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MSI Z68A-GD55 won't allow changes to overclocking settings after BIOS update

Q: MSI Z68A-GD55 won't allow changes to overclocking settings after BIOS update

A few months ago I updated my MSI Z A-GD to the latest BIOS quot vP quot which is still the latest settings Z68A-GD55 update won't MSI overclocking changes allow to BIOS after version on MSI s website as of today Since updating to this version the UEFI BIOS screen is totally different the layout has been changed entirely I was able to find the overclocking settings quickly but since the update the board will not allow me to change many settings All CPU Memory chipset voltage adjustments CPU ratio adjustments bclock adjustments etc are all either greyed MSI Z68A-GD55 won't allow changes to overclocking settings after BIOS update out and cannot be selected at all or they are set to quot Auto quot and that is the only available option for them This is a solid overclocking motherboard from what I ve heard online and I m running a K series CPU k so I m really perplexed as to why I can t even adjust the supposedly unlocked CPU ratio on my k I USED to be able to use these settings before the BIOS flash Also I can t seem to find anyone online who s having a similar problem as me As it stands now the only overclocking I can do is with MSI s quot OC Genie II quot which basically automatically overclocks for me I think this is totally ridiculous why is MSI s automated tool allowed to touch these settings when I can t modify them manually Anyone have any idea what s going on My first thought was that maybe there is a setting somewhere in the BIOS that must be enabled first in order to open up the overclocking settings but I searched far and wide and couldn t find one Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Preferred Solution: MSI Z68A-GD55 won't allow changes to overclocking settings after BIOS update

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MSI Z68A-GD55 won't allow changes to overclocking settings after BIOS update

Yeah, I think there is a setting somewhere that is checked to auto. Try exploring all the tabs of the BIOS screen and report back if you find anything.
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I recently took a BIOS update and I later on found out that it has messed up my Notebook. File transfer speed has been riduculously slow, games and movies stutter occasionaly. Everything has changed and it does not look good. Product Info: Model: Pavilion AB522TXOS: Windows 10 64-bit ( updated to the very last) RAM: 8 GBProcessor: i5-6200U

View Solution.

A:Downgrade a BIOS update or Optimising BIOS settings

Hey @Rahul_mk,  I would like to welcome you to the HP Support Community. If my reply resolves your issue or answer your question(s),  please let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. I understand that you did a BIOS upgrade but it did not take well to your HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-ab522tx. You mentioned that your Notebook is now slow and games and movies are stuttering.  Many HP Notebooks have an HP BIOS Restore tool that may recover the BIOS from an earlier version and restore basic functionality. Please follow the documentation to do a BIOS reset.  Have you tried to perform a hard reset?Which BIOS version did  you upgrade to? You said that Windows 10 is up to date.Have you tried using the HP Support Assistant for updates also?  You can try following the below steps to reload the factory installed BIOS Setup Settings:In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.Select Load Setup Defaults.Select Save Changes and Exit (pressing F5 and the Enter key will also load the Setup Defaults).Press Esc and then Enter to exit Setup.If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please re-post with any information you think may help me find a resolution for you. Please also let me know if the BIOS reset works. If you would like to show you appreciation for my efforts today, please take a second to click the Thumbs Up button below. I am glad that you joined in!  Have a great day!
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We are now migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10.With windows 7 we were running legacy BIOS. Now with Windows 10 it is UEFI and Secure Boot on all machines before deployment of operating system. I have configured the BIOS settings exactly as i wanted on one machine. (UEFI, Boot Order, Secure Boot Enabled)Then i have used CFGWIN.exe to export my settings to a txt file CFGWIN.exe /c /path:c:\settings.txt Now i want to use this configuration on all other Lenovo computers, without going in to BIOS and change all settings manually. So in my OS deployment i run:CFGWIN.exe /r /path:c:\settings.txt (after that i reboot the computers and continue with OS deployment) But BIOS are not set to UEFI, Secure Boot is still disabled? Please help! Sorry Wrong Thread, how do i change?
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We are now migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10.With windows 7 we were running legacy BIOS. Now with Windows 10 it is UEFI and Secure Boot on all machines before deployment of operating system. I have configured the BIOS settings exactly as i wanted on one machine. (UEFI, Boot Order, Secure Boot Enabled)Then i have used CFGWIN.exe to export my settings to a txt file CFGWIN.exe /c /path:c:\settings.txt Now i want to use this configuration on all other Lenovo computers, without going in to BIOS and change all settings manually. So in my OS deployment i run:CFGWIN.exe /r /path:c:\settings.txt (after that i reboot the computers and continue with OS deployment) But BIOS are not set to UEFI, Secure Boot is still disabled? Please help!

A:Update BIOS settings LEGACY to UEFI (ThinkCentre M...

What version of BIOS are on?   Are all the computers on the same?
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what exact settings do you change around to make your computer faster?

A:Overclocking settings

If you don't already know how to do this, I would not recommend it. Your CPU has been tested at a certain speed. If you want to increase that speed, you run the risk of frying your chip.

But in answer to your question, it would depend on the kind of BIOS you have and whether or not it supports overclocking.
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Now, my grandmother's computer has a NVidia Geforce FX5200 AGP Graphics card. The original settings were: Core - 250mHZ Memory - 400mHZ. I clicked "Detect Optimal Frequenices" and the OC results came out to this: Core - 264mHZ Memory - 430mHZ. So far, no problems have occured. Is this a safe OC, or should I return everything to normal and use the tried-and-true method of OCing?

For a little extra info, this Comp comes with an Antec Smartpower 500W PSU. The rest is in my profile under System #2.

A:Overclocking Settings

that graphics card is not worth overclocking, leave it be haha
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Hi everyone this Problem B3, SATA Pls MSi Intel P67A-GD55 still persists??? Help is my first post and first thread in the forum I hope y'all are doing fabulous I just bought an MSi P A-GD B from someone yesterday The board was brand new It is MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help a revision which MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help is supposed to fix Intel's SATA problems that used to be there before I just installed windows Ultimate on it using a usb created by win usb dvd tool and installation and everything is good till it is at the part where it needs to reboot and then it either stays stuck at a black screen with the HDD light constantly on or it will say quot A disk read error occured Press ctrl alt del to restart quot I have literally tried EVERYTHING from changing to AHCI mode resetting the BIOS settings and I have gone nowhere Please help me on this Also I tried a different HDD it also did not work on this PC with the P -GDD B I have used multiple hdds tried the HDD on other PCs and nothing helped Also tried changing RAM PLEASE Help me out I would be ever greatful towards you Specs i GB DDr GBX GB MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help HDD MSi P a-GD HD From HIS gb I have no way to return on send it to MSi since it would take me too much to ship it

A:MSi P67A-GD55 B3, Intel SATA Problem still persists??? Pls Help

That motherboard has 2 SATA controllers, one is SATA 2, one is SATA 3. The 2 white SATA ports are SATA 3, the 4 black SATA ports are SATA 2.

Is your hard drive plugged into one of the black ports? If no, then try that.

I'm guessing, but there may be a problem with the SATA 3 ports working until you can load the chipset driver. Which you can't do until you have an OS installed.
So my thinking is to install the OS on the drive while connected to SATA 2, install the chipset driver, then switch the drive to SATA 3, which will have no effect on the OS.

This is a workaround, not a solution. But let's see if that changes anything.
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I'm trying to run Memtest86+ and have an image on DVD which I'm trying to boot from.

I restart and change boot priority, save and exit and the machine still boots to the HDD.

The Mobo uses "Click BIOS II" V 1.0.107.
Any help is appreciated!


I was able to change the boot order by moving the desired boot device to the first position at the top of the screen, double clicking on it and a menu pops up, then selecting the appropriate device. It then reboots to that device. Not very intuitive but... it worked.
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Hi there I have recently been experiencing cpu spikes in Battlefield and all of my cores are unparked I use perfoverlay drawgraph to get the game to settings and gpu after changing overclocking BSOD cpu show the bottleneck and hardware activity and the cpu kept spiking and making the game lag for - seconds each time I looked online and ended up turning off amd turbo in my bios and overclocking my amd fx to BSOD after overclocking gpu and changing cpu settings the turbo speed I have stock cooler but people online have said it is completely fine to do this Then i installed msi afterburner and overclocked my gpu BSOD after overclocking gpu and changing cpu settings again it used to be overclocked fine a while ago and after playing battlefield for minutes or so i pressed ALT -TAB to go back to desktop while playing to turn on vsync in nvidia control panel I did that and the vsync setting did not come into effect as my fps was still over ish So i keep playing normally for minutes and i get BSOD after overclocking gpu and changing cpu settings a BSOD I have attached the minidump file zipped using DM Log collector If you could help that would be amazing Best regards James Duffy
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I've had my system build about a month now and want to try and dabble with overclocking. It will be my first venture into it and have read the guide on Tom's Hardware to overclocking Dual Cores (

Firstly I was wondering whether that was a definitive guide, or whether I was best off reading something else as a better alternative?

The other things I was worried about was that I would be in a massively advantaged position if I upgraded my BIOS (and I don't know whether to use a normal one or a modded one from ketxxx Also, any guide for overclocking a graphics card (4870 1GB)?

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Hi all I am having a strange problem while overclocking my GPU My system Specs are Pentium D Ghz GB SATA SEAGATE Harddrive nVidia FX MB AGP card Settings Overclocking After restarting lost my are !!! GPU system, - No fan on it MB DDR Mhz RAM nVidia provide After restarting my system, GPU Overclocking Settings are lost !!! applications to overclock their cards in their installation disk I have installed that application and now I can see Overclocking menu in Advanced Display Settings The guide provided with the software says to manually increase the settings slowly and and test it And gradually increase but it has another option somewhat like Auto-detect when I click it it detects the best settings for my PC I have checked the performance by a benchmarking tool and yes the performance in graphics rendering increases much Then I run a Video Card Stability test tool and stress it for - hours It runs smoothly I save the settings Till now everything is fine Now but when I restart my comp those settings are lost and I need to redetect and save to get better performance So any method to make those settings permanent Thanks in advance REgards TheHacker nbsp

A:After restarting my system, GPU Overclocking Settings are lost !!!

Got it........This problem is solved.......
But now, after overclock my monitor has started flickering a bit.
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Hello to the BleepingComputer community First of all I m sorry I haven t finished some of the steps from the Preparation Guide It s because these steps require a reboot e g Step Disable your CD Emulation Software - DeFogger will ask me to reboot the machine and I have a bad feeling about the question if it is safe to reboot in my situation I m not sure if I have a type of malware dozen threat of - by folders, Unknown BIOS.sys - BS_Flash.sys, "Bios m... BIOS AVG a and virus/rootkit? Update\Award" which is ready to infect the BIOS - if it is so then it could infect it much easier during the reboot process - If BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m... there is a good way to find out what is the problem and fix the BIOS threat part if it really is present without rebooting shutting down this PC or at least without booting from this hard drive which I feel is probably infected then please tell me what should I do - If you know a place forum where I can get a specialized help for this seemingly BIOS-malware related situation please tell me where I could go - If there is no way to move forward I ll go ahead and risk the reboot and follow the other steps steps to in the Preparation Guide no problem I kindly ask you to please read below the details of the problem as it occured to me and the things I have tried so far The PC is AMD Athlon X Dual Core BE- GHz Motherboard Biostar TA G AM with AWARD BIOS GB RAM GB SATA HDD and an ASUS EAH card added a few years ago It s with WinXP SP AVG Free standard Windows Firewall and it s behind a router I can t recall exactly but I think on - - evening I ve left this PC with at least one account logged-in with many programs running online locked fast user switching screen and then found the em class 'bbc' PC non-responsive em in the morning so I had to power off it - it was frozen What I remember well is - on - - when I ve turned on this PC for the first time and logged-in with my account member of Administrators group While it was still finishing loading the taskbar icons etc I hit Win L fast user switching is enabled and logged-in to another account member of Users group Right then a bunch of previously unseen quot AVG Identity protection - threat detected quot messages started to appear C Windows system drivers - atkkbnt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then another message showed up C Windows system drivers - amdtools sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - bufadpt sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Program Files BIOS Update BIOS Update Award - BS Flash sys threat name Unknown I doubt I have ever seen this folder before on this PC I clicked quot move to vault quot C Games ad binaries system aken sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BIOS sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - BS I cIo sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - IOMap sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers or was it C Windows system don t recall exactly - ati sgag exe threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot C Windows system drivers - EIO XP sys threat name Unknown I clicked quot move to vault quot Then AVG asked to reboot to finish the removal I ve let it to go rebooting but I ve paused the BIOS post screen and switched the PC off so I could research about what should I do next I was suspecting that booting process could infect the BIOS and or MBR After researching online with the keywords from these messages I was still puzzled While searching about if rebooting is risky if you suspect having a BIOS virus especially AWARD BIOS virus I ve even found out that it s possible to infect multiple PCs BIOSes... Read more

A:BIOS virus/rootkit? - Unknown threat by AVG - "Bios Update\Award" folders, BS_Flash.sys, BIOS.sys and a dozen of m...

Hi,Welcome to Bleeping Computer. My name is m0le and I will be helping you with your log.Please subscribe to this topic, if you haven't already. Click the Watch This Topic button at the top on the right.

Please avoid installing/uninstalling or updating any programs and attempting any unsupervised fixes or scans. This can make helping you impossible.

Please reply to this post so I know you are there.The forum is busy and we need to have replies as soon as possible. If I haven't had a reply after 3 days I will bump the topic and if you do not reply by the following day after that then I will close the topic.Once I receive a reply then I will return with your first instructions.Thanks
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 I am receiving this message when I run sp76205: The system BIOS update file (c:\SWSetup\SP76205\hpqflash\ROM.CAB) is missing or corrupt. The system BIOS will not be updated." SP76205 was just released in June 2016 and I noticed other user are experiencing the same issue with it. Please provide a fix BIOS update or explain how to run this current update...
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I want to see how much faster my computer will run if I overclock the mobo from 2.8 to 3.0 what does FSB mean is that the frequency? And what should I change the frequency to achieve a processor of intel 3.0?

A:Question Overclocking in the Bios


If you have to ask what a FSB is, stop what you are doing now and walk away!

(Half kidding).

Although these days OCing is much safer than it used to be, it is still a dangerous affair, ESPECIALLY for those who have never done it. You not only are at risk of frying your CPU, but also the other components of your system.

Now, as you are looking at a small OC, if you do your homework and realize the risks, OCing can be a fun thing to do.

Here is a little intro for you:

disclaimer: if I came across as being a **** here, I appologize. But I'd rather be a **** and save you the money for replacing your system
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hi guys i heres my PC:
GEforce 7950GT, 2GB ddr2PC4200 ram, Core 2 Duo e6300, AND my mobo is an ASUSTek P965/G965 and my BIOS IS a Pheonix Technologies.
Okay well FIRSt off this is An HP computer that i added ram too and a better Video card, i want to overclock my cpu but when i go into BIOS the part to overclock is in gray and i cant select it PLease help me i have no idea what to do, i am fairly good with computers though and if you help me im sure i can figure it out, unless the BIOS is LOCKED , you can also email me at

*email removed*

thx mac

A:Overclocking Disabled In Bios

I highly doubt you will be able to. Companies like hp and dell lock these so that they won't keep getting calls from people who screwed up their pc trying to OC it.
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My current computer is not working I believe it to be the motherboard http forums techguy org hardware -no-disk-reserved-raid-use html Here is the thread and Locked Overclocking BIOS MBs about my newer computer problem But as a back up I have two other computers that are several years old One is an HP the other is a Overclocking Locked BIOS and MBs Shuttle The HP is a Ghz Celeron Processor GB Ram The Shuttle is a GHz Currently Overclocking Locked BIOS and MBs with only mbs of ram plan to get gb to make it gb I have looked up several softwares as my computer both have locked BIOS SetFSB SoftFSB ClockGen CPUCool After reading about Overclocking Locked BIOS and MBs them and what you can do you need the PLL which I have read is visible on the motherboard but I am having trouble finding it EDIT By chance I looked up a picture of the PLL again and the image I found this time matches the one on my shuttle motherboard http upload wikimedia org wikipedia commons a ICS AF jpg But like the picture it is very hard to read For some reason it is plain and out in the open to see on my shuttle but I can hardly find the chip on my HP I also remembered I have the Shuttle Motherboard Manual but know what to look for for the PLL I also saw at the back on the book there are some advanced BIOS features to Enable or Disable the CPU L and L cache CPU L cache also Hyper Threading Technology But that is about it I read about another program called CPU-Z which list specs about your computer But what info do I use to get the PLL for it Any help in locating the PLL for either computer and also what is the best software to use would be great I want to overclock one of them to get some experience with the software and see if any of it is worth using later on or is safe enough to use I found some PCI fan coolers that were really cheap that I can put into the two computers nbsp

A:Overclocking Locked BIOS and MBs


Anyone familiar with any of this, or have any ideas.
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hello, i have been trying to overclock my dell studio 540 for quite some time now and have heard that it cant be done. i read a post on this site that someone talked to dell and found a link to a file that will flash the BIOS and allow overclocking. my warranty has run out so i cannot talk to them directly. does anyone know of a link to this BIOS? The post where i heard of the link is
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Hi.I've got a e6600 that i want to overclock to 3.2 ghz as the original 2.4 aint so fast. But when i try using the gigabyte 'easy tune' automatic overclocking program and set it to 3.2 ghz, it will just freeze and i have to start my pc again. Even at just 2.6 ghz, the system becomes unstable and freezes.
Here's my system specs:

Cpu:Intel c2d e6600
Mb: gigabyte ga-965P-S3 rev 3.3
Ram: Transcend 2x 512 mb ddr2 667
Graphics: Pixelview nvidia 7600GT 256mb ddr3 ram
Hd:250gb sata2 western digital
Dvd-rw drive
400w psu

Thanks for you help in advance

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I wanted to clock my 1200Mhz AMD Thunderbird and I thought I could do it in the bios. I have an Abit KT7A Raid and though it could handel it.

I set the multiplyer to it's lowest of 5 and the frequency to 140Mhz.

I entered and saved the settings and got a blank screen. I rebooted but still got a blank screen.

I tried to reset my bios by taking out and putting back in the battery but still got a blank screen.

I heard something about the insert key to solve this problem or do I need a boot disk?

How do I solve this blank/black screen proplem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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for sometime now i have been recieving an overclocking error in my bios. i do not know how update the bios from the book i recieved with it.

i am wondering how i can fix that

i am also having a problem with my processor it is running dangerously hot.

here are the temps:

cpu temp: 94.5 degrees celcius/202 degress farenheit
mb temp: 35 degress celcius/95 degrees farenheit

fan speed is: 2067 rpm

i am running on a 400 watt power supply

i am wondering if i need to replace the power supply & fan since i am only running on a cheap case fan. i have applied cooling compound with no result.

please if anyone can help please get back to me.

my specs are:

asus p5b-vm do motherboard
intel celeron d processor 3.2 ghz
1 gb ram
nvidia geforce 7300 gs video card
windows xp operating system

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This machine started life as an HP with the normal HP crap on it It had an extremely weak PSU of watts HP s version of XP home riddled with spyware A crappy heatsink slow hard drive You Crappy Overclocking bios. question. know the normal stuff My sig will basically let you know where the machine is now which is why the sig is there I guess certainly not for bragging rights LOL The one Crappy bios. Overclocking question. thing I have not been able Crappy bios. Overclocking question. to get rid of without changing the mainboard is the HP bios I am not going to change the mainboard just yet so here is where the question comes in I downloaded a program called cpucool and have used it to raise my fsb enough to get to mhz and I plan to go up until my temps start to climb I have heard it is not the greatest ides to clock the fsb in windows but I have no choice If this works out I do plan to buy the cpucool program so it won t expire Is anyone familiar with clocking this way Is anyone familiar with cpucool If I have to set it everytime I reboot I am not wanting to use it It would be just to much hassle I do run speedfan to watch my temps and on this machine speedfan is mighty close to the actual bios readings DANGEROUS That is what I really need to know nbsp

A:Crappy bios. Overclocking question.

The problem is that the settings are on the windows, so if you clock too high and need to reboot, you could find that the settings take effect each time windows starts, and you will never get in again as it crashes each time windows loads. In the BIOS of lots of the new mobos, they allow for clocking to high and will revert back to a lower setting in the event of a crash. You will save yourself a lot of time this way.
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I have the P4C800-E Deluxe modo and Kingston(x2) DDR400 Duel channel memory set-up. The problem is that when I over clock the processor I loose the 400MHz and it goes to 160Mhz, but i can overclock successfully. If I do not overclock, I can have my memory at 400MHz. So what gives? Why can I not overclock and have my memory at 400MHz?

A:Overclocking in BIOS using ASUS mobo

I think that ASUS has an automatic thing that does that automatically if it is not overclocked properly.. it's really annoying.
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hello, i have been trying to overclock my dell studio 540 for quite some time now and have heard that it cant be done. i read a post on this site that someone talked to dell and found a link to a file that will flash the BIOS and allow overclocking. my warranty has run out so i cannot talk to them directly. does anyone know of a link to this BIOS? The post where i heard of the link is

A:Solved: Dell overclocking BIOS?

Only Dell has the correct BIOS updates for the motherboards on their own brand of computers.
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anyone with a Radeon 9500 NON pro, 9500 Pro, or 9700 NON pro intereted in overclocking those cards might want to take a look at this.
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When I press Restore Settings button in BIOS setting (through F2 when Dell logo is displayed at booting) then the dialog with two options is shown:

BIOS Defaults
Factory Settings

What is the difference about these two options (BIOS Defaults vs. Factory Settings) please?
Thank you.
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Hi Guys I restored an image created with Macrium Reflect on my wife's computer Custom build with Asus P Z -V LX mother board and everything went fine until rebooting when i got to the quot Please press DEL BIOS access UEFI Cannot Bios, to settings or F2 DEL enter press Please or F to enter UEFI BIOS settings quot then everything stopped I have tried F DEL F F just about Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings all the F combinations and nothing works I have two SSD drives one with Win Pro and one with Win Pro not connected at the same time and neither of them will boot up I have tried changing the jumper pins from and to and for sec to clear the RTC Ram in CMOS then returned then to and and tried rebooting no change so i removed the battery and repeated the jumper pin swap then reinstalled the battery and still no change cannot get passed press DEL or F to access the BIOS settings I even downloaded the latest BIOS and updater as shown and put them on a USB flash drive together and tried the Macrium Rescue disk and still nothing happened and it will not open the BIOS maybe i got it all wrong I was hoping someone here might know how to put it right i am out of idea's and any help would be greatly appreciated System Specs Intel Core i K Ivy Bridge GHz MB Motherboard Asus P Z -V LX LGA ATX Motherboard Memory G Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings Skill GB Kit x GB DDR Ripjaws X C MHz Samsung Series GB quot mm SSD SATA x Win and Win Storage Drive Western Digital Caviar Black WD FAEX quot TB MB RPM Graphics Card Leadtek Quadro MB DVI DP Optical Drive LG CH LS x Black SATA Blu-Ray Combo Drive Retail Pack Card Reader Shintaro in quot Sound Card Integrated Gigabyte GZ-X Black Mid Tower Case - Cannot access Bios, Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS settings W PSU Power Supply XFX Core Edition Operating System Microsoft Windows Professional OEM Bit Anti Virus Trend Micro Maximum Security Keyboard amp Mouse Microsoft Wireless Desktop Monitor Asus VE H quot Full HD WS MS LED Thanks Guys
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Good evening!
A week ago I reinstalled Windows 7 in EFI mode on my laptop, and now I've got this problem: whenever I turn on my computer after a shutdown, the BIOS says "System Resuming" instead of "Press F2 to enter settings". This makes impossible for me to access BIOS settings. Previously, my BIOS used to say "System Resuming" only after a hibernation. The weird fact is that - as far as I remember - this thing started happening only after a few days.
Can you help me?
Thanks in advance :-)

A:I can't access BIOS settings because BIOS assumes Windows is resuming

Try doing a shutdown command from a CMD window, or Start button / Run
The command is shutdown /s

See if entering the command manually makes a difference in how it starts up
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I am really new to overclocking, and my first attempt my have fried my system. I went to the Bios and set my system to overclock to... I don't remember the speed, but when I hit save and exit the system never booted the OS it just blanked the screen. I let it sit for a while and nothing happened. I reset it in hopes to get back to the BIOS but after turning it on the BIOS wont even boot. The screen never turns on but the comp sounds like its running fine. Anyone know what the issue is? Or know how to do a hard reset to clear the changes I made to the BIOS?

A:Problems overclocking, system won't boot BIOS

Remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard for a few minutes, reinstall it and start the PC. That should return the BIOS to default settings. Keep in mind that if you have SATA drives and the BIOS was set to SATA, AHCI or RAID, be sure to reset it to that or you could have trouble starting Windows.
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here is my MOBO http www newegg com Product X2 from on Athlon 5000 BIOS 64 AMD overclocking Question Product aspx Item N E and my CPU http www newegg com Question on overclocking AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 from BIOS Product Product aspx Item N E before anyone undoubtedly would ask I have a AMD Question on overclocking AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 from BIOS Athlon X running at a core speed of ghz i want to get it to ghz yes i have proper cooling but i go into BIOS and use the overclocking option its called navigator overclocking utility or something and it just gives me a whole bunch of voltages and an option containing quot v tech engine quot and v and v and such which i have NO clue what that is and a whole bunch of other statistics that i can change can anyone with my parts tell me how to go about getting it to ghz exact information would be nice and include pictures if you can but its not needed I understand the risk i am taking here and have taken precautions so dont worry about me killing my computer nbsp

A:Question on overclocking AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 from BIOS

That is too big a leap.
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My Samsung series laptop has been sending out popup messages telling me I need a bios update I go to the Samsung software update site and this bios update has been software Bios Samsung update bios,update for fails failing I have made several calls and chats to techs at Samsung who tell me to do what I have already done they tell to ask for tier tech who can go in my computer and fix Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails it When I finally got a tier tech they told me the same thing I told him what I had been told about him and what he could do He said is it working I said yes but settings on computer change on their own like wifi turns itself on and that concerns me Anyway Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails He said that it didn t need a bios update even the Samsung website said this computer needed a bios update I posted this on hardware firmware concerns and they told me to post here I was going to go to a site that had a download that checked drivers I was told to stay away from this Thanks Jim

A:Samsung Bios software update for bios,update fails

Are you getting a direct link from the notification update? Can you post the link/site next time?
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I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards 

A:BIOS settings grayed out, Login To BIOS as Administrator?

leonardlin wrote:I have a HP 2760P and I'm running Windows 7 64bit,I did a clean install since I replaced the harddisk, I installed HP Protect Tools. Problem:Most of the BIOS settings are grayed out, I can't change anything. Do I need to login to the BIOS as Administrator or so? When I enter the BIOS I get asked to login.I can only login with my Domain-Account, I can't enter another account name.I therefore login and see the bios-settings.However most settings are grayed out."Set Administrator Password" is also grayed out. How can I enable the BIOS-settings?Do I need to Login into the BIOS as an Administrator? How can I do that, during entering the BIOS it only let's me login as my regular domain-account or how can I even set an Administrator-Password? Thanks and best regards What I have found is that this situation arose for me when I logged in to the BIOS as a regular user after installing HP ProtectTools and enabling Pre-boot authentication.  I needed to log in as an admin user. However, in my case, I had yet to set up an administrative password for the BIOS prior to setting up HP ProtectTools.  What I needed to do was the following set of steps: 1.  When the system reboots, it SHOULD give you the option to log in to the BIOS as a guest or registered user.  Log in as GUEST into the BIOS instead of a registered user (wierd, but it works).2.  Go to BIOS Security settings and create a BIOS admin password.3.  You should then be able to edit additional settings, although you may need to log out and then log in as guest and type your new BIOS admin password. Hope this helps! Best Regards,Eric
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This is my first post here, so hi to everyone.
I just got an ASUS X401a Notebook and I want to use a flash drive to boot from Linux.
I need to change the sequence in the BIOS so that the flash drive is first choice to boot from.
I have no problem accessing the BIOS utility, but it allows me to alter only some settings. Those in blue colored font I can change those in black font I cannot. What drive to boot from first is in black and not adjustable.
I used command line to work as admin and I also set up a password for admin in the BIOS to access the BIOS utility, but still no go; some things are allowed to be changed some aren't.

Any help is appreciated.

A:BIOS: Can access BIOS utility, but cannot change settings.

Is it asking for a password or something?
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I would like to find information about overclocking my XPS 8900 with i7-6700K Processor. In the BIOS options I found two options OC1 and OC2. I assume this is for overclocking and that OC2 would make the CPU faster than using OC1, but I have not found any documentation about this. Are there disadvantages for using OC2? Is there any information about CPU speed gains?

A:XPS 8900, Intel Core i7-6700K, Overclocking in Bios

If you download tools like Intel XTU and HWiNFO64 you may see what is different. You can also run some quick stress tests.   I would not expect much, but you might be surprised.
I would watch temps very closely. CPU core temps in particular, but memory and CPU package also.
You can get the temps off of both XTU and HWiNFO64.
Caveat: I haven't touched a skylake system and don't own an 8900 but the principles are the same as other chips and chipsets.
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Judging by Dell s current take on the upgrade? BIOS potential Studio Overclocking & 435MT - XPS 435T overclocking subject I imagine that it Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade? s true that the new i Studio XPS system cannot be overclocked even though other manufacturers using the i solution report great results overclocking the i nbsp Indeed even CNET reviews such a system making the comparison between the Studio XPS pretty stark given the similar specs elsewhere nbsp I believe they overclocked the Velocity Micro i system to GHz with no issues reported Is there a chance that Dell will be offering a BIOS upgrade that will allow the ability to safely overclock nbsp Or BIOS update to allow for Mhz RAM to work as stated in the MT manual On a second issue I ve seen reports that the X chipset board actually will allow for a maximum RAM of near GB double the Dell s reported maximum of nbsp Will the Dell eventually allow for GB nbsp On the other hand I ve seen max reports too nbsp Just wondering where it will really fall for the ultimate upgrade nbsp EDIT nbsp Appears the T board will allow for GB MT stands for Mini Tower and T stands for Tower Thanks for any insight here - kh

A:Studio XPS 435MT & 435T Overclocking potential - BIOS upgrade?

I also hope a bios for overclock. Also the current one is too simple, even doesn't display the fan speed.
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I have a VN7-572G. The presented BIOS settings are sort of lackluster for a gaming laptop and I know what I'm doing enough to tinker with more advanced settings. I've examined the BIOS for this laptop and there are a ton of locked-away settings. Unfortunately, there is some sort of BIOS security implemented that prevents me from just flashing a modified BIOS onto this laptop. Is there perhaps some sort of way to officially access more advanced settings or any way of requesting one from Acer?

A:Advanced BIOS Settings and/or Unlocked BIOS? (VN7-...

Hi, Short answer, NO.
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Im starting this thread so that for all who have unlocked their bios for wirelesscard whitelist removal or what ever, using the link on techInferno using svl7 mod can have a guide as to what settings can be used to improve the performance of their y510p and what settings to stay away from.  For those who have difficulties in retrieving the files from techInfernos website can pm me. Any and all suggestions and requests are welcome. Happy modding.

A:Y510p Bios mod, Best unlocked bios settings.

I would do this, but after paying 1000 for this laptop, that risk of bricking the bios..

Lenovo y510p - Intel Quad-core 4th gen i7-4700MQ @3.40Ghz - 16GB RAM - 1TB HDD 8GB SSD - 1080p FHD - Nvidia 755m SLI
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Hi I don t really use Flash except for when an occasional webpage has something on it I guess I just checked and see that I have Flash Version The latest version on the Flash website is I thought I read something about Settings In Flash? Manager? Settings To Need What Update there being security vulnerabilities in older versions of Flash Would this effect me Should I update to the newest version Are there any downsides to updating Or am I okay with my current version If Need To Update Flash? What Settings In Settings Manager? I do update do I need to download run the Flash uninstaller first Then download install the newest version of Flash I m also wondering what are the best safest settings to have on each tab of the Flash Settings Manager http www macromedia com support document manager html I didn t even realize such a think existed until this morning -- and am wondering if I may have Need To Update Flash? What Settings In Settings Manager? quot unsafe quot settings currently I use Firefox so I don t think I even have Flash installed for IE so I wasn t going to bother downloading the one for that But how can I make sure I don t have Flash for IE installed currently Any help is appreciated -- thanks

A:Need To Update Flash? What Settings In Settings Manager?

1. I cant help you with this one but I will say that most companies recommend their newest versions because they usually include security patchs or other updates.2. I'm not a hundred percent clear on what your asking here but you click the link on this site here to download the installer.;promoid=BIOWWhen it is completely finished downloading, doubleclick the installer icon.Or maybe you were looking specifically for this the second one down. This is the flash player firefox add-on from the Mozilla website.*****I just checked the second link, it only redirects you to the first one.3. I would set all of the options you can to ask. That way if a legitimate Flash object is used you can approve it. If you typing an email (for example) and a suspicious flash alert pops up, you can kill it by denying it. (A small popup box will appear each time a flash object is present. Under the storage options it is up to you how much data you allow to be stored on your computer. I would recommend that you allow no data to be stored. The downside to this is that the Flash videos may take longer to load.For the next two tabs I would set these at Ask again for the reasons stated above. The automatic updates are a preference issue. For Privacy Settings, again I would set all to ask. I frequent youtube, so I set that site only to always allow.For the final storage setting option, again, Always Ask. I made another exception here for youtube. This, I found, make youtube faster while streaming.4. If you open up internet explorer and go to it will tell you your flash player version in a small grey box in the middle of the page.Hope i pointed you in the right direction.
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My RAM is G SKILL Ripjaws X Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC As you can see it is advertised as MHz A lot of people have been having problems about it being set to MHz on the BIOS so I had to specify MHz when I built my PC Just now I woke up with my PC mysteriously shut down -- I left it running before I sleep When I tried turning it on I saw this I went into the BIOS and saw that my DRAM Frequency has been set back to MHz -- so my screwed PC: failed! up Overclocking Update (RAM) Windows that's what the overclocking failure was about I exited and went through with Windows bootup and I saw that Windows Update was prepping my PC So now what else could I blame I clearly remember rescheduling that update to Saturday morning actually but there wasn't any button to quot Save quot the re-schedule so I was under the impression that it saved automatically Windows Update screwed up my PC: Overclocking failed! (RAM) But anyway it updated during the time I didn't want it to and it keeps on making my RAM fail Has anyone experienced the same thing If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it Thanks

A:Windows Update screwed up my PC: Overclocking failed! (RAM)

Nevermind. I panicked.

So apparently, my PC's XMP profile configuration was reset for some reason. Still, I blame Windows 10 update because nothing else could've happened -- if it was a power interruption, I'm on UPS.
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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?
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Hello everyone I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn t find any kind of solution update BIOS B590 failure! Lenovo BIOS FLASH! Black... for my problem Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system which also previously was Windows Ultimate x The installation went as usual and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site for my product When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i ve needed i Lenovo B590 BIOS update failure! BIOS FLASH! Black... stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop by the producer So i proceeded to install the upgrade restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing things that i did not understand at the time i have never encountered anything like that After that my screen turned black I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter When trying to boot it all up again the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else After doing a little bit of research it appears that somehowm i ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something and nothing else would work at this point I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back tryed resetting the bios by taking out the battery but nothing would work I would be really thankful if anyone would be kind enough to point me one way or another as i do not know what to do at all nbsp Around the webz i found some way of creating a bootable usb flash drive where i would put a compatible version of BIOS from the site and then install it onto the laptop but i do not quite know how to do that properly either as the software they are pointing me to wincrisis is not working by any means
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Dear all nbsp Since the beginning I got troubles with charging - plugged in not charging The easiest solution was just remove the battery but not for HP Omen I removed battery and destroyed the rubber on the bottom nbsp I had to open the laptop because one morning I got the massegae that my laptop is overheated and fan does not work properly Both fans works only during the lounch when windows works only one fan was in operations second one never starts again Looking for the solution in the internet I have found that this can be because of BIOS is not updated nbsp update vers... works Fan like helicopter-BIOS BIOS is a blocked I pushed F checked the the system everything is fine and then I installed only one version Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers... which I have found there No massages regarding overheating any more both Fans are working full power and very very loud Temperature of processors is C In my room C nbsp nbsp I followed all instructions but got massege BIOS update is blocked I downloaded the most previous version again BIOS update is blocked Current version of bios is BIOS version F Sep nbsp Can it be solved somehow nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Fan works like a helicopter-BIOS update is blocked BIOS vers...

@YuraL? To better help you we would need the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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I have a old Tecra 9100 with years of good service, and this is my first problem, but is a great one, after a forced reboot the screen shows a BIOS block 1 damaged message. I have tried to repair the BIOS upgrading to the last version I have found, the 1.6 one, but its a Windows version (to upgrade from a running Toshiba computer I think) and when I try to run it in another computer to generate a FDD and upgrade BIOS, I cant, beacuse a Toshiba common modules message.

Its there any BIOS diskette image-archive I can dowload to perform the BIOS upgrade in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance.

A:Tecra 9100 - BIOS block 1 damaged and how to update BIOS?


All you can find is stuff on Toshiba support page. I don't know where you live but try to contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They have access to Toshiba database and they can obtain all this for you. Make a call and ask for help. I am pretty sure they will help you to solve this BIOS issue.
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Hello all, this is my first time posting here so please forgive any mistakes/oversights. I've just updated my Samsung laptop's system BIOS via their software update program, and my Nvidia GPU (GT 650m DDR3) no longer seems to work. The Nvidia control panel is still there, and it still gives me the option to select which programs use the GPU, but there is no GPU actitivity showing up. Also,I've tried playing Skyrim (which auto-detects the PC's graphics cards) , and the game no longer seems to detect the Nvidia GPU (just the Intel integrated graphics).

My laptop model is NP550PC7, with 6 gig of ram, and an i7 quad core CPU, and the OS is Window 7 Home Premium 64bit.

I've tried looking in the BIOS but I can't seem to find anything related to the GPU or display options. Any help or avice is much appreciated.

A:Problems with Nvidia gpu post BIOS system BIOS update.


Have you updated your GPU with the latest drivers?

Please navigate to:

Start> Control panel> Swith to icon view> device manager.
Look under "Display Adapters"

Is the Nvidia GPU listed there? If so are there any yellow symbols etc?


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HP software said there was a bios update and it ran through this one screen said it recommended backing up the bios in case of corruption and it created a partition. Computer will now not boot and as its new I dont have a recovery disk. How is it that an automatic HP update can kill the computer. Anyone know if removing the partition will solve it or if /i have likely lost everything on the C drive. Any help appreciated thanks
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I have a five-month old HP Compaq Presario Laptop, which has been working fairly decently (I've had a few virus scares, and my Norton quarrentined something a twenty days ago). On HP's advice, I just updated the BIOS on my laptop. It's currently stuck at Verifying New Bios Image, and it's at 100% - It's been stuck that way for a half-hour plus. Any advice? What should I do?

A:HP BIOS Update Stuck at "Verifying New Bios Image 100%"

You have no choice but to force a reboot and keep your fingers crossed.
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Made the huge mistake of updating BIOS Had small MOBO usb prob and for some reason thought a BIOS update would do something Wasn t too worried because Gigabyte touts Dual BIOS pretty strong Anyway tried updating BIOS then system would not boot so the Backup BIOS didn t kick in btw the MOBO is a Gigabyte GA-K N Pro So I copied the backup bios to a floppy and used the floppy to fix the problem - xp now freezes tried bios to - BIOS boots but update main bios OK now computer would boot but would freeze up after the desktop icons appear Actually would sometimes work for a few minutes but always froze up Boots OK to safe mode even to the point of getting online so I downloaded the old bios from Gigabyte put them on floppy and used that to update the main bios Same result Also did a system restore from XP Pro Safe Mode because XP wrongly states that this can be undone didn t find out that System Restore done from safe mode cannot be undone until I tried to undo My tech support ABS Computer they rule thinks that the BIOS is now fine that some windows files are corrupt and a re-install will fix problem and mobo is probably fine as well I ll buy that anyone have any miracle suggestions before i re-install Is a repair install worth BIOS problem - tried to update bios - now xp boots but freezes a shot Really not looking forward to re-installing all my software and putting all my data back where it belongs to get my email hist bookmarks etc back thanks - I will now write the following times LEAVE THE BIOS ALONE even with Dual BIOS nbsp
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Just posting as a warning to others and to vent update A settings update reset? windows to caused my annoyance a bit I always set up my Windows update settings to quot check and notify but don't download and install unless I tell you to quot to prevent HDD thrashing performance downgrading at the A update caused windows update settings to reset? worst possible times and annoying quot oh you need to restart quot notifications All working fine but yesterday I notice some random and annoying HDD thrashing bit later on the windows update restart notification wants to restart the computer what It turns out my update settings had been reset to quot automatically download and install recommended quot without my knowledge and express permission I was not amused And no nobody else but me has access to the computer much less someone who knows from where the windows update settings can be modified And I doubt any malware virus would be interested in keeping my windows up to date automatically Don't know what exact update caused it but I know I will disable all windows updates if this happens again

A:A update caused windows update settings to reset?

Quote: Originally Posted by hexaq

but I know I will disable all windows updates if this happens again.

Your'e over-reacting a bit, don't you think? I would hazard a guess and say your system isn't behaving any worse then it was before, and its more secure now

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Update - Fixed by reinstalling Windows fresh Again I think the problem was caused by installing Windows linked with my Microsoft account and then switching that to a local user My Microsoft account was registered for the insider program so perhaps I was receiving the fast updates and switching to a local account put me on slow updates which got Windows Update muddled in the confusion Original Post Windows Update appears to load Security Update Update Settings does & Windows - > not > be stuck broken It displays this loading animation even when left alone for an entire day See screenshot All the other panels such as Windows Defender will display their available options it is only Windows Update that will not show This is a clean install of Windows Home I have made some alterations to the service configuration disabling what I had been advised as unnecessary services I have reverted as many of those changes as I could remember but it is a possibility that one of those changes caused this Background Intelligent Transfer service is quot Running quot and set to quot Automatic Delayed Start quot Windows Update service is quot Running quot and set to quot Manual Trigger Start quot Aug - Edit I have cross referenced services with another computer with an unaltered fresh install of Windows Home No difference in service configuration was found Internet connectivity is stable Network profile is quot Public Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update - does not load quot No alterations have been made to the default network configuration User account was originally associated with Microsoft Account but was then switched to be a Local Account Have run sfc scannow which found and fixed Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update - does not load some problems Running sfc scannow a second time reported no problems Running the Windows Update Troubleshooter through Troubleshooting - gt Fix problems with Windows Update yields no results quot Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem quot Have deleted contents of C Windows SoftwareDistribution Download Have also re-initiated the C Windows SoftwareDistribution folder Have ran command quot Dism Online Cleanup-Image RestoreHealth quot which reports no errors Have ran command quot Dism Online Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update - does not load Cleanup-Image StartComponentCleanup ResetBase quot Have ran the fix-it from https support microsoft com en-us kb which reports quot Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem quot Cross-posting this from my question on Microsoft Answers which unfortunately did not garner much attention so I'm trying on these forums Aug Edit Checking installed updates I do not have KB or KB Manually downloaded and installed both of these updates Did not fix the issue

A:Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update - does not load

Hi wadlip,

I have done exactly the same fixes as you - to no avail. Nothing works. I am surprised by a lack of response by Microsoft. In addition to not being able to update, i cannot update the definitions for Windows Defender. This issue has definitely something to do with BITS.
If i stumble over the solution, i'll post here. I have all night to find the fix
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this is one of those Windows and Windows now quot features quot that drives me and a lot of other people nuts Why is it that I get different quot answers quot different results different behavior from the Control Panel quot Windows Update quot utility vs the PC Settings quot Windows Update quot utility And why does the latter throw an error when I press the Windows Key dumb I look in Control Panel Windows Update and for instance will have quot ready to install quot a few updates - nice clean ready to go I look in the Windows multi-step slow cumbersome Windows Update and I have quot check now quot hit the check now button spin spin spin may or may not get a response Pressing the Windows Key to return to the relative tranquility of my desktop and it throws an error from 'Microsoft Visual C Runtime Library' quot Runtime Error Program C Windows ImmersiveControlPanel SystemSettings exe quot This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way Please contact the application's support team for more information quot

A:PC Settings/Update not-equal-to C.Panel/Windows Update

Originally Posted by cognus

this is one of those Windows 8 [and Windows 10 now] "features" that drives me and a lot of other people nuts.
Why is it that I get different "answers", different results, different behavior, from the Control Panel "Windows Update" utility vs the PC Settings "Windows Update" utility? [And why does the latter throw an error when I press the Windows Key?] ?

dumb... I look in Control Panel/Windows Update and, for instance, will have "ready to install" a few updates - nice, clean, ready to go. I look in the Windows 8 [multi-step, slow, cumbersome] Windows Update and I have "check now"... hit the check now button, spin/spin/spin, may or may not get a response. Pressing the Windows Key to return to the relative tranquility of my desktop and it throws an error from 'Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library' "Runtime Error Program: C:\Windows\ImmersiveControlPanel\SystemSettings.exe" This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."

I prefer the control panel versions too, just right click action center flag icon choose Open Windows Update and away we go. What nerves me with the immersive version is looking at the history, it's much easier to read in the control panel version. I guess that's why the registry hack came out so quick in 10TP.
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i have a computer i got from my aunt, when the computer starts up, at the top of the screen it says award modular BIOS v4.51PG

at the bottom it says: 08/21/1998-ALADDIN5-2A5KKB0DC-00

i want to know if there is an update for the bios, because i want to use a Maxtor 80GB hard drive.

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Hi, I saw the new BIOS version 1.25 dated ?14?.?09?.?2016 appearing on Lenovos support site. I did not check the version I was having on my system before downloading the "new BIOS", so I started the installer and the tool told me I already have this BIOS version. msinfo32.exe tells me I am having BIOS 1.25 dated 13.07.2016. So apparently the BIOS was released already some time ago and I already flashed it to 1.25. So whats the point of re-releasing the 1.25? If there are any changes of todays version compared to the 1.25 released some time ago, is it worth flashing? If yes, how can I do this if the tool tells me I am already having the latest version and it does not let me override my BIOS? Thanks and best regards,Martin
Relevancy 45.58%

I have a Lenonvo H50-55 desktop with an AMD A10-7800 APU (3.5GHz), 12GB RAM, 2 HDD's, and an Nvidia GTX 750 video card, running Windows10 Home x64. My current BIOS  version is IRKT54AUS, and the latest available version on Lenovo's update page for my machine is IRKT57AUS. When I try to flash my BIOS from the downloaded update file, I get the error message in the subject. I am starting everything with Admin privileges, but that makes no difference. If it's a Lenovo machine with stock BIOS, why am I getting an "unknown vendor" message? Inquiring minds want to know  TIA!
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A Basic Guide to Overclocking Before we begin there are some things you need to understand There is NO safe overclocking All overclocking involves some degree of risk There is no guarantee of an overclock Just because someone else was able to OC the same cpu as you have to gig is NO guarantee you will be able to achieve the same overclock No overclock is worth anything unless it is a stable overclock If it is not prime stable it is NOT a stable overclock Do not ask how much you can overclock your XXX cpu There is no answer to this until you test in a systematic manner It is like asking how long is a rope You do not know until you measure it Do not ask about overclocking your dell hp gateway compaq or other big box system It is not going to happen Just about ALL big box systems come with a bios that does not have overclocking options Chuck amp s rule Do not overclock with parts you cannot afford to replace If you are comfortable with the above we can Overclocking posting Basic Questions Overclocking. Read to before A Guide continue to attempt a stable OC of your system The very first thing I would like you to do is read your manual Become familiar with the bios menus and where settings are located Each bios and even each bios revision can differ as to where settings are located Giving you detailed instructions on where to find a given setting is just about impossible Next issue the quality of your parts A stable OC is highly dependent on the quality of your parts Do not buy an ECS motherboard cheap ram or an allied power supply and expect to OC your system Buying cheap low quality parts and expecting to overclock the system is like buying a Yugo and expecting it to run like A Basic Guide to Overclocking. Read before posting Overclocking Questions a Cadillac There are two ways to overclock your system Raising the cpu multiplier Works only on cpus that have unlocked multipliers Raising the FSB front side bus Raising the multiplier will up the cpu speed and leave the rest of the system running at stock speed Raising the FSB will up the cpu speed as well as the ram speed the ability of the bus to transfer data etc ie just about everything in your system You will need to decide on which method or combination of methods you want to use For my own system I run a stock multiplier and have increased the FSB to achieve a stable OC of gig on an AMD To overclock with an unlocked multiplier find the bios setting for your cpu multiplier and adjust it up one As an example if you have a gig cpu and your multiplier is FSB up it to Save settings and restart This gives you a gig cpu Now we need to check the stability I use prime for stability tests There are other apps as well you can use AMD Overdrive for AMD systems or you can use OCCT Over Clock Checking Tool In addition have some type of temperature monitoring software Most motherboard makers have some type of monitoring software ie asus probe gigabyte easytune etc I have always liked Hardware Monitor ie HWMonitor for checking temps Start both prime and your temp monitor With prime choose the cpu torture test Let it run for at least minutes If it is stable with no errors AND your temps are within limits you can restart and again enter the bios Up the multiplier again and repeat the test When you find an error you can either back-off to a known stable OC or you can up your vcore cpu voltage and repeat the stability test If it fails after upping vcore you can also adjust the chipset voltage high end motherboards only I always recommend that when adjusting either chipset or cpu voltage go up the minimum amount that you can and test Do understand that upping the vcore or chipset voltage carries a very real risk of damaging the cpu or motherboard Once you find a stable setting for your OC I like to run prime for a longer time Something like hr or longer seems to work fine for me If it runs prime for an hour without errors I would consider it a stable OC This concludes the first method of overclock... Read more

A:A Basic Guide to Overclocking. Read before posting Overclocking Questions

Also note that they must have significant cooling/air flow for a significant overclock.
And I think you made the message twice? I read the second half and it's exactly the same as the first half.
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a friend gave me his HP DV6500 Notebook to fix it. He said it made an update and then for hours nothing happened. He shut it and started again.

I could see that it tried to recover 2 times. The second time it was successful but it somehow resetted or returned the Vista to a fresh install!!! His data was locked in a previous User account, I backed it up on a usb-stick with a linux live cd.

I can't make a reinstall because now a bluescreen always appears even when I boot from Vista DVD.

ntoskrnl.exe corrupt when try to boot vista in the normal way.
How can I fix that without being able to use the repair option of the DVD?
Sorry, the title of the thread is wrong. I figured out already that the BIOS version is for an Intel. So everything is ok with the BIOS actually.

A:Solved: HP DV6500 Notebook wrong BIOS update by HP update function?

Ok, I could fix it after following instructions from this page:

The Txf-log had to be removed and afterwards I was able to use the repair function of the Vista DVD again.
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Hi Guys I have a REAL newbie question I ve tried reading a bunch of tutorials but they re a little over my head I think my question is pretty basic but Motherboard BIOS Drivers INCLUDES Update and Windows on M2A-VM? Update after Windows Update INCLUDES Motherboard Drivers and BIOS Update on M2A-VM? a couple hours research hopefully someone here would be kind enough to help I have an M A-VM motherboard and my system keeps freezing up no input from keyboard or mouse no ctl-alt-del nothing It freezes intermittently but never goes more than hours without freezing sometimes freezes in a few seconds with minutes being the average time it works before freezing Seems to freeze more often immediately when I m using the mouse than any other time but it will freeze on it s own just idling if you give it enough time I ve read a few things including updating bios and downloading the latest motherboard drivers My problem starts when I go to download the mobo drivers from this page ASUSTeK Computer Inc -Support- It lists driver updates there for my motherboard files found Qualified Vendor List BIOS BIOS History BIOS-Utilities Chipset AUDIO LAN Utilities Manual And apparently I m missing these Windows Updates Q - Important Q - Important Q - Critical Q - Important Q - Important Q - Moderate Question Do I download all Surely my machine can t need updates How do I know which ones to download and install Question Will a windows update select the appropriate motherboard drivers from this list or is that unrelated Question Will a windows update automatically select these particular updates for me or do I need to do anything manually to get them Question How do I update BIOS Which to choose there are listed above Is this something a professional should do or is it simple enough for a guy like me If anyone takes mercy on me and responds I ll be eternally grateful and I ll promise to help a lost soul in the future as repayment I ll take any help I can get Here are my specs Processor gigahertz AMD Athlon X Dual Core kilobyte primary memory cache kilobyte secondary memory cache -bit ready Multi-core total Not hyper-threaded Board ASUSTeK Computer INC M A-VM XX BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD ASUS M A-VM ACPI BIOS Revision Chipset Support AMD Socket AM Athlon Athlon FX Athlon X Sempron RAM Megabytes Usable Installed Memory OS Windows Professional build Thanks guys

A:Windows Update INCLUDES Motherboard Drivers and BIOS Update on M2A-VM?

I have the same board on another pc.

You only need to download and install only that which would make your setup current.

You really only need to update the bios if you will be moving up to a newer processor that is not currently supported by the current bios or if the newer bios fixes a known problem.

You need the latest motherboard chipset driver. (I would install this first if you haven't already)

You need the latest LAN driver.

The audio driver you can either download from Asus or from RealTek.
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I was recently playing the World of Warcraft expansion, Burning Crusade, when my computer suddenly fell to the blue screen of death. it told me to restart my computer and look for driver updates. If that did not work it told me to change my BIOS caching and memory settings. I searched and searched for a way to adjust or even find these settings but was unable to locate them. PLEASE HELP!!

A:BIOS settings

When you first turn on the computer, there should be some white lettering on black background. Look for a phrase that says "Press DEL for setup" or something similar. It should be DEL, ESC, F2, etc. Once there, on the "EXIT" tab, or even on the first page there should be an option to "load failsafe" or load default or something. Try that and see what happens.
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hi there!
can anybody help me please?
i have a wired problem.almost every week my bios change
back in default settings.i changed my cmos battery allraedy
and still the same thing.

my system:athlon 1700xp
win xp pro
512 mb
40 gig maxtor

thanks for awnser

A:bios settings

Flaky board.. I got a older A7V266 board that loses it's settings every time it's shut down. New battery makes no difference.

Also, I'm familier with your mobo, PC chips boards are notorious for troubles such as this.. You're lucky it works at all. You may be able to find a replacement in the same model and brand on ebay for around $25, but I'd really recommend a good name brand board like Asus, ECS, Abit, etc,,, You can pick up a good name board for around $50 in refurb section.

I'm not trying to crack on your mobo.. PCchips mobos are a real good deal when they work, but most of the time they don't work right.
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I have an hp compaq dc7900 convertible minitower and my graphic card is chowing only 64mb while in diagnostic tool it shows 804 mb i heard i can change it in the bios settings but it doesent show any settings 

A:Bios settings

Hi: You can't change the amount of dedicated or shared system memory in your PC. The total is 804 MB.  64 MB is dedicated system memory and up to 740 MB of shared system memory can be allocated to the graphics adapter if necessary.
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I have an old Pentuim KTX computer and everytime I start it up it would present the following:
I would then go through to the CMOS Setup but I'm not sure what to do, I have noticed that the time is incorrect and so I would change to the present time and save on exit. I would then go through to start up again and the following message appears:
- NO A/: PRESENT (or something to this affect)

I am still able to get through to Window 95 startup but 5 mins into startup and then the mouse would stop moving and the PC would appear to lockup and so I would restart and then find that nothing would happen on screen.
I'm hoping that someone may be able to assist me as to where I should start to fix this problem.

Thank you T.

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Hello there folks,

The trouble I'm having is with my Compaq Armada 1590DT laptop/notebook.

The manual states that to access the BIOS I should press the F10 button during start-up, so far I've had no success with this method.

Can anyone tell me if there is another way to enter the computers configuration/BIOS? (possibly thru' MS-DOS)
I'm running Windows Millennium, if that's any help.



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I have an hp compaq dc7900 convertible minitower and my graphic card is chowing only 64mb while in diagnostic tool it shows 804 mb i heard i can change it in the bios settings but it doesent show any settings 

A:Bios settings

Hi: You can't change the amount of dedicated or shared system memory in your PC. The total is 804 MB.  64 MB is dedicated system memory and up to 740 MB of shared system memory can be allocated to the graphics adapter if necessary.
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Hi MOBO ASUS M A -EM installed devices x sata HD x floppy x dvd rom IDE x sata DVD CD drive x sata My Settings Bios front panel multi port hub I ve been trying to resolve some issues I have with boot times and I don t understand some of my bios settings could someone advise me please or correct my selections IDE dvd rom set as master no slave SATA HD SATA DVD CD drive SATA multi port hub Onchip My Bios Settings Sata chanel enabled Onchip Sata type Sata but options for RAID or AHCI POWER Suppend mode Auto ACPI support disabled acpi-APIC support enabled Boot Sequence SATA HD SATA DVD CD drive Floppy can t see the IDE DVD drive but can see it elsewhere and drive works Please My Bios Settings see which drive does gets priority here on boot up I hopping it's number same drive or do I need to change sequence Advance Internal Graphics AMD HD Audio Enabled I have no HD devices fitted I have legacy Audio enabled elsewhere Audio Controller Enabled SPDIF outmode setting SPDIF output option to select HDMI

A:My Bios Settings

If you don't have a Hard drive RAID setup you can safely disable the sata chip for RAID.

You can also disable the DVD and floppy from the boot sequence. Just leaving the Hard Drive. That sometimes saves a few seconds. (re-enable them only when you need to boot from disk/dvd etc. They will still work within Windows if disbaled from the boot sequnce)

You can probably enable the ACPI 2.0 safely (advanced power management). However if it does cause issues, just disabled it again. It won't save you any time at boot, but will help with things like Sleep/Hibernate

The AMD 780 HD is an on-board High Definition Audio device. Try setting all options to HD instead of legacy 97

SPDIF is the digital output to things like stereos, surround systems etc. (yellow plug) Not needed if you plug speakers straight into the green/blue speaker jack ports.
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I have a Seagate 1TB Sata and a DVD write Sata. Windows device manager has always reported these as SCSI (not a unique problem I gather). Only the odd program refuses to see the sata drives.
All drivers up to date everything else runs ok.

Running AMI BIOS
under "Integrated Peripherals"
I have - On board Sata controller [Enabled]
On board sata mode [AHCI] ...the default setting

when I change [AHCI] to [Native IDE], windows device manager reports the drives as ATA. HDD speed slightly improved and all programs now see the Sata devices.

The [Native IDE] setting just doesn't seem right to me? Any comments?

A:BIOS settings for HDD

Sometimes, if the operating system is already installed, switching can cause problems, as it is reported. If IDE works, use it. IDE is what I use for my SSD and I have a beast ':.:'
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how would i enable vt-x on the bios, i want to changed it to enable but don't really which button to to press inorder to make it enable. really need help on this one. thanks

A:bios settings

@balafe? What is the exact model number or product number of your laptop/desktop??? REO
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i got a problem all my bios settings are all wrong and set at "0" how can i find all the right settings also half of my files are missing because of this i have tried to load the drivers disk but comes up with ms-dos has been terminated!!

can any one help me?

i got a patriot comptuer model number, pk 500-20

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Bult my new system and all is working well:

Athlon 2000XP
Abit KX7 333

I'm not sure if I've set the CPU bios settings properly though. The bios defaulted to the lowest supported CPU. I've set the CPU to my 2000 but I haven't touched the FSB and multiplier settings as I'm noy sure what they should be.

Its working fine but expect by setting these accordingly I'll get a little extra speed.

thanks all

A:CPU Bios Settings

How to tweak my ABIT MAX boards for good performance? (AT7 / KX7-333)

Don't know if you have read this FAQ at but you could try some of the settings that they advise for more performance. From what I can tell your system should automatically set the fsb and clock multiplier. Unless you are talking about overclocking the fsb you shouldn't need to set anything else.

The Abit Softmenu III Bios software should allow you to play with the fsb speed and also set the PCI speed to fixed at 33Mhz so that you don't encounter any PCI devices limiting a stable fsb setting...
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Hi, I would like some help with my Acer aspire 5315, I want to boot windows 7 from dvd/cd but when I go to my Bios settings>Boot order all I see is 2 IDE: (Numbers) and USB FDD, Network Boot, USB HDD, and USB CDROM but I don't see DVD/CD ROM My bios is Insydeh20 Rev. 3.0

A:I don't see dvd rom on my bios settings

Is windows installed now and you`re trying a re install ?

It`s not connected properly or powered properly, post a snip of Device Manager if possible.
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Hello guys I have a quot little quot question AGAIN I'm using a Gigabyte GA-P -DS L rev motherboard and a WD SATA II HDD I was curious witch settings should i change in my bios because my HDD shows up while i'm booting as IDE Channel Master I'll put a mark quot quot beside the settings that i'm unsure off if i set properly so you can guide me and give me a hand PS Sorry if my quot curiosity quot its a bit long Integrated Peripherals SATA AHCI Mode Disabled SATA Port - Native Mode Disabled USB Controller Enabled USB Controller Enabled USB Keyboard Support Enabled USB Mouse Support Enabled Legacy USB storage detect Enabled ! Bios Settings Azalia Codec Disabled Onboard audio Onboard H W LAN Disabled x SMART LAN Press Enter x Onboard LAN Boot ROM Bios Settings ! Disabled Onboard IDE Controller Enabled Onboard SerialPort F IRQ Onboard ParallelPort IRQ ParallelPort Mode SPP And another quick curiosity from the Power Management Setup ACPI Suspend Type S STR PME Event Wake Up Enabled Power On by Ring Enabled The reason i'm asking this is because i'm planning to update my OS on the secondary PC to win x At the moment using XP SP on it and i Bios Settings ! want to have the corect settings done

A:Bios Settings !

Hello Suspekt.

Here's a tutorial about AHCI that may be interesting to have a look at, at the link below.

AHCI : Enable in Windows 7 / Vista
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Not Sure If This Is The Correct Section But Here It Goes. I Need To Change My Agp Aperture Size In My Bios Settings. However The Bios On My Comp Is Pretty Basic And No Obvious Settings For Aperture Size. I'm On A Compaq Presario 5000 Series If Anybody Can Help.

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where can i find a site that lists all bios or other settings that would help improve the speed of you computer?

my specs r
p4 1.8
gf2 mx 400 64mb
20gb, 40gb hd

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Some questions about setting up my BIOS.
My MBO is a P4P800 BIOS AMI 12000312 Ver: 08.00.09

I have a selection for 32bit transfer rate, this is disabled. What is this and should it be enabled?

I have a selection for Throttle slow clock ratio set at 50%. What is this and should I change the setting?

With setting up the HDs there is setting for PIO and DMA they are both set for auto, should I turn off the PIO mode or will it atomically select the right DMA setting?

thanks for any help

A:BIOS settings

32bit transfer should be set on otherwise it will use 16bit transfer which is obviously a hell of a lot slower - and ancient technology.
Throttle slow clock is the power saving mode of the CPU and is only useful when running a laptop on batteries - basically run at half speed when not doing heavy work.
Leave the PIO mode and DMA as AUTO
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when i go to bios setting; i cant save and exit.. it just give me a clicking sound in my cpu.. hope someone can help me with this problems..thanx!

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i know that different frequencies for my processor in my Bios will set my processor at different speeds (In terms of Ghz), so, what setting do i want for max performance? all the numbers are ?/? (EX: 160/30, somethin like that)

A:BIOS settings

Without knowing what mobo/cpu you have, it's impossible to tell. Even with the info, all we could give is a estimate of what may be possible..

You can build two systems with exactly the same equipment, and both will act differently..
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I recently built a new system, with an ASUS A8N5X motherboard and two internal hard drives, one ide and the other sata. Everything works great with the exception of one thing. When I do a cold boot, the boot priority of my hard drives will not stay the way that I want them to. The sata is set to be a master drive on the channel it is on, and the ide drive is set to be a master drive on it's channel. I realized after I already had my operating system installed that I should have set the sata drive to be my boot drive, since it is a faster drive. However I do not really wish to re-install my operating system. Is there anything that I can change in my bios to force the system to accept the hard drive boot priority that I want it to have?

A:Bios settings

The only thing I could find in the BIOS is in the Boot section under Hard Disk Drives. It's got 1. 1st Master:XXXXXXXX, try putting the SATA drive here.
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note the FSB at 266mhz

does this look optimal setup for an MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard and a Quad Core 2.4ghz cpu?

A:Do these bios settings look about right?


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Gday out there i found out the GBram kit i had was faulty so i sent it back and got the new ones yeaterday I couldnt wait to apply your list of settings so this is what i did i did what you said in the list below well i think i did but i have a funny feeling i messed up in the section were you say about serial ports i could only find this onboardserial port RAM BIOS Please and with Help settings it had F IRQ I disabled it And the paraallel port mode i disabled as well it use to read IRQ Now it is disabled i restarted after applying these changes and all was great seemed to be like a rocket taking no time at all to load a page I shut it down last night and fired Help Please with RAM and BIOS settings it back up today and nothing well it starts but black screen only i cant even get to the xxxxx bios page i took out the battery thinking that would reset everything but still the same Its obvious i messed up somewere can i please ask for your help on what i might do the fix my problem This is what i did Ishould mention this is for a Q and Mother board is a GA-P -DS R this is from a guy in another forum that said try these settings basic setup these days is gigabyte splash screen off floppy drive set to none and fdd controller disabled boot order set to the first HDD and all others disabled I use the f boot menu if I want to boot to something else serial and parallel ports disabled S M A R T enabled auto cpu fan control on and that's about it Cheers Rob Any ideas how i might be able to fix this mess up i cant boot from the cd

A:Help Please with RAM and BIOS settings

Could you please identify what "list of settings" you're referring to?

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HI could someone tell me what setting I should select in the (bios)soft menu for a 2.1gig AMD Athlon xp processor on a Kg7-Raid motherboard

A:Cpu bios settings

here is a link with all AMD processor FSB and multiplier speeds
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i got a problem all my bios settings are all wrong and set at "0" how can i find all the right settings also half of my files are missing because of this i have tried to load the drivers disk but comes up with ms-dos has been terminated!!

can any one help me?

i got a patriot comptuer model number, pk 500-20
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Ok, hopefully this is the forum for this. Bios settings. Best. Worst. Don't touch? Is it worth going through these and tweeking them or are they beyond the average mortal?

HP 8668c
256mb ram
650 mhz
(plan on upping the graphics to a mx 420 or voodoo pci)
no agp slot unfortunately

Nothing but time :grinthumb

A:Bios settings

Originally posted by Rick
In many cases (Compaq especially), the only reason the BIOS is there is to give you a second option for adding hard disks and processors. Click to expand...

Those are pretty much the only settings you can even change in some of those BIOS', some will allow you to disable onboard video, sound etc... so you can add real cards for those.
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Anyone tell me the best settings for AMi latest bios.

A:Best settings for bios

Thats very vague, there's sop many different settings varying on the motherboard.

This may help though:
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Anyone know what these Bios settings do?

After going through BIOS I would appreciate it if anyone can tell me what the following settings do. I have the ASUS A7V333 motherboard and the (MSI) Nvidia Ti 4400 128MB.

Graphics Aperture Size: 64MB
AGP Performance Control: Disabled
AGP Fast Write: Disabled

Q Fan Function Control: Disabled


A:What do these BIOS settings do?

Ged- This explains almost every option available in your BIOS\CMOS and what happens at different settings.
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Hello my name is Derek this is my first post here at techspot and I apprechiate any help that is provided from what I have seen techspot looks like a great and friendly place to get some help Okay here is my problem I want to make sure that I have all the right bios settings that fit my hardware that I have my computer does not seem to be BIOS Help settings with running at its full potential but however I could be wrong Everything runs fine but I just want to make sure all the bios settings are correct I will tell you my system specs - Help with BIOS settings Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer VIA Technologies Inc System Model KT - BIOS Phoenix - AwardBIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon tm XP MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode Video Card Radeon Pro video card Mobo Soyo KT- Dragon Ultra Platinum edition mobo Processor AMD Athlon XP PSU Coolermaster extreme power W I dont know if you guys need me to list my current bios settings or can you just tell me which settings I need to look for and make sure they are correct Thanks for the help let me know if you need any more info nbsp

A:Help with BIOS settings

Your bios settings would be fine set to default, and would not make your computer run any faster. It would however slow down your boot process if it is searching for floppy drives and not set to boot from your Hard Drive first. But won't make an incredible difference. You should be fine...
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I've just install a new giga-byte GA-7vmm MOBO.Also a new HD and eveything works OK. When I try to to get into the bios a message box appears "flash utility v1.03"
Tells me to "Load bios from Floppy"
I've tried downloading from website to floppy(new system isn't on the web) and then typing in path, but it tells me it can't find the file.
I'm confused why I have to download the bios setup in the first place. I thought that it would be already configured. I can't get into the setup until I load a file recognised.
Any help or direction would be appreciated

A:getting into bios settings

According to giga byte

Power ON the computer and press <Del> immediately will allow you to enter Setup. If
unsuccessful, you can restart the system and try again by pressing the "RESET" bottom on the
system case.
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i dont know what settings i should have in bios, i dont know where to look for info on hard drives or cd roms. can anyone help? In standard setup window, there are acronyms or abbrev. that i do no recognize. CYL, HD, WP, SEC . What do they mean and where do i look for information to put numbers there. or do i even mess with that? E machine pentium III, with windows 2000 xp home edition.

A:bios settings

ag31 said:

i dont know what settings i should have in bios, i dont know where to look for info on hard drives or cd roms. can anyone help? In standard setup window, there are acronyms or abbrev. that i do no recognize. CYL, HD, WP, SEC . What do they mean and where do i look for information to put numbers there. or do i even mess with that?Click to expand...

You can start to learn what hardware you have by downloading Everest Free:
It will tell you about the SMART status of your disk drives and the temperatures of your System, CPU and Aux in addition to the rpms of your fans. Definitely do both the Quick and the Full Report.

The place where info and updates for your BIOS is located is at the website of the manufacturer of your motherboard.

The place where info and hard drive utilities is located is the manufacturer of your hard disk drives.

You can also learn by googling for example: "disk drive" & cyl
or checkout the hardware guides at

If you are not interested in overclocking your processor or having problems booting up, which usually means some kind of hardware problem - best not to mess with the BIOS settings until you know what you are doing.

-- Tom
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Is there a utility within windows or outside which can detect the bios settings of the machine without opening the bios itself.

This will facilitate my understanding of my machine. In the absence of this I have to go to each page of bios and collect the data and get it written down.

Could any expert guide me if this is possible. Presently I have a problem to know if my BIOS suports USB as a bootable device. If so how to make it active.

I have Award Bios for Intel GC11010N.86A.0303.2005.1108.2057 11/8/2005. I also would like to know if any upgrade is available.



A:bios settings


Welcome to TSG!

To my knowledge there is not a utility within windows or third party that reports or manages your system BIOS.

Depending on your operating system USB 2 support is available. WinXP both flavors support USB 2 but I am not sure about Win2000.

To better understand your system BIOS elements and thier functions perhaps this PDF file will help.

Lastly, be very careful arbitrarily updating your BIOS. Doing so could render your system inoperative. Use the guidence of the motherboard manufacturer through their Tech Support interface at their website is the best bet for proper flashing of BIOS.

Hope that helps a bit.

Take Care
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Hi all.

I'm trying to install Suse Linux which I have on cd-roms.
I need to boot from cd-rom to install it but I don't know what button gets me to the bios before xp startup. It doesn't display startup options either while booting up.

I made sure I'm using a ps2 keyboard.

My motherboard is a Compaq 0650h A2.


A:Getting into xp pro bios settings

try hitting F10 when u power up
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I have a really old computer Pentium II to be exact and of course something had to go wrong on me. it was the bios settings. It is a PhoenixBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0.A102 and these following message come up when i turn it on.

02B0 : Diskette Drive A error

Invalid system Configuration data - run configuration utility

Warning : IRQ not configured PCI network controller
Bus : 00, Device : 03, Function : 00

Warning : IRQ not configured PCI display controller
Bus : 00, Device : 09, Function : 00

is there any way you people out there can possibly help me?

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I would like to understand some of the settings on my AMI BIOS v plus get suggestions on the recommended settings for my XP Home SP system ASUS P K mobo with INTEL AMI BIOS Settings Core Duo E MB RAM GB DDR PC - Advanced PCIPnP Plug And Play O S Settings are NO default and YES NO Lets the BIOS configure all the devices in the system YES Lets the OS configure PnP devices not required for boot if your system has a PnP OS Should I leave the default NO setting or change it to YES and why Power Suspend Mode Settings are AUTO default S POS only S only What each one does and what is recommended Power ACPI Support Settings are DISABLED default Enabled What each one does and what is recommended Power ACPI APIC Support Settings are ENABLED default Disabled What each one does and what is recommended All is working fine on my PC AMI BIOS Settings except it will not go AMI BIOS Settings into Hibernation Hibernation has been enabled in the Power Options Properties Thank you nbsp

A:AMI BIOS Settings

I would set your BIOS to the default settings. They are designed to run best that way.
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My son's computer is an emachine athlon Xp 3200+ The default setting is 166 and that makes it an xp 2500. I'm trying to extend its life. My question is, will it help to keep the default setting or can I go back to the 200 setting that will make it a 3200? PS: I've had it at the 200mhz setting for a couple of years with no problems. What are the pros and cons of this. Thank you

A:CPU settings in bios?

Well, the main pro is that it will be a bit faster! I don't really see any point to underclocking it as long as it is sufficiently cooled.
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I'm trying to learn more about BIOS and it's settings, here are some settings that I'm not sure about:
HDD SMART Capability - Disabled (The manual says i should Enable this if i want to use a HDD monitoring program, which i use)
SATA Port0-1 Native Mode - Disabled (The manual says i should Enable this for XP)
Parallel Port Mode - SPP (I read in a guide that it would be better to change this to "ECP + EPP")
HPET Support - Enabled (It says it only works with Vista, should i disable it for XP?)
These are the ones I'm not sure about, anyone could tell what are the benefits or drawbacks of changing them?

Mobo: Gigabyte P35-DS3
OS: Win XP SP3

A:BIOS Settings

The BIOS default settings are usually okay as they are.

If you start changing settings without really knowing what you're doing, you can be left with non-working devices or a non-working computer.

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The Belarc advisor is showing my bus clock as 100 megahertz.

My board is suppose to be 133 meg. I know that the ram in all slots is PC133. I'm thinking I need to change a bios setting to get it up to 133. Is this correct? If so, which BIOS setting do I need to adjust. Is it CPU host clock?