130
Model Brand Areca Model ARC-6120 BBM Features Features Compatible with all ARC 11xx and 12xx controllers. Will back up cache memory for up to 72 hrs in case of disk failure or power outage

Intel 775 server board - $215
Brand Intel
Model SE7221BK1LX
Supported CPU
CPU Socket Type Socket T (LGA 775)
CPU Type Intel Pentium 4
FSB 800 MHz
Supported CPU Technologies Hyper-Threading Technology
North Bridge Intel E7221
South Bridge Intel ICH6R
Number of DDR2 Slots 4x 240pin DDR2
DDR2 Standard DDR2 400/533
Maximum Memory Supported 4GB
Dual Channel Supported Yes
ECC Supported Yes
Expansion Slots
PCI Express x8 1
PCI-X Slots (64-bit 100MHz) 2
PCI Slots 1
Storage Devices
PATA 1 x ATA 100 up to 2 Devices
SATA 4 x SATA 150
SATA RAID Zero Channel RAID supportRAID 0,1, and10
Onboard Video
Onboard Video Yes
Onboard Video Chipset Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900
Onboard LAN
LAN Chipset Intel 82541PI
LAN Speed 10/100/1000Mbps
Second LAN Chipset Intel 82541PI
Second LAN Speed 10/100/1000Mbps
Max LAN Speed Dual 10/100/1000Mbps
Rear Panel Ports
PS/2 2
USB 2x USB 2.0
Onboard USB
Onboard USB one internal USB header
Physical Spec
Form Factor ATX
Dimensions 12.0" x 9.6"
Features Excellent processing power for entry-level server applicationsIndustry-standard ATX form factor with a 1U rack-friendly layout

104437 Universal 3.5" Hard Disk to 5.25" Bay - $2.59
Easily mount your 3.5" Drive into any Standard 5.25" bay with This, simple to use, inexpensive bracket Kit. All the Hardware you need, to install your 3.5" Drive into a 5.25" bay is Included. For Seagate baracuda/Cheetah Drives, please Order SKU# 116444 instead of 116443. Product Featureso Universal configuration.o Complete with all the Hardware you'll need. System and other Requirementso 5.25" half height bay. Warrantyo Standard Warranty: Lifetime.o Datasto... Read more
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I'm using MSI K7T266 Pro mainboard that supports AGP 2.0 1x, 2x and 4x. Currently, I'm using Elsa Gladiac 311 4x AGP VGA card.

I'm thinking of installing GEFORCE FX5500 256MB AGP 8x card. Can it be done?

A:Compatibility Issue

Yes, you can upgrade to the GEFORCE FX5500
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I have installed Office Professional 2007 Beta 2 on my system. I plan to develop an Excel based app that will use VBA in Office 2007.

I would like to make this app available for another user who is running Office 2000. Will it be possible for this user to run the code in my VBA 2007 on her Office 2000 system? Both systems are running Windows XP (I run Pro, she runs Home).

If not, I will write the app as standalone using VB 2003 or 2005.



A:VBA compatibility issue

why use Beta?

Try OpenOffice 2.3 It's Free and better. Can export to almost any format to include DOC and PDF and XML
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Thanks in advance for taking the time to look into this. Is ATI Radeon HD 5850 compatible with my current PC and do I have the space to add it? Acer Aspire AX3910-U2032 is the current PC I am using. I know this is a fairly simple or stupid question but I just wanted to be sure before I buy it. Thank you again for your time.

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Hi All, I have a vista home premium 64 bit and I belong to bigfish games. Can anyone tell me if I can run these 32 bit games on my computer. I already asked the staff from bigfish games and was told to get a 32 bit system, not much help. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A:Compatibility Issue

I already asked the staff from bigfish games and was told to get a 32 bit system, not much help.Frankly, I think you already got your answer. Have you tried it yet? Maybe someone here knows a little trick sorry im not much help.
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I have new notebook hp pavillion dv-5 entertainment series I keep getting error messages APPLICATION MFC ST SERVICES STOPPED WORKING AND WAS CLOSED.

Compatibility issue between the version of windows and Soft Thinks.

I am using Windows Vista Home Premium which was pre-installed on computer.

Please Help!

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I have for RAM
and i have for my mobo

I went through some loops and ended up sending a few parts back to newegg. I received them today and put it back together. At first no problems in site. Then I started getting bluescreens. The 3 i have gotten are

Irql not less or equal
System service exception
Modification of system code or a critical data structure was detected.

Any suggestions, Im open to anything
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Hi guys. Wondering if this is a compatibility issue.

I've upgraded my dell xps (quad core) from vista 32 bit to Win 7 64 bit operating system.

Now here is the problem. Everthing within an application is smaller compared to before. Internet Explorer 8 for example. The favourates bar and other icons within the top frame look smaller compared to how it was in vista. How can this be enlared? Not only the Internet but other applications dont fill the page as it used when i ran vista. I'm not talking about increasing the font size to "medium" or "large" as this did not solve the problem.

Can this be solved? Thanks.

A:Win 7 - compatibility issue

check your screen resolution, right click desktop, personalize, display, resolution
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 Hello Team,
I'm using IE11 browser for my application access. That time i'm facing issue, that means the form controls and grid not loaded page. Once turn on the Compatibility mode that time is working fine . Before that i used the IE 8 browser.
Can u guide me any possible way to turn on compatibility mode as programmaticaly using javascript or html?

Can u explain in IE11 turn on compatibility mode what behinds done?

Kaviyarasan S
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Hi, I recently recieved my Corsair 300R case and my Asus M5A97 motherboard, I'm at the stage of mounting the motherboard inside the case. The case comes with 9 holes and they're in 3 rows of 3, the central hole has a standoff already screwed in. When I slip the motherboard into place the standoff will fit in, but, the other holes don't all line up, maybe one or two. I have tried putting the screws into the ones I can in hope that it will move the motherboard into place, that didn't work. I've tried pushing the motherboard more into the corner (the holes are halfway there) - I've got no idea how to line them up, all help is appreciated, thanks.

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I have a P4 3.0Ht with an zalman heatsink and fan I have 2x 80mm fan one 120mm fan plus a 80mm pci fan yet my case is running at 36c what can i do about getting that lower one idea I had was a fan on the upper part of the case any ideas

A:Case Heat Issue

what is the ambient room temp?

are all those fans configured as exhaust fans?

a fan on the top of the case is a good place because that's where the heat rises anyways.

if you have a side fan, then you should consider reversing it (make it an intake fan). this will blow cooler air towards the CPU fan which may help keep the CPU cooler.
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I have a HP Pavilion DV7, I've noticed... whenever I move the screen, it like pulls the top left corner of the case open so there is atleast a 1-2cm gap, not sure what I should do about it. Any ideas?
I'm not sure what caused it, I know there's a really bad fan noise that occurs and it sounds like a grinding noise and now the screen whenever it's moved is pulling the case open.

A:Issue regarding screen/case

Without seeing the computer I don't know if this is something that can be accurately diagnosed. I found an HP manual that shows the major components of a Pavilion DV7 starting on page 18.

Perhaps this will help you determine what parts are pulling apart and if the noisy fan is related. I also located an HP support site for the UK. It might be worth an email or live chat to see what your options are. Sorry I can't offer more help.

Contact HP / Customer Service | HP - United Kingdom
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I tried upgrading an HP Omni 27-1054 from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Now it cycles through two error messages "WDF volation" and "inaccessible boot device," shuts down and cyces again.  Microsoft techs tell me that the HP is missing necessary drives and that this is not Microsoft's problem.  Does this sound right?  Has anyone else had this problem?  Any known solutions?

A:Windows 10 compatibility issue

Greetings, Have you tried downloading the Media Creation Tool, then run the tool to create Win 10 install media for your PC. Run the USB or DVD boot media created using the tool and try the upgrade again. You should be able to also do a clean install by using the Win 7 product key found on your PC. Make sure you have a Win 7 restoration plan in place such as: data backup, HP Factory recovery discs or a recent system image backup and bootable rescue media as insurance. Win 7 to Win 10 upgrades can be problematic as you have already experienced. I have taken a Win 8.1 HP to Win 7 because I really like Win 7. Was also in the Win 10 Beta tester program since November 2014 and am not a big fan of Win 10. Cheers!
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Hey I m working on deploying a piece of software I helped made issue? compatibility Strange have access to source code Program compiled Strange compatibility issue? on VS Win platform x When installing on bit systems Applicaiton folder correctly deployed to Program Files x and dlls goes to SysWOW folder Setup Strange compatibility issue? project is basic VS generated msi file Deploying it on different computers is giving some very weird results here is what i tried Win XP SP Works fine Win SP bit Works fine Win SP bit Does not work program crashes Win Embedded SP bit Does not work program crashes Both of the above two cases turning on Compatibility mode quot Windows quot solves the problem Same problem on both OS program crashes during loading its a technical control system that needs to communicate with serial ports ethernet ports PLC FIINS UDP Profibuss internal card etc Also using a NI CWUI ActiveX control for showing graphs If it was an issue with a dll or something I would expect to see problems on xp but i don t Installing on XP I never have a problem It seems to only act up when running on Win bit sp assuming compatibility mode actually means running without SP So a couple of questions What does quot Windows quot compatibility mode mean in Windows Is it a service pack thing Any ideas why the software runs fine in xp and Win bit but not bit Seems to me if it was bit acting up it would make sense but I never had any problems running it on bit systems only on bit Update Did another test installing on Win bit SP to check that files are copied to correct folders even tho this should be handled by environment variables or the installer My Application folder gets created correctly to Program Files and not with x sufix as it does on bit os so that part seems ok My installed dll s get copied to system as expected and not to SysWOW like they do on bit So it seems the files all end up where they should Still wont run on Win bit SP without setting Compatibility mode Windows tho Can anyone confirm that Windows compatibility mode on Win sp system means running it without the sp changes to Windows Any ideas why this is happening Update I tried by coincidence to run the program from Win bit SP at the same time running TeamViewer and this helps the program run for some reason If TeamViewer is running have to be connected just having the client application running doesnt help but does not need to be installed this solves my Win bit SP issue same way turning on compatibility mode does Can anyone offer an explanation to what might be the cause of this The program does use some bitmap BitBLT stuff to paint its dialogs in a OnPaint override so it may be related to graphics But then again it works just fine in both XP and Win bit so why not in Win bit unles TeamViewer is running or I turn Compatibility Mode Windows on nbsp
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Computer game Age of Empires Age of Empires Age of 2 Empires [compatibility issue(s)] Age of Kings Age of Empires The Conquerors Computer game is A K A Age of Empires 2 [compatibility issue(s)] AoE AoK and Ao AoK Windows RC -bit With Windows RC -bit the game could run Age of Empires 2 [compatibility issue(s)] just fine but with color issues as if we had suddenly forgotten what the color of the grass looked like green right In order to resolve this issue the only thing we were left with was to press Ctrl Alt Del and close explorer exe or of course do it by making a batch file that automatically took care of the problem No further solution was given by Microsoft no further attempt was made Windows Enterprise -bit With Windows Enterprise -bit the game simply cannot run anymore You get into the game's menu but as soon as you either click to start a campaign scenario or even the map editor the game shuts down Windows then gives you a message that says quot Haha this game is too old and us here at Microsoft don't care quot without sounding to vulgar about this whole ordeal Question s How can this issue be resolved How come this game that is still one of the most popular strategy games up-to-date has not been given any updates - Compatibility - Screen resolution - Color debt - Game engine at one point there are so many entities in the game that it ends up lagging no matter what computer you have Before you give me any answers DirectX c does not work Shutting down explorer does not work TAB in and out of the game indefinitely does not work Searching the web for tools that may or may not work does not work Solve the issue myself without the proper tools does not work Remaking the game is an infraction on copyright legislations because Microsoft still holds brand

A:Age of Empires 2 [compatibility issue(s)]

What is the brand and model of graphic card? In Windows 7 Compatibility Center, Age of Empires 2 is compatible with Windows 7 64bit. You may need to contact the graphic manufacturer to obtain the latest graphic driver and download updates for Age of Empires 2. Since this game was designed for older system and only supports 800x600 graphics, please try to adjust the screen resolution down to 800x600 with 256 colors, then launch the game to see if it works. Moreover, you can refer to the following methods to get a better game performance.Fixing game performance problemsBest RegardsDale
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Don't tell me this isn't possible nor has it ever been attempted - because it has, and for some reason, some applications are refusing to enable compatibility mode and I'm in dire need for them to co-operate.

For some odd reason, programs like Internet Explorer 7 and Java don't have compatibility mode enabled. Instead, it's greyed-out, and I've been trying method-after-method and nothing seems to work.

Is there a registry setting, tweak, or any other method that will help enable compatibility mode for EVERYTHING?

A:Compatibility Mode Issue

Hello ,

have you been here and read these articals
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I've got a compatibility issue with the Verisoft Access Manager - AsGHost.exe
And the cool feature of windows 7 ultimate to troubleshoot the compatibility issues ain't working. Tried every possible option but still says can't run. Does anybody have the same problem or know how to solve it. Very interesting I set the program to run with compatibility of windows vista where the program works, and it doesn't seems to make any change. Feels like a useless option.

A:Compatibility issue - Verisoft


I've found a solution for this annoying problem!! Honestly i was dissapointed at Microsoft since the software worked fine in the RC build and now works fine in the RTM after patching the compatibility database.

You need to download and extract the zip file. Run "install.cmd" as administrator. Restart your pc and reinstall the application, it should pass the compatibility check! If it doesn't work, contact me i have another solution

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I recently purchased 100 CNR Modems and they do not fit into my CNR Slot on my Biostar Motherboards. The motherboard manuel says (Type A only) for the CNR Slot. Maybe my CNR modems are a different Type. Anybody ever heard of this?

By the way, anybody ever run across some good sites to by CNR modems at bulk price? I will probably need to buy some more

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I need to buy some new ram.

I already have one module to go in my machine, but it has to be installed in pairs. I can't find the exact same one anywhere, but i have found numerous kinds with almost identical specs.

I say almost identical because there has been one consistent difference between the ram of which i have one module already, and the similar kind offered for sale on many websites.
That difference is in the tRAC(ns), row access speeds.

Mine is 45; I have only been able to find stuff with 40.
Everything else matches.

So my question is, does this matter?????

are they still compatible?

I need to install them in pairs, so it's essential I get this right.


A:RDRAM - Compatibility Issue

Why don't you download and run AIDA32 and find out who manufactured you're ram.

It will be listed under motherboard/SPD.
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There is a calculator program that I've used forever up to XP-SP3. It's a small fast program that does not install; simply click and run each time. When I run it under Win7/64, I get the error dialogue box: "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 or x64 version of the program..."

I've set the "compatibility for all users:" to:
Windows 95
and checked all five boxes starting with "Run in 256 colors", etc.

Nothing helps. Short of running the compatibility emulator, which is slow and sort of defeats the purpose of this quick little program, is there anything else I can try to get this to run?

A:Program Compatibility Issue, cannot run

Hi bbear2 and welcome to Seven Forums.

I suspect that your calcuator program is a 16bit program. That will not run on 64bit Windows 7.
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So I just bought Civ IV for Mac. On the apple site it says it's compatible with OSX 10.4.6 or later. I'm running 10.5.8 and for some reason whenever I click the icon, the screen goes black as if going into full screen to start the game and then goes back to the desktop as if nothing happend. No error message or anything...

Any thoughts?

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Hello I upgraded my GPU to a compatibility issue GPU Windows 10 GeForce GT about a month ago Soon after I realized that the rest of my computer needed to be upgraded Got a new MB MEM and CPU to compensate details listed on profile Well after all of that I found out about the offer for a free upgrade to Windows did a system check and it found that my GPU is Windows 10 GPU compatibility issue not up to par for them So I went to the store and they were puzzled that the current GPU was not compatible told me to uninstall my drivers and reinstall using ones downloaded Windows 10 GPU compatibility issue from the internet Check still no success So I bought a GT which has Windows all over it and thought no issue Installed it current drivers device manager lists the GT and not the The compatibility manager for the free upgrade is still saying I have a GT installed I have literally ran out of ideas other than putting back in the old GPU uninstall it put back in the new one and install it all over again Any ideas or suggestions Please let me know Thanks
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I recently purchased 1 gb of SDRam (2 x 512mb) for my computer. after i installed it (and i know i did it right) my computer just beeped and wouldn't start up.
Can anyone help me?

My motherboard is: Compaq 0788h

and the ram is: KTC-PRL 133/512

Thanks so much.

A:SDRAM compatibility issue

Download you Manual and confirm what Ram specifications is supported
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I have two computers using wireless at home, one being a desktop and the other a laptop. The desktop has never had a wireless problem but the laptop drops the connection "randomly"--anywhere from 1 to 10+ times a day. In the router's log it says this at every disconnect: wl0: 11g : DeAuthentication (rcvd. station leaving). The signal strength is fine, and this seems to happen regardless of where the laptop is in my home. What really gets me is that I've taken this laptop to friends' homes and wifi hot spots and never had a problem. Does my laptop's adapter just hate my router?

Laptop has SMC 802.11g 108Mbps card.
Router is Buffalo Wireless-G MIMO.

Thanks in advance.

A:Wireless Compatibility Issue?


This is just a guess, but something I have seen before. There may be something with your security settings between your laptop and router. Perhaps if you blow away the wireless connection profile on the laptop and then rebuild it (or just create another one) it may solve your issue.

Good luck
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When I was in high school I took a couple computer science courses using Visual Basic. We were given what we needed on a CD that we got to keep. Visual Basic 6.0 I think. Anyway my brother is now taking the same course next year and wanted to play around on VB. We now have a new computer with vista on it and when I try and install the contents of the CD it gives me an error saying something about it not being compatible with vista.

What I'm wondering is if I install it anyway can it screw up the computer? It may not work but it only says one of the components on the CD doesn't work and I may not even use that part..

Also, is there anywhere to download it for free of the web? If so I may just do that.


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Wasn t really sure were exactly to post this as my problem is related to vista and in a sense hardware but more along the lines of the software in regards to this hardware None the less I purchased a Creative USB issue compatibility Vista X-Fi Surround all proper drivers are installed and I have checked for updates To get to the point every speaker works but the Sub so I have no bass I have checked the sub using another comp which is running Windows Vista compatibility issue XP and the problem is not present Now if I connect the Sub to the rear speaker out I get a bit more bass but of course I have no rear speakers I have done a bit of research and checked creatives forums and none of the temp fixes seem to work or I m just not doing them right Now in the creative entertainment mode there is an option to enable bass redirection and if I check this I do get bass but the problem is how distorted the bass is which most of the temp fixes try to address this but fail to in my case Thank you in advance nbsp

A:Vista compatibility issue

Since this was tested against an XP box and all was well, have you tested against a diff. Vista box(diff Mfg) too? I'd try that first, then go to Creative(e-mail support) with your machine config. and see if they have a direct answer. It seems that their is a USB hang up in the Creative driver and it's not picking up all of the audio out from the M/B. I'm thinking that the problem is fairly low-level and normal driver/OS updates aren't gong to resolve the problem
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The monitor on my HP Pavilion a1720n has gone bad. I was shopping for a low-end replacement and found one that looked good for my low-tech purposes: an HP S2031. But one of the online reviews of this monitor contained this warning: "Make sure that your graphics card supports 1600 X 900 resolution. I thought mine did and it does not." So my question is this: does my computer's graphics card--an "Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family"--support the 1600 X 900 resolution of the new HP monitor?

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I have an old CD with a Program I need to run, but it only runs with Windows 98 (or 95). I set the Compatibility mode to Windows 98, but I still get a pop-up message which says: "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of Window you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher." My system is x64 and I am running Windows 7 Pro with Service Pack 1. How can I get around this?

A:Windows 7 Compatibility Issue

I have an old CD with a Program I need to run, but it only runs with Windows 98 (or 95).Hello Guy Gadbois -This is not an unusual issue with some very old programs from Windows98 etc.I have a few very old games that can just run on my XP, but they will never run on my Windows7 unit.The programming of Windows7 makes not all older games / programs adaptable between these 2 versions -Note that your 64bit Windows7 may even make this more of a problem, since the program (if it did run) may only work on 32bit systems -Thank You -
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Hi i have a HP nw laptop with gb ram I installed Vista two days ago and its been running pretty smooth since Solved: issue Compatibility Today i installed Autodesk Inventor Microsoft Office and Registry Booster I don t know if any of those programs Solved: Compatibility issue is the source of this error It could be a malware spyware anything aswell but NOD nor Windows Defender gives any alerts The message that pops up ui detect exe says this is translated from Swedish to English ------------------------------- Dialogue for identifying of interactive services A message from a program cannot be shown on your desktop The program might need information or permission to be able to perform an activity Button - gt Show Message Button - gt Remind me in a few minutes Detailed program information Program or unit s that needs attention Messageheader Program searchpath c Recyclers svchost exe Recieved the july This problem is caused by an incompatibility with Windows Vista Contact the supplier of the program or the unit for more information ---------------------------------- If i press the quot Show message quot vista turns off Aero style and takes me to a blank screen with a light-blue background One window is there that says that when i am done with my actions i can press a button to go back to vista The strange thing is that there should be something in this blank page that requires my action But there is nothing Only the option to go back to vista And when i do the error-message appears again after a few minutes After searching around abit here i found a post that had a similar error and in the salvation there was something about some services called Messander and Messanger So i checked my services list and found Mespanger Could this be something The probably easy solution for this error would be to uninstall the programs but since i am using both Inventor and Office in my daily work i will need to solve this problem one way or another I uninstalled RegistryBooster but that didnt help Is there any way of finding out more getting more information about this error and which application might be causing it I have no idea why it says C Recyclers svchost exe Why would svchost exe be in Recyclers I did a dos search there but nothing was there Please share if you have any ideas If you need more info screenshots about the computer or software please let me know nbsp

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i have win7 64 bit home basic preinstalled in my laptop ... i am facing problem with my payroll program which runs perfectly in 32bit win 7 systems ... the payroll prog is a foxpro 2.x application standalone exe one which is probably a 16bit program/app. i have attached a hijack log kindly help me solve this problemEDIT: Removed HJT log, no indication this is malware issue...HJT is a malware tool, not a general troubleshooting tool...cannot be posted in any non-malware forum ~ Hamluis.
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My son has a Logiitech Orbit AF camera.

It requires a Pentuim 4 (or compatible) processor, 2.4 GHz recommended.

His new Toshiba notebook has a AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core processor (TK-53) Processor speed is 1.70GHz.

My question is--will the camera work with his new computer?

I'm not too familiar with the different number systems used by AMD & Intel.

Thanks for your advice,


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I m building a small program for school to generate random numbers then do various tasks based on the a statement Issue with Solved: case number this sounds perfect for a case statement the only issue is there are Solved: Issue with a case statement a ton of issues i don t even know how to fix them all this is the Code include lt stdio h gt include lt stdlib h gt include lt time h gt int trackerH trackerO trackerN trackerC charge Atom Years float weight AcidWeight int main srand time NULL for Years Years lt Years Atom rand switch Atom case trackerH weight weight charge charge break case trackerO weight weight if charge gt charge charge- break case trackerN weight weight if charge gt charge charge - else charge charge - break case trackerC Solved: Issue with a case statement weight weight if trackerC if charge gt charge charge - else if charge gt charge charge - else charge charge - and these are the issues i m getting amino c In function main amino c warning this decimal constant is unsigned only in ISO C enabled b y default amino c error else without a previous if amino c error lvalue required as left operand of assignment i managed to fix a few while posting nbsp

A:Solved: Issue with a case statement

You need to work on your indentation You should indent after every opening bracket. I can barely tell what the last three brackets do. And you really shouldn't end brackets on the same line as the code. It should be on the next line. Same goes for opening brackets - they should precede code, not just be a space before the line of code. It's just advice from experience, and it makes debugging your code a thousand times easier.

Here's proof:

if (trackerC /3 = 0){
if (charge > 0){
charge = charge -2;}
else if (charge > 0){
charge = charge -4;}
charge = charge -2;}


if (trackerC /3 = 0) {
if (charge > 0) {
charge = charge -2;
} else if (charge > 0) {
charge = charge -4;
else {
charge = charge -2;

Now it's much easier to realize you're missing a bracket There should be one right before the last 'else' statement, to close the 'if' statement that precedes it. That's what your error message is saying.
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The left hinge and case on my laptop are not working properly.  The screw on the case seems stripped.  The case pries open when the laptop is opened creating a gap over 1/4".  There is an existing forum with many reports of the same issue on different models of laptops.  Has this been recalled or can I simply purchase the bottom piece of the case and replace it on my own?  My machine is 2 yrs old and not under warranty.  I am concerned that the hinge might break or that the screen or other components may have issues if this is not fixed soon.  The machine has never been dropped or bumped.
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Hi First of all thanks for taking the time to read my post DVD Case Problems/Issue Specific - I really appreciate it and if someone finds a way to fix this I will be forever grateful bow I always use Nero to burn all my CD s DVD s be it Music or Data etc I never once had a problem burning anything and no DVD had ever done this to me So on to the issue I decided to backup quot My Document quot folder which I ve done before by just selecting DVD-- gt Data etc Add the folder and burn and done However after I deleted half of the stuff in my document folder I remember I had not tested the DVD which I always do DVD Problems/Issue - Specific Case as a precaution and I discovery somehow this DVD isn t working right -The moment I put in the DVD and the computer tries to read it I get major lag slows down and freezes everything up -After canceling the reading which takes about minute and I try to go manually explore the DVD it once again freezes for about minutes -When finally in the quot My Document quot folder inside of my DVD I can see all the content as in all the folder However if I try to open any file inside of it it will just freeze and never open Ex Click an image inside of the DVD which has the appropriate name and everything but it will never display the image and just freeze up lock up Note I did nothing different when I burned this DVD infact I try to burn another DVD the same day to see if my burner just died on me and that one worked fine and so have the others since then So the issue is isolated to this one DVD and my burner has been working fine with no issues Furthermore I also used the DVD from the same spindle Let me see what else can be useful info in helping me out I m running Windows XP Haven t tried opening the DVD on a Linux comp yet but will try later on Let me know if there is any other info I could provide to help me out I have my entire work folder in there with lots of organic synthesis and mechanisms which are really important to me Also images of family trips and niece Thank you very much you have no idea how much I appreciate it nbsp

A:DVD Problems/Issue - Specific Case

Find a friend with a machine having two DVD's and try to copy this bad DVD in the friends machine.
If that doesn't work, you are likely dead in the water.
More importantly, I would run any of a number of file recovery programs to rescue what remains. Do not do anything else on that computer, because just about anything can cause the overwriting of more files. Remember that even over written files can still offer an opportunity to rescue most of the data in a file.
The recovery software can run from free to $49... so search on another machine.
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Hey, I need some help with installing the vista x64 sp2, half way through installation it says one or more drivers are not compatible...but it doesn't list them and windows can't find a solution! I'm not sure what to do right now, and the windows driver update takes too long...any help?

A:Vista x64 SP2 Driver compatibility issue

Update: In my specs it says I ahve sp2, well, I did, but my hardware became corrupt, I had it replaced and reinstalled some things ( basics).
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I have one end user who has two machines, one machine has IE 11 and the other is IE 9. when the end user goes to a certain website it opens that site directly into compatibility view. I have removed all compatibility view settings on the machine, verified
that it is not in the browser emulation key but this one website still launches in compatibility view. once more it is on these machines meaning it affects all users who login to these two machines. I have looked in the GPO's and there is not there set to
govern this.

How do I fix these two machines so the website is removed/ no longer opening in compatibility view?
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Hello forum, a couple of days ago windows 7 decided, upon no special event what so ever (i just moved AutoCAD window), that AutoCAD needs automatic compatibility forced (worked just fine with no issues what so ever). I got that "program did not work properly and i will apply automatic compatibility on the next use" message. No way of telling it screw you leave everything as it is.

Since then i had some performance issues with AutoCAD. Is there any way to get it out of that damn automatic compatibility?

Win7 64bit
Acad 2014

Thanks in advance!

A:Windows 7 automatic compatibility issue

Hello TheTrooper, and welcome to Seven Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to disable the "Program Compatibility Assistant" in Windows to prevent it from happening again in the future.Program Compatibility Assistant - Enable or Disable
Next, check using OPTION THREE in the tutorial below to look in the registry to see if there may be a string value entry for the AutoCAD program in the Layers key at both registry locations. If so, then you can delete (step 5) the string value for the AutoCAD program. You may need to restart the PC to apply afterwards.Compatibility Mode
Hope this helps,
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Do you know if Windows 7 is compatible with Dell's 922 AIO printer? I cannot get it to fully install and print, either with the CD that came with the printer or by downloading from the Dell's web site...Please help my Mom!! Thx

A:Windows 7 compatibility printer issue

Looks like its not compatible. See here ->

You can use the Windows 7 Compatiblility web site to verify software & hardware.
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If you install Sophos with Adguard, you need to disable Sophos web filtering (or close Adguard) or you can't browse, pages doesn't load.

issue from Adguard Github (23 Oct 2015):
Test Adguard with Sophos web protection Issue #388 AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows GitHub

A:Sophos compatibility issue with Adguard

Seems this only happens with WFP driver enabled which is not needed for third party browser and IE. Edge and the Windows 8/10 apps ads won't be filtered. For me (if I used Sophos) is an ok trade off. I don't use Edge and rarely use Windows apps excluding Xbox (which has no ads).
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I am not able to install FoxIT reader 4.1.1. in my system operated by Windows 7 Ultimate. Please suggest me the way.

A:Compatibility Issue of FoxIT reader with W7

Quote: Originally Posted by nksolankimsu

I am not able to install FoxIT reader 4.1.1. in my system operated by Windows 7 Ultimate. Please suggest me the way.

Hi nksolankimsu

When in doubt it is always a good idea to read the Manual......
All you need to know about the installation should be in here.

Also note the following

On-Line Support 24/7

Our ticket support system is staffed with product experts round the clock to provide you with fast and efficient answers to all of your technical questions.
Plus, our on-line user forums provide a wealth of information whenever you need it.

Technical FAQ

Do you have technical questions on how to use Foxit Reader? Please visit our extensive FAQ section that answers majority of everyday questions. If your questions is not addressed in our FAQ's, please feel free to contact us.

Foxit Software - Foxit Reader 4.1 for Windows
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A few months ago I could create an excel file in Office 2007 with a .xlsx extension and then save it as an Office 2003 file with a .xls extension. It worked fine - the numbers, formulas AND the formatting all transferred.

Today, when I do the same thing, I lose ALL of the formatting. The numbers and formulas transfer fine, but not the formatting.

Does anybody have a clue as to what I did wrong, or how to fix it?


A:Excel - backward compatibility issue

Have you checked if any updates are available? Or if you have updates on auto and it has downloaded some updates change settings.
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I have a Dell R N AMD Radeon HD M Adapter RAM MB bytes AND Mobile Intel R HD Graphics Adapter RAM GB bytes OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name MRSSWAGGEDOUT- System Manufacturer Dell Inc System Model Inspiron N System Type x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM i - M CPU Solved: and compatibility Sims issue 2 3 GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows System Directory C Windows system Boot Device Device Solved: Sims 2 and 3 compatibility issue HarddiskVolume Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot quot User Name MrsSwaggedOut- MrsSwaggedOut Time Zone Eastern Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Solved: Sims 2 and 3 compatibility issue Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page File C pagefile sys Sims is already installed and runs perfectly fine on my laptop but and have the same problem the sims in the create a sims are distorted or they don t appear All the other graphics are clear but that menu create a sim I have a brand new laptop from dell so I m think this video card should be compatible please help nbsp

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Okay, I am trying to connect my DVD-ROM to my motherboard on a build i'm working on and alas, there is nowhere for my IDE cable to connect to on the motherboard. I don't know if there is anything I can do to get this to work with what I have here, or am I going to have to get a new DVD-ROM?

I'm using a Biostar A870U3 motherboard. and a standard lightscribe DVD-Rom which seems to only have an IDE slot and a couple of audio slots as well as the master/slave jumper

A:Hardware compatibility issue - DVDROM

you will need a new Sata DVD drive
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I have two computers that are running Win XP Home and one that is running Win Xp Media Center Edition Will I have any problems upgrading the Win Xp Media Center Edition Currently I'm trying to upgrade the system with Win Xp Home It has a Gigabyte AMD AM Socket GA-M SLI-S motherboard AMD Athlon X Dual Core GB of ram and a Creative SB Audigy ZS soundcard I ran the windows upgrade adviser on the computer and then someone suggest I also run the vista upgrade adviser Windows7 compatibility issue install as well On both it is telling me that there is a problem with quot Windows Aero Support quot I've seen lots of posts stating it Windows7 install compatibility issue will run on their video card but I have not seen anything on mine and need to know if I can upgrade to Win Home Premium without a problem My video card is a NVidia Geforce GTX Does anyone know if that card will work with Win Then also it is telling me that my D-Link DWA- Wireless USB adapter is a problem I went to their website and they have Vista drivers but not Win Someone suggested not downloading the D-Link drivers but downloading the vista drivers and that it would work I have little knowledge regarding Win and therefore didn't know if this was good advice or bad advice on downloading the vista drivers Is anyone here using this wireless adapter successfully with Win Last it mentions that it is not compatible with the Creative Game Port I don't know if this is something that is downloaded with my Gigaabyte motherboard recovery disc I don't think it was something I installed but not sure AS far as I know it is not something I'm using so it doesn't matter if it isn't compatible at least I think it's not I didn't know if anyone knew about this I'm hoping anyone that has experience with any of this hardware will let me know if it is compatible with Win before I upgrade it only to find it is compatible to upgrade Thanks for your time Nancy

A:Windows7 install compatibility issue

Quote: Originally Posted by nanllyn

My video card is a NVidia Geforce 7900 GTX. Does anyone know if that card will work with Win 7?

Hi, Nancy. That upgrade thing makes video mistakes all the time. Your video card and motherboard, in this case, will run Windows 7 with Aero very well.

If the USB wireless adapter has Vista driver, then it will work on 7 as well. You may need our help here to get it to run, but it's no sweat.

Now about Creative. There is a hobbyist named Daniel K. that has made much better drivers for the card. Creative, in plain English, is horrible. With Daniel K.'s driver, you shouldn't have any problems running this card. The Creative game port is for pluggin in midi devices and/or gamepads for games. It is probably not needed by you, since the motherboard itself most likely also has this functionality. Anyway, Daniel K.'s driver should fix that too.
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I have an acer aspire m5100 (piece of junk I know) but it is all i havr right now and i need to do my school work. I am running a AMD 64 duel x2 4400, 4 gigs of memory and an ATI radeon HD 4670.
Here is my problem, in the nether abyss of what acer calls a website they say that the M5100 cant take windows 7. Great, this after 2 days of searching to make sure I was good to go, and after win 7 pro was installed. My graphics drivers shut down the computer after a blue screen when ever I open an application. I also have 0 sound...
Whwn I go to download the latest display drivers for my AMD radeon it wigs out the comp and shuts it down. Is there anything that can be done about this? info you need or a crazy computer guy method I would have never even known about unless I asked?

A:Win 7 compatibility issue acer M5100

From the specs that I have found it would seem that that your PC was rated for Vista and I do not know the reason why it would not run Windows 7. Have you tried installing the Vista drivers in Compatibility Mode
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Hi there I hope this is the right section I m posting in which is I think I have a question related to a possible compatibility issue I have searched all over the internet all the info about my GA-K NF- motherboard from the gigabyte site has been taken down for some reason I don t understand and I can t check with the info I need About a week ago I bought an NVIDIA GT graphic card and I and began to test it out Installed GA-K8NF-9 issue? Solved: compatibility all the drivers no problems so far and I started playing games Any game no matter the graphic requirements would Solved: GA-K8NF-9 compatibility issue? crash Solved: GA-K8NF-9 compatibility issue? after about - minutes of playing All the colours would go nuts and my whole pc would freeze completely I tried to install the newest version of drivers on the internet not the ones on the CD I installed the first time Afterwards at the windows login screen I could only see a weird blue colour and couldn t select anything tried again and again and it worked Same problem with the games And afterwards it had problems recognizing my monitor Mostly all the time so I couldn t use it anymore I went to the producer and requested that they change my graphic card with another one Now I have a brand new NVIDIA GT but I m afraid to use it I don t know if the other one had problems BEFORE I started using it or maybe broke after I used it because of my system mainly the compatibility of the motherboard bios with it Here s some basic info about my rig BIOS Motherboard South Bridge I don t know what else to do I need suggestions Thanks nbsp

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Sm1 pse post a download link for creative soundblaster 5.1 app that is compatible with Vista 32bit.


A:Creative 5.1 Compatibility Issue With Vista

Hi, there are many drivers for this, if you need a driver please post your M/B model and number, if you don't know go to this link and post the hardware results.
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This is the message I got.

You must make the following changes before installing Windows

Close Windows installation and contact the device manufacturer for updated driver software for these devices:

o IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers: Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller

o The compatibility report will be saved to the current Windows desktop. Click to expand...

I'm not quite sure what to do...

A:Can't Upgrade to Vista, compatibility issue

MercZire said:

This is the message I got.

I'm not quite sure what to do...Click to expand...

Just curious, but is there any reason why you would want to upgrade to Vista??
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Hello, the following is my problem.

I have a Chinese language input program that is only compatible with Windows XP. I tried to install it on my Windows 8 Pro and used the compatibility mode. But it did not run. How can I get it to work? Should I install Virtual Box to run XP mode to use this input program or is there another method of running XP-only programs on Windows 8?
Many thanks in advance!
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I recently purchased an Intel Celeron D CPU and a MSI G NEO -PLS motherboard After putting everything issue NEO2-PLS? MSI D between and Compatibility Celeron together for a new system with this motherbord and CPU the system wont post When the power is cut on all of the fans spin lights turn on I get one short beep but nothing else happens I ve tried disconnecting additional drives and booting with the most minimal hardware possible but I Compatibility issue between Celeron D and MSI NEO2-PLS? still get the same result I ve tried clearing the CMOS settings and have gotten Compatibility issue between Celeron D and MSI NEO2-PLS? the same result Although I realize that this motherboard has P Compatibility issue between Celeron D and MSI NEO2-PLS? written all over it i ve seen it listed as being compatable with Celeron processors also It s also listed as being compatable with Intel based Prescott processors which this Celeron D is Is this still possibly a compatability issue between the processor and motherboard If so is there a solution such as updating the BIOS to support this particular processor Also i ve been trying this with to sticks of Ultra MB PC DDR RAM Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Compatibility issue between Celeron D and MSI NEO2-PLS?

Just in case, did you supply power to the square 4 pin connector on the motherboard? I believe it's located just behind the I/O connectors.
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I have a Lenovo H415 desktop (AMD A6-3600 2.1 Windows 7), I tried to install W10 after threshold 2 came out and the computer did everything very slow. So I checked with Lenovo and found it was not on a list for W10 recommended models. I hopped that the issue was the video card since I could not find a W10 driver listed, so I bought a 10 compatible video card hoping that would solve the problem, it didn't. I would like to run 10 is there anything I could do to remedy the situation. I even bought a new hard drive that I put a fresh install of 10, that didn't help either. Opening programs, even going from website to website in Chrome is very very slow.

A:10 runs slow, compatibility issue???

I did a clean install on a new hard drive.

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Hi there.I have a dos based software,named ramdhenu which runs in win98 and it does not run in win xp.i know its a compatibility mode can i fix it using application fix or sum other the way to run the software it uses a key disk in a floppy drive.
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Based on the discussion in this forum it seems to be a firmware issue nbsp On my system it's ALWAYS repoducible and the 'workaround' ALWAYS worked nbsp ThinkPad P i - HQ Intel HD nVidia Quadro M M GB RAM nbsp BIOS version Monitor Dell P HLaptop to Monitor connection HDMI to DVI nbsp Also tried HDMI to HDMI same result OS Windows Enterprise X BIOS Display Mode HybridOS Desktop mode Extend desktop to external monitor nbsp Reproduce procedure External monitor was working properly Shut down Windows Unplug monitor cable from laptop's HDMI port Start Windows Shut down Windows Reconnect monitor cable to laptop's HDMI port Start Windows External monitor is not recognized anymore like it never exists nbsp The above is a very common use case nbsp Step and is what happens when I leave opened case Is there Lenovo: ... the a for issue HDMI the office and go to the field nbsp Step and is when I'm back to office and try to reconnect my external monitor nbsp Workaround Get into BIOS gt Config gt Display nbsp Change from Hybrid to Discrete nbsp Press F to save config and Lenovo: Is there a case opened for the HDMI issue ... reboot nbsp if you're OK with 'Discrete' mode you may skip step below Get into BIOS gt Config gt Display nbsp Change from Discrete to Hybrid nbsp Press F to save config and reboot Monitor is recognized and everything is back to normal nbsp
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Hi, I know a lot of people have this case, so I hope people will respond to my post.

Today, i plugged everything together in my computer. Everything worked perfectly, all the fans..everything except the 2 Blue Leds that you find in front of the case. The leds were plugged in properly and least i think and we cheked with a voltage meter to see if there were any power going through it, and there was. But still no light emitting from the leds. If anyone else had this problem please give me a post.
Thanks a lot.

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I'm assembling a new system and having power issues. When connected and the switch on the power supply is on, all my components receive power before I press the power switch. Fans turn, DVD drive spins and opens, yet I am not able to power up my computer. I stripped everything down to just the motherboard, CPU and RAM and I still get nothing. No POST beep or anything signaling a startup taking place.

I am wondering if this could be caused by a faulty power supply (ie a short inside the power supply) or more likely by a short in the case somewhere. Any help in resolving this would be appreciated!

A:Power supply/case short issue?

reassemble the minimum system components outside of the PC case on a non-conductive surface (eg the box that came with your motherboard). this will show you if its shorting to the case or an isolated problem.

What brand and model is the PSU?
Reseat all the components (ram, video card, etc).. you might want to try reset the BIOS at this stage since you've got nothing else to do

It is normal for some PSUs to start up the fans and/or other devices for a few seconds after puting in power to it or after shutting down the PC, but irregular if it doesn't die down by itself after a few seconds to a minute or if you can't manualy trigger it (shorting the two pins instead of pressing the power button to turn on the PC)
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[IMPORTANT] Windows 8.1 Update 1 problem opening IE11/Office with MBAE

pbust said:

We are aware of a situation with Windows 8.1 Update 1 where MBAE prevents IE11 and possibly MS Office applications from opening.

We are trying to fix this issue in the publicly available version of MBAE.

In the meantime if you are experiencing this problem please upgrade to the attached updated MBAE which solves the problem.Click to expand...

Download temporary fix

A:MBAE and Windows 8.1 Update 1 compatibility issue

Thanks! For the information!
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Hi, I am trying to create a bootable usb flash drive with win 7 iso image. I downloaded the image,unzipped it and loaded it to a formatted (ntfs) usb drive.At step 3 there is a default message in the drop down window 'no compatible usb devices detected'.I am doing all this on my desktop with xp sp3 and wonder if the issue could be because of that as I used other ports with the same results.

A:windows 7 usb/dvd download tool compatibility issue

Try formatting the USB to FAT32 first. I recommend the slow format.

Note: Everything on the USB will be erased. So if you need it, copy it off first.
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I support a browser based application which produces output as PDF document Three customers report that when they try to print the content is missing from the document except for a single line appearing about half Writer issue compatibility MS Adobe Document and XPS PDF way down the document Each of the customers is using Vista bit Home Premium with MS NET Framework The first customer is using printer Brother HL D and the remaining two customers are using printer Brother HL My operating MS XPS Document Writer and Adobe PDF compatibility issue system is MS XP To emulate the problem I MS XPS Document Writer and Adobe PDF compatibility issue have installed MS NET Framework on my PC and then directed the PDF output to MS XPS Document Writer In this way I can emulate the customer's problem If I direct the PDF to MS Office Document Image Writer the PDF output is correct The problem appears to be a formatting issue linked to MS XPS Document Writer The first customer successfully resolved the issue by deleting the printer Brother HL D from the Printers and Faxes then added the printer back to Printers and Faxes At first nothing would print including test print but after the PC was stopped and restarted an auto Device Driver Install occurred I assume this was for XPS and printing was restored including correct output of the PDF document The second customer performed the same steps but despite the auto Device Driver install and PC stop and restart the PDF document print issue remains unresolved
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I have Windows Vista Business , after I installed it won't run it. I even right-clicked it and went to properties and chose compatibility, but that didn't seem to work. Also I even dowloaded a patch or update fix. When I dowloaded the patch or update fix, it said it didn't apply to my system. How can I get Dungeon Siege to work on my computer?

A:Dungeon Siege Compatibility Issue Unsolved!

I am looking at the box for the machine requirements to run Dungeon Siege II. It does not indicate that it is Vista Capable. I also took a quick look at a couple of web sites and found that there is indications that Dungeon Siege is in a list of programs that show compatability problems with Vista. Perhaps someone will respond with actual Dungeon Siege/Dungeon Siege II/Vista information for you. You should also consider detailing the specs of the machine you are attempting the installation on.
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I own a hp deskjet f4288 all in one printer.The software for this is not compatible with the version of windows I use.
I've a windows 7 34 bit premium os.I do not want to download a pirated version so please suggest how to get the appropriate software and use my printer again.

A:Solved: printer software compatibility issue

Here is the support site for the HP Deskjet F4288 All-In-One printer.

It has a full-feature software driver package for Windows 7(32-bit) and Windows 7(64-bit). All you need to do is download and save the file, close all open windows, turn on the printer, double-click the saved file to start the install process, connect the USB cable from the printer to the computer when prompted to, then follow the instructions from there.

If you still have a software driver package installed from an older Windows version, you need to uninstall it and then restart your computer first.

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Windows 7 blocks pcAnywhere v 11.5.1 from installing and making it backwards compatible to Windows XP SP2 does not help either.
Any help available?

A:Symantec pcAnywhere 11.5.1 Windows 7 compatibility issue

Hi and welcome to TSF I think you need a more up to date version
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Posted twice previously --- no answers. Perhaps three times will work. Wondering about two issues --- has anyone experienced compatability issues with iTunes after Vista upgrade? And two, is Barca or PocoMail compatible? I know Eudora is not. Thanks.

A:Third try for help --- anyone? iTunes compatibility issue and PocoMail or Barca?

i have never had any problems with itunes & my ipods with vista beta2 or rc1. don't use the others, so can't help you there.
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Hi all,
i'm trying to play multiplayer on this game through a home network. when i create a game i cant find it when i search through another vista running computer it doesn't appear. when i run 2 XP running computers (which are no longer with us), it works fine through those (using a wi-fi connection) and through vista i have tried Wi-fi and ethernet connection, but still no luck. i have minimized the game to unblock the windows firewall for the network accessing, but still no luck. i tried running the game in compatibility mode in both 98/ME and XP and still, again, no luck. i'm out of ideas !

i should probably add that a few months ago i tried running it through 1 XP PC and 1 Vista PC and it didn't work on there either.

i really like this game. can anyone think of anything else?

A:Age of Empires: Rise of Rome compatibility issue

Have you tried "run as administrator" by right clicking the game's exe?
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I'm having difficulties with my computer over the past couple of months trying to play a game called Archeage I believe it has caused many people grief I've tried several steps to resolve the issue but I am sure I've missed things that could help resolve this issue I've gone to each of the manufactures sites to get various drivers to make sure compatibility issue BSOD playing Archeage and ram I'm up to date I've done hardware tests on my system as well I believe I will need a new graphics card but I want to be certain first Secondly I had bought two sets of PXD G ELK ram which has a V requirements One set of BSOD playing Archeage and ram compatibility issue that ram had a physical failure and was replaced with PV G C K ram which has a V requirement When I inquired with the support team they informed me to quot set the voltage to the highest but not BSOD playing Archeage and ram compatibility issue over V quot I thought that would be fine but since then I've had the BSOD playing Archeage and ram compatibility issue SPECIAL POOL DETECTION MEMORY CORRUPTION when the system was idle and two quot windows has shut down to prevent damage to your system quot I hope to contact and clarify with them on that soon All assistance is appreciated

A:BSOD playing Archeage and ram compatibility issue

First, I need you to fill out your system specs as complete as possible including your PSU and CPU cooling. We often have to look up components and need the Manufacturer and model part number to do that. This will help you, if you don't know.
Please fill out your System Specs

Your System Specs will help us to help you, and doing it in this manner will make them available to all helpers in every post and keep us from hunting for them. We ask that you fill them out in as much detail as possible including Desktop or Laptop, Model number if it is an OEM computer and all components with the Manufacturer and Model number if possible.

If you will go to your last post and click the 'System Specs' in the bottom left of the post, you will find a link to update your system specs. Please fill those out in as much detail as possible, making sure to click save at the bottom of the page. If you would like to know what we would like, you can click 'My System Specs' at the bottom left of this post to see mine. If you do not know what your components are, this will help you accomplish this task. System Info - See Your System Specs
Next thing is there are a lot of games out that are very poorly coded and cause a lot of people problems. If that is the case, then you know what the problem is and can go from there. Some do have fairly easy fixes, but others have fixes that can mess your computer up so that you have problems with a lot of games that used to run right. Trust me, I know from experience. There is a reason that a lot of people have problems with certain games.

As for the ram, it is never a good idea to run different ram modules together. Yes, it can be done by some boards, but you are really just asking for problems by doing it. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for bad things that may happen from what I am about to say. The tech support guy was correct about voltage. You are generally safe if you over volt ram by no more than 10%. However, he was just putting you off about 2 different modules working together. You should always buy ram in kits. A kit is tested to work right together where individual sticks are not. If you can, send both sticks back and tell them you want a kit of what you bought, and it has to exactly match the other kit. I always buy ram in kits. If one stick goes bad, I send both sticks back and ask for a kit as the replacement.
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I am trying to install Windows on my Motion Computing M tablet I have tried installing using the original files downloaded from Digital River the ISO created from those files and a separate USB hard drive and get the following error- Code The following issues are preventing Windows BIOS Compatibility on Issue Install M1300 from upgrading Cancel the upgrade complete each task and then restart the upgrade to continue Windows cannot be installed on this computer with the current system BIOS version Contact your computer manufacturer Install on M1300 BIOS Compatibility Issue for a BIOS update install the update and then start Windows installation again OEM Name Motion Computing OEM Model M BIOS Version Phoenix NoteBIOS Release BIOS Date I flashed the newest BIOS for my tablet found on Motion Computing's website but still get this error I am subscribed to Phoenix BIOSAgentPlus the company that made the BIOS and they say that I have the newest BIOS version for this tablet which is confirmed through their scan results here- Code Information About Your Current BIOS BIOS Type Phoenix NoteBIOS Release BIOS ID MGM-ALL C D BIOS Date BIOS Vendor Motion Computing - M BIOS Version A BIOS Size Chipset Intel rev Manufacturer Motion Computing Product M Base Manufacturer Compal Computer Corporation Base Product Compal MX Chassis Manufacturer Compal Computer Corporation What the compatibility report says I need and what Phoenix says I have seem to be the same I know that installing Windows is possible on this machine as there are several posts on the forum from those who have one Does anyone know how to remedy this

A:Install on M1300 BIOS Compatibility Issue

Has anyone else had a BIOS issue like this prevent them from installing 7?
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Hi I've installed Vista Ultimate x SP build on my new hardware EVGA -WAY SLI X Motherboard BIOS ver evga SZ Evga MB e-GeForce GTX Corsair XMS Dominator TR X G C DF DDR Ram INTEL CPU CORE i - chipset Ultimate Vista x64 compatibility issue EXTREME GHZ QPI NM SSE MB LGA- RETAIL Western Digital Velociraptor WD GLFS Vista Ultimate x64 chipset compatibility issue GB SATA RPM MS MB IN Hard Drive OEM Sony BDUX S BLU-RAY Reader X BD-ROM X DVD Internal Black Drive Each time i install Vista ultimate X i install the motherboard drivers off of the disc provided by EVGA chipset drivers and LAN drivers My internet explorer crashes and i get this message Compatibility issues between a chipset in your computer and windows new i follow the link that is provided by Vista to fix the problem and it gives me this message The model name of the chipset that caused this problem is Intel quick path arcitecture I O hub I download and install the new chipset drivers from intel infinst autol exe when I begin installing the intel chipset drivers that Vista ultimate X recommends it says Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software I install it regardless and i still have the same issues if there is anybody out there running the same hardware as me also having these same issues and if so how did you fix it I've also tried not installing the intel chipset drivers off of the cd and i get the same message compalability issue between a chipset in your computer and windows new

A:Vista Ultimate x64 chipset compatibility issue

I have the same issue.
The system had been running just fine for 6 weeks. ! Yesterday I had to revise my HDD RAID1 configuration (increase the operating system space). This erased all my applications & data so I reinstalled Vista and received the message "Compatibility issue between windows & chipset....Intel quickpath architecture input output hub". I did not install the linked fix because the version on my machine was newer.
I'm now having internet connectivity issues.... can't establish & maintain connectivity. Thunderbird mail client isn't able to install a new update, etc. Also can't get my LAN to recognize the 2 computers (each computer can recognize the network attached storage - NAS).
Application performance & saving data is much slower than previously.
I wonder if a recent Vista patch has caused this issue?
Let's keep this thread updated as we learn more. We're not alone on this issue.
System Manufacturer/Model Number home built OS vist ultimate x64 CPU i7 920 2.66GHz 130w Quad-core Motherboard EVGA x58 SLI mobo Memory 6gb OZ Platimun DDR3 PC3 12800 Graphics Card(s) EVGA 9500 GT 512mb DDR2 Sound Card n/a Monitor(s) Displays Samsung 2243 BWX Screen Resolution 1600 x 1080 Hard Drives WD 500 GB x 2 SATA RAID1
Segage 250 GB IDE PSU Corsair 750 TX Case Antec P182 Cooling Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme RT 1366 Keyboard Belkin USB Mouse MS Comfort optical 3000 Internet Speed cable 6 dsl 5
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Ordered new battery - they sent me a T410 battery (which it is compatiable with T410/420/430.  But it will not work in my computer or another computer in my officej.  It will work on a T420 though.  What should I do...
Moderator comment: Serial number(s) removed from subject to protect member from mischief. Detail also added to subject for clarity.

A:ThinkPad (T430) battery compatibility issue

HelloThe batteries for T410/420 are not compatible with T430, even Lenovo genuine ones. Because of T430 features hardware authentification of the battery installed. The batteries for old laptops like T410/420 don't have such features (authentification chips inside). This chip missing causes the battery being installed in the T430 can't be charged.So, you have to purchase Lenovo original battery for T430.
Lenovo original batteries for T430 are backward compatible with T420
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I recently purchased the Antec Plus AMG case and installed the Asus A N X Deluxe motherboard in it My questions relates to the fans The Antec power supply has FAN ONLY -pin connectors So as recommended I connected the supplied case fans to the Fan Only connectors The manual states that connecting the case fans in this way is quot so the TruePower supply can control the speed of the fans quot The power supply also has a -pin fan signal connector which as recommended I attached to quot one of the fan connectors of your motherboard quot The Issue A7N8X-Deluxe - w/ case Antec Fans manual states that connecting A7N8X-Deluxe w/ Antec case - Fans Issue this -pin fan signal connector to the motherboard allows you to quot monitor the speed of the rear fan power supply fan through the motherboard BIOS or through monitoring software quot I am confused should this set up allow me to monitor the speed of all fans case and power supply through that -pin connection How do I know the speed of individual fans Do the case fans operate at the same rpm as the power supply Or is it that this TruePower supply does control A7N8X-Deluxe w/ Antec case - Fans Issue the speed of the case fans only I do not have access to the speeds What puzzles me further is that the A N X-Deluxe has -pin fan connectors CPU fan Power fan Chassis fan I connected the CPU fan to it s proper connector and I connected the power supply s -pin fan signal connector to the Power fan connector and nothing to the Chassis fan connector When I look at the Asus PC Probe software I see RPM readings for the CPU fan and the Chassis fan but not the Power fan Has anyone else experienced this Related to the questions above should I consider connecting the case fans to the -pin with a - adapter fan connector on the motherboard in order to get their readings Finally I enabled the Q-Fan control option in the BIOS and my RPM s decreased on the Chassis reading which I have to assume is really my power fan from - to something closer to Are these readings accurate The Antec manual states quot The speed of the fab can go as low as RPM when the temperature is low quot mine seems to be below this I fired off an email to Antec asking for clarification but I m still waiting for a reply nbsp

A:A7N8X-Deluxe w/ Antec case - Fans Issue

I have the same problem for the Fan speed monitoring. I connected the PSU to the PWR_FAN1 connector on the motherboard but the speed is being reported in the Chassis fan section. I take it it's either a bug in the Asus software or maybe the writtings on the board got switched. Simply connect the PSU to the CHA_FAN1 instead.

You cannot monitor the speed of the case fans unless connect to a fan connector on the motherboard. Do you really need to monitor their speed ? As long as they move out a nice amount of air & aren't too noisy, what more could you ask for ?

You shouldn't worry about the PSU Fan reading going below 1500RPMs. In case you're still worried, put your hand behind the PSU & see if the air coming out is hot or not. Most likely it's slightly warm but nothing to worry about.
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Since upgrading Win7 to Win8 the TOSHIBA DVD/Blu-ray Disc player has compatibility issues. When is an update due please?

Is there a driver update also required to enable 3D?


A:Qosmio F750-10Q: DVD/Blu-ray Disc player compatibility issue using Win 8


I assume you are using the Win 7 Toshiba DVD/BD player.
So I don?t wonder that some compatibility issues would appear?.

Looks like you have to wait for Win 8 release.
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When my Mitsubishi modem is connected to my Belkin n+ router:

Speedtest : 98mbps download, 80mbps upload
Torrent download : around 3.5MB/s or roughly 28mbps
When Mitsubishi modem is connected directly to PC:

Speedtest : same as above
Torrent download : average up to 9MB/s or 81mbps

Equipment used and configurations:

Windows 7 ultimate
Intel i5-750
Mitsubishi modem on Fiber connection
CAT 5e cables
Belkin N+ gigabit router
Firewall disabled
Ports for torrent client opened
Is this a router related problem or is my Windows 7 not properly configured? It seems connecting the router in between the PC and modems cuts my bandwidth to 1/3. No other programs are running when tests were made.

Thanks in advance

A:Internet slowing down. Router or compatibility issue with windows 7? H

I've had router problems such as yours and the fix was a new router. You can try reloading the router or if there is a firmware update for the router try that but I would suspect the router is the problem.

I've had a lot of problems (in client's systems) with Belkin products. I use and recomment LinkSys (Cisco) routers. The local cable company tech says they see less problems with LinkSys routers than other brands.
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Good evening I recently purcahsed a nbsp Asus geforce gtx from a friend and a new Thermaltake TR W Graphics Mother board compatibility and card issue? power supply for my computer nbsp nbsp I installed them both and turned my computer on nbsp All components had power the computer stalled at the HP blue loading screen with the hand nbsp It gave me the option to enter boot mode but would not allow me to access it nbsp There was a single beep with a long pause and then another beep this hapened for a bit and then multiple beeps but would not allo me past that screen nbsp nbsp I reinstalled my older graphics card and left the new power supply back in The computer started up fine and I am still able to use it nbsp I tried installing the card again made sure all connections were good but received the same Mother board and Graphics card compatibility issue? result nbsp nbsp I did not take off any of the existing drivers or was unable to insatll the cd drivers that came with the card nbsp CPU - HP Pavilion nbsp p - cGraphics Card - ASUS nbsp GTX -DC OC- GD Power Supply - Thermaltake TR W nbsp Thank you Curtis

A:Mother board and Graphics card compatibility issue?

Greetings, The GTX 760 requires UEFI BIOS. It will not initialize. You have to go with Nvidia GTX 600 series cards or look at Sapphire Legacy/UEFI cards. MSI and Gigabyte offer newer Nvidia cards with Legacy/UEFI  BIOS also. Cheers!
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I will be using Compatibility Manager to fix some corporate apps 5.6-Compatibility Toolkit Issue Manager App Compat Microsoft that currently run in Windows XP but will not Microsoft App Compat Toolkit 5.6-Compatibility Manager Issue run in Windows x on the client machines Sooooo I thought I would try a test with Microsoft App Compat Toolkit 5.6-Compatibility Manager Issue a personal -bit exe that will not launch similar to our corporate apps that will not install Manually clicking on a Setup exe file for a -bit app pops the following error message quot The version of this file is not compatibile with the version of Windows you're running Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x -bit or x -bit version of the program and then contact the software publisher Perfect I'm ready to try my first shim First time using Compat Mgr - I watch some videos on how to do this launch the -bit Compat Mgr create a custom database and then try to create a fix but when I browse or manually input the -bit exe it tries to launch the exe as opposed to the videos that let the user simply click the quot Next quot button and a Compatibility Manager error pops up noting quot This version of the Compatibility Administrator only supports applying compatibility fixes to -bit applications Please use the Compatibility Administrator -bit tool to apply this fix to your -bit applications quot OK I thought the -bit Compat Mgr was for working on -bit apps but I try the same thing with the -bit Compat Mgr I then get a similar error quot This version of the Compatibility Administrator only supports applying compatibility fixes to -bit applications Please use the Compatibility Administrator -bit tool to apply this fix to your -bit applications quot I want to apply the WinXPSP Lie fix but I never get the chance What am I doing wrong Thanks for the help

A:Microsoft App Compat Toolkit 5.6-Compatibility Manager Issue

Still doing research and came across this, which may be helpful to others:
Determining the Application Compatibility Fix to Apply
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I have 2007 office. The computer came with 2010 starter version it is still on there. I have 2007 the default. Every document I open is having a problem. They are all opening in compatibility mode. Even when the extension is a docx it still opens in compatibility mode. I have 2007 Office the Enterprise version.
Does anyone have a solution?
We are also having trouble printing as well.
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Presently have Windows Domain Controllers along with newly added Windows Domain Issue Server & Password Win2003 - DC compatibility Possible with Samba Controllers in my network I have a Unix machine running Solaris with samba- which is used to store all the users home directories So prior to any Win servers being installed all seemed to be working fine A user Win2003 DC Issue - Possible compatibility with Samba & Password Server would log on his home directory would map automatically no problems I then built two new Win DC s and brought them into my network They are running fine right now for the most part But when I switch over FSMO roles to the new DC s to ultimately retire Win2003 DC Issue - Possible compatibility with Samba & Password Server the Win k DC s and change the password server setting in the smb conf file on the unix machine to point to the DC with the PDC Emulator Role the users can no longer gain access to their home directories It prompts them for a user ID and password if they try to map the drive Here are the current settings in our smb conf file Global parameters Win2003 DC Issue - Possible compatibility with Samba & Password Server global workgroup HUNTERGEO server string Samba Server security SERVER encrypt passwords Yes password server newjersey password level log file scratch samba m log log level max log size printcap name lpstat os level domain master Yes dns proxy No With the suggestion of someone we made the following changes to the above Domain Master NO Security Domain Wins Support NO amp Yes Found conflicting info on this so tried both Wins Server IP of my DC I installed WINS on I also made a static mapping in WINS for the Unix server Unfortunately this did not work and we went back to the settings I mentioned above So right now I have the PDC emulator role sitting on a Win k DC which works until I can get it working with the DC s Looking in the Samba log files it appears that it is looking to samba for password authentication when I try to get the DC working I am a Windows Systems Administrator and my colleague is the Unix admin so please forgive me if some of my unix terminology is a tad off Thank you in advance for any help you can offer as I am at a complete lost Thank you Pete nbsp
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I have a couple of brand new out of the box HP DX business computers I have been using the D-Link DWL-G wireless NIC for some time now and i have been very impressed with both the speed ad reliability of D-Link cards APs However i have run into an issues with theses cards in these computers After initially installing the card it - D-Link with DWL-G520 HP DX2200 Issue WLAN Compatibility would show up i could install the driver and put it on the network Even though i tell my users not to shutdown at night some still do When they return in the morning and turn on their computer the card will HP DX2200 - Compatibility Issue with D-Link DWL-G520 WLAN not show up AT ALL It doesn t use IRQs or anything It is as if the card was removed Naturally i checked to make sure it in fact was there It is If i move the card to a different PCI slot it will work for awhile and then stop working I had another identical computer with the same brand revision of wireless card that will BSOD and give a physical memory dump error every couple of days Has anyone else seen any other issues with these cards computers nbsp

A:HP DX2200 - Compatibility Issue with D-Link DWL-G520 WLAN


We use a lot the DX2200 systems at work and I have noticed on a lot of them that in the BIOS, if a PCI card is installed, that the BIOS “video” settings will set the Video device to PCI or PCI Express first.

You might want to try to set this to the “on-board” video (assuming you are using that as your adapter).

If you need the exact directions and details on this, I will gladly go through the BIOS settings and gather that for you.

I’m currently using a motherboard out of one of the DX2200’s to build a small server and a simple task has become a major project thanks to HP’s non-support of Windows Server 2003 for drivers and so forth. The boards seem to be MSI boards, but looks to be explicit for HP and you cannot find any support on these boards through MSI.

So, if anyone else is considering using this board for Windows Server 2003, beware!!


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I have an old disk for Roxio Inc 's 'CD Recording Software' It's pretty plain in a paper case and everything Anyway I installed it on my Toshiba Satellite A -S After "CD Program Compatibility Recording Issue Installation Software" although I doubt that will be any use to anyone My laptop is running Vista After installing "CD Recording Software" Program Compatibility Issue After Installation it I started thinking 'Oh well I don't really need this' "CD Recording Software" Program Compatibility Issue After Installation so I did the senseable thing and uninstalled it The next reset I got this In fact I got this "CD Recording Software" Program Compatibility Issue After Installation twice in a row Every restart Now I notoriously click 'please do not remove' to any driver or file that may be a shared file so I figured hey these drivers must be running without the program so I went in and reinstalled the program restarted and uninstalling it clicking 'No to All' for the shared driver thing The first couple resets I was fine but here the thing is again I don't understand why it'd still be doing this I searched through RegEdit for 'Roxio' and 'CD Recording Software' and got no hits I checked the MSConfig and can't find anything that would relate to the program Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions Thanks

A:"CD Recording Software" Program Compatibility Issue After Installation

What version of Roxio do you have?
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Hi Team,

I was recommended to buy some BitFenix Spectre 120mm Case Fans for my Asus z87pro board. The trouble is that the fans only have 3 pins and the mobo has multiple fan inputs setup to accept four pins.

My specific questions are: will i damage my mobo if I try to use these fans, and secondly, which of the four pins should i insert the three pins into?

Thanks for looking

A:BitFenix Spectre 120mm Case Fan and Asus z87pro pin issue

the forth wire is for PWM fan speed control. It will work fine on a 4 pin header, on of the pins is slightly more offset than the rest, thats the one that you leave unplugged.
Some bios's you have to select voltage over PWM on the fan headers in order for it to work, but i think its mainly gigabyte ones. Not changing it will result in the fans running at 100% all the time.
Another alternative is a cheap fan speed controller, fits in a drive bay and gives you easy control over fans for around ?10 ($10)
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Hi We have laptops in my family Latitude E and E and a Precision M I wanted to upgrade all configs with an mSATA SSD which is placed into the WWAN mPCI-e connector It works fine with the Precision but I can t use it with the Latitudes Is there any possibility to use it issue Latitude and mSATA and compatibility E6420 BIOS SSD E6430 with the Latitudes My first thought was to update the bios of the E it came with A i just downloaded the A for that and ran the updater but it failed somehow i ran the exe when the process finished the system rebooted i saw the update in progress in the post screen and than when it restarted again it said no bootable device press f Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue to run bios but bios was damaged could not run and killed my motherboard Now it is replaced with a new one but i m afraid to run an update again now it has A Could you Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue check up the issue of the failure Is it safe to try a bios update again And can it help me to update the bios to use the mSATA SSD Regards Otto

A:Latitude E6420 and E6430 mSATA SSD compatibility and BIOS issue

Hi Otto89,
Latitude E6420 and E6430 are not designed to install the mSATA drive on the system. The slot provided is for WWAN cards. Therefore, I am afraid there will be no BIOS update released to customize the mSATA drive.
Please reply for any queries.
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I have taken the first portion of this note from another post that I have on this site I hadn t received an answer but then / compatibility 5200 NVIDIA card issue?? Mon DELL SE198WFP vid located this forum amp thought perhaps it to be a better location If I am mistaken please just let me know Dell Dimension Desktop Pentium GHz MB RAM Dell SE WFP LCD flat screen monitor add-on Windows XP Home IE NVIDIA MB DDR GeForce FX My issue Several months ago I purchased a DELL SE198WFP Mon / NVIDIA 5200 vid card compatibility issue?? new monitor above to add to my Dell Dimension system Immediately I noticed that the monitor would always show Auto Detect Power Save when I tried to log-on and I had a difficult time waking it from its state Last Tuesday - I went to log-on to the machine and was met with a BLACK screen with white letters The wording quot We apologize for the inconvenience but Windows did not start correctly quot I was given several options of starting the machine including Last Known Good Configuration Safe Mode Safe Mode with networking Normal I learned that Safe Mode with Networking was the only way I could boot up and get online to figure out what was happening I m still running that way Once I chose Safe Mode with Networking multiple many lines scrolled down the screen with this format multi disk partition WINDOWS I started poking around and asking questions online I was instructed to do several things including using the Recovery Console to repair my Windows installation Because I then started receiving error messages that read Computer restarted after unexpected shutdown Microsoft Windows detected a possible device failure The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update Please tell Microsoft about this problem The display driver for NVIDIA GeForce FX seems to be responsible for the system instability I was also advised to go to the NVIDIA site and choose Option to Automatically Locate Drivers Also that I install a program called Driver Sweeper choose Analyze then Clean I did this process but was met with another error message which read quot Access violation at address BCC D Write of address quot I then went to Dell s website and did an online chat with a representative who took ctrl of my machine and tried to install the proper NVIDIA driver It would not install so he determined that my copy of Windows is corrupt Additionally while on Internet Explorer I often receive multiple error messages referring to a RunDLL error above was a couple of days ago today s update follows I had the machine back to limping along EXCEPT for a new development no sound So today I decided to follow the instructions I had received about doing the Windows repair As you all likely know I knocked myself into a loop and feel like I ve been doing doughnuts since this afternoon Installing video driver installing monitor rebooting oops the screen is huge and garbled again Let s go back into settings and correct the resolution Need to reboot again OK Except the darned machine puts itself back into the Power Save mode and refuses to budge I have realized that when I update my NVIDIA driver amp get the proper monitor driver installed I can use the proper monitor settings Otherwise they are generic So the problem lies somewhere between my monitor video card and BIOS -- I m guessing I found another post on this board with someone having a very very similar problem They solved their issue by quot flashing the BIOS up to four versions in order to get things working quot According to the OP and another poster this technically meant that it was a BIOS vid card issue My question what is flashing the BIOS Updating My bios is supposedly up-to-date though I am so confused right now that I really should walk away from it but I can t I have been dealing with this since June Hours and hours Every Single Day Just ask my kids And I have a college course that begins that is par... Read more