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aTi Xpress 200 Series help please.

Q: aTi Xpress 200 Series help please.

Hiya there.
I recently installed Catalyst 7.10 software for my awful god awful graphics card which i wish to burn.) I installed for the purpose that it was taking 256mb from my system memory and was causing me to really lag up in Guild Wars- So i went on to the Integrated Graphics-UMA Frame Buffer section and from a drop down list where it was set to 256mb i tried it with 32, 64 and 128mb settings and clicked apply but everytime they reset to 256mb. This was quite frustrating as you can image. Any suggestions would be appreciated cheers and btw does changing the screen resolution mean that i wont lag as less on gw since im on 1024x768 i think and i should be on 800x600 and what about the refresh rate? thanks

Many Thanks for your time.

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Preferred Solution: aTi Xpress 200 Series help please.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: aTi Xpress 200 Series help please.

Best for you to get on the internet and do some research of your equipment. It's fun to look up all of your components. At the same time these questions will all be answered. When you go to New Egg and Tiger Direct, you can read their specifications page: there's a lot of info there. I am going to look up your video card for the hack of it after this post. It sounds like it's an old one. Good luck in your Google'ing.
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I got this graphics card thats its integrated to the motherboard.....and, in Windows 7 beta the driver was installed by windows update, but when i changed to windows 7 RC the driver is no longer in windows update or the ATI drivers page, and the one who appears in the catalog of windows update is not functionable for this version of windws 7. Can someone help me with this???

A:ati radeon xpress 200 series

finally y found something thats works for the graphic card............:i went to this page: search for "Ati radeon express 200 series"...................and after trying a lot af updates this one was the only one that was usefull for me...

ATI Technologies Inc. driver update for RADEON XPRESS 200 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
Windows Vista
Drivers (Video)
2,8 MB 2947995

unpack the files in a folder or whatever u want.....then go to the device for the display manager...choose update controler controler in the equip....choose in a lis of controlers.......the look up for the folder.....................and pick up Ati radeon express 200 series (micosoft corporation...etc)and thats all..........
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good morning, my moms computer has a ATI radeon Xpress 200 series chipset Graphics card, with Win 7. windows 7 wont detect or use it, and updating the drivers for some reason is not helping, does anyone have any suggestions?

any help would be appreciated!

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series (i need some help)

LuckyNumber7, welcome to the forums.

Give this thread here a read,

Help - ATI Radeon 200M not detected

and see if it helps.
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Although my new HP a1230n comes with, what appears to be a decent video card. Because it is integrated on the motherboard, would I be okay with staying with this card? I am an older guy who doesn't play hardcore games on my computer anymore. But I do want to do video copying with my DVD burner. And, if I did replace it, would the installation of another card in a PCI slot be going into my device manager and do some disconnecting?

A:ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series replacement

Hi Jakatak,
The HP a1230n's are actually pretty nice machines out of the box. They have PCI-Express slots so you are current with video upgrade capabilities if you ever did want to add a 3rd party videocard. That's an Athlon XP system too with a very fast FSB/memory bus.

As far as the integrated graphics are concerned, the Radeon IGP is actually one of the better integrated chips you can get. They are basically a shared vmem Radeon 7000 in capabilities, so playing a plethora of older DirectX 7.0/8.0 games is possible. They do pretty well in 3d benchmarks compared to other integrated chipsets. Obviously, they are not well suited to modern 3d/directx 9.0 games though.

So if you're not planning on installing any newer 3d games and mainly use the PC for video, audio, web surfing, burning dvd's and only light gaming- the Radeon IGP isn't a bad solution for this.

If you wish to get a fancy, whiz-bang videocard that supports directx 9.0, newest shaders and higher performance- you have a WIDE selection of cards in the PCI-Express you can use. has selections from both ATI and NVIDIA from $110 to $600 depending on how much 3d muscle the games you wish to play need.
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I'm either having a problem with the card itself or the driver, If i have the driver/card enabled and have my charger plugged in for my laptop the screen goes black but the computer itself stays on, there is no way to get the screen back on, i have the settings so when its plugged in it doesnt shut off or anything, if i have the driver/card disabled and the charger in it has no problems, same with if i have the driver/card enabled and the charger not in, anyone know how to fix this?

i have vista, and a gateway laptop

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200m Series

hi the driver and other software is here you need to scroll down a bit
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Ok so this is 2nd post first one no longer appears here and no information on where it went..

I am pretty computer literate, not a genius but know what's necessary.

The problem is when watching fullscreen videos on websites or any media player, unfortunately this doesn't work as it sends my screen into blackness and if left in blackness long enough; I get the blue screen (of death... scary, well it scared the life out of me the first time) .
I am running Win7 Ultimate x64
AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core Processor TK-53
2.5 GB RAM
on a Dell Inspiron 1501 (laptop)

The video card itself is a 128MB ATI Xpress Series (that's all it says, doesn't really have a number identifying model).

Win7 works perfectly fine, games.

A:[HELP!!!!] Problem with -> ATI Radeon Xpress Series


can you upload an image of the Blue screen or tell us what is written there (in the BOLD letters)?

Also somtimes problems with online videos are caused by bad or old flash player plugin or an old browser.
-In which browser you are having the problem? (IE,Friefox,Chrome).

-Have you tried updating your flash player?
(go to Adobe - Install a different version of Adobe Flash Player)

Good luck!
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I?m having a problem with graphics on my laptop. Whenever I switch to full screen, either watching a movie or playing a game, the screen starts flashing and jerking. The end result is the movie or game goes back to the minimized size and I get an error message. The message states that my display driver failed and was restored. I?ve also noticed the icons in the upper right corner (minimize, restore, close) stop functioning.
My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135-52276. The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate-Service Pack 1-32 bit. The graphics information shows ATI Radeon Xpress Series (0x5A62). The Total Available Grphics Memory: 831 MB. The current driver is from ATI Technologies, driver date 12-01-08, Version 8.561.0.0. Resolution is 1280 x 800.
I?ve tried Windows Update to check for updated drivers-tells me what I have is the best choice. I?m hoping you could help me-it?s really frustrating. Thank you.

A:I am having a problem with my ATI Radeon Xpress Series graphics.

Welcome to Seven Forums Snoopster03.
Windows update is often behind with drivers. How old is the laptop? The ATI designation indicates 3-4 years? You can go the Toshiba support site and see if they have a newer driver available for your model. Most laptops have specially created drivers which should be used for best performance.
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I hope no one minds if I piggy back on this thread, but I have a ATI RAdeon Xpress 200 series video card and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to buy a new, better card. My friend came over and said that it would be a good idea to buy a new one.

I am a computer novice, and not sure if my card is decent, or if it is something I should seriously consider. If I should could anyone give me the name a few good, somewhat affordable cards. That would be much appreciated.

(first post and didn't read the FAQ's so hope I'm not doing anything wrong)

A:ATI RAdeon Xpress 200 series video card

That is a really bad card...
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Hello I am using a ati radeon xpress 200 series graphics card

I installed Windows 7 in Jan this year, never had a problem - until today - the theme as re-set itself to the old windows version and it will not allow me to select any other theme (which it has been running fine still Jan - up until today??)

The probelm states - the current video card cannot display aero effects (even though it has been for a few months?)

PLease can you help - I have tried looking through websites but to find no help there

Hope someone can help me (new to this forum today )

A:ati radeon xpress 200 series wont let me use aero

Did you update your video drivers, or did Windows update install them automatically today?

If so, you may need to refresh your WEI index score
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how do i configure my ati radeon xpress 200 series graphics card for my tv using windows xp media center 2005?
thank you in advance!

A:how do i configure my ati radeon xpress 200 series graphics card for my tv
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Hi all,
Please can someone give me a download link for ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series Latest Driver For Windows 8.... Actually, I frequently Get This driver has stopped responding and has recovered errors.... Please Someoe give me a link for it.... Any help is appreciated... Please :-(

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series Latest Driver For Windows 8

Did you try here: Download Drivers ? I could not see that one of yours but you can try with driver for Win7. I'm afraid they dropped support for some older stuff. You might be better of getting some dedicated video card with support for Win8. Any card like that would be better than embedded.
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A Mozilla crash report has suggested that I upgrade my graphics drivers to version 9.6 or later.  I'm only running version 6.14 circa 2005.  I do not yet know whether or not it matters whether I am running Windows XP sp2 (my current OS install) or sp3.  I just cannot find the latest drivers after looking all over.
AMD took over ATI but they don't have the drivers back that far at their site.

A:I just need the latest ATI RADEON Xpress 200 series graphics drivers

According to AMD this is the latest driver for the Xpress 200. But, you should really be updated to SP3.
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I have a Dell Monitor ST220L and when I tried to install windows 10 I got the subject message.  Do I need a new driver, graphics card, monitor or computer?  Looking for a little direction and help?

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series not compatible with Windows 10. Contact display manufacturer

That's the integrated video, not the monitor. Post your model computer when asking a question.
Sounds like you have really ancient graphics from almost 10 years ago. If it is on an ancient computer, stay with the OS that is working and wait to get windows 10 on a new computer. The old computer with integrated graphics doesn't meet the requirements for windows 10. Also you do not qualify for the free upgrade if you don't have windows 7 sp1 running on it.
I'm surprised you can even run that monitor with a decent resolution. Monitors are plug and play and don't need drivers, but you can get a much better picture with a better computer and a separate video card.
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i really need some help. i went to hp/compaq website and and downloaded the chipset and graphic drivers and still these drivers remain uninstall-ed in the device manager. I have been reading everything about these boards and i have not found a solution yet! This is a fresh install of xp pro 32, sp3. if anyone out there can help me please do. I greatly need the assistance!

A:I Need Unknown device driver and ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series driver on SR2011WM
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I have a set of HP Z Workstations with E - -V Xeon Cpu's SSD boot drives and varying sizes of memory from - GB Mghz DDR ECC We use Windows Enterprise for these machines with Hyper-V enabled We get regular driver failures from the sets of USB controllers on the machines Mainly and issue for the KB amp Mouse that can only be resolved with a full power down not restart and a power up This happens at least once every - days per machine I had gone through the HP support but Chipset fail Family causes USB Series/C200 Series Enhanced Hyper-V Controller driver Intel(R) to Host they have advised this isn't an issue on their side and I had agreed all along I was just hoping to get some traction by notifying them Anyway after a lengthy trouble shooting session we found that once Hyper-V was enabled the fault arose As it was an Intel chip they I asked them They advised that on Windows the drivers are supplied via windows update and that it was not their issue So how can I get this resolved Not through Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail HP or Intel surely through MS Maybe not Disabling Hyper-V is not desired as I the teams with these PC's are developers and require local visualization Also we have templates ready for Hyper-V I don't really want to remove Hyper-V and use Virtual box or VMWare workstation but I am at wits end with the fault and lack Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail of help from the vendors Please help

A:Hyper-V causes Intel(R) Series/C200 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller driver to fail

I have found a work around for this fault with the USB failure - ENSURE YOU POWER  THE MACHINE OFF - DO NOT RESTART.
Its almost like the restart doesn't initialise the device correct, thus causing a failure.
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All nbsp With the new year we start a fresh discussion for members to share their order and fulfillment experiences nbsp We are retiring the nbsp thread nbsp nbsp nbsp Anyone having an active discussion there can find it here nbsp The - tread nbsp can be found here nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Here are some common points of frequent discussion nbsp How to get a system fast nbsp Buy an in-stock standard configuration from Lenovo or a Lenovo Partner in your area Customized systems take longer Avoid Credit Holds - ensure that BOTH your bill to and ship to addresses are listed with your CC bank before ordering Lenovo will not bill your card until order ships - an authorization Tablet Series X - Shipping edi... 2015 Thread series charge hold to check for available X series Tablet Series Shipping Thread - 2015 edi... balance may show up when order is first placed Estimated ship dates are based on default lead time and can vary from what was displayed on website In the US and Canada Lenovo utilizes UPS for new product shipments Orders may ship before the Estimated Ship Date Orders may enter through Alaska and pass through Louisville KY before traveling on to final address Cancellation requests may take up to days to process Requests to change configuration or other aspects of the order may require the order to be rebooked Lenovo does not accept payment via international credit cards except AMEX We hope you enjoy your new ThinkPad system when it arrives
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I know it s been posted a Needed Price + 7-Series Advice v. in 8-Series: Performance s load of times but I figured I d go ahead and get something straightforward- all the other posts have been in jungle English and haven t included the proviso I m looking for Anyways my situation is that I bought my X GT from Newegg around Christmastime as a present to my ainsel ownself for those not familiar I ve been getting kind of disappointed in it Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed recently It underperforms and often crashes on STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl and some more modern games akin to it It also runs hot as Hades I m in the market for a new card I d like to go DX but the late-production DX s series seem to outperform a lot of the more affordable DX offerings series especially at higher resolutions Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed due to the -to- bit difference I could splurge and go for an I suppose but it would be a hit to the wallet and I d have to postpone cough quot Aruban Getaway quot So I don t want to pass up on the new line of DX -only Games for Windows Age of Conan Crysis etc that have been hyped to all hell just because I stuck with price and performance instead of currency and novelty I need some help deciding Then again I could always wait until DX becomes the vogue and buy a cheaper but better card then nbsp

A:Price v. Performance in 7-Series + 8-Series: Advice Needed

Keep what you got and see what's comming next. I have a 8600GT as a stopgap until something better comes out. There has been talk of a Nvidia 256bit card to fill the gap between the 8600's and 8800's. I can't fit a 8800 in my case, if I could I would just get the 8800GTS 320mb now. If I were you, wait for the game to upgrade instead of upgrading and waiting for the game. Your X1900GT is no slouch either.
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I have a Pavilion G6 2000 series, I bought this laptop 2nd hand it has a generic cd/dvd bezel that does not stay on. I have found a G6 1000 bezels but I need to know if it will fit before I purchase a replacement that may or may not fit. Help????
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hey there

I have a question, what is a better video card to get?
6800 series or the x800 series?

the graphics card that i have in right now just isnt cutting it for me, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 I mainly play HL2, CSS and Doom3. I was woundering what card is gonna give me better fps for those games. i have the specs of my comp here (vv) and i wanted to kno what card(s) would run great with the things that i have.

the specs of my comp are:
Video card:NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700
mobo:GA-8IPE1000 (2.0)
processor4 3.0 Ghz (OC'd to 3.4 Ghz at the moment)
PSU: 420 thermaltake ATX 12V
Cooling: prestock (gonna change very soon)
RAM: Genaric PC 3200 mismatched
HD: Maxtor Dimond MAX+9 160GIG

What do u suggest i should get?

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I want to invest in a SDD to replace my dying westgate harddrive. I've set my mind on Corsair but I want to know the difference between the eXtreme series and the Performance series ( According to the website, X SDDs reads a little bit faster, but the P series writes a little bit faster. The only other thing is that the P series is around Ł100 cheaper!

So is the X series worth the extra Ł100?

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hi, i have a presario by compaq that has the ati xpress 200. Despite the fact that the device manager, directx and third party software says that the video is operating at 256 mb of vram, the bios says that it's only 64 mb of vram. the bios has the 64 grayed (or shaded) out, thus making it impossible to change. this problem occurs with onboard option chosen, or pci chosen. the xpress 200 is the onboard video. Could someone please tell me how to increase the vram? is there a bios version to upgrade? The problem ruins video playback and gaming.


A:ATI Xpress 200 problem

Please post your Main Board and Bios version Please
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How do i get Nokia Xpress on my Nokia Lumia 930. I tried to download the app but i do not see the app in the list.
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The school I am employed at has purchased a few new laptops and is looking to place Avid Xpress Pro HD on them. I've installed the software and used the dongle, however when I go to edit video in the program the Monitor video stays frozen and does not advance while playing video, however the audio works fine. Any sugestions ?
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When I start my computer this shows up and I want to remove it.

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Hi I ve had my ADS DVD Xpress with capwiz I think thats the right version at least for several years now I recently had to get a new DVD VCR combo when my old one finally gave up However with this combo I had to use a Xpress please needed ADS 3.5 DVD help with RF Modulator to get it to work with my slightly outdated TV I m not sure if this is whats causing the problems or not but the last few times I ve tried to use my Capwiz everything loads up just fine but the computer doesn t show the picture that s on the TV like it should help needed with ADS DVD Xpress 3.5 please It gives no errors or anything just acts like help needed with ADS DVD Xpress 3.5 please it s working fine but it doesn t show the picture I ve tried hooking it up several different ways even re-routing it around the RF Modulator so I kinda doubt that s it I ve uninstalled and re-installed all the software I ve updated drivers I just don t know what else to do If anyone out there could help I d greatly appreciate it Thanks so much nbsp

A:help needed with ADS DVD Xpress 3.5 please

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I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7, everything seemed to be fine , smooth installation but icons appeared big and all the videos began to play slowly on windows 10, i tried changing resolution , contacting microsoft contact support ! nothing seemed to work, any suggestions?

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200

Try these steps :
1. open Microsoft Update Catalog in Internet Explorer 6 or newer (will not work on other browser).
2. accept/Yes when prompting to install an add on.
3. type "radeon xpress 200" in the search box of this microsoft update catalog page.
4. it will show many result, but what you need is the one with version "" because this is a WDDM which will be compatible with Vista but also with 8/8.1/10
5. download the 2.6MB size if your OS is 32 bit, or the 4.6 MB if your OS 64bit.
6. install this driver manually, if you need the guide please google "install windows driver manually".

good luck.
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I don t really have a technical problem with my computer just a simple question that for some reason no other website I ve been to can answer My family just got a new computer only I wasn t there to witness it and better understand everything there is to know about it During Xpress Radeon 200? the life of our old computer I bought a new video card a Geforce FX to enhance my gaming experience The new computer has a Radeon Xpress and I m wondering if the Geforce is a better video card and if I should replace the Radeon The only problem is and I m going to display my ignorance here every time I look for some kind of comparison between the two the Radeon does not show up because it s called a chipset or something like that I m wondering Radeon Xpress 200? if the Geforce is worth putting into the new computer Radeon Xpress 200? or if it s even possible Thanks nbsp

A:Radeon Xpress 200?

Coming from a previous owner of an onboard X200, keep it. I had no problems playing games like Battlefield 2 and RCT3.

The 5200 is an OLD card, i would suggest something in the 6000's series if your tight on money and dont care for much gaming, but depending on whats on your motherboard, you could upgrade to a newer mainstream card - Like the ATI Radeon X1k series - (I'm running a Sapphire Radeon X1600 Pro on a PCI-E port - playing games in high and Ultra high modes, yet the card cost me $80)

For now, go with the X200, its a great chipset and you shouldnt have a problem for now.
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Hello, all.
I'm trying to install Avid Xpress Pro onto my PC. After I insert the installation disc a screen pops up telling me my operating system does not support this program. I have a Windows Vista Home Basic and a 32-bit OS. What's the problem?


A:Avid Xpress Pro

The Avid Xpress Pro software offers professional video, audio, film, effects, and encoding tools plus custom music creation software for both Mac and PC platforms in a single box. The software supports native HDV and DVCPRO HD for acquisition, editing, and output; real-time effects and 2:3 pulldown insertion over FireWire; and Avid DNxHD encoding to create effects, transitions, and titles with uncompromised image quality. Avids unique Open Timeline enables users to mix HDV, DVCPRO HD, and Avid DNxHD formats with SD and DV media in the same timeline in real-time, eliminating the time-consuming process of incorporating media from multiple sources into a single project. This version is the first release on CNET

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Does anyone know anything about Pastel Xpress - it has this annoying beep when you make an error or backup. I have gone into Control Panel/Sounds and disabled all sound schemes but Pastel carries on beeping. It is driving me crazy.
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Just upgraded to the MSI PCI Xpress motherboard and installed a MSI NVidia k pci express video card Upgraded the RAM and put PCI Xpress problems in a new memorex x DVD recorder and a gig HD Now I m having problems When the system is used for a long period like gaming it gets hot PCI Xpress problems I can smell the overheating and the video begins to halt then start up and halt and so on expecially in HalfLife then finally the system locks up Not sure what the problem is Also in two other games Delta Force Land Warrior and Diablo II a white PCI Xpress problems area appeared at the PCI Xpress problems top of the screen and under that lines of white that flickered into the image This was cleared up when I rebooted the system Further when I open two or more windows on the desktop they become blocked and I can t switch windows the second will be all white or over written with the one on top System is slow and sluggish I ve reinstalled drivers ran adware removal software and done virus checks System is clean Any other ideas nbsp

A:PCI Xpress problems

Try contacting Nvidia as this seems the most visible reason for you freezing etc and give them your computer details-manufacturer etc, or google your Video card as there are sure to be people who have the same problems as you have.
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This card is integrated with my motherboard, In short it sucks and cannot play bioshock though it can slightly manage in other games on minimal settings. I want to replace this card and since I'm not a hardware junkie I decided to come to Techguy and ask. What do I need to do to replace this card.

1. How do i replace this card?
2. What will I need to buy in order to replace it?
3. About how much would it cost?

Thanks in advance.

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i recently got a new mobo Intel D102 with onboard 'ATI Radeon Xpress 200' chipset can anyone tell me how much MB is it

thnx in adv. for replying

A:ATI Radeon Xpress much MB is it?

If its like the D101 or any other ati 200...I've owned 3...Then its adjustable upto 256 in the bios...I'm to lazy to go look in the kids pc's ,but I think it goes 256,128,64...
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I just bought this conversion box with composite vid i/p ..and svideo..
It came with DVD Xpress software ArcSoft ShowBiz DVD 2 CD which installed ok and captures the VHS tape ok.
My problem is: The editing function isn't really very useful.
I was wondering if someone out there has come across other editing software that is more intuitive. I have a few VHS tapes I want to burn to DVD but there is a lot of 'cut and pasting' I want to do.
I have seen somewhere a program that makes that much easier but I can't remember what it was.
Thanks, Ken J.

A:Re-recording from VHS with DVD Xpress DX2

mpeg2schitt editor available at
you need a demuxer to split the video and audio from the mpg video

editing the video with the edited audio makes it so simple to mux the streams together. to make the new video file. all available at free software.
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I copied a dvd using DVD X COPY XPRESS, all went well. Then when I played back my copy I was missing some of the sound. Any suggestions? My os is Windows XP.

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Hi all, I am new here. I am running Windows XP2002. The problem is with my Outlook Express, just starting acting up. I have AVG security.
What is happening is: When I try to send an email with attatchments, or more then 1 picture...the person gets my email 50 to 90 times!! And they can't open it? I clean out my internet files and cookies, and defrag weekly. This just started about 3 weeks ago. Any help would be so very
appreciated. Thankyou and have a great day!

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Anyone one else who uses DVD XPRESS have the problem of it freezing up before it completes recording? I tried Direct to Disc and it froze up, and then tried to copy it to my hard drive and it froze up. Pretty frustrating. I'm running Windows XP with service pak 2. I use a HP Pavilion a 735w computer with a Phillips DVD 8421 which is also a CD writer as well. I have an AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3000+ 2.10 GHz,448 MB of Ram. I have everything set to the installation instructions.Just wondering why it freezes up. Any suggestions for a fix? Thanks, orick

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I just installed ADS Video Xpress on my computer and it's not working. The preview program that came with it just shows a black screen, Windows Movie Maker shows a black screen, and Digi-Watcher (the program I want to use with it) shows a black or green screen. I am on a Dell Dimension 8400, 3Ghz Intel processor, 1GB RAM, with Windows XP Professional. I am connecting a black and white hidden camera (in computer speakers) and a separate microphone, both with RCA Connections. Digi-Watcher and Movie Maker recognize the camera, but show no images. Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong? The fact that their own program won't show any images has me worried.

Thanks so much. If anyone needs any other info, I will be happy to provide it.

A:ADS Video Xpress help

Have you checked that you had them running and turned on before you tried it and have you checked on the ADS site for update drivers?

Also try uninstalling it and re-installing it
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Hello I have a brand new computer that has a ATI X Xpress Help From Pci S-video Tv To Ati Pro Video Card and a quot WS monitor set at x http powerspec com systems system specs selection http powerspec com systems system compon selection I ve had NVidia Ti Series in my previous PC S-video To Tv From Ati Pci Xpress Help and my laptop had the integrated Video Out Both I was able to feed to my TV with little problems S-video To Tv From Ati Pci Xpress Help except for an overlay setting set wrong Yet for some reason I can t get anything to show up on my TV BUT the desktop background pic I ve tried all the resolution settings and still no start menu windows or anything is showing but the background I thought maybe I needed drivers because I couldn t even find an ATI configuration tool so S-video To Tv From Ati Pci Xpress Help I installed some and that turned out to be a bad idea It crashed my computer to the point of not even booting into windows So I had to do a restore etc to get back to normal Now I m back to square one Any suggestions I m using the XP display settings to extend it to secondary device I thought there would be a way to switch it completely over to the TV without the cloning All I want to do is feed Windows Media Player to the TV to record video from my PC to my stand alone DVD recorder I didn t think it would be so difficult Am I missing something Thanks for any help I d really appreciate it Renee

A:S-video To Tv From Ati Pci Xpress Help

Is this issue still pending?
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Hello, I recently purchased the AdsTech DVD Xpress so I can transfer the home movies I have from my analog Hi-8 to my com. Everything about this program and equipment work great, but I have a problem. Whenever I save the home movie to my com, the file it creates on my com is extrordinarily huge! It saves the movies at 1.0 Mbps (its lowest setting) and a 30 second clip is, you guessed it, 30 Mb. Ive tried saving it as a VCD and others but its still too big, (VCD 17 Mb)

Does anyone know how to resize them?

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I m soon upgrading to a AMD Athlon X cuz I heard u can overclock it to sum badass speeds but my problem is I know I m gonna AGP and both MoBo ?? xpress PCI Which has need to change my Motherboard right Which MoBo has both AGP and PCI xpress ?? now I have an ASUS A N X which is Socket A I need a mobo with for this processor Which MoBo has both AGP and PCI xpress ?? also a Mobile Athlon OC d to speeds and I got an allright vidcard an XFX GeForce GT which I wouldnt want to upgrade anytime soon I didnt know until last week that a motherboard existed that offers both AGP X and PCI express but I found one --- gt http www anitec ca mode product detail amp pid I figure I d buy it that way I dont have to upgrade my Vid Card just a new comp chip and a new MoBo what I wanna know is is there any other better or more expensive MoBos which offer this cool feature of both AGP and PCIxpress because this MoBo is pretty cheap which makes me hesitant to buy it its only CAD anybody out there got any suggestions for me nbsp

A:Which MoBo has both AGP and PCI xpress ??

Try this one

Looks like what you are looking for.
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I recently downloaded Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition to check it out, tried compiling a simple Hello World program, it compiled fine but when I press F5 to run the exe it gave me this error:

This application has failed to start because MSVCP90.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.Click to expand...
Reinstalled it, but that didn't fix the problem.
Help please

A:visual xpress 2008

Do you try to run a debug release? Have you tried to copy this DLL to the Windows DLL directory?
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Hi, i have 7 x64, and i cant find working drivers for ati xpress 1150. At the moment I have drivers for vista 64, but they aren't working as they should. Games can't be played because of screen flashing in game, and i cant play youtube videos because system freezes for a while and the message "Display driver stopped responding but has recovered" pops out.

hardware lds:


Is there other driver version that is known to work on 7? atm i have:

18.1.2007. version 8.333.0.0

A:xpress 1150 on HP nx6325

Best you're going to get for it is the last Vista driver,

ATI Catalyst

as that chipset has been moved to legacy status, and support has essentially stopped for it.
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I bought the Geforce GT 610 1gig video card for my DC5800 pc.  According to the message board posts, this card was mentioned as compatible with this pc.  I followed the recommendation of uninstalling the current VGA adapter, which is listed under device manager as the Q33 Chipset on the MB. However, this does not work and the card is not recognized and when it restarts, it loads back the Q33 video adapter.  Am I missing a step or do I need to look for another card?

A:HP DC5800 SFF and GT 610 video pci xpress 16

Hi: It sounds to me like the card isn't being recogized at all. Two things it could be...a very defective video card or a dead/disabled PCIe x16 slot. In the BIOS' security menu, make sure that the PCI express slot is enabled. If the PCIe x16 slot is enabled and the video card tests good, then you have a bad motherboard. The switch from the onboard to the dedicated graphics is automatic, and the switch automatically disables the onboard graphics, so you should be getting no video if the slot is good/enabled with the video card in, with a graphics card that is partially defective/incompatible. The video card would have to be so bad to the extent that it is drawing abolutely no power if the onboard graphics is still working, and the PCI ex16 slot is working.
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I have an HP zv6000 notebook with an ATI Xpress 200m video chipset.

What I'm not sure about is whether it is replacable/upgradable. I checked ATI's site and it said that it uses a PCIe interface (ATI Xpress 200m).

I don't know much at all about how mobile dedicated chipsets work, so any advice would be helpful. (I also don't know if they can be purchased separately, or if they only sell to notebook manufacturers.)

A:Xpress 200m inquiry

Most likely it's non replaceable, but even if it is, there are several different types of connectors in laptops, and it's difficult to find laptop graphics cards for sale.
For example, some replaceable cards use nvidia's mxm, but there are several types of mxm(3-4 iirc), and you need the right type for it to work.
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I need to provide one of my coworkers with the ability to view Quark Xpress files (hopefully for free), and a quick google search only turned up information on an 8 year-old viewer (Quarklmmedia). Is there a utility that allows a user to view quark files, or is my only solution to download the demo or purchase Quark Xpress?

A:Quark Xpress Viewer

Did you try PDF?
It may work.
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I went from Windows XP Media Center x32 to Windows 7 Ultimate x32 on my HP Pavillion a1230n, and so I really want to upgrade my graphics card. Is there anything I can do to upgrade it? Thanks!

A:How can I upgrade my ATI Radeon Xpress 200?

It has a PCI-E (PCI-Express) 1.0 X16 slot, which means, in principle, that it can accept most modern graphics cards. (PCI-E 3.0, 2.1, and 2.0 are supposed to be backwards compatible.)

I haven't found the rating of your power supply. Many graphics cards specify 400W or more. Higher powered cards need one or two 6 or 8 pin PCI-E auxiliary power connectors. That can be supplied with Molex-to-PCI-E adapters. The Molex connectors are the 4 pin ones, usually white, that supply power to PATA (IDE) hard drives and CD drives.

Graphics card compatibility seems hit or miss. I suggest searching using your motherboard type (A8AE-LE). I see reports of success using such high-end cards as an AMD Radeon HD 6850 or an nVidia GTX 470. (Either of those might want a new power supply, though.)
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Can Anyone tell me if the ATI Radeon® Xpress 200M supports that transform & lighting (t&l) thing?

Also do u think my computer will play the sims 2 well with a 1.6GHz pentium M processor and 256mb ram. Could an extra 256mb ram make alot of difference to game play if i make an upgrade?

thanks for your help !

A:ATI Radeon® Xpress 200M T&L?

might play it but on low settings I think, i play cs source on my pc with a radeon express 200 chipset, medium settings 1024 x 768 and i actually get around 29 - 38 fps, lol, u shud be able to play sims 2, but i would recommend upgrding, u shud wait for answers from other people that are more experienced than me
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When saving a Quark (4.0) doc as a PDF I can only ever get a black & white version. I have yet to produce a color PDF. Surely, there must be a way to make a color PDF, right? (I'm on a PC.)

I use Print > PDF Writer to make a PDF. I've tried messing with various compression combinations, but I still only ever get b/w. I've also tried to use PDF Distiller, but then my fonts are turned into wingdings and cuneiform.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I recently installed a driver for this card, but my computer goes black, usually during firefox sessions. I need help..(My computer does not have Malware anymore)

Any help?

I have: An Acer Aspire 5101AWLMi
AMD Turion 64

I also want my FPS to increase, I don't want 30-40 fps anymore.

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What will happen if I press xpress recover? I'm having trouble starting up my computer. I accidently closed something in the task manager box that obviously (obviously now after the fact that is) shouldn't have been closed. My computer restarted and now when it starts up the computer screen displays a menu that I can choose from

Safe mode or start last known working startup or start normally ect... It tells me to use the arrow keys to make my choice but when I use the arrow keys nothing happens.

I pressed F9 on one of the startups and it worked. What is xpress recovery and what will it do to my computer if I press it?

Any help in restoring this computer to normal working mode with or without xpress recovery would be much appreciated.



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Hey guys, I was wondering if there was any way to tweak an ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Vid card. I recently bought a new computer, ACER Aspire 5102WLMi

its a 1.6 GHz dual core AMD turion processor TL50
2 gig ram
120 gb hard drive

I play medal of honor spearhead, and i get about 30-40 FPS.

How much fps do you reckon I should be getting? SOme low points in maps I even hit 10-20 fps. Is there anyway to tweak it so i get a little higher FPS boost?

Thanks for the help in advance guys.

Also, i heard that 1.6 ghz dual core for cpu can be overclocked to 1.8? where can i find a guide on how to overclock my cpu?

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 1100

Hmm.. do not expect too much of express video card (integrated) especially on laptop. It will not perform as good as desktop graphic cards at standard. You can use Ati Catalyst to adjust some settings.

about the overclocking, maybe it's for desktop processor. Depend on the motherboard type you own, then you can adjust the clock speed, but personally i do not recommend overclocking for laptops.
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Hello everyone, I'm a newbie so take it easy on me.

I need drivers for ATI RADEON XPRESS 200, I have XP Multi media OS and I'm using a view sonic 22" LCD.

A:Hello (need driver help with radeon xpress 200)

Welcome to Techspot :wave: ! Go here here and look for them on this website.
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hY.I got my self a Toshiba Satellite M40 and it has a Ati Xpress 200 video card but with old drivers.I tried to find the latest drivers on ati page but i did not succed.I tried to install Catalist 6.3 but it gave an error that i am not using a vga card.So can you please help me with this.I can;t find any drivers for it.
What is wrong with ati.It creates hardware but has no support for it.
SO does anyone know where can i get an update driver for this type of card????????HELPPPPP
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I have run the DVD Xpress on a laptop running XP and it works very well. Product is excellent on that machine. So i decided to run it through my desktop which is on Vista (32) Business so i can free up my laptop. Now i followed the ADS instruction for installing the vista driver and when it was almost complete i get an error message saying that "ADS DVD Xpress DX2 the name is already in use as screen name or display name". Now i can't get it to work and do not know enough about vista to find the screen names or dispaly names in order to remove it. ADS tech support have not repsonded as yet.

If you can help, please post
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I know this may not be the best forum to post a question with Xpress but this forum has always been extremely helpful in the past.
OK,Formatted my HD so backed everything up including my folder for DVD X-copy Xpress C:/ProgramFiles/321/Xpress which I upgraded a while back to 3.2.1.
So I just installed my original DVD xpress 2.5 and want to get it up to 3.2 again since I have the files on disk for it. Tried copying everything from the backup xpress file which had v3.2.2 over into the program file with 2.5 in it and it didn't like that, program crashes.
Which files( .dll, .bin etc.) should I put into the C:/ProgramFiles/321/Xpress to get it back to 3.2

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I am just getting started with website editing, I can now use the programs I have such as FTP Professional, Dreamweaver 8, and I can understand some html code. I am now trying to put picture files on my website that can be downloaded and changed. Right now I have some Quark XPress files I would like to do this with. So far I have exported them to HTML, tried puttin gthe files on as is(.qxp), and a lot of other combos but I can never seem to get them so that people can download or save them and use them in Quark. Please any help is appriciated and/or just tell me its not possible.

thank you

3D Molecular Designs
problem page(pictures protected)

A:Quark XPress Anyone?, HTML

Closing duplicate post, please continue here:

If you want your post moved to a different forum use the report button to request the move.
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Hello I m new here I found this board googling and found a topic Disable Xpress Pundit P1-PH1 an on ATI 200 related to my problem but it was closed unfortunately Therefore I m creating a new one I have an integrated Ati Xpress in my Asus Pundit P -PH and a brand new Nvidia Geforce GS PCI I wanted to fully disable the integrated ATI card to let the new Nvidia card handle the graphic aspect of my system and install two screens on it I went in the BIOS and set the quot Primary Display Adapter quot option on PCI That didn t work at all beside the PCI choice is the one by default therefore it was already set on quot PCI quot Choosing the quot Onboard quot Disable an ATI Xpress 200 on Pundit P1-PH1 value doesn t change a thing If I connect a screen on the Nvidia card I don t get an image during Disable an ATI Xpress 200 on Pundit P1-PH1 the boot sequence I tried uninstalling the ATI drivers under Seven and installing the Nvidia drivers Didn t work I disable and even uninstalled the ATI card but Seven keeps installing the drivers after restart The only way to have a dual screen is to keep the ATI drivers connect the main screen on it and connect the second screen on the Nvidia card with its drivers installed aswell but the result is rather disappointing on that card the framerate is terrible How could I completely disable the ATI integrated card That card is old and I just want it out of the way The Pundit P -PH manual is available online but I can t post a link for the moment newbie as I am Thank you I m looking and asking everywhere for this Disable an ATI Xpress 200 on Pundit P1-PH1 and since now I couldn t get any help nbsp

A:Disable an ATI Xpress 200 on Pundit P1-PH1

Just as long as you aren't plugging any displays into your motherboard your graphics card will be doing all the graphics processing.
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What should I install to get it running on my Windows 7 RC?

When I used the Beta I had installed a bunch of stuff that I don't remember that got the OS to display those thumbnails when you hover over windows and the flashy Alt+tab switching pane.

Here's a screenshot of the Video Card's specs.

Help me please.

I have 1 GB of RAM.

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200 - GPU RC410

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Hi All I bought an ADS DVD Xpress DX USB video capture device on and so far am pretty happy with the quality of the captured video from VHS and quot VERY quot happy with the capture quality from a DVR hard drive using S-Video cable for video and RCA cables for sound However so far I have quot only quot been able to get this device to render a perfectly square picture in the compiled MPG format I like quot MOST quot people now have an LCD wide screen TV Even my home movie Xpress Question Cap. Vid Device DVD ADS DV2 VHS tapes will play from a VCR to TV in the wider format My question is quot Does anyone know if there is any configuration with the ADS DVD Xpress DX or CapWiz software I am overlooking in order to get the wider screen formats Or am I stuck with this quot SQUARE quot picture format using this capture device amp software with with regards to the compiled video PLEASE HELP Art nbsp

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I recently purchased an HP zv6007 with a 128MB ATI Radeon Xpress 200M -PCI Express video card. I have few questions regarding its ability to be upgraded.

In the future, will I be able to swap the chip because of its PCI Express nature? Basically, are notebook PCI Express slots upgradable?

Also, I believe that my AMD Athlon 64 3200 is a full-sized chip. Will I be able to change to a more powerful processor if needed?

Thank you for any assistance.

drnoodles2 (not my real name)

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 200M

Don't think I would worry about upgrading right away thats a very nice graphics for a laptop.I have Radeon Xpress 200 series as onboard graphics on my PC.Was thinking of upgrading but it has preformed well so far...Your laptop seems to have "
What Is an ExpressCard?
An ExpressCard is a next-generation, high-performance PC Card.
Like standard PC Cards, ExpressCards are designed to conform
to the standard specifications of the Personal Computer Memory
Card International Association (PCMCIA).
An ExpressCard cannot be used in standard PC Card slot. An
ExpressCard slot is available on select models.
Selecting an ExpressCard
ExpressCards use one of 2 interfaces and are available in 2 sizes.
The ExpressCard slot supports both interfaces and both sizes. For
example, you can use
■ An ExpressCard with either a USB interface or a PCI Express
■ A full-size ExpressCard, called ExpressCard/54 1, or a
smaller ExpressCard, called ExpressCard/34 2.
The ExpressCard procedures described in the following sections
are the same for both interfaces and both sizes. " So it looks like you have some upgrade-ability
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I really need the driver for ATI RADEON XPRESS 200, If you read my other post you can see the problems I'm having trying to download this driver. Has anyone downloaded this file and if yes can you direct me to the web site where you got the file and the link you used.

A:need driver for ATI RADEON XPRESS 200

Try here, and be sure you hyave Net Framework installed for the catalyst to work:
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After launching xpress 6.00.2800.1123 everything looks to be working just fine until I click create mail. The system just hangs for about 4-5 minutes. If I control/Alt/delete nothing happens until the systems unfreezes and I get the task mgr and the new email window pops up.
I am running XP with Mcafee firewall and virus scan.
I seem to have got this problem from nowhere, I upgraded from ME to XP last Nov with no problems, system is much more stable than ME.
IExployer was freezing up when I clicked any site. I defragged and that seemed to work. Guy at work says it may be a bad ram chip but the system does come back after a while.
I do upgrade the XP operating system when the patches seem to apply to me.
Any thoughts?

A:microsoft xpress hangs

.....and afterall we're only ordinary men.......
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I need help, i cannot switch to my High Performance GPU (HD4650).
Whenever i click the Switch Button (As seen on first screenshot) it does not switch - It tells that i just switched to the power saving one! (As Seen on screenshot 2) So im stuck with Low Power/Performance GPU.

I have the latest ATI drivers, and the drivers from Acer Upgrade dvd.

Windows 7 has detected HD4650!

My Laptop is an Acer 8530 G.

It frustrating, help please!

Regards, Christian.

A:Power Xpress Problems

Are you running Cat 9.10?
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Hey everyone My names mike and i have been an avid gamer for many years now At the moment I m ATI 200m 3 WARCRAFT XPRESS in the middle of building a computer which i only need a new video card and processor for But thats not what this post is about So anyway I Bought the Toshiba Sattelite A -S For WARCRAFT 3 ATI XPRESS 200m Business Purposes But being the gamer i am i needed to have at least game installed on it This game is Warcraft III Frozen Throne An older game which does not require that great of a pc to run well My problem is that even though this laptop WARCRAFT 3 ATI XPRESS 200m should run this game WARCRAFT 3 ATI XPRESS 200m perfectly well on all high setting graphics it runs choppy at any type of graphics setting i use I have tryed all combinations of in-game graphics settings All Resolutions i have tried nothing helps The specs on this laptop are MS WINDOWS VISTA SP GENUINE INTEL CPU T GHZ DUAL CORE GB RAM ATI RADEON XPRESS M SERIES I know for a fact that overheating is not the problem i have the laptop on its side next to a box fan closed at all times using an external monitor I use CCleaner Advanced Windows Care and AVG Anti Virus All daily so i know that my computer is clean from any kind of registry problems or adware and spyware If anyone could help me out with getting my wc to run smoothly i would be greatly appreciative Thanks in advance Also i used to run world of warcraft on this computer and that only got - fps on all low settings when i know it shouldve gotten somewhere around YES i Have installed the latest Driver from the ati website For My video card My PING when online in WoW or Warcraft is consistently or nbsp

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Hi all. I installed Quark Xpress 5.0 on my Winxp machine and I was trying to save the file as a PDF. Well, it popped up a little friendly message that says:

"Acrobat Distiller Printer Description File is not currently installed. A Generic PPD will be used instead."

It then takes me to an explorer box. Anybody know what to do? I can't afford Distiller, but do I HAVE to have it to save as a pdf? Or are there any free downloads? Thanks!
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As briefly as I Compaq) enable more (ATI - ram? Xpress to onboard How 200 can - my new compaq sempron presario came with of ram and an onboard ATI Xpress video card that claims quot Up to mb of shared video memory can be allocated quot - it came with preset I tried How to enable more onboard ram? (ATI Xpress 200 - Compaq) changing that to but in the bios setup screen it was greyed out Calling compaq s tech support proved to be useless They said you need to install more ram and then you can change the amount of onboard ram So a few days later - today - I got mb sticks giving me a total of gb of ram Going back to setup it s still greyed out at mb Calling tech support they said quot go to my computer and right click on properties quot and asked how much ram I had I said gb is available They said quot There that s how much ram you have quot After about minutes of back and forth of trying to explain my problem they said you can only have up to mb of onboard ram shared At this point I was just getting pissed and said fine then how do I make it mb Needless to say compaq support didn t go anywhere I went out and spent on gb of ram today getting some rebates with them but my onboard ram is still stuck at mb The bios gives you the option for video quot Onboard PCI PCI-EXPRESS quot it s on PCI right now I tried switching to onboard and it s the same thing Greyed out at mb I know onboard video sucks and all but more than anything I m just disappointed that the compaq box made a bold claim that you could allocate up to mb of system memory to the onboard graphics yet it wont let you do more than mb and to top it off their tech support don t know how to help their customers Any suggestions nbsp

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Hi i just bought mysend a new video card and now i read it in the manual to diasble the onboard card and my computer came with this ATI Radeon® Xpress 200 card but now i dont know how to disable this card

can someone please help me with this


A:Disable onboard ATI Radeon® Xpress 200 ?

You need to boot the system into the bios and disable the on-board video from there. You may also have to set AGP or PCI as the first video device
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My parents desktop recently failed to boot, when turned on it is a black screen with the text "ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 for Shiner DVI" at the top. They said there has been no power outages recently. Does anyone know what may be causing this or how to possibly fix it?

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 for Shiner DVI

Is the monitor plugged in to the video card and not the onboard VGA? When you boot the computer, do you see the Computer Manufacturers logo? Or do you see the black POST screen with all of the hardware listed?
Have you tried a different monitor?
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I guess I won't be installing windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 5100-3357 laptop after all, when I run the compatibility check on my system..I'm informed that " Your display manufacturer hasn't made your display compatible with windows 10. Check with the manufacturer for support. " I feel like there must be a solution for this, but if not I'll just stick with windows 7 on my laptop. By the way..the driver version I have installed currently is version 8.531.0.0 dated 08/29/2008 . Does anyone know of a solution for this..or am I just hoping for something that isn't possible for my laptop ?

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Driver

Hi All,
Just a quick update..I was able to install windows 10, but the installation only installed the 'basic microsoft driver' consequently my screen resolution isn't the greatest. I'll check out my available option's at a later date.
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Hello Techspot members! I'm interested in getting a laptop with a ATi RADEON XPress 200M. I want to know if there are any good sites about this particular card and comparisons with other cards. Or if you can tell me directly, how does it compare to "High-End" cards like the 9800. Would it be able to play, for example, CoD 2 in full settings? Basically, I just want to know if it's a good gaming card. Advice or suggestions are very welcomed. Currently I have a nVIDIA 5200 on my desktop and I expect it to be better... Thank you in advance!

A:ATi RADEON XPress 200M Opinions...

you want to buy a laptop for gaming? such a lappy would be expensive, prone to overheating, and have a very short battery life. in my opinion, gaming and high end apps are best left to desktops. a laptop based on a mobile cpu design, 512MB ram, and your run of the mill mobile graphics will handle anything laptops were meant for.

if you do choose to go with the gaming laptop, you should be aware that neither of the cards listed could pull off COD2, HL2, BF2, or farcry with the eye candy turned all the way up, especially if they're inside a hot laptop chasis. every gaming lappy i've seen needs to sit on a special cooling frame to avoid overheating / burning the owner during use.

you mentioned you have an fx5200, which is a low end card capable of little. if you define the specs of your system here we can reccomend whether a vcard upgrade would be wise. after all, even the best of video cards out there today can still be had for much less than a loaded gaming laptop.
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I need drivers for my laptop's video card. it's the one listed above. I just recently formatted my harddrive, and I can't find my driver CD.

I have searched for hours on end trying to find this thing to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Driver for Radeon Xpress x200m

what os? Have you tried the ATI website?
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Hmm im not sure if this is a issue but before i flashed my bios to the latest version my ATi Radeon Xpress 200m video card was 128mb, suddenly after the bios successfullly updated I checked the video memory again and it went up to 256mb some how, anyone have ideas how its memory doubled?
thansk for any help.
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When I open up outlook xpress an error warning pops up as follows.

Run time error
Program:...S\trend micro\internet security2007\TMAS_ OE\TMAS_OE.EXE
This program has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way.
Please contact the application supporttem for more info.

Can you please help me to get rid of this.


A:Solved: Microsoft outlook xpress

Uninstall your Trend Micro software, reboot, reinstall and update.

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can anyone help me? I have a laptop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics card and everytime i log on to Secondlife it crashes. I have read some other threads regarding the 1150 and i was wondering if anyone knew of a fix for the 1250.
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I'm thinking of buyinga laptop with it in.

I don't mean hardcore top-graphic gaming, just occasional gaming. I need it to be able to play new games like COD4, SWAT4 etc. but i don't need top-quality graphics - so long as it plays it i'm fine.

Also, i would like it to be smooth - not jumpy - is this down to the graphics card or the computer's RAM/Precessor speed?

Relevancy 39.13%

can anyone help me? I have a laptop with an ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 graphics card and everytime i log on to Secondlife it crashes. I have read some other threads regarding the 1150 and i was wondering if anyone knew of a fix for the 1250.

A:Secondlife and Radeon Xpress 1250

Don't double-post.
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Hi guys!! Im John!! I am using a pc with 512mb ram and a graphics card of ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 (256mb). When i run my pc in windows xp my graphic card memory is 256mb but in windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit they r showing it as 127mb nd im not getting aero effects. Plss help..

A:ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 not working with Windows 7

Hey, John. Do you have the latest driver for Windows 7 installed? That was a bit of a problem for me in my Laptop. The aero effects didnt come as the latest driver for my graphic card wasnt installed.

Also as a precaution dont try the Windows Experience index without the latest drivers for Windows 7. I got a BSOD when doing that without the latest ones. If you have the latest one's try doing the Window's Experience Index and it may adjust your settings to get the aero effects.

Here is the link for the latest ones: Link
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NVIDIA GeForce 6150 or ATI Radeon Xpress 200
which is better? i know both "suck" as they kinda old and onboard.. but just curious
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hi all
just a quick one. in the manual to my new mobo it says that xpress recovery 2 needs atleast 10GB of unalocated space left at the end of the hard drive. i have my hard drive split into two partitions. C/windows 100GB and D/ which is around 900GB. i wasnt sure if it means i have to leave the unalocated space at the end of C/ or the very end as in after D/?

i think it would b at the end of C/ as its the OS its backin up. would i b right in thinkin this?
any help is much apreciated folks. thanks in advance

A:where to put the unallocated space on hdd for xpress recovery 2

If it is a recovery partition you'll need to leave the space at the far right of your hard drive after D/ as mine is:
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Hi! I have an hp pavilion slimline s7720la pc with a ATI RADEON XPRESS 200m graphic card it worked perfect with windows vista but since I upgraded to Windows 7 it stopped working, I can't have programs running for a long time because it starts to do weird things and suddenly stops working like for example with google earth. And now that I'm trying to download updates a message appears saying they weren't able to install 7 updates due to problems with the graphic card.

I really don't know what to do!!! can anyone help me please?

A:my ATI RADEON XPRESS 200m is not working right

Well, its a old card, i had the same one in my old pc, maybe buying a new graphic card?
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I have searched high and low for this and still can't find it. Don't suppose any of you guys have it? I tried the catalyst but still no dice, last driver for it is on vista, doesn't go onto 7.

Please help.

A:ATI Radeon xpress 1100 driver for 7 32-bit

Try Catalyst 9.2 for Vista 32. Catalyst 9.3 is the last to support Radeon Xpress, but it didn't work for me, 9.2 did. Now I have Catalyst 9.2 for Vista x64 on Win 7 x64.
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I can't seem to find these drivers anywhere and I can't install direct x9 to my comuter without them. I have an Integrated ATI RADEON XPRESS 200. Please help. I need step by step instruction.

A:Integrated ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Drivers

Go here............
Select integrated motherboard graphics in the first box.
Select Radeon express series in the second box.
Select Radeon express 200 in the third box.
Select your windows version in the last box.
Click display results.
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i know they're both integrated and sucks at gaming and dont suggest me to get a video card cause im asking if which of these igpu is better. please details why

im planning to play some online games like
world of warcraft
League of legends

A:Intel GMA 3100 G33/G31 vs Ati radeon xpress 200

Go here:
Comparison of Laptop Graphics Cards - Tech
And compare to your hearts content!
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I have a crappy radeon xpress M card it's old I know but radeon 200M problems xpress it is what it is and I can't buy a new one so I have to make due I did a clean install of windows on my system and all seemed to radeon xpress 200M problems work fine until I tried to install catalyst control center It won't install no matter what version I try and believe me when I say I've probably installed almost all of them I'm able to upgrade rollback install and uninstall the drivers no problems In fact I've done it radeon xpress 200M problems so many times I've lost track of how many times I've done it Right now I've got driver version running I've got cc cleaner installed and have used that to remove previous software I've also manually removed all instances of ATI Catalyst and ccc in registry as well as used device manager to remove drivers every time before trying to install new versions my problem is ccc will not install no matter what I try I did manage to get one version to install sort of It installed with no errors but would never run I've tried the latest version of catalyst all the way down to I've manually update drivers through device manager and then tried to install ccc as well as tried to install the whole catalyst suite I've run everything in compatibility mode and as administrator so after much frustration I got tired of messing with ccc and switched over to ray adams ATI tray tools the lastest version doesn't work for me I think its or something like that I had to go back to the version for it to work all I want to do is to connect my vga to svideo adapter to my rf modulator to my svideo cord to my tv so I can watch hulu and the like on the tv instead of my laptop I thought it was working at first when I was able to see the green signal light on the modulator but when I opened up the settings on tray tools it showed no other display connected and then it froze up completely every stinking time I tried it so my question is this do I need a vga to svideo convertor rather than adapter and is there anything I can do ccc wise or tray tools to remedy this situation thanks in advance if this sounds stupid Kelli

A:radeon xpress 200M problems

Get driver 8.661 running. Can only help here. CCC should work for you too. Besides, your laptop will thank you.

ATI MobilityModder -

Use for step 3.

Click on ATI Radeon™ Video Card Drivers, get Full Catalyst Software Suite (Recommended).

Why don't you just connect the S-Video adapter to the tv?
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i have been given a advent laptop 7201 intel celeron M and for the love of me i cannot find the drivers for it have contacted ATI and got nothing back need help not really good with pc so any help will help

A:problem with ati radeon xpress 200M

Go here.....
Select your operating system.
Select integrated/onboard in the next box.
Select the 200M.
Click go.
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Email runs OK in Firefox, but have to run Outlook for Blackberry. Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express 6 were running fine...suddenly cannot connect to outgoing server in either. All settings checked out OK with email provider. Incoming works fine, no outgoing...when click reply or create mail in express, get "there was an error opening this message. An error has occurred" In outlook, get a longer message, including error 0x80042109, but pretty much the same thing. Running all on Windows XP

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Compaq Presario V5000, Windows Xp Home SP2, Ati Radeon Mobility Xpress 200.

Hey there, After login in XP the screen goes black without mouse, sound, nothing.
I can only log in safe-mode, VGA-mode or disable the Ati video. I used the ati drivers from XP, official Hp, and the latest Ati but its the same thing.
Any Help here? Thanks.

A:Black Screen in XP if Ati Xpress 200 is enable

No one ?
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Hello people Only Slave HDD with Recovery2 works Xpress I have been having trouble with my slave hard drive in my desktop PC I started getting a blue screen half way through the Windows XP Start up screen The screen was blue and said A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer If this is the first time you've seen this stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow these steps Check for viruses on your computer Remove any newly installed hard Slave HDD Only works with Xpress Recovery2 drives COLOR F important COLOR F important COLOR F important COLOR COLOR COLOR or hard drive controllers Check you hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated Run CHKDSK F to check for hard drive corruption and then restart your computer I would disconnect the slave hard drive and windows would start up as normal Earlier on I plugged my slave HDD back in and tried the Gigabyte Xpress Recovery CD from start up my computer started up perfectly with no problems and the slave hard drive is running fine However if I take the Xpress Recovery CD out I am back to the same blue screen Any idea's would be much appreciated I built this computer myself a few years ago It has got Gigabyte Motherboard unsure of model was a long time ago Pentium D Ghz CPU gb DDR mhz Geforce AGP x mb Gfx Card Windows XP Professional Primary HDD gb IDE Slave HDD gb Seagate IDE Thanks

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Hello This is my first post and im abit of a noob on the forums but do have some basic computer understanding I Xpress 1100 Problems Radeon ATI resently installed on my old ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Problems acer aspire upgraded it to gb of ram this old thing now ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Problems runs like new and im really impressed with it i installed all the graphics card drivers and all was fine untl looking through some settings boredum D i found out my video memory was only mb I know my graphics card is mb but its only being displayed as This is quite odd as i can run aero perfectly I emailed AMD and they said it was because my graphics card wasnt supported by atall but i can run aero and it is displaying as mb So what im asking of you is Any of you know the reason for this Can it be sorted At the moment i do lag on some games like css where my friends with the same amount of graphics memory do not and i cant run some games because it says i only have mb of memory Any else having this problem or even know how to sort it Thanks for taking the time to read this GARRETT Edit Im running CCC

A:ATI Radeon Xpress 1100 Problems

Hi Garrett,

According to Acer's website, your Aspire 3050 contains an

ATI Radeon? Xpress 1100 integrated 3D graphics, with up to 128 MB of shared system memory

Forgive me for asking, but - was there an option to upgrade the integrated graphics when you ordered/bought the laptop, that you may have missed at the time? I'm not sure what else "up to" could mean... Perhaps because it doesn't have dedicated memory and uses a variable amount of system RAM, you were seeing it in a low-usage state? Does that number, 32MB, change at all depending on the intensity of your computer use?


Windows Outreach Team
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is it a virus?
i have "taga xpress-on kami" on the top of my browser thingo (dont know what its called)

A:Solved: taga xpress-on kami
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I can't install windows 10 since it thinks this driver is not compatible. I am running Windows 7 Professional SP1. Current driver Version is ati radeon xpress 200 ver 8.501.0.0 dated 6/2/2008. Microsoft update catalog radeon xpress 200 series shows an updated driver of 8/29/2008 8.531.0.0 but when attempting to update Windows says that the installed driver doesn't need to be updated.

AMD states:
Windows® 10 will install the default Microsoft® Basic Display Driver (MBDD) for these graphics adapters. MBDD provides basic display functionality (low resolutions and color) on a single monitor but DOES NOT support:

Display scaling control
Multiple displays
Display rotation
Video capture
Power settings
VSync control
Brightness control on integrated display panels
AMD Catalyst? Control Center

But windows 10 won't install due to incompatibility check.

Any ideas would help.

Thanks, Rick

A:Windows 10 ati radeon xpress 200 driver

So stick with Windows 7. Not all hardware runs all versions of Windows